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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 6:12 am by The Elite-Lord
The time has come for change...

A man no longer captured in despair, a blessing in disguise. For it takes a devastating fall from one's own throne, to forego the embodiment of power. But it takes a relentless fool, to rise from the ashes to save the origins of a crowned lion. One can only learn from the power of their roots - to be your own source of ancestral knowledge. Duplicity is a course set for surrender, and for that of a destiny of fulfilling the exact tragedy. But Lannister is not a prisoner of his own desires - at least not anymore. A king no more, a monarch who cannot latch onto his once proud stature.

But Jaywalker just can't possibly grasp this concept, no? A true slave to his own demands - Jaywalker forever trapped in what shell he has come out of since Jacob Senn laid wake to his every desire. And how pitiful of you, Jaywalker, for that divine greatness you once possessed, no longer lays at your feet. You can latch onto that name you've etched for yourself, the one that is held in the highest of statures. But how that matters not to the Angel of the Debt, as the fuse of such a spark has simply lost its luster. You are using Lannister as a means to furthering your legacy - Lannister cannot fault you for falling to the lowest of graces. You are, after all, a man who aspires for a return of the sublime greatness of once was. The narcissistic nature, in which the silver lining you manufacture is that of being an ancient conqueror. A voluntary prisoner of your own resentment, how you are just a create molded by imperfect design. The fractured blueprint, of a Dynast who has added pillars of shame to his once untarnished embodiment. The practical nature of a man too proud to ever let "enough be enough" - letting the new wash out the old. You could have had everything you've ever wanted Jaywalker, if you simply found the concept to expend yourself. But now, you're nothing but expendable to yourself and everything you've considered holy.

You are out of sync with your means. No longer the one who knocks - rather the man who kneels at the altar. A moment molded by the thin air that you now carry. You are here to carry out your legacy, a desperate cry for the vast majority to scream your praises. Men like you are well known, but never despised. What is more cowardice than a man who waits by the day to have songs sung about him? For the diamond and desire in your veins, you wait for the lions at the gate. Lannister's question just comes to be, is this an acquired taste? Or is this how the "formidable" "paramount" Jaywalker has always carried himself? A pity if the latter, as you've suppressed the expectations to meager objectivity. A mentality of "the path shall follow the man" that has denied any and all with true perspective. Jaywalker, without ever having faced you brute-on-brute, Lannister can already tell you're a man who relies on the enigma of reputation. You'll use it as intimidation, perhaps make it a game deep inside that your opponent can never pull themselves out of. A much impressive game-plan, one that is worthy surrendering to. To a lesser man, perhaps. And truth be told, you staked yourself at the top of the EAW Mountain when the Elite talent wasn't all that Elite. Funny how when the EAW roster reaches depths it never has before, you succumb to the pit of it all? Jacob Senn and Tyler Parker have both made a fool out of you, and Lannister has made a fool out of at least one of them. You can deny, you can disclaim... but you will come to foresee the force of today. And your past treasures, your words and your feats - only crumble to the feet of all those who wake in today's limelight. Your words mean nothing, but alas Lannister is sure you'll try to preach your truth. A truth once, perhaps - but a misguided vision that you've engulfed your entire molded mindset behind.

You are a proud man, Jaywalker - so Lannister will never expect you to accept your faults. For a man who once had no voids in his game, in the relativeness of his competition at least - your voids sure do find a way to creep into the sunlight now. Lannister sees now that you continue to deny, as your mind has become as hollow as your past defeats. But you are in the right of one thing - how kings will come. And how they will go. A smirk it leaves on Lannister's face, the mere thought of what hypocrisy such a statement proclaims. Betrayed you are, in your times, thinking you can continue to pull the relevance of your former glory, but deny a man of his more recent accolade? But the mistake you made is thinking that Lannister would have ever rested on his laurels. You think Lannister wants to be remembered as a king anymore? Do you truly foresee a day where Lannister will be left burning high, on the richest of previous glory? There will be no deluge of this blood - nor the essence of immortality to be. Lannister is more than a creature of habit, perhaps clutching at the jaws of defeat at the hands of Vic Vendetta and his pawn has morphed Lannister into such a beast. No longer secluded by that of gold, or even glory itself - but back to the pure nature of Lannister's means. Survival. This is not to mean that death lurks beyond, among the corridors of these halls. But in this circus we call a fantasy, how the carousel spins. And it would be in Lannister's best of intentions to not get lost in the cycle. Vultures have their day with those that can't remain. But who is Lannister to judge a vulture, for there is to be all that seek just to eat and destroy.

Lannister has thrown some harsh jests your way, but none of it is personal. You think Lannister stands all so high and mighty? No - or else he wouldn't be dealing with generation of old, while molding his very own. This may not be about glory, but Lannister just can't take the feeling of being powerless any longer. You are to understand, you have been bred the same way. Perhaps there is more of one another than either would like to lead on - but that's what makes this forecast an even spectacle. Fighting for that same inch, fighting for that same survival on the scale. This is the last wander before the envious lights and cameras begin to take their day, and the moment relents itself upon the night. But for a moment there, Lannister will look you in the eye - and know that through all the offerings and tribulations to partake in the seconds to come, there is a sense of appreciation to be suspended upon that ring. But when the lights fall, it is the deities of our very nature that must take over. Somewhere along the line, we all have lost ourselves somewhere between desire and madness. But might Lannister say, let that madness reign. But in those waking 30 minutes to come - it will be Jaywalker that knows the Angel of Debt has embarked his way on him. Lannister is the storm, you see, Jaywalker. It just so happens you find yourself in the eye of it. They say that all is calm before the eye of the storm - but how wrong those tales will prove to be. There is nothing that can cease this personal vendetta that Lannister has embarked on. The seas will engulf the very lands you have walked on your entire career... And this mountain of a man, will cease to stand any more.

Lannister sends you his regards Jaywalker...

There is a price to be paid, and Lannister expects it to be his to take.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 6:01 am by Drake Jaeger
六 Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trunks, black trenchcoat, black gloves, and black sunglasses - sits alone at a large table with a microphone placed just below his mouth at a Press Conference somewhere in Miami, Florida. The various photographers and journalists converse as Drake says nothing. A large man finally comes into view, gesturing for everyone to settle down as the room progressively goes quiet. 六

Large Man: Good evening, everyone, my name is Mike Hunt. I am the head of Elite Answers Wrestling’s Public Relations department, and we’ve been asked by this man here, Drake Jaeger, to hold a press conference. A rather urgent Press Conference, apparently, as we haven’t had much time to prepare, so bare with us. Please do not delve further into any questions that Drake deems uncomfortable. Please do not ask him for any autographs. Please do not make eye contact with him. Please--

六 Mike Hunt pulls out a piece of paper from his blazer pocket and takes a moment before he continues as he reads it. 六

Large Man: Please do not speak too loudly. Please do not address how he dresses. Please do not mention his hair, and he would like to specifically point out that it’s naturally curly and not in any way, shape, or form, a perm. Please do not breathe near him. Please do not ask “stupid questions”. Please do not refer to his Pain For Pride opponents as anything but “Two-headed Cerberus” and, ahem, “Pizza… Bitch”. Please--

Drake: I think they get the point. Please go eat a bagel, I’ll take care of the rest of this.

六 Drake stands up and forcefully takes the microphone from Mike Hunt’s hands before sitting back down, realizing he already had a microphone in front of him, and takes several moments to decide which microphone he wants to use before finally giving up and tossing the second mic over his shoulder to loud feedback as the rest of the room covers their ears. 六

Drake: I can see we’ve gotten off to a bad start here, so here’s what I’m gonna do.

六 Drake stands up from his seat. 六

Drake: Let’s try to calm things down. How about some stretches? Who doesn’t like to stretch? Get up.

六 Everyone in the room looks on at Drake in confusion. 六

Drake: I wasn’t asking.

六 Everyone in the room reluctantly gets up as Drake starts to stretch. Everyone in the room begins to stretch as Drake promptly stops what he’s doing, and sits down as everyone stops stretching. 六

Random Person #1: … Is that it?

Random Person #2: Why’d we stop?

Drake: I believe I’ve dislocated my right shoulder.

Random Person #1: …. That sounds painful, are you sure?

Drake: It’s excruciating. Anyway, go ahead and ask away.

六 Everyone in the room hesitantly sits back down as a few people raise their hands. Drake points to a nearby woman with his left hand. 六

Female Journalist: I’m sure we’re all familiar with a Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match, but what are your thoughts on it, having never competed in one before?

Drake: I can’t imagine it’s too complicated. I’ve beaten the shit out of people with tables, I’ve beaten the shit out of people with chairs, and I’ve beaten the shit out of people with ladders. More times than I care to count. If anything, this saves time. Being a member of Hexa-gun--

Random Person: #2: Former member of Hexa-gun.

Drake: Alright, which one of you assholes said that?

六 Drake looks around for several seconds before finally continuing. 六

Drake: Being a… Former member of Hexa-gun… I’m more than accustomed to matches where anything goes. We chose this match because it’s the absolute best showcase of everything we CAN do, and everything Larry, Moe, and Curly fucking Joe CAN’T do in a ring. When’s the last time a roid monkey like Cyclone has ever SEEN a fucking Ladder, let alone climbed one? And don’t let the beard fool you, because Brian Daniels may look like a lumberjack, but he sure as shit can’t climb like one. The only one left to worry about is Pizza Bitch, and really? Do we really need to worry? Has he ever climbing anything higher than a turnbuckle? Has he even climbed a turnbuckle?

Random Journalist: I believe The Pizza Boy was--

Drake: The what?

Random Journalist: …. I believe the… Pizza Bitch competed in the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match last year.

Drake: Oh, did he? See, you can probably understand why I would have forgotten that, because I don’t see a fucking Briefcase in his hands, nor have I ever. Why? Because he lost, and maybe we should make a tradition out of that little pissant losing at Pain For Pride every time he’s forced to climb his goofy-looking ass up a ladder. ANY other questions?

六 More people raise their hands as Drake points to someone else. A man stands up. 六

Male Journalist: It may come off as… Well, cliched to ask, but how do you know you can trust Judas as your partner?

Drake: Do you honestly think for one second that I’d put MY ass on the line in the biggest match of my career if I wasn’t absolutely certain the fucking freak that’s teaming with TJ and I could be trusted? Look, maybe I wouldn’t trust Judas to watch my kids, if I had any.

六 Drake knocks on the wood of the table. 六

Drake: But it’s pretty clear the guy’s a psychopath in all the right ways. Sure, maybe Pizza Bitch is kind of unhinged himself. He kind of looks like a meth addict, but our guy looks like some kind of fucked up mime creature, and really, which terrifies you more if you ran into it in a dark alley? The fact of the matter is that, just like Two-headed Cerberus and Pizza Bitch, Judas and Drake & Jones have something in common, and that is the unmitigated hate for our opponents. It’s the desire to walk out of Pain For Pride as Champions. Besides, didn’t we help him win the National Elite Title anyway? He owes us. I don’t give a shit what he’s like or what his hobbies are. I don’t care if he hates TJ and I deep down. He’s not about to let go of the biggest opportunity of his life in favor of some stupid name or, what, some sense of pride? We’ve all got something we want out of this. He wants to keep the Title around his waist, and we want the fucing Titles back around our waists. We’re willing to come together to beat the shit out of whoever’s in front of us to achieve that goal, and that’s all there is to it.

六 Drake covers the sunglasses already covering his eyes as he randomly picks another person raising their hand. Another woman stands up. 六

Female Journalist #2: After the shocking upset of losing your Tag Team Championships at the Grand Rampage, do you feel you and TJ have regained much-needed momentum after your win over Cerberus’ Team at Triple Threat?

Drake: What? No. Not even slightly, who gives a shit that we beat them at Triple Threat? I said we’d beat them at Triple Threat like a hundred times. I’m not surprised by that, are you? I can’t say I’m surprised that YOU’RE surprised that we lost the Tag Titles at the Grand Rampage, because if there has been lightning still around from the Answers World Title match, you bet your ass it would have struck twice right there in the middle of that fucking ring. If Brian Daniels had a lottery ticket, he’d be rolling in money right now. What you witnessed at the Grand Rampage was the single greatest bout of luck in the history of professional wrestling! Is there anyone doubting it, really? It was pretty fucking clear who had that match won, and I think we made it VERY fucking clear who should have won it when we beat their asses at Triple Threat and left Daniels bleeding half to death on the canvas. FUCK this hurts, anyone else?

六 More people raise their hands. 六

Drake: Uhhh…. The fat one.

六 A chubby man begins to stand up. 六

Drake: No, the fatter one.

六 The first chubby man reluctantly sits back down before another struggles to get up from his seat. 六

Fatter Journalist: Despite Drake & Jones & Judas having the clear advantage in this match, have you been taking any precautions for it? Have you been preparing in some way?

六 Drake favors his right shoulder as he tries to think of what to say. 六

Drake: I don’t know, lots of kegels, I guess. I-I honestly don’t really do the whole “preparation” thing for matches. Half the time I don’t even remember who I’m facing before I go out to the ring. If there’s some sort of weapon in reach, I’ll more than likely use it and at least attempt to murder whatever guy is facing me, unless I’d get disqualified for that, in which case I’d think of some elaborate way to kick the Ref in the face. If it helps anything, I’ve went through two or three pictures of my opponents for this match throwing knives or darts or really anything that I can find at them. Alright, one more question before I go to the hospital.

六 Drake makes a gesture to the left of him as a male journalist stands up. 六

Male Journalist: Is there anything, well, “off the cuff” that you’ve been itching to say to your Pain For Pride opponents?

六 Drake stands up, still favoring his shoulder, looking slightly confused. 六

Drake “Off the cuff”? What the fuck does that even mean? Like, what, a shoot? You want me to shoot? Hey, when in Rome, right? All I’ve been hearing about around Florida is shoot this and shoot that.

六 The room grows silent as Drake continues. 六

Drake: You wanna see a so-called “shoot”? Look no further than Pain For Pride, because what Judas and TJ and I are gonna do to Two-headed Cerberus and Pizza Bitch - THAT’S gonna be a fucking shoot. I’m gonna gorge at Pain For Pride, understand? I’ve gotten so fucking tired of wasting my time with these people. I want my Titles back. I want all three of them lying in the ground and out of my life, so if you want to see a shoot, I’ll give you a shoot. At Pain For Pride, right here in Florida, you’re gonna witness the deadliest shooting in the history of the United States!

六 Mike Hunt quickly runs in, whispering something to Drake. After several moments, Drake looks around at the now completely silent room. 六

Drake: Alright, whelp, thank you for your time. Be sure to watch Pain For Pride live on the EAW Network for the low, low price…

六 Drake continues speaking as he slowly walks away, leaving everyone in the room disgusted and appalled while the camera fades to black. 六
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 5:16 am by Tarah Nova
People Like Me, We Just Don't Play---PAIN FOR PRIDE NINE#3

“And I fall asleep in the safest places I can find
I'm losing religion 'cause I can't find a God that's mine
And so it's back to the old me Killing you slowly and I'm fine

I can feel you leaving, I can... (Ah, fuck it.)”
Ya know, over the course of three long and painful years in the EAW, I have Broken barriers and shatter glass ceilings. I have fought against monsters and demons. Queens and warriors. Demigods and fools. And every time one of those beings got in my way, I struck them down one by one. Pain for Pride is going to be the stage where I prove to everyone that I am the leader of this division. Now what kills me is the fact that the vixens in this match believe that I'm cocky. I'm filled with an ego bigger than most. But that's not true at all, is it? No, I stand here in the EAW Ring not influenced by my own ego but influenced by this great EAW universe that we wrestling in. That is what drives me to be the leader. These fans make me into who I am today. They make me into the Freakshow, the rebel vixen that I am and to think that I care what people like Lucas Johnson, who is calling me a slut or like JJ Silva who is trying to get in my head to try to fuck me up. Now If I was so easy to mess me up in the ring then I would be in Honda's position. I would be crawling on the floor and trying to ride on coattails to the top but I'm not. No I'm wrestling like a each vixen should. I'm throwing punches after punches, kicks and tackles to prove to everyone in this match that I am the best of the best. Through, I don't need everyone to believe in me. I don't need the other 9 praising me like I'm some God. Nah, don't get it mixed up;  that's more my boyfriend's style. My style is completely different. Unlike most, I might talk shit but I can back it up to. I'm not a one hit wonder like Piff and Cloud are, unlike them I actually know what I'm doing. I know how to win championships and get my names in lights. I'm a supernova. I'm bright star. I'm a one-of-a-kind Vixen that you shouldn't mess with, boys and girls. To be completely honest I'm ready for this match. I'm ready to take each and every single one of you out. This might be my quote-unquote cocky side talking but it doesn't matter who you are in this match. You're all going down at Pain For Pride.

Now before I begin talking about the real competitors of this match, I guess I should have a few words to the boys.

Starting with you, Lucas Johnson. You say I make you laugh but boy, it might be the other way around. You said in your little speech that all the vixens in this match haven't been in the ring with you. That we didn’t  know how to beat you but that's completely wrong. See I know your type. You're just like every other douchebag that are overly cocky when it comes to females. What? Did your Mother not love you enough when you were a kid so you pick on girls to make you feel better about your pathetic life. You need to realize that you are not mr. Perfect. You're not the best wrestler in this match. You actually might be worse than Honda which is shocking. Wrestlers like you are nothing but fleas on rats that dogs wouldn't even bite at. You call me names when you don't even know who I am but by all means go right ahead. Spread the rumors you believe that hurt me but really they actually fuel me into WANTING to do nothing more than to beat your ass at Pain for Pride. You're nothing more than a scared little brat and deep down you know that. You know you can't out wrestle anyone from the Vixens Division. And that upsets you. Oh, that upsets you more than you even realise. So please entertain me by continuing your stupid rant about how I'm a slut and how I sleep around. Continue the bullshit and lie even when no one's believe in you. No one will ever believe in a greasy haired snake like yourself while the leader of the vixens speaks back. Look Lucas, I'm not afraid of you and i’m sure as hell not afraid of getting my hands dirty either. So if you want to play hard ball then come on! I'm ready to throw your comebacks right back in your face. Now you need to learn that it's all fun and games till you mess with the wrong vixen and bitch, you messed with her. So come Pain for Pride, I will not stop till I drive you face first into that match and watch as your career gets shortened. Lucas, you're walking out as New Breed Champion--not gonna bring walking out at all. I'm going to make sure your carried the fuck out. I'm a woman of my word, so let that soak in.

Oh and You should also listen to what I have to said to him, JJ, because you been to learn that it's not all fun games in the Vixens division. Look I don't care that you are the New Breed Champion. I don't care that you don't believe in me or the vixens in this match. Hell I just don't care for you or the way you in the ring. It's funny how the vixen's call me egotistical and narcissistic when you're standing here staring at yourself in the mirror. You say you can recognize talent when you see it but when I look at you all I see is an elitist that just happened to get lucky and won the championship. You call your quick punches, stabs and fancy footwork Talent? Please I've seen better footwork at ballet recital. JJ, let's be real for a second, you're nothing special. Big Man on Campus? Nah, all you are is a little man trying to make a name for himself in EAW. You're right though we are opposites and thank God for that. While you were Building Bridges for your quote-unquote division; I'm weeding mine out. I'm making sure that the better ones rise up to the challenge. See that's what's different between Vixens and Elitists. Elitist don't have to care if they're bad or if they're amazing because they have titles for each level of a wrestlers abilities. For example you, JJ, you're at the lowest of the food chain with people like Mr. DEDEDE and Aren Mstislav are at the top of it. Elitists like them are at the Tip-Top of this company while you're at the bottom, slowly climbing up the side of the mountain. Now with the Vixens on the other hand, we don't have nine championships. We have two, The Vixens World Championship and the Specialist Championship. Meaning only two lucky Vixens are able to hold them and normally both those Vixens are the best of their division and guess what JJ, I'm the best of my division. I am one of the best of the best here in EAW and  like always I'm going to take down my Challengers. In my eyes you're no match for the things I can do in the ring. Your accomplishments nothing to me and they never will because at the end of the day you don't live up to my standards. A Pain for Pride I'm going to tear you apart piece by piece. To this Company I am a symbol of resistance and I'm not going to stop till I'm the only one left in that ring. I'm not playing games with anyone. I'm not ready to give up and hell, I doubt I ever will be. What I'm saying, JJ, is that nothing and no one in this match will stop me from reaching my goals. I'm not some pushover Vixen like Erica, I'm a nightmare in boots and I'm going to make sure my team wins or you lose your championship--Whichever happens first...

[Tarah smirks softly at the camera before continuing]

Welp, I should be shocked that you haven't spoken back to me yet but I'm not. Of course you're back to your old cringing self; always hiding in the shadows. I knew this new you wouldn’t last long, Honda. I mean where are you? Oh wait--I can just picture it now. You're still at the bar sitting with the sleazeball Venom and his trusty pothead, Piff. You're all just crying in your beers and wishing this week was over because let's face it none of you can defeat me and my division. Nope, can't do it because each one of you are just weaklings compared to everyone else in this match. Azumi might even be better than you Guys and that's just sad to say-- but hey at least you guys are giving up now instead of waiting till the night before our match. God I just love being right when It comes to lame ass wrestlers. Especially when that lame-ass wrestlers you, Honda. You giving up gives me life. It shows me that I've been right about you since day one and oh the joy it brings to me. Frankly, I feel like a younger version of me setting foot in a EAW ring for the very first time. So full of happiness and hopefully that happiness stays throughout Pain for Pride because I want to knock your teeth down your throat with a smile on my face. Hey and maybe while I'm at it, I can throw a  Suicide X you're way too! Ya know....for old time sakes. Oh well, see you there, Honda.

Now other than those assholes I have to deal with, I have four others to keep an eye on too. Damn, I love this match...

Speaking of love, Stephanie, I just love how you think you know me so well. You think you're the only one working out and getting ready for this match but you're so clueless. New Flash, I might be a wrestler but I do have a life as well. That basically means hanging out with my best friend and your ex girlfriend, Cailin or having a night alone with my boyfriend. Other than those things, I'm at the gym for hours, working my ass off. Day in and day out working in that ring, so I suggest you shut the fuck up and mind your own business, kid. You don't understand the work that I have been putting in for this match. This week has been the hardest week that I have work. This week I have blood and tortured every being of my soul just to claim what is rightfully mine. You and Cailin need to understand that you guys lost. The Specialist Championship belongs to me and me alone and I won't not allow you or any other Vixen in this match to get their grubby hands on it. I have spent every waking moment getting ready for Pain for Pride. In fact, this is my favorite time of the year and I'm not going to let you ruin it for me. Also, you need to come down on thinking how great you truly are. Steph, you say I shouldn't underestimate you but you don't understand how hard it is not too. You walk and talk such a big game but in reality it's just smoke and mirrors. You have failed each time against me and at Pain for Pride it's going to be the same. See, Carlos was right when he said I was the most treacherous, ruthless bitch who ever stepped foot in an EAW ring. When I get into the ring I am a natural born killer and I don't care who I have to take down to keep my gold around my waist. I'm not going to stop till I prove to you that I am the best Vixen in this match and you don’t have a chance in hell to stop me. It's time for you to learn that there will always be a people like you ,Stephanie Matsuda, but there will only be one Tarah Nova--and that's me.

As for you, Azumi, please for the love of God just shut up and focus on the match. You're not going to help any of us by the way you are acting. So it's time for you to woman up and shut up because let's face it, I'm right. I will always be right when it comes down to you, sweetheart. You're worthless when it comes to this match. You and your partner Erica. You both are going to be slowing us down as we try to prove a point to the elitists. You need to realize that we're trying to show everyone that the Vixens actually matter but with you and Roadkill on this team, it's really hard to do that but that's nothing new. Everyone knows how much you suck at wrestling and how you probably can't ever wrestle out of a cardboard box. But it is what it is I suppose. As of right now, I don’t care if you show up to Pain for Pride. If you do, than good but if you don't--well no one needed you anyway.

All in all, with only 3 days left until the biggest match of my year, I have shown only a few of these wrestlers what it means to be a vixen in the EAW and with Pain for Pride just around the corner, I'm ready to kick some ass. Cailin and the others believe they can knock me off my throne but the truth is they can't and they won't. You ladies need to understand that it took me 5 months to get back to where I belong and I'm not going let any of you try to take me down--well not without a fight. So listen up teams, when I get into that ring, you best realize who you're dealing with. I'm not gonna take your whining or bitching. Once you step foot in the ring with me there's no turning back now--Not when I’m ready to destroy you all. To be completely honest, this will be my flight and fight mode because believe it or not, I'm going to knock each and everyone of you out until my knuckles are bleeding Raw. It's kill or be killed in the match and kids, I'm ready to play the hunter.

So like what my baby always says, He who laughs last, laughs best and believe me when I say I plan on laughing long and hard in each of your faces once I retain my Specialist Championship... 

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Post on June 29th 2016, 4:41 am by MTM
Kendra Shamez Promo 2

The camera shows Kendra Shamez wearing an expensive silk floor length gown in her grand Buffalo, New York home. She sits on her Victoria palace wooden chair as she pulls out her compact from her Versace purse. Suddenly, her phone begins to vibrate. Kendra reaches over and answers the call.
Kendra: Hello?
???: Oh god, finally!
Kendra: Who’s this? (Kendra continues to observe her beauty through her mirror.)
???: Seriously?! I have been trying to reach you for weeks! Why haven’t you answered?!
Kendra: Oh, is this Rey? Sweetie, I told you not to call me anymore. I’ll have my people create some sort of statement so you can finally get off of my fucking ass.
Kendra is about to hang up as Rey pleads with the OG Vixen.
Rey: NO! Come on, hear me out! I know that things didn’t work out as we planned but I swear to you, I tried my best. It was never my intention to put shame to the Shamez name. Words can’t explain how excited and hopeful I was when you finally agreed to be by my side after the Vixens cup. You are arguably one of the greatest Vixens in EAW history and I almost died of happiness when I saw you stand next to me with pride. You were the only person who believed that I was the rightful owner of that trophy. You gave me motivation to continue as I walked around this company being seen as the underdog. I was seen as this bratty second generation Vixen who had to prove herself before she even got the chance to say a peep.  I wanted to make you so proud but Sheridan is also an immaculate wrestler that has so much talent. I didn’t plan for her to injure me; I didn’t plan to lose continuously. It just wasn’t my day, I---
Kendra: Stop.
Rey: Hmm? Stop? I’m sorry but I have to express how I feel because if I don’t it’ll get bigger and bigger and eventually it’s going to drive me insane!
Kendra: Good.
Rey: Please, don’t be this way. I need more than just one worded responses. We’ve been through so much together. We were at the peak of my career and out of nowhere it went tumbling down. I need you right now, Kendra. I need you to be here for me just how I was there for you when you had your run!
Kendra: I’m just going to stop this right here. Like I said, I’ll have my publicist contact you for my official statement regarding your departure with the company. Until then, please don’t contact me or else the next person you’ll be contacted by will be my lawyers. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors—
Rey: DON’T GIVE ME THAT BULLSHIT RESPONSE! You cold hearted bitch! I’m breaking into pieces and not once can you be human. Not once can you show emotions or feelings. The only person you’ve EVER cared about is yourself. What happened in your life that made you want to repress your feelings?
Kendra: You really want to know?
Rey: Yes!

Kendra: You really want to know how I feel, Rey?
Rey: YES! That’s what I’ve been begging for all this time!
Kendra: I feel sick.
Rey: Sick? You can’t be that vague –
Kendra: I’m not finished. I feel sick, embarrassed, ashamed, furious, saddened, and relieved. When I jumped on the Rey train I expected nothing but greatness. I expected you to go out there and completely dominate the competition. I expected you to come out of the Vixens Cup tournament as the winner. I had high expectations from you, Rey. I know your past and I was a bit skeptical of your ability to focus when in the moment – but I put that all aside. I went with my heart instead of my brain and I wanted you to take the wheel. I wanted to sit in the stands and tell the person sitting next to me that you were my cousin, with the upmost pride emitting from my voice. You can make as many excuses as you want but you know that you’re at fault. Deep down it’s eating you inside knowing that you didn’t get the same genes that the Shamez family is blessed with. You can’t sit there and begin to blame me for your demise. I did everything I could to train you. You losing to the likes of Sheridan is like giving me a slap to the face. You embarrassed me in front of my cohort, Rey! You made me look like a fucking joke time after time again. You honestly think I’d be here with my arms wide opened for you? You have another thing coming. I refuse to associate myself with you because I don’t associate myself with losers. I don’t train losers. I don’t mentor losers. And I’m NOT RELATED TO LOSERS. You should’ve known what you were getting yourself into when you asked me to manage you during your run. The fact that you’re so “shocked” about my response towards this entire situation goes to show how feeble minded you are. I didn’t want to talk to you after the multiple times you tried to reach out to me because I didn’t want to give you a dose of reality. I didn’t want to break your spirits after I laid your ass out with the TRUTH. Now, in order to salvage our family name, I have to take matters into my own hands. Sheridan is the LAST person to have bragging rights over me. She dared to go around town and brag about how she completely annihilated you from the competition. She has even mentioned that she’s going to surpass the Shamez legacy and that itself is fucking laughable. I haven’t been in action for over a year and it’s time I show these rookies how it’s done. It’s time for them to be taught a lesson that they will never, ever forget. And we can start off with this with you. Rey, contact me again and I swear to god I will find you and kick your ass myself. Fuck off, go to hell and change your last name. I have more important things to do. 
(Kendra immediately hangs up as she quickly composes herself. The camera shows Kendra walking out of her home and going into her luxurious sports car as the camera fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 4:29 am by Ares Vendetta
Taste the fruits of your labor too soon and you’ll find them bitter and inedible.

You’re much more amusing than the other two, and it’s not because you come challenging me without a need for vengeance. It’s because seem well aware at the task at hand. Around my waist is the prize you’ve spent over a year in pursuit of. A piece of gold you were the first to take possession of, now in my hands. It must feel unnerving, knowing you’ve come so far and gotten this close to retaking it. You failed once before when more than the Answers World Championship was on the line, and you succeeded not long after in claiming another shot. You’ve seen your empire crumble before your very eyes for the sake of this Championship. You’ve endured thirty-nine other hungry competitors for the sake of this Championship. I can see that you cherish it more than anything in this World.

And that’s what gives me the pleasure of taking it from you.

It goes without saying that you truly are one of the most formidable men to have ever stepped inside an EAW ring. Of course, outside of this company, you’re no more than one of many, but here in this little bubble, you are something of a Legend. I won’t take that away from you - I won’t spit upon all your work. Of course, none of it matters in the end. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve wasted your time up to this point, because through the pain and torture you’ve racked your body with, it all comes to a screeching halt at my very feet. It comes as no surprise to me what kind of man you are: one that oozes confidence and never doubts that he will walk away victorious. Perhaps you and I are too much alike, for just as confident as we both are, we’ve both tasted numerous defeats and humiliations. Defeats and humiliations that should very well be all the evidence needed to ensure the other’s victory when the battle has begun and the bell has rung. I won’t deny my defeats. I wear a brand upon my body that reads the name of the very man that left me humiliated in the ring at Territorial Invasion. I’ve learned from my falls from grace. I’ve adapted and I’ve thrived when everyone convinced themselves it would be the last they ever saw of me. I’m sure you’ve done the same to get to this point, haven’t you? You don’t lose six World Championships, you don’t watch two of your alliances collapse, and you don’t taste bitter defeat at the hands of a rival numerous times without adapting to get back into the fray and find yourself challenging the Answers World Champion at Pain For Pride as the 2016 Grand Rampage Winner.

Here we stand, you and I.

Champion and challenger.

The wall you hide behind is thick, no doubt about it, but I’m sure even you can feel just how humiliating it is to be the man in pursuit of the World Championship for a record seventh time, staring into the eyes of one that’s only just tasted this gold for the first time in his life. When I beat DEDEDE at the Grand Rampage, I didn’t just dethrone him. I undid everything you sought to undo with your own two hands not even a month prior. The difference between you and I isn’t just age and it isn’t just where we’ve come from - it’s the fact that while you spent over an hour throwing others over the top rope, I spent an hour competing in what many consider to be the greatest match in the history of this company. While you were fighting just for an opportunity at this Championship, I was taking this Championship. You beat thirty-nine others to get here, and I won’t take that from you. You’re the 2016 Grand Rampage Winner, beyond a shadow of a doubt. You earned this, far more than the other two mongrels that share this contest with us, and if they weren’t so hungry to get back at me, it would be just you and I, but that’s just not how it is. You’re here, and that’s all that matters, but know that there’s not a single one of those thirty-nine other competitors you clashed with that even compares to what I am. I beat the only man in this company that mattered, and I am now the only man in this company that matters, and not once in your entire overlong career have you ever been given the honor of toppling me. You hide behind the fact that I’ve never been up against someone the likes of you before, but that pendulum swings both ways. You’re a man with his eyes covered walking into a minefield, and very, very soon, you’re going to lose it all when you take a wrong step.

All the wisdom in the World,

All the experience in battle,

All of the accolades,

All of the victories,

Put it all together in one neat resume for you to proudly display, Impact, and I will rip through it to get to you.

There is one big difference between you and my father, and it’s not about the talent or the achievements either of you two garnered. It’s the fact that my father may be a broken man bound to a wheelchair, but at least he’s where he belongs: retired. When this is all said and done and you’re wading through your flooded mind, trying to come up with the reason to justify why you lost the biggest match of your career, perhaps a moment will pass when you reflect upon the mistakes you made that brought you to such a lowly state. Perhaps you’ll see that all that you achieved after you decided to come out of retirement - all of the gold and the allies you made and the dominance you showcased - it all amounted to nothing, because there you will sit, proud Y2Impact, you will sit and perhaps you will go after another piece of gold that’s closer to your reach. Perhaps you’ll go back to your precious Heart Break Gal and dominate the other teams. Perhaps you’ll erect another alliance dedicated to reminding the World you’re still in it. It doesn’t matter what you do, because you’ll do it all after Pain For Pride the same way you came in before Pain For Pride:

Without the Answers World Championship.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 3:51 am by Guest
What if my opponents were dangerous, heading to the battlefield with the ferocity of a lion. They charge expecting us to fall like the flimsy elitists they’ve faced, but what is a lion if he is de-fanged? It’s one thing to win every battle and think you’ve won the war, It’s another to lose each one and still hold your head up high. Understand that you walk into this match as a person being fed to the beasts and you can leap and grab a weapon, but it might as well be a wooden sword. You rely on being molded by darkness not realizing that every man who steps in that ring ventures into that territory during the darkest moment in their life, but it is pulling yourself out of that melancholic slumber that gives strength rivaled by none. In the recesses of your mind, you are well aware that you gambled your whole life for one moment of clarity, but you sit in the corner thinking of endless ways for tying loose ends as you know that life has thrown you a curve ball far too many times. I faced opponents who lived that. They chased for gold and for recognition for so long that they couldn’t see where the ledge is. They would try to see compliments in blunt insults, as many men don’t let being disliked alter any plans, but it is not being respected as a competitor that makes them steam in rage. When I walk, I do hear those screams of forgotten performers as their outrage echoed in arenas until their voice became hoarse. But what causes me to stop in place and take note is the second where their words of self confidence turned into slurred words of regret as they looked up in horror of impending doom. But these men were not drunk nor stupid, in fact often were these men the one pouncing on enemies. It’s not as if up to that moment, they never felt any danger. They were just like me as they felt steel pressed to their skin and kendo sticks an inch from puncturing organs. They were men who laced up their boots and played with luck, but were on their deathbeds insisting they wouldn’t die. A life like that will take the joy out of anyone. All the grueling amount of torture you force your body to endure and it all amounts to nothing. To live your life in a boring shade of grey and the second you see a smidgen of color, it all fades to pitch black. We have almost reached the end of this chapter and a year from now, all your names will only be remembered for this moment. Don’t mistaken fearlessness for being reckless as I have made sure that I have an iron grip on each and everyone of you. After all, this is the stage where I started to walk with legends and this will be the stage where my rebirth is cemented.

It is true that I leave sometimes on a whim, but it is on my own accord with nobody forcing me and therefore I am not broken. It is after I leave bodies scattered across the battlefield and therefore it is not because I am ineffective. So why is it that you take a known flaw of mine and believe that it is the Chekhov’s gun that will have you still clutching the National Extreme title when the smoke clears. My flaws rise to the surface when I wander aimlessly. I could still destroy any who come my way, but it is still fighting without a purpose. But this is different, isn’t it?  I used to say I was a man who was obsessed with justice, but in actuality I was someone who felt like life owed me something after my own mistakes finally caused me to slip, who used it more as a weapon to wield than a guideline to follow. When I fight you, it is to clear a roadblock that not only Pizza Boy has to face, but I have to as well. It’s to look up at everybody when this is all over and let them know that while darkness is moldable and adapts to any environment, we will be there to put it down and inspire any to try and do the same thing. When I was a little kid, I used to look at superheros like Superman and laugh at the idea that there could ever be a man like that, but it is laughing at altruism that causes ills to go unchecked. I know that I have a stone heart, and that the second this title leaves my hands, that I could go revert back into fighting for just myself, but now is not that time and is only the moment where we make one final stand and deliver the crushing strike. Don’t mistake thunderous cheers for pity, don’t paint a picture no one is willing to accept, Judas. I used to be the one who reacts, but now I am on the front lines and I push people back. To call me an underdog would be to elevate your current position. Drake and Jones look at us as hungry wolves, but not once has it ever crossed anybodies mind that they have what it takes to rip the titles out of our cold hands. Face facts, you’re surrounded with no way out but to accept it. Not by just us, but also by the rabid fans you insist have no hero. Not just them, but the weapons that will be washed in your own blood and you will be hit with to the point where it all becomes numb, life's way of giving you mercy. This is the third time I've entered the event and this will be the third time I won. The old me might look confused at first, but he would smile at the man I became as I fight with heroism in battles people run away from.

For justice has won.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 3:09 am by Eclipse Diemos
Damnation and Devastation

“Devastation. Kevin Devastation. Damn if you don’t make me really enjoy the things that I do. You are growing to become one of my favorites when it comes to talking about things you don’t understand. For starters, anything to do with me. You don’t understand me in the slightest, so you want to take things that I have said and use them against me. You call yourself an alpha predator, but an alpha predator doesn’t leave the jungle for pastures green. He continues to hunt, and he continues to claim what is his by right. His territory is not up for dispute. He controls it all the time. He holds it against himself with an iron claw and will not back down from anything. You call yourself an alpha predator, but you left for an island retreat when a predator stronger than you destroyed you in the ring. You retreated with a tail between your legs, and now you want to come back and say that you are still the top dog? Your size isn’t an advantage. It never has been. Size means nothing here. A man like Piff Fumador can become a champion, and I toppled a Mastodon and a Russian Prince at my weight. Size doesn’t matter. What matters is what you do with your fists, and how far you can backup your words. You have yet to prove that you can do that. You have proved that you can run in and interrupt something that was between two forces greater than you will ever comprehend. You have proved that you feel more comfortable using the same argument that the rest of the masses have used against me since I joined EAW. You don’t understand at all just what a threat I can be. You aren’t scared. That isn’t a good thing. That is something that even animals feel. Animals are smart. They know what it means to feel fear, because that fear keeps them alive. Maybe I should show you.”

The screen cuts in and out of focus before it finally appears in place. The same room. The same mess of a home, with drawings scrawled along the walls and new murals painted in place. The room seems darker in shade, a subtle red noticeably in place. Eclipse himself sits in the middle of the room, his head lolling side to side before he glanced up at the ceiling, as if listening to a divine voice. His gaze moved straight ahead again as his fingers dug into his pants pockets, until they removed a familiar object. A blood soaked spike. A few notches lay inlaid into the item. Tally marks as well as a teddy bear like design.

“See this? I drove a pair of these through the legs of one Psycho Brody. Did you know that? In essence, I crucified someone. Something that I haven’t done again, because I haven’t had the opportunity. Brody is still in the hospital. I put him there. I destroyed a monster with my bare hands.”

Once more Eclipse fished in his pockets, though quickly he threw his hands out and reached for a black box in front of him, dragging it forward and tearing it open. He reached in, yanking a hand out to reveal barbed wire sticking free from his flesh. Blood dripped down from the iron, soaking into it and feeding it as he stared straight ahead, no expression on his face other than seething rage.

“This? Not only did I use this by wrapping it around my arm to clothesline members of Formation, but I wrapped these around my boot to hit someone with Room 13! Luzmala! I killed Luzmala with these! The monster of Hexagun brought to heel with my boot! Do you understand that?”

He tears the barbed wire from his hand, throwing it aside as he reaches back into the box and yanks free a shrapnel piece of a kendo stick. He curls it around his hand before pointing it straight ahead, a smile warping its way on his face.

“I’ve cracked heads open with these, as well as light tubes. Devastation, you want to consider the things that I do Smoke and Mirrors because why? Because you failed to deliver fear the way I did, so you used Smoke and Mirrors? I’m not like you. I’m unlike anything you have ever faced and honestly, you trying to relate to me by telling me of your journey just makes me sick. You want to talk about how you went on a journey and looked at others to find yourself, as if that is the same as what I went through to become what I am? Do you know what mirror you had to look at when you found yourself? Mine was a glass wall. I looked outside and saw men and women in white coats carting around people the world called insane. Lunatics. Mad men. Murderers. I was a child. I was locked in a place that was horrible and filled with the worst dregs of society. I looked at myself through a glass prison and saw myself deteriorate. I saw my innocence die. I saw my eyes lose their shine, and be replaced with bleakness. Hope died. Despair was all that remained. And do you know what I did to find who I was? I didn’t get to take a journey to find out. I looked inward. I turned to myself and asked who I was in comparison to the rest of the world. In the world of madness, I became a beacon for others. My voice carried weight with them. I sheltered them from the lash of a harsh word by the orderlies, listened to their lamentations in broken voices and told them all that they wanted to hear. My darkness isn’t something that I fashioned for EAW to make myself more threatening, my darkness is something that this twisted, sick world created to break me. I fought back and won against it. I became what the darkness needed. I became its champion. Its voice. So don’t talk to me about your creation. Wraith isn’t what I am, and you bring him out in that match, I will put him down just like I put down Caliban and his idiotic creations when he tried to go up against me with that same logic. Flawed logic. Logic that told him that to beat a monster, he had to become one. Logic that didn’t pan out very well for him.

You think I’m smoke and mirrors. Ask Aria if I’m smoke and mirrors. Ask Aren and Lucian if it was a parlor trick that I beat them to win the crown. Ask Scott Oasis if I was just a game when I fought him tooth and nail at Pain for Pride last year in the Cash in the Vault. Ask JJ and Chris Elite if my violence is a joke. Ask anyone on Voltage if I’m just a fake in EAW. Their answer will be the same. Everything I do, I do with a purpose and with a goal. Nothing I do is a trick. The blood is real. The pain is real. The lives are real. So you can say that you aren’t afraid of me all you want, because in the end that will get you nowhere but at the bottom of EAW. If you aren’t afraid of me, you will underestimate me. Aren and Lucian underestimated me. I became King of Elite over their corpses. Brody underestimated me and I ended his career. Formation understood that they couldn’t just play around with the notion of beating me. They realized that they had to fight tooth and nail to defeat me, and so they did. And even with that fight in them, Hades had to come in to finish the job for them to truly beat me. Kevin, I want you to ask Hades if he thinks that I’m not a threat. I want you to understand that I’m not threatened by you, but that I will still hold my fear for what you can do in the ring right in the back of my mind. Fear isn’t a weakness. It tells us what to do to make sure that we stay alive, and you want to act like it’s a fault. I exist to make people afraid, and I do just that. I am fear incarnate. You are nothing. Whether you bring Wraith or not, that is your prerogative. I need no other form of myself to get the job done in the ring. Me and Erebos are ready and waiting for you to come at us with all of your strength. And my focus is on Hades, I promise you. Hades wants me dead much more than you do. But you...you’ve just gotten me more excited. You make me anxious for what is coming. I wanted a war at Pain for Pride and now you have given me just that. You have given me a war! I thrive on that! The violence! The bloodshed! The fucking fear that you gave to me! Do you realize how this makes me feel?! It makes me feel all the more alive knowing that I can tear you apart, piece by painful piece. Brick by brick you will fall. I will tear down the fortifications of the old guards and leave you helpless and broken at the feet of my family. Hades will be forced to join the family that he needs, and you will be pushed back into the darkness, cursing the day that you chose to step against me.

The past does nothing for the present. The past exists in the past. Nothing more. You are a relic of a bygone era. A relic that I am more than happy to break out of the dirt to shatter again. My words don’t scare you, but what I do to you will. If you don’t wisen up and learn what fear can do for you, you will suffer for it. So, drop all of this useless bravado, discard your ego, and face me like the warrior you are. With fear in your heart but bravery in your eyes. You are fighting a monster. You are facing a killer. The prophet of pain and the outcast king. Fear Incarnate! Eclipse Diemos! The outcast king of Elite Answers Wrestling and the Patriarch of the Sanatorium! I’m not asking you to bow to me! I’m asking you to draw your sword like a warrior and fight. Stop barking like a dog, if you are a true predator howl like the wolf you believe you are. This hunt is just getting started. And I can’t wait till I taste blood on my teeth again. Kevin Devastation. Are you...scared yet?”

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Post on June 29th 2016, 3:03 am by Nasir Escobar

To the Top

"Be humble. Be hungry. And always be
the hardest working guy in the room."

What's Poppin Tho? What's really good peoples? It's ya boi...young Nas, Almighty Nastradamus. You already know that we out here. Just left the film set. Gettin some nice vids out for my public. The MILLIONSSSSS....of Nas' fans. The Nas is preppin for the biggest match of his career. In just three days time. In just three days, The Illmatic One FINALLY returns to the show of shows, the biggest stage in our business. The grand daddy of all the events in our industry. The Nas returns to Pain For Pride. July 1st. 2nd. or 3rd. And I done said it time and time again. Come Pain For Pride. Doesn't matter which day it is. When the bell rings. And the announcer says: THE FOLLOWING CONTEST...IS THE CASH IN THE VAULT LADDER MATCH! Then ALL The People will rise to their feet. Screaming at the top of their lungs. Excitement flowing through their bodies. All you jabronis will come out, and they will be like,"Yea ok...all these guys are on their way..." Then...those you'll hear those words. DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE NAS IS COOKIN! The music will hit. The people will explode into a frenzy. And The Nas will walk down the ramp grab The People's Ladder. And enter the people's ring. Take that ladder. And beat all you candy asses with it. The end result exactly as Almighty Nastradamus, All seeing and All knowing predicted. The Nas, this years Mr. Cash In The Vault. Then The Nas is gonna go on to do what should have been done by now. Accomplish the one thing he set out to this entire time. Do what has been expected of him this entire time. Cash in that briefcase once the exact time is right. And win a world championship. Any world title. So fatal four way. Triple threat. And the singles match. Watch your backs. Because any of you could be seeing The Nas very very soon. Sooner than you would expect. Sooner than you would like. And when it is all said and done. Once the deed is done. The Nas will stand in front of all his millions of fans..a world champion!

Now...Nick Angel. The Nas really is not sure what more to say to you. The fact that you are STILL running your mouth is well...all it's doing now is getting on his nerves. The Nas says you have two options. First is you can know your role and shut your mouth and just wait until Pain For Pride to catch these right hands of fury. Option number two...is you can name the time and the place a few days in advance...and The Nas will just take his size twelve, over two hundred dollar Js, and stick them straight up your candy ass! Listen here Nick Angel. You are going to come at The Nas when you can not even form a proper sentence. Before you tell The Nas about world championship material, learn that it is world championSHIP material, and not "world champion material". And you have the nerve to talk about, The People. Listen here you little bitch. You don't know anything about the people. If anyone is an authority on the people, and what they think, it's the people's choice THE NAS! First thing is first. The People think that you are, a Grade A Assmuncher. Second, The People do think The Nas is world title material. BUT what you fail to realize is...that's not why they believe in The Nas. That's not why I am their choice. The Nas is The People's Choice because he does represent them. They don't EXPECT HIM TO DO ANYTHING WHATSOEVER, OTHER THAN ENTERTAIN THEM. And if that means The Nas has gotta become world champ, then goddamnit that's what he'll do. If The Nas has got to beat your monkey ass all over south beach, then goddamnit that's what he'll do. And if The Nas has got to go unorthodox...to win it all that is what The Nas will do! Nick Angel, just keep this in mind. This ass whooping gift wrapped specially for you...will not just be any ass whoopin, but it will be...The People's Ass Whoppin!

Now onto you...Rhaegar.  Speaking of streaks. Recently while Angelo began his crybaby crusade after losing to Tig Kelly, ending his punk ass winning streak over the bottom of the barrel EAW has to offer. You Rhaegar did the exact opposite. You kept losing, and losing, and LOSING AND LOSING AND LOSING! ONE AFTER ANOTHER LOSS AFTER LOSS! Speaking of the bottom of the barrel, you are exactly that. The only way you could get worse than Rhaegar, is with that piece of drunk trailer park trash Venom. But this ain't about him now is it. This is your special time Rhaegar. Feel honored. It's not every day you get to be the stepping stone for the next breakout star here in the land of the elites. EAW's soon to be next big icon, The Next Gawd of this company, The Nas! Rhaegar, let The Nas remind you of somethin. While you run around here speaking and acting as if you're some kind of mythical being who is on another level from man...you ain't NOTHIN! You ain't no real spartan from back in the days of ancient greece! You are NOTHIN! Facepainted NOTHIN! Losing Streak NOTHIN! Two-hundred some pound NOTHIN! Talentless NOTHIN! Most boring NOTHIN! Hold up...The Nas iPhone is goin off. Hello who is this? IT'S NOTHIN, HE SAYS HE KNOWS YOU! YOU'RE NOTHIN! 

Chris Elite...you wanna talk about the man behind The Nas? You ask questions about the man behind The Nas? Well if you wanna know, go to the damn fan axxess and ask The Nas some questions. But since you have some significance right now seeing as how you are one of The Nas' opponents in a couple days. Think about it this way. Don't WORRY about the flippy shit. Don't WORRY about all the insults. Don't WORRY about the Youtube views. And Don't worry about anything else other than this. Not just The Nas, but Nasir Anderson, the man behind The Nas will step into the ring and I will do exactly what I do best, and that is scrap and throw them hands! If you really want to know what's really good, I can show you in a few days, just be a bit patient huh? You wanna know the real me? Well I can fill you in. I'm just a kid who wants to do right by his family, who have been in this sport for decades. And if that means I gotta step up to you and specifically scrap with you to show you exactly what the hell is poppin, then that's exactly what I do. I work for everything I have. To say that I don't deserve anything or haven't earned what's goin on is dumb. But you can hold on to that opinion for two more days, because I can show you way better than I will tell you with that thick ass block head of yours! The Nas, Nasir Anderson, Nasir Taimane, It Doesn't Matter. Just know that I will be there and I will bring it! Bringing the asswhoopin of a life time for each and every single one of you come Pain For Pride!
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Post on June 29th 2016, 2:58 am by Impact
I observe my surroundings, and I can’t help but turn my attention to Devan Dubian, the man nobody is betting on; the man pundits are labeling a filler. Devan Dubian’s going to defend himself, he’s obligated to because he’s a man, but when everything boils down to it, this is a man who is being rewarded with the Hall of Fame for striking gold once and striking out every other time he had an opportunity to achieve stardom. He finally grabbed the monkey and tossed it off of his back, but it took him years upon years of blood, sweat, struggles, and tears to finally become the star that everybody believed he was capable of becoming. It always amuses me when one of my opponents either implies or outright admits they have a selective memory. Both Tyler Parker and Devan Dubian have unwittingly admitted they’ve revised facts and amended history; if we were in court, I could sue them for libel. I could slap a defamation lawsuit on them. But I learned at an early age that a difference of opinion is only build-up to let your fists do the talking, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do at Pain for Pride. I can’t win the Answers World Championship by lawyering up and winning a lawsuit in a courtroom, but I can win the Answers World Championship and stack my cap with another golden feather by pummeling them repeatedly until my adversaries no longer have the willpower to stand on their own two feet — and as an undying advocate for the revival of extreme, I much prefer violence to pacifism. So that’s how I settle my disputes, that’s what a “difference of opinion” means to me — bashing someone’s skull in, and that’s exactly the route I’ll take at Pain for Pride. I know no other road but the road surrounded by the bright lights whose name is Violence. And on Violence Avenue on the night of July 3rd, 2016, I’ll ignite the entire neighborhood in the scorching flames of Y2Impact’s greatness. That’s the final face you’ll see in the fire that you ultimately get burnt by, Devan Dubian.

Of course, it doesn’t surprise me that you have a spotty memory. You have a one-track mind. You don’t care about history, you don’t care that the only reason for your inclusion in this matchup is because you have a six-month-old rematch clause, you don’t care that a more honorable man would withdraw from the match and admit that he wasn’t deserving of participating due to his absence. But you’re a slithering snake with no pride, crawling in from the woods right around Pain for Pride season like everybody doesn’t already know your motives, like people can’t see through the bullshit when it’s actually transparent. You’re here because of the paycheck, because of the media attention that comes with being World Champion, and it’s so ironic that Tyler Parker points to me as a man lacking true passion for the business while turning a blind eye in that regard to Devan Dubian, someone that hasn’t earned his stripes but somehow thinks he’s fit to talk about hardships when he was handed a spot in the headlining match of Pain for Pride while I had to bulldoze through thirty-nine others vicious hyenas and use their felled corpses as a pathway to guarantee my spot at Pain for Pride. Meanwhile, Devan Dubian didn’t even bother to show up until after the fact, because why bother with the difficulty of a Grand Rampage when you can stroll back down the Voltage ramp like a movie star walking down the red carpet and stake claim to a position in Pain for Pride’s most prominent match just because of a shoddy rematch clause that should have expired long ago? If anyone is fit to talk about hardships, it isn’t Tyler whose face was bashed through an ambulance window, it isn’t Ares Vendetta who sneaked his way through a questionably set-up tournament with narrow roll-up victories over the likes of Liam Catterson, it isn’t Devan Dubian who lost his championship fair and square inside the Extreme Elimination Chamber — it’s ME! It’s me, who was unceremoniously dismissed from his position as the authority on Voltage after a mere two weeks despite proving in those two weeks that my leadership was leaps and bounds ahead of anything Ashten Cross had offered. It’s me, who for two weeks brought EAW back to its roots and revived extreme only for some hastily put-together match to ultimately become the reason for the fruit finally borne out of my arduous journey to rot before I even had the chance to savor the taste. It’s me, who trudged through the mud and took a backseat for everyone else in the singles division to let them get a share of World Championship history while I was busy breaking Tag Team records with the Heart Break Gal. It’s me, a guy who exceeded the overwhelmingly lofty expectations put on him from the moment he debuted in 2008 to the present in 2016 when anybody else handpicked out of a crowd or a wrestling school would have crumbled under the pressure I faced. It has ALWAYS been ME! A question a lot of you are asking that I’ve ignored for weeks… I’m finally ready to answer. If I were still the Voltage General Manager, would the match for the Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride be a one-on-one pitting myself against Ares Vendetta?

You’re goddamn right.

Because Devan Dubian doesn’t deserve to be in the headlining match of Pain for Pride. Devan Dubian is a guy that thinks he owns a stranglehold on the main event simply because he was Answers World Champion for five months, simply because he finally repaid everybody’s confidence in him four years after the fact with a monumental Pain for Pride victory, but what he doesn’t realize and what he’ll soon be forced to learn is that EAW’s forefront is not a right; it’s a privilege to be earned, and by accepting entry into this match, by invoking his BS rematch clause, he has permanently stained EAW. He has spat on the sanctity of this promotion in ways even the “Elite” movement never could. He has sullied the business, and at Pain for Pride, he doesn’t just wrestle Tyler Parker, Ares Vendetta, and myself. He stands trial in a courtroom where I am both Judge and Jury — and he answers for his crimes in the form of a defeat he can never, ever recover from.

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Post on June 29th 2016, 2:55 am by Lioncross
More of the same drivel. I guess it's still mating season in the animal kingdom. Apparently, my biggest desire is not to win this briefcase for the chance at becoming a world champion. According to many of my opponents, my main goal is to prove myself. Prove that I can reach the top - literally and figuratively - in a company besides CWF. Prove that I can do that in a company that's unequaled in wrestling today, EAW. Prove that I can do that in my age. Prove that I can do that with my injury history. Why would I want to do that for any of you?

You guys are stubborn - you have to be in order to succeed in a match like this. But, the stubbornness often shows in your words. I could win the briefcase and become World Champion before Pain For Pride even ends, and you still wouldn't be convinced that I'm worth anything in EAW. No success I have will change your mind because you'll all be bitter if I win. I will not be able to prove anything to any of you. The people who I've proven myself to, such as myself, my family, my friends, and the most recent convert in James Shields, took less convincing. And, it's not like I was winning at their expense - I even saved James Shields $100,000. If I win Cash In The Vault, you'll be angry. You'll convince yourselves that it was all a fluke, and you could win the case from me on any given day. You'll convince yourself that I still need to prove myself because a Cash In The Vault victory isn't proof enough. Basically, you all are impossible. Why would I waste my time on this? This is why you guys need to get off that subject if you want to get in my head at all. Do something else. Insult my favorite sports teams or something. It's gotten to the point where I'm GIVING you all hints. But, you won't take them because "proving yourself in EAW" is all you have, and it's all you'll stick with.

Is it because you're all too damn lazy? No way - it took a lot of hard work for all of you to qualify. Is it because you're all stupid? No, because you have to be smart to succeed in wrestling. You're all stuck with this idea because your mentality is garbage. Rhaegar, you're wrong when you think I'm trying to prove myself with "passive-aggression"; still one of the stupidest accusations ever levied against me. Rex, you're wrong when you say I'm lying and that I'm trying to validate people of similar age and power. Nas, thanks for telling me that I've never faced you or anybody like you before. I ALREADY KNEW THIS. You're behind everyone else; I already did my bit about people giving me tips that I already know. And call Carlos Rosso second-rate or the CWF Championship fake all you want. I don't care about validating CWF. Don't speak for me ever again if you don't want to be made a fool when I reveal that my motivations, drives, and mentality were completely different from what you insist to be truth, and I use that against you as I'm busy climbing ladders, not groveling at your feet for approval.

I don't want to prove myself or my worth, because none of you will accept it anyway. I want to win Cash In The Vault, because if I do, none of you will have any choice but to accept it as fact.

Not that you will anyway - some of you keep bringing up these animalistic cliches because you've got the thought process and cognitive ability of animals. In that case, I'll just be happy with a win and a chance to become champion.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 2:27 am by Victor Maero

The scene opens with Oz in an abandoned theme park sitting on an amusement park swing manually swinging slowly. He slows his swings and stops before smiling.

Oz: “Knock knock. It’s time to play. Destiny is at your door, are you going to answer? Will you stave off the blade of death or will the fires consume you? Is it my turn to…”

Static engulfs the screen. Suddenly Oz is standing in front of the camera wearing his plague doctor’s mask that is covered in blood.

Oz: “Play?”

Static engulfs the screen again and Oz is now back on his swing. Oz releases a content sigh.

Oz: “Tin Man is so busy recently. I guess preparing for all these people can take a lot out of you. Like Kenny Drake. He tried really hard to be different, but falls into the same slot as everyone else. He really wants to be spooky! He just doesn’t do it too well. I guess I can’t really be the judge of that given who I live with.”

Oz hops off the swing and begins walking through the dilapidated park.

Oz: “You keep trying Kenny. Maybe one day you’ll even make sense!”

Oz walks up to a game called “Shatter The Platter” and grabs a teddy bear from the display. He hugs it tight and continues walking.

Oz: “Alright Nico, I see where you’re coming from with this God angle. Remember when he saved me from my abusive home? Or when he helped the starving children in Africa? Or that time he revealed himself to the whole world? You do realize there are literally millions of other gods, you reject almost as many as me. Lucky yours is the right one, huh? I’d talk about something else regarding you but that’s really all there is… Except for the whole “number your days” thing. Why do you want everyone to buy a calendar so badly? Did you model for one and want more business?”

Oz walks over to a carousel. As he sits on one of the horses cockroaches scatter.

Oz: “Nobi, do you know who the FUCK Tin Man THINKS he is? Well… nobody… but he isn’t a comedian, and that isn’t a costume. Also, do you realize ECLIPSE leads the sanatorium? Do you have any earthly idea who he is? Are you that out of touch? If not, let me remind you who the sanatorium is.”

Oz walks over to the door of a freezer room and opens it. Several flickering lights turn on revealing bodies and jars filled with organs all through the expansive meat locker.

Oz: “Those aren’t fake. Our games are as real as your life. We’re more than demons, we’re human. We’re human and we know it. Isn’t that the biggest monster? Aren’t humans the thing that scare you the most? Screw horror movies, humans are where the fear is at. We made people like Liam Catterson almost famous. Isn’t that scary? We’re irrational and breakable, as soon as you break, as soon as you let yourself get shattered in the right way, then, and only then, does life get fun. Darkness isn’t something to walk through it’s something to be embraced. And- god it’s cold in here!”

Oz walks out of the freezer room and shuts the door.

Oz: “I like ice cream, but I’d rather not be an Oz-cicle. Anyway, darkness is part of who I am. It’s something that cannot be dispelled, only controlled. I’ll be damned if I don’t have the best teacher in controlling my darkness. Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man have taught me a lot. Miss you Lion, or ONI as you would know him.”

Oz grabs his teddy bear and walks away from the freezer.

Oz: “You know what’s dumb? We don’t even keep ice cream in there. What is a freezer for if not for ice cream? Anyway.”

Oz jumps onto a bench and balances on the backrest as he walks on it. When he jumps off at the end he trips slightly causing his glass eye to pop out. He grabs it and tosses it between his hands.

Oz: “We’re the rejects, the runaways, and the strays. But this is where we belong.”

Static overlays again, next we see Oz standing with an eye-patch and his teddy bear is ripped to pieces at his feet. He smiles.

Oz: “This feeling, it's something so few people can appreciate, but so many feel. It's so much more than it seems. This static shock, this fuel to keep on fighting. This is..."

The static comes back on and Oz is suddenly in front of a huge pile of the teddy-bears. He smiles brightly and pulls a match from his pocket, he strikes it and tosses it behind him. The pile of bears lights up.

Oz: “Fear.”

The scene fades to black.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 2:03 am by Impact
I’m sorry I’m not like you, Ares Vendetta. I’m sorry I didn’t lose the Pure Championship to Aren Mstislav. I’m sorry I didn’t ultimately lose a bitter rivalry against Lannister, a man who finally stomped on you at Territorial Invasion in the most demeaning and disrespectful way possible — by hardly speaking a single word before his final victory over you. I’m sorry I’m able to sit here on my pedestal and proudly proclaim that I’ve lost the World Championship on six different occasions, but understand the obvious before you continue any further — in order to be a winner, sometimes you have to accept being a loser, and at Pain for Pride no lesson will be ingrained deeper in your mind than that one. Like Tyler Parker, you think you’re greater than me because you defeated Mr. DEDEDE, because you’ve only been World Champion one time and have yet to lose it, and in the same vein, you’re every bit as delusional as he is. I don’t dabble in self-doubt because, unlike you, I’m not an emotional crybaby who gets caught up in what he WOULD have done. I only focus on what I actually did, and thankfully, you’ve already done my job for me by mentioning that I’ve held the World Championship six times. I’ll be sure to repay you by making your defeat at the pinnacle of wrestling swift so that the audience only focuses on my victory instead of your loss. If I were a crybaby, I would complain about Voltage management. I would complain about my early number three spot in the Grand Rampage. I would complain about being shafted and I would claim the higher-ups are complicit in a conspiracy against me. But nope, I’m not hated because I whine, because I’m a hothead, or because I make excuses; I’m hated because I’m a winner, and winners almost never have to make excuses because they have nothing to make excuses about. So I lost at Reckless Wiring to Mr. DEDEDE, does that make you better than me because you went on to defeat him at Grand Rampage a month later? No, it doesn’t, because ultimately you only defeated one man. If anything, my claim to superiority exceeds all of yours because I outdid thirty-nine able-bodied, dream-driven wrestlers intent on realizing their lifelong ambitions and earning a trip to the main event of Pain for Pride. You have NEVER defeated those odds. You’ve lost plenty of times in matches where the odds favored you, where the odds were even, even matches where the odds were stacked against your opponent, but I don’t have to look up to the sky and beg Father Time for forgiveness. I don’t have to ask Father Time for a reprieve from the shackles of a decline because I’m not in a decline; I’m on an ascent, and with every tick of the clock on the march to Pain for Pride, we all become a moment closer to me, the man with the hugest pair of scissors on the planet, clipping your wings and taking responsibility for the hardest fall you’ve ever taken as you come back down to Earth and ponder what’s next while looking at yourself in the mirror and being disgusted with the image you see — a wrestler who has lost his title. I’m a marked man, I’m a target, and for that reason alone you’re secretly thanking your lucky stars that our match is a four-way instead of just you and I, mano a mano. When you talk about endurance, you paint a clear picture that you think I’m a guy who simply outlasted a bunch of people by fending off fatigue without necessarily defeating them, but it’s not like I just hung around in the Grand Rampage and let everyone else do the work for me; I eliminated seven other competitors, tied for the most in the entire match, and I earned everything I received. The Grand Rampage has more parallels to the Fatal Four-Way at Pain for Pride than you think, because if you lack endurance, you essentially guarantee your defeat. If you aren’t physically conditioned to withstand the rigors of a four-way match featuring men who boast a collective ten EAW World Championships, over half of them being my own, then you might as well abandon the match before the bell rings because it’s clear you don’t belong. And maybe beneath that veneer of confidence lies a craven man who is far less certain of himself and his prospects than he lets on. Maybe beneath the window dressing and the tough exterior is an individual that calls everyone who opposes him a “mongrel” to compensate for his repressed insecurities and instill in himself enough motivation and courage to believe that he can actually trounce three other men in a match with twenty-five percent odds. I don’t know, but I know I don’t care, and I know you care quite a lot about slandering me and fabricating lies just to convince yourself that because you succeeded in one single area I failed, it guarantees you’ll just as easily fire on every other cylinder. It doesn’t, and I can promise you it won’t. 

Your conviction is different than my conviction. Your conviction comes from a place of insecurity, from the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of you being unseated from your position at the top of the totem, and sometimes you can tell just by the expression on a man’s face whether he really believes what he’s saying. You may have fooled everyone else, but you can’t confuse me. I’m different than everybody else you’ve ever faced, and it isn’t because I’m going to punish you with the fight of a lifetime, it’s because you’re never encountered a personality quite like mine so your base instinct is to address a man who exceeded his prodigal expectations as a mongrel when my pedigree is more renowned than yours could ever be. My conviction comes from the greatness of a man who is hallowed in the very etches of time as we know them.  My conviction comes from the certainty of a man who has prepared no concession speech. My conviction comes from within, and it’s unshakable. At Pain for Pride, I rattle the Answers World Champion.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 1:50 am by Ares Vendetta
A better man would have went home and used the days he now had freely not living in an uncontrollable hate for the one rendered him this way.

A better man would have utilized the time he had doing something much more progressive.

A better man would have learned to forgive.

I don’t think it’s any secret what kind of person Ares Vendetta is. I’ve taken this company and shaped it into my plaything as I’ve reaved and raped you people of your gold and dignity alike. I came to your World with a goal in mind of righting the wrongs of every single person who ever harmed my family. There’s still a deep, unmoving hatred within me, but I’ve grown wiser. I’ve matured, and I’ve seen the error of my ways. See, pursuing these names individually - it seems like the most logical route to take. Only, it’s a never-ending cycle. I punish them, and they get back up. I punish them again, and they get back up. It doesn’t take long before we’re two men seeking vengeance upon one another in a cluster of battles that’s left us nothing but shortened lives and shortened careers. I stand before you today your Answers World Champion, and not because I respect this company. I don’t have any desire to represent it, and I don’t have any intent on leading it into some sort of new era. What I aim to do is hold this Championship over each and every one of your heads and watch in amusement as you jump up repeatedly, desperately trying to grab it and take it away from me. I’m a very vengeful man, no doubt, but I’m just as equally a forgiving man. All of those names I took the time and effort to tattoo upon my body - they remain there in the back of my mind, and they will never go away. However, when one who never warranted my arrival here in this company shows up in my way, I’m more than willing to forgive them for wasting my time. I’m willing to forgive each and every mongrel that decides they want to challenge me for whatever reason it is, be it in pursuit of gold, or be it just to say they defeated Ares Vendetta. No matter how many times I’m forced to strike them down and watch as they get back up just to repeat it all over again, I forgive them. Its human nature to chase something you will never get, and the further away it is, the more you crave it.

There are two very angry men that stand at my doorstep, armed and dangerous. Two men that know deep down in places they don’t speak of that I’m further away and higher up than they will ever be able to reach, but that will never stop them. So long as there’s a breath in their bodies, they will come for me. Day or night, come Hell or high water, they will come for me. If they took just a moment to look around, they would see they’re not alone. They not only have each other’s company, but they have with them every other fool that fell before me at one point or another and now hungers to topple me. In a way, I’m more valuable to you both than any World Championship. You’re not here, main eventing Pain For Pride and fighting for a World Championship because you proved anything significant. You’re here because I’m the Answers World Champion, and I hurt you. The memories of that flooding your minds was all it took to light the fire underneath and force your fragile little bodies to go far beyond their limits just to come back here earlier than expected.

You’ve got what you want.

You have Ares Vendetta.

Now what?

Oh, that’s right, you intend to maim me. You intend to snap me like a twig in front of millions around the World and thousands in attendance. Your plan is to beat me. Your goal is to get your revenge. Only, who will be getting their revenge? Tyler Parker? Devan Dubian? My, I believe we’ve got two men with the same goal in mind clashing before our very eyes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll remind you again - when you’re blinded by vengeance, you’re no more than a rabid dog, and what happens when two rabid dogs seek the same prey? They don’t share it. They fight for it. They rip one another apart for it. If you’ve both come all this way just to take this Championship from my possession and leave me broken in the ring, then you will have to decide who gets that honor when the bell has rung and you both come seeking my blood. I don’t need to tell you anything more. It should be obvious by this point that your wounded prides are all the edge I need when it all comes down to it. Do you doubt me? Do you really? Because I was told I wouldn’t walk out of Triple Threat still the Answers World Champion as I found myself supposedly cornered by two men that wanted their revenge. Yet, here I stand, unbroken, and this very Championship still around my waist. I was ripped apart, I was beaten down, and there was a chance my career was on the verge of coming to an end, and yet, the two mongrels that both wanted me turned upon one another, and gave me all I needed to walk out with this Title still mine and mine alone. You can cling to the controversy that ensued - I won’t deny it, I tapped out. I submitted before Gods and men alike, and yet, it didn’t matter. That’s what makes you no more than dogs in my eyes - the way you people take scraps like that and bask in them. It doesn’t occur to you that you still didn’t beat me. You didn’t get an ounce of revenge. All you got was a reason to be pitied enough to get thrown into this contest. All while the other one clung to a piece of paper left over in the aftermath of a contest in which I was not the man that took his precious Championship away. Both of you indulge yourselves in your lust to get me back, and yet, if you would have spent more time learning to forgive what I did to you, you would save yourselves fro what’s to come.

What did I do?


The very fact that I stand here as the Answers World Champion should be all the reason you need to know that I did nothing that this company didn’t allow. They not only allowed every bit of it, but they rewarded me as well. I’m sure if you were in my position in those moments, you would have been much more mature, now wouldn’t you. And you both would have wallowed in the muck of your failure. You both would have been swallowed whole by the moment you allowed someone to get the better of you, and would you like to know how I know that? Because you’re here right now, filthy and covered in your avidity to take back what I supposedly took from you. You went home, and you trained, and you pushed yourselves, and you thought about the moment I broke you a thousand times over, and now here we are. You could have been better men than this. You could have stayed at home where you belong, and let your bodies truly heal. You look me in the eyes and tell me you’re better than you ever were, but you’re far more fragile. Your mindset may be different, but your bodies are still the exact same ones I shattered. It wouldn’t take much. Just another opportunity seized, just like before, and you’re right back where you were months ago. You’re right there upon the canvas in agony. You’re right back in a hospital, being told to take it easy and let your injuries heal, and everything you preached before all of these people and I, and all of the suffering you went through, and all of the obstacles you’ve overcome… It all suddenly means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like it never even happened.

You should have forgiven me.

Not for my sake, but for your own.

When the dust settles and we go our separate ways, I will not wait around for you. I will not entertain this notion that you deserve anything you wish for. I will not allow you people to waste my time even a moment longer. I will forgive you, but I will also forget you. I’ll move on, and defend the Answers World Championship against better men that will know when they’ve been beaten. I won’t look back at you, and if you knew what was good for you, you’d do the same. Count your losses, and move on.


Grow wise.


Don’t live your lives as rabid dogs, because as dangerous as they may be, we all know what happens:

Rabid dogs get put down.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 1:47 am by Carlos Rosso
EAW.Com Presents
An EAW 24/7 Exclusive
Carlos Rosso’s Journey to Pain for Pride
Part 3: A Luta Bonita (The Beautiful Fight)

(“A Namorada” by Carlinhos Brown plays to highlights of a public workout as Carlos Rosso prepares for his title match at Pain for Pride. The workout is rather light and focuses mostly on his striking ability, though there are a few wrestling drills where he shows off his penchant for submissions as well.)
(Voice Over): Carlos Rosso looks as fit as ever as he prepares for his huge moment in the EAW spotlight. One thing that is overshadowed in this match somewhat by the surprising emergence of EAW Champion Aren Mstislav and the attempt to regain the title by former EAW Champion Vic Vendetta is Carlos Rosso’s own impressive record as Classic Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion. Dating back to his reign with the original Championship back in 2008 and including five successful defenses of the new version of the title in EAW, he has posted over a dozen successful defenses of the title over the likes of EAW legends like Heart Break Boy to up and comers in EAW today such as Lucas Johnson and reigned as champion for over three quarters of a year. While in CWF he relied on chiefly a punishing power game with high impact maneuvers, in LEGION and EAW Rosso has evolved enough to proclaim himself, rather boldly, as the “most complete wrestler in the world”.
Carlos: My style has evolved a lot from then. Back in the old CWF, I was still trying to find my identity as a wrestler. I was a bit heavier, a bit more strong-style oriented than I am even today. Power was my main focus and priority. Over the years though, my style evolved and Mao-Chan is probably who I need to thank most for that. She helped me get into a more mixed-martial arts mindset while keeping a lot of my strong style offense intact.
(Voice Over): While Carlos is still very much “old school” in his approach to wrestling, his flashy array of offensive maneuvers is a big reason why he has risen near the top of the EAW mountain and looks to finally reach the peak this weekend. Fans only get to see glimpses of what he can do today. Even though it’s obvious he puts his all into every blow and exercise, the workout is purposely short.
Mao: This is probably the most time that we’ve had to prepare for a match without constant bookings for some time now. It’s obviously THE match, THE spot you want to be in. One of the biggest matches of the year so we act accordingly and make sure that Carlos is match fit but he’s not wearing himself out. After the match with Aren a couple of weeks ago we toned down the workouts and focused more on recovery and keeping fit. The very last thing we want to do is work him too hard and he goes into the event fatigued, but at the same time you want him going in at maximum fitness.
Carlos: As I’m preparing for this match, I do think a lot about my legacy. I know a lot of people in EAW think of me as the old curmudgeon of the main event scene. Somebody who wants to just do things a certain way and not have any fun. While I do have a businesslike approach to wrestling, I do want to leave a legacy of having a little flair when it comes to wrestling. I want to be remembered in the same vein of Brazil national soccer teams of the past that were extremely flashy but very good. Like those Showtime Lakers of the 1980s in the NBA. I want to leave that sort of imprint on EAW, if I haven’t already.
(Voice Over): As the match ticks slowly closer and closer to reality, it’s clear that Carlos is not going to allow the prowess of his opposition to deter his plans, at the very least in how he wrestlers the match itself.
Carlos: I will wrestle with style, finesse and flair, whatever the outcome is. I’m going to go into this match with the intent of not only winning the EAW Championship and unifying it with my own title, but making sure that EAW fans for a long time remember me for putting on quite the show. We are entertainers at the day, aren’t we? (laughs)
(The scene fades with Carlos doing a half-hearted attempt at a Samba dance while Mao and members of the press look on in amusement.)
(Later that Day)

(Carlos sits down in an empty studio with Stephen A Smith. The two of them shake hands quickly before the interview gets underway.)

SAS: Carlos, how’s it going, my brotha?

Carlos: Good, good. Glad to be here for this interview. Pleasure to spend a little time with you and promote Pain for Pride.

SAS: Let’s get right to it then. You know there is a lot of talk about the belt on your shoulder, the CWF Championship, but for now let’s focus a little on the EAW Championship. Aren and Vic have been there but you have not just yet. I am aware that this is a unification bout and however controversially some people react to it you are a reigning, recognized World Champion in EAW but as much as that CWF Belt means to you, that’s not THE belt you’re looking for. How do you feel about your two opponents going into this match and them being champions beforehand and in the case of Aren Mstislav, currently?

Carlos: I respect them both, obviously. Both of them are very talented guys. I’ve always kinda thought that Vic was a little overrated but he’s stepped up significantly since his return. I personally still think he was handed the title but he did well to win it and achieve that milestone in his career. Aren’s good, if not great, and he has ascended rapidly.

SAS: How do you feel about Victor saying that you have no claim to the title and that you are putting yourself as the showcase, so to speak, when you, at least in his eyes, are not?

Carlos: Vic is from New Orleans, right? As anyone in Louisiana can tell you, New Orleans people have their own unique way of thinking about things and circumstances. There’s almost a joke back home that it’s its own State in terms of certain things. I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone like Victor though. Let’s be honest here, he wins the title on a night that it was basically giftwrapped for him.

SAS: You’ve had some victories giftwrapped for you too, not just in EAW but in other places as well.
Carlos: I understand your point, but at the moment, let me finish elaborating on Victor. He has a title handed to him and really does nothing with it. He gets by in a couple of defenses, sure, but one of them was against Kevin Devastation for fuck’s sake. As much as I love KD and we go way back and all that, but come on. You have guys like ME, Mexican Samurai, hell even TLA, who could have been given title matches but were purposefully passed over so we could get some dull match where the two of them threw each other around and we were blessed NOT to see someone tear a quad.

SAS: So let’s make sure this is entirely clear. You’re saying that Vendetta PURPOSEFULLY ducked you and other wrestlers on the Showdown roster?

Carlos: Absolutely. You saw what happened when he actually faced someone worth a shit. He lost the belt. You hear him talking about rightfully owning the belt? I mean, I RIGHTFULLY own this belt that’s on my shoulder because over Six years ago it was STOLEN from me in an Elimination Chamber match. He lost his belt fair and square. In what sane mind is being beaten for a title cleanly still give you the right to claim it as yours. And this whole “Louisiana” boy thing? I’ll tell you this. I live in Baton Rouge, right? I know more about New Orleans than he does. Victor Vendetta is probably one of those guys who gets lost in his own hometown area. Does he know what the Westbank is? Or the Wards? Does he even know where to go to get properly drunk without looking like a doofus on Bourbon Street?

SAS: Let’s move on to Aren-

Carlos: I’m not finished. I’m sick and tired of this whole “I’m from Louisiana” thing from Victor. He’s never claimed the city he’s from or the State until now that he’s wrestling someone actually from the state who knows where fucking Slidell is. Who knows just about every party spot there is in every parish- except for Avoyelles because Avoyelles fucking sucks- and can tell you where to get a good crawfish etouffe and fried oysters that are quality.

(Carlos turns to look directly into the camera)


SAS: Are you finished?

Carlos: Hell no. He wants to win the EAW title? Good for him. Guess what, I’m GOING to win the EAW title and RETAIN my CWF title. You can go back and look over my career and title defenses. I’m pretty good at them. I’m not going to let some stuttering fatass win the EAW title and then discard the CWF Championship like it’s a used condom on prom night. No. I’m going to capture this victory for myself, MY STATE, and to shut up people in the media- not you, but others, who say that I can’t do this.

SAS: Earlier today Aren said in an interview that he thinks you fear him. That you can’t handle the moment.

Carlos: I heard very much what he said. First of all, that whole fear thing is nonsense. I don’t fear anyone in this sport. Not Aren and certainly not Victor. They’re talented athletes in their own ways, but I am THE most talented. He makes it seem like I’m still clamoring for this title match. As if I didn’t earn it by being the most dominant, the most consistent person on Showdown since I arrived after my time with Dynasty finally came to an end. Name one instance where I lost a match besides to Aren on Showdown since that time? That’s a trick question you see? The only other loss was one where I walked out of a tag match. And guess what, I avenged that loss to Aren, one on one, man to man. People can talk about how controversial or cowardly it was but I’m in the picking up victories business, not the “fight honorably and hope you win” business. And guess what, Stevie, business is a-BOOMING.

SAS: Aren wasn’t done talking about certain parts of your career either. He also mentioned your time with GI Styles…. what the hell are you doing?

(Carlos reaches into his duffel bag nearby and pulls out what looks to be a scroll and starts to unfurl it.)

Carlos: Just looking for “Generic Insults in an Attempt to ‘bury’ Carlos Rosso”. You see I’m using a paper scroll right? I’m using a scroll because insults like this are so old, stale, and boring that the Ancient Greeks probably wrote them. Also Aren speaks as someone who was not particularly well versed in how Dynamite Rain went or how it came to be. Basically the two of us fought a lot and became tag team partners and became the best team in EAW history, I don’t give a fuck about ROViper or Drake and Jones or the Mercenaries. We were the BEST thing that EAW ever had going in the Tag Division. I took time off for injuries and he did as well, I think, but for the most part our emphasis was now more than ever on the World title scenes. Let me be crystal clear for everyone to understand: I DID NOT TURN MY BACK ON GI STYLES. GI STYLES TURNED HIS BACK ON ME. While that is past and I have no ill will towards the guy now, Hell I’m rooting for his sister Grace, I just want people to understand that I didn’t resent him for getting championship matches before me. It was just during that moment in the Grand Rampage where he decided to eliminate me when my back was turned when we had a Gentlemen’s agreement not to do that and to fight until we had eliminated everyone else and we were the final two men involved. That was that. I heard something else too about the CWF Championship. He said that Lioncross was a more recognizable entity as CWF Champion than I was. That’s more nonsense. People like Superior Quality 85, Mike Villain, Heart Break Boy, and King Kjors, people who are known to some of the bettered studied members of the EAW universe, have contested this title or held it long before I was a full-time member of the EAW roster. Guess what? That title is STILL the most synonymous with my career. Not because I hold it here, but because I held it at a time when CWF was the greatest organization in the world and I was its most dominant champion.

SAS: There was talk about some of the challengers to that belt were handpicked.

Carlos: (Laughs) Really? Do you think that I would have picked PIFF FUMADOR as my first challenger if I had any say about who I fought? Once again, Aren is letting ignorance and a budding narrative get in the way of actual facts: I was challenged THREE times for this title. Once by Lioncross. Once by Stephanie Matsuda, and Once by Lucas Johnson. I didn’t pick them out or decide to pick a random fight and say. “HEY, COME FIGHT ME FOR THIS BELT I BROUGHT INTO THE COMPANY!” They. Challenged. Me. And they all lost. As for my other opponents, I don’t know what the Showdown management was thinking. Maybe they are as braindead and as silly as Aren claims. I don’t know. If I had my say about handpicking opponents for challenges, I would have defended against the likes of Starr Stan, Dedede, Y2Impact. People of that caliber. I would not have dared sullied my hands by reaching out for people like Lucas Johnson and deeming them worthy of an opportunity to take me on.

SAS: He brings up, accurately, that you ducked the Lioncross match –

Carlos: No, no, no, no, no. I never DUCKED Lioncross. I simply told him, RIGHTLY if you watch the tape from Grand Rampage, that he wasn’t on my level and should let what happened to our tag team partnership go. I went out there and, despite an injured arm, beat him in the center of the ring. No help, no bullshit, no weird contrived coincidences. I beat him. I did not show fear; I didn’t show any backstep. And then I went out and went into the Grand Rampage and stood in there for excess of 30 minutes in the largest field for a Grand Rampage, lasting until the final six or seven competitors remained. I am a fighting champion. No. I’m a FIGHTER in general. For the longest people have claimed that I have feared them. Jamie O’Hara claimed I feared him. Many, many other people have made that claim. But it’s hard for me to fear someone whom I’ve already beaten, yes? I don’t fear Aren Mstislav. I respect him as EAW Champion, one champion to another, but I damn sure don’t fear him. If he thinks that I do, I think he’s going to be a bit surprised this weekend when I attack him full force with all of my elegance and flair. There isn’t a man on earth who can withstand me in that squared circle when I’m at my absolute best. He says he’s a king? Good. Louis XIV was king of France once upon a time…. until he was beheaded. Nicholas II was Czar of Russia until he was overthrown and gunned down. Royalty has, in human history, been constantly supplanted. Pain for Pride will be no different. I will slay the King on his own ground and rule over two Kingdoms at once…. with an IRON FIST. 
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Post on June 29th 2016, 1:45 am by Nobi
Ahahahaha, this little debate is turning into a stand-up comedy show. I find you all dummies are hillarious honestly.

To be honest Liam Catterson, I’m not delusional, I’m just confident. I know for a fact that I’m on the same level as you. Otherwise, we won’t be facing off againts each other in the same match. Judging from the way you delivered your speech, it seems you don't believe in humans evolutions. What I learned from secondary school when we had students who was forced to learn the basic shapes again, is that they always tried to do their best to learn it over and over again. They keep studying every day in and day out wanting to be the best students in their schools as best as they can. Because they knew, they were tired of being overlooked. When they grew up and entering the working world, they can be as competitive as other workers who was known as smart students in their schools before, competing for the better positions in their companies. Another example I have for you is that Iceland National Football team just beat your lovely England National team in this Euro Cup. Who would have thought Iceland would beat England in an upset victory? Certainly not you. That’s your problem Catterson, you are nothing more than just an ordinary arrogant idiotic prick. You think just because you are a former World Champion you are special? You think you are unique? Boy, that’s your problem. You think you are our superior officer while in reality you have been demoted from your position. You can be at the top of world again, it’s not impossible, just like me winning this battle royal match isn’t  impossible either. Go ahead and get pissed off as much as you want Catterson, because you know everything I said is a truth. By the way, if you don’t know to respond to me, just go to Church and pray as much as you want along with Nico Borg to find inspirations. Nico seems doesn’t know how to respond to my message either.

Christian Locke, I can call you anything I want. I can call you a dummy, I can call you a punk, I can call you a dwarf, hell I can call you an idiot because you are a perfect personified for those words. You are an idiot for believing you can eliminate me. Yes, it’s not impossible, the way you explained how you would eliminate me is realitic, but do you think a closthline is the only thing I can do to eliminate you when you standing directly in front of the ropes? I can kick you in stomach first and then execute a powerbomb to throw you out of the ring.  Even if you dodge my kick and you are trying to eliminate me with either a kick of your own or even a clothsline, I can lower the ropes first in order to make you go out of the ring by yourself. Yes, that’s what I call a momentum Locke. I know how does it work, just like how I know I can be the winner of this Battle Royal match. You are a very good competitor yourself, I give you that. You are so quick and so agile, it’s just a fact, what you don’t have is indeed the body structure. Yes, genetic does matter you stupid dwarf. You can’t have it all Locke, you have the speed and the agility over me, I have the strength and the power over you. You might have millions ideas in your little head Locke, but once I knock you out it’s over. While this match isn’t all about destroying opponents what can you do once you get hurt Locke? You are small, you won’t be quick anymore once you got hurt. I can just throw you out easily afterward.

Which lead me to Terry Chambers. Yes Terry, I have explained it to Catterson as well that I’m confident. I will always be confident because you know, I was the biggest student in my school 10-12 years ago so I didn’t know how it feel to get bully. However, if you think for one second you can bullied me you’ll be in the world of shock. What really happened in New York style fight that you almost knocked me out, ALMOST, it’s a truth. You didn’t knock me down, which motivated me to win this Battle Royal match even more by embrassing you once again with another 2 second elimination. Just like you said, I have the heart and the soul of a champion, I never want to give up in any circumtances. Anything is possible in this world, and with so much deducation I have inside my heart, I can make it into reality. Eliminating you by myself is just a plus to satistify myself. In the end of the day, I will be walking out of the building as the winner of this Battle Royal match. I'm training so hard to win this match, and I ain't gonna let you and other dummiea to get the best of me.

Maero, I’m already alive in this world. I feel so alive to be the winner of this Battle Royal match. You think The Sanatorium are Demons? Don’t make me laugh. The Sanatorium are just a group of individual punks who want to be demons, while in reality they only can crack people up. In the end of the day, The Sanatorium are a group of comedy family who uses Hallowen costumes to hide themself as comedians. Including yourself of course.

And Kenny Drake, welcome to this stand-up comedy show, you can join Liam Catterson and Nico Borg to disscuss what speech do you want to use to insult me. Otherwise, you can just drink a beer in a cheap bar with your old buddy JD Damon who seems crying because of my insult.

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Post on June 29th 2016, 12:58 am by The Consigliere

Look at this bitch Aria Jaxon, as she makes a downright laughable attempt to draw everyone's attention away from her humiliating failure the first chance she gets to live up to the name "Champion"! Look at her covering up the mess of her incompetency by bringing up that Triple Threat fluke victory she "so deservingly" won! Look at her leading everyone on, hoping that they would forget the nightmare she experienced when The Heart Break Gal took her down and defeated her fair and square, so much that she wishes to talk more about topics nobody cares about like her time as a Champion and how great it is to be defending the title at Pain for Pride! Come on, Aria! What about that time I kicked your ass? What about your overinflated head when I drove it right onto my knees before I pinned you for the three count? Do those three measly seconds not count? SPEAK UP, YOU CANCEROUS EXCUSE FOR A CHAMPION!

You know, I never really understood why Vixens who arrived in EAW in the past year make the most idiotic assumption that The Heart Break Gal gives the slightest shit about what the differences are between the Vixens Division in the past and present. It's so fucking sickening how everyone is so caught up on trying to fit in, and seeking to belong in their groups of uncultured yuck-mouthed nuisances that promote everything but productivity and progress, seeing as all they do in social media is act like complete imbeciles in front of the fans! They shun those who don't consider them equals only because they believe they are automatically worth the respect and salutation for the reason that they are willing to act like complete fools on a daily basis! "You are threatened by this new generation", they say like it's supposed to mean something to me. "We are taking over and surpassing your likes" as though they consider me one to hold them back. Insipid stuck-up brats like Aria Jaxon are the worst kind. They keep quiet in their little shell when they are faced with defeat a day at a time, when they suffered in the hands of the veterans who are true in-ring tacticians, and then if they get lucky enough to score a pinfall over you, you'll never hear the last of it! It’s the horrible reality of their so-called success. You can win the Empress of Elite crown to show the world that you can face more than you can handle for a one-way ticket to the Vixens Championship, but in the end, all you have left with you is the proof that you came out as the winner of that tournament but failed when it really mattered. Do you know what that makes you? It makes you a one-hit wonder. It makes you the flavor of the month. You make one song, it reaches the top of the charts, but your succeeding records won't count for anything because everyone knows that drawing attention, saying catchy phrases and having an opinion doesn't make you talented. It makes you a bored little bitch who doesn't know what to do with her life, so she starts scribbling random words. It makes you a disposable commodity. And I am willing to bet that it would be the same case for the Vixens Championship, when you show your ass at Pain for Pride as champion one moment, and the next having to explain why you couldn't keep your promises further and why you failed to hold on to the gold for more than a month as you got defeated by the person you swore you surpassed, all because you let your guard down for one moment thinking that you got this handled when it’s going to take more than a little extra effort to take me out for good. Because you can win crowns and championships all you can, but the true test of living up to the name and representing the gold is where you will most certainly fail at. And just like before, your temporary spotlight will start to flicker and die. People see you as a Champion now, but they will forget about these moments soon after when I let the world see how easy it is for a stronger warrior with a brighter fire to defeat you and take away everything you've worked so hard for in a split second. 

Take the hint as you're supposed to -- I don't give a damn who you are. You can be a goddess, you can be a warlock, you can be a king, a magician, an empress... but if you are dirt to the Heart Break Gal, then dirt will you be treated as, and nothing more. No crown on your head is going to make me bow down to you. No moment of victory is enough to make my jaw drop in awe. And certainly no Championship around your waist can ever make me see you as a hindrance to my own success. You are not that special for me to pay attention to, Aria. I don't go insane over your wish lists for Christmas, or your vacation plans in the next couple of months. I don't drown in my own tears over the fact that you've actually racked up a victory over me by any kind of fluke, because the only thing I am concerned about is getting that gold around my waist no matter who my opponent is. The stage is set, and it's for me to take. You are going to wallow in tears when you lose to me, so much that you start questioning your place in this industry and where your skills are really taking you. You are going to walk out humiliated over the fact that you've confirmed every assumption and every opinion of mine about you that turned out to be right, and you'll continue pointing out flaws of mine that nobody really cares about if it meant getting a rematch against the Heart Break Gal in a feeble attempt to get the Championship back. Seriously, Aria, I am one of the biggest bullies in the wrestling industry, do you think I give a rat’s ass about you "exposing" me and telling me that I’m not the main attraction? What are these assumptions and claims gonna do, kill me? Am I supposed to cry over it? Am I supposed to just take your word and care about whatever bragging and boasting you do to my face? Am I supposed to feel bad for bringing up how I defeated you on Voltage a couple of weeks back, when prior to Triple Threat, literally the only thing you wanted to talk about is how much you and your boyfriend defeated The Mercenaries back in fuckin' October? I am upfront, I sneak into situations. I break glass ceilings. I find ways to give myself countless opportunities for Championships, and no matter how much I get defeated, I stake my pride on the line just to make another Championship match happen. I am an opportunist, okay? I am a sadistic snake who doesn't care who she's hurting as long as she has everything to gain. I have proven that when I placed myself in the Triple Threat match. I used Eris to put myself in the main event, and no matter how many times you tell me how bad of an act that was, do you really think I would tear up or even bat an eye? But now it's different isn't it? I earned the Championship spot, as promised. I defeated you when you had all the confidence, and all the momentum, and all the reasons to show The Heart Break Gal the same courtesy you did her at Triple Threat, it was the assurance that your win over me wasn't from luck but from skill, but you didn't do that not because you didn't want to, but because you couldn't. Three measly seconds was enough to shake you. Three measly seconds was enough to prove you wrong. It was enough to make you question everything around you and why you're still standing here, when you couldn't even defeat the person you won the title against a few weeks back. I didn't need to influence or "pull" anyone and I never twisted anyone's arm. I offered, and you stupidly accepted it. You're supposed to make smart decisions as Champion, but you showed everyone just how much of a moron you are by accepting this challenge. It was enough to make you cave, and realize that what happened at Triple Threat might just be a fluke after all, that Pain for Pride could be the end of your reign, and somehow you don't even see that happening because you're still stuck in the honeymoon period inhaling all the glory of your win, while I am right here, focused on taking it away from you. 

Defeating you didn't give me any sense of satisfaction, because it is exactly what I expect of myself. Even with my hands tied behind my back. Even if I’m blindfolded. Even if you dig a hundred glass shards into my flesh. I can still score a victory against you without any problem. I risked everything at Triple Threat, and if I were another competitor in this company, I would have nothing to give anymore. But here I am showing up at the grandest stage of EAW as I did the year before, gunning for a Championship that people don't believe I deserve. And just like a year ago, I will do what nobody expects. I am making history. I am winning the Vixens Championship. I am putting an early end to your precious reign. I already let this opportunity slide a month ago, and it's not happening again. I am keeping the Vixens Championship for the long run, and I am NOT going to let the likes of you bastardize that title again. At Pain for Pride, I will truly get satisfaction. I will set the stage on fire, I will watch you burn. 

You will be left with nothing. No Championship belt to hold. No dreams to follow again.

Nothing but the scent of your burnt skin and forgotten dreams.

Nothing but the ashes of what used to be your success.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 12:50 am by Tyler Parker
You know what, Dubian? This? This, at the end of the day, is because of you. You're the one who had to further things between us, you're the one who had to run your mouth and talk a bunch of BS --- every time you've opened your mouth these past few weeks, every cowardly act you've done? You're digging your own grave. Because every time I hear you talk and COMPLAIN about what's fair and what isn't, you show how SPINELESS you are after that. You've reminded me of something. You've reminded me of the other two scumbags in this match but they're scumbags because they've had others do their dirty work. You're a scumbag because you had to try to make a yourself known at my expense but that was a mistake. Because no one, NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES AT MY EXPENSE, NO ONE IS GOING TO TRY TO FURTHER THEIR CAREER AT MY EXPENSE, NO ONE IS GOING TO EVEN SUCCEED AT MY EXPENSE. You thought you could do that, you thought you could run your mouth but you could never get your hands dirty. You sit there, running your mouth but when push comes to shove? You don't even have the balls to shove back yourself. No, no, no. You'd rather sit back and watch everyone else shove each other and then you pick your spots. For you, that's a strategy but for me? That's being a wuss. I pick my spots here and there but I'm not going to be shoved, I'm going to step up to whoever it is that's shoving me. I'm going to stare into their eyes and I'm going to shove them back because I'm not a wuss like you, Dubian. I'm not some coward. You might not shove back but if you shove me, I'm going to shove you down. You know something? None of this would be happening right now. If you had any brains inside of that thick skull of yours, this could've been avoided. I'm not going to lie and say it would've been painless but you know what it would've been, Dubian? It would've been quick, it would've been effortless. Name-calling isn't going to get you anywhere either. You're a moron for not OWNING UP and you're even more of a moron for trying to take me on yourself but it seems you, Y2Impact and Ares Vendetta are trying to take me out before this match starts. Under any other circumstances, I'd APPLAUD you but you like everything else you've ever done, you don't have the guts to face me yourself. You don't have it in you to do what you say you're going to do to me. You don't have it takes to regain the title you lost. You don't have what it takes to outlast three other competitors. You don't have what it takes to be where I'm at. You think that you've had hardships and you might have, you might have had a few small hardships but that's the thing; the hardships you've had were small, minimal. You've had your stalemates, actually, you've had multiple stalemates but you've managed to get back into the ring and get back to where you used to be. Sadly, this time, you haven't gotten back to where you used to be. You're doing whatever you have to, to get back to that point in your career in which you were on top with the title but you're going to be thinking about what it was like because you're never going to get back to that point in your career, not if you're standing before me. You're not going to even get CLOSE to regaining the Answers World Championship. You're not going to even GRAZE it with your fingertips because it's going to slip right through them like how it has before. You're not going to take back what belongs to you because I'm standing before you. If you know what I'm capable of, then you'd know not to mess with me. You'd know that, after everything I've done in my career, to those that stabbed me in the back and to those that wronged me. You'd know that I'd do whatever I have to, to get back at you, to get revenge. Yeah, revenge might be on the back of my mind but that's not going to blind me from what I have to do out there this Sunday. My sights aren't blurry; my sights are on you, on Y2Impact and on Ares Vendetta. I'm not going to take my eyes off of either one of you. Because my eyes are so fixated on what's at stake. Like I've said, it takes one second... one moment... for me to take what you think belongs to you. This week, I'm prepared for you. Each one of you. Which means there's no blindsiding, NONE OF IT. Without that, without your cheap and underhanded tactics, you have nothing. Nothing but your mouth and after you realize that's not going to get you out of the situation, you're going to run but there isn't going be anywhere to run to. Because this isn't some brawl, this isn't a fight that's going to spill out to the crowd, oh no. This is a match and rest assured, Dubian, you're going to have a hard time but I know you. I know that you're not going to take me or anything I've said seriously. You're going disregard it but after the bell rings and you're standing face to face with me? You're going to realize the mistake you made. You're going to wonder what you have gotten yourself into. Like every other scumbag I've had to put in the ground before you, you're going to realize that you arrogantly, foolishly got yourself into trouble but then? After you realize? It's too late.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 12:35 am by Devan Dubian
I am not sure if you had noticed Ares but I do not exactly abide by the rules anymore, they have limited me far too much in the past and are not exactly too pleasurable. The only thing I can really put faith in by this point in my career is myself. And I know that if I keep on this path then I will eventually get back what is justly mine. If that means estranging the better lot of the roster than so be it because once you are world champion, everyone is going to come after you regardless of whether it is friend or foe. So if you really are keen on presuming that I will encircle myself and not let my inhumanity savage your realms, then do so at your own expense. I must have you know that the man you attacked seven months ago who was on the podium as Answers World Champion of the Year after a tremendous year was only a shadow of the man you see before you today. If a tender me could take this company to its full limit then I really do dread what disorder a full-fledged me can cause to this company. And what that means for you Ares is that you really do not know me. You might think that you know the Devan Dubian whose plans you foiled a few months ago but once you enter the ring this Pain for Pride, I want you to waver in fear knowing that the beast manifest that you awoke is your liability and yours alone. I am not referring to any cliche concealed capability that I found in my absence from this company but rather a more energetic mindset that allows me to see things a bit more clearly. Like the matter fact that I realized that you have had things handed to you far too often till now, whereas I endeavored in the middle of the pecking for almost four years, you have seen yourself rising to the top in such a short time. When you have everything fed to you in a silver spoon, you sometimes forget how the base of ground looks like in order to humble myself but I am more than willing to take one for the team by acquainting you to the ground and letting you know exactly what I think of your family's name. There is usually something called respect between adversaries regardless of how heated their bad blood is but I think you and I both know that we have already transcended the point of no return. And I will see to it that I only need the one chance to finish you off. I have been derided with inquiries asking me about my future after Pain for Pride if by some miracle I do not walk out of there champion and my response is as straightforward as it can be. Stop hoping for a phenomenon and focus on reality because there is no way in any universe I am not walking out of Pain for Pride as the Answers World Champion after all I have given up to get here. This is a match in which you do not even have to be involved in the ending scenario to be declared a winner but I will stop any and every scheme that does not see me as a champion by the end of the match. You had the satisfaction of sending me to Hell for months Ares so do not be so alarmed that Lucifer has return to exact his revenge, this match whether you choose to believe it or not is just a stepping stone for me. The plans I have as world champion after Voltage is when things get really refreshing. But for now, I will show you exactly what transpired in those few months you sent me away and exactly what the ramifications of that are come this weekend at Pain for Pride.

The only difference between the kind of selfish I am and the kind of selfish you are Tyler Parker is the matter of fact that I am openly willing to admit that I am a narcissistic arsehole whilst you go on about how you intend to make everything right. I know what that feels like Tyler Parker, I lived that hardship for many years and the only thing it brought me was a stalemate and then another stalemate. I could not get anything done but it was supposedly all good because the fans were behind me and that is what matters more than anything else in this company apparently. That is what I thought it was all about anyways till I figured out that those same fans forsake you in your time of need to go after a more present trend because they find it more compelling. That is the kind of world that you are living in now Tyler, you feel the pressure coming down on you because you realize that if you do not win this weekend then your career might as well be over. If you do not walk out of Pain for Pride as the Answers World Champion, these fans might not ever even give you a second look again. And that is the affluence of being an arsehole such as myself because regardless of whether I win or lose this weekend, the only person I am personally affecting is the only one that really matters, myself. I do not need sympathy from you, the fans or anyone else because I know all that I have sacrificed to get this far and I know it will be enough to get me that World Championship. After all, it is the most pertinent object in this match. It is what we are all fighting for after all so excuse me if I feel the need to claim something which is undoubtedly mine belongs to me. The difference between your claims and my claims is that I actually held the Answers World Champion on my shoulder for a good amount of months, your assertion is backed by a 'tie-win' a month ago where you never even got to sniff the real championship. So obviously you are not as poignant as I am because I actually know what it feels like to be there, you have only still snuffled it at best. And perhaps the saddest thing is that that 'tie-win' a month ago was probably the closest you were ever going to get to sniffing that world championship because you certainly are not going to be walking out of Pain for Pride as World Champion. If it makes you feel better however, I will forswear and let you think that true gladiators know when it is time to surrender and withdraw so your stature as 'one of the best' in EAW is not tarnished whatsoever. Of course if anything keeps up with your conscientious precept then it is fine for you. You see, I do not question your work ethic or your persistence Tyler, I know all too well of what you are capable of. I am not some outfox that you make me out to be, I have seen you thrive in rugged situations before but this is all too different. This is more tremendous than anything ever you have been involved in the past and if you really do not intend to heed my warnings then you are going to be in for a major shock come this weekend. When you finally realize that you have entered something even bigger than supposedly even you, it will have already been too late. I am the only one who can see this through, the only one.
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Post on June 29th 2016, 12:02 am by Kora Kosgrove
Wednesday Night Turbo

The shot slowly rolls into an open door and exposes a bedroom where Kora and her friends are in pigtails and pajamas.  The group are laughing as they continue to banter but Kora sees the camera and starts a monologue as her friends freeze in place. 

Kora Kosgrove 

It's time for a super sassy sleepover with your favorite blonde!!!     

Hi! My name is Kora!    I grew up in beautiful Beverly Hills, California where the sun keeps shining, the birds sing, and the guys are super hot!!         Can you believe that one day I was sitting on my pink lawn chair, enjoying a nice tan with a Daiquiri (virgin   ) and Daddy came up to me and said that I was being lazy and I spending too much of his money.      Just because he is a Supreme Court Judge who sends bad guys to jail doesn't mean that he can go ahead and be mean to me too! Doesn't he know how hard it is to stay this prim and proper??     I put many hours into finding the right stylist to take care of my split ends and make sure that my nails are always looking on fleek, and I need constant maintenance in order to stay this beautiful!     Little does he know that I saw an advertisement on television talking about becoming the next great wrestler, and let me tell you!! I didn't know you can get paid for resting?? I LOVE NAPS!!!     

Kora turns her head back to her friends who unfreeze and continue giggling.


Kora Kosgrove 

Apparently there is a television show where people rest on television and I'm going to rest with three other girls, so I definitely needed practice with this super awesome sleepover!!       


Oh my gooood!!! You are going to be the best rester ever!! You look like that one Disney princess who couldn't wake up. 

Kora Kosgrove 



Yas!! That's the one!! Except sometimes you snore and fart so you might want to train not how to do that, because it would be so mortifying if people saw you do that on television!! 

Kora Kosgrove 

I would just die! BUT I LOVE TACOS SO MUCH!!     

The girls start screaming out of delight in unison as the rush of fresh tacos runs over them, as if bathing in pure salsa and sour cream. 


Do you have any kind of secret weapon in case they play dirty??? 

Kora Kosgrove 

I heard that Kyra Silviera likes martial arts so I found this awesome purple lightsaber in my stepmom's drawer.      

Kora pulls out a purple phallic object and presses the switch, the long cylinder shaped lightsaber starts to vibrate with intensity as Kora swings it doing her best Jedi impersonation. 

Heather and Courtney 


Kora Kosgrove 

Isn't it so cool??     


Do you realize what you have in your hand?? 

Kora Kosgrove 

Yeah, the coolest lightsaber ever!!   


Uh... that's a dildo?? 

Kora Kosgrove 

What's a dildo???   

Heather and Courtney slowly look at each other, egging on one another to tell Kora. Finally Heather shrugs and whispers into the air of Kora whose face suddenly becomes blue and she drops the purple dildo onto the ground.  Suddenly Kora frantically starts screaming and wipes her body as if she just found a bug in her hair. 

Kora Kosgrove 


Kora's friends start laughing at the predicament. 


This is why I love you, Kora! You are so innocent! 


Kora can't help but blush and laugh herself as she looks at the paper with the list of participants. 

Kora Kosgrove 

I'm fighting someone whose French, that must mean she is sophisticated, like Queen Elizabeth!!! AND FRENCH FRIES ARE AMAZING!!     

The girls squeal again. 

Kora Kosgrove 

I can definitely out restle her though!!     She might be sophisticated but she doesn't have the same kind of charm as I do and besides... 

Kora starts to whisper. 

Kora Kosgrove 

I heard they don't bathe!     

Heather and Courtney 

Ew! Yuck!! 

Kora Kosgrove 

I know right??    How is someone suppose to rest when they smell like trash?? I bet the fans will be super grossed out and they won't help but vote for me. 


I'm voting for you. 


Me too!! 

Kora Kosgrove 

This is why you girls are my best friends!!   I am scared of one opponent though! She is a super hero from the X-Men!! Her name is Wolverina and she had some pretty scary stuff to say about beating up someone in the past, but why would people fight when resting should be about peace and relaxation??     


Maybe someone took her favorite spot?? 


I would get mad if someone was sleeping on my favorite couch! 

Kora Kosgrove 

You could be right!!??      I'll have to watch out not to rest in her favorite place and I won't say anything about her metal claws but it would be totally badass if she showed them. 


Like this???  

Courtney sticks up a middle finger. 

Kora and Heather 


Kora, Heather, and Courtney all start laughing as they engage in a pillow fight. 


Let's take our tops off!!   

The shirts come off as the girl's have their backs turned to the camera while still pillow fighting and the scene turns to black. The last image is a text message from Kora Kosgrove:

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2016, 12:02 am by Tyler Parker
Though I'm going to be offensive against Devan Dubian and Ares Vendetta, I'm going to be more defensive against you, Impact. Because I know, if I blink, you could make me regret it. You can capitalize before I can do anything about it. You're a quick thinker, you're quick on your feet. You can run circles 'round your opponents but you can't run circles 'round me. If you could, then you would have a few weeks ago but like our past few matches, you haven't capitalized on anything. Slacking, huh? Because that's what I think any time I think of you. I think of how you've barely done anything, how you've hardly given me a challenge, how you've been restricted because of the leash your girlfriend has you on. You can act like you've done what you've done in the past year by yourself but you and I both know you haven't accomplished anything without Heart Break Gal. The Tag Team titles? You couldn't have done that by yourself. Leading Hexa-gun? You had to have her co-lead. You haven't done anything by yourself in the past year, regardless of what you like to think. What's something you've done in the past few months that's noteworthy? Something big, not something small that you've picked at. Because I've noticed how you like to pick at the small things. You picked at the small things even after you lost to me. You picked at the small things and tried to convince me that you could've won. Not because it was one-sided because it wasn't but because you weren't quicker than me. You weren't quick thinking, you weren't quick on your feet. To you, that's a fluke but to me and everyone else? You couldn't figure me out. You couldn't figure out what I was going to do. You couldn't figure me out and capitalize like you would against any other opponent but Impact, you know, I'm not like any other opponent you've had. I'm not like Devan Dubian and I'm not like Ares Vendetta. You have small wins against me but it was here, two years ago, that I embarrassed you in front of everyone. It was here, Impact, that I successfully retained the National Extreme Championship. It was here, that your career ended. That's your backstory in this match --- your career ended two years ago and two years later, your career hasn't been revived. You haven't rectified your loss. You haven't rejuvenated yourself. Your career has been in the soiled dirt and in a few days, you're not going to get it out of there. You're stagnant and that's the truth of it. You won't like hearing that but I wouldn't lie to you. We might have our differences but I wouldn't boldly lie to you like that. Because if I wouldn't lie to myself, then I wouldn't lie to others. What you've said is redundant. We could go back and forth, back and forth but you've lied to yourself so much that you've managed to make others think that you are what you say you are but what you are, truthfully, is a doormat. You get stepped on so much, from your girlfriend and from everyone else and in a few days, I'm going to step on you while the referee raises my arm. I'm going to step on you, on your chest and on your throat --- I'm going to cut off your figurative life support. I know that irks you, I know that bothers you, I know you're getting gray hairs thinking about what I could do to you and am going to do to you. I'm going to keep you from breathing, I'm going to keep you from getting your seventh reign. I'm unlike anyone you've ever faced before. Others step into the ring with you expecting a fair fight. Expecting even the SLIGHTEST bit of sportsmanship from you but me? I know better. I know you better than anyone else in the locker room, I know you better than your girlfriend and I know what to expect from you. I know you'd do anything and everything to win except actually play fair. You're going to resort to the cheapest, dirtiest tactics you can think of to try and get that seventh reign that eludes you. You know you're not going to get it, not at Pain for Pride. You know that, right? You're going to saunter down to the ring with a smug smirk plastered on your face, acting like you've got the upper hand but you know the truth. You know how this is going to end. Because at the end of the day, it's not going to matter what you try to do. It's not going to matter how LOW you manage to go because I've been here before, I've seen your tricks, you don't have anything up your sleeve. You've overused your bag of tricks and I've overcome each and every one of them. What's left, huh? Nothing. Because for years, you've been the same. Pulling the same tricks, doing the same thing and it's gotten you this far, I give you that. You know, like I know, you've managed to slip by me one time. One time and that was months ago. I'm at the top of my game, in the best shape of my life and you? You don't have the time or the strength to take me down but go ahead and try. I'm still the same. I'm still the same competitor that goes out there to the ring, night after night and show that I am what I say I am. I'm still the same competitor who, every time I step into the ring, I raise the bar. I'm still the same competitor who, no matter who or what is put in front of me, I keep going and I keep grinding my way to the top because my entire life, I've never been given anything and that's okay because I wouldn't want it any other way. That's who I am and if you look, you'd see for yourself but though I'm still the same? You are too. Because you think that this is going to be some sort of cake walk and that's going to make it that much more satisfying for me to kick your head in like I have twice in the past two years. You refuse to be embarrassed but Impact, you embarrassed yourself after the things you've said. How could you endure more than me? How could you know what it's like to bruise your knees and get back up to your feet? How could you feel what I've felt? You never had it hard like I had but that's okay, try to relate to me, try to make everyone think that you've robbed me of my innocence, of my childhood but it's typical, real typical of you to take credit for something you haven't even done. Typical of you to twist things and make it seem like you could endure more than me and last longer than me. You can't even last long with your girlfriend. You and I haven't changed, Impact. You're still the scumbag who's too cowardly to fight your own battles and I'm still the one you haven't beaten at the top of my game. You can use every dirty trick in the book if you want but this? This is history repeating itself yet again and it ends with you, flat on your back and me standing in the middle of the ring with my arm raised and while you're down on the mat, staring up at the rafters and that familiar feeling sets in? You lost... again.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 11:58 pm by VENTURA.
Cash in the Vault
[Entry #5]

You are going to be needing a lot more cigars after all this is set in stone.
Cigars have best been described to be a  an aid in which relieves you from the daily stresses of life. It serves as a sedate whereas you intentionally drown yourself in a state of calmness and relaxation and just escape from whatever occurs throughout your leisure time. I am not so surprised myself, Nick, because knowing your opportunity-clinching record, you are massively low. You continuously say to us all that you are absolutely sickened at the fact that you haven't become a World Champion yet in this company, yet it is kind of your fault for failing to clinch onto opportunities that come down your way. You have been here for years, and it is a safe bet to say that you have had far more share of championship gold opportunities than all of the other participants combined. That says a lot and that clearly illustrates your track record. You are still missing that final jigsaw piece to solve and crack this ongoing puzzle of yours, Nick, and that is going to continue to pass down after Pain For Pride. You are conflicted, I understand that. You don't know why you continue to fail to redeem the chances that keep flying in the air for you. However, when are you going to continue to pull that sad, dramatic story each and every time you come across a monumental opportunity? If you know you are in a heap of trouble, then change something within yourself, be a much more threatening force to be reckoned with and stop giving us the mentality that we should offer our condolences to you, because at the end of the day, this is the survival of the fittest. If you are not fit to shrug off the weight from your shoulders, if you are incapable of being a dominant World Champion, then this Cash in the Vault isn't designed for you to achieve victory. Maybe in some other lower field, you may find some loot to keep you satisfied. At the end of the day, however, you are going to eventually have to take time out and be in silence, just like I did throughout this year. Revise, figure out your mistakes, try and cover up the holes that you've left behind from your woes....then come back better than ever. Once again, it is a huge shocker that I am actually giving tips and guidelines to people such as you, but it all comes down to the fact that I have grown and evolved.

In Chris Elite's case, however, that is rather quite the opposite. I am going to give credit where it is due---you are surely a humorous being. You love to lighten up moods and throw in a few jokes here and there, and I have no problem with that. I am human after all, so laughter serves as a natural emotion. However, after all the laughs can be heard....I get over it. I put all aside the kidding and replace it with seriousness in whatever I am pursuing. You are not showing me, or anyone in this match that level of seriousness. You are traveling under familiar waters with Nick Angel, you both been here for quite a while and you both just don't get why you aren't getting what you sole desire. You both think you are long overdue to move up the ladder, while you haven't even figured out how to make the right steps to ascend towards the top. Don't tell me all this doesn't account for anything, Christopher, because as much as you hate me, as much as you ridicule me and my brother, this is plain logic that you need to apply into your egotistical head of yours. You will never become a World Champion if you are going to continue putting your head up your own ass. You will continue to be perceived as this lunatic fringe that will just do a few tricks in the air here and there, yet at the end of the day...will just suffer a deficit. Trust me, I have done all the calculations, I have seen it all, been through it all, and am willing to end it all this coming Pain For Pride. As I start to walk towards a new path of glory, I will smile and wave at you in the process, as you rather continue to walk backward. I hope to see you in the next, same Cash in the Vault match next year.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 11:42 pm by Mstislav
Pain For Pride III

Is what I’m saying too incomprehensible. Is what I’m saying to hard for these two to understand, or are they just really good at playing dumb. I also believe that Vic himself is starting to be scared. Because what he’s been saying has fear coming out of him like it was the hottest scent, and Carlos, well he’s Carlos, full of himself as always, acting like nothing I said offended him, and he’s playing the calm and collective part. I mean he’s acting as if his psychology bullshit is fooling anyone, and who knows it might be Carlos. There might be a lowlife somewhere in this world who actually believes that your a master of psychology, but in that world all they know is they themselves are lowlives. But really I digress. You see hearing you two talk, hearing to two try and make a claim for yourselves, and try and compensate for the fact that you two have been left in the dirt. You have not yet reached the level where I would even be satisfied to call you two opponents. No you two are still beggars in the street clamoring for more of something they can’t ever get other than by begging. You two make me ashamed to share my Pain for Pride moment with, and usually I am level headed when it comes to helping two charity cases get something they so desperetly need. And right now I don’t know if talking to you about this any longer is actually doing more for me, or just giving you two another reason to run your mouths any longer. I don’t know if what I am saying is getting to you, and really that makes me sad. Because here I am, here I am taking time out of my busy lifestyle to help these poor souls and yet they are not doing anything with my advice. I mean I am a king for god’s sake, shouldn’t they be listening to someone so dominate and more glorious than the both of them. I mean Vic spent his whole career listening to someone and following them, and Carlos, man Carlos always played second fiddle to GI Styles. He at least should be listening to me, since he’s always been feeding off of glory from something that wasn’t his legacy.

I mean let’s look at Dynamite Rain, people could say Carlos had built that legacy along with GI, but I digress. I think that both GI and Carlos wanted it to be their legacy, but then Carlos got mad, that he wasn’t being recognized, and instead of looking at this legacy as something to be proud of, he found it to be the burden that was holding him back. When it fact it was his, but he didn’t want to feed off of that. No it had the stench of betrayal all over it, and gave him a dissatisfying taste in his mouth. And when he destroyed that legacy, when he destroyed the only thing people knew him as in EAW he decided to bring in that title he holds so dear to him. That CWF title sits really pretty on his shoulders, but that title’s legacy was built on others who arguably were better than Carlos, and were better than he made it out to be. I mean Lioncross himself is more recognizable as a commodity of the CWF title than Carlos, and while it was a shock factor that he brought it in, Lioncross was always referred to as CWF Champion, and not because it was in the script, but because it was on instinct, it was synonymous with Lioncross. And the only other reason Carlos is now synonymous with it was because he brought it back. Hell even then people were like “Oh yeah Carlos was CWF Champion before.” They weren’t at all linking that title to Carlos, until he brought it back as a trophy, and somehow convinced Management to make it official. I mean while I commend you on the fact that you used Management’s own stupidity against them, that doesn’t make you any more of a champion than it did Alex Anderson when he brought the Ace Title. Now I know your rebuttal against that claim, and it’s always that the CWF title was a recognized title, and the Ace title never was in any federation, and while you are right about that, AA used it as a way to put himself above the mold, even though nobody saw him as that. And you, and your bullshit about it proving to be a “fighting champion” is that akin to AA’s claim just in a different coat of paint. Now whether or not you want to believe it, it’s the truth. Hell you say you took on everyone who challenged for the title, but from memory the only one to challenge you was Lioncross, the others were handpicked. You had Piff Fumador face you before someone actually challenged you. You had countless others picked before someone CHALLENGED you. You’re not a fighting champion, you’re a man who had to pick and choose his fights. Hell even when LC wanted to fight you for his title, you kept dodging him, you kept saying he didn’t deserve it. You didn’t fucking put the championship on the line, like the “fight champion” you are. No you wanted to run, because you knew if LC had gotten his shot right then and there he would’ve take it back, and shown everyone why HE was the one synonymous with the title, and not Carlos Rosso. Hell and before you go on about how you did beat Lioncross, let me ask you, how many times did you dodge him before giving him the chance. Hell if I’m not mistaken and if I am it’s usually never, you didn’t even have a choice in giving him a shot. No it was made for you, and you were pissed. Pissed that the man you didn’t want to face was now coming after you. And even though you won, you had already sullied that you were a fighting champion, and instead you were a man who had to be forced, a man who had nowhere else to run. And be honest with me Carlos, you were scared. You were scared that you finally got called on your bluff, and you were relieved when you got lucky. You were scared for your life, and right now, while you have your interviews, while you sit there and wait for the handpicked questions hit you, you are still scared. Still the spoiled brat, still the scared child. You aren’t ready for the EAW Championship, you were barely ready to be the one to give closure to CWF, leave that to someone who will actually fight, like Lioncross. Maybe then you can finally focus on taking this Championship from me, but I doubt you’ll still be successful in doing so.

Speaking of success we can move on to failure incarnate in the form of Vic, where he posed to me a question that I think most people already know the answer to. So to stop the suspense any longer, how do I look at myself, after on the verge of defeat, by you nonetheless. Well first Vic I start off by washing my face and clearing the mirror of any fog from the shower I just took. And then I smile, not only because the title is still with me, not only because I was still champion, but also because I let you think you had a chance. I mean they don’t call me Good Guy Aren, for nothing. I give people a semblance of hope, give them something to keep trying for. You are no different Vic. The only thing you are different about is the fact that you didn’t think to actually fully listen to me Vic. Especially the part where I told you this is just a game to me. Like a true asshole, I led you on, thinking that maybe you could win for once, thinking that maybe you could regain the title for once. You think I was lucky to hit my finisher on you with no act of hesitation, or desperation. You think I was lucky to roll you up after looking like was getting my ass handed to me. You think I was lucky enough to not feel the wrath of Vic Vendetta. Well I hate to break it to you champ, but you were lucky enough that I was playing you the fool. You were lucky enough that I didn’t get tired of playing this charade, and decided to let you have fun before showing you why I’m superior. Vic, I don’t play games unless it’s to satisfy my need to crush any semblance of hope that someone that infuriates me has. I don’t play games unless I have to, or unless I want to. Vic I know deep down you don’t believe you had me on the verge of defeat, I know you don’t believe that you had me right where you wanted me, I know you believe that something was up. That something wasn’t right, that I wasn’t fighting to my fullest extent, and that if I was you would have a better fight, or maybe have gotten beat in as little as few minutes. You know this to be true Vic. And do you want to know how I know you know. Because of the fact that you try and say calling myself a champion is a way for me to convince myself. I mean I just like saying it because it had a great ring to it. E...A...W Champion Aren Mstislav. It has the best ring to it, and you know it. You want to call me boast about my title as a way of me not thinking I am truly champ, but I just think that if people are still doubting then I might as well keep doing it, so sooner or later they will know. I mean they already know that when I fight, I fight with heart. They know I fight with a drive that a champion has, and that I’m not going to let anything stand in my way. They know I fight, like a champion, like a true champion, like I am the face of the company, the face of Showdown. They know I fight like that because I am that. And if they really want to keep doubting, then that’s on them. Because when I leave, when I make my part as EAW Champion, they will miss me. They will miss the drive, they will miss the fact that I did what I could and then some to preserve the Championship as prestigious. And you can argue that I haven’t done shit, but I’ve taken all you and Carlos had Vic. I’ve taken everything you could throw at me and look at me. I’m still here, and better than ever.

The clock is ticking boys, and with the monumental event that is Pain For Pride, with the monumental event that is a three day expansion of it. It calls to all of us. It calls for warriors, not piss babies. It calls for the honorbound competitors, not backstabbing egomaniacs. It calls for the best of the best, and I am answering the call, and if you two want to keep running your mouths and not answer for your past aggressions, or past failings then that is on you. Because I have answered for everything, I have shown that I have the gall, that I have the pride, and drive to be a champion. My question is, what more do you two have to give. Because I’ve already given my all, but you two are still holding back. And I don’t want any unworthy opponents, so I better be given the best, or don’t bother showing up at a Pain for Pride.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 11:36 pm by Carlos Rosso
EAW.Com Presents:
An EAW 24/7 Exclusive
Carlos Rosso’s Journey to Pain for Pride
Part 2: The Strings of an Angel’s Heart
(This is the Second Part of EAW’s exclusive look at Carlos Rosso and his career as he heads into the most significant match of his life. We have been granted unprecedented access by the Rosso camp to give you, the viewer, a look through his eyes as he prepares to face his destiny.)

(As the opening notes of “Strings for Yasmin” play in the background, Carlos enters an empty New Miami Stadium, looking at the setup for Pain for Pride IX, already completed and waiting. He sits in the stands and simply looks around.)
(Voice Over): February 7, 2010 was the date. Carlos Rosso, then already in the midst of a storied career around the world, sat in this very stadium. Then it was known as Sun Life Stadium. The occasion? Super Bowl XLIV.
Carlos: I have been in many big venues for a lot of different things. Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. Notre Dame Stadium. The Cowboys Stadium. Old Trafford, University of Phoenix Stadium. I’ve been in places like that as a competitor but nothing honestly compared to sitting in the stadium that day to watch that game.
(Voice Over): A lifelong supporter of the hard-luck New Orleans Saints, Carlos had come in person to watch the game and cheer on his favorite team.
Carlos: (scoffs) Nobody believed we would win that day. Nobody on ESPN picked us. Only one person on CBS, the people broadcasting the game picked us. But I just knew after the way certain things had gone that season that it was just meant to be. As an athlete myself, you just can tell when it’s your day or someone else’s day. That day was OUR day.
(Voice Over): “That day” concluded with Tracy Porter intercepting then Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning late in the fourth quarter, sealing the victory for New Orleans and ending over four decades of suffering for long-time Saints fans.

Carlos: I remember just sitting there watching the game with a few friends and close family members in the Stadium, lost in a sea of mostly Black and Gold. I had expected the onside kick that started the second half. I had expected us to get back in the game, but even as I was sitting there watching the play, I never imagined that a championship would happen for them in my lifetime. I had dreamed of it but never expected it to come to fruition. When that happened and you realized that we were going to win the Super Bowl…it was like a collective “YES!” across the entire state. We had been starved for that moment for so long as a fan base and with the area still recovering from the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, it meant a lot to people who in some cases didn’t have much else positive going on.
(Voice Over): Over six years later, coincidence, or perhaps simply Providence, has returned Carlos Rosso to this very stadium where he once sat as a spectator cheering on his beloved Saints to glory. This time, he looks to fulfill his own legacy and end a frustrating eight-year drought of never capturing an EAW World Championship…and unifying it with his own CWF World Heavyweight Championship to become Showdown’s Undisputed World Champion.
Carlos: I’m not necessarily someone who believes in divinities and deities and such, but I do think that sometimes things happen for certain reasons. I think there was a reason that Pain for Pride IX was the place chosen for me to have my highest exposure title clash in EAW. This building has a lot of pleasant memories for me as a fan, but now I want to turn it to something even more special. I want to turn it into the place that marks my signature triumph as an athlete. I hate to sound selfish, but this isn’t necessarily for my state or my family, even though I do my best to represent both. This is for me personally. I don’t think I could retire in good conscience without achieving an EAW World Title. If I don’t…. there will always be that one “Yeah, but…” when people go back and analyze my career. I was an Interwire Champion, Yeah, But. I was on one of the greatest tag teams in EAW history. Yeah, but. I don’t want that to be part of my legacy. I want to become World Champion to finally put my critics to rest.

(Later on that evening, Mao, Carlos are joined by Stephanie Matsuda at dinner in a restaurant in South Beach. Mao is visibly irritated that Stephanie and Carlos are a bit quiet.)
Mao: Alright. Enough of that! One of you speak before I lose my mind! You two are my clients now and you’re going to get along! I mean you’ve wrestled, you’ve sparred with each other outside of the ring, why do you two still not have an ounce of like for each other?

Carlos: (sighing while idly trying to stab a cherry tomato with his fork) Well, there is no real reason. We aren’t friends and we aren’t really enemies either. We…. coexist.

(Stephanie looks up from her meal glaring at him before pointing her middle finger at him. Rather rudely.)

Carlos: Or at least attempt to coexist.

Stephanie: I still haven’t forgiven you.

Carlos: For what?

Stephanie: You don’t remember? You tried to feel me up on Battleground a while back! And then you tried to knock my head off after that. I don’t take being dropped on my head kindly, dude.

Mao:….. you were wrong. For doing that. The whole, trying to steal a kiss midway through a match thing. It was very insulting to her and you should apologize.

(Carlos gives a rather exasperated look to his manager but she and Stephanie sit there, glaring at him without saying a word. After grumbling to himself for a moment Carlos drops his fork and starts to talk.)

Carlos: Fuck it, fine. I’m sorry. There, are you happy? I’m sorry for trying to feel you up and all that. Now, can we at least just go about having a normal dinner without any bullshit and leave it at that?

Mao: I think we can do that. Can’t we, Steph?

(Stephanie nods her head a bit and for the first time all night a bit of a smile trails over her face.)

Stephanie: But first…. I want a scouting report on the guys in the Divide and Conquer match. You’ve wrestled all of them! I want to know a little more about my new enemies. You know I know plenty about the old one….

Carlos: Well. How can I put this plainly? They’re all crap. You have one guy who is more known for inventing ways to cheat drug testing than actually being a champion. One is a hopeless drunk. You have another one who is all bark and no bite and probably gets pegged by Brody Sparks when a strap-on whenever she’s bored. And then there’s one guy who may have some wrestling talent among them and frankly is best known for winning some cup that has no prestige. He thinks he is world-class when he’s really just slightly above average. If you don’t beat all of them it’s a disgrace really. A disgrace to Carlos Rosso Enterprises, a disgrace to the people who trained you, a disgrace to…. well…. everyone. By the by, I have seen your matches with Haruna. She’s the only person on the other side who will pose a problem. Her opposition won’t be easy to get past, as you know. But…if the rules of this match are correct, shouldn’t you be paying attention to all your PARTNERS as well? No one except maybe a few people on Planet Oblivion understand Erica Ford. Azumi doesn’t seem like she wouldn’t mind cracking anyone’s skull who gets in her way, including her tag team partner, mind you. Cailin is someone whom I’ve had limited interaction with but I’m pretty sure you know in your heart of hearts that if it comes down to it she WILL fight you to become champion. And of course there is Tarah Nova, probably the most treacherous, ruthless bitch ever to set foot in an EAW ring. If you want my honest opinion, you should focus on your friends instead of your enemies. Don’t worry. They’re all incompetent and lack cohesion and adding Haruna to that lot of four bumblers only makes it worse. They’ll crumble. YOU need to focus on your team for a while. Just my personal opinion….

(Stephanie stares at him for a moment as if processing his comments as he starts cutting rather enthusiastically into his steak.)

Carlos: Now…. I’ve dished on what I know. I- Damn…. this is the best steak I’ve had in some time. - I know that you and Aria aren’t exactly on the same page at the moment, but you are probably one of the few people who have been close to Aren Mstislav. What kind of man is he? What do you make of him?

Stephanie: Well, he does treat Aria well I guess. One thing that I have to say about him is that he is laser-focused when it comes to wrestling. He diets hard. Trains hard. Wrestles hard. You’ve been in the ring with him. Everything he does absolutely hurts. You wouldn’t think a guy that scrawny would be that strong…but then again, look at YOU.

(Carlos raises an eyebrow to this before Stephanie continues and cuts him off before he even has a chance to respond.)

Stephanie: He has earned that title. You know how hard it is to get to that point, man. You’re still trying to win your first…no offense.

Carlos: None taken. I’m used to it.

Stephanie: If this were a one on one, I’d probably say it was fifty-fifty. The two encounters that you’ve had with him pretty much bear that out. He won once after a little craziness. You won after getting a little creative in the closing moments. When you trained with Mexi, did you teach Haruna some of those dirty tricks?

Carlos: Oh, no. Haruna is a little crazy to me and Mexi is supremely protective of her.

Stephanie: What do you think of Aren yourself?

Carlos: He’s not someone that I can just simply discard. The man has made a mark in EAW, no question about it. He went from pathetic underling to World Champion. Lucian Black is STILL trying to turn that trick. He has my attention and he has my respect, but he damn sure doesn’t have my fear. I’ll be ready.

Stephanie: And Victor?

Carlos: (laughing) What about him? If he gets in the way, I’ll take him on too. There’s no hiding from anyone in a match like this, on a stage like this. I want you to listen clearly, Cloudy. I don’t care where you have been, what you have done, who you have wrestled. Nothing in this world is like competing at Pain for Pride. This will be my fifth appearance out of the nine. That stage does funny things to people. It consumes you. It can hurt you. It can break your heart and nearly break your spirit. But it can also uplift you to defining moments. I’m fully prepared to seize my opportunity. You should do the same with yours.

(Stephanie nods as the three of them go about eating the rest of their dinner. As if he suddenly remembers something Carlos stops and chuckles.

Carlos: You still owe me a favor.

Stephanie: ……………………..Shit.

Carlos: Don’t worry, it’s nothing stupid or lewd. I just need you to come through with something…when the time comes, of course. Carlos Rosso Enterprises is close to its signature moment on the grand stage.

(Carlos raises his glass of wine, as do Mao and Stephanie.)

Carlos: To the three people sitting at this table. The most complete wrestler in the world, the best Manager to ever live, and the future Specialists Champion. To Victory.

Mao/Stephanie: To Victory.

(The video fades to black as the three of them drink up.) 
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Post on June 28th 2016, 11:32 pm by Impact
Typical. I unleash the facts, and Tyler goes back to spouting nonsense and telling me I have no career, telling me that after Pain for Pride I’ll be unable to walk out with my own power. I heard the same tin can, junkyard, trash heap, broken machine talk from Mr. DEDEDE, yet even though he skimmed by on the hair of his toes with a victory against me, he didn’t break me because I would then go on a venture out into the unknown and discover a light that none of you could find: The Grand Rampage. How many other wrestlers could come back from a loss like that so quickly and maintain their composure? Most couldn’t, but I was uniquely equipped to stay grounded and continue pursuing greatness because I remembered something so many people forget after a crushing loss: The Three P’s — perseverance, purpose, and perspective. I persevered when so many other wrestlers would have hung up their boots and called it quits; when so many other wrestlers would have taken their ball and went home, I stayed. I stayed because I knew if anyone could endure that hardship and complete a redemption story, it would be me. I stayed because I refused to let the lasting image the EAW audience saw of me be that of a loser who was effectively responsible for the demise of his faction. But most importantly, I stayed because I knew I wasn’t finished. Since returning last year, I’ve rarely lost. I’ve beaten champions, I’ve conquered brands, and I’ve made history — but the dark cloud hovering above me, the vision of 7 reigns, it follows me around like a shadow and it controls my existence. It inspires me to continue taking steps on the ladder when others would have already packed it in and bent their knee. I realized my purpose, I understood my purpose, and I knew that until I fulfilled my purpose, whether I was watching other wrestlers on television from the cozy confines of my home or competing on weekly shows, my thirst for greatness wouldn’t be quenched until I again captured the World Championship. Tyler Parker drives himself to new heights because he has a giant chip on his shoulder, he always wants to prove that he’s the Liege of Light, and I can’t blame him for saying that his experience with me changed him; that when I twisted the knife into his back two years ago, he became a different person. I am forever a part of Tyler Parker. His legacy and his actions will always be connected to mine. But that doesn’t mean we share the same motivations; in fact, they couldn’t be more opposite. My motivation is very different than Tyler’s. Tyler is motivated by revenge and the desire to prove to everyone that a kid’s boyhood dream can become a reality. I’m fueled by ambition, and I don’t care how heavily the odds are stacked against me, instead I’d rather remind you all that I’ve danced under the magnifying glass before. I’ve been on this rodeo before. I’m no stranger to the spotlight. Out of anyone in the four-way Answers World Championship match at Pain for Pride, champion and challengers, the purest sign of who the real favorite is in this match is a peek into the history books at an inimitable Machine who shunned the word “impossible” and dared to dream so greatly that he actually managed to blur the lines between fantasy and reality and make people question the very world they live in. Tyler Parker can try to ride roughshod on my name and claim that I’m living through the past, but he’ll bend the facts like a pretzel because, in his eyes, the ends justify the means. He even admitted it himself, saying it doesn’t matter if he revises history or if he’s wrong about something because it won’t change the result on Sunday night. That’s fine, I think that’s the allure of Tyler Parker more than anything else, the fact that he openly admits to who he is without dressing himself up in costumes like an Ares Vendetta or a Devan Dubian — he’s comfortable in his own skin; the skin of a Monster. He was molded by his experiences, he was molded by his father and grandfather who imparted wisdom into him as a six-year old child and taught him how to fend for himself, how to endure… But there’s just one problem — I endure better… LONGER. Tyler can scratch and claw and think of himself as a scuba diver trying to swim ashore and escape a sea full of bloodthirsty sharks with the treasure found in the deep recesses of the ocean, it doesn’t matter, but right when he thinks he’s eluded his enemies, when Ares Vendetta and Devan Dubian are down for the count, I’ll come swooping in with the speed of a cheetah drowning him right before he can get his head above water. So you’re right, Tyler, I robbed you of your innocence, I stole your childhood, and I ain’t Donny Osmond, but on Sunday I’m gonna finish what I started two years ago and make a man out of you.

Because right now? You’re still a boy. Still a child. Your evolution is incomplete. You haven’t reached your final form, but once you step into the hellish playground with me at Pain for Pride again, history won’t repeat itself. You won’t walk away with consecutive falls; you won’t even walk away with one fall. You won’t walk away as The Liege of Light. You won’t walk way as the apprentice of Mr. DEDEDE. You won’t walk away as the Quintessential Successor — you’ll walk away as a loser. As a disappointment. And you’ll be forced to go out in a suit on the next show explaining why you lost and vowing to change your fortunes even if it means approaching your entire career differently. Because the problem with you is you think you can get by in this cutthroat business by being everybody’s friend and playing the good soldier. You think you can dominate and be the master of the woods without preying on the weak and taking advantage of others. You think you’re going to expose me as a fraud at Pain for Pride? There’s no point in doing that, because I haven’t pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes… Only over YOUR eyes. I told everyone else exactly what I was, exactly as I have for years: An opportunist, a risk-taker, a moment-seizer. I never lied to anybody… Except for you. I am the catalyst for your renaissance in this company. When everybody was trashing you and running your name through the mud, when you were a punchline and a recipient of the esteemed Bust of the Year award, I still held out hope for you — hope that you might one day return and right your wrongs. And when nobody in EAW wanted to open their doors to let you back in, I vouched for you. I risked my reputation as a leader and stood up for you when everybody else talking shit about you behind your back were just happy followers. People were disagreeing with me, they were saying how you had no respect for the business, but I believed in your second chance. I was convinced that you had reformed — and you did change. You were an infinitely more skilled wrestler upon your return to EAW, and I guess it’s because you lost the attitude and remembered to respect your chances and feel blessed for what you have because there was a time where, in your words, you had no pot to piss in. I gave you a chance when nobody else would, and instead of accepting that I beat you to a pulp to teach you a lesson, you went rogue and started acting like I betrayed you. You had lost your first World Heavyweight Championship to Mikado Sekaiichi, and it’s entirely because of me, because I taught you the nature of this business, because I showed you the nature of the beast, that you were able to rebound and later defeat Mr. DEDEDE instead of nosediving on a downward spiral and never fully reaching your potential. When I betrayed you, I showed you what it means to be extreme. The master taught the student a lesson that neither his dad nor his grandfather ever could, and it hurts you to admit that because you turned into a wounded animal after I dug the knife in your back, you started getting sympathy from everyone, but what you should really be doing is thanking me. Thanking me for allowing you to reign as World Heavyweight Champion for upwards of six months. But nah, no fruit baskets delivered to my home, no “thank you” notes, no reimbursement, and it’s fine; you’ve chosen to repay me with contempt instead of giving me my due respect. At Pain for Pride, I’m collecting a debt from you. You’ve been posing all along as the Overseer of the Woods, but the truth is you’re still learning, and at Pain for Pride, the master is teaching the student his final lesson; and it’s going to be one you’ll never forget.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 11:26 pm by Bhris Elite
Say it louder why don’t you? Come on Nick, I don’t think just everyone heard you.   You know what I’m glad guys like you and Phoenix are so happy that instead of beating Ares you gave him a run for his money.  Yeah that’s right let’s brag about ALMOST beating someone I’m sure that’s going to help in the future Nick.  Is that what you’ll do after Pain for Pride when applying for the local Walmarts in Dallas when they ask what you bring to too the table?  “You know I kind of gave Ares a run for his money and I even got to climb the ladder once during the Cash in the Vault match, I ALSO LIKE TO YELL SOMETIMES FOR NO REASON BECAUSE IT MAKES ME SEEM COOLER”!  Nick did my question strike a nerve because instead of answering it.  You dodged it by telling me that was a middle school insult.   Nick you know what I envision you post Pain for Pride?  I envision you selling fake Tony Romo Jerseys outside of AT&T stadium.  You already got the very convincing loud and annoying salesman voice.  “TONY ROMO JERSYS FOR SALE! I SAID TONY ROMO JERSEYS FOR SALE”!  While I’m somewhere backstage debating with Big Mike whether I want to cash in my briefcase yet or not.   So while you’re telling everyone how you gave Ares a run for his money something he probably doesn’t even remember I’ll be the man he thinks about day in and day out praying I don’t cash in on him.  Like Impact used to tell me it’s not about almost winning it’s not about all the cool and flashy shit you do because at the end of the day guess what? It doesn’t matter unless you are the winner.  You can hit the Ground Zero on me through a flaming table.  If you don’t win though it won’t matter.  Sure it’ll be cool, sure it’ll be the most viewed video on YouTube.  Nick you’re right I did feed into the “Rumors” about you complaining and so has anyone else with a working brain.  Sure giving Ares a run for his money helped Phoenix get into Cash in the Vault you though? Yeah I doubt it Nick.  Only 2 ways you got into this match either you complained and whined your way into the match like we think (Know) you did or… Well I have kids watching so I want bring up the 2nd way but you get the gist don’t you Nick?  I will forget all the compliments you gave me, to be honest I don’t even know what type of compliments you gave me and that’s because I don’t care.  I don’t need compliments from someone who hasn’t been relevant nor entertaining since 2013.   NICK ANGEL YOU CAN YELL ALL YOU WANT, BUT IT WAS YOU! It was you Nick who signed your own death wish the minute you’ve cried your way into this match. 
Wow your hands are rated E for everyone?  I’m shaking in my boots I thought those hands were just for ALMOST winning matches.  Now that I know their rated E for everyone I don’t know what I’ll do it’s really creeping me out just thinking about it…
Now Phoenix how was my acting then huh? Did I play that role good? I mean it had to be better than the performance you just gave.   Wow so the fans believe in you whether you speak or not?  Who knew you were such a star because I certainly didn’t.  I mean it doesn’t seem like that online though Phoenix everywhere I went people were asking where’s Phoenix? Why hasn’t he spoke yet?  Matter of fact before I even knew you finally spoke up Big Mike showed me a meme where your face was photo shopped onto that little fish Dory and it said “Finding Phoenix”.   Man you guys on the internet are ruthless.  I’m sure that meme will occur again after Pain for Pride as well.  After I mop the floor with you and everyone else in the match and I’m on top of that ladder.  People will ask where Phoenix was when you needed him.  Where was our hero when you needed him most?  You know kind of like how Golden State fans reacted after game 7 to Steph Curry.   See Phoenix I don’t need Big Mike to help me succeed.  Isn’t that joke over used already? Why can’t any of you just come up with some new material? It’s always the same shit.    Oh that’s right Phoenix it doesn’t matter what you say because talking just isn’t how you get down right?  So it doesn’t matter what you say you don’t like doing this in the first place.  No need to ask Impact, no need to ask Ares however just know this match will end just like those 2.  With you being so close to winning just inches away from grabbing the briefcase just to be knocked off the ladder and watch someone else win.   It’s like I said to Nick why brag about ALMOST winning that just makes no sense to me.  Why can’t you brag about a time you actually won like Rex or Tig have? Go ahead I’ll give you time to go ahead and find something to brag about…   Yeah I didn’t think so Phoenix. So you jumped from 20 feet? That’s cool as hell hopefully the fans remember what type you move you did when they jump from higher to their deaths when they realize their hero wasn’t that much of a hero after all.   I don’t want these hands? Shit I probably don’t.   You know what I do want though? I want to be successful I want to be able to brag about actually doing something and not ALMOST doing something and that’s not something we can relate on can we?  So go ahead Phoenix be very, very quiet because while your hunting almost doing things and hunting a bunch of cool stunts you plan on doing I’m hunting success.  I’m hunting for an actual victory...  Those hands of yours maybe rated E for everybody but success isn’t…
Success especially isn’t meant for this person. Rhaegar you couldn’t be any dumber could you? Comparing me to TLA in terms of jokes when in reality what I said was no joke you idiot.  I meant exactly what I said sure I didn’t mean you as a person would actually be dead.  I just meant this “Career” of yours if that’s what you want to call it.  Dies at Pain for Pride ironic isn’t it?  The same place you started this shitty career and being nothing but Johnny Ventura’s even shitter counterpart is the same place where it ends.  Maybe it’s time to go back to whatever Greek Village you came from and wrestle in the mud again because at Pain for Pride you’ll just be getting run through the mud all night long until this match ends.  You will be everyone’s personal punching bag and there’s not a single thing you can do or say to change that.  Compare me to you want it won’t change the fact that you are THE biggest joke EAW has ever had since well… Your older brother and at Pain for Pride you get put down just like he did.  Calculate all you want go ahead Rhaegar do all the math you want add it all up.  The numbers won’t change the chances you have of winning this match stays stuck on zero. 
Oh come on Nas really Big Mike jokes? Is that the best you got?  You poor, poor man Tig said everything else you wanted to say right?  Like me not accomplishing anything ever in my career.  So when you realize all of that has already been said what do you resort too?  You resort to jokes about me and Big Mike being some sort of couple.  If Rhaegar should have compared anyone to TLA it should have been you.  You can never just be yourself can you huh Nas?  From the name you have to how you act none if is original.  Everything you do is copied from everyone else Nas even the way you speak.  It’s all copied does actual man behind The Nas suck that bad? Is he that boring that he has to pretend to be all these other Elitist and people?  It’s a shame Nas it really is.  I almost hurt for you a little bit like it must be a sad, sad life.   That’s right Nas I want to know where God is.  Because when I look at you I don’t see a God I see a pitiful excuse for a man. I don’t see a God hell I don’t even see an Elitist.   What to know what the Lord really knows? It knows that Nas is a joke and a wannabe.  He knows Nas can’t win this match.  So like I told Phoenix go ahead do all the flippy shit you want go ahead out-show me all you want at the end of the day it won’t matter.  All those views you’ll get on Youtube won’t mean a god damn thing.  At the end of the day the same question will remain.  “But did he win”?
Tig I’ve heard it all before. I’m aware of me not accomplishing a single thing in this company.  That’s the exact reason I want this more than any of you do.  Do you think I want to continue this drought? From Suicide Kid to Chris Elite not a single thing has been done the only thing I’ve done that people remember in my career is damn near end Impacts career… Yet still lose the match.  People might also remember me screwing Mexican Samurai out of a title shot yet losing the match against him weeks later.   I don’t want to be none for almost doing things no I have higher standards than Nick and Phoenix.   I want to be known for doing something and winning a match.  Not almost winning a match not for some big flashy move.  I’m tired of being known for such things and that’s why at Pain for Pride I end that.  I break out of this shell and I want to thank guys like you for being another reason this shell will be broken.  Without you guys and your consistent reminders I don’t think I’d remember I haven’t done a damn thing.  I hope you know you are the reason why no more games will be played.  I am going out there to handle business not have fun.  I’m going out there to win not jump off of ladders just to please these fucking fans!  Tig I just want to ask you this.  After I win at Pain for Pride, after I do what I said I would and you look up at me while doing it.  The next time we cross paths whenever that might be.  What will you have to say then? There’s not a damn thing you could say because I said exactly what I would and you failed at stopping me.

I don’t care how many people want my head whether it’s 1 or 2 that doesn’t bother me.  Rex can use whatever shit move he has in his moveset that thinks is going to stop me but it won’t! I’m going to keep getting back up until I am literally dead or broken to the point where I can’t be fixed.  So go ahead make me a target in the match because soon enough after I’m Mr.CITV I’ll be a target to everyone!  Some would be scared about that and be nervous however I look forward to it.  I want everyone to have me on their maps and their radars after years of saying I’d never be on either things.   At Pain for Pride I go from the man who couldn’t accomplish a damn thing if an accomplishment smacked me in the face to a man who puts fear into the hearts of ALL the world champions in EAW.  So go ahead all of you keep fighting for the almost doing things and I’ll continue to fight for actually doing the damn thing.  Rex you claim we have to wait until Pain for Pride to find out who really wants it more and I say that’s a lie.  I already know how I bad I want it.  I want success more and you guys just want to make an impact.  Let’s just hope that impact takes you as far as my win will take me.
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