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Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 10:54 pm by Angel.

(Camera pans to the door of a locker room in New Miami Stadium. Within the door, it contains the label “Nick Angel” as we see Nick Angel enters his locker room and sits upon the chair.)

Within the locker room this upcoming weekend, comes the final preparation for a man that supposedly has to overcome the narrative of performing on the big stage. We dwell too much on narratives. We look at the statistics that I have never won a match at Pain for Pride, but I will remind everyone? I have never been pinned in the biggest stage there is. I never knew what it is like to be the guiltiest of the guilt when it comes to losing. All I knew was losing to a 3rd party that was at the right place, at the right time. All I knew was going against some of the best competition that you can ever ask for and here I stand this upcoming weekend? I know damn well that this is the weakest competition that I have faced the past five years. It is easy to downgrade from icons that made EAW what it is: Mr. DEDEDE, HBG, Y2Impact, along with guys that made an impact for the past couple of years: Zack Crash. But to downgrade from the aforementioned guys to guys that want sympathy going into Pain for Pride? Sympathy??? Man, the only sympathy that my upcoming opposition will get is having the benefit of the doubt of facing a guy that is closer to greatness than being closer to being a bust like my upcoming opposition. It is easy to downgrade from an elite competition, but to downgrade to competition that makes you wonder, how did they even get to this position? That is where it’s not the opposition that I am facing, but rather the pre-reason as to why I am facing these mongrels: the corrupt and inefficient management of EAW. 

[Nick holds up various roster pictures of his upcoming opposition, starting with Rhaegar.]

Man. If there is any man that has been the epitome as to why my competition has downgrade for this upcoming match based on mentality, it’s Rhaegar. You can look back upon my previous speeches, based on talent? Rhaegar could be one of the main guys but it seems clear to me why he isn’t: He doesn’t want to fight for being the main guy. It is clear why Rhaegar isn’t really a world champion material because quite frankly, he doesn’t show the heart of a champion. Rhaegar shows the mentality as if he wants to get paid, and show nothing else. You know Rhaegar, it is one thing to support a family in Greece and I understand all of that financial mess in Greece. But it is another thing as to why you even validate the reason as to why you are getting paid top dollars that the common man would die to have as we are still recovering from the biggest recession in recent memory. There are many people that are struggling to fight the fight while you, Rhaegar, your previous speech brush off your opponents as if YOU think you’re on a man on a mission based on what credentials? The fact that you’ve been on a severe losing streak heading into Pain for Pride season just because you don’t give enough dedication for the Land of Elite? The fact that you think that you’re entitled to being a main eventer but in reality, you give as much as passion as a lower midcarder talent if we are talking about passion. The ONLY reason why Rhaegar that you are even relevant is this perception that you can be a game changer but as much as you have every audacity to bash me for not being a game changer, you have NEVER know what it is like to being a game changer in your career. You have NEVER known what it is like as a means of achieving something that is noteworthy, period. And you want to bash me that I don’t come through on the big stage? Please Rhaegar, before bashing someone else on a supposed perception, actually know what it is like to achieve the supposed perception. You don’t have that luxury. Here we stand Rhaegar, that you are someone that supposedly have the talent of a main eventer but in reality, you are less of a fighter as a man that tries to gain sympathy the past few days such as Rex McAllister. You are less of a fighter as a man because you address Angelo, Phoenix Winterburn, The Nas, and Rex McAllistair in the same light as not much to address them, however, Rhaegar? That just shows that you don’t have the passion for winning the match before the match is even won. That just shows that you don’t want to become a world champion because you don’t strike fear into someone’s heart. Look at a few of our upcoming opposition’s speeches and see why they are addressing me first as opposed to you Rhaegar: It’s because I am getting into their head while you come off of a lackluster speech that could more desire which quite frankly? Explains your career. 

[Nick uses a cigarette lighter to burn up the roster picture of Rhaegar, throws it away and turn over to the roster picture of Rex McAllister] 

It is easy to act as if, I don’t have momentum going into this match, at least in the eyes of a man that I believed to be below the category of Chris Elite. What would he understand the concept of momentum as the, be all end all as to determining a winner? Sure it can surely help, but if we were going by that logic Rex McAllister, there would be at least three guys that have momentum but they can’t share Cash in the Vault. No. There is only one winner and that winner is going to win not based on momentum but because he has the pedigree, the experience, showing that he can be clinical when it counts and the fact that he won’t show the willingness to back down. And you know what those traits I speak of describe? ME ME ME ME ME. I have the pedigree of knowing how to beat competition that is far superior to the one that I am facing this upcoming weekend. I have the experience of being in Cash in the Vault than all you mongrels combined. I have shown that I can be clinical just by being at the right place at the right time by setting a tempo and patient game. I have shown that the board of EAW can do anything to contain my growing influence, but all it ever does Rex? It just shows that the board of EAW is trying to prevent the inevitable: a movement that is catching steam by the seconds that will transition into a revolution that makes the current but inefficient and corrupt model obsolete. The board of EAW can try to give me only three matches out of a possible eight ever since Grand Rampage as a means of conspiring behind my back to make me as rusty as possible but little does the board of EAW know? I know their intentions of trying to make me rusty. I know their intentions in order for me to walk into Miami with being out of form as much as possible. I know their intentions for me to basically not come as a battle harden man for the biggest stretch of the year. OF COURSE you would play the “I have more momentum than a man that has been in three matches ever since Grand Rampage” card, because that’s the only card that you can play that could contribute to my final result at Miami. But let’s reverse the role Rex McAllister and put YOU in the same situation as me. As a rookie that hasn’t really been tested and has been underachieving to the very maximum, you couldn’t afford to even be a long period of time in where, you don’t have a match. As a rookie, you don’t have the luxury as a seasoned veteran like me to even get away with going through long period of stretches because unlike you Rex, I have all the know-hows in EAW like the top of my head and I have the experience that you and ALL of the upcoming opposition doesn’t have: experience in Cash in the Vault. Tell me Rex, which one is more valuable? Momentum that can easily be dust off with a crippling loss or experience that you cannot ignore and take away along with knowing how to be in Cash in the Vault when all of your upcoming opposition don’t even know what it is like to be in it? If you don’t think it is the latter, you are delusional but then again, you are a rookie, you talk like a rookie and most importantly? You perform like a rookie and that is going to continue until you get a rude awakening call. Maybe the rude awakening will happen during Miami for the better of development of you Rex, assuming you make it out as a conscious man.

[Nick uses the cigarette lighter to burn up the roster picture of Rex McAllister, throws it away and turn over to the roster picture of the Nas]

Am I meh? Am I not world champion material? Man, I don’t care if I even want to be entertaining. I don’t care if I want to entertain these sheep that would like to jump on circle-jerk bandwagons until someone exposed them for what they really are: hype. These sheep would listen to anything that the board of EAW presents as “the next big thing” such as Phoenix Winterborn until the board of EAW realizes that the hottest flavor of the month is really what he is, a one hit wonder. Quite frankly, I’d rather be the model of starting from ground zero as opposed to the board of EAW trying to establish my own legacy because I don’t want or need the board of EAW help. I don’t care if I want to entertain the millions of sheep that you, Nas represents. Not just your fanbase, but the fanbase of all hypocritical mongrels that I am facing because let’s face it, Nas, the fans? They can care all they want. They can contribute to your merchandise sales which would make you more inclined to be the next EAW’s golden boy. But you know what the fans Nas can never do? They can never make you what you proclaim you are: a world champion material. What do the fans know of judging an individual as a means of becoming world champion material? What do the fans know of who is basically the man that is destined to be successful and who is destined to be a bust? The same fans that are supporting you, Nas were the same fans that were supporting guys that were allegedly world champion material only for those guys to bust that makes the fans look senseless. The same millions that are riding your cocktails were the same ones that were riding Vance Tybull’s and Clark Duncan’s. Again, what do these fans of having the foresight to know a sure thing of a world champion? All the fans have the foresight is supporting guys that are all talk and supporting guys that prove themselves every once in a blue moon. You see Nas, these fans don’t love you because they think you are world champion. These fans love you because they see you as someone that represents them. These fans love you because you have the charisma to manipulate these mongrels to advance your own agenda and nothing more. But the fact of the matter is Nas, while it is ironic that you make a claim that I am not world champion material, I can counter your vague argument with facts when it comes to what makes a someone that is a world champion material. You can have the backing of the fans all you want Nas, but they cannot contribute or take away from being the wrestler that you are. You can have the charisma of a politician Nas, but while that may increase the likelihood of standing out from someone that is a talking cardboard box, that doesn’t equate to being a world champion. Charisma doesn’t mean a thing when actions trump everything and Nas, what have you done for the business that makes you a world champion material? Beating a one hit wonder that has been exposed over and over? What have you done your entire career as a means of actually being a world champion material? You see Nas, I won’t even go into my accolades. I will just bring up that I started from ground zero, stayed there for a couple of months while going against third tier competition despite destroying them on a weekly basis. I was in the dungeons of purgatory. But it is in these events that I showed that nothing can cast aside me. It is in these events that entitlement does not get the best of me. It is in THESE events that I show the true heart of a champion instead of manipulating people in that I am a world champion material just because you represent people that have absolutely no substance into determining who is a world champion material. 

[Nick uses the cigarette lighter to burn up the roster picture of the Nas, throws it away and turn over to the roster picture of Chris Elite]

“Wanting it more” is subjective. Being “more passionate” is the only card that you can play Chris because let’s face it; you got nothing else going for you. You can talk about as if you’re a man that can win the biggest match of your career based on the concept of passion but if we were going by that logic, how can we judge a man just by how “passionate” he is? Do we have a thermometer as a means of “Oh, Wrestler A is more passionate than Wrestler B”? No, we don’t and that is just throwing out generalities which are what you have been doing the past few days. You have never for once use substance, as opposed to me which I have been doing 100% all the way. You have never thrown the true facts as a means of determining who is going to win the most valuable commodity out of Miami: being in the position to succeed along with preparations. Period Chris. And the fact of the matter is, I hold one thing that no one can attest to aside from me: I have the experience of being in Cash in the Vault than all of you mongrels combined. I know Cash in the Vault in the back of my hand meaning that heading into Miami? I know making all the required adjustments; I know how to actually be patient and striking the right time to retrieve the briefcase. Quite frankly Chris, I simply know how to wisely devote my resources into this match because based on the passion on a concept? That is actually a contradiction in a match of attrition such as Cash in the Vault. You don’t want to waste all your resources as a means of trying to take out as much wrestler as possible because all of that plan? That plan can go into a fold all by one hit of a ladder. Do you keep on throwing generalities and ideas when you haven’t thrown out facts such as facing the reality of preparing as an Elitist because let’s face it Chris, your entire career? You haven’t done any preparations as a means of preparing to make adjustments during the match because you don’t have the foresight. All you have is an oblivious “Plan A” that can easily be exposed by more seasoned veterans like me, and you don’t even have a “Plan B” to fall back to. It explains why for the better part of your career? You are struggling to become a somebody. It explains why for the better part of your career, you don’t perform like a wrestler because you cannot think outside the box if your career means it. Out of all the matches I have seen Chris, you haven’t shown one trace of what it likes to be a cunning wrestler, something that is a prerequisite for a match of attrition such as Cash in the Vault. You haven’t shown one trace of what it is like to even grasp the concept of adjustments, being in the position to succeed and executing a masterpiece. The concept of “passion” might work against guys down in Showdown, but you’re kidding yourself that “I want it more” is going to get you the most valuable commodity. You know what will? Functioning as a wrestler, and I’ll be damn Chris if you magically function one all of a sudden. 

[Nick uses the cigarette lighter to burn up the roster picture of Chris Elite, throws it away and turn over to the roster picture of Phoenix Winterborn]

Ah yes, finally we have words from a man that is all talk, but no actions. Ironically, he dares to say “catch these hands” but why should I even FEAR of catching hands from the man that has been an over-hyped one hit wonder that has done less with more along with balking at every goddamn opportunity to assert himself as the golden boy for EAW? Why should I even fear of catching hands from a man that is handed numerous opportunities as a mean of being the “vanguard” of an imaginary faction aka the New Breed only to be a laughing stock for someone that is a model of being an underachiever in every shape and form? Give me one reason Phoenix as to why these hands that you speak of, are even feared, to begin with? Because of the hype, that surrounds you? Please, Phoenix; you have been exposed for what you exactly are: hype, in various forms. You have been exposed by a far superior elitist in Ares Vendetta, a man that hasn’t even been in EAW in the past few months in the Nas and you have been exposed as a means of not being a one hit wonder and that the board of EAW didn’t conspire to benefit you in your fluke win at Fighting Spirit: me. You being exposed should not even be news because let’s face it, what have you done recently that even make you qualify to even contend for a lower midcard title, let alone contending for the most valuable commodity? The only reason why you are here Phoenix is because you were hand-picked by a man that cannot even judge talent if his career means it. The only reason why you are even RELEVANT in the first place is because the board of EAW insists of shoving your face, your name on everything that is magnified only for your shortcomings to be magnified every single time that you have the opportunity to assert yourself. Why would the board of EAW try to give an underachiever like you more opportunities than the common man when you basically have the charisma of a cardboard box and you perform like you’re only here to get paid and nothing more? It’s because Phoenix, you’re the product of what is wrong with the corruptive nature of EAW. It’s because Phoenix, the board of EAW wants to get it right for once because they have seen their golden boy come and go, and they will do EVERYTHING to make something out of nothing. Sure Phoenix, after this match in where you prove that you’re not a big-time player once again, you might be lavished with your usual world title opportunities, you might be lavished of going against premium talents and hell, you might even be awarded titles just for the fun of it but you will NEVER do one thing: carving a talent for yourself because quite frankly the board of EAW tries to give you the legacy and run away with it, but you don’t. Want to know why? The reasoning as to why you don’t want to have a legacy is because you are afraid of success. The reasoning as to why you don’t want to be “the man” in EAW is because you don’t want to be the target of many, but ironically? You haven’t made many friends and a whole lot of enemies that are FAR superior to you in every form: physically, psychologically and mentally because the board of EAW has your name shoved down in every billing, advertisement, and marquee matches. Ironically, you want to live in a world in where you have allies because of your status but the truth of the matter is? There are other guys that are willing to knock you off of your high horse and make you know the reality of what is life like in EAW. The fact of the matter is Phoenix, you can talk about “catch these hands” but I can counter right back….”when will you ever man up as a man, as opposed to hiding behind a powerful institution like a spoiled brat”? 

[Nick uses the cigarette lighter to burn the roster picture of Phoenix Winterborn and look at all the ashes that have amassed.]

All I see is generalities but no substance from anyone. All I see is people that want respect but hasn’t done anything to even earn a single inch of respect from me. All I see is people that try to play multiple cards as a means of talking, but not bringing up a topic that holds any substance into determining of whose walking out of Miami with the most valuable commodity. All I see is people talk about being entertaining, but you know what? I would rather win ugly than lose pretty because I am here to do one thing: assert myself as an all-time great in EAW and if I have to win in a monotone way? So be it. What do my opponents know of winning consistently, let alone winning in an “attractive” way? All I ever see from my upcoming opposition is deluding to think that they are far more passionate than everyone else, but let’s face it: the concept of passion may get you somewhere, but it will NEVER get you the most valuable commodity. What trumps the concept of passion is execution, preparing to be in the position to succeed along with making the forceful execution that makes you stand out from being a common man that is another guy in EAW from somebody that defines greatness in EAW. All I see is guys that bring up the concept of passion as if, they want it more than their upcoming opposition but that is a delusional card to play because simply? This is the big stage. All of my upcoming opposition that brought up the passionate card are delusional to think that they want it the most because this is Pain for Pride, you are committed to performing for Pain for Pride but how do you perform is another question and all I see? Generalities but no substance. Quite frankly, that is fine by me because they can throw out all the meaningless generalities that define a world champion material, but they can never throw substance and you want to know why? It’s because they are either unwitting, idealistic or being overwhelmed by the situation to talk the talk, but only to talk. I, on the other hand, have been wary of what will transpire in Cash in the Vault because I’ve been there before, realistic as to what makes a world champion material and I know for a fact that I may talk the talk, but I can walk the walk based on all the substance that I have thrown out. A substance that will emerge out of Miami? Just me walking out of Miami with the most valuable commodity and have the entire EAW being at the mercy of a man that was supposedly a “lost cause” not that long ago, only to have all the leverage of bringing about a movement into a revolution

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 10:42 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Pain for Pride Promo #2


A sword has no emotions.

A sword cuts without hesitation.

A sword always strike true.

I repeated these phrases in my head as I walked down the hall of the hotel my nemesis resided at. After resurrecting Azumi after her foolish attempt to exceed her own expectations, I realized we needed a plan if we was to get anything done. Tarah attempted to bring us together, but I couldn’t let that bitch hog all the glory. I had an idea on how we could approach this match, but I didn’t need Nova’s ego clouding her judgement...no pun intended.

I knocked on the door several times before it finally opened. Tarah stared at me for a moment, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes Aquaman?”

I stared at Tarah for a moment before replying. The wheels were turning in my head, Not so much on how I wanted to hurt her, but how we was going to wipe out Team New Breed. 

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to tell me something entertaining before I shut this door in your face?”

I sighed before speaking. “JJ Silva has improved his guard over time,” I began. “His stance involves him standing with his lead foot turned inward -- which is common in boxing -- and is rather flat-footed, a pair of details that make him quite vulnerable to low kicks. Furthermore, Silva very much fights with pressure tactics and does great work in the clinch, so lots of lateral movement can also throw him off his game.”

Tarah blinked for a moment.

“Are you going to stand there looking stupid or are you going to let me in?”

Tare muttered under her breath as she stepped aside, allowing me to walk inside her room. I looked around briefly before turning back to her.

“Is Cailin here?”

“Nope. Sorry you just miss-”

“Good.”I sat on the couch, putting my feet on the table. “I wanted to only see you. You call yourself our ‘leader’? Then lead away...but you’re going to need council. I can provide that.”

“Sorry ‘sweets’, but Ivy has that covered,” Tarah said, crossing her arms.

“This is why you’re going to lose to me Nova. You’re so concerned with placing your ego with everything you don’t see a golden ticket when it’s in front of your face.” I sighed, staring at my phone.

“I thought you hated me Cloudy-with-a-chance-of-Meatballs.”

“I do, I just hate losing more.”

“Why are you playing ball with me now? Why not earlier?”

“Refer to my earlier statement,” I replied, sighing once again.

“Fine. Let’s get to the point so you can be on your way. What other little ‘tactics’ did you think of?’”

I took some pretzels from the table bowl and began munching. “Lucas is a pure grappler, but like Silva will suffer from a pure striker. Azumi needs to take him. Piff Fumador can fly and his lucha is on point, which is why I need to take him. I have the most experience against Mexican wrestlers. Venom is a Grade A Texas-style brawler...but so is Cailin. But she’s more versatile so he’ll deceptively fall to her skills. Erica has strong low kicks which will hinder Silva’s style. She’s also small and quick, so her lateral movements will throw him off guard. As for you, Haruna Sakazaki has never beat you. PFP will be no exception...again.”

Tarah walked over to me. “Don’t you want a crack at her?”

“Like I said...I care about winning more. Haruna and I...are even in many ways.”

“In other words...you can never beat me.” Tarah smiled.

I stared at Tarah for a moment as I considered my words. “Two Craze Dazes.”


“It took two Craze Dazes to lay me out, and even then I kicked out. You give yourself away when you attempt a superkick, which confuses me. Kicking is not your strong suit. I was able to brace for impact even though I couldn’t block. But, you’re a ring general Tarah Nova. You know how to use your environment to get over and boy are you tough as hell....but you’re no Cailin Dillon.” I stood up walking towards the door. “She’s the only one I’m worried about in this match. Azumi’s too slow for me, even our sensei admitted as much. Erica’s rusty as hell and her tag experience over shadows her singles experience. Good for us in the beginning, terrible for her in the end. You still underestimate me, I can see it in your eyes…” 

I leaned against the door, taking in Tarah’s narrowed eyes. I continued with cold efficiency. Heh, ‘efficiency’.

“When we first faced off in that fatal four way, you was better than me. In our one on one, I learned to adapt to your style. My anger got the best of me in the six man match...but I’m so focused right now Tarah. I hate you more than you’ll ever know...but if I let my childish antics from yesterday get the best of me, then Cailin- yes not you- will walk out Specialist Champion. She’ll take advantage of our rivalry Tarah. Cai will burn any and every bridge to get what she wants. “But Cloudy, I already know that!” No you don’t Tarah…” I opened the door.

“Because if you did, then you would know my pain. It’s only a matter of time though…”

Door closed.

Before she lets go of you too.


Good JJ, you’re fired up for our match. I want you to rage JJ, I want you to march in there with that New Breed title over your shoulder, chin held up high and ready to take on the world. I want you to be as confident as confident can with feeling that guaranteed victory is at your grasp. Give us one hell of a show, give us the performance of our life JJ Silva! Show us that you more than Crash’s lackey, show us that you’re more than Chris Elite’s bitch, show us that you’re more than Brody Sparks’ gardener every other Wednesday! Show me your truth Silva...and then I’ll show you mine...the truth of your crushing defeat. I want you to know what crushing defeat feels like JJ Silva! Do or die Silva? Then die. That’s right JJ...just die with a broken heart and shattered dreams because that’s the only outcome for you in this match. We’ll dance around that boxing style guard of yours like five whirling dervishes, cutting your wack ass style into pieces. You claim yourself to be a champ, but look at the rest of your sorry ass New Breed division. Of course in a world of wack ass lower midcarders, JJ Silva stands tall with that weak chin held up high! Yeah I know you have a weak chin...your boy “J” told me as much. He doesn’t really go by that name, but you know damn well who I’m talking about.

Oops, now you do Cailin. Oh well. (shrugs)

We can both agree that you’re a survivor JJ, but being an Elitist is about more than surviving...it’s about winning. It’s about exceeding your own expectations to reach to the grand heights above! Do you have what it takes to rise above JJ? Nah...you’re too busy fighting for scraps. You’re a great New Breed champ Silva...but that’s just about it. It’s okay though since in a few months I’ll need someone to curtain jerk my main events. Your grand design is a flawed one- no wait, it’s actually perfect...if your design is about suffering the biggest loss in your career. If getting your ass handed to you by five vixens is your fate, then so be it.

I was wondering which one of you would play the role of the typical male pig and I must say Lucas Johnson you did not disappoint...in a away. I was hoping for you to be the adorable church going type, but nah, you just had to call us sluts and criticize our sex lives. Then again, everyone criticizes my sex life...probably because that’s one of the few things they can actually use against me (sighs). You Elitists certainly lack imagination I’ll say that much. I’ll leave the Queen of Submission to out strike your sorry ass, especially since Azumi’s gonna need to warm up before she faces off against me.

Which reminds me…

This is a Divide-and-Conquer match which means I’ll be fighting my comrades for the Specialist Championship...again. This is like what...the fifth time I’m fighting with this belt on the line? Let’s see...I won 2/4 of my Specialist matches so basically there’s a fifty percent chance I will walk away with the title. “But Cloud! There’s five of you-” Listen sweets...when the smoke clears it’s likely only four of us will remain standing. One of these vixens will be a lamb sent to the slaughter, that much each one of us know, Funny thing is we each think it won’t be ourselves...but you never know in this business. This reality...Our Reality will be reflected by our batting order. Who will go first? Which two vixens will depend on one another to take a crack at clean sweep? Not even I know...but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, is that Tarah, Cailin, and myself will be standing amongst the survivors. Which leaves Shinsei Domei. Which one of you will throw yourself on the cross and sacrifice for the greater cause? A cause more important than either of your budding careers? A defeat by Team New Breed is worse than losing to either Tarah, Cai, or myself. I suggest you both talk amongst yourselves about it. In the meantime…

Tarah Nova you have the most to lose on our team. I wouldn’t be surprised if you put yourself last, in fact I implore you Tarah Nova! There’s nothing more I want in this world than to pin you. But as recent events have depicted, we don’t always get what we want. But there’s one thing do I know. When you and Aria was taking pics with Carson’s dog, I was hitting the heavy bag. When you go shopping with Cailin, I’m lifting weights. During Ryan’s “Nut in Tarah and Chill” hours I’m working on my form in the ring. It’s already bad enough I’m adapting to your style Tarah...I suggest you worry less about what new names to call me and focus on how to exploit my weaknesses. Instead of laughing at my song with Cailin- yeah I’m sure she’s played it for you- I suggest you study my past matches. This is Pain for Pride 9...not 8 where you beat a weakened Vixens division. Wake the fuck up Tarah Nova! Wipe that grin from your face and prepare yourself for the fight we enter together and the war that will pit us against each other.

Cailin same goes for you. I know you have dreams about standing on top of the world, but so do I. That alone is more than enough to cause a rift between us...which it has. You’re right about you being the one have ended things. Maybe it's for the best, especially with so much at stake. It doesn’t mean that I’m hurting any less...but it’s whatever at this point. When Team New Breed gets blown in the dust, it’ll be us going head to head...with 1-2 other foes on our heels. I always knew it was a matter of time for us Cai...for us to fight. Maybe you saw it before I did...or maybe you had more guts than I do to face the storm head on. Right now I would say we’re even in that respect. I just need you to know...to understand...that I will not fall to you so easily. Matter of fact, I have no intention to falling to you t all. You were right about one thing; You can be beaten. You can lose. You’ll do as such at Pain for Pride- I’m sorry to shatter your dreams, for I know how important this is to you…but I only concern myself with my own dreams these days. Now if you excuse me I gotta go train while you go out partying with Tarah and Aria.

By the way JJ, tomorrow’s Wednesday. Don’t be late mowing Brody’s lawn.

Also, Liam Catteron is a cuck.

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Post on June 28th 2016, 9:54 pm by Vic Vendetta
Double The Standards

My last two matches against Aren Mstislav may have finished in annihilation and I'm no more the EAW Champion. All things considered, to general society eye, I may not be the best but rather the general population out there who watch that value me... they realize that I am. They realize that those annihilations were simply knocks on a street that is going to get a mess straighter and a mess more straightforward. I know, they know and now it's about demonstrating it. In all genuineness, I'm beginning to take a getting a kick out of the chance to the possibility of this match and that both the EAW and CWF Championships are at stake. I'm in this to demonstrate that despite everything I have what it takes to be the best once more, to be both CWF and EAW Champion once more. At that point there's Carlos Rosso who's in it for himself and himself just, loving himself to be the champ. It's exclusive intelligent to me that in the event that I need to demonstrate that I'm the champion once more, I should take out each and every individual who's remaining in my direction and going about as rivalry. Carlos Rosso is somebody who's arranging himself as rivalry by calling himself what he's definitely not. That at the top of the priority list, let me make it clear... perfectly clear... I'm hoping to win the EAW Championship at Pain For Pride. Thus, starting right now, to take a page out of Aren's book a lord will be delegated at Pain For Pride. What do you look like yourself in the mirror after each time I have verged on beating you Aren?
I'll be straightforward, I need to give myself a corrosive shower subsequent to losing to you?. I'll give you props, you haven't got an ounce of disgrace and you obviously couldn't care less about your picture. Praise to you. Presently, see, you have this self image and you believe that strolling tall at Pain For Pride will be simple. Indeed, I'm here to let you know that isn't the situation. There's a considerable measure of things standing your direction and none is more forcing and difficult to overcome than me, trick me once, disgrace on me, trick me twice disgrace on you, you can't trick me a third time . It's just plain obvious, I've dedicated a considerable measure of time, exertion and sweat into this organization. I've given one serious parcel to the fans throughout the years and it is extremely unlikely I'm going to release the majority of that to squander by permitting a dull, sub-par, unintelligent and rather dumb person like you strike me out at bat. That is the reason this week, Aren? I'm glad to run toe to toe with you and exit with the win and both my titles. It has an inclination that it's been one serious in length time since I last held the EAW Championship and that is something else that is impelling me on further. I have a point to demonstrate to everybody out there and I'm set up to demonstrate that point to your detriment. It's as simple as that. Aren you will lay at my foot the same way I had your lord Lannister.

For over numerous years, I have been put through all the misery that a man can continue in this organization. I have looked as titles were tore far from me, how I was pulled once again from the masses of fanatic from accomplishing the big showdown, tumbling from the best of statures to accomplishing what I set out to do, I have been through every one of the battles a man can be put through, so I would say that hellfire has been my home for my vocation here in EAW. I don't have confidence in the otherworldly domain that exists where you see devils tormenting you in wicked conduct and led by a fallen heavenly attendant that has transformed into the encapsulation of underhandedness and the meaning of dimness, yet I trust that we as a whole live in our own types of Hell every last day that we live on Earth. The battles of having a framework that holds a blade in my back with every movement I make, each breath I take, the difficulties of achieving my own objective and turning into a best on the planet while vanquishing my foes, and the torment that I need to persevere through steel, wood, and now fire, that has been my damnation, however I will keep on going through it to achieve my Heaven at Pain For Pride.  I use to think that maybe I lost my mojo and it time for me to hang up the boots finally I’m not the Victor everyone remembers and I know damn sure I’m not the Victor I used to be. I am wearing a mask and it’s about time I took this off and showed the world my true face. This reminds of a little story….Six hours into the day. Six hours and sixty six minutes into the day! This is the same time Victor Vendetta was conceived, over thirty one years ago. This is the precise time Mrs. Vendetta delivered a healthy baby boy at hospital in Louisiana nine months later. What is it about time? I think time is what everybody wants most but use worst. You see, I never took a single, solitary second of my time for granted. I would have no right to do so. It was given to me as a gift, so I cherish these precious moments. Not just the sunrises and the wings flapping. I succumb to those fine, minute details that this life offers, sure… Much like yourselves. You all will fall short as I finally regain what rightfully belonged to me.
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There’s a reason that Mariah Carey’s face twists into the shadiest of expressions whenever someone mentions Ariana Grande within earshot. There’s a reason why I’m sure Michael Jordan couldn’t stand the fact that anyone ever likened Steph Curry to him. No trailblazer ever wants to think for a second that they could be duplicated. Sure, those who kicked down doors always said they do it for the benefit of everyone who came after them, but when you actually talk to the legend in question? That’s when you see where they truly stand. You’ll have originators who truly did set foot on new ground not just for themselves, but so that everyone who came after them would be afforded with the same opportunities to make history. Of course, you’ve also got the selfish ones, who played the game for them and them alone, and do their damnedest to cut down anyone who has the misfortune of jumping into the fray after they did. This, obviously, is where HBG stands, and it baffles me. What was the point of fighting to legitimize the Vixens division if you can’t stand to breathe the same air as any other woman who got into the industry after you did? Ohhhh, you thought you were a once in a lifetime talent, right? You thought your word was gospel, didn’t you? You thought your trash ass opinions and views could make and break careers, right? You got it in your head that when you said jump, I’d say how high? Know this, HBG -- I don’t need your seal of approval, so you saying last Voltage that you didn’t respect me isn’t gonna keep me up at night. I’m not gonna wait around for you to sign off on anything that I do, but I suppose you thought the opposite. You’ve spent so long looking down on the rest of us that you actually started to believe that I’d be crushed under the weight of your attempts to slander me. There’s probably something in you that believes I don’t know my place, and it’s your job as a Hall of Famer to humble me. Maybe you appointed yourself the gate-keeper, and I hate to break it to you, but you’re a bit too late to keep me from crashing the party that is the Vixens division. You’re about a year too late. Make no mistake, there’d never have been a time where I’d let you get in my ear and talk me into thinking less of myself, but waiting almost an entire calendar year to try and make me backpedal? That’s a bad look. When I won this title, I did it for me. I didn’t do it to try and match my boyfriend, I didn’t do it to try and put Scotch tape on my friends’ fragmented relationships...I did it for me. Spiting you was just a nifty little bonus. How does it feel to know that your best doesn’t always cut it 100% of the time anymore? The Vixens Championship was dangled in front of both of our faces. You knew the stakes. You came to collect souls. You were vicious and bloodthirsty, and yet...you fell. You failed. When it looked like you were at your best, you couldn’t seal the deal, and I am the reason why. That’s why you hate me, because in my rise to the top, I’ve spited you. Big match scenarios are what birth Hall of Famers like you, and when it came down to playing the game you thought you knew, I beat you. You tried to keep me under the sole of your boot, and I yanked your leg out from underneath you. Your face burns hot with anger and embarrassment and you grumble to yourself, “Who the fuck does she think she is?” But you know the answer to that question, don’t you?

I’m the Vixens Champion. Don’t act like you forgot.

You’ve probably done what you can to assure yourself that I’ve never faced anyone quite like you before, but you’re wrong. You’re the latest in a long line of people I’ve faced that thought they had me all figured out. You weren’t the first one who played dumb, wrote me off, and ignored the threat in front of their face because they wanted to take the easy route. Many before you have done it for the sake of keeping their ego intact, and after I’ve pushed you aside, I’m sure others will adopt the same bad habit. I know what you’re made of, HBG. I know you don’t intend to make Pain for Pride easy for me, but I also know I can dispatch of you all over again, because you’re not knew. Being underestimated by the likes of you is nothing new to me, because it’s the same shit that many people -- whether they deserved to turn their nose up or not -- have done. Do you think having your head in the clouds is a smart thing to do? It’s like you’re begging for me to bitch slap you back down to Earth. You don't learn. You’re not taking any of this seriously, I know you’re not. You’re not looking at me, you’re looking past me. Foolish. I mean, if your assumptions about me hadn’t left you totally empty-handed at this point, maybe it wouldn’t be such a horrible idea, but here you are -- title-less and as entitled as ever. Still, nothing you’ve said or done to me has been revolutionary. It’s all recycled, so I can’t really buy into your belief that you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever dealt with. Much in that same regard, you probably think I’m just like every other Vixen you’ve laid your eyes on. You’ve seen many a girl come and go. You’ve seen the pretty faces stream in and out of the company, and while some make their mark, plenty of others fall by the wayside. Maybe as the jaded veteran, you assumed at the get-go that I’d fall into the second category, but the time for having that thought in the forefront of your mind is long gone. I’m waiting for it to sink in for you that I’m not at all what you think I am. You still think I’m a flash in the pan or a flavor of the week, but disposable bitches don’t do what I’ve done. They don’t win tournaments. They don’t get up when they’re knocked down. And they definitely don’t defy prima donnas with outdated views and psycho protegees to win coveted championships. The way you perceive this whole situation doesn’t matter, because if I’m just a rookie who caught a lucky break...what does that say about you, the woman who couldn’t put me away when a gun was pointed at your head? You’ve accused me in the past of not coming down off my post-Triple Threat high quickly enough and looking at this whole thing with rose-colored glasses, but between the two of us, I think I’ve got the best grip on things. Me being the Vixens Champion is reality, much to your chagrin. It might very well be your worst nightmare, but still...this is the world you live in now. A chance to keep it from being so presented itself, and you didn’t capitalize. I admit, I can be a little too idealistic for my own good, but this isn’t one of those time. I’m seeing things crystal clear right now. I’d say I’m viewing our encounter for exactly the knock-down, drag-out that it’ll be. I’ve always regarded you as the threat that you are. I’ve never gone into any match with you thinking that I wasn’t about to be pushed to my limits. Believe it or not, no matter how you feel about someone, it’s possible to give credit where it’s due and not let pettiness cloud your vision. You should try it sometime! Admit it, honey. This fantasy world you live in where the odds are always slanted in your favor comes apart at the seams just a little bit more every day, and come Pain for Pride, I’m demolishing it completely. I’m forcibly bringing you back to the land of the living, where the playing field you and I stand on is far more level than you’d care to admit. It’ll be my pleasure to re-introduce you to the 2016 Vixens division, where success is guaranteed to no one, not even you. From this dog-eat-dog division, I rose up as the HBIC. Pain for Pride background or not, you’re walking into my house. When this is all over you’ll find yourself at the feet of the Queen of the New Guard again, wondering where you went wrong.

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Nico Borg - PFP Promo 4

24/7: IV


Fret not thyself because of evildoers,
And neither be thou envious toward the workers of iniquity
For they shall wither quickly like the grass,
Amd fade like the green herb.

Psalm 37: 1-2

Drop the act, Liam. Of the seventeen competitors in this match, there are exactly zero looking for thrills alone. Every last one of us is here for that 24/7 contract. So you don’t care about victories anymore? Was that the most intimidating way you could think of to say that you’ve accepted defeat already. I know you love to act the tough guy, but I am afraid you are not very convincing. You rail at the very idea that you’ve been slipping recently, but If you really were as dominant as you like to make believe, you would not even be in this match. You are established. You have been here for a while. You had won titles. A World Title even. Yet, you had nothing going on heading into the greatest e-wrestling event of them all, Pain for Pride. I know I didn’t really need to tell you that. But for the benefit of anyone who cares, here are some home truths.You are a dying husk of your former self and it is making you sick. I can even see the colour draining from your face as you think about it. You’re thinking about the higher billing afforded to men such as Carlos Rosso, Jacob Senn, Y2Impact. Once upon a time these were all guys that you were putting down enroute to being crowned King of Extreme and ultimately EAW Answers World Champion. Now they have all left you in the dust, and you are telling me that this doesn’t bother you. Liars are worse than thieves, Liam. And you are not winning this game when I can literally see you turn green with envy...Or is that right? Maybe it is fear...wait...What am I even saying?   For you the twain must no doubt sit so closely as to be indistinguishable. You envy those who have taken your spot at the top of the hill and fear you will never have the strength to drag yourself back up there again. Resentment meets regret as your stomach coils into knots and a little piece of vomit sticks to the back of your throat. It is killing you, and now consciously or unconsciously you are clawing desperately for a way to cope. You see, when you talk about feasting on the whole lot of us, it all smacks of wishful thinking to me. You cannot cope without telling yourself that. You NEED this match. What better way to stave off feelings of inadequacy and emasculation than to defeat sixteen others and claim a fast-track back to the Main Event. But you are making a grave mistake. I have told you before and I shall repeat myself but once. You have bitten off more than you can chew. You are going to choke.

Well how about this. Terry Chambers is still talking to me. How nice. Terry I must apologise for the comment about wanting to drop you on your head. I do understand exactly how inappropriate that was seeing as someone has already got there first. You do realise that the Young Lions Cup is an example of a past success right? And if you really are not proud of it then I fail to understand why you even decided to mention it in your very first address to this competition. You know what? I’m not even interested in arguing that point. ‘Past Successes’ meant more than just titles anyway. ‘Money. Fame. Prestige.’ Do you remember that? Or are you too senile, old timer? I swear you must be losing the plot! First you’ve failed to make a huge impact bar a couple of victories here and there, then overnight that’s been revised to ‘unstoppable’. Tell me Terry, which is it? Actually...nope. Don’t bother. I’m sure I can make better sense of history than you can. Somewhere in the midst of that incoherent mess, you actually touched on something that was true. You really haven’t enjoyed all that much success at all, have you? You wouldn’t know it from the way you act. What with the vainglory and snide insults aimed at the younger, fresher, more exciting ‘scrubs’ - as you call us. That routine can make things a little confusing. But clearly the bitter truth is that your whole damn career has been no better than average, oftentimes worse,  from start to finish. You know what Terry. In a way you are just like Liam. You envy the real greats who actually are enjoying their successes now, and at the same time you fear falling further and being overtaken by promising younger competitors. You’ll  put on the pretences of that to which you aspire. And you’ll throw around whatever  insults and idle threats to try and maintain the vain image. But ultimately it is for nothing. Your time is over.

Envy is a green eyed monster which mocks the meat it feeds on. By giving in to this beast you have only struck a blow against yourselves. People speak of one’s desires being a motivator. As if our passions are an engine which drive us forward. But to envy another is to hold yourself under him, instead of under the beatific vision of God. Each of you have tried to cast yourselves as shining lights above me. But I will not buy into your illusions. You are as the grass that withers in the scorching sun. You imitate the colours which are yellow and golden, but you do not light the way in the darkness. Inside you are empty and consumed. I want for nothing and will envy no man. My faith in the Lord sustains me, and gives me the strength to move mountains. Victory is mine alone to claim. You envy my prize and seek to steal a place above one’s station. But you will envy still or learn to take joy in a deserving man’s triumphs, because when the kingdom comes I alone will walk away with the 24/7 contract.

Number your days.

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Pain for Pride 9 - Promo #2: Refuse to Lose

Here I am landing on my private jet from Atlanta International Airport into Orlando International Airport, this is a big week for me because not only is this weekend Pain for Pride 9 but also shortly after will be the draft lottery that will change the landscape of Elite Answers Wrestling forever and I plan to walk into the draft lottery with championship gold around my waist and that championship gold will be the New Breed Championship! The division between the Vixens and the New Breed division is commencing and there will be a championship match this weekend but the question is who? The obvious and only answer is the New Breed Championship, I refuse to walk out of Sun Life Stadium WITHOUT the New Breed Championship and that is the bottom line and damn I need to get a few things off of my chest!

Man you use the word salvation with ease....I am a fellow Christian myself but I would never say that word so many times in one sitting. Our savior lord Jesus Christ may be looking down at us humans giving us the right direction and living our way to the fullest. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason no matter if it's good or bad and if anyone is asking for salvation it is me. Ever since I joined the land of the elite it has been a tough road, I started out on the losing column and yeah losing sucked a lot but the only thing I had going for me JJ was showing that I can AT LEAST with the big boys. I was a small fish in ocean surrounded by sharks waiting to be swallowed but every single week I out swam those sharks deep and deep into the ocean. Lets go down the list of some of the 'sharks' I have faced since I joined the main roster here at Elite Answers Wrestling, my wrestling debut was on Battleground against Mexican Samurai in a non-title match. Man I will never forget that, goose bumps running up and down my spine but still I did face Carlos Russo for the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, Y2Impact, Dark Demon the former Hall of Fame Champion, the list goes on and on...but the million dollar question did you really think I had a chance? Now look at the National Football League, the Seattle Seahawks face the Jacksonville Jaguars, what do you think happens? Going into that week you think oh man it's going to be a blow out no question, easy win for Russell Wilson and company. But I am really Jacksonville Jaguars that maybe have losing season at first but they gain experience with their younger squad and look towards the future matches so down the line that team turns into a dynasty and wins championships upon championships! Now would you look at that? Don't the Jaguars and ya boy have some things in common don't they? Would you look at that? Now don't get me wrong I love to win and want to win in this business, if you don't to win championships in this business then what they hell are you doing here? I did just that at the Ohio State University and now I am looking to do it here at the land of the elite. You claim that this year has been you killing legends and ending careers left and right but if we look at the calendar year in this business starting at the end of Pain for Pride 8 to now, you and myself have similar careers. You started The Iconomy shortly after the draft lottery, got a New Breed Championship match at Mid Summer Massacre but failed to cash on that opportunity and fell down the mountain and blamed your failures on The Iconomy and not yourself. You need to give yourself a look in the mirror JJ Silva because the only way you learn from mistakes is own up to them and that is a prime example Omerta is a waist of time because you are not winning matches by yourself, no fucking shit smart ass I wouldn't stand a chance on all of Omerta because it would be a four on one assault and my chances would drastically decline, no questions asked. Everything on your own is not from your own doing though, it's all been Omerta. Since Hexa-Gun has fallen someone feels they need to be the top stable and here's another example with Omerta, Zack Crash just needs to to have all the power doesn't he? But you are right for once JJ, we need to win as a team against the Vixens so I can get that official New Breed Championship match....

Wow Cailin Dillon I appreciate the compliment praising my wrestling abilities, you and me have the same dreams Mrs. Dillon, I am just a kid from Atlanta and my dreams are hitting sky high and never in a million years I would think I would have made it to the big leagues here at the land of the elite and I am just one short match away from having and owning my Pain for Pride moment in my first Pain for Pride ever in the sold out Sun Life Stadium for three straight nights! I may have a accused of a false accusation before about using your looks to win matches but the truth of the matter is you are right we have never crossed paths before but when the bell hits this weekend at Pain for Pride 9, our wrestling dreams come true and we will finally realize that we made it on the grand stage of Pain for Pride, the show of shows, the biggest show of the year, our companies Super Bowl! I respect you as a wrestler just like Azumi Goto but once that bell rings all bets are off, I am not screwing up my first go around, this only happens once a year and this Pain for Pride moment will be MINE! Now Tarah Nova you crack me up my friend....you claim that YOU are going to make ME your bitch? I find that fucking hilarious the only thing that is happening to you is me whipping that candy ass of yours and pinning you in the middle of the ring one....two....three! Your Pain for Pride dreams are going to wind up in smoke when I am done with you. In-denial is a perfect example of someone not facing the facts and the fact is that Tarah Nova is THE SLUT around here. Is that the reason why you were out for so long is because you were sleeping with other guys while fake pretending to still be with Mister DEDEDE? I don't give a shit who you have beaten in the past, I don't give who you have taken out. Just like Cailin and almost every Vixen in this match, we have NEVER crossed paths before and this weekend will be the first time you step into the ring with the wrestling machine and trust me that arm won't be used for ass smacking when I break that shit with The Machine Break.....
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Post on June 28th 2016, 9:02 pm by Cailin Dillon

Pain for Pride #2
A teenaged Cailin Dillon stands leaning against a fence on her dad’s farm as her father comes walking up beside her. They pause together as they stare out at the lights from the distant Dallas skyline. She smiles as he looks over at her.
Tommy: Whatcha thinking about, hunny?
Cailin: Just dreaming… those lights are so bright out there and sometimes I think about myself in the middle of those lights. All of them shined down on me. I think of a spotlight shone down while I dazzle the world. I think of…
Tommy: You think of wrestling. I know. I’d be naïve if I pretended my daughter dreamed of sticking around this farm and riding in a combine or watching after the cattle. No, from the day you were born you had that glimmer I your eye and I just knew you were meant for big things. Your mother, she would’ve wanted you to do something a little less dangerous. But I turned on that TV one time and you were hooked.
Cailin: Yeah, I’m hooked all right. I just imagine what it must be like to become a champion when the lights are the brightest. Nothing else would matter in that moment. Some people are destined to stand under the bright lights. Others… their destiny is to become champions under that brightness. Someday, dad, it’s going to be me. When they put the spotlight on me, I’ll be standing in the corner and holding the title high up in the air.
Tommy: It’s a hell of a dream baby girl. It’s going to take hard work and determination and a great bit of development to reach that point. Look at… look at EAW. Pain for Pride is such a huge event. Only the best get to that stage. And only the legends come out of their with wins. So you’re telling me you plan on becoming a legend then?
Cailin: Dad I will be a legend someday. I don’t know how I’ll do or where it’ll be at, but I will achieve it. If I make it to EAW and become a legend among the best in the world, then maybe you’ll see your little girl fighting alongside other legends at Pain for Pride. Maybe I’ll make it there. If I do, nothing will spoil it for me. Nothing.
Tommy: You’ve got huge hopes and dreams. I wouldn’t want anything more for you. For now, why don’t you get inside and finish up your homework before your mind ventures off to perfecting some maneuver or something. I’ve got to go check on the horses.
Tommy grabs Cailin’s shoulder and walks off as she turns and stares back out at the lights. The scene fades into present day, where Cailin is standing on a balcony looking out at the lights of Miami.
Tarah: Whatcha thinking about, Ivy?
Cailin smirks and turns to look at Tarah as she looks out over the lights.
Cailin: I was just thinking back to a conversation I had when I was younger. With my dad. I stood out on the farm and looked out towards the big city lights and I told him I was going to be here someday.
Tarah: In Miami? I mean it’s nice but the sun here just beams down on you and it gets so hot.
Cailin: No… I mean Pain for Pride. I told him I was going to fight on the biggest stage of them all, and I was going to become a legend. I was going to beat legends. Now standing here in Miami and knowing that moment could be a few days away… it’s surreal.
Tarah: Well hold on. You know that moment is gonna be mine, right?
Tarah grins as Cailin laughs and shakes her head.
Cailin: When it comes down to it, as much as I love you girl, I want this moment just as much if not more than you. This match is so strange and could go so many ways. But I’m just going to make sure that it ends with me right there at the end. A chance to make my dreams come true. While so many people this week will be trying to settle scores or shock the world, I’m just going to do this one for me. I’m going to do it for me and for my mom.
Tarah: Geez, Ivy. You’re getting all emotional on me here.
Cailin: It’s not like that. Well it is, but… I’ve always believed I was capable of something really big. Winning the Specialist’s Championship and holding on to it for awhile — that was huge. Don’t get me wrong. But this has a different feel. This is New Breed vs. Specialist’s. And I basically defined what it means to be Specialist’s champ. Without my time as that champion, I don’t think that belt could have been built up to what it is now. You know, you don’t feel like it’s all that different from being Vixen’s champ. It feels like you’re at the top of the division.
Tarah: Well, yeah, but I’m the leader of the Vixens so I was already there. This just proves it.
Cailin: It just cements it as fact. The leader has gold. It’s still my gold by the way, no matter what anyone says. My journey to this point has been crazy. You know I never knew what to expect after the way it started. When I showed up last June, right before Pain for Pride, they started to put together this plan to introduce me. I mean, sure, I was going to fight the good fight and get myself in the ring there early on. But they introduced me to JJ and he laid out the whole plan of how it was going to work. He kept calling me a gold mine just waiting to be found. It sort of reminded of what my dad always told me, but that I never really believed fully. Just one of those things your parents tell you to make you feel good about yourself. I didn’t know whether or not to take this guy seriously when he said it. And then things started happening.
Tarah: Yeah, I lost to Maddie and I left. I turn around and Cailin Dillon is trying to rule EAW all on her own.
Cailin laughs and shakes her head. She looks out towards the lights again.
Cailin: The light came on. It was dim, but it was on. And I started to realize what I could be capable of here. I didn’t have to stand in line and wait my turn. If I wanted, I needed to take. That philosophy has never changed. Whether I was pals with Haruna, linked at the hip with Cloud or hanging with my Harley. I’ve always done what I needed to do to get by. There’s always been a bigger picture. Have there been missteps along the way? You betcha. But the same can be said for every single one of us in this business. Especially for the 10 people in this match. When it comes down to it though, I’ve survived so many wars. So many more than some people could understand. The moment I stepped in a ring with Claudia, she took this grasp over me. She was determined to single-handedly force me out of this company by proving I wasn’t worthy of being here. She never came close and I survived a battle of attrition. But when it came to the war between us, my last blow to her was the one that cost her so much. I was also put at the bottom of the group when Eris LeCava and Aria Jaxon came here with me. I was the darkhorse that might achieve something. Aria won Empress of Elite and Eris quickly became Vixens champ. But they just didn’t expect the same out of me. The light was dim back then, but it grew bright quickly. It’s gone from dim to bright a few times along the way to this point. But now I see it shining right in reaching distance. And it’s blinding.
Tarah: The thing with this kind of match, though, is it ends in darkness and cold showers for nine people.
Cailin: But I don’t have to be one of those nine people. No disrespect to you Harley, but I won’t just rest or back down in this match. I’m coming in to this to win the whole thing. I’m going to make sure that the Specialist’s team wins this match and dispatches of the New Breeds one-by-one. And then I’m going to make sure that when this match comes down to the final two, I’m in that group. And when that final bell rings, I’m going to be the last one standing. Even if that means beating my best friend and even if that means beating my ex-girlfriend.
Tarah: You just called her your ex?
Cailin: You see the trash she’s putting out. Of course I’m not affiliating myself with that outside of this match. Everyone is her enemy now and the world is out to get her or whatever, but this match is about me. I’ve overcome great odds before to win matches. Lately I’ve fallen off and not always done the things I need to do to be the best me. That time is over though. The world will see Cailin Dillon better than ever before when they lay their eyes on me at Pain for Pride. The spotlight will shine brightly on me as I reclaim the championship I built from the ground up. You know, I won my very first match in this company just weeks after the last Pain for Pride. This is like the start of Year 2 for me. Rookie status is going to officially be gone when I step foot in that ring this weekend. SO Year 2 is going to start with a bang. I’m going to become the Specialist’s champion again no matter who makes it to ehd end of that match. To be honest, I hope it’s you.
Tarah: You want to fight me?
Cailin: Imagine the story it would tell. Aria might be the Vixen’s champion and Sheridan might think all eyes are watching her every move. But the truth is we’ve been leading the Vixens Division at different times over the last year. So why not have the two penultimate leaders meet head-to-head in that ring and see which one of us deserves the crown. I know that’s a touchy subject with you. Last time I said something you told me I could sit on the edge of your throne but I best remember that it’s yours and yours alone.
Tarah: That’s right, you better not forget that.
Cailin: Believe me Tare, I won’t forget it. But I also won’t just accept it either. I know how much that title means to you. You know how much that title you have means to me. That’s why the story that would be told if we end up having to fight for that title, would be the craziest tale of all. Even crazier than me having to take out Stephanie along the way. You can’t say I’m wrong.
Tarah: Well, I suppose not. But…
Cailin: But nothing. It’s gonna happen Tarah. Look at those lights. Those lights were meant for people like us. But at the end of the night, that spotlight is only big enough to shine on one person. That person is the champion. And I will be that person. The poison one, clad in green and ivy, will take the title once again. And it won’t be because I had to stab someone in the back or because I distracted someone with beauty. It will be because I have the best match of the 10 people in that ring. I was born for this moment, Harls. I was meant to stand under the bright lights clad in gold. Pain for Pride will be green and gold. Ivy grows and it takes over. Ivy is about to take over Pain for Pride.
Before Tarah can respond, Cailin pushes from the railing and walks back into the room as the scene fades out.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 9:00 pm by kennydrake
Pain for Pride IX

So many voices, all saying nothing...so many voices that no-one is listening to.

Here we are, days away from the BIGGEST night of the year, and I am...I’m STRUGGLING to find the words. What can be said that hasn’t already been said a million times over? “All those other elitists are going over the top! I’M going to be the winner! Entrant Number One, you said This, so I SAY THAT!”

Seriously. What are we doing here?

You all need to take a step back and take a look at this match from everyone else’s point of view. You’re not walking into a Battle Royal. You’re walking into a Wolvesden.
With the biggest, ANGRIEST, HUNGRIEST WOLF THERE IS!! This isn’t going to be a match, boys! Not in the slightest. This is going to be a MASSACRE. Children will cry! Parents will weep! The ring will drip with blood, and standing atop the pile of bodies - the Alpha Wolf...The Saint of Killers.


Now, I get it...that’s awful hypocritical of me, isn’t it? I mock everyone for regurgitating their lines like they’re mama birds feeding chicks, but I spew the same old things as everyone else.

There’s a difference, though, boys…

When I say those things...people believe it.

In my years of wrestling - as that is what I am, first and foremost...a WRESTLER - I have been in my fair share of Battle Royals. To be completely honest...Most? I’ve lost. I was never really able to focus...I just wanted to kick and elbow and bite and hit and hurt as many people as I could!

But I’m focused now, kids. Laser focused. On ONE goal. Turning EAW into MY Den! J.D. Damon’s DEMISE AT MY HANDS PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE AND WHERE I HAVE FALLEN?!

I like it.

I see that not many people have been bringing me up for this Battle Royal. Out of sight, out of mind, maybe? Maybe if we just don’t mention HIM , then maybe he won’t show up.

Lie to yourself, kids. Lie.

I have but a few short things to say to specific people...the few I feel are worth it.

Terry Chambers. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you’re something of a joke here. You MIGHT have been worth something at some point, but NOW?! You were gone for a long time, Terry boy, and in that time, people FAR better, FAR stronger, and FAR FAAAR more charismatic have come along, and you simply have no place here anymore. After the Battle Royal, you will have no choice but to retreat back to Hollywood a broken, shallow, dead-eyed half-man. A man that has to have cliche tattoos and glamour muscles to feel like he’s worth something. A complete...and utter...FAILURE.

You’ll fit right in.

Christian Locke. Christian Locke, I’m excited to meet you face to face. You seem like out of everyone in this match, YOU might actually be something. You don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion, you only listen to yourself! You’re a damn MAN! But since you don’t listen to what others say, you can’t hear it: the laughter. The ridicule. Like when a child wears his dad’s suit. That’s all you are, Christian. A child in a man’s suit, and after this weekend, you won’t have to worry about what to say in your victory speech. You’ll only be capable of saying one thing:

The horror. By god, the horror.

And that leads me to Nico Borg, the only one of you to actually bring me up. You claim to be a servant of God, do you? As if you - of ALL people - were chosen by Him.

There’s no God in this land, Nico. There’s no place for him here...and I will drive you out of this land where you do not belong. I will drive you out...and hell will follow with you.

I ask you this, my friends...what is your PLAN? If you win this match...which you won’t...but if you win this match, what will you do after? People like Terry and Liam have had their time in the sun and squandered it...many, many, MANY times. People like Christian Locke and Nico Borg, for how amazing they are, haven’t fully lived up to their hype...and the rest? It would be a waste of a win. So what do you PLAN on doing, my friends?

I can tell you right now, no matter what? It’s just a dream…

Drake Rules Everything Around Me

Just a bad Dream.

Drake Rules…



A bad…

Around Me.


Tick Tock, Kids. Tick Tock.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 8:49 pm by Zaibatsu
Turbo #3

Funny thing about cream Kurt is that while it rises to the top, it's sloppy and grotesque looking. And cream doesn’t rise out of its own free will...unlike birds. Through trial and tribulation birds learn how to fly. They rise above all others and see their enemies before danger happens. The peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on the face on the earth, able to fly at 200mph! Your cream means nothing if I can dive right through, cutting through everything in its path. 

(drinks from a cup of coffee)

This is what I do to the cream when it rises to the top Kurt Burton. I just simply drink from it. Your cream fuels my fire, it keeps me up when I need the energy, keeps me warm at night. Your existence at this point Kurt, your purpose is to feed me. It’s okay tho bruh, I’ll make use of this and give you one hell of a match. You will rise to the top, rise to the occasion but it won’t be enough. Because when you’ve risen, I’ll be high in the stratosphere. I have a feeling your potential is not the only thing you show up late for. It’s 24 hours till we set it off so I suggest you get some rest, because you’re going to need to come at me with everything you have. 

(Sips from the coffee)

Damn this cream is good.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 8:48 pm by Albert Hitchman
Has it ever occurred to you Cage, that you’re just not good? I understand that’s a bold statement to open with, and I’m not directly relating it to anything you said, it’s more of a general question to ponder on as this week goes on.

I have plenty of examples and reasons as to why that’s a fair, logical and merited question, most of which you’ve already heard so I’ll spare you of hearing them again, but let’s take those examples and put a different spin on them. The thought has always been that you were good, very good, great even… but when it came time to really REALLY put up or shut up, you couldn’t muster enough put up. It’s something that has always left people baffled, “Why is Diamond Cage such a loser? Why can’t he have the top spot?” But what if it’s not a mystery at all? What if it’s not because you’re a “choke artist”? What if all that finger pointing you’ve done has been useless?

The entire basis of your career has been you’re a loose cannon that’s willing and able to do anything. It’s never been based off of pure skill. You’re an attraction more than you a draw. It’s always, “What is Cage gonna do? How is he gonna steal the show tonight?” It’s a sad reality to face, but Cage, you’re not respected. You’ll never be put in the same breath of a DEDEDE, Impact or Scott Diamond EVEN IF you equaled them in accomplishments. When people tune in to EAW programming to watch you, they couldn’t care less if you win or lose your match, they’re more interested in seeing if you’re gonna crash and burn. You’re a stuntman that’s in the wrong profession.

It’s not that you can’t reach the top, it’s that you CAN’T reach the top. You see the difference between the two? Can’t and CAN’T? There’s nothing stopping you from getting to the top, other than the FACT that you don’t possess the skill to do so. You’re not a choke artist, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hell, if I was you, I’d be grateful. Look at everything you’ve accomplished by not having the chops, and being able to make up for it with unpredictability and mayhem. You were World Champion, granted it was a pitiful reign, it took you about four years to do it, BUT YOU DID IT!! And it was in YOUR environment, the Chamber.

And now one could say that we’re gonna be in your environment come Pain For Pride. No disqualification, extreme rules, anything goes… but it’s gonna be an interesting dynamic when your style of chaos meets with Scott Diamond’s skill… what you lack. Chaos versus skill, which one wins? Well I’ll tell you right now, skill wins 12 times out of 10. It always wins, nothing is greater. BUT what if you could take skill, and you could take chaos… and FUSE it together, weld it into one. What would that create? You know where this is going Cage, so I won’t even say. You’re riding your high horse into this match because THREE YEARS AGO you were able to piledrive Scott through the windshield of a car. This is a very different man than the one three years ago, the one who who brought EAW crumbling down to it’s knees, it’s frightening really. A man who was able to do all that, has only gotten better. Whatever tricks you may have up your sleeve will be exposed. Maybe you’ll try to repeat the events of three years ago and bring a car out, so be it, this time you’ll be the one put through it.

Call that haughty, call that arrogant, but when it’s regarding Scott Diamond it’s the truth. The day is approaching, whether it be Friday, Saturday or Sunday… it’s coming. And from now until then, I want you to do something for me Cage. Make sure you tuck little Chris Jr. and Savannah into bed, and when you’re done with that, go into your room, kiss Britt, tell her you love her. You never know...
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 7:43 pm by Kevin Devastation
Forgive me father, for I am about to sin...again.

Forgive me for what I am about to unleash onto this world one more time.

Forgive me for all I do on this planet that is against your name.

And most of all, forgive us...for making the deal of this unholy union once again.

(And as the screen goes to static, from Kevin Devastations softer spoken voice, we start to open up again inside of a familiar office on the top floor of Devione Industries, the same red mood lighting as in the past, and sitting at the desk near the large window overlooking the Charlotte skyline is a man, all black suit with crimson red tie as if it was soaked in blood, hair combed back and in his right hand a glass of the reddest red wine imaginable. He looks out the window, you can see a small reflection of a smile as he begins to speak.)

The only thing we have to fear...is fear itself. And allow me to tell you something Eclipse, allow me to speak in the slow methodical voice that will sooth a soul right before it is damned to a lake of fire, and explain to you one small thing Eclipse. You sir, you are not fear, you sir are not anything more than a man who is using some smoke and mirrors to show himself as more than he really is. I am reminded of the Wizard Of Oz when I see you, the great and powerful wizard you are Eclipse, I see it clear as day...as clearly as I see you are a side show magician, a freak in these clothes of a wizard, using the cheapest of parlor tricks to make these people fear you. I will never fear you Eclipse, I will never see you as a man who needs to be feared, or even as a man that I need to be cautious of really. I have seen the hell that causes a man to weep slowly into despair, I have lived the life not many can live. But I have one thing here in this tormented existence that allows me to see through the smoke and mirrors Eclipse. I to once have used the same smoke and mirrors to get what I wanted. See, here's the thing about smoke and mirrors, smoke leaves us in the wind...and mirrors only show a reflection Eclipse. They do not broaden our horizons, they are not like the window I finally looked out when I was a boy. For when I was a boy I had this thing inside of me, this painful and hurtful entity growing in my heart. And I kept looking into a mirror trying to see it, I only saw the outside of a man, I saw that the outside had nothing to do with what is on the inside of the soul Eclipse. So I began to travel, to see the world, to do what few men and women do not get a chance to do and truly see the pain and suffering that real people were going through inside Eclipse, and I saw that I was not the only one here trying to escape some predetermined fate before us. I saw through the lives of others that I was truly special, because while their fates left them broken, battered, and trying to find something that made them whole, I found deep inside of myself that I was whole, that I was a complete being. I saw Kevin Devastation on the outside, I saw a man sculpted to be a God, with the looks of a movie star and the height of a mountain. I saw strength and two hands that when curled up into fists could punch his way through anybody on the planet if giving the proper incentive. When I saw the eyes though Eclipse I saw something even more...

...Because yes it is true children, the eye is the window to a soul, damned...condemned...saved...or redeemed, all eyes see a true man behind them...

And when I looked into the baby blue pools of Kevin Devastation, I saw something treading in those waters Eclipse. I saw something that was other worldly, something that make women desire more than they ever have, something that make men take a step back because of the true shock in what they see Eclipse. Children tuck behind their parents leg, and the hair on an animals back stands straight up. I saw myself Eclipse, I saw something more than what was on the outside, something more than just a God among men that Kevin Devastation has tried to claim he has been. I saw the truth Eclipse, I saw that behind the blue pools of Kevin Devastation there was more...I saw that there was a being inside who was worse than hell itself. I saw myself, I saw Wraith, and allow me to tell you a bit about Wraith my child. Wraith is a being that will never truly be gone, as he was a ghost to begin with. Wraith is like taking Lucifer from hell and letting him do as he desires on earth and in heaven with no holding it all back Eclipse. Wraith is a man of sophistication, no yelling, yo barbaric violence, no kind of kindling to the fire that is coming to burn down your little Sanatorium at Pain For Pride, and Eclipse that's what makes all of this more deadly than even you can ever imagine. Because I have no kind of indication of what is going to happen Eclipse, I lay out the plan to Kevin Devastation as it unfolds, I lay my cards on the table right at the end to truly show you that I was in control the entire time Eclipse, even when you think you have me beaten, even when you think you have the upper hand, and even when you think that the entire world is in your hands. You are not the smartest being in the room Eclipse, you are not the most cunning or the most cut throat in that ring come Pain For Pride. You never were Eclipse, from the moment I came back into the fold you were nothing more than second best, you were the opening act Eclipse, the start of the show that truly is about to start. The side show carny is truly what you were shown to be as soon as, oh and how the song fits, Sympathy For The Devil cued up and showed you to be what you all feared you would be shown as, a man who is truly not in control. You had Hades surrounded, you had him beaten, he had fallen at your feet and you were going to end the man with light tubes, shedding some light onto the Hellraiser I guess. But then you found yourself on the other end of a surprise, the on the other end of an attack. And I guess that jungle you spoke of...well it kind of shrank didn't it. You heard the roar, you saw the ground shake, and you saw nothing more than the true predator in the entire jungle walk from around the curtain at the top of the ramp and he made a path straight to you, and he dismantled your entire force of men in a single swoop, in a single moment you went from being the hunter to the hunted did you not Eclipse. You could not see it, but you felt it just like your little friends felt it. You felt the heat off my skin as each of you were disposed of, you felt the fire underneath my flesh all the way into the bone. You felt it and you knew that this was no longer going to be an execution of Hades The Hellraiser, you knew at that moment you were in for much more, you were in for more than you had ever bargained for Eclipse. You and your followers had opened up the gates, thinking you would just toss a body into hell and laugh at the way they burned in those fires. What you did not suspect is that when you opened them, a true nightmare Eclipse, a true other worldly being that sends the terrified home screaming and the panicked on the ground in the fetal position, that would be standing in front of you on that day.

And on that day Eclipse, on that very day the world saw you as what you truly were, a man who thought he was the smartest man in the room, a man who was full of thoughts of what to do, when to do it, and who to do it to...The only thing wrong with that Eclipse is the fact that you were not the smartest man in the room, you never were that night. And you never will be at Pain For Pride. I tip my hat to you though Eclipse, you have fallen behind as much as originally expected, but know this and this alone, no matter how much you try, no matter how much you plan, and no matter how much you think you have it all figured out...

When you step up to me, you will fall. For our name is Wraith, and WE thank you for playing our little game.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 7:26 pm by Kurt_Burton
Turbo Promo #3

Bye Bye Birdie

Kurt sits, sipping on a bottle of whiskey.

Incredibly, he answers me.  Incredulously, he challenges me.  Indeliably, he vexes me.

I'm not sure I used that last one right.  Fuck it we're live.

He looks off to the side.  He listens to an unheard voice.

We're not.  This is taped... we can edit that out?  Oh, I can actually start all over?  Fuck it.  Let's roll.

See, because that's the kind of man I am, I roll with the punches, and I improvise.  I don't let my mistakes haunt me.  I rise above... like a...

Not like a bird.  That's kind of your thing ain't it?

No, I rise like a phoenix... that's also a bird.


You know what, I don't care.  Who would want to be a bird anyways.  Such fragile little creatures.  Nick a wing, and poof.


Crash landing.

Little birdy viscera all over my goddamn driveway.  Pick a better place to die you fucking sparrow.

Sorry, sorry.  That last bit was not directed at you Kev.

Can I call you Kev?

No, I had a rough fucking morning.  I stepped in some bird guts.  A little kitten decided to eviscerate a cute little birdie, and I got it all over my boots.  The smell is fucking awful man.

Do you know how nasty bird shit is?  Well, try and imagine it while it's still cooking... if you get my drift.

But that's ok.  Bird guts are just a fact of life.  

It's a dangerous place for little birds.  

See, because in the air, there are threats.  Less threats than on the ground, but threats none the less.

And they dodge and weave, deftly avoiding those threats.  But they can't do that forever can they?  No.   Physics won't let them.  Isaac Newton was a twat, I know, but still

What goes up, must come down.

And so, if they avoid a crash landing, they find themselves perched.  And that's where they are fucked!  Because there are predators out there.

And the predators find them.

And then they end up on my boots.

So, you see, that's the rub.  The ground, is no place for a bird.  However safe from the darkness that bird thinks it is.  It is not safe.  Never safe.  Not from the dark belly of the cat.

Not from the shadows they can't tell are mountains.

Not from the sole of my boot.

Kurt stands up, and begins to walk away.  As he is almost off camera he spins back around.

Cream.  I rise like cream to the top.  Knew there was something other than birds that rise.

He strolls, a confident stroll.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 7:22 pm by Scott Oasis
Do you believe any of the words that are coming out of your mouth?

There’s no way you could. I listened to your latest speech Lucian and there were so many empty threats, so many cliches, and so many hopeful remarks that you have repeated time after time in previous failed encounters. Real great “inspirational” speech there. You have to hook in those followers somehow so that they can keep on believing in you. You might as well churn out some more bullshit - because yes, that’s what your retort really was. Baseless claims and nonsensical trash talk to try and defame my character ; that’s all there was to your ramblings and all that amounts to at the end of the day is nothing. Nothing to prove your point. Nothing that makes me believe you are a threat to me. There is no reason for me to be worried based on what you were saying. You say that you have earned the respect of the fans and management, but have you really done so? I think it’s more manipulation and bias which has brought you to the dance. Why exactly is management rewarding a person who has squandered opportunity after opportunity while leaving others by the wayside who have yet to get title shots? Both business and competition wise it makes no sense. You don’t see this being done in any other sport. In MMA, if you lose it’s time for you to go to the back of the line. In football, you lose a big game and you’re out of the running. Now I know this is pro wrestling, but it’s not as if you are a proven competitor, you’ve never held the belt or shown any improvement that would suggest you’ll win it this time around. You wrestle the same, you carry yourself the same, everything about you do is the same. Your only hope should have been Grand Rampage after so many failures and even with such a good number and being at the very end of the match you still lost that to Y2Impact. With no big wins under your belt, a huge defeat rate and no momentum, there was no argument to be had in your favor over being included in the Pain For Pride marquee. You were HANDED this opportunity by management. It was not earned. Literally the only reason you’re here in this main event is because I’ve ran through everyone else on Dynasty. There was nobody left so they thought they might as well throw you in since you weren’t good enough to get in any other match and were available. If Brian Daniels or Tig Kelly could work two days you wouldn’t even be on the card. Let us just make that clear so you can stop with all of this garbage about management seeing something in you, you’re more or less the last option they got and as for the fans, those sheep will cheer for any story they can get behind. You say you get all of this recognition based on your ring work but really it’s all just circumstance. I’ve seen what you can do and the ring and I do know what you’re capable of, that you were right about, but you were wrong about the extent of your abilities. What you put on display in that ring is not talent.

All I have seen in my study of you was desperation and franticness. You throw everything at the wall in hopes of it sticking and sometimes...it does. You get lucky here and there. But the rest of the time it just falls flat. You kicked my ass before? Do you remember those matches correctly? We’ve had two matches. I beat you in the first one and pinned your shoulders down one, two, three. This is something I have brought up about twice now even though you’ve blocked it out and claimed I’ve never beaten you but I digress. In the second match I beat you senseless and left you down on the mat. I was backed away and ready to hit you with The Relapse until you managed one lucky shot with that spear. The one time I was open in the match you were able to get past my guard after fifteen minutes of being struck against the head. Real good win there for your standards I guess. How in the world is that an ass beating? Why do you keep on pretending? You say you aren’t going out of your way to play a role yet you continue to fabricate details to make yourself look good. Is it so that you can feel better about yourself? It appears to be working since your delusion has made it impossible for you to notice your inconsistency and laziness. Should there be any truth behind the great Lucian Black having management against him once upon a time, chances are your removal from the company was based on the fact you just weren’t a good employee. EAW doesn’t exactly try to get rid of people who actually do good so you most likely were fat that needed to be cut. You managing to crawl your way back here is astonishing. It alludes me how you have lasted so long and have convinced yourself that you are actually worthy of being in the ring with me.  Again he has shown that he is in denial of reality.

Lucian, it ate you up so bad that I got this belt before you have. You were BEGGING for this match on camera for months, trying to get whatever publicity possible to get this match. You had to make so much effort to even be a blip on my radar. Hell, you still weren’t until Sebastion gave in and presented me with you. I see why you’d lie about that in hindsight. All it shows is that I’m the star and you’re just some gnat buzzing away at my ear. It’s a perfect comparison honestly. You know, you have asked me what makes a worthy contender and it’s simple. Someone who can give results. Who has done something worthwhile. Not someone who hasn’t had a good win to his name in six months. If you think that you’re the biggest threat to my title as opposed to previously facing two guys at once or going against the fastest rising World Champion in years, I don’t even know what to tell you. Oh but nevermind that terrible logic though! You’re doing just as good as me! And how have you done that? If we were to base it off the words of the man himself, Lucian Black I’m sure we could find proof. To show that you were worthy you said that you had “excelled yourself” and “transcended your own limits.” Hmm. Now, I must ask: what in the hell does that even mean? You’re just spouting generic buzzwords. You got jackshit when it comes to actual accolades so you’re talking out of your ass. You say that this match will be different for you because it’s taking place at Pain For Pride, the grandest stage of them all, but really, will that mean a thing for your skill? You can move a broken down boat to a new lake but does that mean it will float? No, it will sink the same as it would elsewhere. Now listen, this means a lot to you and I get that. You’ve been going down this road for so long that all you want is to get to your destination. You don’t want to give up but when it comes down to it, you may just be a case of someone who has a stronger mind than body. You can mentally want it but if you can’t physically make those dreams happen what does that do for you? It’s a useless effort. You’re burned out. You’re tired. You’ve admitted it. You’ve exhausted all of your resources, you have done everything possible within your power, there’s nothing else left for you to give. It’s been seven years. Seven years spent on your journey. If you could finish the race you would have got where you needed to go by now. Cut your losses. Give up. Your dreams are just that. Dreams. Wake up and smell the coffee Lucian. You winning isn’t happening. I’ve found a quote for you and I think it describes you and this match perfectly. You should keep it in mind this week:

“People have a habit of inventing fictions they will believe wholeheartedly in order to ignore the truth they cannot accept.”
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Post on June 28th 2016, 7:17 pm by Azumi Goto
Pain For Pride #2
“6/27/16: Day 2”

(DON’T Expect any fancy monologue promos like most people are doing. I promise myself that I won’t write any of those type of promo since mine aren’t the best because at the current moment my monologue promos can’t even compete with everyone else.)


Scene opens with Azumi outside of Miami International Airport the morning sun. Waiting at the Arrival area as she looks at time and it says 7:03. Nas walks into the shot wearing his training attire listen to music on his ipod holding two Iced coffees. As he hands one to Azumi as seems to be angry

Azumi: Seriously why is Steph late?! I told her 7 O’clock sharp not a minute late. Seriously the flight is gonna be here soon and she probably knows Manami-Sensei isn’t usually happy when it comes to people being late.

Nas: Don’t worry Zumi she’ll be here soon. So tell me how’s training going right now?

Azumi completely ignores Nas as she sees Cloud who’s casually making her way towards the area where Azumi and Nas are.

Cloud: Sorry I’m late.

Azumi: Sure whatever at least make sure to be early next time. Be happy Manami-Sensei’s flight is going to be late or else she would have unleashed hell on you.

Cloud and Azumi have a small stare down. Only to be interrupted by the voice of Manami.

Manami: (Hey Azumi, Cloud!)

Both the two vixens looks to side as they see Manami, Shen Yoshida and, Azumi’s family all walking through arrival door. Azumi’s younger sister, Manami and Shen are all pushing a luggage cart. While Azumi’s mother rushes towards her daughter and instantly hugs her pink hair daughter.

Azumi: (Hey Mom.)

Mrs. Goto: (Don’t ‘hey Mom me’, You told us you weren’t even on the card. But what happened?! You were placed on the card.)

Mr. Goto: (Hey Azu,)

Azumi goes over and hugs her dad. Unlike her mom this hugs from didn’t feel forced. Ever since she was younger, Azumi was more connected to her father, since he was the to introduce him the “Thunder” Shen Yoshida, who was behind of Azumi’s Dad.

Yoshida: (Goto!!!)

Azumi moves on to Shen but instead she just respectfully bows to her mentor.

Azumi: (Thanks for coming just for my training.)

And finally behind of Yoshida was Miss Manami. Azumi’s idol and new Mentor. This time Azumi forces Cloud to join this time in bowing to Manami.

Azumi: Baka (muttering)

Cloud: What did you say Goto!?

As they both raise their head. They see Manami who looks upset over that little arguement.

Manami: (Why is it that my two protege are fighting? You two are supposed to teammates.)

Azumi: (We also need to be enemies after that 5-on-5 match.)

Manami: (I’m surprised you’re saying that after being labeled as a Tag Team Wrestler. And make sure to be nice to each other.)

Azumi & Cloud: (Fine.)


Scene Transition to the parking lot where everyone is looking at Nas’ 5 seat car.

Mr. Goto: (How are we expected to all fit in that car?)

Nas: (Sorry I didn’t know Manami and Shen were both arriving today as well.)

Cloud: (Don’t worry I got a plan. Nas you take Azumi’s family with you and drop them off at the hotel while Azumi, Manami-Sensei, Yoshida, and I will take my car.)

Azumi: (That sounds good.)


As Nasir’s car leaves the parking lot, the remaining four head towards Cloud’s car which was similar to Nas’. The four get inside as protege are at the front and the two mentor are at the back. The car drives toward the exit as Azumi looks back at her two mentors.

Azumi: (So I was thinking that we should start training the moment we get to the hotel. The gym where I’m training has a wrestling ring and I think we should start before I have to make it to my interview at Axxess. I need to improve on lots of things before Pain For Pride. My striking is getting slower due to a small shoulder tear after GR. My grappling is also getting slower, and same with my submission placement speed. Those are the three things I think I should improve on but while training you two see anything that needs to improve tell me.)

Yoshida: (Don’t look at me, Manami is in charge of your training from now on. I’m just her assistant this time.)  

Manami: (I want to see everything in your arsenal.)


Scene transitions to an empty gym with the only ones there are Azumi, Manami, Yoshida. The camera moves upwards to a clock where it reads 6:30 PM. The camera returns to the training session. The session seems a little dangerous as Azumi on the ground lying while trying to catch her breath. Yoshida is on her opposite side while Manami is on the outside yelling.

Manami: (If that’s all you have then give up and return to Okinawa and go back to working on your dad’s fishing boat!!!)

Suddenly Manami’s voice is replaced with Tarah’s. And a transparent image of Tarah appears in front of Azumi.

Tarah’s Voice: What do you bring to the “team”?

Azumi struggles to gets up but fights the pain and returns to her fighting pose.


Azumi feeling the rage spread throughout her body like an energy source as she rushes towards Yoshida with intention of proving to the world.

Manami: Goto, combination 33.

Azumi with the power of her rage and attacks delivering three jabs followed by an attempted european uppercut but Yoshida is able to dodge them. Goto now attempts a left smash but instead holds her left arm with her right.

Yoshida: (Manami we need ice here.)

Manami: (All right.)


Yoshida: (Do you want injure yourself? We’re stopping the session.)


Azumi raises her right hand to what in Yoshida’s and Manami’s POV is not more than a training dummy but from Azumi’s point of view it’s an image of Tarah.

Tarah’s Voice: I know you’re going to be eliminated first.

Azumi stands back up and rushes towards the image of Tarah and Attacks with her all of strength, anger.


Azumi collapses on to the floor with both Yoshida and Manami rush to her as the camera fades to black.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 7:16 pm by Victor Maero

Oz and Elise are sitting at a piano practicing, Elise is leading Oz in the basics of the instrument. Standing in the doorway, Maero watches with a grin. He turns away and walks outside. He walks into a courtyard with statues of heroes from different pantheons, Achilles, Hercules, and Ne Zha are among them.

Maero: “I’ve had some kickback. Good, I have a lot more fun that way.”

Maero walks over to a statue of the hero Scipio.

Maero: “Liam, you’ve pushed back, but respectfully. Something rarely used in regards to me. Allow me to explain the accusation of boring, something I unfortunately used a lot when talking about this match. You talk about ignorance and how you’re so intellectual, but you never prove any of it. You just keep doing what everyone else does, say how good you are without backing it up. You do know I’m Australian right? The prisoners of Britain that were shipped off and and formed a BETTER fucking country. We’re pound for pound better. There's an intellectual joke for you Liam, you I’m sure you’ll get. You don’t really scare me considering our small track record. You’re the ignorant one, the difference between what you preach as ignorance and what you are is that you choose to be this way. Maybe consider changing that up.”

Maero knocks on the statue and walks over to Hercules.

Maero: “Alright, Nobi. Truth? You speak truth? I embody, I preach one of the few truths. I said before, I’ll show you something truly unique, I will show you what it means to be alive. I will make sure you understand what the hell it means to know you’re living. My halloween family? The Sanatorium? Halloween is one day a year where we scare demons from our realm. The Sanatorium ARE the demons.”

Maero chuckles and walks to the statue of Icarus.

Maero: “Terry Chambers next. Actually wait. There’s something I need to clarify. My name is Maero. Victor isn’t a part of me anymore. Everyone got that? Great, if I need to revisit that I’m going to be very disappointed. So Terry, you realize no one knows the fuck you are either right? That’s the point here, this match is supposed to be a signal boost. Welcome to the program. Don’t worry Terry, I won’t just stop you. I’m going to stop ALL of you, I’m not going to fail again. I’ve fallen from bullshit enough times.”

Maero walks into a darker section of the courtyard and further into a garden. He leans down and smells a violet. He continues walking to a shed slightly further away.

Maero: “Fun fact! Nobody in this match is fighting Eclipse, and I am not his lackey. So Christian, here's another fun fact: I scraped the bottom of the same barrel as the one EAW found you in. You’re too one dimensional to say anything else. Now that you’ve showed your teeth I can fight back though. Eclipse…. I AM NOT ECLIPSE! He doesn’t trust Erebos more actually, see I was the third member of the Sanatorium, after Eclipse and ONI. Never heard the name ONI? Because he’s out of EAW. I am the LONGEST remaining member of the Sanatorium other than Eclipse himself. I’m grasping at straws here, you know it, I know it. Thing is, you’re just a scarecrow. The week will flee, but the strong will tear you down and watch you burn. You’ve got no brain friend, come and see Oz about that one. Also, I liked the insult where someone called me the vixen Veena Adams. That was fucking funny, Vic Vendetta? Nah.”

Maero opens the shed and removes a shovel. He smiles as he closes the door and walks back.

Maero: “To you I’m no one, I embrace that. I'm nobody I'm a tramp, a bum, a hobo, I'm a boxcar and a jug of wine, and a straight razor if you get too close to me.”

Maero goes back to the violet and starts to dig it up with the shovel. He speaks rhythmically as he digs.

Maero: “I’m the bishop, the priest. Welcome to the cockroach feist. The vultures swarm as my blade gets warm. The blood will spill until I’ve had my fill, and when you lay beaten and broke, surrounded by the blood on which you choke. You will close your eyes and see my face. You will know your place. You will see me as a god like an ancient pharaoh, one name will be in your brain and that name is Maero.”

Maero pulls up the dirt revealing a glass jar containing a lung. A word is carved into the lung that reads “Fear”

Maero: “I gave this to Eclipse a long time ago… even before the Sanatorium. I was so weak then, I wonder why he bothered to talk with me. But I’ve become stronger faster than anyone thought possible. My rage is no longer blind, I focus it into a fine blade. I cut through anything I must. Every insult just builds my fury, every time I’m ignored it does the same thing. But I won’t be blinded by anger, like I said, I’m past that. I’m stronger and more calculated than ever before. I’ve learned a lot. I learned that only one person’s fear actually matters to me: My own. If I’m scared it’s way more fun. Luckily I’ve got sixteen people trying to scare the hell out of me… This is going to be fun.”

Maero smiles at the jar as the scene fades back to Oz and Elise who are taking a break from the piano.

Oz: “Thanks for teaching me!”

Elise: “Of course, anything for you.”

Elise’s smile falls.

Elise: “D-do you think Maero will be okay?”

Oz takes a container of ice cream from his backpack and opens it. He stabs two spoons into it and places it between him and Elise.

Oz: “Of course. He’ll get hurt though, he’ll get bruised or even get some broken bones. He’s not going to care though, he’ll enjoy it. He’s weird like that.”

Elise takes a spoonful of ice cream and eats it. She swallows.

Elise: “I guess that makes me feel better…”

Oz: “Besides, we’ll be there to cheer him on, he can’t lose!”

Elise: “Right!”

Maero walks in the door carrying the jar in his hand.

Maero: “How’s the lesson going?”

Oz: “We’re taking a break. I actually have a few questions…”

Maero: “You know I love your questions.”

Oz: “Well, what about J.D. Damon. He didn’t really say anything about you.”

Maero: “Easy, him ignoring me doesn’t phase me. If he wants to stay in this match, this hectic flame war of a match, he’ll HAVE to attack me at some point. When he does I’ll do what I do best, destroy people from the inside out.”

Elise puts down her spoon and wipes her mouth.

Elise: “Do you think you’ll win?”

Maero: “I need to. I’ve lost so much, I can take another lose sure. But this, this is a moment I cannot waste. I’ve dropped so much thanks to favoritism. I don’t want to let these bastards win. We’re all underdogs here, they’re just a little more liked. They all say they’re the best.”

Oz: “So let’s make ‘em eat their words! This is the day they learn who Tin Man, no, who Maero really is! The Priest of Life and his disciples will fight.”

Maero smiles and gestures for the two to stand up. Maero gives Oz the jar with the lung inside, Oz packs it away along with the ice cream. The three leave the building and walk into the courtyard.

Maero: “We’re not going to watch the world go by, not today. There is so much beauty in life, let’s start with the gift of bloodshed. Let the acid spew, I’ll embrace the sting of the rain. That is what I do best after all.”

The three walk off into the darkness.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 7:10 pm by Jacob Senn
Reason and logic, huh?

That’s what you call this? Zack, you have been the farthest from reason and logic for quite some time now. I understand that you’ve had a lot of things happen to you recently, which could be the reason for your break in sanity, but you’ve haven’t been reasonable or logical in any of your actions these past few years. Proof of that is what I take pride in most, Zack, and that’s breaking you. Mentally, physically, psychologically, I know that I’m breaking you down with each time I come on here and speak about this war and why it’s come to this. Each word that comes out of my mouth, it brings you one step closer to being thrown in a white padded room with a straight-jacket wrapped around you. You’ll be writing “Jacob Senn” in various different forms with whatever filth you have around you on the walls because you won’t be able to get my name out of your head as it will be the name that has destroyed everything that you’ve stood for in the past three years of your career! I know that all I’ve been saying has been getting to you, has been eating away at your very soul, because you know that every word I speak is the truth. You want to claim about falsehoods, about lies, about this and about that, but when you want to start a firing squad on me about the truth, you cower behind your lies to make sure that you still look great. FACE IT, ZACK! YOU’RE DONE! You want to talk about Brian Daniels and Diamond Cage with their failures in their career, but you’re not so far off the edge, Zack. You want to talk about becoming EAW Champion, WHICH WAS ON VOLTAGE NOT DYNASTY YOU FUCKING IMBECILE, but how did you become that champion? Did you defeat someone like Brian Daniels to win it? Or how about did you go through five other men to win that championship in No Way Out? How about an Elimination Chamber Match? Hell in a Cell? Last Man Standing? No Holds Barred? Singles Match? NO! YOU FUCKING GAVE YOURSELF THE EAW CHAMPIONSHIP AFTER YOU ABUSED YOUR POWER AS EAW CHAIRMAN TO STRIP THE CHAMPION OF THE TITLE! DON’T ACT LIKE SOME GOD’S GIFT TO WRESTLING OR THAT DYNASTY HOSTED YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS WHEN IT WAS VOLTAGE WHERE YOU “WON” YOUR CHAIRMANSHIP, VOLTAGE WHERE YOU RAN RAMPANT WITH YOUR DISEASED QUALITY CONTROL, AND VOLTAGE WHERE YOU WERE HANDED THAT EAW CHAMPIONSHIP THAT I RESURRECTED FROM THE GRAVE TO MEAN SOMETHING, NOT FOR YOU AND OTHERS TO SHIT ON! You may want to write your own story the way that sounds all nice and sweet to you, but I’m not here to let you fool people into believing your stupid fantasies about the war between the both of us. They know the truth and I will not have you poison their minds with your fallacies because you can’t stand the truth that you have to live with every single time you look into the mirror. Like I said last time, you’re grasping at straws, and now the desperation is starting to reveal itself even more. You’re so desperate to make yourself be viewed as the rightful just man in this war and if you want to believe that, go ahead. I don’t give a shit what people want to think about me because I’ve heard it all from everyone. I’ve heard the praises be sung about my work here, I’ve heard the vehement anger about it. I’ve heard the adulation and I’ve heard the disgust. Everything a person could say to another, I’ve heard it. Whatever the people want to believe about me, let them believe it, because the only thing that matters is what I want and what that is happens to coincide with the betterment of Dynasty as a whole with you out of the picture for good. Even though I’m the not the best of men in the world, I’ve done things that were horrible and would make the same decision if I went back in time, I know that it would be better than the state you plan to leave Dynasty in.

This is the kicker of the whole thing, so I want you to listen with full attention on this one. Zack, you’re a coward. Face reality and open your eyes to the truth. Ever since I’ve laid eyes on you, you’ve been a coward that has always used something for a crutch in his career. When you were World Heavyweight Champion, you blamed me for a broken arm and you now think you’re some hero for defending a championship with it BUT YOU HAD TO USE THE DAMN CAST TO BE ABLE TO DEFEAT TYLER PARKER WHEN HE HAD YOU BEAT BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T KEEP UP! You gained another crutch when you were forced to Dynasty and used your exile as a crutch SO PEOPLE COULD PITY YOU INTO GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO BE IN THE PAIN FOR PRIDE MAIN EVENT THAT YEAR! Once more, gained another crutch with the EAW Chairmanship USING IT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAD EVERYTHING YOU WANTED INCLUDING ANOTHER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TO YOUR NAME! Even now, you hobble around on another crutch in Omerta to hold your career up TRYING TO GAIN WHATEVER RELEVANCE YOU HAVE LEFT IN YOUR SHITTY CAREER AND EVEN HAD TO WRITE YOURSELF IN THE HALL OF FAME TO SOLIDIFY IT YOURSELF! IF ANYONE ON THIS EARTH IS A LEGACY MANUFACTURER, THEY NEED TO THROW A PICTURE OF ZACK CRASH RIGHT BESIDE THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF IT! You have bastardized so much in this company that it’s hard to find a shred of EAW that you haven’t corrupted with your stained touch. All of this required no REAL effort on your part, it was easy for you. You did what was easy for you when you could accept the handouts and just give yourself whatever you wanted, you didn’t have to truly work for any of the accomplishments that you hold dear to yourself. That’s why you didn’t deserve it, why you still don’t deserve it, and why I’m going to end this war with you screaming in pain and pleading for a release when you cry out “I QUIT! I QUIT! OH PLEASE, I QUIT!” That’s the only effort that you will have to put in for is the effort to let your cries be heard all around for all the people in Miami, Florida to hear! They want to hear it, Zack! They want to hear the Kingpin of Omerta cry for salvation for the torture that he’s being put through, they want the justice to be brought, but they won’t have to wait much longer. The fact of the matter is that at Pain for Pride, it all ends. Your abuse of the system that this company runs on, your cowardice in hiding from the truth of this whole situation, and your mediocre talent that has been only at this level because of the crutches you hobble on, it’s all going to be laid to rest like you tried to do to me at the EAW End of the Year Show. Poetic justice is a beautiful and majestic wonder of the world, Zack, and that’s what I intend to punish you with when you plead for me to stop as you scream "I Quit".

Now, are your jimmies rustled yet, Zack?
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Post on June 28th 2016, 6:30 pm by TLA

Pain for Pride Numero Dos

The camera cuts to the front desk of a fancy hotel that TLA has been told Mexican Samurai is staying at. TLA has arrived with a steel baseball bat and a group of friends straight off the streets of the 305.

TLA: Yo where the fuck he at dawg? Imma wreck he ass. I be real sick and tired of waitin’ yo.

Receptionist: Well you see… SENOR… He is not staying at this hotel, and even if he was we could not reveal that information. Now please leave before we have to call the police.

TLA: Awwww hell nawh? Did I hear this bitch right holmes? Y’all think you can stand there and lie to the Franchise? I took his ass out on Showdown two weeks in a row and I’m fixin’ to make it a triple.

Receptionist: We do not condone violence in this place senor. Please leave before we have to… DEPORT… you from this hotel.

TLA: I see what you are doing ese and I ain’t no fan. This bat got Mexican Samurai’s name written all over it but you gonna replace it right quick. 

Receptionist: SECURITAH!

Skinny millennials from the local college wearing ironic slogans on their t-shirts come rushing out into the lobby carrying brooms in one hand as they text their moms on the other.

Hipster Virgin #1: My mom is gonna be so proud when she hears I helped make America great again by kicking this dirty spic out of this country. I'm gonna manufacture my legacy so hard ooo!

Hipster Virgin #2: Oooo yeah I’m gonna be best friends with Mexican Samurai after this. I have written so many sexy fanfics about him and Haruna fucking raw in the ring.

TLA: The fuck is this? Let’s whip they asses dawgs.

TLA and his crew go to down on the skinny virgin hipster millennials as their smartphones go flying into the air. Their screens crack on the hard hotel lobby floor as one virgin begins to cry and licks the battery acid as it leaks out from the phone.

TLA: We showed them fuckers who’s bawse. Orale vatos let’s go. He ain’t man enough to fight me right here and now just like on Showdown when he had to hide behind that security to keep me outta our moderated debate. Cuz he knows me words be fire and a debate with TLA means not only he gonna talk shit but he gonna light you up with the words of lucha and lay some flamin’ fists down on yo cold know nothin’ ass.

TLA and his crew leave the hotel as they run off in different directions. TLA meets up with Steroid Dawg in a nearby backyard where he has been tied up.

TLA: When they gonna leave our people alone Steroid Dawg? They always wanna keep a good dawg down. But they ain’t gonna no longer. Aww hell nawh the world be changin’ and we gonna be up on top of it cuz we go harder than all of ‘em. Ain’t that right mah dawg? I love mah dawg? You seen mah dawg? This mah dawg that.

Steroid Dawg rolls over as TLA pats the rock hard abs of the Big Dawg.

TLA: Mexican Samurai gonna come out to the ring at Pain for Pride if he even got the cojones to show up. He might puss out again like he done to everything else so far. He ain’t got shit to say to TLA so imma just be spittin’ that shit out, see if we can rile his ass up enough to actually step on down and give yo boi a challenge. Cuz imma make him suffer at Pain for Pride regardless, make him wish he ain’t never won that title cuz when you step to TLA you get put down, and when you down on yo knees that when the fun just ‘bout to begin.

TLA sits down on a nearby picnic table as he blazes up a joint.

TLA: Mexican Samurai gonna come out to the ring at Pain for Pride flanked by security cuz he know he can’t take me down personally. Maybe I should bring all my vatos as backup cuz we know he ain’t gonna be playin’ clean. He gonna give me that real dirty rasslin’, that dirty fighter style actin’ like he ain’t got no morals. But it ain’t gonna work cuz my fire burn too strong and I done learned from the best. I ran straight through the Iconomy, I done beefed with Christopher Corrupt, I went one on one with that Hall of Fame weyito Zack Crash so I know how that dirty game go. If I gotta lie and cheat and steal with the best of ‘em that’s what we gonna have to do. Y’all just gotta take it there, cuz I’m straight up fine with beatin’ yo ass in a classic catch-as-catch can contest tradin’ hold for hold until one of us gentlemen is declared the winner for all of the masses to bear witness!

TLA blows smoke out into the air as Steroid Dawg breaths it in through her massive snout.

TLA: James Shields thinks he can ban TLA from the arena. EAW thinks they can fire TLA time and time again but yo boi always come back. Cuz the people don’t want him to stay away, and cuz ain’t nobody can keep him out. They try buildin’ them walls but I just got a taller ladder and ain’t nobody stoppin’ the big hoppa from hoppin’ over and puttin’ that asswhippin’ on all y’all lil hoppas. I’m tired of EAW and its dictatorship now be the age of layin’ down that TLAw. Cuz what I do say do go, and ain’t nobody gonna stop me from doin’ it cuz I right y’all corrupt motherfuckers. I be reppin’ that real life while y’all puttin’ on a show. I be showin’ what real beastin’ be and y’all showin’ you just sittin’ out on yo ass feastin’. Cuz you damn sure ain’t beastin’. 

Police sirens sound in the distance as TLA drops his blunt.

TLA: Mexican Samurai I thought you was gonna give me a challenge holmes? Where you at? Come on out dawg! Come on out and take on The Sexual Panther! Like a motherfucker imma holla at ya till you do, cuz this Pain for Pride…ain’t got shit to hold back no more. Ain’t gotta play by James Shields or EAW’s rules no more. Come out lil vato, come on and show yo boi this really be Pain for Pride, cuz so far all it really be is Panther for Pride ya heard?

TLA and Steroid Dawg walk out of the yard out of sight as the sirens grow louder.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 6:14 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
Pain for Pride

Podcast Host: Hello ladies and germs, it’s Liza and I am your host of the Bombshell Podcast, your ultimate stop for all talk about women’s wrestling. Now, this week isn’t just an ordinary week people. Like the NFL has the Super Bowl, Soccer has the Euro or Copa, NBA has their final and Baseball has the World Series. This week, professional wrestling has their own version of the Super Bowl with Pain for Pride. Yes! Elite Answers Wrestling is in Miami, Florida for their three-night spectacle and with me, I have one of the EAW Vixens in the studio, promoting the event. This fellow Vixen is talented. She’s a two-time Vixens Champion, Hall of Fame Champion and former Interwire Champion as well as a four-time Vixen of the Year. She is competing against Jamie O’ Hara. Everyone, I give you “The Goddess”, Cameron Ella Ava! Glad to have you, Cameron.

[The studio applauses to Cameron for a moment as she smiles and waves at them, before turning her focus back to Liza.]

Cameron: I’m glad to be here.

Liza: Now Cameron, I know for a fact that this is not your first Pain for Pride, correct?

Cameron: This is my sixth Pain for Pride. I’ve been in every Pain for Pride since my debut and each year, it feels like my first all over again.

Liza: Do you still get nervous before your match?

Cameron: It’s not necessarily the match, but just going out there and feeding out the reaction from the crowd. As of right now, I’m getting mixed reactions/boos, but I really could care less once I get into that ring. Like I said: the reaction fuels me up. It gives me the energy I need to compete my best. The nerves are for exiting out the curtain and seeing every single seat in the arena being filled up than they are for my opponent. I mean, last year I had Dark Demon and the Heart Break Boy and for someone like myself, it could be seen as terrifying, but for me, I welcomed that challenge. This year, I have Jamie O’ Hara and things have been wild for the both of us.

Liza: Now, you defeated Lioncross to gain the opportunity to challenge anyone at Pain for Pride and you choose Jamie. Why not insert yourself in the Interwire or EAW Championship picture? Why not go for Cash in the Vault? Why Jamie?

Cameron: Like I said before, I see Jamie in my way to glory and greatness. I don’t like it when people are in my way. I don’t like it when I am casted aside for men like Aren Mstislav or Carlos Rosso or Vic Vendetta. Ever since I broke out of the Vixens Division, I’ve continued to climb the ranks of EAW. I have done my best to be their perfect, fight champion, but was that going to get me in the EAW Championship title picture? Probably not. I was going to continue getting cast aside for men who don’t even deserve to step in the same ring as me. Now Jamie, he seems like a decent guy beside the fact of him wanting to kill me in the ring, but does he think for the slightest second that I’m going to be easy to take out like Demon was? For starters, he attacked Demon out of the blue. For two weeks in the row, I have blindsided him or I have taken him out. For a slight second, he should know how it feels to be Dark Demon. He should know how it feels to go to that little dark side of his mind and want to get his revenge. The thing with me is that I never screwed him out of a EAW Championship. I never once fucked him over. There is no sense of revenge that he wants from me. What he wants from me is to make me suffer, to punish me for all that I have done in our journey to Pain for Pride. The thing is: I want to win. I want to avenge all of my losses this year. I want to be able to claim something and for me to back it up in the ring because as of right now, I got nothing to fall back on. I can’t talk about getting rid of Jaywalker because he’s back. I can’t talk about being a champion because I got no championship belt. I can talk about being above the Vixens Division after failing to capture the Vixens Cup. I can’t talk about my performance at Grand Rampage because I basically fucked myself over. Now Liza, what do I have to lean on? What do I have to say that will make Jamie believe that I am so fantastic and wonderful? How about the fact that I’ve gotten one over him for most of our journey to Pain for Pride? Sure, he may have sampled me with a bit of fight that I will be experiencing in four days, but he may have the upper hand advantage approaching Pain for Pride, but I got more fight than he could ever imagine. I’m one tough cookie that he can’t break apart.

Liza: Now Jamie O’ Hara is amazing in the ring. This match between the two of you should trigger everyone’s attention because you two have never faced each other before. Do you have any single clue for how you’re going to approach this match?

Cameron: I have been busting my ass off the gym. I have been training so hard for this match because I know what kind of individual Jamie O’ Hara is. I’m trying my best not to underestimate him because if I do that, then it assures me that I am going to lose the match. I have been losing sleep because of this match. I have been lying awake at night thinking about Jamie’s knee strikes. I have been thinking of every punch, every kick, every counter. I have been thinking about everything that could go wrong in this match and I have been preparing. Jamie would think that he is getting inside my head, but if Jamie were in my mind. Hell, if Jamie were inside my dreams, they’d be happy dreams with me leaving him a bloody pulp in the ring. If he thinks that I should be afraid of him, he should rethink everything because I welcome this match. I welcome him to hit me with his best shot. He can grow a set and he can deliver the first punch if he wanted too because I’m not afraid of letting this pretty face right here being messed up. I mean come on Liza, I get punched in the face by men more than Rihanna. [laughs] Jamie O’ Hara isn’t someone to be afraid of. Jamie is just a man who is trying to find himself in the land of Elite again. He thinks that he can regain the path to his championship worthy position by trying to get through me? That’s certainly not going to happen because I know for a fact that I can get through him. Hell, I’ve already gotten through him. At Pain for Pride, I’m just delivering the final blow to his pathetic EAW career. I mean, after I get through him, no one is even going to remember one thing about “Tomorrow’s Legend”. No one is going to give a thought to him winning Cash in the Vault at Pain for Pride 8. No one is going to give a crap about his forgettable EAW Championship reign that Das Lannister took away from him. What is Jamie going to remember? He’s going to remember the name Cameron Ella Ava. If the name is not inside his tiny brain now, it will the moment the match is over and I have my hand raised in victory.


[The segment fades to black as it transitions to another segment with Cameron Ella Ava looking at her camcorder, looking sweaty. Most likely, she had finished working out since she happens to be in a pink sports bra and black yoga pants. She has her hair tied up and she has a huge smirk.]

 Cameron: So I have been informed that Jamie O’ Hara has finally spoken and he has proven yet again why he is such a joke of an Elitist. I have been a woman who has never used a sob story. I prefer to have stories of triumph. For example, I won at Pain for Pride 6. I had been the woman who ended the year long reign of fellow Hall of Famer, Cleopatra. I took what many would consider to be one of the greatest Vixens to every grace in a wrestling ring and I defeated her. Do you know how that felt, Jamie? It felt pretty damn good because that was my first Pain for Pride moment. That was my only Pain for Pride moment. That was a moment in which I considered myself to be on top of the world and now, I want that feeling again. I want my Pain for Pride moment and you just happen to be the man that steps in my way. Sure, you might be riding the wave of your Cash in the Vault win, but what occurred last year? That beautiful moment you had? It’s not going to happen this year because you’re entering the ring against a Goddess. You’re entering the ring against a bonfire legend who has a few things to prove herself. Not that I can outwrestle you or out promo you any day of the freaking week, but I can defeat you. I can do the one thing that Dark Demon wished that he could do and that is beat the living shit out of you. To make you suffer and to clear my path to championship greatness. You may think that you’re the best, but you’re wrong. I’m the best. I am the better wrestler, I am the better talker and I may as well be better than you because on our road to Pain for Pride, two weeks in a row, I had you down to the mat. I have you struggling to pick yourself up. Sure, you may think that you had the last laugh approaching the FPV, but it’s not over until one of us can no longer move in that ring. A little piece of advice: if I have you against the mat, don’t move and don’t you dare try to get yourself out of it because I will promise you that it will be the BIGGEST mistake of your entire life.

Cameron: I don’t have much regrets, Jamie. I try not to look back at my past. I try not to look back at my past failures because when I do, it gives you want you desire. It gives you the doubts I have. Yeah, I failed at Cash in the Vault. Not my fault that it took Xavier Williams to get rid of me to even have the chance of winning. That’s basically the reason he won. I had suffered an End of Heartache from a fifteen-foot ladder. That End of Heartache is the reason why I never got to call myself Ms. Cash in the Vault. That End of Heartache is the reason why I never became a World Champion. That End of Heartache is the reason why I don’t have the nickname of “Best in the World”. But you know what, Jamie? That End of Heartache is the primary reason why we’re standing here today. This was the path that was chosen for me because if I never had the opportunity to choose my match for Pain for Pride, you wouldn’t even be blessed with a spot. So instead of wanting to argue with me, how about you get on your knees and thank me for blessing you with a Pain for Pride match. A match which could steal the show if people give enough crap about it. “Thank you, Cameron!” That is all you need to say and we could have the most amazing match ever. You don’t even have to murder me like what those people want. Don’t listen to the people and listen to what I have to say and be smart enough to know that if you mess with me, I can turn you from an Elitists to someone that cleans the toilets at every arena. You can make claims that I’m going to get passed up after Pain for Pride. Hell, if I have to receive anyone’s attention, it doesn’t have to be on Showdown. It can be on Voltage or Dynasty. I go wherever my talents are going to be appreciated. I go where I think that I can benefit from my opportunities. That’s the special thing about being a Vixen. What about you Jamie? Who knows about the EAW Draft? You could be out of my life after Pain for Pride. You could be at Dynasty, Voltage or you’ll make history again and be the first Elitists to be drafted to Turbo! I mean, the Franchise Demon was the King of Battleground after all. Just imagine it: Jamie O’ Hara: The King of Turbo!  

Don’t dare try to strike fear on to me. It’s not going to work. I’m not afraid of anything in this world. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to be the scary person. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to make me envision you crushing my head with your bony knees. I’m not worried about that at all because I refuse to let that happen to me. I’m not only prepared physically for this match, but I am prepared mentally. I know exactly the situation I am getting in with you. I know what you’re capable of Jamie. I’ve seen it in the ring when you’re in full control, but the problem is: you don’t manage to be in control long. Just when you think that you’re going to be dominating the match, I am always going to be there to stop your momentum. I am always going to be there to counter any of your moves. It isn’t me that should be worried about your knee, but you who should be worried about my forearm. One hit and you’re out! Done. I win the match. I’m really good at knocking bitches out like yourself. Hell, my elbows are phenomenal as well. Well, everything about me is phenomenal. There isn’t one thing that you can pick apart and pick on with me. With you, Jamie? There might be a slight hesitation whenever you hit one of your signature moves or any moves in general and if you even show the littlest of hesitation and I can promise you, me dominating the match won’t be anything new, but a routine of the match. You know what, Jamie? Enough of the “what ifs” and let’s began with the “when”. For example, when I leave you a broken man at Pain for Pride, all this talk about you sitting on your fucking throne as I was the fighting champion of Showdown will be nothing, but a thing of the past. You can deny the fact that whatever I have been saying has some sort of truth within it or you can make SpongeBob references all you want and make jokes, but just remember this: you’re the biggest fucking joke coming out of this match and the only person laughing when it’s all done will be me. Laughing at your demise. Laughing at your career. Laughing at you going down the EAW ladder of success while I continue to climb my way up the ranks.


[Camcorder shuts off as a black screen is seen, ending the promo.] 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 5:48 pm by Terry Chambers

"That's Where You're Wrong"

---The scene opens outside of a Miami gym in which the cameraman walks in and sees Terry Chambers shirtless training intensely running suicides, doing box jumps and doing clap push-ups then he stands up and wipes his face with a towel then gets ready to do more box jumps then he notices the camera and stops and motions the cameraman to come forward and when he does Terry Chambers begins to speak into the camera---

Terry Chambers:
I see some new people have joined the party of trash talking each other before the biggest match of all of our lives this weekend at Pain for Pride! Where do I start? Let's start with the guy who is in way over his head, Nico Borg! He says I am obsessed with past success.....does he actually think I am proud of a Young Lions Cup win and that is pretty much it here in EAW? I do not like to brag about it a lot, and I am for sure not one to go on and on about the past, because the future is a word that is stuck on me, because all I look forward to is my future success and my victory in that battle royal and I see in the future right now me throwing you out of that battle royal like the piece of garbage you are then seeing you look on dissapointed in yourself knowing you let down yourself, your family, and God! And I saw you mention what every person in this match has pointed out, that I lasted 2 fucking seconds in Grand Rampage, okay I'm going to try to explain this so it gets through you tic tac brain, yes I lasted 2 seconds, and I really don't know what was going on with me at that time, being more focused on a acting career was part of it but I just couldn't figure it out until the next show when people said they recognized me from many years ago and thats when I realized I need to just go back to my roots and that is just be a wrecking machine like I once was. And ever since that 2 second elimination Nico, I have fixed myself up and I have been pretty much unstoppable ever since! Yeah you lasted longer than me in Grand Rampage and from what I heard it sounds like you are bragging about it? That is laughable that you are bragging about lasting longer but at the end of the day did you win the thing? No you didn't so your "impact" was  irrelevant and let me ask, what have you done since your big impact at Grand Rampage? I have not seen you in any major headlines or heard about you in the backstage area. Just like Christian Locke, you are a easy elimination that will make me look good! I hope you enjoy wrestling on the biggest stage because you likely have dreamed about it your entire life, enjoy it because it is likely going to be your first and you last! I can't erase the 2 second elimination from history....but I can easily make everybody forget about it this weekend when I win that battle royal and raise that 24/7 contract high in the air!

---Terry Chambers takes a drink from the drinking fountain then looks into the camera again and begins speaking---

Terry Chambers: Victor Maero, nice for you to join us! You think I call you a joke and saying "YOU SMALL" just to be funny? No that is where you're wrong because it is the truth, there no other way to put it, I mean, like everybody else in this match minus a couple, what have you done prior to getting here? I don't recall seeing you anywhere until now. You took the time out of your day to talk a bit about my motivation heading into this match about chance, opportunity, and destiny. You see this is where you are wrong, all of you are fighting tooth and nail for the chance to be in 2nd place in this match because I am NOT going to lose! Opportunity is earned...and you are not saying I earned the right to be in here? I have been nothing but impressive since my 2 second elimination a couple of months back and if anything I am a lock for this thing, you my friend are in this just to fill the ring up! And then you say destiny is chaos and anything can happen, well in my dictionary, destiny is something that is just waiting to happen that the world already knows the outcome of of something that you have worked long and hard for and I am going to claim that contract and my destiny this weekend and who is going to stop me? ........You?

---Terry Chambers says to hold on a second as he does a couple 30 inch box jumps then he takes a sip of water and talks into the camera once again---

Terry Chambers:
Now I shall speak about Nobi once again, jesus this is the kind of kid who has confidence to go stand up to the school bully who is 3 feet bigger than him and he is expecting the miracle story of coming out on top over the bully but in the end the harsh reality sets in on him as he is sitting there with a black eyes and a broken arm! I also have a strong feeling the Nobi was the stupid kid throughout school and everybody picked on him for it and I get the vibe from him because he says things like"I'm going to personally throw you over the top rope in 2 seconds" and god that made me facepalm and laugh at the same time because how much more idiotic things is this kid going to say? I am just going to give the kid some advice, he might just want to stop running his mouth before he finds himself in some trouble and he winds up seriously hurt!

---Terry Chambers takes another sip of water then he continues on---

Terry Chambers:
Now we move on to Christian Locke, here let me slowly clap for you for your idiotic comments the past couple of days! Sometimes I wonder if you are more messed up in the head than Nobi or that mother who had her kid fall into a gorilla enclosure. Yes of course Christian I chose to talk about a match I wasn't involved in, I brought it up because it was where YOU screwed up! I said it before and I will say it again, it was a match where you were a hot prospect and you had a golden opportunity to knock off a Hall of Famer on his retirement tour on the road to Pain for Pride on a FREE-PER-VIEW for fucks sake! The fact you couldn't get the job done told me a lot of things. It told me you were all hype, you ain't as talented as everybody billed you to be, and that you will choke in pressure situations so that is another reason why I called you a joke in this match because if you choke in pressure situations, I have nothing to worry about from you in this battle royal at Pain for Pride! After that I saw you nothing more as a waste of talent and you are taking up air time of guys out in the world who actually have talent and deserve your job that you don't! Don't you know me Christian? I'm pretty sure you do watching me on TV all of those years on your couch, that if I EVER witnessed a crime and they asked me to point out the criminal....I would point the blame on the person who was innocent in the entire thing because it's that "I don't give a fuck" attitude I have! And I am telling you right now Christian that you are saying I won't be able to back up my words when I win the battle royal? I am telling you I NEVER fail to keep my word and my word will remain the same that I will walk into that battle royal, I dominate, and I stand tall with that 24/7 contract in my hands while I look on the outside and I see you crying your eyes out that I stole your moment! I can't wait to witness it! I ain't in the same league as you huh? Bro I have seen 3 ft high guys with more talent than you, and I have been in the ring with a shitload more talent that you possess and I used to think you were something special, and I absolutely kicked their asses up and down that squared circle! I've seen many guys like you come and go so quick! Believe me when I tell you, you are not in my league and you pose no threat to me so please quit trying to sound like you are going to make a big difference in this match! Like I said earlier, you and everybody else are just fighting and clawing just to see who will be 2nd place! Now, Liam hasn't said anything bout me so I am just going to end here!

---Terry Chambers gets close to the camera as he talks slowly---

Terry Chambers:

---Terry Chambers pushes the camera out of his way as he begins to start running another suicide and the camera fades to black as Terry Chambers is running back and forth touching the lines---
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Post on June 28th 2016, 4:52 pm by Zaibatsu
Turbo #2

That’s what I like to see Kurt! As we approach our fated encounter I was wondering what other skills you have on that resume of yours. A grappler since high school eh? I can say I don’t have an amateur background like you my friend…

Because I’m no amateur. Everything I do in that ring is legit. Every move, flip, grapple is done to perfection. I started out as your happy go lucky high flyer but these days I’m so much more. The thing is Mr. Burton I’m going to let you in on a little secret; it’s not my Falcon Arrow you should fear, or the Extreme Enigma inspired Nosedive. It’s my Falcon Deathlock. I’ve trained it to execute it on a whim and if we’re going to roll around on that mat you beat your ass you’re going to tap. Now I wanted to be nice and crafty and stuff and give the EAW universe a show. Now it looks like you’re gonna have to tap plain and simple. Welp, it’s not a complete lost though; the Land of Elite gets to see what’s going to happen when either of them get in the ring with me. Surprised by this sudden burst of brashness? Well, you did remind the fans that I’m a cocky showstopper. (winks)

By the way Mr. Burton I dance only one way and that’s with the devil under the pale moonlight. I’ve fought with foes so dark that men like Hades and Eclipse would raise an eyebrow. Brutality will never outshine my greatness. I’m not the best my friend, but soon I will be. And guess what? You get to set things off! You are the trigger that I will pull by the legs as you tap out and set off what’s going to be one of the most memorable careers Elite Answers Wrestling has ever seen. Be glad about that Kurt, be happy in the fact you’ll be my first win! It’s okay buddy, because you’ll have plenty of chances. Just not tomorrow, not Pain for Pride week, not on the night of my debut. To many unseen forces are at play and hate to be the one to break this to you but the odds are just not in your favor. Take a seat while I play this straight flush.

Game. Set. Match.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 4:15 pm by Kurt_Burton
Come on now Kevin!  This is not how we build a match!  Is it?
Are we seriously doing this play nice thing?  
Never done that before.  Normally, these promos escalate out of control.
Truth be told, I can kind of feel a respect thing going on… is that crazy?

Bah… that can’t be.  It must be in my head.
Every wrestler I have ever faced insults me, and we battle back and forth
Although I didn’t say anything terrible this time did I?
Terrific!  Something new, something exciting.

Boy, I look forward to this.  Although you done me wrong, Kevin.
Under neath my hard hitting persona, lies a true grapples, since high school.
Really, I’d be more afraid of my exploder Suplex than any brawling I may do.
To think, I sat here, preparing to shock and offend, but you gave me no reason.
Only one more night, and we’ll find out who the better man is.
Never underestimate me Kevin, and I’ll never cause you disappointment.

But beware Kevin, as you dance around all nimbly pimbly like.
Others have tried, and they all failed.
You only have to read between the lines to find your fate is sealed.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 3:56 pm by Tyler Parker
One of two things has to happen for any of this to end. It's not about you, Ares. It's about me. The pressure is on me to perform and you're nothing but an odd for me to overcome. I don't run away, I don't back down, I don't give up --- I don't care what you try to do to me because I've gotten stronger. You can put me through whatever and I'm going to get back up. Bash my head into the mat, bust my head wide open, I'm going to keep going. You're supposed to make me doubt myself, doubt my ability, doubt whether or not I can do what I've said I'm going to do but at this point in my career? I'm thirty two years old. I'm not even in the PRIME of my career, I'm not even at the PEAK of my career. The fans expect me to overcome the odds and to do the unthinkable but my peers have been questioning me and it makes you second guess yourself and that eats at you, eats at you 'til there's nothing left within you but an empty feeling and it's an empty feeling that I've felt before but not this significantly. They ask me if I'm scared of Ares Vendetta and if I say I don't, they doubt me. They seem to think that I'm terrified but I've never been scared of another human being. Doubt from others doesn't bother me, doubting myself is what I tend to have the most problems with but there's no doubt in my mind that I'm going take the title away from you. How could I ever be scared of you? How could I ever be terrified of you? Look at you, Ares. Look at you. You walk tough, you sound tough and you show no sign of weakness whatsoever despite how bad it gets for you after you faced me? You got a little emotional. You like to forget that but I? I'm not going to forget that. I'm not forget how you showed passion, how you showed emotion. That's been bothering you, that's been on the back of your mind, that's been at the forefront of your mind --- you thought about it, you thought about it, you thought about it because it got under your skin. I... got under your skin. You talk about how I'm giving my life for my own selfishness and you're right, I'm giving my life but not for my own selfishness, not to give everything I have to compete on a stage like this. I'm giving my life because I've been giving my life to this business for my entire career. I've been in this business for nine years and for nine years, I've given my life to this --- I've given my time and my effort. I put everything I had into this which you haven't. You speak of me like I'm some fool but how am I foolish? How am I foolish for stepping up to you? I'm not a fool, you are. You're a fool if you think that I exploit God's gift. The one thing I'm going to exploit is you. I'm going to exploit your weakness, I'm going to exploit you for the fool that you are. Keep speaking of me like that, you're making more of a fool of yourself. I'm not Mr. DEDEDE, I'm not Y2Impact and that's because I am myself. You think I'm trying to be something I'm not? You think I'm trying to be them? Keep thinking that, I don't care. I don't care what you think. Because I'm not either of them for one reason or another. I'm nothing like Y2Impact or else I'd be a scumbag like him. I'm nothing like Mr. DEDEDE and though he has mentored me, he and I see things differently. For one reason or another, I'm not like them or anyone else. I'm not in their shadow. I'm myself. You though? You're trying so hard, oh so hard, to succeed and surpass your father. Though you dislike your father, you've got some of his bad habits. You have a habit of getting yourself into something that you can't get out of. You have a habit of messing with others that you shouldn't be messing with. You did what your father couldn't do and that's win against Mr. DEDEDE but like how your father's career ended here, your career is going to end here too. You might not like that but there's nothing you can do about it. You think I'm going to die, huh? You think that's how far this has gotten between us? So far to death? I'm not going to die in the middle of the ring. Your pathetic attempts of trying to scare me isn't going to change anything, it isn't going to change the outcome of this match. Pathetic, much like yourself and much like your father. You might think I've lost but I'd like to think that you've lost the moment you were scheduled to defend your title against me. You took a couple of months off of my career and I haven't forgot that but you know I haven't. You know, so you grip tightly onto the title because you know that at any second in this match, you could lose it. You could lose everything you have. You could lose everything you haven't earned. Because you and I both know you haven't earned anything in your career and in your life. At the end of the day, Ares, you're not the Answers World Champion... you're Robbie V's son. "You know who was the Answers World Champion? Robbie V's son." That's how it's going to be. We could bicker and bicker but you're regarded as Robbie V's son and not Ares Vendetta. I have a name and it's Tyler Parker --- the NEXT Answers World Champion.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2016, 3:17 pm by Ares Vendetta
There sits a man that gave his life for his own selfish dream.

Bound to a chair not by any injury, but the crippling defeat he suffered.

He gave everything away just to step onto the biggest stage and compete for the most prestigious gold.

Speak as though anyone will ever care for what you’ve gone through to get to this point. As though all of the Hell you’ve endured in your life has shaped you into a warrior that was built to take on this weight, carry it, and bring it up the hill. The World is filled with fools that spin the adversity in their miserable lives into some sort of story. As though some sort of God decided they would be the center of our universe as he wrote down their odyssey for all to watch and enjoy. As if everyone around them plays the extras or the minor characters while they ride the high points and feel the low points of their time on this Earth. You wouldn’t be the first, and you will most certainly not be the last. The people you’ve come to know that have gone are all gone, and that is all there is to it. They don’t matter, and they never did. They were just as useless when they were at your side at one point or another as they are now, whether they be dead or simply gone elsewhere. Your grandfather was a nameless man that nobody but you will ever remember. Your father is a nameless man that nobody will ever remember. Your friends and your family alike - all of them will never amount to anything of significance in my eyes, whether they still breathe or lie in the ground. What you should be grateful for is the fact that you were able to spend so much time in this light. You should be grateful that your name will last much longer than any of your other family members. Years from now, someone may very well remember your name, and perhaps even whatever it is you did in your time in this company. Unfortunately, years beyond that point will leave your name and everything you achieved almost as though none of it ever happened, and as though you never existed. That’s the price humanity pays. Those born to do great things will live prosperous lives and their very names will echo off the lips of many long after they’re dead and gone, but the harsh truth is that most will be born believing they’re deserving of greatness. Most will be born convincing themselves that they can achieve greatness so long as they put forth their best effort and sacrifice everything and show that tenacity until they get what they want.

See, I had a grandfather as well - and he’s gone. Perhaps dead, but perhaps not. My father, you know very well, don’t you? As far as I can see, it still boils your blood thinking about the moment he took that precious World Championship from your possession. The very first World’s Championship gold you ever tasted, and my own father was the man who took it from you. I wish I could tell you that knowing that brings me any sort of satisfaction, but it doesn’t. Once upon a time, I cared for what my father did. I cared for how talented he was. I cared for the accolades he achieved. I cared for the matches he fought tooth and nail to win, but when you start to believe that this World revolves around you - that’s when you’ve failed, and no amount of gold or victories will ever pull you from that pit of despair. Look upon my father and see not Ares Vendetta, but your own future. He sits there a broken, defeated, miserable pile of human flesh, and not because of a simple defeat. He sits there in shame, knowing that he wasted his life believing himself to be something special, that he was bigger than everyone and everything. All it takes is a man to crown himself King. All it takes is a man to call himself God. That’s all it takes. You wrap a World Championship around your waist not to be the best competitor in this company, but to feel better than everyone else. It’s not uncommon. You’re a pitiful little man that craves attention, just like the man who made you his protege.

Perhaps you should have known better. Maybe you would have served more purpose to this World working at a factory, or flipping burgers. You’ve fought to be considered one of the best talents in this company, but you will never be the best of them all, and that burns you not because you desire to be the best, but because you desire to be considered the best. You desire to be pandered to and hailed as a hero. You desire to be famous and loved while men such as your grandfather died with few people around to ever remember him. You too will die one day, mongrel, that much is certain. There will be people to mourn you. Perhaps a dozen, perhaps hundreds, perhaps even thousands - maybe even millions, and with every passing day, those numbers will dwindled. It takes more than just another man to step up, prove himself talented, and consider himself the center of his own universe. Even now, there are those just like you who will meet the same fate. You will not get the chance to break and be left bound to a chair to reflect upon every mistake you ever made, but you will see a glimpse of it when you try so desperately to topple me at Pain For Pride. The World is full of men with so-called lesser jobs that will live better lives than you do now. What they lack in fame, they make up for in genuine happiness. What they lack in wrestling ability, they make up for in talents that can be applied to everything else. They will live happy lives with their families and they will die happy men, but you? You will only die. You will have lived, but you will have always lived chasing something you never deserved. Not at some point in your life in which you made a mistake - the wrong was made the moment you were born into this World. There are those that live to always want, and they will never get what they truly desire, because they’re broken. They’re corrupted. You are a man that lost this battle a thousand times over long, long ago.

I seek no vengeance upon you. I don’t look to take anything I haven’t already gotten out of you. What I do to you is an inevitability, like a man walking in front of a diesel. I serve a God, and you will know his name. You exploit his gift, and you will pay for it. Not by my hand, but your own. You are not DEDEDE, though you wish to be. You are not Impact, though you wish to be. You’re a silhouette in their shadows, desperately trying everything you can to get out.

Your aspirations will die the way you lived:

Eclipsed by greater men.

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Post on June 28th 2016, 2:48 pm by VENTURA.
Cash in the Vault
[Entry #4]
Silence is the most powerful scream, Rex.
You just never had the time to sit down and engulf yourself under a realm of silence. Just like you, along with the rest of these other participants, you all think having a loud mouth serves as the only way to try and tamper with your opponent's minds. You all just enjoy speaking, and speaking, and speaking, clearly not having a concise plan scheming up in your mind. The majority of 2016 so far has been me doing the exact opposite. I purposefully decided to be a silent owl, to just sit out there observing and to become as vulnerable of a human being as possible. I wanted to be reduced into nothing as painfully and agonizing as possible to attempt to reenact how my poor, younger brother was suffering with losses from years past. It is safe to guarantee that I am finished with that trial version. It was time that I decided to just go full blown deluxe with my agendas. Padrone Orthaeus, as smart as the man is, his skill couldn't exactly analyze what was truly going on within me. Sure, I may have made the illusion that I was obeying his every command with just a simple nodding gesture, but it ran far deeper than that. No one understood why I decided to remain silent, no one understood why I needed the introduction of Padrone Orthaeus. Everything that I have done, every loss that I have conceived, all served a vital purpose.

And you will just have to wait for that at Pain For Pride.

By all means, I would love to see someone try and divert the plan that I have for Pain For Pride. Go on, work those muscles every second of the day, try and become sore in each and every body part of your system. Tire yourself out until you reach the point of collapse. Those aren't necessarily going to be the golden actions that you must push through to win this match. It all stems from up there---inside the head. You may be loved, you may have changed from a "bad" guy to a "new" guy now, but that transition isn't going to grant you anything worth while. The question is whether or not you truly deserve to be the holder or not, to see if you can learn your craft as being a potential World Champion. If you don't have that foresight, if you don't plant your seeds in your designated area, then you are going to be left broken down on the ground with no where else to turn to.
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Post on June 28th 2016, 2:48 pm by Christian Locke
Congrats Terry, you really are as dumb as you look. You are a stereotype, you know that? Just another big muscular doofus with no brain in his noggin. But at the same time, I think it's pretty cool to be speaking to a real life version of Lennie from Of Mice and Men right now. What a wonderful book right? Now Terry, you are probably thinking I'm just saying this with no evidence to back up my claims when I confidently say that you by far have the lowest IQ in all of EAW. But that's where you are wrong. You see I had a few backstage crew members do me a favor and with their findings, they of course proved I'm right in all of this. Still confused? That's probably likely because after all, I'm taking to Terry Chambers right now, so let me break it down. When you willingly chose to talk about me, you decided to take a cruise down the most pathetic pathway there is. You decided to take shots at me. Your attempt at digging up dirt on me backfired and I can't wait to tell you why in a few moments. You of course talked about my loss to Starr Stan at Triple Threat. As a result, he evened the score and I am now 1-1 against him. Why am I not surprised that you would go out of your way and talk about this? Of course you would bring up a match that never concerned you in the first place. It's irrelevant, but your pea-sized brain still told you to roll with it, in an attempt to make me look weak. Not only that, but you talk about a victory over Starr Stan on Battleground that never happened. Way to pay attention Terry!! Oh I can sense it! Now you are very confused! You see Terry, the bald man with the American flag singlet that you faced on Battleground was not Starr. It was an actor that I hired to take his place because I think we both know you wouldn't be able to beat the real one. In your response, you will probably call me a liar, because it does seem a bit ridiculous, that I admit, but it still happened. You want proof? Well here it is. If you recall, I asked some of the staff to help me with a favor. This favor was for them to dig up the past and find some quotes, that for the record, I did not say because for all we know, I could be lying. It wouldn't prove my case. So here are some quotes from Starr Stan on this matter. Not only that, but they gave me the dates as well, so you can look it up if you want. Quote number one comes from Starr on May 24th, “What was supposed to be great, exciting matchups turned into a joke when you had a piss-poor actor fight ‘Two Second Terry’ on Battleground on my behalf.” Not satisfied? Quote number two is from May 31st, “Guys like Terry Chambers thought they could use my name to pull themselves up the card, but all Battleground has shown to me was the guy Christian Locke hired to impersonate me sucks at wrestling, almost as much as the guys behind the scenes that run that show.” 

So like I said, you are an idiot. I really hope that you never witness a crime one day and then the officers call you in for a lineup to point out the criminal, since you can't even recognize one of the most famous EAW elitists of all time. Now you said something along the lines of I will be an easy elimination for you. I'm not even mad because you are only going to make this harder for yourself when I end up winning this match and as a result you will have to eat those words and live with the fact that you, Terry Chambers, failed to keep his word again. Just a trend that will forever continue until you come to realization that guys like you, aren't in the same league as me. Before I move on, you called us jokes. And this is coming from the guy that owns the shortest time spent in the Grand Rampage record, with it being two seconds? But sure Terry, we are the jokes here. I know you talked about this earlier and tried to convince us on how things will be different in this battle royal because you are no longer a D list actor on the side. Excuses, excuses, excuses! No Terry, nothing will change. Although I do expect you to last longer than two seconds this time around because you'll probably just sit in one of the four corners so you can say you were in the match for at least two minutes. That's some progress right there! You can have that moral victory. Before I move on, just remember one thing Terry — you called me an easy elimination…

Can't wait to use that line in my victory speech. 

This brings me to Liam Catterson. You're really losing it, aren't you? Actually let me be clear, I'm not talking about your wrestling ability, which diminished long ago. I'm talking about your mind. Tell me, have you always lived in this fantasy world of yours, or did that start happening around the time your midlife crisis kicked in? Perhaps there is a correlation in there somewhere. Now, in case you people missed it, Liam put a tinfoil hat on his head and came up with these outlandish conspiracy theories. He believes I'm obsessed with him. Actually no, it doesn't end there. He believes I have a crush on him. So this is what you resort to when you're backed into a corner? Fucking pathetic Liam. For some reason, I expected better. So let me get this straight, you have people keeping close tabs on me. They give you this BS on how I supposedly talk about you nonstop for weeks. Kind of funny because I remember when I faced you in your home country, you had your fans, yes all three of them, talk about how much they despise me to you on the streets or some shit. Let me remind you that around this time, I’ve been with EAW for a little longer than a month, give or take and I already have people sending me death threats. I'm honored to be honest, I could blush. Because it's so easy to get people worked up, yourself included Liam. But let's stay with this obsession topic for the time being. The last time I really talked about you, excluding this match, was when you were at ringside for my match against The Nas. This is after people kept telling me on social media that you wanted no part in being out there. Calling it a borefest. Yet that's classified as me being obsessed with you? Oh please Liam. What a terrible attempt that is to fit your little hidden agenda. Because you start so much bullshit. You try to make everything about you. Oh believe me, I do the same from time to time, I have never denied this. Hell, the last sentence I said the last time I talked was how I enjoy to stir up the hornet’s nest. But I don't play the victim card afterwards, but you certainly do. You want an example? As I listened to what you had to say — which is me being obsessed with you again I guess because it's not like you are my fucking opponent or anything. But anyways, as I listened, you randomly called out Angelo. A man that's not even in this match. I guess that means you have a crush on him, hashtag Liam Logic. Next, you had a problem with me calling you an immature child. Were your little fragile feelings hurt? That's too bad and perhaps one day I'll care. Don't count on it however. Yes Liam, you are very immature. If you believe you aren't then I guess we have two very different definitions of the word. For instance, when I hear the word immature, I think of lacking the expected type of responsible behavior for your age. Want some examples of why I find you immature? Ask and you shall receive: 

“Still acting like a fucking retard.” 

Sounds like a troll comment from a 12 year old playing Call of Duty. 

“By the end of tonight, I hope headlines will be breaking that Christian Locke killed himself.”

Well that escalated quickly. Wanting me to kill myself? I'm flattered actually because it just shows how much I piss you off, with minimal effort on my end. Believe me I strongly dislike you as well, but I would never want you to kill yourself. Forcing you to live your life on a daily basis is much worse. Being Liam Catterson is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. But anyways, that comment by you was once again immature. Again, just sounding like an Internet troll. 

“Go drink bleach.”

I'm paraphrasing with this one. But once again, just childish.

“And Angelo, I just want to say people would be satisfied if you dropped dead.”

Jesus fucking Christ, you are the definition of a broken record. What's with you wanting everybody to die? Oh I get it, if every elitist died, you would then win a second world championship. Yeah that's the only way that's happening, but great strategy nonetheless. Impeccable! 

“A complete moronic twat.”

Dude aren't you like pushing 30 plus? At least that's what you look like. Yet you're over here using terms like retard and twat. Yes, nothing immature about that. 

So yes Liam, I stand by my comment. You are an immature child. You can say it's just you being brutally honest again and sure, use that as your defense, use it until the cows come home, but I'm willing to bet if I polled random strangers and read these statements, they would agree with me in a heartbeat. Speaking of “immature child”, I like how about five minutes later in your little speech, you decide to call me exactly that. Tell me, do you always plagiarize or is this a special occasion? As I wait for that answer, let's move on to you thinking all I do is ramble. It's because I like to run my mouth, no? I enjoy to talk. Actually, I love it. But once again, we must have two totally different definitions of the word ramble. Do I talk for long periods of time? Yep, no denying that. But when I speak, I don't keep repeating myself. Once I make my point about something specifically, I let it go and move on to other points I’d like to cover. I have like sixteen opponents this week, or whatever, so yeah I'm going to talk for quite a while, when I have about a third of my competition talking shit about me, while the others have yet to find the courage to jump into the shark infested water. Have a problem with it? Guess what Liam? Nobody is forcing you to watch this tape. Nobody is forcing you to listen to my words, which easily offend you. Nobody is forcing you to respond to me. Yet you do it anyways. You label me as a nobody. You always have and you probably always will. That's great Liam! Think that way! But when I call somebody a nobody, or something similar, guess what? I ignore them. They aren't worth my time so I don't give it to them. Meanwhile you're over here contradicting yourself. You said it yourself, you don't care about any of the opponents in this match — and then you waste about seven minutes of your life on those opponents. Logic like that is just so flawed. Maybe if you took off your rose tinted glasses, you would see the same damn thing. Lastly, I'm going to hit you with a lightning round, so to speak, where I just ask a few questions about what you said. Question number one, you said you have set records. What records have you exactly set? Question number two, you called us proven failures, explain? How have I proven to be a failure? And oh boy, I can sense an immature answer coming, don't disappoint. Question number three, you said I'm fucking up worse than America when they likely elect Trump — my question is why would I care about this analogy when I'm not even from the United States? I literally don't care if they are doomed. Well guys, time to move on from my so called crush. But just remember one thing Liam — you called me a filler in this match…

Can't wait to use that line in my victory speech. 

Let's move on to good ol’ Nobi, followed by JD Damon. Now Nobi, when you talked, it was like an emotional roller coaster ride and I'll gladly explain why. For starters you called us punks instead of dummies, so I felt like I was moving up in the world. I wanted to give myself a pat on the back and a gold star, you know? But then, you go back to your old ways and call me a dummy, shocker. And oh no, it doesn't end there! You then called me a dwarf!!! Wow man, take it easy. What did I ever do to you? Did I kill your entire family or something? As you can see, these schoolyard insults are clearly damaging my soul. Take it easy on me, I beg you. Okay I'm done being sarcastic. So Nobi here believes I'm incapable of eliminating him. Why? Because he thinks he's tough. According to him I can gauge his eyes out, choke him until his face turns dark purple and it still won't be enough. Personally, I disagree, but sure let’s pretend this theory has a shot at being legit for the time being. Yeah you're welcome. Another reason why you believe I won't eliminate you is because you're taller and weigh more. Damn my genetics, am I right?! But the thing is Nobi, I'm not going to attempt to body slam you over the top rope or anything. But there are other ways to eliminate you, obviously. I guess you don't know how momentum and force work. You see I can be standing directly in front of the ropes, you charge at me, attempting to clothesline me right over those ropes, but then I sidestep you. You go flying but to your credit, you’re like a cat. You land on your feet and you're standing on the apron, being a little daze. I come charging in and I kick you to the floor. That's just one example. I have about another twenty or so. I'll keep those locked in the vault for now. But just remember one thing Nobi — you said I'm just another opponent in this match.

Can't wait to use that line in my victory speech. 

And then there is JD Damon and to be honest, I like you. I like what you stand for. I like how you go about things. Our attitudes are even similar. Terry may be the dumbest in this match, while you are perhaps the smartest — after me of course. You gave me my much deserved credit. It's about time. Real recognizes real I guess. You called me a rising star. You pointed out that I've been tearing it up since the moment I got here. Both statements are very true. According to you, I have charisma. I have the in-ring talent. I can cut one hell of a promo. Again, all very true. And you could have ended it there and move on to the others, but you didn't. A mistake on your end. You see JD, I know you want to get back to the level you were once at. When you still held the Pure Championship. I too hope you get your groove back. I hope you do great things moving forward — but it won't be at my expense, you hear me? You see I'm winning this match. Yeah I'm just going to be very blunt about it, which means yes JD, this newcomer is going to in fact ruin your plans at Pain for Pride, tough. Better luck next time. But just remember one thing JD, you said I don't have what it takes to become Mr. 24/7 — I can't wait to use that line in my victory speech. Lastly there is Maero. It was cute when you called me Chris Elite at first because we have similar first names. Very clever on your end. I laughed so hard HAHA!. So I guess this is the part where I mistake you for Victor Vendetta since both of your names are Victor. What a genius I am. But no, nobody is going to mistake you for a former world champion. You're in Eclipse’s little alliance right? I'm seriously asking because I believe you're that guy. You know, the guy that's the third wheel. The guy that Eclipse doesn't trust as much as Erbos. I don’t blame him. Now you called me boring. In fact you called a few of your opponents boring and man oh man, the savagery is just too much. What a well thought out insult. Totally didn't scrap the bottom of the barrel with that one. So I guess I should return the favor and call you an afterthought, since it's very much true. And I guess I would rather be boring than be an afterthought. Don't get me wrong, both are terrible, but what it boils down to is an opinion that many disagree with versus being nonexistent, which you pretty much are. When somebody says Christian Locke, they know who I am. They say, hey that's the guy that's going to win the 24/7 Battle Royal at Pain for Pride! That's the guy that's been booked on every FPV since he signed with EAW because he is valued as important. And then when somebody says Victor Maero, they have to think for approximately thirty seconds until they say oh yeah, that's the dude that carries Eclipses bags and fetches him coffee in the morning. Now Victor, I notice you took a liking to my “doubt” comments. Have I ever been doubted by others? I'm sure I have. But I don't listen to the outside world. I don't really value their opinions because they have never even taken a step inside the squared circle. Have I ever doubted myself? Nope. Why would I? Sure I've lost matches before but I don't go pout about it backstage and second guess my career path. I immediately shrug it off and focus on the next match the following week. You can call that being hard headed or how I have this so called kindergarten mindset all you want. I'm not going to change how I operate. I guess I'm sorry I don't act like you? It's almost as if I'm an individual and think independently. Crazy right?! Moving on, I guess I was trying to be intimidating earlier? How? What did I do or say to be classified as intimidation? Did I make threats towards you? Nope. You know how I know? Because I never even thought of talking about you in the first place. I’m sure others feel the same. That goes back to my afterthought comment I suppose. But sure, I'm trying to intimidate you, while you for some odd reason grab a scalpel as you talk about me. But hey, what do I know? I'm just some cocky little kid to you. Right? Just like I guess all I do is brag about things, care to give me a specific example, or hold on, maybe you are the one that's truly grasping at straws here? But let me say this now, if I do go on to win this battle royal? Then god help you all because you're never going to hear the end of it.
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