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 Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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PostDynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you. 
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Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!) :: Comments

Dynasty Promo #1

The scene opens backstage at Full Sail University inside the private dressing room of  "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels.  Inside we see the self proclaimed Social Media Champion surrounded by his entrouage consisting of T.J. Yoder, his Agent Johnny J, and several beautiful women who can't help but peek as Michaels finishes putting on his ring gear.

Johnny: "Big night tonight Mark, this thing with Trent Yoder comes to an end..."

Michaels: (Interrupting) "For now, knowing Trent he'll be back to bitching about how kicking his ass tonight is bad for the environment, or something along those lines.  Guys like that just can't help but to be haters, right T?"

T.J.: "Damn straight Picture Perfect."
Johnny: "Well for the time being, it ends tonight.  But there's another thing I wanted to tell you, Tig Kelly signed the contract, and you will be facing him this Friday night on Dynasty for the National Elite Championship!  How does that sound?"

Michaels: How does it sound? Well let's see, it's the of the new year, so I think it's only fitting that a new National Elite Champion is crowned that day!  And who better to be that new champion than yours truly?  I mean I am the man who with the help of my millions upon millions of followers, has made Dynasty into the ratings phenomenon it is today  I'm the man who has plowed thru the best that the National Elite Division has to offer, from Angelo Brando, to Donny Diamond, and even Regulator.  I've beaten them all time and time again, just like I'm about to beat Treat Yoder for the billionth time, and now I am finally getting the opportunity I so rightly deserve.  

 And unlike the guy who's keeping my belt warm for me, when next years award show rolls around I won't be going 0 for two.  Now don't get me wrong, Tig Kelly is a fearsome competitor, who's mastered such techniques as not bathing for days so that the stench becomes the only thing his opponents can think about.  Or the art leaving just enough that cheep hooch he drinks on his breath, to leave his opponents dazed.  And who can forget his most deadly technique kissing up to Conning and Monroe to get placed in title matches that he had no business being in.  And he somehow thinks that I don"t belong in the ring with him?  Well now that I think about it, he doesn't!  because for all the talk about how I haven't beaten anybody, I can't think of a single title defense that Tig has had against grade A competition.  I mean yeah those guys in the Highrollerz can get luck from time to time, but they're not exactly the best that Dynasty has to offer.  No, far from it in fact.  But don't worry Tig, you will be face the absolute best, and no I don't mean the vodka you dumb Irish Mick."

Michaels and his entourage gets a good laugh from that one.

Johnny: "Sounds like you got this one wrapped up already Mark."

Michaels: " Johnny, you, me, everyone in this room, and even Tig himself knows that I got this one Hashtag in the bag baby!  Because this Friday night, the greatest athlete to ever lace up a pair of boots is going to walk into the Forth Worth Convention Center, where in front of all of his followers watching from around the world,  he's going to step into the ring, and rescues the National Elite Championship from the bloated waist of a paper champion.  The ender will meet his end, and after I'm done with him, he'll be exposed as the fraud that he truly is, and with this win I will once again prove just why i am the Hashtag Hero, the Twitter Trendsetter, the Instagram Icon, the Destiny of  Dynasty, and the Brightest Burning crossover star that the EAW will ever know.  I'm going to give Tig a Texas sized beating, wait scratch that, make it a Dallas Cowboy sized beating, one so bad he'll never try to steal my copyrighted catchphrase again, and the best part of it all is that there's nothing he can do about it, now who here can Picture That?"

Michaels' entourage raises their hands "I do"

Michaels: "Alright than, lets go kick some Yoder ass!"

Michaels puts on his gold rimmed Gucci aviator sunglasses, and walks out the door.

Dynasty Promo: Pro log

We open on the Fox Sports Road to Redemption Pre-Show already in progress.

Fox Sports Announcer: "... I tell you ladies and gentlemen this FPV is jam packed, so if you haven't done so already, call or go online to order it right now!  Speaking of right ow, it's time for our special guest this afternoon, please welcome with live in studio "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels. 

The camera pulls wide to reveal Michaels dressed sharply in his charcoal grey "Huge/Genius" style suit from Hugo Boss.  

Fox Sports Announcer: "Mister Michaels, thanks you for joining us here."

Michaels: "The pleasure is all yours."

Fox Sports Announcer: "We are under an hour away from Road To Redemption, and I along with everyone else at home are all wondering who going to be going home with their hands raised tonight. would you care to give us a few predictions?

Michaels: "Sure, why not?"

Fox Sports Announcer: " Let's start with the New Breed Championship match, how do you see this one going?"

Michaels: "TLA has been a bit of a loose Cannon recently, and that can work both for and against him.  I'd say that if he can keep his temper in check the Champ will retain."

Fox Sports Announcer: "What about Aria Jaxson and Brent Kennedy versus Drake and Jones in the Tag Team number one contenders tournament finals?"

Michaels: "Well both teams have gotten past some tough competition, so that means they are working well together, and more importantly they know how to win together.  The match is a bit of a toss up, but I'll be hoping that Jaxson and Kennedy get the win so that we won't have to hear Heart Break Gal going on and on about gender equality in her interviews."

Fox Sports Announcer: "Haruna versus Cailin for the Specialist championship?"

Michaels: "Haruna."

Fox Sports Announcer: "In the first of four Elimination Chamber Matches, we'll see Devan Dubian defending the Answers World Championship against  Liam Catterson, Scott Oasis, Ares Vendetta, Ryan Savage, and Mr.DEDEDE."

Michaels: "It's always hard to for  champion to retain in this type of match, and having seen first hand just tough an S.O.B. that DEDEDE is, I think we see a new Answers Champion tonight.

Fox Sports Annoucer: "Jamie O'Hara defends the EAW Championship against Xavier Williams, Thomas Minns, Pizza Boy, Heart Break Boy, and a Mystery Opponent."

Michaels: "Tough one to pick.  HBB is always a top competitor, or so I'm told.  The same can be said about the Champion.  Personally, I want to know who that Mystery opponent is."

Fox Sports Announcer: "The All or Nothing Elimination Chamber will see Zack Crash and Clark Duncan representing EAW,  The Mercenaries representing Hexa-Gun, and Lucian Black and Jacob Senn representing Dynasty, the winning team get control of both EAW, as well as Dynasty Wrestling."

Michaels: "Well I'll obviously be rooting for Black and Senn, that being said however, Lucian tends to be a bit of a choke when it comes to big matches.  And there's no way in hell that I will ever lend any type of support to Hexa-Gun.  And you can say the same about Zack Crash and his cronies, but even though Duncan will be pulling double duty tonight, you know quality control will be getting involved somehow, so that gives me reason to believe that Crash and Duncan might just win it all."

Fox Sports Announcer: "Brian Daniels defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Jaywalker, Rhaegar, the National Elite Championship holder Tig Kelly, Carlos Russo, and Tyler Parker, remember last week o Dynasty, Daniels announced that he would enter the Chamber as the first entrant into the ring." 

Michaels: "You know after everything we've seen him do, how to you bet against Brian Daniels?  You make him have to run through every last one of the guys you just listed as opponents, that's how!  Daniels pride got the better of him I think, and it will cost him the World Heavyweight Championship.  And the sad thing is, Daniels is fooling some people with all that he's doing this to prove he's the best crap that he's talking.  Anyone with half a brain can see that he chose to enter number one to give himself an out for losing the championship.  Now as for who's going to win, the level of competition is so high that it's a pick 'em between the five challengers, but part of me can't help but to hope that Tig Kelly will steal one more championship." 

Fox Sports Announcer: "Let's talk more about that, You've gone on record saying that you want Kelly to win the World Heavyweight Championship tonight because You are currently the next in line for a shot at his National Elite Championship, and you believe that with a victory in that upcoming match, you should be awarded both championships."

Michaels: "Shouldn't I?  If I pin the World Heavyweight Champion in a title match, Shouldn't I win the the World Heavyweight Championship?  I mean it's been bad enough with this whole no World Champion on Dynasty situation, how much worse would it be if the new champion keeps the title after getting the biggest ass kicking in the history mankind?!  And whether or not Tig wins tonight, I just hope that he doesn't use this match as an excuse for losing the National Elite Championship!

Fox Sports Announcer: "Okay, and one last issue we wanted to talk to you about, Last week on Dynasty you attacked Trent Yoder in his return from suspension.  It's pretty clear to see that the feud between the two of you has not cooled off in his time away from Dynasty..."

Michaels: "Whoa,whoa,whoa, firstly the last time me, and Trent were in a Dynasty ring he attacked me! All I did was give him what he was due.  Secondly the issues between me and Trent will never be resolved until he can stop being such a jealous, little hater.  Both to me, and his own son T.J., who from the moment he was born, was subjected to Trent's pettiness almost as much as I have.  Trent is the type of man who is so full if self petty, and worthlessness, that he passive aggressively take it out on his wife and children.  Thankfully little T.J. has seen the light, and he knows he doesn't have to follow in the footsteps of his father.  Instead he has chosen to follow me, because I am the embodiment of perfection, the Twitter Trendsetter, the Instagram Icon, and the man whose Millions upon Millions of followers have proclaimed him to be their Social Media Champion. And T.J. is now , and forever, firmly counted among them, so picture THAT!"

Fox Sports Announcer: "Thank you your time Mister Michaels, we wish you the best of luck in the future. (Turing towards the camera) When we come back we'll have interviews, and all the latest news on the Road To Redemption Pre-Show returns."

Dynasty Promo #7

The shot opens backstage at the Smoothie King Center, at the Dynasty interview area to be more exact.  It is here where just moments before he is scheduled to compete in the Five Man number one contender's match for the National Elite Championship, that we find "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels prepping T.J.Yoder for a backstage interview, unaware that the cameras have started to roll.
Michaels (To T.J.): "Now reamember to introduce me as the Undisputed Social Media Champion Picture Perfec..."
 The red light of the camera finally catches the corner of Michaels eye. 

Michaels (Under his breath): "Now, Now, do it Now!"
T.J. (Obliviously Rehearsed) : "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extreme honor, and privilege to introduce to you, the Undisputed Social Media Champion, and my personal hero Picture Perfect Mark Michaels." 

Michaels: "Thank you for those kind words T.J., hearing how highly you ,and the rest my flowers think of me, is gonna get me fired up for this five man match tonight."
T.J.: "Mister Michaels.  What are you going to do to pull out a win tonight?"
Michaels: "Well T.J., all I'm going to have to do is just continue to be Perfect.  It's what's gotten me here, and it will be what wins me that title match.
T.J.: "And what about your oppon... the guys you're fighting?"

Michaels: "Well, they're a talented group, (Under his breath) who can remember their lines correctly.  (Normal Voice) But they aren't better than me.  How could they be?  there's no such thing as better than Perfect!  I mean just look at these guys.  First you have poor Donny Diamond, who's so old, and has one too concussions, and that's all together is making him think that he is some kind of locker room leader.  You talk about delusions of grandeur , who would ever want to follow in the footsteps of a loser like Donny?  Especially when they can chose to follow the man who has single handediedly turned Dynasty into the powerhouse it is today?  But leave it to that senile fool, to think that he stands better than a snowflake's chance in hell of beating me!  

Regulator is no better.  He steps out there every week and thinks that because he used to win matches, that we should fall down on our hands and knees, and kiss his feet.  Well I'm not here to kiss his feet, but he can go right on ahead and kiss my ass, if he thinks he's just gonna waltz back into this company, and steal my spotlight.  After I get done with him tonight, I guarantee that Regulator will be headed on back to whatever hole he crawled out of.  

And if Lance Hart even bothers to show up for this match, I'll give him the ass kicking of  a lifetime for a reward.  

And that of course leaves me with that Mark Michaels wannabe Angelo Brando.  The guy who is so lazy he probably never even learned how to spell the word champion.  The only thing that good about have a match against Angelo, is getting to see the look on Garrett's face after I leave Angelo laying, and not in the way Celia always tends to."  

T.J.: "And finally, what about my dad, Trent Yoder?"

Michaels: "Well T.J., I know that your dad has issues with controlling his  jealous impulses.  So if he decides to stick his nose in my business before, during, or after my match, I'll beat his ass from one end of Bourbon street to the other.  Than I'll sue his ass for every red cent that he's worth.  So Trent, I know you're listening, it would be in your best interest to keep your haterific tendencies under control.  

And that goes double for the unluck bastard that's gonna keep the National Elite Championship warm for me.  Because whether it's Tig Kelly, Or Rhaegar, or Ronald McDonald, You're going to be facing off against the embodiment of Perfection.  Whose Millions upon millions of followers have made him thier Hashtag hero, The Destiny Of Dynasty, The Brightest Burning Crossover star that EAW has ever known, and The undisputed Social Media Champion, and you're gonna lose, So just Picture That pal!" 

With that Michaels walks out of the shot towards the Gorilla position.

HBG: I never thought that Zack Crash would be one of those people to throw around some flashy phrases here and there, in hopes that when put together they would actually make sense and don't make anybody's ears bleed. The lack of depth in what he says is astounding. It amazes me how someone could garner so many followers despite lacking anything even slightly resembling a plan. Such a big man worth an entire wrestling company when you speak to your audience live in EAW or Dynasty Wrestling, but when you address your opponents as a competitor taking away your seat of power, things suddenly are different and you're just about the same level of moronic as most of the people I've come across in the ring from your godforsaken company. No wonder it's so goddamn easy for Hexa-gun to succeed!

The big problem with you elitists is that you always assume that just because someone brings a weapon to the ring for their protection, it makes them cowards, when they simply are thirsty for violence with an appetite for destruction. They open the minds of these cretinous beings into a world of brutality and animosity, a world where you push people to their absolute limits every single week, a world where nobody would dare call foul or disqualification to the referee when they think the situation is too much to handle, giving the match an indecisive ending. Nothing says "Welcome to EAW" better than getting hit by a chair right to your face, am I right? Nothing makes the audience scream in excitement better than when they see their favorite Extremists bleed pints of blood just for the sake of their entertainment. Because this is what wrestling is all about -- taking extreme measures. And from everything I have heard and seen, you were one of those guys to live by lawless rules earlier on in your career... You took it to heart and enjoyed every moment of it. What pushed you to decide to take control of EAW is the fact that you have become nothing more than a little bitch crying about the judgment of these dumb fans that you can hardly please. The reason why you don't want to have extreme reign once more is because you feel so fucking unappreciated, you know the authority of being Chairman and feeling like you matter in the grand scheme of events is your only solace. If you just stop minding what other people say and start doing what you want for yourself, then things wouldn't be as bad as they are now and you won't have to live your life fighting on every single big event with your authority in question and your company held hostage. The reason they attack you is because nobody likes how you run this company. People have concerns, and when they're not addressed, these same people get ideas. They start to look themselves for the light that you refuse to give them and slowly realize that Zack Crash is nothing but a bumbling idiot who wants to give the impression that the situation is under control and EAW won't slip away from the grasp of his hands, when one single fuck-up and you could lose it along with everything you've worked for. 

I, along with Hexa-gun, fight for extreme for I know that it's the true test of strength and endurance, the real battle of wits and survival, that none would get taking part in practically hugging contests between two greasy guys in their wrestling trunks. It's where you leave your humanity behind and focus on the task at hand. Indeed EAW is the best place to find wrestling, but you also must keep in mind that the big moments that found themselves as part of wrestling history were made under Extreme Rules Wrestling. We've displayed our dominance more frequently than anything that's been consistent in the entire Crash regime. We have overcome whatever group of raging misfits wanted to put an end to us, and all along we've made sure that we make a statement by trampling over their limp bodies and shattering their dreams of finally creating a defining moment in their careers at our expense. THAT'S the new generation of stars that you feed your elite rules with, Crash. THAT'S the breed of competitors that you claim that we are afraid of being overshadowed by -- just a bunch of weaklings who couldn't find a place in this company, whose knees are too brittle to support their bodies, who haven't been driven by the need to destroy their opponents so they're taking their matches too easily, who are too afraid of the dark side of this company they didn't think was there. And you just hate that Crash, don't you? You've had yourself fooled and deluded, thinking that despite bending the rules and competing on our terms, that Hexa-gun won't be a problem to you because we're still wrestling in your company, until such time we've come to target you, and you realize that it's far too late to stop what you could have gotten rid of in its infancy before it sprouted and became the unstoppable giant it is today.

You think time is my enemy, Crash? Oh, but that's never the case! As the minutes pass and the hours follow, I find myself only getting better. With time, I learn, I improve and I only get stronger and more unpredictable. Because while other legends are still looking for every shred of relevancy they can hog from others, I continue to live the moment and defeat those who are foolish enough to get in my way whether it be legends, monsters, beasts and killers... And especially these incompetent new generation elitists that you continue to support.
I can't say I'm surprised in the least to witness Zack Crash spreading more propaganda about the merits of "elite," even going so far as to state that elite represents wrestling in its purest form and insulting the supporters that pine for and herald "extreme" as the ground and the roots upon which EAW was founded. Hexa-gun is going to reverse the course of history before more damage is done, and to any skeptics and sympathizers of the Crash regime that dare defy me, understand that your resistance is futile and there is neither honor nor valor in becoming collateral damage because you're riding a corrupt, malevolent dictator's coattails. I'm a fairly established extremist, and regardless of the elite undertaking Zack Crash has been on over the course of the past year with the enactment of several unnecessary, unwanted rules, I'll stack my resume up against his any day of the week; so when he says that extreme is "beneath true wrestlers," who exactly is he referring to, I wonder? Certainly not me or any of my Hexa-gun cohorts, we've dominated our competition ever since our formation and we've managed to succeed because our philosophy doesn't restrict us to fighting and scheming in one simple-minded style. Crash has painstakingly attempted to restore purity to wrestling with these "elite" rules, but the only thing he's proven capable of doing in the process of his goal is watering the product down. You've contributed to the devolution of this industry and you've needed a helping hand every single step of the way; but the lackey position doesn't come with much job security, does it? It's a revolving door job title that can eject its occupant as soon as they arrive on their first day of work, and if Clark Duncan was fully aware of the detrimental affects of his unwise career decision to place his allegiances in the grimy, disgusting hands of a tyrannical threat to the livelihood of the wrestlers that immortalized themselves through extreme warfare during this company's rich history, he'd understand that it doesn't get you anywhere and reconsider his involvement in the farcical Crash regime. Your crimes against this profession won't go unnoticed and they absolutely won't go unpunished, because every now and then through the course of history, a born leader with the ambitions of a King rises up and gains the personnel to overthrow his enemies, and my ambition and the Hexa-gun soldiers of extreme that are fighting to see the dream come to fruition are exactly what's going to stifle your plans and halt your quest dead in its tracks. You've come within inches of completely indoctrinating all of these followers into the belief that you're right and the opposing forces are wrong, you've gotten so close to reaching your destination and turning the EAW I once loved into a dystopia riddled with and marred by faint-hearted insects that are more concerned with the longevity of their careers than actually accomplishing something saliently notable with the time they have... But backed with the forces of Hexa-gun, I am reversing the course of history and returning EAW to the philosophy with which it attained so much prestige, cleansing the industry of the damage you've done while I savor every last bit of revenge I exact on this spineless worm. But in the meantime, I'll give you credit where credit is due, you've survived Senn, Xavier, DEDEDE, Lucian, and so on, but since the birth of Hexa-gun, you've been living on borrowed time... And on Dynasty, the Heart Break Gal and I are going to cut off another one of your lifelines before we pull the plug on you entirely and mark the dawning of a new era; the Impact Empire.
(Chris Elite is shown backstage sporting his new "Death By Box Office Smash" T-Shirt with Bodyguard Big Mike right behind him as they just both finished up listening to what Greg Ward had to say) 

Chris Elite: You can't be serious right now can you Greg? First of all I have a name so please don't refer to me as "Dude" I have a name and you better learn it before we get in that ring.  I mean I took the time out of my day to find out who you were and to remember you're name well if you count Big Mike standing behind the camera name with a big card that reads you'r name but still refer to me as my name.  Or even Mr. 200 Percent or the Most ENTERTAINING Elitist on Dynasty either one works "Dude".  Second of all I noticed you said something about getting over you're losing hump last week well "Dude" expect you go right back down that losing slump starting on Dynasty.  Trust me I am nothing like the last opponent you had last week it's a whole different ball game when you step in the ring with me kid.  3rd of all and the funniest of all you don't want me to take this ass whooping personally? Are you really trying to say you are going to whoop my ass? Are you delusional or just plain stupid Greg? On Dynasty there will be nothing for me to take personal.  You on the hand I don't really care if you take the ass whooping I will give YOU personally or not because if you try to come back for more you will just end up getting another ass whooping handed to you.  I mean in all honestly I can just have Big Mike wrestle this match for me and you would still get an ass whooping.  So Greg Ward just because Iconomy noticed a LITTLE potential in you please don't get to far ahead of yourself because things 100 percent likely won't go you're way.  Another thing I'd like to point out is stop worrying so much about Jay Omen and focus on the much bigger picture at hand and that's facing and TRYING you're hardest to defeat me.  Wondering why I put emphasis on the word trying? Well it's simple that's as far as this match is going to get with you TRYING to defeat me.  I mean I can fall off of a titan tron then get hit by a truck and still defeat you without breaking a sweat.  So leave Jay Omen alone and just let him get his shine on Dynasty for a bit before he has to head back to BattleGround okay? I mean who knows after Dynasty and I hit you with the scariest finishing move in EAW the Box Office Smash you can end up there with him.  So Greg Ward if you do decide to speak up again please think before you speak and I'll see you on Dynasty...

(Chris Elite and Big Mike are shown sharing a nice laugh before the camera fades)
Dynasty Promo # 2

Troy and Marcus are scene in their personal mansion and Marcus walks in the room sitting on the side of the pool table wearing a more casual attire as Troy is decked out in ATL gear head to toe with black jean shorts playing pool. Troy is deeply focused on a shot and Marcus is in complete silence watching to see if he can wall bang the 8 ball in the corner pocket. Troy hits the white ball as it nails the side wall and it’s the 8 ball square into the corner pocket as Marcus then throws a hundred dollar bill on the table and Troy grabs it with a laugh while pocketing the bill.  

Marcus: Well with workouts done and a little gambling aside, I think it’s good to take a little time to ourselves. Admittedly, this month has been a small slump but just as always we’ll bounce back better than ever.

Troy: No doubt, although I wouldn’t exactly call it a “slump.” I mean that term around here puts it to be known as Trent Yoder. I’d call it what 2 losses in 2 months, 4 shows a week that’s not even really all that bad, Marcus. It’s definitely not ideal for us to lose, but we’re still proving to be one of the more consistent newer tag teams. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter who we are, or even what we’ve accomplished. What matters is what we do when a challenge is placed right in front of us and that is win by all cost.

Marcus: That just what we do. It’s actually kind of amusing to see how Trent responded to you, he actually had the audacity to make a claim about us having a worse year than him. I don’t know if all those spears he took from you, or the whole bad parental methods have blinded him but he actually believes it Troy.

Troy: What exactly is a successful year? Is it gold? I don’t believe so that’s what makes a successful career. Since MX-13 debuted we lost a total of 4 matches and won 13 that sounds like a damn good year if you ask me. Trent Yoder seems to be contradicting himself claiming he doesn’t care about what we’ve done but in the same breath says “What have you done since then?” It sounds to me that you very much do care about me. That one sentence says you’ve been watching MX-13 or at least been keeping a tab but how can you not hear about us? We are literally everywhere. Since you asked allow me to tell you what we’ve done since beating you. We’ve won battle royales, our new talk show MX-13 Live hosted the biggest conflict in this industry right now! What have you done, Trent?! You’ve been sitting around beating scrubs like Mark Michaels up in front of your punk ass son! Don’t try to take cheap shots against me, Trent, it’ll only be returned and make it that much bitter when you’re lying beneath my feet for the 4th time.

Marcus: Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyum! Troy my man turn off the fire! Taking shots at a broken man isn’t necessary, I mean what do we have left to prove to the guy? We’ve beaten him in solo action and tag action twice. He thinks he’s this new guy because he hasn’t been beaten since his return to Dynasty but there is no transformation that could happen in such little time. If the fans think he’s this great elitist all of the sudden then they’re even dumber than I thought.. I mean look at the guys he’s been facing! Get real.

Troy: He spoke as if he’s one of Dynasty’s greats.. he wishes for the viewers of Dynasty to rejoice and expects them to stand on their feet screaming his name but why? Trent feels as if he accomplished enough to be revered but it’s just not meant to be that way. It’s like I said before his career was decided the moment he aligned himself with A-Will; history cannot be forgotten. Trent made his bed and now he will lie in it. You act as if you’re far greater than I am but what makes you this way? You have no physical attributes or even mental strong suits that has ever proved to even phase me? I’ve outmuscled you, beat you with speed and in this particular case I even out fought you on every single occasion. If anything you will be used as a stepping stone to get MX-13 on the right track.You see Trent this match isnt about your return it isnt about whos better its about me beating the hell out of you so bad that you will never speak my name again. This match is about me doing what ive done the whole time youve been gone and what im going to continue to to do while your here and what not only what i do but what MX-13 really means and that is everything that you wish you had and could be.You know i dont have respect for anyone here but i wanted to have a little but for you but thats not in me to do such a thing and after what you said your at the top of the list and you actually kind of pissed me off and you out of all people should know that pissing Troy Ace off is the worst thing to do im mean what happend last time you did that……. You ended up on your back rolling around in pain from your insides being crushed from a life ending spear. And you still want to piss me off??? Think about it is that how you want to be again this time or do you want to be the guy that puts up a fight with a monster like me and do it like a man and lose with your pride still intact to where your fans cheer for you even tho you lost because that what's going to happen you are going to lose.Trent let me ask you something? How is it that you had a better year than me when you've been gone for some time? You had how many matches since you been back and in your whole career how many of those have you lost…….. I've lost 4 matches this whole time and have won 13 and you left to deal with mommy and daddy issues while i've been here kicking ass and your what you was supposed to be doing but no you left i stayed even in my worst of times i stayed to make sure i never could be a sorry wanna-be that had a partner to make them look good. i have a partner for a reason because EAW was failing badly and need that push and that's what we gave them a push and you talk bad to me just because you can't beat the F.O.N one on one i'm sorry but you should have known that i mean i am only as good as my partner trains me.Come Dynasty Trent you wrote your name on the card and it's time for the ace to take that card and throw it out just like the rest of them and break you in half once again

Troy takes a deep breath as Marcus walks over to him and fans him to cool him down but Troy is way passed the point of no return

Marcus: Troy my Brother, calm down you will get your hands on him soon trust me but you getting this mad you always do something dumb and hurt someone that has nothing to do with it.

Troy: I don't care right now Marcus this guy i can't stand he think that he is better than me im going to show him how not to think that how not to piss of the man that could end your career and how not to throw stones at a Freak Of Nature because once i get done on Dynasty im going to do the unthinkable

A Man walks past the window as he seems the be cutting the grass Troy walks out the door and walks up to the guy and Superkicks him in the mouth and the guy falls to the ground and his eyes are closed the mailman sees it happen and runs over to help the guy up but is caught in mid stride and like a knife cutting through butter Troy spears him to the ground

Troy: Trent this is your fate no matter what you do and who helps you this is how your career will end with me beating you till i want to stop you said i'm walking into a fight for my life that's funny my life is not in danger it is you life that is in my hands and with theses hands i'm going to break you in half. The sad part about that is you know damn well that is going to happen i'm glad you back that just means that my little punching bag bitch is back and ready for more but has more confidence than his brain actually thinks.I like the way you say this will be the me walking into the face of evil because quite frankly that's what i want and that's what i plan on happening. Bet your ass i'm going to blink and once i do the end will be whats takes the cake and that's the ace standing tall over a dead body that they use to call Trent Yoder. you've walked into the gates of the yard and now this beast is about to unleash hell on you and there is no one to save you I'm going to bet your ass until there is no more  Welcome to the dark side of Troy Ace.

Welcome To E-ACE-W


Marcus then attends to the two that were laid out while Troy stands tall.

Fades to black       
Erin Andrews: Erin Andrews here once again and this time we are in right outside of Greg Ward's personal training gym here in Detroit. We going to get his thoughts on his match with Chris Elite, and Jay Omen. Lets see if we can get a comment.

*Erin enters the gym and see Greg Ward hitting the punching bag* 

Erin: Greg can I have a word?

Greg: One sec.

*Greg ends his training session with a 2-2-3 hook combination*

Greg: Alright. I'm ready. What's up?

Erin: Greg, you have heard what two members of The Iconomy had to say about you, being Chris Elite and JJ Silva, what are you thoughts on what they said?

Greg: Ya know, when I was in CWF all I wanted was respect. That's all I wanted and it was to much to ask there. No matter how much I gave respect, it was never returned by anyone. And that is some bulls(beep). Fast forward to here in EAW, I have only been here for almost two months and and three fighters already giving me respect. That's what the (beep) i'm talking about! It's about time someone gives me some respect in this bitch! I've been busting my ass in this business since I was 20 years old and all it took for me to get some respect is come to EAW. I wish someone told me this when I was 20. But its alright, better late than never right?

Erin: I guess.

Greg: But back to your question, The Iconomy you say. Their words means that I am a worthy opponent to them. That they expect the best of me. That they don't see me as a joke nor do they plan to take it easy on me. I respect that to the fullest. I respect The Iconomy. However, Chris Elite is my next challenge. I heard a lot about him and I seen him fight. Dude's got skills. And I expect him to give everything he got and more in this match because that what it takes to beat me. Chris, you've been here and you done well so far but I still feel like I got a lot to prove to everyone in EAW and beating you will a step in the right direction. I got over my losing hump last week. It was a good win but this win will be a better win because i'm going against a even better opponent. And as I told my last opponent, don't take this ass whooping personally. It's all business and at the end of the day, its all about respect between two warriors. 

Erin: That sounds good but what about Jay Omen? He will be at ringside once again and this time he is not to please with you.

Greg: Do I give a (beep)? Look I told that puto I ain't joining him or whatever it is he trying to recruit me in. I'm lone wolf. I don't play well with others. What more do I have to do for him to get the message? I laid his ass out, I handed him his nuts, no homo, what else a guy gotta do to get rid of him? Kick his ass? Cause if he continues to get in my lane, that's what's going to happen. And for someone that has more problems than Trump right now, adding a ass kicking from me shouldn't be a good idea don't you think?

Erin: I don't think so.

Greg: I don't think so either. So if Omen if you plan on getting involved in the match, before the match, or even after the match, I'm going to kick your ass plain and simple. Then i'm going to let everyone that hates you kicks your ass. And then i'm going to kick you ass again. Listen to me Omen, you're just a stupid man that doesn't get the message and the message is that if you keep on bothering me, I going to keep putting you flat on your ass. You don't want these hands put on you. You don't want these problems Omen. So for your sake, stay the (beep) away from me.

Erin: Well Greg those are strong words.

Greg: Yeah, but make no mistake, I going to beat Chris Elite on Dynasty. And the only thing he can do about it is nothing and like it. Remember That.

Erin: There you have it Chris Elite vs. Greg Ward on Dynasty. I'm Erin Andrews. Good Night.   
Dynasty Promo #6

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"Can someone please remind @DonnyDiamond that no one has ever asked to be represented by a broken down, old piece of has been trash!  Don't try and fool yourself Donny, you have never stood up for anyone in the locker room besides yourself.  Now there's nothing wrong with that, but don't think for a minute that you can spin all the whining you do into getting a pat on the back for some dumb punk who wouldn't know shit from shinola about how thing work backstage. You talk about how diamonds are associated with greatness, but that's not you pal.  You're more like a Cubic Zirconia.  You try to pass yourself off as something with real value, but you're worthless when compared to the real thing.  Just like how you are proven to be completely worthless anytime you step into the ring against me.  You spew this foolhardy rhetoric about me somehow being a thorn in your side, remind me again how you got that title match at House Of Glass? because it sure as hell wasn't by beating me (or anybody for that matter) it was by being such an asshole that both TLA, and Tig Kelly jumped at the chance to beat your ass.  and as far as me saying I'm gonna flush whatever is left of your career down the crapper, it's only because I think that your spot on the roster should go to someone who actually can make something out of themselves, instead of a washed up fool.  Actually when I think about it the term washed up is too good for you, you're not a has been, you're a never were.  As in you never were a threat to the National Elite Champion, you never were talented enough to earn a title match based on your skills, and you never were good enough to be a guy like me!

Oh, and before I forget, if I'm better suited for telemarketing than wrestling, than maybe you should take some of your own advice and see if you can get a job at McDonald's washing  lettuce.

And @Regulator you saying Donny hasn't eared anything is like the pot calling the kettle black!  since you've returned, I haven't seen one damn thing to justify all the hype you get.  Yeah you beat DEDEDE, and he is one though S.O.B, but he isn't what he used to be (I know I was in the ring with him) and just to further prove the point, last week you got your ass whipped worst than when the Saints lose to the Carolina Panthers.  I swear, I'm getting so tired of guys like you and Donny, trying to grasp and cling to the last straw of a career you have left, like how a guy on life support tries to cling to his last breath.  And all you're really doing in the end is holding back the guys who are the future of this industry.  Guys who are there to build up this great sport, not leach off it because of their supposed name value, or nostalgia, or false hopes of a comeback.  You don't build up the business, all you do is try and hog the spotlight away from Guys like me!  

That's right, ME, the one who deserves to have the people's attention, and admiration.  Unlike that over privileged pile of donkey shit Angelo Brando, I'm too busy having his handmaid wipe his ass, and being told the shit doesn't smell to even bother trying to get the brand over.  And Not like Lance "The Invisible man" Hart, although I can't say that him disappearing a few weeks ago is a bad thing, or even that anybody really cared enough to notice.  And  sure as hell not that dog ugly, chemically unbalanced, mentally handicapped,  bald headed, Michael's Envy having troll, Trent Yoder.  BTW T.J says hi ;-)

  No, I'm the future of Professional Wrestling, and the reason the whole word will be watching this Friday night because of me. The guy whose millions upon millions of followers fill stadiums and arenas every week with people who dream of getting to see me live, and in the flesh.  The guy who has made Dynasty a rating phenomenon with his presence alone.  The guy who has made Dynasty strong enough to stand apart from EAW as it's own company, Me!  the winner of the 2015 Selfie of the year award.  And all my followers who have made me their #Hero, the Undisputed Social Media Champion, The Destiny of Dynasty, and Brightest Burning Crossover Star that EAW will ever know!

Now as far @TigKelly goes, I'm going to say good luck, and I'll be cheering for you in the Elimination Chamber.  Because I am going to win the number one contenders match this Friday, and after Road To Redemption, I will be getting that National Elite Championship match, and it would save me a lot of time if the guy I'm going to beat is also the World Heavyweight Champion. so tell me Tig can you Picture THAT?  #Dynasty #InDaBag #NextNationalEliteChamp"

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When you're good, you're damned good. I capture gold and everything falls right where I said it would with me climbing even higher into this Elimination Chamber while 6, yes count 'em 6, contenders are all scratching and clawing by any means to get a crack at me. But its not as easy as just getting a shot, not at all. Management seems to know the value of a champion like me; the value that a main event fighter like Tig Kelly brings to this company when he's in the ring with the National Elite Championship. To chase it you have to beat 4 other talents, you have to cheap shot me from behind to even have a chance, you have to jump through fucking hoops to get to me just as it should be! When you saw these other champs like Tybull, Regulator, Tyler Parker in the past it was a simple request away to get there and you had it. Now they won't even let a single guy take a shot at me alone, they had a tag team pick a member and show up together just to make sure I didn't spill too much blood. I have my finger on the pulse of everything you guys are being put through, and you know what I'm very happy to see some young guns getting a chance to jump into the ring for this belt because at this point anything is better than having to deal any more with that tired old Greek Rhaegar beyond stepping over him for the World Heavyweight Championship already in the Chamber. Don't think that this little loss to Tyler Parker has set me back any, I'm anxiously awaiting this little golden invitation from Brian this week so I can show up and stand tall in front of these competitors who probably aren't even thinking about me as a threat. Some guy who lost his Beat The Clock match that's preoccupied with competitors of his own for a whole different belt.....When you show your back to the beast, that's when you get preyed upon; and when you're doing it in my jungle, caged inside the closest thing to the octagon we're gonna find here, well that's just asking for defeat. 

Regulator, Donny, Mark, Lance, Angelo tear each other apart when you get in there, all 5 of you have a chance to shine! Just keep it in the back of your mind that this is going to be the time to go all out and show the world what you've got because once you get this title shot...I'm going to boot you physically right back down into obscurity! Your five minutes in the spotlight starts now gentlemen...I'm counting
Prepare to be conquered? Do you know how many aspiring men have stepped up to me, stating that I will need to prepare to be conquered, only for those words to be their own warning that they needed to heed? The list is a lot longer than the actual amount of talent that has done it! Every person and their dog has said that I need to “prepare to be conquered”, but at this time, it has turned into a vain threat that I can’t even take seriously any longer. David Davidson, I guess you shall be speaking for The High Rollerz, and let me tell you that the bravado that you display and the confidence that you exude will certainly be diminished when you’re standing in the face of unbridled fury in The Fabled Conqueror. You may think that with this war against The Crash Regime and Hexa-Gun is simply a lunatic’s ramblings as he dons a tin foil hat on his head, but this is real, son. I defend this company with every fiber of my being, no matter the personal consequence that I have to endure in order to ensure the survival of Dynasty Wrestling. I could be beaten, decimated, and broken by Quality Control left and right, constantly victimized by Hexa-Gun in their own selfish pursuits similar to your own, but the fact remains that when the war strikes its final bell toll and the end has dawned upon the entire industry, I’m going to make damn sure that Dynasty Wrestling stands at the top of the pile with The Crash Regime and Hexa-Gun’s cold dead bodies under each and every one of us! The short shelf life that you have fated Dynasty Wrestling with, it’s the same ideal that Zack Crash and Y2Impact have about it and that’s something that I will not allow! The shelf life will be for any individual that believes that they will prevent me from being able to defend this brand of professional wrestling, especially you and Jack Ripley that think that they will have an easy victory at my expense.

I don’t care if you’re disappointed with the “icons” and “legends” of this business, even though they say that you never want to meet your heroes, but that’s neither here nor there. However, you have never fought against me in the ring, never experienced what The Fabled Conqueror is able to do, but you can continue to be disappointed because I won’t be after throwing you left and right all over that ring until I cap it all off with a stomp to the back of your head! Whether you believe you’re going to hit the jackpot with a victory or bust after going all-in this, it doesn’t matter because you will reach the result that is inevitable no matter what you’re able to throw towards myself and Lucian Black! You are facing a mastodon, a ferocious beast that is frothing from the mouth, searching for somebody to beat to take everything out on. You are facing a conqueror, that will raze cities and kingdoms all across the Elite Answers Wrestling circuit, on his road to conquest against a man that has never been able to get one over him and a group of mercenaries that will never get one over him because of what they stand for is weak and frail like they are. What are the both of you? Hungry wolves looking to feast on the weak men? Gamblers that will throw it all on the table for one moment at tag team championship gold or that one moment that solidifies the both of you as a tag team? Let the truth be known, David, that it won’t happen because none of it compares to the forces that you are met with on Dynasty. The anger that I have for Zack Crash, what he has done for months on end to this company, that will be unparalleled to anything you have ever faced before in your short time here. You think that Regulator was bad? You think that anyone else you’ve stepped into the ring with was something to shrivel up in a ball of fear at? Just wait until Lucian and myself walk into that ring and tower over the both of you. Wait until you stare your destruction in the face because when you have said everything you can say about what you think will happen, it won’t matter when your face or Ripley’s face is under my boot.
{David is standing in a dark room, with his own camera in his hand. David is sweating and panting for some unknown reason.}

How do you record on this stupid thing? Oh wait, we are rolling, that's nice. Sup? I am here, what are your other two wishes? What's that? You want to use up your last two wishes on making Jacob Senn shut the fuck up? I don't know man, that might be next to impossible, but we’ll see. Before I get to my match this week, I want to go back in time, to a place where I beat that old man, who should just be put down so he no longer has to suffer.. Regulator. I wish I could say it was difficult to beat such a “crafty veteran”, but it wasn't. In fact it was quite easy. Regulator, how did you get bodied by a tag team n…. yeah I won't finish that sentence. Even though I clearly get a pass on my street cred alone. Yeah people thought I'd lose because they think I can only wrestle in tag team matches. They think Jack carries my weight or I carry his. But the fact of the matter is we are both just great wrestlers or elitists or whatever the hell they call us these days, in our own right. It doesn't matter what you throw our way. We will always come out on top! But David, you and Jack lost to the Mexican Samurais a few weeks ago! A, that was on Showdown, I was sick to my stomach being on EAW soil, and B, Jack was feeling under the weather. They had to stick IV’s in his arms, give him tons of Gatorade, just like when Michael Jordan had to play with the flu that one game. The point is, Jack was a warrior! A man’s man! He could've gone home, disappoint those fat hicks that they call Showdown fans, but no! He was determined to put on a show and that he did! But in the end, we lost. We lost because of a lot of reasons, one which I already mentioned. The other being the ref did such a quick count. They obviously paid him off. Which makes sense because well, it's Dark Demon and Mexican Samurai. You see we weren't gift wrapped a trip to the second round like Lucian Black and Jacob Senn, who faced Team DCW? Was that their name? Man I don't even know. Yet, EAW’s management hates you guys, isn't that right Senn? Are you also a big believer in aliens or Bush doing 9/11? I just ask because you seem to love your conspiracy theories. And another thing, why is it that..

{David stops talking because he can hear somebody yelling his name at the end of the hall. The voice gets closer and closer.}

Interviewer: Davvvvvvid? I need to ask you some questions! David please! Sad

{The interviewer that stalks the High Rollerz goes down another hall and David resumes talking.}

I can't stand that guy. Been running away from him all day. Reminds me of my ex girlfriends. Always being on my case about stuff. Always trying to be near me because they had a problem with me cheating on them. Ridiculous? I know right. Such trust issues. Wait! What was I doing again? Oh right, Dynasty stuff. Yeah I was talking to you Senn, my bad. The thing about you Senn, and Lucian as well is that you are always getting ambushed by all kinds of people. It could be Crash’s goons or perhaps even Alex Anderson that one time. Poor you guys, especially Lucian, who from what I've seen, always gets the short end of the stick. Always so close to taking that next big step, a step to getting a world title or ending Crash’s run as chairman, only for you to fall flat on your face in the end. But that doesn't matter because the Dynasty fans will support you no matter what! They believe in you two! They put all their chips on Jacob Senn and Luican Black! Which is just so stupid. It's like putting all of your money on green zero while playing roulette. You just don't do it, unless you want to be broke. But hey, you'll get cheers no matter what because you two are the victims here! You joined forces to have your own little support group, where you cry about how Crash is unfair! So? That's life in a nutshell, gentlemen. You get knocked down and you get back up.. or in your case, just keep getting knocked down. As you try to get up, using Crash’s leg as a crutch, he’ll just throw you down again and again! But do you know what I think? Deep down I think you enjoy the beatings because you get sympathy thrown your way constantly. You enjoy filling the heroes role! It's Jacob Senn and Lucian Black against the world! If they go out, they'll go out guns blazing! You say you are going after Crash’s head because of Dynasty! You want to make Dynasty and EAW a better place! Perhaps even have Dynasty merge back with EAW one day! Which will eventually happen with or without your help because it's just so predictable. Everything in EAW or Dynasty has a short shelf life. It's all about the fads, man. Which includes this partnership between you two. Because from what I see, Crash isn't the only one with an oversized ego. Tell me Jacob or Luican, have you ever turned on your allies? I bet at least one of you have. If you tell me no, I'll just take a trip down EAW lane, watch some past videos, and find out for myself. I think we all know how this plays out if you don't put an end to the Crash era very soon. Your frustration will just build and build and you'll keep it bottled up. You'll make excuses for why you were unsuccessful, but of course, it isn't your fault! You are the strong link! And then you'll turn on the other because they are nothing more than a cog in the wheel. Only question is, who turns on the other first? Just a food for thought type of scenario. You can try to turn the tables and say Jack or I will backstab the other eventually because that’s what happens to just about every real tag team out there, but that won't happen with us. Why? Because we share something that's called a brotherhood. We've known each other since we were in diapers. And perhaps we don't take each other as seriously like everybody else here. Men, such as Y2Impact hate us because we don't breathe this business! We are just here for the paycheck! And you know, maybe that's true. Or perhaps it's false. I won't answer because everybody already has their opinion about us and guess what? We don't give a single fuck. We don't care if you like us or hate us. We don't live off of the crowd’s reaction. I don't care if they don't respect our tactics when we compete in that squared circle. All we care about is each other and eventually getting those tag titles so we can bet them while playing Texas Hold’em at the casino of our choice. Or at least, that's what people think we’ll do! Just like they think we’ll come up short against the newly formed tag team of Lucian Black and Jacob Senn! Why? Because Jacob said so and when he says he's going to do something he's going to do it! Right?! Isn't that how it goes? But since I've been here, the almighty Jacob Senn hasn't done much. I get he's a former world champion and all that good stuff, but since I've been here, he hasn't been nearly as good as advertised. The same goes for the likes of Mr. DEDEDE and the other men and women you classify as icons or legends. You could think I’m just saying that, so my words’ venom stings a little less, but no, that's how I truly feel. Just like even though Jack and I may be listed as underdogs for this match, I feel good about our chances. This match is very winnable, for many reasons, but one of those reasons has nothing to do with Crash. Will his men interfere? Perhaps! And what happens when they do! Surely the four Dynasty wrestlers will band together and take them out.. ha, no. You see, The High Rollerz don't have any beef with the EAW Chairman. I know we should, but we don't. What he's done up to this point, whether his actions were ethical or not, has had nothing to do with us. I don't care about this lopsided war. The reason why we chose Dynasty over the EAW brands, such as Voltage and Showdown was because of money, not because we wanted to stick it to EAW. That's it, I'm afraid. But as for this match itself, Jacob keeps insisting that he'll give us the beating of the lifetime! When he sees us, he’ll visualize Zack Crash, which is fine by me since he continues to get the better of you it seems. To me, this is just another match. Nothing special. It's not like I circled tomorrow’s date on my calendar or anything. Something else I don't care about is your approval. Telling us that we have a bright future ahead of us.. yeah, we've known that for years, you're a little late to the party, or should I say, you're a little late to hopping on the David Davidson and Jack Ripley bandwagon. So use that anger of yours! Use it all you want because I can guarantee you it will cloud your better judgement. It will cause either you or Lucian to make a huge mistake and when that time comes, which it will, we will capitalize and you can write it down as another High Rollerrrrzzzzzzz win! So please ladies and gentlemen, tune in tomorrow night so you can watch your hero, The Fabled Conqueror.. {puts on shades} be conquered!
You know what I don’t understand?  This weird obsession so many of you people have with returning EAW back to the days of “extreme” instead of keeping the “elite” moniker.  Don’t you people even understand what the word “elite” even means?!  It is a word used to describe that which is superior, better than…it means being the best!  Which is exactly why I decided to give that name to EAW!  Everyone knows EAW is the best place in the world to find true wrestling, and I wanted to give EAW the title it deserved.  It was what EAW deserved.  Now you want things to go back to extreme?!  Extreme may seem fun because of its blood and violence, but it’s also the cheapest way to get something over in wrestling!  It plays to the lowest common denominator of our audience, and to be perfectly honest is beneath true wrestlers.  Only the ignorant and the stupid would prefer Extreme over Elite!  Any idiot with a chair, or a barbed wire bat, or brass knuckles, or a flaming table, or any weapon can be extreme!  But only a select few with the technical artistry and innate skill can call themselves elite wrestlers.  It’s true though, that I used to buy into the extreme wrestling mindset.  I put my body and sometimes even my life in danger, because I thought back then that was what I needed to do to get your respect.  Yet that didn’t stop any of you from turning on me the moment I did something you didn’t agree with.  The fans who prefer extreme are selfish because they don’t care what happens to the wrestlers, and the wrestlers who prefer extreme are nothing but jesters for their masters!  I took the power away from the audience and put it back where it belonged…in the hands of the wrestlers!  It was I who made EAW the ELITE brand that it is today!  Now, however, the ever outspoken Hexa-Cunts are trying to get Extreme reinstated in EAW, lead by their de facto leaders…The Mercenaries!  First off, I’d like everyone to remember that brawl that took place of Dynasty, and also remember who it was that HAD to bring weapons to that fight.  Now maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I believe any man or woman who needs to bring a weapon to a fight is no real warrior!  They are instead cowards!  I’ll bet Y2Impact and HBG felt like big tough guys ( I used “guys” cuz I’m pretty sure HBG is really a dyke), holding those weapons in your hands.  I wonder how differently that fight would’ve gone if you tried it when we were on equal ground!  But like I said, I’m just old fashioned and prefer using my fists like a man!  But that’s all in the past now, and the past doesn’t interest me.  Yet it seems to matter a great deal to you two doesn’t it?  See ever since Hexa-Crap started, I’ve kept wondering why two Hall Of Famers like yourselves would join such a directionless faction.  Now I think I understand.  Extreme is in the past, and with extreme gone, so to is your relevancy!  When I changed Extreme into Elite, it was a perfect symbolism for the changing of the guard in EAW.  So not only did I take away the identity you placed so much value in, but I also took away the thing that made people care about either of you at all.  Without extreme, you’re just a pair of obsolete wrestlers!  It’s why you’re trying so hard to put down Clark Duncan.  It’s why Y2Impact wants to copy what I did and try and take my job away from me.  You think by putting down a future star and getting me out of power, you can return things to the good ole’ status-quo.  Well no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, even if you get extreme back, you won’t be able to change how obsolete you’ve become.  Because you’re real enemy is time!  You two have gotten old and time has passed you by!  Now it’s for the new generation like Clark Duncan to hold the spotlight.  You two could’ve still had a place in the new world of wrestling.  But instead you picked the side of Hexa-Shit, a group of sound of fury, but signifying nothing!  You wanna try and get me out of power?!  Well go ahead and try it!  Nobody has been successful at it, so why should your story end any differently?  I always have an ace up my sleeve and I keep ready for any situation.  It’s why I’ve survived this long, despite being surrounded by enemies everywhere I go.  Dynasty is a brand of failures and Hexa-Piss is just a team of nobodies!  You may think together you can take me down, but if you put together to halves of a loser, all you get is one greater, bigger loser!  You can't beat me!  None of you can beat me!  I am Elite!
Simply put, I’m a survivor!  I survived DEDEDE, I survived Jacob Senn, I survived Xavier Williams, I survived Dynasty, I survived Lucian Black…and I will survive you!
Donny…the very LAST thing you need to do is toot your own horn. You didn’t have to try and kiss my ass by selling me as a guy who has earned his spot in EAW. Even though I’ve been away for a while, anything I’ve claimed, I’ve earned. And not a damn person here can take that from me. I doubt that anyone here can call you a “diamond in the rough”. You haven’t done a damn thing here in EAW to earn any kind of title that’s worth the while. The best thing you can do is try to make things worth your while in the ring because you speaking isn’t going to do a damn thing as far as getting you over. I’ve said it once…I’ve said it twice…talk is cheap. The thing you continue to say that you think is gonna help make you a man isn’t going to help you at all. Learning to stand on your own as a man is going to help benefit you a lot more than any speech ever will.

Lance, Mark and Angelo, with it being 5 of us in this match, there is no way in hell I’m going to sit here and say that I have things going in my favor. The objective is to go out there and win but at the end of the day, as long as I go out there and make my presence known, I’ve already won. My win and loss column looks very much alike so far. But at the end of the day, what I’ve done hasn’t gone unnoticed. I walk from behind that curtain every week, I go out to that ring and even in a losing effort, and people backstage realize that I’m here to stay. They realize that I’m not a person that just talks out the side of his head without substance. It’s starting to become common nowadays that people would rather speak than be heard. Let their loud cry speak for them than going out to that ring and showing the entire world that they are what they say they are. I’d rather kick my damn shoes off any day of the week and tell any one of you guys to “take it to the grass” and let me kick your ass! Everything I’ve ever got, I’ve had to get it out the mud. I’ve been used to it my entire life. It’s been okay thus far with it being that way and from this point forward, knowing that it’s made me who I am, it doesn’t bother me at all keeping that same concept near and dear to my heart. Going through 4 other competitors to make a name for myself again isn’t a problem at all. Best bet for you guys is to say a prayer come Dynasty…because you’re going to need it.
Once again, the legion of Quality Control has once again decided to insert themselves into the business of Lucian Black and myself. Once more, they have ran down to the rescue of Zack Crash because Crash continually shows why he can no longer fight his own battles. You see, Lucian and I have fought primarily on our own, resorted to this alliance out of sheer necessity to end the tyranny that has been clouding Elite Answers Wrestling for far too long! Crash, on the other hand, has relied on his mercenaries and continues to do so. He leans on the smiling men that get on their knees for him, yes men that have lost their spines in order to stand beside him, and Crash will soon come to realize that all of that will end because what happened when one of his boys turned against him? What happened when The Agile Beast turned against you and chokeslammed you to Hell? HRDO turned his back against you, even when he was with you, but has now turned over to the side of Dynasty Wrestling. Here’s why Crash. Dynasty Wrestling has always been in the right in this war, has always been the ones who have had to deal with the invaders and the political travesties that you have brought to us, born out of the exile that was placed on you by yours truly. You know something though, Crash? I don’t regret a single second of it. What you have turned into, what you have become, it has made you weak. You have relied on anyone and everyone to win your battles for you, but when it comes time for me to finally wrap my hands around your throat and spike your head up against that canvas, there will be no one for you to hide behind. No HRDO, no board, no political power, or even your prized Quality Control, just Zack Crash standing in that ring with Lucian Black and Jacob Senn.

Until then, I’m left to fight two young men who are hungry to make a name for themselves in this business, The High Rollerz. Jack Ripley and David Davidson, we haven’t been introduced. Assuming from your name, you like risks. You like to live on the edge, take the dice roll on life and see how much to profit out of it, and let me tell you that this dice roll will simply be snake eyes for you. I’m not a happy man, right now. I’m pissed off at the fact that each time my head is turned, Quality Control or Hexa-Gun are right behind me and they get the jump on me and my friends here in Dynasty Wrestling. Wrestling, being in between those ropes, is a way to let that aggression out and to simply envision the face of Zack Crash and his henchman on the person standing across from me. Bad news for you, that person has to be one of you, or maybe both of you, depending on how things turn out in our little tag team match. Let it be known to the world that I think you two have it, I think the both of you could go far in this business, but the problem is that you picked the wrong man to step up to because when you get in the ring with The Fabled Conqueror, there’s nothing else but pure domination that you’re in store for. I’m taking a path to break bones, destroy another man and everything that he has built around him, and two young stallions that have stepped into this company to try and make a name for themselves aren’t going to get one over Jacob Senn on my way to getting just that! You can drink all the liquor, make sweet love to as many women, gamble as much as you like, but it won’t change the fact that when we step foot in the ring where all the Dy-Hards will be in the Smoothie King Center and watching around the world at home, you will get the beating of a lifetime that will be etched into the history books that even your great-grandchildren that you made with one of those dime-a-dozen street walkers you bring into your hotel room read about with horror stricken on their faces. Jacob Senn will become the literal boogeyman to them, as they bear witness to the destruction that you’re given, and will know that you have been conquered just like The Crash Regime will be. Don’t forget it!

Dynasty Promo #1

I'll be honest, being away from the ring for a mere two weeks felt more like being away from the ring for two years. After being consistently scheduled, it was a little strange to not have a match, let alone not having one twice in a row. Initially, I felt a little jaded about being left out but I chose to take advantage of the time to get in the gym and work out to keep my self in shape. That being said, I also did a lot of thinking...for the first time in a while, I really began to analyze what I've been doing throughout my time as a wrestler in EAW. 

It's funny, when I first started I came here denouncing the supposed "favoritism" towards many of the older EAW talent as compared to the all of the other guys who just started wrestling at the time, including myself. Now I realize, that even though I stood up for the younger generation long ago, they now group me in along with the same people that I originally spoke out against. The one remotely good thing I tried to do for someone other than myself...and they just turned on me, as if I was against them all along. Now, they and many others in this company look at me not as a person...but just as a number, as if, I was doomed to mediocrity and failure from the very beginning of my wrestling career.

If that was the case, then why, of all of the individuals in the #1 Contender's match have I been the most consistent threat to the National Elite Championship? The answer is simple, folks, I'm just that much better than everyone else in this damn match, Angelo Brando for example is someone who I have always been capable of defeating on numerous occasions, a man who simply has few answers towards my offensive style and is a complete upper class twit who needs some sense knocked into his skull for once in his heavily sheltered life.

Then we have Regulator, who is perhaps, the most dangerous of my three opponents. The only one in the match, out of all four of us to have actually held a singles championship, and it just so happened to be the NE Championship. To add on top of that, this guy has a win over Mr. DEDEDE and has fought guys like Ryan Savage ever since he came back to EAW. Therefore, this guy should be a serious threat to you winning the the #1 Contendership...right?


This guy then proceeded to follow-up that impressive win with a loss to David Davidson...now you're starting to see the problem here, don't you? Not to mention, that it's been literal YEARS since he won the NE title to begin with, as good as he may be, he tends to make some poor decisions during his matches and against a guy like me? You'll be staring up at the lights in no time.

But, at the very least, neither of them don't have the "oh-so wonderful" distinction of being quite the consistent "thorn in my side" lately as Mark Michaels does. For the last few months, every time I was placed in a match for things such as a #1 Contendership or multi-man match, Mark Michaels would always happen find a way to stick his nose into the match, one way or another and ever since then he has continuously proven to be a man of little intelligence and little success. He enjoys going on and on about he'll send me to a retirement home so repetitiously that I'm beginning to suspect that he's a puppet who somehow escaped from the set of Lamb Chop's Play-Along and is currently posing as a mediocre wrestler. 

Hey, I have to find SOME reason as to why he keeps going on about it, I mean all he ever seems to do is flap his gums uttering the same crap that at least five other people have already spat out towards me at one time or another. Dare I say, he'd probably make a better door-to-door salesman or a telemarketer than as a wrestler that's how damn often he goes on about it daily. Of course, he'll probably gloat about how he managed to get a win over me two weeks ago, and blah, blah, blah, whatever. The fact of the matter is that I want to win not just to prove to jack-asses like you that I can win belts even in my age but so that I can finally build a reputation that I'm proud of in this company and finally get a title match with that potato sack of shit we currently call the NE Champion. 

Nobody is gonna stop me, not you, not Regulator, not Brando. 

Diamonds are synonymous with wealth and fame and fortune for a reason, for too long have I been deprived of those three things in this company, I may have missed the first time but I don't plan on missing the second time if I get the chance.

The Diamond Cutter is alive and well...

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.:Dynasty #2:.
"When hell freezes over..."

The scene begins with Eris LeCava sitting backstage with an interviewer. Eris is wearing dark, tight attire similar to HBG’s as the young, passive interviewer begins to speak. 

Interviewer: Hello, everyone! This is an EAW.com exclusive and I’m here with EAW’s Vixens Champion… Eris LeCava! Thank you for being here, Eris.

Eris smiles and signals the interviewer to proceed. 

Interviewer: Um, okay. Uhh (The interviewer begins looking through her notes.) Ah, right! Uh, I’m so sorry. This is my first day on the job and knowing that I’m interviewing the Vixens Champion got me a little nervous. 

Eris: Jeez, you should be a little bit more organized. I’m sure there are a lot of other PREPARED individuals that are willing to take your spot. 

Interviewer: Oh, I’m prepared but I just got my note cards mixed up—

Eris: You know, you remind me a lot of my opponent for this upcoming Dynasty. Every time she had this championship strapped around her waist she looked like a new born calf trying to walk on its legs. Wobbling, stumbling, and frequently falling until it’s turned into fucking veal. Then, no one could deny that Maddie is not champion material. Everyone sighed out of relief when I was crowned as the new Vixens champion. Feels so good, man. (Eris looks at her title that’s placed gracefully on her shoulder.)

Interviewer: Right, I-I apologize. Regardless, Madison has made a statement regarding your match on Dynasty. What is your response to Madison’s claims that Hexa-Gun is going to essentially do the dirty work for you in your match?

Eris: Maddie has made several claims that Hexa-Gun is here to wipe my ass for me or vice versa. She thinks my association with Hexa-Gun is merely for entertainment purposes. She claims that Hexa-Gun saw me, the Vixen’s Champion and thought “Well, she’ll probably give us a good laugh during our dull moments.” She completely disregards the impact that I’ve made in this division just so her ego can continue to inflate with the pure, organic air emitting from her bullshit lies. The gal can go on and on about how my head is so far up HBG’s ass, which may I add is very pleasant to be in, that I could taste what she had for breakfast. The truth of the matter is that I beat Maddie BEFORE Hexa-Gun. I annihilated Maddie with my bare hands before that sacred day HBG decided to give me the time of day. Nothing but hypocrisy is produced from this girl’s cum-filled mouth. Although, what more can I expect from the lousiest Vixen that has ever come across EAW? I mean, this little girl claims and expects Hexa-Gun to be at my corner while criticizing my career choices, although, can we rewind and go back to the first day of Maddie’s Vixens Championship reign? If my memory is correct, both Maddie AND Maria attacked Tarah Nova and egged the dumb bitch to put her title on the line. Maddie continues to preach how Hexa-Gun out-singles its competitors but she’s definitely familiar with that strategy that’s been in wrestling business for years. You, along with the EAW universe can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that Maddie was ready to be champion. Sure, she ended Tarah Nova’s “Reign of Terror” but with Maria’s help. That’s what Maddie is so proud of? Being a hypocrite loser who doesn’t know when to walk away? Pfft, I feel sorry for the gal. 

Interviewer: Wow, those are quite the words, Eris. But let me ask you, are you at all intimidated by Madison’s threats of leaving you in a pool of your own blood?

Eris: (Chuckles) I guess she wants revenge after I left her marinate in her own shit after our match at Shock Value. Maddie reminds me of a trembling Chihuahua, once they see you they begin barking nonstop. The moment you set your foot down they whimper away. Maddie continuously downplayed my ability to kick her ass before our match. She said that I was a joke, that I was simply a crazy bitch who somehow got out of the funny farm. Maddie whimpered away once she realized that I had taken the prize that she strived for. The Vixens championship is the prize that’s most valued in our division. After failed attempt after failed attempt, she finally got her hands on it! Woo!! Great fairytale story, right? It’s a damn shame things didn’t end up working out for good ol’ Madison. I won this title for a reason and it’s because I ultimately surpassed Maddie by my cunning wrestling techniques and my overall talent. I’M better than her and we can all stop kidding ourselves and finally say that there is no chance in hell that Maddie is going to come out as champion. This championship feels so good strapped around my waist. This championship looks so nice with my name plaque on it. This championship even smells like me for Christ’s sake! This championship run has left me satisfied. I love the feeling of importance and I love everyone kissing your ass knowing that you are an important figure to this company. I’m not willing to let go of this power that I have on my hands. Maddie, she had her chance and she let it slip by. It’s not my fault that she couldn’t get up when the referee counted to 10. It should’ve been her priority to leap on her feet even though she had volts of electricity running through her blood. However, something I do notice is a difference in Maddie. No – it’s not the way she presents herself or her overall demeanor.  It’s.. Oh, right! You notice how she says that she wants to pummel me with her fists until my face turns dark and blue? Something that’s missing from the old, vintage, champion Maddie is her telling me that I have absolutely no chance against her! It’s funny how now the roles have switched and she’s beginning to watch her words very carefully. Oh, Maddie. How she makes me laugh. Love the girl. 

Interviewer: Do you have any remaining words to say to Madison?

Eris: (Eris smile fades away and she looks into the camera.) Maddie, stop fooling yourself. With or without Hexa-Gun’s help, I’M going to walk out as champion on Dynasty. The only way you’ll have a second run as Vixen’s Champ is when I’m retired from this fucking company. You have no idea how much I want to grab your twig-looking neck and snap it into four equally sized pieces so I can shove them up your loose ass one by one. You infuriate me for the wrong reasons. I hear your words and they make me chuckle because they’re just empty promises you’re never going to fulfill. You have absolutely NO chance against me. I’m going to make sure I get any object I can find and hit you hard on your fucking empty head. Maybe then something will click and you can pursue some other championship. You know, sometimes late at night I sit and think of the reasons as to why you dislike me so much. Are you just jealous that I celebrate HBG’s beauty and superiority and I pay no attention to you? Are you in love with me, Maddie? Now, you’re dumb and all but you sure do have a great body. Do you just need a little loving, some satisfaction, something that Thomas Minns will never give you? I can give you that baby, but if this is the way you want to get in my pants then it’s not going to work out. And I love how you brag about your past accomplishments, baby. Sure, you beat Cameron Ella Ava, Tarah Nova and Aria Jaxon, but you want to know how I beat? I. BEAT. YOU. And I’ll do it again without a hesitation. I’m ready you ignorant bird looking mongrel. I’m fucking ready. 

Eris winks to the camera as the image fades to black. 
Dynasty Promo #5

We open on the Second annual Selfie Awards telecast.  The show, which is currently broadcasting live from the Anaheim  Convention center, has already hand out all of the awards save for one, the highly coveted Selfie Of The Year Award. 

Female Announcer: "And now to present our final award please welcome, The host Of The Last Word, Zachery Cooper!"

Cooper: "It's been a great year of selfies across Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media website and app.  But one one can be called Selfie of the year.  So without further wait, The 2015 Selfie of the year award goes to...  Mark Michaels for his Pre-debut match selfie.  Now unfortunately Mister Michaels could not be here with us tonight due to shceduling conflicts, but he is live via satellite to accept this award."

The image cuts to a feed of Michaels seated in front of a large window with a great view of New Orleans in the background.

Michaels: "Thanks Zack, make sure that you don't smudge any finger prints on the award trophy.  First I'd like to thank the academy of selfie sciences, for recognizing me with this award.  I'd also like to thank each and every one of my followers for all the Likes, shout-outs, retweets, and for them proving to the whole world that I am their HashTag Hero, as well as the Undisputed Champion of all Social Media. 

I'd also like to thank the other nominees for taking part in the show, even though they knew that they stood no chance against me, they really are good sports.

I can't begin to tell everyone just how much the award means to me, after all of the false accusations that haters tried to label me with, and after the countless injustices I've been served since I began Wrestling on Dynasty, this award shows me that my own perfection is enough to overcome any and all slander that the countless sufferers of Michaels envy could ever throw at me.  

And to win this award just days before I step out before a sold out Smoothie King Center, and live on Dynasty beat four of the best competitors that Dynasty has to offer on my way to becoming the new National Elite Champion.  This is just the type of momentum I need win this match.

It's the Type of momentum that will allow me to put that little extra something into every punch, kick, slam, and hold this Friday night.  The type of momentum that will help me send Donny Diamond,  back to the old folks home where he belongs!    The type that will erase any trace of a guy like Lance Hart from ever existing,Because in the end history only ever remembers the winners.  And the Type of momentum that will snap a good for nothing, decent for even less, low life, four flushing, brainless,asshole like Angelo Brando out of his yes man induced denial of my greatness. Because even though they are amazing competitors who will give it everything they have, they cannot compete against pure Perfection.

 No one, not that chrome dome, rube Trent Yoder, that greece-y piece of trash Rhaegar, or that overgrown Leprechaun Tig Kelly, will ever again be able to deny that I am the greatest prospect in all of Professional Wrestling today.  The whole world will get to see me become The Destiny of Dynasty, The Brightest Burning Crossover star that EAW has ever known, The face of all professional wrestling, and the embodiment of perfection.  

That is why this award means so much to me, and I can't wait till next year when I win it again for my post-National Elite Championship victory, so just Picture THAT!"

The live crowd gives a thunderous standing ovation as the the telecast fades to black.
I hate this part right here. I'm supposed to stand here and retort a lengthy speech from The Mercenaries. There's an expectation that I argue against what they've said, debunk any myths they may have created. What is it good for? What chance do I stand if I'm worried about a bunch of things these two have said? My problem is that for everything I say and do, Hexagun have an answer. They simply find a way to counter everything. It's for this reason that I simply can't disprove some of their statements.

However, I'd be foolish to admit defeat just like that. I'd be stupid to completely ignore everything Heart Break Gal and Y2Impact said, because truthfully, most of it had merit. There's no denying facts, that would be utterly vain. Ultimately, I'm human and we're all prone to mistakes. That's the reason I made an almighty error at Shock Value. I went into that event thinking that I had the event won. I was so damn confident that battle royal was going to be a walk in the park. In truth, the match was mine to lose. My actions before the free-per-view meant I had a target on my back. Nobody wanted me to win. TLA saw an opportunity to get revenge in the best way possible and he took the chance when it presented itself. I should have seen it coming, but I was so damn focused on throwing Nick Angel and Carson Ramsay out of that ring that I was a sitting duck to any ambush.

Now I find myself staring down the barrel of another savage beating at the hands of some Hexagun members. I'm tasked with briefly halting the momentum of the Hexagun freight train. Except right now, it feels like instead of being in a position where I can do anything, I'm bound to the tracks moments away from being run over and obliterated. Right now, Clark Duncan is a lamb to the slaughter. I've had zero qualms about my role as Voltage Talent Relations Manager. No regrets whatsoever. All the talk about my motives and whatnot don't faze me. I couldn't care less about the opinions of the public or my peers in regards to what I did. If I did, I'd have forfeited my role and gone back to being just a regular member of the roster. I'm now a part of the Crash regime. A devoted member to a cause that seems likely to not end well for our party. I have to do something. If I'm going down, I'm going down swinging. It's the only way I know. The things The Mercenaries said don't scare me. I could heed their warnings, or I could brace myself for the coming Dynasty where I team with our glorious leader Zack Crash to notch a win for EAW and let The Mercenaries temporarily lick their wounds.

It's time like these that give people like me a platform to really shine. If I can be a part of Hexagun's downfall, people will remember the name. After all, most know its not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. If I really am pawn in this game, so be it. Pawns have the ability to take out bigger and better pieces, and you can be damn well certain that I'll be trying harder than ever to make those game winning moves. The Mercenaries are keen to put me in my place, make it known that I'm simply another guy that tried to take them out and failed miserably, but things will change when Zack Crash and Clark Duncan emerge victorious on Dynasty.
Re: Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)
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You are nothing more than bird shit on my car.

The Vixens Championship is mine, not Eris’ it’s all mine
However I’m not like the rest of them, I’m not going to whine
I’ll fight whoever, and whenever to prove I am the very best
I do what I do best for a living and that’s wrestling I am very blessed
Everything I accomplished has been on my own, I didn’t need any help
Eris LeCava is about to get what she has coming to her, and I want to hear her yelp
Fact is I don’t need the backing of my Hall of Fame friends in order to succeed
Extreme Rules match is my playground, I’m going to make a bitch bleed
I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m the baddest bitch in town
You’re just HBG’s lap dog, you steal her spotlight and just her personal clown
Hexa-Gun is just a group of old, washed up arrogant assholes stealing the limelight
Their time has come and gone, but still want to hold on to their careers for spite
At Dynasty I become the two time Vixens Champion, and that’s a fact
Eris LeCava meanwhile will still kiss HBG’s ass and not make any impact

Poem by Madison Kaline 2015

**The scene opens up backstage, where Madison Kaline is standing next to a backstage interviewer**

Interviewer: I am being joined with the number one contender for Eris LeCava’s Vixens Championship, a match that will take place on Dynasty this Friday in an Extreme Rules Match! My guest is of course the lovely Madison Kaline, Madison thank you for joining me; I would just like to get your thoughts going in to your match this Friday and about Eris.
Madison: My thought? (Madison laughs to herself) My thoughts are, I’m going to annihilate Eris and with it being an Extreme Rules match there are no rules so I can do as I please. I want to make her cry; I want to break every bone in her body. I want to make her bleed, by the end of the match; the ring will be covered in her blood. (Madison Smirks)

Interviewer: Aren’t you however concerned with the interference of Hexa-Gun with it being an Extreme Rules match, as you said no rules and anything goes.

Madison: Its funny you should say that, because I am not concerned one bit, in fact I am expecting it to happen. You see Eris has got her head so far up HBG’s ass that they use each other as a puppet. They can’t fight their own battles god forbid they do anything on their own. They know I’m just too good to beat Eris so of course HBG will intervene. You see that’s the only way that Hexa-Egos can win matches. They believe in outnumbering people so of course you will look strong when you are outnumbered.  You see everything I have accomplished in my life has been own my own, with nobodies help. I don’t need to suck up to wash up Hall of Famers like HBG to get my titles or get my air time. No I work hard and do it the old fashioned way by just being good. I has been the recipe for my success for the past year and couple months that I have been here.

Interviewer: Do you think you can beat Eris? Especially if you think Hexa-Gun might interfere?

Madison: Of course I think I can beat Eris, I know I can beat her by herself that’s a given. However with the Hexa-Ego’s lurking in a distance it’s going to be tough to win. However I feel like I can still beat her regardless. You just got to have confidence in yourself and I sure as hell do, and when I beat Eris to become a two time Vixens Champion, I’m going to party like I’ve never partied before.

Interviewer: That sounds great!  One last question….

(Madison cuts him off) That’s enough questions out of you, piss on outa here (The interviewer walks away)

Let me cut to the chase Eris, I know you think your all high and mighty now, and you think your own top of the world because not only are you holding my Vixens Champion, but you got your own personality protection group as well in the Hexa-Egos. But let me just remind you of who I am, I am the Vixen who ended Tarah Nova’s reign of terror, she is no longer even in EAW because of me. I am the same Vixen who defeated Cameron Ella Ava during the Empress of Elite tournament. That’s right not even some guys on this roster can beat Cameron Ella Ava and I am the same Vixen who will end your life if you continue to frustrate me anymore than you already have. Don’t poke the sleeping giant my dear. You are nothing more than bird shit on my car.  You are a lackey for HBG and you are holding my championship, Hexa-Gun is nothing more than an Ego driven dick measuring contest between members who don’t want to call it a career. They are old and they can’t win matches on their own, so they put together a group to outnumber people and they can still look like there are doing something impressive. In reality all they are doing is hogging the spotlight from young up and comers. You are nothing to them, you are just their personally clown who you appease by helping them beat their opponents for them. You are holding my championship Eris, and I want it back, and come this Friday at Dynasty I’m going to beat you into a pulp. Extreme Rules means I have the right to make you bleed all over my ring. Extreme Rules means I have the right to end your career, and end your life. Come Dynasty I become a two time Vixens Champion of the world and there isn’t anything you or the Hexa-Egos can do about it.

(Madison smirks at the camera as she walks away. Camera fades to black)
Dynasty Promo 1: Homecoming
Trent Yoder is in his apartment dressed in an old, sleeveless Ministry shirt and a pair of black shorts. A half-depleted cigarette hangs out of his mouth as he paces across the room of his apartment, conversing with someone on the phone. Nodding to the person on the other side, he picks up a small, amber pill bottle, shaking the contents, causing the pills to rattle in the container.
“Yeah, I have them. I fucking hate taking horse-pills, you know. … Right, right. Thanks.”
He hits the off button on the phone.
“…for nothing, ya prick.”
He tosses the pill bottle on top of the fridge, where he knows he’ll likely forget all about them. But then, this doctor is a quack. The MRI showed no damage to his brain, so these little blackouts he was having weren’t likely to kill him, at least. Unless he decided to do something stupid during them, and then, on the upside, since he couldn’t ever remember what happened, it was likely he wouldn’t know anyway. Let’s just hope that if he did decide to jump off a five story building or something, he landed head-first and didn’t end up paralyzed from the eyebrows down.
He grabs a remote, flicking a switch which causes his stereo to come to life with the song “Light” by KMFDM. After a short trip to the kitchen for a glass and bottle of whiskey, Yoder is sitting at his small desk, upon which sets a cheap laptop computer and small lamp, passing time as he frequently does: drinking scotch and reading. Currently he flips through the pages of a book compiling several of the works of H.P. Lovecraft: ‘The Thing on the Doorstep,’ ‘the Shadow Over Innsmouth,’ and most famously, ‘the Call of C’thulhu.’ Yoder is one of those people who, once their nose has been buried in a book, can spend hours on end reading. Unfortunately, he’s also one of those people who will keep drinking as long as it’s readily available, and so a few hours and a few hundred pages later, his nose is indeed quite literally buried in his book as he lies passed out at his desk.
The hour is late, but Yoder slowly begins to stir, his breathing shifting from the slow, rhythmic pattern of a sleeping man to the irregular, stuttering pattern of silent laughter. Slowly he lifts his head, and with the light of the lamp casting its illumination, we are able to see his reflection in the darkened glass of the laptop’s screen. Strangely, he appears to be decorated in his traditional in-ring face paint, the skeletal visage that only accentuates the mirthless grin on his face and the complete malice in his eyes.
Trent Yoder: Dynasty Wrestling fans rejoice; your favorite wrestler is coming back! In my return to Dynasty Wrestling I will be going head-to-head with Troy Ace, a man I’ve faced before. And what do you know, the first thing he wants to do is come out here and point out me losing to him about Ten weeks ago. Let me ask you something, Troy, what have you done since? I mean, I’ve yet to lose a Dynasty Wrestling match since my return to the ring against Mark Michaels. If you think, for a second I care about what you’ve done in your career you are sadly mistaken. I am not a little bit concerned about you being a Freak of Nature. I’ve beaten many men who call themselves the same just like I can beat you. You haven’t had a “great year” yourself, Troy. So you can’t throw shade my way. I can go as far as to say I’ve had a better year than you in EAW but it doesn’t matter. And why would it? Come Dynasty the only thing that will matter is who comes out victorious and I’m calling it now, it’s going to be me.

Trent Yoder: Troy Your namesake is not randomly chosen. You are truly a Freak of Nature and you could easily out-wrestle me on any given day, even at my best. Unfortunately for you, I’m not going to be competing in a wrestling match against you…I’m going to come to the ring and beat the ever-loving shit out of you. This isn’t a ‘wrestling match.’ It’s a fight for survival. Yours. You are going to be stepping into the face of evil and I dare you to blink
Dynasty Promo #4

We open inside the namesake suite of the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans hotel.  the over 2100 square foot penthouse offers some of the finest decor and amenities that you'll find in any five star resort including a spacious dinning area with butler's kitchen, Gigantic Master bedroom, and of course a whirlpool hot tub that is just big enough for two this evening.  It's here where we find the Self Proclaimed Social Media Champion "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels, getting cozy with a beautiful blonde super model.

Model: "... and even though it was a really long shoot, and the photographer was a bit of a creep, I'd do maxim magazine again in a heartbeat!"

Michaels: "That's great, but how but we have our own private photo session in the bedroom?"

Model: "I think that could be arranged."

Michaels flashes that million dollar grin of his before leaning in for a kis...


T.J. Yoder: "Mark, are you in there? I need to use the bathroom!"

Michaels: (nervous laugh) "Umm, excuse me for one minute."

Michaels steps out of the tub and to the bathroom door muttering several obscenities along the way.

Michaels: "What are you doing up at this hour?"

T.J.: "Because i need to go.."

Michaels: "I don't care, you should be in bed right now."

T.J.: "But I have to go to the bathroom!"

Michaels: "Fine, just hang on one sec."

Michaels shuts the door right in front of T.J.'s face, only to reopen it a few seconds later.

Michaels:"Here, use this."

Says Michaels as he trusts a glass cup into T.J's hand.

Michaels: "Try not to get any on the floor."

T.J.: "Mark I can't go in a cup! Please let me use the bathroom!"

Michaels: "Argh, fine."

Michaels quickly sweeps the supermodel up out of the tub, and sets her back down in the hallway out side the bathroom.

Model: "Mark, who's this?  Is he the photographer you wanted to take pictures of us?"

Michaels: "What?!. OH no, no, no, I'm just watching him for a little while (Under his breath)until till he can learn to not to be a little cock block.  (normal voice) Why don't you head over towards the bedroom and I'll be there in a minute, Okay?"

Model: "Oh sure Marky."

The Model gives Mark a quick peck on the cheek, before scurrying off towards the bedroom.

Michaels: "Do what you got to do, and then straight to bed, got me?"

T.J. gives a quick nod before running into the bathroom, and shutting the door behind him.  

(Cut to master bedroom) 

Michaels walks into the candle lit room where he finds his soon to be conquest lying under the covers.

Michaels: "Now where were we?"

He asks, but just as he gets halfway on the bed


Michaels angrily marches over to the bedroom door.

Michaels: (Angrly) :"What?!"

T.J.: "I can't sleep."

Michaels: "Of course.  what usually puts you to sleep? Warm Milk? Scotch and soda?"

T.J.: "When I was little, my mom would tell me a story."

Michaels: "Aren't you a little old for bed time stories?"

T.J.: "Well I know it used to work, so maybe we could try?"

Michaels (very annoyed): "(sigh) Okay, fine"

(Cut To T.J's bedroom.)
A much smaller room with only enough space for a full size mattress and a small writing desk and chair.

Michaels: "OK hope in bed, and I'll tell you a story."

T.J. does what is asked of him as Michaels pulls up a the desk chair net to the bed.

Michael: "Ah lets see, what do kids like?  Oh I got one.  Once upon a time there was a brave, and handsome knight named Sir Mark, The Perfect.  Now Sir Mark was out on a quest to find a Golden Belt..."

T.J.: "Why was he looking for a Golden Belt?"

Michaels: "Because he knew that all the most beautiful maidens in the land only cared about guys who had Gold belt, and the money a knight gets when he finds one.  So anyways, Sir Mark was out looking for the belt, but first he had to get past four ugly monsters.  

The first was an old skeleton that was once a the great Diamond warrior.  Now at first the Diamond Warrior tried to impress Sir Mark with what it had almost done in the past.  But when Sir Mark remembered his own accomplishments,and compared them to the tales the Diamond warrior told,  he realized that even though the Skeleton had no guts, he was still somehow full of shit.  So Sir Mark bitch slapped the Skeleton upside the head, and sent him back to the retirement home where he belonged.

 Then a little while later, Sir Mark had to face an invisible elf who no one could see, and to be perfectly honest nobody really cared if they saw him or not.  But this little elf had a problem, see he  wanted to be as rich and famous as Sir Mark, but what the elf didn't know was that Sir Mark was not going to stand idly by, and watch some tiny oompa-loompa steal his spotlight, especially when he was so close to finding the Golden belt.So Sir Mark kicked the Invisible Elf's ass all over the Smoothie King Cent... er, Forest, and no one ever heard from the elf again, even though no one was really paying attention to him to begin with anyways.

And than Sir Mark had to fight the ghost of the man who first found the Golden Belt.  But thankful the ghost was too old and washed up to really be a problem, so Sir Mark just moved on, and didn't bother to waste his time with the ghost.

Than after stepping over the ghost in a most easy fashion, Sir mark had to fight a prince from a far away place.  Now the prince was very skilled at fighting, but he was too busy getting his ass kissed all the time by the court jesters he ran around with, that he didn't have way to stand toe to toe with Sir Mark, and the Prince was easily defeated.

And with his defeat, Sir Mark was able to claim the Golden Belt.  But just as he claimed his prize, the Ugly, nasty, foul smelling, Trent the king of Trolls attacked Sir Mark from behind.  Yes that green with envy skinned, peabrain tried to rob Sir Mark of what was rightfully his.  But King Troll Trent hits like a little bitch, so Sir Mark beat the ever loving shit out of him, and rid the kngdom of King Troll Trent once and for all.  The End."

Michaels having gotten caught up in his own story, finally realizes that T.J. is fast asleep (probably from bordom), Michaels quietly sneaks out of T.J.'s bedroom and back to his own.  But when he finally gets back to his own  bed Michaels finds a note in place on the super model he left there moments ago.

Michaels: (reading out Loud)" Dear Mark, forgot I had dinner with my boyfriend tonight, sorry I couldn't stay,love J."

Michaels crumbles up the note in his hand and tosses it in the waist basket

Fade to black.
*Regulator is shown sitting on a balcony of a hotel with a cigar in his mouth*

Regulator Signing: ….It’s been a long day….without you my friend….and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again….We’ve come a long way….from where we’ve begin…oh I’ll you all about it when I see you again…..when I see you again…..

*Superman walks up and hands Regulator a shot of Ciroc as he takes it*

The NE title was a good friend to me....years ago.....and Boy do I miss the times that we've shared. Yall….It’s been years since I’ve last tasted a piece of gold here in EAW. When I walked in the locker room earlier this week to see that I was up for contention for the EAW NE Title, it caught me off guard. It’s no secret that I was one of the very first EAW NE champions here in this prestigious company and I made the title my own. I was able to reach new heights and prove a lot of people wrong during my tenure as champion and it helped set the foundation for champions to come. Some people feel good knowing they can think about going back in time by compensating for the fact that they’re alcoholics…..some feel the need by popping pills or smoking marijuana….. I feel as if I can really start my journey here in EAW once again by contending for the NE title. I debuted in EAW at the very first P4P and it was to show people that the NE title was my very first interest. It’s not a world title of course but it lets the people know that you mean serious business if you plan on making a statement here in EAW. I’ll never be able to really explain how much that title means to me. Me trying to explain it isn’t worth a damn nowadays anyway because people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear. But know this….it’s time for shit to get real. You damn telletubbies are about to get a run for your money on Dynasty. Donny, Lance, Angelo and Mark, get ready for the run in of your life from the one of only. Talk is cheap….you’re drive to want to achieve your biggest goal is what makes you who you are. Last time I checked, talking out of the side of your neck to make a heap load of noise isn’t what makes that happen. Taking your ass out to the ring and make things happens is what brings success. Saying I’ll do this…or that…is pointless. Going out there, wearing everything on your sleeve as a competitor and as a man is what really makes you who you are. I can tell you I’m ready for the task….but know that it wont come easy for anyone of you that think I’m going to let you stop me from climbing up the ranks of the hierarchy here in EAW.
Dynasty Promo #3

We open on American Airline's flight 2404 traveling non-stop from Los Angeles International Airport to New Orleans Louisiana.  It's here in the first class section that we find T.J. Yoder wandering about.  

T.J.: "Mark?  Mark?"  

the young man calls as his head sweeps left to right until finally he finds The self proclaimed Social Media Champion "Picture Perfect" Mark Michaels.  

T.J.:"Hey Mark, I'm thirsty, can I get a soda?"  

Michaels (slightly annoyed): "What do I keep telling you?  When we're on Dynasty you can call me Mark, when we are not, please show some manners and call me Mister Michaels   

Says Michaels as he whips out his IPhone and begins to snap selfies.  

T.J.: "Mister Michaels, I'm really, really thirsty, can I please have a soda?"  

Michaels: "Yeah sure, I'll get you one." 

Michaels presses the call button for a flight attendant who promptly appears.

Flight Attendant: "Can I help you sir?"

Michaels: "Yes, can I get a soda for the kid?"

Flight Attendant: "Why yes sir."

Michaels: "Thank you, and while you're at it, can you make it a diet?  The kid could stand to lose a few pounds."

Flight Attendant: "Of course sir."

The flight attendant quickly goes to fetch the drink.

T.J.: "Hey Mar... Mister Michaels, My dad's suspension is over this week right?"

Michaels: "Yes, it is.  Why do you ask?"

T.J.: "Well it's been really fun hanging out with you, but it's been a really long time since I've seen my mom and dad, and I miss them, and I want to go back home."

Michaels: "T.J. we've been over this.  Your father is a lazy bum, who could never give you the teaching, or the life that I could.  Now if I thought that this two week suspension would have helped your father change his ways, maybe I could have go back home with him.  But as it stands, I have zero doubt in my mind that he's still an ugly, spiteful, envious, incompetent, coward who is as much of a failure as a father, as he is a wrestler.  And besides T.J., wouldn't like to be able to say that you had the best seat in the house when I won the number one contendership to the National Elite Championship?"

T.J.: "Well maybe, but how do you know you're gonna win?"

Michaels: "T.J., did you forget who you're talking to?  Perfect is my name!  I am the Twitter Trendsetter, the Instagram Icon, The Destiny of Dynasty, The Brightest Burning Crossover Star that EAW has ever known, and the guy who is so good in the ring, that Millions upon millions of people from around the world, have made me their Hashtag hero, in addition to the undisputed Social Media Champion.  And what's more as president of my Social Media team, it your job to keep me connected to all of them.  Now doesn't that sound cooler than being stuck taking out the trash, and raking up leaves?"

T.J.: "Well Kinda."

Michaels: (Semi-Mockingly) "Well Kinda..."  (normal voice) " come on T.J., I know that it's way more cooler.  Just like I know, that you know, that I'm going to win this Friday night.  Yeah we are going to go out there in front of all my adoring followers in the Smoothie King Center, and we're gonna hear them cheer wildly when I beat the ever loving shit out of those four losers I'm gonna face off against.

First I'm gonna beat up that old bag of bones Donny Diamond so bad, that after this match their gonna skip past the assisted living community he calls home, and drop him off directly at the cemetery, so his body can finally be laid to rest next to his career.  

Then I'm going to put Regulator back in his place, and by that I mean somewhere far away from a wrestling ring.  Now don't get me wrong, the guy can still hang with other ham and eggers in the locker room, but when it comes to the upper echelon of Dynasty, and in particularly me, he just can not cut it anymore.  

And if Lance Hart even bothers to show up for this one, I personally will show him why I am a superstar who get first class treatment every single step of the way, while he slums it in the economy section seats with the other nobodies.  This Friday night, Lance gets the chance to see first hand the talent, that has made me a superstar not only in the world of professional Wrestling, but in every fathomable form of media known to man.  

Oh, and I almost forgot the cherry on top of it all, I get to beat Angelo Brando again.  I can't wait to see the look on that smug, little troll's face when for the third time in a row, he gets left staring up at the light, while I get my hand raised in victory.  No amount of yes men bull crap is going to be able to help him deny the fact that I am better than Angelo in every conceivable way.  

and after this Friday, I'll be on my way to my first piece of championship gold during my Dynasty tenure.  It doesn't matter who the unlucky son of a bitch who has that belt is.  I'll beat them one, two, three in the middle of the ring.  The Mark Michaels era is about to begin on Dynasty, that much is hashtag in the bag.  and it doesn't matter who likes it or not, because I guarantee that Lance, Donny, Reg, Angelo, and even your hater-aid guzzling daddy will soon be picturing THAT!"

Flight Attendant: "Here you are sir."

she says handing the drink to T.J.

Michael: "What do you say T.J.?"

T.J." It's about damn time."

Michaels: "Good boy, now why don;t you head back to your seat."

T.J. nods his head yes, and hurries off.  Michaels checks to make sure he's in his proper place before resuming his selfie session.

Dynasty Promo 1

Ace vs Yoder II

The camera opens up with Marcus walking around the corner in the MX-13 Mansion right on the borderline of Atlanta. He bangs on the bathroom door yelling to Troy to hurry up. All that can be heard is Troy from the other end singing “Tis the season to kick that ass.” Marcus just laughs before sitting in a lounge chair.

Marcus: Okay I just took a look what’s on MX-13s plate for the week and we’ve stumbled upon Trent Yoder once again. Former Co-member of The Dark Horses and here we are late in the year and it still seems as if he hasn’t gotten to where he would like to be. What a shame.

Troy walks out of the bathroom just clenching his stomach with a big smile on his face.  

Marcus: Damn, Troy! What took your oversized ass so long!?

Troy: Man, …. I just took a wicked Yoder!

Marcus: ………….. Christmas season in the MX-13 house man I swear! You know what though.. It may just be the perfect analogy. Trent has had such a up and down year that it just doesn’t make him much more than the rest of the scrubs over here on Dynasty. In all my time on Dynasty.. I’ve never once seen the “good” side of Trent Yoder. I’m starting to believe it’s one of the many imaginary things that this company and it’s viewers made up.

Troy: You’re right, Marcus. This will be the second time Yoder and I will face off in solo action and the last time.. we'll just say it didn’t exactly go in his favor. I’ll give him some credit though, it did make it way further than his former comrade A-Will did in his career. We called that from the very beginning, Marcus, that team was never destined to work out. Trent already tainted his career by lowering himself to the level of A-Will.. not even the hand of god could’ve saved him from failure. I’m glad you wised up, Trent! You’ve finally went solo but now you’re dealing with a much different environment.. it hasn’t been too kind to you has it? You successfully defended your career and that’s a highlight.. but that’s about the only highlight you’ve had here. I mean you even let your son watch you get beaten down and some random nobody try to take him under his wing for christ sake! Poor parental skills, and poor start to your career. We’ll just cover it up with the “bad year but next year will be better” routine right? You’re just an average wrestler who was hyped up to be something and you can’t; it’s as simple as that. Me on the other hand, well I’ve proven myself both solo and as a tag team competitor! I’ve beaten almost every team placed in front of us and that is fact! I’ve many elitist including you all by myself! Last time I exploited every weakness you presented to me and beat you with power, technique, and even speed! I’m an F.O.N. Freak Of Nature! I have it all and have done it all! The only thing left is to qualify for and win those EAW Tag Team Championships. We will make it there but until then, it’s all about what’s right in front of me.Trent you know how i work all my matches,I do it with nothing but brute force and domination and you know that first hand by how i have thrown you around and beat you once before so that should let you know that this is going to be just another match that you will lose yet again but this time im going to make you bleed see this is the season for giving and Trent my present to you is the gift of an ass whooping unwrapped and hand delivered to you face to face. I know you will put up a fight and im glad you wil but come on how long do you think that will last you sir?? not too long so just know that this match will be great give it your all because just like you old partner you will be my stepping stool

Troy: Welcome to E-ACE-W       

Marcus: Trent will soon know that -- SUPREMACY IS NOW!!!!

Dynasty Promoz! (Section closed, promo under EAW Promoz!)

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