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 Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread

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Azumi Goto
Azumi Goto

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PostSubject: Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread   April 2nd 2018, 12:51 am

Favorite Match:

Favorite Moment:

Most Shocking Moment/Result:

Who Had the Best/Worst Night:

Who Stole the Show: 

Rating/General Comments:

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread   April 2nd 2018, 8:55 am

Favorite Match: Fatal Four, I thought had a nice back and forth exchange of the momentum, given that fatal fours can't be easy by any stretch to write. So credit to the writer for being able to tell a good story in a high stakes match.

Favorite Moment: The title changes because each new Champ, with the time they put in to earn their keep was well worth the wait. Especially Carlos.

Most Shocking Moment/Result: Carlos I'd say, but all the returning elitists, some we thought we (or at least I did anyway) would never see again. It's awesome.

Who Had the Best/Worst Night: Best: Ahren, Cody, Cam, SK, Darkane, Carlos, Chelsea, Cloud, and me; Worst: the absolute worst: Sydney, Jon, Oasis, Others in the fatal four

Who Stole the Show:Grand Rampage match: shocking returns, and final outcome and some extra curricular in between with Theron and the High Rollerz. It was an exciting read.

Rating/General Comments: 7/10 - given the things that apparently happened in day two to kind of put a damper on things that kept it from going live is unfortunate, but even the matches were shorter than in day one - which with time restraints will happen. But overall it was a good show, and definitely would read it again. Good job everyone! Give yourselves a nice pat on the back!

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread   April 2nd 2018, 11:03 am

Favorite Match: Grand Rampage Match

Favorite Moment: The new champs definitely. Carlos and Rex gettin' them world titles in :wow:

Most Shocking Moment/Result: Def all the returns

Who Had the Best/Worst Night: Best night = all the returns and new champs. Worst night = The failed walkout protest attempt :mjlol:

Who Stole the Show: The Grandest of Rampages

Rating/General Comments: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999/10 Glad to be byke

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Daisy Thrash
Daisy Thrash

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Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread   April 2nd 2018, 3:01 pm

Favorite Match: The EAW Championship match. Lots of great nail-biting moments. Shout out to the Hardcore Championship match too!

Favorite Moment: When Cody won the title, when Rex won the title, when Cloud won the title...

Most Shocking Moment/Result: All the suprrise returns.

Who Had the Best/Worst Night: Best- Cody, Rex, Chelsea, Cloud, Darkane, Carlos. Worst- Moongoose, Sydney, Megan, Cage, Oasis, April.

Who Stole the Show: The Grand Rampage participants.

Rating/General Comments: 9/10. The show was well-paced with none of the matches going on too long. The surprise returns would have probably made more dramatic impact if the show had been completely live, but I understand that things don't always go as planned. Even though Daisy didn't do so hot, I enjoyed being part of my first ever Grand Rampage FPV.
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread   

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Grand Rampage 2018 Reaction Thread

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