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EAW is all around the best form of e-federation on the web. We have intricate stories/scripts, amazing graphics, talented writers and artists, a booming community, unrivaled productivity, a near decade of prestige and we've been a model of consistency with no signs of slowing down. This may be a big pond, but if you're consistent and active on the website you will find yourself greatly enjoying your time here. We have all different people from different backgrounds who interact daily, and while we may seem like a bustling big city, at the end of the day we're truly a community. Get assigned to one of the 3 brands today!

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: MAJOR EAW UPDATE [ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ]   April 2nd 2018, 10:30 pm

I would like to avert your attention to extremely important developments: EAW's expansion.

The http://eawrestling.com/ website is currently undergoing a makeover - taking up a completely new look that'll only get bigger and more expansive as we upload archives, new graphics and etc.

However starting right now we are upgrading the forum we use, which has the domain eawnetwork.com .

While we spent a nice 4 years on forumotion, the new host allows us to do much more in the long run and you will find a ton of similarities in how that forum works with how this one does, so please make sure you post your sign-ups there IMMEDIATELY.

If you'll notice there is already a community there - that is because EAW has merged with the e-fed known as REVOLT (an efed created by EAW’s founder and creator, CM Banks), and the REVOLT roster is joining EAW's roster to make up the next evolution of EAW. REVOLT members are in the EAW discord chat now as we speak.

While the Marquee Event "REVOLT 2" is still scheduled for this upcoming weekend, the active members there are also being sorted onto Dynasty, Showdown, Voltage and Empire - under (almost) the same writers you have now.

You will notice there will be a handful of members from the community missing going forward, including the Voltage writer. That is because these individuals were planning a staged walk-out from EAW, and I have visual evidence of them attempting to coerce members to quit EAW, as well as spreading around spoilers, and even celebrating the idea of EAW's demise. They believe EAW cannot exist without them, and to ensure that they are trying to make sure they pick at EAW’s roster instead of building anything for their own selves. You can of course message me personally if you would like to see the evidence. While hopefully you understand I don’t hate these individuals, I certainly cannot tolerate this behavior under any circumstance. Any other responsible Chairman would feel the same.

EAW is getting stronger, not weaker. We are heading into an expansion like never before both aesthetically as well as promotion, behind the scenes work, and making our mega-show Pain for Pride bigger than ever with opportunities to shine for as many people as possible. While it is always appreciated - your loyalty means more than it ever has, and I will see to it that it is rewarded.

I have no time to deal with chicanery like this anymore, and it's not worth any of our energy. I will not waste energy on troublemakers, they can do as they please on their own platform. They are clearly coming from a place of spite however so I do ask that if you are contacted by ANYBODY asking you to join their website, please at least notify me of that. I WILL make sure to keep it confidential. EAW is an efederation, not a website to be preyed upon for other people to recruit in spite of us.

Let's get our heads into what's important, which is the fedding aspect, and make this the biggest PFP season of all time. We are working literally around the clock constantly thinking of things to do for everyone, and I appreciate each and every single member that is here to promo, engage in the stories and community and go on about their day. Your loyalty means an incredible amount to me, and it’s something that makes me look back on my 11 years of being here proudly.

Make sure again to post your contracts on eawnetwork.com " and be sure to read the Grand Rampage if you haven't!

Match cards will be coming up not too long from now, and you can check EAWNetwork.com for new roster list as well as new staff. Be sure to message me personally for any comments, questions or concerns. Salutations!

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Maddox Ayres

Maddox Ayres

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PostSubject: Re: MAJOR EAW UPDATE [ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ]   April 2nd 2018, 10:40 pm

We've been blessed

Credit to Harvey Yorke for this dope signature!

EAW Record: 5-2-6 (W-D-L)
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PostSubject: Re: MAJOR EAW UPDATE [ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ]   April 2nd 2018, 11:14 pm

Bye bye top poster! Sad

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Carlos Rosso
Carlos Rosso

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PostSubject: Re: MAJOR EAW UPDATE [ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ]   April 3rd 2018, 6:18 pm

Been a Blast, Forumotion

Most Valuable Extremist Awards:

Beef of the Week: 4x (vs HRDO)
(Vs Lucian Black, Lucius Creed and Hurricane Hawk)
(vs Cassandra/Vannessa Lyndivia and NEO Seoul) (vs Cloud Matsuda)

Champion of the Week: 5x (three times solo, twice as part of Dynamite Rain)

Match of the Week: 5x (Dynamite Rain vs NEO Seoul) (vs Norman Hellion) (vs Jacob Senn) (vs Lucian Black) (Voltage Elimination Chamber/RTR 11)

Promoer of the Week: 1x

Most Valuable Extremist: 3x
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PostSubject: Re: MAJOR EAW UPDATE [ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ]   May 26th 2018, 1:46 pm

anybody still around?

"Karma has a surprising way of taking care of situations. All you have to do is to sit back and watch." 
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