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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 2nd 2018, 10:46 pm by EAW
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 1st 2018, 12:13 pm by Woogieman
Now,  We already have New Champions on Grand Rampage. We'll definitely have The New EAW Answers World Champion Tonight.  It'd be The Someone from The past. It also could be Someone who's Freaking Damn Hungry to become The EAW Answers World Champion. And A Person just comes out from Nowhere.

One Person would Comes out from The Locker Room then, go into The Ring to be The Last man Standing to Hold The Championship with Their Arm Raises and Celebrating All Night Long. It'll be Me. Nobody in the Ring would Stop me from Winning It. I'm going to say Tonight, Finally We Got The Woogieman has won The EAW Answers World Championship.

Let's Get The Show Started Once again. See what I really doing at The Moment. I'm Promoting The Grand Rampage Match for The EAW Answers World Championship.  Get The Fans around the world from England, Canada, Germany  and Much  More.  The True Fans from Everywhere.  I know The Fact  The Greatest Wrestlers around The World has One Thing in their Mind to becoming The Greatest All time in All Categories.  I got The Same Goal as well. The Grand Rampage Match winner is going to be The People Champion ( The Woogieman) and as The New EAW Answers world Champion.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 11:56 pm by Carlos Rosso
[Carlos Rosso is standing outside his locker room as an interviewer has arrived. He is dressed in all black attire, but small red roses sewn into the sides, a commemoration of the Grand Rampage being held in the Rose Bowl. He looks as calm as he has on EAW Television for some time.]

Interviewer: Carlos Rosso, tonight you will be among the thirty men competing in the Grand Rampage to crown a new Answers World Champion. This is your sixth appearance in the Grand Rampage and you’ve failed in all previous five attempts to win the event. Also, you’ve never held a World Championship. Knowing this, how do you concentrate on the task at hand in the final hour. Does this affect your confidence in any way going into the match?

Well, to be honest with you, no. I know what my record is and what my resume is. I don’t need people to recite it back to me. There is no getting around the fact that I have yet to win such a prestigious honor. It’s disgraceful in so many ways to me. People still doubt me and more importantly to me people still doubt the power of the Zaibatsu. But look around us. The winds of change are blowing with gale-force gusts, sweeping away the old guard and brining a new era to EAW. New Champion after New Champion have already been crowned, new face springing up on the Specialists Rampage.

People have told me for long enough what my ceiling is. They’ve told me long enough that I’m just a “Good hand” that will never “win the big one”. They have told me long enough that I’m too old, too broken down and too overhyped to achieve what I want to achieve. People have told me that I should leave EAW, go this place and go that place, that I’m no longer wanted here. That I’m no longer NEEDED here. I don’t care for how long I have to be in the Grand Rampage. Two hours, three hours, all of eternity, I will show why I am one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever worn a pair of wrestling boots. Period.

I don’t believe in preordained destiny. I don’t believe in dreams. All I believe in right now are the small group of people, my brothers and sisters in the Zaibatsu, who believe in me, and my own two fists. That will suffice. There is a lot of talk about crushing dreams, bringing total warfare to me. People all week have been telling me what they are going to do and how I don’t belong in this position. That’s fine. But, one by one they will be sorted out. One by one, I’m going to throw them all out. I don’t care who the mystery participants are. They can be Jesus, Muhammed, the Pope, and my First Grade teacher for all I care, if I see them in this match they are going over the top rope.

This match is bigger than me bigger than any man involved in it from the Chairman himself all the way down to Shaker Jones. I don’t think my opposition understands just how significant this is. For the first time, the winner will be awarded a World Championship. The reprecussions of this are enormous. I could be forced to leave Voltage and return to a barren wasteland of a place that I was more than happy to leave in Dynasty. But what a way to return, right? The conquering hero of the Greatest Rampage of all time, the true Strongest Man of Spring.

We have talked enough about this match. All of us, myself included. It’s time to find out which truth we all live by. DDD’s assertions and desires to lead the way with his sexuality? Theron’s crushing of dreams? Amani’s reaching for his destiny? Lars’s assertion that he will overcome all and prove that the Raven still flies high? Ryan Wilson’s scrappy neverending war with me and my family?

The time for talking is just about finished now. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s time for me to assert my claim to being Answers World Champion….and the most complete wrestler in the world. Stephanie may have had a curveball thrown her way tonight, but I can assure everyone watching out there in the world that I am prepared for anything that comes my way. Any challenger, any unexpected arrival, any old nemesis itching to take me out and make themselves into a champion.

I have come too far, suffered to much, to simply hand this opportunity over to someone just because they want it really bad. The price of winning is high, and I am prepared to pay whatever cost is necessary to leave on top. The Strongest Arm is ready, and when this Rampage is over, the entire world will ALWAYS remember that the Zaibatsu are…..ICHIBAN.

And nothing else fucking matters.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 9:54 pm by Theron Nikolas
I was always one step ahead. I'm ALWAYS one step ahead, Lars.

Our time in the King’s Guard was fun, wasn't it, Lars? I warned you; I warned you long before you stood by our side as my supposed “brother”. I told you that my intentions in Elite Answers Wrestling was to play my cards close to my chest, and in the grand scheme of things, I was always going to go what was going to do what was best for my career. The King’s Guard was never meant to make my career; that's the biggest mistake that you made. I openly said that the King’s Guard was only meant to be the spotlight that would allow me to prove what I could possibly do when given the chance. I did everything that I could to push myself forward; every single name that this company threw in my way fell at my feet. The Burned Man wasn't anything special and Drake Jaeger was gone before he really had any impact of the King’s Guard as a whole. That's when you came in. You were at your lowest, Lars. Ryan Marx proved that you were below where you thought you stood, and when you got further ahead - Rex McAllister proved that you still had a long way to go. You thought that the King’s Guard was your golden ticket. You thought that the King’s Guard was going to be the missing piece that had been holding you back from shattering through that glass ceiling that had constantly stopped you from moving forward. But, that never happened. You weren't suddenly better off. You weren't seen in a better light in the slightest, and the road your career continued to take showed it. We're not similar, Lars. We're so fucking far from it. You wait. You wait and you wait for something to happen. That's why you've gone nowhere. That why you've been cannon fodder for Jamie O’Hara’s World Heavyweight Championship reign on more than one occasion. That's why Chris Elite of all fucking people; the man that nobody thought would ever be anything worth mentioning, let alone be the World Heavyweight Champion stands on the top of the brand that is so fucking far below where the rest of us stand. Where as I, Lars. I've succeeded everything single time I've been in this position. I won the Battle Royal for the 24/7 contract. I went through more than any other name in the King of Elite tournament and STILL stood in front of the world by the end of it with that crown resting on the top of my head. You've struggled in shallow water, while I've thrived in dangerous water. That simply comes down to attitude, and that’s harsh reality that you haven't been able to learn for over a year. You're never going to get anywhere with the mindset that you had before, during and after the King’s Guard. You're always going to be trying to run as fast you can, only to look down and see that you're still standing in the same spot. You're always going to watch people like me shoot straight past you and you're always going to ask yourself why. I hope you manage to figure all of this out, but at this point - I'm not going to get my hopes up.

This is the last time that I'm going to speak about any of this. I've spent the week listening to nothing but the same stupid bullshit that we’re always forced to at this point of the year. You all think that you're winning the Grand Rampage and walking out with that Answers World Championship. Maddox Ayres is going to go from being the lowest form of scum this business has to offer to being the king of the mountain. Carlos Rosso is going to go from being a man that constantly fails and disappoints anyone stupid enough to have an ounce of faith in him to a man that has finally accomplished something people thought he would have five years ago. There are going to be so many broken hearts at Grand Rampage. There are going to be people with their hopes and dreams crushed under the boot of one man. People are going to consider throwing their career and I'll wholeheartedly say that I fucking hope they do. There has never been a man to win the Grand Rampage, while also winning the 24/7 Battle Royal and King of Elite in the same calendar year. There has never been another name in this business that managed to accomplish what I have in the time period I've been in this company. The King is going to add another crown to his collection. One more valuable to any other this company has to offer.

Theron Nikolas.

The King of Elite.

The Grand Rampage winner.

The Answers World Champion.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 7:08 pm by Amari Steele
Grand Rampage VI:

It is one thing for a man to contemplate the present and it's relation to the past, to attempt to determine whether mistakes of the past are still ailing him and yet it is quite another for that man to become lost in such deliberation, drowning within his own attempts to rectify wrongs, to justify actions, to improve oneself. In learning, it is possible to become knowledgeable from that which is conveyed by others and yet it is only possible to become wise through our own endeavors. Some who suffer setbacks spend much time mourning their own defeat, the death of their hope, and yet they who maintain focus are barely hindered by it, barely, if at all, swayed by its powerful dragging currents. Great success followed failure does not imply continued failure, so much as fate reminding us that good things do not last eternally, or our destiny changing, shifted by the great cataclysm of fate and circumstance, however, with strengthened resolve and focus, one can overcome such daunting powers to remain committed to the attaining of their destiny. It is not unfeasible for a wise man to acknowledge his faults and to rectify them completely without greatly upsetting his ultimate quest, though his focus and drive may be tested, although the wise man knows that all tests may be passed if one is truly committed and willing to sacrifice in order to gain 

The ability to learn is the greatest asset of the human psyche, the ability to experience and evolve as a result of them and hence to become stronger or better in some way, to avoid situations and circumstances which had conspired to bring about our downfall or to set up that which may be beneficial to us. The ability to expand our own mind through the will and eagerness born within us which drives us to greater learning and understanding and the quest for our own improvement and success is that which sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, which sets us above primates at the top of the food chain. However, it is wisdom, knowledge gleaned from such experience rather than a book or a page on the internet which is the greatest symbol of our great journey toward glowing destiny, for it is this wisdom which reminds us not to dwell upon these experiences left behind us in this temporal realm and disallows us from moping and wallowing in the sorrows of our own misfortune. To be the victim of a poor set of circumstances, those which do not benefit us, or those which are detrimental to us is to be taught a lesson and compel us to analyze the factors surrounding such and therefore to understand that which brought about the cataclysmic collision of them to create the unfortunate turn of events. 

Maybe some people follow the path that they were destined for, others do not. Others try to prevent the inevitable, avoiding the obstacles placed before them, avoiding the obvious but however hard they try, however strong they believe to be, however hard they try to avoid their own path, they will end up being on that path, and end up heading to there destiny. Some people are easily swayed into believing that destiny is a phase used by others, it’s now a common thing to say that their destiny is heading to greatness but everyone has a destiny, some will lead to the ultimate destiny of being the top man in the sport or job they are in, others will be cut short, destined for great things but end up on the losing end. For me, my destiny is already there for me to just walk down and grab it, but the  likes Shane Gates, Daryl Kinkade, Lars Grier, Ryan Wilson Carlos Rosso, or  everyone else in the Grand Rampage, they are destined for great things but his attempts will fall short, very short. The difference between  them and their destiny is their thinking, they believe and think they know what they are to do and what they  are going to get but those beliefs are not enough to get to his destination,  the thoughts are not strong enough to get back onto the track leading to greatness, no, indeed not. 

My point is all of your destinies are just a fantasy, my destiny is a reality.


What is meant by this word, and why is it used so much? Well the dictionary has two definitions of this wonderful word, the first being the one we all know of, “a foolish or stupid person”, which describes some of these so called wrestlers perfectly, but the second is more fitting for only one of these men, that one man being Aserlx. This definition is more complex and is “A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers.” Now doesn’t that describe our Arselx perfectly? Mentally retarded and can’t put words together…


In our attempt to bring education to the masses we once again consulted our dictionary so that, before any of you make an attempt to call yourself good enough to be a champion, you’d know what he was talking about. A champion has many definitions, most of which you know already, but the two that stand out are two that are truly perfect definitions of Amari Steele. “One that is clearly superior or has the attributes of a winner” and “One who fights; a warrior.” Both of these are perfect definitions of Amari Steele, he clearly has all the attributes of a winner, and he believes himself to be a warrior. Every week we’re asked why Lars Grier thinks that he’s so important, why he believes that he is worthy of being acknowledged as a champion and that, my friends, is simply why. If the Oxford Dictionary want to add a fifth definition to the word “champion” then they need only add two more words: Amari Steele. There is no other man in the  EAW, or anywhere else for that matter, that defines the word as well as I do. If you believe that I’m wrong then that’s your business but I dare you to find a man as talented as I am to prove me wrong.


Until recently, Amari Steele was on a quest for simply that. He didn’t show respect for anyone and yet that was what he promised to beat out of his opponents. He built his career around it, and achieved what he wanted from many people. Most opponents of his respect him when the match is over, it’s only the stupid ones that don’t. However, how often do we get to see Amari Steele in a match with an intelligent opponent? Most of them didn’t even graduate high school, like Daryl Kinkadr. But that at least gives me an advantage every time he gets in the ring with someone like this, he can outthink them without even trying.


“Being without defect” is, once again, the dictionary’s definition of the word perfect and that is, once again, a definition of . Amari believes that he is a perfect being and that there isn’t anyone better on any roster in this business. There is no doubt that his belief has a basis, and you can see how Amari believes himself to perfect considering his track record. And that is, after all, what’s important. If you believe something to be true then you can make it true. If you want something to be true badly enough then, eventually, people will start to believe it if you attempt to prove it to be true. People are now accepting the fact that Amari is better than them, and it took a long time for this to happen. Of course there are people who don’t believe this but then, why do we count those people? Most of them are idiots anyway…like Carlos Rosso.


One after one they come and no one expects that they’ll be the one to fall in order for the next to come. When Amari wins i]t isn’t because he’s lucky, it’s because he’s better and, if he loses, then it’s not that he’s not able to win, it’s just that he didn’t. You can say whatever you want but, frankly, you’re all getting boring.


A clone is described as “One that copies or closely resembles another” and that is what everyone in this business is becoming. One man says the same as the one before him and the one after him meaning that they all fade in to one. Some try and stand out but they too fall to the superior wrestler. The one who is better is usually the winner and, in this case, it’ll be true again. No one is better, you all are simply misguided, and that will be the downfall.

Proving Superiority

What do you have to do to get through to someone like Maddox Ayres? We’ve tried telling him he’ll lose and yet he refuses to believe it. What do we have to do? Should we write it on big signs and hang them around the arena so that, everywhere he goes, he’ll see that he’s going to lose? Should we write him a letter explaining that he’s a idiot for not concentrating on the champ, being upset by the fans? Should we hire a choir to sing about the fact that he’ll lose this week and, if we do, will any of it work? I believe the only way that we’ll ever get through to Maddox, and the other 28 quite frank, is the traditional way, to drag him in to the middle of the ring and beat the shit out of him, then throw him out like common trash. That’s the only way that guys like this learn not to run their mouths, it’s the only way that he’ll ever learn in reality. He needs to be taught soon though because making statements like the fact that he claims he’ll win this match is just wrong. I might not be the loudest man in the federation, but I am simply the smartest and come Grand Rampage, I’ll prove it again. Darly Kinkade doubted it and he was wrong, Assad Johnson doubted it and he was wrong. Jacob Senn doubted it and he was wrong as well…there won’t be another question about it from now on. Amari Steele is the better man, no matter what you believe, and it will be shown this week.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 2:55 pm by Shane Gates

The Time is almost upon us it is almost time for the Grand Rampage and I am just craving to get in that ring. I am more ready than I have ever been. I have trained and practiced for this match for a week now. I have watched countless grand rampages of before of what to expect for this match. I am going to win, I am going to make the name Shane Gates known and Bygod if I have to go through 29 other men so fucking be it.

I respect a few people in that match DDD,O'Hara,Grier,Rosso,Mitslav  just to name a few of the many I respect I knew insulting Carlos Rosso was a bad idea and I paid for it But I thank you Carlos I really do. I respect you more than ever now but that dastardly insult you said just kept me motivated. More confident, and Made me much more stronger. Because were not fighting in just some random place no no no. We are fighting in the Rose Bowl, In my home state of California. I have seen countless fans of mine cheering me and chanting my name. I enjoy that I savor that you see. I dont expect to get that far in this match but I plan to go down swinging. This has been the most difficult preparation period of my life, The countless runs I had to do most of them 10 to 30 kilometer just to get my endurance up. I have been busting my ass in the gym working my ass up because I felt I lost my touch in the ring after I lost to that flog Daryl Kinkade. I re-evaluated myself I even doubted if joining EAW was a good idea but then I realized I came here to earn respect and make the name Shane Gates known and you bet your ass I will make that name known. 29 other men have nothing on me. 

You might consider me not a threat Daryl but Let me change you mind come the grand rampage I hope to god your not in the same ring as I am as just like the last time we were In a battle royal. I wont seize an opportunity and get that inflated ego of yours out of the ring. Because Daryl talk all that talk that I am not a threat and I am nothing more than a angry little kid but know that the fact That I will eliminate you Daryl and I will steal another chance of yours and you will have nobody else to blame but yourself Daryl. 

So as the clock ticks closer and closer until I get to make my homestate proud as I walk in and walk out the new EAW Answers Champion and I prove all the doubters, All the people That told me I couldn't make it. All of them will be proven wrong as this Underdog pulls off the greatest upset in history.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 11:34 am by Carlos Rosso
I’m not holding a football in my hands this morning as a cute reminder that we are at the Rose Bowl today. Football has been played here for nearly a century in this stadium. Nobody needs to remind our audience of that.

I have this ball in my hands for several reasons. Football has always been a strange comfort to me. The strategy and violence involved suits America well, I think, and it suits me even better. One drill that happens in football practices everywhere from the NFL to the little pee-wee leagues in local towns all over the United States and Canada and even Mexico: one young man holds on to the football while everyone else is trying to strip it out of his hands. Drills for ball security. Especially for running backs and the like.

You see, a couple of people have told me that the ball is  in my hands now, the ball is on my end of the field or court or whatever sports cliché you wanna use right now. And I’m fine with that. People have not seen it, but slowly but surely my entire career has been built towards this moment. From some long-forgotten federation facing people like the long-forgotten Book of Wrestling and David Runyon, to feuding with my best friends and bitter rivals Donovan Tracey and The American Dragon, to nearly killing my future tag team partner as we feuded over championships in LEGION to returning to this place, this place that I once felt like an outsider but now feel truly at home.

I have dropped this ball so many times before I can’t even count. Three times I was in Cash in the Vault, twice I was one of the prohibitive favorites to win. I failed. I have been in the King of Elite tournament several times, frustrated and flummoxed by losses to the likes of Lucian Black and Liam Catterson. Even when I have achieved success, it was not as long-lived as I would have hoped. People like Mstislav and Norman Hellion and Moongoose McQueen have always been there to rain on my parade.

I always dropped the ball.

But you know, that drill that I described is a perfect description of my career. People have been trying to strip the ball from me for so long that I would have to relearn how to hold onto it eventually. High, tight to the chest, a firm strong grip.

Lars, Theron, I know what my career has been. It’s had its good, it’s damn sure had it’s bad. I don’t need you boys to remind me of how it doesn’t include the World Championship reign I have been hellbent on having. I don’t need you guys harping on repeatedly like drones about how I’ve failed at this and failed at that. I know full well. I am loud most of the time, I am ridiculous, but I am self-aware.

I know more than everyone involved in this match, except save DDD just how draining and challenging the Grand Rampage truly is. While I’ve never conquered it, I know what awaits. Attacks from all directions. Backstabbing. Fighting, pulling, grabbing. It’s all allowed and it’s all legal. This isn’t about the best wrestler, the best brawler, the best of anything. It is about one question:

Who can survive?

And can anyone in the world be considered a survivor on a grander scale than myself? I am, not unlike Stephanie and her era of newcomers, one of the last of my time. So, few are around from when I started here. The faces have become less and less frequent visitors and those that remain seem to grow softer and weaker even as I forge ahead.

People thought Norman Hellion nearly killing me to win the Interwire Championship would stop me from surging on, it did not.

People thought that Jamie O’Hara knocking me off a ladder to snatch the contract I surely thought was mine was going to stop me from continuing, it did not.

Even I thought that Aren Mstislav had ended my career with the Kaiser’s Crown at Pain for Pride. It did not.

Everything that I have been through, every struggle, every bit of frustration, every glimmer of hope snatched away has prepared me for this. Many of the men in this match either have never had any success or have so much success that they have no idea what they will do when they fail. I have struggled my entire life just to be in this situation. I really shouldn’t even be in this match to begin with. I should either be defending the Interwire Championship today or facing Chris Elite for the World Heavyweight Championship, what I consider the richest prize in the sport. But I am not.

Why? Because I dropped the fucking ball.

So, all of you who have asked, “What makes this so different, Carlos? Why is this not going to end in catastrophic failure like every fucking time you’ve had the ball in your hands before?”

There is a simple explanation for this newfound hope, this revitalized spirit that I have, guys.

I finally remembered how to hold onto the ball.

I went back to fundamentals. Not in the ring, not with the Zaibatsu, but up here. In my mind. For a long time, I did indeed consider it a mere formality that I would hold one of EAW’s Three Treasures in my hands. I have learned, taken remedial lessons at that, that is not the case.

So, as Ryan Wilson said he would bring War to me, even if I do win, I look forward to it. I have nothing more to lose. For the longest I have been overlooked, overshadowed. That’s going to end. With the ball in my hands, I plan on finally breaking through the line and sprinting off to the promised land. I will run over everyone in way. I don’t care if the Raven, the King, the mask wearing idiot, or any of the slew of rookies and legends that stand in the way. I will find a way to get the fucking job done.

Fourth-and-short situations are usually some of the most tense and difficult situations in football and Grand Rampage is a fine mirror of that. There is the last inch that all of us have to go, that last yard to get what we desire most, but we have to go through a bunch of other hungry individuals to get there. Most of the time, it’s not even about strategy in a situation like that. It’s about brute strength, determination and force of will.

I was never one to be afraid of the ball being in my hands, even though I was often careless with it. Now that so many people see it in my hands right now, I will hold onto it, high and tight, to the chest, and carry EAW into a new era.

My Era.

In the home of the Tournament of Roses, the blossom of a new era will be in full bloom in front of the entire world…and everyone will know that Carlos Rosso is the toughest man of Spring in EAW.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 31st 2018, 9:14 am by Daryl Kinkade
So, here we are, just a few hours away from one of the most anticipated and best loved events in EAW. Grand Rampage. Everyone seems to be as ready as they possibly can be and if they're not, well, it's going to be too late now. We've reached that point now where any game plan changes or last minute training is actually going to be detrimental. It's like trying to do last minute cramming for an exam, all you end up doing is stressing out even more and forgetting everything you've already learnt. Right now, the best prep is to sit back, relax and try not to think about the impending chaos lurking just around the corner.

This has been an interesting experience for me. My first FPV  as an Elitist and a chance for me to see exactly where I fit in in the current EAW landscape, not just in terms of ability when we get round to the main event, but also in terms of where everyone else views me. Normally I don't put much stock into what others think of me, but this is a different case. Everyone is still coming out and firing off their best trash talk in an attempt to get one over on everyone else in the match, in that sense its a good way to see who, if anyone, considers me enough of a threat to name drop me. Unsurprisingly, not that many guys do. Carlos Rosso's bizarre press conference aside, I've that the guys who have considered me relevant enough to talk about have been an interesting mix. Steele, Ayres, Arselx are all about the level I'm currently at, all of us have the chance to make a name for ourselves. Wilson is that next step up that I'm currently aiming for while Grier is where I ultimately aim to be. Of and Shane Gates mentioned me but we've already established he's no great threat really. The fact that I'm being mentioned at all is a good sign though. It means that people acknowledge me, maybe not as a threat or a realistic challenger, but they acknowledge my existence. To me, that is the first step on my journey to being a Champion complete. There's nothing worse in this business than being a complete unknown. Being wheeled out and treated as a 'local competitor' is the lowest you can get, so knowing my peers know I exist, even as an annoyance, is good thing.

The next step is to prove them all wrong. I have to prove to the likes of Carlos Rosso and Lars Grier that I'm more than just a guy making up the numbers in the Grand Rampage. I need to prove to Ryan Wilson that the victory I picked up against him in NEO wasn't just a fluke. I need to prove to Steele, Ayres and Arselx that I am in fact on a level above them and ideally I need to shut that potty mouthed Shane Gates up for good. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I'm not expecting to win this. Not at all. I'd love to win it. It'd possibly one of the greatest upsets in EAW history if somehow walked out as champion, but I know it's not going to happen. 

So how I am using these final few hours before the fun begins? Am I going against my own words and training my arse off? Not at all. In fact once I'm done here I have an appointment with a sofa, a six pack of beer and a Thomas the Tank Engine...err...I mean, Die Hard marathon. I'm as ready as I'll ever be for my first Grand Rampage, all I need to do now is perform to the level I'm capable of and walk out with a lot of credibility, some respect and maybe, just maybe, a shiny title belt.
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Post on March 31st 2018, 4:45 am by Ryan Wilson
The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
Voltage Record: 5 Win 5 Losses 1 No Contest
 Grand Rampage Match
Stipulation: 30 Man Grand Rampage
Chapter Title: On mission
No. of words: 1,515
Reading time: About 5 minutes 30 seconds

You are part of a Conglamorate, you pretend to be a business but you aren't very much in how you handle your business don't you Carlos. By blantanly ignoring me up until today you have brought risk to the Zaibatsu but mainly you and Stephanie. But let's focus on you, because Keelan doesn't really matter now does he. (What about the Wylde's?) Why? Hehe. Rosso, you who claim to be soooo busy that you couldn't be bothered with who is going to be your biggest threat not only Saturday but even after Grand Rampage. Oh? What's that? Oasis or Darkane will be the next opponent? Do I look like I give a fox? Say you become the champion Carlos, let's amuse that theory, do you honnestly think I will not do what I must to ensure you have a short reign? If I can't manage to belt block you at Grand Rampage Sunday then my focus instantly shifts to the biggest stage of the year here in the land of the Elite! You have to realize something Carlos I will be done with you when I say I am done with you, not when you decide. You got this whole mess you are in started you have no say in how it ends. Am I holding a grudge? Perhaps, but what can be seen as an obsession doesn't alter the fact that I am one of your biggest threat comes Grand Rampage. All of this because you couldn't control your rage once you lost the Livewire Champion. You silly... Silly pathetic fool.

Now, back on the business aspect of your behavior what you fail to realize is that you are in a losing situation right now. Your stock is at risk of declining massively should I ever succeed in eliminating you! How do you think the fans will perceive you if I manage to throw your sorry ass over the top rope? Worse yet: How do you think your rivals or even upper management will react or think of you if you realize what you are not even conceiving may happen? How will they see you if a guy like me manages to take you out. Your stock will plummet and mine will sky rocket to new heights! You are worthy of your title within the Corporate ladder of the Zaibatsu: Enforcer, that's right, you clearly are not part of that group for your intellectual capacity. (ooooooOOOOOH SNAP BOI!!!)

Let me tell you, remind you because I told this story before, about a time where I first started the path to profesional wrestling I was facing a guy named Ulmann. He was easily bigger than you, stronger, quicket and smarter than you. I first got in his face, he did like you did: He laughed and he brushed me off. Then I got his attention, and we got into a match which he won of course. But that was just the beginning. For several months I chased him and he promised to make my life hell and BOY did he manage to do that! But you know what C-Ross? I kept going at him and kept going at him! Sure, I got hurt, I got injured, I even considered giving up once but you know what? I Kept On Going! Until one day, months later, I got the sonovabitch and I defeated him One... Two... Three! 

The moral is: It's not about the destination, it's about the journey! And I don't care how long it takes really but I will do what you failed so far to do to me and I will make your life a living hell! Not just you, but the entire Zaibatsu and it doesn't matter if you go so far as to fool half of the roster into your crew it won't make a difference to me! I don't care how long it takes but I will end up on top of your ass (No Homo!) the victor over you while you are confused, puzzled and in pain wondering how did it came to be. How did that guy that fucking Ryan Wilson managed to defeat me? 

In the meantime? I will do everything in my power this Sunday to take a huge massive dump all over your plans to become World Champion. The same will be applied to Keelan and Stephanie but I will have the most fun ruining your dreams this Sunday and you will be stuck on the sidelines watching who ever will be the Champion (Who knows, maybe Ryan) go against Darkane or Scott Oasis because little Ryan Wilson kept you from being there instead! 

Something comes back to mind, something you said in your promo. Something about the Grand Rampage being a prison yard brawl. Anything goes out there, and you could bring the bullrope. You now what buddy? BRING IT! Or will you be too busy focusing on that shiny title waiting for you at the end of the match that you'll forget to take it along with you? I'm actually tempted to bring a bullrope of my own just in case! The point is this: Bring your all comes Sunday because I sure will and if you keep underestimating me like you excel at doing the end of the night will not go as planned for you. 

Keep thinking I'm just a silly little shit wearing a mask and I promise you if it's not me taking you out it'll be somebody else because you will not be focused enough to go all the way to the end. Comes the Grand Rampage I'm not prepared for a prison yard brawl, that's nothing, I've worked out and trained, prepared and strategised for nothing else than a WAR! 

And WAR is what I plan to bring your way Carlos, WAR is what I will bring Keelan's way, Theron Nikolas' way, Amari Steele's way, Desmond Helms' way, Daryl Kinkade's way, Shane Gates' way, Assad Johnson's way, Mr. DEDEDE's way, Lars Grier's way, Mstislav's way, Nathan Fiora's way, The Revenant's way, El Ironico's way, Jamie O'Hara's way, Nico Borg's way, Nobi's way, Maddox Ayres' way, Shaker Jones' way, Arselx's way, Woogieman's way, Sam Steele's way, Mike Shaw's way and any special guests that gets in my way! Other than me, 29 other men will be stepping into the ring, 29 other men including you Rosso that will step into nothing less than a war zone so you best have the mentality of a warrior going to war thus Sunday because if you go out there half-assing and thinking it'll be a walk in the damn park then you have eliminated yourself and made it that much easier for me to take you out. Or anyone else for that matter because you won't be ready for what's coming. 

I never hid my focus was mainly on you, but I am no fool Carlos, of all the scenario's I've thought about there is one that includes you getting eliminated by someone else and me fighting on. If that scenario happens, my focus is on getting the Prize at the finish line. I'm going to make it very simple to you and anyone else taking part in that match: If you want to get rid of me, you best make sure you knock me out! Because if any of you manage to eliminate me I will remain at ringside and I will make my presence felt even if that means cleaning the clock of referees and officials. 

This goes to everyone except Rosso and Keelan: As long as those two are in the match, get the fuck out of my way and let me handle them. If you feel like helping in taking them out, feel free! Heck you can even try to eliminate me while at it. Three birds with one stone ya? If I'm out along with Rosso then my job is done and I will go to my hotel room happy with some booze and a few ladies in tow to celebrate all damn night! If Rosso is out however, and if Keelan is out as well, then my focus will be on one thing: The Answers World Championship. I don't care how older than me or younger than me the guys infront of me are, I don't care about their experience, it won't matter at all! All that matters is the task at hand for me. Tomorrw 

I am on point, I'm on mission, and I will be ruthless as well as relentless in my persuit of my goals! Your name is not Carlos or Keelan and you get in my grill? You're going to get it. 
Carlos once I'm done with you, you're going to curse my name. And while you do it, I'm going to laugh so hard my lungs will explode! 

Who knows? I might be leaving Grand Rampage as the new Champion.
If I don't? That's fine as long as I eliminate you're sorry ass.

Sunday will be fun for me... But not for you.
And that, you guessed it: JUST HAPPENED!  
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Post on March 31st 2018, 12:42 am by Lars Grier

Too many.

Too many times have I witnessed my own lofty, constructed expectations fall before me under my own whim that at this point….it’s just numb. A numb feeling rests upon my chest, not good nor bad, just….numb. I look around this place and all I can do is exert envy, hatred, and despair with every move and breath I take. I look around the street and I see men and women with happy lives, happy families, believing that they have everything figured out for them while I sit here as nothing more than some sad sack of shit. I see actors, entertainers, even fellow professional wrestlers or even my own fucking brother and do you know what they all have in common? A smile on their face. Joy. Happiness. Contentment with what they have because they know fully well in their hearts that they have everything they could have ever wanted. Too many times have I made those promises that I couldn't keep. Too many times have I felt the sore, the aching pain after every misstep and failed battle. Too many times have I bore witness to having a man make me eat my own words because I was too stubborn to see or believe in anything else. Too many….too much of everything and there’s always going to be that bug within me that keeps me from breaking the glass ceiling, the piece of shit resting in my gut that will always drag me back to the bottom no matter how hard I may try to escape it. A year and half has passed, passing by just like the names I see littered across this match, all men who come into this battle with conviction and belief, drive and a fiery passion. Younglings, prospects, fledglings. Veterans and the old guard have remained mostly silent with the exception of Rosso while I hear the whispers and cries of the youngbloods echoing throughout the halls. Yes, I hear them - Daryl Kinkade. Shane Gates. Maddox Ayres. Amari Steele. Ryan fucking Wilson. I hear them, listening to the words of not that just the fact that they’re nervous about their first Grand Rampage, but also their hunger. Belching, growling as they hunger and lust for the win in this match. It’s astonishing, really, to see how hungry and driven you can be at the beginning just like I was. Talks of prevailing and overthrowing twenty-nine other man in order to shock the world and call yourself the winner of this spectacle - it’s admirable from all of you, really. But like I’ve said before, I’ve seen too many of my own words working as builders, constructing those expectations to be as tall as a mountain before the final piece of added. Only for that final piece to be the plank that you fall from. It’s a pain, a hurt that becomes numb after it happens to you for a while, like me. You get used to it, but all of you? These talks of being underdogs, being the ones who will break through that proverbial glass ceiling so early in your career and be the ones to shock the world as young, aspiring superstars…..nah. That doesn’t cut around here. That’s a feat only so, so few have managed to accomplish but if there’s anything we’ve seen from EAW’s New Breed, it’s that there’s potential. There’s fire. There’s always going to be the hunger that drives them forward but hunger isn’t all that gets you the victory, no - you need to have abilities. You need to have the skills. You need to learn how to physically and psychologically break your opponent down to their very core before they are left as nothing more than shells of their former shelves, wondering just how in the hell they managed to lose - like I did. I’m speaking from experience, kiddos, so if I were you I wouldn’t be too harsh, much like I was the first time around. It’s not some terrifying experience that you were eliminated from this match early and taken out of the equation, because all in all - you’re just like everyone else. Each of you. All I ask from the underdogs….is a reason. A reason why they’re going to take it all. Why, when they look at the competition in this match, why do they still wholeheartedly believe that they’ll do it. Give me something compelling. Something of note or of worth to make me at least ponder on the prospect of one of you winning, because right now? All of you are bullshitters, spitting bullshit. You're all stepping into a minefield, unprepared and unprotected for what awaits.

So don’t cry when it all blows over for you.

But I can’t complain, I was just like one them before. Young, naive, foolish. Thinking that the world and my enemies would fall on their knees before me while I had the reign of destruction, but nah. No, no - but I do hark back to those old days because I know how pivotal they were for me. Without it, where would I be? Where would I go? Who would I be? WHAT would I be? Unanswered questions that are best left that way, making me more and more sure that the decision I made was the right one…..because as I look on the past, I see too many of these beliefs, the grandeur I had in my head. I see too many….but I don’t regret any of it. I see so much and yet not a single one of them would I go back into a time machine for to change it. If all I held in my heart was nothing but bitterness, contemptment, hatred and rage at myself then what’s the fucking point? I would end up with a career six feet under, living under some wack-ass shed with nothing to hold onto, a forgotten name in this world. If that was all I ever held then I wouldn’t have moved on from Brooklyn Heights to see this Grand Rampage….as it. This Grand Rampage as the opportunity to finally set things straight. THIS moment, this event, right here and right now as the chance to start a clean slate, dust off the wings of The Raven and look towards this sky and do it all over again. And it doesn’t matter who it is, who they are and what they have against me - whether it’s a man who’s driven but will never be able to even get on the precipice of success, whether it’s a man who turns serious issues into nothing more than jokes for the people to laugh at for his own amusement, or even a man who I once stood alongside with, called my brother; because really, out of all of these men? Out of each and every one of you twenty-nine individuals, only one name stands out, and it’s you….Theron. Theron Nikolas. Do you remember? Do you remember all those nights back, back to those days when nobody knew who the hell you were, as we stood alongside together, hired to protect a man who never had an ounce of integrity in the fiber of his being? Times when it was all so much simpler. I preached Tiberius’ name and glorified it like there was no tomorrow, and only now in retrospect do I see how much of a Goddamn sheep I was, but you? You were always one step ahead. You knew that the King’s Guard was a mere launching pad for your success, a way to get you on the map, and I sat back as I saw the rest of that group take their victories at Pain for Pride while I came empty-handed. It’s not like it amounted to anything or meant a damn thing to be in that group, looking back. It never served me any favors, because I see now that I shouldn't have relied on his name to bring me success. I should have done what you did, Theron. Work hard enough. Be driven enough and passionate in order to overcome whatever obstacle the world threw at you….but I didn’t. And now, in this moment we can see the clear differences between us. Both of us can quickly make those comparisons - you with your success, your accolades to your name and me as a man with nothing except his own drive and passion for this business that he built from scratch. You’re an exceptional talent, Theron, there’s no denying that. You broke down barriers and ceilings since the day you stepped foot, and you’re expected to do it again in this match, but under my watch? No...I’m not going to let history write this chapter. You’re bitter, anti-establishment, wanting to tear everything that this place ever built so you can remake it all in your own image as the new king, with the crown jewel being this victory…..yawn. Bitterness. Pettiness. Words that this company makes the people it wants to succeed, succeed…..how petty, coming from you. People may look towards us and see that there are clear differences but the way I see it? There’s only one thing that keeps us from being confused as the same person: We both had opportunities, you just got the ones with names attached to them. In the end, there isn’t a damn difference between us and you know that. We’re both men who have had opportunities only to squander them all, who have chased the gold only to fall flat on our faces, and now? We find ourselves at a standstill. From brothers in arms chasing our own individual success to standing across from each other in that ring, now enemies by circumstance.

Makes for one hell of a story.

But it’s not a story where the King stands tall at the end.

No - it’s the story of redemption. Again. I say again because I acknowledge defeat when I feel it, I know when it’s happened and I can’t wish for anything better, because wishing? Wishing doesn’t get you anywhere - winning does. So, in that case, I find it very hard to believe that you, Carlos...that this is your birthright. That this is what is owed to you. That this is what you need and feel required to have. Why is that, Carlos? Is it because you’re a veteran? Is it because you were once in a great tag team with Dynamite Rain while now you’re barely managing to make by with your ragtag group of rats and vermin? Why, Carlos….WHY do you think that this is what you so rightfully deserve? Did someone hurt you? Did you hit your head one too many times as a child? That’s the thing with people like you, Carlos - you make these claims. You say all this shit, you bring yourself up but the one thing that you’re never able to give is a compelling reason to make me care. Why, after all this time, should I give a damn about a man who is so obsessed with me to the point that he believes that I’m his sworn enemy? Why should I give a single care about a man running a group of fallen men, claiming to be Ichiban without a reason or evidence as to why? “ICHIBAN! CARLOS ROSSO! SOUTHERN LARIATO!” You scream from the top of the mountain to everyone you know, hoping to drive it into their head that you’re the absolute best but in the end we know it will never work. You know that, don’t you? You know so well that people will defy your ideology and your belief that you are the absolute best, so you go after them, ridiculing and defaming anyone who dare try to bring dirt to your name. Spending time to argue with the rookies and the newbies who call you old, retarded, delusional - it makes your head spin with rage. Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised with the way you’re handling this, Rosso - you’re an old man, so obviously you still have that belief that whacking a child’s head a hundred times is going to make them disciplined. Why spend time feeding the insecure, the foolish, the naive? Why take time to address their folly when you know that they’ll never be able to understand the gravity of this all until they experience first-hand a loss at the Grand Rampage? Once you get to a certain point, Carlos - a point that you haven’t reached yet despite a decade of performing - you’ll block those noises out and see who the true enemies are, the true targets are. It’s all white noise, and yet you still give in to them….because you’re insecure. You’re insecure but you don’t know it. You can’t stand the fact that others defy who you are and what you stand for. You can’t stand the fact that nobody sees you as the winner of this match, the fact that people will never take your Southern arm seriously or whenever you scream out Ichiban to all of us. I mean, fuck - I’ve barely shared a ring with you this entire year, with maybe one or two matches and yet somehow I’M a bitter enemy of yours? No….if I was your sworn, bitter enemy, then that would mean going down to your depths and seeing you on the same level as me and that’d be too much pain for my head to handle. Simply put, all that defines the name Carlos Rosso: Mediocrity. Weakness. Insecurity. A man who will blame others for his own failures, run away from his own battles and somehow stand there, wondering why the entire world laughs at him. A man who will never, NEVER see just how folly everything he’s built and everything he’s tried up until this moment truly is.

The ball is in your court, Carlos.

Drop it like you’ve have done before.

Drop it like you always will.

Makes no difference to me whether or not you take your words and make them solid. Either way, the only chance, the slither of opportunity that you have in this match is crushed the moment I step in. Twenty-nine other men with belief that they will win. Twenty-nine other men rush in to try and take this from me. So...silent. All of them. A week has gone by, it’s only a day before the big event and yet all of you are so quiet, so still. You’ve let these underdogs run amok and men like Carlos to try and sell his fraudulent brand, and people like Theron who isn’t any different from who I am. It’s almost as if you can smell the death in the air - the death of individuals who actually give a shit. Either way? Leaves more room for The Raven to swoop down and take you out - one by one. Fuck words. Fuck truths. Fuck promises, they’re cheap. Because tomorrow night? I don’t carry with me a promise - I carry an inevitability. I carry the inevitability of The Raven King approaching the territory of many men who wish death upon it, before burning up the mistakes of made by the Manifestation of Destruction and taking flight.

Too many times have I witnessed my own failures take hold of me, enveloping me and keeping me from seeing the truth.

No more.

“Who am I? Not your father, not your brother
Not your reason, not your future
Not your comfort, not your reverence, not your glory
Not your heaven, not your angel, not your spirit
Not your message, not your freedom
Not your people, not your neighbor
Not your baby, not your equal
Not the title y'all want me under
All hail King -”

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Post on March 31st 2018, 12:29 am by 『zakkii』

So tired....

I'm so goddamn tired.

I'm tired with all those hypocrite bullshit Empire bitches thinking that they run the place.

I wonder how much the cost I must pay as a fine if I forfeit this match?

There's no reason for me to fight here....


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Post on March 31st 2018, 12:01 am by Daisy Thrash
It’s not too hard to see a pattern developing here. Tons of bitches trying to tell me who I am, like they know what I’m thinking, trying to shove me into a little box to try and make things easier on themselves. Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no easy way to deal with me. You people think it’ll just take a stunner, some pretty headscissors thing, or even just a well-timed shove to take me out. Afraid not, sunshine. If you want even the slightest chance of taking me out, you better be ready to get down in the dirt and blood with me. Any luck, any “natural talent” ain’t gonna do shit to help you. You better tear me into tiny little pieces if you don’t want me walking out with the championship. Yeah, I’m a social justice warrior, but don’t gloss over the last part of that name. No one ever changed a thing by politely asking for it. If you ever want to truly make a difference, the only way to do it is by fighting with everything you got and NOT FUCKING STOPPING until your opposition is crushed into dust. Some of you sure love to think that I do nothing but hide behind buzzwords and hashtags. Yeah, talking to you, Cloud. Real cute trying to reduce me down to some run-of-the-mill slactivist. Especially when you’ve been exercising your feed fingers way more than most of the rest of us. If someone like April can get under your skin that bad with mere words, I can’t wait to see your reaction when I snatch your chance of being Cloudy Two Belts right out from underneath you. I don’t care how much you think you deserve it. I don’t care if you think you run this place. I don’t care how much you think I’m “unworthy.” ‘Cause your opinions don’t mean shit to me. Your length of stay on Empire doesn’t mean shit to me. The great aura of Cloud doesn’t faze me in the least. I mean, if someone like Azumi can beat you, it’ll be a breeze for me.

Yeah, Azumi, I guess we really aren’t alike after all. Because I don’t throw compliments back into other people’s faces. I’m also not hopelessly lost in my delusions. You beat Cloud, congratulations, great fucking job. But let’s be real here, someone like you doesn’t have a chance of winning this thing. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m sayin’ it ‘cause it’s true. Physically speaking, calling you “unbreakable” is nothing but a joke. Your injured body is falling apart at the seams. And you can bet folks like Chelsea and her mini me will take advantage of that. They’re not your sensei, they’re not gonna give you any sort of fair fight. You better hope your mental fortitude holds up. Because I know mine will. I’ve had more than my fair share of setbacks and hardships. But I guess since they all weren’t on Empire, they don’t count or something. Azumi, don’t pretend like you know a damn thing about me. You obviously don’t care enough to even glance beneath the surface. Just like your sister. Oh, I have a “chance” of being a dark horse. Darlin’, I got more than just a chance. You know why? Because I’ve done it before. I took down everyone’s favorite overly-saccharine sweetheart Andrea Valentine at Empire’s first ever FPV when no one thought I could. Of course, she won’t tell you that. Then she would have to admit that she has flaws. And we can’t be having that! Sure Andy, you have decent performances in battle royals. Even in some other multi-woman matches. But have you ever won the big match? Nope. Not your previous Specialist’s Championship match. Not the Iconic Gauntlet. Definitely not at Bloodletter. You couldn’t even beat Aria Jaxon without help. So seeing you rag on someone else for over-reliance is pretty hilarious. Girl, you do nothing but over-rely on the rest of us so you can get your pathetic little speeches out after everyone else gives you material. Whatever you gotta do to make it sound like your shit don’t stink, I guess. Your little “I’m so amazing and nothing ever affects me!” act isn’t gonna cut it with me. But you should know that by now. Even if you do have the most amazing perfect fortune and come out at #19, I already know how to deal with you. By using your biggest weakness: tables! I mean, you’re 0 and 2 against those bad boys. I’ve got no issue making it 0 and 3.

And here I thought Chelsea would be woman enough to address me herself. Instead, she sends her little boy toy to try and patronize me. Let me make a few things clear, you fuck boy. YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT MY FAMILY! YOU DON’T GET TO TALK ABOUT MY FUCKING FATHER! IF YOU DARE SAY ONE MORE GODDAMN THING ABOUT THEM, I’LL TURN YOU INSIDE OUT! AND DON’T FUCKING CALL ME DAZE! IT’S DAISY! ADDRESS ME THE CORRECT WAY OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL! It doesn’t surprise me that some idiotic boy like you doesn’t have a fucking clue about what feminism actually is. Newsflash dude, CHELSEA’S NOT GONNA FUCK YOU! So you just run back your mother’s basement and don’t get in my way during the match. Unless it’s your dream to bleed out on live TV.

Now that I’ve seen a little bit more into just what the Crowe’s Nest members think about each other, Jael won’t be the big traitor after all. Either what the rest of us believe to be true is so, and Chelsea will dump out Jael in order to get rid of the deadweight that she is. Or, Jael is actually as good as she says she is and Chelsea dumps her out over jealousy. Either way, doesn’t look like you’re coming out of this with a win, Sister Christian. Honey, I never said anything about you being in Chelsea’s shadow. But I guess the hit dog will holler. Get ready for the great stable explosion, kids! I can’t wait to watch the fireworks.

Oh man, Revy. I almost fuckin’ forgot about you! And oh noes, it seems like you’ve got me all figured out! I was the unpopular kid, but it wasn’t too hard to become one. All I had to do was stand up for something that wasn’t lip gloss and boy bands. All I had to do was stand up for something that matters. Unlike you. All you seem to stand for is drinking, guns, and making unfunny jokes in an attempt to be all edgy. It’s so adorable how you try to make me mad with calling me “special” and stuff. It won't be so funny when I'm in long after you've been bounced out.

That's it from me. It's ass kickin' time now!
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Post on March 30th 2018, 11:56 pm by Scott Oasis
I've told my wife to hop off of me for a quick second so that I can handle this. Apparently the scrub's been talking about me again? I refuse to give that fucker the last word so I'll tell you what: Darkane's still a bitch and tomorrow I'm gonna beat his ass. That is all. Now I'm back to my hotel room and my Coors Light.  :news:
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Our video package for the evening opens with the commercial for the upcoming Grand Rampage event; showcasing several names and matches on the card as the typical voice you hear in movie trailers reads them off one by one. "This Saturday, live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Califonia! The 11th annual EAW Grand Rampage! Featuring; the 30-Man Grand Rampage match to determine the new EAW Answers World Champion! Heart Break Gal defends the EAW Championship against Diamond Cage, Rex McAllister and Devan Dubian! Consuela Rose Ava faces April Song for the vacant EAW World Women's Championship! And Chris Elite defends the EAW World Heavyweight Championship against Finnegan Wakefield...!"

Finnegan Wakefield...
F I N N E G A N   W A K E F I E L D
F  I  N  N  E  G  A  N     W  A  K  E  F  I  E  L  D

The cinematic voice becomes deeper and slower as it name drops the Wrestling Artist. The screen buffers before it is consumed by static and then replaced with the please stand by screen with a high-pitched flatline sound, indicating a technical issue. It takes no more than 10 seconds for the transmission to be restored. However, we don't return straight to the commercial. No, instead we are taken to an undisclosed, dark and eerie location. A white curtain covers the walls, a single source of light piercing the darkness from the upper left corner. Candles in various places of the room, all lit and burning away. But the most notable feature of the room is the chair that sits in the middle of the frame. Not so much as the chair itself, but the man that sits in it. Finnegan Wakefield, dressed to the nines with a fine Italian suit, is in a very uncharacteristic environment for the otherwise fan beloved and wholehearted individual. This would raise a few eyebrows surely as to what is running through the mind of the young upstart, but it wouldn't take long for him to break his silence. With his hands locked together, Finnegan would lean back into the chair and would begin to speak.

A big frequent for this match is going to be the subject of doubt. From the womb to our tomb, from one blackness to another, we are both the subject of and the cause of doubt. That is the undeniable, the unavoidable truth. Depending on the man with the shadow cast onto him, it is either his greatest strength or his crippling fear. As anyone who has stepped into the ring with me in the past can attest, doubt has never had the ability to cripple me. No, in fact, it has driven me to do what said doubters thought would be the impossible. The doubt only bred self-fulfilling prophecies. They are sometimes the biggest mysteries. You hear about them, but the mystery is you don't know if they are going to come to be, or if they are just a fabrication. Those that come to fruition, they are talked about for generations afterwards. Then you have the prophecies that are failed. Those are talked about for far less time, but that doesn't mean they are any less important. Those prophecies that are failed, they can have a far greater impact on the person." Finnegan begins to tap both his index fingers together while keeping his hands locked. "When Chris Elite became the World Heavyweight Champion, many treated it like a prophecy fulfilled. But how fulfilling is it, when we remember the impactful helping-hand that ultimately put the championship around his waist? I can't imagine that there is no cloud hanging over the head of Chris Elite, any shadow of doubt cast upon him. The victory was celebrated because of the months of fighting a war many thought he never could win, all it took was a slight push to make it over the line from challenger to champion. I doubt that I am the only one quizzical. I doubt I am the only one who believes that perhaps Chris Elite is only toeing the line that makes such a difference. I doubt I am the only one who wants to see if he is the right man to wear the crown. I guess you could say that I do in fact doubt the quality of champion Chris Elite is, but not because he isn't talented by any means. As much as it sometimes pains me to say, especially following up from hearing him running his mouth, the man is a talented individual. But this isn't his fault. It isn't his fault that there are people who doubt the crown fits the man wearing it. Brooklyn Height set all those dominos up against Jamie O'Hara, and it took the odds being greatly stacked against him for Chris Elite to give us the complete opposite of what we have come to know as the frequent of Voltage. It is easy to be called the king, but it's a much different story to become a great king.

That is what I want to find out, as I am sure many others do. Is Chris Elite the king? Or just parading around as one. I want to find out if the crown can slip off his head just as quick as it was to put on. I have said there is doubt on Chris Elite, but I would be lying if I said there isn't just as great, if not greater, doubts about the challenge presented by Finnegan Wakefield. When the survey goes around the locker room, asking who is going to be walking away as the World Heavyweight Champion, we already know what it is going to say. Chris Elite by a landslide. Is it because they doubt that I can defeat Chris Elite? No. It's because they don't believe I should beat Chris Elite. Because he struggled for this. Because he fell from grace multiple times to get this rise to the top, and no one wants to see him fall down again so quickly. I hardly blame them, as that is what we are programmed to want. You see the struggle, you want to see the reward. When they get that reward, you don't want to see it taken away."
Finnegan presses his index fingers against his lips, eyes closed in contemplation. But that doesn't mean that reward can't be taken away before the scribes of history could even dip their quill. That's never a free pass, though I have seen many people treat it like it is. It's a game of thrones, not a contest of popularity. You either triumph or perish in the triumph of others."

Finnegan perks up in his seat. ”Chris, you don't believe it is possible that you can perish. I believe you thought the same way last time you and I stood across the ring from one another. Every time we have shared the ring with one another, you never bested me. As I have said, you are talented. But you have a history of writing cheques that your talent can't cash. That win I have against you last year, it's not a weapon to prove that I am superior to you. It's reasonable that a man should be something worthier the next year than he was the year prior. And look how far the two of us have progressed since then. Look at all the feats we have been able to accomplish and all victories that have to lead us to the spoils. A year ago, the New Breed Championship was the glory we both clashed over to obtain, and a year later we fight for the holy grail, the apex and the zenith of this company. The victory I have over you has become an irrelevant asterisk at the end of the story, a mere footnote that plays no contribution. But the victory in the next becomes the undisputed truth of the matter, the plot hitting its crescendo. And so, I don't feel like exchanging back-handed compliments and half-assed low brow jokes with you this time around, Chris. This means more to me than that, and seeing that being the calibre of champion you carry yourself as, well, it's pitiful. Sad, actually. The standard being lowered to meet the barer. And with the current status of two forths of our championship scenes, it's the last thing we need. Another faux champion. With the past weeks that I have been having, I think it's time we bring a quality champion back into the gallery, no offence implied towards HBG, of course. Allow me to extend to you the same kind of positivity you have gestured onto me, Chris. I show you doubt to prove faith exists. Faith that perhaps you could persuade the masses and truly dispell all the doubt that threatens your championship status. But when faith becomes blind, it dies. As will your reign as king if you are usurped by the greatest technical wrestler alive."

Apology to SK, Oasis and everyone else involved.:
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The miniscule rules narrow-minded get to validate themselves in their heads hung over never cease to amaze me.

There is no set heiarachy with stat-tracking that determines who is more deserving of a world championship, sometimes things just fill up naturally. Every single contender I am going to face down in that ring this week could easily create a merited list of cause from previous events to validate their participation in this match so instead of focusing on what is foolishly self-evident, make your focal point based on how every other contender was able to get this far. Case in point, I am being pushed to isolation for the sole fact that I was not able to come away with victories in my previous few bouts against the same contenders. Yet those losses occured under biazzare circumstances and are not as thoroughly questioned as the same losses that my opponents faced. Rex had no standing point when we faced up a weeks ago and used lady luck by his side to consolidate a victory. And yet when I used that same passion to raid Diamond Cage, it is abetted as an excuse. People love telling half the truth and then infusing their own ideals to it to make it seem like a more reasonable cause to their case. If Diamond Cage was abruptly serious, he would consider the point that not everyone is out to get him and the only reason he has ever been given the green light to push his limits is because he has happened to claim the sweepstakes at the most convenient time. He would also realize that his condescending and demoralizing mindset has never really been impressive and has just added more ammunition of why exactly he does not deserve to win a world champion. At the same time, if Rex McAllister was abruptly serious with himself, he would stop painting himself as this deprived beast who has gathered and solved all the puzzles to winning a big championship here in this company. And lastly, if The Heart Break Gal The 'Queen' was abruptly serious with herself, she would recognize the fact that she is not the only one who has sacrificed almost everyone and everything in her career to get this far. I have seen my own fair share go absolutely berserk and bankrupt at some points in my career but here I stand, not using them as an excuse to lighten my character but instead understand that I can use them to further extend my career to unbelievable heights such as capturing the world championship at the Grand Rampage. Whereas I had to compete to throw over a major lot to win at this event in the past, all it will take is a simple moment of rampaging brilliance this time around to solidfy myself at the top once again.

The emotions usually end up getting the better of you, Diamond Cage. And you try so hard to make it seem like you do not simply care yet get instilled by anything that seems to be remotely going against you. There is this heavy weight on your shoulders of belgonging on this roster so you try to go out of your way endlessly to make yourself seemingly relevant but end up looking ultimately preposterous out there. It seems now that the shoe is on the other foot now, you feel vulnerable to your circumstances. Your whole career was made on the basis of being an abrupt arsehole who took any opportunities, especially if he was the one creating them for himself. It did not matter who was packed in to fight for the world championship, you would somehow get yourself involved in the process. But now, you seem so stitched to the rules because the x-factor that once resided within you has faded away by this point in your career. You do not have the energy nor inclination to go out of your way to make the circumstances afit to yourself anymore, so you are stuck being a spokesman for people who have to ultimately 'deserve' their own chance at a world championship now. I am not using any past endeavours to make my way to the top of the ladder but rather using leverage of my current form to remind the people of the elite champion they once had, and can continue to have after Grand Rampage as well. And not like being seemingly unsuitable is going to lead me away from this match as this opportunity means that I have all that more reasons to come out on the top of this match, especially against you too Diamond Cage. There is a seeming resemblance that I need to break in between us and the past few weeks have given me all that more vindication to do it as well. All the external factors that you are so enclosed on now will disspiate eventually Cage and all that will remain is the man; not only the one who was deserving but also the man who knew how to manipulate the situation for his own benefit. This is also a natural instict that Rex McAllister seems to lack as well. Whilst he has went out of way to accuse me of a blatantly singular minded way of thinking ever since he has met me, he has failed to realize that he is someone who is else stuck on the same boat as well. You understood your past endeavours as credible experiences to learn from but it is never that simple. What you think has been building experience for you is just more ways to account for your collapses. The same collpases that have seem to be reoccuring ever since external entities like a certain John Doe have since stopped aiding you too. Whereas the majority lot of us had to find our footing first in order to create a stronghold this company, you had no such struggle. And you can argue that you worked nearly as hard but that is seemingly easier when the keys are sometimes handed to you on your platter as well. There is no one suitable to go about this due process of winning the world championship anymore. At a point, any Amazing Emir can realize that it is not through the process of an amazing run that can define a world championship. A one bout that is seemingly open to all between equal competitors can have any sort of result, especially if that certain Amazing Emir becomes innovative as well. Just do not fall victims to your own words at the end of it all, Rex. Whilst the World Champion The Heart Break Gal has had no reason to drop her guard for me through any point of this venture. Perhaps she is being crude as she so often is or extremely complimentary but it is something that I fully intend to take advantage of as well. I want the champion to realize all the sacrifices I have made myself as well, in order to get far this far in my career as well. It is a flaw that I was not able to overcome in the past but something I have completely taken to my advantage ever since I realized that was the blood it took in order to get anywhere in this company. Those sacrifices will be on full display in the ring this week when I go on to win my second world championship once and for all as well.

And then, I will end up making all the rules in this company as the commander of the realm.
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I dream.

I dream constantly about this business. I find myself laying in bed looking up and thinking about the impact of this business that I want to have when it comes time to hang my boots up. The answer hasn't changed from the first day that I entered this business in its entirety. When that day comes, I want my legacy to go down as undoubtedly one of the greatest names in the entirety of this business. There was a time where this company was meant to be headed in a new direction. This company was meant to be moving away from the continuous circle that this company found itself in and the new guard was meant to break through and solidify themselves at the top of this business. People were excited. The company had new faces standing at the helm; Mstislav - you were the man that stood out the most. The world loved you. You were the one name that was never meant to fall. I'm obviously not talking about holding the EAW World Championship forever, but you were never meant to stumble back to the position you worked so hard to inch yourself out of. You were always meant to be a star; this idea that no matter what you lost or failed, you would always manage to get back to that position. I look at you, Aren. I look at you and I see a man that isn't as great as the world thought you were going to be. I see a man that allowed all the potential that he once held fall through the gaps between his fingers. I see a waste of a man; another name that's going to go down as one that could have been. Another Carlos Rosso or Norman Hellion. I look at people like you, Aren, and I see everything I hope I never become. I haven't placed all this effort for it to go to waste. When my time comes, and we all know that there's going to be a time where I sit on my throne with either the EAW World, World Heavyweight or Answers World Championship in my possession. There's going to be a time where I am Champion and a time where I'll begrudgingly admit that I'll lose it; it happens to the best of us. But, I don't want to be like you. I refuse to be like you, Aren. I refuse to place all that effort into this rise, only to take five steps back if I fail. There's one thing that separates the greats from the pretenders; longevity. The ability to know that you're going to get back to that top spot one day, rather than hoping that you managed to grasp onto what you once did. I don't see you being able to do that Aren, just like other names that are going to attempt to walk out of the Grand Rampage with the Answers World Championship hanging from their shoulder. You’ll tell yourself that the man that once called himself a prince and a king will one day reach the throne he proudly sat on, but that throne has crumbled away to nothing - it's now gone with everything else you've pissed away.

You can take pride in this idea that you're the favourite in the eyes of so many people - but this isn't the first time that you've been in this position, Carlos. I'm not going to bore you with the same things I mentioned the other day, but… but, people like you make it too damn easy, Carlos. These people want to see you succeed, Carlos. These people want to see you fulfill this idea that you deserve to stand at the top of EAW with something worth holding in your possession. It HAS to happen at some point… right? You have to finally shatter that seemingly unbreakable glass ceiling that had rested over your head for years at some point in your career. I couldn't care about favouritism, Carlos. I couldn't care less about how I'm looked in the eyes of others; I prefer to rely on facts. I prefer to believe in what history tells us - and the story that time tells us, Carlos, is that you're always going to fail. You're always going to fall inches short of capturing the one thing you want more than anything else in this business. You've had chances. You've had plenty of chances. King of Elite tournaments, Grand Rampages - you've even been in a Pain for Pride main event - and there is one thing that every single one of those things have in common. You're not good enough to conquer them. So, what's different now, Carlos Every time I've been in a position like this I've done that you couldn't. My first Pain for Pride… I walked out and outlasted thirty three other competitors to win the 24/7 Battle Royal. My first King of Elite tournament - well, with the crown resting atop of my head, you can tell what happened, can't you? While you failed against the likes of Liam Catterson - I conquered people like your little pal, Keelan. I don't believe that you've actually managed to beat him either, have you? But, you're the favourite here, aren't you, Carlos? You're the man that I should take so damn seriously! While I'm at it, I'll take people like Maddox Ayres and Amari Steele seriously too. It's disappointing, Carlos. I want to like you. I want to respect you - but I can’t. I want to win the Answers World Championship at Grand Rampage, but to me it isn't a necessity. It's one of the reasons that I don't care about my placement in the slightest. I have my crown to fall back on, but you - you have nothing. This may be your last chance at glory, just like so many others that will compete against us. Your job is simply not to drop the ball like you have so many times in the past.
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event: grand rampage | 31/3/18
promo number: 4
participants: chelsea crowe versus nineteen other girls
word count: 3,126 words

scene one:
march 30, 2018 // televised

The scene we are presented with feels less calculated than Chelsea Crowe's usual promos. The camera shakes slightly as it focusses on the back of a car, the lights dying before the doors open. From out of the car comes Chelsea and her manager-slash-follower Braxton DeVil, the two coming around to stand before the camera. Chelsea smiles.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Filming already?

The camera bobs up and down.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Then let me address these girls one last time. Why am I not surprised that they've crawled out of the woodwork during the last couple of days before Grand Rampage? Everyone's trying to get the last word in, but here's the issue: unless you've made your case before, your “last word” means jack shit. Your arguments don't have a foundation. It just makes you look desperate. I know people will call me out, claiming my “constant talking” is a sign of desperation, but to be honest, I've just been bored this week. When barely anyone talks, someone needs to fill the void to keep interest in this match. Now you all want to run out here and try to talk, as if I haven't already made several claims to that title that you can't measure up against. You had your chances to speak, and you didn't take them. You wasted the opportunities. But I've never wasted a chance. I've taken every opportunity I've had this week to talk, to drag you girls down and demoralise you. And when I step into that ring – whether it be at number nine or nineteen – I will be ready to kick down the few pillars you have left keeping you all up. I will tear all of you down if I have to in order to become the Specialists Champion.

Speaking of tearing people down, let's start with Azumi, “the Unbreakable”. Your drive to continue on even through the pain and the possibility of a career-ending injury is both admirable and reckless. I get that you don't have a lot, that this match may be your last chance to do something worthwhile here in EAW, but to do this at the risk of your own health is dangerous. Especially when you come up against people like me. People who couldn't give a damn about your dreams, people who only see your broken-down body ready to be ripped apart. Because Azumi, one of the only things that stands between me and the Specialists title is your body. Your taped-up, aching, ready-to-break body. Perhaps you don't see it as a weakness, or at least not one that will be the end of you, but people on the outside can see it for what it is. And people like me can see it for the ticking time bomb it will be come Grand Rampage. You can only hope your body won't give in on you – but hope alone doesn't win matches like this.

All you've had to say this week is “you're right, Chelsea, you're right”. And I know I'm right, because unlike you, I can see the gorge that's opened up between you and your dream of being a star. I can see that pit that you're about to fall into. All you want is that Pain for Pride spot, and you're so busy staring into the sun that you can't see the darkness creeping up on you. Ambition is good – in moderation. And you've been swallowed up by it, so much so that you'd probably kill yourself just to have your funeral take place at Pain for Pride. Reality has been pushed aside by you, Azumi, and I plan on reminding you of it. I'll remind you of just how dangerous it is to have your head in the clouds, or to be so stubborn as to ignore the blade coming towards you. I'll be your reality. And when this match is over and you've fully realised how damaged your body is, you'll thank me for bringing you back down to earth.

From one Goto to another. Sakuya, it's so good to finally hear you address me. Taking pride in being the underdog is nothing to scoff at, especially not in a match like this where many underdogs have prevailed. But to use your status as an “underdog” as a solid reason for winning this match is naïve. Not every underdog wins. In fact, an “underdog” is usually just a fan favourite that people pin high expectations on, and that pressure usually breaks a person. I don't want to talk about “breaking” in relation to you and your injury history, but the point stands. Underdogs have a lot of pressure placed on them, and in a risky match like this, those high expectations can cripple you. Me, I may be the favourite to win, but I doubt anyone wants me to win. I doubt those fans will cheer me on like they would you. I don't have that suffocating pressure put on me to succeed. That's not even mentioning the pressure you must feel concerning your almost career-ending injury that could rear it's ugly head at any moment. You have to survive an onslaught in this match, and that injury could easily ruin you given the strain of the Specialist Rampage.

You ask what a victory will mean to me if I get it through unethical means? It's still a victory. When I wear that title around my waist, it won't matter if it's covered with your blood or my sweat and tears, because it'll still be my title. Sakuya, you're trying to guilt-trip people who made one of the most shocking moves in Empire history last week. You're trying to argue honour with people who laughed at a future Hall of Famer's broken body. I'm past the point of showing remorse. And for a fan favourite like you, with a target on your little elbow? That's a death sentence.

Chelsea begins to address Daisy, only to be interrupted by Braxton, who slips into the frame.

BRAXTON DEVIL: “Let me handle this. I think Daisy – good ol' Daze – needs a bit of mansplaining in her life! This must be what happens when you don't have a good father figure growing up. I wouldn't know, my parents were there for me. They loved me, they're proud of me. I doubt the same can be said for you. Maybe the fact dad wasn't around made you angry at people, I don't know, but you seem to have a lot of unresolved issues that you're taking out on Chels. Aren't you supposed to be a feminist or something? Then why are you complaining about Chels talking? Chels is modern-day feminism, she's the one that's gonna lead Empire away from the reality TV show crap and into a serious competitive show. She's the smartest businesswoman on this brand, she's the reason Empire is now a free-for-all. Do you think that without her...

Braxton points at his “I Ended Aria's Career” shirt.

BRAXTON DEVIL: “...ending Aria's career that you'd be considered good enough to rise to the top? You should be one of the people thanking Chels for what she's done for Empire. She's leading a revolution you failed to even spark. Your issue, Daze, is that you fight for “what's right”. But Chels fights for what's best for business. I mean, what even is “right”? What's right should be what's best for everyone, and Chels has been the best for everyone. She'll be the best for the Specialists division when she wins that title. Can you look at anyone else in this match and say they'll elevate the title like she will? She doesn't have a chip on her shoulder, she doesn't have any major losses that she hasn't or will not avenge. She's perfect for this title.

And you can sit there doing your virtue-signalling or whatever the hell they call it and say you'll “take the road of integrity”, but Chels has been on the fast-track to success ever since she got here. Whilst you talked a big game about taking out the top stars and becoming one yourself, Chels was actually doing that. So why don't you celebrate the real feminist icon, the real success story, the real revolution, and the soon-to-be Specialists Champion!

CHELSEA CROWE: “Now let's move onto Braxton's favourite person...

Braxton quickly leaves whilst swearing under his breath.

CHELSEA CROWE: “...Cloud Matsuda. I expected you to be mad after what me and the Crowe's Nest did to Aria, but to say you'll kill me? Don't make promises you can't keep. I've learned to stay ahead of you, Cloud. To stay on top. Now, that I enjoy. And I know, I haven't exactly stayed on top of you in the past. I've lost once, we were evenly-matched the first time...but those past mistakes have made me much more prepared for what you'll bring this week.

More talented than me? Perhaps records show that, but you can't deny that I'm still very skilled in my own way. It wasn't long ago I gained redemption against Consuela, one of the three people who've beaten me, and you saw what happened to Aria. People who cross me haven't fared so well recently. You're the only one that's left. The old me that you beat couldn't get the job done, the old me was the one you were “more talented” than. But most importantly, anyone could be better than Braxton, I'm pretty sure fucking a cactus would be more satisfying than he ever was. We're still unsure if you're the better lover, mostly because you haven't given me a chance. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to make you my bitch this week to make up for what you're missing.

Chelsea laughs, before falling into a more serious state.

CHELSEA CROWE: “That's right, Cloud, you made me tap. Unfortunately for you, submissions don't count in the Specialist Rampage. And you may turn around and say, “well, you didn't see the submission coming! I have the element of surprise!”, but do you really think I won't have my eye on you? If anything, my loss to you forces me to be even more aware of you, to make sure you don't get the drop on me again. You're right, you were me not long ago – failing at the big opportunities, losing title matches. But look at you now: the Iconic Cup holder, one of the biggest threats on Empire now Aria is gone. If I really am like you, then success is quickly coming my way. I've already taken care of two of the three challengers to my domination – you're next.

To say nothing was gained from Aria's demise is naïve. Look at Empire now – hell, just look at the Women's World Championship match. It's open season. People who were losing the Specialists title not long ago are now challenging for the title. Do you think that'd be happening with Aria still here? The Crowe's Nest taking out your tunnel-visioned friend was the best thing to ever happen to this show, because it's actually given other people here a fair shot. It's made the competition more even. And most importantly, it's made myself and my associates bigger threats. Aria Jaxon was taken out by someone people called a “jobber”, someone who people don't even give the time of day to, and someone who apparently “chokes” on all her big opportunities. To call us anything but a huge threat would be idiocy. We broke through the glass ceiling people put on us and did something no one – not even you, Cloud – managed to do. Try to kill me, Cloud. Look into my eyes in that ring and try to kill me. You won't do it. Because you'll be too busy looking up at the lights to even take me down. You won't know what hit you.

Just. Like. Aria.

Then we have Revy. Someone who had so much to say about me. You know what makes me laugh, Revy? The fact that someone who grew up like you did, being trained to be one of these military types, being groomed to be 'hard', who threatens people with guns...could grow up to be such a sensitive little bitch. No wonder you're considered reckless, you're a trigger-happy alcoholic with thin skin. Does my merch piss you off that much? Does my trash talk get under your skin that badly? You've let your anger get the better of you, hun, and I don't even need to show your arse because you've displayed it to the whole world with the word 'triggered' scrawled across your cheeks.

Chelsea smirks.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Bullying? Oh no, poor Women's World Champion Aria Jaxon was bullied out of EAW by me and my BFFs! Someone call Be A Star, someone tell the Make-A-Wish Foundation to cut ties with EAW because Chelsea Crowe bullied someone! Please. Aria had her friends too, Andrea and Nicole and Cloud, and it's not my fault they did jack shit whilst I took her out. Besides, this is the wrestling industry. This is a place where you need to do everything to succeed, and if you don't like that, then you shouldn't be here. I'm sorry that I was clever enough to form a cohesive unit to dominate Empire. I'm sorry that I had the power and guts to take out the top star of this brand. Maybe instead of investing in guns you'll never be able to use on Empire, you should've invested in winning something. Then you might have made your mark.

Through all this rage, all I can hear is you admitting that you're unprepared and don't care for this match. You said that if you did care, you'd approach this with a “clear shot”. And considering how blinded by anger you are, I think it's safe to say you don't have a clear shot. You're just firing randomly to try and hit the mark, but those birds you're trying to hit are way above you by now. You even said you're just here for fun. Me, I play to win. You might be a psychopath, but I'm a businesswoman – which is far more dangerous. Unlike a psychopath, I have order. I have a strategy, I have a goal, and I have the drive to complete it. Whilst you do what you do for fun, I do what I do to succeed. And if you think your fun and games are going to ruin my success at Grand Rampage, you should just take a shotgun and Kurt Cobain yourself right now to save yourself from being disappointed.

You're still making these ridiculous threats on my life. I'm pretty sure you're on several CIA and FBI watchlists by now, so I doubt you'd be able to get within a hundred feet of me with whatever firearm you picked up before getting taken down and arrested. Did you expect me to get on my knees and beg for you not to threaten me again? There's only one reason I get on my knees and it's not to beg for people to spare my life. You don't scare me, because without those weapons this week in the Specialist Rampage, you're just a lion without claws and teeth. All roar, all lunging and threatening, but no bite.

You're pushing me to push the nuclear button, to set you off, but I already have. You're losing yourself to your anger, making even more ridiculous threats, and showing everyone why you won't win this match. You've taken a military-grade knife and stabbed your own eyes out, because you can't see the weaknesses you've shown everyone. You don't care about this match, this title, and the success that follows like I do. You don't have the ambition I do. And for that, you'll fail. For a consolation prize, though, I can give you some merch after the match – I think Braxton's drawing up a special “triggered” design for you.

Chelsea sighs.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Finally, we have Andrea. So nice of you to speak up. I guess it took you some time to get over what the Crowe's Nest did to your friend. And I get it, you're upset that we pushed Aria into oblivion. But there's no need to try and drive a wedge between me and my associates. I get it, we suffered defeat at Iconic Cup, but after the dominance we've shown lately, I have no issues with Jael or April. It's why I'm confident that Jael will support me in this match, and why I'm not concerned about having to berate either of them again. Perhaps you're trying to make me second-guess my companions so that I come into this match paranoid, but I can assure you that my focus is firmly on the task at hand: defeating nineteen other girls to become the new Specialists Champion.

I wouldn't worry about Braxton being obsessed with you, he's currently trying to convince me I made a mistake by abandoning him, so his focus is anywhere but on you. But you know, you have a point: the Crowe's Nest have been showing dominance only through sneak-attacks. Oh, but wait! I forgot the part where we've beaten you several times, with or without interference. I forgot the part where I beat you in a battle royal on my own. Only capable of gaining the upper hand through surprise attacks? Hun, I have the upper hand over you by beating you in a similar setting to this one before. That's all I need to show why I'm the winner this week. One day, you will be in the winner's circle. But that day won't be arriving at Grand Rampage. It won't be Valentine's Day, it'll be the Day of the Crow.

And that's all I have to say for this week. It's good to know that despite my open calls, some of you still haven't replied or even opened your mouths. But those closed lips have sealed your fates. Though what I find most amusing is that even with the amount I've spoken, there are still those who wish to devalue me. Who ignore the damage I've done, the revolution I've sparked, the changes I've made. Those people who choose to ignore that will be the first over the top rope. And the rest of you will follow. I won't let another opportunity slip between my fingers. I'm not Cloud, I'm not Andrea, I'm not Azumi, Zakkii, Revy, Daisy, Megan, or any other girl in this match. Looking back at those mistakes I've made, and the changes I've implemented, I only have one regret.

That I won't be able to look into all of your eyes as I raise my Specialists title high.

Chelsea walks off-screen as the scene fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 30th 2018, 9:55 pm by Jael Arcana-Rosario


event: grand rampage 3/31
match: specialists rampage
promo number: two
word count: 2,217 words

scene one:
mar. 30, 2018 // union street // pasadena, ca // broadcasted

We find ourselves in the streets of Pasadena, and from a distance we find Jael sitting down on a bench. As the camera approaches Jael, she can be seen with her head in her hands. The people walking along the street pay her no mind. With a heavy sigh, she faces the camera.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:You know, the pacing of this match really has made me think these past few days. The competition this time around has left me disappointed, and at this rate, I might as well give up on addressing my opponents and save my energy for the match.

Except I won’t. But that’s how most of you sound like to me. I mean, does anyone even want to win the match at this point? Where’s the champion? Where’s the fan favorite? I can’t even begin to imagine letting the world down by not speaking up, especially when Grand Rampage quickly dawns ahead. Either you all bring your best to challenge the Crowe’s Nest, or you don’t bother challenging us at all.

Jael laughs.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:Laughable. That’s what this Specialists Rampage is so far. All it takes is for the Crowe’s Nest to deliver personal attacks, and now everybody is scrambling. Everyone is jumping in to finally defend their name, and everyone’s looking to get the last word. I expected more. And all I’ve received thus far are lackluster responses from people like Revy and Nicolette.

Listen to yourself, Azumi. You say that an assault “won’t work” against you or anyone else in this match? I suppose you haven’t been paying attention to me or Chelsea at all. If that’s the case, allow me to make myself clear: we’re on the same page. It’s not worth turning my back on the person who’s given me the most opportunities, even if it’s only for one night. It’s not worth tossing away a strategy that can lead either one of us to victory.

So while everyone places their bets on the Crowe’s Nest breaking up this Saturday, I’ll place mine on something that actually has more of a chance at happening: me walking out of Grand Rampage unscathed as the new Specialists Champion.

You on the other hand, you’ve made it clear that you’re not at peak condition. One minute you’re tormented by your injuries, and the next you try convincing yourself that you’re “Unbreakable”. How much longer are you willing to lie to yourself? To the EAW Universe? At least I can admit that I’m breakable. The only difference between you and I, Azumi, is that I’m willing to understand my limits. I acknowledge them. When I find a flaw in my code, I rewrite it to make myself better, stronger. But you? You’re putting yourself at risk not only by competing in this match, but by stating you’ll “never quit when things look too dark”. I admire the tenacity, that much I’ll admit. But what happens when you do fight with every fiber of your being? This risk, this sacrifice, it would’ve all been for nothing.

A sigh.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:I want to root for you Azumi. We all do. But you’re not making it easy on yourself by being your own enemy. With all those demons lingering in your head, you’ll end up having to deal with more opposition at the Specialists Rampage. And by now you’re probably thinking, “Yes Jael, the more the odds are stacked against me, the more will I have to fight!” You’re lead blindly by your own heart. I’d say it’s almost painful to watch, but I’ve learned not to let my heart get in the way of a battle. I’m not like you, Azumi – I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve for all to witness. You wish to say I am reliant on the Crowe’s Nest for any sort of help this weekend, yet you’re the one pandering to the crowd in hopes that they’ll save you. The pleads for sympathy, the will to march on despite battling a force bigger than you: it’s all a cocktail for disaster. Empire in dire need for its new hero ever since I took its last one out for good. Maybe in your heart, you believe you’re the one to fill the role. You won’t be able to make it, not when you’re busy waging war with yourself, especially not when you’re lacking confidence. Just remember this Azumi, you were the one to expose the cracks, not me. I’m simply doing my job by tearing you down limb by limb. All until you’re left without knowing what the future holds for you.

If you don’t get out of your head, it’ll be what sends you over the top rope. Not me.

And finally, the lion roars. I have a chip on my shoulder, Nicolette? I find that hard to believe. In fact during my last address, I tossed your name aside, because simply put, there are competitors more worthy of my time. “Left her in the dust”? No hun, you’re the one who had to go out of your way to address me personally. The Crowe’s Nest is the reason why I’m no longer facing spoiled brats like you, because clearly, the competition there is not at my level. This isn’t an alternative universe where everyone else is magically below you. Try living in the real world, Nicolette. The one where you have as much influence as a fashion fad: here one day, gone the next. But you know what, out of all the garbage that spewed out of your mouth, there was one thing you had to say that I just knew I had to pick out and dissect.

Jael pulls out her phone and plays a clip from Nicolette’s promo.

NICOLETTE LYONS:This is going to be my shining moment, the moment everybody looks back on and says, that is the moment Nicolette Lyons arrived.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:That. That right there is what I have a problem with, Nicolette. And if I recall correctly, you had the same thing to say at our debut match, something about “everybody looking back at this moment”, because apparently you’re insane enough to believe you’re the reason people subscribe to the EAW Network. Newsflash: you’re not, and the world doesn’t revolve around you. Either you’re running out of phrases to say, or you’re stuck in your own delusion of becoming Empire’s next best thing. You are right though, because you’re just like Megan Raine. You’re a brat, you only care about yourself when you’re at the top, and you’re afraid to say that you’re at a disadvantage in this match.

Megan used to be your friend? Am I supposed to care? All you’re doing exposing more and more disadvantages this Saturday. You lost perhaps the only ally you could ever have in this business, and now you don’t have anything to rely on besides a couple of vague threats and sweet nothings. But honestly, what more could I have expected from you? All you are is a handful of promises, but they’re hollow. That wouldn’t make a very good champion, now would it?

You’re not yet ready to become the future of Empire, not when you’re the only one believing your own hype.

And speaking of, Daisy seems to be the only one believing I’ll turn my back on Chelsea this weekend. But it’s just like I’ve said earlier, I won’t blindly take on a risk that has no payoff. By helping others you help yourself? That right there is why the Crowe’s Nest was built. And somehow, you still believe I won’t “try it”. To lose is to gain, and that’s why after our collective losses at Iconic Cup, we’ve evolved into a more cohesive unit. We exist to elevate ourselves, but I guess to you, I’m the one just waiting to turn on the only woman who saw something promising in me. Keep reaching though.

Chelsea and I are united in our belief of being on different levels. She isn’t entirely dependent on  me to help her win, and vice versa. What everyone would call a weakness, I call it our catalyst to success. I want to win using my own abilities, not Chelsea’s. Don’t mistake our teamwork thus far is me hiding behind her shadow. Trust me, she’d be more proud with me proving I can eliminate unworthy competition on my own than to simply be complacent in my position as her right hand.

But that’s me being selfish, isn’t it? Chelsea knows as well as I do that we’re not competing in a tag team match. At Grand Rampage, it’s every woman for herself. We may walk into this match as a unit, but at the end, only one of us walks out as champion. I’m not afraid to say I’m able to outsmart my own partner to take that belt for myself. We’re both aware of what we’re capable of in that ring, and it’ll will be a battle of ambition to see who wants this title the most.

A pause.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:Really, Andrea? You wait all week just to call me out on my ignorance and dependency on Chelsea? You didn’t bother to listen to me the last time, but I’m sure you will this time. I’m not good enough at dealing with things head-on? Try me. I’ll do what you never could do this weekend, and that’s win the Specialists Championship in one try.

Now onto a woman who’s had quite a lot to say about the Crowe’s Nest. Revy, to you my beliefs are just as superficial as the Specialists Championship. I like to think that says a lot about you. You’re all about getting to people’s faces, but you have no real drive, no real desire to win anything. Not even the title. If I am indeed pathetic, the one thing I can best you at is my ambition to get to the top of Empire.

Then you go on to mention how I took away the only thing you ever wanted: a fight with Aria. Your head’s not even this match, because you’re too busy thinking about just how great it’d be to face a real ‘soldier’ like Aria. But she’s gone now. It’s backwards logic to me, how you don’t want to exert energy dealing with me or Chelsea. We took away yours – if not everyone’s – dream of dethroning the Queen. Why aren’t you coming at us with pitchforks and fire torches? Instead, you choose to reduce us to corporate sellouts. But I guess if I was in your position, I too would be angry at the way we rose from nothing into a bestseller. Deep down, you envy us because we took advantage of the system and how things work. We changed Empire for the better, and at Grand Rampage, we will get rewarded for our actions. You only wish you were at our level. The Crowe’s Nest, we’re achieving what many of you couldn’t, all just to elevate ourselves higher.

Just remember this, Revy: Chelsea and I already pulled the trigger. It’s up to you whether or not you decide to dodge the bullet.

Everybody give it up for fan favorite, because Cloud has finally stepped up to the plate. And although she may not have much to say about me, she’s making the fatal mistake of underestimating her opposition. If I was you Cloud, I’d go back in time to reassess just who you’re up against. These past few weeks have been quite enlightening for me, and my full potential has been unlocked. At the Specialists Rampage, I vow to put on the best performance of my life, and prove you wrong in the process.

The week is almost over, Megan Raine has yet to say anything of relevance. I don’t know what you’re getting out of this by shutting your mouth and letting the competition speak. How ironic, coming from someone who isn’t even afraid boast about how she’s the future of Empire.

I take it that you’re probably off crying in some hotel room after your “roasting session” failed you. Face it, Megan, you were forced into silence because for once, you’re terrified of losing your title. I mean, you used to be someone who would talk about overcoming the odds stacked against you. And now that those odds are inching closer to overthrowing you? You just don’t know what to do with yourself. Soon, the world will go from mourning Aria to mourning you Megan, because at this point, you’re only proving you’re just a shell of your former self.

As for me, I know how high the stakes are going into this match. I know what I must do in order to not only survive, but to win. Many are quick to call out my own arrogance and my ambition, but I pride myself on it. It means I know my own worth. Because in the end, it won’t be my partner that brings me to success, it’ll be me. So to whoever I have the pleasure in taking down this weekend, you will all be awarded with pain and sorrow. And I’ll be the one rewarded with gold.

The world is watching, and together, we will all embark on this exodus.

With that, Jael departs. Fade to black.

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Post on March 30th 2018, 9:53 pm by Revy
Hello, My Baby

Aw, Azumi is a little sad I don’t have a lot to say about her. Well, to be fair, you tend to say a lot but it doesn’t mean anything. How ironic, right? When in truth, saying nothing about you is perhaps the most accurate I feel about you as a threat in this match. Almost non-existent. Just be happy you got a mention, because the last we all want to do is set you off on another rant about how you are the Ace and how this is your time and something something Japan. It’s like, oh my fuckin god, is this like my own personal hell? To have to listen to Azumi say the same thing over and over and over and then watching her fail spectacularly each time. Like I’m already tired of it, how bout you? I mean, sure, I can make it a drinking game. Let’s all frickin drink when Azumi talks about how she is the best and makes empty promises and fail, but this, from a person that loves to drink, I’m afraid I’d be dead before Grand Rampage starts. If failing was a superpower, Azumi, you are unstoppable. I wouldn’t fuck with ya, hell I wouldn’t even want a damn thing to do with ya. And sure, lets assume that’s why I don’t have a lot to say about you.

That goes the same for the others. But I suppose a certain someone deserves a little more. Daisy, oh sweet naïve Daisy. Always the loser, I mean, it’s funny how each and every single time we’ve stepped in the ring, you can’t seem to beat me. And you want to take the Revy Mega-Stunner Extravaganza Challenge, and I gotta say, Daisy, for someone that talks about how people need to love themselves for how they are, you sure seem to hate yourself, because you feel so compelled to pick a fight with me every chance you get. Like Daisy, I can already tell from looking at you, listening to you, that you were not a popular kid growing up. Hell, you clearly are the ones that the other girl picked on, and it really does feel like you are trying to take that shit they did to you back then and take it out on me. And I gotta say, “bitch, just give me a name, and I’ll beat the shit out of her for ya” if it means you can take this weird, “Revy’s gotta die” mentality. Because in truth, You’re not the type of person that I’d want to mangle in the ring. You’re special, in the exact way you think I’m implying it. Because you see, people probably pair us together because people think we are similar, but she’s drunk on booze, and she’s drunk on social justice. But you know what? That’s ok. I fought for this country so you can have the right to be as obnoxious as you want to be and so you can pick a fight with every damn bitch that rubs you the wrong way. But just because you have that right, doesn’t mean you should act on it, atleast not with me, because you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. Because as fun as it is to beat you each and every time, I need a little more. It’s not me, It’s you, Daisy, but if you want to take the challenge, well, you get one chance, and I advise you think before your feminist hormones over take ya and make you say or do something stupid.

As for the specialist title, what game plan is there going into this match? You pull hair, use your nails to scratch, spit in the face, a few stunners here and there, and we’ll see how things go. I’m not going to come here and act all pretentious about how I am the only one that needs this title or even this win. I mean, you have people trying way too hard, really dragging the whole gang mentality, or how this win will means something for the thots, the blasians, and pretty white blondes like Andrea Valentine that have everything going for her, because shit, that bitch doesn’t seem to have flaws, does she? But you know what, if I win, I suppose that would mean even the binge drinking, gun-toting, chain-smoking, foul mouth princesses out there too can walk into a ring and come out a champion. Why yes? What a great role model I would be, that it would just be absolutely criminal if every single woman in that match tried to remove me from it. But I know my odds. I know the circumstances of this match. And quite frankly, the numbers are against me, because at the end, you can’t trust anyone but yourself. What this Grand Rampage match will mean to me? Simply put? Target Practice. I’ll be working on my Stunner game, ladies, so be verwy verwy quiet, I’m hunting bitches.  

Th-th-th-th-That's all folks!
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Grand Rampage III

A few dead leaves tumble lightly across the cemetery grounds as a light drizzle sprays the world below from the yawning gray sheet above, a few crows caw in the distance, their calls echoing across the yard. Not a soul in sight, no families visiting their lost loved ones, perhaps they felt it was better to let their dead rest today since there wasn't a ray of sun to enlighten the day nor a glimmer of hope to bring them back no matter how hard they may pray at night.

And there sat a man on a gravestone, like a mighty king on his throne, a cigarette dangling out of his mouth, his matted hair that looked like an unruly jungle mixed with snowy dandruff, dermatitis and itchy lice sat on top of his head like a grimy pillow. His gaze was so deep, that it makes you wonder if there are any hidden secrets that may lie beyond those bright blue portals, his legs kicked freely against the wet granite stone as if he didn't have a care in the world. Perhaps he hadn't, perhaps the stakes that soar so high this weekend will be taken all in stride. Who knows what runs through the mind of a man that seeks to destroy the world, maybe it's best that nobody knows.

"The winds of change are in the air."

Darkane blows a blue ring of smoke into the emotionless rain, putting the last of his cigarette butt out on the gravestone he's sat on.

"The old guard as we know it is under maintenance and the whole landscape will be getting a much-needed facelift. Change can be good, but some people are so fixated on the past and the standards that help built this place from the ground up that they're too stubborn to accept that time has run out and the standards they once knew have evolved. It's up to them to get with the program, to accept that things they cherish don't last forever. It's a case of out with the old and in with the new."

Darkane heaves back and hocks a giant wad of boogers and saliva on the ground, wiping his mouth with his sleeve like the detestable man that he is.

"I'm talking about you Oasis. You're stuck in between a rock and a hard place and only because you choose to be there. You refuse to accept that this industry is changing all around you, but what you don't seem to realize is that EAW will go on with or without you. It's up to you as to whether you want to adapt to your surroundings or continue to stay in the lane that you're in, a road that leads to a dead end. What EAW needs is a little less of Oasis and a little more of Darkane anyway, so if I am to be the one to put your career to rest at Grand Rampage then so be it, I wouldn't have any qualms over it, in fact, I'd make a toast in your honor as I pour one out over your fallen bloodied carcass. It's the least I could do. You even said it yourself, you're entering that ring with your career on the line, I might have to take you up on that, surely you didn't say that in the heat of the moment? Or will you backpedal once it's all said and done? Will you say that you didn't mean it, you were just in the midst of one of your tedious ramblings? Maybe that's the stipulation, maybe your career will be on the line. That's an interesting proposition and I'll keep it in mind until we meet. I think I'll dangle the thought of your retirement over your head for a little while longer. I want to keep the mystery a mystery after all don't I? I'm not going to let you know ahead of time, that would spoil the party wouldn't it? You probably don't care what stipulation I choose come Grand Rampage anyway. I can almost predict what you're going to say: 'It doesn't matter what stipulation Darkane chooses because he doesn't stack up to Oasis, he's just another deadbeat name added to the list of people I've dominated'.. or something to that effect. I know that trying to get a point across to you is like beating your head against a cement wall but you're going to be in for quite the rude awakening if you think you're going to stroll on into my stipulation, into MY wheelhouse and turn me into dust so easily."

Darkane hops off the gravestone and grabs his infamous shovel, resting it on his shoulder as if he were enlisted in the military. There's no telling how many skulls he has driven that nasty old thing into over the years and you cannot dispute the damage it has caused as a whole. Darkane protects that shovel as if it were his child and considering the paths he has embarked on thus far in his life, it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to say that it was indeed his own flesh and blood.

"I've said time and time again that I aim to stray away from the hardcore label that has been attached to me in order to flourish, but I don't mind bringing my baby girl out for a little playtime now and then and if that's what it takes, if I have to bash your fucking brains in until they splatter all over my shovel, then you can bet your ass that I won't hesitate to do it, but you have a switch that is flipped on kill mode huh? Well, that's exactly what you're going to have to do if you want to take me down. You're going to have to drop me right then and there in cold blood, drag me into the trunk of your car and dump me into the nearest damp ditch off some random back road and even then, I'll raise my hand up through the swarm of insects and the mud and I'll wonder to myself, is that all he's got? You can't kill something that won't die. I refuse to perish in the flames of Scott Oasis. I think you should flip that switch from kill to survive, because whoever manages to survive this, and it won't be pretty mind you, will be the next Answers World Champion, mark my words. I know what's at stake here, I'm not an idiot, I'm not some air-headed rookie that is too big for his britches, I've paid my dues, I've towed the line on the outskirts of rock bottom before, a place that I never wish to visit again. A place that you will certainly end up if your career does hang in the balance. It's time to put up or shut up Oasis and I'm not really sure what will come first with you."

Darkane peers up at the wide sky and towards the sound of thunder, the rain starting to pick up now, maybe it could be a sign that Darkane is unwelcomed on these sacred cemetery grounds; if only the dead could talk, but then again Darkane is the equivalent of a living dead man himself. Darkane drives the shovel into the ground, scooping up dirt on the old dried up blood stains that cover the shovel to which Darkane hasn't noticed or hasn't cared to acknowledge, he heaves the dirt carelessly onto a bouquet of roses that are in front of the grave next to him.

"One foot down, five more feet to go." Darkane says between breaths.

"I'm digging your grave Oasis, I have to, it's not enough to just beat you; I have to end you. It will be a tough adjustment for you at first but it'll be nice to get acquainted with all of the coiling maggots that squirm about and the beetles that skitter up and down your body. It's not bad once you get used to it, believe me, it's when they managed to crawl inside of your mouth is when it gets tricky because they don't taste very good, you can be rest assure that you'll feel them slither down your throat and all the way to your stomach. However, the beetle wings can be tricky and might get stuck in your teeth and it is a bitch to get them out. Though that's not the most challenging thing you'll have to deal with, it's the dirt that's on top of your body, it will suffocate you and to know there is six feet worth of dirt crushing your innards, to know nobody will stop by to even piss on your grave, not even your beautiful wife Jasmine, but don't worry I'll take her under my wing after you're gone and who knows if we're feeling frisky on a Friday night, we'll march right on to your grave and I'll give her the best fucking she'll ever have and if she's feeling kinky I can use my shovel on her too! Hahahaha. Whatever it takes man. You can't control change Oasis and change is coming, right to your doorstep and right on to Pain for Pride. I'll see you at Grand Rampage ice man."

Darkane nods at the camera and then continues to dig and throw dirt over his shoulder.

Fade to black.
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Post on March 30th 2018, 9:21 pm by Moongoose McQueen
You know, Ahren,I can say the exact same thing about you. About how I don’t get ya and how you too can’t seem to comprehend a simple concept. Maybe you didn’t get the “joke” or explanation, but the whole “Vic Vendetta” thing is simple. Why are we even talking about this guy? What does he have to do with this, with us? After all, I’m merely adding to the fact bringing up names like that isn’t relevant, in fact, you, Ahren, have a nasty old habit of talking about others behind their back, when in truth, we don’t need to do that at all. Last time I checked, this isn’t the Grand Rampage match. There isn’t 29 other men in this match, but merely us, 2 men, 1 title. Yet you feel so compelled to make every single argument include someone else who quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about like Nas, like it means something. Why the hell you trying to use these examples when all you really have to say is, “Moongoose McQueen, you’re all about the hype, but quite frankly, I don’t believe the hype.” And Ahren, I’m simply here to tell you, that if you don’t believe, I’m here to make a believer out of you. Why do you feel like you have to talk about my name when the obstacle ahead of you is DEDEDE, yet once again, you had to lash out and say, “Voltage isn’t a great show because guys like this are running loose holding these titles.” When in reality, you should be saying, “What am I not doing enough to make this my show?” And that is where you go wrong, when you think your thinking ahead and more, but in truth, your vision is so narrow and small, you can’t see the bigger picture.
Perhaps it is not I, but you, who doesn’t have the brain power to put 2 and 2 together in that I, Moongoose McQueen, am simply irresistible, dynamic, and simply just what people want to see, because I don’t subject myself to the norm. Hell, I spit in it’s face and don’t accept it. Maybe people just love the bad boy, and clearly, that’s what you are trying to be, but unfortunately for you, Ahren, you have failed to truly stand out to the point if someone can think of a word to best describe you, it’s generic. Though if you ask me, I know a couple of other words that suit you well. “Long-winded,” “Nosy,” Essentially, just annoying, to which if annoying was a gimmick, you, my friend, are doing a splendid job. Because once again, you can’t see the bigger picture again, that what you are doing to me, I’ve been doing for years, and years, and years. I mean, “Do you really understand what I’m saying?” Ah yes, the classic baby talk in which you treat your opponent like a mere child. Or even the mere twisting or words as a means to try to turn ones argument against them. Or even just spouting nonsense on and on as a means to detract your opponent, because Ahren, I’m sure if we can put all these words in written format, you can write a book. But unfortunately, this is a very classic case of “Simpsons did it!” And it’s almost as if you are taking pages from my book, perhaps as a means to use my own tricks against me, but even then, that old Moongoose McQueen, the one sporting the suits, putting on a stern face when giving a lecture, and rocking the air guitar to essentially say, “I’m not listening and I don’t take you serious.” And if that doesn’t prove a point, well, do you recall what I was doing around this time of last year. I mean, I can go ahead and get the video clips, but the sad truth is, it would be almost like that of a broken record comparing the shit your spewing with what I said. How I believe in a better EAW? How all these corruptions and  bad management is running amuck, and how we need a change and putting me on the front lines is how we gonna do it. So before you talk about how I’m copying you, lets focus on me. And only me. You don’t need to bring up other names or blame someone else for your past. Please, I rather enjoy it when its all about me, me….ME!
And Ahren, why are you copying me? And if you are? Why are you even questioning me? Because whether you like to believe it or not, my background is why I’m treated as a top prospect in this business. My experience and expertise from the places I’ve been, it has value to what I bring to the table. And when you talk about the hypocrisy about one thing I said, and how Kenny Drake doesn’t know what he is doing, because Ahren, I’ve worked with many many Kenny Drakes in the past. I can see and smell the green on any person, and Ahren, spoiler alert, you aren’t anything special either. After all, I’ve seen guys like you before, I’ve been guys like you, and I do know a lot more than you think. However, I do know that no one likes a know-it-all. No one likes the person that seems to have it all together. And this is once again, another thing I brought up that you can’t quite wrap your head around. For you see, if I don’t lighten up, people see a truth, people see how ruthless I am, people won’t like me, and you can honestly say with me, my enemies know me better than my friends. So what do I do? I compromise, I adapt. I evolve. I flourish. I survive. And Ahren, if you really wanted to know me, well, I can tell you right now, you aren’t going to like me any more than you do now. Because no one likes the guy that is clearly better than they are.
I mean, if you want to talk the specs and details, the statistics, in the end, I draw more, I make more money, and I am overall more appealing, and this doesn’t just happen on a whim. I am an artist, Ahren, I make every single movement, every single thing I say with precision. With a purpose. And how? Because I’ve been there, done that. And Ahren, you really shouldn’t question what I say or do? Heck, you really shouldn’t be that guy that says” the Earth is flat” when I can tell you, having been around the world multiple times, it really isn’t.  Just because you say it, it doesn’t mean it’s true. I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder when it comes to perception, but where you say Voltage isn’t a great show and we should take things out, I’m all about Voltage isn’t a great show, let’s just raise our god damn standard, because I don’t feel the need to discriminate on every single person that steps in that ring wanting to be something.  No, I’m in the business of taking whatever shit is handed to me, and turning it into gold.
Why yes, Ahren! You don’t know why this match is happening. You don’t know why Kenny Drake really wants out of this, because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know if he hates me or not, but he doesn’t have the balls to fire me. Why? Why?! Well, shit just works that way. It’s Destiny. This match between us, it was just meant to happen, and you can try to twist the truth and logic all you want that maybe this is about taking the title off me or perhaps this because you said shit and I called you out on it, that’s right, this could all be because of a damn petty ass argument between us! Yes, this is fate, and you don’t need to bring up other names, you don’t need to talk about similar and different we are that we crossed paths. I’ve been in this business long enough where I seen the bad men rise and good men go down in flames. I’ve been at the top of the world as a world champion, and I’ve been the bottom of the barrel, so when you ask me, “How do you know?! HOW DO YOU KNOW?!” And I tell you, I don’t need to know. All I need to do is step in that ring and wrestle, and things will just work out. This is how I work! This is how I operate, Ahren. This is how I fly, because guys like you that always have to know, you can’t accept anything. The problem with you, you ask too damn many questions and facts from the past to prove a point, but I don’t. I get answers and the past, or more important, the past of others, I disregard. And I say this because what you are trying to be now, Ahren, I use to be. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve walked thousands and thousands of mileage living of my own grandeur and elitism, and I’ve learned. Oh, I’ve learned the most important thing to life is to just do it and constantly see how far you can push yourself, as an athlete, a fighter, a human being, to be better than what is expected of you.
Every week, I’m excited to see what I can get away with. It’s a thrill that you will never understand, for you have never won as much or have loss as much. So I want you to listen, and this just might make life a lot easier for ya, because I sure ain’t. What this is? This is all natural. This has been meant to happen, because the weak always has to challenge the strong. Ahren Fournier vs Moongoose McQueen, mano a mano, for the EAW Interwire Championship, as primitive as it is, I’m not going to ask why it’s happening. That’s a stupid waste of time, because it’s always some convoluted shit where you worked hard to get there, or your in favor of the boss. I’m not here to listen to your stories. I’m here to play the role I’m destined to be. A destination, a goal post. Ahren, you are here to test yourself, to prove yourself, to redeem yourself. And for that alone, as long as I hold this title, I’m better than you, and until you take it from me, you’re nothing. As for me, my background, my history, my legacy, speaks for itself, and while I know that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. The feeling is mutual, because if all you can tell me is that I’m crazy and undeserving, well, I’m sure nothing I can say will change that. And trust me, when I beat you, I don’t believe that will change at all, because you’re nothing more than a common hater, and haters gotta hate. Well Keep hatin, because the attention I get only makes me stronger and further motivates me to go harder and make sure that if you got places to go, positions to be, you ain’t going to be stepping over me to get there.
And if fate deems that I must lose this Saturday, well, I’m confident that I’ll survive, I’ll thrive. Because similar to killing, the more you die, the easier it becomes to rise back up. I’m immortal, the name, the man, Moongoose McQueen will not die. That, Ahren, is the only thing you need to know about me.  You can try to take my title, but you will never take what I have created. I suppose the next big question for you, Ahren, when the hell are you going to start creating something worth remembering? I suppose beating me at Grand Rampage would be a start, but I hope you have a contingency plan. Last I checked, Grand Rampage had a couple of open slots and Dynasty needs a new champ.  I’m sure a world title win would be enough to distract from the fact you lost to Moongoose McQueen. And please, bring my name up again. I love the attention I just can't see to stop getting.
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Post on March 30th 2018, 9:07 pm by Andrea Valentine
"Once again, Chelsea, you've really gone out of your way to deserve a pat on the back! Whether it was your oh-so-brilliant mind or April's, I just know it couldn't have been Jael's and I'll get to why in a minute - but gosh! Taking out Aria so that April wouldn't look like a fucking fool for trying to go to war with Aria in a submission match just to end up tapping like you did? Fucking brilliant. A genius move on either of your parts because wouldn't it have been so damn embarrassing to know that not one but two members of the Crowe's Nest couldn't take the Women's Championship from Aria? You would've had to drag April right back into the ring again, berated her in front of everyone like a dog who shit the bed that you so graciously allowed to let her sleep in again, and then it'd be right back to square one for all of you... again. You're obviously proud of yourselves, I can tell, because how else were any of you gonna beat Aria on your own? You couldn't do it at The Iconic Cup, April couldn't do it with your help before that, and Jael was more than likely gonna end up getting her ass smacked around just the same if she had stepped up to the plate. Aria would've been set to go three-for-three but you just had to save yourselves from all the embarrassment, from all the fingers that would've been pointed in yours and April's direction and accompanied with jokes while Jael stood at your side absolutely dreading the idea of being next on the chopping block. But isn't it crazy how neither of them came to help you win at The Iconic Cup like you had expected them to and yet April was so fast to call out Aria afterward? Isn't it crazy how you bend over backward for these girls to make them relevant and lead them to supposedly greener pastures as promised and yet when it came to involving herself in Women's Championship matches, the lightbulb conveniently went off for April only after you lost? Crazy how that all worked out. But damn, it's just a shame we won't be seeing Aria make her tap out for ourselves now and then Jael sometime later on, but beating you and her here myself is definitely gonna suffice for all that. After all, it was last week when you relied on whoever the hell that was - the way he was obsessively holding onto me has me thinking he's got to be some sort of superfan of mine - to win that tag team match and making up for that win you stole by taking this one is how I'm gonna do it. I get that you had to let Jael feel like she actually got something done successfully when she pinned Sakuya, but relying on others just seems so above you - especially when the only way the women you surround yourself with are only capable of seeming to have the upper hand is in surprise attacks. But there won't just be one woman that you and Jael are gonna have to pay attention to, there'll be eighteen of us coming and going from that ring and Jael hasn't proven to be all that reliable in the area of handling shit head-on. Can she really be trusted to do as she's told? But we could go back and forth on meeting expectations all day: my failed Specialists Championship match a few weeks ago and your failed attempt at trying to win the Women's Championship, then there's your first failed opportunity to win the Specialists Championship a few months ago and my coming up short in the Iconic Cup gauntlet. You can go on about wasted opportunities, brag about initiative but you took the initiative to go get that Women's title match and, from the looks of things, it went wasted. From the looks of things, it's almost like we're in the same boat but this Rampage match is where I get off and arrive at where I've been fighting to get, where I've been able to see myself at for the longest time now and that's the winners circle as the Specialists Champion."

"And then? Then there's Jael jumping right at the chance to state her overreliance when it comes to Chelsea taking her to higher places, and that's how I know taking out Aria couldn't have been something of Jael's mind at work because she's just a follower. Of course, Chelsea casually let this slip under her radar because embarrassing Jael going into this is the last thing she needs to do, but really, Jael? Are you serious? Sweetheart, if you wholeheartedly believe that the only way you would have gotten to be a part of this match is because of your association with Chelsea and April and not your own ambition, not on your own merit, then maybe it's you who shouldn't be here. If the girl who was such a sore loser but thinks it's cute to call that being "aggressive", had it in her to beat the hell out of Nicolette after your failed debuts and then actually beat her one-on-one and had every intention of continuing on from there but still wouldn't have "made the cut", wouldn't that have to do with you just not having the drive and the fire that you love to go on about? If you're honestly gonna admit to how you wouldn't have had it in yourself to make sure that you had this opportunity if you weren't partnered up with Chelsea, I literally never wanna hear your ass criticize anyone else for where they find themselves and how they got there. Don't throw the name Ryan Adams in the face of Megan Raine if it's only by being associated with Chelsea that you're able to be an entrant in this match. Don't fucking stand there and claim to be a fighter when you just admitted to how if it weren't for Chelsea, you would've been left off the card. And if you couldn't have seen yourself being here otherwise while someone like Hinata, who's been here for a sneeze, is set to be a part of the match? That says a lot more about you than it does about anyone else in this match, especially Hinata and her ass hasn't even said a single word. Rachelle has a win over April, scored it in her debut - y'know, something you couldn't do - but you're just gonna conveniently overlook that? Whatever assures your fragile ambition, I guess, because at least you're positive you could eliminate them, right?! You can call it "honesty" but if you love the masochistic feeling of being a hypocrite, be my guest and continue to hold Chelsea in such high esteem while in so many words admitting that the woman who's apparently single-handedly responsible for your presence in the match is gonna come out of this with a need for spinal correction after throwing her back out carrying all your deadweight. And that's all she's gonna come out of this match with because she sure as shit isn't gonna be allowed to leave with the Specialists Championship. See, I don't have to refer to you as weak when you're doing it for me. I don't have to call you weak when you're paraded out on television and allowing yourself to get talked down to by the very woman you've admitted you wouldn't be the slightest bit successful without. And speaking of that success, where is this so-called "success" of yours? The last I checked? It's certainly not your ass who's challenging Cam for the Openweight Championship. Chelsea can only do so much heavy lifting and I can guarantee that if she doesn't eliminate you first when she realizes you're just a weight shackled at her ankle, then I won't hesitate to make sure I'm the one who spoils these apparent plans of you and her being in the final two. I don't think I even need to bother to sift through the rest of the shit you had to say after the ignorance you were all too willing to put on display."

"I have to say that one I actually respect the most right now, has to be Azumi. You aren't at your best physically and you're still willing to march right into battle where with nineteen other women, it leaves yourself open to perhaps even harsher punishment. I know all too well what that's like, having taken part in matches where the rules have been tossed aside and gone through tables, just to get right back up and go into my next match the following show. Our careers might not be coursing on exact parallels but our determination and persistence to not give up when the going gets extremely rough are what makes us similar and a trait we have in common, but one distinguishing trait that'll separate me from you is how I was able to win the Specialists Championship. That's not to say you won't make this difficult for me or anyone else, having been in the ring with you on a few different occasions now I can say that you've really pushed my limits and I expect you to do the same here, but I finally came so close to winning the very title we both find ourselves competing for now that I'd eliminate everyone else if I had to. I've finally been there, I know what it's like to have that championship be right there in front of me and this time around I'm not letting it be snatched from my fingertips at the last possible second. I had you questioning just how "unbreakable" you really were after The Iconic Cup and while you managed to pick yourself back up, don't you for a second think I'll hesitate to force those same exact thoughts right back to the forefront of your mind when you stand between me and what I'm shooting to finally get my hands on. And for as nice as Sakuya can be, the same goes for her too because while as admirable as it is that she's come back from a devastating injury where winning here would make for one amazing comeback story, I've also got no problem playing the part of the villain who brings her championship pursuit to an abrupt halt just to ensure my victory. Zakkii's loss to Megan in their triple threat seemed to take a bit of the wind out of her sails but the fact she's still going says a lot about who she is, and while I damn sure didn't like who you were a few months ago, I can say now that I respect you a whole hell of a lot more, too. But while I know what winning would mean for you, how much it'd mean to you, stomping on those dreams of becoming champion to ensure that my own become a reality won't be an issue for me - and I'm sure you'd say the same after what you've had to go through with Megan since the year started. You, Azumi, and Sakuya all have scores to settle with her and intentions of redeeming yourselves but they'll have to be dealt with on someone else's time because that title is gonna be mine to take."

"Nicolette, as always, delivered an eye-opener that has no doubt left each and every one of us shaking in our boots. Being caught up in such an intense rivalry over who was the better model is bound to be what drives you to the very end, I'm sure of it! I mean, I can tell you're just so focused... once again, on all the wrong things. I would've expected my name to be one of the first you threw out there as someone who "shouldn't be here", but now that we've got the possibility of being face-to-face you don't want to throw anything my way at all. But to save you the trouble, I'm sure you'd say something about how you knew I'd lose to Megan, how because I lost I shouldn't have a spot in this and that if it had been you in my position two weeks ago you would've beaten her to which I say, if you're good enough to beat the champion then you should've been good enough to beat me but your ass didn't. But if you somehow managed to learn anything new between then and now, please don't hold back on my account because I sure as hell won't be and the best part about it? I'd happily eliminate you all while with a smile on my face knowing that once again, I was the woman standing between you and the Specialists Championship. The same way I'll be standing between Megan and the chances of her retaining. The same way I'll be standing between Stephanie Matsuda and her chances holding all the gold that Empire has to offer. Both of you know what I can do in the ring and what I can bring to the table - if it wasn't in the Iconic Cup finals where I didn't give Stephanie any other choice but to make me tap out because she couldn't keep me down for a three count, it was in a tables match for this very championship that's on the line where I pushed Megan further than anyone else had. Try not to write me off so quickly, ladies, you're both a whole lot smarter than that and I'm sure you'd hate to know that when looking back on this that it was your own arrogance that dragged you down to the floor for your eliminations and cost you your chance at continued success. But even if it wasn't gonna be because you grossly underestimated what I can and will do, I was already making plans to cast you aside as it is because I certainly wasn't going into this with the idea of making plans for a loss. I fully expect you two to still be in the ring by the time I enter, your bad attitudes aside I know what the both of you are capable of and being the first two to go into that ring but managing to overcome a good number of the competition wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, but when I enter is when shit changes. When I enter is when you both know you need to be on your toes because I've got no problem whatsoever taking either of you bitches by surprise if it means getting my hands on that title. I've always performed exceptionally well in battle royals and some of you already even know that - when the field began to thin and the number of women that took up the ring began to dwindle because I knew how and when to pick my spots, I was always one of the last between the ropes. That experience, having shown I have the endurance to make it as far as I have in matches where that attribute and the mind to survive is absolutely key, is gonna be the game changer. It's gonna be what it all comes down to, and it's gonna be what wins me that Specialists Championship."
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Post on March 30th 2018, 7:18 pm by Cage.
I don't need to feel good about anything. I call you filler because that is exactly what you are, swallowing mediocrity before you was thrown into a championship match without having to earn it just like Devan Dubian, you wish to be EAW Champion, you crave it so badly because it's a dream. It's a boyhood dream right? Well it's worse to have tasted EAW Championship gold once than to have never tasted it at all, you know nothing of being EAW Champion. You know everything based on name value, you are a guy playing with stolen money because I know you aren't blind Rex, I know you watched me vs HBG and I know you witnessed Diamond Cage beating the hell out HBG, and then Dubian decided to come in and the rest is history. You know you don't belong but you'll insist on competing because that is what you are supposed to do, that's what you are here for, to perform. But you know what as we get closer, I have no problem with this match being a fatal four way due to the fact that I had to beat five of the best in the world to win the title in the first place so what is three going to do to me? Because one I beat you all it will be no doubt that Diamond Cage is the rightful EAW Champion and king of this company because I beat the only relevant challengers left. You talk about the lengths you are willing to go but I laugh at that, I find that shit hilarious because who the fuck are you to talk about lengths to me? Do you know who I am? Do you know what I do in this ring not only to whoever is in it with me but to myself just to secure a victory? You ever lost your fucking family to this company? You ever had to fight tooth and nail just to make it to the next day? You ever had to sacrifice everything and put it all on the line and then when this company screws you over, still have enough in you to say that this isn't over? No, because the lengths you are willing to go in my eyes is kiddie shit compared to me because I've seen worse and I've done worse. What you call killing yourself to get to the top is what I call just wrestling man, that's just basic fucking wrestling. You have the same drive as every other man and that drive is shoot to wound, shoot to hurt momentarily. I'm a killer, I shoot to fucking kill, big difference is Rex, you'll hurt momentarily and you'll be content with momentary success. 

I'll shoot to kill so that it leaves no doubt in who the man really is around here, You are in no way shape or form capable of stepping inside this ring and talking about the lengths you are willing to go, in these waters, and most importantly in these waters where the EAW World Championship is at the top of the food chain and we are all fighting like hell to get to it, I'm the shark in these waters that will drag you out to deep waters, and you being the shark who thinks he knows about lengths, you'll follow me because you too want to run these waters as the champion. And just when you think you can keep up, I'll drown you, because that is what I do, I take people of out their comfort zones and I welcome them into my world. I'm tired of you speaking about Diamond Cage and how honorable it is to do the things that I've done in this ring and talk about my story. Stop speaking about me like I'm dead, because I'm very much alive, I proved that when I nearly had the EAW Championship and I prove it every time after that, I'm very much alive and can't be destroyed and I refuse to be destroyed by anyone in EAW. Especially in this soft era of EAW talent, but let me educate you a little bit.  Adapting to the times means you can survive no matter what changes take place in this place, adapt or perish, and the baggage I carry is experience, the baggage I carry is things I've picked up a long the way. You don't know anything about me except the fact that I've failed, basically fought my way from death back to the top, that's all you know. Little do you know, I've been carrying this company, making it a place where underdogs like you can survive. And I've come back to take the EAW Championship and this company back because people like you, the crop of talent that you come from, has made this company a mockery for far too long. You may be different from those who have shown they are spineless and spat in the face of EAW, but in my eyes you are all the same, and I won't care to find out because I won't allow you to claim the brass ring. Over my dead body, we will not put our faith into another guy who we see is likeable only for them to take their ball and go home and pretend like they have our championships. It will not happen on my watch, I was you before you was even here Rex. Fighting like hell to gain momentum and speaking about my dreams, nobody gave a fuck about my dreams, nobody gave a fuck about my hunger. No matter how much I YELLED, SCREAMED, AND BEG AND CRIED AND BITCHED AND MOAN NOBODY CARED TO GIVE A FUCK! So you know what I did Rex? I picked up a weapon, multiple, anything you can think of and I dismembered, I maimed and I destroyed. I made people scream tears of blood in this ring, and it wasn't to be a bloodthirsty man who enjoys painting the canvas with the paint being my opponents blood. I was going to stack as many people up in this company, to get my message across, I dream of holding the EAW Championship but eventually I have to wake up to my fucking reality and realize I am not the EAW Champion, and so with waking up to harsh reality, I insist on fighting like hell until that dreams becomes apart of my reality. You live in the dream land, and this opportunity has just fell into your lap but I wonder just what are you going to do with it buddy? Are you going to take the inch and turn it into a mile? Or will you once again have to sleep in failure? I've see a lot of people come and I've seen a lot of them go, one constant remains that I'll do what I have to do despite what happens. And I'll do what I have to do at Grand Rampage, whether it's you Rex, HBG or Devan Dubian trust and believe it certainly doesn't matter if I have to stack all three of you up, I'm walking out with the EAW Championship.
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Post on March 30th 2018, 6:00 pm by Rex32
Oh, if only you knew.

If only you knew how much it means to me. If only you knew what lengths I'm willing to go for one singular moment, one that  will seemingly freeze in time once it happens. If only you knew why when I walk out from beyond that curtain, and the raucous reception from the onlookers sends waves of electricity and vibrations throughout the building in anticipation of what's to come. If only you knew the feeling that courses through me when the metropolis I enter into under the bright lights in another championship bragging rights situation that the world would rather believe I won't win. It's the kind of feeling where I know I'm left with no other alternative but to enter into that ring, fighting fire with fire every step of the way, never staying down, never quitting, with an iron will that won't be stopped, that refuses to allow me to walk away without that EAW Championship to validate every bit of experience and knowledge that this journey of almost two and a half years has brought me. I'm every bit of the truth, all the truth people will ever need - the ones that think that the lumps of coal that are stuck under immense pressure in situations they shouldn't be able to succed can become one of the greatest diamonds of them all. 

If only you knew how much I wish to be the EAW World Champion.

We all get to a certain point in our careers where we start to understand that it ain't only about the amount of wins and losses you accumulate, or how long you can keep some current hot streak your on going, or the many titles and achievements you can amass to enhance your resume. It's not only about beating this name or that name, names that may have played some part in changing people's perception about you. But rather it's all of those types of things and more that are how we build our careers, creating legacies that place us on the highest plateaus of pro wrestling, etching our names into pro wrestling lore. I came into this company bright eyed, so full of naivety, just another hot-headed rookie that thought he had all the answers before he ever even put in the work. I may not be the upstart rookie, the dark horse that sneaks up on people anymore after this, but I'll be damned if I've worked this hard to let even winning the EAW Championship be my peak, my ceiling. As far as I'm concerned, walking out in front of that crowd in Pasadena, California against three of the all time greatest taking center stage is validation enough to show how much I've worked and how far I've come in almost two and half years. It will show that passion, patience, persistence, and resiliency pays off. Everyone else in this match may have a different goal in mind, but it's for the interim, to headline Pain For Pride. But my aspirations go beyond that, well in to the future. This isn't a passing of the torch, because I'm not waiting any longer for the others to pass it down, so I'm going to take it at Grand Rampage. I'm going to take this generation into the future, continuing to add to my legacy in the Land of Elites. Don't you grumpy veteran war horses worry, I am not going to dismiss you or try and tear down what you've accomplished the same way you try erroneously to toward me, because I fully realize that each and every one of you have had some instrumental role at one point or another through the history of this place that has made it possible for me to have a platform to go out and exhibit what makes me someone worth putting your money on. But I know, I realize. You don't see it that way. There's like fifty to a million shades of grey that doesn't allow you to see or reason why I'm here. But all that fog will pass and you'll finally see some years down the road, if not now, what it was that you were overlooking about me. As I have stated, this opportunity doesn't come around for everyone, and I'm not going allow it to be an experience I take lightly. 

You'll find out that it's moments like this that I live for.

But, in order to move forward with such a magnificently laid out fundamental thought requires a focus on what's ahead, not what we've left behind in our rear views mirrors. The past doesn't shape the future, and looking back into it can't help you fulfill the dreams you have of potentially headlining  at Pain For Pride, Heart Break Gal. Your determination, your heart, the incentive to fight until you can't no more, the motivation that keeps you striving for more? All of that is great. All of that will make you, make this match my biggest test to date. And I'm no longer that dog in the manger as maybe I was before, who wanted nothing more than to see you crumble under my might just to prove a point. No. Now, instead I'm the impervious, underrated, undaunted, and unflappable challenger to the love you hold closer to you at night than that of your own husband's. Is it really any surprise that after so many months of standing at the top admiring your throne, looking down at countless unfamiliar faces that you get lost in a simple gaze of the reality that has come to be at this moment? Missing key points, that even back then were never meant to present the completion of an unwritten chapter, or just some over night shift of those stars that you say were aligned for you to be in the position you are in right now all along. When I stated that I was shaping the future, that literally meant later in the months to follow and perhaps years just the same, but I can tell you have a selective hearing problem that's previously gone undetected by others you've come face to face with. The same goes for Diamond Cage and Devan Dubian. But the reality is, that you've been great in your time of making your respective legacies what they are. You've done what no other woman has done, Heart Break Gal, and perhaps will never be able to live up to in their wildest dreams even if someone else manages to follow in your footsteps, crack the code, and break that glass ceiling for themselves. You're the Queen that's earned the title through the greatness that she's put on show for the rest of the world to revel at and clamour for. For all the flaws you've got Diamond Cage, your loyalty, your heart, your no-quit-bleed-til your almost dead fighting mentality will probably not be duplicated in the era of Elite. It has cemented you a legacy that will always be remembered for all the battles you should've died during, but didn't. All that is what has made you great. Devan Dubian you've curved off the path that nobody has or is following you on. But what has made your legacy one worth remembering is the struggles which helped you bounce back even stronger to become greater than you were before. It's also too how you became great. Three careers that were built by constantly stacking the domino chips higher and higher each time, and when they fell you simply got back up and started building again and again building your kingdoms bigger all the time. But even greatness doesn't last, wherein it comes to a halt at some point. It's not untouchable. You shouldn't lie to yourselves and betray your own good conscience inside to say aloud that my presence in another affair that could end in disappointment isn't of worry to you. Two ways to fool yourself, one is believing what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. But maybe that's another theory of how you created your worlds in the first place. The visionary, the Heart Break Gal, that continuously lies to herself to satisfy this fabricated world built on a strong foundation, but the walls, those she built upon self-deception can be torn down, her shields rendered weak when she's gotta take a leaf out of someone else's book whose ever said they will never lose their current status, just to feel properly secure with her own existence given the circumstances. That's the greatest lie you could ever tell yourself in this business, one that's always changing, evolving. But the real reason you spite me so much goes beyond holding some grudge against me, beyond simply disliking me for your own selfish reasons. Diamond Cage, you call me a filler because you need to feel good inside about your own chances to walk away with the prize, so instead of accepting that you've had your opportunity to carry a Brand on your back, carry the company. All you do is walk around with bitterness inside that everything was taken from you when you should be thankful that the opportunity ever came your way to begin with. You say you've adapted to the times, but if you're still carrying excess baggage from the past that has constantly held you back, then that can't be true. This place has made you this way? No. Your actions and reactions have done that. Devan, you admire me from afar but relegate me as nothing more than pure cannon fodder constantly contradicting yourself when I confront you with yet another answer that debunks your theory at Battle Without Honor and Humanity, but I know why you, all of you try to deflect the real truth won't admit to. You've all had your chance to run with the ball before, and whether those runs were a true measure of your greatness, the fact is whether others believed you were deserving or not you proved without a shadow of any doubt that you could reach that pinnacle of our sport. I'm the here and now, and deep down you all know it. You know it, and that scares every one of you. Your scared of what this new age of EAW will become if you aren't at the peak of it representing this brand going into Pain For Pride. You're afraid of letting the future that I've worked tirelessly to bring to pasture since this season began become a reality because your afraid of what it means for your own current positions in the company going forward. From what's been making the money around here, the safe choices when it comes to that title. One that's gone from Impact, to Drastik, to Tiberius, and now you Heart Break Gal. Just over the last year alone, this company has went with the safety net to ensure that the coveted legacy of the championship doesn't get stained like it did with someone Eclipse Diemos or Vic Vendetta, two others the company took chances on but ultimately lived to see their own worst fears come to be. So they reach into the past so this brand can draw more money for this company because you're all afraid to get behind a new campaign, a new era that would make sure this company truly evolved. It doesn't take rocket science to understand you can't evolve if you are constantly looking into the past to try and carry you long term into the future when they may not be around much longer. So go ahead, declare at your hearts desire until the moment comes that you are no longer able to make the same declarations, because on Sunday I'm taking that EAW World Championship. Taking the ball just like I did with the National Elite Championship and running with it, and I'll do it going further and longer than anyone ever thought that I would, because that's what I do! I turn heads, defy the odds, and change opinions and perceptions! You can bet your whole fucking life savings that I won't, and in the end you'll lose every last penny! We've faced off so many times that we've began to regurgitate a lot of the same material, but like I've said. I'll give you all your due, you've been great representatives of this brand, and company. Your names aren't ones that will ever be forgotten. Especially you, Heart Break Gal. Many never expected you'd achieve such a dream, but you have. You've opened doors for women that weren't previously opened that can never be closed again. You've all dared to dream bigger, or else you would not be here.

But all dreams come to an end at some point because they eventually become somebody else's.

See you soon.
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Post on March 30th 2018, 4:53 pm by Jon McAdams
Cody Marshall
A load on a canvas
McAdams sits on an office chair that is saddled in jewelry and expensive trinkets on top of several computer desks.above what appears to be a makeshift ring in the center of an office. Two men in suits and ties are bloody and beating eachother down in the center of the ring. McAdams lifts up a chalice and takes a sip.

“Why so serious? That’s really the question you’ll be asking me? Hmm. Do you actually compete here or are you just comedy relief? Do you exist just to appeal to the small part of the audience that eats paint chips and huffs markers?

Are you not taking this seriously? It’s like you’re not even analyzing what you’re saying. Tell me, who have you beaten of worth? How bout we elongate it. Who have you beaten of worth in the past two years since you’ve been here? What exactly have you done to merit your understanding of worth and prestige? Everything you say, when you put it into the context of you who you are is just… silly.

Talk is cheap? I beat the greatest holder of this title that’s ever existed. While holding this title I beat Jacob Senn. I could go on but you already know the story so why would you even say something this stupid. These are all men you couldn’t beat. These are all people who wouldn’t let you shine their shoes because you are so far beneath them. I almost didn’t respond today cause I thought… what is the point? He is just going to spew a whole bunch of nonsense and odd conjecture that has been proven. I mean, I understand opinions are opinions but I can objectively say your opinion is wrong. Yes, I am offended that someone like you would be my first challenger. The reason our match is right at the bottom of the card is because I am not facing someone better. This isn’t a Darkane rematch. This isn’t an uppercard battle. People know the ending. But please forgive me for trying to deliver the very best I can to maximize my screen time. I take care of myself, I work out, I make sure I look a certain way and I present myself as such. When I say you’re a fat balding loser, it is because you don’t present yourself very well.

When you come at me talking about 30k millionaires I laugh because I am old money. I am money beyond money. People are indebted to me not the other way around. And when I present myself oh so ostentatiously, and when I speak about who I am and what I am and how I am the sole champion on Dynasty I am building a brand for myself. It’s a true one too. It’s kind of part of our job. You would know that if you didn’t spend all your time trying to be a movie star. I tell you what, you want to talk about making it in this business? Why don’t you go read the betting odds on us. It’s insane how little anyone has credited you for a victory. That is the aura coming off of you. And I promise you, when I enter a room, it lights up, or it cowers in fear. There isn’t this sad lack of reaction that you get. It is amazing to me that you could stand there, knowing what you know about yourself and how little you’ve done and try to give me a lesson on how to be a star. Here’s how it really works. When people talk about this match do you know what they say? They say, I wonder who Jon McAdams is facing at Pain For Pride? They say, I wonder who Jon’s next opponent is. I wonder if they’re going to draft someone from Showdown or Voltage to face Jon McAdams. Not a soul is saying, I wonder if Cody can win? They’ve already moved on from the humoring the idea of it.

When Cody Marshall enters the room people either don’t notice, or dont’ care. When Cody Marshall enters the room he is overshadowed by greater men and women in this business. Cody Marshall doesn’t enter the room. He fades into it like a prop, or a piece of equipment. Cause that is what you are. But it goes on, here is where the buck stops again. You say you can two jobs better than I can do one? My goodness you are delusional. Tell me, what part of this job are you doing well? What part of this whole endeavor as a wrestler has this fucking cartoon character Cody Marshall shown to be worthy of the screen? You get your ass kicked every single week on this show and there isn’t a name, a veteran, a person of worth, who hasn’t said to you, directly, ‘You are irrelevant’. Here I am, shooting up in the company and I am spoken of highly by every soul, even the people here who hate me know to respect me but you’re right,” McAdams lets out a laugh. “YOU CAN DO THIS JOB BETTER! HAHAHAHAHA”

“I don’t mind hearing about your TV show, on a plug during the show, or on a commercial, or even when I am watching it. But when I am watching you speak to me in EAW TV and you are addressing me as an opponent and you start talking about your TV show it is like nails on a chalkboard. I cannot believe what I am hearing, I can’t believe you would waste time talking about your other job when you can’t seem to fucking get this one right. And you’re right, I do spend a lot of time talking about you, because leading up to the match, it’s my fucking job, did you forget? I didn’t come here to slack, and I told you I would show you how a champion carries himself. You continue to do the best work, even if your opponent is Shaker Jones, you bring your A game. Period. That is the biggest difference between us here. You mock the idea that a guy like me would do my absolute best because somewhere in your twisted fucked head, you actually believe that true stars don’t have to work hard.

This is why you will never rise above where you are.


As long as you think that a true successful person doesn’t have to work hard. When you get to the top, you have to work harder. When you get to the top, you have to be the best all the time. When you are rising up to the occasion you need to bring your A game and if you don’t or you think you’re above it, or you think you can do other things then you might as well fuck right off. Let’s come back to reality. Nasir may have disappeared and the title may be gone but that man worked his ass off to get to the top even if his departure was dubious and painful, he is a man you couldn’t ever hold a candle too and as far as being a bit guy? I am a real person, I carry a brand but at least I am literally not a bit on the show. I am not just a five minute spot but a fully featured and fleshed out man who fights for his dreams and doesn’t puss out and get lazy cause shit is hard like you.

I want you to know I hoped that by bringing my best to you that you would show me something. That maybe a fire would be lit up and I can say that at the very least I am appreciative to see some emotion. Some anger. Something. But this is just not enough. You are desperate, I know that, but somehow in your desperation you are still comfortable. I even waited extra long because I hoped that it would make you step up even more. Maybe add some excitement to this match but here you are… you decided to waste another opportunity to bring out something more against me by trying to use a bit on me. That somehow your sad, badly contextualized, delusional tirade had somehow murdered me? I murdered you the first time I spoke to you. I murdered you the only other two times we had matches. I wrote the book on murdering Cody Marshall.

I never stop training, Cody. I never stop. It’s not just for you, but it’s for the person after you. It’s for the person after that person. I am constantly making myself better. Constantly becoming the best in the world because thats what it takes to be HARDCORE”


“Quoting me will do you no good, and trying to tell people that I am afraid of you is just silly. I have no reason to fear you. You can’t beat me. You never have. You never will. You got the best of me on some silly segment on Dynasty and I am glad you at least brought it up. It’s the one thing you’ve done, but I’ve got the best of your entire career. Every time we’ve faced off in the ring for a match and everytime they ran my promos against yours. What is so upsetting too, is I gave you ample opportunity to respond. Ample opportunity to beat me in this little promo war we were having. I said nothing and you shot your mouth and still somehow said nothing. Just beat your chest a bunch about how you’re going to beat me without ever really… being able to do it. Or out wit me, or out think me, or even out deliver on me. With three promos you managed to say nothing new and that… that is so upsetting. I had high hopes that if I just kept my mouth shut and I let people think you were going to win because you sold yourself well enough, that people would think this is going to be one hell of a match BUT here we are! I was murdered, Cody Marshall? No. I am going to kill you Saturday and as long as I am Champion, you will never be. I want that to sink in. As long as I am Champion, you will always be exactly what you are. Nothing.” McAdams signals for one of the men to bring out something from the back. One of the men in suits throws down Cody Marshals painting from last week.

McAdams whips his dick out but it is blurred. The camera zooms into McAdams face so that you can only see his arm moving. He glares angrily at the camera, unflinching until he finishes on the painting.
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