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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:43 pm by Moongoose McQueen
While making a purpose in life to prove others wrong isn’t sexy or appealing, it is the very core and foundation that makes me …me. To say Ryan Wilson is wrong and shouldn’t do a damn thing about it, it isn’t my style. I will continuously support every and if not all personal and pity motivations, as long as it’s a means to be honest with yourself. You know the old saying, “honesty is the best policy” and despite whether people hate you or like you, it makes no difference to me. I’m not in it for the admiration of others, I’m in it for self-pleasure and the self-glorification in which the only person that can build me up is none other than myself. People will try to knock me down, but I’ll never break. I may get dirtied every once in a while and the cracks get exposed, but to simply exist is enough, and to make the most out of existence is always the contest in which you prove to others that you are truly living the life you want to live. While I won’t stand by and say you can beat me in your current state and form, I will say the potential is still there, and just because others can’t see it, who cares, everyone is blind to their own ambitions, and in a sense, so are you. But it doesn’t hurt to step outside of your own world and peer beyond it, and smell the god damn roses. Enjoy it, embrace it, and come to the true realization that the world is truly your oyster and you should just take it.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, Ryan Wilson, allow me to be the first to acknowledge you as  a mere equal, simply on the intellectual level, from one man to another man, the parallels between us is strange, for I don’t believe you and I are truly that different from one another. We both talk a lot of smack, and typically just don’t really care what people think, and the sad reality is, people don’t get us. They don’t understand us, but in spite of that, it’s still our job to make them “get us.” As a wrestler, you still have room to improve, but I will tell you, Ryan Wilson, you are on the right track. And sooner or later, you might be the next Moongoose McQueen, no, the next Ryan Wilson. Because you see, you are a man that isn’t afraid to promote and sell himself. You lack shame in favor of achieving your goals, but yet you still have some sense of nobility of a warrior. However, I’m still years ahead of you as a in ring competitor, and you still haven’t truly unleashed your true potential. Almost as if something or someone is holding you back. Perhaps its sportsmanship or dare I say, fear of going too far and never being able to return to the past. Well, I’m going to tell you to forget all that. I want you to hold nothing back. I’m not in the business to help make people like you better. I’m in the business of finding the right opponent to push me, and the truth of what I said earlier is simple. You lack the merit to push me to be better. Whether the chances of your winning or losing is a factor, wins and losses, they matter little to me. The only thing that matters is at the end, I can learn from it, I can evolve from it, I can become stronger from it. So Ryan Wilson, it’s really simple. Don’t focus on merely proving me wrong, simply focus on learning from this experience. Because I’m going to teach you things you’ve never realized you should know. I use to be like you, same brash and can-do attitude. But when I take multiple losses, I adapt from it and prepare for the next fight, where the only real damn shame about you is, you don’t seem to be improving with each loss, you just shrug it off and move on. I suppose the difference between you and I is, you aren’t strict enough on yourself. You don’t beat yourself enough to trying to get better. You don’t truly love yourself. And I gotta tell you, I love being me. I love being right. And I love rubbing it in the faces of others. Unfortunately for you, your face is not one of which I would love to rub my success into, because as brutal and critical as it maybe, until you learn to take your defeats and learn from your mistakes, you will never have the strength to prove others wrong. So please, I’ve taken the time to speak highly of you, if you aren’t going to beat me on the merits of helping yourself, help me by proving to your doubters that they are wrong, and Ryan, despite me calling you “not a threat,” You better expect me to step in that ring with you, and keep pushing every button, throwing each punch, kicks, and every wrestling trick in the playbook. Because even if you beat me, it doesn’t mean cracker jacks if you don’t do something with it. And I’m never nice enough to hand out wins that aren’t deserved, so Ryan Wilson…. Earn it. Teach me a lesson. Prove me wrong. Prove them all wrong! And I can assure you, if you beat me, there will be no tricks or excuses, and if I beat you, well, don’t be ashamed as I guarantee, from the bottom of my heart and soul, you will get the full Moongoose McQueen experience.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:31 pm by Lars Grier

I convinced myself.

I convinced myself that King of Elite would be the night. That night where as The Raven, I silenced all my opposers and doubters as I took my place on the throne. King of Elite was supposed to be the night - no, MY night. I whispered into my own ear, into the ears of the world as I cupped my hands and said: This is it. I was ready. Lars Grier was fucking ready to set off a storm in the building, hell - I even got Royal Blood to play for me to the ring. Even animatronic wings. I had it all planned out, a special occasion for the new year….the year where I would finally be able to do it. I told myself: After a lifetime of fighting, grinding, battling through the fire and brimstone, I claimed to the world, proclaiming to the masses that I would become The Raven King as I had so boldly claimed. The pieces were set in the right order. The King of Bullets was aiming his gun but I set off to take flight before he could strike, with the glory of the World Heavyweight Championship in sight. Jamie O’Hara is a hypocrite, I told everyone. He will fall, I said. This is my time…..I did the one thing that made the fall even harder. I gave myself an ultimatum - an end that I needed to reach and I told myself if I didn’t make it, there would be no coming back. And what happened? A knee driven into my skull. My body crashed onto the mat face-first, unconscious and barely breathing after that Kingslayer and I stood along the mat, my eyes glazed staring up at those bright, heavenly nights. Three...seconds. An entire lifetime of war and battle - washed away into the ocean of the others, all under the span of three seconds. Three fucking seconds. I can’t let that number go away, I can’t shake away the feeling in my mind that it could have ended differently. Last week, I was at a lost. A whirlwind of emotions, pulling away at my mind and tearing it apart, making me lose focus. I was so….distraught, to the point that in a desperate attempt to regain what I had left, I went to Kenny Drake and demanded another match. Just...one...more...match. It didn’t even have to be a title shot, it could have just been a number one contender’s match, I told him. But then I remembered. I remembered my morals. My principles. My goals. I remember what I tell myself every night, every day when I look into that mirror and see my bruised, broken, beaten, battered face, and I remind myself of the truth in front of me: Evolve. Adapt. Improve. Look past your mistakes. Mend those wounds, those broken limbs and injured bodies, pick up the pieces and start all over again. Last week, the only thing I could feel in my heart and in my mind was nothing more than an unending, unceasing and fiery rage that wanted to vent and take out all of its frustrations at anything and anyone, no matter what happened. Even tonight, as I stand facing you all, I’m expected to put a smile on my face and act as if nothing happened, but I know I can’t. I take a look at my bandaged shoulder, I know I can’t. I take a look at the scars on my face and I know what’s changed. Through my eyes I see that O’Hara still has that championship rested on his shoulder…...and I know what has been transformed.

Everything has changed.

But I....I will march forward.

Gather up those scraps, those pieces and rubble that were created, and I’ll build myself back up again. I have to. I can’t give up this quest, not now. The rage, the hatred and the fire inside me continues to burn, and I know I can’t let that stop. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not any day after that will The Raven EVER stop his quest to become king. Jamie called me weak, that I can’t handle losses - and yet I still stand, facing you all once again. I am all things but a champion, a winner, a patronized saint. Truly, I apologize for having dealt this card for you two boys. Billy and Jimmy Wilde, two young men looking to make their mark in history. You two came unscathed from the ashes of what was once NEO, and tomorrow night you’re looking to cement yourselves as the premier team on Voltage, but really - take a look at who you’re facing this week. It’s not Dead Spades. It’s not The Revenant, Lang the Irascible or any of those NEO fuckboys - you aren’t even facing Lars Grier this week, no. You’re battling a man who has been stabbed through the chest, a scar that will forever remind him of his failure, and who wants nothing more than to let the storm that resides within him into the real world. You’ll give me that smug grin, claiming that you’ll try to knock off one of the top stars on this brand in an attempt to secure your spot but not when you’re facing a man who has had his pride shattered, his words become hollow and the only thing inside of him a monster that will be unleashed. I’m sorry you two were put against me this week. My shell has been cracked, my pride broken unlike any other.

In compensation, you two boys will be shattered, chewed, eaten and spit out underneath my talons.

The Raven is hungry, and he is hungry for blood.

Oh, how your blood will run like a waterfall from my beak.

Last edited by Lars Grier on January 21st 2018, 3:52 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Spelling)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:21 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 95: No Mercy

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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We are introduced to the scene with the faint sound of a slow clapping. The scene itself has been visually tampered with in either post-production or real-time recording. The scenery is entirely white, grey scaled with a contrast risen so that there is no form of shadow or darkness in the shot. Every detail that would be shadows displayed in the shot is in various shades of grey, never dark enough to be mistaken for a shade of black. The scene itself is being shot in front of the St. Nicolai Lutheran Church in Denmark, made to look like a juxtaposed scene to the one it is in response to. The source of the sound is standing in front of the doors of the church, as Finnegan Wakefield is dressed in his Sunday best, clapping slowly in a sarcastic manner all the while wearing a matching grin on his face.

"Amusing as always to hear from you, Ryan. It has been quite some time since you and I had a chance to just sit down and have a nice chat like this. Believe it or not, I have been wondering for the longest as to when the next time I would have this kind of opportunity to exchange philosophies with one another again in this little game of verbal chess we play. And sure enough, the roster shakeup brought you to my doorstep. Despite the numerous months that separates our first encounter with one another till now, it looks like just as many things have changed as they have stayed the same. You still play as bold as ever, pushing your pieces along the board without a moment's hesitation or second thought, with an absolute certainty that you have made all the right moves to back your opponent into a corner. You are a man that plays with no doubt in his mind that victory is the inevitable result in the end. I kind of missed opposition who could make such proclamations and had the conviction to back it up. Encounters with opponents like that are few and far between. Although that kind of mentality is smart in the metaphorical game of chess, having the power to bend someone's words, their philosophies, their very narrative driven by your will, that kind of method of play only works on those that are weaker in the knees and don't have the convictions to prevent them from second-guessing themselves and the moves they make. I am no such opponent. It will take a little bit more than a few bold assumptions to get me playing on the defensive if you are capable of such a feat at all. You see, I am not too shabby at this game myself. I don't play by throwing as much caution to the wind as some, I don't play in haste to leave mistakes for others to capitalize on. I play to win, with cautions and biding my time until all the pieces are in the positions I need them to be. And I let them enjoy their faux supremacy, I let them relish in their idea of victory, and that is when one by one, their pieces slowly get removed from the board. And before they even realise it, they find themselves in checkmate. And I enjoy that feeling. I enjoy that feeling of having an opponent so self-absorbed in their own ideas, their own arrogance, that they challenge me to a game they think they know oh so well, but they don't catch on to just how well I am playing the game on the opposite side of the board. Biding my time, just letting them dig their own hole before pulling the trigger. And that is what I have been looking forward to, Marx. The chance to take one of the considered verbal supremacists of this company, and best him in a game many believe it is impossible for him to lose. Including himself.

Metaphors aside, there is quite a fair bit of hype from your transition to Voltage. There are a handful of people who bought into the hype that you have brought, proclaiming your intentions of challenging for our World Heavyweight Championship. I am not one of those people. As skilled as you are and as fruitful as your time on Showdown was, it doesn't give you a pass to simply cut in line and assume a high-ranking place in the Voltage hierarchy. And for some of us who have worked week after week on this brand for a title shot to watch you just waltz in and demand one is not just a slap in the face, but a spit in the face too. Some might be subservient and just let it happen while watching idly by. But once again, I am not one of those people. In fact, I challenge such arrogance. If you are here to bring an unrelenting chaos to the brand, there will be many that take exception to it and will line up to kick you off that high horse you rode in on. And after the bold and arrogant assumptions you threw in my direction, your welcoming party to Voltage will be at the very front of the line.

I love this idea every time I hear it. I love hearing when people say that I have put the New Breed Championship into a status of mediocrity. It's...laughable. Laughable at how idiotic such a claim is. And it is a claim more often than not made by men who know less about the subject then they preach. These men often feel like they could do or have done better with the championship than I, but they are oblivious to the comparison or have no ground to stand on to begin with. In the case of yourself, Ryan Marx, you feel like your brief stint from yesteryear holds a higher value than my current reign. I will admit that upon hearing such a bold claim I raised an eyebrow in curiosity to what kind of tripe you were going to throw at me. And I wasn't surprised when it turned out to be crock of Inflated self-importance tripe in the end. Have you even been watching this reign you have compared to your own? Or are you just making a wild guess with the idea that no one in recent times could hold a candle to yours by pure say-so? Either way, you are a fool to believe such a thing. I won't discredit your tenure as New Breed Champion. You faced future main event players in Rex McAllister and Lars Grier, that much is respectable. However, it pales in comparison to the feats I have achieved thus far in my tenure and will be continuing to do so going forward. I have faced established main event talents while wearing this title around my waist. I faced Hall of Famers while carrying the flag of a New Breed competitor. I fought through the Tag Team Tournament, taking the idea of the New Breed shackles and shattered them when I almost won the whole thing with Ironico. And in the process, I brought this title to hold a similar value as the Hardcore, National Elite and the Interwire Championships to the point where it could be considered on the same tier in the hierarchy. It has had prominent spots on Free-Per-Views, as well as the main event of a handful of Voltage episodes, this week included. You took this title out of the dirt and put it on a shelf. I took the title off the shelf and put it into the limelight. The only valid point to your claim is the difference between our reigns by the talent that has been produced in the aftermath. Your tenure cemented yourself, Rex McAllister and Lars Grier to the main event level. Since my reign isn't over, that luxury has yet to be proven to ring true for my future. But it will in due time. But unlike what you had done to the value of this title when you dropped it to the likes of Cody Marshall, I am not going to lose this title to someone who will inevitably devalue it. It'll be taken from me when a rightful successor can find the intestinal fortitude to carry the flag I am no longer qualified to carry. Be it by being beaten by an even more promising upstart or forced to vacate and watch being picked up by another after I am no longer considered a New Breed wrestler.

What makes me question the value of your reign as New Breed Champion, however, is not any of that. But simply by how many people even recall you ever holding the title to begin with. In your old stomping grounds of Showdown, I can understand that some people there are so locked in that bubble they have very little attention paid towards the other brands, perhaps even less towards the doings of the New Breed Championship to even care who the current champion is. But when there are people who keep up with the goings-on, they like to use the lineage of this championship, specifically to try and prove a point to the standard of athlete it can produce, how it is a flip of the coin between success and failure. And when they list off the names that made a significant impact on the title and went on to become prominent players in EAW there is an absence of any mention of Ryan Marx. It isn't a one-off occurrence either, it has happened several times and I have heard a handful of names, even a name or two that never held the title to begin with, yet even they have made the mentions in replacement of you. Even the World Heavyweight Champion himself, the undisputed best New Breed Champion in the history of this company, when he was giving me the third-degree and reminding me of the gravity of the standard I am to carry, no mention of a Ryan Marx was made. Even with the ideology that the length of days that one holds this championship is meaningless compared to the impact you make while wearing it, he didn't list you among his examples of people that lived up to that idea. It has become apparent to me through the words of others, Ryan Marx as New Breed Champion has become lost to time, a footnote in the history books that no one gives a second glance. Everything I strive not to be; A champion that is only remembered as the answer to a difficult question in a game of EAW trivia. There is no comparison. I have already eclipsed all you have done with this title. It has been left as a plume of viscero that congeals with many just like it as it became a cruel victim to a long list of events that have been forgotten. I, on the other hand, don’t have to remind a single soul that I am the New Breed Champion; they know, and the ones that don’t have their fingers in their ears trying to block it out at best. That is fine. Sweet ignorance is a bliss to some. Just because you have done so doesn’t deem that my reign is one of failure, it just makes it all the more evident you would love to live in that ignorance. The ignorant bliss of pretending that I haven’t held this title higher than you had. It will happen with the Openweight Championship as it had with the New Breed. Your reigns aren’t unsurpassable, and I am proof of that.

I go out to that ring every week and I prove myself. And I do it to prove others wrong.

I wouldn’t call saying such things as a fixation. They have admittingly become very redundant statements, regardless of whether I say it or not it is the natural progression of my career. Regardless if I have to say it to others or not, I have proven myself and the people who have doubted my mettle wrong for over a year. People's expectations don’t matter to me, but I acknowledge that they are there. When they are ones that want to see me soaring, I meet them. When they want to see me burning like Icarus flying too close to the sun, I disappoint them. It doesn’t matter. There is only one person who has the ability to honestly say if or if I have not failed. That person is me and me alone. Not the likes of you, or anyone else in that locker room, or the locker rooms of any other brand. I have no insecurities to show, and you are making nothing more than mountains out of molehills for thinking so. While we are on the topic of insecurities, let us address yours. Not ones I have fabricated and assume to be insecurities you possess, but ones you have laid bare in your attempt to cover it up. I am sure you would love for me to point out the ‘fragile organs’ that you have revealed in the process of making targets for me to fire at. I am sure you would love for me to throw to you some snarky remarks about how you failed to capture the EAW Championship at Kingsroad, or how said failure caused you to amscray your way over to Voltage just so you can try and make yourself a validated contender for our world gold by proclamation alone. That is too easy. Your brief departure, however, shows me that the armour you wear has cracked over the damage of your ego and has been falling apart. You took a spiteful displeasure of falling to two of the best athletes on the showdown brand, walking in as sure of yourself as you have ever been, and that one set back caused you to second guess yourself. And it proved that Ryan Marx is a fragile entity when his self-assurance is proven to not be a foundation for the kingdom he wished to build. And what you find your knees buried in renders any denial of that mute. The church you have built for yourself, the beginning of your kingdom, has been left in the rubble that you now lay in with sorrow. And walking into this domain, the brand that I have called my home, tracking the mud and ashes from the bottom of your boots on my floors won't change that. Ryan Marx is a shell of his former self, but with either enough self-assurance or denial that he can assert himself into a world championship match without fighting for the right. If you want that right, by all means try to make it yours at my expense. Because I assure you my endurance is not in question and my fire is anything but extinguished. If I am not even in the mentions of potential contenders for that title, I will make it one at the expense of yourself and whatever monster you feel has possessed you. I will vanquish you both if it is what it takes to damage that armour further, to leave your kingdom in the clouds in more ruin."

The pure white contrast fades, the lighting of a dimly lit night being the only thing that allows us to see the shadow of Finnegan Wakefield, the gravity of the following words meeting the tone of the newfound mood.

"Tomorrow night, I am not imprisoned in the confines of a wrestling ring with you, you are imprisoned with the likes of me. For I am the everlasting essence that is the future of this company, and I am very much alive. And I have grown impatient with waiting to become all the greater, and no longer am I going to hesitate and lie in wait. I will have you on your hands and knees at my feet, and when I do I will show you no less mercy than you would show me. None. I will behead you and will promptly drop it at the feet of our world heavyweight champion as the proclamation that the future is no longer waiting in line. It is time that my rigor and vigor be rewarded with a taste of the eternal glory. I have fought harder to taste it, but it has always been just that extra inch away. I am not one of these faux stars that have been handed the opportunities to find their chances at the glory, I have fought tooth and nail to get inch by inch closer. And now, I seek to be paid what I am owed. If beating you means I get that payment, so be it. I won't need to come out and arrogantly talk my way into title contention, I will make it so with action. No phoney respect to extend. No honor to damage on the line. I will cast aside the concepts you have called outdated for this one night and this one night alone, abandoning them just to prove a point to you, a warning that should be heeded by you or anyone who shares the same opinions of me as you. When I remove these restraints, when I take away the elements that keep me an honorable and respectful man, I am a threat to be taken oh so seriously. I will display why the wolf under this clothing doesn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. In one corner, we have the demon that has taken possession of the broken soul that once belonged to Ryan Marx. In the other, A man who will fight without honor or humanity in Finnegan Fucking Wakefield!"

The deep and cold cadence of Finnegans voice fades, his eyes piercing through the darkness of the night like embers as a grin slowly develops on his face as the scene fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 8:25 pm by Irónico (Online)
Voltage Lucha

[Interior. The Youn Palace. The pub landlord known as “Paddy” is stood behind the bar, polishing an already clean glass for no apparent reason like every bartender in every film ever. He is joined by “the regulars”, seasoned alcoholics who start drinking at 10am daily but who haven’t chundered once between them in decades. El Hijo Del Irónia enters.]


Paddy: Aye up, chico. Good to see you back but what the fuck are you even doing here. Don’t you have a match to prepare for?

Irónico: I yam, I yam. I’m not just popping in to use yer shitter, I gots a reason to come, see. I thought I better learn a lesson or two from the best to take with me tomozzy.

Paddy: The best…?

Irónico: Aye. The most bostin’ son of a cunt this side of t’ pond.

Paddy: Well I...I don’t know what to say. How could I… I mean I am really flattered but i don’t even w-



[One of ‘the regulars’ sighs loudly.]

Davey: *grunt* Fuck sake, twoddle off you annoying streak of piss.

Irónico: Ah still a character I see. That is what I always liked about you, now why don’t i get us a round?

Davey: *sigh* Fine. I’ll have a snakebite if yer buying.

Irónico: Paddy, you heard him, two snakebites for the chicos.

Paddy: Of course…

[Paddy tries not to cry as he serves the drinks]

Irónico: So Davey, did you clock my match last week?

Davey: Canny say that I di-

Irónico: How fucking bostin’ was that? A springboard senton irónico here. A superkick there right in the gob. Then wham bam, thank you Mam, rolled Shark Man up like Cam the Clam’s fishy burrito. OLÉ!!! It just goes to show yer, don’t it? It only took a few seconds and a school chico, but I sure took those chicos back to school. A bit less on the cheeky finger and fag around the bike sheds, but spot on with the new chicos getting their heads swirlied am I right?

Davey: I guess…

Irónico: I yam not wrong. The new irónico is looking like a chavo who can get the job bloody done and i could nae be any more chufty about it. Nae more fretting me whiskers about ending up back on the dole. Between performances like last week and the box office draw that is the El Irónishow, I have found a home in this business i found my calling and who’d have thunk it, it’ds getting boiled, getting heavy on the sesh each week and having a ruck with friends and strangers alike. That sacred sesh has blessed me with so much. I gots a good ladito in Finney Wake. I nae need to worry myself about the wonga anymore. An’ it seems everywhere that I go people know the mask. But see, I wanty to have a wee talky walky wit yer because… You know… I yam not used to this.

Davey: O aye…?

Irónico: Aye. it wasnae long ago that I was just another cunt like Ryan Wilson and Shark Man are. Don’t tell ‘em I said that, they’re all right really. Sure, the Klaxon Kid has a gob on him, but it’s harmless. He is just muddling through, doing what it is he loves and I canny shit on that. Hell it’s all that I’ve been fucking doing and I couldnae imagine any other way to go about things. Cabron’s laugh. They get it in their heads that we are loco or jokes or both. But we are only drunk and high and loving life and some miserable bastardos just canny deal with that. I’m used to that much, but the thing is… perceptions change. Somewhere around the bend, some cunt had the barmy idea that I could actually be somebody. El Irónico could become a champion or King of Elite or just about anything really.  Now I wanny give that bloke a slap for getting my hopes up because it hasn’t exactly worked out that way, but you know the anticipation is still there. Just this week my opponent James Ranger was having an interview and instead of rambling on at length about how big his “Black Mamba” is, he was actually sounding a bit emasculated.

Davey: That’s a big word for you, isn’t it?

Irónico: IT IS! I'm trying too fucking hard.This is what I am saying, chico. Back in the day there were no expectations, naebody gave a flying fuck about me. It was easier.

Davey: If it makes you feel better, I still don’t give half a teacup of shit about you.

Irónico: Aye thank you, thank you. I guess what i am saying is that now the bar is set it is about as hard to maintain as Astraea Jordan’s furry bikini line. If you thought the curtains were long… Anyways! I still worry about whether I can keep it up. I don’t wanny be another Landerson of Piff Fumador who gets a little time in the spotlight and then disappears out of nowhere in a puff of marijuana smoke. So that is why I am here. A lot of the young ‘uns walk through these doors like the big I am and then an hour later they are being carried out covered in their own chunder. Not you though, Davey Boi. Every day you are the first chavo through those doors and the last pisshead out of them. AND you still drive yourself home at the end of it all. Now that's what I call fucking stamina, Davey boi. You are an inspiration, a true hero of the sesh. So tell me because I want to know… how do you do it? How do you keep that buzz going for so long  without spewing up Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast several many times a day? And how can I keep the good times rolling back in the ring?

Davey: Practice innit.

Irónico: Wot?

Davey: Work hard mate.

Irónico: No… seriously…

Davey: Positive thinking. Visualise...

Irónico: You know what? FUCK you and FUCK your self help bullshit. Paddy, fetch me a big boy bottle of the Bucky because we are doing this the old fashioned way. Tomorrow night I am going to get abso-fucking-lutely wanking gazeboed, I’m gonny kick James Ranger’s head in, and then I’m gonny wake up in a gutter somewhere having sent 67 dick pics to Nikki Khan and even more to Kenny. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix nawt.

Paddy: Good to have you back, Ladito
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 3:35 pm by Jacob Moore

"The fucking slums."

"Grew up washing my clothes in the same water I bathe in."

"Favela boy."

If I didn't know any better, I'd applaud you for these very original and very non-stereotypical insults about Chicago. I'm not Astraea Jordan, I won't break your neck just for dissing my city, but for something I represent so proudly, it's a slight hit to the chest. It's pretty obvious you've never REALLY been to Chicago, much like that bitch poser Nathan Fiora who'd get his ass kicked if he went past Navy Pier, and only go off what your news might tell you about what goes on. But are we gonna act like the UK is so perfect? I mean, great crowd last week and all but really? All the terrorist attacks? You aren't much better. And if I'm from the "slums" and grew up so poor and broke then I sure made a good living for myself doing this thing I suck at so much, didn't I? And another original joke about my girlfriend, haven't heard that before. Your dick must be small if someone can still talk around it. You played yourself, buddy. I'm not mad that you attacked Nobi, you saw the opportunity and took it like you said. I just don't understand how that puts you in front of me in the running for this shot, because it really doesn't. If the way you get to the win doesn't matter as you said in the case of Prince of Phenomenal then the record still shows that I've beaten Nobi and you haven't. I don't get what's so hard to comprehend about it. I mean, if you wanna jump in on our match sure but there's no question about me being involved after last week. You beat the champ, you get a title shot. That's how it works. You skipped the line and got to me, so guess we're at least on the same playing field, aren't we? You skipped the line and still got placed below me because you aren't on my level so what does that make you? You're the one that has to get past me, not the other way around. I'm not the one that has to prove he deserves this title bout, it's you. As much as you wanna pretend some small wins over the last two months in NEO suddenly makes you above me and everybody else on this show, you've got it twisted. I remember when I was naive like you back in the day. What a dark time it was. I was a fresh face and as soon as I got any sort of win, I'd talk about it for forever and say I deserved nothing but the best. But you gotta do more than that, jack. If you really wanna hold your win over POP in such high esteem, then do it, but that's your only important win so far and you haven't managed to do anything else of note. Congrats. I saw that you received Rising Star of the Week and I'm sure you think that means you're the next big thing, right? When I said you were being looked at as the future, that wasn't from my mind. That's what I've perceived from those that surround me who jump on the bandwagon of anybody new that looks even a little promising, and believe me, I've seen plenty of "the future" come and go. But that little award certainly puts you above me even though I've won that MULTIPLE TIMES and I'm still standing here no longer as the future but the present. But what do I know, I'm just a big old failure who nobody cares about who hasn't done shit the entire time he's been here.

You did exactly what I thought you did and used my absences against me even though I ALREADY explained them in the past. Shows you're pretty hard of hearing. No, I did not quit. I was always under EAW contract, but I took time off both for personal matters with my family and surgeries to repair nagging injuries. I never jumped ship anywhere else, I was genuinely just taking much needed time off. If that makes me a pussy, so be it. I know where my morals are and that I'm a respectable human being, unlike you who has to try to shoot low just to get any sort of attention and cheap heat only to make himself look very stupid when he's corrected. Do better, Marr. You're right, you don't need my respect. I was just trying to be a little friendly and actually give you some sort of credit to convince myself this win is even in the slightest bit important in the long run but after all your bullshit comments, I have no reason to be. I'm here to stay now, shout out to Korn. Not on some Carson Ramsay shit either where he shows up for two weeks then disappears again. I mean, it's already been three months, Charlie, I'm doing pretty good so far! All jokes aside though, I'm really as determined as ever to make this last run my best. You can laugh at that all you want and call me an idiot for wanting to keep doing this after not finding success immediately but that's how this shit works. I'm not the only one who's been here for a little while and didn't find what he was looking for. It took Finnegan Wakefield a solid, consistent year to get the New Breed Championship. It took Darkane nine months to win the Hardcore Championship. Nasir Escobar debuted in 2014 and has only held the Tag Team titles once with his boyfriend, Aren Mstislav. Keelan Cetinich has been here for I don't even know how long and has yet to win ANYTHING. And that's just in EAW. If you're gonna call me out, you might as well be calling out all these other guys too because you look even more ignorant trying to twist a false narrative into your favor. If I'm not ready, if this isn't my time to be in the spotlight, then time should be up for all of them too or been up months ago. Doesn't that sound fucking stupid? So stupid. 

All these general statements you make about me that I'm sure you've thrown at your past opponents to get to this point don't phase me. I don't have the drive, I don't have the ambition, I don't have what it takes..YET HERE I AM BEFORE YOU! I don't know about anybody else but to me, that makes you wrong. If I didn't have what it takes to succeed in this sport, I wouldn't still be here. Yeah, I've had some setbacks, who hasn't? But I still come back stronger every time. The only losses I've taken since coming back have all been shady like a low blow - which technically is a win, but I can't look at it as so - or where I've been ganged up upon to be eliminated. That says nothing about how this is gonna go for you. To me, this really started last week. When I got a change of environment and only the best competition to face off against with no backstage politics and favoritism. In that case, you're probably right about management not being particularly fond of me. But it's good that I don't need their support to beat you or beat Nobi again. However, not caring about me is a stretch. Yes, I've been forgotten about on the shithole called Dynasty but the first few months I was here, I was the best part of the show. I got the loudest reactions, I was on a winning streak, I was being set up to become New Breed Champion until personal life got in the way. I come back and I perform at our biggest free-per-view yet, Pain for Pride X, then in November I was prepped for the Hardcore title before I was traded to Showdown, LIKE I'VE ALREADY SAID. So, even with the politics, I do think this company trusts me to some extent. If they didn't, they wouldn't even have booked me - against the National Elite Champion no less. And if you wanna once again flip the script, if I was to be some kind of easy win for Nobi, I proved the exact opposite. You can put your blinders on and not look to either side of you but I'm right there no matter if you wanna try to ignore me and I'm passing you. You shouldn't be worried about what people think of me nor should you be worried about what they think of you because when it comes down to it, they'll find the next thing to get hyped about and the next train to jump on. A month from now, you won't be looked at as the same and that's not even because you fucking suck and have the typical Englishman schtick, it'll be because these people have short attention spans and if you aren't constantly grabbing their attention with something new, they get bored. So they're gonna boo you out of the building and tell you you're the worst thing not so far from now and then you won't be able to use bullshit like that against anybody else. Nobody expected you to get in on this whole charade mostly because they weren't thinking about you because they don't know who the fuck you are unless they watched the developmental shows. But how do you know about the opinions of all these people, Charlie? That nobody wants to see me get gold or see me win? Sounds like projecting to me. YOU don't wanna see me achieve greatness, YOU don't wanna see that title around my waist or on my shoulder, YOU don't care about me or wanna see me win. I got plenty of fans, even still. My merch sales can tell you that but I'm sure math isn't your forte. The crowd reaction I get, albeit a mixed one most of the time, is still a reaction. If I'm a "below average show opener", you're right there with me since we're on the same spot on the card this week. Heh. 

God, you make the most pointless statements and it gets worse the longer I listen to you talk. For a man who claims he doesn't need respect from others, you love dwelling on what others think. As I already mentioned, they're gonna forget about you. That's really gonna sting you. You wanna make that belt relevant again, say it's been devalued by Nobi like he has been the worst champion of all time. Sure, Jan. If Nobi is so bad, that means if you were to beat him, you did nothing important, just like with POP. You'd be beating a, at least to you, mediocre performer. That just puts you right above below average with me! See, as much as I hate how Nobi got all these chances at success, he still did it. I can't act like it was a fluke either because at that moment, POP was still some sort of challenge. As for Stark, he lost and got that shot by putting his career on the line and still let everybody down so he shouldn't have even been involved but I guess he was owed a rematch anyway? I don't know Daniels' logic when running this show, I really don't. But anyway, Nobi's win at Kingsroad got one of the best reactions I've ever had the pleasure of being in the building for. The roof just about blew off the damn place. It was such a long time coming for him to finally get an achievement, and I was happy for him, but since coming to this brand, I realize that his fairy tale will be coming to an end soon enough. Whoever takes that belt off of him will surely get a bad reaction just off of how loved Nobi is but this isn't about love. He can get the loudest reactions every week and have everybody in the back kissing his ass every night but that didn't stop him from disappointing his fans in all these huge matches against other champions. So while he isn't the worst thing yet, I do understand why you might be upset at his reign, Charlie. That's one thing we can agree with. But at least Nobi isn't as fucking low as you to take shots at people's upbringings nor blindside them, he never talks down on anybody even though he's been doing this for years. He acknowledges his mistakes and seeks to improve all the time. That's the man I want to dethrone, not a pussy ass bitch like you grasping at straws for reasons why he's so much better and failing because he's ultimately irrelevant. If I'm not championship material, I guess we'll find that out soon enough but I'm the one here with three titles under his name, not you. Nobi might be humble about his seniority but I'm not. When I first came to EAW, all these idiots had the nerve to keep calling me rookie like I hadn't been doing this shit for years and years because they can't do their research. Adrian Christ tried that shit on me too by bragging about all his world titles and companies he's wrestled in, and he has yet to have been heard from since then. And that was early last year. Funny how things come full circle. I don't look down on you for only doing this for three full years, Charlie, but it's ignorant to assume you're better than me when I've been through much more than you have and survived all of it. You say I don't have determination or motivation like you do one second then the next tell me, none of that shit matters. Make up your damn mind on how you wanna come at me, Charlie. I scoff at YOUR insults now because they make no sense. You remind me of Tomi Venus. Can't decide what the hell he wants to say but just looking for anything to get a shock value reaction. It's what cowardly men do when they're scared. They throw out any and every insult all while contradicting themselves because they wanna convince themselves that a match or opponent isn't that big of a deal and they wanna assert dominance by being edgy and saying they don't care about it or those they're facing. Your middle school bully tongue-in-cheek comments I'm sure your buddies told you was such a good roast didn't phase me, sorry to say. Moore Whores? Seriously? You've really done nothing but let me down during our verbal exchanges and I don't doubt you'll do the same in the ring, but don't worry I'll do my best to carry you to a good showing.

I didn't need "heart and passion" to beat Nobi last week and I don't need it against you, especially. Every time I've beaten a man it's when I've disconnected that sissy shit called emotions and didn't think of anything deeper than needed. I do have all these qualities you say have no effect on our match: motivation, determination, drive, heart, passion. If I didn't, why the fuck would I be here? Money? No. Straight out of college, I started doing this shit. Every week I come out is because once upon a time little Jacob wanted to be a pro wrestler. If you understand even an ounce of that you wouldn't resort to the unbelievable crap you spew over and over towards people you face. I don't know what makes you so much better than me in that aspect, we're both here doing the same damn thing. Like I said, I'm here to stay, I'm in the best shape I've been probably since I STARTED wrestling. Years of hardcore matches and just basically throwing your body around take a toll, but you probably know nothing about that. Nobody cares about me yet you mention my loyal fanbase. Once again contradicting what you said a moment before. You make me laugh, Charlie. Hopefully you aren't as confusing in person and know the rules of the match we're supposed to have at least. You've had a good run running your mouth and yelling childish insults but the time for that is coming to an end, just like your little hype train. Nobi versus myself might not get the biggest ratings, but I don't care about that. I earned my shot fair and square while you get pretty much handed one. But it's not the first time I've had to work harder than someone else just to get the same treatment. I am content knowing Nobi and I will by far put on the greatest match of the night and once word gets out about this match that people overlooked so badly, there's gonna be a demand for it to happen again. The EAW Network is gonna be used solely for replays of it. I know my ability and I know Nobi's and yours is not even close. You're confident, but too confident. You have nothing to back up anything you've said to me besides a win over Prince of Phenomenal and a huge ego. It'll only get you so far: to that first bell with me. After that, your win doesn't matter because I'm not POP. We're in the present, not the past. It won't matter where I came from, my leaves won't matter, my fluke loss to Aka Manah at Invictus won't matter, your NEO run won't matter, your attack on Nobi won't matter. It's a new year, don't dwell. Use my past incidents against me all you want, but I'm looking towards the future. One with the National Elite Championship being put around my waist while you and Nobi lay motionless and utterly defeated in my wake. I'd wish you luck but you don't deserve anything from me besides a swift ass beating and a loss on your record. Start thinking of excuses as to why you lost to such a washed up failure such as Jacob Moore. You're gonna need it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 1:19 pm by Drake Jaeger
“Please don’t make me go in there…”

闆 Max A. Million is shown, dressed in a suit, sitting in presumably his own car, as he leaves it running in a parked position. His face showing obvious reluctance as the cameraman looks at him from the passenger’s seat. 闆

Max: I… I can’t. I just can’t…

闆 Max looks up at the cameraman with genuine concern. 闆

Max: Seriously, man. I thought I was out. I really did. I thought for sure I was finally free and I wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore, but I was dumb and naive. I should have known this day would come…

闆 Max starts to tear up a little, quickly wiping it away as he struggles to keep it together. 闆

Max: I’m tired… I’m so tired… How long have I been doing this anyway? It’s gotta be close to a decade now, right? Maybe I should just retire. I don’t know if this is really worth it anymore. Guys like him… I just really question my line of work sometimes. Maybe I should just go to Paris or something and take a break for a while. Paris is nice this time of year, right?

闆 Max looks at the cameraman once more, taking several moments to think. 闆

Max: …. I guess we have no choice. Let’s just… Get this over with. The sooner we do it, the sooner it’ll be done and we can just go get drunk somewhere far from here. How’s that sound? Good?

闆 The camera held by the cameraman nods. 闆

Max: …. There’s no way out of this, is there?

闆 The camera shakes its head as Max sighs. 闆

Max: Alright, fine. First round’s on you, right?

闆 The camera moves, presumably as a shrug as Max quickly takes a swig from a flask he was hiding and gets out of the car while the cameraman follows suit. 闆

“I’m never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm”

闆 “Careless Whisper” by George Michael plays loudly on a nearby record player as Drake Jaeger is shown sitting sitting in a dark room, dressed in a dark robe with a dark t-shirt, dark boxers, and a dark pair of slippers. His face emotionless, his hair with dark highlights a mess along with his dark, unkempt facial hair as he takes sips of a dark alcoholic beverage. 闆

“Though it’s easy to pretend
I know you’re not a fool.”

闆 Knocking can be heard at the door of the room Drake is in as he does nothing but continue downing his drink. 闆

“I should’ve known better than to cheat a friend
And waste the chance that I’ve been given.”

闆 The knocking starts again, even louder as Drake tries to turn the volume up on the song. 闆

“So I’m never gonna dance again
The way I danced with yooouu.”

闆 The knocking at the door continues as Drake loudly sighs. 闆

Drake: Jesus Christ…

闆 Drake gulps the remainder of his drink. The camera cuts outside to Max A. Million with the Cameraman as Drake slowly opens the door; his eyes squinting as the sunlight hits them. Drake keeps the door only slightly open as Max looks at him with slight concern. 闆

Drake: What do you want?...

Max: Uhm… We’re here for an interview?

Drake: Interview?

Max: Yeah? For your match? Tomorrow? Showdown? Heart Break G--

Drake: Alright, alright, just… Just stop. Don’t finish that sentence. Just come in, I guess…

闆 Max looks back at the Cameraman, visibly concerned as they both enter Drake’s motel room. Both Max and the Cameraman struggle to get around within the room, bumping into several things and stepping on dozens of empty bottles and beer cans. 闆

Max: Is it possible for us to turn on a light? We can’t really see in--

Drake: No. I deserve the darkness. It’s a reflection of my soul.

Max: … Right.

闆 Drake immediately goes to a nearby counter, throwing around multiple bottles too empty for him to use before finally grabbing one acceptable enough for him to pour a new drink while “Careless Whisper” continues to play loudly. 闆

Max: Could we at least maybe turn the music down?

Drake: She bought me this record, you know. Our first night out with the rest of Hexa-gun. I was so happy. So bushy-tailed and bright-eyed. So naive, Max. Stupid, stupid Past Drake.

闆 Drake shakes his head before taking a swig of the newly-filled glass in his hand. 闆

Max: Oh… That’s a shame… She bought you this?

闆 Drake puts a hand up. 闆

Drake: Fine, you caught me. I bought it that night and told myself it was a gift from her. I’m pathetic. And a liar. I’m a pathetic liar.

Max: Oh...

闆 Drake takes another drink. 闆

Max: Are you sure that’s such a good idea? I mean, I know you don’t ever really listen to me, but maybe you should just put the glass down for now?...

闆 Drake stares at the drink in his hand, slowly nodding. 闆

Drake: You’re right. You’re so right. What am I even thinking? I’m so stupid.

闆 Drake puts the glass down… And grabs the rest of the bottle, guzzling the liquor directly from it. 闆

Max: Drake, come on. What is that, whiskey? You can’t just directly drink--

Drake: It’s “Whaskey ™️”.

Max: Huh?

Drake: It’s just some off-brand. This is, like, the Dr. Thunder or Mr. Pibb of Whiskey. I don’t deserve the real thing. I don’t deserve anything.

Max: … Alright, Drake, listen… Just sit down and let’s try to get this interview going, alright? Maybe a nice interview will get you into the proper mindset. I mean, this match is happening whether you like it or not, after all. Can we just do the interview?

Drake: Yeah, whatever…

闆 Drake lumbers over to the chair, dropping back into it before taking another drink of Whaskey ™️. 闆

Max: Alright, so....

闆 Max awkwardly sits down on the coffee table in front of an unresponsive Drake after moving several empty bottles and cans out of the way. The two men stare at one another in silence for several seconds. 闆

Max: … Your match.

闆 Drake takes another swig from the bottle. 闆

Max: … On Showdown.

闆 Drake says nothing in response. 闆

Max: … Against the Heart Break--

Drake: Can we please… Not say her name?

Max: Why?

Drake: The wound is still too fresh.

Max: What wound exactly though? I thought you didn’t want to apologize?

闆 Drake takes another swig from the bottle. 闆

Drake: I would if I could… She has to know I’d do anything to make this right.

Max: What does that really mean? You would if you could? I’m sure you could just apologize…

Drake: I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t want to lie to her. She brought me into this World. She helped me flourish to become a certified EAW Legend and future first ballot Hall of Famer.

Max: Well, I’m not sure if I’d--

Drake: I can’t just lie to her face and tell her what she wants to hear, Max. That’s not our way. That’s not the Hexa-gun way. Oh God… Hexa-gun… Those were the days, Max.

闆 Drake takes another drink. 闆

Drake: Those were the days. We were all so young and full of life. Times were simpler then. We could just show up in riot gear, beat a man nearly to death, and impose our will on others. Max, I’ve never been happier than spending my team beating people with an inch of their lives with a variety of weapons, with Hexa-gun by my side. Sure, I could still go out there and beat someone within an inch of their lives, but what’s the point? Where’s the fun in that if I’m doing it all by myself? It’s a team activity, Max, and I… I just don’t have a team anymore. Tiberius is busy doing his own thing… Impact most likely killed himself when he didn’t win a single Decade Award… Luzmala is President of Mexico… The Burned Man is Manager of a Burger King now or something… Whatsherface is doing time in prison for diddling kids or something… David X never existed… I got no one, Max. She was all I had, and now she can’t stand the sight of me. Everything was perfect. I got to watch her fulfill her dream when she became EAW Champion, and I have literally never been happier than that night. Never.

闆 Drake finishes the bottle of Whasky ™️ before tossing it aside and wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his robe. 闆

Drake: … I just can’t lie to her about this stuff. I did what I did because I thought it was the right thing to do, and she doesn’t get that at all. I mean, I get it. Cam practically got on her knees and blew their biggest opportunity to become the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions - Championships I’m very familiar with as a part of the greatest team to hold them, and the same team that won the first ever EAW Tag Team Grand Prix, but that’s not important. I can’t make her see it my way, Max, and that hurts a lot. I sat down at that Showdown Announce Table every single week and sang her praises. I preached the gospel of her Legend, no matter how many times the people around me covered their ears so they wouldn’t have to listen to it anymore. I got right in their ears and screamed it. She couldn’t have given me the benefit of the doubt… Just one time… I swear, I was doing the right thing. They would be Champions right now beyond a shadow of a doubt if Cam didn’t go full retard when I slid that chair into the ring.

闆 Drake balls his right hand into a fist, slamming it down hard on the arm of his chair. 闆

Drake: This is all Cam’s fault. I knew she would ruin everything, from the moment she first started riding HB--Her coattails. She’s such an expert at riding what other people have in order to get ahead in this company that I never expected her to do it to a female too. She sickens me. She disgusts me to my very core. It should be Cam that’s answering for what happened at King of Elite. Not me. But there’s nothing I can do now. I can’t apologize for something I’m not sorry for. I can’t ask for forgiveness when I don’t need it. We all know who’s at fault, but there’s not a single thing that’s gonna change the past. Not until I perfect my time machine. Not until then.

闆 Drake looks around for another bottle, sighing when he can’t find one that’s not empty. 闆

Drake: She hates me now. She hates my guts. I was just trying to do the right thing, and now I have to face her in a match. I can’t do it. I can’t do this stuff, Max. She’s like a really hot sister to me.

Max: And do you think you’ll be able to actually compete with her in a ring?

Drake: … I don’t know… I don’t think I can do it. She wants to make an example out of me, I know. Maybe this is just tough love after all, but… I don’t think I can do it. And I know things will only get worse if I DON’T compete in that ring with her. I don’t know what to do, Max… I just…

闆 Drake sniffles. 闆

Max: Oh come on!

Drake: Huh?

闆 Max stands up. 闆

Max: You can’t possibly be serious with this “woe is me” stuff!

Drake: What are you saying? You think I should stand up for myself? You think I should stand firmly by my convictions and prove to her that I’m not some joke?

Max: No! You’re a massive joke! Don’t stand stand up for the stupid stuff you did! Get out of your slump and just apologize! She’s your friend! She’ll forgive you! Stop sitting around here sulking and feeling bad for yourself! Jesus Christ!

闆 Drake takes a moment to think it over, slowly nodding his head. 闆

Drake: You know… You know what, Max? I think you might be onto something...

Max: It’s common sense really…

Drake: It’s so obvious!

闆 Drake sits up properly in his chair. 闆

Drake: I have to prove it to her… I have to prove that I’m right...

Max: Wait, what?

Drake: She made this match as a massive hint to it! She wants me to prove I’m capable of being more than just an announcer! Max! When she saw me get myself involved in her match at King of Elite, those words weren’t ones of malice! They were of love! She’s still my family! I knew it!

闆 A more chipper Drake gets up to his feet as Max looks on in confusion. 闆

Max: What are you even talking about?

Drake: HBG clearly did all of this to draw me out from the Showdown Announce Table, and it’s not because she doesn’t want me involved in her business! Hell, she can’t live without me involved in her business! I’ve been there loyally by her side since day one, and you know what? That’s not changing! Not now, not ever! She’s dropped so many hints, and I can’t believe I missed them! She wants me to go beyond the boundaries I set for myself! I limited myself by sitting on my ass as a commentator, wasting my prime next to Pierre fucking McGuire! Jesus Christ, now THAT was a pathetic Drake Jaeger! THIS Drake Jaeger? He’s got so much more to offer! SO much more! I’ve never been so happy, Max! HBG, she...

闆 Drake smiles. 闆

Drake: She DOES care!

Max: She does?

Drake: She’s still mentoring me, even now in this situation! That’s why this match is happening! She wants me to step back in the ring and prove my worth! TJ proved his worth! Impact proved his worth! I can do it too, and she knows it! It’s only a matter of time before I get back in this saddle, edge Cam out, and HBG and I go on to win the Unified Tag Team Championships! But that’s down the road. That’s the future, Max, and the future means nothing until we confront the present, and right here in the present… I’ve got a match. I’ve got a match with the Heart Break Gal! The greatest Legend to have ever graced a ring! The EAW Champion! MY best friend! My mentor! My everything!

闆 Drake immediately grabs a fearful Max by his jacket, pulling him in closer. 闆

Drake: MY first victim! I gotta do it! I gotta beat her! I have to! I have to prove I belong! I have to prove what happened at King of Elite wasn’t a mistake! I can do it, Max! I can do it! I believe! I BELIEVE! Thank you so much!

Max: … You’re… welcome?

Drake: Now get out!

Max: Huh?

Drake: I said get the fuck out! Thank you so much, now get the absolute fuck out of my room! You’re great! Everything is great! I’m so happy again! We did it, Max! Drake Jaeger is back, baby! The World can rest easy once more!

闆 Drake grabs a nearby empty bottle, breaks it, and points the broken bottle at Max. 闆

Drake: Now get out of here, ya crazy kids! I’ve got work to do!

闆 The Cameraman drops his camera on the floor as he and Max immediately run out the door of the motel room. Drake is shown in the distance, tossing the broken bottle aside. “Careless Whisper” continues to play on a loop on a record as Drake walks up to it. 闆

“I’m never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it’s easy to pretend
I know you’re not a fool”

“Should’ve known better than to cheat a friend
And waste this chance that I’ve been given--”

闆 Drake plays with the record, repeating a certain part. 闆

“--this chance that I’ve been given”
“--this chance that I’ve been given”
“--this chance that I’ve been given”

闆 The record scratches as the camera goes to black 闆
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event: thursday night empire | 1/25/2018 edition
promo number: 1
participants: chelsea crowe and april song versus tarah nova and stephanie matsuda w/ monica vaughan
word count: 1,606 words

scene one:
january 20, 2018 // televised

Brisbane passes the world by quickly, and Chelsea Crowe has a front row seat from her hotel balcony. She leans back in her seat, glass of wine in hand and sunglasses covering her eyes – shielding her. The image of leisure, as always.

CHELSEA CROWE: “My Empire: that's what last week was. Not only did April and I win once again, but I made yet another power play against the Women's World Champion and all those girls who still stand against me. I showed everyone why I'm still the next big thing on Empire, and I outshined all the others. And this week, against two women that are close to our esteemed champion's heart, April and I will continue on our path to success.

One of these women I can respect in some way. I respect how Cloud has spoken out concerning her disdain for her former friend and renowned fraud Aria Jaxon. I respect her new attitude to this business. It took her a while to realise, but at least she's gotten there. The other one...I can't respect. Some people might baulk at the very thought of me not respecting one of EAW's valued Hall of Famers, a woman who is supposedly a trailblazer in this company. And those people who say she's a pioneer are right.

Chelsea smirks.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Tarah's pioneered a whole generation of laughable, dream-chasing girls who are destined to fail. See: Sydney St. Clair, a girl fresh out of Madame Vega's who is currently down by three losses against me. She represents a lot of what I hate about this brand and the people it props up. Terrible, pointless nicknames with no actual meaning. I mean, are you overcompensating for something, hun? Then we have the pandering to your fans, the 'Freaks' – might as well call them the 'Suicide Squad', since we all know you have this weird penchant for leeching off of failed DC movies in order to feign a personality. It honestly just looks desperate. For someone who is considered by many to be one of the iconic women of EAW, you really try too hard to remain interesting.

Then you want to act as if you're going to lead Empire into a brighter future for women's wrestling. You would spew that BS when you were the GM, and I had to stand there and listen to it because well, we all heard Sheridan Müller's accusations of power abuse, and I'm smarter than to do what she did and end up on the curb. But now you're not in a position of power, you're fair game, and I'll tell you exactly what I think of you, Tarah. You're not going to lead the women into a new era. You won't lead anyone into the future, and you don't even lead the present. You're a ghost. Fitting, considering how you look like Caspar's emaciated sister. There's a new nickname for you: Tarah the Edgy Ghost. Right on brand amongst the natural, oh-so-memorable nicknames such as 'The Shock Collar of Empire', and 'The American Nightmare'.

But I know what people will say. “Chelsea, look at you! You wear dark colours, you put on that black lipstick, you're Tarah Nova Lite! You're coming at Tarah for things you do – you're a hypocrite, you're jealous!”. And to that, I want to point out something very important. Everything you see from me is deliberate. It's thought-out, it mimics the cash cows of Empire – the ones like Tarah who milk their fans for all they're worth because without them, they wouldn't get the attention they crave. To put it bluntly, this mask I wear mocks people like Tarah Nova. People who swing a bat around thinking they're Harley Quinn in 2018. People who vomit up this mind-numbing rhetoric of 'female empowerment' whilst in the same breath disparaging girls they don't personally like. People who think they can represent the future, despite being stuck in the past. See, I could say “I'm not Tarah Nova”, but instead, I'll say this:

Tarah Nova isn't me.

I'm the one people should be compared to, because I'm the ideal worker. Why? Because I see this business as work. Not as a dream, not as a platform to inspire, not as a once in a lifetime opportunity, no...I see it as a real career. A place where you focus on benefiting yourself. And it's this ideology that I've enlightened April with that has gotten us so much success. I don't care if little Lucy in Louisiana wants to grow up to be me, because she never will be me. No one will. And it's not just because I'm a skilled athlete, it's not just because I've trained and fought and schemed for years. It's because I never dreamed, I did. I worked. You don't get anywhere by looking up at the stars and wishing. I didn't wait for my falling star, I shot it out of the sky. Now I'm here. And soon, after disposing of someone who's only just figured out the winning formula after months of losing, and her cosplaying try-hard enemy, I'll be on top of the food chain. Me and April – and anyone else who realises I'm right – will become the true stars.

Whilst stars like Tarah Nova will die. You don't have what it takes to survive in this modern era, not when people like me and April are here to cut through the BS and bring a real level of competition to Empire. Cloud's star is on the verge of dying too, and this match – whilst I doubt it'll be the final nail in her coffin – will serve as a reminder of that. Funny that someone who bleats on about 'Stay Woke' only just woke up to the reality of this business recently. I guess the contradictions and irony are present in both of you: the 'Shock Collar' isn't going to shock anyone nowadays, and Cloud just couldn't wake up to the reality of her situation in time.

Which is a shame, because there's a lot to respect in you, Cloud. The tenacity, the power, the confidence. If only those qualities were reinforced by the will to succeed. And if only you hadn't allowed yourself to be held back for all this time. It was an issue I pointed out to you – how you lingered in people like Aria's shadows – and yet you never listened. Not until it was too late and you blew one of the biggest chances in your career. I guess it just goes to show how much I know you. How easily it is for me to crawl under your skin and find those flaws to exploit.

Chelsea sighs.

CHELSEA CROWE: “But I know – you beat me before, didn't you? Well, let's clarify. You beat me by pulling out a last resort trick because you knew there was no other way to take me out. You beat me after a match of the year candidate, where I pushed you to your absolute limits. And you beat me one-on-one – not in a tag match. See, when you beat me, you didn't have dead weight holding you down, and I didn't have a success-hungry fighter helping me up. But this time around, the scales are tipping heavily in my favour. Not only did my loss against you enlighten me to those tricks you did, so I can watch out for them this time, but it's also given me something to prove. Because whilst I make my ascent through Empire, people will always point to our match as a dark cloud – no pun intended – over my claim to dominance. So this week, I plan on showing them my versatility. I plan on making everyone realise that I come back stronger, and that with April by my side, success is almost guaranteed.

Because we are the future. And even if we don't 'like' each other, we've still shown that we can ignore all that pointless BS in order to reach the same goal: success. Meanwhile, you two can't even respect each other right now. How do we know this 'truce' is going to work out? Say what you want about me and April, but at least we put aside our differences to be a successful team. We've teamed together twice now, both times ending with us standing over our opponents. Then we look at your history together, and it's clear to see that you have some wounds that are still bleeding. You couldn't co-exist when Tarah started associating herself with Formation, and Cloud, you were never allowed to have the spotlight. Now you're teaming with each other after making your animosity very well known – it's a recipe for disaster. You two are less Justice League and more the failed movie adaptation – a flop that can be predicted from a mile away.

So whilst you two are busy going at each other's throats and working through your unresolved sexual tension, April and I will be keeping our sights firmly on winning. Tarah, you better be prepared to meet the future you keep believing you'll lead, otherwise you'll end up like Barbara Gordon – the wheelchair-bound one. And Cloud, you better watch your back – if your partner doesn't try to take you out, then me and April will. Your chances to shine have run out, and the spotlight is on us now. So you better get used to living in the dark, or else you'll get blindsided by the real future of Empire.

Chelsea goes back to sipping her wine as we fade to black.
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The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
Voltage Record: 0 Win 3 Losses 1 No Contest
 Mongoose McQueen
Chapter Title: To prove a Mongoose wrong.
No. of words: 1,417
Reading time: A little over 5 minutes

The scene opens up on a lovely view of the empty The Royal Arena in Copenhagen Denmark. The EAW staging and ring along with the seats, advertisement and everything is already in place ahead of Voltage this Sunday and inside the ring, not dressed at all in his usual garb is Ryan Wilson. He is seen standing against one of the corners of the ring his head lowered a bit and covered by a hoodie. We can see part of his face, mostly from the nose down and as the camera gets closer he begins to applaud. And the closer the camera came to him the louder the clapping went which started to echo though the arena. The clapping suddenly stopped, bringing silence to the arena once ahead as Ryan waited several long seconds before opening his mouth to speak.

''I have to say...I'm excited! Doesn't look like it right now eh? With me all dressed in black with a training outfit and all that? Don't read too far into this, it's not a hint at a full blown heel turn or anything of the sort. I'm having way too much fun at being a tweener and flirt on the line between good and bad. It's the best place to be! To be able to what I want in all impunity. Being a true Face sucks, the same goes from being 100% Heel. The fans love to hate me and hate to love me because I walk on the tightrope between the two ''sides'' and I love it! You can call me a Grey Jedi if you want, that's right I made a Star Wars reference.'' 

The Jerk with a mouth chuckled softly as he adjusts the hoodie over his head to be comfortable.

''I applauded because I've been thinking about Mongoose McQueen and all I want to say is ~Congratulations Man!!!~. I do! He fought a good match with Carlos and now he walks around rocking that nice looking Interwire Championship belt! A nice little trophy, one I know a guy like Mongoose can proudly represent and elevate! A belt I'd like to have one day but all comes in due time especially in my case, you see, I have this nagging (for others he means) thing that I do which is finding a way to get what I want no matter how long it takes and although I have not set my sights on the ~IC~ championship just yet you can bet your bottom dollar that once I do I won't stop going at it until it ends up around my waist. Either that or I burrow it from it's current Champion. Nothing I haven't done in other federations in the past, but that was to get in the mind of the Champ and it's something I don't (Yet!) feel like it's necessary to do with my upcoming opponent.''

''Double M buddy I remember when you were on NEO with me and you were feuding with Finney Wakey and I have to say I loved your work! You and him you were money! You were ratings! Entertainment incarnate (You more than him) yeah and it was fun to follow you week after week! And then you and him went unto better things and the Development Brand became a bit calmer, but I took care of that with my feud with Alex Reynolds which I'm sure you watched. You are among those I am actually looking up to in terms of standard here in the EAW, and I was hoping one day to be able to have a scrap or two against you. Wish granted eh? Who knows? This will be the beginning of a thing! I mean, it's how it happened with A.R. after all! We both were all nice and kind to each other polite and all with a few fair stab at each other and then ... Well ... You know how it turned. Maybe that's the way you hope I won't turn to your boys and hurt them uh? Because you know I have a mean streak in me which can end up getting under anyone's skin and that goes far beyond how I can annoy the common man via EAW Feed. But let me tell you right here and now, I'm not about that life. Attacking kids? Future furniture? Nah, not my M.O. and not part of the sauce. Nah, I'd rather befriend them and turn them against you, must more visceral and let's face it: More entertaining, at least for me. Say I attack your kids, what would you do? You'd get mad and you'd knock my clock out. But what if I take your kids away? What if they go ~We like Ryan better~? Think about how much of an emotional wreck you'd be.''

The following silence is heavy in sense and possibilities and it lasts several seconds before Ryan suddenly stands straight and slips the top part of the hoody away from his head. He's all smiles! Man that was a bit creepy.

''Fear Not Mongoose! I won't do that! I have absolutely no reason to do it! We're not at a point in our career where I want to hurt you mentally, you don't deserve it, you didn't do anything to make me take the creative route in such a way! Not even your blatant underestimating of yours truly which might be the mistake that offers me my second victory on the Main Roster. I'm not at all worried that you will give me your all, I am expecting nothing less from a quality performer like you and to hear it from you first is actually thrilling for me! We're going to dance together Sunday! And my dance I mean we'll beat the bejeezus out of one another and it's going to be SO MUCH FUN! I'm glad you enjoy what I do, I'm glad you enjoy the different that I bring to the table and I love even more that you understand me more than anyone else here on the Yellow Brand! Future Bromance? Hey who knows... No Homo like you said! And it would be a better love story than Twilight for damn sure!''

A wide grin appeared on his face as he was amused by the idea.

''I guess I should be annoyed by you saying I am not a threat. But the truth? I take it as a personal challenge to prove you wrong. So far since I've been on Voltage I have faced several veterans and highly capable fighters with only a few exceptions (*Cough* Shark Man *Cough Cough!*) so of course I don't need to tell you that every bout I had even if I lost most of them is more experience for me. The road to Rome is not built in a day? Agreed! But you understand that cannot be a reason for me not wanting to do everything I can in order to get the win against you. You're going to get the best out of me, and you're going to realise as I apply boot to ass and fists to face that I was not signed here in EAW simply because I'm a trash talking talented no class clown. (But... You ARE a trash talking talented no cla... ) Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah... Yeah! Yeah? YEAH! ... So yeah. Keep saying I have nothing on you (not-thang!) and I all you will achieve is to motivate me more and more with the simple objective to defeat you. After all beating a veteran of the game for almost a decade and one of the best in-ring performer to date would be a sexy notch on my belt!'' 

He whooshes the camera with a hand which takes a few steps back.

''I'm glad somehow you think I can't beat you, I'm also glad you are willing to go all out against me because you know it's going to be fun! Squaring off against you will be a blast! But with how much assurance you have into your capacities what I look most forward to is to see the look on your face if I manage the triple mat tap with your shoulders levelled on the floor. It might humble you, it might not, it might make you go OHMAHGAWD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN or it might make you go Know what? I was wrong, I own it. Good stuff Ryan.'' 

He stays silent a moment more.

''I guess we'll see now will we?'' 
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... whatever is left of it.

(In a Hawaiian-themed bar. Somewhere in Long Beach, at 1 in the afternoon. There the Heart Break Gal is sitting on a bar stool across the bartender mixing drinks behind the bar area. She wears a blue skirt with her legs crossed, and a white t-shirt that says "ASSHOLE. JERK. BITCH." on the print with Drake Jaeger's face right under it with a knife sticking through his head. She takes a sip of a gigantic glass of Tequila Sunrise, her second one of the afternoon. She seems very uspet and the bartender starts to notice. )

Bartender: Miss, are you -- 

(Before the bartender could even say anything. The Heart Break Gal cuts him off.)

Heart Break Gal: I'll have another one please. 

Bartender: Right...

(The Bartender gazed the room and there were no other customers... mostly because its fuckin' 1 in the afternoon. He did notice that the glass is already empty with some shredded ice at the bottom. He takes the glass and starts to mix the same beverage for her.)

Bartender: I just wanted to know if -- 

Heart Break Gal: GOD WHY DID HE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING STUPID!? YOU MIGHT AS WELL PUNCH ME IN THE GUT AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND HOPE MY SUFFERING ENDS THERE! I swear to god, I am a ticking timebomb and I am about to explode... Things were going SO GREAT! And because of one stupid temptation, my perfect ending turned into a pile of crap. 

Bartender: Did your boyfriend cheat on you or something?

Heart Break Gal: Oh, no no no. It's worse than that. It's about someone I brought into this world. It's about someone I loved and nurtured, hoping that all of the invested time would lead to something great. When everyone turned their back on me, he didn't. When nobody believed in me, he did. And all I wanted is for him to make me proud in anything that he decides to do in his career and now he has become a massive disappointment and sent me crashing and burning with no warning at all! And I have come to the conclusion that deep down he never truly loved me, because if he did, he wouldn't do something so reckless.

Bartender: Oh, I hear you. I have a son who's been alcoholic for two years, and I had to send him to rehab --

Heart Break Gal: Well, your son is stupid and YOU'RE stupid. You're a bartender and you're somehow surprised that your son is chugging beer and vodka like its a fucking sport. You caused all this and you should feel bad about it! And why are we talking about your son, were we not just fifteen seconds ago discussing my problem? THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU!

Bartender: Well I figure since we're talking about your son that --

Heart Break Gal: Son? Who said I have a son? I'm talking about my comrade! My Hexa-friend for life! You know what, you two have SO MUCH in common. You two don't know what in gods name you're talking about, and you think you know better! I DEMAND AN APOLOGY!

Bartender: Miss, I think you need to calm down...

Heart Break Gal: CALM DOWN??? CALM DOWN????

(The Heart Break Gal takes a deep breath. The bartender then places a glass of Tequila Sunrise right on the coaster where the previous drink used to be)

Heart Break Gal: Okay, I'm calm. What's your name again? 

Bartender: Drake. 


Bartender Drake: What do you mean?

(The Heart Break Gal balls her fist in anger again hearing that word, as she gives him a death stare. It could be the tequila, but she suddenly pictures Drake Jaeger's face on the bartender)

Heart Break Gal: Oh, no wonder you're a nosy one. You couldn't just keep to yourself, can you? You couldn't just mind your own business, HUH?

(The Heart Break Gal gulps most of her drink)

Heart Break Gal: The moment you refused to apologize was the moment I felt the cold wind of betrayal run above my spine. I took hits that I didn't deserve. I have blamed myself for not succeeding in three world title attempts. I blamed myself for getting nearly injured and choosing to be in a situation where the odds are against my favor. I blamed myself for EVERYTHING that went wrong, but do you know what kept me going, Drake? It was those moments when I watched and re-watched my matches and heard you cheering my name from the announce table. It helped me realize that I should stop putting the blame on anything and just start believing in my future victories, and I did. I became the EAW Champion, the face of Showdown, and the one true Queen of EAW, all because of that belief... and you can only imagine how much it baffled me to no end, how it shattered everything I knew and how it broke my heart into pieces seeing a different version of that man last week on Showdown. You're the Drake Jaeger that went in the EAW Headquarters and tazed the security to unconsciousness just to prove a point. You're the Drake Jaeger who beat people up for no reason but because it was fun to do. You're the Drake Jaeger who never faulted me for anything, never second-guessed my decisions and never thought anyone could be better than me, and seeing that same Drake Jaeger question me and blame me for not picking better partner and for not choosing my battles, it seemed like you went 180 in a matter of weeks. And I've seen a quicker transition than this in the form of Y2Impact, who was so used to being on the spotlight and couldn't handle not being needed, that he had to ensure that I was broken down and beaten up just to prove a point to the world that I couldn't fight my battles on my own, let alone become World Champion. He convinced me and the audience that he was doing it for the betterment of my career, when in reality, he was only doing it so he can be credited for my success. Do you see the point I'm making, Drake? I have seen this tactic more times than I can count and the pattern is becoming clear as day. I don't want to believe that you're putting up a facade, an attempt to trick me into thinking that you actually cared about my success and that you are doing this for the greater good when in truth, you are only doing this for unneeded attention. I hate to say that you're just aching to get back in the ring -- sick of Pierre, sick of calling matches -- that you just have to involve yourself in one, and you figure the best way to do it is to become the Hero that nobody needs. I've been there Drake, except when I broke out of the commentary table, it led to the start of a revolution called Hexa-gun which is the very reason for your existence, or do I have to remind you every single day why it's a bad idea to cross me? I hate to say it out loud. I hate to even mutter the words it into reality, but you're making it so goddamn difficult with your sudden change of tune. Because Drake, if my theory is correct and you're doing this for the same reason, then I am not afraid to put you out of your misery and away from EAW just like what I did to Y2Impact. You mean so much to me. You have been a friend of mine for a long time, but if our careers are going to break us, then I might as well kill off this "rivalry" in its infancy before it becomes an even bigger problem. The difference is, with Y2Impact, I had all the patience in the world because I had nothing to lose, but at this circumstance I have the EAW Championship to keep and the Unified Tag Team Championship to take. I can't lose everything now because of your selfishness. I can't let you take this from me. I am giving you a chance to fix what you've broken, Drake Jaeger -- you can either give me a proper apology and we can be friends again, or be banished from the world I brought you in to begin with. Your move.

Bartender Drake: Miss, I need to stop serving you now, you're clearly drunk. And if its any consolation, I think this other Drake sounds like a total jerk...

(The Heart Break Gal finally snaps back to reality and saw the actual face of the bartender)

Heart Break Gal: Yeah yeah, who needs ya. 

(The Heart Break Gal takes her wallet and slips out a credit card, and gives it to Bartender Drake, HBG finishes her last drink as Bartender Drake swipes the card in the register and gives it back to HBG with the receipt)

Bartender Drake: So, my number is there on the receipt, if you ever need to.. talk again. 

Heart Break Gal: Yeah, I'm married... so just go find some other vulnerable, emotional bitch to screw, you're messing with the wrong one. AND UNLIKE YOUR WRESTLER COUNTERPART, I AT LEAST HAVE SOME LOYALTY! But yeah, Bartender Drake, good luck to ya. 

(The Heart Break Gal crumples up the receipt and throws it away as she walks out of the bar. Bartender Drake looks on and chuckles to himself)

Bartender Drake: Not even close to the weirdest one to walk in here.

(Bartender Drake proceeds to wipe the table as the scene fades to black. End of scene.)
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James looks annoyingly as the cameras click rapidly, Joy Long reviews notes on her tablet. He groans as the journalists haven’t spoken yet, yet the cameras continue to take pictures of the bruised wrestler, he does his trademark smirk nonetheless for the cameras, at which the speed seems to increase. He clears his throat loudly before speaking.

Ranger: Can we begin? I would like to apply an icy hot sometime tonight.

Journalist #1: First match is done and over with, did you expect to bring it to Chris Elite?

Ranger: Expect? No. I simply went on auto-pilot, set myself to deal with the problems as they come. Chris Elite is an exceptional wrestler and i simply look forward to having another crack at him again in the future--

Journalist #2: The match was given a score 3.25 on the--

Ranger: Next question.

Journalist #3: Up next for you is facing El Ironico, a formidable wrestler who has been with the EAW company for some time. A veteran wrestler labeled by many to be a title contender in the coming months. How do you propose getting the W against him?

Ranger: There is many things i don’t appreciate. Getting a L the first week in is one of them, but managment is eyeballing their new talents. I am no exception to the process, you can only hide in the shadows for so long. Its no different with El Ironico, train hard, study harder, accomplish the impossible is the hardest, but simply looking forward is the easiest.

Journalist #1: Aren’t you concerned about the expertise of the luchador style of wrestling?

Ranger: As concerned as i am of our Assistant General Manager coming to ringside to “observe” our match. There’s something in this business: consistency. Consistency is what draws attention, be it good or bad...mix it up with the drive to never give up, you got yourself a business model for attracting yourself to others. This match is reflection of that, management decided that it wanted to observe a match with its new talent, I got the lucky lotto ticket.

Ranger rolls his eyes as he grabs his bottled water, taking the cap off and chugging the water down before setting the now empty bottle aside on the table.

Ranger: The assistant GM is of no consequence, I have Joy Long to look at every week in and out of the ring, I have no need to be concerned about her, its El Ironico, the man who has been on Voltage for some time. i cracked a few jokes about pizza at him in passing one week in my early months being here. He wasn’t fond of that.

Ranger smirks as he ponders more.
Ranger: Yet there is reason to be alarmed about him. He has in-ring abilities that far outstrip mine, yet he is not holding any gold since i have return,ed...why he has fougt alongside our current New Breed Champion, i don’t think he has shattered the glass yet. Granted talking like this is really not good for my health, yet here i should be making a better case against a Voltage Regular, who has more to show off than i do.

Ranger grabs a bottled water as another journalist raises their hand, his manager pointing at them as he continues to guzzle the water down with no regard.

Journalist #2: Have you given up on a cross-brand match up with anyone in the entire EAW locker room? If not, who would you consider challenging first?

Ranger gets up, tossing the bottle into the trash as he clears his throat. Clearly starting to head to the exit.

Journalist #2: Mister Ranger!

Ranger stops to ponder, staring back at the journalist as he proceeds to slowly leave the table area.

Ranger: I have not given that any thought in the last few months. So I cannot say there is anyone outside of Voltage worthy of hunting down.

With that, Rnager proceeds towards the exit alongside Joy as the journalists continue to call out and the cameras continue to click.
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Showdown Promo 2

Hello there, Jacob Moore. How lovely to hear from you. It’s a real shame that you running your mouth is going to get you into a lot of trouble. You are correct, I made a real splash on my Showdown debut. As a matter of fact, I became more relevant in one Showdown episode that you have been in your entire career here in Elite Answers Wrestling. God, that must hit you hard. That must eat away at you. The fact that I have just hurled you and found myself closer to the National Elite title than you will ever be. That must embarrass your family. You can stand there and talk about how Prince of Phenomenal isn’t as impressive anymore. I simply do not care. At the end of the day, I beat an EAW hall of famer. That is all that matters. In four or five months time, is anyone going to remember how Prince of Phenomenal performed that match? Absolutely fucking not. All that they are going to remember is that Charlie Marr ripped him to shreds. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Jacob. People only look at the boxscores. People only look at the statlines. Absolutely nobody cares how you did it. Nobody cares what you had to do to do it. Nobody cares how good your opponent is. The only thing that matters is the victory. That is all that people will focus on. It doesn’t matter if Prince of Phenomenal looked a shadow of his former self out there. Nobody gives a shit. The only thing that matters is that my arm was raised by the referee after embarrassing an EAW hall of famer. You can call me a coward all you want for attacking Nobi after a difficult match. You can call me all the names under the sun, I don’t care. I saw an opportunity and I took it. I am quite evidently a smart individual. I saw my chance and I went for it. I saw my chance to make a name for myself on my Showdown debut and I achieved exactly what I set out to do. Quite impressive, don’t you agree Jacob? I easily could have interfered during the match. I could have stopped you two from finishing that match and attacked you both right there and then. That just isn’t me. I am a respectful man. I waited until you got that wrestling bollocks out the way and I got to fighting. To make it here, in the land of elite, you need to make a strong first impression. You need to show every single person in the audience that you mean business. You need to show people that you are up for a fight and that you have the drive to be successful. I am not a patient man, Jacob. I didn’t feel like lounging around at the bottom of the card my entire career. You know, like you have. I’m not in this company to do that. I am in this company to be the best. I am in this company to win gold. I am in this company to show the world what Charlie Marr is made of.

I wanted to skip the line. I didn’t feel like waiting around for my opportunity to come. I wanted to immediately show the EAW universe what Charlie Marr was about. I wanted to show them how dangerous of a man I am. There has been a lot of hype surrounding me since I started on NEO. Do you really think I was going to let everyone down? Do you really think I wasn’t going to make a stunning impact like that? You attempt to criticise me for my lack of experience in this wrestling business. Yes, you have been in this business for double the amount of time I have. And what exactly do you have to show for it? A few little meaningless titles in the minor leagues. Wow, how impressive. What have you achieved in the big time? Absolutely jack shit. Yet you’re trying to talk down to me like you are some grizzled veteran in this business? Please, save the bullshit. You don’t have any seniority over me. I don’t care how long you’ve been doing this for. The fact that you have achieved nothing of note says it all to me. You’re a failure, Jacob. You’re a waste of time. Your girlfriend is ashamed of you. She is disgusted to call you her boyfriend. She thinks that you’re a waste of time. How do I know this? She tells me it all while my dick is in her mouth. You’re pathetic, Jacob. I noticed that during your little speech, you showed a mild bit of respect towards me. You suggested that I’d be the top guy on NEO if it hadn’t have gone under. You said that there’s clearly a reason why I was wanted on Showdown. Let’s nip that shit right in the bud right now. I don’t want your respect. You haven’t earned the right to give me respect yet. I don’t want praise from you. I am sure that you were hoping I would respond with some nice praise and nice comments back towards you. Wrong. I have disrespected you and I will continue to do so. I noticed you attempted to put some pressure on me by calling me the future of this company. You’re damn right that I am. It’s a real shame for you and the rest of this locker room that Charlie Marr doesn’t feel pressure. I have ice in my god damn veins. Your little attempt to put pressure on me will not work. It doesn’t faze me. I came into this company with the sole intention of being the best. The fact that people already consider me the future doesn’t surprise me. I expect nothing less. The pressure will never get to me. I am already very aware of how good I am. I don’t need saps like you telling me that.

It was a nice little speech from you regarding your time here. It’s nice to be corrected so that my information can be right in the future. I loved hearing about how you’ve been here countless different times. Let me ask you this then, why are you such a quitter? Why have you been in and out of EAW so many times? Why have you left this company and then come back? Why don’t you just do everyone a favour and quit for good? You’re a quitter, Jacob. Plain and simple. People like you will never achieve anything in life. Do you want to know why? Because you never work for anything. You simply don’t have the drive and determination to succeed in a cutthroat business like professional wrestling. You don’t have the ambition. You don’t have what it takes. Every single time the going has got tough you have quit. I wouldn’t be shocked if you quit after I beat you this week. Why do we think this time will be any different? You haven’t done anything to prove that this time will be different. You’re just the same pathetic man as you’ve always been. You’re making stupid excuses. You had to take a leave? Bullshit. I’m not your typical opponent, Jacob. I am not just going to believe every stupid piece of shit that comes out of your mouth. I am willing to question you on what you say. You really think that I have to prove that I deserve to be in the same ring as you? Don’t make me laugh. You seriously seem to have an inflated self opinion. None of these fans, none of the EAW management think that you’re any good. You seem to have this weirdly high opinion of yourself and assume everyone else thinks the same. Newsflash, we don’t. We all think you’re nothing more than a below average show opener. Nobody genuinely believes that you are championship material. Do you honestly think EAW trusts you enough? They will be too worried that you’ll quit whenever you lose a match. There isn’t a single person that wants to see that title belt around your waist. Nobody wants to see that belt on a washed up perennial mid carder. That title has been devalued by a piss poor champion like Nobi. Imagine the level it would sink too if we let Jacob Moore get his grubby little hands on it? For the sake of EAW we cannot let it happen. That title needs elevating. That title needs to be made worth something. How do you do that? You put it on a guy who is rising like a rocket up the EAW ranks. Once I get that opportunity at that title and win it from Nobi, I will do exactly that. I will strap it to me and shoot it to the top of EAW. I will make this belt relevant again. I will make it worth something. I will make it more important than the world championship.

Your 19th century stereotypes about the UK make me laugh. Where are you from again? Chicago, is it? I’d ask your family for some information on Chicago but they probably all died from street violence. How dare you attempt to insult England when you come from Chiraq. You are from the fucking slums. You’re a favela boy. You grew up washing your clothes in the same water you bathed in. You’re a dirty American. I scoff at your insults towards Charlie Marr and my heritage. You really think that no one can doubt your ability? I just did. I know for a matter of fact that you don’t have as much natural ability as Charlie Marr. I can’t wait to hear some precious little speech from you responding to me. “Charlie Marr may have more ability than me but nobody has more heart and passion than me! Don’t you agree Moore Whores?!” Heart and passion will only get you so far. I can guarantee you that it won’t get you past me. Your virgin following won’t help you either. They will run out of breath after one chant for you. Also, after they see your ass getting beaten to a pulp they will be quick to jump allegiances. It’s going to be like White Sox fans after the Cubs won the world series two years ago. You have no real supporters, Jacob. Nobody fancies you to win this match. Nobody is supporting you in this match. Nobody wants to see you at Reasonable Doubt. We all know Jacob Moore vs Nobi isn’t going to draw in the big ratings. Nobi vs Charlie Marr on the other hand? That is ratings. That is exactly the kind of support that EAW needs. It’s almost time, Jacob. It’s almost time to put you out of your misery. It’s almost time to end you. I am going to make you quit once and for all.
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Post on January 19th 2018, 4:11 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

I’ve tasted defeat. It’s a disgusting and fowl taste. I’ve been tossed aside for the shiniest new toys. It is a huge slap to my face. It made it seem that everything I gave for this business was just for someone shiny to come in and tear down my legacy. The “New Era” as this period in EAW has been dubbed is pretty disgusting. It placed the attention of men and women who walk into those doors. Those are the same people who think they deserve the world by just showing themselves. Those are the same people who are the first to discredit the men and women who have been in this industry for the past decade like we don’t matter. Oh no! We gotta build internet darling #101, let’s just throwing veteran #50 at them, it’s not like people will see them any differently! The fact is the constantly repeat this formula and our worth in the company diminishes as theirs increases. I’m never against making new stars. They can make all the new stars they can, but you can never duplicate their success with the stars who have been by your side for the past decade. Constantly, you will find these people stomping all over to you to make their precious pet projects even greater. You can be as nice of a guy as my opponent, Nobi and it is truly the definition of nice guys finishing last. 

Not even your first title defense in and you’ve got a bunch of shiny competition like Jacob Moore and Charlie Marr who are more than ready to take the National Elite Championship from you. It was so easy to defeat you. Jacob Moore managed to defeat you. There is no doubt if Charlie Marr got in the same ring as you, you will end up with the same result. Where does our champion, Nobi go now? Does he gain the confidence to set out and prove to the EAW fans that Nobi is not the weakest champion in EAW or does he continue to doubt and hesitation when being a champion? You are making one of the biggest mistakes right now--you are not confident that you can be your new competition. You are not confident that you can beat some of the best talent on Showdown. As the face of the midcard Division, you’re supposed to assure everyone supporting you that you will make it out of this situation alive. You are supposed to look those small kids with those colorful t-shirts that our wonderful National Elite Champion will defeat Jacob Moore and Charlie Marr when the time comes. If you come out to me saying “maybe, you are better than me”, then you are placing not only doubt in the minds of those supporting you, but yourself. It must be a rookie thing with you...or it must be a Nobi thing. You approach this match wearing dignity and respect and songs and praises, then you’re basically giving your opponent's what they want. They want you to feel weak. They want you to get down on your knees and kiss the ground the walk on. Why don’t you make the job similar and just get on your back and lay there for three seconds? You’re just giving me the victory. Why not do the same for Jacob and Charlie? Why not just hand them the National Elite Championship because Nobi might not be good enough to be a champion? I mean, who ever said that you were the weakest champion in the company? As I recall, no one, but yourself thinks that? I think if you ever want to make it out of your first title defense, you need to reevaluate yourself and gain some confidence. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and go “I’m the best”, “I’m the competition to beat on Showdown,” “I’m going to beat Cameron,” “I’m going to beat Charlie and Jacob.” If you can’t look at your opponents in the eye and see that they will get their ass handed to them in the ring, why would we trust you to be the eyes that take the National Elite Championship to new roads? I’m not saying this to put you down. I’m not saying this to be mean or to hurt your feelings. I’m saying this to help you for the future. These people want a National Elite Champion who can look danger in the eye and not blink. These people want a champion they can place their faith and trust in when the going goes tough. I’m not asking you to change your values. I’m not asking you to chance what makes Nobi an amazing wrestler and person. I am asking you to reevaluate yourself and do something about the two competitors that have your road blocked from continuing your title reign. As for facing me, it’s not going to be easy and I like to think that you’re smart enough to understand that. I think we have established that none of us want to lose. None of us are hesitant when it come to throwing the first punch in the match. There was a reason why I defeated Stark at King of Elite. There was also a reason why you made Stark tap out at Kingsroad. There is a reason for everything. Despite the result of our match on Saturday, I hope you can accept the result of your loss no matter what the reason may be.
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Post on January 19th 2018, 8:30 am by Nobi
While I do think my journey has made me a stronger individual than before, I don’t think I’m as tough as you are, Cameron. You are much more experienced than I am and you know what to do as a champion. You have fought almost everybody on this company and that’s why you have an advantage over me. That’s something I’m fully aware of Cam, trust me on that one. Yes sure, you might not be able to win championship on your first try but you still have the experiences over me. I honestly believe you can beat me because first of the all, your journey is much more tougher and rougher than mine and second, your friend HBG has beat me. Like I said, you and HBG are on the same level and that’s something I cannot overlooked. And just like both you and I have said, Jacob Moore beat me fair and square. Yes sure, he lost to someone who had a losing streaks before but the thing is, he has a lot of motivation to beat me last week and it was paid off. He can continue the trend of beating me twice at Reasonable Doubt if Brian Daniels trusts him enough to be my contender. I believe that’s what Brian thinks anyway.

Yes sure, I let the faults I have made consumed me in a whole. It took me long time enough to move on from my defeats at Pain For Pride and as a result, I failed to capture the NE Championship belt in two occasions. I failed to capture it countless times last year because I wasn’t good enough. Maybe I’m still not good enough as a wrestler and I’m certainly the weakest champion out of all the champions in this company. But I’m trying Cam, I’m trying really hard to evolve and improve every single days to be a legitimate champion. Therefore, I’m going to push you into your limits until I pin you or make you tap out this week in order to redeem myself not just as a champion, but as a competitor as well. I’m just a tiny poodle just like you said. I can certainly agree on that one. Maybe I’m way too nice to be a Bulldog but the thing is, I want to beat you so bad. That’s what I had in mind when I saw POP and Stark back at Kingsroad. I treated that match as it was my last match in professional wrestling. That’s what I should do to you this week, Cam. You can forced me into a retirement home with everything you have in your tank, but even so, the only one who can stop me is myself. Everyone can beat me, but no one can forced me to step down. I’m here for a reason and not for a season and that is to become a World Champion. That dream is still too far away though, I have to correct myself first as the NE Champion, therefore I don’t want you to beat me so easily. I want you to break a lot of sweats before you pin me. I want you to use every strategies you have in mind and trying to figure out how to beat me. I don’t give up so easily, Cam. You know it already. If I have to lose to you this week then so be it but I’m going to make you use everything you have just to beat me. You will be in a state of shock when you deal with me in that very ring.

Everybody wants to win though. You know it already why I want to beat you this week. You know what motivates me to beat you. When was the last time I had anyone to push me into my limit? Jacob Moore did it last week. You and everybody might be confused with my statement but that’s a true story. Jacob pushed me into my limit and he beat me, plain and simple. You are too far away for me to reach, Cam, you are on another whole level, but that doesn’t mean I can’t beat you this week. I still could pull an upset. Everything is possible, not just in this business, but in life too. You want me to try to beat you this week and that’s what you will get this week. I don’t want just to try though, I want to do it. I want to beat you so I can make a statement to Jacob Moore and Charlie Marr that The National Elite Championship will not change hands anytime soon. Jacob did beat me but I will not let him to do it again. I honestly don’t know what’s the deal with your Bear questions. I assume that you want to make me angry this week? No Cam, I have no reason to get mad at you. You haven’t done anything to make me angry either and I really respect you so much for everything you have done for this company. I apologize in advance though if I have to punch you right in the face, but that’s what we always do as wrestlers. I’m just doing my job and you are just doing yours, nothing more and nothing less. In the end of the day, we both get paid, right? When was the last time I had anyone try to push my buttons though? POP did it a few weeks before Kingsroad and it didn’t end well for him. Sure, it was Stark that I made tap out, but he didn’t have enough energy to break up my submission move. Stark and I did tremendous job to make him exhausted and I came out as the best man that time because of my anger. Anger or no anger though, I know what I have to do this week and that is scoring a victory againts you. Don’t worry, I can accept it with open arms if you beat me this week, I hope you can do the same.
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Post on January 19th 2018, 12:48 am by Moongoose McQueen
Hey guys, Moongoose McQueen here with a new vlog to let all my fans know how it’s been going in my daily life as well as answer a few questions that have been asked on my efed, and stuff. To cut through the bull crap, yes, it’s really me, and no, that is not a dead body I’m showing in my video. It’s just Carlos Rosso, but he isn’t dead, he just looks old. Because even I know better, so respect the dead and respect your elders. But not Carlos, he’s an asshole.
How has life been as the champ? Honestly, not much has changed. People don’t walk up to me on the streets and ask me what it’s like to be the EAW Interwire Champion. Instead, they have been more intrigued by the Boys, and can you blame them? Look at these faces and tell me you don’t love them! I mean, I know Michael Jackson got a lot of hate for loving them too, but don’t be ignorant. The circumstances between me and the Boys are simple. They love me, and I love me too. It’s a mutual understanding in which I picked the best of the best boys and going through a tedious process in which they all must meet certain criterias. No, it’s not like they had to be the strongest, the smartest, or even the best looking. What do I look like? A Teenage girl with impossible expectations? Bitch, Please. No, all people need to know is that I take good care of my boys. I treat them almost as my children, and before you all ask, “Moongoose, are you using your children as human furniture.” What? Don’t be Silly. They are only 4 and 5. They don’t have the muscles and durability to be a chair or a step.
But enough for the boys, let’s talk about Carlos and the Wild Boys, and why they ain’t got a damn thing on me and the boys. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t just pick two random strangers from the streets like there were harlots looking for a good time. There is no funny business here like what Carlos and Jimmy and Billy Wilde has. What me the boys have is a genuine friendship where I care for them, and while it’s one thing to come after me, but to come after my boys. Oh man. I’m just going to lay a warning to each and every single individual that wants to lay a hand on them. If a single tear drips out of those pure and innocent eyes, I swear, no I promise you that no good will come out of it. For you see, these boys are not here to protect me, they are here to simply watch me, stroke my ego, and join in on my fun. In a sense, they are truly my biggest fans, and it’s a damn shame that Carlos Rosso is so pigheaded to make friends, he has to go ahead and ask him mom to get Bevis and Butthead to play with him. And don’t pretend you don’t get that reference Carlos, it was a thing when you were what? 30? 40?
But enough of the old, and lets focus on the new, as Ryan Wilson will get the honor to be my first opponent in the ring to face off with Moongoose McQueen as the EAW Interwire Champion. In fact, you will be the second man to face the new and improved Moongoose McQueen, and while I know you get a ton of bad rep backstage, I simply do not get the hate. After all, who doesn’t like Deadpool? Am I right? Right boys? *The Boys Nod* I really do not get the flak this guy gets, I mean, yeah, he talks a lot and he’s annoying. He’s a classic troll, but I personally have a greater admiration for a guy that speaks as if every day is his last and holds nothing back. That alone is merits that are admirable and a quality of a champion at life, despite all the losses he takes. Each time, he continues to pick himself up, shake it off, and persistently fight. You can say that’s similar to almost everyone, but there are differences between stubbornness and bravery. Ryan Wilson seems completely aware of what he is capable of. In fact, he seems aware of a lot of things people don’t get. He doesn’t go out and say he is the best, just the fact he is different, and what can I say? I’m a sucker for different. It almost resonates with me, and how I started in the business. Now, I’m not going to say Ryan Wilson is fearless, but he may just be, but he is stubborn and tenacious and god damn it, if anyone could be of the boys, It’s that man right there. Now unfortunately, one of my criteria for being one of mah boys is to not talk. So you’d fail there, but, my god, if I can do to you what 21st Century Fox did to Deadpool in the Wolverine Origin movies, I would be ashamed.  Don’t you ever change, Ryan Wilson. Keep annoying the likes of Finnegan Wakefield and Lars Grier. I believe in ya.
And while I know you are going to try to say some hurtful things to me. Talking about how you are going to beat me, Try to get into the mind of Moongoose McQueen. And by all means, please do so. Try to break my heart, but it’s not going to happen. I just don’t hate you enough to care, and you could either take that as a good thing, or a bad thing because in a sick way, it’s almost like saying, “you aren’t significant to matter at all to me.” But don’t you dare go putting words in my mouth like that. You keep your stupid comments in your pocket. What I really mean to say is, you aren’t at the point to be considered a legit threat in the ring…… yet.  As I said, you have potential, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You haven’t even established a system or structure in your career yet. Despite the fresh coat of sparkling paint and feathers, I’m still Moongoose McQueen, a veteran of the game for almost a decade and one of the best in-ring performer to date. Ryan Wilson ….ain’t….. got not-thang….. on me!

So with that said and done, you are not a threat to me. I mean, at this point, the only way you can get me to be angry with you is if you were going to come after mah boys, but you aren’t like that. You ain’t the type of guy that bullies weaker people, in fact, you fight bullies, Hell, you’re going to be fighting me. And while I would rather take you out to dinner and talk about your victory over Lars Grier, because I know he is watching this, which by the way, I hate that guy so much. He makes some of the most stupid decisions ever. I mean, for him to say you are stupid, when he actually wants to call one of his moves, the Ravenbeak, like ugh. It’s a miracle he was able to come up with “Nevermore” and who ever came up with that, should get a championship belt or something. Sorry, sorry. I’m getting off track here. But yeah, congrats on that win. A win is still a win, and you take that and win some more. But probably not again me. And don’t worry about what I said about you earlier. About how “I won’t take you seriously as a threat.” For I, Moongoose, pinky swear, cross my heart and hope to die, put a needle in my eye, will give you, Ryan Wilson, my best in the ring. Don’t worry about the boys, don’t worry about what seems to be the obvious gap between us in terms of tier. Let’s just go out there, drop each other on their head and like….. just go to town… go nuts on each other. Let’s do it. Let’s fuck shit up and start a frickin riot! Or you know, just put on a great match. I look forward to pinning you….. No homo..... atleast on Voltage.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 11:59 pm by Cody Marshall
Hey y'all, Mr. Last Minute here! My apologies, Darkane. I watched your little promo and it was so fucking boring I fell into a week-long slumber. Alright, maybe not that long, but yeah, I've been sleeping pretty well lately.

Today I awoke to find that Darkane has done what we call in this business a "double post". Because one boring-ass promo wasn't enough. This fuckwit had to give the EAW Universe a double dose of his tired old emo schtick. Man, you're putting the world to sleep. Mr. "Chaotic Evil". Mr. Didn't Get No Pussy In High School And Takes Out His Frustrations On People Who Actually Have Fans. Honestly there's nothing I want to say about you, Darkane. You put me to sleep with your edgy teenager ramblings. But your "double post" demands a response, in the form of another tried-and-true staple of this business: a good 'ol "deadline bomb"! But we ain't doing this your way, we're doing it my way or the highway. Instead of boring these fans trying to refute your dumbass "points", I'm gonna give y'all a little treat! So get a snack and settle in, 'cause I'm about to tell you the story of Darkane's life... more specifically, why he's such a fucking doucherocket.

A Short Film



A beat-to-shit black '87 Honda Civic rolls into the parking lot, "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan blasting from the car's shitty stereo system.

No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels alright
You don't know what its like to be like me
To be hurt, to feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one there to save you
No you don't know what its like
Welcome to my life

The car parks, and DEREK ARKANE (because we can't say the name "Darkane" here without that rat bastard hitting us with a lawsuit) steps out, jamming his car keys into his front pocket and putting in his earbuds in one fluid motion. He shuffles through the parking lot and into the hallways of Jared C. Fogle High School with his eyes glued to the floor, lost in the supremely shitty emo music he's listening to. 

Derek breaks out of his trance for a fleeting moment to steal a glance at the girl of his dreams (whose name still remains a mystery to him). She meets his gaze with a disgusted expression as her boyfriend walks over to her locker. Derek averts his gaze back to the floor and mutters some words to himself: typical bitter high school emo musings.

Fuckin' bitches. I wish they'd all die. Why don't they ever go for the nice, sweet guys like me? Whores. I should write a song about this.

Other people would find this little outburst weird if they cared (they don't, though). Derek continues down the hall, running his hands through his greasy bowl cut that his mom gave him.

Derek arrives to his first-period Music class and picks up a guitar. He starts strumming "Wonderwall" poorly. He's still blissfully unaware that playing the guitar only gets you girls if you don't fucking suck at it.

Derek stops playing as MR. STEVENS (played by our favorite actor, Cody Marshall!) walks into the classroom. Mr. Stevens strokes his goatee as he strolls around the room, checking up on his students before the class starts.

Mr. Stevens?

Yes, Derek?

It's my turn to perform my original song today.

Yeah, I know. Why don't you start off the class with your performance?

Damn right I will.

Mr. Stevens steps out of the classroom and into the music office next door.

Four years of music college for this shit...

Mr. Stevens shuts the door and begins to vape.

Now we fade back to the classroom, where Derek stands behind a microphone,
guitar in hand. The class is abuzz with chatter; nobody seems to be paying Derek any attention at all. Why would they? He fucking sucks.

Hey guys... I'm gonna be performing my new song I wrote, it's called "Life Fucking Sucks", and here it is!

The class continues to make copious amounts of noise, because any noise is better than Derek's godawful "music". Derek begins to play an atrocious riff on his electric guitar.

DEREK (singing)
Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

High school is a joke, all I wanna do is get high
High school is a joke, all I wanna do is die
Life is a bore, it's really a fucking chore
I wanna snort coke and fuck whores
But for now I'm stuck selling knives door to door

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

Fuck Mr. Stevens, fuck high school, fuck everything
Fuck everybody in the world

Luckily, Mr. Stevens has made his way back into the classroom to put an end to Derek's supremely shitty "song". He sprints up to Derek and hits a BIG BOOT!
Derek writhes in pain on the floor as the entire class roars with laughter.

Get that garbage outta here! Ah, fuck this job, man. I quit. Kids, do whatever the fuck you want. Go score some crystal meth, light the school on fire, I don't give two flying fucks... whatever you do,
don't become a music teacher.

Mr. Stevens raises his right hand high in the air, giving a fist pump and a scream of "VICTORY!", before departing his music classroom for the last time...

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Post on January 18th 2018, 11:32 pm by Maddox Ayres
Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute.

Silence opens up an opportunity for endless amounts of thoughts to pour through your mind. I’ve spent a lot of time silent over the past couple weeks and it’s started to mess with my head. I felt like it was about time to break that silence and get back to the person that I truly am.

The reason for my silence these past couple weeks lies within the constant failing I’ve amounted to. I can’t express enough how I just haven’t been able to pull myself together, but that ends now. Not only have I been on this excruciating losing streak, I’ve been losing to people I shouldn’t be losing to. That falls on me. It always will. I’m the reason that I’ve been failing lately. I started to let the beginning of my career here get to my head and in doing so, I believed I was better than absolutely everyone here but in the most polite way possible. The thing is if I had kept performing the way I was when I started, who knows where I would be right now. I could let this linger and let my career continue to fall like it has been or I can turn this ship around and get back on the rise. I can’t let myself go after such a strong beginning. I can’t let others who don’t deserve a drop of what I do continue to reap the rewards from beating me.

I will not fall.

This is the week when I get my career back on track and I haven’t even begun to explain my excitement to be on Dynasty now. It was a long rollercoaster of a ride on NEO and now that it’s no more, I’m ready to continue the next chapter of my story. Dynasty has many opportunities for me to step up, contend for gold, make history, whatever I want. I could be the typical Elitist that ends up on this brand that says this is my Dynasty now or something of the sort. I’m not going to dwell on the past anymore, but I will say congrats to everyone who’s been able to defeat me. Treasure that, it’s going to be a rarity it happens much further. This starts this week. This week, I get my career back on track and this week I make my beginning mark here on Dynasty. It’s going to be a tough journey, I won’t deny that one bit. There’s plenty of talented Elitist’s here and I’d be arrogant to not acknowledge that.

A certain newcomer will be on the opposing side of the ring this week and he has the exact same thing in mind that I do. Unfortunately, I can’t let him accomplish what he wants. Yasuki Takata wants to make his mark, I want to make my rise again - what’s gonna give? I appreciate your respect, Yasuki. I respect the fact that you’re here. Not many people can even get past their first week here. I respect anyone who can have a conversation without all the name calling and repetitiveness like someone else I know of. Here’s the thing - you want to make your mark and I want to turn my career back around. One of us will have the unfortunate outcome of failing this week. It’s a possibility that I could fail, but also for you to fail. I’m not here to fail and that’s all I’ve been doing lately. I’ve spent my time in silence and that’s going to change. I’ve spent my time wallowing and to be quite frank, I’m done letting people run over me. For God’s sake, I let Woogieman pin me in no time at all. That’s not who I am and that’s not how I’m going to continue my story. Dynasty starts a new chapter for me and it’s time for me to begin the tale. I’m going to prove that I can best you. I’m going to prove that I can be the best. Welcome to the Land of Elite, Yasuki.

You’re about to get quite the welcoming.
Yas, Daddy.
Post on January 18th 2018, 10:23 pm by Amari Steele
An excited murmer ripples through the crowd as darkness descends over the scene. The opening location of the scene is likely a nightclub of some sorts, punctuating the beat of the R-Kelly's "Bump & Grind. As the full song kicks in, a driplets of water showes goes off over the stage, and a young man walks out to warm applause from the crowd. The stranger is dressed in a silk, pearl white robe, gold cirlce hoop earrings and no shoes, but he toenails are done in various colors. This unfamiliar character stands at the front of the stage as the music continues playing, surveying his surroundings with a smile on his face. After a few moments, the music fades out, and after a brief pause he raises the microphone to his mouth.


The stranger (who shall be referred to from now on as "The Wiz of Jizz" Amari Steele) ,starts dancing around the stage as he speaks.

"To all the men in here tonight it is your lucky night, indeed. Because this will be my final performance at Club Sugar Daddy's, and I promise I'm going to make it very, very special"

The crowd boos.

"Uh, how rude!" Amari says jokingly "Now I've gave you top of the line for a long time, boys. Can I have a little fun?"

The crowd cheers, clearly in agreement with the sentiments being expressed.

"Aww I appreciate that so much babes! This is quite an exciting time, signing with a brand-new Pro Wrestling Organisation.. A chance to see, what you might call, "proper" wrestling.. That is, athletes coming out, night after night, giving their all for the love, and the thrill of the competition, rather than just going through the motions night after night, killing time until they can pick up their next oversized paycheck. And you know what they say, oversized is always better. And most importantly.. athletes coming out, with the sole intention of doing what they do best to give"The People" the experience of a lifetime! AM I RIGHT!?

The crowd cheers even louder, apparently taking what he said in a sexual way.

"And yet... No. For some reason, it appears that, while I'm sure the motly collection of "Bad-Ass Mofos" and "Best Damn Things" in the company I'm joining aren't picking up 7-figure salaries just yet.. The thought of dining on gold plates and wiping their arses with 20 dollar bills does appear to be imprinted pretty heavily on the forefront of these people's minds."

Amari begins to dance slowly to the music.

"That being said, I will give you this final experience Club Sugar Daddy's. You can see me on the Showdown Brand of Elite Answer Wrestling if you need a visual fix. Until then..."

Amari removes his robe, showing his pink thong underneath stars dancing on the pole, as the onlookers watch in a trace. As the begin to throw bill, the screen fades to static.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 8:59 pm by Darkane
Dynasty II

"Sorry, we're closed. Come back tomorrow." A rather tall lady-killer of a man with slick-backed hair and an array of tattoos spiraling down his arm with a thick Norwegian accent informs Darkane.

"I need a cigarette damnit, just let me in." Darkane pleads with the man, red bolts straining across his eyes as thunder begins to rumble above and rain starts to drum on the rooftop of the store.

"If I let you in, then I'll have to let the next customer in. It's 11 PM. We are closed. Come back tomorrow."

"What customers? You're on the outskirts of Oslo, there hasn't been a customer for hours! Hey! I'm not finished talking--" Darkane slumps against the now closed door, the lights in the store flicker off into an abrupt darkness.

"My car breaks down and there's not another shop for miles. For fuck sake." Darkane mutters to himself angrily, as he slams his fist against the wet brick exterior of the store. Darkane retreats back into his broken down '87 Honda Civic hunk of junk that finally met its demise. He got it from a desolate junkyard also located on the edges of Oslo, in which he had a heated confrontation in two different languages: English and Norwegian, with a gritty and slender man in his mid-forties with a blonde bird's nest on top of his head, but Darkane reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick, beefy doobie, which is the universal language that they both understood and the deal was eventually made.

"I gave up one of my best joints for this piece of shit." Darkane slams his fist through the driver's seat window, blood now oozing from his knuckles while glass shatters all over the street bouncing off of the road. Darkane's face lights up like the fourth of July when a few lightning bolts play tag in the sky.

"I guess you could say that luck hasn't been on my side lately. Whether it'd be coming up short at King of Elite, running out of cigarettes or my car breaking down. Shit, I should have known I was going to get shafted with this beater. If there is a lesson to be learned it's to never make sketchy deals with Norwegians. I barely pulled five miles out of this thing before it shit the bed, but as I said, luck hasn't been on my side. Some people will say it's karma, for the way I have belittled and treated others in the past both in and out of the ring. I suppose they're right in a sense, but that's who I am and I'll never change for anybody, even if my back ever happens to be against the wall. I won't change who I am like say, Cody Marshall in an attempt to save face. I won't try and cover up what I really am because I'm humiliated by my own existence and by my performance in EAW like Cody Marshall has. Cody, you're trying to be something you're not, always trying to be more but in the end it will eat you up and it will spit you out. Maybe for you Cody, the grass is greener on the other side but anybody with a pair of working eyes can see right through your facade. They still see the same old redneck hick who is a lost cause and a directionless buffoon. I've run into plenty of toothless mullet and overall with one missing button sporting hillbillies back in my hometown of New Orleans and let me tell you, it's no picnic engaging in a conversation with them, hell, I have a better understanding of Norwegian than the dimwitted vernacular that rolls out of their mouth. I mean when your blood alcohol level exceeds your I.Q you must be doing something wrong. It's funny though, no matter what seems to go wrong in your life Cody, no matter how many losses pile up on your resume, you still believe in all of the hype that you're trying to sell to everyone like labeling yourself as the best acquisition for Dynasty. It's like skipping in a minefield. It's as if the losses cease to matter. I mean at least you're consistent but for all the wrong reasons. I want to believe that you're going to be new and improved; a restored version of what once was as the New Breed Champion, I really do, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, actually I'll dumb it down in a way that even you can understand: you can't polish a turd because, in the end, it's still a turd. I hope that in the future, you do reinvent yourself and you do start racking up wins, but Dynasty is a cold cold world and I don't think you've adjusted quite yet."

Darkane leans back into the driver's seat of his car, watching the raindrops squiggle down the windshield, wrapping his crimson-stained knuckles in a roll of duct tape that was lying on the passenger's seat floor; another flash of lightning illuminating the street and the store next to him, turning night briefly into day.

"Whatever you decide to say from here on out, I advise you to save it, hold your breath, keep it locked up inside of you because it'll plunge into deaf ears. You've already displayed to me this week that your silence is deafening and that goes hand in hand with your general lack of prowess and lack of effort. You're a lethargic, titanic beanstalk of nothingness who should take this business more seriously. Maybe you're too busy signing autographs of which you charge thirty bucks a pop for, to the two or three Cody Marshall fans that still remain and still blindly follow your lead like the negligible sheep that they are. Remember to not put the S backward in your autograph session like you did last time. Or maybe you're glued to your seat in one of those movie trailers, getting your makeup splashed onto your face by an overly-effeminate psychopath who puts a lisp in the word cracker. He'll say you look posithively scrumptiousth after he's completed his work and he'll gently whisper his phone number into your ear and hand you his sticky contact card while slyly and suggestively leaning up against your massive frame at the same time in case you want another round done. Or in his case, he wants to see how big and untamed the Hollywood Hoss really is. Whatever the case is, don't you forget about EAW, the proverbial hand who has fed you, who will move on with or without you regardless because they're a well-oiled machine. You're not bigger than EAW, nobody is, not even the most elite men and women of this company."

Darkane shakes his head in disgust, slinging the roll of duct tape into the back while searching through the ashtray for a spare cigarette and coming out empty handed. He sighs and eyeballs the camera, a river of snot trailing down from his nostrils and onto his upper lip.

"I'm out for blood, there's no denying that, all of the discontent, the fury, everything that has been surging through my veins since King of Elite will come to an execrable head on Dynasty. Cody, it's not just a matter of beating you within an inch of your life, no, that's not good enough for me, that's way too easy. I feel that it needs to be taken a step further. I'm not going to send you packing back to Voltage, I'm not going to send you back to Showdown, I'm not going to send you over to Hollywood or back into the heart of Texas. I'm going to send you straight out of this fucking company and into a morgue, where death is commonplace. You'll be a frozen corpse on an icy cold slab, completely unidentifiable except as a disfigured and stomach-churning work of art courtesy of yours truly. You will resemble a meaty, gushing, gruesome, inverted, mangled, upside down and side to side result of pure butchery that not even a single solitary diseased fly would land on and jam their long black proboscis into your skull to drink your blood; the blood of a Hollywood reject. Any other result to me is simply ungraspable and unwelcomed at this point. Be careful what you wish for Cody, be careful of what nest you decide to disturb because if you want to walk in the land of hardcore, then you best believe that you're going to need to be damn near perfect to walk out untarnished and from what I've seen, I don't think that's possible."

Suddenly a pair of bright headlights on a passing car flash on Darkane forcing him to squint his eyes into slits, rain still cascading down within the vivid beams of the headlights.

"Maybe I'm not so unlucky after all."

Darkane pokes his head out of the window and waves his hands towards the car, motioning for it to come to a halt.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 18th 2018, 3:17 pm by Jacob Moore

Congratulations, Charlie. 

You've managed to make quite the splash your first night on Showdown. First, you defeat Prince of Phenomenal and then you attack our precious National Elite Champion, Nobi. It's admirable for a NEO rookie, but let me explain the ramifications from my point of view. Prince of Phenomenal hasn't been nearly as impressive since his return as he used to be. He's directionless and apparently suffering some memory loss since he can't remember who he's faced before and who he hasn't. Even if he got into the now meaningless Hall of Fame, he isn't matching up to that level anymore. So really, that's a freebie there. And attacking Nobi? I can't be too mad about that. You saw the opportunity and took it. You beat the former champ then attack the new one to make a statement. The most I can do is thank you for not interfering during Nobi and I's match is waiting until after. I guess you really are a "charming man", but this is the quarrel I have. Who's to say you deserve this shot just because you attacked Nobi from behind after a grueling match? If anything, that's cowardice. In my eyes, you shouldn't be in talks for facing him yet. I'm the next up in line. I beat Nobi fair and square, 1-2-3. It should be clear as day to Brian Daniels which match he should make for Reasonable Doubt, but he wants to insert some drama into the equation in the form of you, Mr. Marr. I can respect the drive you have to make a splash the first day especially after your showings in NEO. If NEO didn't get buried six feet under, you'd definitely become its top guy. But hey, I get the chance to also beat you one-on-one and show Daniels that I'm the one who deserves this the most and that I've earned it. So be it. Just like Nobi last week, I can't go into this pretending you're nothing to me because right now you're the key to my shot at the National Elite title and that isn't for no reason. Obviously you have something in you that's gotten you this far, that had Daniels wanting you on his brand. But nonetheless, you're still not me. Four years, Charlie. That's how long you've been doing this wrasslin' thing. It's cute. I've been doing this for eight. That definitely comes into play, my seniority and experience. After last week, people were shocked to see me go at the level I did in a regular weekly match. That's how much this little comeback I'm working on means to me. Every moment counts. I've gotten back into peak physical shape and brought out a whole array of new moves. I've been at the bottom, now I have no choice but to keep going up. I need this more than you, Charlie. That sounds corny and it doesn't mean I have this match in the palm of my hand, but if I defeated our champion with a good amount of ease, you can't bring me much difficulty. But like I said, you aren't nothing. This win would still mean something to me, it's still important. There's a few people who already see you as the future, Charlie. That's gotta be at least a little frightening. The pressure is truly on for you to do big things and I know a win over good ol' Jacob Moore is very appealing to you but I can't let that happen. Not that my name holds much water these days anyway after the shit I've been through but like I said, this is a new start. A win over me is basically a win over Nobi too for you. It would for sure put you into the running and not just off a blindsided hit. It's evident both of us need this, even if it's for different reasons, but I need it more. You're still young and getting started, I don't have time like you do. For too long, I've taken a back seat to those I know are below me, but no more. That ended last week. Nobi got chance after chance after chance to make history and fell short until Kingsroad, but this is my first chance. I don't have plans to rot for two years to do it. I already beat him, and if I gotta dispose of you the same way to get my dues then I'm not hesitating. You have a bright future here if you stay consistent, Charlie, don't worry. But now is just not your time, especially after one victory over a washed-up "legend" which you think automatically puts you at the top.

Let's talk about how long I've been here since you seem to think of me as being here for as long as Nobi or POP. I signed my EAW contract in December of 2016, I made my debut in mid-January, was gone from mid-March to May, performed at Pain for Pride and left again from July to November. So, REALLY, Charlie. I've been actively here for a full five months. Not even half a year. I bet that's a shocker. And take those leaves as you will, I've already explained why I did them and it wasn't because I quit. And in those five months, I only received one title shot in a Hell's Warpath match in March 2016, which is why I don't already have gold around my waist. But yes, please keep using my time here against me to make you look better. It's not hard to get in the title scene these days, especially with the low amount of actual talent we have around here. When I first signed here, it was basically all out war. But guess what I did? I went undefeated for months. Bet you didn't find that out in a google search, Marr. I was being brought up, just as you are now, as the future of EAW before I had to take a leave. If I never left, I'd very well be a champion right at this very moment, but life outside calls, you know. The only people I've let down or disappointed since I've come here is myself, truthfully. I let myself be stepped on upon my return to Dynasty and that's not how a man should be carrying himself. But even then, I was on my way to the Hardcore Championship scene before this shake up. So really, your points are invalid. And outside of EAW, I held a few titles so you can't even say I've never done anything of note since I've been wrestling because it just makes you look even more ignorant. I was the reason people even tuned into Dynasty and now that I'm gone they get to see Jacob Senn cry about DEDEDE every week. Quality TV, right? Nobody expected you to show your true colors by attacking Nobi from behind, you're right, and yes, you're gonna have to really work and prove that you deserve to be in the ring with me. Because those that aren't just casual fans, they know what I can do, truly. I've ended multiple careers and put motherfuckers on the shelf. If in your head that means I'm nothing but a disappointment, then I can't wait to surprise you on Saturday night. I find it hilarious that that's the only flaw you can even find about me - that I don't hold a title I never even had the chance to compete for until now - and everything you said or implied is still inaccurate. You have no good reason as to why you're gonna defeat me besides the fact you impressed the NEO performance center and beat POP meanwhile I've done more than you, even if they aren't recognized in a history book. I ended those other motherfuckers that doubted me, broke their necks and left them gasping for air. I ended the hype train for El Ironico when he came around on Dynasty now it seems I'm gonna have to do the same to you on Showdown. Maybe before I heard what you had to say, I would've felt bad but now I don't. There's a very good chance that after all of this is said and done, nobody remembers your name and you get thrown back to the bottom of the barrel as the crowd picks out a new toy to fawn over. I thought you'd be a little more down-to-earth than this, Charlie, I really did, but it seems you're just as egotistical as every other rook that comes in talking hot shit to me only to have me wring them up when we actually meet. 

Worst week of my life? Don't make me fucking laugh. You've done a bad thing, Marr. You've made me angry. With Nobi last week I was perfectly calm and overtook him easily now with you, this is gonna be a whole different experience. You treat me with disrespect then I'll do the same to you with no remorse and that's not just something to try to make you shit your pants but you'll find that out sooner than later. You're the typical UK guy, proud of his country, wanting to win, and talking a bigger game than he could ever back up. Throw ME around like a ragdoll? Please. It's very clear you don't know me nor anything about me and just go off of the internet dirt sheets and Wikipedia, because you've came at me all wrong. But all I can tell you now is that you'll be regretting it. I sensed such a dumb argument was coming my way from a random such as you but I still wasn't ready to hear the bullshit you uttered from your crooked-toothed, musty mouth. Maybe Jacob Moore wasn't looked at as anything important anymore after Invictus but this ain't Invictus. I may not be dropping from the ceiling for entrances anymore but the Jacob Moore that got that cult following and stopped guys right in their tracks when they thought of him as nothing else but a crazed sociopath is back, as he should be. He never should've left. It isn't worth it to try to be a decent human being anymore because it doesn't get you anywhere. As I've said before, you've got to take matters into your own hands and that's exactly what I'm doing. Really, this match between us shouldn't be happening but I'm sure Nobi is gonna enjoy being ringside for the show. You might've been able to throw that spot monkey around the ring however you pleased but I'm telling you now, me and him are two very different people. POP came back and immediately was pushed to that National Elite title just off his name and won it off a drug addict. Is that really someone we should be bragging about beating anymore? Truly? He's a shell of his former self and as much as he denied that when he first returned, it ultimately became the worldwide known truth after he lost that title. I'm going into Showdown fully confident that no matter the outcome of this match, whether you wanna cause another scene and catch ME from behind this time, go after Nobi again and steal his title, or just plain cheat to get your way into Reasonable Doubt, the world saw me pin Nobi cleanly last week. No questions, no doubts. And that's all that really matters to me. I know a spot is pretty much reserved for me at this point. You're the one that has to work harder to show you deserve this, not me. Yeah, I need to give my fans a reason to believe in me again after a trainwreck run but even after that, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE doubts my ability. They can never take that away from me. I've been recognized plenty of times as a great wrestler and performer, no matter what happens outside of that squared circle, that is still acknowledged. Every guy I've beaten, I've beaten cleanly and they could never come up with an excuse as to why I beat them - I was just better and they didn't take my word for it. You should be grateful you have the chance to be in there with me because you're facing me for a reason. If I wasn't a challenge and a legit competitor, I wouldn't even be on this brand. I never would've been apart of that trade. Brian Daniels wouldn't have pitted us against each other for you to prove yourself. Know your place, Marr. You're the one on the bottom here, not me. I'm above you in every sense of the word. I try to be humble against my opponents but with the garbage you've spewed out, I have no choice but to really tell you what's going to happen. I know my last what - three matches on Dynasty weren't much to write home about but even then, there was always something shady happening to keep me from winning. I'll take that to my grave because I know the truth. But my victory last week definitely put me back on the map and I'm not being taken off anytime soon. It's really fucking sad that you've dug this hole for yourself to fall in for me. We've seen plenty of guys get some wins then fall right off their pedestal and retreat back into irrelevancy, and if you don't somehow weasel your way into MY rightful title match as I'm sure we're all anticipating..well, then the same will be happening to you soon enough after I extinguish the little fire you've managed to create for yourself on NEO. Charlie Marr is over. Charlie Marr is cancelled. 
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Post on January 18th 2018, 2:29 pm by The Revenant
Voltage 6:
“What are you?”

“Nathan Fiora. A sad little man, who’s been beaten down, ridiculed, and believes that he’s the poster boy for the mistreated and bullied in EAW, so he decides to rebrand himself as a ‘Hardcore’, ‘No Mercy’ Bully, who goes around trying to strut his new ‘Edgy’ flavor of the month like he’s the Cock of the Walk, and probably the next contender for one of the belts…….”.

Gimme a break Fiora, You don’t know what being mistreated in this industry is….. You see you complain about being in the ‘Land of False Opportunity’ and claim others get more opportunities than you do. Yet you get handed a Main Roster Contract while well over 30 ‘Elitists’ had to go push through developmental hell, less than 10 actually made it here, and that’s because the brand closed down. You Complain that others get ‘Title Opportunities’, and you don’t, while all you do is sulk pathetically in midcard matches acting like you’re some hotshot, and never trying to elevate yourself”.

Is Voltage Perfect? Fuck No. But the more you Whine, and Complain, you curbstomp and ridicule ‘NEO Boys’ on their first days in, and can barely hack it when you get the title opportunities you want. You see I’m Glad I’m facing you, that way I can get this bout outta the way, and move on with my goals here. Do you even have a goal? Sure you rebranded as some ‘No Mercy’ know it all, but what do you really intend to do with your new coat of cheap paint? Seek out the Hardcore Title? Well that can’t be true, because I keep eyes on all the belts and those who hunt them, And this is the first time I’ve actually heard of you, the pathetic lark called Nathan Fiora. Maybe Seek out a Voltage Title? You act like you’re not a new blood, NEO Boy so the New Breed Title is obviously not good enough, fucking Mongoose Mcqueen, a person nobody expected to dethrone Rosso, stole the Interwire belt, and I haven’t heard a peep from you. And be honest here, Nate, I can say alot of things about O’hara, But we all know he’d devour you in a few minutes. Dynasty would as well, Showdown is a name I haven’t heard your pretentious fucking lips utter, and you don’t look like Vixen Material, and then again I’m pretty sure Jaxon and Ava would eat you alive”.

“So what does this all add up to? You don’t have a Fucking Goal, You aren’t going to do Jackshit with your new Hardcore Paintjob, and above all, All you’re good for is being a Lousy Cheap Contract for Drake to stick into matches with more deserving candidates, and have them maul him back to the gimmick drawing room”.

“So while you’re sitting there, developing some cheap bru-hah-hah to throw at me, let me tell you know this Sunday is going to go….. I had Finnegan Wakefield within Inches of being beat, I’ve beaten down some of the best The New Breed had to offer, and from what I see, you’re nothing but a Bottom feeder, who can’t take a hint that his career on Voltage is a Failure, and is a far less complex fighter than Wakefield. I’m going to walk into that ring, and I’m going to Eat You Alive, and maybe, after you’ve been beaten down for what’s probably the 20th time in your career, Drake can transfer you to a cosy job as a cashier worker”.

I might be considered New Blood, for the fact that I was stuck on NEO for near half a year, but don’t forget that a Decade in MMA is going to weigh this bout more than in my favor, and we’ll see what happens when an unskilled, unwanted, Loudmouth, walks into the ring with a skilled competitor. The fans have seen it plenty of times, they’ve seen you get deconstructed, and now I’m going to Murder and Bury you live on Sunday. You don’t have to believe in the system, but for the sake of your future health, Believe that”.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 2:13 pm by Charlie Marr
To absolutely nobodies surprise, I chalk a win up on the board last week. My debut on Showdown became my first win on Showdown and my first win on the main roster here at Elite Answers Wrestling. The first of many. I came, I saw, I conquered. Prince of Phenomenal will be no more. Finally, the beast has been slain. I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I brutalised and embarrassed Prince of Phenomenal over and over again. Prince of Phenomenal thought he could defeat me. I could tell that deep down he actually thought he was going to defeat me. You see, that win on Dynasty was just the start. The domination and annihilation of Prince of Phenomenal was just the start of something ever so beautiful. The time of Charlie Marr has well and truly arrived. The dynasty that is Marr is upon us. I don’t care who I beat. At this stage in my career, every single victory is a big victory. I don’t care if it’s defeating an EAW Legend or an EAW rookie, every victory is massive. Big victories cause momentum which can bring even more big victories. I think that the EAW Universe may finally realise what they are being blessed with. This diamond in the rough. This star that they are getting the pleasure of watching every single week. You don't all realise how lucky you really are. The EAW higher ups seem to have realised what they have their hands on. They are giving me more and more matches as they have finally came to this conclusion. They seem to have seen what kind of star they have tied to a contract here. They are realising that they have a huge opportunity on their hands and they need to capitalise on it. I think everyone saw just how good I was when I was on NEO. I can imagine that all three brands were absolutely desperate in trying to sign me to a bumper contract. Luckily for Showdown, they were the one that struck gold and brought Charlie Marr in. Every single member of this roster should be fearing their spot here. All of the main eventers on Showdown need to step their game up. They need to make sure that they are on top of their game and they are wrestling like they never have before. There is a new top boy in town. I proved to all of my doubters exactly what I could do on NEO and in my first week on Showdown. I showed everyone how I can beat genuine talent on my first match on Showdown. I destroyed and embarrassed an Elite Answers Wrestling hall of famer. A former National Elite champion, a man with an incredible list of accolades. I beat him and I made it look easy.

However, the annihilation of Prince of Phenomenal wasn’t actually my biggest moment on my Showdown debut. That belongs to my vicious attack on Nobi. I made a statement. I shocked the world when I ran in after the Jacob Moore vs Nobi match and smashed Nobi’s skull into the mat. I shocked everyone. Nobody expected to see Charlie Marr after that match. Nobody expected Charlie Marr to make a statement like that. I destroyed Nobi and I will do it again. I put my name forward as the next National Elite champion with that attack. I want that championship. I want blood. I showed everyone how I am coming for Nobi and for that title. My charge for that championship begins this week. I will be facing another man who also wants a shot at that championship, Jacob Moore. I will be taking him on in a one on one match. This match is absolutely massive for both of us. I can’t ignore the importance of this match. Whoever wins this match, will massively strengthen their chances of getting a shot at the National Elite Championship. If we’re being honest with ourselves, I deserve that chance a hell of a lot more than Jacob Moore does. Jacob Moore has been in EAW a lot longer than I have. Since being in EAW, he has been nothing short of a disappointment. He has achieved a total of absolutely nothing. He has impressed nobody and been a total waste of a roster space. Charlie Marr, on the other hand, has impressed everybody and only lost once since being in the company. Who do you really think should get that National Elite Championship shot? Should it be given to a man who has disappointed everyone or a man who is impressing everyone? I think I know the answer to that one. I know a lot of people will be doubting that and asking me to prove that I am better than Jacob Moore. Don’t worry everyone, I will show you all exactly what I am capable of this Saturday on Showdown. I will prove to you all how I am far better than Jacob Moore. It’s funny how we’ve both been in EAW completely different amounts of time but we’ve still found ourselves at the same point. Despite the fact he’s been here longer than me, we are still both attempting to get a shot at the National Elite Championship. How embarrassing, Jacob. If I had been in this company as long as you have, I would be hoping I would at least be the National Elite Champion by now. You, however, have achieved nothing. I would be so embarrassed if I were you. Don’t worry though, that embarrassment will only further this week on Showdown. I am going to throw you around like my ragdoll and make you my little bitch. Jacob Moore is over. Jacob Moore is cancelled. Nobody cares about you now and people are gonna care about you even less after this match. Your family will be embarrassed to talk to you after you are beaten so badly. This is going to be the worst week of your life.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 11:33 am by Tomi Venus
Weigh Your Options
Dynasty Two

I agree with you Nasir. You’re right about everything you’re saying. You’ve been screwed time and time again and it’s about time you got your shot. You deserve it. Everybody wants to see it happen. The people want a champion they can believe in! They want Nasir Escobar as Answers World Champion! You’d be their champion! A champion they NEED! But not a champion they deserve… You are too good for this company. If they deserved to have you Nico Borg would be chasing after your title instead of the other way around. Nas, we both see the objectivity of this situation. Let me open your eyes. Allow me to show you the way. You deserve to be Answers World Champion, you would carry this company to places that we can only dream of, so why would you want that? Why hold their prizes? Why give them what they want? EAW needs you as champion more than you need to be champion! The same people who have disrespected you, held you back, and put you through all of these struggles are the people who you will be winning that championship for! But if I win I will have those people in the palm of my hand. The people who have discredited you and forced you to jump through hoops for their own entertainment will be at my mercy and I am the only one brave enough to make sure that they pay for exploiting us. They exploited Target Smiles. They’re exploiting you. This is more than just a competition. They applauded Smiles as a hero, people applaud you as a hero, but I’m the real hero! It’s not too late to back down Nas. Let me beat Nico Borg and serve the justice that you deserve! I’ll tear this place down to the ground and in that moment they’ll be forced to reflect on what if scenarios and wish that they never held you back. Let them pay the price!

This is the problem! You are just like everybody else in this damn company! You are too caught up with wins and losses and winning titles to understand what needs to be done! You don’t care about retribution, you just want to feed your own ego! You think they learn? You think they’ll see the success you bring them and it will break an imaginary glass ceiling for people like you? That the next generation won’t have to repeat the same frustrating steps as you? Nas, they never learn. All you are going to do is give life to your enemy. I’m trying to help you! You’re a danger to yourself like this! Don’t you see!? Someone has to stop you on this self righteous path of self destruction you’re on! It just so happens that fate, or less superstitiously Nico Borg, has chosen me to save you.

You are the better man Nas, but the odds are in my favor. You won’t cheat but I will so I have the advantage. If I don’t cheat then I’ll bring violence when you try to play nice! If I play nice then I’ll grab you by the head, crack you face first onto my knee, and send you down the Motor City Plunge just like I did to your rival Jacob Senn! I left him in a pool of his own blood as I walked away with my hand held high and a smile on my face. As it stands now you’re on a path to the same destination and once you get there it will be your own doing. I’m not going to beat you because I’m better than you. I’m scum of the earth while you are the glorious Nasir Escobar. I’m going to beat you because I’m willing to do things that you’re not! Your purity, your morals, these things that you hold so dear will be your downfall. It doesn’t matter how many times you get up or how behind you the crowd is, it doesn’t even matter how good of a competitor you are. You’re not going to beat me without going to the lengths that I am willing to go to make sure you stay down. Those are lengths I don’t believe you’re willing to go to. Betray your values? Stoop to lows that you say you’re above? Are you really willing to do that? Are you really willing to compromise yourself like that only to benefit the people who have done nothing but hold you back? If so, are you really any better than Y2Impact? Darkane? Nico Borg? Jacob Senn?

The only way you’re going to beat me is if you become someone you hate in the process.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 4:59 am by Nasir Escobar
Nasir Escobar: Here we go, Hamasa. After a very much needed little break from competition to get my head straight, I am back in the right mindset and ready to go!

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Well you must be delighted with the announcement that was made on Dynasty about this contest are you not?

Nasir Escobar: You kiddin? How could I not be? I’m finally right back where I belong. In the main event, fighting for the opportunity to geta one on one match for the Answers World Championship. Emphasis on the whole ONE ON ONE part.

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Oh?

Nasir Escobar: I say that because when I pulled off my incredible performance at Territorial Invasion, you know the single most successful night anyone has ever had in TI history? What I earned in that latter match, the divide and conquer match, was not just the right to say I took out Sebastian Monroe and put his run as Dynasty’s corrupt GM to an end...but more importantly, I EARNED a one on one matchup with the then Answers World Champion, The Pizza Boy at House of Glass. This all ringing a bell to everyone?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Why yes of course. But you did not receive a One on One match at said event.

Nasir Escobar: That’s the entire goddamn problem with it all! Some fat shlob decided to bend the rules and manipulate the cards to get himself involved in a match that he ended up costing me! MY OPPORTUNITY THAT I FOUGHT SO DAMN HARD FOR AND TOOK OUT SO MANY LEGENDARY NAMES TO OBTAIN! POOF, GONE! JUST LIKE THAT! ALL BECAUSE OF A MAN WHO ISN’T EVEN HERE ANYMORE! And what have I received since then? The hatred of Jacob Senn and not a single consolation prize for my efforts by Starr Stan. Not even so much as an apology for taking what I had earned and tarnishing it right before my eyes without any chance of me standing up for myself without looking like the bad guy in the situation. I did not deserve any of that! It should NEVER have happened! Just like Darkane shouldn’t have beaten me, because he cheated. And I shouldn’t have been beaten in the chamber at RTR, because I had ALREADY eliminated Senn. But the fact is Lady Hamasa, it goes far beyond myself, Senn, Darkane, hell even Starr. 

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Is that right my dear boy?

Nasir Escobar: This is an executive thing. This is a marketing thing. This is a big EAW thing. This is a business thing. This is...a corporate thing!

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Come again?

Nasir Escobar: It has been ever since I opened my trap about the establishment of EAW and the entire landscape of this place back in the fall of 2016. Look at the facts! I got cheated out of the EAW title A PLETHORA OF TIMES! And nobody seems to give a damn whatsoever. I wonder WHY that is. Aren cheated to beat me. Imp cheated to beat me. Eclipse cheated to beat me. And it only got worse when I got to Dynasty. Eclipse invaded MY EARNED Title shot and Starr sat by. Senn SCREWED ME out of the Answers World Title and Starr did NOTHING about it in the form of compensation to me. Sure he banned Senn from competing for the belt, but who gives a damn about that. If I had my shot at being champion, Senn couldn’t be champ anyways because I would BEAT HIM IF HE TRIED! And like I said, Darkane can defeat me by cheating. Using shady and lowly tactics, yet Starr Stan is rooting for him to win KOE as if he’s this honorable man who will bring new hope to Friday Nights? Whatever. Starr, I respect the hell out of you and everything you have accomplished in this business. Inside the ring and out of it. But you need to open your eyes to what is happened. You need to quit turning your head away whenever something bad happens to me that is UNDESERVED! So many guys moan and complain about their circumstances, but I will tell you this RIGHT NOW! Nobody in the entire goddamn multiverse has more of a justification to acting out in frustration than I do! That is not opinion, it’s fact my friends. Which is why this my first match of 2018, it all changes. Ya know, King of Elite was my first time missing one of the “Big Five” events since my return to the Land of the Elites in the spring of 2016. I competed at PFP Nine in the Cash in the Vault and CARRIED the entire damn match after roasting all eight of my competitors on the mic beforehand. Then at Territorial Invasion I had Aren BEAT for the EAW Title before he showed his true colors and ran away with the belt like a coward. Next at RTR 2016 I pushed Y2Impact to his limits for the EAW Gold and I refused to tap out to the Walls of Impact, I woulda rather passed out like a man defiant to what he wanted me to do. King of Elite last year I beat the then main event up and comer Carson Ramsay in a highly competitive contest. My performance at Grand Rampage spoke for itself. I was THE Iron Man of the matchup and put everyone on notice with my TEN ELIMINATIONS! Which I would love to remind everyone, one of those nine was the almighty Mak. PFP 10 I finally put my brother Aren down and put our rivalry to rest with myself on top. I already spoke of TI and RTR from this season and I had beastly performances within BOTH! But to be honest, spending all that time grinding the way I did, I needed to be away from one of those shows. I needed to rest my head. But now my jets are cooled and now the path is as clear as could be. Nico Borg has no other options now. He cannot evade me for another challenger any longer. HBB has been taken down by Nico, Pizza Boy and Senn are not allowed to compete for the title as of now. Oasis is buddy buddies with Nico. That leaves one top man left to dethrone the champ, and that is none other than the Best! Wrestler! Alive!
Fortuneteller Hamasa: Very aggressive young master, I love it. I can feel it.

Nasir Escobar: You can feel what?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: That 2018 will be your year, and for SURE!

Nasir Escobar: I fully intend on making it so, whether it is “destined” to be my year by the “gawds” or if I am going to snatch it for myself and run off with it all on my own!

Fortuneteller Hamasa: AHEM! Young master, perhaps it is not so wise to speak as if you have already won your contest for this week. You may lose to your opponent in this main event match you are in.
Nasir Escobar: I was just getting to that, but thank you for getting me off of my tangent M’Lady. Yes yes, Tomi Venus. Quite the skilled man with quite the devious mind. Certainly not a guy to sleep on whatsoever. But Tomi, I certainly did not forget about your days as Target Smiles. I remember all too fondly as a matter a fact. I should have known a good kid like that was just too good to be true. It may have worked out better if I had acted more on my instincts and been more suspicious of you, but hey you never were directly involved with me up until this point so I say no skin of my bones. I do appreciate the good things you had to say about me. That it is a crime that I have yet to win the big gold, because you are absolutely right Tomi. We may not share the exact same views for the Land of the Elites and Friday Night Dynasty as one another. But at least you acknowledge and can plainly see the injustice that is the constant screwing of Nasir Escobar! And believe me Tomi, if anyone knows the feeling of Not becoming world champion because they walked away from this before they had the chance to truly blossom. Well that would be me. I signed with Elite Answers Wrestling in January 2014. Back when it was Extreme still. Actually I remember the exact date, it was January 25th. So in exactly one week’s time I will have been in my run of EAW for four years. You know who some of the men I came in with are? Aren Mstislav, Jamie O’Hara, and Scott Oasis. One is a Hall of Famer and the other two have Hall of Fame lists of accomplishments and careers all in all. But me? Hell people who came after me have ended up in better positions than I have. Pizza Boy is the prime example, but others exist like our current world champ Nico Borg. So if anyone understands the inner frustrations you felt while you were away, it would have to be this guy. But at the same time. I’m not gonna stand here and sing your praises. It is os so very funny too Tomi. You say the exact same thing so many others before you in this spot have. I am the perfect spitting image for what a Top World Champion in Elite Answers Wrestling should be. If anyone could proudly represent this company and make it even more successful than it already is by becoming top dog, then it is me. Jacob Senn said the same thing. Pizza Boy said it too, he said that was our main difference in fact. I don’t know if I agree with him on his assessment, but I’ll take the compliment nonetheless. At the end of the day Tomi, if this company would be so much better with me as Answers World Champ, why haven’t they gone out of their way to crown me and give the the keys to the kingdom and all that jazz yet? AS A MATTER A FACT...why have they seemingly gone out of their way to hold me underwater and force me to drown every time I reach some level of relevancy around here Mr. Venus? And you’re right about one thing. Objectively in this ring I am the better man. In a clean one on one contest I can defeat you. Because I am the Best Wrestler Alive. And you can bring your absolute all. Bring on your cheap lowly tactics that EVERYONE around here EXCEPT for me seems to enjoy spamming night in and night out. Nico does it, Senn does it, Darkane does it, Oasis does it. Anyone who is anyone on this brand practically does it but one guy that I can think of. And he’s the one talkin to ya right now. So I’ll tell ya what Tomi. I’ve heard the same idle threats you are giving me now from so many others, and it has never once amounted to anything that I could never recover from. The seemingly destructive hardcore king Darkane said he would rip me to shreds and make me regret ever daring to challenge him, but last I recall he had to use bitch moves to get away from me with a tainted victory. Tomi you won’t leave me beaten. I can promise you that right now before we even get to the arena. I can promise you something else. I’m going to put you through the ringer. IF YOU THOUGHT WHAT I BROUGHT TO YOU WHEN YOU WERE TARGET WAS ANYWHERE NEAR MY PEAK, YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN PAL! Nico, make sure to keep your eyes glued to that monitor for the main event, because you next number one contender is about to make an example out of Tomi Venus. To show THE WHOLE WORLD but most importantly YOU what you are gonna look like when I get my title match with you. Just make sure to polish the belt every night for me, I want it to shine bright like a diamond when I get my hands on it.
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Post on January 18th 2018, 3:43 am by Shaker Jones
Dynasty Promo: More up here.

The camera pans in on Shaker Jones in the locker room

Shaker sits with an ice pack on his shoulder.

Shaker: Stark you took me to the limit, and I took you there as well.  You gave me one of my best matches.  You took everything I had, I took everything you had, man I even kicked out of the hippie crippler, not something many men can say they did.  You have earned my respect and I hope I have earned yours because in this business respect is earned not taken.  And to the fans, well  I've got nothing to say right now.  Cheer me, Boo me, I don't care I'm doing things my way.

Shaker takes the ice pack off his shoulder.

Shaker: Now another task is at hand The Pizza Boy, a man with an impressive resume here in EAW.  You've accomplished a lot.  You see Pizza Boy, you and I ain't so different.  We are both on a losing streak and have had a bis of bad fortune.  But also you and I got a little bit more going on up here don't we?

Shaker points to his head.

Shaker: It's those thoughts and other things rambling around in our brain.  They can sometimes become strong.  But the difference is between you and me Pizza Boy, is that I am in control of all of this.  I try not to let it bother me.  Whether it's thoughts in my head, or just me talking to myself from time to time. I'm sure you've done this as well.  You have all these Imaginary friends, the man or woman sitting in the corner that we can't see, maybe a blue elephant, a purple giraffe, a 40 foot tall giant, Toucan Sam, or Captain Crunch.  Now I ain't here to judge you man, whatever works for you.

Shaker: Now I see you have some friends what are their names....oh yeah Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumbass.  If either of those two bit, moronic, wannabe New Yawk gangsters gets in my face, well they can meet my friend.

Shaker goes to the back and picks up a kendo stick.

Shaker: You see this right here?

Shaker taps it in his hand three times.

Shaker: If your two buddies decide to get in my face during our match.  Well they're gonna meet the end of this stick.  You got it boyos, Capice?

Shaker: Now you underestimate me Pizza Boy, I thought you were smarter than that.  If you look past your opponent he may just end up on the wrong side of this boot.  Do not underestimate me Pizza Boy, men have done this in this past and they have realized their mistake very quickly.

Shaker: I will knock you from post to post, coast to coast, and everywhere in between.  If I get you in the Casey Jones, you're gonna be tapping out so fast, it will make your head spin.  I could also knock you out with the '87.  I have many tricks up my sleeve.

Shaker: Now let's take a look at you.  Pizza Boy isn't just a name is it.  Do you deliver in 30 minutes or less....no I can give you an ass whooping in 10 minutes or less.  

Shaker: So allow me to quote an old story book If I may.  All of his Imaginary friends and all of his men couldn't put your broken ass back together together again.  This ain't just talk Pizza Boy.  This is gonna happen, you and I are gonna take a little ride to Pain City, and I'll give you a one way ticket.  So buckle up Pizza Boy, because It's gonna be a bumpy fuckin' ride.

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Post on January 17th 2018, 11:51 pm by April Song
(April Song is shown observing some of her more recent matches in singles competition against the likes of Mallory, Rachelle and Consuela. Her eyes seem to be bloodshot, a flask not far away from a notepad that has been meticulously scribbled on over again and again with various notes.)


I hear a lot of things that people say about me. When I first arrived to EAW, I never really liked to talk much anyway, but over the past few weeks and months, I’m starting to appreciate how important and critical it is to be a good listener, a good communicator. There are some who think that because I’ve been in a singles rut that I am not capable of doing a great deal of damage in a big-time fight. That’s rather unfortunate. For example, of all the people that are in my tag team match, I am the only one that has a championship pedigree. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate my partner or believe that she’s unable to hold a championship on her own, but that’s stating mere facts. I have not lost my drive, I have not lost my will to be a competitor of the highest order.

I think I have lost my will to coddle the roster, however.

Ever since I have arrived, I tried to ingratiate myself to people. I have tried to play the good soldier, the good big sister to so many of the little sheep that are on Empire. The roster has changed so much that most of them are mere infants in the world compared to me. Some are just barely out of their teens, thinking that they are the greatest fighters to have ever lived. It’s a shame really. I have tried to pass on advice and knowledge, show them a future that they could reach out and grasp and…suddenly in the eyes of many I have become obsolete.

That is where they are wrong. I have a purpose. I have a goal. I have an obligation to those who still have confidence in me.Daisy. Yes, you have come a long way since I gave you a message, telling to keep working and to improve yourself. I’m happy to see that instead of being a complete joke and waste of a roster spot that you have become somewhat formidable opposition. I’m glad that my words resonated in your mind. There is one thing though that makes me angrier and angrier. You called me the C-word. You called me “complacent”.

How the fuck can that be?

Even now, as I sit here in this dark room, watching match after match, trying to pick apart the flaws that I have, trying to see all the little mistakes that I’ve made…and you want to call me complacent? Ever since Pain for Pride concluded, I have done nothing but be in the picture of the Specialists Championship, either being the Champion or one of its top challengers? Suddenly, since I am improving myself, trying to figure out how to move forward…I am complacent?

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

My hype train may have been derailed, as you so sophomorically put it, but I at least have had a hype train to begin with. And if you are looking to take someone’s place as a submission master, you are sadly mistaken. Just as I told Consuela a long time ago, you may know one or two little submission moves to try to claim that you have a ground game, but I have trained my entire life finding ways to make people pass out or tap out from pain and deprivation of air. You are nowhere near my level in that regard and you running around claiming as such makes me laugh. I mean, I admire the gall that you have that sort of belief now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t beat the hell out of you in the ring. You’re not a bitter complainer to me. You’re a little angrier than you were before, a little more focused. Maybe I could learn from you this time as you learned from me…I don’t know. But one thing that I do know is that there is no one on the planet that can compare to me as far as submission wrestling is concerned and if that is your game plan…I have one question for you:

Is suicide a popular activity where you come from?

And yes…. Mallory. We are going to fight again. But one thing I don’t plan on doing again is being hit with your Killer Toe Fu, or whatever you’ve called it. It’s frustrating to me, honestly. Someone that I know I should be able to beat getting the better of me. Aria Jaxon I can understand. Madison when I was injured and attacked from behind I can understand. Even losing to Stephanie I can understand. But YOU? I have not been the same since I have encountered you. My wins and losses in singles have taken a turn for the worse. While it’s not a slide into complete disarray, it’s something that has me sitting here, without sleep, without rest, trying to find ways to counter you, ways to INJURE you.

Losing to Rachelle has opened my eyes a bit. I never liked to deign myself to cruelty when it comes to opponents, but I’m starting to realize more and more that the more conciliatory I had become, more and more you people have decided to take advantage. I extended congratulations to you, you threw it in my face. I have no ill will towards Rachelle, say nothing to her after she had beaten me, she calls me a disappointment. I try to offer Daisy encouragement, she throws words into my mouth before even speaking to me.
I AM SICK OF ALL OF YOU…. you’re all acting like that little disgusting maid. And it’s really starting to piss me off.

Chelsea and I are not friends. There is no sort of delusion on that end. But one thing that I’ve noticed that we have in common is that we’ve been able to spot bullshit artists from a mile away and the two of you are in your own disgusting little ways quite full of shit. Consider us waste management then. One thing that some people may not have noticed since I’ve allegedly “Gone into decline” ….my tag team record, regardless of partner, has been quite successful. Not just recently, but ever since I’ve been here. I know how to function, regardless of partner. I know how to do battle in the trenches with people you may not agree with on everything, but share goals and desires that are mutually beneficial.

The funny thing is I’m no longer Specialists Champion, but I’ve found a new specialty as a tag team competitor. That’s very bad for you. So, here is what is going to take place this week’s Empire: I am going to put you both in any submission hold I can think of to make you suffer, and then watch Chelsea pound on you until you’ve quit or passed out from exhaustion. I am done playing nursemaid to people who don’t care about me at all. I am done sticking up for an Empire that has nothing to do with me, that doesn’t feature me, that doesn’t appreciate me.

I worked harder than anyone else on this roster for an entire year, but who did the show revolve around? Who did you all gravitate towards? Aria, Megan, Stephanie, Sheridan, Cailin, Consuela, when they stepped down from Heaven to bless us mere mortals with their presence, Cameron, Kendra and Heart Break Gal. I was always the utility player, the person that could always be counted on to do good business, to play nice.


The gloves are coming off now, and if a lot of girls get their feelings hurt and their arms and necks hurt in the process, well too damn bad.

I tried to be quiet…. you all forced me to speak up. I tried to be a mentor, you refused to learn from me. I tried to be a mediator, you people pushed me away. I tried to be a hero….and you people cast me as a villain. If that’s what you want, if that’s what you craved, then so be it.

My journey ever since arriving to EAW has never been easy and this is another test of my character and strength. I have both and I will leave no doubt that I am still one of the most dangerous and technically sound wrestlers around, man or woman, by stomping out your cute little tag team before you can even pick up steam. You want a focused, concentrated April. You will have it. Just don’t feel buyer’s remorse now that your mouths have written checks that your asses will not be able to cash.

April Song is not going anywhere anytime soon, girls. You should know that by now. And even if I must become an insomniac to figure you out, I will figure you out. And then you will PASS out….
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EAW Promoz!

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