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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


trump 4 president

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 8:55 am by -
Grand Rampage # 7

Man is by nature a political animal. The world of aristocracy is filled of nothing but perjury and deception.  Aren Mstislav, the thing about aristocracy is that you don't need to be aware that you're being used as a political engine as long as they are making profit from it. From the moment I was born, I was used as a contrivance for other people's favorable intentions. Every single duke and duchess wanted to yield in me because they knew from the moment they set their sight on me that I was amazing. I was surrounded by these kind of animals my whole life so when I see a pawn in play, I know who is being used as a political engine and who's not. You were not only the proceeds for the proprietors of this company, you were the one driving the bus. We all want to believe that our existence is different and that we can all be insurgents but the matter of fact is that once you sign that contract, you hand away your distinctiveness. The thing about a true dominant reign is that there are always those slender few who oppose the tyranny. I was born in the system so I know how to break the system. This company put you in a inconsequential trial filled with paid off animals just to see you mortified and you can stand there still and tell me that was not part of their plan? You were set up from the first moment you joined this company and given every step along the way and when you became the treasured, they made you think that you broke the state of affair and you played right into their hand. You are an elitist who fights because he wishes to even if he has nothing to gain from it, This company right now is a tyranny who wish to see you fight because they need it to measure to something. Somewhere along the way I guess the two ideas intertwined forming your monumental ego.. With nothing to show along with it. I revere many of the elitist on this roster but I would not trust them with a stake to my heart for a single second because if there's anything I've come to learn from being raised in a political crave is that I can trust no one.I don't want to come as a botheration neither rekindle some kind of connivance but I'm only speaking the truth as I always have. This is why I wish to be disparate, this is why I choose to break away from the line. I'm one of the only few who can lead a revolt against the this company, I'm the only one who knows how to subsist in any situation and I'm the only one who knows the full truth. I'm full of intemperance and I relate to using consistent humor because I can accept that who I am and I also like making things more compelling than dull. I'm ready to take this mission of holding the marvelous gold on alone despite the crossfire that surrounds me and for your sake here Aren, I'm anticipating that you will at least entertain the idea of hitching along with me because if not, the purpose of your being is nothing more than a green paper check for our dictators to revel in.

You were the one they preferred. You knew how to say the right things at the precise time. The thing about my plausibility was that it was created at the moment. I never knew what microphone to yap into or what penmanship to read into and hence there was my character. I relied on my my satire, my humor, my skill and I relished from it. I was the personification of what every elitist tries to be today but the only difference is that I wasn't trying to be a marionette who was forced into doing it. I was given the life of a King and while I could easily inquire of obtain each and every key that opens the door to grandeur, I insist on doing things my own way. It's a desirable life but not an excuse I wish for my opponents to use against me to obstruct what I have yet to accomplished. The charisma of my life can be written off for extensive novels but as I have established before that once I enter the ring, it is nothing but the handicraft of the amazing one that I rely on to cease off what I must do. A man who has seen bounteous amount of deaths in war isn't affected when he sees another because it's become a line by then, you aren't as distressed by it anymore. I'm no different from that man because I've seen both victories and losses -- both near the grandest tier and the undermost tier. I have reason to fight in every match but I am willing to admit that even supernatural can be real sometimes so any loss to me is seen as just another impediment that will be mentioned at the recap of my mythical career. I've been given a handbook on how to handle everything else in my life but being inside a ring is different. There aren't rules and that's exactly why I’m beginning to excel at this, the reason I can be so different and yet still so luminous. You and are the belief for this match for a reason Aren, it's because you never gave up -- never forgot where you came from and why you came here. A beast runs away from home and regardless if it takes days, weeks or even years: it will return because it does keep forever. However, as that may be, I still do not look for anything less than control much like for the past month with Omerta. I'm ready to make everything mine and your defeat is only the first in the long, taxing line that will follow it.

The watermill is a crucial example of how this company keeps its wheel turning; the water flow represents the elitist keeping the stream sinuous. There have been numerous attempts to put an end to it's continuation, but the endeavor have been utterly futile. It isn't difficult to distinguish the sheep from the sheppards. And even the shepherds can delude you with convoluted words to emerge as a leader, to only fall victim to their own delusional state of mind. We feed this information into our minds to force ourselves to become ambitious as the next guy standing next to us, but only strong survive the struggle. In which case we can dabble into a certain case, my case--- the case where the head honcho identified me for being the warrior, future star to conquer over his land. My story began to unravel into an altercation with those of which who concluded my end as an undeserving, unworthy, disapproving individual who's potential never lived up to what they saw in their symbolic legends. I've began exceeding expectations, but was condemned with fools good. What worth is having reigned for a short period of time, but to have it all washed away within a blink of an eye? I was victimized as a man on trial, for a man who possessed passion, ambition, and devotion to claim the grandest prize, and fell guilty to the charges of succeeding over the edge where veterans never saw me fit to be. There were several lines that were arranged before me, none of which were meant to be crossed--- but I had crossed them anyway. I bet you my presence means little to nothing to most people, they expect me to haul back out of the company as quick as I came in. But you know what? I would be a hypocrite if I was unable to prove the dense critics wrong. I understand that trust can only be stretched so far until it snaps and backfires and it can affect your entire career in a negative way. I don't want to wind up in the same flock of birds that fly south every winter for protection out of sheer instinct. I want to test my boundaries, not live by the natural flow. That's why you won't find me trailing behind the rear ends of higher ups, nor expect anything less than the truth from my mouth.

There's a reason the people rallied behind me, the same reason the roar of the crowd echoes throughout the arena when my music begins to play. I’m one of the harder political guy you're ever going to address in any sort of situation, while my words may stick a wedge in a closing door--- my actions speak louder, to the point where my progression became visible to the bats in office. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely aware of this invisible glass ceiling that's shading my every movement. It's been there since day one and it will continue to hover over me until people begin to realize that it's just that; nonexistent. Not only has it been over my head, but it's followed Mexican Samurai as well. I'm unsure if he's too attentive to constructing a perfected rebound, but it's there among many other men. It's a burden some of us are forced to bare, but to bare it also gives us inner strength to fight the urge of self-doubt and becomes self-conscious. When I look at Samurai, I don't see a guy that's gunning down another letdown in his second road to PFP, but someone win or lose this match--- that will keep their head up and press forward despite the negativism that radiates off of the envious. You see, Samurai and I have never had those superstar runs in the company, we've never had hand-me-down succession, but we have the courage to never stoop down to that level. When faced with diversity, we take it head on as if we ruled the world. We're not looking for handouts, nor are we expecting them. But much like yourself, Samurai--- I'm not making a fireback just to allow myself to spiral backwards into the misdirection many seem to take when seeking success at this time of year. By all means, take this whatever way you want to paint it; I'm not going to waste my time fulfilling your fantasy an ideal story. We're fixated on the same task, but at what length will we go to capture our aspirations? It's seems like it was only yesterday where I was a happy-go-lucky, young elitist, wanting to prove a point. And here we are one year later, wanting to rewrite history all for the same cause. But there difference between me and that stranger, is that I've developed conviction in what I do--- wrestling for what it's worth. This cannot be your time of year, Mexican Samurai--- This is MY time.

Forty eight hours to go until the road to Pain for Pride nine begins. It’s amazing how just one match can play on your mind for so long. Wondering over and over how everything would play out; becoming so confident that you believe that you’ve already achieved victory, before the match has even started. Going as far as convincing the world that victory is assured; that’s the mindset of Dark Demon. He believes he can’t lose at the Grand Rampage; he believes that he’s going to walk into our match and do the same thing he’s done to the likes of Cameron, Lucian Black and Mexican Samurai. Like I said, I’m not on Dark Demon’s radar; in Dark Demon’s mind, I’m not even an obstacle. The man is so focused on conquering Aren, he’s convinced not only the rest of the world, but he’s convinced himself that he’s unstoppable. He’s convinced himself that there is no chance in hell that man that’s considered nothing more that “hick from the farms” could stop him. You see Demon; allow me to tell you a little story. This following you have now, I had my own form of that; was it as big as what you hold now? No, but for the position I was in, it was better than any other man could wish for. I would sit in the Dynasty Arena as man after man would walk up and continuously tell me: keep up what you’re doing and you’ll be a star in the business; continue what you’re doing and sooner rather than later, you’ll be standing at the top of this company. While I ran through every man they placed in my way, I had everyone who had the honor in watching eating out of the palm of my hands. When I finally made my way onto Dynasty main events, those same people continued to say the same things; but they all had the incessant need to continuously remind me that this was the opportunity that I couldn’t waste. I walked out week after week and stole the show against the likes of Lucian Black, Tig Kelly, Carlos Rosso; I walked out and stole the show against anyone they through in my way. I gave reason to everything the world said about me; I gave people a reason to look at what JJ Silva has become. And then Zack Crash extended his hand to help me accomplish everything I have dreamed about doing. Zack Crash extended his hand, promising to help make me a contender. The moment I accepted that offer; the moment I almost snapped Tig Kelly spine, everything I had done; everything I had accomplished instantly became easier. Suddenly I was this man with an endless amount of potential. Suddenly, if I continued to do what I had done, I was going to find myself standing at the top of this business. The moment I did what was best for JJ Silva, rather than doing what was best for the rest of the world… I lost the majority of the support I had. I walked out and beat down Tig Kelly on the unveiling night of Omerta.. Weeks into our time on the Dynasty roster and the world found the need to find everything wrong with it; stating that the only reason I was able to obtain this success was my alliance with Zack Crash. I walked out and defeated champions, and in some way or form, the only reason I was able to win those matches was because of them. Suddenly, I wasn’t good enough. That’s what you believe leading into this match, Demon. I’m not good enough; they choose to ignore everything I’ve done. You choose to ignore everything I’ve done. You see Demon; I’m a lot more than just another annoying little fly that can just be swatted away with the smallest amount of effort. I’ve said this before, but this match is where I take another step to a grand prize. At the Grand Rampage I walk out and defeat the man that world believes is unstoppable. I walk out and force people to admit everything they once did. We watched your reign last year, Demon; now sit back and watch while I hit my rise, out of the ballpark sending your ass over that top rope.


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 3:54 am by Impact
Yes, Erebos, it's an insult to me and a haymaker at my pride that I'm not considered the favorite -- but I accept it. That haymaker has missed and now I have elitists like you backed up against the ropes panicking about your imminent defeat and wondering what excuse you'll feed the media after I ensure the legacy of the name "Erebos" is one of futility and disappointment. As a matter of fact, when I outlast thirty-nine other men and women and my theme music blares over the speakers, I have zero doubt in my mind the pundits will still clamor for the exultation of Lucian Black, or Aren Mstislav, or even the re-inauguration of the man who once headed Demon's Council! But I don't really care if they see me as a stepping stone or a hurdle to overcome, or even a relative non-factor, because even if I'm forced to draw my final breath to stand atop the rubble of a battlefield as your winner, their glory will not be gained at the expense of my suffering. I've descended into potholes before, very recently in fact, so if anyone truly understands what the "darkness" you're relying on is actually like, it's me! I live in a dark place. I was punched right in the mouth by Mr. DEDEDE at Reckless Wiring, and since that day I've been living inside the shadows -- it's pretty cozy here. I've been biding my time and anxiously waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and remind everyone that a temporary lapse doesn't equate to a permanent decline, and I almost fooled myself into believing the talk on the airwaves -- that I probably wouldn't get anther shot at championship gold until after Pain for Pride -- but then I realized that I've never lived by the standards of the wrestlers and critics that judge me; I'm sure as hell not going to die by them. It dawned on me that the Grand Rampage was within reach, and even though the stakes have been raised with thirty-nine other warriors climbing the proverbial ladder of success and hoping to clutch their dream that is a World Championship match at the pinnacle of wrestling, all of a sudden I stopped feeling sorry for myself and harping on my loss at Reckless Wiring. I'm one of EAW's foremost legends! I came within INCHES of gaining the aforementioned stranglehold on the company that's proven so elusive for everyone else! It wasn't destiny that decided the outcome, or the stars that had aligned for my enemies. It was me stubbornly staying within my comfort zone instead of pushing myself over the edge and journeying through the perilous darkness to find the shining light at the end of the tunnel. I realized inside of it that the tunnel I trekked through wasn't a pitfall or a death sentence, but a path to enlightenment; and I can proudly say, having escaped through the abyss, I have reached nirvana because I now appreciate the light in a way that was once foreign to me. I know respect is earned and not demanded, and it's through that ideology that I now command it wherever I go. Success isn't owned! We can ramble on with the meaningless drivel about how an elitist can have a monopoly on dominance, but while it sounds nice, it's all hyperbole. Greatness is leased and rent is due every single day. I'm paying mine at Grand Rampage. I'm pushing myself over the edge. Thank goodness for the tunnel. The tunnel guides you to the path -- and the light becomes your treasure.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 3:50 am by J-Dynasty 2?
What is that they scream? Dynasty under chaos? Why it would almost sound like the glorious Sebastian and HRDO’s of the world aren’t doing enough to make things square around here when you say that! I don’t know what you’re complaining about, I tend to focus on my own lane these days so I don’t much care for the suffering of others unless I see an opportunity in it, but I’m guessing it’s Omerta and all that they bring that’s got you all worked up.

Well there was a solution for all of this, a fix that didn’t involve keeping the world Zack Crash made which is what Elite in Answers Wrestling is, a way to solve things that wouldn’t have left all of Zack’s spies and loyalists running amuck backstage and him being able to inspire others to join him, there was a group with the BALLS to snuff out Crash and make sure Omerta never would of existed. But you people of EAW didn’t want to play your part. No, you people did worse than just stand by, you ACTIVELY, resisted Hexa-gun making things right! So now as I stand here from my vantage point hearing these cries and begging of how Dynasty needs to be balanced, I look down with a smile at you motherfuckers and whisper “rot in hell”.

Hexa-gun would never have allowed the current problems to exist if we ran the place.

But hey, I’m not complaining, it is what it is, plus being moody and depressed has never gotten anyone anywhere. I accept that EAW will never be saved, order shall not be restored! In fact, I figure we ought to reap the benefits of it all.

It’s much easier to loot and pillage when the streets are already on fire and everyone has lost their minds. So let the riots form, smash them car windows open, Drake & Jones want to know what goods are in your glove compartment! Throw a brick through store windows too while your at it Drake & Jones got some pearls to snatch! Yeah man even let Omerta bully staff on commentary and higher ups, when you can’t protect the privileged it’s much easier for us to get our kicks knocking around the less fortunate like Pizza Boy.

In these tough times Cerberus wants to make themselves out to be some sort of neighbourhood watch, trying to make sure people are respecting others, making sure that people are safe, and upholding some standard of seriousness that we all have to abide by. It’s no wonder they’re so bothered by Drake & Jones! It’s hard to control the narrative when people are laughing in your face, and if you can’t control the narrative you cannot control the atmosphere!

Too many people overlook atmosphere, despite it being one of the biggest factors in any event that there is. Atmosphere effects how you act, what you think about, why you stand up and fight or why you quit and succumb to the status quo! In other words, it’s what people tend to call “mind games”. There’s a reason why the first people dictators tend to jail are comedians, why some will kill you for drawing Muhamad, why Erdogan tries to crackdown on people making jokes about him and why you just don’t get to do shit in North Korea about the Kims. As much as Cerberus want to be a positive influence on EAW, you’d best believe their reasoning is exactly the same! You’d be ignorant to think that there isn’t a reason as for why they grind their teeth and demand for Drake & Jones to act normal, basically when these two men say we need to correct how we act they’re saying “fear us”, “get off your game” and “second guess yourself because everything you do will have consequences”. But Drake and I just aren’t buying what they’re selling, nah we’re making the narrative work for us! The narrative goes like this, we’re the Tag Team Champs who have the world as our oyster, Cerberus is the flawed team desperately trying to drain of us our energy.

Cyclone is a man with trust issues whose greatest successes come from breaking away from people rather than expecting, or giving, loyalty.

Brian Daniels while no doubt being a tag team legend, is a man who spent years as if suffering from PTSD, getting triggered anytime people would mention RoViper because he was perceived as a sidekick.

If anything, one might think these two men are here to right past wrongs, or have some type of therapy to extinguish the hauntings of past teamwork not being as perfect as they wish they could have been. Drake & Jones isn’t suffering from such ailments, we’re here to be the best there is and have a good time doing it, we won’t let some bland duo that represents what you could get away with in the old tag team division come in and ruin what we’re doing right now. RoViper may have brought revolution in a time of death and obscurity for the tag team division when nobody would even give it a glance, let alone pool their efforts into being great tandems, but Drake & Jones have done something arguably much greater by adding a new flavour to the division just when everybody thought they had tasted all there was to be offered when it comes to two people coming together to work as one unit! What’s truly better, trailblazers who first put a way of life on the map for others to follow or anomalous figures who manage to take an already marvelous design and add paint strokes to it that make it stand out differently as a piece of art when everyone thought perfection was already achieved? Trailblazers vs masters at reinvention. It’s a question that has been asked since time immemorial in competitions and genres all across the spectrum of the world, but at least it’s question. It is a question to wonder who should be praised more between RoViper Vs us, it’s not a question if Cerberus stands up to Drake & Jones.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 3:05 am by Drake Jaeger
“Does everybody know what time it is?!”

“It’s time to...”

六 Generic chime music plays as the camera transitions to a joyless Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black knee pads, black gloves, black trunks, black trench coat, black sunglasses, and a black apron and chef’s hat - as he stands in the middle of a kitchen island on a set with various ingredients in front of him. 六

Drake: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the first edition of “Bake With Drake”. I’m your host, Chef Boy R.D. Jaeger. As you can tell, I’m very excited to be here and take you with me on my journey into the culinary World. I may not be a very experienced cook, but I’ve seen like three animes completely centered around food and the making of it, so I’d like to believe that’s more than enough to add to my resume. Anyway, I’ve decided today we’re going to invent a new kind of pizza that I decided three or four seconds ago to call the “Clusterf*ck Pizza”. So let’s get to it.

六 Drake eyes the ingredients in front of him for several seconds, not making a move. He finally seems to realize something as he nods. 六

Chef Jaeger: Of course, how could I forget the key ingredient of a Clusterf*ck Pizza? Everyone knows it all relies on one thing: Retiring the Heart Break Boy.

六 Drake lazily points to the wall above him, where a caricature painting of Drake & Jones crucifying the Heart Break Boy is shown. 六

Chef Jaeger: Great, now we can really get to cooking. First, you’re gonna want to start with these babies:

六 Drake grabs a handful of onions and places them in front of him. 六

Chef Jaeger: Now some of you might be thinking “What the f*ck are you doing with those onions, Drake?”, but don’t worry baby birds, I’ll feed you some knowledge. It’s not the onions we need.

六 Drake picks up a pot from below and places it on a burner. He grabs a large knife nearby and starts rapidly cutting the onions. 六

Chef Jaeger: See, once you’ve got your retired Heart Break Boy, the next logical ingredient is an important one: tears. You’re gonna want a decent amount of crying to spice up the sauce.

六 Drake stops cutting the onions and lazily throws them into the pot of sauce. 六

Chef Jaeger: Unfortunately, I’m not a little b*tch, so I’m unable to provide the tears myself, no matter how many of these things I cut, so instead we’ve provided a proper substitute by having my assistant go and collect the tears of fans still camped out in front of Prince’s estate. Once you’ve got a retired Heart Break Boy and plenty of tears, you know what comes next? That’s right: salt.

六 Drake grabs a nearby salt shaker and frantically empties it into the sauce. 六

Chef Jaeger: You’re gonna want a LOT--

六 A dog wanders onto the set as Drake tries to shoo it away. 六

Chef Jaeger: No! No! Bad Cerberus! No! This is none of your business! You go away! Bad!

六 The dog remains in place. 六

Chef Jaeger: Alright, Cerberus, you can stay, but don’t get anywhere near this food, you hear me? Lay down, Cerberus!

六 The dog remains up, unmoving. Drake grabs a nearby wooden spoon and makes his way towards the dog before the camera suddenly jump-cuts to the dog reluctantly laying down and Drake back at the island in front of the ingredients. 六

Chef Jaeger: As I was saying, you’re gonna want a LOT of salt for a dish like this. What’s next? Why, a huge part of making a pizza, of course: the dough.

六 Drake reaches out of camera-view and grabs a piece of dough shaped like a person. 六

Chef Jaeger: That’s the fun thing about dough, you can mold it and shape it however you want. As you can see, I made a little Pizza Boy here. So anyway--

六 Drake starts mercilessly beating the dough on the table. 六

Chef Jaeger: You’re gonna really want to get that dough perfectly shaped for the Clusterfuck Pizza! You got to really get in there!

六 Drake grabs randomly utensils and uses them to beat the dough. 六

Chef Jaeger: And don’t forget!

六 Drake grabs another container of salt and dumps it on the dough. 六

Chef Jaeger: Make that Pizza Boy of ours salty as fuck! Keep beating him! You gotta really fuck this thing up to--

六 The dog suddenly jumps up, taking the dough from Drake’s grasp and running off with it. 六

Chef Jaeger: No! Cerberus! Godd*mn it! Bad dog! Bad dog!

六 The studio audience starts to cheer as Drake takes off his chef’s hat and throws it to the ground. 六

Drake: For f*cksakes!

六 Drake makes his way towards the audience as he takes off his apron while the camera follows him. 六

Drake: Where the f*ck where you people this entire time?! I thought you were part of the set with how quiet you were! NOW you show some life?! Aren’t you people paid to be here?! No, wait, I don’t pay people to do simple things like sit on their asses and cheer every once in a while! You people think this is funny, huh? All f*cking day I hear about how great it is to see Ceberus standing up for The Pizza Boy and his fallen partner! How they’re going to finally dethrone Drake & Jones! What are they, huh? What are Cerberus to you people?

Random Audience Member: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just thought it was funny that dog took your--

Drake: Shut up! Whoever just opened their mouth, shut up! You think Cerberus is some… Some f*ckin’ what, alliance between two of the best this company has to offer? You think because some 5’3’’ lumberjack and male model won a few World Titles and have been around this company for years that their some sort of Godsend to the Tag Team Division? Are you serious?

六 Drake throws his apron down on the ground. 六

Drake: Are you f*cking kidding me? You wanna know why Brian Daniels and Cyclone are a tag team? Because Brian Daniels is a f*cking loser that doesn’t have the balls to go get his World Heavyweight Championship back, and Cyclone is an even bigger f*cking loser that crawled out from whatever rock he’s been living under when his pal called him up and said “Hey, man, remember when I was in a Tag Team five decades ago? Well I just lost my World Title, and you’re usually a decent human shield, so I thought maybe you could help me win the Tag Titles back. I promise to let you wear one when we’re in public.” And thus, Cerberus was born! And here we are! Grand Rampage! Tag Team Titles! That little Pizza Bitch in their corner, hiding a safe distance away from the guys that made certain he’ll NEVER be holding these Championships! I’m sure he’s touching himself at night just RELISHING the mere THOUGHT that the Grand Rampage could very well be the last night Drake & Jones spends as the reigning and defending EAW Tag Team Champions of the World! That all of his hard work and effort will vicariously live through Brian and Cyclone as they vanquish the big bad Drake & Jones!

六 Drake points a finger at the studio audience. 六

Drake: You know what? They’ve all got the same problem you people do: they savor the flavor of any moment of bad luck we endure. Oh sure, there’s gonna be those days. You know, the ones where things just don’t go our way. Sometimes we’re gonna be making a tactical retreat when we’re unceremoniously ambushed by the next flavor of the week that thinks they’re good enough to take us down once and for all. There’s gonna be those days where we just don’t manage to come out with the win and the momentum SEEMS to shift into the favor of whoever’s playing the role of “Drake & Jones’ enemy”. They’ll get their licks in, yeah, but you know what? When it all comes down to it. When the chips are down. When it ALL matters the most… We win. We always win. Always. Got a problem with that, do ya?

六 Drake looks at all of the audience in attendance. 六

Drake: Huh? Got a problem with reality? And it is reality, I assure you f*cking people of that. You know why? Because there’s nobody on the planet Earth that’s willing to do what Drake & Jones is willing to do in order to reign as the EAW Tag Team Champions. I mean, granted, we don’t even NEED to take drastic measures when we’re usually beating the asses of another Stand & Deliver that crosses our paths with nothing but sheer skill, but when it really comes down to it… When it seems all is lost and the end is nigh… We prevail. We ALWAYS prevail. That’s why we’re here, despite Hexa-gun being forced to disband. That’s why we’re still the Tag Team Champions, and THAT’S why two jackasses that want a taste of gold they’re jonesing for just aren’t gonna get it!  You can come together, you can stand in the ring, you can tag in, and you can tag out, and you can call yourself a cute little name like “Cerberus”, but you’re not a f*cking Tag Team. You’re just another reason for The Pizza Boy to cry into his pillow at night. You’re just another pep in our step on the road to Pain For Pride, where you’ll be a thing of the past and Tiberius and myself will be beating the ass of another for a more suitable paycheck and many more eyes to witness greatness.

六 Drake holds an index finger up. 六

Drake: I want you people to know what you’re losing here today with your insolence. I want you to know just exactly what you’re getting yourselves into by cheering these f*cking ingrates! You’re gonna regret it, but not nearly as much as they will. It seems as though this will be the first and last edition of “Bake With Drake”, so let me give you a little bit of spoilers as to how it ends: put it all in the oven, turn it up to the highest degree, and buuuuuurrrrnnn it. BURN IT! Burn it all to the f*ckin ground! THAT’S how it ends, Cerberus! You’re gonna get burned for even existing on the same plane as us! For breathing the same air we breathe! For being the same species as us! We’ve got an RPG with missiles made of disdain for everything you are and everyone just like you and we’re gonna unload them at point blank range! Somebody’s gonna die, and it ain’t gonna be us! Be sure to tune into the 9th annual Grand Rampage this Saturday, everyone. I believe it’s available both on the EAW Network for the price of $9.99 or maybe your local cable provider carries it. We’ve got a lovely card, so you don’t want to miss it.

六 After several seconds of silently staring at the audience, Drake walks off as the camera fades to black. 六

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 3:03 am by Impact
Man, it's not every day that I see a guy who makes someone that got their dick stuck in a ceiling fan look like a genius Mensa member, but you're really treading on uncharted territory, Lucas. It's funny because your dumb ass didn't actually list anything you had to lose; just all of the accolades and stardom you could attain with a victory. Nobody's denying you could experience a rapid ascent if you won the Grand Rampage match, but quit pulling the wool over your eyes and bring your thickheaded ass back down to reality. This is the first forty-person Grand Rampage in the history of EAW! It's obvious to anyone with a fully functioning brain that you have EVERYTHING to win and even though you're not walking down that aisle with confidence, you're stress-free. You're one of the wrestlers who aren't even expected to be a factor in the Grand Rampage match, and while I know you're going to create your own little self-serving narrative that you've been "slighted" and everyone ignoring your prowess is just sleeping on you, deep inside you're grateful you come into this match with no expectations because whatever train you're boarding would crash into the unbreakable fortress that is Y2Impact long before you could punch your ticket into the main event of Pain for Pride. I wouldn't be surprised if you were celebrating! You go from a low-profile scrub getting beaten by everyone on Voltage who can't even qualify for an opportunity at a minor league championship to a guy who can temporarily take the center stage and have all of the fans' attention drawn directly to himself just by being a miserable clown -- the kind you laugh at, not with. You don't have to worry about pressure from camp Lucas Johnson to win the big match; that would require actual, real live flesh-and-bone fans to disappoint, and as heartbroken as I am to inform you of the bad news, you don't. Not only that, but you claim to be a morally upright man of high character, but I've already caught you red-handed lying through your teeth claiming that you competed against the "likes of Y2Impact" on Voltage. I have no doubt that's a fabrication you just convinced yourself of heading into Grand Rampage to build a modicum of confidence and hype yourself up in the mirror saying "I've fought Y2Impact and lived to tell the tale!" but the reality is that if your pathetic ass ever found yourself on the wrong end of a wrestling ring against The Machine, it'd be like a cute little unsuspecting lamb coming to a slaughter and shrieking in pain as he's helplessly murdered by the butcher. Worst of all, you can sit there endlessly spouting nonsense until you're eliminated and this veneer of competence is lifted and you turn back into the clumsy underachieving parody you've always been, and in crushing defeat you can waltz out in front of the audience and thank them for their support claiming that you fulfilled your promise and "never quit" because of them. You outright stated your primary goal in approaching the Grand Rampage is to make a statement and better position yourself for Pain for Pride 9! Your logic has more holes in it than the Seattle Seahawks' offensive line. You're fucking garbage and you've made minimal progress throughout your entire career because despite this exterior of a wholesome American image with a traditional amateur background, all your "efforts" have gotten you is a one-in-a-billion lottery ticket that you have absolutely zero chance at cashing in on.

The idea alone that you, Lucas Johnson, honestly believe you have the ability to headline Pain for Pride and not utterly embarrass yourself against a World Champion is a better joke in itself than any comedian could ever tell. I know it doesn't appear that way because I'm completely straight-faced right now, but trust me, it's just the inimitable art of stoicism! Really! I'm not gritting my teeth and salivating at the mouth thinking about the moment I enter the Grand Rampage and have the opportunity to unleash the fury of hell on you or anything. Of course I'm angry, you stupid sonuvabitch! Everything about you from your tights to your amateur style of wrestling to this charade that you're a "man of character" offering life advice to people who have experienced emotional scarring from bullies like you, it's all one massive, ugly facade designed to help you mask your shortcomings because you're insecure about the fact that you fit the label you've repeatedly denied and tried to shed to a goddamn tee: FAILURE. And what's this hot garbage you're spitting about a "Plan B"? THERE'S NO PLAN B BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAD A FUCKING PLAN A. IF GRAND RAMPAGE CONTESTANTS WERE RANKED BY THE ALPHABET, YOU'D BE A FUCKING Z AND I'D BE ALL THE LETTERS THAT COME BEFORE IT. HELLO, Z, WHAT'S IT LIKE TO BE A? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW; YOU'RE NOT ME.

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Post on April 28th 2016, 2:12 am by Impact
As far as I'm concerned, winning this Grand Rampage is already a wrap because nobody can challenge me. You might as well skip the event entirely and declare me the 2016 Grand Rampage winner because I've heard my so-called "competitors" drone on in their verbal pissing contests and to me it all seems like a desperate cry for attention, a plea to get noticed by EAW; I have no such restrictions, no such constraints. I'm not aiming to get noticed or draw the attention of the other competitors in the match, in fact I'd prefer they just pretend that I don't exist and and march in the rampage completely oblivious to the fact that I'm going to tear them apart like a child's plaything. But as confident as I am right now, I'm still grounded enough to know I have to dial it back because this match doesn't take any prisoners and the flavor of the week could easily see themselves eliminated by an entrant that didn't even register in the minds of most wrestlers before he or she actually asserted himself in the match; and by that point, it's going to be too late because the aspiring Grand Rampage winners will have already been thrown over the ropes and eliminated. One of Judas' statements is a pretty strong referendum on the mental patient pencil-in-nose kind of logic the so-called prospective Grand Rampage winners have been spewing: "Why does Y2Impact wait so long to attack his opponent with that move? If it has such a high chance of pinning his opponent you would think that he would go for it immediately and be done with the runt immediately but no. What Impact does is he toys with his opponent, just as his opponent toys with him." Now, don't get shit crooked, there are few things more euphoric in life than connecting a steel chair shot smack-dab on the skull of your opponent and concussing them so severely that they won't even remember being hit when they're being rushed to the emergency room later on that evening, but this is the kind of fundamental misunderstanding that embodies the current crop of elitists and Grand Rampage hopefuls -- they're trying SO hard! They're exerting the zenith of their undoubtedly shallow critical thinking skills, and I can appreciate the effort coming from a distance, a lot like the old "I won such and such event during this and this year!" line, but in reality it's just another logical fallacy with no backing; a piece of fluff and empty bravado. You're expecting me to believe I could hit the Evisceration on a 6'8, 330 pound behemoth at the beginning of a match with no strings attached? I suppose you also think free college means you're going to Harvard. After all of the success I've enjoyed in my career, I no longer do this to make a living. Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm financially secure and money isn't even a factor to me. I don't have to make excuses for what I openly admit: that I continue wrestling for the thrill of an incredible fight. I'm greater today than I was when I debuted or when I defeated five other men in an Extreme Elimination Chamber twice to become World Champion. In fact, after enduring all of the injuries, chair shots, torn hamstrings, I did something so many other individuals in my position would balk at without ever reconsidering: I strained my body to its limits and put myself through rigorous physical therapy, pushing the envelope on human limitations so far that the only label appropriate for me now is "The Machine." I do this because I am driven to pursue greatness in a way so deeply profound that it's incomprehensible to everyone else. They don't understand why a guy who doesn't need help paying his bills or feeding his family would go out on a limb to advocate a more extreme, barbaric style of wrestling. So I can respect you for being brave enough to decry Elite and exalt Extreme because that's a leap that many of your peers don't have the vertical jump to reach; but what you have in bravery, you sorely lack in brains.

The only way to win a fight in this industry is to repeatedly downsize your challenger until you've robbed your opponent of his will to get one last shoulder up and kick out of a pin. Maybe in some cases I could surprise an elitist and hit The Evisceration at a moment's notice, but in others? I'd be risking disaster, and I'm far too precise to tempt fate and leave the final decisions of my matches to the randomness that happens in a wrestling ring. I don't "toy with my opponent," I execute an air-tight, almost foolproof strategy that proves effective the overwhelming majority of the time, and you, in your hubris, have decided to question my methods? I readily admit that some battles take a personal turn for the worst, but this company was built under the name EXTREME Answers Wrestling. It wasn't a matter of having some psychopathic impulse to inflict pain on another human body, it was about acclimating to your environment or being filtered out of the fold altogether by the other extremists that breathed down your neck waiting for an opportunity to take your spot. I wasn't going to sit idly by and let some untalented, one-note hack take my job and rob me of a legacy that men in your position can only daydream about. Hearing this, you'll probably accuse me of conforming to the society I was surrounded by, but it was quite the opposite; I relished it. I never sold out; I bought in. That's what scandalous Zack Crash intended to do with all the modern "elitists," but this boring, vanilla style of wrestling just doesn't inspire the same enthusiasm that a neck-and-neck hardcore brawl did. I am the singular spiritual successor of extreme, the only one willing to defend its honor without conceding to the powers that be of today's era. And by the way, Judas, I'm no expert but I'll happily go on record to say that your math just doesn't add up. The true masters of their craft in this decorated sport can reverse out of any maneuver -- it's all in the reflex. How good will your instincts be when you're teetering over the rope and clinging on for dear life, praying to God that I don't deprive you of the chance at a Pain for Pride main event? Not. Fast. Enough.
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Post on April 28th 2016, 1:47 am by Tig Kelly
*Tig walks into a restaurant early in the morning and sits down beside some breakfast goers at the bar. Tig looks at the menu and smirks as he orders an Irish Coffee and looks at the size of the cup as it comes placed before him more Jameson than dark roast in reality*

Longevity is quite the funny situation in that it can both be the most glorifying thing in a career yet it can turn its ugly head and become the most toxic thing on your resume. I may not know longevity at any level too well yet, but that might be the most freeing thing I have going into this week guys. It must just weigh on your mind when you've become so accustom to a certain way of life. Scott you wallowed in the mid card for quite a while, hell its become sort of your calling card. To the point that even being where you are now gets really overshadowed by the you we all really know. You hold the gold but your longevity in the mid card has everyone talking about who you associate with because we all really know who the real main eventer of the group is. You pushed and fought, clawed and scraped, pushed and shoved your way on up the ladder only to get pushed back down every single time. But then there was a light! You finally broke through! Only this time you weren't the one to break the glass ceiling that is the mid card title in your career, you called on a REAL main eventer to get you there because, lets be quite honest, he had nothing going for himself. Scott I don't think you have the view point to say that you know I won't last at the top, that's like the peasant carrying the banner of the king saying that the approaching army isn't worth the scrap. That's how you lose the crown for your kingdom....

As for your kingpin Mr Crash, now THERE'S a guy who knows what its like at the top! He has longevity in the best way having mingled with legends and stars on a consistent basis. But that's only a good thing if you stay there, now isn't it? While we all sit here and admire the almost mythical reign Zack Crash had at the top, when you spend so much time up there that's all you know. It becomes uncomfortable to come down and not hold that championship yourself. Not hold complete control over the company. Couple that with a real threat coming out that you feel the need to neutralize week after week in gang attacks because lets face it, I am a threat....That has to weigh on a man's psyche. See this is where longevity will break you down from the inside. Old habits die hard and to say that you don't miss it would seem to contradict the very fact that you're in this match.....Or is it that you just don't have the faith in Scott to succeed? Tell me Crash: Selfish greed and a taste for that old longevity Scott talks about? Or a quick backstep in your mind of the quality Scott brings as champion against a man you can't quite put down without more than 2 people?

*Tig drinks down the last little bit of Jameson laden coffee like a shot and cracks his neck as he puts the cup down on the bar in front of him*

This toxic mindset that we can all see will be your downfall Omerta. I'm more than just a flash in the pan, I'm more than just some silly numbers game, and I'm more than just a pain in your side. I am The Ender as in Careers, Groups, LEGENDS, and title reigns. Precision beats Power. Timing beats Speed. 


*Tig looks at the barkeep*

Refill please, I'm not done with this cup quite yet...
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Post on April 28th 2016, 1:31 am by Vic Vendetta
The life for Victor Vendetta has changed over the course of these months, there was hardly anything interesting going on in his EAW career as of late as he sat back and watched the company change. New guys and girls were coming through the doors and achieving great things while Victor had been watching as new comers approached hi and ran their mouths and was unusually quiet. One thing did keep him in the news, though, as Mexican Samurai suggested that Victor wouldn’t even be back inside of an EAW ring once he has had his way with him. Speculation had started – and died down – that Victor would be leaving to go into the hospital scene and be discontinued as the EAW Champion that made him famous. But with the latest matches announced for Grand Rampage it didn’t look as if he was on his way out as he was booked in a match against Mexican Samurai. It wasn’t an ordinary match either; the fact that the winner would be crowned the EAW Champion and that Mexican Samurai assumed that Victor Vendetta would fall to him suggested Victor will not be going anywhere if he was booked to win. It was a huge moment for Mexican Samurai, nobody would ever forget the impact he made when he first arrived, and it’s crystal clear that his EAW career is on the rise fist by being InterWire champion and now maineventing Grand Rampage against the EAW champion. But this was a clean slate, the chance to be crowned the champion, the chance to compete at GR for the championship against Vic Vendetta and of course, the chance to make history and win his first championship in just a year of being on the roster. Like many others, Mexican wants the gold. He wants the TV time and the creative freedom behind his character means he can pull out with all the stops to captivate the fans in his own unique way and this time against Vic Vendetta he’d do just that. He needed the championship, but Vic Vendetta is the champion and a fighting champion at that and it was time to go and show the world that he wasn’t a one-hit wonder, but a star the EAW needed. Vic Vendetta looks to the sky as he smiles and balls up his fist…as the prologue of Mexican Samurai’s death concludes itself.

The scene opened up in a familiar location, but a location fans hadn’t seen for quite some time but would instantly recognize. The cameras panned upwards to hear the sound of a pipe leaking, drops of water hitting the floorboards every few seconds while the ripped wallpaper added to the run-down effect the dedicated Vic was going for. The computers were set up on the big, almost-broken brown desk and the lights were reflecting on to the wall. Eventually, the sounds of slow footsteps started to approach the camera as well as whistling. The sound grew louder and louder until the camera picked up a pair of black shoes walking across the floor. He started to hum instead, humming the theme music of a particular EAW superstar before turning on a tape which wasn’t in the shot. He walked back and placed a bloody steel pipe on the floor, so it didn’t make a loud noise, before awkwardly rolling it out of the shot with his foot. From nowhere he dropped his bloody, black taped wraps on the floor as well before walking away and proceeding to wash his hands. As he did that, he started to speak louder, making sure the camera on the floor could hear him.

"I know…I know; it’s certainly been a while. Have you missed me? Of course you have, you’ve missed your Champion speaking to you all . You’ve missed my havoc, you’ve missed this nest, you’ve missed the reason you tune into Showdown and you most definitely missed me beat the hell out of people that have no sense . We all know it’s true, I mean just because each and every single one of you doesn’t have the balls to go and let your frustrations out on the sons of bitches who make your lives a misery, kind of  like the purge almost, doesn’t mean I won’t do it either. It’s why you tune in. Just because you can’t fulfil your own sick, twisted fantasies you decide to watch me because I’d do it. And honestly leading up to this FPV I have been relaxed which isn’t like me but I am here to wipe that smug smirk off the face of Mexican Samurai and I will hold this belt over your body as you hear hear” Here’s your winner and still EAW Champion..of the world…Victor Vendetta!”

He closed the tap of the water and stopped speaking, walking back into the shot and dropping a white towel on to the floor. He then dragged in a folding deck chair from nowhere and sat down in front of the camera. His face wasn’t visible; he was sat down with the camera stopping at his waist. He breathed heavily, almost relaxing after a hard day of whatever he was doing. He then started to speak, in a quieter tone almost as if he was meditating, unusual for someone so ‘out there’.

"You know…this time last year, believe it or not, I was the best wrestler here in EAW today and I certainly wasn’t a Champion. Remember the myth that was John Lannister? I ended that. Go and check the record books if you don’t believe me. You can refuse it all you want, but when your grandchildren are asking you what happened to Lannister…you’d change the subject you spineless cowards. Then we approached Pain for Pride, kind of like we’re approaching Pain for Pride now and I have at least three angry, less than capable bastards on my case trying to get my championship and you know who took my no one. Before Lannister Jamie O’hara had the title but lost it to him and once he tried to reclaim it he lost to me, then he lost to Aren Mstislav and you jump the entire line  and we all know what has went on so far there, let’s not get too much into that, though, let’s focus on this. Fast forward a year and I’m heading into a match where I am defending my championship for a second time, a title which has managed to elude me since the day I arrived but has finally reached my grasp. But this time, this time, no one will interrupt me, no more Aren or Dark Demon we both will fight and I will end this little breakout month of yours."

Vic stood up and walked over to his desk, shuffling some papers and picking up his iPad which was hidden under it back to his seat. He sat down and exhaled again, quickly typing away as he found what he needed.

"You don’t really deserve to even walk on the ground I have passed through, you’re living off a so-called legendary and brutal fighting style kind of like Dark Demon…I can’t believe you’re still going, Mexican. Do you deserve this chance? I don’t think so, but there’s nothing I can do about it since I have agreed to this trash. Just remember when you’re in front of me, I will have to hurt you, it’s as simple as that. I know what people say about me Mexican, and I know what they say about you as well. You…they call you a wetback, your just a little boy who had everything taken from him but when it comes face to face they tell you they’re your biggest fan and let you walk all over them. Me? They tell me I lost my way, and it’s really beginning to get under my skin, it’s irritating, like an itch, like how Kevin Devastation was. They once told me that Vic Vendetta was over with. They told me Victor is not the same Vic Vendetta than the one that arrived here in 2009, that I’ve become more lenient, more words than actions…that I’ve become a previous version of myself. A version of myself that wasn’t true to who I was. But look at me now I took those words from the people before me and that is what has made me the champion that I have become today I am not running away from this company to allow somebody like you, to take an opportunity people like me clawed and worked for." 

Vic Vendetta grabs the camera and looks into it as he smiles and then focuses the EAW Championship in its lens and zooms in where his name is engraved as he focuses back to him self as the smile on his face quickly turns disgruntled and the camera cuts off as static is left and things blacken.  

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 1:12 am by Eclipse Diemos
Fear and Loathing

The light switched on inside the home of Aria Jaxon as Eclipse Diemos smiled to himself, flipping through the magazine that had been resting on the nightstand. His eyes traced over every word, focused intently on an article before he turned his gaze up, hearing the door unlock and slowly open as Aria Jaxon entered the room.Obvious surprise washed over Aria’s face, thought it was quickly replaced soon thereafter with a variation of fear. She appraised Eclipse who was nonchalantly flipping through one of the magazines on her coffee table, and she kept her distance, not moving from her place near the lightswitch on the opposite side of the room.

“Hello Aria. I don’t think we’ve met personally have we? I suppose I shouldn’t go through the whole song and dance of who I am...since you know about me...and I know almost everything about you.” Eclipse stated casually, glancing towards her and offering a smile before he returned to his magazine, his eyes focused on it.

“Not like there’d have been any reason for us to have ever crossed paths...but maybe that’s been for the best. We work for the same company, I don’t need you to give me the rundown on who you are or what you do. So I’ll tell you what -- I’ll let that part go. Only thing I’m trippin’ over is why the hell you’re in my house.” She responded, glaring at him as she swallowed down some of the fear that was in her voice, trying to threaten him.

“I’d think the answer is simple. I’m here to deliver a message to someone. Someone who is probably my biggest threat in the Grand Rampage, and the person who would be most likely to win it, if not for me.” He responded, the smile not leaving his face as he licked his teeth slowly. Aria felt the fear bubble up again but it was forced down with a harsh laugh as she shook her head.

“Figures. Should’ve known it was something along those lines. And I guess a normal person would’ve been content with the whole “recording promos and uploading them to the website” thing, but I see the smoke and mirrors thing is more your scene. You’re more than welcome to talk to Aren man to man, if you want.” She laughed, skirting around him as she tried to avoid direct eye contact.

Eclipse felt a laugh of his own bubble up in his throat and he shook his head in amusement, watching how she reacted to him. He thumbed through the magazine again before seemed to find a spot that he liked and stayed on it, focusing his attention fully and completely on Aria.  

“Smoke and mirrors. Smoke and mirrors. That’s cute. Everyone says that. Is it smoke and mirrors when it’s happening in front of you? No, see the reason I came to you was simple. You have his weakness.” He lifted up the magazine article, the image a double page spread of Aren and Aria together on the beach, smiles on their faces. Eclipse had torn out the eyes of Aren, having rested them on the nightstand.

“You like playing your mind games and you like being cryptic, I know that much. Maybe that’s how you reeled in your Sanatorium,” Aria’s jaw clenched up as her eyes darted to the large, glossy picture of her and Aren in the magazine. She met Eclipse’s gaze again. “I’m his weakness, is what you’re saying? Somehow I’m the reason you think he won’t win Grand Rampage? But you’re wrong. That’s his match. Nothing that you or anyone else does is gonna change that, and the sooner that sinks in, the sooner we can wrap this up.”

“Oh? You misunderstand me. I’m not here to try to make him weaker, or to try to make him give up and not fight, Aria. I want him angrier. I want to see him come at me for blood, not just to win a match...and he won’t do that as long as he thinks he can look down upon me. No. No, I want that side of him I saw at King of Elite when I pinned him to come back Aria. And you’re how I can bring that part of him out.” He set the magazine down, placing his hand against a small locket that had been lying on the nightstand. His fingers traced its design, smiling as he did so. “He sure buys you nice fancy things. Must have taken a liking to you.”

Aria’s lipsticked lips curled into a scowl, her free manicured hand balling up into a fist as it hung freely at her side. Her brown eyes narrowed. “He’s got enough to fight for, without you tryna pull the strings. He doesn’t need you to light a fire under his ass now, because you did a fine job of that back at King of Elite when your backup dancers fell outta the sky and robbed him of the win that belonged to him. But now that you’ve cleared it up, I see what you wanna do...and Aren will to. You think he’ll fall into the trap of letting you get in his head?” Her voice trailed off and her tone lost a little bit of conviction when she saw the locket that Eclipse placed on the table. She recognized it, of course. “Well that’s one way to send a message, I guess.”

Eclipse felt a laugh bubble up in his throat again as he looked at Aria, able to see the tension and the fear rising in her voice and in her throat. He leaned in a bit, catching every stray glance as he twirled the locket in his fingers before setting it down gently on the table again.

“Ah. I heard your voice falter there. Did you know what it was like to be raised where I was? To be put into a place where people analyzed every thought, every action, every breath you take recorded on a little sheet so that they could pass it off to their big guys upstairs and get a raise? Of course not. Neither does Aren. But Aren knows insanity. He knows madness. It’s locked away in him. Locked away in everyone.” He stood up, sharply kicking the chair to the side to reveal a rather sizeable brown bag lying behind it. “Some of us embrace that. I want him to. I want him to let that madness consume him. He won’t do it though. Not with how he is right now. Not with who he is currently. I know that you think I can’t get in his head...but with you here...I don’t have to.”

“Yeah, well...that’s usually a knee-jerk reaction to someone breaking into your house. To be real, a faltering voice is the least of my worries at the moment.” She exhaled sharply. “I caught charges when I was in high school, does that count? I know what it’s like to sit in court with a stenographer taking down everything you say, and to have a judge lecture you on how you’ve gotta change, or how it’ll impact your future...but that’s not quite the same thing. Everyone’s got their baggage.” She gestured to Eclipse, her voice tinged with an unintentional sort of sarcasm. “Some of us more than others.” She jumped a bit, clearly surprised by Eclipse having kicked the chair aside. She eyed the bag on the floor before looking at him again. “Every one of us in EAW kicks it into another gear when we go out there, that’s just how it works. I don’t know if we all fall victim to the same “madness” that you do, though. But in any case, Aren will tap into whatever he needs to if it means beating you and everyone else in Grand Rampage.”

He exhaled out, turning sharply on his heels and picking up the bag, swinging it over his shoulder and setting it down in front of Aria, running his tongue against his teeth. “You know what that madness is Aria? Trust me, I think you do. Everyone knows it. Everyone in EAW just refuses to admit it. I know Aren’s personal madness, because it’s one I share in some ways. Take a guess. There’s a prize in it if you guess right.”

Aria took a step back, looking on as the bag was dropped at her feet. “Sorry to let you down, but I’ve never been good at guessing games. You’re gonna have to cut me a little slack here.”

“Fear. Fear is the greatest madness, for everyone possesses it. I myself have some crippling fears. Arachnophobia is one of them. I can’t stand spiders. Similarly, when I was a child I had a terrible fear of the dark. Aren has a fear as well though...one that can not only blunt his progress but turn into a spear that will pierce through any obstacle if it means overcoming that fear.”

Aria pursed her lips for a moment. “ And here I was, thinking someone who preyed on other people’s fears didn’t have any of his own. But I guess I’ve been wrong before.” She folded her arms across her chest. “Enlighten me, though. What is this fear of Aren’s that you think is the entire key to making him unravel? I’m halfway certain you’re sure it’s got something to do with me.”

“Hit the nail right on the head. You guessed it. You get your prize once this is all over. A prize you can share with everyone in your cute little family. See, Aren’s fear is having you hurt. Is seeing you bleeding, lying on the floor, suffering. He would hate to see the life draining out of your eyes, either figuratively or literally. That fear drives him. He seeks to push through anything if it means overcoming that fear because he knows something. In the end, if you vanish from him...the hole you leave behind...it will consume him. And if it does, here is what he also fears. If that hole, if that fear consumes him, he’ll find himself in the same darkness that I dwell in. He’ll wander that domain for years, unable to find his way out. Unable to claw out of his own despair. You are his archangel, his muse, his one and truly. Me? I want to see what happens when you clip that archangel’s wings. What happens when you silence his muse for a short time, hurt his one and truly outside of his control?” He kicked the bag, watching it squirm around a bit before it subsided. “And as for me fearing something...it’s an issue very prevalent in EAW. How can anyone understand fear, if they don’t fear themselves? EAW superstars seem to be scared of nothing. They go through thousands of challenges day in and day out and yet...nothing fazes them. No. I do have fears, it’s how I understand them.”

Eclipse was calm, too calm, all things considering, and that was more unsettling than Aria cared to admit. She swallowed uneasily. “Of course he wouldn’t want anything to happen to me, and at the risk of stating the obvious, the feeling’s mutual. When you love somebody, that’s how shit works. You can’t stand to see them hurt...but I don’t need to tell you that. I was there in Austin, at South by Southwest. I watched backstage when Cailin, Tarah, and DEDEDE walked away with the win in the main event...and I watched your heart sink when Tarah very well could’ve ended Alexis’ career. Screwed up as you might be now, I can’t help but think that things upstairs,” She pointed to Eclipse’s temple “...could’ve been messed up even more if she’d never been able to bounce back from that.” Bags weren’t supposed to move. That just didn’t happen, and Aria found her eyes darting back and forth between Eclipse and the bag on the floor. She took a couple of steps backward, moving toward the front door.

Something changed in Eclipse’s eyes. Where once calm stood, now a seething rage had built up. He moved past the bag, his walk still calm as he followed her steps to the door before slamming his fist against the side of the wall, leaning in to look directly in her eyes. “Do you know what the worst part of Alexis being hospitalized was? Madison, Maero, and myself were the ones who visited her. We were the ones who made sure that she would make it through the night. We all were there by her side, day in and day out. But when Tarah Nova is hurt...everyone rushes to her aid. None of you cared for her. Yes...I would be worse off if something happened to her. Because I love her. Because she’s my wife. So what would happen if I ended your career tonight? What if I snapped you’re cute little neck here and let Aren walk in to see that? He paused and let out a slow breath, laughing to himself before pulling away slightly. "No. No I won’t physically harm you. That’s beneath me. I’m not Dark Demon, nor am I Xavier Williams. I won’t lower myself to physical harm. I want to send a message to Aren, not give him a vendetta against me for my entire life. It’s why I brought you this gift. In fact you can share it with the Formation. It’ll be good for them. I’d been wanting to visit Cloud...Stephanie anyways. I think she needs a little bit of my guidance.”

Part of Aria was surprised that Eclipse’s fist hadn’t gone through the wall, and the noise that emanated from him slamming his hand against the wall beside her had startled her. She jumped, her breathing shaky as she appraised the angry look in his eyes. And then, just as quickly as he’d seemingly flown into a rage, he was calm once more...and that was scary in and of itself. “You know why went to visit Tarah in the hospital after Reckless Wiring? You know why I stayed at her bedside? Because she’s my friend. I care about her, and I can say the same about everyone else who was worried about her. You all felt the same way about Alexis, it just so happens that Tarah’s...circle is a little wider and a little more inclusive, but that’s not what this is about. If you wanted to get on her case about curb stomping your wife’s head into cinderblocks, you’d probably be giving DEDEDE this speech right now, hoping to get the message across.”

“I suppose you’re right in the end. But I have left my mark on this place. I’m sure that you’ll tell Aren that happened today, but don’t miss any details. Any details. I promise you, I can be much less kind than I was today. I can be a whole lot more...unnerving. Oh, but your gift, I almost forgot.” He turned once more on his heels grabbing at the bag and handing it to her, watching it squirm a bit more violently. “Well...go on...open it up. I want to see the look on your face.

“I guess Grand Rampage brings this out of people. Such a big opportunity at stake, isn’t it? And if you’re not completely sure your in-ring work can get you to the finish line...I guess you gotta get whatever leg-up you think you can.” Her hand reached out, turning the doorknob and opening the door.

“You had your fun, I’ll be sure to pass the message along. And maybe,
maybe this’ll give Aren an extra incentive to win, but it won’t blind him so badly that he loses sight of what he wants to do. God, it’ll sting when you realize this was all for nothing.” Her eyebrow was raised, and she was obviously hesitant to take the bag from Eclipse. A few moments passed by slowly, seeming more like hours and at last, against her better judgment, Aria glanced up at Eclipse before taking the bag from him. Slowly, apprehensively, she opened it, screaming loudly and jumping back as the cockroaches inside tried to escape the bag. In a panic, she tossed the bag toward the door.

He lunged at her, pressing his palm against her shoulder and pressing her to the wall as his eyes switched to the cockroaches starting to crawl out of the bag. The bugs skittered along the floor, screeching echoing out from their tiny forms. “The thing is...no matter how much you try to deny it...I will get under his skin. Just like these bugs will. These...cockroaches burrow into you. They’ll pick at every remnant of your fears, feasting on your screams. This will be my legacy to you. My legacy to Aren. I am the man whom you shall fear...because I’m willing to embrace mine. Aren Mstislav will be ready for me...but Aria...are you scared yet?” He grins maliciously before tossing her backwards, sending her towards the bag as he opened the door, switching the light off as he slammed it closed behind him.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 1:00 am by Christian Locke
(Christian Locke is seen sitting on the top turnbuckle in Notre Dame Stadium, admiring his surroundings. He takes a careful look at his Apple watch and then slowly turns his face towards the camera) 

Set your clocks ladies and gentlemen, the newest breakout star is coming to EAW. In exactly three days, I’ll be squaring off against thirty-nine other men, or wait I guess there are also a few women in the match so the feminists don’t start a riot, so let’s just say that forty total people will fight tooth and nail for the grand opportunity, which is to main event Pain for Pride 9. That’s right, Christian Locke will be making his FPV debut, and with only five matches under my belt might I add, in front of the thousands of fans watching my every movement in this very historic stadium and of course, the millions at home, who were too fat and lazy to make the trip, vintage America! Now two nights ago, I made a promise that I would fire shots at some of my Grand Rampage opponents in the upcoming days, a promise I will deliver so let’s get down to it, shall we? 

The first person I’d like to address is Liam Catterson and yes, you should feel honored right about now. Believe it or not Liam, I actually love listening to you talk. Don’t worry; I am not trying to take a cheap shot at you or anything like that. I am dead serious. Every time you open your mouth, it makes me laugh and cringe, but mostly cringe.  I don’t have to say a single word to you and you just can’t stop contradicting yourself. You are like a machine! You are given a command and you just don’t know when to hit the brakes. I believe it was this Monday night when you made a claim that I am “irrelevant” and a week before that you called me an “overrated” wrestler. Correct me if I am wrong Liam, but the last time I checked the definition of both words in the Oxford dictionary, they both showed up as the polar opposites of each other because overrated people tend to get too much credit, while irrelevant people don’t get the time of day. So Liam, what kind of wrestler am I? Overrated or irrelevant? Pick one! I want you to redeem yourself here because I think you made it painfully obvious that you don’t even know what those two words mean. No, if you did know, you would figure out that neither of those words apply to me, you gigantic-nosed imbecile. But let’s pretend just a for a split moment that you did know what you are talking about, which would take a miracle in order to happen. Anyways let’s analyze these two insults you tried to throw me way, like a bone to a dog. Soooo…. Explain to me Liam, what part of me makes me irrelevant? Is it forcing you to make a secret alliance with Starr Stan behind my back to exterminate me from Voltage? You can tell me you had no part in that all you want, but you aren’t fooling me. Starr comes out and you just so happen to turn the ref’s back, very well done! What a choreographer you are! Or am I somehow irrelevant, by forcing Ashten Cross to drop all his paper work just to watch me wrestle five feet away from the ring?  Or is it forcing an EAW Legend chase me all over Voltage and not the World Championship title? 

Wait don’t answer any of these questions just yet. I already know everything you think of saying and doing. “Should I tell him that the imaginary masses of people called him irrelevant and not me? Should I maybe just delete all of my recordings and pretend like I’ve never said that?” I am not a mind reader but this was your thought process last week when you failed to prove to me that I’m overrated, wasn’t it? I mean for the love of god Liam, if you are you going to try to sugarcoat your failures then at least use your head and not your ass. How can I be possibly “overrated” if these MASSES of people, thousands or millions, call me that exact same word?  How can I be possibly “overrated” if my own Voltage General Manager tells Starr Stan on cameras that he hopes he’ll beat me and qualify for the Grand Rampage? 

Liam, the truth is I’ve never lied about my wrestling abilities, victories or anything that I’ve said to this point for that matter. You should be scared.  You can either accept it and work on your mistakes or stay a mediocre one trick pony, which wrestles at the bottom of the Voltage card each week. But whatever you choose, it won’t change the fact that you are piece of shit. You have like what 2-3 years worth of experience and you can’t even sell yourself to me. I don’t even have to prove to you that your World Championship run was a nothing short of a disaster because you never mention it, in fact you refuse to talk about it in detail because you are ashamed and as you should be. You see this? I am belittling you right now because you are nothing to me. You are nothing to this company. You don’t earn your keep. You fail to stand out. You are just there. Like furniture collecting dust. And no Liam I am not going to say I went up to fans and claim those people said it those remarks because I am not afraid of any form of backlash from you. That is how I feel about you and I am willing to bet that I am not alone. Look at me! You have nothing to threaten me with. What are you going to do? Talk about your “victory” over me? You know, a match where you were bailed out for the second straight week?! What a reoccurring theme that is when it comes to your career, you chump. 

This week has been and will continue to be awkward for me. If I call out the big dogs, the legends, the former world champions, they will bark at me and say something lame like they don’t even know who I am and you know what? That’s fine! Because if I’ve learned anything from my opponents this week it is creativity is a lost art. So go ahead, go the Liam route and call me irrelevant. Or hey, maybe if I am lucky enough, Dark Demon will call me a bum! Please, I want that special shout out so I can fan girl by just spamming my twitter page with tweets about it. Like, oh my god, like I can’t even you guys, yaaaaaaas! Or no, I don’t want to hear that. I want to hear from Lucas again. I want to hear his same BS about how he was this amateur wrestling god which is only fitting because the dude, or should I say that DUD is just one big amateur. I could go on and on and talk about the favorites, the Aren’s and Lucian’s but would I dare? No, I need to know my place! I need to bite my tongue and just smile and shake their hands and tell him that they deserve all this hype the media has given them this week.  Don’t step on any toes, Christian! Which is fine with me because personally, I prefer to step on necks instead. As for everybody else? From the bottom of my heart – fuck you. 

(Camera fades to black.)

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 12:18 am by Lucas Johnson
Grand Rampage Promo #4 - I'm Not A Failure

Dark Demon claims I have nothing to lose? I have everything to lose in this match, I maybe walking in as the underdog into this match with the little experience against the veterans like Y2Impact, StarrStan and even the Ireland native Dark Demon but I have everything to gain. The biggest victory of my career is to gain, the feeling you know you made it, winning the biggest match in EAW history, a main event match at Pain for Pride 9 and even a World Championship match less then a year of entering the company. All these reasons are gains in my opinion Demon. Wrestling guys every week? Do you know who I've been against the last few weeks? People like Carlos Russo, people like J.D. Damon, people like Y2Impact and people like Carson Ramsey. I was not added to Grand Rampage just because I am filler, I was added to Grand Rampage because in the executives eyes I am a top prospect from the Voltage brand. People like myself had to fight there way into Grand Rampage after Voltage general manager Ashten Cross laid down the challenge that opportunities weren't given with nice flowers on top. You had to earn your opportunity to enter Grand Rampage every week and meanwhile each week the win was in my hands and let the victory go the Voltage officials saw the potential I have to grow into this business and see I have a bright future here at the land of the elite. What makes me think I can eliminate you and win the biggest Grand Rampage of all time? That answer is simple heart and dedication. Those three words are why I am sitting here today with an entrant into Grand Rampage and that's because I refuse to give up, I refuse to get talked down from the bullies, I refuse to listen that your not good enough for this business, I refuse to just give up in the middle of the ring against all these veterans. I will put up a fight until I am no longer physically able to move a bone in my body. It's simple as that, I never quit in my wrestling career at The Ohio State University and I don't plan on quitting now.

Whoever the front runner is, either StarrStan, Aren, Lucian or even Dark Demon another side of The Wrestling Machine will come out this weekend. Could I break arms left and right? Could I bring back the extreme and replace the Elite name once again? Could I have Plan B in mind? The world may never know but the bottom line is I refuse to take no as an answer this weekend and I refuse to quit in-front of a live, sold out stadium in my first free-per-view event here at the land of the elite. The main goal is to make an impact and make my mark at Pain for Pride 9 whether it be against Scott Oasis, Vic Vendetta, or Mister DEDEDE or who the hell is World Champion by Pain for Pride rolls around, the world will know Lucas Johnson is making history and will not only challenge for championship gold but they will also know that Lucas Johnson is here to make an impact and here to stay.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 28th 2016, 12:14 am by Guest

I am avoiding your harsh words like the plague. Your words have no depth, they are sentences of worthlessness. Your ideas, thoughts and sentences are constructed by your own distorted version of reality.  A reality that only exists in your brain. Isn’t it so obvious? You dream of the day that you walk around this company as if you owned it. You have this idea that everyone fears you; that everyone looks at you with intimidation in their eyes. Your reality is anything but real. The world in which you and I live in is much different. We’re both signed to EAW. We’re both preforming under the Vixens division. We’re both two of the top Vixens EAW has to offer. Although, I am the number one Vixen around these ruins. I’m the vixen who is able to walk around this division like I own it because I do. I’m the vixen who is able to strike fear and intimidation in the hearts of the feeble minded because I have the reputation of fucking shit up and not the way you fuck shit up, Maddie. They’re both vastly different. I am the champion of this division and there will never be a day that I won’t remind you of it. I’ve had so many opportunities to showcase my talent to the entire world and I’ve executed that perfectly. I’ve participated in five star matches and what have you done? Bragging about kicking Tarah Nova’s ass is like bragging about abusing an old, near-death elder. It’s just not as impressive as it used to be. But, come on, Maddie! Don’t think I’m going to bury you under the bus without throwing you a little compliment here and there. You are one of the best of our division. There – I said it. I’m woman enough to admit it. But you’re always be below me. You’re second best, after all - you’re trying to compete for my title, right?
My mood has been fluctuating for the past week. One day I’m happy, energized, ready to tackle anything and anyone that gets in my way. Another day I’m sad, depressed, ready to throw in the towel because life is too overwhelming at times. Then there are days when I want to unleash my fury, inflict my agonizing pain on those who dare to question my authoritative figure. Today, however, I’m in a great mood. I feel like a fluttering petal that’s been plucked from its original flower. Just flowing in the wind, curious to see where I’m going to end up on. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past couple of days. I’ve been thinking about how I’ve never really had to compromise my internal beliefs in order to get where I am today. I’m still the Eris LeCava I was a year ago. On my debut I made an impact that caught the attention of the higher-ups of this company. There was never a time where I just went where the wind took me, I was always put in a road that had a destination. The destination of greatness, the destination to success. I’ve had an evolving attitude but despite that, I’m still on top of this company and I am having one of the most promising Vixens title reigns in history. But what about you? You’re so good at telling people how they suck, so let’s take a minute and take a look over your career, shall we? As many people may know, I’ve been a fan of EAW programming since it stated almost ten years ago. I’ve always kept up with my weekly shows and I’ve seen extremists turn into hardcore legends. I still remember when I first saw your beautiful face on my tv screen, Maddie. Gosh, how you’ve changed. I remember you coming out there with so much happiness and life glowing from your eyes. You’d walk down the ramp touching every hand you can get. You would dance around like a mad woman trying to put a smile on all of the children’s faces. Then you continued to lose and your efforts to entertain the public went unnoticed. So what does a good Samaritan Maddie do? You turn your back on all of the people who made you into the star that you were. You turned into a materialistic beast who only cared about having gold around your waist. You did a complete 180 and changed everything about yourself. You changed the way you walk, talk, the way you dress, the way you think. But tell me, Maddie, was it worth it?
Let’s look at the facts, you’ve been with this company for years and you’re still competing at the same level as you did before. You won the Vixens championship out of straight pity. You beat Tarah Nova when she wasn’t in her prime. If you had really advanced your in-ring talent then you would’ve kept that title with you when you faced me. You would’ve still been champion. You always say the same story “I’ve changed! I’m a different Vixen!” You can easily change your little gimmick but you can’t change your skills overnight. I know for a fact you’re still the same ditzy piece of shit wrestler you’ve always been. You can’t feed me the story that your brothers and sister from the Sanatorium family gave you some special powers to actually be good in the ring. You will always be known as to being a D wrestler, no matter how many times you change your name and your ring attire. You need to get that shit through your head. If you put a pig in a dress, guess what? She’s still a muthafuckin pig.

I got into wrestling because it was the only thing that made me happy. I tried working other miscellaneous jobs but they never gave me the surge of energy that wrestling did. I was born to work in this industry. I have the natural talent that many pay millions for. I have defined the true definition for a Vixen. I care for this company and I would never threat anyone with turning it on its head. Is that what you will do, Maddie? Will you stop competing for matches, be a no-show to events if things don’t go your way? You don’t understand how toxic that attitude is. Your entire thinking process is astounding. You try to take a step forward in your career but you end up taking five million steps back. You won’t end up becoming champion if you do take away my title, you’ll end up being a dictator. But luckily for you, that won’t happen. I know that reigns come to an end, but the end isn’t near. I still see a bright future ahead of me. I see a bright future ahead of you, too. You can do other marvelous things with your career if you’d just stop focusing on my title. You’re not up to par, sweetie. Go waste your talent elsewhere because you are not welcomed in my ring. I know it’s hard to hear all of this, but really let that shit sink in. You said it before, one day you’ll realize that this was for the best.

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Post on April 28th 2016, 12:00 am by Rex32
Grand Rampage Promo # 3
"Survival Instinct"

Everyday we wake up. It's a new day. Everything starts anew. Forget what happened yesterday. Forget what happened last week. Last month. Last year. Forget everything and move forward. Press on. Remain steadfast in your pursuit. The ability to pursue. It's drives us all. The thing that all forty of us have in common, is that ability to pursue. Pursue what you desire. What do you desire? What do we all desire? Respect. Success. We all yearn for this. We're all trying to make sense of the lives we have been. We're all here for a purpose, right? So what is our purpose? Why do we keep waking up everyday search of respect? Why do we keep waking up everyday in search of success? In Professional Wrestling's solution to a Utopia, in Elite Answers Wrestling, your everyday wrestler looks for both, respect and success. They go hand-in-hand. As with any profession, EAW gives you plenty of opportunities to succeed, but only you control your own destiny.

Grand Rampage is gonna be a great opportunity to step into the thick of it. I will make an impact. The biggest impact! I won't be an easy elimination, I can assure all thirty-nine competitors of that. I won't be eliminated. The rest of you can continue your back and forth smack-talk to one another. Seems like, for some of you, its an annual thing. Go-on. Please. Please. By all means, continue. You all do that and like a man-eating Great White, Jaws, I will silently sneak up on everyone, and before you know it, you'll be gone. Then I'll move on to the next easy prey. Then the next. And the next. All the while, doing everything I need to do   to ensure my own survival. Like the Great White that has survived for many many centuries. I will outlive the other thirty-nine competitors, and then go on to main event PFP nine.

Yet. All I hear is the same names coming up. Here's what I got. Number Thirty-nine down to just me. It's gonna happen. Your words won't make it into my mind to stay, just like your time the Grand Rampage match. I'm the.next superstar in the making, which you will find out real soon. See you soon guys!
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Post on April 27th 2016, 11:26 pm by Scott Oasis
(Scott Oasis is seen leisurely standing by in a special media room for Grand Rampage promotional videos. He has one hand in the pocket of his dress pants as he is wearing a special attire for the event. The attire is that of a black suit with a contrasting colored red tie that hangs all of the way to his abdomen, touching the top of his World Heavyweight Championship as it gently taps the EAW logo on the plate, covering it. In Scott Oasis’s free hand is the handle of a plain white mug containing an unknown beverage. Scott Oasis takes a long sip and lets out a sound of satisfaction.)

A cup of coffee. What an energizing substance. As I sip from this mug I can’t help but feel refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. It’s a great feeling to have during a crappy morning. It’s not just me who feels the euphoria from this cup, but many others on a daily basis. I know how the routine goes. These few moments of your day can also be categorized as your best. This is the peak, it all goes down from here and deep down you know that but in that moment, you have hope. Before you enter your dead end job and experience your nine to five period of hell, you’re able to expect more to come from that. Your ambition grows with each gulp and so you keep drinking, sip by sip, taking away more and more to pick you up from your previous state. Laziness, stagnation and boringness turns into progress and excitement. With that boost of caffeine it’s like you’re a whole new person, you’ve kicked it into high gear. Eventually though. That cup of coffee...it runs dry.

(Scott Oasis takes one more sip and then tilts the mug over, showing it to be empty.)

All of that excitement, all of that progress and all of that ambition soon fades away and you become who you once were. That amazing feeling you had, that effect of rejuvenation ; it unfortunately can’t last forever even though you so desperately need it to. That small boost you had was merely a temporary fix.. You cling on to it, you need it, but you end up having to face the rest of the day on your own without that crutch and it is then you experience your downfall. That is when your hopes are dashed and you face the reality ; the terrible life you have carved out for yourself that you now must accept for what it is. You’ll never move up in the world. You’ll never get the promotion or that pay raise you desire so much. You'll never get the respect you crave. You'll never be the guy. You realize what your role is after your crash. You are another cog in the machine. A worker bee at the bottom, keeping the company going for the men at the top. That cup of coffee was only wishful thinking, a short moment of time where it actually seemed you could have made it. Too bad it was only false hope. A cup of coffee - that is how much time Tig Kelly has left in the main event. His moment in the sun is slowly turning to dawn before fully being eclipsed by darkness. Guys like Tig Kelly are merely filler. They don't have the longevity of men like me and Zack Crash. They don't possess the attributes that we have. Tig Kelly represents the sad prospects of the little guy. The meek who get pegged off by bastards like myself who have no problem smashing their dreams with glee. Watching these failures try to climb up is so amusing. The struggle they have, all of the time they spent making their way up that ladder, and then there is me who is right ahead of them, looking down as I take my foot and push them back down to squalor. Some would call me sick or cruel for taking enjoyment in such an act but really all I am doing is preserving the true integrity of this sport, making sure bums like them don’t succeed. I was at the bottom at one point myself, I know what it was like to be in squalor. I want to see people reach the pinnacle the same way I did, but it’s only a handful of men. Men who actually are deserving. A claim that very few hopefuls are able to have. Tig Kelly is not a deserving hopeful, he is a bitter idiot doing grunt work at the lower level. A fool who did the bare minimum asked from him in this life and thinks that makes him qualified to be anything more than a secondary talent. The one thing on his resume, his National Elite Championship reign, turned a prestigious title into bargain bin trash.

What do he do in his time with that strap? Who did he fight that was worthwhile? I’m being serious. I’m gonna look into this, I already mentioned Pizza Boy earlier this week but maybe it was just an off night, maybe just maybe he had some better competition previously? Let’s see: Rhaeger. The savage from a rundown village who was fighting in mud for the entertainment of others? The brother of the biggest bust in history? Oh, oh, or how about Mark Michaels? The social media obsessed pretty boy who posts about seven videos a week spouting memes and hashtags instead of training? You struggled with those guys? My god, pal. Don’t even try and defend yourself with that “at least you won” bullshit that I know you’re gonna use to save face. You got your ass handed to you by one of them and the other match ended in disqualification, you had to survive off a technicality to retain against someone who was more of an internet personality than a wrestler! But then again, you improved so much apparently, you did so great in your MMA training prior to EAW - even though you lost to the jiu-jitsu jackoff himself Carlos Rosso day one - but hey, you recovered from that like you said and proved people wrong once again like you did your whole life. I mean, you did nothing for months but thank god Vance Tybull didn’t have an opponent so Sebastian Monroe had to haul out the first guy he saw. You got to be dragged out of the medical room after your loss earlier in the night to beat a failed trend in the wrestling scene!

All of this sounds like a terrible joke, as it should. That’s all his career has been. This fucking scrub lucked into a company spot, was the right guy at the right time for a title match he didn’t deserve, gets to shoot down a couple tomato cans for opponents, and now suddenly I’m meant to buy him as a threat? How does he have any right to think he can hold the belt that Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer has held when he couldn’t even hold his last championship without ducking men half his size? He really believes in that pea sized brain of his that he can actually win the title. Not only win the title, but take out the combined efforts of both me and Zack Crash. He must think he’s some kind of Superman. He wants to be a hero so I’ll humor him ; He’s going to save Dynasty from Omerta everyone so jump on the bandwagon! Keep on hoping with him and keep on believing that he stands a chance because you won’t be seeing him fighting for World Championships much longer! Enjoy the remainder of this week Tig, capture these last few moments so you can remember them for a lifetime….because once that triple threat begins there will be no more hype. No more blind love from the fans. No reason for you to ever be taken seriously again. Omerta gave you this title shot, we allowed you to think that you actually mattered, kid! You should be grateful ; you owe us for this! You’re in debt to the family, and the debt will be paid back to us in amusement. Amusement provided to us by the sight of your own blood on the canvas.

Take that final sip - savor it! Your cup of coffee is almost over and it’ll soon be time to get up and start working ; time to be in the crosshairs of Omerta at Grand Rampage. That taste in your mouth is about to turn nasty and your energy will be zapped away. Time to resume your mundane life at the bottom. Your hopes deemed meaningless, your skills revealed to be mediocre. You will be a nobody who will never see the light of day and not a care can be found from anyone. The world will keep on spinning: with me running it at the helm.
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Post on April 27th 2016, 11:00 pm by Venom
We can engage in a game of semantics to find a true understanding of the points we raise and the arguments we make. Perhaps we can understand the destiny conundrum. We can speak of how we make our destiny or defy the destiny fate has given us, or we can shatter the concept as a whole. We question each others plight. We doubt one another fortitude. But what success is derived from our participation in those games? All we manage to do is stir up animosity upon one another, and situations such as these the resulting conclusion of our conflict could be failure and humiliation for both parties. So to avoid all the arguments and all the conflict, what can you do?

You turn to the darkness.

I did question your plight, Impact. I regard you for what you know you are. As one of the best, but is it so insulting that I don't view you as the overwhelming favorite by what I see from other views from the Grand Rampage. It seems that you not being regarded as the best depicts the superiority you feel over all others. Lucian Black and Aren Mstislav are view as the favorites for how close they've been recently to breaking the glass ceiling, and now they're closer than ever. You've been there, but that doesn't mean you have a better chance than them. It doesn't mean you should the favorite. I disregard destiny and view it as a concept to give up to the weak and something to overcome for the fruitful. By turning to darkness, you don't have to do what you've done your career and shun destiny and forge your own. By turning to darkness, you can separate destiny from it's association with you as a whole and never be restrained by the shackles it attempts to impose on all of us. You've been associated with greatness. You've imposed your will and the being you are as Y2Impact as a whole. You've broken men and helped make careers. You've relinquished your grip on self doubt if you ever had any to begin with and become the enigma that seems to be unbreakable. You shake off any loss without hesitation and manage to find the motivation to trudge forward. You can I have never had a true encounter. A confrontation between darkness and greatness. We can look past the simple games. We can pass by the criticism we may have of one another and face one another as foes. I have opposed many formidable foes. Darkness has helped me persevere, overcome, or even just survive these foes. Now I want to see what it can do against you if you're willing to abandon any trace of fear you may have to face one of the most harrowing forces in existence.

When faced with the unknown, darkness is the only thing that can provide you with darkness in the nothingness.

Once again you remain conceited. Once again you abandon all form of logic and remain determined to hang on to what's been the motivation which provides the limbo your irrelevant career is currently in. You seem me as a jester of the king. But you remain oblivious to detail and cling to what provides you the most comfort when trying to critique your adversaries. I'm the one who made the king bleed. I'm the one who inspired that same king to risk life, limb, and his family to awaken a monster he knew could endanger him. I'm the one who forced the king to his knees as he made the request for me to unite with him as allies of darkness. I'm the one who overcame the king in the barbaric wasteland that he introduced to this company. Once again you question the hype that surrounded me while the only source of your hype stems from your very mouth as you constantly speak highly of yourself.

You are an obstacle not worthy of my time. You refuse to wake up and accept that your string of failures stem from a common source. Until the realization you need to salvage your career kicks in, you will remain unworthy of my acknowledgement. Grand Rampage isn't a game. It isn't just a battlefield, it's a war zone that will be surrounded by darkness. If you seek to avoid to be overtaken by your own corruption and to avoid being consumed by the darkness that will lead to your demise. Realize that I will do whatever it takes. Realize I steep to any level and to to any lengths to establish the will of darkness upon this company, even if t means disposing of the once loved Liam Catterson. You're the only one that acknowledge yourself as a threat, and if you seek to regain the respect you once had. Wake up.

Darkness is the only thing that can save you. Is it the only thing that can salvage your career.
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Post on April 27th 2016, 9:24 pm by The Consigliere

I step forward. I'm getting closer, and closer to the fighting pit, to once again test my luck. Willing to suffer through. Willing to beat them senseless. All because I wanted the victory for myself, and to prove the non-believers wrong.

I have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. My legacy? It means nothing if I can't get through this. My forehead began to sweat, the pressure is on... for I wanted to win.

So. Fucking. Bad.

This is everything I suffered for. This is every reason why I kept pushing forward. This is everything I have endured every loss over, and learned from every failure for.

This... is everything.

"I will never squander this opportunity" I swear to myself.

"I will eliminate them all, for I am the strongest."

"I will never hide in the shadows, for I am fearless"

"It's a shot in the dark, but I'm ready to pull the trigger. Give me your worst, and I'll respond with my best" I run to jump into the pit.

And then a God yanked my arm and stopped me mid-air. Pulling me to where I originally stood "Not so fast," He said. 

Not one part of me knew what was happening. I was too worried to keep calm, too confused to ask the right questions.

"You think you're the strongest? Then test your strength in all territories until your muscles are torn, until your last breath, to the last drop of your blood, and until you can fight no more!" He said.

"You think you're good enough to dance with the gods? Then conquer all humans to prove your worth!"

"You think you can eliminate them all? Then do exactly that -- ELIMINATE. THEM. ALL." The God raised his voice.

"Let your ambitions kill you like it did the last time, or let them define you know as it may never will in your next attempts"

"And when you're squirming in pain, and screaming in agony, wondering why you're in this mess or if you're even getting through, carrying a burden twice your size

Just remember, woman -- this is what you wanted."


Though we live in a civilized world, our primal instinct, especially in times of desperation, still shows. It's all about survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed. Every man for himself. And with each passing day, a man gets smarter, thinking of new ways to outwit his opposition, and steal what they have left to keep for himself. That's what everyone expects you to do, especially in an event like the Grand Rampage... individuals decide whom they must target, or steer clear from. Will they eliminate those who are weak so they won't have a problem later, or take out the biggest threat in order to be left with the "lesser" performers and stand tall in the end as the winner? Will they stay out of the way throughout the match and have their opponents kill and eliminate each other before he jumps back in the last minute, or actively fight to display their dominance willing to take the risk of exposition in the process? 

Decisions, decisions. Everyone's making them. 

But I? I seriously can't get caught racking my brain, and bashing my forehead onto the concrete wall worrying about that. I have my own tactics I intend on carrying out. I have my own strategy that will hopefully pave the way to the promised land. I simply can't overthink it. I can't overthink anything. I need to be calm. I need to collect myself. I can't get too carried away because one misstep, one mistake, one instance where I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to a series of unfortunate events that could put me in a much worse position, and when you had just found out that youre in TWO fucking Rampage matches, as decided by the board of directors, your instinct would be to try to win all of them, and do better than what you believe you're capable of. Jump from a speeding train and to a car roof if you have to! Slaughter a lion with your bare fucking fists if necessary! At first I was indifferent, now I'm determined. I had this flawed mentality of acknowledging the possibility of my loss and getting thrown over the top rope despite the confident front, but now that I'm in a tight spot of likely overworking and pushing myself too hard, unsure if the Board of Directors are punishing me still for trying to upset the balance of Elite wrestling by bringing back Extreme, or a sign of belief that I am capable, as a singles competitor, of actually walking away the victor in both matches, that said mentality is immediately diminished. This is where the Great Red Dragon is going to breathe out as much fire as she can in order to take down an entire army coming her way! This is where I NEED to prove these judging eyes and wannabe critics wrong! This is where I let every single person who ever dared to underestimate me, ever dared to step on my toes, ever dared to question my capabilities, that this is exactly the kind of struggle that would put me on the top of the food chain, watching the world burn before me! It's what I need to once and for all SILENCE the non believers, and the haters, and the hypocrites and to prove that I am the best in this industry, continuously making history and ensuring the world revolves around me as it rightfully should. The only decision I'm making is taking away the word impossible from my vocabulary, and start focusing on what CAN happen and what I'm capable of doing. What I have planned for the future, and the pride it would bring as I walk the hallways of the locker room, nodding at the competition and laughing at those who even attempt to give me a hard time, will all be seen as I prove to the world that I have literally endured the kind of pain they INTEND on putting me through, and I'm willing to suffer more, just to leave the Grand Rampage with my name associated with victory, and anything that comes after would just be a walk in the park compared to that. 

At the Grand Rampage, I will walk out the Specialist Rampage the NEW Specialist Champion.

And after that, I am walking out of the 40-man Grand Rampage match, in victory, and on my way to HEADLINING Pain for Pride, the first Vixen to do EVER do so in the nine years of EAW's existence!

And it only starts there. It's not over. It will never be over. Two months will pass and I will be in a World Title match, where I finally cross the gender barrier, something that hasn't been done by any other Vixen! I am going to push further and train harder. I will make history while at the peak of my strength and at the top of my game, and I REFUSE to let anyone, be it Champions or other contenders, best me at any instance in the duration of the match. Everytime you knock me down, every moment you think I'm dead and out, I will fucking kick out just to let you know how hard it is to kill me. Everytime you step on my toes, make no mistake, I will plant a boot right to your fucking faces just to let you know I'm someone whom you shouldn't take lightly. I've put up with so many faces who never deserved to be in the same ring as I, I've endured having to listen to these mongrels and nincompoops that blindly speak ill of me. I will give EVERYTHING just to ensure that I am worth more than one Championship today and always, and even after I claim the most honored gold in Elite Answers Wrestling, I will keep on competing whether or not the title is on the line, giving my best performance, as though it were my last. 

Some of you pray to the gods to help you go through as you face 19 other Vixens hoping your incompetent asses would win the Specialist Title, and most of you piss your pants at the thought of competing against 39 others for a spot in the Pain for Pride main event. But I? I NEVER CRINGED AT THE THOUGHT OF FACING 48 OF YOU! MY EYE NEVER TWITCHED! I SHOWED NO FEAR! The ratio might be overwhelming to most of these puny idiots who couldn't in  a lifetime pull a double duty and certainly delivering, and I acknowledge that the odds are getting slimmer by the minute, but it's what I brought upon myself when I decided to conquer all territories in the EAW, and this Saturday, WATCH ME MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Elitists, Vixens... Tell me why I should give a damn who's in my way? In my eyes whether you are a man or a woman -- an enemy is an enemy, ones I will take down, ones I will step on in order to further my career. You've all seen how I operate. You know where I truly stand compared to the rest of them, even when faced with the "bests" thrown in my way. Because the quality of my work, my determination, my sense of urgency, my creativity -- they all have and will continue to speak for themselves. 

This is my achievement. 

This is my year. 

My main event. 

My stage.

MY World Championship.

It is known.
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Post on April 27th 2016, 9:12 pm by Levian Krown
Krown Me, Bitch. || The Debut
Promo I

~ The camera cuts in revealing Levian Krown exiting an apartment. He runs down the stairs and takes a seat on the second stair. He is wearing a casual attire of clothing and a flat bill hat, on backwards with a slight tilt on it. A serious look is set on his face as a bead of sweat runs down his cheek. He wipes it off with the bend of his wrist between his forearm and his hand. He then rubs his eye as he begins to speak.

“First off let me welcome myself to Elite Answers Wrestling. My name is Levian Krown. You can call me whatever you please because names don’t make people successful, skill makes people successful and when the day comes that you all actually see me in the ring; you’ll realize that I will be successful-- Now I’m not going to come out here and claim to be the next: Mr. DEDEDE, the next Jaywalker, the next HBB, so on and so forth. I am going to make a claim though, I’m not the next of anything I am my own talent. I won’t leech off the legacy of EAW’s legends. I’m not here for that bullshit. I’m going to create my own legacy. Here’s my claim, are you ready? There will never be… another Levian Krown. My name will be scraped into the skyscraper of success and it’ll be so known; Hellen Keller would have lost her fingers talking about it. I’ve never known myself to be dishonest or a liar. I am many things, believe me but a liar is not one of them.”

~ Levian stands up and walks down the remaining stairs that have not been walked down. He takes a few steps down the street until he reaches a stop sign. He extends his right hand and reaches it around the bar of the stop sign and he swings around it casually to face the camera again.

“Green means go. Red means stop. You’re taught that as a child. It’s pounded in your head even as a youth that red means stop. I was always the odd ball in school. I was the one that was thinking outside boxes and everyone in them would tell me that I have problems. As a youth you’re trained to stop. The thing with me thinking outside boxes though is; I knew better. I knew the system was fucking me over. They teach you that red means stop because you’re never supposed to reach your full potential. They want you to stop growing and improving. The system picks and chooses who they want to lead this country. Do you really think that our votes matter? If votes mattered, they wouldn’t let everyone do it. As much as I fucking hate the system, they’re geniuses. Look at all of you, sitting back without minds of your own, probably chanting “U S A! U S A!” I have no clue, this shit’s pre recorded. This is what I’m talking about though, they’ve brainwashed you all into believing we’re free. Yeah, free to do what they want us to do. Fuck the system. Krown the real king.”

~ Screen Fades
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Post on April 27th 2016, 9:12 pm by Impact
You all seem to be mistaken -- I'm not in the Grand Rampage simply to show up and eliminate a bunch of people only to let a Lucian Black or a Dark Demon steal my thunder and take the headlining spot of Pain for Pride away from me, I'm there to win the entire match and taste the salty tears of my enemies when they complain that I should be bulldozing a path for the new generation instead of blocking it. Newsflash: I don't give a shit about the new generation and I couldn't care less about people like Lucian Black and Dark Demon from years past, one of whom has spent the last seven years trying to cement his position in EAW and become a World Champion and the other who is so childishly high-strung and estrogen-filled that he has another man's name in his nickname! "The Slayer of the Heart Break Boy?" Seriously? I beat Jaywalker, Heart Break Boy, and Mr. DEDEDE in what would have been EAW's final show, but I never went around prancing like a jackass and obnoxiously boasting to anyone bored enough to listen that I was "the conqueror of the legends" because the achievements I've garnered in my career and the verbal fire that I spit doesn't come from a place of insecurity like Lucian Black, Dark Demon, all of these other future also-rans and whiners that are going to allege the system is "against them" when they're thrown over the top rope, as if them barking like a dog in the build-up to the match means anything when the moment they enter in the match, they meow like a pussy. Hey, let's take a gander at Liam Catterson! He still exists! I know everybody forgot about him because he hasn't been relevant since Drastik destroyed him at Midsummer Massacre only to later join the infamous Drastik World Order and become a pathetic little sock puppet doing the bidding of his oppressor, but this is the Grand Rampage and everybody deserves some attention! I've never been a "part-time player," I'm here for the long haul and I have blazed a trail of unforgettable dominance everywhere I've gone. I've etched indelible marks in EAW that can never be forgotten, I've immortalized myself time and time again, and yet I STILL show up every single week on Voltage with the passion and hunger of an upstart and the skill and tact of a hardened veteran who's experienced every circumstance and turned the ol' "triumph over adversity" plot line into a weekly expectation rather than a once-in-a-lifetime Cinderella story like everyone's so accustomed to. Riddle me this, Liam, who among us hasn't received championship shots and failed to win the holy grail? I've had two opportunities to win a World Championship since returning, I was blatantly screwed against Xavier Williams, otherwise I may be standing before everyone right now as a seven-time World Champion except that I didn't consider the element of surprise; but unlike you and everybody else that harps on all of their would-be victories and talks about how other wrestlers were a "split second" away from losing, I don't give a damn because the only thing of importance to me is the won and loss column. My losses to Mr. DEDEDE, those are forever ingrained into my brain and they cannot be forgotten; only learned from. Yet I set an example for all of you reprobate trash that can't grasp the concept of taking responsibility by holding myself accountable for my failures instead of blaming all of the other variables that I DIDN'T consider. I couldn't have possibly prepared for a Shooting Star Press at Reckless Wiring, that was a move that defied gravity and made everyone rethink Mr. DEDEDE's athletic prowess, but I don't sit around wallowing in self-pity and grumbling about all the chances everyone else has gotten because I KNOW for an axiomatic fucking fact that I could be champion right now and it sickens me to the core of my stony heart that I'm heading into Grand Rampage as the challenger rather than the champion; but at the end of the day, I'd rather learn from my failures and build from my defeats training my body for the purpose of standing tall instead of pretending that my losses weren't my fault or that the system is rigged against me! Because while everyone else is so eager to fall back on their tired, built-in excuses, I separate myself and threaten to go against the grain by finding answers to questions that the rest of my shortsighted contemporaries didn't even bother to ask.

But oh, I've forgotten! You haven't achieved any success yourself in years so instead you co-sign the successes of other elitists and pretend they're your own so you can have something against me instead of learning from your mistakes and admitting your faults. Maybe that's why you've been fed to every newly crowned World Champion the past several months like a slab of meat to a hungry dog, because they know you've wasted all of your potential and your only remaining use to this company is being thrown to the wolves and embarrassed in front of millions of people watching you bring disgrace and dishonor to the Catterson name across the globe. Maybe wrestling just isn't your niche; I'd suggest male modeling but you're butt-ass ugly and you'd probably bankrupt whatever magazine hired you.

Lucian Black is demanding respect, claiming he EARNED it at Road to Redemption when he desegregated Dynasty and returned it to the EAW fold. That's another one of those soul-crushing losses that I can't forget; I could ramble on endlessly about all my victories and highlights, but in my eyes all of the mistakes you make are magnified in defeat. Any self-respecting extremist would never take a loss lying down. It's one thing to tip your cap to your adversary and admit that he was the superior fighter on a given night, but it's a completely different beast entirely to just trudge forward after you allowed the fate of the company to slip between your fingertips pretending that nothing happened. But the Grand Rampage isn't about defending the honor of Hexa-gun, or restoring extreme to the company -- I do that every single night I enter that ring and remind the audience of the glorious era of yesteryear that today's crop of soft-as-Charmin pussies couldn't handle because their frail bodies aren't conditioned to fight in the environment that I'm a master at -- it's about ME. As long as my flame keeps burning, the legacy of extreme will continue to live vicariously through my greatness, and what better platform to demonstrate that you're better than thirty-nine other men and women than the massive stage of the Grand Rampage? Any of my opponents could easily confront me and say, "You're a machine? How'd it feel being reduced to the scrap heap of the junkyard after your loss at Reckless Wiring?" and the majority if not all have ignorantly played into my hand and done exactly that. Dark Demon may not admit it, but he's driven to eliminate everyone else in this match and win the Grand Rampage because he wants to prove that his defeat against Xavier Williams was a fluke, that he'd never again underestimate the gravity of a situation and let another wrestler break his arm, but dwelling in the recesses of his mind is that thought that creeps up on him and virtually everyone else in EAW: "What can I do to change my fortunes?" and like your average citizens working dead-end nine-to-five jobs, they buy tickets to the lottery in hopes they can become a millionaire and escape their torment. But for me, I couldn't care less about money, social relationships, allies, stablemates, comrades, carving out a land of peace and prosperity -- I gave everyone in EAW the chance to align themselves with my ambition and they SHUNNED me -- so when I rip these cocksucking half-truth spewing con artists masquerading as the "favorites" limb from limb and vanquish their Pain for Pride dreams, I will shun all of you.

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Post on April 27th 2016, 8:24 pm by Cailin Dillon

Grand Rampage #3
As I prepare for the Grand Rampage and the gauntlet that comes with it, I do so with the utmost confidence that I will be coming out of this weekend with the Specialist Championship still at my side. This is supposed to be the biggest challenge that I’ve ever faced since I arrived here, tougher than any other title defense based on just the numbers itself. I’m told to look at this match and start shaking in my boots and to understand my time is coming to its end. I’m told to look at Azumi, Haruna, Brody, Erica, Veena, Silence, Stephanie, Angela and Heart Break Gal, among all the others, and feel the fear sinking in. They want two things… they want Cailin Dillon to be knocked off her pedestal or they want her to put her money where her mouth is, as if she’s never been able to do so before. The truth is widely known, even if they don’t want to accept it. Every time they’ve put a challenge in front of me when it comes to this title, I’ve risen to the occasion. Whether my opponent is the biggest, fastest, strongest or most technically sound fighter ever — even if they are a damn walking, breathing legend of this business — I have shown up and I have conquered. So why should I expect this time to be any different?
They say 11 challengers is what makes this different, and that’s obvious. Thank you for pointing out the obvious fact that this is a number’s game. But it humors me that some of you will consider yourself to be the lone person capable of defeating me, when this is about defeating everyone and making the right strategic decisions at the right time. Maybe you think this match is all about you and this is all but a done deal — you’re coming out the winner. That sort of naivety is the reason those of you who think that way will be the ones who don’t accomplish much at all. Some of you will try to make alliances and test out your friendships. Some others will make more temporary alliances with the knowledge that they can’t last forever if you want to actually win this thing. But while the rest of you are trying to figure out who to trust and when to trust them, or prove yourself to someone unknown with specific goals of numbered eliminations… I will be there at every turn to break your mindset. Don’t mistake this as arrogance; this is the same confidence that has driven me to this point. This is why I am a champion today and have been so as long as I have.
If there’s something I’ve heard 1,000 times before during this journey, it’s been someone else telling me how they are a better fighter than me. But I don’t think talent or size or strength is the pure decision maker in who is truly the best in the ring. I’ve got to this point because my determination has always been more than that of an opponent. While there might be someone who has all the skills I don’t, they will find out that defiance is what they can’t match. I refuse to give up or just give in. Look at Reckless Wiring, when HBG had me dead in the water and I rose from sure death to trap her in a position she couldn’t escape. I wasn’t the one to give up. What makes you think this will be any different. Sure this match won’t be about submissions, but they aren’t something you can use in your arsenal either. If you think that just means you can easily toss me over the ropes then you’re beyond crazy. To get rid of me in this match you’ll have to knock my ass unconscious. And when you go to toss me out of the ring at that point, just watch as I rise back from the dead once again and grab that rope on the way out, just another trick up Cailin Dillon’s sleeve. I’m more of a viper than most of you even realize. Some of you have experience with me, but your own delusions have led you to believe this time will somehow be different than that last time. One of you claims to be performing better than anyone on the roster right now. Funny, I don’t seem to remember hearing your name mentioned in reference to anything, at any time.
Azumi and Erica, I admire the spirit the two of you are showing. But we can meet in tag team action some other time, in the arena that both of you clearly belong. Erica I have known you for some time, but you have always been better as the member of a tag team. And Azumi, you have accomplished far more with someone at your side than you have ever alone. Somehow I don’t see a match like this being good for the health of your partnership. I know where I stand with Steph in this match. We’re pure competitors and we both understand that winning this match is the ultimate goal. I feel like I can already picture the look of betrayal on Azumi’s face when Erica eliminates her by the britches. Steph this will be something you haven’t quite experienced. We honestly can’t say you’ve gotten the real experience of facing me.  You may think you tamed my tornado at some point, but you don’t understand the animal that’s unleashed when I get in that ring. I’m more like a serpent really, a viper that’s always waiting to strike. My game is so cerebral that my opponents often don’t realize it until it’s too late. Don’t think I’m not capable of playing these same games with the person who is as close to me as anyone.
When it comes to being in that ring, all I want to do is win. And when it comes to the Specialist’s title, I’m not done building the legacy that this title has come to have. When this was introduced, it would have never been such a perfect fit for its own match at Grand Rampage. It’s because of what I’ve done as its champion that has made it such a great prize to be won. It’s now such a desired accomplishment for waves of Vixens. There was a time in the history of this belt that I was constantly reminded how worthless this belt was. It was the second-place title that nobody wanted. Yet over time, the more and more I won matches as a I defended it and even while the Vixen’s champion was busy taking her vacations or shining her mentors boots… this championship became such a heralded object that there were Elitists asking for a shot and then HBG wanted her shot — and I’ll admit that defense against her might have put this belt further over than ever before. But whether I’m fighting a legend or a Vixen in her first week, my approach and my intensity will never waiver.
People are talking about me this week like I’m unprepared and incapable of winning this match. They’re all laying out there brilliant plans of how they will win by listing accomplishments and abilities, but they aren’t really telling any of us anything at all. What I will tell you is that I’ve proven without a doubt that I am more than able to win this match. It doesn’t matter if there’s 11 of you or 111 of you, you’re all about to cash in your one-way tickets to the best show anyone has ever seen from the Vixens. What I’m about to do in this ring will be unforgettable. This 12-woan match might very well go down as a bigger show than the namesake match of this entire event. Some of you expect me to just settle for where I’m at now. There’s no limits on what I can accomplish, only the ones I put in front of myself. As I look out ahead and into my future, I don’t see anything in my way. This is only the start. The sky’s the limit for what I can do with this title. I’m not slowing down yet. This match is not a reason to be worried, it’s a reason to be excited for what’s to come down the line. I became the Specialist Champion in December. I’m the Specialist Champion now. And I will be the Specialist Champion after Grand Rampage. Buckle up ladies, because this is going to be one amazing, incredible, unforgettable ride.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 8:22 pm by Angela Salveti

The sky a bit ago was a crisp blue with clouds about, a sunny day not billed by the heat. But now the rain it fell and the clouds turned gray turning what was once a chipper scene into a gloomy setting. But that was okay for me as I loved the rain. I am walking now along the edge of the dirt road, holding a my wedge sandals in hand as a white summer dress adorns my form. Caressing the curves of my body. Covering me the most now is a light blue jean jacket that I grabbed from a cousin's place. I decided to visit Northern Michigan far different near the alleys of Detroit. I let my feet touch the soft dirt along the side of the road lightly muddy now. I see a rest stop for people to come and go if needed. I walked over and set my sandals upon a bench and took in the rain as I closed my eyes then opened them again. Slowly I removed the jean jacket then tossed it just under the entrance to the rest stop. There was no one here a small stop a ways off from the highway. I basked in the rain reflecting on the things that had driven me here. Why I had come up to find relaxation. I stood there taking the rain for what it was I found solace in its drops. A comforting wave washing away the stress of others.

Oh Mother Nature you bring me comfort when I had a week unbooked by management. I break away from the massive annoyance that I have come to find in most of the women that wander around the backstage of the company. All I get is the same catty and bitchy attitudes. They are not like me, they do not try to diversify nor do they try to understand the complexities of their own misbehavior. Yet the crowd chants for the nickel and dime store looking hookers. So why they pander I've decided why not be among the many and just prattle on about them. I figured that I had it all figured out but here I am standing in the rain talking to you. The drops of your rain wash away the worries for the moment but I know they will surface again. Trying to come off strong like the woman that has it all figured out which begets me they just flash the same old crap every other word that comes out of their mouth. Me I try to stand out the true depiction of difference but who will look at the smart girl? Who will look at the logic and reason even if I am hot the other girls flash their smiles and get their ways. Although your rain caresses me into a near peaceful state I know that I get to go back to beating bitches away. Because Grand Rampage sits upon the corner in a number of days there will be many women in the Specialists challenge match. With Miss Dillion herself holding that title above us all. It is elimination and the last Vixen standing will walk out the winner. I want to be like you Mother Nature, so in control and able to bring peace or violence whenever she sees fit. I want that iron hand to stamp out the undeserving or even if I just damn well feel like it.”

I took a moment and started to dance a little moving back and forth slowly as my dress spun only a tiny bit as the rain had nearly matted it against me. My feet rustling gently in the moist grass upon the soles. It was a darkened day but I could feel the presence of the wind tickle my skin as it gently blue by. My eyes closed as I continued.

Each movement may not be as graceful and I may not see each bit before me. But like your touch I know the day is coming. I know what is around me and I know how to compensate for whatever will hit. These women like Haruna who has been shelved so many times acts as if the world owes her everything. Then the next day she is suffering to herself while trying to put up the front of confidence. Her mind wanders more than most from the darkest moment to just writing in her journal as if it is going to fix the universe. I don't mind her but I don't over look anyone even women like her that have been cast to the background several times after losing. Women like Heart Break Gal who have made a stance upon this industry, that woman has been in matches that have made a difference even with gender barriers or none at all. Stables she has been the forefront of. There is so many different style of women but all have argued back and forth, all have run their mouths claiming to be the better. This style of match that is one way to put many vixens in one spot and let the shots be fired to see becomes the one left standing. But like you Mother Nature I will be gentle only after what I needed is done, only after what has been removed from my path to hold the same kind of power that you do. Every woman strives to be the key holder of their own destiny and claim to be a Queen, such as yourself. You exist to keep the world under order and that right there is what I believe the Vixens need as well. I can dance in your winds because they understand what it is to be the light breeze but if they need to be the wrecking ball of creation. So many women will scoff at me, bring up something about how I didn't push forward. Well I only give what is needed when I feel the situation is right. Grand Rampage is such a situation where I feel the need is right. I will blow like the wins of destruction and aim to be the wrecking ball that will move those undeserving from my path. I will be the rain for them and wash away their worries because once eliminated they can take solace in the fact that I overcame them and took the world upon my shoulders. All the negative and bitchy bimbos that try to say that I am nothing will be understanding to the truth. A woman was crafted under the force of this world's nature and she has the means to embody that.”

I stop dancing as I look up the rain down pouring more than ever. A smile comes over my lips as it does making me feel right inside. I let it pour over me it feels right. The down pour comes forward like a cleansing of the spirit, a fresh start.

See I can embody that power that force that you so bring upon us all. Mother Nature no one can touch you but I can take what has been taught to us upon this earth and use it. We are the harbingers of our own future and destruction. In the wake of disaster people look to those that can stand through it. For me I will be the harbinger of their destruction and be the bringing of I as well. To become the one standing before others you have to be the one willing to knock down what lays ahead. I love the force in which the rain falls, I love the strength in the howling wind, and I embrace whatever changes around me. Even in the eyes of those that doubt I show who I truly am, I become the light for myself even if they don't understand. I've grown to know that grasping the concept of the world doesn't do well for some of the Vixens. They can prattle on about whom they are in a one line gimmick. They can prattle on about nonsense such as having beaten me. I usually aim to that level when they set me off. But I do that now regardless but I know women in this match have beaten me and there is women I haven't faced. There is women in this match that have screwed my cousin. The chains of connection are there but they will try to compare me to Ariana. What purpose will that serve? What real truth does that bring to a match? It brings nothing as you can tell Mother Nature I can take the force of your rain because even when the rain continues to pour fourth the sun will eventually shine once more. I will be as nature has been strong and always changing to keep everyone on their toes. No one is every one hundred percent ready for what happens and that is the ideal that this Motor City Mami lives by.”

With that I walked grabbing my wedge sandals knowing that I had found the comfort in myself. I was one step closer to delivering my truth of comfort at competing at Grand Rampage. I wasn't going to be some pushover for them. Angela Salveti is my name, Michigan born and the one thing I've learned is you must be ready for whatever weather comes. I will storm this weather and bring my own. Grabbing my jean jacket as I neared the rest stop entrance I looked back at the rain smiling in comfort knowing that I can do whatever my mind was set upon. Days remained and I still had time to prepare myself.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 7:38 pm by Butcher
(Butcher's sitting at the bar in The Steam Boat Casino Tropicana in Evansville, Indiana.  A few EAW fans come up to the bar next to him.  One is standing at his back recording this on her phone.  He's wearing a leather jacket and a Gracie Izumi T-shirt.)

EAWFan1:  Excuse me...

EAWFan2:  Butcher?

EAWFan3:  Hey, it's my birthday...

Butcher:  Fuck your Birthday.

(EAWFan3 leaves the scene.)

EAWFan4: That was mean.

Butcher:  I wonder if she'll always remember me saying, "Fuck your Birthday", On her birthday.

EAWFan4:  hey, I thought you were a Ginger.

Butcher:  Nah, that never happened.

EAWFan1: Butcher, let me get some tickets to Grand Rampage.

EAWFan2:  Me too.

Butcher:  I have some you can buy.

EAWFan4:  Ah shit really?

Butcher:  Yea man.

Eawfan4:  How much?

Butcher:  50 and some for 100... you can buy them for your girl for her birthday.

EAWFan4:  You have 5?

(Butcher orders a drink, then turns to the man to sell him the tickets.)

EAWFan1:  Butcher sucks dick yo!

Butcher:  No.

(Butcher turns back to the bar as the tender slides a cocktail in front of him.) 

EAWFan1:  I remember you from Legion... 

EAWFan2:  You sucked then too.

Butcher: Ah...... you're starting to piss me off...

EAWFan2:  ...  

EAWFan1:  Did you see Tony Rolland on EAW the other night?  

Butcher:  Yea, He's got him a weird looking fucker as his manager...

EAWFan2:  Manager?  No, That's PizzaBoy.  He's...

Butcher:  I don't know who that is...

EAWFan4:  Could you get us The Nas's autograph?

Butcher:  I don't know who that is either.  I could give you my autograph...

EAWFan2:  No one wants your autograph muthafucka. You suck dick. 

Butcher:  I'll fuck your eye socket, boy. 

EAWFan2:  ...

EAWFan1:  Soooooooooo, you're going to be at Grand Rampage?

Butcher:  Yes.  It's the "biggest of all time".  

EAWFan4:  Are you in a match?

Butcher:  Anything could happen.

EAWFan2:  You're going to get tore up in EAW.  Suck on a coc...

(Butcher stands up.... EAWFan2 leaves the scene quickly.)

Butcher:  Idiot...

EAWFan4:  Don't mind him, he's retarded.  Thanks for the tickets Butcher.  Big fan.

(The Fans leave the scene after raping Butcher with selfies.  Butcher watches the fans disappear into a crowd, then turns back to the bar where the bartender is now Recording him.)

Butcher:  The hell?

BarTender:  I thought I recognized you.  You want another drink?

Butcher:  Nah.  I gotta drive to South Bend tonight.  

BarTender:  How are you feeling about joining EAW?

Butcher:  There's a bunch of rude punks and bitches running around.  I swear I saw one of the guys with tits backstage. Carlos Rosso's the funniest guy in the locker room.  And that's sad.  Because he's not funny at all.   A lot of them are completely delusional.  Some of them are 'ight I guess.  Some of them I know from way back when.  Also, it looks like I'm about to wrestle in China or Korea or some shit. A lot of these EAW people think they're gonna win Grand Rampage and they honestly have no real chance.  Some of them even pick Lucian Black over themselves. That's... not entirely stupid, I suppose.       
I'll take them out one by one.  All of them.  Shock and Awe style.  I've beaten the best in the business at one point or another, some how or another, and there isn't a person on the planet that can tell me I'm not able to beat them. I'm just saying from experience.     

Bartender:  Are you even in the match at Grand Rampage?

Butcher:  Shut up, this is my promo...

Bartender:  ...

Butcher:  Some of them had no response for me.  They had no words, they had no actions, while I beat them into a bloody pulp and left them laying.  Only weeks later those same bitches would get a title shot and perk up like if they could be a Champion.  When they had just faced a Champion, in me, and had shown the world that they were weak.  Change is Constant. I'll still kick their asses and I can still be a Champion. Some did Respond to me. They fought hard. I've gained spoils of war and I paid for my own sins, but the difference is, I still did what I said I would do.  
And everything is all the better.  I'm in EAW for the same reasons everyone else is.  Be it Respect for this business, for the wrestlers, for the fight, for the draw, the experience, the hustle, to be the best. Just straight passion for the fight. ...and I'm going to have fun doing it.  

Bartender:  That's very interesting... :/  I have to get back to work.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 7:36 pm by Majestiq
(OOC: Short promo to give an idea of how I am to the writers.)

Development Promo

Many try but even more miss. The points that tried to be made fly right over the targeted audiences heads resulting in a long line of embarrassments for said-person. Hell, many people come into a company on opening day claiming they're the greatest talent this company has ever seen but everyone gives him the cold shoulder. This is expected from anyone who has been here for some time, but that is not my case right now. I am here. Just like many, I desire to achieve success in this business but unlike those others, I refuse to claim I'm the best active-competitor in the world. I have had my fair share of battle throughout my life but all is irrelevant to where I stand right now.. I stand here before you. a man with the utmost respect for this business and willingness to do whatever it takes to make something out of myself. I am by no means a "green" wrestler no matter if this is my first day. While in Japan, I have practiced some of the most physical style of wrestling imaginable so I'm very confident I can translate that over to my time here in EAW.

There is no single trait that defines me. As much as some of the newer talent likes to claim that their past establishes  greatness upon them and it defines them.. a trait will never be my only option. Allow me to further explain. A full year is 365 days.. on a leap year 366. Approximately half, IF NOT more than half, will be full of new guys coming in on a weekly basis claiming to be gods. While that is true and all, I will be using that valuable time to hone my craft and become the best that I can be.. Persistence, hard work and dedication defines just who I am. Keeping a level head and not feeding into the cycle the company rolls on but rather walk on my own journey to the light. I refuse to be another label in this company.. I will not be "that new guy." I will not be a stepping stone for others to walk over.. I will be Majestiq.. A man with class and a man that thrives in high-pressure situations. I’ve represented Japan far more than anyone at my former company. While my success rate is far less than desirable, the fact I can hold my own, something you can’t say, is enough for me to sleep well at night. I don’t cling to my past because it’s the only thing I’ve got, I do so to ensure people like these new guys, a mindless, no talent, non-excitant personality parading yourself as a professional wrestler and putting on some of the most unbearable and absolutely cringe worthy train wrecks and passing them off as actual wrestling matches and “promos”.  Each time they step into the arena, each time they step through those ropes, each time they climb the turnbuckles, they can look out into the sea of humanity that sit and watch mediocre talent like they truly are. I cannot wait to become apart of the New Breed division. I could bring a new light to shine from a place this company doesn't seem to familiar with. My biggest mistake is looking at these new guys as nothing but a child coming after a toy; I give them hope whether it was my intention or not. I see their desperation in the words they speak, each one a reason for me to take pity on them as we get closer and closer to the brink but with my arrival here in EAW I will have no problems pushing them over the edge. If it means the company's future doesn’t fall into the hands of someone like them; if EAW has to lose another talent because they couldn’t match it with my own, then so be it. But it will be MY way.
------------ ----------- -----------


the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"One Match... One Opportunity, a chance to headline Pain for Pride 9 for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, a championship that has eluted me since the beginning... for the first time in EAW history, Forty unworthy Men stepping into MY ring of chaos, 39 men will fall to that same chaos that so many has done in the years of EAW, Eight previous Grand Rampage of Chaos has come and gone... but this year's contest, there is one difference between all of them and this years... hahahahahahaha!"

[ The cameras come into focus on a bloodied Kevin Hunter as he staggering through a darkened hallway, he continued to laugh methodically, looking straight into the camera. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"And you looking at that difference... I've defeated Rhaegar and now I am coming to the Notre Dame Stadium to win the biggest fucking match of my entire fucking career... the Grand Rampage match, I will not be denied my fucking destiny to be the next EAW World Heavyweight Championship, just like I was not going to be denied the better man against Rhaegar, and at Grand Rampage, I will throw 39 unworthy EAW superstars over the ropes and move to Pain for Pride and shot to dethrone Scott Oasis and the Omerta of that World Heavyweight Championship and begin my Reign of CHAOS!.. not one of these 39 other superstars deserve to have the Kings Chair except for the one true Alpha King, the Son of Chaos; KEVIN fucking HUNTER!"

[ The blood leaked down his face, a twisted smile on his face, Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx walked up behind the Son of Chaos putting his arms over their necks, helping him stand, but he wouldn't have it, shoving them off, he looked into the camera, rolling his eyes in the back of his head a twisted smile slowly formed on his face as he laughed methodically. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"Hahahahahaha!.. I went through fucking war here tonight, on Sunday night I am not just going to go through a that same fucking war... all for an opportunity, a chance to main event Pain for Pride 9, Scott Oasis - you currently are in possession of my fucking prize... my championship destiny and Sunday night, I not only flip this entire fucking upside down when I leave Grand Rampage one step closer to my fucking destiny to be the EAW World Heavyweight Champion ONCE AND FOR ALL AS 39 PARASITES FALL AT MY FUCKING FEET... AS I LEAVE SOUTHBEND, INDIANA... THE LAST FUCKING MAN STANDING!.."

[ He continued to make his way down the hallway with a methodical smile on her face, the blood leaking into his eyes. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction
"I don't give a damn how it's done this Sunday night... at the great, history making Grand Rampage... Chaos will bring the walls of EAW crashing down as the Son of Chaos RISES UP FROM THE FUCKING ASHES AND FULFILLED HIS FUCKING DESTINY, AS I..."

[ He chuckled to himself, Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx stayed behind the Son of Chaos as he screamed into the camera, the blood continued to leak down his face. ]

the son of chaos | KEVIN HUNTER | the son of destruction

[ He laughed methodically once more as he stepped off the camera view, his laughing echoed through the halls as Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx looked into the camera as Chris Hunter smirked methodically looking over at Simon Sparx. ]

the vice prez | CHRIS HUNTER | second in command
"at Grand Rampage... you will ALL HAIL TO THE ALPHA KING!.."

[ Both Chris Hunter and Simon Sparx smirk, as they walk off the camera frame... ]


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 6:51 pm by Guest
Spare me the clichés, Lucian. I don’t care if you have nothing to lose anymore, or so you claim at least. That doesn’t make you more of a threat to me- Lucas Johnson has nothing to lose in this match, HBG has nothing to lose, Eclipse Diemos has nothing to lose, Cameron has nothing to lose, El Landerson has nothing to lose, the majority of the people in this match have nothing to lose because they will go back to the spots that they had before this match, back to the spots where they are happy with. This could be your final chance at getting to the top of the mountain, this could be your final chance to get a shot the title. You say you have nothing to lose, but what if management decides to stop holding your hand and gives Brian Daniels a rematch for the title? What if they give Cyclone a shot at the title? What if my training partner Tig Kelly is the man that they want? What if he beats that bum Oasis? What if he does what you couldn’t do in his attempt? What if they decide that you are no longer the man that they represent Dynasty anymore? What if they decide that you are not good enough to be World Champion? What if they decide that you can continuously get exposed on the weakest brand in EAW that they have had enough of you? Don’t say that you don’t have anything to lose, you have EVERYTHING to lose. You have your FINAL chance to get to the top because you can be certain that guys like Tig Kelly will take those chances, Brian Daniels and Cyclone won’t stay in the tag division for long and all of a sudden, you’re lost in the shuffle. All of a sudden, you’re once again stuck in limbo like you were before. What are you going to do then? What are you going to do but face Zack Crash again for the millionth time again and get your ass whooped by him again when you’ll no doubt promise everybody that THIS will be the time that you finally get rid of him. Maybe you’ll give up and become his bitch like you were mine and Y2Impacts bitch before. You walk into this match thinking that you have nothing to lose and i promise you that I’ll whoop your ass and take your head off, and I’ll be the one headlining Pain for Pride once again like I always do. I really do feel bad for you though, I do feel bad for you because if I was the one in your shoes, if I went FIVE YEARS without a single title, If I had failed to win any big match in my entire career and saw a motherfucker like me entering this match, I’d hate me too. I’d be a little bitter too! And what on earth is this shite that you are going on about that I had it easy? Are you really going down the JJ Silva route here? You had your first World title opportunity when I was struggling to get on weekly shows, you were getting hype while I was getting pulled off FPV cards like No Regards minutes before the match for no reason. I didn’t have an easy journey in EAW, everybody in EAW thought that I was holding back Mr. Blood for fuck sure, but the difference between me and you is that when I was finally given a chance by myself in this company, I put on my big boy pants and took those chances. I won the Tag Team titles on my first chance, I won King of Extreme at my first attempt at it, I won the World Heavyweight Championship on my first attempt at it, I marched into Pain for Pride and slaughtered two of the greatest of all time and took the Hall of Fame Championship in my first attempt at it, I unified two world titles -something that has NEVER been done before or since I done it- in my first attempt. Unlike you, all I need is ONE shot to win things so please don’t hit me with the JJ Silva levels of idiotic shit because I would like to think that you are better than that. And what is this shite about you making Demons Council a success? You’re bum ass doesn’t even know what the word “success” means and yet you are actually deluded enough to think that you made that stable successful?! While you were having three on one handicap matches with Tarah and Eddie Mack and LOSING to Zack Crash, I was winning World titles, I was putting food on your table, I was paying you to be able to have some income because you were too much of a bum to make a dime in this business. Can the hell do you actually believe that you made the council a success when it was me and Xavier winning titles, when you and Eddie Mack were consistently failing us. You cannot even bring success to your own family, without me you would have been cut from the Dynasty roster, you wouldn’t even be living in America right now, you would be back in Samoa climbing up trees to get crap to feed your family like the bum that you are. I put you in the position that you are in, I’m a gazelle compared to you. What are you really going to do to me? All you have is a superman punch and a spear, that’s your only two moves and if you even try and hit me with that superman punch, and you leave that huge ass chin of yours wide open, I’ll break you and knock you stiff. I’m going to end you, I’m going to break you down mentally, I’m going to embarrass you and eliminate you, mark my words.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on April 27th 2016, 5:21 pm by Max Stryker

Twisted Transistor blares out of the speakers and Max Stryker emerges on the stage and makes his way slowly down to the ring. The crowd are unsure of what to make of him. He slowly walks around the back of the ring, snatches a mic and rolls into the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all the ages. FOr those who do not know, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max Stryker and I am arguably the greatest wrestler in the world."

Griffin pauses and looks up towards the titantron.

"So some of you may be wondering, Why now? Why here? Yes, I have applied my trade in other places before, but I am not here to bore you with stories about my past acomplishments. Stories from the past belong in the past. Now it is the future, and my future is here in EAW.

"So with that in mind, I want to clear up some ground rules. I am here for one thing and one thing only, to show that I am truly the greatest wrestler in the world, get paid doing so and go home. I do not care about the glittery titles, I do not care about the backstage politics, I do not care about who I need to respect and not respect. Being honest with all of you here tonight, I do not care about pandering to your needs. I do not need your approval to be the best in the world, you are merely a distraction and one I do not need."

Now the fans start to boo.

"You can boo me all you want, as I said, I do not care about earning your affections, I do not care about gaining your approval, I do not care about pandering to your wants and needs.

I turn up

I kick ass

I get paid

I leave

Simple as that. I know currently everyone is distracted by Grand Rampage, and that is fine with me. But once that is over with, expect to see a lot more of me. I will be gracing your screens on Dynasty very, very soon.

"Enjoy Grand Rampage ladies and gentlemen, things are going to be very different once its over."
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