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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2016, 8:36 pm by Nobi
So, you aren’t going to bring yourself seriously are you Angelo?


That’s cute, considering that YOU got wrecked in SECONDS like a bitch you really are last week. Don’t spread me with lies that you giving V a chance to redeem himself, because truthfully, he looked so strong when he kicked your arse last week. It was pretty much a one-sided match. It was pretty much a massacre. This is what I mean by saying you are arrogant, Angelo. You don’t have any courages to admit how pathetic you really are last week. You can’t even get back-up to your feet when the camera was still on. You looked so broken, battered, and shattered, and now, let’s see how arrogant you are when I kicked your arse this week. If you think you can beat me in seconds, then you’ll be in state of shock. You aren’t serious enough to prepare this match and you’re going to regret that. You aren’t even bothered to see the fact that I never got destroyed in seconds like you did last week. I never let anyone to destroy me Angelo. I’m not a bitch like you are. I always force anyone to step up their game to beat me. Despite some people success to beat me, they can’t even make a smile to their face. Do you know why? Because they know how dangerous I really am. They know they can’t beat me once I meet them in the ring again. They know I can beat them in future dates. You aren’t going to be different Angelo. If there’s any differences between you and them is that I’ll be come out as the winner while you are lying in the ring like a bitch again as a loser. You are already ignorant enough Angelo, and I’ll be gladly to open your eyes by inflicting some pains in your body. Believe me, I know what I’m capable off and I know what I can do. That I can beat you right in the middle of the ring. I might even demolished you in seconds like V did last week to you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You said that the fans will eventually turn on me? Wow, I’m detecting some jealously here. Are you jealous to see the fact that the fans hate you Angelo? Are you jealous to see the fact that I have countless fans behind my back? The reason why I have fans in my back is because I keep showing hard work and dedication every day in and day out. No matter how many times I fail, I always keep acting like a man I really am. I don’t make any lames excuse like you do. No matter what kind off dirty tactic cheaps my opponents use onto me, I just keep my mouth shut. Because I know once I meet them again, I can beat them. Oh and of course, I have a natural charisma as well. EAW marketing team asked me to be The Host of The Mic Check. The show that was previously hosted by The Hall of Famer Mister K. They even needed 5 years to pick a new host after Mister K leaves. I must be something right? It was good to host it once, but I’m not interested to do it again. I’m not interested for some extra money and fame. What I’m really interested in is wrestling. My heart and my soul belong to this business. They are belong to the ring. Is The Mic Check still going on when I decide to not host it twice? Nah it isn’t. Do EAW marketing ever ask you to host it or any other shows? Nope, they don’t. They don’t see you as a charismatic individual. So yeah, I’m more charismatic than you’ll ever be, just like I’ll always be the better wrestler than you really are. But more importantly? I always act like a man. I'm a class act.

You on another hand, you don’t acted like a man. You act like a bitch. Because that’s all you really are, a bitch. Why don’t you just admit that V got the upper hand on you instead making a lame excuse? How can the fans take you seriously if you can’t even handle 1 defeat Angelo? No wonder why your family ditched you and leaving you behind. If your own family can’t love you, how can other people love you? So just be glad, Mr. Brando, I’m giving you all my focus onto you in this upcoming Dynasty vs Showdown Super Show. You might not like it though, because it means I’m ready to give you another defeat. Your journey to be the Interwire Champion, won’t be so pretty. Are you ready for that? Nah, I don’t think so. Just be glad I’m not on Dynasty Angelo, because I’m only going to beat you once....at least for now.

Speaking of brands, are you seriously deluded enough to say every awards and accolades that Showdown has obtained is just for promoting the band? We gain countless loyal fans from every single part of the world. We even needs to come to Friday night to help out Dynasty to boast the ratings. That’s another proof why Showdown is the superior brand Angelo. Don’t get me wrong, Dynasty is great and all that, but in every aspects, Showdown is the better show. We make the Saturday Night very memorable to the fans. Now, we are going to make The Friday Night September the 9th 2016 very memorable as well once we show to the fans that Showdown talents beating Dynasty talents in Dynasty’s turf. That being said, I’m going to beat you as well Angelo.

You think I’m just a sacrifical lamb for Showdown? Nah, Damien Murdow wants to prove why Showdown is indeed the better show than Dynasty will ever be. He sends every single of Showdown’s best talents to destroy Dynasty’s dummies. He trusts me to beat you Angelo. Otherwise, he’ll send another talent. That being said, I’m very good enough to represent Showdown why we are the better brand than Dynasty.

You need to take a look at yourself Angelo, Sebastian Monroe doesn’t trust you to represent Team Dynasty in Territorial Invansion because he knows Jacob Senn, Devan Dubian, TLA, and Alex Wilder are the better talent than you will ever be. HRDO even puts a trust on a madman instead of you. But hey, at least you are on this Dynasty vs Showdown supercard. But it’s not because Monroe trusts you. It’s because he wants to test you if you are really a worthy contender for TLA’s Interwire Championship or not. You have a chance to proof him that you are really worthy, but in the end, I’m still going to beat you, Mr. Brando.


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2016, 5:04 pm by Consuela Rose Ava

My chances of becoming Empress were ruined last Monday. I failed to live up to the expectations about being Empress of Elite. It bummed me out, but I realized that my objectives do not end right now. I’m setting my sights on the bigger goals and those are the Vixens and Specialist Championships. I want to bring this Division’s focus back to the normal goal—those two titles. It’s a giant task in my hands and it can be deemed stressful, but I’m more than prepared for anything. I’ve got three wonderful partners by my side for Voltage. A former Specialist Champion in Tarah Nova and our Empress of Elite last year in Aria Jaxon. I also have a woman who didn’t do as well as she should have at Empress of Elite in Autumn Raven. No our competition from the other side is a difficult task. We have Mr. DEDEDE’s niece Veena Adams, the Vixens Cup Holder Sheridan Muller, the Sanatorium’s Stephanie Matsuda and the current Vixens World Champion the Heart Break Gal. It’s safe to say that we got our work cut out for us, but we’re not giving up without a fight.

Veena Adams happened to be one of the women I did not expect to do so well in the tournament. When she arrived in EAW, I thought she was going to be this powerful force to be reckon with in the Vixens Division. With the last name Adams, you expected greatness. For a second, I thought that the expectations of becoming as great as Mr. DEDEDE became too much for her. I thought it overwhelmed her and led her to crumble underneath her feet. For a while, it seemed like that was what happened to her. She began to lose to the likes of Azumi Goto and align herself with a monster named Silence. Still, it was not enough for her to gain back her footing. Nothing she did worked. She opened her mouth and she pisses of everyone that she encounters yet; she was not able to back herself in the ring. Now, I don’t know if it was because she dropped Silence or what, but it wasn’t until this tournament that she began to give a shit about how she presented herself to EAW. I thought it was going to be impossible for her to repair her broken image. An image in which I thought would never get repaired, despite everything that she did. Even through all of the repairing of her image, I still see the woman who lost match after match after match to Vixens that are somewhat beneath her. Now, am I supposed to believe that Veena Adams is a legit threat? Don’t get me wrong this second wind that Veena had in the tournament was something that I did not expect. It could have been deemed one of the greatest comebacks in Empress of Elite history next to Erica Ford’s. For a second, everyone in the Vixens Division thought that Veena was going to the semi-finals. I got to give Veena credit. She almost scared the shit of the Vixens Division with that. God bless Aria Jaxon for preventing that from happening because I don’t think I could ever stop myself from laughing if that ever happened. Veena may have shined in this tournament. She may have made a great comeback that everyone will be talking about when this tournament is over. She may have gloated herself during the Block stages, yet, she couldn’t get the job done. Now, she could counter this on me and say that I didn’t get the job done, but Veena had the semi-finals in the palm of her hand and she let it slip away. She couldn’t get the job done with Aria. Just because Veena couldn’t submit Aria, Cailin Dillon is in the semi-finals and I know that has to be eating away Veena rapidly. There’s a part of me that should feel bad for Veena, but then I remind myself of what a pitiful person she is and I smile brighter than the sun. Veena deserved to lose. She deserved to fail and I am so glad that she did.

I’m surprised that I find Sheridan in the other end of this match, but I’m quite happy that I am. This happened to be the competition that I desired. Now, I’ve been a fan of Sheridan for a while. I believed her to be one of the talents that never got what she deserved. She was a woman who put on five-star matches each week. Her matches with Cailin Dillon always stole the show. Her match with Cameron was a match that made me hooked and wanting to be part of EAW. Now, there’s not knowing how she’ll be with me since she’s good friends with Cameron, but I want all friendship aside with this match. Sheridan may be the woman who has put on amazing match after amazing match, yet she hasn’t gained much from them. She may be the Vixens Cup Holder, but it’s easily forgettable. I mean, if she decided to stop bringing her Vixens Cup to the ring, I don’t think much of EAW would notice. I personally wouldn’t care. It’s not like she’s planning to cash it in anytime soon. She’s had the Cup for about six months now and nothing. She’s not in the championship picture. Her last important match happened to be with Kendra Shamez at Pain for Pride. She’s not even being considered as a number one contender. She’s just…there. There are big question marks about what could be her next move. She is unpredictable, but I know when she responds to me, she’ll say two words: German Efficiency. The way of life. The way Sheridan lives her life. Overall, I still have no freaking clue what German Efficiency is and I don’t think Sheridan does either, but it sounds cool to say, right? I consider German Efficiency somewhat of a trend for her. It’s something that most Vixens are wishing that it goes away. I do believe when Sheridan strips down that German Efficiency, she is a smart woman. Someone like Albert Einstein. She’s a visionary. She is someone who wants to make an impact in the Vixens Division like Albert Einstein did with the world. I always respect people that want to make some sort of impact in the Vixens Division. It’s kind of what I want to do. I hope to make an impact some sort of way, but what Sheridan should realize that she has the power to impact the Division in the grasp of her hand—the Vixens Cup. The holy grail. The one thing that can turn the Vixens Division upside down if she wanted too. Every Showdown, Dynasty, Voltage and FPV, I’m waiting for the moment in which Sheridan Muller cashes in her Vixens Cup and becomes a Specialist or Vixens World Champion. The question is: when does she plan to do that? There’s a difference between leaving the fans on the edge of their seats and leaving the anticipation drag on. She better does it soon or eventually, people will stop caring for it and worse of all, they’ll stop caring about Sheridan.

With Stephanie Matsuda, she is always evolving. She not only went from Cloud to Stephanie, but she went from the likeable woman to one of the most fear women in the Vixens Division. It was safe to say that the Sanatorium brought something out of Stephanie that no one knew she had within her: a darker side. At Pain for Pride, Stephanie did what no one expected her to do and that was betray her team and especially her ex-girlfriend in Cailin Dillon. I wish I could have been one of the people to smell the betrayal a mile away, but I wasn’t. I should have seen that Stephanie was unhappy with her Formation sisters. The thought of Cailin and Aria being wooed by Tarah Nova was enough to make her snap. I don’t blame her. I would have been in rage if I saw my best friends not enjoy being around me. I would have snapped at the fact that my friends preferred another woman. Today, it’s a mystery of what made Stephanie Matsuda the woman she was today. Perhaps, this likeable “Cloud” woman wasn’t the real Stephanie. It could have all been an act from her. She could have been the manipulative woman who had done her best to compel the crowd to cheer her when her entrance music played. If that was true, well played Stephanie. Just like with all of my opponents, there is no clue what to expect from them. As mysterious as Stephanie tries to pass herself as, I don’t know what to expect from her, but I don’t mind that at all. I like the wait. I’m quite a patient woman, but when if find out that you’re ignoring me, then I find my ways of getting you to notice me.

I just have the worst of luck when it comes to being in the same ring as the Heart Break Gal. In less than two weeks, I’ve been pinned twice by the Vixens World Champion. Now, I could cut the same excuse of “I’m a rookie. I’m still getting experience”, but I’ve been a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the Empress of Elite: Special #3, the Heart Break Gal not only Tramp Stamped Sophia Rose, but she Tramp Stamped me like I was nothing at all. In the eyes of the Heart Break Gal, I am nothing to her. I haven’t done anything impressive in her eyes. To her, I could be just another Vixen. She assumes that I’ll end up like the other new Vixens that show up in EAW each and every week—forgotten and full of discouragement. I don’t think that I have been forgotten by the people. I’m beginning to believe that the Heart Break Gal is beginning to notice my name on the match cards. She should be beginning to process the fact that I’m not going anywhere. Just because she demands that I step aside or I should leave, that doesn’t mean I’m going to respond in the nicest way possible. I’m not going to be someone that you can walk on. I don’t know if I have given the impression for her to believe that I’m too nice or she can walk all over me when she wants, then she is sadly mistaken. I get it. I’ve been nice. I’ve tried to play it cool with all of the Vixens, but when everyone begins to tell me the same crap I hear week in and week out, don’t blame me if you think that I’m going to be a little irritated. I know that the Heart Break Gal has set the bar very high for Vixens starting out like myself. I’m not saying that she doesn’t work as hard as the rest of us. The woman is the machine and she knows that. Did you see the way she handled Sophia Rose and I last week! Amazing! Well, not to be on the receiving end of it, but when you see a woman display as much dominance as the Heart Break Gal, you want that feeling. You want to know how it feels to be a dominating force. You want to know how it feels to be on top of the Division. The Vixens World Champion. The championship that all the Vixens are targeting. I can’t help myself by envisioning how good that championship would look on my waist. Who knows? In about a year or so, you could be looking at the next Vixens Champion. You could be looking the woman who plans to take the Division to new heights. Before she could accomplish that, she needs to dethrone the champion. It may not be time for that, but it would feel so good to get the victory for my team and by pinning the current Vixens Champion? That would make things even greater.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2016, 5:00 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
“Sudden Death.”—Voltage

I knew this tournament would come down between the two of us.

I’m not psychic, but when you have two of the strongest Vixens in Block D, you aren’t going to advance to the semi-finals without a fight. Sophia Rose, you are not going to advance to the semi-finals unless my body cannot fight back anymore. You should know—there’s so much fight within me. You’re stepping in the ring against a woman who has refused to die. You’re stepping in the ring against the woman who has been knock to the floor so many times. Yet, it’s always been the same result—I’ve gotten back up each and every time and I’ve won. What will make this time anymore different? Is it because I’m stepping in the ring against the woman who has went undefeated most of the tournament? I’m stepping in the ring against the woman who has yet put me down to shame. I’m stepping in the ring against the woman who needs to keep my body lying on the floor enough for everyone to believe that she cannot fight anymore. I hope you’re patient because I can fight for as long as I can. These types of stipulations are ones that I’ve not been a part of in the longest time, but when you get me in that sadistic environment, I thrive. I thrive to be the best one in the middle of that ring. Hell, I’m going to be the best one in the middle of that ring. I dare you to prove me wrong, Sophia. I dare for you to try to outdo me in the ring. There are not many women in the face of this Earth that can brag about surviving a Deathmatch. There are no women at all that has the privilege to say that she survived Cameron Ella Ava. As weak and pitiful my competition was, you could see how I basically annihilated the Vixens Division. Once again, Cameron Ella Ava proves that this Vixens Division has nothing on her beauty and skills. It’s almost a joke that I even need to compete against these miserable excuse of a Vixens for an opportunity to become Empress of Elite. Block D is nothing, but a joke. I was entitled enough to automatically be inserted into the finals. I’m the only reason why people give a damn about this tournament. Do you think that people like you are the reason people care about the Vixens Division? No, Sophia. I’m not trying to put you down because you have shown to be just like me and went through most of the competition with no problem at all—except when it came to Haruna. Ouch. Tough break, buddy. What kind of evil bitch would have ruined your chances of advancing to the semi-finals? Who? Who? Who? Who? Me! That’s who. Sudden death is what they are calling our little tiebreaker. Not for me! Let’s call it the death of Sophia Rose. No, I don’t plan to kill you. Even though, it will provide EAW with the ratings it truly desires, but it’s not killing you that I desire. Ending you is what I desire. I call it  the end of Sophia Rose.

The last time we fought, I can tell that I pushed you to your limit. If I recall, I almost had you defeated. If I had an extra three seconds, I would have gotten my two points and guess what? I would have gone undefeated in this tournament. What else? I could have advance to the semi-finals. Do you know what I’m not in that position? Because you ruined it, Sophia! You had to drag this match on for longer than it should have went on. You may have perfected the strategy of keeping matches dragging on for as long as it should, but I have perfected the strategy of preventing myself from losing to rookies like you. Which Vixen is currently undefeated in Block D? You’re looking at her! I looked at your face when you realized that Haruna defeated you. I laughed. I laughed as you looked at me with all of the anger on your face. You looked redder than a tomato! Do you remember that look on your face Sophia? Good, because you’re going to have the exact same look on your face when I advance to the semi-finals. What will the Vixens Division think of you, Sophia? Sophia Rose is the reason why Cameron Ella Ava advance to the semi-finals. Sophia Rose is the reason why the Vixen Division hating bitch is advancing over the likeable competition who were not fortunate enough to be blessed with my talents and abilities. You shouldn’t hate me because I’m better than anyone in this fucking Division. I’m better than Azumi, I’m better than Cailin Dillon, I’m better than Kendra Shamez. I’m definitely better than Madison Kaline and I’m better than you, Sophia! I had to admit it, Sophia. You almost gave me a scare when you were on top of the bracket. Couldn’t you believe that I almost made you advance over me? When I saw that you were on top of the bracket, I went strategizing. I kept thinking of numerous ways of knocking you out of that top spot. Originally, I had thought about distracting you enough for Haruna to capitalize, but since Haruna can’t do anything right, I had no other choice, but to get into the competition and do the dirty work myself. Just like all of my plans, it worked! Aren’t I great, Sophia? I managed to think of all that myself? Cameron not only has beauty and talent, but she has a big brain to show off! Just like I said in the beginning, it such a shame that it has to end this way with you. If you lose, what will happen with Sophia Rose? I think that must be the question the EAW Universe will have after Voltage. Don’t worry, I’ll be making my way to my match with Madison Kaline in which I will completely annihilate her because have you looked at her? She sucks in comparison to you. I don’t need to flatter you, but I’m glad that you’re my last opponent in Block D. Scratch that, I’m glad that I am your last opponent ever in EAW.

It was nice knowing you, Sophia!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2016, 1:39 pm by -
Dynasty Promo II

Are you intentionally repeating everything you said before? Do you honestly believe all of these absurd ideas that are filling your head, DeDeDe? But they’re the truth right? It’s not how you see it.. It’s just what is in plain sight, correct? I could be standing here with gold around my waist.. Your groupies in my locker room and you still would be too blind to admit that I’m no ordinary elitist. You’re absolutely right when you say I have not changed. You see that as a weakness.. That who I am holds me back from doing anything beneficial to my career. You were wrong about one thing though, DeDeDe. I’m no coward. A coward is someone who can speak out against another and do anything and everything in his power to get out of the mess he made.. I fight head on. For every punch you throw, one will be returned. Kick by kick, strike by strike, I’ll be there giving every ounce I have to do what needs to be done. If anyone in this match is naive.. It most certainly has to be you. This facade your created that you’re a gawd by your accomplishments.. That you are greater than the best this company has to offer.. That each and all of these new guys are nothing based off of arrogance that we dish out is naive. It may be me.. It may not, but one day a new comer is going to come in and put you flat on your ass.. Not as a “God”, but as Mr. DeDeDe. That’s who you are.. When the night sky takes it’s place.. You’re not a God. You’re not Methuselah and no matter what you say.. You will never be able to understand who JJ Silva is.

On that note, allow me to give you the rundown of your little facade speaking in general. It's all a matter of disguise wholly dependent on which wrestlers can set themselves apart from others by maintaining that disguise for as long as possible. Is it trickery? Is it a caper? Your opponent won't know if you constantly exceed your competition and outlast them for the victory. A great magician saves his best trick for last, and because he never reveals it beforehand, the show keeps going on. Everything comes to a crossroads and faces off with its end eventually, but you are defined by your ability, or inability, to protect your secrets and not reveal your greatest trick in the vein of a true magician. How do you think I was capable of making the small remaining Hall Of Famers look so foolish for the months heading into my title reign? Plotting, scheming, and actualizing -- in chronological order. I didn't reveal my greatest trick until I decided it was time for the theater to end as a gunshow began. Earlier you asked why would anyone believe in Omerta.. Omerta is so tight-lipped that not even the most potent truth serum could convince us to expose our secrets, and in case you hadn't noticed, that's why there aren't any parallels or similarities between Omerta and any front in this company now. Your opinion is largely listened too and takes swift thinking with by its opposition while our band of brothers is considered such a serious threat that Damien Murrow swallowed the remnants of his pride and made a rash move and will be handled accordingly. It isn't the first time I've been accused of "being arrogant" and it won't be the last, but you can knock me off my pedestal simply by defeating me. Feeling apprehensive yet, Mr. DeDeDe? You may announce your motives to the world, you may candidly express the foundations on which your ambitions were created, but that openness and honesty is exactly what spells your demise. The folly of Mr. DeDeDe is the STRENGTH of JJ Silva, the backbone of JJ Silva, and while I’m shrouded in an aura of mystery right now, Mr. DeDeDe doesn’t have any mystique. I don’t have any interest in the self proclaimed “God”, I don’t feel  threatened by Mr. DeDeDe, and what reason would I have to worry when you haven’t given me anything to be concerned of? You arrived late to the party, and in an unnecessary display of haste, you sped up the arduous process required to build a front capable of shaking this industry to its core solely for the purpose of feeling like you're involved in something because you sure as hell weren’t before Xavier. You just want to feel like your efforts count, right? They don't, because instead of walking the full mile, taking the full measure, taking long strides, crossing the finish line... You took half-steps, half-measures, and it reduced something that could have been brilliant into a cluttered mess that can't be described as anything but half-assed. The past year for you isn’t this great and glorious picture you painted it out to be.. You’ve simply seen something and took it on as your own.. Placing yourself in a situation where there could be no downfall.. You pick and choose because you know who you can beat and who you can’t.. You chose Xavier for the sole purpose he was in no place to compete after his grueling combats months before hand.. You took the road less traveled by.. The reason no one took that road is because we actually like the work put in.. I’d never go off of what I’ve done in the past and use it as my excuse to take short cuts in the future. That’s pathetic. Heed my words or don’t. It makes no difference to me, god. Go wallow in your own blindness until it kills you for all I care. Just know you can choose to go into this match with whatever mindset you choose and I’ll be there to kick your ass. I’ve already had two Hall Of Famer’s fall to their knees before me, so don’t think I’ll have a problem against one who just pretends to be a god. Go ahead and finish biting the last bit of what remains on the thread, idiot. Swallow the bitter last remains of that glorious fruits. And when you do… I’ll be there. Just look up, god, because when you’re at your weakest… and father time shows up just as it always does.. I’ll be there right above you ready to mount you onto my wall.

Arrogance to you, is confidence to me. In that you’re very correct, Mr. DeDeDe. I pity you though.. I have pity for you because in your long career you have yet to learn even the most basic lesson to be learned. I hope to some divine power you learn that fear is not within the past.. A man simply cannot be feared based on his history.. It’s all a cycle, Mr. DeDeDe. Power generates fear, while power itself is in the mind, will and heart. That kind of power is not only in the mind, but the body itself. It’s very true that physical power doesn’t guarantee success, but the confidence, dedication, passion and in ring intelligence play a nice role in the ring. That much you covered. I hope that one day you don’t see things black and white, but instead realize there is a grey section in between. Power itself is having what it takes to end a career, but choose not to do so. Intelligence is of use, but only in the situations of leading into the match and circumstantial when actually in the ring. Strategizing and improvisation is something very key that I myself possess. The ability to adapt to the ever changing styles that are being introduced into our company each and every single day. The power within is formed with the fire that is internal. Until you reach the lowest point of your life... until you let go of everything that you thought was real... you will not find that power. But when you do, oh Mr. DeDeDe... believe me, you will love it. The power that you find is forged from the release of all expectations, all the aspirations that you once had... into a nice ball of energy within you. That energy, my friend, is unlimited. Unfortunately, you were only one-track minded so you were never there to open your eyes. That’s how I’m a realist.

My dear idiotic friend, Mr. DeDeDe, the clock is ticking. Only two days remain until it is time for us to put aside everything and leave it all on the battlefield. We both want to win. The only difference is that you want to win to “teach me a lesson”; I want to win to crush all expectations everyone else had, and prove to each and everyone in the back and at home that even the weakest men alive can paint a portrait of themselves that is greater than they are .. I can see through you just like glass, which means you can shatter just as easy. You’ve had this masquerade going long enough.. You’ve proven that if you can say something enough, and make it convincing in itself, anyone will believe it. The story has been picture perfect.. But no story like this ever has a good ending.

My friend, I leave you with one guarantee.

It will not be you who grasps onto what he wants when I watch. It will be me seeing you in pain... seeing you cry as I step on every little lie you’ve told. And I don't do this for personal justice, I do this because I like it. So let’s end this with something that will be all too familiar to you.

Test Me Not.

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Voltage 01

'' You know what, I'm a little confused right now. So get this, you have the most efficient wrestler in the world under contract at your wrestling promotion. You can put her in a sole title match, so she can continue to carry the women division on her back, or you can put her in an ambassador role, so she can represent the women of this division to the highest regard. When you employ such an efficient, beautiful, sociable and borderline perfect being, there are many ways that you can utilise her. I could sit here and run down a list, I could give pointers and suggestions, but we all know, each and every individual watching this knows, nobody is going to listen to me until I cash in my Vixens Cup, doing so with the most efficiency as possible, and become a champion. That's fine, I can respect that. However, I can maybe throw out a couple of things you should not do, with a talent, a money-maker, a revolutionist such as myself, the tigress, the inaugural Vixens Cup winner, Sheridan Müller. A thing you may not wish to do with the most efficient woman in the world, is book her in a match on a show that is the complete opposite of efficient. A show that is inefficient, disorganised, non-productive. A show that cannot even upload the full contents of its show to the Efficiency Answers Wrestling network until at least forty eight hours after said show has finished. Putting a woman on the verge of obsession with efficiency, a woman so close to success and so close to leading the Vixens division into the new era, on a show that probably overspends, and definitely under performs, is not a good idea. I can look past that I suppose, not every show I will perform on will meet up to my expectations, not every show is well planned and has logical matches. Point number two, it's probably not the best idea to stick the most efficient woman in the world, in a team with three other people. You have a methodical, systematic wrestler like myself, one who embodies wrestling, and then you have seven other women who typify why we are referred to as 'Vixens'. Usually in promotional videos, you're supposed to talk about your opponents. You are meant to target their weaknesses, discuss them, have a little back and forth, and then conclude your battle in the ring. But no. Not today ladies and gentlemen, I'm not going to debate with the likes of Autumn Raven and Aria Jaxon, neither am I going to talk about Tarah Nova, or Consuela Rose Ava. I'm going to talk about my teammates! My supposed friends, my comrades. When you read off the names I did, nothing really stands out does it. Autumn is a below average wrestler, Consuela is a fairly green, new wrestler. Tarah's the veteran of their match, and Aria is, I suppose, what I am to her team, the best one there. It's no secret that I could mentally and emotionally strip these women of their defences and their supposed truths, exploiting and bringing to light their lies and deceptions. Yet, when you look at my team, everything I am trying to change in this division fits onto the face of them fairly nicely. The Vixens division should be about wrestling, not Sports Entertainment. I've said this multiple times, but to Aria Jaxon and I, entertainment is a cruel word, and one that doesn't really highlight our role in the world. Sports Entertainment overshadows wrestling in Efficiency Answers Wrestling, however, I am the one woman revolution, I am the change, the beacon of hope, the lighthouse on a dark, stormy night. When I am ready, the Personification of German Efficiency will become a champion, and lead this tried and tested division into the German Efficiency era. But we're building up to that. It would have helped if I was booked on a different show, it would have been nice if I could have had Autumn Raven or Consuela Rose in a singles match, so I could dip my toe into the very essence of their ability, and really see if they will evolve or die in the efficiency era. But no, the blueprints will not change, the plans will not fall, and no matter if the odds are against me, if my team are against me or if backstage politics decides something that isn't the truth. I will continue to justify German Efficiency, and I will once again prove that on Voltage, I am the most efficient wrestler in the world. Personally, I think it's a joke that I am forced to team with people who aren't efficient, aren't good role models, and ultimately are not as good of wrestlers as I am, but I will show up on Voltage, I will be victorious, and I will be efficient in doing so. ''

'' I'm not really a sentimental person, but back home in the most pure, the most efficient country in the world, we don't have Sports Entertainment. We have wrestling, actual wrestling. We don't have Total Vixens, we don't have The Trial, there's no make up lines being released for the wrestlers in Germany, and I understand that. I understand cultural changes, I understand that the whole world is living in America, due to cultural and political imperialism. But let's make something clear, let me make something abundant, and maybe open the eyes of the ignorant, racial, Sports Entertainment sympathisers at home. Just because your country has gone global, just because you have American restaurants in Asia and Africa, it means not that you are a superior country. You cannot plant your dominance on the most efficient country in the world, we oppose everything you stand for, and maybe that is why people are offended and disgusted at my aims and goals for this division, I am only trying to improve the lives of each and every Vixen, making them more efficient at their job, making them useful is not a crime. They must dislike me because I am German, yet the biggest thing America ever achieved, was the moon landing. They were the country that first made it to the moon, beating Russia. Yes, it was a risky technological feat, and sent a loud message that the nation was superior, but German engineering was the true hero of that story, Russia would have got there first, if it were not for German engineering. We are threatened by America, and their superiority, this is why most European music groups sing in English. The truth of the matter is, people like Tarah Nova think they're so perfect, they think their lifestyle is pristine, and that everybody yearns to be like them. It's an illusion, it's ethnocentric. To put it simply, Houston, we have a problem. The problem itself being that I will not give in to the American way of life. It is disgusting. Social media is a joke. Speaking of social media, when I came from Germany to sign a contract with Efficiency Answers Wrestling, I noticed something. A lot of the wrestlers here aren't even wrestlers, you know. Rey Shamez, for example. Madison Kaline. They aren't here to wrestle, they're here for attention. They're here for money, and numbers of followers on social media. Maybe it's daddy issues, I'm not going to contemplate it. But this point brings me to Veena Adams. But Veena beat me at Empress Of Elite, right, she must be more efficient than I, it must be true that Veena Adams is the true Personification of German Efficiency. But no, you could see it in the poor things eyes, she doesn't like wrestling. She's like an abused dog, sad and lonely. She's here only because her, is it her uncle? Her cousin? I don't know, but that is why she's here. The point I'm trying to make is, when I give the world of wrestling a reality check, when I shake the Vixens division to its core, and strip it back to its foundations and build it up as the true empire it should be, will Veena Adams survive. What's the point of being hired as a wrestler, being called a wrestler, if you despise and dislike wrestling. Veena Adams hides behind cockiness on Social Media, she hides behind her selfies and her followers, and the truth of the matter is, she doesn't want to be a wrestler, she wants attention. It is because all the attention was on another member of the Adams family, and she came trying to justify that she wasn't just a waste of oxygen, I won't speculate. But my task at the Empress Of Elite tournament was to prove that some people are over-hyped, some are under-rated, and most importantly that some are not efficient, and whilst Veena Adams defeated me, whilst she got one over me, she is not an efficient wrestler, she's an efficient whore, and I doubt her career as a wrestler will last very long. I must admit, however, she's somewhat entertaining, maybe she's suited for a career in entertainment, but I can declare, and put to bed the fact that, Veena Adams is not a wrestler. ''

'' Another thing I dislike about this division? Is the authority and importance stamped on disqualification or count out victories. They mean very little, as a matter of fact they mean nothing at all in my eyes. I don't understand it, I've been told countless times that, oh, Sheridan, wrestling is a story! Or that a victory is still a victory, or a loss is a loss. Whatever, it's not important. It's pretty useless. I don't see how some Vixens can stride out with a smirk on their face and interfere in another woman's good work. Somewhat like Kendra Shamez did, she jumped the barricade, and really messed up all my hard, dedicated work. I had put sweat from my pores into the blueprints and hope I had for this division, and she came and ruined it with a snap of her fingers. But this is not about me, this is about Stephanie Matsuda, or Cloud, or whatever name she likes to go by these days. This is about the fact that, she claims she is a wrestler, and looking out for herself, but she cheated multiple times, oh by the way I'm stunned that Efficiency Answers Wrestling hasn't hired a decent referee. Anyhow, she cheated multiple times, yet coming off the Empress Of Elite tournament, she is still classed as a failure. It's amusing to me, she claims she can walk with her head high, after burning Formation to the ground due to jealousy that Tarah took her place in betwixt Cailin's thighs. If you're going to cheat, if you're going to bend the rules and be a horrible person, at least have the efficiency to do it correctly. With the rules on her side, with pure wrestling seemingly out your thoughts, you still failed. You violated the good heart of wrestling, you discriminated against everything I have tried to rid of in this division, and you came out of it as a fucking loser. Give me a break. Why do the higher powers intend to team me with such losers? You have no class, you may be an average wrestler, and you may believe you have some efficiency, some edge to you, but to me you're just a cheat, a low life, cancer-fuelled cheater. That is something that will not have a place when German Efficiency is the cornerstone of the Vixens division, and I, Sheridan Müller, am the rightful ambassador and role model that the world truly deserves. You can cheat all you like when we have champions backed by backstage politics and people who don't give a shit in charge, but when I am the Vixens World Champion, when I cash in my Vixens Cup, with the most efficiency ever seen, and become crowned the new champion, it all stops. Your game plan falls, you'll be forced to play in a division where the rules are set by me. I'll say this now, even consider thinking about cheating in the match on Voltage, and I will take you out, I will Sherplex you onto the floor, or over the ropes, wherever I see fit. There's little reason to ruin a wrestling match with your under-handed, no good tactics. Does it amuse you when you cheat, does it bring back the good old days where you were a Specialists Champion for two or three weeks? I'm trying to pinpoint a reason why you would turn to cheating, why you wouldn't want to be an efficient person, and useful to the division. However, unfortunately, I cannot think of any reasons that would justify me taking you seriously. Everything that comes into my brain, that floats into my thought, I dis-regard, for they are all childish reasons, and it reflects on how efficient as a person you are. Do you do it because you feel like an outcast? There's nothing wrong with being different, own it. Or do you do it because Cailin doesn't love you, or you're gender queer this week, or you're suddenly straight again? Get a grip. There's no point in being a good wrestler, if your approach to my beloved sport is poisonous, and you're not really useful if you cannot become victorious in a wrestling match without violating the rules and cheating another woman, and the Efficiency Answers Wrestling audience, out of a good match. '' 

'' Maybe I could get past both of the above, they're just here to make money, and I can appreciate that, although the ways they go about making money, they probably shouldn't be professional athletes. But I cannot appreciate a champion who cares not for her division, I cannot have time for a woman who is only in the position that she is in because of her name value, and because of how long she's been in this company. Places like Efficiency Answers Wrestling are supposed to be open playing fields. Wins and Losses are supposed to matter. Not to the people who fed the Heart Break Gal title match after title match until she could pull off a win. It must really hurt the person who put her in this position, to see that the champion of the division couldn't even get out of her Empress Of Elite block. I know what's going to be said too, that I didn't do so either. But I stated I wasn't here to become an Empress. I was in that tournament to simply test and experiment, to drag out results from people, to elevate every person I stepped foot in the ring with, and to give out match of the night after match of the night. It must really sting whoever made the Heart Break Gal a champion, that the chosen one couldn't even escape her block. It's amusing, how can a champion really be a champion, if they hardly defend their title, they're only in the position they're in due to other people, and that they can hardly wrestle? I'm not denying that the Heart Break Gal could probably once wrestle, but its like watching a sandbag being pulled across the ring. She is slow, she is on her final legs, and she will not stand, she will not survive, in the German Efficiency era of Efficiency Answers Wrestling. It frustrates me, it really does. How the likes of myself and a few others win, and produce, and fight, and win, yet get nothing. Yet this bitch walks in, barely wrestles and gets a title shot just because she gave the puppy eyes to somebody backstage? What the fuck. There's no class in her. If she were a true ambassador for wrestling, if she were a true role model for the world, then she would give up her title, for her reign has been a joke, and will go down in history as such. I just cannot wrap my head around it. Maybe it's because my intelligence won't stoop so low to try and work it out. It doesn't make sense to have a champion who doesn't bring prestige to the Vixens World Championship. I speak the truth, and I'm going to get lambasted, criticised and condemned. I may not be the angelic face who should be the poster girl for the Vixens, I'll let Tarah Nova continue to believe that she's such. But the Heart Break Gal definitely isn't, and I will continue to call out backstage politics, I will continue to call her title reign a joke, until I am given an explanation as to why she is the teachers pet, until somebody takes the championship off of her, or until I am forced to cash in, and take it from her dying, broken down, washed up self. It really pisses me off, I won't lie. Even German Efficiency can spot the wrong doings here. I have a feeling in the coming weeks it is only going to get worse, that people will fight and bend rules to keep the Heart Break Gal in power. I can only hope that whoever wins the Empress Of Elite tournament can defy the odds, or else we may have to launch into the German Efficiency era early. I still have people to test, I still have to make people useful. But Heart Break Gal, I know you don't care about me whining and complaining, as long as you sit pretty you'll never have to defend your title! But when I am ready, when this division reaches a point where I can call it efficient, you better pray you're not the champion, because I will shatter your dream, I will stomp on your rainbow, and your championship reign will come crashing down with one Sherplex. You're a joke, your title reign is laughable, your personality is poisonous, and people like you, people like those who support you, are a reason why this company isn't at peak efficiency. ''
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Dynasty vs. Showdown #2
I don’t think a loss would prove anyone right. In my book, you’ll always be the OG Vixen that didn’t take shit from anyone and always came out swinging. In my book, you’re hardly the third best Vixen in that group you speak of. Where you do rank isn’t for me to decide, exactly, but that’s not where I’d place you at all. You expect me to stand here and laugh and mock every word you say because that’s what you’ve grown used to throughout this tournament. I don’t have to do that to gain some sort of mental edge against my opponents. When they do it to me, as I’m sure you feel when it’s done to you, I can only smirk as I calculate every mistake they’re making toward their demise to me in that ring. You never lost your game. You say it yourself. One loss never defines you. That’s exactly what I was saying. You were written off by fans after losing to Sheridan Müller, yet here you are standing in the semi-finals of the Empress of Elite tournament with the Specialist’s Championship strapped around your waist. And now you face me, the longest reigning Specialist’s Champion who somehow did all of that while standing in the shadows. I wouldn’t say either of us stand in the shadows. I was constantly thrust into big positions with lofty expectations placed over me again and again. But while everyone wants to point out my failures as often as possible, they never seem to mention me winning the Specialist’s title, raising the bar of the title by defeating the Vixen’s Champion and scoring one of the three wins over Hexa-gun that brought that group to an end. I guess that makes us even more similar than you might want to admit, Kendra. People just want to write off our accomplishments and decide that we’re done. I can’t believe that I’ve heard time after time during and just before this tournament that I’m finished. I’m a year into my career in EAW, and already people are telling me my time here is done. Yet here I stand in the semi-finals of the Empress of Elite tournament and they don’t have a chance in hell of standing here with us. They’re done. They missed their shots. This is our shot to take a spot in the final. And this is our chance to wear a crown. Best, second best, third best, fuck all of that. This is about this match, right now and seeing which one of us can rise to the occasion and move on to the crown stage. I always imagined you would find your way to the top once again. As soon as it became apparent you were back for good. You are already at the top tier because you never left it. You’re that damn good. You can step away and come back and be right back where you were all along. And you don’t have to worry about me getting jealous of anything that happens this week, because I’m going into this match and I’m taking the win for myself. I loved watching you when I was coming up in this business, and hell yes I idolized you and early on I tried to fight exactly like you. But that admiration runs so deep that it means even more to me that I beat you and move on to the finals. The reality is that anyone can win this match, and the outcome won’t change my thoughts on you. But I hope the same can be said about you. And I hope when I do win this match and stamp my name in the finals, you don’t tarnish my name across the feeds or throw any sort of tantrums. I hope that respect remains from within you as well. I try not to get too emotional about the outcomes of matches. Every match is a chance to learn, every loss a chance to reinvent myself. This match is a chance to reclaim the spot where I want to be.
You say you need this one more than me, but I don’t know. It sure doesn’t feel that way. They can say what they want about you, but the truth will always remain in the facts. You are one of the best damn wrestlers to ever walk this earth. And me? I’m just a stubborn girl that will never back away from any challenge. The bigger the challenge, the higher my game seems to go. The more ready I come to fight. I broke down my entire craft after Pain for Pride and started to reexamine everything about my skills and ability. You talk about reinventing yourself. This is a totally different version of that Cailin that made a long title run. This is an improved version. I knew I was capable of winning my group and going on to win this whole tournament. And what you say about me “tumbling down to the bottom,” is exactly why it means something to me to win this. Don’t misunderstand my friendships. I’ve done plenty on my own, and I’ve always preferred to fight alone. You might notice, those two do a lot more together than they do with me anymore. That’s because my focus has changed completely. It came down to this, and this alone. I wanted to win this tournament. I wanted to become the Empress and give someone the fight of her life at Road to Redemption. It’s not about what other people think, though. It’s about me. This is about doing this for me. I won’t let myself down. Not when I’ve put in this much work to reach this point. They didn’t want to make it easy. They made me walk the line of death row and find my own way to the next stage. There are so many women who didn’t even make it to this point to stand beside us, and you say this match will make or break us. We will go on from this match and life will move on. One of us wins and one of us loses. Hopefully we meet again down the line because I would hope we get to fight again. I would hope my win over you in the semi-finals in this tournament won’t be the last chapter we write together.
You talk about that shadow so much, but look around. Cameron and HBG were in this tournament and you made it to the semi-finals. You are the OG queen and that will never change. You will always stand on a high pedestal above so many others and you have bragging rights many of the new-age Vixens will never, ever come close to. So maybe you think you need this limelight badly, but I think I need it more. Hell, I want it more, Kendra. I’m willing to do anything in this match to make sure it ends with my hand raised in the air and a ticket punched in those finals. I don’t even know who will be on the other side. My focus hasn’t left you since I learned my opponent. I’m dialed in for this match. I’m ready to win this match. A win over my idol will mean so much to me, but rising to the top and becoming the Empress of Elite means even more. But that’s a whole another step away. First things first, I come into this match and I take what I want. It’s not out of disrespect, and you know that. You know as well as anyone that’s how you survive in this business. The past is the past. What I want right now exists in the present. Throw away all the accomplishments and achievements when comparing us and just go head to head right here. They will try to make this match legend vs. future or idol vs. fan, screw all of that. I just want to fight Kendra fucking Shamez for the chance to move on in the Empress of Elite finals. Only one of us can rise to the occasion and move on in this tournament. And that will be Cailin Dillon. I might not be a queen or the OG Vixen. I might not have any real accomplishments or last achievements written to my name. But by the end of next weekend I will be your Empress.
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A man stops at nothing! I guess that is what Winterborn said last time? He is now left with only heating up. This revolution of hit a brick wall, with a Fleur de Lis. Now to continue to talk about last week. To get this one right I want to talk about Kawajay and his comments that this might be my only victory. It's pretty interesting that someone like him should talk. He who stanted in a pity until he was lucky enough to put an arm out of the grave. In a way I understand why he works for Voltage. He is the same as Carlos. But misery has it's way with all of us in the end. That EAW Championship served you well until you left and found your self on the that table. And sitting there like you have forgotten how much people looked down on you! Remember when nobody gave you a chance to do anything? Because I still remember! I do! In all the darkness and in all the clouds I still remember the past of EAW! I saw it all! I saw it's past, I see it's present and I will see it's future! So now Mister Kawajay if you hold such opinions I want to know why don't you tell me on what do you base them? But why not look in the mirror and then think about what you want to tell me? Or better yet! Why don't you come back to one last match against me? And let's see if you can put your money where your mouth is!

Now moving to this week. I have the pleasure to fight  J.D Damon! Now this kind of pleasure comes from the fact that I am going to face someone worthy of my time. What I enjoy the most for this week is that I have the chance to face someone that stands on a mission to burn this "New Generation". In him and Kenny Drake I find a that there is some kind of kindred spirits with myself. But with all the brutality that they show each and every week I find it hard to see that our mission is common. While our mission starts from the same point, it isn't the same thing. Look at evolution and you will see that both the moneky and the pig have a common start, but there is a difference that can be seen with the naked eye. So you will see in this match.

One way of seeing it is seeing how I don't need another person, or rather said a group of people to protect me around. While you scream to the moon and back that you have an Army I'm quite curios what you would do without it. Would you take a few steps back? Would you smirk and then run for your life? What would you do? The answer that you will throw around might be that you will fight or you might just want to ignore the question. In the end it doesn't matter what you will tell everyone around I know what I can see into your eyes and I have seen exactly what I wanted! And that is enough for me to understand you, to see feel you, but not enough to make me let you beat me until I am bloody and broken. I am not the hero you have declared war upon, I will not let myself fall so easily like he has!
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Post on September 7th 2016, 6:06 am by 『zakkii』
Video opens with a "EAWrestling.com EXCLUSIVE!" transition as it starts with Flannery McCoy standing backstage reporting the conclusion of the recently end Turbo.

Flannery McCoy: Monday Night Turbo is finally done as we see the last group of Empress of Elite tournament finally come to an end, leaving two vixens on top of standings and they must fight once again in a tie breaker match next week on Voltage as for now....

Flannery then saw Haruna passing by with her luggages as she's trying to interview her.

Flannery McCoy: .....Haruna, let me get your thought, how is your feeling...

Haruna stops but only to reject Flannery's interview request.

Haruna Sakazaki: Naah.

Haruna shakes her head as she walks by outside the scene as Flannery about to continue her report but Haruna comes back again and decided to go for an interview.

Haruna Sakazaki: You know, this is Empress of Elite, right? The pinnacle of Vixen's accolade, the prestigious accomplishment for all Vixens compete here in EAW. All the Vixens get the opportunity to prove themselves of what they really capable of. All the Vixens and that includes me too. Hey, I do my best to prove that I deserve to get this opportunity. I prove the world that I can win it all even most of them rarely put their attention no Turbo, it's alright for me. I am here ready to fight no matter where I stand but in the end, I failed. It's alright, I should be alright. Maybe I am not focusing enough because my attention got scattered in two things. Young Lions Cup.... but then again, I lost. I am alright. I should be alright and I have to be positive to strive forward but hey, I am now walking back to the drawing board as usual because.... what's next for me? what's next for Haruna Sakazaki? what other chance that Haruna should focus and later blew it up? I don't know, you don't know, everybody out there don't know either. But again, I am alright. Even I might be left out another chance and I don't know where should I walk, I will keep fighting and doing what I love, what I live for and what I come here every single day. That..... is what I will always do.

Haruna with a frustration line draw on her face shakes her head again and leave the scene for real.
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Post on September 7th 2016, 12:35 am by Tarah Nova
“I can't quite contain or explain my evil ways
Or explain why I'm not sane
All I can say is this is your warning, duality

I am good, I am evil
I am solace, I am chaos
I am human, and that's all I've ever wanted to be

No, can't count the list of things
I know are wrong with me
No need to justify them
No, I'll never get away
I love it any way
I'll never stop.”

The last few weeks I have been feeling broken. I have been paralyzed in the state of anxiety but that is no more. Last week I defeated Autumn Raven and found my wrestling mojo again. I'm back to normal---whatever my normal is, I dunno. Anyway, I am back to being the freakshow that is Tarah Nova all because I needed to prove to myself that I still had what it took to stand in this ring and I indeed did that. So I know I should have never second guessed myself but it had to be done. It had to be done because I need my full asshole self this week. I need to be completely in control while facing these four vixens this week. Come to think of it,  I am in control and I am ready for every single one of them.

And I’m starting with you...

Stephanie. Aquaman. Or my personal favorite Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Whatever name you call yourself or whatever nickname I give you, it doesn’t help the EAW Universe on knowing what you truly are. And what you are is nothing good. Cloud.. you are nothing but a cheat. You are a lying, conniving piece of shit. It kills you inside that it's a downright FACT that you cannot beat me one-on-one without hurting me. You can't beat me without getting a disqualification or a doctor helping me out of the ring. You believe you are better than me and after last week that showed me that you are nothing compared to me. The only thing that you can be compared to is dirt. You were a waste of space in this division and I'm going to see to it that you are cleared out. I mean all do you is try to beat people and then you become frustrated because they are better than you so you injure them. I guess that plan didn't work out with you against me last week, huh? I mean, I'm still here. Stephanie, I'm still alive and kicking and I'm promising you right now; It will take more than your pathetic attempt from last week to take me out. Fuck, they should have let me finish that match because on one leg or none, I know would I still have the ability to kick your ass. Though, you know what just occurred to me, Steph?  That every match that we have been in together; whether it's One vs. One or a team against a team; you always manage to find a way to cheat by beating me a steel chair shot or busting my knee, or getting help from one of your teammates because you are afraid of me, aren't you? Come to think about it,  last week you said you to define me but right now, I see it the other way around. Yeah, it's actually me that defines you. Tarah Nova is the shadowy figure that blocks at Stephanie's way, isn't it? And Steph, there's not a damn thing you can do about it because you don't have the guts to face me like the woman you think you are. No, you're always gonna need someone holding your hand. Well guess what Steph, you have three other people holding your hand this week but I know none of them like your ugly ass. So I guess that means you shit outta luck when you need help defeating me this week. To be honest, Stephanie, I'm almost feeling sorry for you---not really no. Why would I be? I mean after all the fucked-up shit that you have done to me, Aria and Cailin, I think a nice beat down would be good for you. It would be good for me to watch because I enjoy your pain and I believe everyone should enjoy your pain as well. Till then.

Now to HBG. Our Vixens Champion. I would clap for you but that would mean I actually respected you being our Champion which I clearly don't. I need to ask this though. Is it strange that all the old winded Vixens from yester years are appearing in EAW and grabbing a hold of The Both Vixens championships. Am I the only one that finds it completely bizarre? Yes? No? Truthfully I'm probably not alone in thinking that but you know how most of these Vixens are---they just won't stand up for themselves or this division so I guess I have to. Yes, HBG, I don't believe you deserve that championship that you are holding around your waist. Having you in control of the gold is like having Trump in power. Unbearable and disgusting. Basically a slap in the face of The Vixens division. Oh but you don't care, HBG. I know you don't because all you care about is yourself, Kendra--sometimes and also Imp but I'm gonna bring Him up this time because part of me believes his name and your name shouldn't be in the same sentence together but that's a different story. No, all you really wanted is the gold and you believe the championship is yours---blah blah blah. The same Vixens Champion Story that I've heard at different times; in different ways over the years I've been here. Only thing that stays the same when I hear that story is me rolling my eyes and completely ignoring that said person telling it because it always fails. It's always 110% complete bullshit but I guess if you like the taste of bullshit on your lips, you should go ahead and tell that story. See,  I feel like you do that alot, HBG. I feel like you believe you deserve the world because you are a 4X Vixens champion. Thought you need to realize it doesn't matter how much a person hold the title--it matters how the reign meant to the fans and yourself. Your 4 time reigns most likely are a SnoozeFest for the EAW universe now. Nah, I kid. Don't get your panties in a bunch. No, this week isn't completely about you or your god awful title Reigns, HBG. It's about you, your partners and how the four of you are going to fail this week. Wow it just occurred to me that finally you have something in common with Vixens other than being full of yourselves. Who knew that was even possible. I didn't but then again I don't really pay attention when you are in the ring. Now, to cut this short HBG, I don't care about you or your title Reigns or the fact that you believe you are this almighty Goddess. All that matters to me is the wrestling ring and the fact that you are teamed up with three of the most selfish, pigheaded vixens in our division. God, I just can't wait to watch you guys go for each other's throats. It's going to be like watching who has the biggest ego. Though no one has a bigger ego than you, HBG. And You can bet that.

Speaking of big egos. Sheridan Muller! The Vixen that, I swear to God, has an obsession with me because every time she  open her fat German mouth, my name apparently likes to fall out of it. So before I get into our match this week I need to ask: what problems do you have with me? What have I ever done to you because frankly I don't remember ever talking down to you or giving you a cute nickname that I gave every vixen. In all honesty this is only our second match against each other so it makes me wonder what I have done to piss your little German ass off and get called a slut At Least once a week from you. I mean is it the way I speak? Is it the way I dress? Or is it the way I hold myself up and don't give a shit about what people like you think of me. You need to understand something right now, Sheridan. I don't give a damn about you or your rude and completely untrue comments about me because I know who I am. I am a history maker. I am the Vixen Killer. The Leader of this damn Division and one of the must-see Vixens of all time. So excuse me but I don't acknowledge the fact that you believe that I am a slut or I am not worthy of a being called a vixen. Nothing you say is going to phase me because I know it's not true. So to be completely only honest with you, Sheridan, your words are not going to affect me the way that you want them to. That and I'm going to tell you right now you ranting about German Efficiency isn't going to help you either. Furthermore, you holding the Vixens Cup doesn't mean you're going to win the championship. For all we know you can lose and be a mockery of the division. Then again, who knows. I don't because frankly I don't care about you or your career here. All I truly care about is my freakshows, the wrestling ring and being the best wrestler I can possibly be and I already know I am just that. All in all, Sheridan, say what you want about me and believe what you will but at the end of the day I know who I am in and outside of the Ring. I have proven and done too much for this division to be shot down by someone like you. I am one of the best of this era today, Sheridan. Nothing more, nothing less.

And finally---Perfect. You. [Tarah mumbles: "God give me strength" before smirking weakly] Veena, I'm going to be completely honest with you: I should have drowned at you when I had the chance. I should have kept your head under that water just a few seconds longer until your stop struggling. Why didn't I though? Why did I let go and let you live? Because you're a God forsaking uncle, my boyfriend, came out and stopped at me but guess what? He won't be out there for our match this week. He won't be standing in my team's corner and thank god for that. Hence meaing once again I'm going to beat the holy hell out of you because that is what you deserve. And no, it doesn't matter that you have won almost every match in your block the last couple weeks, that's not going to stop me from beating you, Veena. See, you are another Vixen who seems to have a problem with me but that doesn't matter because like I said to her, your opinion on me won't help you in defeating me. I mean, you haven't won against me before so what makes you believe you will this time? Is it because you have HBG and Aquaman to hide behind? Most likely because that all your good for. Hiding and whining but no matter, Veena. It is what it is. So really, have fun being nothing more than a let down while my team defeats yours.

At the end of it all, I know what team will stand above the rest. Its  not the ego filled asshats that stand on the other side of the ring, no. It's us. It's the team of Tarah Nova, Aria Jaxon, Autumn Raven and Consuela Rose Ava. I know some of us don't get along but that's what makes us a perfect threat. So on Voltage, it's going to be a four on four Tag Team Battle to the death and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This mean the games are over and now the real madness begins.
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Post on September 7th 2016, 12:19 am by Nathan Fiora


(The scene begins as a camera begins to pan over a red-lighted room.  It is full of different objects, that appear to be different in-ring weapons.  There are silhouettes of chairs, baseball bats, thumb tacks, broken wooden sticks, and tack-filled ladders.  Nathan Fiora is seen walking into the area and is welcomed with a huge ovation from his camera crew.  Rebecca Sawyer and Preacher Jamal are seen, walking with the most confidence in the world.  A throne full of glass shards and thorns is seen, as Fiora sets down a picture of Diamond Cage and Christian Locke.)

Well, well, well.  It’s time go home.  The home that I haven’t been in since I’ve been in EAW.  It’s been four months since I’ve had the opportunity and man, am I ready or what.  I don’t only get to go home but what’s the other thing.  Hmm.  Who is main eventing Voltage for the second time in three weeks?  This freaking guy.  I have been demanding for respect for the past couple of weeks because of the effort and dedication I put into this business.  Carlos Rosso has been getting the memo because I am where I should be at every week; being the man of Voltage.  No, the man of Voltage is not some delusional king and not some rat-looking creature.  The man of Voltage is none other than THE NATHAN FIORA himself.  I hate to rain on my beautiful and tremendous parade, but I do have some questions about my “actions” last week.  Look, you ungrateful little mimes, I had every right to not do anything about Christian Locke’s battering.  First off, that shit was satisfying.  Seeing the man who thinks he is the indestructible man of wrestling get decimated by just a few guys was hilarious.  I give props to Kenny Drake and his gang of slaves to get the job done every time, as much as I don’t like this fool.  Second, what the hell was I supposed to do?  Save the day?  HELL NO.  My career is going to be lasting a lot longer if I make SMART decisions and not try to be the big happy super hero that everyone wants to see.  Fiora Life Tip number five hundred and twenty-three says that you should always let others be the heroes.  Mister Ol’ Carson Ramsay could’ve saved Christian Locke but what did he do?  Nothing.  This man does the same that I did, but I get questioned for MY actions?  THIS IS BIAS AT IT’S GREATEST.  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?  I DID NOTHING WRONG.  I looked out for Team Voltage by keeping myself at one hundred percent; would it have been better if I got taken out too?  Apparently according to the fans and bookers, I should’ve taken the vibe.  This is why I don’t listen to idiots who are locked up in their rooms all day, watching shows like Friends instead of getting actual, real life friends.  They don’t know about the real world, but they do know about perfect-world stories like Cinderella and Dora The Explorer Episodes.  This is about me and me only; I don’t look out for my friends anymore.  Why should I care about what Phoenix Winterborn is doing when I’m on top of the world, being featured on the biggest matches every night?  I’m not going to WASTE my time wondering if he’s okay or not; I’m just living for me.  I have been successful by living for myself.  Look at this title.  This title did not grow legs and come to me all by itself.  I EARNED this; I lost a part of me just to have this title around my waste, so excuse my pride because I EARN what I have.  This is my problem though.  I work so hard while my partner decides to drop the ball, yet I get blamed for it?  Disgusting behavior by all the management in EAW and every single piece of human crap that watches this show every week.  But you’ll get an “explanation”, alright.  The truth will be revealed.  My intentions for the betterment of Voltage are there, folks.  Things are slowly changing, but you may just not realize it yet.  Enough of the bias and hypocrisy this company contains and let’s get to the real, juicy content.  

(A clip of Fiora with a group of women is shown, which he is flirting with constantly.  Preacher Jamal and Rebecca Sawyer are present, enjoying the festivities.  After a few scenes of definite intoxication and drugs, Nathan is presented with a cake.  The cake says “Happy Thirty Days” and the people are congratulating Nathan on something.  Fiora gives a speech and the party scene cuts off, going back to present day Fiora.)

Last night was quite the night.  I was out, partying out like crazy with a ton of women and friends by my side.  We were celebrating day thirty of my title reign, which isn’t shocking.  Then someone shoots me a text talking about this open Hardcore invitational, which will apparently determine who will be the first contender for my title.  This match better be great.  It won’t have me in, which will devalue it a little bit, sadly.  However, this title is becoming prestigious because of ME.  Every Elitist and Vixen alike are clawing and biting to get an opportunity to face me for the best title in this industry today.  Maero is throwing his name out there like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m not scared at all.  Why would I be scared of the guy who’s wearing his Halloween costume every year long?  No reason.  He couldn’t get the job done the first time and he won’t get it done the second time or third time.  This may be his dream, but his dreams will be broken into pieces, just like the shards of glass that will enter his body when he enters into a ring with me.  My message is for everyone in the Voltage roster.  I don’t care about who you are what you’ve done; I will conquer and destroy any man or woman who stands in my way.  Call in your Aria Jaxons, Phoenix Winterborns, Tarah Novas, Marco Fedors...I still can’t get over this man’s bitchy run-away gimmick, but my point is: NO ONE WILL BEAT ME, EVERRRR.  So come up to my ride, boys and girls of all ages; it’s time to be put down with blood and total dismemberment of your souls and bodies.  Diamond Cage will suffer a similar fate this week.  He’s been one of the more vocal people about Team Voltage’s chances of winning and he’s just an old asshole.  This man thinks that his hardcore ways are going to help him, but last I heard was that Diamond Cage left his toys back in his closet, leaving them to pile dust.  Maybe I’m wrong about that, but Cage can not deny the fact that he isn’t as Hardcore as he used to be.  He’s going up against THE HARDCORE CHAMPION.  You aren’t just facing any ordinary man on this roster, no no.  You will be going up against the man who is willing to do ANYTHING to win.  This is why I didn’t decide to be an idiot and help out crippled Christian.  Now is the time to put everything on the line.  Diamond Cage, I see the hatred for me in your eyes.  You don’t like how I act and what I say to you every time I’m around you.  Why don’t you do something about it?  Are you going to bring the hardcore inside of you back or are you going to be a little bitch?  The choice is up to you.  I will be bringing my best effort and my worst thoughts this Sunday night.  We will be in MY HOME; MY DOMAIN.  We’ll be playing by MY rules, and I’m expecting a whole hell fest to emerge, full of blood, broken bones, and exposed flesh.  I will leave you worse than Christian Locke is right now.  You’ll be where you belong; a retirement home, full of people who’s best days are now behind them.  Don’t take this as a grain of salt.  Take this as my battle cry because this is going to be...Hardcore Harmony.  See you in Chicago. Oh.
And P.S.
You’re dead. 



(Nathan Fiora grabs the title and lifts it over his head as he gets into the camera, bragging and talking trash.  Rebecca Sawyer pats him in the back and Fiora stops.  He gains his composure and straightens up his attire.  All three individuals head out as the camera fades to black.)
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Post on September 7th 2016, 12:10 am by Tig Kelly
*Tig holds up a Showdown shirt with one hand gleefully looking at it as he jumps up and down before slinging it over his shoulder. He puts his beer down before spilling more of it as he claps slowly as he speaks*

Boy oh boy, welcome to the big league boys! I'd like to personally say thank you for Showdown for finally taking some notes and heading over to the A-show to take some notes, although putting their talent in a questionable position in which they could be hurt badly makes me questions them a tad. Regardless this week is going to be a little bit of sport hunting for your main man and future champion Tig after I showed off truly what I am and that is not only the Future of this business but I'm back to being the present. In one short year I've taken in a few things, and as you saw last week one of those is how to win in ANY circumstance. A wise move against a bigger man from the Grizzled Young Vet scooping the roll up and taking home the victory.

*Tig picks up the beer with the Showdown shirt over his shoulder still obscuring the Fighting Irish shirt he has on and takes a swig of the Chainbreaker IPA he picked up from the local craft brewery. He tips it towards the screen matter of factly starting in on Rattik*

I'm sure you watched that Rattik, the fact that such a violent man was able to keep his eyes on the prize and sacrifice a little bit of that vicious fun for the smart victory. Maybe that's what you need to learn this week Rattik...Something I've taken away from becoming a little more focused and victory driven is that dragging around barbed wire and a bag full of your dead hopes and dreams seeping out on the ramp can only get you so far. Once the shock value fades away you fall. You fall like every other rush down offense ever has and unless you learn to start being a little more conservative and precise with your power shots you'll never get back up because guys like me that ADAPT will put the punches in the right place to keep you down forever. Statements like that have been laughable since Pain For Pride but if you haven't been keeping score in the last little while it would seem as if The Ender is back and ready to take aim, calculated aim of course, with a through shot straight to House of Glass.

*Tig points his hand in the shape of a gun at the screen*

Rattik I've shattered many glass ceilings in my life and I'm not about to let another one even form above me, so don't take it personal when I'm using your body as another step on the ladder after I missed my chance at climbing one to victory earlier this year. That was simply fate telling me to build my own way to the top the best way I know how. By pulling the trigger with more precise targets than I've had in a while. First you, then Angelo and Ross Vegas, then my old friend Pantera. One target in front of me at a time, isolating each victim, unloading one kill shot on each instead of just unleashing a hailstorm of them and gassing out at the end of each match. 

Showdown...keep a close eye on your little Slayer lead singer wannabe here this week because you can still save him. You can still turn this inefficient violent mess into a star like we did over here with me on Dynasty. Just be sure you be a good house guest and clean him up off the mat because he's definitely your mess in the first place no matter how well I spread it around the arena....
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Post on September 6th 2016, 11:54 pm by The Black Prince
Is this a joke? This is what Showdown has to offer? I knew that show was pathetic but I didn’t know they were this pathetic with so called talents that they have over there. But the rumors are true because in my mind I thought Showdown would be a tad bit more credible with all these accolades and weekly awards that the public gives this show that they would be more than meets the eye. But now that I’m having the chance to stand face to face with a Showdown elitist, I have to say that I’m very disappointed. Here I thought the guys I’m with on Dynasty are bad but it seems to me that Showdown is in a whole lot worse than Dynasty which is pretty sad to say considering that there is no one on this brand worth noting other than myself, a man that has been carrying this brand ever since I decided to come back to this dump. If anything it just goes to show how idiotic the people who hands out awards to sub-par shows and talents like the ones on Showdown and Voltage. Here I thought that Showdown was this great magical place where talent can actually make a difference in their respective careers. But now I have you, Nobi to show me how wrong the public perception of Showdown is. Every award and accolades that Showdown has obtained ever since the this 10th season has started has been nothing more to make Showdown this critically acclaimed product that everyone must tune in and see every single week. But the reality of it all is that someone must have paid real good money to create that bunch of hot garbage because just looking at you and even hearing your voice just goes to show how much of a dump that place really is. If anything Nobi you should be thanking your general manager for putting you in a match with me. You’re actually get a taste of real competition in me. So I want you to take the time to actually take some notes on how a real man like me fights, how a real man like me knows how to be a star and learn how a real man like me remains relevant! Since we haven’t been in the same ring or locker room Nobi, I think this is the perfect opportunity for you to take something from this lose that you’re going to receive.  Once you do whatever I have taught you to do Nobi, you go on back to Showdown and see how much you have improved. After this match you will be the most relevant man on Showdown! You would be able to make people forget that you ever lost to Chris Elite and on top of that you will be able to show people that you aren’t a complete waste of time and space. Actually Nobi..I lied I’m not going to give you the honor of getting anything from me because you’re just going to fail no matter what you do.

Does it hurt Nobi? Does it bother you that week in and week out as you give your blood, sweat and tears for this company that you keep showing how much of a loser you are?? You have to ask yourself at some point on how long you can keep failing and failing and continuously letting people down. It must be dreadful after being defeated in quick and clean fashion that you take the walk of shame and look into the eyes of these pathetic fans and tell them that you do better next time. But as time progresses and you still take that walk of shame up to the ramp to some dirty hole you came from, you’ll realize that the fans will eventually turn your back on you because like me they don’t like losers. Every time they see you walk out to the ring Nobi, they rather go to the bathroom and take a crap or piss break because they know that you will lose in seconds in NO TIME! If that bothers you Nobi let me put your mind at ease because the reason why those people are going to hate you for losing a lot and being a constant failure is because they see the exact image of themselves when they look at your pathetic ass! They’ll have to come to grips that when they look at you taking that walk of shame, they see a reflection of themselves on how much you remind them of their own personal failures and in do time they’ll resent you for it! Lets face it Nobi, you aren’t a good wrestler, you aren’t even a good personality to share the same ring with me; let alone saying my name because you don’t have the right to actually utter my name whatsoever. Nobi, if you think for one second that you’re a great addition to your brand then I’m going to have to ask you to think again. The real reason why your general manager sent you to represent your brand is because he knows that you’re just a sacrificial lamb that he expects to lose and in the back of your mind you know it to be true. You don’t have any value to Showdown but then again Showdown didn’t have any value to begin with since I am apart of the most valuable show in the wrestling industry and not just wrestling but the most valuable show on cable tv across the globe!  I have carried Dynasty to such prominence that I’ve made the brand mainstream, that I have made Dynasty the most see television show today! So if you doubt on how much of an influence I have on pop culture or if you doubt my star power and if you doubt my competence in the ring then doubt no longer because I have proven all of that ever since the day I came out of my mother’s womb and since the day I started to entertain the thought of being a wrestler.

Nobi if there is one thing that I want to make abundantly clear here is that I’m not taking this match seriously because you aren’t someone I would waste a millisecond to think about what you can do in this ring or better yet, what you’re planning to do in this ring. In fact I can even face you blindfolded and I would still come out victorious over you. But the thing that irks me the most about all of this is that you have the audacity to slander my good name. Most notably you’ve called me out on being a selfish, self-centered, prick. If anything Nobi, I’m a philanthropist and I have done more things for others than myself. For instances I have lent my mega star power to this company making everything that EAW puts out, must see and relevant throughout the mainstream audience around the world. I have carried Dynasty on my back and made it the successful show that it is today. Lastly, I have forced every single elitist on my brand to step up their game, I have forced them to evolve and make them all realize their full potential. So people who were touted to never win a championship...well look what happened when I made my presence known, Lucian Black is now the World Heavyweight Champion because of me. Mr. DEDEDE is actually doing better in his old decrepit age clinging onto whatever sense of youth he has in his body and seeing someone that is relatively young like myself, he has to step up his game and not be complacent. That can be said for every talent on the Dynasty roster because if it wasn’t for me this brand would have died a long time ago. And since you mentioned my match last week Nobi, I’ll have you know that I Ventura didn’t beat me. That pathetic piece of garbage can’t even beat Chris Elite or Jacob Steele or Venom so he had no chance in the world in beating the likes of The Black Prince. But when I was in the back getting prepared for his and I’s match last week, I saw the poor fool crying in the corner about having to step inside the ring with me and also worrying about losing to me. So as the kind and gentle hearted man that I am, I actually spared him the humiliation since he does a fine job making himself look stupid. I ended up just throwing the match and gave him that win so he could get that little nudge he needs to get back on the right track and become a world champion again one day, But the point I’m trying to make Nobi is that I’m not a selfish and self centered human being, I’m actually just the opposite. I’m actually even doing you the favor of actually entertaining this match because we all know what’s going to happen. YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE-LOSE-LOSE!! And that would be the tale of your story Nobi, the guy that isn’t good enough to succeed so he is having to suffer the burden of being a loser for the rest of your life! So Nobi, I implore for you to come into this match with hope and heart because it’ll be much satisfying when I crush all of your hopes of beating me and sending you back to Showdown in a bodybag because you simply can’t keep up with the likes of The Black Prince.    
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Post on September 6th 2016, 11:48 pm by Guest

I can feel my eyes water as I watch you from afar. I have to blink back my tears and keep my composure – I have an image to protect, a reputation to hold to the upmost prestige. My stomach has the sensation of a million butterflies bursting through their cocoons, flapping their wings in pure excitement and exhilaration waiting for what life has in store. I feel the sweat glands in my palms moisten and I can even feel my heart begin to beat faster and faster. The outer exterior shows no signs of distress but inside I can feel my intestines slowly knotting into a bow.  I’m so close, I’m so close to creating history – AGAIN.
I’ve had many downfalls in my career. I’ve taken losses to individuals who simply don’t deserve the bragging rights of defeating Kendra Shamez. I’ve made a complete fool out of myself in front of millions and my reputation as a serious, passionate competitor was tarnished. When I was offered the opportunity to be in the Empress of Elite, I was hesitant. I didn’t know if I was ready to set myself up for failure once more. After all, what was the difference between this time from the rest? Have I changed? Have I learned from my mistakes? Well – of course I have. I’m Kendra fucking Shamez.
When I was offered the opportunity to be in the Empress of Elite, it was an offer that I couldn’t refuse. I had many tell me how much of a big mistake it was. I had many question my athletic abilities simply because of my age. I had people question my legitimacy something that has NEVER been questioned since my time here in EAW. Have people quickly forgotten of what I’m capable of? Have people lost sight of the legendary moments I’ve created in EAW? I was Medusa, I was at one point in my career the longest reigning Vixens champion. I’ve had moments in my career that have been forever sketched into the history books. My past losses don’t reflect on me as an individual competitor. Those who have a brain, a normal functioning brain know that I am capable to outperform every single vixen in this roster. You can all go ahead and bet on that.
But before you listen to my words and laugh at how lackluster they may be, don’t mistake my confidence for cockiness because that’s definitely not what I want it to be transmitted as. Right now, I’m on top of the world. You have to understand, Cailin, I have this championship that never in a million years I would’ve thought I’ve have in my possession. This may be how you feel as well, correct? You’re going against your childhood idol, which by the way – way to make me feel old. But you’re doing something you never once imagined could take place in our present day. I never thought I’d be a champion in EAW again and you never thought you’d have the opportunity to face me. Although, everyone must be content with our matchup but for my title win – that’s another story. Everyone has been a smart ass about my return and they always say shit like “Kendra lost her game.” Or “You don’t got it anymore, Kendra.” That is what infuriates me the most. That is what makes my blood boil to the point where I feel like I can’t even function. But now that I have my gold strapped around my waist I feel like I can do it all. I’ve seen you wrestle, I’ve seen you beat greats like Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava. It’s impressive, there’s no doubt about that – but I can’t help but to be annoyed. Please don’t tell me this is going to be another Tarah Nova situation, okay? You know – The opponent approaches the idol in a very loving fashion. The opponent praises the past accomplishment of the idol as the idol believes the competitor is actually a swell human being so she begins to put her guard down. When it comes down to it and the idol shows exactly why she’s the idol and completely decimates the opponent, the respect that the opponent had for the idol suddenly diminishes. The respect, love and honor the opponent had is nonexistent as the idol is left confusing – questioning everything. Are you going to let that happen too, Cailin? Are you going to be like Tarah Nova and let your jealousy, anger and frustration get the best of you when I advance to the finals and you don’t? Will you be angry when you realize that someone who barely came back to the company after years is in the main event scene while you get pushed to the sidelines JUST how you have been doing so for the past year? Will ya? Huh? Will ya?

Don’t get me wrong, Cailin, I like you. I like you a whole lot more than the rest of the bitches that prance around backstage as if they own the place. You are someone who I’ve always been fond of, someone who I’ve always rooted for because in a way, you remind me of me when I was younger. I was always seen as the shadow of both Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava. You, on the other hand, you always seem to be third best after Tarah Nova and Aria Jaxon. Doesn’t that bug you? Doesn’t that make your blood boil? Why do you continue to lower yourself in order to be “friends” with women who will quickly throw you under the bus in order for them to soak up YOUR fifteen minutes of fame? Regardless of the outcome, our match will either make us or break us. This match will either define you as a sole Vixen competitor that is able to hold her own without the likes of Aria and Tarah holding your hand every step of the way or you’ll just go tumbling down to the bottom. You’ll fall so hard that everyone who was once cheering for you, rooting for you to take home the goal will put their hand down from the air. They’re going to tilt their heads down and sigh, “Cailin has let us down once again.” All that hard work, all that hope and aspiration you have flowing through your airways will be for what? For nothing. That’s only a possibility, though, so don’t feel too insulted. It can happen, let’s be realistic. Another outcome can be that I can lose. Losing will simply prove all of the naysayers right. All of the doubts and speculation of my talent will become a reality. I’ll go home that night knowing that I let myself down and that I wasn’t able to keep my word. BUT another possibility is that I will mark my placement at the top of the tier of the Vixens division by winning this tournament. This will enable me to reinvent myself. This will enable me to cement my elite status among the rest of the vixens. This will give me the bragging rights. No longer will I have to live in HBG’s or Cameron’s shadow. No longer will I be known as the third best Vixen in EAW. I WILL FINALLY GET THE RECOGNITION I DESERVE. I will finally be able to say that I am the Empress of this division. The real queen, the real OG. I’m not ready to go tumbling down to the bottom, Cailin. I’m not ready to give up my spot in the lime light. I need this more than you.
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Post on September 6th 2016, 8:40 am by Chase McKing
The light's in the Arena get turned off, as a someone appears on the titantron screen.

- Damn son the show just started and i got tired of all of those fuckers popping out on that battle field, i may not seem familiar to you but i could bet all my cow's that after couple of years all of you will remember my name, you see i am not a millionaire i am not the choose one, as most of those guys pretend to be, i am one tough son of bitch, after a lot of years of work performing all over the world, Chase has arrived to the big scene, make no mistake i am not here to make friends i am here to claim the very top of that mountain, i don't care if i have to hurt people or hurt my self my name will be remembered in this company, i am not my mom's boy like most of the people in the locker room, everything i had gotten i earned it, i was never carried around the corner i was always taking the corner down so i could pass by it. My arrival at EAW will be remembered and spoke about years after i will be gone, you know why, because i will bring the hell upton everyone in that locker room that decides to stand on my way, i just ain't buying you crap cowboys, i will not speak about any of you because of the simple fact that i don't give a shit about any of you, when you step face to face with me you will know that i am for real and you are in deep shit with me, i am not from the big city like all of you, but i am a motherfucker that will bring you to tears from pain, i will tear you apart and there ain't a shit you could do about it, this garbage place called EAW didn't have a clue into what kind of shit they were getting in when they signed contract with Chase, this ring or should i express it with my words war field, yes exactly war field because when i step into it i will be turning it into a war with anyone that decides to step infront of me, that is not a threat that is a promise, i am not here to be a role model i am here to kick the shit out of those son of bitches, get ready as Chase will arrive and there isn't a thing anybody could do about it, i were hearing the worst things through my life people were trying to demotivate me, you are talking shit too much you won't make it to the big scene, well after making it to the big scene i were hearing you will always stay down and be under rated, but guess what fuck all of those fuckers, because now i am here and i will be here and i swear to god son, Chase one day will be on the top of this mountain holding the World Championship, it may take me more four or five or six years but i don't give a shit, the fact is that i don't care about the pain anymore man, i don't care if i will have to get more scars till i reach to that or get another scars of the top of those that i already have, if i have to loose anymore teeth, i don't care if i have to make a blood path after me with my own blood or someone's else blood, i know very well why i am here and where i am heading, there are people that don't like me but i am sure that there are people who will support me, while the ones that don't like me could give them self a nice ass fingering, i will continue for the ones that support me, so get ready son of bitches as Chase is on his way to EAW. 
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Post on September 6th 2016, 12:34 am by Cegorach
Chapter One: The Convent

The low wailing of a single violin note is heard. It echoes, as if bouncing between great mountains. After a few long moments it trails off to a mere wimper, and then it's cry ceases. From the darkness whisper voices, in low secretive tones. Then footsteps, and as they draw closer the gossiping voices die down until only silence remains.

He comes.

The whispers begin once more. Feverish, frantic. They exchange is if with a great worry in ther minds. Suddenly, one voice breaks free from the crowd.

He must not!

There is a murmur of agreement. Somebody sighs, a deep aged sound.

He will. He cannot be stopped.

The volume of the voices increases, their worry now multiplied. Another voice speaks above the others.

We must bargain.

There is movement, as if someone has moved to stand.

He is a scourge! We cannot stoop so low!

And another voice responds in turn.

We can do nothing else! So you would damn us?!

Suddenly there is utter silence. A man clears his throat.

We have 'it'.

A gasp.

You cannot mean-

That which he covets. He will not risk it.

A murmur rises.

Then we have him. A tool, a weapon!

Someone scoffs.

We can not test him. He can not be controlled.

In a woe-filled voice, another comments.

Then all is truly lost...

And like a scolding tutor, another fires back.

No! The show must go on. Only now, we have another act.

The rooms seems to gasp, as if all of the air has been sucked out completely. A wavering voice ventures forward.

He is banished, exiled. We cannot...

Sudden silence once again, until the old yet strong voice speaks.

We have no hope of stopping him. But with his might, we cannot be challenged. With his cunning, we cannot be outfoxed. With his power, we cannot be defeated. There is only once choice.

The silence slowly turns into a murmur of begrudged agreement. And then one after another, as if prepared, they sound off.

He comes.

He comes.

He comes.

He comes.

A pause, and a sigh of satisfaction.

He comes.
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Post on September 5th 2016, 9:02 pm by Nobi
Heh, everyone has their days don’t they?

Chris Elite beat me fair and square. He did what he wanted to do. He fulfilled his own promise. In the end of the day, he retained the New Breed Championship. But one thing for sure, he knows he’s wrong at one thing: that he didn’t have to give his best. No, I forced him to bring more than his best. I forced him to break a lot of sweat. I forced him to waste a lot of breath. But for now, congratulations Chris. I’ll make sure your hands and your feets won’t reach the ropes once we meet in the ring again. You know you are not better than me.

But let’s move on shall we? You all know very well that I will never give up and I will never surrender. No matter how many times people knocked me out, I will never stop. I have proven it over and over again that I will always get back-up to my feet no matter what the odds. I wrestle with my heart and my soul. I always bring my A-Game everytime I come to the ring. I never speak lies, I always speak the truth. I’m the man of my words, and that’s what makes me dangerous.
Apparently, Damien Murrow really understand this. He’s trusting me to represent Showdown in the upcoming Dynasty vs Showdown Super Show in Chicago. I have a honor to represent my Brand and my show to show everybody else why Showdown is the best brand in this company.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Dynasty is a good show. Voltage is no different. But Showdown? We are on another level. We have countless fans coming to the arena. Everytime we sell tickets, it will always be sold out. We make fans’ Saturday night very memorable. We always sending people home happy. I mean, how many times EAW journalists choose our brands as show of the week since Season 10 started? 5 times. That’s a great accomplishment isn’t it? That’s why Showdown is EAW’s number 1 show. That’s why Showdown is the best TV show in the world.

But make no mistake, as proud as I am representing my Show in this Supershow, I’m fighting for myself and my fans. I know very well that my opponent has an opposite different view than me. You see Angelo, you are arrogant. You are selfish. You are a prick. And you are a dummy. You are too celf-centered and too cocky for your own good. I admit, you have the talent, you have the spirit, but you are still a dummy. I get it that you have an upcoming title shot for TLA’s Interwire Championsip, but your cockiness is leading you to your own downfall. You want a proof? Just take a look what happened to you last week. V beat you in seconds. Does it hurt you Angelo? It’s hard to swallow the truth isn’t it? Your talent is crying. Your cockiness is holding yourself back. You are too single-minded that you think you are above everyone else in this world while in reality you are just another self-centered prick in this company.

I’m not holding myself back Angelo. I’ll prove to you why I’m the better wrestler than you. I want to beat you. I want to pin you. I want to make you tap. I want to knock you out. I want to get a win over you. See? I’m 100% serious. I really mean it that I can and will beat you. While I may lost a lot since I got drafted to Showdown, I never got destroyed in seconds like you did. What happened to you Angelo? Isn’t Dynasty supposed to be your brand? Isn’t Dynasty supposed to be your kingdom? That’s the result of your cockiness. In this Dynasty vs Showdown supershow, I’ll show you why I’m the better man than you’ll ever be. The World isn’t resolved around you, the world is resolved around all of us where I beat you right in the middle of the ring. You can believe that, dummy.
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Post on September 5th 2016, 5:23 pm by Whiskey Jack
Dynasty vs Showdown #1

vs V

I must admit, I wasn't expecting much from Kevin Hunter. Like I said before, I know his type. A wolf, trying to take on a bear alone. Doesn't work out well for the wolf. But even I expected more than he gave. I wasn't expecting to lock him in the Bear Trap so easily. I was figuring to do a little hold-counterhold. I was just trying to shock him. Get him thinking, 'oh, this bloke can finish the match at any time; I should be more careful.' Instead, he fell victim to his own willful ignorance and unpreparedness. No point-counterpoint. No hold-counterhold. No punch-counterpunch. Kinda sad. But some people just aren't as far into their life's journey as others are. If Kevin takes his defeat at my hands and learns from it, maybe we'll cross paths again and he'll put up a better fight. One can only hope.

Oh well. What's done is done. The past is gone; best to not dwell on it. Learn from the past, yes. But to let the failures of past continue to haunt your present and cloud the future? That's just foolishness. Leastways, that's how I see it. My opponent for this week would probably disagree. Or if he has a modicum of self-reflection, agree wholeheartedly. Because no one seems more burdened by the past than the man who calls himself 'V.' Trying to make up for the failures of his past with illusions and masks. Somehow, I ain't that impressed. You're not trying to right your wrongs, you're hiding from them. Afraid to show your face, afraid to hear your name, afraid to even wrestle in your own matches. How does that prove doubters and naysayers wrong? How does this garner you respect? Trickery and guile has its place, don't get me wrong. I've been known to practice a bit of mummery myself. Guess it's something that runs in the blood. But in this business, if you want respect, sometimes you gotta beat it outta people with your bare hands. No lackeys, no smoke and mirrors, no stunt doubles. Why do you think that authority figures have such a hard time getting respected? Because a lot of them can't earn it with their own fists. They have to flex their authority and wile others to do the blood work for them. Sure, you may be a dandy of an illusionist. You may even be able to trick your way into a victory. But will that erase the blight of your past? Will that quiet the doubters? Nope. All it gets you is a meaningless win, a few more whispers that you still haven't got it, and no change in that big black pit of shame you wallow in. Masks … bah. Masks change nothing about you. If you feel that you're a failure in your past and you continue to dwell on it, you can hide under a thousand masks and still change nothing in your heart. Only by moving on, ceasing to dwell on your failures, and getting over yourself can you truly change.

But this is meaningless chatter to you, isn't it? I can almost hear you now. “How can this rookie know anything about what the great and enigmatic 'V' has gone through? He's nothing but a dumb brute.” Maybe you won't say that exactly, but the condescending sentiment is always the same, no matter the flowery words used to dress it up. The lies and misdirection all cover the same truth at the core. I'll be dismissed, pushed aside in your thoughts as you continue to fix upon that nebulous 'plan' that you are hatching. Ol' Whiskey Jack has been discounted as such in the past. Just some meaningless drifter who knows nothing. But I've been all over the world, and I've been many people. I've walked in their shoes, felt their desires and hurts. I've been you, V. I've lost family. I've failed to live up to my own expectations, let alone others. It hurts like hell, and even now, if I let my mind wander back the path I've traveled, I can feel the phantom pain of wounds that have long since healed, almost as fresh as they day they were cut. But I don't hide behind a mask. I don't lose myself in illusions. And I definitely don't constantly pick and pick at the wound, refusing to let it heal, masochisticly reveling in that pain, fooling myself into thinking that it's pushing me to be better. We've all been hurt, V. Some of us learn to heal. You haven't. Well, I'll be sure to give you some new hurts, come Friday. Because, though I pity people like you, when you step into the ring with me and the bell sounds, all the pity in the world won't stop me from giving you a thrashing. Showdown, Dynasty, Voltage … don't mean a thing to me. I ain't a soldier in somebody's war. I fight for myself. I fight for the people that payed their hard earned money to see some blood. The machinations of the GMs and the high level superstars that are heavily invested in their brand? I couldn't care less. My name may be listed on Showdown, but I ain't really one of them. Do I look like a superstar of the flagship show of EAW? Makes no difference to me if I'm on Showdown or Dynasty or Turbo? I don't need a flag to fight under, and their causes aren't mine to die for. I gotta say, I'm surprised that I was chosen to compete on the Dynasty/Showdown supershow. I expect it was more just about picking names out of a hat, and I just happened to be the one to come up. Well, I guess Showdown will get to reap the benefits of that happenstance. Maybe they have some chalkboard at EAW headquarters, tallying up points for whichever suit gets the bigger Christmas bonus. Whatever. Their business ain't a concern of mine. I'm more concerned with getting in the ring with a basketcase of insecurities and regrets and beating some sense into him. You've got a grand scheme in mind? It's nothing to me but a Rube Goldberg machine: just a contraption that makes a lot of noise with a lot of motion but is ultimately meaningless. And if you try push your luck, I may just throw a wrench into your little clockwork toy and send it all crashing down, just to watch it burn. Yet, somehow, I get the feeling that you're probably your own worst enemy, V. And sooner or later, you'll be the orchestrator of your own downfall. And your grand menacing violence that you seem to happy to say you're conducting? Likely just the tinder to your own funeral pyre.

Schemes and ideas are easy. Making them reality? Much more difficult. Ideas are ephemeral. I am tangible. Come to the ring with nothing but ideas and your little baton, and I'll crush you and snap your baton like a twig.
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Dynasty vs. Showdown #1
This is a match dreams were made of. I’ve been put in big spots during my career. But this is a match I always wanted. Not Heart Break Gal or Cameron Ella Ava. This one here. Me vs. Kendra Shamez. If you remember deep back into the start of my career in EAW, back when I faced HBG for the first time, I told her that I came up in the business as a fan of hers. But it wasn’t really like that. I admired following her career and her achievements and watching the style in which she fought. But really, it was you Kendra. Now I know you’ll probably either mock that or crack a joke or say you don’t care, it’s whatever to me. It won’t change the fact that when I signed here, hell, even before I signed here, I had dreams of joining this company and fighting Kendra. There is my room before I left Texas was a poster, and a t-shirt. There was an admiration for everything about Kendra Shamez and the way she did things in that ring. I truly was a fan of you and everything you did in this company. But I joined this company and a match against you seemed out of reach. They told me it would never happen. I was disappointed in the rumors. They said you’d never return. And yet here you are, defying all those words they said, all the bullshit they thought they knew when they didn’t know anything. Here you are, standing right in front of me and soon to be across from me and looking to fight me for just the chance at becoming Empress of Elite in another week. When I joined this company with the dream of fighting you, I wondered how I would feel if that moment ever did come. Would I be scared, nervous, something else… yet here I stand feeling nothing but excitement and exhilaration. All the build up in the world to our match this week will make this stage feel as massive as you could imagine. Almost like it’s being fought on a grand stage instead of a weeknight show. But that’s what this match will be, everything every person out there is imagining. The idea of a walking, breathing Hall of Famer against someone everyone sees as an up and comer is enough to generate massive excitement. People have watched me beat HBG and Cameron and now they will talk about whether or not I can pull off some kind of trifecta of beating legends. Who cares about all of that. I just care about this match with you and doing what it takes to make sure I come out of this week with a win and a spot in those finals. When these groups were announced, I saw you in that opposite group and I wondered. It was possible that this could happen, but I worried about taking care of my own first. And now here we are. I think about all those times watching you in the past. You weren’t willing to do anything other than be yourself. You did what it took to win and you didn’t take shit from anyone unless they could back that up. I once heard someone say you were the opposite of a role model, and I pose the question back to them what’s wrong with being confident. Nothing, that’s the answer. I can’t wait to stand in that ring with you and go toe-to-toe and rip each other apart. That’s what dreams like this are made of. And you can take the lazy road here and talk about turning my dreams into a nightmare by beating me or whatever, but I’m not letting anything stop me from living this out. I’m going to the finals of this tournament and then I’m going to become the Empress of Elite, just like I’ve said all along. This challenge ahead of me is huge and I know that. But I’ve never backed away from a challenge ever. And I’m not going to start now.
When this tournament began they put me in a block that they anointed the group of death. And then shit got weird. The last person you might expect started making noise. All of the sudden, it was anyone’s block to win among four different people, not just three or two. Yet here I stand on the other side of death row breathing the air on the outside and looking into the face of something they tell me is an even bigger challenge than I’ve ever faced. So maybe it is. You’re the Specialist’s Champion after all, right? Belt looks nice on you baby, by the way. I don’t care about the predictions and the frivolities; I just care about this match. I care about beating you and I care about becoming the Empress of Elite. I’ve faced a lot of different people in this tournament who had different mindsets and different goals. None of them could compare to where I was. I wasn’t perfect in this tournament, but nobody has been. Everyone has made mistakes, but the ones who survive now are the ones who played the game, learned from the past and made the right moves to get to this point. Look at you. People thought you came back for a one-off at Pain for Pride. They didn’t know shit. Here you are right now still standing around and threatening to take the Specialist’s title and the Empress of Elite crown in a matter of weeks. You came in and you’re shaking things up. That wasn’t your intent, you’re just Kendra freaking Shamez. You come in and you do what you want and you don’t take any names as you beat your way to the top. Or something along those lines. I just came here to take what I want, too. People have tried to tell me this is my last chance or that I’m so last year, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve put in the work and I’ve done enough to reach this point. I’m not content with just making it to the finals, I’m striving for more. I wanted this matchup from the moment this tournament was announced, and now I want to win it. And I’m ready to win it. I understand your accomplishments and achievements, but I’m not focused on the past. I’m thinking about right now, this match, and what happens at the end of this match on Friday. I’ve waited since before I ever joined EAW to fight in this match. There’s no way I’m letting it slip away and end in a loss.
We don’t need to recount history or compare what we’ve done. It’s obvious I couldn’t compare to what you have in a more lengthy EAW career. Let’s just focus on this match for what it is. This is an amazing opportunity for two of the best wrestlers in EAW to meet in a match and put on an unbelievable show. We have the chance to turn heads, just as this tournament has all along. But just because there have been amazing matches already doesn’t mean our match won’t top them all. It doesn’t mean we won’t defy the odds that every put over this match and put on the most incredible performance EAW has seen. We have so many similarities yet many differences. We are two people who are willing to go the distance and do incredible things and push our bodies to the limits to win matches. Our mistakes are in the past and we grew from them in our own ways. There was so much evolution along the way to get to this point. And now we’re both battle-hardened warriors preparing to fight in a war. I’ve been preparing for this for so long. I can’t stop myself from saying that over and over because I feel the excitement of this boiling in my veins. You’re good. You’ve said it so many times. We all know your talent and how much you mean to this company and its history. But this match will be about which one of us is the most determined to win this. This match will come down to which one of us is the most stubborn. I’ll admit it took me awhile when I first got here to realize I had to be myself before I could start to win and grow. I needed to get back to my roots. I needed to do what was right for me. That’s what I’m doing now and that’s why Cailin Dillon is having so much success. But I will never stop pushing for more, never stop taking little bits along the way and picking it up and working to improve. I want to be the best. To be the best, you gotta beat the best. They’re putting the best they can in front of me in the semi-finals this week and they won’t be disappointed. I’m coming into this match on Friday and I’m leaving with a victory in hand. I dreamed of this match from the moment I came here, and now it’s time to put up and shut up. And I won’t disappoint Kendra. There’s a crown sitting on a throne waiting to go on someone’s head at the end of this journey, but I’ve got to survive a war before I get the chance to fight for it. I will make it to the end of this, and I will do it by beating a woman I once tried to model myself as. But now I’m here as myself and it’s going to be enough. All the work I put in to reach this point will pay off with a win over you. I’m going to punch my ticket to the finals on Friday, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
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I've been the best since day one.
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The hierarchy in attaining greatness is simple. 


The thoughts you have are able to change the world around you, all by changing what you put out into the world. You can be the change you seek. The mind is the most powerful part of the human body. It's superior to any strongman's deltoid, glutes, traps, or any other muscle. A strong mind is better than ten thousand strong men. A strong will can bring you up from total despair and into your own personal zion. You can find salvation in the confines of your head space. You can turn heaven into hell all by how you change your perception. Heaven, after all, is just how perceive it -- and there can only be hell if you believe it. 

Some people manifest physical scars that weaken the body yet strengthen the mind. There's no doubt that's happened to Scott Oasis.  He's become more fearsome and dominant than he's ever been, and has proven it through his actions alone. Over the past couple of months he's been virtually unstoppable. He took what should have been a death blow and made it his launchpad. He's better without the World Heavyweight Title than he was with it. It's not just physical. It's not just the change in look, it's not just the change in demeanor, it's in the eyes. The eyes never lie, especially not to a man who can read you through them. Mine eyes surely don't lie. You can see the exact moment "Methuselah" comes alive all by the look in my eyes. My eyes tell you every intention I have. Pro wrestlers don't have a good poker face in general. There's too much emotion behind what we do. Only emotion can drive you to follow through with a profession like this. Emotion, hunger, and passion are the driving force. Believe it or not, emotion is part of intelligence. Knowing how to channel your emotion is about just as important as knowing everything else. Emotion and logic are always so divided, and that's because the emotional are often not logical, and the logical generally forego emotion. But finding the balance is the key to success. I think Scott Oasis has finally found the balance. I think he's figured out what it takes to push himself to a new stratosphere. That's why at TI I'll be glad to be the first to truly welcome him to my world. I want to be the first to welcome Scott to my tax bracket. Welcome to my stratosphere. 

But that's at TI. I have plenty of time to talk about TI. I want to talk about this Friday night. I want to talk about my opponent this Friday night. But before I talk about my opponent, let's take a look at the mind some more. Let's take a look at the physical attributes -- the left brain versus the right. Logic vs. Emotion. The left brain, the logical side, can assess and process the situation before them and use deductive reasoning and practical application to find their solution. The right brain, the emotional side, taps into the creativity and imagination that produces what once did not exist. But what happens when you have one without the other? What happens when you have the left brain and forego the right? People like those are generally called "cowards". They understand the low probability in succeeding in life itself, and life itself, and they never move forward. And what what about when you're all emotion and no logic? I believe they call people like those "fools". And on Dynasty vs. Showdown I face the worst of the left and the right brain. I meet the court jester of OMERTA, EAW's biggest coward, and possibly EAW's biggest laughing stock, JJ Silva. 

Seven days before I go in the ring with Scott Oasis, a man who's tapped into his potential and will no doubt be a worthy challenger, I get JJ Silva as my warm up, who is the complete antithesis. While Oasis has broken out from the ranch, Silva continues to cower yet throw stones from the midst of his glass house. Honestly, I can't complain about the booking. I don't have any complaints no matter how abysmal the competition in this match is. I think JJ needs this more than I do. I really do. I really think, JJ, that you need to learn a hard lesson about yourself. The most painful lessons are the most rewarding. The ones that sting the most, the ones that you dread going into, those are the ones you need more than every other. But of course you'll put on that facade of confidence -- that you're this "realist" who can see this situation for exactly what it is and still be unafraid of the threat that I impose. I guess that's the bare minimum to expect from an EAW Elitist. Not many have the balls to admit they're afraid of another man the way I know you're afraid of me, JJ. But I think what you're more afraid of than just me, are the repercussions that come with facing me. Because I am a facade's worst nightmare. I made a man with the facade of "Best in the World" and a man who now claims the mighty don't kneel, kneel before me. Facades do not work against God. And the act you're putting on of this boastful arrogance, or am I supposed to say "confidence", is never going to look more paper-thin than it will once you're staring God in the fucking face.

Because you're a pretender, a coward, and a fool. You're the worst example of the mind itself. You made it far enough to enter these hallowed halls, but if we took a look back from the first day you joined this company and compared it to who you are as a man right now it'd become evident that there's no difference. Nothing about you has changed since day one. Maybe the way you dress, maybe the people around you carrying you to even a sliver of success, but not you. You're a weak, fragile man with an even more feeble mind who would be absolutely lost without others to back him up. You would have nothing, if not for The Iconomy, and if not for Zack Crash. You tried to take the bullshit, generic shortcut to a modicum of success from DAY ONE by forming a stable of lackeys, and look what's happened, your own lackeys have far surpassed you. Cailin Dillon has beaten you and proven she is beyond your league. Chris Elite, a failure, A PERPETUAL FAILURE, A HABITUAL LOSER, A MAN WHO TOOK SEVEN YEARS, SEVEN YEARS TO WIN A ROOKIE TITLE, MADE YOU TAP! A broken clock is right twice a day, and Chris Elite wins twice a year, but the hour hand fell on you. And now you're in the 5th string of OMERTA, a faction that should have died when Scott Oasis left, a complete waste of air time on Showdown behind held together by scraps and Zack Crash's never ending megalomania. The only reason Crash bothers to keep you around is because he doesn't have anybody else. You're one of the "few good men" still loyal to that son of a bitch. You're one of the last few remaining imbeciles who still thinks Zack Crash has anything to offer other than lies. And even despite the fact that Crash is desperate, you're still a liability to him as well. Pathetic.

You are a disgrace. If I ran OMERTA I would have let Damien Murrow keep you in his clutches. No way would I have let anyone embarrass me the way you embarrass Crash and still allow them to associate with me. I would have said fuck you and let you rot in whatever dungeon he had you holed up in. I've dropped people supremely more talented than you over far less, do you think I'd hesitate to sacrifice someone as useless as you? Anyone who isn't desperate would do the same thing. But still you end your fucking speeches with "In OMERTA We Trust" like anybody would trust you. Who the fuck would trust OMERTA with their fucking life? Who would trust JJ Silva, who got kidnapped like a bitch, with their life??? Young Metro wouldn't trust OMERTA. If I had to pick between El Landerson and JJ Silva, I would sooner trust Landerson. At least he doesn't spend his entire career hiding behind people. You haven't gotten stronger whatsoever from the moment I first laid eyes on you, Silva. You've immediately jumped to the first shelter you could find because you don't know a goddamned thing about adversity. You won't know what it's like to be at rock bottom until you no longer have Zack Crash to come rescue you every time you fall. How fucking dare you tell me you're better than me you disgraceful little shit, while I was putting on arguably Match of the Year at Pain for Pride, you were getting curb stomped by my fucking girlfriend and her teammates. 

See that's the problem I have right there with you kids today, you talk so goddamned wreckless but you never have a legitimate case. There's no reason why you should just be able to get away with saying your'e better than Gawd and then bring no facts to the table. The fact that it's so easy for you to talk wreckless like that and have nothing happen to you, is exactly why you're still a weak uncultured naive little fuck. This is why you need this match with me so badly, and this is why I'm not complaining that we're having it. I'm going to have the pleasure of crushing your body and building your mind -- that is, if your body survives. Sometimes you need your will completely broken to understand the full spectrum of life. Life isn't all about hiding behind people and picking up cheap wins and forgettable title reigns. It's about standing behind the shit you say and dealing with your transgressions like a man. I'm going to make a fucking man out of you, boy. You aren't going to get the right to talk all that garbage and not have to deal with the repercussions. I don't know where you think you are but in this is EAW, and there is no freedom of speech in this motherfucker. If there is freedom of speech, it comes hand in hand with the freedom to get your ass beat. This is a dictatorship, and when you speak ill of the Supreme Leader you get fucking confronted. If you thought things were going to get better for you at my expense, you're in for one hell of a wake up call. You're about to experience what true suffering and humiliation looks like. You're going to REALLY find out what rock bottom is all about. Welcome to hardship, Silva. I will be your guide.
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Dynasty vs Showdown Promo 1 – Breaking Out

The scene fades in from black, and we see the back of a figure stood in front of a window, which has bright light pouring in through it. The figure contrasts against this light, a solid shadow obstructing the window. The camera lingers, still in place. And then we hear Ryan Marx's voice, though the figure remains in place, back turned to the camera.

Last Showdown, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I proved to everyone that I still have the ability in me to succeed. I showed all of the EAW Universe how powerful I am. And since people may have started thinking that I had nothing new to show everyone, I pulled out a few more tricks. Josh O'Connor is lucky to even still be working with EAW after I decimated him in front of an arena full of people. After that display, more and more individuals are reaching out to me, telling me that they are finally listening to what I have to say. I said before that change was coming, that the signs were appearing, and now I can reinforce that statement even more after my dominant victory at Showdown.

A pause. The camera zooms in just a bit, the light taking up more of the frame. But Ryan Marx remains dead centre, the darkness corrupting the light.

Now I'm breaking out. This week, I won't be restricted to just Showdown. I'm free to speak on a 'supershow', where both Dynasty and Showdown will collide. More eyes and ears will be focussed on me, and more targets have opened themselves up. I have heard that this week, I will be facing Ross Vegas, who will be fighting on the behalf of Dynasty. But I will not be fighting for Showdown. To most, this is probably some infantile game, a test to see which brand is better. People will be trying to prove that they are part of the 'better' brand, that they are superior. But it is all meaningless. When I step into the ring, I will not be fighting on behalf of anyone except myself. This supershow isn't an opportunity to prove something pointless like 'which brand is the best' – it's a chance to show that my influence knows no bounds. I will show not just to everyone on Showdown, but to everyone across all brands, that I am the superior one here. And I will do that by pushing Ross Vegas to his limits.

Ryan turns around to face the camera, the light shining in and leaving harsh highlights around the edges of his face. He stares with an immeasurable intensity at the camera, as it zooms in on him slowly – as if it were scared to come too close too quickly.

I have to say that my opponent for this show is rather disappointing, especially when I look at the other match-up on the card. Of all the talent on the Dynasty roster, I have to face Ross Vegas. This man claims to be the next Interwire Champion, and perhaps he is in a very distant future, but how many times has he said this? And does he have the Interwire Championship yet? No, he just has a whole lot of hype that is going nowhere. You have been a Rising Star of the Week, I'll give you that, but soon you will be a falling star because I will make sure that your rise to success in EAW comes to a halt this coming Friday. I don't know who you will be fighting for at this supershow – yourself, Dynasty, the EAW fans – but whoever it is, someone is going to be leaving the arena disappointed because they will realise that you're just all catchphrases and flashiness, and not much else. Tell me what you have actually achieved, Ross. And I don't want to hear about the cars you own, or the house you live in, or whatever vacuous sponsorships you've obtained. I want you to tell me what you have really achieved in this life. Have you reached a new sense of understanding like I have, have you researched the depths of the human mind like I have? Do you question our existence, our world – or do you just care about the superficial nonsense, the hollow possessions that give us no greater understanding of anything? Have you taken a moment to think about anything beyond the tangible nothingness that surrounds us?

I doubt it.

When I look at you, Ross, I don't see a future Interwire Champion. I don't even see a person. I see nothing of note. I just see a robot, walking around spouting out catchphrases that must have taken up all of your brain power to think of. And that is where you fail when you come up against someone like me. You are led by the desire to own things – championships, material objects, the respect of the EAW fans. They lead you so much that they have restricted you. But me, I'm not driven by any of that. Those are just sub-goals, optional objectives that cannot hold a candle to my real source of motivation. I have real drive, I have an actual reason to fight. My convictions strengthen me more than any cheesy phrase or sponsorship deal could. This Friday, I am motivated by the need to show once again that I am truly powerful. I will display the strength of my mind, I will exert my mental might against you and your physical strength and limited intellectual capacity. You say you're the cream of the crop, and since you probably don't know about the etymology behind that phrase, it refers to the fact that cream rises to the top of milk – how fitting, considering you believe you will rise to the top of EAW. But milk can be spilled, and crops can be cut down. I am the scythe that cuts the crops, I am the man who will rain on your parade and make sure that you are not going to rise to the top any time soon. You might even say I'm the wake-up call that no one on Dynasty seems to have been to you. It's a miracle that you will be facing me at this supershow, because if you never came up against me, you might have lived your life in denial for the rest of your existence.

Ryan's intense look is broken as he lets out a laugh, his head lolling back just a bit as he does, the light enveloping more of his face before he brings his head forward again.

So, future Interwire Champion, I can't wait to go up against you, if only to knock you off from the pedestal you like to claim as your own. You better break out from that box you've contained yourself in, otherwise I'll have to force you out of it.

Ryan walks out of frame, letting the bright light from the window fill the screen. It lingers for a while as the video glitches. Cut to static. Fade to black.
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Dynasty Promo I

When a man loses everything.. He becomes the most dangerous man in the world.

I lost everything.. Not just my title, not just myself, but everything in between. Ever since that dreadful night, I’ve been here.. Just pondering my thoughts and watching everything in my personal life and my career fall apart. The business is funny.. In one instance you’re riding cloud nine, and the next you’re at rock bottom. Everyone is quick to get you to a point of establishment, but will let you fall with a flip of a switch. I had it all.. And I lost even more. There is no salvation to be found.. Why would there be? I’ve lost EVERYTHING. At this moment.. Hatred has began to take it’s place.. Blood is beginning to boil and my insides are screaming. The only way to make a difference is to wage war.. But I’m no man to make a difference.. I make statements. My hatred has manifested itself into malice and I’ve been through much more. A lot of these elitist nowadays’ will go around shuckin’ and jiving, and for me it’s get out there to find the solution. Emotional hardships has been the story of my existence for the past month and I was gone. Many elitist watched me unable to come back and flipped their entire image and think the power is in their physique, but overall it’s in your will, heart and mind. I’ve become a laughing stock of the mass because of this situation.. But why? They’ll always spew their verbal diarrhea trying to convince me that I’ve fell off or I’m nothing but who are they to judge when those same critics haven’t even crawled out of the trenches themselves? For the entire duration of my career, I’ve dealt with critics and never backed down defending what I believe in. I’ve dealt with doubters.. I’ve dealt with seemingly unstoppable forces… I’ve also dealt with being at the very bottom of the barrel before.. You call that falling off? I call that evolving. The history of the New Breed cycle will continue to repeat itself.. I don’t need my championship back.. I’m moving on to higher level and continuing to evolve beyond anyone’s expectations of me. It’s kill or be killed so my hands are forced into violence and that’s the way I love it. Always remember.. When a man loses everything.. He becomes the most dangerous man in the world.

The worst part of all this is when a man hits rock bottom.. You never know it until it’s too late. It’s funny because people look at this like it defines me as a person.. They label me as a failure but can’t comprehend that I’ve done nothing but succeed in back against the wall situations. Where many of you idiots fail, I am there to swoop in and rise above the level you aspire to get to. Everyone think they’re top notch until I kick them in the mouth. So naive.. This is the folly of man. How can I take half of you seriously when none of you have even given me a reason to feel threatened? I’m back. This is the fully rejuvenated JJ Silva.. I’m pissed off.. And now I’m coming back to the Land Of Elite with nothing on my mind other than rising further up the proverbial ladder and taking what has always been mine to own. This entire company can be yours if you possess the ability to put the weight of it on your shoulders and carry it the extra mile. Each and every elitist desire to one day become champion and believe that it’ll establish themselves.. But what they don’t tell you is that’s when the true hard work begins. It’s not about who wins it first, or even who wins it the fastest.. It’s who has the more dominate reign. Someone could win  a championship in a couple weeks and it not matter if they just have a one month reign. Heh. It seems as if I’m just lecturing a rather uneducated audience.. I’ve been boxing with this issue for quite a few rounds but it never seems to die down. None of this matters because a very small fraction of you will ever even come within a mile of a championship.

It seems that statement really doesn’t apply to my opponent Mr. DeDeDe. We’re talking about the ghost of EAW’s past but somehow still dominating in the same company he’s been in for nearly a decade. Mr. DeDeDe should be the mesuring stick that elitist like me desire to one day get to or even surpass.. But my perspective has all changed. This is not simply about beating Mr DeDeDe. This is about proving that my time spent in this company and all the hard work put in was well spent. This is about continuing a run of exemplary performances that were cut short in my run as champion as a result of the injuries I had sustained due to all of my hard-fought matches up until that point. You're taking what you've seen of me before and expecting it to be the same man you'll square off with in the ring on Dynasty for the dying brand you landed on. Sure, you may have beaten Xavier Williams, but at the height of my success in my first New Breed Championship reign and unrestrained by the injuries that plagued reign a couple of months ago I defeated Hall of Famers on multiple occasions. This isn't about that though. This isn't about proving that my last match in an EAW ring was a fluke. I know Chris Elite beat me, fair and square. I know that many men beat me in my career, fair and square, no doubt about it. That's something that's never going to go away, having the best seat in the house to my injury-influenced decline and being unable to do anything about it. I stayed in the ring like a trooper and I took my punishment in stride. I handled it as best as I could, but my losses have remained fresh in my mind after the reality of my defeat at Dia Del Diablo. Everything that I'm doing right now and everything that I'm going to do, it's all because of the way people like you reacted with bliss at my misfortune, DeDeDe. It's because of guys who couldn't endure a fraction of what I went through taking pleasure in my suffering. If you're a wrestler who spends the majority of his career as a footnote in the middle of the show, maybe you can handle losing. Maybe you can handle not being able to perform at your best and still doing the fans the disservice of forcing them to watch you on a weekly basis. That's because people like that are content to be mediocre. They know what they are, and they understand their place in the universal pecking order. I can't blame them for wanting to continue earning a paycheck in spite of their talent or lack thereof, because many of these men have families to feed and they'll do what they can to do so. It is a privilege, not a right, to work in this business and to compete for this company. In my year here, I have never taken that for granted and I have operated accordingly. However, I absolutely refuse to stand idly by and watch while talentless ingrates content to gain just another paycheck wipe their feet on the floor of my message. My motivation has never been money, and so you know my return to the ring has nothing to do with that. I don't do it for a paycheck. I don't do it to feed my family. I'm doing this because I'm gifted in a way that nobody else who has ever walked in a ring has been, and despite the differences you could list all day between us, what you'll notice almost immediately in our match on Dynasty is the fact that I’m nothing  like you, Mr. DeDeDe; I'm better.

I’m what you would call a realist.. My eyes are opened to all and see everything for what they truly are. In this business it’s nearly impossible to persuade the AL-mighty opinion.. And the way I see it is why try? You see, DeDeDe.. You’re not bad and should NEVER be taken lightly.. But you spent the entire last year as a footnote to this company and you were okay with it. You spent your year dealing with personal issues with Ryan Savage which was a complete and utter waste.. Yet somehow based on your achievements you were blessed with an opportunity and also capitalized on said opportunity to add another World Championship to your collection. I bet you look at me with a simple glance and think nothing of me right? I’m just another underachiever questioning your abilities right?! Am I? That’s your own words.. One year ago that was your exact words. You’re right, DeDeDe. That’s what I’m doing but I have every right to do so. Last year during The Mercenary’s reign as Tag Team Champions you continued to state that I was nothing.. But please introduce your logic to that! Tell me how I’m nowhere near your status when I had a whole group of by your mouth not mine “underachievers” in the Tag Team title picture and came closer than you did to winning them! At House Of Glass we weren’t even pinned?! It was your team that lost that night.. The legendary Savage Ryan’s that couldn’t hang that night. We do have a small history together but nothing is relevant to this moment.. I know you, DeDeDe.. I’m a very observant young man and with that you’re no different than me. Your accomplishments.. They mean nothing to me. The only thing that I care about is going into this match and showing the entire world that you see yourself as equivalent to a man like Muhammad Ali which is all great and good.. Everyone believes they are the great one until I punch them in mouth. It’s like I mentioned earlier, DeDeDe.. No one in their right mind is even considering that I have even the slimmest chance to pull out a victory here.. I have nothing left to lose, DeDeDe.. You on the other hand have EVERYTHING to lose. JJ Silva is back. Omerta’s heart and soul.. The Code Of Greed has become much more vile and the mission is to rise above all expectations placed on me and I will do that… You should’ve known that was encrypted. I’ve been vocal my entire career.. But so silent when it came to the honest truth that comes with being an elitist. I’ve most certainly changed.. We now live in a world where silence is no longer golden.

In Omerta We Trust.
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Post on September 4th 2016, 6:01 am by The Philly Kid
Scene begins with The Philly Kid watching the end of Cody Marshall's Showdown promo on his laptop. Philly closes the lid and turns his attention to the camera.

Philly: "You know for a Preacher you speak a whole lotta hate. Now that I think on it you claim to be a Baptist Preacher. You must be one of those Westboro Baptist type Preachers! You also claim to have 7 kids... you sure they're all yours Rev. If I were you I would call Maury Povich. I can see the show now. Cody you are here to see if you are the father of these 7 children. Well the results are in..."

Child 1-Cody you are not the father!
Child 2-Cody you are not the father!
Child 3-Cody you are not the father!
Child 4-Cody you are not the father!
Child 5-Cody you are not the father!
Child 6-Cody you are not the father!
Child 7-Cody you are not the father!

Philly: "Cody it seems like your old lady has some explaining to do. After that she better scour the neighborhood to find her 7 baby daddies!"

Philly rubs his beard and continues...

Philly: "Cody why all the hatred for all things fat? I wonder... in fact I know why! I actually feel for you though bro... I see now why you have all this pent up frustration!"

Philly reaches for his phone before continuing...

Philly: "You talk about doing research... well I've done mine and I know why you are so pissed off. It's your sex life. 7 kids must've torn your wife up and now you hate all things big! I guess having sex with her must be like..."

Philly flips to a new pic...

Flips to another...

Philly: "Ok enough of those jokes. Let's get off your wife... like those random baby daddies!

Philly smiles for a sec and laughs...

Philly: "Ok... Ok... last one! (pause) That's what she said!"

Philly smirks for a sec before his look becomes serious...

Philly: "Let's get serious now Cody. You like to run your mouth about me and think you know my life. You think you're the first one to make your little fat jokes about me? I've heard them my whole life bro. You gotta come at me with something better. You want to talk about work ethic? I worked almost my entire life and helped take care of my family. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I never asked for a handout from anyone. You like to talk about forefathers and blame guys like me for immigration? Well let's talk about your forefathers. If they're anything like you I bet they were racist bigots. I bet they owned a lot of white hooded sheets. In fact i'm pretty sure a few were passed down to you!"

Philly pauses for a few seconds... starts yelling at the camera in a rage.

Philly: "You said come down to Texas to see how long I would last! Bitch ain't nobody afraid of you or where you live. You say you don't call people like me men... The streets I am from you learn to become a man real quick at an early age. Don't ever doubt my manhood cuz. You say I don't deserve my spot. This is America boy... and I am living my dream. I will step on your dream when I pin your ass 1... 2... 3!"

Philly calms himself down for a sec...

Philly: "Look I am finished talking... I just want to fight. And fight we will. I don't take you lightly dude and I advise you to do the same."

Philly lifts up a basket of dirty laundry and looks back at the camera...

Philly: "I gotta go Rev or Patriot or whatever you like to call yourself... I'm off to Mom's house to do my laundry... see ya soon!"
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Post on September 3rd 2016, 11:59 pm by Autumn Raven
[font=Californian FB][color=#A2CD5A]Things suddenly fade in to a shot of Autumn pacing through the backstage area, dressed completely in her wrestling gear, a pair of Beats headphones stuck over her ears blasting out 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC.  She nods her head in time to the beat of the song, punching her fist into her open palm over and over again.  She had had these headphones on since she arrived in the arena, only stopping to slip clothes off and gear on.  It was her way of shutting out the world, and focusing on the task at hand.  While others were off doing their own thing or running around spouting a bunch of nonsense, Autumn was doing actual work backstage.

Jumping up and down, shadowboxing with the air, stretching out her limbs, the usual thing.  Crew members and other staff working that night would pass her by, nodding their heads, and she so engrossed in her music and what she was doing wouldn't even acknowledge them in the least.  She had bigger things to worry about at the moment than engaging in idle conversation with those kind of people.  The next stage, the next part of the Empress of Elite tournament was that very night and Autumn was bound and determined to see this thing through with a victory.  Stephanie and Tarah had their own reasons for being here, for wanting to move on, but Autumn just wanted to move on and move up, that was really it.  And what better way to do so than to beat the Specialist Champion and another great competitor while she was at it.

[color:9b44=#B0171F]"Maybe I should just let those two duke it out right in front of me.  Let them slaughter each other all because they're so focused on each other that they don't see the real danger lurking right in front of them.  The real deal in this match.  I'm an opportunist, what can I say.  If I can get those two to wear each other down, then it makes it easier for me to sneak in and destroy whatever's left of either woman."

Autumn chuckled softly at her own thoughts, still wandering back and forth.

[color=#B0171F]"I've been on a tear since I've been around, and I'd like to keep it that way.  People think that this whole dark demenor and makeup is a front for being goth or emo or whatever the hell is popular nowadays.  It's far from the truth.  It just ads to the mystique and brutality of my presence in that ring.  If you don't like the way I look or act out there, too bad.  It isn't gonna change anytime soon, for anyone.  Especially for either Tarah or Stephanie.

Those two are bound and determined to see that I don't make it to the next round.  They want to be the one, whichever, going on to the next.  Not gonna happen.  You see, it takes the right kind of person, and the right kind of drive to get anywhere in this tournament.  You can't back out on anything and you can't make excuses for not showing up or whatever.  I want to go on and face the other ladies in this tournament, whomever they may be, because it's all about testing myself against the best this business has to offer, and this tournament is a good example of that.

I don't doubt any of your skills or who you are as a performer.  I just doubt that you two can pull your heads out of the clouds, stop clucking at one another in time to stop me from swooping in to take that all important victory.

Nothing personal girls, I just want this more than you'll ever know."

Autumn grins, continuing her pacing as the scene fades out.
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Post on September 3rd 2016, 11:58 pm by Dead End Bride
“The Last Few Moments”

(In front of a lonely camp fire burning off at some undisclosed location sits Erica Ford, her face painted white and black, her white shirt and jeans smeared with dried blood as she vacantly stares into the flames.)

Just one more night. I’ve been training and prepping for this for quite some time. I know what the stakes are. She knows too. She knows that I should not be underestimated. But for whatever reason Madison continues to do so.

A while ago, I’ve decided to not just walk around making a lot of noise and screaming at people anymore. I’m not going to insult the way someone looks. I’m not going to talk about someone’s sexual promiscuity or chastity. I’m not going to take the same worn down, beaten tropes that everyone else here in EAW uses for their talking points. What I’m going to do is this: I’m going to sit quietly alone here by this fire, surrounded by darkness, and prepare my mind for what is to come.

The Empress of Elite tournament is a proving ground, isn’t it? Even in the two years that it’s actually been a thing, women who have participated in it have become legends. Aria Jaxon made her career by beating Madison last year. Names like Sophia Rose and Cailin Dillon may not have the same ring to them had they never competed in this tournament. And of course, Haruna Sakazaki had to find something else to choke in, correct?

The way that this tournament was set up, it’s been a test of mental fortitude for me.

The first match of the tournament, I had to face the reighning and defending champion of the Vixens Division, Heart Break Gal. I was victorious to the shock of everyone not named Erica Ford. That’s most of the planet, by the way. This match was a test of my skills and ability and I am proud to say I passed it with flying colors.

My second match was against Scarlet. That match was a test of being able to handle success. Let’s be honest, Scarlet isn’t that much of a wrestler. That was passed as well.

You know how everyone has that one test in high school or college that they fuck up on? That was my thing with Consuela. She managed to beat me, most definitely. I was not prepared and maybe my head was kinda filled up with some delusions of grandeur.

Next Came Zara  Morgan. The test this time: learning to bounce back from adversity. I needed to win to keep pace with the rest of the pack and I did so. There was no threat from her, no concern from me about anything that she could do. But I learned to approach her the same way I approached all the matches that actually mean something to me.

And here we are now, the final exam of the term. Madison Kaline. This is a test to put into action all the things that I have learned that really don’t have any wrestling context to them honestly:

Maximizing your skill and ability.

Maintaining focus and handling success.

Keeping a level head regardless of the situation.

Learning how to deal with adversity.


This is one test that I intend on passing.
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