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 NEO Promoz

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PostNEO Promoz

Graphics coming soon...
Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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NEO Promoz :: Comments

Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 11:07 pm by The Trickster Azrael (Online)
One day after the Falls Count Anywhere match.

The Scene begins with the replay of the latest promo of Vexx and Alex Reynolds thinking they got the upper hand by mocking the recent attack of Azrael over the friend of the Archenemy of Ryan Wilson. It's last like two minutes before starting the old ECW opening with Azrael who seems to be somewhere backstage where no one bothers to look out.

Azrael: Oooooh! Look at them trying to escape their way with their little Shenanigans. They think that Wilsy and I, will not notice it. Who has the brilliant idea? You or your friend Vexx Monroe? Because I have an award to give and I wanna know, who should I congratulate with the award of best Shenanigan of 2017.

Said the Mad Trickster with an evil smirk.

Azrael: That must be you, Alex! It seems to be one of your "masterpiece". Someone like Vexx Monroe won't be good enough to assemble a scene like this., Ha ha ha.....Nice try but I'm not buying it. If it wasn't something created at the last minute or if it's was made by Steven Spielberg that I wouldn't notice anything. Unfortunately for you, I know you try your best to desperately win the mind game because you have enough being bullied by us.

Oh! Reynolds, what are you trying to prove? That you can win every battle? That you can easily dispatch me because I'm like a sidekick of Wilsy Ha ha ha! If you think that I can easily go down this Wednesday that your the most delusional wrestler that I've ever heard. Instead of acting desperately you should stay with your scenario that Wilsy and I thought was your past life when you were a little Alex.

He folds his arms while keeping his smirk on his face.

Azrael: I must give you credit for that because I actually believe your life was shittier than mine. That is something that no one will see coming. It kind of sad that the story of the little teenager wasn't yours. Because for the first time, I was excited like a little puppy. I told to myself, their potential in him to be one of ours but sadly, it seems that I have to dig deep into your mind to make you snap before Frontline.

In this day, I will have plenty of time to make sure you won't be able to fool us with another shenanigan in vain. If your friend Vexx decide to crush our party. I will test her ankle to see if she's a really good actress or suck at it. 

He laughs a little.

Azrael: I'm willing to go far this time because this is like a game to me. I like playing operation this is a fun game. You should try it once with Vexx before the big showdown between us or maybe telling me one of your depressing stories just to kill time. I like entertaining myself before going business this Wednesday.......ha ha ha! See you at Frontline Bud.

And the scene fade with the opening of the old ECW.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 5:00 pm by Daryl Kinkade
NEO: Frontline

Kinkade Vs Nakahara Vs Ace
Part 1. 

The time has come, my little friends, to put up or shut up. 

All three of us, Nakahara, Ace and myself have all been banging on about how great we are. Telling the world how fantastic we. Trying to convince the world that our full potential will soon shine through, or that we dominated in one discipline so we'll dominate this one as well, or that we've had a successful career before and it's only a matter of time before that success starts appearing in EAW as well.

Or are we simply trying to convince ourselves?

Are all three of us trying to convince ourselves that we capable of everything we're telling the world we can do? Are we trying to convince ourselves that t's not just all talk but that we can, in fact follow through on all our threats and promises? Are we all trying ton convince ourselves that we can take that next step and force our way out of NEO because deep down there's that nagging doubt that maybe, just maybe, we're not quite cut out for this? I know that's the train of thought running around my skull at the moment, and having listened to Nakahara it would certainly seem that he is leaning that way as well. We all know Sinister would never admit to having those thoughts, after all he's a legend in his own lunchtime and as much as it pains me to say it, he's been the most successful of all three of us so far, but even he has struggled when it's come to the big time. Could he have taken The Revenant? We'll never know. 

Come Frontline, we all get the chance to prove it. Ryo Nakahara will get the chance to prove why his strong style is superior. Sinister Ace will get a chance to showcase his boxing credentials and I, I will get to show off what a pure wrestler can do. We will get to prove that all our past achievements are still relevant. We'll get to prove that we can back up the talk. We'll get to prove who is the best.

Now, I know exactly what is going to happen next. Sinister will come out on his low rent "TV show", sponsored by some shitty youtube channel and he and Marsh Mallow, or Bone Marrow, or Wheel Barrow or whatever his name is will declare that Sinister is in fact the best because he's already beaten me and he's already beaten Nakahara and then Sinister will get angry at something, intimidate his production crew and stomp off. All that said, to be fair to the poor brain dead fool, he will have a point. He has beaten Nakahara and, whether I like the method or means he used to get there, he managed to do what no-one else in NEO has done and that was to pin my shoulders to the canvas for the count of one, two, three.

That was then though, That was the best part of a month a go, in singles competition. This time it's under triple threat rules. That means no disqualification, no count outs. That means, Sinister, that effectively, anything goes. That means that instead of heading into a match with you and expecting fair competition, I'm heading into this one expecting violence. I'll be prepared for brass nucks stuff in your tighty whities. I'll be prepared for Mia Farrow or Jack Sparrow, I realy should learn his name, to interfere on your behalf. I know what type of person you are now Sinister, the whole world does, and there's only so far a one dimensional, one directional lump like yourself can go in this business before they get found out by everyone and the losses start wracking up.

And then there's Nakahara. The Knockout Artist. The Wildcard in this bout.

Another guy you've royally pissed off. We may not be best buddies, hell, we may not like each other at all, but we respect each other. We've faced each other, I came out on top, but we both went about it in the right way and we earned each others respect. In this industry, that means a lot. Especially when you end up in a triple threat match with a common enemy. 

Ever heard the saying 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' Sinister? Probably not, after all it's not about you so you more than likely switched off and started shouting about your golden gloves, because, you know, no-one gives a fuck so you need to shout loudly to make sure they hear you. What that saying means though Sinister, what it means for you, is that you will be stepping into the ring with two guys who don't like each other, who can't understand a word the other is saying and who have two completely different philosophies on life and wrestling but are joined by respect and an intense dislike, bordering on hatred, of you.

So, Sinister, bring your brass nucks. Bring you whiny little manager. Bring your Golden fucking gloves. Bring your very best to the ring, you too Nakahara. Bring all that and more, you're going to need it. Because at NEO:Frontline, the talk stops, the action starts and I'm going to prove to you, to Ashten Cross, to the whole fucking world, that I am the one to take this company to the next level.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 11:28 am by Malcolm Jones
Grown men who dress up as super hero characters like everyday is Halloween?

Grown men who hang out wit other grown men that smother paint over their face and act like a deranged dickhead?

Dudes too scared to run the head up fade 1 on 1 so they gotta rely on their partner to constantly hold their hand?

Dudes who constantly jump in everybody's business making his presence known when nobody cared to ask him?

You managed to cleanly defeat Alex? Was I watching the same match? So lets gloss over the fact that your bum ass had to get Azrael involved by attacking his girl right when he had you down. You're so delusional that you believe the bullshit you spout despite whats right in front of you. It's cool though because I'll be glad to knock some sense into you. The thing about it is this, when it comes down to Frontline, the bright lights are gonna be on your ass and there ain't gonna be any Azrael to save you from embarrassment. First of all, yes I talk the talk, I talk a lot.. and you can't do anything about that. I also walk the walk tho, I back up my words time and time again, you haven't gotten to experience it yet so it's easy to assume that I'm all bark no bite, but just be patient sis, next Friday you gonna see exactly what the kid is about, and not only will I walk the walk, but I'm gonna walk all over you. I'm glad you did your googles and looked up where each and every person I listed was born. Okay maybe some were BORN there like I said, but they are all remembered for what they did where? In Harlem. Basically remembered as Harlemites. I'm glad it pisses you off about how I'm proud of where I'm from, you would too if you came from somewhere with as proud of a heritage as I did. You come from a place where the only thing people think of when they think about that shithole is hockey and maple syrup, you have nothing from there to be proud of that's why ya'll have to resort to jocking American culture. That's why you came to the company based in the tristate to make a big name for yourself instead of one in your trash hometown, not to mention you tag team with a person who is billed from a place called "The Dark Carnival", which doesn't really exist outside of his mind. I mean you coulda at least fronted like you were from Toronto, at least they got Drake.. but it's still no Harlem. So I understand if this proud Harlem citizen hurts your heart because he reps where he's from to the fullest, but you have no idea about to concept of being proud of where you're from because you have nothing to be proud about. I never complained about struggling in life.. ever. I made it out the mud by working hard and changing my situation, I didn't cry about it and I didn't take shortcuts like you do for literally ever match you ever won. I perfected my craft, changed the situation around me and became the man. Nothing about me is fabricated, 100% me to the fullest, everything I do is real and everything that you see from me is real, the suits, the cars, the jewelry, all paid for in full and not to mention 100% legit. And lets not even talk about the women.. look at me and ask yourself do I look like somebody who needs to pay for a females company. What about you? I haven't seen you with a female since you entered this company my g. I've seen you with Azrael most of the time but like.. that's it. If theres anything you'd like to reveal to the NEO audience I won't judge, its 2017 right? Which brings me back to my point about being legit.. can you say the same for yourself? How legit is the 40 year old man child who still gets up every Saturday morning to watch super hero cartoons. Or the man who insecure about himself that he won't show his face to the world. You seem to be obsessed about my background so let me give you a backstory.. I was a tri-athlete, I lost my scholarship due to outside factors, and like I only know how to do.. I bounced back. I became a wrestler on the indy scene in the hometown of the EAW Chairman where I originally attended college, Connecticut, and I stood out so much as I always do, that it caught the attention of our very own chairman Mr DEDEDE and he offered me that bag. But if the story of me being a bum on the streets who DEDEDE felt bad for and gave a pity contract to makes you feel better you can feel free to run with it, because at the end of the day it's just going to make you look bad, losing to a bum on the streets.. what would that make you? Well the good news is you can't look any worse than you already do.

I mean I don't know nothin about where drag queens shop, but it does make sense that you would, ya'll are cut from the same cloth. If there's something you wanna tell me about how you roll I PROMISE I won't judge it's okay love is love. I wear expensive designer clothes that you can't afford and you wear... costumes. You play dress up, whether it's a super hero or whatever other freaky shit that gets Azrael's rocks off.. but theres a difference. You're more in the same vein of men who dress up as females than I am besides the fact that you just might lowkey be one yourself, because you're the one dressing like something you're not, not me. It makes u sick that I got the DEDEDE co-sign before I even stepped foot in this business, meanwhile he prolly still don't even know you exist, tough break fuckboy. I'm sure he'll be watching next Friday when I whoop dat ass and you'll finally be on his radar for a couple of seconds then it's back to irrelevancy for you. Back to jumping in people's mentions on social media and getting curved because nobody wants to associate with a clown like you. Back to losing matches on NEO when your significant other isn't getting involved. Back to the drawing board, because at this rate you'll never be able to fuck with me. I'm not worried in the slightest bit, because at this point it's painfully obvious who's up and who's not. The great Meek Mill once said "theres levels to this shit young boy" and you gonna understand the true meaning of that concept come Frontline when not only are you not able to keep up with me in the ring, but you get BODIED. And if your partner thinks shit is sweet and he can come out and cause some fuckery, he can pull up and get it too.. it's not going to end well for him. I got this in the bag, at this point the most you can do besides being a social media troll is talk about where I'm from or say I'm fake.. but this L you're about to take, well that.. is very real.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 10:23 am by Alex Reynolds

Immediately after the falls count anywhere match with Ryan Wilson

I began unwrapping the tape from my right wrist. I could picture the scene: Wilson and Azrael out at a local nightclub, chests out, heads held high, celebrating another victory against Alex Reynolds. They'd be feeling on top of the world right now, unbeatable. It made sense for them to feel that way. After all, they'd just pulled the wool over my eyes again. I threw the strapping on the floor. I glanced across at Vexx, she was sporting a split lip. It had been an interesting baptism of fire for her. She spat blood from her mouth, looked across at me, smiled. It wasn't a smile one would associate with happiness, it was more sinister. Matter of fact it wasn't the kind of smile that would lead anyone to believe that she had, moments ago, been on the receiving end of a beating. Suddenly her smile grew wider until eventually, it erupted into laughter. I couldn't help myself, joined in. The two of us began laughing uncontrollably like a couple of loons. To the uninitiated it might have looked like the two of us had finally snapped, lost our marbles. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, we were perfectly sane. Well, I was anyway. Gradually the hysteria dissipated. Vexx once again spat only this time out with the blood came a tooth. She got up from her chair, picked it up and examined it. I stood up, stretched out the kinks. She looked down at the tooth in the palm of her hand, smirked. I jerked my head in the general direction of her ankle.

"How's the ankle?"

She averted her gaze from the tooth, pulled a face. "I've had worse."

"You think they bought it?"

"Judging by their reaction and subsequent celebration, I'd say they swallowed it hook, line and sinker."

We both began to laugh violently again. I'd always known that Azrael would make his presence felt. I wasn't a betting man but if I would have been offered odds on that idiot showing his face last night and interrupting my match, I'd have taken it. What those two swindlers have failed to realise is that I am always going to be one step ahead of them. When Willy tried to take me out of the game, I was one step ahead. Hank Harris was my way of saying thank you for almost ending my career. You both thought you were pretty clever when you disposed of Hank. As usual you had an unfair advantage and as usual, you did your best to end a man's career. The two of you were embarrassed by the fact that I had fooled you into believing that I was just your average wrestler, when in fact I am a lot more.

"If it was me, I'd have snapped their spines." She wiped blood from her mouth with the back of her hand. "Vermin need exterminating."

"We had to play with them tonight," I told her. "They have to believe that going into Frontline they have the upper hand."

I was more interested in the long game. Men like Wilson and Azrael would hang themselves given enough rope. I knew that those two would believe that myself and Vexx were inferior after last night's showing. That's what I wanted. I wanted them to let their guards down and underestimate us. It would make our revenge taste that much sweeter. Do not think that we're at the final chapter of this story because of Frontline. That would be a huge mistake. This saga is more akin to War and Peace. It is far from over.

"You think they have any idea what awaits them at Frontline?"

"I'd be surprised if they knew what day it was." I sneered. "From now until Frontline those two reprobates are going to be partying hard. They're going to be celebrating our demise."

You will witness first hand what kind of destruction we are capable of. Don't expect the two of us to bang down your door and seek vengeance. We won't go all guns blazing in search of retribution.

Chasing only wears out your shoes.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 5:42 am by Ryan Wilson
Tonight was a damn good night! 
A night I will remember for a while, the night where I defeated Alex Reynolds at his absolute BEST! I managed to defeat CLEANLY one of the best the NEO brand has to offer! 
Oh? What's that? Azrael distracted him by holding Vexx? Where is it my problem if Alex can't keep his focus on the task at hand during a Falls Count Anywhere match? The best way he could've replied to Azrael would've been to strike at me, I mean what a disfavor his reaction was toward Vexx's abilites! Didn't he think she could've handled herself? Handled Azrael? Didn't she trust her? He could've just continued the match and possibily win telling Azrael that his scheme would not bare fruit. But no, he decided to show weakness and try to save his crazy bitch of an ex wife. OF COURSE I was going to capitalize on the opportunity! I would've been stupid not to! Azrael didn't do anything to Alex who in turn suffered the Mic Drop and thus Ryan Wilson is the victor tonight! No cheap shots on my behalf, no sneak attacks, no dirty deeds. Nope, Azrael did what he wanted and Alex will have a chance to get even at Frontline. 

Alex, your lack of focus is the reason you lost. 
I thought you were ready for me, for Azrael. I thought you were in the right frame of mind, I thought you were ~there~. Obviously you were not, but it doesn't matter, you lost and you suffered a clean loss at that! One that shows what I always knew: I can beat you, I can battle and conquer the best on this roster. I hope Lioncross paid attention to our match buddy, because I am not done on my path to the top. Now before I switch to my next opponent I have to ask you a few questions: How does it feel to have lost at my expense? But more importantly, how do you feel to have suffered defeat because of your weakness to woman? Ultimate question: How do you feel knowing your dame failed you? You lost because of her you know. Were you not weak in the knees for the puss puss you would've won. Probably. I exposed Brayden Wolfe's weakness during my time against him, I did the same with you. I'm better than you Alex, let it sink it along with a few drinks and an angry fuck from Vexx. 

Now I'm going to give some attention to the latest acquisition penned down by another Ryan.

I listened, I heard what you had to say during the show and during your first ... Ahrem ... ~Promo~ ... If we can call it that.
You blow a lot, and I mean A LOT of air my friend! You flap your gums like only a few can here on the NEO brand (Kudos, I guess) but really all I see out of you is a whole lot of flash and very little cash! All show and no go! Can I get a Flash In A Pan? You talk the talk, but really can you walk the walk? I mean really walk it? Oh you can? Why is that? Because you come from ~Harlem~? Because you had a rough time when you were a boy? Because mom and dad didn't give you enough attention when you were a child? Because the streets were mean to you? Mother frakker please! You got nothing on me mister Bling Bling and no Kat-ching! You think I'm in need of a reality check, look who's talking? You are so into your play boy gimmick that you look like a twat in the process! And you think I look bad dressed up in cosplay? Look at you with your rented shit! Your suit, your cars, your babes, your fake money you're a damn phoney trying to look big man! You're a poodle trying to be a doberman! You're nothing but a pretty face but don't worry, it won't stay pretty for long. You are as fake as the watch you have around your wrist! You're the shit because you're from Harlem, give me a damn break boy! If you are hot stuff because you walk in the steps of other greats like that nifty little list you spat on screen. Get your facts straight you ignorant bafoon!

Louis Armstrong born and raised in Harlem? WRONG! He's born in New Orleans! 
Malcolm Little was born and raised in Harlem? Nope! Nebraska!
Duke Ellington? Washington! Marcus Garvey? Jamaica! 
I can go on but you get the idea. How stupid this makes you look you who lies so poorly about the birthplace of the people you take inspiration from. This only proves my point, you're fake, a phoney and you are nothing but a cheap marketing ploy! You roll with an overused and unoriginal gimmick no one gives a damn about! Rich with a rough background, is that the best Mister Dedede came up with for you when he saw you where ever he found you in? 

What do you have to show for yourself Malcolm? I mean REALLY show? You have athletic abilities? Oh Geez! Such Impress! Much Wow! That's sooooo not like everybody here on the roster! Oh right! You had a future in basketball right? What happened to that? You lost your scholarship because of some trouble according to your profile. What did you do? You ''Dropped The Ball''? HAHA! Tri-Athlete my ass! Dedede saw you, had pity on you and then took you off the street, bought you a shower, a warm meal, a soft bed, a bit of clothes and told you this is your life now. That's it right? It has to be! I mean it really has to be when your only ''Achievement'' not only here in EAW but in wrestling period is how does your profile say it? The first to wrestle in Christian Louboutin? So you are the first here who endorse a company specialized in men's footwear, handbags, fragrances and makeup? 

You are HILARIOUS! You try to make fun of my look when you shop in places fit for Drag Queens and Peter Puffers!  
But let's keep this real now mister Fakey McPhoney, you are nothing and you have nothing to show for yourself. Nothing to justify your ego, nothing to bring credibility to the persona you are working so... damn... hard... To push in everyone's faces. 
On my end? I signed with EAW with several titles in my bag including World titles, Tag Titles and Hardcore titles. What does this translates to? 

- I get the job done in big game matches
- I work extremely well with a partner
- I bring the pain during matches

Can you do the same? Did Mr Dedede told you to say yes when the two of you wrote your gimmick on the corner of a dirty napkin in a diner in Harlem? Hell, are you even really from Harlem? Everything is fake about you after all. So fake in fact that I will play your little game of nicknames. I'm fuckboy? Fine, I'll own it. You? Hence forth you shall be known in my promos as Puppet! Because you clearly have someone's hand up your ass telling you what to do mister Flavor of the Month. The other Ryan signed you only because Dedede told him to. 

So what does that bring us to comes next week at NEO's Frontline? Fuckboy versus Puppet in a single's match! 
I intend to welcome you properly to the EAW, in my own special and painful and brutal way! You won't enjoy it, and there is nothing Dedede can do to prepare you for it. Because you got nothing on me, you got no ring experience on a professional level! You think you have a shot with your street fighter style? I know how to counter it! I faced men, and I do mean men, much better than you in every way possible (Alex Reynolds is among them) and vanquished them! If you see me as nothing but a stage to something bigger then I will do all I can to bring you back to reality. Because it's obvious to me you have no earthly idea what you stepping into comes the Free-Per-View. 

Do you know what happens to a Wave when it arrives to a cliff? It crashes! The same is bound to happen to you next week.
Are you ready for it? Of course you aren't. 

And this promo my friend... Just happened.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 5:32 am by Ryo Nakahara
Frontline Promo 1
(Note for this promo. All of the dialogue is a translation of Ryo’s Japanese to English. Think of it as Subtitles or something)
(Camera catches up with Ryo Nakahara as he already is getting his bags and heading out towards the parking a lot and into a vehicle for his flight to Minneapolis for Frontline. No Keiji with him as his translator is dealing with personal business. The always professional Ryo is wearing a fashionable suit even after the hard-fought battle with Sinister Ace.)
Ryo (pre-recorded V.O.): Regardless of how many losses, a true Strong Stylist will rise above to stand and continue fighting. Overcome the odds and fight harder for the next battle. It’s the first rule of the dojos that we Japanese are trained from. It’s like the mentality was drilled into the head of the young lions. “Work Harder, Rookie!” or “Do your drills again, Rookie”… (a small chuckle from Ryo is heard) all of that created this stone cold of a wrestler you see today. Days became weeks, weeks became months and soon my young lion days were over and I become a regular for whichever promotion I worked in.
(In real time Ryo is getting into a car with a paid driver from EAW. The radio is playing “2 Face (solo)” by Norikiyo and the tunes from the J-rap track is heard around the car. As now he opens his mouth for the camera and speaks but he’s still looking at the NEO Billboard with his face alongside the other stars of the developmental brand.)
Ryo: Wrestling in the US was something that I always in my mind. I didn’t think that I would settle down by signing with EAW. At first, I thought it was off that the biggest US-based Wrestling promotion wanted to sign me to a developmental contract, but soon the realization that I’m just there so they rake in some Japanese Yen. I mean signing the female born wrestlers worked, so why not try it with the males as well.
(A small smirk on the face of Ryo as the car is heading down the highway towards the airport. The chorus of “2 Face (solo)” is softly playing as Ryo resumes speaking while now looking towards a photo of him and a few people that seem to be friends of his from his time in the Japanese wrestling scene.)
Ryo: The biggest challenge for a foreign worker of any career working in a foreign country is to adapt. Adapt towards the new pace, the new style, the new locker room and other things. My ability to adapt hasn’t showcased right now and it shows in my losing streak. It’s not an excuse for losing because I got outclassed. Credit goes to Revenant, Daryl and now Sinister for beating me. Respect goes to Daryl; he’s a purist when it comes to the ring and yeah, I lost but we had that random Boogieman or whatever he’s called in that match. Times have changed since then, I’m putting myself in this go big or go home mentality right now. For me, I have to beat Sinister and Daryl or else the hype that surrounds me will be forever lost.
No Keiji at all this week, it’s just going to be a wrestler called Ryo Nakahara in your face and the one that will speak. How’s that sound for the two of you? No hype man, just the wrestling machine. I know that the editing guys will be translating everything I’ve said so far. 

(One last grin appears on Ryo’s face as the car finally makes it to the airport as Ryo gets out and takes his bags heading towards the departure section of the airport as the camera fades to black thus ending the first Road To Frontline video.)
Re: NEO Promoz
Post Today at 1:38 am by Malcolm Jones
For The Culture.

Louis Armstrong
Cameron Giles
Charly Wingate
Al Pacino
Malcolm X
Duke Ellington
Marcus Garvey
W. E. B. Du Bois
Billy Holiday
Nina Simone
Bumpy Johnson
Tupac Shakur

And now to add onto the list..

What do these people all have in common with not only just one another, but myself? We all come from the same place, whether born or raised, to turn around and become legends in our city. Revolutionaries, Artistic Geniuses, Leaders, Icons. I would say big shoes to fill but I was born for this. Besides, most people wouldn't be able to walk a mile in these Louboutin's. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Malcolm Jones. Born and raised in Harlem, New York. I am the rose that grew from the concrete jungle. There has been a lot of speculation and anticipation from the people for my arrival and you know what? I can't blame 'em. Never before in the history of this storied and prestigious company has a man with this much style graced it with his presence. I don't mean to brag but- just kidding I do, lets be honest for a second here, the people have been waiting for NEO to get a shot in the arm and I am just that. Not only am I going to make this brand pop, I'm going to make it the most sought after commodity in this whole company by my damn self because who else in this roster comes close to me? The fans will gravitate towards me while I take this company by storm and turn its minor leagues into the major leagues, and eventually a major bag for the people who run it. Men like Ryan Adams who recruited me to this place and gave me a shot because he saw what I am capable of, men like Ashten Cross who secured the rights to having me on his brand. Could I have started on a "main" roster show? Of course but I never take shortcuts, all my life I've started from the bottom so why stop now? When you look at me, you see the total package. Not only am I the best in the ring, but I'm also the best with the talk game, and I'm the best outside of the ring when it comes to my dress game, my watch costs more than most elitists' mortgage, my chain costs more than what most people make annually, I blow your car note on balenciagas. Basically, I'm a big deal and I work hard for everything I get and I know how to treat myself. Presentation is everything after all, thats why when you see me you see perfection. You see a hublot on my wrist, you see red bottoms on my feed, you see me in a Tom Ford suit that costs more than your yearly child support payments, because I look the part. I couldn't be a grown ass man running around dressed up like a coked up Deadpool, but different strokes for different folks I guess. 

Which brings me to my opponent for Frontline, what's good beloved? I would call you by your first name but the only Ryan I acknowledge is Adams, so we gotta come up with a special nickname for you. Hmmm.. I got it, fuckboy! Thats a good nickname for you. You been looking for me right fam? I'm right here, just been watching you from a distance laughing my ass off at you panic like a little girl in the mall who can't find her parents. Playing the guessing game, searching so hard just to come up short looking for answers, you gave me a great laugh. It honestly wasn't anything purposefully on my part to leave you in the dark about our match or my grand arrival, the higher ups just thought that a main attraction like myself would be better off saved for a bigger stage, which is why we are here now. I coulda just debuted weeks ago on NEO and got you up outta here with the quickness but wheres the fun in that? I'd much rather see you the way you are now, way in over your head and not sure what to expect from this L you about to take. And then put you on that summer jam screen on NEO's biggest stage yet. It's all good tho, because one day you can tell your kids(if any woman is desperate or drunk enough to sleep with you), that you faced the great Malcolm Jones in his debut match. This is a history making moment to keep it a buck with you, because you see fuckboy, while one of us will end up being remembered as a GOAT and a multiple time world champion(me), the other will be remembered as an annoying social media troll who everybody couldn't care less about(you). To be honest I didn't even want to face you, not that I was scared but I just wasn't interested. I told Lioncross "You serious? Dukes a clown", I thought being associated with you would cramp my style, I felt embarrassed at the prospect of facing one half of NEO's resident troll tandem but then I saw a change in you. I saw that you drastically turned a darker leaf and became more aggressive and assertive in your motives. When you failed is when you never decided to stop and consider the fact that every action has a reaction, and that is where I come into play. You're out here bugging and running around like a chicken with his head cut off and now here I am to put an end to the nonsense you been ruining the show with. Lets just keep it 100, nobody likes you or Azrael in the ring or outside of the ring, you bring nothing of value to the brand but being a nuisance. You're like the resident crackheads on the block that run up on people randomly asking them for money for a cheeseburger, thats how annoying you are. You're like them thirsty oldheads who stand on the corner and try to holla at every female who walks past them but gets curved so they start dissing them, thats how annoying you are. You're like those pigeons that fly around and overpopulate the street looking for some bread, thats how annoying you are. You're like those roaches that you try to stomp away but they just can't seem to die even with your timbs on, thats you annoying you are. Then when somebody has enough of you blowing their high, you get your fellow bum ass goof troop partner and try to team up on them. You even got a couple people who were on the roster up outta here, thats how quick you were able to make that switch from a typical cornball, to a dangerous cornball.. still a cornball tho. It ate you alive these past couple weeks that you couldn't get to me and try the same tactics on me, and then the fact that your partner is gonna be too busy with Alex Reynolds to tend to his boyfriend's problems cuz he has some of his own. It's the perfect setup.

Speakin of Alex Reynolds, I think it's cute how much of his dick you've rode in the past couple of weeks, lobbying for a match against him at Frontline like you didn't JUST get your ass whooped by him weeks prior. It's a good deflection tactic but I see right through it, you hate the fact that your partner is getting the chance to face him on that big stage because he very well might defeat him and do what you failed to do, which is defeat him without any distractions and you're highkey jealous about it and scared of him potentially overshadowing you. So you convinced him and yourself that you are more worthy of facing Alex than him, but at the end of the day.. it doesn't matter because you're still going to lose in the end. You tried to downplay my arrival after spending a whole show panicking, then you started acting like you were past the phase. But like every desperate hoe.. they always come back. I made my grand arrival on NEO and what did you do? You came out to confront me despite previously stating you didn't care about me anymore and that I was irrelevant, and this was BEFORE you had your little match with Alex that you begged for and wanted so bad. Too bad it didn't happen at Frontline right? Get the fuck over yourself and get over it. Nobody owes you any special grants to your requests especially when you're as trash of a wrestler as you are. What are you gonna do if you don't get your way? Take your ball and go home? Well go ahead, take that clown Azrael with you too and don't let the door hit you on the way out. NEO would be better off without you. But you wouldn't do that, because you need NEO, not the other way around. You need the platform to spout your nonsense and make a fool out of yourself to the disapproval of your peers. But me? All I need in this life of sin is me, myself, and I. I bring the eyes to NEO, I'm about to make you your biggest paycheck yet, and then I'm going to expose you for writing a check that your ass can't cash.

You're a clown, a lame, a goofy, an unwavy waste yute, and most importantly a bum, and when we face off at NEO: Frontline you're catching the fade of a lifetime. You not just about to lose a match, you about to get that ass whooped in embarrassing fashion, and that says a lot considering everything you do is already embarrassing to the point that it's cringeworthy. "I'm Ryan Wilson and THAT just happened!". Bruh, what just happened outside of you making yourself look like a idiot? You think you leave people impressed with the trash that you constantly display? Your pieces ain't hitting my guy. You just make us laugh and cringe. You ever looked in the mirror and saw how pathetic you look? I might be addicted to looking in mirrors so I'm pretty self conscious and I won't hesitate to check myself when I'm lacking, if not that then my people check me when I'm not seeing it and keep me grounded. Helps me stay on my toes and keep striving for perfection, turning L's into W's. But you? You run around here looking ridiculous, your fit is trash, your in ring ability is trash, even your choice in tag team partners are trash. But then again you two probably only confided in each other because you were the outcasts of the locker room that nobody else wanted to talk to. But I'll talk to you, I'll give you a good word and tell you like it is and maybe you'll better yourself. Maybe you'll do like Future and take the mask off. Maybe you'll stop budding into everybody's business making yourself a target. Maybe you'll start dressing for the job you want as a headliner and not the one you have as a curtain jerker. Lemme guess "I'f I'm a curtain jerker then what does that make you for facing me?". It makes me the man that just raised your low ass stock just by gracing you with my presence in that ring. So I hope you make the most out of that platform you have by being involved with me, because when I'm done making you my bottom bitch worse than Azrael already does, I'm moving onto bigger and better things. I got checks to cash and chicks to smash. This is just the start of my road to the top, you just happen to be the first stop sign that I'm gonna run right through, and I don't stop for pedestrians so anybody else tryna get in my way is getting ran over. So hit me with your response since I'm sure it's coming soon, you love to hear yourself talk even if it is incoherent basura, and I'll be right back to hit you with more facts the only way I know how.. the Harlem way.
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Post on October 17th 2017, 7:33 pm by Alex Reynolds
ALEX: There seems to be some confusion with the tale that I told a couple of days ago. For some reason, it appears that Wilson and Azrael have come to the conclusion that the story that I was telling was my own. It figures that you two imbeciles have got the wrong end of the stick. There are no more than two fully functioning brain cells between the pair of you, and one of them is on the blink. I told you 'a' story not my story. Then again I'm not surprised that you managed to get your wires crossed. After all, you both have a lot of problems to deal with so it's hardly a shock that you couldn't fully focus on what I was saying. You can both sit back, pretend that I'm not under your skin, that I don't have you running scared. At the end of the day, everybody can see the screws coming loose. Not that they were screwed tightly, to begin with. I wonder which one will crack under the pressure first? Will it be Wilson? The guy who thinks that he's the brightest star in the NEO galaxy? Or will it be his delusional, impotent, partner?

I looked sideways at Vexx. She was carefully combing the hair of a charred Barbie doll. Most of the hair had fallen out, but there were still some tufts left for her to try and flatten. She gripped the comb hard until her knuckles went white, began to speak.

VEXX: Bewilderment seems to be running amok. Allow me to illuminate those dull minds. In the animal kingdom, there is a hierarchy. A pecking order that all the animals must follow in order to survive. At the bottom, faces in the dirt, lie weakest of the weak. The animals that have always been and will be always be someone else's food. These animals are pitiful creatures who are devoid of any aggressive tendencies. Slightly higher up are the animals who possess natural aggression, but not the stomach for the fight. Then you have the animals at the top of the food chain. The ones who feast upon anything and everything: predators. Ryan Wilson and Azrael, you two losers are prey. You will always be underneath the bigger, stronger, faster, animals such as myself.

Vexx threw the comb away in disgust, looked down at the dejected looking doll.

Consider what I did to Savannah an appetizer. An hors-d'oeuvre. It was mere child's play. Breaking and demolishing innocent vessels is amusing at first but it quickly loses its appeal. The innocent ones don't fight back. They have a habit of playing dead in order to live through the ordeal. I prefer my victims to fight. I like to hear their screams as they thrash about like a fish out of water trying desperately to release themselves from my clutches. I've said it many times before, but a little fire in the belly makes a catch more satisfying.

ALEX: That's right, so you better be a good little boy, Wilson and fight like you've never fought before. I don't want to walk into that arena, beat you in record time and not break a sweat. Let's face it though if you surveyed one-hundred EAW fans and asked them how our match would play out - that would be it. I guess it depends on my mood. If I want to end you quickly then I will. However, I don't think that's going to happen. You have placed too many blots on my copybook and quite frankly, I'm not going to let you off the hook that easy. There will be no mercy killing. It is falls count anywhere. Falls. Count. Anywhere. Which means I can pretty much beat you wherever I see fit. At any point in that match, I can put your lights out and end your miserable existence. How does it feel to know that your days are numbered? How does it feel to know that all your tricks and all your antics aren't going to mean a damn thing after I beat the hell out of you tomorrow night? You have wasted your time for weeks trying to gain the upper hand and tomorrow night I am going to humiliate you in front of the watching world.

VEXX: It's too bad that Azrael won't be there to see your annihilation. I'd love to slice that smile right off his face. I hope he tries to be heroic. I would like nothing more than to see him attempt to come to your rescue. Two birds, one stone. In one foul swoop, we would have rid the NEO of it's most cancerous growth.

I glanced at Vexx briefly, smiled at the thought of Azrael on the outside looking in.

ALEX: It's got to be driving him insane. He must be going out of his tiny mind. He's always been there to hold Wilson's hand. That's the only reason why you two chancers have started to climb the ladder. Strength in numbers. Now that advantage has gone. Your looking at and listening to the team that is going to dominate this brand until we say otherwise. That kind of statement will get you prickly, but when it hits a nerve, you know it's true.

VEXX: You want to know why I'm here, Wilson? It looks like you're operating under a gross misapprehension. I'm not Alex's ex-anything. I'm a hunter and it just so happens that the type of game that I like the most is on NEO. Empire is overflowing with meat. It's like a buffet. I sampled some of it and I found that it was extremely refreshing. However, I didn't believe that Empire could satisfy my cravings.

ALEX: And that's where I come in. Over the past few weeks, it's been open season around here and it's got to the point where I'm not preparing for my matches as well as I should be. Instead, I'm sat back there in that locker room wondering whether or not I'm going to be jumped on the way to the ring or during my match. Therefore I took it upon myself to add a little Sweet Anarchy to my game. The deal is convenient for both parties. I get an Apex Predator to watch my back which will allow me to continue my climb here in EAW and she gets to do what she's always wanted and that's obliterate anything that moves.

VEXX: Empire gave me an opportunity to fight. NEO will give me the opportunity to injure, maim and decimate. You talk about NEO to anyone and the first thing they will mention is Alex Reynolds. That alone should tell you why I chose to leave Empire and come here. He is at the top of his game and he is this brand's number one superstar. Which means that he's a marked man. And targets like that draw a huge crowd. There's a lot of superstars here that would love nothing more than to knock him off his perch.
The bigger Alex Reynolds gets, the more violence I'll see. It's a mutually beneficial agreement. I help keep him on top of the pile and in return, I get to break a helluva lot of bones.
Post on October 17th 2017, 4:19 pm by Shackleford
A prophet is a messenger. They have news from a higher power and they spread that news. Their words are not hollow. What they say is truth and offers an insight into the future. It provides purpose to those without it. It steers those from the wrong path, guides the blind and offers home to the homeless.

Five years ago, I lost sight of my purpose. I left to dismantle myself and rebuild. I return a changed man, a man who purpose is renewed.
I am here to become the measuring stick for all those who follow. I will become the shining example of what greatness is. The future legends will aspire to achieve what I achieve. I will be legend.

The Revenant will try to say that I am over the hill, he will try to say that I am obsolete. The Revenant will try to smear my name and my tactics. The Revenant will try.


I am the irresistible force and I am yet to find my immovable object. The Revenant will be crushed like all the others. Revenant I will admit my character is flawed, that's my humanity getting in the way. You see being a messenger, I am but a vessel, and I can be afflicted by all the vices that afflict man. But embracing my flaws make me a stronger fighter and a better man than 'The Reaper of NEO'.
 Understanding my faults allows me to understand how others work. I understand my greed, and with it the greed of the powers that be in EAW. So a pay off is not necessary, when I can garruntee to make them rich if given the opportunity.

I understand my hubris, and this allows me to make partnerships with people who cannot afford the knock to their ego with a loss. The enemy of my enemy.

My 'sins' make me what I am Dreadknight. They are a part of me and they drive me to achieve my goal. So it would be fitting that our paths would cross at this time in our careers. We are both so young in our mission, but my existence completely goes against everything you stand by and you must destroy me. Whereas my mission requires me to rise through the ranks, dominating my opponents allowing me to stand separate from the crowded roster, which cannot be done whilst being hunted. I must become the hunter.

The Revenant told us that he has been standing up for the little guy from day one. Well I'm here to remind you I AM the little guy. I'm the guy that came from nothing, put in the work everyday, and was rewarded by being put in a stable of jobbers called The Cavalry, by being hopped from dynasty to showdown to voltage, with no real chance to shine. I'm the guy that created one of the greatest tag teams this industry has ever seen, only to have my partner leave me high and dry. The guy who clawed to capture the CITV briefcase, only to have it taken out of my near lifeless fingers.
Dreadknight, I am the guy the odds are stacked against, the downtrodden and the loser. I'm rock bottom. Yet here I am, the FACE of NEO, this humble working class hero, silencing the naysayers and exploring other routes to success. I am a man that has had everything taken from him and has had to rebuild from scratch. My trials have been many and there are certainly more to come.
But I have foreseen the outcome for this contest Revenant. You may convince these people of your noble crusade with your words, but your actions will leave them doubting you, and without the support of the people, will you continue to act as the agent of order and chaos? How will you justify your actions to yourself once everyone else stops believing your poisonous lies?

Revenants cannot exists in their true form, you cannot cheat death, but they can deceive. They can create the illusion of death.


Revenant you are the eras great deceiver, and that makes you dangerous. But I am no false prophet, I am not in the business of pulling the wool over the eyes of those seeking the truth. I will reveal your deception to the world at Frontline. Your duty and destiny is on a crash course with mine.

The Dreadknight Vs The Prophet
The Reaper Vs The Working Class Hero
The Revenant Vs Shackleford.

You will learn the difference between giving yourself a name and earning it.
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Post on October 17th 2017, 2:24 pm by Daryl Kinkade
Road to Frontline

Kinkade Vs Gin
Part three: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Kinkade is sat in a quiet garden. Behind him, the gentle rustle of leaves in the trees, in front of him open fields. Just out of view a stream flows , the sound of water on the rocks coming and going as the breeze rises and falls. He seems relaxed, the most relaxed he has been since joining EAW. He is dressed, as usual, in white trainers and blue jeans and despite the chill in the air, just a t-shirt.


Gin, Gin, Gin.

The mighty Oyabun. 

Still hiding behind his mouthpieces Akako and Midori. Hiding away in the shadows looking menacing, waving guns around, playing with cigars and talking of respect.

Why should I respect you? Let me turn around one of the lovely Akako's accusations directed at me. What exactly is it that you've done to earn my respect? Can you tell me that? You won you debut match, well done, I congratulate you on that feat, but so did I, only I won mine against three men in a fatal four way. Since then, I've gone on to defeat two more in a triple threat and two more in a tag match, in fact the only time I've tasted defeat since joining EAW was after I was smashed in the face with brass nucks. Whereas you, the mighty Oyabun, you have defeated Woogieman and a guy, in Axl Willow, who by his own admission is only here to pick up his pay cheque. So again, again I ask, what have you done in EAW that commands my respect?

Akako, let me address you.

The reason, the only reason, I mentioned your master as nothing more than a footnote is because he doesn't have the decency to address me himself. He sits there, letting you and Midori chatter away, flitting between Japanese and English in a vein attempt to impress, silently staring holes into the world. He sits there while you two do his bidding. He sits there while you tell the world how amazing he is, how we should all be afraid of him and yet, he strikes no fear into any of us. Why would he? This is a man who has directed you to talk to me about putting myself on a pedestal, a false pedestal, while everyone else is working on building their own. This coming from a man who has decided already, that everyone else is on a level below him and not worthy of his time or effort.

Over here, we call that Hypocrisy.

When he decides to step out from behind the pair of you and address me directly then and only then will I deem it necessary to address him. In the mean time, it looks like I'll have to make do with monkey until the Organ grinder is ready to talk.

Until then, I'll talk enough for all of us.

Tomorrow night, we go to war. I fully expect your Oyabun to be my toughest opponent yet since signing up to EAW, but at the same time, it will make this my greatest victory as well, you see, I respect him as a competitor. I fully respect his ability in the ring and I can see you are a determined fighter, that respect may even extend towards you as a person, but I highly doubt it.

One last thing Akako, you wish for a gift from me, a gift appease your Oyabun? How's this for a gift? In fact it was buy one get one free, so here's two.

Kinkade raises his middle fingers directly into the camera before walking off
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Post on October 17th 2017, 9:38 am by Axl Willow

*Axl Willow once again showed up in front of that same black curtain he had been seen at last week. Not a soul around him at this 'press conference' but perception was everything, and if you acted like you had a big game then most likely the idiots that knew no better would follow suit in thinking you did. Never the less as he hit the record button this week he quickly went right into his typical schpill'.*

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I, TRAPSOUL, Axl Willow, am here today to speak directly to each and every single one of you. Sound familiar? Yes, last week I spoke the exact same phrase and this week I'll do it again because in my contract it doesn't say I can't! So onwards with the ques- Oh wait, that's right! I already know the answer to any question you could possibly ask. No, I don't care about the next upstart sensation I've been booked against. I show up! I get pinned! I get that money-money-mo-mo-money. Wash, rinse, repeat. I'm only here to keep that paycheck alive, so if there are no more questions? I love Sunshine' and I'm out, peace.

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Post on October 16th 2017, 8:00 pm by The Revenant
The Dreadknight Part 12

“Molly Waters here. Backstage at a NEO House Show, we’re now only 11 days out from ‘NEO: Frontline’. The Free Per View is set to have an exciting card, featuring Ryan Wilson, Alex Reynolds, Azrael, Shackleford, The Revenant, and more to come in the following days. The tag line for this promo has been causing alot of heated promos: ‘if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything’. The past month has been an ideological battle, between several elitists, which has caused several feuds to form between them. I’m here to talk to one of elitists, who’s made a name for themselves for their firm, steadfast belief on ‘Justice in EAW’. Please welcome, The Revenant…”.

Molly gazed around, to a then empty set, however after a slight dimming of the lights, The Revenant appeared on camera. This time his demeanor wasn’t of a confident fighter before a tag team match, it instead displayed that of the same intimidation on his debut, only now, a fine laminated layer of suppressed anger over it. Waters raised the Mic to the now towering Wrestler, following his bulking up efforts heading into Frontline.

“Revenant, it’s good to see you standing tall after the fight Last Week. Many had believed that it was the end for not only Ryo, but for you, after Shackleford and Sinister went out of the ring and started to utterly wail on you. Any comments on what caused the match to go in their favor, as you and Nakahara were gaining strong momentum throughout the match, before it turned in their favor”.

The Revenant’s eyes shot up off camera for a moment, before he looked back to Waters. “Sinister and Shackleford are two ruthless individuals, make no mistake. Shackleford’s shown to be a skilled individual, displaying an array of moves and personal abilities. He used his craftiness and his scum like manipulating to perform, let’s say, some dirty tactics in the ring. Of course after the match, Sinister went all over social media, proclaiming it was him. Sinister is a slug that’s been using Shackleford as a crutch for his own personal drawbacks, in fact in the match between me and him, I had him on the ropes, before Shackleford ran in and tried to cheat the odds in his favor”.

Molly nodded in response, “Let’s continue on that for a second, you said that he’s using him as a crutch, any comment on his future match with Nakahara afterwards, now that he isn’t teaming up with Shackleford?”.

“Sinister’s confident, and like all confidence, it’s built upon the belief that he’s invincible. The truth is, those who have gained success know they’re not invincible. There’s a reason I wasn’t able to pin Nakahara, and I had to go for a submission, I have no doubt that Sinister will finally be forcibly humbled and brought back down to size this Wednesday”.

“Speaking of Nakahara, that tag team match last Wednesday was quite the treat. Ryo Nakahara has shown to also be as cunning as the best Elitists when it counts, and him teaming up with you to face Sinister and Shackleford was an interesting team up, what was going through your mind when you threw in with him?”.

The Revenant paused before exhaling, “Ryo Nakahara is not, by any stretch, as bad of a man as Shackleford, Sinister, and certainly not Brandon. Nakahara has shown to have his honor well intact and next to his heart when he goes out onto the squared circle. True, our Ideology might not be completely aligned, but at the end of the day, we know the only true way to get ahead, is to do it the right way, not the easy way”.

“So back to a point you made before. Shackleford is a very ruthless and skilled person, who’s shown to be able to have you on the ropes before. Going into Frontline there’s a considerable prize hanging over the match. A contract for the main roster, which both of you have shown to have stake in. How’ve you prepared to combat Shackleford, in order to try and secure the contract for yourself?”.

The Revenant gained a slight smirk before forcing it off, “Shackleford has been able to blitz me in the past, yes, I’ll admit that. But he’s done something I haven’t, he’s shown every, single, bit of his personal Arsenal. He’s shown his moves, his skills, his weaknesses, his pros. I’ve kept my real aces in my sleeves, and it cost me. However heading into Frontline, Shackleford’s left himself exposed, in the way I can exploit, whether it’s preparing for his moves, his dirty tactics, and his cheats in the way I can counter, preparing some of my own to combat his drawbacks and personal weaknesses, or simply watch his past matches, available on the Network’s personal archive. I’ve been watching from the shadows, I’ve worked, and when Frontline comes, I’ll bury the self absorbed lunatic in the ground, and I’ll take the contract for myself”.

“Some furious words, not unexpected however of course. So I guess closing off, this past week has been riddled with some unexpected surprises, whether it’s run ins, new moves, or other tricks. You and Shackleford are going to face for a War of Words on Wednesday, and considering his past aggressiveness, do you think it’s out of the question he’ll strike?”.

This time The Revenant allowed a smirk to rise on his face, “There’s no doubt Shackleford will try something on Wednesday. Whether he tries to close distance and take a swing, pull out a kendo stick, or have his mutt Sinister run in, he’ll try and knock me down to size. It’s all pointless, every time I’ve gotten up better than ever, every time I’ve shown to learn and adapt, his efforts are pointless. This time however there won’t be ‘another time’, this time, whether it’s him, a disgruntled referee, or Sinister….”.

The Revenant reached behind him off screen, Molly leaned back, though not intimidated, as The Revenant displayed a Steel Chair, covered with Razor Wire. “This time I’ve decided to prepare an ace up my sleeves as well, because, you know, ‘incase of jobber, break shins”. Molly nodded, slightly impressed by the brutality equalizer.

“Well I’ll be tuning in Wednesday to see the carnage that’ll unfold. Whether it’s verbally, or if it turns physical. Any closing statements Revenant?”.

The Revenant leaned the chair back against his left shoulder, fake thinking for a minute, “Bad Guy Brandon always loves to flash his gun signs. After Frontline if I get to the Dynasty House Studio, I’ll ask Diamond Cage if I can borrow his gun to give Brandon that duel he apparently wants. Apart from that, tune in Wendesday, it’s gonna be real fun to see Shackleford face an opponent he can’t stab in the back and call a fair fight”.

The Revenant then turned, walking off as the camera panned back to Molly. "Sounds like things are gonna get fun. Tune in Wednesday for the final face off between The Revenant and Shackleford before Frontline".
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Post on October 16th 2017, 5:02 pm by Oyabun Gin
Silence Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Listening
(Italicized denotes that they are speaking in Japanese)

The Oyabun sighed as he rolled his cigar slowly against his palm, letting the smell of the tobacco flow into his nose before he lit it. One must enjoy the finer things as they are before you use them for your purposes after all. That was true of anything. Cigars, Wine, Money, and Women. Power could only be considered limitless if one knew just what that power looked like. If someone happened to be stupid enough to simply waste it all immediately, they would be living for short term pleasure. As he continued to roll his cigar his thoughts drifted to the words of his current opponent. The stylized Daryl Kinkade. Had it not been that he was busy analyzing his opponent...and waiting for a proper challenge, he would have responded dutifully. After all, this was an opponent that seemed to have genuine skill, underneath all the bravado and selfishness that he displayed. Such was youth. Still, there was too much disrespect for his liking. This, Kinkade, did not address him fully in his first statement. Simply adding him as a footnote at the end, as if he was not worth his time or effort. After all, Kinkade was looking to make his name bigger, so the assumption was that the Oyabun himself wouldn’t provide that challenge. Which was a gross misunderstanding of just what the Oyabun was. And who he was. Had Daryl not seen the Oyabun’s previous match? Domination. And that was against two opponents, no matter how...shabby they may have been. The Oyabun let out a sigh as he raised his cigar up, allowing Midori to light it for him before he placed it to his lips, taking a puff. A beautiful taste, this tobacco. A chocolate undertone to it. Worth the 15 grand he had spent upon that single box. His own private collection of cigars. He puffed against it again, taking in the taste with a smile as a plume of smoke billowed free from his mouth and nose. He lowered the cigar down, the trail of smoke simply floating to the chandelier just above their table at his own personal restaurant. Class was something that he preferred. Class and respect. And of the two, respect was what he valued over anything else. No man was above respect, not even the Oyabun. He commanded it, that much was obvious. He had hundreds of lives at his command, but each of those lives knew that he would stand with them. A leader was no leader if the troops only feared him, after all. His eyes drifted to the meal set out before him. Though he prided himself on Japanese cuisine, he had learned to try and enjoy food from around the world. And his chefs were from all around the world, to give their own vibrant interpretations of meals. Plated before him was one of his personal favorites from his Indian chef. Boti Kabab Masala. A beautiful marinated lamb broiled in tandoor cooked in creamy tomato sauce, and adorned with spices. He sliced off a piece of the lamb with his fork alone, a smile creasing his face at the tenderness as he raised the almost liquid mass of meat to his lips, biting down and letting the taste fill his mouth. Exquisite. He glanced over to his two associates, nodding his head to them as he took a long drink from his glass of Lassi, an indian drink made from an assortment of: yogurt, water, spices, and strawberry for the fruit. Akako was the first to open up her laptop, glancing through the information that had been provided to them by both EAW as a whole, and a few of their private sources. And just like normal, Daryl Kinkade didn’t seem to have much in way of information. He wasn’t an enigma, just...rather boring. Truly, his entire demeanor seemed more set on simply making it big, rather than anything else. And for someone that seemed to enjoy wrestling, he wasn’t above making disrespectful comments. Akako nodded her head to the guard sitting just behind her, as he reached over, turning on the camera. As the red light popped up, she smiled, adjusting her flowing dress before smiling to the camera.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As you all know by now my name is Akako, and I am one of the advisors for the Oyabun. The Kami-Killer has given to us a gift, as he has graced me with the chance to study and to address his opponent for this coming Neo. This...Daryl Kinkade. Normally, I am thrilled at these ventures, as it gives us the chance to study up on our foe and figure out what gameplans can come into play when we face off against them. After all, what would my purpose be if all the answers were simply in front of us? And above all else, it allows us to gather information to find potential allies...and potential foes that could hinder us. So in all, it is a job I take pride in. Or I try to. You, on the other hand, Mr. Kinkade, have made my job rather...dull. You see, from what I can gather, you simply enjoy the sport of wrestling as it is. This wouldn’t mean so much to us, if it wasn’t for the fact that your other character trait seems to be disrespect. Oh yes, you seem to love wrestling so much that you believe you of all people deserve a spot on the card of Frontline. As if you have been the only one to work hard for it. And true, others can’t seem to stop talking about you, possibly because you do not shut up about your opportunities and your chances that have gone by like a gentle breeze in the night. Now, normally, we would not care so much about this disrespect, after all, you are beneath us in most regards. But just because you sit at a level below us, does not mean we would treat you with the respect you deserve. Everyone has worked hard to get into their place in life. Be it the same as ours, or below it, everyone has managed to find a spot in life and has remained true to it. And that is the purest sign of hard work, in the eyes of the Oyabun. You have warranted the respect that we give you, just from that...but you have also spurned it. For you have no respect for the Oyabun. You who address him as a footnote in your first statement, viewing your opponent as nothing from this week, simply because you want a spot at Frontline. Because you feel you deserve one. And to add on to that disrespect, you have the gall to address him in your second statement, wondering where he is when you had not done him the courtesy of giving him a reason to address you. You are a gutless man, Kinkade, filling the air with your drivel and all the while crying foul when things don’t go exactly your way. You say you love wrestling, yet truly what you love is the spotlight that wrestling has given you. No one would care about Daryl Kinkade, if it hadn’t been that you were good at wrestling.

But the Oyabun wants me to show respect. He wants to address why he hasn’t said anything to you as of late, aside from not knowing what to say to being placed as a footnote. You see, the Oyabun doesn’t care about being on Frontline, or being the star of Neo, or anything of that sort. The Oyabun cares simply about one thing. Being the best and the most powerful, wherever he happens to be. And on Neo he proved that he can be the strongest in situations where he has a higher chance of losing. A triple threat, despite it being with two nobodies, is still a dangerous affair, and the Oyabun proved triumphant. And now in this singles match, he wishes to do the same thing. So, he has trained. He has practiced everything that he could think of to best you, and has studied the matches that you have been in up and down to figure out a gameplan, Mr. Kinkade. You see, you run your mouth and talk about chances passing you and given to others, but you must now fight for your chance against someone who is fresh in this company. Someone who cares not for what chances and opportunities exist or pass him by. This is simply a man who wants to show his strength in EAW, and you are one more obstacle on his path to doing just that. Now, of course you may not view it that way. You may view it as simply him ignoring you. You may even take my words and scoff at them, proclaiming that the Oyabun does not deserve your respect, for you haven’t seen what he has done, but then the question arises, Daryl. What have you truly done to warrant his? You, who have put yourself on a pedestal over others, while they themselves simply built their pedestals through their own work and effort. You who claim to love the sport while prancing in the spotlight. You, who have put a great man as a footnote. If anything, Mr. Kinkade, you have warranted the scorn of the Oyabun, and that is not something you want, I can promise you that. I would try to appease him if I were you. Offer something, a gift no matter how small or inexpensive. A sign of friendship. A handshake. Anything. Respect is not difficult to give, nor is it a sign of weakness. But perhaps you do not care. Perhaps you should simply be humbled. Perhaps you should be brought to bear by the power of one much greater than you, Mr. Kinkade. Perhaps, above anything else...you should be shamed into submission by the power of the Oyabun. I have given him advice to do just that. I have made a point to say that perhaps all you need is to have your jaw wired shut, for you to learn to watch your tongue. Maybe you’ll learn before that happens. Maybe. But I doubt it.”

With a nod of her head the camera switched off as the guard returned to his position. The Oyabun took another bite of the lamb before leaning back in the chair, swallowing it down before retrieving his cigar and blowing out a puff of smoke into the air, the trail of smoke drifting lazily towards the light of the chandelier as the smile never left his lips. Unlike his last match, this one may prove fun, win or lose. Of course he intended to win if at all possible. A man like Daryl Kinkade deserved no quarter until he learned what respect felt like. The Oyabun placed his cigar back onto its holder at the table, leaning forward as he nodded to both Midori and Akako who were quick to stand, bow, and depart the room. Leaving him and his guards alone with their ‘guest’. A man tied to his chair, with a gag over his mouth. Another man who had given him no respect. A man who needed a lesson. The Oyabun lost his grin as he retrieved his favored lesson teacher, a Colt M1911A1. A favored pistol for the Italian’s. He enjoyed the kick of it as it fired. Again, one must appreciate the finer things in life, before using them. He felt his smile twinge at his lips again as he raised the gun. And fired.
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Post on October 16th 2017, 1:45 pm by Daryl Kinkade
Road to Frontline

Kinkade Vs Gin
Part 2: M.I.A.

I find myself in somewhat of a weird situation at the moment. Here I am, one of many trying to force their way onto the NEO:Frontline card, with no less than four, yes four, current members of the NEO roster referencing me in their various promos, but not my opponent.

As usual, I have Sinister Ace throwing pre-school insults my way whilst peddling his low budget version of Catch 22 TV. For someone who claims to not care about me and claims that I'm the one obsessed with him, he can't seem to go more than five seconds without mentioning my name.

I then have Alex Reynolds. I must admit, I'm not used to hearing my name mentioned in a complimentary fashion, but I kind of like it. I'd love to be able to help him again in his war against Azrael and Wilson, but a combination of my determination to force my way up the pecking order here and managements decision that us tagging together was a one and done deal prevents me from doing so. Just so you know Alex, whilst I may have my focus elsewhere, if I'm thrown into battle with you again, I'll be fully focused.

Finally we have the two delinquents, Azrael and Ryan Wilson. The pair of them are running around telling anyone who will listen that our victory last week was nothing more than a fluke because Wilson was distracted by the mysterious, unknown, MJ. Well, I'm sorry guys, but that wasn't a fluke. You simply under-estimated the new guy. I don't know whether it was because you thought you'd be able to take me out beforehand, or may you thought Nakahara might do the job for you earlier in the night? Maybe you thought me and Alex wouldn't gel and I'd walk out on him or vice versa? Quite frankly, who knows what you two are thinking, but the long and the short of it is, if we re-ran that match again without distractions from mystery opponents, or even if it me versus either one of you, the outcome would still be the same.

But where oh where is Oyabun Gin? Where is this Japanese Underworld Boss? The Kami Killer? Where the hell is he?

He's supposed to be this hard as nails, ruthless psycho. The strong silent type who lets his two little bits of fluff do all the talking for hi and then kicks seven shades of shit out of his opponent. The sort of guy who, if you slap in the face, laughs and knocks your teeth out. And yet, when forced to face off with me, what happens? He vanishes. He drops off the face of the earth. He disappears quicker than a fart in a fan factory.

So here I am, yet again, forced to sit and watch everyone else make merry. Forced to watch the likes of Wilson, Azrael and Alex progress their little war. Forced to watch the new guys like Arcichida regurgitate a thesaurus. Forced to watch as The Revanent continues on his self styled crusade. 

Well, Oyabun, I hope the reason you've gone even quieter than normal is because you're training hard. If not, then, Oyabun-san, you are in for one hell of a night against this increasingly frustrated Englishman.
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We are here backstage with Kathy Kush who is doing her job of a backstage interviewer.

Kathy Kush: Hello I'm Kathy Kush live backstage and......What is this noise?

She is distracted by someone who is sobbing of sadness. Kathy tells to her cameraman to follow her because she wants to know where the noise comes and it's let to the room of Azrael sitting in the corner and look like a little girl who lost his parent.

Kathy Kush: Hmm are you ok Azrael? Is this for the fact that you lost the match against Daryl Kindade and Alex Reynold?

Kathy gets a sudden astonishment when Azrael quickly stood up and start to laugh insanely.

Azrael: Are you kidding me?!!?  I'M FEELING BETTER!! THIS IS THE BEST THING ...I've ever heard from the part of Alex. Where did he get all his idea? I've never laughed like this in ages. Alex thinks will get the sympathy of the NEO universe just telling how much this life suck because * he fake his crying* his love of this life friend zoned him to an another dumbass. Ho ho ho... maybe if he had ENOUGH MANHOOD...this wouldn't happen but unfortunately, he would have to find his princess in another castle like a TOTAL LOSER....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Can't believe I have to destroy him at Frontline.

Kathy Kush: Of course he's your opponent at Frontline but this week you have to focus on Za....

Azrael: Why we have to talk about this dimwit? He's not the main attraction like Alex. He brought us gold material, something that we can laugh about. He may be not talking about me because he thinks, I'll be no match for him at Frontline but I can actually found inspiration even if he decides to do the thing that I hate the most.....BEING IGNORED!!!  He should talk about of how he gonna rearranged my face or …..how I'm going to serve an example for Wilsy because let's not forget that I'm not his Arch Enemy, Wilsy is. He will do everything he can to get this hand on him and If he has to pass through me, he will do it.

Let's not forget that TLC match is my kind of a match, that I'm really used to the environment of extreme because this is like going to an amusement park with no balloon and roller coaster. Only table, ladder and chair and a double dose of HappyJoyJoy driver for the victory. If he really wants to end this life badly...I'll gladly help to pull the trigger and ended his miserable life.....unless he wants to start a new one and become extremely happy like yours truly. This is how I cure my miserable life, I'm sure if he decides to accept the madness inside me that he can be one of us, being like myself and Wilsy.  I could be this mentor and help to release his inner Madness inside him and.....

Kathy Kush: And....Zak....

Kathy tries to have an answer but Azrael keeps ignoring her and continues to talk about his opponent of Frontline, Alex Reynolds.

Azrael: At first I was displeased to face him at Frontline but the more I think about, the more I can't wait to meet him On my playground.

Kathy Kush: Of course but what about Zak Zero? You keep dodging my principal question.

Azrael: Why you want to waste my time with my punching bag of this week? You know what is going to happen, I'm going to this ring pummel him to death in 30 seconds or less and leaves the ring to focus on making the life of Alex more miserable than his past life. Zak has nothing to offer, that's why Wilsy and I took him out. Because he was so easy and we could have Alex as our dinner.

Kathy Kush: But Hank Harris save the day and your plan blew off in your face.

Azrael: That's why we got rid of him next.

Said the Mad Trickster with a twisted grin on his face.

Kathy Kush: And what about Daryl Kindade?

Azrael: He got lucky because of MJ, I hope Wilsy will get his hand on him or her, just to make an example of what happens when you decide to spoil our fun to beat up Alex Reynolds and whoever serves him as a partner.

Kathy Kush: Anything else to add before we close our interview?

Azrael: Yes....

He snatches the camera and proceeds to look at the screen with a crazy look.

Azrael: This Wednesday Alex, I will give you a reason to have my attention for Frontline, when I'm done dispatching this Zero that is Zak. Because I want you to notice ME.....SENPAI!!!! Zak will serve as a preview of what I can do to you in his TLC match. Only one week away from the big showdown between us......See you at Frontline....BOIII.....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

And Azrael decides to leaves Kathy Kush alone to return by leaving the backstage to return in this room.

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Post on October 15th 2017, 8:12 am by Ollie

The Weeping Willow
Promo #3. An Obstruction

Osamu Arcichida sat on park bench next to a large weeping willow tree which leaves were swaying gently as the brisk wind hit them. Wearing a leather jacket and dark jeans, Osamu could bare the cold and foggy morning weather. The EAW camera panned to Osamu's face, which bared a blank expression. The setting was ominous and his expression matched the feeling of his environment -- unknown, mysterious. He quickly stood up, with the camera panning out, the half frozen ground crunching under his boots.

"My debut match... the first time I will ever step into an EAW ring and I'm facing a man who has said he doesn't care about this business or the craft that goes into it. He has come on television, time and time again, whining and complaining about 'sunshine' and telling everyone that all he cares about is being a warm body that gets paid. This sounds all too familiar. This sounds like many people I've seen run rampant in this business and more specifically, in this company. 

Those who've reached the top in this company, more often than not, can be described as just another warm body -- something Axl Willow claims to be with pride. He isn't wrong. This kind of absent thinking, a disregard for wrestling and our business as a whole, and disgustingly greedy behavior is exactly why I've not been in EAW sooner. It's what strips people like ME of opportunity. It's why I am not yet headlining free-per-view events. All while people like Axl Rose are afforded opportunity after opportunity and then are rewarded titles like 'legend' and 'icon' and given spots in the HALL OF FAME.

I've been HELD BACK... while Axl Rose has been given a prominent position in NEO and EAW. This is disgraceful. But, they've made their first mistake. They have made a mistake by providing you -- Axl Rose -- to be my first example. The night I debut, Axl, you will truly be just another warm body. Just an example. A taste of what I'm capable of will be put on display this week. EAW, legends, icons, they will be put on NOTICE. 

But I've been given an obstruction. The first of what I presume will be many. That's fine. I've pledged to do whatever it takes to obtain my goal; to show how weak and frail the old era of wrestling truly is. If that means cutting down a weeping willow, well, then so be it." 

Osamu began walking towards the tree; an axe was seen leaning on the tree, like it was neatly set there. Osamu grabbed the axing, facing the camera. 

"You will get paid to wrestle again, Axl Rose. But let me assure you something, to ensure that you 'care' this time. To ensure that you don't underestimate me as you did your opponents last week. You may get paid, but it will be the toughest paycheck your ass has ever received in this company. It will be the most regrettable check of your entire career. As you're wheeled into the bank to cash this said check, you will be doing so to pay off your hospital bills from the beating I intend to give you this week.

Axl, I will leave you in the middle of that ring with a lesson and a message. You will have learned that you never take our craft for granted. You will be a message to every single man after you -- there will never be mercy. Only pain. Only consequences." 

Osamu turned with the axe, throwing a swing at the willow tree. He repeated it, beginning to laugh. As the camera panned out, Osamu could be heard saying "weeping willowwwww", "weeepingggg willowwww" as he swung the ax in an almost rhythmic sway as he repeated the words.
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Wow... Okay I have to say it... 
What a loser you were in the past Alex! I mean, damn! What a piece of shit you were! That story about how you felt because you're single and you couldn't keep your friends because they got a piece of puss and a kid in tow? Seriously? That's laughable at best, pathetic at worse! You're egotistic Alex, that's why you felt so bad through all that time, you felt bad because you didn't think about your friend, you only thought about yourself. You didn't felt happy for your buddy, or the life he created out of that broad's womb, you didn't offer help when they needed it. Let me guess: You never even went to his Enterrement de Vie de Garcon (Goggle it, learn some french it won't hurt you), bought gifts for the kid when he was born. Why? Because deep down all you were thinking about was you.You probably despised the childe too, how dare that thing and it's mother get in the way of me and my buddy right? Damn son, you're a sad sack of shit.

Sad story for a sore loser. Do you know why in the end your friends ignored you for the wedding? It's because you didn't maintain the friendship when the cunt and the baby showed up. You didn't do the yard work to maintain the garden nice and pretty instead you allowed it to wane and almost die. Why? Because you only thought about yourself Alex. You could've been there more for your buddy, and he would've considered you as your Best Man at said wedding. But nope, you decided to worry, to mope and to be a dumbass over a woman who got in the way of your bromance with your then best friend. You have no respect for woman Alex, not really, you may think you have some but you don't. You made it clear as day and not just recently. So you must have gotten quite a number on that Vexx chick for her to follow you like she does. Maybe you fuck her good. Maybe she's just lost her mind, who knows right? What do I know about crazy? (lol) I don't know how she thinks, but I know one thing: You're scared of her. She was too crazy for you, too much to handle and you got your nuts in a bunch when you realized she was trying to change you but that was the last straw, you didn't want that. And so you are probably the one who go the divorce in motion. It wouldn't surprise me. It sounds like something you'd do. It's funny, for a guy who seems to be the type to get any chick he wants there is one out there who he got for a while and she was too much. Makes you enjoy celibacy that much more doesn't it? To know much chicks are nut bags with boobs? You know it for a fact, it's part reason you don't respect them. 

It's probably your best friend's wife who told him to not invite you, because she knew how much of a shit show you are.  

Let's change gears a bit shall we? I have to admit, I like your ex man! Like, a lot! 
She has balls, more than you from what I see sadly. 

Let me tell you a little story.
When I started my career it was with a partner named Tony ''Brujah'' St-Michel. A true brute of a man a real monster like you wouldn't believe. A powerhouse, a real predator with a body like Scott Oasis to give you an idea. We clicked quickly and we won tag team gold a few times together as ''Le Duo de Choc''. I proposed him to show up here in EAW and sign a contract but he didn't feel like it... For now.

Earlier in his career he was teaming up with his mentor, a local Montreal legend named Prime. The two, like me and Tony would later, dominated as a team they were known as ''Ruthless Aggression'' and trust me when I say they owned their names and lived it a la max! But as time passed Tony wanted to break away from his mentor and decided to turn his back on the man. A feud ensued after he costed Prime one of his many World Titles and Tony wanted to make a mark. And make one he did! He fought Prime in a falls count everywhere no holds barred match at the Bell Centre and Tony got his rival to the first balcony... And threw him off it! Prime flew down and crashed, result? He survived, barely. After he came out of coma the man was so wrecked that he couldn't wrestle for 6 years after that. The doctors even thought he wouldn't be able to walk again but Prime had money, loads of the stuff we're talking Scrooge McDuck level of money, so he could afford the best in the World which allowed him to get back to do what he loved eventually. Six years Alex, do you know how much this can eat at a man's soul? To have his life taken away from him that way? You felt it for a week or two with your neck injury, try to imagine 6 long years. Tony did that to Prime so you think that Vexx throwing Sunshine off a cheap scaffold structure impresses me? 

She doesn't scare me, because I know monsters like her. I know what they are about, I know what they can do. But I love what she is capable to do, because she seems like she's able to pull the same shit Brujah used to. I loved him for it back in the day, how do you think it makes me feel to see the same is possibly heading my way? Was she the best you could come up with in order to get the best out of me and Azrael? I'm tempted to say yes. For sure you failed miserably with everyone else and clearly the loss Az and I suffered against you this week didn't do much to stop us. Kincade is already a distant memory. You needed a true equalizer and I feel like you finally got it! You had to dig deep...

In fact, you have to be desperate to resort to your crazy ex girlfriend as a solution to your current situation.And again, this is thanks to me.

I love this! 
You have no idea how much!
To see you do what you do, to act and take the decisions you take.
Because I know I am at the center of it, I know I'm the reason behind them.

I didn't make you Alex, I'll say it again.
I changed you though, that is clear as day.

And I look forward to face the improved you next week. 
I look forward to face the changed you. Because for sure it's going to be a different match than the first one we had. 
It'll be a better one. More personal, more intense, more brutal, more bloody, more everything!  

It's going to be so much fun!
For me...
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Post on October 14th 2017, 5:59 pm by Alex Reynolds

The phrase "ignore it and it will go away" does not apply when you're sitting at a table with an elephant.

When you're single you're happy. That's a given. You have no problems. Well, no major problems. Okay, none that can't be solved without a quick visit to Pornhub. The thing is you reach a point when you're single when you start to believe that you're a loser for being on your own. It doesn't help that your best friend has settled down and he's forever talking about how single life is lame and how you should get out there and start looking for 'the one.' Apparently, that's what he's found for himself: 'the one.' He's always banging on about how she completes him and now he finally understands what love is. At first, you think he's completely lost his mind and given time he'll come to his senses. Then he tells you that they're planning on moving in together. What started out as a brisk walk has now turned into a jog. Before long your best friend is now claiming that his other half is his best friend. This leaves you in a bit of a jam because you've known the bloke since he was knee high and you were there when he shit himself, literally, when the neighbour's dog chased him across the street because you thought it'd be fun to stick a couple of sausages in his trouser pockets. You put it down to the honeymoon period and once again hope that he'll come to his senses at a later date. Although the sooner the better because you're sick of watching reruns of Magnum P.I with the div kid from down the street. However, not only have they moved in together, but it's going great. Now he tells you that they're thinking of trying for a baby. By now you're completely freaking out and losing your shit. It's like hanging from the edge of a cliff by your fingertips. This friend who you've known for so long is about to cut you loose. Suddenly other friends are grabbing themselves a piece of the action. The second tier friends. The ones that you only call in cases of emergency. These people are getting girlfriends or boyfriends - it depends which way they're swinging. Most of my pals are guys. I've tried to have female friends. I've tried really hard. In fact, I've tried to the point that they've felt it necessary to change their phone number and in extreme circumstances: call the law. I must be pushing the wrong buttons.

Now you're at a point in your life when you start to think that something may, in fact, be wrong with you. You start spending more time in front of the mirror asking yourself 'is there something wrong with me' until you feel so low that you consider handing yourself in at the local police station and confessing to a crime that you didn't commit in order to rid yourself of this horrible, dark, shitty feeling that's growing and mutating inside of you. It doesn't matter anymore. Your life is going down the tubes and the only friend you've ever had has decided that a woman is better company than you are. It isn't long before you shut yourself off from the outside world. Most of your time is now taken up by the internet. You start researching bombs just because it's the world wide web. Then you realise that intelligence agencies might be tracking your online searches and you shit a brick, clear your browser history and throw your PC out of your bedroom window narrowly missing the family dog who was out in the garden taking a shit at the time. Not long after this, your long lost pal uploads a scan of his unborn child on social media. Tears begin to well up in your eyes, not because you're overjoyed for the happy couple, but because you know that this is the end. The final nail in the coffin. Gone are the days when you would leave a club at five in the morning and flash a random woman because you had that much alcohol in your system that you could restock an entire liquor store. Finished. Finito. Over.

Soon your thoughts get dark. Suicide enters the fray and by god, if you're going to do it then you're going to do it right. You grab the kitchen knife one day, take a deep breath, accidentally prick your finger and realise that maybe the knife is a bit sharp and you decide to put it down before someone gets hurt. One down, a helluva lot more options to go. You play different scenarios over in your head until you come to the conclusion that the best way to kill yourself is with a gun. You acquire a small revolver at a reasonable price from a man wearing a beret at an arcade. It does exactly what it says on the tin, he informs you. Hours later you're standing in your bedroom with the gun asking yourself out loud which is the best method; temple?; underneath the chin?; naval?; mouth? It's best to try them all, you tell yourself. You press the gun to your temple, but back out as it makes your jaw go all funny. Next, you put it underneath your chin, however, that doesn't work as it just irritates your beard.  You take your top off, no point in ruining a perfectly good shirt, press the barrel against your naval. No, no, no, no, no. Too cold. Finally, you pluck up enough courage to put the weapon into your mouth, but you're not quite sure how far in there it has to go and you end up making yourself gag. Despondent, you throw the gun onto the bed forcing it to discharge and fire a single shot. The bullet whizzes past your ear and embeds itself in the door frame. You panic. You thank your lucky stars that you're not dead, despite wanting to be less than ten seconds ago. From that moment on you decide to live life to the full and not look back.

A few months later, your long lost pal asks you if you'd like to meet one of his wife's friends. Yep, they're married now and no you didn't get an invite. 'With everything you've been through, we didn't think it would be fair to invite you and burden you with a wedding,' the text message reads. You note the pronoun 'we' and shout at your mobile phone several times before realising that you're on a bus. You spend the rest of the journey yelling out swear words every few minutes in the hope that the passengers will think that you have Tourettes and cut you some slack.

You agree to meet one her friends on the condition that your pal brings around some photos of at least three of them. It's a big decision and you don't want to cock it up and get lumbered. He throws a few names at you via a short and sweet text message. You head straight onto Facebook, type in their names, scroll through their pictures and criticise everything from their hair to their choice of shoes. You discard one of them for not showing enough cleavage and another for showing too much. In the end, you settle for the one who's passed out in most of her pictures.

You hit it off. Which comes as no surprise as you've been ploughing her with alcohol for the past two and a half hours. She hasn't spent a penny, but you've drained your bank account. On the plus side, she has her head in your lap and she's past the fighting off stage. You take her home by means of a taxi, but run into trouble when you don't have the money to pay the fare. In the end, you're forced to take it out of her purse. As your doing so you sneak an extra note out for yourself. Compensation for when she sicked on your shoes when you helped her off the dancefloor. In the house, she's in such a state that she can't even put one foot in front of the other and ends up falling flat on her face on the living room floor. Her head neatly places itself inside the tiger's mouth and you look on in horror at some kind of half human half rug monstrosity that's taken up most of the floor space. Luckily whatever vomit came out of her mouth when she fell, landed on the tiger's head and avoided most of the rug. Result.

In the morning you're faced with questions about Safaris and Africa. You tell her you have no idea what she's talking about and that she drank at least five times her bodyweight last night and that she was in no fit state to spell Africa let alone go there. She's persistent and insists that she saw a Tiger to which you respond by telling her that you took her to the zoo. This pacifies her and eventually, the Spanish inquisition dissipates. You've been in her company for less than twenty-four hours and already you've lied to her. This relationship malarky might not be as bad as you once thought. You ask her if she'd like to go out on a date again and she tells you that she'd love to, but only if you'd cut your hair and do something with your beard. You curse her under your breath, not because you're scared of her, but because you're scared of her leaving and never coming back. Not to mention the fact that you're getting sick of giving yourself handjobs every night. She then claims that you have absolutely no clue when it comes to the current fashion trends and advises you to seek professional help before your next date. You smile, nod in agreement. Only your idea of professional help is a hitman and not a tailor.

Less than six months later, you're married. A year or two later and you're divorced. You want the blender, but she's adamant that she uses it more than you do. In the end, you smash it with a hammer. She storms off and informs you that she'll talk to you later when you've calmed down. Women.


I started out with a point to make and somewhere along the line, I got lost in the emotion of it all. At the beginning of this piece, I spoke about sitting next to an elephant. I meant that metaphorically. I don't want people to be sitting there reading this with a dumbfounded look on their face imagining me sat next to an actual elephant.

Let me set the scene: Me, Kacey and Nikki are at the table eating and the atmosphere is a little tense. The elephant was Vexx Monroe. You marry someone and you have to run things by them. That's the thing I disliked about being married. Now, I'm divorced and these two still think that I should run everything by them before I make a decision.

We'd been sitting in silence for over half an hour when Nikki decided that enough was enough.


"I can't believe you're putting your trust in her." Her voice was thick with incredulity.

I put my fork down, looked up at her. "What was I expected to do?" I asked, mildly irritated by her words. "I'm sick and tired of having to look over my shoulder every week."

"So you're scared?"

"No," I replied. "At least not in the way you're thinking."

"I don't understand?"

"I'm not scared of Wilson or Azrael. Matter of fact I'm not scared of anybody in EAW." I took a breath, ran my hand through my hair. "I'm scared of being left behind."

"Left behind?" Kacey looked bemused. "You do realise that right now you're one of the hottest properties in NEO?"

I ignored her question. "Let's just say that it's become abundantly clear to me that the only way to climb the ladder in this place is if someone's holding it for you."

"If that's the case then why not Daryl Kinkade?"

I rubbed my forehead, tried to keep my cool. "Don't get me wrong Kinkade is a good guy. He came through for me when I needed him, but right now he's got his own problems to deal with. He's breaking his back trying to force himself into a match at Frontline."

"And teaming up with you wouldn't get him there?"
Nikki asked, clearly believing I was full of shit.

"When you're facing a problem like Wilson and Azrael you need a little bit more than what Kinkade is currently offering."

"So you decided to make a deal with the devil?"

"I think you're being slightly hysterical."

"The woman is pure evil. A few years ago she almost ended Savannah Sunshine's career."

"Everybody knows what Vexx did to Savannah."

"She tossed her off the top of that scaffolding like she was nothing. She nearly broke her neck."

"And what about my neck?!" I raised my voice. "Have you forgotten what Wilson did to me?"

"I understand you're you're upset at how that happened, but there are other options."

I screwed my face up. "Like what?" I paused for a moment. "The only option I have is to fight fire with fire."

"And if you end up getting burnt?"

"Well, I guess that's just the chance I'm going to have to take." I pushed my chair back with my foot, stood up. "I'll tell you this much, if I'm going to hell then I'm taking those two son of a bitches with me!
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The Dreadknight Part 11:

(A clip plays of Ryo’s before match promo).

“He’s vengeful, can you trust him?”,

Ryo grabbed the microphone;
“I…...trust him. And if he betrays me, he’ll pay……”.
“It’s funny who men will come to trust when the chips are down, and they find themselves needing to throw in with someone. Such was the case of, The Revenant”.

(montage clip:The Revenant fighting Bad Guy Brandon, then fighting on the ground with Shackleford, before duking it out with Ryo Nakahara himself).

“True, he’s definitely no man, and didn’t completely trust Ryo’s agenda, or his motives in the ring”,

(Clip: The Revenant sends a chairshot to a security guard, seemingly clotheslining him as well).

"But when the Anti - Hero, the Dreadknight, the reaper of NEO found himself locked into a ring against Shackleford, and Sinister Ace, he was forced to throw in with the very man he submitted just a week before, and even as they seem disconnected, they still had each other's backs, such a DUO….”.

(Clip: The Revenant submitting Ryo Nakahara with his signature submission, ‘The Confess’).

“......Didn’t do them any good now did it?”.

“Sure, I mean, The Revenant fought brutally against both Shackleford and Sinister, but like I said, when the chips were down, when Nakahara fell….”.

(Clip: Sinister Ace pinning The Absolute Wrestler, Nakahara, on the ring during the october 11th show).

What became of the Anti - Hero who trusted his former foe’s competence?”.

(Clip: Shackleford pulls The Revenant, a cut across his left cheek, causing him to bleed, to his feet. Sinister followed up by beating down The Dreadknight with several punches, barely able to defend himself from the double team).

“HE FELL! DIED and finally has STAYED DEAD. You see Shackleford was wrong on one part, The Revenant isn’t some Superhero, He’s a vigilante, a resurrected man, trying to bring justice, and ends up building momentum….”.

(Clip: The Revenant cutting a promo on NEO shortly before October 11th).

“That lead, to, Nowhere….”.

(Clip: It then static cuts, to The Revenant being clotheslined by shackleford, his upper back and head hitting the ground hard).

“You back him, yes you do! Not for some heroic face, not for some egotistical heel turned good, but because you actually bought in, to the idea, that this Dead Man Walking, could actually go ahead and bring ‘Justice’, and maybe, bring some entertainment to you in the process...bravo, you, the fans of NEO, you I honestly expected better of You…..”.

The Camera cuts from the Titantron, to show a NEO Executive, holding a microphone, his right arm in a cast and sling. Had the viewer been following The Dreadknight Promo series, it was the same executive The Revenant ambushed just before his bout with Nakahara, the same one accused, and then reprimanded for fixing fights, corporate espionage, and other crimes.

The crowd booed him, all the while, a smile was on his face, as the titantron displayed a shot of The Revenant, laying bloodied on the floor after the most recent NEO show. “Oh boo me all you want, he’s GONE, YAH HEAR ME?!? GONE!!! The Revenant was beaten, his streak that many thought would grow, died at 3 to 1 (or 3 to 1 to 1 if you’re some MMA hack who loves to count No Contests). He Died, His streak Died, his message died, And I PRAY to whatever respectable higher power may exist, that your fandom for this month old, outdated vintage style ‘Beat ‘em Up’ Dark Hero, Dies Too”.

He simply basked in the booing, as some fans began to yell not so TV - 14 terms and sentences at the man. “Oh give me a break, fone, you want an ending to this ‘promo’ as the higher ups love to call them? Fine: Revenant, if you can hear me from whatever hospital bed, back EAW Garage Corner, Casket, or whereever the hell you’re listening from, You’ve lost. You couldn’t go undefeated to even FIVE MATCHES, You managed to not only get yourself beaten up not once, but TWICE, and all the momentum you built up to Frontline, is now Dead, BRA -VO, because We all know how Frontline’s gonna end, With Shackleford completing a trilogy…. of Easily, punting you, back in your grave, 3 times in a row”.

The exec smiled as the crowd started to rip on him for the last remark, basking proud that the man who’d assaulted him, was now defeated, as the lone image of The Revenant being broken and bloodied on the Titantron continued to loop. Until….

The Exec quickly panicked, looking around as the lights seemingly exploded, darkening the whole room, as the Titantron started to show the ominous symbol from before. He dropped his microphone, but many could hear him yell ‘where is he?’, ‘where?’, and ‘oh god please no’. His pleas were answered, when The Revenant himself, the first appearance after the October 11th card of the Reaper, appeared infront of the man as the lights came on. The Exec was frozen with fear, The Revenant, in nothing but his ring gear, a steel chair on one hand, almost completely healed, except for his eye, which was half red due to a badly broken blood vessel.

The Exec out his one hand out, his pleas were deafened by the sound of the crowd. The Revenant was different, he was enraged, boiling at the seams, shaking his head, he then took a swing at the exec. The man dodged just before, only having his good shoulder clipped by the steel chair as he rolled out of the ring. The Revenant swung again, and again, like a brutal, bloodthirsty animal, as the exec ran up the ramp, The Revenant took the steel chair, and chucked it, just barely missing the man by an inch. As the man exited, The Revenant stood there, gazing around as people, some cheering just for the hell of it, some cheering for him, and some boos (done by Shackleford and Sinister fans, though they were deafened out mostly). He then walked over, picking up the Microphone, and turning it back on.

He paused, waiting for the crowd to die down for a second,
“And what You, Sinister, and Shackleford seem to not be able to get through your Thick Skulls, Mr. Maroni, is that you cannot kill, what refuses to Die”.

“You see defeat is inevitable, not for me, but for anyone… Anyone who wishes to succeed but one day fall, before they can rise. Such as it was with CM Banks, Scott Diamond, DeDeDe himself, and the now prominent Finnegan Wakefield. Except my goal isn’t as far stretching and hard to achieve with elbow grease, My goal, isn’t some Diamond Encrusted piece of Leather that EAW paid some Ohioan motorcycle company to build. My goal is the idea of a Just and Fair EAW. The idea that anyone can strive to climb whatever ladder DeDeDe’s built, from the bottom, to EAW Champion, and not have to worry about some third rate boxer, an unhinged junkie, or a washed up ‘Bad Guy’, stab them in the back, and then bury them”.

“I never came to EAW to be Champion, I never came to EAW to ‘Be The Best’, and I certainly never came to EAW to Lie, Cheat, and Pay Off my way through developmental to the main roster. I came here to ensure Justife is brought to NEO and EAW, I came to rip out Corruption at it’s roots, and I came to ensure that men like Shackleford, Brandon, and others, would have their careers that were built on the backs of others through immoral practices, see an early grave….”.

“However, I never promised that it would be easy……”

“The first loss of any competitor, is arguably the hardest, especially after accomplishing several feats before that. True, I wasn’t the person who was pinned last Wednesday, however it is still a lost match for both me and Nakahara. I acknowledge both the losses And my foes, and I won’t avoid doing it so myself. However, that doesn't mean that this losing streak will continue. Shackleford might think that his attacks have true effect on my body, but the fact that I’m standing both after last week, and now, healed, with a renewed resolve, should show how very little effect he has. Infact, all Shackleford’s accomplished is renewing my vigor for Frontline, and pushing me to enhance my personal arsenal with some new additions. You can, beat a Revenant down, you can best a Revenant, but what you can’t do is keep them down. I’ve taken the liberty of honing myself with a few, more, good, moves, because unlike you, Sinister, Brandon,  I take the coming bout at Frontline with Absolute certainty, Absolute preperation, and Absolute seriousness. You may have used Sinister to overwhelm me personally in the last two matches, but make no mistake, that won’t happen at Frontline. People will see you for what you truly are, behind that facade, that face of the ‘Working man’s Hero’....”.

“you see yourself as the ‘cream of the crop’, Let’s remember all of us here down in NEO have had to work, fight, and bleed the same amount of time….those of us who did it ourselves after all. Instead you’ve spent your time cheating, manipulating, and creating a facade for yourself, You call yourself the ‘working class hero’, you say some inspirational bulls[Censored] you dug up from a random ‘motivational quote website’, you appear at a car wash and manhandle a disgruntled fan, and you believe you’re the next God, Damn, Messiah for the little guy”.

“Me? I actually lived in the dirt, I was born in the gutter, I fought day in and out before I got to EAW, and now I’m here, and I’ve been fighting for the ‘little guy’, day in, day out, every week I’ve been here so far. I’ve faced opponents, I’ve won, and I’ve lost damn hard, and never once did I get caught up in the feelings of grandeur,  of becoming the ‘new face of NEO’, or the next New Bred Champion. I stuck by my mission, my goal, and Ill, unlike you, who barely try to keeps the working class hero shtick intact, until it’s for a convenient promo….”.

“Shackleford, your time is up. No more two on one assault, no more using the manchild, the 12 year old in a 28 year old’s body, that is Sinister Ace, as your personal meatshield to overwhelm me in 2 on 1 ambushes, no, more. Everyone on the card as a certain amount of momentum going into Frontline, whether it’s a winning streak, a prize, or in my case, Vengeance. You may think you have this victory in the figurative bag, you and others may think so, whether it’s from your victories, your month here on EAW, or the fact that Lioncross stuck your face on the poster, You’re mistaken..”.

“Frontline is not only the place, where you’ll finally pay for everything you’ve done to others, it’s not only where you’ll pay for your sins, it’s not just the place, where I’ll break your bones, rip out the cartilage in your chest, and place you onto a worse catatonic state that after Scott Oasis’ House of Glass Match, it’s the place where I’ll gladly claim the Main Roster contract, where I’ll sign the paper, and you’ll fall back into the obscurity you deserve. Buried, beaten, and stuck in the pit where you unrightfully threw so, many, others into when you climbed the ladder, stabbed others in the back, and tossed them off to get ahead…”.

“And this time, there isn’t going to be some 6 foot 5 manchild as your personal manpower pool to take the brunt of the damage for you. We have 2 weeks until Frontline, 2 weeks, of which I’ll spend preparing for Frontline, I’d suggest you invest in better Health Insurance how Shackleford, because you won’t be able to call for 911, when I break your back so hard, you’ll be paralyzed from the neck, down”.

“Let it known to all the Crooked Cops, and Dirty Politicians of NEO: ...The Revenant’s gonna spend the next 2 weeks hunting you down. Watch your back, because to climb Shackleford’s pedestal to knock him off, I’m building that stairway out of the sinners, cheaters, and manipulators of NEO”.

The Revenant tossed the microphone into the hands of the referee at the side of the ring. He exited the ring, walking up the ramp as ‘For Whom’ plays on the arena speakers.
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(Same location as Alex's last promo. Vexx's perspective.)

The building looked old, ramshackle, dilapidated. I stood and watched as he walked with a purpose towards a red wooden door. It was locked. He turned around, looked at me vacantly, pressed his face up against one of the windows. I whistled, startled him and he spun on his heel. I flicked my head in the direction of a reasonably sized piece of slate that I had spotted as we had made our way towards the building. He smiled weakly, shook his head: I figured as much. He moved away from the window, placed his hands on his hips, shook his head slowly. I let out a sigh as he headed back to the door, tried it again. There was a loud bang. The glass in the window pane cracked like snow underfoot. Startled by the sudden noise, he jumped, looked on in horror as the glass fell from the window. His eyes widened as he glared at me. I couldn't tell if he was angry or fearful. We stayed like that for a few moments. It as if we had been frozen in time and were awaiting reanimation. He turned back to the window, put his right boot on the sill, climbed in. I walked slowly, deliberately towards the shattered glass. It crunched under my feet like brittle bones. It felt good. I scooped up a handful of broken glass, squeezed it, felt a sharp tingling sensation. I opened my hand and looked down as fragments of glass were embedded in the skin. Blood oozed out of the wound like pus from an overly aggressive boil. I picked out the various pieces of glass, shook my hand in a bid to improve blood circulation. I licked a small section of the blood on my hand. It was warm, metallic.

Alex was busy opening a cardboard box when I entered the small building. He was holding a black dress up against himself. He mumbled to himself then discarded it. A poster on the wall caught his attention. He walked towards it. I made my way over to the box that he pulled the dress out of. I reached into the box, felt something heavy, pulled it out. I held the item in my hands, smiled. It was a snow globe without the snow. The petite ballerina inside of it was without a head. On the base was a name: Margaret. The font was similar to copperplate calligraphy. I remember when I was a little girl my mother and I watched a television program about a Russian ballerina. She was so small and dainty. I remember my mother marvelling at the fact that she never missed a beat. I despised the Russian girl. She was perfect. Pretty, too. I wanted her to fall and break her ankle. At the very least, twist it. I didn't tell my mother how the ballerina made me feel that day. She wouldn't have understood. I shook the globe forcefully and noticed a small piece of plastic float aimlessly in the water. It was the ballerina's head. I felt the corners of my mouth pull upwards as a smile gradually crept onto my face. I dropped the snow globe back into the cardboard box, glanced at Alex who had opened another box and was holding an old-fashioned lamp in his hand. I looked at the yellowish mannequins that were grouped together in the corner of the room. I hadn't seen mannequins like these before. They were smaller than usual, had been done up to look like children. I strolled over to them, yanked off one of their hands; it made a loud popping sound as it came free from its artificial joint. I snapped each and every finger on the hand. It was somewhat satisfying but incomparable to bone. There was nothing quite as enjoyable as the sound of cracking bone.

I took in a long, deep, breath. The air was musty, stale. It made me feel invigorated. I looked up at a poster on the wall. A woman with a red bow in her hair was holding a pile of freshly pressed shirts in her hand. 'Our Job' it stated 'To clothe the men who work and fight.' I reached up, tore the poster from the wall. Women like her made sick. My mother used to fetch and carry for my stepfather and what did that get her? A split lip and a black eye. Unless he was in a good mood then she'd get the works. I lost count of the number of times I heard her screaming in pain as he beat her senseless. Afterwards, he was always sorry and remorseful. A couple of days later she'd be hanging out the washing and out of nowhere, he'd plant his fist into the side of her head. At first, I used to run upstairs and hide. After a while though, I began to look forward to it. We only had a few channels on the TV and at that point, my literacy skills were practically non-existent. There was nothing else to do. Besides, if a woman was stupid enough to stick around after being used as a punchbag night and day then she deserved it. All I ever wanted was a loving mother. Instead, all I got was a weak, pathetic excuse for a mother who should've done the right thing and had us all adopted. At least then we would have had a fighting chance.

I stared at the painted face of the limbless mannequin. The long eyelashes, innocent expression. It reminded me of Savannah Sunshine. It wasn't that long ago that we were playing cat and mouse. I haven't forgotten about you, Savannah. I'm always watching. You may have fooled everyone else with your virtuous act, but you haven't fooled me. I know what you are, Savannah. We both do. It's all an act. You can't keep it up forever. When the mask slips, I'll be there waiting and we will ride off into the sunset. Creatures like us need to stick together, Savannah. Don't fight what you are.

I placed both my hands around the mannequin's small, fragile, neck and twisted hard. It came off almost instantly. I covered the face with the palm of my injured hand, smeared blood all over it. They always looked better that way. I smiled, dropped the tarnished head to the floor.

Soon it would be time to dismantle the real thing.
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[size=35]The Aces Of Spades Show #7[/size]
*Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the seventh edition of the EAW Network special, “The Aces Of Spades Show!” This show is sponsored by the oh-so charismatic Youtube content creator, Pehrox! You are welcomed by the hosts Bo Maro and Sinister Ace!

(The camera rolls and displays the vast smirk of Bo Maro and Sinister Ace following a training session, they are seated at two tanned white sofas at a hotel room suite.)

Bo Maro: I reckon it’s been awhile since people have heard my god-like voice? I don’t really need to be a good manager by describing my voice. Take a wild guess, why? It’s because i’m by no means, here for the EAW Universe, I’m here to lead and describe how great Sinister Ace is going to be. My client, Sinister Ace. Sinister Ace truly doesn’t give a shit about Ryo Nakahura‘s career. Sinister Ace is no way at all described as a dark professional wrestler. Sinister Ace brings light within NEO. Everytime he steps within the squared circle, he delivers, haves a great match being victorious. Ryo Nakahura, on the other hand. Ryo Nakahura held the honest opinion of Sinister Ace’s as an big offense. That is absolutely not what a god-given talent does. A person that is sent down to this damned planet by God, doesn’t burst with jealousness and costs a person’s achievements. Nothing from Nakahura is god-given capability. If anything, your career was built up from building toilets. What usually disposes within the toilet? Feces. Feces comes from the ass. You…. Your talent came from God’s ass. What came out of his ass is a jealous, idiotical vigilante. That vigilante has a manager who has a nickname, “The Mouth Of The South Of Japan.” Your mouth doesn’t represent anything, it says the garbage that comes out of Ryo Nakahura’s mouth and your unpopular opinions about him. Instead, your nickname should be “The Mouth Of The South Of Your Ass.” Sinister Ace is going to laugh Ryo Nakahura off as a indy darling because that is the collective of people who EAW sign because they believe that they can beat people like me. You, are just another obstacle in my road of devastation. Outclassing is what you’re describing what the match on Wednesday will be. Let’s take it waaaaay… back to the 11th. That tag team match when I knocked you out cold in the middle of the squared circle and pinned you. Ryo Nakahura’s manager didn’t mention that occasion at all, he chooses to ignore that defeat for Ryo Nakahura Nakahura. Well, here’s this. Ryo Nakahura doubtlessly doesn't recall that occasion because the impact from the punch awarded him a loss of memory. Keep claiming that Sinister Ace is an Edgelord and all that. Sinister Ace is certainly not a dumbass. What came out of Ryo Nakahura’s translated words were that Sinister Ace bear a failed boxing career. Phrase it in your mind over and over and over again. Sinister Ace obtained a successful boxing career, unlike you. Sinister Ace didn’t bounce around boxing promotions because no one liked him. After that interference in that match…. That word you call “respect”. Never going to be given by Sinister Ace to you...
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NEO Promo #1
(Camera begins rolling as we see Keiji wearing his signature headband and the new Ryo Nakahara meanwhile Ryo himself is there with a towel over his face after a long training session.)
Keiji: Well it’s been a while since you’ve heard my god-like voice… And tonight my client, Ryo Nakahara may have taken the fall but like most greats of the rising sun, losses make him stronger, they feed the fire inside to continue fighting and just become better than ever. You have to be kidding me if you think some edgelord like Sinister can stop him. And yeah I said it, Mister Sinister... is just that, the general dark anti-hero tough guy. We can all see that whenever he curses us by appearing on our screens. He’s too edgy for EAW by the looks of it and you can tell that. Trash talking won’t help Ryo show mercy on your sorry ass and running circles inside the wrestling ring where he’s better then you and that’s goddamn truth. You don’t call out the mouthpiece, first rule of combat. Just because I do the talking for him doesn’t mean everything I say is Ryo’s beliefs about you. No, as you saw this man doesn’t speak, he fights. He goes into the ring and FIGHTS against Edgelords like Sinister Ace and outclasses them. He beats them down and shows no signs of stopping till he makes sure your balding head is out of NEO and out of EAW.
Even though losses have stalled his momentum, I still have faith that the man right next to me is the future kingpin of NEO, he gonna run the show and it certainly won’t have your sorry ass around on it.
The moment you decided to not only disrespect Ryo Nakahara but also the Mouth of the South of Japan! How do my American counterparts say it…? “You’ve gone and fucked up”? Yeah, that sounds about right. You fucked up by showing no respect to my client, you not only insulted him but you insulted his legacy, the career he’s had over there.
You talk about flaws.. what flaws? The fact my client doesn’t speak the English because he rather spent his time when you could have learning English in High School instead busting his ass off in the Gym to make it into Japan’s premier wrestling dojos. Or maybe because he’s GOD GIFTED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER that decided join EAW because the money was right? Or because in the end, you had another partner with you last Thursday and nobody gave a crap about you even when you got paired with the best WRESTLERS in NEO.
If you think this badass Japanese Wrestling Kingpin is some sort of Indy Darling then you sir have clearly not been paying attention to the training tapes. This is a man who just wrestles because that’s what he can only do. He eats, he breathes, he trains, and bust his off only for Pro-wrestling.
Before you laugh him off as the “Indy guy” that you have to remember that’s what made EAW offer the contract, why else would EAW push to get a person that in your eyes is “talentless” and is “falsely-hyped” when everyone in EAW can be considered as the Best Wrestler In The World… Well except you Edgelord Ace because you can’t call yourself a wrestler when you don’t respect the craft that one man will constantly hone.
But see like I’ve said before, Edgelord. My opinions about you aren’t the same as Ryo’s opinions for you. He’s the fighter here, I promise you he won’t say a word about your dumbass because he’s going to be too busy doing what he does best and that hones his abilities in the ring. I’m just hired as his hype man, his translator, and his manager but I probably run circles in this ring if I didn’t retire years before you knew how to put on a headlock.
Your incompetence and your too-edgy for NEO BS isn't going to work because you ain’t stepping into the ring with me even though I probably would have slapped the edginess right outta your mouth. You are stepping into the ring with The Absolute Wrestler.

And you’re going to get outclassed so fucking badly that EAW is gonna need to censor this match because it’s going to be a massacre by Ryo against the Edgelord Ace.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on October 13th 2017, 1:48 pm by Daryl Kinkade
Road to Frontline
Kinkade Vs Gin

Part one - Drifting

I should be content right now. I know in the past I've said that once you become content you may as well quit because you're not pushing yourself anymore, but right now I should be pretty content with how things are going for me in EAW.

I've improved my record here in NEO to three wins and one controversial loss. Last night, I got to hang with three of the best guys NEO has to offer and I held my own, no, I more than held my own. Last night, I finally got the chance to prove that I could back up my claims that I should be in the main event and I more than did that. I stepped into the ring with Wilson, Azrael and Reynolds and I didn't look out of place. The most important thing to come out of last night though is that I earned the respect of Alex Reynolds. He doubted me before the match and to an extent I doubt him. Still, he stepped into the ring with me, out his trust in me despite his reservations and I helped him strike a blow against his enemies. I heard him yesterday and making a promise like that, that he's there if I need it, means a lot. Even if it's just his way of saying thank you. The fact that he now respects me means more to me than a promise of help. In this business, friends come and go, respect lasts forever.

So, with a 75% success rate, the respect of one of the best in NEO and proving I can mix it with the main eventers I really should be happy right?

Well, I'm not.

You see, something still isn't right for me here in NEO. Something still hasn't clicked into place. I don't feel like I've settled and made this place my home. I feel like I'm just drifting from one match to the next with no real sense of direction.

Take my tenure here so far. Four matches, eight opponents and including Reynolds, I've been in the ring with nine men already and I'm still to face a single one of those men more than once. It's almost like management don't know what to do with me, what direction to point me in. Or that no-one here considers me a big enough threat or a big enough scalp to try and prove themselves against me. There are some absolutely blinding feuds going on in NEO at the moment. 

Shackleford and The Revenant.
Nakahara and Ace.
The whole thing between Wilson, Azrael and Reynolds.

All money spinning feuds drawing the fans in. Two were well under way before I got here, but Nakahara and Ace perfectly illustrates my point. 

It's not exactly a secret that myself and Sinister Ace don't see eye to eye and probably never will do and after the controversial end to our match you'd think I'd get another crack at him, either to prove my line of argument that the result was a fluke or tp prove his thet he deserved it and is better than me, but no. The follwoing week I get Nakahara and Woogieman. I beat Nakahara, who later runs interference in Ace's match. The following two weeks Nakahara and Ace end up in a programme together whilst I get to help Alex Reynolds and the face opponent number nine in Oyabun Gin. All three of us, myself, Nakahara and Ace, all have issues with each other, yet I'm the one excluded from the battles.

So, as I say, is this because Nakahara and Ace don't see me as a threat or worth wasting there time on? I know exactly what Ace's answer will be, even though he can't help but have a dig at me each time he opens his mouth, whereas Nakahara is more complex. Or is it because management don't have bigger plans for me, or just don't see the future of the company in me so prefer to use me to make up the numbers? That, I just don't know.

What I do know, is that against Oyabun Gin, and anyone else I face down the line, I have an opportunity. Both to prove to everyone on the roster that I should be taken seriously and to prove to management that I am the one to step up and fill the void at the top of the card that will be left when either Shackleford or The Revenant progress to the main roster. Oyabun Gin is the last chance I have to prove that I deserve a spot on the Frontline card and the first chance I get to prove that I can mix it with the best on a regular basis and that I can do it by myself.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on October 12th 2017, 6:40 pm by Ryan Wilson
The rules of the game didn't change Alex, you just finally managed to catch up to it.
That broad you got hooked to your arm is not a game changer, it's the logical next step which should've happened a while back already. You never should've relied on the weak to have your back in the past last weeks, you never should've wasted your time with the spineless and the demotivated. Vexx Monroe should've been part of the fun the moment we had our first tag team match. So it's about damn time you decided to step things up. 

I told you the thing you had with finding the girl was making you lose focus. Now, I know I have your full attention. I'm glad, very glad. Welcome to the Party Vexx! This is going to be fun.

I will admit, I am giving that MJ thing way too much of my time and it's actually getting to me. 
Do you want to know why I want to find him to badly? Of course you don't but I'll tell you anyway: I want to find him because I want to get him out of my way. YOU Alex, you are worth my time. He's not. It's YOU I want at Frontline, not him. The guy clearly managed to get into my head and he thinks that will last, heck for all I know that thing is just a figment of Lioncross' imagination in a twisted plan to have me run in circles! For all I know, the two of you are working together to mess with me and not only deny me a match with you at Frontline but deny me a match period on the Free Per View. 

Maybe I'm just growing paranoid, who knows right? But right now my vision is clear. 
I may not be getting you in the ring during an FPV BUT I get you all to myself at what will be the biggest NEO show of the year! 

In the end I'm getting what I want, the difference is I don't get it WHERE I want. Between you and me does it really matter when we square off next? It does, but I will not complain (much) because I get my wish realized next week and I will say it again: I have you right where I want you to be! The right mind set, the right attitude, the right level of desire to want nothing else but take me apart. 
And you got yourself the perfect back-up! 

You are right, NEO is not a Country Club, this is why I worked to hard to change you into what you are right now. You are incredible man! You were the man before, you got up a few steps since you first met me and I am claiming credits for that. Did I made you? Of course not, what I did it make you better! 

And it'll be for all to see next week when I face you in the ring for the last NEO before Frontline. 
I said I wanted you to be at your absolute BEST next time we have a solo match. I'm proud to say you are THERE man! 

Right there. 
And it's perfect! 

I made something special out of your already special something Alex, and next week I get to see just how efficient I was at doing what I do. And then the real fun begins: 

I get to have a shot at breaking you down! 
I'm not talking about injuries here, no, I want something simpler. 
I simply want the satisfaction of defeating you when you are at your absolute best! I want to beat the best because this is what I love to do! You are what NEO has best to offer, we both know that, and to beat you would be simply amazing! A great accomplisment, another notch on my best of growing successes! 

Next week is going to be a whole lot of fun.
And sadly this means that my match against MJ is simply irrelevant. 
At this point, I really don't care about whoever he is. 

You are all that matters to me. 
See you soon buddy.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on October 12th 2017, 6:05 pm by Sinister Ace [Pehrox]
Aces Of Spades: Part 6
Business as usual as the quirky announcer opens the show, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the EAW Network special, The Aces Of Spades show, sponsored by the latest  and best content creator, Pehrox! Please welcome, Sinister Ace!

Sinister ace walks into the dark brown room with red curtains and sits down on his black sofa with a pumpkin spice latte on the table.

I really apologise that people haven’t been able to see Bo Maro at the three NEO wrestling episodes I’ve been at. First, his bus was late. Secondly, his recent stunt on this show got him a toe injury. Lastly, he forgot NEO wrestling was going to happen. He’ll come to his senses, some day. So, let’s talk about what happened last night. A two on two tag team match with Shackleford and I, going against the ever so losers, The Revenant and Ryo Nakahura. Who came on top? Shackleford and I. Another win, another simple day. I jerked the curtain, walked into that squared circle and has been undefeated ever since. Who did I pin in that ring? Ryo Nakahara, and Daryl Kinkade. Those two were another two inches to the collection of times I’ve showed people how their just a walk in the park. Two inches in the park, two obstacles knocked down in my road of devastation. But, when I say easy, people say nothing is easy. When it comes to the point where Lioncross and others are going to put paper championship material indy darlings. It’s just going to be another easy day and you’re going to accept that. Next Wednesday, on the 18th. I will prove everyone that an inch in the park is just as easy as the people I’ve pinned.  Ryo Nakahura, the man who is jealous of my success, a person who hopped around promotions because no one likes him. Ryo has somehow managed to stay here for a good amount of time. Let’s face him, probably seventy-five percent of the NEO locker room dislike you. There’s a reason for that, you need a stupid manager to cover your flaws. Buh-bu, but Bo Maro is a manager who also covers my flaws? Take a wild guess, morons. Bo Maro talks for me because most of you nobodies don’t deserve anything from my mouth. Unlike Ryo’s manager, Bo Maro does not hide my charisma and true talent.  You… You have no talent. In about a year’s time, you will have more losses than you’ve kissed ass and cleaned toilets. Next week is going to be another example of yesterday. You’re going to get a rapid invasion and your teeth will be knocked out of your mouth. The Revenant? Go do your diddle and daddles with Shackleford. I’m done with you, put Shackleford through table. I’m not taking any message from you. Shackleford, I know I told you when we were walking to the back after the match yesterday. “We beat their asses”

Sinister Ace pushed the camera to the ground and it lands to the left, facing the bottom of the couch. We then see Sinister Ace’s feet walking by in the camera angle and an audible of the door closing.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for stopping by! Have a good night!

NEO Promoz

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