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 NEO Promoz

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PostNEO Promoz

Graphics coming soon...
Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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NEO Promoz :: Comments

Are you ready for Tommy Cornell?
Post on August 15th 2017, 9:20 pm by Cleiton
Ive been floating around the Canadian Independent scene for a while now, and finally i got my big chance, and is in the biggest promotion on the planet, a reason to be proud of myself, but is just the beginning for me, plenty of work to do, however this sneaky boy here have what it takes to climb up the rankings of EAW, not being arrogant, just realist, im one of the most talented technical wrestlers around, i can be just an unknow guy now, but in a couple of months, everyone will know my name and what i can do, they will fear the Proton Lock, my Masterpiece, doesn't matter who crosses my way, he will tap.

I have my ways to win, some of them are dirty,  im really criticized for that, but i dont care, in the end what it matters the most is the result, the win, and i will do everything in my power to get my arm raised, sometimes i dont have to cheat to win, but i do it just fot the fun, seeing some opponents pissed for losing in such a disgusting way makes my day, so everybody can expect some low blows and cheap shots and most important expect wins for me.

I think everyone knows enough of me now, but dont worry, you guys are going to learn new things every week, im full of surprises, some good ones, that will let you perplexed, dont be surprised to see me im the top of NEO, after some matches, everyone can expect great things from me, so watch it, drink it in and never forget, if you challenge me, i will make you tap in 1,2,3.

The Sneaky Kid
Tommy Cornell
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 15th 2017, 8:48 pm by Ryan Wilson
''So Merriwether is scared of clowns eh? That's funny, but what's funnier is Julio's poor choice in assistants. No wonder people make fun of his writing if he hires idiots to tweet on the Feed for him.''

''See I don't need a lackey or a servant or whatever to write my promos I can do those on my own. Julio I know you can do jokes, you can do tricks, but right now all you're doing is showing poor form and that makes you look bad. But enough about you.''

''Reggie I find it rather amusing that impression I have that you worry when it comes to the outcome of our match tomorrow. Do you actually fear we will prevent you from your ~rightful claim~ at the New Breed Championship? There is nothing Julio and I can do to stop you from the scheduled match you and Mongoose have soon. The only way one of us can truly be in your way is of the bookers deem me or Julio worthy of being added to the match. THEN we can do some damage, then we can truly try to stop you.''

''This amuses me, this situation, the apparent aura of worry surrounding you when you have nothing to worry about except how you'll come out of the next Neo show. See you aim at injuring me as if trying to make a statement, we both know it's to try and scare the Champ, because quite honestly I'm unimpressed. I won't try to take you out, I don't feel like it. I do want to win though and you know why?''

''To make you doubt your abilities. To make you worry more than you already do. To make you question yourself and your chances to become the next Champion. I know your type Reggie buddy. If you win, you'll go against Mongoose with your ego inflated over 9000, ready to conquer and take it all! If you lose however, especially cleanly, you'll bitch, moan and try to make up excuses but deep down inside you'll be doubting. You will ask yourself ''How can I beat the Champ if I can't beat that guy?''. But between you and me I don't expect a clean win no matter who's arm is raised.''

''Let me make things crystal clear for you Reginald: I am not worried, scared, anxious or even cautious about our match and that despite the Julio wildcard factor. I am ready for our match, In fact I'm excited about it! I even got a special entrance just for you! You'll see, it's going to be Fantastic!''

''If I win, I move on to the next fighter. If I lose, I move on to the next fighter. I just got here man! And I'm in no rush to make it to the top. Do I want a crack at the belt? Of course I do! But that will come in due time. Right now you are my focus and that no matter how much tweets I post on the Feed.''

''You need this win more than I do Reggie. And deep down you know I'm right.''
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 15th 2017, 8:02 pm by The Trickster Azrael (Online)

It's at the Mad Trickster then the scene begins with, Azrael who seems to like what he seeing. He enjoys every last second of it. When he realizes the fear between Reginald and his assistant Chricton. He spins a little on his desk chair while laughing and he starts talking.

Azrael: Everything is going great according to my plan. These two's gentleman seems to be a little worried bout the incomes of the match of Wilsy.

A beautiful secretary with a face paint similar of the Mad Trickster goes near him as she holds a agenda.

The Assistant of Azrael: But why put a lot of effort into this? I thought you despise Ryan Wilson.

Azrael: Yes, but my concern is to humiliate Reginald and make him realizes he is not the chosen one like he thinks. I want to bring the Mayhem in the EAW and beginning with him, might be a good opportunity.

He keeps continuing to look at the promo of Reginald Dampshaw III and realizes that he make a flaw with the note of "C U Wednesday Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" addressing to Reginald.

Azrael: Who's that stupid idiot that write in SMS?

The Assistant of Azrael: I believe it's an intern sir.

Azrael: Fired him!

Said the Mad Trickster while he is in the opposite direction of his assistant.

Assistant of Azrael: Why?

Azrael: Because I'm through with anyone who dares to mock my English and seeing this, will only let the gate opens at theses fool who think that we are all born with the blessing of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charle.

I finally got rid of those morons on twitter I don't want to deals with others. This is no fun, it's like babysitting Ryan Wilson 24 hours a day.

Assistant of Azrael: Is there anything you would like to add?

Azrael: Make sure we haves enough laughing powder. Don't forget that we have to treat our guest nicely. For now, he proves to be brave enough but for how long? Probably not so long when he realizes that he mess with the wrong Clown.

Let's soft him up before Moongoose McQueen finishes the job ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Scene ended when the camera left the office of Azrael when he still hears him laughing like a maniac.

Last edited by The Trickster Azrael on August 15th 2017, 8:58 pm; edited 1 time in total
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 15th 2017, 6:36 pm by DampshawIII
EAW production trucks and employees are seen outside, getting everything set up for the next episode of NEO. All of a sudden, a loud honking is heard and one of the trucks is forced to move. Through the commotion, a large limo pulls between the trucks and parks directly in front of the arena doors. The limo door opens and Crichton Merriweather steps out. He looks on the ground and bends down to brush some of the dirt off and then steps back. Seconds later, Reginald Dampshaw III steps out with his gear bag. He forcefully shoves his gear bag into Crichton's hands as they begin walking.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Crichton. I want you to make sure that clown imbecile Azrael is no where in sight. I already have to see his disgusting painted face ringside when I massacre Ryan Wilson, I don't want him lurking in the shadows ready to jump on me like some pervert.

Crichton Merriweather: I've been told both Ryan Wilson and Azrael aren't in town for the show yet.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Hmm...Good. 

Reginald and Crichton walk through the arena. They pass employees and other wrestlers on their way to Reginald's locker room. All of a sudden, they hear what sounds like a old bicycle horn. They both stop and turn around.

Crichton Merriweather: ..What was that?

Reginald Dampshaw III: I don't know, Crichton. Hurry up.

They walk further down the halls when Crichton stops again in his tracks. He sees what looks like a foam clown nose roll by their feet.

Crichton Merriweather: Sir, look!

Reginald Dampshaw III: Disgusting pigs, these lot. Can't even clean up the backstage area before a show. What do they even pay them for?

Crichton is visibly losing his composure and Reginald sees this. He rolls his eyes and pushes Crichton.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Dammit, Crichton, get yourself together! 

Crichton shakes his head and they continue to Reginald's room. Reginald sits down on a bench as Crichton takes his bag and goes to open his locker. He opens it and sees a present marked to "Reggie". Crichton looks back at Reginald who isn't paying attention. Crichton gulps and slowly opens the present. All that is in it is a note that reads, "C U WEDNESDAY REGGIE! HaHaHaHa!!!!!" Crichton walks swiftly over to Reginald and puts the note in his face.

Crichton Merriweather: Sir! Look at this!

Reginald snaps the note out of Crichton's hands and looks annoyed at him. He reads the note then lets out a sigh and crumples it up.

Reginald Dampshaw III: How old are you, Crichton? 9? Do you think this scares me? The only thing this makes me feel is anger at EAW security. Do they let everyone just walk in and out of rooms as they please?

Crichton Merriweather: Aren't you a little bit concerned with Azrael?

Reginald Dampshaw III: No. Why should I be? I know you're afraid of clowns, Crichton, but really. You told me him and Ryan Wilson are not even in town yet. Plus, you read the note. "C U there"? The man doesn't even have a grasp on the Queen's English. It's obvious he hasn't the intellect to do anything. It just shows the cowardice of Ryan Wilson that he has to bring back up. He knows he stands no chance against me so he brings his little "frenemy" as the Yanks say to try and even the odds in his favour. Crichton, you understand, yes? Both of those men still don't stack up to me. 

Crichton Merriweather: I suppose, sir. But still...

Reginald Dampshaw III: No, not "but still". I won't hear any more of it. They could put me in a 2 on 1 match with those freaks and they still wouldn't last 5 minutes. I'm the rightful heir to the New Breed Championship, dammit. I won't let two mentally stunted pillocks stand in my way to that title. Azrael can make this out like it's a circus act and Ryan Wilson can act like he's not afraid of me and act like he's some well studied student of the game, but he still won't take off his mask. You know why? Because he knows if he did, everyone would see the fear in his eyes. They would see his pupils twitch and his irises darting back and forth as he tries to fight off the anxiety, that anxiety that's building into the pit of his stomach. Building up until it reaches his head and he has to get his clown prince to get him a paper bag to help fend off a panic attack. Plus, they're both too worried about themselves. Trust me, Crichton, they're not going to do anything, especially Azrael. But..if he does, you're going to get the wrath of it, not me.

Crichton Merriweather: Oh dear...

Reginald Dampshaw III: Now, piss off! I need to get changed. Take that box and throw it away, too!

Crichton takes the box and slowly walks out of Reginald's locker room.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 15th 2017, 10:20 am by Alex Reynolds
"Look...We pay you to play music and give the occasional opinion on current affairs and certain societal issues."  David E. Dorsey informed me, his tone harsh.

"I understand that but-

"What we won't pay are your legal fees."

"I think you're completely underestimating my listeners, Dave."

"It's David." He glared at me. "We don't want our station to turn into some kind of Jerry Springer episode. Chat and interact with callers by all means but keep it light."

"So I can't have opinions now? What is this 1984?"

"You can have op-

"...Orwell was right." I interrupted.

"...You can have opinions, you're entitled to those. However, certain subjects are off limits."

"Such as?"

"I think you know what I'm referring to."

"I'm a little hazy right now."

"You know full well what I'm talking about."

"Can't you guys just put out some kind of disclaimer? I sighed heavily. "I have a following and they have a right to hear honesty."

"I've made it pretty clear where we stand, Alex. Now, you're on the air in a few minutes so I suggest you start preparing for your show."

"That's it?" I placed my hands on my hips. "Discussion over?"

"Exactly," he replied bluntly as he left the studio.


Hello and welcome, this is SMBT, your liberation station and I'm your host Alex Reynolds.

For the last few days, I've been getting numerous emails and text messages from concerned fans asking me if I'm alright. They all seem to think that my comments about my six-man tag team match - my debut match, I might add - were a little unwise. How, they ask, do I think my opponents will react to such inflammatory remarks? I'm not Nostradamus so I cannot predict what their responses will be. However, I can confirm that the silence is deafening. They haven't said a word. I don't know why that is, I just know that I've yet to hear a damn thing from anyone, and that includes my tag team partners.

Maybe I've unnerved them and they've gone underground. Who knows? Maybe Jimbo is off filming another one of his movies. Which given the success of his last one is highly unlikely. Maybe Dimmi is off smashing plates with big bald head of his. Maybe Ashes has caught rabies. Yeah, I saw your woman Ashes, and she was very dog-like. I sicked in my mouth just looking at her.

I think it comes down to psychology. It's mind games. My opponents want me to believe that they're running scared and my words have caught them off guard and frightened them somehow. I know how mind games work, I've been married twice. You can't just drop out of sight and expect me to fall for that one. I'm too long in the tooth to fall for anything like that. Unless...what if my opponents and partners are in on this together? Collusion. A conspiracy if you will. It's not too hard to believe. I'm an extremely talented individual and that can be a bitter pill for people to swallow. A secret understanding between them all though? Hmm, it's a possibility I suppose but what would be their motivation for turning their back on me? Collective motivation: They saw me as a threat. They'd like to eliminate me early and avoid any unnecesary ass kickings in the future. Individual motivation...hmm...

C-Mack wouldn't need a lot of persuading. The guy is a lunatic. He probably thinks that it's a six-man battle royal. I've seen the look in his eyes when he enters the ring. The man is pure evil. When you've had to put up with all the shit he has over the years I guess you're going to have a few screws loose.

Logan Evans? Surely he wouldn't turn his back on a fellow Englishman? Thinking about it though, it is possible. I mean if a man can be married to a woman for sixteen years and then cut off her head and put it in the fridge then it's possible. Personally, I don't know what he'd get out of it. I haven't wronged the guy. I haven't tied his shoelaces together. I haven't slept with his mother. I can't be one-hundred percent sure on that last one, but I'd like to think that I'd remember something like that. My memory isn't the greatest, but still. I don't sleep with a woman and then forget. Although, those Siamese twins were pretty fucking convincing.

The whole thing feels like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Hell, is there even a six-man tag match up? Am I in a coma right now? Is this some kind of alternative reality? A parallel universe? If it is then David Dorsey is an asshole in this world too. If I am in a coma then how did I end up in one? I'm not going to wake up with long hair and a chaotic beard like Steve Seagal in Hard to Kill am I? I'd take Kelly Le Brock being by my side though, to be fair. Eighties Kelly not current Kelly. She looks like Daryl Hannah on crack. Her face looks a little messed up. Not because of the ageing process either.

What the hell do people see in plastic surgery? I can't fathom the fascination with it. It's not like you look better after you've had it done. Nine times out of ten you look worse. Most of the people I've encountered and granted most of the people I have encountered have been online or through newspapers, but I've still encountered them; most of them look like shit. Are these people looking at the same faces as me? Can't they see that plastic surgery is taking a little bit longer to catch up to hairdressing? Cutting someone's hair is an art. Picking up some scissors and butchering a nest isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the fine art of hairdressing. It wasn't always like that though. It took time. How many guys had to sport mullets and get the shit kicked out of them before hairdressing sorted itself out? A lot. A helluva lot. Plastic surgery is way behind hairdressing. Some of the faces I've seen - Christ! Is Stevie Wonder performing these operations? The results are horrific. What kind of brochures are these idiots looking at when they're at these clinics? The surgeons have to be photoshopping patient's pictures. They've got to be. There is no way in hell that you'd sit down in one of those places, browse through the catalogue, see a face like Jackie Stallone and sign on the dotted line. There's just no way.  For the record and despite what I'd said earlier, I'd take Kelly Le Brock. The eighties and current. Why? Because I'm shallow and I'm a guy. Not to mention the fact that I haven't slept with a woman for months so I'll take what I can get.

Here's Cameroonian hip-hop artist Rap Thug with 'I get Nkong.'

Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 15th 2017, 2:47 am by Black Mamba
After wiping the miserable effort that was spent upon El Landerson, i sought immediate refuge. Taking what was for granted in some of my previous matches cost me, but it did not deter me from what i truly desired. The sheer lack of effort of El Landerson, compared to the methodical aggression by Leonhart, the fast and fierce of Target. Each contributed to my ever growing method of attack, each time i face an opponent, i bring to the table, a meal that never ends. Weird choice of words, but hear me out…

Moralis Candoom. Brief Tag Team Buddy and yet, budding rival of mine. We look like we could become an excellent tag team, yet right now, the points matter. Those points get me where i need to be, closing the distance to becoming the Block B winner. Closing the distance to become the EVO Series Winner, therefore proving that i am that damn good in the realm of NEO...my NEO. Unfortunately, that is a few steps away, but i am a patient man, as you have noticed. We don’t have to brutalize each other Candoom, yet i can already hear your rebuttal before you speak it. 

This is merely business between soon to be old friends. We haven’t properly broken the ice, yet i am sure we will each grasp the brass ring, but your turn will come after me make no mistake about it. I didn’t just scrape El Landerson off the floor three times this season, just to look across the ring for a real challenge now. I have by far considered you a close tie with Brendan Wolfe as my biggest threat, but since our General Manager changed the group up, i have to say you gotta step it up. I know Wolfe roughed you up a bit. I know the injuries still linger. Hear my voice of reason Candoom.

There is nothing worse than facing me wounded. I am only going to make worse, unbearable until you submit. I am going to take you down at the same pace i eliminated El Landerson, i know you can bounce back. I know your body will scream and beg for you to yield, but you will fight back, it is only natural. Victory can only come if you can truly rebound here, but that is not happening.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 14th 2017, 6:26 pm by Ryan Wilson
''Daaaaaaaamn Son! Dampshaw's really loaded!'' 

The scene opens up on a view of the entrance gate to the Dampshaw mansion somewhere in England. In of the gate, looking ahead a little bit impressed is Ryan Wilson dressed in casual clothes BUT with his face covered with his known mask. 

Ryan You ask me ~What kind of man hides behind a mask?~ and I'll answer you frankly: One who has a deep love for Cosplay and one who has a lot of respect for Luchadors. I'm not ugly, In fact I am quite the sexy studmuffin under there! I don't have a hideous visage, I was not deformed in an accident or burned or anything of the sort. I am a Cosplayer, I do costumes based on characters I like be them from anime, video games, pop culture among other things and I rock during conventions and in our case wrestling events! I won't pretend to hope you might know what the word Cosplay or what being a Cosplayer implies since your Butler is probably the one who sew your outfit and probably designed it too before the EAW's Marketing Dept gave it the thumbs up. You want to see under the mask? You want to see the real Ryan Wilson?

Nodding to himself me moved a hand to his neck collar and moved in a motion that would have his mask removed in one swing but just as he was about to he stopped. 

Ryan You know what? I'm not going to show you my angelic visage! Why would I indulge a silver spoon rich prick just because you ask or question what is under the hood? You want to see me mug you bloke? You're going to have to either rip the mask off my face OR defeat me in a Ryan Removes His Mask If He Loses match. Now, I'm not going to waste much time on your comments about Julio, that guy needs to stop living in the past and look ahead of him instead of behind his own ass. Believe me mate when I say that no matter me and the painter wonder says my focus is well aimed at you and the process of applying boot to ass which will bring me my second victory on the NEO Brand.

Ryan ''Now, I'm glad to see you have an intense side to you. See, I love to mess around but my skill level is no joke. Am I supposed to quiver in fear at the thought of you breaking my bones? Do you expect me to wet my pants at the thought of you snapping my tendons? You talk a big game trying to look all tough and trying to break me as if you were Bane on Batman. Don't I dare make you look like a joke? Motherfrogger YOU ARE a joke! You're rich, you can wear what you want, get your clothes custom designed just for you and yet you wear that stupid Union Jack on your shit. Do you know how cliche that makes you look? Oh yeah! I can make fun of you all day long but the fact is Reggie I want you to bring the pain on me! I want you to bring the hurt locker and all the tools inside! What's that? Am I a pain slut? You damn skippy I am! And you're going to see it first hand during our match! The more punishment you'll dish out the more I'll ask for second. I faced and defeated men, and I emphasise on MEN, twice your size, faster, meaner and more dangerous than you! If you think getting injured scares me... Quite frankly you need to start wondering about what I can dish back at you. Because you have no earthly idea! You watched no video, you did not do your homework. But I did... So much for being a scholar. See I can afford to be a troll on the feed because I did my study work on my opponent and I have time to enjoy a little bit of leisure. So sure, keep on practising on that overly expensive piano of yours. Also, keep this in mind: I did work hurt and injured in the past. So if you think your promises are making me worry for my health I strongly suggest you rethink your strategy against me.''

Suddenly Ryan stops as ''The Deadpool Rap'' starts and he produces a cellphone out of his back pocket. 

Ryan ''Unlike someone, I don't care if this ruins the line of my suit. Oh! It's the Intern! Hold on I gotta take this.''

He then opens up the phone.

Ryan ''Intern! How are ya? ... Yeah? ... Oh? ... He did?''

He mouths ~Julio did a promo~ to the camera and then returns his focus on the phone

Ryan ''Well what did he say? ... ... Uh uh ... ... Unhappy I got a singles match first ... Uh uh, whatever what else? ... ... Oh did he?''

He made a turning motion towards the camera meaning that the cameraman should keep on rolling and film while he is in the phone.

Ryan ''I have to admit, hearing him say he did everything when it's a plain lie is starting to get old and boring. He didn't win the match because he got the pin on the Mafia, WE got the pin because WE won the match. I DO give him credit for the pin, he got the job done and I'm happy we won, but to say I did nothing? That's just sad. If he wants to be mad at someone it should be the bookers, it's not my fault if they decided to put me in singles comp before him. But I'll bet you 10 bucks that had he gotten the first match he would've flaunted his superiority and blah blah blah. I'm not lucky, I'm talented. Nuance.''

He shrugged

Ryan '"The guy won ONE match over me in another federation and he thinks he's the better man. Acting little a little baby back bitch when he doesn't have a solo match and I do doesn't make him the better man, it makes him look like an immature rookie in need of a pacifier and a diaper change. What else did he say?''

He rolled his eyes.

Ryan ''Really? Does he actually think I'll believe that? Does he really think I'll trust his words when he says he won't do anything in our match so that Reggie has a shot at humiliating me? C'mon! His own ego won't allow him that, he's going to try and ensure my victory so that he can say he W on my sheet was due to his implication. I'm nuts, but I'm not an idiot. He wants to out do me because his ego won't allow him to do anything else. Jealous of my talent, jealous of my past success, jealous of what I have and what he doesn't, jealous of my ability to seize an opportunity when it presents itself and his inability to do the same.''

He sighed.

Ryan ''I guess one day it may be inevitable; I'm going to have to beat some sens out of him. Perhaps not, maybe by some miracle he's going to wise up and see that I can help him reaches levels of awesomeness which does not implies trying to step all over me. When I was rolling with Brujah St-Michel we were feeding off each other, he helped me in my single matches and I did the same in his. We climbed the ladder of success together and we Dominated federations together. Who knows one day Julio will open his eyes but right now it's clearly not the case.''

He waited a few seconds. 

Ryan ''I know Intern. Anyhoo one way or another I'm ready to face Reggie, more importantly than that I'm ready to win against Reggie. I KNOW a win against him won't assure a title shot for the New Breed Championship but for sure it will turn the attention of the world on me... And on Julio.''

His phone vibed, a text was received.

Ryan ''Hold on I got a ... Oh no... Listen I... I gotta go.''

Shutting down his phone he looked down a second and sighed heavily, we can hear a faint ~You okay mate?~ from behind the cameraman as Ryan nodded negatively.

Ryan ''No, I just got news of a stunt woman got in an accident on the set of Deadpool 2. She died. I need a minute.''

He says as he moved his hand to grab his mask and remove it not while pushing the lense of the camera away so that his face would not be revealed yet.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 14th 2017, 5:10 pm by The Trickster Azrael (Online)
In the room of Azrael.

It started here with the Mad Trickster who was taking a nap but was disturbed by someone knocking at his door.

Azrael: Come in!!

The supposed tag team partner of Ryan Wilson stand up and go near of a NEO employee holding something in his hand who seems to be the script for this week.

NEO  Employee: Your scenario of this week....

The Mad Trickster take the script and begins to read the whole thing. His face begins to change when he realized, he will be at the corner of Ryan Wilson for the match versus Reginald Dampshaw III.

Azrael: What?! How is this possible? That gibberish fool did nothing to won the match....I did!!! I Should be the one saying hello to Reggie!!

NEO Employee: But cheering up his tag team partner is ain't something bad sir. Sometimes you gotta think teamwork.

Azrael: If you think I'm gonna be there to play the role of a cheerleader, YOU'RE DEAD WRONG!!! I rather job to the Woogieman then saying thing like * He starts using a gay tone to be sarcastic*: Let's go, Ryan, you can do it WOOOOOO!!! I'M ALL WITH YOU RYAN!! * He finishes speaking with that tone* NOOOO!! I rather deal versus those stupids idiot on twitter then supporting this Moron who takes all the credit of having his first solo match.

No...no...no! I can't accept this, I won't do it, I'm gonna let Reginald having the pleasure to humiliate Wilsy because he deserves it.

NEO Employee: But...but....i'm sure then next week you'll be the next to show all your potential in a single match.

Azrael: It's better having now then waiting an another week to make his mark.

The employee doesn't know what to reply, he begins shaking his boots because he's not used at the anger of the Mad Trickster. As for him, he goes against a wall and his hands here to try to keep his composure.

NEO Employee: Sir? Are you okay?

Azrael: Get out....

NEO Employee: Ngh...hmm...

Azrael: Maybe you will understand in French: DÉGAGE!!!!

The employee quickly goes outside and closed the door of the Azrael room, leaving the Mad Trickster alone with all his negatives thoughts about the upcoming match of NEO.

We're still in the room of Azrael where he facepalms himself with both hands and starts laughing.

Azrael: Talking about debuting a new bad week...ho...ho! You do all the dirty work all by yourself and what do you get? Being in the corner of Wilsy. This is what I hate about him, he's always lucky of having ANYTHING before me....while I'm having a consolation prize of having a support role.  Well since I'm forced to be in his corner, I have no choice to be a team player once again. What I'm gonna do?

He looks at the right direction while thinking at a plan for Wednesday.

Azrael: In the other corner he's facing a poor English man who is unfortunate to deals with two jokers than we are. Maybe introducing us to the Buttler won't hurt anybody. He thinks, he will be protected by the power of queen Elizabeth but he will soon realize there's no escape in Madness world. Yes, Reggie! You'll be unfortunate to deal with someone in the corner who is familiar with the way you use to create an upset victory over Moongose Mcqueen.

Cowardly yes, but for someone like me, I will have no shame to abuse it maliciously. I may hate my partner but I want to see the look on your face when you realize that you are nothing more than a loser who got beat by the biggest fool of them all, Ryan Wilson. 

The Mad Trickster start showing his insane grin.

Azrael: Or maybe McQueen will be the biggest party popper of them all by ruining your chance of having the upper hand. Don't forget that you brought this on yourself by beating him and bragging bout it. He won't let you in peace, I've heard then when he's mad, he takes no prisoner. This Wednesday, will be just a bad day for you....not only you will lose to Wilsy but soon Moongose will make you his bitch...ha...ha!

But don't worry I have plenty of laughing powder to make you feel happy....HA HA HA HA HA HA! See you this Wednesday buddy!

Fade to black
Post on August 14th 2017, 3:06 pm by Shackleford
(EAW trucks fill a carpark behind the arena, Shackleford walks into frame in a casual shirt and trousers)

*Deep sniff*
Ahhhh, drink it in. That stale sweat smell really hits the nostrils. Breath it in and breath it deep.

The new logos and trucks look great, real stellar job guys. I'm sure no expense spared in the production crew either. Really top notch stuff.
It's just a shame about the smell.
But it can't be helped I suppose. My ring attire still has that metallic smell from the blood. The white decals weren't crystal white anymore. You see memories fade but the strain this business puts on you doesn't. I will never lie down without pain again. My body has scars that will never fade.
This business takes a tole, but we all know the risks. We take those risks knowing the rewards they bare. We throw ourselves through tables of fire, through walls of glass and any other crazy murder room these sick bastards will pay to see us in, for the chance at eternal glory.
The thing about eternity is it only actually lasts as long as someone remembers you.

My name is Ross Shackleford and I'm from days gone, back when the ratings were competed for and the crowds were out of control. From a time where one team dominated a division and everybody wasn't Japanese.
I guess you can call me a renaissance man.

Why am I here?
Well if you don't remember the days I spoke of then I guess I am here to teach history.
If you do remember, then I'm here to pick you up out of the slump your in.
Get your heads out of your arse and put in the boot.
The players have changed but the games the same.
Try to kill yourselves on live TV for the entertainment of strangers.
We are the purveyors of extreme, of hardcore violence and malicious intent.
(Shackleford grabs the camera and shouts into it)

(Pushes camera away and walks outta shot)
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Post on August 13th 2017, 7:05 pm by DampshawIII
There is commotion and a large group of vehicles in the huge driveway of Reginald Dampshaw III's estate. The men in them are rushing around with a grand piano, a new chandelier and a few vases. Crichton Merriweather is yelling at them, making sure they go faster. He notices the camera crew and waves to them, signalling them to come into the house.

Crichton Merriweather: Ah, you're here. Come in. Master Reginald is in the main hall waiting for you. You are lucky. He is in very good spirits.

The camera crew is led into the house where Reginald is standing with his arms behind his back and a big, closed smile on his face.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Hello there, lads. Good day to you. Lovely weather we're having. Or maybe it just looks better because I seem to finally being taken seriously here in EAW. I know things weren't looking good for me after being defeated by Badru Jamba, but I brushed that off, didn't I? First, I did away with those foolish little Motor City Mafia. No, I don't have a stake in their game, they were just taking up TV time that could be dedicated more smartly to me. And not only was I victorious last NEO, but I defeated the New Breed Champion himself, Moongoose McQueen. Now, I know Mr. McQueen wanted to just make me look like a joke and made stupid references and just brush me off, but how did that work out, Mr. McQueen? Yes, I know you are all hot under the collar over me distracting the referee and using brass knuckles on you and I suppose you do have a good point about it not being the fairest of finishes. But, then, how do you explain the rest of the match, hm? Going into it, you were ready to just destroy me, weren't you? Well, you didn't look so devastating when I had you locked in the Peasant Pull.

Reginald begins walking around the hall slowly.

Reginald Dampshaw III: No, I felt you go limp. I felt you giving up. You simply got lucky with the rope. If anything, I destroyed you. As far as I'm concerned, Johnny Nova be damned, I'm the new No. 1 Contender for your New Breed Championship. I pinned you, 1, 2, 3 in the middle of that ring, boy, brass knuckles or not. I already told you, in the record books, it says "Reginald Dampshaw III defeated Moongoose McQueen". Now, that is over with, I still have this ridiculous EVO Series to continue with. I couldn't care less about, especially now with a New Breed Championship match that I deserve, but alas, I'll continue on, as I do, and win the entire thing. I'll see you again Moongoose. Now, how do those jokes taste?

Reginald stops walking and laughs heartily.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Now from one joker to the other. I have the ultimate misfortune of being forced to face Ryan Wilson next week. I've been very adamant that, regardless of the elite man, scholar and athlete that I am, I never underestimate the men I step foot in the ring with, but...Mr. Wilson, let me ask you, what kind of man hides behind a mask? Are you that putrid looking? Are you afraid of the what the world may say when they see your face? Or is it you're just afraid of showing your true self, so you hide behind the mask and your annoying persona and your terrible catchphrases? I'm a most clever, Mr. Wilson, but I am no psychiatrist. Perhaps you should see one, along with your little painted up freak of an associate Azrael. And speaking of him, perhaps you should be less focused on your little lovers' quarrel and more on the man you're facing next week.

Reginald walks slowly to the camera and his expression changes from jovial to intense.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Take your dysfunctional marriage to that clown out of your mind, take whatever asinine and utterly ridiculous aspirations you have for getting a New Breed Championship opportunity out as well and put this in your mind, dear boy: The sound of your bones breaking betwixt my fingers. The feeling of your tendons and ligaments popping and snapping. That cold, emptiness in your lower half when I paralyze you. Don't you dare make me look like a joke. You throw all these stupid little comments about my butler and where I'm from and how I talk. Very, very jocular, indeed. I just don't think you'll be laughing when you can no longer walk. Or maybe you will. Maybe you are that stupid.

Reginald turns his attention to the piano that has just been brought in to his house

Reginald Dampshaw III: But I suppose that is everything. I must go brush up on my Debussy.

Crichton quickly rushes the camera crew out and the large oak doors of the Dampshaw estate close over on them.
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Post on August 13th 2017, 11:10 am by Anthony Leonhart
ANTHONY LEONHART // Tag Team Player ?
Wednesday Night NEO – EVO Series - 08/16/2017 - vs. Luciano Calvetti


[Anthony Leonhart is actually wearing his in-ring attire with his black leather jacket he had during his entrance with his Ichimichi Zaibatsu Corporation tee-shirt being made for him. He has received an e-mail with the object : EVO Series Block B – Match 2 and he open it on his smartphone and see the name of Luciano Calvetti in the mail and he's suprised seeing his name on it but that's a match like every match he competed in. But then, he goes back to it and read another time the mail and turn off his phone.]


Anthony    Leonhart

Luciano Calvetti of the Motor City Mafia ? You against me in the EVO Series ? I guess this time you have no chance to win, not because I underestimate you. It's because you're alone, just by yourself. No Fredo to cover your back and if I remember correctly, you lost to Ryan Wilson & Azrael, am I right ? No ? You pretend with your friend Fredo Moltisanti, to be one of the best teams of NEO and you get beat by the first team that is put in front of you, you believe that it is worthy of NEO? I do not congratulate you, gentlemen. You claim to raise the level of the NEO tag team division but you get it down my dear friends, maybe it's time to realize it, right? Ah but I think Luciano is realizing this as I face him for the EVO Series.

[Anthony Leonhart looks towards the sky pretending to look for a constructive answer when the answer is served to him on a silver platter and he looks back down to the ground and to a slightly sly look given by the level of the situation, then he transition to a look of a bored person.]

Luciano, do you really think you have a chance against me? Seriously, or is it a joke that you make me there? Can you explain to me how you can face me in solo competition when you are unable to win in tag team with your partner against Ryan Wilson & Azrael who are two newcomers to the NEO? Explain to me because then I can not understand you. I do not say you can not win, but I just tell you that teamwork is very different from a solo game, you can not you stand in the corner when you're in bad shape, call your team partner, no no, you're alone in the battle. No time to lose. So Luciano, how are you going to do? How are you going to face someone who has been solo more often than tag team and who is not going to hand over the blows? All you're gonna do and I'm afraid it's going to happen, it's gonna be Arrive. Get a Renzozuken. Get Pinned.

[Anthony Leonhart pretends to warm up his right elbow, mimicking the gesture of a Renzokuken with his concentrated gaze, the one he usually does during his training.]

No matter what you do at the EVO Series, you will always be considered as a tag team player even if you do not want to, you will always be associated with your tag team partner, your friend, Fredo Moltisanti. And yes, it's hard to get rid of this, of a bond so strong eh? Prove to me that I am wrong. Prove to me that you have the stuff of a solo competitor and not a link that can only function as a tag team. Show me the flame of the passion that is in you, show me the passion that burns in the depths of your mind. This rage to succeed, prove me that you are able to fight me. Anyway, if you dare show yourself because I think you did not come to NEO last week when you were scheduled. If you're really a new Impact Player, start by proving it because for me, right now, you do not have the stuff on the contrary, you make me think of all those I've seen since a moment already, as soon as they have been signed, they think they are untouchable and they make no more effort. Whereas the opposite should be done. Do you understand what I mean, Calvetti?

So Calvetti, are you ready for this match? Or you're going to do as usual, do not you? Oh yes, it's true, you will not be able to do it this time, you'll be able to see your defeat alone and yes ... no Fredo to ensure your back. It's you versus me, The Raging Roaring Lion or here known as the Impact Player of the EVO Series, Anthony Leonhart. Are you ready? I said ... ARE YOU READY?

[Anthony Leonhart is pointing his index finger at the camera that is filming him and he smiles with a very defiant look, trying to show the talent of NEO wrestlers through this tournament but with the ambition all the same, to win this tournament to show that he is one of the best of the Voltage roster.]
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 13th 2017, 4:22 am by Alex Reynolds
The day of reckoning is almost upon us. My debut in this company is fast approaching. A six-man tag team match. Wow. It's not exactly what I envisioned when I thought about my first match here, but beggars cannot be choosers. I'd expected a bit of one-on-one action, instead, I end up with a gangbang. Unlike gangbangs, there will be plenty of action for everyone. Like a gangbang, it will also involve fisting. Only with different intentions and drastically different holes.

I've only ever had one tag team match before in my entire career. Obviously, the less said about that match the better. I won't go into details, but ultimately, we lost the match and I ended up chipping a tooth after accidentally bumping into the referee's head. This time, however, there will be no cannibalism. I'll be backed up by two men; Logan Evans and Chris McKenzie. On one hand, I'm excited. I feel like the cow in that old English nursery rhyme: Hey diddle, diddle. I just don't expect to be jumping over moons anytime soon. On the other hand I'm nervous. I'm aware of the size of the task at hand and it has me waking up in cold sweats just thinking about it. Half the time I'm not even asleep. I perspire a lot. I think it's hereditary. Although it could be all the spicey food.

Logan Evans. A fellow Englishman. A rookie in the business. Which I don't mind saying is a good thing. Veterans may have experience and a lot of knowledge, but rookies have no fear. That's what I expecting from you, Logan. A fearless, high octane, no nonsense performance. After all, we English can crack skulls with the best of them. Which anyone outside a club on a Saturday night in Birmingham can vouch for. We're gonna need our stiff upper lips, Logan because I'm not one hundred-percent sure our partner is trustworthy. It's one thing to know thy enemy, but it's almost impossible to trust thy partner when said partner is a lunatic.

Chris McKenzie. I know you've had a torrid childhood and your parents both perished. I've read about your unhappy circumstances. I understand that you have a lot of reasons to be pissed at the world. You've been cheated out of a normal life. You've been passed around like an unwanted sexual disease. However, your past has no bearing on this match. We've all had problems, mate. I was once told that I couldn't ride The Shockwave at Drayton Manor theme park because I was too small. Did I wreak havoc? No. Did I take a chunk out of the employee's face? No. I accepted my situation and I dealt with it accordingly. Peacefully. If you must know, I wrote a strongly worded letter. Do not step into that ring and lose it, C-Mack. Keep yourself together and keep your hands off us. I know you like to strike anything that moves. It's in your DNA. It's a part of who you are. Stay focused and stay away from us; me in particular.

There's a place in Greece called Santorini. Amazing place. Beautiful little island. It's in the southern Aegean sea. I remember the gorgeous sunshine, fresh fruit and amazing people. Very friendly and welcoming. What I don't remember was you, Dimitri. In all the time I was there I didn't see anything quite like you. A genetic freak. Dimmi, I'm a big fan of Greece. I like kalamata olives, feta cheese and Νικηφόρος (Nikiforos). His voice has soothed me many a night. I'm partial to Greek mythology. I like to think that if any god resembled me it would be Zeus. I think I could get used to sitting atop Mount Olympus striking fear into the hearts of everyone around me. Thunder, lightning, order, law and justice. I'm the God of the sky, Dimmi. I'm pretty sure we all know who you'd be, Dimmi. Menoetius. The guy who was known for his violent anger and rash action. Ringing any bells, Dimmi? I hate to spoil the ending for you, but he dies. Struck down by a lightning bolt from none other than Zeus. It shouldn't come as no surprise, Dimmi. With a name like Menoetius, which means "doomed might" it was always going to end badly. Menoetius fell and so will you, Dimmi. In fact, you'll fall so hard it'll be like the crashing of your Greek economy again.

Jimmy Stallion. Jim, to his friends and that guy from a tale of two titties to me. Don't deny it, Jimbo I know it was you in that scene. I had to rewind a couple of times and even then I had to double take, but it was you. My god, you took a pounding that night didn't you, Jimbo? I guess it'll stand you in good stead for Wednesday night. Obviously, it won't be as much fun for you this time, Jimbo. The outcome will still be the same though. You'll be flat on your back with a guy on top of you. Only this time you won't be enjoying it half as much.

Ashton Moore. A guy who looks like something that the cat dragged in - and then back out again. I haven't seen hair like that since I was twelve years old. Abigail Thomas was her name. She was annoying. She used to chase boys around the playground and lift up her skirt whenever she felt like it. It's a good job you're from Spain and not Scotland. Kilts. I don't need those memories cropping up again. I bet it was hard for you, Ashes. I bet being kicked out by your parents was tremendously hard? Was it hard when you were with the preacher's son, Ashes? Come on, you can tell me. I won't tell a soul. Now I'm not a religious man, Ashes. I don't go to church on Sunday and I don't annoy people by going door-to-door trying to convert them. I do, however, believe that you are living proof, irrefutable evidence, that God has a sense of humour.

"You going to be long?" A voice boomed from behind me.

"What?" I turned around sharply. "Get out!" I yelled.

"You know, Jesus fed thousands of people with fish and bread?" Kacey asked. "It was a miracle."

"Miracle? That's not a miracle. That's tapas." I informed her and we both laughed.
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Post on August 12th 2017, 2:13 pm by Brayden Wolfe
" You know I see what you're doing Moralis and you know what it's not something I wasn't expecting I mean lets face it you need to be in the spotlight. You're one of those guys who believes in his head that he belongs at the top, but the fact is you don't have the talent to be there Moralis. I proved that when I beat your ass in the middle of the ring and I think I proved a little bit more then that. See what you did last week wasn't something that you should have done because now you're getting in my way. At first you were my opponent and felt like you needed to stand in my way and I quickly changed that thought, but now. Now you're just being stupid and thinking that you're going to one up me somehow. Look Moralis you and I don't really need to go through this because I think we both know what's going to happen if we do. I mean it's not like I barely defeated you a couple of weeks ago. When that bell rang I destroyed you inside that ring Moralis and honestly it felt good. Quite frankly it felt great because I was able to shut your mouth and show you who really is as good as he says he is. Then last week once again I destroy my opponent in the middle of the ring and I was getting ready to finish the job when Moralis, you decided to make an appearance. The fact that you would put yourself in the situation to step inside a wrestling ring with me again is proving that you're not only stupid. It's proving that you realize what I did to you a couple of weeks ago could have been the same thing I was going to do to Alex Cox. You're not in my league and frankly I thought I already proved that and honestly I thought we've already moved on. I'm looking forward Moralis because you're not anything worth my time anymore. I have one goal and that is winning the EVO Series and I'm well on my way there. In fact I think that's a little bit of your problem because you know when I beat your ass down a couple of weeks ago I gained my first points. Well let me tell you something Moralis those won't be the only points I'll be getting because whether you like it or not this little feud between us is over and I'm moving on to bigger and better things. "

" El Landerson, you and I know each other quite well and to tell you the truth I'm not a big fan of you. I think I proved that when I did what I did to you after you lost our match. My debut match, my first chance to make an impact and you lose the fucking match. Well I think I proved to the world after that match was over who the real winner was. See because Landerson you didn't belong on my team in the first place and I probably could have won the match by my damn self. Instead you end up losing the match costing me my debut win. Well you see Landerson now things are a little different because you see now you already know what I can do to you. You already know what I'm capable of doing, but there won't be a damn thing you can do about it. When that bell rings I'm going to not only defeat you, but I'm going to do too you what should have been done to my opponent last week. I am THE IMPACT PLAYER OF EAW and no matter what I have to do to prove it. No matter who I have to go through to prove just how good I am I will do just that. The fact of the matter is this EVO Series will prove just how good I am because I'm going to win the damn thing without even losing a fucking match. Landerson you're nothing more then a warm up match for the bigger tests that will be tossed at me in this series and that's something you need to realize. See you and Moralis have a lot in common because there's something you two haven't realized about wrestling yet. You two need to understand that there are levels to the wrestling industry and I'm just on a level well above both of yours. I truly hope you bring your " A " game this week because you're gonna need it, not to win. Landerson you're gonna need it to survive!! "

" This is my time to shine, my time to make an impact and you know I thought I already did that. With the carnage that I've already left in my short time in EAW I honestly thought in my head everybody in the back would know who I am. I thought each and every single one of my opponents would know what I'm capable of doing, but apparently I was wrong. See because I was strolling through the arena earlier today and I saw a ton of posters. Signs promoting NEO superstars, but you know what I didn't see? I didn't see a Brayden Wolfe poster. I looked around and I didn't see any Brayden Wolfe T-Shirts which makes me believe everybody thinks I'm a joke. It makes me think that nobody really believes I am as good as I say I am because if they did my shit would be selling in this arena. Instead they have posters of Moralis and shirts of Landerson and it makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that somebody like me is being treated the way I am, but I've always been the guy who takes it. I'm always the guy who takes whatever bullshit that's given to him and deals with it. Whether management or anybody else likes it or not I am without a doubt the best thing going right now. People can deny it all they want, but when was the last time you saw somebody do what I've done over the last two weeks? When was the last time you've seen one man leave carnage the way I have? Here's another question. When was the last time you've seen all that happen by somebody who just signed there contract? Not only have I already made an impact, but I truly think I've been the star of NEO since signing my contract. Landerson you're in for a special treat when that bell rings because I will be putting on a show. You're going to be left laying bloody in the center of the ring and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. I mean I wouldn't doubt Moralis will show up again and I really hope he does so he can be laying a bloody mess in the center of the ring with you. "

" What you both need to understand is that this is more then the two of you. This is Brayden Wolfe proving to the world that he is exactly every bit as good as he says he is and I've already proven that with the both of you. Landerson I'm getting my chance to prove it to you in a one on one match, but it's not going to be one you'll enjoy. When that bell rings I'm not only going to beat you I'm going to make you bleed and I'm going to end your career because frankly I don't like you. You don't belong in the ring with me and after I beat your ass this week I'm going to make sure you're never in the ring with me again. Moralis if you have any issues with what I'll be doing you're more then welcome to come down just like you did last week. Only problem is you'll be laying up in a hospital bed with Landerson beside you. Is that what you really want? Think about that Moralis because you saw what I was about to do last week. You know I'm somebody who will stop at nothing in order to get my point across and with that said. Do you really want to risk having yourself beatin down and bloody just because another guy can't cut it? That's something you really need to think about before you decide to stop me from doing what needs to be done. Landerson, I promise you when I'm finished with you this week you'll never be walking into a wrestling ring again. You want me to make a bigger impact then I've already made well don't come crying to me when all your NEO superstars are laying up on the shelf. "
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Post on August 12th 2017, 12:28 pm by Alex Reynolds
I had slipped on the costume effortlessly, it was the mask that I was having trouble with. It felt like Christmas; that moment when you picked up a present and you knew what it was before you opened it. Finally, you had your hands on it. It felt like that. The adrenaline, emotions, they were all running through me right now at levels way above the norm. I was full of excitement and my hands couldn't stop shaking. I knew they were downstairs waiting for me to show them what surprise I had planned, but I just couldn't get the mask over my head. At last, after what seemed like an eternity, I managed to pull it over my head. I took a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. This was a big moment for me. I wanted to make sure I was ready. I didn't want to blow it.

"He's been up there a while," Kacey said. "You don't think he's got wrapped up in his quilt again?"

"Surely he'd have more sense?"

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?"

"He was in the hospital for almost a week last time."

I crept slowly down the stairs. I wanted to surprise and scare them at the same time. I'd taken a brief look at myself in the standing mirror before leaving my room. I looked fantastic. I'm not embarrassed to say I kissed my reflection. It felt good. Halfway down the stairs I suddenly lost my balance. I'd inadvertently stepped on my cape resulting in me falling down the last six steps. I bumped my head on the wall as I came to an abrupt halt. Forget about stars, I was seeing planets.

"What the hell was that?!" Kacey hollered.

I looked up and squinted at the big oval shapes that were getting closer and closer to me. It was all a blur. I shook my head vigorously from side to side in a vain attempt to shake off the cobwebs.

"Jesus Christ!" Nikki exclaimed, eyes fixed on the crumpled mess that lay before her.

My teeth began to chatter uncontrollably as I tried to clamber back to my feet. It was a futile attempt and I hit the ground again. My eyes soon allowed me to see the two faces that were right in front of me. I felt like I was in an incubator staring up at over zealous relatives. I just hoped I hadn't shit myself.

"What are you doing?"

"Just chilling," I said, as casual as I could muster.

"Wow," Nikki said, her tone sardonic. "This is a new low."

"Go back in the other room." I waved my hand dismissively. "It was supposed to be a surprise"

"Mission accomplished."

"Very droll." I snapped as I rubbed the lump that was now throbbing on the top of my head.

"You know you could've killed yourself?"

"Maybe that was the plan."

"I think it's back to the drawing board." Nikki scoffed.

The two of them began laughing like schoolgirls. Giggling like annoying little pre-schoolers. For a moment I wondered if surviving was, in fact, a curse. Part of me wanted to go back up to the top of the stairs and swan dive. There was nothing worse than being ridiculed by people you used to love. I found that a fate worse than death. Eventually, they stopped with the tomfoolery and helped me to my feet. Once again I waved them away with my hand and this time they got the message.

"Shut the door!" I demanded. "Pretend you didn't see all that."

Pretend? Like that was going to happen. It reminded of that time in London when I accidentally looked across whilst in the Gent's toilets. I didn't mean to, but staring straight ahead whilst standing at a urinal took practice and I was less than match fit when it came to that. I'd only caught a glimpse of it. You'd have thought that I'd tried to proposition the guy. I attempted to pour water on the fire by telling him that his girlfriend was very lucky, but in the heat of the moment I'd said "boy" instead of "girl." My head hurt that night too.

I burst into the room, "Ta-da!"

"And who have you come as?" Nikki laughed.

I pulled a face. "Could you just be serious for one minute?"

"Says the guy dressed like a Power Ranger."

"Actually it's not a Power Ranger." I shot back. "It's my costume."

"Do you really have to keep calling it that?"

"Yeah, it's a bit-

"Moronic?" Nikki suggested.

"I was thinking more pathetic, but it'll do."

"And you want me to call it what exactly?"

"Outfit?" The two of them nodded in unison.

"Outfit?" I asked incredulously. "I'm not going to the school dance. I'm going to kick ass."

"I don't think you'll be doing anything with a concussion."

"I haven't got a concussion. It was a just a little bump, that's all."

"And the blood?"


I instantly reached for my head and felt a warm, sticky substance. It was claret, as the cockneys called it. It wasn't bleeding profusely, but it was bleeding nevertheless. I hated blood. Years ago I suffered at the hands of Shawn Merrick. He was jealous of my girlfriend at the time: Lisa Pearce. Not because she was jaw-droppingly beautiful, oh no; apparently, she was a good time girl. He'd heard that she'd do a turn and armed with this knowledge and given that we were pretty inseparable at that time, he asked me if he could have a go on her. I informed him, politely, that Lisa wasn't like that, therefore I'd have to reject his offer of a free service. Not happy with my response, he punched me on the nose. It bled for hours and since that day I've had an aversion to blood. Turns out that his intel was in fact spot on. Lisa WAS like that, as my next door neighbour Jim and his disabled son, Mark later enlightened me. For the record, he wasn't Stephen Hawking disabled. He was vertically challenged. He was a midget. This was all before political correctness, so it was perfectly fine. Would I look him in the eyes today and call him that? Well, for starters he'd need a step ladder, or at the very least a couple of chunky books - I think I probably would though.

"Don't worry about the blood." I was trying to convince myself more than anything else. "I just want to run some things by you both."

Nikki smirked. "This should be fun."

"Greetings and Salutations, Earthlings. It is I-

"What's that?" Kacey interrupted.

"I'm just trying out a different voice with slightly off-the-wall language."

"Are you portraying an Alien?"


"Well, I'd lose the whole Earthlings bit," Nikki recommended, her nose crinkled.

"Good day, citizens. I'm he-

"No." They both replied in harmony.

"I've got nothing."

"That's it?"

"All of that planning and that was the best you had?"

"I'd spent most of my time with Yuri." I sighed. "He helped with the costume."

"It's that word again." Nikki chuckled.

"Yes, it's a costume!" I barked.

"Yuri?" Kacey looked confused. "Where did he learn how to do that?"


"Prison?" They both said, again in unison.

"Yeah. You know, bars, porridge, soap and showers - prison."

"What was he doing in there?"

"Five years for armed robbery."

"Armed robbery?" Nikki sceptically asked. "Yuri doesn't strike me as the violent type?"

"He's not. It was a practical joke gone wrong." I cleared my throat. "He'd gone into the shop with a banana up his sleeve, but what he didn't know was that there was a plain clothes officer in the queue in front of him."

"You mean he was waiting in line?"

"He didn't want to draw attention to himself."

"I'm getting the sense he really planned this out." Nikki joked.

"Yeah, he isn't the brightest is he?"

"You can say that again," Kacey said eyebrows raised.

"He isn't the brightest is he?"

"I didn't mean..." Kacey's voice trailed off.

"Oh, I was supposed to tell you." Nikki paused for dramatic effect. (She was always doing that). "You've got a match on the sixteenth."

"What? How?"

"You got a call earlier. EAW front office."

"We're just answering my phone now?"

"It was ringing and you weren't around. I thought it could be important so..."

"We're not married now, you know." I glared at her. "You can't just take everything I have!"

"That's what divorces are for." Kacey giggled.

"What kind of match?"

"Six-man tag."

"A what?"

"Six-man tag. It's you and two partners against three other superstars."

"I'm well aware of what a six-man tag is, dinky."


"I'm just playing around with a few words for my character."

"Don't," Nikki said sternly.

"We're not your guinea pigs," Kacey added.

"No, you're not. You're more like a couple of monkeys on my back."

So I was gonna make my debut in a six-man tag team match. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I was more than happy to catch that curve ball.

"I'm off out," I informed them. "I've got some dossiers to prepare."

I left the room and headed back upstairs. The torn cape lay at the bottom of the stairs, a harsh reminder of what could've been. I picked it up and ambled up to the top of the stairs. Maybe I could glue it back on?

"I just hope his partners know what they're doing."

"Yeah, because he doesn't."
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on August 12th 2017, 4:49 am by Ryan Wilson
Off Voice ''Ladies and gentleman I am standing now with one of the latest acquisitions of the EAW and member of the NEO Brand Ryan Wilson who just won his first match in tag team competition sided with the Mad Trickster Azrael against the Motor City Mafia. Ryan how do you feel?''

Is heard as the camera opens up on a view of a young, early 20ties looking man dressed like an interviewer with a NEO branded mic standing next to the Jerk with a Mouth who's seen sitting on a transport box backstage. he no longer wears the top of his outfit, partly covered by a long black towel. His mask is still well set on his head however. Cocking his head to the side the Montreal native looks curiously at the man standing next to him.

Ryan - I got one question for you first. Who in the leap frog are you?

''I'm Ian Ternivski.''

Ryan - Ian Ternivski... Ian Tern...Ivski... Ian Tern... !! Intern! You're an intern! Hey Hello Guten Tag Konnichiwa Bonjour HI!''

Ian ''Uh... What?''

Ryan - You're the new Intern delegated to me and Julio? How nice of the EAW!''

Ian ''No I'm... Nevermind. You mean Azrael.''

Ryan - Who? 

Ian ''Azrael, as in your tag team partner?''

Ryan -
 I don't acknowledge him as that name. Because that name invokes and implies something Julio is not.''

Ian ''And that is?''

Ryan - You're a smart intern are you? Google it. Now you wanted to know how I felt about my first match here in NEO oui?''

Ian simply nodded which got the masked man to visibly smile.

Ryan - It was a good match! 

Ian ''Did you wish it was you who made the pin and not Az...
He was interrupted by a buzzing noise coming out of Ryan's lips similarly to Rudy Rhode from the movie The Fifth Element. The reaction made Ian to sigh and finish with  ''Julio.''

Ryan - The truth? Nah. What matters is the win, not who scored the pin fall. I know Julio would try to use that to have you and everybody else think it makes him the better man between us two but we both know that's bull. 

Ian ''You did taunt him quite a bit during the match.''

Ryan - Knowing him like I do, he would've done the same had I not started. Basically I'm testing the strength, the potential of our tag team. Knowing that we won and we didn't go at each other's throat afterwards makes me believe we may be able to go places. 

Ian ''He did get in your face at the end of the match.''

Ryan - Were you expecting any different? If I was to push your buttons wouldn't you eventually go What The Frak? Of course you would. So his reaction was normal, for as normal as he is.

Ian ''Right. You two look like you'd be a perfect fit within a padded cell.''

Ryan - Why thank you! That's a sweet compliment!''

 ''Right... Let's deviate the topic slightly shall we? Seems like your performance impressed the bookers as you are going to face the Number One Contender for the New Breed Championship. Do you think Julio might take the opportunity to return the favor during the match?''

Ryan - What do you mean? You think he'd interfere?

Ian ''Perhaps, he will accompany you to the ring during the match.''

Ryan seemed surprised - What?

Ian goes into one of his back pocket to produce the a folded sheet with the card for the August 16th show which he hands to Ryan who reads it. 

Ryan - Well, that's interesting.

Ian ''You didn't know?''

Ryan - So?

Ian ''Sorry about that.''

Ryan - Don't be it's all good. So I have a match against the Butler's Master; Reggie the Turd. 

Ian was about to correct him but he stopped, Ryan chuckled seeing it unfold before him.

Ryan - I really must've made an impression during the match for the bookers to throw me against the Number One Contender. So I'm going against the best her Majesty has to offer. The cream of the crap of the United Kingdom. Lord HighOnHisHorse hailing from Egotistishire. I suppose I should be honored, for sure I see it as an opportunity to make a mark on the NEO brand. Imagine it, the one who beat the Champion tonight beaten by a guy who's only at his second fight here? If I was Pickle I'd end up laughing my ass off... And then I'd start paying attention at that Ryan Wilson jackass. Because if he can beat the one who just beat him then I may be on the way to get a crack at his belt too. It's gonna be a challenge, which makes sense. Going back to your question yes I do expect Julio to interfere and cut my chances at victory short. Because he hates my guts, because as he says he DESPISE me and the idea of seeing me climb the ladder here in NEO faster than him is going to make him go something something...''

Ian ''Crazy?''

Ryan - Don't Mind If I DO! 
He ends up laughing softly and then clears his throat.

Ryan - Do you mind if i burrow this? 

He then takes the mic off the hands of Ian and moves grabs the side of the camera so that it's focus is solely on him.

Ryan - Julio, you and I we are bound to do great things if you're only willing to play along for the ride. You can hate me all you want, it's fine, all I need from you is to tolerate me just enough so that I can work this match out and pull out a victory. In return? Once you get your solo match I'll have your back. What's this I hear? Reggie is hoping we go at each other's throat which would grant him a chance at a win and a chance at inflating his ego. Although I'm pretty sure he thinks he can go through me like a hot knife through butter and that I'm not a threat. The fool, if he thinks that he obviously doesn't know who he's messing with. Now... Picture this... Imagine if instead of trying to make MY match hello Julio you make HIS? What about... You help me win? It could be as simple as simply encouraging me from the side of the ring or maybe weasel a shot on Reggie behind the zebra's back. You could keep his Alfred at bay too, I mean, who knows if the tea serving gizzard won't be around to try and help his Master. That way I'll get the win and you'll be able to brag that it was thanks to you. Isn't this what you want?''

He moved closer to the screen as he began to whisper.

Ryan - You and I, we have the potential to bring a level of madness on NEO to which has been never seen. And it's gonna happen whether we are friends or foes. It's up to you J-Lo. And that... Just... ... Happeeeennnnnnnnd'AH! 

Suddenly shoving the camera away he moved a hand so that it could be clearly seen when he dropped the mic and then looked at ''The Intern'' in silence before making his way out leaving Ian Interivski confused and a bit annoyed.
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Post on August 10th 2017, 1:34 pm by Ashton Moore
"EAW, a place where I compete in a new ring with new competition! Exciting, aye? Some people might not know me, some maybe do, so I'll tell you a little history about myself and my notable accolades. My name though? Honestly, I could sit here and waste my time telling you, but I'd rather show you as I step in that NEO Wrestling ring and fight some newbies and jobbers until I rise and take on who they call themselves 'professional wrestlers' and 'veterans of the company'. The cocky self-proclaimed.. insert word like the best or the top guy, ones, fan favorite underdogs who appear on main events, those who claim that they'll bring an end to the promotion as they destroy each and every single wrestler ones, basically. There are a lot of types, like seriously.. A LOT, with various gimmicks and different personalities, but in my career, I've faced the dominant ones, but oh well.. they're a no more now. Probably most of them, if not all, went working in a restaurant cleaning toilets and such. Anyway...

My first and most main accomplishments came in the world of Total Mayhem Wrestling, where I was a first night Hardcore champion, the East Coast champion, Total Vendetta Champion, one time holder of both tag belts, and winner of death match tournament known as the silver crown. I credit my best moment as the time I almost insulted the entire roster in two sentences or less, damn buddy, those good ol' days. I also worked for FGA Wrestling, HKW, and EWC in the last years, as well as had guest appearances coming all to my way. I'd think that most of y'all would just yawn and wish that this 'fucking storyteller shuts up so this show can finish.' And say stuff like, 'I don't have all my time listening to this no one who had such fake achievements. I WANNA SEE THAT MAIN EVENT!' Well listen there, amigos, that storyteller who bores y'all IS GONNA stay at EAW for awhile, so shut the fuck up and deal with it.

So what was I sayin'? Oh yeah! My accomplishments! Well, lucky ya, that's all I've achieved, but who knows, maybe, just maybe, this guy over here wins an EAW Championship! Ahh, and then I'd add it to my list of my accomplishments. I ain't a fortune teller, it's just my amazing in-ring performance that can predict my future here. I admit, I may not be the king of wrestling or the best of the world... but, in fact, I'M A GOD! Yeah, boo me! I love it! If you dislike or simply just hate me, then I think I've done my job. I wonder what would this lead y'all to? Throwing tomatoes at me? Bah! You'd be giving those who clean the arena a hard time. See how nice I am, caring about such poor people? Damn, I'm about to cry!

So yeah, if ya know me, then gimme a hell yeah! If you don't, then wait. I may be apart of that Moore family in EAW.. I just gave ya a hint if you didn't notice."
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Post on August 9th 2017, 12:38 pm by Alex Reynolds

And that was Summer Dreamin by Fabrizio La Marca. A fantastic song and an even greater video. I think I've just run out of tissues.

This is SMBT; your liberation station and I'm your host Alex Reynolds. People often ask me what it's like living with two women, especially when you've been married to both of them? Good question. I guess there are positive and negatives. I mean, the plughole is always clogged with hair but at least the washing up gets done. I'm half joking there, of course. I understand that a woman performs marginally better than a man in the kitchen, but I'm not one of those men that believe a woman's place is actually in the kitchen. After all, that's where all the knives are.

I suppose the part I dislike the most is when there's an important discussion taking place that requires a decision to be made. I used to get outvoted 1-1 by my first wife; now I get roundly trounced by both of them. In closing, I'd like to say to all men out there that are thinking of getting married - don't. My first marriage fell apart because of a joke. That's right, a joke. A. Joke. My first wife had somehow managed to persuade me to go shopping with her, Big mistake. She'd been in and out of shops for almost six hours when she peered out through the curtain of the changing booth and called me over. I peered in and she asked me what I thought of the dress and her in it.

Now, women are always complaining that they want honesty in a relationship when in reality what they really want is you to agree with them. She was complaining about the colour of the dress, its size, the material. I could see the despair written all over her face. I didn't want to add to it. She turned around and asked me whether the dress made her look a little rounder than usual. I responded to that with a grunt. She then asked me why it was so hard for me to give her a straight answer. She also questioned the fact that she hardly ever received a compliment from me. I can't buy this, I'm too fat for it, she said, finally admitting defeat. Thinking about her earlier complaint, I replied: You have exceptional eyesight.

It was after that and the subsequent divorce that I realised that there were different categories where compliments were concerned. Specific compliments for specific situations. There was no such thing as one size fits all. As she found out that day.

I seemed to have completely deviated here, I apologise for that. Let's get back on track here with a few questions from my listeners. I've got an email here that reads:

Dear Alex,
I love your show and I listen to it most days. I was, however, disappointed to hear your rant about Facebook and its users. Being a huge Facebook fan I took that kind of hard, but I'm willing to let it go because today is another day. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you who your favourite wrestler in EAW is?

Best regards, Gustavo.

My favourite wrestler in EAW? Tough question. There is an abundance of talent in the EAW and I'm delighted to be a part of it. Back to your question, I don't really have a favourite. I have about five or six wrestlers that I really like. Ryan Savage is obviously on the list. He appears to be a changed man. Children will do that to you, I guess. Let's hope the big man sticks around because it isn't half as much fun when that man isn't on our screens. Azumi Goto is another one of my favourites. She's a fierce competitor and has a hunger that will take her any place she wants to go. She reminds me of another love of mine: Japanese culture. That's right, I've got a subscription to Crunchyroll and I don't mind using it. I like to watch Japanese drama and Anime whenever I can so that's probably another reason why I gravitate towards her. Also watching her take people apart with that Kendo Stick is just compulsive viewing.

Then there's Azrael, Ryan Wilson, Johnny Nova and finally Finnegan Wakefield. The last one is only included because I've seen a lot of the guy's matches. Not because I want to, but because my ex-wife Kacey is obsessed with him. For the life of me, I cannot understand the fascination. I prefer his sister, Faye. The guy has technical ability and can get around the ring, there's no doubt about that. However, his preoccupation with surpassing his siblings will inevitably be his undoing. He'll take his eye off the ball and he'll pay for it. I've seen it before. I think Wakefield needs to wake up and smell the scent of the 21st century; otherwise, he'll be left behind like a skidmark on the highway.

Next email comes from a guy called, Cyrus. Really? Anyway, he asks:

"What is the worst thing you've done to another wrestler?"

I'm unsure whether your question is asking about physical damage or a practical joke, so I'll go with the latter and spare potential embarrassment for that unfortunate person in my past. When I was back home in England I used to travel with a guy called Jason Collins or should I say "All That" Jason Collins to give him his full title. He was a great guy but he had the tendency to be too nice. He was remarkably likeable and at times it became a little bit irritating. He didn't hit the levels of irritation that Wakefield has managed but he was heading in that direction. He was due to defend his belt one evening when I decided to saw it in half. To his credit, he still went out and defended his title, defeating his opponent with the Reality Check, his much-loved finishing move. However, after the show, higher ups in the organisation suspended him for 8 months because of damage to company property. Whatever guilt I felt soon diminished after Jason took it upon himself to annihilate my car with an axe. It was insured so the joke was on him.

I'm afraid we're out time for today. This is SMBT, your liberation station and I'm Alex Reynolds. We'll be back soon but until then remember: keep it real, keep it, Reynolds.


"I heard your show." Nikki looked at me. "I didn't know you knew Jason Collins?"

"Yeah, we go way back," I admitted.

"He was a pretty big deal back in the day," Kacey added.

"Was being the operative word," I replied bluntly.

"We feeling a little bit unappreciated?" Nikki asked, a hint of a smile.

"I just don't get the fascination with certain people, that's all." I fired back.

"Well for one he doesn't moan all the time," Kacey told me, frankly.

"How the hell would you know?!" I barked.

"You think it was wise to say all that on the air?" Nikki asked, eyebrows raised.

"I'm paid to talk, that's what I do."

"So, you made it up?"

"Not exactly." I stroked the three-day growth on my chin. "Anyway, what does it matter?"

"I just don't want to see you talk yourself into something you can't get out of." Nikki conceded.

"It's heart warming to know, but you shouldn't worry. I'm a big boy and I can take care of myself."

"It's not that," Kacey said. "It's just that I struggled to get the blood out of your clothes last time," She added smiling from ear to ear.

"It wasn't pretty." Nikki reminded me. "Your nose has never been the same since."

"The guy was a midget what did you expect me to do?" I yelled. "I let him have the first shot."

"And the second, third and fourth judging by the look of you."

"Listen, I said what I said and that's the end of it." I blew air out of my cheeks. "I've got more important things to think about."


"Character development, if you must know."

"Not the whole mask thing again?" Kacey asked.

"Why can't you just be you?" Nikki inquired, suppressing a smile.

"I know you're itching to see it. It's in my room. It's awesome," I said excitedly. "I'll be right back."
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Post on August 9th 2017, 7:41 am by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 52: Enigma

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

Click to view analytics:

"Finnegan Wakefield is back on NEO. And the EVO series rolls on into its second stage. So far, one victory and two points into the tournament. Now, I am off to a good start but I still have four more matches to go. Last week, I defeated Reginald Dampshaw for my first two points, to which he cowardly attacked me from behind and tried to take my leg out. Well, safe to say that I have recovered quite nicely and still in top condition. And before I get into my opponent for NEO, I want to quickly brush over the other competition I have in A Block. First of all, we have the out-of-left-field last minute entry into the tournament in Badru Jamba who is replacing Kaise Boetius. Not sure where he has faded off to and why, but a bit of a surprise never hurt anyone. Getting a pretty telling victory last week over Reginald Dampshaw himself. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to have that match go down in the near future between Jamba and I. Next, we have Johnny Nova who himself has kind of faded into the background a bit, remaining very silent over the last few days. Seeing as he has a championship match very soon against Moongoose McQueen and, don’t worry, I’ll get to him in just a second. Kind of disappointing to see his momentum come to a bit of a stop over the last ten or so days, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that he gets back on track. And then, there is Moongoose McQueen. Who seems to have thought it funny to jump onto a popular trend like Rick and Morty’s recent episode release with this “Pickle Moongoose” skit. It’s kind of pathetic to see something that I personally liked in terms of Rick and Morty, take one of its jokes and drive it far beyond the point of it not being even remotely funny or amusing. But I get it, jump on a popular trend to get people talking. But I it’s only making it very clear that Moongoose McQueen, our unfortunate EAW New Breed Champion, is a peice of shit. And yes, I can prove that mathematically. But I will save that for another day.

That brings me to my opponent this week; Aka Manah. I am a little disappointed that he remains so silent. He’s a little bit of an enigma what with his vague backstory and such. He’s also a little bit of a dark horse. EAW and especially NEO have picked up a lot of interesting personalities as of late. A former General Manager returning to the ring, some joker parody, some loudmouth social media dweeb in spandex, hell, somehow El Landerson hasn’t been given the boot yet, and I’ll be coming back to him on a later date and trust me mate, from what I could understand of your dogshite writing will only come back to kick your ass on Voltage. Aka Manah however feels like the most mysterious of the lot. Now I don’t know who he really is, or what he is capable of for that matter, but I want him to step up his game come NEO. Because I intend to leave this EVO Series undefeated if I can help it, and that means I will have to walk into the semifinals with 10 points to guarantee it, as well as a spot in the semi-finals. I don’t want it to be some easy task either, because even being double scheduled doesn’t mean I want some form of shortcut or easy victory. I wanna step into that ring, give the fans one hell of a match and walk out with two points well deserved. I don’t know what the prize is at the end of this tournament, but what it is really doesn’t change the fact that I want it. Because being here for almost twelve months and having not anything to show for it quite frankly ticks me off. But with this EVO Series, should I win, I can atleast say that I have accomplished that. And if I can kick some teeth out of the head of that fruit, Moongoose McQueen. And no, that’s not a reference to pickles. So Aka Manah, you better give me a good fight August 9th. Because these two points is another piece of the puzzle that is Finnegan Wakefield as New Breed Champion."
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Post on August 8th 2017, 9:36 pm by Moongoose McQueen
(Camera pans over a table with various stuff on the table)
???: Hey, Pss. Over here. … No. Over Here?!! Follow the voice. Now turn that pickle around….. I’M PICKLE MOONGOOSE!! I’ve turned myself into a pickle!! Boom, Big reveal. What did you guys think of that? I’ve turned myself into a pickle. I’M PICKLE MOONGOOSE!!
Isn’t that amazing? I mean, how many people can honestly say that they have turned themselves into a pickle. Now you are all probably wondering why would I turn myself into a pickle? What great benefits are there in turning into a pickle?  Is there perhaps the secret to immortality in becoming a pickle? No, shits for brains. I’ve turned myself into a pickle because if people could they would, but they can’t, but because I can, I did, and now I’m Pickle Moongoose. Does that make any sense?
No, sigh, fine, well, let me break it down for you. I, Moongoose McQueen, AKA Pickle Moongoose, take great pride in simply being better than most people. To this day, I still see people left and right that are beneath me, and the truth is, I simply do not and will not take them seriously. How do people know when I’m being serious? Well, I’m not bending over backwards to be hilarious and get a few chuckles here and there, and unfortunately, with my opponent at NEO this week, this is another sad case of that.
Reginald? Reggie? Whatever, I don’t care. If anything is more fascinating, I’m more interested in the butler, when I gotta ask, Why would you put up with such a pompous, overrated, egotistical, loser? I mean, how stupid does he have to be to not know and recognize the greatness that is Moongoose McQueen. Like, you gotta have the patience and the tolerance of a brick wall to put up with that. What is your story, Alfred? What happened in your family, in your life, that you had to go around and follow and serve this ass clown and bend over for his every whim, and keep a straight face when you tell that poor bastard that everything is going to be alright? Do they have your family hostage? Did you lose a bet? Are you training for something and you truly believe that by putting up with his stupidity that you will become invincible. Well then, I salute you because as a man that has made his claim for fame to be a mercenary that will do just about anything, I would never EVER take a job as uninteresting and tedious and being a part of that man’s entourage, servant, and dare I say, best friend. Truly, bless your poor soul, and I’ll start a “Fund Me” thing for you to free you for such a torture. Unless you are into that kind of thing, then good for you, I guess.
Anyway, back to the point I was making. I’m a pickle, and for the duration of this “conversation” I’m going to continue to be a pickle, because that alone goes to show just about how I will not take you seriously. I have said it before, I’ve grown above the need of the New Breed Championship. I have grown above NEO, and clearly, I’ve grown above you as well, but unfortunately, I’m not the type of man to turn down a job. Nowhere in my contract did I negotiate the write to not have to face guys like you, Reginald Dempshaw III. Probably should had, but I was young and impatient and just wanted to get back in the ring, and I paid for that mistake here. And as much as I hate to say it, you might be about to pay for that right now as well. Because you see, you can say, you are in a bit of a pickle, because at the end of the day, Moongoose is better than you in every single way, and whether people want it or not, I’m going to win the whole damn series, and not you or anyone in Block A or Block B is going to change that. Because as much as beneath me as it is, I have to continue to show everyone the truth. The truth being that my way is the best way because at the end of it all, I am a reason people tune in, and I simply cannot disappoint. People are paying decent money to watch and support you guys on NEO, scratch that, they are paying to see me, whether it’s to support or to simply hate me, you can expect a good time. You just get to be a part of my life. You’re Welcome. But in this industry, just because everyone is having a good time, someone has to pay the expense and have a bad time. An no, Reginald, I’m not saying it’s you, I’m saying it’s going to be you, but remember, Look at me, Look at Pickle Moongoose. I’m the one that is going to have a bad time, having to put up with this schedule and having to take on the likes of you, Finnegan Wakefield, and Johnny Nova when my true calling is to be raising hell on Voltage.
But you just gotta make the most of it, and that is where you come in, where not only am I going to kick your ass, I’m going to send you back  packing to the UK, because son, you jumped the gun too quickly. You are letting it all get to your head, just because you just joined EAW and are in a tournament in EAW, you think that warrants being able to assert yourself as an alpha dog, when here I am, pretending I’m a pickle to mess with you. Because Reginald, you have absolutely nothing to offer in EAW at the moment, wheras I continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. I am the Masterpiece of the Century, the greatest piece of art this company has ever laid eyes on. And you want to know what the secret is? Well, the title belt was 3d printed, and that is actually my hair. Oh, wait, not the pickle, but the secret to being awesome, is simple. I am an artist, and each and every day, I continue to add on to my canvas. Your’s truly, Moongoose McQueen. With each day, I better myself, I change myself, I keep myself fresh and ready for whatever is to come, and for the sad case of adding some excitement to our match, I turned myself into a pickle, because that alone was time better spent trying to convince myself you are the real deal.
Reggie the 3rd. Can I call you that? Doesn’t matter, that’s probably the last time I’ll ever acknowledge you. Despite the bell and whistles and how horribly British you are, I’m going to be there, and I’m going to beat you. I’m not going to make you take me seriously, because for a man that has nothing to offer, I don’t even want your respect or admiration. It will do nothing for me, because I am clearly a man that has everything going for him, and I can afford to bring something to the table and people will actually give a damn. And sure, you might be thinking, Losing to a guy name Moongoose? That’s ridiculous and that will never happen. Well, Reggie, it’s time for you to become open to new experiences, Because you tried to impress everyone else, and you didn’t try to impress me, you are literally going to lose to a guy that would rather turn himself into a pickle that even show you, his opponent any ounce of decency and reverence.  You think, this can’t be real. This isn’t happening, But remember, bitch, I’m Moongoose McQueen. The  things you can’t do, I can do. Everything I touch turn to gold, and if you think you can ride on the bandwagon and get your 15 mins of fame, you best think again, because I’ll decide who moves up and who stays down. And Reggie, you ain’t going nowhere.

PICKLE MOONGOOSE!! Put it on a Shirt!
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Post on August 8th 2017, 9:32 pm by Ryan Wilson
''Normally I would try to get the attention of my opponents because we have a match coming up but you see the problem is right now that the Motor City Mafia is no where to be seen. No sign of life past that miserable little Tweet about my writing dating last week. Where are they? Why aren't they replying? What is so important that they can't do part of their job right which is producing content for me and Julio to tear to shreds? Kicking ass, trying to at least, is not your sole job description as a professional wrestler boys! You need to flap your gums once in a while! You need to make the people interested in you be it to cheer or jeer! You need to bring the HYPE! Where is the Mafia? Choking on mama's spaghetti? I hope not, I want to win via pin fall, not forfeit. Heck if we win because the two mobsters choked I think I'm going to be unhappy. And when I'm not happy it doesn't bode well for anyone. Deadline to do your job is in a few hours boys! Get crackin'!''


''It's a bit sad when most of my promo work this week was against my own tag team partner. Poor little Julio is stuck in the past while I'm in the present. He forgot, probably voluntarily ignored, what I wrote in my very first promo here in EAW. Let me repeat it: I always see it as starting over.''

''That implies starting the counter at zero and doing what I can to do what I love and have a good time in the process while working, fighting and bleeding to accomplish what I did in previous companies which is Championship Success! Yes: I am a Prize Fighter and I will be aiming for the New Breed Championship down the road, but for now I'm just getting started which brings me back to you Julio. Say what you want about what you think happened and what you think is going on, in the end our history began with one simple fact: While you were sleeping on the switch and going no where I came in and took the Sanctuary by storm! I stole your spotlight? Bitch Puh-Leaze! I took an opportunity that you obviously failed to grasp and I ran with it! In the end I won titles, fame, money and more. You? You vanished. The same thing happened when I signed up at the FGB with Big Tony B! We kicked the door in, we kicked ass and we marched our way to championship success! Do I need to remind you how much we crushed you and Flying Booya (I heard he was around here... Dynasty maybe?) while we were Tag Team Champions and right now while I hold the Bloody Championship Tony is Supreme Champion. What are you doing now at la Grosse Baston? Oh that's right: NOTHING! Again. You know what you've been to me until now buddy? Nothing more than a stepping stone to Greatness! Win or lose against you I ended up achieving so much more after.''


''Are you going to me a stepping stone again? Or are you for once in your pathetic life going to play along and we become each other's stepping stone and we rock now only the Tag Team Division but the entire Neo Brand? You need to get over the fact I got over you each time we faced each other and look ahead of you and visualise just how far we can go if we just tolerate each other enough to be functional as a team and... Who knows one day... As allies. Are you able to even fancy it? Or do you have so much shit in your face that you actually call it your paint job and you can't see straight?''

''We have a shot at starting something special against the Motor City Chokers Julio. Are you going to play along? ''

''That's up to you. One way or another I'm moving forward and I plan to have a good time doing it!''

''And that ... Just... Happened!''
#MicDrop #DontStopMeNow #MCMSucks #DownWithChokers
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Post on August 8th 2017, 5:49 pm by Badru Jamba
Fire and Thunder Beats Eternal

Badru rolled his shoulders back before leaping up to the roof, catching onto the side and swinging the rest of his body up, rolling through until he had finally scaled to where he had wanted to be. The honking of car horns now merely a distant memory as he clambered up the side until he was gazing at the horizon from the top of the building. With a smile he stretched back, throwing a few quick strikes before plopping down to a sit, stretching his body out and staring up at the sky, as the sun grew hidden by clouds.

“To say that my first victory came as a surprise is accurate. My opponent was very ready for me. He was incredibly ready. To the point that I had to sneak a win, which...some might think brought dishonor to me. Funnily enough, it didn’t. My tribe taught me that when one hunts a lion, the only thing that matters is survival. The honor of the hunt can only be told if one is alive. So, no, I feel no shame for how I won. It was my first victory. And now I have been honored to take part in this Evo tournament. A tournament I seek to win, against one Johnny Nova. But I do not view him as a challenge, not like I did my last opponent. Nova has been silent. He has not run his mouth, or talked of his accolades, instead he has chosen to say nothing. Which is...ill advised. One would be smart to talk themselves up in this kind of endeavor. It does not matter. Not for Johnny Nova. Not for anyone that stands against me. The power of Shango shall prevail over anything else...they shall feel the thunder and fire. And they shall sleep forever more. May Shango bless my victory this day, as he shall for all others.”
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Post on August 8th 2017, 3:04 pm by El Landerson
[Camera shows where Landerson is talking to his old friends in the back while Kathy Kush walks over there in stops him]

Kathy Kush: Sorry for interrupting your conversation but I was wondering if I can get a few moments of your time before your match tomorrow on Neo.

El Landerson: Como va

Kathy Kush: Last Wednesday on Neo wrestling you let Masaru Kasahara defeat you and then now you will face James Ranger tomorrow night on Neo in also you will team up with Shaker Jones to fight against we are the Bollocks this Sunday in your tag team match on Voltage any request Landerson.

El Landerson: The reason that they made me lose is because they want
Masaru Kasahara to win instead of me but I'm not worried though cause when I beat James Ranger tomorrow night on Neo wrestling then I am going to Voltage and help my friend Shaker Jones out when we team up together and get rid of we are the bollocks in five days on Voltage on Eaw network.

Kathy Kush: But Landerson can you even defeat James ranger tomorrow.

El Landerson: Actually Kathy. I don't know just yet but when I meet him in that Neo ring then he will never fight me again from here on out cause me and Shaker Jones are trying to be the next Eaw Unified tag team Champions at Territorial Invasion FPV right after my match with James ranger tomorrow on Neo wrestling right after I get through with James ranger tomorrow night on Neo and then I'll help my newest friend shaker Jones this Sunday on Voltage.

(Landerson walks away from Kathy Kush when she continues talking)

Kathy Kush: thank you for that support Landerson. and we wish you best of luck tomorrow when he challenges James ranger tomorrow on Neo wrestling until he teams up with shaker Jones this Sunday when he beats up we are the bollocks on Voltage on Eaw.

Kathy Kush: And we hope that Landerson. can win his match against James ranger tomorrow on Neo wrestling cause I know that I got faith in Landerson when he beats the snot outta James ranger on Neo wrestling tomorrow night whenever they let him become the next Eaw Unified tag team Champions at Territorial Invasion  after this week's Voltage on Eaw network.

{Camera fades when Landerson heads straight towards the Neo ring before his Opponent arrives to the building when there match begins tomorrow}
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Post on August 7th 2017, 8:37 pm by Brayden Wolfe
#005 - Relax
" So how does it feel Moralis? How does it feel knowing every single thing I was trying to tell you was the truth? How does it feel knowing that the only reason you got a victory over me a couple of weeks ago was because of my partner? I mean lets face it you had your opportunity to do so in a one on one match with me last week and what happened? I left your ass laying in the center of the ring which is exactly what I said I was going to do. Now I realize you're trying to do something good and honestly that's not something I'm hating on you for. My hate for you is purely the fact that you think because you're doing what you're doing you deserve bigger matches here in NEO? Doesn't work that way pal and I think I proved to you exactly how good I really am when I left you laying in the ring. I think I proved to everybody in the back that I am every big as good as I say I am and for guys like you Moralis. It scares you, guys like my opponent this week Alex Cox. It scares guys like you because you guys have no idea what I'm capable of doing. The fact of the matter is I don't even really know what I'm capable of doing, but I do know one thing. When that bell rings I know I will do absolutely anything in order to have my hand raised at the end of the match. I know when that bell rings that I am without a shadow of a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the world today. So guys like you and Alex don't really like being in the ring with me because I think you guys know it's the truth. Moralis as far as I'm concerned this little feud between you and I is finished because I'm moving on to bigger and better things. I am walking out of this tournament the winner and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it. "

" Alex I realize you probably don't know much about  me and honestly that's probably a good thing for you because if you knew the things I've done inside a wrestling ring you probably wouldn't step into it against me this week. You see what you need to realize is that everybody needs to start at the bottom which is exactly where I started a couple of weeks ago, but I've quickly moved up. In fact I think I may be the quickest riser this company has ever seen. I mean I'm sure you saw what happened last week right Alex? You saw what I did to Moralis in the middle of the ring and I'm pretty sure you saw everything else I did during that show and do you know why? Because I'm the kind of guy that knows how to make and impact and that's exactly what I've done over the last few weeks. I've made an impact here in NEO and the fact is everybody is waiting to see what I do next. The world is just waiting to see what I plan on doing inside that wrestling ring and you know what the sad part of it all is Alex? Whatever I do inside that ring next to impress the wrestling world, it's going to be against you. Which means you're the one that's going to have to suffer with all the pain and agony.  You're the one that's going to be laying in the center of the ring just like Moralis was last week. You are stepping into the ring with somebody you really shouldn't be in the ring with Alex. Tell you the truth there isn't many superstars in the back who actually belong in the same ring as me. Who knows kid maybe one day you'll be able to pull up your socks and step up to the plate. Maybe one day you'll be able to put on your big boy pants and play with the big boys because Alex this is EAW and we are wrestling for NEO which is the best in the world. You're going to find that out first hand when that bell rings and trust me kid it's not going to be a night you're going to want to remember. "

" You know everybody needs to start somewhere Alex and honestly I don't know much about  you so I don't even know if this is your first match or not. If it is then like I was saying everybody needs to start somewhere, but you. You're starting in the worst spot to start Alex because you're stepping into the ring with somebody who will do absolutely anything. You're going to be in the ring with somebody who is willing to put there body through absolutely anything in order for one thing. You know what that thing is Alex, but it's not something you're going to have done in our match. The one thing is having there hand raised when it's all said and done which is something I know quite well. I mean lets be honest I beat the hell out of Moralis last week and I showed him exactly what it means to be in an NEO ring. You Alex, well I plan on doing the exact same to you only a little different. You can't do the same things all the time and expect the same reaction right? I have a few things lined up for our match and I promise you they won't be moves you'll be getting up from. When the smoke clears just like last week I'll be walking up that ramp with that same smirk on my face and do you know why? Because I am every bit as good as I say I am Alex and do you know how good that is? Well you will when that bell rings. "

" You see this NEO Series is nothing more then a golden ticket, a golden ticket for me to prove exactly how good I really am. You see before signing my EAW contract I did a lot of thinking and a lot of time was spent trying to figure out exactly where I needed to be. EAW was always one of my first choices simply because of the hype that this company has had. When I signed my contract I knew from day one that my goal is to prove to the world that I am as good as I say I am. Right now I'm saying that I am one of if not the best wrestler in the world today and winning this NEO Series will prove it. Not only that, but I plan on winning the whole fucking thing without even losing a match. I'm here to play ball and that's something everybody in the back needs to understand before deciding to step into the ring with me. Alex Cox, you my friend are in for the worst beating of your life and there really isn't anything you can do about it. I mean of course you can not bother showing up to the ring, but what would that prove? I mean if you are a new guy which I think you are it's your job to prove you can handle yourself. Trust me kid losing a match against me isn't anything to feel bad about because you won't be the only one. So what you should do is just sit back and relax because there isn't anything you can do to change the outcome in the match kid. You've been fed to the wolves and The Impact Player is going to make an example out of you. It's time to play ball kid, are you ready to step up to the plate? "
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Post on August 7th 2017, 8:34 pm by DampshawIII
Employees of EAW are seen relaxing and fraternizing in between shows. Referees are talking to commentators, stagehands are talking to lighting technicians. Kathy Kush is chatting with some office people when she notices someone barging through the offices. 

Kathy Kush: Reginald?

She stands up at the site of Reginald Dampshaw III and Crichton Merriweather swiftly walking down the EAW halls. She runs up to both of them.

Kathy Kush: Umm...Reginald, what are you doing here? You can't just come bulldozing in here.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Actually, Kathy, as a EAW contracted employee, I have every right to be here. Just as much right as you do, and I matter more than you do anyways.

Kathy Kush: Ok...but what exactly are you doing here?

Reginald rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath

Reginald Dampshaw III: I am here to see this general manager of NEO, this...Lioncross. I am here to demand he reverse the decision of my match with Badru Jamba. He caught me with a surprise pin and both of my shoulders were NOT on the mat. I was swindled out of a victory by that jungle savage and by NEO officials. It is not right and it must be rectified.

Kathy Kush: But, Reginald. All decisions here in EAW are final. Even if your shoulders were pinned to the mat, the referee didn't see that. In the record books, you lost.

Crichton Merriweather comes from around Reginald and gets into Kathy's face.

Crichton Merriweather: Do you dare call into question the integrity of Reginald Dampshaw III?!? If Master Reginald says his shoulders were pinned, then they were pinned, you tart!

Reginald grabs Crichton and backs him off of Kathy.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Woah, there, Crichton, dear boy. Ms. Kush, I apologize for Crichton's rather uncouth remark. I hear what you are saying, but is this not a sports organization? Do some rules about replay not exist here? Is this just some lawless land where anything goes? I wish to speak to Mr. Lioncross and have this matter sorted so I can move on and prepare for my next EVO Series match.

Kathy Kush: Well, let's talk about that quickly, shall we? Your next opponent is none other than the EAW New Breed Champion. You must be nervous to be going up against the face of the NEO Division.

Reginald looks back at Crichton, and they both chuckle at each other.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Must I? Why? Because he's champion? The way it seems, Mr. Wakefield has had his number for quite some time and I almost ended his career. Personally, I think his time as New Breed Champion is up. How am I supposed to take seriously a man named Moongoose? He can't even spell "mongoose" right! He's supposed to be some sort of threat? No, I'm sorry, but a man with that little intelligence does not worry me a bit. Yes, he is champion, and therefore he must be respected in that aspect, but...really. McQueen vs. Dampshaw? Elementary.

Kathy Kush: Well, if I may be blunt, Reginald, you've had 2 matches here in EAW and..you've lost them both. Now you face the champion? The odds are against you.

Crichton looks like he's going to get into Kathy's face again but Reginald stops him, but this time he looks less humoured by Kathy's questions.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Listen to me very, very carefully, Ms. Kush. The next time you speak to me, you speak to me with the respect I deserve. I could be put in the ring with every single champion here in EAW and the odds will never be against me, do you understand? I don't care who Moongoose thinks he is, or how many championships he's held or the fact that he's current New Breed Champion. They way I see it, what better way to be fast tracked to a New Breed championship shot than to beat the champion? But look, Ms. Kush, while I'd love to stand here and have you doubt me some more, I have business with Mr. Lioncross.

Reginald walks away while Crichton stays. He snarls at Kathy before joining Reginald.
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Post on August 7th 2017, 4:47 am by Alex Reynolds

My lungs were burning. I'd been running flat out now for about twenty minutes. I could taste blood in my mouth and my eyes had become slightly blurry. I ran as fast as I could up to the front door. Once inside I probed all rooms on the ground floor, but I couldn't find her. Like a madman, I raced up the stairs. I could hear the sound of the television. It was wrestling if I wasn't mistaken. I pushed the bedroom door open and burst into the room. Kacey was sitting up in bed wearing nothing but a Finnegan Wakefield t-shirt and an annoyed expression. If it wasn't for my suspected hernia I'd rock her world. Could you do that? Could you have sex with your ex-wife and actually enjoy it? Would it complicate matters? I walked purposefully towards the television. I lifted my foot and turned it off with my heel. It was a skill.

"Hey! I was watching that." Kacey complained.

"Forget that I've just witnessed something incredible."

"Did you see Jesus's face in the bread again?"

I pulled a face. "Funny."

"You were abducted by aliens for but they had to return you back to Earth without testing because your penis was inadequate?" She smiled, proud of herself.

"I told you, it was cold that day!"

"We were in Dubai."

"Do you want to hear the news or not?"

"Ok, ok. Geez." She stared at me.

"It's about Nikki..."

"What about her?"

"She's..." I hesitated. "She's...


"She's crossed over to the other side."  I lowered my head solemnly.

"What do you mean?"

I looked up at her. "She's gone over to the other side."

"Oh my god!" She gasped, putting a flat palm to her chest.

"Exactly." I nodded.

"She's dead?"

"No. A lesbian."

"Lesbian?" She said dubiously.

"I saw it with my own eyes."

She looked sceptical. "Like the Jesus thing?"

"It was him goddammit!" My voice became shrill. "He even winked at me."

"Sure he did."

"If you must know, I saw her being groped."

"By Jesus?" She said, incredulously.

"No, not Jesus. Forget Jesus." I sighed. "Christ."

It was always like this. Whenever I had a point to make or a story to tell, those two wouldn't let me speak without the sarcastic little remarks, witty comebacks or silly little interruptions. I'll tell you something, she may be stunningly beautiful, but at times she had the intelligence of an oak tree.

She shot me a look. "It's nice to know you think so much of me."

"I said all that out loud didn't I?"


"Would it help if I said I was sorry?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"Do you mean it?" She raised her eyebrows.

I smiled nervously. "A little bit."

"You're incredible."

"Thanks." I smiled.

"It wasn't a compliment."

She got off the bed and moved towards the TV. The remote control had disappeared a few days ago so now whenever she wanted to change the channel she had to get up and burn calories. I say lost, I've actually hidden it. Kacey hated wasting energy and burning unnecessary calories. At some point, when I was done aggravating her, I'd give it her back. She turned the TV back on.

"Hang on a minute, I haven't told you about Nikki and the Island of lesbos."

"Listen, I just want to watch Dia Del Diablo," Kacey said wearily.

"Again?" I rolled my eyes. "You've seen it four times already."

"And I'll watch it however many times I like." She said, irked by my comments.

I stormed out of the bedroom and headed downstairs. Women. I grabbed my bag from the hallway and opened the front door.

"I've got a show to do," I shouted upstairs. "I'll be back later."


Good morning and welcome to SMBT radio with me Alex Reynolds. Now the last time I was on air I told you that I had a blind date lined up, well, it was cancelled. The woman I was supposed to meet had ended up in the hospital. Apparently, she'd ingested half a pint of laundry detergent. The mind boggles. Hospital staff had strapped her to a bed, forced a nasogastric tube down her throat and then finished off the job with activated charcoal, or activated carbon as it's more commonly known. The tube performs gastric suction which empties the stomach. Along with the activated carbon, it prevents further absorption of the ingested substance.

Sorry to get all medical there, I was just reading all that from her Facebook page. Which begs the question: Why post it? Seriously, why do people do that? Why do people post horrific things on social media? It's abhorrent. I don't want to sign into my account and find John has had a testicle surgically removed. I don't want to see said testicle in a picture on Facebook. Disgusting.

It drives me mad. You sign in to check your messages or to see if someone has posted an amusing vine and you find a picture of Peter's lunch. What the hell is the matter with people? It's just wrong. I don't care how many calories you've consumed today, Peter. To top it all off he'll post the same picture twenty minutes later, minus the food, with the heading "It's all gone." Yes, and so has your dignity and self-respect, Peter.

Another thing that really winds me up on social media - the angry status. "I'm so angry right now" And if that wasn't enough, they even have the cheek to throw in "Grrrrr" for good measure. Inevitably, a loved one or friend of the poster will attach a comment to the status: "What's up, babe?" or "Are you okay, hun?" It's obvious to me, a mere outsider, that the poster isn't angry at all. It's nothing more than an attention seeking ploy. However, being emotionally attached to the poster, her family and friends offer words of kindness and stomach turning clichés, and a group therapy session ensues.

Posting pictures of your children. My God. "Here's Maddy's first tooth." or "Her first haircut." And you're looking at the picture and wondering if they used a lawnmower to cut it. "Here's her first full diaper." with a picture attached. Can people stop posting pictures and updates on their children? Nobody cares and you're blocking up my feed. I'd much rather see drunk women falling down manholes. On a lighter note, here's Carrie with today's weather report.


Thanks, Carrie. You're back with Alex Reynolds on SMBT, your liberation station. Earlier we were talking about social media and the cretinous people who use it. Clearly, a hot topic of discussion. My email account can vouch for that. I've received hundreds of emails regarding my social media "rant" or truth telling, whatever your perspective is. A lot of people have been very supportive of my views, which, I must point out, are the views of Alex Reynolds and not SMBT radio or any of its staff. I must make that point clear. I shall live and die by the sword if need be. Hopefully, it won't come to that, but err, well, you never know what's around the corner. Usually another corner. Some emails, however, have been very vicious and some have been outright diabolical. I won't read them out because I have better things to do. Not to mention that they're wrong and I'm right so why bother?

Anyway, a few days ago I entered into talks with an illustrious company in the sports entertainment business. The aim was to gain a contract and I'm happy to announce - this is an exclusive people - that I've signed a developmental contract with EAW. I'll be competing on the NEO brand so if any of my fans want to find me then that's where I'll be for the foreseeable future.  I'm still in training at the moment as I've not been scheduled for a match, but I'm confident that you'll be seeing me on your screens soon.

Well, I'm afraid we're out of time for today. I'd like to leave you with a Turkish pop song that I've boogied to many times. It's Erdem Kınay featuring the delightful Aynur Aydın and the song is called İşporta.

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