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 EAW Promoz!

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Moongoose McQueen


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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:38 pm by The Burned Man
@Howard the Stark wrote:
burn them all homie






Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:35 pm by Howard the Stark (Online)
burn them all homie
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:35 pm by The Burned Man





NO... ALL!














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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:23 pm by Nico Borġ (Online)

Nico Borġ: A predictable riposte. I lay forth my God blessed vision of human unity under one sign. That is, one beautiful motif. One all powerful authority in the One True God. A vision that should be so familiar and cherished by any man of the cloth. Any so-called Reverend. And yet Cody Marshall’s reply is anything but revere, At the very hearing of those very words that his station demands he hold close and so very dear to his heart, Cody recoils in utter disgust. Disdain. The bitter frustration of being on the wrong side of judgement drives him back behind old shields well worn. Is he so farcically deranged to think any that oppose him are islamists? Is he so lacking in sins to level against me that he must speak in circles, knocking down strawman effigies of wicked priests who are not me?
Chorus: His scorn of the righteous truth has not the intended effect. The tongue indicts itself with guilt. He grimaces as if into a mirror.
Nico Borġ: Forgive him, he knows not what he does. But we should know better. from the collision of discordant elements both sparks and flame will arise. This is why we are here, after all. To unite all the disparate parts under the strong leadership of the one. Where tongues preach hatred, deceit and bigotry. Let the righteous answer with action. Allow the Lord’s judgement to come not from the serpentine tongues of men, but by the fortunes of fated in the heavens. It is certain the Will of the Supreme God, who is the Author of this world and its Father, that all of Christendom shall write their names as one, in mutual embrace under the sign of heaven. Let us, my brothers, keep our own houses in order before we are to judge. Walk in the way of heavenly concordants. And let noble actions follow divine precepts along the righteous path of light. When the Bell tolls, the Lord may judge him in the full fury of Justice. But for us at this time, Cody Marshall is little more than a victim.
Chorus: You said the time of pity had departed?
Nico Borġ: And there is no contradiction.
Chorus: But the man truly is ensnared. A lifetime of vision blinkered by the functions of a corrigible machine. Illusory patterns trapping him in his own personal hell, where daemons wait around every corner. In every shallow nook.  On every strange face and in every alien language. The sublime object of familiarity, a household idol ready to be drenched with blood. The lie has encompassed him for entirely too long to ever see the plain truth. Is this no cause for lament?
Nico Borġ: Such love for one’s fellow man is the most admirable of virtues. But weeping tears will not cleanse Cody Marshall of his affliction. And lamenting before God should be reserved only for when little other hope remains. I say to you rejoice, dear brothers. Take heart in knowing that he requires no pity more that a solution, and we have the power and the means to break the shackles that bind him. Cody, you may not see it, such is the nature of temptation, but your heart is split betwixt the veneration of two altars. One meek but well formed. A glimmering if hesitant foot in the doorway that leads to your salvation. The other...bloated. Obscene. Sadly commanding of most of your attention is this second altar built in the name Janus, two-faced American Gods who promise much and deliver wages only in the form of perdition. Built on haughty notions of pride. Of “American Exceptionalism”. The strong cub jealously guarding the suckling nipples from the runts. Always exploiting his brother’s weakness to derive further sustenance. And worse, taking the fact as justification in itself. A simonious engine turning riches into the counterfeit of moral right. Much like the idolater who forms his God out of gold and silver. Although not satisfied with one deity, the pantheon of American coinage multiplies ever upwards. Hundreds on thousands. Thousands on millions. Digits soaring ever upwards. Oh how the depraved prophets preach the virtues of hard work and temperance, even as they fill their pockets and advance at full haste away from these graces.
Chorus: The daemon’s name is Hypocrisy
Nico Borġ: Hypocrisy most foul. But this creature can and shall be killed. Lies will submit before the facts. Deceit will flee before truth. Do you understand, Cody? These are the end times. The Sun is setting on your American Empire. You know, maybe there is something in that little creeping xenophobia of yours. Because I am an invading force. I will dominate you and take my place in the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match. And what is more, I am here to tear down everything you now, every wretched thing that you hold sacred. But in the end, time shall make me right. It shall open your eyes to the hypocrisy so deep rooted within you.
Chorus: One must be cruel, if only to be kind. Thus woe begins but worse remains behind.
Nico Borġ: Whatever this memorial day means to you, it is of little concern to me. And such sentiments shall not overturn the outcome of your fate. But Cody, what I can surely say to you is that this weekend will indeed be imbued with great new meaning. It most certainly shall be remembered. By you. By I. By everyone. But less for the reasons you might like. This is the turning point. This is where the light finally pierces the dark and little by little the people slowly begin to wake up to the truth. With each new glimmer the meek shiver the in anticipation. And the strong, the established pillars of this empire of ash and infamy, they shall do the same in fear. That goes for you. For Lannister. Murrow. All the rest. Your days are numbered. The Lord has already seen me glimpse the top, Cody. I belong there. And when I finally achieve my goals, there will be no more space for grandstanding. No more room for corruption to fester unhindered. You will all witness the taste of sweet surrender as you kneel at peace with each other at last, bowing divine authority of the Unconquered Sun.
Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 11:13 pm by Rex32 (Online)
Showdown vs Dynasty Promo # 2
"The Process"

The events of this past Saturday have set the stage for the events that will inevitably take place tomorrow. It's nothing personal when it comes to my opponent that will be forced to come up with an answer to a test he knows nothing about, forced to withstand an onslaught inspired through sheer tenacity, will and the biggest chip I've had on my shoulders in my entire career, and meet him head on with everything I got, and nothing he can truly prepare for. For almost a week I've had this match circled, marked off, and streaming through my brain waves, my emotions running amok, manifested from failing to live up to everything I had been building from the opening moments of my wrestling career. Tomorrow night is my second go around of opening moments. In my mind this is the reintroduction of Rex McAllister to the world. This is day one, zero week in Elite Answers Wrestling, where I have everything to prove, and in the process send a humble reminder to every last one of my adversaries that this elitist is in top form and ready to prove it at the biggest show of them all. I've embraced who I am, and what I've become up to this point. If you embrace your value, talents and strengths, it neutralizes when others think less of you. To evolve and make my own consciousness high, it's really a matter of being determined and focused to venture out beyond the norm. I'm not just here to compete, but to continue to learn all I can with each and every new experience. Competition in business is a blessing, for without it, we wouldn’t be motivated to improve. We have to be able to look back in the mirror and read ourselves the riot act, become our own biggest critic, all in an effort to become better later. The jealous, angry, bitter haters and the egotistical can rush up the mountain all they want, but it's not a race, not to me. I'm enjoying this journey, and I'm enjoying going at my own pace, allowing each new experience to give me the know-how to compete at an even greater level all the time.

Now, Lucas? I've got to give you this, you have become very confident during your time as New Breed Champion, and you should be. I believe anyone who has been, currently is, or has the strong ambition to become a champion, should always be confident. Having the confidence to unfold your own myth through what undoubtedly comes from that inflated ego is truly the stuff champions are made of, Lucas. We'll take you by your word for everything it's worth, worry yourself not Mr. Wrestling Machine. I never ever said you were a joke, Lucas. If you're a champion, then you're not a joke, right? I'm not going give you the opportunity to toss me anywhere, but what you are going to receive from me is a nice little wake up call, Lucas. If you must go so far as to flex your championship hubris and refer to me as a joke, that actually says more about me than it does about you, and I possess a title that legitimately says so. It says you have insecurity issues to the point where you only truly feel significant by belittling someone so you can feel better about yourself, but only long enough until you can do it again not even realizing that it actually solves nothing in the long run. You have what they call a superiority complex, Lucas. So far in an effort to search for errors or flaws when it comes to me, you are committing errors and flaws of your own. I didn't mature over the course of one match, no I'm afraid my career hasn't gifted me in such a way just yet. What I did with my last match, a grueling affair that showed me like fifty different shades of black every time I got pummeled and pulverized, was it helped me to further evolve as an Elitist. I added it to my evolution, Lucas. No, see I've grown and matured over time, something you will need to do if you want to ascend to the next rung here in Elite Answers Wrestling. You're life growing up before EAW is of no concern to me, Lucas, and doesn't directly nor indirectly tie in to the effort we will undoubtedly put in to win one for our respective Brands. We are all given one life to live, everyone has to go through trials, Lucas. It's how we handle them that sets us apart ultimately. We've both been through adversity, and we've both overcome a lot just to stand here as champions. The difference though, Lucas, is in the maturation process between you and I. You're going on two-and-half years here, Lucas. You finally broke through one of the glass ceilings at Reckless Wiring. It took me just under a year to attain that hunk of gold you currently possess, and three-and-half months later I won this, the National Elite title. With this title, Lucas, it's impossible for me to look up to you, because I'm looking down at you at the moment on the metaphorical ladder waiting for you to catch up to me, just like I'll be looking down at you when my arm is raised in victory this Saturday.

Your pride, it seems to be the biggest source of ammunition you have, but it's a double edged sword, Lucas. It does you more bad than good, trust me. You have done pretty good things as the New Breed Champion, but you downplay my success when we've both undeniably earned it. But again, you want the difference? Here it is. You have said that in your estimation when you've defended the gold you wear proudly that you've won rather handily,  right? No sweat to you, correct? Just another day at the office, yeah? Not the case with me, Lucas. Every week since the start of this season I've been up against some of most difficult elitists in our company today, and you want to know something? It's those matches that shaped me for this run that I've been on as the National Elite Champion, matches that I can assure you will make this match more than just another day at the office. You've been defying expectations just as I have, but on a lower if you want honesty. Nobody in this company will ever mistake, or put names like Mark Michaels, Anthony Leonhart, or Chris Paradise in the same breath with elitists like Ryan Marx, like Nico Borg, like Stark, and those are guys that I've seen at one point or another, that I'm one hundred percent confident, had one of them been in any of your title defenses on that Dynasty brand, YOU would not be able to still call yourself the New Breed Champion. After all the pain I've had to bare, not only against guys like Darkane, but overall this whole season, I can tell with out a doubt I can deal with anything you bring to the table, and overcome it in that ring. You're not the greatest champion in company history, Lucas, you're just another in a long line of champions that get a big head after a small inkling of success in this business. Most do what you are doing this week so far. Let me see if I can turn it into some sort of a catchy tune, Lucas. Here we go; ramble, ramble, YELL, YELL, ram-ugh, no that's not working for me very well, but I think you and everyone else gets the point! You say very little in so many words, at least nothing that I'm going to take with a grain of salt. I was like you though, Lucas, in the beginning of my time here, but as I've said, I've grown, matured, and evolved. You should cherish that New Breed Championship there, Lucas, because once you lose it, you'll just have to work twice as hard as you did during the time when you held it just so you can recapture the feeling of wearing a championship around your waist again, and I'm all the proof you need to validate that as being nothing short of the truth.

As we both roll into Pain For Pride as champions with momentum, just remember this, Lucas? When you step into a Showdown ring tomorrow, you ain't stepping into the ring with a Chris Paradise, or a Mark Michaels, or an Anthony Leonhart, you're going to be stepping into the ring with an Elitist that has grown, matured, and evolved well beyond anyone's highest of expectations, and has gone on to prove without a doubt that he is the every bit of the champion that he's billed to be. The only man that has been digging their hole deeper and deeper this week, is the same one that is already half way in. It's in situations such as your own, where all that needs to be done now is to finish it off, seal the deal by slamming the door shut!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 9:05 pm by Darkane (Online)
"Lifelines" Showdown II

"Stark, you said it yourself, you've faced defeats just as tough as mine, probably worse because your career in EAW has been a lot longer than mine. If I wanted to gloat, I could dig deep down in the EAW archives and drag every single one of your losses out into the light and pick it apart like a masterful surgeon dissecting a patient. I feel like that would be a complete waste of my time, because the person you were then, isn't the person you are now, the wrestler you were then, isn't the wrestler you are now. People change daily, people learn new things daily, people can turn things around in a split second. So don't rattle off my losses as if they were a checklist on a piece of paper like you're some hot shot. You've lost and recently at that, I've lost, everybody in this company is going to lose one time or another. Get over it. In that same notion, I could care less about your reign as New Breed Champion because that was TWO, TWO YEARS AGO. In this day and age that is a long ass time. I'm not going to throw you a bone because you won a title back when you were actually put together and since then you've been shards of glass drifting aimlessly through space. Only now have those pieces of glass been able to construct something worth mentioning. It's taken you years and years of recovery, you've always had to recover after whatever instances broke you in half. I'd imagine you're sick of recovering and as evidence by your words, you're sick of chasing instead of holding onto the National Elite Title. You are indeed down here with us because in an instant even somebody like The Burned Man could find himself on the winning end because all you need is three seconds. Imagine one of the premier matches on Pain for Pride being: The Burned Man versus Rex McAllister? That makes me sick, that makes me want to puke. We both know at this point since Axl hasn't been heard of, even after I took those cheap shots at his petite little mother he still won't come to her defense. He knows he's not going to win this match so he's decided to pick his battles and live to fight another day which is smart on his part, but he's throwing away a huge opportunity. Whatever. We both know at this point that we're the two best in this match. Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way, but remember even if it's a preconceived notion that we're the pick of the litter in this match, it still only takes three seconds. That's why I can't overlook Axl Willow or The Burned Man as much as I would like too."

"Just because you have persevered after every match, after every win and every loss, every personal tragedy and every low point of your career does not automatically mean you're elite. Everybody deals with personal tragedies and low points, does that make them elite? No. It makes them a survivor. I still stand by what I said, if you go on to defeat Rex then I will openly admit that you are among the elite but until then you still have a long way to go. I agree that you are one of the premier talents, that's for sure, but I think that the one thing that has eluded you so much in your career, that being the National Elite Title is the exact thing that staves you off from being donned as elite. When it comes to me, I have an even longer path. I'm not elite, right now I'm stuck in the middle somewhere, trying to break out from the mold. I find it funny how you reiterate and keep hammering down your point that I'm on a downward trend. EVERYBODY goes through downward trends, they're bound to happen. If I don't recover then I think the validity of your point will stand but this dismal, wanton downward trend that I'm on is about do for a spike right back up the echelon of the greats in this company. I was there, I was at the peak and I almost beat Rex a few times in my match with him, but I failed. I can openly admit that. Does it hurt to admit that? You're damn right it does. I hate to be cliche but it's how you learn from those failures that will catapult you back up into the stratosphere. I'm not taking this opportunity for granted, I've stated that over and over and fucking over again. This isn't just do or die for me, it's do or die for you too. For the way you've built yourself up so far this week and for the past couple of weeks, you better not fail. If I'm you, I'm a bit nervous, you insinuate you've broken through the glass ceiling but now if you win this match, you're in those very same shoes that I was in a few weeks ago. If Rex ends up conquering you and I fully expect that to happen IF you win this match, don't expect any sort of pity from me, that's not my game. You set yourself up for gleaming success but on the other side of things you've set yourself up for crushing failure. In fact, I'll be pissing myself laughing if you blow this opportunity. This whole scenario though, this fantasy that you go on to beat Rex is just that, a fantasy. I'm gunning for the exact same thing as you are. I'm not going to let you reach that platform high up in the clouds where Rex sits upon his throne. I'm planning to drag you down beneath the dirt and into the black. That's where you belong, that's where your career has always ended up.  I'm still a rookie in EAW, I still gotta learn, so I think I have a bit of lee-way, but you, you've had countless attempts at success, it's about time for you to put up or shut up and If I have anything to do with it. I'm going to shut you up and put you down."

"You're looking past me? No. NO. NO! That's not how it's going to work, it's okay to get a glimpse at the mere possibility of facing Rex. I'm not going to condemn you for thinking about your aspirations. I know you want to get back at Rex for leaving you high and dry, but don't you dare look past me, you son of a bitch. You said it yourself and I quote: If I ignore him outright, then I'm going to get laid flat for three. You're damn right if you ignore me you're going to get beat for the three count. If your plan is to look past me, I'm going to slap you right in your mouth to get your attention. I'm going to look you in your beady and baked eyes and tell you that I'm the one you need to focus on right here and right now. I said before that Rex is that blurred mirage in the distance, so close, yet so far, but you shouldn't act like one of those drivers that are looking at a roadside accident and then BOOM, you hit the back of a car because you weren't paying attention. I'm telling you right now, you need to pay attention to the obstacles in front of you, not just me, but Axl Willow and begrudgingly, The Burned Man. If you want to get to Rex you're going to have to go through me, Axl Willow and The Burned Man. If I want to get to Rex I'm going to have to go through you, Axl Willow and The Burned Man. It's plain and simple, do not overlook me, that pisses me off. If you ignore me outright, you will not only be pinned, but I will make sure you're put right back on the shelf that you're oh so familiar with and then you will have to go through your infamous recovery stage all over again like some broken fucking addict. I'm sure those dark nights alone that you rocked back and forth contemplating your future wasn't exactly a happy-go-lucky time on the ballroom dance floor. You don't want to go through that again, do you? I know the thought of facing Rex is tantalizing, believe me, I understand that more than anybody you're facing in this match and perhaps in this company but I'll say it one last time: don't overlook me, ever."  

"I will tell you from experience, that after I lost to Rex, it took a little while but then it hit me like a ton of bricks and it almost killed me. Maybe not in the literal sense, but it damaged me profoundly inside. I'm STILL recovering from the match weeks later, that is the hell you could face too and let me tell you, just like the situation you could potentially be in; it fucking sucks going into a match sky high, ready to pounce, only to have the carpet pulled right out from under you and be put back in your place and you're right, it was in my environment and that just added on to the painful words that scrambled around my head like a tilt-a-whirl amusement park ride to the point where those very words almost burned through my brain. The fact is, now, I'm still standing and I'm still a ratty morbid bastard. That will never change. My hunger, however, is dire. I feel like one of those famished children in Africa with their bones sticking out of their fucking skin. My hunger is for Rex, my hunger is for that National Elite Title and I'll be damned if I let you, Axl Willow or The Burned Man get in the way of feeding time."

Darkane suddenly raises his head up from the darkness, staring a hole through the camera.

"Some people have questioned as to why I deserve another shot. It's because America is the land of second chances, I believe EAW is as well and I plan to invoke my second chance to its fullest potential. I'm sick of people bitching and moaning about how I've lost and how others deserve a place in this match. Look at The Burned Man, his isn't just a second chance, his is a fucking reincarnation from the dead. So don't preach to me about chances. I've gotten to where I am on effort alone, effort in which a lot of superstars in EAW lack thoroughly. I bust my ass day in and day out. I've earned another chance. Stark, you even mentioned you respect my work ethic. You know what I'm capable of, but when that bell rings respect and the competitive camaraderie goes with it is thrown out the window. It's all on the line, it's time to go balls to the wall and leave everything out in that ring. Sure it might be my last life line, but Stark, it's yours too. All the blood, the sweat, the tears they're all worth it. They all mean something. I've scratched and clawed my whole life to get where I am and I'll be damned if I get scrutinized for being placed in this match. I'm going to unleash a wave, no, a fucking tsunami of ruthless hatred upon everybody in this match and this tsunami will carry on to Pain for Pride, I will swallow everything in my path. I can be an ungodly force and I am something that should be taken seriously. This match means everything to me. Everything. Do you hear me?! DO I HAVE TO SCREAM? THIS BUSINESS IS WHAT KEEPS ME ALIVE DAMNIT!"

"...But that begs an important question. If I fail one more time on a big stage, will I perish? Will this business fail to keep me alive?"

Darkane drops his head down out of site.



Darkane violently raises his head up again and looks at the camera with wide, frantic eyes.

"I won't die. For in EAW, I have only just started breathing."

With a crescent grin he shoves the camera away.

Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post Yesterday at 8:31 pm by Cody Marshall

Monday, May 29th is Memorial Day. The day we put aside to remember fallen heroes and to pray that no heroes will ever have to die for us again. It’s a day of thanks for the valor of others, a day to remember the splendor of America and those of her children who fought and died so we may enjoy the freedoms we have today. It’s a day to be with the family and remember. As a veteran myself, I hold this day dear to my heart. My fellow Americans, we must stand up for our beliefs and stand strong against a wicked world. We must have the courage to fight back against the terrorists and false prophets and protect our rights and freedoms! That, my friends, is why I have crusaded against Damien Murrow and his corrupt plutocracy on Showdown. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed on their own merit, to make sure everyone gets a shot at greatness. That’s the great thing about America. No matter where you start from, you always have the chance to make your life better. I grew up a poor country boy, now my family and I live a life I never could have dreamed of! It wasn’t easy, and nothing worthwhile ever is, but I kept at it. Now I lost to Chris Elite last week. Sonofabitch had his boyfriend-slash-bodyguard -- whatever the fuck -- distract the ref while he hit me with a low blow. Sometimes the deck is stacked against you, as it was last Saturday. But, my fellow Americans, we must keep fighting. We must not give up! I sure as hell ain’t gonna take my ball and go home, I’m still here and I’m gonna take on all comers and kick some ass until I am the Answers World Champion!
Saturday, May 27th is the day that The Cody Campaign Train gets back on track. A day that will be remembered long after I breathe my last breath. Oh it’s true! My one chance to right all the wrongs I have endured over the last three months. Saturday night in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Nico Borg is gonna stare across the ring at me and come to the chilling realization that his arms are just too short to box with God. I don’t care what kind of hokey shit he pulls with his choir of hooded figures, Nico Borg will not be the one going to Cash in the Vault come Pain for Pride! Nico is a talented athlete, no doubt. He’s quick, he’s fast, he does all this flippy shit that I’d probably break my neck attempting. That may be enough to beat most people. But I ain’t most people. I’m the face of America! I’m the one the fans pay to see. I am the last American Hero. I attack my prey like an American Bald Eagle, and I don’t stop until the job is done. Things didn’t go as planned last week, but I ain’t stopping. Murrow had kept me out of action for a month, last week was my chance to work off the ring rust, and now I’m ready to get back to my winning ways. The capacity crowd in the Webster Bank Arena and the millions watching at home will all witness Nico Borg’s crucifixion on Saturday Night Showdown! I’m gonna give him the fight of my life, Lars Grier can try whatever shenanigans he wants to but he ain’t gonna stop me! Nobody can stop me, because I am The Patriot and I will not let my whole country down on Memorial Day weekend, God bless America!
Maybe Nico has a problem with that last line. Sure seemed like it. Listen here, Nico, Jesus was born in the Middle East, but that doesn’t mean he would support the atrocities that modern-day Islamic extremists are perpetrating upon the western world! It also doesn’t mean he would be like you and support a church run by some dude in a robe sitting in his palace in Rome! You’re a man of God, as am I, you would know that the Romans were the ones who killed Jesus. You would also know that the modern Roman Catholic Church is overflowing, and I mean abso-fucking-lutely packed, with pedophiles in disguise preying on young boys! I’m a proud Baptist, ordained pastor, I’m not wearing a dress and diddling little children like your Catholic Priests, I damn sure ain’t no Catholic Priest and I damn sure don’t want decisions being made for good American Christians by some dude wearing a dress taking it up the Hershey Highway in Vatican City! It’s a free country, and we’re free to do what we want right here in the USA! That’s why, Nico, that’s why you’re allowed to spew your bullshit on live TV, because of our troops who fought and died for our rights! And I don’t agree with what you say, but I’ll damn sure defend to the death your right to say it. Because that’s just how America works. That’s what makes us the greatest country in the world.
Say it with me, people. Scream it loud and proud! USA! USA! USA! Chant it loud Saturday night, not just for me, but for the millions who have laid down their lives to make the world a better place! For the troops! Chant it at the top of your lungs and don’t stop! Fill the arena with “USA! USA!”, scream it so loud they can hear it in Beijing! Yell it from the rooftops! USA! Say it loud and proud because when we stand together we are unstoppable! Some people say America is going to be great again. I say greatness never left! What happened is that dogshit like Nico Borg came in and ruined it for everyone. But no more. Nico Borg is going to get his ass kicked Saturday night, and he will be left off the Pain for Pride card, and I will be there front and center at the MetLife Stadium unhooking that Cash in the Vault briefcase with the whole damn world watching, chanting “USA! USA! USA!” and Damien Murrow looking on with a look of utter horror on his face as he realizes he finally bit off more than he could chew, that he fucked with the wrong motherfucker this time! Ain’t no stoppin me now. I’m headed to the top. I’m shooting for the Heavens and even if I miss I’ll land on the moon… which that delusional motherfucker Nico Borg probably thinks was faked! I bet some people out there think I’m full of shit too. But mark my words, this is as real as it gets.
Not only will I be a World Champion, I will rid EAW of the corrupt despot that is Damien Murrow. Oh, you don’t think I can? Well let me give you a little history lesson. In 1775, thirteen small colonies of the British Empire were sick and tired of being trampled on. So they told King George to go fuck himself, and they fought those Brits into submission. Now those thirteen small colonies have grown into the greatest nation in the history of planet earth, the United States of America! Did the revolutionaries let the fact that they’d never been in a war of such magnitude stop them? No! The scrappy young upstarts went into battle, many of them for the first time in their lives, and they kicked Great Britain’s ass! The deck was stacked against them, but they fought and they scratched and they clawed until they had accomplished what they set out to do. One day the world will look back on The Cody Campaign and see the exact same thing. I braved weeks and weeks of Murrow’s punishments, I didn’t quit, I am still here and I’m still an impact player! I am still your next World Champion. You better believe it! I am still the face of America, I’m still the same American Hero who took down the so-called “unbeatable” Ryan Marx in the sold out Madison Square Garden! And I am ready to shock the world. I’m ready to make things happen.
I’m headed for the gold. I’m going to beat Nico Borg, win the Cash in the Vault match, and cash in to become World Champion. Watch out, Lannister! Your Nazi reign of terror is soon to be over! The Answers World Championship will be back in the hands of a real American, where it belongs! And I will be the greatest fighting champion of all time. I will take on all challengers and beat every last one of them! I’ll take the title across brand borders and show everyone why Showdown is the best brand there is, was, and ever will be! Damien Murrow and all his supporters will be forced to eat the words, when I show them what a real champion looks, talks, acts, and fights like! You think you’re better than me? Nico? Anybody? Anyone on the Showdown roster? Dynasty? Voltage? The motherfucking circus? Anyone? You think you can put me down? I’ve beaten the unbeatable, I have squashed legends of wrestling in mere minutes, when I’m on my A-game there’s nobody better. And on my A-game I am, and I will be Saturday night, and Nico Borg’s gonna get his ass kicked and I’m gonna take my one-way ticket to superstardom! There’s no way, and I mean no way, that I’m gonna let some little island boy take what’s mine. No chance in Hell.
I’m gonna tell you exactly what’s gonna happen. On Memorial Day weekend, this Saturday Night Showdown, I’m gonna show Nico Borg what true American grit means. I know, Nico, you’re not from here, so you may not know the power. But you’ll learn. Oh boy will you learn. Fact is, I’m about to lay an ass-whooping on Nico Borg. Three hundred pounds of ex-Marine American strength is gonna come crashing down on you, Nico. Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue. I know it’s gonna hurt inside, but I gotta take a stand. There’s no time to hide. Because when you insult this country, Nico Borg, you hurt my friends and you hurt my pride. I’ve gotta be a man, I can’t let it slide. I am the last American Hero, and I fight for each and every one of you, I fight for what’s right, and I say the things you all want to say when society, the media, or your asshole boss forces you to keep your mouth shut! I pull no punches, I speak the truth, I kick ass in the ring and I’m about to take it to a whole ‘nother level on Showdown. And you’re all invited to the pre-party, tailgating in the parking lot, free beers on me! And you’re all invited to the afterparty! Even Nico Borg… that is, if he makes it out of the arena on his own power.
Thank you all and Happy Memorial Day!
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The scene opens up to an abandoned malt factory, known as The Underground. Its floor, littered with broken bottles of lager, dirt and dust. The walls 'decorated’ with dull colored spray paint, though, the designs are barely visible due to the harsh, dark lighting. The sound of heavy combat boots can be heard treading on the cold metal floor, and from the shadows emerges Harvey Yorke, the latest Voltage signee. He stands stoically under a crack of light coming from a hole in the floor above the lobby.

And so, the day arrives. Soon, very soon, I will make my grand debut at Voltage. Though, there won’t be much to look forward to for everyone besides myself. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Harvey Yorke, the Devil of Ultraviolence. We’ll get to why that name exists quite soon, but let’s focus on the task at hand. This Sunday, I arrive in the ‘land of elite.’ Now, for your sake, it’s best that you don’t know a damn thing about me outside the ring, and brace yourself for what I can do in it. Ever since 2012, I’ve taken the world of wrestling by storm. They say man cannot walk on water, but hey, I was able to survive a fucking explosion and walk out a champion. That, of course, was in a different place at a different time. We’re not there now.

Harvey smirks, which that then turns into a laugh.

I know what you’re thinking. You may say, “Piss off! You’re only twenty years old, you couldn’t have possibly managed to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.” To that, I say, try harder. For far too long, I’ve had the likes of older in-ring veterans look down upon me, only to fall victim to the Devil of Ultraviolence. In this sport, you’ve got people who want to underestimate you, who want to make generalizations. But here’s something you don’t know: what I do to people inside the ring, is not for the faint of heart. Generalize me all you want, but at the end of the day, I am nothing but an unpredictable force to be reckoned with. Just when you think you have the upper hand on me, I’ll claw your eyes out so bad, you’ll be begging for some sort of sympathy. But alas, devils do not give out sympathy, in fact, I know of no such thing.

Recall that nickname I alluded to a few minutes back, the ‘Devil of Ultraviolence?’ I didn’t just chose the nickname just to be some sort of king of the edgelords. Nor did I make it up to make myself more intimidating. No, they call me the Devil of Ultraviolence because of what I have done to people. ‘Devil,’ because there’s no such thing as goodness within me - I gave up that shtick a long fucking time ago. And here’s a newsflash for you: we are all monsters. We all have a Hell in which we retreat to, be it a temporary stay, or a permanent dwelling, just like I’ve made it for myself. And what does Ultraviolence mean to me? Simply put, it’s a way of life. A power that supersedes all man-made powers, like pride, bravery, courageousness. Ultraviolence is much more. It is a combination of the world’s deadliest sins, and with it, I am unstoppable. Soon, I shall teach the world what Ultraviolence means to me, and why it’s important that you take notice of my abilities sooner rather than later. You wouldn’t want to end up like the men I’ve faced in Britain. And after this Sunday, no one would want to end up like Ahren Fournier.

There is a slight pause. At the same time, a few lights begin to turn on, though they flicker due to old electrical system in the factory. Harvey laughs again, but is quickly cut short as he’s on the offensive once more.

Now, men like Ahren Fournier, they’ll never understand. Hell, it’s not even worth trying to convince this man to step into the light, to the power of the ol’ Ultraviolence. You see Ahren, there’s not much for me to really “prove” here in EAW. For I was chosen to do to you what I did back in my years in Britain and Europe. I was banished by my old country. See, what I did to people down there will not be the same as what I’ll do to you, Ahren. No, this is what people call the big leagues. What I did back then, I’ll be doing at a much larger scale, to the biggest joke in Elite Answers Wrestling. Winning my debut match against the ‘Trill Fairy’ seems easy enough, but I’d much rather showcase what I’m truly capable of to the world before I do so. Through brute force, you will fall to the Devil himself. And hey, I’m getting paid a good amount of cash just to win, so I better make it worth my while. I’m afraid you won’t call yourself the most sexiest man alive after our match, because I’ll leave your body so unrecognizable, people won’t be able to tell you apart from all the deformed miscarriages at the local hospital. Hell, why even bother taking a fool like yourself so seriously? You’ll be no different from all the other cocky pricks I’ve had the duty of beating senseless - you’ll end up in a bodybag come this Sunday. You’re the Hardcore Champion? Great. I, however, don’t need a championship to prove how ‘hardcore’ I truly am. For years, I’ve thrown caution to the wind and put my body on the line, and I must say, it has paid off well. Here I stand, in America. And now, I have the pleasure to debut in a company that was built off the hardcore side of wrestling, the same side I have exposed for the world to see for nearly half a decade.

Harvey paces towards a rusted countertop, the camera follows as he walks.

Ahren Fournier is a delusional man. I would say that I pity him for that, but I don’t. He calls himself the measuring stick of EAW. Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Good to know that it’s not a measuring stick for your dick otherwise there wouldn't be much to compare to. Yeah, I’ve got jokes too. But none of them will ever compare to the living, breathing joke known as...oh what did he call himself again? ‘Big Dick Fournier?’ I think you fail to realize that I am not here for the popularity, Mr. Fournier. I am here for glory. I am here to steal away any and all accolades all for myself. You can call me a rookie all you want, Ahren, but you’re only underestimating me, and that, is yet another fatal flaw that will lead you to your demise come Sunday. That squared circle is mine for the taken, make no mistake about it. I know how to take advantage of my surroundings, it’s what makes me unpredictable. See, you can study my moves all you want, but you can never predict how or when I’ll hit them. Think you can out pace me? It’ll only make you grow tired, and by then, I’ll be taking my time to dismember you, limb by fucking limb. But do not fret, both are common mistakes previous opponents have made when facing the Devil of Ultraviolence. I exceed generalizations because a man of my caliber cannot be tamed. I cannot be bound by labels, names, and the like. I almost feel sorry for those who will be in attendance in Orlando this Sunday. They do allow live murder on television, right?

The countertop holds what is most beloved to Harvey: his Yorkshire lager. He takes a bottle, and twists the cap off with his bare teeth.

You wouldn’t know what this company would do without you? Well, first of all, without Ahren Fournier, the Hardcore title would actually hold some sort of prestige. Without Ahren Fournier, the ratings for Voltage would increase by a bloody good amount. Hell, I would be keen on taking your place, because an ignoramus such as yourself has no role in the ‘land of elite.’ You wouldn’t know what this company would do without you? I’ll give you a preview of what it’s like, lad. After our match, you will fall victim to the Devil, and you shall fade into a hideous irrelevancy, knowing that you couldn’t get the job done against a so called ‘rookie.’

He takes a long gulp of alcohol before continuing.

You are right about one thing, now that I think about it. You said I do not belong in this era. In an era where clowns such as yourself are champions, where intelligent men like Ryan Marx are pushed aside in a match that ultimately means nothing. That’s not the era I belong in. Not one bit. No worries though, soon, we will see the turn of this rancid era when I take over with my many talents. And after this week’s edition of Voltage, we shall all bear witness to the Era of Yorke.

I sense that you are far too scared to come down from your ‘trill’ ivory tower. You may carry the title of Hardcore Champion, but after our first encounter, you’ll only be carrying the dead weight of who you once were. For after you meet the Devil of Ultraviolence, you will no longer be the same. I am not a man, I am not a monster. But I am made of filth; what lies within me is purely sin and destruction. You think you can beat me senseless, yeah? Stick in a few jabs here and there and then cut my forehead wide open? Been there, done that. After this Sunday, you, along with everyone else in EAW will recognize that I truly am a demon. We are all made with a heart full of darkness, but I am here to free you from society’s crutches.

I shall expose the darker side of humanity. Next, I will let the darkness consume mankind whole. Then, and only then, will the power of Ultraviolence be able to seep through and infest everyone with its wickedness. Am I getting ahead of myself? No. I am only preparing for the worst that is yet to come. And if you accept me as your shepherd, Ahren, your fate will be far less humiliating.

Harvey downs the rest of the bottle, then smashes the bottle against the rusted metal floor. He treads off-screen, the sound of broken glass sliding about on the ground echoes throughout the lobby. The lights finally flicker one last time before shutting off completely with a buzz. Cut to static. Fade to black.

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Eight years have past, but you do not change.

Time has lost it's effect on you.

Yet, your suffering continues.

RoViper's grasp chokes La Secta Apocalyptica's past present, and future.

Hope is lost.

Got to get back... back to Pain for Pride II.

... I'm going to set aside the events that abruptly occurred last week. I'm fueled by anger, hatred, and ambition. I've spent a majority of my career "proving myself" to everyone, but I quickly grew tired of that philosophy. I cemented my legacy, proved my worth, and yet I still wield the sword that battles the last doubter; Robbie V. I considered him my greatest friend, ally, and partner, but apparently I'm naive for finally finding a resting point in my life. I've done everything I've possibly could have dreamed. Could I pursue another World Championship? Sure, with ease, but that doesn't change what the future holds in store for me. That's peace. I want the true inner peace and tranquillity. But to obtain that, I need to trail down an old path one more time. This time it's a little bit different opposed to my previous path. I have to once again prove myself to a whole sum of two people within this sick sadistic world. I have to prove myself to a man who's opinion I valued ever so graciously, Robbie V. And I have to most importantly prove to myself --- that I'm fully capable of defeating that same man. I can truthfully admit that I lived my life in a loop, breaking out of his shadow, but somehow always finding myself back behind the barrier he set for me. That name will always follow me everywhere I go, but I do not care anymore. I've accepted the legend that has become RoViper. We're the greatest team to ever unite in this company, period. We've fought valiantly against those who wanted rid us from the wrestling world. I don't think a single soul even expected a second reign to arise for us. We've defied odds, we've broke the mold, and we've set the standard on how to be a successful tag team. I'm proud for all of those precious feats, but what are they worth in the end? We've done this, we've done that, and yet here we are today. We're now at each other's throats, because of a mere disagreement. I don't regret what I said, what I did, but I will make you eat your words, Robbie.

Those words will turn into one tough pill to swallow, almost identical to the one Kevin Devastation and Dark Emperor had to gulp down. I couldn't think of two different names that have fallen quite hard. People may call me obsessed, but have they taken a gander at those two hideous excuses for wrestlers? I can't imagine how thrilled they were to learn who they were wrestling against. Come to think of it, I don't think we ever had a proper rematch since Pain for Pride II. It left off with bitterness from the defeated and that bitterness turned into obsession, hatred even. You two are nothing without that Pain for Pride match. You think I'm wrong? What are you remembered for the most? And don't mention the numerous fraudulent World Championships held by Dark Emperor, or your pathetic attempts at being World Champion, Kevin. You're remembered for Pain for Pride II... and to sum it up, you're remembered for being an absolute failure. You went on a sudden decline over the years, with return after return. You've made your nonstop appearances almost meaningless. I'm not going to lie, I once had an ounce of respect for you solely, Kevin. I once saw a man who was a formidable foe, but that has drastically changed as time passes us by. You're not half the man you used to be. And you know what? I'm ten times the man I used to be. I've become superior to you and your opponent in every which way possible. I've never had to stoop to your level to generate any form of success. I earned it. I pushed my body over the limit and beyond. But you? You let your spirit, mind, and body wither away like your notoriety in the wrestling business. But are you willing to accept how meaningless you are in EAW? Are you ready to finally eat the bullet? Your presence here is no longer required. I almost pity you for having to repeat history for a second time. It must be mentally exhausting to wrap your mind around the acceptance of defeat. You must really struggle with the saying "stay down", don't you? The door has been kindly opened for you multiple times, but you refuse to take that exit. You just want to die, don't you? You want to leave it all inside of the ring, until there's nothing left to give. I can respect that, but you will definitely beg for a swift end.
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Post Yesterday at 1:12 pm by RoViper

I’m not a religious man, but I do believe we all get what we deserve in the end.

All of the years you devoted your life to this one match.

Now you’ve got it.

But that’s not what you deserve.

You deserve what you got on Showdown.

I never wanted to be the one to have to do it, but if this is what you desire the most, then so be it. I’ll be the one to break you from these chains. At least take solace in the fact that you’re not the only delusional man lingering around here. Far from it. This company is filled to the brim with guys that don’t understand what they want. Their desires are insatiable. The moment they step into this World, they’re already hollowed out - looking to fill themselves with gold, because they think that’s all they need to be somebody. They think if they can just be a Champion, then everything will be okay. That they’ll have found their place in this World. They devote themselves to that, and while many fail, there are those that succeed. They get their gold, but it’s not enough. They need more gold. They need more prestigious gold - World Championship gold. So they all keep fighting and fighting, and even more get weeded out. Only a select few manage to capture it, and they become World Champions. Yet, it’s still just not enough. They need to reign for a long time, or perhaps they need to hold multiple World Championships. Even less survive, and the one or two that make it that far find themselves still empty. So where do they go? They seek that one thing that can make them whole. Maybe they want to be in the Hall of Fame, or maybe they want to create an alliance to dominate this company. Maybe they seek that one person that, just one match with, can make everything better. That one person that beating can make it feel like this endless odyssey of theirs has been worth it.

As much as it breaks my heart to say it, you are not special in that regard. You’re one of many.

And Kevin Devastation and The Dark Emperor are absolutely no different. They share the same insatiable hunger - one that’s left them ragged and starved to their very bones as they’ve lied in wait just for a moment like this. All their meager successes built an empire upon a fragile foundation that came to life at Pain For Pride eight years ago. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. This has been their way for a long, long time. They’ve never been men of logic. They’re two beasts that thrive off of not what they’ve yet to accomplish, but what they HAVE accomplished. They relish their minor successes and blissfully ignore their major downfalls. They are the equivalent to a child covering their ears in an attempt to refuse to hear whatever someone has to say to them, regardless of right or wrong. Once more, I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t ask for Brian, and I didn’t ask for these two either, but I will take them. I will grant them their dying wish. I’m bound to this fate, and all I can do is accept it. Yet, I will just as well reject it. I’ll give you what you desire so badly, but I’m afraid these wishes are no more than a monkey’s paw. They come at a price for such selfishness. You will get Robbie V. You will get RoViper. And you will have come this far in life, only to relive your greatest failure.

It’s a saying as old as time itself - those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

You’ve never been bothered to learn from those times where you were less than, isn’t that right, Kevin? You’ve always been a man that’s about what he is, and not what he isn’t. You’ve spent your entire life embellishing your successes to the point where the only audience you’ve got left to hear any of it is your own partner. Did it ever occur to you where you go from here? Is there an afterlife to your career when the smoke has cleared on Showdown and this is all said and done? Do you truly believe in your heart of hearts that you and he have what it takes to make right what you believed was wronged so long ago? Do you? No, I’m afraid you don’t, because the only way to thrive is to evolve. The only way to succeed is to learn and change what makes you a failure, but you’ve never been like that. You are you, through and through. The bitter pill you’ve got to swallow here is that you have, in all your years within this industry, been the same Kevin Devastation. On Showdown, we’re not fighting a battle we’re destined to do forever. Brian and I are laying two lost souls to rest, and keeping them buried six feet beneath the Earth. If that boils your blood, then so be it. If you want to rage against the dying of the life, then do so. I welcome your struggle. There’s not going to be an entire World on the edge of their seat to see if you two come out on top like there was all those years ago. There’s not going to be a moment where you get the last laugh. You’re going to be put out of my misery, and I’ll move on to whatever else Murrow throws at me, and I’ll survive. I’ll keep surviving, because I have to. I’ll do it to grant the most delusional wish of them all. Enjoy every single second of this while you can - soak it up as you always do. There is nothing wrong with indulging yourself, no matter how ignorant and foolish it may be. You’ve got a moment to shine, for one last time, so cherish it. Our future will not be the moment when La Secta Apocalyptica gets their redemption. Our future will be leaving the two of you in the past, where you belong.

After all, you two came from darkness, didn’t you?

You should feel at home then, when the spotlight leaves you for the last time.

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Post Yesterday at 10:40 am by Nico Borġ (Online)

Nico Borġ: Denied. Denied my august moment at Grand Rampage by the pilfering hands of the harlot. Jubilant expectation sinking to anguish within an instant as my prize, my God given right was stolen right from out of my hands. In bitter spite of my critics, I proved myself at Grand Rampage. Only the ignorant or the arrogant would profess that I did not have Lannister vanquished. Only the blind could not see that Lannister retains his crown not merely by the skin of his teeth, but by the unjust meddling of the harlot Vendetta. The most aggrieving thing in all this is the rawness of silence. Lannister reduces his greatest challenge for the Answers World Championship down to a mere footnote. This, the man who matched him on equal terms and suffered only to the light-fingered guilt of corruption. Yet, who cried injustice? Whom among the masses stood in the corner of the persecuted?
Chorus: Pity this noble man, inferior to none. Yet by the indignity of others left crying out to naught but echo, and echo alone crying back at him.
Nico Borġ: No. The time for pity and sorrow has past us, for time waits for no man nor what is right.
Chorus: But time will see all things come to right in the end.
Nico Borġ: Exactly. It is only a matter of time. For in my spell of abeyance I fasted and prayed for some meaning to all this, for some sign from theavens. And that is just what I received. The Sun split the sky in broad rays of sunbeam. A crucifix of light, haloed by empyrean fire. And as night would drive down the Sun, so too would angelic messengers descend on my abode of rest. “Take heart” they said. “For as Christ had died, Christ is yet risen; and though the sky is dark now the Sun will rise again”. Then they recited “in hoc signo vinces” - in this sign, conquer. I am to use the sign with which I have been blessed as a reminder  that I have fallen, but not from grace. I shall be returned to where I belong, and vengeance will just as surely be revisited upon my enemies. As for Lannister and what happened?The bite of the horsefly may burn and pierce the skin, but that fact does not lower man below insects. By whatever debased means, Lannister may have won the battle but he has not vanquished me yet.  The war has only just begun my friends. If Grand Rampage proved not to be the promised land, at least the campaign continues on towards a new destination in my most righteous pursuit of the Holy Grail.
Chorus: Pain For Pride.
Nico Borġ: More specifically, the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match. That is correct, I am but one singular match from earning my chance to put myself back into the equation. But first, I face a man who has been on a campaign of his own. That is, the so-called reverend, Cody Marshall. Both men of faith. Both sorely hard done by as victims of this promotion’s most sickening corruption. But this is where the similarities must end. You see Cody, the lengths to which Murrow has been prepared to go to keep you down have not been lost on me. He has had mixed results, somewhat to your credit. Yet, he really has outdone himself this time. I know what I am to you, Cody. I am everything that shallow heart despises. Foreign. Strange. A threat to your traditions. A threat...that you would be right to fear. Because whatever our debatable likeness in piety, we are only similar enough that the plenteous differences must be all the more harshly avowed. If Chris Elite and his non-athlete chaperone were all that it took to deny you last week, then I do not know what to tell you. You are on precarious ground right now because I in my righteous indignation can be far less forgiving of mistakes than Chris. Especially now. Recent events have emboldened me somewhat. I have tried hard in the past to remain fair and just. I won the Gold Mine tournament even as reviled others like Chris Elite bent the rules in their favor. I challenged Lannister with nothing but honest intentions. Even my most unpopular capture of the National Elite Championship was only my honest right as holder of the 24/7 contract. But I have learned something from Grand Rampage. The powers that be have no interest in upholding the laws of the land except when it may serve themselves. It is retained only for the wicked to arm themselves against the righteous.
Chorus: The Law of Man is a Law of Bastardy. What does the Lord expect of us? Sufferance in silence?
Nico Borġ: I have already answered. Conquest. We are called not to bring peace, but the sword. This is not fair competition and sportsmanship. This is war. Plain and simple. Only by just war does the persecution of the meek and the reign of evil come to an end. So that is it, then. No treaties. No Armistice. No abiding by any malformed truces. Just total war and victory over the heathen at any cost. Unfortunately for you, Cody Marshall, you have been put in my way. A sacrificial Jericho that must come tumbling down, brick by brick, before I make my way to the promised land. And honestly, I am not going to lose any sleep over whatever it is I am going to have to do to you, Cody. You are just as arrogant and simple-minded as the rest. Remember, God is not an American, but Christ was born in the Middle East. Time will reduce all the nations to dust and all the lines we draw in the sand are just to be blown away by the wind. All the faithful united. One people. One Kingdom of Heaven. One Empire. But of course you should already know that, Reverend. In any case, know that I tire of preaching the finer points of theology to the indignantly deafened. Know that Nico Borġ vows not only to speak the word, but to act on it. Who knows? Maybe your American cult really is built around a kernel of the true faith. Whatever the case, what must be shall be. Just acquiesce in the knowledge after all is said and done, The Lord will recognise his own. The Righteous will stand at the end times. Battered. Bruised. Bleeding. But he shall prevail.
Chorus: Invictus
Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.
Chorus: En Nico, Níka.

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Showdown Promo No. 3: The Evolution of Breadsticks to Crazy Bread

Aren't you a mouth full of contradictions, 'I respect what you've done, but luck played a part in it.', 'I don't want handouts, but I'll take what should be handed to me.' Listen to yourself Chris.  You're making excuses before you even step in the ring.  I'm not the underdog here? I'M not the underdog? Going against an 8 year veteran with proper training after two years of being dicked around with bulldogs and being Heart Break Boy lite, you're somehow the one at a disadvantage here?  

   I'll tell you a not-so-secret fact Chris; the locker room doesn't like me either.  Nobody likes their conscience.  Nobody likes anybody who gets ahead of them in line, but you're right.  In their eyes it is up to me to drag something noble and sportsmanlike out of you.  I don't know that I can.  While I disagree on your self-depreciating sentiment of never being a 'good guy', you've most definitely always been a bit of a braggadocios showoff.  That never bothered me.  That at least meant you had confidence in your ability to win a match with your own God given athleticism and your well trained ability.  I envied that guy, Chris.  I envied the guy who could take a bump in the road and keep going.  I'm not that guy.  I reel and pine and go emo over every major loss.  I let the pain and hatred get to me, I let my animalistic survival mode kick in and guide my hand when I'm backed up against the wall.  What's worse is that when I come out of that state and put the pizza slicer down I rarely have any guilt about my actions.  Men have disappeared from this industry because of my actions, Chris.  Don't preach to me about 'the dark side of the force',  You're a caricature of evil.  Some sneering gap toothed, big headed, unibrow having,comic book villain who doesn't make it past one issue.    There's no motive to your action other than being a thug.  There's no inventiveness to your evil deeds, you just...you know...rob banks.  I'm more like the people who really rob banks.  I have motive, I'm wearing my work clothes to the crime scene, and I'm just trying to get by.  This isn't some cry for attention.  My evil is carnal and out of necessity.  You? You don't know evil.  You know buzz words and twirling mustaches.  You know selfish acts and whining.  You yourself admit that this is a cry for attention.  That's not what evil does.

   There's good in you Elite.  Despite your near-decade long career there's still a lot of immaturity in you.  You're just another angry young man trying to figure out who he is.  You turn to infamy, money, and women as the answer, but in truth all three of those excesses can chop you down in your prime.  Have you maybe considered that you're in this game for all the wrong reasons?  It's never been about respect for you.  Let's quit pretending that you've ever cared about anyone's opinion of you other than your own.  What truly matters to you is winning.  Not learning, not earning, not mastering the sport that you've devoted the best years of your life to, but winning.  If there were any other truth you'd be hitting up the gym for more than glamour muscles.  You'd be heading to a dojo instead of staying in and ordering takeout.  You'd be improving yourself as a wrestler instead of remaining the same complacent Chris Elite with a chip on his shoulder.  You haven't changed Chris.  The chip hasn't gotten bigger, you just choose to let it get to you and weigh you down on one side.  Why else would you turn to a contradictory nature of chosen desperation?

  I'm getting all metaphor and word salad on you, so I'll summarize: You don't need to cheat to get ahead.  You need to become a better in-ring performer.  You need to let a loss irk through that wall of ego you've built up around yourself and affect you.  Evolve Chris.  This 'New' you is devolution.  It's pandering and below your potential.  You're not evil, or desperate, or incapable of being something more, and yet somehow within the span of two years I've surpassed you because I'm open to being a better in-ring performer.  I'm willing to choose skill over those early days of desperation and evil.  HBB gave me that choice.  He didn't reinforce it, and he didn't make me anything other than a little version of him, but he opened the avenue of options for me to be more than the fluke sideshow.  All it took was for one man to truly see a champion under the black eyes and busted lips.  I'll be that man for you Chris.  I'll be the one who makes you see who you really are.  I'll make you fight me clean.  I'll show you that you have the potential to surpass me if you're really forced into a corner and have no other last resort besides resourcefulness.  This is your baptism by fire Chris, your true make or break moment, and I'm holding you under until you grow gills. 

Three Weeks Earlier...

Back in the warehouse, Pizza Boy apprehensively approaches Rhea, who extends a welcoming hand and an even more inviting smile.  PB outstretches his hand, only for Rhea to press two fingers on the inside of his wrist and take him to the ground easily with a nerve hold.  PB pulls his arms away and crawls backwards away from the petite joshi's line of reach and scrambles to his feet.

PB: What the hell!?!

Rhea Dire Wolf: Technique trumps size and strength.  Knowledge overtakes brawn.  All it took was two fingers to put you on your back Mr. Andrew.

Pizza Boy's face goes through an array of conflicted emotions as his new sensei stands a safe distance away with her hands behind her back and a once innocent smile that PB no longer trusts as such.

PB: Uh, please, call me Andy.

Fertility Lynch: Call him Pizza Boy.

PB: She can call me by my first name if she wants.

Fertility Lynch: No.  Once a child names a puppy it's harder for it to put it down.

PB: What's wrong with you? Seriously, what happened in your life to make you this way?

Lynch ponders this for less than a second before giving a bored shrug of the shoulders.  Pizza Boy approaches Rhea hesitantly while clasping his wrist in some futile attempt to alleviate the nerve pain and block further out of left field submissions.

PB: Can you teach me how to do that?

Rhea Dire Wolf: I can teach you a lot of things Mr. Boy.

Fertility Lynch: Pizza..

Rhea Dire Wolf: Mr. Pizza

Fertility Lynch: Just..Pizza Boy.

PB: But I like Mr. Pizza.

Fertility Lynch: No.

Rhea Dire Wolf:  I like Mr. Pizza too.  

Fertility Lynch: Call him Pizza or Boy, or both.  No mister.  He's your young boy after all.

Rhea Dire Wolf: Ah.  Very true.  

PB: Wait, I'm a what?

Rhea Dire Wolf: A young boy, a noob, an apprentice, a pledgeling in the fraternity of professional wrestling.

PB: I'm a former world champion.  I'm a two-time National Champion.

Fertility Lynch: And you did all of that without knowing how to lock in a proper submission, take a bump without killing yourself, or know how to throw much else but stunners and bulldogs.

PB: Wait...there are ways to fall without pain?

Rhea Dire Wolf: No, but there are ways of tumbling to reduce impact on your body.  You'll still feel pain, but you know...less.

PB: Why the hell didn't Tony teach me these things?

Fertility Lynch: Uh...because Tony's a joke who wants to make everyone a bigger joke than he is?


Fertility Lynch:...


PB remains frozen in place with his finger in the air and a frozen expression of a man about to sneeze on his face.  Lynch smirks morbidly as Rhea looks down at the ground awkwardly.  Suddenly PB's muscles begin to melt.  His arm falls to his side, his contorted face softens, and his neck gives way to the weight of his head.

PB: You're right.

Rhea: It's not all that bad.

Fertility Lynch: It is.

PB: She's right.

Rhea: You have potential to be better if you let me teach you.

Lynch lifts her eyebrows matter-of-factly and continues smirking at PB.

PB: Stop smiling.

Fertility Lynch: Am I smiling?

Rhea: Guys! 

PB: Yes! As much as your resting bitch face will allow anyway!

Rhea: WHOA! Adult words! Calm down!

Fertility Lynch: I can't imagine why I'd be smiling.  

PB: Stop looking at me like that!

Rhea: Stop...

Fertility Lynch: Can't help it.  You must've reminded me of a funny joke.  That's it...

PB: I'll show you a funny joke!

PB charges the fiery redhead, only for her to stick one of her long arms out and hold him back by planting her palm on his forehead. Rhea tries to wedge in between them.

Rhea Dire Wolf: STOOOOOOOP!

PB and Lynch look to one another, and then down at Rhea, who is now sitting cross legged on the ground sobbing.  PB hunches down next to her.  Lynch coldly starts making her way toward the door.

PB: What's wrong?


PB: I'm sorry.  I-I didn't mean to...

Rhea Dire Wolf: I don't need this! I don't need your pity! You're my bitch!

PB: W-what?

Rhea starts to rise to her feet.  Standing straight up, she glowers down at the hunched over PB.  Pizza Boy finds himself surprisingly threatened by the barely five foot, ninety some odd pound 18 year old breathing down his neck.

Rhea Dire Wolf: You're going to be my young boy, which means doing everything I say!  If I say scrub these floors with a toothbrush,you'll do it.  If I tell you to jump, you'll ask how high in metric centimeters.  

Lynch stops at the door and turns back.  The sight of PB cowering on his knees in front of this pipsqueak brings a smile to her face once more.  She leans against the door and crosses her arms, admiring her handy work. 

Fertility Lynch: Tell'em whose boss!

Rhea Dire Wolf: If I say pay for my meal and give me a foot massage you'll do it!

Fertility Lynch: Hell yeah!

Rhea Dire Wolf: If I say open the door for me, then you'll do it!

Fertility Lynch: Yeheheah...Wait...

PB: Are...are you asking me on a date?

Rhea Dire Wolf: QUIET! If I get a haircut, you will acknowledge it!

PB: This is getting weird...

Fertility Lynch: Rhea...Rhea no.  I mean, I know this is your first time since the age of 7 outside of a factory or dojo filled with women but this...this ain't a man sweetie.

PB: Hey! Now wait just one second!

PB suddenly grows a backbone and stands upright, towering over Rhea as she goes from awkward screaming wannabe girlfriend to cherub faced victim before PB even locks his knees.

PB: I didn't sign up for this! I'm not going to be some weird boyfriend/slave/wrestling intern! I mean, you're adorable! but I'm not going to be bossed around for the sake of bending my will!  This is America!

Fertility Lynch: Oh here we go...

PB: If I don't want to be trained by some slave driver then I'm not going to be!  I get that you have a lot to offer but I'm not ready for some sort of huge commitment like this.

Fertility Lynch: She only asked you on a date you dork!

PB: I'm not talking about that!

PB puts his hands on Rhea's shoulders as she hangs her head in dejection.

PB: Listen, I do want to get better at this wrestling thing.  I'd love to know how to not die out there every time I step into the ring.  I'd love for it to be easier and more skillful and less concussion-ey, but I've got a lot on my plate heading into Pain for Pride.

Rhea Dire Wolf: I understand.

PB: Besides, you need to get acclimated to America.  You also need to get some of that energy out.  You've been locked away with unresolved energy for what? 11 days? 

Rhea Dire Wolf: Try ten years...

PB: And not to feed in to Lynch's constant berating  of my-

Fertility Lynch: Everything?

PB: Shut up!, but if you find me attractive, maybe you should go outside for a bit and weigh your options.  Again, you're adorable, and I love tormenting Lynch in one of the few-

Fertility Lynch: Only.

PB: Only ways I know how to get to her, but if we're doing this I want it to be totally above board.  I want to come at you with respect instead of awe of how "kawaii" and "chibi" you are.

Rhea looks up with wet eyes, looking more like a Disney woodland creature than ever as she wipes away her tears and puts on a smile.

Rhea Dire Wolf: I'd like that.

Rhea and PB smile, looking into one another's eyes with understanding.  Lynch steps between them, her arms crossed as she glares down at PB.

Fertility Lynch: Oookay, now that you've both gotten over the shock of seeing someone of the opposite sex in your general age ranges for the first time in your miserable little lives, how 'bout we get you out of here kid?


Lynch leads PB away by the arm like a mother pulling along a resistant child.  He turns back to address the beaming Rhea.

PB: I'll be back soon! Ow!

Fertility Lynch: Quit being a baby, I barely pulled your arm.

As the two disappear into the sillouhette of the warehouse door to the outside, Rhea pads back to her box and nestles in for the night, smiling as she watches the two disappear into the blinding daylight of the outside world.

PB: So, back there when you said I was seeing a girl my age for the first time?

Fertility Lynch: Shut up,

PB: You saying you're not a girl?

Fertility Lynch: I'm saying I'm not in your age range....

Fade to black

The End...?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 11:54 pm by Judas Lemuel
We've waited quite a while for your response and honestly it's the same regurgitated shit everyone in EAW has to say against Cage. You bring up his flop as face of the company but the best moment of your tenure as face of the company I recall is the night your reign died at the hands of Lucian Black in dominant fashion, and even then no one was going to believe Scott Oasis is the face of any company let alone EAW because you just aren't built for shit like that. Your the entertainer and Cage is the real performer, the reason why this business still as a shred of legitimacy is because Cage is legitimately capable of beating you within any style, he can beat you pure wrestling style, he can take it to the streets, he can get Extreme if you feel like taking it to that level. He's a legitimate ass kicker and really Scott Oasis no matter what you do Cage will be in your face because you picked this fight and now your bitching and moaning about Cage getting in the way. But one thing I noticed is your excuses, your blaming Cage as for why you aren't going to Pain for Pride? Cage was eliminated from the match by your hand, blame yourself as for why you aren't going to Pain for Pride, blame yourself as to why you didn't get the World Heavyweight Championship match at Burning Desire. You have this intense power and muscle mass yet you have no balls, Target Smiles proved that when he chopped down the aura of Scott Oasis and showed the world that you aren't anything special, didn't even need any help from Cage. Now your pissed off? Do we have something to be concerned about? Like you ripping Cage's head off and beating your chest at the ending of this fight on Dynasty? Because I surely promise you Cage has seen death in the eye and spit in that very eye so there is no way in hell Cage is of any fear of you Scott Oasis. Were on road for a collision with no stops in sight except for the crash when Cage and you meet head to head on Dynasty, but your speaking pure bullshit. Your speaking non sense Oasis, “I don't want to see Cage anymore, I want him gone,” But are you really man enough to take anyone out? 

Are you going to be the one to finally end Cage and make sure that he's never seen in EAW again? Because I don't see it like that, I see you failing where everyone else has and that's once again giving the people, the fans who watch this product of entertainment because we aren't a sport anymore, your giving these people broken promises. Because Cage will still be here because he'll rather die than allow someone like you to be the one to put him out of EAW, acting entitled is another funny joke of yours because you act entitled to Pain for Pride or the World Heavyweight Championship, Cage acts entitled because everything was taken from him. You were bred to be the champion, you were homegrown talent that EAW saw, I mean Jesus Christ look not even here six plus years and your entering the Hall of Fame, I commend you honestly but that goes to show that hard work doesn't matter because you never worked for shit, all you did was workout in the gym and get your physique to the level of being noticed . Did you have to scratch and claw for shit in this business? No. You didn't have to work for shit in EAW, Cage did. He's entitled to own this fucking company because he actually carried it with or without the fucking championship Cage was and still is the heart and soul of this fucking company, fuck your Robbie V's, fuck your Mr. DEDEDE's, when Cage left this place it's because he was fucked up mentally, he lost everything, he lost passion and you should know what it's like to lose passion because it's the exact same thing you lost. The difference between you and Cage is distinct, when Cage says he's going to end a man's career, he actually follows through with his promise, your words are glass, see through Oasis and therefore it goes in one ear and comes out the other because no one expects that. Maybe we should expect the unexpected? I say expect Cage to drop you on your big ugly head, You hate Cage? Should Cage cut himself and listen to my chemical romance because the god known as Scott Oasis hates him? Fuck outta here, we don't care about your hatred. You won't nor can't you do shit about this cancer to your life and your career such as Cage. You don't have the cure, and I commend your tired lame ass tough guy shtick because it is convincing, you are very convincing of your words of hate but really my main question is what are you going to do about it? If Cage is still here next week then are you a liar and did you prove my point? Or if you lose decisively are you a loser like Cage always knew you were and it took Pain for Pride 9 for the entire world to realize it. On Dynasty, Cage will temporarily terminate you from his life and out of his hair, you picked this fight and now you want it to end when the fun was honestly just beginning, but I promise you that if you think Cage costing you the World title match and basically targeting you like a wolf targets his prey when he strikes for you first is a nuisance to your life then you are in no way ready for the violent venom that pours from his veins when he is dead set on making sure your Pain for Pride dreams go up in smoke just like your career has. I warned you, take heed to my words that this is not a war you want to start because this is an unstoppable war machine who when he wants something is the most relentless man in the world, the most dangerous entente walking the earth. I told you to tread lightly, out of all the men standing in that ring at the Grand Rampage you chose Cage, well now Cage has chose you to use as an example for anyone who thinks they can get away with touching Cage and getting the upper hand on Cage without any kind of response. You truly would be a fucking idiot.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 10:57 pm by Scott Oasis (Online)
(We are taken onto the set of an interview where an empty seat is placed in front of the camera. From out of view comes Scott Oasis as he sits down in his seat, looking at the camera for a while, hesitant to speak. He repositions himself in his chair and clears his throat while he musters up a thought.)

So…..I suppose I must address the elephant in the room to get things started this week. Burning Desire last week was something else. That qualifier for the Extreme Enigma memorial match was almost mine. Everything was going exactly as how I had hoped, I made it all of the way to the final two in the match and was going in for the closer….but. I couldn’t follow through. In what many would call a major twist, Target Smiles pulled off the upset. What can I say? He caught me off guard and with a single opening was able to superkick his way to the victory. All of the respect in the world to him, nice win there, congratulations on punching your ticket to Pain For Pride Ten and all of that good stuff - but still. If I were to be blatantly honest, any other night and that would not have happened. No offense to Target at all but that is just a fact. That match wasn’t just him and I. It was him, me, Finnegan Wakefield and Cage. The big name you need to focus on there being Cage. From the very beginning of that match Cage immediately went for me, bringing my attention to him almost every time he was in the ring. He was like a fly, just when I thought I had swatted him away and got rid of him for good he came back around and started buzzing in my ear, annoying me to no end! That was the narrative of the whole match until finally I was able to send him packing, but by then it was too late. I took my mind off Target and came into that final sequence unprepared and flustered. I couldn’t think on my feet or even think straight in general. My head was out of the game and those few moments of taking my eyes off the prize and focusing on my personal issues with Cage had costed me. It costed me a chance for a huge Pain For Pride opportunity, a match which could really add to my resume and support my claim of this being a comeback for me….gone. Taken away from me by Cage, something that has happened for the second time now. I realize now that I can’t avoid this any longer. I need to handle this head on. Cage has been a distraction for me for about a month now and though I have done my best to brush it off, he has made it impossible for me. I can not let this go after what he has done.

The man has been getting in the way of my career goals, his presence in my business is weighing me down! Complain about me in an interview, fine, whatever, but when you start to mess with me becoming a Champion, that is when you piss me off, that is when you need to be rid of from this company. I have wanted to take you on one on one ever since that mistake you made in my match with TLA but for weeks it has fallen on deaf ears with management, culminating with them adding two extra parts to our encounter at Burning Desire, but now, no more. This Friday there is going to be nothing stopping us from shooting the fair one, it is you and I against each other on Dynasty; it is about god damn time, eh? And to make things even better, this is a Cash in The Vault qualifying match up! So once again you will be the thing standing in my way from getting a big break, only this time there will be no surprise attacks, no extra nonsense, I will be able to run through you and get to what I want, that chance to redeem myself, that moment where I can stand on top of the industry once again and shout out to the world that I still am one of the best to ever do it….I can picture it now. The vision wasn’t so clear before but with the idea of Cage no longer breathing down my neck firmly in my mind….it’s as if it’s already on it’s way to happening. Obviously I am looking forward to this. When I was informed of the match card this week the switch immediately turned on for me. This isn’t just any match to me, it’s not even big just because it is for a Cash in The Vault slot, this is something personal to me, this is against a man that I to be blunt, hate with every fiber of my being. I don’t want to see Cage walking the halls anymore. I don’t want him to walk down that ramp and have all of those fans buying into his bogus facade. I do NOT want to see him continue to make a living off of this profession, acting entitled over his past performances when he hasn’t changed or done anything but flop in the past three years since his brief period as failed face of the company. It is sad how this all came to be really. This whole rivalry could have been avoided. There is honestly no point to this. I dumped your ass over the rope at Grand Rampage and spoiled your garbage return and now you’re obsessed with me. You can’t believe that I cut your comeback match so short and want to save face but in your pathetic attempt to look tough to the idiots who still think you can catch pull off another miracle you have done nothing but embarrass yourself. First you get bitter and angry at me for trying to win Grand Rampage, making some one sided feud when I paid you no mind at all, then you sneak up on me -with A BAT might I add, he couldn’t lay me out with his own hands even though he ambushed me- and then when I finally do decide to handle this problem and we share a ring together, I pinned you last week. So not only are you a cowardly fool but it’s already been proven you can’t beat me. What at all makes you credible? Why should I worry about you? This match has all of the makings to be a complete and total wash. A landslide victory.

At the end of the day you are not coming out of this encounter looking good Cage. I am not only talking reputation wise either, hell if I can make sure of it you might not walk out even looking recognizable. I am going to tear you apart. I will make you pay for what you’ve done and I am going to expose you to what little fanbase you have left, killing all hope of you being on the marquee ever again. You aren’t me Cage. You are never coming back. You’re done. You’re a relic. You’re over come tomorrow.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 9:42 pm by Victor Maero (Online)
Two week ago.

A small sound trickled through Maero’s earbuds. A quiet violin began to play in his ear as he eyes the warehouse in front of him. He pulled down his spiked mask to spit into the grass before drawing his scalpels from his pocket. He walked over to one of the yellowed windows and peaks in. Nobody. He slowly moved the window up and crawled inside. Now a cello is added to the soundtrack of the event. Maero looked around at the small room containing nothing but some furniture and a change of cloths. He walked to the door and slowly pushes it open. Outside are two armed guards speaking to each other soundlessly. From their mouths they seemed to be talking about football. Maero smiled under his mask as he silently crept toward them. By the time they had realized he was there their throats were already slashed. Maero put his hands on their mouths as they silently fell to the floor. The music swelled as Maero watched the light fade from their eyes. Maero looked around the large room only to realize he was out in the open. He began to pull the bodies away from the room when a scream caught his attention. He looked up to see another guard raising his weapon. Maero dove to the table beside him with a mess of crates and metal containers on it and kicked it over as a spray of bullets was sent in his direction. He kicked the table farther toward the guard who ceased fire temporarily. Maero peaked out just long enough for the spray to continue. Maero threw a scalpel through the air that managed to find its way to his assailant's arm causing a curse that was censored by Maero’s personal orchestra. As the guard began to pull the blade from his arm Maero vaulted over his table and pushed him onto the ground. He put his other scalpel into the man’s eye, took it out, into the other man’s eye, took it back out and- no. He looked over for just long enough to see a muzzle flash. Metal met air, fresh, air, and then brick. In that order. A silent bullet took its time making its way in between Maero’s eyes. Maero shook his head and took his headphones out. A hallway that he hadn’t seen before. Just another monkey wrench into his plan. He slammed his fist onto the warehouses floor plan and walked around the room. He had been trying to figure this out for months, but to no avail. He picked up the picture of one of the guards he had pinned to the table which held all of his information on the building. He flicked it with his middle finger and leaned against the wall.
“Still can’t get it, hmm?” The Wendigo leaked its way from Maero’s mind in the form of smoke before turning into it’s common form. “Perhaps it’s because you’ve got that little hiccup of avoiding firearms.”
“Are you suggesting I get shot.” Maero’s teeth didn’t separate as he growled at the expansive piece of paper in front of him. He removed a scalpel from his pocket and ran it over the picture in his hand.
“I think you know exactly what I’m suggesting.” The Wendigo replied as it creep toward Maero licking its lips.
“I suppose…” Maero leans on the table and ponders for a moment. “I know just the thing.” Maero chuckles to himself. He plunged his scalpel into the table splitting the picture of the guard’s face completely in half. A twisted grin creeps it’s way onto Maero’s face. “This is going to be good.” Maero chuckled to himself.
Current Day.
“Keelan Centich? I remember him.” Maero says as he walks over the corpse of a guard with a whole in his temple. Maero lowers his phone with a shrug. “He won that Hardcore Invitational thing I think.” Maero puts his headphone back into his ear.
Keelan’s voice flows into his ear as he walks deeper into the warehouse. He leans against a door as he listens to what Keelan has to say. A few minutes go by quickly as he cheerily listens to what Keelan has to say.
“He did win that Hardcore thing. Good times. You know, speaking of ups and downs, that was one of my downs.” Maero turns to the door and kicks it open. Inside is a small fat man sitting at a desk with his ear to a phone. The small room is covered in plastic wrap and soundproofed. The man’s response to Maero kicking his door in is to lift his finger to ask for a moment. “Time for one of my ups.”
“I’m sorry?” The man puts his hand over his phone’s speaker. “Look, I’m on the phone.” The man shakes his head and goes back to his call. Maero pulls his ear buds from his ears and shoves them into his pocket, this was something he needed to hear. Maero calmly walks over to the man’s desk and grabs his phone.
“Sorry, he’s busy right now.” Maero tosses the phone behind him and looks at the small man front of him. “Here’s the deal,” He began.
“What are you-”
“Shhh.” Maero ungracefully rubs his entire hand over the man’s face to tell him to shut up. “Don’t argue. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to tell me exactly what I want to know.”
“And if I don’t?” The man asked with fake courage.
“I will destroy every bone in your body.” Maero said touching the man on the nose and backing away.
“V-very well. What’s first?” The man asked as he fiddles with his hands nervously.
“Samantha Adams. I want to know exactly who did it, why, and who made them do it.”
“Th-that’s all?” The man took a deep breath.
“For now, yes.” Maero didn’t think this guy needed to know he was the only lead.
“Go to hell.” The man pulled a pistol out from under his desk and aimed it at Maero. Maero was on him in seconds aiming a pistol of his own at the man’s head. Maero’s Colt was held to his head and drawing a small amount of blood because of the build in scalpel as a small bayonet. It’s silver color glinted in the small hanging light. The only sound during the standoff is the swinging of the light above them. The man slowly puts down his pistol and raises his hands. Maero steps back and tosses the man’s gun from with him. Maero draws another Colt of the same model, .45, and with the same customizations.
“Now, where were you?” Maero asked looking over his revolver and smirking.
“S-Samatha was killed by a man outside our organization who called himself Spade. That’s all I know, I swear!” The man begins to shake. Maero smiles as he walks over to him.
“Good. Now, tell them I say hi.”
“Your friends in Hell.” Maero lifts his pistol making one more bullet do exactly what it was intended for. The bullet quickly nestles itself in the wall behind the unmoving plump man slouching behind his desk. Maero kicks the corpse knocking him to the ground. As he leaves he grabs the phone on the ground before going back out the broken door. He walks into the hallway and steps over the guard from before. He walks into the larger room and looks around at his carnage. Bloodied eyes, slit necks, holes between eyes.
“So, Keelan, I see you’ve got some philosophy going there. Proud of you, you’ve been missing that.” Maero says as he pokes one of the bodies lying on the ground with his gun. “Trust me, I won’t go for the low hanging fruit of, “You’re not a killer look at this!” Blah, blah, blah. Because I’m more than that. Look around, I’m an artist. If we’re both killers only one of us is refined, guess which one I mean. You’ve been all around the world, you’ve seen the best wrestlers and the worst. Now you get to see poetry in motion. Sure, we’ve fought before, but I was younger then. I was just… stupider. Sure, that was only, like, a year ago. But a lot has changed since then. I’ve grown out my beard, I stopped wearing full face paint, I don’t think I had Oz then… I’m generally less of a biiiiitch, I got into Undertale and other video games. You know, I grew as a person. But you seem to have only changed to be able to say you suck sometimes. Did you lose to the Chef? Really? Well, honestly, we all would’ve lost to the Chef. I mean, did you see his biceps?” A gunshot rings out and Maero flinches. “Whoops. That’s fine, it’s art. There are no failures, only happy little accidents. Currently, your happy little accident is all over that wall. But it’s fine.” Maero slowly clicked a custom safety lock making sure his gun won’t fire.
“Come on, do you really think that a match that happened over a year ago can accurately gauge what I can do? I’ve gotten stronger in a hurry. Believe me, neither of us are the same men that fought in that ring. Even if we were, we never really got a chance to fight for real. We brawled sure, but never really clashed. Now this is just you and me. If you want this match to be bloody I’ll be happy to obliged. I’ll be happy to make your body a jungle gym for my demons. I’m far more than an obstacle, I’m more than just another opponent, I’m a nightmare of the highest caliber.” Maero stands up and walks to the next body. This one has a gash in his throat that’s still gurgling. A bubble escapes and pops quietly. Maero runs his hand over the gash and clears away the blood to reveal the cut itself.
“This is what EAW wants, hmm? What makes you think I’ll surrender to the flow of the river that wants nothing more than to push me away and forget about me? I will not be puppeted. If EAW had its way with me I wouldn’t be here. I don’t care what EAW wants, I don’t care what you want. During this match you can run, but you can’t hide. Welcome to my time, welcome to my world. We’re wrestling at the edge of a cliff and I can feel my blood boiling. Enjoy the plunge.” Maero stands up and begins to walk out when he notices a body still moving. It slowly reaches for gun. As the guard’s fingers curl around the handle of his weapon Maero’s foot comes crashing down on his arm. He raises his gun to the man’s head.
“The Killer has spoken, hmm?” A flash of light stops the man from moving. Maero blows the smoke away from him and holsters his weapons. He unlocks the front door and opens it into the night. “The Monster has acted.”
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 8:11 pm by Ahren Fournier
(We open the scene with Ahren Fournier focused on a board with names and lined up. Judging them silently. He's wearing a fake beard over his real one stroking it, we don't know why. Beside him is his trusty cat Jennipurr and Moose Horse Esteban. They all seem to be focused, very focused.)

Ahren: What do you think Jennipurr?

Jennipurr: Meow

Ahren: Eh, I guess, but does that really mean he should get a chance? I don't know, what do you think Esteban?

Esteban: Mwaaawwwww

Ahren: True.. I just think it's very slim pickings to say the least. I mean it's Pain For Pride for gods sakes it has to be somewhat interesting.

(A knock can be heard at the door.)

Ahren: Enter! If you dare... HAHAHAHAHA

(Flannery comes in awaiting the worst, she knows Ahren loves his pranks.. She's relieved to see she's not getting pranked this time... Still she enters with caution.)

Flannery: Hey Ahren... What cha doin? What's this board?

Ahren: Wow... You're going to be that rude to my animal pals? Not even acknowledge them? You can see why Esteban doesn't want to mate with you now can't you? He doesn't mate with rude Moose horses...

Flannery: Stop... I'll acknowledge them.. Hello Jennipurr, looking spiffy..

Jennipurr: HSssssss

Ahren: She doesn't seem to like you very much.. Probably because you didn't acknowledge her. 'Twas quite rude of you to not say anything to her. You can try your luck with Esteban but he can obviously see that I'm telling you to say hi to him, you've already made him feel terrible.

Flannery: OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING??! and why are you wearing a fake beard? You already have a real one.

Ahren: Why must you yell? I'm standing right here. Does the increase of volume in your voice get your point across any better this way? I believe not, 'twas a turn off. Good day mam.

Flannery: Oh you're telling me to leave now?

Ahren: Oh... Naw you can stay.

Flannery: So what is this? Slash why the fake beard?

Ahren: Well I wanted a ridiculous beard that was good to stroke while pondering, that was obvious please be better at your job.. Also Pain For Pride is just around the corner, so I'm trying to bust the biggest mystery in EAW as of right now... Who will Ahren Fournier face... Nothings coming to mind.

Flannery: How about Keelan?

Ahren: Ummm. Maero, Keelan, Aria.. All off the board due to the fact that I have proven they are not worthy to challenge me already... WAIT I'VE GOT IT!

(Ahren runs off screen leaving Flanery with Jennipurr and Eseteban... It's awkward.)

Flannery: So uh... About the whole not saying hi thing.. I kinda think it's not necessary, because you're like.. Animals and stuff. Really don't know why I'm saying things to you now to be honest, Ahren kind of just made me feel bad so... Ahem

(Jennipurr lifts up her paw at Flannery in what seems to be a way of giving the middle finger... Who can really say she is "just" a cat.)

Flannery: Ok.. Rude.. Esteban? You forgive me right.

(Esteban just stares at the board and doesnt do anything.)

Flannery: Guess not...


(Ahren busts back onto the scene in his full Trill Police attire.)

Ahren: It's been a long time, but when a mystery is on the table I have to get down to some old police work. The Trill Police is back in town, so lets figure this out team. First we have Keelan the Koala from Australia mate.. Is he a candidate to challenge?

Jennipurr: Meow

Ahren: RIGHTO, he has been beaten before, and really hasn't been winning ever since. So he is out!

Flannery: Well... What about Aria again!

Ahren: Stop... Just.. Stop.

Flannery: Fine... HURUMPH!

Ahren: Child... You're acting like a child.. Anyways, hmmmm. Nas?

Jennipurr: Meow..

Ahren: Oh right.. He's probably facing off against my half name twin, so that means he's... OUT!

Flannery: Eclipse?

Ahren: Why would he go for the Hardcore Title Flannery? He probably thinks he's above it first of all, also he just lost to Drastik for the World Title again at Fighting Spirit...

Flannery: Ugh fine..

Ahren: Hmmm.... How about El Landerson?


Jenipurr: Meow...

Ahren: AH YES! Perhaps.. Maybe.. He may think he's too above it too, but the fact of the matter is he hasn't been faring too well lately either. Good work police officer Jennipurr.

Flannery: What? What did she say?

Ahren: Can't tell you, official police work.

Flannery: What?! I was a part of this case too!

Ahren: Eh. You kind of slowed the process down.

Flannery: Whatever... So is the case closed?

Ahren: I don't know, depends who I face off against at PFP doesn't Flannery?

Jennipurr: Meow


Flannery: I hate you Jennipurr

Jennipurr: MEOW!!


Ahren: HEY HEY HEY, there will  be no cat... and human fights here. Play nice, everyone apologize.

Jennipurr: Meow

Flannery: Sorry...

Ahren: You're lucky I didn't arrest you Flannery, I am a part of the Trill Police as you can see, def weren't acting trill in the slightest.

Flannery: Who gave you this power?

Ahren: God..

Flannery: Right... Well... Um..

Ahren: Yeah... I'd slap these handcuffs on you. Bend you over, spread them legs, check if you were in possesion of some unlawful objects. Maybe tear your clothes off.. For inspection, I'm very thorough with my inspections


Flannery: Oh lord.. Tell me more..

Ahren: Tell you that you have the right to remain silent... But you can make all the noise you want if you want to...

Flannery: Oh... yeah?

Ahren: Yup... Anyways what did you want?

Flannery: Oh *ahem* Right... Umm, you have a match this week against Harvey York... Um thoughts?

Ahren: Uh yeah.. I have a few..

Flannery: Such as?

Ahren: Who the hell is that?

Flannery: Signed like this past weekend.

Ahren: Oh... So they're really throwing this guy into the wolvesden huh? No pun intended.. .Although I don't know why there would be pun there I was never a part of that group. Why did you think there was a pun with that

Flannery? What's wrong with you?

Flannery: I..

Ahren: Anyways, this Harvey Yorke character is in for the fight of his life. I feel as though he can have everything that he desires with this match, all he has to do is win. I am the measuring stick of EAW, and if you can hang with me, then you can hang with anyone. The only problem is not many can hang with me, if any. Harvey you look like a child lost in the big city trying to make a go on his own. That's all well and good, but when the harsh reality of life hits you in the face then that's when the real Harvey comes out, and we see who you truely are. What I mean by that is, once you get in the ring with me, once you get in this ring with the sexual mastadon known as Ahren Fournier, we will see what you really have. You signed on the dotted line at the wrong time, normally they have the rookies face off against other rookies, or people that really don't belong here. But you, you're going up against the biggest and the baddest. Did you see Fighting Spirit Harvey? Did you see what I did to a little girl from Bikini Bottom? I ruined her hopes and dreams of ever being the first ever woman to hold a male title. Yeah, she was bleeding, and broken, and dying, it was awesome! I dug down deep and gave her the beating of a life time, and we will never see her gross face around here ever again. Now hopefully that's not going to happen to you Harvey! I have no qualms against you, hey look I'm happy old good guy Fournier, looking to just go out there and have a good time. Are you ready to have a good time Harvey? I know you're going out there to make an impact and show the world that you belong! Will you sink or will you swim, that is up to you.. Partially. I mean I do have a large stake in the outcome of what happens on Voltage. My last opponent I wasn't even taking seriously and I beat her within an inch of her life. Thats what happens when you fuck with Big Dick Fournier. That's my nickname on the streets and in the sheets. I just have this aura around me, you know? I just, I just.. GOD IM SO GREAT. Like, I don't know what this company would do without me. I give ratings, I give a whole new meaning to the word gorgeous, I do it all. I entertainn the masses more than anyone could. Hold on a second.

(Ahren rips off his shirt, his glasses, and cop hat.)

Do you see this body? It's a treat to see I know. Gets all the girls going crazy, I moisturize more than the average bear. I have had laser surgery to make it so I never grow hair in any unwanted places ever again. I am as smooth as a baby, I am as tough as tonka.. Well, that's their catch phrase I'd like to believe I'm tougher than tonka. AHREN FOURNIER, TOUGHER THAN TONKA. And what are you Harvey? Another dignified gentleman? Hmm? We have enough of those here, they don't fair very well against the likes of me. What sets you a part from them? What is your wow factor? Your nifty little mustache that went out of style a lifetime ago? No, you don't belong in this era... I can help you with that. By beating you senseless, but.. Will I exert all my energy into such a mundain task? Should I take you seriously? Aria said I should take her seriously, and I really... Didn't. I tried, believe me I did, but there's something about a squid in clown makeup that doesn't really hit me as serious competition. Even with my lack of focus I beat her, and I don't know, are you even on her level? Enough questions Harvey, tis time for action no? Show me what you got, show why managent signed you. But I must say, I will not take it easy on you, not one bit.

Ok squad, lets bounce out dis bitch.

(Ahren hops on Estebans back, Jennipurr follows suit and jumps up too.. Flannery isn't sure if she's a part of the squad so she kind of just watches them walk by.. Until Ahren grabs her hand and pulls her onto Estebans back.. Jennipurr isn't happy. Camera fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 7:33 pm by Theron Nikolas (Online)
You would think that I would be sitting with the rest of the names competing for the chance to challenge for the National Elite Championship, but surprise, surprise, I've been given the night off and now have the opportunity to watch from ringside. I understand that a brother of mine has the chance to stake his claim, but it still leaves a really foul taste in my mouth; especially with the names that have been handed the opportunity. I've beaten Axl Willow. I pinned Stark last week on Showdown. Darkane has proven that he doesn't have what it takes to stand in front of the world as a champion. I said that I was the greatest threat that Rex McAllister would face in his time as champion, but he tucked his tail between his legs and left the moment we had the opportunity to stand toe to toe. It did nothing more than prove the point that the champion is playing his cards as safe as he possibly can to make sure that he isn't forced to feel the same heartbreaking frustration that came with losing the New Breed Championship that he once held. The decision isn't a hard one; I know for a fact that they know that there's only one name that should be standing in his way, but they're just not willing to open up that door. They'll stand there and say that I've already set my own path; the 24/7 Battle Royal is where my destiny is headed, but let's be honest - I would have walked into Pain for Pride, cashed in my contendership and walked out the National Elite Champion. I would have STILL walked out and thrown every name standing in my way over the top rope and walked out with the National Elite Championship in one hand and the 24/7 contract in the other. But, I'm not finished there; maybe I would have walked back out and ruined the Pizza Boy’s redemption story. Maybe I would have walked back out and conquered the unconquerable in the Answers World Champion, Lannister. People wouldn't be talking about the end of both Brian Daniels and Robbie V. People wouldn't be talking about Jamie O’Hara and Xavier Williams. People wouldn't be talking about Lannister and Pizza Boy. The World would be talking about the fact that the King’s Guard has completely changed the landscape of not only Showdown, but this company as a whole. Theron Nikolas with the fastest rise in this company’s history with a championship over both shoulders. Lars Grier with the Cash in the Vault briefcase grasped firmly in his possession, and King Tiberius IV sitting on his throne ruling the entire thing.

But, that’s not going to happen because hard work doesn't pay.

We earn everything we get in this company. We're expected to pay our dues to succeed in this business. We're expected to take the narrow road filled with twists and turns, no matter how easy we manage to make it for ourselves. Eight names have fallen at my feet. I've defeated 12 names in total. I said that my patiences is beginning to run thin; I've done everything in my power to attempt to find reason to why - but, at this point my patience as become almost nonexistent. I'm supposed to be happy. I'm meant to be content in watching people that aren't near the level that I've proven that I'm on, walk through the doors of this company and straight past me. Stark left this company for the better part of a year and he's thrusted forward like he still holds some form of worth. CM Banks walks back through doors of this company and people act like the man still actually matters. Robbie V gets out of a fucking wheelchair for the first time in years and the World acts like the man is fucking royalty. All the while, I run through EVERYTHING that has been thrown in my way and I'm meant to be happy with the fact that I still stand here without the chance to take what I have rightfully earned. The chip on my shoulder has never been bigger; the blood that's going to stain my hands will not bother my conscience in the slightest. I don't care who the champion is when I stand in front of the world with that contract in hand. I've proven Rex McAllister is a coward. I've proven that I'm better than the rest of the names that believe wholeheartedly that they deserve to stand in the position - MY position. The King’s Guard will stand at the top of this company as the greatest force that it has ever seen. What we did to Drastik will fail to compare to what we accomplish. The sand in the hourglass is reaching the bottom, and when that time comes I'll be there to tell you.

I fucking told you so.

Hail to the King. Hail Tiberius.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 6:22 pm by Howard the Stark (Online)
I’m trying to cope with this new feeling that I experience consistently. Like I said, I spent eight years of my career being the scrappy underdog that just barely makes it by and achieves minor, fleeting successes - like the New Breed Championship. It seems like for once, for the first time in my entire career, I’ve broken that seal. That glass ceiling that hung over me - the glass ceiling that had me pinned to the ground for my entire tenure as a professional wrestling has finally been broken. The way I feel now, the power that I bring, the credibility that I have built up, all of these are such foreign ideas to me; but one thing feels oh so familiar, the fresh smell of a championship opportunity. I don’t know whether to define it as cocky arrogance or well-deserved confidence after years of paying dues, but the fact is, I’m not going to be as humble as I was when I’ve deserved the right to walk with some swagger in my step. I’m not going to claim I’m worthy of being a multiple time World Champion or anything. I can tell you misunderstood my point when I said I truly believe I can now call myself elite - I just meant that after everything I’ve been through, every match, every win and every loss, every personal tragedy and every low point, I have finally been validated as one of the premier talents in this company, and thus, I have earned the right to be called elite, along with the rest of the world-class talent in the EAW. I’m riding this high, this motivation and determination I have established after every win and every consistent solid performance I have put on since my return; and believe me, it is so much sweeter than any godlike strain of marijuana - well, maybe not moonrocks. I gotta try those some day.

Maybe I did unintentionally indicate that I think I am more than what I actually am, so I’ll agree with you there; the day that I do beat Rex is the day that I can truly take my place as the king of the division, just as I did to the New Breed two years ago. What I’m going to have to take issue with is this notion that I’m “stuck down there” with you and Axl. Let’s be real Darkane, first and foremost, you just had your shot. You failed. Plain and simple; you failed against Rex McAllister, just like you failed against me a few weeks before that. You coaxed Rex into YOUR environment. He’s the embodiment of pure wrestling - well he was when you faced him at least - and you yourself are a well-versed street brawler and general overall sadist, yet when it came down to it, when you brought him into the hell you know so well, the falls count anywhere match, you FAILED. I’d gloat about your series of failures Darkane, but if I’m being honest, I’ve faced defeats that were just as tough, if not even more heartbreaking. I’m not going to lie, you’re one of my favorite people on this show; I respect the fuck out of your ethic and your determination, but the only reason I’m pointing this out is because I know that if it was me in your position, losing to Rex and then getting ANOTHER opportunity, you’d be all over that shouting ‘injustice’. Then again, you might not just care who or not was in the match, which is the attitude I have. Don’t mistake my forward thinking for ignorance; I’m not looking through you and Axl. Quite the contrary in fact, I’m looking past you. I’m not focusing on the concept of getting in the ring and squaring off against you. Darkane, after your match against me and then that death battle with Rex McAllister, you’ve shown off a lot about who you are as a performer. If there’s any secrets you’ve got left under that sleeve, it’s time to take them out, because as of now you’re an open book; every page, every chapter, every line is open for observation, and I could very well walk in with a well-scouted plan.

Therein lies the problem though… That book is just a jumble of words and ideas, incomprehensible to all in the world except you. You’re unpredictable, you don’t plan and strategize, you just get in the ring and let your fists take you where they gotta take you. That’s why I don’t waste my time planning either, because I refuse to comply to any repetitive standards. I have a wide moveset, and I’ll customize it accordingly to whoever I have to face. Some guys are just too damn easy to beat, they’re as predictable as a three-year old playing hide-and-seek. I hate facing men like those, and when I talk about this new aura of confidence that I have glowing around me, I mean that it’s time to permanently ascend up the card, as I believe I deserve to, and now I’ll find myself facing top-tier talent like yourself. Axl Willow’s got potential, but YOU, Darkane, you are the threat. You’re the only man I’m really worried about looking over the ring at and seeing winning the match before I even have a chance to do anything. You and I are the ones walking in with the fire and passion necessary to fight for a championship; yours sputters, tainted by your past, but mine is shining so very bright with the intensity of pure light. We’re the ones with purpose and undying motive to dethrone the empire that Rex McAllister has built; you just had your chance, and now seek redemption, while I venture once again for the ONE championship that has evaded me my entire stay in the EAW, in what might possibly be my last do-or-die opportunity for the gold.

No, losses against the likes of Rex and Lars Grier are acceptable with the effort you put in, I didn’t mean to imply you were any less of a competitor because of those losses, I just mean in the most objective way possible, that a streak of losses is definitely indicative of a downward trend. This is your last chance before you get sentenced to the battle royal Darkane, that you know for a fact. You were given two back to back golden opportunities for Pain for Pride and failed to capitalize on either, this is your LAST one and I don’t care if it means that your place on the PFP X card is compromised, I WILL take this win even if doing so takes the last breath out of my body. I don’t half-ass anything, and I don’t think you believe that’s a fair conception to make about me, because let’s agree with your - and the idea that many people have about me - the idea that I’m just some loser pothead who is incapable of putting more than fifty percent of my capacity into a match. Well Darkane, if that was the case, then that’s the man you lost to. Don’t worry, you can still take solace in the fact that even in my victory, it took everything I had and then some to put you down. My performance last week was about to win us the match actually, I just needed Rex McAllister to come in and wrap up the deal where I couldn’t. He decided to leave, and that choice was his; I’m over it, because if I want revenge, I’m going to get in the form of taking his championship away from him.

Your victory over Ryan Marx is commendable, considering he’s the one who put me down at Resurrection: V. By the logical chain of order, you should win the match, but you’ve struggled to beat me before and who’s to say you won’t come up short again? You wanna know why I left this company both times that I did? You can go read my EAW.com bio just like everybody else does. We established it the last time that we met that our past trauma is wholly irrelevant, nothing matters like the present, and time is ticking heading into Showdown. The path to Pain for Pride is narrowing day by day, and there’s only room for one of us to break through and make our way to a marquee spot there. I don’t need you to doubt me Darkane, I do enough of that on my own, and to be honest I’m glad I do, because sometimes I manage to destroy my own expectations and achieve things that I never thought I could; when we collide full-speed ahead and only one of us arise from the smoke, I’m hoping I do the impossible again and cement my RIGHT to compete for the National Elite Championship, and finally win it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 5:13 pm by Irónico
The scene opens in what appears to be a doctor’s office. El Irónico and the pub landlord known as Paddy  are seen waiting with exasperated looks of boredom plastered over their faces.
Irónico: Jésus H. How much longer does it fucking take?
Paddy: You’ve got some cheek complaining, lad. You’ve already been cleared by the EAW quacks. You’re the one who needed a second opinion.
Irónico: Do you blame me? I wouldn’t trust those cunts are far as I could throw them. Besides, whatever they say it has been weeks now and I’m still feeling a bit sore. I’m sure they’ve missed a few fractured ribs.
Paddy: Man up you poof or I will give you something to whinge about.
Irónico: Let’s see you get a clump by Sheridan Mueller and still say that. It hits like a hoose mate.
A doctor in a long white coat enters
Doctor: Good afternoon Mr...Irónico. My apologies for the wait.
Irónico: Oh thank the sacred sesh! You’re here. Listen, don’t sugarcoat it, doctoro, if it is bad news just give it to me neat. 
Doctor: Well we have your x-rays here. Why don’t we just have a look
The doctor’s eyes widen as he unveils Irónico’s bright orange chest x-rays
Doctor: Oh my God.
Doctor: Muellered?
Irónico: Aye. They’re broken. I had my sneaky suspicions, but it doesn’t make the news any easier. Fucking why? Why is it always...
Doctor: Your ribs aren’t broken.
Irónico: Qué?
Doctor: Your ribs are fine, maybe a little bit bruised but that would be all. But sir, what really concerns me is that your internal organs appear to be bright orange.
Paddy: He just can’t have enough of the Irn-Bru, Doc.
Doctor: Is this true?
Irónico: Aye, I love Irn-Bru. I do. I do. I fucking do, Ladito.
Doctor: But...to have this effect you’d have to drink like 30 gallons a week?
Irónico: Aye. So what’s your point?
Paddy: Doctor, just put us out of our misery. Are we going to have to call off the match this week?
Doctor: Nope. Just make sure he’s wrapped properly and you should be fine.
Irónico: That’s what I like to fucking hear. We’re on boys.
Doctor: I’d cut down on the Irn-Bru though.
Irónico: I’ll consider what you are saying, but with all do respect...you’ve got more chance of Helen Keller finding Waldo.
Doctor: Suit yourself.
The doctor walks away leaving Irónico and Paddy alone.
Paddy: You know, maybe you should start taking some advice.
Irónico: I’ll remember you said that when next I tells ya to shut the fuck up, you paddy bastard. If I took half of the “advice” I’ve been given, I wouldn’t be where i am now.
Paddy: I quite agree. You might not find yourself in the doctor’s office so often.
Irónico: Stop the wisecracks and leave the jokes to me if you want to leave here anytime soon, Ladito. I meant here as in living my dream, wrestling tomorrow night in front of thousands of  people.
Paddy: Aight, well I know I’m thick and all. But what does this even have to do with your love for the Can in the IRN Mask?
Irónico: Listen you wee prick. That is 4 ½ inches of pure pleasure you are talking about. If it kills me then so be it, but I’ll have no regrets. Love hurts sometimes. And anything worth having is worth paying the price for.
Paddy: Okay.
Irónico: Don’t “okay” me, just listen. There’s some real Donny wisdom to be had here.  Look sometimes being clever is the difference, I’m not that much of an idiot, I know that. Sometimes you just have to pick your shots, pick your chances and if things go belly up...well know when to draw the line and cut your losses. But you see, that only gets you so far. Take my opponent this week. Tig Tadgh Kelly. Now he is a smart guy. He does everything right. Watches his diet. Works on the technique. Got those educated feet with the PhDs in fucking...I dunno...shin kicking. And I respect him for that. I really do, don’t get me wrong. Being smart at what he does got this man to the National Elite Championship, but even he has troubles. We saw as much at Burning Desire. Unfortunately the fact is that you can’t win the world by playing the short odds. You just have to be stupid enough to do what you love and take the risk sometimes, because there just isn’t room at the top for anyone who plays it safe and knows better. Tadgh, if this gets back to you,  here is a warning and one you are not used to hearing at that. I am not going to sit here and pretend that I have gotten you all figured out., because honestly I don’t. I’m genuinely the last person who can be trusted to know what is up, but you’re sharp enough to already know that. Here is the thing. I’m too stupid to care. Maybe I’m not so mentally prepared. Maybe I won’t know what hit me when the time comes. What I do know is that I love this job and that at this time my path to another reason to celebrate seems to be through you. With a little luck I’ll surprise myself. Maybe the full gravity of the shit that I’ve waded into won’t sink in until after the fact. With a little more luck I’ll have a memorable moment to forget when I celebrate afterwards. I won’t rule it out. Stranger things have happened to El Irónico after all. The question is...are you stupid enough to take me seriously? We’ll see.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 4:10 pm by Jacob Moore

[The scene opens to a shot we haven't seen in a long time: Jacob Moore's wild blue eyes. The camera proceeds to slowly zoom out so we get a clearer shot. Jacob has since grown a goatee while his hair, that has now grown longer and returned to its normal color of brown, rests past his shoulders. He is sitting in a chair in a hotel room, presumably one near the O2 Arena, where Dynasty takes place this week. An Aaron Judge pinstriped jersey covers his upper body and black jeans below, that's as much as we can see. His mouth is open wide, almost smiling. He takes a deep breath then begins to laugh.]

"Have you missed me? Because I know Sheridan Muller and that hick Gambit sure didn't. AHA!"

[He picks up a glass of water from a nearby table and chugs it for whatever reason. What an extra motherfucker.]

"AH! And neither will Chris Paradise after this week. Since I've been away, a lot has happened. Chumps like Lucas Johnson have become champion, new talent have - or at least attempted - to make what the typical, generic new guy would say 'an impact', CM Banks of all people is back - who would've guessed? -..AND TLA IS STILL NOT WORLD CHAMPION!"

[Jacob smashes the glass on the floor. TLA is THAT dude.]


[He calms down.]

"Before I left, I was on a hot streak. I had plenty of momentum. A couple fluke losses, I think nothing of those and those aren't why I disappeared. I FULLY intend on getting that success back, getting a title shot back, and making up for those short comings. There's no way to go but up from here, boys. And it begins with the bipolar, possibly schizophrenic I'm not too sure, Mr. CHRIIIIIS PARADISEEE! Or is it Mortimer Gotch? Who fuckin' cares? I don't. You can have a split personality and I'd still beat both of their asses. I already know Chris Paradise's intentions here. I'm pretty sure everybody does with that bullshit, fake deep and insightful little speech he gave two weeks ago. He wants to control Dynasty and everyone he faces and have it all in his favor. Basically, this motherfucker wants to rule the world but just a couple steps under Hitler. Let me tell ya something, Mikey boy. You might be able to convince these other nutcases you know what the hell you're talking about with your so called "philosophy" or whatever the fuck but you don't got me. I've seen this before. You're nothing new and nothing I haven't already dealt with in the past. People call me crazy? This guy gets angry and turns into a different person to cope with the guilt and disappointment he feels after every loss. Paradise, you pride himself on playing mind games instead of using brute force. Well, unfortunately for you I can use both. You are below me. I'm more intelligent, faster, stronger, more hard-hitting..but best of all, I'm fresh. There's no ring rust nor wear and tear to be found here, my friend! Many get that time off and waste it but not yours truly. Tomorrow night is just the first day back on the job after a vacation and yet another check in the loss column for one Chris Paradise. Maybe this time he'll really go off the deep end..if that's even possible?"

[His eyes widen as he looks off into the distance. He then shrugs. The scene fades to black.]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 1:26 pm by Chris Elite (Online)
Yes any means Pizza Boy does that trigger the good inside of you? I don’t know how by any means necessary is working it just started but I can almost guarantee it’s going to work out great.  It’s going to work out better than anything else I’ve done in the past.  Sticking in line isn’t my thing anymore have you not heard anything I said this week?  I’m done trying to earn and I’m fine with the whole roster not liking me because I don’t like them either however no one is going to speak up about it.  No one is going to do anything about it they are going to rely on you this week to make me have a change of heart, they are going to have you be the one to go in there with the brand new Chris Elite to see exactly what their dealing with and they won’t like what they see because instead of being the Chris Elite that has extraordinary matches then loses at the end.  I’m going to be the Chris Elite that has extraordinary matches and wins in the end but not in the way you all would like.   I know very well of what you’ve done and I won’t take that away from you yes I believe luck plays a big part in all of this.  However I can’t take away from what you’ve done but imagine how much more you could do if you follow the same route I’m on.  Instead of Pizza Boy earning and having things taken away from him he switches it up.  We can become one of the strongest forces in EAW if that would be the case.  You won’t listen though you are too much of a good guy.  However despite how much of a good guy you are I knew you’d break I knew there would be some talk about my failed career and how yours is so much better than mine.   I guess I can’t deny that either you have done more in 2 years than I have in what’s about to be 8.   It’s not something I’m proud of but you out of all people Pizza Boy should realize why I’m taking this route.  Imagine going 8 whole years doing nothing but the same exact thing you’ve always been doing.  Great match after great match just to follow up with failure after failure.  It’s time I tried something new.
Again Pizza Boy I don’t know how well this is working out just yet.  I just evolved into this new Chris Elite just last week you are the one I’m going to have to make an example out of.   Do you not listen whatsoever? If you really think I don’t know what by any means really means then you’re going to be in for a rough weekend after our match.   By the way everyone claiming that this is the year of Chris Elite can continue to claim it the year isn’t close to being over and no one is close to having this year be theirs yet.  Not you, not Lannister or anyone else.  This could still be and still is going to be the year of Chris Elite.  Sometimes cashing in and “Selling out” is the way to go because no one expect myself and Big Mike gives a damn about me anyway.  At the moment that is though because soon enough EVERYONE will care for me from the fans to the Woman in this company all the way to EVERY single Elitist.   Every single elitist will follow the same blue print I’ve laid out for them expect of course the 7 close to 8 years of failure.  I’d advise you don’t follow that part of the blue print.   People will care about my spotlight after I take the spotlight away from their favorite elitist.  I’m going to have so much spotlight on me it’s going to be damn near impossible it to go dim and burnout.   I mean of course the impossible is known for happening here in EAW I mean look a former delivery boy is in the main event of Pain for Pride.  I guess that’s the consequences though when you’ve spent so long trying to earn instead of trying to take. 
Pizza Boy in this match though for once the odds aren’t stacked against you they are stacked against me.  I’m going against one half of the Pain for Pride main event.  I’m up against Grand Rampage 10 winner the challenger for the Answers World Championship.   I don’t even have a god damn match at Pain for Pride yet.  I could take yours though I could take the match you’ve earned and fought so hard for you wouldn’t like that much though would you Pizza Boy? To have something you earned be taken away from you again.  Maybe that though as I stated before would be the final straw before you take the same route I’m taking.  See after many straws the final one was at Resurrection V for me.   Despite being the bad guy I tried to keep some type of good in me and tried to earn things.  That hasn’t taking me anywhere though as you all know.   There is no denying you Pizza Boy I said that I said it’d be a great match I also said you won’t like the way it end either though.  Pizza Boy you can’t ignore what I’m able to do in that ring either just because of my attitude you know very damn well I can go in that ring and do everything your saying I can’t and won’t.  You always will be a draw and so am I.  People always to tune in to watch my matches because they know it’s going to be something extraordinary but they also knew at the same time despite how great it was I’d come up short in the end.   That’s why I am the why I am now I don’t want people to expect and most of the time know I’m going to lose.  I want them to get mad because they know I’m going to win.  I want them to get mad at the way I do it too.   I will never wish to be any man expect myself I’m not a child anymore I don’t go around wishing to be people.   This bully is going to take you to the absolute limit and not only that I’m going to win too.   I haven’t beaten your ass yet because we haven’t stepped in the ring yet so stop trying to make all these claims saying I haven’t done this and that knowing damn well this is our first time in a ring together. 
I don’t want anything handed to me but I will take what I think should be handed to me.  From your main event spot at Pain for Pride all the way to almost every single championship in EAW.  I want it all and by any means I’ll take it all.  I haven’t reached the heights you’ve reached and I never will because I’m going to surpass those heights and I’m to go higher.  Heights you and the rest of this company can only imagine.   It sounds farfetched right now because of the position I’m currently in but believe me when I say this whoever said this is the year of Chris Elite if anyone truly did say that.  Stick by it don’t change your mind because trust me it’s going to be one hell of rest of the year for me.   You believe what you want but what you believe in and what I know are the exact opposite.  I know I’m going to take this victory and I don’t care how it’s done.   I’m going to continue to bark just as long as you do and I’m going to bite 10x harder than you do and that bite is going to be felt around the world and heard around the world.   After my hand is raised against everyone’s favorite delivery boy.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 10:43 am by Kimi Hendrix
|| Writer Note: Still trying to find my way with writing without an opponent to face, so consider this more of an extra piece for Kimi. That's why the usual format I go for isn't present.

Saaaah' dude! Ahhhh'-haaaaa' saaaah'. The Kimi Hendrix Experience here brah'! Chillin' like a villain with no match on the horizon! I got's me a sweet gig tho' comin' up though, a nice tour planned to view the scenes around India! But hey, a little casual times nevah' hurt nobody! Now-ah', about last week. I toldya' honey! Ya' diamond can shine bright, but not when the Kimi Hendrix Experience is ah-movin' down the lane beside yah'! Jessica, you were a great opponent, but when the bell rung my hand went up and now..... Now we' three and ooooh' baybay! Not one win! Nooooot two wins! Buuuut three! Count 'em! Three wins!... I uh'... I gotta little spectator tho'... You see me and the homie 'Vannah Sunshine were chillin' out and relaxin' backstage a few weeks back when this... Well... This dark vibe havin' chick came swingin' through. Now I don't mind beatin' ya' drum the way you want, but duuuuuuude, come on! I totally caught some bad voodoo off her, and then last week... She was out there watchin' my match! I don't know what this chick's deal is, but hey, if you wanna' take a ride on the Kimi Hendrix Experience, maybe I can helpya' come to the more... free spirited side of things. Ahhh'haaaa. My van is always open fah' new people to come by and pet my magic dragon, don't think I won't let you pet 'em! Buuuut dudes, dudettes, I gotta jet, this tour guide said that we gotta' keep the tour on the road and I can't miss the Taj' Mahal! Saaaaah-dios dudes!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on May 25th 2017, 9:53 am by JohnnyFNNova
"Only Cowards hide behind Silence."


Aka staying silent when a grown ass man calls you out is like a slow growing cancer to the soul. The trait of a true coward. There is nothing intelligent about not standing up for yourself when you are being questioned as a man. Yes, you may not win every battle but at least the world will know what you stood for and know that you stood up for yourself when your manhood was challenged. But it has been made quite obvious that you are absolutely shook. Right now the entire EAWUniverse simply sees you as a mark ass bitch. I hate to have to cuss to get my point across but I am hoping to draw something out of you. Maybe even draw out some of that evil you seemed confident in when you signed on the dotted line to become an Elitist here in the EAW. But as of now I don't see evil, I don't see a dark soul, I don't see a man I should fear, I simply see a sad cowardly sack of shit that I am going to absolutely dismantle in the center of the ring this Friday.


Your inability to even acknowledge that we have a match this week has done nothing but anger me. A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is, right now you would be lying to yourself if you didn't accept that fact you have already lost this match before the bell has rung. Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once. This Friday; LIVE! From The 02 Arena in London, England; the fans are invited to memorialize not the death of a coward but at least the death of his career. You don't stand a chance at beating me, never have and never will. I am an ethereal being, a god among men in that ring, "The Human Highlight Reel", the one and only Johnny Fucking Nova and when I leave you laying in the center of the ring, looking up at the lights hanging high above you and wondering what the hell just happened....wondering why you chose to accept this match in the first place you will realize that it was your cowardness that lead you here and all the stories of your past and how evil you are meant nothing once that bell rang.


But it's okay, after our match you can go back to doing what you do best which is lurking in silence in the shadows. I have bigger fish to fry, I have other obstacles to overcome, I have fans to entertain and titles to win.....


That's right you heard it here first, If you have gold around your waist I am gunning for you. I am not okay with being stuck here on the bottom rung of the ladder, I plan on scratching and clawing my way all the way to the top. I was told that if you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is said to be high but so are the rewards, so is the spotlight. Throughout all my ups and downs, my slips and falls, my trials and tribulations; I have always gave 100%. Even when the odds seemed stacked  entirely against me I never quit trying, I never felt that I wasn't going to make it and I sure as hell don't feel that way now. Unlike my opponent I am not afraid of the past, present and future. I look forward to it, and I am ready for whatever the good lord may put in my way. Obstacles are just that... they are obstacles things for me to overcome. If there is a wall in front of me I don't run into it. I don't give up. I find a way to climb that son of a bitch, or dig under it, or worst case scenario go straight through the mother fucker.


EAW Universe this Friday I face a coward, a yellow bellied no body Also Known As Aka Manah. This Friday I beat him, and I do it as only Johnny Nova can and that is with absolute style and grace. You are in for a show, the entire world is in for one hell of a show. Not everyone in this business can turn the first match into the main event but I promise you that is exactly what it's going to be when the "Human Highlight Reel," Johnny Nova steps through those ropes in the flesh. In other words..... Get your popcorn ready.
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Post on May 25th 2017, 7:27 am by ThePizzaBoy
Showdown Promo No. 2: Golden Retriever

   By any means huh? How's that working out for you? How's breaking in line instead of toeing it playing out? How's pissing off the entire roster and having no one but a paid lackey watching your back working out for you? You want to talk about any means necessary? You want to talk about doing anything to get by in this business? OK.  We'll pretend I'm not me.  We'll pretend I haven't broken down barriers and crashed through glass ceilings without anything more than survival instinct and sheer will.  We'll pretend I haven't made it further in two years than you have in your storied career.  We'll even pretend that I haven't surpassed you as an Elitist and that I'd be more justified in your self-absorbed attitude than you are.  Tell me what being a self-righteous prick has gotten you.  Tell me about the gold that a 'by any means' attitude has put around your waist.  Tell me about how it lost you Grand Rampage when everyone in their mother swore it was 'The Year of Chris Elite'.  Yeah I've lost a lot by going the straight and narrow in this business, but at least I've had something to lose.

  What have you taken? What bounty do you have to show for your efforts as a common thug? What have you earned by being the antithesis of everything I stand for? Not a damn thing? That's what I thought.  That's what every single man that's stolen from me has to show for his efforts at the end of the day.  Is Judas still around? Is he still National Champion? No.  I took it back, because unlike you I understand what 'any means necessary' truly entails.  It means standing up to bully assholes such as yourself.  It means sinking to your lowly and desperate level when there's no other alternative.  I'm a two time National Champion because i took what's mine back from the men who stole it from me, and I'll be a two time Answer's Champion for the exact same reason.  It's wont be because I'm 'cashing in' or 'selling out', it'll be because I did everything within my power to get back in that title hunt.  People will care when I get the gold back.  People will care about my spotlight, and people will care about that title once again.  If the Judas's and the Nico's and the Lannister's of the world have proven anything, it's that being a cheap champion makes the championship you've cheated around your waist cheap.  So you go ahead and strive for that same limelight Chris.  It's a dim one and it burns out quick.

   I've never denied knowing you Chris.  If anything I've pointed out every single reason why I should know you more than most.  We're both New York boys, we probably went to the same PS school district.  I'm sure if I dug through a cousin's closet I'd find a yearbook with your picture and name in it with a 'most likely to succeed' Senior Award.  I could probably walk a few blocks and find a park bench, or a school desk, or a tree with your name vandalizing it.  We came from the same place Chris, but somehow we're not coming from the same place now.  You want things handed to you, you want to claim you 'took' them, and I go out there and literally take.  I stake a claim, I carve myself a niche, and I make my own way that cannot be duplicated, refuted, or stolen.  Everyone knows who I am, why I'm here, and where I'm at in EAW's pecking order.  Everyone knows why I continue to top major cards.  I do wrestling math, I show my work in long hand, and not even the most self-important physicist can convince that audience that my 2+2 = 5.  I should be champion, therefore in the people's eyes I already am.  Lannister keeps trying to duck me, therefore he's more afraid of me than I of him.  I keep shifting the Vegas odds, therefore I'm no longer a blue chip prospect.  There's no denying me Elite.  You can take every scrap of gold I own, pull the fillings from my teeth, and knock the glimmer from my eyes, but that golden glow will never fade from my aura.  That champion's status will never fall down some managerial list in the front office no matter how many people in the back want to see my stock plummet.  I'll always be a draw, I'll always be on top, and I'll always be the guy that you wished you could be because with half the talent and none of your good looks I still manage to best you at every single turn before even laying rubber sole to canvas and stepping in the same ring as you.

   I'm a made man, Chris.  I'm Teflon at this point.  People know that every single thing I've ever done to get where I am, every single pizza slicer, every single pushed over ladder, it was all simply comeuppance that I delivered on someone whose done tenfold the damage to me.  The blood stains just wash away, and all that's left is that golden glow of the spotlight on me.  If anyone in this match knows what 'by any means' truly means, it's me.  However Chris Elite, you do not fall into the category of 'by any means'.  You're just a loud mouth, a self-proclaimed one no less.  You have only words and no follow through.  As much as I hate Drake and Jones, at least they beat my ass before verbally rubbing my face in the mud.  What have you done to claim superiority to me? Have you beaten me? Have you reached the heights that I've reached? taken the risks that I've taken? put up the fight that I fight every single week without fail? No.  A bully who doesn't back up his word with muscle is just an insecure, trembling, floor pissing, lap dog making noise to get the bigger dog's attention.  What happens when I look Chris? You running off between the legs of your big buddy Spike the Bulldog? You hiding behind Big Mike? Like Chester in those old cartoons?  Keep yapping little doggy.  You'll have plenty to yap about when you step in that ring with me and I make you work for even the slightest chance at gaining some momentum in this industry.  

I'm not going to give you any excuses to whine Chris.  The only thing meeting you in that ring is the same thing that met Brian Daniels, and that's a winning smile and a willingness to push you places you've never reached before.  You wont win, but you'll give the best performance of your career because I'm going to give you no other alternative but to do so.  That was kind of the shitty thing about the Wizard in Wizard of Oz.  Nobody really got what they wanted in the end.  The Wizard just showed them what they had within them all along, and you don't have a victory over me in you Chris.  I truly believe that.  So, to paraphrase a better movie, the question remains thus: "Are you going to bark all day little doggie? Or are you going to bite?"

Three Weeks Earlier...

The camera opens inside of the warehouse.  Pizza Boy stands shoulder to shoulder with Lynch as they both look forward at something or someone off camera.  Pizza Boy gapes with his eyes widened and his mouth agog.  Lynch doesn't look impressed.  If anything, her expression is one of blank annoyance as her eyes remain narrow and her eyebrows cocked.  PB blindly reaches out to tap Lynch on the shoulder.

PB: I-Is she OK?

Lynch: Yeah.  Barney, the cheapskate, he had her shipped over in a crate like a Russian bride.

PB: She looks peaceful at least.

Lynch: *sigh* Yup.  Hasn't left the box since coming in.  She's just bedded down in it like pet hamster.

PB tilts his head and lets a bemused smirk crawl across his face.  Lynch looks over and notices his expression.  Disgust fills her face as she pushes PB's resting hand off of her shoulder.

PB: What?! You have to admit it's kind of cute.

Lynch: She's 18! And your sensei! 

PB: I'm not saying I'd take her to prom...

Lynch: Which you could, BECAUSE SHE'S 18!

PB: I'm just saying she looks endearing all cozy and laid up like that, kicking her hands and feet in the air like a dog dreaming about running.

Lynch: Kinda like a cute little kid sister, huh?

PB: Oh since when were you such a prude? A guy calls a girl pretty and you suddenly turn into Chris Hansen?

Lynch: 18!

PB: And I'm 23.  It's not like it'd be illegal, and it's not like I'm doing anything more than musing.

Lynch: Don't be fooled by the cuteness kid.  When she wakes up, she wakes up, and she'll be ready to put you through the wringer.

PB: She's like a head shorter than me. Like, almost a foot shorter.  What possible damage could she do?

Lynch: How many people have said the same of you?

Pizza Boy's smile fades a little as Fertility cocks a smug, matter-of-fact, half-smile.

PB: Touche salesman.  

Lynch: This girl's been through some shit, including being shipped overseas in a crate.  She's more talented than you, tougher than you, and went through being an American gaijin in a Japanese dojo during her teens.  She. Will. Kick.  Your. Ass.  

PB: Okay, Okay! God! I was just making observations and mostly just messing with you.

Lynch: She's not here to be your love interest.  She's not here to be your friend.  When she's done training you to be a half-competent wrestler who doesn't have to nearly kill himself to win a match, she'll be done with you.  

PB: Did Barney, like, pay you to mother hen or something?

Lynch: Barney paid me not to kill you, and to bring you here to this warehouse on this date, and introduce you to this joshi, and so far I feel like taking the pay cut and putting a bullet through your head for OMERTA would be a more fulfilling endeavor.

PB: Then why give me these lectures?

Lynch: Because she is not your waifu.  You will respect her because I respect her. 

They both stare ahead in silence; Lynch seems wistful, and PB seems ready to piss his pants from Lynch's threats.  Dumb bravery, realization, and a hint of mischief suddenly glint in his eyes all at once.

PB: Did she kick your ass or something?

Without changing deadpan expressions, Lynch turns on her heels and lifts PB up by the collar.


PB: Chill! Chill! OK! God!

A young and pleasant yawn is heard off camera.  PB and Lynch cut their eyes toward the source of the noise.  The camera does a 180 to reveal a tiny young woman in a native-american wolf headdress converted into a hoodie vest stretching as she rises from a wooden crate filled with hay and sawdust.  Her big, wide, Disney like eyes dart from PB to Lynch.  A smile forms on her face as she chirps out a half-yawned greeting.

Rhea Dire Wolf: Kon'nichiwa!

PB: [in a hushed voice off-camera] Oh my god she's more adorable awake...OW!

Lynch: Keep it in your pants or I'll do more than hit it next time.

The camera fades to black on Rhea's whimsical smiling face as she watches Lynch commit acts of deserved violence on Pizza Boy off-camera.

To Be Continued...
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Post on May 25th 2017, 5:29 am by Keelan Cetinich (Online)
It’s like I’ve never left.
If only you could take the terrible parts of your wrestling career out of the history book. Imagine being retired and looking back on your life and seeing nothing but great things. No low points, only high. Nothing falling beneath obscurity; everything being all positive with no failures and only success. Being constantly thrown onto the top of the mountain without having the months and months of attempting to climb up it and falling down and having to start over. Just imagine if you could do that … opening up your historic career written in a book and whiting out the downfalls and the frustrations and the failures until it only shows the times where you were feeling above everybody else. The times where you stood tall with a championship across your shoulder or around your waist, or standing over one of your biggest enemies with a victory under your belt. Times where momentum got you a string of wins or a chain of rewards. Just imagine … because honestly …
How fucking terrible does that sound?!
You see if everybody had the ability to delete the bad parts of their career, then to me it would be a pretty boring career. I’ve talked to dozens of other wrestlers of my tenure in the industry and some of them wish they could do just this, and I just say to them, “why would you want to?”. I’ve had a revelation since getting back into the swing of things, and it’s that the lows you face define your highs. Not just in wrestling bit in your life you are supposed to screw up at times. It’s human nature. You can’t just erase it. You are supposed to fail. I spent most of this year wondering why I let myself get to the point of failing time and time again, and at that point I wished I could start from the end of last year again and try to do better. To win that number one contender’s match for the EAW Championship, to not let myself get a Crucifix Bomb off a railing from Ahren Fournier, to not lose to some guy named The Chef … THAT’S RIGHT, THE CHEF! But it’s all in the past now and you can’t change the past, but you can make your future. The best of us fail, but it’s the way we rebuild ourselves up again is what gets us where we strive to be.
And for me, things are almost full circle. I see this opportunity before my eyes. Another chance to show the world that this momentum missile isn’t a dud. Honestly I’m seeing this match against Maero I have this Sunday on Voltage as two shots in one. Just being on the Pain For Pride card alone is rewarding for me, and the 10th anniversary at that?! Honest to god it’s one of the most historic wrestling shows of all time. But as well, to be included in the 6 man Cash in the Vault Match would be something else. I know I’m still that risk-taker at heart, and it’s been awhile since I’ve showcased my daring motives and just how far I am willing to go for a shot at the big time. And honestly what better place to show them off at the greatest spectacle of all time? It’s a shot that I would be honoured and privileged to take part in, but in order to get there I have one roadblock in my way and that is you Maero. Maero the two of us are coming off very impressive wins from Fighting Spirit: London. You fought tooth and nail against Solomon Caine and you came out as a bloody winner … literally, a bloody winner. Maero I’m not sure if you remember the last time you and I competed in the same ring together … it was the Hardcore Invitational all those months ago. My first FPV match, which I ultimately won. Now, a lot has changed since then. You are definitely on the come up of your career right now. Hell you won the Hardcore Championship which was a great accomplishment to add to your career. But I hate to break it to you Maero, but adding Cash in the Vault holder to your accomplishments won’t be one of them. Maero you are about to step into the ring with a man who is poised and ready, because I have found myself facing another opportunity right now, and the past few months have shown that my run at chances have been a bit of a bust. But this is a new me, Maero and I am fired up. I know that not everybody in this company is going to be put onto that Pain For Pride X card, but I know that the EAW Universe wants me on it, and I can’t let them down. Not again. I just won’t allow it. I may be back on my winning ways again, but this is a win I need to secure myself back as a top contender on Voltage, and defeating you will not be an easy task in itself, but I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again. So you can come out and tell me you’re going to bring me everything you’ve got including your A-game but I will tell you now that it won’t be enough my friend. I know that there is somebody out there capable of stopping my current wave of driving power, but Maero it’s not going to be you. I think you’re an incredible, young talent with a bright future ahead, and I know you’ll be able to find your way on the Pain For Pride X card somehow. Unfortunately, it just won’t be the Cash in the Vault match. I’ll see you in Orlando.


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