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 EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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Norman Hellion


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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 10th 2015, 6:41 pm by Stark


The time of heroism and comedy has met its swift end. The man you’re looking at is no hero. He is no king. He is no savior. Stark, simply put, is a mercenary. The side of the law I fight for is the side of the law that benefits ME. I make no allies, but I promise that I will make many enemies. Like the wolves of the north, I am a lone warrior. And how fitting? Because come Reasonable Doubt, I am one of five men participating in a championship scramble to determine the new number one contender for the New Breed Championship. What I realized, with the whole Starkman charade, is that to make it in this industry, you have to be serious. The jesters and clowns don’t get further than their series of debut matches. The funny gimmicks don’t get anyone anywhere. I’ve realized that sooner than later, and saved my career before it died.

So where does Stark go from here? There’s only one road to the top. And that’s not the one where you reach the top right away and have nowhere else to look but down. I will make it, but gradually. And what better a first stop than the New Breed Championship? That’s my ticket to the top, and I’m not going to let anyone take it from me. This battle royal on Showdown shouldn’t mean anything. And it doesn’t. It’s merely a warm-up. This is an easy opportunity to show the world why Stark is the superior competitor of the six men in this battle royal, and once we get to Reasonable Doubt, then superior competitor in the championship scramble. Let’s face it, no one else has my ambition. No one has the heart, will, hope, but most importantly, the ABILITY that I have in order to succeed. And I’m talking about this wrestling federation as a whole, not just the men in this battle royal. Because these two upcoming matches are simply childs play. A warm-up before I get to Jamie O’Hara, to claim my rightful place as the King of my domain, to show the rest of the new guys that I mean business, to show the EAW brass that I have the ability to be the top guy, and to warn everyone on the roster that Stark means business, and that Stark is a dangerous man. Believe me, NO ONE ELSE has the ability I do, no one else can say they’re the full package on the mic and in the ring. And especially in this battle royal? The combination of the other five guys is the most pathetic display of so-called talent I’ve ever seen in my life.

Sure, Duncan, he’s funny, but he’s also good at getting his ass handed to him by our resident magician. And Nick Angel? A never-was hoping to be something big but everyone knows that he’s just a flash in the pan at best. He never made it before, and he’ll never make it now. El Landerson isn’t even worth talking about.

On the other hand, Vranchev and Venom have caught my eye. No, not because they scare me, but because they’re different. Different enough to be better than Stark? No. Different enough to stand a chance? Maybe. Vranchev is definitely an impressive specimen in the ring, hosting an impressive combination of agility and power. That’s not enough to intimidate me though. As they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and Vranchev will realize that no matter how impressive he thinks he is - once he’s tossed over the top rope of the ring and down onto the floor on Showdown, and again at Reasonable Doubt when he’ll be pinned to crown a new number one contender for the New Breed Championship - he’s no Stark. I embody presence, power, and ability. When Duncan and Landerson come out, people laugh. When Angel comes out… people still laugh. When Vranchev comes out, people cheer for a minute, then realize that he’s just ANOTHER big guy to try and fail. So where does that leave me? Venom. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything you’ve done, but I’ve heard the stories. You were a big guy, destined for greatness, and to some extent, you achieved it. That’s unfortunate though, because your dream of success will be stunted with great haste once you step in the ring with Stark and see that there is no comparison. There must be a reason you left, just as there is a reason your return will be cast with irrelevancy as soon as you step foot again in the ring. There is no room for anyone else to succeed while Stark stands in the ring, looking ahead at his destiny.

I will be the New Breed Champion. And no man can stop me.

Last edited by Stark (Phantom) on February 10th 2015, 9:03 pm; edited 1 time in total
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 10th 2015, 3:07 pm by Guest
**Maddie is seen backstage, not her usually happy self, she has a bruise on her face from the aftermath of her backstage altercation with Lethal last Saturday at Showdown, she is with a backstage reporter who asks her for her thoughts about Lethal and her recent actions, Maddie sighs and begins to talk**
Well first off, I just want to apologize I know I’m not my usually energetic self today; I’m still a little peed off about what happened on Saturday. Lethal has gone too far now. Attacking innocent people backstage who are just trying to work, it’s bad enough she didn't win fair in our match so she has to send me a message by beating people up? That's just wrong. And I understand this is wrestling and people are going to get hurt I understand that it's wrestling and injuries happen, but let’s leave the injuries in the ring shall we? Wrestling isn't about attacking people for no reason what so ever, well it shouldn't be about that. Lethal you want a challenge well you got one. You need to be taught a lesson Lethal. You can't continue to treat people like this and the reason you treat people like this is because you feel like nobody can stop you. Until now, I will do everything in my power to stop your reign of terror on the Vixens Division, and come Reasonable Doubt, I will make the Vixens Division fun again, because WHEN I beat you, you will learn to respect not only me, but everyone, and I will become the next Vixens Championship, a Championship I will hold in honor, and respect, unlike you. I know Lethal will probably come back at my statements by saying I can't do that, and I’m just a "dumb little girl" and that's okay she can do that, I mean who am I to her? She may not who I am and what I bring to the table, but mark my words she will soon know who I am. (Maddie notices someone walking by with ice cream she walks up to them) Oh my god where did you get that ice cream, I absolutely love ice cream! (The guy points to the cafeteria nearby) Oh my god, interviewer guy don't move, I will be back in 2 minutes! (Maddie runs off to get ice cream, the backstage reporter looks as confused as ever and says to the camera man, "we will cut this out right? Okay we will be back right after this ice cream break I guess")
(Maddie is back with her usually happy smile on her face, ice cream in hand) You want some ice cream interviewer dude? (No thanks, he says, now back to what you were saying about Lethal") Oh yeah! Lethal is a big bad bully. (Maddie takes a lick of her ice cream cone" Oh my god I just love vanilla ice cream! Look it has sprinkles on it! ("That's nice, well I guess we are done here" he says thank you for your time, he walks off and gives her a weird look) Bye interviewer dude! (Maddie looks at the camera, and begins to talk to the viewers) It’s funny how things work, today I woke up really upset and this ice cream cone made me realize that life is too fun to stay upset. You see if I am upset, then that means Lethal wins, she wants me to be upset, she wants me to crack and that way she can get in my head and make me lose. I will not allow that. Lethal I am still pretty upset about what you did, but you will not ruin my week because of it. (Maddie licks her ice cream cone) Ice cream is my happiness. Anyway I hope you all find your happiness and I hope you all have a great day, especially you Lethal, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I truly hope you find your happiness in life that doesn’t including hurting innocent people. But yeah I love you all and I’m glad you are all my friends, oh my god you guys want a lick of my ice cream?

**Maddie puts the ice cream on the lens of the camera, she lets out a laugh, hugs the camera, as the camera fades to black**
~Sakazaki Gaiden~
Episode 8: Enter, The Vixen Killer!

"I knew it....


.....I knew you would come and attack me sooner or later....


.....I shouldn't trust you at the first place.....

Tarah: Hey, you do know the reason why I decided to help you? Hell, you know the reason why I won’t come after you once I crush Cameron? Because I don’t look at you as an ordinary vixen. You’re so pretty and cute, but yet you are dangerous and feisty. Plus that attitude when we met for the first time… ooh, I liked that…. I see a lot of me in you. Kind of like a “mini-me”. I remember when I was just like you, young and naive.

......I never believe all those lies you say to me.....

Haruna: You heard me, you are overly proud of yourself because of that crappy victory you had against one vixen, I repeat, ONE vixen and you celebrate it like you’ve just won everything. Pity…. you claim yourself as a “Vixen Killer” but you don’t even know how to kill a vixen properly.

.....after all, I know what you'll do to me next after I said that......


.....but am I dead? is she successfully killed me? I don't think so.... this is just only the beginning for my new chapter. I actually want to put her as my last vixen added to my tally but now my winning streak is over so I think I should abandon that mission. But still, Tarah Nova must be stopped! and the right person to stop her.....is me!"

Haruna is seen laying on the hospital bed while reading her book. She then checks her smartphone and see there's a voice mail unread.


Yuriko Nishiyama: Hey, Haru-chan! I'm sorry I don't have time to see you again after that attack. I really have a tight schedule and even I try to spare my time to see you in the hospital, I still can't do it..... I hope it's alright for you. Anyway, about that attack, I'm sorry to see that happen to you. I even can't stand to take a picture of you getting ambushed by getting brutally attacked like that. I can't stand to see my best friend in pain like that. So I was hoping for you to be alright. Haruna, you must go on and keep running to reach your dream. I always wish all the best for your career. Good luck and I'll promise that we'll see you again!


Haruna smiles as she puts back in her cellphone and turn on her camera to say something and sighs before the camera starts to roll.

Haruna Sakazaki: Today I'm here laying in the hospital bed thanks to the disgraceful and dishonored ambush by the so-called "Vixen Killer". I exactly have no idea about that attack goes on me. I know she came and attack people because you seemed to lost your own dignity after Mr. Lucian Black crushed it. But really? repair your name by doing such dishonorable things like this? You think after what you've done to me yesterday suddenly fix up your "Vixen Killer" name that you've been proud of? No, you don't! you are no Vixen Killer! you are such a coward who attack a vixens at the back in front of her people! you are such a loser with no shame in yourself! and still, you can't kill a vixen properly! and oh, perhaps what causing me to be a lucky vixen who got ambushed from the back is because you offended with my word, hmm? ooh, poor little Miss Nova got offended by some words this new kid say to you.... hmm, you think everything seemed working according to your plan to kill Miss Ava but since my arrival, it somehow blurred your move? is that what you think, hmm? and now after you failed to kill a vixen, you're about to make another attempt to kill a vixen, and you're about to kill me? Now you got my attention, my dear.

Haruna Sakazaki: But let's not talking about the disgraceful Tarah Nova as we move to my match next Friday against a vixen whom Tarah Nova failed to kill. Cameron Ella Ava..... the Hall of Fame Champion herself, the Champion of all EAW legends. I heard that she is issuing a challenge to all of Hall of Famer to step inside that ring to fight her at Voltage Supershow. Yes, I truly admire her courage challenging every Hall of Famer and although I am new in here but I believe that is a proper way to defend the Hall of Fame Champion. Hall of Fame versus Hall of Fame, not Hall of Fame versus random vixen. I wish you a good luck for your match next week and leave this random vixen to me. Your business with her is done, I assume and right now she is about to take my eyes on her. but before we move on to our own business, we meet and face each other once again this week. I won't think about Tarah Nova right now and I will put all my attention in this match. I will focus in here to make me raise up from my first one-on-one defeat yesterday. I try to restore my pride after I disappoint my people by losing the match in my own homeland. and of course I don't want this thing happened for a second time. I am a strong lady who always keep my promise alive. I'm sure people will forgive me for one loss and I think two is too much. I don't want to disappoint the people even more.

Haruna Sakazaki: I know, Miss Ava really need this win so much to keep up her momentum for her Open Challenge at Voltage Supershow. But I also have a mission that.... well, perhaps Miss Ava won't see it as a mission and will think that her mission to win is more important than mine. My mission is to go back on track after my loss yesterday and I will show Tarah Nova that decided to deal with me is such a bad move for her. I'll show people that I am a dangerous vixen, even too dangerous to handle by a Vixen Killer. I will fight anyone who cross my path against me no matter who they are.... men, women, young, old, rookie, veteran or even a legend like Cameron Ella Ava, I will fight all of them with no hesitation.... and if they knocked me down, I don't want to stay down. I will keep getting up until I accomplish my mission. Which is why I cannot die. My fighting spirit and my willingness to fulfill my dream will always live on, even I already accomplish those dreams. It cannot be easily killed even a lady who called herself a "Vixen Killer" tries to kill it. Miss Ava, I know this will be just an exhibition match. it's just a showcase of of our skill. Even you will realize the crowd is still on our favor this Friday and I hope it won't be too intimidating to a Hall of Famer like you. I hope you can still use your full power to take on me because I will go in this match with my full force. the attack causing by Tarah Nova is not too serious so I still can fight you with everything I've got. So, Miss Ava, I looking forward for this match and I'll make sure that this match won't be my another "minus one" for my tally.

Haruna turns off the camera as she goes back to sleep.

"My match with Cameron Ella Ava is a proving ground to me that I'm not an ordinary vixen. I have the biggest fighting spirits in all among EAW vixen division. and soon after I successfully capitalize this victory, I am not only dedicated this win to all crowd who just got disappointed after my loss last Friday. I wil also dedicate this victory...... to you, Tarah Nova!"
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 10th 2015, 2:38 am by Guest
---The camera comes into focus on a man sitting at on a bail of hay the light is dim with only a lantern of sorts providing light for Brian Adonis, the setting looks to be a broken down old barn, the man sitting on the hay turns out to be Brian Adonis, he has a serious look on his face which is a lot different from the fun loving smile that he usually has---

You know I have worked my ass off day in and day out to get to EAW, I scratched and I clawed my way out of wrestling in high school gyms, halls, you name it I wrestled in it, backyards there is no limit. I did what ever I could to make a name for myself, it seems like I haven't done enough, you know I am usually a smiley kind of guy but not today. I got a phone call from EAW and surprise surprise I am not in a match for the second straight week. I will admit I handled it on the phone as professionally as I could, but when I hung up that phone I kind of broke down. Yeah I know what you're thinking I cried like a baby no I didn't cry like a baby, I will admit I did shed some tears that I ain't gonna lie to ya'll about but they weren't tears of sadness oh no sir, they were tears of frustration, tears of tire. What do I mean by tears of tire? I mean that they are tears from being tired of being stepped on at every turn by everybody, loved ones, bosses, everybody , I might as well paint welcome on my body because I've felt like a door mat these past two weeks I'll tell you that much. I'll also tell you Brian Adonis is not a door mat Brian Adonis is tired of being stepped on and kicked.

---The sound of what appears to be snapping can be hear as Brian Adonis starts to pack his can of chewing tobacco---

I saw the gold rush tournament matches for this week, I wasn't mad that I wasn't put in that I am not one to get angry for not getting a chance at a championship right away, I haven't earned that yet, I don't deserve that yet, I also don't deserved to be spit on two weeks in a row, I am not even apart of the show, it broke my hearts to hear for the second we in a row "we have nothing for you" nothing for me? it seems like you have something for everybody else but poor nice old Brian Adonis, well Brian Adonis is tired of being nice, I have come to notice that nice doesn't get you anywhere because it certainly hasn't gotten me anything these past two weeks. I have taken a lot of slack for so many years, these past two weeks have made me question why? Why am I letting them pushing me around why am I letting them throw me to the side, my reply was I don't know maybe I don't have a backbone, my I am justa bonified bitch I told myself Brian you ain't no bitch you're a man, you needa stand up for yurself man. I have been cheered, I am tired of being cheered maybe I need the motivation of being booed, being hated for me to succeed I need to changed not for the better of the people but for the better of Brian Adonis the only one who matters in this world now.

---Brian Adonis takes some of the chew out of the can and puts it inside his mouth on the inside of his bottom lip---

I guess it is true what they say nice guys seem to always finish last. I've been a nice guy for far to long, I think it might be time for a change, I ain't gonna go the nice route anymore, Brian Adonis is going to do what Brian Adonis wants, I am sick of the man telling me what to do and when to do it I am sick of the fans telling me how to act what to be. Until further notice Brian Adonis does for only Brian Adonis I ain't gonna pander to the crowd anymore. I was a broken man, now is the time for me to build myself back up I ain't playing games anymore I am tired of fun I am tired of being happy, it's time for business and it's time to be serious.

---Brian Adonis spits at the camera as the camera zooms out, the chewing tobacco outline can be seen inside his mouth in the dim light of the barn as the camera fades out---
(The room, lit by a single red lightbulb, is barely visible. Bits and pieces of broken silverware and glass litter the room. As the camera sweeps slowly around the room it stops its sweeping abruptly and rapidly turns around. Eclipse Diemos stares directly into the camera, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he lets out a drawn out shuddering breath. The camera is fogged up as he backs away, slowly clearing as he stops the swinging of the lightbulb.)

Welcome to my sanctum. Welcome to the only place on earth that anyone could consider themselves...safe...in my presence. This is home to me. Among these...shattered remnants of the past and my tortured present I remain. I remain here, not because I fear for the outside world, but because it reminds me of what I left behind when I embraced the darkness inside of me. This is the room in which all of my madness can be released into a simple...breath. A push into the open door of darkness. That is all I needed to be free from the horrible machinations of mankind. The chain of normalcy, and the binding of humility. I released myself from that slavery, but still I was condemned as a monster. So they put me away for being free, but they couldn’t keep me away forever. Now I’m free, but I’ve seen why I had to be locked away. I had to placed behind a prison of glass, in order to see the world reflected. Now I see. Now I see why I was locked away. I was locked away to prepare myself for the corruption of this world! For the lack of vision in this world! That’s why I have been prepared. That’s why I have come here...to deliver my message. My sermon starts with those that were unlucky enough to come and face me.

(He pulls away from the camera, slowly moving among the broken glass before removing two pictures slowly. He stares at them before drawing closer to the camera revealing the images to be of Kyle Smith and Daniel Marshall. He stares at the two of them before lifting the one of Kyle Smith up first, showing it directly to the camera)

I saw you, the rookie who was there when the calls were made. The smile on your face as you knew you were going to the big time. It disgusts me. You are the result of a world without the true message. You are empty. You will be forsaken by everyone you come to cherish and love. When you are broken...when you are dashed against the ground, feebly grasping for answers...I will stamp out the rest of your hopes and dreams. Then, and only then, will I pick up your lifeless corpse, and I will save you from this world that ruined you.

(He places the picture onto the table, before lifting up the image of Daniel Marshall. He seems to think about the image before tearing the picture, throwing it aside.)

You are beyond my saving. You, are one who has been so corrupted by the world outside, that you cannot understand my message. I will be wasting energy trying to teach you my message through my sermon (a grin moves across his face) but I will still do it. I will still show you the error of your ways, and listen to your cries of repentance with deaf ears. You will lament for your crimes...and remain broken. I’m ready, let the world tremble...for my message will not be for its peace...I will save this world...from itself.
Post Match Interview
Post on February 10th 2015, 12:49 am by Guest
-The camera turns on as we see Taven Crowe sitting with a towel over his head as a interviewer-

Interviewer: Taven, you came so close in your match with Maxwell Dachs tonight, yet you came out with another lose...how do you feel?

Taven: Well it's simple reall-

Interviewer: I mean it must feel bad knowing that every since you came here, you've yet to win a match. I know I can't speak from a wrestling standpoint but seriously, it's like your less of a wrestler and more of a enhancement talent.

-Taven stands up in anger and pushes the interviewer against the wall-

Taven: I really...REALLY hate people who tell me what I already know! Yes I've lost, so what? 9 times out of 10, no matter how many years you've been doing this, your always gonna lose your first couple matches in a new place. I've lost to people who weren't better than me entirely...just better than me for a instant in time. Nothing more.....nothing less....

-Taven releases the man, dropping him to the floor and grabs his bags-

Interviewer: *cough* *cough* Where are you going?

Taven: Home. I'm not on the next card, so there's no need to be here when I have nothing to do...might as well train for when I am.

-Taven walks out the door as the interviewer straights his suit-


-The interviewer stands up as the camera fades-

I possess a quality that people will kill to have and that is my fighting spirit. Fighting is something that not much people are born with, but they spend years and years trying to become a better fighter. I was born to be a fighter. It is the one thing that I have been doing in my entire career. There never came a day where I was not fighting for a place with one of the best EAW had to offer. I fought to be one of the best and I had my moments, where my fighting spirt was not good enough, but I continued to fight to make sure that the fighting spirts of other people were not good enough. There is a reason for why we fight. It could be to give a good name to our family names, it could be to redeem one’s self or it could be because they have come to the conclusions that there is nothing left that we can do. Listen here, I always fight for a reason. I am never one to start arguments with people without any logical explanation to it. When I fight, it is because there is a valid reason behind it that you should really look upon.

At the Voltage Supershow: Fighting Spirit, I have a reason for why I am fighting and that is because I want some fresh blood to fight. There have been many Hall of Famers that I have not had the privilege facing in the ring and I feel like we need to change that. I want to face someone that is already established and had a legendary career. I want to promise to be the Hall of Fame Champion that I have promised to be ever since I won the title back at Midsummer Massacre. I want to be a fighting champion that is willing to defend her championship against opponents that some would consider unimaginable. I want to prove to people that you can look like me and beat some of the best that EAW has to offer. I want to fight nothing, but the best that this company offers or has offered in the past! I do not want to settle for anything less and I want someone that is willing to step toe-to-toe with me in that ring. I’m asking for a lot, but I am not someone that likes to settle for anything less.

Fighting Spirit should not be in my mind, it should be on Voltage this week and I am facing Haruna Sakazaki in an Exhibition Match. When I think of matches like these, I like to see it as an opportunity to show anyone that would like to pay attention about what one can do to another in the ring. This is like a presentation of what our Vixens Division has to offer. I knew what Haruna has to offer because I faced her a couple weeks back and she has a victory over me. She knows what it feels to step into the ring with a champion, but I was not myself when I was facing her. This week, I have no distractions; what she will be getting will be the best of me. It will not just be an ordinary Cameron Ella Ava, but one even greater. It will almost be goddess level and she should know that it should be something that she should look out for. I’m here to present a message to any potential competition of mine and possibly the Hall of Famers watching at home that I am the real deal that I have the fighting spirit of a champion.

Haruna, I will not allow myself to be defeated again. I refuse to send the wrong message that the Hall of Fame Champion can easily be defeated because she can’t. Whoever faces me in the ring will be having the biggest challenge in their entire careers. It is not walk in the park when facing me, it is something that you are really going to earn, if you want to beat me. Look, I have nothing against you and I will like it to stay that way. Sure, this match means nothing at all and it will just be some fun wrestling; back and forth action between the two of us, but I take winning as no joke. If I want to win, then I will have to earn that win myself. I feel like you might want to earn another win against me. So, in order to do that, you might want to show some skill that has yet to be seen. Hopefully, I get that from you because I will be giving a lot more to you. At Voltage, I want a victory over you and I feel like you might be the perfect person to send the message to those that question about crossing my path. So, this shall be interesting…
Voltage promo #1: (Promo starts out in the locker room where The Franchise Demon is alone and in a dark room.)

"Oh Mr. Maxwell Dachs you made one hell of an impression with Mr. Keller by attacking someone like myself who hasn't made their debut yet. But my quest to become EAW World Heavyweight Champion still continues...You see my anger level my have grown in the past 48 hours but the anger I have right now will be taken out on you Charlie Scene. Once I get my hands on you I will crush you're soul. Charlie you're not even gonna make it home to Ohio this Friday in Japan because once I'm done with you, you're soul will be thrown down six feet under! Let the darkness continue....."
Voltage Promo #1 "Bleed it Out" Calliban... You have a lot to say because you think your funny, I've got something to say to you AND Jordan Ciserano... Next Friday, it's you with Ciserano as your manager, against my hunting buddy Maxwell Dachs. You think your so good coming off a win against The Nas and Donnie Diamond. I'll tell you something up front: you can curse all you want, it makes no difference to me OR Maxwell. You can savor your fun while you have it, we'll be Getting Away with Murder come Friday... Thank you
Aftermath of the tag team invitational
Post on February 8th 2015, 9:08 pm by Caliban
We are in the guerilla area Dachs and Keller blow past the cameras quick not stopping to gloat, we sit in silence for a minute and then suddenly Caliban tumbles through the curtain laughing hysterically stopping every now and then to seethe with anger 


Guy in the background: Cut the swearing please this is TV

Caliban: FUCK OFF, Look me and Jordy came here to compete tonight

In the background Ciserano falls through the curtain holding his head 

Caliban: We came here to show the world what it has coming to it and when we ask for competition we end up with 2 guys who do that? That was simply a shit show. Death By Velocity are competitors, we are athletes but if that is how our next challengers want to present themselves, they wanna go to war with us? They wanna stamp their small pointless little John Hancock on our legacy? HAH! NAH MATE FUCK THAT

He runs his hands down over his face breathing heavily 

Caliban: I dunno you're names yet but whoever the hell you 2 are, you wanna match We will give you a match, you wanna fight we will give you a fight but if you 2 want a war. We aren't in the business of long dragged out bullshit we finish off one pair of morons and move onto the next. If Daz and Kelly was it? 

Guy in the background: Dachs and Keller

Caliban: Right, If Dachs and Keller wanna bring it War style then there is only one way we know to counteract that. NEXT TIME IT WILL BE A MASSACRE BY VELOCITY.... INCOMING!
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-Taven is seen walking through the streets-

Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell...your absolutely right! Why would I ever think I'm on your level? I mean, I was always taught to never dumb myself down to the levels of those under me.

I've been a lot of things, but pathetic? That's one thing I've never been and never will be. All the words I'm hearing from you, are the same song and dance that I've heard for the past 19 years of my existance. I've learned to transmute the words that brought me suffering and disrespect into swords and daggers. You wanna know what happens when you add me with daggers and swords and people who look down on me Maxwell?

-Taven has a wild and sadistic smile on his face-

I take those weapons of war and stab them right into the throats of those wretched people! Maxwell, you think burning a damn crow feather means anything to me? All you proving is that you can effect things that can't fight back. I may be trash in your eye, but when I'm done with you...you'll be nothing more than a rotting corpse of a man.

-Taven smirks-

Look at it this way Max, now you won't have to worry about crows anymore...you'll be more concerned with the buzzards flocking around your flesh.
(The camera pans from the top to the front of North Central Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio. Out the front door walks Charlie Scene in a pair of old Timberland boots, gray sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He has a very different look than the last time he was seen in EAW, with spiked hair and tattoos all over his body. Charlie has a nasty scowl on his face as he walks out of the buildings front door and is approached by Scotty McDobson, an african-american broadcasting analyst for WTOL Toledo News.)

Scotty McDobson: Ladies and gentleman we are about to get the first words from Charlie Scene, formerly known as "Goodluck" Charlie in EAW, tag team partner of the current World Champion Tyler Parker. He has been incarcerated in this prison located in Marion, Ohio for the past 17 months and we have the exclusive first look at him! Let's see what he thinks and what his plans for the future are!

(Scotty walks up to Charlie who is counting his $75 gate pay. Scotty sticks his hand out for a shake and Charlie just stares at his hand.)

Scotty: Charlie, it's been forever since we have seen you! How have you been.

Charlie: In prison.

Scotty: ... Okay, well what are your plans for the future? Gonna take a stab at EAW again?

Charlie: I'm gonna take a stab at you if you don't get the hell out of my face you damn coon.

Scotty: Whoa! Charlie no need to get racist with me, just trying to report for all your fans.

Charlie: All my fans? Haha, Scotty did you see me when I just walked out that door? I had nothing with me, no mail. Not one letter while I was in there. My fans? They don't exist. I have no fans, out of sight, out of mind with these people. Wrestling fans are the most pathetic people I have ever seen, and I've been locked up with baby rapists for the last year. Scott, as far as I'm concerned, all my "fans" can rot in hell. I haven't had a fan in 17 months and I don't need them now. But, to answer your question, I am coming back to EAW. I am owed something that I got stolen from me by the judicial system of this country and I plan on getting what is owed to me. 

Scotty: What's owed to you? What would that be?

Charlie: Glory. Respect. Everything I was on the fast track to back in the summer of 2013 before all this started. I should be the one that is a multiple time world champion, Synergy was the greatest team ever put together in EAW and it's a damn shame that things played out the way they did. Tyler Parker and I were the most promising athletes on this roster and it was all ripped away from me, while Tyler got to go on and become the World Champion, twice. That's not fair. It was clear to everyone I was the top dog of Synergy, I was going to be the one making the money, my face on billboards and posters, my name synonamous with championships and I would be the man these people want me to be. Instead, they hung me out to dry and left me there. They forgot my face, forgot my name, they couldn't care less if I died in there and they buried me under the prison! What kind of people are they? Where I come from, we look out for people in need, we help our friends. These people are just selfish and self-centered. Tyler Parker, the one everyone loves to cheer, the "great guy" he is, he even forgot about me. Tyler Parker was my best friend, and I never heard shit from him. He's just like everyone else, selfish and self-centered. I'm not here to get revenge for not getting any letters or no one answering my phone calls, that's all petty stuff. What I am coming back to EAW for is prove to the world that Tyler Parker was NOT the better half of Synergy, that Charlie Scene is the top of the pop around here and I can promise you, on Jason Hurley's grave, before my run here is over, you will all forget every name but mine. I will become what I should have been so long ago, what Tyler Parker took from me, and that's the best in the world. 

Scotty: Well Charlie, I just got inside information from EAW that you will be placed on the Voltage brand, and I'm not sure if you're aware of this but Tyler Parker is the champion on Dynasty. What are your thoughts on this?

Charlie: I'm not surprised EAW wants to keep us seperated. Look Scotty, I've made alot of changes since being in here, ALOT of changes. I have become a ruthless, cold-hearted shell of a man. Have you ever bloodied a man over twenty one cents? Have you ever ever pulled someone from a top bunk in the middle of their sleep to watch their heads splatter on the concrete because earlier that day he looked at you in some kind of way? More importantly has Tyler Parker, or any of these so called "ruthless" elitists in EAW ever fought ten apes because of the color of their skin? No, none of these people have experienced what I have, so before it even starts this is what's gonna go down when I get to EAW. First, I'm gonna run through everyone that even tries to stand up to me, if you want some work, I'm the right one. Then I'm gonna win championship after championship, match after match, honor after honor until finally NO ONE will be able to forget about me ever again. I will be the face of EAW. Tyler Parker, watch your back, son. We aren't friends anymore. 

Scotty: Anything else Charlie?

Charlie: Two 8's.

(Charlie walks to a GMC Sierra truck in the parking lot, gets in and drives away as you hear "fuck the police" by Dope playing through the stereo system)

Scotty: Two eights? What the hell does that mean?

(Scene fades to black)
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Part of Xavier Williams respected me. So that means you don't respect me anymore right, Xavier? You know what? I'm an idiot. I should have powerbombed Tarah Nova off that stage when I had the chance. Regardless if you accepted to face me or not because, Xavier, I would have your respect if i did. And because truth be told you deserved to suffer and see HER suffer like I have throughout all these years. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Dark Demon didn't brought me into anything I brought MYSELF into The Council. Because it was the best decision to make at the time for my career. I didn't consider any of you my family or my friends. And I had no reason to. You were just using me like I was using you. Demon was going to stab me in the back as soon as he got the chance. But he didn't... because I stabbed him in the back first! I abandoned The Council and embarked on a quest of my own. I knew not all of us could go down in history. I knew some of us would fade away while others would go on to become everything they aspired to be. I got to hand it to you, Xavier. You were smart, you did the right thing when you left The Council. It's a shame I didn't do it sooner. And it's a shame you aren't that smart anymore. If you were you wouldn't have gotten in my way. You wouldn't have spoiled my plans at Road To Redemption... And you wouldn't have accepted to face me. I never intended to just recreate my career, I intended to recreate this company. To save it from what it became. But then I came to realize that you don't deserve to be saved. Not after everything you did to me. You think i forgot?  Since day one EAW has made me out to be nothing but a joke. Somebody who didn't have what it took to take that next step, somebody who wasn't deserving enough to hold a championship belt and had to prove himself to be good enough to be on your roster. But I proved myself. Time and time and time and time again as a matter of fact.  I did everything I was asked to do. I shed blood, sweat, and tears inside of your ring to make their money worth, to put a smile on their faces and send them home happy. I contributed to the success of this company more than ANYBODY from my generation did. And what do I get in return? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING. You exiled me from the land of elite. You overlooked my legacy, diminished my accolades and excluded my name from the history books. You didn't give me anything in return so I had to take it for myself. I had to take my title shot and I did. What happened at Dishonorable Justice wasn't supposed to happen, NOTHING that has happened during the past few months was supposed to happen but it did now I got to face the concequenses of my actions.

 It's time.. Several months ago I said the truth would unfold in due time. Well, NOW is that time. The truth is I fooled you all... I fooled you just like the serpent fooled Eve. I beguiled you, I created this "Man Of Honor" persona to earn your trust. And it worked perfectly well-I made you believe what I wanted you to believe, I made you do what I wanted you to do. I got all of you in the palm of my HAND. I am the MASTER OF PUPPETS! I don't really care about any of you and I certainly don't care about "honor".  I'm a man without scruples and I am PROUD of that fact. I have always been and I will always be until my heart plays it's final beat. I didn't come back to EAW to save the day and ride into the sunset going down in history as a hero. No, no, no, no, NOO! You aren't worthy of salvation. I returned to the land of extreme to exact my revenge on all of you. I even explained what my true intentions were when I came back, before I designed this disguise. Don't you remember, EAW? You're just as stupid as I thought. Now, tell me, who's the  joke now? All of you are. You were right, Xavier.. You were right ALL along. I AM THE VILLAIN OF THE STORY! But my revenge is incomplete without the World Heavyweight Championship. I decided to demonstrate all of you how stupid you are earlier than I expected because Mr. DEDEDE, Tyler Parker and you Xavier Williams all  spoiled my plans. That's alright.. At some point in the future we will meet again and when that day comes I will make sure they regret ever crossing paths with me. It's not over yet, it won't be over until I am your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION and you have no option but to KNEEL BEFORE ME. I'll make you all suffer just like you made me suffer. There's a dark cloud hanging over all of EAW not just Xavier Williams, not just  your beloved World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Parker, ALL OF EAW. The end is near. As I promised CHANGE is here. The self-destruction of Lucian Black has commenced. You guys have no idea how LONG I have been waiting to do this.  This is exactly what I wanted, Xavier. What's going to change on Dynasty? Nothing because I just changed the entire landscape of this company.  You got lucky at King Of Elite, Xavier. You know that as well as I do. You will headline Pain For Pride??? Do you have a crystal ball or something? Are you a magician? You're not. What you are is a second rate elitist who isn't even in my league. I don't have to prove anything to these people or to you, you hear me?? I have proven myself more times than I can count. I have proven myself worthy of headlining Pain For Pride, but if you want me to prove myself worthy again by beating you... Your wish is my command.
Dynasty Promo #2

The Road to Madness

Part 2

(Promo start out with Dachs sitting on the stoop of a building. He is looking down and playing with with a crow feather.)

Oh Taven. So naive, thinking I care what you have to say. Like I said I don’t care about you. Taven, I’m not going to even talk about the idiotic things you said. It sounds like the sad cries for help from an isolated teenager. I find it quite amusing. That you of all people think that you’re on my level. You try to hard to be edgy, it makes me cringe. It’s… just so pathetic. Thankfully, I’m done with you Taven. I’m focussing on much larger prey. You’re just like your namesake, a crow. (he laughs maniacally.) A BLACK DISEASE RIDDEN PEST! YOU’RE TRASH TAVEN. (more laughing) AND I’M THROWING YOU AWAY! (He stops laughing.) I’m not hunting for petty trophies like crows. No… I want to hunt a beast. (An image of Dachs behind Mr. Cuddles quickly flashes.) A. Mad. Beast.

(Dachs starts laughing again. Dachs stands up and pulls out a lighter. He sparks the lighter and burns the crow feather. He stops laughing as he is consumed by watching the feather burn. He tosses the feather to the side while its burning. Dachs streches his arms out and looks up, smiling. It begins to rain. The camera zooms out and you can see the building’s name on the sign over the stoop. It reads “St. Mary’s Mental Institution.” Once again the image of Dachs behind Mr. Cuddles flashes again and the image cuts off in static.)
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(TLA is shown at a club in Guatemala City partying with sexy babes.)

TLA: Awww yea we up in Guatemala where only the finest bitches live. Y'all know imma fuck them all and y'all can watch while I---

(Suddenly the feed cuts to black.)






(Static flashes across the stream before a blinking green cursor appears. It begins to type.)












(The screen briefly goes black before grainy footage begins to air. A man in a suit can be vaguely made out speaking with another man wearing a jeweled crown around his keffiyeh.)

Man 1: We do not believe he is ready. Do you agree?

Man 2: Certainly. Mustafa understands one hundred thousand percent. He is not ready. However, many others appear to disagree with you and you cannot argue with his results...

Man 1: It's not about results or public opinion. We have the Elite Era to consider. 

Man 2: Say you do not put him on the King of Elite show. Mustafa suggests that would remove any potential for this disaster you speak of.

Man 1: Yes... I will see if I can make that happen. However, we must remain cautious. Therefore your client will not participate in the King of Elite show either. However...

Man 2: Mustafa has no clients. Only friends. Indeed Mustafa has many friends and connections in places you could not even comprehend. Such is his vast influence. But Mustafa agrees to your terms on a further condition.

Man 1: Name it.

(The feed cuts to black as the green cursor once again begins to type.)


(Grainy footage again appears this time in a store filled with t-shirts, shoes, and other merchandise all plastered with the "Elite" logo. The two men this time are joined by a third who paces behind the counter.)

Man 3: You want how many?

Man 1: As many as we say. We have to do this the right way.

Man 3: So the design should be a meteor? I think I can handle that... But are you sure it will sell?

Man 1: Of course. A meteoric rise and all that... I am also considering "Mexican Sensation". Could you get a design for that?

Man 3: Hmmm... Seems a little old school. Marketing on nationality hasn't exactly worked since the early 90s but I suppose this is for a target demographic.

Man 1: Yes yes Dynasty is currently touring Latin America and while we may have missed the Mexico portion of the tour, well it's all the same right? Better late than never I say.

Man 2: Oh Mustafa is so appalled. It is not at all the same Mustafa declares! Mustafa says your ignorance is as a plague on this world. We must tailor make each design for each country! 

Man 3: I can't exactly do that... I mean how many do you even want?

Man 1: As I said... as many as we say. But I am reasonable enough to know that you will not have time for all of these so just work on those two for now...

Man 3: You got it buddy. Now what about the Russian?

(The first two men look at each other briefly before they walk away. The third man writes the ideas down on a notebook before greeting a customer. The feed fades to black. The green cursor appears yet again.)

COMMAND_LINE: REVIEW_ENTRY(Entry.LatestEntry()).TerminateOnReview();


(The first two men are shown once again this time in an office setting. The first man is sitting at a desk as the second paces frantically.)

Man 2: But the Russian lost... Mustafa says surely he is no threat?

Man 1: We did not anticipate him. However, his loss may be our gain. The champion may fit our design far better than your "friend" will.

Man 2: We had a deal. Need Mustafa remind you who you are dealing with?

(The first man stands up and gets in Mustafa's face.)

Man 1: Are you threatening me? I kept my end of the bargain... can I say the same for you? TLA failed last week.

Man 2: No... Corrupt was...

Man 1: Christopher Corrupt interfered... yes yes I know. However he is not the problem here. I have no doubt that Tiberius Jones is on to us, how will we control him then? So far he has remained thoroughly uncontrollable, yet the plan remains on course. The only saving grace is that we may keep him on a cycle of repetition, keeping him exactly where we need him to carry out our plans. However this won't last...

Man 2: Mustafa advises patience. This week will remove any doubts you still hold for Mustafa. Mustafa will produce results.

Man 1: You had better. If not our deal is over and we will be proceding in a new direction one that will not involve you or anyone associated with you. This is your last chance.

Man 2: Mustafa requests you remember those words. As well as remember, that for someone as cautious as yourself... you are not the boss of anything... and you cannot afford to have any more enemies.

(The second man leaves as the first man sits back down behind the desk. The feed fades to black.)


(Static interference takes over the feed before cutting back to the club where TLA is flanked by two hot Guatemalan girls.)

TLA: So Tiberius Jones, while I respect you, I have no issues with dishing out an asswhipping to you as many times as it takes! So what if we have to fight two weeks is a row, I'll fight you a million times until I demolish you! Just like I'm gonna demolish these bad bitches later tonight!

(TLA slaps one of the girls on the ass as they both run back onto the dance floor.)

TLA: Aren y'all think you are some determined motherfucker? That you got more game than The Sexual Panther? We gonna see about that brah. We gonna put that to the test, cuz let me tell ya... I am determined to win my first championship in EAW and prove that I have never nor ever will be a fluke. Which is why when I beat you I will do so through raw skill. I refuse to have any excuses made about my victories. I will not leave any doubt. Last week, Christopher Corrupt left the result of my match with Tiberius Jones in doubt, this week I will remove any left. Both Aren Mstislav and Tiberius Jones are confident in their claims to the number one contendership. Many have said I have the weakest claim. I disagree. The people have spoken, EAW management has spoken, it's clear I ain't anybody's favorite. But fuck them all. The hype si real. You will see exactly why this week. Tiberius Jones... Aren Mstislav... it's on and...


(The feed terminates.)
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-A camera cuts on as we see Taven Crowe sitting on top of a building, looking down on the chicago skyline-

Maxwell, if I had a dollar for every little shit like you who thought they could get to me by way of my background, I could buy this entire company out 3 times over. You’re in dire need of a reality check if you think I’m going to act as a sacrifice of sorts to send a message to anyone. I’ll be damned if I let some cryptic version of Bear Grylls use me as a platform to stage their 15 minutes of fame!


I'm a honest dude, and your right about somethings: My father was never around and if he died tomorrow, you wouldn't see me at the funeral...I was made fun of for being "different" as a child, but the only way I was "different" was because I perfered to be myself before any and everything.

You say that nothing I do can scare you, yet I care not for your fears...you say I don't excite your usual cravings that you get when you hunt? That's because your brain is trying to warn you that this prey is really your natural predator. You say your the face of fear? Fear is nothing more than a illusion used to try and tempt the souls of the youth from wrongdoings...I've never bought in to it, so I don't see why I should start now.

I'm not some stoic badass nor am I a psycho, I don't come from a padded cell. I'm simply a man with a warrior's mentality from Chicago who believes perception is reality...and what I see is your prone corpse on the ground when I leave my boot print on your skull!

The title "Urban Legend" is not a masquerade, but a state of mentality. To be one means that your exploits give hope to the future, and after 10 years in this artform we call wrestling...I think I've done a damn good job.

Maxwell, your "war path" is set to end just as it begins. I've never thought violence was the right answer unless used against heathens and wanna be monsters like you. 

I think the lovely sound of your voice whimpering in agony will go nicely in the symphony I call...The Crowe's Cry...

-Taven starts to laugh deeply before he stops and his monotone voice is refocused-
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Dynasty Promo
They say throughout this business that respect is something that is never given, but, that respect is always something that needs to be earned. Whether I would have liked to admit it or not, part of Xavier Williams actually respected Lucian Black. Truth be told, he’s part of the reason why I’m in the position that I am today. While he’ll go out on a limb to profess to the world that the reason I am in this position is because of the fact that I ripped every opportunity out of his grasp, like the selfish little spoiled brat that he likes to call me, but he’s wrong. It goes back to the moment that Dark Demon brought Lucian Black into our family known as Demon’s Council. We all understood that not everyone in our family was going to be able to survive in the long run; that sooner rather than later, we’d eventually begin to fade away, while we watch the others shine in the spotlight that we all craved. Lucian Black was the man that was trying to recreate the career the world once believed he was going to have, when he was walking into the first Answers World Championship match against Y2Impact. Eddie Mack was trying to erase the failure which will always plague his career, after failing to successfully cash in the very briefcase I have now and well, what I was? I was the kid that was still getting his feet wet in this company. I was the man that should have dwindled away into nothing, but rather than allowing that to happen, I used Lucian Black and Eddie Mack to get better. I watched everything that did and had the intention to walk out and prove why I was the guy that world should be watching. I would walk out with the intention of proving why I was the man that should be standing in the position that I am now. Every time I walked out and watched them fail; every time I watched them walk out and fall just short, I made sure that I would walk out and succeed. That’s one of the things that always used to drive me and it was always something that allowed me to take another step forward. At Dia Del Diablo, I walked out with Eddie Mack and had the intention of proving why I was better than he was and single-handedly, systematically picked apart Dynamite Rain, a team that considered one of, if not the greatest tag team in this company’s history, until Eddie Mack allowed the match to fall through his grasp and proved how feeble he actually was.
I did all of that until the perfect opportunity presented itself to step out of the last shadow that lingered over my career: I cost Dark Demon the championship that he would have given the world to retain. I walked out and finally created the spotlight that I deserved. After all the main events; proving that I was good enough to stand toe to toe with the likes of Heart Break Boy, Hades the Hellraiser and Zack Crash; I could finally say that I stood at the top of this company as one of the best that it had in its possession. It never mattered to who has stood in my way; whether it was Mr. DEDEDE, Dark Demon, Diamond Cage, Devan Dubian or Lucian Black, one man was always the last standing: Xavier Williams. But Lucian, with all that being said, this is what you wanted, isn’t it? You wanted the opportunity to end that war that we’ve been having for months, right? You got it. You got what you wanted, but when it comes right down to it, Lucian, what’s going to change on Dynasty? Throughout the week leading into King of Elite, you professed that you were going to destroy me, but what happened? After everything you did; after everything that you put me through, when it was all said and done, my arm was the one being raised in victory. So when it comes to this week, what do I have to prove? I have nothing to prove. After Dynasty, I’ll continue to keep taking steps forward. I’ll move onto the Main Event of Pain for Pride. I’ll continue to take steps towards prosperity, while you continue to fade away into the nothing; because Lucian, this is it for you. This is the last opportunity you have to prove that you’re able to recreate the career these people once believed you were going to have.  So you make sure that what you did on Dynasty was worth it. Make sure that threatening to break the neck of quite possibly, the last person I actually care about in this business was worth it, because in doing so you’ve given yourself your own death sentence--- and Lucian, I have the honor the playing the executioner. But part of me believes that you already know that. As you wanted, this war is going to end on Dynasty, but it’s not going to end the ways that you’ve imagined. As you said, people aren’t remembered for the battles that they’ve lost, but for the wars that they’ve won and Dynasty, Lucian, I add another feather to my cap.
Oh this is the time I’ve been waiting for. This is the time that finally I get what I want. My title is in my sight, the title that has, just for the sake of being cliché, been corrupted by Chris’s hands. This man is nothing more than scum, hell he showed it last week on Dynasty when he attacked Tiberius Jones, and TLA, he showed it when he tried to excuse his gutless act of retreat as a way of getting into my mind. He even showed it at Athens when he used my name as an example, and was scared chicken-shit to even face me in that ring, to face what was coming with him. Now this week I have a chance to make sure that I am able to get my hands around that scrawny little neck of that man, but first I have to go against the most promising men I have seen or even been in the ring with. Am I afraid, no? Am I worried, no? The only one here that should be afraid is the man who has to face either me, TJ, or TLA. Because let us face it if it wasn’t for Corrupt proving that he can’t beat me fairly, then I wouldn’t be here trying to secure the rematch that I deserve. Hell if anyone deserves this match it IS me, I am due to a rematch for that is the champion’s way. Tyler got his rematch against me, Hades got his rematch against DC, and so on and so on. Have you heard these men, have you heard how they drivel, how they just stammer, and, trip over what they say. They are talented in the ring, they are talented when push comes to shove, but they are not ready to have a shot at the belt.

For example let us look at Tiberius Jones. TJ here is complaining. Complaining that his little ole mist is banned. Complaining that he has already beaten TLA so why should he be given a chance. Complaining about Corrupt interrupting, though that one I can get. TJ you can be mad about everything, you can be blue about everything and anything in this company. But you are in a sense right. Nothing has changed. EAW has tried to make the transition to Elite but still people find loopholes. Like you said you have Ares beating Ryan for the Pure Championship, Cage beating Hades for by propping his feet on the rope, and I got robbed by Corrupt who had used the illegal maneuver of uncovering the turnbuckle’s steel ring. Yes I “feel” you TJ, this company has not been able to transfer to the Elite no matter how hard they try. But true that it may be it is unbecoming of you Tiberius to complain, moan, and groan about anything. You are a great wrestler and have done so much for a person who has been in this company for a small time. You had everything against you with the likes of Cleopatra, and the likes of Kevin Devastation. And look at you now, in contendership for a title. Another item to add to the list of accomplishments. But with a man who has done nearly everything, and of your caliber, this complaining is unbecoming. You ended a man’s career for God’s sake and you are still not satisfied. All because of the mist being banned, all because of the company still not being perfect. And after everything you have said I still cannot for the life of me take you serious. You come at me and the great country of Russia with threats. Threatening to make my beatdown graphic to make me and Russia feel embarrassed. But all I got from you was nonstop complaining, nonstop bitching, and the image of a man who is not yet ready to have a title around his waist. This company is not perfect, but unless you have an epiphany, you are just as messed up as EAW. Wake up and let the light finally hit its mark, or God only knows how long your career will last.

With the man who ended a career, to the man who started his career anew I only have this to say. TLA should you beat me, I want you to end Corrupt. I want you to humiliate this man who you had been the lackey to for before, and the way he repaid that debt was taking you out along with TJ in your match. But that is if you beat me. I will admit ever since you have gotten rid of the mask that you had donned to be Pantera Negra, your skills have increase immensely. The only sad thing that you should have gotten rid of along was Mustafa, but hey I’m glad you aren’t as naïve as you were before. Now you are unexpected, now you are someone I want to fight. Because unlike TJ you have only given me a little doubt. You are still an immature man, but I can look past that. You are not denying our talents, you are ready to make that arena explode. And I am ready to give you the match of your life. TLA I can go on and on about how you are thug, or a wannabe thug who uses a steroid injected pitbull to get people to fear you, but that would only be half the truth. Even when you were Pantera Negra you had skill. But however you are mistaken TLA. Your new age “lucha shit” is not what is going to beat me, hell you ARE going to have to bring more than that to the table. You are going to have to bring something other than a skill you had a dream about, you are going to have to bring the best that TLA can bring. Leave your threats of Deportation, because that does not affect me. Hell do it I’ll show up on Showdown and show them what true talent is. You could be ready for this title, but you are looking for revenge and retribution, I am looking for what was mine. I am determined to make Corrupt my bitch, I am determined to make my title mine again. Your determination is little compared to how driven I am.

So boys you better bring your skills and talents that I have seen transpire through the months and months you have been here. Because nobody wants a one-sided match on their hands.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 6th 2015, 11:57 pm by MTM
I'm a tiny pebble on your rocky road, Evan? Like I've never heard that before. I suppose that you could say that I'm just a stepping stone to you. Think what you like but I'm anything but a has-been. You'd be shocked to know that I'm actually just ending my rookie year so before you think you can just come out here and label any Elitist you want as a has-been, do some research. Like I said, I'm still in my rookie year and I've already won the Interwire Championship even after brutal attacks by Vic Vendetta and Moonlight Predator who, by the way, you seem to have an uncanny resemblance to. Say what you want about it "not being a world title" if you wish, but it's probably the best start a man could have here. The Interwire Championship is the most prestigious mid-card belt in all of EAW and we're lucky to have it on Showdown.

While the words that have come out of your mouth have been... interesting, to say the least, I'm glad you finally plucked up the courage to talk. My only problem has been that you make the same rookie mistakes as everyone else that starts out here and I'm not just talking about the rocky road. You've made yourself look a fool by calling your opponent another has-been, you're making promises that you certainly can't keep, there's no basis for some of what you're saying, the list goes on. Fanfare, cheering, booing, chanting, none of that changes what I do. All I do is what I'm best at and that's wrestle. The fans have a right to their opinion and, no matter what, I'm going to let them share it. While I don't always know what their opinion is, when I came back to kick Scott Oasis' ass after his match at King of Elite, I'm 100% sure they were hoping I kicked his teeth in and got back what was mine. That's not a reaction that just anybody gets. A "has-been" wouldn't get that large of an ovation. Meanwhile upstarts like you have yet to even earn a taste of it. Like you've stated, no one knows who you are yet.. but you don't want them to know you as a hypocrite. You see, I may have just caught on to something you didn't expect me to. One moment you're explaining how you know this isn't going to easy, the next you're making out that myself and anyone else you face are nothing more than stepping stones. Real smooth. That just proves that you don't know what you're talking about. That's going to bite you in the ass real soon. Honestly, I think I'd rather be facing Starkman right now instead of Evan Stark. It seems as though he prefers to fight than to talk which I can definitely agree with. Fighting is a lot more fun than having to listen to your opponent spew nonsense like it's the word of God himself. I'm sure we can both agree on that, Evan. Right?

Maybe not, with that bipolar attitude of yours. You try to rally up the fans as you start but then quickly change attitude and push them all away. What's up with that? Although, as you've already made clear, the world title contenders around here aren't exactly the sanest bunch. I suppose you'll fit in quite well.. if you make it that far. By all means, I'm not here to stop you. I'm just here to beat some sense in to you and prove this injury isn't a problem... but someone will try and stop you sooner or later and you're going to need to be ready when that happens because if you don't you'll just end up like all the other no-names that couldn't keep up with the crowd. Oh, and since you think that nobody cares about me, I guess I should remind you just why you should. You and I are going to have a lot of fun tomorrow night. That, I can assure you.
[The scene begins with Tarah Nova sitting in a dark room thats only lit by a candle while she stares at an grandfather clock. The camera shows her watching the hands on the clock move around its face by each minute. After the hands both hit 12:00, Tarah closes her eyes as she listens to the sound from the clock. ]

~Tik tok. Tik tok. Tik tok.~

Oh Time. Its always passing us. By Hours. Minutes. Even seconds. They all pass by as this cruel world continues to spin. Sometimes I feel like time will one day stop, then slowly start to spin backwards and I could finally show people that its my time. But sadly, it won’t and everyone will continue to speak. Its like nails on a chalkboard to me, ya know. Always waiting for that moment for everyone to just shut up. Thats all I heard for the last few weeks. Nails on the chalkboard. That sound also reminds me of you, Cherish. Its the sound I hear everytime you open your big mouth. You waste your time talking about nonsense. Nothing but nonsense and its driving me crazy. Maybe even more crazy then you are. You see, I know that I haven’t been living up to my name. I know I haven’t been the best Vixen I can be. I failed. The better Vixen won I guess. I understand that. Last week I was sat down with one of EAW’s Doctors and he asked me if I felt bad about anything I have done in the pasted three months. Do I feel sorry about attacking Cameron so many time? I only looked up at him and said why. I mean why should I feel bad about showing the EAW universe what she truly is. She was nothing but the two faced bitch and I showed everyone her true colours. She doesn’t deserve that Championship and I will always stand by that. Though, I do regret one thing I have done, Cherish. I told him I regret not hitting you harder with that Ladder before King of Elite.

[Tarah slowly leans back in the chair and lets out a calm sigh.]

Cherish, my sweet little psychopath, if I wanted you dead...you would be dead right now. You would be 6 feet under like the other Vixens that has graced EAW over the past year. I have wiped out most of them here alone. The only one that has ever gotten away from me was Cameron. But you? Do you feel special that you walked out of that match with only pain? Do you THINK your magical just because you're still standing after that match with me two weeks ago? Ha. Its pointless to think that way. You're not magical. You're not better than me. You're nothing but a simple little girl, Cherish. You can say that death is your alia. Hell if thats the case, then I guess fear is mine. Its plain as day that you have nothing against me. No armor, no trick up your sleeves that will help you win this match. The only thing you have on me is that fact that I lost my championship match at King of Elite. Other than that its nothing. For the past few weeks, I have been slowly cracking and breaking and losing the last of my mind I have left. Our match...[Tarah stops and smiles weakly] Our match this week will be the beginning of road to redemption for me. I may be broken, angry and down right insane but I know that in the end...one way or another...I always win.   

Believe that.

~Tik tok. Tik tok. Tik tok.~

[The clock rings out again as Tarah lets out a chuckle then leans over, blowing out the candle.]

(Scott Oasis is seen pacing back and forth in the EAW studios with his belt in his hand. He seems to be pretty amped about his upcoming match.)

It's about that time ladies and gentleman! Brian Daniels is here to make his return to in ring action once more! Yes, that pitiful little cockroach has chosen to rear his ugly head yet again but not only that it seems he has a lot of slanderous comments to say about me. What were some of them again? Oh yeah...he thinks that I'm just a coward. I must ask what makes me a coward, was it me pinning Zach Genesis after Nick Makarov hit the stunner? That doesn't make me a coward, that makes me a person with common sense. I had nothing to do with Nick's actions, in fact I was fully prepared for him to screw me and Zach said he would have gladly picked up the pieces, so if anything I consider it karma. Even if this truly was wrong, what exactly did you expect me to do in the situation? Was I supposed to pick him back up and let him rest like an idiot and undo all of the time I put into working him over that entire match? Pinning him was the only real option and let's be honest here, I know for a fact if you were in my shoes and that win was left right in front of your face with a nice little bow on it your ass would have crawled on over for the pin without a second thought. My actions were nothing more than an a person taking advantage of opportunities presented to him, I'm not trying to protect my reputation or whatever nonsense you tried to claim. 

Let's get a bit more into that, shall we. You say I've been attempting to build up some sort of BS façade around myself in order to portray myself as this monstrous, cold blooded killer. Listen here, I'm not trying to pretend to be anything, this is just how I carry myself. There's only one way to describe my motives: If I don't like you then I'll let you know it. Matt and I's feud has been a storied, intense and bloody conflict that has been happening in all sorts of promotions for nearly a year. Who wouldn't expect it to get violent and go to blows during the lead up to the match? For every punch or kick from me, Matt would come back with an assault of his own. When you hate someone with such passion and place them in a setting where there are no restraints and chaos runs rampant, you can't expect them to not brawl it out every week. This company isn't meant to be all about respect and decency, this is a competitive sport, it's dirty, it's gruesome and it's unfair. If you want to get ahead you have to do whatever it takes. Look at men like Diamond Cage or Tyler Parker for example. DC had to put his feet on the ropes to beat Hades and Tyler Parker mercilessly delivered a total of 5 Across The Park's. Look at what that got both of them: The EAW and World Heavyweight Championships.

What I did wasn't anything strange, I did what needed to be done. Hell, I'll even argue that the odds were never stacked against me when it came to Matt Miles. If you remember correctly during the match, that injured head of his was no real factor a factor. He put up a better fight than most fresh opponents. But that aside, might I also add that Matt Miles himself needed vultures sent by Ares Vendetta to win his title in the first place, so if anything my reign is more valid anyway due to the win being all by my own hands.

(Scott Oasis rolls his eyes before letting out a chuckle.)

What reason would I have had to fear him in the first place? I am scared of nobody and Matt Miles is and always will be no different. Just to make you eat a bit more crow, allow me to tell you I've went toe to toe with the very same people you've struggled with, giants like Hellion and Hades, gold medalists like Starr Stan and I gave them some of the biggest beatings of their lives without a hesitation. This was all when I was just an unproved newbie who would have had all the reason in the world to get scared and nervous over the potential to bomb in front of everyone. But I didn't. I'm not just some pretender, I am champion for a reason and that reason is because I can hang with the best of them. If you want to talk about pretenders, how about you tell me who's a bigger pretender than you? Do you honestly think you're some kind perfect pillar of honor and respect? You, the guy who threw Lannister into the ocean and damn near killed him? Not only that, but you were talking trash as if the win was all but guaranteed. You're just another one of those tenured jackasses who think that they can just sit around and judge people with no merit at all. I'd be torn apart in a world title match based off of my tactics? Well, this is the same place where titles have changed hands off of people cashing in briefcases, crowns and beating people until the referee has to stop it. How would I not succeed with my attitude?

There's just one last thing, this is the real kicker of it all. He says I'm the one on my high horse. Me, the one not acting like he's so better than everyone else. I'll say it right now, If you beat me I won't call it a fluke, in fact I'll applaud you. The thing is I don't want to have to do that for a man such as yourself who does nothing more but play spinmeister!....You know what? People want to doubt me and tear me apart in little interviews? Then I guess it's time I return to my roots. To a time when I first debuted and made a name for myself and turned into a top prospect by making examples out of people through pure strength and dominance. You will be the first example Brian. Man I can not wait to hurt that little troll....

(Scott Oasis laughs once again before walking out of view.)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 6th 2015, 5:33 pm by Stark
Before all else I must congratulate Makarov for defeating me last week fair and square. He fed me my words with excessive force, but I did deserve it. You can’t win them all, and I know that first-hand. And I have no problem with Makarov picking up this win, especially because we’re on the same side. Fighting for what we believe in, fighting for this so-called greater good. He can continue to embark on his crusade against ‘Elite rules’, but unfortunately it’s not that simple for me. Elite or extreme, technical or hardcore, I don’t care. I’ll adapt, I’ll learn, I’ll dominate. Nothing will stop Evan Stark, not one defeat, no rules, no bearings, NOTHING. I’ve wrestled a total of 3 matches in my time here in the EAW, and I’m sure I’ve impressed in all of them. Simply put, I am the future of this company. And what makes me sick is guys who WERE here, who WERE set on a right path, who WERE going to make it big, but didn’t, are coming back and being shoved into relevancy. Why? What makes them deserve the second chance? They failed before, who’s to say they won’t again? A hero fights to maintain goodness, purity, and honesty, but honestly, these things are slowly dying away from Showdown. Rebellion runs rampant. Everyone is in a state of war, constant attacks and beatdowns, countless injuries and betrayals. For god’s sake, the two men fighting over the world title are god damn demons, and one might literally be one! So when does it end? I’ll tell you when. The misery and destruction will end when the genesis of Evan Stark begins. The EAW must face it, sooner or later, I’ll get to the top. Maybe I won’t have the favors of the higher-ups, or the adoration of the crowd since no one knows who I am. I definitely won’t be making any lists of ‘future stars’, and when people think of me, filler comes to their mind. And though it’s barely been a month, there isn’t much time left before Evan Stark becomes a name to revere AND fear. Once I’m at the top like I so rightfully deserve to be, there will be none of the corruption, injustice, and malice left in the EAW. It’ll become a better place. And no monsters or demons will be able to lay a hand on Evan Stark. There will come the time where I won’t just be a hero, I’ll be a SAVIOR.

But before all that, here comes another has-been, Matt Miles. I know of you, but apparently you’re not important enough for people to know you were gone. I know to you, my resume is irrelevant. After all, all I have to show for myself in EAW are unclean victories over El Landerson and Nick Angel, and considering that one has a mental disability and the other can get his mind controlled or something, it’s not impressive. You’re right, I still have a lot to show. You’ll see. I’ll be the deadliest force you’ve had the misfortune to come into contact with if you piss me off. Heroes do have to make sacrifices, and maybe mine can be kicking your sorry ass back out into the curb, leaving you unable to wrestle. You’re used to that aren’t you? You just love the hype. MATT MILES! MATT MILES! MATT MILES! You want to hear your name and the fanfare you THINK comes with it. Let me give you the harsh reality. Matt Miles is simply a has-been who’s about to become a never-was at the hands of Evan Stark. And insulting Starkman, that’s hilarious. The alter-ego isn’t a joke, nor is it meant to be. Sometimes at times of great desperation, being myself just doesn’t cut it. So in comes Starkman. It’s not just a mask and a cape, it’s an empowerment. All my skill and ability becomes exponentially greater. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, though I wouldn’t expect you to know what that means. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, is all I’m trying to show. And as for an “easy” path? I didn’t come into EAW expecting a cake-walk. I came here to fight and fight and fight until I can claw my way to the top. And I don’t know what you THINK you are, but I KNOW what you are, just a tiny pebble on my rocky road to the absolute very top of this company. Here’s the real bad news. Evan Stark is winning on Showdown, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 6th 2015, 4:08 pm by Guest
Is anyone else getting tired of listening to Zach Genesis piss and moan about me not keeping my word?

Look at me, Zach. Think about who I am and all that I've done in my career. You're one stupid son of a bitch if you think I ever gave a damn about the integrity of your precious Interwire Championship match at King of Elite. I have my own theories about why you've got so much sand in your vagina; no offense to my or Zach's tag team partners this week; but I'll elaborate on those in the coming weeks.

You see I don't want to take anything away from our match this week. Now I know Zach and Maddie are having their little pizza party, and maybe afterwards they'll go to the mall and check out some hot boiz and gossip about their friends. I truly hope you kids bond over that, maybe you can even get Chuck E. Cheese to be the third member of your team, because God knows you're gonna need a helluva a lot of help to beat a couple of “bullies” like me and Lethal tomorrow night.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have my own little pizza party to get to, and it involves this extra large pizza, this here 12 pack of Budweiser, the Pittsburgh Penguins opening up a good ol' fashioned can of whoop ass on the Calgary Flames, and probably a little drunken “me time” later tonight.
The cowardly walk among us all; you are one of those said men, Scott Oasis. Can you deny this accusation? You could, but you'd be promoting yourself as a solidified liar to the public. I couldn't count the amount of times I've dealt with a man that used others to win his battles for him. It's a common occurrence that never ceases to exist within the confines of this company. Lately, it's been nothing more than a painted target placed on my back. Why's that? Because someone always has to release their edgy attitudes and personality out on somebody, but who better than Brian Daniels himself? While you're dealing with the Jacob Senn syndrome, I'm putting Devan Dubian and Starr Stan on the back burner just to fixate all my attention upon you. I've been in a rather odd mood lately, not a mood where I need to be passively aggressive toward a select human being. But a mood where I need to send a message across to everyone, whereas I would be apologetic towards the person on the bad end of that stick... you are a completely different case. I've been watching, observing, whilst having to put up with grown men pretending to be children. But you're quite the opposite, aren't you? You're pretending to be something you're not; a cold blooded killer ---  with the courage of a thousand lions, but the support of no dominance. I would be lying to you if I said every ill thing I've said so far is just words of advice, right? You seem to have a thick headed skull; with little knowledge passing through that brain of yours. I always thought that when I looked at a man who's leaned on others like freeloader was no man at all. It's fitting for you, that title. When haven't you tried slithering your way out of a predicament that you knew the odds were stacked against you? Matt Miles, for an example, you devoted so much time and effort to rip this up and coming talent apart, for what? Out of sheer force via sending a message? No, out of fear --- fear that he would abruptly end whatever you had going for you. That's what's been motivating you for this beginning of a pathetic reign. We both know, if it wasn't for you portraying yourself as this "monster", if Matt Miles would of walked into that match 100%. You'd be standing here, fiddling your thumbs, pulling anything out of the hat, while you would be without a championship.

But you're a champion; you did what you thought had to be done to pave your own way to success. So, the question stands, where do you go from here? Oh, that's right, if my memory serves me right; with or without planed assistance, the referee aided you in retaining that precious championship, correct me if I'm wrong. Which brings me to wonder, what happens when your mindset tells you that you're prepared to take on the next step in your career--- pursuing the championship everyone desires most, the World Championship. Whichever may it be out of the three, you're going to lust for it. But will you continue to be something you're not? You're not worthy, I'm not trying to bang the gavel and judge you so early on, but as of now, the way you've painted your own portrait... you'd be eaten alive. You'd be torn to shreds, which is why I intend to relay a message on behalf of my inner pride. I'm going to make an example out of you, to not just send a message to others, but hopefully make you fully understand what's to come. And even then, when I'm determined to walk out of that arena victorious, nothing will change about you. You'll continue on your merry way, acting like my victory over you was a fatal error or commonly known throughout the wrestling world; "a fluke". Wouldn't surprise me, wouldn't leave me in awe, it wouldn't be the first time someone hasn't manned up to their mistakes. I mean who wouldn't want to conjure some excuse after walking blindly into a match with no knowledge of what your opponent is capable of? Unlike you, I don't need my opponent at below anything but one hundred percent. Which is rich coming from me, the guy that's played victim to multiple attacks over the beginning of this year and last year. And you know the funny thing about it all? I always put up a fight, when people thought I wouldn't. And the majority ruled me victorious, when I've defeated our Answers World Champion and his band of goons all by myself. But I bet you don't care, you see me as easy pickings, don't you? If so, you thought wrong - as I'm about to knock you straight off that high horse of yours.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 6th 2015, 1:47 pm by Guest
Oh Maddie you slay me.  Preaching your philosophies of a superior world to that of the one we're currently living in now, when you are someone who makes a living off of violence and bloodshed.  What a contradiction you are... what a feeble, soft-spoken, and utter disgrace you are to your fans.  Here you stand before me with a check list, naming accusations that would be considered defamation of my character due to their inaccuracy, and you don't even list your purposes for said accusations.  Because I'm not what simpletons like yourself would call "nice" I'm a bully?  Because I don't skip to the ring with a smile on my face or help my opponents off of their sorry posterior - after knocking them onto it - I'm classified as a bully and a bad influence?  My dear Maddie... dear, sweet, naive, little Maddie; have you no knowledge of the things I have done for you and the rest of these women?  Must I read off my resume' and remind you in full why I am the greatest Vixen to ever live?  It seems as though I would have to do that because the ignorance you've displayed is no longer cute, in fact it's become somewhat of an embarrassment.  I have broken every barrier there is in accordance to race and gender.  I, and I alone, made it easier for the next generation of women to step up and be taken as seriously as any man on the roster, but you would rather notarize Cameron Ella Ava of that accomplishment.  For what?  For all of her credits and honors that were presented to her before I walked these halls?  Like the former holder of the Title, all she has done is make a mockery of the Hall of Fame Championship by disrupting the rules and allowing non-Hall of Famers the right to challenge for it.  And as a result she has gotten quite the big head about her minor win against a rank amateur at best.  But it's to my knowledge that she's been like this for a while now, so I suppose the singed initials of another have been retracted from her anus to her brain and cooked an astounding amount of her brain cells... but what's your excuse Maddie?  What is the purpose for your lack of intelligence?  Why do you want to stone me for actions that are considered a sin to you?  You see, what you and the rest of the world seem to misunderstand is, terms of good and evil vary from one person to the next.  What's good to you, may not be perceived as good to me and vice versa.  Yet there you stand as the accuser, willing to stone me for not conforming to your ideals.  You know who you remind me of right now, Management, and the rest of the world.  They all criticized me and made me out to be the villain all because I was a little different and hard to grasp.  Which didn't surprise me, people more often than not fear what they don't understand, and retaliate through sheer hatred or despise of it's existence.  That to me is discrimination at it's finest.  What will your kind - the kind that rebels against me - do next Maddie?  You've already given someone totally unworthy notarization an achievement that should have been rewarded to me, given her my spot on the card for King of Elite, and overlooked my accomplishments for her own, what's next?  Very rarely am I left in the dark in regards to circumstances like this, but I can tell you what isn't bound to come of this; the extinguishing of my Vixens Championship reign.  This is ONE thing that none of you could ever take away from me... I won't let you... I would kill you before I'd allow that to happen.  Does that make me a bully... a potential murderer perhaps.... or does that make me a damn good Champion and Mother to young Julian?  The fact that I'm willing to kill in order to protect him from the likes of you?  I suppose it's true what they say, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.  Heh-he-he-he-he!!!

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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