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 EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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Norman Hellion


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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Voltage Promo #1/ Dynasty Promo #3

The Road to Madness

Part 3

(Dachs is sitting in a chair on the porch of his cabin just outside the city limits of Duluth, Minnesota. It is dark and snowy the only light being provided is a small lantern sitting at Dachs' feet.)

Last week. My hunt began as I made my EAW debut. I debuted alongside a fellow rookie by the name of Kerry Keller. It may have looked like we were a team. But we aren’t. We no longer are. I used Keller to get ahead in the EAW. I used him to help make a name for myself in my debut. I used him much how a bullet uses the cartridge to propel itself. And much the bullet I cast Keller away much like the useless cartridge he is and propel myself to higher points in EAW. I continue my path with a match on Voltage against J.P. Caliban. A wanna be bipolar hacker from Northern Ireland. Clearly his weak and feeble mind will stand no challenge to me and my superior mind. Then again, any of these so called “crazy” lesser minds here in EAW stand no chance against a truly genius mind like my own. And I will take each one of them out until I am finally at the top of this company. I will hunt down every single feeble lesser mind here in the EAW down and take them out until I reach the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. 


Join me, Caliban and save yourself. Or... be hunted...

(Dachs picks up the lantern and blows it out. You can hear him humming his theme, "Run On" by Blues Saraceno.)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 9:01 pm by Caliban
Green writing runs along the screen like it used to on the old DOS system computers, the sound of fingers on a keyboard accompany the image 

Wars started by the desperate and unworthy are ended by demons, bloodshed and chaos and when true chaos is achieved greatness follow the perpetrator 

Old Man Adeus

We open on Caliban sitting in front of a webcam in a black room, his hood pulled up over his head so you only see his face 

Caliban: So I have a had a few days to process just what in the hell happened on the last show, see I fell through that curtain and the camera hit me and I just let go and holy shit did it feel good. On Friday night at Voltage I think Im gunna follow suit, but when I let go Dachs you won't be facing this Caliban

He points at his face and then reaches up into his hood sliding down a black mask and growls at the camera  

Punkin: You will be facing this one

He points at his face again and the light from the screen illuminates his face to show the Punkin Mask he is now wearing and laughs sporadically for no reason 

Punkin: I may not be wearing the mask but Maxwell Dachs it doesn't matter who your manager is or what you managed to pull off last week when you attacked us and threw me into the steps, I understand that you are a nobody sitting at the bottom of the ladder waiting for someone to drop you a rope hell your new tag team partner, fuck he wasn't even good enough to debut on TV, me? I beat 4 of the premier New Breed members on Television in my first match, I was I think top 5 in The New Breed Rumble at my first PPV 3 weeks later. But you see Dachs none of that matters because that was the Caliban we all know in front of those cameras but on Friday night Punkin is the one who will be devouring you, you said that you think I was being funny on Friday in the comments I made, Funny? I FAIL TO SEE WHAT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!

He cocks his head on one side staring at the screen 

Punkin: You silly stupid little boy, you and your tag partner have no god damn idea what you got yourselves into when you stepped up to me, when you stepped to us? You lit a fire under you own ass and the flames are gunna engulf you and I am gunna fan those flames with every superkick, I am going to pour lighter fluid on them with a 630 splash and then I am going to lay back and watch your stupid little fire you think you and your partner are on become the means of your demise, you did good on Friday night but now you will have to endure the consequences, I feel like if this was a shitty 80's movie I would say something like welcome to my nightmare but instead I was will simple say this 

He clears his throat and slides the mask off his face again revealing beaming blue eyes 

Caliban: Dachs, your a deadman 

And with that the camera shuts off abruptly leaving a black screen
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 8:54 pm by Guest
Și chiar și în înfrângere, veți vedea cine adevăratul învingător este.

Și pe de tensiune ai văzut un om se distrug în fața ochilor tăi, și înainte de a mea. Trupul său a fost luat în afară într-un stil de lupte și judo că el nu a văzut mai înainte, iar el nu a putut ține pasul cu ceea ce el a crezut ar fi ușor pentru el. Un om care a fost de peste încrezător era un om care a căzut în fața ochilor și a ieșit răniți. Un animal rănit a devenit periculos, la sfârșitul luptei și a făcut ceea ce trebuia să facă pentru a supraviețui. Aceasta a inclus trei dintre cele mai grele superkicks că omul coulld livra, o mișcare nici măcar în arsenalul său inițial de zi cu zi, și că numai de aceea spun că era un animal rănit. El a adaptat în lumea veche în timp ce încerca să acționeze ca și cum noi moduri de vârstă ar depăși. Dar Vincent Palmer-au adaptat astfel încât să poată trăi pentru a lupta o altă zi. Așa că am pierde într-adevăr pe tensiune când l-am forțat să evolueze în fața ochilor? Când l-am forțat să-și sape în jos mai adânc decât a crezut vreodată că ar trebui să facă? Când l-am luat la următorul nivel de luptă în fața ochilor oamenilor uitam l corpul său ciocanul ca niciodată înainte cu lovituri dure și rigide, precum și vizionarea tendoanele lui în brațul său se întindea dincolo de ceea ce a crezut vreodată ar putea face? Vincent Palmer recuperează o victorie pe fisa de punctaj, dar daca te uiti la ce a fost făcut, veți vedea că Vincent Palmer a fost împiedicat de pe cal mare și demonstrat că unii oameni, chiar el, va trebui să recunoască faptul că, atunci când lupta un om care este la nu te bate, dar trimite un mesaj prin corpul vostru rupt, va adapta sau va pieri înainte întreaga lume. Ca Sephiroth și ca Lochlan Rossdale va înțelege mâine seară. Când veți intra în lumea de Alessandro De Borgia, vei afla că punctul de vedere de la celălalt capăt al luptei nu va fi una care va veti bucura, așa cum am lăsa tras în țeapă pe o miză în mijlocul unui câmp pentru a arăta toate camarazii că nu se ocupă cu un om care sângerează roșu, dar un monstru care nu sângerează deloc. Ai confruntă cu o creatură oribil de avere și de durere și suferință, iar el nu doarme până când știe că ai căzut înaintea Lui și nu ai o picătură de energie la stânga să se extindă pe câmpul de luptă. Aceasta este tencuiala imagine I in interiorul capetele voastre de a gândi pe noapte pentru dumneavoastră înainte de tensiune, și că numai va fi de ajuns pentru a sigila soarta mâine seară. Bucurați-vă de seara, pentru că în zori Te-ai trezit știind că mâine seară vă confruntați mânia unui monstru, nu un om.

Când te uiți la camarad pe un joc, sper să vă bucurați de vedere

And even in defeat, you see who the true victor is.

And on Voltage you saw a man get destroyed before your eyes, and before mine. His body was taken apart in a style of wrestling and judo that he has never seen before, and he could not keep up with what he thought would be easy for him. A man who was over confident was a man who fell before your eyes and came out wounded. A wounded animal became dangerous at the end of the fight and he did what he had to do to survive. That included three of the hardest superkicks that man could deliver, a move not even in his original everyday arsenal, and that alone is why I say he was a wounded animal. He adapted in the world of old while trying to act as if the new age ways would overcome. But Vincent Palmer did adapt so that he could live to fight another day. So did I really lose on Voltage when I forced him to evolve before your eyes? When I forced him to dig down deeper than he ever thought he would have to do? When I took him to the next level of combat before the eyes of the people watching him get his body hammered like never before with hard and stiff kicks, and watching his tendons in his arm get stretched beyond what he ever thought could be done? Vincent Palmer got a win on the scorecard, but if you look at what was done, you will see that Vincent Palmer was brought down off his high horse and shown that some people, even he, will have to acknowledge that when fighting a man who is out to not beat you, but send a message through your broken body, you will adapt or you will perish before the entire world. Like Sephiroth and like Lochlan Rossdale will understand tomorrow night. When you come into the world of Alessandro De Borgia, you will learn that the view at the other end of the battle will not be one that you will enjoy, as I leave you impaled onto a stake in the middle of a field to show all your comrades that they do not deal with a man who bleeds red, but a monster who does not bleed at all. You face a horrid creature of fortune and of pain and suffering, and he does not sleep until he knows that you have fallen before him and you have not a drop of energy left to spill on the battlefield. That is the image I plaster inside of your heads to think on for your night before Voltage, and that alone will be enough to seal your fate tomorrow night. Enjoy your evening, because at dawn you awake knowing that tomorrow night you face the wrath of a monster, not a man.

When you look at your comrade on a stake, I hope you enjoy the view.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 8:42 pm by A-Will
"The Stand" by Monty Are I plays throughout the promo while A-Will is talking

I can't take this any longer. It makes me want to gouge my eyes out that it's been almost 6 months since I've been in a professional wrestling ring, but that all changes next week. I feel like little recapping is in order. It's not a long story, actually. Basically, I defeated Frederico Rizzi in the middle of that ring, but it caused me something, 6 months of my career. After that match and after I was booked to be in a triple threat match the following week, I was told that I had to go through EAW's wellness policy procedure, which included me having to go get scanned for an MRI test and, luckily, I went through with it just for the simple fact that I value my career. I didn't worry about it because I knew- let me rephrase that, I thought I knew that nothing was wrong with me, but for the first time in my life, I was wrong. The next morning after I was given a body scan, I was called up by the EAW medical facility of doctors that told me that I had a staggering shoulder injury that could leave me sidelined indefinitely. Thankfully, because I take care of myself especially when it counts, and now I'm cleared to compete just six months later. That may not seem like a long time, but trust me for once when I say it felt like hell times 100. Every day that passed me by when I wasn't in that ring only pissed me off more and more to this point. Now, I have all this pent up ammunition that I'm going to unload on the entire Dynasty roster and anyone else that wants to push me to my limit once again. There's a lot of facades in this company, but this is real. For the past 6 months, EAW has been rid of, or in my opinion, lacking legitimacy since I've been gone. Now, no one will have to worry because I'm back and I'm resuming my position of where I was before I left and that's rising to the top. I've been verbally abused while I was gone about how I was missing out on what people say are the best 6 months in EAW history and no one thinks it can be topped, but that's the problem. No one, from the fans to the very extremists in the back thinks. I could pull my pants down and take a crap in the ring and they all will cheer. That's what professional wrestling has come to these days and it makes me sick. God was doing everyone a favor when he healed my body free of its wounds and, now, it's time to thank god in the best possible way I can. There's going to be a massive change in EAW and I will help facilitate that change. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm A-Will and it's about damn time.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 7:50 pm by Guest
(A mysterious man is seen in an office, standing next to him is the newest EAW elitist Nikola Vranchev)

???: You're probably wondering who I am. And if I were you I'd honestly be asking myself the same question. My name is Franco Navarro but you can just call me Navarro and he... Well, you already know the name of this man. He made his debut last week on Showdown and INSTANTLY captivated Damien Murrow AND the masses. This man is the FUTURE of EAW and the next NEWW BREED CHAMPION.

(Camera focues on the face of Nikola Vranchev)

Franco Navarro: Most of you don't know this but I am a wrestling promoter. I saw Vranchev wrestle several years ago in Bulgaria and he captured my attention like no other professional wrestler in the globe ever did. I took him under my wing and made him the star he is today.  Ever since that day we've been great friends. Then I got him the opportunity of a lifetime, a contract with the most prominent wrestling company in the world today.. EAW.  And as soon as he learned that he would be competing for a championship belt in his first month in this company? He contacted me and asked for my help. I agreed to be his manager for old times' sake. I'm a busy man but I can't deny I really miss watching this man do what he does better than anyone.. CRUSH.

(Navarro looks at Vranchev and lets out a smile)

Franco Navarro: This week on Showdown when my client cements himself as a threat to your current New Breed Champion Jamie O'Hara, there will be no question in the minds of the EAW universe that Nikola Vranchev is here to stay. Clark Duncan, Nick Angel, Venom, El Landerson and Evan Stark ALL are destined to fall before Vranchev. We've been studying all of these men and you'd be surprised how much my client knows about them already. We know Clark Duncan is a joke therefore he shouldn't even be considered a threat to my client. We know Nick Angel has quit the company more times than I can count so he shouldn't even be taken  seriously. We know Venom is poisoned most of the time so eradicating him shouldn't be much of a problem.  El Landerson is another joke who evidently isn't in my client's league. I'm going to be completely honest and say we only think Evan Stark stands a chance against us. The man is a beast. An impressive specimen inside the squared circle. But he obviously isn't too smart. He claims that this opportunity is "rightfully his", how exactly is this opportunity rightfully yours, Stark? What have you done to deserve  anything in this company? NOTHING. You think that because you achieved great things in companies that are long gone, we should take you seriously? Nikola Vranchev doesn't care about your accolades, he doesn't care about what you have achieved during your tenure in other companies. Nikola will destroy you regardless of your past, regardless of your identity. He will DECIMATE anybody dumb enough to oppose him, anybody stupid enough to step in his path to the New Breed Championship.My client doens't think he is impressive... HE IS IMPRESSIVE! And he will prove that to you and the world, Stark, when he tosses you OVER the top ROPE. You want to be feared? You want to be revered? Destroy as many lives, as many careers as my client has and only then you will be feared, only then you will be revered by everyone.

Nikola Vranchev: Подценяването мен е голяма грешка . Никой от вас не знаят какво съм способен на това, което аз съм готов да направя, за да се получи това, което искам . Но вие ще знаете . Един или друг начин . Аз ще се спазва , аз ще се страхуваше .

Franco Navarro: Seemingly, my client isn't too happy. He feels he is being underestimated and trust me the last thing you want to see is this man angry. When he gets angry he tends to be dangerous and when he is dangerous terrible things happen. You claim you're not intimidated, you claim you're not afraid but deep down within you know, all of you know that you are SCARED TO DEATH. Nikola Vranchev will make history and there is nothing any of you can do to stop him.

(Both men give an evil grin to the camera as the video ends)
Voltage Promo #2 "Can you hear me now?" Everybody says... Everybody says "shut up Keller, nobody wants to hear what you have to say Kerry. SHUT UP KERRY" NO, not this time... This time it's different, this time... I'm not listening to any of you. I'm released from the chains that held me, and limited what I could say... NOT TODAY, none of you are Kerry Keller, none of you decide what Kerry Keller is going to say, none of you can hold me back or put me in chains, none of you will break my reasoning or resolve using your words that only have the intention of hurting me. None of you can tell me, "There's no title In store for you Keller, your efforts are pointless Keller" none of you know me.. None of you will ever know me, I... I have sat back patiantly awaiting the day to make a name for myself... An opportunity to make a name for myself... Just an opportunity to be mentioned in the same breath as Lannister... Or Ares Vendetta or ANYBODY with success... I've been waiting, and STILL my opportunity doesn't come.. But I'll keep waiting... I'll wait till the world stands still if it means I'll have a tiny grain of success. Just enough to silence the Neighsayers... Just enough so that when someone says "Kerry Keller" the guy responds with "Oh yeah I remember that guy." That is my dream... And until my dream is fulfilled I will put my peddle to the metal every night win or lose. Not to impress a fan... But in hopes of being remembered.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 5:50 pm by Hades
Has it begun to sink into your domes yet?  Cage is a horrible a World Champion.  Just look at all the chaos he's caused; this is exactly why he should no longer be considered the face of Friday Night Voltage.  He's a loose-cannon..a lunatic off his rocker..an unhinged mental patient..and a very twisted individual who has proven to be a hazard to himself and those around him because of it.  When Hades' name is on the card, there's no question what I'll do.  I'll enter the arena on my custom-made steed, get into the ring, and prove why I'm this roster's top talent.  But Cage, Cage is a liability.  This kind of unpredictability in the workplace can't be tolerated on a weekly basis else he risks further damage to himself.  I am not sorry for what occurred last week, as it was us giving him a taste of his own medicine.  You can't steal wins and fly off the handle all willy-nilly, and expect there not to be consequences.  Which brings me to this question, how did it feel, Cage?  Did it hurt?  It sure looked like it might have.  But I'm sure the minor scrapes and bruises you've adopted - credited to me and my "accomplices" - aren't enough to stop someone like you.  I mean you're THE Diamond Cage, the EAW Champion of the World!  There's nothing alive that can stop you...or at least that's what you will have us believe.  You want us to believe you're immune to the pain that you suffer on a weekly basis, that you are more than a man, but unfortunately you were never that good of an actor.  It seems that with every passing week, you show symptoms of growing terminally ill.  Maybe not physically, but spiritually you're breaking down.  You know it's believed by many that animals have the ability to sense illness in people; and let's just say that this old hound detects something in you that is wearing you down.  Is it stress or is it doubts that you'll leave this encounter with your head still mounted on your shoulders?  What ever it may be, I share no remorse for you, because everything that happens to you from here on out was your own doing.  Your Tag Team Partner might as well be on the opposite team, perhaps then you would actually stand a decent chance at survival.  Though I digress, I'm not here to tell you things that you're already well aware of.  In fact the topic I would much rather discuss doesn't even pertain to you, it regards statements made by our anxious Chairman Zack Crash.  Let me start off by saying that I like what you've managed to do in your career thus far, you went from a bottom-feeding low carder to the man I see before me now...the man who runs the biggest promotion in North America.  With that kind of entitlement you could do what ever you want, like give me an opportunity to avenge my loss at King of the Elite.  But that isn't what you've done here.  You took it upon yourself to lace Cage with three opponents - who share an equal amount of hatred for him as they do each other - all so you can assure his failure to retain.  You didn't do this out of the kindness of your heart, so stop pretending as if you did.  We aren't blind; we see how much hatred you have for him and we see how sick you get whenever you see him with the EAW Championship.  This isn't about Lannister or Hades breaking grounds in the main event, this is about Zack Crash doing what ever he must to get what he wants with no regards for anyone else...hmm, who does that sound like?  Sounds like another Diamond Cage, doesn't it?  It's funny how people impersonate those they despise the most.  But again, I'm getting off topic.  It appears that you've said a mouthful in terms of..well in terms of all of us, so allow me offer up a rebuttal of my own.  I see your threats, and I raise you a dare.  If you truly think you hold that much power over my career, then do something that makes me well aware of this.  Better yet, give me a reason to knock you flat on your ass!  I like you Zack, I always considered us brothers because of our similar pasts, and I in some way respect what you've managed to do for yourself but don't push it.  Don't mistake my kindness for weakness, because the last time you and I got into the ring..you were carried out of the ring.  Here's a little advice for you, watch your back and your mouth very closely because I'm not too fond of threats.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 3:24 pm by Guest
The Life and Times of Vance Tybull, Part Two
August 29th, 1998
Sun City, Arizona

[The scene opens outside of “Good Time Sam’s” in Sun City, Arizona. Good Time Sam’s is a hole-in-the-wall looking place with festive Mardi Gras Colors adorning the outside. Several rough-looking individuals lean against the wall outside the door. Around the corner and out of an alley way walks Farrah Tybull, who looks utterly dismayed at having to go inside this place. As she walks in, her gaze is fixated immediately on Vin Tybull, who is seated prominently inside the center of the establishment. Around him are a crowd of men, oohing and ahhing at his wild stories of the road. He sees Farrah walk in, and his jovial mood immediately turns sour.]

Vin: Heeeeeey! Look who it is guys! If they call me Mr. Thursday Night because of my presence on Thursday Night Throwdown, then this one’s presence at Legtown would make her Mrs. Thursday Night!

[His friends laugh and guffaw at his rough joke.]

Farrah: Thanks for the kind words, Vin.

Vin: Too bad she’s not good enough to be Miss Saturday Night!

[More laughing and guffawing.]

Farrah: Where’s Vance?

[Vin’s face suddenly turns serious.]

Vin: He’s fine, why do you care?

Farrah: Because you’re at a BAR, Vin. Where is our son?

Vin: Hey! Hey! I didn’t ditch him this time, babe! He’s in the back room playing with his friend, Red’s son!

[A gruff looking biker gentleman waves and points at the back room. Farrah marches past the group of howling brutes and goes to the back room where she sees Vance and his new friend, Red Jr., bowling a baseball and a pyramid of set-up beer bottles.]

Vance: Mommy! I made a friend!

Farrah: That’s very nice, honey, but we have to go home and go to bed now.

Vance: But mom! We weren’t done playing!

Farrah: We’ll set up a time for you two to play again, don’t worry. We have to go home now.

[Farrah picks up Vance and hoists him on his shoulder. Vance waves goodbye at his friend as they begin to leave. Before they can, however, they’re stopped by Vin.]

Vin: Hey! Where are you going, I wasn’t done spending time with my son yet!

Farrah: A bar is NO PLACE for a child, Vin! And if this is what you call spending time then… I don’t want to know what your idea of ignoring somebody is! You have to be the worst father in the world, Vin!

[Farrah stomps out of Good Time Sam’s with her son. Vin looks at them leave with an angry look on his face, but his anger soon turns to regret as Farrah’s words begin to sink in.]


Sun City, Arizona
June 20th, 2008

[The clanking of metal can be heard as Vin Tybull racks a set of weights. A deep, gravely, Central-European accented “Good job, Vin!” can be heard as Vin looks over at his enormous friend, a wrestler by the name of Goliath. He claps his humungous paws together and pats Vin on the back, making Vin lurch forward for a moment. Vin takes the towel that he had hanging on the bar and wipes a bit of sweat from his face.]

Vin: Y’know, Goli, you don’t have to congratulate me for every set I do.

Goliath: Positive energy, Vin! The more you have the more successful you will be!

[Suddenly, they hear a voice in the distance.]

Vance: Hey dad! Goliath!

[Vin and Goliath look over to see Vance and his best friend, Red Harrison Jr., running towards them. They quickly catch up to the two older wrestlers at Vin’s trailer.]

Vin: So how did the meet go, Vance mah boy?

Vance: Oh we kicked their asses dad! Their guy didn’t even take me down once!

Red: Yeah! We beat ‘em good, Mr. Tybull. Not a single wrestler from Sun City High got pinned. 

Vin: Good job, Vance! Red! When’s your next one!

Vance: A month from tomorrow. We’re facing a school from Phoenix! They’re supposed to be really, really good.

Goliath: Well, you look at me, boys! When you see these Phoenix wrestlers you tell them that they had better be ready for one hell of a fight, because you guys are going to bring them one! I make sure of it! Vance, what better training than to spar me, huh! You take me down, you can take anybody down!

Vance: Oh, come on, I can’t wrestle you!

Goliath: Is nonsense! Sure you can! Let us go!

[Goliath walks over to the middle of the yard and motions for Vance to join him. Vance complies and walks over to the center of the yard. Goliath squares up with Vance.]

Goliath: And go!

[Vance quickly charges Goliath and grabs his leg. Goliath simply takes a step back, causing Vance to lose his balance and fall.]

Goliath: Come on, try better than that!

[Vance quickly rolls back to his feet, and shoots again, this time grabbing the leg and successfully lifting it up off of the ground. Before he can actually push to take Goliath down, however, Goliath steps forward, causing Vance’s grip to shift in between Goliath’s leg. Goliath, now in Vance’s immediate bubble, shoves his forehead, causing Vance to roll on to his back. Vance continues to roll until he gets back to his feet, however.]

Goliath: You think you are the first person to try and single leg me? Your technique is poor!

[Vance charges Goliath again, this time with a double leg. Goliath’s face turns to shock as Vance manages to barely lift Goliath off of the ground and send him on to his back. Red howls in excitement as he runs to his buddy and helps him back to his feet. The look of surprise on Vance’s face tells the whole story.]

Goliath: Wow, kid, I’ve never seen anybody so young and inexperienced be able to do that!

[Goliath slowly gets to his feet and pats Vance on the back. Vin looks on in wonder at his son, who has just pulled a feat off that even he himself hasn’t done.]


Dynasty Promo #2
“Crashing the ‘Welcome Back’ party”

[Black and the loud sound of crackling. That is all that can be discerned until Vance Tybull removes the lens off of the camera and looks directly in to it. He sets the camera down on some elevated surface, and stands in front of it. All that can be made out is his head and shoulders.]

Vance: So I decided to skip the promo shoot this week and see if I couldn’t just DIY this thing myself. All of those lights and that big fuzzy thing are just a tad overwhelming for me. 

I asked the office guys who my opponent was for the week and they wouldn’t give me a straight answer… no they wouldn’t give me much of anything about my opponent other than he’s a “returning EAW legend.” Thanks for narrowing that down for me, there’s only about five million possibilities on who my opponent could be, come the next Dynasty. 

Look, I may be young, but I’m not as naïve as some people perceive young people to be in these days. I know I could very well walk out there and be in for the fight of my life. I know I could even in some hellacious twist, come face to face with a former World Champion like a Mikado Sekaiichi or an Alexander Da Vinci, or hell, maybe even Kawajai will hang up his headset to challenge me. I don’t know, and honestly speculating is a waste of time. And if my match last Dynasty said anything about me, it's that I don't like to waste time.

Until I have a better clue on who I’m facing, there’s not really much I can say, either, other than this: I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done before. Learn a lesson from poor Ace, please. Come Dynasty in Puerto Rico, come ready for one hell of a fight, because I’m bringing one.
(Promo is at the same graveyard in front of a grave that was just filled with dirt)

TFD: "Hahahahaha Mr. Scene. You say black nail polish and magical charms? No...you got it all wrong, see I don't play dress up. You think you're all tough cause you went to prison before? You haven't seen nothing yet kid....Have you ever been to hell and back? I've fought with many demons in my life some have defeated me....some have been conquered. You don't understand Charlie, I was born in this very graveyard. My family taught me how to drag people's souls straight to hell. Have you ever have to fight demons in hell to get back to the promise land? NO! Have you ever been told by the higher power that you've made it back to the promise land? NO! See Mr. Scene.....my anger and frustrations from last week are gonna come out of me & when they do it's a bad scene my friend. Then when I'm done beating you up, I'm gonna drag you're corps back to this cemetery and bury you in this very grave. Let the darkness continue!!!"

(The promo ends with The Franchise Demon getting in a hearse and driving it away...)
Stay Out of My Way (Voltage Promo)
Post on February 12th 2015, 1:39 pm by Guest
We open to an empty parking lot, save for one car. 

A 2007 Toyota Corolla with a blue paint job and Washington plates.

All is quiet as the door opens and out steps Vincent Palmer, with an arrogant smirk that seems to be permanently implanted upon his face.

“Of course there’s a camera here…there’s always a camera here,” he states as he reaches into the back seat to grab his bag, throwing it over his shoulder and locking his car, the beeping resonating throughout the vacant lot.

“In case you couldn’t tell, I am NOT happy with my match this week,” he tells the camera as he puts his shades on over his eyes.  “Explain this logic to me, if you will.  Last week, I defeated Alessandro soundly to redeem my elimination due to him in my debut match.  And I stated time and time again how little I care for him.  Why on Earth do they have me now teaming with him to take on Sephiroth and Lochlan Rossdale?  Was it merely lack of options on the roster that drove us towards this uneasy alliance?  Was it supposed to be funny to the powers-that-be to stick us together?  What ever the reason is…wait a moment…is it because we’re both black?”

He stops in place and cracks his neck as he says that.

“That’s it, isn’t it?”  he lets out a loud sigh.  “The management, in their infinite wisdom, saw that there were two new niggas on the roster and decided that, regardless of how we feel about each other, we’ll make one heck of a shucking and jiving team…amirite?  Yeah, don’t answer that.  Your ignorance speaks for itself.  Never mind the reasons WHY you opted to stick me and Alessandro de Borgia together and let’s focus on what the true outcome of the situation is.  You stuck me with a guy who I defeated without an issues and told me to try and drag his lazy ass carcass through a tag team match.  That’s the reality of the situation.  Luckily, I’m more than capable of winning a match like this without the assistance of a partner.  Heck, it could be three on one.  Seven on one.  Twenty on one.  I don’t give a damn.  The fact of the matter is that I’m here to prove my worth and, although your racist minds gave me a bullshit partner, I’m going to pull out a win because that’s what I do.  That’s what VINCENT PALMER does.  You can hear it in my theme song, for Christ’s sake.  All I do is win, win, win no matter what.  Stack the odds against me.  Give me horrible partners and all I’ll do is what I do best, and that’s rise up to the challenge and win.”

He shifts his weight from one arm to the other as he holds his position,

“I know that I said I’m more than willing to take my lumps to make it here in EAW and that’s not changing,” continuing with a smirk.  “But those lumps are best served in a less racist wrapper, okay?  I’ll let it slide this week, EAW.  I’ll put on my happy face and deliver the performance that you expect of someone of my caliber.  I just don’t want this to be a continual process from you guys to just randomly lump me with people that we both know are beneath me.  I’m going to win this week and defeat Sephiroth and Rossdale, with or without the help of de Borgia.  And when I do that…when I stand in the middle of that ring with my arms raised in victory…don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you about it.  Because I told you so.”

He shakes his head as he walks past the camera before turning back around.

“Oh, and de Borgia…if you know what’s best for you, I’d stay out of my way during this match,” he says in closing as he shuffles off.
[El laberinto leaves out of the Locker Room while Eve comes in Stops him]

Eve: Excuse me El landerson but can i get a few moments of your thoughts before your Six man Battle royal this Saturday.

El Laberinto: Sure Eve why not.

Eve: last Saturday on Showdown you got replace by your clone by Alex Anderson when he took your number one contender spot for Norman Hellion's Answers World Champion at Reasonable Doubt PPV in then now this week on Showdown you will compete in a Six man Battle Royal this Saturday on Showdown so any thoughts El laberinto ?

Eve: Well you see Eve the reason that Alex Anderson was telling me something last Saturday was Complicated because when my clone Alex was reaching over my shoulders and he took me for a walk after our little speech in then he attacked me from out of no where and he jacked up my wrestling mask in he defeated my Opponent in my Number one contender match last Saturday so that's why they got me in a Six man battle royal match this week on showdown.

Eve: Can u even defeat all five of your Opponents this Saturday on showdown.

El laberinto: if it depends on how's the Battle royal match gonna turn out cause this is my second battle royal i have been in so if Clark Duncan and Evan Stark better watch there backs this Saturday on Showdown because El Landerson is on his way to get revenge on Alex Anderson at Reasonable Doubt PPV.

(El landerson walks away from Eve when she Continues talking)

Eve: there you have it folks cause El landerson will be in action this Saturday on Showdown in his battle royal match.

Eve: So we hope that El Landerson can eliminated five other People on showdown in two days before Reasonable Doubt PPV so good luck out there El laberinto because you're gonna need it this Saturday on Showdown.

[Camera fades while El laberinto goes to his Dressing Room before Showdown show]
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 11:53 am by TLA
[OOC: Debut promo for my new gimmick.]

☾Opera music plays as the camera cuts to a room decorated with velvet red curtains. In the center of the room is a wooden desk draped with a spread of the EAW logo. Next to the table is a black leather chair. Suddenly, disgraced NBC newsanchor Brian Williams enters and takes a seat at the desk.☽

Brian Williams: Good evening I'm Brian Williams. I am proud to announce that during my suspension from NBC News I have agreed to perform journalistic coverage for top wrestling promotion EAW where I am a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion. Although I realize my reputation has been damaged, I hope to change you... my loyal viewers minds as I bring you honest, fact-based journalism in its purest form. Tonight I have with me a very special guest who this past Sunday became the number one contender for the National Elite Championship. Please welcome... TLA.

☾"Hate Me Now" by Nas plays as TLA enters wearing a lucha mask and a fancy suit. TLA shakes hands with Brian Williams as he takes a seat in the leather chair.☽

Brian Williams: Thank you for coming here today TLA.

TLA: De nada Señor Williams. I told all of the desperate EAW journalists that they were not worthy of having an interview with me. However, a man such as yourself, with so much journalistic integrity... I knew that this would be a fair and honest platform to tell my story.

Brian Williams: I appreciate that TLA. This reminds me of the time where I was personally awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for my coverage of Hurricane Katrina back in 2006. But let's get started shall we? First I would like to congratulate you on your big victory on Sunday's Dynasty over Aren Mstislav and Tiberius Jones. However, some say that your victory was tainted as Jones was attacked backstage by the National Elite Champion Christopher Corrupt before the match. Do you feel that your victory was tainted?

TLA: No. Absolutamente no. I won that match fairly with my superior talent. In fact... I pinned Aren Mstislav, not even Tiberius Jones although I am sure that the conspiracy theorists will try to give him an excuse as well. It was clear to anyone who actually watched that match, that I was the rightful victor and would have been in any circumstance.

Brian Williams: So you are confident that you can beat Christopher Corrupt?

TLA: Of course. Only a fool would doubt me. Señor Williams I have been planning for this moment since the day that I stepped foot in EAW. This is when all the masks come off. You see Christopher Corrupt was just una marioneta. A puppet. It all started months ago when my good friend King Mustafa ensured that Corrupt would be the number one contender for the National Elite championship. We knew that he was the perfect candidate to beat somebody like Aren Mstislav, and of course we were right. Corrupt won the championship from noble Aren through his willingness to do things that Aren was not. The thing is though, it is obvious to everyone that Corrupt doesn't have the class to be champion. He is like a scrappy dog just relying on cheap shots and street smarts. What EAW needs now is a champion they can look up to, with a pure bloodline that from birth simply made him better than the rest. We made Christopher Corrupt the National Elite Champion because just like he was the perfect man to beat Aren Mstislav, I am the perfect man to defeat Christopher Corrupt.

Brian Williams: Speaking of taking the masks off, TLA I have done my homework and found some interesting facts about you. I have a feeling, just like I did when I located Osama bin Laden, that EAW doesn't know the man behind the mask.

TLA: You have to understand Brian that people like me don't just hang out with anyone. My bloodline is a long and storied history of millenia of warriors. My father, Pantera Sr. is a legendary luchador and I have followed in his footsteps and surpassed him.

Brian Williams: Yes that is all well and good but I was talking more about the controversy your personal life has attracted. You have been seen in public many times without your mask, at parties with royalty, celebrities, and other A-listers. In photos and videos from the paparazzi. Isn't this a blatant violation of lucha libre tradition?

TLA: Por el amor de Dios... who cares? 

☾TLA takes his mask off and tosses it over his shoulder into a trash bin as Brian Williams looks shocked. TLA grins and winks at the camera.☽

TLA: It's just a dumb mask Brian. Besides why would I want to conceal this face? It would be a travesty for the ladies. In fact I am never going to wear it again because I am tired of following in someone's footsteps. I am my own man. Yo soy el rey de reyes. I am El Tlatoani and my family is as royalty. Bloodlines mean everything Señor Williams.

Brian Williams: I could not agree more. In fact I myself am a descendant of George Washington so I get where you are coming from. However, I am being told in my headset that wrestling fans on social media are not happy with your actions here tonight and some have even gone as far as call you a traitor to the great tradition of lucha libre.

TLA: Por qué no estoy sorprendido? What else is new? These fans want to talk about tradition, yet my ancestors have been labeled traitors for hundreds of years because they were smart enough to betray tradition to achieve victory. They were called traitors but preferred the term "winners". Maybe that is the tradition that I am choosing to follow. The tradition of winning. So people can call me a traitor all they want but just like my ancestors I prefer the term "winner" because that is exactly what I plan to be in EAW.

Brian Williams: Thank you for your time TLA. I hope all you viewers at home will accept my apologies for some of my past statements and realize that I am still worthy of your trust. Just like my ancestor George Washington, I cannot tell a lie. From the Truthmobile here in Puerto Rico, this is Brian Williams signing off.

☾TLA shakes Brian Williams' hand as opera music again plays. TLA winks to the camera as it fades to black.☽
I’m not a bad guy.

I know that some of you are probably laughing at that notion right about now, and I’ll admit I might find it hard to believe if I was in your situation, seeing all the things I’ve done these past many months since taking the top job.  However, I assure all of you that I am NOT a bad guy.  Sometimes good men have to do bad things in order to do what’s right, and everything I have done has been to ensure the future of EAW and to do right by this great organization.  Sometimes when you’re a leader you need to stick your hands into the filth so that others may keep theirs clean.  I make the tough decisions so that none of you have to!  I carry this heavy burden so that your shoulders can feel just a little bit lighter.  And part of that is to sometimes do things that the rest of you might view as despicable.  As the old saying goes, “if you wanna make an omelet…you have to break a few eggs.”  No great empire has ever been forged without some blood being split, or some heinous acts being committed.  Only men of the highest mental fortitude are capable of fighting against this mental paradox to still do great things.  I am one such man!  I have risen above all of your petty criticism to accomplish things no previous Chairman before me.  Not only have I reshaped the entire image of EAW, but I’m helping to establish out global presence/dominance with the most ambitious and boldest World Tour to date!  The only reason any of you dare to call my methods into question is because it’s easy.  It’s easy for you to demonize me when you don’t have the responsibility I have!  You have that luxury because you don’t know what I know.  Ignorance is bliss for all of you because you think the business of wrestling is simple.  But that’s not me!  I don’t have that luxury anymore because I now know things are more complicated!  It’s a luxury I willingly gave it up because it’s the duty of a leader to look beyond the present into the future, and to make decisions concerning that future, even if they’re unpopular among the masses; even if they don’t understand your reasons or why.  But my reasons are quite simple…Diamond Cage is bad for EAW!  In the months following my taking this office, I did everything to purge EAW of the old corruption that only I could see.  Diamond Cage wants to undo all that!  If he is allowed to represent this company as champion any longer than necessary, it will plummet into a far worse place than it was before.  Deep down Cage knows all this, he just doesn’t care.  He’s never cared about EAW’s future or the fate of any of its employees.  He cares only about himself and satisfying his own ego.  He has preached continuously against my reign as Chairman, painting himself as some sort of hero above everything, yet when his words proved inconvenient, he abandoned them like a bad habit.  As far as I’m concerned, he proved that everything I’ve said about him is true at King Of Elite in his match against Hades!  He’s a hypocrite, unstable, a liar, and a worse person that I ever could be!  He has spat in the face of my authority, and he’s lucky that based on the manner in which he retained his championship alone that I don’t take it from him, which would be well within my legal power to do.  But as I said…I’m not a bad guy.  I’m a benevolent ruler and will not stoup to his petty level.  I will give Cage a chance to defend his championship still.  However, Diamond Cage still must be made an example of, otherwise people might start to think they can walk over the boss to get away with anything.  This I will not have in my EAW!  None of this is personal, it’s simply what needs to be done, and all of it was brought down on Cage’s head by his own hands.  Thus I have entered not only myself, but also Lannister and Hades The Hellraiser into this championship match.  Which shows my point that I can be very generous to those who deserve it!  I have given Lannister an extra World Title shot in addition to the one he earned at King Of Elite because of his impressive tenure.  And Hades is being given another chance to avenge his lose at KOE.  I even helped him grab a win over Cage at last week’s Voltage.  Notice the keyword in both those examples?  It’s…GIVEN!!!  Both these men owe their recent success and opportunities to me!  And just like God above, I can either giveth or I can taketh away!  I can be either your greatest ally or your worst enemy.  Think of my management style as a “reap what you sow” style.  It’s my duty to see that all Elitist get exactly what they deserve.  A fact I urge Hades and Lannister not to forget, or in the end that’s what this is all about.  What I can become or what I can do or what you can achieve, all depends of your actions.  Diamond Cage chose to be my enemy, and now his life is a living hell!  Get the picture?  So I ask both Lannister and Hades…what will I be to you?  As my partner in this upcoming tag match Hades, I can further your momentum going into Fighting Spirit, or I can bring it to a crashing (pun intended) halt!  And Lannister, whether or not your “kingdom” continues on its rise will depend on how well your willing to mesh with Cage.  Either Cage can burn alone, or the three of you can burn together!  The choice…is up to you.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 11th 2015, 10:48 pm by Venom
(The camera pans into a bar filled with many people. Several booths are lined up along a wall with varying sports memorabilia hanging from them. Several Flat Screen Televisions are seen hanging all around the bar. The TVs display varying NBA games as people at the bar can be heard discussing who will win. Over at the counter several individuals are sitting drinking different brands of beer. One man is drinking a Budweiser as another is drinking an unknown liquor. Towards the middle of the counter, the bartender hands a man a bottle of whiskey, he then begins to wipe down the counter in front of the man. The camera brings the man into focus. The individual is wearing a Bud Light T-Shirt, a pair of ripped jeans, and boots. The man takes a sip from the bottle before sitting it down.)

Bartender: Whats your name?

???: Venom.

Bartender: Venom?

Venom: Venom.

Bartender: Your names Venom?

Venom: Sure is?

Bartender: Are you sure?

Venom: Yup.

Bartender: Are you one of those really geeky comic book fans who believes hes a super hero or villain?

Venom: Nope. Wait...uhhh... well the other day I meant a guy who seems to be like a magician, so maybe I am and i just don't know it. Are you a super villain undercover as a bartender? Because if ya are, you chose a lame disguise.

Bartender: I happen to enjoy my job. So are you pretending to be the enemy of Spiderman?

Venom: No, i'm me, Venom. Well, I went by James Martin for a while, but that didn't turn out to well, so I went back to Venom.

Bartender: So...your names James Martin?

Venom: No, it's Venom. You don't listen very well do you?

(The bartender scowls at Venom as he walks off. Venom grabs his bottle of whiskey and begins to drink it until he begins hitting the bottom of it to get the last few drops out. Venom then pulls down the bottle and yawns.)

Venom: Cast aside.... Thrown to the side without a warning, betrayed by those who you thought were your friends, and forgotten. Fighting for so long to establish my worth, striving for the opportunity to make history, only to have it constantly taken from me. But at last, I have been given a second chance, and this time around things will be much wilder than last time.

(Venom looks to his left as the man sitting next to him looks over at him in confusion.)

Man: Who ya talking to there?

Venom: Why you of course. We are best pals after all.

Man: I've never met you before-

Venom: I returned to EAW for redemption. What kind of redemption ya may ask? Well listen up and ya may find out.

Man: I didn't ask you anything.

Venom: After aligning with Scott Diamond and Ashten Cross, things were good, but then I was fired, I lost the Tag Title that I WON by myself. That Scott dude wasn't much help, ya know? Just brawn no brains like yours truly. I'm on the level of that one dude... uhh whats his name? He had gray hair I think? Dumbledore? Uh...no not him, Ventura woulda told me if he was as smart as me. Uh... Eminem?

Man: Einstein.

Venom: Who?

Man: Albert Einstein.

Venom: My names Venom but whatever floats your boat. But back to business, I returned for a reason. With my old pal Nick returning-he was a pal from this thing called THOR. Not that god THOR not to be confused- but with him returning after a humiliating exit from EAW, the timing was IDOL!

Man: The timing was Idol? Don't you mean Ideal?

Venom: Naw, I mean IDOL. You need to go back to high school. But back to whats important. Ventura recruited Nick and I, we beat up Tim Duncan...uhhh or was it Clark something... uh he might've been that dude who created Dunkin Donuts. Nick and I hugged, had a beer, not the bottle of whiskey that I told Ventura to throw in. He still owes me that bottle of whiskey.

(The bartender returns and hands Venom another bottle of whiskey. Venom then opens it and begins to drink.)

Venom: -Hiccups- Something about math, uhh maybe 2+2= the square root of pizza?

Man: I thought you were talking about Ventura?

Venom: Who?... OH RIGHT! Ya aren't so dumb after all. But ye, while I was gone from EAW, it became Elite, even though how could it have been elite without.... YOURS TRULY! Uhh, DEDEDE just went crazy again and went back on Meth or something. Or was his name Meth? Ryan Savage put on some more weight... he's been hanging out with the Duncan guy.

Man: Man you lose your train of thought easily.

Venom: I don't have a train. Do you? But ye, i'm in a number 1 contenders match for the New Breed Title at Reasonable Doubt. I never cared about the New Breed Title that much considering AA held it for a while, but hey... me and Nick gotta start somewhere right? With us being in the Holy Cows, we gotta do our best to represent. Wait... Holy Cows... was that the name?

Man: You've had to much to drink.

Venom: I do have to pee. I'll return shortly, amigo.

(Venom runs to the bath room. A minute passes Venom then comes out of the bathroom and returns to his seat.)

Venom: Did ya miss me?

Man: Not really-

Venom: Dumb question, of course ya missed me. But I got a battle royal this week. Oh man, it's gonna be a blast. All of us fighting it out in the ring, I hope I get to break a beer bottle of some peoples heads. Man, that'd be fun. I wouldn't do it to my pal, Nick. If I lose, he better win. What am I saying? Of course one of us will win. Now let me get back to old Duncan. Now ya listen pal, I ain't no puppet, nor is Nick, nor is anybody else in the Holy Bridges...yeah that's it, Holy Bridges. And last time I checked I can stand on my own two feet, I just walked to the bathroom.

Man: I don't think he meant it literally.

Venom: Shh, i'm talking. Over my absence, you may believe I got weaker, but i'm more dangerous than ever. I don't know who ya are, I'm not even sure about your name, but I do know I had a good time when you were unconscious on Showdown. Damn,  i'm sorry, I forgot to thank you for that too. Your ignorance in thinking you could oppose the Holy Cheerios led to Nick and I having a pretty good time laughing at you.

Man: Holy Cheerios? HOLY CHEERIOS?!

Venom: You want some cheerios? I don't think they serve that here. We also got a few other guys i've never met. Man, a lot of new faces showed up while I was gone. Heck, I must be famous too, as some fella I don't even know praised me. What was his name now? Hmm... was it Kanye West?

Man: He's a celebrity.

Venom: Oh right, right. I think it was it was Evan Stork or was it Stark? One way or the other, I think I may be his hero. But ya believe you will win don't you? You should be nicer to your hero.

Man: He probably just said you were good, I can promise you you're not his hero, even though I have no idea who or what you're talking about. You would NOT be anybodies hero.

Bartender: He has the name of a villain.

Venom: What did y'all say? I was thinking of how to appear to be heroic. A superhero pose would be cool. But I gotta admit, the whole irrelevancy thing stings. You shouldn't be so mean to your hero. But anyways, you're one of them new extremists... or I suppose it would be elitists now. You may have heard of me, and i'm sure ya heard great things. Did ya hear about the time I vomited at Pain for Pride? Oh what am I saying, of course ya did. That was an iconic moment of Pain for Pride 6. But its time to be great again. World Titles, Tag Titles, and especially beer is what i'll win this time around. I should introduce a Beer Championship.

(Venom puts his arm around the man next to him as the man appears to be uncomfortable.)

Venom: To remember this occasion of when I said I would be great again and when I came up with the Beer Championship, I say we take a selfie.

Man: I'd rather not.

(Venom pulls out his phone and takes a selfie.)


Man: Wait, WHAT?!

(Everybody in the bar gives a loud cheer. The camera then shows Venom finishing off another bottle of whiskey.)

(The camera fades to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
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So what did I got myself into this time? Ah yes, a battle royal. A six man battle royal containing guys that I’m a little familiar with such as Clark Duncan, El Landerson, Evan Stark and there’s a relatively Bulgarian newcomer named Nikola Vranchev. Oh and surprise, there’s this Venom kid that is in the battle royal too. So I have three guys that I at least fought against in this battle royal ever since I came back against EAW alongside worrying about a guy that is known for his anti-American antics and ambition. I also have to worry about possibly a bigger potential threat in Venom who knows me a lot better than all of this battle royal, but the same could be said about him. But why should I address all of my opponents when I can state my own ambitions at the very moment? You see, a lot of people are calling me a puppet. A lot of people are accusing me that Nick Angel cannot be successful again without aligning himself with others! First of all, you have to think of why I even consider the alignment in the first place. You have to consider why I would align myself with a man whose history is very shaky at best. After all, I have the experience, the prestige, and the natural ability to flip the switch in any given match. Yet, why would I align myself with Johnny Ventura and his cause? It’s because the Holy Brigade offer me something that I couldn’t reject at all. That being? The ability to evolved and have a very strong start to my redemption arc. You see, it’s not that I had a strong opinion of Johnny Ventura for good or bad intentions whenever I came back to EAW, but I can easily relate to his struggle in EAW. For so long, Johnny and I has been overlooked despite the fact time after time, we dedicate hours of training to craft our skills alongside we never find a reason to stoop down to other’s people level. Yet, there’s this notion that maybe people do not want to see people hard working individuals succeed in this business. Maybe there’s a conspiracy that no matter what Johnny and I do? It’ll be the usual result, being called a “bust”, being called a “veteran that couldn’t cut it in EAW”, oh and the usual statement of being called “overrated”. Yet, that’s because we faced off against this conspiracy alone. I’d like to think this conspiracy will not work whenever guys who could relate to our struggle, our passion, our devotion join up together and make a stance. And making a stance we will. Now I know what you’re going to ask me, do the ends justify the means to align myself with Johnny Ventura? I could’ve easily rejected his offer, attain my success via riding solo, not to mention it’s not that long ago I’ve been in an alignment myself too. Yet, I see this opportunity individually and as a team player to assert my own self in EAW. It may not be shown immediately, but consider this as my first out of many steps to assert my own self to becoming one of Showdown’s premier players. 

As many people would like to talk about as to why I align myself with the Holy Brigade, I still have to back up the hype with my upcoming match. Not that I have any intentions of sounding arrogant by any stretch of imagination but I do like my odds in this match. Say what you want about my recent result against Clark Duncan, the ends do justify the means of my match. A lot of people will point out that without Johnny’s interference, I would’ve lost the match. I can easily counter that argument that people are forgetting the Ground Zero can counter just about any big time move there is in EAW, regardless of the angle or strength you possess. It is the epitome of my skill-set as it is a versatile yet efficient move and I will continue to showcase it. Clark Duncan wants a rematch? Your permission is granted, but I can assure you that I will send my regards to you while you want the permission. As for El Landerson? Eh, as much as I’d like to state a “no comment” on El Landerson, I could easily say that there’s a very good chance that he might not be eliminated first. If there’s any man I want to see succeed in this match strictly, there’s El Landerson so maybe, just maybe I could have him not get eliminated first. But if it comes down to just El Landerson and I? Sorry buddy, you have to be the sacrificial lamb. Next, there’s this Evan Stark kid who thinks I’m egotistical, narcissistic veteran who won’t cut it in EAW. I’m sorry Evan, do you know who in the actual fuck you’re talking to? You’re talking to a man that easily dominated you in my debut match and if it weren’t for Johnny Ventura trying to get my attention, there’s absolutely no doubt that I’d walk out victorious. Not that I’m complaining entirely when I speak about it today, but you talk a lot for a guy that has quite the victory under fluke circumstances. I really dare you to try to replicate the victory again at my own expenses. But you won’t. As for another guy I actually want to address, it’s Nikola Vranchev. I do recall you in a speech of yours that you want to face the best that professional wrestling has to offer. You want new competition and you’re tired of facing opponents with so many weaknesses? Hey, me too. Except, I can’t speak for everyone in my match but I can say that I could relate to you when it comes to being a little tired of facing 3rd rate opponents. Yet, while people know that I’m very vastly talented yet discipline, I believe that you’re an unknown commodity Nikola. That’s not a bad thing to say, as for all I know that you could self-motivate yourself to showcase your abilities in front of national TV. But one thing I’d like to say before the match? Despite the fact that you could barely speak English, I can easily relate to you a lot better than the dweebs in this match. But we will see if your wrestling skills could back up this notion of you asserting your own self in EAW. Last but not least, there’s the man, the myth, the legend, Venom. Now Venom, I’m not saying that I will or will not align with you in this match at all, but you know what I want to say? Don’t do anything that will diminish the Holy Brigade. But I do not need to worry about such considering Venom and I were teammates for almost a year, alongside the fact that the most underrated trait of Venom is actually his awareness. If it comes down to Venom and I as the final participants of this match, every man to himself. If we knock out every guy without interfering in each other’s affair, more power to ourselves and I’m aware we can do that with our own abilities. But one thing I will say is that what will occur on the next edition of Showdown is something all of you have to get used to. Regardless if Venom or I win, I can easily say the Holy Brigade will assert their own position for the next couple of weeks. And trust me whenever I say, we’re just getting started. 
(The scene is a beaten down trailer park in Ohio, Charlie Scene is walking through the middle of the park in a black t shirt, oil-stained jeans and old Timberland boots.)

CS: Ever since I got out of prison, people have all wanted to ask me questions. How was prison? What are you gonna do now? How do you feel about EAW or Tyler Parker or Voltage and whats the length of your pubic hair on your left nut and how does it compare with the hair on your right? EVERYONE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I am a convict, you underdstand that? I don't answer questions, everyone here actin' like the police and I don't do that. All these questions, this Elite Center crap, I only answer them so I don't get fined. Sure, ask me two years ago to be on Elite Center, ask me two years ago to do a press conference and tell everyone all about me, sure I would be all about it, but things change. I'm disgusting now, no one wants to hear what I really think because they can't handle it. I dare someone to really try and dive into my mind, stop asking all these politically correct questions that no one gives a crap about and ask me something real. While I get asked all these bland questions, I'll keep on giving bland answers. I'm only here so I don't get fined anyways. 

When it comes down to it, nobody is really ready for me. It's kind of unfair to be in the ring with a green rookie like the Franchise Demon. He has no idea what he's about to be in the ring with. I'm a street fighter, you understand that? Where I've been, fights have no rules. Biting, poking in eyes, even putting a knife in someone is just apart of the game. Do you really think you can handle that, Demon? Do you really think a guy like you, can get in the ring with an athlete like myself and come out on top? I know you struggle living in the real world, with all your magical charms and your black finger nail polish and make up, they would love you in prison by the way, but try for once in your piss-poor excuse for a life to think logically here. I am one of the best to ever get in a wrestling ring, I am one of the greatest wrestler in the world today and you're just, some guy in a black dress. I think it's amusing that EAW wants to start  me in the lowest of the lows during my return. That's fine though, I'll fight my way back to the top, just like I did before. I've already proven it once, I'll do it again.

What I also think is amusing is since I announced my return, Tyler Parker has been silent. Not a phone call, a text, a message on Twitter, nothing. He hasn't shown his face since he heard I was back, and that's pathetic. You used to call yourself my best friend, Tyler. You used to have my back over anybody, no matter what. Wether I was right or wrong you had my back. What happened to you? You literally disgust me. Thinking of the way we used to be makes me want to vomit, Tyler. Soon enough I'll get at you though, soon enough you'll be put to a real test, none of this second best as champion anymore.

(Charlie keeps on walking and the camera fades to black as you see his back.)
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(Scene opens up in a locker-room where Jack Pierce is seen doing push ups. Someone starts knocking on the door.)

Jack: Come in!

(A man in black suit holding a microphone in his right hand enters the room with a cameraman. Jack swiftly stands up and takes a deep breath.)

Jack: Hey, how can I help you guys?

Man in black suit: Good evening Mr. Pierce, my name is Mike and I interview EAW wrestlers such as yourself backstage. Do you mind if I ask you a few a questions?

Jack: Sure man, feel free to fire anything at me.

Mike: Well you joined EAW today and we haven’t gotten to hear a single word from you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jack: Well first of all, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jack Pierce. I come from San Jose, California. If you have never been there, it’s a beautiful place filled with lots of cool events and I definitely believe that every person on the planet should visit it at least once in their lifetime. I started watching wrestling when I was only 5 years old. Watching it for the first time felt like having a crush on a hot girl. You just can’t stop thinking about. You can’t imagine living your life without it. Every time it’s on you feel you’re heart pumping and your face is glued to the TV screen. I’ve watched this sport ever since that day and eventually started training for it right after I finished my high school. My other hobbies besides wrestling are visual arts and music. You’ll definitely see me using them a lot during my run with EAW.

Right now I guess I have reached the part of the question where I have to discuss my chances in EAW, if I think I am better than all the guys in the locker-room and all that jazz. Let’s get one thing very clear -- I am not the best thing since sliced bread like everyone here pretends to be. If I were to face the current EAW World Champion, I would most likely get decimated and lose the match. I am well aware that I am probably the biggest underdog on the roster. I have only been training wrestling for two years, so I obviously do not posses as much experience as everyone else does on the EAW roster nor do I perform many moves at the moment. Why am I telling you all of this stuff? I know it sounds crazy but I am proud of who I am. I am proud of being just a guy who came off the streets of San Jose, California, and not someone who comes from a royal wrestling heritage and has been trained by the best coaches in the business. As you have just seen I am not ashamed to admit my shortcomings. I have confidence in me that one day I will achieve the impossible and become the best I can be. I will be looked up as the only face of the EAW and there won’t be a single person on the roster that won’t respect me. Championship holders will be chasing me to have a one on one title match. Retired Hall of Fame legends will be coming back for their one final match just to stand face to face to me.

I know a lot of it sounds like a picture-perfect fairy tail but let me tell you something. Everything I have earned, everything I have to this point, I have done it all by MYSELF. Yes I have said that I don’t posses as many skills and as much experience as everyone else in the locker-room but it doesn’t mean I can’t get there with time. But I have something they all don’t have and that’s the mental edge. They’ve never seen me fight, they can only guess, they can only hope that their moves will be enough to take me down. They can only hope that their bodies will be tough enough to live through ultimate highflying kicks. Yes, I have only been training wrestling for two years but there wasn’t a day in those 730 days where I took a rest, where I took a day off. Every single day felt like an eternity. Every day I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning to run miles and miles ahead of me until my body can’t breathe anymore and I can no longer feel my legs. I would set a wrestling ring in my back yard and sprint across the ring, bounce from rope to rope, every single day until I never felt like I was tired while doing. I would risk my life doing free running just so I can literally “fly” in and outside the ring; so that if I am wrestling on top of a cage, I won’t be afraid to put my opponent through the announcers table.

I joined EAW because I love this sport and I want to learn how to become a fighter. I can’t promise you that I will win my first match or any of my future matches for that matter, but I can promise you a few other things that are more important. One, I will always be the first one to come to work and always the last one to leave. Second, I will never call my matches in EAW “easy”. The reason for that is simple. I don’t want to give myself an excuse to not work as hard as I am now. Every time I enter the squared circle, I want to give everything I’ve got, nothing less than 100%. Even if I face a guy who hasn’t won a single match in his career, I’ll still wrestle him like my career and life are on the line. I am not going to lose my matches by pin fall or call “I quit” until my body faints and I am carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

Yeah I think that’s all I have to say for this question.

Mike: All I have to say is wow. You gave us a heck of an answer Mr. Pierce. I only have three more questions left for you to answer. You briefly mentioned your goals in EAW and “winning” matches. Is creating an “undefeated” winning streak or anything of that sort, something you are look to doing here?

Jack: I know that most if not all people here want to go undefeated for a long time without dropping a single match but meh, win or lose it doesn’t really matter to me Mike. You know if I win a match then that’s great, that’s awesome. It means that all my hard work has paid off and I am doing something right inside a squared circle. If I lose, it’s probably even better. Why? Because I can look back at my past mistakes and weakness, I can fix them and next time step into the ring as the better performer. Remember what I said in my last interview Mike. I am a fighter. A fighter is not someone who never fails; a fighter is someone who never quits. I mean I love wining don’t get me wrong, but sometimes pain is the best teacher.

Mike: Alright. Second question, you were recently drafted to Voltage, what do you think about roster and the brand in general?

Jack: Umm, well I haven’t had the chance to wrestle any of them, so I can’t say much. However, I have heard that there are couple of legendary Hall of Famers who are competing on the roster and all I gotta say is WOW man. I can’t think of a better place to showcase my abilities in the ring and kick-start my professional wrestling career.

Mike: I’ve read on your wrestling profile that you plan on doing something very interesting with your attire and your body. Can you explain to everyone of us here what exactly is it you want to do?

Jack: Oh man I would love to but I have to go soon and I just want to finish what I was doing before the interview.

Mike: No problem. Thank you for your input and good luck in your first match.

Jack: Thanks man, it means a lot.

(Jack Pierce goes back to doing push-ups as camera fades to black)
So, my first match came and went, and I lost.

Was I disappointed? Oh, absolutely, but then again, who wouldn't be? I trained hard, only to lose my very first professional match ever. Then again, that's just me. Whenever I fail at something, I always feel like I'm the first one to ever do so. I know I'm not the first person to ever lose a wrestling match, and I know I'm definitely not the first person to lose their debut match, but it still felt that way.

But, I didn't cry about it, nor I didn't get depressed. All I did, was go over my match in my head again, and again, and again. Thinking about all the things I did wrong, or could have done better. I wasn't on Showdown last week, so I had plenty of time to think about the match. After doing so, I sparred with people at the gym and worked out even harder than I did before. Now, my second match is approaching, and it's another triple threat. And I am ready for it!

My opponents are Kyle Smith and Eclipse Diemos.

Kyle seems like a good guy, though I can't say I know much about him. I haven't heard from him at all in the past week, whether that's cause he's too busy training for the match, or he just doesn't want to talk, I can't say. But, Kyle, good luck out there Saturday night.

Eclipse Diemos, on the other hand, had some things to say that were.... interesting, for lack of a better term. I don't exactly know what he meant be saying that I'm “beyond saving”, and that I'm “corrupted by the outside world” or whatever. Eclipse, what the hell are you talking about? What “error of my ways” are you talking about? I dunno, maybe this guy's just insane, his ramblings sound reminiscent of Charles Manson. No point in trying to make sense out of them. Eclipse, if you want to try to change me or convert me or what-the-hell-ever it is you want to do, you know where I'll be Saturday night, bring it on buddy!

he stars have re-aligned...
...under such a grandiose fashion. All the stars upon the night sky are all visible. They are all nicely next together, with the many constellations that can be formed from all these stars. They just don't cast forth illumination for the night sky, but they cast power. The stars contain power and radiance, enough to reveal the imposters right from their hideouts. The imposters that loom today in this world is of myriads. They go out to the world, and have a mentality that they own it, that they have no boundaries at all to keep them on check. That is the way they think, and that is the way they cast their own trail of tears at the end. Their reality was simmered. Their reality was nothing more but a dream.

oodoo, witchcraft, fortunetelling...
...are all practices that sum up to be garbage. They practice of lingering souls that spawn up to protect you, or having "black magic" take place of your life, and far worse, a practice that "predicts a person's life". It seems these practices have strongly been in effect within EAW, and I don't know why it is so. Whether or not it is the emergence of I being the Caster of Dreams, or whether or not there is a person in this company that is too afraid to get tested by me, I am not going to intervene. Fortuneteller Hamasa, whoever you are, I am here to give you a message, and only just a message. You can create your own trickery of predicting Methuselah's future. A growth of facial hair doesn't symbolize strength or dominance, but that is what he may claim to revolve himself on. Now don't fret, I am not here to try and attack you or anything, because you are already inflicting the onslaught upon your own self. With that being said, here is just a little message to keep in tact. You can try and be an ectype of me, but once we cross paths, remember that it was the signal for your unfortunate end. I already have to purify the disasters that these men and women have brought forth in this company. I don't need another.

Prince of Showdown have truly shown his credentials...
Devan Dubian, it is rather unfortunate that right about now, you are in a distant hospital far away from us, trying to re gain strength and fitness after your brutal attack over at Showdown. At least you should be happy that a golden-laced pillow was warmly kept below your head for you to dream. For you to dream about winning the Answers World Championship. Your reality of crushing me to the core was as visible as ever. You wanted me out of the picture, you kept on insisting to yourself that referring to a loss that deeply tormented him before, was surely going to do to the magic this time around. Didn't work out for you, huh? I don't even need to cast anything regarding who truly deserves to become the Number One Contender for that Answers World Championship, because my name is all over the ballot. People take you as the man who is rather unfortunate to win things, despite his longevity and service he provided in this company. Just because you have longed managed to connect to the fans, that you have counted the days ever since you first stepped afoot under this company's soil, doesn't mean you automatically deserve some gold. You just want to win a World title, that is just what you want to do. I crave to win a World title, because I actually have a vision as to how I will usher in a new age with this championship, while you will just bluff and brag to yourself that you are finally the Champion after so-so amount of years. Take as much time as you need to recover Devan, and don't try to pull any shenanigans of any sought against me. You're realty has been cast. I have been holding your grip of it, and now I have let it go. It is time for you to restart.

An unlikely source, enigma, entity decided to join us...
A man that has been criticized to being more of a jester in everyone's eyes. He drinks, he spits, he is often out of his mind. Those traits that man had was the reason why he was never granted anything, because they considered him to be an individual that didn't possess a "passion" for wrestling. How idiotic. Over at Showdown, everyone witnessed the return of Venom, one of the most devastating young men to ever get produced under EAW. To some, it was an underwhelming moment that didn't deserve the appraise. To others, which seems to be me, it was the most overwhelming moment that captivated me. The Holy Brigade, comprised of my fellow men that sacrificed their lives to take apart of this mission, alongside Nick Angel, wanted another member that will shake the company to its core. An unlikely source to become the source of brutal happenings. An enigma that posses a genuine feel of danger. Venom is listed on all of these. Once again, for the hearing impaired, this isn't a gimmick we are undergoing. This is a lifestyle.

Well, look who we have here...
After such a pleasant Showdown last week, I get to face a man, one of the special imposters that still loom around in this company today. We meet again, Starr. I still haven't forgotten about what transpired about two years ago, you and I. You returned to this company, you were looking for a helping hand, so you decided to recruit me to re-institute "Team Starr". When I was fragile and weak after Pain for Pride that year, I looked up upon you as a teacher who could showcase his experience and triumphs, just something that I can ponder and be in awe about. Not knowing that you were merely one of the most putrid men that I have ever come across. It doesn't matter if as of now, you are a good or a bad person. What the two of us have against each other will never die because you sent me down to the abyss, becoming a mere shadow for Drastik and the DwO. Now, we square up once again in a match that will hold no boundaries, just ruthless aggression. I can discard Alex Anderson from this match, because he is just going to be a commentator that no one will pay attention to. I want to settle the score with you now, just going straight to the point. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Alex manages to enter this match and screw me, as you two always had an enormous amount of envy towards me. The time has come for me to reestablish myself Starr, time to bring forth a new aura for people to get welcomed to. When I was away, you became the World Champion after taking me to the darkness. The stars have risen me back up. Time to resume the battle...
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(After Voltage went off the air Ryan Savage is seen in the bowls of the arena slumping over the lifeless body of Diana before his feet with a blank stare across his face. Ryan mutters "Only God Forgives" repeatedly under his breath. He takes a deep breath and and wicked grin creeps on his face.)

Life is a truly cruel thing to experience, life can bring out the best in men an life can bring out the absolute worse in men. For years upon my existence I thought I could never be loved by another soul. I was incapable to know what it means to be human. Until a devoted follower of mine did whatever she could to get me to acknowledge her and the love that she was willing cover me in. But as a fool I kept her from getting in, I kept her away from me because I knew if she continued to linger around me she would eventually get burned and disappear. What happened on Voltage last week brought me back to a childhood memory, when I was on the streets as a bum, sitting on the ground watching tv that was on display in the store, a movie was playing that day. Yes, the movie was called beauty and the beast, and when I think about it now, I see that we were just that.

(Ryan Savage, runs his fingers through Diana's hair as she still lays their motionless.)

You were willing to love and accept me for who I truly was and despite how erratic my ideals and philosophy on life were, you were still willing to be by my side. For some reason I have always expected you to stab me in the back, or bring some harm to me but now I see that it wasn't the case. I remember when the girl that was harmed brought the beast into sorrow and brought out the rage inside him because he actually truly fallen in love with her. I could say Diana that I at am in love with you.. An emotion that I thought I would never comprehend. It's like seeing a mother and father bringing their newborn baby into this world. And I feel with that love I finally have felt like I was human, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I FEEL LIKE I WAS A HUMAN BEING THAT COULD BE LOVED AND CHERISHED AND FEEL IMPORTANT! But to see what the Vendetta's has done to you in front of my eyes, has shown me this what happens when I try to love someone. 

(Ryan Savage takes his hand and digs into his pockets and reveals a lighter and begins to play with it a bit as he continues to speak)

Thanks to them they have brought me BACK to reality. I've realized now that this is what happens when I try to be like everyone else. You were a cancer to me and thanks to them they made me realize that. They believe if they took you out, they would have gotten into my head, and throw me off my game and make me afraid of them. But they don't realize that what they did helped me now. You were the only thing that kept  me human for a very, very long time and now since our bond has been severed I can truly be free from things that human beings are able to feel and comprehend. They THOUGHT THEY HAVE DEMORALIZED ME BUT IN TRUTH, they have strengthen me. So I would like to  thank them kindly for what they have done. I hope for your sake, House of Vendetta, that the move you made was the right path to take to BRING ME DOWN. Because I feel rejuvenated, and in that moment of "loss" I envisioned a darkness, and I thought I have seen the darker of the dark but I noticed in that moment there was a darkness inside me that I didn't even fathom till now. I know all of you can hear me, and I hope you know what it means to feel regret, to feel fear. House of Vendetta, be PREPARED to lose members of your rank because this won't end until the House of Vendetta, is dead. This war will never end and think for that moment at Voltage, was the turning point of this war.  I wonder if your father could hear the screams of his kin when an outsider slays every single member. I hope the death of his wife and his son would be ENOUGH TO BRING HIM OUT OF HIS GRAVE! But maybe it's time for  me to take a page out of your book. Maybe it's time to become a religious man and devote myself to a one true God.

(Ryan Savage stands up on a prone position and walks over to the corner of the room and picks up tank of gasoline and walks back over to Diana who's still lays there motionless. Ryan looks down on her with a tear that escaped his eyes and fallen onto her body. Ryan Savage begins to cover Diana with gasoline from head to toe. With his one free hand he begins to count off each finger has he says a word and eventually opens his free hand.)

Malice....Reckonging, Wrath, Ruin...Vengeance. These are the five facets that represents Onryo.

(Ryan Savage then clutches his free hand into a fist as he finishing pouring the gasoline on Diana's body.)

You are the one true God in this world, I sacrifice this woman, who represents my humanity. Not only that I sacrifice myself that makes me into a human being in your name. Not only that I will give you every single person that are my foes and I will burn EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM TO NOTHING! I am a child that has been discarded from life and that is a  living outcast of this society. Every man and woman and child that has cause me harm through my life, every person that stands in my way to what I want. They will forfeit their lives to me and will be brought to you Onryo, the people who I will bring harm and bring their legacy to rumble will be the very people that worship you. The Vendetta's lives are forfeit and one by one they will all burn into rumble and never be looked upon again. This I swear.

(Ryan Savage brings lights up the lighter and tosses it on Diana's body and watches it get swallowed up by the flames and her body burns into ash. As Ryan Savage looks up to the ceiling and collects his thoughts, he turns his back on Diana's burning body and sits in the corner of the room.)

As I sit her watching my humanity burn right before my eyes in the name of Onryo, it reminded me of something. My presence is being summoned to Showdown to help an incarnation of my partner. I will aid him in his cause to bring RAGNAROK to their knees and make them realize that their bonds and "brothers" won't be able to withstand my partner's cause usher in peace. Even in our contrasting ideals, I'm willing to slay the three headed beast that stands before us. Ragnarok will be the sacrificial lambs that will be casted into the sea of fire to burn for eternity. King Lannister and Pyscho Brody's pride will be dashed and the prize that brings them most joy will be taken away from them. I hope you boys realize that death is knocking at your door. Like my partner said being apart of this group will be your end. I want to see the misfortune, I want to see the despair when we take the tag titles away from you and show that your brotherly bond is nothing more than just simple talk that makes you believe that your power that you think you possess will not break, WILL NOT BE FALTERED BY ANYONE. But just like the Ottoman Empire, everything comes to an end no matter how strong and unstoppable you boys think you are. You forget that the men that wants your life will see to it that your dominion comes to a crashing end and everything you have worked for will be reduced to nothing. So Onryo, come Showdown I will cast my shadow over Showdown and I will bring to you the thing that holds value to Psycho Brody and King Lannister and that's the tag team championships. I will show them our Wrath and bring their Kingdom to Ruin and the only thing that they will have left is their so called brotherly bond that they are so proud of. And even that will be broken and all three men will slowly burn to ashes. The end of you two will be the testament of my resolve, it will be a haunting message to the House Of Vendetta that no matter how much power you believe you wield and your disposal. All of it can be taken away in an instant from an unlikely source. At Showdown Brody, Lannister you'll meet that end when you're facing my partner and I! For my partner I will fight for what he believes in and I will do anything I can to bring decay to your dominion. One by one you three will be sacrifice, one by one each and every one of you will know what the Ultimate fear is and in this match you'll finally see what my eyes see AND THAT IS THE END! Pray now to whatever God you believe in but know this that everything you do will be in vain.  

(As Diana's body is nothing more than ash, Ryan Savage stares at the mark that was left behind and muttered under his breath before the camera fades to black "Only God Forgives....and I bring death and destruction.")
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There is a new yin and yang. Frost and Fire.

Unforgiving elements. Frost and Fire.

Polar opposites. Frost and Fire.

Yet absolutes. Frost and Fire.

You can see the frost deep in the flames, and see within the coldest of tundras and depths of the bitter cold, the unforgiving fires. Perhaps the flames represent neverending rage and warmth that keeps the world alive. Perhaps the cold represents serenity, yet bitterness for all of Methuselah's enemies. Within the cold blue eyes of a hero there is a flame that can ignite, and bring light to the Land of Elite for as long as it lives, for as long as he lives. That fire comes behind a veil of cold, blue eyes; and these flames represent the searing pain of the soul that shiver'st me to the bone. Even I can't quite describe the makings of the Monster. Yet a Maven. Yet a Hero. Yet a God. Yet a King. Yet a Noble. Yet a Knight. Yet a Soldier. Yet a Priest. Prithee me, an instant of your attention, our Guardian wishes to relay his message. 


And this message I relay...

This message I relay is not one of hellfire and brimstone. I have no........ contempt, nor do I have lustful intentions behind my conquest. It isn't the same this time. THIS ISN'T THE SAME WAR THAT I'VE BEEN FIGHTING IN FOR YEARS.... I fight not for the blinding glare that reflects from the gold and the richest of the land, or for the fanfare or the clapping of the hand. I fight in 2015 A.D .... I still fight on this day when so many other names of so many other men have come, eaten their fill, drunken their fill and left. ..... I DON'T NOT FIGHT FOR A PRIZE THIS TIME! ... I fight for a cause. I I fight for you. 

And this message I relay... this message is a message of peace. This message is an olive branch, to the masses, from me. This message is a message of positivity, of forward thinking, unity and brotherhood and friendship. Because what I seek is a transition, the transition to a new era. An era where packs do not rule the flock. An era where one does not rule all, but this time all shall rule all. And to allow a group, or a family, or even a single man to gain dominion over all is to set limitations to all... when there is immeasurable power in one. IMAGINE THE POWER IN ALL! IMAGINE THE POWER OF A LIBERATED LAND OF ELITE, WHERE GREATNESS IS FREE TO REIGN WITHOUT PERSECUTION! WITHOUT TAXATION WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THE PERFECT WORLD? WHY CAN'T EXCELLENCE BE CELEBRATED? WHY CAN'T MEDIOCRITY BE CORRECTED? I WILL TELL YOU WHY.... RAGNAROK! And all those like RAGNAROK. Those like Lannister, Norman Hellion and even Psycho Brody's keeper... who think they can unite and run EAW with a domineering Iron Fist. Those people are my enemies now... those are who I seek to destroy, for the goodness and prosperity of you. And this is something they could never understand, but this is something they should eagerly accept. I've made my declaration of war, I've already cast my judgment and I'm determined to carry out the execution. I'm determined to sever each head of the three headed dragon, one by one.

And one is the one called Lannister, the one who calls himself King which is blasphemous within itself... Which is humorous within itself! One man wins one match and in one foul swoop he's worthy of being called King? It's as foolish as thinking one World title reign gives merit to consider ye a God. This is not how it works. Only a foolish child still moves about under that line of thinking. And the same way suicide doesn't make one a killer, a foolish man wearing robes and a crown with a harlot for a queen, making his decrees all over the land does NOT make him a King. You know... many men were called King. Many men are called King. Many men are to be called King. There will be another man standing in your shoes Lannister, because you are not permanent, you are nothing. You come from nothing, and so shall you return. Don't take these words as personal acts of malice and degradation for some worthless self assurance. Do I strike you as the type to need self assurance? Any sort of personal benefit I need to obtain has been obtained repeatedly for years. All you are, such as all Psycho Brody is is collateral for a single shot. And you so happen to be Norman's killer, in the same way Norman Hellion is your killer. Because you choose to stand with your brother in the line of fire, and you will him on and you are the one to stand by Norman as the bullets graze by him and enter in and out of you. You're at war with your brother, and it's by being at war with your brother. Your unity with RAGNAROK will be your demise, your execution, your dethroning; his beheading is now your beheading. You and Brody choose to stay beside your brother, now you're beside your brother kneeling before the gallows with the blade hanging high above your head. And you're here because you chose! You CHOOOSE! You chose you chose you chooose! You can't condemn me for your fall. You will at least have the right to be beheaded with your crown still on your head before it hits the ground and your reputation and all merits to respect and adoration and adulation among the EAW populous   goes lying in the dirt. 

While my brother Ryan Savage stands besides me and we see the blade fall and we see the three headed beast beheaded, because we are the beheader. I wonder; which head hits the ground first? Will it be Psycho Brody? Will it be Lannister? Will it be Norman Hellion? Will it be will it be will it be? Who'm shall it be!? ... I suppose it doesn't matter now does it? I suppose as long as the riches and the blood diamonds of this land are out of the grasp of the three headed beast, all is well. I presume Lannister and Norman Hellion will be the first to fall as the frontline always falls first, while the cowardly leader sits in the back... only waiting to retreat when he sees too many of the men who vowed their loyalty to him die by the masses. But he doesn't get to retreat. Little does he know, he's not the leader. That's not why he's last, he is last because HE.. is the main course. And between Lannister and Brody, funny how one calls themselves King, and the other calls themselves nothing at all, yet they fight side by side. On Showdown the Jester and the King fight side by side, sword in hand, and die side by side, sword in hand. And once they fall they are no longer Jester and King. They are nothing. Because I have reduced many to NOTHING! And in the past I've never offered mercy without inevitable regret. That is why I'll leave this war against RAGNAROK without regret. Because I will leave this war with gold. Better yet, I'll leave this war without regret, and leave with dragon-scaled heads.

Because a dragon is fearsome... but I bet even a dragon fears death. And the premise of the fear of death is strictly, uncertainty. I am uncertainty. Behind the confidence we see on Norman Hellion's face despite our encounter face to face, Norman and his allies know nothing about me. Even if they've seen my career, studied every match, they STILL know NOTHING ABOUT ME. And those who really get to know me don't live to tell the tale. Because I'm not Mr. DEDEDE. I'm not even Methuselah. I am Death. I am Uncertainty. I am the void, the blackness of the deepest trenches in the openings of earth. What could be in there? What could be in it for you when you step into the ring with a being like me, is it riches? Is it death? I guess that... that, is Schrödinger's cat. I guess that's always been my advantage, every new battle I enter is superposed above the previous, and I reach new heights every day. That was the premise of my World Championship reign when I declared myself God. No one had ever reached the frontiers I had reached! It was overwhelming to say the least! NO ONE had ever accomplished what I've accomplished, EVER in their life! And here I am, superposed above that. Here I am, still in the unknown. And is RAGNAROK the one mountain I can't move? ... Is Lannister truly King? Is Norman Hellion the one true equal???? IS WHAT RESTS ABOVE MY HEAD LIKE A HEX THE EVIL EYE THE RISES IN THE SKY OF THE LAND OF PRIDE? BEWARE THE EVIL EYE THAT RISES IN THE SKY OF THE LAND OF PRIDE LEST IT BE YOUR DEMISE! BEWARE THE EVIL EYE THAT RISES IN THE SKY OF THE LAND OF PRIDE LEST IT BE YOUR DEMISE! BEAR THE HAMASA HEED THE HAMASA SEEK THE HAMASA NAZAR NAZAR NAZAR
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There is no true equal, there are none like Methuselah. There is is no flame that can match the intensity of the ageless, endless fire that burns within him. He is the unknown, and humanity fears the unknown. Humanity will always fear the unknown, and humanity will spend the rest of it's existence seeking to destroy, correct my friend, the unknown. No one can destroy Methuselah. Many have tried, all have failed. The scars on his body are badges, and every day he exists is a reminder. And every time RAGNAROK see's this man about, he is a reminder of the end. 

To them, and the beginning, for you. 

Fear not. 
[Clark is seen chilling on the balcony of his hotel room, leaning on the rail, overlooking the city.

You know, people said to me that the wrestling business wasn't for me. They were all like "people see you as comedian, you won't be taken seriously" or "there's no way you'll make it far, the biggest laugh people will get is watching you try so hard and fail". I'd like to believe otherwise. Why? Well you all saw the proof in Hungary.

If I was someone nobody cared about, I wouldn't be acknowledged. I'd be ignored and I would get no response from the crowds. The fact is that people love Clark Duncan, I've only been in EAW for roughly a month and the fans actually get disappointed when Clark Duncan isn't around. Oh, the proof? Yeah about that, well it seems that Ventura guy seems to not like me, which is odd. He's even got some cronies in Nick Angel and Venom to take me out, that's an hour, thanks man!

[Clark notices a spider crawling along the balcony railing and freaks out, he then retreats into the room and grabs a newspaper to kill it]

Uhhh, anyway... so apparently I got a match at Reasonable Doubt, a Showdown-exclusive free-per-view. That's pretty cool. If I win the match, a 15 minute scramble, I'll end up the No.1 Contender to the New Breed Championship, currently held by Jamie O'Hara.

As a preview, we've got a little dance before the actual event. This Showdown you'll see all six of us compete in a battle royal, where I'll have a good laugh and a good victory. Oh shit, did I say that? Yeah I did. I'm not really an egotistic, condescending dude but I'm pretty confident in my abilities.

[Clark pulls out his phone and checks a message before sliding his phone back into the pocket of his pants]

I spoke of Nick Angel and Venom, Ventura's cronies who are apparently acting on their own accord, which I find hard to believe. I mean, are they that blind they can't see the man is a puppeteer? Clearly. Maybe they're stuck in a dream that he has cast, or some bullshit like that. From what I know about these guys, it's not the first time they've been lackeys either. Kind of says a lot really, if they were good enough to stand on their own two feet, they wouldn't have to toil away in the shadows of a colleague.

Then there's Stark, the guy seems to be a little belligerent. I've heard he's a pretty big jerk and that he thinks the world of himself, the worst kind of person. Humility isn't very common around these parts, I don't know why, but apparently you need an ego to get by, I don't have one but this guy seems to be so conceited that you kind of wonder what the hell happened to him that he needs a ruse so extravagant because he's probably a cool guy on the inside.

There's also El Landerson who, from what I've been told and seen, is a bit of a laughing stock. People don't actually take him seriously, but he's a little thick and somewhat simple so he doesn't understand that. It's probably how Alex Anderson was able to twist his arm in that tournament last week. That makes El one of those guys that will ask 'how high?' if you ask them to jump. I do feel sorry for him, being a bit of toy in the scheme of things. The guy is tiny too, somebody like Stark could probably snap him in half if he tried. Although big things come in small packages, I'm not so sure that's the case with El.

Finally we have this new guy, he's Bulgarian or something apparently, that's not too far from Croatia if the geography that my teacher in freshman year taught me was right. I don't really know much about him, but he seems an interesting cat. Though my experience so far with Europeans hasn't been great, because I don't speak their language. I endeavor to become more cultured upon our return to America though. In the meantime, maybe this Vranchev guy can learn English, maybe we could be buddies then. I could even tell him jokes in Bulgarian, that would be cool. I know you'd enjoy that Nikola, international jokes are the best!

[Clark looks at his watch and gets frantic, he rushes inside and gathers some stuff in a hurry]

Just remember my friends, the next two Saturdays are gonna be fun. Why? Because I get two chances to win! I'm not joking around either, I'm serious, especially when I say that Clark Duncan always has the last laugh. Laters gators!
Dynasty Promo Number One

(The camera walks through the halls of what seems to be a headquarters of some sorts as we reach a window and see what is inside. Two men, one of them being the recently-dubbed Warden of Dynasty in Jacob Senn and another seems to be an EliteCenter interviewer as they seem to be talking amongst one another. Once they finish, Jacob stands and shakes the hand of the interviewer as he makes his departure from the room to meet up with the cameraman.)

Warden of Dynasty, a simple title that was bestowed to me by the recently-crowned King of Elite, Lannister. Lannister and I have reconciled, attempting to keep peace between our two nations, and maybe even turning what went from alliance and rivals into something greater. The fact is now, there is even more of a reason for why it should be Jacob Senn to compete for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. I may not be able to wear a crown on my brow, but I shall adorn that championship on my shoulder. If it means I must outlast seven other individuals into this tournament to be the one that earns that right, then they shall be conquered and dominated into knowing their place when faced with their warden. That is where Dr. Erik Vance has mistaken the abilities of his psychotic man-beast, Psycho Brody. Brody is a formidable opponent in size and for his lack of fear in doing whatever he feels he needs to do to be the one who stands tall at the end of the day. Vance has this notion that his experiment deserves the chance to take on the fighting champion that is Tyler Parker, but the question is why? Sure he has given him the reason for breaking Brody’s face even more and all, but what has he done to earn that right? A tag team championship that I basically handed him when I attacked Scott Diamond? He has had a recent string of losses over the past few weeks and even lost to Tyler Parker prior to his conquest over Mr. DEDEDE. The fact is, Vance, that you have to use underhanded means to get your man to the top. You first went out and challenged him, which he was not inclined to do. Then, after Brody was already inserted into this tournament, you tried to make Monroe give you a guaranteed chance at Tyler and his world championship. Good thing he saw that your man didn’t earn it and he shouldn’t even be around it. There is only one man on this roster that should be the next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship, and it is me. I have conquered almost every man on this roster that has had the gall to stand before me and try to bring me down. I have shown why on Dynasty, I am not like Zack Crash was where he was hiding in the shadows just trying to make the time pass by or like Xavier Williams who went into a war that he was not ready to win, but I am here to do what I always do and that is lead this company into the next era of prestige.

Brody and I have met before and do you remember what happened last time, Vance? Your patient even with the assistance of Zack Crash could not defeat me and that was for my EAW World Championship. Not only is the doctor himself going to need to be institutionalized after believing that his experiment is going to get one over on me, but you are going to be tossed in beside Brody in a straight-jacket if you believe that you are going to be able to defeat Tyler Parker. Tyler is at another level to your patient, a level that he is not prepared for because of his shattered psyche, but trust me when that will be all fixed because a nice little lobotomy can serve him some good use. I think the first one may have been a little off because of The Chairman wanting to insert himself in our business, but I find that the second attempt is going to be just right for him. Kill those delusions, eradicate the malignant madness that afflicts him, and I will promise that it shall be quick. Dynasty will mark the first conquest on my road to achieving the ultimate prize in this company, the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Do not be too troubled for what happens at the end of it all, Vance, I mean let us just face facts. When met with the Harmonic Divergence of the universe, you and your patient just don’t stack up. I hope to hear the deranged rantings that you come up with, it should bring some fun in a week of interviews and press conferences that will be a hassle to me.

(Jacob Senn grabs the camera from the videographer as he turns it off. A picture of three stick figure men flickers up as it quickly vanishes before the end of the video.)

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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