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 EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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Norman Hellion


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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

(Vignette starts with the image of a small cabin in the woods. Its late at night and there is one light on inside the cabin. The picture slowly fades out. When picture returns it is of a wall inside the cabin across the wall are many trophy mounts of different animals. The camera pans towards a silhouette of a man sitting in a chair in front of a fire place with many trophies on the mantle. The man speaks.)

Dachs. The German word for badger. Truly vicious animals. That is why they call me The Badger. I (a short clip of Dachs hitting his finisher with a red filter flashes with a heartbeat sound effect) am (another part of the clip shows with the heartbeat) a (the clip and heartbeat again) vicious (once more) animal. That is why I have come up here to EAW. To inflict pain on everyone. I don't care who you are, I will hunt you down. And rip you to shreds with ferocious animosity. Because that is who I am, I'm a hunter. And I'm not here for any championship or what not. I'm here for one thing and one thing only. Hurting people. Thats why I'm here. If people need someone taken out and hurt, I'm your guy. Not those other so called "hit-men." I'm not a hit-man, I'm a hunter. Hit-men only do it for the money, they don't care about hunting. I, on the other hand don't just do it for the money. (Pause as the camera zooms towards Dachs, and from the side you can see him holding a large Bowie knife you can see the reflection of his face in the shine of the knife) I do it for the thrill, the Thrill of the Hunt. (camera pans to the small table next to the chair, it shows a short list of names and Dachs suddenly stabs the paper with his knife, pinning it to the table.) And its time for the hunt to begin! (camera pans out and the picture fades to black)
How many words did Johnny Ventura spew out of his mouth?


How many of them made any sense?


I was expecting a lot more from you, Ventura... and then I remembered you're the same Johnny Ventura that I have grown up knowing. You have never changed. If there was a hall of fame for men who say the most while saying the least  - you would be in it right there alongside the many politicians of this *great* city of the United States of America. But with that being said, Ventura... from what I do understand, you called me soft. I can let you say that all you want, but I can't let you get away with that inside that ring? Why? Because never once have I been "soft." What I showed at King of Elite was something that no other man on the EAW roster—let alone the Showdown roster—would be able to pull off. I'm not ashamed to admit defeat, but I also can measure myself against all the talent in EAW. I pay attention just about everyone, and you are no different, Ventura. I know who you are. I've studied you like I have everyone else, and you can't compare us two, because you are not in my league. I don't just say things for the sake of saying them like you... I say it because it's true. What have you done in EAW other than win a Grand Rampage, which you failed to capitalize on? I'd rather spend time talking about myself than talking about you, Ventura... that's how much it should tell you that you don't matter.

I matter, Ventura. All of my opponents fear me. When I stepped inside that ring With Norman Hellion, Hades the Hellraiser, or anyone else for that matter... they fear me. This is something that you so depserately lack. If anything, people WANT to face Johnny Ventura, because they view you as an easy target, and that's a fact. If you don't believe me, ask anyone else that faces you off in that ring. Now, I know, I know... things have changed. You have gotten stronger, faster, and yada-yada... prove it. Prove it to me tomorrow night when you step inside that squared-circle. I don't need to hear anything from you, Ventura. It's put up or shut up time for you. I have the right to speak, because I have earned it. You, on the other hand, do not.

Now, I am not saying you can't resort back to me by also spitting some cold, hard facts towards my face. I would like for you to be the 76th individual to address my infamous loss at Pain For Pride 7.

I was actually referring to your Pain for Pride 6 loss – a bit nervous there, huh, Ventura? Let's relax. Breathe. Enjoy the times you have on this Earth, because we all know life is short. In the time that we do have, I want to walk away knowing that I poured out every juice out of this orange as I could. That's what I am going to do, and you're just another guy I face this Saturday night. Just. Another. Guy.
Simple? Understand that.

I'll continue to rock my rolex, wear my thousand-dollar suits, and simply be the ace of Elite Answers Wrestling.

You let me know what you want to do, because it sure as hell isn't beating me.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on January 30th 2015, 6:28 pm by TLA


(The camera cuts to The Pride sitting at a bar in Costa Rica.)

Mustafa: And then... Mustafa brought down his full might upon the jealous haters!

TLA: Damn them jealous haters...

Mustafa: Indeed! But first... Mustafa enlightened them upon the error of their ways for they must learn the truth in all things. Mustafa is a gracious ruler and when he rules your mind it becomes a habitable place for all thriving things. Truly there was no more jealousy nor hate when Mustafa left them that very night.

Michelle: But why did you leave them?

Mustafa: You understand how Mustafa was cornered with no seeming solution in sight. So Mustafa had to be creative. He had to escape from those insane Costa Rican college girls that night. Such is Mustafa's intelligence that he was able to escape from that but you see Mustafa is a married man, many times married in fact and he cannot be tamed.

TLA: You got scared cuz a bunch of sexy Costa Rican girls wanted to fuck you?

Mustafa: A preposterous suggestion... Mustafa knows no fear for he is always in control of each and every situation he finds himself in. This is the best advice that Mustafa could ever give you... no wait Mustafa must not claim that for he has many other prized gifts to bestow upon you his Rope...

TLA: I told you not to call me that no more man...

Michelle: I should go...

TLA: Right... good luck.

(Michelle leaves the bar as Steroid Dawg climbs up onto the chair to take her place.)

Steroid Dawg: *Happy bark!*

TLA: Mah dawg that.

Mustafa: Listen closely TLA for Mustafa wastes no words. A story has begun. Mustafa does not know when, nor how, only that it is. A story that has already been written, but not in it's entirity. No... the ending must be written and it must be written by you.

TLA: I see. I know now what I must do.

(TLA orders another guaro as he gets sauced. Mustafa seems to become unhinged.)

Mustafa: Do you not even pay attention to what goes on around you? Oh Mustafa is so appalled! This is an impossible task if it was anyone but Mustafa. Now... witness... for Christopher Corrupt has returned to Mustafa but things may not be as they once were.

TLA: You gonna betray me for him again holmes?

Mustafa: Well Mustafa may do exactly that but he would not tell you beforehand. Indeed if Mustafa is planning to betray you then he would keep it such a hidden secret that you would not see it coming.

TLA: But I completely see it coming yo. I absolutely expect you to betray me.

Mustafa: Such little faith you have in loyal Mustafa. But aside from loyalty, Mustafa's most cherished quality is his unpredictability therefore to surprise you Mustafa must not betray you. Indeed Mustafa will stand loyally by your side to your shock and awe as you continually doubt his motives.

TLA: That sounds about right.

Mustafa: Good we have an understanding but did you not hear the taunts from Corrupt towards you earlier this week.

TLA: I sure did and like usual he is completely wrong. See Christopher Corrupt said that I know better than to tangle with him. But that ain't right at all. Indeed I do not know better. I don't know better than to get in the ring with people who supposedly outclass me in every way. I am that special kind of idiot who does not back down when faced with challenges like former world champions in Jacob Senn, or current world champions like Tyler Parker. Hell even rookie prodigies like my opponent this week in Tiberius Jones. Two months into my EAW career and I can beat these guys? Probably not. But am I stupid enough to think that I can beat them all? Absolutely. See I give no fucks who or what you are. You are all on my list and you are all just another opponent as far as I'm concerned. Whether you have my respect like Jones, or don't like Corrupt, makes little difference to me. Am I supposed to be shaking in my boots from the scary National Elite Champion? Fuck that. If y'all are so much better than me I'm gonna walk up, spit in your face, and take the asskicking you dish out like a motherfucking man. I don't give a fuck if you got one title or one hundred, y'all actin' so superior imma fuck y'all up with the Miami quickness ya heard? Then imma roll down south to Costa Rica, gonna fuck some bad bitches, gonna fuck up some EAW bitches, gonna get sauced, gotta get high cuz that's how I do. What else y'all want from me? Estoy viviendo mi vida.

(TLA takes another sip of his guaro as he gets up to leave.)


(Michelle McGillislutty is shown fucking the brains out of an older businessman who appears to be on the verge of having a heart attack.)

Michelle: Oh yeah baby tell me again about how many subscribers you have!


Michelle: That's so hot baby. Talk dirty to me like you do in your EAW Feed posts.

Man: By golly are such a naughty little girl... You remind me of my daughter.

(Suddenly an older woman barges into the room looking enraged.)



(The man throws Michelle aside as he scrambles for his clothes.)

Woman: I can't believe I put up with all of your snot-nosed brat children for years and then you treat me like this! Was it because I am not pretty enough?

Man: No of course not sweetie... I love only you! But how did you find out anyway?

Woman: HE told me!

???: Good evening Mr. Social Media Coordinator...

(TLA enters smiling as the man looks on in continued shock.)

TLA: Did you really think that you could get away with this? Did you really think that you could stop the Sexual Panther from trolling Lannister with his EAW Feed account and there would be no consequences?

SMC: I... I never thought... Please you can't do this... I have two young children...

Woman: Not anymore! I am going to take full custody and all of your money! MY FATHER WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU!

SMC: No sweetie wait! 

(The EAW Social Media Coordinator's wife storms out of the hotel room with her fat husband chasing after her begging forgiveness.)

TLA: Good work Michelle. Did you get it all on camera?

Michelle: I sure did TLA. We can use it in the next Sexual Panther Production... Caught in Costa Rica...

TLA: Good good. We gonna make that lil hoppa suffer.

Michelle: I wonder what his name is.

TLA: Only people have names Michelle. 

(TLA takes the wallet of the EAW Social Media Coordinator lying on the hotel table before leaving.)
You got it all wrong, Stan. I don't want to get rid of you. I like having you around. No really, I do. I also love facing you inside the middle of the ring. I'm sure you want to know why? Why would I want to face a legend such as StarrStan as often as possible? Well there are many reasons really, such as more exposure. When you beat a legend, you get more recognition. It's as simple as that. But an even bigger reason is I love kicking you while you're already down. It just warms my heart when I watch you struggle physically, mentally, and emotionally HAHAHAHA. It has to do with me hating your guts, Stan. No need to beat around the bush right? And that feeling will never change after what you did to me at Territorial Invasion. But even though when I look at your face with disgust, I still laugh on the inside because our current situation is funny, is it not? The roles are reversed. The hunter has now become the prey. Just look at you pace back and forth, worrying about this match of ours. Trust me, I know you won't admit to me that you're experiencing doubt in the pit of your stomach because you think of yourself as a mastermind. You think you're in control! You always assume that you're two steps ahead, right? But that's not the case. If it were, you would've found a way to win the Answers World championship at Road to Redemption, but sadly you didn't. You stood beneath my feet like the other buffoons and this Saturday is no different. I'm aware that yesterday I said there's a tiny part of me that wants to see you prevail, because you should. You are obviously the fresher man after your week off and not to mention, you also have a lot more to lose tomorrow night. I'm not using those as excuses by the way, just stating the facts. But let me finish. An even bigger part of me wants to squash you. I want to squash you like a bug - but I won't kill you because that's not my intent, which I stated in my opening. I want to see you live so you can fight another day. I also want you to keep coming back. Keep trying to push me off my throne, but just know it's not going to happen because this seat is reserved for me for the unseeable future and if you don't like it? Tuck your tail between your legs and go to Voltage like Hades did. I mean don't you think that's odd? He didn't even ask for a rematch and why was that? It's because he saw the future and in the future he saw me ruling Showdown with an iron fist. He knew a rematch would only be a waste of time. So what did he do? He chose to pick on the weakest world champion out of the three, Diamond Cage. I'm sure I'm getting booed after that statement because everyone just loves Cage and his rebel type attitude. Because that's the cool thing to do in wrestling right? To go against the grain. To argue with management because you think you know what's best for EAW. Just like Nick Makarov and Jacob Senn. Their type comes a dime a dozen. I admit that I have flaws, such as jealousy. I was jealous of Diamond Cage. Notice I said was. Stan I was jealous of him because he took my moment away. Not like the way you took my moment away when you costed me the opportunity to become Answers World Champion at Territorial Invasion, but he still rained on my parade. Road to Redemption was supposed to be about me. It was supposed to be my event and at first, it was. People finally saw what I was destined to become and that's world champion. As soon as I won it, I was on cloud nine. I jumped for joy backstage! Because I knew I finally made it in the eyes of many. I carved my name into EAW history! But then - then Cage won his EAW Championship and the crowd roared with cheers! They cheered because they saw a man's childhood dream come true. They saw a man who scratched and clawed for years, only to come up short on so many occasions, but at RTR he finally did it. At that moment, with the fucking confetti exploding everywhere, I just said one word to myself: okay. OKAY! OKAY EAW, THAT'S HOW YOU WANT TO PLAY IT? Fine by me, because I knew I would get the last laugh in. As soon as I found out that I would be facing Mr. DEDEDE and Diamond Cage in the Awards Show main event, my eyes widened and I grinned from ear to ear because I knew that night, I was going to take their hero by the throat and make him look like a complete amateur. Don't you see? It was my time to rain on someone's parade instead of the other way around, which I did when I got the pin. Proving that I'm the most dominant force in EAW today. Not Mr. DEDEDE. Not Diamond Cage. Not Hades The Hellraiser. Not Jacob Senn. Not Xavier Williams or Lucian Black. Not Tyler Parker or Brian Daniels or Devan Dubian and certainly not yourself. This is my era, not yours and I know everybody just loves to say this year belongs to them and you can think that all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that this century BELONGS TO ME. And I have no problem with proving that, you of all people should know that. That's why I said a small part of me wants to see you win, like I mentioned a few times already. But you don't deserve a title shot. Your resume might beg to differ, but your recent body of work proves otherwise. You belong in the middle of the pack. You belong following a real alpha such as myself. So I'll tell you what Stan, you can go settle your differences with Devan Dubian and Brian Daniels while I actually make a difference. 

I love killing dreams. When I put an elitist's goal of a reach, it helps me sleep at night. Does that make me a bad person? Perhaps you could say that, but I'm just being myself, because far too long I was someone else. I used to be scared, Stan. I was even scared of you when we had our first match. But my friend Peter, as well as my brothers Brody and King Lannister, helped me see the truth that was right in front of me this entire time. They helped me realize that I'm strong. They helped me realize that I'm even intelligent, when my elementary teachers told my parents the complete opposite. You said it yourself Stan, you pride yourself on being smart. You think you have this match all figured out! What's even more laughable is you think you have me all figured out. No no no no Stan. Nobody has me figured out. When it comes to I, NORMAN HELLION, there is no blueprint or cheat sheet that gives you the answers to what my weaknesses are. I'm the one with the Answers - literally. If you don't mind, let me turn the tables and ask who is the real StarrStan? Are you really this arrogant two-faced individual that you portray yourself to be, or are you a man who lacks confidence? Let me explain. You use so many excuses when you lose a match. You will say the match didn't mean anything so you didn't give it your best shot. That's what you told me a few days ago regarding your performances at House of Glass and Shock Value. Such a cop out might I add. Just do us all a favor, including yourself, and admit that you were outdone, which is no big deal since its quite common these days. But you know what? If you don't want to, that's fine by me because tomorrow night, you won't have any excuses left in the chamber. You said you're fully committed to this battle of ours, which is music to my ears, but here's a suggestion for you. Stop worrying about this whole one match leads to a second one against me for the Answers World Championship because if that's your mindset leading into this match, you'll fall flat on your face. There's no way around it, because unlike you I have zero distractions. I'm not thinking about Alex Anderson, the ACE Championship, or Mr. DEDEDE - just you. Normally this would be the part where the elitist tells their opponent that if you make one small or fatal mistake, I'll immediately capitalize and it'll be game over, but I won't say that. You see Stan you can wrestle a perfect match for all I care, which is what I expect from the most "elite technician" in EAW today, but spoiler alert, you still won't get the job done. After our match on Saturday, I'm done with you because I'm sick and tired of striking the same old punching bag. I want a new challenge - actually let me rephrase that, I want an actual challenge period. Stan, do me a favor and kiss your window of opportunity goodbye because as of this second? It's closed.
Voltage Promo#1: Feeling like a freak on a leash... feeling like i have no release. I... am Kerry Keller... A diffrent Kerry Keller... No grudges here... Just truth, it's my time to say what i wanna say... And leave afterwards like all the other supposed "badasses" i see. i work, work and work some more just to get put on a "pre-show?" no, i'm not even good enough for a lower card match... This... *deep breath* is a travesty of humanity, but... Never fear, i'll be back to put fear in your hearts again! (see what i did there?) Kerry Keller will rise, and in no time i'll have gold around MY WAIST... you guys better watch your backs. Because whether your inpenitrable, unshakable or edible... i'm right here to take you ALL down. *Looks behind himself and back to the camera* and i'm here to stay and conquer whenever, or whomever i please! so, Kerry Keller's potential next opponent. You better be praying now. Or you will be praying when i slam you headfirst into the mat! "MOMENT OF SILENCE PLEASE" thank you.
No, Norman, I think it is you who is incapable of understanding simple logic. A year does make a difference in this business. You’ve sure grown from that lost monster that we knew last year into a main eventer. I’m not denying things have changed since last year, in fact I never said that. I said there was a difference between our first match and all of our others, yes, but time never came into my reasoning. Sure, if you look it at by that factor, it means nothing. You’re practically a veteran in the business now, respected amongst your peers, feared by your opponents. I get it, I know you’re going to doubt my intelligence regardless but please don’t think I’m that stupid. The one thing that was on my side a year ago, was that we were fighting for my world title. Because the Answers World Championship was on the line, I wasn’t walking away from that match without the belt. That’s why I didn’t quit after one Olympic Slam failed. That’s why I didn’t quit after the second failed either. I persevered. I got creative. I clocked you over the head with your own oversized boot and hit you with a third Olympic Slam to get the victory. Normal men would have given up against a monster like yourself. They would have given up on themselves before they even entered the match. It won’t be the same circumstances, sure, but boy are they quite similar. The belt isn’t on the line in this match, but like you said, if I lose will I ever get a chance for it again? Could I ever be considered a contender for your title if you beat me this Saturday? That’s why this match means a little more to me. I need this first match to get my second. This is just any other match to you, right? In fact you almost want me to win! You want me to win just so you can prove me wrong in the title match. I admire your fighting champion spirit. Your overconfidence in yourself reminds me of a younger me. I just don’t see how a man with such a large head can have such a little brain. I’m smarter than you, Norman. You can have all the physical assets you want, but I’ll always be a better technician and I’ll always be the smarter man. You’re so clueless that you think you should be proud that you survived the loss to me last year. Three Olympic Slams and a boot to the head and you’re proud to still have a career? I could have stabbed in your fucking head and you still would have come back. That was a different day though. That was the land of extreme. That was a long era of men consistently pushing the human limits and always coming back for more. But now? Now we’re in my era. The era of Elite. We’ve gone so far beyond extreme that it doesn’t matter how hardcore you can get. It matters how well you can wrestle. If you can outsmart your opponent or not. We know I’m the best wrestler. I’ve proved throughout my career that I can be a manipulative mastermind as well. You remember Territorial Invasion, right? Of course. You’re probably sick of hearing about it. Showdown’s main event pitted the three largest, scariest, strongest extremists against one another. It didn’t matter who the bigger man was that day though, and it truly never has. It mattered who was the smartest, who was pulling the strings. That match ended how I wanted it to end. You three could left everything you had out in the field of battle and the match was always going to end how I wanted it to end. The same circumstances will surround us this Saturday. I don’t care what kind of hot streak you’re on. At the end of the night the match will end how I want it to end; Starr Stan victorious over “the champ” Norman Hellion.
I’m glad you’re trying to live up to legacy DEDEDE has left on this company. You want to compete with how dominate he’s been over the years. You don’t want to just get the last laugh on him but on everyone you’ve encountered over your career. I can’t speak for Vic, but I know our battles aren’t over. Sure, you’re sitting pretty right now. You’ve got the belt, you’ve come out on top in our most recent encounters. I can’t argue with the fact that you’re at the top of mountain right now. Maybe you got the last laugh in chronological sense, but it most certainly was not the FINAL laugh. See you’re trying to close the book on this rivalry before it’s actually over. You want to end it while you’re on top, but that’s not how this works. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet. You won’t get rid of me. You want to stop looking at the past, fine. Let’s look to the future. Let’s look at the inevitable end to your title reign. It won’t be this Saturday, but you can bet after I defeat you I’ll be the guy everyone is predicting to get that belt off you. Two victories, I told you, it’s all it takes. I can also tell you that after I get this first win, the second won’t be too far away. It will come sooner than you think. The second I beat you this Saturday the feeling of unrest will set in. The feeling that everything you thought you had your hands, was really in mine. I take back control of not just my career but I take control of yours.
Dynasty Promo #2/Voltage Promo #1(Skip to the end)

Chris...Chris...Chris...Mr.Corrupt.I'm disappointed in you.I thought you would have at the very least had the goddamn common courtesy to take my compliments and the respect that I threw your way to heart because I thought that maybe you would have some respect for me as a result.But of course,surprise,surprise you just couldn't help yourself and you went into this big angry tirade against me.I guess I expected too much out of you anyway I mean there is very little of your vocabulary that isn't a complaint or an insult.Then you,of course think I'm just going to let all of the slanderous bullshit you spouted out against me slide,but that's not my style...no,I'd much prefer to call you out on your bullshit now instead of giving you the chance to cover your ass. 

First,I would like to start off by saying that when I first came in to EAW in November of last year you had already been in the company for about 6 months up to that point and I had not even heard of you up until your National Elite Championship victory over Aren Mstislav.Someone that I failed to defeat just a week or two before your fateful match against him for the title,but of course,you think I'm just gonna let you shove me aside just because of one loss.You see,your claim that I lost to Aren just because in your own words I "suck"...I didn't lose because I sucked,I lost because I let him get to me...I underestimated him and I let him fuck with me.I'm different now.After that match I realized I was doing something wrong,since then,I've decided to not let anybody else shove me around anymore.I've begun to understand that in order for me to ever even hope of getting a successful future in EAW I've gotta expect the unexpected and put my absolute everything into every word I say and into every move I do in the ring because,it's that little extra effort that you put in to everything you do that'll get you far.

Chris...you and me...we're eerily similar to each other in way too many ways to count.As you said so eloquently "You may be similar in the way you don't care for fans,cheat in matches and are an asshole but it's not your true identity" If you had said that a week ago,I would've just shot back that you were just spouting bullshit and that you're a complete idiot for claiming that I'm just some low-quality rip off of you.That still doesn't change the fact that you are still indeed a complete idiot who just spouts bullshit...but I digress.However,when you said that...it really stood out to me compared to the the rest of the promo because up until today I believed that I truly was exactly like you but then I realized something...

You were right.

My true identity is not what you define it as...but what I define it as...I do care about what the fans think of me but I'm not gonna let them tell me how I should run my life nor will I let them steer me away from what my definition of the right thing for me to do truly is.I do cheat often,but I don't carry a single regret when I do it because I cheat whenever I need to.I do act like an asshole but I only act like an asshole towards other assholes who for all intents and purposes are just begging for an ass-kicking(For an example,you,Mr.Corrupt).Chris,you think you've got me all figured out when in reality you couldn't be further from the truth.

Chris,you can't pull the wool over my eyes like you thought you could with so many other alumni.You claimed that everyone believed you would achieve nothing,that you're nobody nor will you ever be anybody.That the mere utterance of your name would result in a jolly old laugh from any "serious competitor".Well I've got a question for you Chris,who died and gave you the fucking privilege to do the exact same thing to me? It's kind of depressing that you were once in my shoes,now look at you,the exact same type of person you once despised you have all but transformed completely into.I'm scared of the idea that at one point I could possibly have turned out the exact same way you did.Thankfully,I had enough common sense to cling on the dignity that I very well could have lost.

This Sunday Chris,I will not be 1000 steps behind but instead 2000 steps ahead.I can take any dirty trick you could possibly throw at me because unlike you I'm not defined by the usage of cheap tricks as you fail to realize that not only could I use every cheap trick you could ever hope to use on me...but that I will pull all the stops you will pull and more.The only fool in our match is you Chris because Sunday will be the night that I prove to you,the whole locker room and the ALL OF THE FUCKING WORLD MY WORTH AS AN EAW SUPERSTAR!

It's me,it's me,it's good old Double D about to take Chris Corrupt up on his offer this Sunday...how much did you wager again?

p.s. Nice hair dye jackass


Before I go thanks by the way for reminding me of The People's Posse tag match tomorrow against Death By Velocity which conveniently ties into this promo very well if I do say so myself.So if you don't mind I'll go take care of that really quickly.Guys,I don't know what else to say to you two other than tomorrow night,me and The Nas are going to lay the smack down on two unfunny ass-clown who lost in one of the absolute most embarrassingly hilarious ways that I have seen in a long time.Seriously,that's a mistake that you would find a wrestling trainee would make not a professional! Then again,the most dangerous tag teams are usually either the silliest...or the scariest,obviously you guys are on the side of the first option.It wouldn't be fair to just let one loss hang over you guys because I've been there before so who knows maybe this will be a fun match after all.Still doesn't change the fact that you're a pair of weeaboo asshats who probably jerk off to Hatsune Miku pictures.

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Cerci: Now that your tirade on women is over, allow me to return the favor. No, I won't make this a battle of "The Hellraiser vs. Feminists" even though I ought I should - there are bigger battle to be won. So as try to belittle me, and any other woman that dares have an opinion - our Lannister lion of a King is much more implied to showcase to the Land of Elite why he serves as their rightful King. So please - insult me as much as you like, it won't defer what is bound to come your way. Lannister had no need for extra motivation as to why to set a peasant like yourself down, so don't be patting yourself on the back for gaining our King's attention. Because in fact, you have not. Actually, I think I'm the one that ruffled your feathers a bit. Tell me, "Biggest Name on Voltage", how is it you let a woman, that you try to disregard, tread on the biggest and baddest "demon" in all of Elite Answers Wrestling. Your insults and your jokes cannot touch my pride - but how my words have impaired your pride. You were caught in a bit of shock and awe, captured in the moment of audacity that a woman dare throw the weight of her words at you. Predictably, you saw this as a ploy that our King would rather let me serve as a "mouthpiece" and attacking him for it. You think this makes Lannister weak, but how you couldn't be any more wrong, Hellraiser. You are the weak, you are the prey. You pride yourself on being some type of predator... you may have been one on Showdown, but this is Lannister's jungle. Lannister's home kingdom. Long before he was seen as EAW's king. You ought to know that you are far from this Demon you proclaim yourself to be. Especially when you have been one of RAGNAROK's victims.

Lannister's brother in arms decapitated you from the Showdown kingdom - running you into exile. Yet you see this as a claim to make it your own, with nothing to show for it. I would tend to agree with you that no titles or claims are needed for one's worth to be recognized, but that would require you to have any worth at all. For you were made a mortal man at the hands of RAGNAROK. You wish to see a brawl as making light work of Lannister, yet this is just proof of how the mighty have fallen. You forget to speak to the week prior to that, when you fell victim to Lannister's wrath, but so be it. I would rather dive deeper into your point more, anyway. You have lowered your own expectations, Hellraiser, if you think a little brawl has much more merit than a match at a Supershow. A show where Lannister out-shined you in the truth of it, and would have come away with your Answers World Championship as compensation for it. But as you see, Lannister dares not to be warped in the "should have" argument, unlike yourself. He moves on. He strives on. But you couldn't move on, could you? Lannister showed the holes in your tyranny as champion... and it wasn't before long that Lannister's great friend Norman Hellion took that very strap from you. And the best part of it - is you were the first one eliminated from all the carnage. You couldn't even be the fifth best man - so really, when you think about it Hellraiser, how much of a champion were you really? So when I say you are worthless, it's not me spreading lies. It's me opening up the vault that you wish to hide away.

And once more - the excuses are apparent. You probably didn't consider your loss to Xavier Williams the night after Pain For Pride, a controversy. You shouldn't have even been reigning as the Answers World Champion... yet you were saved by a technicality. Yet, you call your loss at the hands of Diamond Cage a controversy. If there is any hypocrisy, Hellraiser, it is with you. But you don't have to complain too much longer, I reckon. Lannister will strike paths with that lunatic whenever he sees fit. You can make your predictions that my lion could very well lose to him if Sebastian were to dare cash in his Kingly opportunity. But that is up to Lannister to decide, and your judgment of it is without merit. You should worry more about your climb to that mountain top, Hellraiser. But beggars cannot be choosers, Hellraiser. Lannister will cash in Diamond Cage when he sees fit - and I ensure you, whenever Lannister does come for his conquest in gold, it will be a calculated one. You have opportunities in limited supply, yet you fail to optimize them. You are like every other man that tries to belittle Lannister and his greed - portraying this act that you are made of a different breed. Hades the Hellraiser, you are no different from any other man - you desire just like everyone else. You aspire for championship gold, and don't lie to yourself saying you wish not to have the respect either. You may flatter yourself, you might even be able to lie yourself. But you can't lie to the countless eyes within this industry. You are not the man you once knew. How is it that everyone else sees it, well, everyone but you.

You are no Hellraiser, in fact. You are no champion, either. You are just... another name on Voltage. Another body in the land of Elite. Mortal. Common. Median. Standard. 

Norman Hellion has proven it.
Lannister has proven it.
Diamond Cage has proven it.
Hell, even Alex Anderson has proven it.

And King Lannister will prove it. Again. You may sit at the King's table just this once... but back to Flea Bottom you go after Friday Night. Just be glad you are worth the King's time just this once. Because King Lannister's price... is the only one worth paying for. And you'll pay the King in full.

House Lannister sends their regards.
Vignette starts out in a graveyard...The Franchise Demon is standing infront of a empty grave. He also has a shovel in his hand...

"Hello EAW fans around the world.....sooner or later you I will make my mark in EAW history... After my debut I will take the rotten souls I defeat and I will take those souls to this very graveyard. Once I get to the graveyard I will throw your body down SIX FEET UNDER! ....Once your body is laying their and gasping for air I will take this shovel (Franchise Demon takes the shovel and begins to scoop up the dirt and put it into the gravel hole.) and bury you. I will bury all of you're until I get the one thing I want from you people and that's the EAW World Heavyweight Championship! ....Let the games BEGIN!" (Vignette ends with The Franchise Demon dumping dirt into the grave)
There is no terror in the bang... only in the anticipation of it. -Alfred Hitchcock

::The scene opens to Jordan Ciserano walking into the Toho Film studios in Tokyo, Japan. Jordan looks around with his sunglasses still on at all the different posters and promotions from some of his childhood favorite movies. Knowing that he can become a star, both on the silver screen and in the wrestling ring he looks overwhelmed at the sight of such legendary films in a legendary place. He shakes his head taking his sunglasses off to get a better look trying to snap reality back into himself as he begins to speak.::

Konnichiwa, Konbawa, Hello everybody it’s your boy… hell everybody’s boy Jordan Ciserano! Let me tell you I can feel the excitement of everyone in Tokyo for Voltage, and above that, they are ready for Death By Velocity! And I hope to the Hollywood stars high up, and the Hollywood stars down below that all my mates watching on in the U.S.A are feeling as hyped as ever as well, because whether Caliban will show it or not we are feeling the same way HYPED! We are ready to lay the smackdown on our opponents if they know it or not, with the only way we know how… with a bright smile on our faces.

::Jordan begins to walk towards a white marble flight of stairs looking excited for his match and that he is still in Toho Studios. He walks for a few feet more, going up the stairs saying hello to some of the workers as he tries to hid his emotions as well as he can since this is a place of business. He swallows hard and tries to pull himself together more as he continues.::
That’s right people in the interweb; we still have a huge smile on our face even after a tough loss last week. You know why? Because we don’t let one loss affect our mindset, our excitement, or of course our good looks. For all we know Diamond and Hades just got a little luck mixed with their skill, and from now on that’s all it was, a little bit of luck. But incase you didn’t see that match last week, the indeed luckiest match in those wrestlers careers, you missed an Oscar worthy performance. So let me just run it down a bit.

::Jordan goes up the flight of marble stairs and reaches the top where a bunch of multi-colored doors lie. Looking for a production room where he can place in the Blu-Ray DVD of his previous match he does the only thing he can do... he opens everyone. First, a museum to miniature props used, next a break room with all the Japanese food in the world, third a huge board room which to which he closes quickly, and finally a black door with just a TV and a table completely out of the ordinary. Jordan steps in and plays the DVD. With it going behind him he sits down and talks about it.::
Caliban and I enter with the flash and bash of champions ready to face one. We start off with the speed of a ninja and the focus of a sensei as we kept knocking Hades down. But as we went on in the match, our focus went down; perhaps it was the Bollywood dream in my head, perhaps they just over ran us. Either way, our focus broke along with our undefeated streak (of one). With the devil and the champion running away with a victory, stealing it from under our chins.

::The TV on the back shows Caliban getting pinned after a huge counter of a moonsault and Jordan looking back to see the pinball and to hear the 1...2...3! Of the crowd. He turns back shaking his head in shame over how Death By Velocity lost the match even though they were doing so well. With his head in his palms he shakes it off and keeps going.::
Yes, we lost in a fashion which Caliban and I aren’t proud of, a loss of focus, something that we stride for every single time that we step into that ring. Something that we must have every time that we step into the squared-circle, but alas that match is finished. Done…. Over. And as the great men we are we aren’t going to let that one loss hang over our heads like a bad movie in a great acting career… in fact we are going to accept the next deal that comes to the door and we are going to act like champions! And for my knowledge, the deal has been struck and we are ready for redemption.

::He shakes hands with himself, pops out the DVD and walks out of the room like nobody had been there at all. He continues the colorful hallway down the red carpet putting his sunglasses back on to seem more important, and yet again to hid his awe of the great building. He meets a couple more workers and nods politely as he reaches the end of the hallway and another flight of stairs which he dares to climb. on the way up he continues.::
This week, in Tokyo Japan the home of so many great actors and wrestlers we are facing two of the most “exciting” gentlemen in EAW, or at least that’s how they say it, NAS and Donnie Diamond, The People’s Posse! That’s right, the PEOPLE’s POSSE! A group of kiss ass, cheap pop, hacks that use the “people” as their fuel. Well boys, you use the people as well as China does… and I don’t thing that I need to say anything about that or my future movies will never be released there. Just know that in this match, we also have the people on our side. But they won’t cheer for us because we are named after the people. They will cheer for us because we are better than you.

::He points at himself as he opens the huge white door with a number "2" on it. Feeling curious Jordan opens the door and walks down another hallway with even more doors, this time he isn't going to look for a room though... he picks the first one he sees and enters. Luckily with nobody inside he sits at a circular wooden table, with privacy and some peace he rolls on.::
I’m sure you guys have heard of Michael Bay, big explosions and stuff… well you are him, you think that you are doings what's best for the people but in reality you guys are a boring uninspired group of people, who need filler with smiles and talking in the ring to cover you inability it the ring! I see it every week that you are on. On the contrary, Death By Velocity is much like Steven Spielberg’s movies. Pieces of art, of award winning proportion that draws millions upon millions of people to us because the “people” know that we are the best at what we do. Do we have a “War of the Worlds” yes and that was last week, but much like Spielberg, we can rebound and become the JAWS of EAW against you. You guys cheer, then you scream, and then before you know it you are eaten alive looking at the rafters waiting for someone to save you two. You guys will have drowned in a pool full of our talent, while drowning in a pool of your own blood.

::He screams the last part nearly out of breath portraying as much emotion as he can slamming on the wooden table that he is sitting at. Shaking the lights and all the walls, now sweating he pulls his long black hair that's in front of his eyes back to his neck trying to calm down, but to no prevail. Knowing that he must continue, he does with a large hint of sarcasm in his voice.::
And whose fault will this be? I would guess that you would say the “people” for not cheering hard enough of something like that, saying, “We need our fans more than ever” trying to build the support that you will no longer have. Like M. Night looking at the Academy with a look of desperation, but after this match, it will be to no prevail. You will have made one to many bad moves for anyone to like you anymore. Still don’t get it mates?

::Jordan grips his hands back again with one hand taking his glasses off with the other throwing them on the table.::
We have certain goals in this company… one of those goals that we formed from day one of signing as an official tag; crush anybody that comes in our way and do what ever we need to do obtain our golden award… the tag championship. So what I am saying is not just pure talk, it is just a precursor to the actions that Caliban and I will preform in the ring against you in front of your “people.”  And before you smugly laugh and say “Well that’s not that bad” and laugh like you know everything just know. All it takes is a little momentum and a team can go all the way to the top. We KNOW that we are the “Cream of the Crop”, and whether you know it or not that is plenty more momentum than we need to incapacitate your legs, arms, and spirit.

::Jordan now makes bending motions with his hands, simulating the carnage that he can produce at Voltage. Seeming like a victim in any horror movie, he looks in distress wanting to get into the ring and produce a quality product. With his hands shaking he pulls himself together for some last words, keeping sane for but a few moments.::
With that said, Death By Velocity is ready to beat you down worse than M. Night’s career after “The Last Airbender.” These people in Tokyo, know what’s in store, a beating taken worse than Tokyo after a certain monster destroyed it all (Gappa, Godzilla, Varan, really anybody). So “Peoples Posse”… Nas and Diamond… get ready mates, because like the career of Alfred Hitchcock, this match will be nothing short of legendary! Best of luck mates.

::He nods and still shaking he grabs his sunglasses and walks out of the quiet empty room walking back towards the stairs. On his way down you hear him yell "ARE YOU READY!" and the door to the stairs slams. With the camera man in darkness, the camera falls to a natural black... with Jordan's words still echoing in the stair case.
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Călătoria Incepe

Când oamenii pas în luptă , ei știu că aceasta este fie ei sau omul care se uita in ochii care nu va din lumea aceasta mai cădea la pământ , . Și că a fost modul în care lucrurile ar fi rămas , până când veți obține în această nouă epocă de oameni , noi vârste de corupție , și noi vârste de băieți tineri care cred că, deoarece ei au puterea și vigoarea pe care ar trebui să se acorde șansele pentru a dovedi că acestea ar trebui să fie temut . Barbatii care sunt gata să trăiască cu sabia ar trebui să știe că , atunci când a doua zi a ajuns la final , tu nici trăiești sau să cazi înaintea celuilalt bărbat . Când un om își dă seama că el este în pentru lupta vieții sale , ca și cum el ar trebui să trateze fiecare luptă , el începe să simtă la sfârșitul ca și cum ar Infront de el în timpul fiecărui schimb . Lupta aceste bătălii acești oameni trebuie și la sfârșitul zilei acestor oameni vor vedea nici lumina lunii de noapte , urmată de lumina soarelui a doua zi ... Sau veți vedea doar întunericul interiorul pleoapelor tale pentru veșnicie . Și asta este adevărata frica de moarte , care este adevărata teama de a cădea înainte de timp . Acest vineri , opt oameni vor intra în piața încercuit , și șapte de acei oameni vor teme sensul morții în fața lor și nu să acționeze . Dar un om va da seama că lupta în fața lui este sansa lui de a dovedi că el merită în următoarele zile lumina mai mult decat oricare dintre celelalte . Și omul va umbla în lumina în timp ce alții nu știu nimic , dar întuneric . Acești oameni vor niciodată trist ajunge să știe ce devine de-a opta omul care a crescut de mai sus pentru a ajunge la următorul planul de egsistance . Atunci i-am lăsa cu următorul mesaj . Răbdarea este o virtute , iar în cazul în care aveți toate vigoarea din lume pentru a face oamenii se teamă și să respecte tu , ei se tem de oameni ca mine , se tem de necunoscut și monstrii care viața creează să umble în lumină și să devină ceea ce majoritatea barbatilor se poate nu devin , și arată lumii că , chiar și în această nouă epocă ... pe vremuri nu va fi niciodată cu adevărat fi egstinguished .

" Barbatii nu se tem de oameni, ei se tem monștri . "

*When men step into battle, they know that it is either them or the man that they look in the eye that will fall to the ground, not of this world anymore. And that has been the way things should have stayed, until you get into this new age of men, new ages of corruption, and new ages of young boys who think that because they have the power and the vigor that they should be afforded the chances to prove that they should be feared. Men who are ready to live by the sword should know that when the day comes to an end, you either live or you you fall before the other man. When a man realizes that he is in for the fight of his life, like he should treat every fight, he begins to sense the end as if it were in front of him during each exchange. Fight these battles these men must, and at the end of the day these men will see either the moon light of the night, followed by the sunlight the next day...Or you will see only the darkness of the inside of your eyelids for all eternity. And that is the true fear of death, that is the true fear of falling before your time. This Friday, eight men will step into the circled square, and seven of those men will fear the sense of death before them and fail to act. But one man will realize that the fight before him is his chance to prove that he deserves the next days light more than any of the others. And that man will walk in the light while the others know nothing but the dark. These men will sadly never get to know what becomes of the eighth man who rose above to get to the next plane of existence. So I leave them with the following message. Patience is a virtue, and where you have all the vigor in the world to make men fear and respect you, they fear men like me, they fear the unknown and the monsters that life creates to walk in the light and become what most men can not become, and show the world that even in this new age...the old times will never truly be extinguished. *

 "Men do not fear men, they fear monsters."
Dynasty Promo Number Two

(In a restless night where sleep has escaped him, the scene begins with Jacob Senn staring vehemently into the screen of his laptop that has just finished hearing the rebuttal from the former National Extreme Champion, Aren Mstislav. As Jacob leans back in his chair, he rest his hands on his chin as he contemplates on what he said.)

I find it interesting what you had to say, Aren. You speak as if you are humbled and honored to even receive the presence of the man deemed The Fabled Conqueror, but you would claim me to be a joke and attempt to make a mockery of my name. You attempt to drift away from the dishonor that you have caused to me as you say that you mean no disrespect. No disrespect is not an absolution to the sin that you have committed, but we are all men who have committed sins to reach even further in our careers. I do not blame you, Aren, for attempting to defame me and make me seem like a meager man amongst the world, but you have failed in this shortcoming of yours. You assume that when I enter that ring that I will not be at my peak condition, not after a triple threat match with Lannister and Devan Dubian. I am a man who went to war with Tyler Parker and Mikado Sekaiichi in a similar fashion and I continued to fight the next week when they needed me in that ring, so no you are not going to receive a lesser version of Jacob Senn when you enter that ring with me. You are going to get the best that I can offer and I know that if you think that I am not going to take you out in an instant, you are going to be sorely disappointed when you are joining the names of those who have been conquered by the iron boot of Senn. You want to prove yourself, well prove it, because you are not doing it. You talk about how I am a man living in a fantasy world, but you are the world living in the imagination of your Russian-centric world as you try to conform the masses to your revolution as if you were the pride of Lenin. You are from Canada! You are the maple leaf citizen of the Great North, not a Russian from the harsh lands of Bulgaria or Moscow, but a man from Calgary. Get out of your fantasy and live in the real world, if that is what you think of me. Much like your Russian fantasy, your chances of defeating me in that ring at Dynasty are slim to none.

See, you think I have nothing to lose when I face you, but oh don’t I? Just like how you boastfully relish in your victories as you name off your victories against names such as Lucian Black and Tyler Parker, but I do not intend to join that list. I do not want my name to be remembered as a man who was beaten by Aren Mstislav, but the man who conquered him in the middle of the ring. Coming off of a loss against Lannister in the King of Elite Match, I need to continue my march of conquest to continue my journey on reclaiming the world championship that escaped my grasp in the Elimination Chamber. There is so much more than you realize that is on the line here in our encounter on Dynasty, but you are fooling yourself in believing that I am spared from the fires of failure and the void of oblivion. No man is invincible on this roster and it should be evident to you, a man who has meandered on the line between success and failure over the past few weeks. You should already have this lesson learnt, know this to be a truth in the many lessons that this industry will teach unto a young mind, but maybe you need to be reminded. Just maybe, you need to get another lesson and I shall be the teacher instead of someone like Christopher Corrupt. Right now, you lean on the excuses of a turnbuckle win or a dirty tactic to lean on so you can save face when someone speaks to you about how you lost your championship, but when I am confronted about how Diamond Cage was able to leave my title, I give him his due and he was the better man for the night just like Jaime O’Hara proved to the world that he has the talent to be one of the next great elitists, but it is not until we recognize our faults that we are able to correct them.

I am going to climb back on top of that mountain, Aren, it is only inevitable. Whether it happens next week, Reasonable Doubt, Grand Rampage, Pain for Pride 8, or even later than that, I will become world champion once again and prove why I am the best in the world at inside of that ring. People know that only time and the obstacles that are in my crosshairs are the only things that will stalling that moment, but you still have to show the world you can even reach that level. Dynasty, that is the opportunity that Monroe has handed towards you and that you have worked towards, but you will not seize it again. You better find Tyler Parker once more and pray that you can actually take that chance in beating him again or hope that Mr. DEDEDE is able to come back from the destruction that Tyler brought down unto him, but you are not going to find some chance to ascend to the spotlight of this company when you are going to face The Fabled Conqueror. It’s funny, too, that I say this. People like you think I was given this name because I am some hoax and fable that you want to believe to never have existed, but that is not why the named such. I am a man that turns fantasy into reality, I am the man who has turned water into wine and filth into gold, all because of the conquests that I have done throughout my career. You want to know why I was deemed The Fabled Conqueror by Damien Murrow? It is because no one included in this industry believed that I was going to be the best wrestler in the world and stand as a conquering warrior above the rest on Voltage and the truth is, the roster fears that history will repeat itself as I entered Dynasty. How about I show them how wrong they are when we meet, Aren? How about I show them that if I am the one who will not make it to the first rung in your words, that you are not going to even be in the vicinity of where the ladder stands? I think I shall, because the fate of Aren Mstislav is to continually be conquered when faced against a man like Jacob Senn.
A year makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to professional wrestling, but for some reason Stan's brain is incapable of understanding such simple logic. Around a year ago, yes Stan, you did beat me. This was back when I was brand new to the whole Dynasty scene. As a matter of fact, I was still learning the ropes. At the time you should have defeated me with ease. Three Olympic Slam's and a size twenty boot to the skull should have been enough to keep me down for good BUT I'M STILL STANDING and boy oh boy, what a mistake that turned out to be. The reason why I don't point and laugh at your recent struggles is because I've been there before. I've been in a few slumps here and there, but ultimately I find a way to escape them. I shake the rust off and I perform like the well oiled machine that I was born to be. Let me tell you a short story. You and a man by the name of Vic Vendetta, made my life a living hell in the past, especially Vic. You guys, most notably out of the men I've faced before, nearly ruined my reputation for good. You took advantage of a poor lost soul and one of you even made me pound my head against a brick wall so the mind games could end. When I lost the Interwire championship in the fashion I did, I felt like giving up. I had the towel in my hand and I was ready to throw it, but I decided to stick it out because I always thought the grass would be greener on the other side. So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and with my brand new half glass full kind of attitude, I was rewarded. I was rewarded a shot at the Answers World championship, with Hades holding it at the time, and of course Vic was also involved, making it a triple threat. That was a match I had won. You know it, I know it. And as I was on my way to victory, an arrogant bald man yanked me out of the ring and put me through the announce table. Crushing my dream of finally being crowned the Answers World Champion. After the match I thought enough was enough. I wasn't going to return to my depressed state, so instead I made a phone call. I contacted Lannister and for whatever reason, people are still confused by why I chose to align myself with him and Brody. The answer is simple. When I see Brody, I see myself in a way. I have a lot more in common with him than say you, StarrStan. So when I saw Lannister reach out to Brody and offer to be his friend, it was right then and there that I knew I wanted that friendship. I wanted to be part of their family and the rest is history. So I have to thank you for that Stan. Thank you for pushing me to the edge. Thank you for forcing me to make that call. Thank you for poking the bear - and thank you for helping me win the Answers World Championship. That last thank you probably confused you, so let me elaborate. When it comes to me, I hold grudges. I know people always encourage others to let bygones be bygones, but I'm a bigger believer in revenge. If you do something bad to me, I'll punish you ten times worse. When someone apologizes to me, the word sorry does nothing for me and it's because at the end of the day, it's just a word. It doesn't heal wounds. It just rubs salt into them in my opinion. For instance I will always remember you putting me through that table. It will never escape my mind or soul. It will be with me forever and I'll keep that memory fresh in my mind until I am the one who is pushing up daises, decades from now. Believe it or not Stan, there's a man out there who I hate more than I hate you - for the time being that is. And he has a famous catchphrase that goes something like, he who laughs last, laughs best. It's only fitting because even though you and Vic were constant headaches to me, I got the last laugh in because if you look at me and you look at Stan and Vic, who is currently doing the best out of the three? That's what I thought. 

Notice I said currently Stan, since I know you just love to cling onto the past. Look at you, going so in-depth about RAGNAROK's and Elite's past. Just give it a rest, we won. We stood tall. The end. Because I hate to break it to you, but your excuses won't change the result. The record books will still say we took the W. I don't care if it was by a roll up or not, we did our job. We are the reason why you, Devan, and Brian are no longer friends. Before you say anything, let me say I'm aware that Devan attacked Brian after the match, which started this whole war between the three of you, but we were the reason why he was so upset in the first place. The point I'm trying to make Stan is I took everything from you. I took your friends away, contrary to your opinion - and I also took the title that you think still belongs to you. And this Saturday will be no different because this time around, I'll take another win from you. Doesn't sound that horrible right? But wait, there's more. As I clearly stated yesterday, if Stan loses, he can kiss future world title shots goodbye. It's only right after all. Right here and now, I'm going to say something that's politically incorrect, but I'll say it regardless. There's a small part of me that wants you to win this match on Saturday. Why? Because I can still tell you're not a believer in me. I could continue to beat you senseless in the middle of the ring like I've done in the previous matches of ours, but when I think about it, it doesn't seem to teach you a lesson nor will it convince you that I am your superior and why is that? It's because your ego will always tell you that you're the best, or as you put it, the greatest elite wrestler in all of Elite Answers Wrestling. With a win this week, it would only feed that already unhealthy sized ego of yours, but again, I'm fine it because hypothetically, let's say you do win by sheer luck, whenever I defend the title against you, whether it's at Reasonable Doubt or months down the road, I'm going to grip onto that ego and I'm going to suffocate it. I can see it in your eyes Stan, you want  to face me at a bigger stage don't you? If you want your career cut short, then be my guest, but I won't be held responsible. That's fair right? Because think about it, It's not my fault you don't ever learn from your past mistakes. Keep putting your hand on the stove my friend. I won't try and stop you but for your own sake, I hope you don't end up like Mr. Rosso HAHAHAHAHA. Question Stan, do you enjoy facts? Because I sure do. Fact, you did win the Answers World Champion of the year award, congrats - but with that said, I will still raise the bar when it comes to this respective championship. Whether you like it or not, it's going to reach new heights with it being around my waist, because how could it not? And have no fear, I will do the belt justice, more than you can ever dream of doing and if you doubt that, I welcome it. It just means I'll prove another person wrong. I'll be sure to add your name to a long list. Lastly I see one of your goals is to slaughter me, The Behemoth. Good luck. I'm not worried about your threats because I already have enough on my plate. I have the entire Showdown roster gunning for me and it's all because I have something they want, but can't have. Yourself included.



Finally...after all these weeks, The Nas is finally competing in a goddamn match. Not just one match, but two. Now this is what I'm talkin about. Too bad there is not a single threat within either of these matches. Nope. The Nas is simply going to lay the smackdown in five jabronies accross two shows within the time frame of three days.

Now what bothers The Nas is not the fact that he's got such a busy week. I LOVE TO WORK! I'd fight on all three shoiws every week is I had the choice. No It's the standard of opponents I'm given. How an I expected to get better when all I do is face nothing more than mere roody poo jabronies week in and week out. Or even better, when I don't wrestle at all on cedrtain weeks.

It just baffles my mind honestly. But I dispatched of an easy opponent in my last match two weeks ago in donuts. This week will be no different. Like I said five men across two shows in three days are going to get the shit beat into them and are going to learn that I am the absolute future of this industry and that no one can touch me in that ring or on a microphone. Nobody is the complete athelete that I am. Certainly not the five roody poos I've got in front of me this week.

I should be standing in front of you with some form of gold wrapped around my waist of slung over my shoulder. But i don't. That in the end is nothing more than my own ineptitude. Butg trust me that was the old Nas in an old year. The shitty year of 2014 is behind us and I feel change in the horizon of 2015...the year of The Nas! The Era of The Nas begins this week. And it won't end until I say it will! Now to those of you who believe that my ego is too big for my skills to back up well...yiu can with all do respect burn in hell. 

I know EXACTLY what I am truly capable of. I know I can change this industry! For the better too. I'm not just hungry, I'm goddamn starving! NO! I AM FAMISHED! I NEED SUSTINANCE! I NEED IT LIKE A BABY NEEDS MILK OR A PLANT NEEDS SOIL OR A NERD NEEDS A COMPUTER! I'm tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes. All because I'm good with humor doesn't mean I'm a joke. It means unlike most people in this place I know a good joke when I hear it. Fact is I am the future of EAW! I AM A TRUE ELITE! I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERZ! AND I CAN SAVE WRESTLING! THE E A W NEEDS THE N A S! FACTS! I haven't forgotten...redemption will be mine!



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It doesn't matter who you are or what you think you might become Vic Vendetta doesn't mean you'll escape Ryougoku Sumo Hall in one piece my friend. Now I'm not going to go on about some psycho babble about you and I being similar in ways. No, I don't really have time to indulge into something meaningless like that. If you thought interfering in my match sealed your fate before then what you've told me now has sealed all the exits meaning that once we come to blow there will be no escape for you. I hope you read your last rites or pray to a being that doesn't exist inside your head because this could be the last days you'll be able to even think on your own or do things on your own terms because on Voltage I'm going to gut you like a pig and watch you trying to endure the fatal wound that will be inflicted on you come Friday. I find it amusing that you and your family is willing to die by a sewer rat's hands in order to chase something that has been long out of your grasp. This is what I mock about human kind when people like you are trying to relive the past and try to obtain whatever sense of glory that their ancestors have done. I can tell you right now Vic that the Kingdom that you and your kin are craving for will be nothing more than a fleeting dream that will never be captured and turn into a reality. I say this because there may have been a chance that you and your kin would have the opportunity to RULE this company with an iron fist like your gone and forgotten brother but your nephew's selfishness and his own humanity is being used by Y2Impact. Now it seems that the Vendetta Family has lowered themselves to nothing more than mere attack dogs serving a man that's too cowardly to get his own hands dirty. But I can only applaud him for utilizing his own intellect and resources to play to the Vendetta's lust for power and prestige to get what he wanted and that's the title off of me. So come Voltage I won't be surprised if Y2Impact would favor your nephew because to be honest I wouldn't past him but it doesn't really matter because now I have something that will mean so much more than a mere title belt.

So I just want to know Vic, what did Impact promise you and the family huh? A chance to rise to prominence? Did he promise you a key the Kingdom that's currently occupied by Lannister? You see I don't know what kind of deal or pack that you guys made but I hope for your sake that it was worth it, I hope you spilling my blood to paint the canvas is WORTH IT because you have me coming for you and your family because I promise you that I will continue to haunt you all until I achieve VINDICATION! But maybe saying the words vindication or retribution or just words that don't hold any meaning or gives me some legit excuse to torture and humiliate the Vendetta Family. But it doesn't matter how you spin it, I find this amusing and trust me when I say this Vic that my blood won't be the only thing that is being spilled between us because thanks to you and your family foolish dream of ruling this place you have unknowingly sentence yourselves to death. But oh how you'll be haunted by the same signature song that your nephew whistles when he is approaching his pray "A-Hunting We Will Go" when I punish you Vic and if you're going to talk about Judgement day Vic well might as well say that Judgement Day has came early and I'm here to collect the souls of those who wronged me. You can play the role of God if you want but I hope you know that you will burn with the Saints and as your kingdom CRUMBLES I WILL STAND UPON THE ASHES AND CLAIM VICTORY ON THIS DAY! Or you can tell me that I lack the understanding of what a wrestler or what a champion should be and you can tell me the pain and suffering that you've been through but I can say that I just don't give a damn about it. You see Vic when I hear you explain what it means to be a Vendetta the more I laugh at it because you have successfully fooled yourself believing that you were forged by extreme measures that has built you to survive. But the thing is that you are wrong because the things that I have seen or what I have endured makes your life a dream for me to live and relive over and over again. But when I look into your eyes and look into the very essence of Vic Vendetta, I'll see the true you and that's just a little boy who's scared. A boy that wishes he could just curl up into his bed and sleep the pain away. A LITTLE BOY WHO WISHES THAT THE BIG SCARY MAN WOULD JUST DISAPPEAR AND TO LEAVE HIM ALONE! You Vic, and people like you are what's wrong with world because in my eyes you're nothing more than a mere flash that isn't even worthy to be counted as an existence. You can try to end me if you want because I hold a key advantage over you and everyone else. You want to know what I have over you? It's simple...how can you kill a man that doesn't even exist? So I hope your family is watching I hope the people who played a part of this scheme to SCREW ME out of me ENDING my prey because the hunter will publicly humiliate you and PUT YOU DOWN for their eyes to see. The only use you'll have Vic aside from you being a Vendetta is that you'll be used as a vision. A vision that foreshadows the end for your family because this moment in time will be the beginning of the END for your family. So I hope they are watching very, very carefully and enjoy the show because I am too fixated on you bunch to stop. I will not be pleased UNTIL I have you all where I want you, and that is at my mercy. This is what happens when you anger an entity that you know little about and you don't know what happens when you CROSS THAT LINE! The extermination of the Vendetta begins tomorrow!
Words run across a black screen in green 

Give yourself the time you need to find the monster inside you before you release it, make decisions that only help you take steps forward and if that opportunity does not present itself at the time put your fists up and stand your ground, take no step back 

Old Man Adeus


Punkin's head appears on the screen and the camera pans out revealing the rest of his body, in the background cheers and screaming can be heard, the sounds of humanity 

Punkin: The people's posse, representatives of the EAW fans, suck up's and cheap pop artists who will in the end be devoured by the crowd the claim to fight for. HA! These guys are the dead men hanging on the end of a noose as a mob envelopes and devours them body, mind and soul. In this business we have things called archetypes, guys who fall into pigeon holes, hero, villain, Bruiser, flyer, technician but the only ones that matter are Mid-card or championship potential. When I look at Caliban and Ciserano's opponents on friday night I see the building blocks of what this company would probably consider championship material. When they look at Death by Velocity they probably see 2 guys who can go but will never go the distance 

He starts to laugh loud and long but every now and then breaking into bouts of what could only be called silent contemplation, he begins to tap the side of his head harder and harder as he speaks hitting himself harder and harder until an audible thud fills the room 

Punkin: But on Friday night DBV will be everything but mid card wrestlers, They will be Bruisers, Flyers, Technicians and any other thing they need too be to hear the 1...2...3...


We find Caliban standing in front of the usual EAW backdrop but as the camera turns on his heel and starts spray painting over the canvas until it reads "High Impact Entertainment"

Caliban: Ladies and Gentlemen step right all the way the hell up and do not blink because the era of high impact entertainment will take the stage and steal the whole damn show once again because that!

He spins back around again smiling into the camera view finder arms spread wide and dropping the spray can on the floor where it lands hard with a rattle 

Caliban: The dumbass excuses for commentators will more likely than not call this a battle of 2 shows even though I am the only Voltage performer in the match. This match in the ring will be about whatever the hell I say it is, The Nas and Donny Rhinestone are about to take a long ass fight to land of the rising sun only to spend the whole damn trip on their back staring up at the ceiling. You boys look like you have a lot of fun in the ring, laughing, smiling cracking jokes and passing the time till you get to go back to the bar and hangout with the boys loving your life. 

He scoffs and shakes his head in disbelief 

Caliban: But while you guys are hanging out or preparing for you next hero worship session Jordan and I are working on the master plan, you do this to pass your life by without having to get a real job, THIS IS OUR JOB! This is our lives, it consumes us in everything we do, it consumes the people who do it with us. Sinney was not interested in wrestling until she met me and now I never leave the locker room without her. The 3 of us are going to change this company, the 3 of us will change this business, High Impact entertainment is what this company, this industry, this obsession is in dire need of. The harder we kick, the faster we run and higher we fly is all for one goal and that is god damn dominance.... INCOMING 
Choose your words wisely because they may be your last. Ryan I was simply doing what was best for the family and that’s bringing back home the gold. I’ve sat back and listened week after week to your empty threats and I gotta say you’ve caught my attention boy. If you strongly believe that you can end the Vendetta family I invite you to do it and start with me! Now I’m here to share a vision with you all. A beautiful vision I had in the early hours of the morning of a wonderful golden path. It was the Path to a New Kingdom, my friend. And at the end of it the beautiful kingdom that I dreamt of has only one group and that is all affiliated with the Vendettas. I didn’t help Ares because I wanted to make amends no I helped my nephew because we both are on the same page and want nothing more than to have the Vendetta family rule EAW once again with an iron fist, and who better to start off with then the “former” Pure Champion Ryan Savage. Ryan Y2impact has a death wish for you my boy he wants me to paint this arena red your blood! And paint it I shall. I’ll turn this into the Sistine Chapel of massacres for every single one of you to enjoy. You’ll be selling bloodstained clothes on Amazon tomorrow and making hundreds of dollars which I would like you to forward to Ryan Savage’s parents if you may. You see, to reach the end of this yellow brick road, boys and girls I have to turn it crimson. That’s right, to defeat you Ryan I have to first show the referee that your last line of defense is down and your body is broken to the point of bleeding. Oh, sadism doesn’t get much more beautiful than this right son? Ryan be the shadow that you claim you want to be it doesn’t change the fact that you will be nothing but my follower. You will see the kingdom that I speak of and like they said in the bible when the day of judgment comes you will be at the pearly gates asking to come in and that’s when I will play the role of God and deny you access.

Man must evolve for all human conflict a method
which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation.
The foundation of such a method is love.

Ryan you don’t know what it means to be a real “champion” or “wrestler”. And that’s the difference between me and you, I was raised in the hell of this business. I’ve had my face carved open with knifes and concrete. I’ve had my skin ripped apart by barbed wire. I’ve woke up with bald spots from where my luscious hair has been ripped out. “Death Matches”, was what we called them. Every one with the Vendetta’s blood  worst nightmare, but something a lot of guys have got to do to make it, sadly for them. Me? I didn’t need them. I knew I had the ability to make it in this business with such evil and insane practices and here I am. But you see I did it all through choice through love. I wouldn’t be the man I was today without taking that wonderful abuse, that beautiful pain… No drink, no drug, no sex in the world can compare to going through sheer horror and anarchy to have your bloody hand raised after the bell. It’s a sick joy… The best way to earn it. And the brass here? They know that. That is what it means to be a Vendetta! Tomorrow night you will look into my eyes. Ryan and you will stand in that ring and look into my eyes, and you will not see what you have expected. You will not see the man who defeated you at Pain for Pride. You will not see some shell of a former self. You will not see some possessed individual. You especially will not see a version of yourself...no no no. What you will see Vic Vendetta, is a man changed. A man driven! A man that will strike fear into the heart of even the self-proclaimed monsters under your children’s beds. You can tell your fairytale but there will be a bad ending to it all. You can make your claims. It does not change the simple fact that when we lock up you will see death! The end of your existence. The end of your cancer spreading across these blind sheep  and I shall be the one to behead you!
(Aren is in his home watching to scene where Corrupt decided to “grace” the fans with his presence in Athens. He fast forwards through everything until he gets to the point where he comes out and rushes Corrupt. The camera pans to the face of Corrupt as he realizes Aren is behind him, and he pauses the TV.)

Do you see who the fates have chosen to be your new champion? Did you hear him actually thinking that the men who try to instill in Elite rules in EAW are going to listen to the man who cheated to win his title? Did you hear him beg, and plead to be put on King of Elite? And did you see him try to act all high and mighty, and use me as an example to make Quality Control stay where they stood. Because I heard everything, I saw everything, and the only thing from my encounter with him in Athens that will stick in my mind is this scene on the TV before me. After everything he said, after everything he had tried to make himself seem invincible, I saw the face of a child who gets scared when you turn off the lights in his room. I saw the face of a man who found out he bit more than he can chew. I saw the true face of Corrupt, and it was not pretty, it was not something that deserves the praise he thinks he does. I saw the fear replace the bravado. Oh and that just proved to me that fate is wrong. You see I was depressed for a while after I lost my title. I blamed myself for not accounting that Corrupt would cheat, I blamed the ref for getting distracted to easily. And then I thought maybe fate thought it was my time to move on. But no fate was wrong, fate was drunk that night and decided to let its demons decide for once, and they chose Corrupt to replace me. And now look at its man. He’s so scared, scared because he can get in front of a camera, and say shit to me, but once it comes down to saying it while I am near him, his alarms go off and tell him to run. I am the better competitor, and if that one little night at Athens didn’t show the fates then I don’t know what will. But I have to move on to better things, just like I always do as Corrupt just goes into the shade to hide. Corrupt whether it’s me, TLA, or Tiberius that is facing you for that title, just know this. That title will be held by someone who can actually bring honor to it instead of making it the accessory of shame.

I am now faced with a challenge that I have never been faced with before. I’ve faced the beast incarnate Lucian Black. I have faced the Eye in the Sky Mr. DEDEDE. I have faced the new World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Parker. But facing Jacob Senn, the Fabled Conqueror, and former EAW Champion, forgive me for gushing, but this is an honor. I am glad to be facing this man because I know that like the others I have faced this man will give me hell. He will be a challenge, and he will be someone that whether I win or lose I would enjoy fighting. But enough of the formalities, Jacob because now we have to get to root of the problem, and that is who’s coming out the victor. Now you are coming off a huge match, in which you lost. But that doesn’t matter because it was in spectacular fashion, and it was the best match that I have ever seen. But Jacob I have to ask, are you one hundred percent. Are you actually ready to get in the ring after what you went through. No disrespect to you, but if this match is going to be epic, if this match is going to be the one thing everyone will talk about this week, then I don’t want to face someone who can barely walk. Believe me, I want to prove to these people, Monroe, and even myself that I deserve MY title back. But I can’t do that if I am facing a man who can barely lace his boots. Trust me Jacob, like you I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove my worth. Unlike you I am now in a part of my career in where I have to look at where I stand, and which direction I want to go. There is the direction that is the mediocrity in which I just fall in with the masses, and there is the direction in which I get my rematch and prove that losing the title has done nothing to affect my ability but increase it. Now from that standpoint you would think I would chose the latter, but really saying it easier than doing it. The outcomes, the results, and the endings of everything I do in the next week are going to cement the path I take whether I like it or not. Now you were said to be the next big thing for 2013 as I have been said to be the next big thing for 2015. You have been in my boots before, and you have said that to my face. But in that is the only similarity. Jacob, you are a name brand, as you were back then. You may not think it, you may not have seen yourself as such back then, but you were. Me I was nothing but a punk who came off of NEO, only to win a title, lose it the next week, and be in the shadows for months. I had to claw my way through filth, and shit that I hated being in. But that was all on me, such as the point right now. These two paths I take are all up to how I can perform. You have nothing to lose Jacob, I have my career hanging on a thread, while yours was barely given a dent. With that in mind Jacob, you must know that I am the most dangerous thing in that ring. No more stories of lords, and peasants, for those are the very fables that you have become.

The Fabled Conqueror is nothing more than that Jacob. You may desire to be unique Jacob, but I desire to be legendary. Being unique is all good when it comes to stories of old, but this is a modern tale, here you are either something or you are nothing. I am something whether people believe it or not. I know what I must do to win, I know what I must do to become better, but don’t try and validate Corrupt’s act. You see I get it when a person does something to get the upper hand in an equal contest. I get it when a person who has nothing to lose uses tactics people would think he would never use before. What I don’t get it why cheat if you are trying to prove that you are better than the person you are facing. Corrupt spoke of how he would beat me with his own hands, how he would make me hate the fact I got in the ring. Corrupt did no such thing. He held his own against me and I give him his props, but instead of beating me with his own hands like he said he would he goes and uses a turnbuckle to win. You see Senn, I lied, and did stuff that were questionable. How do you think I got in the National Elite picture in the first place. I made my mark by attacking Tyler Parker, I was a desperate man in need of something to catapult his career. I was a fool back then because I thought I didn’t have talent and had to stoop low to get ahead in this industry. I don’t need to cheat anymore, I don’t need to use underhanded tactics anymore. I know what I am capable of and what I am capable of is what’s going to keep the odds in my favor. If you want to talk of disadvantages Senn, then listen to yourself. You are so sure that you are going to beat me, that you have already said before even the match begins that I am at a disadvantage. And it’s funny, after all the pats on the back, and all the congratulations you have given me, you are still counting me out. I am sick and tired of that. I am sick and tired of people who try to count me out before they even get in the ring with me. You have seen my matches, you have seen what I can do. And I have lost, I have won, but you know how many of those matches that I won, I was underestimated. The National Elite match at House of Glass, I was underestimated. In the rematch between me and Tyler Parker, I was underestimated. In the match against Lucian Black, I was underestimated. Do you see the trend here Jacob. You think me winning is such a fantasy, that you are so stuck in this story where you are the feared Fabled Conqueror when in reality you are as much of a joke as you say I am. Many people have tried to beat, you but unlike those people you have never met a man like me. Hell in our match trying to hit the Harmonic Divergence on me will be easier said than done. So before I go Jacob, let me ask you a question. How would like this match to end, Conforming to the Masses, or having a Glitch In The System. Good luck climbing that “ladder”, because once you lose to me you will be having such a hard time finding the first rung.
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I find your confidence to step forward on your man's behalf endearing, but baffling.  Who are you to confront me about my facts, when your own aren't in order?

When I said that I made "light work" of Lannister, I wasn't referring to that match at Super Show-Down.  In fact I was referencing the week prior to that when I lifted him ten feet into the air and threw him out of the ring without so much as breaking a sweat.  I wonder what has done the most damage to his ego thus far; my humiliating him in front of the entire world by removing him from the ring like the useless piece of Eurotrash that he really is or the silly blonde who appears to know less about her own client's career than I do?  In spite of all the misquotes and clear confusion you're suffering from, I respect that you're taking a stand for your man.  You remind me a lot of my wife in fact.  When I find myself in a jam and in need of a true companion, she's the first person I think of.  You see when we first met she was a Boss Bitch, running her own household, taking care of herself and her two orphan sisters; but she always had a problem with intruders.  Brought on by the fact that she didn't live in the best neighborhood at the time.  A couple years later--after her sisters were old enough to get out on their own--she met me.  A year and a half later, she and I got hitched, and she became the Queen Bitch.  With that kind of entitlement came her retirement as it was the end of her money troubles, the end of her worries about being alone for the rest of her days, and her security.  Now she no longer has to worry about some asshole trying to antagonize or steal from her...because I will deal with them.  That is what a Man does for his Woman.  He keeps her out of harms way, not hide behind her when bullets are flying in his direction.

It's not surprising to see that Lannister opted for you to be his mouthpiece in all of this, considering the last time we fought I practically took his fucking head off with that Brimstone Piledriver.  That is until YOU decided to intervene on his behalf by preventing me from picking up the win (which came before Brian Daniel's interference and Lannister's big turn around).  Now by my count, this is the second time you've put yourself in a man's position.  Which gives me the right to treat you like a man.  Again my wife backs me up 100% but she does so from the sidelines.  She doesn't stick her nose in my business because she's aware of her place, and it isn't inside or around a wrestling ring; perhaps it's high time Lannister put you in yours?  And shall he refuse, I will do so for him.  You want to test me and say that I've lost my edge, coming off of the biggest scandal I've been succumbed to yet!?  You're either delusional or flat out stupid; ocular proof of why bodacious blondes such as yourself should be seen and not heard from.  Giving her a mic is like giving her a dick, she clenches on to the sum'bitch for dear life but winds up gagging all over it.

Jesus Cerci, you've botched more lines than Starr-Stan's botched Moonsaults.  The crown isn't what matters in this situation.  Truth be told, I have never had any use for a plastic knickknack disguised to look prestigious, because the accessory isn't important here..it's the fight!  I wanted to participate in the King of Elite because I love the thrill of good competition, whereas the other participants only seeked to achieve personal glory.  Sorry to state the obvious, but I'm not like anyone in the present EAW.  I label myself as an Outlaw because I don't fit into today's society.  People here utilize Championships and Awards as a means to make them feel less inadequate; although I have desires for Titles, I do not lust or break my neck over them.  Because unlike Lannister I don't need a children's toy with an EAW logo on it to give me clarity on anything regarding my dominion over something that has my blood coursing through it's veins.  I know in spite of my loss I'm still the biggest name on Voltage.  That match with Cage didn't prove anything--besides him being the biggest piece of shit in the company--so it'd be ill-advised of him to hurl statements like,"he still got the pinfall", bearing in mind that the same results could fall on him whensoever he chooses to cash in his Title Opportunity.  Be sure you give him that message for me the next time you speak to him, and if I may make a suggestion, maybe you should stick with what you know.  Like washing the ass gravy out of Lannister's drawers before you ever consider giving me career advice on a career you know nothing about; mkay?  Okay.

Now onto the disappointment that is Diamond Cage.

I waited this long for an excuse from you, and all I got was, "Hey, I did what I had to for survival."  Really?  Were you that unprepared to face me that you had to pull a cheap tactic from that sack of tricks you had?  That's sickening, even for someone without morals.  I was on a warpath that night; there was blood in the water and I was in hot pursuit of it's source.  I had you right where I waited you, your Title was as good as mine, but then you took the easy way out.  And despite how bad it has made you look, you're patting yourself on the back!?

Well by all means, don't let me rain on your parade, keep patting yourself on the back.  You deserve it.  After all, you just retained your Title and temporary spot at the summit, but you did lose something.  Something I don't think you could ever get back from me; my respect!  I shared sympathy for you when you lost all those shots for the World Championship by way of trickery and deceit, but you completely reneged on everything you once stood for by doing the same thing to me!  So right now I don't care to hear anything else from you!  TO HELL WITH YOUR BOGUS EXCUSES AND THOSE BASTARD KIDS OF YOURS!  I WANT WHAT'S MINE; AND EVENTUALLY I WILL GET IT!!  BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY; WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN, THE DEVIL ALWAYS GETS HIS DUE!!!
You are honestly going to tell me about justice?
    Alex Anderson, with no due respect, you have NO idea about what justice truly is. Your version of how justice would and should be is having that World Heavyweight Championship strapped under your waist, a sensation that is so bleak from transpiring. However, where is my part in this? Where are the scales of justice? Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both. Ever since you have arrived in this company, you went onwards, complaining to everyone about how you have played not only second, not only third, but fourth, fifth, maybe even sixth fiddle to everyone. You cry each and every week on every show, slamming rules in front of our faces because you are trying to stand up for yourself by being the bigger man. In this company, we have never envisioned you as the bigger man. You are small. As much as you ignite the fire from within your eyes, your shadow neglects you. Why? Well it is because you don't have the spark anymore. At King of Elite, you lost everything that you stood by for. You prayed to yourself, you, I might just go out on a limb and say you probably tortured yourself day and night, begging to your superior that you will overrun Norman Hellion, a man that I may say, is quite impressive. How did that turn out for you? Not even a graduate of the Alex Anderson academy scurried down to your rescue because they realized the huge mistakes that they committed. They followed a phony. Now, why am I speaking in such a harsh way? Why shouldn't I? You always expect comfort, some lightheaded, easygoing way of confronting things. In case you are not aware of the latest business transaction within this company, we have been branded as "elite", meaning a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities. The sharks have returned to the waters with a bigger mass, and the last thing that you shouldn't be thinking about is swimming easily and freely without criticism. We have all seen you to be soft, Alexander, and as much as I try to cut the slack off you, give you some space to breathe, you are just occupied with your own tomfoolery.
     Now, I am not saying you can't resort back to me by also spitting some cold, hard facts towards my face. I would like for you to be the 76th individual to address my infamous loss at Pain For Pride 7. It would be my honor for me to ordain you and be inscribed in the long list of people that have decided to bring those statistics up to my face. I am not bothered, I am not defeated. I am just bothered by the fact that I am still wrestling under this company roofs, and not sitting down in my house watching television with next to me a hot cup of chocolate with some marshmallows. The reason why is because I have a duty to fulfill in this company. People take the en route to have a go at me, to tell me that my radiance have been diminished into an unforeseeable glow. I may deem myself to be the Caster of Dreams, but if you are able to see the complete and utter supernatural, then you might just be my superior, but obviously, they cannot. With that said, I have heard you very well, Alex. I am corny, I have made numerous upon numerous of comebacks, hell, now that I think about it, I may very just seem to be deemed as "one of the biggest disappointments in this company". I am here to tell you that you throw jabs like a girl. If you think those words are so effective against me, then you might already be the biggest disappointment of this company. Don't tell me what I have gone through in this company, because you have been a special guest up and down at the slumps for quite a while *cough* *cough* Johnny Extreme *cough* *cough*. Whoops, it seems I have uncovered some lost artifacts of yours, Anderson. Now, would it really be a generous and a good idea for be to unravel the terrifying, mesmerizing events that transpired under that persona? No right, then sit your ass on your seat and let the seniors tell you how we run this place.

I am the Caster of Dreams. I am the King of the Brigades.

I am the man that will set a new beginning for this company, while you undergo the same operation that you have been in for the past five or six years.

To wrap this up, Alex, your attempt at playing hardball just rather took a detour right back towards you. I will make sure that your "proteges" over at your Academy, will see a very placid Alex Anderson delivered right on the doorsteps, with a warm, fluffy golden pillow placed below your head. Then, your reality will have been cast into dreams. As soon as you awake from that slumber, you will realize that your potential in this company is dead.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on January 28th 2015, 11:14 pm by Marco

It's true what they say, be careful what you wish for because there's an off chance that you might just get it and what transpired on King Of Elite proves that theory. I could come out and complain on how it ended, I could try to start a petition or a mass riot that I the Pure Championship was stolen from me...But I'm not. Actually I'm in a very happy mood because for the very first time I finally get what I wanted and that's The Vendetta's. Now Vic, I don't know what possessed you to come out and aid your little nephew. But I'm glad that you and your blood decided to kiss and make up and I'm happy that you interfered in my match because I knew deep down in my heart if I have BEATEN AND BLOODIED Ares, I knew I wouldn't be satisfied. I told him at King Of Elite that the Vendettas are marked people and every last one of you will fall by my hand! You've only made it a whole lot easier for me because I don't have to hunt every last one of you down like the vermin you are because trust me Vic when I say this that I was going to have your head. So I'm going to ask you this Vic, was it worth saving your blood? Was it worth hastening your own demise so he could survive just a little bit longer? Those questions will be answered come Voltage where I'll take a stake and DRIVE IT TO YOUR HEART! But even then that won't satisfy me Vic because I hope you get back up, I hope you're able to put me down because in all honesty,even if I put you down or if you put me down...this is going to be a continuous cycle where the Vendettas and myself will go at each over and over and OVER AGAIN! No matter what happens Vic, no matter what roles we both play in this, I'm going to be your shadow. Not only yours but everyone who shares the name Vendetta, anyone that's associates themselves with the name Vendetta Family because like a shadow....I will always be with you. Stalking you, watching your every move, harassing you when I  get the chance. I will be skulking in the shadows waiting for my time to strike and you will be put on edge and where you'll start praying to the shadows for me to come and take your LIFE AWAY! At Voltage you'll get a little taste of what it's like to be on the cusp of being the prey.But don't get too caught up on what I'm going to do to you. Don't worry little boy because I'm not going to put you down just yet, in this match I'm going to skin you alive, I will pluck every beard and whatever physical feature that distinct you from a person. After that I will leave you lying in pain and every single move you make that sensation you get when you're injured will start to burrrn and every time you FEEL that burning sensation you're going to think of me.  So you can take the time and bask in the glory of your nephew's seemingly won prize at King Of Elite because rest assure I'll get it back because remember what I'm seeking IS retribution. Every wrong that goes against me the accused will be punished and Vic your punishment will be a slow and painful one. So be proud that you helped your kin, just be prepared what you're going to get when you knock on evil's door and when he unleashes HIS DEMONIC WRATH UPON YOU!!! SO Vic Vendetta you have two options, either accept the punishment that awaits you or you could try and use your little magic tricks to escape the situation you are in. But it doesn't matter what options you choose, one way or another I'm going to get my hands on you and exact my revenge on you. 
Yes, Norman, we meet again. I’m glad you remember our history together, because I haven’t forgotten either. I won’t forget it until I get that last word in. I won’t forget the rivalry we had, and maybe still have, until I vanquish the behemoth that is Norman Hellion for good. That won’t be this Saturday. This Saturday isn’t the night where I get my great revenge for how bad you made me look at the end of the last calendar year. That’s because this isn’t the night where I take my back MY Answers World Championship. That night will surely come. To do that though I have to prove I still deserve it. It seems I’ve talked so much as of late that I have to go back out there and earn my shot. Back up my spot in this company. You see despite who holds that strap over your shoulder, despite who’s got the crown on their head, I am the most elite wrestler in Elite Answers Wrestling. I know that statement has grown cloudy as of late. I see the haze. I hear the remarks. I sense the doubt. That’s okay. I know you’re going to laugh in my face. That’s okay too. The beauty of it all is that all I have to do to clear the skies is defeat you this Saturday. I know, not so easy, right? I know you don’t forget that I’ve defeated you before, and I know you don’t think it matters. Let me tell you why it does. Yeah we’ve faced a couple times now, and every time since that first you’ve outshined me. You’ve outshined me on Showdown, you’ve outshined me out at sea, and you’ve outshined me alongside your own brothers at high voltage. Those loses keep piling up, but do they really weigh more than my one win? You can put all these loses you want on your side, but my side will always weigh more. I’ve got the victory that counts, the victory for MY Answers World Championship. That’s why that victory from a year ago still matters. Because it’s proof that when what I want is on the line, I will do whatever it takes to win. I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want. I want my title back, Norman, and the first step in doing that is to defeat you Saturday. It’s simple. One victory over you puts me at the front of the line for a title shot. Then I’ve just got to defeat you again. I make it sound so easy, right? “All I’ve got to do is defeat Norman Hellion twice.” You’ll probably laugh. The other elitists will probably think I’m insane. Maybe I am insane. Maybe I am just crazy enough to do whatever it takes to get a world title, because I know what it takes, and I’ve done it before. You want to bring justice to MY title? Good luck. Good luck doing that in the short amount of time you hold it. You want to raise the bar. Why don’t I show you where I set it at. You want to talk about the award show, you may have walked away as the champion of champions but I walked away as the Answers World Champion of the Year. My only goal for this year is to walk away in December with that very same award.
I’m a very selfish man, you know that Norman. You called me out before I would even admit it to the world, let alone my brothers. The months I fought beside them, I didn’t really care. Sure, I hated you, and I still hate you. Sure, I hated RAGNAROK, and it still kills me to see you walk around with titles and crowns that are better suited to be worn by me. But before Road to Redemption, that was all okay with me. At House of Glass me and Devan competed for the tag titles against your brothers. Did you really think I wanted those titles? Do you think it was worth laying everything on the line? Do you think any of our matches late last year was worth me putting everything on the line. I wasn’t ready to leave it all out on a random Showdown for no reward. I wasn’t ready to pull out all the guns just to drown at sea. I certainly wasn’t ready to lay it all on the line for my brothers at Shock Value, AND FOR WHAT? To say we defeated RAGNAROK? Your victory over us meant nothing, it was a simple roll up that scored you the victory. After all the fighting and blood shed, it was going to be a roll up that decided the winner of that war? Please. Neither side defeated one another, that’s evident by the hatred we still have for each other. ELITE was defeated by itself, more specifically Devan Dubian. And to be honest, I’m glad he pulled the trigger on the group. I’m glad he betrayed Brian before I could, it was just less time I had to waste standing next to them and more time I had to plan my rise back to the top. See I was the one man of the group that not only knew what it took to get to the top, but knew how to stay there. Dub has never been to the top of the mountain, and has probably failed at getting there more times than anyone. Brian, yeah he made it to the top once, but he fell off quick. He practically jumped off the second he got there. Those two relied on me to get them to the top. That’s why they took my name. Team Starr was all about me, just like ELITE was all about the most elite wrestler in the company. Dub just brought so much dead weight with him this time around, it wasn’t even worth it. It wasn’t worth it for my own career and by the time the group ended it wasn’t even worth fighting RAGNAROK anymore. And Brian, he was the worst of them all. He deserved the beating I gave him two weeks ago. He deserved his injuries. He deserves to be left off this week’s card. There’s a reason they booked you against me this week, Norman. I’m not just the only guy who can put up a fight against you, I’m the one guy that can defeat you. Remember, two victories is all it’s going to take. This one won’t hurt as much emotionally as the second, but physically, it will all hurt the same.
Jacob Senn.

Brian Daniels.

Diamond Cage.

Hades the Hellraiser.

Scott Diamond.

Zack Crash.

Norman Hellion.

Tyler Parker.

What do these list of names have in common? Each and every single one of these men have been in this company around the same time I have. They have been in the exact same position, but for some reason... all those names have one thing that has haunted me my entire career: a world championship. When you've been here so long and still have not reached that level of greatness, you begin to second-guess yourself. Has this all been just a waste of time? You hear stories of greats and how they would do anything to win that world championship, even if it means having to sell your soul to Satan himself. Many people who watch athletes speak of the importance of a world championship often don't understand the significance of one. You see, ladies and gentlemen... this is our life. If you are in this business, you are striving to be at the top, and the only way you will be at the pinnacle of professional wrestling is if you hold that illusive title of world champion. The only reason I keep fighting every day to this day is because of the Answers World Championship, and when I finally felt like I was in prime position...

When I finally had a singles opportunity—with absolutely no outside interference or distractions—I...

I failed.

In the co-main event of the evening, and undeniably the biggest match of my career... I couldn't get the job done. I hit the ace of spades. I kicked out of everything that was given to me, but when Norman Hellion hit the final discus clothesline... I couldn't raise my arm up. January 24th, 2015, will be a date I will never forget. I am going to remember that night for the rest of my life, because it was the night I was a millisecond away from capturing what I have so desperately coveted since the day I walked in this company. I will never get that thought out of my head, but if you think for a second that I am going to be weakened by it, folks... you are wrong. I have persevered many times before and I have come out stronger. I have always learned from failures, and as far as I'm concerned... I legitimized myself last night. I showed the world the damage that I can do, and if THERE WAS EVER A DOUBT THAT ALEX ANDERSON IS A MAIN EVENTER, THEN THE CRITICS HAVE BEEN SILENCED.

I was not the ace of Elite Answers Wrestling because I held the ace championship... I held the ace championship BECAUSE I was the ace. That is never going to change – it is a constant. I am going to remain the ace of EAW for as long as I breathe, but I don't have to tell you that anymore. You all know how good I am. Now it's time to reach that level of greatness that I never have and the next step is this Saturday night against the reborn Johnny Ventura. You see, Ventura and I are no strangers. This isn't our first rodeo, but, Ventura, it seems things haven't changed. You still talk and talk and no one seems to understand a word. You know why? Because you have no substance. Your words go through one's ear and out through the other ear. No one takes you seriously. I can talk about how many times you have tried to make your "comebacks," or how you were one of the biggest disappointments in this company's history, or I can talk about how corny you seem... but the fact is, I don't need to. I don't get justification from insulting you. All I care about is the Answers World Championship, and you stand in my way this Saturday night. The pecking order has me at #2, right below Norman Hellion. I can't let you knock me off that. That is why I must win, and that is why I will win, like it or not.

Forget about delivering us dreams, Ventura.

How about I deliver an ass-whooping, because I'm pissed off.
My first match...
Post on January 28th 2015, 9:58 pm by Florida Man
(Daniel Marshall is seen doing pull ups in a gym, and then drops down to the ground to address the camera)

Ladies and gentlemen, this Saturday, I will be competing in my first ever wrestling match in a major promotion. Actually, it'll be my first ever professional match. I'm sure you're wondering how I feel about that?

Nervous? Most definitely.
Cautious? A little bit.
Confident? Absolutley.

I'm not arrogant enough to think that my first ever professional match will be a walk in the park. There's a reason it's called “professional” wrestling. You don't get here by being a slouch in the ring. My opponents, Christian Starr and El Landerson are proof of that. But I'm proof of that as well. I hope my opponents aren't just putting me in the back of their mind and not paying me any attention. I may be new, and I may be green, but I will do everything I can to be the victor Saturday night.

I, like so many men and women in this sport before me, grew up watching wrestling. When Stone Cold Steve Austin won the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania 14, and Jim Ross proclaiming “the Austin-era, has begun!”, I wanted to be the man starting an era in wrestling. I know that I have a helluva ways to go before then, and I'm not saying this match will be the beginning of “the Marshall-era”, but it's a start towards getting on the road there.

Christian, El Landerson, both of you seem like good guys, and I'm happy to be wrestling the two of you as my debut match, but know that I am looking to make a mark on this sport, and I will do everything I can to eventually be considered one of the best there is to offer in wrestling. Good luck, and may the best man win.

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Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on January 28th 2015, 9:35 pm by Angel.
Intriguing speech by Clark Duncan.  I can’t exactly be help but take his speech in a serious manner until he daringly recommends that I need “consistency”. I’m sorry Clark, but as much as you would like to believe that you know the story of Nick Angel, that statement cut off any validity you possess in knowing my story. I may be many things. I may be a skillful individual in the eyes of many. I may be a perennial underachiever who is the EAW edition of the Dallas Cowboys. But to call me an elitist that is not consistent? What have you been paying attention to? Unless you were trying to make a comedic statements as you are quite the comedian, but I find it very hard for people to laugh at such statements by you. I believe they are thinking you’re a crackpot considering you have not seen the story of Nick Angel. After all, I have defeated just about everyone there is to beat, notable examples would be Tyler Parker and Mr. DEDEDE in one match alone. I defeated and made a mockery of the man who went to the recent King of Elite finals in Jacob Senn yet I’m not “consistent”? Oh please, it takes consistency to defeat talented elitist who have hall of fame resume and it’s not like it was a fluke either. Before I had the mantra that the grass is greener on the other side, I know that I had an overwhelming winning record in my previous stint in EAW and it’s not like I was stat-padding against third rate extremists. I defeated everyone there is needed to beat, but as I stated in my previous speech, I simply made the wrong investment. What else can you point out that I’m supposedly inconsistent at Clark? My work ethic? I can validate that my work ethic is not a concern, if anything I’d like to believe that I’m a product of hard work instead of natural talent. As much as I do possess the raw abilities to succeed anywhere in the wrestling department, you know what makes me stand out apart from the rest of the crowd? It’s the fact that I have this mentality of being the” first one to show up, the last one to leave” mantra. While I’m aware that critics would like to argue that I’m a natural to succeed in terms of skills, it’s still my job to groom alongside craft the versatile skill-set I desire in order to dominate any wrestlers that confront me. There’s the old saying of “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, except I can attest that I possess both talent and hard work. So you’re saying I’m inconsistent yet I possess all the abilities to be successful in having the work ethic, the resolve, the heart and the natural abilities? I guess there’s no need for logic for comedians nowadays, not that I’m surprised when confronting one. 

And you stated a more daring comment by saying EAW is not the business for me? I’m sorry Clark, but that’s just an absurd statement. I’m the one that was merely a world title away from being a Triple Crown champion within a year. I was the one who was in the eyes of many was the political leader of the House of Renegades who by the way should’ve won Stable of the Year instead of the glorified breed which is EGO. I went toe-to-toe with the likes of Tyler Parker, Mr. DEDEDE, Jacob Senn, Hades the Hellraiser, Drastiko, GI Styles yet this isn’t the place for me? Hell, I’m the one in the eyes of many was the man who was ready to lead this generation to greatness if anything. Yeah, you could point out that I was bust of the year but at least I’m relevant enough to be considered a bust. And just because I was nominated bust of the year is not the end all be all for me. A prominent example is Tyler Parker who had a reputation of being a bust only to come back stronger than ever by not showcasing his abilities but leading by example. Like Tyler Parker, many people wonder if he should even consider EAW business. As I came back and had my first of many brawls against Tyler Parker, I do recall that instead of asking if Tyler should even be in EAW, is EAW the home for him? This is the same question that I can easily relate to. Is EAW the place for me? What does EAW have to offer that makes me feel like I’m exactly home? It’s the fact that whenever I went to the other side, it was nice achieving some accolades. It was nice that I actually felt appreciated in a place that could measure up to my status. Yet you know what the hardest thing was for me whenever I left EAW? Leaving a place that is the model of consistency when it comes to the stature of history, prestige, talent and the fact that I may not battle some of the people who I admire a lot ever again in terms of abilities. I felt that in order to succeed in the professional wresting business, I have to be very patient but persistence at the very same time. I don’t know when my time will come calling. I don’t know if my time to ascend on the top of the ladder will ever call. But if it does? I will assure you that my time will be validated considering I found a place that I can call home. I found a place that I don’t have to be obsessed with accolades entirely while making a mockery out of my opponents in a very entertaining manner. That place? It’s EAW. I may be ambitious but I’m not greedy by any stretch of imagination. I may be considered a bust in the eyes of many but that does not faze me. The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. And I intend to rise after falling in a disappointing fashion in order to rise like the elitist I meant to be. One that defines elite. 

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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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