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 EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, extremists, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

God you're such a broken record. Every week you say the same crap. Every week you preach about how you are this strong leader and every week you tell your opponent(s) to join you and Charles Manson and why is that? Is Charles not enough? Are your teenage followers not enough? Is the Interwire championship not satisfying you like you originally thought? The real reason why you try to recruit so many members is because you're losing power and soon people will see what I see. When I look at you I see many things. For instance, when I look at you, I see a man who is desperate. A man who is so desperate to no longer be an afterthought and bravo, you've succeeded at that so far, but when it comes to professional wrestling and our careers, it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. So tell me - how long have you been in EAW? Years right? And how many world titles sit in your trophy case? Zero? That's what i thought. So with that said, I stand by my comment of calling you mediocre. Because that's exactly what you are Vic. It defines you perfectly! People, and myself included, we are just waiting for you to fall off the face of the earth once more and we know it's only a matter of time. But I'll admit Vic, you're very good. You are very good like Alex and Matt but Norman? He is great and when it's all said and done, I bet everything I have, including Norman himself, that he will go down as the superior extremist - but then again that's not saying much. This message you keep stating, what exactly is it? To follow you and do as you say right? Why? Don't be an extremist right now, be a businessman. Convince me to let you have Norman. Go on and do it. I'm sure you are unable to answer such a simplistic question because you don't do well with change. You like to stick to a routine. And in this routine, you talk our ears off and what you say contains words that you think have so much meaning, are extremely dull. They are like one third as a decimal. It repeats forever. And no matter how many times Hades or I tell you no, that we want nothing to do with you or Manson, you refuse to accept it like the spoiled brat that you are. I'm sure you're so used to getting your way aren't you? The word no doesn't exist in your vocabulary and that's fine. It doesn't bother me that you won't rest until you have Norman on your side, but what does bother me is I'm sick of talking about the same thing with you. You and Norman have a long history. You know each other so well and it's because you've been going at it nonstop for a few months now. As a matter of fact I know what you're going to say before you even say it. But I'll admit that today you threw me a curveball when you called Norman a piece of shit. Yikes! You were doing so good. You almost convinced Norman to fight with you, instead of against you but with that remark, you've taken ten steps back. So thank you Vic. Thank you for making my job so much easier. I owe you one. 

I don't recall you doing much name calling before, but now you call Norman shit and trash. You are changing Victor and I think it's because your patience is running thin. Now you can claim that you're ready for this match against the two towers who want to beat you beyond a bloody pulp, but deep down I think your nervous. I'm not saying you're intimidated, but what I am saying is you've backed yourself into a corner - and you'll scratch and claw to free yourself, but it will be too late. The match will already be over. Because let's face it Victor, you put so much pressure on yourself, just like Hades, but for a different reason. Hades fights for his children. He wants them to believe he's superman and actually, he might be. So with that said, his three little boys will watch their daddy struggle against his kryptonite - NORMAN! Then there is you. The pressure you put on yourself is like this - you talk this big game, you describe yourself as this unstoppable beast and that's why your people follow your commands like the pea sized dogs that they are. So let's say you don't become Answers World champion at Territorial Invasion. A loss will shatter your reputation and a loss will damage your soul beyond repair. A good leader is not a weak one Victor, but that's how you'll look on Saturday. However - I'm sure you'll just laugh it off and say it's no big deal, even with your people leaving your side one by one and you know what? The more power to you. One thing I'm sure of is this. You won't win in two days. Not a chance. And I know some people will say the same about Norman and in response all I have to say is stay ignorant people. Continue to believe that Norman won't catch lightning in a bottle this Saturday. Whether you like it or not, Norman will come out on top and he will start a hot streak and not only that, but he will also expose the real Victor. You know, the Victor Vendetta that contradicts himself every other sentence? Yep that's him. So I'll leave you with this, a deal and you can take it or leave it. 

If you fail at Territorial Invasion, then you must stop the constant begging. That's right, you will no longer be able to ask Norman to join you and Charles. But if you were to pin Norman to become the new Answers World champion, that's right Hades doesn't count, then I will give you what you want and that's Norman. Don't worry, I would leave him for good if this happens. So what do you say?

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Territorial Invasion
Post on September 18th 2014, 11:29 am by Guest
Territorial Invasion #2
Open Your Eyes

** The air is cool, fall is amoung us. The leaves are dropping and we can only hope they fall so gently. It's a great time of the year. Things are changing. People are changing. Somewhat of a misunderstanding is where Lochlan Rossdale remains. Why is he misunderstood? Why do all the wrestlers in EAW just assume they are better? It was only a tag match right? We may never know why ignorance is bliss. We will never know why people think the way they do. Maybe it's just programmed into their heads like a pre-recorded message. **

** The air is cool, fall is amoung us. The leaves have dropped and we wonder why. Some people don't like change. Some people can't adapt to something superior. Their comes a time when they must adapt. If they refuse to adapt to something they can't handle, they are simply run over. **


LR: Jamie O'Hara you seem confident enough. To me it's almost as if this is a false sense of security for you. Are you just lying to yourself when you sleep at night. Up and awake... thinking about who you may lose the New Breed Title to at Territorial Invasion? Think about this Jamie. You are a great wrestler, I'm certain of this. I very much respect you. Respecting you doesn't mean I will kiss your ass and take it easy on you. I will come at your hard. I will push you to the brink. We barely even had the chance to fight in a tag team matchup last week. While you're great in your own right, you've not defended that title yet. You just won the New Breed Title from Ryan Savage. You have yet to prove your are a GREAT CHAMPION. As of now you're just a holder of the title. You have not defended it. You need to understand this. 

Also I must say that Jamie... you've been dealt a tough set of cards here. The only thing in your favor in this match is... well me. I might be able to help you in this matchup. I trust no one. I'm just saying if push comes to shove, I would rather have you and I as the last two wrestlers in this matchup. That way when I eliminate you from the Battle Royal, I know that I took out the Champion, one against one. Regardless of how it goes down, you have a narrow road to walk on. You have to outlast 11 other guys in this Battle Royal. You can't save your title Jamie, if you can't even save yourself...


Redmond. You think you're a somebody since you won a tag match with the Champ? The only thing I think it that you're a fool. You're a fool if you think that you can get inside this titanium mind of mine. Are you really trying to play mind games with me? You want me to stay at home? Are you serious? I've already accomplished more in 3 matches than you have in your life. You're just another brute. You're just another broken man that really can't be fixed. Looking forward to each week as you may impress someone when no one really knows you or cares.

Matt Miles

What can I say? This guy has it. He's a good wrestler. I think MOST of us in this Battle Royal I good wrestlers. There's definitely a few that are lacking here. When you only have to go over the top rope... anything can happen though. It's about survival. It's about making it to the end. You want to make it to the final 2, so it's you against another. I'm hoping me and Jamie can lock up in the final two. So when I defeat him I can be the Undisputed Champion, by taking the Champion out last.

Again.. Matt Miles.

What can I say? He likes gold. He thinks of himself in a certain way that only he can compare to. He is all alone. If I see him in the Royal, I will pluck him off the canvas and over the rope. Like plucking a feather from a hat... or a bird. It will be fairly easy I believe. Even if I had won against Redmond/O'Hara last week. You still would come up with some cop out on why I'm this and that... that and this. Why I'm not good enough...

The fact of the matter is that I am good enough. I will be there in the end. I'm not going to sit here and gurantee my victory over 11 other men. I think I can do it. I will give it all. I'm almost certain that O'Hara will not be left standing. He just doesn't have it in him.

Everyone in EAW on Voltage sees me as a underlying threat. A new guy. I'm in an uprising. Win or lose this Battle Royal you all will hear from me in the future. I will be there. I will be here. I will keep coming. True pride prides itself from within. There isn't any outer pride from one's soul.

I take Pride in who I am, what I've done and where I'm going. Terrirtorial Invasion will be my chance. It's not the best opportunity for a championship considering 11 other guys are dying to get their hands on "GOLD"... yeah Matt ... GOLD.

It is a chance. I'm proud to have been included in this Battle Royal. It's time for me to set myself outside the "normal" wrestlers. My technical skills are by far the best in this Federation. I will shine.

I will shine. Can you open your eyes in the light?
They say history is written by the winners.  When the first Americans Rebels first fought against the crown of England, they were seen as ungrateful servants.  But after they won the war, they were viewed as liberators and protectors of liberty!  When the Nazi’s first started to gain power, they were seen as a group who would lead Germany into a better future.  But when they lost, they were revealed to be monsters in human skin.  Because history always remembers things as it should be.  So it will be when my team wins these War Games.  They can criticize us, call us whatever names they like, or say we’re a group of selfish individuals who are not united.  But when they smoke clears, we will be the ones who have not only written history…but changed it as well!  We’ll go from “pissed off little children” to the Extremists who stood up against tyrannical army and saved EAW from itself!  And the opposing team will be remembered as the men who bet on the wrong horse.  
It’s truly saddening, but the longer I look at and listen to Crimson Mask, the more I realize that there are no real superheroes in the world.  That they truly are the stuff of comic books, movies, and childish fantasies.  I see only a child who doesn’t seem to have grown up at all, and is still living in his fantasy world of black and white, inside his world of superheroes, where he thinks he’s some kind of savior against the corrupt and the greedy.  And like all children, he has failed to understand the more complex arguments of the adult world.   First let me clarify that I wasn’t comparing DEDEDE to Hitler, or the Trail Of Tears, or even slavery.  I was comparing them to YOU!  You and your ideology that we should all just throw up our hands, accept things as they are, and simply be content that they aren’t any worse.  Now tell me…does that sound like the mantra of a “hero”?  It certainly doesn’t to me.  You say a pretender is someone who doesn’t have the balls to see what’s wrong.  The only pretender I see here is you!  You’ve seen drunks, and criminals, and corruption in your home of Canada, yet you don’t fight the devil whose standing next to you.  Instead you criticize my team as we fight for what we believe in, and would instead have us bow down to the man you see as your own personal Jesus.  DEDEDE has gotten men like you and Ryan Savage so brainwashed into thinking this company can’t survive without that you’ll swallow any pill he feeds you.  How many Chairmans do you think EAW has had in its seven years?  And every time the role has changed hands, EAW has survived.  But not due to the man in the chair as DEDEDE wants you to think, but due to the Extremists…the people!  I placed myself into this position, not for a mad grasp at power, but because I saw nothing being done to stop what I saw as a blatant abuse of authority.  Duty is to do what no one else will do at the moment, so sometimes men must take it upon themselves if they want to create change.  But why should you care about this factoid or my reasons?  After all, you’ve (how did you put it) carefully stepped onto the winning side right?  That’s what this is all about for you.  You talk about loving this company, which I believe you do as well, and how you and your team will change it for the better.  Yet I find this contradictory, because if DEDEDE were such the saint you think he is, if EAW is perfect under his protection, why would ANYTHING need to change?  Perhaps you deep down secretly know EAW needs to change, but like all cowards in times of war, instead of fighting for the side you believe in, you decide to fight for the side you think will win so you can avoid any punishment.  Oh you may indeed fight the occasional injustice, but you’re a survivalist at your core, who will do whatever it takes to make sure you survive first.  It’s a good thing you wear a mask…it gives you just one more thing to hide behind so you can protect yourself from everyone knowing who and what you really are!  
But what you’re experiencing is nothing compared to what your little team leader is feeling right now.  It must be a wholly uncomfortable experience for you DEDEDE, not being in complete control.  I’d imagine you have absolutely no idea how to deal with such a situation and that you’re ripping your hair out trying to figure it out.  See I can understand your frustration and anger with me.  I’m coming after your spot, so retaliation is to be expected.  What interests me is how strongly you’ve reacted to my fellow teammates.  I’ve thought and I’ve thought as to why you’re responding to them as harshly, and sometimes even more so, than me.  Then I figured it out…it’s because they’re the proof!  They’re the ones who are making you doubt yourself and your ability to keep this company under your thumb.  From day one, when I said I wanted to buy EAW, you thought I was little more than a joke.  You first doubted I had the cash…then I began flashing the bills!  Then you doubted the Board of Directors would support me…then you got a vote of no confidence!  Then you doubted anyone would follow me…now I have an army at my back!  Every time you doubted me…and every time you were wrong!  You’re not really angry at them, you’re angry with yourself for letting them slip through your fingers!  You’re angry because you built your castle out of sand, and the tide is finally coming in.  They’re the proof that everything I’ve been saying is true.  That EAW is not the utopia you want to pretend it is.  You can talk of bribes and promises, and you can mock my team for joining me in whatever fancies you, but in the end the only thing that matters is that they’re standing with me…not you!  As I said before, a leader is only as good as the people he’s got under him.  With no people following you, you’re not really a leader are you?  You asked me to give you one reason why to believe I’d be any different from you as a leader.  Truth is I can’t, but again that doesn’t matter.  All the people need to know is that YOUR leadership isn’t what they want anymore, so now they want to try something new, even if it is untested.  And you’re right about a lot of things you’ve said about me.  Yes I screwed over Diamond Cage, yes I used CITV to steal the World Championship from Jaywalker, and I still have a desire to be champion.  But the difference between you and me in these regards is that I wasn’t the Chairman when I did any of these things.  I was only an Extremist!  What you want is to have the best of both worlds, to have your cake and eat it too!  You want to sit behind a desk in the boardroom and pull the strings and still be allowed to get into the ring and wrestle whenever you get bored with that.  That’s simply not fair!  You can’t have it both ways.  Pick either one or the other.  And speaking of being in the ring, you talk about how you’ve controlled this company through brute force for years.  Yet all I see you doing is wrestling your old buddies.  Who’d you main-event with at PFP…Sekaiichi!  Who did you defend the title against at MSM…KD!  But when it came to Alex Anderson speaking against you, did you use “brute force” then?  Did you fight him like a man?  NO!  You took him to the ring and humiliated him in front of God knows how many people.  And how did you do that?  By abusing your executive power!  You’ll be a wrestler when it’s convenient to you; otherwise you hide behind your suit and tie.  You call yourself God in the ring, yet when anyone tries to take that title away from you they get cut down.  You may have done good things for EAW, and you may have indeed kept yourself out of the spotlight for so long.  But eventually you got tried to sitting behind that desk and wanted the power that came from being in the ring, but you didn’t want to relinquish the Chairmanship either.  Well now I’m going to make you relinquish it!  And spare your pathetic examples of trying to deny the fact that there isn’t any politics going into who gets and who doesn’t get main-event spots and title matches.  First of all, your example that CC and RRS had a higher spot than you at the first PFP is laughable, because how can anyone be that much higher than another person in a company that’s only just started? And just because there are people out there who are rich doesn’t mean there aren’t any poor people around.  And some of these examples aren’t proof that the glass ceiling doesn’t exist.  Rather they’re examples that it can be broken if enough force is applied. 
These guys who you say are the best, guys like Jay and Starr, tell me something DEDEDE.  Didn’t I beat Jaywalker in a fair one-on-one rematch for the World Championship?  How many times have I beaten Dark Demon?  And what about my teammates?  Didn’t Diamond Cage beat the hell out of Starr Stan at PFP?  Didn’t Tyler Parker do the same to Y2Impact at the same event?  We’ve proven ourselves on multiple occasions to be able to, at least, stand on equal ground with these men who you think are better than us.  So then why are we treated like second-class Extremists when compared to them?  Even now, you’re getting more attention than either Jacob Senn or Hades The Hellraiser.  And I’ll accept part of the responsibility for that by starting this war, but I bet you’re doing just as much, if not more, to guarantee you get more press time than either of those gentlemen.  I could on and on and on by again mentioning my own experiences as well as unnamed others, but it’s obvious that certain Extremists get better treatment than others.  And we’ve lost great talent because of it.  Guys like Nick Angel, Liam Catterson, Lucius Creed, Rami, and several others.  Lethal Consequences and Kevin Devastation treat this company like it’s a revolving door, they come and they go whenever they please, and they always get treated the same.  Then guys like Moonlight Predator, who fought for the EAW Championship at Pain For Pride 5, have to start over from square one when he came back.  You keep thinking this is about getting everyone hands, and people complaining when they simply aren’t good enough when it isn’t.  It’s about keeping things fair!  You can’t separate your own bias from keeping things fair for everyone, not just for the veterans, but the rookies too.  And once I’m in charge, it will be!   

I will test you…and you will fail!         
Norman Hades what to know a little something…my eyes don’t beseech me I am not blind I see those who have the gold, I see those who don't have the gold, I see those who want to be the next big thing, and I see those who just want to be a somebody but is a nobody. I can see oh believe that I can see like a hawk circling his pray I can see it all my brothers and sisters. I see people who rise, I see people who fall. I see dreams made, and I see dreams shattered. The reason why I can see this is because I am the ruler of this world, well just about because soon I will vanquish the current king and take seat on my throne. Now for those who haven’t crossed my path you may ask, who am I? Who is he? Go on ask yourselves that, I dare you. Who is indeed the question of the day? I am the deliverer, I am the master manipulator, I am the Master of Minds, and I am on my way to Toronto, Ontario Canada to place my sword on the mountain and begin this invasion of Manson, to take control of your minds. Some call me a Mastermind, I call myself LUCIFER.In the depths of my heart I can't help being convinced that Norman Hellion, is now a worthless piece of shit waiting to be picked up, and taken out in the trash. He is a broken down man, with too many injuries to his body. I am that shovel, I am here to bury away the trash, and Norman, I'm starting with you. You're so naive, Hades. You think simply because you have been in this business for a while that you'll be able to accomplish whatever you want like life is some sort of fairytale. I've got news for you. It's not. Your fairytale will end very abruptly at Territorial Invasion. There will be no happy ending for you, Hades nor will it be for Norman and Peter. You need more than strength to succeed in this business. I remember when I first started I was told that I needed ability, I needed athleticism, I needed good looks and need a distinct lack of remorse. But I have none of those things EXCEPT the lack of remorse . I don’t have all of them but I do have the skill to end the career of my opponent. I've proven time and time again that I'm the grim reaper and the king of Hell. I'd sooner die than let someone like you dethrone me boy! Champion or not I won’t back down from you or Norman, you both tower over me a bit but I believe over the weeks I have proven that your looks and height don’t strike any fear into me.

The absolute best feeling in the world is when you get to hold that championship belt hoisting it high up in the air and declare that you’re the best that EAW has to offer. That is where every single professional wrestler, whether female or male aspires to be. If you don't want to hold championship gold above your head and around your waist. You are wasting your time. Many do not know the type of power that belt holds, you wonder why Mr.Dedede is so greedy and hell bent on always winning that championship now you see and hear from me. People with no hope for their future, such as Norman and Hades...They don't deserve to be here. Why do I say this? It’s because they chose to walk into that ring with a conqueror such as myself.  People living on past glories or even having no glories in either direction of their life. We need to focus on the future and that is my mission with Charles Manson I am here to lead you all to the promise land the place where everyone will be equal and the place where we can all laugh and play by my leadership. I'm hell bent on becoming the Answers World Champion right now, but I can mold you two. I can make you two better than you've ever been! That's why I'm going to propose this. I have been asking week after week and month after month to join my revolution and you both have denied me continuously so here is my last invitation before Territorial Invasion I propose you two join me. Let me lead you into the future. I won't drop out on you like many of these past leaders in EAW did. I won't fail you, like they did. Let me save you from mediocrity gentleman, let me save you from this world but more importantly let me save you from you! Let us be no longer naïve to the fact that I am better than you both combined this match is only to prove my theory right, this match was chosen by me to finally let you all see that nothing is impossible through our father Charles Mason and through him I will become the new Answers World Champion. 

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 18th 2014, 8:47 am by LVCIAN
You were never an ordinary boy, but you have ALWAYS been a boy. Ordinary or not, you're not a man. You continually try to refrain from the memory of your actions against me. But regardless what you attempt to forget what you did to me you just won't because I will always be there to remind you how much of a coward, how much of a BITCH you are. If anything you experienced made you into something it's a bitch not a cold human being. You have demonstrated you are the biggest coward in the history of extreme. How can you sleep at night? How can you live with yourself knowing what I know, knowing what EVERYBODY knows. If I was in your position I would be willing to do anything to revitalize my reputation not to further damage it. You embody everything I am against, you represent a corrupted generation. That's why I have to stop you. Not just because I am tired of your bitch rants, my mission consists in attaining a far more valuable goal. Once that bell rings there is no turning back, Kevin. We're going to put each other through hell and surrendering will not be a viable option because even if you surrender and try to run from the battlefield I will go after you, even if you hide I will find you , and I will make you regret everything you have done to me until the day your heart stops beating. To burn me to the point I resemble a monster you are going to have to rip my heart out and literally drive a knife through it on multiple occasions and then behead me first. That's the only way I will cease to be, that is the ONLY way you will come out on top. The beast that dwells deep down within me is hungrier than hungry, thirstier than thirsty. It is craving some blood and it will victimize everyone in it's path until it gets what it SO STRONGLY desires. You're going to fall off the map just like every idiot who has tried to utterly destroy me. So, we're going to compare each other to animals now? Alright, well... You're nothing more than a cockroach in my eyes, an insect ready to be squashed and you certainly will be THIS Saturday at Territorial Invasion. You're right, I am in NO WAY as dangerous as you are. I'm much more dangerous than you are especially when I have a goal in mind. I don't stop until my dream takes shape, until everything I aim to achieve materializes. You're expecting us to fight a battle, but I am prepared to fight in a WAR. The battlefield is my turf and you are about to step foot on it, you know what that means right? You're in grave danger and you don't even know it yet. I'm always one step ahead of you and that is another factor you're either trying to avoid or just aren't aware of. You won't get to unleash the dangerous facet of yourself at Territorial Invasion because...

Before you shoot a fire ball into my face, your whole body will be ON FIRE.

Before you put me in a wheel chair, I will put you in a HOSPITAL BED.

Before you beat me up with a bat, I will break that bat upon your back all by MYSELF.

Before you even try to cremate me alive, you will already be ASHES.

Before you made me abandon all my sanity, you will be in a damn MADHOUSE.

Before you tear my flesh apart and spill my blood, you will be swimming in a pool of your own blood.

Ask YOURSELF how dangerous you are... Are you really as dangerous as I am? I sincerely doubt it. Seemingly, there isn't much fuel in Kevin Devastation's tank. That's a shame, I just hope you know that I am JUST.. GETTING.. STARTED, "God".

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Territorial Invasion (NB Title Match) #4
Post on September 18th 2014, 8:37 am by Guest
Redmond is seen in the gym wiping his sweat with a towel as he looks at the camera and begins to speak

Getting under my skin? Yes you are. But, I badly need someone to get under my skin in order for me to show them where they stand so you getting under my skin is gonna help me not you. At least you proved that I am a real threat for you this Saturday. How you quickly searched me up when I told you to. How you said you will let your opponents argue for some more time but quickly responded in a panic when you saw my message clearly shows that you know you do realize that you need to get tough with me in order to beat me. Since you were talking about “noticing attention” some days ago, I think I have greatly noticed your attention. Oh and yeah, what did you mean by “Right, well I'm going to let you guys keep arguing for a little while longer. Peace.” That’s not a really reasonable excuse of having no words to say. We all know your opponents have zipped your mouth and you have nothing more to say in this debate. And then you say “Peace”, like dude, who do you think will make peace with you right now? This match has seriously affected your brain in a bad way Matt. I know you are desperate to win the title but let’s be professional here. You sending pictures of your crushes, in this case, Derek Redmond will not help you in proving that you are better than me, if you want to prove you are better than me, show up and say something that actually makes sense, or just don’t say anything and actually prove that you are indeed better on Saturday. All you are proving right now is that you are afraid of me and that is why you are doing what I am telling you to do. Of course I know that you won’t keep quiet for long after seeing this message, but I will still advice you to take your time and speak cause I do not expect myself to respond to such low level speakers next time.

Screen fades as Redmond goes on to do some benches
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 18th 2014, 7:27 am by MTM
Oh right, you did say continent... fair enough. I just got annoyed of listening to you rambling about fallacies. That good enough for you or no? 

"Dude I am suggesting you to fucking Google me and dozens of my greatest matches and you will see how much of a great wrestler I am!"

What Irish guy says dude? Anyway, here was my first google search of Redmond:

Pretty sure that this isn't you.

It's clear I'm getting under your skin.

Territorial Invasion (NB Title Match) #3
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Redmond is seen heading out to his gym and an interviewer runs up to him in a rush
Redmond: What in the hell do you want?!?!? I am really busy right now!
Interviewer: I know I just want to get your thought...Matt just said some comments right back, what do you have to say back?
Redmond: You are lucky I have a few minutes!
Redmond watches Matt's comments on the interviewer’s phone
Redmond: Ok I am going to make this fast! Ok Matt you are not funny at all so you can just stop man cause this is really getting annoying! I do not know what the hell I have to do to get it through your tic tac brain that you are not a better wrestler than me! Now what else is new? So now you say that I had claimed that English was established in Ireland? If your stupid head would listen to me right, you would realize I said, I hail from the continent where English was established, not country. I hope you know what a continent is, but just to make it easier for you, I hail from Europe. That’s where English was established. Dude I am suggesting you to fucking Google me and dozens of my greatest matches and you will see how much of a great wrestler I am! And Aren, this interviewer just showed me your words too and it’s really funny how you tell me that Jamie carried my sorry ass throughout the whole match, while the announcer clearly said, and I quote “Here are your winners ….JAMIE O’HARA AND REDMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!” It doesn’t matter how I won the match, what matters is that I won the match. You see unlike you I do not think EAW is corrupt because I had a long and tiring stay in NEO! I instantly accept any match they book me in; I instantly accept the result of that match because at the end, the company does what the fans want. The reason you had a long and tiresome stay in NEO is because the fans didn’t want to see you in any brand. Why blame the company for giving the fans what they want? And about the “we” crap, don’t worry about it, at Territorial Invasion, it will only be “me”. You can call me an average wrestler right now but when I enter that battle royal, you might just regret underestimating me like this. You might be the Russian Prince or whatever you call yourself but all your pride is going out of the ring onto the ground with you on Saturday. Now excuse me, I have to go!
Interviewer: Okay Redmond, thanks for the time!

Redmond moves the interviewer out of his way as he walks to the gym as the camera fades to black

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Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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Right, well I'm going to let you guys keep arguing for a little while longer. Peace.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 18th 2014, 3:12 am by Mstislav
Ow my ears! Ow my heart! Ow my soul! I am hurt by this little shit storm of comments, of lies, of degradation. Not because it hurts me personally but because it has turned this match into whose balls are bigger than whose. What is this folly, what is this little parade of shame? I hear Matty Miles speak, I hear Jamie Hara’s champion speech, Redmond finally has his head out of his ass, Scott Oasis is a smug oaf, Tiberius Jones who is here because he was chicken shit and attacked a reporter to gain a contract. These people are the ones to talk these people are the ones to make headways with their first speech, and their speeches there after. This is sad because I know there are more people in the damn match than the ones who have had the gall to come and speak. What is this shit match, what the hell is going on here? TI is having this as a pre-show match for a reason because the people in it, when put in a multi-man match decide to compare dick sizes, just to see who it bigger. This is laughable, hell their attempts to bring each other down are down right cringe worthy, especially from people like the New Age Champion himself, and Matt Miles. The people in this match are known for their speeches, their abilities of the silver tongue variety, and what do we get. Cheap shot after, cheap shot and they aren’t even entertaining in it. But it seems you people eat it up, and by the laws of conformity I must fall into line and do the same damn thing. But being a prince I will do it with flair, and do it with finesse that these blowhards have certainly not done.

First let us start with the man of the hour, and the man with the gold on his waist, and rising star of the golden brand Jamie O’ Hara. Now Jamie you seem to think we don’t see you as a threat that you are nothing more than the bum that we walk past on the street as he starves and fades in the black of the society we are in the dark ages of. What you feel is what everyone else has felt as they entered those doors for the first time. DC, StarrStan, DDD hell even Demon felt that way the first time because it is always a gamble on whether or not they will make it here in this god forsaken business. You are not fucking special, Jamie get used to that. Hell even I’m not special and I’ve been from the bottom to the top, and back to the bottom within the first few moments of my life. So I fucking know what you are going through and it is something you have taken out of proportion. You are taking precautions, you are telling us that you are not weak, that you are not a moron. But that title already tells us such things, even thought most people will disagree otherwise. Jamie those people are the ones who think that they are the ones who are entitled to your title while the ones who sit back and acknowledge you abilities are the ones who deserve it even though they don’t win it. There did that narrow it down for you, now you know who is deserving and who isn’t. In my rambling I’ve not brought you down, I’ve only told you what you need to know because I don’t want to face a pathetic title holder who thinks no knows him.

Ugh now I’m ready to talk and I might as well speak of Midas Touch Matty Miles, who actually is complaining of whining. Well hello kettle, name’s pot, by the way you’re black. Now you have skill I won’t deny, you have something to watch out for but, but you are such a whiney bitch. And if you aren’t being a whiney bitch, you parade about how you’re better, about whom you’ve beat, and anything that will make you seem credible. But I don’t get it Matt, even you have to admit that you could’ve lost, you could’ve not done shit in your time here, but by a twist of fate you did. Now skills or not, degrading the people you face because you are a vain as Narcissus was when he saw his reflection, is something that irks me. Now I do the same thing but the difference between what I say and what you say is the fact there is truth behind it. I research my opponents, I watch matches, and I find weaknesses and exploit them. Have they worked? It’s a 50/50 chance, Matt. But the fact I hit them with truth shows that I know them and am willing to go the extra mile in my matches. And while you are there talking shit about others and not researching because you think mister Midas can’t be touched than you have a very rude awakening coming to you very soon.

Now this will be very short, and very brief because well I don’t want to talk about him any longer. Tiberius Jones, the fuck are you doing here. You attack Tomi Venus, you threaten Cleo, and here you are a wrestler in the battle royal. I can’t tell if I’m impressed, or shocked. But here you are I guess good for you.

And now another rambling man, who would give an auctioneer a run for his money, not because he speaks fast but because he speaks too long. Scott Oasis, you’ve shown footage of you and your victories. You’ve shown videos of your rivals in this long winded speech, and I’ve taken notes from it. And oh don’t get cocky when I say that because those notes consisted of me grieving on whether you will be done talking, will crude drawing of me hanging myself, as I think suicide is a better form of entertainment than listening to you speak! And you didn’t even speak of me as much as the others am I am hurt by you. But you are just another man who loves long winded speech, and monologues. So I’ll make your part shorter, so you can comprehend this.

Ugh Redmond. You don’t speak long winded, you don’t speak short, but average. And that’s all you are is average. Hell Jamie carried your sorry ass in that match between you and Lochlan and the other guy who I’ve forgotten. Don’t speak of the “we” crap when clearly you was face down through most of the match. And since I’m on the subject of Lochlan, I’ll just say this about you. You have my respect for you didn’t blame no one for your lost in fact you accepted it so kudos to you but humble and technical doesn’t win matches of this proportion. The matches you’ve had before can’t even hold grains of salt to this match. But till then stay classy.

Oh is that it with everything. No need to talk anymore for the rest of the week, I’ll see you all come Territorial Invasion, and be ready for hell.
So much long winded talking. It goes on and on almost to no end from some people, sometimes I wonder if some people think the longer the time they spend on the mic the more impactful their message will be. It’s the hook to get people to buy that you’re selling, it’s how people disguise power plays as “revolutions” people will risk their carries to accomplish for an end that might just be worse than the current state they fought against, it’s how people live out their fantasies of word smiths and how people get into the heads of their opposition. But nobody can get into my head, they can’t even scratch the surface of my scalp, don’t they see how thick this fro is? Kidding, but their mind games don’t work on me because I can tell what’s really coming out from their mouths and what they REALLY MEAN. At the end everyone has the same thing to say to the people they are confronted with no matter if the confrontation is by choice or simply fate.

Get the fuck out of my way.

That’s what everyone basically means in EAW, and it is no different of course when it comes to my adversaries on the preshow. They debate about irrelevant tidbits about who invented the English language between Ireland and Medieval Times, using it as a platform to mutter under their breaths “I’m smarter than you, so get the fuck out of my way.” Since my last appearance a few people have come out directly speaking to me, muttering for me to get the fuck out of their way to the championship, but they must be crazy if they think they’ll drag me down to their level, like I need to directly speak to each and every one of them in some meaningless frenzied debate. What? Am I meant to go on about a red headed pasty that is pastier than the other pasties? Am I meant to cower before some guy who worries about being so mature that his desire to be so serious and mature proves how immature he is because he is afraid of a good time in an industry that is meant for us to achieve our dreams and have the best times of our lives? Am I supposed to bother with that cornball Midas guy who is talking up a storm about how little people in this match have done in comparison to himself? Do I really have to become the man who educates the obvious and tells him that the New Breed Championship isn’t about what you’ve done, but instead what you are CAPABLE of doing in the future? If we all had done so much, we wouldn’t be in this match in the first place, we’d be chasing world titles and main events, this is meant to be our start, and the fact he is in this match means that his delusions of grandeur about his status are not shared by the higher-ups. To us new breed, yesterday, no matter how recent or far, means nothing, because we all have to live with the fact we must march towards people we've done nothing in comparison to if we want to reach the peaks we yearn for. I won’t go into much detail over these people, because I don’t sweat other men, I worry about me. I worry about being brazen enough to play "kiddie" games as part of my arsenal in a war against a world of generic angry nobodies who get so pissed off at a small dip of something off kilter being brought before them because it reminds them that they'd never have the guts to do something different themselves because putting yourself out there is HARD for the weak who fear risk. I worry about my bite, and how much if can effect men with the mere graze of me biting down on my prey and letting them scurry off to live another day knowing they were no match for me. I worry about putting on the best show that I can. I’m small, but small things can produce the same energy as giants, something like the smallness needed for the big bang, something like the DNA we can’t even see contains the vastness that shapes us to being who we are. In my own way, I will one day change this world of EAW.

So with that said, I say it, I’LL SAY THE WORDS, even louder to all of you, GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY!

Kidding. Who would I be fooling? This isn’t some heavily trafficked path I’m on, and deep down when you see how I walk and how I perform you know it. You can’t be in my way when you aren’t even in my lane.

I’ll save those words for when I come across someone on my level.
Just give in Norman, don't you know I am just here to help you. Help you see what you've known all along, that you don't need him that Peter is nothing but a hindrance in your quest to becoming great. You can be powerful, all you have to do is believe in me. All you have to do is follow me, follow with all my brothers and sisters. Don't you see Norman, our fates will never end, we are destined to be, and at Territorial Invasion I will hurt you, I will hurt you to make you believe in what I say is true. You are weak Norman that sad fact is that Peter didn’t make you weak no…you made your self-weak by aligning with him! You are weak without me, and with me, we can take over this world. We can burn it to the ground and rebuild it in my name.. no I’m the name of Charles Manson. My message gets clearer and clearer as the weeks, and months go by, we will crash their kingdom down. Territorial Invasion is an important night, a night that I must end you to save you, a night where Peter will no long exist in this world instead he will be nothing  but an afterthought just like Hade the Hellraiser’s championship reign. How the weak shall crumble and the strong shall rise up once again in this wretched world. The greatest task has been put in my way, conquer or be conquered is the question. But this question pertains to all three of us gentleman only one of us can leave the Answer World Champion and what better way to have it then in a Triple Threat match where anything can happen. Where only the actual DEVIL will leave that match as the winner, where the world finds out who the king of hell really is gentleman. The world finds out why they must follow me and they realize that no one except I can save them from the ignorance of this world!

People claimed to call me greedy for wanting to title…what some may call greedy I call appetizing. You see it’s not about what I want it’s about what I need and what’s going to happen, I will walk in IntwerWire Champion and I will walk out both Answers World Champion and Interwire Champion, but if I don’t hold both then how can I truly lead you people to the promise land that Charles Manson envisioned? How can I truly call myself your leader and savoir without the main thing that proves a leaders worth. I am going to this match on a black stallion, this stallion will help me maneuver my way through that ring and maneuver my way into hitting the Charles Manson.. Oh how the mighty has fallen, how the son of man has fallen. I told you Hades that you could not beat me, and I was right. Let the leaves fall and pick up the pieces. But before they do, I have a present for you. I've already left it in your mind and heart, and at Territorial Invasion it will all unravel. I came to the EAW to be its champion, I came to the EAW to cleanse it of its dead weight, I came to EAW to make my mark. like vultures hovering over their meal, so will I hover over the carcasses of the Showdown roster. I find myself as the Man who has many names but only one face. I find myself as a Man who can take one small step, but can actually take one giant leap for the rest of us. I find myself going to be known as someone who is very dangerous, including to himself, that the hyenas would like to pick apart if they found him completely still for too long. He's like a sitting duck. Those of who still don't have a clue who I am talking about then more foolish you are. You are the ones who I can control easily. You're minds are like putty in my hands, just as the careers of the two men that I will defeat come Saturday. You’ve been wondering why I haven’t spoken until now its because I wanted to watch you two pick each other apart, because I am the puppeteer and you both are my puppets and its just a matter of time until I keep tugging at your strings and you guys finally break…
I've made many mistakes in my life, everyone knows that by now, it isn't unheard of. To this day, I still pray to God, so he could forgive me for all of my sins. I've never asked for a damn thing in my life. Never have, never will. I mean, I'm just a human being and you don't even see that. You see me as a failure and that's fine if you think that but you're one to talk, Demon. You're one to talk because you aren't as great as you think you are. You're one to talk but that's all you have been and all you ever will be; talk. That's what you do, you talk, out of your ass or through a "pipebomb." I guess that's what that was, right? A pipebomb? You think I don't know, Demon? No, I know. I'm willing to say you're right about something, you're right that had Brian Daniels never walked out of EAW with the World Heavyweight Championship, I wouldn't have been able to hold it. Not able to but definitely capable of. See, I capitalized on an opportunity and made the most of it. My opportunity was at Road to Redemption in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. To say I held it because of Brian Daniels is one thing but to say I never earned the right? That's another thing. Because if you think, even for a second, that I never earned the World Heavyweight Championship? You're more of an idiot than you've accused me to be. I walked into the Extreme Elimination Chamber with nothing to show for my seven years in this business and then I walked out of the Extreme Elimination Chamber with the World Heavyweight Championship. Seven years I've been in this business, longer you have and longer than everyone else inside of War Games has, except for Mr. DEDEDE. Because of that, because I put everything I had into this business, because I stepped up to the plate when Brian Daniels walked away from it all... that's all the proof I could ever need. I was able to, I was capable of. Proof; that I'm able to, capable of, being the face of this company. I know I could be but not just that? I know I should be. No "Demon guy" has more passion, more dedication and more heart than I have for this business and if they have a problem with that, then they could come talk to me face to face because I'd tell them what I just told you and that isn't a pipebomb or whatever you like to call it when you feel like you got someone, that's just how it is.

Tell me how unmemorable my reign was but I beg you to look at who all else held the World Heavyweight Championship. Look at them and tell me who really had an unmemorable reign. Because I held the World Heavyweight Championship for over two months and even if it isn't as long as say, your reign, it still was better than most who have held it before me. I proudly defended the World Heavyweight Championship and if it was up to me, like with the National Extreme Championship, I'd put it on the line week in and week out. It doesn't make a damn to me. I'm a fighting champion, I have the heart of one and that's what I've prided myself on throughout my career. Because whether I have seven pounds of gold around my waist or not, I still go out there in the ring and beat the hell out of my opponent as well as myself. I do it for this business I love, I do it for the fans and I do it for myself. That may seem selfish of me to say but you have to put yourself up there or you aren't going to make it anywhere in life. I'm more selfless than anything because I put more than just the National Extreme Championship on the line, I put my body on the line as well. Could you say the same for yourself, Demon? I don't think so. Because you're more selfish than a lot of people, you may even be more selfish than Uncle DEDEDE, as you seem to weirdly call him. No, I know you're more selfish because to you, if you aren't in it, then you absolutely hate it. If it has nothing to do with you, like any other Internet blogger, you just have to criticize it because there's nothing better for you to do. You're selfish but not just that? You're pathetic. I mean, every time I look at you, it's pathetic. I'd feel sorry for you but you should feel more sorry for yourself.

I have to ask, Demon. What do you fight for? Why you do what you do? Is it because you have something to prove or is it just because you're starting to realize you're never going to be apart of the "GOAT Circle" as bad as you want to be? If so, you really are pathetic. What do I fight for? I fight for what I love, I fight for this business and I fight for the cause. What cause, you may ask? The one Zack Crash spoke to me about. Contrary to popular belief, I joined Team Crash because I wanted to. No thought went into it but what was best for this company and I felt as thought Zack Crash's cause is what's best for this company. I never asked for another reign, I never asked to be the face, I never asked for anything. I joined him and his team and that was that. This? War Games? All of this? Means everything to me. I swear on what I love, on my career that I show you the meaning of heart beat you and the rest of Team DEDEDE inside of War Games. I've worked too hard, I've sacrificed too much, for too damn long... for you to walk out this Saturday unscathed.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 9:28 pm by VENTURA.

As it stands, this is no longer an invasion that ANY of us men need to worry about.
I am sorry, but this match just lost its steam within the past twenty-four hours for me. Trauma gain, conscience lost, the whole kettle in which would abrupt this match into the charts as managed to cling its way to the abyss, all because of the five, most notorious and handicapped wrestlers in professional wrestling. I thought when I finished my say last night, everything else would simply be put to rest. The nonsense would cease, and the chatter would stop. All I said was perfectly clear to the fullest extent and was right on point, but as usual, people would always like to go off point and migrate into their own misery. That's just the way it is and it will continue to span on and on for who knows how long. There will never be a day in which this company can be fully recovered from the blistering ignorance from these children, it is just sad and pathetic from me. The fears of "walking across the park, to engage with one of the most vicious crashings  ever to be known" has chimed itself down to a mumble. You can advertise yourselves to be in the big leagues for this match, but this would only just qualify to be an exhibition, in our case. We gave you all time to think and think and THINK about what you can decide on doing, but turns out that playing the fool is what gets you guys going. How lovely. As it has already turned out, my ambition towards this match is pretty much self-explanatory, as us men have already understood our tactics towards you children. We must give you a hard lesson in order to obey the true modern patriarchs of EAW. It has been time that this "future of Extremists" are nothing but a future that were lost in the present.

Besides, what is your ultimate goal if somehow, miraculously you managed to win this match? If you are willing to fight in the battle for this company, are you going to take everything the company revolves under into your influences? Are you going to make the rules, change the structure of how everything goes in Dynasty, Showdown, and Voltage, or would you use that win to gain some titles? You see, this can easily wrap up this match with a single string of tissue. There won't be anything worth while for any five at you if you managed to win this match, simply because of the fact that you are going to use all of your egos, manipulate them for your own needs, and what will happen next? You all know the inevitable--a fight between all five of you. Do you now understand why you were destined to have this match? Do you understand why Demon, DEDEDE, Crimson Mask, Savage and I were entitled to win this match? It was because it was created and composed to be under our influence, to exploit at Territorial Invasion the true hallmark of wrestling. Within the past couple of years here, I can be proud to be included in that hallmark. But the five of you,the five most overrated pieces of crap wrestlers ever seen? You all will truly have your say in the history books, but just a page in which has become stained with dirt, crumbled, and left alone as a deserted chapter.

This just gets better.
Now even after hearing from some of you, one name just stood out from the rest within a quick instant. Alex Anderson, you must take the stand, because I don't know if people decided to go low-key on insulting you for your inaccurate statements, but I am going to go full retard with full effect. I suggest that you never speak through a microphone again if you want to keep your career and EAW intact. You see AA, it doesn't even require less than ten seconds to just pick up a random quote from World War I, which was uttered by President Woodrow Wilson, to use it as some sought of motive for you in this match. You really didn't think about what Wilson was intending to convey when he wanted to build a nation, and not a shaping army of some sought? Do you even know History? Do you even know common sense? You are just a pawn that is poised to get mocked at because you are absolutely a fluke heading into this match. That is the truth, and that is the unveiling of what people couldn't say in front of you, just to keep your, "happy happy futureee" in check. If you want to face reality, this is a perfect example to align your career under my influence. If you think that you are going to be successful in this company, with your four other clowns with you on your door, who don't even like you and not even considering you to be a liable threat, then do the wise thing and just step out of this match like a man. Clearly, Diamond Cage wants to "die" at Territorial Invasion because he is going to bring the true essence of the word vicious into effect. He wants to spill blood, he wants to break the ring, hell he wants to break all his bones just so that he can hear an ample amount of pops from his stunts. That is fine by me if that is how he gets carried around in EAW, but now that I am back in this company...now that I have the chance to prove everyone wrong....

There won't be anything vicious.
There won't be a new forming of a new nation.
It will just be the renaissance of the new, and everlasting entity.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 8:54 pm by Anderson.
I have you right where I want you.
Just when you think you have all of this solved, DEDEDE, I have you trapped. I have you wondering just WHAT Alex Anderson you are going to be getting at Territorial Invasion, and that tells me that I have you exactly where I want you. I know who I am, DEDEDE. I'll admit, over the years, I haven't been myself. I've been trying out so many things and since you mentioned learning from history, isn't it logical to consider that I have learned from my past? Because that's exactly what I've done. I don't dwell on the past. Instead, I look towards tomorrow and continue to claw my way to where I want to be. Where I NEED to be. I'm not going to repeat any mistakes that I have made in the past at Territorial Invasion, because I simply can't. This is my career on the line. This is my pride on the line. If I can't walk out of Toronto with my hand held high, then I don't deserve to call myself a professional wrestler. That's it. It's over. I fight at Territorial Invasion not just for me, but for EAW. While I have had such a love-hate relationship with this company, I feel as if it has become my home. I know it's surprising coming from someone like me... but I have grown to love this.
THAT'S why I fight, DEDEDE. I fight for the sake of EAW. It's quite obvious that with you under the helm, EAW isn't going to make any progress. I just don't trust you. But I'm going to have you continue guessing, DEDEDE. I'm going to play with you. I want you to keep wondering, because at the time of War Games... it won't make a difference for you. I'm still going to unleash vengeance upon you. After Saturday night, it won't be ME learning a lesson. It'll be YOU. You're going to learn that when you piss off EAW's five most promising extremists, you are going to get hurt. That isn't just you learning it, though. That'll be you and the rest of your little gang. I've been here a long time, DEDEDE. I've been here a long time, and I really should have been able to do more than I have. I know that. I should have been a world champion by now. I know that. I should be considered a first-ballot hall of famer right now. I know that too. I know all of this, but like I said before, I don't have to dwell on my past. All I have to focus on Territorial Invasion. This is beyond any world championship. This is personal. And the beautiful thing is that it isn't just about me. This is about the dozens upon dozens of extremists in that locker room. This is about all the talent on Dynasty, Showdown, and Voltage who are constantly waiting for their opportunity, who bust their ass off every day trying to make a name for themselves.
I've never main-evented a pay-per-view before, but I am so glad that this is my first taste of the main event on a show of this caliber. I couldn't have DREAMT of a match that would suit me more than this. You know, it's funny, DDD... you have always been the top guy in EAW. Many men have come and gone, but you've stayed at the top level for the longest time. You have always been the guy to beat if you wanted to prove that you are the greatest in this profession, but from seeing you for so long... I have found your weakness. Aside from being a total coward, you are easily deceived. You get ahead of yourself and you have your head too far up on your own ass to realize what is coming for you.
I have faith in my teammates. Through every passing second... I know that you are losing trust in your teammates. When you fully lose your trust in them... THAT is when team Crash will gain the keys to the kingdom. When it's all finally over, I want you to know that you asked for this. You created your own demise.
Before I leave, I want to reiterate this. The Alex Anderson that EAW has seen over the past 46 months is not the Alex Anderson you will see at Territorial Invasion. The one you see at TI will be who I've wanted to be for a long, long time; it'll be the evolution that was bound to happen. And with my evolution, comes EAW's evolution. It's time for us to grow as a company, and in order to do that... we have to rid ourselves of the cancer that is Mr. DEDEDE.
Time to go to war.
You are right Lucian...

About one single point...

I will never be a regular human being...

You see I am Kevin Devastation, and even since I was a tiny deity, a small version of Kevin Devastation was never a ordinary boy. From the way I walked, the sound of my voice, how I always no matter what stayed calm and collected even in the biggest of fights of my young life made me into a cold human....or should I just say a cold and unforgiving future God. You will learn that the hard way on Saturday, and honesty I am fine with teaching you the one lesson that everybody should know by now. Do not make wishes against the throne, because sometimes you get what you want. YOU WANNA BE A MONSTER LUCIAN, THEN I WILL DISFIGURE YOU AND I WILL BURN YOU UNTIL YOU LOOK JUST LIKE A DAMN MONSTER! Bring that beast that's been inside, and make sure he is hungry just like I am hungry again. I want a battle of yours and my life Lucian, and I want it more than you think I want it. YOU DON'T THINK I KNOW WHAT IS GONNA COME AT ME AT TERRITORIAL INVASION, YOU DON'T THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT I AM GONNA BE FACE TO FACE WITH A CHARGING BULL AND I AM THE ONE PAINTED IN RED? See I know exactly what you are Lucian, and while you think all I have is a cape in front of me to try and deceive you, you do not ook behind the matadors cape in this ring...and you do not see the shining blade that awaits you. Spear me, cut me in half and take my body and pick it apart if you want to Lucian. And I welcome you to try, even with all your might and all your strength I see you falling short of what you think you will achieve Lucian. You tell the truth when you say that I am one of the most dangerous men walking this planet, I appreciate the compliment and will live up to it ten fold. I also understand that YOU think that you are dangerous as well when somebody comes through to your territory and squats for to long. So allow me to say this to you very slowly and strongly so even you can understand with that thick skull of yours ...You...Are...In...No...Way...As...Dangerous...As...Kevin...Devastation...In...Any...Fashion... I think you can even get that picture, can't you Lucian? If not here take this further enlightenment as a way to see how dangerous I am, and how you do not compare to me.

  • Ask Robbie V how dangerous I was when I shot a fireball into his face.
  • Ask Dark Emperor how dangerous I am when I pushed him down a flight of stairs in a wheelchair that went over a lower balcony and crashed into the concrete, and he was my best friend.
  • Ask Hurricane Hawk how dangerous I am when I had people beat him unconscious with baseball bats on a whim.
  • Ask Cyclone how dangerous I am when I tortured his soul for man months and attempted to cremate him alive.
  • Ask John Alloy how dangerous I am when I made him abandon all his sanity to try and fail at ending me.
  • Hell ask Ryan Adams how dangerous I am when I have a flaming 2x4 wrapped in  in my hands, when I made him bleed and tore his flesh apart at Mid Summer Massacre.

I keep it short and sweet today, but if you think you can come up with anything to top me please come forward. Because in my personal opinion Lucian, you've thrown your best punches at me, and to be honest...your arms are just to short to try and box with God.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 7:49 pm by Guest
It almost feels like yesterday since last year’s Territorial Invasion when I fought against Team DEDEDE and tried throwing him off the titantron.


Despite all that’s happened within the last year, despite the several wars I’ve had, the world title reign, the ending of so many careers but if there’s one thing that’s remained a constant in the last year, it’s that Alex Anderson, Tyler Parker and Diamond Cage are all still idiots.

Except unlike last year when they supposed to be ‘rising talents’ now they’re nothing but underachieving failures.
Without even listening to one word that Alex Anderson has said, I can already tell what he is going to say. ‘’I eliminated Dark Demon in a match that I still lost THREE YEARS AGO and put him through a glass table one year ago, I’m gonna do it again at Territorial Invasion!’’ but that sadly is not going to happen. I’m not going to say I’m better than Alex Anderson, I’m not going to say I’m somehow going to avenge myself as if I actually care about those results, but what I will say is Alex Anderson isn’t going to win this match, maybe the Alex Anderson of three years ago or the Alex Anderson of last year or hell even the Alex Anderson of eight months ago might have stood a chance, maybe he’d even win this match but THIS Alex Anderson, the Alex Anderson that goes around calling teams ‘Savage Lions’ for an insult, the guy who got down on his two knees and begged for his job, called himself a ‘wannabe’ Tyler Parker? The Alex Anderson who used to talk about ‘darkness’ because he thought he could be smart? This Alex Anderson does not stand a single chance in War Games. This Alex Anderson has proven himself to be nothing but a fraud, somebody who talks up such a huge game against Jaywalker and then lets him be embarrassed by DEDEDE and I know, I know Alex, you low-blowed him and got your tiny revenge and whatever but we all know the truth – you are the weak link of the team. You go through all these different mindsets, ‘’Oh I’ll demand a match with Extreme Enigma and plot devious stuff to have him fight me’ , ‘’oh EE left instead, okay now I’m gonna abuse Stephie because fuck it people will talk about me‘ ‘oh I’m gonna announce my retirement at the end of the year, maybe that’ll get me a title shot!’’ ’oh didn’t work I’m gonna diss the Hall of Fame that’ll get me attention’’, ‘’nope failed again I’m gonna talk about DARKNESS instead’’, ‘’nope that bombed I’m gonna do REALLY GOOD TEAM instead and make a lot of jokes, EAW is too serious, now people can pay attention to how fun I am’’ ‘’nope failed again I’m gonna join Team Crash because DEDEDE exposed that I have nothing between my legs!’’  ...seriously, who the fuck are you? You are the honest to god most attention seeking person I’ve ever seen in my life, who can’t stick to one set of beliefs and will change all that up in an attempt to get some attention. You really think people take you seriously in EAW now? You’re the biggest laughing stock in EAW right now, Matt Miles managed to escape with some credibility but you? Lord, I regret even opening my mouth to you last year if I knew this is how you were gonna turn out, you can’t blame DEDEDE for what happened on Showdown, maybe if you were man enough, you’d have told him to fuck off and quit because nobody should be able to away your pride, right?? Did Crash even ask you to join? Did he even want you? You just seemingly decided to throw yourself into it when he’s piling himself a team of main eventers and proven extremists. When have you ever TRULY beaten somebody important and I don’t mean putting me through a glass table, I mean pinning somebody of high importance, making them submit, making them give up because they could take no more? I guess Brian Daniels might be one, so you have one giant win in your whole career? One big-time victory for the New Breed championship? You REALLY think that is going to be enough to win this War Games match for Zack Crash or are you just hoping one of your team-mates score the victory so you take the credit despite obviously not being good enough? Why are you even trying Alex, why didn’t you just let DDD fire you and spare you from further embarrassment because it’s quite obvious that you are never going to be successful here, you had potential at the start of the year sure but not now, not after all this pathetic crap that you’ve done. You do not belong in War Games, you do not belong in the main event and even Zack knows that, in his heart of hearts, he knows you aren’t cut out for this.

What’s the excuse gonna be when you lose Alex? When you once again come up short? Back to comedy? Back to ‘anti-hall of famers’’? Back to enlightening us all on how you were somehow gonna commit suicide at the age of five? You really think in this match, against ME, against the living embodiment of the devil himself, you stand a chance? You think you can dig deep down and actually survive being locked inside with me? You won’t have any tricks, games, you won’t have your ‘DARKNESS!’, you’ll only have me, two rings and a big steel cage and only one of us know how to use that. Only one of us talk a big game and only one of us actually hangs people upside down balconies and sets them on fire without blinking an eye. I won’t knock you out, I won’t torture you, I’ll just put an end to you. I’ll put an end to Alex Anderson because he is, without a shadow of a doubt, the single biggest waste of time and space in EAW history. The single biggest poser, the single biggest fraud, the single biggest coward that there is. You don’t have even have the slightest clue what you got yourself into do you? I haven’t even mentioned how I eliminated you at Road to Redemption, because it’s pointless. Stabbing you with the railroad spike was pointless to this, because what I’ll do inside the cage, that’s something you can’t even begin to imagine Alex. That’s something you DO NOT WANT to imagine, and in your own hometown, with all your family and I’ll be damn shocked if you have any fans or friends watching, I’m gonna put an end to this waste of space, just like Liam Catterson and just like soon-to-be Tarah Nova.

And now we get to Tyler Parker, the supposed ‘Quintessential Master’’ and reigning National Extreme Champion. Another guy who, despite what he’ll have you believe, is never going to the guy in EAW and you know I’m right too Tyler, maybe you won’t admit to that fact but deep down inside your own heart, you know you will never be the guy in EAW. No matter how many times you can beat DEDEDE, no matter how many times you beat and retire Y2Impact, no matter what you do, you’ll never become the guy in EAW, you’ll never be the man. Let’s be honest, you would have never won the world title in the first place had Brian Daniels not walked out, your big ‘’moment’’ at Road to Redemption wasn’t even because you were the best in the company, not even on your own brand and you know it, you know if Brian had stayed, you’d have never had that title reign. All you were was a petty transitional champion to Sekaiichi, a unmemorable reign and you couldn’t even win the belt back when you got a chance again. You went from ‘world champion’ at the start of the year to a guy who’s pissed off because Aren won’t shake your hand, is that your level of competition these days? Is that your satisfied level, the Aren’s and Lucian’s of the world? I didn’t even give a damn when Lucian stabbed me in the back, I didn’t even acknowledge him unlike Xavier and Tarah and you know why Tyler? Because even I know Lucian is only at a certain level of talent in EAW and you know it too, you know it about Aren too but you’re a little too comfortable at your level defending against nobodies and never-will-be’s because even you know you can’t hack it at the main event unless it’s against past it legends like Impact? C’mon Tyler you couldn’t even beat a one-armed Zack Crash for the title! Maybe, maybe if you had made the right choice and embraced the loving arms of Uncle DEDEDE on Dynasty and decided to once again fight with him, maybe you could finally live up to this supposed high potential you have. Maybe Uncle DEDEDE could have given you the lift you needed to succeed at a higher level, maybe the welcoming arms of Uncle DEDEDE could have made you finally the man in EAW but instead you opted for your eternal damnation. I know you and Uncle DEDEDE may have had your problems your last year but me and DEDEDE legitimately hated each other, we couldn’t even be in the same room together without coming to blows and yet, we’re standing on the same team because once I accepted the welcoming and loving embrace of Uncle DEDEDE, all the pain, all the misery went away, it just washed all away and now, everything is so much clearer, everything is so much better. You can’t blame DEDEDE for your own failed downfall, you can’t blame him for you not being where you thought you’d be, he didn’t walk down to the ring and spear you against Sekaiichi and Jacob Senn, he didn’t strip you off the title, he didn’t try and screw you of our title shots, did he keep you out of Grand Rampage? What stopped you from winning that when you were much fresher than Hades and DEDEDE? What more chances do you seriously need from Zack Crash before you finally say to yourself ‘’it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it’’ because you can no longer take the pain of losing and ending up staring at the lights when the chance finally came your way. Uncle DEDEDE has provided you with enough opportunities, with enough chances, with enough shots to become a main eventer and yet you took the easy way with being the National Extreme champion and defending against NOBODIES. What chances is Zack Crash really going to give you? Is he gonna have to strip DEDEDE off the World Heavyweight Championship and hand it over to you? IS THAT THE ONLY WAY YOU’LL EVER BECOME WORLD CHAMPION?

Maybe Tyler, maybe you just need to accept like Alex Anderson needs to accept, like Diamond Cage needs to accept, like Xavier Williams and Zack Crash need to accept without me, that you’ll never be on top. You all had your opportunities, more than enough of them and you all made the wrong choice time after time. Maybe Tyler, maybe you need to accept that you cannot win this match either, sure you can mention how Dark Demon gets pinned a lot but there is NO pinfalls in this match, you have to beat me by knock out or surrender or tap out ...I’ve only tapped once Tyler. Once. Maybe, maybe I’m not like two years ago or even one year ago where I’d be willing to get you with submissions and elbow shots to knock you out, I’m not like that anymore. I’m more intelligent than anybody in this company, in this ring and that my friend, is why Uncle DEDEDE embraced me with his love and his warmth. I faced arguably the greatest pound for pound PURE wrestler in EAW history Starr-Stan and I didn’t face him one on one, try and wrestle him, I dragged him down to my level and I beat him, I beat him despite him throwing me in nails, in flaming barbed wire cell walls, despite Crash stabbing me with a railroad spike, despite him nailing me with a sledgehammer, that was more violent than anything you could have had in your WORST nightmare so the reality really has to be ...what the fuck are you gonna do to me that’ll even make me stay down? I stabbed myself repeatedly in the head with a railroad spike last month, two weeks in a row I’ve cut my chest open with a shard of glass, this is my world Tyler, this is the grim reality that you have signed up for. When Zack Crash was promising you all kinds of things, when he was filling your little brainless head up with dreams of being world champion and no ‘old-timers hogging up the spot-light’ did he not tell you about the eight longest, most painful months of his career where I put him in a living nightmare? Did Xavier Williams, when Crash wasn’t filling his easily influenced head up with thoughts of cashing-in and winning in the main event of Pain for Pride Eight not tell you how he’d be dead right now along with me and Tarah? How I have his bitch kidnapped and soon to be tortured? This is a grim reality Tyler that you’ve sadly and stupidly signed up for. This isn’t a wrestling match, this isn’t even a war. This is a nightmare that you cannot get out of. That you will not be allowed nor able to escape. You realise that right? This isn’t a thirty minute Ironman match with Y2Impact where we can just wrestle, hell this isn’t even like your High Voltage against Mr. DEDEDE, this is something far more worse.

And finally, the biggest failure, the walking laughing stock of EAW, Diamond Cage himself. It’s just like Alex Anderson, I know EXACTLY what he is gonna say to me. He’s gonna talk about how he’d have beaten me at Grand Rampage if it wasn’t for so and so interfering. I find it funny how you’ll take that loss to your grave about how you got screwed but yet you willingly team with the guy who OUTRIGHT ADMITTED TO SCREWING YOU OVER IN YOUR BIG-TIME WORLD TITLE MATCH?? Is that who Diamond Cage is now, a guy who has to team with people who out-right screwed him out of what he wanted for their own desires because he needs to remain relevant? A guy who had to open Pain for Pride AND Mid-Summer Massacre and couldn’t even beat Lethal Consequences? Is that who you are now Cage? A sell-out? A sell-out to everything you believe, just hook your little wagon to whoever supports you now? Are you THIS desperate for attention, to remain relevant because EAW is moving on without you and you know, deep down, you aren’t going to be shit in EAW. You aren’t going to have the Cinderella world title win, the great main event run and hall of fame career, maybe you can claim you don’t mind, it doesn’t bother you but we both know it does Cage. You claim you don’t give a shit about anybody but yourself, but yet here you are, two Territorial Invasions in a row fighting for a team. Diamond Cage just wants acceptance, Diamond Cage just wants somebody to put their arm around him and say ‘I love you, I accept you’ and Diamond Cage is more than happy to do that to anybody who comes his way. Diamond Cage is more than happy to be a FPV-opener because he can talk about how he’s always held down by the system, by management because he’s different when in reality, he’s just the same overhyped, overrated butt-hurt crybaby who gets caught up in their own hype and doesn’t have the skill, talent, drive or intelligence to make it to the top. Make no mistake about it Cage, I screwed you over at Grand Rampage, I knew what I was doing by having Cleo and the Council attack you and I’d do it again too BECAUSE THAT IS HOW YOU SUCCEED IN EAW. THIS IS A DOG EAT DOG WORLD, A CUT-THROAT BUSINESS WHERE ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY IS WILLING AND WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK FOR GLORY! It doesn’t matter if you ‘would have’ beaten me, it doesn’t matter if you ‘had the better’ of me, the only thing that matters is that I was smart enough to do whatever it took to win and you didn’t. You didn’t and you failed. That’s YOUR fault, not mine, not Uncle DEDEDE’s, it’s YOUR fault you didn’t beat Lethal Consequences last month, it’s YOUR fault you didn’t beat Sekaiichi at King of Extreme, it’s YOUR fault you’re a underachieving never-will-be who continues to talk shit and look his nose down on people as if he’s somehow better DESPITE NEVER FUCKING ACHIEVING ANYTHING. WHO’S WAAAYYYYY TOO DUMB AND WAAAYYYYY TOO NAIVE TO BE A TOP GUY IN EAW.

You think Zack Crash is REALLY gonna give you a title shot if you win? He’s gonna do the exact same thing DEDEDE did and stab you in the back. That’s what he’s gonna do. He just wants power.

All three of you are puppets on a string.

Dancing to his every move.

Blinded, easily influenced puppets who dance at a prize being dangled in front of them that doesn’t exist.
Your life story is so touching Hades. You my friend are an inspiration to us all and it's because you've overcome so much during your lifetime, whether it was inside the ring or out. I think it's fair to say that you keep ascending in life and I for one am so happy for your success. No sarcasm intended. But man Hades - you're making this difficult for Norman. He likes you. He looks up to you, just like the rest of this new wave of extremists. For that I must punish him. When he cries himself to sleep with sharp pains all over his body, you will be the one to blame. Because I see what you're trying to do. You're trying to get in Norman's head and I can't allow that to happen because you're right, he is in a fragile state of mind and it's all because of Victor or as you like to refer to him as, "doughnut-eating Satanist". I know for a fact that as of right now, Norman would hesitate to hit you. Not because he's scared of you, but because he see's the good in you. He see's the good in every human being and do you know what I do? I bring up their flaws. I make Norman believe that particular person wants nothing more than to hurt him. Now - does that mean I brainwash my friend? That's a delicate question. Brainwash would suggest that I try to control Norman and in some ways I do, yes, but a more accurate answer would be I help Norman. If it wasn't for me, the Behemoth you see today would not exist. He would either be in mental institution for absolutely no reason, or he would be dead - or as he likes to call it, pushing up daises. Don't you see? I saved him. I turned him into a somebody! Because of me, everybody knows about his existence. Whether the fans hate him or love him, they can't deny the fact that he entertains them every Saturday night. He's entertaining because when it comes to him and I, you don't know what's going to happen next. We keep you guessing! We give you people the element of surprise, which is something you don't see that often in EAW, not since I've been here at least. Tell me, what has been the biggest surprise as of late? Johnny Ventura's return? And that is? The point I'm trying to make is even with all of my kindness and giving, I'm still the bad guy right? So let me get this straight. I can hit Hades with a chair and get booed out the building, but when Mr. DEDEDE and Crimson Mask sandwich Diamond Cage's skull with two chairs, they are still loved and cheered? Or when I bribe Norman to work harder, people say I'm just using him, but when Zack Crash bribes Cage to join his team, he's applauded when he's nothing more than a manipulative coward. I can't win with you people and that's why I stopped caring. Besides I know the fans pretty well. I know what they want. I know what their taste buds crave. You people want Norman to return to his old ways. Back when he was feared. Back when nobody had a solution to stop him. Those "old days" are upon us and only Norman can make that period of time reappear. Believe it or not I don't have as much power as you think. The only thing I can really do is help Norman out with strategy and from there, it's up to him to execute it and for a while now, he's failed me. YOU'VE FAILED ME! YOU HEAR ME?! P-Peter stop yelling. NO! I'M SICK OF YOU LETTING ME DOWN AND I'M SICK OF SEEING YOU LET YOURSELF DOWN. THIS WEEK, YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE UNCLE PETER HAPPY - AINT THAT RIGHT? I'm going to try. Try? Try?! TRY?!?? NO! TRYING ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH. TRYING IS FOR LOSERS AND US NORMAN? WE ARE WINNERS! AT TERRITORIAL INVASION, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TRY, YOU'RE GOING TO DO! AND WHEN YOU DO - you will become Answers World champion. Peter I have a question for you. It's a question that's been stuck in my mind since yesterday. Do you really care about me, or do you just say that? You've got to be kidding me. You've been listening to Hades haven't you? Well - he seems nice and maybe he's - MAYBE HE'S WHAT? SAY IT NORMAN? Maybe he's right. I want someone to care about me. I want friends, I want to be normal. Normal? You'll never be normal and I think I've made that perfectly clear. Look at you. You're a freak and don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing. It means you're special. You've been placed on earth for a reason and that reason is for you to dominate the sport of professional wrestling. As of now I know you don't believe that. I know with a few losses under your belt, you feel like you're not cut out for this business but trust me, you are and soon you'll see that I'm right once again. So please - do as I say and destroy Hades this Saturday. B-bu-but he has a family. Yeah let's talk about that family some more.

He isn't this great family man like you believe Norman. It's clear as day that he has picked his profession over his wife and kids. Is that a man you should respect Norman? Maybe you should cut him some slack. No! He doesn't deserve it. His family needs a person to get through to their hard headed husband and father and I'll do just that. Why? Because I'm a caring person of course. They watch you Hades. They watch you on their television set every week and it's bittersweet for them. Actually, maybe I should fly out to North Carolina and ask Julie myself? I'm sure you would like that. However, seeing as much as Norman respects you, I'll stay put. But back to this bittersweet feeling. They, just like the majority of wrestling fans, love it when you win. They are happy for you because you are living your dream while they sacrifice theirs, especially Julie. No matter how many times they beg you to fly back home on any given night, you know you're not able to because you probably have a radio interview the next morning followed by an autograph session. But think about this. Your sons go to bed without their dad telling them good night in person. You're wife lays in bed alone, staring at your empty side. And what I'm about to say is something you don't want to hear, but if your crazy schedule continues, that empty side will be replaced by a stranger. I'm not questioning Julie's faithfulness, but you really make it hard for her. Because let's be honest do you really think a phone call satisfies her? And I'm sure when you walkthrough the door, you are greeted by your three boys and wife, and you instantly feel their love. But again, they can't really enjoy it because they know it's only a matter of time before you have to leave them again for a few months. While you're doing EAW related activities, such as promoting Showdown, doing interviews, or competing in a match, tell me, how many of your sons' birthdays do you miss? How many anniversaries are you unable to make? How many of your sons' sports games are you unable to attend? When they make a good play I'm sure they are ecstatic, but once they look up at the bleachers and see their father is not there, sadness strikes their heart - and even I can feel their pain. The reason why I want Norman to take your Answers World championship isn't just because I want him to. Another reason why I want Norman to become Answers World champion is because I want to save your family. Let's face it, that championship is tearing your family apart and I'm sure Norman wants to end the heartache because he was never fortunate enough to have such a loving family like the Hellraiser household. So at Territorial Invasion, I'll give you a reason to be with your family as you mourn the death of your title reign. So go! Be the world's greatest dad while Norman becomes the world's greatest Answers champion.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 6:08 pm by StarrStan
I swear, dude, you just want to argue about the most stupid things. I don’t give a shit that you used a moonsault. What the fuck does it matter if I did anyway? Ohhhh, you used one of my signature moves in your match, you must be better than me and will defeat me Territorial Invasion. Shut the fuck up. No one cares but you. Okay, I haven’t been here 7 years total. DID I EVER USE THE WORLD TOTAL?? SHUT THE FUCK UP. I know how long I’ve been in this company. I know when I’ve walked away from the ring and back to it. YOU JUST WANT TO ARGUE ABOUT MY CHOICE OF WORDS YOU PATHETIC LOSER. In a few months, it’ll have been 7 years since my debut in this company. THAT’S WHAT I FUCKING MEANT, I’M SORRY YOU WERE TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND THAT.
Okay, so now that you realize I was right and I DO hold the most number of submission victories in EAW history, you want to say it doesn’t matter? Too late. You’re wrong. Yeah, I’m the only one to have a submission hold as their finisher. Shut the fuck up. You sound like an idiot. Go look at everyone’s finishers. I haven’t won any relevant matches, you’re right. I’ve lost my last two big matchups. Not denying it. Anyone with eyes saw me tap out at Pain for Pride, and miss three Starrsaults at Midsummer Massacre. My loss to Dubian? You’re really calling that a big match? It was a meaningless exhibition match against a friend that I wasn’t even informed of until the day of the show. You want to call me out on my loses? What the fuck have you done since you returned. What have you even done your entire career? NOTHING. You lost at Pain for Pride. You weren’t even on the card of Midsummer Massacre. Where are you getting these percentages from about my matches? Do you think you’re a statistician and a submission specialist now? Please. And two clean victories? Sure, let’s call them “clean,” but those victories will do nothing for you at TI. They prove nothing. They mean nothing on Saturday.
You’re so blind man. Blind. Delirious. Crazy. AND I DON’T CARE. I don’t have to convince you of anything. You don’t have to see it my way. I KNOW I’M RIGHT. I KNOW WHAT I’M CAPABLE OF. I know what I’m going to do you this Saturday. “I’M GOING TO BREAK YOUR DAMN ANKLE!” Yeah, something like that. You don’t have any tools to beat me. All you have is a deficient mind that lies to you. I really think that you think you can beat me, and that’s just sad. All you see is what you want to see. Is that how things work in Canada? You get anything you ask for? People are so polite they don’t tell you when you’re wrong? In America, when you’re wrong we tell you you’re wrong. And if you’re as ignorant as you, we tell you to shut the fuck up. That’s freedom of speech. Sure, you can say whatever you want, but I’m sure as hell going to tell you you’re wrong whether you are going to believe me or not. I can’t give you that satisfaction I’m sure you’d take if I just wanted to ignore you.
Really? THE SHARPSHOOTER IS THE BEST SUBMISSION IN EAW? Does the fact that half the roster has it listed on their finishers make it better, or worse? I think it makes it predictable. As predictable as I thought you’d be. Typical second-rate Canadian finisher. You’d never get the sharpshooter locked in during a real fight. NEVER. And even if you did, all I’d have to do is push your weak body off mine, and crawl to the ropes. It’s that easy. I’ll have more than enough time to do it to, because you’ll never make me tap. You think the ankle lock is that easy to get out of, we’ll see how you do on Saturday. Because I can lock it in from anywhere, and that’s not the only move I have. The only tool you’re bringing Saturday is the weak sharpshooter, where I can grab hold of any one of your limbs and make you submit, or better yet make you pass out. I spot an open arm I lock in the kimura. I grab you from behind and lock in a rear naked choke, or I reverse a takedown into a triangle choke. I will put your ignorant ass to sleep if you don’t decide to tap out. I’ve done it to Hall of Famers, I’ll do it to you. If all else fails, if you want a submission you CAN’T get out of, I’ll throw the Elite Lock at you. I’ll have your body contorted, your legs in pain like no other. And to top it off, I’ll have a hold of your ankle. There will be nowhere for you to go. The only reason I didn’t make Hades tap at MSM was because his long body was near the ropes. But you? Your vanilla midget-self must not be any taller than what, 5’3? You are going to be eaten alive! You’re not prepared. Not at all.
Moonlight Predator is the BEST technical wrestler in the world! FALSE.
Shut the fuck up.

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The Devil I know. It's human nature to be competitive and I'd be damned if I let the Devil beat me.

Despite what you may think, despite what you have to say about me, I'm more than willing to set my differences with my teammates aside for one night. I'm not like Diamond Cage. I'm not going to sit here and say, "fuck this, fuck that" and act as if I'm some tough guy. I'm not like Alex Anderson. I'm not going to tell the world how much I dislike my teammates. That's with all due respect to them because I know we have to co-operate with each other and I know we have to in order for us to win inside of War Games. I know; more than you know. One more round is more than just you and I, DEDEDE, it's us here again at Territorial Invasion, trying to protect what we love the most and that's this business. Just, this time around, we're on opposite sides of the battlefield. You're carrying the flag for Team DEDEDE and I'm carrying the flag for Team Crash. Last year, I was carrying the same flag you are, you and I were teammates and whether you like to admit or not, despite what I thought and had to say about Kawajai and Killswitch, I played a crucial part in our win because if it weren't for me? You wouldn't have eliminated Scott Diamond and WOLVERTON like I was able to. You could argue the fact that a car had Scott Diamond down and out for the count but you'd be lying if you tried to argue the fact that I wasn't of any help to the team. I may have acted irrationally towards both Kawajai and Killswitch but it was because I was more than serious about our team and I was heavily focused on trying to save EAW from Scott Diamond and the Ironfist. I wasn't being like that because I was really just a brat, I was being like that because when it comes to what I love? I'm passionate. I'm dedicated. My heart and soul goes into it, so I'm sorry if I'm emotional about what I love. When there comes a time where you have to protect what you love, talk to me then. Because you don't know a damn thing I've been through, you don't know my life and you definitely don't know who the hell I am.

Yeah, I'm a pussy, DEDEDE. I was a pussy when I first started in this business. I was a pussy when my body has been bloodied, battered and beaten. I was a pussy when I powerbombed your sorry ass through the ring. Fair enough if you think of me as some woman but even as a woman, my balls are bigger than yours and that goes without saying because we know what you've put them through. You've had your balls stapled before and even more that's uncalled for, even in EAW. Say what you want about me but it's like you telling me I'm saying what every curtain jerker is saying about Ryan Savage, so obviously, it must be true. So you telling me that is what every curtain jerker has said about me before, it's true. I wouldn't even bother to argue with you. I was on the wrong path for a while, I made poor life decisions, I became a joke but at least I wasn't a laughing stock. If I was, then I'd be so desperate as to latch onto Y2Impact's name. If I was, I'd be holding onto the fact that I beat him in his very last match here in EAW. If I was, I wouldn't even be here today, only God knows where I'd be. That isn't me though, DEDEDE, that's not what I'm about. Know what? I never thought I'd say it but Alex Anderson said it best, I don't need a team but more importantly, I don't need to latch onto someone else's name, especially yours. Believe it or not, I'm my own man and I don't want to be anyone else. I say I'm Quintessential out of nothing but respect for my close friend. Y2Impact lend a hand out to me and I grabbed it. Simple as that. If I was so desperate as to ride his coattails, then I would have really hit rock bottom. See, though, I wouldn't want to. Why should I ride Y2Impact's coattails? With all due respect again, there's nothing that he has that I want. The same goes for you as well. Because for everything I don't have, that has me more and more motivated to go out there in the ring and put on the best performance that I have in me, as if it's my last. Matter of fact, it's funny I say that because I do just that every time, week in and week out. I'm out there in the ring and leaving my all in there. So whenever someone, especially you, has something to say about me? I take it out there and prove everything you had to say about me wrong. When you question what I love, when you question my passion, when you question what I do for this business? Consider what I say, no. Consider what I do to be personal because that's what you made it the very moment you spew that garbage. That's what it is at the end of the day, inside of War Games, it's personal.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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Look within my eyes Zack, look down into my soul and you see that I am a changed man. That burning sensation of a breaking heart has subsided and I have came to terms with myself that the Zack Crash back then is the same man I know of now. You see Crash I have thought long and hard and I knew there was a weakness within my heart and during the course of this week has went by and I had time to think about it those feelings I had in my heart are DEAD. Your vision that you have for this company will die along with you and everything you stand for. And as hard as you fight for "equality" or for the future of EAW you must come to term with yourself that you are only human. You can not bring upon change that you desperately seek with just one measly victory. You may be the platform of change that is yet to come or you may be the human obstacle that change must get through but no matter who leads EAW change doesn't come to men who simply bitch about it, change doesn't come to men that  tries to bribe their way to it. Change comes to the ones who makes it happen. Socrates once said that a system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception in which has nothing sound in it and nothing true. Which something I want to point out that the beginning of this crusade that you have lead. You played on everyone's emotion. You see you want to say that I'm just a tool or a puppet to your design but you know what, everyone and everything you have came into contact with, you have played them to your own tune. Making them believe in your false words that they cling onto. I realized that everything that you have said is nothing more than a mere lie. 

Change will happen in any shape of form but the vision that you have for this place as much as you may want to deny it that EAW will be based on a lie that you have created.  Once this is all said and done if you like it or not you know it as well as I do along with everyone else is that change is absolute and there is nothing stopping it from happening. So when you lose this Crash and not only be embarrass but be exposed of as the false leader you are, then you will be known as an obsolete extremist. Then you want me to prove myself to you, ha that's a laugh because you know whatever remnant of who I was before has died and now there is no love, no respect, no admiration for you. The only thing that I truly want in this world is to make you suffer and what a better way to do that is to rob a man from his dream, sullied and spat in the face of what he believes in or what he stands for. Zack Crash your pitiful excuse for a rebellion to bring about change will burn before your very eyes and you will sit and wonder where you have gone wrong. I wouldn't blame your teammates for failing you, the only person that would be at fault will be you because your vision just doesn't fit in this era where people must learn how to thrive. You basically want to give out opportunities versus the guys that have worked hard to get them. So believe me when I say this that there will be no moaning on how you have stabbed me in the back, there will be no crying how you don't see no value because I understand that you are too blind to see what's in front of you. From here on out all I want you to do is pray because praying is the only hope that you have left in your arsenal. 
Now for you Alex, heh you know I want to give you a round of applause because it's amazing how you don't fear me. Yay for Alex he doesn't fear Ryan Savage, yay for him for being too incompetent, too ignorant or just too stupid to know when to know to be afraid. Now, there is a saying that FEAR is an emotion that every human being has but cowardice is a choice and in your case Alex if you want to admit it or not YOU are indeed a coward ruled by fear. Even if you do it consciously or unconsciously you are a coward and there is no way around it. I mean you can see how the way you talk and also how you carry yourself when you go into your matches that you are indeed a coward. It's funny how you mask your fear with false bravado coming out here each and every single week day in and day out to convince not only us, your partners, the people sitting here faithfully watching this program but also YOURSELF that you are not a coward. But you know Alex just because you aren't afraid me doesn't mean it will save you nor Diamond Cage who wants to resort to being a pethetic water down child from me kicking your ass at Territorial Invasion. But you know Alex when you think about it, this match for you more than dethroning DEDEDE, getting payback for him forcing you looking deep within yourself exposing that you are nothing but a spineless coward, this more than just being in the main event. For you this another way to get your name out there, for people to look at you in lighting, trying to change everyone's mind about who you are or have been for the past what, four years in this company. This is why you have been trying to build this underdog persona, trying to build this sense of sympathy to get people behind you and get them to love you or at least treat you seriously. But lets face it, no matter how many time you change a sheep's wool deep down inside you are still the same person. 
So you want to talk to me that I should be myself, haha little man you should take your own advice and and try to be who you really are because it seems to me that you have been living a lie, a lie that has brought you as high as it could and slowly but surely it's crumbling before you. 

So come on tell me how desperate am even though if anyone is showing any true desperation is you Alex. Believe me when I say this that no matter if you have found a safe haven within Zack Crash's forces and even when change does happen in this company the only person that won't evolve is you, all you will do is regress and perish and those four long years that you have been in this company, everything you have done will fade away from history completely.  But hey I appreciate that an useless waste of space once to show consideration for my well being like I don't know what's up with everyone that wants to keep me safe from the BIG BAD MR.DEDEDE because it's humorous that you all think I live and die by him. I have been fine before him and I ever met and I will be alright if we do break apart. I'm not soft like you, Diamond Cage, or Tyler Parker. If you three want to bitch and cry and complain about how he is going to drop me then take it somewhere else. Like every time one of you three have mentioned this to me you sound like bitter ex wives or hoes or something that got some of his dick and pissed that he is giving it to a new chick. Like that's literally what you three sound like. But you know if this is an attempt to cause dissension between Ryan and myself just like other men in the past it won't work and you will fail. But if you want to be real here Alex, we are all being used to help the leader within each respective side to carry out their vision of what the company is going to be in the new era.
Aww, lets all cry for Diamond Cage. Boohoo, boohoo, boofuckinghoo. You see Diamond is being a champion that important to you? To me it doesn't mean a God damn thing but just a little trinket that plays on the mind of people that makes them believe that they are the best or whatever the case may be. I mean I don't even see you as a man that has no sanity, but the word I have used to describe all of you is pitiful. So yeah you get what I'm about to call you, even though I have said it multiple times over that doesn't make it less true every time I have said it. I think you are nothing more than a pitiful little man and the only way you can find worth being in this company if you win little matches that you may see career defining or whatever the case may be but in all honesty all those little victories that you have over people or the past few months are nothing more than mere constellation prizes.  But you know I'm not here to prove to you that I'm crazy or insane or whatever adjective that you want to use against me. I actually find it funny that you think we are in a soap opera and that I'm just playing a part, or a gimmick in your words. Even though there is some truth to that, when I first got here I was playing a little gimmick. Actually no, for years I have been playing a little gimmick. Trying to get people to hate me, trying to use people's hate to get over with the audience, and from there I went from being the most hated to be the most inspired or loved. I mean yeah I was playing a part of what I thought I had to play just to get to the top. But you know it took a whole lot of drowning in despair, drowning in obscurity to bring out my true nature. At first glance I may seem to be a parody of you Diamond Cage, but I find it a complete insult if ANYONE would compare me to a man like you. If anything, I'm the more evolved form of you. 

I'm more intelligent than you, I can come up with far more better insults than you, I'm faster than you, I'm stronger than you, I'm MORE BUILT FOR THIS BUSINESS THAN YOU DIAMOND. You see I don't know how you could side with Zack Crash when he is trying his hardest to push towards the future while you are stuck in the past. Feeling sorry for yourself, trying to get other people to feel sorry for your ass because oh Mr.DEDEDE back stabbed me, OH MR.DEDEDE cheated, lie and did under handed tactics to get to the top, blah blah blah. I'm not looking for a world title shot, I'm not even looking to be at the very top of this company. I have grown accustomed to be where I'm at. It's not being complacent, it's called enjoying bringing despair into peoples lives and if my enjoyment of hurting people brings me to the top, then that's just a constellation prize to me, holding that world title is nothing but a constellation prize to me.

But since you are unable to comprehend or even grasp anything that I'm saying let me break it down to you Cage.
Main Eventing - Not Important
Championship Matches - Not Important
Headlining Shows - Not Important
Being World Champion - NOT IMPORTANT

You see Cage the things you thrive off of or pride yourself of doing or striving to achieve I see them as nothing BUT distractions. As I have said this before and I would probably say this a few more times that the only thing that is important to me is destroying everything in my path, causing mayhem, and chaos in my wake. I don't need to be a psychopath to want that, even though this so called reality has escaped me, I know that I'm sane enough to enjoy hurting people or just getting hurt. I don't know if you dumb asses are paying attention or not but I'm sure as hell is willing to educate you about where Ryan Savage came from and that's from nothing and all I knew in my life is to survive, is to fight, is to hurt people that has wanted me dead before I even got into this business. You can say that Xavier Williams has struggled, you can say you have struggled or anyone in this roster, past, present or future. But nobody has struggled more than me, but I'm not using that as an excuse because despite my struggles that has been put in front of me, I have beaten, I have slaughtered I have gotten passed it and in that process I evolve. Why? TO SURVIVE CAGE that's it. I don't need someone to take pity on me, I don't need anyone to feel sorry and if I have to use hyperbole to get my point across for you idiots like you who are stuck on self pity for you to see that then I will DO just that. So even though I have the gun in my hand pointing dead at your forehead and you're daring me to pull the trigger? I will do just that Cage, you are right though I HAVE NO ONE TO LIVE FOR AND NOTHING TO EVEN GAIN FROM PULLING THE TRIGGER ON YOU. Even if the backlash may be my down fall, no matter what you throw at me Cage I'm going to enjoy every last bit of it because the one that makes me superior than you is lack of emotions and believe you and me Cage I have signed my death warrant and I'm ready to put everything on the line. So like I have told a few people that wants to kill me, aim for the head or neck because that's the only way you can bring me down at least until I find a way to bounce back from it. 

NOOW here we are, I'm here for you Tyler haha don't think I have forgotten about you just yet because believe me when I say this that I can never forget a man like you. But you know sometimes I feel why should I even bother wasting words on you. It's clear to me that you have never have came across and anomaly like myself. My mere presence has reduced you to a insignificant worm. I mean look at you a guy that has posed such great will and passion for this company is just showing me how minor you have become. A  former world champion, a man that has beaten GI Styles for that National Extreme Championship and ended his historic title reign holding that title, a man that has beaten the decrepit Y2Impact at Pain For Pride, I would imagine you would be more of a posing figure but it looks like those victories you have were just meaningless matches that carried no weight to who you are at all. Like besides Tyler do you really value who you have beaten that much? I value who I have beaten but not as much as you do because you act like oh I have beaten so and so you would assume the position of a great, great wrestler or whatever you think you may be. Even though I have lack of knowledge of being in big "profiled" matches you act like I don't know what it takes to get to the top. I have went through hell and back, and climbed on top of piles of bodies to be at the top back when I still street fighting. If you have bothered to look into my background at all Tyler you would know that environments like this I thrive in, I excel better than anyone else when it's situations like these. War Games, is home to me, and the only thing that I really want is to be able to fight in a place that brings nostalgia into my heart. So you can make these little threats that I'm going to experience pain, I would like to see you try because if you don't give me enough. Well lets just say I'm going to piss all over your career and make everything you have worked for seem like they were nothing. Besides Tyler, how does it feel when someone doesn't have no regards to the hard work you put in here. I bet it eats you up alive where I say that everything you have done in this business. It's pathetic really how you been here for seven years and still you feel the need to always prove your relevancy because lets be honest Tyler. Ever since you beaten Y2Impact, you haven't done anything but float around and done nothing and hey it might be your fault that even defeating your former teacher it couldn't get you to the heights you thought you would be at right now.

Lastly I want to take the time to throw in the bait and drag you out to the light Xavier. I'm here waiting for you to go ANOTHER ROUND WITH YOU Just like your partner who wants to fight DEDEDE again, I want to fight you AGAIN and please save yourself from making a blind assumption thinking that I'm jealous of you or I want your spot because that's not what this is about. It's not even about fighting for who's vision will prevail when this is all said and done/ I don't give a damn what you and Demon are going on about, the reason why I want to fight you again because FINALLY I felt so alive during our match this past Voltage.The deep rooted hatred we have for one another, I felt it, I felt it and even talking to you is making my scars that aches but it feels so good because it reminded me that I have unfinished business with you. A lot of people have been comparing us a lot and it's a proven fact that you have more passion than me for this business, you want everyone to scream and cheer for you but you don't realize that you just like Zack Crash is on borrowed time. I told you before that success is a powerful disease and look what has happened to you. Your little supporter Tarah Nova is suffering as we speak because of your own vanity and greed. Everyone you have came into contact with or you have associated yourself with are all suffering, they are all dying because of you. But yet do you really care about those people? Your actions have told me that you haven't changed, that you don't really care about anyone BUT yourself and here I feel sorry for Demon and anyone who were involved in that little kliq because a man like you handed the keys to the future and what did you do? You disposed everyone that was in that group, you have not only betrayed the trust with your mentor, I don't see how Crash or anyone on your team would put their trust in a man that is willingly able to stab their comrades in the back and use their mangled bodies to better yourself. Has your jealousy, your contempt, your DISDAIN for guys who have been "handed" things to them drove you to this point? I find it very funny that you side with Crash because YOU are the type of guy that he is against but yet he is so desperate for help that he would turn his back on his own beliefs and look to you for help? But then again scum do have little things in common don't they? As you fight for this man's vision, every second that passes Tarah Nova could be going through hell right now that could eventually kill her and it brings me to question have you always been this parasite? It's funny to me that you are finally showing his true colors. And you now what makes this ironic that in the past you have been giving me grief that I'm the same man from the past or whatever and here I am giving you the same grief that you have always been this greedy, bitter little man that is willing to kill his own parents, lover or siblings to get to the top and become a World Champion. Hm is this what you people would do to become world champion? Ha, I honestly laugh at the typical wrestlers silly ideals, because it's amusing seeing you go through hell. You've really pissed off the wrong man in Dark Demon, and you know the saying, never bite the hand that feeds you. But you did and for what? To gain what you have right now? I wonder when Demon is done with you, and you are laying there bloodied and all as the lights are shining into your eyes, will that CITV be worth it? You are slowly building your empire of dirt Xavier and you will ultimately be buried underneath it all. There will be no tears in anyone's eyes because men like you deserve things like this to happen to you
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Redmond, it appears as though that smoking on that hookah has done some damage to your brain. You do realise that the damage they cause to your insides is the equivalent of what 40 cigarettes do? FORTY WHOLE CIGARETTES... but you continue to ramble on about how I'm the one that doesn't know what he's talking about. This is the same man that said 'What do you mean “noticed” Mr. DEDEDE’s attention?' I understand that the Irish fellas aren't that great at talking but I didn't realise they didn't know how to actually use the words either. I mean, it's not hard for DEDEDE to hire someone who actually knows English! This is the best that Voltage has? Well I'll be. This is my problem with you, Redmond. Everything that you say is just digging you a deeper hole. I'd tell you what would happen if that hole were to get too deep but clearly it's too late for you. You're stuck in there, worthless, just like everyone else who can't back up what they say. Day in and day out, I've proven that I'm not one of those people but rookies continue to flooding in, telling me that I'm a fraud yet they're the ones proven wrong. That is, before they run off back to whoever's car that they came from. Some admit that they have egos while others can't but the fact remains the same: Everybody, "good guy" or "bad guy" has an ego that they want to groom. Any man can act humble in front of crowds of people but it's when they're alone that you see their true colours. Then again, you're clearly backwards so maybe you don't have an ego after all. After all, you do think that English was first established in Ireland.  Rolling Eyes English was first established in Medieval England you idiot, hence why it's called ENGLISH. Do you not know the basics of language or something? Trust me, this proves more to me than you realise. You're not as smart as you make yourself out to be nor are you as intimidating. I've beat guys bigger, faster and stronger than you could ever dream of coming close to defeating. I didn't nearly beat Alex Anderson or Starr-Stan. Guys who have been here over 3 years at least and I pinned both of them in the middle of the very ring that we'll be competing in. Are they failures too? While my victory against Starr was anything but fair, I realise that if you truly want to win, sometimes you have to show your hand. I did just that and came out on top. I would have came out on top at Reckless Wiring too but apparently you felt like making yourself look even more foolish. 

If you actually paid any attention to what I have been saying you clearly would have seen that I didn't actually compete at Reckless Wiring like I was booked to. I was out on injury up until the week after Pain For Pride 7 and came back better than ever and went five to nothing. Zilch. Zero. Nil. It wasn't until I came across Diamond Cage that I suffered my first loss. I say suffered but as I've already stated, I didn't really care for that match in the first place. Although, you did ask why I never did break Diamond Cage's leg so I'll give you an answer that you'll hopefully be able to understand... Have you read the Batman comics? A key part of his personality is that he refuses to kill other men. Batman would rather leave the men he stops alive, imprinting a constant image of him in their brain so that they can spread the word of who he is. So what does this have to do with the leg of Diamond Cage? If I had decided to break Diamond Cage's leg, he'd have come back for me. I don't want that. All I want is for Cage to remember me and what I can do so he can spread the word. That way, if Cage and I ever do have a problem with each other, he'll know what I'm capable of and stay out of my way. Were his leg to be broken, I'd be the polar opposite of this example. I'd be the man, the monster, known as The Joker. I could destroy everyone in my way, let everything burn... but when you've ran out of toys in the playpen, what else is there to do? I'm not going to get new toys, that's for sure. Download THIS in to your brain for safe keeping, unless you want to know what my message for you is. It's not a very nice one, I can assure you.

I'll be stepping in to this ring not because I need to fill a gap for a match that only needs six men to be a battle royal but because even after injury, I'm getting the chance that I missed out on. I tell you right now that going in to Reckless Wiring, I was the most deserving man and I lost that opportunity in a pinch. That is why I am in this match, not some total bullshit excuse that isn't even consistent with the idea of a battle royal. I am the best wrestler coming in to this battle royal and you best believe that it's true- WAIT, YOU DO HAVE AN EGO! BRILLIANT!... such a shame that you proved that at the same time you proved you're still a big red buffoon. You may not be the greatest but you will be the most excellent? That is literally the same thing. THE ONLY MAN ALLOWED TO BE THIS BACKWARDS IS THE TORNADO AND EVEN HE HAD TO BE FIRED! IS REDMOND THE TORNADO UNMASKED?! BOY, YOU SURE DID LAY OFF ON THE SPRAY TAN IF THAT'S TRUE!

Seriously though, I'm not going to continue insulting your blatant lack of intellect or that you make about as much sense as Tornado but here's what I will do: I will tell you that right now, you don't have a chance at beating me. Maybe you'll take out a couple of scrubs like A-Will and Andrew but ultimately, it won't lead to any success on your part. When you realise this you'll get your chance at being a victim of the Midas Touch and trust me, you really will not enjoy the experience. The Midas Touch is something great, something golden, something so... perfect that you will not be able to handle it's power. You're just another man standing in my way, another man that's going to get bulldozed out of my way and another poor excuse of an extremist. Next time that you call me "Boy" and "gay" in the same day, you'll regret doing that. I am far from being both a boy and gay. Slur to someone else instead. If you don't, The Midas Touch will get you and it's worse than any "Extreme Wreckage" that you can deliver.

Have a nice day, big red...


As for Scott Oasis, I've got something special in store for when I've got some more free time. You're going to learn just how wrong you are very soon.
(Scott Oasis turns on his camcorder and begins to walk back in forth. His eyes are more crazed than ever, his hair and beard are unkempt and it seems he hasn't slept in quite a few days. Judging by the background he looks to be in a secluded little shack, far off from civilization. Equipment like weights and punching bags are scattered all around the area. He spits some chewing tobacco on to the ground before looking directly into the camera.)

From what I hear, Redmond and Matt Miles were having a dick measuring contest all day yesterday. Now girls, girls, you're both pretty. It's funny how you both think you're so great yet instead of just showing it in the ring you feel the need to wait for somebody to question you so you can basically say "No, I'm not, you are!" like an insecure little 8 year old. Now, that's not what I'm here to talk about, the reason why I'm here is because both of those nancy boys had some very interesting stuff to say that I just had to talk about. I don't really like to stop training for such trivial bullshit but if you want to sling dirt and try to pull me into the mix, than fine, allow me to sling back.

For starters, Matt Miles spent about half of his interview on me. I like how you act like I'm nothing and what I say isn't true yet you go out of your way to take shots at me multiple times in the interview. Real cute. Admit it, after my comments you're a bit gotten too. I know it, just from the way you reacted. I sense the fear Matt. In the back of your mind there is doubt. There is also a need for validation by the looks of it. Yay, you can say you beat James Martin and Andrew Fireboy, would you like a cookie? If you can't make yourself look good with that, than you go with your sole accomplishment. Every time I call you out are you just going to bring up what happened in AWF? Let me get three things straight right now. One: Just like your argument for that cage match, I was never pinned by you, I don't think we even crossed paths that whole match. Two: You had one defense and couldn't even retain without interference from your manager. And three: Like you said, we've never faced one on one. Hey, since you want to talk trash and this is a "spiritual rematch", here's what I want you to do. When the battle royal starts, I want you to head straight for me. Hell, you know what, I'll save you the couple feet and come to you! We can go face to face, blow for blow and see how much of badass you are then because you sure don't seem so cool when the person you're talking about is right in that ring. You tried to deny it but the fact is when DDD called you out and you had the two on one advantage you still sold out your buddy and ran off, how can you even sell yourself as legit when those balls of steel you have shrink whenever it's show time!? The few times I've seen you man up you showed you could be a champion. If you want to put all of doubters behind you, if you want to be validated, you'll head in that ring and turn your words into actions. You see, this time around, you can't just eek by off of beating someone else, you're going to have to deal with me! You say you're not a rich pretty boy, you say you're going to put me in my place, but where are the results!? If you're not a rich pretty boy, than why is everything always connected to your superiority and all the gold you have? If you've put me in my place, how come I disputed all of your arguments, and most of all, why am I still standing here? You can never prove me wrong until I see a Matt Miles who's willing to lower himself into a deep, dark state of mind and plunge head on into danger. Hehe, you'll never do that though, won't you? You're just going to stick to your guns and tell me what I say is nonsense even though you know it's right. You can't win that battle royal if you aren't ready to drop the charade. You aren't superior. Nobody can truly be superior. The thing that seperates people is their character. The vile acts they're willing to do in order to achieve success. When you see me rise and you're still lagging behind, you'll know exactly why: because I was the more dangerous man and just like I predicted: you were eaten alive out there.

Now as for Redmond, I can't tell if the man is being arrogant or he's incredibly stupid. I tell him he's lacking and he just tells me "well at least I had more than a TV and could afford to eat!" like that's a factor in the match. When I say lacking, I'm talking about in the ring. How can you call yourself the master strategist when just last week during that tag match on Voltage, Carlos Cruz managed to single handedly kill the advantage you and Jamie had. You were getting put in the cloverleaf up until O'Hara carried you to victory. Not only that but if you're so great why were you hanging on the Pre Show for your return? Hmm, I don't remember you doing anything of note when you were here before either, so what makes you better than anybody? As for that whole rehearse my dialogue line I don't even know how I should approach that. You see Redmond, I don't need to write down a bunch of stuff and practice to sound like something I'm not. I say what's on my mind and I say it in the most basic way possible, I don't need to be fancy. You seem to put a lot of effort on talking to be honest. I've been here training when you responded to my interview and the next day you call me out again, Jesus Christ kid, I don't have the time to get in front of a camera and talk about every comment you say. I also like how you said not talking shows how afraid you are. Because you know, shit talking when you're at home and a person is not there is way braver than actually doing something in that ring, that just makes so much sense in your little world, doesn't it? A good chunk of people don't even know who you are, trust me there's nothing to be afraid of. You may feel like the big man on campus since you returned, but just know that you aren't invincible. You can say your size is what will lead you to victory, but I dwarf you in that department. You can say you have The Extreme Wreckage, but what does that matter in a battle royal?...You can also say you're winning, but that's not a guarantee.

Words seem to be the only thing that matter to you. It's just too bad that you can't magically turn it into reality. Have fun tearing this tidbit apart to put yourselves over, I'll be here, doing what should be done and taking action, that's how real champions are made!

(Scott leans in to turn off the camera.)
Territorial Invasion
Post on September 17th 2014, 1:31 pm by Guest
Territorial Invasion #1
Staying on the Rail

Yeah, last week on Voltage I had my chance to make a statement. I had my chance to become something bigger than I had been. I had my chance... to beat the New Breed Champion Jamie O'Hara and Redmond in a tag team match.


Let me remind you that it wasn't me that was pinned. I didn't cost us the fall. Carlos is new and somewhat inexperienced, but I am honored to have been his teammate anyways. He put up a good fight and it was a shame to have lost the match. I'm sure the Holy Era is still going to happen.

I'm not going to talk about each opponent in a chronological manner like you all are doing. How stiff is that? I'll deal with my opponents at a later time. Right now it's all about my match last week on Voltage. I took some time to think. I mean like I just said. I lost the match, but technically I wasn't pinned. I gave my all. My opponents were good as I said they were but Jamie. You've got something coming to you. When I stared you down I wasn't just making small talk with you. I meant it. The New Breed Title is the most important thing to me right now.

Unfortunately you have it. Which won't really work out too well for you in the end.

Please make a quick note to yourself Jamie O'Hara, a tag team win over me means nothing. I wasn't even pinned in that match. When I took ahold of your belt after the match you looked as if you had already lost it. 

** Chuckles **

So I'll do what I have to do to win this Title. Prepare yourself. You can't hide behind Redmond this time.... you can't hide behind my partner this time. This is a one for all Battle Royal... I'm coming for you.

The only way out.... is THROUGH!!!!!
Territorial Invasion (NB Title Match) #2
Post on September 17th 2014, 11:39 am by Guest
Redmond is seen smoking hookah in a KTV Bar as screen pans to him
I don’t know if Matt has the knowledge that words and phrases like ‘nearly’ and ‘noticed attention’ are not supposed to be coming from a champion’s mouth. What do you mean “nearly” broke Diamond Cage’s leg? What do you mean “noticed” Mr. DEDEDE’s attention? Mention something you have achieved, because after Territorial Invasion, when you say “I nearly won the match”, it will clearly tell others that you actually lost it. In my last message when I said “Some people, they just want to appear on television and cease from the cornerstone of existence”, I was pointing at guys like you. It looks like you do not step into the ring for winning matches or titles, you care about getting attention only. I too slightly care about that, but when I am in the ring, I care about winning only and that is why I am undefeated till now. Attention automatically follows winners, not “near-winners”. As for my education, I used to top my Physical Education classes back in Ireland and I hail from the continent where English was first established. So do not even try to teach me English because all you will get in return is embarrassment. Secondly, do not be in a misunderstanding that your English language will make you win the battle royal on Saturday. In the ring our actions will matter not our words. You seem to have joined long before I did Matt, yet I am going to stand in the same ring as you. Doesn't that already prove who the failure among us is? You went wrong again when you said that you didn't “get the chance” to take the title at Reckless Wiring. The truth is you didn't deserve to take it at Reckless Wiring and that is why you couldn't. Then you have some ghetto ass shit called "Midas Touch" what the fuck is the Midas Touch? Some gay seduction stroke? If you actually have the Midas Touch, go touch your trouser belts, turn them into gold and put them around your shoulder because I really don’t want to deal with your “touching” bullshit on Saturday. If you still do appear in front of me though, you will be the one getting a touch, a taste, a feel of the Extreme Wreckage.
You talk about abilities and praise them as if you are best wrestler in this company when you have been doing nothing other than appearing on TV only to show your family that you exist since the last six months. You won’t even being doing that once I kick your arse straight to the ground on Saturday. Let me tell you one thing, the only reason you are in this match is cause the management had to complete the initial number of participants in the match. You are still in the same stage you were six months ago, while I came from bottom to top in just three weeks, you know why? I am not greedy for the gold like you are. I am not craving for attention like you are. I simply fight to excel and that is why success follows me. At Territorial Invasion, I may not be the best wrestler at the end of our match, but I will be the most excellent wrestler. Like I said before, at Territorial Invasion I have nothing to lose, neither am I a champion, nor do I have any kind of arrogance due to gaining a fellow wrestler’s attention, which means I will take all the risks possible without caring about anything that comes by me. All I can say to you is that you might be a good wrestler, you might be a great wrestler, but you do not have the capacity to defeat The Optimum Warrior in the ring.
What else now? Yeah, you mentioned again that I will need luck. This is the last time I am telling you this and fix it in your head for once and for all. I do not need luck in my matches. I have one simple agenda and that is to excel. Unlike you, I do not have a number set of how many extremists I need to eliminate in order to keep my ego going. I simply give my best and instantly accept the result of my performance. I knew Jamie O’Hara was going to win his match at any cost, I knew if I speak a lot my plan could just go wrong, so I kept myself back, observing him, every strength and weakness he possesses. You are right, I didn’t contribute anything major in my last match, but the ironical fact is that I still stood tall against my opponents after the match and that is why I am the true master strategist.
So Matt Miles, if you think I need luck for our match this Saturday, you are the most dim-witted person I have ever met. In fact I feel sorry for you. Unlike the other participants, I am not scared of coming up and communicating with my opponents. The mocking part is that even the champion himself is not bothered to come up here and say a few words about the match which is a serious threat to his title reign. Jamie, I think even if you are scared of any opponent, you should come out and say a few words about him because maybe your words can have some effect on him and eventually give you the lead.
As for all the other opponents, it seems they know that they do not deserve this opportunity. They know exactly where they stand. Lochlan Rossdale and Scott Oasis have not yet responded to the true words spoken about them recently, and others don't even feel like confirming their presence in the battle royal which visibly shows how afraid they are.

Screen fades as Redmond starts smoking again

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