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 EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, extremists, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 10:48 am by Guest
Of course you fucking cared about the fact that I used Moonsault in my match against Vic Vendetta.  Out of all the things that you could have said about the match and me, you decided to take time and bitch about my move. “Leave it to the inferior to steal my move”.  Do you remember that now Starr? Naw, you don’t. You don’t even know the time you have been wrestling for EAW because you have a down syndrome stored inside your brain. The fact is you haven’t been in this company for over 7 years because you only debuted in June of 2008. You wrestled full time from that year to 2011, left and came back for one match at Pain for Pride 5, left again and returned only in 2013. That’s roughly 4 years, NOWHERE near close to 7.  Honestly, I don’t know why you are even trying to argue with me when you are too dumb to know the basic stuff about yourself.

Anyway, moving to some other stuff that was brought up last week. Starr, you said that you hold the biggest number of victories in EAW history. And yeah okay that might be true, but hey guess what Mr. American Champion? It doesn’t matter because there is no other extremist in EAW who has been trying to win his every match by submission. In your case, it’s like being a champion of one-man division. What does it prove? That you can win a match by hitting your finisher? Wow, you are so good. I haven’t seen anybody of high skill like you before. Hey, I can give you a big list of wrestlers who have used their own finishers and won more matches than you ever have. Speaking of wins, what relevant matches have you won in the last few months huh? Umm….ummm...none that come to mind because they probably don’t even exist.  Looking at your BIGGEST matches, you have lost all of them: Devan Dubian, Diamond Cage, Hades the Hellraisers. The funny thing about those matches is that you still got vanquished after connecting your Ankle Lock and trying to make the tap. I only have a few questions for you to answer Starr. How does it feel like to find out that after working on the same move for over four years, mediocre wrestlers and paper champions still manage to break out of it with ease?  I would imagine that it feels really distressed and painful. And to be completely honest with you Starr, you have no reason not to. You are a terrible athlete and performer, who is extremely talentless. You claim how you are a “submission specialist” when your signature submission moves have only scored you 20% to 10% win rate out of your total recent matches. Every time you try to prove that you are capable of winning, you do it to YOURSELF, not me or anyone else; this is just like the situation with my two clean victories over you where you lie to yourself and call them “flukes” to give you a false sense of hope. So, should I really be afraid facing you this coming Saturday?  Should I have any doubt in my mind about beating you in your own game? The answer to all of those questions is NO.

Starr Stan, do you want to hear a fact? Here is one: you can’t possible beat me in a submission match and the reason for that is this. You can’t even keep me lying down on the mat for three seconds. You have tried to make me tap this past Saturday and it wasn’t enough for me to submit to you. While on the contrary, I have ALL the tools to come out victorious out of this Territorial Invasion FVP: I can batter you to your unconsciousness like I have done two times previously AND I can make you tap with the best submission move in the entire EAW, Sharpshooter – which isn’t anything like Ankle Lock that anybody can roll out of because once you are locked in, you TAP OUT.

Oh and trust me Starr when I say this – just because I have talked shit about you throughout all my speech doesn’t mean that I will let my guard down and not be fully concentrated on the match. On September 20th when I step into TI ring, I’ll be performing at my best and I will make Starr Stan shout out to the whole arena that Moonlight Predator is the BEST technical wrestler in the world!

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Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 6:09 am by Guest
New beginnings was something that many feared and that is because they don't know where the future would lead them. When it comes to new beginnings? The wrestling business was the absolute worst and that is because there are so many people trying to compete for the top spot and unfortunately; only very few ever make it there. New beginnings was something that you should fear and that is because if you are not the best, then you will never make it to the top and you will be overshadowed by those who were simply better than you. 

Being the best has a price, you see, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything in your life-especially in this business and if you are not willing to do so then you will never be the best, you will never grab that brass ring and you will never forge your legacy in the record books. 

September 17th, 2014

The wrestling business was something that has coursed through the veins of Drew Stevenson ever since he was a mere child. He knew the very moment that he started watching wrestling at the tender age of four that was exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He watched it, he practiced it, he trained, and thankfully-he had the right family connections to get his first shot in the business. 

Off Camera...

Sitting down on a beautiful white leather sofa, Drew Stevenson who was dressed casually has his large arms draped over the back of the sofa as he is watching something on television. As the front door opens, a heavier set man with platinum blonde hair enters and immediately walks over to the sofa with a smile on his face and paperwork in hand. Taking a seat on the sofa, he extends his left arm outwards and hands Mr. Stevenson the paperwork while also beginning to fill him in on everything that is going on. 

Robertson, "Mr. Stevenson, I got you exactly the deal that you wanted-no, the deal that a man with your talent undoubtedly deserves."

Grinning from ear to ear, you could see the devilish expression running along his handsomely chiseled face.

Drew, "I had no doubt in my mind that you would get me exactly what I asked for. After all, they don't call you the best manager in the world for nothing."

While smiling, Mark shakes his head and continues to speak with his client, Drew Stevenson. 

Robertson, "Come on now Mr. Stevenson, you are being far too modest. I am simply a man who knows talent when I see it and I REFUSED to let the best wrestler that has ever graced this industry be given any less than what he deserves."

With his arms once again draped over the back of the sofa, Stevenson who has a very arrogant smirk running along his face quickly responds to what Mark had to say. 

Drew, "See Mark, this is exactly what I am talking about. If more men in the wrestling business had your brains then I could safely say that the industry would be flourishing instead of dropping like it is."

Nodding his head to agree with everything that Drew had to say, Mark chimes in with one little thing.

Robertson, "There's only one little thing..."

Having his index finger stretched out to help reiterate his point, Drew looks kind of confused as Mark begins to fill him in. 

Robertson, "... None of your past accolades transfer here so essentially; you are starting brand-new, for once you are the rookie, the new blood around here."

Putting a huge smile on his face, Drew lowers his right arm off the back of the sofa as he strokes his chin while nodding his head in approval. 

Drew, "I'm perfectly fine with that Mark because now every single time that I step in between those ring ropes? I'm going to have one, maybe two people at all times doubting who I am and what I am about. They are not going to take the time to study my tapes, they are not going to care because my past does not matter which is good for me and bad for them."

Nodding his head, Mark agrees with everything that is being sent right now. 

Robertson, "Oh I knew that you would say that, I knew that it never mattered to you because in the end? Every single person who steps into that ring against you is going to find out the hard way as to who you are and I am honored to be front row when every single train wreck occurs."

Removing his left arm off the back of the sofa now, Mr. Stevenson gets to his feet and looks down at Mark who is still sitting there comfortably.

Drew, "Give me ten minutes to get ready and you and I are going to paint the town red."

Grinning from ear to ear, the heavier set man nods his head in approval. 

Robertson, "I will be sitting right here and when you get back? Let's show everybody just what we are all about."

As both men nodded their head, they are both smiling as it is a wonderful day because Mr. Stevenson has officially been signed to EAW and not a soul knows just what he is capable of.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 5:27 am by Guest

“There’s not just an entire company split between sides heading into Territorial Invasion, I’m afraid. It’s not just my home country of Canada that must pick sides based on what they’ve heard and seen. It’s the entire world who will be watching that use their hard earned money to purchase that show and watch as the teams they believe in clash with one another until only one is left standing when the smoke has cleared. It’s become clearer than crystal that some of the men on the other side of this line myself and my team stand in front of are deluded pieces of filth that bear no more of a mind of their own than a common dog. Some have their heart in the right place and their mind hiding behind what they’ve convinced themselves to be honor. It’s been a long long time since I stepped into my home country, hell, my hometown of Toronto. It’s honestly not much different than any of the filthy cities this country has to offer. Same drunks, same criminals, same corruption running through its blood like a disease that just won’t go away. I’m not going to get into the gory details, but let’s just say it was not a fucking easy climb to get even this far. I grew up having fingers shook in my face again and again, telling me I’m only pretending to do what’s right. The only pretenders are the people who don’t have the balls to truly see what’s wrong. They pretend they live ordinary lives with loving families and good jobs. They pretend the world is a happy place. They pretend the world is a good place and they pretend it’s worth fighting for. I agree with the last part. It’s worth fighting for, and if I have to be the one bloodying himself and running head on into a battle I have even the smallest of chances of winning, then so be it. That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it always will be. There are four other men at my back fighting for four different reasons and yet we are more united than our enemies will ever know. We are of one mind and body because we all want to win that much more than the others and we have shown with every victory in battle so far that are aren’t just blowing smoke up anyone’s asses. The face behind this mask is as forgettable as the five I see trying to be rebels and acting like doing so will ever change anything. This mask that’s been mocked since the day I donned it will become a flag to represent my cause and that’s a cause that clearly needs to be made clear once more as it’s apparently fallen on deaf ears to no surprise at all. I’ll get to that in just a minute, but first there’s my land of Canada standing just on the horizon, waiting for me. A stepped across the border a no name, scrawny, piece of dirt that could have been brushed underneath the rug and forgotten about a long time ago. I cross that same border this Saturday as a symbol of hope, my feet firmly planted on this soapbox, and these two hands of mine that will act as the guns behind my verbal ammunition that I fully intend to use to beat, batter, and end each and every piece of shit that stands in my path of accomplishing what I set out to do so very long ago. There are proud men from this very same country of Canada and maybe even from the exact same city as me, but there’s only one man they’re going to be thunderously chanting for, and it’s the man standing over each and every one of you with this flag of mine about to be driven through your cold corpses.

The man behind it all. The man who caused the very first spark that ignited this annoying little fire that will be put out soon enough. Zack Crash has decided to honor me with his words and finally acknowledge what I have to say, but I don’t think I could quite hear his reply. He was far too deep in that grave he’s been digging for himself. It seems like he hasn’t been able to hear my voice too well either, because it almost sounds as if he hasn’t even the faintest fucking clue as to why I’m standing here on this side and not behind him like the other morons. If it’s exposition you crave then that’s exactly what I’ll give to you on a big silver platter, just for you. There’s always people that are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. The subject of this war we’ve been fighting has been change. Does Zack Crash believe his fight for change has been part of the solution? I’m certain he does, or else I wouldn’t be standing out here in this fucking cold, wandering around this godforsaken city. I’ve seen men like Zack Crash come and go almost as much as I’ve seen a Jack Noble or an Andrew Fireboy or an Alex Anderson. Zack Crash is the breed of irrational asshole that thinks that not only is he a leader, but he’s a leader that must take complete control of this environment in order to change it for the better. Now isn’t that an idea. Rebel and hope you kill off the old order so you can become the new order. An idea that’s lead more people down a path of corruption of their own than it has lead people down a path of change. Zack Crash would be well aware of that himself if he had actually studied history instead of making up the most ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever heard a snake like him spit out. A venom filled with comparisons of Mr. DEDEDE to Adolph Hitler while he and his band of merry jackasses are the Jews. Comparisons of Mr. DEDEDE to the Americans while he and his men are the Native Americans, being walked along the Trail of Tears. Comparisons of Mr. DEDEDE to the Americans while he and his team are the fucking African American slaves! The only making of a tyrant I see in anyone’s eyes is Zack Crash’s! I see the lust for power in his eyes and I hear the absolute garbage he pulls out of his mouth to manipulate the minds of the men who are following him into battle! This is not the fucking Holocaust, this is not the fucking American Indian Wars, and this is not the fucking age of slavery! This is pissed off little children that got mad when their father spanked their asses too hard for being the arrogant, spoiled little shits they are! The difference between Zack Crash and myself isn’t cowardice, it’s brains. One of us chooses to waste everything he’s worked for on some piss poor rebellion that he has no chance of succeeding with while the other one has carefully stepped onto the winning side and next to this so called tyrant to help him properly lead this company into change. Nobody held a gun to your head and told you to work here, but you’re here because you love this company. Well so do I and so does Mr. DEDEDE. The biggest difference is that you’ve chosen to hurt this company by trying to rip it away from the man who saved it last year at this very same show, while we’re protecting it. We’re going to defend it and we’re going to change it for the better, the way it should have been done long before your filthy hands tried to make yourself the so called tyrant being rebelled against. My advice to Zack Crash is that he cut his losses and forfeit while he still has a job in this company he loves, because he won’t be falling on the battlefield with his team as honorable men. They’ll be falling as glorified examples. They’ll be the punchline to this big fucking joke of a rebellion.”
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 17th 2014, 3:53 am by MTM

Oh, it truly does make me laugh that Redmond think his streak cannot be stopped. The truth is, everyone's streak is broken eventually. Then again, you wouldn't understand that since you're too busy acting as though you've downloaded wowhead in to your brain. That also explains why have no idea what I've done since my return. Let me tell you what I've done: In a matter of a month, I've defeated a former world champion in Starr-Stan, nearly destroyed the leg of Diamond Cage, got myself noticed personally by DEDEDE and eviscerated the hopes of Alex Anderson ever being a main eventer in a steel cage last week. THAT'S JUST THIS MONTH. Last week, while I was proving a point against Alex Anderson, you were being overshadowed by Jamie O'Hara in a tag team match. Is that good enough for you, BOY? It better be because it's more than you'll ever accomplish here. If you truly were the master strategist, you'd know how to correctly use different adjectives. Egos can become flamboyant and reluctant? Let's ignore the fact that they don't even make sense as to why it would be a disadvantage to have an ego and look at the words themselves. Flamboyant and reluctant literally mean the exact opposite of each other; you do realise that, right? You seriously sound like you're just reading random words from a dictionary without paying attention to their definition. It's small things like that which allow you to see through this delusion you have that you're the master strategist. 

I pay attention to every detail, every mistake that my opponents make and I capitalise. This is why I am the best extremist going in to this match and this is why I'm a better strategist than you could ever hope to be, Redmond. You're not some super-genius monster who can't be stopped. Judging by your lack of education, it's safe to say that you're just another laughable brute. The only difference is that you actually think you're intelligent. You really aren't. You're not better than me, either. That's yet another thing which you have been wrong about. You will never be able to understand what I'm capable of because I always have a trick under my sleeve. I'm not just some upstart rookie like you, looking to make a name for himself. Six months ago, I got my first taste of EAW gold in this very championship but didn't get the chance to take it at Reckless Wiring. This Saturday is about taking up where I left off and taking that New Breed championship from Jamie O'Hara. Redmond, this is something that you won't be able to do, even with all of this big talk about how it only matters what you do in ring. In the ring, the only person that can even come close to me is Jamie O'Hara. Not you, Scott Oasis or even Lochlan Rossdale can match my ability. I'm one of the fastest, strongest and definitely the smartest man walking in to this match. If you want more proof, just look at my match with Diamond Cage, my first an only loss. I admitted right from the get-go that I wasn't interested in winning that match because I still would have ended up in this same predicament. If I had beat Cage, I'd still be in this battle royal at Territorial Invasion. I look at the bigger picture. I didn't need to win so why would I put weeks, possibly months, of my career on the line just to win an irrelevant match? I thought ahead and now look at me. On paper, I still have the best record walking in to this match and off paper, I've proven that I have everything it takes to be a champion in EAW.

Everything that I have said about myself has been true. These are things that I have done and things that I have previously said. There has been no hypocrisy from me and I haven't made imaginary excuses on the fly. A man can put himself on a pedestal as much as he likes but soon the people around him will realise that everything he has said is based on nothing more than lies. The people will knock him down a peg, and another peg, and another and another until finally that man is on a pedestal no more. My pedestal hasn't been built with deceit. My pedestal grew naturally from facts. My victories haven't come from defeating no-names who won't make it a month in EAW nor have they been because my partner was the man to get the pin. Every match that I have won has been because I was the one to drop my opponent on his face for the three count. Go back and watch any match that I have been in and you will see for yourself just what I'm capable of. Redmond, you won't be able to handle that kind of extremist in this battle royal. You lack the experience and skill that I have and that will ultimately be your downfall, much like everyone else. I see opportunities everywhere I go and I take them, no matter the cost. I don't care if these people cheer me or boo me. I do what I want, when I want.

So Redmond, no matter how certain you are that you're superior to me, you and your backwards lingo will always be wrong. I am the man with the Midas Touch for a reason; everything that I touch turns to gold. This Saturday at Territorial Invasion, you're going to know first-hand just what that feels like. The man with the Midas Touch always gets his way in the end.

Remember this, remember your place and remember that I will always be better than you. I am a tactician and I can counter almost anything that you do. If you truly think that you can prove me wrong, give it your best shot and we'll see just how far from the truth you really are.

Luck is something you will definitely need so I suggest that you take it... I'd also get a tan if I were you.

The New Breed Championship is mine.
Territorial Invasion #2
What if? What if I lose? What if Jacob Senn loses to Devan Dubian at Territorial Invasion? That is the funny thing, Devan, there is no what if!
You want to seep in the seeds of doubt into my mind, Devan, I can see it in your subtle deceptive words. You want me to believe you have a chance in this match, a chance to take away the one thing that is most precious to me in my entire career, and take myself out of the match. Cunning and slick, I like that, but you are not a master of deception since I was able to see through your trickery. There is no what if in this match because I am going to decimate and obliterate you at Territorial Invasion, Devan. I am going to be the one to have you beaten, bludgeoned, and bloodied in the middle of that ring, not a failure like you. I am going to be the one to ascend to the top of the ladder, much like my rise to the world championship, not the weak and pitiful King Amazing who only cares about the fans. I am going to be the one who will still be Extreme Answers Wrestling World Champion, not Devan Dubian. The people can get that out of their head going into this match, the management who prays that you are the one to snuff me out can pull that thought out through their ear holes, and you can quit dreaming and living in the fantasyland that you manifested because it isn’t going to happen. There is one champion worthy to hold this belt, one conqueror who stands tall above the rest, and that is Jacob Senn and no one else. You can have your fans because I saw and realized how much an anchor they are for a career and maybe, just maybe, they are your anchor as well. Think about this Dubian, you say that these three years have been all about the people, but in those three years you have never held this championship, the EAW World Heavyweight Championship or the Answers World Championship. You have been stuck in the middle of this rut with the Elite Championship and failed opportunities with the world championship, a position that I know all too well, but you cannot seem to climb out of it. You lean on these people as some type of support system, as something holding you up from drowning in the sea of troubles that has made waves against your career, but they are pulling you even deeper in the dark waters of no return or salvation. They are no the anchor to keep you safe from falling astray, but they are the ball-and-chain that is dragging you to the murky depths as you are right now gasping for air. You are holding your hand out right now, hoping that someone like me is going to grab it and pull you out, but I am just going to curb stomp you all the way to the bottom and laugh as it happens!
Sink or swim, that has been the status quo of wrestling and life, but you think I have forgotten about my time scratching and clawing to this point? You think I don’t remember after every turn I saw the corruption of this fucking company as it handed stars championships like this when deserving men like me and others were left behind, but then I had an epiphany on my road to Pain for Pride Seven. Instead of being the guy who only voices his opinions and gets nowhere from it, why not be the ass-kicker that couldn’t care less about rules or regulations and just ends people like you? I grew tired of being seen as some ordinary insurgent or average renegade that just complained about his problems and I became the guy that solved them without having to complain about them. I am the guy that solves the problem by caving the skulls in or devising a strategy to place the odds in my favor, not being the cheerleader for the audience to root for or some guy they can drop their jaws at for what they say. You may have some guarantee that you are going to win at Territorial Invasion, but I am going to give not only you and those gelatinous blobs known as fans, but to every doubter and critic that wants to say that Devan Dubian is going to strike gold a solemn oath that they are not going to be too fond of. I give you all a solemn oath that Jacob Senn will not only walk into Territorial Invasion as Undisputed World Champion, but he is going to walk out STILL Undisputed World Champion! That is my oath and with that, I intend to keep it with my life and you will see that I am going to throw and do everything I can possibly do to retain my world championship. You are pitiful compared to me, a sorry excuse of not just a potential world champion, but an extremist entirely. You disgust me to even think about calling yourself a king, but like all kings in this world, they will meet The Bane of Kings on their deathbed and Territorial Invasion is when the bell tolls for you, Devan. You really think that you stand a chance against The Bane of Kings? Do you actually believe that you will actually tarnish my legacy at Territorial Invasion and pick up the shock of the century? Do you truly conclude after all the evidence placed before you that you will defeat The Fabled Conqueror? Well, I am not going to stop you from believing that because I will take such delight in shattering your dreams right before your eyes. I will watch you float down to the bottom with your cinderblock of fans dragging you down to the depths of your own mediocrity as the last bit of air bubbles to the top as you see your chances at immortality…vanish. There's something to think about.
The inauguration is inevitable and despite how much you want to delay destiny, even you are not all-powerful enough of what will occur this Saturday at Territorial Invasion, Jacob Senn. I know that you’ve taken a fixation in calling yourself a diverse amount of epithets ever since you became the World Champion but that doesn’t make you a God, it only means that you know how to refer to the Greek mythology and read a concordance. What you will have to resort to in a few days will require more than just your frivolous words or your knowledge of the attic because the challenge I’m going to be giving you isn’t like anything you’ve ever faced before. I know that you think what you did do these so-called legends was anything of close to being called exceptional and you may be right but the thing is, those legends are coroneted that name because they’ve accomplished everything that is open to them in their eyes and the fans’ eyes. As for me, I’m not even close to that point. I’ve won a few titles back in my day and it wasn’t as long as even a few months ago where I was holding one but does anybody really think that I want those few titles to define the career of one of the most treasured man in this company’s history? I’ve been a fan-favorite for almost three years now and the thing is that despite having such what you would call a let-down career or a stagnated career differentiated from world champions, I’ve always had the same amount of fans always cheering me on. I do not need to be here every week to please these fans but the moment I walk into that locker room regardless if it be a few minutes or a month withdrawal, I am given the appreciation of praise. I know that for a man like you who has lost his humanity that may seem pitiful but you can also say that so freely because you haven’t had the displeasure of being on the other side of the belt or rather Harmonic Divergence if you would like for me to refer it to as that. What is even the point of returning to a point of no avail? I guess I’ve just realized that the bright fan base of this company needs to be saved from the autocratic advisor and the overbearing ruler who are in this for no one but themselves. Your view of this whole best EAW Champion in history is all wrong. The idea that you are the finest champion is not determined whilst you are champion, no; you’re wrong. It is determined after your reign when it is fully processed and claimed that you did the most as champion and thus you have a claim to that name. However, I do not think that two measly futile championship defends against two totally different men exactly classify you as the best EAW Champion you’ve had and as I see it, that’s just how your resume is going to end. It goes no further, it has no claim of you ever defeating me because that’s just it Jacob Senn: you won’t. Once you enter that ring, you must be willing to put yourself ego aside and only then will you understand the position of what it is like to defend as a champion. Once you’re inside that ring and the match has started, no other thought creeps up more than the most infuriating one of what if? What if I do lose this match? How will people see me? How will this tarnish my legacy? With your egotism, I don’t see you being able to defeat this task and that is exactly what gives me an upper hand in this fight. The biggest enemy you’re facing in this match is not me but the fight within yourself to contain yourself. I am only the fortunate extremist who is cashing in on this glorious opportunity. Do not mind me as I sneak in and take away this title from you.

You are the master of paradoxes, Jacob Senn. Now tell me, what is the answer to the grandfather paradox? I mean you must surely know, you are the wit director here. How could you not be? You clearly weren’t the man who no less than a year or more than a few months ago was the same man who complained the show after every immense show which quote on quote status quo was a repeat loss for the world title and demanded for a new world title match because he was nailed out of the last one. The thing is whether what he was telling the truth or not, it really didn’t matter. That is the price you pay for being a world champion and now suddenly, ever since you’ve defeated Lethal Consequence’s world and have got a diminutive who can hold your microphone for you that you are a changed man now? If anything, it makes you look more wretched. I realize that you’re trying to release any image from your memory that you were a desperate dissident who used to walk around the backstage murmuring world title every other word but the thing is, none of us have forgotten about that. You say that you are the man who broke the glass ceiling yet you also claim that there never was a glass ceiling for you to break from because you believe that you simply made it to the top, without any effort. How much more contradicting can you get? I realize that you are trying to prove yourself and come out of this affair with your head held high as if you were a king and also trying to prove that you had to go through a rough parts in your career to get here but it’s not working out for you mate. That is what differentiates me from dissidents like you. I’ve accepted my glitches and I’ve accepted the matter of fact that I have dismayed consistently for the past few years and guess what Jacob Senn? I’m still here. That is exactly the reason why I’m here and you can continue your rant but I keep telling you, it will be to no avail. You will not get me to a point where I feel sorry for myself because I’ve had the chance to do that for three years and now I have the chance to make it fair and you think that this is the time for me to feel contrite for myself? If anything, I willingly take this comment insult from your mouth and put it on my arm for everyone to see. Whatever you have to say, I don’t have a need to hide from these people so why not let them all know too? You however are a dissatisfaction. No ruler ever has gained power without struggle and all of them have taken pride in doing it, regardless of whether it was for good or bad intentions. Come with your diverse nicknames or not, Come as the old Jacob Senn or new: I am only guaranteeing you one result at Territorial Invasion and that is me standing up on that ladder, reaching for that EAW championship and falling down as my heart reaches the ground first. It was a short reign but it was an atrocious reign and I’d feel pity for you, but you don’t like that kind of stuff do you? You will wish you had made better choices for the small time when you were champion and do not worry, with my reign as the new EAW Champion; I will give you a long time to think about it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 16th 2014, 11:17 pm by Mr. DEDEDE

Where there's smoke there's fire.
Where there's yin there's yang.
In the day there's light, in the dark there's night. 

It's practical. There is no gray, only black and white. Nothing complex, nothing hard to understand.. Power is a different story. They say with great power comes great responsibility, it's inferred that the strong always assume power, but I know better than that. There is no pre-requisite to power. The throne can easily go to the weak as it can the strong, especially in today's world, it seems like in todays world weak fucks get more and more of a say than ever before.

There's no statistic to what I just said, it's only the damned truth. Not everything comes with a number or a stipulation next to it, and it doesn't take a scientist to tell you all power inebriates the weak man. It's no denying that every profession or position with great rank can damage morals. No one, not even the most just person will ever go even a day without being tempted to abuse his power and believe me, I've been given plenty of chances to do it. There's plenty of times if I didn't want to deal with you, I could have just fired you, or suspended you, or tortured you. Even now I could have tried to publicly execute everyone who spoke out against me, I could have tried to throw sand on the spark of the revolution, but how much would that accomplish? This isn't me acting like I've got the moral values of a turtleneck sweater, who am I to talk about morals?? Aren't I just the guy who robbed a Chamber full of people from their title? Aren't I the guy who messed with a mans family? Didn't I just vow to destroy every person that stood in my way? Did I not call myself the "Thane of EAW", did I not refer to myself as the Monster, did I not pride myself in being a weapon? How can someone so evil, twisted as demented as me run this place the politically correct way?

I think Zack Crash needs to ask himself the same thing. Zack Crash wants to bring EAW back to the extremists, but the way he challenges me for everything I am and everything I've done, you'd think he's never spent a day in this company. Crash, you sure like to bastardize me for doing what I was born to do. Let me ask you, you think they told Michael Jordan he shouldn't own the Charlotte Hornets because 15 years ago he would have scored 45 on them? Should he be held in contempt the same way you hold me in contempt for simply doing what an EAW Extremist does best whether in the past, present or future? Ohhh Zack, if you're going to cast that stone, you might want to consider doing it from a different house, because I see through every barrier you put between us. What is it that makes me the wrong person for the job, in detail. Is it the way I'm so disloyal and that I fucked Cage over? So I guess you never screwed Cage.

Is it because I want to be a Champion? So I guess you don't want to be Champion.

Is it because I've ''stolen'' titles? Tell me more about how you ended Jay's streak.

Oh, you're not going to tell me being an EAW EXTREMIST is what disqualifies me right? Because Zack Crash, let me explain to you something; everything I've said to you and to your soldiers up to this point, I could have said a year ago--I could have said it FIVE years ago. Don't think I call myself the eye in the sky, the maker of rules or the puppet-master because I'm EAW Chairman! No, if you knew anything about this company you'd know I had control a long, long time ago. You see what I did to Alex Anderson? The same thing could have happened years ago, except I wouldn't have made him my bitch through power, I would have done it through brute strength. I would have DESTROYED him and ANYONE for making a mockery of me, and just because I sign his paychecks and wear a suit and tie dooesn't mean that's changed me. Who the hell are you, huh? Who in the blue hell are you to judge me!? You haven't given me ONE, not ONE reason as to why you'll be any different. All I hear from you is the same old story, ''you're no longer fit for this job'' and make it seem like I don't give fair opportunities? You're right! NOBODY GETS A CHANCE AGAINST ME WHEN I'M THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! And I say that, NOT as the EAW Chairman, I say that as the World Heavyweight Champion. In the Board-room, I'm a man, in this ring, I'm GOD. And that's why you've lost this battle, because this no longer became about politics and influence when it was announced we'd be locked in a structure of War and Chaos, that's when this became about who's the best, and the best is the 5 time World Champion, 5 time Match of the Year winning EAW Legend. This ass-beating -- that complete skull-fucking me and my team have for you is no executive order! You can do your best to try and play with my words like puddy in your hands and act like every time someone suggests a young guy gets a chance I shoot it down. I like conspiracy theories,  but eventually we've all gotta face reality and take off our tin-foil hats and get a fucking grip for once. Eventually you have to realize that I've allowed tons of opportunities, people have main evented FPVs over me as Chairman, I've kept myself out of the title picture for nearly two years since I got the seat and I've even been abused and DELIBERATELY TARGETED BY AN INTERIM CHAIRMAN THAT THE BOARD HAVE PUT IN POWER! DO YOU THINK THE BOARD'S CO-SIGN MEANS SHIT IN THIS DAY AND AGE!? 

The number one question the number one question people asked when I became Chairman again was ''Is DEDEDE in it for EAW or is he in it for himself''. And with me in power, look how far EAW's come? We came from Reasonable Doubt 4's to CLASSIC Pain for Prides, STACKED FPV cards and people rising up, left and right, making an impact. The thing about this is... this imaginary disadvantage Zack Crash claims the ''young people'' have has never existed. The ''younger stars'' have gotten theirs for as long as I can remember. CC and RRS got a higher spot in the first Pain for Pride than HRDO and I! A ''younger star'' in Mister K main evented Pain for Pride 2! A ''younger star'' in Cyclone won the Grand Rampage, HEADLINED and WON the Pain for Pride main event at Pain for Pride 3, and Prince of Phenomenal did the same at PFP 5! It's like I said from the beginning, there is no disadvantage in EAW for young guys. IT'S JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKING HORSE SHIT! JUST ANOTHER EXCUSE ZACK CRASH AND ANY LAZY LITTLE BITCH WHO CAN'T ACCEPT THAT STARR STAN IS BETTER THAN THEM, OR JAYWALKER IS BETTER THAN THEM, OR MR. DEDEDE IS THE BETTER THAN THEM, SO THEY BITCH! JUST A LOAD OF FUCKING CRAP! AND THANK GOD, THANK FUCKING GOD IN HEAVEN THIS ISN'T BEING SETTLED IN A BOARDROOM, THIS MY FRIEND IS BEING SETTLED ON A BATTLEGROUND AND ONLY ONE OF US WILL SURVIVE! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WINS A MATCH LIKE THE WARGAMES, HUH? AN EXCUSE MAKING LITTLE BITCH!? A CRYBABY? "WAAH, BRIAN DANIELS CAME BACK AND KICKED MY FUCKING ASS AND TOOK MY BELT", ''WAAAH, DRASTIK CAME AND BEAT LIAM FOR THE BELT'',  "WAAAAH, I COULDN'T GET THE JOB DONE AND TAKE DEMONS TITLE, WHY ARE THE OLD GUYS HOLDING US BACK?" ALL OF YOU FUCKHEADS WHO'VE GOT ZACK CRASH AS THE ONE TO WIN THE WAR GAMES IN YOUR BETTING POOLS, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WINS WAR GAMES? A LITTLE GIRL LIKE THAT?? OR A FIGHTER? A WARRIOR? A LEADER, A RUTHLESS DOMINANT CHAMPION WHO HAS OVERCAME EVERYTHING--FUCKING EVERYTHING THAT'S BEEN TOSSED IN HIS WAY?? DO THE FUCKING MATH! 

......... It's like I said before.. if you don't think I'm the man for the job, FINE! That's your useless, irrelevant little fucking opinion. That's your retarded little fucking conclusion you've jumped to and you have the right to... But just remember too that I have the right to kick the hell out of Zack Crash and kick the hell out of his team for 30 minutes.. 40 miuutes.. 60 minutes.. 80 minutes. However long I want, and none of you can tell me shit because they all signed up for it. Meaning that pathetic scorned woman Tyler Parker, that little fucking female gets to have his shit pushed in by his master and none of you can tell me shit. You can't tell me ''DEDEDE abuses his power against young guys'' when I'm using my power to abuse Tyler Parker like the little pussy he is. And I don't do this because I hate any of you... especially not you Tyler, I could never bring myself to hate my former student, but I'd be lying if I told you I had any respect for you as a man. You grew up in this business TP, and somewhere along the way you fell under the wrong influence and became the antithesis of what it takes to be a real great in this company. You have the skillset, you have the drive, you have the charisma but what you don't have is the attitude nor the fortitude, and that's the dealbreaker. You don't have the nuts, you're sackless, you're an easily influenced follower who let Zack Crash whisper into his ears like a little whore and tell him what he wants to hear. What, did Crash promise you a title shot too like he did to DC? Did he buy you a nice bracelet to go with that purse? Some diamond rings? He sure as hell didn't buy you any integrity, because if he did you wouldn't need to join Team Zack, you'd meet me in the ring, step up to me like a man and tell me straight up: you want my spot. I knew from the beginning this wasn't about how you thought I was doing as Chairman, this wasn't some fucking failed job review of mine that brought you into the War Games. It's as you said, 'One More Round.  That's all you want, One More Round. One more shot at surpassing your master completely, utterly and totally after you were made a non-factor in the Grand Rampage and you were in the shadows of the showdown between myself and Hades the Hellraiser in the biggest match of the year. But I get the sense this thing between us at TI won't be that ''one more round''... it's not going to take me a round... I figure it'll only take me a single bullet to the back of the skull that ends the hype behind you and everything you fucking stand for once and for all.

You insolent brats want to listen to Zack Crash who thinks he's so great for affording the opportunity that his team has been given to headline TI? That day in the sun comes with a price, kids. And I know Mr. Storm-trooper Alex Anderson who's simply in it to win it thinks he's cheated the system, like this is some sort of great big opportunity that he benefits off. Alex, here's some food for thought, what good is an opportunity if you dont get what you fought for? I know you've told every relative you've got in Canada--STILL the UK's bitch--to show up to Territorial Invasion. I know you flew your mom, dad and everyone in your family out to Toronto to be there in attendance to watch Alex Anderson in the main event of TI. I can practically see the excitement in your eyes! This is like game day, this is everything you've wanted since you got into this business! .. But for what? What's the point? What good is a headline at TI if you're going to be worthless the next week? What happens after I personally rip you to shreds? Does that make you Zack Crash's bitch? No, AA, that makes you a failure. And here's a history lesson, you'll only be more of same failure you've been from the moment you got to EAW. From your days as a blue chipper to your new arrogant asshole attitude last year, to this ''DARKNESS'' little gimmick, to being ''Really Good'', to now, what, you're finally a team player now?? You're finally using the word "WE" now? What are you AA? What the fuck are you? Do you even know what you stand for anymore? Have you ever had a genuine moment in your career? You're the one calling me the politician, but for Christs sakes do you EVER give a real answer? Won't you for once quit playing pretend and actually see things for the way they are? You were on a one-match roll, I thought for once you were being original and had an idea of your own, but I guess the weak were meant to be swayed by the wind.

I won't act like I've had the same song and dance over the last six years, I've also made the conscious effort to change over the years the way this company's changed.. the thing is, when I do it, it works. I become successful, I do what I set out to do, I make the impact I wanted the way I want it. Thats God. But you've been forced back to square one so many times; and if I know anything about history it's that unless you learn, it repeats. What makes this one different? Why should I think this is anything more than textbook crash-and-burn Alex Anderson? Try-hard Alex Anderson? Different monkier, same old struggle career of Alex Anderson?. The War Games aren't a game of charades where you can go from being a one man army to part of some gung-ho member of a team ''bound by the hate of Mr. DEDEDE''. When your LIVELIHOOD is on the line, you could at least know what you're fighting for. Is it because you hate me? Is it because you support Zack Crash? Are you fighting for Zack Crash? EAW? Are you fighting for yourself? Which is it? YOUR CAREER AS YOU KNOW IT IS ON THE LINE FOR GOD'S SAKES, WHICH IS IT? I guess that makes no difference to me in the end, in the end I'm still going to dish out merciless, ruthless blows and you're going to take them because you have no other choice. You could have avoided this from the start, but you're going to get the worst of a bad situation. It'll just be the usual story of Alex Anderson, just the usual result: AA swings for the fences, AA strikes out again. It'd like to say it'd be a life lesson, but after four years.. some people just never learn.

What I have going for me anything is strength, and it takes true strength to make good use of your power, but there is no gauge to how great a leader is other than the voices of the people. And I've heard voices say loud and clear ''you are NOT fit for the job!" Equally, I've heard people tell me I'm everything EAW needed. Am I the man EAW needs but doesn't want? Am I the hero that EAW wants but doesn't need right now? Maybe I need to leave this company for a while, let the structure crumble, let the foundation crack and allow the system to collapse. Maybe Rome needs to burn before it can be re-built. Maybe I should call it quits, perhaps they'll value me then. You know though.. sometimes it's not about the respect. I never came back to EAW as Chairman in 2012 to get respect. I came back for the sake of the company alone, and if some people can't appreciate that then to each his own. Call me stubborn, but I won't let detractors knock me off my rocker. Either way, when you're THE authority you're put in a real bind because no matter what, it's damned if I do, damned if I don't. Kind of like, as Crash called me out on, if I interfered and stopped Crash from screwing Diamond Cage; damned if I do, damned if I don't. I guess this is the one an only thing I have in common with Diamond Cage...  But you're right Chris, no matter what we do, we'll never really be fully accepted. You're goddamned right, if you decided to join me instead of Crash you'd be a dog in his eyes. Hell, you'd still be a dog in mine too. But I'm not the one lying to you telling you I respect you and value you the way he does, I just respect what you bring to the table. There'll always be someone who throws dirt on your name DC, but I'm surprised it still gets to you considering this is what it's like to be at the top. You would know because you've been the same guy cutting down top guys like me for years just so you could hope to be at this spot. Typical EAW Extremist.

Everyone who has what you want are just pieces of shit, right? And when you become just like them you're so surprised! Everybody hates you! Who does everyone hate you? You just wanted to be great! But this is how it is DC, sometimes we're just too far into the forest to see the trees and sometimes we think it's just us, but it's everybody. When you're great, all they'll say you are is ''Drooling Diamond Cage'', ''ruthless fucking shit-stain in the fabric of EAW Diamond Cage.'' Kind of like what people say about me, they call me a "Spotlight hog", "Seven long fucking years of stabbing, fucking and cheating your way to the top". That's my little birthmark DC, and it'll be pieces of shit like you who call me that. So don't get on your high-chair and get your panties in a bunch and start going on a rage tangent about that; yeah people treat you like shit because they're pieces of shit, but you're not any fucking better. You're just as bad as the rest of them, you're just the little tool in Crashington's tool-shed used to replace the rusty pipe. Your inferiority complex more than anything is the reason why you've accomplished nothing of any salient value in this company, because you make a killing slinging shit at people like me. Get a grip for once, just for once and be a man. Be a man about something, don't be a crying little broad. I  think it's cool and all that you're slandering your own team mates, me and Ryan Savage get to laugh about it behind your back but if you really don't like Zack Crash you'd screw him just like he screwed you. You'd kick everyone in that War Game match's ass and make them choke on sledgehammers and drown in their own blood. But even though you KNOW Zack Crash is taking advantage of you you'll be right by his side like the little mutt when he knows master has a treat in his back pocket. But that doesn't shake me one bit, I know how to deal with a war machine like you before because I faced you before, and I took it as far as to break apart your family and turn your own wastes of nut against you. But that PAAAALLLEEES in comparison to what I'll do to a man who this time is trying to take everything from me. This time I kick things into the next fucking gear, this time I come for your fucking life and you'd better be ready for that because like you said, seven years. Seven years of learning how to rip someone to pieces by being ripped to pieces, and I'll use seven years of twisted, barbarous torture methods on YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR TEAM AND ENJOY THE PROCESS.

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 16th 2014, 8:47 pm by LVCIAN
You broke chairs over my  back, you had me busted open, you left me laying on more than one occasion. Yeah, you did I never refuted any of that. But don't forget you inflicted all that agony upon my anatomy ONLY because I was in a vulnerable position. On every single occasion I have been a casualty, a victim of your attacks it's been in a fraudulent way, a way only a COWARD would opt for. Let's face it you don't even have the balls to look me dead in the eye and say a single word you said in your little speech. Deep down within you know that as well as I do. Your bravado are your fears in disguise. You don't have to hide your true feelings, Kevin, because no matter how much you try to hide them we all know how you feel, we all know exactly what you are. A little BITCH,  the little bitch everybody is sick and tired of. That's why at Territorial Invasion I will do us all a favor and make sure nobody in this company has to hear your stupid voice ever again. I don't think you realize how cliche that sounds. Claiming to be superior to be, claiming to be the "best", guess what? I'm better than the best and unlike you I proved it, I prove it and I will continue to prove it every time I step foot inside the ring, every time I have a microphone in my power. You act like whining and complaining your way to the top is an accomplishment. It isn't, Kevin, as a matter of fact it is nothing to be proud of. You had, what? One mediocre reign as EAW Champion? Cyclone may be a bust, but you always lived in his shadow and now that he has left the building you finally get your time to SHINE. Too bad I am going to spoil your plans and completely ruin whatever aspirations you have. I never whined about anything, I never had any complaints with the way I was being treated here until I was deprived of the right to call myself an extremist. I never quit either. I made it to the top because I had IT in me and yeah... I made many mistakes, but I am only human and at least I am man enough to face them today something you will NEVER be. I've never wanted to be anywhere else but here. I've always said it and I will say it again. THIS IS MY HOME. My heart belongs to EAW and it always will. What happened in the past isn't relevant to our rivalry though, I came back and that is what is truly matters. I blamed the system because they were responsible for many negative events that transpired in my career, but like I said the past is the past. Right now I am focused on the future. I know I will be World Heavyweight Champion it's just a matter of when THAT is my future. But if I beat you, Kevin, do YOU think you will ever have another shot at DEDEDE's title? Let me answer that question for you.. NO. If I am on sale is what you were implying? You are gravely mistaken. My dignity, my pride are much more valuable to me than anything. They aren't on sale and they will never be.

You want me to unleash the monster I have inside, the monster you contributed to the creation of?? Be careful what you wish for. I don't think you know how powerful this monster is. Oh, but once I unleash it at Territorial Invasion you will understand, you will entirely comprehend the power I possess. It's comical how you underestimate me after all these years, after leaving a legacy behind that only a select few can surpass. I've made history many times. I have made a career out of proving people wrong and I will gladly prove YOU wrong. They said I would never become an extremist, guess what? I did. They said I would never be a champion in EAW, but I silenced those people and became Alternative X Champion and later on I created the New Breed Championship and not long after that I won the National Extreme Championship. They said I would never headline any shows, that I would never enter a ring with the extremist I idolized... Ha, my idols became my rivals, I faced Y2IMpact in the first ever match for the Answers World Championship and although I couldn't beat him I proved to the entire wrestling world I was worthy of being called an extremist. You don't think I have what it takes to beat you, but I will. You deserve to be in hell, you're damn right, we both will be in hell this Saturday and there will be no escaping, your prayers will be FUTILE. You want your shot at immortality? You're going to have to take it from my DEAD COLD HANDS, KEVIN. You're going to have to kill me to walk out of that arena with a smile on your face and your fist in the air. I know beating you won't be easy, I acknowledge that. I know you're one of the most dangerous men to ever walk the Earth, but so AM I WHEN SOMEBODY INVADES MY TERRITORY. This Saturday your judgment day arrives courtesy of Lucian Black.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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        I knew it was only a matter of time before I found myself enclosed within the cross heirs of an ongoing battle that has ensued between these two power hungry individuals, driven by their new found desires for all that is preeminence in the EAW; after all what could be more valuable than the Answer's World Title?  For the past four weeks or so the two have proven how strong their desires are for what I hold here in my hands and they've made it abundantly clear that they aren't going to stop until they have it encased in their own.  I can respect the fact that they're willing to pull out all stops to secure their victory, I mean even I can admit that this has certainly been a more productive month than the last, but as all good things in life this must come to an end this weekend.  At Territorial Invasion I plan to rid my back of it's aggravation once I inject two piercing hot bullets into the cranium of two persistent primates, that being Norman Hellion and Vic Vendetta.

        It should come as no surprise to the cosmos that I have been under a lot of pressure in the EAW; and don't flatter yourselves boys because not all of this stress is credited to your barbaric tactics to get underneath my skin.  This dates all the way back to the night of my debut.  My need to impress Management, my hunger for Gold, my want for a successful career, my wish to appease my Wife and Kids, along with my desire to be respected and a familiar name to every foreign and native tongue around the World is the weight I carry on my shoulders; and I am the man responsible for it's placement.  This is my doing, I don't blame the EAW, the Fans, the Title, or Management for keeping me away from Family because this is what I wanted to do.  I knew what was at stake, I just didn't know I would have to give up so much of my personal life in order to have the career I wanted.  My first year in the EAW I had a lot of time to spend with my kids, it wasn't a lot, but it was enough.  In the beginning of my second year it seemed as if things had gotten harder, the pressure to succeed, impress, and satisfy everyone was multiplied by ten; and even now that I've gotten the Answer's Championship things seem harder than ever.  I now have my career tugging me this way and my family pulling me in the opposite direction, and as hard as it is for me to say this...I'm not Superman.  I can't be in two places at one time, I can't satisfy everyone's needs, I can't be everyone's idea of the Perfect World Champion, and I shouldn't be expected to.  But just because I don't meet your standards for what a World Champion is supposed to be, it doesn't mean alter the reality that I do everything in my power to assure I give everyone what they deserve from me, even if that means sacrificing what I want most.  I'm willing to give up a huge chunk of my personal life so that I can entertain the millions who tune in every Saturday Night at 8pm, which makes me the ideal Champion this company needs.  I'm willing to leave once or twice out of a two month time period to be a Husband and Father to three beautiful boys, which makes me a damn good Father.  And the fact that I have not once contemplated vacating the EAW for another company shows my loyalty to this company, must mean that I am credible of the success I've had thus far.  But it's not enough for me, and it probably never will be.  Perhaps I put too much pressure on myself at times, but I can't help it, this is how I was raised--it's who I am.  My Father was a hardworking man who striven to have it all, the booming career, the happy family, the picture perfect house on a hill type of life.  It didn't bother him at all knowing that it was just a fantasy that very few people get in life, and it didn't stop him from trying.  He died trying to provide us with the life that he wanted but never got from his Father.  It made him a Perfectionist--and as his eldest son who watched him work himself into an early grave for our benefit--it played a role in me inheriting this trait.  Only difference between his and mine is my story ends completely different--I'm the exception to "the sins of the Father befallen on the Son"--because I'm living my fantasy!  This Title is more than just a symbol that notarizes the holder as the best Show-Down has to offer, it's what I wasted a four year career in pursuit of, what I sacrificed everything for, what I cried, sweat, and bled for!

        I'm going to let you in on a little secret, when I got into the ring that night with Dark Demon and Zack Crash, I wasn't thinking about changing the EAW for the better.  Hell, I wasn't even thinking about myself seeing as I was willing to die in order to win the belt, but all the while I was in that ring there was one thing running through my mind the moment I was stabbed in the head with that cursed railroad spike.  "If this is truly the last match I'll ever wrestle or the last breath I'll ever take, am I willing to let the last memory in my kid's minds be that Daddy died trying to accomplish his goals just as Grandpa did?"  And of course the obvious answer was "No".  So I got up and I fought back harder because there was more than just a Title and bragging rights at stake; it was the way my kids would perceive me.  Along with my victory came a lesson for my kids, if there's something you want out of life you have to be willing to risk it all in order to get it.  Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn't; but if you stick to playing it safe how will you ever win?  That is what EVERYONE can take from me being Champion; if nothing else THIS is the pebble that can initiate the ripple effect in the pond of change; my reign will go down in history as the beacon of hope the next generation of wrestlers so desperately need, because I am the only Answer's Champion in recent memory who has fallen into the depths of hell more than once and climbed out unscathed.  Ever since the start of my journey in the EAW I have relied on the pain of the past and the promises of the future to guide me to success, and now that I have it here in my hands I'm not going to just hand it over to the likes of you two.  So you're damn right Norman, I am going to put up a fight for it because I strive to be the very best in all that I do, which unfortunately for your sake happens to be beating the shit out of those who deserve it!

        I'm starting to believe that what you're looking for goes much deeper than a Championship Belt, a few friends, and a few headlines at some major Free Per-Views.  Initially I thought you were prisoner inside of your own head--a victim who was enslaved by the illusions of this persona named Peter.  Then as time went on, I started thinking you were well aware of what you were doing, you just blamed Peter because you were afraid of the consequences that come with your actions.  But now I think all you want is to feel loved.  To everyone else Peter is the Captain of S.S. Lunatic and you are nothing but one of his loyal crew members; but to you he's a Protector.  He looks out for you, he says he cares for you, he supports you, he fights for you, just like a Family Member would--and now you look to take this Title because you want exactly what I have now: the love, the support, the glory, and the gold.  But despite it's name...this will not fill the void you have in the pit of your stomach nor will it provide an answer to any of your questions.  It'll only complicate things and put even more pressure onto you, and I can guarantee you that it won't effect you as it has me.  When you put pressure on a lump of coal you get a diamond, do the same to glass and it shatters.  Plus I think we both know that you have been nothing if not fragile in the EAW as of late.  Your string of losses, assaults which you have been victimized and subterfuge by a doughnut-eating Satanist, the pressures of an Answer's Championship match, and another personality living inside of your head has all resulted in the Norman Hellion that will stand across from me this weekend.  The Norman Hellion who longs for the little things in life that most take for granted.  However, this Norman Hellion is an old man with one foot in the grave and the same could be said for Vic.  You see, for a while I've been successful in keeping those bad thoughts in the back of my mind.  Thoughts that are reminiscent to the ones that subjected my younger brother to the roach infested crypt he terminally rots in.  But when you whacked me across the head a few weeks ago you freed a few of those thoughts from their prison, and now all I can think about is acting on those urges to kill again.

        This week I will be hanging up the fancy red cape in exchange for the mythical black mask as I will be taking on the role of an executioner.  You've had a chance to play your little mind games and waft your dimwitted theories to the masses, but as of now the time for theories has reached its end and play time is over.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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"It is not an army that we must train for war; it is a nation."

The entirety of Extreme Answers Wrestling has to be looking forward to Territorial Invasion. While there are great matches all throughout the card, the main event goes far and beyond anything we have ever seen. We say it a lot and it gets clichéd, but the future of EAW truly is on the line. This isn't like last year when Scott Diamond and Mr. DEDEDE were going to head, because that was a lose-lose situation. Either way, we were going to walk out with a franchise leader that wasn't going to please anybody. Team Crash knows exactly what we have to do to get the job done. Here is what the misconception Mr. DEDEDE seems to have: that we cannot get job done because of the clash of egos. That's where you're wrong, DEDEDE. Our greatest asset is what you would believe to be our greatest downfall. Everyone on team Crash is capable of putting their mind on something and getting it done. After Territorial Invasion, we can all go and do whatever the hell we want. We can go back to hating on each other, but in Toronto this Saturday, we come together for one purpose: to make sure that EAW has the proper direction under ZACK CRASH. Now, let's do something I don't think I've ever done. I'm going to, one-by-one go through what my opponents at TI have said.
I'm going to try my best not to fall asleep while I do this.
"It's time for me to let you get a glimpse of WHO RYAN SAVAGE REALLY IS. Who I am is not a guy that is like you who wants to gain the respect of his fellow peers. I'm a guy that is willing to spit in the face and defile and put everyone's efforts into this business in vain if it means for me to enjoy the pain that I give to my opponents."
Oh, is that true? If I had a dollar for every time someone has said stuff like that in EAW, my grandchildren would be set for life. And with that being said, Ryan Savage... is that really who you are? If you were such a vile creature that you say you are, why is it that I don't fear Ryan Savage? I don't tremble. I don't shiver. My eyes don't widen. Nothing. The only thought that comes into my mind when Ryan Savage is mentioned is a kid who not too long ago was playing in the minor leagues and now thinks he's a big shot, despite doing close to nothing in EAW. I don't think that's who Ryan Savage truly is; I think that's what you WANT him to be, and unfortunately for you... that is never going to happen. Not now. Not ever. Being yourself will do you wonders, Ryan.

"It's just funny to me how you honestly think you make a difference and here I thought you were the Alex Anderson that has showed progress before your absence, that has showed some type of change that we could all grasp onto but sadly for you, you have failed to demonstrate that change and you standing up to DEDEDE only shows me and maybe the rest of the world your pitiful and desperate you are trying to become this so called king of the jungle."
Well, that's quite unfortunate, huh? I'm AWFULLY disappointed, man. Ryan Savage says I haven't changed. That's a complete bummer. On a serious note, Ryan, I don't need you to be satisfied with what I do. I mean, after all... I AM one of five men who are going to tear you apart come Saturday night. I don't need you to expect anything from me, but the funniest part of that is you think that me attacking DDD had ANYTHING to do with me trying to become the king of the jungle. DEDEDE picked a fight with me. He tried to make me look a joke, and in return, I did that to him. I don't know HOW many times I have to reiterate this to you so you FINALLY get it in your head. I'm moving on from this, because it's obvious you don't and never will get it, Ryan Savage. At the very last, just get this: Helping out Mr. DEDEDE isn't going to do you any favours. He is going to use you any way he can, because that's the type of man he is. But hey... you play the game, expect to get hurt. Both mentally and physically.
Since we are in the country of Canada this Saturday, I'd love to go over history with you all, if I so may. You see, during the first world war, Canada was merely a colony of Great Britain. Whatever Great Britain wanted, Canada had to do. Britain wanted the military, and Canada gave it to them. Now I know what you are all thinking. "What relevance does this have to War Games?" Well long story short, Canada was Britain's bitch, and every man on Team DEDEDE is DEDEDE's bitch. I don't even view this as a five-versus-five. This is five against one. The other four have no motive, no passion, or desire for this match. Ryan Savage is DEDEDE's clay that he can mold with and turn into anything he so desires. As for the other three, well... two of them are absolutely irrelevant and the other one I'll let be handled by Xavier Williams. Ryan Adams knows that his time as the chairman of EAW is over. Just look at what he has to say.
"Alex Anderson, unaware of this thinks he can use me as that stepping stone the same way he's used everyone else in the match as mere launching pads. Boy, this Team Crash has a chemistry unlike any other doesn't it"
In the setting of War Games, you don't win by kissing each other's ass, DEDEDE. You don't win a match like this by making friends. As a matter of fact, you need to side with your enemies. Only when you do that are you stronger and win a match of this magnitude. That's the plan that Zack Crash has formulated, and that is the plan that we will execute, and then when EAW is still standing years from now... we can be remembered as the five liberators of Extreme Answers Wrestling. Oh, and don't even bother trying to explain to me why you're the right man to lead EAW into the future, DEDEDE. You're just putting on an act like any good politician does. But when you finally know that you are keeping your power, you'll go back to being the scumbag that you are. You don't care about the future. You're perfectly fine with remaining the heavyweight champion of the world with no one with actual credibility challenging you.
And no, Kevin Devastation is not a viable opponent.
"AA, you've seen nothing. It's apparent, with how you think these last few weeks were just a living hell for you when that was only the easy part... you think the attacks lead on you by Crimson Mask, JV and I was war? Those were just kiddie games AA, those were just crumbs. We haven't gotten to the feast yet! The end isn't anywhere in sight, WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN STARTED! No Alex Anderson, because you didn't carry out my whims and sacrifice what little bit of dignity you had left after that awful, cringe-worthy ''REALLY GOOD'' heap of crap you've made a career altering decision. You've made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in the line of fire with a man who wouldn't waste a bullet for you, and for that you have to pay the consequences."

I won't be regretting anything at all. It'll only be you. This is the year's in the making, and should have happened a long time ago.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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Yo, I don't know whether to laugh at you and give you a twinkie, or whether to say you are so cute at your attempts to be crazy. Look in this world of wrestling many people want to be deranged and out of their mind, but really I know it's myth, I can seperate stupidity from actually not having an inch of sanity left in your brain. When is Diamond Cage and Ryan Savage ever mentioned in the same breath? That's a lie you told already, we are never mentioned in the name breath, we are never compared to each other and if we are the biggest difference isn't even weight. It's that you say how much you love it, how much you want to go to war with Diamond Cage, am I suppose to be scared that you want to go to war? I'm interested. Because you are an interesting creature, see you are a parody of what it means to be psycho in the wrestling business, you are the pg era of the gimmick. But you need to understand that this is not a gimmick, I am not playing a character, and I sure as hell don't need the word savage in my fucking last name to be intimidating. You aren't a bitch like me? OHHHHHHH RYAN SAVAGE IS NOT ONLY FAT BUT HES A COMEDIAN LET'S THROW A WORLD TITLE ON THIS GUY AYE? Look you fucking moronic jar of mustard, what did you expect me to do? To shake Mr. DEDEDE's hand and team with you? Mr. DEDEDE has brainwashed you into thinking that EAW right now is good, personally it won't be better after whoever wins. But honestly you only joined Mr. DEDEDE because it's a free main event, I mean you and AA are in the same boat honestly, you guys are not going anywhere, AA is busy trying to reconcile is career from that horrible stunt he tried to pull. And you? You need to get yourself into this main event so when we look at the first ever war game down the line, we can say you were apart of it. This is about Ryan Savage more than anything and as it should be, because you are a talented young man, you have the crudentials to one day be headlining shows with guys like me. But really when you say you want brutality and blood and to make people wish they never laid their pupils on you, it's like wrestler or extremist talk. It has no value, it isn't true, it won't happen, it's more of a hyperbole man. You know what a hyperbole is right? It's an exaggeration, like you know “Ryan Savage is so hungry he can eat a town!” or “Mr. DEDEDE is such a glory hound!” maybe both of those aren't exaggerations and maybe they are the truth. But when a guy like Diamond Cage says it, people believe it. People understand it and most importantly, people know that it's coming. This hope of change is really for fat fucks like you, because Zack is trying to “make this place better” for jackasses, LIKE YOU! Xavier Williams only been here a fucking year, just like you, and Zack actually thinks that Xavier is a guy who is struggled? Then we can say you struggled too, I mean you won your first singles title and held the Young Lions Cup, hell I was suppose to never be off Turbo. And you think that if you win, which you won't in this war, that Mr. DEDEDE is going to make you a world champion over him? That Mr. DEDEDE running this place will provide opportunities? He ran this place, and tried to end my fucking life, he tried to be the father of my children, and yet you saw what I did to Mr. DEDEDE and in some way it made you want to fight Diamond Cage, because you have nothing to live for, no women, men, whatever the fuck you like is not doing anything good for you, you are a young man with a fucking death wish and I will not fail to pull the trigger. 

Mr. DEDEDE, SEVEN YEARS RIGHT? SEVEN LONG FUCKING YEARS OF STABBING, FUCKING, AND CHEATING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP AND I AM THE DOG? I AM THE DOG IN THE TRASH RIGHT? FUCK THAT! You are the dog, you are the bitch I see everyday with a World Heavyweight Championship and it isn't because you are more ruthless than me, fact is I want to be the Answers World Champion, and you are telling me that you wouldn't jump at the opportunity? You obviously would because now recently I believe you are done with that letting people win titles shit right? 2014 is DEDEDE's turn right? You were the champ of a fucking company ran because of “politics” by a fucking jackass. And THAT COMPANY IS FUCKING OWNED BY ZACK CRASH, I AIN'T DOG IN THIS STORY, YOU ARE. Why was it a blow to you? Because I am not like the other bitches on your team? Because I'd much rather fight to death, THE FUCKING DEATH TO GET WHAT I DESERVE? You didn't give a fuck about Diamond Cage until you got a little bit of heat on your ass and you needed Diamond Cage, and Zack needed me too, it was a blow because you thought it would be like old times, you think I am still little Diamond Cage wandering on Dynasty not getting booked , talking about how he likes to be alone, yada yada bullshit. And you expect me after all the shit you put me through, I'll fight with you, but you have a point, why would I fight with Zack? Point is I'm not even fighting with Zack, because Zack is fighting for guys like himself, AA, Tyler, and Xav, he isn't fighting for me and neither are you, therefore I joined Team Crash because I knew I wouldn't be able to create a Team Diamond Cage, I deserve to be in the main event, not you, not Crash, not anybody. But me, if I joined you would I still be a tough guy DDD? If I joined you would I still be macho man Diamond Savage? Would I still be the most dangerous man in the world? No I'd be a stupid motherfucker for joining the guy who tried to destroy my career, but I still am a stupid motherfucker for joining Zack right? See no matter what I did, someone, whether it be Crash or you would open your mouth and talk shit about my decision. You really think I believe this bullshit about us creating a bond?Yeah we had such a wonderful bond with you and the House of faggots trying to kill me at House of Glass, you brought my kids into the most personal feuds in this companies history for what? To make money because people love a little drama? Don't try to make me the bad guy like I tried to ruin your life, you had me DDD, you really had me. You had believing all this bullshit about us being friends and us being the most dominant tag team ever, and I learned a very painful lesson to never give you the knife to stab me in the back ever again. When do I ever claim to be a rebel? You are confusing me with Crash, I am not a tool in his box. If anything I'm the biggest threat to you, and you know it that is why you are calling me out on my integrity, my balls. They aren't as tortured as yours but at least I still have some to know that you are basically describing what you have done to me, throw me around whether it be whatever I did when you turned on me. You said it yourself you waved main events in front of my face, maybe I am a dog, but what you will and always will be is the bone I chew, the flea I scratch, and the fire hydrant I piss on.

You sir will always be Ryan Adams, the champ, the Gawd, Methuselah, Hollywood right? And what will I be known as? Drooling Diamond Cage, ruthless fucking staining the arena in blood Diamond Cage, you will always be known as a great. I'm sick and tired of hearing bullshit like DC is a tool this, DC is a bitch that, if I was on your side I wouldn't be all these things, which is how this world will be continue to be ran, by a bunch of selfish motherfuckers who will never know that I am a grown ass man and I know what the fuck I am doing.

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Well lets make this into the story that we all wanted the masses to hear shall we Lucian?

Lets tell the world that Kevin Devastation got put through a table, and that it hurt him.

Hell lets make ourselves seem like a hero who will banish the evil man from this "fair" town.

Seems really fun doesn't it? The story telling and all. It really is great Lucian!

Except for the fact that this isn't your book to write, but mine to rewrite.

And the ending doesn't happen with Lucian Black, so lets just turn the page...shall we?

Lets turn the page on your story Lucian, because any time I have crossed paths with you in a setting where you have "come out on top" you have to realize that it was either a battle royal, or you have done something that MANY people have done to one another before. An announce table? please Lucian! I broke chairs over your back, I have busted you open, I have left you laying on more than one occasion, and I am pretty sure the crack that the people heard on Dynasty was Kevin Devastation breaking a sledgehammer over your back Lucian. I am sure that we can get the point across to you, and your hard head, that you are indeed over your head. Look at this on paper Lucian, it reads me as the better. EGO OR NOT KEVIN DEVASTATION IS YOUR BETTER LUCIAN BLACK! HE WAS, HE IS, AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE! I rose to heights in one years time that you still haven't gotten to see yet. The bad part about it is this, I fought and clawed and lied and drove everything into the ground to get my chances at fame. YOU WHINED AND COMPLAINED AND BITCHED AND GROANED...OH AND YOU QUIT LUCIAN! YOU QUIT EVERY TIME THE SUN WAS IN YOUR EYES AND YOU COULDN'T SEE AN END GAME! I always saw an end game in sight, I still do Lucian. You refused to stick around and see the end, even if you were going to lose out...or even had the chance of losing. You ran away, tail tucked, and then tried to blame the system for you not getting chances. DEAL THE CARDS TO THE DEVIL LIKE I DID AND GET SOME CHANCES AT IMMORTALITY LIKE I DID LUCIAN, INSTEAD OF JUST BEING A DEVILS BITCH! Kinda like you were in the council. But that's a different story, in a different book, one probably on sale right now actually.

But back to us, back to this you and me game Lucian. This whole school yard antics between the two of us? I bullied you? I made you feel bad? Did I make you cry to Lucian? I sure hope so with the way you say something about it...FOUR YEARS AFTER IT HAPPENED! I hope it has festered inside your stomach for four years, and has made you hate my being with every ounce of yours. Unleash it all on Saturday, unleash four years worth of being the bitch finally standing up to the bully on me this weekend. BREAK MY BONES, BREAK MY WILL, BREAK MY SPIRIT, BURN MY SOUL AND BODY! END IT ALL LUCIAN BLACK! Gimme everything you have, you had, and you ever will have, and I promise you that I will take it and make you look like you are standing still when I ascend to the upper echelon and rise above the "mighty" Lucian Black and set you ablaze not once...but twice in the same night, same match, between three dings of a bell to three dings of a bell. It is inhumane what I want to do to you sir, but so was the Hellfire No Way Out match...So was the Highway To Hell match...and so was the House Of Horrors. All things that came from the sick and twisted and damn near dastardly mind of Kevin Devastation. I guess I deserve to be in hell for what I have done, don't you think so Lucian? I hope you do, because I want you to join me there on Saturday. Come early enough and breakfast will still be served. Because honestly at this point, I am fine with burning you alive and watching you turn to ash as I eat my morning grapefruit. Cya Saturday Lucian.
Territorial Invasion

What went in my mind after Showdown? After Starr Stan and Kendra Shamez were announced the winners, I knew in my mind that I won’t allow Kendra to win at Territorial Invasion. This is a situation, where it happened once, but I’m vowing not to let it happen again. The champion may have been knocked down, but she will keep coming right back up because I am not the type of person that is going to wallow and bitch about one loss because that is what I am not about. It doesn’t mean a difference whether if my team would have won and Kendra’s team would have loss. What concerns me is how my match with Kendra is going to turn out. My focus is on this Saturday and how many ways am I going to show Kendra Shamez that one victory doesn’t solidify her place as Hall of Fame Champion. Does it make her look good to the eyes of other people that she was able to pin Cameron Ella Ava? Or are people going to look at the facts and know that I would have had the match won and that it took two Bitch Treatments to put me away? Who knows? It’s going to take WAY more than that to get what is rightfully mine.

Does the truth hurt, Kendra?

You complain about not seeing the fire in my eyes. You wonder where my spitfire personality has gone, but it’s been here all along. Perhaps, you need to wipe the crud out of your eyes, grab a cotton swab and get all of that wax out of the holes of your ears because I’m going to say something that is going to require both ears. It took you three years to finally return. I assume that you disappeared because you lost the fire and willingness to compete. There were things that weren’t going your way and you just disappeared without a word. If you really were impelled to compete, you would have returned the next night after getting your ass beat and continued to go on with your career. Did you do that? No, you just disappeared and abandoned the one thing that you claimed you loved and three years later, you attack me and claim that I don’t have the fire in my eyes? Honey, if I didn’t have the fire in my eyes to compete, I would have bolted the first chance I got. The fact is: I’m still here and will still be here after Territorial Invasion, but the question is: will you be here after Saturday night?

You’re very redundant, do you know that? Obviously, everyone knows that I have a stubborn personality. I think one-hundred percent of the locker room knows that and if they don’t, then they should know that. The thing is: it’s good to have a stubborn personality. It means that I won’t let the bullshit that comes out of your ass get inside my head. Don’t get me wrong: I always listen to what you have to say and welcome opinions with open arms, but when you’re questioning everything that I do, when you’ve been the one making an ass of yourself in front of everyone, then you should get punched in the face. I’ll be more than honored to do that if you won’t do that to yourself! I mean, you were really offended about the things that I’ve said about you and all the past Vixens? Yes, I was not only referring to you. I was referring to all those great Vixens that did all of these amazing things. I was just adding my name to the list of you and everyone else, but if you’re offended that I would even do such a thing then, you’re going to be offended with every single that I say and it doesn’t even need to be referred to you.

I am fully aware that Territorial Invasion has been your turf that all of your greatest accomplishments have happened there. Who am I to you? Am I that trespasser that had the guts to step into your territory and declare a fight? If that is what you consider me as then, I’ll fight you with every single thing that I have, but you might want to go for your sharp objects and fire, but that is not going to be enough to defeat me. You can approach this event and be cocky as ever, but I hope that you don’t let that build up as frustration, when the match doesn’t end at a time that is convenient for you. Hell, if we ever reach to that point of the match, where you get angry and start to doubt yourself, this will just make it a hell lot simpler to win the match. Kendra, I hope the pressure of the event will not get the best of you. I really want you to give the best performance you have ever gave. I want you to put up a great fight and give me something that is worth putting one hundred percent for. I don’t want to see the motivation in your eyes after the match. I want to see it during and even before the match. Is that too much for you to give? I want more from you and if you really were invested, you’d get me what I want.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 16th 2014, 7:00 pm by VENTURA.

Things never seem to change.
It never seems to amaze me that the growing maturity rate of the wrestlers in this company continues to decrease exponentially. To actually think that praying and asking for guidance for some divine influence to come upon these apostates of professional wrestling. I mean, it is getting already hard for me to try and blend this all into one solution, because from five points of views, not even one can be pointed out as accurately correct. This company NEVER changes, and that is why this match will definitely have a new change. The match where the battle initiates, and the war commences. No excuses, no bullshit, and no turning away. The score will finally be settled, and when my team does actually win, this company, along with all of its parasites, will become relieved, and the hypocrisy will run away, and I will finally get the spot that awaited me from the beginning. Even to be more honest with you, I think I am still the Grand Rampage winner. How come, well because of the fact that I was deliberately screwed at Pain for Pride last year, and that loser of a woman Charlene distracted me to lose my match against a man that has no value of this company, and achieved accolades with no significance to any. That's right Liam, because with the uproar of rumors that you might be bringing your shoes back to EAW, I can rest assure with you that as soon as you walk through that entrance door, you will never be the same again.

Never being the same again now directs us to today's notion. Yesterday, I delivered what I had to say towards the five "up and rising" scums of today's company. I told what had to be told, without adding in any ad-lib of lies and deceit to what I had said. But, as I have already pointed out, the maturity level in EAW is at a peak that is reaching a hazardous level, as I could be infected by their stupidity and might never be the same again, however, I have learned from my mistakes. As I said yesterday, there is no further point to try and pick one wrestlers from these "men" in this match, as I already claimed that they are all collective together under a trait called "ego". Their minds are beyond reach, we cannot drag them by their arm to come back to the normal world. They are too far-fetched to receive any criticism from anyone because they don't want their "moment" to turn into a second, and I understand that. Once I was billed to be a promising extremist back a few years ago, sure I was happy. Sure I began to attempt to bring a higher capacity of skill and knowledge into the company. But, did I use that as a sought of alibi against what people said to me? No. This is what distinguishes this team from the rest. You see, Demon and DEDEDE already know how to deal with their egos. They don't try to shove it into people's faces in order to hypnotize them and tell them to realize what is truly in front of their eyes. That is why we have a squared ring to wrestle on, because they don't need to be geared up because they were the "future" years upon years ago. They took themselves to the test and they showed to the world why they are legends in the making. As for the other five, what is there to be explained about? The "vicious" man of EAW gets mad by what I say and uses what I say as an advantage, a man who doesn't even want to be on their team, claiming that he is doing it for his own self, and lastly to sum up the hypocrisy, a man who wishes to crash the territory under his honor, and to that I say all of you are full of crap.

You five are simply the five out of the hundreds upon hundreds of wrestlers who use the same, monotonous speeches to further express their point, while I have heard it all from beginning to end. Scratch that, even from the pre-beginning, I have heard it all. Some wants to be as vicious as possible in order to attain a feat that they couldn't achieve if they acted as a regular Extremist. Maybe some people want to ring the bell of an alarm to the people of EAW that two out of the five were former World Heavyweight Champions. I mean, who doesn't want to scream at the people, to remind them of how they became champions and how they added their own column of history in the company's books. However, if it becomes excessive, if it becomes a routine that one must continue bearing but without expressing any sign of discontent, then that classifies you as crap. You see, at Territorial Invasion, I do not see myself facing anybody at all, because with the average mind of one, they can already distinguish between the men and the children of this entire match. I don't care if people would decide to throw in ancient history across my face, to try and bring me down into a fragile being like I was with that useless accessory of a mask. I am over that. I am not going to sulk, I am not going to yell, but I will wait anxiously on the day in which your wrestling will prove to be the judge that will scale this war. I have fought through many of you people already, and I may have failed, and I may have succeeded, but there is no jack about me ever backing down, because I always fight to the top. People question me about how I wrestle, and about how I continue to be the man that I was prior before, and that is because of an environment of clowns and imbeciles, one cannot simply waste his time and energy to display fruitful content of skill and beauty into the art of wrestling. He must use the same, generic stunts to match up with the same, generic skunks that this company withholds. These five fools are simply a fraction of those skunks, and at Territorial Invasion, your scent will rather be your descent into your own misery. I have changed, I have grown, and I have taken every obstacle at hand and have used it under my own wing. My existence is as clear as vivid as it is already is, and I will use my sole existence to throw in my own self for this war, just so that the company will undergo changes by the hands of the men of this company, and not by the future of five people who haven't even realized their own true potential in the present.

I am the entity.
And the entity
has come.
Territorial Invasion (NB Title Match)
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Redmond is seen walking around a barbeque spot as the camera pans at him

Oh, sometimes people do have their ways to misinterpret themselves, come up with false lies just to get straight to a point, or continue to personify themselves with supernatural qualities. Can not one distinguish between the aspects of reality and fantasy? Must one be beaten severely to face the truth that reality is the focal point for one's fate? It is truly horrible that already, the adversaries I am facing in this Battle Royal are nowhere close to the criteria in which I expect them to compete. For some, they cannot come up with anything that is worth considerate on the microphone and as for the others, they have the mind to talk, but to communicate is simply lacking. I do not have time to talk about all my adversaries, because I know that at the end of day, I am going to prevail victorious. It is not because I want to master the sacred arts of being arrogant or cocky. With ambition, confidence and perseverance, you cannot be stopped. That is a relevant fact that has been hatching in me during the course of my career. I fought the urge; I held my craft and sailed on towards myriads of promotions, just to get a contract and a wrestling ring to perform my stuff. At the end of the day, I left a trail of legacies in between those short spans. Are there any wrestlers here related to that tenure? Possibly, but did it leave a temporary or a permanent mark for others to be aspired for? That is the rhetorical interrogation that has been kept silenced. Now that I have arrived in EAW, I am looking to wave my sword, and erase all the idols and adjust them to their simplest form. It may take a while, but starting now is better than starting later.
The sand glass is only pouring down the amount of sand until the arrival of the most anticipated event in all of history. Many of you can savor this moment very dearly, because there is going to be a change in the landscape of this company. The energy, the spark, the motion that is circulating around here is already expanding and welcoming the Optimum Warrior to come in his glory. Time can prevail to be a burden, and time can also prevail to be a advantage in all situations known to life. As of this time that I have right now, I am going to savor and use it up very diligently. Where could be the time to denounce my testimony? Of course, on the Territorial Invasion PPV coming up. Speaking of which, I have some concerns about the situation revolving around the Battle Royal, in which I am scheduled to compete. I am not a prophet, nor am I necromancer to be able to confirm that my adversaries in this match are nothing but men who just want to have their minutes tick from the stopwatch, and end at the exit door. You call this 12-Man Battle Match worth something admirable? We have guys that like making complete fools of themselves, and others that want to be mute and erase themselves in history? Pathetic....
So for the Battle Royal, some people have decided to step upon the plate and confront each other for this match. That is what I expect from people who get to prepare in combat. It is being competitive that sharpens and contrasts the mind to go forth and face opponents. So let's see which people decided to step up on the frontier. First off, Scott Oasis. Now this is a man that I have to keep a close attention to because I don't know what this man is trying to compute for my hearing. He claims that I have size but 'lack everything else'. My size is what will help me prevail the battle royal. As far as everything else is concerned, I wasn't the one who only had a 'TV Set' to admire in my whole life, I wasn't the one who couldn't afford food to eat. I used to go through similar matches like you did, but I performed well and that why I was paid well. You see, this is where people tend to lose and forget concentration, because they start judging their opponents even before knowing them properly. Here is what I am going to do. Scott, you can be the Mercenary of Justice, but it would be justice for all of us if you can actually rehearse your dialogue, because in case you want to attract funny audiences such as MTV, then you can do that for yourself, but I am not going to expect myself to respond with such level. I am not insulting you or having this immense hatred. It is the form of constructive criticism that can correct people on the right track. You, you need a lot, and if you can come back, with a microphone, and speak correctly and have something adjacent and relevant to this match. This Battle Royal is much more intriguing than your belittled mind can handle, so if you want to be worth serious in my eyes, now is the time.
Then, we have Matt Miles. I do not really agree with your short account on me. You say I haven't done anything in the company? I would like you to mention what you have done then. At least I won my previous three matches after my return. You should be honest with yourself cause the truth is you know you cannot stop my winning streak no matter what.  I am the master strategist of this company, because no man has ever outsmarted me in the ring till now. I am certainly aware of my abilities, boy. What else? Battle Royals can be a help to you and I will need luck? That is where you are putting yourself in a labyrinth Matt, because I don't need luck in my matches. As long as I have my guard and the point that I have to get through this agenda first, then it isn't luck, but it is straightaway deserving. From the looks of how you speak, it seems you just started off your wrestling career, and you want to make a big name for yourself by using the fundamentals of talking. It isn't harmful to have an ego, but it can become flamboyant and reluctant if you continue on with this trait. We all don't want to lose this Battle Royal match..well for some, they just want to appear on television and cease from the cornerstone of existence, but just adding much more personifications to yourself isn't going to reach ends meet. Working towards that venture is what counts. The same thing with you and Scott, you guys need to step your game up instead of actually convincing yourself on who is the better speaker. I will be in the ring if you have further inquiries.
Then we have Lochlan Rossdale. Rossdale, you appeared a lot on TV throughout the previous week, but when it came to perform in the ring, you failed. What makes you think you can stand in the same ring as me? You were mocking Jamie about me turning my back on him…well, we beat you clean. You saw the way your partner was dismantled last week? Did you? He wanted to bring up the Holy Era but unfortunately he can’t even bring himself to the PPV now. Lochlan all you will face at Territorial Invasion’s pre-show on Saturday is nothing other than humiliation. Mark my words and if they actually put any sense to your mind, be smart and stay at home on Saturday.
Now finally coming to Jamie O’ Hara. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on winning that championship a few weeks ago. You have fixed a great career by winning that title already. Secondly, I was really impressed by your performance last week on Voltage. You showed me that you are a man deserving that title, but at Territorial Invasion, it’s the Great Briton with nothing to lose and everything to gain, so be prepared because you might just not realize what you would be losing when you get extremely wrecked by me, fella!

Redmond walks away as screen fades
The interesting thing about conflict and war is that I believe it brings out our truest natures.  It’s easy to be agreeable, to be kind, and to compromise in times of peace and prosperity.  But when war comes, we find out what truly are at the cores of men…especially those who fight in those wars.  Which is exactly what is happening in these “War Games” between Team Crash and Team DEDEDE.  And the images I’m seeing as I look across at my opponents are uglier and sadder than I could ever have imagined.
Firstly we have Crimson Mask, which if I’d have thought if anyone understand the importance of this fight, the importance of war, it would be the self-proclaimed hero.  But I listen to what you say CM, and I don’t hear the words of a hero.  Instead I hear the words of a coward!  You tell us we should be grateful for the jobs we have, that we should understand what it means to have a job.  You know what this kind of talk sounds like to me…it sounds like the mutterings of a whipped dog who doesn’t have the balls to stand up when his master beats him.  Should the Jews have been thankful that Hitler allowed them to live in the Ghetto’s?  Should the slaves of America been thankful they were given jobs?  Should the Native Americans have been thankful they were permitted any land to live on?  Yes I understand that there are several people in this country out of work, and that we make any money is a blessing in and of itself.  But this isn’t about whether or not we have jobs or make money.  It’s about whether or not it’s worth it!  You say to be thankful…but thankful for what?!  So that we can watch men like DEDEDE treat EAW like it’s his own personal sandbox?!  Pushing and burying people based on his whims, or based on who annoys him?!  You call THAT a job?!  That’s not a job…that’s slavery!  And I refuse to be a slave!  And if it’s a choice between being a slave and living off scrapes, or putting my job on the line for the chance live free…then I chose the second option!  You say truth cuts deep, and I agree it does, which is why I see you burying your head in the sand so you don’t have to deal with it.  Because it’s so much easier to pretend that everything is ok, that nothing is wrong, so you don’t have to bare any responsibility.  Me and my team may indeed lose everything at Territorial Invasion if we lose, but at least we’re fighting for something we believe in!  You’re the one who is traveling down the wrong road.  You picked the wrong side in this war, and YOUR actions will be the ones that affect future generations of Extremists.  Because if you win, you’ll be supporting a tyrant who will turn on you the moment you’re not longer convenient.  But fear not CM, because while I may not wear a mask, I’m going to be the hero this time.  I’m going to do your job for you, and fight the corruption you’re aiding in.  And why?  Why are you aiding this man?  Because, as you put it, you embrace the scent of corruption.  With no corruption, there’s nothing left for you to fight, and your existence in EAW is worthless!  You’re not a hero Crimson Mask. 
Then we have Mr. DEDEDE’s favorite pet in this war Ryan Savage.  You know Ryan, I have to admit that I think I pegged you wrong.  Maybe you’re not the sellout I thought you were.  Maybe you didn’t join DEDEDE to gain success.  Maybe instead…you’re just a little pussy who didn’t get the attention he wanted!  When I first saw you, when we first went toe-to-toe, I meant everything I said about you.  I did in fact see a lot of talent, and I truthfully still do.  It’s the reason why DEDEDE’s played you like the dog you’ve become.  And my warning to watch out for guys like him who were going to keep you down was genuine, because I had faith in you.  Yet instead of fighting those forces, you joined them instead.  And now you cry and bitch like a little girl whose secret crush has just rejected her, all because I didn’t support or respect your decision?!  You’re not a sellout Ryna!  Hell, you’re not even a man!  What, did mommy and daddy not give you enough love when you were a child, so now you’re compensating for it now?  You don’t give a damn about having my respect…I call bullshit!  Why else would you “having a stabbing pain in your heart that’s breaking it into pieces”?  I’ve created an enemy for life of you, yet why should I be afraid of a man who is acting like my ex-girlfriend?  I see now that’s the only reason you joined DEDEDE, because he gave you the attention you wanted.  How pathetic!  You can cry and moan how nobody was paying attention to you or giving you respect, but that’s how you pay your dues in this business kid!  You PROVE that you’re WORTH the time and respect.  And winning a few matches, or a championship isn’t enough.  You also do it through strength of character, which clearly you have none.  What I’m fighting for is for the people who have proven their worth and still are not getting what they deserve.  I don’t care whose attention I have or don’t have.  Hell, I even turned my back on my mentor Dark Demon.  All I want is for everyone in this company to get what they deserve.  You feel you deserve my respect.  Well then, maybe start acting like a real Extremist, then maybe we’ll see what happens.
And lastly, we have the great leader himself…Mr. DEDEDE!  I don’t whether you’re deliberately twisting my words, or if you honestly don’t understand what I’m getting at.  I’m NOT asking for you give anything away.  I’m NOT asking you to give everyone a title shot whenever they want one.  I’m NOT even asking you to please everything single person in EAW!  What I want is for you to stop abusing your power for what YOU think is right instead of what’s right for EAW!  You’re right when you say it’s survival of the fittest in wrestling, and that not everyone can be a main-eventer.  But it’s when YOU’RE the one deciding who those people are based on arbitrary reasons that I start to get more than a little pissed off!  When I was World Champion, I wasn’t booked and promoted the same way other world champions were.  Instead I was still being treated as a midcarder while Drastik, who everyone knows was really RRS, got the spotlight.  Sekaiichi was permitted in the KOE tournament, even though he’d already won it once before.  Even now, with Jacob Senn and Hades finally winning World Championships of their own, who is everyone talking about?  DEDEDE and his first title in x amount of years, who also main-evented Pain For Pride 7!  Titles, wins, and accolades don’t mean shit unless you’re getting the proper respect or attention for them, which the younger talent rarely ever do.  Of course you’ll blame them for not being impressive enough while as champions, but as the boss, isn’t it your job, your duty to protect and promote your champions properly, not just for them but for the company’s image as well?!  And don’t even talk to me about “giving people opportunity”.  You said it yourself that you pull the strings, but when someone gets to close to your spot, you cut those strings.  You call THAT a fair opportunity?!  What you call bribes and hand-outs, I call giving my team REAL opportunity.  When you disciplined AA, did you give him the opportunity to face him in the ring like a man, or did you humiliate him instead?  When Dark Demon stole Xavier Williams CITV briefcase, did you step in to prevent this illegal activity, or did you just stand back and watch?  When I screwed Diamond Cage out of the Answers World Championship, did you do something about it, or did you let it happen?  We may not be friends, and some of us may even despise the others, but none of that makes any difference no matter how many times you bring it up.  Because we all hate you even more!  My team knows they can and will gain more by being on my side than yours.  And it isn’t just my team either.  Your own Board of Directors, your team of corporate suites have turned on you in favor of me.  You’re ship is sinking DEDEDE, and you know it!  I’m doing what no man before me has been able to do, and your attempts to stop it are so transparent they might as well not even be there at all.  You may have in fact earned your crown as leader, even paid for it in dubious amounts of blood.  But kings come and go, it’s time for a new leader.  And I assure I’m willing to pay in blood for that same crown. 

Now it’s only a question of who is willing to pay more for it!
I'm not fighting for Zack Crash, I'm fighting with him. Before I say anything else, I'd like to welcome you back, Ventura. It's been a while and in the meantime, we've moved on and moved forward from you. If there's an afterthought out of the ten of us, it has to be you. See, you may be looking to make your big comeback at my and Team Crash's expense but that's just a dream and nothing more. When you returned, yeah, a few people were happy but the majority were thinking, "why is he here again?" I honestly asked the same question when you returned on Dynasty. I wondered why you returned because it was just last year you were competing for the Answers World Championship at Pain for Pride. It was just last year you got there by eliminating me from the Grand Rampage match and winning the whole thing. It was just last year you were something, someone who had everything to be the present and future of this business but like many before you, you folded under pressure and take a look at you now. You removed the mask, you grew your hair out and you used a lot of tanning spray. No one remembers you, cares or even knows what you did early in your career because in all honesty, no one gives a damn. No one cares at all and I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee because reality is indeed a bitch. Ventura, the fact that you're still here makes me sick to my stomach and the fact that you're in this match just proves that there are some strange politics these days and guess what? I'm not happy one bit. You can take your lackluster career and shove it up your ass because no one cares what you did, how many belts you won or who you've beat. It's all about this Saturday and this Saturday, you aren't walking out on your own two feet. Guaran-damn-teed.

I had a lot to say about Ryan Savage but I still question why he was hand-picked to be apart of Team DEDEDE. Aside the fact that he's Mr. DEDEDE's partner, past that, there's not a damn thing that shows me what amount of success he's gained for himself. Why give him this spot, when all he's going to do is piss all over it? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Ryan, I want you to listen closely. What I have to say is instrumental to your career. You've been here for what? A year? You haven't earned your spot. You haven't proved that you're able to be at the top. I mean, who have you beaten? Yeah, you've beaten Xavier Williams and I recently but in all honesty, if it weren't for Mr. DEDEDE, you wouldn't have beaten me. You may have used the Package Piledriver on me and pinned me in the middle of the ring for the three count, which by the way, I've already admitted and congratulated you on. I had no problem with that but if that makes me a hypocrite, then you and Mr. DEDEDE should really take a look in the mirror because you both are two of the biggest walking contradictions today. I deserve this spot but you don't. It's pathetic when people get spots that others deserve. You're a tool just like Mr. DEDEDE. Out there is my ring and if you're going to step into the ring with me, I suggest you bring some pain pills because that's what's going to happen. You're going to be in a lot of pain come this Saturday. You're going to experience the feeling like never before. Speaking of experience, I have a lot more experience in this business than you do. I've been in big, high profile matches and I know what it takes to make it to the top. I know what it takes to make sure at the end of the day, you know damn well what I've accomplished. You know nothing about that. Ryan, you have no idea what you're in for and honestly? You're not going to like it one bit.

DEDEDE... a man I've looked up to, a man who used to disrespect and slap me but I still thought of him as a father figure. A man who brought me into this business. A man who hates me and well, I hate him too. I remember the first time we met, you came up to me, impressed and unimpressed, you made an offer I couldn't refuse and then I signed an AWF contract. You took me under your wing, I was your protégé and you were my teacher. I helped you and you helped me. We worked well together but we were never friends. See, DEDEDE, you don't know me. As much as you think you do, you don't. All you do is talk, talk and talk and yeah, I'm talking right now but right now, I'm telling the truth. The way you used me to represent you and the way you manipulated me. See, DEDEDE, talk as much as you like but know that when a leader speaks, that leader dies and the only time a teacher was a great teacher is when the student surpasses the teacher. I mean, pay more attention, as you took me under your wing, I slowly and quickly become one of the best in EAW, I learned how to deal with problems, I learned how to do things I couldn't have done before. See, DEDEDE, what you fail to realize is that by my side? I have nothing to lose, so even if we lose, I know that you've gained nothing but if you lose? You've lost everything. You're right though, DEDEDE, you played a big part in my career but you're wrong if you think I owe you a damn thing. It's a known fact that I'm better off without you and you're better off without me but you don't see that, do you? You still think I'm some stupid kid but no, you changed me from that and you don't even know what you changed me to. Believe it or not, I'm glad you took me under your wing and I was your protégé because if that never happened, then I wouldn't be in this match. If you want to tell me how much of a waste of seven years I am, then go ahead. Go ahead and tell me how much of a hypocrite I am. Go ahead and tell the whole world a little bit about me. I'll make sure you choke and swallow on it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
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Territorial InVasion Promo#3

I always believed that dreams are the fall of man and from those dreams the sense of pride has been born and we all know that pride is a deadly sin that can cost anyone and I mean anyone everything that they have always wanted and what I'm witnessing right now before my very eyes doing that to these people right now. Thankfully for me that I have rid myself of that sin, thankfully for me I'm not able to dream because I did I would be like every last one of you. I would always have to worry about the minor things in life, about trying OH SO HARD TO GAIN YOUR RESPECT, or try to be the better man and prove that I'm the best week in and week out and over the course of the few months. I rejected those ideology, I have rejected those thoughts and seeing the need to do any of those short termed things because in all honesty NONE OF IT MATTERS. Seeing men like Tyler Parker, Diamond Cage and Alex Anderson and even Xavier Williams shows how much pride would get you, actually a matter of fact. Look at everyone that has came through into this business always had a sense of pride and look what happened to every last one of them. They even find themselves in a rut, or they aren't getting anywhere in life, or they are getting what they feel what they deserve. But no matter what the case is that having pride always resulted to each man's end and it's pride that keeps man down and makes them delude themselves to think that they are being oppressed by someone but in truth the person that's holding them down is themselves. So now Team DEDEDE will put everything you poor souls have been going through to rest and at Territorial Invasion it will serve to be your last rites.

Alexander I'm proud of you, I'm proud that the fact that you were able to undermined the power that controls you. I'm proud of the fact that you indeed have a backbone and I'm proud that you finally grew a set of balls. I'm happy that you have a sense of security within the realm of Zack Crash and his vision of what EAW should be and maybe within his vision the hellish nightmare that you have been for four long years not being able to come close to the "holy grail" will come into an end and EVERYTHING that you have wished may come true. There a lot of things I can say that makes me proud of you but I think the happiness that's in my heart is waiting for the look of desperation and despair that will surface upon your face when you put all your faith and powers into a team that won't even scratch the surface of time propelling this company to it's so called "future." It entertains me to think that a little ant like you thinks that he is a gorilla in the zoo beating on his chest trying to prove to the world how mighty he is to think that he has the power to start a war that has been waging for a long time. Hmph, just like Tyler you also overrate your own meaningless existence to think that everything revolves around you but in this case you are just a supporting character in the deciding battle of whom gains control of the company. It's just funny to me how you honestly think you make a difference and here I thought you were the Alex Anderson that has showed progress before your absence, that has showed some type of change that we could all grasp onto but sadly for you, you have failed to demonstrate that change and you standing up to DEDEDE only shows me and maybe the rest of the world your pitiful and desperate you are trying to become this so called king of the jungle. You ask the world what would it make me if I stood side by side compared to you and the answer is kinda obvious. I'm a delusional, sick, twisted man who has no regards or care to what the normal everyday wrestler cherish in their hearts and that's success, fame, the respect or status. None of that matters to me and with that being said is why I'm so dangerous in this type of environment, this war that's filled with bitter hate that's between a few people. But in all honesty Alex, another thing I want to ask you is what are you going to take away from me haha? My pride? Don't have any left in my body. My dignity? There is none with me. My championship? That object is gone, you or anyone else can take anything away from me that I don't have. You saying that I'm weak is nothing to me, the guys who said I was weak before were showed wrong when they challenged me. This is why I discarded everything that would distract me from my goals when I'm inside this ring. If I worried on how many championship matches I get or didn't get or whether or not if so and so likes me or so and so respects the hell out of me. I would have been dead a long ass time ago and I would be just like my friend in the past that is paralyze sitting in that hospital bed wondering why he did what he did and just like him you will end up in that same spot. Like I told Xavier Williams that the men that tries to constantly prove themselves to the people that only wished their demise will fall by their own sword and Alex Anderson you will fall just like each and every last member on your team and when you and Xavier Williams, Tyler Parker and Diamond Cage fades away, Zack Crash dies and along with that his vision for this company dies along WITH IT.
Now Tyler Parker, I'm so sorry that I hurt your feelings I really am. I didn't know that the one thing that got to you the most was saying that you have no will in your body. Well I'm happy that I have brought you out of your little boy school like mindset because believe you and I this thing we had going back and forth sounding like two five year olds arguing over who is using what color crayons. Now you want to say that you are the embodiment of PASSION AND WILL but to me you don't embody any of it. It doesn't matter to me how long you been here or how much blood you spilled for this business because you're looking at a guy that doesn't give a damn about anything of that nature. It's time for me to let you get a glimpse of WHO RYAN SAVAGE REALLY IS. Who I am is not a guy that is like you who wants to gain the respect of his fellow peers. I'm a guy that is willing to spit in the face and defile and put everyone's efforts into this business in vain if it means for me to enjoy the main that I give to my opponents. It's funny to me how you call yourself the siege of light because I'm the embodiment of darkness, chaos and discord that swallows the light whole so it isn't a surprise to me that you and I are total opposites.  If I had the opportunity I would sullies your good name and make it my personal mission to see that everything you have done mean absolutely nothing. I'm willing to burn down all the precious memories you have had, I'm willing to crush everything you have worked hard for, your success, your failure EVERYTHING UNTIL YOU BECOME NOTHING. Maybe a trip into obscurity is something that you need Tyler. Maybe you need your light to fade into the darkness where you can understand what kind of man I am.
Now THIS, THIS IS THE MAN THAT I TRULY WANT TO FIGHT more than anyone in this match that I want to sink my venomous teeth into and enjoy every last bit of it. Now I remember what you did to me on Dynasty, it felt wonderful feeling your intent to hurt me. It resonated within my soul and my urges or instincts are SCREAMING AT ME, telling me to go back and fight Diamond Cage and I'm not JUST going into only fight you Cage the one thing that I truly want to do is to go to war with you, what I really want to do is to be your enemy for life. Haha, so if that cheap shot with a baseball bat and that brainbuster did onto me was only the tip of the iceberg, I'm ready for you to drop this whole world on my fucking head.  Hearing the stories of how you put DEDEDE through hell only wanted me to get in the ring with you even more. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for because you might get it. BUT in this case, the person that I wish for better be careful of the person who wished him to be here. Now even though this so called war is suppose to be about change or whatever the case may be, but in this case when Ryan Savage and Diamond Cage is mentioned in the same breath, all I want is nothing but PURE brutality. Which brings me to answer your first question, why did I join my partner's team well because for one I'm not a bitch like you who shook the same man's hand that screwed you out of what could have been your defining victory. Another reason is because there is one person that I want to hurt more than anyone else on that team and make him feel my pain, make him feel the hell that I been through and make him wish that he has never laid eyes on me or even noticed  my entire existence and I am out to kill whatever hope of his view of change is because those ideals are just going to be a fading memory when this is all said and done. But if you want to call me a whore lets reexamine why you are here right now, oh wait it's because Zack Crash took advantage of your own pitiful desire on being a World Champion so bad and he probably thought to himself that if I trick Diamond Cage in thinking he is getting a world title shot he will join my team thus knowing his chaotic nature and his desperation on how much he wants to be world champion after being deprived of it for so long, it will give him an extra insensitive to try his hardest to bring Zack Crash another inch towards victory. But you know Cage, haha it isn't going to happen. I want to pay you back from what you did to be in Dynasty in full and if this starts something that you think that I don't want then so be it. I have been through hell and back in my life, I have been through and seen things that no mortal man or woman should have ever witnessed. So Cage I WANT YOU TO SHOW ME THE LUNATIC THAT I HAVE HEARD OH SO MUCH ABOUT. I WANT YOU TO ENLIGHTEN ME THE KIND OF PERSON YOU BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT THE EFFORTS MAY BE NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU COME ME, I will be that divine force that negates everything. The man that told the world that told EAW to fuck off should have left it at that and walked, away. So if this is the Diamond Cage I'm fighting at War Games then you might as well be my crack cocaine and I will become addicted to you. So if anyone that is going to get burned Cage, it will be you and I won't even promise it, no guarantees, it will just happen. So if anything I wanted handed to me by DEDEDE, is not a title shot, not a main event spot at Pain For Pride, what I would want to be handed to me on a silver platter is you because there is nothing more than I want in this world is to do is kill you. So I want that Kill Cage Kill because you will be in the ring where the fans all chant in unison for ME TO KILL YOU. This is a dream come true for me and a fight that I really want from you Cage. 
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Post on September 16th 2014, 7:28 am by MTM
It appears that once again, I'm faced with listening to the incessant whining of my opponents about how they're better than everyone else and how they're going to win the battle royal for the New Breed Championship coming up at Territorial Invasion. That's right, a battle royal. I'm not facing one man, two men or even three men; this Saturday I'm sharing the ring with eleven other men. Eleven men who are looking to prove that they're the best thing going in EAW, all competing for that New Breed Championship, hoping to solidify themselves as a force to be reckoned with and a champion who knows the odds are against him, praying that he doesn't lose the title in his very first defence. Although, I really should change the former number to 10, seeing as though I've overcome much more threatening extremists than any of my opponents have. I've proven myself as a viable threat to ANY championship in EAW while at the same time, most of my opponents have accomplished nothing noteworthy at all. I've been sat here for a while, thinking of what they've all done since debuting and honestly, they've really not done a whole lot. I'll give everyone here a run down of each of my opponents:

Let's start with the man who I've faced, defeated and taken a title from before; let's start with Scott Oasis. Since his debut maybe three weeks ago, Scott's defeated Andrew Fireboy, Jack Noble and... a referee? That's his CV coming in to this battle royal and he still thinks that I'm the one that's a joke. Andrew Fireboy and Jack Noble haven't won a single match. Congrats, you beat two jobbers! You're so impressive! In my first few weeks I gained victories over the likes of Starr-Stan, James Martin and Scott Diamond yet here you are, acting like you're God's gift to humanity. The truth is, you being placed in to this battle royal tells jack shit about you. This "giving a little extra" crap couldn't be further from being proven. You yourself called out Mitchell Ward, Collin Lightening and Antonio Williams as jokes yet by doing so you're invalidating your own point. If those three can be thrown in to this match then what makes us so different to them? You can say that you give a little extra all that you want but when the only victories you have are over guys who will have worse records than Jon Kelton, you can't then sit here and tell me that I'm the one who's a joke. Need I remind you that I've taken a championship away from you before back in AWF. You, me, Jacob Steele and Moonlight Predator and I was the one who came out on top. I became the new AWF Hardcore Champion and held it longer than anyone else before me. You begged and pleaded for a rematch and when you finally got it, AWF closed down. So consider this a spiritual rematch for that championship, Scott, because once again you're going to fall flat only this time it'll be to the outside of that ring when I throw you over. You're not intimidated by me, though, because your basis for me is from two weeks ago, right? When I obliterated Andrew Fireboy during our match, were they chanting "REALLY GOOD"? No. They weren't chanting really good because I didn't give them chance to. I put each and every one of them in their place just like I'm going to put you in your place right now. I think you may need your eyes checked because last Saturday, I was all over Alex Anderson while he was the one running away with his tail between his legs. Alex was too busy trying to run away from me to even attempt to pin me. Big deal that Johnny Ventura smashed him with the cage door. I got thrown in to that cage plenty of times yet did you see me getting hit with a finisher and pinned? Again, the answer is no. Spew your bullshit to someone else, please. I'm not some rich pretty boy from California who's barely survived. Like I said, I've beat you and men better than you yet you can't comprehend nor understand that at all. I'm not going to get "eaten up alive" because I've already proven that I deserve recognition enough times. You of all people should know that. I've not used my wealth to get further up the ladder; I've used skill. Remember that, Scott.

Instead of rambling on about an idiot such as Scott Oasis even more, there are people in this match who are actually somewhat competent that I need to talk about such as Tiberius Jones. Despite only being here for what? Two weeks? The man has no doubt made some kind of a name for himself here and has been quite imposing... for a Dynasty extremist. I mean, when the only influential extremists on the roster are Tyler Parker and Mr. DEDEDE, it's not like there's a lot of competition floating around. Chocolate excellence, you can climb the Dynasty ladder all you want but at Territorial Invasion, you won't be able to top Showdown. I guarantee you that. The true tragedy will not be that you must turn rags to riches but the fact that those rags will never be more than just that. The touch of Midas will always overcome the bite of the Komodo dragon.

As we are on the subject of DyNASTY, allow me to continue the trend with A-Will. Uh.. why are you in this match? You got absolutely annihilated by Mitchell Ward yet you still get a championship match? Dynasty sure is running short on talent these days. Just like Scott Oasis, you have yet to defeat anyone of note but I am sure you, like everyone else, will come out with the same schtick about how this is your moment to shine and how you're going to prove that you're the very best! Except just last week you lost to a bag of thumbtacks. I mean seriously, if you can't handle being nailed with a few tacks, you don't deserve to be in a place called EXTREME Answers Wrestling, nor do you deserve to have a place in this battle royal.

Then we have Nas and Aren who look like they've got serious beef so I'll let the two of them handle that for themselves. I'll just say this: Nas, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself, or in this case before you wreck Aren because if you don't, taking you both out at once will be a pleasure. *Miles winks to the camera*

What about Collin Lightening? I'm sure he has a chance to become New Breed champion! Yeah right... on to the next extremist.

Our next contestant is none other than... Reginald? Rexford? Reynard? Anyway, yet another extremist who hasn't done anything. You've been here two weeks and have yet to stand out in any way other than your red hair and pasty skin which, by the way, really isn't good for the cameras. I honestly think that you managed to crack about five or six of them when you came out last week but I digress. In all seriousness, you've downloaded Wowhead in to your brain? That's not even possible! There is not physically any way for that to have been done and even if there was, you'd probably have died by now! Do you really expect me to be able to take you seriously after some kind of bullshit like that? WOW. No pun intended. I'd love to see you try and prove me wrong, though. Prove you really are the master strategist that you say you are and we'll see just how far you can get because I assure you that I'm a better strategist than you'll ever be. Write that down so you don't forget it.

Then we have Andrew Fireboy. Eh, he's been destroyed week in and week out so it's safe to say that we can count him out of this match by now. Just another undeserving scrub who's not going to last two minutes in this match.

It appears that I'm just missing Lochlan Rossdale and Mitchell Ward. Great job on defeating A-Will, Ward. You were mighty impressive with those thumbtacks you had handy. Let's see how you can handle gold. I don't mean that fake stuff you buy from the jewellers either; I mean pure, 100% solid gold. That's exactly what I am. I'm pure gold. Those tacks of yours certainly won't be able to stop me and if it comes round to it, I'll throw you out of the ring as well. I don't know much about you but I don't need to. New or not, everybody that I come across is paralysed when they're met with the Midas touch.

The same goes for you, Lochlan. You're someone that I've kept my eye on. For someone who prides himself in being a great technician, I'd have expected you to have been a bit more... successful. Blame it on Carlos Cruz, chance, whatever the hell you like but when you look at the facts, you lost to Jamie and Redmond on Voltage clean. I'm not going to count you out quite yet but you've left me with no other choice than to think little of you, if I'm honest. I've never been one to underestimate an opponent and you won't be an exception. I'm giving my best and as I've said to everyone before you, you're just not up to par with the man with the Midas Touch. It's as simple as that. Sorry, pal. Maybe you'll get the New Breed championship in the future but as long as I'm involved, you're going to be walking out with an expression you're all to familiar with: anger. You'll be angry that you keep missing your chance but soon enough you'll realize that whenever you're in the ring with me, it's near impossible for you to pull out the victory.

Finally, we have the champion himself, Jamie O'Hara. While I have no doubt been impressed by your capability of knocking off Ryan Savage and taking his title, there are still many flaws in your argument as to why you're not going to have the shortest New Breed title reign in EAW history. First off, this idea that nobody knowing you being an advantage couldn't be more wrong at this point. Nobody knows where you came from or how you got here but as of this week, none of that matters. Each and every one of us has seen what you're capable of by now and you're in the same boat as the rest of us, only difference being you're the one holding the title. Other than that, you're no different than anyone else walking in to this match. You're looking to make a statement as champion and we're looking to make statements as the challengers. As I've said, you impressed me against Ryan Savage but you're looking at someone who once beat him without even trying. I don't say that to make myself look bigger and better than I actually am; I say that because it's the truth. Had I been at Reckless Wiring, I can guarantee you that neither you nor Ryan Savage would be holding that championship around your shoulder. Instead, when you went to the EAW website to look at who all of the champions were, you'd see my face above the words "New Breed Champion". I was seen as a threat to Xavier Williams so if Ryan can beat him, why couldn't I have instead? 

I'm not ashamed to say that I was one of the many people that claimed you would have a bright future but I'm afraid I'm going to have to take back that statement now that we've crossed paths. You DID have a bright future but I promise you that all of that will be taken away by me come this Saturday at Territorial Invasion. Another promise for this speech of mine and another promise that I'm going to keep. The truth is, if anything, you're the one at a disadvantage. Statistically, there's only a 1 out of 12 chance that you will walk out of this match as the champion... but you already knew that. You're prepared. You're ready for this match. You're going to take everything and everyone that comes at you. The only problem is that the one thing you're not ready for is the only thing you'll need to be. That one thing is what's commonly known as the Midas Touch. At Territorial Invasion you'll get your very first taste of it before you're thrown out of that ring just like everyone before you.

I've always been the golden opportunist. This is why I come out on top. I'm the smartest man coming in to this match and I'm going to be victorious. Here's a fun fact for all of you that don't believe me. Whether it be my original run or my return, I've only lost three matches in total. Plenty of you are either close or have already surpassed that number and have set your first impressions to everyone else here. Name anything that you've accomplished in EAW and I can do you one better. There's a reason that I'm the only experienced extremist that's been placed in this match and it's to take what rightfully belongs to me. The New Breed championship deserves to be in my hands, on Showdown, where it should be. Whether it's Xavier Williams, Ryan Savage or even Alex fucking Anderson that thinks they're the face of the New Breed, they're wrong. I'm the face of the New Breed. I always have been and I get the gold that I want. This Saturday, the New Breed championship is the gold that I want. Nobody is getting in my way, even if I have to throw each and every one of you over the top rope to get it. At Territorial Invasion, the New Breed championship is mine.

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“Ya don’t have to tell me twice. I already know. I know what’s coming. Soon enough, Territorial Invasion will be upon us and I’m sure even assholes like the ones I’m taking on can understand no man is walking out of this match with a smile on their face. No man is walking out of this match feeling like a winner. To put it simply, no man is walking out of this match as the same man he was when he walked in. I’m not gonna say I’ve never been to war. I’ve been at war all my life, be it with the corruption of cities like this or the scum of cities like this. It’s a scent familiar to me and one I’m not running away from. In fact, I embrace this scent. It feels like home to smell the tension in the air that can only be overpowered with the metal taste of blood, the stench of sweat, and the bruises on the surface of your skin just below your broken bones that feels more excruciating than any torture you could think of. Knowing all of this and more is what makes these walks of mine around these godforbidden cities feel like a stroll through the park. Compared to what we’re all about to face, these muggers and rapists are like children playing amongst themselves without a care in the world and the rancid smell of pollution, vomit, and so much more all smell like flowers. I don’t wish death upon my enemies that will be standing before me and my team at Territorial Invasion. What I wish for is that they too take a moment to be grateful for each and every thing they have at this very moment. I wish they look around at their peers and their families and their jobs that I’m sure they’re very passionate about and really understand what it’s like to have them, because they’re going to feel something more devastatingly painful than anything that could ever be physically done to them. They’re all going to feel what it’s like to have everything they love ripped away from them. I’m sure they’re not bad people. I’m sure they’re even good people with good intentions, some of them anyway. The fact of the matter is that these good people with good intentions picked the wrong road to travel down and they’re about to pay for it with their entire livelihoods. They’re about to lose everything on a gamble they should have never taken, and they’ll have nobody left to blame but themselves when it’s all said and done. They’re gonna be replaying that moment their lives collectively shattered again and again and again and again in their heads. That moment, the most important seconds of their lives when the Referee calls for the bell and the announcer declares they’ve just lost this war. They’re gonna replay that moment in their heads nonstop until they either take out a gun and put a bullet in their fucking brain or grow some balls, accept what they did and exactly where and how they fucked up, and try start from scratch to rebuild their lives. That’s the only advice I can offer to them.

The sad irony of all of this is that while they’re as bloodhungry as any other bastard I’ve come across, Zack Crash and his merry band of sheep should instead be thanking us. They should be at our feet and thanking us, because we’re the only ones who will be left to remember them as men who fought tooth and nail to succeed with their rebellion, no matter how incredibly fucking stupid it was and no matter how badly it was destined to fail. Nothing cuts deeper into someone’s skin than truth, but that’s exactly what this is. I guarantee none of you understand now, but you will when this is finished by our hands. You’ll understand when you’re left looking in the yellow pages to apply for a job as a janitor in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with a letter reminding you to pay child support for the kids you disappointed and the wives you disappointed. You’ll glance at the television and see replay after replay of you losing and so many people using this failure of your’s as their own reasons to work and succeed for something. It’ll be good for the next generation of extremists to see how much of a failure you all were in the end, but it’ll do none of you no good. All you will ever have left us the memories in the minds of these five men you’re about to lose everything to. All you have to know that you didn’t go out like ignorant little children playing rebels is the memory in our minds that you fought your hearts out to win that match at Territorial Invasion. So don’t waste your time and our’s keeping up this joke that you’ll turn this pathetic crusade with the belief that it’ll end in a way not even a made for TV movie on fucking LMN would use. This isn’t about miracles and fighting the machine by gathering gung ho idiots and taking down the evil empire in one final clash on a grand stage. Pull your heads out of the clouds and out of your asses. This ends with each and every one of you wishing you had made better choices in life that didn’t lead you to the biggest defeat you will ever taste in your entire life. This ends with someone who wants change just as badly as you do actually doing something about it that will work. It’s a shame to see what needs to be done to each and every one of you, because you all being here on this team means that maybe we could have been allies. But I’m glad you’ve shown to me already that you’re not fit to change anything and you’re sure as shit not fit to be my allies.”
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Territorial Invasion resembles like a second home to me. I’ve had many positive experiences at past TI’s that inflate my “ego” and so called arrogance even more. I won my first Vixens title in one and I also won my second Vixens title the year after. This will be the third Territorial Invasion I will be participating in. It’s the first FPV in three long years that I’m going to be in. Even though it’s been so long, my preparation routine for the Hall of Fame Championship match is nothing but nostalgic. The confidence, the happiness that once overtook my entire body is now back.  However, that doesn’t completely omit the negative thoughts that linger in my mind. So many thoughts run through my mind just thinking about Saturday. I sometimes feel confident, ready to jump over the hurdles that come my way. And sometimes I feel the absolute opposite. I know, I know, it’s shocking to see that even the pristine Kendra Shamez doubt herself sometimes. What can I say? I’m a woman who is true to herself as well as her fans and shows that she’s not an egoistic bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone else.
Although, I must inform all of you that after Showdown, that doubt, that uncertainty that lurked in the back of my head has been completely abolished. After the win Starr Stan and I got over Moony and Ava, I feel absolutely unstoppable. My adrenaline is still over the charts and it’s showing no signs of it going down. I am so pumped and ready for Territorial Invasion that I’m just counting down the days, hours and minutes for our match to come. On Showdown I proved that it doesn’t matter what situation I’m in, I will use my resources to the best of my abilities and I will always prevail. I know that you’re still unimpressed which if you haven’t noticed; I never gave a damn about whether I impressed you or not in the first place. And you can call me out on being an “opportunist” all you want, a win is a win. You can’t talk ill of me for being smart and taking the opportunities that are thrown at me. God, I could only imagine what went through your thick skull once Starr and I were announced as the winners of the match. I bet the moment you felt the vibration of the three thuds being caused by the referee’s hand pounding on the fucking mat; your heart fell through your stomach. And I wouldn’t blame you. I know that someone as ARROGANT and cocky as you would die if someone who they looked down to had a victory over them.  But it’s okay. We’ll see until Territori….

Wait, what?

Everyone, everyone! Drop everything and let’s take a second listen to the words coming out of Cameron Ella Ava’s sloppy mouth. What did she say?...

“I look into Kendra’s eyes and I don’t feel the motivation or fire in her eyes.”

Honey, you obviously have something wrong with your sad, pitiful eyes if you cannot see the passion I bring with me into matches. You obviously have some sort of god damn stigmatism if you cannot VISIBLY SEE that I am one of the most motivated vixens to have ever walked through that ring. I think after that comment, I cannot take you seriously anymore. Not only does it make you look bad but it also makes me incredibly pissed off. It pisses me off because you’re so stubborn! I mean, really? You’re going to question whether I have motivation or if the fire within my system is lit? Newsflash Sherlock, I’ve been giving our match and overall feud 110 percent. I’ve been here day in and day out just trying to redeem myself from walking out on EAW years ago. And from what I have heard, everyone has noticed that I’ve been working my ass off. So you think I’m going to take a second glance at my performance just cause some prissy, uptight chick is telling me that I just motivation oozing from my fucking eyes? Get real, girl.

 You’re the person that a lot of the Vixens look up to? Jeez, no wonder half of the fucking roster is obliterated. The fact that you CANNOT under any circumstances get off of your high horse is unbelievable.  That’s why I’m going into our match with fists full of rage. Before having the opportunity to talk to you during my three years of being MIA, I envied you. I was jealous of your fame and popularity and I felt like I was more deserving of it. Now, I could care less whether people like me or if I’m popular amongst the crowd. Now, it’s much more personal. You have insulted me. You have spit on my accomplishments. You have taken multiple shits on pride. I’m done trying to talk some sense into you. It’s like trying to get a rock to do some tricks. Simply not worth it. On Territorial Invasion I’m GOING to take away the Hall of Fame championship from your grubby little hands. I’m GOING to pin you and I’m GOING to be declared the winner. Your reign is unfortunately going to get cut short. Let’s see if once I’m holding the HOF Championship proudly above my head after our match, you can see the motivation in my eyes.

It looks as if we've got some conflicting opinions. On one hand, Zack Crash tells us..

The men who fight for them hmm? And who are the men who fight for him? Men like this?

Is that what's supposed to make me second-guess my chances? Or do statements like this?

I'm kind of getting mixed signals here, Crash is supposedly running this well-oiled operation who have been united by their hatred of me, right? Yet, if there's any team that lacks unity between the two going into TI it's his. So whom should I fear? I know plenty of people who think I should be afraid. I hear the murmurs, ''DC's on Team Crash now, DDD's fucked'', ''Oh, Tyler Parker's with Crash? Guess we're getting a new Chairman''. Cynics left and right want to reduce my alliance with Dark Demon to nothing more than a train-wreck, and discredit my partnership with Ryan Savage as a parasitic bond. But in a team with such difference in opinions and difference in motive as my opponents, why should I second-guess my forces who've had little to zero conflict and believe even for a second that I am at a disadvantage? The irony is Team Crash is EVERYTHING I thought it'd be, a band of entitled self-pitying pricks who will sell their soul for a handout, yet this is the tank coming my way to blow down the walls of my fortress?? Looks pretty flimsy to me, but then again so has Zack Crash's whole argument. Where do the lies end, where does the truth begin?? I'll tell you where they don't, they don't start with President Crash in office. And I'll make damn sure that it doesn't happen, only over my dead body. I cant help but draw up comparisons to our political Commander in Chief who, when approached with answers of how to handle the latest terrorist threat responds with the usual ''we are the greatest nation in the world'' with two thumbs up. Sounds to me like nothing more than hopeless, meaningless pandering. Sound familiar? To me, it sounds eerily similar to Zack Crash's ''make EAW for the extremists'' propaganda load of fucking bullshit. Clearly there's not a straightforward bone in Zack Crash's body, but I'll be sure to break any and every bone needed to get the job done. Then hopefully the next time you think about voting ''no confidence'' in a realist and go with the politician, remember this: politicians lie.

But this isn't geared towards Zack Crash, but more his believers. Specifically four albeit talented Extremists have put themselves in the line of fire for Zack Crash when it's clear as daylight Crash wouldn't do the same for them. In fact, one guy said it best..

Diamond Cage, despite the irony in that statement, I concur. And I guess I'll address you first because you joining Team Crash was kind of a blow. Believe me, I'm not going to make like your team leader and pretend I ever gave much of a fuck about you. I knew you were the man for the job to help take EAW back from Scott Diamond and you were. You and I were the only ones who made it out of that bitch alive last year, and it's because I knew you weren't a politician but because you were a fighter. I promised you Main Events, and you got your main events. You got them at TI, at Dynasty vs Showdown, King of Extreme and a World Title shot at the Grand Rampage, and I wasn't even running the company. Now Crash wants to pull the same trick I did and the problem I have with this.. the thing that surprised me and struck me about you joining is that yeah, you're stupid enough to make a dumb mistake, but I didn't think you were stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. I honestly thought you were smarter than that, I thought you had more balls than that, I thought you had more integrity than to cave like that. You claim to be this guy who calls it like you see it, yet this Saturday you're going to be walking into War Games fighting for a man who you know doesn't give a damn about you. Me on the other hand, I got down on my knees in front of the world and begged for your help and I know you don't believe this, but I truly did feel as though we had formed bond during those Team DEDEDE 2013 days, even if it didn't last too long. But yes, you're well aware, everyone's well aware that I screwed you over at House of Glass and spent the rest of the year trying to ruin your life the same way you tried to ruin mine. We went to war with each other, against each other and I would've though you learned by now the consequences of playing with poison and how it's best to cover all the cracks.. but you've left the back door open again this time. This time you made a grave mistake.. so I just wanted to ask tough guy, ''rebel''.. 

I just wanted to ask how does it feel? Being just another tool in Zack Crash's shed?

Because as much as you try to push your individuality, you're still just another spoke on the wheel for him. As much as you claim to be this ruthless relentless fighter who takes no interest in politics, you missed out the biggest detail of politics.. you may never take an interest in them, but they will always take an interest in you. You said it; you don't need to beat Team DEDEDE, you don't need to be on Team Crash, BUT YOU ARE. You call Zack Crash out on his bullshit and now you wish to lie in it.. and I'm still supposed to believe this tough guy macho ''RAAH RAHHH IM A FIGHTER IM A WAR MACHINE'' bullshit? No, Cage, you're not a rebel, but maybe you're right about being a Machine, because Machines don't have minds of their own. They aren't bought to think or to have opinions about this fucked up world that we live in, they're used to create, manufacture, repair or in your case, kill. No conscience, no opinions, no thoughts. Are you're fine with having that as your role? Are you fine with being the guy who Zack Crash thinks he can toss around whether it be out of title matches or into War Game matches provided I were to lose this War Games match?? EVEN I HAVE MORE FUCKING RESPECT FOR YOU THAN THAT! But you know what? Fine. That's what you want? Good, now I know you for who you truly are. Not this ruthless demented Diamond Cage, but just some mutt that'll let his master wave ''Title Matches'' in his face and lure him into playing fetch like a FUCKING DOG.

Nevertheless the last few weeks I've mingled with beasts and like a true general, lead the attack on the enemy. In broad terms, I jumped Diamond Cage. I jumped Alex Anderson, I attacked Zack Crash, I did whatevers necessary, because if you're willing to go to war with me we don't wait 'till the night of, we're enemies from jump-street. Diamond Cage and his double standards and false sense of individuality are one thing, but I can deal with that because he still isn't the biggest hypocrite on his team. Hell, not even Zack Crash is the biggest hypocrite on his team. The biggest hypocrite on Team Crash goes by the name of Tyler Parker, the man who thinks he can take his angst out on Ryan Savage and call him out with the same, tired old insults that every curtain jerker in the back jealous of his success would use. Is that the level you've chosen to stoop to? Reverting to the same old "you're riding DEDEDE's coattails" argument? You do realize Ryan hit you with the Package Piledriver and pinned you to the mat for three seconds right? What do you think discrediting Ryan Savage would do for you? If I were you--or if you were smart--I would be praising Ryan Savage and giving him the credit he deserves for being able to put your shoulders to the mat, and admit that you underestimated him, if for nothing else simply to save-face and not look even more like the embarassment Mr. DEDEDE said you were. 

You think I've been ignoring you, I haven't. I've been paying attention, I heard every word you said as you tried to degrade a young man who dropped you on your head on Dynasty and made you the afterthought just like that. I just gave you time to process what I said to you on Saturday night when I told you exactly like it is, but I guess you can't even do that. I told you this isn't ''One More Round'' because this was never a fight. I'll openly and whole-heartedly admit you have what it takes to beat me in a match one on one, you've PROVEN after seven years that you can hang with the very best! Good, you just made a million dollars, that makes you a certified millionaire! ''Just like me'', I'm a millionaire too, a multi-millionaire, which means we're both millionaires! That doesn't mean you're in my tax bracket. Understand? This has never been a competition between you and I, because I've never felt threatened by you. You have some nerve to come at Ryan sideways for virtually everything people have said about you. Even after I dropped you for your incompetence following last years TI, you were at my feet like a battered wife still clamoring for my attention and I only had rejection to offer you, because you deserved it. And if it isn't my name you're latching onto, it's Y2Impacts. You're nothing more than a fucking whore, and I've figured this to be true for a while now. Say what you want about Ryan Savage, but if I turned my back on him tomorrow he'll move on with his life.  He didn't need me to get this far, the only reason he's in this match is for to help me, not the other way around. He'll survive and thrive in any era of EAW and he doesn't bitch up the ladder like some of your teammates. He doesn't need my acceptance, but you'll never live without the acceptance of somebody, whether it be Y2Impact or especially me, because you owe your career to me. And if you can't have that, the best you think you can do is try to get on my level, and I know that's why you'd love nothing more for Zack Crash to knock me down a few rungs so that goal becomes conceivable. Plot twist: It's not. Spoiler: It won't happen. Synopsis: You never had a chance. This whole thing of ''One More Round'' ''One More Round'' is just another pathetic attempt. A pathetic attempt because the last time you and I shared a wrestling ring you powerbombed me through it, hit the Across The Park and finished me, yet nobody thinks you're on my level. At this point, nothing you do is ever enough because for every step forward its two steps backwards. You've been a hopeless cause for a while, but when you joined Zack Crash that was the icing on the cake. I had the hunch you were a waste of my fucking time, but on that day you removed all doubt.

We'll never be equals. Oh certainly you can try, but this match at the War Games won't be your launching pad to the heights I've reached. You can shoot for the stars but you'll never reach the eye in the sky. You can aim at the sun but you'll never get past the wall of flames. In that realm I am the puppet-master and control the strings, that is where I become like God. When you try to compete with me you face an enemy unlike any other. Alex Anderson, unaware of this thinks he can use me as that stepping stone the same way he's used everyone else in the match as mere launching pads. Boy, this Team Crash has a chemistry unlike any other doesn't it! I'll admit, I've never lead the perfect TI team, but I always had a hunch that with Zack Crash's message, some of the most cancerous personality's in EAW history would arise and take his side and sure enough, that's come to pass. Alex Anderson falls right into that category of selfishness and sense of entitlement, but I'll give you this, at least you're honest. You don't have to lie or twist facts or leave things out like your partners. Unfortunately, you're not very smart, so you're going to contradict yourself naturally but at least I know it comes from the heart. That's all that counts, right?

Unfortunately, as usual you've taken the black and white approach to this and simply think that because you've beaten Demon, or because Tyler and DC have beaten me or since Xavier's beaten Ryan that the story stops there. Like Ryan and I didn't just beat your overconfident ass on Dynasty, like Demon hasn't accomplished things nobody on your team has, like Crimson Mask hasn't outclassed everyone hes been in the ring with, like JV hasn't defied the odds, like Ryan's not a prodigy, like Demon's not a KILLER, like I'm not a God. I know where we stand, but your team stands divided and believe me when I tell you divided you'll fall. You think spending four years making just about as much of an impact as Ryan Savage has in 9 months qualifies you for some special credence? You just think you're so special now; you truly think you've seen it all before.. even though you've never headlined an FPV, even though you've never been in a battle for the company, you've never stepped foot in the War Games you sure know what you're in for right? AA, you've seen nothing. It's apparent, with how you think these last few weeks were just a living hell for you when that was only the easy part... you think the attacks lead on you by Crimson Mask, JV and I was war? Those were just kiddie games AA, those were just crumbs. We haven't gotten to the feast yet! The end isn't anywhere in sight, WE HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN STARTED! No Alex Anderson, because you didn't carry out my whims and sacrifice what little bit of dignity you had left after that awful, cringe-worthy ''REALLY GOOD'' heap of crap you've made a career altering decision. You've made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in the line of fire with a man who wouldn't waste a bullet for you, and for that you have to pay the consequences. Zack Crash gets to be that Archduke who was gunned down and the way I take him down will go down in history. You are just another soldier on the frontlines who gets to be the fall-guy. We've had a lot of people join this company over the last 7 years, how many of them are even remembered? You think anybody's thinking about Speedy? Or Bobby Cash? How about Hardy Boyz? Men who have accomplished just about as much as you have and  you probably don't even know who they are. Do you really think you're as permanent as you say you are? You made the worst mistake of your career, a mistake that I now understand was not out of passion but was pre-meditated, and you've gone from facing temporary humiliation to a fate more permanent and less glamorous. You are the soldier who gets his head shot off before he even finishes kissing his dogtag on the beach of Normandy in 44'. You think you're special because you've managed to keep a job here for this long, but you threw it all away when you joined Zack Crash. You came from the young student of the game with a bit of experience and a ton of potential, to just another casualty. 

And I have no remorse to offer you.

None for any of you. You all chose this. They say Dark Demon and the rest of Team EDEDE sold his soul to Mr. DEDEDE; but Tyler Parker, Diamond Cage, Xavier Williams and Crimson Mask signed their lives away to Zack Crash. A man who cannot protect them, a man who cannot even feed them or promise them tomorrow. And in return for his teams service, I, a man who has every have promised them inheritance of the world! Zack Crash has nothing to offer his soldiers. The real tragedy however isn't that Zack Crash is a liar, only that theres men who believe them. In exchange, they pay his debt with their careers. What a shame.
(We cut to a dark room with Scott Oasis sitting in a chair right in from of the camera, half of his face consumed by the shadows. The opening beat to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana plays in the background as he speaks.)

Scott Oasis: Saturday, September 20th will mark my first full month in the company. That isn't why this date is important though. I'll actually have my first title shot that same day. That's pretty impressive isn't it? Think about it, four short weeks and already I'm in the hunt for the New Breed Championship. Do you know what that tells you?

(We start hearing the lyrics of the song as we are greeted to a sizzle reel of Scott Oasis.)

Scott Oasis: It tells you that when Scott Oasis gets in that ring he gives that little extra. He does something that makes you set your DVR and rewind and rewind and rewind. When I go out there, bad things happen to good people. I've been on three episodes and for three episodes somebody has been injured at my hands. I make it my mission that by the end of the night, somebody gets laid out, whether it be Jack Noble, an official or Andrew Fireboy, or anyone else who is in that ring with me.

(Footage of what happened to Andrew Fireboy on Showdown are replayed with Scott's voice interjecting between each key moment.)


Scott Oasis: My game plan may not be respectable but it doesn't matter to me. I mean hey, this federation was built on fast paced, adreanline fueled action with men running down that ring and beating the ever loving shit out of each other, there was no courtesy. Before your cookie cutter guys, you know what I saw when I sat on my torn up old couch and changed the channel on that beat up TV of mine? I was watching people like Extreme Enigma and Jay Walker. People who you looked at and could tell deserved some gold! I remember being in the back at the wrestling school I trained at, we were all packed in one tiny room like a bunch of sardines, checking out the first Reasonable Doubt. I saw things like Mak vs HBB and it just made think about the future of wrestling as a whole. After that show I just sat there with the other prospects and we talked for hours and hours. This memory came back to me just a few days back and it made me sick. Think about it. They set a standard for us. They brought it in that ring and when they were done they threw the ball in our court so we did what was expected of us and we picked it up. It was now our turn to run with it, but look what we have done when given the opportunity. What once was an exciting company filled with risk takers has taken a nose dive in competition. We went from legitimate badasses to people playing dress up and shouting nonsense catch phrases. This has turned into a comedy act and I'm about to change that.


Scott Oasis: I am not part of the New Breed. I am a part of breed that is slowly becoming extinct. Don't you wonder why the guys who lead the way for us years ago are still beating us? It's because this generation doesn't know how to take. You need to have an attitude, you need to learn not to take crap from anybody! Why is the guy who is supposed to represent our future perfectly fine with being on the Pre-Show like he's some kind of nobody who was fresh off wrestling in high school gyms? If that was me it would be a whole different story because I know when somebody disrespects me I let my pressence be felt.


Scott Oasis: At the end of the day what I have done has gotten me noticed, FACT.

Deadprez: Hades, Vic, and Norman better speculate that there may be another monster on this brand and we’re looking at him. Scott is a human wrecking ball! I believe we haven’t seen an end to this carnage!

Scott Oasis: Another fact is that what I do is needed. Disagree with it all you want but tell me, is biding your time really worth it? Sure, you may get a positive result when it's all said and done but the journey it takes to get there is just a long and winding road of table scraps, awful card placings and embarrasment. My method on the other hand has been an instant success, look at where I'm at right now! Unlike the people who are perfectly fine with stagnation, I don't accept mediocrity, I thrive on challenges. Once a goal of mine is complete, I move on to another. When the bar has been raised, I drag it up just a little bit further, I never stop reaching which is why I'm the person I am! I should be your New Breed champion not because I have the look or I can get a crowd behind me, but because I'm raw, I represent what professional wrestling should always be! I'm not going to come out here and make you laugh, or put a smile on your face, I come out here to beat on guys until they can't get up for the count of three, that has been my job and so far I've done it well.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner... SCOTTTTTTT OAAAAAASSSSIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!

Scott Oasis: Nobody in that Battle Royal can say that they are superior to me, some might be just as good in ring but what seperates me from them is the willingness to go that extra mile. I piledrived Crimson Mask straight to the mat just three weeks ago. I could have broke his neck. I could have paralyzed him, or even worse, killed him!..... I would have had no problem sleeping that night because in my head I knew that it was going to get me a victory and that's all I care about. Of course Jack had to jump in but we all know that whole story, I scared him so badly he hasn't appeared at an EAW event since that night! After hearing all of this, I would just love to know who people think still has a chance against me, I mean, look at the list of participants.

(We see a series of clips that include that include Collin Lightening, Antonio Williams and Mitchell Ward.)

Scott Oasis: Mitch, Collin, Antonio, pfft, please, I saw their names and realized I had jack shit to worry about. Who here has ever been intimidated by these three men? Every Collin Lightening match I've seen for months has involved him getting outwrestled and outclassed.  It's so cute too, he weights about a buck sixty five, never accomplished a thing in his life yet talks trash like he's the next wonder of the world. Where I came from, guys like you were thrown into the mix to give a guy a warm up before the big match. I have one word to describe you Collin: filler. You add no importance to this match other than numbers and that won't even matter because it will dwindle down as soon as the bell rings if I have my way. Mitchell, looks scary and could bring fear into the eyes of an opponent....it's just too bad when it's time to fight you aren't anything special. You lost your debut and then followed that up with a win over A-Will like that is anything to be proud of. You don't stand out as a big player at all, rather just a pawn to be removed. This is just annoying more than anything, you don't put the goldfish in with a shark and that's exactly what you're doing right now. When a lion is on the hunt it's no fun attacking a sleeping gazelle and messing around with it. They want their kill to be satisfying, a proud feeling when they sink their teeth deep into the flesh of it's prey and think about how hard they worked for it. Who else was there? Oh yeah, we go from D level athletes to grade A wannabes, Antonio Williams! If you want to know him in a nutshell, he's just a little boy trying to act hard. He wishes so badly to be a tough guy, it's just too bad the viewers have nothing to do but laugh when you come out here acting like your some thug from the hood when you're still sporting a buzz cut. Drop the act, I don't like wasting my time with pretenders, you either have it or you don't. You're not some street fighter, you're a purist, and that's your problem. You can be the most technical guy around but that isn't going to help you take a chair shot to the head. You're just not ready, A-Will, and I'm going to show that when I out do you this coming weekend.

(A promo package of The Nas and Aren Msistlav are then shown.)

Scott Oasis: Guess who's back fresh off an injury! It's Nas! Normally I'd take shots at you for your cartoony catch phrases and the fact you talk in third person, but that isn't the thing that will decide if you win or lose. What will is that little rivalry brewing between you and your former partner Aren. You aren't prepared for the other ten men in this match, you two are going to tear each other limb from limb without caring if you win. You're like pilots fighting over the controls, you know you're going down and you just allow yourselves to crash and burn. Even if either of you can get past that grudge, do you stand a chance? No. Aren you were struggling with only two men last week on Dynasty and Nas, I know you are still hurt. You aren't just out for months and come back fine, you're still feeling the pain, you're still vulnerable, and I'm going to target that vulnerability. I'm going to corner you in that ring and beat you like feral animal. You're a master of insults and you damn sure know not to take shit from anyone judging by what happened last Sunday but you can't hide the fact you're easy pickings. You have ring rust, you lack stanima and when you're not ring ready you damn sure don't have any endurance. You picked the wrong time to have a return match, you want to prove yourself but all you're going to experience is failure.

(Clips of Matt Miles are spliced in.)

Scott Oasis: Speaking of failure, how about Matt Miles, the joke of the locker room. I feel sorry for him, to be honest.  For weeks you have been forced to listen to people shout "Really good, really good, really good!" at you every match you compete in. It's effected you, I know it has, you aren't used to struggle and anybody can see it from how you've reacted to it. The rants to the fans, throwing AA under the bus, the steel cage challenge, all things out of your character. You aren't the type to be challenged and it shines through. AA was giving you an ass kicking of a life time on Showdown and there's no deny that if it wasn't for the fact Ventura was out there to represent Team DeDeDe you would have lost. Time after time you have gone out of your way to establish yourself and look what happens. You've created the most hilarious chant in years, you turned on your buddy, ran away with your tail between your legs, and then that  buddy proceeded to make you his bitch on live TV. You may be wealthy but what does that matter here when you can't wrestle to save your life? You have shown that you have nothing to offer at all, yet here you are getting handed these high profile positions over and over . I don't see anybody else get handed an open microphone, a cage match and a title shot all in the span of three weeks. I also don't see somebody make a fool of themselves three times in a row either. You shouldn't be champion, plain and simple. Everything that this company was founded on, you are the exact opposite. This place is filled with good, hard working men who also happen to be some of the ugliest sons of bitches I've ever seen on the face of the earth, but then here you are, the baby faced pretty boy, the rich kid from California, who can't wait to show off his gold. You've barely survived thus far and even now that survival is in jeopardy, I know your type, you're going to get eaten alive real soon. Don't believe me? I've seen guys like you come to the streets with thousands of dollars and in three days they're dead broke with no where to go except die in a ditch. They had their wake up call, it's time for yours now. Before you can be champion you need to humble yourself and trust me, come Territorial Invasion you will be humbled...with a little Midas touch.

(We get more footage of Andrew's loss to Scott on Showdown.)

Deadprez: This match is officially underway, but Andrew Fireboy is hardly moving! I think the damage has been done, but Scott Oasis now lifting Fireboy’s lifeless body in between his legs… PILEDRIVER! THAT RUTHLESS PILEDRIVER TAKES ANDREW FIREBOY OUT THIS WEEK! THE COVER!

Scott Oasis: Andrew, Andrew, Andrew....you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I had to make an example of you, last week I had been left unfullfilled by some coward who was to scared to fight. I needed people to know that I don't play any games. You want to start something with Scott Oasis? Well, this is how it's going to end. You weren't defeated, you were victimized. I have no problem admitting that what I did was a down and dirty assault against an innocent man. Other than his big mouth, he was harmless, he hadn't done anything to me but you know what? He should have saw it coming. After you tuned in and saw me harm an untrained official you should know that there aren't any depths I won't stoop to in order to get what I want. The main trigger behind that attack was the fact you claimed you were The King of Gods. Somebody calls themselves better be ready to defend that claim. A god could take a club to the back. A god could take a powerbomb to the apron. A god could take a piledriver. You couldn't.With three simple moves, you were down for the count. You should have known your limitations, that's all I'm saying. You've been neutralized, there's no coming back. To put things in perspective for you: you aren't winning.

(Highlights of Lochlan and the momentum he's gained are shown.)

Scott Oasis: Lochlan. I'm going to be honest, the guys wrestling is on point and he seems like a genuine person. That's all fine and good, but here's the thing: you don't get by on being genuine. You're the type of guy to look in the eyes of your mortal enemy and offer a handshake. That's not what you do to get ahead, you spit in that bastards face and you deck him. You have heart and that's respectable but be aware that I'm out to rip it straight from your chest . You want to be champion? Than drop the poster boy mentality. For one night, I want you to drop everything people have thought of you since you came to the scene. Drop the Sharpshooter and trade it in for some eye gouging. Turn that need to please the fans into a need to shock them. Most of all, turn all of that love for this business into a place of hate. Think about it, your a great performer, than look at all the others in the match up. Doesn't that make you question some things? Think about the loss you had on Voltage because of your useless partner, think of the fact you're on the Pre Show, ball all of that up and turn it into motivation! You need to get violent and I'm not just talking about hurting, I'm talking about hospitalizing! You want that championship, well I want it to and the only way you are going to get it is if you can get to a level even sicker than mine. You can't just throw me out, I'm too big for that, a sacrifice will have to be made and it's up to you to make it. I hope you keep that into consideration, because if not you are in for a long, long night.

(Redmond and Tiberius Jones are the next to be featured, showing off what they've done since they debuted.)

Scott Oasis: Redmond, there's really not much to really say about you. You're big in size yet lack in everything else. You can be powerful, but if you don't know how to use that power you're nothing but a non factor, just like Tiberius. TJ needs to realize what sport he's in. Cracking jokes, playing kiddie games, I don't have patience for that. The fact that you named one of your moves after something from Dragonball just shows how serious you take this. When things go down you need to be prepared, you won't be all smiles when a man has you on the ground and he's pounding, and pounding, and pounding on you. Try spraying your mist, I'll just nail you in the jaw and make you spit out ; it ain't happening.

(Lastly, we get highlights of Jamie O Hara and his title win just a few weeks ago.)

Scott Oasis: You know what else ain't happening? Jamie O' Hara walking away with that gold still around his waist. The statistics are against him with there being a less than eight point five percent chance he actually retains. His size is against him with about half the competitors being bigger and stronger than him. Most of all, I'm against him. Jamie, I woke up this morning and watched your interview and there was a question in there that stuck to me. You asked how much we wanted that title and if we'd be proud to hold it. That was an insult. I want that championship more than anything else, holding that title means that you are the wrestler of tomorrow, the guy people could look to as a measuring stick. With that title I can change the performance of every person in that locker room because they'll see me holding that New Breed Championship, a belt that isn't even a World title and realize that if they want to succeed in anything they're going to have to kill themselves! So yeah, I would be proud to hold that championship. That aside, a lot of what you had to say was valid. When you are knocked down, you get back up and that's the thought of a true champion. You see, you and me are alike in a lot of ways, the only difference is going to be which one of us comes out the victor this Saturday. The question is will it be you, Jamie, who comes out of his first defense still champion or will the Big Hoss who's looking to make a name for himself get what he feel he deserves. No matter what happens, I guarantee I'm heading into that ring in the best damn shape I've ever been. I'll head down to that ring and take an ass kicking, I'll give you every drop of sweat and every ounce blood until I can give you no more. I understand those guys are hungry so I know exactly what to expect. I expect to be on the ground in agony. I expect to see my head bounce off the canvas. I expect to see the blood of not just my opponents but myself and I'm just salivating at the thought of it all because then the need to out do others will kick in for me. My body could be broken down but as long as I'm conscious I'll still be going and that's what it's like when you're hunting, if there's bullets left in that gun you're going to keep coming in for that kill! You wouldn't know what that's like Jamie, you aren't on the hunt anymore, the determination you once had is the never the same. You realized your dream and that's always when the story ends, as unfortunate as it is. You've reached the pinnacle, you can only go down from here! .....You're going to find that out this Saturday, just like everyone else. You can call it ego, but when you truly believe you can back it up like I do, it's safe to say that there will be a new champion and his name is Scott Oasis.


(The final verse of the song plays as the vignette finishes.)
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Nah, what you are fighting for is redemption, you are fighting to redeem yourself from being Starr's bitch, to resorting to being Mr. DEDEDE's bitch. Real nice, clever, you weren't going anywhere, DDD hypes you up on his team as a former GR winner, but what have you done since then that I haven't already surpassed? Really you prove my point about EAW extremist you and old, past and present and even future. You will look at me, and you'll talk about world titles, and make fun of me for not having none or say I make excuses, which is admirable. I wouldn't expect anything less, but when the facts are as clear as day that I haven't been beaten in any of my world title matches, and the only time my shoulders were counted was when it was Dark Demon, Cleopatra and Zack Crash and Starr Stan Vs. Diamond Cage at Grand Rampage for the Answers World Championship. Is there any world championship for you to defend yourself? Nah all you have to defend yourself is being a lap dog for horrible stables like the DWO, and having a mentor in Starr Stan, all you got is the fact that you won Grand Rampage off of a fluke. And maybe I do sound cliche, but the proof is so evident. It's elementary Ventura, because if it wasn't a fluke, you'd have something better than me, you'd have the right to talk about me having a World title to represent my legacy. Instead what you got, is nothing but a chance to step in the ring with Diamond Cage when he is the most destructive force in EAW today, you talk about favorites. Very so we may be the favorites, but I don't care about being the favorites because that doesn't mean we are a shoe in to destroy you all and win easy, nah I am taking this seriously but the one thing I'm not taking seriously is Johnny Ventura. You got screwed? You are making excuses right now, see a man like you was one of these guys put on this pedestal, and most of these fans look at that pedestal and think I ain't shit, that I ain't on your level. But I don't come out here and bitch and moan, when I go to the back of the line I fight to the front because I am made out of this stuff called humble pie, it taste like shit. It sucks, obviously wasn't made by a woman, you are made out of “If's” you probably live by “If's” but who can you blame for losing to Liam huh? Who can you really blame besides yourself? No one, because really you are the reason you will always be remembered as another career drowning in the deep waters, while the most hard working man in the business today is in the front line, not drowning but instead swimming with these sharks and making sushi out of these great whites! 

Moving onto Ryan Savage, of course you wouldn't care about what Mr. DEDEDE did to me, because you have a female like complex, really your ovaries explode whenever his name is mentioned. Here's a poem for you Ryan, You believe in change, you believe 1 + 1 = 2, you believe the grass is green the sky is blue, and you believe that Mr. DEDEDE isn't a total tool. Sums it up enough? I can see why you would say some bullshit like that too, because he's your friend. Your partner, well he wasn't your partner on Dynasty when I dropped you on your head, and you haven't been through anything in this business remotely close the what that son of a bitch has put me through, you haven't lost your children, your wife, your life which is this business. You've had shit sugar coated and sweet, you've had a fucking picnic while I was trying to get rid of the ants in my fucking potato salad! You haven't been stabbed in the back, but it will happen, I don't know when, I don't know where, but when you taste it. And it taste like shit, you'll realize that is what you needed and you won't need to team with Mr. DEDEDE, but you need to learn the hard way, you need to learn with me driving this fist into your face and just beating the shit out of you that I am not an enemy you want to make. Fighting for Mr. DEDEDE is cool and all, I did it, I mean I didn't get anywhere, but Mr. DEDEDE surely will get somewhere, but you won't listen because you don't care. But if you didn't care, then why did you join Team DEDEDE in the first place? You basically whore'd your way into a main event you aren't ready for, you playing with fire kid. And trust me, this fire won't just burn your finger for you to learn your lesson, it'll barbeque you. And our story continues, the war of words contines, now Mr. DEDEDE you were so right, I don't need to obey Crash, but I bet if I joined you I would have to obey you right? I would have to listen to 'Gawd' right? You are so full of shit, but you are right that I have been fighting for three years, THREE YEARS to get a world title and Zack took it from me, you took something from me too, but I joined Zack not just for the Answers World Title shot, I DESERVE to be in the main event of this show and I deserve to prove that I am not just spilling bullshit for a title shot, that I actually deserve the title shot, so maybe you can consider me not a member of Team Crash, hell don't even consider me a member of your team either, consider me on Team Cage, fighting for what I believe in, and if anyone gets in my way they get their head stomped. Story over, and you know I can do it, you know better than anybody I can take years off another man's career, don't kiss my ass and then take my head off with a steel chair, I still owe you a beating for allowing you to breathe after putting me through such torture, but War Games. Were going to get a lot of things straighten out, one of those things being that those two rings, belong to me, and when I step in them and I am in the middle of that ring in battle. I am a god, not a rap god, not a kanye west, not a super saiyan god, not whatever bullshit god you think exist, I am a god in this ring because I am unbeatable, you can beat every part of my flesh, pound me into submission, hit me with chairs, bricks, throw a fucking cannon ball at me, I'll stare at you with a smile and ask you for another. So I want you to remember when you step in the ring at Territorial Invasion, this isn't a fight to the death. This isn't DC fighting like a dog because someone waved a title shot in front of my face, this is DC fighting where he belongs. Where he should have been after he kicked your ass, Jay's ass, I should have been in the main event. Not you, not Mikado Sekaiichi, but you want to know why you were in the main event? Because god forbid this drooling sack of shit Diamond Cage is in the main event, god forbid this piece of garbage scumbag terrible father Diamond Cage main events Pain for Pride, but god praise em, when fucking Ryan Adams main events Pain for Pride while I open it. Maybe you got me back for putting you in a wheelchair that way. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise, but DDD I want you to realize that War Games means everything to me, its a first time ever for me, but it isn't my first time in a war, and as you know I will win this war, the battle will never determine the fate of the war.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on September 15th 2014, 9:16 pm by LVCIAN
You can begin by telling the world how it felt getting your ass put through an announce table. Or you can begin by telling the world how it felt getting eliminated from the Grand Rampage match by Lucian Black. It seems to me you still haven't assimilated what I did to you several weeks ago. You still haven't come to terms with the fact I hurt you in a way nobody ever has before not even all the extremists you named. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally wise as well. I damaged your pride. It's ironic because you attempted to damage MY pride many, many times in the past yet it endured, it remained intact throughout all of these years.,Nobody has been able to damage it. It was facile to damage yours. I did it easily. You're so fragile, so vulnerable it amuses me. Your biggest flaw and weakness is your ego, Kevin. And ultimately that will lead you to your downfall. You have this misconception that I am making you waste your time, that I am the one who stood on your path to glory and perhaps you're right... I did stood upon your path to a more prosperous career but I did for one reason and one reason only because YOU attacked ME. You got in my way first, you assaulted me while I had my back turned - like a coward and now it's time for you to face the repercussions from your actions. I should be the one who is pissed off, but I am calm and collected. Want to know why, Kevin? Because I know I have what it takes to stop you once and for all. YOU have opted for utter eradication of yourself not me. You failed to realized when you attacked me that by doing what you did you were ensuring a certain and decisive defeat. When I set YOU on fire I sure as hell won't extinguish it like you did, I will not have COMPASSION over your damn soul. It's not like you deserve it anyway. You never had compassion over me either, so why should I? Remember all the times you bullied me? All the times you and other extremists marginalized? I hope you remember all of those moments well because I want you to understand and entirely comprehend why I am going to kick your ass all over the arena. Not just because you invaded my territory and attacked me, but for EVERY SINGLE THING you ever did to me. If you honestly have the aspiration of reaching "God level" you're going to have to beat me, but you won't therefore the only level you're going to be reaching won't be God level, not even king level, hell, not even PRINCE level.. It will be PEASANT LEVEL. Your quest to "get what the hell you want" ends this Saturday when I humiliate you like you tried humiliating me so many times. You had so many chances to attain greatness, you had so many chances to solidify your dreams and you failed to capitalize on every opportunity that you ever had, every opportunity that was ever HANDED TO YOU ON A SILVER PLATTER. If you don't want me to talk about all the opportunities you have been given then STOP BITCHING ABOUT NOT GETTING ANY OPPORTUNITIES. I can get it done, I WILL get it done. I can do what nobody in history has had the capability to achieve. I already did not long ago on Dynasty when I put your decrepit ass through a table and I will do it again come Territorial Invasion.

EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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