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 EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, extremists, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

"Countless amount of men have held Championships, multiple men have held two different titles, but never in EAW has there been an extremist or Vixen that’s been at the top of the Tag Team Division by themselves." ~ Monstro

Um...what tag team division exactly...? Let's see here, there's Dynamite Rain, Demon's Council, THOR, and then a bunch of NEO teams. Now I never intended to come into EAW as a tag team competitor. I originally wanted to be the next big thing to hit this place. I wanted to prove I was better than the two premier guys ahead of me at the time of my debut, those being Ryan Savage and Terry Chambers. Seeing as how both of them are on the main roster now I should be the top talent here on NEO now technically huh? Well that would be the case, if only it weren't for you Monstro. Now I want to make something perfectly clear to you. And that is that yes, you did defeat me last week on NEO. You kept me down for the one...two...three. But I'm the type of man who get's right back up from a defeat. I know how to take a loss don't worry. I've only had three of them. First to Zack Crash, second to Dynamite Rain, and third was to you last week. I've had way more triumphs than defeats though. I've beaten Victor Vendetta, I've beaten Terry Chambers, and I've beaten Ryan Savage. I have proven that I can go with the best of them here on NEO. My time in the "developmental scene" reall shouldn't be too much longer. They might need to keep me down here however, seeing as I am more consistent of a performer than about ninety percent of the NEO roster, hmpf. But you see, every man has that one guy who will follow him throughout his career. Every man has that one guy who he is destined to compete against time and time again. Every man has that guy who will go down in history as his greatest personal rival throughout his journey to chase the dream of one day being the best damn extremist this company has ever seen. I think last week I found that man for me. Monstro I can tell, you and The Nas are virtually opposite. Personality wise, Ideoligy wise, etcetera etcetera etcetera. The Nas says that all great rivalries happen between men who's career paths go hand in hand, always. The Nas himself debuted just a few weeks before you did Monstro. Although you and The Nas may be very different, you're the same in a few ways as well. Both of us are at the very top here on NEO. We are both young stars just waiting to explode onto the scene of the main rosters. And we both are here in "The Land of Extreme" for the exact same reason. And that is to become the single greatest extremist that there ever was, just as The Nas said earlier. The Nas says that he don't care about these damn cups. He didn't even want to win them. The only thing The Nas saw was a way to make an immediate impact. That being becoming the inagural Young Lion Tag Team Cup Holder. Well The Nas says that he really isn't a Tag Team Competitor at heart. And that is because he don't like sharing the ring. The Nas says that he wants to face you Monstro...alone. I don't need that stupid piece of trash Aren Mstislav holding me down anymore. And I don't need him holding me back from a victory come Hellbound. And I especially don't need him screwing me over by getting himself pinned or forced to tap out. Aren come Hellbound, hell is going to find you in the unlikeliest of sources...Monstro, The Nas says that he will see you at Hellbound in singles competition for the tag team cups. And he don't give a damn what you, Aren, Jake Mercer, or anybody else has to say about it. As a matter a fact, there's only two things which any of you can do about it, absolutely nothin and LIKE IT!

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*At the unloading area of an airport, Carlos Rosso, GI Styles and Poison are all waiting for their bags to come along. As this is happening, however, GI appears to be frozen where he stands as he looks with a completely emotionless expression towards his phone, while Poison appears to be slightly worried and Carlos completely exasperated*
Carlos: Look, man. It had to happen eventually. You’re both on the same brand, so it was probably impossible that this wouldn’t have happened. Just…I don’t know.
*As their bags came around, Carlos lifted all of them out and, after it becoming obviously clear that GI wasn’t moving, he just sighed, dropped GI’s bags at his feet, before heading off, leaving his tag team partner to continue standing there. Suddenly moving, GI begins to purse his lip, and looks back towards where he just came out of. Throwing his phone back into his pocket, he eventually walks off screen himself, as the screen quickly fades to black*
*The feed fades back in, now taking place several hours later at a gym, where GI is working over a punching bag. As he lays down shot after shot, he appears to be heavily sweating, as the very tape around his wrists begins to wear down as he continues to work on the bag. After throwing in a few more shots, GI spins around and nails a strong Roundhouse Kick onto the bag, causing it to almost break away from its chain, before it swings back to GI, and sends him falling to the ground after hitting him in the leg. Sighing heavily, GI gets up as he appears to be fine, but quickly grabs a bottle of Gatorade and starts drinking it*
GI: OK. I may as well go in reverse order of people I’m pissed off with. Havier Williams…I will admit one thing. You and Eddie somewhat surprised me with how much of a problem you gave to Dynamite Rain. I didn’t expect you to be a complete pushover, but there were actually times when I thought we might have lost. Kudos to you on that, but I really need to level with you here, Hav…While our match on ShowDown ended in a less-than-glamorous non-result, you have to understand the gap in talents we are faced with. I have shot for World Championships, and you aim for the tag belts. I had the most memorable National Extreme title reign of all time, and you had a rather forgettable New Breed title reign. I am staking a claim to be a future Hall of Famer and a perennial historical name in this industry, and you are fighting just to remain employed. There are no true equals in this world, and that is certainly true between me and you, Havier. Now, don’t take this for me underestimating you. I refuse to do that to anyone. I am a staunch realist, so the principles of ‘Any Given Sunday’ hold painstakingly true to me, just as they should for anyone. When I fight, I fight knowing full well what you are capable of. I also fight knowing full well what I am capable of and that is where he faces a grand mismatch. I might have to keep an eye out for your group of fellow mooks, but to me, it doesn’t matter if I have to match blows with the Dark Demon himself to beat you. When we match up Dynamite Rain with any combination of Demon’s Council, we come out on top, always. The thing is, Cash in the Vault is something which would open a lot of doors for me. It would finally get the “Not a World Champion in EAW” monkey off my back, and since I am far more competent than Eddie Mack, I know I could succeed if I picked the right window. I know I’ll be fighting an uphill battle all the way, but for me to even begin that journey, I’ll need to complete the very achievable task of beating you. You will be my first footstep, Havier, and quite frankly, the way my will is formed now, if you want to take what I currently desire away from me- just like you failed to do at Dia Del Diablo- you’re going to have to go through hell and back to do it. Trust me on that.
So with that out of the way…
Yeah, Carlos. You’re right. This day had to come eventually. Dynamite Rain vs Tyler Parker and Y2Impact. OK. First off, Imp...If I was to say I respected anyone in this business, you would probably be fairly high up that list. Maybe not Carlos or Jaywalker high, but the fact that I beat you one-on-one, and that I didn’t need to stick to the lowest common denominator, is one of the top accomplishments in my career. Not that I haven’t beaten many other people over my time who are equal to, or even better than you, but the fact that at that time I considered myself still an outsider beating you in your own house…I hope this doesn’t come off as childish fanboyism, but when I’m old and senile, that is probably going to be one of my last memories to go, just because it represented the exact time when I officially made it in EAW. It was the first time when I thought that “Hey. Maybe I can be a World Champion in this company. Maybe I can be a big thing here”. It’s the time when I stopped becoming an outsider, and when I finally accepted myself as a big part of this company for many years to come. Yes, this sounds ridiculous since even to this day I do not regret what Carlos and I said which lead to the formation of the Quintessential Trailblazers. While I still dispute the legitimacy of your title win, my main point of focus is that, while this company is still only considered by me to be the group of people who sign my pay cheque, by beating you I could finally call this a place which could no longer simply dismiss me at a moment’s notice, like so many other companies have in the past. Any future success I will have in this company I place the starting point of it all from that point, so for me, every time I face you, it will hold an admittedly irrational significance to me, as I do not want to undermine that win any more than I have to. Obviously, losing won’t destroy me- or at least it won’t if you are responsible for the win- But for me this is all a matter of pride and legacy. Where the personal issues come into this problem lies with your tag partner.
So Tyler…Did I ever congratulate you for beating me?  I probably didn’t, and will continue not to, despite the fact that you earned it. You see, while I would naturally hate any many who took that title away from me, after what I did for it, it’s not like I can blame you for beating me. We all have our jobs and motivations, and you were more successful than me in the end. What I do have a problem with is one point which, once again is irrational, but will always be something I will hold against you. You received what I consider to be the closest thing in this company to a World Championship without it actually being classified as such, and while you should have been in a position to demand a 2014 Hall of Fame bid…You dropped it. Yeah, you went through a tough match against me, and yeah you had to face a fresh and healthy Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, but look at you now. You gained a throne, but lost your crown in the process. It wouldn’t make any sense for me to blame you for this, and yet I do. That’s what pisses me off most about this whole situation. Not only did you beat me for a title I carried on my back for 11 months, but now it means jack all because the title union our match was supposed to represent amounted to nothing, so instead of being a jewel in the crown of the worthy victor, it’s now a remarkable consolation prize and a monument to Sekaiichi finally winning for once in his career. Should I hate you for that? No, because you really can’t be blamed. And yet…I do. I want to say this is nothing personal, Tyler, but it is. It’s illogical, it’s ridiculous, it defies everything I stand for…But for what happened to you, I now use this as a chance to at least try to pretend to myself that things could have gone a different way. Yes, this can’t undo the good work you did back in March. Yes, we are in a remarkably different situation as you face off against Dynamite Rain with Y2Impact in your corner instead of this being a singles contest. But honestly, while I seem calm now, at the moment I am consumed with rage and would like nothing better than to kick you so hard and so repeatedly in the skull that you have to be carted off to hospital. I’m not QUITE that irrational, but despite all reason, I feel you slighted me Tyler, and quite frankly…It’s time for you to pay.

*GI clenches his teeth and his fists, as he avoids looking directly into the camera. As he starts taking out his anger on his hand tape, which is almost ripping as his knuckles drag away from each other, the camera fades to black, fearing that an profanity laden rant may be incoming*
@Jacob Senn wrote:

Shit. You think you can call ME out? ME!? Jesus...

How dare you think you have the right to complain, Jacob.

You have the NERVE, sir. ALL the nerve you got, Senn. You haven’t done shit in this company and you feel entitled enough to complain how the world is out to get YOU?

Hop off that high horse, guy.

Let me slap you in the face with a hand full of knowledge, slappy. You will never do anything. You will do absolutely nothing EAW. In E-Feds. In life. You won’t be president, prime minister, pope. You won’t be a rockstar, a scientist, a pirate. You’re not a wrestler. You’re not even a fucking extremist. You’re a little punk who doesn’t know how to play the board game that he’s a character on. You don’t control your avatar, you don’t pass go, and you sure as hell don’t get any valuable paper. You’re nothing, you’re nobody, and you’re stuck like that. Because you think you are somebody. You think you deserve to be champion. You don’t. You never will be.

You suck.

You’re not good at this E-Fed shit, and you don’t know how to be. Do you see anyone else crying about losing that match? Do you see me sulking? No. I know I’m better than the guy who won it. I’m better than everyone else who lost it. I’m better than you. You want a fair opportunity? You want to have a equal chance to get a title? You want people to not stab you in a back to get their title on the waist? You know what I want, Senn? I want order. I want world peace, a billion dollars, I want a girl on my arm and a bitch on my dick. But that will absolutely never happen at the same time. It can’t. The world is chaotic. There is no order. It’s entropic. You have no power over it, Senn. You’re a loser. You LOSE, Senn.


You will never win at anything.

Ask me how I know…

For the first time in a very long time I am indeed afraid. My match this week with Venom on Showdown is for the chance to earn a spot in the coveted Cash In The Vault Ladder match at Pain For Pride. Which means for me that if I am able to get into this match and win it, I have the whole world in my hands meaning that I can finally achieve my dream and my date with immortality will finally be realized. But that's not what I'm afraid of, I'm not afraid of not being able take part of this match if I so happen to lose. What I'm afraid of the most is my opponent on Showdown and his name is Venom. Now, I'm not afraid of Venom , the man what I'm truly, deeply afraid of is the Venom of what he ended up becoming. That's the man who ended up being one of the top prospects while coming into EAW and lived up to none of the hype that he thought he had, the hype that people thought he would live up to and the standards that an Extremeist should be at. Now, I won't take away the fact that he has been in some monumental matches, like at Dia Del Diablo where him and Hades won their match and made their statement that they are a force to be reckoned with. But at the end of the day Venom what do you really have? I know you must be happy for your brother Hades that he is main eventing Pain For Pride and with Nick being a complete after thought and being a shell of a man he is today. Where does that leave you? Where will you leave your mark in this company because you certainly can not do it by being in the shadow of Hades. 

Almost a year ago you have claimed the Young Lions Cup and becoming the longest reigning holder in NEO's history. In your heart you thought that you will be destined for greatness but when we fast forward, you haven't lived up to none of the hype. But all of this could happen though, one moment in time can turn your career around and you have to get through me to get to that point Venom. YOU HAVE TO PUT ME DOWN AND TEAR ME LIMB TO LIMB TO FINALLY PUT DOWN THE NAY SAYERS AND BE LIKE ARSENAL AND END YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP CURSE AND FINALLY BECOME SOMETHING. You can finally scratch and claw out of the pit of obscurity that your own brother Hades has unintentionally put you and and that same hole that you made for yourself. Even though I pray for you Venom and for your success in finally becoming something other than being a sixth man to Hades. I would love nothing more to lay down for you to help you be more noticeable but unfortunately for my cause, for my sake I can not do that. Unfortunately in this world, in this industry the weak shall perish while the strong shall survive to see another day and in this case Venom. Ever since you have been called up on the main brand you have showed no signs of growth, no signs of independence and no sign of dominance. Which is why that you will crumble when you go toe to toe with me. You let Hades and Nick when he was actually good at the time nurture you, raised you to be to par with them they didn't give you the chance to fly and fall and you not knowing how it feels to fly yet, it's right to say that you will not be able to fly anytime soon. As I look at you Venom you are nothing but a baby cub being unleashed into the world and you are faced to face with a hunter that will bring you down to your knees and put you out of your misery in this world or at least make you finally realize what has been hindering you all this time. At Showdown, I will take away your moment in the sun, at Showdown I will be the man that will rise to the occasion and go on to Pain For Pride to compete in the Cash In The Vault Ladder Match. Martin Luther King Jr once said, If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. Venom the key difference between you and I and me and the world is that I'm willing to die to be on top of this company. I'm willing to die to be in Cash In The Vault and I'm willing to die to become the World Champion!!! Yet you have been complacent, you have settled to be the sixth man, the under study of Hades that you missed time and opportunity to be the break out star and have your breakout moment where I will not pass on this opportunity. At Showdown, I will show you what a true Young Lion acts like where I will slay you and take my ticket to Pain For Pride while you still be considered nothing and still waste away in obscurity and nothing and nobody will save you from your predetermined fate. 

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 27th 2014, 11:19 pm by Guest
For the past few months, the flashbacks of my time as Elite champion have been stuck inside my head. Possessing the control of almost the entire brand, killing the competition, becoming the MOST outbreak young superstar were just among few things I had accomplished during my reign…oh boy were those good times. I’ve waited for the same opportunity to pop up yet again and it looks like it’s finally happening this Friday night. Hellbound is the place where I fulfill my destiny. I’ll be combatting Terry Chambers for Young Lions Cup. A lot of people have interviewed and asked me the same question over and over again: Mr. Predator, what are your thoughts on Young Lions Cup? I have had my fair share of time to contemplate about it now and honestly I don’t know what to say. Speaking my honest opinion, I don’t crave it or thirst unlike my opposition whose life depends on it. The title has been extremely overlooked, all because the title was just thrown at every single novice entering the business. Unlike the old days, where you had to paint the name of your opponent with his blood JUST to earn a contract with the company. If you wanted to become the holder of the most inferior championship, you had to take 6 months, years, and hell maybe even never. On the other hand, if you were like me, a part of the breed of extraordinary performers, it only took you THREE months to achieve second-class title; it’s damn scary. One thing I can say about the Young Lions Cup however is it will change as you know it. The transformation that will make a rusty steel into a gold is happening right now and its been happening since the predator has set his eyes on it; this is not a dream, this is the reality. Who knows when I will be called up to the main roster because they are still having hard time to recover from all the damage that I took two years ago. However, once I do enter the main roster, this will be the most wanted cup or title, whatever you want to call it, in the HISTORY of this industry. It will the be the most competitive cup ever to exist in this business because it will be sitting on the shoulders of the greatest of all time and it is going to stay there for as long as I want it! Speaking of that, hey how are you doing Terry? I really hope you are alive and doing well because every time I try to have a conversation with you, you seem to be dodging it with me and are really quiet. It’s the times like these that I start to really think what guys like you do all day. Do you cut yourself, smoke some weed and get high? It is just so ludicrous that no one ever hears anything from the brand’s “champion”. You know usually when you see a new guy coming into business, the first thing he would say is: “You know I’ve seen the Young Lion’s Cup holder perform, I really like him and it would be a dream come true if I could beat him just once”. But you don’t hear that very often Terry, do you? Has anybody even heard your name on the roster? I mean I only found out that you existed after Ambush when I received my shot at the cup.  Having said that though, I guess I can’t really blame you for being quiet. I mean how can you look me in the eye and say anything after all the things that you have done to me here?  I feel really sorry for you Terry, I really do. You and me all know very well why you are here. You are here because you were randomly thrown into the pack and was handed Young Lions Cup on a silver platter.  You yourself probably didn’t realize at that moment what had just happened; maybe that event explains why the past cup holder Ryan Savage gave you a freebie and left to become New Breed Champion. In my two months time that I have been here, I haven’t seen you win a single match and honestly it doesn’t come to me as a surprise. I still remember that match against your two minions when you were trying to strike me from that back and we all know how that went… Speaking more about our match, everyone here in this company knows what’s the outcome is going to be; even EAW management is well aware about the obvious winner of this match up. They could have just handed the cup to me and kept you alive, but no they leave your body to be perished and shredded apart, because I guess they just hate you. It’s the same story how you’ve been booked to Showdown during the past few weeks, you are like a small little rabbit that is used to feed hungry wolves lurking around the dark forest. This Friday night, I am doing YOU a favor and sending you back to where you belong…the back of the line. See you there.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 1 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 27th 2014, 10:42 pm by Guest
Destroying the Record books.


I cam, I saw, I conquered. I came into NEO confident in my abilities to beat a champion, I saw the opportunity placed in front of me to get the W, and I conquered my foe to move onto bigger and better things. Nas you came in talking loud and hard the past week, you set yourself up for failure, you hyped yourself so high that you couldn’t perform  as expected, and while I exceeded expectations, you failed yours. You were supposed to be the guy that taught this young gun a lesson, you were supposed to be the guy to humble me, you were the favorite to win, I mean you are a Tag Team Champion…but what happened? You lost, no going around it, and no way to deny it..unlike my other wins that were seen as controversial this match was as fair as can be…so I don’t want to hear about you having a bad night. It was constant back and forth action, but you made a mistake and I pinned you, my only regrets are that instead of beating you down and destroying your will, I beat you by a roll up…that really irritates me, I wanted you to be on the list of causalities that I put on the shelf…yet you’re still here. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise. Now after I beat you on NEO, I in less than15 words, said a statement that’s been making headlines, that’s been catching the eyes of the non-extreme world, it’s been on articles, ESPN, hell it could even be on the Wall street journal, I challenged you and your partner to a match for The Young Lions Cup Tag Team Championship, now why is that important? It’s only a title. But it’s not what’s on stake that’s been catching everyone’s eyes, it’s the situation I’m in that makes it all the more impressive. I’m challenging for the Young Lions Cup Tag Team Championship….as a lone wolf, by myself, me as my own army. Just hearing the opportunity I have in front of me gets my hype and excited…I have a chance to create history, I’m going to a place where no man In EAW history has been, I’m going to be the first Single man Tag Team Champion. I stated weeks ago to Nas that being a Tag Team Champion was no honor because you needed the assistance of someone else, due to you not being able to do it yourself as a singles competitor, being a Tag Team Champion makes you half of a champion. Now when I said that, it never meant I would never hold the Tag Team Titles, it just meant I would hold onto it by myself with no one else.

It wasn’t enough for me to shoot for being a normal champion, I exceed expectations and go into a division with no help, that’s literally based around team work and help. The odds are stacked high against me. I looked online for the Las Vegas betting odds and they have me as low as a 10-1 underdog…I love these situations…I love being counted out, I like being the dark horse that triumphs over the white stallions. Now I had a lot of questions regarding why I chose to challenge for these titles, it’s simple…I’m too confident in my abilities, I have an inferno burning in me that’s so hot that it could be divided in great numbers amongst every extremist in EAW. I have no plans to come in Saturday to lose, I want to hold dual Championships, I want to be twice the champion as any champion in EAW, I want to be the man that does something first. In all the years EAW ran it’s seen legendary moments, and it’s hard to think of something so great that no other man has done. Countless amount of men have held Championships, multiple men have held two different titles, but never in EAW has there been an extremist or Vixen that’s been at the top of the Tag Team Division by themselves. If you thought I was motivated last week, you haven’t seen anything yet. Nas, you already know what I’m capable of, and I promise you that you and your partner will be in for a very rude awakening come Saturday night on NEO
Hurricane Hawk sits in the middle of a room looking down at his hands which seems to be covered in deep red blood. He has an indifferent expression on his face as the lights are off in the room, but a lantern is sitting between his legs on the floor lighting up his whole body. He doesn't look up at the camera as he reaches down on the floor and grabs Jaywalker's logo which seems to be on a photo as he puts his hand on top of the logo leaving the blood printed hand mark on top of the logo and smirks down at it.

"When you "brand" it often means making a statement. Making a statement in this business isn't just about beating someone, but it's about hurting someone. It's about showing everyone else what you can do and why they have a reason to fear you and step out of your way. I'd like to make my mark by having your own blood branding your logo on your own body. But normally, it's making an example. You're telling me that you went into that ring and you branded Cameron Ella Ava who honestly I don't have a care for. Is that supposed to make me fear you or is it supposed to make me impressed, because it doesn't do either. She's a vixen. She's nowhere near the level of any of these real extremist and a man like yourself I would expect that you would go out and look for hungry ACTUAL competition for yourself. Going into to Dia Del Diablo you knew you would win.. you knew that it would be easy. I never knew how afraid you were of a little challenge for yourself Jay. I thought you were supposed to be dauntless and smart, when really you've just proven yourself to be a mouse. A mouse squeaks but once he's stuck inside of that trap, survival isn't an option. Once you open you're mouth and let a real challenge into your door you know that title is going to be taken away from you. But back to you're "competition" Cameron. She knew that in her mind I never really wanted anything but her push. I used her just like I used everyone else in this business to get to where I belonged and you know what? I actually made her better. I don't need my brand her because every time she tries to do something she would let me and herself down. Jay you really amuse me with the whole Cameron situation because I as I recalled it.. I walked out on her disrespectfully. I left her in that ringing thinking that I was going to propose to her. I moved on to better things because there was more things on my mind that I needed to do then worry about some useless, foolish female who had nothing for me but a little play every now and then. But this isn't about that Jay, this is about me and you stepping into that ring on Sunday night. How do you feel Jay? Don't you feel those butterflies filling inside of your stomach as you are about to face your fear in reality. Every time I think about Generation Genesis, I used to think that you were invincible. I used to think that you would probably take me under your wing and take me to higher levels and so you did. But the mistake that you made is you told me everything about you. This is going to be no where personal, but I'm going to treat it like it's personal. I'm going to treat it like it's going to be my last match in this business and make sure that I BREAK you. Everything about you will be forgotten and blown into the wind. You see you can consider my competition for that championship that you hold but you need to realize if I really wanted it, I would have taken it by now. You go back into my "heroism" past and talk about my failures. You talk about how I let Eddie Mack take the shine and I got jealous. No Jay, you've got it all wrong because Eddie Mack is the one that made me bring out that malicious piece of me that I needed once again. He hit me with a sledgehammer and screwed me over out of the match KNOWING that he could have lifted me up to my feet to break the count. I despised him for that and I did what I felt was right and I put him down just like an old family dog that was sick. I am not a team player.. I'm all for myself. I don't hate heroism for just that moment Jaywalker.. but heroism never fitted me, never will. Since day one when I stepped into this business I was ready to OVERTHROW EAW just so that ACW you could have it's run through this business and of course I helped ACW succeed. I was Killswitch's number one prospect coming into Dynasty. He knew that I had talent.. potential.. a long future ahead of me and he sparked me to start it right there. Jaywalker I sure have been in and out of the EAW loop for a while trying to bob and weave back into the business to try to get a head start until I realized that I needed to stick my feet in the dirt and start from where I made my mark. I honestly don't care what you've been doing. How successful you've been over the past few months with you're fake self-made championship. I don't care at all about how you've finally done something for yourself Jay, because you aren't better than what you were. IF you were honestly the same Jaywalker you would be main eventing Pain for Pride 7. If you were the same Jaywalker you would be holding a world championship right now. If you were the same Jaywalker.. you wouldn't have need to use schemes. Jay what's the point of trying to show these people that you can play both sides when honestly, they don't know who you really are. You're self-centered and honestly you're blinded. But I can clear that for you and open your eyes to make you realize that everything is not what it seems. You might think that this will be easy, when really this was never a challenge for me. I'm stepping into that ring and making sure that I leave Dynasty with a victory in reality and in my mind and then leaving my mark on you. I'll pass at the end of the assembly line but you should be worried about what you've gotten yourself into. I hope that you pray that the worst won't happen to you. You better pray that I don't have you on your knees begging for clemency and when I don't stop you have nothing to do but to give up and lay down unconscious until someone finds you. I'm going to ERADICATE the thought of you even being better than me in these peoples minds. I'm going to make you choke on the lies that you spoke about me. Jay before this match I would help that you signed your will as well, because you'll need more than willpower to survive in that ring with me on Dynasty.  Jaywalker I'm sure you could have fit the "hero" role, but at some point when the hero has nothing else to prove they turn to the other side. Why try to solve the problem if you're the best at creating one?"

Hurricane Hawk rips the picture in half smirking as he begins to stand up letting the lantern shine on the ripped picture as he kicks the lantern over before walking away. But on the picture it seems to have a small logo of it's own within the blood. The picture shows two capitalized L's on top of Jaywalker's logo. The camera slowly fades to black.
(Jaywalker is seen at a Jaywalkerinc assembly line with a serious look on his face stamping things coming down the conveyer belt with his logo on it after checking them to see if they are in proper form. Some items get stamped with his name in approval, others get picked up and thrown into a pile to be deposed of.)

I'm not a tattooist
I am not a commissioned artist.

My penmanship, my signature, my brand, isn't put to use to decorate and bring art to a blank canvas, it is to prove what is certified mine and approved to wear my mark.

(Suddenly EAW vixen photo shoot pictures of Cameron start coming down the conveyer belt.)

I am the Warner Brothers with their logo appearing at the start of most of your favourite films.
I am China in which the print says most of your products are made from.
I am Sony that owns the greatest game franchises in the world.

(Jaywalker takes joy into stamping all of the Cameron pictures with his stamp and then when one showing her backside comes down the conveyer he stamps down on it with purpose and smiles at the camera.)

Cameron is my property! That's what the brand on her back signifies! Every time her cutesy face appears on a television screen or an advertised event poster you are seeing my product on display, I should be getting paid royalties whenever EAW profits off Cameron, but I'll settle with the self-satisfaction that every time Cameron undresses at night before going to bed she is reminded of me despite trying to get me out of her mind all day long. Whenever ANYONE sees Cameron, be it creeps who undress her with their eyes or her biggest supporters, they remember my mark is there on her. Why do I go this far and say these things? Why no remorse for the fallen and downtrodden? BECAUSE THEY ASKED FOR IT! Cameron challenged me to a FPV championship match as if she was worthy and capable of surmounting me! HBB let her challenge me! Cameron placed her disgusting lips on my cheeks to place her hickey on my face and left it as a sign that soon she'd be leaving something permanent on me later! Cameron was willing to brand me forever, HBB was willing to interfere to help her brand his once best friend! And you'd best believe if the American Dream had succeeded you'd never have heard the end of what they did to me from their mouths! Now the jokes on them because I overcame interference, vilification and many a close calls, to triumph and place my brand of work on Cameron's body for the rest of her days and I get to do and say whatever I want! Because that's what winners can and should do! That's what you are given when someone becomes yours, I'm just enjoying the benefits of a good days work and am proud of my signature going around the globe, I'm sure CEOs and other business owners do it all the time when they see their mark on the big screen.

Now no man will ever look at Cameron the same, men don't even like listening about their girls having other men in the past, some music artists even make headlines with disses about how "they hit it first", but now the guy would have to deal with seeing MY sign whenever he's around her? That's just too much! I bet you that's secretly the real reason you're calling me out on Dynasty isn't HBB? The reason why you showed up at the FPV at the last second trying to cost me the match despite how you kept going on and on about how Cameron could handle herself! I put be difficult for you HBB, you were once such a stud, a playboy, now all you are in this world is a beta male! The beta who passively let his partner in crime become branded with the much more aggressive alpha! People often forget, but humans are still animals, we still have those beastly instincts behind our souls and intellectual prowess, it is still the ultimate insult for another male to come into another's territory doing as he wants, it is the job of the male beast to often protect his female other and you failed to do so when I walked in and had my way with Cameron. If it makes you feel better old friend, Cameron fought a lot better than I thought she would, she marginally gained my respect on that night, which makes it all the more sweeter that such a feral and tough little lady like Cameron was tamed and had he independence taken away. I feel like a hunter.....no this had an ever better feeling of forbiddance and rare prey caught, I feel like a POACHER who just caught his first endangered species and is just waiting to sell that illusive fur on the black market, because they don't make women like Cameron anymore. Don't get me wrong, she's still not my type, her personality is way too annoying to the point I don't honestly know how you deal with it so much with how much time you must work together as a team, I just kind of enjoy her like a man would enjoy a trophy wife, I like to point at her and say my brands right there in her tramp stamp position devilishly rearing its head whenever she doesn't have a long shirt on to hide behind.

Speaking of the tramp stamp, someone who probably knows all about how Cameron should of had one a long time ago to reveal her true nature is my old faction mate, the understudy of Generation Genesis all grown up, Hurricane Hawk! Hawk I'll give you credit, you handled your woman much better than HBB did who even let her RETIRE HIM before he returned of course, for awhile you kept Cameron in line! Or so I heard. But even you Hawk didn't place your brand on Cameron to permanently teach her what place she belongs in under you. There was never official evidence that Cameron was your property, and that's how she was eventually able to break away from you disrespectfully. Geez, just like the old days where I taught him Jaywalking, I still have to teach Hawk how things are done. Ha! I kid, I kid, enough about Cameron.

This won't be personal Hawk, in fact of all the people who I have been grouped with you're probably one of the few rare jewels who actually did the young next big star thing right, you did what Bobby Cash, JBB and Troy Conway were supposed to do and failed, you and EE were the ones who never let me and the rest of the big teams I've been in down as the future. You went out and made a name for yourself, even going as far as entering the Hall of Fame! Which as the Hall of Fame Champion means to me that you are now my competition. I won't throw any punches, and every man knows that you take hits with a glass jaw, oh you always come in strong but you eventually fade out of EAW in quick time, nothing new, nothing surprising. You went from future to the present, but then you also became the past just as quickly. How long will you last this time? Don't answer! You've made promises you can't keep once to many when it comes to that question I'm sure. Why wouldn't I pull that trick to leave Generation Genesis? Everything went to shit just as I said it would when Banks wasn't leader and Impact was making bad decisions that involved Starr taking advantage of us to the point I had to defeat him at PFP, under Impact's rule you and Bank's spent most of the time fighting over a seemingly pregnant Maria who should never have been allowed to join the team in the first place, LC was being LC and Impact was ignoring everything until you all disbanded, I see no reason why I should have stuck around for that instead of pulling off my John Alloy scheme, especially since I never agreed to be under anyone but Banks who brought me to this business.You say I haven't been the same since Generation Genesis and oh boy are you right for all the wrong reasons, I didn't stop being at the top, it was after I left that faction that I able to step back in true top form, hell arguably even better than my old form because I've obtained so many things that even alluded a multiple time world champion, match of the year winner and WHC year winner. Have you ever been extremist of the year Hawk? Have you ever gone on a hot streak that lasted an entire year without EVER being defeated? Didn't thinks so, then again not many can even remember the last time you've stayed for a year to the end, but all of those things are things I did after Generation Genesis. In fact I'm surprised you tried to go the has been route with me Hawk, YOU HAWKY?!! Hawky I know you've been in out of the EAW loop and probably don't know what I've been doing, but even if I had been down in the dumps for the last few years you'd still not be the best one to talk.

See you shouldn't have tried going there Hawk because I might have let you save face due to old times because I still remember fondly the days you were a good little student ready to learn and improve from the rest of the team, but since you decided to pull an American Dream by starting something you can't win I'll put you down. What I remember most within your a thousand failed returns, in utter contrast to me a return of the year award winner, was that in one of them you were meant to lead Team EAW, originally what you dubbed Hawknation, only for them to rebuff your team name while Eddie Mack, EDDIE FUCKING MACK, stole your thunder to the point you got jealous and turned on your own team. Isn't that the real reason you hate heroism? Oh sure you like to make it sound like it's about how good guys have to lose for the fans and bla bla bla while villainy is the perfect way to succeed, but the fact of the matter is that you TRIED being a hero and you just weren't good at it. While being a great villain has proven lucrative, I've also fit the hero role to perfection, I've been cheered at the main event of PFP and I've won championship after championship with the people's approval, being a "good guy" was never about being a loser. These days however I'm not about spreading silly things like good or evil, I prefer things more pragmatic as I just demolish everything that is put in front of me and separate the real from the fakes! Cya on Dynasty, you're entire authenticity shall be checked with the finest of detail under this microscope that is my wrestling ability. Will you pass at the end of this assembly line?

(Jaywalker picks up an item)

Or will you be proven defective and thrown into the pile sent for the incinerator?

(Jaywalker playfully throws it lightly in the air and back into his hand again and again as if inspecting it while the camera goes black.)
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*Cleo is shown lying on a hospital bed after the occurrences at Dia Del Diablo. She raises her middle finger in the air as the cameras zoom closer*

Hades... you son of a bi***!

I will be back, I always come back!

*Cleo starts coughing then tries to maintain a speaking level*

What happened at Dia Del Diablo will never happen again but at least Demon is still the Answers World Champion! I will return into the ring soon and once I do, I have some unfinished business. I don’t care if my neck is broken, my arm is gone or my entire face is burnt off. Whatever it takes to come back and help secure Demon’s Council dominance will become assured. After I’m done with that, I’m talking big mountains; I’m talking the big stage. I’m talking where BIG things happen and big stars like me will rise to the occasion. I know people want to point fingers at the lack of existence among the Vixen’s division but that’s alright. It will rise soon enough because I’m the toll ticket to its success.

AT least I don’t have sit in the shadows of the Heart Break Boy and become owned by Jaywalker. CAMERON!

At least I don’t have to change my entire name and face, as well as accept third place, MISS VICIOUS!

And at least I still do exist! DEENA HIXX AND STEPHIE LOVE!

*she coughs again for a few moments*

I don’t need to sit here and accept this type of punishment. Hades is a coward for what he did. Zack and Venom are too but the big difference is that Hades may actually be worth our damn time. That time will dispose of him because Demon plans to make his life a living hell. Kendra won’t be able to stop us at Pain for Pride. No one will stop me at Pain for Pride either because I’m walking out as…

The Vixe… *coughs*… ns Champion!

Then all your historic little Vixens like HBG, Kendra or Sabina will fall down a huge notch because the only female that seems to be dominant in HISTORY is me! Not Cameron! Not Miss Vicious! So my question is who will stop me? Not even a crash through a burning table will. Trust me; I will be back, assholes and I will take YOUR breath away!

▲; )
A wasteland is shown which seems to be have no where in the distance. The grass is dying and there are barrels with a toxic logo on each of them. There is litter everywhere on the ground and the wind is blowing barely. The mist is in the air has the land foggy. In the horizon, trees that are on fire show as snakes are sliding through the empty grass as a man starts to walk closer towards the camera. He is holding a toxic gas mask in one hand and a lantern in the other. His face can't be seen but as he comes closer he stops and lifts the lantern to his face: it is Hurricane Hawk. He's wearing an all black vest hoody with the hood on as his tattoos shine.

"A vision inside of my mind brought me back to my true state of mind. I was locked inside of a false reality inside of myself thinking that I could find success in that, but I was wrong. I saw failure, and nothing but more. I saw falling down every single time I tried to reach for the top. I was hit, and I tried to do everything that I could to keep moving forward, but I found myself always two steps behind. Who was I? Where did this idea inside of my mind come from and why did it stick to me? It was a false Hurricane Hawk that everyone loved. Everyone loved to see me gain nothing. But they always say karma comes back around don't they? I've done evil things that I have no regret for, and I've paid for them. I'm still in debt for what I've done and what karma still has in store for me, but what's very amusing to me is that I still have more vile ideas in my mind. It's just who I am. I'm not that extremist who wanted nothing but respect, and wanted to be the best the right way, because there truly isn't a right way in being the good guy. You see being the "hero" shows that you can actually be successful and that you can gain everything that you want and being the "villain" is just the exact opposite. I've proved to myself that that's wrong. Being the hero shows that you're willing to lose for the "people" and gain nothing. News flash: I'm selfish. I want EVERYTHING for myself. I wanted the fame, glory, and success ALL to myself. I joined Generation Genesis to GAIN just that. I knew that if I joined that I would easily be put at the front of my generation and so I was. I gained everything I wanted and reached for the championship that I desired and took it. And once I got all that I wanted, I put myself in a position to be on my own.  I was around LEGENDS before I was even considered a legend who gave me the advice, the way to move in this business, the way to get what you want, and the way to be a legend. I did everything, and now look at where I am. Considered as one of the best to ever step foot into this business. You may think I haven't earned it the right way, but I earned it my way. I earned it by DOING things no one has expected. Putting people out of their careers.. leaving them in hospitals knowing that they aren't in their right minds with concussions. I don't fear a damn thing, but all of you should. All of you should have a phobia of me because I've returned simply to get what I want and I'm doing it the way that I know best.. and that's going through anyone and anything that stands on my path. Whether it means BREAKING you're body.. you're soul.. you're mind.. I will hurt you in any way possible and MAKE you fear me. In this is just a simple message to anyone who thinks that they can step in front of me and get away with it. Look at the past of mines and realize that it's going to be just like my future. Look into my cold-blooded blue eyes and realize.. that I'm not evil, but I am evil."

Hurricane Hawk shifts as he lets one of the snakes slither upon his skin and around his arm as he smirks looking into the camera with his blue eyes sparkling as he squints and begins to speak again.

"Now I step back into the business and represent myself under the red faction of Dynasty. And on my first night back, I step into the ring with someone that I've known mostly my whole career. A man that has taught me basically everything that I know about this business and how to move along with it. The extremist that took me under his wing while in Generation Genesis and showed me why I'd be the future of this business. Jaywalker himself, a legend in his own mind. Jaywalker I want you to know for sure that this upcoming Sunday I'm not looking for respect.. I'm not looking for your help or your advice.. I'm looking for revenge. I'm looking for revenge on this business and it just starts with you. You see Jaywalker you've become FEEBLE.. and feeble-minded as well. Jaywalker you haven't been the same since we stepped into Generation Genesis together. You were at the top of the food chain.. and you just let yourself fall down. You let yourself HIT the ground and tried to trick us into thinking that you were really leaving this business for good, but I wasn't foolish like everyone else. I knew that you would try to make a run for it and you just weren't the same. But those same mind games still come out of you.. that same carelessness for others is still inside of you. You have the factors but you just aren't that factor that you were anymore. But to make yourself look good you made a championship just for EAW's Hall of Famers. You created it yourself and you did it out of your own insecurity. You knew for a FACT that you weren't getting back to the top of this business. You knew that there wasn't an opportunity in store for you.. this competition got too difficult for you. You wanted to be that old Jaywalker so bad.. that you decided to fight a female.. at Dia Del Diablo. You put your hands on a female knowing that there was no competition in fighting a Vixen. Jaywalker I consider you a coward just for that move. But watch as you walk into Dynasty with a new mindset because you're going against someone you've known.. or atleast you think you've known me. I've changed over the time, and I'm not that same "little" Hurricane Hawk that you used to see. I have nothing HOLDING ME BACK from picking you apart piece by piece.. targeting where I can hurt you MOST.. or putting you back in you're retirement home and making sure that you don't ever come back. I don't have a problem with that. I would have a wicked smile on my face has I see blood pouring down your skin.. and your body. Destroying every single bone inside of your body and letting you feel the pain that I've felt over the past few years of feeling failure. I want you to know that revenge is in my mind and it's coming towards you. I want you to be clear and I want you to leave Dynasty whether it be on a stretcher with the EMTs or by one of your little servants picking you up that I'm eligible for that championship that you hold, and I want you to know that you're not going to be holding it for long. I after defeat you maybe you'll realize that you have REAL competition in front of your eyes. Jaywalker I know that you're going to try and bring everything that you've got and that you're going to attempt to do me like you did Cameron Ella Ava, but the fact of the matter is that you're going to be in her position and you're going to to know how it feels to be on the other side of the gun when it's pointing at you. I'm vicious without cowardice. I won't stop. This is about winning.. but this is also about making sure that you know and that everyone else knows that I'm here to be the best and prove that I am the best. I don't have respect for you and nor do I care for you.. I actually never did care for you. Don't expect me to hold back and let you simply walk away without paying the price. It's time that you look up to me now. It's time that you BE MY STEPPING STONE so that I can get to where I belong. I'm reaching my acme again, and once I'm there I can't be stopped.. I can't be knocked over. You can try everything you know against me Jaywalker but I will CLAIM victory. Know weapon against me SHALL PROSPER.. I'm not God.. I'm not a soldier.. I'm damn sure not an angel... I'm not a demon, but I'm an extremist that will do nothing but inflict intimidation inside of your mind. Jaywalker I hope you realize this coming Sunday isn't something you can prepare for, what will happen to you is inevitable, and at my hands everything will be cruel. This isn't a return.. this isn't a welcome.. this is you're judgement day, and this is also the day that I rise to my kingdom.. to my highest potential, and gain everything in my will."

Hurricane Hawk begins to walk away after letting the snake down back on the ground as they slide toward the fire in the background. The mask is on the ground next to the lantern as the mask has a toxic logo on it along with the two capitalized L's on it. The camera fades to black.
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Dynasty Promo

Since Dia Del Diablo I’ve had one question running through my mind: what makes a champion? Is it their ability to place a company on their shoulders and propel it to places never before thought possible; Is it the fact that they’re able to be placed into any environment and thrive; or is it the fact that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep that championship over their shoulder. And well, in the end it really comes down to all those things, doesn’t it? With Pain for Pride looming around the corner, every man in this company tries to prove they hold at least one factor that makes them a respectable champion. A man this company can look upon to guide them into the future. Since losing the New Breed Championship I’ve attempted to do everything I could to stand above everyone in this business. It never really mattered who it was; the goal was to prove that I am just better than everyone in this business. I’ve been fed to the sharks, been placed in situations that I was never meant to survive. I was placed against Norman Hellion the week after he had monstered through Carlos Rosso; I was thrown in front of Hades the Hellraiser the week after he had won the Grand Rampage; I was the man chosen to face the Heart Break Boy in his return match to EAW after being fired. And every time, I pushed these men that are either looked upon as either monsters or legends further than anybody really thought I possibly could. I’d walk out and give reason to believe in Xavier Williams; prove that I’m a whole lot more than just a lackey to Dark Demon, but it was always ignored because the world had their attention solely on people like Diamond Cage, Jacob Senn and Tyler Parker or men that re-enter this company and are immediately thrown into the spotlight, all because of what they’ve done in the past. I always used that to drive me. It was always something at forced me to push myself a little further; it’s what pushed me to force my name into that spotlight. But sometimes, everything seems to become a little too much; after everything I’ve done, I still have watch as a man like Zack Crash is given a Main Event spot at Pain for Pride, a mere two weeks after I walked out at the Grand Rampage and kicked his head off his shoulders. And what was I given? I was given nothing; I did something nobody else has done this year, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I still needed to walk out and destroy Dynamite Rain to obtain some form of opportunity. Now, I’m staring directly at something at forces to world to recognise everything I’ve done. I’m staring at something that forces the name Xavier Williams into the same spotlight those men sit in. Cash in the Vault; something that makes careers. Look at what it has done for the likes of Superior Quality 85, Hurricane Hawk, Extreme Enigma and Zack Crash. It’s something I cannot afford to allow to slip through my fingers. It’s something Kendra Shamez cannot ignore; IT’S SOMETHING THAT THE WORLD CANNOT IGNORE. WHETHER ANY OF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, I WILL NOT BE STOPPED FROM GRASPING THAT BRIEFCASE; NOT RYAN SAVAGE, NOT NORMAN HELLION AND DEFINITELY NOT THE MAN THAT I STAND BEFORE ON DYNASTY. GI AT DIA DEL DIABLO YOU MAY HAVE… you may have been able to walk away with those championships both you and Carlos hold so preciously, this week, you’re not so fortunate. I may have burns up my arm, across my back; but they’re nothing when it all comes to down to it. This is my ticket to the top; this is my ticket to the place that I’ve PROVEN I belong. I watched intently as you failed for capitalize on something that you had been working towards for eleven months. I watched as Diamond Cage failed for win the Answers World Championship at the Grand Rampage; I watch as men that this company, THIS WORLD, look upon at the greats; men that deserve to stand at the top of this business. But when they’re given the chance to prove why they’re in that position, they fail. This is something that allows me to do what they could not. Succeed. And GI, if it means that I need to obtain that at your expense, I’ll do that willingly.

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No matter how much discrimination we have to endure, no matter how much adversity comes our way, we continue to persevere on a daily basis. Going to war and achieving victory comes with a downside, injuries were sustained, careers were shortened, and legacies were created. Enduring flames that were at every corner, I managed to fend them off, and I stand here, stronger than before. ...Now....my legacy begins.

Despite our constant success, despite our constant domination of our adversaries... Hades and I have become accustomed to being doubted. We have continuously distinguished ourselves from the rest of EAW, making our superiority apparent. But people continue to live on in denial. The House of Renegades may never be bestowed with the proper recognition that we deserve, but this adversity only strengthens us. In one night, the faction that people have continuously placed us under lost two of its members in the flames. I didn't come out unscathed, none of us did. I have the wounds to prove it, being set on fire, setting others on fire, it's all just a mess of despicable actions, in the eyes of many that is. But in our eyes, it was a requirement, an action that needed to transpire, and we took it into our hands to commence the imminent downfall of Demon and his council. But something else that is imminent is my legacy beginning. With my eyes set on Pain for Pride, I have been graced with the opportunity to become acquainted with Ryan Savage. Sadly, under the circumstances it must happen, this will be a night that only I will come to enjoy.

The constant badgering that has plagued my ear for months is a majority of the time a repeating of the same insult. "Venom, wheres your title?" is something I have grown accustomed to hearing in recent months. I find it fairly amusing, but not annoying. I am quite distinct from men like you Ryan, I am an individual who hasn't been bestowed with titles, and championships is the only way to get recognition in this company it seems. Despite my success away from titles, from things far superior than just championships, they are never mentioned when the dispute of Venom's relevancy in EAW arises. To many I am just a man who is here in EAW to be here. "He's just held a cup." is another common phrase that manages to catch my attention. Ryan, with the New Breed Title placed snugly around your waist, you probably feel that's the only thing you need to show me to establish your superiority. A title as vague as the New Breed carries little to no weight in my book, but still, no matter how irrelevant a title may be, it's still something I lack. I would be lying if I claimed to not desire a championship, which I do, but the New Breed is the one I don't. I had one opportunity at that title, and I would have claimed it as my own from Xavier Williams. But that day I witnessed the desperation in his eyes, the desperation to grasp every little amount of relevancy he could. It was a piteous thing for me to witness, to watch a man struggle so greatly to gain something that he only achieved a small amount of through a title, and the same thing I achieved a lot of through my encounters with others. Ryan, that day I realized the New Breed Title was something I didn't need or want, I realized that my eyes must be centered on the biggest prize, a world championship. Cash In The Vault is a dangerous match, but after experiencing what I did last night, it's a mere playground in my eyes now. Setting an individual on fire, watching the fire engulf every bit of them, it brings a certain feeling of joy that you only feel when you accomplish something that nobody though you were capable of. Tarah Nova and Cleopatra exited that match on stretchers, and we will be quite lucky to be in their presence again. My arm was set ablaze by Dark Demon, and I may have been the only one to have been eliminated from my team, but I was the only one to experience part of their body being engulfed in flames as well, that still was able to manage walking afterwards that is. If I lose to you, where does that leave me? A man who lost his only ticket to Cash In The Vault? A man deprived of something that he set his intentions so strongly on? It will leave me all of those things, but that won't be the case. A champion is a champion, a champion is deserving of recognition, but recognition doesn't bring pity. Ryan, I will be obliged to the one to dash your Pain for Pride hopes. Ryan Savage, this will be our first encounter, and it could very will be our last. The Ryanation is something that is similar to the god status Demon thought he had claimed, it's just a figment of your imagination of something you desire to be real. But no matter how strongly you believe, no matter how much hope exists within you, i'll be the one to deprive it of you all. Cash In the Vault is an objection of mine, just like it is yours, but when two discrete individuals, like we are, clash, it always becomes apparent as to why they are discrete. One of them is far superior than the other, and in this scenario, I am the one standing in the realm of superiority, a realm in which you will always be prevented from achieving when compared to me.

To begin a legacy, one must ignite the fuse that sets off the chain reaction that leads to ones legacy being written. This qualifier is the fuse, and the one to ignite it will be the one whose legacy will be written. It's time to impose my will into the mix of Cash in the Vault by utilizing this opportunity, and igniting the fuse that will propel me to a status that men like Ryan, and the rest who desire this same thing, will be in envy of.
Hell…Bound. The name suites someone such as myself if I do say so. For months I’ve been in hell fighting my “demons” I’ve been in hell getting beat up by Satan getting whipped by his minions! I thought all cause was lost until I reached up and grabbed someone’s or something’s hand. That figure was Satan himself he saw my never quit and die attitude and it impressed him, he told me to go and get stronger after several grueling months of training I returned to his throne and beheaded the Demon formerly known as “The Devil”. Now I sit here on the throne as the ruler of hell! After watching Dia Del Diablo I knew at that point good things were officially coming my way. Watching people get burned and bodies pulled out on stretchers really got my adrenaline going! I acquired some new sinners in my kingdom and how ironic the next event is called Hell Bound the place where all the losers of that event will be pulled into, but the biggest loser of that night will be known other than Tyson Michaels! We’ve feuded for several weeks and what better way to end it, then meeting in the arena of mourning souls. You came into my yard and now you get to play in it Tyson, do you know what I find funny? The slogan used for Dia Del Diablo saying “Through Hell to get to Heaven” unfortunately for you, your arrival at Heaven will never come. Once you step in Hell you never leave without the ruler’s permission and I plan on making you one of my slaves to come, your stay in Hell will be that of an unpleasant one I swear to you that. I plan on destroying that handsome face of yours and after I do so it will be re masked and never revealed again to anyone mwuahahaha… Tyson I almost feel sorry for you, your return was supposed to be successful but you took the wrong path and ended up with your worst nightmare!

The sad fact is that I told you all a thousand times. Not only did I tell you, but I will back it up. All of you disgusting, gelatinous masses never took me seriously. So, I’m going to do you all a favor and destroy your hero in front of your eyes. At Hell Bound I’ll bloody him. Just like on Neo vindicated. I proved everything I said. I lived up to everything I said I was going to do...and you still don't give me the recognition and praise I rightfully deserve. Not once have I been congratulated for mangling Terry Chambers. Not once have I been thanked for liberating you from his pathogenic presence. Not once have any of you revolting people showed me any kind of praise after all I have done for you! All you do is piss and moan about how I'm such a demon, and how I've been so vile towards Tyson Michaels, which is the reason why he will be crucified for all your sins. I have no hate for any of you I only see you all as sheep, followers of the packed you all never think for yourselves but that’s ok because I am here just like David I will lead you sheep to the promise land where I reside haha! Word is spreading of the second coming of Jesus Christ through me, ideas are starting to take hold. Those who were once so ignorant have sat up and started to get scared. Just like they should, before long, you'll be seeing a lot more of what I did to your smiling prince, this isn’t the end its only just the beginning my slaves! Like I said before Jesus bestowed to me his power and authority he had to come to his arch nemesis and beg for my help on cleansing this despicable world that you fools live in.. But that’s alright Tyson will be the burnt offering needed to save your lives and I will walk through burnt bodies and ashes to reach Pain For Pride….
Post Dia Del Diablo Promo

I have grown tired of trying to push myself towards becoming world champion when everything that I do all comes into vain.

Every time I turn around, someone steals the moment that was meant from me. Whether it is some fledgling yes man who stands for everything that Extreme Answers Wrestling represents, whether it is some legend who wants to bring his name back into the eyes of the people and restore some prestige to their name, whether it is a hero who conquers all of his foes and triumphantly waves his banner high for all the world to see or even if it is one of the most despised villains that EAW has ever gazed upon in their entire careers, someone takes it away from me. I have worked tirelessly, rigorously and have been hell-bent more than most of the entire EAW roster to get what I feel I deserve and that, my audience of few, is a world championship reign. I believe, no, I know that I have put my body through enough torture and suffering to pay the price that is asked to be the a world champion, even more. I went through Hell itself and welcomed it and what happened? A man who has had more than his fair share of Pain for Pride moments, championship glory and defining moments attached to his name in Mr. DEDEDE steals it right from under me after I was taken out by a flaming table.

Do you know how it makes me feel to see a man like him, who cannot fill a hole in his very soul and has to take from men like me time and time again to try and fill the bottomless abyss in their heart? It sickens me, it brings me to the point where I want to vomit and want to regurgitate all over the man who even thought that Mr. DEDEDE should enter that ring against Sekaiichi for that world championship. That is why I am going to do what I must, I am going to do what is needed and not what is wanted out of you ignorant people from the audience and from the board who want to watch me play second fiddle to a man who should have departed a long time ago. I know that you are probably going to want some of your younger talent to be placed inside that 7-Man Cash in the Vault, or how about let us bring some past legend who has no value or place in this company any longer to place that green talent up against, but that was not what I sought out of this company.

What I wanted was a fair opportunity, the same opportunities that you gave all of your other budding stars to become the future world champion. Defeating legends that do not even care about being in the company any longer, those victories are in vain because not a soul on this roster takes them seriously. They just call them flukes, blind luck, how it does not matter, and try to decredit everything you worked so hard to achieve. That championship reign you won at your first FPV match? It does not matter because how you won it was disrespectful, but everyone else earned theirs. Your matches with guys like Y2Impact, Extreme Enigma, Prince of Phenomenal and all the others who beaten, they don't matter because it was just luck. Nothing I do will be able to make you believe in what I say, so why even bother? So instead of proving it by beating legends or winning titles, I am going to prove it through my words like I can do best and by destroying the fabric of EAW by decimating any legend, hero or villain that I see because I can.

You wanted to treat me like an outcast, a pariah, and an invader against the EAW front? I will give you that since you cannot come to terms with me being a great extremist through all of that. You made this monster, people. Not just one extremist or board member did this, but every single one of you made this sadistic animal that will be unleashed at Showdown. Extreme Answers Wrestling is my nemesis, everyone who resides in it is my target, and all who think that they can prevent me from my goal of laying waste to it, try and stop me. Everyone talked about how I am near snapping and that one more loss was going to send me on a downward spiral psychologically and they were right, because now, I am done trying to be the next great man for EAW. Now?

I am going to be the vanquisher and conqueror of Extreme Answers Wrestling!
So is this how you cut a promo on this website?




I could run my mouth, I could piece together cliche and compare thee to a summer's day. I could celebrate and grin and smile and ''live it up''. I could drink till I'm passed out in the middle of my hotel-room, but I'm not going to do any of that. There's no room for celebrating, there's no room for being happy. I have one goal now, just one goal and it's been the same goal since the beginning of the year... really, since day one. That goal is to be your Champion. It's a part of living the dream, it's the reason why I ever put a pair of boots on and wore my tights and trenchcoat in the first place. It's my entire reason to be here, it's this itch I've yet to scratch. It's been two years since I've been back and I've been through hell and back, but the culmination is on it's way and if I have anything I have the opportunity. The Ultimate Opportunist hears opportunity when it knocks, and believe me I'm half way at the door. 

Make no mistake about it, I look forward to meeting Sekaiichi at the Showcase of the Immortals, at the Stage of the Universe in a match I have no doubt the entire Universe will have to see. SEVEN YEARS... SEVEN YEARS FOR THIS TYPE OF CHANCE AT THIS STAGE. I AM THE CHALLENGER! I AM THE HUNTER! I AM THE SPEAR, AND JUST AS THE SPEAR I ONLY HAVE ONE PURPOSE! I LIVE that purpose at the grandest stage of them all. 

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