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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) XFZUbPi

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 EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) Empty
PostEAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) EDGpHrW

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Zach Genesis
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 9:06 am by Zach Genesis
(Triple Threat Promo #2)
"'Till I burn beyond control…"  - "Carnivore" by Starset

Battle born…born ready…ready to fight…ready to go to war. No matter how many times I attempt to rephrase it at the end of the day it just all has the same result. Same outcome. Same situation or as a lot of people actually prefer saying themselves…same shit…no difference. When we stare directly into the eyes of war, and stare directly into what's coming on the road ahead…you prepare yourself. You get yourself ready to the fucking max because you know that when the CHIPS are down you deliver. You put everything to the absolute maximum BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT YOU MUST BRING IT!


So Matt Miles…Mister California…The Ragnarok's latest golden boy. You consider yourself a Spartan right? That's what you're trying to tell me? Because I'll be honest at the end of the day after I saw your video uploaded last night, that's all I really got with what you just calling yourself a spartan over and over again. That's your job at advertising the Spartan Cup kid? Did Damien Murrow promise a pay bonus if you could successfully drop the word "Spartan" more than six times in that three minute video of yours?

I kid…I kid…anyway LET'S PLAY A VINTAGE AND CLASSIC ZACH GENESIS GAME! I think all the kids at home know what time it is! It's time for Zach Genesis's Game Called "Telling His Opponents What They Did Wrong And Why They're Wrong!" Everyone knows the game I mean I did to Scott Oasis remember that shit!? And well after I unravelled him at the seams he lost focus…lost concentration…and the second that took place you saw that I kicked his ass, took his EAW Interwire Championship and immediately that title came exactly to where it belongs.

Now Matty-Boy…can you promise one single thing? Just spare me your fucking life story will you? I mean yeah you're a great competitor that I respect whole heartedly. You're an amazing technician and wrestler that I've wanted to face directly inside of an EAW ring for a long, long time and I don't mean this with any disrespect…well…there might be a little. But I mean like good job. Good job in attempting to sound like oh I don't know every babyface ever. OH SHIT! I BROKE THE FOURTH WALL! Something I haven't done in a while but I guess you can never break bad habits right!?

I mean yes it's nice to know that "oh I defied all odds!" and "oh man the chips were stacked against me!" I mean yeah don't get me wrong, if you ever put together either the Official Matt Miles DVD "The Adventure Of Mister California" or the official Matthew Miles LIfetime Special I mean sure go for gold kid. But as far I'm concerned that stuff doesn't bother me. I don't care about your backstory. I don't care about all the different promotions you've competed in or all of the stuff about "GAH! I DESERVE RESPECT!" and about "MY PARENTS NEVER WANTED TO ME PURSUE MY DREAMS!" Parents never wanting you to pursue your dreams? Shit man, I didn't know you were taking a play out of the soap opera playbook but…

Alright I better stop digressing, back to my point. All that matters to me right now. Right here. All that matters to me is when I walk through that curtain in that arena in Beijing come Sunday night…all I'm thinking about is doing what I do best…doing the one thing I know how to do…and no that's besides making picking up girls look like the easiest thing in the world. I WILL WRESTLE. You claimed you're a Spartan Miles…several times in fact. Well you're a spartan?


Four simple words. OH SHIT I MEAN RING TRUE! HOW NICE DOES THAT SOUND HEY!? You might be a spartan that's going to charge in on your Trojan horse and try to start a fucking invasion in that ring but I'm a competitor. I'm a fighter. And most importantly…I am a wrestler. That's my craft…my art…my passion…FROM THE SECOND THAT BELL RINGS TO THE SECOND IT RINGS AGAIN ALL I FEEL IS THE FIRE IN MY SOUL, THE PASSION IN MY HEART AND MY FOCUS AND WILL TO SUCCEED!

Now here's the thing you say I don't know how lucky I am!? I FUCKING DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY I AM!? You! Matt Miles! Mister Los Angeles! Mister California! YOU'RE TELLING THE KID FROM TEXAS WHO HAD AN ALCOHOLIC MOTHER, A DAD WHO WAS NEVER AROUND, AND BROKE HIS NECK AT THE AGE OF 18. YOU'RE TELLING HIM HE HAS NO IDEA HOW LUCKY HE IS. Well guess what Matty-boy…I have four words that I'm gonna uhh… "ring true" for ya. Alright? Let me try this shit! LET ME TRY THIS! ALRIGHT PUNCTUATION MARK IN AND:


Oh wow that was fun! I definitely fucking see why you enjoyed doing that in your little EAW.com video so much! Alright moving on SO I've taken a play out of the Matt Miles Playbook and decided to delve a little bit into just a section of my life story, when it's eventually used in my autobiography "Zach Genesis: How I Learned To Stop Worrying, And Start Dominating". But don't assume kid…don't jump the gun and don't just THINK you know everything. So enough time attacking your video and now onto what really matters at hand here…talking. about. you.

Now first of all…thanks for the compliments in all seriousness though. I mean hell when I was a rookie here in EAW you were the one guy that I kept looking up to. I remember sitting back after Scotty-Boy defeated me in that Battle Royale and I saw you lock up Vic Vendetta into that casket and claiming that Interwire Championship and I said to myself wow…that's a guy I wanna face…a guy I'd love to have a match against down the line…

And I guess my Texan lucky charm came into play BECAUSE SEVEN MONTHS LATER AND HERE WE ARE! Flying into Beijing, China of all places where we get ready to compete for the first time ever in EAW history…and with that Spartan Cup on the line? That automatic ticket to get myself to Pain For Pride this year? That chance to know that I get to have the opportunity? The chance? The privilege to showcase my craft on the biggest stage of them all? Well come this Sunday night at Triple Threat there is definitely one thing I can promise you and yes I'm bringing the four words back again!


And no I'm not promising you that I'm going to win. No I'm not going to say that because if I did I'd be like every single damn wrestler in this company which I am not. So that's a definite promise. However I will tell you that I'm going to go out there fighting! I am going to go out there screaming! AND I CAN GUARAN-FUCKING-TEE IT THAT THE SECOND THAT BELL RINGS AND IT'S JUST YOU AND ME IN THAT RING I AM GIVING IT MY FUCKING ALL!

Oh yeah I was supposed to tell you about my opinions on Ragnarok right? I said that two nights ago right? Okay Ragnarok…Ragnarok…OH YEAH! GOT IT! RIGHT! You say that since I brought it up let's talk about it right? Well yeah…I ain't going to deny that but if you think that all I'm focused on and all I'm thinking about is that which well YOU EFFECTIVELY SAID then you have it wrong. DAMN WRONG. I brought it up for one mere reason…it proved that you changed. Changed who you are. You were no longer Matt Miles, the kid from California with the fighting spirit and the passion and the dreams. You became Matt Miles - the guy who had to join a group of people who love nothing more than kicking people's asses when they felt like and antagonize every one around them.

"We fight for what is true and just"…way to sound like every villain…ever. "Ragnarok is here because the world needs bad men"…so you go from saying that you "fight with honor" before saying that the world needs "bad men". TOTAL LOGIC THERE GENIUS! "They keep the other bad men out. Simple as that." So your suggestion there Matt Miles is to if I get this right… "FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE?"

Well that I agree with wholeheartedly! Listen you're going on about how you all fight for honor and fight for integrity and "you eradicate evil whilst being evil yourself" but to mean you're all just a group of guys who just love nothing more than to watch the world burn right at their fucking doorstep…eradicating evil while being evil? Take my path kid…eradicating evil whilst being the good, loveable badass that this world needs.

So this camera guy who probably weighs about 150 pounds is telling me to wrap this video up quickly so let me just wrap things up here. Sunday Night - China National Tennis Center - Triple Threat - Live On FPV. When the sun goes down, when the lights are bright and when it's officially go time I expect nothing less than my 100% and your 100%. I know we will put each through hell and back. You may be a spartan Matt. I think I got that by now…but guess what? I'm a champion…I'm a wrestler…AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.


It's just a matter of time Matt Miles because all it comes down to is just tick…tock…





"Who are you to change this world…"


Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 9:02 am by Guest
This past Saturday I made my EAW debut. I've been in a bit of a mood ever since because the first impression the EAW universe got of me wasn't exactly the one I desired. I'm not the kind of person who cares what other people think about him, but this is the first time in my long career that I step foot in the hottest promotion going today. I wanted, I needed to make an impact and I couldn't. And it's all because of you, Daniel Marshall. I was set to the task of finding a tag team partner. I don't think I needed one and to be quite honest I would have been better off without one.. but I still did it anyway because I was told some of the hungriest, most vicious, violent and excellent pro wrestlers in the world are here in EAW. I trusted Daniel Marshall, I thought he possessed those qualities, but he didn't display any of them in the moment of truth. He wasn't hungry, he wasn't vicious, he wasn't violent he was a selfish little punk who thought he could take on RAGNAROK by himself and achieve all the glory for himself. Of course he was unsuccessful. In every company I have been in I bulldozed through the competition. And rest assured EAW will no exception. I failed to make an impact this past Saturday, but it wasn't because I didn't want to, it wasn't because I wasn't fully prepared and it certainly wasn't because I don't have what it takes. It was because of Daniel Marshall. And Daniel next time I won't yell at you. I won't get pissed. I'll give you no warning whatsoever. I'll just do to you what I was supposed to do to RAGNAROK on Showdown. You will get your ass handed to you on a silver platter. If I were you I would stop bitching and just retire. Let's face it, you just don't have what it takes to be successful in this business. If you did things would be much different, don't you think? I'll give you an advice, Daniel. STAY OUT OF MY WAY. If you don't want that pathetic and sad career of yours to end? Don't ever get in my way.
J-Dynasty 2?
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 6:33 am by J-Dynasty 2?
Tiberius Jones and Joseph Anubis are seen within their headquarters in China seated as Jones passes his Komodo dragon mask from hand to hand while speaking.

TJ: Shed skin and fresh growth in its place is no foreign concept for a reptile.

In my culture we have our ways to detect what animalistic tendencies we are to have, as a child I was adorned upon my face the mask of a Komodo dragon. Such a mighty beast of dangerous mystique, size amongst its peers and virtual domination amongst its food chain where none is predator of it, you’d imagine it a great omen and blessing, of course my parents meant it as such, after all they did name me after a roman emperor and I was their heir…for a time. Though at times I can’t help but think, maybe they saw something inside their little boy in which they hoped even from then that he’d change through time of shedding and growths, a reason they picked a reptile in particular for little emperor. It is plain to see, I’m not the picture of what people would expect out of regality and sophistication, I’ve been exiled and replaced, I’ve been chastised for my “vulgar” preferences and actions, sent abroad and until recently not seeing my people for many years.

So I adapted.

I became an urban king, a ruler to the areas I felt fit me best and catered to my likings. Hard work and thrashing about against the powers at be in EAW just wasn’t cutting it. I always had it known I was wise to the false fronts and wasn’t here to be anyone’s sucker, yet be it Cleopatra, Kevin Devastation or Sebastian, every power tried to play me for the fool because I played the game nice and I watched guys like Christopher Corrupt, TLA and Jacob Senn eat the grub off my plate. My response to this was natural, remember, I’m a reptile.

I shedded my skin, I grew, I adapted.

Chris you say that means I joined your revolution? Took notes from your book? Then why am I the champion and you no longer? How do you out score the textbook if all the questions on the test come from the book? You don’t. That’s right, because we aren’t playing by your game, your revolution or what’s noted from you. Your opinions, your fortune telling, have no meaning to me, I have no reason to heed your words because in the end what you were isn’t what I am. I am me.

I’m a reptile, but not a snake, I don’t shed all my skin at once, I’m always still me.  I shed in patches, only parts of me change at a time.

I pride myself as the slickest of the slick, king of all thieves, and whether your pockets are fat or less than so, I’m pick pocketing from anyone and everyone I see fit, the standards of other champions don’t apply to me. Chris you can’t be steps ahead of me on a path you don’t even know exists, you can be 100 steps ahead on your dirt roads, but it won’t mean a thing against someone whose feet walk upon gold laced plains.  You can try to step to my level, try, but where I walk the turns come sharp and you aren’t quick enough on the uptake to navigate the bends.

Anubis: Speaking on being slow on the uptake there’s Jacob Senn, a man who thinks and acts like a bull, but has none of the brawn quite necessary to suit such a way of life where it seems he is charging after anyone who makes him see red.

TJ: I never thought anyone would be so easy, ever since I put him on the shelf his desire for vengeance has him biting out at anything and everything we put out for him and that’s how we caught him hook, line and sinker. Boy would probably chase us even if we didn’t always have unforeseen plans. You know Jacob, it’s not like I never felt like getting you back after you slipped away with that little roll up pinfall, I just bided my time thinking of when and how to do it, and coincidentally a new venture was presented to me at the proper time to stick it to you. I knew that in that world championship match, when the chips were down and emotions ran highest, your senses would be at their weakest and you wouldn’t be ready for me to make my move. Thus I came in like a thief in the night and did my dirty work at the most unexpected and most opportune time. But you? You’ve been so transparent, you even let it be known on the streets that you’d be returning at the Grand Rampage to get me, thinking that’d not get you into trouble. Now your game’s been wack ever since, the only victory you’ve been able to get lately is over some chunky local at some establishment you like to whisper romantic sweet nothings at the owner who does you favours by having your flag around. Know that when you’re done bullying all the Chinaman you can find, you’re still in a rut where the big boys play, and it’s evident who put you in that rut is going to be there at Triple Threat to see you say there.

Anubis: But don’t worry Mr.Senn, at least one of your hopes will come true because you will have ample time to be in the ring with Jaywalker, I ensure you that he will be there prime and ready to do battle. Though I do not believe that you will look back to your words at a later date with fond memories, see hindsight is 20/20 and only then will you be able to fully see the error of your ways. Though perhaps I should not be so giving, man’s vision even at 20/20 leaves much to be desired. See what we see is only what can be perceived and translated to our minds, not everything that’s actually there, vision is just an image that the mind comprehends. You can’t comprehend the elements before you, you cannot fathom the true qualities and capabilities of Jaywalker or our purpose. Simple survival isn’t good enough Senn, it’s setting the cycle of the food chain back on track, it’s the riding of cosmic waste, its adaption and it’s the culling we are achieving. A wise thought process was once told, it was about floating vs flight, both involve being in the air, but only one is linked to having purpose and agency, that being flight. You can make disparaging remarks about what Jaywalker found, but it is what gave him the wings that come with the namesake “Jay” as opposed to floating in an existence like yours of mere survival, unlike you, Jaywalker exists on a plane of flight. It may confuse some, for Jaywalker has never been one to jump and act like a circus performers, but understand that Jaywalker is always in the sky though it appears to your minds that he walks among you, it is only when it is time for your demise that he swoops down to all our levels with his talons wide and brings calamity to those who oppose their betters.

Camera faces to black.
Devan Dubian
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 4:30 am by Devan Dubian
This is as personal as it gets.

There will be an octopus inside that ring this weekend. 
And there will remain one remainder, that remainder is Brian Daniels.
And I vow to everyone that I will end him before he has a chance to appear at Pain for Pride.

This event is an invitation to an injury. However that does not mean that I'm just going to avoid it. Instead of treating this event with displeasure for it bears no actual applicability and only exists for the further fervor of our followers, I will treat it as an opportunity to take down some of the most thriving talents in this company and then Brian Daniels. I realize that many of the participants in this match are not fond of their place in this event but I can assure you that if it weren't for this match, you would probably be participating in an even more inessential match or not even be present at the event at all. So take the most of what you are given and make something of it instead of just wailing on about it. I realize that most of you believe that you are not relevant characters in this feud that exists between Brian Daniels and myself but you could not be more wrong. Our feud represents something much more than two bickering elitists who have taken opposite sides of the arena and can't bear to just stare at each other. Well that is what it mainly represents but it also brings up the notion that exists in each and every elitists mind that resides in this match. There are a few in this match who have become world champion and have barely scraped by and then there are those that have made it as far as to the top of the ladder only to slid at the last second before they could grab that world championship. I, like the some in this match am a victim to the latter. Brian Daniels, like some in this match is a victim to the before. We are all elitists who at some point in their career have been deemed worthy of holding the world championship even if some of us have not been able to grab it at the end. Now you may think that this match is aimless but the matter of fact is that you  more likely than not have been in this thought of dilemma in the past before too. Norman Hellion believes that he should participating in more advanced matches. Lucian Black believes that his talents should be pursued for a greater purpose. Alex Anderson believes that he has surpassed the talent of every elitist in this match and should be doing more. You are all treating this as a consolation match but what you will come to realize that this is the perfect training ground before your entrance at the big stage. We all know that most of us if not all of us will be participating in some highlight match at Pain for Pride in a month and so what better way to see it to it than to participate in a match which will invite you to real threats. You fight for you, you fight for Brian Daniels, you fight for Devan Dubian: it does not matter because you are always replaceable. 

However if I were a tipping man, I'd recommend getting behind Team Dubian because I fully expect to win this weekend.

I don't expect you all to believe my lies and my promises. I expect you to look at both our teams, place them on a comparison scale and see that the weight of gold on one side overwhelm the other because that is what you people are used to doing. You like using statistics in every scenario because you do not like taking a risk. I can admit that Team Daniels provides a more credible argument given their three former world champions to our none but in this kind of match, I will take synergy over three individual efforts any day. The presence of Brian Daniels, Norman Hellion and Liam Catterson is big enough to shock any trio off and with that, the addition of probable world champions in Alex Anderson and Lucian Black makes this team on paper unassailable. However as I have constantly proven before, I am known to defy odds. I have done it before and I will have no trouble taking this underprivileged team to the top. I have participated in my fair share of time in a team but only as a worker with much criticism, never as a leader. To lead my own team means to right every one of my past leaders' mistakes and improve even further, something I don't imagine I will have a trouble doing. Starrstan believed in the idea of leading from the back, barking with orders from the back line and making his so called lackeys do all the work. I am anything but like that man, I believe that in order to take down an opponent, a king must lead from the front-line or how can he expect his soldiers to follow? I will lead this team from the start by taking on Brian Daniels and his four partners alone if it comes down to that point. I don't have to care about the complication that currently exists between Holy Brigades right now with their appearances and what-not because one thing I am certain of is their desire to fight. When put in a stricken situation, each and every one of those single members will do anything to pull off a victory. They are competitors first most so personal has to exit one door and eager to clash must enter the other. They are not so desirous to let their personal sentiments get to the best of them, unlike some individual competitors that I know are present in the other team. Trios fight and they clash but only among each other, not others. Psycho Brody on the other hand will remain my important element with following consequences. What those consequences are remain to be seen. My teams activity lives more on the idea of getting over the hurdle in order to escape this dog fight whilst our opponents seem calm and nonchalant. I will have no trouble pushing over a fourteen feet vainglorious master because the looks I will receive from such an accolade will be my catalyst walking into Pain for Pride going for the world championship.

Think yourself bigger and bigger.
Because once you clash with Team Dubian, it will only make that fall back to earth that much longer and gentle.
Jacob Senn
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 1:10 am by Jacob Senn
Triple Threat Promo Two

(The flicker of a booting video flashes as we see the serious face of Jacob Senn as he stands in the middle of a ring with a Chinese flag raised behind him. Soon, that flag is removed by the banner of Jacob Senn, bearing the sigil of the black-and-red yin-yang dragons, as we have a better look at Senn. Jacob, bearing bruises on his body and an enormous red whelp risen on his chest, looks down at a fallen Chinese wrestler. This man is stout, much larger and stronger than him, but seems to be unconscious as he is carted out of the ring by staff on hand at the facility. The owner of the establishment enters the ring as he bows his head towards Jacob Senn, who greets the man in kind, and shakes his hand as hushed words are spoken between the two. Jacob walks forwards and meets with the man behind the camera as he grabs a towel to wipe the sweat off of his brow as he lies back in his corner.)

Survival. It has been what this business has always been about, no matter when the era you decide to look towards. Every man at every time in the history of this sport does one thing at the end of the day and that is their attempts at that goal: survival. You never know what your opponent is going to bring, you never know what to expect when they are standing right before you seconds before the time of war has dawned upon the both of you, and it is those who are able to seize that moment right there is what seals a person’s fate. This exhibition I just went through with that man they just carted out, he wasn't ready for the anger that I needed to let out before I had a heart attack and collapsed on the ground at any moment. I needed to let out some steam and here in this dojo, they allowed me to do such against one of their best fighters. Now, I feel prepared and trained, focused on the task at hand. That task is making sure that Tiberius Jones and Jaywalker pay the penance for their sins towards The Fabled Conqueror, standing in my path towards claiming my rightful place at the helm of this company as the World Heavyweight Champion. Jaywalker has this new-found belief of Mother Earth, Gaia, whatever you may want to call it, and finds himself with a higher purpose because of his war waged against the forces of Heart Break Boy and Cameron Ella Ava. What is his reasoning behind it, one of the question I sought knowledge towards from the man himself? It is not the usual answer of the destruction that man is doing unto the planet, committing mass suicide by destroying the only home they have in the universe, that is too simple for a man of Jaywalker’s delicacy. It is not to rid the world of the ravenous and demanding hordes that reap the world of its resources that will undoubtedly make this planet into a barren wasteland that is scorch the human race into a pile of ashes and cinder, erasing us from existence. No, Jaywalker took this faith because he saw that The American Dream had a purpose that made them continue to fight, even when the victory to them was too far and out of reach for them to possibly attain. Jaywalker, the awe-inspiring dominant juggernaut who has laid waste to many hopefuls in their dreams at becoming one of the top elitist in this industry at his expense, feels that he needs a bit of faith to make him be the unstoppable force that he is?

You have it all wrong from what I saw, Jay. It was not some god, some religion, or even a prayer that led them to victory against you as they did not relent to seeing you expunged from the company. It was something inside of them, something that you could see in the black of their eyes, the fire that made their blood boil when you were in their sights. That was not faith, but it was retribution. It was a necessity of watching you be brought down to your knees for mocking their faith, to torturing their bodies, and even placing harm unto their families as you forced them to watch. It was not the faith that made them stand tall against you, it was the wrath they felt for you with their lust of vengeance that kept pushing them towards your bitter end as you were exiled out with the prize that you gave birth to stripped from your clutches. That same vengeance, that same burning flame, that is what fuels me, Jay. I seek vengeance upon you, I want to watch you suffer by my own hands, and I will have just that when we enter the ring. You have done wrong unto my house, mocked my name with your insults at doubting my abilities as a fighter, and I change that when we meet in that tag team match. I hope that I have you in that ring to myself, I hope that I have you all to myself because when you are broken and made into a husk like you were back when you failed to defeat Cameron Ella Ava, I hope it strikes fear into your followers, Tiberius and Joseph. I want them to be stunned with trepidation in their eyes as they cower in fear at the fact that they will have to stand against a man of such ferociousness because there will be no escape for them either. All men who have deemed themselves my enemy shall fall before the heel of The Fabled Conqueror and plead for mercy where none shall be found. At the end of the night, with the assistance of Christopher Corrupt, you shall lay beaten and shattered by our hands. You will be left with thoughts of what you could do to change your fate, what could have been and what mistakes you could have rectified, but you will find no answer and it shall find you with no solace in what has occurred. No comfort shall be awarded and you will have the haunting memory of that night repeatedly playing in your mind as it will be there forever when you are faced with such an opponent again. It shall be a timeless warning for you to stand down when met with a man above your limits, there is no survival.

Your survival is a dream, a fantasy that you continue to live in, but I shall bring down reality when I cave your skulls in. This business has those who fight for glory, honor, and prestige, but that is just the perks of fighting in the ring, not the purpose. The purpose is for survival of the fittest, being the best at what you do and surviving against all the odds that are stacked against you and as of this moment, the odds are very even. Two men who have aligned with one another because of their shared belief in Gaia and the other two men forging a team to be able to combat the men who have made them scapegoats for the last time. We both have our reasons for why we have crossed paths, but the path for Joseph Anubis, Tiberius Jones, and the legendary Jaywalker comes to a screeching halt when Jacob Senn and Christopher Corrupt end them in the middle of the ring. You are the ones that have lost their way, forgotten what the truth of this business is and I am going serve as a reminder when Corrupt and myself walk out as simply… survivors.
Grace Izumi
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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*It is 4:00 in the morning at the Tokyo International Airport. While everything is quiet and dimly lit, throughout the halls, murmured voices can be heard coming from a small group of people sitting in the terminal destined for flights back to mainland Asia- China in particular*
*As the camera zooms in, many familiar faces, as well as a mask, can be seen. First off, with loud music blaring through his headphones, GI Styles is sitting stoically in one of the chairs typical for a waiting area, while the four other men around him stand just off the side, talking about him*
*Of course one of the four men is GI’s psychiatrist and manager, Dr. Eddie Hawke, carrying his usual self-assured smirk as ever before. The pre-mentioned masked man is local wrestler and pop culture icon, as well as the teacher and mentor of GI Styles back in the New Japan Dojo, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, who stands with a young green boy ready to translate what he says into English. Rounding off the group is fellow countryman and another teacher and mentor to GI, Canadian legend Lance Storm, who as usual is standing stoically and without much emotion*
Storm: You have to realise that none of us likes any of this, nor you, correct?
Hawke: Don’t worry. I get that a lot. I try not to take it personally.
Liger (Through translator): And you realise that by burning every bridge GI had remaining in this company, absolutely nothing is going to come easy for him?
Hawke: To be fair, GI was doing a good job of this long before I was here. Yes, it’s unfortunate that we had to tear down the old Dynamite Rain connection as well, but it was necessary. Just trust me. We all know this well. When was GI at his best? When he was on his own, and against the world. The way I see things, Carlos was a crutch to GI, preventing him from standing freely on his own and getting the results we all know he is capable of. Need I remind you of the last time GI and Carlos faced off in a blood feud, and what resulted?
Storm: I suppose, but why the hell does he need you to do all of his talking for him? If I can be serious for a moment, the Poison harlot made a good point. Even when he didn’t deserve it, GI would talk off everyone’s ear. What is different now?
Hawke: Yes, GI talked a lot. Poison is right. GI talked and talked and talked, but what were was his biggest successes? When he shut up and let his actions do his talking for him. When LEGION started, he tried to talk AJ Arias’ ear off, and he ended up losing the right to be the LEGION World Heavyweight Championship. He started burning flags and pissed people off with his actions, and then he beat Carlos, he beat Loa…He beat so many people, and who was the person who managed to beat him? Someone who beat him at his own game. A masked freak who talked softly, and carried a big stick…Literally. It was the same with his CWF return. Talking didn’t do him good. Showing No Mercy is what got him the World Title there. Everyone talks about how clever and witty GI is, but what nobody gets is GI is at his best when his actions do his talking for him. No-one has ever tapped out to a well-constructed sentence. A clever pun has never put someone down for the three count. All that matters now is GI keeping his eye on the prize, and as far as I’m concerned, as long as he is inside Carlos’ head right now, and by the looks of it he is, then that is all I really care about. Everyone can get angry at GI not talking all they want. All I care about is getting GI to his absolute peak, and if having me be his mouthpiece is going to achieve that, then anyone who has a problem with that can suck an egg.
Liger: That is ridiculous! GI was always good enough. It doesn’t matter if he was kicking people hard, or running around like a madman, or even out-wrestling everyone in this company. Why did he have to change?
GI: Because I lost…
*Lance, Jushin and Jushin’s translator all turn around in shock, as GI stares slightly remorseful daggers right at them. While his eyes have softened, the conviction behind his glare and the determination in his face remain unchecked. After a couple of seconds of shock, Dr. Hawke starts talking again*
Hawke: You really underestimate just what Tyler winning all those months ago did to GI. He was on the cusp of history. Nobody cares about AWL, but this is a competitor who could have had good success in Japan, in Mexico, but more importantly, he could have dominated in all of the three most important wrestling companies in the history of North America. He won the CWF World Title. He won the LEGION World Title. And just when he was possibly going to cement his names as one of the true Greatest of all Times in EAW, by holding a title the prestige of the National Extreme Championship for a year, while retiring the Elite Championship, and holding the World Heavyweight Championship…He lost. He was close at times, but he failed.
You know why monks take up a vow of silence? To seek penance for their sins. GI is a competitor through and through, and you know what happens when he failed to beat Parker? His chance of having everyone know just how good he was all but went down the toilet. GI started in LEGION and CWF, so succeeding in EAW was always going to be an uphill battle. He was never an “EAW Guy”. He wasn’t Extreme enough, he didn’t kiss the right butts or make friends with the right people. All he did week in and week out was win. And for so long, that was good enough, but now look where he is. A broken wreck, who needs to reach the top of the mountain, and will take down everyone he needs to to do just that. This is why his friendship with Carlos doesn’t matter. Because, the fact of the matter was, it didn’t get him to where he wanted to be. I won’t say he got too complacent, but the killer’s edge GI always displayed just wasn’t there. Maybe I am over-estimating GI, and maybe I’m believing too much of my own hype, but I think GI can win any match at any time, against any opponent. Even in EAW, he had that clutch gene one of my other clients talks about, where he always showed up big for big matches.
Except for that one time he needed to.
So do you all blame me for wanting GI to exist on an island? He was at his best when he was all alone in that ring. I know he has me for emotional back-up, but what am I going to do? I wouldn’t be shocked if Poison could beat me up in a fight, so it’s not like I’m a major help there. I’m just doing what GI’s father wanted me to do. Manage his affairs, and make sure that he is the best that he can be.
Storm: I still am hesitant to accept all that, but we have to ask once again. Why is GI…for the most part anyway…A complete mute? I’m not going to call GI anything as strong as what Carlos’ manager did, but why can’t GI burn his own bridges by himself?
Hawke: Hehehe…It’s funny how everyone thinks this is just some dumb gimmick. I’m a psychiatrist, Mr. Storm. If GI wanted a hype man, his father would have hired a hype man, not a doctor. No, I’m here to do what GI just isn’t capable of doing, and making sure that he can get back onto his own two feet sooner or later. To achieve that, though, he has to beat the ever loving crap out of the closest thing he had to a best friend, and prove that he is the same GI Styles who won the important matches and as far as I’m concerned…This could be the most important GI has ever had to face.
*As all five men stand in silence, some reluctant nodding comes from the three men not under contract for EAW, although it is clear that not all of them still buy Dr. Hawke’s words. Regardless, the feed soon fades to black*
Florida Man
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 22nd 2015, 12:04 am by Florida Man
(Daniel is seen sitting in an airport, sitting in the lounge next to the gate of an upcoming flight. He has a frustrated look on his face)

I just.... I don't really know what is going on. I've been in EAW for five damn months now, and I have yet to find a place for myself. Saturday after Saturday on Showdown, time and time again, it's like one step forward, and two steps back. I just can't get anywhere.

Some people might say that the win-loss record doesn't matter, and that it's the fight you put up that matters. They point to my recent match with Zach Genesis. And while that was a magnificent match, and I put up one hell of a fight, there's only one thing in my head, and it's not the fight I put up. It's me getting my leg hooked, and being pinned. That's all I see in my head whenever I replay that match in my head.

That's just a problem I've had said since I was a kid. Whenever I failed a class, or lost a neighborhood race, even if I put all my effort into it, all I can remember is the fact that I failed. My father always told me to take that and learn from my failures, rather than stew over them. And I'll tell you, I try, I really do. But sometimes, I just can't. Every time I loose, I feel like I let the fans down.

After my last match, my embarrassment and failure hit me on a bigger scale, because not only do I feel like I let down the fans, but I also lost the match for my team mate. Eli Auva'a, a guy who was making his debut that night. We went up against the tough team on Norman Hellion and Aren Mstislav. I tagged myself in, and got small packaged to win.

Eli was pissed, I was pissed..... but, in the end, there's nobody to blame but myself. I lost the match for my team, and I'm sorry Eli.

Things are changing though. From now on, I'm making a change. I will make it my mission, to not only even out my win-loss record, but to send the amount of wins through the roof. Be it by myself or as a member of a team, I'll do it.
Norman Hellion
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 21st 2015, 9:05 pm by Norman Hellion
It's a well known fact that I stabbed Sebastian and the rest of RAGNAROK in the back. Surely I can't be trusted anymore. But that doesn't stop the business offers from pouring in. From King Ares offering me a spot in House Vendetta to now being apart of Team Daniels at Triple Threat. I feel the love and appreciation guys, thank you. Sarcasm aside, I'm sure some of my partners for this Saturday are questioning my loyalty to this team. My past speaks for itself and I suppose I should clarify. You see Norman came into EAW as a lone wolf. A man who was actually scared of being close to others. I shared that same outlook for years. But my views changed. They changed because I realized that EAW isn't about wrestling first, instead it's foundation is built on politics. Look around and you'll see corruption. Inhale and you'll breathe in hatred. Men and women cut corners daily here in EAW. There is nothing fair about this place, which is why I enjoy having allies, whether they are long term or short. But let me make something perfectly clear, I don't need others watching my back, though it is welcomed. Strength in numbers is what I say, my friends. And those relationships you build? They help further your career. That's the truth. That's the world we live in. The real world, not this fake little society where kids are given awards for participation. So even though my word might not mean a damn thing to you four, the "Fantastic Four", I won't place a knife in your spine. Instead I will help you - help you beat Team Dubian. Why? Because I like winning. Just like I enjoy hurting others before they get the chance to hurt me. Great combo right? But most of all, I will give you every last fiber in my being to this team, not because I like or respect any of you, which I don't, but because of this "small event" I'm sure you've all heard of, Pain for Pride. As of right now I have nothing to look forward to regarding PFP. I don't have a match lined up. But I should. I know I'm about to come off as a broken record, but I do not care because I'm sick of sitting on my hands and biting my tongue while the disgust and frustration nearly kills me. What am I talking about? I'm sure you have a pretty good idea with where I'm going with this, but in case you don't, let me put it like this. Just recently one of my partners, Lucian Black gave us a little history lesson on the Answers World Championship and it was quite interesting. He claimed the title doesn't belong to Stan, Brian, or Devan. And I agree with the Samoan Superman. But - yes, unfortunately there is a but, contrary to your opinion, it doesn't belong to you either. It doesn't belong to anyone - except me. Dating back to Reckless Wiring, I should have contacted the authorities because I was robbed and what was stolen from me was gold. Championship gold. Answers World Championship gold to be specific. Make no mistake about it, I'm not making excuses. If I was beaten fair and square that night, I would have owned up to it. I would have given Starr Stan a nice round of applause followed by a salute. But he didn't deserve a parade or balloons and he certainly doesn't deserve to be called champion. Don't you see? I lost it all. My career - MY LIFE WAS FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN BY SEBASTIAN LANNISTER. Because of him, I have nowhere to go. Nowhere to turn. He has me trapped, not physically, but mentally. Some might say I had it coming to me, but I strongly disagree and I'll leave it at that. The point I'm trying to make is it should be me versus Brian Daniels versus Devan Dubian at Pain for Pride. But nooooo. Hell I don't even get a rematch. But like I said, nothing is fair about this place. I've come to learn that EAW is cold and dark - just like my heart. If Norman was here, I'm sure he would tell me to think positive. He would give me words of encouragement. But I'm afraid I'm a glass half empty kind of guy. I see things for what they are. I see the truth. I went from being a world champion, a man who was feared, a man who would destroy anything and everything in his path - to being an after thought. I'm aware I play second fiddle to King Ares and King Lannister and now I must do the same for Brian and Devan. I'm a nice guy right? A real gentleman and scholar. Letting others shine in the limelight, when it should only be focused on me. 

Because this match is all about Brian and Devan. Don't tell me differently since the team names prove it. Hell I shouldn't even be in this match in the first place. I should be going toe to toe with Tyler and Xavier. That would be quite the challenge right? I don't think so because I've faced two other world champions before, Mr. DEDEDE and Diamond Cage, the last show and match of 2014 - and I won. The last EAW image you saw last year was me standing tall, which is always the case, literally. But oh how far I've fallen. I've followed Hades' footsteps. The same lonely trail that leads to nothing but frostbite. Now I have to find my way home. Shouldn't be hard with the footsteps imprinted into the snow. But a blizzard makes it difficult when it covers the tracks. Will I live? Will I die? Will I rise? Will I continue to free fall? Stay tuned. So why am I in this match? It's because Brian recognizes my talent. He's been in the ring with me what? Four times or so? Sure he has a winning record against me but I won when it mattered. I won when something was on the line. I have something called a clutch gene. But that's enough about me and my self praising. This is about Brian and Devan, remember? It's even about Liam and his deep hatred towards the Holy Brigades. It seems like it's personal for everyone - except me, and I suppose Lucian as well. But wait there's Brody! Let's turn this into another House Vendetta and RAGNAROK story! How about no. How about I leave Brody alone. How about I just wait for him to self destruct. Let him do what he does best and screw up. It's a well known fact that he doesn't win big matches. He barely wins any matches period, isn't that right Dr. Vance? How's your patient doing these days? Still hugging Mr. Cuddles tightly? Still showing signs of embarrassment? He should be embarrassed. He should also feel a high level of pressure because you would be a fool to not think he's on the chopping block. Sebastian? Matt? Aren? All head and shoulders better than your patient or client or lover, whichever term you prefer. Brody, my former brother, the anchor. The man who would always stop the group from reaching new heights - and I see not much has changed since I left. If Brody was able to make decisions on his own, he would notice he needs change. When I say change I mean get rid of you, Erik. Why stop there? Get rid of Sebastian as well. Throw Aren and Matt out the window. Join me, Brody. Let me steer your career in the right direction. I would be a perfect mentor since I actually know what it takes to reach the top in EAW. The very top. Sit on cloud nine with me as we watch the ants try to build hills to reach our level, but will fail to do so. Do you know who else knows what it's like to be champion of the world? Brian Daniels and Liam Catterson. That's right on Team Daniels alone there are three former world champions and I firmly believe Lucian is on the cusp of getting his own golden treasure and the same goes for Alex Anderson. We are winners. You can be a winner as well, Brody. So again, I want you to join me so after a few months, when you continue this trend of falling short, I will do the right thing by taking you out of your misery. Just look at the flowers, Brody HAHAHAHAHAHA. I guess this leaves me with Devan and The Holy Brigades. I know I'm supposed to hate you four because you are my opponents this week, but I don't. This isn't personal. I have no ill will towards any of you because you've never wronged me. Especially you, Devan. If anything, I owe you a thank you. Thank you Devan - thank you for being an inferior talent at Road to Redemption. Somebody had to take the sharp dagger to the heart and I'm just glad it wasn't me. But with a thank you comes an apology. I'm sorry, Devan. I'm sorry that you will be forced to team with four elitists whom you thought were deemed worthy enough to fight beside you - only for them to disappoint you in the end. However, I'm sure you think you have an advantage because you have The Holy Brigades on your side. Why would that be an advantage? Because they know how to work together, same as Brody since he does whatever Erik Vance tells him to. Team Daniels should be renamed Team Ego right? The only problem is, I think we will compliment one another quite well. Let's start with Brian. He proved he was a team player during his time in ELITE. Lucian Black proved he can play well with others when he was in Demon's Council. I've showed I can work with others during my time in RAGNAROK and now House Vendetta. As for Liam, I don't know much about the man really, but from what I've seen, he wants nothing more than to get his hands on Ventura and his little mutts and that's good enough for me. Lastly, there is Alex. He might come off as self-centered, but that doesn't change the fact he's locked and loaded. I have zero doubts about him because I believe he wants all of the momentum in the world on his side before his big match with Tyler. So all in all, I'm quite happy with the team Brian assembled. I have nothing negative to say about them because I'm trying to be a better person. I'm trying to be a good boy for this weekend and this weekend only because once the bell is rung for the second time, indicating the winners, I'm back to this lone journey of mine to Pain for Pride. But I'm sure I'll meet some "friends" along the way and beat them on either June 27th or the 28th, to get my first Pain for Pride victory under my belt. Soooo - any questions? No? Good.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
Post on May 21st 2015, 8:16 pm by Angel.
Although one could say my opponents are the heavy favorites to win the match individually, if my memories serve me correct that this match is a five on five match. There’s no doubting that there is firepower among my opponents as many critics has rated the likes of Brian, Alex, Norman, Lucian and Liam more highly than my teammates recently. Yet contrary to popular belief that my team is underwhelming when it comes to my opponents on paper and that it’s a “shitty” team, I would like to discuss of what my teammates bring to the table. What do I see as we speak right now? I see no doubt some stars that are grasping of solidifying their status as an elitist, but I see guys that are willing to put up their differences to win a very specific match. I see guys that are willing to put their egos aside and stop the concept of hero ball in order to make a much more cohesive unit than the opponents that I’m going to confront in a few days’ time. It is self-explanatory that when you have a group like the Holy Brigades among a group, that is going to help out a group in terms of cohesiveness. Although it is known that the Holy Brigades has it fair share of internal problems, which is not really the case when it comes recently. The Holy Brigades isn’t really short on star power contrary to popular belief. I am a man that is realistic when it comes to a lot of things and while you can state many things about the Holy Brigades, stating that the Holy Brigades is a low quality as a team and individuals is incorrect. Individually, I see Johnny Ventura making recent performances that verifies that not only he is indeed a rising star in EAW, I see Ventura making strides as to why he should be a main eventer on a regular basis. As for my partner in crime Venom? You can surely criticize Venom about many things, but contrary to popular belief? He’s far from a “shitty” elitist as he’s a very useful teammate in matches that requires teamwork and he’s more than capable of holding down the fort on his own. Did I forgot that Venom happens to be in a match that requires a lot of teamwork? Hmmm, I wonder what is the critics’ logic to actually make false conclusions regarding our team. Speaking about our team, let me go ahead and proceed and talk about Psycho Brody. Psycho Brody has a trait that is undervalued more specifically when it comes to this match and that is winning an EAW Tag Team Championship match in his debut. I’m sure there’s a lot of a tag team champion in this match, but what Psycho Brody brings to the table? He brings self-sacrifice for results. He brings quality to an already formidable team to work with. From what my memories serves me correctly, Brody dominated, annihilated a highly revered elitist in Hurricane Hawk. I highly respect Hurricane Hawk and his contributions to EAW and it takes a lot to actually undermine Hawk. To call a team that is shitty that contains Psycho Brody is just blasphemous. And if we’re going to succeed or fail? It all starts on top and there’s no doubt who’s leading the cavalry in terms of name. That honor belongs to Devan Dubian. I personally came across Devan Dubian in several encounters. He’s many things. Deceitful in the ring, gifted when it comes to his arsenal. But if you’re leading the cavalry, it speaks mentally to how responsible you are. That’s how I see Devan Dubian at this very moment. I see the lad as a very talented elitist that is making strides towards being a main eventer but I see this man being responsible. He might be many things, but he is neither selfish nor conceited as a teammate contrary to his stint when he was aligning himself with Brian Daniels and StarrStan. Devan Dubian is indeed a reliable individual to bet on, but he is more importantly a reliable teammate you can count on when it comes to producing results. 

With many of the things I have stated about my team, I don’t see the logic of calling my team a very underwhelming one. Just about everyone I mentioned has all of the following traits: cohesiveness, self-sacrifice and the ability to take over a match when there’s a stalemate. I suppose the critics might as well say my team is underwhelming because from my view? The critics are calling me out. The critics are implying that I’m the weak link of the team. One would like to think that I’m being implied of being the weak link of the team that I would actually play hero ball to salvage my reputation. One would like to think that because I’m implied that I’m the weak link, which would actually damage me morally. Let me tell everyone one specific thing. The imply is going to do one thing to the one and only Nick Angel. It will only motivate me. It is no secret that although my comeback has been mostly successful, few has felt a little underwhelmed. Is it because of the expectations that were put on me? After all, we’re talking about the same Nick Angel that has single handily take over matches similar to these. Matches that is high in magnitude while requiring a lot of timely teamwork. We’re talking about the same Nick Angel that has reigned with Hades as tag champs for quite some time. More importantly though? We’re talking about the same Nick Angel that had all the potential in the world and let it be wasted, at least in the eyes of many critics. With all of the things I’ve mentioned above, let me clarify on such allegations. While it is true that I have not been a main eventer ever since I came back, don’t act like I have been a very underwhelming opponent recently. In many of my matches that I have loss individually and as a teammate, I have loss them due to untimely execution while battering my opponents. In terms of win and losses, it’s a very deceiving column when it comes to judging an elitist. It’s how you perform is what really matters as I lose matches only to be elevated to confront the cream of the crop as we speak. And considering we’re talking about the cream of the crop, this is my opportunity to put the mantra that “Nick Angel can’t perform in high magnitude matches” to sleep. This is my opportunity to show the critics that with the stakes being elevated considering its Pain for Pride season, I will elevate my game. I’m sure that I have gave my best in order to pursue the results I desire but at some point? I know damn well that I can be the difference maker if I need to be called upon to be one. I know damn well that I can elevate my game for the sake of my teammates and myself individually. If my team is considered underwhelming by the critics all due to me? All I can say is that do doubt my team and I in your own peril. Do doubt my team and I because of our recent shortcomings. But with recent shortcomings come future prosperity and what better time to have future prosperity starting Triple Threat? 
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Post on May 21st 2015, 7:14 pm by Anderson.
Here stands the ace in fumes
Forever the elephant in the room
He is viewed as a detriment
But his talent lies emininent
Perhaps too much is spewed
Perhaps that's how he'll forever be viewed
But here stands the ace
No regard for mankind
While this platform provides you men of different faces
Search, and only one Alex Anderson you will find

Is there a God?

That's the question so many men have on their minds. So many question God, and to be completely honest with you, I have as well. I did not know what direction my life was headed. Long before wrestling, I would question many things in my life. Why do such bad things happen to great people? Why is it that men of a different race or religion are given opportunities more than the other? I couldn't bear with the thought of someone being chosen over others for something they have no control over. It aggravated me. That's when I began to study the greats. I studied everyone – from Muhammad Ali to Tupac Shakur. I looked at how they have not only been able to become icons and staples in personifying success, but also how much of an impact they have made on the lives of others. But more important than any of that is how these men didn't just believe in themselves, but they somehow knew that they were going to represent an idea. They weren't chasing after becoming "icons," they were chasing after becoming an "idea." They wanted to represent possibility – Tupac coming out of the streets and becoming the biggest musician on the planet, Muhammad Ali—in spite of being discriminated against as a black man in America—becoming the greatest fighter of all time. These men have all done something powerful while empowering others. While I was studying these men and women, I would look myself in the mirror every morning and ask myself what I could do to better myself. As a human being. As an aspiring wrestler. As a man. As I studied greats while trying to become a great myself, I found myself. I finally had FOUND myself.

What was a demure kid who had no idea what life truly was became a brash man who, with his back against the wall, had a "me against the world" mentality. I decried everything that was on my mind; I had no care and that's what lead me here. I loved Extreme Answers Wrestling. I loved everything that it represented. I thought I had signed to a company that would respect men who spoke their minds, but little did I know that I had entered a completely different company. No one liked anything I said, because people can't handle the truth. No one liked Muhammad Ali proclaiming himself the greatest of all time before he was the greatest, and I was the same way. I said I was going to be the greatest. I declared that I would defy all the odds, and that's why the next 30 days of my life are going to be the most important of my life. I do it for that kid who was doing his research on greats, because he wanted to one day become one. It doesn't just mean a lot to me; it means a lot to who I once was and who I one day will become.

There's a clear distinction between being conceited and being confident. You see, the word "confident" is passed around too loosely. It's like conditions such as "OCD" and "depression." People all across the world use them loosely, but they don't understand the power of those words. I'm not conceited. I don't go around claiming something that I am not. I'm never the man behind the gun; I'm always the gun. The company has fed me opponents and time after time I've knocked them out within seconds. It's become a daily routine for me, and with that being said, I know that Pain for Pride eight will be the biggest fight of my life. It's going to be a war. Let's not sugar-coat anything. I'm no longer the man that was plunging into the darkness, but I'm ushering into the new-found light. That light will guide me towards being victorious in not only the match, but becoming the legend that I was destined to become.

I am Muhammad Ali.

I am Tupac Shakur.

I am the greatest, and I say it because I know that if there exists even a single doubt in anyone's mind... then I will prove them wrong. It's as simple as that. I know that in the social media age that we live in, anyone can say anything about you at anytime of the day. And that's why I stress to everyone how much of a different level I'm at. And what I find hilarious is that I have barely mentioned any names, but the men know exactly who they are. With that being said, let's focus on some of my targets here in Extreme Answers Wrestling. Let's shift the topic a little bit.

Tyler Parker is a funny case. He came into Extreme Answers Wrestling as the golden-child. You see, I was on the come-up around the same time as him, but the company gravitated towards him. The stars were aligned for Tyler Parker to carve himself a hall-of-fame career and fast-forward four years and he has done exactly that. I commend you, Tyler... you lived up to the hype the company gave you... but you never lived up to the hype you gave yourself. You went around claiming that you would reach platinum-status, and you have merely reached gold-status. I was expected to be bronze, and I am a gold. That's the difference between me and you. I had no expectations coming out of the gate, and I was influenced by that. I modeled myself around the fact that I had to put expectations on myself, and I stated that I would become the greatest of all time. Not just wrestler – those are DEDEDE dreams. I said I would become the greatest man in the entertainment industry... and at this point of my life, NO ONE can tell me that I CAN'T do something. Not one name on the roster can say that I can't do anything. Not Jamie O'ara. Not Brian Daniels. Not Devan Dubian. Not Norman Hellion. Not Hades the Hellraiser. Not Mr. DEDEDE. Not Y2Impact. Not Carlos Rosso. Not GI Styles. Not Starrstan. Not Jaywalker. And especially not you.

I'm not afraid to admit that I once envied you. I'm not afraid of doing so, because I know that anyone on this planet that has done something has looked at someone and felt slighted. It's the same with me. I only ever used you as motivation. Along the way, I realized that the greatness wasn't from looking at you... but the greatness was by finding what I already had within. I had unimaginable powers. I had anger that was used to elevate me to this level. Now that I finally have reached this level, I am knocking you off. I'm not just going to beat you... OH NO, I'M GOING TO DO FAR, FAR WORSE. I AM GOING TO HURT YOU. I AM GOING TO TEAR YOUR LIMBS APART SO THAT YOUR MOTHER CAN HEAR. YOUR ANCESTORS WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL THE PAIN. THAT'S HOW MUCH PAIN YOU WILL ENDURE. This is an Alex Anderson you have never seen, and despite what you state, I'm not the one who has been reiterating myself... it has been you. You have always been repetitive, but this time around... you are not. And that's where I sense FEAR. I sense FEAR in Tyler Parker. You are a battered Tyler Parker who knows that his reign as EAW World Heavyweight Champion is ending very soon. You had absolutely no idea that Alex Anderson had an ace up his sleeve (as the ace truly should) and would use it against you. Can I blame you? Absolutely not. This is what the ace was primed to do, but no one saw it coming. I can't blame you at all for this. I am analyzing every single word that you spew out of your mouth, Tyler. My life lies in this match, and I'll do you a favour. I'll point out exactly where I sense fear. Let's cue to the tape.

" These past couple of weeks, they've been the most stressful, my presence hasn't been as felt as it would be but that's because the stress was so overwhelming for even me that I just... I just looked for something... anything that'd be meaning to me and the World Heavyweight Championship. This Sunday, it's Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion, isn't it just so fitting for Triple Threat? The three World Champions in EAW, facing each other, to see who of the three is EAW's World Champion."

You are desperately trying to get the ace out of your mind. You want him out of your mind, because you cringe at the thought of blood coming out of your throat at Pain for Pride eight in Wembley Stadium.

"I've reflected on myself and my thoughts, I've looked myself in the mirror and I've had some time to myself. Staring back in me the mirror was the reflection of my former self. Last year I was at my best, pressuring my opponents each and every week, not taking any time off. Last week was the first time, in a long time, that I had that --- time off, from EAW, keeping to myself after what happened on Showdown just a couple of weeks ago."

This is quite indicative of the struggles you are going through as a result of the ace. Both mentally and physically. Tyler Parker, the proof is right there in front of you, and the shoe fits... so please wear it. Bear with these facts and stop running away from the truth.

" Alex Anderson has lost himself because of how obsessed he is and I get it, I'm not liked, I know. Not many of you think I should even be holding the World Heavyweight Championship. You think someone like Lucian Black should be holding it just because of what he's gone through but it's not like he's gone through more than I have because I've had to go through so much in my life and in my career. You forget just who I had to beat for the World Heavyweight Championship. You forget I've been in an Extreme Elimination Chamber for it. You forget that I've had to defend it in some of the most grueling and tiring matches in the history of EAW."

This is a different Tyler Parker than I've seen in the past. You lack the conviction. You lack the heart of a tiger that you've shown. You lack that boldness that you had. You feel the need to prove to others your worth. That's never been your forte. It's weird seeing this dynamic. It's different. And it's different for a reason. It's different because Alex Anderson is a different specimen than any man that has walked through those doors. I possess different senses. I smell things others do not. I see things others do not. I see a weak Tyler Parker who is ready to hand over his championship, and I just can't wait for Pain for Pride, Tyler.

Here stands the ace
Bold, delighted as ever
Lack-of-conviction, not a single trace
His enemies shriek, their souls severed
Here stands the ace
Alex Anderson.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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I am a Spartan.

From the day I was born, people doubted me. Nobody thought that I would be able to amount to anything and that I would just live off the wealth of my family. When I was sixteen years old and I told them that I wanted to be a professional wrestler, they all laughed. They said to me that I could never do it. When I asked for their help, they scoffed. "You just want to leech off of us for some stupid dream" they told me. Skip ahead three years, when they saw I was buying gym equipment and paying for wrestling gear, they cut off my credit cards. While I had accomplished a lot through my days in school and college, I still lived in L.A.. Men, women and children alike travelled from across the globe to California to create new lives and to find fame. Available jobs were few and far between. I had to get a job at my local Walmart and pay for my training sessions at the wrestling school. My parents may as well have disowned me at this point. They wanted me to get a "real job" and not work for some glorified stunt circus, as they called it. I didn't care about them. All I cared about was following my dream and making it to the top. I worked and I worked day after day, trying to catch a break, trying to earn some respect. That went on for four years. I travelled all around the world, wrestling anywhere that would take me for good pay and gave it my all until one fateful night when I was offered an EAW contract. Ever since then, people have tried to get rid of me. Everywhere I turn, somewhere is there to try and take me out of the picture. The only possible explanation for this is simple: They're afraid of what I'm capable of. They've seen what I can do and have all placed a giant target on my back. Demon's Council, Scott Oasis, Vic Vendetta, Moonlight Predator, they all had it out for me because they knew what I was capable of accomplishing. They'd seen me push past the haters and the doubters and most importantly of all, they knew, no.. they THOUGHT that the only way to stop me would be putting me on the sidelines but all that did was make me stronger. These people I mentioned, they made me want vengeance and I forced myself to push through the pain to come back. I found success in the returning AWF and became the longest reigning and final Hardcore Champion of the company's modern era. When AWF shut down, I returned to wrestling's number one. I came back to EAW and, despite all the odds stacked against me once more, I proved those who doubted me wrong yet again when I won the Interwire Championship, a belt that you, Zach Genesis, have had the fortune of being able to hold proudly. You've been a man of honour, a man of respect. These people have stuck by you ever since the day you stepped foot in an EAW ring. 

You don't know how lucky you are. 

I am a Spartan.

When I first found myself in EAW, these people hated me. As a matter of fact, I'm sure a lot of them still do. They booed as loud as they possibly could whenever my music hit. Whenever I came out victorious, I'd look towards the crowd and all I could see for a moment were cold, lifeless eyes staring right at me and then, just like that, I'd be met with the most vile, disgusting insults. They looked at me like I was just some pretty boy who liked to spend his parents money on fancy clothing and expensive cars but in reality, they didn't have a clue. But they didn't care. The people who booed me, they thought they knew everything about me all because they were able to do a quick Google search and find my profile on Wikipedia. The Midas Touch? Oh, that must just be another way for me to flaunt my wealth, RIGHT? Honestly, they couldn't be more wrong. All I've ever been about is breaking through and making the best of what's given to me. That's what my childhood taught me. It's what I had to do when I was left with no money to chase my lifelong dream... but what does all this have to do with this Saturday? The answer is this: To this day, I'm still breaking through. Looking at this very tournament now, you'd never think I would make it to the finals. After all, I was written off as the sixth seed. I only just beat out two nobodies and even then, men like Troy Archello and Clark Duncan, men who have done nothing with their careers so far, were given a higher seed. Sure, I sound pretty mad right now, right? Truth be told, up until recently I was pretty pissed off. I'm a former Interwire Champion, something only two other men in this tournament can lay claim to, and I'm only supposedly the third worst? Ha. It was at that point that I realized that the seed I was given? It was just a meaningless number. I could have been given the first seed, the fourth seed, the eighth seed.. you name it. Being given the sixth seed was just an insignificant detail in the story that is the Spartan Cup. Where I was ranked wasn't going to change any of the matches put in front of me. No matter what, I've made a career out of giving every match my all and beating everyone that I'm physically capable of beating. Stark, the man that the EAW fans would consider the face of the New Breed? I beat him.Three times, actually, and each of those matches went fairly quickly. Eclipse Diemos, a man so twisted and deranged that I couldn't possibly know what to expect when I stood in the ring with him? I beat him too and even made sure that I kept him guessing in response.

I am a Spartan.

What about you, Genesis? I'd have to be lying if I said that I could just as easily do away with you as I did the two of them. After all, neither of them are exactly Interwire Championship material. At least, not yet anyway. You proved us all right and won the Interwire Championship from Scott Oasis in fantastic fashion. Since that day, Genesis, my opinion on you changed rather drastically. I'm not the kind of guy who puts all his chips in at once but the moment you climbed up that ladder on Showdown and unhooked the Interwire Title, I looked you as someone I saw on my level. After so many of EAW's so-called prospects like William Black, Randy Reaume and many others failed to make an impact, you stuck around. You kept fighting, despite the setbacks you had faced, and beat Scott Oasis. You did something that most men can only dream of doing. Of course, you as well as I know that  when the competition is tough, you don't know who's going to come out the victor. You and I have both traded victories with Scott Oasis and he has my respect for that but what he did to me was unforgivable. Triple Threat isn't about him, It's not about my struggles, It's not about my successes, and it damn well isn't about my alignment with RAGNAROK. However, seeing as how you brought it up, let's talk about it. If you think that RAGNAROK is about chaos and destruction, you clearly haven't been paying too much attention. RAGNAROK is about order. We fight for what is true and just, no matter how the outsiders see it when they look in. It's never been about bloodshed.The original RAGNAROK may have been about more but I can guarantee you that a lot has changed since then, Genesis. RAGNAROK is here because the world needs bad men because those bad men? They keep the other bad men out. It's just as simple as that.

I am a Spartan.

This Saturday, I expect nothing less than one of the toughest fights of my life. I know that you're going to bring your A-Game, Genesis, I truly don't doubt it but the fact of the matter is that I want this more than you. Not only that, I need this more than you and I'm going to prove it at Triple Threat. My speedometer is about to go from 0 to 100 real soon and I'm going to give it my all, even if it kills me. We are going to FIGHT and when we're done, as you hear that final bell ring, four words will ring true:


We can both promise that we'll win but one of us is going to have to break that promise. The question is which one of us is it going to be? Tick, tock, Genesis. The answer is getting closer and I don't think you're going to like it. You may be Interwire Champion but me?...

JJ Silva Promo 2
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The camera starts rolling with JJ sitting in a dark not fully constructed area. He is sitting on a beam that is in the back of the room. The lighting of the room is almost non existent with just a simple stretch of sun creeping through a broken wood window. He has a mic in his hand as he is just leaning against the wall twirling the mic.

" It's time that I got some things off my chest and speak about things that I feel need addressed. Since day one I have been vilified by my opponents and became the pariah among the EAW rookies. I don't hate them, I actually don't have any feelings towards the other new guys in the back. The thing is I hate this idea that this company has of the common image and qualities that a person has to have in order to be successful or even to be considered a "good wrestler." *JJ kind of gets a smirk and rubs his face grinding his teeth* I'm not ashamed to be an outcast, that's what separates me from others. Like I said before, what you see is what you get. I don't go off and say things that make me sound different than who I am, no instead I beat to my own drum and push forward and do the things that I say I'm going to do. I know I'm good, I say I'm good and I prove that I'm good. This company has a mindset that these superstars on the main card have to fit some type of mighty requirements. Those superstars let go of everything they are to make it there because then and only then will they be looked at. They say you must stand out but I can make a long list of everyone of them on the main card that all have more similarities than differences. I rather be hated for who I am rather than being loved for someone I'm not."

JJ leans forward gripping the mic tight and seems to be very agitated. His eyes narrow to the camera.

" I'm not afraid of anyone in this entire company, when push comes to shove I'll be in anyone's face and say all I need to say. Hell, I thrive on being the one who is looked down upon because I am the first person to get in your face and deal with anyone personally. I won't stand down to no fight and I will enforce my own rules and do what it is that I want to do. I guess it's an easy name to pin on myself, I guess you can even call me EAW's Vigilante. I will not stand down and by no means am I here to complain, I'm here speaking because Wrestling as a sport is slowly suffocating and I'm here to breath new life into this sport. I'm not going to just talk about what I feel, I'm going to act on how I feel. The way I feel right now is anyone who shall come across my path shall be slayed by my own two hands. I'm not going to sit back and wait for my turn to shine like the other rookies, no no... I'm going to create my own opportunities and build my own way to the top. Adversity and myself go way back and I will always overcome obstacles thrown my way because I'm hungry for this. I want this! This is who I am and I will not let anyone or anything come between me and my journey to the top. I'm willing to fight to death to become the best in this sport and break the imaginary ceiling that the so called EAW Hall Of Famers set. I will push to new heights and change the Wrestling Industry to become what it's truly capable of being. The best is not what I am, The best is who I am. I'm a champion by birth and an Icon by my capability. I will make my path and change this company my way."

The camera feed fades out as JJ slowly fades off through the darkness.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)
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[Our scene opens up inside of an old-fashioned carnival style Hall Of Mirrors.  However, it is readily apparent that this once beloved carnival attraction has been long without a diligent caretaker.  Trash litters the floor, dust clings to every surface, and several of the mirrors and broken and cracked, further distorting the images they reflect.  Standing in the center of once such grouping of mirrors, surrounded on all sides, stands Psycho Brody.  He looks around nervously at the warped reflections of himself, they somehow making him seem more disturbed than his normal demeanor.  But this is not what Psycho Brody sees!  Instead he sees the twisted faces of Team Daniels.  Alex Anderson, Lucian Black, Liam Catterson, Brian Daniels; they all gaze mockingly at Brody through smiles and leers morphed into grotesque shapes by the mirrors.]
Psycho Brody:  Too many faces!  Why are they all looking at me?!  Stop it!  Tell them to stop it!  I don’t like it when they look at me!  I said stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it…STOP IT!!!
[Brody lashes out against one of the few mirrors intact, shattering it with a strike with his bare knuckles.  The glass shatters and falls to the floor, but not without cutting Brody’s knuckles, which now bleed as reward for his outburst.  Brody examines the blood carefully, as if he’s finding the answer to some unspoken question within the contents of his own split blood.]
So many faces!  Even when my eyes are closed at night, I see so many faces.  They torment me, laugh at me, cause me pain and suffering.  The doctors always used to tell me they were figments of my imagination…but they were liars!  The faces told them to say that to me!  But Dr. Vance believes me!  He was stronger than the faces and knew they were real.  And he told me how to make them go away.  He said I needed to…find the source!  He said that all negative energy generates from someone and resonates with the Earth and travels from person to person.  But people who are stronger mentally hold onto those feelings.  They dig into their brains like insects, burrowing away at their gray matter.  And because I’m stronger mentally than most, that’s why they stay with me.  But I want them to go away!  They hurt so much!  I feel them inside my head, like knives cutting away from the inside of me!  The Doc also told me that the only answer for pain is greater pain!  Only when you’ve drowned your pain in another’s, even greater than yours, does it slowly begin to numb.  That’s why I hurt people!  So that I may turn off the faces that watch me when I sleep.  Because I don’t like people looking at me when I don’t want them to!  You’re doing it now aren’t you?  You’re looking at me?!  I SAID STOP IT!!!   
[Brody calms himself quickly, then travels from the mirror he shattered to another, this one with a rather large crack in the center.  Brody gazes into it, several reflections of himself staring back at him, one in each crack.  He takes a hand and rubs it along the glass, a river of blooding following its path.]
I looked at my opponents, and all I see are the voices and faces that torment me!  All I see is bitterness, anger, hatred, and so many negative emotions.  I even see those in my supposed “allies”.  I look at you all, and whenever any of you talk, I don’t hear words.  All I hear is…
[Brody turns as a reflection in the mirror speaks to him.]
Mirror #1:  Broooooody!!!
Mirror #2:  Help us!!!
Mirror #3:  We’ll kill you!!!
Mirror #4:  Hahahahaha!!!
[Brody turns away, trying to ignore the ambient noises clashing with his thoughts.]
They won’t stop.  Not until I make them stop!  Because these voices just aren’t in my head.  I hear them echoing in the locker room.  I hear them in your eyes!  I know how this company views, and although I may be crazy, that doesn’t mean I’m deaf and stupid.  I know that a good majority of people think I’m a joke and that I’m not really a threat to anyone.  But let me assure…YOU’RE ALL WRONG!!!  Apparently nobody seems to remember how I dominated AWF!  Nobody remembers how I won the EAW Tag Team Championships in my debut match in EAW!  I AM “THE MAD BEAST” PSYCHO BRODY!!! 
[Brody smashes his head against the bloodstained mirror, penance for having used the “P” word to describe himself, which is a rule Dr. Vance has diligently drilled into the mind of his patient.]
Why don’t any of you remember that?  WHY?!?!  You all have forgotten that there are indeed monsters hiding under your bed and in your closet!  You think you’re big boys and girls, standing up bravely against the big, bad Brody.  But Doc has always told me there is a thin line between being brave and being ignorant.  This is a line ALL of you have crossed!  You’re not brave!  YOU’RE STUPID!!!  You’re all stupid because you’ve forgotten who and what I am!  I don’t whether you all did it on purpose, or whether you’re all just blind, but you have forgotten.  Now you need reminding.  And when it comes to the unwilling, the ignorant, or the stubborn, only vicious, harsh…VIOLENT examples will accomplish anything!  For months I’ve tried to hold back the urges eating away inside of me.  I did it because I thought I could be accepted.  But I was wrong, and now the urges are so strong I don’t think I can control them…and I don’t think I want to anymore.  I let them out last week, when I DOMINATED the so-called “Hall Of Famer” Hurricane Hawk.  And it felt sooooo good!  I could feel inside me the pain he was feeling…and I loved it!  I want that feeling again, and there are soooo many people to do it to!  I have no current beef with any of you, but I don’t care!  Whether you hurt me or not, I just wanna bring you all down into my world.  Because none of you would last one day in the world of crazy!  It would break your mind like these mirrors surrounding me.  And it’s that same “crazy” that you look down on me for that grants me abilities and strengths you couldn’t hope to surpass or even obtain!  Me and Dr. Vance have tapped into a power-source nobody ever dared to willing explore because you all feared the insanity.  But I looked into the heart of darkness, and I did NOT walk away from it.  Instead…I BECAME ONE WITH IT!!!  Now I will take this power and use it until you all realize that I am the monster of your nightmares!  I will take everything you value most in this world and destroy it, simply for the joy of your tears!  I will crush your dreams, only so that I may watch your spirit crumble!  I will drag you all down into insanity’s pit, so that I can leave you there to rot!  Laugh at me, underestimate me, do whatever you want, it’s all been done to me before.  Just realize that you cannot break what has already been broken.  You are whole, but also weak and fragile.  And one intact mirror is not nearly as dangerous as a million broken shards digging into your skin!  I may be broken but you…ALL OF YOU…still have something to lose.  You still need someone…TO BREAK YOU!!! 
[To illustrate his point, Brody lifts up his boot and smashes the only remaining, intact mirror inside the “funhouse”.  Standing amidst the mess for a moment, Brody finally starts to walk out, the shards crunching beneath his feet, much as he hopes to crunch the body’s of his opponents…and even possibly his allies at Triple Threat.

Fade to black.]
Christopher Corrupt
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Triple Threat Promo 3

Here's the thing TJ...you can be as sarcastic and philosophical as you wish, but you have to see the connection that I'm making. You, coined yourself the "Slickest in the Game" and you switched up your style the moment things didn't go your way. Went from loved to hated. Am I the only one doing this stuff in wrestling? No. But, it's interesting you should try what I'm doing the moment your good guy ways are lost. You were definitely taking notes like the student you are though when I was in the ring and causing an evolution and mind you a Revolution you joined. You became a part of the Corruption I was bringing to EAW. It's just something I noticed and decided to mention, no need to drag in pop culture and comic books. I really don't care about the weak comparisons you're making. All I am saying is you took a few pages and tried to emulate yours truly. How flattered I should feel, but I am more angry then anything. Time to make it known in the ring. Time to prove I can shut you down and move on, closing this illustrious chapter in our wrestling careers. Oh the humiliation of a man returning, making his grand entrance, joining some punk and lackeys, hoping to get a big win, when all that will happen is an upset. 

Can you handle it TJ? When everything you said means nothing? When at the end of it all, Senn and I walk away victorious and you bunch of assholes have to accept it? You think your championship will elevate you to new heights, but all it will do is hinder you. Make you second guess your decisions, actions and abilities. I always knew you weren't ready for fame or the glory of gold, you can't handle it. Whereas I was ready and willing to knock down my competition. I can change on a whim, fight with ultimate skill or regress to my classic ways. But this training regime really changes my view and outlook on life and wrestling. Make your Rocky comparisons to Mickey Sullivan, my trainer all you like, but it was something necessary. Cutting weight, changing my style and learning to work with others. Which is why at Triple Threat, we'll show all the non-believers what is possible. I'll be ready to kick ass TJ....the question is...can you in a tag team environment? You've failed oh so many times, should be interesting. We're all out to prove something, to fight for something we believe in. 

I believe in many things. I believe I can win at this FPV because I just don't stop or give up. I am always ten steps ahead and I'll be ready to knock out ol' Joey if he decides to put your foot on the rope again. He's the one that made you a champion, not you. I'll never forget that but I'll use it as my fuel as I throw you around the ring and let Senn teach you a lesson. School's in bitches...let the fight begin.
Tyler Parker
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I've reflected on myself and my thoughts, I've looked myself in the mirror and I've had some time to myself. Staring back in me the mirror was the reflection of my former self. Last year I was at my best, pressuring my opponents each and every week, not taking any time off. Last week was the first time, in a long time, that I had that --- time off, from EAW, keeping to myself after what happened on Showdown just a couple of weeks ago. I'm here every week, competing out there in the ring, it's where I spent most of my adulthood and spent my entire childhood just hoping that I'd get here. EAW is where I wanted to be, this is where it began for me and this is where it's going to end for me but not this Sunday. My ending isn't going to be at Triple Threat, that's something I've thought to myself over and over again, "is this the end for me?" I got to thinking that but I realized that there's so much for me to accomplish, so much for me to do with the World Heavyweight Championship and so much more for me to give to EAW. I heard what Alex Anderson had to say but it's not anything I haven't heard before --- from him, to be specific, as that's some of the things he's been saying for years. Alex Anderson has me on this pedestal and while I'm flattered, this obsession he has? This obsession of being better me? Of proving that he is? Has just gotten him in over his head. It's driven him mad. Alex Anderson has lost himself because of how obsessed he is and I get it, I'm not liked, I know. Not many of you think I should even be holding the World Heavyweight Championship. You think someone like Lucian Black should be holding it just because of what he's gone through but it's not like he's gone through more than I have because I've had to go through so much in my life and in my career. You forget just who I had to beat for the World Heavyweight Championship. You forget I've been in an Extreme Elimination Chamber for it. You forget that I've had to defend it in some of the most grueling and tiring matches in the history of EAW. You forget; so, what Lucian Black had to go through? If it was so much for him? And if he wanted this as badly as he said he did? Then he'd be the one holding the World Heavyweight Championship but he's not. Lucian Black said that I should be satisfied but I'm not, I'm never going to be satisfied and when I am? When I'm satisfied? That's going to be the end for me because in another year or two? My trials and tribulations, the matches I've been in, the titles I've captured... aren't going to be forgotten but remembered in these halls. Remember; a decade I have been in this business and am one of the more prolific extremists to have ever stepped foot in here. Remember; nothing I've ever accomplished was because of someone other than myself and my fans who have been there for me through high's and the low's in my career. Remember; at the end of the day, this is for EAW and this is where my heart is at and it's never going to stop beating. They say that home is where the heart is and I couldn't agree more. EAW is my home and so, holding the World Heavyweight Championship, means more to me than you'd ever know and it's going to be even more meaningful this Sunday if I'm to beat StarrStan and Xavier Williams. You know, in this time of reflecting? I think that's what I'm looking for, rather than myself, but meaning.

These past couple of weeks, they've been the most stressful, my presence hasn't been as felt as it would be but that's because the stress was so overwhelming for even me that I just... I just looked for something... anything that'd be meaning to me and the World Heavyweight Championship. This Sunday, it's Champion vs. Champion vs. Champion, isn't it just so fitting for Triple Threat? The three World Champions in EAW, facing each other, to see who of the three is EAW's World Champion. Not just the World Champion of their brand but of this business. With the defenses I've had in this reign, while this isn't a defense, this is the match I want to win more than any other match. I walk into every match with the same mindset but walking into this match... it's different --- a different mindset from what I've had throughout my career. It's like... it's like this is a defense for me, this is a defense for the World Heavyweight Championship because I'm walking into this match to show that the World Heavyweight Championship is the most sought for World Championship in EAW and in this business. The World Heavyweight Championship is the prize that everyone should try and take but they're going to have to take it from me and that's no easy task. Ask anyone I've ever defended it against. It's like, when I'm defending it, there's just something inside of me... somewhere... telling me that this isn't just about me but about the World Heavyweight Championship. It's... it's my conscience telling me that and it was telling me that there's meaning in it, a seven year history behind it, that I have to defend. I'm defending this for anyone who has ever held it. I'm defending it for Dynasty and I'm defending it for myself because I know that if I win? If I win, there'd be no question as to who's the World Champion here in EAW. It isn't StarrStan and it isn't Xavier Williams. I know they're going to say it's them, I know they're going to throw what happened to me on Showdown a couple of weeks ago in my face and I know they're going to try and act like they're better than me because of wins they may have had on me. StarrStan and I have respect for each other and I have some respect for Xavier Williams but it's him, than StarrStan, who acts like he's so much better than me because of this and that --- you know, what I've heard before from him, that he's the "Best in the World." Not like he coined that. In fact, many before him have said that they were the Best in the World but when they faced me, when they got in that ring with me one on one? They weren't so much the "Best in the World" like they had claimed to be. Much like Xavier Williams who's just making useless claims that he's just going to have to back up this Sunday but he's not because he has nothing to fall back on when it's all said and done. Strip him of those claims, strip him of how he got here, strip him of everything else he has and he'd be nothing. Strip me of that but you'd never strip me of my heart, which is what all I'd have left and all I'd ever need. Xavier? Xavier has no heart because his heart isn't in this like mine is. Xavier, for all of those claims he has made, is going to be stripped of all of it... of all he's ever had to work for himself and then you'd see just what I'm talking about. You wanted to know my thoughts and now I'm speaking my mind.

Like it or not, this is what's been on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I've bottled it in. Everyone has been wondering if I'd even show up this Sunday but if none of what I've said has told you anything or if my eight years in this business hasn't told you anything, it's that I am going to show up and I'm going to show up like I have from the beginning. I'm not saying StarrStan or Xavier Williams is going to lose, I'm just saying that I'm not going to lose and a loss this Sunday would be the one on my record that I'm going to be reminded of and even reminding myself of. Because a loss to one of them? A loss, in a match like this, is a loss for those who have held the World Heavyweight Championship and for those who have been here for as long as I have. StarrStan is the Answers World Champion, a four-time World Champion in his career, a Hall of Famer. Xavier Williams is the EAW Champion, former Cash in the Vault, a future Hall of Famer. I wouldn't be the World Heavyweight Champion if this isn't the competition that I want. Competition like this, in EAW, is why it is what it is. It's what this business is all about and I welcome them, no, I embrace them. You think that I wouldn't be where I'm at in my career if I wasn't wanting the competition that comes with being the best in this business??? You think that I wouldn't be the World Heavyweight Champion if I wasn't wanting to face the Answers World Champion and the EAW Champion??? You think that I wouldn't be competing this Sunday if I wasn't wanting to win this??? Even if we weren't World Champions, I'd want to win this but the fact that we are, makes me want to win this that much more. I want to face the best in the business, the best here in EAW and the best just so happens to be the other two World Champions. I want competition because the competition is why I'm here, is why I'm the World Heavyweight Champion, to be the best I want the competition. Last year I was at my best but this year? I'm at a new best. If they're hoping that's what I'm going to be at, then that's what they're going to get and I'd hope that they bring their best because I want to face the StarrStan that didn't need the help of someone else to capture a World title and I want to face the Xavier Williams that has beaten Charlie Scene and Y2Impact. Because they're going to face the Tyler Parker that captured his first World title in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. They're going to face the Tyler Parker that pressured his opponents into them rethinking to themselves. They're going to face the Tyler Parker who captured his second World title against a Mr. DEDEDE who was at his best. What makes me think that I'm the World Champion in EAW? Because I'm willing to put my body through the pain and torture. I'm willing to sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win, proof? I've done that my entire career. My entire eight years in this business. That's what I've done. I've put my body through the pain and torture each and every week out there in the ring. I've sacrificed in the ring. I've done whatever it took to win, in the ring, in the entirety of my career. That's what I've done every week and that's what I'm going to do this Sunday.
Zach Genesis
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(Triple Threat Promo #1)
"But I have been pushed for so long to see this through…" - "Difference Of Vengeance And Wrongs" by Misery Signals

When people want to attempt to do something. Push themselves to the absolute limit. When they want to go ahead and just grab life by it's fucking horns. Well…they talk the talk. They talk…a lot. But then when it comes to actually getting up and actually doing something? Well a lot of people ultimately find out…that they can't? It usually comes boiling down to one single reason…fear. Yeah you can talk about how you wanna kick someone's ass or how you're going to finally put your pride aside and ask someone out…but then you realise you can't do it. I guess for you personally, you realise that right now talking about doing something…and actually doing it…are two VERY different things.

That fear begins to do horrible things. That thing called fear begins to eat up inside of you. That thing called fear begins to take over and eventually you begin to doubt every single part of your plan. Fear's a horrible thing…but to succeed you need to use fear…to fuel you. Because you need to turn it into energy, and ultimate that becomes adrenaline. Simple as that. Because when adrenaline takes over…as long as your mind is set on that…you…become…unstoppable.


One person. One fucking person stands in my way between making my way to Pain For Pride 8 this year. There's just one single individual who stands directly in my path that I've been firmly set upon to guarantee myself a one-way ticket to lock myself into a spot at Wembley Stadium this year. And that man is none other than California's very own, as well as Ragnarok's brand new chosen boy Matt Miles.

Now before I go on to talk directly about Mister Miles directly here whilst EAW have kindly asked me to submit one of these weekly videos like they always do, so as I sit here about three hours away from one of our house shows in Xi'an, I just think that I need to obligated to tell you first of all is my path leading up to here during the Spartan Cup…and what it exactly fucking means to me.

So a bit of background on the Spartan Cup. This tournament is designed to showcase the eight biggest rising stars Showdown has had in the past year in a battle where the winner gets themselves a guaranteed ticket to Pain For Pride this year. The biggest event of the year. The pinnacle of wrestling. THE WINNER gets themselves guaranteed to show their craft, utilise their art and prove to the world THAT THEY BELONG ON THE BIGGEST STAGE OF THEM ALL! THAT THEY CAN COMPETE WITH THE BEST! But most importantly? That they BELONG.

So of course since back on April the 4th in Amsterdam at The Ziggo Dome I finally proved to that whole entire world that Scott Oasis is none other than a fake fuck who can't beat me without interference…and I beat him to become your true and rightful Interwire Champion, I claimed the Number 1 rank in the Spartan Cup tourney…and there I stood potentially facing off against list of some of the great guys on Showdown!

I mean look at this star-studded line-up! We have…the comedian Clark Duncan! Mister Funny Man himself! We have Eclipse Diemos! Or as I like to call him the guy who failed at the Mr. Pinhead auditions! Then we have…WELL BITCH BOY OASIS! The guy that I beat for the Interwire Championship! Mr. Makarov's Butt Boy! SCOTT FUCKING OASIS! Oh…old feud right? Yeah sorry anyway…then we have Mr. New Breed Champion! Everyone's second favourite superhero! Mister New Breed Champion! STTAAAARRRKKKKKMAN! Then there's Troy Archello! The guy who tried to fuck me over but failed (better luck next time kid) Then finally last but certainly NOT LEAST is Mister Miles himself…a pretty star-studded field right? RIGHT!?

Well it is…until I bulldozed my way directly through it all. I mean my first match was against none other than Daniel Marshall, a guy I do respect. So I walked into that match and I gave him my all no doubt about that. He gave me his all too there is no doubt about that either but he learnt something very, very quickly. If he thinks that he can go ahead and defeat the Interwire Champion on his best day? Then he's certainly got another thing coming. Threw him down. Shoulders on the mat. ONE. TWO. THREE.

THEN! This past week in Denmark! I took on Mister Funny Man! Chicago's only comedian by day and pro wrestler by night, Mister Clark Duncan! Once again great match I had with him but once again my eyes were on the prize, my mind was focused and I channelled ALL of my fucking energy into that moment…that goal…getting my name put officially on the Pain For Pride 8 card because that's  all that mattered…and once again Southern Comfort…put him away…and we all know what happened with that.

Two people down, one more to go so that brings me back to full circle. That brings me back to this very point in time…why I view the Spartan Cup as being important. I mean yes it's an honor to win that trophy and hoist it up high. Yes it is nothing but an absolute honour to be called the first ever Spartan Cup winner in EAW History HOWEVER to me this tournament…it's more than that…my mind was focused on getting to Pain For Pride to weeks ago, my mind was focused on that last week and believe me, i can definitely guarantee that my mind this coming Sunday at Triple Threat? It's exactly the same.

I haven't been here for nearly as long as some other guys have in this company however getting myself a spot at Pain For Pride 8? Just having the comfort, the satisfaction and knowing that deep down in my heart I've booked myself a spot at the pinnacle of wrestling? The ultimate event of events? THE BIGGEST FUCKING PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING EVENT OF THE YEAR!? That is what this is about. Knowing that when the going gets tough, and when the stakes are high that Zach Genesis is not a guy who's a fluke…he's not a guy that can't get it done when all the marbles on the line…ZACH GENESIS IS NOT JUST A WRESTLER BUT HE IS A BORN COMPETITOR THAT CAN. GET. IT. DONE!

So here I stand in some teahouse in Xi'an whilst Tarah Nova is taste testing some things right next to me, I come back to the point that only one individual stands in my way of getting that completed. For getting my goal completed…and that is none other than Ragnarok's new golden boy, Matt Miles…the man that was the former Interwire Champion and a guy who held this belt I'm holding right now well you know…until Scott Oasis decided it would be funny to piledrive his ass.

Anyway once again…I do sound like a broken record here because I'll be honest this is something I have already said about every single competitor I've encountered in this tournament so far…Matt Miles, I respect the hell out of you as a competitor and as a wrestler, but your alliance with the guys at Ragnarok well…when I arrive in Beijing by about Saturday I'll be more than happy to give you my thoughts on that.

Your a talent, a guy like me who's willing to prove that they have what it takes to be successful…but then you'd had to align yourself with some of the most notorious guys here right? Guys who like busting heads open? Making people bleed and yearn out in pain? Torture? Destruction? Chaos? That your scene right now Mister California? But as I said…more on this later on.

So as I get ready to wrap this thing up, I promise you next video I upload Mister Miles I will definitely go into more depth about what I think of you HOWEVER REST YOURSELF ASSURED MATTY-BOY. I will walk into Beijing with nothing but adrenaline in my body and focus in my mind. I will give you every single fucking thing I got in there. AND FINALLY I will make DAMN SURE that my hand is raised when it's all said and done. That is something…I CAN guarantee. See you in Beijing…buddy.

"I was always waiting for you and your struggle…"
J-Dynasty 2?
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You’ve been saying it for months Chris and I’ve got to admit you’ve finally got me, I can no longer live with this guilt of copying you! But damn it! If I’m going down I’m bringing all my fellow swagga jackers down with me in these recent times where creators don’t get their due to us thieving heathens!

You got X Factor doppelgangers trying to find success copying the look of Natalia Kills’ husband, after he began the trend of slicked back hair and suits.

DC Comics started writing about The Atom’s shrinking powers after they heard that Ant Man was having his own movie.

And then the most egregious offense, Tiberius Jones dared to take a shortcut to get where he is, completely plagiarism the play book that could only have been written by EAW’s first cheater, Christopher Corrupt!

Wait a second Chris, you’re Canadian, Jaywalker is too. Did you invent him being Canadian? Did you invent Canada?

Now alright, that last one is something I plagiarized. And if anyone listening couldn’t tell I was joking from the start, know that you’re just as thick as Natalia Kills, half the dimwits on the Legends of Tomorrow trailer comment section and equal to Christopher Corrupt, which explains why any of you people could support Jacob Senn. It must have taken the entire sum of worldwide high school dropout society to amass the fan base behind just how many of you people think that one of these days Jacob Senn and Christopher Corrupt will be able to get their revenge on the slickest player in the game that has proven time and time again, there ain’t no heist I can’t pull without getting away scot-free and with a whole lot of diamond and gold!

Now who said this championship doesn’t mean anything? Not me, no way, no how. What I said was it is a tool. Does meaningless and tool mean the same thing to you Chris? Or was that your anger about calling this chunk of gold a tool overriding your mouth? Ha, maybe you’re more sentimental than I thought! This is exactly where I was trying to get at when I made the distinction between me and the rest of the roster who think and act just like you when it comes to these gold straps. You let these championships control you like their actual living things, some of you call these things your babies, some of you feel like these things can be disrespected and some of you have your entire reigns built of the idea that you are honoring the belt, not me. This championship is bait to ensnare my enemies, this championship is a ladder to supremacy, this championship is money to pay the bills and this championship is just the thing to make more girls come a hollering! So why did I make all that fuss and plotting to get this gold? I imagine you mean after I changed my game and was sick of being played like a sucker all because I tried to fight brunt force towards it, and I say it’s because sometimes you need more than dynamite in your basement to blow open a safe.  Sometimes you need more than heart to make it. Having is not enough! At the end of the day, you need to know when and how to apply what you have.

I’d like to think of my new way to be like a dagger’s point, but you can think of it just as any piercing element’s sharp end, all the force and momentum is focused on one spot to puncture through. It’s not like the more brazen parts of me have disappeared, they’re all there at the hilt and fueling the force behind the initial push of the blade, they simply get focused at that blade point, a point that you and many others just happen not to like. You call that point cowardly acts, amusing coming from you all of people by the way, but I like to call it simply what stabs soft hearts.
Vanessa Holiday
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EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...) Nikki-bella_
why me?
Maria is seen in front of a vastly lit mirror with a notebook sprawled out in front of her. There are wadded up pieces of papers and her current piece of paper sits idle and blank, waiting for her ink to grace the paper.

Maria looks at the camera and back down at her piece of white material as she taps her ink against the desk.

"Clark Duncan..." His name comes out of her mouth like a shutter almost before Maria sighs.

"I know that I've been acting like a insane person, but...something about his eyes pull me in. And he wants me too, I can see it!" Her voice rises in excitement as she finishes.
"But...I did come off to strong on Showdown; I will admit. B-but, I was only trying to help, you know? Show him that I'm not just this really tough chick from Miami, but I can be vulnerable too..."

It's obvious that her mind is wandering and her eyes are gone from reality. But after a couple seconds of silence, her eyes warm back up and the brunette has a joyous look on her face.

"But he kissed me back! Even if he stopped it...we kissed again. And his lips are like a pipe to a drug addict and I'm trying to get my fix."
"But why me?" she ponders.

"Why wouldn't he want to kiss me again? I mean-" Maria's hands travel over her jean covered hips while she continues to speak.

"- just look at me. I'm a Vixen for a reason. So why wouldn't he want me?"
Silence fills the room again and this time it stays for longer. It's only about 10 seconds, but it feels like an eternity.

"I'm going to make him want me so bad...maybe this time he'll be the one fighting for me." Maria says with a smirk.

The latina pushes her lips together in excitement as she opens up the desk drawer and in her hands embrace a red, lacy material which turns out to be lingere as she holds it up.

"He's going to want Maria Gonzales so bad..."

 F I N
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This is growing very tiresome.

Mi amor, you were supposed to be different, but now you’re just like every other Vixen spewing out clichés.

We all come together, and one way or another come together to express how we feel about things. Instead of setting aside our differences for the sake of happiness, we bring them to the table and share them for the exact same reason. We come together and dispute over what we feel in order to prove who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong…who’s in the know and who’s not. I’m sitting at this table set for 3, and both of you have disappointed me, especially you mi amor. The table was set for you and you didn’t even notice it. You took a dinner roll off the table, took a bite out of it and kept walking. But let me go ahead and fix the table cloth you rumpled as you passed by, dust off the crumbs you left from your single crappy half-assed monologue and CLEAR that table by sweeping my arms right across it. You had everything at your disposal and yet I’m sitting here trying to figure out what is left to say to you…

“There are two types of people on this damn pathetic earth...those who are born to become champions and those who are born to WATCH the one that are born to become champions.”

Geez, Captain Obvious… Did you also know, in this world people are different ethnicities? Really Tarah?! Come on, give me something new! However, since you want to start off this way I might as well indulge you.

Ah, so I guess I wasn’t born to become a champion. I was born to watch you rule over this division… How long have you been in EAW, that it took you until 2015 to finally become champion? Ha, alright… Seriously Tarah, let’s just really take a moment to understand this… You have fought and kicked ass, we can agree on that, but your priorities were not straight. Chasing after Cameron Ella Ava when she was Hall of Fame Champion, and you made zero effort to even go after Lethal when she was Vixens Champion….but you were destined to lead the pack and rule the division? Alright, I’ll be waiting for your excuse for that… Mi amor, I won’t deny your skills or your talent because if you didn’t have any, you wouldn’t be champion. However, I must question your thought process. How is it that I am one of the best Vixens in EAW, yet you say “you don’t have the skills to wrestle in the ring with me”? Explain that to me. Actually, I don’t even think you can… I have never failed to impress, but you have. So what if I ‘gave’ Maddie the win when you two faced each other, for someone who was born to be champion, you should have never been so fucking careless. You should never be comfortable and calm in your position as Champion because every single vixen out there is trying their best to give you one hell of a fight and take your Championship. And yet, you seem to be taking everything so nonchalantly…I’m glad you have jokes, but that won’t protect you in the ring. Just for one second, actually think about what you say and what attitude you are giving off, champ.

Like I said though mi amor, you do have jokes and some of them are actually funny. Especially the one about how Maddie fights my battles for me. Again, I must reiterate what I said to you, not too long ago… Maddie has a brain of her own, and her actions are merely to appease me… I don’t ask her to do them, and I don’t need her to. I was hoping that this little bout between us would be exciting, yet you are very boring and predictable. Four days ago, I explained everything to you and you come at me with the same shit. Four days ago. It’s Wednesday and you are still repeating the same thing to me? What is there left to say, that you won’t just repeat in the next two days? Hm? I asked you what it meant to be ‘champion material’ and now you say people are born champions. I explain to you how Maddie is not on my radar, yet you seem to have this idea that I am relying on her… I’m truly done, when you have something reasonable to discuss I’ll be here.
Christopher Corrupt
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Triple Threat Promo 2

You're right...I never liked you TJ. A baby face from the start, trying to win everyone over and then displaying your true motives once you got in the business. You tricked everyone and like a kid who does a good job, needs validation and credit thrown their way. Look! Look! I defeated Christopher Corrupt at House of Glass! Aren't I great? This time...there is no confidence building. You act as if the title means nothing, then why did you vie for it and make such a stink about it to Monroe? Further more, you manipulated your way in and then cheated to get where you are. Now, I've pretty much made my living on that kind of lifestyle: cheat to win, any means necessary and don't look back or care on the consequences. You pretty much plagiarized my whole motto of life in wrestling and it wasn't until I had to prove to you and everyone else, I could do much more. All eyes were on me, everyone expecting a cheap win, but I shocked the world when I won cleanly. It doesn't mean I've abandoned my ways, just trying to show my pure wrestling ability and evolutionary style. The thing is TJ, I don't necessarily want the title back, I just want to school you in the ring and make you look like the joke you are. See, I want revenge and redemption for what you did. And I will get it in this tag match. All the cowardly acts you committed against me and Senn, all the bullshit you pulled, everything you did and bringing along the asshole Jaywalker, is going to come to an end after May 24th. This match is above a championship, it's about showing who is better. Your pitiful crew, or an unlikely partnership. I don't need a title shot, I just need this win and it proves it all. Couldn't win in a mix tag match, couldn't win in a tag match and I doubt even with Jay you can do it again. I am here to prove something, I am here to make you a True Believer. It's funny, you dance back and forth between being passed off as a champion and then not wanting the belt now you have it. Deep down inside, that's the only thing you have going. Jay doesn't care, Anubis ain't interested in your well being, this championship defines you. But after Sunday...you'll be defined as a loser, a man who couldn't stand a chance against two fierce Elitists. Shit...I didn't think I'd say the word, but from time to time I feel like one. I don't need the fans or a group to back me, I just need a reason and principals. Something to believe in. 

The team member you have will let you down. He isn't focused or ready for what is about to come. Senn and I have one thing in mind: kicking ass and taking names. We want what is ours and showing you two up and leaving a battle victorious is what we seek. In case you forgot, I was alongside him in a stable, he was a person I've shown respect to. He wants a partner in this match, he picked the right guy. Hell, there you are sounding like a tool - winning when it matters. It always matters. You said this shit before, you don't get it. Get in your head every match counts. 

Calling me thick...shit ain't you the dude who spouted about it not being a big match and then losing that night in the main event? So we're on the grand stage and let's see if you can do it again.

This I doubt. But hey...

Don't let Jay down...and more importantly...don't let yourself down. 

Because you'll never hear the end of it from me.
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It's Pain For Pride season again and I know I should be excited for what the future holds for me, but I am going to be completely honest with all of you I am not. I'm not excited for the future because right now it is uncertain. I don't know what is next for me, I don't know which way I am going. Only one thing is for sure: I'm ready to face the uncertainty of the future - with optimism. I'm ready to face whatever obstacles are standing in my path. And you can bet your ass I am ready to OVERCOME those obstacles. The loss I suffered against Tyler Parker was nearly irreparable. It wasn't easy coming to terms with the fact he was better than me that night. It wasn't easy learning to accept defeat, but I did. And I learned from defeat. More than I probably would've learned if I became successful at Grand Rampage. I know why I failed. It wasn't because I wasn't ready, it wasn't because I didn't have the requirements, the accolades to beat Tyler Parker.  And it certainly wasn't because I didn't want it enough. I failed to capture the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship because I wasn't fighting for something worth fighting for. I was fighting to fulfill my own selfish desires, my personal ambition of becoming a world champion. Several weeks ago the truth unfolded, I revealed that "The Man of Honor" was a fallacy and that he was dead. But that fallacy has turned into a reality. I have been reborn as a honorable man. And I will do everything in my power to ensure the endurance of honor. While I am here there is no room for corruption, it's fathers and it's distributors. While I am here there is no room for people like you... Devan Dubian. I have been watching you, I have been watching Brian Daniels. This is a war I wasn't intending on intervening initially, but eventually I concluded that it was imminent I got involved. Because this war? Is the war of the corrupted. You two don't care about anybody, about anything but yourselves and that world title. You don't care how much chaos you formulate along the way as long you obtain what you think belongs to you. That Answers World Championship isn't yours, Dubian. It isn't yours either, Brian. It isn't even Starr's. That championship belt was created for one man several years ago. That championship was meant to be strapped around MY waist. Y2Impact stole it from me and made history at my expense. So before the three of you continue your little rivalry you need to be thankful. You need to be thankful I have no plans of getting  back what was stolen from me years ago. You're probably wondering, why team Daniels and not team Dubian? Well, because despite everything I have just said I deem Daniels more worthy of that title than these two other individuals. Brian Daniels already had the opportunity to be world champion, but let's face it.. that title reign didn't end how it should have ended. Daniels deserves another reign. Out of all the elitists in EAW I'd say Brian Daniels is the most honorable and deserving one.  We have a whole lot in common. I really hope the guy can represent Showdown as it's champion again in the near future. In just a matter of days the war of the corrupted rages on. I know I just said Daniels is a honorable man and deserving of another world title reign, but that doesn't mean I won't punch him in the face if I have to. I've been in a bit of a mood lately. This weekend the beast that dwells inside of me will be freed. And I will superman punch, I will spear whoever is in my way. Unfortunately for Team Dubian, they're getting their asses kicked first. I already spoke about Dubian. However, I will not ignore the rest of my opponents. That would be just rude.  His tag team partners are none other than the Holy Brigade and Psycho Brody.  For those who don't know the members of Holy Brigade or what's left of them are Johnny Ventura, Venom and Nick Angel. Three men I know very well. I have faced the three of them on separate occasions and I can assure you I know their advantages and I know their weaknesses. I know everything you can imagine about them and more. They don't know anything about me because what they're failing to realize is that I constantly evolve. The man they think they know, the man they think they have gotten the best out of before, has experienced a metamorphosis. Several in fact. They don't know how powerful I have become, but they will come Triple Threat. As for Psycho Brody. I don't have much to say about him. What can I say that hasn't been said already. He's a psycho or at least that's what he thinks he is. He doesn't intimidate me, he doesn't frighten me but I WILL make him feel intimidated by me.I will frighten him once the bell rings and it's time to eradicate the corrupted. I won't hold back, I hope neither of you do. I was expecting a war and that is what I will receive. You got two option: You give me war, a battle I won't ever forget or I give YOU war. A war you won't be ready for. A war with no victors but only one survivor... ME.
Carlos Rosso
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::A video package highlighting GI Styles and Carlos Rosso begins with the two of them going about their separate careers before their rivalry in LEGION. Carlos is shown winning the CWF World Heavyweight Championship, celebrating atop the steel cage in which in was won. GI Styles is shown in another clip celebrating his CWF Specialists Championship victory.::

A friendship and rivalry that has transcended federations, countries and traditions.

::GI is shown next with the LEGION World Heavyweight Championship. Moments later, Carlos, injured, is demanding that a match for the title proceeds even though he's bleeding. GI Styles is shown hitting his finishing move, the Lightning Spiral, then celebrating on the way out of the arena as Carlos struggles to pull himself up. In another clip, Carlos is shown picking up a win in a non-title match, scoring a small package pinfall.::

A rivalry that eventually turned into a partnership.......

::GI and Carlos both arrive to EAW at different times. GI and Carlos are later seen together, standing in the ring as they are introduced as a tag team for the first time. Then clips of them winning the Tag Team Championships are next, followed by each at separate times being Double Champions...GI winning the then-National Extreme Championship; Carlos celebrating atop a ladder after claiming the Interwire Championship.::

A partnership that turned into a friendship.....

::Clips of the two celebrating their second reign as tag team champions are shown, as well as them celebrating their win at Pain for Pride. Plus their constant harassment and EAW and it's fans are shown, including their feud with the Quintessential Trailblazers::

A friendship that suddenly was lost........

::The two friends are shown struggling to be cohesive in a tag team match. Next, another small clip of Carlos being eliminated from the Grand Rampage and his absolute shock after realizing it was by GI Styles. Finally a clip of GI being speared by Lucian Black is shown as stands by, grinning.::

-As the highlight package ends, Poison and Carlos are shown sitting on a leather couch, possibly in some hotel room in Beijing. Poison looks emotional and ready to explode while Carlos seems pretty bored with it all, idly biting at his fingernails.-

Poison: After all this time, you STILL won't talk to him, GI? You STILL won't at least give Carlos and I what we deserve to hear YOUR voice telling us why you did what you did? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BALLS!? You've never been at a loss for words. Making fun of all the EAW employees, mocking Jaywalker and others, challenging Tyler Parker. You did all these own things with YOUR voice. You won the National Elite and Pure Championships with YOUR voice, YOUR vision. What happened to you? Do you have nothing left but silence for us? Carlos won't show it but he feels hurt by what you've done. He's mad enough sure about your actions and the fact that you threw away your friendship for some quack of a doctor who's manipulating you!

::Poison stammers for a bit before screaming in anger, taking deep, heavy breaths to compose herself, tears starting to well up in her eyes.::

Poison: The silence is what's hurting me most of all too. We were travel partners and friends for years. YEARS. Not months. Not weeks. This wasn't some passing fancy where you guys were flashes in the pan as a tag team then just broke up. Even now, people talk about you two being the best tag team in the HISTORY of EAW. We traveled together. Lived together. Partied together. You guys were CHAMPIONS TOGETHER! Who was there when you were challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship, WE WERE! Even when Carlos suffered in silence, hoping, waiting for a World Championship match that never came, we supported you! And you did the same for us! What happened to that concern when Norman Hellion was attacking Carlos? You were there, ready to help, ready to keep that belt around Carlos's waist! You even had the respect enough of him to let him lose the match on his own terms.

::Grabbing at a box of tissues nearby, Poison wipes her eyes before glaring at the camera.::

Poison: This is a situation that you worked VERY hard to create, GI. I knew something was wrong the first time I saw that doctor with you. Carlos wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, he wanted things to go back to the way they were. He thought he could bring that voice out of you again. You reward his trust in you with SILENCE? You betray him? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU YOU SELF ABSORBED, LIMP DICKED DRUGGED UP LITTLE SHIT OF A HUMAN BEING!

::Carlos raises a hand, finally having heard enough.::

Carlos: That's enough.

::Poison glances over at Carlos before leaning back against the couch in a huff, sulking.::

Carlos: The fact that I despise any and all EAW management is a well documented and often lamented piece of Elite Answers Wrestling lore. The irony in that of course is that in one capacity I was in fact a MEMBER of said management, but that was a long time ago. I could not have hoped for a more glorious opportunity to show off my talent and enter myself into the Cash in the Vault for a third attempt to win it. I don't know what's going on in this saga with Tyler Parker and Alex Anderson and to be perfectly honest I don't care. Whoever is the Champion after Pain for Pride is irrelevant to me. I don't like Tyler and I have absolutely no respect for Alex Anderson as a human being, a wrestler, or anything else. That will be dealt with in time. Right now, I think it's time for you and me to settle things between us.

::Carlos reaches over to the coffee table and pours himself a shot of tequila before gulping it down.::

Carlos: I want to apologize to you for some of Poison's harsher remarks. She's a little drunk and...well...you know, she gets emotional when she's liquored up. My tolerance for alcohol is much more formidable so I don't think EAW will wind up editing much of this part of the message. I want you to understand something, GI, Doctor Hawke: I haven't changed over the years because frankly I haven't needed to. I have been able to find enough strength to overcome any obstacle, any person, any setback that comes my way by just being myself. Does that mean I wear a white hat and always arrive to save the damsel in distress? Hell no. Does that mean I want to be a hero to the kids and tell them to say their prayers, eat their vitamins and stay away from drugs? Uh...no. I'm not a nice guy. I don't wear a white hat. I'm damn sure not a role model to anyone as to how to be a decent human being outside of a wrestling ring. I think it's funny that you, Doctor, have accused me of putting on this grand facade like I'm the one that's lying to the people and lying to myself when in actuality its YOU and your patient who are the real liars.

I'm not the one hiding behind another's voice to express myself.

I'm not the one hiding behind his past because his present isn't what he wants it to be.

I'm not the one refusing to admit that my partner and best friend knows me better than anyone else.

GI, we have known each other a long time. You were one of the rising stars of CWF before it's eventual demise. Yeah, I remember that shit with the Cool Cats. Cute. I remember thinking that you would be great back then....then I fought you in LEGION and KNEW that you were great. You always have had this you-against-the-world mentality when ironically we all knew that you were great. We all KNEW you could be THE MAN. The problem that you've always had is, and this is just a theory so don't get all pissy about it, that YOU don't believe that you can be THE MAN. Even after winning and finding ways to keep that belt in other companies, you still demanded respect. Even when you were a double champion and the greatest National Elite Champion of all time you carried yourself as if you have something to prove.

I will tell you this though: If you want domination, if you want to rip opponents limb from limb, you're barking up the wrong tree. I have not lost in more than a month with victims like Hurricane Hawk and Montell Smooth in my wake. I am in the best shape of my life and I have a new weapon that I will dispatch, the Red Spike, if I have to put you down.

I'm a pretty patient man, Doctor. Look at my career if you want any proof of that. It took me a long time to figure out the puzzle that was Donovan T, but I eventually did it. The American Dragon took all the spark in my wrestling career away. I waited long and in pain until I finally bested him...and he shook my hand. I harassed, goaded and fought Jaywalker and Impact alongside GI Styles until even those two braggarts had to begrudgingly offer us respect. I waited and waited for a chance at an EAW Championship and took it when I won a tournament to win the then-vacated Interwire Championship. I have been waiting for this moment, this chance at redemption for a long, long time. I may be a kiss-ass to you, but everybody who has ever stepped foot in a ring with me knows that dominating Carlos Rosso is an impossible task.

You want to know why I call my new move the Red Spike? Goes back a little bit, to the days where GI was using a GOLDEN spike and used it on me several times to win matches. I still carry a scar from one of those times he struck me with it. You have to look close but it's right above my left eye. At Triple Threat, I'm going to scar your client, Doc. Not physically. I'm a violent man but injuring people for the sake of injuring them is as boring as sending Hurricane Hawk back and forth between retirements. I'm going to deliver to him a setback so complete and so jarring to system that this “new” GI Styles will finally wise up and realize the main thing that's been holding him back of late: You.

::Carlos beckons the cameraman to come closer as he leans in, letting the audience get a good look at his eyes.::

Dr...GI...I want you both to look into these eyes right here. I want you to see that there is no fear in them. There is nothing that GI Styles can do that I don't know of. There will be no surprises. There won't be any excuses. There are going to be two men beating the hell out of each other for a spot in the Cash in the Vault match in EAW's signature event. Keep looking into these eyes. Do either of you see anything that's going to hold back for old times sake? Do you see anything that is a lie? Do you see anything in there that is going to let either of you take anything away from me that I want? I hope you don't because there is no such thing there. I'm not going to wear myself out with rigorous training this week. I'm going to just relax, watch a few tapes and wait for that music to hit in the arena and walk down the aisle to face the man that I KNOW is one of the greatest wrestlers alive today. I want you to continue to make this assumption, both of you guys I'm talking to right now, and say that “Carlos Rosso doesn't have another gear to go to. Carlos Rosso doesn't have that killer instinct.”

Please, PLEASE keep thinking that. I dare you.
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**The scene opens up with a video package of Maddie losing to Lethal at Reasonable Doubt, then shows Maddie**

Hi guys! I am so ready for Triple Threat! What you just watched was me losing at Reasonable Doubt, to then Vixens Champion, Lethal. I was one second away from becoming the Vixens Champion, but I just didn't get the job done that night. This time i'm coming in with a ton of confidence I have a big, no HUGE win over the champion herself Tarah Nova, I have beaten my best friend before, Cherish, so I feel like I can pull this off, I know the numbers aren't in my favor I have a one and three chance in winning, but then again so do the other girls. Now Tarah can talk her talk, she can say what she wants, she has the right to, she is the Champion after all. She has said in the past that the wrestling business is not the business for me, and that I don't have that killer instinct. Sure I can be goofy and quirky at times, but I can also turn into serious Maddie! I am the underdog going into this match no doubt about it. Don't forget Tarah I beat you last week, I beat you fair and square, was it a fluke win? Maybe but right now I have the confidence going into the match, and weather you want to admit it or not, you are most likely questioning if you can in fact win? Just remember Tarah you maybe the champion, but the champion doesn't have to be pinned in order for you to lose that championship. As far is Cherish is concerned, Cherish knows my feelings toward her, everybody in the world knows we are best friends, and as much as I wish her luck going into our match, I want to win the championship so I will do anything to win! I love you Cherish and I wish you luck! I wish Tarah luck too! At the end of the day I do want to win that championship like I said but at the end of the day as long as the three of us steal the show, and everyone is talking about how good that Vixens match was, that is all that matters! 

Lights camera action! I am pumped up for this match! You guys are pumped up, Cherish and Tarah are pumped! This match has the makings of being an all time classic! Winning the Vixens Championship would mean the world to me. I know Tarah has worked hard for 18 months to get it, and she is a deserving champion no doubt. But this is my time! This is my time to shine! I am going to win the Vixens Championship! No WE! WE WILL WIN THE VIXENS CHAMPIONSHIP! Because without you guys there is no Maddie at Triple Threat competing against Tarah and Cherish! Thank you guys! Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin, and hopefully if I win this championship I would have made you all proud! I love you guys! See you at Triple Threat! Bye!
Grace Izumi
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*The following segment, produced from GI Styles’ promotional team as assembled and directed by Dr. Edward Hawke, is broken up into two parts. Before the traditional informal interview segment which is standard, a hype video, narrated by Dr. Hawke and largely starring GI Styles, begins to play*
“You really don’t think too much of us, do you?”
*A still, black-and-white shot of GI Styles sitting on a training bench, with a towel covering his head*
“For years you said it. For years you believed it”
*Faint music begins to play, as various shots of GI using gym equipment shoots between the lines of narration*
“GI Styles was too small”
“GI Styles wasn’t strong enough”
“GI Styles wasn’t flashy enough for his size”
“GI Styles wasn’t Extreme enough”
“GI Styles just couldn’t get it done, and elevate himself to the next level”
“So we saw your insults…Your challenges…Your remarks…”
“And we shoved them right down your throat”
*The music begins to hype up, as in-match footage begins to play. Several familiar EAW Elitists, including TLA, Maxwell Dachs and Montell Smooth can all be seen in GI’s recent matches, eating various signature moves of his, as the footage speeds up*
“Well we chased after your brass rings”
*Footage of GI Styles standing over Haas Johnson for the National Extreme Champion begins to play*
“We beat everyone you put in front of us”
*GI besting the likes of Killswitch, Alex Anderson, Tomi Venus and others can be seen from his National Extreme Championship Title Reigns*
“We beat EVERYONE, and even in our absence, reformed this company in our own image”
*GI nailing Devan Dubian with the Spike Brainbuster to unify the Elite Championship with the National Extreme Championship*
“But in the end, there was just one man we COULDN’T beat”
*The feed fades out, as the faint, non-descript sounds of commentary detailing several repeated powerbombs can be heard in the background*
“We live in an uncertain future. Nothing is a given, and you simply can’t take anything for granted”
“To achieve our goals, we have to do what we have always done. We have to grab at these brass rings, if we ever want to have any hope of finally capturing our white whale”
“So now, only one thing stands between us and finally achieving our destiny”
*Footage of Carlos posing for some form of other promotional package is shown*
“OK…Maybe two things”
*To conclude the video package, some much harder music plays, as various shots of GI and Carlos can be seen. Most of them involve them hitting other competitors with moves, but some also show them performing tag moves as part of their time in Dynamite Rain. As the footage speeds up, various graphics fly across the screen reading “GI Styles vs. Carlos Rosso”, before it dramatically cuts out, to one final piece of footage. In it, GI is flying across the air between two ladders with a Canadian flag in his hand. On the other ladder, Carlos is standing with a US flag in his hand, as GI meets him with a Flying Knee Kick to the face. Carlos falls off the ladder, as a loud shout of “OHH MY GOOOODDD” can be heard. A final ‘Triple Threat’ logo flies across the scene, as the video ends, before the EAW logo flashes across the screen*
*In what could only be described as a full circle turnaround, in a small tea house somewhere in Japan, GI Styles and Dr. Eddie Hawke are, quite predictably, sitting quietly, as they plan to make their final preparations before they leave for Beijing ahead of Triple Threat*
*While the usual demeanor of both men seems fairly stock and standard, with their usual stoic, yet very self-assured personas shining through, something for each man seems different. While Dr. Hawke is sitting in his usual fairly old suit jacket combination, his constant clicking of his fingernails and light gnashing of his teeth implies someone who has something bothering them. Meanwhile, GI’s look of natural arrogance seems to somewhat remain, but the most notable thing about GI is just how little his facial status is changing as he takes several sips of tea. More than that, though, his eyes just seem emotionless, as he keeps his focus despite only participating in a calming everyday experience*
*Suddenly, Dr. Hawke slams his fist to the table, causing a mild shock for the very few people in the tea house with them*
Dr. Hawke: It’s like every week, it’s just another step back, isn’t it? Typical, isn’t it? It’s what we’ve said for years. If someone like GI Styles wants to make it in EAW, he is going to have to scratch and claw his way up all by himself. Now, as you should know, we are not men like Maxwell Dachs. We welcome any and all competitors to face off and test their yield against GI Styles. After the growing animosity between the former Dynamite Rain teammates, I WANTED this match to go ahead, because I know one thing about GI Styles, Carlos Rosso and the rest of the Dynasty brand. Whoever wins this match DESERVES to be a World Champion, and deserves to be one soon. It would of course make the most sense for the winner of this match to be Dynasty’s challenger for Tyler’s World Heavyweight Championship, but no. Management throws us peanuts, and expects us to grovel at their feet for giving us chances we deserve anyway. Now, I know it hasn’t sounded much like it recently, but I do respect the hell out of Carlos Rosso. He is not in the same class as my client, but if he does beat GI, and as big of an ‘if’ I think that is aside, he would deserve to test Tyler Parker, just as GI deserves to do, because aside from the World Champion himself, no-one else matches up to either of these two gladiators.
But instead of demanding the finest of Dynasty…Instead of demanding the winner of GI Styles and Carlos Rosso to fight against Tyler Parker, that drooling idiot Murrow continues to screw us over, even when he’s not managing our damned brand. Now, I don’t even care that someone who was on ShowDown up until a minute ago is challenging for a World Title on another brand. That type of petty brand politics is beneath me, but Alex Anderson takes his ball and goes home, and when he gets asked to come back, he takes a King’s Ransom with him. GI Styles, a man who has achieved more in this industry than Anderson could ever dream of, returns, and he gets a pat on the back, and is forced to pave his own destiny by his own hand.
And yet, I bet they think they’ve won. You know who I mean, right? “The Powers That Be”. You see, I don’t care what anyone else says. No matter if Anderson is on Dynasty now or not, this brand belongs to Tyler Parker right now…Right now…But as far as I’m concerned, this brand’s number two will be revealed this weekend, as GI Styles faces off against Carlos Rosso, where the winner WILL become the Cash in the Vault Champion, because there is not another person in this company, yet alone this brand, who will be able to defeat the person who comes out top on this as a serious competition.
This won’t be like the Grand Rampage, where a tactical genius like the Pizza Boy can eliminate GI Styles while his back is turned. This is going to be a balls-to-the-walls winner-takes-all extravaganza, and all I can say is Carlos…Good luck.
Now don’t take this as a sign of me liking you, because as far as I’m concerned, you’re a kiss-arse punk, and you lost the killing edge which made you a legend in this business almost five years ago. It’s funny how you mention how well you know GI, because let’s face it. You’re pulling the same stunts you have been since LEGION. Yeah, the execution is different, but look at how much GI Styles has changed at the same time. Now don’t get me wrong. For the last three and a half years, GI has been nothing but a dangerous man, willing to do anything to win but now? Now he’s a monster. He doesn’t want just victory. He wants domination. He wants to tear people limb-from-limb, and he won’t be happy until he gets what he deserves.
You think you know GI, Carlos? Let me tell you something about the two of you. We all know the Rosso family is absurdly rich. We all know Carlos likes to live off the finer things in life. We all know that you trained hard, and ate your prayer and did your vitamins, and now you’re an absolutely swell guy, right? Well, GI…Nobody knows where GI went. I don’t know, his family doesn’t know…Hell, even GI forgets large parts of it. So when you say you know GI Styles? Well, Mr. Rosso…
You see, at the end of the day, this is all elementary. GI knows well what you are capable of, because he has fought so closely around you for years now. But since GI’s return…He has emerged from the flames as someone so much like GI, and yet so different.
*Dr. Hawke grabs GI and pulls his face to the camera*
Dr. Hawke: Look at these eyes, Mr. Rosso. These are the days of someone who is sick of not achieving what he knows he is capable of achieving. It is natural for animals to desire shiny trinkets, and GI is not just an animal now. GI is a beast, and he hungers only for the pain of others, and winning World Titles. You wouldn’t know this, but your legacy is already one of the strongest in this industry. For GI, he still yearns for so much more, and as far as I’m concerned, if you ever want to see who you call the ‘Real GI Styles’ again, you will need to wait until he gets exactly what he wants, and to that end Carlos…You are in his way.
Come Triple Threat, there will be no more time for words. No Dynamite Rain, no Poison, no Dr. Hawke…Only No Mercy. This will be a match for the ages, as the question of which member of EAW’s greatest ever tag team was its strongest member and for me…Well, the answer is so obvious, it’s not even worth asking the question.
Because GI Styles is the one who is Ichiban.
And Carlos Rosso isn’t a franchise of Japanese restaurants around San Diego.

Tyler Parker
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Two weeks ago on Showdown...






(Ding, Ding, Ding!)

(“Chalk Outline” – Three Days Grace hits as Xavier Williams slowly rolls off Tyler Parker and is handed the EAW Championship.)


Mack: XAVIER WILLIAMS AND BRIAN DANIELS ARE VICTORIOUS IN THIS BLOCKBUSTER MAIN EVENT! THE EAW CHAMPION HAS JUST PINNED THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! We all heard what Xavier Williams had to say; he didn’t think that either Tyler Parker or Starr-Stan thought that Xavier was at the level that they were at, but after tonight, after what we just seen, you have to think that he’s completely proved that he is.

Ryder: Definitely. There’s a whole lot of doubt surrounding whether Xavier Williams should, or whether he deserves to be EAW Champion. I believe that this broski has proved a lot of his doubters wrong tonight by pinning the current World Heavyweight Champion, in the form of Tyler Parker.

(Xavier raises the EAW Championship high into the air as Tyler Parker pulls himself back to his feet and is handed the World Heavyweight Championship. Tyler looks towards Xavier as the hint of a smile crosses his face.)

Tyler: I’m in.

(Xavier begins to laugh as he rolls under the bottom rope and backs up the ramp, making his way to the back.)

Mack: Xavier Williams threw out a challenge to both Tyler Parker and Starr Stan on Voltage for a match at Triple threat; going on what we all just seen, I think that Tyler Parker has just accepted the offer! Ladies and Gentlemen this is all the time that we have for you all tonight! This is Eddie Mack signing off for my broadcast college, Matt Ryder, from Vienna, Austr— Wait a minute? Who that— WHAT THE HELL! SOMEBODY HAS JUST HIT TYLER PARKER IN THE BACK WITH A STEEL CHAIR! TYLER’S SPINE JARRING IN PAIN AS THIS HOODED INDIVIDUAL SWINGS WITH ANOTHER VIOLENT CHAIR SHOT TO THE SPINE OF THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! THIS MAN… PICKING UP THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AND CALLS, ALMOST BEGGING TYLER TO GET BACK TO HIS FEET! TYLER SLOWLY DRAGGING HIMSELF BACK TO A VERTICAL BASE— AND THIS MAN CRACKS THAT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ACROSS THE SKULL OF THIS CHAMPION! WHAT THE HELL, WHO IS…

(The man reaches up and pulls down the hood.)


Anderson: I’m a smart man; one that doesn’t place all of his eggs into the one basket. You thought I was done. You all thought that the Grand Rampage was the end of my dream of main eventing Pain for Pride. You’re wrong. Every single one of you were wrong. Like I always do, I had an ace up my sleeve. I told you that I was going to main event Pain for Pride, and I am. For you see… when I was vacant from Showdown in November, Murrow BEGGED for me to come back. And I was given many… MANY clauses in my contract. One of those clauses… A CHOOSING OF WHO I WANT TO FACE AT PAIN FOR PRIDE. I’m cashing in my clause to my contract, allowing me to pick any person that I want to face at Pain for Pride… Tyler… at Pain for Pride, it’s going to be Tyler Parker against Alex Anderson… with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Count the days remaining on this storybook run that you’ve had… because it’s all coming crashing down.


(Feed cuts to black.)

The next week on Dynasty.

Alex Anderson: … I’ve got so many things running through my mind so it’s a little hard to collect my thoughts; just bear with me, please. You all have to understand, I have dreamed of this moment for a long, long time. I have worked for this for years. I have spent years fighting tooth and nail for a day like this. I’ve had sleepless nights, dreadful days, I went through months of famine, anguish, every ailment a Professional Wrestler could have just to get to this point. And here I am, I finally made it… and not without learning some valuable lessons along the way. Lessons about the kind of world this is, and about the kind of people who inhabit this world. I understand everything about this place now.

I am 26 years old, only 26 years old and it feels like I’ve lived a lifetime. But I learned that all the hard work, the dedication, the motivation, the perseverance, blood sweat and tears, yada yada all that… it’ll get you far, but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Not if you don’t play the game. I finally understood that, I found that out the hard way. I found that out as I watched pandering pretentious [EXPLETIVE] ass kissers like Brian Daniels and Tyler Parker fail EAW over and over again, and come back and get handed the keys to the kingdom. While you people rejected me and spited me for not being your hero, you all take [EXPLETIVE] [EXPLETIVE] like Cy Henderson, Robbie V, even HURRICANE HAWK and immortalize them. What about me? Haven’t I worked as hard as Cy Henderson? Haven’t I done as much as Hurricane Hawk? HOW IS BRIAN DANIELS GOING INTO THE HALL OF FAME THIS YEAR AND I’M NOT?

I already know why. It’s because of you. It’s because of all of you. You people are the biggest problem with this industry… you choose your heroes so poorly, cry when they fail you, and place your trust back into them. And that’s why they continue to fail you, because you just never learn. Meanwhile people like me are here like work horses, carrying this company on their backs and it remains all for naught. Well now that’s finished. I’m done carrying this company on my back, because now I’ve got the world in my palms. I played the game, and I’ve been playing it for months now. I had an ACE up my sleeve this entire time… just as the ACE of EAW should. And now I’m playing that card. When I left EAW I TOLD MYSELF IF I’M NOT IN THE MAIN EVENT OF PAIN FOR PRIDE THIS YEAR, I WON’T BE ON PAIN FOR PRIDE AT ALL! That’s a promise I kept, because now I PROMISE you I AM THE NEXT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!? I AM THE NEXT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

( AA meanwhile rips off his shades and leans over the ropes, red-faced, taking in the response from the ground. AA backs away and cools himself down. )

AA: It’s in the books now. Alex Anderson vs. Tyler Parker – World Heavyweight Championship. And while I’m on the subject why don’t we talk about Tyler Parker, can we? And why don’t I take the veil down for a second and stop pretending like we all don’t know the story between him and I. Tyler, I think all these people know it’s personal between you and I. Everyone knows about our competitive rivalry behind the scenes. And for those who don’t follow the behind the scene part of EAW, I’m sure even they all remember last year when your daddy, Mr. DEDEDE abused his power and forced me to humiliate myself in front of millions of people and call myself a “poor mans Tyler Parker”.

( The crowd responds to that, and AA grows a hotter shade of red in repressed anger )

AA: I’m sure you all thought that was funny didn’t you? You know my own mother called me that night crying because her son was humiliated on national TV when all he was trying to do was live his dream and entertain all of you. And I calmed her down and assured her that one day the roles would be reversed, because one day they would be calling Tyler Parker a poor man’s AA. But I’ll never forget that day because… it changed something in me, somehow. You see Tyler I always resented you for being EAW’s prodigal golden child when EAW fed me scraps, but from that day forward I knew I had to prove that idea that I’m nothing more than a “poor man’s Tyler Parker” wrong. Because even though DDD didn’t exactly say it, I know what went on through his mind. It’s what goes on through all of your minds, you all think Tyler Parker is the face of EAW. Wrong, I’m the ACE, AND the face of EAW. And of course that old bastard DDD and all of you [EXPLETIVE] are inclined to disagree… fine, doubt me. In the end that’s what Pain for Pride will be all about, that’s the real story. I don’t give a damn what Starr Stan and his ELITE jerk-circle are doing, I don’t give a damn about House Vendetta vs RAGNAROK, the real story of Pain for Pride 8 is ME! I’m going to remove any doubt any of you have in me until there is no question who is the Greatest. And if you thought what I did to Tyler Parker on Showdown was brutal, you have no idea how far I’m willing to go.

( AA drops his mic and “Murder to Excellence” comes back on as AA stares into the camera, and exits the ring and the arena without addressing any member of the audience )

HBG: Wow… how do you even follow that up?

Stew: … I certainly can’t. Tyler Parker is of course not here tonight, so we won’t know his thoughts on any of this but if there was any ambiguity in the air in regards to AA’s motives, that’s pretty much been dispelled.

HBG: No kidding, but I can say this, it seems as though a sleeping tiger has finally been awakened.


[It's been 2 weeks and Tyler Parker hasn't been seen or heard from. None of his family or anyone close to him has. Nothing. You'd think that he'd show up after what happened to him as that's just how he is but it's unlike of him to not show up. Even with him going through worse than what he had gone through because of Alex Anderson, he has shown up, each and every week like the World Champion that he is. Some say he's foolish, some say he's stubborn but those who know him say he's both. A stubborn fool, that he may be, but if you were to ask them if that's his problem, they'd reply saying "far from." Tyler Parker may be a stubborn fool but that's not telling as though he just may be a stubborn fool, he IS a two-time World Heavyweight Champion --- that's more telling of the caliber of an extremist that he is, telling that he hasn't gotten here in his career because of who he has befriended in the business or he's close to, it has nothing to do with that and more to do with his in-ring ability. Others, however, think otherwise. Like Alex Anderson. On Dynasty, he said that Tyler Parker is an ass kisser (not the worst thing he has heard either) and that by facing Tyler Parker for the World Heavyweight Championship at Pain for Pride and beating him... there'd be no question as to who's better. Though, it's Alex Anderson who's questioning it, not anyone else because everyone knows who's better between the two. Tyler Parker has had a run for the past three years of being on top, he's accomplished more in those three years of his career than many have in their entire careers. That's not to discredit any of them but more to the credit of Tyler Parker who hasn't been credited for most of the things he has accomplished in this run. Alex Anderson? Has captured the New Breed Championship... and that's where his list of accomplishments, for the last three years, ends. Yeah, he beat Brian Daniels for it but it's not like Brian Daniels needed it and though he was beaten by Alex Anderson, months later he would capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Alex Anderson gloats and gloats about how his New Breed Championship reign but the thing with that is, is that it was so forgettable. I mean, if you want to talk about a memorable New Breed Championship reign? Then it's Jamie O'Hara. It's Xavier Williams. It's Dark Demon. The one thing that they have in common with each other, is that they're either former World Champions, current World Champions or future World Champions... something that Alex Anderson is never going to be. Jamie O'Hara, Xavier Williams and Dark Demon, those of the like would have to have left EAW... just so he could be a World Champion. Because if you have them here and the like? Those like Y2Impact, Mr. DEDEDE, Jaywalker, Ares Vendetta, Heart Break Boy, Lannister, Devan Dubian, Brian Daniels, etc.? Like Tyler Parker? ...Alex Anderson is going to have to do more than throw a hissy fit because he feels as if he's owed and deserving of a World Championship. Alex Anderson is going to have to beat every single one of them before he could say that he's owed and deserving of that because until then? Until then, he isn't going to be a "poor man's Tyler Parker", that's giving him too much credit. No. Alex Anderson is going to be a nobody, a never-was, a never going to be. Tyler Parker knows it, everyone knows it and more importantly? Alex Anderson knows it. That's why this "sleeping tiger" has been awoken. Because he knows it, deep down, he's never going to be better than the one he desperately wants to be better than. This sleeping tiger is more of a sleeping cub to the cold-blooded Tyler Parker. We have no idea how far he's willing to go? Well, he has absolutely no idea just how far Tyler Parker is willing to go. After what happened on Showdown? You know that, wherever Tyler Parker is, he's just salivating to get back at Alex Anderson. They want to know his thoughts? Then why don't we see what's on his mind.]

italicized in brackets = Tyler Parker's thoughts (meaning, that's what he's thinking to himself, rather than saying it outloud and directly at his opponents).

[My thoughts. My thoughts... my thoughts? No, I'm going to keep them to myself. Why? Because I have nothing to say to them because I know what they're going to ask me. They're going to ask me... they're going to ask me "Tyler, how could you let Alex Anderson attack you?" ...You think I LET him attack him? You think I had it in the back of my mind that he was going to attack me after my match with Xavier Williams and Brian Daniels? You think that? ...And they say I'm a fool. How foolish do you have to be to think that I'd just let that... that... THAT LITTLE, UNGRATEFUL... no... you know what? You know what, I'm not going to let it get to myself. I'm not going to let what Alex Anderson did to me, a blind-sided attack, let it get to me. I'm not going to let it just like I hadn't let him attack me from behind. That, for him, was on impulse. Alex Anderson knew what he was getting himself to when he hit me in the back with a steel chair. Alex Anderson knew, he knew that was what he had to do to get a match with me at Pain for Pride. If he wanted a match with me, then he could have at least earned it because the only thing he's earned is... is... no. See, Alex Anderson hasn't earned anything. Not a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and not a match with me at Pain for Pride. I could be facing Charlie Scene, who's been going on and on about me betraying him, he'd be more of a challenge for me than Alex Anderson but you know what? I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm not going to act like he isn't much of a challenge because even though he lost against Norman Hellion for the Answers World Championship? It looked like he was going to beat him, beat the Behemoth, the one who's laid to waste everyone that has stepped up to him. It looked like Alex Anderson was going to become the Answers World Champion but what happened? Norman Hellion kicked out... and kicked out... and kicked out. Then he got up... and up... and up. There was nothing that Alex Anderson could do to keep him down and in the end, he couldn't keep him down, he couldn't keep him down for more than three seconds. Why that is, is because Norman Hellion wasn't going to let Alex Anderson beat him. No, he wasn't going to just let him take the Answers World Championship away from him. Norman Hellion kicked out, got up and fought... he fought and fought... until he had beaten Alex Anderson and retained the Answers World Championship. Everyone knows Norman Hellion beat him fair and square but Alex Anderson cried foul --- said how he was better than Norman Hellion and how he should be the Answers World Champion. On the following Showdown, Norman burned the Ace Championship and AA? AA cried and cried and cried. Setting a date for himself, a goal, that if he doesn't complete this goal... he's going to leave EAW. AA should just leave... because he's not going to complete that little goal of his at Pain for Pride, that? That I'd tell them. Triple Threat is this Sunday if I'm not mistaken and while Alex Anderson is at the forefront of my mind, I haven't put StarrStan and Xavier Williams are at the back of it. See, two weeks ago on Showdown, before Alex Anderson attacked me? I was in a Tag Team match, Devan Dubian and I vs. Brian Daniels and Xavier Williams. You know, it's been some time that I've been in the ring with Brian and he kicks harder than I remembered. Was he trying to kick my head off?! ...Well, that's what his fans were chanting anyways, to kick my head off. Thankfully, I have my head on my shoulders, there was no kicking anything off. Brian may have kicked hard but I hit just as hard, if not harder. Soon he and I are going to have to face each other one on one. Who knows, he may be the Answers World Champion after Pain for Pride and I'll still be the World Heavyweight Champion. Either way, whether both of us is a World Champion, one of us is or neither of us is... I want that match. Soon though. And soon I'm going to get back at Alex Anderson. I know that this Sunday, it's a Champion vs. Champion... vs. Champion match. A Triple Threat match between the three World Champions in EAW. StarrStan, the Answers World Champion. Xavier Williams, the EAW Champion. Tyler Parker, the World Heavyweight Champion. The Main Event of Triple Threat. I told Xavier that I was in after he beat me on Showdown and that's because after everything I've said about him, after saying that he's where he is at because of Dark Demon, he beat me fair and square. Now I'm not taking back anything I said because I'm sticking to it. I think he is here because of Dark Demon but that isn't to take anything away from him because if you ask me? Retaining the EAW Championship against Charlie Scene and Y2Impact is BIG and with retaining against them, he's shown that he's deserving of holding the EAW Championship. Xavier retained it against my former Synergy partner and my close friend. One is a future World Champion whether I like it or not and the other is a six-time World Champion. One is one of the best today and the other is one of the greatest of ALL-TIME. That's big and beating me on Showdown? It doesn't get any bigger than that. No, it does. Because this Sunday, Xavier could beat me AND StarrStan in the same match. Could but that isn't to say he's going to because while he may have beaten Diamond Cage and Heart Break Boy in the same match? Xavier cashed in halfway into the match. This Sunday? Xavier can't cash in halfway, he can't get in there halfway into the match, he's going to have to be there from the start of it. On Voltage, he showed he's deserving to hold the EAW Championship but this Sunday, is he going show that he's THE World Champion in EAW? Or is StarrStan THE World Champion in EAW? I mean, StarrStan had to beat Norman Hellion for the Answers World Championship and then he retained it against Psycho Brody... but he needed the help of RAGNAROK to beat Norman Hellion and Psycho Brody? Just barely... just BARELY beaten him. Me though? I beat Psycho Brody EASILY, like it was nothing, I made it look EASY! But it wasn't easy for StarrStan, was it? StarrStan isn't going to have the help of RAGNAROK or anyone else this Sunday. I know StarrStan could beat Xavier Williams and I, he's beaten me before but I've beaten him too. Granted, we beat each other years ago, today we're in our prime. Xavier may had shown he's deserving of holding the EAW Championship but if he's going throw my loss to him in the face of Y2Impact, I'm just going to throw the loss of Charlie Scene AND Y2Impact to me in his face because those may have been big defenses but I've beaten them too. I beat Charlie Scene years ago, like StarrStan, but if I were to face him today? I'd just beat him. Y2Impact? I have the utmost respect for him and he and I are so close... but my win at Pain for Pride last year was the win of my career and though I was sad he had retired, I knew that one day? He was going to return and he was going to return better than he ever has been. And I was right because he is better than he ever has been and that's why I say Xavier has shown me what he's been saying but where I'm trying to get at with all of this is... is that before either of them throw any of that in my face? They know it means little to nothing to me because I've done it before them and this Sunday? This Sunday, it's me... who is THE World Champion in EAW, I've beaten who they've beaten... I've beaten them... and I'm going to beat them both, in the same match, at Triple Threat. These are my thoughts... this is what what is on my mind... I know something that neither StarrStan or Xavier Williams knows and that's that if they were the World Champions that I am? Then there wouldn't be anything to talk about.]

EAW Promoz! (Part 3 - Locked for posting...)

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