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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) XFZUbPi

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 EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

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Norman Hellion

Norman Hellion

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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) Empty
PostEAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) I8y5jY2
Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.


EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) Vlxmnm11
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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Lucas Johnson
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 16th 2015, 12:28 pm by Lucas Johnson
(Backstage at Voltage after The Franchise Demon's match)

Interviewer: "Hey Franchise Demon, can I get a few comments after you're match you just had?"

TFD: "First my debut last week......now tonight with Charlie Scene. Two loses may hurt me mentally but not physically. You see inside this soul is a dragon and this dragon ready to burst out and lay the pain on anybody that stands infront of me. I may be getting dragged back to hell, but I'm bringing somebody down to hell with me!"

The Franchise Demon storms off......
Montell Smooth
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 16th 2015, 10:58 am by Montell Smooth
I feel so honored and I feel really emotional right now. It feels so good to know that they have so much faith in me to put me in a match with the World Heavyweight Champion my first match back. I can't believe it, I'm so choked up right now, I'm about to cry. 

Can you believe it? Next week on Dynasty it's going to be the "best of the best," The World Heavyweight Champion, Tyler Parker going one on one with the actual best, the type to smother your sister with kisses, steal your Mrs. and mistress, the wrestling trendsetter, in the squared circle there is no better, the savior spitting the truth, The Alpha Male, Montell Smooth.  I'm back. Better than ever? No, I'm not here to fool anyone, I have 3 years of ring rust, I'm no where near my best. But it doesn't matter, because on Dynasty, I'm walking into the ring and I'm kicking Tyler Parker's ass, because that's how good I am. I could leave 20 years and I could come back and I would beat anybody. There is no doubt in my mind, I am the greatest talent to ever step foot in that ring, and I think it's a shame that no one is willing to aknowledge it and no one will show me the proper respect I deserve, for what I have done for and in this company. They will respect me because at Dynasty, I'm going to beat Tyler Parker. I'm going to do exactly what I said, I'm going to turn this company 180 degrees, going the direction it should be, and while I'm here, I might as well walking into the ring at Grand Rampage, throw 29 other Elitists out of the ring, and if you're fortunate enough to still have that title Tyler, I'm going to beat you again at Pain for Pride, and I'm going to take it. 

On Dynasty, I'm stepping in the ring and I'm going to do what I do best, I'm going to kick some ass. It may be 3 years later but EAW is sitll my Serengeti, the ring is still my watering hole, and Tyler you're no different, you're just the typical prey for the predator, for the Alpha Male. Tyler you're nothing but a Zebra in my Serengeti, I'm going to rip you to pieces, chew you up and spit you out, which is something we all know you're not used to because you swallow. I'm stepping in the ring, I'm going to shove my entire foot directly up your ass, making it the second time you had 12 inches this week. This right here and Dynasty are going to be warning shots to the entire EAW roster. Let it be known, I'm back and it's only a matter of time before someone feels....


Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 16th 2015, 6:57 am by Yoshikage Eto
Fighting Spirit Promo #1 "Here We Are" A nice prefomance... A really nice preformance from my buddy Maxwell against Calliban, but... As you all know now, it wasn't enough, after I evaluated that I got stuck on the fact that it was obvious, PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that he was screwed over, you see the problem is... We're the bad guys right? But look at how unfair of a win Calliban got... It's a simple math equasion from here... He HAD to win like that, their was simply no other way that J.P Calliban would have beat Maxwell Dachs. In any case, I'm looking forward to Fighting Spirit, where I get a long awaited chance to prove myself against some of the best in the tag division, and Death by Velocity, as much as I don't like them, are pretty good wrestlers. On the other hand, me and Dachs are obviously better, so you can pull out your roll-up victories all you want, come Fighting Spirit, It'll be a Death by Murder, and yes, we're damn well gonna get away with it.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 16th 2015, 1:29 am by A-Will
How does it feel, Tiberius, to be thrown off the edge, to be back at the bottom of the barrel just weeks after an opportunity was at the palm of your hand? How could you let it all go? Correct me if I'm wrong, you're the one that wanted a match where there is a clear and decisive winner. Well, it looks like you're going to get that because, while I am a wrestler and hands-down the best up and coming start here in EAW, I don't plan on getting far because of fairness and playing by the rules. Don't get it twisted, I can go out there and wrestle with the best of them, but in order to grab that brass ring, you have to be willing to do ANYTHING to grasp it and I am just the man for that job. That theory was proven when you lost that triple threat match to determine the number one contender to the National Elite Championship. That could have been you being interviewed about how it is one of, if not the most, the best moments in your life. But you simply fell short and, unfortunately, that foreshadowed your future. You're going to lose again and again and again until you realize the true potential hidden inside all of us, intelligence. Now granted, intelligence is something I never lacked and I will never let go of, but I can tell it's something you lack. The proof is in the way you talk. You actually don't have an original thought in your brain, do you? Just pathetic. Intelligence is in my arsenal for just about everything and it's the main thing that helps me and you won't be able to take that away from me no matter how hard you try. I've been beaten down before and, as you can tell, I almost lost my career before it even started, but you know what, I'm here. I'm still standing in the best condition possible. My will to be strong and fend for myself is more than what I can say for you. You need a manager to help you get by and, even then, you still can't hop over that little heap of competition to get to the end of the road. What his name? Joseph Anubis? You must be paying him a fortune, right? A right hand doesn't mean a damn thing when you don't know how to use that right hand. Like it or not, he's not going to catapult you into success, especially if you face me. If he wants to get involve, I can just kick his ass too and call it a two for one deal all for the price of satisfaction.

You see to be on good terms with the GM of Dynasty. You like to call him your friend, if you dig down to the gist of it, it's not rocket science that he's a part of your schemes too. If he really liked you as much as you think, why would he, of all the people you could face, book you in a match with me? It's because he knows what you are trying to do. He knew it on Dynasty when you fed him that contract. It's true. Unlike you and your little troll that follows you around, he is no idiot. I he was, I wouldn't even be here because, while people like you and all those maggots in the crowd doubt me, he knows what real talent is and it's not you nor has it ever been you. It's me. I don't need a manager to fall back on and I don't need to kiss the boss's ass to get what I want. All I need to get far in this business is are my fists, superior wrestling ability, and intelligence and, since you seem to be lacking two of those things, guess which ones they are, your time in EAW has ran out. It's over for you. You're not gonna see another championship match or even number one contender matches for that matter ever again no matter how many managers you hire, no matter how many times you kiss the boss's ass, and no matter how many times you get those blind sheep of supposedly fans to cheer for you because I'm not only going to win the match. You want a conclusive finish? Consider it done. Injuring you and putting you on the shelf will be conclusive enough. You're stressed out, so just take this as a favor, I'm going to render you of the stress of being close to a championship title since you choke when you see one. You can go back to school and work on improving your vocabulary or get a job as a teacher at an elementary school and tell the little kindergarteners about the story of how A-Will ended Tiberius Jones' career. Just, for the love of god, don't come back into this ring and embarrass yourself further than what will be done next Sunday.
Zach Genesis
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 15th 2015, 8:20 pm by Zach Genesis
(Reasonable Doubt Promo #1)
"You never wanted to alarm me but I'm the one that's drowning now…" - "Signs" by Bloc Party


This industry. This industry of professional wrestling. This business. The very, very thing that we put ourselves through every single day, of every single week, of every single year…the very business and industry that we put our body too…our everything too…the very place that we destroy ourselves in…there are many, many components to it.

There's the physical aspects first of all. I mean for fuck sakes that one is a definite no brainer. Some people bring the strength to the table you know? Those beasts that can just lift you up and fucking powerbomb you at any point in time in a match…no matter how exhausted he is…some people have the speed. The high flying nature…the fast paced notions…all that fancy jazz. Another major aspect of course is that mental game…that mental component. Focus…discipline…concentration…all that shit that I've said before right? Yeah broken record I know…but it's important to have that too.

However two things that I personally think are so overrated…by some of maybe even the greatest wrestlers to have ever graced this industry…those two key, key, key things…are your heart…and your soul. I mean YES you need your physical game to be in peak if you're ever going to have as much as A CHANCE of winning. YES your mental game must be at it's absolute best if you're going to have the focus and the discipline to succeed…but if your heart and soul are not there…if your passion is not there…IF YOUR VERY MOTIVATION DOESN'T EXIST!? Then you can forget everything, because you will NOT WIN plain…and simple.

Your heart…is your passion, your fire…the very thing that gives you desire (which I'll talk more about this week Makarov, don't you worry). It's the very thing that drives us to be successful…and also gives us pride and love for our art. Because if you don't have that, then you have NO RIGHT to be in that ring. PERIOD. Your soul…it's the very thing that tells us whether something we do is morally right…or morally incorrect.

You know that famous statement "every action has a consequence?" In this business that is so damn true. Whether it's knocking an opponent down in match and debating whether or not to pin them early on…whether it's going up top rope and debating whether or not to take the leap…or not take the risk. Or…WELL I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! BEING THE GUEST REFEREE IN A MATCH, ONLY FOR THEM TO HIT YOU WITH A STUNNER AND COST YOU A TITLE!


Nicky-boy…your games are over son. Now I know you like to keep hiding away from me, trying to run away whenever shit gets tough and the heat comes bearing down upon you (I keep breaking the fourth wall! Guess I'll never learn won't I?) However I'll let you know one single thing and one secret for that matter too…your time…is running out.

Six days. Six FUCKING days. That's all you have left! NOT LONG IS IT! Now yeah yeah, you might say to yourself that it is a long time…but whilst you're just getting ready for the match to come…whilst you're getting ready for the match to arrive all of a sudden come Saturday night…I'm counting down. I'm counting down every single day leading to Saturday night…because every day that goes past…is one less day I have to wait before I KICK YOUR ASS.

Because they say life is a bitch right! How life ain't fair! How bad shit happens to every single person in the whole entire world, and however bad and terrible it may be we just have to learn to deal with it right? We have to learn how to suck it up right? We have to tell ourselves that WE JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT IT RIGHT!? RIGHT!? WELL FUCK THAT! If some bad twisted shit happens to me I sure as hell ain't going to let it just happen, and I ain't going to just sit back and say "Oh wow! That sucks! Oh well!"

If something happens to me…if something bad happens to me…if something or SOMEONE SCREWS ME OVER I'd be called an idiot if I'd just let it slide…life is a bitch? PAYBACK IS A BITCH. And that all it means to me Makarov…payback…revenge…getting a taste of your own medicine, whatever the hell you want to describe it, it's what's going to happen to you on Saturday night, because come FPV time you'll learn why you NEVER…do wrong with Zach Genesis.

My dad always used to tell me one thing when I was growing up, and that very thing was "you do wrong to those, who've done wrong to you" and that's what's going to happen to you come Saturday night. I mean in the past when I approached matches, when I prepared myself I had certain various goals in my mind, heart and soul that I'd be using to apply myself to the situation on hand.

Sometimes, it'd be because of a title opportunity or a major opportunity that I have in front of me you know? Like that winning this match right here is a chance for me to ascend the main stage or prove a major point. Sometimes I just want the satisfaction of winning. Sometimes I want to have the feeling of getting my hand raised in that ring…the emotion and just…just the fact that you've known that throughout all of this mess, you've came out on top.

However for what I could dare say…the first time EVER in my EAW career…my heart and soul are not on one of those two things…my heart and soul are NOT thinking about winning…hell I don't even care if I win or not in this match! ALL I GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IS MAKING YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID!

Yes I sound like a broken record! Thank you for telling me that Mister Makarov BUT it still does not change the fact that you DID NOT HONOR YOUR WORD, AND YOU BROKE IT! And a man who doesn't honor or follow their word to me is nothing but a punk. A punk that deserves to be taught a lesson. Because this is not a match anymore…this isn't even a war…this…between you and me? This is going to be a fight. This is going to be malice. This is going to be chaos. THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING BLOODSHED!

The six nights are being counted down one by one by one and the second it hits Saturday night…the lights go on…you and I both stand in the ring…and the second that bells ring…you have nowhere to go. You have nowhere to run and JUSTICE. WILL. PREVAIL! My heart…and my soul…it's all focused on one thing and one thing only, and the only thing that it is all about this week…are four words that you'll become very familiar with…PAYBACK IS A BITCH! Six nights and counting…see you on Saturday night, Makarov. Nowhere to run…nowhere to hide…nowhere to go.

"In your life you were larger than this…"
Don't Doubt God's Gift to Wrestling
Post on February 15th 2015, 8:02 pm by Guest
During Showdown

The scene opened up in Arena Zagreb, inside the location of Showdown’s latest episode. People in business suits were walking back and forth, talking about EAW business. Some of the conversations couldn't be heard because of several people talking on their phones, the action at ringside blaring backstage, and a few others laughing out loud. The camera turned around, pointing to one of the elevators in the hallway. Right when the stainless doors open, Alicia Jamison walked out of the elevator, looking drop dead gorgeous as always. When she noticed the camera ahead, a smile appeared on her face as she greeted the person holding it.

Did he come out yet?

He's still in the meeting.

Before Ms. Jamison had a chance to respond, a booming laughter was heard in one of the offices. The person who laughed sounded a bit old, but full of energy. Realizing that the laughter came from Showdown’s head honcho's office, Alicia quickly scurried to the door with the cameraman hot on her heels. Fixing her hair and dress, Ms. Jamison told the camera guy to start rolling after being handed a microphone. The door she was standing in front of was quickly opened from the inside. Walking out of the large office, filled with expensive items and furniture, was a bald young man in his mid twenties. He was clothed in a three piece black suit, with a blue collar shirt underneath, and a pair of neatly polished shoes on his feet.

Thank you so much Mister Crash. I'm so thrilled to be here in Showdown, and can't wait to officially start.

After those words, Carlos Cruz waved farewell to Showdown’s General Manager Zack Crash, closing the door behind him. The Jesus Freak blew a kiss to the ceiling, thanking God under his breath after having a successful meeting. He started singing praises in Spanish, his fists tightly clenched together, the look in his eyes displaying he was ready for action. The moment the young man laid eyes on Alicia Jamison, his jaw literally dropped as his heart began to beat uncontrollably.

I have just laid eyes on God's most greatest creation known to man.

Blushing a little, Alicia approached the young man holding the microphone up to his mouth.

For some time now, there have been rumors that you would be debuting soon in EAW. I thought it would be tonight. But is Reasonable Doubt when you finally step into a EAW ring?

Maybe not.

Puzzled, Alicia lowered the mic from Carlos's face and looked at the cameraman. Earlier today she had received a phone call to interview the newest member of the Showdown Roster. Her boss sounded like it had to be done right away. Now standing before the handsome young man, Alicia wondered what business he had being in Mr. Crash's office.

What I am is the answer to each EAW fans' prayer.

Thinking she was losing her mind, Alicia blinked a couple of times asking Carlos to please explain himself. With a sincere look on his face, Carlos gently took hold of Alicia's wrist raising the microphone back up to his face.

So many in Showdown’s roster have plagued EAW with fear, deception, and corruption. Well no longer! Let me introduce myself.

Carlos turned to the camera, anger and passion burning in his eyes.

I am The JesusFreak Carlos Cruz. I've been sent from Heaven to eradicate the forces of darkness, especially one individual in particular. I'm no savior. I'm just a soldier of God, fed up with the fans being oppressed and abused. Many watching this right now might be laughing. They might be saying who does this guy think he is? Or that I won't last long in this company. Let me assure you folks, Carlos is no joke!

The camera was completely focused on The JesusFreak now. The only thing of Alicia seen was her hand, which was holding on to the Showdown microphone.

Start climbing up the Showdown ladder, beat everyone put before me, claim the World Title, and become a Hall of Famer! Those steps are easier said than done. But no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I came to EAW with a purpose. And no one is going to get in my way and stop me! Evil comes in all shapes and form. But nothing and NO ONE is unbeatable on this planet. Reasonable Doubt uh? Interesting name in deed. But there won’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that I belong here!

The camera backed away, showing a dumbfounded Alicia. The viewers at home didn't know if Ms. Jamison was head over heels for The JesusFreak, or taken by surprise of everything he just said. Carlos's tensed body began to loosen, as he prepared himself for another one of Alicia's questions. All of a sudden, someone shouted out in pain right behind the small group. The cameraman and Alicia quickly turned around, noticing a man wiping hot coffee off from his white shirt. In one hand he held a stack of papers drenched with coffee. Muttering something foul under his breath, the man kicked aside a shattered coffee mug in agitation.

So where were we? Oh yes you stated that-

Alicia's eyes immediately widened in fright. Carlos Cruz had suddenly vanished. Everywhere she turned, the female interviewer couldn't find any trace of The JesusFreak. It was as if he was never in the building to begin with. Ms. Jamison didn't hear any of the three elevators open up. Even though her eyes was on the man, still complaining about his work dripping with coffee, behind her for just a slight minute, she wondered how come she didn't hear Cruz walk away.


Was he really an angel?
"...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver this dream...
...Caster, Oh, Caster...
...Deliver it, upon me."

✪There is a helicopter view of Ankara, the second-largest city in Turkey. It pans over to the bright lights below of the buildings, cars, and the street lights. It slowly transitions over to what appears to be a mansion. Suddenly, footsteps can be heard within the distance, as the camera turns to the darkened silhouette. It appears that the person is shivering and limping. As the person approaches closer, he raises something in his right hand, while staggering back and forth on the sidewalk. Over the distance is an approaching truck, accelerating at a high speed. As the person continues to be staggering about, the truck is still moving, unaware of what he is seeing.✪

???: BUDWEISER....I LOVE YOU!!.....

✪It is then revealed to be Venom, who is drunk all over the place. The truck rampantly speeds down the street, as Venom is about to get hit. He slowly dodges the incoming truck by running backwards. Miraculously, he walks backwards until he enters the mansion's complex and walks behind up to the front door and bangs hard upon it. After a couple of seconds, the front door is slowly opened, and it reveals Nick Angel, who has an unpleasant expression on his face. Venom barges his way inside, stumbling and eventually crashing onto several hanged pictures and door mat rags. Nick rolls his eyes, and quickly picks up Venom up to his feet, who stares in shock.

Venom: Whoa, man. Why are you smiling? I ain't gay you know...

✪Venom continues to walk inside, as Nick Angel mutters out words whilst looking at the ceiling.

Nick: You know, we saw what nearly happened to you just now.

✪Venom serving himself with some grapes in a bowl: What happened?

Nick: Well for starters, you NEARLY KILLED YOURSELF...

Venom: You need to chillax momma. You are the only person that is so concerned about me, unlike my parents.

✪Nick puts his hand on his waist, while holding his head in agitation. Footsteps can be heard as Venom stands back to gaze all over the house.

Venom: MOMMA....DADDA.....IS THAT YOU?!?!?

✪The footsteps continues to be heard, until it stops completely.

Venom: VENTURAAAAA!!......

✪Venom attempts to hug the golden fur-coated, sunglasses-wearing Ventura, but he quickly moves out of the way, for Venom to crash in the couch.

Ventura: Do not take this the wrong way, but I have a stance on sobriety.

Venom: I am so pretty? Why thank you...

✪Ventura looking towards Nick: We might as well begin this conversation, until Venom becomes sober. Have a seat, Nick.

✪Nick looks on at the drunken Venom, who decides to sit oppositely off Venom, as Ventura decides to stand. Suddenly, two men of The Holy Brigade emerge into the scene, carrying hourglasses, while they walk away from Ventura, Nick and Venom.

Venom: This isn't Miss America! Take the white cloaks off, and show off who you really are!

Ventura: Dó̱ste tou mia klepsýdra.

✪One of the men hands over an hourglass to Venom, who automatically looks back in awe as he tilts it around, looking at the sand pouring down to the bottom.

Ventura: Hopefully, I can make this short and quick, if we can heed any further disruptions. Thank you, Nick and Venom, for being here tonight. I know the weather must have been problematic for you, especially coming from the airport, but we have special tasks to attend to.

Nick: Why did you decide to bring this fool in our group?

✪Ventura and Nick both look back at Venom, who is completely distracted by the hourglass. However, he remains quiet as he seriously turns it all around.

Ventura: Believe me when I say this, but Venom plays a huge factor in this group now. Sure, it's too early to tell, but as time passes, you will see it for yourself.

Nick: Oh boy...

Ventura: We have matters to attend to, so lets begin. Last night, in Zagreb, you two did extraordinarily well in your Battle Royal match. Despite all the doubts that were thrown at us, you two certainly exceeded expectations.

Nick: I won in such a superb fashion, didn't I?

Ventura: Yes you did, but....

✪A sound emits in the group, as Ventura and Nick turn around to see Venom places the hourglass on the floor, as he looks on in a serious face at both Ventura and Nick.

Venom: I was eliminated by Clark Duncan, CLARK DUNCAN. A JOKE IN THE FREAKING BUSINESS! You both should have expected what was becoming after...

Ventura: I certainly did. You went on to help Nick to win the Battle Royal, in which I commend you for that.

Venom: Let that pointy-nose boy speak for himself, sir.

✪Nick stares at Venom, who stares back at Nick. It lasts for several seconds, until Nick begins to move his mouth.

Nick: Thank....

✪Ten seconds later...

Nick: ...you.

Venom: You see, now was that too hard to say?

✪Ventura looks at Nick Angel, who chuckles while looking down onto the ground, closing his eyes.

Ventura: You two are quite the characters. Look, The Holy Brigade needs to stand out tell in front of everyone else. The people portray you two to be fragile, fledgling men who never amounted to anything. Nick, just like how you are a former Tag-Team Champion and Pure Champion, the people want to drive their minds in believing that it never took place for you.

✪Nick makes a fist with his right hand, while gritting his teeth.

Ventura: While you, Venom, after becoming the first Young Lions Cup winner, showcasing to the world the true talent and skills the young have in this business, also after being apart of Pain for Pride, the people consider you to be more of a bust.

Venom: I will bust a nut in each and everyone's face if I have to. I don't really care for them at all. I may drink, I may be a goof, but I do not play with my wrestling. I came back to EAW, I decided to join this group because I know that if we are being given a chance, we can do something with ourselves. I don't this group to become like preceding groups before us. I want this to last, because the mission that we have is as bright and clear as ever.

✪Nick Angel turns to Venom, who opens his mouth in shock. Venom looks at Nick in confusion, as Nick seems to be in awe.

Nick: That must have been the very first smart thing you've ever said...

Venom: I wasn't smart?

✪Nick and Venom talk back at each other, which begins to perturb Ventura. He claps his hands loudly, and the two completely stop.

Ventura: While you two technically "won" for the group last night, I lost, and I won as well. In my match against Starr, in which I was dominating in complete and utter control, Alex Anderson decided to stick his nose into our business by intervening, like he has been doing for the past number of years to try and remain relevant.

Nick: Agreed, such a pansy.

Ventura: It is safe to say that he was the biggest distraction of this match, which led to Starr capitalizing on that to steal the victory. Though I should be angry and annoyed, I choose not to because we still "won" at the end.

Venom: Preach, prophet.

Ventura: You two saw what happened after, when I played Alex Anderson by beating up Starr all about, making him feel the torture and pain that he truly deserved to have inflicted upon him. However, when playtime was over, I took out Anderson, and I curb stomped Starr. That was when I meant business, and that is what it is all going to be about leading up to Reasonable Doubt next week.

Venom: Here is what we should do. We enter the Vodaphone complex on Saturday, and we destroy every single little bitch until we are the last ones standing.

Nick: Or we can try and develop a strategy to fix the current "mess" between us.

Venom: And what mess is that?

Ventura: The 15-Minute Scramble for New Breed Contender.

✪Venom and Nick sigh, as Ventura looks at both of them in bewilderment.

Ventura: No, this, this is a good thing for us. There are six men contesting in the match, meaning that we have a 33% chance of becoming victorious, while the remainder have just 16%. You two must decide who really wants it more, because I cannot "cast" away this predicament.

Nick: I obviously came to this group to excel and make a legitimate comeback. I didn't come here to lose, I didn't come here to play second fiddle. I want to win, and prove to each and everyone in the EAW roster that I have a legitimate chance at becoming a World Champion, soon.

Venom: And I came here because I want to settle the score. Back in Atlanta, Georgia, when I had to sit alone in my bungalow, everyday, I had to stare at that Young Lions Cup and the Tag-Team Championship up upon the shelf in my room. I always asked myself, "Is this all there is to it?" "Should I be happy with just these?" I WANT TO EXCEL, I WANT REVENGE! If I have to beat down every single person in order to express that, you're darn tootin' I will.

✪Nick and Venom look at each other for some time, with Ventura looking around intensely.

Ventura: You guys can figure out this, while I figure out how to become the Answers World Contender, getting past Alex Anderson and Starr.

Nick: Would you require our assistance?

Venom: Yeah, we can make them cry within seconds!

Ventura: I actually don't want you two to intervene. This isn't your show to be apart of, this is mine. I don't want any buts and because's after this FPV because I AM going to win. Just need to know how.

Nick: You can take out Alex Anderson with ease. The reputation that this guy has, along with his wrestling, you got yourself an easy prey to kill.

Venom: Stop rolling that tongue. I myself managed to face Anderson, many upon many times, and he is a key strategist. He knows how to work his way with his opponents, and strike when his opponent is distracted. We must take him seriously. Starr though, he is quite an injury prone in my eyes.

Nick: Injury prone? I've been in this company longer than you have. This man can wrestle injured throughout a damn year. Though he may be aging, his technique, the Ankle Lock, has been mastered completely. Rarely men manage to escape from such submission, that is why he is renowned for being a clinical, technical wrestler. He is also a case.

✪Ventura laughs, as Nick and Venom look above to him.

Ventura: I have a plan...

✪The camera mutes the audio feed, as they discuss their plans for Reasonable Doubt, as the camera slowly fades to black.
Montell Smooth
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
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I'm here to make an announcement. It's true I'm back, I have returned to EAW, but I'm not here to prove a point, I have nothing to prove. I'm not here to come and tell everyone I'm going to win the Grand Rampage, I'm going to headline Pain for Pride, or I'm back because I miss being World Heavyweight Champion. Although all of the above are true, I'm going to be World Champion again, but thats only inevitable. The real reason I'm back is because, In all honesty I'm disgusted, and I am disapointed. I am disgusted and disappointed in the industry that I love. For about 4 years of my life, this was my life. I ate, breathed and slept this buisness. Those were the 4 greatest years in my life, and I still love EAW, I still eat, breathe and sleep wrestling. So thats why it kills me to see what this industry has become. This isn't the EAW I was in. This isn't the same place, that in 2010 I stood foot in the center of the ring as the man, when I stood in the center of the ring holding the EAW Championship. 

In 2010, this was the best place in the world, and now in 2015 I sit at home and I watch EAW and I laugh, I chuckle. I don't laugh and I don't chuckle because I'm having a good time. I laugh and I chuckle of what I see. Each and every week I turn on the tv, I switch the channel, I watch Showdown, I watch Dynasty, I watch Voltage, and I'm disgruntled. I see, the likes of Alex Anderson, Tyler Parker, Devan Dubian, Brian Daniels, and I laugh.  I think to myself, this? This is what I am forced to settle for? Back in 2010, when I was the man, these men were nobodies, they were nothing, and they were nothing, because they were untalented, irrelevant, joke of professional wrestlers. The reason I am furios, the reason I'm disgusted, although maybe they are relevant now, they are still the same untalented jokes that they were in 2010. When the roster is filled with hacks and filled with losers, they make a mockery of what I love, and I'm not going to sit back and let people tarnish the legacy and destroy the image of what I love.

Now EAW, isn't the greatest place in the world, but I still love this business, and I can no longer sit back and let people make a mockery of it. As I stated a thousand times before, I am the greatest Wrestler on the face of this planet, I am the Essence of Excellence, I epitomize perfection and I make wrestling cool. I made this place cool, I made this place the greatest place in the world, and I'm going to do it again.

Thats what I picked up the phone, I called the board of directors, I spoke to Zack Crash, and they have faxed me over a contract. The proof is in the pudding people, thats why I'm going to sign it right here infront of the world. I'm back, no if ands or buts about it. I trained a year for this moment, no need to worry about ring rust, because Montell Smooth on his worse day is better than anyone in EAW at their best, so I'm signing the contract, I'm sending it back. I don't care if its Showdown, I don't care if its Voltage and I don't care if it's Dynasty, I'm coming back and I'm taking the World Championship, and I am here to make a personal guarentee the moment I step foot back in that ring... Someone will feel..............


That Self Hi-Five Guy
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Dynasty Promo

Hey Yo! It's me,it's me it's good old Double D! And...I've been thinking...I really have been seriously examining all of my actions ever since I first came here to EAW four months ago going over what I've done and failed to do.For a while I thought about my match against Christopher Corrupt in particular and wondered to myself "how did I lose?" I've watched the tape over and over and came to a conclusion.

I did not lose because of any error on my part,no,I lost to Corrupt out of sheer dumb luck as the referee coincidentally happened to not be looking when Corrupt slipped behind me and delivered a vicious,brutal and may I say painful dick punch to my pristine and holy groin area after countering the greatest wrestling maneuver in the complete and utter history of the freaking universe.Of course,it's been two weeks and I've gotten over my unfortunate loss since then because even though I lost the match I came out smarter and wiser,every match I have,win or lose I come out better than I did before.

But I don't need to worry about Chris,at least...not right now.My main focus tonight,is none other than the Russian Prince himself Aren Mstislav.Now,I have fought many opponents in my four month tenure here in EAW but none of them are as truly interesting and mysterious as Aren.He is unlike anyone I've ever faced before and I doubt I will ever fight someone like him again.

Yes,he truly is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma wrapped in a paradox shrouded in a conundrum inside a whatever the fuck else is there for me to describe his ambiguity as a human being and as an elitist because obviously the English dictionary has so many fucking words that mean the same damn thing but hey whatever floats your boat.Now I overheard that you plan to use me as a stepping stone on your path to #1 contender-ship and then finally a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion himself Tyler Parker and perhaps the chance to claim the greatest prize of all...a chance to take your place among the greatest of EAW's past and present.

Well,I got some bad news for you Aren and it's that you're gonna have to wait a little while because everybody knows that no matter how good you are everyone hits a speed bump here and there and trust me,I've hit my fair share and so have you but I'm not gonna let that keep me down and out.I'll just get up,dust myself off and try again,because nobody...and I mean NOBODY...NOT you,NOT Ciserano,NOT Caliban,NOT Sparrow,NOT A-Will and most certainly NOT Corrupt could ever even hope to extinguish the flames of my fiery will and burning passion for what I do EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.

I know for a fact that heart and determination can only get you so far but when you've got the brains,the brawn,the skill,the will,the ability to break the rules and the desire to win like I do then theoretically I should be able to do nearly anything that I set my mind to.This upcoming Dynasty,I will show you that I can hang with not only you but anyone that steps in the fucking ring with me,that I can put on a free-per-view quality match with any random schmuck you throw at me,that I can take any dirty trick,any kick,any punch,any throw,any submission and any finisher.I know sometimes I don't get up within the three-count or get back into the ring within the ten-count but I will still get up and walk back to that damn locker room because no matter how many losses I take or victories I make I will never back down and I will always get up.

This Sunday,I will prove to everyone why I am what I say I am.I will prove to everyone why I am the King Of Bada-Bing,The Self High Five Guy,The Innovator Of Offense and The Master Of The Diamond Cutter.I will show you that I'm not an afterthought,that I'm still alive and kicking,that I'm just as deserving of some praise and credit as my one and only tag team partner The Nas and that I am deserving of being his equal,that I can rise up when the occasion calls for it,that I can do everything that I say and believe that I can do.

I admit that i can sometimes be arrogant,pompous,obnoxious,vain,cruel,verbose and a showoff.There is no question that I am all of those things but one thing is for certain,this Sunday night at The Choliseo in San Juan,Puerto Rico history will be made,as we all know every great legend has to start somewhere and in that very arena...and on that night...the Legend Of Donny Diamond...



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After returning from a brief commercial of Reasonable Doubt, the scene was taken directly to the backstage area, where a lavishing red sports car was shown being parked. Once the car’s engine was silenced, out from it emerged the son of The Jesus Freak Carlos Cruz. The sight of The Descended Saint filled the Arena Zagreb with a thunderous amount of cheers, all being radiated from the True Warriors who’ve stuck with Carlos since day one. Dressed in dark blue jeans, a light blue ‘Jesus Strong’ T-shirt , and finally with a pair of black and blue Nike sneakers on Carlos made sure he didn’t leave anything behind.

Slamming the driver’s door shut, Carlos began to head straight into the arena, his facial expression displaying how excited he was to be back in The Land of the Elite. Before Cruz could lay a finger on the door’s handle, which lead to the locker rooms, the cameraman quickly approached The Jesus Freak kindly asking him for a moment of his time. Really wanting to meet the guys and gals he would soon work with, Carlos sighed happily not wanting to waste any time. The precise moment Cruz turned his body towards the cameraman, the questions were quickly fired.

Tonight marks your return to EAW, where it was announced this morning you would be heading to Showdown. You’re not booked for tonight, so why are you here?

Casually placing his hands in his pants’ pockets, Carlos cleared his throat after licking his lips.

As you stated, I’m back in EAW and here in Showdown, where the best of the best duke it out in front of the awesome fans. But the reason I’m here is because I was invited. I need to start scouting my future opponents man. Howelse am I suppose to be ready to claim a title around here. With God’s strength I plan on leading my True Warriors to victory!

Yet again, the arena was quaking from the mighty celebration of the ruckus crowd. It was difficult to point out who remained in their seats, seeing a flood of electric fans cheering on a former Internet and Cyanide Champion.

As you said, Showdown is EAW’s flagship show. Devan Dubian, Alex Anderson, Starrstan, Venom and many other big names here are no walk in the park. What makes you so confident and sure that this brand’s new World Champion is in you?

Simple. I’m hungry. I’m determined. I’m relentless in my training. And most importantly, I have God, my family, and fans on my side. With all of that, there’s NO ONE who’ll keep me down. I promise you that.

All of a sudden, a monstrous wave of mixed reactions flooded the arena, many not taking a liking at how The Jesus Freak responded to the question. Carlos waited until the jeers died down before he spoke again, already set on how he would fix the situation.

Don’t get me wrong. Those guys you just named are great talented competitors. That’s why I’m here to see whoelse this roster has that can give me a run for my money. I’ve even looked up to Dubian and Alex when I first stepped foot on EAW ground. The problem is I don’t plan on being their punching bags or stepping stones. I want to be in the main event. I’m training to be a champion here, and a future Hall of Famer. Since the moment the massive deal was cleared, I went on a fast while training, prepping myself for this very day. So yes, Showdown’s roster might stand NO CHANCE against me!

Awaiting for another round of mixed reactions, mainly cheers, to die down the cameraman adjusted his instrument on his shoulder.

Earlier tonight, I heard many in the back calling you a guy filled with hot air, and daddy’s little chihuahua.

Holding back a smirk, Carlos took his hands out of his pockets, knowing too well those comments since his debut to wrestling in March of 2012. For maybe the first time tonight, silence engulfed the Arena Zagreb, all watching attentively as Carlos went to reach for the entrance handle.

I’m not surprised. They can do all of their trash talking now, but in the end I’ll leave them speechless. I’m here to stay in EAW folks. I’m running things now. God Bless.

And with that, The Jesus Freak made his way into the arena, receiving a colossal pop from the elated viewers.
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My chances have been dashed. My chances have been crushed. My chances are no more. But you know what I am glad, I am glad that those chances were crushed, I am glad because now I realize I was blinded by a rage that would have brought me down to the level of scum like Christopher Corrupt. But what adds to my happiness is the fact that I lost to TLA. TLA and Tiberius showed me that no matter who had won they would be the best to take my place against Corrupt. So good on you TLA, good on you and make me proud and bash Corrupt’s face in for me. Now in light of this happening I can move on to better and brighter things such as the World Heavyweight Championship. Oh yes I know you people are wondering how I, Aren Mstislav, is in such a high state of optimism that he would just be handed a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Well that’s what I think you would say if you decided to skip last week’s Dynasty. You see last week after the bitter defeat of the triple threat, I was given some awesome news. I along with many others will be placed in a Gold Rush tournament to name the new contender of the title, and the opponent for Tyler Parker at Reckless Wiring. Yes it seems that everything is moving forward, everything is finally finding favor in me. Yes and all it takes is one win, and then another, and then another. Soon I will be nose to nose with Tyler Parker again, and we will see how the man has improved. But before then I must go through the first stage of this tournament. I must beat a man who I have faced before, and would love to face this one last time.

Donny you are here with your friend Nas, and it seems the further he goes up the further you are brought down. Now I am not saying for you to get rid of him, what I am saying is you need to surpass him. And that is where this tournament comes in. You have to beat me, a man who has been labeled as one of if not THE best in his division. Donny, no hard feelings but I am going to use you as a step. I am going to step over you, I am going to beat you and move myself up into this tournament. But I know you won’t go down without a fight. You have heart Donny, you do. However do you think that will be it. To even get on equal level is a challenge I handing you Donny, because should you not be able to do it, then I see him dropping you really soon. This is not me just spewing hate, this not be trying to bring your spirits down. Hell it may not seem like it but I am trying to help you. Because unless you show that you are Nas’s equal then where are you going to go from here? Nas sees you as equal because he is your friend and does not want to alienate you. But have you ever heard the commentators, the fans, and even the people in the back about your matches while he’s at your side. It’s never about Donny, it’s never about the fact your team is spectacular. No all I hear is Nas this, Nas that, Nas is going somewhere. You need to make these people eat their own words Donny. And I am willing to help you, but you have to show me that you can handle yourself. Hell if you beat me you might even surpass Nas. But if you just have Heart going for you then you are going to lose to me. Because while you have heart, I have heart along with valor, honor, and even dedication. Because I have been on a streak of losing, I have been eating my own words, but to those that deserve it, except Corrupt. I have had people get into my mind, and this is where I say enough. So bring more than heart Donny, bring more than that experience you have had throughout the years. Tomorrow on Dynasty I want you to show me why The Nas is your equal. I want you to make me eat my words. But expect me not to go down easily. Expect me to make my name something again. I have nothing to lose Donny, while you have everything to lose. Good Luck, no pressure.
Brace For Impact
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EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) 25876hj

Palomar Observatory and Hale Telescope dome

California Institute of Technology

San Diego County, California

2:33 a.m. PDT


No no no no! This can’t be happening! This just isn't possible!

Astronomer Phil Thompson was nervously running back and forth in his laboratory, his clothing drenched in sweat. He placed a pencil in his mouth, running from his workstation, which was a table covered with scribbled up papers and books related to the stars and planets of space, to his huge telescope. He started mumbling something obscure under his breath, ripping a sheet of paper from his black and white marble notebook, jotting down a few things he caught sight in his telescope. The sequence continued to be the same for the young astronomer. Looking into his expensive looking telescope, followed by taking note of what he saw. And what he was seeing truly terrified him beyond expression.


Phil, please tell me that phone call I just received from you, was simply a practical joke on your part?


I wish it was Professor. But something like this deserves the utmost sincere assiduity. See for yourself.

Sliding over a bit, Phil slapped away a stack of crumpled papers, reaching for a small silver remote control, picking it off the table. Once it was in his possession, the young astronomer pressed on a big green button, producing a large projector screen screwed to the wall to roll down. When the screen had fully rolled down, Phil pressed down on a second button, this time pointing to a high-tech silver projector on his workstation. The exact moment an image was produced on the screen, Professor Reginald was heard gasping out loud, not believing what was before him. He was shown gradually backpedaling from his student, his mouth gaping open in stupefaction.


Phil, is that what I think it is? It just can’t be possible.


The exact same thing I thought Professor. But you nor I are dreaming. At first I thought the telescope had a smudge on it’s lens. But no. It’s really-


A meteorite. A colossal one in fact.

The camera shifted it’s focus to the screen, displaying what had the Professor and his student shaking in their boots.

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) Aevfk4


What’s it’s course Phil? And how long till impact?

Checking his laptop nearby, Phil took a seat in front of it, punching in a few numbers at a quickened pace.


Seven days till it lands in Besiktas, Turkey. It’s moving fast Professor.


Can you tell me how much of an impact it will cause once it lands?

Punching in even more numbers, Phil would occasionally glance up at the screen, sweat dripping down his forehead, imagining the amount of destruction the meteorite was capable of. For a brief moment he froze with fear, noticing the massive fireball quickly making it’s way into Earth’s atmosphere, producing an overwhelming thunderous sound.

Reginald: *snapping in Phil’s face*

SNAP OUT OF IT PHIL! The numbers! What do they say?!

Snapping out of his trance, Phil right away went back to work, his eyes narrowing at what he was reading from his laptop.


By the looks of it Professor, that meteorite will do a lot of damage. I've never seen anything like it. I’m trying to trace where it came from, but the data doesn't show it’s originality. I already warned the authorities in Turkey Sir. What else should we do?


The only thing we can do is sit back and wait. Wait and see what kind of destruction or blessing that space rock brings to Earth. Question is why now? And where did it come from?

Brace For Impact EAW!
Nasir Escobar
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Error Message 404...Cannot regain data...information has been terminated...terminated....terminated!

[[The camera flashes and becomes a Blue Screen full of error messages and the random mass of letters listed above. After a few minutes the camera opens up to a dim litted room where the only source of light is a little  candle sitting on top of a dresser covered in a cludder of papers and envelopes.]]

Finally...I am glad you could join me. As you all may know my name is of course The Nas. But you see over the last few weeks I have noticed something very alarming about not just myself, but this entire company. What The Nas has seen is that for the majority of the masses within the land of elite, only those with wicked hearts and tainted souls reap the rewards of success and may drink from the fountains of the riches. Over his entire career, The Nas has simply tried to do the right thing, be a man of the people if you would. He would desperately try to appease to them no matter how it would in turn affect his own success within the walls of EAW. As a fan I always wanted to be a hero. A warrior who valiantly fought for justice and the better of the fans. Because I grew up as one of them. But actually getting into the business has shown me that my everything that I believed is fading. Seeing your innocence crumble right in front of your very eyes and not having the power to do anything about it is a very crippling thing to a person's psychy. It shreds your ego right in two. And it burns your dignity and confidence into oblivion. The exact same way I shall plague EAW into chaos. More specifically Dynasty. As we all know, the most dangerous men are those who feel they have nothing to lose. Not a single phrase could better describe The Nas right now. No one can tame the beast I have become now. Not a psycho. Not a conqeror. Not even my own partner in crime. And most certainly not a surprise entrant. In the end whoever that is is the one in for the actualy surprise when I get my hands on them tomorrow. This agonizinge internal pain tha i am struggling with right now will be inflicted upon you all twofold! 

I had all the tools, the upbringing, the genetics, the skills to pay the bills as some would say. There is no way...and the nas means now way in hell he is backing down and quitting now. He has traveled too far and fought too hard to give up here. There is No Giving Up. Only the strong can survive here in EAW as I have been told time and time again. The Nas will stoop to new lows, unforseen lows to get exactly what he has been searching for all this time. As The Nas has said multiple times: He is a true Elite, He has ALL The Answerz, and Nas is Wrestling! This is where I belong. I won't give everything away. I am headstrong, adamant on success. My name being etched alongside the greats of today and yesterday. Being the absolute best. No contest in the regard. These are fantasies right now. Fairy Tales if you would. But these far away dreams will become reality. I will claim all those brass rings that they say will never come my way. If they won't come my way then I'll go on the hunt...after them. By any means necessary. As he ahs said before, The Nas isn't just hungry. He isn't even starving. He is even more famished than a third world country in Africa or Asia. Time and time again, disappointment after disapointment. The Nas has the overwhelming sorrow build up. Until it boils over and becomes rage. Absolute anger. And The Nas become loatheful. Hateful towards all. The Nas is all seeing and all knowing. Nastradamus. And he forsees nothing but dispair for all those whi step into his path on the way to glory and triumph. Redemption is mine!

The Download...of The Virus...Has been complete.




[[The Nas blows out the candle as the camera fades into darkness. You can here The Nas faintly say: The Virus...has begun!]]
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OOC: Sorry this is so late, I've been sick since Wednesday.

This week, I expose the fraud that is Zach Genesis once and for all.

These past few weeks of pissing and moaning have been insufferable, and we're lead to believe it is simply because of me not keeping my word? No, I think there is another factor at play here. I think our friend Zach was expecting, like all of you at home, that I would dispose of Scott Oasis and lay a damning blow to the “Elite” powers that are poisoning EAW.

Believe me, I was tempted. Hell, for a moment I even thought that's what I would do, but then an opportunity presented itself, an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I had the chance to teach a lesson. Zach Genesis, boy, in this business you need to have eyes in the back of your head, you need to anticipate every possible course of action, and despite every bit of history suggesting otherwise, you overlooked the possibility that I, Nick Makarov, was not a man of my word. I took it upon myself to teach you a lesson, and now instead of gratitude and understanding you repay me with petulant whining and a sense of entitlement? You think the only damn thing that matters in this company are these stupid shiny belts? You had a chance to learn and be a more dangerous competitor and you squandered it, Zach. So now, tonight on Showdown, and again next weekend at Reasonable Doubt, I'm taking it upon myself to teach you another lesson as to why it's best to keep your damn mouth shut when shit doesn't go your way.
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[Our scene opens up inside the padded cell that is Psycho Brody’s chambers when he isn’t competing.  He paces back and forth inside the dimly lighted room while muttering quietly to himself.  He scratches madly at any exposed parts of his skin, leaving severe red marks on his arms, neck, and face.  Although he is acting as normal as we’ve come to expect from him, he also appears different than his times in the past.  Gone is his mask, and his once scraggily head is now completely shaved.  His beard has grown almost out on control, and he now wears a jumpsuit not unlike that of mental patients in an asylum.]
Psycho Brody:  All work and no play makes Brody a bad boy!  All work an no play makes Brody a bad boy!  All work and no play makes Brody a bad boy!  ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES BRODY A BAAAAAAD BOOOOOOY!!!
[Brody halts in his pacing and looks over into a far, dark corner.  In his mind he sees standing there an immaculate looking Lannister, arrayed with a lavish crown and royal cape.  He holds a scepter in one hand, and with the other, places it on the shoulder of another man standing beside him.  Brody turns to find a smirking Jacob Senn, the Warden of Dynasty, glaring back at him.  Both men begin to laugh mercilessly at Brody, causing him to bow and grab his head in pain.]
Stop it!  Stop it!  STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!!
[When Brody looks up, his illusionary tormentors have vanished.]
Warden of Dynasty?!  Warden of Dynasty?!  WARDEN OF DYNASTY?!?!  WHY DID LANNISTER MAKE YOU WARDEN OF DYNASTY?!?!?!  It should’ve been me!  I’m his friend, I’m the member of RAGNAROK, not you!  I see what you’re trying to do Jacob.  The voices know what you’re trying to do.  They know EVERYTHING!  You’re trying to take my friends away from me.  You’re trying to replace me within RAGNAROK’s ranks.  But I won’t let you!  RAGNAROK is my family, and Dr. Vance says family is the most important think to a man.  He says a man would do anything to protect his family…even kill!  They say killing someone is wrong, except when it’s done to save an innocent.  So it’s ok!  My killing you isn’t wrong, because I’m doing it to protect the innocence of RAGNAROK!  You would only stain RAGNAROK with your filthy lies and hurtful ways.  You’re a bad, bad man!  And RAGNAROK is good.  You are not RAGNAROK!  You will never be RAGNAROK!  YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE IN RAGNAROK!!!  We don’t need a man like you, even as a “Warden”.  We have put down all those who have stood before us with only the three of us.  What possible use could a little man such as yourself be to us?  You know what I think?  I think Lannister wants you to be our court Jester!  YEAH THAT’S IT!  You’re not really Warden of Dynasty! Of course he meant that title for me.  How can a man who so recently lost his championship AND the crown of being King Of Elite possiblly be a Warden of anything but failure.  He’s doing this as a joke, to make you dance and sing for us, to entertain us like the funny puppet you are!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Dance for me funny little Jester Man! 
[Brody starts to clap like a demented monkey.  Then his eyes go wide, as if he’s just be hit with sudden inspiration.  He puts his palm on the side of his face.]
The voices?!  I hear them.  They’re speaking to me now!  They…they tell me…they tell me you’re just using Lannister to get to the World Heavyweight Championship.  Oh you are a selfish man.  You just had your turn at being champion.  It’s time for someone else to have a turn.  That someone…IS ME!!!  People have ignored me for far to long.  They don’t take me seriously anymore.  THEY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME!  Vance says I need to remind them of who the Mad Beast really is!  I am the man with no restraints!  I am the person who will and can do anything, because I’m not weighed down by weak humanity or morality like the rest of you!  My size alone would be enough to make most men wet their panties.  Combine that with the voices in my head, telling me to do such horrible…horrible things, and you have a recipe for your own destruction!  I’m a rapid animal, foaming at the mouth, and anyone stupid enough to step into a cage with a rapid animal deserves to be ripped apart!  You all have forgotten this and have carelessly stuck your hands into my cage.  But once I’m World Heavyweight Champion and once I begin eating your severed fingers…YOU WON’T FORGET AGAIN!  But I do it not just for me, but for my brothers too.  RAGNAROK needs more to tighten its control over all of EAW.  With Norman as Answers World Champion and Lannister as King, I shall be the final piece that completes our trinity of power!  We shall become the most dominant, successful, and power stable to have ever conquered EAW.  I don’t just want to be World Heavyweight Champion…I need to be champion!  I NEED IT SOOOOO BADLY!!!
[Brody’s body is hit with a fit of wild, rapid convulsions before they finally cease.]
You do not deserve this title shot Jacob Senn.  You have had plenty of opportunities over the past several months.  You are not the only person deserving of things.  I can’t always be about you Jacob.  And for once it isn’t!  You’ve been this company’s favorite for too long now.  This time it’s about me!  Pretty soon I will be everyone’s favorite, and everyone will like me better than you!  I don’t care about my loses to you or Tyler Parker.  I don’t care about my recent string of bad luck!  Dr. Vance and the voices say those aren’t important.  What is important is right now!  And right now, I intend on hurting you so much that your grasp on reality will shatter like glass.  And when you face the darkness of insanity, you won’t be strong enough to handle it like I can.  The voices you hear will torment you, the visions you see with torture you, and you won’t be able to tell the difference between up and down, left or right, or night and day.  All your senses will intermingle until you won’t be able to tell if you’re numb or high.  Before too long, you’ll beg for me to put you out of your misery, just to make it all go away.  That is what I do!  I don’t just beat opponents…I BREAK THEIR HOLD ON SANITY!!!  And it never…goes…away!  You won’t be laughing at me for much longer Jacob, cuz soon you’ll be just like me.
You lost the EAW Championship, and then you lost the King Of Elite title.  Next…YOU’LL LOSE YOUR MIND!!!

[Fade to black.] 
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 11:58 pm by Marco
I guess I'm going to have to strip you down to mere nothingness, Cerci. You will be the first to bare witness to what happens when you poke a bear of my caliber that's on the brink of insanity. Don't get me wrong, it's not because you're a woman that I don't really care what you think, it's the simple fact that you're just a pawn, a piece, a barganing chip in another man's game. Don't make me laugh and try to make the sorry attempt to play mind games or reduce me to nothing more than a mere weak link. Coming from a woman that's willing to be enslaved by a man that plays to be a King which he has no idea what it means to be one. I find it funny how he wants to be called "King Lannister" but in all reality if you think about ever since human kind has been born into this world, we have yearned to be ruled by someone, if it's either by another man or a supernatural figure, we yearn to be treated like slaves. Not you, Lannister, Brody nor Norman are the exception to this law that has controlled human kind for years. Then there are the people who would try to fight the powers above them and for what? To assume the role that their superiors have, we all crave to be in power we even go as far as coming up with titles like Emperor, God, President, King, Dictator all the way down to Mom and Dad. We all crave to be superior to one another in any shape or form. That's why I don't take threats, or any type of lectures from the likes of you. In fact I'm here to purify you in lament term, to save you from yourself and I'll do just that by stripping YOU DOWN TO NOTHING! Don't think of it as a threat, take it as an opportunity to be reborn by my hands. With Diana as my sword, I'll destroy your former self and recreate you into my image. If you think about it Cerci, why do you think I don't stand here afraid or terrified even by the man you serve? Is it because he calls himself King? Is it because that he has a bond with two men that are enslaved by themselves or a doctor? There are many men and women who calls themselves Kings and Queens over the years so what makes him so different? The word King has been played out so much that it carries no meaning whatsoever. If you truly think merit has to do with anything, what I've done isn't to impress anyone. It's more of a warning for what's to come and what will happen. This could all have been avoided if every single person in this world that we inhabit acted on their human instincts and desires to kill not only themselves but the people they truly love. But now it looks like I have to send shock waves not only through wrestler but the world itself that the end is near and it's closer contrary to what people WANT TO BELIEVE! 

As for my partner sake he will get what he wants and that's something that has been denied him for a while now. If he wants your heads then that's fine, if he wants your tag titles then I will not stop him. If he wants to see RAGNAROK fall then that's what he wants. But what I want is entirely different which the things I do has nothing to do with what he ultimately wants. For too long we a lot of people has been ruled over the words, perception is reality. In this case I will rip that saying into shreds because in this very moment YOU SEE ME AS THE WEAK LINK....but you fail to realize that I'm going to become the most DANGEROUS ENTITY IN THIS WORLD!!! I had dreams of this moment where everything that you have worked for will topple on top of your heads, or the fact that you'll give into your human instincts and abandon your people or do what any normal man and woman in your position would do. Act foolishly on your pride and try to take me out just to know that you'll fail at the end. So I welcome you into my world, I will embrace you with open arms Lannister, Cerci, and Brody and whomever you associate yourself with. Be careful, because the moment you step forth in my world, I DOUBT you'll be walking back the same you were. Since you don't have any major buff will be, I'll spare you. You'll be left with the reminder what could have been if you were my target. Right now in all honesty Cerci, you're not even a blip on my radar. Believe it or not I don't even see you as a threat that I need to take care of. The only thing that's important right now is taking away the tag titles away. Nothing more, nothing less, I will not indulge myself in going any further with waste like you. Not until the people I'm targeting are dealt with first. SO COME SHOWDOWN YOU'LL GET A GLIMPSE IN WHAT'S IN STORED! So I hope The House Of Vendetta are watching me...because the end will surely come for them! You and everyone else will be just meaningless casualties to get what I want. But I'll find great joy to see what your dear Lannister and Brody will dish out at me if they think they are put to task to put me down. Just to let you know, you've been warned and if you continue you let your FOOLISH pride dictate you, it will only weaken your forces, and hinder your brother that you're trying to protect. So the question remains why would I succumb to a slaves wrath? It's simply nothing logical because you'll be devoured by the man that has humanity in his hands. I'll remind you once again what you truly are and that you're nothing more than a mere flash of existence that's lucky to be alive right now. So Cerci, the question for you what will happen when I take the very man you worship away from you? I'm going to make you feel how I feel and you're going to experience the pain, the trauma that I'm going THROUGH RIGHT NOW! 
The Elite-Lord
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 10:58 pm by The Elite-Lord
Cerci: It looks like Mr. Savage has finally found some kindness in his heart to turn from burning people at the stake to burning bridges with a war of words. Nice for you to join the fray, Ryan. But sadly - even through your ideals of intimidation, you forgot the one key element: Merit. You may wish to garner fear from Psycho Brody, our King Lannister, or even RAGNAROK as a whole - but you will not get it. Absolutely not with the way you let a man like Ares Vendetta trample all over you, the man they call Jacob Steele before him. You've been able to cast a light, even in the idea of irrelevancy, all because of who you call your ally. But when Norman Hellion is done with the man they call Methuselah - you will be out of friends. And much out of shadows. You aren't much of a man, in fact, Ryan Savage - and you can hardly try to be interpreted as one. What you are is nothing but a lost soul, but perhaps that is why you align yourself with a ghost in the making. You can distance yourself from this truth all you like, but just know that the King sees a different story that you try to entail. Perhaps you should stop trying to be somebody you are not, stop trying to gain brownie points for being more "psychological" than you really are. You think it's cute, don't you, "burning" people. I won't call you sick for what you've done, just rather sick for doing all this just to impress another being. Either it be your tag team partner, or RAGNAROK, or even Ares Vendetta - you are yet to be a man that acts upon his own wish. There is always a hidden method in the valley, one that you shelter as your own. Even though the world widely knows that you are nothing but a chump with enough envy to curse this world three times over. That's what this is about, in the truth of things... this whole "WAR" that your partner has brought upon this land.

Methuselah is jealous of the legacy that RAGNAROK has built up. It wasn't enough to be jealous of Norman Hellion's accomplishments, the feeling had to trickle down all the way to our King and Psycho Brody. That bit of envy even grazed you, but for the poser that you have proven to be - that wasn't asking for a lot, now was it? No, of course not, Savage - because you are always thinking in somebody else's shoes. I'm sure Lannister and Psycho Brody would be taking this match much more seriously if Meth was teaming with anybody other than you, but I'm afraid that is not the case. I apologize if my words are coming off a bit strong, but you know what they say, you should always attack the weakest link. And you think tomorrow night will be any different? HA! Hardly. You can try to act tough and say you don't give a damn what "a woman thinks" as you would predictability throw my way, but it is not me you will be dealing with tomorrow night. Tomorrow night you feel the wrath of a King, with an empire's might behind him. Not just any empire though - RAGNAROK. The empire that has ended dynasties since its formation, one that has caused such turmoil to life long friends before. So what makes either of you think tomorrow's outcome will be any different? You two truly don't know what you have put yourselves up against. Well, actually - maybe you do. You just cease to care, as arrogance is definitely a common trait in this regard. But make no matter, our King will surely deliver his punishment as he sees fit. He's a just man, no doubt - so at least you can look upon that as a glass half-full mindset. But that is all you'll get, a glass... one that many bards and singers will sing in your honor from years to come.

They'll make songs out of this encounter, you know - especially with the forces at work here. But if you think this story has a happy ending, you surely haven't been paying attention. Bliss as it may be, that is the bed that has been made. Our King just hopes you don't rue the day because of it, because the time for mercy has come to pass. Methuselah will get his own soon enough, neither our King or Brody intend to take that honor away from Norman - so that is why I've been tasked with focusing surely on just Savage. For, we can't let Ryan here invade on such a glorious encounter, now can we? No - you take out the allied strength before getting to the barebones of the turmoil. See it as bullying, see it as unjust - paint it with whatever excuse you would like Ryan Savage. Because at the end of the day, destiny knows this outcome. You wish for THESE men, to ponder the idea of escaping? HA - You wish you were that lucky Ryan Savage. You wish you were given that cop out - but Lannister will not honor your well wishes because they are ill-natured in the overall just plan. You can burn people all you like - you can't burn what RAGNAROK stands for. Because what RAGNAROK stands for - is leaving absolutely nothing to begin with. No fire, no sun, no room to breath. If you think these are just words - then go right ahead and consume that idea all you may. But "THIS WORLD" as you put it - is as what RAGNAROK wants it to be. And what it wants it to be, is without the Savaged one.

Lannister sends you his dearest regard, Savage. You've seen nothing yet.
Clark Duncan
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 8:57 pm by Clark Duncan
The funniest thing about this whole six-man battle royal is that nobody wants to actually admit they're wrong. As a comedian, I find it hilarious. These people have such big egos that they can't see past them and consequently just convince themselves that everything they say should be taken as gospel. There's room in this business for modesty, but apparently I'm one of the only ones that shows it. In my line of work, I call it like I see it. That's what I do. I take pot shots at the expense of others. So let's get down to business shall we?

Nick Angel is a man that has to escape his past, but that's a lot easier said than done. You see, until he actually does something of merit, everyone will keep bringing up his failures and shortcomings. Nick, it's not that people don't believe you can't change, it's because you have shown time and time again that you're an underachiever. It's all well and good to have potential, it's all well and good to ride the coattails of somebody else for a certain period of time, but that only gets you so far. Application of your craft is something you must work on. Don't just come out here and ramble on about others and try to put them down, put your words into action, as we all know they speak louder.

Sometimes I'm amazed at the people let into places like this. I mean, I'm a part-time comedian, but I'm not a hopeless alcoholic like Venom. I'd question that he's not physically or mentally stable enough to be an active part of the roster. Either way, his ramblings borderline being incoherent and are something that one simply cannot afford to waste time on. Is it bad of me to simply discard as a threat because I can't take him seriously? Of course it is, but you see, there's added pressure on Venom and Nick to do well. They've got Ventura in their corner, and each other too. They have the numbers, for either them not to win would be a travesty. Of course, if anybody could fuck up such an opportunity, it would be tweedledee and tweedledum.

Talking about not taking seriously, El Landerson is a guy that just doesn't really have a place here. He's the guy that has to make a conscious effort to fit in and is rather easily manipulated. He's fairly confident that his experience in battle royals will help him prevail, but anybody half decent can survive a battle royal by playing it smart. Not to mention that El Landerson isn't exactly somebody you want to keep around in one of these things anyway. He's a liability to anybody willing to work with him because his arsenal is limited. However, slightly contradictory to what I said before, he could potentially be the guy you do keep to take your beatings. Stay out of the action, preserve your energy and then finish off proceedings in style. That's a tactic that works for some.

I'm still a little peeved that this Vranchev guy can't speak English, it would at least be funny to hear him try. Instead, he has a mouthpiece called Navarro who apparently holds his hand through thick and thin and does all the translating. Well, I guess there goes trying to work with Vranchev because Navarro seems like a jerk. Navarro thinks Vranchev is invincible which we all know is simply not true. Yes, he's the biggest guy in the match but that's all he has going for him. Brute strength isn't a necessity. El Landerson could eliminate Nikola Vranchev with the right move, that's a fact. I mean, I could be intimidated by this Bulgarian guy, but what good would that do? You can't have fear in this industry, letting anything get to you is a sign of weakness and while we all have limits, a burly Bulgarian threatening to crush me isn't something that gets me shaking in my boots.

When it comes to being the most unlikable guy for every reason you can possibly think of, Evan Stark definitely takes the cake. I mean, while I like how frank Stark tries to be, I feel like he's kind of putting on an act. Can anybody seriously be that delusional? There's something to be said about people so egotistical but it's probably better to not say in this instance, because he'll try to deny it. Oh and how about Stark trying to do my thing? C'mon man, you're not funny. Ha, who am I kidding? You're actually hilarious Evan. Not in a good way though. It's just funny that you think you're funny. "Duncan can't wrestle to save his life", if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, let's just say I'd be pretty damn wealthy. While I respect that you think I'm funnier than Venom, that's not hard, you're almost there yourself, not quite though. El Landerson is funnier than the two of you combined and I don't even think he actually knows it, which kind of speaks volumes really. You know what? I might even let Landerson have some fun in eliminating the lot of you before I take care of him myself, just for laughs more than anything else.
God's Gift to EAW
Post on February 13th 2015, 8:44 pm by Guest

Once the video had concluded, a new scene opened up with Steve Levy seated in the ESPN Studios, dressed neatly in a lavishing gray and white striped blazer, with a burgundy tie on an ironed light blue collar shirt. After organizing a few sheets of paper before him, Levy smiled into the camera, folding his hands on the table.

Monumental moments like Lebron’s decision on playing with the Miami Heat, where he was able to capture two NBA Championships, has happened in almost every sport ESPN covers. But it’s rare that we talk about another kind of gigantic news here, especially when it deals with a very controversial sport. Earlier last night, maybe the current most beloved wrestling company out there, The Land of the Elite EAW, which stands for Elite Answers Wrestling, was able to land a deal with another uprising company in NGW, Nitro Gen Wrestling. To give us the entire lowdown of this historic transaction, we brought in the man who’s set social media ablaze. The Jesus Freak Carlos Cruz!

The image split in half, with Carlos Cruz sporting one of his slick apparels, a gleaming smile on his face. Behind the Bronx native was a green screen of New York City. The Jesus Freak licked his lips as he waved hello to the anchor, sitting up straight in his seat, while adjusting the earpiece in his left ear. Controlling his nerves, Carlos laced his fingers on his lap, centering his focus on Levy, making sure he didn't miss a single word that would come out his mouth.

Welcome Carlos. It’s great to have you here. How is it at your house after what transpired last night?

It’s hectic. We’re thanking God and celebrating like there’s no tomorrow. I’m getting calls and tweets from family and friends all over the world, who are insanely in love with wrestling and what happened last night.

For our viewers watching now at home, can you tell them what exactly happened last night?

Knowing this question would pop up, Carlos cleared his throat with a cheesy smile on his face, already knowing what exactly to say. As Carlos was prepared to answer the main reason why he was on ESPN tonight, a graphic appeared under The Descended Saint’s name, displaying his recent accomplishments in this three year time in the wrestling business.

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) 124zuo2

Facts About Carlos Cruz:
-Nitro Gen Wrestling’s (NGW) Inaugural World Heavyweight Champion
-Innovators of Wrestling (IOW) Inaugural MVP
-Professional RPG Wrestling (PRW) Internet Champion
-PRW 4x Cyanide (Hardcore) Champion

EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...) 124zuo2

Well yesterday evening, EAW’s Chairman Mr. DEDEDE and CEO Brian Daniels, alongside with my father and founder slash CEO of NGW, Pastor Ramon Cruz, signed a deal which would have me competing in the Land of the Elite, and as well in Nitro Gen Wrestling. This is a big deal especially when EAW has been such a powerhouse in the wrestling world, accomplishing in staying open for close to ten years, and leaving their fans mind blown with each weekly episode and pay-per-views they've ever had. And NGW recently opened on November third, trying to follow their influence, hoping to grasp the same accomplishments EAW has.

Since you came on the air Carlos, it seems you can’t stop smiling. What details of the deal can you share with us?

Carlos chuckled to himself, hunching over a bit after Levy’s comment, wondering how he looked live on television. Scratching the back of his neck, Carlos began recalling how the entire event came about, getting a phone call from his father as he sat at the dinner table with his wife having dinner, while watching a replay of EAW’s Road to Redemption 8. Regaining his composure, Cruz shook his head back and forth still smiling from ear to ear, trying to find the right words for Levy’s question.

Levy, I've competed all over the world. IOW, Force One Wrestling, PRW, currently employed in my father’s company NGW. Those places I've put it all in the ring, where I was rewarded for my hard work and passion. However, my memories of EAW has always burned in the back of my head. NEO and Voltage were two places I felt I didn't give my all, despising that I wasted EAW’s Management’s time each time I came back and left within months. When my father announced this monumental deal, I was jumping up and down in my house, losing my mind and thanking God for another chance to prove my worth. I can’t go into details of the deal, but I can say it’s always bothered me that people have always said that I can’t win a World Title outside of my father’s company.

The screen remained split screen, revealing Levy’s facial expression as he nodded his head a few times, noticing that his guest gradually became serious with each minute that passed. Carlos was hoping each one of his critics were paying close attention to this interview, recalling every tweet, email, memes, you name it each one doubted the Bronx native’s in-ring capabilities.

So with this epic deal, I found out earlier today that I would be heading to EAW’s flagship Showdown.

And how you feeling about? I hear you sort of have a friendship with a few guys in the Showdown locker room.

Absolutely. The guys there, Alex Anderson, a future Hall of Famer for sure. Matt Miles, young and talented competitor, who’s really close on taking EAW by storm. Devian Dubian, Brian Daniels, Starrstan, and Venom are great guys to ask for some pointers and even spend some time training with them. I’ll be honest, I wasn't expecting to be headed to Showdown, where in my opinion the best of the best leave it all in the ring, sending the fans home with even more stupendous memories. God is too good to me, and I can’t wait for my debut.

Speaking of your debut, can you give us a date to mark down on our calendar?

Ha ha ha, that question can only be answered by the Heavenly Father. I’m ready for whenever, and training my hardest to achieve what many suspect I can’t. Winning ANOTHER World Championship.

There he is ladies and gentlemen. NGW’s inaugural World Heavyweight Champion and EAW’s latest acquisition, The Jesus Freak Carlos Cruz! Thanks for coming on tonight Carlos.

Thank you for having me. God Bless.

The scene faded to black after Carlos waved farewell to the viewers watching at home.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 8:19 pm by Marco
(Ryan Savage is seen in a corner of a room holding a golden object in his hands. As the camera zooms up, the object that Ryan has in his possession was an Urn and written on it was "Diana" which appears to be written with blood...)

A lot of people aren't happy with me, they've called me a killer, a murder, but I am none of those things. What people fail to realize what we truly are, you all sit there and judge me for my actions but fail to realize that I'm expressing and showcasing how we truly are.  Our lives are nothing, they hold no value, we don't live for any purpose whatsoever and much as a lot of people would disagree. They know deep down inside, there is a monster lurking within all of us, they know deep down inside that our species are nothing more than a mere flash of life that's even lucky to be counted as an organism in this universe of curse. I'm the only one who is different who is willing to let the monster inside of all of us and him and I became one and the same. I pity you little so much that I even went as far to show you how you all are when I mocked to be a worshiper of a pretend God. I hope you took that in Ares and everyone in the House Of Vendetta that there is no God of such caliber that you so foolishly believed in. There isn't a God that dictates how you think and how you act and why you do things. You see why so many people in this company goes around and make claims that they are a God, or even a King without realizing what they truly are and that's just a flash of life. A life that doesn't matter a LIFE that HAS NO true meaning whatsoever. That's how I view this world, a world that are filled with delusional people. A world that is filled with people that are sick, people that are being bullied by being different. From the outside looking in you people see me as a monster that doesn't give a damn about this world, but through my eyes I am a SAVIOR. I am what the Christians have been waiting for all their lives, I am the second coming of the man they called Jesus!  

(Ryan Savage looks over at the urn and begins to chuckle for a bit and let out a big sigh before he begins to speak once more.)

Diana made me realize it, and people have a problem with me burning her body. People protested that I should be put into jail but they don't understand, how can you put a man that doesn't exist in a jail cell? The answer is simple...you can't. But what people fail to realize that burning her body was symbol of things to come because thanks to Ares Vendetta and his family he has done something that no mortal man should have done and that goes knocking on the devil's door and unleashing an unknown phenomenon that nobody can prepare themselves for, not even survive it, just peacefully wait for their turn before in front of them FADES AWAY. I feel sorry for each and every person that I come across because they will be the casualties of my destruction. I hope you bare witness to what's to come Ares because how my mind is set up, how I'm THINKING RIGHT NOW there's not telling to what I'm going to do.

(Ryan Savage sits down the urn that contains Diana's ashes and smiles towards the camera.)

You know Brody and Lannister, I don't hate you, I don't despise you for what you are or what you've become. If it was me I would play around with you, see what makes you tick and put you into situations and scenarios and see what happens...but unfortunately I do not have that luxury. Simply put I only have one man that makes me feel i still have some type of attachment on this planet that we live in. My partner is the only person I have but other than him I have nothing and if he wants the head of you two then he will get that. I'll make sure of it because the only thing that will bring me any type of happiness or solace in this world other seeing everything this world represents is his happiness.

(Ryan Savage looks up and sees himself as a child across the room, with scars, an eye patch over his eye, and him being chain down like a dog.)

There is one thing you're wrong about, I know exactly what it means to be alone, terrified, treated like you aren't worth a damn. I know that feeling all that well and in that very moment in a point and time in my life, I knew that's when the monster inside me was born. My deep hatred for humanity runs through my veins and from that very day till now I STILL WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING. I blame everyone for what I am today and what I have been put through in the past. When I see your little monster, I can only pity him, I can hear the eternal screams begging and pleading for help. And that I will help him, I will free him from his shackles that this world has him bind too. I see him as myself and I will end it all for him and doing so I must end this abstract thing called a "bond." After I free him from this world he can forever be in peace because I will save him. As for you Mr. Vance begin to pray for your impending doom because I may very well ruin  everything for you. You know nothing of me only the actions that has happened to me recently. Ever since this re-branding of the elite era, i committed a tragedy of being a liar.  By playing by the rules and holding back, but no more I will do such things. I have released the shackles known as Elite and I'm coming for you and every single person that stands before me. The only thing that will satisfy me is seeing men like you, Lannister or anyone go through the same pain and agony that I have been dealing with all my life. So take the time and disregard, your pride and remove the walls in front of your eyes and look at me. Study me because you know that the devil is loose and he is right in front of you and he wants what you hold dear. Your love, your accomplishments, your right to live...you and Lannister has sealed your own fate by being the enemy of my friend. You have sealed your own fate when you decided to mock me. So be careful in this match because there is no telling what is going to happen. I'll bring Cerci to her knees and destroy her right in front of you Lannister. JUST LIKE HOW ARES DID TO DIANA! I'll make you two boys realize that you're nothing special. Just little flashes of life that no one will miss when that light fades away. My ethereal sword is Diana and her and myself will leave a scar on your soul that can never be repaired. What everyone IN THIS WORLD will realize that I have humanity in the palm of my hand, it's a beautiful sight for doomsday. So just because you're a king, a three headed beast or whatever you so proudly claim yourself to be, don't EVER think you're immune to me or Methuselah? Come Showdown it will be the end of not only your title reign as the Unified Tag Team Championships but your bond as well. If I'm right, then it's only a matter of time when either of you will leave you for dead at the mercy of my partner and I..just to save your own skins. You can try to prove us wrong if you want, but there's no escape....there is just no escape for you now.

(Ryan Savage takes a hold of the urn again and begins to embrace it once more and right before the camera fades to black he speaks to the urn "Watch them all burn..in your name.")
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 5:29 pm by Angel.
My last run was crap? Jeez Evan, some things never changed. Whether it be your wrestling skills being more static than a television from the 70’s or the fact that you have the nerve that my last run was far from impressive. I mean it’s not like I won the world championship, but I’ll be surprised that you’ll win any accolades in EAW let alone being one title away from a world title under a year just like my last run was. I’ll be surprised that you have the choice of even dictating your own destiny. I had just about everything there was needed to be in order for me to succeed. Achieving the Elite Championship within a time span of one month. Achieving and making a sole monopoly of the tag team division. Yet as fate would have it, I invested on the losing side behind the scenes. What about you Evan huh? Seems like being in EAW does not change your ways. It seems like ever since I was preoccupied with other matters, you have not got the wakeup call you so desperately need. No worries, I do not need Johnny Ventura or Venom. All I need is my bare two fists to knock you off of your high horse because if you hit me once? I’ll hit you ten times harder. It’s that simple and I’m sure you’re going to take that as an invitation. Just be sure to remember that I by no means want to hurt you just because I despise you. Just be sure to remember that one day, you’ll thank me for actually giving you the lesson you need to overcome your third-rate status and one day? Maybe you’ll look up to me as an example of a comeback of the year story. If you're both smart and talented enough to do such anyways.

Ah Nikola Vranchev, seems like you taken the Evan Stark route? Jeez, I actually expected more out of you. I suppose I can only blame myself for expecting too much out of your comments regarding towards me but I suppose I have to do this the harsh way. I’m not sure if you’re aware of my history, but I did not know being in my third stint qualifies of quitting the company too many times. First stint? I felt the need to redefine and enhance my wrestling skills. At one point, I was the face of the company of EAW’s biggest competitor and it took a very tempting offer in order for me to jump on board and what happened to EAW’s biggest competitor? Whenever I left the place, it automatically became a sinking ship. That’s how much influence and value I possess. Second stint? Like I stated many times, I never quit just for the sake of quitting. My motivation did not lie within EAW because I felt EAW did not give me the status I yearn to receive, not to mention I had the mantra that the grass was greener on the other side. So if you want me to think I’m a quitter, sure go ahead. But let me remind you that my wrestling abilities couple with the fact that I’m a student of the game by being very disciplined and methodical would make you believe that I’m not a quitter. And as for you? You too have a lot of nerve to give me a brief statement about yours truly. I suppose I can take you a little more serious than Evan Stark’s bluff, but is that really an achievement? Hardly. Here I am standing in your path in the battle royal and what are you exactly going to do to me? Slap me like a sissy boy? Because that shit will not translate to success unlike the third rate federation you’ve been in a lot like the third rate country you came from too. You’re in the United States of America. The greatest country to grace the planet and here I am speaking for all Americans by saying that we aren’t intimidated by people who got nothing to do but boast themselves. We aren’t intimidated by people who are highly cocky that don’t know anything that is coming to them. And right now Nikola? You don’t know what is coming to you, but I can’t be highly disappointed because you fit the bill. Guess you too need to know why not only I can verify my versatile wrestling abilities, but you need to know that you’re in the best company there is too. Take this as an invitation and I’m sure you will. Just be sure there is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action and you sir, are displaying ignorance in action. 

Another brief statement by the man, the myth, the legend, El Lander….oh no, Clark Duncan! At least you’re not taking the route taken by Evan Stark. Pointing out my past when that point is more static than a television from the 70’s. That I will give you a little more respect. But that will still not prevent me from being offended by being called “Ventura’s cronies”. I actually take that back, why should I be offended from aligning myself with someone that I can take very seriously, unlike you Clark Duncan? Why should I be offended that I, Nick Angel have the ability to put myself in a higher competition of the playing field while you are stuck going against an inferior level of competition? Contrary to popular belief, I only repay my own debt to Ventura as he did assist in my own match, so I figure to repay the debt I did owed him. And contrary to popular belief too, I too could act on my own while not being the main man. How is that even possible? If you recall in the House of Renegades, despite the fact that I did indeed tag team with Hades the Hellraiser, I verify my worth individually as a single wrestler by taking on the likes of Mr. DEDEDE, Tyler Parker, GI Styles single-handily. If anything, being in an alignment is a luxury in my eyes. As much as I’d like to think my wrestling skills are indeed world-class, I have to start from square one. With that said, I have to crawl, I have to walk, I have to run and I have to run. But first step? Asserting my own self individually and as a team player where I did establish a monopoly in a division I know so well. Unlike some people, I’m not going to walk in and be in the main event immediately with a predetermined contract. No, I want my comeback story to be legit and I’m fine with going back to square one. It doesn’t phase or bother me. I know damn well I can be facing the likes of Norman Hellion, Lannister, StarrStan, Devan Dubian, hell even the likes of Zach Genesis and Matt Miles. But I know that I have to verify my worth by beating guys I should defeat and that include guys like you. At least you’re not exactly a total douchebag Clark, but it’s going to take a lot to eliminate me by having a lack of ignorance. 

I really like your spirit El Landerson, but let’s face the fact. A lot of us are surprised that you’re in the company as of right now and I could give you a round of applause. But should I give a round of applause to people just surviving in this company? Uh no. I have no sympathy for people that have this perception of being third rate no matter how crappy they are. I know this is hard to say, but a person can’t help their birth. It pains me to say that status do define who you truly are. I know I am taking shots at myself just because I’m affiliating myself with these so called elitists, but then again my actions are what put myself into such status. As for El Landerson? It’s the fact that wrestling is not in his genes. But hey, at least he is trying his best to improve every day and I respect guys that actually give their best and be proactive unlike some people in the battle royal. Unfortunately El Landerson, the battle royal is a preview of what will happen in Reasonable Doubt. 

Last but not least, Venom. As much of an alignment we are indeed in, you and I know each other well enough that I do not tolerate losing to anyone. I’m that much of a competitor. I don’t like losing period. Whether it is to people who I myself align with. After all, I do not like to be considered the weak link. Or to people I really detest and giving me a sour taste if I ever have to experience of losing to people I can’t flat out stand. I have no guarantees of you and I allying with one and another in the match, but I can damn well say that I do tolerate you a hell lot better than my opponents in this match. Not that is a exactly an accomplishment, but I’m sure you know that when it comes to it? It’s highly coming down to the newest member of the Holy Brigade. I got nothing but respect for you, but for one night Venom? We’re nothing but mutual opponents theoretically. I’m sure there are prospects of you and I eliminating a common enemy together as we both distaste a lot of people in this battle royal, but I can easily speak for both of us that we have a lot of pride among ourselves. Interpret this in any way you want Venom, I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.
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[Our scene opens up inside the richly decorated office of Dr. Erik Vance at EAW Headquarters.  As usual, he sits primly at his mahogany desk, wearing a smart looking suit with a white lab coat over it.  His back is straight, his hands are folded in front of him, and he wears that condescending smile, letting us know he looks down on everyone as a potential patient.]
Dr. Erik Vance:  Why do we have competition?  Why do we as a society have to struggle through life against one another to achieve anything?  Why can’t life be easy?  Many of the patients I’ve treated over the years have confessed such troubles to me, and I always answer them with the same answer.  Because it is through these struggles and competitions that we grow both in abilities and as individuals.  Without such hardships, we cannot hope to better our society or ourselves.  Essentially it’s a “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” philosophy.  Take Mr. Brody as a prime example.  If anyone knows the hardships of life, it’s my patient Mr. Brody.  For years the world outside has persecuted him for his mental state of mind, and then suffered horrible mistreatment at the hands of doctors and nurses claiming to want to “cure” him at the execrable St. Mary’s Institution.  Clearly not the easiest of lives.  But these struggles in the end have only made Mr. Brody stronger and he is a better person for it!  It was these struggles that helped him realize that he was perfect the way he was, that he didn’t need to be cured.  It was these struggles that brought us together, and eventually led our path to EAW.  Now look at him!  Tag Team Champion, member of RAGNAROK, and future World Heavyweight Champion!  So while it may sometimes seem cruel, these struggles are the world testing us so that we may someday forge a better and brighter future.  But there are some out there who cannot accept this truth either due to their own mental weakness or their own stubborn nature.  It’s these people who you hear often preach about a world of stagnation under the guise of “equality” and “peace” and “fairness”.  This is only to avoid a reality they are unequipped to deal with, so they retreat into a fantasy to protect their already fragile psyche.  Methuselah and Ryan Savage are two such individuals.
[Dr. Vance shakes his head and frowns in pity for these men.]
Both men are severely disturbed and I highly recommend they seek professional counseling.  One man is a case so common it’s almost a cliché, and the other is so complex it’s frightening.  Yet as a medical professional, I feel it is my duty to try and help these men by offering my words of greater wisdom, despite our differences.  And the man in need of the greatest help is Methuselah, because as shocking as it’s going to be for everyone, his is the common case out of the two gentlemen.  Ironically, it is his delusions of greatness and uniqueness that make him so ordinary to men of my profession.  And like all men of his ilk, he’s pathetically predictable.  He preaches about brotherhood, yet he condemns the unity of RAGNAROK.  He proclaims a message of peace, yet calls himself death.  He wants a world of excellence, yet promotes a shared rule.  He is a walking contradiction, yet I sense that he is aware of this.  I feel these words are little more than carefully considered moves in a game.  Because in a world where everyone is equal, none can become great!  If he wants excellence, why would he promote this?  To protect his own legacy!  He does not wish for prosperity of others, but for the prosperity of only himself.  In a world where nobody’s status can climb any higher, his will be the only one at the top.  Men like Methuselah fear change and the new generation that brings it, so he does whatever he can to destroy it.  That’s what his “war” is really about.  He’s even created two different personalities (Mr. DEDEDE & Methuselah) so as to go back and forth between the two so as to protect himself when he feels his legacy is threatened.  And RAGNAROK does threaten his legacy!  That is why he wishes to take the championships away from all three of its members.  He knows that the longer Mr. Hellion, Mr. Brody, and Mr. Lannister remain champions the more he becomes an obsolete relic.  But RAGNAROK is about more than just championships…it’s about brotherhood!  This conveniently brings us to Mr. Savage.  His case is much more interesting of a study, and ultimately much more depressing. 
[Dr. Vance bows his head in a moment of silence before raising it back up with a look of fake regret.]
Mr. Savage has recently gone through a great, deep trauma, and for that he has my sympathies and that of Mr. Brody.  Grief in the face of such tragedy is a most peculiar and often unstable thing, and we all have different ways of dealing with it.  Yet studies have shown that certain patterns do appear, as the weak-minded often develop several coping mechanisms to deal with their despair.  The most common of which Ryan Savage is currently demonstrating.  The ignoring of the grief entirely to replace it with anger (often referred to as denial in the 7 Stages Of Grief), the need to pass on that grief to others, and of course…the finding of religion.  Mr. Savage might think that these are making him stronger, but the contrary is that they are only revealing his true weakness.  He thinks now that he knows ultimate fear, that he is somehow now free from his humanity, but these are spoken out of anger and unrecognized sadness.  He doesn’t get that it’s the possible lose of humanity that human’s fear most, for it is our humanity that enforces our belief in higher powers or universal laws.  Without humans wouldn’t know what to do.  Only men like Mr. Brody truly know what it means to lose their humanity, yet still have the courage to face that fate everyday!  It may seem easy to Mr. Savage now, but soon he will run back to embrace that which he thinks he has tossed aside.  Because what Mr. Savage truly fears is being alone.  That’s why he mourns the loss of his Diana.  People who fear being alone often keep others at a distance to keep from making that fear a reality.  Yet Mr. Savage was incapable of this, and now he’s lost his love and is alone in the world.  That’s why he wants to end the bonds in RAGNAROK.  He is full of envy seeing in RAGNAROK what he’s so recently lost and feels if he can’t have it…then no one can.  He hopes to pass his pain onto others so as to make himself feel better and less alone.  A common act in cases such as this to try and force a comradely kinship in suffering.  Yet how would this make him any better than the Vendetta family who hurt him?  The answer is it wouldn’t!  If anything it would make him worse for hurting innocent others, and make him even more of a sad, weak little man.
[Dr. Vance’s face goes dark, his smile now replaced a stern, think line across his cheeks.]
These men, these “brothers” are no true brotherhood.  They are merely united in mutual weakness and depravity.  RAGNAROK is a true brotherhood; one they wish to destroy for their desires of gold and inability to cope with pain.  The men of this group are not so petty.  They are men who share a common goal, and who are happy and proud of the accomplishments of the others.  And while RAGNAROK may in deed one day end, that day will NOT be on Showdown.  Methuselah is no enigma…he is as easy to read as an open book.  Mr. Savage is no avatar of darkness…he is a man pretending to be a monster so as to convince himself he isn’t afraid of the dark.  They are not capable of breaking such bonds of loyalty, for that is RAGNAROK’s strength and not its weakness.  They draw energy from each other, even when they are alone in a match.  They are truly one, sharing in accomplishments, pain, and power, making them greater together than they are by themselves.  Alone they may be a king, a behemoth, and a beast, but together they are a dragon!  And a dragon does NOT fear death; least of all death from a few peasants.  For RAGNAROK is no ordinary dragon.  They are the dragon of the apocalypse!  And no man can stand against the end!  You can try to drown us in mediocrity so as to elevate yourself, or you can try to break the bonds of friendship to make yourself less alone.  But you will fail!  You will burn, just as Elite did before you, in the fires of RAGNAROK’s power.  There won’t even be any ashes left to remember you by afterwards.  That is how complete your destruction shall be.  Not defeat…but destruction.  For the defeated may still one day rise up challenge again.  To destroy an opponent is to break them so utterly that they can never again be rebuilt as they once were.  RAGNAROK doesn’t defeat opponents…they destroy them!
[Vance leans in closely, smiles again, and speaks the last words so softly, they sound almost like a whispered lullaby.]
The end is near!
[Fade to black.]  
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 13th 2015, 6:54 am by LVCIAN
Me Against The World...

That's how it has always been. And that is how it always will be. I honestly thought differently. I thought the EAW universe was on my side. I thought they were allies in my war against corruption. I thought they would support me until the day I hang up my boots. I was wrong.  They turned their backs on me the moment Tyler Parker captured the world championship gold for the second time in his career. Tyler Parker did not only steal my moment, he stole my title, he stole my fans, he stole everything from me. I was supposed to dethrone Mr. DEDEDE not him. I should be your World Heavyweight Champion right now not him. And last week I showed the world exactly why. Did you see what I did to Xavier Williams? Did you not see what I did to your "hero"? If you didn't then that's a shame. You didn't get to see his final moments in this company.  His life won't ever be the same again, that's for sure. Xavier Williams' career could be over, but don't any of you dare place the blame on me. Xavier Williams did this to himself.  He was playing with fire and he got burned. I warned him, but he didn't listen. It's a shame things had to end the way they did. Now, you're going to have to face the consequences of your actions, Xavier. I feel really bad for you. You should've let me powerbomb Tarah Nova off the stage that night and none of this would have happened. You trusted her and look what she did. But I don't blame her...  I would've done the same in her shoes. You deserved to get your ass kicked. The past is the past. The future is what matters right now. And the future is looking really bright. Well, my future. This week on Dynasty I go face to face with Christopher Corrupt. The winner will advance to the second round of the Gold Rush Tournament. And the winner of the tournament will face Tyler Parker for the World Heavyweight Championship. The last time we faced off Corrupt got the victory. I'm not too proud to admit that, but back then things were a bit different. There's A LOT more at stake now. Not just honor, an opportunity to step into the ring with Tyler Parker and become World Champion. Which has been my dream ever since I was a little kid. Corrupt, there is nothing I won't do to you to make sure I advance to the second round. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. You want this, I NEED this. I have been around for nearly six years. I shouldn't even be competing in any tournaments, I am the number one contender, I have EARNED the right to face Tyler Parker. But the management disagrees. I believe I got nothing left to prove, but to them I got everything to prove. If they want me to prove myself again... Screw it, I will prove myself again. I don't have a problem with that because I KNOW for a fact that I have what it takes to be the face of this company.  I don't care how many times I have to prove it, if I have to prove it week in and week out then so be it. That is exactly what I have been doing in a consistent basis since I made my return to the land of elite. I was made for this. Professional wrestling is the reason I was put on this earth. I don't know what Corrupt is willing to do to beat me but I guess anything. I know this man like the palm of my hand, he stands for everything I hate. He is corrupt to the core. If he has to cheat to prevail he will cheat. If he has to bitch and moan to prevail he will bitch and moan. I know he would do anything to get his arm raised. I'm a man of honor, but if I have to do to you what I did to Xavier Williams last week on Dynasty to make sure I advance to the second round of the Gold Rush Tournament you can bet your ass I will. Because I NEED this. More than anything in this world. Whomever holds the World Heavyweight Championship IS the best. I need to be the best. Not the best on Dynasty, the best in all of EAW. My hard work will pay off, I have FAITH in myself, I will thrive as an elitist. I don't care who I have to go through. That championship belt belongs to me. How can you sleep at night, Tyler? How can you proudly hoist that championship high in the air knowing it doesn't belong to you. You may have your name engraved on it, but that doesn't mean you are the champion. That's me, I am the champion. i earned the right to call myself that, I proved that with or without a belt that is what I AM. I can't wait to punch your teeth down your throat. For what you did to me at Road To Redemption. Xavier Williams already paid the consequences of his actions. He ruined my chances of becoming champion and I ruined his entire life. You ruined my chances of becoming world champion and now I am going to ruin YOUR entire life, Tyler Parker. I won't ever change -- regardless how many hardships and tribulations they impose upon my path I will continue to fight for what is right. I'll continue to believe in what I believe in. My convictions won't change. At the end of the day everything I do, I do it to ensure EAW's prosperity. Xavier Williams was the embodiment of corruption and I stopped him. This week on Dynasty I stop Christopher Corrupt and when we meet I will stop Tyler Parker and I will become WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.
The Elite-Lord
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
Post on February 12th 2015, 9:46 pm by The Elite-Lord
Cerci: Our King finds himself in familiar ground, aligned with an enemy that is supposed to portray that of an ally for one lone night. Last weekend, our King and our Chairman proved to best that of of lowly Vic Vendetta and Jamie O'Hara - but this week, is a more daunting task. Even I would be accustomed to agree to as such. Hades the Hellraiser may serve as a fiend, but by no means is he a joke. Our King has actually grown quite fond of him - what is the expression? "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" - That must be it, but not so quite. Hades the Hellraiser shares a lot of common traits with our King, their ambition, the common distaste for lunatics, and being known and heralded for their destruction. But Lannister and Hades the Hellraiser could hardly be confused as brothers of destruction. Because compassion is not a weakness that Lannister dare share, something the resident devil ironically shells out on a weekly basis. He'll accept Zack Crash in open arms as his partner, even through the storms of tyranny he has been dealt. That is not a backlash on Mr. Hellraiser - just a simple fact that needed to be pointed out. Lannister has seen eye-to-eye with Crash for the better portion of his career, so he is excluded from such judgment, but everyone else? Everyone is either a fraud or a snake - but considering Hades' affiliation with Mythology, I would not be colored surprise with the latter. As for Lannister's tag partner, our so called "EAW Champion" Diamond Cage.

It wouldn't shock Lannister one bit if Diamond Cage failed to show up to such a match, trying to prove rebel once more. But Diamond Cage thinks he is unpredictable because he likes to go against the grain - we in House Lannister tend to disagree. He is the most predictable fiend this company has to offer - and that I guarantee will be his downfall. Diamond Cage thinks he's so slick, so sly, but Lannister is to reckon that his day is to come. And very soon, may I add - because Cage is a ticking time bomb. And that clock is running out of hands, out of numbers to latch onto. It could very well be argued that Diamond Cage has over-welcomed his stay long ago, but it does bring a smile to my face, as it does to our King, that he is at such unmeasurable odds at Fighting Spirit. You have made a career out of making enemies lately, and a King knows better than anyone that allies can make or break dynasties. Lannister is to serve as your friend and ally this week only, Diamond Cage. But even that, you will cease to get. Lannister will not let you benefit through him, by no means is that going to be the way this story entails. Lannister will not carry the burden, while you get to carry the claim of being EAW Champion. No, Lannister is not a pawn, he is your King. And Kings do as they please, and it would please Lannister to have nothing to do with you. Lannister will play along however, for he can benefit through his opponents, at the very least. A scouting report if need be, that's what Lannister sees this tag team match as. Nothing more, nothing less. Because we all know how this match will unfold - somebody is going to turn on someone, some disconnect is bound to unravel. Lannister is just more blunt about it than the rest, letting you know where his allegiance lies from the start.

If you can't handle that, you're just going to have to cope with it at your own means. King Lannister is not bound to the champion - especially for a championship about to be his. Just like he is not bound to authority or demons, especially when they're just shells of what are meant to be. Zack Crash asked for Lannister to make a choice, let Diamond Cage burn alone or with the rest of us. Lannister would definitely find the humor in such a claim - especially when a man like Crash is playing with fire literally and figuratively in a match like this. He has welcomed a demon to join the playground, expecting a friendly result. He's welcomed a king, whose flame happens to burn brighter and brighter by the day. But so be it - let that be his inevitable downfall. For that is none of Lannister's concern for the time being. Just add to the list of names who find themselves all high and mighty - leading to one great fall come Fighting Spirit. Somebody is bound to be broken - and if it isn't our king, it surely will come at the sight of a demon, a tyrant, or a "champion." But this is going to be a fun week as well - in the truth of things. Seeing who cracks first, who tries to betray who. It's hard to betray a man who swears no fealty though - so there in lies the trick, the question. Who will go deeper into their measure to deliver a message. Lannister dare not give upon the pun of this being a Game of Thrones - but you could definitely sense the affiliation set forth.

I dare not take any merit behind this match, even the result. Only damage can be calculated from this demeanor. But if it's going to come down to that, and I fully expect it will, you men best be warned. Lannister will not garner much more hatred for the three of you. Your actions, they've already been deemed unforgivable - you the most Diamond Cage. But if the King were speaking now - he'd tell you to tread lightly. And by tread lightly, he means to cover your tracks, mark your words. Because at the end of the day, there is a price to pay. And our King definitely intends to collect his tilt. Diamond Cage's gold will come soon enough as payment - but the price of humility? Absolutely priceless... terribly priceless. The only price worth paying for.

House Lannister sends their regards.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 2 - Locked for posting...)
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On Saturday, Stark will arrive. Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to make it explicitly clear that NO MAN, not Nikola Vranchev, not Nick Angel, not even Venom, can stop my path to the top. This company, this lawless land was CREATED for the likes of me. Whereas everyone else is playing with fancy lights and gimmicks and costumes and robes, trying to be something they aren’t, Stark is just Stark, no theatrics, just a talented fighter trying to be the top guy like he so rightly deserves. Franco let me tell you that I don’t care what Nikola has done in Bulgaria. He was basically a dog-fighter I’m sure, and just like a stray dog, he is no more than a savage beast who has no business being in a wrestling ring. He can be as heavy as a truck and as strong as a bull but it won’t intimidate me in the slightest because savagery doesn’t win matches, TALENT AND ABILITY do. And when it comes to wrestling ability, I’m not just the best in this match, I’m the best in this damn company. And maybe if the brass thinks I’m ready to wrestle the big matches, then I’ll actually prove it instead of talk-talk-talk like you. Also, speaking of talking, why do you let this guy talk for you Nikola?

Ah why am I wasting my breath, its not like you’d understand what I’m saying. I don’t need a manager, someone to speak for me, because I care enough about this business to know that no matter what you SAY, it’s your actions that count. Hey, I could pay someone fifty dollars and they’d hype me up like I’m the second coming of Jesus Christ. I’ll start to take you seriously for Reasonable Doubt if I see you’re worth a damn to even care about, but right now all I know is that talk is cheap and I bet you couldn’t even eliminate El Laberinto if you tried. In this batch of new superstars, the class of 2015 if you will, there is a lot of POTENTIAL. But potential doesn’t get you to the top in a heartbeat. There are others who still have a lot to refine on, especially those in this battle royal and championship scramble. Vranchev definitely needs to learn to work a mic, Duncan can’t wrestle to save his life, Laberinto...ugh, and Nick Angel doesn’t have anything to do than whine about the last time he was in the EAW. NICK, NO ONE CARES. Your last run was crap, and your new one isn’t any better. And to make things worse, you’re hyping yourself up by being Ventura’s BITCH. Is that what you want people to remember you for? Hey, at least Laberinto has faith in himself enough to actually believe he’ll be the world champion. He has ambition and passion, which is everything YOU lack. Angel you’re easily the most pathetic person I’ve seen in my life. When the going gets tough, you go packing to the nearest person who can shield you from danger. But guess what, Ventura the circus freak won’t be able to work his magic on 5 different people. Nick Angel, any chance you think of winning at Showdown, let alone reasonable doubt, will turn to naught once you realize that your one chance of actually becoming a top guy will be crushed and destroyed by me.

And finally, Venom. Hyped like a monster, yet bad enough to have to “sit in a bar” to get his point across. What are you trying to prove? That you’re a funny guy like Duncan? Again, like Angel, you’re just another loser who failed the first time around in EAW, trying to make it big again. Seriously, what is it with you guys? El Laberinto is looking like a strong favorite now, it seems he’s the only focused on the match and not caught up in the memories of oh-so-long-ago 2013 and how he WAS a big deal. But if Angel, who actually was here when you were thinks you’re someone worth fearing, then I’ll have no other choice but to acknowledge you. You’re also apparently another retard in Ventura’s circus troupe. That’s fine, because all it means is there’s only two wrestlers in this match worth giving a damn about, and that’s me and El Laberinto. Look Venom, the difference between you and the other clown Duncan is that it’s his thing to be funny, I think you actually may just be stupid. Harassing men at bars, is that supposed to scare or intimidate us? I can go and look at any guy on the street and he’d crap his pants in a second. If you and Duncan like tricks and games, I’ve got a game for you guys that you’ll see on Saturday. It’s called ‘Beating The Shit Out Of The Clown And Throwing Him Over The Top Rope”. See? I can be funny too.



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