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 EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 27th 2015, 4:38 pm by Guest
Empress of Elite Round 3 and Battleground
"Craziness and Eris LeCava in the same sentence?!"

Eris LeCava is seen sitting behind her old Vixen’s shrine. The shrine is dusty, unorganized and messy. Eris has her trusty HBG by her side as she begins to speak into the camera.

Oh dear.
So many words, too many contradictions; where will I begin?
After watching your little “bitch fit” I sit here and wonder as to why you’re so mad at me? You should be on your knees THANKING ME after bringing all that out of you. The entire Elitists and Vixens looked at you and saw nothing threatening other than a big ass and NOW, AFTER ERIS LECAVA BROUGHT OUT CAILIN’S FIERY PERSONALITY; others can see the passion that emanates from your body! I just did your career a huge favor by setting you up as this big, fiery, mean and intimidating Cailin. Jeez, some people are EXTREMELY ungrateful. Although, I find it funny; you think that I automatically shifted my stance of “friendship” on you out of nowhere? No, Cailin, I’ve had this planned all along. When I noticed you starting to act like a sappy little bitch, that’s when I KNEW I had to do something before I took myself out of my own misery. When I’m competing, I was a fire lit under my own ass. I want to go into that match not entirely ready as to what to expect! And you know what I said when I saw that I was going against you a second time? *sigh* you REALLY want people to say that whenever they go against you, Cailin? The last time we went against one another, after the second day I wanted to call it quits. Not because I was “threatened” or “scared” but because I was so bored. Sorry, Cailin, it’s just the truth. Also, I never asked you to be nice. I SHOULD BE THE ONE STATING THAT I WILL NO LONGER BE NICE TO YOU! I’ve been extremely patient with you, Cailin, because I’ve felt nothing but PITY for you. I looked at you and thought “aw, poor gal! She’s so delusional and stupid to think we’re actually friends!” I have no friends in EAW because everyone here is as fake as they come. I don’t see any of these Vixens as humans, I look at them as snakes; slithering snakes trying to take away my right to win the Empress of Elite. I see them as snakes trying to rob my time on the spotlight. I see them as snakes trying to push me to the back and have me sit on the bench. There’s only ONE person who has stuck by my side; one person that has always believed in me and has seen my greatest qualities rather than my worst. (Eris takes “HBG” and holds it tight in her hand.)
Eris begins to laugh as tears start to form in her eyes. She takes her thumb and wipes her inner tear duct and continues to speak.
Crazy and Eris LeCava put in the same sentence?! Don’t make me laugh more than you already have, Cailin! My “craziness” or as I’d like to call it, smart manipulative skills, have taken me far in life. I’ve been able to gain trust from multiple individuals, just to learn everything I can from them and then proceed to kick their ass to the curb. But this is a different case with you, Cailin. I didn’t consider you an ally or a friend. I considered you as a bystander that just brought something different to EAW. But then when it was my turn to face you for a second time, I knew that I had to do something. I have to give the fans their money’s worth, you understand that, right baby girl? You understand that me being mean to you is simply going to benefit us in the long run, right sweet little Cailin? You understand that me kicking your ass on the Empress of Elite tournament will just benefit EAW all together because let’s face it; I’m the one who is more suited to be the face of this division. Not any of you, that’s for sure. And I still find it ridiculous that you, yourself don’t find yourself ridiculous after all the shit that falls out of your mouth. Do you ever care to watch yourself after you’re done recording your little compilation of shit, Cailin? You’re saying that now, thanks to me (not thanks to your athletic ability or anything) that you’re going to ruin Raven Lee’s chances of winning. That thanks to me, my chance of winning has slightly diminished. YOU’RE BASICALLY THANKING ME FOR YOUR FUTURE CAREER WINS, CAILIN, HOW DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW FUCKING STUPID THAT IS? If you ever do become something better, then I can have all the credit and I can definitely say that IF IT WASN’T FOR ME, YOU’D STILL BE SHINNING TARAH NOVA’S TITLE. I used to believe that you were the only Vixen in this division that had a fucking brain, but now that has totally changed! The NERVE some people have, man! By the way, you have no right to talk about what’s happening between Chuck Scene and I. he’s obviously too busy masturbating to the best snuff porn he can get his hands on, so don’t you dare take ill of my opponent! (Eris chuckles as she kicks her feet.) You’re stupid if you think Chuck is going to win against me, I can handle any woman or man that’s thrown against me. And once I win against Chuck, none of you will be safe.
Eris fixes her composure as she takes a small notebook from her pocket and pretends to write. She then stops and looks at the camera. She takes the notebook and throws it against the room.
I’m not going to sit here and act cute, trying to show everyone that I’m not an illiterate bastard but in fact I’m a smart individual that has many creative thoughts in her head that cannot be shared with any other human, no, no, it HAS to be written in a lame old diary because life is too damn complicated…
It’s crazy how time has flown by. I still remember my first match in the Empress of Elite tournament and now this is the fourth round. Even though these women have made me want to slowly stab myself with a fork, I still appreciate this time in my life. I’ve never seen so much competition and drive coming from the Vixens in EAW – I’ve been a fan ever since the Sabina days, so seeing all of these girls give it their all is truly inspiring. Round four has finally arrived and I am beyond certain that I will make it to the final round. I’ve beaten every Vixen that has been put in front of me throughout this entire journey and my confidence is at an all-time high. If for some reason I don’t end up with the beloved Empress of Elite crown on my head, it still won’t stop my utmost determination to one day be crowned as the Champion of this wholesome division. However, that’s plan B in my book and I have no plans into ever reaching that point because I will come out on top and defy the odds from all of my doubters and all of the other die-hard supports for the other Vixens. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best and I am willing to challenge my own biggest strengths in order to get what I want. I am willing to humiliate myself once more just so I can have the last laugh in the end. I’ve said this before but Haruna, I’m waiting for you to show me your all. I don’t want to win this by getting shitty wins over shitty competitors. This is why I’ve made Cailin into the monster she is today, because I want a challenge. I want to come out of the match with bruises and bumps because I want to say that I EARNED my spot as the Empress of Elite. I’ll be waiting for you, Haruna. Maybe it’s time to drop the act and show me how you really feel…

The camera fades to black…

Last edited by Eris LeCava on August 27th 2015, 6:26 pm; edited 1 time in total
Battleground finished about ninety minutes ago and many of the elitists and vixens have already left the arena, but Luke is sitting in the locker room with his wrestling gear still on. His eyes wander around the room and quietly watches some of the highlights from earlier tonight. A random interviewer pops into the room and signals the cameraman to follow. Luke looks at them without saying a word. He puts a towel over his gear. 

Luke Braxton: “I could've been naked you know. I get it, you try to give the people what they want to see, but please knock next time. So how are you gentlemen?”

Interviewer: “Well I'm fine and the door was already open.”

Luke Braxton: “A knock still would've been nice. I was in the zone and you interrupted that.”

Interviewer: “What zone? And why are you still here?”

Luke Braxton: “This zone….. I’m not exactly sure how to put it into words, but I'll certainly try. Let me put it like this, since the moment I looked at my EAW contract and dotted my I’s and crossed my t’s…..so  that would’ve only been one t total, but once I got settled in, I feel like there were times where I took this for granted. I didn't realize how lucky I was to be in EAW, especially with the minimum wrestling experience that I have. And when you are traveling on the road and wrestling in front of those loyal and energetic fans, it feels like life speeds up. Like the days go by quicker. One second it's light out, with the sun blazing and then once you leave whichever stadium or arena you're in, it's pitch black. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I rarely ever have the opportunity to act as a sponge and what I mean by that is let this whole experience soak in. That's the reason why I'm still here and in my gear. I just want to take moments like this and be appreciative with what I have and will continue to gain. That's all!”

Interviewer: “Since you're here, do you have any words for Chris Starr?”

Luke Braxton: “Uh yeah, look Chris I'm sure you're upset. You're probably talking to Mr. Stark, begging for him to give you a rematch seeing as none of us like to lose, just like none of us like to admit when somebody is better than us. Heading into this match, not many people were even giving you a chance to win this small battle. The reason being doesn't solely rest on the fact you were facing Luke Braxton. Yep I just referenced myself in third person and it was quite douchey so I should probably stop, otherwise the next thing you know I'll be wearing sunglasses indoors and eating a cookie with a knife and fork. Oh and who could forget riding those popular hover boards thingys a few feet instead of walking? Murrrrrica!! But back to you Chris, I feel like people were a little hard on him. After watching the match myself, even the commentators were getting on him a little bit, even pointing out the limited arsenal that he has. But what people have to remember is he's a striker, a fighter! He's like a bull not just trying to charge after you, but right through you. And early on, he got the better of me. I am man enough to admit that because just like everybody else, I kind of underestimated him. So I had to make adjustments and in the end, I made the correct strategic moves and Chris, well you didn't  and as a result, I found myself in the winner’s circle again.”

Interviewer: “That's it?”

Luke Braxton: “What do you mean that's it?”

Interviewer: “Well usually when I interview people after a win, more times than not they rub it in.”

Luke Braxton: “Oh you were expecting the whole, ‘I told you so’ routine weren't you? That's not really my style man. What's that whole football saying? When you score a touchdown act like you've been there before. Don't do some kind of obnoxious dance, instead you should just hand the ball to the ref. So when I gain a victory, sure I'm jumping for joy in the inside, but after my hand is raised and slap some of the fans’ hands, I just walk to the back and prepare for my next match. Not too exciting I know, but I must remain focused at all times because once you los…. is that a penny on the ground over there? What year do you think it is?”

Luke appears very focused on the penny until the interviewer snaps his fingers in Luke’s face. 

Interviewer: “Luke pay attention. Over here! Okay Luke I'm sure you have learned about your next challenge, right here on Battleground you'll face  Rokuro Matsuda and Dynamo Go, in the Top Prospect Semifinals. One of your opponents has already spoken about this match and if you don't mind, I would like to collect your thoughts on the whole thing.”

Luke Braxton: “Yeah I heard what Rokuro said. Even though I look like someone from the 1800’s, I do have an iPhone and I can obviously watch videos on it, such as his. Yeah I like to keep up to date you know? Look I'll get to that later. First I want to address the match itself. I'm sure some people will say I have my work cut out for me. Some people will even doubt me. They will boo me and hope either Rokuro or Dynamo advance. It's clear that the odds are stacked against me. So f’n stacked, like a delightful pancake breakfast. Slab some butter on them and drizzle some sweet maple syrup! Which reminds me, I'll probably go to Denny’s after this once my ride gets here. Look, going through two men to advance in this tournament will be tough. From a mathematical standpoint I have about a 33% chance of winning. Doesn’t look too good right? It sure doesn't, but let me remind you that In the first round of the Top Prospect Tourney, I had to go through not one man, or two men, but three! Yeah I think you can all do the math on that one. The point is I thrive when people are ready to write me off. The more I think about it, I actually enjoy being the underdog because who doesn't like a good underdog story? Well besides heartless people that is? The reason why this tournament means so much to me is because it's the only source of momentum I can see and you already know I’m going to grab it and squeeze its nectar to the last drop. They keep telling me I'm a Voltage guy. But I've only been on it once and that was the first Voltage after the EAW draft. A match I won by the way, but ever since then I've been floating around on Battleground, which is somewhat good. The reason I say somewhat is because you should always strive to be more, never settle people. Keep pushing and you will be amazed with the results you get along the way. So if I am crowned as the Top Prospect of EAW, it will get my foot in the door. Opportunities will come pouring in! Voltage will finally notice me and if for whatever reason they still don't, I'm sure Showdown will enjoy my services. That's the reason right there. I don't want to win for bragging rights or to have a nice little article about me on EAW’s official website. I will use this opportunity as a stepping stone, to advance my career and position myself as a future cornerstone of Elite Answers Wrestling.

As for my opponents, they will walk into this match thinking they want this victory as badly as I do. but they'll soon come to the realization that my passion and determination will be too much for them to handle. I want this gentlemen. Like I explained earlier I have a lot on the line here. At least I think so. Next week I’m going to send a message, like I did tonight. But that message doesn't start and end with Chris Starr this time. Instead it will be centered around Dynamo Go and of course, Rokuro. Yeah I didn't forget about you. Rokuro I'm actually jealous of you. I mean what's there not to be jealous of? You have loads of money. You're a successful businessman and a decent wrestler. You have fancy cars and private jets. You can probably get any woman in the world. You have it all! You're living the life man! But my jealousy doesn't come from your expensive toys or gold digging model girlfriends. I’m going to sound like a broken record, or maybe even a ‘whiny little brat’, but I don't care. I’m jealous that you're on Voltage this week and I’m not. In a way you're taking food off my table. Yeah I have a big appetite. So do my pet lions and elephants. But the more I listen to you and your little manager talk, the more my jealously transforms into hatred. I actually hate you, Rokuro. It takes a lot for me to hate someone, but you've joined that short list. Don't worry there's a reason for it. And this time it has nothing to do with your toys  and it's not even about what you'll be doing Sunday night while I'll be preparing for our match on Battleground. I'm trying to think of how I want to say this. There's this saying that all people are like snowflakes, each one is unique. And I'm sure you have unique qualities, but there's a problem….. I haven't found one yet. I feel like I'm in that movie Vantage Point or better yet, Groundhog’s day. You know the one right? I think Bill Murray is in it. Anyways his character keeps waking up to the same day. I can relate because for the past month or so, I feel like I've faced the exact same guy. They all like to talk. More specifically they like to talk about themselves. I mean they go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..

Interviewer: “I think we get it.”

Luke Braxton: “Please don't interrupt me. I was going to say something important. So as I was about to say, they go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about themselves. There I think I made my point. Wait no hold on. I left something out. What was it again? Oh yeah and they go on and on and on about themselves. There, that's it. Nailed it! Rokuro I'm going to ask you a question. A question you deem stupid, but who  are you? Whoa easy there. I can see the smoke blowing out of your ears from here. But seriously I'm not familiar with you. Just like I'm betting you don't know a damn thing about me, but all of that will change soon enough, right? So you say you're a big star over in Japan. A wealthy wrestler. Never seen that before. Wait, actually there  might be one thing I respect about you and I use the word respect loosely because I’m not sure what to call it. So sure lets go with respect. I respect that you're trying to make a name for yourself. You want to prove to the world that you are strong and independent! That you don't need to hold your daddy’s hand to succeed. You are trying to create your own life, your own legacy! That's fantastic man. Sounds like a good plot for a movie. By the way I hope you're listening to my words very closely, but I doubt it because you called me ‘worthless.’ Yeah I've faced guys with your attitude before. They'll try to belittle everything about you. Try to strip your dignity. They call you a waste of space. So they all say that right, but then once I respond, they'll have their rebuttal ready within the next twelve hours or so. Which always makes me chuckle because if I was worthless like they said I am, then why are you taking time out of your ‘busy schedule’ to respond to little ol’ me? Yeah it doesn't make sense now does it? So I hope Rokuro isn't one of those guys who sees himself as this godlike creature, but once he pulls his mask off he reveals himself to be nothing more than a  giant hypocrite. Time will tell, but I think we already know the truth. There is no dust or smoke or fog to blind my vision. I see clearly and what I see in front of me is a man who is scared deep down. Don't twist my words though. I'm not saying he's scared of me, but he's scared of his reputation, which might've started out as being built from bricks, but has now been reduced to straws. Because your reputation did take a hit and if you had any credibility to begin with, which I would be shocked to hear if you did, then the rest will dissolve next week on Battleground. What do I mean? Well let's just say that Rokuro, you can't call another elitist worthless when that elitist has already beaten you, who just so happens to be in this match, Dynamo Go, who didn't look too hot against El Landerson. So maybe I'm not the underdog like I originally thought. Hey I'm not expecting either one of you to agree with that statement, especially you Rokuro because you think everybody will fall before you like dominos. Is that how it ends for me? Well if that's the case then I might as well go out swinging and believe me when I tell you, I will take your bleached hair self down with me. An eye for an eye I say.”
Empress Of Elite

 Raven is seen sitting on the ledge of the rafters looking down onto an entire empty arena. She seems like she's zoned out just staring directly at the ring. Seconds later she turns her head away from camera view and grips her mouth tightly laughing in a very evil manner. The laugh gets a bit uncontrollable and slowly fades away.. she turns her head to the camera with a complete composed expression.

 " The biggest win of my career? That's funny because I've beaten Maddie not once, but twice. Being a great observer is something I take pride in as I proved last week on Battleground with my victory over Maddie. I exploited her flaws and took her out, simple as that. Well, maybe not so simple to a girl like you I guess. What's wrong, Cailin? Taking losses hurting your ego? Not being capable of beating Eris or Maddie would take it's toll on second-rate trash wouldn't it. Usually I don't result in such insults but it seems that is the way to reach a girl like yourself. Eris playing mind-games and it seems you're making the same mistakes that Maddie made just one week ago. Is that really a choice you wish to make? Well, you're a big girl so I won't tell you what to do, I'll just show you how wrong you truly are through clear action."

  "So she might be the flavor of the week and garnering all sorts of undue attention this week due to her ability to beat unworthy Vixens, but that’s not gonna mean a damn thing to me. You think I care about what you’ve accomplished this week or last week?"

 " Why no, Cailin, no I don't. To be honest with you I can't grasp the logic of why you would care. However when you say that I'm just a person who you are going to defeat.. now we have a problem. Please tell me you're really not this naïve, Cailin. With the little amount of time that I've been here in EAW.. I've done everything that I said I was going to do. I'm not here to impress anyone, I don't need the attention on me. I'm not like you. Now here is where you'll probably rant about how I don't know you or where you come from or what you've done.. save it. I truly don't give a rats ass about any of that. In fact, I really don't need to know any of that because who you are is written all over the walls that you surrounded yourself with. Your just a girl who loves to talk. Don't get me wrong, you're very talented. But you love to hear yourself talk and want all of the attention on you.. because you're a girl with high class and great looks. You have a very strong personality and come across as not a bitch but the bitch. I get it. However, you're also the kind of girl that cries and complains when she gets called on her bullshit and gets all riled up because she doesn't get catered. You are going to beat me down based off of Eris's words? She pushed you that far huh.. Well what happens when I close that windpipe of yours with a single blow to the throat? The lights darken.. your world can come to an end. You love to talk? It'd be hard to hear your self when I forcibly ram that microphone down your throat and listen to the roaring crowd for finally silencing the one vixen who surprisingly passed Maddie on the who the fuck does this chick think she is scale. You have bitch mode... well allow me to introduce you to another mode that you have within your very soul and didn't even know it was there. It's called Raven Lee is going to enter Cailin Dillion into Hush Mode.

 I don't know if you're fully grasping what I'm saying here, Cailin. To make it as simplistic as possible... i'm going to beat you. This isn't vixen telling vixen this.. It's Raven Lee telling  Cailin Dillion. The shots have been fired.. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about all this."

 *Fades to black.
I was disappointed.

(The camera pans to Aren standing a roof. The sun shines down upon him and you see the wind blow through his hair. He looks down on the crowd of people, all gallivanting, with either happiness or malevolence.)

That is what I have to say about my match on Voltage. I was disappointed. I wanted a fight, I got one, but it was about half-assed Alex Anderson’s loyalty to Dynasty. What happened to the man I was going to face. What happened to the J.D. Damon that people have always said would have been going somewhere. Where was that tenacity and that will to try and prove to himself that he is what is best for this company. It wasn’t there. But such is the life of upstarts. You see them fight their way into a new sort of light only to fall face first off of the hype machine they had so created. That is what their purpose in this industry is, to fail or achieve. And until they finally get out of that redzone that is sadly created for them as they step in, they are going to really have to do more than what they think they can do. Now enough of J.D. Damon as I could keep talking about him all day, but what matters is well my title here.

(Aren pats his title and sit on the edge of the roof, he breathes a sigh of relief and just laughs.)

Oh Catterson boy, you finally beat a small town girl and now you’re taking the midnight train towards my title. Oh but this is sad you know, cause you think you of all people are going to take my title (Aren Laughs.) You think this title is going to be yours. All because of what Liam, all because you beat Duncan for it, all because you were the replacement for Starr at MSM, all because you’ve become another faded glory seeking retribution. (Aren takes in a deep breath. He shakes his head and laughs.) No, none of those reasons are why you think the title is yours, because guess what this little title here is Mine, Only Mine, and none shall take it from me. Not you, not Oasis, Not Duncan, and sure as hell not anyone on this god damn roster. This is my belt, and with that comes to goal of making this the better title out of the entirety of EAW. And I will do just that.

(Aren brushes his hair back again, and calms his demeanor. He stands up and walks to the center of the roof, pacing himself, giving himself time to think.)

But you know these people aren’t here for me to ramble on about the people who I’ve beaten, and the people who I see as insignificant to me. No because they want my words on a certain man. A certain man, who has blazed though EAW and has nearly made it his bitch. A certain man, who has not only screwed over the chairman not once, but twice. A certain man whose stable named after a six-barreled gun that has his side projects that includes, but are not limited to, a Komodo dragon furry, and a discount Freddy Kruger on steroids. This man is none other than, Y2Impact ladies and gentleman. Well I have to say this is an honor frankly, I mean not often comes a time that I get to show a legend why I am the one that needs to not be messed with.

Impact, I know you sit there high atop a throne that you have made yourself, I know you sit there judging me as a king would judge the pleas of a civilian. I know you think your Hexa-Fools are too important, and will cleanse EAW of its Elite ways, and usher back in the “Extreme”. I know all too much about you sir, and I also know that your side-projects have a tendency to fail. I mean Scene, failed, but not of the fault of his own, but of the fault that you decided to butt in. Now with Hexa-Gun you are at the wheel, you are in control of this ship, which can only mean to bring disaster to the group. And I know you will come back with some witty retort, and I’ll do the same, and we will do this until Voltage comes, but witty retort or not, this still rings true. Whatever projects you have had has only been run into the ground because you decided to butt in. Now I know you are wondering why I am bringing up your past, when I need to worry about the match at hand, but I would just like to get this off my chest, because I am sick and tired of “legends” sitting atop their throne judging down the newer generations because that have not met the quota you have for some reason decided to set. Now you could come back at me and bring TJ into the mix, but I’m pretty certain you brought him here, because Jaywalker is a good friend of his. But nonetheless I am tired of this bullshit that is being presented to me. I have to go against the most pretentious man on earth. Hell he’s held himself so high that he’s called all my matches practice. He’s called my matches against Tyler Parker, practice. He’s called my matches against Mr. DEDEDE, practice. All because they weren’t him I am imagining, all because they weren’t against you “O’ Great One”. Hell I’ve heard what he’s had to say, and frankly he has ascended above levels, not levels of humans, but levels of dirt. Yes now the great Impact can rank himself up there with shit, congratulations dear “sire.” Oh I’m sorry and I speaking too much truth here, are you going to be like a Crash, and whip me for being out of line. Oh dear chap I am so sorry. Give me a break. If I wanted a self-righteous blow-hard of an egotist to fight I would’ve fought Xavier, or maybe even Dubian, or hell since Crash was mentioned before, him as well. I could care less for the level you hold yourself too Imp, I could care less that your cronies are more than likely going to be at your side during our match. Hell the only thing that’s making me more of an angry person right now, is the very very high chance that I will be sic’d on by your pack of wild dogs, when the heat becomes too intense for you. So come at me with all you got if you don’t want your fucking “crusade” against Crash to lose its steam. Because you may not be scared to pull the trigger, but know this. I’m not scared to stand in the fucking path of the bullet.
Battleground Promo #2 

Oh how cute are you? Trying to violate me with one long big paragraph...why do you call yourself The Dark Demon? You don't look scary, your just a really skinny dude that needs to shave his pubic hair off his chin that was magically put there. You want to know why I am The Franchise Demon? It's because I am the future of this fucking company and I'm going to be labeled 'The Franchise' and I will have the last laugh in the end. I am the true demon of EAW because I've dealt with real life experiences being haunted and scared for life and now I haunt and inflect that anger on you people here in EAW.

That's pretty cute how your comparing myself to EAW legends like Xavier Williams....Jamie O'Hara....ect. That's pretty cool, good for them winning titles in there first few months with the company. But guess what my friend? Everyone gets to the top at there own pace, like myself I've only been wrestling for a couple of years and this is really my first major wrestling promotion I'm in. I haven't been in other major wrestling promotions like Williams, DDD, O'Hara, and Parker have all did. Nobody is perfect in this world and will eventually achieve greatness in this world. Yes the EAW General Manager - Ashten Cross is the worst fucking general manager of all time. Want to know why? I did defeat Stark in that Hardcore Tag Team match, it says it in the record books my friend. I should be the number one contender for the New Breed Championship, that's why Zack Crash needs to take charge and Mr. General Manager isn't doing his job and responding to a unhappy roster member. Say all you want about my one on one match with Stark last week on Voltage but indeed it was a fluke victory. Were you in the ring? Were you wrestling Stark last week? NO! I WAS WRESTLING STARK LAST WEEK! I'M THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS THE SAY IN THE MATTER BECAUSE I WAS THE PERSON THAT WRESTLED THE DAMN MATCH! 

...Oh Kerry Keller...good for him. I could give two shits less where Keller is on the card over on Showdown at the moment because the proof is in the pudding that days after I took him out on Voltage he requested to be traded to Showdown. If Keller would have stayed we would have been bumping heads with each other until one man was left standing. But guess what? He ran away and he's scared, every time he tries to embarrass me on social media calling me the "Franchise Jobber" I just bring up to him that he ran away from me on Voltage and I don't hear a reply every time. So you need to open your eyes my friend and at least I have the guts to accept a challenge from the Hall of Fame Champion. You can taunt all you want when our match starts on Monday night because once the bell rings its fair game. You and Maddie won't be burying my body because I'm the one that's going to get the body bag first and put you two both to sleep real quick. At the end of the night on Monday the headlines will read "BIGGEST UPSET IN EAW HISTORY - THE FRANCHISE DEMON DEFEATS HALL OF FAME CHAMPION - DARK DEMON IN A NON-TITLE MATCH ON BATTLEGROUND." Then my quest to being on the card of Territorial Invasion continues, the talk is over, time to get to work, no sleep till Brooklyn.....Battleground. Get ready the clouds have formed...
August 27th, 2015

Dear diary,

Well, it looks like this Empress of Elite tournament is  really a tough one. every vixens in my group have the same points and there's a chance for everyone to get ourselves to be the winner in this block. The block I was competing is a group of hell for sure, all those vixens are doing their job and willing to do whatever it takes to win this tournament. Every vixens really want to be an empress so they give all they've got to win every match they were in. That is surely makes my chance is not a quite big to win this. the pressure here is tight..... if I can't stand of all this, I probably get wrecked by all these vixens.

well, last week proved that everyone can win in this tournament. I have my full confidence on winning against Cameron Ella Ava but I was caught off my guard. I fight with all those pressure in my body, I'm too afraid to move, I'm too scared to take a few step forward and my minds are full with every expectation who lived inside my brain. What should I do? I can't win this way.... I can't win if I am fighting like this, but.... I don't know what I must do. People start to underestimate me again as I am now the vixen who are not being favorited to survive this group. Maybe they think the only way to have me conquer this group is just a miracle, a miracle that will never come at me. 

That's why, I can't wait that miracle to come to me, How long I should wait? That miracle will never come if I just stand and wait for it. I have to fulfill and create my own miracle. The miracle is not something that I don't even know, The miracle is here, sitting, writing this diary. I am the miracle for myself. Not the others, it's me. Nobody can change my own fate other than me. Fate is something that only myself can change it. Some people are trying to change my fate but my effort to preventing that is something that change the fate instead. They are not controlling my fate, I am!

Well, I guess I just keep myself carry on this journey. if I am now currently walk in the dark path I could walk with my eyes closed and my minds being freed. I should have not overly thinking about anything in front of me. I should trust myself to continue this journey with everything I've got left. Don't think that I do this to be the empress of elite thing. I do this to make me go back on track again, I am rebuilding my own pride after it being crushed again and again, it hurts but that what I supposed to do. You win some and you lose some. This empress of elite crown is nothing but a decoration that will make every vixen loses their minds because they think they can do anything with that crowd on their head. God, please, I don't want to be that way! I know I'm not really confident to carry on. but, I need this win, not to score a three-points, it's nothing more to show me a miracle and prove that..... there's still hope for me to get up once again. Diary, wish me a very good luck!


Haruna Sakazaki.
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“When it comes down to it...I don’t look like I’m going to win this one do I Haruna? Think about it? I have yet to truly beat anyone in this business. I’ve been close many a time in my career sure, but I have never succeeded in grasping at victory. It burns me inside to know that. I’m a failure to this division, and it doesn’t look like I’ll push out of the slump that I have found myself in. I suppose this is the part where people try to feel pity for me? Where I try to make you understand my side of the story? The thing is Haruna...I don’t need to do that at all. I don’t want too in fact. For you, It’s not at all personal, it’s who is going to be ringside that matters to me. I don’t care at all about your history in EAW, or what you’ve accomplished in it, or who you are. The person that I am fighting for, is going to be watching our match very closely. My...beautiful...lovely...Raven Lee. She will be watching me fight. Fighting for a chance at redeeming myself for the losses I sustained by her. Raven is someone that I cherish more than my own life, and I damn well will not let you take it away from me.”

“You see Haruna, it isn’t at all about you or the stupid Empress of Elite tournament for me. If I wanted to fight a fellow Vixen, I would do this all by myself, without a care in the world. This isn’t about that at all. I want to fight you, and beat you. I want to destroy you because I have someone special to me watching. Someone that I really want to rip and tear into with my bare hands, and let my body be soaked in their pain, just as they left me soaked in my own. Raven will be watching our match Haruna. When she sees just what I do to you, I’m sure that you’ll understand why I will leave you in a pool of broken bones and misery. I need to hear her praise Haruna...I need it in my bones just as much as I need to hear her screams. It keeps singing to me in my ears Haruna. I need them silenced. If that means that I have to silence your dreams as well, than it’s a job I relish doing. If that means...that to hear her praise, I have to take the title of Empress of Elite by force I will do so without remorse. I will hear praise Haruna, over your corpse...and the corpses of everyone else around you.”

“However...I find myself at a crossroads. I face you tomorrow Haruna, but I also face a very distracted opponent. Cameron you seem like you really don’t care about facing me on Showdown. Do you really think I’m beneath you that much just because I still believe myself to be a Vixen? Oh, I get it. You’re facing Maddie and you’re really...really focused on her to prove her wrong right? You cannot ignore me Cameron. I’m a very real threat. Maddie will hurt you with words but I like to use actions to take people down, it’s something I find very amusing in life. You cannot be distracted by Maddie, because those bright lights on that exclusive match will fade...and when they come up on Showdown, I will be standing in the ring with you. I’m not Maddie. I have control over my demons. My own personal monsters don’t come out and spew out beautiful poetry like her...but they sing in my fists and roar in my blood and bones. Do you understand that Cameron?”

“I don’t think you do. In fact...I highly doubt you understand at all what I’m about. Or what being a Vixen really is about with me. It means that I will put myself through the line of fire every day of my life in order to cut and tear away any opposition. I’m beautiful. I’m smart. I’m strong. I’m a veritable goddess to the people that look up to me in this world. That’s what being a vixen is. Fast paced action isn’t just my strong suit, it’s what I’m made to do. I want to hurt everyone and everything around me in a way that everyone will remember forever. That’s why I’m a vixen and proud to be that way. You say you have a little respect for me? I appreciate that but I don’t want YOUR respect. I want your adulation. I want everyone to look at me as they look at Tarah Novah, or Haruna, or even Maddie! I want them to look at me as a goddess! A dragon! A dragon of EAW that will burn everything around her that dare confront her a her vision of what she can turn EAW into. A palace of debauchery and violence. That’s why I fight Cameron...and that’s why I will beat you. I have passion for this business...you have passion for talking. Let’s see which passion burns stronger, and which passion leaves the other fried to a crisp in the end. Haruna...Cameron...the dragon is coming.”
Empress of Elite

[Cameron Ella Ava is seen sitting on a boxes of crates, while on her laptop. On her laptop, she is watching the backstage segment with Maddie after her loss to Raven Lee on Battleground. Cameron knew that it would not be nice to laugh at people’s misery, but she finds amusement in laughing at people’s pain. A heartless smirk formed on her lips as she finished watching the segment.]

Oh Maddie, if a lost to Raven Lee is making you bonkers, you’re going to want to go to a mental facility after I defeat you this Thursday. I mean, the only thing that entire hoopla needed was for you to shatter the mirror with your fist. I was anticipating that scene.

 [Cameron gets off the crates, while she approaches a mirror and admires her reflection; she fixes her light rich, dark brown hair by raking her fingers through it]  

In the movies and TV shows, the one thing that gets me when a petty woman is in pieces and talks to herself in a mirror is the grand fists shattering the mirror shtick. THAT GIVES ME LIFE! What is also giving me life is the fact that there’s a six way tie for that top spot in the Group of Hell! Honestly at this moment, everyone is considered an equal.

[Cameron delivers a dark crackle as she turns away from the mirror and faces the camera]

This is where I come in. Do you think I am someone that degraded to the Vixens Division and wants to be lost in the shuffle again? Nope! These are the moments, where you do want to stick out like a sore thumb. One thing I did notice was that you and me Maddie, were both have six points. We both managed to rack up three victories. So, I like to look at Showdown as our little tie breaker. I’m going to be that woman that is going to dominate this Empress of Elite Tournament. Are you going to be that naysayer, who says that I don’t have a chance at winning? By the looks of things, the only person that does not have a chance is you.

I mean, you lost to Raven Lee! If you can beat such a simpleton of a Vixen, how can you expect not to beat me? It seems like at this point, you are really going to need to dig down and pull out something that you failed to pull out for this match. What were you missing with your match with, Raven that you are going to need in your match against me? Or are you going to bring everything that you have and it will still be the same sad song like at Battleground? Are you going to be so close, yet not come close enough to win the match? You dropped the ball, Maddie. You could have used this match as an opportunity to get far in the tournament. You could have been dominating and had something over me, but you FAILED! You drop the ball on the opportunity to do so! What did you do in the match that you will not do in our match tomorrow? Your answer should be lose, but we all know that is NEVER going to happen with me as your opponent. A girl like yourself can dream, you know. I was a girl once, but there was the day, where I had to become a woman and it was the best decision of my life.

[Cameron turns back to face the mirror and holds her fist up and intends to connect her fits with the glass; however, she pauses when she makes it close enough to the glass and pulls back her fist. She gives a dark smirk on last time, before she turns to the camera]

Perhaps, you should be a woman…a REAL woman.

[Cameron turns on her heels and disappears from the camera shot. Then, the camera fades to black]
Once again, the lesser folk have created this concept that your greatness isn’t as accurate as made out to be and once again, you proved a point. The reward is a chance to claim a championship once again. 

Today becomes one of those moments where I can rejoice in my outcome without having a cynical approach from somebody who doesn’t think that I can carry my importance well enough in this company. Then again, this company is proficient in creating the most ignorant of beings and I carry that opportunity to silence them before they spread their disease further. It isn’t like this attitude is mandatory yet in my time since arriving here, my comfort has been washed away thanks to the minds of the egotist, creating a lust to shun every opposition they have facing them. Of course I will not doubt those few who ignored the standard response by showing some respect but as I said, the majority of my time here has had the challenger assuming they hold the rights to question me. Whereas I always step into every week holding respect for my opponent, should I learn he has had little history to seek a reason for hatred, there are times where even the newest of Elitists have to believe themselves to be superior against Liam Catterson yet inside their minds, they don’t contemplate the history some men have written in the record books. I won’t begin to ignore how revolutionary some of these rising talents are but some people assume they can run down their mouth against someone who has had his fair share of success in EAW and suddenly become the next Vance Tybull. But what a surprise, it doesn’t work. People like Clark Duncan just don’t know when to leave well enough alone and they will become a volunteer of punishment at my hands. At the end of the day, I will become willing to subject myself to the most difficult pain, as I have tolerated before. My will to be subjected to the most vicious pain rewards me in the end and that was evident on Sunday night when I did pass out. There is no hiding from my removal from consciousness because the world became aware of the trouble of the silence for one man and it used up every ounce of strength to put Clark Duncan down. He didn’t seem optimistic about how hostile I was and he questioned if I could achieve the impossible but the joke was on him. If people knew my name better, they’d know this was far from impossible and to conjure up the speculation that this would be something impractical for me to succeed through would render you blind. Whoever doubts my ability is more inclined to suffer serious repercussions. Clark Duncan did and now he is no longer in consideration to face Aren Mstislav.

As part of my preparation of battling with Mstislav, I have to observe the ability that he has inside the ring. I won’t ignore that I have seen his work previous to the confirmation that I have the rights to face him for his championship but with weeks drawing nearer to my battle for Mstislav, I have to retain the images of the weaker areas and how to capitalize on him and the opponent couldn’t be any better of a choice. Personally, I have doubts over a probable victory over Y2Impact but then again I am sure some people uttered those exact words when I would go on to defend my Answers World Championship against the very same man. I am in anticipation of the responses of the reasoning why exactly I defended my reign in success but I will always say that a victory is a victory, no matter how poisoned the effect of the conclusion is. He has a great challenge in the form of Y2Impact and I will look forward to see how a professional like Y2Impact manages to lessen him second by second. If I were Mstislav, I’d ignore temptation to surpass Y2Impact with words because he can mentally manipulate you into vulnerability. I don’t want you to ignore any signs of caution that I have, I want you to finally acknowledge my name, to acknowledge my focus as the next few weeks offers one thing and that is to conclude your championship reign. When you relieved Ares Vendetta from the PURE Championship, a man who is arguably twice greater in terms of value than you, you had no fear in him in taking the belt from him. I will disagree that I am trying to dig under your skin for your match against Y2Impact but I just want you to know that whilst you’re exceeding your limitations your body has when opposing a legendary man like Y2Impact; I shall examine you so I am a step closer in preparation for my occasion against you. Prove to me that I am facing a champion of challenge because I don’t want our match for me to feel like I am taking candy from a baby, I want to see someone grow some balls when he confronts me. I may not be up their in terms of importance but I have danced with the devil from King of Extreme to House of Glass and whether those events meant victory or loss for me, I exceeded the beliefs of my opponents. People like Devan Dubian won’t expect much from me and will try to use the past to become a barricade in my journey to dominance but no words will impale me, no matter how deep you dig the sword, I will still breathe. I want you to know, I welcome your challenge and hope you deliver and I will be gracious enough to note how you deal with a challenge on Sunday night. Of course, I want to guarantee this speech that he is listening to is the start of what I hope can be an exhilarating battle between me and him and I wish him the best in his match against Y2Impact. I obviously value his talent because as I said, he has toppled giants to create a passage to success however; I am never known to make a confrontation easy for myself. I expect to see him take Y2Impact close to exhaustion. If I am struggle with a fighting champion, I need to witness with my own eyes what he defines as a fighting champion.
So, after a much needed week off, Daniel Marshall is back on Voltage this Sunday night. Feels good to recharge the batteries after a loss. Let me address that real quick here. Stark, I'm sorry if I let you down out there. Those Franchise Demon and Psycho Brody deserved an ass kicking, and they didn't get the one they deserved. I'm sorry if I let you down Stark, if you ever want me to back you up again, all you need to do is ask. Next time we'll really give 'em hell.

Anyway, lets not dwell on the past for too long. This Sunday night, I'm facing none other than Eclipse Diemos.

Let me see if I can predict how you're going to address me.

You'll probably start off my singing “Danny Boy”, as you're so fond of calling me. I don't get it. Is that meant to be insulting? Or patronizing? Um, well, if that's the best that you can come up with, then I suggest you go back to the drawing board then, cause that doesn't make me all that mad.

Then, after your attempt at insulting me, you'll probably go on about a lot of violent things your going to do to me in our match. You're going to make me bleed buckets, or you're going to break a bone, or out me in a coma or whatever. Stuff that you'll never follow up on by the way. Eclipse, you'll have to do better than that. When you a lob bunch of physical threats at someone, and don't actually do them when you confront them, well, you end up looking like a pussy.

Then you might ramble on about whatever the voices in your head are talking to you about, or something. I dunno, around this time, I tend to tune you out.

Eclipse, I don't need to talk about what I'm going to do to you, for two reasons.

One, I don't like for my opponents to know what's coming.
Two, I know so many wrestling moves that it'd be impossible to predict.

I could tell you about the various suplexes that await you in the ring Sunday night, followed up by either an OTH or a JTO, depending on the mood I'm in.

But, the truth is, I don't go into matches with a game plan in mind, just to win the match. Eclipse, all you can expect Sunday night is to lose, and look up to see me with my hand raised in the air.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
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That pretty much sums up everything Franchise Demon has ever said.

You really need to put down the book of clichés Franchise Demon, it’s a bit much. You really do remind me of the Heart Break Boy in a lot of ways and before you go bragging to everybody that ‘Dark Demon just said I’m like the great Heart Break Boy!’ I don’t mean that in any kind of complimenting way. I mean that in the way that the two of you both call people out, you both talk a lot of crap about how you’re going to do this, or do that, and prove everybody wrong, then you do nothing when the match actually happens and come up with any excuse you can think of to save face. You losing to Stark wasn’t a fluke, maybe you don’t know what the word ‘’fluke’’ means but he beat you in the most convincing fashion that’s been seen in a while, maybe not as convincing as the way I beat the Heart Break Boy but convincing nevertheless. You need to understand something, this is EAW, if you lose, you lose. Don’t come out crying about flukes because you lost to the better man, just be a man and admit it and maybe people wouldn’t look at you with such an eyeball rolling distain that they already do. Does anybody care you ‘’beat’’ Stark in a tag team match on Voltage? No. All people care about is the sheer fact that one on one, he beat you and he showed you up. It’s like HBB complaining that I only beat him because of weapons at Pain for Pride and look what happened at Mid-Summer Massacre, people like you and HBB will always be shown up because everybody can see right through your weak attempts at saving face. Maybe you need to actually put on your big boy pants, let your balls drop and finally move to the big boy table because you’re really embarrassing yourself with your horrendous comments. What exactly is your excuse going to be after Battleground when you lose to me? C’mon, I know you already got them lined up and I can already see them, I can already hear them coming out of your mouth.

‘Oh I only lost because Dark Demons more experienced than me!’

‘Oh I only lost because that damn EAW management screwed me over! I didn’t have enough time to prepare!’

‘Oh I would have won if I had more experience, this is a conspiracy by Ashten Cross you damn cold souls!’

We all know you’re going to say it. How many times did you say it on social media when I was calling you out and exposing you by TELLING YOU how much you sucked by your lack of accomplishments and you’re first response was ‘I’ve only been here six months!!!’. That isn’t going to fly with me and that argument doesn’t hold any remote weight either. You look at the Jamie O’Hara’s and the Xavier Williams who were New Breed Champions LESS than six months into their careers, Psycho Brody won the EAW Tag Team title on his DEBUT, Lannister won the tag team titles THREE MONTHS into his career, Liam Catterson won KING OF EXTREME six months into his EAW career, Jacob Senn won the Elite title TWO MONTHS into his career, hell even I won a title three months into my career in EAW. Am I meant to feel bad for you that you haven’t won a title yet? No, I don’t. You know why you haven’t won a title yet? You know why you didn’t make the Mid-Summer Massacre card and why you sure as hell WON’T make the Territorial Invasion card? It’s because you suck. You may mock the likes of Kerry Keller and you can sure as hell talk about how you ‘ran him out of EAW’ but look at him – He’s higher on the Showdown card that’s STACKED with main eventers and legends and you’re doing absolutely nothing. That sums you up Franchise Demon. You talk a lot of shit, you say you’re going to do something and then you don’t do it. I mean lets look at what you ORIGINALLY said when I offered you this match last week:

‘’ Why would I jeopardize my career against you Demon? So no....go have fun when Diamond Cage beats you for the Hall of Fame championship. Eclipse I will gladly take you on, one on one. But I don't want any of your garbage ass Dynasty friends showing up’’

Not only did you back down, you tried calling out somebody else so I wouldn’t have to face you. When somebody publicly calls you out, tells you numerous times that you are nothing, then challenges you to a match and you not only back down after running your mouth and try facing somebody else – that’s the biggest sign of fear that I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not going to break a sweat winning this match, I’m not going to waste any energy on this match. This is like me doing stretches for the light jog that will be Diamond Cage before I run the marathon that will destroying the Hall of Fame of EAW. Your shots are basic, your movement is non-existent, you don’t know how to wrestle and going up against a complete wrestler like myself, you won’t last very long. You can hit me with your best move and I’ll stand there taunting you and laughing at you. I can end this as swiftly as possible without any pain to you or I can make this long like I did to HBB and retire you like I did to him.

As for the whole ‘Demons such a bully, he said he’ll make me spit-shine his title!’ I said only if I’m feeling kind. I also said Maddie can help dig your grave, which really seems more likely to happen because I really don’t like you.
Empress of Elite 3.4 and Battleground
Cailin is shown watching a video on her phone, smiling. Her heads nods in agreement to it, but then suddenly her whole demeanor changes. Her brows furrow and her eyes dart back and forth at the action on the screen. Her teeth grit as she screams and pulls her headphones out before spiking her phone into the ground and then stomping on the broken device several times. No one is around to stop her as she scoops up the pieces and tosses them out a nearby window.
You STUPID BITCH!!! Why would you want to make me angry? You want fire out of me, then you can have it. I was content for us to pick up where we left off from that last match and just go at each other. We already still had that, now you want to add even more animosity? There was a time when I started to believe you weren’t crazy, but now I know. You are bat shit insane. When we meet this week, I’ll bring some company with me. When I get myself a new phone, I’m calling up an area mental hospital and having them come visit you. Maybe it will be during the match or maybe after. But one thing is for sure. After I take care of you and tear you to pieces, I’ll watch them wheel you away and lock you up in the padded cell that you belong in. I’m tired of being nice to your punk ass because of some sort of mutual respect we have for each other. Let’s just get it out there, Eris. I’m a Grade A bitch and you’re a psycho, and we could never be friends. We could never have more than a slight admiration for each other. How can I be friends with someone so warped by their life’s misgivings. So you had a fuckwad for a dad? Congrats. Seems like every one of the Vixens here has some kind of a sad story. So I never had a mom growing up, so what. I don’t know what it means to have two parents, just one demanding parent who expected the best out of everything I did. I choose to remember the good memories with my dad, not the ones where he practically drug me out of a school dance by my hair because I broke school policy. I am who I am because of the way I grew up, and I’m fine with that. You choose to use your upbringing as a crutch and demand that I use it against you. Your dad is no different than Chuck Scene, and they both share in their hatred for you. When Chuck meets you it will probably be the same result as when your dad and you fought. Chuck will kick your ass, he will like it and he will laugh at your pathetic shell of a self as you wallow in the middle of the ring with a mascara-stained face. You happy? Is that what you want?

Here’s the thing about me and you, they can give you medication to help you calm the crazy, but no medication will keep me from being the same conniving bitch that I’ve always been. Because even while I respect you, the truth is I honestly don’t give a damn about you. I let myself start to believe that we were friendly. Not even friends, but friendly. But I’m past all of that now, because you don’t want that side of Cailin, you want this side that wants nothing more than to grab you by the throat and choke you until you pass out. You want the one that will wait until you’re picking yourself up off the mat and will kick your head like a football. You want the bitch, and you’ve got her. Marshawn Lynch has beat mode and Cailin Dillon has bitch mode. There isn’t a reason to try and stay composed anymore, why should I? Not when people like you are begging for me to let the bitch loose. I just ripped the band-aid off and the blood is on your hands now. I’m going to pound you just like you asked for, hard and dry, until you absolutely can’t take it anymore. You wanted it, you’ll get it. We are now going to beat the leaving hell out of each other. You knew this was coming anyways, didn’t you? You knew this mutual respect thing would only go as far as we could throw each other. As soon as we stepped in to that ring and stared across at each other, that respect would be completely tarnished by our animal desires to rip into each other and see which one of us survives. I’m going to beat you so hard you’ll have nothing left. I’m going to shred you apart so that you can’t recover next week, and they I’m going to plant something in your mind all in the process. You’re going to do us all a favor the last day of this tournament. Before we get to the finals, you will destroy Cam. That’s when you’ll be able to recover from the beat down I gave you, and you’ll be driven so mad by the fact that you lost to me, and that Chuck beat you quicker than he beats himself off three times a day, that you’ll unleash primal rage on Cam.

But it won’t just be you that regrets asking me to let it all out on you. It’s going to be Suzi Spitz on Dynasty, and then Raven Lee on Battleground. This is going to be a giant regrettable mistake. Raven Lee is coming off the absolute biggest win of her career here. By the time she gets to next Monday that won’t matter anymore. When I see her, all I see now is the person that beat someone who stole a win from me. To me, Raven stole a win that should rightfully be on my record. So she might be the flavor of the week and garnering all sorts of undue attention this week due to her ability to beat unworthy Vixens, but that’s not gonna mean a damn thing to me. You think I care about what you’ve accomplished this week or last week? I don’t care one bit about all of that. What I do care about is proving people wrong. Just when I thought people were starting to take me seriously, they’re all doubting me again. Oh, see couldn’t beat Maddie. Well she only has two wins because Cam destroyed that poor Gin girl. Wake up people, let my matches this week show you just what I’m made of. I’m a determined bitch that’s out to take what’s mine. You think you’re worth of being an Empress, Eris? How about you, Raven? I don’t think either one of you are worthy of looking at that crown let alone wearing it. When we get to the final week of this competition, I’ll be sitting backstage waiting to see which person from the B Block I will be facing in the final, and it’s all going to happen in the perfect order. I’m going to shred Eris, destroy Raven, surprise you all when I upset Cam, and then decimate Haruna to reach the finals.
I was the wrong bitch to mess with Eris, the wrong one to set loose. Now you’ve put your own path to a tournament title in jeopardy, and you’ve completely ruined Raven Lee’s. I have a special thing planned for you this week Eris, oh it will be just so delicious. It will probably shatter any ounce of respect you have left for me, but you know what, I don’t need any of that. Not anymore. I’m sorry Raven, you probably don’t deserve the beat down you’re about to get this Monday, but it really isn’t your fault. You can blame Eris for everything she’s done to make me this way. I tried to be nice, I really, really tried not to lose my cool, but she challenged me to let this out, and now I’m just pissed at her. You don’t belong here, Eris. No one as crazy as you belongs in this Vixens division that has such rising talent that manages to operate without mental issues. How about you get some help before you start talking about winning title.
Cailin stomps out of the room, kicking a small plastic trashcan out of her way as the scene fades to black.
We go to a bare room lit by fluorescent sterile white lights. The cream colored walls are stained with brown in some spots and the floor can only be described as grubby. Masohiro comes into view wearing a tan coverall with the top wrapped around his waist and places a chair over a drain in the middle. He paces a bit them comes up to adjust the camera and we get a closeup of his cloudy eye. He goes back to the chair with his arms wrapped around his head. He bows, sits down and sighs. He looks around the room with a sad smile.

Masohiro: "Hey, everyone. I am speaking to you from a very special place. This is where I come to celebrate my small victories or just to let off some steam maybe sometimes broadcasting it to other like minded people. This message I want to give to everyone. I just couldn't do it this time. I came here yesterday with some willing participants and it was going to be so good. They were a young couple and they were enjoying it but then the frustration of this weekend hit me like a wave and I got too carried away. Things got ugly. I am ashamed but what can I do? This room and spaces like this that have brought me so much joy in the past just couldn't fulfill their purpose that day. I planned to come here after my first match in EAW and celebrate. I planned to establish myself as a contender with a message. As we all saw things didn't go my way. Another beautiful moment tainted. I guess plans made never really do go how you want... I planned to be a schoolteacher in the past."

He looks into space for a while then slaps himself back into the moment.

"There is only one person to blame, of course. Before that righteous Gabriel Eden came I had Piff Fumador right where I needed him to be. It was so much fun. I almost got an arm and then I got knocked out momentarily for the pin. I felt we were cut short so I kept going. It was so disappointing Piff wanted to end it and I was missing something in my debut. The pain was there but the ritual wasn't complete. There wasn't any blood, you know? So I was going to get that satisfaction when after no provocation or calling or care this guy comes and ruins everything. Was it really just because he doesn't understand what I was trying to do? I was pretty clear what my plan was. Well if Gabriel wants to be a savior then I'll give him something to save."

He drags the chair up and leans forward.

"Look, Gabriel. I was going to be sharing my passion and blood with everyone here. I want to show the world the joys of pain. I don't want to bully anyone. I don't want to scare. I want to embolden people to take what they have available to them and make use of their basest pleasures. Are you really that uptight? You want people to follow you and your limitations? What's worse is you think you have me all figured out? You don't need to make yourself feel better for ruining my moment by painting me one of your devils. You messed up so I'm going to show you what I'm all about on Voltage. I will make you scream out with joy and you will see the errors of your ways. When you are lying on the ground after I'm done with you collect your wits with your battered body and realize that I am not out to terrorize or maim. Well, I might maim... The point is that I am not one of your demons and I assure you, Eden, you have never come across someone like me.

"I know exactly what I am and it's not like you believe. You believe so strongly, I know, but after our match you will see that I am not a monster. I am not crazy. When people ask my why I am the way I am and why I do what I do I just ask them: 'Why don't you?' Open up your mind, Gabriel. I'm not a demon and you are not an angel. I just know a truth that I want to share. If you want to be liberated I will show you how in the simplest ways. I am just a man and so are you. No demon here just a man. I am capable of so much and I want to show you this with fist and chain. Oh it will be there. You might like it or not so I won't care. You seem too lofty to understand. When you look down from that cloud you stand on you're going to see me clawing up and pulling you back down to Earth. When you've crashed down with your broken wings just realize that you asked for this."
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Empress of Elite Round 3 Promo #3

My head is steaming hot with anger
I should have won that match if it wasn’t for my swagger
This loss was a wakeup call, almost to make me depressed
Don’t be mistaken, I am without a doubt still the best
If I’m going to be successful I have to fight through the pain
I am still going to win this, let me pop open some champagne
I am the only Vixen in EAW to have real breasts
But losing to Raven Lee is hard to digest
When I’m done with Cameron she will wish she was never born
Her career will be over, perhaps she should look into porn
I write my emotions through verses of a poem
The Franchise Demon has no scrotum
I am the Mistress of Death, there is no one more evil
I’m going to punch Cameron in her stomach making her feeble

Poem by Madison Kaline 2015

(Maddie is seen backstage after her match at Battleground with Raven Lee, she is talking to herself in the mirror)

Really Madison really? You lost to Raven Lee? Are you really that pathetic? (Maddie bursts out a scream, followed by a laugh) You’re a stupid BITCH. You are going to lose this Empress of Elite tournament. Now you listen to me Madison, and you listen to me clearly. YOU BETTER FUCKING BEAT CAMERON. You want to slack off Madison? (Maddie rips out a strand of her hair, she begins to smell it and lets out another laugh) This is what happened to slackers, they get their hair pulled out of their head. (Maddie bursts out another laugh) You lost to Raven Lee (Maddie continues to laugh) Oh I’m so glad you think this is funny Madison you stupid bitch, glad you are taking this so seriously. Why don’t you go back to wearing your hair like a 10 year old girl and dressing like you never saw a mirror, why don’t you go back to thinking everybody is your friend? You want to be my friend, well do you Madison? ANSWER ME. (Maddie bursts out a scream again, followed by the sound of a text message, Maddie looks at her phone, and smashes it on the ground) No cell phone for you Madison, you don’t deserve a cell phone. Wakeup Madison WAKEUP. 

(Scene ends, new scene begins, with a more stable Maddie)

So yeah, I lost to Raven Lee, I am the butt of everybody jokes, go ahead laugh it up, have a good laugh of my pain. You will all stop laughing when I beat the Hall of Famer herself Cameron Ella Ava tomorrow.  Fact is I took Raven Lee too lightly and it cost me, it will never happen again, all will be forgot when I beat Cameron though; I am still the favorite to win the Empress of Elite tournament.  Losing to Raven Lee was a huge loss for me, not even going to deny it, but I fight through the pain because I want to get through, and I have the passion and the heart to keep my head up and keep going, I’m not of this tournament, not by any means. I can’t afford to lose another match, which is why I won’t. I’m going to beat Cameron and anyone else who stands in my way, because this is my time dammit!

Cameron Ella Ava is the biggest non-title match I have ever had to date. I’m not nervous at all because I know I have the talent to beat her. I know this is a must win match for me, a loss here would put me in a position of where I might be too far behind in the standings to come back. A loss is in the back of my mind though, I can’t and I never will go in with that mentality.  I know I’m beating a dead horse over here, but I’m going to beat Cameron Ella Ava on Thursday night, and I will be back on top of everyone’s list as the odds on favorite to win the tournament. Sorry but I’m in no mood to talk right now, so I’m going to have to cut this little speech short, I will leave you all with this though, I look forward to my match with a woman I respect, and I look forward to beating the holy hell out of her. (Maddie laughs as the camera fades)
$ A limousine is seen in the parking area of the arena where the most recent EAW live show took place. Flannery McCoy, Voltage interviewer, approaches the limo with caution and knocks on the door. Rokuro Masuda and his long time friend and now manager both get out of the limo with two beautiful Japanese ladies. $

Flannery McCoy: Excuse me, Rokuro

Rokuro: ...And you are?

Flannery McCoy: I'm Flannery McCoy.. Interviewer for the Voltage brand.

Rokuro: I assume you're here to interview me.

Flannery McCoy: I am

Rokuro: Alright, but make it quick you know I'm a busy man.

Flannery McCoy: Well, there is still some people who don't know who you are. Who are you and what makes you different than everybody else?

(Rokuko looks in disbelief as Tadao snatches the microphone from Flannery's hands)


Flannery McCoy (Without a microphone): I - I

Tadao: The better question I think is, who isn't Rokuro Masuda? Rokuro has done it all in Japan, he's a successful professional wrestler and a successful businessman and in no time he will make history in EAW when he becomes the top prospect.

Rokuro: You've got some nerve asking me that question. 私は、今日の最大の戦闘機生きています!If people don't know who I am then they don't know anything about this sport. I'm one of the most decorated superstars from Japan. I come from a family more prominent than the Vendetta's themselves. That's a family everyone is acquainted with around here, right? Nobody knows who Mikado Sekaiichi is in Japan, nobody knows who Ares Vendetta is in Japan. But EVERYBODY knows perfectly well who Rokuro Masuda is. Now, look at me, Flannery.. Do I seem like anyone  you've ever interviewed before? I'm sure the answer is no. This is your lucky day, Flannery. I'm in a good mood. So, I will pretend you never asked me such stupid questions and let you do your job the way it is supposed to be done. Tadao, 彼女にマイクを付け.

Tadao: はい

(Tadao hands the mic back to Flannery)

Flannery McCoy: This week you have not one but two matches, how have you been preparing yourself for that, Mr. Masuda?

Rokuro: That's a better question. I don't need to prepare for anything or anyone. I'm always FULLY prepared for whatever happens. You always have to be ready in life for anything because well, life is unpredictable. You never know what could happen that is why you always have to be prepared. On Voltage I am facing Piff Fumador, on Battleground I will get a shot at redemption when I step into the ring once again with Dynamo Go and Luke Braxton. The three of these men are worthless to me. They will never amount to what I amount and that is something we can all agree on. Piff Fumador is someone I know nothing about except for the fact he is intoxicated 99% of the time.. I don't know how someone like that expects to beat someone as experienced and as gifted as I am. He is inferior to me in every facet of this sport. And I'll have no problem proving it come Voltage.

Flannery McCoy: What about Dynamo Go and Luke Braxton?

Rokuro: The last time Dynamo and I met inside the ring he succeeded over me. That doesn't mean he's better than me. As far as I am concerned that was a fluke victory. Trust me when I say this Dynamo Go did NOT get the last laugh. I will, I always do. I'll become the top prospect and I will live up to the EAW universe's expectations about me. Did you hear that, Dynamo??? I won't hold back just because you were born in the same country I was born in, just because this country loves you. I'm sick and tired of the honorable men in this company. I'm sick and tired of people like you who fight for what is right and go down in history as heroes. This is real life, not a damn fable. Good won't always triumph over evil, my friend. This week you and Braxton will have to accept me as your superior, you will have to acknowledge I am better when I decimate the two of you and climb another step on the ladder of success.

Flannery McCoy: One last question, Mr. Masuda. Everyone has an ultimate goal, what is yours?

Rokuro: I think I clearly stated I was here to start my own collection of championships. Ultimately I will win every damn title EAW has to win, I will conquer every elitist on the roster. One by one they will all fall. Lannister, Vendetta, Daniels, Williams regardless of their identity they will fall before me. Their empires will come crashing down and I will rebuild everything to MY image. It's just a matter of time before I take over.

Flannery McCoy: Thank you for your time!!

Rokuro: Whatever. ばかみたい... Let's go Tadao, ladies.

$ Rokuro Masuda and his people get in the limo and drive away as the camera fades to black $

EAW didn’t believe in wasted days.

Aria figured that was why she was here, right now, instead of back in her hotel room in Greensboro. Right next door was the city of Winston-Salem, which was home to prestigious Wake Forest University. For now, the studios normally used for the campus’ television station had been momentarily upgraded, and were being used to shoot footage for the EAW Network and EAW.com. Wrestlers had been popping in all day to shoot network bumpers and do voiceovers. Rather than wait until the talent got back to LA, New York, Miami, or whatever major city they probably lived in, management was moving on it now.

“...Aaaaaand CUT!” the director boomed from behind the camera.

Aria looked camera-ready, wearing a red bodycon dress and black heels. Hey, if your face was gonna be splashed all over company footage, you had to look good, right? She held two thumbs up. “We good?” she asked, her tone hopeful. She wouldn’t lie and say this hadn’t been fun, but she was ready to go. It’d be fun to see herself on bumpers for the network, but as for right now, she was anxious to get back to Greensboro. She had a match tonight, after all.

The director nodded his head. “We’re good. Nice work today, Aria.”

She smiled graciously as she walked away from the green screen and back to the hair and makeup area, which is where her stuff was. Aria plopped down in a chair in front of a lit vanity mirror. Again, her mind drifted to her match. When she walked into Greensboro Coliseum tonight, it would be to face Lumen Gray in the third round of the Empress of Elite tournament. Lumen must’ve thought she was real smart to go getting her hands on Aria’s record, and Aria had been thinking of what to say back to England’s worst export. Better yet, she was thinking of how to say it. Aria pushed her chair back, walking back over to the general area of the green screen. The director was milling around near catering, taking a break.

“Hey Dave, is anyone coming in to shoot after me?” Aria asked, tapping her nails on the table as she awaited a response.

The director nodded. “Well yeah, but the staff is on break right now,” Dave mused, “Aren and Devan won’t be here to shoot for another forty-five minutes or so.”

Aria grinned, poking the man in the arm. “Soooo...since they’re not gonna be here for a while, I can use the camera again, right? Just for a few minutes!”

Dave stuck another mini powdered donut in his mouth, chewing as he pondered what to say. Finally he nodded. “Alright, alright, fine,” he said at last, “knock yourself out. Just be finished before we need to start shooting again. Deal?”

Aria nodded. “Deal.”


The camera cuts on, and once again, Aria is standing in front of the green screen where she’d previously filmed footage for the EAW Network. She folds her arms across her chest, looking rather annoyed.

“Lumen Gray thinks she has me all figured out. I mean, why else would she go trudging through my past do dredge up my record? See, that might be a death blow if I’d bothered to keep all of that a secret, but newsflash -- I’ve been pretty open it all. Nice try. You’re terribly misinformed about why I had a record in the first place, though. Boosting cars was never really my style. I was more the type for breaking curfew and getting into fights at lunch, ya know?”

Aria purses her red lipsticked lips, pausing briefly before speaking again.

“I tell my story because I know I wasn’t the last of a dying breed. I know there are girls just like me all over the place, and if I’m lucky, some of them are EAW fans. Hopefully, they’ll see that the mistakes they make in high school don’t have to define them for the rest of their life, if they’re willing to make some serious changes. So rest assured, I don’t talk about my past for the sake of glorifying being a screw up. I talk about it to keep someone else from doing what I did. It’s funny that you consider that “infecting the light of the youth of America”. I’d expect for a kid to take more away from a cautionary tale than they would from being talked down to by a chronically-fake nobody with an aversion to winning. Then again, I’m not surprised that the idea is lost on you.”

She sighs an exasperated sigh, as if her opponent’s delusion and hardheadedness really does irritate her.

“You never even met that girl that you like to talk so much about. Where the fuck do you get off talking about my pre-EAW life like you know anything about me? I'm really thinking you’re trying to do some deflecting, dear. When you talk about my past failures, I’m thinkin’ that you do that to draw attention from your current ones. Not particularly original, but I didn’t expect much else from you. I know you like to believe that you’re immune to coming up short, but you should know better than that by now. Present-day Aria isn’t inferior to you in any way, although I know you firmly believe otherwise. The woman I am now is looked at as a rising star in the Vixens division. You know there are people who are calling me a frontrunner to win the Empress of Elite crown? They’re not wrong. So you can make this personal all you want, but it won’t take away from the fact that this is about wrestling. Personal shortcomings don’t mean much in the ring. You know, that as a wrestler, you ain’t got shit on me. That is why you’re winless in this tournament. That’s why you’re dismissed as a threat. That’s why the clock’s already begun ticking on your fifteen minutes of fame, and the fourteenth minute is fast approaching. You’re doing anything you can to make your time in the spotlight drag on, even though I don’t know why you wanna take center stage so bad. Every time you’ve had a chance to show what you can do in this tournament, you choked.”

Aria uncrosses her arms and places them on her hips, continuing to talk all the while.

“The reality is that I learned from my mistakes, Lumen. What I was doing in the past wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I stopped altogether. You’re not even smart enough to use your mistakes as learning experiences, are you? You’ve doomed yourself to keep repeating history over and over again. You’ve tried to play mind games every step of the way in this tournament. You spray-painted Tarah’s shirt and put Maria’s name up in lights, but did it get you anywhere? I guess it’s fair to say you earned your way into the tournament, but it’s also fair to say you earned status as the throw-away participant in B block. Your little schemes haven’t worked out so far, but you’re still wasting your time trying to rattle me. Whose past is defining them now?”

The Californian’s last question is punctuated with a slight laugh.

“Your journey in this tournament is following a familiar script, Lumen. You try -- and fail -- to get in your opponent’s head, you talk as if you actually stand a chance of beating the Vixen in question, and then, after all that, you take another loss. You’ve backed yourself into this corner. You need to believe that the whole division is out to get you, when really, the truth has been right in front of you all along. Put up all the smoke screens you want, but it won’t take away from the fact that you don’t belong here. The only person who can’t see it, is you. I’m the clarity you’ve needed so bad. I’m the reality check you so desperately need. You’re counting on that light of yours to guide you to the end of the tunnel, but I’m here to remind you that you won’t make it there.”

With that, Aria takes a few steps toward the camera. She disappears behind it for a second or two before the feed cuts off and the shot goes to black.

 Empress of Elite Round 3

The Camera open to Lumen walking down the road dressed in a yellow dress. Men are looking at here as she walks down the road with the camera following. A young female fan asks Lumen for her autograph. Lumen smiles and then rubs the girls head in a condescending manner and keeps walking. Lumen turns and opens a set of doors and enters a building. The Camera pans up to reveal the sign above the door saying “Police Station”

Camera fades back to Lumen talking to a police officer. Lumen is obviously flirting a little with the officer and is looking fake worried. The officer turns checks some files.

Officer: We will look into this right away Ma’am.

The officer places a file on the table but it cannot be seen on camera. Lumen turns to the camera.

Miss Jaxon, I am glad that you took the time out of your busy life of boosting cars, turning tricks and generally infecting the light if the youth of America. I came over to this country expecting the land of the free and that I sure did. Seems your police system is far too busy harassing innocent people that tiny cockroaches that can crawl into cracks simply slip by in the night.

But Miss Jaxon…. Or can I call you Aria… No Miss Jaxon it is then… I won the battle royale to be in this tournament and what did you do? You see I pushed both my opponent to the point where the only way they could go on was to cheat and win immorally.

You see Aria you are the type of person who covers their flaws with their mouth… and I don’t just mean the size of it carving a gutter through your face I also mean the obnoxious sound that emits from it whenever you have the awful idea of opening your mouth.

You see I may not be perfection but I am as close to it the Vixen’s division has and once I have managed to clean up the crap that is currently leaving a skidmark on the roster page I can ascend and take my rightful place as the Empress of Elite.

You talk about your past life with a sense of pride. Why are you happy that you came from such a terrible background? You see in my charity work I have met a lot of trouble kids and generally from my experience rot breeds rot. You see I don’t know why mummy and daddy Jaxon split up but I expect it was you who caused it. The constant failure of seeing their pathetic excuse for a daughter screw up time and time again was too much for them to bare… I guess your mum got custody in the settlement… I hope she also knows it is ok to lose.

Lumen smiles a sweet sickening smile.

You see Miss Jaxon when we meet in the squared circle this Thursday you are going to find out that you don’t have to have grown up turning ticks on the street in order to be battle hardened.

Lumen's smile turns into anger

I am going to show you why flawed is not ok. I am going to leave you lying on the mat on Thursday in a pool of your own teeth which you can pick up one by one and insert them back into that little bitch mouth of yours. DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES ME.. HAPPY?! I DIDN'T WANNA DO IT ARIA, WHY'D YOU MAKE ME…..

Lumen cuts herself off and composes herself

I never want to lay a hand on anyone but sometimes things have to be done in the spirit of competition and to rid the world of its flaws…

See look how you made me react, guess even I am not immune to the sickness that you spread wherever you go.  

You see Aria you can tell the world lies as much as you like but the fans on Thursday will all see the truth. The shining light of the division is heading to nobility. I am morally undefeated and I will add another Vixen to my soon to be long list of shame. That is if you can be bothered to turn up… I hope you’re not afraid of the light…

Lumen flips open the file on the deck As Lumen walks away eyes and smile beaming the camera pans over to reveal Aria Jaxon’s police record being examined by police officers.
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Showdown and Empress of Elite #3
"Is this the breaking point?"

The cameras fade and show Eris LeCava sitting in an unusual setting. The room is black and there is a light hanging above her head. Eris is sitting on an old stool while wearing a torn up, dirty, worn-out Cailin Dillion T-shirt, a vintage piece of merchandise from her independent circuit days. Eris speaks directly to the camera.
Eris: Something about sitting here, underneath this scorching light that’s slowly roasting my sensitive scalp is beyond soothing. My life is filled with immense chaos. Every time I close my eyes I feel like the world pauses. There are times when I wished my eyes were closed all the time, just to give my brain a rest from the overwhelming crowd, the overwhelming work, the overwhelming commotion. Being on the road for months straight has taken a toll on my brain. Before stepping foot in EAW, I was obsessed with the Vixens. I had my daily routine of sitting on my plush carpet and zoning out for three hours, watching the Vixens strut their stuff. They were icons for me; they were my idols – especially Tarah Nova. Now, I look at the Vixens Champ and I feel nothing but shame.  I look at my fellow peers and I feel nothing but embarrassment. I look at elitists, men I used to admire and I feel pity. Chuck Scene was one of those fellows. I remember the first time I got a glance of Chuck Scene on an EAW programming. He was charming, charismatic and there was something about him that made viewers want MORE. Fans sincerely don’t know the Elitists and Vixens they admire, worship, praise as god’s day in and day out. Some individuals are vile, disgusting, hypocritical, evil, vindictive, irrational and most importantly DELUSIONAL.
Chuck, I’m making this personal message for you and only for you. I’m getting tired of your stupid fucking gimmick. I’m getting tired of this show you put on for all the other thick headed fans. You try to look valiant and talk as if you’re doing the world a favor by “hunting me down.” Guess what – you’re not hunting me down. I willingly accepted your demoralized challenge because I was tired of being harassed every time Showdown went on the air. I would hear other Elitists murmur to one another about how you would go ballistic every time you heard my name. Do you know how embarrassing that is? I was simply known as the girl who Chuck Scene punched, not because of my impressive in-ring abilities or because of my charismatic and unique nature. I was known as the bitch who Chuck Scene messed with constantly. Let me ask you this, Chuck - Do you realize, in that small fucking peanut you call for a brain how you’re messing with my career and my own reputation in EAW?! You’re interfering with MY matches; you’re interfering with my own opponents. This “obsession” as you may call it, is nothing but a pile of dog shit. You’re not crazy. Those voices you hear in your heard are simply voices YOU acted out the night before while you were lying in bed, trying to figure out “crazy, unique” ways to catch the eye of the EAW audience. You’re a fake, you’re a liar, CHUCK SCENE, YOU’RE A JOKE!
Whenever I see your face on the television screen, I can see you lying through your fucking teeth. You’re a walking illusion, kind of like a bitch that smears makeup all over her face. Once you take that makeup off you see the real monster, the real skin. The skin that finally gets to breathe after it’s been suffocated for hours by heavy, thick, cakey makeup. That’s the way I can only describe the way you shove your unrealistic beliefs down our throat.
I’m also sick of you coming out here acting as if I’m hiding from you. I’m a WRESTLER. I’m a pro at taking matters into my own hands if I see that something isn’t working properly or isn’t working in my favor. You wanted a match with me? Well, now you got it. Even though we may have a size difference, know that I’m going into that match with one goal in mind – and that is to WIN. WIN, CHUCK SCENE, WIN. SOMETHING YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT. OH WAIT, CHUCK, YOU BEAT SAMURAI! SOMEONE WHO’S PROBABLY GOING TO BE FORGOTTEN IN A COUPLE YEARS, BIG FUCKING ACCOMPLISHMENT. Fuck you, Chuck. It’s a no disqualification match and you better believe that I will do ANYTHING in my power to knock you the fuck out. That’s right, Chuck. On Showdown, I’m GOING TO KNOCK YOU THE FUCK OUT.
An already flustered Eris stops and pauses for a second. She looks down at her shirt and takes it off, leaving her only with a white, sequin bra on. She takes the shirt and looks at it. She analyzes it, making sure she gets a glimpse of every corner of that shirt. Eris takes the shirt and tosses it on the floor.
I’m getting fucking tired of all of the Vixens in this division. They’re all catty, shit-talking, and good-for nothing cum dumpsters. That’s all they are!! Do these girls sincerely think they’re fit to be called the Empress of Elite? NO! They’re not. Cailin, I admire how you’re always so kind to me. I admire how you defend me when some DUMB FUCK is calling me, of all people, crazy. Although, I have to admit something, Cailin; where is the fire? Where is the passionate Cailin Dillion that I first met in the locker room before our debut match? You’ve gone soft on me, kind of like Chuck Scene’s penis after he see's a real life vagina and not those plastic ones he’s used to. Cailin, I want to give the EAW Universe their money’s worth. I want the EAW management to ACKNOWLEDGE OUR TRUE TALENTS. I want the owner of EAW to kiss our feet and beg us to stay because we are inevitably the only two vixens that have a fucking BRAIN. We’re the only two Vixens who don’t spend our time TALKING SHIT ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND ACTUALLY PUTTING EFFORT INTO OUR MATCHES! But Cailin, if we’re going to get recognition, I need you to go ruthless on me. Rip that bandage off and fucking give it to me all. Go in dry, Cailin, shove your hard cock into my dried up cunt and FUCK ME UNTIL I BLEED. (Eris begins to shake as she continuously yells to the camera) CAILIN!!! Talk about my past, make me doubt my future in EAW, make me think twice about my position as a Vixen. GIVE ME SOMETHING. The only reason as to why I’m going insane right now is because I feel like my brain is going to explode. I have so many feelings that I need to get out, except a normal person would express their feelings – they go to a friend and “talk it out”. However, the way I EXPRESS my feelings is by kicking the living shit out of my god damn opponents. I’m going to go ahead and apologize, Cailin – I apologize for giving you the future beating of your fucking life. This is a completely different Eris LeCava you’re facing and I swear to god I will rip you to fucking SHREDS. (Eris gets up from her stool and shouts to the camera) I WILL RIP YOU TO FUCKING SHREDS. On Showdown and Empress of Elite I’m going to show exactly why … I’m the FUTURE of this division. Don't feel left out, Haruna. This message and everything that I've told Cailin is also directed towards you. Do you think I should feel intimidated because I'm going against the woman who couldn't beat the Vixens Champion in an 8 on 1 match at Pain for Pride? Do you think I should shake in my boots because EAW's on self-proclaimed "pride of the vixens division" is going to face me on one one? Honestly, I have nothing more to say other than I really do hope you live up to your hype. People here worship you because you're something new and innovative, but as of late nothing you've done has impressed me. Nothing ANYONE has done has slightly impressed me. So I have one thing to say - Move out of the way Maddie, Tarah, Maria, Ashlyn, Aria, Lumen, Cailin, Alexis, Haruna, Cameron – I’M HERE TO STEAL YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME.

Eris breathes heavily and stares at the camera as it slowly fades to black. 
What is the value of a life without first-time experiences? Aren Mstislav will lock eyes with an arduous endeavor unlike anything he's been involved in before when he squares off against me on Voltage. The matches he's participated in up until this point have been nothing but practice for a sensational thriller in primetime against a foe too powerful for his small paws to overcome. Mstislav's match against Ares Vendetta where he captured the prestigious Pure Championship he now holds proudly? Practice. Mstislav's match against J.D. Damon this past week on Voltage where he was challenged substantially and forced to dig into his reserves and pull out all of the stops to secure a victory and reverberate the now-echoing sentiment that he's a legitimate champion and a wrestler who isn't to be trifled with? Practice. He exhausted virtually his entire arsenal of maneuvers, he demonstrated the extent of his tactical brilliance against J.D. Damon, and despite everything, he still BARELY managed to escape with a victory. Will the delusional EAW universe pull off the wool hanging over their eyes and recognize how difficult a battle this upcoming match will be for Aren? I have my doubts. My skepticism isn't without reason; we're talking about a group of individuals that deserve to be generalized because their like-mindedness is of the conformist blind sheep variety, as opposed to the beautiful poetry in motion showcased this past week by three members of Hexa-gun, a gathering of the fittest and finest men that attracted my attention and piqued my interest when I was scouting talent and pondering my future prospects. I realized that neither EAW nor Dynasty were large enough realms to contain the unleashing of this anarchist regime I've conjured; instead, I created the physical embodiment of Pain for Pride's grand stage and now everyone has the luxury of seeing that engine running for 365 days a year. Aren Mstislav lacks the faintest comprehension of what Hexa-gun represents, of what it means to wreak havoc on a roster persistently and perpetually until all EAW authority figures secede from their positions and the current regime is displaced by this ensemble of fortitude, vanishing in the wake of Hexa-gun's blood-smeared warpath. Aren Mstislav competed in the illustrious CITV match at Pain for Pride and performed admirably in the eyes of some, yet much in the same vein as his career arc, the prize slipped through his grasp and he accepted his fate. Until now, Aren has successfully managed to repress all of the bitterness and contempt he's felt toward his peers since suffering the misfortune of loss. He's repressing those deep-seated emotions, and while that veneer of virtue and honesty may deceive less shrewd, perspicacious individuals, it has no such effect on Y2Impact. Aren longs for people to believe he's something he's not, and in his misguided search for purpose, he's arrived at a destination he's entirely too unprepared to counter. I have no doubt he'll retort and express what an enlightened wrestler he's become in as many ways as he can, in as articulate a fashion as he's capable of, and he'll the exhaust the lion's share of his energy and brainpower attempting to prove me wrong verbally instead of devising strategies to neutralize me inside the ring. Allow me the privilege of familiarizing you with a few of the wrestlers I've come across since returning and some old ghosts from a forgotten time, allow me the ability to solve the questions everybody's been awaiting an answer for since I returned... Is there any doubt?

Is there any doubt I'm at the top of my game right now? No. Is there any doubt I've ascended to a level beyond the fathom of normal men and tread on uncharted territories previously unreached in all my many earth-shaking battles? Our goals exist on a larger scale than anything ever seen in EAW before. I'm not flying the flag and leading Hexa-gun for the purpose of becoming a World Champion; this is a ship where the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts by collectively placing a stranglehold on EAW officials and leaving them in the embarrassing, uncomfortable position of conceding defeat and deferring their authority and all it entails to these mercenary soldiers. I'm an honest man; I place justified blame on those whose ineptitude has proven they deserve nothing but, and I handsomely reward people with enough initiative and valor to fight for their cause, to BLEED for their ambitions. I couldn't do it without a helping hand from each and every single one of them. Where would I be without the Heart Break Gal's assistance? The circumstances under which this forthcoming match would be contested would be dramatically different, I'll tell you that much. I'd be built and propped up as a legend whose nerve was stricken by a hot young upstart, and EAW would delight in marketing it as an opportunity to create new stars. Everything would happen with the intent to permanently ingrain the image of Aren Mstislav and his Pure Championship into the viewers' mind, and all the lovestruck female fans would send you hand-drawn letters with poignant letters written inside detailing their cravings for a wrestler they can never have themselves. The men would envy you, the women would adore you... But there's a price to pay for stardom, there's a sacrificial lamb that needs to be slaughtered so a new star can shine and radiate brilliantly while another fades into the abyss. That's the man Zack Crash and EAW is looking for, that's what is expected of a veteran like myself regardless of caliber, and I am defying it. I won't fall into an archetype of what a wrestler in my position is expected to do; I won't become a cliche, and I won't allow the success of others to be gained at the expense of my own. I'm openly rebelling against my preordained fate, and in doing so, I stepped out of my comfort zone and gathered the kindred spirits known as Hexa-gun together to form a team that will take down your whole fucking army. I'm not falling into the void, I'm not waiting patiently in limbo, I'm taking action and standing up for what I believe in. I've been completely transparent ever since swerving Zack Crash's plans and unveiling Hexa-gun at Midsummer Massacre, and EAW hates that. Zack Crash loves a guy who's honest and forthright about his approach... Until they speak out against him! And Aren Mstislav is a part of this regime, a lowly cog in the machine that operates on the convenience of his superiors and disguises his status as a lapdog with a thin layer of competence. This won't be some cinematic, touching coming-of-age tale about a boy with far-reaching dreams maturing into an adult and finally buying the dream house. This is going to be a macabre tragedy where the beloved protagonist takes a joy ride in his newly purchased Bugatti and everyone in the audience thinks it's finally time to relax before he crashes with another vehicle and falls off a bridge to an untimely death, another fatality chalked up to the indulgence of man. I am the outlier, I am the singularity, I deviate from the norm and schedule peace and tranquility on a date with uncontrollable chaos... And in my domain, Aren Mstislav is nothing more than a pariah.

There's no doubt creeping up into my mind. I intend to succeed and take every risk needed to get there in the process. I'm not trigger-happy, but I sure as hell ain't gun-shy. Maybe the onlooking skeptics have possessed that uncertainty, maybe they were completely convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt of my demise when I lost to Tyler Parker in two consecutive falls at last year's Pain for Pride, maybe the constant string of losses to extremists I'd previously made mince-meat out of swayed their opinion of me in a different direction. I sought approval, I sought acceptance and the notion of virtue, integrity, and faith. Such meaningless values ring hollow to me now, nothing more than an excuse for the preeminent elites of this industry to take a backseat to inferior wrestlers like Jacob Senn, like Dark Demon, like Heart Break Boy, like all of those also-rans and participation trophy extraordinaires that fell victim to my relentless wrath at Pain for Pride, like that disgrace of an Answers World Champion by the name of Devan Dubian who has sullied the sanctity of a championship I once brought prestige to. The Tag Team Championship adorning my gorgeous shoulder at this very moment is proof enough of everything I've done since returning, but that's just the thing! It isn't enough. It's NEVER enough! Countless championships and it's not enough! Multiple times the General Manager of Voltage and it remains insufficient! My appetite isn't sated, my bloodlust is RAGING with the incomparable zeal of a true warrior that takes no shit and doesn't leave a trace of his fallen enemies behind. That monster inside of me was nurtured, it was fed and it was groomed internally, and it's awakening. It's coming out to the surface for the world to see. And where I was once oblivious, now I have blessed myself with profound insight; now, I have achieved enlightenment and that untamable monster grows the day. In a land of thieves, merchants, charlatans, convicts, assassins, fighters for hire... I am the pioneer of this plateau. Those who oppose Hexa-gun are stand-ins, and I'm the standout.

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Battleground Promo: Post Voltage Conference - 8/23/15

The Franchise Demon is sitting at the podium backstage after Voltage goes off the air in-front of the media and is taking some questions after his match with Stark from earlier tonight.

Media person #1: Good evening Mr. Franchise Demon, tonight you fell short against Stark in a very good match just wondering If I could get your thoughts?


Media person #2: Franchise, after a tough fight out there tonight reports are just coming out from Ashten Cross' locker room that your not booked for Voltage next week. You're thoughts?

FD: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I GO FROM NOT BEING BOOKED AT A FREE PER VIEW EVENT TO NOT GETTING BOOKED ON VOLTAGE NEXT WEEK? ... Does Ashten Cross know who I am? I AM THE FRANCHISE DEMON...I was the one behind  kidnapping Diamond Cage. Back then I didn't get a title match then when Cage was World Heavyweight Champion and now I'm not even good enough to get booked for Voltage? Cross is the worst general manager in history, this is why Zack Crash is awesome in charge and needs to handle this. Once I get my hands on Ashten Cross he will be a deadman.......A DEADMANQ! DO YOU HEAR ME??

The Franchise Demon walks off the stage in frustration but EAW officials make Franchise Demon go back up on stage and finish the conference...

FD: Ughhhh...alright fine! NEXT QUESTION!

Battleground Official: Hi Franchise Demon, huge fan of your work these last few weeks. Myself and the other officials see you have some beef with Dark Demon on social media and decided that next Monday in the main event of Battleground you and Dark Demon will lay your frustrations all out on the table and you two will go one on one with each other. One fall to the finish, good luck!

The Franchise Demon has a smirk on his face as the Battleground Official walks out of the conference area

FD: A shitty night that reminded me of my past when I was younger to a night that just turned pretty good. Ladies and gentleman of the media, I want all of you to take out your phones ignore whatever fucking text or alert you got and mark your calendars, Monday...August 31st, 2015 the biggest day of my career. The day that this seven month rookie will defeat The Hall of Fame Champion - Dark Demon. The biggest upset of EAW history will happen on Battleground this coming Monday and you can take that to the bank! Dark Demon is just like Stark because he just wants to be the villain. You see it happening right in-front of your eyes every single day on social media. He's telling me to clean his title and carry his bags? That's bullying ladies and gentleman so get behind the real hero of this company and the man that's going to make history...The Franchise Demon. The dark clouds are beginning to form over Dark Demon and remember ladies and gentleman...

August 31st, 2015 - The Franchise Demon makes history! Now excuse me I need to go start training for my match against Dark Demon.

The Franchise Demon walks off stage with a smile on his face as the media begins to clap
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
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*Diamond Cage strips naked and leaves*

Brad, you never cease to amaze me. Firstly, you’re in a cesspool like Gainesville, and secondly you proved me right. You are a toolbox, and an asskisser. You’re bound to become the next Heart Break Boy aren’t you? Tell me, what else are you willing to do to reach the top Brad? Are you willing to please the idiotic fanbase? Are you willing to please “the boss”? I’m sure you’re good at the last one but let’s be honest here. You called me a wimp? Tell me you ignoramus, have you ever fallen from a scaffold, high above the ring, onto the floor? Have you ever went through a barbed wire ladder match? Have you ever got your knee leveled in a ladder match? I have, and unlike you wrestling embarrassments I didn’t do it for the pay, I did it because of my mission, and that is to de-establish this business. I’ve done matches that make you want to crawl back into your little hollow shell. You come into EAW with a lot of undeserved hype. Hype, not drawn because of your ability but because your a good sell. When will idiots like you realize that the fans don’t care about you and neither does the EAW establishment? When will idiots like you wake up and see the fact that this business isn’t about passion, it’s about surviving. You are like the common American voter, the way the switch their vote is the same way you style yourself. Understand that your in a game, and you are a pawn. Compared to you I am a master. My eyes see how bad this company is and how frustrating it is, and all my frustrations are going to come out on you. See, after our match you’re not gonna walk back to the locker room in shame, you are going to be wheeled back there not remembering the entire day. Forever known as “Brad Daniels, The Kingly Toolbox who thought he could defeat Collin’s mission.” It will be nice seeing you Brad. Even if it is for a few short minutes.
[Early this morning, cameramen and photographers caught up to Tarah Nova leaving the Raleigh, North Carolina airport with her bag sling around her and a coffee in hand. With the cameras flashing her face as she pushes by, Tarah slowly sighs listening to the questions.]

Reporter 1:  Ms. Nova! Whats going on with Zach Genesis!?! Did something happe-

Tarah Nova: No...please just-- :Continues to walk through them:

Reporter 2: Is him leaving you in EAW alone going to affect your mindset in the ring?

[Tarah ignores them as she gets to her rental car. As she tries to pull her keys out of her pocket, the reports get closer, still asking questions]

Reporter 3: Nova! Nova! beside all of the Genesis drama, do you think you will actually beat Erica Fords this week?

[Tarah drops her coffee and finally turns around with a look in her eyes that could kill.]

Tarah Nova: You know what! I am sick of being followed and asked about him everyday. I mean why ask me things like ‘Where is Genesis’ or ‘Why did he leave’. Now the real question everyone should be asking me is: Does Tarah Nova even know what's going on? And the answer to that is no. I don’t know what's going on with him or even care right now. He has blocked me out of his life for the past two weeks and I’m at the point of giving up on us or whatever this is/was. To be completely honest, We haven’t spoken a damn word to each other. So with everyone thinking that with him leaving me alone in EAW will fuck my mindset up then let me just say you’re wrong. Oh, completely wrong.  I, Tarah Jay Nova, have never been better. Sure, the past couple of weeks I haven't been in the zone. I’ve been pushed against walls with all of this shit with Genesis and Madison and even my own personal roadblocks got in the way but I’ve been getting over it all. So no, Genesis won’t ruin my mindset when I’m in my ring. Him and his problems won’t distract me because their not my problems. MY only problems I have this week is Roadkill and Ariana Lopez.

So aside from everything, I still do think--NO--I know that I will beat Roadkill this week in the damn tournament. Like I said before, I don’t care about winning the tournament, all I care about is beating these Vixens like only I can. Even though me and Roadkill have been getting along as of late, which is odd, I’m still going to beat her ass into the mat. All my angry that I have been holding in for the past month and a half because everything I have been thought will get released on her. Right now, Roadkill will be nothing more but my personal human punching bag. She thinks she fastest Vixen in the ring. She believes she’s going to be the one making the rules this week but she has it all wrong. I’m going to be the one making or breaking the rules. I am the Queen, I rule that ring and like it or not, I rule that top turnbuckle too. [Tarah stares at the reporters with an unreadable look, before continuing] Now I believe it's time to become the old me once again. Its time to show Roadkill why I am the Leader. Why, for after three long years I came the top Wrestler here among the Vixens. Its time to kill again. To start showing everyone that the Girl that they all love, is the woman that they should all fear.

So I’m going to say this right to her. [Tarah looks right into a camera] Roadkill, I beg you to bring your a-game. Try to be the best Vixen that you can probably be because I wanna watch you fail at that like everything else you have done. You're going to speed your way into this match and like always, trip and fall. See, not to seem like a bitch but I’ve been done playing games since after PFP. I’ve been done with everything and the only people that have been keeping me sane are my freak-shows. Other than them, I have no one else that will stop me from snapping and knock your pretty teeth down your throat. You have been warned this week and that's all I need to say to you.

[Tarah was about to turn back to her rental car but reporter 1 speaks up again.]

Reporter 1: What about Ms. Lopez? Do you have any ‘warning’ for her?

Tarah Nova: Who?? [Tarah thinks before smirking] Oh right, Ariana Lopez. Haruna’s side girl. Right, Right. Um--My warning to her? Yeah, my only warning to someone like her is that nothing will save her from me this week.  Not Haruna. Not her fake ass breast. Not even if she got down on her hands and knees, begging for me to stop beating her. Because the thing is, I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to let a Vixen that hasn’t been around to just come back and win a chance for my Vixens Championship. I mean holy water isn’t even going to help her. It won’t save her from my rage. I personally believe that Vixens like her shouldn’t be here in EAW. She shouldn’t be able to share that ring with Vixens like Little Cuba Maria Gonzales, the new Vixen Aria Jaxon or hell, even that asshat named Madison and that's saying something. --But look. At the moment, I don’t care about her. Latina Barbie isn’t worth my time right now. Thats all. So now get that camera out of my face...

[Tarah Nova growls before finally opening her rental car door and quickly throws her stuff in the back and climbs into the her car. They continue to take photos as she starts the car up and speeds away. Camera fading to black.]

Empress of Elite Round 3.3

Cailin Dillon sits inside a broken down building, her legs propped up on a second folding chair as she watches a video on her phone. She covers her mouth and laughs to herself. A door opens, filling the room with loud noise from an outside crowd as the other three members if Iconomy walk in and begin talking to each other. With her headphones in, Cailin doesn’t hear them, and she doesn’t notice them walking past, either. Her laughing makes JJ wave the other two into the next room to continue talking business. Another guy walks by and stops, staring at her as she laughs. She notices his presence and glares at him. Stopping her video, she pulls her headphones down.
Cailin Dillon: Umm… can I help you?
Guy: What’s so funny?
Cailin Dillon: Well, what’s so funny person I don’t know and have never seen before, is this video Cameron cut about Maddie and the Empress of Elite. Cam really nails ‘em with this one. You should watch it if you can. She just perfectly says everything about Maddie that I wish I could have better said a week ago. But watching her tear Maddie limb from limb will be a decent consolation prize from my match with her. Bitch straight up stole one form me. I can’t be having that happen during this tournament, so I’ll have to let karma come back and bite Maddie in her pathetic ass. My time against Cam will come, and I’m thrilled to even get a chance to wrestle one of the greatest Vixens EAW has ever had. Talk about someone who has taken every challenge head on and fought tooth and nail to get where she is. She’s fought everyone that stepped up to her and when I came here I never thought we’d see her back repping the Vixen division. She’s the face right now, even if she’s not the champ. I think everything goes through her. But I digress; I have other things to worry about before that. Who the hell are you again, and what are you doing inside this building?
Guy: I’m just a guy looking for the Iconomy… have you seen them?
Cailin Dillon: Nope, haven’t seen them.
Guy: Wait, but you’re in Iconomy I thought? Don’t you fight against Eris this week? That lunatic chick?
Cailin Dillon: Watch your tongue. She might be seem crazy bit she’s my friend. Or… something. We’re complicated. But we like each other and I don’t appreciate you talking about some one that’s friendly to me like that. But yes, we’re fighting again this week. Finally getting the chance to finish what we started almost a month ago. The great thing is that it probably will finish this time. Nobody coming down and ruining it like our first time. She had me laughing yesterday actually, and then feeling sad. So many of us Vixens have some really fucked up families, did you know that? Yet we have to work for respect maybe even more so than the Elitists. But she was right about one thing, and both of us know it. No matter what we say about each other in the build up to this match, one thing will remain the same. We will both be nasty when we get in that ring and we will both do anything it takes to win. If I have to hurdle myself over those ropes to take her down on the outside, I’ll do it 100 times if it means a win. And she’s the same way. That’s what makes a match between us so fantastic. Think about it? This is our second fight, we’ve been around, what, two-three months? Both fights have been slotted in main event spots. We backed it up the first time and we will back it up again this time. We just have this chemistry that spells out awesome match, and everyone can see it. As soon as people saw the schedule for Empress of Elite, they were already talking about out rematch. Twitter has been absolutely buzzing about it this week. I guarantee our match will be the best of the night. And I bet by the end of the night our respect for each other will remain mutual. And we’ll also already be thinking about the next time we main event. We’re just that awesome.
Guy: But she is crazy though, am I right?
Cailin Dillon: What the hell is the matter with you. Are you dense or something? I just told you not to talk about her like that. Are you related to Suzi Spitz? Is your name Mark Swallows? I told you, Eris is my friend… err… something like that. Don’t talk about her like that. She’s not crazy, she’s actually the smartest person in the room. She could manipulate an idiot like you and have you cleaning her house for free as a once-a-week maid service. You’d even be dressing up like a French maid and have her mocking you while her and HBG hang out and talk about whatever it is they do. You are nothing compared to her and you’re really starting to irritate me. What are you seriously doing here?
Guy: Well, I came to see if the Iconomy because I have —
Cailin Dillon: Wait… is that a freaking Chuck Scene shirt you’re wearing? Are you seriously freaking wearing the shirt of the man who ruined my first match with Eris?
Guy: Oh yeah, man, Chuck is the best. Who doesn’t love Chuck?
Cailin Dillon: I don’t freaking love Chuck. As a matter of fact, I hate Chuck. Eris hates Chuck, and you chose the wrong damn day to show up wearing a Chuck t-shirt. Chuck Scene is an abomination to wrestling. He thinks it’s ok to beat women. Not fight them in an organized match, but ambush and literally beat them to prove a point. Do you realize he ruined an amazing match between me and Eris? We were putting together match of the week, hell, match of the year type material. He is one sick, pathetic individual. How could you be a fan of someone like that?
Guy: Well, he’s the best.
Without another word, Cailin grabs the guy by the collar and rips his shirt down the front before dragging him to the door and pushing him outside, making him tumble over and turn, putting his arms out as if to ask what he did. Cailin shakes the dust off her hands.
Guy: You ruined my shirt, you bitch. I was here to make shirts for you all!
Cailin turns around to see the rest of Iconomy with their arms out, as if to ask what she just did. She laughs and waves it off.
Cailin Dillon: Oh! That was the shirt guy y’all were waiting for? Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t support people who are Chuck Scene fans. You’ll have to find someone else. I have the most important rematch of my career this week, and I don’t have time to mess with idiots that come up in here and pretend they don’t know who I am, and act like they don’t understand why I completely loathe Chuck and everything he stands for. This week is about my three matches, you guys handle your own. I have to get past Eris, then dispel of Suzi… whatever it is. And then I’ll cap off the week of wrestling with a Monday night win over Raven Lee. I’ll probably be barely standing on my own two feet by the end of it, but it’s just Raven Lee, and y’all know I only need one boot to the jaw to end a match, right? I like the girl and everything she’s doing, but I’m not gonna let her be the one that stands between me and my shot and running the table the rest of the way. We’ll let those difficulties arise next week. So you guys go do your speech thing or whatever it is you have planned. I have to go call Eris and tell her about the Chuckaholic I just kicked outta here. She’s gonna love it. And then we’ll talk about who’s gonna kick who’s ass this week. Let’s see who will win this war of words.
She laughs as she starts to walk off, leaving her Iconomy brethren confused and wondering what the heck she is up to. She walks out the front door as she dials numbers on her phone.
This is just embarrassing. Why Zack Crash gotta to do Kevin Devastation like that? How he know what happened to his boy KD and let him step in the ring with me again?

Straight up I think I’ve accomplished something never before seen in EAW, I must be the first person to retire someone by pinning them in the middle of the ring and then when that person comes back fulltime pin them again in their first match back!

KD I’ll tell you like Drake told Meek Mill. Listen man, I said you don’t want that three peat.

Just when every kid and young adult thought it was over for the summer, no more three peats and no more slayed careers, I’m going to style on KD before everyone goes back to school to be the talk of the area, be it a college campus, jungle gym or cafeteria. I may have not gone to college to get my foot into the wrestling world, but at least I’m giving my generation something to talk about.
But it isn’t just them, I look to my elders and know I’ve got the opportunity to make them proud. See John Alloy and Jaywalker together brought the three peat promoer of the years to our conglomerate, and now I’ve got the chance to bring a three peat of my own over this legend who didn’t know when to quit. That’s very important.

See it’s important because some out there looked over to a man who walks, talks and looks like me and made a bunch of assumptions about my character.

They said Jones is a no good punk.

They questioned my respect for this culture.

They had Stephen A Smith asking me how I was going to betray Dynasty Wrestling and how Jaywalker could stand for it.


Kevin Devastation, you are the hall of famer, but you’re the one who has something to prove to ME! Because the way I see it there are two types of returning legends around here, there are those who come back for better and greater like Y2Impacts, Jaywalkers, Heart Break Gals, Starr Stans and Dark Demons, but on the other side there are those who come back diminishing their legacies like Hurricane Hawks, Heart Break Boys and what right now looks to be you too! See yeah I retired you in your last match, but you also got into the hall of fame after, you could have sat at home comfortable with that as the end as people of the future generations who look to the hall of fame and say to themselves that KD MUST have been a cool great dude. Yet you put on that stupid face paint and gambled your legacy, now everyone can see you today and pass judgements wondering if you were overhyped. As I preside over everything you once were that I stole from you and see what you try to do as the new you after I took everything from you, I can’t help but find it disrespectful. See you aren’t just tarnishing the career you built by being underling to Zack Crash, you’re tarnishing the career I ENDED. See now when I tell stories to my children’s children about how I overcame the great Kevin Devastation they’ll look to me and say “why did you retire that retarded clown” and I’ll have to consistently correct them that I ended the first wave of Kevin Devastation as the big bad monster everyone feared and had nothing to do with the disgusting monstrosity that came later, all while they think granddaddy Jones is trying to inflate a small feat they would think ANYONE could do.

Maybe on Showdown after I pin you again you’ll come to your senses and accept that you and your scorpions ought to crawl back under the rock you came from.

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