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 EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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PostEAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

Here you can write promos about shows, Extremist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...) :: Comments

Hey man, I wonder if that dog bites?

As a child, as a teenager, even throughout adulthood, we're often reminded of the old adage of not poking the bear. Why? Well, bears like to hibernate, they like to sleep and lounge around. During that time, they don't want to be disturbed. If you proceed to poke the bear, the bear awakens, gets angry and will probably retaliate. The same goes for the family pet. Ol' Fido in the backyard will probably do the same if you annoy him while he's basking in the sun on the lawn.

Let's apply that to this past Voltage. A tired and frustrated Clark Duncan sits down with WWEFan for a candid interview on what's been going on. He was persistent. He tried very hard. Kudos Fan, that took guts. Like everyone else so far, he couldn't break me. I'm a tough nut to crack. Whether in the ring or in an interview, it doesn't matter. A collection of losses got me here, but as I stated, that all ends now. My time for messing around while dudes luke Liam Catterson have all the fun is over. Sqaundering opportunities will become a thing of the past, the crystal ball knows.

Losing is something that defines a person. You handle it with grace and vow to avenge it or you can find excuses for it and lay blame as to why it happened. I definitiely like to think I do the former, but you know what? I probably do the latter more often than I like to admit. Those days are done. It's time to soldier on with no regrets. The only thing on my mind right now is winning on Voltage this week. That's all I want right now, and as cliche as it might sound, I won't rest until I have a win column that makes the best of them envious.

To do that, I have to start somewhere. This Sunday marks the start of a journey. James Robert Thomas III gets to be the first in a long line of people to fall to Clark Duncan. This won't be a one off. I'm not going to simply win this week and falter the next, these wins will be successive. Week after week, show after show, I'll keep putting opponents down until somebody takes notice. I don't want sympathy, I don't want fans, I just wants results and rewards. It may sounds greedy, but I have to rethink everything I know and readjust to compensate for the time lost. I could ramble about how I'm going to embarrass James Robert Thomas III and all that, I could spend hours preaching about why I'm better. However, all I'm going to say is that the result will be in my favor.

I bet you brand new pants that it just might
I've been waiting. Everyday.. WAITING to get back to where I belong. I've been searching for a reason. Trying to get in the right mind to understand why I was making this decision and then I realized.. I wasn't finished. I'm nowhere finished in what seems to be my EAW career. Even though I'm a Hall of Famer.. I'm a former World Champion.. something didn't feel right. I'm feeling forgotten, but also disrespected. I was sidelined earlier this year and I felt cold shouldered. Laying in a hospital bed I realized I had to get better, better than I ever was in my past. I had to WANT it. I trained.. I worked and I got in the right position to gain an opportunity from someone that I honestly never thought I'd get an opportunity from.. and now I'm on Voltage. Of course I don't think that I'll easily get my chance at what everyone wants but I know for a fact that I'll work for like I've done before. The Hawk Nation waited along with me and that loyalty means a lot to me. I know for a fact that I don't want to let anyone down, and on this ride.. I'm going for it all or nothing. All of you can say that you're hungry I'm going to SHOW my hunger and feed on each and every one of you just to get to where I want to be. Each of you as stepping stones, to place myself right at the peak of the mountain. I earn my respect. And as I walked out of that building I heard my first opponent. I know him. A common brother and a man that I have nothing but respect for but when it comes to that ring.. I can only give him what I know best and that's my skill to win. Brian Daniels has been an elitist that I've seen grow in this business. He's helped me become the legend that I am today, but now we stand in the ring as opponents. Brian I've known in my past that you've stepped into that ring with me and you've fallen short. Nothing's changing. I might have been outside of that ring for a long period of time but there is no such thing as rust for me. You know I find it funny that every time that you came close to a priority like the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, you had your finger tips on it .. YOU COULD TASTE IT.. but you just.. couldn't grab it. How does that make you feel to know.. that I've ALWAYS been better than you. I've slipped and I've fallen and you've been given time to make a statement for yourself. You've even actually grabbed that World Heavyweight Championship but do you seen that relationship there? Brian you've been in this business longer than me and you just let me slip past you. You let me grab everything I needed just like you let me grab that Cash in the Vault briefcase when I took you out of the picture. You need to realize that I am the obstacle that you can't beat. The obstacle that you can't remove. I know it hurts to realize this, but once I step past you AGAIN, I'll be write on my way to show everyone else that I have a meaning for this return. I want you to understand that I'm going to come at you like hollow tips to break you down. I could tell you how this is going to end but I'd rather show you in that ring exactly what I'm going to do. I'm tired of the same thing that seems to happen. I come back to return and I'm seemingly overlooked because I'm sidelined or I just lose my significance. This time Brian.. you can act as an obstacle and I'll just run right through you. Maybe this time you'll realize that there's no way for you to beat me. It seems to me that every time you step into an EAW ring with me you just give up. Brian it's okay to be second place when it comes to me. I can see it in your eyes that you can't come up with a plan to succeed against me because you don't have the right tools. How do you break down someone that just doesn't give up? Put me down, I'll get back up. I'll give you respect for the effort, but you just can't finish me. And on Voltage, you'll realize that I have a purpose. You'll realize that I'm better than I was before and you'll see that just when you thought you were on your way up.. you'll be right back on your way down after I push you off the top of the mountain. In this game.. closed mouths don't get fed and friends aren't friends. You have a target on your back pal and it's only right that you feel my first.. assassination.
(OOC Note: I'm sorry for not giving my all this week, have some personal issues that makes me feel demotivated for this week. anyway, this is what I can only come up with. once again, I'm sorry Sad)

Scene opens in an afternoon somewhere in Haruna's work place. She's still dressing as a maid, probably in her lunch break as she is standing at the small bridge with an empty stare.

Haruna Sakazaki: Doushi yo, doushi yo, doushi yoo~~!!!

Haruna looks disconcerted as she slaps her own cheeks a couple times, trying to pull herself together.

Haruna Sakazaki: Ariana asked me to get married with her. She didn't know that I promised to myself that I don't want to get married before I can fulfill all my dreams. I have to focus on all my dreams and this love thing is.... aaaargh! All of this are driving me insane, I have a big tournament right now and my mind has been splitted in half because of this crazy little thing called "Love". Love is such a toxic, they were right about it. Ariana really loves me so she doesn't want to let me go exploring more of me. I have to understand her to marry her as soon as possible but she never understand me at all. I don't want to play around with the sacred things like marriage. I know we can get married with anyone in here, it's all free in America, but not in my place. People is about to question my own future after my marriage and I am not ready with the question "Who is your husband?" all people in my place are going to ask me. I'm not ready for anything. I need time.... 4-5 years is enough for me to consider my future. and that didn't count as my career time. I need to focus in this industry first. then again, I also have to think that this forbidden love should be my biggest consideration. I'm not a lesbian, Ari. I'm just a heart-broken woman that tries to think that all men are such a jerk.... and that way is trying to love girls. but this..... this is too much for me! I'm trying to be a perfect lover for you even I think that this might be too awkward for me. Hey, it's a rookie mistake. But.... Marriage this soon is.... I'm not, I'm not ready for this.

She takes a deep sigh before she continues.

Haruna Sakazaki: So I think Ariana hates me right now because I reject this proposal. I think she knows that love is not something that you can't rushed out. I really don't want this thing emotion distrupt our focus in this tournament. I believe, Ari.... the time will come, but not now. If you are patient enough to wait for it. If I am wrong with this statement, perhaps I am not a perfect person for you. My last boyfriend also asked me for an early marrieage until he stabbed me on my back. I don't want that thing to be happened again. I don't want to rushed out my love feelings towards everyone. You might hate me for this, Ari. I know you might be. We really need time to pull all of this together and if you can't be patient, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for you.

She shrugs her shoulder as she walks away from the bridge.

Haruna Sakazaki: Okay, Let's forget about my personal problems and move on to my main focus. The main reason to come to this place fa away from Japan. My focus is to be the best fighter in the world and have my name to be remembered by all people in the world. That is still my reason, right? I better focus and not disturbed by my personal matters. as I move on to the next round of Empress of Elite. well, my opponent will be.... miss Eris LeCava. a girl who just kicked Chuck Scene's arse. hmm.... what an intriguing opponent.

Haruna Sakazaki: from what I notice, Ms. LeCava has already fought in two different matches this week. with Cailin and with Chuck Scene. Hey, I think I can use all of this situation to capture another victory. I believe she already show all of her best on her two previous matches and perhaps she'll fight me with the rest of her power and maybe.... just maybe, I can pick up the win easier than I imagined.

Again, she sighed.

Haruna Sakazaki: oh, man.... do I have to be like this if I have to win? do I have to work out a plan just to dismantle our every opponent? Do I really have to do what I have done to Maddie and Tarah to get recognized by the whole division? All I want to do is just a simple thing. All I want to do is to have a good and fierce battle and so far, I never meet that battle. I want to win that way, I want to win with all of my power, defeating my opponent fully with all my might. not with all those slicky plans I give to them. I'm still looking for anyone who can provide me with some decent challenge because I still believe, if I fight them with all my power, I will enjoy the view on the top better than I'm doing it with a strategy. I hope Ms. LeCava can give me that fierce battle, but if not.... I still have a plan to tear her up into pieces.

She finally arrives at the backdoor of her cafe as she gets in and the scene goes fade to black.
The Dank Files – Episode 2 | YouTube
The camera opens up to Piff Fumador sitting in a car, parked in the driveway of a modest neighbourhood in Sacramento Tijuana (“Get it right, esé” – Piff).  It’s nighttime and the windows of the car are rolled up, with smoke filling the air of Piff’s old and beaten down Ford Focus. The sounds of Dr Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ are subtly heard in the background while Fumador is smoking a joint.
Piff: Hola amigo, Piff Fumador here with another episode of the Dank Files. I’m sitting here in my car in Tijuana….
At this moment, a crowd of teenagers are heard skateboarding past the car drunkenly shouting “LET’S GET BEERS!!!!” in the same native Californian Mexican (“Yeah, that’s better…” – Piff) accent spoken by Fumador.
Piff: Ha, listen to those lil ninos, going to get the coronas in.. So anyway, I’m here in my car over in Tijuana listening to the Chronic.. Smoking the plant of the same name, and in a change of heart to my usual laid back self, I’m actually pretty pissed, holmes. Who is this Masohiro gringo? I beat him down fair and square, DDTHC for the 3 count, and then what happens? He blindsides me after the match and makes me look like a big piece of carne asada in front of the Voltage crowd and everyone watching at home – The crowd who should have been cheering my second victory in EAW.
He takes a big drag of the joint and blows it into the camera, while changing the track on his car radio to the Dr Dre track ‘$20 Sack Pyramid’.
Piff: Things aren’t over between us Masohiro, you better watch your chain wearing, pain loving, ugly ass because EAW’s finest strain, and soon to be greatest luchador, is coming for you. And when I do, just like at last week’s voltage, I’m gonna blaze… You… Up…
Fumador puts out the joint in the car and slightly leans the front seat back.
Piff: I will also say I want to thank Gabriel Eden, it’s an amigo in my books. I was caught off guard and Masohiro exploited that, I’ll admit that Eden saved my tortilla after our match and for that I’ll have his back if he ever needs it. Or if he just wants to go for a smoke after a show sometime that’ll also be grande. But let me talk about tomorrow’s Voltage, for all my subscribers and fans.. Which has now increased to 210! VIVA LA VIDA LOCO!!!
At the end of his chant he starts choking on some of the smoke and coughs for a little bit.
Piff: Sorry hombres, but anyways let’s talk about tomorrow’s Voltage. I face some gringo called Rokuro Masuda, who apparently has ‘done it all’ in Japan, congrats homie but that means nothing to me. You may have won the teriyaki world championship or whatever, but I’m a luchador, and I’ll run circles around you in the ring – I have the speed, agility, and surprisingly stamina, considering I’ll be blazed as shit before I come out to the ring. You can go back to Japan if you’re so beloved over there, because here in EAW, the fans love Piff. And they’re gonna jump out their seats when I hit a 420 Splash off the top rope on your wasabi eating ass.
He does his signature ‘toke and point’ gesture into the camera, like he’ll do in his entrance.
Piff: I saw an interview with this Rokuro hombre, he didn’t even really talk about me, he just talked about the two gringos he faces on Battleground. I mean, does he not think I’m a challenge? That he can just walk all over me in the ring with his Kung Fu or whatever he uses? That esé needs to know that he’s getting in the ring with one of the highest fliers on Voltage, and soon to be the best luchador ever seen in an EAW ring… And what’s all this about me being intoxicated 99% of the time? He says that like it’s a bad thing, the dank stuff is what gives me my powers; like Popeye ate spinach, I smoke it. But this will all be proven at tomorrow night’s Voltage, and I’ll check in with you guys on another episode of the Dank Files next week, exclusively on YouTube. In the mean time, Rokuro Masuda, you better watch out tomorrow night for a DDTHC or a 420 Splash coming your way, because Piff Fumador, is gonna… Blaze…. You…. Up…..

End of video.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 30th 2015, 2:45 am by Guest
Normally, Im not the kind of man who feels that I need to repeat myself, but from what I have gathered about our dear Masohiro, I have a feeling that’s what it’s going to take to help this man comprehend the position he is in. How he chooses to justify his actions are of no concern to me. I know what I saw, and I did what I thought was right… It’s that simple.

I could care less what sort of deranged perspective he prefers to cling to like it’s his last shred of sanity, because at the end of the day, I get to sleep easy knowing that I fight with all that is good and just in our world at my back. When this week began, I found myself hesitant about diving into something that could end half as badly as the last war I waged. As the sand dwindles from inside the hourglass however, I find myself looking forward to demonstrating to our friend here that I am no man’s welcome mat. It is of no consequence to me what his ideals or philosophies are by any stretch of the imagination. As a man, he is entitled to believe whatever he must to help him walk the path he has chosen. As a competitor in this industry, he has already proven to be a coward and a fool.

This week at Voltage, I’m going to exhibit, not just for his benefit, but for the sake of everyone watching who has ever been victimized by a bully that the time to rise has come. Stand up, raise your fists into the sky, and embrace the dawn of a new beginning. As Masohiro lays defeated at the Gates of Eden, there will be no doubt that I bring with me a message of salvation, a beacon of hope that shall rip through the darkness plaguing this business. No chains, no lead pipes, and no matter how much he would wish to prove me wrong, no proclamation of glory is going to be enough to carry him beyond his means. I shall be the martyr if that’s what it takes to fend off the pariah from trying to silence the voice of the masses. I may not be their messiah, but I will damn sure be their avatar in the never-ending battle between right and wrong, black and white, and good and evil. It will be through me that the fans of EAW will take back their company and be able to go back to enjoying the competition for what it is in it’s purest form.

Sometimes darkness can show you the light… and oh how bright will it shine?

+ + + + + +

What Do You See?
by Gabriel Eden

I have had shown my face enough for this week my legs carry me to that ring at Voltage. Mix that with the fact that I consider myself a rather intelligent individual, I have elected to test my literary skills for you now while sending a message to my adversary for Voltage, Masohiro, that is of course, if the animal has learned how to read. Though that may have sounded harsh, allow me to explain. I do not question the man’s intellect as a whole, but as primitive as his methods are, I am just unsure if he has been exposed to the likes of a book.

After I had the pleasure of viewing the mindless self indulgence of our dear Masohiro, I realized that I had engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Aside from the repetitive nature he has, he seems to talk himself in circles hoping that he can find his point along the way. The problem with that kind of incoherence is that he is trying to “liberate” the people of the world into his religion of pain or what have you, but the side effects of his lifestyle are reflecting quite a different image am I right? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the poor guy has had his brain jostled a bit in that thick skull of his. All insults aside, after his match last week, the act of cowardice that followed, and his nauseating diatribe this week, I have come to realize that this is not a matter that will take long to resolve because after Voltage, it won’t be me who has anything to prove.

I have been taking my lumps in stride so to speak, though I haven’t been at it for that long. I may not be the jaded, grizzled veteran here, but I feel I have already proven that I’m someone who is going to be around for quite a long time. Masohiro hasn’t been here long enough for a cup of coffee, and already he is making claims that I’m not sure he can back up. I may not be the greatest wrestler to ever lace a pair of boots, at least not yet, but what I am is a man who will stop at nothing to see to it that when I leave that ring, I leave all of myself behind so that win or lose, there is no question as to who I am or what I am about. The more poor Masohiro spoke, the more I found myself facing a situation that could not be solved through words and logic. No, it seems that I am going to have to let my actions do the talking, and it’s time to let Masohiro become the example of the message I bring.

He can bring his chain, bring his hopes, and bring his sadistic ideals until his heart’s content, but none of that will matter when that bell rings and I display once more what it is that have gotten these hard working fans beginning to murmur my name in their inner circles. Is this going to be a fight? Oh, I can most certainly count on it. What I can also count on is the fact that he is going to learn that his best just isn’t good enough. My ascension continues this week at Voltage, and if that means I must make a quick and decisive statement at Masohiro’s expense, then that’s sadly the way the cards have been dealt. After what I went through with Eclipse, nothing about our friend here intimidates me, not even in the slightest. I haven’t painted him a demon, just simply a wrong that I must right. He wishes to turn the tables and make me look like the bully, but had he accepted his defeat with honor, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion here today. Instead, like any playground bully, he demonstrated that he is a sore loser and will do whatever it takes to make sure that his opponent suffers, even if it means disgracing the image he’s failing to portray.

Well, as a man who has been clawing and scratching to make my name find itself on the lips of our fans, I can honestly tell you all here and now that I have begun to ignite the fires deep within each of you and as the flames grows inside of you, I will stop at nothing to make sure that this crusade is not a wasted journey. At Voltage, I move through the bump in that road that is Masohiro and continue to pave my path to the top of the company, inch by inch, fight by excruciating fight.

I ask you now Masohiro, when you look at me, what do you see? Do you see a man who needs to bleed for your cause? Do you see but a blip on the radar when it comes to the bigger picture? Tell me what it is you see Masohiro, tell me what images appear in your mind at the mention of my name. I will tell you know that when I hear your name, I think of a scared little man who is looking to be the bully in order to being bullied himself and in some weird way, I can respect that. When I look at you my friend, I see a man who is hoping beyond hope that he finds acceptance in a subculture that can make him feel like he’s finally apart of something that doesn’t involve sipping some kind of ceremonial kool-aid. When I close my eyes and think about you Masohiro, even as a passing thought, I find myself at peace with what awaits you at Voltage because as you very clearly stated yourself, you asked for this. Deep down, you had to have known that your actions were going to come with consequences. Perhaps you had deluded yourself into thinking nobody was going to step in and you were going to establish some false sense of dominance over Voltage, but unfortunately, I refused to allow that to happen.

Most importantly Masohiro, I will tell you what I see when I look at you. I see the latest face to find themselves in awe, bowing before the Gates of Eden, seeking redemption for their sins. At Voltage, I will show you exactly who I am and I assure you that it will be a night you will never forget. Bring your blood, despair, and violence, and I will bring raw talent, determination and honor. When that bell rings and the dust settles Masohiro, I will leave no doubts, no mistakes, no confusion whatsoever as to who the better man truly is. I am going to put an end to this little situation we have before it has a chance to go on too far. I will deliver my message in it’s entirety Masohiro, and I will do so at Voltage.

The facts are on the table, the tension is in the air, and the only thing that remains between us is 24 hours and date with destiny. Do you see what I see? If not, look closer. This is not your turning point…

This is your downfall.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 29th 2015, 11:47 pm by Impact
[Y2Impact is seen with his partner, the Heart Break Gal, at their Seattle, Washington residence known as "The Lair." Impact is wearing black leather pants that match his jacket with Hexa-gun's logo on the back and The Mercenaries' on the front, while Heart Break Gal's wearing skin-tight jeans and a strapless blood-red dress accentuated by her red lipstick. They're both fawning over each other, Impact draping his arm around her waist while Heart Break Gal chortles in flustered embarrassment. She didn't seem to mind, but their expressions took an unexpected turn moments later and they began discussing more seriously with one another]

Heart Break Gal: But what about Aren Mstislav? You can't just stand idly by and expect fortune to fall in your favor when your mind is in other places...

Y2Impact: I've already intimated my thoughts on Aren Mstislav. I've expressed and detailed my thought-process, I've given explanations with air-tight rationales, and it goes without saying that I'm supremely confident heading into this bout. I can tell that frustrates him, and it makes Mstislav want to prove me wrong with all of his might, it compels Mstislav to pray to his imaginary gods for a vision, for a plan that he can execute to entrap me and cover me for the pinfall... But, quite frankly, the only deity I need is the beautiful goddess sitting right before me.

Heart Break Gal: Hey! Don't you worry it's an inopportune moment to be publicizing the private relationship of The Mercenaries like this? I'm unsure how that involves Aren, and I'm struggling to maintain my focus myself, and in a time like this I need you to be The Four-Quadrant Killer, the man they call the "Quintessential Champion," the wrestler with staggeringly immense conviction who wouldn't let anything come between him and victory. And, hey, who knows? After you win against Mstislav on Battleground, maybe it'll prove to me that all of those compliments you gave me were genuine and I'll start believing, too.

Y2Impact: Remember our post-match celebration at this past year's Pain for Pride where we became the first Intergender EAW Tag Team Champions? We made history, our names will forever be etched in stone, a plaque will be plastered across walls of glory depicting our heart-stopping performance, and nothing will ever change that. For our opposition, that's a day that will haunt them forever and live in infamy, something they can never fully recover from, and that moment when you pinned Mr. DEDEDE and our hands were raised victoriously will live in his nightmares forever... But it wasn't merely an uncharacteristic celebratory display in the heat of the moment only to revert back to our usual behavior. It was a foreboding sign of things to come, and we've been answering emphatically every time someone makes the mistake of questioning us ever since that event. That isn't a coincidence! It isn't because my mind is on the Heart Break Gal that I am losing my focus, and this relationship between us hasn't softened my personality or deteriorated my fortitude or detracted from my usually formidable and menacing persona whose aura everyone in the room feels no later than the very moment I arrive... Not in the slightest! After all, you saw those pitiful matches I competed in last year, didn't you? You were on the commentary team, and you had the best seat in the house while I lost in what is currently my last reign as a World Champion in this company. You had the best seat in the house when I lost in CONSECUTIVE falls to Tyler Parker! When I lost to Jaywalker on Showdown last year, I haven't the faintest doubt you saw the match! When I lost to Jacob Senn! Everything happened for a reason, and I'm not insisting that some preordained fate that neither you nor I could control took over here. I'm suggesting we were drawn to one another because of the like-minded thinkers we are, the kindred spirits, the common qualities we shared with one another, that perfect unison every tag team strives to achieve yet consistently manages to elude them. Think of all the best tag teams in the history of EAW, think of RoViper, think of Dynamite Rain, think of Sex 'N' Violence, and we can trace the history back to the man in the mirror and look at the tandems I've aligned myself in with the likes of Jaywalker, Starr Stan, and St. Anger. Guess what those teams had in common? They were wrestlers thrust into similar positions, people who gathered together because their skills virtually mirrored the other, and they had traits that complemented one another in such a way that a transition as a tag team would be seamless... But they lacked the dynamic you and I possess! They lacked the compassion, and while they were all commendable in their own right, that doesn't excuse everything that resulted in their undoing. We have a bond that none of these other teams have, a nirvana that I myself was incapable of reaching in all the experiences I had in this business no matter how much I learned... And now I've ascended! No! I've transcended. I've entered into a new realm, I've crossed into uncharted territories, and all those losses and setbacks I suffered last year that forced me to ponder permanently stepping away from the ring and retiring, the plethora of seemingly endless questions that lurked deep in the mind of the well-traveled Y2Impact... It was all a part of the process, and it made me step outside the shell of my comfort zone and reach you. I've reached you! I've hit my destination! I was at a crossroads, I faced a crucible, and I came out of that trying ordeal clear-minded and STRONGER.

I haven't softened, I haven't grown lax in times of peace; I was triggered by a person that captivated me like no one else can and it transformed me into a warrior, a SOLDIER who would fight until his very last breath if it meant securing a pinfall... And I credit this change of heart that has spawned so much triumph and success since making my grand return to you. We've created a force together that nobody else can control, and now we've got six stalwarts to show for our efforts, six able-bodied soldiers deserving of being mentioned in the same breath as us that will fight for each other and dominate by any means necessary... But NEVER will I be deterred from my path! Never will I lose sight of what got me here, never will my determination sway, and never will the face in my mind that serves as the greatest reason for my improbable renaissance change to someone else's complexion; it will always be you. That's the real reason Aren Mstislav can't beat me, and I'm proud and man enough to admit that you're more than a confidant, more than a partner, more than a business associate and an adviser... And beneath all the window-dressing and narratives being spread like a contagious disease, whether it's my legendary status intimidating Mstislav like it has so many in the past, this match will be decided on merit and resolve. You have helped me regain the former, and blessed upon me the latter... I couldn't be more grateful. I'm going to put him out of commission for you, and then we're going to celebrate like it's our last night on Earth.

[Y2Impact stops talking as an eagerly listening, now-speechless Heart Break Gal just looks at his face and smiles delightfully, visibly happy with what she heard. The camera fades]
Empress of Elite


Ashlynne Black, you seem to be silent now. Has the fact that you have only gotten a single draw in this company depress you? I know it would be for me. You constantly talk about coming back as strong as ever, being in the best shape of your life, but how can that be true when your athletic showings continue to be less than poor? It’s obvious that wrestling isn’t your strong suit; maybe you should take on modeling, be the talentless little girl you are. But, I won’t lie, beating you is going to taste quite sweet in my mouth. After such a sour taste left by Aria, a win against you will help bring me up to the Empress of Elite status I deserve. Should I spot the lie? Hm, which one first…that you’re going to win the tournament itself, or that you’re going to win against me? Both are untrue. Wanna know why? You have nothing. You have so many limitations, and defeating a bland character like you will be simple. Getting MY 3 points and going off to win the tournament and going to win MY Vixen’s championship; that is going to taste oh so sweet. Where will you be? At the bottom of the pole where you usually stand, looking up and doing the normal routine of “Oh, I wish I was here!” and “Gee Wiz, with a little more help I’ll be perfect!” Hasn’t it occurred to you that you will NEVER be better than ANY of us? It’s sad to say, you’re close to being one of the worst Vixen’s I’ve faced in my time here; so defeating you? It’s going to be a piece of cake.


Why even show up come Sunday, Ashlynne? To face the inevitable, and to see into your future than you AREN’T the woman you thought you were? Revealing who you truly are, the worthless girl amongst myself. I am THE Miami Made Vixen. I am a fuckin’ monarch! Chanel clutch in hand, but cross me and I have no problem backhanding you and hitting you with a Miami Made. Day or Night, Westcoast or Eastcoast. I am the Vixen to beat, Ashlynne, and defeating you is going to be simple. Morally undefeated, in the BEST shape I have been in ever; no one can stop me. With Maddie by my side and with us ruling the division, I have no doubts in my mind about beating you.


I’m not wasting my time with you much longer; but here is my simple message. Those points? They are mine. This match? My victory. This tournament? MY LEGACY. Step in my way and I will easily take you down.


Goodbye, poor girl.
Re: EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)
Post on August 29th 2015, 10:06 pm by Hades
(The respective viewing audience is greeted to an undisclosed area; it’s dark with the exception of the crimson light in the distance that bounces off the tiled brick wall and metal pipes, which subtly leak with water and casually spew steam.  Hades is addressed with a roaring chorus of jeers as he stands before the camera balancing a red apple – that appears to have been bitten into a couple of times – in the fold of his fist.) 

Hades:  Temptation.  Man's greatest sin.  When I think of what’s come of Brian Daniels in recent weeks, I am reminded of the story of Genesis in the Bible.  I understand how ironic it is to hear a known Demon reference the Bible, but do try to remain focused.  The Bible recalls Genesis as a time when God shaped the Light, Darkness, Heavens, and the Earth out of its non-existence as well as Man and Beast all within a matter of six days; as the seventh was intended for rest.  But anyways, there came a time in the Garden of Eden when God had to run down the rules, and reassured his two nude guests that they were free to help themselves to any and all things within distance; but they could never eat from the Tree of Knowledge.  One day came along a plausible Serpent – or Beast depending on which version of the Bible you’re familiar with – who managed to worm his way into the impressionable Eve’s head and convince her into seizing the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Smitten by his smooth talk and hypnotizing eyes, she did as he told her and betrayed the commands of her Almighty God.  Man’s punishment for this, was to be banished to Earth where they would spend the rest of their days prone to sickness, pain, and disease; outside of his Holinesses jurisdiction.

How did this remind me of you Brian?  Well I’ll tell you.

Just as Adam and Eve could not resist temptation, neither could you.  You saw what Crash dangled in your face as a meal ticket straight to the top of this business, and you couldn’t resist it.  As it rings true in both stories, neither God or Crash disclosed the consequences for taking said “apple”, but it was heavily implied.  You’re not a complete imbecile.  You’ve been in this business for well over five years so I’d expect you to know that in terms of getting what you want  by taking any form of a handout, one hand always washes the other.  You can’t take, take, and take without giving a little something in return; and that’s exactly what is expected of you today.  Sometime ago, you were persuaded into taking that apple by the swirling doubts that seemed to haunt your mind at every waking turn, hypnotized by what your career could be if you resist on taking it, and thus proceeded to bite into it.

In doing so you betrayed every young Brian Daniels fan that sits in that audience wearing that prosthetic beard and t-shirt, and every person in the world who looked up to you as a symbol of something all things good and pure – one that would never be corrupted by the likes of Zackary Crash.  But oh-ho-ho, were they ever wrong?  You were corrupted long before you even took that deal with Crash.  As I’ve already noted, you were a slime ball in the past.  It’s just this time we have confirmation that is damn near impossible to refute.

(Hades toys with the apple by tossing it freely into the air with one hand and catching it with said hand.  Taking the time to collect his thoughts before continuing on with his statement.)

Hades:  Had the thought ever occurred to you that I had more than valid reasoning for interfering in your match with the Heart Break Boy?  I mean not only did he super kick me in the face, in midst of our exhibition match; but you interfered in my match with Crash for the World Championship at No Regards.  My synopsis is that you, Senn, and Cy were so high off the smell of your own shit that you had your heads crammed ten inches deep up your asses and couldn’t tell which way was the exit.  Because I kept telling myself, these three aren’t that stupid to interfere in MY championship match – there’s just no way.  But you were.  And that’s what led to the six man collision inside of the dreaded cell at Territorial Invasion V where you took advantage of a grounded adversary that I’d worn down for most of the match.  But hey, I’m not Hater.  I don’t get off on knocking anyone’s hustle.  Continue to freely poison the feeble minds of the masses as you were and continue to tell yourself that I’m the one twisting up shit to make you look bad – which I would never do because making you look bad serves no purpose – but somewhere deep down in that deluded mind of yours you know full blown well that I’m telling the truth.

Then when it all worked out for you, you ran away from some hidden reason…but I don’t care to get into that because it’s not potent to the topic at hand.  Fact is, you ran off and deserted not only your claim to the throne but the brand it represented.  So if I’m bitter about anything, it’s that.  I don’t care that Crash trusted you to bring the World Championship from Dynasty, because that same night I was in an EAW Championship bout.  I’m more upset at the fact that you ran off when you had it all!  The money, the fame, the power, the respect, the title – AND GODDAMN IT EVERYTHING YOU HAD THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE FROM THE JUMP!!  IT WAS ME WHO SACRICFICED EVERYTHING AND CAME UP SHORT, WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO SACRIFICE NOTHING AND PULL OFF BIG WINS!  IT’S BULL SHIT, IT’S ALL BULLSHIT!  Which is why I say to hell with the Owners of EAW’s past, they smiled in my face and patted me on the back but later punctured my spine with a twelve inch blade; Crash on the other hand has blessed me with the opportunity to make something of my career – with even my most recent failure – I have had a ball being the instrument for destruction that I was meant to be.  I not only destroyed Dynasty – I FUCKING killed it!  They’re gone – dead – buried – kaput; and in their place resides a poor man’s imitation of what once was.  And do you know what, if given the chance I’d do it all over again, only this time I’d have an army to command to ensure it stays buried!

Sure, killing it the first time around may not have been the best feeling in the world, but it sure made me smile.

(A spine-tingling and bone-chilling laugh resonates from the depths of his corrupt soul.  It was a rare occasion to ever see him relaxed enough to heckle at the demise of others, he usually took it all in stride and chalked it up to the way of the world, but this wasn’t the same Hades people had grown fond of over the years.  He was different and everyone posted the blame on Zack Crash for it.  Hades would regain his composure, still with the apple in his grip, and redirect his eyes to the eye of the camera.)

Hades:  Your attempts at one-upping me have only resulted in more rambling of topics that do not pertain to the match itself, but since you have nothing of relevance to bring to the table, why don’t I kill two birds with one stone now?  Regarding those who continue to refer to me as a lapdog or hold a magnifying glass to my failures, uttering from the same breathe the exact same words the last guy has spewed.  Seriously, how long is it going to take before you people realize that I don’t give a damn what you think?  But then again, even when I was at the top of my game as Answer’s Champion there was resentment and mocking, so why should I expect any different now?

Brian, you have proven yourself to be guilty of the same cliché taunting, but you added a little “zing” to yours.  I believe you made a rather bold statement about me being in Lannister and Norman Hellion’s shadow, but who the hell do you think brought them into the light as key players?  Along with many other names that the EAW now holds in high regards.  To you, that may seem like I’m just here to make other’s look good, but I consider myself to be somewhat of a measuring stick.  I determine who goes up the card and who goes down it; and Champions – especially faulty ones like you – are not exempt.  So be careful.  The next insult you hurl could very well set me off and lead to the inevitable piledriver which will seal your fate.  I’m not talking about something as weak as the constant failure comments that Jaime O’Hara loves to bask about so much; I’m talking about something that really pisses me off and goes for the jugular.  But who are we kidding?  You aren’t capable of doing something like that; you’re barely capable of fusing together a decent statement without complications.  Besides, David’s hands are simply too small and lacking of the necessary reach to rival in a fist fight with Goliath.  I bullshit you not.  Because I’m going to lay your ass out!

I’m talking gruesome things here, Brian, things that will make the network call in and threaten to cancel Voltage if they air another episode as horrendous as this is shaping up to be.  Things that would make a Crime Scene Photographer rethink his profession.  I’m going to take my hand and punch all thirty two of your teeth into your brain, tattoo my knuckles into the side of your cranium – the hard way, and make you wear as well as taste the bitterness of your own tainted blood – you will taste it until you love it!

You wanted a Monster – everyone awaited the end of the Monster’s slumber, and you’ve just got it.  He’s up and he’s out for blood.  When he walks into the Dragon’s Lair he’ll be leaving with dragon skinned boots; because frankly I have reason to believe that this so called “Dragon” is blowing smoke.

In closing, I’ll leave you all with a scripture from the good book.  I believe it says, “When temptation is great, he’ll provide an escape.”  I can only imagine how ironic it is to have a Demon quoting scriptures from the Bible, but it only furthers my point.  There is no escape for you, Brian.  You sold your soul to the Devil and now he’s come to collect.  Either you give us your word or you’ll give us your life.

(Having made his point, Hades inspects the apple one last time prior to biting into it.  Juices from the apple are seen shooting from all sides of the apple in the process of him doing so.  He pulls back from the apple to feed on the particles that’s in his mouth and carelessly tosses it over his shoulder motioning in the other direction.  Brushing pass the camera without another uttering another word and the scene withers to black.)
Empress of elite round 4 promo (apologies for the lateness of this promo I was hoping to read the round 3 results first before I posted)

The camera fades in with Lumen training in the gym as she is lifting weights. She puts down the weight pics up her towel and wipes her brow before turning to camera.

Lumen: “Evening everyone, I am glad you caught me here training for my upcoming match against Erica Ford. You see Miss Ford is indeed a tough cookie to work out. She comes across as this laid back Vixen but I know deep down that she is indeed a little firecracker just waiting to show all of her moves.

So I thought I would invite her along to the gym today in order that we could have a bit of friendly competition ahead of our match to see if her light can shine as bright as it needs to…. Oh hear she is now…

A lady walks in vaguely resembling Erica but rather podgy dressed in her ring gear (badly fitting)….

Lumen: “Hey Erica so lovely of you to come all the way out here to meet me.”

They hug

Fake Erica: “That’s ok Lumen I am so glad that you invited me here I never thought I was going to be able to compete in any way against you so thanks so much for giving me a chance to win something even if I have no chance in the Empress of Elite Tournament.”

Lumen: ”That’s fine I am just happy to have you hear and as long as you try really hard its ok that you probably won’t win… I mean everyone deserves a chance.”

Fake Erica: “Ok” (Said in an almost unintelligent tone)

Lumen: “so our first event today is strength so we will do a press up test to check our upper body strength. So Erica you need to assume the standard press-up position, with hands shoulder-width apart, lower your body until your elbows reach 90 degrees, return to the starting position with your arms fully extended and complete as many as you can in the time.”

Both Lumen and Fake Erica Assume the pose and start pressing up Lumen is looking very confident after about 5 or so press-ups Fake Erica starts to struggle and eventually appears to pass out on the floor as Lumen continues to push up and down next to her

Lumen: “Oh dear never mind Erica… I am sure you will be good at the next test… (Still pushing up and down)… I will stop there as I have obviously won."

Fake Erica “My Lumen that was so amazing I could never beat you”

Lumen: “Well if you try really hard you might one day… ok so next is an agility test. Called the quick feet test…. (Lumen turns to camera)… you could even try this one at home if you can manage to drag yourselves out of your chairs. We have laid a ladder on the floor and you have to try and run quickly from one end to the other without touching…"

Fake Erica: “Ok” (Said in an even more unintelligent tone)

Lumen hands a stopwatch to Fake Erica who times… Lumen quickly does the course and stops at the end…

Lumen: “So how quick was that?”

Fake Erica: “Oops I forgot to press start… silly me”

Lumen” Ok I will go again”

Lumen does it again very quickly

Fake Erica: “2.6 seconds”

Lumen” Not bad not bad… right Erica your turn”

Fake Erica now starts to run and trip on the 4 step and comes crashing down face first onto the ladder knocking herself out and visibly bleeding

Lumen” OOOOHHHH that looked like it hurt a bit…. Well never mind maybe tomorrow at the Empress of Elite tournament you will fare a little better… Can we get some sort of medic overhear I think she might be ruining the floor."

The camera pans out as Lumen stands over the fake Erica looking disgustingly smug.

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(Aren stands before a mirror. He looks intently at his own reflection before sniffing and wiping his nose. He stares down the man he sees before him, and examines himself from head to toe.)

I guess it is a good thing to look into the mirror to see what one has become. Now what I see before me, is a man I thought I would have never seen in the past year. That man, from so long ago, was weak, was a coward. That man was something that everyone has become before and now has a new demeanor. That man was just a pane of glass ready to be broken.

(As if on cue the mirror shatters and the camera pans to the side of the now broken mirror and has Aren within full view.)

Because now look at this man. This man you see is a symbol of Purity, this man you see is not afraid to fight anyone, this man is what royalty looks like. I am that man, and even though I have gone through the trenches filled with people who do nothing but try and soil my name. Now I am convinced that Impact is just another one of those people. The one who thinks so highly of himself that his head has already made his ass its home. Now I know Impact has done tremendous work in EAW, some may even see him as of the reasons that EAW has a strong foundation. And with that I have great respect, yes I said it again respect, but it still doesn’t change the fact that for an egomaniac like himself he’s not worthy of the throne he’s made himself. Yes I am talking about the nicknames bestowed on him, by himself might I add, or just the fact that he thinks the throne was there before him. Now Impact I know of the throne that many people have sat on, yes I hear it’s a marvelous one that I do intend to sit in myself one day. And Yes you have had you fair share of sitting in it as well, but here’s the thing. The throne I spoke of was not this throne. No this throne that you are sitting so lofty on is the work of you, after you were kicked off that last throne, by Tyler Parker, or by someone else before, who knows. But this throne you sit on now was not created for the many who will sit on it. No it was created for you, by you, and only for you. And because you’ve done so makes me mad, because you think that you deserve a throne by that regard. Not only was that a prideful thing for you to do, but it’s a foolish thing to do as well.

Almost as foolish as thinking that I am mere pauper. Now that’s where you are wrong, Impact. You see if this were a year ago, I would have agreed, I would have gotten on my knees and begged for forgiveness because I disgraced myself by being in your presence. I would have done that because I was a weakling. However that was a year ago, and the man that stands before you has changed. I am not a lowly pauper, I am a Purified being. I am not a lowly pauper, I am a champion who has shown his mettle. I am not a lowly pauper, I am Aren Mstislav, the Prince of Russia, the Prince of EAW, and the Prince of Purity. I am the one you should be examining and wondering “Hmm how can I outmaneuver him?” I am the man you should be thinking whether or not you could beat him. I am that man Impact, and whether or not your ego is willing to accept that or not, it is true. You see I have faced giants, I have faced kings, I have faced gods, and in the end I have come out on top. I could add beating a Quintessential to the list but I have already beaten Tyler Parker. I could add beating a Legend, but I have already beaten Mr. DEDEDE. I could add beating a king but low and behold I have already beaten Ares Vendetta. Who else can I beat?

I will tell you who. I have yet to beat a myth. I have yet to beat an Essence. I have yet to beat a tyrant. And oh joy this is the kicker. I have yet to beat an Empire. Why does this matter to you, I bet you’re wondering? Well when I come to Voltage on Sunday and beat you by an inch of your life, then I can mark all of those off of my list. Impact, this is not a matter of I need to win, it’s a matter of how will I win. Because believe it or not I am walking out of that ring, head held high, arm raised, and light radiating off of me. Because not only will I have beaten the great Y2Impact, but I will have reached a milestone in my career. Also I will have proven every single doubter wrong about me. They will be able to look at my record and see the people I have faced, and the people I have beaten, and oh they will write songs about me. And when they do I will become the things I have vanquished. I will become a king, I will become a giant, I will become Quintessential, a legend, Myth, an Essence, and a one man empire. That is what I am shooting for Impact. So you can sit in your lair, and keep making jabs about how you couldn’t tell who was who in my last match. You can sit in your lair comforted by the protection you have surrounding you in the name of Hexa-Gun. Because once you come out of said lair, and you face this “cog”, not only are you going to be wondering where you went wrong, but you will be wondering how you let a part in the machine bring you down. You will be wondering how such an “envious” fellow show you that he is the epitome of wrestling. You will be wondering all of this, but that is not the thing that is going to make you break. No but you know what is. What’s going to make you break is when I make you say in front of everyone in that arena, and watching at home that I am better than you. That is when I end that match is when you tell me that I, Aren Mstislav, am better than you.

(The camera cuts to black as Aren’s words echo in the room.)
Empress of Elite Round 4 Promo #1

Ariana sits upon the bed in Haruna's dorm. Ariana has her head down it is very clear that her hair is short, cut that way to honor the woman she loves. Without even looking at Haruna and tears falling from Ariana's eyes as they drip straight to the floor. Dressed in her faded black jeans and button down white blouse Ariana shifts her weight her black converse sneakers are close together. Ariana is nervous, she can't seem to focus right as her words pour fourth.

Ariana Lopez: "I've lost time with you, I've lost moments with you. I heard the interview, I don't know where your heart is and I don't know where your mind is at. But I've never once betrayed you Haruna, I've never once turned from you. I've been sitting on your bed until before you even came in. I had to come here this is my home, home is where the heart is and my heart is with you..."

Her head rises up Ariana's eyes are red from so many tears, her cheeks are stained and her mascara smeared down.

Ariana Lopez: "I went to my old home, a place where people struggle to eat and find a job. I went home to ignite what was needed within me. I wanted to find my way with you but I felt like I was in the way Haru-chan. I felt like when you said you would step back that I could have a chance. But I see it now you won't do that, you won't step back. That is not what I want. I asked you to marry me on twitter not as a joke, not as something to be made fun at by some random guy. I love you, you know that feeling when you wake up and the sun seems to just glow for you. Or maybe those days when it rains, you know how the rain comes down washing over you? What I am saying Haru-chan. You are the sun that brightens me on certain days. You are my rain that covers me all over enveloping me. That is what your love does it envelopes me,, which means you are the reason I have to smile. You are the reason I find the day to draw breath. I have to fight Tarah Nova coming up."

Ariana's head falls back down she tries to stop the tears for a moment.

Ariana Lopez: "When I asked you to marry me and you said that time frame it hurt me. You want someone to go backpacking with? I want to go with you all over the world. I left for a little, I never left for good. I needed to find me to be better for you. If you want me to be the Latin Goddess I will be her again. If you want me to stay with you at all times I will stay with you at all times. I just had to know who I was for you not just me. I don't want you loving someone that didn't know who they were. I do want to marry you Haruna....because what is life without you? Life without you for me would be a fate worse than death. The thought of not having you, that thought is my greatest fear. If I even lose you in my life....I don't want to live...."

Ariana is stroking Haruna's hair as she is staring at Haruna's beautiful face with her deep eyes but not for long, Haruna stretches her body and slowly opens her eyes.

Haruna Sakazaki: A-Ari? Why are you here? I thought you are in.... Ari, what happened to you? Are you.....crying?

Haruna looks a bit surprised to see her girlfriend is in her room as she quickly gets up and sits beside her. No words said by Ariana but suddenly she hugs Haruna and kisses her in the lips.

Ariana Lopez: I miss you, Haruna! I really really miss you! Haruna, I'm sorry for leaving you, I don't want to. but... you know, I always miss you, I love you so much and I promise I never leave you again.

Haruna Sakazaki: Eeh? what are you talking about? I always here, as I said to you, I never going anywhere. If you miss me, just come to my place..... like what you do right now.

Ariana Lopez: No, what I meant is I always want to be here with you forever, everywhere you go. I will follow you, I will support you with all of my power and I will do anything for you! You are my life, Haruna! I have nothing more than you

Haruna Sakazaki: E-eeh? Ari....

Ariana then grabs both of Haruna's hands and look into her eyes deeply.

Ariana Lopez: Haruna, I love you so much! I want to marry you and I am extremely serious about this. Let's get married, Haruna! I want to spend my life together with you until the day I die. don't worry about anything, I'll pay for every preparation for our marriage. You don't need to worry about it. We could do it next month, next week, even tomorrow if you can. We will...[

Haruna Sakazaki: Yamenasai yo~!

Haruna slowly releases her hands while shaking her head as she gets up and opens the window curtain while saying something without looking at Ariana.

Haruna Sakazaki: do you know what really bothers me right now? Yes, that love you give to me. You showed me so much love in my life, making me the luckiest person in this world by having such beautiful lady like you and I'm afraid..... I'm afraid that I can't give you love bigger than you gave to me. I'm afraid that I will be such a letdown for you because.... I'm too afraid to love you even more. Especially when you said that you are serious to marry me. I'm scared, Ari.... I'm not ready for our future if we go too fast. What would my family said about this. My family is quite an old and traditional family who took marriage as the most sacred things in our life. If I get married, I have to follow my husband's family and that means I have to leave my own family for the new one. I'm not ready, Ari.... I'm not ready to leave them. I still need them and they still need me. I'm afraid, I could lost my mind if I talk about all this. Plus, my family are actually against this "Kindan no Koi". I should marry a man, have a baby, take care of them and someday I have to make my family proud because I have kids that someday will bring pride for our family.

Haruna then goes back to sit besides her again.

Haruna Sakazaki:I'm sorry, Ari.... I love you, yes, I really really love you. but I think I don't deserved to get this pure unconditional love from you. You are beautiful, talented.... you are a perfect figure. Men loves you and women wants to be you. but why me? What do you seek from me? I am nobody but a desperate and confused lady. I have nothing good in me. I actually too afraid to love girls, especially a goddess like you are. Everytime I spend the night with you, I always think to myself... "Is this really what I deserve?", "Is this kind of love God give to me?" and I always try to deny it. I try to love you but in the end, the feeling of despair conquered me again.

Haruna Sakazaki:Once again, I'm sorry.... I am very sorry. I need to consider my decision to marry you. You knowm I can't stand the consequences to me and my family. Please understand me! I can't even focus on this tournament if this thing is still floating inside my head. I just..... Ari, please! I love you, I'm trying to. You can take me wherever or you can take me to this bed whenever you want but I seriously need this consideration and for now, I don't want to talk about it. I want to focus on my career first. I still have a long journey to make and I don't want to stop here. After all.....

Haruna pauses for a moment before shaking her head and continues to talk.

Haruna Sakazaki:.....I am actually not a perfect person for you. After all, I was destined to be a lonely adventurer who will forever travel by myself and not even you can change it. You can call this a rejection or something and you might be hate me because I say this, but one thing you should know, I will never leave you. even if I have to, I won't leave you when you are alone. I'll make sure you find someone better than me, someone who love you more than I do, then I leave for good. as for now, I'll still here, loving you.

Ariana stops looking to Haruna, she takes a breath. Ariana's tears have stopped for the moment.

Ariana Lopez You can't give me what I want? I just wanted a life with you, in the united states there is ways to have kids while being together. It is a new age for that, as far as your family I get that but I haven't gotten to talk to them. You've always kept on me about your tradition but you say you found despair? So did I and I came back. No one is destined to be a lonely person you say that but I gave up everything and I felt alone. I'm not with you but you can't give me something so we can stay together? Find someone better? You say you love me but those are words of not even trying. I need to think Haru-chan...that actually hurts more than a no...I got to go I have to focus on my match I guess with Tarah Nova..."

Ariana stands up kissing Haruna softly on the lips. Ariana wipes her eyes as she gets up and walks out the door.

So there it is that is what I've been going through not sure if I am on the same wave length with Haruna or not. Now then the little bonus kicker is that now I have to focus on Tarah and let me tell you the truth. The fact is that I can't deal with this whole thing right now and focus on the match. Many people would wonder what my personal life has to do with Tarah Nova. Well I wasn't at my best when I was facing Tarah and now its the same. Here I am dealing with everything I came back for and everything is unsure. But that back there is exactly while I am not worried about facing you Tarah. I'll cry outside of the ring, then now I focus. It is all I have been doing is focusing because the personal life has been hard. Now it is a match between us that unsure nature is something I am not in the ring and I will give you everything I have. Tarah you are my only concern be ready!
And there it is. The validation of one type of winning as opposed to another, despite all of them being winning in the end. Oh Tiberius when you planted me into the mat and pinned me that was righteous, but that other victory where you pulled my tights I won’t accept because somehow I know that you didn’t have it in you to pull it off the “right” way. It took this, it took that.

This is a type of sick condition most in the world suffer from, suffer from even worse than Kevin Devastation. Even my fellow J-Dynasty members wouldn’t “stoop” the some of the levels I do out of concern for how it would make them look like. Because WHENEVER you don’t do something in the way people perceive something should be done, they like to take it as if you couldn’t.

Think about all the people, be it the average Joe, fatties on their couches, dotting parents or financial typhoons, so many sit around seeing someone’s popular hit or their recent controversial song all the kids buy and they say things like “oh he or she can’t sing or rap”

But have those people listened to every mixtape, small time youtube video or anything out there in an attempt to see if that person they’re talking about has the talent or not? Usually not.

But it goes further than that, it is intertwined tightly with the elite movement and the insult to extreme that we of Hexa-gun fight against.

Extreme was meant to provide innovation, freedom to do what you wanted, yes violence, but also the apex of wrestling.

But people act like if you use a chair at any point of your life, it means you don’t know how to apply a wrestling hold.

You know what I use to see in Extreme Answers Wrestling as a kid training to be a wrestler? I saw ultimate submission matches. I saw a collection of not only the greatest wrestlers and hard-core wrestlers, but the greatest of both combined into singular people.

Besides, what do you “elitists” and this “elite” company do when you want the big time matches, put butts in seat and settle rivalries? You like to piggy back off extreme matches. Zack Crash has allowed multiple FPVs to be headlined by matches of the extreme style!

So what did Zack Crash really change in the end?

He only brought in disqualifications, count outs and excuses for getting beat, depriving EAW of the one true competition and completion of matches in our ring every single night with every single match.

So what about me, why do I cheat from time to time? It’s no different than why some decide to steal instead of making an “honest living” despite having the work ethic and brains to do it. Sometimes a three on one beat down and pulling the tights just has a certain fun and exciting factor to it, thrill motivates man do commit many acts they’re not “supposed” to do. Perhaps if you’ve never committed a heist, tricked a sucker or cheated the system you’ll never understand the rush you get from it all and you’ll never open your eyes to the ways of Tiberius Jones. Whatever the case, the only differentiating factors I treat both my past victories over Kevin Devastation is that one victory was on a random Showdown tag team match and the other was on FPV to end his career. I tell this to KD and the whole world, just because a man doesn’t do something doesn’t mean he can’t do it, just because I didn’t decide to drop Kevin Devastation on his head again, doesn’t mean I couldn’t have. If anything, all it means is I have multiple ways to skin this cat.

Or as he prefers to be called, lion. Always delusional. Always seeing things slightly off. A cat thinking lion, a man who thinks of being danced with in the pale moonlight when he is being fought in his twilight.

I understand, wrestling was the only thing you could do half right, so with the rest of your life ahead of you there was no chance you wouldn’t come back even if everything would go all wrong in your return. Perhaps you’ve been in a huge amount of more extreme matches, or matches in general, than myself, but experience isn’t everything when you have natural talent and the other lost his mind. Just like the song Look At What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma, maybe you will be alright despite what’s been done to your brain after being picked like a chicken bone, if people are buying into the desperate and pathetic you might have another successful run in you. But I’m not interested in any of that, I’m here to spray bullets and collect what needs to be brought to Hexa-gun, though I’m known to be the type to snatch a few things for myself from time to time no matter whom or what I work for. What Hexa-gun wants it always gets in our brutal trade we’re all trained to be masters of to the point of inscrutable expertise, but I’m sure there will be no complaints from my allies if I happen to take a pound of flesh just for myself.
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Arrogance Brings Punishment.

(The scene begins as Troy Archello is seen watching the replay of his performance on Showdown.  He seems very focused and serious.  After the video ends, he begins to laugh to himself, but he realizes he can’t stop.  The laughter consumes him and he bows down his head as he begins to murmur to himself.  He gets up and begins to march around the room.)
Ladies and gentlemen, doubters and supporters, may I introduce to you the winner of the Tag Team bout of this week…The one and only, Troy Archello!  Nothing to be surprised about, though.  I always get what this part of me wants; it wants glory and victory.  That’s why I destroyed Ryan Daniels last week with my new little and destructive trick.  That’s why I cemented myself as a threat to the entire Showdown roster, partners or not.  There was a lot of irony after I left…What a shame.  Kelly Keller couldn’t take his loss like a real man and decided to act like some 5 year old and say that he was done with Thomas Minns.  You took him out like a little punk and now you’re proud of yourself about it; you probably think that you’re on top of the world right now, able to take down anyone that comes in your way.  Here’s the funny thing about that: You’re going to face me next week.  I made a promise to beat you and Ryan, but I only technically pinned that Ryan fellow, but not to worry, buddy.  I’ll be waiting in the ring this Saturday night so I can beat that ridiculous looking hair and dumbfounded name out of you.  I’ll show you what it means to go up against a real wrestler and how you should be performing every week.  Sure, you can make fun of me and what I’ve been through for the last few weeks, but at least I can say that I’ve won my matches, unlike you. 
Remember that comment about me being in Battleground and not being in your level?  Yeah, you should, since I proved you wrong last week.  I beat Pyscho Brody in a great Pre-Show match while you continuously lost every week and now you’re just going to lose again after we go one on one this Saturday night.  You have already seen me compete in that ring, so why are you trying to talk trash about someone who can easily destroy you from the inside out and ruin your career?  These are the questions that you should ask before you begin to tempt me to not only beat you, but just end this whole rivalry between us.  You beat up Minns, sure, but I did make him a promise that I would take you out and I’m not a man who lies about what he’s promising.  I always get what I need to get and the rest is just set in place for something great to happen.  You don’t scare me and you don’t exactly come as a threat; you’re just someone who doesn’t have the guts to try to defeat me fair and square.  You should be scared of not what I am right now, but of what I will become when that bell rings.  When it rings, I lose all control of sympathy and regret; I let The Freak take over me and I love it.  It loves it.  You won’t love it at first, but after a few career-ending moves, maybe you’ll take appreciation of who I am and what I will do in this business. 
(Troy begins to laugh like a mad man as soon as he begins to think.)
I'm a raisin?  Really?  Could you not come up with something clever with those fingers?  I mean, they’ve probably done more than just promos, but that’s nothing to worry about.  You have done some crazy things I assume, but I like to do something that’s called lifetime pain.  If you don’t get it, let me explain it to you.  Lifetime pain is excruciating pain that will last throughout the rest of your miserable life.  I don’t like to kill the fun so soon, so slowly torturing you until you beg for mercy like the lapdog you are is going to be the method of choice.  Calling a man who has done more than you in this company a “Jobber” is very hilarious since you’ve been treated like one for weeks now.  Let me “break Kayfabe” and say how your story ends: You lose to me after a great match where I make you look great and make myself look better.  You go ballistic and try to attack me like the sore loser that you’ll be and I’ll just finish you off with maybe a sledgehammer.  No…maybe a steel pipe bashed across your head.  The possibilities are endless, kid. 
Sadly, your story ends Saturday night.  I’m not going to be pushed around by a nobody in this company.  I’m not letting you try to step on everyone because you have barely proved anything in the past few weeks except the point that you can’t accomplish anything.  I have been proving more in a month than you, even if it’s on a C show, and here’s an FYI: Those matches are ones that you wish that you could have, but nobody can be like me.  The realm between illusions and reality will break.  No more games and Saturday will be our proving ground.  Memento Mori.  Remember that you will have to die, just as I and every other being on this planet. 
(Archello kicks the camera and picks it up.)
I’m waiting.
Showdown Promo:

Now... Is my time.

Another victory is what I NEED

I will prove to you all.. Not only my worth. But my strength.

Kerry: This Saturday, I have to fight Troy Archello. The Freak as they call him, and I wonder if that nickname is self-proclaimed. You all know my goal, you all know why I'm here! I've said it many times, and you guys have seen it many times. I want... To be... The greatest wrestler this company has ever seen.

Kerry: now, that's what I want, and I never said it would be easy. Hey, I never even said it would surely happen. But, what I will say, is Troy's in for a wooping tomorrow. Now, I understand Archello, we have the same goal. To be the best this company has ever seen. Though, I'm sure you'd take the easier path. I'm sure that you'd take the path more traveled by... The path of least resistance... Right? Well, I'm more of a worker than that.

Kerry: I not only want to be the best this company has ever seen... I want to beat all my competition on the way in a clean and fair match. I want there to be no doubts that I have reached the top, the apex, the big shebang, whatever you want to call it. I want there to be no doubts that I did it.

Kerry: now from what I have studied, you used to have, or maybe still have, a bright future in this company. I mean, multiple appearances on a C show don't exactly ensure a bright future, but whatever happens happens right? We all have to cut our teeth and jump through hoops to get where we wanna go.

Kerry: or... Do we... I'll ask "The Freak" *Kerry air quotes using his fingers* about that. Maybe he'll have an answer. But Troy Archello has been suffering from a severe case of... Main Event Jobbing *gasps*

Kerry: "what's main event jobbing?" You might ask, well my dear fanbase, Main Event Jobbing is when you can win on a C show like Battlefield because you're not important enough to do anything else, but when you actually go against the big guns of the brand you're on? You dry up like grapes kept in sunlight for too long. Yes Archello, I just called you a raisin. A raisin is what you are Archello, yes everyone, tomorrow I will be fighting a raisin.

Kerry: and even if you think you can play any mind games with me... "Mr. Freak" *Kerry again quotes with his fingers* refer back to the times when I lit coffins on fire and threatened to tear people apart when they opposed me. You have no idea how much of a freak I can be... And I won't tell you either. What I will tell you though, is that you won't be able to play mind games on me...

Kerry: that's about it... Tomorrow is Showdown, tomorrow I set out on another quest to prove myself to you all. And I wish Archello good luck. May the best. Man. Win... Stay crazy everyone! *Kerry salutes the camera before it fades out*
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Write a paragraph on you?

I’m fucking talking to you, you idiot.

Why exactly do you deserve a shot at the New Breed Championship just because you won an irrelevant tag team match when you can’t even win a singles match against the former New Breed Champion? Let me tell you this again – It doesn’t matter if the record books say you ‘beat’ Stark, you still never pinned him and when it really matter, you choked and you lost to him. You can keep saying it’s a fluke, personally I don’t care one way or another, but why would you get a title shot for pinning a guy whose never held any gold here. Why would you be deemed the Number One contender to the New Breed Championship when that title is on Dynasty? If you want that title so much, why don’t you just GO to Dynasty and challenge TLA for the title? Why sit and whine about stuff – when you haven’t even remotely warranted getting anything- when you could actually DO something about it? This is what I meant when I compared you to the Heart Break Boy, you keep saying you’re going to do something and then when push comes to shove, you do nothing about it. That’s the difference between me and you, well one of MANY differences, but people kept saying I was ‘’all talk’’, full of ‘’hot air’’ when I came back at Triple Threat and called out everybody in the Hall of Fame – when I said I would victimized, destroy and dismantle the Heart Break Boy and send Cameron Ella Ava back to the Vixens Division and you know something? I DID IT. You know why I did it? I did it because I don’t just talk shit like you, I don’t talk about ‘I’m gonna beat your false idol!!’ or ‘Biggest upset ever!’ and then do nothing about it and fail time after time, I’m the only one doing any walking in this company. I don’t care if I wasn’t there in the ring to see Stark beat you, I don’t really care if it’s a ‘’fluke’’ like you claim it was and you can shout to the high heavens about it, it’s not going to change anything. You keep telling anybody who will listen to you that you ‘’beat’’ Stark in that tag team match even though you pinned Daniel Marshall and that the record books say you beat him ….well the record books also say HE beat you. Fluke or not, Stark BEAT you. Now are you going to continue to be a delusional, hypocritical idiot making up excuses that nobody cares about or are you actually going to accept reality and finally admit you lost and stop trying to be a little boy about things? I told you last time to put on your big boy pants and own up to reality and you opted not to, which is fine but I really don’t want you to be going into Battleground under the allusion that you can beat me, because you can’t, people with plenty of talent have gone into facing me and they all crumble. They all think it’s fun and games, they all think they can survive the onslaught from me and then beat me or pull off an ‘’upset’’ like you, they all think that maybe they got more skill than me, some of them think they got more heart or determination, some like you think if they train hard enough that’ll beat me but none of them do. None of them, when they walk out into that entrance ramp and they enter the ring and they realise they’ve entered a lions den with a load of Irish supporters passionately and intensely booing down on them with the most obscene chants you’re going to hear and along the pressure that they actually have to live up to everything that they’ve said they were going to do to me. YOU are coming off a loss after YOU talked so much shit about and now you’re walking into a high-profile match against THE Greatest of All-Time, talking about ‘biggest upset ever’ and demanding Barbed Wire Cage matches and how my title will be yours after Battleground – even though this is a non-title match- and then you realise, you actually have to live up to all of this talk and actually beat me. Losing to me isn’t an option for you now.

And unfortunately for you, I embrace all the pressures of walking into a lions den and having to live up to everything I say I do because I KNOW when I say I’m going to do something, that I’ll do it.

Are you REALLY going to live up to all of your talk Franchise? I don’t see it.

As for these so-called ‘’Legends’’, Who the fuck considers Jamie O’Hara a legend? Not even he considers himself one considering he’s been here a little over a year and as much as I love and respect my boy Xavier Williams, he’s not a legend either yet. He will be in time, but not yet. But that’s another pathetic excuse from you. What does it matter if you’ve had ‘’no’’ experience working in ‘’major’’ promotions, none of the guys I listed did. Let’s look at Vance Tybull – possibly the only guy along with Xavier Williams who has an ounce of talent in this company apart from myself- who was a nobody before joining EAW, just some ex-con and he STILL accomplishes more than you. All you are is an excuse-machine. But it doesn’t matter, after Battleground, I’m going to send you back to the Circus where you belong, probably where you were before you joined EAW and you can entertain people with your stupidity but this is business for me.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll rest my balls on your face.

And you won't do a goddamn thing about it.
There's no logic behind what I have to say? NO LOGIC? Are you either talking to yourself while glancing into the mirror occasionally or delirious? I find it illogical that you're the one that's trying to take a point, stretch it out, bend it to your own will, and turn me into something I'm not. But that excludes how you're strongly misinformed with all the information you've gathered. Why don't we start off with addressing the elephant you've brought into the room, shall we? I sincerely despise using such a phrase, but going up against an feeble-minded, well that just forces my hands. I wanted you to take a huge bite out of the apple that is your ancient history; I wanted you to dive into my history, because guess what I'm perfectly able to say and you're not? My career from the point I abandoned this company, which I've openly admitted was a deplorable action, taken by myself only. What have you done with yours? Huh? Oh, almighty Hades, God of  Meta-human capabilities, the big bad wolf that was responsible for putting the final nail in Dynasty's coffin. I should be scared,  should be frightened by what you have to say or do, but I'm not. But since we're on the topic of old ancient history, Hades, let's reopen the chapter you seem only briefly intelligent in. Yes, that's where it all began, on the night that I was entitled to call myself the EAW World Heavyweight Champion for the first time ever --- where I made the worst mistake of my life, only a month later. You're taking credit for what I did in that match? What kind of damage do you actually THINK you did aside play the pedestrian who gawks at the winner? You did little to no damage to me, or you'd think if you were that outstandingly superior in that match, that you were able to outdo me... and yet again, you weren't able to do any of the such. It was a victory of me taking advantage of everyone in the match and by doing that, I was using what some fail to utilize; MY BRAIN. There was a bitter rivalry between Jacob Senn and Zack Crash, where Jacob Senn gladly took Zack Crash's arm, already surgically repaired arm and broke the bone inside his flesh. That's where everything started to favor me, of course you'd be elsewhere, knocked out on your ass, possibly getting a small glimpse of me triumphing.

Maybe you fail to accept any of this, because you're fearful to address the hard hitting truth. Hasn't it dawned on you yet, well? I don't mean to kick a lion while it's down, not prod the angry beast that stands two times my size --- but you're old news, Hades, you've been used to make other men look good. Have you not? You've been given multiple, MULTIPLE, opportunities to relive your moments of being on the very top of this company. There were times where I expected you to excel upon expectations that others had for you, but each time you've shown your face... you've disappointed. Every time we've come in an inch of each other, you left me unsatisfied, because despite your righteous claims of being better than me. I only heard wonderful things about you, that dates until I was able to perform with you. I found nothing compelling about your in-ring presence, nor your ability to compete like a monster. I've come toe-to-toe with a handful of monsters; Norman Hellion and Lannister, you don't amount to anything when standing in their shadow. You want generosity though? I've give you an ounce of generosity; there was a high position opened in Zack Crash's pool of fools, and  Zack Crash enlisted Hades the Hellraiser as his personal lapdog. Tell me, Hades, by screwing Dynasty at Pain for Pride 8... what exactly did that do for you? What did you accomplish, aside more paper work and problematic former employees for Zack Crash? Were you both too naive to see the full picture at the time? I guess you're correct about one thing, I was on my way out of this company. I was prepared to retire happily, but when opportunity strikes, I'd be a stooge to decline such an offer. He set up the date, the match, and he thought this title was rightfully his --- except it's not, it's mine. I may be under his rule, but I'm not obliged to represent him like you. He and yourself, may think there's some sort of stipulation where I have to do everything Zack Crash says, I'm not his other lap dog to bark orders at. I'll give him credit where it is due; he knows how to decide on a reliable source to achieve something you wouldn't of been able to. How does that make you feel? That he chose me over you? Oh, it's because he's using me, is that going to be the blatant excuse? Or maybe it's because he see's me better than you, because you play as the pawn in his chess game of conquering Elite Answers Wrestling. It's only inevitable that his demise is soon... and his leashed followers, they'll fall just as hard.
I gather by your tone, we shouldn’t expect your enlistment in the fight against Dynasty any time soon?  I must admit I’m a tad disappointed because it’s for reasons similar to those you’ve named that make you the perfect man to recruit.  Not only are you the World Heavyweight Champion but you defeated Dynasty’s White Knight.  Talent like that shouldn’t be squandered in dick measuring contests with Devan Dubian, it should be on the frontline standing shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Show-Down’s elite against all its enemies.  But it seems as though you’ve already shut down the idea of such before allowing me the chance to propose the question, and that’s fine, because I wasn’t asking your permission.  I was telling you.  It’s common knowledge that a month or so ago, you were in the midst of signing your release papers and gearing up for the final farewell, until Crash stopped you from doing so and insisted you go for the very Title you now have in your clutches.  I heard he scheduled the match, appointed the referee – did everything except wrestle the match basically – and here you are refusing to show the slightest ounce of gratitude where it’s respectfully due.  The guy only buttered your bread and handed you the opportunity of a lifetime fresh off a silver platter, but yeah – no, it’s not like he deserves to be repaid or let alone thanked for his generosity.  Which in turn only furthers the stereotype that EAW Legends like you can come and go as they please while being handed opportunities that ultimately go to waste and not have to put forth any effort in exchange for them.  Do you know how many men would give their right arm to be in the position that you’re in now?  To know their past discretions would be forgotten and they wouldn’t have to so much as lift a finger as World Champion, if only they did one little thing for someone as powerful as He?  A small favor like that could lead to a very fruitful endeavor; but the inability to repay your debts will unquestionably lead to bad things down the road for you.  Things that could prove to be hazardous to your own health and career.  Don’t believe me?  Then let this Sunday’s match serve as an example to those who dare oppose us.

Speaking of which, I fail to see the logic in anything you’ve had to say pertaining to this match or me for that matter.  It’s hard to take seriously the guy who is responsible for the collapse of Dynasty, aligned with the most powerful figure in all of EAW, twice your size, and exudes meta-human capabilities whenever he’s in the ring?  Then perhaps you’re living on that lonely dead end street of denial my fury friend.  I advise that you continue to do so and keep pandering to those biased opinions that carry no weight in this conflict at all; because that’s the only way you’re going to convince yourself that I’m not going to tear right through you as I’d done twice before.

Prior to coming out here, I promised myself I wouldn’t rehash ancient history because it serves no greater purpose; and at the end of the day there are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth so why bother explaining myself before an audience that either wasn’t present for the previous encounters or doesn’t remember themselves?  But since everything you’ve mentioned deals with the past and you seem to be excessively proud of yourself, then I’ll happily bite the apple.  Not that I’d expect you to remember or anything, but you and I have had three run-in’s in the past; a singles match and a tag team match – which I won – and the infamous No Way Out match that led to the crowning of your first EAW World Title.  I wouldn’t say that you won it in the most respectful of ways either, as you took credit for the damage I’d done to one of the unlucky competitors by pinning him to win the match (thus proves that even in those times you weren’t the most honorable of figures in the locker room, so I see no reason in you acting all holier-than-thou now).  At the time it angered me far beyond belief to hear people credit you as the Best – to say that you were the better fit as Champion than I was, but the real kicker came later when you deserted your Title and abandoned the company.  That’s when I was at a complete loss for words.  So you can say “Hades is this” or “Hades is that” all you’d like but it doesn’t change the fact that no matter whether my days were filled with blue skies or heavy storm clouds, I stuck it out for the sake of being Champion because I cared that much and I wanted it that badly; which is far more than I can say for someone like you who till this day has not rid himself of his winter coat and still believes in taking shortcuts to reach the finish line.  You may think you and I are different – hell you may think you’re better than me for all I know, but I can assure you that you aren’t; in fact you’re worse than me.  At least when I do something wrong I’m man enough to not only admit it but stand by my actions, whereas you just carry on as if you’re so innocent.  I urge you to check your palms Brian, there you’ll see crumbs and chocolate chip stains all over them.  Yeah, you may not have been caught with your hands in the cookie jar like I have, but the fact that you haven’t doesn’t make you any less guilty than me.  You’ve dined on the fruits of Crash’s labor and it paid off, now I’m going to make sure you pay it all back one way or another.
I did what numerous elitists have failed to do over the course of seven months; I dethroned Tyler Parker, but not any regular victory --- I made Tyler Parker submit. It's not too often that you can say that you made the "Champions of Champions" or the self-proclaimed "Face of Elite Answers Wrestling" tap out. He addressed the fact that if there was anyone on any roster that was able to take away what he loved the most, it was going to be me, and I did not disappoint. It's been a long time coming since I've last felt the touch of leather, or lifted the weight of gold; especially when it's the most prestigious championship in the company to date. I've taken a lot of misguided routes in my career and I've faced the reality of negativity so often. It was appearing to be the end of days for Brian Daniels, but I would not wither away. It may have taken me a year's worth of hard work, effort, and dedication to get to this grand point... and it was worth every second of it. And I'm not here to dwell on the trials of my life and career, no, I'm here to open up a whole new chapter; one that involves me holding the EAW World Heavyweight Championship until someone is worthy enough to come along and beat me for it --- but believe me, that's nowhere near in the future I've determined for myself. I'm taking what was a petty sob story that was my career and I've turned a whole new leaf, it's not too often that an elitist who proclaims he's on a path of redemption, follows through with such bold claims. It's only been executed so often, that I'm proud to say that I'm one of those guys, I'm here to stay and I'm here to deliver on every promise for now on. Even though... it's commonly thought that I'm portrayed as the villain in this scenario, there's nothing that I did at Midsummer Massacre to represent the corrupt source in Zack Crash. I came to Dynasty, with all the respect for their own personal cause, but when you're offered something as glorious --- For an example; a world Championship match in the main event... it's an offer that only a naive man would decline. I was not letting go of an opportunity that was easily utilized, it's a shame due to the heat of the moment that Dynasty saw me as the bad guy to take away their pride, I'm also not going to apologize that their representative for the brand was unable to keep it where it belonged.

Which follows up with such a spectacular, most amazing, the best follow up challenge that I've faced all year.... Hades the Hellraiser. The same guy, that not only was pinned cleanly by Alex Anderson, during his Answers World championship reign --- BUT also eliminated by the same man in the following week when he had to defend his championship in an Elimination Chamber match. It's hard to take a guy serious, after he's lost to a guy who's lost multiple shots at getting what he so believes to be rightfully his, isn't it? Maybe not for others, you're broadcasted as a monstrous foe, one that's gone up against many formidable oppositions... I was even apart of that long list of names you've somehow miraculously defeated, was I not? Or can your memory date back that far? I know mine can definitely recall the one moment, the one match we had... it was me, getting the better of Hades the Hellraiser, and you know what happened? You had your buddies, your comrades, your pals in House of Renegades, apologizing for bringing up such a dreaded past alliance, to each brutally attack me. It may have taken you a jumping cutter, a superkick, and two last rides, but you were able to triumph over a feeble Brian Daniels at the time. Isn't it ironic, though? Every time we're even in a ring with each other, someone's always involved --- for another example, back when I was squaring off against the Heart Break Boy, your vindictive personality and vendetta toward the man, caused you to get involved what was looking to be a giant victory for me. I, of course, being the white knight that everyone wanted me to be, that I consider myself today, was not allow the match to burst into a flames by the likes of you. It may of costed me the match, but I still find it honorable the way I went down, fending off two men at the same time. It's always the number count that favored you, it may not currently, but back then it was your most reliable weapon to exploit. Oh, how the times have changed... how the mighty have fallen, how you've been hopping brand, to brand, to brand, and can't seem to find the slightest stint of success in anything. And if you're intending you reprise your role as a project of success by CLEANLY gaining a victory over me... you're looking the wrong way. I want you to tread lightly, you're walking into the dragon's den blindly, there's no better target than one that cannot see the truth. I know that what you believe to be true, is that you'll overcome the odds, you'll finally make something out of yourself after all this time, but sadly... not even, you won't. I suggest not putting too much hope, faith, nor reliability into this one match, but have faith in the factual statement of me proclaiming victory right here, right now. I'm not a fortune teller and I can't predetermine the future, but I've excelled and propelled myself to greater heights, heights in which I have no business to look down upon anyone. I'll treat you just as I'll treat every other opponent, you'll receive no special treatment from me, especially with your blatant awful history. The relevancy you were once highly thought of, is no longer there, it's only fair that I'm the one to prove it, once and for all.
Empress of Elite

Simply Aurora.



(As the sun sets across the water of the Ohio River, Maria is seen staring out at the view. Visitors and natives roam around her as she is standing on the walk bridge to go from Louisville to New Albany, IN. She is seated on a park bench as people continue to pass her before she hears a voice coming up from her left.)

Fan: Maria Gonzales, Maria Gonzales! Oh my god! I can’t believe it’s you!


Maria: Yep, it’s me.


(Maria smiles as the fan sits by her.)


Fan: What’re you doing here in Louisville?


Maria: Taking some time off, thinking about my match coming up. Do you uh, want me to sign something?


Fan: No, but I want to ask you a question.


Maria: Alright. What’s your name?


Fan: My name is Bailey.


Maria: Alright, Bailey. Pitch ya’ question.


Bailey: Okay, so…I know you have this match coming up against Aurora, right?! But after you losing to Aria, how do you think you can like, actually beat her? She frickin’ beat Tarah!


(Maria glares at the young fan as she starts to talk in a slower manner before she talks slower.)


Maria: You ain’t got any respect, huh, Bailey? Well, let me tell you this, my supposed ‘lost’ to Aria was nothing. I actually pinned her BUT the ref was obviously biased and didn’t call for the bell. In my book, I’m still undefeated and am happy with my Empress of Elite showing. I mean, I’m the fastest rising Vixen for a reason, why should I let a nosy little bug like her ruin my dreams? Anyways…Aurora is someone different. I know she’s going to try and pull this card and say I do this and this wrong, and I’m such a bad person, blah blah blah. All I hear coming out of her mouth is Bullshit. I mean, she’s been awful quiet about me, but I know her. She thinks she’s hot just because she scored a meaningless roll up on Tarah, boo hoo. If it wasn’t for Haruna at Pain for Pride 8 and the fact I was wrapped up with Clark at the time, I would’ve won the Vixen’s championship right then and there, no doubts. So what is Aurora to me? She’s this little like, Tinkerbelle wanna be, flying around the ring and stuff. But in all honestly, she’s nothing more than a nat in my life and I just wanna get her out of my sight and focus on the big picture; and that’s winning this tournament and getting MY Vixen’s championship shot. Beating her is defiantly something I can achieve, don’t worry about it.


Bailey: But what happens whe- IF she beats you? Wouldn’t you just bite your own ass?


Maria: She’s not going to beat me. I’m not some shattered mirror, I have little flaws and when I do have them I correct them. Her, on the other hand, is jagged, and the only reason why she has had a fair standing in EAW is because she’s used that to her ­advantage. I’m not going to let her beat me, not at all. Everyone looks at me and they say “Oh, Maria, she isn’t ready! She’s just a cheerleader!” How the fuck am I a cheerleader, though? I go in the ring and I DOMINATE every opponent I step in the ring with. I mean, if anyone is a cheerleader in EAW it’s Erica, she cheers on Aurora despite the fact everyone knows Aurora is obsessed with herself. I mean, she has gotten more chances than Erica has BY FAR! She was put in a MALE competition in one of her first matches, right? And guess who couldn’t stand their place there? Aurora. She’s holding back Erica because she knows that she’s better than her; and if Erica is better than Aurora, well, that’ll be an easy win considering Erica is practically a just a big bag of meat to toss around.


Bailey: But what if she’s not?


Maria: Then I will still beat her. This is what I do, Bailey. I’m not going to let her try and look at me with her little Barbie eyes. She is a traditional example of women in this industry who just aren’t meant to be here. What has she done to get this far, hm? She is giving chances because of what MADDIE did for her. She takes all of the credit for the work MADDIE did. If it wasn’t for Maddie, she would’ve started from the bottom just like everyone else; but I don’t mind pushing her off of her throne. I pushed Lumen off of hers, I pushed Clark off of his own fantasy island and I’ve proved that Ariana is nothing to me; so giving Aurora a rude awakening is going to be easy. Quick and painless. I’m going to take these 3 points and run, I will move on in the tournament and I will win. The other girls in my block? They don’t stand a chance. Neither does block A; and if Dirty Maria has to come out to play, then she will no matter what.


Are you done with the questions, now? I really gotta go soon.


Bailey: Yeah, I’m done…but what if Aurora beats you?


Maria: Despite the fact that the chances of that are VERY slim, if she does win…well, it obviously won’t be my fault. I’ll have to deal with it, but it won’t stop me from getting to the top, still. Why are you asking questions about things that will never happen? I’m sorry to breaking it to you, but Aurora isn’t this perfect girl. She’s going to lose to me, that is a simple fact of the matter. Her winning is nearly impossible and I ain’t gonna let some 15 year ginger from Louisville convince me other wise. Sorry.


(Bailey gulps and nods before she walks off, head down. Maria sighs as she gets up and begins to walk away.)


Maria: This is what I get for trying to be nice…
Empress of Elite Round 3.5 and Battleground
A camera pans over a party where people are quietly chatting while contemporary music plays lowly in the background. Eventually, it fixates on Cailin Dillon, who is sitting with the other members of Iconomy. She turns and looks at the camera, smiling.
Oh, hi there. I’m Cailin Dillon, EAW Vixen, all-around good person and future Empress of Elite champion. Some people might tell you I’m a bit of a bitch sometimes, but that’s great exaggerated. If I chose to, I could be a bitch at all times. Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t interrupting. We’re just having a good time and pondering how I’ll beat Raven Lee this Monday. You see, she’s coming off the biggest win of her career whether she chooses to believe or not. She beat one of the people the experts were picking to win this thing. Did she beat her before, yep, she sure did. Did it matter in the grand scheme of things? Nope, it sure didn’t. It really was quite a thing, I compliment her on that. She did to Maddie exactly what I assumed someone would, because her focus was directed at Haruna. All she cared about was avenging what happened to her at MSM. That’s fine, I’d be pissed, too. But this is like a short season and you have to win every time out if you want a chance at the finals. Otherwise you’re standing at the last week needing the puzzle pieces to fall perfectly into place for you if you’re gonna make that final. But let’s talk about a few important details, shall we?
Cailin stands up and starts to walk throughout the partygoers as if they’re not even there.
It’s not so much about ego with me as it is pride. I take pride in everything I do. That should be obvious to anyone. There’s a lot of passion in the things I say and do. I say it because it’s how I feel. Am I better than anyone else? Of course I am, but that’s not my ego pushing that. It’s my passion and desire to be the best. It’s not really about getting the attention of everyone. It’s about getting attention for the rest of us who are busting their asses to make the Vixens division as respected as other. Don’t you understand that’s what makes this Empress tournament so great? Someone like you, just a month in, can beat the No. 1 contender for the Vixens title and it means something. It puts you in the hunt as a contender for the tournament title. When you beat her the first time, no one was placing you in a pedestal and offering you a title shot. You say you don’t want attention, then what are you doing here? Do you have goals or hopes or desires? Or do you just want to hang out with a couple girls and fight a match occasionally. That’s what will separate you from someone like Maddie 100 times. She passionate and she wants to win the title. She wants that attention and recognition. Nobody wants a champion that doesn’t care. You can spin this back anyway you want, but if you’re here, fighting in front of these huge crowds and your goal is to be the champion someday, then you want attention — plain and simple.
Cailin grabs a drink off a tray and smiles as she takes a sip, walking to another area as she continues.
I know you probably don’t understand it, but the game that you think me and Eris are playing is just sort of how we communicate. She wanted me to bring out her monster and I did it for her. She knows I want her at her best, because she knows that I will be at my best no matter what. Don’t think I’m overlooking you because I’m focusing so much attention on Eris. I’m putting my focus on one match at a time. When you look ahead. As Maddie often does, you tend to run into trouble. You know this well, you’ve caught her at the right time twice. But it’s funny how you think you need to insult me, call me second-rate trash to get my attention. You didn’t have my attention before because you were as quiet as a mouse. I wasn’t sure if you were still planning to show up to the next show after you won your Super Bowl over Maddie. I’m not a caveman, darling, you talk to me and I will respond. We live in a civilized culture, we can act like it, right? The one thing you are right about? Maddie was way too focused on beating me than she was about fighting you. I’m excited for my match against Eris because it feels like we have unfinished business. But I always look forward to a new challenge and a new opponent, and I’ve been equally excited about our own match. Because you have been doing good things since you got here, and you have regularly backed up your words. But just because you keep saying it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. You aren’t just all that, Raven, not all that you think you are. Part of what you said made me laugh, I mean really laugh. It reminded me of my first match here. Going into it, I mentioned shutting everyone up by putting my boot to their jaw, and you do the same thing by threatening to close off my windpipe. How funny that we are so similar in that way, don’t you think? Except that isn’t going to happen, and you know that. There’s no way in hell you’re gonna make me pass out. In reality, we’re going to scrap at each other and the best one on that day is gonna win. That hasn’t changed and it never will. But there won’t be any Hush Mode at the end of the match. You’ll only be seeing that smirk on my face while the ref is raising my hand and you’re laying on your back, pissed off at your missed opportunity.
Cailin turns and starts walking back toward the Iconomy, giving them a smile and a nod as she approaches and sits back down in her chair.
Something seems to be missing here… oh yes. No mentions of my family and how they got me here. Do I really do that all that often? I don’t see me getting all riled up either. And yes, I packaged away Bitch Mode for the moment so I could stop have this more personal conversation with you Raven. You think you know so much about me, but it turns out you’re confusing me with Maddie or someone else. You say this was your shots fired? Well all I heard were blanks. You keep shooting from your cap gun over there, I’ll take care of it in the ring.
Cailin turns for a moment and looks at the rest of Iconomy and then laughs, nodding as she turns back to the camera.
Ahh, one more thing I simply can’t forget. I was so eager to see how you would respond to everything I said to you, Eris. Raven responded rightfully so, and the way you responded was even better. You think you’re so clever and manipulative and that you can bring the worst out of me. Now I know what you said about going up against me the first time is a bold-faced lie. No one had ever seen more fire out of you before that match. That one brought a whole new side out of you. We went punch for punch before that match, and you enjoyed every minute of it. The truth is, there really isn’t a version of me outside of the ring that just loses her mind and goes crazy. But with a couple friends willing to hold a camera, I was able put something together to at least semi-entertain you. The one thing that is true is that I’m a bitch. I don’t care what you think, and I didn’t really think we were going to be friends. The one thing I notice around EAW is hardly any of the Vixens are friendly with one another. This place is too damn competitive to get yourself caught up in a friendship. But I do believe both me and you hate each other in a very special way that will last on for awhile. You hate facing me? Good, be prepared to face me over and over while we’re fighting for the same title. I’m not a monster, and you’re hardly as manipulative as you think you are. I baited you in with every single word I said. Every action. Crushing that phone!? That was such a good moment. Despite your own facts that you claim, the one about how you’ve beaten every Vixen you’ve faced, you haven’t beaten me. And you won’t this week, either. Oh, and one more thing. This isn’t because I think we’re friends you dimwit, but it’s the truth — if I didn’t have a match over at Dynasty this week, I would be at Showdown making sure there is no possible way Chuck Scene beats you. I’ve grown sick and tired of his shit. I can’t believe you thought I’d changed my mind on that, you’re so pathetically gullible. Just go hang out with your imaginary buddy HBG, and get your ass ready for this match. You know who’s really grown bored of someone’s typical crap? It’s me. You’ve tried over and over to draw me into your crazy façade, and the first time I threw you a little bone, you jumped overboard with it. I can’t wait until we main event this week. You’re going to be so, so pissed when you see what I have in store for you.
Cailin and the Iconomy laugh and she toasts the camera with a wink as the footage fades out.
It’s nighttime in North Carolina’s capital city, Raleigh. Ahead of the Voltage broadcast on Sunday night, the town is probably crawling with EAW wrestlers. You’ve just got to know where to find them. One place no one would ever expect to find one of them is in one of the stairwells of the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel.

People with luggage obviously liked the idea of using elevators, so of course, the staircase on Aria’s floor of the hotel was totally empty. She’s dressed down, wearing a black Jay Z and Beyonce concert t-shirt and old-looking jeans. Her long red hair is pulled up into a high ponytail. She’s seated on a landing on her staircase, with her feet resting a few steps below.

“Lumen’s basic ass wasn’t the least bit scared of using some...questionable tactics, all for the sake of trying to get in my head before our match. But it makes sense, right? Someone who’s been considered a joke employing methods like that. It fits. This time, I know I don’t have to worry about my opponent being shady or anything like that, but that’s only ‘cause she doesn’t need to be. Aurora Rose is too damn good to need to stoop that low. You don’t have to play dirty when you’ve actually got talent. Lumen could learn a thing or two...or twelve.”

The Californian pulls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, Aurora got here before I did, and she’s someone I’ve had my eye on since day one. Aurora’s a threat to anyone in the division who is secure in their spot. She’s got all the tools to shake things up, the most valuable tool of all being that moveset of hers. I mean, have you seen the way this girl moves around the ring? I’ll take “high flyer” for $200, Alex. She’s money. Miss Rose moves around with reckless abandon, basically saying “fuck you” to the laws of physics. But as high as you might fly, Aurora, at some point, you’ve gotta come crashing back down to Earth. I’ll be the person to drag you down out of the stratosphere.”

Aria winces, as if she’d been a little tactless with her words. She appears to feel bad about what she’s said.

“There’s really no way to make that not sound harsh as hell. This is probably the first time I’ve cared about what I sounded like, in relation to an opponent. Aurora’s no magnet for rudeness, so it’s kinda hard to say anything even remotely coarse to her. Not to mention, I respect the hell out of her. A girl who carries herself the way Aurora does is bound to garner the respect of those around her, but I can’t let that come into play when I face her.”

The expression on her face says that the remorse might be about to bubble up again, but even so, Aria continues to speak.

“Aurora, you’re in a weird place in the tournament. By that, I mean you’ve been putting on these five-star matches, and still not doing as well as we all might’ve hoped. You’re wowing the crowd and showing what you’re made of, but it doesn’t look that way on the leaderboard. You’re probably not doing as well as you might’ve hoped, either. I like to think your wake-up call will come sooner rather than later, and that you’ll become the dominant force in this tournament that we all know you can be, but just know it won’t happen Sunday night. It can’t happen Sunday night. I’m not Erica, and I’m not walking into Voltage intent on splitting points with you. I don’t intend to bust my ass, all to walk away with one point. I have every intention of winning on Sunday night, and I can’t let you stop that from happening.”

Aria sighs, running one hand up the back of her neck.

“Points aside, your previous matches in the tournament have been stellar. There's no debating that. You’ve really given it your all...but I have, too. I don’t really think I need to remind you that, despite both giving it everything we’ve got, we’ve had drastically different results. There are a lot of “maybes” to consider here.

Maybe your head’s in it, but your heart’s not.

Maybe that spat with Erica over Vance threw you off your game.

Maybe having to take time off due to illness has got you off-kilter.

Focusing on the “maybes” and possibilities will have you scratching your head forever, so I’m not getting hung up on intangibles. I like to focus on things I know for certain, and what I know for sure is that, when the referee calls for the bell on Sunday night, he’ll be raising my hand. That’s not me taking a guess at what the future holds; that’s me telling you exactly what will happen. I’m not guessing. I know for sure. Even so, just know, in your current state, Aurora, I’m still not doubting your resolve. You’re tough, so I know you’ll make it through the tournament in one piece, but that’s just thing...you’ll only survive. I’m not in this tournament to simply survive, but to thrive. Taking part isn’t enough for me. I’ve got my eyes on that crown, and whether the old Aurora or the new Aurora is standing across the ring from me doesn’t matter. I have to dispatch of you to get where I wanna be. They say the sky is your sanctuary, Aurora, but there are clouds rolling in, courtesy of me. There’ll be dark skies overhead in Raleigh, and Sunday just won’t be your night.”

With that, Aria rises from her seat on the landing. She turns and walks up the stairs, in the general direction of her hotel room.
First before we even start here TJ, my main man...LET ME SAY GOOD IT FELT TO BE BACK IN THE RING AGAIN, THE BLOOD FLOWING LIKE IM FLYING 110 MPH IN LE MANS, OR IN MONTE CARLO...HOW THE RUSH OF THAT MATCH, THAT BEAT DOWN BEFORE, AND AFTER WITH THAT CHAIR GOT THE BLOOD FLOWING. GOD IT FEELS GOOD TO LET IT ALL SINK IN IN ONE NIGHT, IT BROUGHT ME BACK TO THE EARLY DAYS OF MY CAREER! IT BROUGHT ME WWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY  BBBBBAAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!! THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER? AHAHAHAHA!!! Now that that's out of the way TJ, here we go again, one more time we see Tiberius Jones go one on one with Kevin Devastation, and this time we kick it old school where I know that you know that I was around when Extreme was a cool thing, when every match had no rules, and when everything was dangerous. And as far as you gaining a three peat on me? Pinning me three times in a row? Now lets be real here TJ, the first one I give you, you beat me fair and square and I have no excuses for that loss....BUT LAST WEEK IT TOOK A SIX ON ONE BEAT DOWN, IT TOOK A STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL, AND IT TOOK A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS TO GET A THREE COUNT ON ME! THAT AIN'T HAPPENING SATURDAY KID, NOT IN A LONG SHOT! Remember that this weekend when I have you in front of me, when the bell rings, and when we go one on one with no kind of rules, no kind of cheap ways out, no kind of excuses, I face you, extreme rules, where it is a fight for who is the better man. For who is the better wrestler. And for who is the better extremist this weekend Tiberius. It ain't about career threatening stipulations, but it is about one thing and one thing only.

To prove to people like you that my end, was only the beginning of what was gonna happen next.

It is about the fact that when great men fall, they have to pick themselves back up. And when important men fall, they have to show why they need to climb back up the ladder to become somebody again! AND WHEN A MAN LIKE KEVIN DEVASTATION GETS BEATEN BY SOME UP AND COMING YOUNG PUNK BITCH, THAT MEANS KEVIN DEVASTATION NEEDS TO PROVE TO HIMSELF THAT HE CAN STILL BE HERE, THAT HE DESERVED HIS BIG SEND OFF, THAT I DESERVE THIS DAMN HALL OF FAME RING ON MY FINGER! This aint about anything for you, but you are right, this is about me and how Kevin Devastation brings himself back into the game to stay, to to get showed up and showed the door! That is what this match is about, not about Zach Crash, not about Hexa Gun...those are the variables here, but not the constant we have in this equation. The constant is the fact that this right now, between the sound of three bells to the sound of three bells, that time is dedicated to you and me, Kevin Devastation vs Tiberius Jones, OLD LION AGAINST YOUNG LION WITH THE OLD LION DEFENDING WHAT HE HAS GOT LEFT AGAINST THE YOUNG LION WHO WANTS TO GNAW AWAY AT WHAT I AM HERE FOR! Not today kid, not this time, you do not get to get one over on Kevin Devastation, not in a match that I have been in more times than you have had matches in total. And if you wanna look at history, lets look at what you can also tell your grand kids, tell them that Kevin Devastation whipped Jaywalkers ass in a street fight, yes he won the match...but NOBODY IN LEGION TOOK FROM JAYWALKER WHAT I TOOK FROM HIM THAT NIGHT! Tell them that Kevin Devastation WHIPPED JOHN ALLOY, EAWS FAVORITE SONS ASS AT PAIN FOR PRIDE AND SENT HIM ON THE HIGHWAY TO HELL! Remember those stories, remember how Kevin Devastation was the man who everybody feared as you say. But lets ask ourselves one question TJ, one very important question.

...You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?...

Oh how you need to ask yourself that TJ, because when you think about "Styling" on me, think about what really is gonna happen on Showdown. On Showdown you tango with me now, not with a ego driven ghost, not a wannabee God, but you go tango with the true Kevin Devastation awakened. And oh how naughty I will be on Saturday when I take a man who has about one year of wrestling under his belt and he is gonna style on me? He is gonna style on Kevin Devastation and deliver a three peat? Oh how he is mistaken what happens when it all comes together in one match TJ! How it all, how almost a year of being home sitting, watching, waiting....WANTING TO GET BACK INTO THE FOLD! WANTING TO BE THERE EVERY NIGHT DOING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE SINCE DECEMBER WHEN YOU BEAT ME. WANTING IT, SALIVATING OVER IT, AND WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT TO STRIKE! AND WHEN I STRUCK, YOU STRUCK BACK, LIKE THE FREAKIN EMPIRE FOR CHRIST SAKES! YOU LEFT A MAN BROKEN, YOU BEAT HIM DOWN, YOU HIT HIM WITH A CHAIR, AND YOU PINNED HIM FOR A SECOND TIME IN A ROW! AND GUESS WHAT TJ?!?!?!?!? HE IS BACK AND HE WANTS ANOTHER FIGHT THERE KID! THE HEART IN MY BODY WILL NOT STOP BEATING UNTIL YOU RIP IT OUTTA MY CHEST! Do that TJ, do all that and then  you can say that Kevin Devastation needs to go back home and sit there and cry over his tarnished legacy! Until then TJ, you said it right, I am a gambler. And Saturday, I know when to hold'em, and I will know when to fold'em, And I won't walk away, but boy you should know its time to run...
[Y2Impact is seen in The Lair, laughing maniacally for an unusual period of time after listening to Aren Mstislav's piece before intently speaking with his eyes wide open]

It's truly amazing how genuinely some people can convince themselves of any narrative strictly as a byproduct of their desire for it to be true. Just when you think you've explored the furthest avenues of the EAW universe and seen everything all the wrestlers have to offer, someone comes up with a new excuse and they surprise you; a new explanation to justify their incompetence and point the finger in another man's direction. Aren Mstislav thinks I'm the King of a self-given throne while he's nothing but a lowly pauper, and he's partially right. The lowly pauper part is totally true! But I didn't create a throne out of nothingness, I didn't plaster myself with megalomaniacal nicknames to stroke my ego; I hurdled over enormous barriers while on the prowl to reign in my very own kingdom, and when I arrived, that throne already existed. The royal chair had already been taken by other elitists, and my only objective from there was to unseat them by any means necessary. How could I steal someone else's possession? I'd been taught throughout my childhood the importance of family heirlooms, history, and leading an honorable path on the ol' straight and narrow; selfishness wasn't in the DNA of my forefathers, but the avarice that comprised my being propelled me to heights I couldn't even dare fathom as a child. I deviated from the philosophies espoused by my teachers not because I needed to, but because I wanted to... And I became the anomaly. How often is it that an individual achieves long-standing success without doing so through selfish and impure means? Morality is arbitrary, and I defined my own by opposing others. Deluded men who stake claim to virtue are so caught up in their bleeding-heart ideals that they've begun thinking the unorthodox is a taboo sin. My difference threatens the monotonous sameness of EAW and its corporate cronies, and that's why they're sending misguided wrestlers like Aren Mstislav after me. Mstislav's a guy who wouldn't dare defy authority, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to discover he's been entirely content with his career up until now, and that's because he lacks the competitive spirit that's been a staple of my career. He's satisfied simply to fall into the right place at the right time, confident in management's ability to make tough decisions and make them correctly, and where has that misplaced confidence gotten him? Nowhere! He's the Pure Champion and yet he's largely been an unrecognizable afterthought ever since his victory against Ares Vendetta at the inaugural Battleground. You're supposed to be the rising star, one of the primary candidates to lead a generation of wrestlers into the next era, and yet from a distance I couldn't distinguish you from J.D. Damon last week on Voltage. That speaks less of J.D. Damon and more about what you have proven woefully incapable of -- separating yourself from the rest of the pack and becoming the household name everybody expects you to be. It belies the championship you hold and the strength and fortitude with which you've fought to maintain it, but in a land of colorful personalities and honorable, cookie-cutter champions, what makes Aren Mstislav any different?

Despite decrying me and referring to me as a "self-righteous blowhard," you let slip a rare moment of candor and correctly made note of my status as a legend. Do you know what that shows me, Aren? You disagree with me because you think more highly of yourself than I gave you credit for, but beneath the barbs and theatrics, you begrudgingly respect me. My career speaks for itself, and my body of work left you with very few options other than to accept that there's a reason I'm in the position I'm standing in. And it's amusing, really, that the same faith and trust you award management is what makes you vulnerable against a foe like me and puts a mammoth-sized target on your back! I want a real challenge, and while I have zero doubt your headstrong mentality will see you firing back at me with the expression of a man too vain to operate on someone else's terms even if it means a possible victory for him, the indisputable fact that you're considering what I've done in the past as it relates to the present creates a weakness that wasn't otherwise there. That turns Aren Mstislav! Proud and formidable EAW Pure Champion! into Aren Mstislav, cog in the machine, spoke on the wheel, line in the sand, speck of dust in the window, little spider in the flask. I've achieved accomplishments you can only aspire to on several different occasions, I've already succeeded on every platform I've been given, and you're envious. You're envious because you've allowed opportunities to become something greater elude your grasp on multiple occasions, you're envious because even in my failed endeavors and personal exploits, I'm never empty-handed and oftentimes come away from what other people perceive as "moments of misfortune" with more than Aren Mstislav does in his most successful business ventures. My journey hasn't been without its pitfalls and drawbacks, of course. You've done a great job illuminating that, but you've revised the facts and altered events to fit your version of the truth; in other words, you're a perfect fit for Crash's regime. Mistakes, I've made a few, but Charlie Scene was the architect of his own destruction -- I just guided him to that destination a little bit earlier, and now he's been reduced to picking up the pieces of his shattered glass ever since. All bets are off when we lock eyes inside that squared circle, Aren Mstislav. I won't hesitate, I won't allow weakness to permeate through me like you've unknowingly done before this contest has even begun, and I will never show vulnerability. This is my renaissance, and I'm the star of a movie that leaves every pint-sized child in the theater crying and hugging their mothers for comfort upon witnessing and being met with the realization that the hero doesn't always win; sometimes, the hero dies, and I am your perfect villain.

[Y2Impact furiously storms out of the room. Exit scene]
The camera focuses on Chris Starr in his hotel room a few hours after Battleground has ended.

"Am I upset that I lost tonight? No"
"Do I believe that Luke Braxton is a better competitor than me? No"

"I lost the match because of little mistakes, not because of my so called 'limited arsenal'"

 "Maybe you'd be more impressed if I jumped off the top rope, did a triple back flip and land a splash on my next opponent. Well let me tell you something, that's not gonna happen. See, I'm a lot different from other elitists, I don't need to do sunset flips and other flashy moves to get the job done."

Maybe some thick-headed idiots might be saying 'Chris, you're in no position to speak! You've only wrestled one match which you lost!" 

"Well my response to those people is that I know for a fact my "limited arsenal" gets the job done because those moves have been effective in far more dangerous environments compared to EAW."

"I was born and raised in the Bronx, we had no money. Growing up I literally had to use that so called 'Limited Arsenal' to survive. Whether it was someone trying to mug me on the 6 train or if I was trying to steal from some rich kid in high school just so I can eat a damn meal."

"Now you can underestimate me if you wish, but calling me out on my moveset is idiotic"

"Believe me, this is not the last you've seen of Chris Starr, I cant wait to prove everyone wrong. Mark my words, I will continue to survive in EAW just like how I survived on the streets."

camera fades to black
Empress of Elite: Showdown

I don’t care about a lot of things anymore. I don’t care about what side my hair decides to fall on in the mornings; I don’t care about the rest of the petty Vixens in the Division, but most importantly, I don’t care if you’re my opponent or not, Alexis. For your information, when I first was informed of our match on Showdown, I couldn’t wait to express my opinion to the world. I told you what I needed to tell you. It’s not just you that is beneath me, it is ALL the Vixens, who are beneath me. I felt like this is the one thing, in which I made clear each and every week. There is no Vixens in this Division, who are living up to my standards. I have been looking everywhere for the competition. Don’t get me wrong; I got some good competition, but good is not good enough for me. I could give you the whole lecture about what makes me so great, but it should be damn obvious every time I step foot into that ring! I come for one thing and one thing only and that is to make an impact. What have you done since coming to EAW? Oh yeah! Nothing!

Alexis, you are considered the Vixen, who is still alive in this very tournament. You may not be in the six way tie in the tournament, but you are someone, who could sneak up to the rest of the competition and win the entire tournament. You have a lot to live up to because not many people believe that you have this in the bag. Honestly, if I was someone, who was watching this tournament instead of competing, you would not be the first or second person, who I would want to win. Hell, you’re not even in the list of honorable mentions of people I want to win. Everyone is waiting for you to fail. I am waiting for you to fail. I am also waiting for Maddie to fail, but I’m patient. I can wait and see everything crumble for the two of you. If it makes you feel better, I wanted to focus on you more than Maddie, but I assumed like the rest of my competition, you were scared. You’re scared of being in the ring with me. There’s nothing to be ashamed about that, but it just boosts my confidence way up and makes me anticipate Showdown.

What I need to clarify is that Maddie hasn’t hurt me with her words. The only thing that she has hurt me with is the sound of her voice. It sounds like a sweet and obedient religious girl rebelling and proving to everyone that she can be a bad girl—this is what Maddie is all about. You on the other hand, you are someone, who ignored me in the beginning of the week and then you have seen my exchanges with Maddie and you just want to get in on all the fun. After you’ve ignored me, why should I give you the time of day? I’m someone, who has been with EAW since 2009; to Maddie: I’m just a grandma. What am I to you, Alexis? What are your perceptions of me? Am I this wonderful Vixen, who has done her best to break the glass ceiling or am I…just a grandma? Am I someone, who needs to retire, so people like you would actually get a shot in the Vixens Division? Are you going to be saying stuff like that to me or are you going to try to shove me out of your way to the top? I’m okay with anything, because I’ll kick your ass anyway.

Focus, Cameron, focus! You cannot let Cuckoo McGee get the best of you! You got to focus on Alexis because she could use my so-called “distracted” eyes and pick up the win. For your information, I’m not distracted. I am quite focused. The most focused I have ever been! I don’t know if you know this about me: I have this fire within me ever since I came back to the Vixens Division. I feel the motivation to destroy any Vixen in my path. I know what my objectives are. I know what the prize in sight is and that is winning the Empress of Elite Tournament. Saying that I am distracted because of Maddie is an understatement because I am focused. I am a woman. I can multi-task. I can do many things in once. I can talk to you and I can bad mouth Maddie, when I want to. There is enough Cameron for everyone! You don’t need to worry your pretty, little head about where my priorities stand because it is obvious that I am willing to do anything to win. I want that crown! I want to rule over you as the main Vixen of the Division. I want to be a Goddess AND Empress! I am a woman. I dream big and I bring it, when it is something I really, really want!

Alexis, you can do whatever it takes to make sure people look at you as a Goddess, but I AM a Goddess. I earned that title all on my own; for everything that I have done for EAW. If you want a little veteran advice, all I got for you is saying that you are going to need to dig a little deeper within yourself and pull something out that has never been seen before. This is the biggest match in your career so far. You and Maddie have that in common. What are you going to do to make sure that you defeat me? What are you going to bring out that you have not brought before? What are you going to do to shut my yap up? Or am I going to get the last laugh! HA! If I manage to beat the two of you in the same week, my statement of what I said about the Vixens Division is accurate! Its pity and tragic! I won’t be able to believe this is what EAW is proud of! Alexis, if you claim to be the dragon of this Division and that I will be burned in your flames or whatever, do it! DO IT! Let’s see how I respond to this! My passion for talking is as big of passion for EAW! I’ve seen Vixens like you walk in and out every day. What makes you different from the rest of them? I’ve heard the same old song each time from them and that is what our match on Showdown will be for me—the same old song with me coming out victorious.

EAW Promoz! (Part 5 - Locked for posting...)

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