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 EAW Shakeup + conduct rules (1-1-2018)

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PostSubject: EAW Shakeup + conduct rules (1-1-2018)   January 1st 2018, 10:16 am


so a lot's been going on and a lot of things have moved very fast, probably too fast for most people to keep track of. Therefore I'm gonna have to pull a deus ex machina on a few things and try to shift things back on the rails.

Fed changes

After King of Elite, there will be an EAW Shakeup that will result in changes made to the Showdown, Dynasty and Voltage rosters. This is not a draft, this is a re-shuffling of the rosters. If you are seeking to move to another brand, you can PM me (your requests will be discrete) and you'll more than likely have your trade approved.

Crowned In Blood will be NEO's last show of Season 11. After this, the NEO roster will be put on all three brands. NEO is being spread too thin so it's best if we end the project for now and start back up when there's a better time for it. 

New Board policy

- I am reinstating the three strikes policy for brand writers. I will make a separate thread about this after KOE, but for those who remember the last one, similar rules will apply. If a show is turned in late three times, the main writer will have to be replaced. If a back up writer is late one time, they are prohibited from back up writing ever again and they won't be a valid excuse for holding up the show. Again, this'll be explained to further detail in another thread.

- Any board member I find abusing their power will be demoted without hesitation. Any board member who complains about being demoted will be fired from EAW. Anyone who complains about a board member being fired, will also join them in being fired. When a board member is fired, it's a result of a pent up accumulation of problems, so there will be 0 room for debate or discussion when it happens.

Conduct rule changes

- Anyone who's quit EAW recently or is planning on doing so will not be allowed back. 0 exceptions. We're not going to play the game of having to do a balancing act to appease peoples emotions. If you have a problem, talk to Robbie or I. You're more than likely in your teens or twenties if you're reading this, so you aren't a baby, meaning there's no excuse for you holding up pent up frustrations if nothing's going to even be talked about you and you decide to up and leave without 0 attempt at a resolution.

- Also, if you leave the EAW chat server, you might not be allowed back. Keep that in mind as you do it.

- Anyone who uses the @everyone feature for something that isn't deemed worthy will be banned from the discord server, indiscriminately, for 10 days. If you do it again, you will be banned from the server indefinitely. If you don't like it, quit.

(for the record, @everyone should be for the use of robbie or i, or for the use of announcements for important eaw related things like shows or cards being posted. )

- Anyone who I feel has excessively instigated on the EAW chat will be banned from the server indefinitely. Being on the server is not a birthright, nor is being allowed to be the source behind drama all the time. That will be nipped in the bud this year, and it will be done indiscriminately. 

- Anyone, regardless of position, who takes a passive aggressive stance at the punishment of another member instead of talking about it like a rational human being, will also be fired without hesitation.


- If drama in any side server or group chat separate from EAW ends up spilling into the main chat, everyone involved will be banned indiscriminately. This is to protect the actual competent people who are able to be transparent and honest about their dealings from having to bear witness to the pathetic tribal mentality taking place.

- (Most important one) In the event that there are behind the scenes harassment going on, you are now held liable if you withhold information. For example Eclipse Diemos had his own chatroom to act out fantasies with certain people, and even tried to get someone underaged to be involved in it. No one in that chatroom said anything until long after it was too late. Theoretically if this is to happen again, or a situation like this even to a less graphic detail, everyone who was around to see it will be fired. 

Picbase change thread coming soon.

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

Posts : 3526
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Hailing From : The Gay Meat Community
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PostSubject: Re: EAW Shakeup + conduct rules (1-1-2018)   January 1st 2018, 1:58 pm

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EAW Shakeup + conduct rules (1-1-2018)

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