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 Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.

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Tarah Nova
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EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 27th 2017, 10:26 pm

(Note: This is just something I've been wanting to do for a while now...bare with me. Enjoy!)
Elite City. Population: 7 million and counting. It has always  been a busy city with a life of its own; both in the day and the night. And it's crime rate? Well, that's too much to even count. Though, it wasn't always like that. It use to be a nice and semi quiet place to live till the Vendetta Family took over. When they arrived, they bought out everything and made Elite City their own. No one was safe from them. Yes, life was still alright and citizens still could leave their homes without having to keep their eyes wide open but not very often...then suddenly, a mob boss stepped out from the shadows and started to take control of parts of the city as well. Gawd's Hand was the gang and their leader, the Don: Ryan Adams aka Black Methuselah. Him, along with some of the City's most dangerous criminals, stood up to the Vendetta's. Now while 'The Father', Robert Vendetta tried his best to ignore what Gawd's Hand was doing  his son: Ares Vendetta, couldn't. So after a year of a tug of war game over the power of Elite City, Ares went behind his father's back and kidnapped Black Methuselah's niece; cutting her throat in front of Black Methuselah himself in an attempt to stop Gawd's Hand rise to power...but it failed. Enraged with the death of his niece, Black Methuselah and a few members of Gawd's Hand stormed the House of Vendetta; Killing Ares' Mother as a result. So with family blood split on both sides, a war broke out for control over the city and for most of all...revenge.

It's been three years since the war started in Elite City and no one is for certain if it will ever stop.

“HEY! Get back here!”

Gunshots and voices of loud men echoed around the woman as she ran down the long alleyway with a smirk glued to her lips. It was the middle of the night; no one should be out of their homes at this hour in Elite City but yet, there she was, running for her life as the men chased after her. It was suppose to be a simple ‘intel’ mission but of course, she had to throw her two cents into the conversation. Now, she was running from Saint Nikolas’ men all because of her mouth. 

The dark haired woman looked back at the men, laughing as she ran. Her feet carrying her till she came to a screeching halt at the end of the alley. ‘Shit.’ Was the first thought that came to her mind as she looked at the wall before trying to figure out a way to escape. She quickly turned around just in time for all of the men to stop a few steps in front her; her smirk dropped as they began to move closer. The black haired woman’s eyes tried to watched all of their movements as they circled around her. Finally boxed in, an light hearted laugh met her ears and two of the men steps aside to let their pack leader in. Saint Nikolas himself, stepped into the circle in front of her. He grinned at her as he leaned some of his weight onto his pure white umbrella. 

“Well, Well, Well...if it isn’t one of the Siren brats; ruining one of my meetings.” Nikolas said, moving his rounded sunglasses down his nose so he could look at her. “And of course it is you, Shock-Collar. Again.” Shocker simply smiled at him just before other two men that stood behind her grabbed a hold of her arms; forcing her down onto the alley floor. Once her knees met the cold ground, Nikolas stepped closer to her; his grin growing bigger as she looked at him. 

“Yeah--When will I learn, huh.” She chuckled, looking at his face and all the burnt scars that were on it. Another chuckle passed her lips as Shocker stared at his skin which made Nikolas only more annoyed. “Well, I believe it's time to learn now, Siren.” He said fixing his sunglasses before lifting his umbrella up and pulling on the neck of it to reveal the sword that was hidden inside. Shock-Collar watched him move closer till she felt the blade resting on the crook of her neck. 

“Any last words, Siren?”

ShockCollar’s eyes met his before glancing upwards at the buildings above; seeing two figures jump across them. A smile appeared on her lips, looking back at him, “Yeah just one thing;” She said, “Which face should I look at before I die..The pretty side or the ugly one?” After she asked him, her laughter echoed throughout the alley; which only angered Nikolas more.  In a flash, he pulled the blade away from her neck; raising it high in the air but before he could swing it back down; a whip wrapped around the blade only to pull it out of his grip. A growling gasp came from the throat of Nikolas as he spun around just in time to see his blade fall into the hands of a woman with long pink hair. While his eyes were on her, another one appeared behind Shocker and the men that held her down. With one gentle touch of her hands against the men’s skin and a mumble of ‘Let her go.’; the men dropped Shocker’s arms without a second thought. 

Feeling the hands leave her arms, ShockCollar smirked as she quickly pulling her two electrical expandable batons out; spinning them once in her hands before jabbing both of the men in the abdomen. Their screams alarmed Nikolas; making him turn around just in time to see them hit the ground. 

“Great timing, Girls.” Shocker smugly said as she smiled; slowly standing up to her feet. Shadow only rolled her eyes as she step forward towards Nikolas but was blocked by two men. “Two on one? Easy..”  She said dropping the blade on the ground than snapping her whip once. As both of the men moved closer to the pink haired woman; she stepped back. A smirk appeared on her lips as she flung the whips’ end at one of the men’s neck; letting it wrap around it. His hands flew to his neck, trying to rip away the whip but before he could get it loosened; she tugged him forward which made him fly into the other man. They groaned as they hit the ground. 

Now while Shadow worked on the two men in front of her, Shocker and Red looked at Saint Nikolas; smirks growing on their lips. “Ready to talk before heading back Prescott Hill's Sanatorium, Nikolas?” Red said slowly walking close to him, eyeing him down. He only laughed at her question, “I could start talking but---” He smirked, pulling out a pistol from under his fur coat; aiming it at the red haired Siren.  “What would be the fun in that?” Shocker looked at the gun before smiling at Red.

“Okay, chill” She said shrugging, making him look at her. “How about we not shoot the gun and you just tell us who you are working for, Crispy Nick.” He growled at the nickname she rudely gave him which made him aim the gun at the Ringmaster instead. “Tell me...What's stopping me from killing you both, ShockCollar? What's stopping me from shooting her in the head and gutting you like a fish?” He shot venom at them as he spoke which only made Shocker’s grin grow.  Slowly, she pointed behind him. 

“Not what..more like who..” 

Quickly, Saint Nikolas’ eyes widen before spinning around, shooting his gun off at the Siren behind him but swiftly Shadowrunnner duck under his arm only to elbow him right in the nose. A cracking noise followed by a groan came from Nikolas as he stumbled backwards; falling back onto the cold ground. After a moment of laying there, Saint Nikolas opened his eyes only to have a pistol, a electrical expandable baton and his own blade; all staring him in the face. “Now...” Red said sweetly. “Tell us, Nikolas...who are you working for?”

“I--I can’t say! Please!” Nikolas begged staring up at the three women. “And why not?” Shadow said as Shocker kneeled down; placing her baton against his forehead. A shake sigh let his lips before he answered, “Because they will kill me and my Daughter! I-I can’t!” That comment made all of them look at each other. Mumbling under her breath, the black haired Siren stood up then quickly grabbed ahold of his coat to pull him up to his feet; only to slam him against the wall with a loud thud. The pink haired Siren looked back at Red, who already knew what to do. Gently, Red stepped closer to the burnt man who whimpered and tried to loosen the grip that Shocker had on him, “No, P-Please--” but before he could finish his begging; he fell quiet as her fingertips slid across his jawline.  

“Now,” Red said calmly as looked him in the eyes, “Who do you work for, Saint Nikolas? Tell me.” He tried so hard to keep his mouth shut but finally, he spoke. “B-B-Black M---” Suddenly, Saint Nikolas’ head slammed back against the wall just as blood began to spill from a hole in the middle of his forehead.  Shocker dropped him with a gasp as she watched him fell to the ground again. Quickly, Shadow and Red turned just in time to see one of his own henchmen holding the smoking gun.  

A growl left Red’s lips as she swiftly aimed her gun at the man, shooting him in the chest. “Goddamnit...” Shadowrunner sighed before looking at her fellow Siren, who was shaking while she stared at the body of Saint Nikolas. “Shocker?” She whispered, placing her hand on her friend’s shoulder. Just as Shadow’s hand met Shocker’s shoulder, small giggles left her lips. Both hands flew up to her mouth as her eyes widened, “I’m sorry, Shadow.” Red and Shadow looked at each other in worry as the sound of sirens came closer to the three women. 

“Come on, let's go girls.” The Pink haired Siren said, pulling ShockCollar away from the body before all three of them disappeared into the darkness.  

A loud growl echoed all around the room making the rather large man jump, “Tell me again, Lucas, what happened to Saint Nikolas and the others???” Lucas Johnson whimpered, edging away from his boss. “T-The Sirens--They--” A pair of fists slammed against the wooden table followed by another growl. Black Methuselah stared at his head hentchmen with pure death in his eyes. “They what, you idiot!” He screamed making Lucas shake. 

“They crashed the meeting with Maniac and Hellfire, Boss!! S-Saint Nikolas knew too much and I--We had to order his Death!” Lucas duck his head, hiding his face from his boss’ stare. Black Methuselah only let out an annoyed sigh as he leaned forward in his leather chair. This wasn’t a new feeling, losing a man---but losing one just as loyal as Saint Nikolas? This angered The Leader of Gawd’s Hand. “He was a good man...Such a loyal dog.” He muttered, leaning his elbows on the table to rest his head on his folded hands; so he could think. Lucas looked up at his boss, “Boss?”

“Did the others get out?” He asked quietly.

“The Others...?” Lucas asked back which made Black Methuselah growled, closing his eyes. After a few moments of silence, he stood up from the table; sending his leather chair crashing to the ground. “YES!” The Leader howled, stalking over to the fat man; backing him up against the wall. Lucas whimpered again as a black pistol was forced under his chin. ”Maniac. Hellfire. DID. THEY. GET. OUT!?” A loud clicking noise echoed, signaling the safety was now off but not even a second later, Johnson nodded his head, muttering out a ‘yes’. Hearing the answer he wanted, Black Methuselah pulled his gun away from under his henchman's chin; than patting Lucas’ cheek rather hard with his other hand. “Good. Good, dog. Now you may go and fetch me my suit. We have places to go. People to see.” 

“Yes Boss...” With that, Lucas Johnson scampered away out of the office as Black Methuselah turned back to the large windows that showed the the whole city...soon to be his city. “Those stupid Sirens...always putting their noses in my business...but soon...soon, just like the filthy Vendetta Family, they will be gone.” He mumbled, smiling to himself. He knew all of it was gonna be his at the end of this war and no one was gonna stop him. Not a damn soul.

ShockCollar--or better known as Tarah Jay, sat in the corner of the main room of the Sirens’ Base while Red and Shadowrunner spoke quietly among themselves. They didn't know but the image of Saint Nikolas’ cold lifeless body stuck in T.J.’s head. She couldn’t shake the look on his face. It was filled with such shock...such surprise. Another giggle left her lips before she could stop it which was than followed by a sad sigh and small mumbles to herself.  From across the room, Shadow watched her friend for a moment before taking off her mask, revealing herself as Aria Jaxon. “How is she?” Red aka Cailin Dillon asked, loosely crossing her arms over her chest.  The Pink haired woman shook her head, “Still waiting for the meds to kick in...Could take a while.” Cailin only frowned sadly before sliding her right hand through her red hair. The Medicine; The only thing that kept Tarah as normal as she could ever get and kept the real her locked away in the pits of her mind.  This moment in time has happened a lot but the thing is they never knew when the meds kicked in. Sometimes they worked like lightening but other times...not so much. 

“Look,” Aria spoke gently, looking at Cailin. “I have to get home before Aren beats me there, okay? Are you planning on staying with her tonight since he's not back from his mission yet?” The redhead nodded her head slowly, before looking over at Tarah, who slowly falling asleep in the corner. “Yeah. I’ll stay.” Hearing that, Aria quickly thanked her other friend before walking out of the room; leaving Cai and Tarah alone. A soft smile spread across her face as she moved toward Tare; sitting down by her side. 

After a slow 40 minutes passed her by, Cailin sighed, leaning her head against the wall till she heard a groan on her left. “What time is it?”  She looked over to see Tarah rubbing her eyes. They were red and tiresome looking; Cailin could tell.  

“About 5:12 in the morning.”

“Fuck.” Tarah croaked, letting out a groan. “Cai...You didn’t have to stay.  I could've been fine alone.” Cailin merely shrugged her shoulders at her black haired friend as she watched her slowly stand up from the floor. Tarah started to rub her sore neck, easing the pain before looking down at Cailin. “Did she make you stay again?” 

“No, Aria didn’t make me do anything. Honestly, Tare. I wanted to stay.” It was the Redhead’s turn to stand, “Are you okay now though?” The black haired woman nodded her head slowly before moving forward towards the doorway to the hall. Cailin followed behind. 

“Yeah, I’m Okay. The Meds helped, so thanks.” She yawned out the last part while pushing the door opened. Both girls moved past the door and down the hallway of the Sirens’ base. On one side of the hall was the kitchen and living room while on the other side were the bedrooms. Three bedrooms to be exacted. Two rarely were used while one was always used. That was Tarah’s room. While Cailin and Aria moved out of the base, Tarah stayed. For starters: She didn’t have anywhere else to go; not that she was complaining. Other than that, she loved it there. The quiet helped her think. 

Another yawn echoed the hall as Tarah stepped closer to the Black door that had the letters ‘T.J.’ on it. “Tare?” Tarah stopped before looking over her shoulder at her red haired friend. “If you need me, I’ll be next door, okay? I promised Aria I’d stay till you were okay and--” Tarah chuckled softly before turning around to face Cailin fully. “Really, Cai. Go home. I’m okay. See--” She pointed at her face as she smiled tiredly. Cailin only looked at her for a moment before frowning. “Are you sure?”  

“Jeezus, Cailin, Yes. Go home” finally there was a soft sigh of defeat that came from Cailin before she nodded her head again, “Okay.”  She simply said before hugging Tarah tightly. Another chuckle bubbled past her lips as Tarah hugged her back.  “But really, call me if anything happens or you're meds stop working or --” 

“Or the base explodes randomly? Come on, Cai, you worry way too much about me. I’m okay. Trust me.” A simple smile was flashed the red head’s way as they pulled apart. They, both Aria and Cailin worried about Tarah due to her past and who she had family ties with but Tarah simply didn’t understand why they did. With one more hug goodbye, Cailin continued down the hallway and out through the small hole that was in the wall. Tarah waited quietly till she heard her friend hit the top of elevator doors to push her bedroom doors open; entering the dark room. In silence, Tarah closed the door then sat on the ground with her back against it. ‘Alone at last’ she mumbled to herself, cringing as she rolled up her sleeves; only to slide her fingers against the scars from Downtown district and the two families that she had faced over the course of three years. She's been shot, cut, whipped, burned--But not just her, no. Each Siren have there own set of scars that they all have to live with now---body counts too. 

Saint Nikolas wasn’t the only one that she watched die in front of her. She watched many fall victims to this war between Gawd’s Hand and The Vendetta Family. Men, women and children have fallen on the blade due to both sides. Tarah reached up to her neck, touching the now almost smooth scar--which was the start of this War for her and drove her out of her home that was the Downtown district. 

As she closed her eyes, Tarah tried to think back to a better time. A time were Gawd's Hand and the Vendetta's didn't rule her city. A time were she could be free to walk the streets of Elite City without a care in a world but soon, those thoughts became nothing then that. Just a pipe dream that she can only see in her mind.     
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Aria Jaxon

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 27th 2017, 10:48 pm


"Honestly, I know where you're goin', and baby, you're just movin' on. And I'll still love you even if I can't see you anymore, can't wait to see you soar."
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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 8:11 am

Good shit yo :salute:

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Macho Man Johnny Nova

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 8:30 am

Nice!!! :whew:

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Stephanie Matsuda

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 8:37 am

Wow. This exceeded all high expectations.

Cloudzer Rating: 5 stars

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Cailin Dillon

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 10:07 am

I told you this was good Wink

Thank you Tarah <3
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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 10:26 am

Great stuffs (H).

(Thank You Lars Grier)

(Thank You Rhyse)
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Carson Ramsay

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 12:36 pm

:whew: :whew: :whew: :whew:

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Cameron Ella Ava
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EAW Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 4:41 pm

Loved the detail on this! Can't wait for more!

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Nasir Escobar

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   July 28th 2017, 6:48 pm

"Prescott Hill's Sanatorium"

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PostSubject: Re: Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.   

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Novacaine Studio Presents: ELITE CITY SIRENS Episode One: Jokes On You.

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