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EAW | Season 11
EAW is all around the best form of e-federation on the web. We have intricate stories/scripts, amazing graphics, talented writers and artists, a booming community, unrivaled productivity, a near decade of prestige and we've been a model of consistency with no signs of slowing down. This may be a big pond, but if you're consistent and active on the website you will find yourself greatly enjoying your time here. We have all different people from different backgrounds who interact daily, and while we may seem like a bustling big city, at the end of the day we're truly a community. Get assigned to one of the 3 brands today!

EAW Promoz! - Page 37 XFZUbPi

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 15th 2017, 8:47 am by Shackleford
When the door of opportunity knocks, It takes alot to open that door and walk on through. Sometimes you can't bring yourself to do it and sometimes you just downright miss the boat.
Fate is a fickle mistress but she, if nothing else, is about balance. She may seem unkind, but her kindness will find its way to you, one way or another. The battle royal I have found myself a part of for example, is full of people who lady fate has been unkind to, almost all of us have had a losing streak recently. Some of us have achieved great things and fallen on tough times, some of us have achieved nothing and are on the up and up. Some of us are literally spot monkeys for this match. It's not my place to categorise everybody, we all know the role we play in this match. Dark horse, favourite, fall guy...we all have our part to play in lady fates production. Perhaps this is your call up? Understudy no more. Perhaps this is another day of missed opportunity? Perhaps this is all part of a far grander plan, to remove some of us from the big picture.

This matchup features six persons. I say persons because we are not all men, Ahren is a little bitch.
Now I know Ahren has a pinfall against me, so that's reason enough for him to try and put me in my place. But unlike Ahren I have the stones to accept my failures and persevere, keep moving forward, instead of rehashing the same recycled lines and whine about not being a champion any more. We get it, you had a title run...your in good company there in this match Ahren. Doesn't entitle you to anything though fella. Your name entitles you to nothing but stiff fists to the face.
Your over oiled body and glittery face isn't going to get you television deals. That's not wet panties Ahren, it's the wetness behind your ears lad. So stop swinging your dick around and running your mouth, the grown ups are talking.

The battle royal is a pretty unorthodox matchup to prepare for, resilience to pain won't help. Your ability as a technical wrestler is little help. Fortune favours the bold. The opportunistic.
Jacob Moore knows about opportunity, having had it pass him by enough times I hope for his sake he has learnt to identify it. Again you've beaten me before and again I can admit to those failures, but failure is the most important lesson. We learn to pick ourselves up and hopefully grow so that we won't make those mistakes again. Jacob you've sat that class many a time and have failed that final test time and time again. Will this one be any different? For your own sanity I hope so, disappointment in yourself can be utterly soul destroying. Watching a man perish by his own hand is gruesome. Don't make us watch that. We haven't the stomach.

Class in another sense now, Reginald Dampshaw III. The king with no kingdom, his head without a crown. Reginald and I have crossed paths once or twice now and history hasn't been kind to me this far, but our paths continue to cross. Perhaps fatigue? The pursuit of a kingdom has ground you down? Victory at this stage would make that crown hollow no? Knowing you hardly have the strength to defend it having won it, maybe now is the time for the scales to tip in my favour Reginald? You've worked hard to get yourself in the position that people recognise your ability, opportunity will continue to knock upon your door. This opportunity may well be 'the one'. May well. The future is far from a sure thing and extending your Christmas break by sitting this one out could give you the respite you need to come back harder and faster than ever before. Just think about it.

Now Stark has spoken about respect at length. Who deserves it, who's earned it and how to get it. Stark has no respect for me, because I have not earned it. I am a shadow of my former self at this time and even then most would agree I was the lesser of my team. For me though, respect isn't something anyone should strive for. If you live your life in hopes to win over others, your nothing more than a performing monkey. That being said if you try to incite fear instead of be respected, you will close doors and burn bridges you might not want to. I aim more for contempt. People do not look at me and hate me, fear me, respect me. People look at me and believe that I just do not matter. And that puts everyone in a very interesting place. Stark you yourself have paid me utterly no mind in your preparations for this match, which means you believe me to be a non factor in this match, and why wouldn't you? But lets just say, for arguements sake, that you were wrong to do so. Oh...what then sir? See it's an interesting notion, and it's a role I am happy to play. The Nobody, I own that shit! Leaving everyone on the back foot. I don't need your respect, and you sure as hell don't care for mine. Contempt for me and distain for you, it's a fair trade.

Speaking of trade, let us trade one name for another, Target Smiles for Tomi Venus. The change is clearly for personal reasons, not because the name is better or sounds more formidable. But hey who am I to talk about stupid names? Or success, right? What can I possibly say to you? What can I possibly say to any of the guys in this match? What am I going to say to throw you off your game? What can this nobody say to make you think twice? I'll give you the truth now, ears pricked I hope. There is no magical sentence that will make you buckle. All I've got is my blind faith in myself, my abilities and my place in all this. Will I have what it takes to win this match? Of course I am hopeful, hopeful that I am exactly where I'm meant to be. Perhaps I AM outclassed, outmatched and outgunned. Perhaps I haven't a hope in hell. Perhaps.
Whatever happens I believe some revelations will be made and some eyes opened, and THAT is the role of the Prophet.
Jamie O'Hara
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 15th 2017, 4:36 am by Jamie O'Hara
Did it all get lost in translation?

Or is there an underlying feeling of fear that resides within you, HBG?

I certainly didn’t speak ill of your accomplishment nor the place you hold. People’s perception is their reality; that’s just something we all have to come to accept. It’s that very reason why I perceive my reign as great...because they will. People won’t remember the poor pool of talent that stood across from since Cameron, people will only remember how long I stood at the apex of it all uncontested, unmatched and unbeaten. What becomes their perception of you if the Heart Break Gal flounders as champion? I would still hold you in the highest of regards but people won’t perceive you in the same light. A flicker of hope that was dashed, a spark that could never ignite a fire; there’s just some truths too harsh, too bitter for us champions to face but at some point we do. At some point we can’t run, we cannot hide, we cannot obstruct facing what we fear. A fluke...that was never what I called you. Others will. I’m sure many snicker in the shadows as you walk by, unconvinced that the title you carry is going to last. They all do. You don’t truly realise the critics that whisper in the cacophony of voices when you emerge as champion until they’re all silenced; when the dust settles and there’s only praise sung in unison. Collapsing faster than the Pizza Boy will certainly cause a legion of critics to once more emerge from those shadows and shove their “perceptions”, their “realities” in your face. But perhaps I’m giving you considerable credit. A veteran, someone who has slugged through this company longer than I have should understand the way this world works but I’m starting to find myself unconvinced. See you think that because you finally have that title around your waist that it only gets easier. You’ve conquered the greatest single obstacle that has faced any man or woman in arguably the entirety of this company’s history. It is, indeed, uncomparable and at no point have I nor will I take away from that. It’s hard to imagine being toppled when you stand at the apex of it all but sadly, there is always a fall. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished because nobody has done it before me. In over ten years not a soul has reigned for longer. Every legend to hold this decorated championship never amounted to this. Is there not something to be proud of? Even if it’s all stripped away tomorrow, I still have that to my name. Even if you were to reign long enough to surpass that, to relegate it to such a footnote, then still, for 232 days it would still be my record. But history does not favour your ambitions, HBG. History does not favour all that you desire and instead, it’s far more likely that you will be another champion who falls as I continue to reign. Deny it as you wish, perception is reality and right now? People think I’m unstoppable. People think that I can’t be beaten and when enough people buy into that? It becomes a fact. It becomes something that you can’t deny. I never needed Cameron to succeed and that’s no more evident than the night I capture the World Heavyweight Championship, the night that I defended it at Pain For Pride successfully, the night I walked out victorious against her and the night I walked out of the Elimination Chamber. But even those times that I did, has the public perception of my greatness been altered?

No. Not at all.

Perhaps your star will forever shine brighter than mine but I prefer to live in the present and what I see is a name that flickered for years, never truly being able to ignite and now that it lights up the world, only God knows when the light dies. Maybe questioning whether or not your victory over Jones at Kingsroad will be remembered as a fluke if you collapse is the wrong take to have. Maybe people don't consider it a fluke but rather, in the years to come, it becomes a forgettable moment? This whole idea, this whole element of perception is vital. It’s what makes or breaks champions. Don’t fret, my hypotheticals are null and void because regardless, you earned your place in the echoes of history before you even became the EAW Champion and becoming champion has only further cemented your legacy. It’s enough for any fault, any negative perception someone might hold over you in the ashes of your rule will be turned to ash itself by the light of your career. Still there’s hypotheticals hold significance; it’s something you fear. You fear that cage once again being wrapped around you; that prison you feel limited the reach of your career isn’t gone, it lingers in the dark waiting for the perfect opportunity to again bound you to what you once were. You took my comments as something direct, as a legitimate shot at what you achieved despite the intention not being close; you jumped the gun, you made a fool of yourself. What happens when you face a man who is gunning for your championship and will use these very ideas, these hypotheticals against you? And to do so with the aim of tilting you off your flat base? Are you going to find yourself losing such focus? Again, I expected better from someone like you, HBG. But I guess my greatest take away from it all is that you don’t care about what you might have done for other women, except for Cameron. You don’t care what opportunities might come to the other women who prove themselves to be beyond the Empire bindings. Your arrogance is quite surprising but I guess I should be filthy on myself for being surprised to begin with; not a single champion emerges without their ego pumped to the brim. You walk into this contest with confidence - as any champion should - but you do so blindly with such a lack of regard. Such a drive, such pashun to drive down the worth tied to my career, my reign, what I hold so dear professionally. As any victory is an inevitability in your mind and I commend that but it’s often what we disregard, what we don’t make note of that ultimately becomes our undoing. Closer to nothing than something; not worth the shirt on your back, I see that as your perception of me. A champion who only reigns because there isn’t a fit, fighting being in my way to unseat me from the throne. A champion who would crumble with the slightest of touch against someone of your caliber, of your class HBG.

I was the best of a weak and dying flock on Dynasty and surely that wouldn’t have improved by being on Voltage, right? I certainly agree with you on that.

Fucking scenes if that little ledge managed to have won the last Champion of Champions match. Especially if he pinned the bloke you defeated to become the EAW Champion.

Oh. Wait.

And I most certainly didn’t need to rely on exterior influences to get hat victory. Can you say the same about the title you hold in your hands?

I suppose we won’t let history and facts get in the way of your little narrative, huh? You deal with the cards you’re dealt. Perhaps I haven’t had the luxury of standing atop a mountain with the greatest collection of talent this company has, but I’ll take and I’ll settle with my little Kosciuszko to your Everest knowing I could climb to the pinnacle of any mountain before me. Dare to underestimate the World Heavyweight Champion and I will bring those critics you wish to imagine don’t exist. I will make their realities most harsh and unbearable to endure; incapable of silencing them. Test me, just like everyone else who has tried to and failed not because they didn’t have it in them, not because they weren’t competent, but rather because they couldn’t. I more than anyone else am aware that I might just be living in a false reality with a reign with a fancy number tied to it but beating you? Beating Nico? REMAINING the Champion of Champions? That sure as fuck eliminates any sense of doubt that I think bigger of myself than I should.

I find myself asking, who is that you’ve slain on Dynasty that’s a grander prize, Nico?

Jacob Senn? The man I defeated to win this championship?

The Pizza Boy? The cowardly act of beating a man when he’s down. Though I cannot blame your desperation given your history of failure when trying to best the man. Like Rite of Passage, victory over him can only be obtained when there’s nothing left but the bones and final pieces of decaying flesh.

Scott Diamond? A man who hasn’t been a threat to any World Championship since late 2014. A man dismantled before my eyes inside the Elimination Chamber with such ease. How the great, the fearsome, have fallen.

Truly, Nico, you find yourself as no greater champion than I. You can push this lie that the Invictus Champion is tried and tested far greater than I or the Heart Break Gal but of all three of us, it’s you who keeps their head above water on a thin piece of wood. Of the scalps you mentioned, you failed to mention Xavier Williams. Incompetence, a lack of care - regardless I’m sure to be met with some forced and clutching reason behind not even his scalp is significant; even if it led to his retirement. That can be said for every scalp, right? Every scalp I’ve ever collected, there’s a straw for you to clutch to justify it being irrelevant and none of your concern? It’s not the scalps that I hold as trophies but rather the scars across my body. The wars I’ve endured, the ones I’ve won, the ones I’ve lost. The painful moments, the moments that defined who I am. Each with a reason why you won’t be able to put me down, why nobody has been able to put me down. And you would treat my scars no different. Shrugged without concern. Nothing spooks the Invictus Champion. That’s quite the problem I see with you, a problem that makes me chuckle the Answers World Champion rather than show an ounce of caution to what he might bring. It’s rather what differs between us, what is typically the defining element between myself and everyone, is this sense of invincibility. This idea of trying to sell the other of this idea that you cannot beat them, that they are untouchable. Perhaps is indeed a word of doubt but it’s realism that exists behind the word. Realism to know and understand that shoving your “greatness” into every facet convinces nobody - everyone is stubborn and everyone equally believes they’re the greatest, incapable of defeat. Maybe I’ve become quite dull and lack entertainment because such dribble is all that the Voltage “contenders” can muster; it seems you’re no different to them. And yet, Invictus you shall stay in your mind. Unvanquished, unconquered. You proudly boast of having a clean slate of challengers on a roster of Hall of Famers but how many of those Hall of Famers are mere ghosts of their past? You call my prior challengers kittens, but I’m sure in your mind every foe has been a lion, a beast wishing to rip your head from your neck; anything to further grow your legend, right? That’s quite adorable and yet pathetic. It’s always the men who think their armour shines brightest that have the most lethal of chinks, of holes in their suit. You most certainly are blinded by the grandeur you hold.

All I see before me? I see a coward. I see a man who doesn’t have the caliber needed to survive. I see a champion who will fall before the World Heavyweight Championship leaves my hand; join Drastik, join Tiberius Jones, join The Pizza Boy as champions who fell to their knees as I continued to stand tall as champion.

It’s again the matter of realism. I’ve always been open to my faults, Nico. In fact, it wasn’t until I had it proven beyond any doubt that nobody could defeat me that I started to sing my own praises. I wonder, what has Nico Borg, the Invictus Champion achieved now as champion, at any point in his career, to believe his presence is worth standing in? Nothing is a given in your future, your legacy so what makes you so...great to begin with? There isn’t a thing and that’s what you cover yourself with the tag of being the Invictus Champion. What you’ve done is merely followed the same path so many others have walked before you and there’s nothing that makes you a stand out from the rest of the pack; nothing that makes your presence mean anything. The Heart Break Gal? Legend before she became a World Champion. Myself? One would be idiotic to imagine that I’m not bound for a headline spot in the Hall of Fame class. We? We’re greatness and we’ve proven it; you haven’t. While I may sing my praises? While I may have others, people like Cameron sing them? I’ve earned every bit of it while you have earned none. You’re quite right, Nico, I had nothing and I still don’t have enough to carry on endlessly. I’m not a fan of pissing contests, not a fan of swinging dicks around to see whose is bigger. Perhaps men have made those comments before and truly, I didn’t make them without considering that point to begin with. Yet how many of those men were someone like me? Someone at the absolute peak of their career? Someone who is a World Champion? Not many. Faith remains a pitiful weakness and while you found strength from it once, when your dreams continue to turn to ashes and your championship reign comes to a halt before you even feel like you’ve truly accomplished something, where will your faith be? How will your faith help you carry on? Perhaps your destiny is to merely fall in line with someone like the Heart Break Boy and you use your blind faith to push yourself forward even when it’s absolutely hopeless; too proud, too delusional to see faith has had no return. Here’s the thing, I didn’t need faith to pick myself up last year. I didn’t need faith when I had three cunts strip the EAW Championship from my grasp. Yeah, it took me well over a year to get it back but here I stand, greater and more accomplished than I ever was before and I never needed faith. The best? I am the absolute best this business had and I didn’t need to stoop to the level of believing in some celestial being to guide me.

Praise your God. Sing his praises. Let him keep you tied up to that hitching post.

Let your faith bind you from becoming something greater.

In the end, I’m something neither you or HBG are. I’m already the Champion of Champions and I’ve been that since July; the history books already tell of that. Retention of such a title is inevitable. It’s an achievement that does not waver in the face of your respective arguments, the belief the two of you hold of yourself and I will only add to the perfect year I’ve had; a year as perfect as it can possibly be. Perhaps you’re lost Nico but I’ve ventured beyond my walls before and I’ve returned victorious.

You wish to know an evil to fear?

Fear the man that knows this better than you do; the man that knows how to succeed no matter the circumstances.

Fear the man that sees the jester.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 15th 2017, 1:35 am by Stark
Oh look it’s Ahren Fournier back acting like he’s got something important to say! Once again asshole, congratulations on wasting your time, because no way in hell am I going to read - err, I mean listen - to that abomination to human decency you dare call a promo. Let me ask you though, honestly, what the possible fuck could you even be going on about? I said like, three words to you the first time and you sat there lecturing me for twenty minutes as a response? Then even though all I did was come back at you point for point, in what was literally a one-to-one reply, you come back with even MORE bullshit? You must be of the opinion that long promos somehow make you good? You think your opponents want to listen to that? You think the fans want to hear that? You think StarrStan wants to hear that? Trust me, if there was anything of substance worth listening to from you, I would, I truly would, because there have been only a select few opponents I’ve ever felt comfortable disregarding, and you’re one of them. Trust me, that’s not a list you want to be on. Now, now, I know to you I’m literally nothing more than washed-up drug addict, so this isn’t going to mean anything to you, but when I listen to you talk, I don’t hear the confidence of this held down top guy waiting to break out. I hear arrogance - undeserved arrogance, but not the cool, collected confidence of the guy you claim to be. I hear insecurity. I see a compensation complex. You substitute the length of your words because you don’t have the substance needed to get my attention - to get my respect.

That’s the most hilarious part of this all, Ahren. I’ve known of you since I made my way back to EAW. I saw your reign as Hardcore Champion earlier this year, I saw you defend - well, fail to defend that title - against Zack Crash at Pain for Pride… And even then, I’m unimpressed. I’ve experienced an entire year of your career, and you killed it all for me in one promo. Come the fuck on Ahren. Then you’re gonna tell me I’m dickriding Tomi Venus? I didn’t give a shit about Target Smiles. Generic masked goodie-two shoes little bitches don’t impress me. I mean, yeah, he was great in the ring, but that’s far from being enough to make you stand out. Yet, in two weeks, despite your title reign, despite your top run on Voltage, Tomi Venus has made more of an impact in the three weeks he’s unmasked himself than you have in your whole career basically. So, I don’t know, sorry? Sorry I respect Tomi Venus? I’m not sorry that I don’t respect you. I’m going to let it grind your gears. I’m going to let it drive you mad, I mean, clearly it is. You’ve devolved from a legitimate contender to the Hardcore Championship to an insane rambling bastard who just can’t come to grips with the fact that me, the guy you’ve been trying to put down all week, just doesn’t care about you being in this match! You’re a non-factor! Who wants you in this match? Who wants to face you? If it were up to any of us you’d be fucking gone! Be grateful you’re in this match at all, because get it through your stupid fucking head that you’re going right down to the bottom of the card if - not if, WHEN, you lose! Fucking accept it, and shut up already!

Okay, om. Peace. Nirvana. Whatever. What an infuriating bastard that Ahren Fournier is. I guess I have no choice but to light one up and smoke the stress away. Believe it or not, I know what it’s like to be on that “Do Not Serve” list as well. The last promotion I competed in before I made my way to EAW definitely had a stigma to it. Coming from AWL, they were reluctant to have me in the first place. I mean personally, some people recognized my talent nonetheless, but were they really going to give a shot to the AWL guy? No. For a month, all I did was compete against El Landerson. Who even comes out looking good against El Landerson? Who wants to go out there and harm a mentally disabled child? Seriously, all I had going for me was a lack of depth in the Showdown midcard in early 2015 - funnily enough, which is the reason why most of the dipshits in this match are even in this match - but I digress, that lack of depth is what gave me the opportunity to compete for a New Breed Championship match. Really, Tomi, what I see from you are excuses. I don’t think there was any conspiracy against you back then.

Basically what I’m trying to get at here is, if I made it, there’s no reason you couldn’t. Hell, even today, I wouldn’t be able to do what you did against Jacob Senn. So that talent definitely had to exist back then too. The only way you’re ever going to move up, the only way you’re going to get the attention you want - the attention you deserve, is by grabbing the brass ring by the balls and taking it no matter what; that’s what I did when the suits didn’t want me as anything more than fodder to compete against El Landerson. Well what am I criticizing you for? That’s exactly what you’re doing now. Who cares if the company gave up on you? You make them fucking regret that decision. You make them wish they put their whole weight behind you. Do what you have to Tomi. Burn this whole place down if that’s what it takes. Go to new lows that nobody else has gone if that’s what it takes. Once you stand out, everything else will fall into place. Like I said, I know what it’s like to come back with that negative stigma. When your reputation precedes you, all you want to do is destroy it, erase all record of your past transgressions, and start over. If going under the mask for months is what it took for you, so be it.

Wasn’t the case for me. Personally, being the laughing stock on my return just motivated me to go even harder, kind of like how it is now. Just the same way everyone on Showdown used to mock me for my hiatuses, I’m getting the same lip here on Dynasty. The difference is, I’m not hearing it from the likes of Darkane, Rex, or The Pizza Boy this time. I’m hearing it from these no name motherfuckers with undeserved superiority complexes, people that have accomplished NOTHING compared to what I have. Reginald Dampshaw, a once-hot NEO prospect who still can’t find his footing on Dynasty almost four months later. Jacob Moore. You lost to Aka Manah. And you’re mad people are pointing that out? A dude on a three month losing streak kicked your ass and you somehow have a chip on your shoulder about being in this match? Are you fucking kidding me? YOU of all people think you’re above the Openweight Championship? Hey, you want a Hardcore Championship match, go earn it. I know you haven’t been back that long yet, but entitlement is a curse, so I’m going to do you a favor at the Awards Show and beat that bullshit superiority complex out of you. Arrogance is all well and good when you can back it up, but until you earn that right Moore, trust me when I say that a little humility is gonna take you a long way. And if not, you can always tuck your tail and run off again because that’s what you seem to do best.

For me, all roads always lead back to the top. I’ve dominated two divisions before, and I’m out here to do the same on Dynasty. There’s no chip on my shoulder. I have nothing to prove to any of you, because the result is already in inevitablity in my head. Be it the World Title, the Hardcore Title, or this Openweight Championship opportunity I’m competing for now, count me in. I’m grateful that I have this opportunity - and I’m going to fucking deliver.
The Consigliere
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 15th 2017, 12:45 am by The Consigliere
It's one tidal wave after another in the month of December. I face one champion and his challenger, and then I face one more, and then I face two more. I can feel the electricity under my skin intensify. I can feel my heart racing as it beats within me a hundred times faster. This is where I belong -- on my throne of roses and blood with a crown over my head. Not one of those trinkets that gives me the power to challenge the ruler, but a real golden crown forged especially for a conqueror in the Heart Break Gal as she confirms her greatness. Long may she reign - the words have been said over and over again. All the hypocrites who dare to belittle me, those who never believed that I would become EAW Champion, are now suddenly reaching out to me with their own praises and sweet words, like they never mocked me to begin with. All those piles of garbage who loved to pretend I never existed, never belonged in the Showdown roster are now suddenly forced to acknowledge my presence for what they spent years and years running after, I have taken for myself within a span of eight months upon signing a contract with Showdown. All those individuals who ensured that I never get a glimpse of the EAW Championship, those who stood in my way, those who needed assistance from an outsider to beat me for a contenders match are now either gone from EAW for good never to be heard from again, or fighting amongst themselves in an eternal, purposeless battle it's almost difficult to watch. My legacy tramples over anyone else's, but everyone seems to underestimate that fact. You cannot keep me away from the greater things that await. You cannot hold me back from being the best this company has ever had. You can try to prolong the process by screwing me over, you can try to delay it by nearly injuring me, but in the end The Heart Break Gal is still a woman trained in a million ways to turn every difficult situation into an opportunity. The Heart Break Gal wins in the end. The Heart Break Gal conquered like she said she would. I am the one coming into 2018 with a bright smile on my face and a world championship status to call mine, and it's become such an amazing feeling that nothing, not even this peasant Tiberius Jones who snatched away my gold with a the delusion that it makes him the champion, could ruin this for me anymore. 

Everyone yearns to make history, but it seems like Jamie O’hara has been so confused of who he speaks with as far as history is concerned. Maybe once upon a time when you were on Showdown playing second fiddle to Lannister, you could get by and last months being the absentee champion that doesn’t defend it a single time while he mocks the world and calls it a legitimate reign for a history made! But before you throw in the obvious bluffs my way, you may want to take into consideration that I have dealt with your likes many times than I can count. This bitter self-contradicting asshole with the fake congratulations, this moronic pile of trash who calls my reign well-deserved and then turning his back later to say that it was a fluke and of course who can forget this idiotic piece of shit who thinks I’d fall faster than the Pizza Boy’s reign because I’m a fuckin’ “underdog”, whatever that means. I am the Heart Break Gal, I have enough strength in me to outlast opponents when nobody expected me to while people are so bored of seeing you ramble on about the throne that you speak so glowingly of, while at the end of the day, you are just another man who found himself at the top because he was the “better sheep” among the flock of sickly malnourished lambs. You know not what you are saying, so I’m just going to assume that you’re a sad bitter man whose enviousness has become so apparent because despite being the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion, everyone still utters my name as the one who made the history that none can compare to. And when I win the Unified Tag Team Championships with your dear Cameron Ella Ava, my second one and I hold two belts at once, will the “long reign” that our dear Cameron let happen be the only thing you’ll still cling to? Days will pass, months will follow, and every man and woman realize that there is just no beating me and I have this EAW Championship on lock as I reign longer than you, what happens then? If you still want to convince yourself that it’s impossible, then I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening around you, Jamie. But let me spit facts your way so we’re on the same page -- that “history” that you’re so proud of will be nothing but a footnote in the history books, nothing worth telling a story about but still worth noting. Any person who requires help to defend the world title can outlive you. Any idiot who couldn’t fight their own battles has no place in history, but of course, you are going to ignore that and still convince yourself that every waking moment of your life is a moment to celebrate. Making history for you is to wake up each day and do nothing while you add days with that belt in your possession, while for me it’s a ground breaking moment that anyone who watches that day would tell their grand kids how they witnessed the Heart Break Gal take the gold when she leaped from the top rope onto her opponent’s chest for the deciding pin. It wasn’t a glass ceiling that I’ve broken, it was a fucking cage door that kept me from my ambitions, but with enough power and force, with everything I had, I broke free and prevailed. And that fact alone means my name will always shine brighter than anyone else including yours. Including anyone on Empire who stupidly believe that they could bring in the kind of work comparable to what I have done and will continue to do. If they feel like it's possible just because I did it, then they might as well just stay where they are because they are not me. They don’t have the same set of skills, they don’t have the same resilience, the same passion and the same physical capabilities as I do. Maybe under normal circumstances where they have to face the likes of Lucas Johnson or that pansy Ares Vendetta, they may be able to score a win, but where world title matches are concerned and everyone is willing to turn into beastly versions of themselves, vultures that hover over their prey before striking, snakes that will bite and poison them when they’re not looking, I’m afraid their talent shows and pom-pom waving isn’t gonna compare when everything is at stake. But I have played the game so well that I am not afraid of what’s to come anymore, and I did it all by myself. I am carrying Showdown on my back, I will make changes and trample over the competition whether anyone thinks I deserve it or not, because to be honest with you, your small opinions are just murmur in my ears, whispers I wouldn’t lose sleep over. The Queen stands above all, I don’t even see you anymore. I am the Heart Break Gal, the reigning EAW Champion, and soon to be the Champion of Champions. The best there ever will be.
Theron Nikolas
Re: EAW Promoz!
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I'm just a nice guy.

I know how this is all meant to work; I'm supposed to be really, really mad at Maddox’s actions on Showdown. I'm meant to be really, really mad that Ashten Cross set me up. I'm meant to want to walk into the Awards Show with the intention of teaching the young upstart a valuable lesson. But, I'm not. You did exactly what I would have done, Maddox. You didn't walk through the door - you kicked it down. You threw me high into the air and gave me a lasting impression on what could happen if I'm not careful. If you look up you can see the spotlight that you've created for yourself. It's not huge, but it's enough. It's enough to truly get yourself noticed on a stage as grand as this one. But, with that spotlight comes pressure. Not pressure that I, or anyone else places on your shoulders - it’s the pressure that you're going to place on your own shoulders. This isn't a risk. This is everything but, Maddox. This isn't a possible win or lose situation - it's win, win situation. If you managed to do what I, or anyone else really thinks you're not going to be able to do, then the entire world opens up in front of you. In the span of a month, you go from a man that's a bottom feeder on a developmental brand - to the biggest prospect that it has to offer. All three brands would be clamouring at the bit to get you signed and on their roster; you wouldn't be forced to start at the bottom. You would be given the chance to truly make a name for yourself straight from the moment you first walked through their doors due to what you had accomplished prior to your arrival. It's amazing to think about; the possibilities are endless. But, what if you lose this week?

There's nothing good that could possibly come from it, right?

Sure, you're not going to gain the same grandeur through defeat, but through performance you'll still be better off. There are going to be thousands of eyes watching; wondering wholeheartedly to what Maddox Ayres can actually do. Nobody wants to lose; it's a foul taste that you never really get used to - but, there's a major chance you'll still come out on the better end than when you walked in. You bring up my failures. Congratulations, Maddox - you got me. I've failed multiple times when it came to challenging Tiberius Jones for that EAW World Championship. I've beaten so many names; I overcame a man that was once considered the face of this company in Diamond Cage. I've beaten the current EAW World Champion, in the form of the Heart Break Gal - before anyone understood what they actually had on their hands with Theron Nikolas. I've walked out onto the grandest stage in the history of this business and overcame thirty three other names with the hopes to grasping onto that 24/7 Contract. At Kingsroad, after almost having my knee torn to pieces by Ares Vendetta - I still walked out and overcame Rex McAllister to win the Showdown bracket of the King of Elite tournament. I'm not going to lie that losing those World Championship opportunities weren't a blow that hurt, but in the grand scheme of things, these things happen. I can worry about the negatives and bring myself down - or I can focus on the fact that throughout the ten months that I've been in this company only two names have managed to pin me. I've never been submitted. I've never been beaten one on one cleanly.

I'm the definition of the perfect prospect in a business as cruel as this one, Maddox.

That's why Ashten Cross extended his hand and offered this opportunity. He hopes for the chance to find that next diamond. He sits at home praying that you can do the impossible. This opportunity resting in the palm of your hands is worth more than anyone in your position could hope to dream for. There's been so many people in the past that have accomplished what no one thought that they could. I spoke about it with Ares Vendetta during the week leading into Kingsroad. Buster Douglas; the ultimate underdog. The man that took Tyson’s knockout shot and came back.

I'm not looking at this as an even fight, Maddox.

You aren't Buster Douglas.

You're below where he is.

A fighter without a puncher's chance.

Relish this week; bask in the spotlight that I have afforded you, because this isn't a story about Maddox Ayres’ success. This is the story about a man with an opportunity to great for him to handle and how I ripped every piece of it away. You're not another Theron Nikolas. No one is. I'm incomparable. The greatest Rookie this business has ever seen.

But you, Maddox; you can simply call me the next King of Elite.
Cameron Ella Ava
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Post December 14th 2017, 11:36 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

Is anyone REALLY shocked that I am fingertips away from representing Voltage at King of Elite? No one should. I’ve slaughtered Cody Marshall and Amadeus with all of my might. Now, one man stands in front of me and my conquest of being Queen of Elite. Keelan Cetinich, a man who I had an interaction with in the Grand Prix Tournament. He was part of one of the teams that almost posed as a threat for Di Consentes’ downfall. The Heart Break Gal and I only needed was a victory over his team to head to the Grand Prix finals. Eventually, we went onto win the tournament. We established our dominance. Now, on Showdown, I will put on the performance of my life to win another tournament. Another accomplishment in my resume. Another history-making win. Just like I told Amadeus last week - I love to make history. I love to hear the voice of commentators saying that I’m the first ever this or the first woman to accomplish that. This brings me much pride. In order to complete this accomplished year would be to hole punch my ticket to King of Elite. To go against men like Theron Nikolas and Darkane, to go against men who see this crowning achievement as something to catapult them to the next step of their young careers and become established Elitists and eventually, legends themselves. These men will pay attention to who represents Voltage closely. They’ll personally see the competitors from the backstage monitor. Who will be Voltage’s representative? Keelan Cetinich or Cameron Ella Ava? This is the big question EVERYONE has been waiting to know the answer of. Minus the finals, this is where the pressure intensifies with me. This is where I can’t mess up. As a perfectionist, the thought of Voltage being represented by a sight of imperfection like Keelan makes my blood boil. His victory will be something that no one will see on Showdown.

About a month ago, you came out to the EAW Universe and solidified your place in the main event scene. After finding yourself lost in the shuffle with the Amadeus and Carlos Rossos, you finally said enough is enough and took your place believing that you’re deserving of a main event spot. What happened now, Keelan? What does a man like you need King of Elite for? What’s your main motivation for going after a crown that men have killed themselves for? Money? Fame? Ego? Championships? For a man who inserted himself in the main event scene, why do you need King of Elite? Sure, you could ask me the same question? What does an established Hall of Famer like myself need a crown worn by a man? Why not go to Empire and go after Empress of Elite? Why not try my efforts at going for the female alternatives of tournaments? I hate to settle. Just like I stated before, I love making history. I’m not sure if I’ll get tired of saying that. However, Keelan, I’m not here to answer my own question. I am here to ask you the question. I want to here WHY you put all this effort? Why bother trying when you obviously know the woman you’re going to be facing in the Voltage bracket finals? I don’t intimidate you enough? I don’t cause your killer mind to go to a blank once you step inside a ring with me? I don’t want you to look at me like you’re looking at a ghost. I want you to look at me as a woman who has worked just as hard to get to this point in the tournament. This tournament has been a very good showing for me. It’s proven that I am in desperate need of some decent competition on the Voltage brand.  Do you care to step up and be competition? Or will you fail like the men before you? Will I get another Amadeus? Will I get another Cody Marshall? Will this match determine that I am above the top competition on Voltage? As of fact, I have already proven by the performances I not only put on Voltage, but for 2017. There can no be denying that I’m not good enough to be facing you. There can be no denying that a woman like myself has shown that when taken to the limit, she gives the best performances of her entire life. I am fully aware of when you’re taken the the limit, you have given some awe-worthy performances. You have the ability to accomplish not only big things on Voltage, but EAW in general. I saw you lead your team to victory at Territorial Invasion. I saw you dismantle Carlos Rosso at Ground Zero. I saw you survive the rest of the competition and become final two at the Voltage Chamber Match! Even when people did not think you would win, you proved them that you were good enough to be part of Voltage. You proved that you were good enough to be in the main event scene! It was at that moment where I thought the future was bright for Keelan Cetinich.

Then Lars Grier happened.

How does a man who becomes the second man eliminated at Road to Redemption get a victory over you? Don’t give me the bullshit about “he tried his best” or he “really brought it”. If there was anything Road to Redemption proved is that Lars Grier is no way ready to be World Heavyweight Champion. Yet, he’s facing Jamie O’Hara at King of Elite. What went wrong, Keelan? A man who was destined and poised at the main event scene lost a man who his name will not be etched in the history books, but the book of victims Jamie has written since April. If anything, it should be Lars standing in your shoes, while you face Jamie. It should be probably the only person, besides me, who has a chance of giving Jamie a run for his money. Yet, you’re trying to eliminate me from this tournament. I think you’re wasting your time with me, Keelan. I think that this tournament is nothing, but a waste of your time. It’s something that you don’t personally need. I’m not saying that because I fear you. I’m saying it because I’m looking out for you. The Killer doesn’t look for random prey. No, The Killer attacks on the prey that will give him the biggest satisfaction. You defeat me and what happens? You’ll celebrate. You’ll be on a high. Then, you realize that you’re going to be in for one of the biggest matches of your entire career. You’re going to be talking back and forth between two men who may want that crown more than you. You are going to give it your all in the ring. Then, you lose! WHAT A SHOCKER! KEELAN CETINICH LOSES! That satisfaction disappears. Then, you’ll continue the vicious cycle of looking for that prey that will fulfill that hunger and lust for blood you have within you. What you should know now is that you will never satisfy that anger unless you go for the goal of every other man and that’s to dethrone Jamie. Who am I though? Who am I to want to send that kind of harm to the man I love? That’s so evil of me. Perhaps, I’m just very calculating and just looking for the simplest way to put you out of your misery. Why? I mean, do you want me to be the one that gives you this giant loss one step shy of the finals? It would be so heartless of me to ever do such a thing. On the other hand, I don’t care what happens to you. I just want the fucking crown.  I want to be Queen of Elite.

And, Queen of Elite I shall be.
April Song
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 14th 2017, 11:34 pm by April Song
I can handle losing.

Honestly, I can. Being defeated, especially in a match where the odds don’t favor you seeing as you have a ¼ chance of willing, is nothing to be ashamed of. Contrary to popular belief, I am willing to concede when I’m beaten. Mallory caught me with that damned kick of hers; Chelsea damn near collapsed my Ribcage with a spear, and I was helpless to watch as Consuela scored the winning fall on someone else. As much as it pains me to say it, as much as it absolutely disgusts me with every fiber of my being to say so, Consuela was better than I was, at the right place at the right time with the right plan in place. There are no excuses to be made, no protests that will be uttered by me. If my place is at the back of the line, I will begrudgingly trudge back there. Know this though: If I’m granted another chance somewhere down the road, Consuela, I will not miss. Especially if it’s just the two of us. This isn’t a knock on you, especially since you pinned me in one of these encounters, but the odds of your winning drastically go up seemingly with others involved.

There, it was tinged with a warning and a somewhat backhanded compliment, but I conceded defeat.

That’s not where I have a problem.

Where I have a problem is when I look at some of the award nominations and my name is not even mentioned. Not even for rookie of the year after nearly winning the Empire Cup and capturing the Specialists Championship in my first attempt. Not even “Next Up for 2018” when people know that I can compete with any woman in this division. Woman of the Year, I understand that snubbing. But….to be shut out of nominations completely turns my stomach. Not because I crave awards, it’s because it seems to me that I’m a ghost. They would rather watch pathetic retreads who have been here longer than I have, failed more spectacularly latch to a talented but pompous German bitch for relevancy. They would rather watch someone injure another competitor, be PROUD of it, get the blessing of one of the greatest wrestling champions of all time, and then behave like an absolute fool.

Even then, that’s not where I have a problem.

Chelsea Crowe and Mallory Wilde have both given praise and criticism my way. The words that were negative hit me hard. As stone faced as I am in public, in private I’m admittedly sensitive. Mallory still saying things like how I was fighting for someone and something other than myself is not lost on me. Even with a lot of very unpleasant things uttered, it’s water under the bridge now. Mallory moves on to whatever her next challenge is, and I have to team with Chelsea this week. We aren’t exactly a compatible pair by any means, but I’m pretty sure on a one-off basis we can make this work enough to get a victory. As much as I may dislike her words and actions, there is talent behind all those nauseating personal characteristics. Talent and common goals are cornerstones of a decent functioning team and we have those.

Even still, I have no problems.

As much as I want to be pulled from this match and trade slots with Savannah or Revy and face that ugly, plastic, annoying little hen who keeps clucking and crowing about how I’m a loser, I can’t. Consuela taunting me I could accept, but listening to her annoying, less talented, less intelligent twin do it has me seething. I hope to God that somewhere soon we cross paths again, so I can smack that smug little sneer right off her goddamn face, but I must let it go. She isn’t coming back to Empire full-time and she’s there to team with her sister and drop off a Christmas present of some kind. I would love to tear her head off and take out about a year’s worth of frustration on her face, but alas…I must answer to my better nature and avoid making a scene. I don’t know when, I don’t know where, but one day our paths are going to cross again, Cameron. Until then, Merry Christmas and congratulations to your sister.


And then there is Sydney St. Clair. She opines that things wouldn’t be as fun if I moped around all the time and that she wants me to remember that I took an opportunity from her and Megan once before and that she is prepared to return the favor to advance her own career. I respect the straightforwardness of her comments. While I am seething with anger and incredibly disappointed, I think the young lady can take solace in knowing that I am not sad. Far from it. I still have a lot of questions to answer about myself, but one thing that I don’t question is my ability to make people suffer in the ring, regardless of how I feel about them personally and as fighters. She’s still got a future here on Empire, but on my watch, she will have a very unpleasant present.

Even with all of this…I remain focused, I remain calm. I can remain professional. But then….

but her and I are gonna kill two birds with one stone and you and April will just be the stepping stones we use to do it. The two of us share the same goal and we want the same thing: to win, and that's definitely something that's not far out of our reach. We're capable, we always have been, and the unfortunate outcomes we've had to face shouldn't detract from the fact that we're still gonna be a tough combination of talent to overcome - and when we get our way after having gotten ourselves to that point by showing just that, what you'll remember about this match is how you and April weren't able to get past the two of us here at all."

I don’t care about someone saying that they are going to beat me. That’s part of wrestling and athletic competition in general, I understand, BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS SOMEONE EVER GOING TO USE ME FOR A FUCKING STEPPING STONE, NEVER! I have poured my life into this sport, for a year, toiling without barely a recognition from both fans and peers alike. People who have achieved less and worked less are given adulation, praise and adoration while I am the butt of jokes from EVEN THE MOUTH OF THE CHAIRMAN HIMSELF!!

I am not sad, Sydney. With everything that I have been through this year, I am absolutely fucking ENRAGED! Andrea, I don’t know you very well, but we are about to get very familiar. I am April Song, one of the most dangerous people you will ever meet in your life. I am not very fast, I don’t have “charisma” like some people here do, but there is one thing that I do better than anyone else in EAW: put people to sleep. Chelsea got a taste of what I can do, and Sydney knows all too well what being in my clutches feels like, and with the way you are talking you seemed bound and determined to tempt fate. Maybe it was a term that I’m taking extremely out of context. Maybe you didn’t mean offense to me personally. I. Don’t. Care. If you say something like that, you have no respect for me professionally and me…I take this profession EXTREMELY PERSONALLY.

Maybe there will be a time when I can calm down from everything that has happened this year and not feel so angry and so frustrated with the path that I’m walking. But that’s not going to happen before Empire. You two are going to get the absolute worst version of me: Desperate, Angry, and Motivated. I’m not sad, I refuse to sit around and mope. There is still so much to fight for. I want to show myself as worthy of a challenge for the Openweight Championship, so I can take the fight beyond Empire and really show my fighting prowess. I want to show that I’m still a viable contender for either the World or Specialists Championships, even though I know that with the opportunities I’ve been afforded the Specialists title is out of reach for now and the World Championship may require a bit of “trust building” in terms of me putting a string of wins together to prove my worth. I want to make sure that everyone in the world still knows that I have all the ability to make a name for myself here. I told Chelsea, I told Aria, I have told Consuela, and once again I tell the two of you that April Song is going nowhere anytime soon. You two may luck up and beat us, I don’t know. But one thing I do know is that the two of you are going to leave that ring trembling in absolute terror, shivers will run up your spine the next time you hear the name “April Song” again!

I respect the both of you. Honestly. But when we stand across the ring from each other, there will be no warm feelings, no casual observation, only the blunt reality of a fight to be had and the merciless precision and ruthless aggression necessary to end it. A message must be sent to the rest of Empire, and the two of you are unfortunately the parchment I must write that message upon.

Sleep well. That’s all.

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Daisy Thrash
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Come one, come all! Witness a girl who claims she doesn’t lie proceed to lie her ass off!

I gotta tell ya, Astraea. I didn’t think you would bother with responding to me. Especially since I’m a supposed “nobody” and you claim to not even care about my existence. If I’m this little nobody and everything I say is wrong, why would you feel the need to refute me? Wolves shouldn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep after all. Oh, wait a second, I think I have an idea why. It’s because of this annoying little quirk I have: I get to people. I rip down their facades and expose all of their ugly truths they desperately try to keep hidden. Then they go straight to denial; they are always too much of fucking cowards to actually face their flaws. And you Astraea, you just made yourself the perfect example. No, I don’t think you’re the one that demanded this match. That would require you to actually take full control over your career. You keep going on and on about you doing all these great things on your own. What’s the last thing you actually accomplished completely on your own? Without your precious Bomplex there to “support” you. Hmmm, looks like that was defeating a worn-out veteran. Good for you! I bet that was super hard! Gimme a break. But wait, you say. “I totally earned Empress of Elite and my title match on my own!” Let me pose a few questions. Did you earn it in a match? Did you pin or submit anyone to become Empress of Elite? Nope! DEDEDE just gave it to you after you beat the crap out of Madison. Which makes me wonder: if the way to become Empress of Elite is through Klingon promotion, wouldn’t I just need to break something of yours and end your career to become Empress myself? Nah, then I would just hear endless nonsense from you and DEDEDE about how I didn’t truly earn it. But apparently since you’re so wonderful and amazing the rest of us just have to shut up and accept that you’re the new EoE. I’m not buyin’ it. ‘Cause me and the rest of the roster already know the truth: you have nothing to backup your words. And your words crumble easily under the weight of reality.

So you could have easily taken advantage of Cloud and Aria? Why didn’t you? Was it really because you thought you would look bad? Wait, of course it was. It’s obvious that all you really care about is your image. You spend all your time shoving your shitty catchphrases and merch down everyone’s throat. Can I let you in on a little secret? If you have to advertise your shirts ten times while someone like Aria only has to do it once, your stuff if probably not selling too well. I’m so glad I never got myself into the merchandising rat-race. I don’t need coffee mugs or fidget spinners to get people’s support. All I have to do is keep being myself. If folks like what they see, great. If they don’t, then to hell with ‘em. I’m not gonna spend my precious time trying to get idiots to like me. I like to focus more on, oh I don’t know, actually winning matches. Since you’re so curious Astraea, I’ll tell you what I would have done in your position. After the match ended and I knew who I was facing, I’d get in every last lick I could before our match. I’d give myself any sort of advantage I could to snatch that belt away. That way, unlike you, I wouldn’t be laying down on the mat with regret afterwards wondering “if I had gone after her, would I have lost?” Unlike you, I want to close any gap I can. ‘Cause I know all those tiny gaps are the ones between winning and losing. Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t even put out the smallest bit of effort to close any of your gaps. That’s why you need DEDEDE to hold your hand. Because if you’re left to your own devices, you don’t have the drive to get shit done. You’d rather sit on the sidelines crowing “Astraea better!” than actually do anything to prove it. Admit it, without your Bomplex, you’re just as basic as Andrea. You’ll say that you’re better than me, you’ll say I’m just making things up. But just like her, I will prove you wrong right in the middle of that ring with millions of people watching.

Still confused? Well, I’m not surprised. It seems I’m dealing with a child here. A hopelessly naive child that believes calling me “Daisy Trash” is gonna hurt me at all. ‘Cause I’ve sure never heard that one before. I would say that’s kindergarten-level name-calling, but that would be an insult to kindergarteners. This child tries to use big words like “implode” without knowing what they mean. Well I’m only gonna tell you this once, so listen carefully. Implode means to collapse violently inward. If the Bomplex imploded, you guys wouldn’t peacefully go your separate ways after a tea party. No, something big would need to happen that tears you all apart with no hope of repair. Something like, I don’t know, the Women’s Championship #1 contender losing to a “nobody.” Maybe DEDEDE wouldn’t turn on you after one loss but, sweetheart, this won’t be any old loss. This will be the one that proves that you weren’t cut out to be Empress of Elite. You might as well kiss your title shot goodbye. Oh, but DEDEDE is supposed to be all “understanding and generous.” Oh yeah, he supported Trump because he was so “generous.” He’s a married man but he fucks all his interns and a certain Elitist. Gee, sure sounds like a “generous” guy to me!

EAW Promoz! - Page 37 Bfd

I love that for all your “Chiraq” pride, you won’t claim your actual football team. Honey, you’re not even close to being the Patriots. Although, I suppose it makes sense for you to want to live vicariously through a team with multiple Superbowl wins. That way you won’t have to admit you’re much more like the Bears: you can’t ever win the big one. And I will go ahead and claim the Seahawks. I’ve been to the mountaintop and survived the frigid air. A little cold won’t bother me.

Daisy rips the ice pack off her back and tosses it aside

Need I remind you that I am the cockroach around here? I’m more than ready for the worst nuclear winter that you could possibly bring. You better thank your lucky stars that this isn’t a hardcore. Otherwise you’d end up just like Andy. Oh, but “Astraea better” you say once again. Prove it. Astraea better quit being a lapdog and learn to fend for herself. Astraea better not bring her buddies or Astraea will be responsible for what happens to them. And, most importantly, Astraea better quit playing pretend, grow up, and join the rest of the adults. Otherwise, Astraea will never get the real success she wants. And a “nobody” will.
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Nico Borġ: Long ago, before man made satellites to be his own watchers in the sky, it was the stars themselves that were our literal guiding lights. Where man once wandered lost in the darkness of the wilderness, he needed only to gaze up into the heavens to bear witness to his own salvation. It was here that he found the signposts that would guide him home. It was here that he discovered a font of knowledge that inspired him to, amongst other things, number his days and months, and to plan for the seasonal turnings of the world around him. For the ancient heathen, it was even here that looked upon the very faces of his Gods. Mistaken though he was, it is nonetheless understandable. Indeed, do not the heavenly bodies epitomize the very attributes of godliness? Unmoving. Untouchable. Eternal. Shining ever-resplendent against the darkness of the night. For this reason, whenever a a shooting star plummeted from its perch the event was seen as a black omen, a sign of some unknowable evil which all would have good reason to fear.  How quaint. In our enlightened modern times, celestial workings are heeded only in the vague mumblings of newspaper horoscopes. Still, new luminaries have yet been made in the very image of the celestial’s former roles. As Answers World Champion, the responsibility falls to me to become the focal point of Dynasty. Judging by the success of Invictus, the show that bore my name, I have quickly achieved just that. Yet this alone is insufficient. As Invictus Champion, I am the star, and so I must remain Untouchable, Unvanquished, Unconquered to lead this industry and give it some guiding light to believe in. Of course, holding up the heavens is not a burden that I bear alone… Not yet. As the solstice approaches, and the nations quietly prepare for the coming of a new year, so there rages a war in heaven. The three brightest stars in Elite Answers Wrestling will align on the same plane, but for one moment. Three champions, all alike in dignity, will enter and the same trinity will leave, but the stakes here are no less great. After all, there can be only one. Two will lose their glimmer and dim their radiance, outshined by the soul that remains…

Chorus: By Sol Invictus. The Unconquered Sun.

Nico Borġ: But let not my staunch convictions be misconstrued as vulgar insults. I am not so haughty and vain as to discount the worth of my esteemed adversaries on this grand stage. The Heart Break Gal, at risk of repeating the sentiments of others, is nothing less than an example for any athlete. You may not be the only woman to have competed for a so-called “male” World Championship. For years now there has been little solid barrier preventing another from achieving what you have done. Yet, I suspect that “male” will remain the adjective of choice describing that strap around your frame for weeks to come. Such is the weight of prejudice and presumption held against you. But like any true star, you did not allow yourself to be beholden to the expectations of the masses. Rather, you demanded the Earth turn around your ambitions and, in the end, thy will was done. YOU shattered the glass ceiling. YOU defied the bounds of flesh and birth by sheer strength of spirit. Through all of the heartache, the disappointments, the insults, the doubts… and there WERE doubts… You emerged still faithful to yourself. Unmarred or, as it were, Unvanquished, Unconquered. I have no shame in making that comparison. After all Heart Break Gal, there is much that is enviable within you. Just the way you forced the question until the answer that returned was the one that pleased.  Truly it is a fortitude to be applauded. However, it would be obsequious and hypocritical of me sing the praises of your asking the question without asking questions of my own. Last week, before you were brought surprisingly close to the limit by the hapless Nobi, you made quite the scathing prediction about him.

Chorus: “If someone interfered on your behalf and beat me where I stood without the officials noticing, I'm sure you'd be bragging about that fateful night when you beat the EAW Champion in her game”

Nico Borġ: So answer me this question, Heart Break Gal. Having seen CM Banks appear at your hour of need, beat Ryan Marx where he stood without the officials being able to do a damn thing about it… Do you boast of having beat the last EAW Champion in his game? Do you have the temerity to claim to be a World Champion in anything more than name alone? At Kingsroad we got our answer to the burning question as to whether you could be the first woman to compete against men and walk out with a World Championship. And yet, all at once you have been hounded by a new set of questions and doubts. Accounting for the manner of your victory, the fierceness of competition on Showdown, and anticipation for Tiberius to get his rematch, one wonders whether your reign can continue for much longer. Not to mention the likely repercussions of your tag partner’s unsportsmanlike conduct of late. It would be a deeply unfair shame for the landmark reign of the first female EAW Champion to be a short and miserable one. Alas, the reality is that it’s difficult to confidently rule out that possibility. Perhaps for you especially, this battle is your chance to ascend more fully into your place amongst the heavens. If the Heart Break Gal can succeed here, then the world will really be forced to stand to attention. Still, that we are forced here to play the game of “if” and “perhaps” is in itself a bitter indignity. One does not ask “if” the Sun doth rise in the morning, no more than one posits that “perhaps” the North Star will face North on any given night. Likewise, a true Champion, and beyond that a Champion of Champions that stands at the forefront of his generation hates to ask and loathes to question.

Chorus: He simply is. He simply wills. And he simply does.

Nico Borġ: Take our friend here, Jamie O’Hara. The King of Bullets does not love victory so much as he hates the questions and comparisons of his worth. Indeed Jamie, you have strived for nothing if not to hold yourself beyond comparison. Greatness not by degrees but beyond measure. Superlative. Sublime. A dominance that is absolute without a shadow of a doubt. The longest reigning World Champion of all time. Perhaps the greatest athlete this sport has ever known. “Perhaps”. There is that word again. The word that wounds most the grandest and most absolute of presumptions. It lingers here even as the King of Bullets has  spent the many months consuming all traces of resistance from his Kingdom. “Perhaps” rides on the wind, sowing the seed of doubt that ripens the green fruit of envy in your mind. As you have made clear yourself, whatever creatures walk the streets of your citadel, they are all tame compared to some of the beasts that prowl outside your walls. You have been fed kittens all while praying to lock claws and prove yourself against tigers.We have all heard it said that the empty can rattles the most. Well perhaps, O’Hara, your song is sung louder for the shallow depth of talent to be found on Voltage compared to the other brands. As I have already asked of The Heart Break Gal, allow me to be fair and ask you a question. What devil have you laid down for that title that could stand against the Invictus Champion? The Punisher, Jacob Senn? The man that I punished and whose legacy I left shattered in a thousand pieces at House of Glass. Souls like the decadent TLA and Keelan Cetinich? Among the very men who I rose above at Pain For Pride to claim my own Answers World Championship destiny. Or maybe Chris Elite? The man who only last year scratched his seven year itch for a title, and then fell at my wake as I claimed the Gold Rush. Even your current contender, the Raven Lars Grier, has found himself so often prey for the Maltese Falcon that he must thank the Lord each night for the day that we were separated. O’Hara, there isn’t a scalp amongst your war trophies that gives me a reason to fear, and there is nothing you can say will put the result beyond doubt. So until the Awards show you will remain wanting for challenge, and perhaps even in that regard doubly envious. In spite of your dominance, new pretenders are quick to raise their claim. But even from a Dynasty roster thick with Hall of Famers, I am already cleared of probable contenders. In the land of men accustomed to calling themselves King, only the Invictus wears the crown, and as of yet his fortress is not under siege. It doesn’t take much to earn a World title shot on Dynasty. A single contendership match arranged at our general manager’s behest. Even so, Starrstan is already struggling to find two men up to the task. Not even the Heart Break Boy can look upon my throne - Starrstan’s decision not just mine. And though some have cried injustice that The Pizza Boy was not deemed worthy of his rematch, I am beyond caring about such reproach and, in any case, have been proven right. The Pizza Boy has failed to surpass even my modest expectations of him, already having dropped out of the King of Elite tournament at the hands of Darkane. I would sooner offer the chance to the graveworm himself, but of course it was not long ago that he felt the wrath of my hand.

Chorus: Behold his power and glory, Dynasty is blessed to seat the Invictus Champion. Who can stand in his presence?

Nico Borġ: Perhaps you Jamie O’Hara… or The Heart Break Gal. Perhaps but not for certain. I understand that it may be frustrating to admit for one so accustomed to making his will gospel but here reasoned arguments and measurements all collapse. Yours certainly have, O‘Hara. The truth is that you had very little to say about me but you still needed for your own sake to fill the silence and drown out any doubts somehow. My faith is a crutch. I am weak for relying on it instead of my own fortitude. Many men have made that argument before just to came and regret it. I was expecting more, Jamie. At least something really spiteful. Without this crutch I am a burning bag of trash. It’s too kind. You still cast me burning brightly in spite of my wretchedness. As it happens, that sounds like just an apt for what I am anyway. Imagine it. The Lord whispering through the flames of incandescent waste like a kind of postmodern burning bush. It’s almost artistic. I think i am mostly insulted that you didn’t have anything more venomous to say. You’d have been better off calling me a worm, a maggot, a stinking puss-filled urinal overflowing onto the public convenience floor. Regardless, I will  not be baited. It is no shame to me to rely upon faith. When I was, as per your description, a quickly disintegrating pile of detritus… the strength I needed to continue was in faith. Not in the past but in the future. The destiny of Invictus was at first bestowed, then believed, and only after manifested. Faith has power, O’Hara. And sometimes even the best of us have need of it.

You and The Heart Break Gal are in some way alike. Both of you have your claims to being the rightful Champion of Champions written into the history books. Yet, in spite of your stripes questions are still abound and the name of EAW’s Champion of Champions is still left to be written. We’re lost, didn’t you know? For this week we are no longer sat on the thrones of the Kingdoms that we have built for ourselves. This is not civilisation. We are beyond your walls now, O’Hara. This is the wilderness. This is the night. And in the dark even claims carved into stone are difficult to read. Still… what evil should I fear? For my claim is written in the stars.  Believe me.

Chorus: Ave Invictus

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished, Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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Guess who's a back... back again.. Ahrens back.. Tell a friend.. guess who's back, guess who's back guess who's back, guess who's back... na na na... But also guess who's mad... Stark, Stark is mad, because I have decided to talk again. He's very easy to throw off his game, all I have to do is talk and he bitches. All I've done is bring facts, and he's failed to disprove them. Then to cover his ass he has to resort to name calling. Very mature, very talented, much wow. Anyways let's do this.

Tomi you find solace and validation in the fact that stark shares the same opinion as you. Just because of this now take what you think as fact, and that you were right all along. But if a mad man agrees with a mad man that doesn't mean what they think is right. The United States of America chose Donald trump as president, he had enough people agree that he was the choice to run that country. Did they turn out to be right? Matter of opinion honestly, but the general consensus is no, he is doing a horrible job. You and Stark agreeing on what you think about me validates nothing. Congratulations on finding the ramblings of a drug addict as correct, that's the one you find the most in common with, astounding. But we move onto more stupid things that you've said. Such as? Well such as the fact you said that you won't listen to what I have to say, and that you'll just consider my acknowledgments as pure disrespect because I don't deserve to talk to you. You've been back for 3 weeks, won 1, got destroyed another, and barely squeaked out with another one, and now you think you're a god. Interesting, but that's not really how it works. You want to keep telling yourself this lie about how you kicked my ass and it wasn't close go ahead, again disrespect gives me the advantage. Have you heard of the NBA Finals? World Series? Stanley Cup? Those are best of 7 series because that's how you actually find out who's best. Someone could have an off night, it's a thing, but even with that I won't make excuses and say I did enough to beat you, because I didn't. You won, but that doesn't mean you're better than me. If the Cavs won 3 straight in the NBA Finals, and the Warriors then come back and win 4 in a row, who's the champion? Who's the one that will be looked at as the best? Yeah, doesn't matter how you start, it's how you finish. Now you have to do it again, and that scares you. You know you got lucky, and that you won't be able to do it again. That's why you won't respond, because you know I'm right. The reason you're so butt hurt about what I say is because you know it's the truth. You've won matches, you've lost matches, everyone has, but one match doesn't dictate your career. I've said this before but you keep regurgitating the same old shit so I felt as though it was necessary to say again. You and Stark love to repeat yourselves without actually listening to the others side, huh. Whatever helps you live in that bubble right? 

i don't even understand how you could even think of not thinking of me as threat after the match we had. You have clouded judgement, most likely due to the drugs you're clearly sharing with Stark. Just don't share needles, I'm sure you'd contract some sort of blood disease from it, he does't exactly seem clean. Also very much like Donald Trump, you take a truth and stretch it out to mean something a lot more than what it is until it actually turns into a lie. Such as you winning, but making it seem like it was the most impressive victory that has ever happened. You and Stark both continue to get facts wrong it's quite frustrating. When did I ever fail to recognize that I was beaten? I've mentioned it many times. I've said you beat me many times and that I'm using it as motivation? Ringing any bells? No? Because your'e stupid as fuck and don't listen? Got it, sorry Donald. 

Tomi you don't even deserve to be in this company much less this match. Not because of talent, but because of attitude. I will shrink it down to this match and just say you don't belong in it seeing that you've only had 3 matches since your return. But I have to wait until you decide whether you carry over what you did with Target today. It varies on what I bring up doesn't it? But if you want to count what you did as Target then we say that you've had many opportunities and failed each time. I've beaten you before, and I plan to beat you again. But you weren't wrestling your style because you wanted to prove a point right?.. Makes sense to halt your career to try an experiment to try and prove a point. The only point you proved is that you're better under a mask, when no one knows who you are. You were almost more successful as Target than you are as Tomi, but to prove a point you pulled back... I don't know, doesn't make sense, but you do you. 

Now Stark the fact that I call you out on the Tomi dick sucking isn't due to jealousy, it is out of sheer annoyance. It would be fine if you had any reasoning behind it, but you just try to force him into anything that you say. Every sentence you utter back tracks to something Tomi did, or said, like he's the gold standard of wrestling. It's not like Tomis opinion of me would be a bias opinion or anything, trying to make himself look better. But you bought in because you're an opinion-less puppet that blindly follows a bias thought because it's what he wants to believe. Someone that can't be bothered to educate themselves on a subject, because then he might find out he's wrong. So you take that one source and you use it til the wheels fall off because it's the only one you care about. Why? Well simply because it supports your narrative. I just don't understand why he has to be brought up with every thing you say when most of what you say about him isn't even accurate. 

I've stated numerous times why I feel the way I do about Tomi. I've acknowledged that he's beaten me, as I said to him, and I've stated why it won't happen again. Not everything we talk about has to do with Tomi but every time you find some way to bring him into the conversation. Why don't you try to come up with your own thoughts instead of basing everything you say off of what Tomi has said or has done. Even Tomi can admit to the fact that what I say has been smart, so why can't you? You say that drugs have freed your mind, and has made you at peace, but all you do is glom onto someone else's thoughts and feelings, and just acted like a miserable cunt without a joyful bone in his body. The exact opposite of freeing your mind and coming up with your own superior thoughts. 

Stark I don't think you understand what you're getting yourself into. Do you understand how extensive this specific championship process is? How intricate and difficult the Openweight Championship is to obtain, and sustain? You have such a hard time with motivation that I highly doubt that you can continue throughout the entire year. Why would you choose the most extensive title to chase after? The title that you have to work the hardest for? I mean, ok I know you didn't choose, you were handed it for nothing except a past of disappointments, and a glimmer of hope from yesteryear. But you could've said no, that's too much work I don't want that much effort. Which is something I would expect from you, but I digress. Let's go through exactly what you'll have to do. First you have to beat all 5 guys in this battle royal. Then you have to go and win a fatal four way again 3 other representatives from your other brands. Then you will become Openweight Champion but that's not the end of it, that's not the end goal of being the Openweight Champion. You will then have to defend that title 3 times against representatives of the brands again! And then after all that, it's still not over, because only after all of that will you get a world title match. In what might be the hardest match of all. Take Ryan Marx for example, the inaugural champion. He went from Pain For Pride all the way to now to have a shot at the World Championship, and he didn't even get a one on one match. He lost in his title match so all of the Openweight Championship steps were for absolutely nothing. There is no way you can stay motivated for all of this. Add it all together stark, will you be able to go through 13 people to go and win the world title! You are not that person, you will never be that person. This match, and the matches afterward aren't just a test of wrestling ability, it's a test of resilience, intestinal fortitude, and your determination. The "one" flaw that you have. The one that you are very self aware of, and refuse to better yourself with. The flaw that has haunted your career throughout your entire existence. How do you get over that hump? What can change from it Stark? You're massively underestimating what it is you have to do to continue on to what you want. You say that I'm the one that doesn't understand we're in the same position when I was that said that shit in the first place. You say I don't take losses in stride and say try to place the blame instead of learning from it when past documentation states otherwise. You don't listen, you don't learn, you stay stagnant and are content with who you are. If you want to have an argument about all of this please at least bring facts to the table. I've stated numerous times that I lost and I'm able to learn and grow. You can't learn without failure, you can't get better without failure, and I know this. 

In Tomi case I've stated that he beat me to his credit, and I'm using that as motivation. I don't understand why it's so difficult for you to retain information. I'm sick of talking to you, nothing I say will get through to you. I've answered all of your questions, you won't listen to the answers. I've disproved everything you've said, and you can't do the same for me. You won't acknowledge that you've been wrong, and you can't acknowledge that you're out of your element. I've had a lot to say because you've had a lot to say. You've said a lot wrong things and I've wanted to call you out on all of it because I won't allow you to besmirch my name, and drag it through the mud when you have no merit to do so. 

I'm sick of the hypocrisy. How I'm a try hard that has no life, because I responded to someone when I had some free time in the Morning after my morning run. While you respond to me about 3 hours or so after I talked to you with 5,000 words. Which is worse? The fact that you can respond to something so vast in such a short amount of time? Or the fact that I can respond in the morning? Mind you it wasn't the first thing I did but it was in the morning routine. There's no way that you could've obtained all the information that I said to you and comprehended in that short amount of time. Well ok I know you didn't because you're admitting to not listening, and just talking. Very bold strategy, but one you'll regret because I'm actually dropping some wisdom on you.  And clearly you didn't because you're still getting so much wrong. All of your point are repetitive, played out, and already proved to be wrong. So at this point I would advise you to quit while you're behind, and just stop the torture.  You're hypocrisy, your baseless fake knowledge, your lack knowledge moreover, and your ineptitude has been unbelievably unbearable. I'm glad that Saturday is just around the corner, because then I can stop hearing you pretend to care about wrestling, and watch you disappear yet again. 

Now Reginald, I'm glad you could join us. I'm glad that you remembered that match because clearly some people don't understand the success that I'm capable of obtaining. But no, I didn't win the Hardcore Championship back from Darkane. I've discussed this already before, and if that's all you have then I'd advise you not to come back honestly. Please check my previous work and maybe you can find the answer that you're looking for. Now if you have anything new or interesting to say, please don't hesitate to join us again. Thank you, I'll be seeing you soon. I will be seeing all of you soon. 
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EAW Awards Show 12/16/17


An opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Also, a chance for employment or promotion. Each and every day, the human race has an endless supply of opportunities. May it be in your career field, with a relationship, your family, in anything throughout each and every day of your life, some form of opportunity rises for you to either take advantage of or to let pass right by you. A lot of people don’t like to take risks. Those are the people that are completely happy with how their life is and have no intentions on doing anything to change it. Those are also the people that spend their lives living in mediocrity and spend most of their days unhappy. It’s a shame, really. Then you have the people that do take risks. The people that live each and every day taking a risk that may positively change their life or may negatively change their life. There’s no telling the outcome of any opportunity you take, you just have to take it and find out. Would you rather not take the opportunity and never know what could’ve been? Or would you rather take the opportunity, find out the outcome, and move forward from there?

I chose taking the opportunity.

This week has been quite the rollercoaster for me. From having the chance to compete at the EAW Awards Show in just a month of being here, to what happened on NEO last night, it’s all just happening so fast. I’m not gonna worry about anything NEO right now, I’ll focus on that later. I took an opportunity this week. Ashten Cross approached me with the chance to fight on the Awards Show against the man who will represent Showdown in the King of Elite Finals coming soon. I would’ve been the biggest dumbass to let this chance go to someone else. This past week on Showdown, Brian Daniels gave an introduction to this very man, where Ashten Cross interrupted and gave him the opportunity also. Right after he accepted, he went on about how the failure, or ending of my career is on Ashten’s hands. He had no idea who he was facing when he said this and quite frankly, being in the Finals of the King of Elite Tournament, I would probably say the same thing. The difference is, I haven’t failed to capture a World Championship multiple times. I haven’t failed multiple opportunities at the one that thing everyone dreams of. Granted, I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but, when that time comes you bet your ass I won’t fail. You’re staring at the woman who’s on top of EAW right now holding the Championship you’ve had multiple chances of capturing, and that’s eating you alive. It would eat me alive, too. To know that someone who, in their first attempt, was crowned the EAW Champion, man… That’s not an ideal situation for me. For you, you’re not in the Finals of the King of Elite Tournament, so you’re inching your way back to the World Championship again. Who’s to say you even win King of Elite? You think you’re going to be the King of EAW and then the World Champion? You think HBG is going to just give it up like that after everything she’s been through? Then again, what do I know? I mean I’m still the new guy. I can say that whether or not you become the King…

I will still have beaten you.

I could go on and on about what I’ve done since I debuted here, but that’s not much compared to you, obviously. What I’ve accomplished so far has no correlation to this match now. All that matters is, like Ashten said, I’m here to make a name for myself. I’ve already gotten high praises from people all over EAW and I’m rising quicker than expected. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m here to stay and I’m here to take control over my destiny. Something of which you’ve had problems doing in the recent past it seems. I’m not gonna lie, I barely know anything about anyone here still. All I’m here to say is that you can look at me and see a new face and someone who hasn’t done much here and isn’t even on the main roster, but I’m also here to show you how bad of an idea it would be to doubt me as a competitor in this company. You obviously don’t take me seriously and that’s going to be your downfall. You got a taste of what it feels like to be broken, but Saturday is when I give you the whole plate. I’m not going to let you put a halt to my rise considering I’m in complete control of how my career plays out. Saturday, I take a huge step forward and draw closer to achieving my goals. I know you’ll bring everything you got, but remember, doubting me is not in your best interest. I can’t express that enough. I respect what you have accomplished, but the fact that you haven’t captured the World Championship in multiple chances, makes me feel like this is going to be a little smoother of a process than I would’ve expected. I trust you’ll give me a fight, but I’m not leaving that ring until I’m the one victorious. I look forward to hearing from you and I also look forward to being able to say that I beat one of the Finalists in the King of Elite Tournament. Theron, see you soon, buddy.
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Showdown I

Pizza Boy, your resiliency should never be doubted, but there comes a point in time where you can only take so much. Everybody has their breaking point. You've been slung off the top of the mountain four times now albeit under unjust circumstances and credit to you, you've re-built yourself numerous times, but each time you've managed to re-climb that mountain, it gets harder, the rocks get more rugged, the blinding flurries of snow sting your face worse than ever and the air gets that much thinner. During the week and on Dynasty I watched you endlessly torture yourself all in an effort to prove me wrong. Satisfaction meant that much to you didn't it? So much so that you were willing to travel to hell and back just so you can wag your finger in my face and say I told you so, but you didn't reveal anything to me that I already didn't know and as a result you're still digging your fingernails into the snow and squinting through the wind that stabs at your eyes. My obligation on Dynasty was to strike while the iron was hot before you could even get started on your redemption tour, before your patented resiliency kicked into full gear, I stomped you out as if I was crushing a skittering cockroach beneath the soles of my boots. That's the difference between other superstars and myself, I've witnessed what you have accomplished and I've watched you catch countless men and women off guard with the irrepressible nature that you have and with the fire that burns profoundly inside of you and before they knew it, they're out on their ass, looking around, wondering what just happened. They question as to how this twig of a man and Scott Oasis can attest to this, managed to pull the rug right out from under them. I have no doubts that you will reach the top again eventually someday, but right now, it's my turn, you're going to have to take a number and get in line, you're going to have to bite the bullet and accept fate for what it is. I didn't expect you to lay down and take it, I expected a determined effort, I expected pushback, I expected you to use every last ounce of resource that you had, but you failed. It appeared to me that on Dynasty you simply wanted me to put you out of your misery, that the King of Elite crown was a distant mirage to you, that none of it mattered at all, that you would take what was needed to end the pain. You said it yourself that you didn't want my pity, not that you would have gotten it anyway mind you, so I gave you a well earned beating instead. As you move forward the strength inside yourself will be tested, you have to find yourself again Pizza Boy and while you do that, I'll be moving on to the King of Elite Dynasty finals, while you sit there with your palms up, like so many others have after they faced me and you'll mutter to yourself: How did I let this scum sucking piece of shit get the best of me? I guess that's the million dollar question, isn't it?


I have mixed feelings about returning to my old stomping grounds. Showdown is a place where I started as a mere sapling and it's a place where I paid my dues by hook or by crook. I think of Showdown as my launching pad and Dynasty as the actual rocket, they both are vital in my development as a wrestler. I have fond memories of Showdown and it will always hold a special place in my heart.. as a rundown backward shit hole. I got plucked off of Showdown at the draft just in the nick of time and I've never looked back, even if I'm considered one of the Showdown six, I feel like Dynasty is my home now and even though I don't get along with anybody on Dynasty, nor should I, nor do I want to, I feel like I have to defend the brand's namesake against two other champions. This match is essentially for bragging rights before I continue on my King of Elite quest. The awards show is a farce in my humble opinion, it's a bunch of ball-washing nonsense. Even though I have been nominated for a few awards, but I got my award already and it's the Hardcore Championship. Would I be grateful to receive an award? I don't know if grateful is the right word per say, as getting an award would just be solidifying what I already know. I don't need anybody to kiss my ass because I work hard, the only person that is allowed to kiss my ass is "Bouncing" Betty, who is a regular I know at a New Orleans strip mall located a few miles past the French Quarter. I tell ya, she has the skin of a Buick seat and she's tighter than a camel's snatch in a sandstorm, she still owes me money, but she has an endless motor and for that, I commend the bitch.

So Nobi you finally made it, you finally managed to capture the National Elite Championship and cement yourself as one of Showdown's top superstars. I'll admit watching you dethrone POP, who has the personality and charisma of a wet mop gave me a warm feeling inside, but it wasn't due to the fact that I was overjoyed for you, it was due to the fact that I absent-mindedly dropped my cig in my lap and it was burning a hole through my shirt. Truth be told, I'm not happy for you at all, I'm not going to congratulate you, I'm not going to throw you a party and I'm not going to buy you a celebratory gift because in this business your next reward is usually a fist in the face. That is the harsh reality of being a champion, after that initial celebration amongst your peers, it's next man up time and you're already on the defensive. Cherish it while you can but be wary that there is a giant bullseye on your back now. I know you busted your ass for almost two years to reach the level that you're on now, that doesn't go unnoticed, even through constant failures you managed to keep your chin up and your eyes focused on the task at hand. You will learn that soon enough your allies become envious and then all of a sudden they're your enemies. Superstars will throw away any mutual trust and camaraderie at a moment's notice to stab you in the back and take that title off of your shoulder. I mean look no further than what Scott Oasis is trying to do to Nico Borg, he stays hidden behind in his shadow, grinding his teeth, wearing a bitter and sackless smile all for a chance. The Ice Man has been reduced to nothing more than a feeble-minded follower. He's the one who fans Nico with a giant leaf, the one that shines his shoes, the one who feeds him grapes, the one who rubs olive oil all over his muscles just for recognition. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Nobi, you have to keep everybody under a sharp eye, if you don't then your reign as National Elite Champion will be short lived, but Nobi while you're still in a festive mood, I am your designated party crasher, it's where all the lights go out, there's a collective gasp, the music stops playing, then there's a scream in the room when a flashlight reveals a dark silhouette standing in the corner and it's me who is there staring menacingly with my cold dead eyes locked onto you. By then you'll realize that it's time to shit or get off the pot and that the real champion has arrived to mark his territory. The party is over for you Nobi. Put down your champagne, take off your silly hat, brush off the streamers and spit out that party horn; it's time to fight which is something that you have done valiantly throughout your career, but there comes a time in your wrestling lifespan where you stumble across somebody who's a bit different from everybody else, somebody who marches to the beat of their own drum and somebody who is gunning for you. That somebody is me Nobi, I don't care how well liked you are, I don't care if the fans stick their tongue up your ass, what I care about is turning an adored hero into a ravaged and mangled mess. It's what I do and it's what comes with the Darkane package. I wonder though Nobi, do you have a dark side? Do you have a ruthless bone in your body? I guess we'll find out, won't we? I hope you reveal that side if you have it on Showdown, I think you have no choice, especially if you want to get by in this match.

"It's a horrible feeling to dominate and humiliate people."

Those words were spoken by one Carlos Rosso while he was pouring his heart out at the headshrinker. Those words don't sit well with me. They don't offend me, I just vehemently disagree and I don't think that's the right mindset you should have, considering how you constantly spout off at the mouth as to how you're such a premier athlete. It's a wonderful feeling to dominate and humiliate people, it sets you apart as the predator and not the prey, believe me, I know. I don't get how someone who sells himself as a top of the line athlete, someone who is supposed to be physically dominant, even if he has a few marbles rolling around upstairs, shows empathy towards his opponents when your primary job is to be a supreme athlete and a reputable champion. You're never going to elevate the Interwire Championship by showing remorse. You've been around long enough to know the tricks of the trade, so you should know that your primary objective, no matter the match, no matter the opponent is to go out there and make them forcefully scream your name and make them look into your eyes and say: You own me, I am absolutely nothing compared to you. When this triple threat match rolls around, I'm not going to feel bad when I squeeze the bulging veins in your neck until your eyes pop the fuck out of your head and tears start to flow down your face. I'm not going to weep and pull my hair out of my head when I stack body on body of you and Nobi respectively like fucking sandbags. There's no room for sympathy in this match. Hell, if anything this match is a prime example of establishing dominance and humiliating your opponents since the only thing on the line in this match are bragging rights. Don't hold back Carlos because I sure as hell won't. You're a tough son of a bitch don't get me wrong, but I feel like your head is in the clouds sometimes. You want people like Lang, who just arrived on the scene with a chip on his shoulder to bow down and kiss your feet, you want these rookies to worship the ground you stand on and you want them to stop disrespecting you. I'm a rookie Carlos and I don't mind walking right up to you and slapping the taste out of your mouth and I'm sure as hell not afraid to do it. I'll call your bluff anytime I see fit. Just because you're the Interwire Champion doesn't mean that the superstars in this business have to stop dead in their tracks with shock and awe etched on their faces and butter up to you on the spot. It doesn't work that way and you should know as a veteran of this business. It's funny though, as one of those rookies that you chastised came within an eyelash of taking your championship if it wasn't for Chris Elite sticking his nose where it didn't belong. You're going to let someone fresh off the block from NEO push you around? I mean for all intensive purposes he had the match won and you call the Hardcore Championship a disgrace? You're a fucking disgrace, Carlos. If I were in your shoes, it wouldn't sit well with me that I had a helping hand. I guess I'm selfish in the way that I like to have my opponents all to my lonesome. You might say: Well I didn't think Chris Elite would jump the barricade and intervene, it doesn't matter Carlos. Chris Elite made you look weak and if you're okay with that, then you're a paper fucking champion. We're all fighting for something, aren't we? I have to prove that the Hardcore Championship isn't a disgrace to people like Carlos that still belittle it. Nobi has to prove that the National Elite Champion isn't a nonstarter title and that he still isn't under the spell of party fever and Carlos has to prove to himself that he's even worthy of holding the Interwire Championship in the first place after what transpired on NEO.
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(Revy at an empty gym hitting a punching bag over and over in her ring gear. On the punching bag is a picture of Moongoose with a stupid taunting look on his face as Revy's punches becomes more quicker, precise, and more aggressive. Revy stops the bag from swinging, grabs a towel and wipes the sweat off her forehead (though she doesn't sweat for some weird reason, dem genes?). She turns towards the camera)

So, it has finally come to this. Revy vs Cameron. Cameron vs Revy. It was never even about the best vs the worse. It was never even about the champion vs the nobody. It was all because of that idiot dumbass of a brother of mine, when people realized, “he has a sister, but he treats Cameron like a sister too.” Blood McQueen vs the so-called “honorary” McQueen, I guess. Which first of all, is stupid. That’s not how that shit works, and just because Shimmer and Moongoose likes you and all, it doesn’t mean I have to. First of all, Cameron, let me make this clear. You may had tried to like me at first because of my association with Moongoose, but I can tell you right here and now, that I hated you then, and I still hate you now, and why? Because of your association with my brothers. They don’t shut up about you, constantly talking about how, you could be like Cam, you know, if you tried. And I’m like, please. I don’t want to be like Cameron, because while she lets other make bad decisions for her, I’ll make my own. You won’t see me get stuck with guys like Hurricane Hawk, Dark Demon, or Jamie O’Hara by choice. I drink because I want to drink, you drink because you need to drink. Get it?
Now don’t go and tell me you’ve fallen for the so called hype. You know, the hype of McQueen vs Ava, and I know how you look at my brother. You look at him with the utmost respect for what he brings to the industry, but jokes on you, I don’t look at him the same way at all. If anything, I have almost no respect for him. I don’t put him on any kind of pedestal. To me, he’s average in the ring, he tries too hard to be different, and he is just not funny at all. What do you even see in him? But look at me, asking Cameron of all people about men that are just “basura.” I believe that’s the term you like to use. He is just my brother, whom I’ve managed to walk away and turn my back from to escape his shadow while you talk as if you want to walk besides him. Well guess, what? He only considers you his equal, but I’ll always be his brat of a sister, and that will never change. You want him? Take him. I didn’t want him back. We only started talking recently for the first time in 7 years. Why? Because I was expected to follow in his footsteps and compete in the ring, but I was like, fuck this shit, I’m going to the Army and going to do my own thing, and serve my country. And yeah, I saw that episode, where you and Moongoose went to Columbia to free all those kids and he and you got to act like heroes, but once again, you only did something good and decent because Moongoose had to drag you into it, not because you wanted to do it yourself. He dragged your ass there, and that’s annoying as fuck right? The constant nagging and insisting of his greater sense “justice” and moral obligations, yet here I am out there in the field of Afghanistan laying waste to enemy troops and protecting civilians that don’t even appreciate the fact we are trying to help them.  But I digress, he is a McQueen and so am I. But you, Cameron? No, you are not a McQueen by any means, so don’t even try to act like one. Why? Because McQueens do whatever the fuck they want no matter what people tell them, when you’re out here doing where ever the finger points you to. You were set up to be a Goddess. You were set up to be good, almost as if you were a prodigy, and you just accepted it because you were told how to do it. But I’m willing to bet that of a lot of great things you’ve done, there are just as much baggage you resent and regret. Well you know what? You see Savannah here? Despite what happened at Bloodletter, despite the fact it wasn’t my battle to fight to begin with, I don’t regret it one bit. She and I might not be friends, she doesn’t know my favorite song. She doesn’t know my favorite drink, or what my current standing is with my family. But she was wasted, defenseless, and about to get her assed kicked alone, and I stepped in and did something about it. And so what? We got are ass kicked together, and there is no damn shame in that. I stood up for her. And what are you doing? Goddess? What are you doing with your acclaimed fame? Focused on winning titles and losing dancing competitions instead of helping those that need it. And people call me the cruel impassionate immoral bitch just because I don’t show people the proper respect of this sport, when as a McQueen, we are more concerned about proper respect to humanity, where if I see an asshole, I’m going to kick them.
So please, Cam, shut the hell up. I’m not going to listen to you or Moongoose or anyone spin some nonsense about how I can be like you. How if I actually tried, I can be “just as good?” I’m not fuckin’ Consuela trying to live up to your legacy in your shadow. It would be an insult for a McQueen to follow in the shadows of others. Because I don’t want to be some shallow bitch that only cares about their titles and only worry about their close friends while the rest of the world can suck it. You can keep your belts and your friends. You can keep my brothers for all I care. But I will not let you take my name is drag it into the mud, because girl, you are no McQueen to me. You ride off the fame and glory of being a McQueen, the nobility and righteousness of constantly sticking to our guns and never backing down from any challenge or fight. But you have yet understand the pain and suffering of a McQueen. The constant feeling of being overlooked and putting others over our own well-being because it’s what is best. We may come off as selfish and petty, but we aren’t. You, however, are selfish and petty and I am pissed off at my brother for being such a passive spineless bitch in making you an honorary member of the McQueens. Our ancestors are just rolling in their graves right now that someone like you has the audacity to speak as if you are one of us, lecturing me like you’re my older sister. Nope, not happening, sis. Nah uh. Stay in yo lane, Gurl.
I might be considered a disgrace to the family name, but I am a McQueen, none the less, while all you’re going to do is continue to try to jump in on every big name you can get your hands on. Oh, sure, Shimmer and Moongoose might have your back should you ever need the help of our family, but you can bet your ass that I won’t be there to help. You have those two idiots backing you up, but don’t group me those two, got it? And don’t let me catch you talking to me like that again, because at the end of it all, I’ll be the one to carry the McQueen name and legacy, and I’m not going to even let you get close enough in the clique so that you can potentially destroy it from the inside. We aren’t going to be your little errand boys. We don’t exist to help the strong get stronger or the rich get richer. We are the ones that strive to push others to their best, or in my case, to expose the worse of others. We don’t discriminate against the strong or the weak, we only seek truth and the thrill of life. We are the mother fuckin McQueens, and until you understand that and what we are, I’ll never acknowledge you to be one. Don’t talk like you understand me, if you really want to get close and personal and know me, let’s talk in the ring with our fists, because clearly, I have a lot to say about you too.
And I suppose it’s time we move on to Consuela. The so-called “Revy” of the two twins, because between you and Cam, you are the worse. But if it means anything, I honestly can’t tell you both apart. Like if only you were covered in vomit and glitter would I be able to identify you as Consuela, but the stench of inferiority complex is a way to help identify you too. So before we continue, I need to make it clear that no, I don’t like the idea of being known as the “Consuela” of the two between my brother and I. That would assume I can’t escape the shadow of my brother can will never be able to stand out on my own. Um, I’ve done that already, and I didn’t need to win no stinkin’ titles to do that. Revy is a thing now, almost to the point where people don’t even care about my name, but my actions, but of course you two had to dig right into it because you both think you have the right to discuss family matters with me. But once again, no, shut the fuck up, and let’s talk about this like immature school kids on the playground. Consuela, the only way you stand out from Cam is the fact you have to fall for the lowest common denominator of character development by actually accepting that you are one big fact Mexican stereotype living the Cinderella story of going from a nobody to a Disney princess. But really? With the maids you grew up with? Well, geez, girl. Cam had to be raised by the same women too, but you don’t see her sinking into typical Mexican soap opera story telling to raise a few laughs. I mean, what is the deal with the girls on Empire having to use their “roots” to describe themselves. Ooh, the Japanese are evil, the Germans are bad, but what about the Mexicans? Oh my god, they are hilarious and we should cheer for them and put them on tv so we can continue to make fun of them. That is what you brought to the table, Consuela. It’s not even about the Specialist title with you, which, sure, congrats, you defended it well and all. But how is anyone going to take you seriously if you keep joking around like that and being the person people puked on. If anything, you are the “Moongoose” of the two, and I don’t mean that as a compliment. Have you seen him on Voltage? He’s a fuckin’ joke now and no one takes him seriously, and I guess Shimmer must be his maids or something or whatever. Can you blame me from trying so hard to distance myself from them? They are an embarrassment, and guess what, Consuela? So are you.
If you were to ask me, you deserved to be puked on by Savannah. Here you are complaining about getting a little vomit on yourself, but I’ve had the blood of my allies and enemies spilled on me and you don’t see me bitching about it. You’re a lot like Moongoose, a fuckin’ entitled brat that has everything handed to him in terms of talent, looks, and charisma, but can’t do anything with it, because you rather sit on the backburner and be the butt of jokes because it puts butts in those seats. Moongoose deserved failing right now, and when it starts happening for you, Consuela, you’re going to deserve it too. You don’t got your priorities straight. I, of all people shouldn’t be telling you this. I’m not your fuckin’ sister and even I have to tell you to “get your shit together and man up.” I won’t indulge your stupid fantasies and tell you to continue to follow in Cam’s footstep and keep trying to be a delicate Mexican princess with a mean streak. Why are you holding yourself back from being the best you you can be? And while this is absolutely the opposite of what I’ve said about Cam, don’t push it, because I simply have a soft spot for stupid and pathetic. You live your life following the footsteps of your sister and under the guidance of your nannies, and the only moment of respect I recall with you is when against all those wishes, you accepted a fight without hesitation. You didn’t have to accept. You didn’t even have to fight against someone as underserving as Astraea. Perhaps you felt petty for her, or maybe you had a sense of justice to put a girl like her in her place, but you have every making there to be a McQueen more than your sister. And while I’m not going to say, be a McQueen, you need to be the best damn Consuela you can be. Oh god, look at the corny ass shit coming out of my mouth. I must be getting sober. I need a drink. Give me one moment.
(Revy takes out a bottle of vodka, pops the cork off, and proceeds to guzzle it down, she puts one finger up telling the camera person to hold on for a moment so she can finish. The bottle empty outs before Revy tosses the bottle to the side and breaths out in satisfaction and wipes her lips.)
Ok, Drunk, Violent, and Lit now! Let’s do this shit! Cameron, Cameron-lite, I think it’s obvious at this point that Savy and I are the underdog going into this fight. After losing to the Doublemint twins at Bloodletter, I was never expecting for this to come up, but what can we say? We were set up so Cameron and her sister can have a moment together and in the process, wreck some nobodies. I’m not fuckin’ stupid. I know how this business works. This is all just some stupid ploy give you two an excuse and get a shot of adrenaline to do whatever it is you are all doing. Like Cam with King of Elite or Consuela vs a pornstar. Like, let’s slap these two poster child together and have them dominate and get a momentum train going for them, and who gives a shit who they run over. Hey, I’ve been there, done that, I’m use to it. I’m always use to fighting the uphill battle and falling back down the mountain.  Now I don’t care about Bloodletter, because I put myself into that situation. I wanted to be in that fight. But upon seeing this match, I was like, what the hell is this crap? No lie, I would have loved to fight Cam and even you Consuela at one point, but not while I have to watch a kid doing it. Sure, sure, I can see it as just some ploy to cash in on the so called “Revannah” hype going on, and maybe there are hopes that it can be a thing. But let me make this fuckin clear. Revannah isn’t a thing. I felt bad for Sunshine about to get jumped by those Asian cows and stepped in because I hate bullies. But Savannah is more than capable of defending herself now than ever. As far as I’m concerned about this “team,” I’m still set on fucking shit up for others while she has candy,  glitter, and Davidson on her mind. This isn’t going to be a thing, and stop trying to push it, because my god, can’t someone just take someone to a bar for a drink and not assume anything? This isn’t a “Baby’s It’s Cold Outside” bit. At the end of the day, I feel like I’m going into this fight alone. The card might say Savannah is there by my side, but we aren’t fighting the same battle. I don’t know and don’t care for Savannah’s goals and ambitions. All I care is about me and what I do, and what can I say? I’m pissed off as Cameron for dragging my family name like that and Consuela, well, she looks like Cameron, so good enough. The chance of me winning are almost slim to none. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go out there and give them a good showing. It doesn’t mean I have to take being put in this bullshit situation lying down and accepting it as it is. I can still spit, flip them the bird, and throw everything right back into their stupid identical faces.
Savannah, I’m not going to hold you to anything. I’m not going to make this a situation where we have to win no matter what. Because at the end of it all, whose going to remember this? I’ll tell you who will, Cameron and Consuela, because when I step in the ring with them, I’m going to hit them so hard, the other twin is going to feel it. But as for you, I don’t care. If you show, or don’t show, you do what you want. This will be my fight, and just because I stood up for you, it doesn’t mean you have to stand up for me. You don’t owe me anything, except a few furniture and a couple of bucks for all the booze you’ve drank at my place. Even if we were blood or even a friend, I’d rather prefer you just stayed out of my business and let me do me. But if you wanted a piece of the action, by all means, just speak up and say it. While everyone treats you like a baby, you are a grown ass adult capable of making your own decision and picking your battles. Don’t let these bitches and everyone else, including myself belittle you. Nah, don’t mistaken this as me telling you to give your best on Empire this Thursday. This me telling you to give your pure unadulterated worse and let them know the real Savannah Sunshine. The uncensored, unfiltered, THE Savannah Fuckin’ Sunshine that I fought and lost with at Bloodletter. Despite what happened, it was nice fighting with ya, but for all we know, this might be the last time we fight together. We could be enemies again when this match is said and done. But why not go out with a bang and show these two what we’re made of. I won’t speak for Sunshine, though she’s probably some weird combination of Sugar, Spice, and everything nice.

I’m Revy, 20% pissed off, 30% trigger happy, 50% drunk, and 100% committed to wrecking your shit. I’m sure you both are ready for your upcoming big matches, but the question is, are you ready for me? Keep putting me in the corner, put me wherever, even the back of your mind, but as a professional sniper, I take pride in making all my shots from any position. From the shadow, out in the open, or directly in your face, you better believe I’m going to leave a mark. I’m going to make a lasting impression, I’m going to go for the kill, and you better believe I’m going to have the time of my life doing it. 
Tomi Venus
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Enough Goofing Around

EAW Award Show 2017: Two

My only consolation in having to go back and forth with someone like Ahren Fournier for the second week in a row is that I at least I am not alone. At least I don’t have to sit here trying to process what I’m hearing and ask myself if I’m the crazy one. Maybe I am crazy but at least Stark has confirmed that I’m not imagining the ignorance that is Ahren Fournier.

Ahren, what is so difficult to understand about my motivations? What is so difficult to understand about my love for hurting others? It’s such a simple minded activity that it defines itself. I can’t explain it because there’s nothing to explain. To put in terms that Stark will understand, whenever I see someone else in pain my brain starts producing dopamine. I enjoy it! I love feeling bones snap in my hands! I love the taste of blood! I even love the feeling of pain myself! That moment when you get socked right in the nose. Your sinuses burn and your eyes starts tearing up while blood might be running down to your lip. I don’t need to do any lines of cocaine when I have this! But what motivation do I have to win a championship? If championships mean nothing to me then why would I care to win them? In all honesty this is a fair question to ask and it’s surprising that such a thing came out of the mouth of such an insufferable cunt like Ahren Fournier. Well, to answer that question why don’t you ask yourself why so many competitors want championships? I can name off some reasons like: validation, to stroke their own enormous egos, to proudly represent their brand. Regardless what the reason is all of these people have some sort of investment in these worthless relics. They see some sort of value.

I remember when Target Smiles used to get so close to becoming a champion. He would come so close to bringing home an illustrious prize and then at the moment of truth I would take that away from him! Oh how I’d put my hands on my head and cry about “Oooh nooo! I let down the Smiling Faces! I can’t believe this!” Then all the boys would look at Target Smiles like a joke. They’d laugh about his despair not realizing that they were laughing at themselves. Ahren you continue to needlessly cry about the fact that I beat you a week ago, you are the spitting image of what I was attempting to be. A man too insecure, too prideful, to admit that he could ever be beaten. You fail to recognize the truth and continue to lie to yourself and admit that maybe you just aren’t on my level and that’s why you took the Motor City Plunge. You refuse to admit to yourself that you aren’t good enough and as long as you continue to do that you never will be! Furthermore, I will continue to take your presence and your acknowledgements as insulting and offensive not based on their content but on the principle that you think you have any goddamn right to speak to me in the same jesting tone after I have put you down and out! The disrespect that you think you can come back to me expecting to win with the same tactics that led you to a loss just days ago!

Ahren Fournier, you don’t deserve the time I’ve wasted on you and you aren’t even worthy of the scars I’m going to give you in that battle royal! After I kick your ass once again I will accept none of this nonsense you continue to spit in my face! You should be thanking me for the lesson I’m going to teach you! You should consider yourself lucky if I manage to pummel your face enough to turn it completely inside out! You’ve done nothing to earn your name on the list of people I’ve put through hell but you just happened to be in the right place at the right time! You should thank the lord for the blessing that is my fist in your face because if it were up to me I would’ve deemed you unworthy of my time and effort long before this moment!

Now that we’ve taken care of that. Let’s talk about the only man in this match who poses any sort of threat to my victory.

Stark, maybe you were never hand picked to be a champion. Maybe you were just so outstanding that you took the gold out from under the expectations of people who didn’t believe in you. But I’d hope you’re capable of understanding that not being the GM’s first choice for champion is a bit different from being put on the “Do Not Serve” list. Maybe the opportunities you had came from your own merit and your own ability to prove that you are as good as you say you are, but every attempt I ever made at proving myself to these people fell on deaf ears!

Do you know what it’s like to be willing and able to show your worth to someone but being denied that audience? You came into this company with no expectations and you let everyone know what you could do. I came here and had the door slammed in my face time and time again! I didn’t take the same road as you to get here because I wasn’t allowed on that road! I had to take the road of potholes while you made your way through traffic with everyone else!

Does that make me better than you? No. If anything it’s the other way around. This company gave up on me a long time ago… but I can’t say that I didn’t give them a reason to. They said I wasn’t good enough. They said I couldn’t be trusted to represent their company. I had an uphill battle to accomplish anything here, and you know what? Maybe that was my fault. Maybe my actions put me in that position where I was handicapped in trying to get anything more than a pat on the back for good effort. Maybe I have nobody to blame but myself but through all of that I still earned the right to call myself a champion! I held that high above my head while everyone rolled their eyes and counted down the days until Devan Dubian would take that away from me in the last match I had in this company before I put on that mask and proved everyone wrong!

I had a reputation. Putting that mask on and calling myself Target Smiles relieved me of that reputation and gave me the opportunity to work my way towards a match with Jacob Senn where I would have everybody’s attention! Where I could make my impact at the expense of someone who has been successful at my expense! I went through all of that for the opportunity I lost all those years ago… the opportunity that everyone else has gifted to them at the door. Stark, you had that opportunity and unlike me you didn’t fuck that up. Hats off to you. Congratulations for getting it right the first time. But like I said, I had to work a whole lot harder to get here than you to make up for what I lacked. You’re a talented competitor Stark, but I’m not looking to compete.

I don’t care what you’ve accomplished. I don’t care if you’ve earned my respect or if I’ve earned yours. I’m not here for the spirit of competition. I’m not here to give anyone props for what they’ve accomplished. I’m here for the slaughter. Some men live to hear the crowd roar with excitement… I live to hear them cry out in fear. Vegas here we come.

Andrea Valentine
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post December 14th 2017, 12:56 am by Andrea Valentine
"Bloodletter's come to pass. It's another FPV in the books and already we look to move onto the next show with some of us as coming in as winners, others left to figure out how we're to come back from our losses to get where we've been envisioning ourselves since we stepped through the doors of Empire. Those losses weren't as so detrimental that there's no coming back from them, and I'm sure that's what we've all been reminding ourselves since, because there's no real time to sit around and stew on all the "what if"s - especially when looking at this tag team match scheduled for this week. I already know from having seen the names of the opposition alone that it's gonna be anything but easy, however, it'll easily be one of my toughest matches to date. But for as stiff as the competition is, it's definitely not intimidating, because when Sydney and I arrive to that ring what we'll see isn't just an opportunity to rebound here from the shots of missed chances, but the chance for us to reassert ourselves and remind everyone that what happened at Bloodletter isn't definitive of who we are or all we're capable of - and we get to do that against two formidable opponents who share a mutual loss at the hands of the Specialists Champion. A commonality among the four of us is that we all lost, none of us were the ones getting our hands raised in victory, and while it could just be seen as that we're all just here in this opening contest for that very reason, it's not something that I'm gonna go and turn my nose up at because for as good as the two of you are, April and Chelsea, you're right here with us and I know we're gonna put on one hell of a show! Your title match at Bloodletter was great, amazing even, and that's how I know that regardless of this being the first match of the night that it still won't be anything to overlook - especially when Sydney and I defeat the two of you. A win over one of the fastest rising stars of Empire and a former Specialists Champion? I know there's got to be a lot of questioning as to just how exactly we're gonna be able to pull something like that off all things considered, but I've got no doubt that we've got the tools to forge a path that leads to reaping the reward of retribution that'll put us back on track. Sydney's no longer cuffed to someone and in a position where the odds are so lopsided because of that, and after how long she was in those handcuffs and considering what happened at Bloodletter, I know it makes her- makes the both of us that much more dangerous to your chances in this match. We've got the most to prove, the most to make up for after her loss to Megan and after I went through a table - and that's exactly what we'll do. The results of our Bloodletter matches just add fuel to the fire; they'll just be what drives us to the winner's circle because we know getting there this week with a win in this bout after those outcomes would make up greatly for it all. Now, I know there's no denying that the two of you proved that you belonged in that title match, having given the performance of a lifetime with one of you delivering backfists and penalty kicks that raised goosebumps on everyone's skin and the other showing why she deserved her place in that fatal four-way despite all criticisms after surviving a battle royal that, ironically, was won at my expense - but that championship remains in Consuela's possession. The fact it's still there after you, April, made sure you went to get your place in that match, the fact it's still there after you, Chelsea, assured everyone from that battle royal that we'd envy you for leaving Empire's first-ever free-per-view as the Specialists Champion - it merely serves as a reminder that there's no reason to be intimidated, no reason to second guess ourselves when beating you two has been proven to not be such an impossible task, and after what the two of us endured at Bloodletter, we're gonna ensure that the losses for you keep rolling in while we're the ones turning things around by getting what'll have no doubt been a hard-fought, well-deserved victory. I wouldn't expect it to be easy, it certainly wasn't the last time you and I met in the ring, Chelsea, not that I'm complaining - but that's why I'm truly looking forward to this match. We get to go at it again, I get the chance to get into the ring with April for the first time - and I couldn't think of a better way to bounce back than by beating you this time around and someone as talented as her, all while doing it with Sydney at my side."

"But Chelsea, for all you had to say about the both of us - me in particular, it still came with a sense of doubt and an air of underestimation. Apparently, I'm still "too caring", according to you. In your eyes, I'm still going about all this by, in other words, being "too nice" and I can't help but wonder for as much as you said you were paying attention to what was being said going into and what happened during Bloodletter, did I really look so concerned for Daisy's well-being when I broke a whole kendo stick across her back and repeatedly left reminders, which I'm sure she's still feeling, of just who exactly was the reason for that? I'm not sure what was so "caring" about any of that in your eyes but it certainly seems now that you think that in the end, I can't get the job done all because of one occasion. This business is constantly changing, always evolving and as a result, so do all of us even if you think we don't - and if you think that I won't go all in here after what I've been through to secure this victory, then you're certainly gonna be in for a shock when the girl you see as mediocre and the girl you think can't drive her point home in the end are the ones getting their hands raised by the ring official. By thinking so little of Sydney, you underestimate what we can do together as a team and sure, you and April have the possibility of making an incredible team, but just because neither of you was pinned in that match doesn't mean anything other than the fact that the two of you happened to be in the right place at the right time if you're really looking to take pride in that tidbit. It merely means that one of you was nowhere to be found when the three count happened while the other was so close yet so far away when it came to having to be the one to break it up - and as a result, you're reaching to for a silver lining that really doesn't mean much at all. But one of you is taking that fall come Empire, one of you is getting dropped with the final blow and there won't be any avoiding either of you coming to have not enough left in the tank to keep going. You want to talk about intensity, about wanting a fight that feels like it's of the main event level, and that's one thing you won't have to worry about because I couldn't imagine that any of us plan on putting out anything less after Bloodletter; Sydney and I are coming into this more determined and more ready, prepared not to just give you and April a run for your money but to outdo and outperform you. You've outsmarted Aria, you've gone blow-for-blow for Stephanie and did the same with Sher, and April's proven herself on multiple occasions - a former Specialists Champion is always a great asset to have on your side; you probably think you two are a perfect match together for this. But while things haven't exactly gone Sydney's way as of late shouldn't exactly result in her being counted out. The way I see it, this is just a chance for her to turn her situation right around because I think Sydney can be a lot better than you're giving her credit for, I'm not doubting that for a single second, and I know that while we're only meeting in the ring for a second time that if I came as close as I did to defeating you the last time then I can certainly cross that finish line this time around. Bring your tricks, do your worst - as a matter of fact, I encourage it, because when I'm looking back on this I want to be able to know that you and April brought your best but Sydney and I proved to be just that much greater, just like I know we can. You aren't coming into this with the intention of playing games or fucking around - neither are we, because we're gonna show up and show out against two of Empire's best. Sydney likes to say it's her versus the world, but right now it's us versus perception, and come Empire we're gonna make everyone see that we will do what have to in order to win in a situation where I don't doubt that you're both gonna push us and cause us to dig down deep, and just when it seems like you'll have brought us to our limit, we'll push you two past your breaking point and towards your eventual defeat. You said I could be a threat but haven't been all that capable of really showing it, you said Sydney didn't deserve to be here, but her and I are gonna kill two birds with one stone and you and April will just be the stepping stones we use to do it. The two of us share the same goal and we want the same thing: to win, and that's definitely something that's not far out of our reach. We're capable, we always have been, and the unfortunate outcomes we've had to face shouldn't detract from the fact that we're still gonna be a tough combination of talent to overcome - and when we get our way after having gotten ourselves to that point by showing just that, what you'll remember about this match is how you and April weren't able to get past the two of us here at all."
Jacob Moore
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Fucking bozos. Do you any of you motherfuckers have a fucking life? I don't check my shit for a couple days and you pansies have fucking LECTURES out on each other. And none of you mentioned me more than once. And it's the same thing: "you lost to Aka Manah". I get it, a jobber got one up on me. Actually, that's all the more reason to shit on me. Why am I even in this match? Oh because I decided to walk my bum ass out there in front of Starr and say I wanted to be in it even though I said I was going after the Hardcore title first. I am a confusing man, aren't I?
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