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Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: EAW Promoz!
Jack Ripley

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Search in: EAW Promoz!   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: EAW Promoz!    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptyDecember 5th 2016, 3:44 pm
(Scene starts with Jack Ripley sitting at the RAD Betting office table, counting chips with a big grin on his face… When there’s a knock at the door)

(The interviewer slowly opens the door and creeps into the “room” aka the open space behind the door frame)

Jack: INTERVIEWAAAAAAA!!!!!!! What’s up man

Interviewer: Hey Jack

Jack: HEY did you see our re-debut, I know you saw it, I know you had all eyes on that bad boy watching

Interviewer: Yeah all 2

Jack: I’m sure you had all 3 don’t be koi with me

Interviewer: Umm human beings only have 2

Jack: Ummmmmm you dumb? Haven’t you heard of Third Eye Blind? The third one is blind…

Interviewer: I think that’s just….

Jack: You can only open the third one if you do mass amounts of hard drugs… So you should get on that

Interviewer: Do hard drugs...

Jack: Yeah… Live life on the edge, and if you die… WELL you had a good run, how old are you 79?

Interviewer: 35

Jack: Oh god what happened to you?

Interviewer: Anyways what about….

(Interviewer notices Jack isn’t paying attention, and is staring off into the distance quietly singing a Third Eye Blind song)

Jack: Doo doo doo, doo doo-doo doo...I'm packed and I'm holding, I'm smiling, she's….. Wait what? Sorry you brought up Third Eye Blind, and that’s one catchy tune

Interviewer: You brought up Third Eye Blind

Jack: Yeah crazy how that works… Hey did you know that song is about a hardcore drug life, and it’s riddled with drug, and sexual lyrics. Like in plain sight too, and no one noticed

Interviewer: Yeah Jack I did, but about your match

Jack: Why must you always ruin a good time, here I am counting my winnings, and singing my Third Eye Blind, and you waltz in here and interviewer everything up… aka ruin, I’ve replaced the word ruin with interviewer, because that’s what you do.. ALLLL ZEEEE TIMMEEE… I do French accents now, nbd. I’m pretty cultured.

Interviewer: So can…

Jack: How did I get those chips you ask?

Interviewer: No I wa…

Jack: Well it’s quite simple really! David and I, we pooled up all our money, went to Vegas and bet that we would win our debut match! We bet on ourselves, and won. ROLLING IN THE DOUGHHHH BRUHHHHHH!! You want some?

Interviewer: Well.

Jack: Ha, you can’t have any. If you had done the smart thing and went to Vegas and bet, you’d be in the same position, you foolish fool of a simpleton sloot. Fix your tie, you’re embarrassing yourself!

(Interviewer goes to fix his tie… But he doesn’t have one)

Jack: YOU DUMB???!!!! YOU AREN’T WEARING A TIE! Who dresses you? Your mom? You don’t even know what clothes you’re wearing.

Interviewer: Ok so just going to go right into the questions now… You beat Nobi and Cody Marshall sure, but they aren’t a real tag team, and they attacked eachother mid match. Do you honestly believe you proved anything?

Jack: So like… Your mom dresses you, and does she write your questions for you too? Don’t answer, I already know shhhh, it’s ok. Anyways, yes I do believe we proved that we haven’t missed a step. Did you see me in there? I was like BOOM! POW! Right in the kisser, straight to the moon. In short, I was impressive, David, he was impressive. It doesn’t matter if those two buffoons want to throw away a match at the very end, when they were trying, they were getting outdone, pure and simple. So in my eyes even when it was a fair fight, they were getting outworked, so that crybaby racist sloot, decided to throw a temper tantrum and attack his partner. Not because he hates him, it was because he knew he wasn’t going to be able to beat the High Rollerzzzz and wanted an excuse.

Interviewer: Interesting sentiment.

Jack: Fact of the matter is, I showed I still got it. Like I said, when they were trying to beat us, they couldn’t. And I don’t need them to try to show how sick my moooooves are. Did you see my flips and dips and all that? I’m very athletic, your mom must love me.

Interviewer: *sigh* She does….

Jack: WELL TOO BAD! Tell her to hit the bricks because I’m happily married. She can’t get any of this diiiiuuuggghhh. That’s all for the wifey. #Loyal #InLove

Interviewer: Don’t hashtag real life please..


(Jack Flips the table again, chips fly everywhere)

Jack: How you gonna tell me what to do in my LIIIIFFFFEEE. (Starts singing Bon Jovi) ITS MY LIIIIIIFFE ITS NOW OR NEVER… I AINT GONNA LIVE FOREVER!!!! I’m going to #Hashtag #everything #now. #ThisIsmyplaceofbusinessandIcalltheshotshombre. #1-0.

Interviewer: You’re an odd individual…

Jack: Hey..

Interviewer: Hi?

Jack: Why are you still here?

Interviewer: I still have more questions…


(Jack points to something off camera, and interviewer looks. As the interviewer looks Jack sneaks off to hide behind the table that he flipped, and sits down behind it. Interviewer looks and Jack is nowhere to be found)

Interviewer: *sigh*

Jack: I’m so sneaky

(Interviewer walks over to the table and sees Jack hiding there. He doesn’t say anything, and just sits next to him)

Jack: So you’ve found my fortress of solitude. Good for you, you think you’re tough because you’ve broken through the force shield and sat beside me? I give you credit for that, but that is all  you’re getting. YOU HEAR ME???! I AIN’T TALKIN COPPER!!! YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE!!!

(Interviewer just looks at him)

Interviewer: Ryan Marx

Jack: Ugh fine. Rex McAllister picked the High Rollerz to face Ryan Marx as punishment for his little bitch fit he’s throwing. You see that? Even before we wrestle we’re being touted as what we are, people that can dish out much deserved reality checks. He could’ve chose any 2 world champions, or a tag team that’s been here, but nope! He picked us to beat the shit out of this Ryan Marx fellow, because he knows in a handicap match, you have to choose the best of the best. We know tag team wrestling like the back of our hands, and what is a handicap match but a tag team match -1. We know what we’re doing, we’ve shown what we can do, in the past, and last week. Ryan, you’re on this little quest for gold, which is cool I dig it. David and I also have a quest for gold too, and green. So I can cut you a deal, I have a replica EAW World Title that I bought on EAWshopzone.com. Anyways, I can give you it, and your little thirst can be over! Aren’t I such a nice guy. Well, I won’t just give it to you, obviously it won’t be free, give me like 500 dollars, or all the gold coins in your possession!  You give me one of the two and it’ll be all yours! Much easier than trying to beat Rex McAllister for his title I’d say. Look…. (Looks at the interviewer) Ok… Can you not be so close to me, you’re invading my personal space, and breathing all my air. Gonna need you to back up off me a bit…

(Interviewer shifts to the side a little)

Jack: Little more..

(Slides a little more)

Jack: Keep going…

(Slides more)

Jack: TEEEEENY bit more

(Interviewer slides so far he’s out of the shot)

Jack: Is he still in the shot camera man?

Cameraman: No

Jack: Ok Interviewer perfect. Dude that guys breath smells so bad, does he eat pieces of shit for breakfast? Damn yo. Anyways Ryan, you think of yourself as something of a philosopher? Is that what your deal is? You think you’ve got these big ideas, and you’re smarter than all us common folk? Wrong! If you were so smart you wouldn’t be getting yourself into 2 vs. 1 matches, against the greatest tag team of all time! (says in a whisper behind his hand) of all tiiiiimeee. Thanks David. No problem Jack. We are a well oiled machine ok? We are going to be the first ever tag team to be inducted into the hall of fame as a tag team. This is our goal, we gain success together, we are in this together. We don’t have any hidden agendas, we don’t have any individual goals. If one of us win a singles title, we are both the champion. You are in a world of hurt Ryan Marxxxxxx. You think you’re being held down by the suits? Is that what you think? Why would they make it their agenda to personally keep you down? You honestly think you’re so important to them that they would go out of their way to do that? There’s only one thing that matters to them, and I can relate because it matters to me a lot too, and that’s money. They don’t see you as someone they can get behind and sell to the public, that’s all. Just be more interesting, it’s nothing personal I’m sure. But they don’t go out of their way, you just haven’t caught their eye at all because you’re just not that interesting or original! So boom! Another problem solved. I’m so smart, I graduated from college it’s whatever.

Interviewer from off camera: Where did you go to college?

Jack: WHAT?!! You’re not in the shot I can’t hear you! I heard the word college though.. You’re mom went to college. Ha, totally got him. But yeah Ryan, just do something different than the rest of the roster. Everyone thinks they’re the smartest, or have different ideas, but really it’s all the same. But hey, through all your complaining, and bitching, you got your shot at the New Breed title, so I guess they got tired of your complaining and gave in? Congratulations, but that’s only step one, you still actually have to win that match to become the champion, and like I said before, I don’t know if you got what it takes. But that’s later, this week you got The High Rollerz, the greatest of all time. You’d be smart not to over look this match Ryan. If you do, you might not even make it to that title match that you hold so near and dear to your heart. Ok I’m gonna stand up now, I’ve had my fill of sitting. Hey interviewer get over here please.

Interviewer: Oh now I can talk to you?

Jack: Ha, no. Pick my table up for me, I feel as though it’s all your fault that it’s messed up. Thanks, you’re a doll

(Jack pats interviewer on the cheek in a that a boy kind of way, and walks out of the room, going through the door frame, because he doesn’t know that he can enter and exit the room with no walls without going through the door frame.)

Interviewer: I-I’m not doing that…. Ugh fine whatever…

(Interviewer goes to fix the table and get the chips off the floor and the camera fades to black)
Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: EAW Feed
Dead End Bride

Replies: 990
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Search in: EAW Feed   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: EAW Feed    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptySeptember 9th 2016, 8:04 pm
@Lioncross wrote:
I once "tweeted" the same thing twice, it was embarrassing #embarrassing


Well, I got hashtagged by Lioncross. I know I've made it. #Hashtag
Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: The Compliment Game
Stephanie Matsuda

Replies: 989
Views: 11875

Search in: General Discussion   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: The Compliment Game    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptyJanuary 31st 2016, 12:44 am
Aren: You should be king of elite. I can see you and Lannister doing so much together!

Lioncross: I love your hashtags #hashtag
Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: EAW Feed

Replies: 990
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Search in: EAW Feed   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: EAW Feed    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptyNovember 27th 2015, 12:22 am
Madison Kaline wrote:
Oh hey! Remember me! I don't either.... #Hashtag


It hurts being forgotten, huh, Maddie?
Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: EAW Feed

Replies: 990
Views: 14265

Search in: EAW Feed   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: EAW Feed    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptyNovember 27th 2015, 12:20 am
Oh hey! Remember me! I don't either.... {#}Hashtag{/#}
Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_folderTopic: EAW Feed
Drake Jaeger

Replies: 989
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Search in: EAW Feed   Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 I_icon_latest_replySubject: EAW Feed    Topics tagged under hashtag on EAW | Season 11 EmptyAugust 16th 2015, 3:06 am
@Carlos Rosso wrote:
OH MY GAWD WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? #DontTrustAnybody #MidsummerMassacre


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