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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference XFZUbPi

The Land of Elite
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 NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference

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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference Empty
PostSubject: NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference   NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference EmptyJuly 19th 2017, 2:46 pm

(The show begins with a cold open panning over the sold-out Jenny Craig Pavilion in San Diego, before cutting to the arena where the ring is set up for a press conference. A podium stands in the center of the ring while members of the press from several sports outlets such as ESPN, NBC, CBS, and BleacherReport fill in the front rows of the arena. The camera cuts over to a roundtable panel by the stage, where Jake Mercer, Kathy Kush, and Ashten Cross are running the analyst's desk.)

Cross: Welcome to a very special edition of NEO! We’re coming hot off the heels of a great debut show last week but all special celebrations aside, it’s time for NEO to take-off and hit the skies! I’m Ashten Cross, commentator of NEO, and I’ll be joining Dynasty color-commentator Jake Mercer and NEO correspondent Kathy Kush here tonight at the analyst’s desk for what our GM Lioncross promises to be a “ground-breaking” announcement. Cherish is covering the announce table alongside my normal partner Killswitch, and while they all prepare for Lioncross’ announcement, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to go over Uprising!

Mercer: Thank you for that welcome, and of course. NEO is all about ensuring the future of this company, making sure that the aspiring rookies of today can stake their claim to the pantheon of the elite. Personally my favorite moment of the show that may have gone a little bit unnoticed was Brayden Wolfe making a HUGE statement by taking Khamsin and Aka Manah out. I understand that the preservation of competitive integrity is important and all that goody-good bullshit, but realistically, weeks down the line nobody is going to care whether or not Aka Manah and Khamsin put on a forgettable match or not; people are going to be talking about Brayden Wolfe making a statement and putting his name on the map at the expense of a match on the FIRST comeback episode of NEO. Brayden Wolfe was bold in doing that, and even moreso when he made it clear to Lioncross that he will use NEO as a platform to get his name out there by any means necessary, whether or not Lioncross approves.

Cross: And ultimately, that IS the kind of attitude you need to hotshot yourself to the top. But in a more ethical manner of speaking, I was really impressed by James Ranger’s performance this week. He’d been going back and forth with Theodore Hilfiger all week, preparing for a match with him, and next thing he knows Theodore Hilfiger gets jumped backstage and put on the shelf indefinitely - which strikes me odd. I wonder what the hell he did to get that kind of punishment as revenge…

Kush: Last I heard backstage he was rubbing some people the wrong way… Not to mention that glaring and disgusting resemblance to Thomas Minns.

Cross: Ah right, there is that… Yeah but back to James Ranger, THAT was an impressive debut. I get that El Landerson is well, El Landerson, but you need to respect that James Ranger JUST debuted in this company, and in his very first night he put down a… I don’t know if I want to call him a ten-year veteran or not… But for a guy like James Ranger to make such an immediate impact like that is a telling sign that he’ll be a major player for NEO in the future as long as he keeps up that consistency.

Mercer: I did want to go over Dynasty’s Masaru Kasahara. He’s been in this company for all of the three weeks of Season 11 that have taken place since PFP X and he’s definitely been establishing himself in his division on Dynasty. He came in hot with a big win in a close match with The Mexican Samurai, and the thing is I don’t really know if he’ll be a mainstay here on NEO in the coming weeks but regardless of that contractual situation, he was given an opportunity to showcase himself and he made the most of it with an emphatic win over John Scott Monroe.

Kush: The fatal four way really impressed me. That kind of line-up with the former New Breed Champion, two hot new stars in Kaise Boetius and Harvey Yorke, and a former Pain for Pride contestant Johnny Nova was sure to deliver, and even then they went above and beyond expectations.

Mercer: I’ll be honest, my money was on my boy Lucas Johnson. He made it to the final two and had a strong elimination over Kaise Boetius but Johnny Nova just had more fire, more fight, and more ambition, and ultimately that made the difference.

Cross: Right. Lucas Johnson was fueled by vengeance and fury against Moongoose McQueen after his title was - in his words - “stolen” from him, and while that rage took him to the finals, it was Johnny Nova’s heart that took him that extra step to the victory, as cheesy as that may sound. Johnny Nova vs Moongoose McQueen is going to be something truly extraordinary!

Kush: Finally onto the main event, Moongoose McQueen vs Finnegan Wakefield - what were your thoughts on that match and more importantly the controversial ending that saw Moongoose McQueen’s foot up on the ropes as he reversed Finnegan’s ‘Wakefield Special III’ into a pinfall for the title win?

Mercer: Controversy creates cash and it’s as simple as that. I’m not going to sit here and argue the ethics --

Cross: I don’t mean to cut you off but if you’re going to make that point then what you also need to understand is that here in NEO, the rules matter. We aren’t going to sit by here and allow title reigns like Lannister’s to happen on this show. I’m not accusing Moongoose McQueen of cheating but until he comes out and explains himself, his victory isn’t going to sit well with a lot of people and rightfully so.

Mercer: Finnegan Wakefield will definitely have another chance at that championship with the way the match ended, but until then he’s going to have to step back in line because whether or not Moongoose McQueen “cheated” or not, Finnegan Wakefield had countless opportunities before the finish to put Moongoose away but he simply couldn’t get it done.

(The camera pans back to the ring where Lioncross is preparing to speak.)

Cross: It seems like the press conference is about to go underway, so we’ll be signing off here for now! I’m Ashten Cross joined here by Kathy Kush and Jake Mercer! Thank you and enjoy the show!

(The camera pans back to the ring where Lioncross is ready to speak.)

Lioncross: Thank you, thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome you to this monumental press-conference which is sure to not only set the stage for NEO in the following weeks, but also shake up the foundation of this entire company. NEO is all about opportunity. Every second of every match of every show that the newest kid to walk through this doors and sign their contract participates them is a golden opportunity to get their name out there and make a name for themselves. All it takes is one event, one shocking moment to immortalize your name, and NEO is exactly that platform. It is the highest honor for me to run this show and lead the new frontier of EAW elitists, so I thought hard about what I could do to make this show exciting, and I had a game-changing idea… Without further ado I would like to announce the 2017 NEO EVO SERIES!!! The rumors have been running rampant, the EVO Series was teased in the introduction for NEO, and it’s time to finally make it official! The New Breed of the EAW is often overlooked and forgotten about, and it’s been this way for years. I often think about how many potential legends we’ve let walk out the door because they simply didn’t have the opportunity necessary to grow and succeed, so to take it a step further I would like to announce that the EVO Series will be a 12-man round robin tournament featuring some of the newest EAW elitists, as well as some recognizable faces in the New Breed division. The twelve competitors in this tournament will be split up into two blocks of six, where the competitors over the course of the next TEN weeks will face off in single block matches, facing all five members of their block once each. The matches will be contested under standard NEO rules; 20 minute time limits and 20 count ring-outs. The block winners will be decided by how many points they have earned over the course of this tournament; TWO points will be awarded for a decisive pinfall or submission victory; ONE point will be awarded for a draw between the two competitors OR in the case of a countout or disqualification victory. No points will be taken away at any point in this tournament. At the end of the ten weeks of the group stage, the two highest scorers of each block will face off in a semifinal match to determine who makes it to the GRAND FINALS for their block. Before we get into anything else I would like to ask a special guest to come out at this time - please welcome the New Breed Champion… MOONGOOSE MCQUEEN!!!!

(“You Will Know Our Name” by ACE+ hits to a mixed reaction of mostly boos from the JCP crowd. Moongoose McQueen walks down in a striped suit holding the New Breed Championship as he enters the ring.)

McQueen: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this much press coverage and controversy in my entire career and hell, some of the companies I’ve worked in have seen some craaaaaazy shit go down. You all are okay with all of the death matches and blood feuds that occur on a weekly basis in this company but god forbid my foot touches the rope for two seconds after being beaten down and having my limbs twisted and distorted. I don’t care about anything Finnegan Wakefield has to say. He can call me a cheater, fluke, or paper champion and I’ll take all those names in stride because they simply are not true. I cheated? That looked like cheating to you? Fighting my way out of his “most deadly” submission finisher is CHEATING? It was his fault that he positioned me by the ropes in the first place! Was I NOT supposed to fight my way out of that? Was I just supposed to lie there and get strangled until I couldn’t move anymore? For all of his holier-than-thou righteous superiority that Finnegan has, he doesn’t realize that me making the most of the precarious situation I was in was NOT cheating. Regardless - I don’t need to justify myself to him, Lioncross, or anybody else. I’m still champion, and that’s what matters. Finnegan Wakefield had his chances already and he simply failed - so it’s time to look to the future now --

(“Morning Glory” hits to a roaring pop from the JCP crowd, and Finnegan Wakefield marches down to the ring, getting right in Moongoose’s face. The two push into each other until Lioncross separates the two.)

Lioncross: HEY! Cut this out right now! I’m not having any fighting here tonight and if you guys don’t want to listen to these rules I’ll make sure you suffer the consequences.

Wakefield: This fluke has a lot of nerve talking me down like that.

McQueen: Fluke or not, I’m champion and you’re not - so why don’t you back the hell out of here and go sit in the back with all the other hopeful wanna-be’s who aren’t good enough to be in MY ring.

Wakefield: That title should be mine. That referee’s incompetency should not be the reason that I had that match stolen from me. Your foot was on the rope, he should have broken the pin immediately.

McQueen: ACTUALLY, since my foot was on the rope, he should have broken your submission move - but it all worked out in the end anyways right? Because trust me, if that reversal pinfall didn’t end the match, I still had another several aces up my sleeve. Just face the fact that you aren’t on my level - you weren’t at Pain for Pride either, and that’s why I have this shiny ol’ belt right now and NOT you.

Wakefield: Look, you can argue the logistics of the finish all you want but the point is that I DESERVE a rematch after all that controversy, and if you’re too scared to put that title on the line against me one more time then at least I’ll get to rest easier at night knowing that you really are nothing more than a paper champion.

Lioncross: I can’t deny that you have a point Moongoose, but Finnegan is also right in that it was referee incompetencey which led to your victory. I really can’t take it out on either of you but rest assured that referee is back officiating matches in high school gyms. Finnegan, I can’t book your title match anytime soon… But since you’re both out here it’s time to move onto the next portion of the EVO Series Announcement; it’s time to announce the participants in each block! Moongoose McQueen, as the New Breed Champion, I think it’s only fitting that I announce you as the FIRST OFFICIAL ENTRANT OF BLOCK A!!!

McQueen: See ya around Finny!

Lioncross: Wait… Because the next entrant of Block A is… FINNEGAN WAKEFIELD!!!!

(The crowd pops as Finnegan stares down Moongoose McQueen.)

Lioncross: I can’t forget that we did just crown a number one contender last week… So the third entrant of Block A will be none other than… JOHNNY NOVA!!!! And Moongoose - your block match against Johnny Nova at a future date WILL BE FOR THE NEW BREED CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

(McQueen nods his head and looks down at his title. “Pomp and Circumstance” hits to a pop from the crowd as Johnny Nova struts his way down to the ring and joins Moongoose and Finnegan in the ring. Moongoose and Nova stare each other down while Nova points to the New Breed Championship.)

Lioncross: Next out please welcome… THE IRONHEART, KAISE BOETIUS!!!! THE PHANTOM, AKA MANAH!!! And one of EAW’s newest signees… REGINALD DAMPSHAW III!!!!

(Kaise Boetius, Aka Manah, and Reginald Dampshaw make their way to the ring and pose while the crowd cheers.)

Lioncross: Ladies and gentlemen…. THIS IS BLOCK A!!!! Thank you for joining us here today for this blockbuster announcement, and check out NEO next week to SEE BLOCK A BEGIN!!!

(The six participants of Block A pose while the screen transitions to a video package for Block B, highlighting the six participants; Lucas Johnson, Masaru Kasahara, James Ranger, El Landerson, Moralis Candoom, and Brayden Wolfe. The press conference fades to black.)

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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference Empty
PostSubject: Re: NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference   NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference EmptyJuly 20th 2017, 1:57 am

:bowdown:  This owns. Looking forward to it.

NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference 410
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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference Empty
PostSubject: Re: NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference   NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference EmptyJuly 20th 2017, 3:03 am


NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference KYB23Xq
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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference Empty
PostSubject: Re: NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference   NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference Empty

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NEO July 19 2017: Press Conference

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