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PostNEO Promoz

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Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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NEO Promoz :: Comments

Maddox Ayres
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 4th 2018, 10:06 pm by Maddox Ayres
To prevail is to prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious. In a business like this, you want to prevail each and every time you step into the ring. If you don’t, that’s simple; you don’t get rewarded. There are some people who have connections with someone high up in the chain, to where even when they fail, they still get rewarded some way or another. Then there’s those who work hard for absolutely everything they want and deserve whatever they’re rewarded. You also have those who show up, do very minimal, and either enjoy it or expect to be handed things for showing up. Not to mention, those who believe they have it all already and the mere glimpse of them is a blessing to everyone.

All of those people are in this match.

I’d like to start out with Florida Man and Shark Man, mainly because they entertain me the most. I didn’t mean that you guys were JUST entertainment, Sharky. I know that you guys enjoy what you do and you wrestle - not just for the fans - but for the victories also. Sorry that I said that incorrectly. I understand that you think you’re going to show me what wrestling is, but I’ve been showing NEO what it’s like to actually be talented and skillful in what I do. Why do you think so many people have predicted me to be the victorious one? Not because I’m close to them, but because they understand that I’m the upcoming Elitist that’s about to take whichever brand I head to by storm. I wish both of you well in this match and I wish you both well wherever you go to, but the outcome won’t be in your favor. As for your buddy, Floridiot Man, just go ahead and drink all the moonshine you can, you’re gonna need it. All juiced up on that moonshine, anger is going to be the least of your worries.

Kohop, you’re a weird fella. Very weird, to be exact. I’m not even sure what there is to say… Actually, one thing does come to mind. Be careful where that stick is when the bell rings, I won’t hesitate to shove it right up your ass and listen to you squeal like a pig. Talk about losing your mind... Now, Osamu, while I’m talking about irrelevant people in this match, well your name was mentioned, that’s enough.

As for you, Arselx… You have a lot of faith in your ‘chaos’, don’t you? You think that running around causing chaos and ‘unleashing’ it on me is the way to take this victory? Let me educate you on something, man. These past couple months, I’ve seen the chaos, I’ve seen the mayhem, I’ve seen the turmoil. Whether I lost or not, I never once had been taken over by it. It was never unleashed on me. Most of the losses I’ve sustained have been by one simple move by countering mine or just outsmarting me. I have not once been decimated and for you to think that you’re going to achieve that is quite hilarious. It’s more comical than thinking that Osamu is actually going to stand a chance against any of us in this match. I like your drive, I like that you’re setting that goal for yourself. I really do. Unfortunately, this is one goal that you’re not going to reach, especially not against me. You all think I’m egotistical or some chump because of my recent past and what I’ve said, but you got it all wrong. I’m confident in my ability and confident in the opportunity that I have to begin this new year on the right note. This is my first FPV, I’m not just going to let you unleash your chaos on me and whatever else anyone is saying they’re gonna do. Me, on the other hand, I’m just going to ensure that I walk out of Crowned In Blood with one last victory on NEO before heading to the brand that chooses to sign me. I’ve had a sad December, that’s for sure. January will not be the same. 2018 will not be the same. This truly is my year and I’m going to prove it to each and every one of you. The only thing that’s going to absorb me is the glory in prevailing and getting back the motivation heading into my new brand.

For you to think you handed me a ‘verbal beating’ last time you spoke, Charlie, that’s a new low for you. No matter what is said to me, no matter who says it to me, it will not affect me. I have a high tolerance for nonsense and that’s all that comes out of your mouth. This actually proves everything that I’ve ever said about you. All you do is blabber on and on about the same things each and every time you talk. I mean listen to you, you’re so boring to listen to that you can put a grown man to sleep. Look at Osamu, I’m pretty sure just listening to your boring ass he didn’t even want to speak up. You bored him to death. That would probably explain why he hasn’t said anything the past few weeks. Someone should probably check on him… anyways. I’ll let you think you’re verbally beating me if that’s what helps you get through your days. If thinking that you’re verbally beating someone brings a smile to your face, then so be it. Let me explain what that really is, though. You see, verbally beating someone is when your words start to make another human being crumble. It’s when you dig so deep into their skin, that you can control their every movement. I hate to break it to you, but you got nothing on me. I gave you the praise for being able to put an arm over a downed opponent to sneak away with a victory from me, but that’s all. I’ve come back at you each and every time you’ve said something and not once have I crumbled, nor will I. Let’s take a second and discuss this whole ‘Charlie is better than Maddox’ theory. You haven’t faced anyone worth recognition, besides me. You didn’t even face me one-on-one. We had the man you put to sleep right next to us while I was inflicting an excruciating amount of pain on you before you put your arm over him. I’ve not only faced the New Breed Champion, but I have also faced the man who is headlining King of Elite, Theron Nikolas. I wish I could be saying that I beat both of them, but Finnegan and I went to a double count-out and Theron was just better than me. I’m still proud of how I performed because I put on one hell of a performance. If you think you can step in and beat him, I’d like to see you try. He would pick you apart like his barbeque ribs for dinner. You aren’t worth anything. No one has to ‘achieve’ anything to face you. You’re just another face on the NEO roster. You think way too highly of yourself to the point that I’m actually throwing up in my mouth thinking about it. I’m sure if you were to go around and ask the roster of not only NEO but the rest of the main roster if they dream of facing you. Not one single person will say that they actually dream of that. If they do, that’s one shitty dream of mediocrity they’re having and I hope they wake up soon. I don’t expect anything to end perfectly for me. I know that nothing in this world is perfect. I do expect to earn everything that I work my ass off for. I do expect for me to step into the ring in each and every match I have and give everything I have to prevail as much as possible. Never in the time that I’ve been here have I shown any form of arrogance. We went over this before, but your mind is so clouded with thoughts about yourself that you just use selective hearing. I feel bad for you, Charlie, truly. It’s going to be quite the awakening for you when you get beaten and that’s happening tomorrow. My career isn’t getting a final blow from you, nor anyone. It’s just getting started. I haven’t been on a downward spiral. I’ve been facing Champions, soon-to-be Kings, I’ve been facing people who actually challenge me. You’re just some arrogant fool who got away with a lucky win. You haven’t pinned me. You haven’t made me tap out. You pinned someone else who I took out. Fingers crossed that after I beat you tomorrow it becomes your awakening and whoever else is dreaming of facing you.

I will not fail.

I will prevail.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 4th 2018, 5:57 pm by Arselx

Ha ha ha ha ha. Dude, like seriously. Is that even a promo? Well, I don't think we could expect much for an alcoohol addict and crazy pervert. What will you do if we make you angry? Cry to your partner and beg him to help you? Well fine then, I can squash both of you at the same time. You look so cute and innocent when you want to save your friend. Well guess what, I will eleminate you both. But it's no big deal, you will face such a lot of situations during your time here, at least as long as I'm around. Don't dream with open eyes, or better dream or you will come drunk and depressed at the match. Dreams are free, aren't they. Well ass kicking is free too, so you'll have a special offer from me! Unlimited ass kicking for no money! Totally free! Enjoy it my little drunk superhero.

So, if I get it right, you are that type of person who says new year new me right? You've changed huh? You will come against me huh? Well that's no problem for me at all. Like seriously. What changed? You're still the same looser. I mean you admitted that by yourself, didn't you? You said you were the reason we lost two weeks ago. Humiliation. Well, you're right, I'll get used to that as soon as you are here. I mean not that you will humiliate me, because you don't stand a chance. But you will get humiliated really offten, because you're a looser. I'll put that little sceptre in your ass if you come and attack me, you little mystic bird. A phoenix! Wow *with irony*. When the phoenix will face the chaos, he will come out as a chick. Don't play with me, you're still the same guy, either if deep inside your mind you think you've changed. And if you have, I think you still remember these words. BE READY!
Split Personality
Post on January 4th 2018, 5:06 pm by KohopKapah
We join Kohop Kapah, sat on, well what can only be described as a throne. A glorious chair, with soft red suede backing on the cushion, and huge arms, on the side are compasses, one on each side, each pointing North. The back slab of the thrown was immense, with huge silver gems on the top of each tips, resting against the right hand tip of the throne is a crown. A spectacular crown, golden, and encrusted with rubies. Each one sparkling and popping into frame with a flare.

Kohop has his head in his hands, and he's looking at the floor. His usual eccentric quiff replaced by a dishevelled mess, and his usually elegant beard, over grown, not trimmed. Scraggy. His suit, usually exquisite. isn't. It's creased, his tie is crooked, his shirt untucked, his shoes scuffed. He looks up, he grabs his crown and holds it, caresses it in his grip.
"King. King. King" He muttered to himself.
"I'm the king on the North.” he relays the lyrics to his theme song “King"
"Ladies and Gentlemen" Still looking at his crown.
"Right now you're listening to the King of the North" Still muttering
"Can I get a clap please? Can I have the bell start ringing? Can we have the ladies start singing?"
"Cause this one gotta be right, And this isn't a funeral so you can take the black clothes off, And everyone switch their phones off, I'm gonna celebrate life." He looks up.
"Is that the horns that's sounding? I hope there's not long left, Is there anybody out there?" Ramblings of a mad man.
"How do I look? Am I decent?"
"Do you think I should change this footwear?" the camera pans to his shoes, usually a brilliant shade of tan, polished and clean, these however, where dirty, torn, and creased.
"Too something a little more less formal"
He stands up, crown still in hand.
"King. King. King" He muttered to himself.
"I'm the king on the North?" he looks, quizzical.
"Ladies and Gentlemen" Still looking at his crown.
"Right now are you listening to the King of the North?" Still puzzled
"Can I get a clap please?" He claps.
"Can I have the bell start ringing?" he taps the crown to make a ringing sound
"Can we have the ladies start singing?"
"Cause this one gotta be right, And this isn't a funeral So you can take the black clothes off, And everyone switch their phones off, I'm gonna celebrate life." He looks up.
"Is that the horns that's sounding? I hope there's not long left, Is there anybody out there?" he looks across the room.
"How do I look? Am I decent?"
"Do you think I should change this footwear?"
"Too something a little more less formal"
"King. King. King" He muttered to himself again.
"I'm the king on the North?" he looks, confused.
"I aint the king of shit!" He throws the crown to the floor, the rubies shatter out of their casing. One of them bounces off of the floor so hard it comes up and catches him on the cheek. Blood beginning to drip down his face. Out of instinct he rubs his face, the site of his own blood making him look uneasy... He ignores it and continues.

"I came here a king, and yet I look like more like a jester. I have done nothing but lose!" His anger burning through his cold blue eyes.

"Now I have to try and prove my worth, against six other great wrestlers here in NEO. and as it stands, I’m going to lose that one too" He looks around. His face twitches, he stands up a little straighter. his face snaps to the camera
"Who said that? Tell me who bloody said that!" He looks around... searching for something, someone.
"I know sure as shit it couldn't possibly have been me right?" His face twitches again, he slumps down into the throne.
"Who am I kidding?" He pulls out his brass knuckles, fondles with them in his hands, rolls them around his fingers, before finally putting them on his right hand.
"These have helped me through everything, through life, in fights, out of fights, I've always relied on them.." His face twitches
"Well maybe you should start relying on me instead" Another twitch
"I have fell short to my own ego, I came here calling myself a King, but"
"I wouldn't even call myself a prince right now"
"STOP!" His blue eyes burning with anger and hatred. his face twitching.

He snaps bolt upright, throws the brass knuckles across the room, he tucks in his shirt, straightens up his blazer. Pulls a comb from his jacket pocket and sorts out his hair. He pats down his beard, twists his moustache back into place, kicks off his ratty shoes and opens up the throne seat. He pulls out a new pair. His shiniest ever, they look heavy. Weighted almost. He slips them on.

"He is weak! He is nothing but a fool! He is right! He is no king... He is the jester! ME? I AM THE KING!"
he walks towards the camera, with the fieriest of looks in his eyes.

"IM KING OF THE NORTH GOD DAMMIT!" he looks around, his lip twitches, he slaps himself
"NO!" He looks down at the floor ...
"What... what have you done brother?" He picks up the crown, confused. He picks up pieces of ruby and tries to slot them into the place, but they fall back out. He hangs the crown, busted on one side, back against the throne.

"Well you're definitely not allowed to play any more brother... Now the NEO, no .. The world we see the real king of the north..."

He walks back towards the throne, behind it he reaches, a button clicks, and the left part of the back slab of the throne comes lose, a thin, but heavy stick, with the silver stone still in the tip. He twirls it.
"real kings don't have brass knucks" he mocks "they have sceptres" 
He walks with the sceptre, using it half as a cane, and half as a a toy to twirl.
"I like this brother" he says "I like being in control. You should bleed more often"
-- * -- 
A few days have passed since .. the incident. The king is still very much in charge, and Kohop Kapah, well he seems ... gone. 

We find the king sitting in Kohop’s favourite spot, that dim, grungy run down staircase. As ever, the king is dressed in a tailor fitted black suit, the red braces replaced with a simple black belt, and a black skinny tie. Clashing with the bright white pressed crisp shirt. The trousers match the blazer and the shoes are as black as night. 

“This isn’t a funeral so you can take off those black clothes” he laughs.  
“Only this is a funeral... and there’s quite some space left in the earth for all 7 of you! Yes I said 7, no it wasn’t a mistake. Kohop has gone. He was number one. Six left.” 

He pulls out a piece of paper, no card ... no - that’s actually parchment? What.. he begins to read. 

“The old king will die. And when he is dead and buried in his place a Phoenix will rise. Rise to save you all from your decrepit souls. This Phoenix will shall carry a sceptre and he will banish all those who dare to defy him” the king stands, using the sceptre the balance him.

“I’m the king now.” 

“And who is this that defies me? YOUR King of the north”

“Arselx - let’s start with the biggest. The baddest. My old man always used to tell me to go after the biggest and baddest. It was his favourite tactic. A very alpha male move. We - I say we .. I don’t mean we - I mean you and the old me - we clashed once before and you bested me.. him. You even teamed together and look what that got you. Defeated. Humiliated. I hope you got used to that feeling. Because if you haven’t noticed, I ain’t no mannequin. You ain’t no gardener. And there ain’t no strings on me boy. So you’ll be first to go - it’s in everyone’s favour to team up and take you out. You’re the biggest threat after all. This is usually the part where I suggest to the others that we go for a drink, formulate a plan to take you out, all the while i’ll be formulating my own plan to take them out. But there’s no time for that! This time. This time actions speak louder than words, and this sceptre speaks louder than all. Arselx, get used to disappointing feeling. As thats all you’re getting.” 

He twirls the sceptre, a wicked grin shoots across his face 

“Shark boy!” He exclaimed “Florida man” he shouts as he jumps into a half kong fu half power ranger half super hero mock pose 
“A couple of kids acting like the hero’s they ain’t. A couple of goons too dumb to realise that they’re playing with the big boys now.” He stops to contemplate… 

“Ya know, when I began, I had this whole, whatcha call it … speech prepared … I was gonna delve deeply into each one of my opponents this weekend at Crowned in Blood - Huh” he pauses … 
“Crowned… in Blood… Sounds exactly like me, I was born from the blood of my brother, and here I stand, waiting to be crowned the winner. Thats a beautiful poetry is it not?” 

“Where was I ?” 

“Ahh yes, Charlie Marr, you did actually somewhat mention me, what did you say, ah yes. My 15 minutes of fame, well then I best make the most of it, and i’ll start by taking out the favourite, the undefeated Charlie Marr, the great Londoner, more like the stupid Yid. You got nothing but lucky in your previous matches and your luck will run out, I’ll start with you. That’ll make a name for myself, won’t it.. yes. Thats what i’ll do. Thats exactly what I’ll do” He twirls his sceptre.
“Finally Maddox Ayres, he said that cheating meant you had no pride, well then I guess i’m pride-less, who am I? I’m a pride-less Englishman with nothing to lose, and a big stick … a very big stick, and you know what they say about people with big sticks and nothing to lose. They’re the most dangerous ones. or something like that” He kicks his sceptre onto his shoulder and twirls like a ballerina.

“Oh I almost forgot about Arcichida. But then again so did everyone else so…”

“You know what boys… I think i’m losing my mind. ha ha ha ha ha” 

He walks away, the screen fades to black.
Florida Man
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 4th 2018, 4:00 pm by Florida Man
(Florida Man is seen in the Florida Cave, a small suspiciously one car-garage sized room, most of which is taken up by the Floridamobile. Our hero is siting at a computer, browsing the internet. He then turns toward the camera)

What am I doing, you ask? Well dear reader, I, Florida Man, am low on my special power juice. And since I'm going to be in an Elimination match tomorrow night, I sure as sh*t need a whole sh*load of it if I'm going to have a chance. 

(Florida Man turns back to the screen)

A bottle of Jack might not be enough....

(Florida Man contemplates something)

Am I that desperate? Do I really need to go that way? Yes!

(Florida Man turns back to face the camera)

Dear readers, have no fear, for Florida Man will prevail! In the short time I've been here in EAW, I have yet to feel the need to drink the most effective power juice there is out there..... moonshine. And I'm not talking about that store bought crap, I mean actual moonshine. The kind that's distilled in a shack in the middle of the woods. The good shit!

I am a little hesitant to take it, because it makes me almost too powerful. I've gotten into many fights with cops-- I mean, evil doers-- while empowered by glorious moonshine. But... I am facing off against six other men in this match. Including my goof friend and tag team partner, Shark Man. 

Friend, I just want to say, that whatever happens tomorrow night, it's nothing personal. I hope that after this match we can continue to fight evil doers in this company.

To the rest of my opponents, I just have this one piece of advice: Don't make me angry during our match. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, and powered by moonshine.
Bhris Elite
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 4th 2018, 4:20 am by Bhris Elite
I respect you Lang despite what you did to Daryl I respect you… Why? Because out of all the people who want the attention of Chris Elite out of all the people who NEED attention from Chris Elite you were the ONLY one to call out Chris Elite. Top guys on Dynasty have been running around with my name in their mouth. Guys on Showdown have been doing the same hell even some on my own brand Voltage and woman on others have been doing it. Yet the dude from NEO is the only one with enough balls to call me out to an actual match? I don’t respect how you got my attention though Daryl didn’t deserve that he was the future of this company he was going places and now the only place he’s going is to the hospital. Were you jealous? Jealous of his high praise from guys like me and how you weren’t one who got to face me and prove himself? Well here’s your chance young man at Crowned in Blood you got exactly what and who you want a match with Chris Elite a match you will soon regret wanting. I’m not Carlos Rosso I’m not anyone else you’ve faced on this roster. I am a man with a contract people are willing to kill me over and you know how I got this contract? I’m sure you do and there’s no reason to bring it up. No reason for me to sound like a broken record the world knows how I got it the world knows who I defeated and the world knows who I’m going to defeat at Crowned in Blood. You Mr.DangaLang  now you can come out here and make the same exact points Daryl did in the same position you are in. “I have nothing to lose” “This is a win, win situation for me” Expect it really isn’t such a win, win situation for you Lang not with the way you handled things. You thinking you are going to treat me like Daryl and put me out for a couple of months? You are sadly mistaken this match is not going to become the fairy tale you want it to become it’s not going to have the fairy tale ending you want. “Underdog defeats Gawd contract holder” “Lang defeats Chris Elite” it’s not going to happen those will not be the headlines the next morning.

Instead you won’t see any headlines about this match because we all know what to expect instead you might see how Maddox won the big battle royal NEO is having or how the Wild Boys defeated whoever the hell their going against. When you read about the main event it’ll just tell you it went exactly how you all expected. Sure it might also add how you actually made me break a sweat and how “It took everything I had to win” that’s just to add some juice to the story a little bit a of some flavor. Just like this match is to add a little bit more flavor. After you took out one of the only reasons to watch NEO it needed someone to save grace and well here I am. I know I’m a good guy and I shouldn’t be talking like this but I’m just being honest no one on this show after Malcom Jones left and you put Daryl on the shelf NEO isn’t worth watching anymore. Everything expect this match. Lang you wanted my respect and now you have to earn it because that’s the only win you’ll pick up that night. Not a win over me but you have a chance to earn my respect and that’s what you wanted so much right? My respect? To be noticed by me? Well you got the first part done now let’s see if the writers for the article don’t have to lie about our match and maybe I do give just a little bit more than 50 percent. It’s all up to you Lang. Give us a reason to respect you. Not trying to force them too by attacking innocent people you could’ve taken that anger out on Carlos he’s old now. The bones are fragile, he has scoliosis and arthritis. At least if you attacked him his career is pretty match over. Daryl is going to come back sooner or later and get his revenge since you couldn’t finish the job.  That’s why I’m not going to do much to you. Give the fans the match they want to see hit one of my finishers on you maybe even a signature and call it a night. Then in 6 months or maybe less Daryl will come back and finish the job. So with that being said I hope you enjoy these 15 minutes of fame because you won’t get any more until that happens if you even decide to stay around…
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 3rd 2018, 12:11 pm by Arselx

Hypocrisy. I saw that in you since the day you made your debut. At first, I thought those were mind games, but now I can understand clearly that you are just an hypocrite, Charlie Marr. You are so cocky, so overrated that you think you are the best only because you have 3 wins, which came from only 3 matches. You underestimate everyone who comes against you. You think you're the best, the G.O.A.T, but you are simply a product of the overhype. Since our first match I saw that you were more retarded than the other people. Cockiness is an inevitable part of your sick ego. And they say too much ego will kill your talent. Don't fill your head with wild thoughts. Remember you are only THREE matches in this company and you are still to prove yourself. And so am I. The compliments I made were before I knew you well. Now, you've proven you are too self confident, and those who are too self confident are crazy. So don't make me crazy, I don't want to crack your bones because I have 5 other men to take care off. Save your bullshit for after the match, or you will remain speechless after I beat you at Crowned In Blood, or better known as Crowned In Chaos. Save your trash because I'm sick of it now.

Shark Man... After all what I talked about you fatass is your only response to me? My "fat" ass will squash your bones till I make you look like a dead fish. You are pathetic. Superheros do not exist kids, don't let this fool lie to you. He is just an idiot, a jobber and all things similiar to that. You ain't as good as you think you are, just like Charlie. You are just an entertaining clown. Face reality little fish, I am the real SHARK here.

Maddox, first of all, I don't want this win for my fans, I want it for myself. I just want to make my DAY ONE fans who believed in the chaos proud. And if you think you can win this match, this time you are sadly mistaken. Maybe you think 2018 will be your year. You are wrong there too. 2018 is like every year, it is just the continuation of 2017. I feel sad for you, december was a bad month. Sadly january will be no different. You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie me. I know I will win this match because I've trained hard every single day of my time here in NEO. I hope after NEO joins the main roster you do well, because your time here will be worse than you think it will. You can believe I will put on a great show, but not only. I will win this match, it will be hard but I will win. No doubt on that. I will find a way, the most chaotic way. And then chaos will absorb you and your win that you really think you will get. Again, sadly but truly.

The other participants in this match should take notes too. You will not be saved either. Chaos will crown me the winner, either if you like it or you don't. I am still waiting for your response, however words will be useless. I'm not planning on loosing, so keep that on your mind. BE READY...
Charlie Marr
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 2nd 2018, 9:22 pm by Charlie Marr
Crowned in Blood Promo 2

I am genuinely surprised that you even bothered to respond, Maddox. A lot of rookies would go into hiding after the verbal beating that I dealt you the last time I held a microphone in my hand. I am delighted that you have grown some cojones and decided to step up to me. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I delighted that you attempted to retort back towards me? Well, Maddox. I am delighted because it gives me another chance to verbally annihilate you. I’ve done it once and I will damn well do it again. Congrats, Maddox, you have just earned yourself a second verbal beating. I didn’t want to do it to you but I just have too, you have brought it upon yourself. When you last spoke, a real sense of arrogance shone through. It was almost as if you thought you were better than me. Let’s get one thing straight, you are not and you will never ever be, better than me. I am better than you in every single way imaginable. I am above you in the social chain, I am above you in the food chain and I am a better wrestler than you. There isn’t a single way in which you are better than me. I am above you, Maddox. I threw up a little in my mouth when I found out that I would be facing someone like you yet again What have you achieved to warrant facing me for a second time? What have you achieved? Every single person in the Elite Answers Wrestling room locker room dreams of facing someone like me and they haven’t had the chance yet. Why have you been blessed with such an opportunity yet again? This is the opportunity of a lifetime for you, Maddox. This is a second chance at glory for you. This is the redemption of Maddox Ayres. It’s a massive shame that this story will not end the way you want it. This isn’t a fairytale, Maddox. Not everything will end up perfectly for you. You say that the reason you went to talk to someone about me was to get a second chance at me? Stop the lies, Maddox. You quite evidently attempted to get the match result turned over in order to maintain your unbeaten record. You were desperate to maintain some personal pride and actually achieve something. Don’t be so deluded, Maddox. If you are telling the truth, you are blessed and have been handed this second chance. It’s a massive shame for you that your second chance is going to end the exact same way as your first chance did. You have been on a real downwind spiral since I beat you. You haven’t been able to pick up a victory since. It is so pleasing to see the damage to your career that I caused by beating you. It appears that I have wiped away any sort of confidence that you have. That arrogance that you’ve shown before seems to have vanished. It makes me laugh the way your career has shot down since I beat you. Fingers crossed that after I beat you for a second time it becomes the final blow.

I’m gonna make this clear and simple for you, Shark Man. Absolutely nobody loves you. Kids, Adults, Men, Women, they do not love you. The most that they do is pity you. You are simply nothing more than somebody to feel sorry for. You don’t have fans. You don’t have people that want you to succeed. These fans don’t care about you. They don’t give a single fuck about you. Nobody does. I don’t take any drugs, Shark Man. I am completely natural. This incredible body was gifted by the gods. You can only ever dream of having a body like that. You have a frail little pubescent body, it’s embarrassing on your part. That is just one reason why I am going to wipe the floor with you at Crowned in Blood. Another reason is your lack of love for the business. I touched on that in the past and you have attempted to deny that. You really think that you care about this business. You really think that you love the art that is professional wrestling. If you cared about this business and this company as much as you say you do, why are you attempting to make a mockery of it? Your antics on a weekly bases are embarrassing. The way you and Florida Man act is a stain on Elite Answers Wrestling. You are a cancer that needs to be eradicated. Do you really think that you will be able to eliminate me all be yourself? Why are you pretending that you and Florida Man will not be working together in this match. It’s quite obvious that you two will be. You know just as well as I do that neither of you are good enough to win this match. You’re joke elitists, that’s all you are and all you ever will be. You will never ever be taken seriously within this company due to your embarrassing antics. This isn’t a chance in hell that either of you walk away from this match in good stead. You will both be damaged and both be broken in half. I think I speak for every other elitist in this company when I say that you are not wanted. You make a mockery of our work. That is why we all want to eliminate you. We all hope that by breaking you and damaging you in this match it will teach you a lesson. It will hopefully enforce the fact that we don’t take very kindly to elitists who try and make a mockery out of professional wrestling. This company is the best wrestling company in the entire world. That means that only the best wrestlers should be able to wrestle in it. That currently isn’t true because of people like you. Removing you and Florida Man from this company will be a blessing for all.
Shark Man
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 2nd 2018, 8:54 am by Shark Man
It’s been a whiiiiiiiiilllllllleeeeeeeeeeee since Shark Man and Florida Man stepped in into the ring. We did have a nice holiday where we drank Clam Juice and eating some Krabby Patty but yeah, we don’t forget to train because we are wrestlers and.....in Florida Man’s words, we are heroes. Ah yeah, we both are ready to win at Crowded in Blood but sadly, only one of us can win this. So sad :/

So Florida Man, we are buddies and all that. I’m sure we are going to join forces as we always do every week and yes, in your words we are going to fight the evils and in my words we are going to burn some fishes. I believe we both can make it to the final two but when we make it happens, we have to fight, buddy. It pains me so much that we have to fight but eh, shit happens. That’s what life does to us. However, I just want to say this. If you win this match, it’s all cool. Just may the best fish win. Or in your words, may the best Hero win.

However, as for the others, I’m not very fond of the rest of you, motherfucker. Let me start with gah! I’ll do it randomly because I hate all of you, dummies!

A’right, I’ll start with Arselx. Hey Arselx, you are a fatass you know that? Florida Man and I are skinny but so what? It makes us moves faster than you. We both can and will floated like a Butterfliy and sting like a Bee, it’s as simple as that. What your tummy can offers to us, huh? Getting your ass kicked? No problem, we can do that. Until then, care to get rid of that belly?

Charlie Marr....you seriously think Florida Man and I are embarassing NEO? What the fuck are you talking about boy? Kids, Adults, Men, Women, they all love us. Because first, we are adorable as fuck, second, we use masks which makes us coolers than you, and third, we always ready to fry some assess. I don’t know what kind of drugs do you use, but it must be a good shit if you think we don’t take this business seriously. I’m here to prove that I’m indeed The Sea’s Toughest Son a Fish that you will ever see and Florida Man is here going to teach some lesson to punk like you. Unlike you though, Florida Man and I can take care of ourselves to eliminate you. It should be enough for one of us to eliminate your potato ass. Unlike you again....we are actual friends. We can work together just because we feel like it because we are friends. While you wait for someone to eliminate Florida Man and I, we can eliminate you with ease. If you want to fight both of us, then we won’t mind to teach you what team work is all about.

Maddox Ayres, you’re right. Florida Man and I are somewhat comical. It’s never our intentions but it’s not a bad thing. See, just like you said, we are entertainment. We are money maker for EAW. We are like Cash Cows. But hey, if you think we are just for entertainment, you are mistaken, kid. We are what we are: that we are tough as nails fighters. You are looking forward to wrestle us? Well we are going to show you, what wrestling is all about.

Osamu you weirdo, you still want to stick your nose into our business? Well, I don’t mind giving you another chummer. Go back eating Ramen, Sushi, or whatever Japanes Foods that you like.

And last but not least....Kohop Kapah....eh.....who the fuck cares?

And That’s The Fishin Line, cause Shark Man said so!
Maddox Ayres
Re: NEO Promoz
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Pride; a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. How does one obtain pride? How does one hold onto pride? It’s simple; no matter what you do, no matter what you say, you never give it up. Throughout one’s career, temptations arise that put you losing your pride at risk. In a business like this, cheating is losing your pride. When you cheat, you’re admitting you can’t finish the match with your own pure talent. Losing your pride entails that you’ve gone off the deep end and pride doesn’t mean anything to you. That you’ll just do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, and to whoever you want. That type of stuff will only get you so far in your wrestling career, hell even in life. To lose your pride, that’s not a place you want to be in if you’re a human being. You will not like the feeling of not having pride. Unlike some people in this business…

I have my damn pride.

Here we are again, Charlie. Just a couple weeks after our last match. We haven’t spoken since then, so let’s get some things straight. The reason for me going to someone to talk about the result of our match, wasn’t exactly to get it overturned, but to get another chance at you. You pulled off something that I didn’t think you could. You bested me. I’ll give you that. There was no cheating involved, you simply didn’t tap, but was able to pin the other opponent of ours in that match. I applaud you for that. You handed me my first loss and it truly messed me up. My mind hasn’t been right since. I lost to you, I brawled with the New Breed Champion to result in a double countout, I lost to Theron who’s now in the King of Elite Finals this weekend, and then lost in an exhibition match at The Shrine. Here we are now, the second FPV of NEO, you and I at it again. Granted, I didn’t handle the situation well enough and I just wanted you and I to face off with no one else around. Because I didn’t handle it well, this is what we got. Not only will I be eliminating as many people as possible, I am making sure that you aren’t the last one standing. It’s a new year. I figured I would be coming into the new year with some motivation, but I’m coming into the new year with a form of motivation I didn’t think I would have. I’ve been losing ever since my winning streak. I’ve put on some memorable performances at the beginning of my career, but they haven’t been enough. It’s time for a change. It’s time to get back on track and kick off the new year with a victory in the last NEO FPV until it’s needed to come back. After Crowned In Blood, we all move to the main roster. I’m not letting you off NEO without a loss. You took my winning streak from me, it’s only right for me to take yours from you. I never once lost my pride, Charlie. Just because I went to management to get a rematch with you, doesn’t mean I lost anything. Like I said, I was pretty upset, but I never lost my pride. I have my rematch and now I will not fail again. You thinking I’m going to lose to you again is quite comical. The rest of the people in this match besides like one haven’t shown any signs of being anything besides rag dolls for us to eliminate immediately. That leaves three men who are going to battle it out and four other men who are just going to participate. The problem I have with you, which I have stated multiple times before, is how repetitive you are. We can all be repetitive, but you and Sheridan Muller take it to a whole new level. You find one subject to stay on for the duration of your time and find ways to still talk about that one subject, just different phrases and insults. I guess I shouldn’t say I have a problem with it, rather than I just get a good laugh out of it everytime. Then I have to come back and repeat myself about you repeating yourself and it’s just back and forth from there. You bested me once before, Charlie. You will not do it again. I don’t need to brag about anything related to you, ever. The next topic of discussion won’t be about you beating me, it’ll be about how I took on seven other men in an elimination match and how I was the sole survivor.

How inspiring.

I’m honored that you saved me for last, Arselx. Save the best for last, they say. I haven’t had to face you yet, and what a better way to bring in the new year and the last NEO with some new faces. I appreciate the compliments and I just want to say that you are absolutely sadly mistaken if you think you’re better than me. I respect that you want to get this win for your fans. Anyone that cares about their fans would want to get every victory possible for them. I just hate to tell you that you and your fans won’t be happy with the outcome of this match. It’s just not your time, I’m sorry. I promised myself, after the losing streak I’ve been on, that I’m not going to bring in the new year with another loss. Hell, I don’t plan on losing even when I get to the main roster. I’m going to see how long I can make it without suffering another loss. I have to get my streak back in order and extend it great than just two wins. I know I’m better than that and I’m exponentially better than this losing streak that I’m on. I have the utmost respect for people who care about their fans and win for them. Without their fans, they wouldn't really have a job, whether you talk about them or not. They're the reason we get paid to come and enjoy what we do. You put on a good show for them, Arselx, but you won't be getting the win for them.

That's the bet I'm placing on myself.

Florida Man and Shark Man… I must say I am highly intrigued with you guys. You are the epitome of entertainment and that’s what I like. I like watching you guys and I like hearing from you during the week. There’s just one problem. You both are comical. That may not seem like a problem after what I said, but that’s all you guys are. When you step into the ring, it’s just comical. Outside of the ring, comical. You’re an enjoyment to the fans and others, but when it comes down to it, you just don’t win. You put on a show and that’s it. Maybe that’s all you want to do, I’m not entirely sure since I don’t know much else about you guys or your history. Usually I would do my research, but NEO is going under and this is our last show, not to mention it’s a new year. I look forward to hearing from you both and also seeing what you do in the ring. I look forward to eliminating the both of you even more.

Onto the least relevant.

Osamu Arcichida and Kohop Kapah… First off, Osamu, you are the reason I suffered my first lost. Your dumbass had to be right next to me while I had Charlie ready to tap. You were close enough for him to pin you and that is an embarrassment in itself. How could you let that happen to yourself? Oh, because you returned and talked a big game, but then flopped. I’m not even sure why you’re still back, you’re not going to amount to anything, so why bother? It’s best for you to move on with your career doing something else, somewhere else, and leave the wrestling to the professionals. I’m not usually this blunt, but it needed to be said. The fact that you’re in this match goes to show that anyone can get an opportunity just by showing up. Actually, maybe they just felt bad and figured they’d give you one last chance to show a flash of any form of talent before letting you go. No matter, I look forward to eliminating you as you should’ve been in the first place. Now, Kohop…

Who are you?

To summarize this up for everyone, my 2017 career here in EAW started off very well. December was just a very bad month for me all together. 2018 is going to start off magnificent, and that’s with a final victory before heading into a main brand. I will outlast six other men to be the last man standing and the one victorious. Charlie, this loss is going to hurt the worst to you considering you’re undefeated right now. You’ll know how it feels to get something taken from you. Arselx, put on your show, but it’s not going to be enough. The rest of you? Consider yourselves already eliminated. The name Maddox Ayres will not go down as a failure when people look into the ending of NEO, but rather the rising star who shut down six other men from reaching something they also want. I wouldn’t change my career for anything because it’s led me to right where I am now, it’s molded me into who I am, and I’ve learned from all the mistakes I’ve made thus far. You think I’m going to make the same mistake I made against Charlie again? You think I’m going to let Arselx come through and take away something I want? You think the rest of these flops are going to outperform me? You’re in for quite the awakening.

I will not fail.

I will prevail.
The Revenant
Re: NEO Promoz
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The Dreadknight Part 28:

“Many of you have probably heard….. Or, are aleast aware (Since social media loves to just spot the gossip going in in gorilla….), that Sinister Ace has officially ‘Cashed In’ his paperwork, and is now planning on officially leaving Elite Answers Wrestling. I know what questions, what rumors, what sorts of ideas this will cause to pop into people’s heads by their own logic…..”.

Is Dead Spades Dead? Is The Revenant gonna quit because he’s got no tag partner? Is Crowned In Blood’s card gonna become even more chopped up? The answer to that is simple?........ Not a GodDamn chance in Hell!”

“You think I’m gonna quit, just because that boxer, who’s been washed up after his championship glory days, is gonna jump ship and leave? I am The Revenant, I am the Dreadknight, and I Am the son of a bitch, who despite being buried under a previously horrible match record, has managed to claw his fuckin’ way out like the animal he is…. Because I’m not concerned with what some halfwit says about my career here on EAW, I’m not concerned that the halfrate striker left because he bruised his thigh or some injury bullshit, No, I’m not concerned, that Crowned In Blood is most likely gonna feature a Handicapped Match. No, infact, I’m even more amped up!”.

“Do you genuinely think I need Sinister Ace to face the two of them? I don’t, by the time the Crowned In Blood - King of Elite weekend is over, Dead Spades will be buried, killed by the coward, and his bitch of a manager, who ran off because another company offered them more money, and he injured his leg in training as a cover. That’s the scoop, take it and be done with it, because I’m sure as shit not done yet. Call it adrenaline, call it a newly gained sense of motivation, but The Wilde Boyz will be Utterly Defeated come Friday”.

“Dead Spades was a certified nail in the coffin, and this match is gonna just as certain of a loss for them as it was before. The two of them are still, two of the most unprepared, unequipped, and unprofessional bastards I have see in the entierty of my time on NEO, and I don’t care if Jimmy or Billy is mad that I called them out on the truth, the truth is because of that, they’re going to Lose”.

“Why? Because now I don’t have to factor in Ace, now I can prepare to gut Myself, considering they’ve got the bodyweight and structure of 2 lemmings, it’ll be more than easy to handle them in that ring. Is this cockiness? No. Is this Arrogance? No, but take it how you will. I’m certain in my skills and abilities, this past weekend I’ve been training to handle multiple opponents in combat, and I’ve been working on Stamina and Conditioning to make sure I can run the two of them dry. Because you see, numbers advantage is only really applicable when the numbers know how to wrestle. Sadly for Billy and James, now they’re stuck in here with a Pissed The Fuck Off ‘Section 8 Zombie’, who’s now gonna take out all his pent up rage out on the two of them, before I deconstruct The Wilde Boyz at the foundation of their tag team, and defeat them. Both of them”.

“This isn’t arrogance, the second I’ve been here I’ve actually continued to underestimate my skills. This isn’t Ignorance, I always prepare for matches and my opponents just incase, and this sure as shit isn’t Luck. God Abandoned Me, and as I’ve learned the second I had to claw out of perdition, I’m gonna need to do things on my own. No Luck, No Ignorance, No Arrogance, Only, preperation and calculation”.

“Wilde Boyz, look out. Because now you’re not locked in the cage with Hyrenas or Wolves, you’re locked in there with A Lion, who’s salivating over the chance to be able to destroy your brotherhood, and, your tag team, My-Self”.

“We’ve got 3 more days. Buy your grave plots and prepare, because we all know this is only ending one way”.
Charlie Marr
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Crowned in Blood Promo 1

Let’s just cut straight to the chase. No messing about with niceties, no introductions, no welcomes, let’s just discuss business. Let me making it clear and obvious from the outset, I am winning this match. There is nothing that is going to stop me from winning this match. This is my crowning moment in Elite Answers Wrestling. This crowning moment will take place at the aptly named Crowned in Blood, this multi man match that I have been placed in will be my moment. So far, in EAW, I am 3-0. Three wins, zero losses. I am unbeaten. Many men have attempted to take me down but they all have ultimately failed. Don’t be confused by that stat line, I have won three matches but I haven’t only beaten three men. My first match was a fatal 4-way with my second and third matches both being triple threat matches. That means in total I have downed seven different men. I am not one to blow my own trumpet but god damn that is impressive. Who else can say that they have enjoyed as incredible of a start as I have? Please inform me if you can think of someone else. It has been incredible. The form that I have been on is nothing short of spectacular. That form is quite obviously going to continue into 2018. This starts at Crowned in Blood. I have became somewhat of an expert at multi man matches, with every single one of my matches in EAW so far being in a multi man match. That is just one reason in which this match at Crowned in Blood favours Charlie Marr. Another reason is obviously the piss poor excuse for elitists that I will be facing, let’s get onto them.

Maddox Ayres. You have the pleasure of being spoke about first. In case you have forgotten for some reason, I have already beaten you in EAW. Regardless of the finish of that match, the end result was that I reigned victorious. You might have thrown your toys out of the pram and acted up about the finish to that match but the end result was that I won. Regardless of how pathetically you acted, the referee still raised my arm in victory after that match. You lost, get over it. It was embarrassing seeing you attempt to get that result overturned. I really thought better of you, Maddox. I thought you had a little more pride than that. Who am I kidding, I knew that you didn’t have any pride. You disgraced yourself with the way you acted before our match. You thought you were a big man. You thought you were top boy. I gave you a reality check. I showed you who was the boss. I proved to you that you are not on the level of Charlie Marr. I know that you realised that after our match. I really showed you up with that victory. You were undefeated until you faced Charlie Marr. You thought you were hot shit. You thought you were the most important man on NEO. How wrong were you. I brought you back down to earth and you should thank me for that. I brought your cockiness down a notch and that will benefit you in the future. However, it won’t benefit you in this match. Simply put, you are going to lose to Charlie Marr for the second time in your Elite Answers Wrestling career. At least when you depart the company you’ll have something to show for it. You can brag that you didn’t just lose to the great Charlie Marr once, you lost to him twice. How inspiring.

Let’s talk about another opponent in this match that I have already faced and beaten, Arselx. I beat him on my debut. I’ll give him some credit, in that fatal 4-way, he was my toughest opponent. That isn’t saying much though as I don’t even remember the names of the other elitists in the match. I suppose that is another good thing for Arselx. At least I can remember his name, he should consider himself blessed that the great Charlie Marr remembers his name. Congrats on that, Arselx. You can put that one right at the top of your resume. I was actually very surprised to see you give me some credit. You said that I am one of the stars of NEO and that I have incredibly good insulting skills. I’ll say the nicest thing I ever have about anyone here, you are correct. Please tell me something I don’t know. I am curious to as why you are so complementary towards me. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism to try and make me go easy on you. It’s a real shame that I have figured this out and it will not impact how I wrestle. I don’t care how you complimented me, Arselx. I am going to bring the pain to you at Crowned in Blood. You honestly think that you are coming for payback? Like seriously, are you having me on here? There is not going to be any payback taking place. I am simply going to embarrass you another time and make you wish that you hadn’t said anything.

Shark Man and Florida Man. I think that I should place you two together as one entity to speak about you. What the fuck is going on here? Who the hell are you two? What the fuck do you think you’re doing? You’re joke elitists basically. You are both attempting to make a mockery of Elite Answers Wrestling and make NEO an embarrassment. I am utterly disgusted by what you do. You need to be destroyed for your actions. I am fed up of you making a mockery of professional wrestling. Wrestling is an art. It’s what I love to do, it’s what these fans love to watch. The fact that you have made it into EAW without taking the business seriously is despicable. If everyone in this multi man match has a sliver of pride, they will join me in teaming up against you. We need to rid this match and rid NEO of embarrassments like you two. You embarrass NEO and it’s about time you are both put down.

Arcichida and Kohop Kapah, you are the final two that I am going to discuss. I have grouped you both together rather than give you your own special segments of my talk as you don’t deserve solo segments. You are both as irrelevant as each other. Nobody in this match knows who you are and nobody cares. The fans have no clue who you are. You’re barely even in this match. People are going to tune into this match to watch Charlie Marr. Not a single person on gods green earth is going to tune in to see Arcichida and Kohop Kapah. Be real with yourselves here, this is most likely going to be your fifteen minutes of fame. Make use of it.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 1st 2018, 9:24 am by Woogieman
Long Night in The New Year. It's very good Celebration because We got a New Year. It's 2018 Right Now. Last Year was good year But, I'm really hoping that, This Year will be Much Better because Faith does really matter..

Now, I'm in  Montpelier, France. Most of People should be There very early because The Traveling always has been Crazy whenever You do go into The Aliport. France is very nice as usual.  Maybe, I'd traveled much more into France. 

  We already know I'm facing Shaker Jones for my Big Bhris Bhampionship.  I'd been Ready for this  since The Beginning of my Career in EAW. Get My Redemption for The Mistakes that, what I did in the past. I've Less Exceptions. Nobody should really believe that, I'll be in The Same Class and Atmosphere with The All time Greats in Eaw so, I'm taking it very slow.

I'm in The Right Direction at The Moment because I'm Big Bhris Bhampionship. This is Good Start for My Career.  I'll beat Shaker Jones at Crowned in Blood. I'll stay Focused in my Match. It doesn't really matter which way really happens in my match with Shaker Jones. I'm going to beat him this time. I'm going with Everyone else at Crowned  in Blood.
Re: NEO Promoz
Post on January 1st 2018, 7:42 am by Arselx

The camera fades in and shows Arselx in a factory, with six mannequins tied with ropes with their head down and a very great height under them. He is holding a pair of gardening scissors in his hands and has a devilish smile in his face.

New year, new me! Just kidding, new year, same me. Just a bit more chaotic with my priorities right on point. And what a way to start 2018. An elemination match at Crowned in Blood, at my very first PPV. It sounds good, a great match to raise my name in the wrestling industry. Fighting against 6 other men is no problem for me. You know I love chaos. Half of these people are unknown for me and for most of the people who watch NEO. That's why I'm 100% ready to eleminate their ass out of here. Two of them have been having adventures with each other, which sounds gay. I don't know who this asian guy is, but I don't care anyways. I'll walk into that match, eleminate everybody and add that win into my record. That's how I do my things. And nobody can stop me, everyone know right. The NEO fans know that, the people on this roster know that. Every single person who has watched my matches knows that. However I don't want to dissrespect these people who are competing against me. Let's talk a bit longer for every single one of them in a more detailed way.

Arselx goes to the beggining of the row.

Shark Man & Florida Man: You look so stupid and I bet you are as stupid as you look. Some superhero looking guys trying to wrestle here in NEO. People here are hungry to win and to join the main roster, what will you two nerds do to prove yourself here? You're both skinny and you think you stand a chance against me? Don't let people lie to you, size matters. You can ask Kohop Kapah for that. No offense though, Kohop. One of you is a cartoon looking asshole, the other is an alcoholic bastard with an ugly beard. You think you're superheros, but in this case I'm the villain and you shall be worried for that, because I'll eleminate you two like you were a bunch of kids.

He cuts the ropes and both of the mannequins go down.

Boom, eleminated.

Then he goes at the third mannequin.

Kohop Kapah: My tag mate last NEO show. A very brave gentleman. He knows me well and so do I. Last show we were tag mates, this week we are opponents. That means you will not be safe either. Althrough I don't want to hurt you as much as I want to hurt the two superhero kids, it's my job to eleminate you and win that match. Leave your suit at home my dear english friend, bring your brass knuckles with you and fight. Also bring some luck with you, you'll need it more than ever. I don't want to do this, but I have to.

He cuts the rope and the mannequin falls down. Then he goes and the fourth mannequin.

Arcichida: An unknown asian guy debuting in an elemination match against some of the best wrestlers in NEO. It is a bit rough, isn't it? I don't know anything about you, so I'm not going to talk like an hypocrite, but one thing is for sure: you'll get eleminated too.

After cutting the ropes of the fourth mannequin he goes to the fifth one with an angry look.

Charlie Marr: We've faced eachother before, do you remember? You won, because it was a fatal four way match but I'm not going to say you're not good. You're one of the best here in our developemental brand, but so will I be when I beat all six of you at Crowned in Blood. Your ring skills are impressive, your insulting skills are awesome, but your loosing skills will be awesome too when I beat you. I haven't forgot my loss against you, at my debut in EAW and I'm coming for payback.

He cuts the fifth mannequin ropes and then he goes at the last mannequin remaining there.

And last but not least, Maddox Ayres: A great performer, a fan favourite, a man that people love. Most of the bets are placed on you. Many here want to be like you. But I don't. Don't get it twisted though, I respect you, but I need that victory and I'm going to take it. I don't mind fighting my friend, so I don't mind fighting you either. You may be good, but I'll prove I'm better. I'll prove people wrong about me, I will make my day one fans proud of me and dress myself up with greatness. If you have in mind to come and stop me you better think it twice.

After cutting the ropes of the sixth and last mannequin, he throws his scissors in the ground and looks straight at the camera.

At Crowned in Blood I'll be facing some of the best and worthy men, and some newcomers and worthless guys. Some will rise, some will fall, but at the very end I'll be at the top of the mountain. On tuesday you will see annihilation, elemination and chaos. BE READY, BE ELEMINATED.
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The Dreadknight Part 27 :

“Well Ho-Ly-Shit. It’s The Wilde Boys, about time you got off your sorry asses and came out here. Aw, you even brought you father out, seems like a nice man, I feel sorry that his two sons are two little shits that make a fucking sea sponge look like a better competitor than they are”.

“I mean, welcome back, nice to have you to sorry fucks back here for atleast once this week. Though tell me, do you really believe the asinine bullshit coming out of your mouthes, or are you just trying to form all that undeserving overhype you’ve had injected into you. Because it’s really Fucking Hilarious you come out here like the cream of the crop, like two hard working men, when you lazy sacks of shit haven’t done half the work The Dead Spades ‘Bozos’ have, and that’s not just for Crowned In Blood…..”.

“Tell me did it ever cross you that if you stopped acting like Boyz and took your contracts here at EAW like men, you’d see the difference between us. Dead Spades has busted our asses, in this ring, in the training room, and we even worked fucking Christmas Eve to give the people some sort of hype, or anticipation, while you two slackers were off doing fuck all”.

“And I Motherfucking DARE you to say it was because you were ‘Training’, the ‘Superkick Kings’, seriously? You might try to buy in on that fake piece of shit support you’re getting by acting all cool, and kicking the camera, but if you’re really a one trick high kick pony, you might want to practice, that’s some of the worst fucking form I’ve ever seen. But I guess that’s to be expected, considering your all around preperation for these things, even house shows and small matches is fucking deplorable. Did you see how sloppy you were running about on the 20th? What did you eat the third Wilde Boyz before coming out onto the stage”.

“This is exactly what I’m fucking talking about, and I’ll come right up here, and say you two piss me right the fuck off. You’re two undeserving, unprepared, cocky, fucking slackers. Go right the fuck ahead, tell US not to cheat, when you two have been pulling that bullshit ever since you waltz your asses through the front door….. You might be stuck on Cloud 9, even when these people are now SEEING how fake you two really were, you can still pull off a victory. Sorry to disappoint you, but the second your sloppy ‘Superkicking’ fails, Dead Spades will put you right the fuck away, because unlike you, we’ve demonstrated we’re not some overhyped team that’s gotten fluke victories because of softball match ups, which was mostly done by Lioncross to preserve that ‘Undefeated Invincibility’....”.

“Here’s the facts, Boys: No true competitor, champion, or worthwhile athlete has gotten ahead, or to where they are now undefeated. Undefeated streaks do exist, take a look at an up and coming MMA fighter from Russia, they do exist, because they Try to get up in the morning, and Put In The Work.”.

“Do you actually think that anyone here means what they say, when they cheer ‘The Wilde Boyz’ on? Do you? Do you think champions, Hall of Famers, and other, true competitors look at you, with your deplorable etiquette, your nonexistent training, and your ‘Undefeated Aura’, and see you as worthy competitors? No. They see you as cocky, arrogant, gimmicky Jokes, who they’re cheering on for a chuckle, because you two and your ridiculous fucking attitude believe you’re somehow the Baddest of them all, when in reality you’re going to run into a concrete fucking wall, and they’ll be laughing at you”.

“They’ll be laughing at you, The Fans will reject you, and everyone, including poor Mr. Wilde there, will see you for what you truly are. Disgraceful, Cocky Morons, who’ve failed their own father and mother, by not at least having the decency to fucking try and act like they’re worthy the sloppy cash in peanuts Lioncross invested in your marketing, so he could have a Quaint Tag Team Gimmick, before he tossed you to the fucking curb, before Dead Spades inevitably runs you over like a fucking train”.

“Face it Boys, you’re failures, and this little charade you’re putting on where you believe that I, and all the other rightful doubters of yours are wrong, and whether you believe it or not, it’s gonna fall right off, and you’ll be crying, covered in blood after we Roll Over You next Friday. You might like to say ‘Yeah Keep Talking’ Jimmy, but I remember busting your forehead open at your last match with those stomps, or how about that Discus Punch Billy?”.

“You know what those are? Previews, for the Free Per View, where Dead Spades takes over, rightfully, and we prove to you, and anyone else who still doubts us, that WE, not Sharkman and Florida Man, not Arselx and his mounty friend, and certainly not two bastard children, are the true future of NEO, and the next, worthy addition to the EAW Tag Team Scene”.

“See you next week Wilde Boyz, when you crawl out of that room in some run down Motel, how about you cut the hypocrisy and take shit seriously for once. Or better yet, do yourself a good, god, damn favor, and avoid the embarrassment by sitting Crowned In Blood out”.

“Your choice, because our victory was already decided by that challenge….”.
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Wild Boys: Crowned in Blood - Act 1
"Boys of Wilde vs Spades of Death!"

(Billy and Jimmy Wilde are standing in front of a camera, with incredulous looks on their faces. They’re both wearing ‘Sad Nas’ ugly Christmas sweaters)
Billy: Illegitimate bastard children!? Really!? REALLY!? I’d have you know that we are good Christian boys born to a mother and father who loves us back home in Rancho Cucamonga! You could have said a lot of things to us, but to call us bastards!?

Jimmy: Which defines us as children who have no father -

Billy: Which we do have very very much!

(Billy pulls out a photo of Ernest Wilde, father of the esteemed Wild Boys!)

NEO Promoz 320x200_richard-karn_1326

Billy: THIS is Ernest Wilde! You wanna know why he’s called Ernest!?

Jimmy: Because he’s EARNEST!

Billy: That’s right Lil Bro! This man runs a lumber business - a legitimate one at that! He pays his employees properly - even the illegal immigrants! 

Jimmy: He’s like an old white Oprah - “You get an American Dream! You get an American Dream!”

Billy: But enough about our dear ‘ol pop. Let’s talk about YOU Dead Spades. Is it with an ‘s’ or a ‘z’? You can never tell these days. How many of you are there anyway? We see two dudes and a baby, but you guys better pull no Akatsuki mess on us! But you’re right about one thing - people do want to see us win. It’s obvious - we’re favored because we’re the Superkick Kings of NEO! We’re undefeated -

Jimmy: As a team!

Billy: And we’re about to continue the streak by going through you bozos! 

Jimmy: Let’s start with you Mr. “I’m-named-after-a-DiCaprio-film”! You claim after your bout with Sinister Ace that all of the sudden your eyes are opened? That you’re invested!? Well, invest as much as you want Revenant! Invest in this match! Invest in the stock market, invest in a house -  buy a painting for all we care! It doesn't matter how many eggs you count before they hatch...the result will be the same: Wild Boys win.

Billy: L. O. L.

Jimmy: We don’t care of it’s two of you or three - we’ll get the job done. You insult our technique but I doubt you know the difference between a wristlock and a hammerlock. 

Billy: (whispers) Check Youtube.

Jimmy: Our sensei has nothing to do with our accomplishments. In fact, we were given the choice to come straight to EAW before NEO was even reinstated! But we refused because we wanted some experience out there in the field! You may think we’re some kind of one-off act, but we’re here to stay! Like it or not!

Billy: You know what I find funny is that my brother and I came into this company as a unit and are riding the wave of success while the two of you were a couple of washed-up singles competitors who are teamed up as the last attempt at relevancy. This man right here is my BROTHER! We were raised together, we trained together, we travel together! What makes you and Sinister Ace think that you can beat BLOOD is thicker than WATER!? Hell, the FPV’s name is CROWNED IN BLOOD! We are the Superkick KINGS of EAW! Come on now! This FPV is about our rise to glory! As for you two? Heh, well your name tells the story for us.

Jimmy: Dead. Spades.

Billy: Maybe you boys listened to one too many Avenged Sevenfold albums growing up (coughs) - Sinister Ace - but we live in the here and now. Sure we crack a couple of pop reference jokes here and there but we’re DEAD serious about our careers DEAD Spades. We worked hard to get where we’re at and there’s nothing!


(Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” plays in the background)

Billy: That we won’t do to roll on by you dweebs and show the world what the Boys of Wilde are all about! What’s our gimmick? Being better than you. That’s kind of our thing - being the best gosh darn tag team on the face of the planet!

Jimmy: You can threaten us with ripping our heads off and all that jazz, but we ‘re not new to this rodeo. It’s kind of our thing for a big bad to try and intimidate us -

Billy: Only to Shell Shock them in the end. Cracked heads, torn ACLs, yeah bruh keep yapping away. One thing our sensei taught us is that everyone and everything will do the absolute MOST to try and shake us.

Jimmy: (Japanese accent) ‘But never waver’ she would say. ‘Stay woke and never waver’. Here we are Dead Spades, looking into your sad puppy eyes as you cry about days long gone! Stay in the past while we skip down that yellow brick road towards a brighter future!
Billy: That doesn’t include jackals like you guys!

Jimmy: Wait. We forgot to address the AX7 fanboy and his creepy looking manager.

Billy: Cartoon Villain Ace and Bo Jackson?

Jimmy: Yeah, those clowns.

Billy: You complained how nobody came to the press conference, but that’s because nobody cares about you guys. Wherever we go, everybody else follows. That’s because we’re superstars!

Jimmy: And good role models! (thumbs up)

Billy: We’re professionals - talented wrestlers who hone their craft through blood-soaked ambition! You can dream about how you’re going to beat Darkane for the Hardcore title, Rosso-senpai for the Interwire title, and the High Rollerz for the tag titles, but we’ll actually be there! We’ll be the ones to go head to head with the tag team of 2017! We’re the ones who will be forced to break up, win all the belts and come back together twice as strong! 

Jimmy: We’re the ones who will run all over everyone in this fed! We don’t think we’re invincible! Just that damn good! Wait, Billy! Can we say ‘damn’?

Billy: Hmm. Four letter word…(mumbles to himself) We’ll let it go for now.

Jimmy: Anywho, we’re not going to let some two-bit rate chumps who come straight out of a Sons of Anarchy convention talks us down like we’re some freshmen herbs trying to get into a fraternity!

Billy: Because the only hazing that’s going to transpire is our size 11s up your butts!

Jimmy: That’s right ladies, he said size 11 (winks).

Billy: Dude, what was that supposed to mean?

Jimmy: (waves hand) Don’t worry about it. Anywho, what keeps us going is the love we have for this sport! We grew up watching the hardcore stuff from the late 90s, the indie craze of the 200s, and now we’re wrestlers in an age where our profession is treated more as a sport than a soap opera! It feels good to be working when the industry is as hot as it is right now!

Billy: We’re not Axl Willow, Shackleford, or any of these other names you dropped. We’re the real deal cuz.

Jimmy: You can drop the tough guy act because at the end of the day that’s all it is right? An act. We’re the real deal; we don't’ don’t let anyone or anything dictate how we should conduct ourselves in the squared circle. Wrestling is not about being the father of the year or having a love for violence. It’s about being good at it. We’re two super junior geniuses. The gods of wrestling have summoned us to EAW to show everyone how REAL tag team wrestling is done.

Billy: So quit guessing what’s in our heads, because while you’re trying to psychoanalyze us…

Jimmy: We’ll be kicking your faces in.

Billy: Analyze THIS!

(The Wild Boys perform a double superkick at the camera)
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NEO Promoz Images13

The Final Part.

Eddie had assured Healey that there was nothing to worry about. He knew a few people in the retail business and it wouldn't be hard for him to get his hands on various toys, books and the like to fill Healy's sack. All he had to do was call in a few favours.

"I'm not wearing this!" Vexx protested, her face screwed up as she held her outfit out in front of her.

Healey had decided that instead of renting out costumes that he'd make ours with his own bare hands. Well, Healey wasn't exactly making the costumes for us; he knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy that had been incarcerated and apparently had top-notch sewing skills. They do say prison changes a man.

"T-shirt and jeans?"
I offered.

"Now you're just taking the mickey," Healey said. "Come on guys, I've gone to a lot of trouble here. Be reasonable."

"I'll be reasonable and only break your arms!" Vexx snarled, tossing the garment aside like an unwanted gift.

"Maybe we ought to deck you out in this bullshit, huh?" Eddie proposed, pointing a finger at Healey.

"Believe me there's nothing I'd love more than to help you out, but I've already got a role in this little blockbuster. I'm Santa."

"Blockbuster?" Eddie scoffed. "This shit ain't no blockbuster. I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, this motherfucker is gonna get us busted!"

"We're not doing anything illegal," Healey replied.

"You're dressing us up as religious figures." Eddie let it sit in the air for a moment. "It's immoral."

"Says the man who dresses up strippers as nuns." Vexx jeered.

"Immoral?" Healey looked confused. "It's not immoral."

"Well, it's motherfucking kinky then!"

I was having problems with my costume. My underpants were crippling me. They were too tight and parts of my groin were sore. I suppose that's the price I had to pay for wearing Astraea Jordan's knickers. For those of you that don't know,  I bought a pair of Miss. Jordan's knickers off eBay. This has led people to label me: "sicko" "pervert" "weirdo" - the usual ignorant comments. Fact is I think Astraea Jordan is incredible. I wouldn't say that I have an unhealthy obsession with her, but my therapist thinks otherwise.

"You're not even painted up!" Healey said, pointing to Eddie's face.


"I thought we agreed on you whitening your face?"

"I told you, I ain't no clown motherfucker!"

"At least put a sheet on or something."

"A sheet?" Eddie roared, spittle flying in every conceivable direction. "Motherfucker, does this look like a Klan rally to you?"

Healey pondered for a second or two. "Fair point. Anyway, you're the wrong colour."

Eddie's jaw tightened as his facial features hardened. "Say what motherfucker?"

"I mean, I, I, I didn't mean that...I just meant that white people wear sheets, well, not all of them just, you know...the wrong 'uns."

"If it wasn't for the fact that you were dressed as Santa right now, I'd beat your motherfuckin' ass. As it happens, I'm feeling festive and I've got a picture of my kids in my wallet so I'mma let that shit slide."

"Happy Holidays, Eddie." Healey beamed. Finally, he felt accepted.

"Go fuck yourself!" Eddie blurted out, bursting Healey's bubble in the process.

We had been at it for two hours and so far we'd managed to send all the children and parents away happy. How the hell we managed to it was anyone's guess. Healey was revelling in his role as jolly old Saint Nicholas, while Eddie and Vexx looked like a couple of death row inmates. Me? I looked like I had borrowed a dwarf's costume. I looked ridiculous.

"I don't think that's politically correct."


"Dwarf. I don't think you can call them that anymore."

"Did I say all of that out loud?"


"Shiiiiiiit! Take a look at that." Eddie interrupted, pointing towards the entrance of our shabby looking Christmas grotto.

A couple of young women in their early twenties entered with kids in-tow. The kids were all wearing Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys, which made me feel like I was trapped inside an episode of the Twilight Zone as we were in England; Falmouth to be exact, in Cornwell. The moms were dressed up like, for want of a better word: sluts. To be fair, it is the season one associates with giving. I just don't remember writing herpes down on my Christmas wishlist.

"Hoe, hoe, hoes!" Eddie exclaimed.

One of the kids, a little lad of about six years old, holding a plastic cup complete with straw, walked casually up to Healey and climbed up on his lap. There was collective gasp.

"Start visualizing boats or your mother-in-law or some shit motherfucker before you become Jerry Sandusky," Eddie advised.

Healey started to sweat profusely. It was an uncomfortable situation for all concerned, but especially Healey; he was looking at jail time if he so much as coughed. He was staring at me intensely. I felt no sympathy for him. Call me callous, but this whole idea was his and he had thrust it upon us without prior warning at the eleventh hour, so, in my book, he deserved it. He threw his head back slightly in an effort to get me to go over to him. At least that's what I thought his funny little head gesture meant. His beckoning really needed some work. I suppose he could've just had a stiff neck.  Anything else stiff and he'd be finished. I made my way over towards him as best I could. I must have looked like Robocop with a wonky leg. I really needed to sort these knickers out.

Healey leaned sideways, spoke out of the side of his mouth. "I've got a bit of a problem." He whispered.

I could feel the blood drain from my face. His words made me feel queasy. All I could think of was that the shit was most definitely about to hit the fan.

"I need to fart." He said quietly.


"I need to fart."

"Just do it," I said and then immediately thought of sneakers.

"I can't."


"I can't."

"Why not?"

"I like to lift my leg when I do it, otherwise it buries itself in the fabric."

Part of me wanted to slap him hard across the face like they did to women in those old movies when they became hysterical. While another part of me wanted to turn around and run for the hills. Not literally, that would be tiring. Besides, I wouldn't get very far in these pointy little elf shoes and irritating knickers.

"The thing is..." His voice faded away.


"I can't be certain if it's just going to be a fart."

I pulled a disgusted face. "Spare me the details."

"I'm serious. I can't guarantee the floodgates won't open." He bit his lower lip as the fear of a follow through began to overwhelm him. "I think it was that madras. I told you it was a bad idea!"

"No one forced it down your neck!" I snapped.

"Broaden your mind he says. Open yourself up to new horizons..."

"...will you stop moaning? We've got to figure a way out of this..."

"...the only thing that's about to open up is my arse!"

By now Eddie and Vexx had detected that maybe everything wasn't going according to plan. They had both looked over numerous times with funny expressions on their faces and were now both deep in conversation. I hoped the topic of discussion was stain removers.

"You've got to get him off me." Healey urged, clearly panic-stricken.

My face contorted. "Oh yeah, I'll just drag the kid off of Santa's lap. That'll impress him."

Healey let out a sigh and when he spoke again it was through clenched teeth. "Listen, I don't give a shit about his feelings. Get him off or you're going to need smelling salts to bring him around!"

I narrowed my eyes and played several scenarios out in my head. My first thought was to just punch Healey straight in the face, although given the circumstances and setting it might cause a bit of a scene. Maybe the onlookers wouldn't get involved? Perhaps they'd think it was some kind of pay dispute between elf and jolly old St. Nick? No, I couldn't ruin some kid's Christmas no matter how bad Healey was asking for it. I could always just walk off and leave. What was it my dad used to say: A friend in need is a bloody burden. No, I couldn't do that either.

"Is he having his picture taken or what?" Slutty mom number one asked bluntly, deliberately leaning forward to let all and sundry take a look at the goods on display.

Shit. Now we were for it. There was no turning back now. I turned on my heels and started for the table where the camera was. Suddenly, Healey grabbed my arm.

"I've got an idea. Put the flash on and when you take the picture I'll pretend I'm having some kind of seizure."

I looked at him as if he'd just landed. "Are you serious?"

"I've never been more serious!"

"A seizure? It's a bit dramatic."

"So's shitting yourself!"

I nodded and headed towards the table. I picked up the camera, walked as best as I could towards Healey and the kid. I stopped a few feet in front of them, flicked the flash on. I noticed movement in my peripheral vision, turned my head a little and watched as Vexx made her way out of the big tent and towards the vending machine.

"Say cheese."

"Cheese!" They both said in unison.

I clicked the button causing the shutter to momentarily close as a bright light emanated from the small disposable camera. Seconds later Healey threw himself backwards off his chair and began rolling on the floor in agony. He combined this retarded version of breakdancing with various moans and groans.

"Oh shit!" Eddie bellowed, shooting up from his prone position in the corner.

I rushed over towards our fallen comrade as the two scantily clad females followed. I looked down at Healey who somehow still had the kid on his lap. I got down on my haunches.

"You okay?"

"Does it look like I'm fucking okay?!" He said, in between fake epileptic episodes. "I can't get him off me!" He said as the kid's strawberry milkshake dripped down his face.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" Slutty mom number two asked, her tone irate.

"Mommy!" The kid cried out, hands reaching up to his slutty mother.

"His belt!" Healey yelled. "My hand is wrapped up in his belt!"

The kid's mom (Slutty mom number one) grabbed both her son's hands and proceeded to pull with all her might. It was futile; the kid was still attached to Healey. Unsatisfied with her efforts, she had another crack at it.

"For Christ's sake stop pulling!" Healey boomed.

She was still unable to free her son. Slutty mom number two raced for the exit, turned right and disappeared out of plain sight. Her friend was enraged and began calling Healey all the names under the sun. As if that wasn't enough, she threatened to have him wiped out by her brother who she claimed was notorious around these parts for, and I quote "beating up nonces." I grabbed at the kid's belt and began to push Healey's now purple looking hand slowly through a corduroy loop. Finally, his hand was free. The kid's mother scooped up her son and cuddled him before aiming a kick at Healey, narrowly missing his balls. Clearly, she didn't think he had suffered enough humiliation; she put her son down and aimed a couple more kicks at his crown jewels with one of them connecting. He yelped. A smile began flirting with her face as she verbally abused her forlorn foe.

"Fucking dirty bastard!" She spewed, her venom toxic. "I'll have you fucking done!" She screamed as she aimed yet another kick at Healey.

I stood up, raised both my hands as if to say 'enough is enough' but before my gesture had a chance to get across she fell to the floor hard leaving Vexx standing there in her place.

Vexx looked down at the kid's mother. "She talks too much."

"BOOM! And the bitch goes down!" Eddie hollered.

"We've got to get out of here," I said.

We'd grabbed our belongings when we heard a rather unsettling noise. I looked at Eddie then at Vexx then back at Eddie.

"What was that?" I asked, anxiously.

"It came from over there," Eddie said, pointing towards Healey who was still lying down on the floor.

Vexx walked over towards him. "You might want to come look at this."

We headed over towards Santa. It appeared he was actually having a seizure of some kind. The irony.

"What's that on his face?" Vexx asked.

"Strawberry milkshake. It was that kids." I said.

"Fuck!" Eddie exclaimed. "You better call a doctor now or else this motherfucker is toast."


"He's allergic to strawberries."

"Oh shit!" I said as I bent down and grabbed Healey's mobile phone.

Eddie pointed at Vexx. "Quick, get him up."

"I'm not carrying him," Vexx replied bluntly.

"These bitches..." Eddie let his voice trail off.

"Shit, it's passworded."

"Try 1,2,3,4," Eddie laughed.

I pressed 1,2,3,4, and surprise, surprise it unlocked. "I'm in."

"Dumb motherfucker,"
Eddie said shaking his head at Healey's stupidity.

Vexx hauled him up and slung him over her shoulder like he was a dead deer.

"Careful bitch, that ain't roadkill."

"Listen, shithead!" Vexx turned to face Eddie. "One more word and I'll tear that stupid little goatee straight off your face."

Eddie smiled weakly. He knew she meant it and he knew better than to continue to push her buttons. Poking a snake with a stick was great fun until the snake bit you.

"Let's go." I encouraged.

We headed out of the tent just as Healey let out the biggest fart known to man. It surprised Vexx so much that she almost dropped him.

I think we can safely assume that it wasn't going to be a white Christmas.
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Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Did I hear it right? Did he really say that? I must be crazy for sure. Gave us the advantage? Seriously? No fucking way dude. Nah, it must be a missunderstanding.
Man, you fucking pulled the referee outside the ring, what the actual fuck are you talking about? We didn't need your help to beat them, we could've handle them by ourselves. You know how you could help? Not pulling the damn referee outside the ring. And then running like a bunch of cowards. I can show you the footage if you actually don't believe me. Everybody saw what you did, you can't hide it. Don't be childish, please! You can't make everybody fools. You were afraid. If not you wouldn't run away. And yes, fuck yeah, hyena is the only word to describe you after what you did last week. I know you are one of the top guys here in NEO, you're a lot more experienced than I am. But if you were as smart as you pretend to be, you wouldn't make yourself look like a fool. I saw it, the crowd saw it, everybody at their home saw it and now you just made yourself look stupid. C'mon man. At least admit it, admit that you didn't help us, admit that you helped them, either with or without purpose. Admit you ran like a coward. I'm not asking you to admit something that didn't happen. I'm asking you to admit the TRUTH!
You can offend me as much as you can, I don't give a shit, because I know I can rip that little head off your neck whenever I get the chance to do so. I'm the newbie in this case. You're the one who haunts people in here. But I'm a man like no other! And if you want me to meet you in the back, I'm 100% ready for it. You can bring cameras too, let's make it a street fight. But nah, I don't think you're man enough to handle me. You are not the guy behing those words. You're just like everybody else, a fucking piece of crap pretending to be on top of the ladder. But then the earthquake comes and the ladder falls.
I don't mind being in an elemination match. I like chaos. I've wrestled Charlie Marr and Kohop Kapah. I don't know who Shark Man and Florida Man are. They sound weird as fuck though. I have never heared of Osamu Arcichida. The only man I'm worried about is Maddox Ayres. Yeah. He is a great performer and I respect him for that. But that doesn't mean I fear anybody. I'm ready to kick ass and eleminate people!
And to not create some messy shit, I'm on nobody's side. I don't give a damn about The Wild Boys, neither I do about The Dead Spades. I don't care who is the "cancer", I don't care who deserves to win, as long as you involved me into your personal business, I want to do my job. And that's getting my REVENGE. I'm the threat and you shall be worried about me. I can attack anytime, anyone. Either is it wild or dead.
You already know the ending... BE READY!
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The Dreadknight Part 26:

“10 days. 10, whole days until Dead Spades goes head to head with The Wilde Boyz at Crowned In Blood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m savoring in the chance to fight at another Free Per View, but the anticipation for fights like this is killer. It’ll also be killer when we prove the whole world wrong, and we show them what fucking morons they’ve been by throwing in with The Wilde Boyz, when we massacre them in France”.

“The Wilde Boyz are, as of right now, the betting favorite if you go to place bets at different arenas and stations. Why? Because more people would want The Wilde Boyz to win of course, because they’d rather two illegitimate bastard children cheat their way to the main roster, than have justice prevail. Which makes sense, considering this company is built on the grounds that people can just run into other matches and botch them, without so much as a stern talking to from their General Manager….. It’s also was wrong with this place”.

“So let’s lay our cards on the table, my second bout with Sinister Ace made me realized that if I want to win, I have to be invested. So let me make myself ab-so-lutely clear. You are an embodiment of everything that is wrong with the combat sports industry, the culture, and the people. You’re two little moronic shitheads, who’ve been spoonfed fame because of your ‘Sensei’, and also have been given softball matches to get where you’re at. Your technique is sloppy, your etiquette is insulting, and the only fucking reason anyone backstage, or in that crowd is cheering your name, is because your stupid vignettes have an overabundance of pop culture references, than actual match hyping, and everyone is hoping you’ll get a one off match with Matsuda before you fall back into obscurity”.

“Everyone has gimmicks here, it’s what makes the fighters, wrestlers, and athletes here liked. It’s what makes champions like Borg and HBG liked, It’s also what keeps the NEO Roster relevant, the personalities. However along with ‘Gimmicks’, people have the skill to back it up. I won’t shy away from the fact, that even my manager and Ace have pointed out. An MMA Zombie preaching about breaking down corruption. However unlike you, I stand for the principles the sport was founded upon. The idea of merit, ethic, not some blabbering college students who jumped off the mattress a few too many times and cracked their heads o the floor, then teamed up with their siblings to be a high flying brother tag team”.

“Much like Shackleford was, you two are an embodiment of the problems of this sport. And when I get my hands on you? When Dead Spades is locked into that ring with you? We’re gonna rip you a fucking new one. You heard exactly what I said last week, when I was practically salivating over the chance to beat some sense into you, and you two sure as shit learned Dead Spades didn’t bluff. We beat Billy’s face into the turnbuckle, and curbstomped Jimmy there against the concrete. By the way, those wounds healing well? Because you didn’t look so pristine at the last press tour. Sadly we’re gonna add to that tapestry of cuts and gashes on your face next week”.

“We’re also gonna give you a late christmas present, something you two are in dire need of, that if Cloud was half the woman she swore she was before Bloodletter, she would’ve taught you. We’re gonna crack your fuckin’ head open with a mallet, and try to slip a bit of humbleness into your decrepit, ignorant souls. Maybe then, after you’ve been beaten into the ground, your ACLs snapped, your bodies broken, and Dead Spades has their hands raised high, and we go onto reach new horizons. Maybe you’ll be a bit more humble, a bit more wiser, and maybe, a bit more strategic on how you approach Combat Sports”.

“Greed and arrogance can, and will only get you so far, and after I fuckin’ rip your pathetic striking arm off and slap you sideways with it, you’ll realize that maybe I had a fucking point, and you two should backtrack your gimmick all the way to the drawing board”.

The Revenant stops for a moment, then looks surprised after remembering. “Oh wait, I’M SORRY, please, forgive my technical planning of helping to manage with Bo Maro, I almost forgot. I don’t have tunnel vision, so I’ll address the elephant in the room, I already mentioned it, so I might as well give you, the people, your wanted bit of insight. Yes we did intervene and interrupt the match, big, fucking, woop. Yes, I god damn said it, The Wilde Boyz have botched over 5 matches within the past month with their arrogance and messing around, and so we decided to give them a bit of havoc in their match…..”.

“And to the disgruntled little shits who were on the other side of the ring with The Wilde Boyz, how about you take a tall glass of shutting the everloving fuck up with the threats, and sit the fuck down. I know it’s hard, with a tag team literally attacking your opponents, and giving YOU and advantage (much like The Wilde Boyz have done to many others), and fucking that up. I know there’s probably a lot of emotions running through you, but slow your fucking boat son. A LION? Boy, I arrived to this place and I started hunting and tearing men up, I formed a pack with the only other son of a bitch in here who can claim the title as NEO’s toughest son of a bitch, I forged this little ‘Dead’ team solely to try and purge shits like The Wilde Boyz. I’m sorry if you botched your chance to beat them, in what was then a 4 on 2 advantage, but if you want to go around slinging threats, I’ll gladly meet you in the fucking back, and beat the shit right out of the concussed mess that is your head”.

“We’ll be more than ready, and maybe you did just give me an even better point to leave off of. The Wilde Boyz declared war on Dead Spades the moment then attacked us after that match, and there is always collateral damage, regardless of if we truly wanted to intervene or not. At Crowned in Blood, the war for NEO’s best tag team comes to a climax, and I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re a casualty, a sad, but real thing that happens, who now begins to kick and scream like he isn’t placed into a high stakes elimination match”.

“Get the fuck over it. We have a job to do, we have a tag war to win, The Wilde Boyz are a cancer that needs to be cut out, and if you want to show your true colors and throw in with them, we’ll gladly beat the shit out of all three of you, might as well brand yourselves The Wilde Stooges, that’s some ‘Merch’ that’ll sell”.

“ ‘Be Ready’ Wilde Boyz, because this isn’t the last time this week you’ll hear from Dead Spades. Unlike you, we’ve got a bit more hype material, and press touring to do, than a single trash vignette about Game of Thrones and an outdated app for some product placement”.
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You know what? I'm done. I'm sick and tired of watching the Dead Spades ruining people's moment and after that treating them like they are nobody. Jobber? Really? You think that's all I am? If it wasn't for you two, we would've won. You fucked my moment up. And that's not that easy to get away with.
Look, before our match with the Wild Boys, I gave you an advice, as a "friend". I told you do not interferee in our match. And what did you do? You screwed us off. I told you, this was between us and the Wild Boys. Me and Kohop are not a tag team. We would've beaten them and then we would be done. But you are so arrogant that you couldn't let this opportunity get away, could you? I didn't expect from you to be that much of cowards. Dragging the referee out, assaulting us and then running away. That's not how it works fuckboys. That's not how it works.
At first I thought we understood eachother, but hell I was wrong. But I take the responsibility for believing a bunch of cowards like you. From now on, I'm believing nobody except for myself.
I'll face many people like you through my journey at NEO. I know that. But I'm not letting nobody take my opportunities from me like that. NOBODY! I know myself really well, that's why I can speak with full conscience. People like you are just like hyenas. You pick the bones, or attack somebody when he is weak. Me? I'm the lion. When the lion is hurt the hyenas might win, but you know what happens when a lion and a hyena go one on one? That's right, the hyena gets fucked. And that will happen to you two if we ever get the chance to face eachother one on one. The first word on your tag team name would describe you perfectly. DEAD!
Crowned in Blood is coming and I have an elemination match. I like chaotic matches. And that's one reason why I can win, but I'll talk about that in the future. Oh, there is a Dead Spades vs Wild Boys match too? Well who knows, everything can happen. Somebody might show up on that match... 

Two last words from me.
NEO Promoz 8Jm0NYHd_o
Dead Spades
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Crowned In Blood Press Conference
December 24th, 2017 | 12:37pm

Molly waters stands at the podium, glancing at her watch. Half an hour past the time all the main compeditors of the NEO Free Per View were supposed to assemble for the short press conference, and none had arrived. “I’m terribly sorry guys……. I just texted Lioncross, we’re trying to get some guys out here so you can ask questions, but so far Chris Elite, Lang, and the Wilde Boyz have no showed, we’re still waiting on Dead Spa-”.

She was cut off as ‘Ace of Spades’ played on the speakers, Bo Maro, followed by Sinister Ace in his casual gear, and The Revenant in jeans and a leather jacket came out from right stage. Some of the spectators clap and cheer for the tag team as they sit down, the rest of the seats empty. “Don’t worry, NEO’s last, best hope is here…..” The Revenant quipped on the mic before sitting down in his chair. “Where the fuck’s everyone else?”“They didn’t show up?”. The Revenant leaned back for a minute, Bo Maro looking disappointed. 

Well I guess that about sums up the entire dynamic of the roster. Dead Spades show up, The Wilde Boyz appear for one promo, then jump ship and everyone praises them”. Dropping the mic he spoke off mic to ace, the golden glove boxer nodding, before he stood up and headed rightwards across the stage. Bo Maro then walked up to the podium, after Molly could be heard audibly arguing with him off mic, she sighed, stepping down and heading off as Bo Maro took up the spot.

“We would like to announce that due to Dead Spades’ quick witted, and creative mindset, aimed only to benefit the future of EAW, combat sports, and you, the fans. Dead Spades is taking over this panel, as a sort of, apology, for the rest of the card that didn’t arrive, so you make ask any question you like, so you can get back to your families of the most ‘wonderful time of the year’.....”. Ace leaned back in his chair, resting his feet on the table infront of him. The Revenant finished grabbing the rest of the nameplates for the other competitors, tossing them in the trash, before grabbing a microphone obviously meant for Chris Elite, with ‘GAWD’ and ‘ELITE’ written in gold on the square sides. “The Ace of Spades Show, Christmas Eve special, let’s do this”.

“So you guys have been showing immense confidence going into Crowned In Blood, and after wednesday night you’ve shown you can easily face off with the wilde boyz. This one’s for the both of you, what’s your angle, your plan when you take on the Wilde Boyz at Crowned In Blood”.

“Those two fuckheads don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. They come into NEO, botch some matches, win 3, and think they’re kings of the world. They got trained by who? Stephanie Matsuda? And they think they’re invincible? They’ve taken on jobbers like Shark Man, Florida Man, and the other two cardboard cut outs last week, and they think they’re ready to go to the main roster? News Flash, Stephanie told them to do nothing but spinning bullshit, which might’ve beaten pushovers like those other 3 throw together teams, but it won’t beat us. Revenant and I? We’re fighters, we’ve trained, we’ve prepared, and we actually fight to win, so while they’re doing some scripted acrobatic somersault which might’ve flattened Shark Man, we’ll take them to the ring floor and FLATTEN them”.

“Ace made the good point of their training and preparation. What did Cloud really teach them? Because I’ve personally gone back in some match recordings that show all their ‘Sensei’ really taught them, was how to do some flips, and hopefully the person will feel so bad for their idiocy, they’ll lie down and let them pin them. Sadly for Stephanie’s two boys here, Dead Spades won’t let The Wilde Boyz do anything. Let’s take a look at the match up, two green, overconfident high flying boys, versus A Golden Glove Boxer who’s proven himself more than capable in the ring, holding championships from ESPN, all the way to Showtime. And then there’s me, I’ve already alluded to my MMA career. 9 Years at United Championship Draft, all of which was in the dark, alone, locked in a hell with only raw pain, raw motivation, and raw strength to guide me….”. 

“Now I know it’s hard, with someone NEO, and on the EAW Roster not being Athletic fighters, more so personality stars with 5 minutes spent at the gym, to not realize the actual advantage, strength, and power a person like me or Ace have, with impressive striking, conditioning, and training, not to mention more than enough experience between the both of us to boot. Ace hasn’t said what his record was, but I’ll more than gladly bring up mine. I had a 72 win streak, right before I was beaten, and how I was beaten is now revealed to be a cheated, and manipulated victory. I then went onto recapture that belt, and fight all the way to 78 wins before the brand went under. 78 Men, now I also know it’s hard to realize, since in Pro Wrestling there’s so many fucking retarded ways for a person to gain a victory, see Ryan Wilson on the feed recently about parading around a DQ victory. But in MMA, there’s only 3 ways to win. Knockout, Submission, or decision. And very rarely did I ever go to decision. Look at Boxing, 2 of the only real ways to win are Knockout or Decision. There’s only one way the match next week is ending: Dead Spades, standing over the Wilde Boyz, with our hands held high. It’s the only real, only logical, and only true way the Wilde Boy’z imbecilic challenge will end….”

“Hey Guys”,
“Whattup”, “ ‘Sup”.
“The Crowned In Blood card has switched around alot recently, you even commented on the main event a bit. With you two being the 2 most consistent NEO Competitors on the roster now, still being here from september even as many have come and gone, what’s your opinion on the somewhat controversial man event change, and all around the current politics of the NEO Roster”.

The Revenant gazed over at Ace, who simply held a hand out in a ‘After You’ gesture. He rolled his arm out a bit, picking up the Mibhriphone. “The Landscape of EAW is not only a harsh one, but also a very corrupt one for those who’ve spent a good fat month in the company like ace and I will learn. NEO in particular is a very crucial piece in solving the current Nepotism and corruption problems in the company. NEO’s a gateway, the land of opportunity, where if plucky young competitors prance around the ring for half a year, maybe a brand will pick them up….. That is unless their place gets taken because the higher ups decide that their agenda is more important”. 

“Take the controversial Frontline Call Ups. Now I understand why I got left behind, I lost the match, that’s just how it goes. However, Axl Willow, a pathetic, uncaring, greedy shit head, who’s backstage nickname is now the ‘Doormat’, gets called up, along with Azreal and Wilson, some of which lost their matches. But then you’ve got guys like Daryl Kinkade, who I respect for what is some of the best in ringwork on NEO right now, who gets left behind, and later gets his Main Event position REPLACED, by Bhig Bhris Elite. Here’s my hard opinion: NEO and EAW are filled with Nepotism and corruption. Me and Ace haven’t gotten far because we don’t line the pockets of dirty corporate shits in the offices behind this press conference room. You’ve got deserving guys like Kinkade, who’ll be replaced by Bhris Elite, a man who’s got his little ‘Gawd Contract’, but will then also go onto try and push for Malcolm Jones to get an early call up, even when he’s only got just over a month in EAW, and try to seemingly run the show”.

“I’m sick of it, I want to see the newer talent in this industry thrive and get ahead, I want to see them do well, and enjoy what they love, but when I hear people in the lockeroom being depressed, because they’re destined to have a ‘Midcard’ career for the next 7 years, because their gimmick isn’t some  rap or money related halfwit idea, or they’re not plastering colorful music like Axl Willow behind their promos, makes me Sick. You wanna know Why Dead Spades Formed?”. 

“I can atest, it wasn’t because of the ‘Merch’, we haven’t gotten a single merchandise offer on EAWShop.com, and trust me, we check our inboxes. It’s because Ace, whether it’s because of Astrea Jordon, or Malcolm Jones, Or Lang, Or I because of Shackleford, Willow, or the whole Nepotist culture of the backstage politics, we’re both sick of the shit going on, true, both our personalities are two sides of very different coins, but we have a common goal, and if it means beating the Wilde Boyz’ heads in, and then marching right the fuck up to Voltage to beat up the ‘Gawd Squad’, then I’m sure as shit happy to do just fucking that”
. Ace simply shrugged, “Yeah he pretty much covered it”.

“Ace and Revenant, when you pan out both the records of your NEO careers, both f you combined have fought at least one member of the NEO Roster. That said, let’s say we gave you all the tools you need to book and make a match for you to wrestle, what are some ‘Dream Matches’ you’d want?”.

“An Amputation match with Malcolm Jones, and have Rev beat Astrea up at ring side”. Some shocked laughter from the crowd could be heard. “I’d be down with that”“Either that or put me in a title shot with Woogie so I can burn that stupid ass belt”.

“For me, honestly i’d be interested in a Bout with Dampshaw, and considering ‘The Shrine’ is a thing that’s happening this weekend, you’ll get to see just that. Apart from that, Malcolm Jones would be a fun fight to have, mostly to see how exactly he’d promo, and also to Spear Jordan out of the ring if she’d try to intervene in another fight. There’s not many I personally have stapled as a ‘Dream Match’, but you can look at my EAW record so far, and my UCD record, I’ve never turned down or no showed a fight”.

“So once you beat The Wilde Boyz at Crowned In Blood, what’s your next step?”.

“Kill Malcolm Jones”.
I’d be more inclined to take down Shark Man and Florida Man, and the other tag teams said to be booked to arrive next year. They’ll be mince meat when matched up to us, but what a better way to show dominance than by swinging for the fences right out of the gate”.

“This one’s for the both of you, what’s your motivation when you step into the ring, what keeps you going, even when you’ve been beaten down?”.

“For me it’s my 7 year old son. Look I’ll be honest that I’m not the nicest of people, and it’s probably why I’m booed upon entrance. But that kids makes it all worth it, seeing him cheer, entertaining him, putting on one hell of a match with my zombie friend over here, and then hearing the bell ring because Dead Spades won. Look I’m gonna be honest, my story isn’t some heartfelt one like on the Main Roster, it’s not a O’hara, a Jaxon, or a Savannah Sunshine underdog story. However I think if at the end of the day, if I’m still here in NEO when Pride for Pain comes….. If I can make my son happy, and make him proud, then I’d be alright with that”.

“Heartfelt…. You all know why I’m here. I learned after Frontline, when I stood up, to hear near 5,000 people booing me because I lost, I felt the same sort of pain, anguish, and adversity that I felt back in the Octagon. Yo come into this sport, you’re gonna be beaten, you’re gonna get beaten up, and sometimes you’re gonna feel like tearing up your contract, going home, and wanting to quit. Did I feel like it was a bit hopeless, let’s look just a week before things hit a resurgence. I was 3 - 4, my record was shot to hell, I was unsure if I’d be booked for anymore matches, and I felt like I failed. Several people backstage said I was a ‘failed experiment’, ‘an idiot’, and that I should quit combat sports and go home. But I didn’t, I remembered exactly why the hell I’m here, I remembered that even if no one back there supported me, even if I was seen as a jobber, I was gonna prove the Gawd Squad, and all of those nepotist mother fuckers wrong, and I’d show them the second I claw my fucking ass up to the main roster, they’d better start pissing themselves. Years from now, when the next set of Decade Awards hit, My Legacy probably won’t be that of someone who rose to the top and stayed there until he died, it won’t be of a flawless streak, and or a heartfelt underdog, I don’t know what it’ll be. But when that day comes, I know it won’t be because I piggybacked off of the Company’s CEO, or because I won some clipboard with 4 letters on it, I got to where I was, because I paved a road of the blood, sweat, tears, of myself, and all those who doubted and tried to stop me”.

“One last one guys, then you can run off. This one is directly to the Wilde boyz about next week, what do you want to say to them?”. Both The Revenant and Ace sat back, as Bo Maro cleared his throat.

“Billy and James Wilde. Two plucky young high fliers from a forgotten, and desolate corner of the United States of America, everyone loves you, everyone adores you, on the forums, chats, backstage, in the crowd, everyone’s hoping you’ll soar high and win Next week. When you look back in 20 years, everyone’s hoping that your rise to fame and glory in EAW will be from this moment, when you win at Crowned In Blood, and rise to the likes of The High Rollerz, The triumverate, and that you’ll main event Pride For Pain XX, in a title bout for the EAW Tag Team Championships!.......”.

“....That’s just too bad for you, because here in NEO Wrestling, your competition doesn't love you. To say we don’t care for you is a lie, we care very much, cared about our striking and positioning, cared about how we’re going to combat you next week, and cared because of all your sins, the troubles you’ve caused here, and the problems you’ve created in your wake. Dead Spades’ goal, their last resort, their call to arms is simple: Beat The Wilde Boyz, Break The Wilde Boyz, Make the Wilde Boyz sorry for what they’ve done”.

“Because 20 years from now, as much as people may hope you two, Billy and Jimmy, will grow old, and will create a wrestling family similar to that of many samoan bloodlines…..it won’t. You’ll grow old, knowing that Dead Spades knocked you down to size, and delivered the justice you so deserved. Because Lioncross has been careful with his booking, he’s protected you, because allowing such a tag team draw to be damaged would be harmful to his pay. However, sadly, you  challenged the caged monsters that are Dead Spades, you jeopardized your position, and come next friday, when you step into that ring confident as ever, Dead Spades will not only beat you in that Tag Team Bout, but will beat you into a perpetual hell, of concussions, brain damage, and retribution for all you’ve done……”.

“Crowned In Blood, 2018: Lang Vs Elite, Justice Vs Greed, and also, The Death of The Wilde Boyz”.
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It's Christmas.  The Santa was Coming into The Town. He'd give The Kids and Adults Presents If, They're Very Good.  The Naughty List is Usually Different Though.  Most People have Lot of Christmas Spirit because It's one of their Favorite Holidays.

I really Love Another Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Much More. It's very Good Holidays  to have Good Family Time and Sports Games. You always Gift that, You always get a Gift on Christmas as well.  

I'm  very Good at the moment.   It's always awesome to enjoy Everything.  I'm really sure that, The Roster are enjoying themselves Right Now. They're having very Good Time with The Family. I'll do the same  then After that, I'll be going back into the Gym to be good Shape. Nobody really wants Excuses from their Opponents. I'm keep it to myself Right Now!
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NEO Promoz Images12

Part II

"I've managed to secure us a job at a well-known shopping mall. We're going to be providing their festive activities this year." Healey said, smiling like a loon as was his custom.

Eddie frowned. "What do you mean by 'festive activities?'"

"You know, the usual stuff."

"No, motherfucker I don't know! That's why I'm asking." Eddie snapped.

"It's not carol singing is it?" I asked, slightly perturbed.

"No, but I can have a word if...

"I'm not singing!" Vexx shouted.

Healey looked nervously in Vexx's direction. "No singing. Fine. No problem."

"What is it then?"

"Consider it roleplay."

"I'm not singing!" Vexx screamed. "Let me hit him."

Healey panicked at the thought of imminent violence. "Nativity! Nativity! Nativity" Healey yelled.

I had been warned about this and now it had happened. Healey had lost his mind.

"As in religious bullshit?" Eddie asked.

"It has religion sort of wrapped up in it." Healey smiled half-heartedly.

"I'm not singing!" Vexx shouted - again.

"Yeah fuck that shit. I don't do musicals, motherfucker!" Eddie barked.

Healey raised a palm "It's not what you think," he paused. "It's basically a fancy dress party, but we're getting paid to attend and entertain people for a few hours."

"Oh yeah, and who the fuck are you going as?"

"Santa." He replied.

"Santa?" I asked, incredulous.


"You don't think you're a little tall for that role?"

"I understand your concern, but there's nothing to worry about. Look at it this way; one day they'll have a black James Bond."

"Motherfucker are you on crack?" Eddie asked, bewildered by Healey's latest comments.

"If you're Santa who the hell am I?" I asked.

"You're an Elf."

"Come again?"

"An Elf. You know, little worker bees, pointy ears." He chuckled to himself.

"I'm not singing!" Vexx shouted - yet again.

Eddie began piecing it all together. "So you're Santa. He's an Elf." He paused. "Who the fuck am I supposed to be?"

"Joseph," Healey said.

"Joseph?" He paused for a moment or two. "The motherfucker that can't get a bitch pregnant? Jesus' daddy?"

"Well, foster-father, but yes."

"Foster what?"

"Joseph and Mary didn't actually...you know."

"Didn't actually what motherfucker?"

Healey's cheeks suddenly flushed crimson. "Don't make me say it."

"Say what?"

"You know." Healey swallowed hard.

"I don't know."

He began stumbling on his words. "He didn't...she didn't..."

"What didn't they do motherfucker?!" Eddie bellowed.

"They didn't have intercourse!"
He shouted.

"Intercourse? You mean he didn't fuck that bitch in that motel?"

"I think it was a drive-through," I added, with a lack of conviction.

"I'm not singing!" Vexx shouted - again. Christ, she was getting annoying.

"How in the fuck am I going to pull that shit off, huh?" Eddie asked. "That motherfucker was white!"

"He was from the Middle East."

"Yeah, but he wasn't from motherfucking Djibouti was he?"

I shared a confused look with Healey.

"You're from Djibouti?" Healey asked.

"No, but I'm still fucking black!"

"Maybe we could whiten your face a little?" I mocked.

"I ain't no clown, motherfucker!"

"Yeah but there are sacrifices an actor has to make to fulfil a role," Healey interjected.

"Shut the fuck up!" Eddie roared. "I'm not Michael Jackson. This shit doesn't rub off."

"I wouldn't mention Michael Jackson around the kids and that. Might make them feel a tad uncomfortable."

"Innocent until proven guilty motherfucker!"

"I think we're going a little bit off track here," I said.

"I'm not singing!" Vexx screamed - for what seemed like the one-hundredth time.

Eddie turned his head and faced Vexx. "Bitch, would you please shut the fuck up?!"

She twisted the doll's head until it came off, stood up, kicked her chair backwards forcefully.

"I'll rip your throat out!" She yelled.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!" I stood up and held both my hands up in the air. "Can we refrain from killing each other until after Christmas?"

"I'm not singing!" Vexx screamed - fuck me, she was irritating.

"Okay, okay, okay. You're not singing. No one is singing. Just relax." I did my best to reassure her but it was like talking to a corpse.

"Who the fuck is she then?"
Eddie looked at Healey as he gestured with his hand towards Vexx wondering what role she played in Healey's festive caper.

Healey cleared his throat. "A little bit out of character this one." He paused. "Mary."

"Mary?" I asked, bemused.

"As in the virgin bitch?" Eddie inquired.

"The very same. As I said, it's going to be a tough one to pull off."

Vexx grabbed the table, tossed it aside and lunged at Healey. "Piece of shit!" she yelled.

"I wasn't imp...I wasn't...I wasn't implying anything!" Healey darted through the kitchen door and disappeared out of sight as Vexx chased after him.

I looked at Eddie. "Shall we go and help him.?"

Eddie smiled. "Fuck him. At least now he can get a disabled sticker for his car." He laughed.
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NEO Promoz Christ10

Part I

Twas the night before Christmas, everyone in the Reynolds household was looking forward to receiving socks, deodorant and other unwelcome gifts. It was a time for family, goodwill and peace among all.

Well, not exactly...

I'm not a big fan of Christmas. I hate the pressure that comes with it. I don't like the way parents lavishly spend money on their children in the hope that their kids will gloss over the rest of the year when their parents were either in a drunken stupor or sleeping with a work colleague. Maybe mommy and daddy do actually give a shit. Obviously in a very materialistic way, but by god they may just love you. I dislike the tedious repetition of Christmas songs on the radio. It's getting early every year, isn't it? You'll be out washing your car and suddenly Slade will blare out of your car speakers. Your next door neighbour will appear from nowhere and say: "they don't make 'em like this anymore." To which I generally reply: "I've heard better." Words such as Scrooge, Grinch, or on occasion; wanker, will slip out of their mouths as they go on a rant about how Christmas is a time for the human race to come together and how it's people like me that drive my fellow man to suicide. Yeah? Well, it's the middle of September, mate and you're putting tinsel on your front door. If anybody needed a dose of reality and harsh words...

I don't want you to think that I'm a bad person because I don't put my Christmas tree and decorations up in March. I don't want to give the impression that I'm a miserable old bastard who just wishes it would all just go away. I just feel that Christmas should be done away with. Now, hear me out. I know there are probably people spitting out their Bovril right now, but come on, Christmas has run its course and should be abolished like slavery. It's just an excuse for people to get pissed and grope their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and then blame it on the booze. People literally get into debt for their children. "I like to give my kids what they want" is the usual reply when I ask a parent why they can't afford a tin of baked beans on Boxing Day. Those are the ones that I can actually find to converse with on Boxing day. The vast majority of parents on Boxing day are out punching, kicking, biting and stamping on anything that moves at their local electrical store in the hope of snaring themselves a 'bargain'. Losing your dignity and self-respect for a television. It makes you proud to be alive, doesn't it?

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Alex Reynolds. I host a show on SMBT Radio and I wrestle for a company called EAW. I'm in the developmental brand: NEO. At least I was until a few months ago. I don't want to blow my own saxophone (I feel trumpet is overused) but I was damn good. In fact, I was the face of NEO. The poster boy. The pin-up. The Franchise. Mr Numero uno...

you get the picture.

I had to leave it all behind after I was diagnosed with a rare sneezing disorder. You can laugh, but it's no laughing matter. It happens so many times a day that to the uninitiated it must look like I'm trying to headbutt an invisible enemy. It's been a long, hard, painfully embarrassing road, but thankfully I am on the mend. I'm a big advocate of the world wide web. I've used it to research many things. It was through such a medium that I managed to meet a Nepalese monk (I know it sounds hard to believe). His name was unpronounceable, at least to me. I'll just call him Dave. It'll be easier for everyone that way. Unless you know someone called Dave and he's a complete dick then that's definitely going to mess up your reading experience. It was a warm night when I met Dave. The kind of warm night that makes you want to sleep naked in bed but you don't because you're worried about waking up with an unwanted erection. Those things can last for hours.

I informed Dave of my dilemma (the sneezing not the erection). He pulled out a long, stick-like item from his pants - incense. He blessed the incense and handed it to me. What I was holding in my hand was a very special incense stick. One of a kind, he said. He told me that if I used it first thing in the morning and last thing at night then my condition would be manageable. "Am I supposed to burn it for five seconds and then put it out?" I asked, confused as I only had one. "It's okay," he said, "they sell them on Amazon." Amazon? By now I was seriously puzzled. If these are meant to be so special then why the hell is Amazon selling them? As if reading my thoughts, he said "I will bless the internet just before you buy them." I stared at him like that time I saw a chimpanzee eat his own shit at the zoo; open mouthed and with a heavy expression of disbelief on my face. "All you have to do," he said, "is use it like you would a suppository." It was at this time that I annoyed him with incessant questions. I just wanted clarification, that's all.  I had to stick this incense stick up my backside. What end would I light? Do I let it burn out? I had serious misgivings but to be honest I was sick of being treated like a leper by most of society. I say most when I really mean Nikki and Kacey. Oh and Vexx, Eddie and Healey. In the end, he agreed to a week's free trial. If I wasn't satisfied by the end of the week then his temple wouldn't get the new roof that I'd agreed to buy for him.

I've had rectal bleeding, backache and I've singed the hairs on my ballbag on more than one occasion. However, I've noticed a drop in the amount of sneezing I have been doing.


I'd like to tell you that we were all sat around the log fire wearing Christmas jumpers and talking about how great it was to be alive, but we weren't. We were in the kitchen sat at the table. Healey had called an "emergency meeting" (his words). It was your average roundtable; pine with a hint of yesterday's dinner and the odd initial carved into the woodwork. Vexx was combing her doll's hair furiously. I tried to tell her that the doll was bald therefore any combing would be useless but she shot me a glare that said "shut the fuck up" and the cat soon got my tongue. Eddie had lost his club - not legally - the Latvian's had taken over. He's been living with me for the last month or so. As has Vexx and the incomparable Harry Healey; the bigshot movie producer who produced one low budget Sci-fi flick and bankrupted himself.

Healey had been down in the dumps ever since he'd been served with a winding-up order. His production company meant the world to him and he took it's demise hard. In situations like these, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to say. You have to be careful when you open your mouth otherwise you could push the mentally fragile over the edge. Healey was emotionally vulnerable and we had to tread carefully if we wanted to keep him on the right side of sanity. I'd tried to explain to Vexx what we had to do in order to preserve his mental health. That had gone down like a lead balloon. "We shouldn't wrap him up in cotton wool," she told me. "He needs tough love", she added. Not long after our exchange Healey returned from the hospital sporting a rather snazzy neck brace. Apparently, his body parts hadn't taken too kindly to Vexx's mode of therapy.

It was Christmas eve which meant the usual: mockery of Jehovah's witnesses and a roast dinner. The latter ending badly after Healey had left the oven on for six hours longer than necessary, ruining the dinner and almost killing all of us in the process. To be fair to him he was against the idea of solely being responsible for the meal. He'd told me, earlier that day, that he believed that based on gender, Vexx should be the one in the kitchen. Fortunately for him, she was out of earshot when he uttered those words, otherwise the only thing getting cooked that day would have been his goose.

As I said earlier, Eddie had been living in my basement since the Pink Pooch had been taken over by Latvians. Victor Scalzo and his mob had stormed the place and had laid claim to it. Eddie, a man I used to regard as 'hard as nails' did what anyone under such pressure would do - he ran. I was taking out the trash one night when I heard a rustling in the bushes. Before I had a chance to grab a lead pipe or any other form of weaponry, Eddie jumped out of the bush. He was wearing nothing but a navy blue pair of trousers and a white vest. He looked like John McClane. All he needed to do now was brandish a machine gun and shout 'Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfucker!" and we'd be in business. He told me how Scalzo and his mob had rounded up all his girls and made them dress up as Burt Reynolds. Apparently, Scalzo was a huge fan.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Healey entered the kitchen. I nudged Eddie with my elbow and he woke up.

Healey was smiling like a loon. "I've got some good news and some good news."

I looked at Eddie. He looked back at me. "Motherfucker, that ain't how you say it!" Eddie bellowed.

"He's right." I chimed.

"What are the rules then?" Healey asked baffled by our reactions.

Eddie slammed his fist down on the table. "Just spit it out, bitch!"

Healey took a couple of steps back. "Whoa, easy fellow. Let me pick up my head." He giggled.

"You're gonna be pickin' up more than that if you don't tell me what the fuck you're talkin' about?!"
Eddie yelled.

I'd known Eddie long enough to know that he had about as much Christmas spirit as a rabid dog. In his defence though, Healey was annoying. He had a way of winding you up and making you want to commit murder.

"I've got us a job,"
Healey said, his arms spread out like he was expecting a hug for such honourable work.

Once again I looked at Eddie. He looked back at me.

"Us?" I asked.

Healey nodded maniacally. "Yes."

Vexx looked up from the doll, her eyes wide and aggressive. "I'm going to rip him apart!"

Healey swallowed hard and took a few more steps back. "I'm trying to lighten the mood around this place."

"Jump out the motherfuckin' window then!" Eddie replied.

Healey smiled weakly. "I'm not a believer in taking one's own life."

"That's okay, stand by the window and I'll chuck you out!" Vexx roared.

"Hang on, hang on," I said. "Let's hear him out. Whatever it is, surely, it can't be that bad?"

Famous last words.
Dead Spades
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How Dead Spades Saves Christmas
Part 2:

A poor EAW intern was knocked off her feet, when the large double doors to the voltage arena burst open. Several armed men quickly made their way through, kicking over cards, and breaking their way back stage. Sadly, due to the awards show happening at the same time, they were able to get to the back locker rooms relatively unharmed.

“Alright, spread out, grab any shit you want, and find the Voltage truck!” the lead goon said as they quickly fanned out. Two of them immediately broke open the fridge, others took paintings and other decorations off the walls, and another one started to raid the lockers. As he opened the lockers, he was disappointed to find the elitists had taken most of their equipment home with them, until he spotted an open locker. Quickly whipping the door open, he was surprised when Sinister Ace lurched out of the locker, grabbing him by the neck, and tossing him into the opposing sets of lockers.

“Merry Christmas Dickheads!” Ace yelled, as he delivered a big boot to another goon, sending them scattering like rats. “Where do you think you’re going!” he grabbed one by the back of his shirt, irish whipping him across the locker room into the tile walls of the showers. As he bolted out, after the fleeing thugs, he spotted them around 30ft ahead of him.

Turning a corner, they had vanished, heading into the voltage break room. Ace charged in after them, seeing they were nowhere to be found. “Oh, come on!” he gazed around, seeing 3 different exits, “Shit…..uh, Hey, O’hara!” Ace called over to Jamie O’hara, who leaned over from the longue chair he was on, raising an eyebrow.

“A bunch of thugs ran in here, screaming generic villain dialogue, you see where they went?”.
The World Heavyweight Champion jutted a thumb to a door to the far back corner of the room. “Ah, thanks man”, Ace promptly bolted through the door after them. Jamie returned to watching the awards show, shaking his head, Dumb Cunts…..

“There it is!” the leader of the group yelled as the large Semi Truck, a voltage logo plastered on the side could be seen in the loading area. “Jack that shit, let’s go!”. The goons quickly jumped off the platform, beating up, and mugging all of the workers trying to load any excess presents onto the truck. As a whole host of them piled in the back, the leader of the goons quickly climbed up to the driver's seat of the truck.

However as he opened the door, he found himself grabbed by the throat, and tossed off the truck back onto the concrete. The Revenant dropped down out of the driver seat,  “Hello boys…..”. As some of the men charged him, he grabbed a large trash can, spinning and throwing it, knocking 2 of the men off their feet. Sinister Ace soon came bolting through the door, as he helped his tag team partner finish off the remaining members with a vicious double clothesline to two of them.

The leading thug attempted to crawl away, only to find himself shot with a taser before he could reach the door. Ace and Revenant looked, to see Bo Maro drop the Taser on the ground, dusting off his hands. “I think we stopped them”, “Just about. So is that it then?”.

Maro looked on the tracker device for the truck, “Drat, these weren’t the same men. It says the truck just left the New York”. “You’ve got to be fuckin kidding me”. The Revenant looked around to see one of the thugs on the ground still conscious, “Ace, bring your car around”. “Why?”, “You’ll see” he said cryptically as he strolled over, flipping the man right side up. “Where is Oyabun Gin?”, The man coughed, “screw you…..”.

With a single swing The Revenant broke the man’s nose. “Where…...is Oyabun Gin?”. “I said….Scre-” The man found some of his teeth broken as The Revenant delivered punch to the man’s mouth mid sentence. As he grasped his mouth in pain, Ace pulled up his car, as The Revenant dropped the man down infront of it, placing his head near the front tire.


The man grabbed at The Revenant’s boot, now planted on his chest to keep him in place. “yYOu B-rok by fuqin’ teefff”. “I’m about to break alot more, if you don’t tell me where you fucks took those FUCKING CHARITY GIFTS, Now TELL ME!”. Ace revved his engine, driving the car ever so slightly forward pressing the tire against the man’s head. He stuck his head out the window, “Dude I’d tell him right about how”.


“MiNNEOPALIS, MINNISODA!”. The Revenant held a hand up as Ace pulled back, turning the car off. “Why all the way that fucking far out west?!”, through some more coughs, he responded. “It’s because, his vengeance will take place where he was wronged…..”. The Revenant sighed, grabbing his temple, “What?”. “They’re heading on a path back to the arena where Frontline was”.

The man continued to try and pry off The Revenant’s boot, “waht da Fuq’s Wrong wiff U mann?!”. “We’re an MMA Zombie and a golden glove boxer, trying to recover presents from a chairty drive for children that you stole, what’s wrong with you. The man didn’t have any time to answer as The Revenant knocked him out with a curbstomp, climbing into the passenger seat of Ace’s car.

“Aight Bo where we going next?”. “Any EAW Facilities on the way to Minneapolis?”. “Well Empire does have a place in Chicago they’re heading towards”. “Eeeeeey, you home town!!”. Shit, “can you show me where your MMA gym was at, where you used to train like Rockey-”, “You gonna drive, or do I have to walk back to Chiraq?”.

Ace quickly kicked the car into reverse, as they drove off on the long road westward”.

(To be continued…… like tomorrow since christmas is 5 days away)
Writers note: This is not part of the usual promos, it's a disconnected, however still for some reason keyfabe canon misadventure. Merry christmas, enjoy the banter.
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*black screen begins with excerpt from return of the Mecca by Pete rock and CL smooth*

To know the truth is to know the self
To know the self is to know the Mecca
Mecca's not a state of mind or a place
Mecca is a way of life
It is the answer to all confusion
The attribute
Adolpho, Abdullah, Mohammed
Makes way for the return of the Mecca
*Screen opens to Shackleford*

Every chapter has a beginning and an end. NEO is my beginning and I closed out that chapter by winning what some have described as the greatest NEO match of all time. I became the rising star of the week and began what would be an incredible journey. Now the next chapter has begun with a less than stellar start, that's just how the business is, call it stage fright, call it hubris call it just down right not being ready. But this is only the beginning, and this chapter has brought me back to the place I soared oh so very high. This is not just an opportunity to flex over the little guys, but a chance to regather my thoughts and return to that state of mind, that winning mentality.

So for this homecoming match, my opponents? Osamu Arcichida and James Ranger.

Now I had the fortune of facing The Black Mamba just before his ascension from NEO, I was a very different man then. Naive, blind and unfocused. I remember James Ranger to be an extremely focused individual, I hope this has remained the same, I wouldn't want my victory to be hollow.
Osamu Arcichida though, I did not have the pleasure of facing, our paths did not cross and for that I am disappointed, but I hope Osamu has found his groove and will make this a particularly exciting bout. Because victory over two formidable opponents at the same time is exactly what the Shack Daddy Express needs to get himself rolling. I've lost momentum and seemingly my way over the last month or so, in a battle to stay fresh, hungry and consistent. When I arrived at NEO I was the working class hero, a man of the people coming back to EAW to show everyone that even the average Joe can achieve greatness...but since that moment I have realised my purpose is far grander than that. My place in all this, I am more than just an example, I am the standard, and I have been selling myself short all this time. Before I left it was clear, The Foreign Prophecy were there to take over the division and challenge everyone, from newbies to vets, to come get some, and time and time again we dropped them, one by one. Didn't matter who you were and what you'd achieved, you were all on the wrong side of history.

Those were the good old days.
But it wasnt always like that, it took us time to reach that point. A recalibration process. It takes your mind and soul time to adjust to the fact that you have been chosen for something far greater than you were aiming for. When you reject that? You lose yourself, as I did. I had to rebuild myself and allow the Prophecy back into my life. It's taken time, and it's certainly not been a smooth transition. But I am almost there.
I'm no basic bitch but I'm calling new year new me. I am merely the cocoon at this point, when I emerge I will be reborn. The Last True Prophet. I will be focused and precise with my movements.
James Ranger and Osamu Arcichida, the three of us represent what NEO is all about. It's about hungry young athletes finding their feet and honing their skills. We three show how NEO is a global monster and we represent our homes and our heritage each and every time we make our way to gorilla position. Be it to a crowd of ten or ten hundred thousand we will go out to that ring and tear the roof off. Win, draw or lose we all live and breath this industry and we give our all, every moment we are out there. You have to, if not, then it will devour you.
So it comes down to just one thing then lads.
Who wants it's more? Who's willing to lay in all on the line? Im sure there's an odds on favourite, but I've been given a hot tip. You should bet on the sure thing for this one.
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NEO Promoz

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