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Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, or anything else in EAW. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.

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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 6th 2016, 8:41 am by Guest
this belongs here:


everyone's promos in one thread.
The Hitman
"The Hitman" Promo
Post on September 6th 2016, 8:04 am by The Hitman
EAW Promoz! E1DFrHe0LeTUE09KTe58Kyh_9QvzESpSmqJXh_bUIp18UwBybjgQeK93ySRT9oFl14iTU4RdzAmC6JasFmwutmeZXSvt5PaV35qChAVI6jp1KjBkZANqHWIlSnV4kvrJFHhOKXEOeHDPKuCxRzGkK1jL6c-3zhTGhsY7qFK2ET0zz82aRH8O8b11yPJPF0-fWE1mLvdyLsudoJ6ZAmodbEtkUd9CER2axV80DSouOfg25UkfFU9A12tppyhpxbCVX4x5zHLIwBfssi70M_udg49ixXsjvCr_-m3MM0CRiOK7BucWxst-Bd7dGtyYnIRyHmnbRoKcMSIF5CHWE0kEOdkMxlkACA5EAMgGz2cdsUTbH6Mb1ENC7w6MvexbufhpDb53qtJr0ONM5N6pXY9vDp2ELhLoGVHPvSCKGzf1vAn5pKVUBzZidGWEpdE3dlq3hdyMOVXXfMWgHEKQShv6Sl3SyoTjs2ewXDZDGhyzwI_udmysDh1nNlR6rDdBMUAR3ywMnhCpqEWPZsbgbyLwpR-K09Zjx7QKop8kRywK-qCCXrukMinz42hWyxM2AYMK7JC6JhH2f5DMLl-gkr3uc_Z672tJv9gWk2jmE-rHphkK_rnF=w260-h199-no
The Hitman: America what country is America in my eyes its full with losers and Scum bags like how does it feels to live in a country full with losers me on the other side i am Canadian we are winners, i am from a familly of wrestlers  that mean you are going to give me the respect i will earn im going to make and impact here you wonder who am i to tell you what to do i am The Hitman thats how you are going to call from this day to the end do you know why they call me that? Its Becuse i love to Hit People as hard as i can in the face and who ever face me is going to make him tap out in my Sharpshooter or if some how you survive the Sharpshooter i am gonna break your legs with the figure four leg lock so wrestlers in EAW Wrestling fear the Sharpshooter and fear the Figure four leg lock becuse after i lock you in one of this two moves you wont have anywhare to go and you are going tap out and thats how its going to happen i see how you people look at me you already hate me dont you! But i dont care i only care for me and me only and btw lets talk about the champions of EAW Wrestling you guys think you are big deal just becuse you are champions but you know what one Sharpshooter or Figure Four will make you change your mind so dont think i wont make and impact on one of you if i get the Chance.. I will tell you one thing its going to be a change in EAW Wrestling becuse The Hitman Has ARRIVE and has come to make and impact and its going to be much soon as you People Think "Thank you very much"
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 30th 2016, 10:11 pm by kennydrake

EAW Promoz! Db74f7f2a287e4bbb33296ee0c0d2de15f59269c_hq

Tomorrow...tomorrow...I’ll love ya….tomorrow...you’re onlyyyy a dayyy a-wayyyy…

EAW Promoz! Ab8e2cc39d22ca6c774810dbeb9a8be33d537df6_hq

Sitting in the Arena...dressed in my Burberry suit...Niki in her Valentino dress...looking as beautiful as ever...we watched the class of 2016 get inducted into the Hall of Fame...and it got me thinking. That stage? THAT MOMENT?

I want that.

I never used to care about it before...I never cared about championships...I never cared about accolades...I JUST WANTED TO WRESTLE! I JUST WANTED TO BE MORE THAN WHAT I WAS!

But sitting there...listening to Devan Dubian speak...listening to Hades The Hellraiser...listening to Big Match Xav...to the immortal Zack Crash...I craved it too. I, TOO, want to be inducted into the EAW Hall of Fame! I, TOO, WANT TO WIN THE BIG MATCHES! HAVE THE BIG MOMENTS!! The SECOND Dubian ended his speech, I VOWED to my wife that I would be on that stage! I VOWED to start my path to IMMORTALITY!

And it all starts tomorrow.

It all starts with the 24/7 Battle Royal...It all starts with throwing Sixteen other...heh… “men” over the top rope…

Maero..or Oz, whoever...I’M trying to be spooky? I’M trying - and failing - at making sense?

EAW Promoz! 22f0469001e0b30437de0a75c6f528f4ab1cce1a_hq

Are you REALLY one to talk?

EAW Promoz! 72f1fe54ecd55ce143f58c5600c3bd221166da8b_hq

Everything about me...from the music I enter to...to the fur coat I wear...is One HUNDRED percent ME. Whereas YOU? I don’t buy it for a SECOND, BOY! I don’t buy YOU for a SECOND! You run around with a little boy who calls you the Tin Man, and you have the AUDACITY to say I’M FAKING IT?!

EAW Promoz! 1406cfd93d033eda784969c71c1f8f38c9cfb916_hq


My first act in this Battle Royal… is hurt you... YOU...are target number one. And when I’m done, all of this poetic bullshit...all this art house chic crap you THINK is scary...it’s all OVER. The veil will be lifted, the fog will clear...and the Wizard...this INCREDIBLE AWE-INSPIRING FIGURE...will be revealed to be nothing more…

...than an elaborate fraud.

EAW Promoz! R3yY_Y

Nathan Fiora...you’re here! Oh my God, I thought you were dead! In case you need to catch up…

You’re dead.

EAW Promoz! BK6PyJ

The hour is closing in, lads...the time is upon us. We have a date tomorrow night, boys...bring your child, Maero...bring your fans, Nobi...bring your Hollywood producers, Terry… Bring whoever the hell you want...cos tomorrow?


...it begins…

Tomorrow...tomorrow...I’ll flay you….tomorrow...it’s onlyyyyy a dayyyy a-waayyyyyy

EAW Promoz! 829003c0a6da36d0a5228d23e96f20d5c1a297ba_hq

Tick Tock.

EAW Promoz! Aedcb56c60be032cba9ff9aabd71b3b27479bbea_hq


Vic Vendetta
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 30th 2016, 9:45 pm by Vic Vendetta
Final Words: To my Opponents Alas

The world is extensive, sufficiently substantial that you think you can escape anything. From destiny, from God, if just you found a spot sufficiently far away, so you run. To the edge of the earth, where all is sheltered once more, tranquil and warm, the comfort of salt air, the peace of peril abandoned, the advantage of pain and perhaps, for a minute, you trust you have gotten away. You can keep running far, you can take your little precautionary measures however have you truly escaped? Will you ever get away? On the other hand is reality that you don't have the quality or crafty to avoid fate? That the world is not little... you are and destiny can discover you anyplace. Doubtlessly this is so. This is the will of destiny, it's doing. Since I now need to address the way that I'm venturing into this ring with a man I have matched for as long as four months and Aren Mstislav. A man who's beaten me, a man who I've beaten. It's obvious, everything comes down to it this time toward the end. Who will be the better man? Who's going to survive? I think, no, I know for certain. For this fight, it will be me who ends up as the winner. It's obvious, Aren needs to be the undisputed EAW Champion, he needs to be the big enchilada here in EAW. It's all he's ever thought about. He's a one-followed mind and I'm going to utilize it further bolstering my good fortune to outlive and beat Aren for the last time. We're associated significantly more than any of the others in the on Showdown and that is a result of our past, our history together as he's one of the man who I at last won the EAW Championship. On the off chance that Aren never defetaed me, on the off chance that he never snuck away with the win on Showdown a month back, he wouldn't be here today. The two of us know this and it resembles I said a few days back, similar to what Carlos let me know, the individuals who know enormity get to be it. I know how incredible I am and I know how awesome the EAW Championship is. I know how extraordinary Pain for Pride and Pain for Pride is the place I get to be awesome, where I get to be being enormity. Here you both are Carlos and Aren, the last pawn on my board. Attempting to keep me far from my Pain for Pride minute, from the thing I have to exceed expectations. The thing I have to make me who I am, to place myself in the Champion Circle. I'm the one that brought every one of us here and will be the person who closes it all. I decline to give any of you a chance to remain in my direction. Particularly you, Aren however know what? I truly trust that you are the one that I stick , I trust it's you and I at last. Since I need you to see what I've turned out to be, direct. 

Some trust a man who's will is so solid, will live for eternity. A few people trust this man to really be somebody who can surpass time itself and offer direction, intelligence and is frequently a champ in many traits. Somebody may believe that this man can stop me however in the meantime, I question it. It's just plain obvious, there's our next pawn. Someone else I'm associated with. The man who genuinely trusts he can't be pounded by my hands. A man who's sufficiently absurd to trust he's undying in the methods for everything except for I trust a man who can't kick the bucket, simply hasn't met the right merchant yet. The person who united everything, I imagine that... Carlos Rosso requirements to go head to head against me before going off at the mouth until the end of time or notwithstanding endeavoring to lack of respect or question me. This Saturday will be the day Carlos Rosso and Aren Mstislav passes on. This Saturday will be the day that they lose the will to battle. It's the day individuals see Carlos for what he really is and it's a disappointment. Let's be realistic, Carlos. You've generally detested me and it stems such a great amount of more remote back than our meeting before your impedance in my business a month ago. More remote back to when you and Gi Styles were a group. Better believe it, it stems back to your label group days. I was overwhelming the singles the division while you were simply singing move down to a Bitch . You've generally detested me and this is on the grounds that I'm the better man, Carlos. I'll generally be superior to anything you and you can't help it. It's in your tendency to come next to me at all that you do. All that you do and now you're entering this headliner . Arranged to be edified and whipped by my hands Carlos, I can't be more pleased with it. My execution this Saturday? It will be unbelievable, you and Aren will see what it really intends to be the best, you both will join these onlookers and witness the dawning and crowning of the first ever EAW and CWF Champion at Pain For Pride.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 30th 2016, 9:31 pm by TLA


EAW Promoz! Paris-5

The camera cuts to TLA at the EAW Hall of Fame 2016 afterparty. TLA is wearing a tie over his muscle shirt as rich affluent white people sipping expensive wine walk past looking at him scornfully. TLA slips some drank into the punch bowl as he pours himself a glass and walks out of the room into a nearby empty hallway.

TLA: Yo we just finished this Hall of Fame shit and I am inspired as fuck. We got Zack Crash, Hades the Hellraiser, Xavier Williams, and Devan Dubian up in this bitch. Yo this just might be the all time great year of EAW Hall of Famers. Listening to all them speak from the heart was a real pleasure and a real inspiration especially goin’ into the battle of my life tomorrow at Pain for Pride. One thing is true though. All of them Hall of Famers talked about they careers, and not just the good parts neither. 

They all recalled the struggle.

TLA: They all recalled back in the day when people said they ain’t good enough, or said they ain’t belong here. But now that shit almost a distant memory. Now they bein’ hailed because they never gave up and because they stand there as winners in every sense of the word. They proved themselves right and the haters all wrong and that is what this game all be about. You gotta fight for what you believe in and know that someday it gonna all work out. You might get some setbacks, you might fall a few times… hell you might fall for years and years, but in the end when you standin’ on that Hall of Fame stage and you got the respect of every last man and woman in that building you know for a fact that you have truly succeeded. 

So much love to the Hall of Fame… Y’all just completed a journey… and shit may not be over for you yet, but ain’t nobody can take this moment away from you.

TLA: As for yo boi, as for La Pantera Sexual… that journey still ongoing. Will TLA ever make it to the Hall of Fame? Will TLA ever win a world title? Y’all gotta recognize I don’t live in the past, but I don’t live in the future neither. I live in the present, I hit what’s in front of me, and I hit it fast, and hit it hard. And right now, TLA don’t see no Hall of Fame ring. TLA don’t see no world championship. 

TLA sees Mexican Samurai’s ugly ass and that EAW Interwire Championship. 

TLA: Tomorrow is the day of reckoning. Where Mexican Samurai finally gotta put up or shut up. Where yo boi clashes up against the longest reigning champion currently in EAW. Mexican Samurai has beaten everyone who he has been man enough to face, and that list includes some pretty impressive names. I’ve talked a lot of shit this week, but I got the cojones to admit that the man I am stepping into the ring with is one of the best in the business today. Here we got another man on that journey to the Hall of Fame, on that journey to being a world champion. If he keeps it up, that drive and determination he just might get there one day. But this is Pain for Pride, and while respect is due, hustle is due in far more short order. Cuz this is a moment that makes or breaks you. This is a moment that can define just who gonna be in the Hall of Fame class first. 

This is a moment that will be written in the history books of our careers for the rest of our lives. 

TLA: Regardless of what we go on to do. Regardless of if we go on to become five time, ten time, twenty time world champions. Or if we get fired tomorrow and never step foot in an EAW ring. Pain for Pride is where history is made, and it is where legends are created. It is what stands the test of time when so many matches, so many people are lost to history. Pain for Pride is that show that true fans of EAW will watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER until it is engrained in their memories. Future stars from the New Breed, and beyond will watch our match, studying our strategies, learning from our mistakes, and trying to follow in our footsteps. Just as we have done with the proud few who step into the EAW Hall of Fame here tonight. 

Magma is something that boils under the surface, but hasn’t reached it just yet. It is hot. Hotter than lava, but all it has is potential. And it burns hotter than ever in wait for that moment…

TLA: For that moment when… it ERUPTS! WHEN IT ERUPTS ONTO THE SCENE AND RAINS DOWN FIRE ON THE WORLD AROUND IT! AND MEXICAN SAMURAI THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE FIXIN’ TO DO! I ain’t ‘bout no silent treatment holmes! You can run and hide out in yo lifeguard suit, watching like a perv as hot Miami bitches you could never get swim down at South Beach. You been ignoring me this whole week dawg, but I got you in my sights, and I been trainin’. I been boilin’ under that surface like magma fixin’ to erupt out on yo ass, and that eruption comin’ soon. I can feel the earthquakes dawg, I can feel it risin’ and it ain’t gonna be much longer! Pain for Pride comin’ up tomorrow, and TLA is as ready as he’s ever been. This is no excuses. This is where you and I settle things one on one. Your best against my best. We gonna find out who the better man is in that ring. We gonna find out who the Interwire Champion is. We gonna find out who is next in line to call themselves the future of Showdown. Nah…

We gonna settle once and for all just who is the future of EAW.

TLA takes a long sip of his punch drank as he straightens up his tie and steps back into the 2016 EAW Hall of Fame celebration after party.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 30th 2016, 9:29 pm by Cage.
Has it ever occurred to you that maybe "The Perfect Storm" is just filled with hot air? What "skill" does Scott Diamond have besides constantly blindsiding me like the typical coward. All he's shown is that when I am up in his face and when I bring the fight to Scott Diamond he can't seem to measure up to this "loose cannon" and why am I a loose cannon? Because of my barbaric nature? Or maybe I am just a throwback of the old style that put this company on the map and turned it into the unstoppable juggernaut it has become today. And as times have changed I've shown skill multiple times in my career, I've shown skill in beating the best pure wrestling machine at this very same event, I shown skill when I made Jaywalker tap out in his very own match, an Ultimate Submission Match. That is why I am the most dangerous man in the world, whether I have to spill Scott Diamonds blood, or simply out wrestle him. Doesn't matter the environment I am thrown in I adapt to it. That's dangerous and to you that's a loose cannon, someone willing to go through such torture, such insanity but to me it's what it takes to get ahead. Being a stuntman is something I take to heart, I take that very hard and I feel like when you say I'm a stuntman you are disrespecting guys like Extreme Enigma who put their bodies on the line for this company, is he a stuntman? You are disrespecting EAW's roots. But you are what EAW needs? Bullshit. This was business, it was between me and Scott Diamond, and yet Scott can't speak for himself because he's a babbling fool and therefore he has to put another babbling idiot as a mouthpiece. You decided to bring my family into this and you attempt to put fear in my bones by talking about the beating Scott Diamond is going to dish out to me, that doesn't bother me Albert. In fact it intrigues me, I'm interested to see what kinda damage Scott Diamond can do to a man who isn't afraid to die whenever he steps inside that squared circle for battle.

 I find it hilarious that my recent silence you use that as a way to fuel your point of me taking anyone's advice but I'm not Scott Diamond, I don't need anyone's advice or anyone's help I can fight on my own, because when I made my response first I noticed that it took you awhile to get his dick out of your mouth and getting turned on watching that tub of ass cream working out in the gym for you to come up with a response as to me clearing stating I am entering this Extreme Rules match to end his career. Scott Diamond shouldn't blame Diamond Cage for all the reasons he had to perish, Scott Diamond has no one to blame but himself, I've never had the power Scott Diamond has because Scott Diamond has made a living off of shortcuts. Demon didn't even want to fight Scott until his little bitch Cameron got involved, Demon wasn't fighting for EAW when Scott pulled his “stunt” of wanting to end this place. Scott Diamond's power is a fantasy land that I would tell my own children about if I was the type of man that wanted my children to believe in fairy tales. But I'm not that kinda guy am I Scott? I mean my own family saw me bleed, my own family saw me take a beating of my life time and still here I am today, alive and kicking and ready, willing and able to do it all over again. They know this is not a fantasy land and there is no “power” there is only the strong survive and there is only doing what it takes to get ahead in this fucking life before whatever alleged Jesus Christ emerges and sets this world ablaze. I am the reality, if not the woe of Scott Diamond. And the reality is at Pain for Pride this isn't about any championships. Albert you are good but I don't think you realize how stupid you are bringing my personal life back into this profession. You've done your client no favors making this personal, you've done your client no favors because no matter how hard he is in the gym training, no matter how much bullshit and smoke you blow up his ugly ass. The fact is and will always remain when the only rules in this fight is that there are no rules, You don't need skill to beat a man's ass from pillar to post, you don't need skill to completely destroy a man. And you don't need to skill to fight until there is no breath in your body. Scott Diamond you've been delivered this special treatment off of what you once were, the aura you have is because of what you've done in the past. And the fact that your return was overshadowed by me, everything about is overshadowed by me and you used this Albert Hitchman to get a little bit of momentum back. You are basically trying to capitalize off my popularity and it's smart, but here's the thing. You've done a great job at pissing me off, you've done a marvelous job of hitting and running. AND NOW AT EAW'S BIGGEST AND GRANDEST SPECTACLE, WE HAVE A VIOLENT STORM APPROACHING. Put your kids to bed for this one ladies and gentleman, my own won't be watching because they already know their father has a side to him that is barbaric. Why do most men commit to affairs that result in bloodshed? Well it isn't any dream, it is simply survive today to get to tomorrow and Scott Diamond if the opportunity presents itself for me to do something that won't allow you to make it to tomorrow. I won't hesitate, I'll end your fucking career if it came down to it Scott Diamond. Like I said before, Fear me not because of what I've done in the past, fear me not because of what I say I am going and willing to do. Fear me because I am what I say I am and I am THE MOST DANGEROUS AND SADISTIC ENTENTE WALKING THIS EARTH TODAY, TOMORROW, FOREVER!We're getting closer, closer to Pain For Pride. And in this business, I've seen this world crash, I've seen my world crash. But through the smoke and ashes here I am today. Ready to bleed, ready to fight, ready to hurt. I'm ready. I know that I am ready because I am a battle tested fighting machine. No Holds Barred doesn't strike fear into me, neither does the fact that Scott Diamond has someone in his corner, it proves my point that he is a coward. No balls, no spine. Many of you probably look at Scott Diamond and see a beast, a monster. I see a man who can bleed, and if we bleed the same color why must I be afraid? Why must I tuck my kids in at night knowing that Scott Diamond may give me a beating that will just completely make me looked at differently as my kids. Ladies and germs let me tell you a story, Road to Redemption 2013, me and Mr. DEDEDE have the fight of life time in that ring. My kids were front row for that in which I took a serious amount of punishment, but I also delivered a surreal amount of brutality. I am going to hell first class, I exposed my children to what I do to put food on the table. I don't do it only for my kids, I love this shit. I live for this shit. When I can come to an arena and feel the energy from these people it jacks me up, when I come to the ring and step in between those ropes and get punched in the mouth and dropped on my head. I'm like a kid in the candy store, and consider the world is going to be on Pain for Pride, all the eyes are going to be on this show. It makes me willing to do more than I would do on a normal day at the job. Five years in EAW, filled with a lot of pain, and a lot of happiness. I don't want anyones sympathy, I don't want anyone's compassion for me. I've choose this path and whether Five Years ends tomorrow, it won't be because of the beating Scott Diamond gave me. It will be because Diamond Cage did something that will have people talking even long after I am dead and gone, I'll take Scott Diamond straight to hell with me. I'm a stuntman because I put my heart and soul into this business and I pay the price with my body? I'm a stuntman because what I do intrigues these fans? No I am what you hate, I am what you wish never existed. I'm the guy who does your job better than you, except raping this company and bathing in the benefits of putting people's careers on life support. You did that at one night at this very same event. Consider the beating I give you at Pain for Pride something three years in the making, I grew satisfaction at Territorial Invasion 2013 when I got rid of you. Yet you came back like a thief in the night, and I am here once again to put you out of your misery for good, this violent issue needs a resolution but it won't be because one of us will not walk out of Pain for Pride. I have unfinished business with you Scott Diamond, I have unfinished business with this company and I have unfinished business with Pain for Pride. The name symbolizes what I have in my body and what I've been carrying for a year, a lot of pain. And my pride is the reason I am back in EAW, I can't stand knowing I let my common folk down, I can't stand knowing I let myself down. My legacy is on the line and I refuse to let it be pissed on by some cone kicking jackass. You will know me as the most dangerous man walking this planet, or any planet. You will know me as a god of destruction, a god of vicious and vile intent. Or maybe you'll know me as the guy who ran your ass over when you got in his way, doesn't matter to me. It's either kill or be killed and at Pain for Pride I don't see a better way to put my balls on the table and gamble on myself, because I gambled on myself five years ago when I entered EAW. I'll gamble on myself when I walk through the curtain in beautiful Miami and soak in the reaction I get from the crowd, I will soak it in and finally feel my connection with those people. And when they chant “KILL DC KILL” I'll obliged. I'll do it because it is what they want and it is Pain for Pride. Christmas came a little early in the Summer and I won't have a pasty skin loser and his fat cheerleader of a mouthpiece RAIN ON MY FUCKING PARADE! This is my fight, this is the big fight. This is going to take brutality to another level, this is going to take pain for another level, this is going to take intensity to another level. Like I said before no titles are on the line, only revenge. This goes beyond Scott Diamond and our history, this goes back to the EAW title reign, the fact that I didn't take over this company, Pain for Pride is clarification to remind you people just in the who hell I am. And what I am is just not a wrestler, an elitist or even a barbaric buffoon whose full intentions is staining the canvas with my opponents blood, I'm pain incarnate. I am Diamond Cage. An Evil Man.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 30th 2016, 9:28 pm by Impact
In this business, the long and winding path from boyhood to manhood is thought to be completed with a World Championship win. Clearly, little child Devan Dubian never got the memo. Clearly, little child Devan Dubian thinks EAW is his personal playground to act on as he sees fit. Clearly, little child Devan Dubian doesn’t care about the terrible precedent set by a man returning from a six-month hiatus and not just being welcomed back with open arms, but having a headlining spot at EAW’s biggest event gift-wrapped for him. Devan Dubian, look at yourself in the mirror and think of all the times you’ve been leapfrogged and passed up by others who didn’t earn the opportunity that you shed blood to even be in consideration for, and ask yourself whether the circumstances of our match at Pain for Pride really don’t matter simply because it’s already set in stone and can’t be amended. I’m willing to bet, years ago, there was an extremist that believed if only he had a chance, one fleeting little chance to prove he could handle stardom and rise to the lofty expectations superstars face… That he could accomplish it and break the ceiling even if nobody else believed he was strong enough to shatter it. That extremist was you, Devan Dubian, and now look at you — forsaking the moral fabric that once held your career together. And for what? For a chance to win the main event of consecutive Pain for Prides? For another chance to cement your legacy? Face it, Dubian — you’ve been stricken with the disease that all former World Champions suffer from. You have sacrificed your pride and now you bow to your corporate masters, you’ve sold your soul to them, and you’ve done it for a chance at stealing the spotlight that was once hogged from you; now, you’re exactly like the people you used to despise. People who wouldn’t defer their spot to others that had worked harder, people who clung to their position as if they were mothers holding a newborn child. You’re one of them now, desperately doing anything and everything you can so you never again have to endure the trials and tribulations you faced on that four-year-long plight before you finally managed to capture a World Championship in EAW. Maybe you’re insecure that if you ever took a backseat again, you could just as easily be overlooked now as you were when you were on the come-up in this unforgiving industry. You’re struggling because you know your spot can just as easily be taken away from you as it was given, and now in a half-cocked effort to change the narrative, you’ve started telling tales that I can only assume are ripped directly from a children’s bedtime story — claiming your one Answers World Championship reign is superior to my six on the grounds that you were more “relevant.” If there’s anything that gets me laughing, it’s when an entitled hack who has underachieved the majority of his career arbitrarily classifies his forgettable championship reign — one in which I defeated him — as more “relevant.” It’s similar to the hollow rhetoric Ares Vendetta is spieling, foolishly remarking that when the book is written nobody will remember the man who was World Champion six times; they’ll just remember a guy who professes not to be a “World Champion,” but a “Champion of the World.” Cutesy, charming, ambitious, but merely feverish delusions from men that are prisoners of their own moments. Of course, Devan Dubian can sit there and tell himself whatever he likes to protect his conscience, but in truth? I wouldn’t have made the decision he’s making, because I would never have been given that decision. He was inexplicably given the option to exercise a very specific rematch clause that nobody else in the history of this business ever has been offered the opportunity to invoke. If anything, his real rematch clause died along with Mr. DEDEDE’s championship reign — and yet now he’s being given this undeserved platform to pontificate lies and prop up his championship reign at the expense of my six all to make him feel like we’re battling on an even playing field, when in reality? He can’t even hold his head above ground on MY playing field.

If I didn’t know better, I’d accuse him of being in cahoots with management. But I know better — I realize the suits currently manning Voltage are so clueless that their actions aren’t born of deliberate malice — but simple incompetence. Just another reason I should have been allowed to continue calling the shots, because when Ashten Cross is firing them, even innocent bystanders get hit. It’s the type of incompetence that grants Devan Dubian the perfect platform to claim that amazing outdoes quintessential. There Ares Vendetta and Devan Dubian go again — prisoners of their own moments — not fit to be champion because they don’t know a damn thing about perspective and automatically assume everything they’ve done or will do in their reigns is more remarkable than what I’ve done in my six. Amazing has NEVER outdone quintessential. That’s indisputable fact. Throughout the entirety of our careers, Devan Dubian has been an underachiever far more often than he was ever a World Champion. I have been a World Champion and a top-flight main event talent the lion’s share of my career — and yet my name is slandered and spat on by people like Ares Vendetta who SWEAR that I wouldn’t be anything without all of the loyalists in my church! I’ve never needed fans or believers to dig myself out of the trash and rubble that all of you have unsuccessfully attempted to bury me under. I’ve never had anything remotely close to a church of worshipers catering to my every whim, but that’s fine because the fact is I’ve never been respected because I’m well-liked — I just command it. A lot of people who respect me greatly also hate me because I have accomplished on numerous occasions feats they could never possibly stake claim to in their average, mediocre lives and careers. They envy me because I succeed where so many fail. But if there’s one thing above all else that is truly axiomatic, it’s the fact that I’ve never been concerned about who does or doesn’t like me. I have never sought approval from my peers, I have never sought approval from the audience that goes home and wakes up the next morning driving their car to their menial jobs from nine to five, I have never sought approval from ANYONE. Because when you start trying to please people, suddenly you start doing favors, you turn yourself into a doormat… You disempower yourself. I could never imagine myself slipping into such a fate, so instead of choosing to be a people-pleaser and kiss some ass to ensure my spot at the top, I did everything the hard way — my way. On Sunday, I’m gripping the bull by the horns and I’m slaying it for all eyes to behold. I don’t know about a church full of cultists, and I don’t care about where others' loyalties lie, but I’m certain of one thing — I’m going to turn every Ares Vendetta believer into a heretic.

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If you think this will have a happy ending, then you haven't really been paying attention. People of lower nobility has sold their children with tales thinking that no matter how bleak and worthless your current situation you're in, if you persevere and move forward you will reach the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is a time where we all grow up and come to realize that it isn't true. There aren't no such things as happening endings for those who can't afford rolex watches and luxury cars. There isn't a happy ending for the hard working which makes up 99.99 percent of people of the world. There is always someone apart of that upper echelon where things are simply handed to them, people who simply reaps all the benefits and the rewards off of other people's hard work. Those stories of valiant men and women who symbolizes hope, strength and so on and so forth to enable a generation of people to entice them to fight the machine and become something they weren't really meant to be. Those characters were meant to shield people from reality and that shield has plagued EAW for so long but now I have broken that veil of protection and it's time to claim what is mine...Cash In The Vault. This ladder match is nothing but a game, a game that I will play efficiently. This will be fun seeing the tales of the other competitors come to a screeching halt. You 8 men are the flame of that fairy tale that has been told by children and once the show begins I will find joy in blowing those flames out. The true born of this business has arrived and I'm here to claim what is mine....Bow Down To Mr. Cash In The Vault

Rhaegar Shut up..

I don't know who has given you permission to speak but since you have been desperately trying to get me to acknowledge you, then I will grant your wish. The thing that amazes me right now Rhaegar is that you're actually still here and I don't me here as in apart of this match and try and also ultimately fail to get people to believe that you will win this match. I'm shocked that you're still  eve here is because running through your blood is the essence of Ventura. I mean lets face it boy, if I were in your shoes I would literally DIE if anyone have knew I was related to that bumblefuck It's public knowledge that Ventura and Pain For Pride just doesnt go together and the simple fact that you think you could do what your brother couldn't do is an absolute joke. If you couldn't win a simple match on Dynasty, what makes you think that you can win it on the so called "grand stage" that is Pain For Pride. Just by default you were born a failure and there's nothing that could possibly change that. But how dare you try to throw dirt on my name because even without this thing called wrestling I will still be the same multi billion franchise regardless. Unlike you and many others in this company I will still be apart of pop culture, whether it be through music, fashion etc nothing will change and money will still be flowing for me. While guys like you THIS is the be all end all wins and loses will determine if you're able to feed, cloth and bathe yourself or your families! I will still be apart of magazines, I will still be apart of movies and I have already became a bigger star than you could ever possibly dream of becoming! So this intimidating and fearful persona that I have know is just an extension of how a man of my level, a man of my power and influence could be fearful. If I wanted to I could change your life forever, you would be set for life and you would get anything that your heart desires. If you decide to cross me well lets just say that things won't end happily for you. You're just a weak and pathetic man that I almost feel sorry for you, and the only way for your misery to end is if I pull the trigger and put you down. The longer you linger here, you will only fall into obscurity, your name, your career will be another reason why anyone related to Johnny Ventura are doom to fail and they are nothing more than weird little losers that can't get a clue. So what you need to do is just walk away or just be like that poor little emo girl that gets picked on by the women that are beautiful than her and just disappear because that's all you're good for and that's what the future holds for you. So if there is anyone that should be pitied, it's you Rhaegar. How many times do we have to look at you? How much longer until you decide to hang up your boots and decide that you're just not cut out for this? When will it be when you decide that enough is enough and admit that I'm not only better than you in every way imaginable BUT that I'm going to be victorious at Pain For Pride? The time will come where all of those questions will be answered and all your dreams, hopes and aspirations to take that next step to the upper echelon in this company will be broken! And there isn't a DAMN thing you can do about it. So I here I am laying out this challenge, and during my life one of my hobbies are seeing people less fortunate than me suffer and struggle and cling to life while I sit in my billion dollar mansion, sipping the most expensive wine eating cheese and crackers on top of that. My challenge to you is to try, try with all of your heart, I want to see it in your eyes along with everyone with you to reach for that brass ring, which in this case is in a form of a briefcase TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! Once I see that in your eyes and when I see that you're just inches away from obtaining what your heart wants, then it'll be much sweeter when I would be the man to simply swoop by and take that away. I want to see that glimmer of hope and solace being replaced with hopelessness and despair with touch of disappointment. And only then when my victory will be satisfying because lets be honest with ourselves FOR ONCE! I can end this match any time I want, just letting you all bicker among yourselves believing that you are the rightful man to ascend to the top. But when daddy is home, and reinsert himself into the topic of conversation then that's when everything changes and your chances of winning went from slim to none to ABSOLUTE ZERO! 

Nas....shut up. Shouldn't you be on a field picking cotton for me?

This may be a low blow but you know I made a living off not giving a fuck what people think and also doing and saying what I want because I simply can. It won't hurt me in the long run nor will it prevent me from winning this match. You could afford that with my standing in the world, I can get away with murder if I wanted to and no one would even bat an eye. That's the life we live in when you have money, power and influence at your disposal. But what has bothered me or what's bothering me right now with you Nas is that you think you have a weapon filled with ammunition against me. But I'm going to disarm you and leave you vulnerable to my attacks because there is nothing that you can protect you from me and there is no way in your wildest dreams that your words your dumb little fist could ever reach me! But let me take another step further shall we? Nas you have your priorities mixed up and maybe it's the key difference from being a success to living in utter disappointment and being apart of a fantasy land. Nas, what you're chasing right now is unattainable, men like you who dreams of being great and is on this perilous journey to greatness are two different things. The easiest thing for a man in your position right now is to be nothing more than an innocent bystander watching other people obtain the greatness that you desperately seek and try to reach when the opportunity arises. You being here is nothing more than a setup for another failed attempt to acquire the greatness that has been alluding you since you were born. Maybe you're unlucky because you were born in a poverty? Maybe you're unlucky because of your skin color? Maybe you're unlucky because you're simply just not good enough or maybe it's all of the above/  You see me I have said this multiple times to numerous of people that I have never felt what it was like to struggle. The closest I have ever felt that way is when I watch men like you try jump out and reach your goals that you will; never accomplish. Imagine that briefcase is the illustrious brass ring that is ultimately the key to your success, the key that could potentially unlock the greatness that you have been searching for! Imagine when you have that GOLDEN opportunity to climb up and REACH AND REACH FOR THAT BRASS RING AND WHEN YOU'RE FINGER TIPS AWAY, and for some reason the brass ring gets higher and higher until it's out of your reach. Or maybe you could think of it this way when an old man has a dollar bill tied to his fishing rod and is dangling it above his nieces head who NEEDS THAT DOLLAR BILL AND ONCE SHE TRIES TO JUMP FOR IT AND GRAB IT, THE OLD MAN YANKS IT AWAY AND SAYS IT WITH A CACKLE IN HIS VOICE; YOU GOTTA BE QUICKER THAN THAT! That's the scenario I see you in Nas, you're just not quick enough, skilled enough or determined enough to get that briefcase and punch your ticket to a world championship match!  I don't know where this debating mentality is coming from because there is no debate when it comes to a faceless man who doesn't even have a identity. If I say something about you, it's fact and there's nothing that could possibly change that. I don't bother myself nitpicking and every little thing you say or do because in the grand scheme of things it's irrelevant and doesn't pertain to me in the slightest. You could have 5 star matches in a row and when it comes time when you stand in the ring with me none of that will translate whatsoever because you're still going to be that loser and there's nothing you could do that can change that part about you. Just like Rhaegar you aren't important, you can sacrifice everything for this Pain For Pride moment that in your eyes could change the perception about you and the same can be said for every man in this match except for me. You all have something to prove, everything to gain and everything to lose but me on the other hand I have nothing to lose and the only thing I get from this is taking something that means NOTHING to me but means the world to every man in this match. But that's the type of person I am, I love taking away things that means a lot to someone else. I love to see there reaction when it happens, I'm curious to see what they would do in order to get it. To me it's all but a game and I'm just taking apart of the fun of what it means to be a "wrestler" which so far to me it's like living the life of a begger off the street.  Nas, you're fancy little quotable that you use to motivate yourself, inspire yourself and not only that but challenge yourself to be the best that you could possibly be but words alone aren't going to get you what you want. These verses from men and women that you steal from are the same people who just like you fail and suck at life and maybe these words could actually work for someone else who has the potential to succeed but alas that's not the case for you or anyone else in this match that does that. You're doom to fail, you're doom to lose and when it's said and done you'll see that I was right. Nas I don't have any respect for you, a man like you doesn't even deserve to be respected let alone be acknowledge. I hope and pray that your ancestors above protect you from me because I'm looking to victimize you. It's not going to be a pretty sight and I'm not trying to intimidate you nor do I have any interest in you fearing me at all, but just like you and everyone else here will learn to respect me because I command it! I command the spotlight and I have been so sick and tired of stupid fucks like you who aren't worth shit and parade around sucking up to these worthless wrestling fans! But soon enough I will bring you to your knees and force you to respect me and admit that I'm the better man than you could ever be! 

Chris Elite and Nick Angel..Shut Up

It hasn't dawned on me yet on why I continuously keep lumping you two together for some reason and I think part of it is because you're both losers..or maybe it's because you both suck or umm...actually that's probably it but if that was the case then I might as well not even bother learning the names of anyone. But that's neither here or there but eventually I will learn how to distinguish the two of you so until I really feel obligated to do so I'm just going to continue lumping you guys together. But let me start with Chris Elite's lesser twin, Nick Angelo and listen boy let me let you in on a little secret that shouldn't be a secret whatsoever and that's I don't show anyone respect. I have said it time and time again that I don't respect what any wrestler here has done in the past, what they're going to do in the future or in the present. I come first because I'm a bigger star and I know you may laugh and giggle and chuckle with your "wrestling" buddies but it's the reality that you choose to ignore, the reality that you don't want to really admit. I have been apart of major motion pictures, covers on multiple magazines, hell I have even been and I'm currently ranked as the world's most influential athletes in the world right now! And I know that burns in your craw a little bit because I bet every time you wake up from your sleep you wish to be like me. Hell even the people who has been "successful" here in this company strive to be like me but no matter how many championships they win (#7reignzlulz) or how many tributes they may have but don't deserve, all of that can't even topple a fraction of what I have done in my short time of living! People may find it appalling or absurd or down right blasphemous that I dare utter the name of Extreme Enigma and saying that I'm better than him and that I deserve a match in tribute to me because I deserve it way more than he ever did. Which is why this Cash In The Vault ladder match is in tribute to me because we will all remember the day where The Black Prince has beaten the so called "elites" of this business and wins the briefcase which subsequently leads to a show stealing match! There are multiple differences between you and myself and myself to your ugly ass brother, Chris Elite. It's because I don't need a stupid black bodyguard to further my career in something I do. Unlike Chris Elite I'm confident in my abilities that I expect to win every single time I grace the EAW Universe and other elitists with my presence in the ring and show off what I can do. I'm simply a prodigy and I don't say it to increase my ego because my ego is well endowed and I don't need some lower peddling bitch to tell me otherwise because I am the fucking best every single time I arrive! Which by the way Sorry Xavier Williams and Mr. DEDEDE but the Best In The World and Best Ever taglines goes to me because when you think of those things you don't think of guys like them who has sold their entire life to this business that once they get out into the real world they ain't shit but be able to ascend everything that has been put against them. That's how you become the Best In The World and The Best To Have Ever Done This! But back to the point at hand Nick and Chris that you're dealing with a man that has been blessed with TALENT NOT POTENTIAL BUT ACTUALLY PURE TALENT! I have that and you two may have the "potential" to win but what use do you have of having all of that potential if you can't really use it!? I dare to challenge the system known as EAW, I have spit in the face of it's legacy to what makes it so successful and what has made it stand out among other "wrestling" promotions but in all honesty it hasn't achieved that because of it going 10 years or 10 seasons strong, not because of the "Hall Of Famers' that it has produced over the years. It happened just last year when I decided to sign my contract and be apart of this company! The moment it went public that I would be apart of the EAW Roster, I have validated every single thing that EAW has done, because before me this place was nothing! No one has really paid attention to it, it hasn't gotten the publicity that it has been craving for years for! You people pride yourself into going to the Extreme that you would even set yourself on fire or allow anything that sets place in this company because you're desperate for people to watch this product, you people were desperate to get people to care about wrestling! Even though before me no one would even cared if a wrestler here has passed or not or retire and as you people will get teary eyed or decide to dedicate your career to someone, to people like me it wouldn't matter. It's like for example when a man steps on an ant. Lets be honest here, do we really take the time to avoid stepping on an insect when we walk? The answer is no, because just like me it doesn't phase me in the slightest if I ended up stepping on an ant because they are so below us, we don't even acknowledge their presence. Now take that to the here and now and you see that I feel that way about every single last man and woman on this roster. I was born to be great no matter what, I have already achieved that status outside of this community that I'm a pop icon! You all hate to admit it because the truth hurts and it's easy for you guys to laugh it off and try to look down on me for being the success that NO ONE HERE COULD EVER BE! So Nick, you could climb each rung all you want and may think you could get closer to that briefcase but for each step you take would be the longest climb of your life that it will seem endless.  You two will never make it, i'm shocked that you guys lingered around this long but don't worry people will remember who Chris Elite and Nick Angel were because you two will be apart of history where I will be the guy that's known for beating bitches like you to become Mr. Cash In The Vault!

Tiggy Boy..Shut Up, you're life was a complete fluke like your win against me. 

Winterborn, shut up. You're just a loser and a joke.

Lioncorss...shut up. It doesn't matter if the CWF comments get into your head or not it doesn't deter from the simple fact that you're not winning Cash In The Vault, you may as well have lost that battle royal so the likes of Terry Chambers could make some use for it. I'm going to personally finish you off and send you packing with Carlos Rosso to loserville where the rejects like you two belong!

Rex...just shut up and die already. By further analysis by being apart of this match with you it's obvious that you are completely delusional and so out of touch with the world that you dare to stand there and say that I'm a tragic story!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRY AGAIN SO SAD SON OF A BITCH! There are places for people like you, I'm going to make sure when you revisit Pain For Pride 9 that you will regret ever opening up your sad mouth and dare throw dirt at my name! I'm the end all be all of what you strive to be! I'm the only and true main eventer and mega star in this match! That briefcase belongs to me by DEFAULT WHEN I ENTERED THIS MATCH! YOU DON'T FUCKING DARE SAY TO ME THAT I HAVE NO LEGITIMATE CHANCES OF WINNING! YOU DON'T HAVE NO CHANCES, THE DAY YOU WERE BORN YOU HAD NO CHANCE AT LIFE AND NO MATTER WHAT GLIMMER OR SPURTS OF SUCCESS YOU MAY GET IN YOUR SAD FUCKING LIFE! IT WILL ONLY BE FOLLOWED BY MISERY EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME BECAUSE THERE'S A BLACK CLOUD OVER YOU REX! It's telling you that you can't fly so high like a bird thinking that there's nothing that could hold you back from anything. I'm going to dispel the silly notions of "If you put your heart and your mind to it, nothing is impossible" NEWS FLASH! THE THING IS THAT THERE ARE THINGS YOU CAN'T NOT DO AND THINGS YOU CAN'T AVOID AND ME AND THIS MATCH ARE THOSE THINGS BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW YOU LOWLY BASTARDS TRY THE END RESULT WILL BE THE FUCKING SAME BECAUSE I WILL STILL BE THE MAN THAT WALKS OUT OF PAIN FOR PRIDE AS MR. CASH IN THE VAULT!!! And after this is all said and done Rex, people are going to start asking the questions and minds will start to turn what has become of the shining light in the world that's shrouded by darkness, the man who has been symbol of hope among the hopeless idiots that scour this world that has nothing going for them!? They will start to begin thinking that you were nothing more than a fraud, a liar, or simply put you have followed the status quo of guys who weren't just good enough. The story goes on when the strong, the rich and the powerful will ALWAYS oppress the weak! I will show the people that has placed their faith in YOU to show that it doesn't matter how hard you have worked in your life the result will always be the same and that you can't outrun destiny, you can't prevent a star like me from obtaining a prize that's regarded extremely among men who would only burn if they are even inches away from it! I'm the chosen one who is meant to be in this match who is meant to win it all and by the grace of ANGELO ALMIGHTY I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE SURE THAT THE OUTCOME THAT I ENVISION BE REALIZED! The sad yet amusing thing out of all of this is that you along with everyone else in this match still has this optimism and hope within you and it will be greatly satisfying when I crush those hopes and dreams while mine will become a reality. You're fighting a meaningless war, you should just swallow your pride and move on because I'm sure there will be more opportunities for you down the line if you don't squander them. BUT THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY MATCH AND PAIN FOR PRIDE WILL BE MY NIGHT AND I WILL STEAL THE SHOW AND EVERYONE WILL REMEMBER THAT PAIN FOR PRIDE WILL BE THE DAY THAT ANGELO, THE BLACK PRINCE HAS ARRIVED! On top of that whomever the World Champions are I would keep my head on a swivel because like my new theme song suggest that you will hear for the first time when I make my grand entrance at Pain For Pride that you'll never see me coming and you won't see me closing in. 

I Win.

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Times are a'tickin', in a way or rather pace that nobody could have predicted them amounting to. No futurist, voodoo master or revered augur could have foretold tensions to reach a climax of the nature that is at hand right this second, so close to the biggest spectacle of all time no less. A healthy menu of matchups, pitting a plethora of the company's best against one another, has been sealed and awaiting delivery. A delivery that all the names announced for PFP are clamoring to seize the most of in hopes of forging out of the big event the stepping stone needed to either cement a legacy of gold for themselves or keep expanding the horizons of their already established one. I belong to the former selection, an assemblage of individuals spearheaded by their apparent youth yet fueled by their untapped tenacity. The men and women who through all the trials and tribulations still pushed on to reach this pivotal point in their careers. To put matters into perspective, say you snatched a time machine of sorts and went back to October of last year — the very month that I made my debut in — to hatch a statement that questioned my chances of ever making it to Pain for Pride 9; the fairly green Carson Ramsay of that time would have brushed past you like a ghost in the dark. Or say you took it back to March of THIS year — more specifically the very day that I won my Pure Championship on — and tried to inquire about the same idea; the slightly more polished Carson Ramsay would have brushed past you as well, just not without pouring a can of America's finest profanity juice over your cranium.Yet here I am, PFP bound and with that same championship still dangling from my shoulder; rubbing it all in the face of my insecure past self. My name atop the cards didn't come with ease though, which is kind of funny. I caught a glimpse of a huge billboard in downtown Miami two days ago with my face on it and instead of feeling, I guess privileged, all that emanated from my lips was a chain of inconsistent chuckles. Chuckles of disbelief, to put it perfectly. Seven years ago, I made a living off of the worst means to make a living from; thievery, fraud, distribution and occasional consumption of illegal material just to survive in the murkiest streets of Turkey. Even though I've long cleaned up my act and still bear a ton of regret for harming people upon the practice of those deeds to this very day, the practice itself is something that I'll never succumb to lamenting. When I was still a kid, I slip into the teacher's uniform to tutor myself about the norm of this life. Simply put, it's a jungle where the mightiest preys on the frail. Forget the whole civilization propaganda that the news industry tries to shove down our throats, we're equal to our brainless counterparts and us relishing the luxury of having a brain renders us the weaker breed, if anything. But I digress. I guess one could argue that I haven't fully adjusted to having the limelight shine on me all the time. After all, darkness isn't an easy companion to get rid of.

Howbeit, nothing is impossible. I made it this far, haven't I? So the arduous part of the transition is already in the books. It just so happens that my book still contains a good chunk of empty pages, one of which is fittingly adorned with gilt just waiting for ink to fill its space. And I don't think it's a coincidence for me to be aware of that just a day before Pain for Pride commences. With that said, where is Starr Stan? For the last couple of days I have pondered that question and abused all the possible answers to it, but to no avail. Preparations are vital, I get that, especially when they are your last. But still silence doesn't do your standpoint any good, Starr. I honestly hope that I didn't strike a nerve in you or something along those lines, especially after what I had to say in response to the one and only time you've talked about our match all week. Disrespect was never an intention because I went on record several times before and expressed the reverence that I have for the illustrious tenure that you have devised for yourself and maintained within the doors of this company for the last, what, eight years? I can never divest you of your staggering list of accomplishments, nobody can. Gold Medalist, two-time EAW Champion, two-time Answers World Champion not to mention Hall of Famer. You've reached for the brass ring and made it your OWN, that alone evokes my utmost respect and admiration. It only makes sense for you to hang up those boots now, you have nothing else to achieve. Granted, the foul taste of leaving the business that you love so much will probably be adhered to your tongue for a while but hey! It's not your first rodeo at least. I mean, you packed— I'm sorry, Devan Dubian sent you packing your bags and heading home a little under a year ago. From there I believe you picked to invest in a route that differed from the only one you could actually be successful on; venture capital and all that stock market jazz, right? Sucks it didn't pan out in the long run, or else you wouldn't have been thrown the bone to hop back on the wagon only to willingly be thrust off of it AGAIN at EAW's proudest creation. But who am I to judge, right? I'm just the place filler, the rag doll that the almighty Starr Stan chose to end his legendary stint by toying with me only to connect that Olympic Slam and leave PFP and the business altogether with MY Pure title. I might be a lot of things, but a lab rat isn't one of them; something I'm sure Stan deep down recognizes. I'm the most relentless, irrefrangible and tenacious son of a bitch you'll ever get to meet; whether it was in or outside those three ropes. The Elite in Elite Answers Wrestling is gonna' be experiencing the ring treatment at Pain for Pride because just like Diamond Cage, I will beat Starr Stan at his own game and JUST like Dubian, I'm gonna send you back to Philly. The only difference lies in the fact that Dubian didn't beat you in your last match; I, on the other hand, will.
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Pain for Pride #4
Just a day before Pain for Pride is scheduled to begin, Cailin Dillon turns on her cell phone camera after a session in the gym and lets out a few hard breaths before managing a smile.
Well, here we are on Pain for Pride-eve, and I guess it’s time that I really address the elephant in the room. Well, the elephants really. Everyone is looking at my team, seeing both Stephanie and Tarah there and for some reason doubting I have what it takes to even fight them at all if and when it comes to that point. Listen, I get what y’all are trying to get at. Triple Threat was crazy, and I didn’t really do anything to either one. Instead, I took myself and Haruna out of the match with one wild move. But I back down to no one, and that has always been the case. Whether that person is a walking Hall of Famer just waiting to be enshrined or the next Becky that walks off the street and signs an EAW contract. You want to fight me, I will fight you. You place a challenge in front of me and I will fight with all the intensity every damn match deserves. And now opponents want to label me soft and say I’m dodging them? Funny story. And a champion who tells me I can’t possibly want something as much as she wants it? Nice try.
We’re great friends Tarah and that will never change in my book. You see it otherwise because I’m going to take what you call yours? Fine. But if you think your desire to hold on to what you’ve earned is deeper than what I have to offer than you’re crazy. You’re concerned with holding on to your throne and proving that you’re still the leader of everyone. You say you worked five hard months to get back to the point of being a champion. Well I’m sorry you walked away from it in the first place. Don’t think there’s a single person in that Vixens locker room who watched you drop the Vixen’s title to Madison and thought it was anything more than you walking out that door and turning your back on this very group you led. And in your absence, somebody had to step up. Eris tried to do it, so she kicked Madison’s ass and took that Vixens title for her own. But when they designed a new Vixens title and people questioned it and mocked, only a real leader could win that title, put the whole division on her back and create something that Vixens and Elitists alike though about holding. You know this to be true. When you came back to this company after a short break, you were excited at the prospect of fighting alongside me with girl who was receiving so much buzz. You might have waited five months to get back to where you thought you belonged and went through grueling tasks to get to this point, but my tasks were just as grueling from Day 1, while I was the Specialist’s Champion. They told me prove that title is worth a damn and beat the Vixen’s Champion, or shut your mouth and fall to the back of the line. Done! And as soon as Eris tapped her hand across the mat, this whole company let out a resounding, “oh shit!” They knew this bitch right here, she was for real. It wasn’t just that I beat Eris that week, it was that I defended my title twice and beat the Vixen’s Champion in six days. They said let’s throw even more challengers at her. She can’t seem to beat Hexa-gun, but let’s see if she can beat Heart Break Gal one-on-one. If she does, she can help dispel a ruthless faction of Extremists. If not, she can feel responsible for them ruining the whole company. Done! I achieved that loft goal, too. The thing in common each time? I was the underdog. No one expected a damn thing from me. No one, but me. Not really. Yeah there were people in my corner wishing me luck and saying I could do. But they were all looking at those challenges and whispering in their circles. And that’s fine. I’m fine paying the underdog role. I’m just fine being the spoiler to someone else’s perfectly good night. Even if that means a best friend. Because for the five months you waited to become a champion again, my two months without out have felt like a slow, monotonous eternity of crap. And it’s only driven me to become this harder, better, faster and stronger version of the person you’ve all seen me to be before. JJ Silva received a glimpse of this just this past Sunday. He tried to stand over me, high and mighty, paint me as this heartless person who ruined the best months of his life. And then he attempted to put his thumb over me and push me into the ground. When it came to the ring, all his talk amounted to was a pile of shit, swept up in a bucket and placed to the side. When I let my boot do the talking, he shut his mouth and closed his eyes. It only took three seconds to remind him that I’m not some chump. And I’m not saying you think I’m a chump, Tarah, just that I know you place me beneath you at every turn. We’re friends, but you are a certain kind of bitch when it comes to fighting in the ring. You need to know that I can be an even worse kind of bitch if I need to be. I want to win, you want to win, so I probably need to. And I don’t need to hurl insults from the sidelines about you being a whore because you’ve been with a couple guys. What the fuck ever. Who cares. If you let one second of your personal life cause you to be less than yourself in the ring, move on from what’s holding you back or retire. What I’m going to do is show you exactly what HBG and Eris learned. There’s a certain mode of bitch that Cailin Dillin can flip on when she needs to. It’s more stubborn than usual, it’s more hardened than you’ve ever seen before and it will haunt your dreams when you come look back on what went wrong. Maybe that’s why our nicknames are just so perfect. You’re Harley Quinn because you’re crazy and weird and unpredictable. But me, I’m lethal. I’m even more of a killer than you can believe from up there on your throne. I’m the ultimate predator and just when you think you’ve averted the disaster, I strike anyway. That’s your preview for Pain for Pride baby girl. You’ll think you have this in the bag when you see me fighting for your title. Don’t think I don’t know how cocky you are. You know I’m just as confident. And in that moment is when it will all slip away. Funny… a clock reference. I think that’s exactly how I counted down the existence of Hexa-Gun to HBG. That ticking will be ringing through your ears come the end of this weekend. Because your time as champion is over. It’s out of time. All we have in this arena are threats. And nothing you have said to me has been anything other than cock banter and the same. What I’m saying to you, these aren’t threats. They’re promises. I’m going to do exactly what I say. And this will be the last time you laugh me off like some little sister that you’re trying to put into her place. It will be the last time you treat me as something other than an equal. Or maybe you can’t see it that way. Maybe the only way this friendship will ever work for you is if I sit in the backseat with my mouth shut. I’m a woman of action, Tarah. You want to prove to me that I’m wrong, go ahead and try. I’ll prove I’m right to you, to myself and to the entire world. I never expected you to give up the title. I just planned on taking it. That’s how this works. I take what I want. Maybe for my second time as champion I shouldn’t be so nice. I know one thing is for sure. I won’t be forgiving at all. I’ll be nothing less than pure poison.
But you Stephanie, I don’t understand a single move you’re making anymore. I see motivation out of you that I haven’t seen in weeks, yet I see it going all the wrong way. Maybe you were the first one really inflicted with my poison and you just didn’t realize it. Don’t you realize it yet, you’ve let me control so many actions you’ve made since you won that title. You became a champion for the first time in your career here, and a big portion of your focus became worry about my feelings. I made you feel bad every step of the way. I attacked you in a cerebral way you never expected, that you apparently didn’t think I could ever be capable of. And look at you now? You’re low and writing pitiful ballads and staking your claim at revenge like it’s some forgone conclusion that you’re going to rise to the top of this match and take back that title. And you’ve done so by losing everything about your character. You were Cloud, and then you let Haruna and Mexican Samurai reduce you to just Stephanie, and then you tried to play nice only to get played to where you hit the mode of last resort. You’re taking advice from Eclipse Diemos on how to revitalize your career. I think you’ve been totally mindfucked from the moment you won that Grand Rampage match. Because look at you right now, Steph… you’re taking advice from a man you, Aria and I completely destroyed just a few weeks ago. Where’s the strategy there? You think he somehow helps you learn the challenge your anger in a way that you can take all your enemies out like you’ve developed some sort of hitlist? Ok then, Haruna Jr. At least she was original when she took the path of righting the wrongs that were done against her. Except you don’t get it. You were the one who did Haruna wrong and turned her against you. Now you’ve turned every other friend you had against you. Now you’ve tried to become a loner who does it all on her own, when I know you aren’t capable of that. This is a long con that dates back long ago. Don’t get me wrong, I like Aria a lot, and I loved you, but The Formation was really your baby all along. You just got some people to agree to it with you. But I never needed that group along the way. And either did Aria. Everything we did was done on our own. There’s a reason Aria and I were chosen to fight in that Tag Team Warfare match against Hexa-gun and you were picked to sit on the sidelines and feud into the sunset with Haruna. The moment you were booked to defend your title in a match that featured me and Haruna and Tarah, you were destined to lose. And don’t worry, this doesn’t just exclusively fall on you. That’s just part of a great over-arching plan that ends with me exactly where I belong. This whole time since I lost the Specialist’s Championship, I’ve still been playing my cards exactly the way I needed to. I’ve been chipping away and taking little portions of the pot each and every time I could. And now I’m right here about to push it all-in the middle with a royal flush. That’s an unbeatable hand baby girl. I hope when we finish this match Eclipse and the boys will have a nice padded room warmed up for you in the back, or a session of shock therapy, whatever it is that you truly need. The poison already infected you deep into your veins and got to you mentally. Now it’s about to tear you apart from the outside, too. Now it’s about to destroy you completely.
Both dear Erica and Azumi will be helpful additions to a team that was destined to fight for the chance that could occur at the end of this match. We could lose soldiers along the way, as we chip away at the group of JJ Silva, Piff Fumador, Lucas Johnson, the drunken Venom and his friend Haruna Sakazaki. But this battle of attrition must first be won by a team. We have a ready-to-go team within are solid team in Shinsei Domei. Even if Azumi is doing strange things with Stephanie’s trainer. Listen, hunny, take a look at what that got Stephanie. A really short reign as champion. Best train up and go for something bigger. Oh, and might as well get past Erica eventually, too. The student can only let herself be below the teacher for so long. Don’t let her control you too long. I know none of us are going to let team New Breed control this match for long at all. Are they a threat? Sure. But nearly the entire team has shown one thing consistently this week. They just can’t match the intensity and ferocity that we will bring to this match. Those guys don’t quite understand what only Haruna can tell them. We might be five women, but we’re five women who will kick their asses without another thought. We’re five women who don’t care if JJ Silva walks of this match as the New Breed champion because his team lost. We will win this match because we are Vixens and we are better. Point. Blank. Period. And then when it comes down to the end of the match, there can only be one of us. It could be the Leader of the Vixens or the Sanatorium’s new plaything or even one of these members from Shinsei Domei. But it won’t be. In the end it can only be one and it will only be one, and that’s me. I have played this all perfectly for so long and not a single one of you has figured it out. That’s just it. Poison doesn’t always work fast. Sometimes it sets in at a gradual pace and works its way up. But in my case, the poison is always lethal and it’s just been building up to this moment. There can only be one spotlight at the end of our match, and I have no problems stealing it from every single person in this match. I will walk into Pain for Pride as a teammate and a challenger, and I will walk out as a second-time Specialist’s Champion. That’s just how Poison Ivy works ladies. That’s just what Cailin Dillon does.
Cailin lets out a laugh and blows a kiss to the camera before turning it off.
J.D. Damon
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“Liam… Liam… Liam… Listen, asshole, I have heard the same old bullshit spew out of your suck hole numerous times before. Quite frankly, I am getting sick and tired of hearing the same old shit from you. It is almost like I am sitting in a dimly lit room listening to a broken record over and over and over and… well, you get the idea. It would be different if I was facing the Liam Catterson from three or four years ago; the Liam that actually meant something to the world of professional wrestling. Instead, we all are stuck with this watered down version of the former Answers World Champion. A watered down version who is desperately trying to get back to his former glory. Well, here’s some BREAKING NEWS for you, Liam – IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! As long as I am still around, there is no way in hell you will get anywhere near where you once were. You talked a lot about ‘failure’ during your last little bitch session. Failure, eh? That’s not a term that is in my vocabulary, Liam, because J.D. Damon does not fail. Things may not go my way, but fail? Fuck no. You on the other hand, my retarded friend, should know all too well about failing. It’s something that you do on an everyday basis. It’s something that you are very well at doing. And it is exactly what you will do at Pain for Pride. You will fail, whether you like it or not.”
“Nobi, please explain to me why you are even attempting to stay relevant in this match? Take five minutes out of your time and glance over the list of participants you are going up against in this match. Do you see the names? Do you realize who you are dealing with? Okay, maybe, the majority of the names on the list don’t mean jack fucking shit, but one name – and name only – on the list should send fear through your body. The name J… D… Damon. Ever since our fearless leader Ashten Cross named me as one of the participants in this year’s 24/7 Battle Royal, it made everyone else’s chances of winning this damn thing that much less. Like I have said before, you are merely just a filler in this match; a body to be disposed of courtesy of moi. You don’t like it? That’s fine, I don’t expect you to like the eventual outcome of the match, but it is something that you will have to learn to live with. Simple as that.”
“Nico Borg, Brother Nico, is someone who I have yet to even mention during my little rants. He is also someone who has been annoying the living piss out of me; being forced to listen to him shoving his religious views down out fucking throats. Why don’t you do us all a huge favor, Nico, and preach your religious bullshit to others who actually want to listen. You can blab on about me more righteous than all of us, and being holier than thou, but in the end it’s not going to be me being thrown over the top rope down to the cold, hard concrete floor below. It’s going to be you, my friend. You are correct about one thing, though, The Kingdom has most certainly come, but it isn’t a kingdom involving you. You see, once I fulfill my destiny of winning this entire Battle Royal, we will all be living in a Kingdom revolved around your new Lord and Savior, J.D. Damon. And at that point, not even Jesus Christ himself can save your ass.”
“Terry Chambers, listen to me right now and listen very closely, big guy – DO. NOT. FUCK. WITH. ME. I may have helped your big, tattooed ass with a couple of favors and I even decided to be nice to you and team up with you during a recent Six-Man Tag Team match, but do not think for one millisecond that I will not hesitate to dispose of you during this match. Do not take my kindness for weakness, Terry. You, Beretta, and myself all have the same king of views when dealing with the rejects that inhabit this promotion, but this weekend at Pain for Pride when we all stand inside that squared circle, all of our little ‘business deals’ are going to be temporarily put on hold. I want to win this match more than anything, and I don’t care if it is my own parents standing inside of that ring, I will do whatever it takes to make sure I walk out victorious. Just please, listen to me for once, and stay away from me.”

“It is my DESTINY to walk out of Pain for Pride Nine with a huge win under my belt. It’s just not something that I want – it is something that I NEED! I need to win this match. I need to win that 24/7 contract, and I need to finally shut you rejects up for good. Gentlemen, and ladies, please take a page out of Brother Nico’s book and pray to whatever supreme being that you believe in that the monster that is J.D. Damon shows at least a little mercy on your souls.”
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Pain for Pride

[The camera fades into darkness and a female’s voice is heard talking with a fear and worry in her voice. By assumption, this voice is Cameron Ella Ava’s, but since the room is pitch black, it’s kind of hard to put the face to the voice.]

Dear Diary,

I think I’m scared now. I’m scared for what I have to endure in about twenty-four hours. There is no way. There is no way at all that I can defeat Jamie O’ Hara. Jamie is a former World Champion and it worries me so. I’m scared that he has a chance of putting a stop to my tracks. I think he has a chance of hurting more than he hurt Demon. I know, I tell myself that I’m not afraid, but I should stop living in the denial and finally admit that I am not as strong as I think. I am not as good as I think. I am not ready. I am not ready to enter a match, where my career will be shortened. I’m just not ready. I need more time. I need more preparation. Perhaps, I need to win a World Championship, so I don’t seem like a loser. Then, I can use that World Championship reign to back up any of my claims knowing that I am getting slaughter by Jamie O’ Hara’s words. You know what, Diary? I need to become a one-hit wonder, typical Cash in the Vault winner, who fucks up a cash in and somehow and I do mean SOMEHOW is seem good enough in the main event picture. I know, that I don’t have what it takes to make it into the main event picture. Just like Jamie said—I’m not good enough. I’m not strong enough and apparently, I’m not good looking enough because I don’t have some cheap ass fauxhawk hair cut that a three-year-old did for him. Perhaps, Pain for Pride can wait. Maybe, next year! I sure as hell will be ready by next year and besides, it gives me a TON of time to be a World Championship and prove to myself that I can do it…I can do it… I CAN DO IT—

???: Cameron, why are the lights off here?

[Cameron Ella Ava is shown in her silver crystal evening gown in which she selected for the EAW Hall of Fame Ceremony. Her identical twin sister, Consuela Rose, who was wearing a golden mermaid-shaped dress, looked at Cameron, almost like she should be worried. Cameron had the lights off in her hotel room as she wrote on a journal, she never used before—until now.]

Consuela: Should I be worried?

Cameron: I was in a middle of cutting a promo.

Consuela: And, you happened to need the door shut and lights off?

Cameron: I was trying to make fun of the way Jamie believes I should be about twenty-four hours until Pain for Pride. You see, Jamie O’ Hara tries to make me doubt myself. Jamie tries to play off that since he’s been a World Champion before that it somewhat makes him better than me? Bullshit. I call that bullshit. I get that being a World Champion is something prestigious in EAW. It means, that you’re on top of the world, but the problem with Jamie is that he was on top of the world. He no longer is because he let go of that spot. He let go of that top dog position and look where he is now? He’s where I am right now. He is in desperate need of a victory because if he doesn’t manage to defeat me tomorrow night, he’s going to be stuck leeching off another established Elitists or even a Vixen, trying to see if he has it within him to defeat them. I get that Jamie is trying to build himself after almost reaching Turbo level of the totem pole. I get that it must feel very shitty to be in the position we’re in at the moment, but he needs to remember that he is facing me? I’ve faced better men than Jamie O’ Hara. I’ve faced World Champions before and I’ve conquered them. The thing with facing me is that you’re never the same after it’s all said and done. It’s almost like you’re a changed person. In some case, you don’t even feel like yourself again. That is what Jamie is going to be getting himself into when I defeat him tomorrow night. He’s just like me in some way—he has no glory to bask. He only has former glory to commemorate. All he has are those wonderful flashbacks of 2015. He’s got the one where he won Cash in the Vault. He has the one where he managed to defeat Xavier Williams for the EAW Championship. He has those accomplishments to look back at. Sure, I got my accomplishments than him, but I want more. I want it all. I want the World Championship and I want the company in the palm of my hand. That is what I am fighting for at Pain for Pride. I want more than a victory. I want a clear path to success and with Jamie out of the way, I’ll be able to get that.  Jamie has done wrong by thinking that he can be on that same journey to become a World Champion? Oh please, not if I can get there first. He’s not the only one with a bag full of tricks and surprises. It’s Pain for Pride. You need up the ante if you want to come out on top. There’s not much I can say how I’ll be able to up the ante because everyone will view that enough tomorrow night. Jamie will be up close and person to how high I upped my game and he’s going to be in trouble.

It kind of sucks that we’re both trying to get the same thing out of the match. We want to win; we both want to continue the path to be champion. We both want to have the company in our hands. It’s horrible that it has to come down to this, but I’ve got no problem at all to fight for what I want. Am I unhinged? Well Jamie, I can if I want too. Do I need to be unhinged to come out a winner? Do I need to be unhinged to not feel any pain or remorse when it involves your aching body? If unhinged is what you think I’m becoming, then I welcome it. I welcome it with open arms. I’m not afraid to become the monster that I am in important matches like this. It’s quite insane that I’m feeling so invested in this match. It’s insane that it’s not a World Championship match, yet I have the feeling to defeat you and treat this victory like I won the World Championship. I don’t think you realize how important this match is to the both of us or maybe you have, but I feel like I should acknowledge it a little more. As this match may seem like there is no prize on the line, but this win tomorrow night is probably one of the most important wins in 2016 so far. We have both been busting our asses every night. We both have put on bodies on the line and to get this victory, it seems like everything in our little universe will go back to being normal? What is normal to me? It’s me above you. It’s me taking my place on top of EAW as I look down at the sad and petty talent. One of them being you, Jamie. Jamie, defeating you isn’t something that I only see in a dream. Defeating you is that one dreams of mine which is going to come alive tomorrow night. Sure, you may think of it as one of my cute little aspirations and goals, but when I dream, I dream big. I dreamed of being Vixens Champion. I did that twice. I dreamed of becoming in the Hall of Fame. I did that. I dreamed of a being one of the first females to hold a championship. I did that with the Interwire Championship. You see. I dreamed and I did something about it. There was no way that I was going to dream and not make it come true. The dreams I have are not meant to be happy thoughts to keep me sane. My dreams are not something to reflect only at night. My dreams are visions that have become a reality. Jamie, how about you go back to fantasizing about you become a World Champion. How about you snuggle up to your pillow tonight and instead of counting sheep, how about you count how many times my fist will connect to your face? I promise you, you’ll fall asleep right away.

Don’t call me a puppet. Do you think that I look like a puppet? Am I like the rest of the good boys and girls in EAW who listen and obey to authority? Do I look like someone that smiles and nods as you cut a promo? No, I’m always looking for my next material. I am always looking for the one thing that is going to be useful for me to use against you. You’re no puppeteer, Jamie. Not even by a little bit. It’s so adorable that you think that you’re control me; that you have me wrapped around your finger. You think that you’re putting on some show? You think that I am going to do as you say? Think again, I’m not going to do whatever you want me to do, Jamie. Does it look like I let a man control me? If I did just that, I’d probably still be in a relationship with who knows who, being told what to do and what to say. In less than twenty-four hours, that bell is going to ring and we are going to clash in the ring. We’re both are going to give it our all, but only one of us is going to win. Can you feel the excitement? Can you feel the anticipation? Can you feel that punch connecting towards your face? Not yet? Well, you will. You may think that you have managed to get under my skin. You think that you’re on my mind because you’re haunting me? YOU THINK THAT YOU HAVE ME ALREADY DEFEATED? DO NOT MAKE ME LAUGH, JAMIE! Don’t jinx yourself like you did with your matches against Lannister and Aren Mstislav. Don’t overestimate yourself again! Do you remember me telling you that you shouldn’t get yourself over confident? Do you know what happens when you get over confident? YOU LOSE. I’m sensing a pattern here with you, Jamie. You’re being VERY over confident with me! YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE BEFORE YOU EVEN STEP INTO THE RING! I don’t need to sound confident, but bitch, I’M ALWAYS CONFIDENT! I always know that I am going to be the best the minute I step foot into the ring. Jamie, I am going to make you regret not stepping out of the hole months ago. I am going to make you regret that you made yourself look like an easy target to get a cheap victory. You’re going to regret making yourself look like a loser in front of the EAW Universe. Honestly, you should thank me for giving you a purpose again. You should be THANKING ALL OF GODS from Mr. DEDEDE to Mikado Sekaiichi that you have a match at Pain for Pride because there was no way that you were going to enter Cash in the Vault. Hell, you weren’t going to be qualified to enter the 24/7 Battle Royal! God bless “The Goddess”, Cameron Ella Ava. Always so caring. Always thinking about the people less worthy than her! Always thinking about herself, but not with Pain Pride matches because she did Jamie O’ Hara a favor! Jamie, if you want to be in social media hash tagging words. Hashtag this:


Consuela: Based Cameron?

Cameron: It’s the only thing that I can think of. Now come on! [She grabs her silver clutch from the coffee table.] Sheridan is going to be waiting for us in the lobby!

Consuela: Where’s Demon going to be at?

Cameron: He’s probably talking to Zack Crash before he finds his seat. We’ll find him then.

[Camera fades to black, ending the segment.]
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Hush little babies, just be quiet, don’t cry.

Maero, I want to ask you something, did I make the little Oz cry? Anyway, did you just ask me how would Butchers make a living? What are you, 5 years old? Butchers make a living by selling their own meats to the market. How you don’t know about that when you want to open a butcher business? Is it because every other market owners doesn’t want to sell your awful meats? Geez, you have got a lot to learn son. If you have enough time to address your opponents in front of camera, just go back to your training kid. You are embrassing yourself everytime you speak.

Liam Catterson, I listen to every your words and everytime I hear it, it’s just full of hot air. I’m overconfident, that is a fact. But do I like to underestimate my opponents? No. I take you and every dummies in this match seriously, not because you are a former World champion, but because what this match has in the store:24/7 contract. You’re not special, you don’t get a special threatment, you are as equals as other dummies, but I’d be lying if I can take you out easily. That’s not your case though. Your arrogance and ignorance will lead you to your own demise. You think I won’t be remembered when I quit from this company? Then watch me when I become the last man standing in this match and cashing my contract to become a World Champion soon.

Christian Locke, I accept your apology, and I apologize in advance when I become the winner of this Battle Royal match crushing your hopes and dreams in the proccess. Please tell me how I throw random words when you can’t even answered my question? It’s because you know as well as I do that you’re not prepared enough to win this match when you got hurt and thrown into the floor. You are willing to win this match by any means neccessary but you know as well as I do that you can’t get the job done when you have some pains in your little body. I don’t really care if you are a man, a woman, a child, or a dummy but I just won’t let you or anybody else to win this match because this is my time to shine. I’ll tell you why I want to win this match more than everybody else does. It’s because I have wasted the opportunities I got. I wasted my opportunity to become the Pure Champion, I wasted my opportunity to be a Grand Rampage’s participant, I wasted my opportunity to become the Young Lion Cup holder. I know how does it feel to be a loser, to be a failure,  but it doesn’t make me give up to accomplish something in this company. I take it personally as a motivation to win this battle royal match. You can laugh at me all you want Locke, but the fact is you have never been in the same position as I am. Call this Battle Royal match a free ticket if you will, I don’t even care if HRDO believe in me or not, but the fact is I’m in this match and I’m here to win it, and there’s nothing you can do about it Locke. Go ahead and be pissed off as much as you want. You said yourself your patience is wearing thin. It will cost your chances to win this match. I know it very well because you are relying yourself to your high-flying skills, and just like an angry pilot who won’t be able to operate his plane, you won’t be able to execute your high-flying moves in this match either. You don't want your Pain For Pride moment after all.

Nico Borg, how long does it take for you to Pray in Church to find some inspiration to counter my argument? When I look into your eyes, I know you are desperated. I agree I won’t be able to look you straight in the face again when you got eliminated in this Battle Royal match. Go ahead and try to body slam me as much as you want little man, I’m looking forward how your 196 pounds body try to body slam my 230 pounds body. I’d love to see if you still have other tactics inside your stupid head though, but I dare you, I’ll always figure out how to anticipate them until I realize I can’t look you straight in the face again when I throw you out of the ring.

Nathan Fiora, it’s good you are prepare enough for this match when you watch me celebrating my victory in the ramp entrance.

Just be prepared dummies, at Pain For Pride, you all will realize that I’m the winner of this 24/7 Battle Royal Match this year.

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Nico Borg - PFP Promo 6

24/7: VI...

The enemy said,
‘I will pursue, I will overtake,
I will divide the spoil,
My lust shall have its fill of them.’
But thou didst blow with thy wind;
The sea covered them;
They sank as lead in the mighty waters

Exodus 15: 9-10

I appear to be a popular man. Over the past week I have tried my best to impart some blessed wisdom to  my adversaries, alas I have not had all the time I would have desired to address you all properly. This particularly goes for Nobi. But also for Maero and as it seems by extension his ward, Oz. Patience is a virtue, brothers. I have said this already, but I will not repeat that sermon, for there is still work to be done. The task now is something along the lines of completing the circle. I of course have some long awaited observations to make with respect to Nobi and Maero. But the main purpose of this sermon is to complete this list I have been laying out concerning the seven cardinal sins. Yet to be discussed we have Lust, the least and most carnal among them. This then leads us swiftly to the defining vice on display tomorrow. Pride, the most severe and most spiritually destructive. Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. How fitting.

You know, looking back what most saddens me going into this contest are the questions posed to me by the little one, Oz. No doubt, my child, you have only been put up to this at the whims of your so-called ‘guardian’. Nevertheless, you both could probably do with hearing these questions answered. In fact it is an absolute must that the whole world seek to understand. You ask why children are born to abusive families. You ask why people starve in Africa. It is just the same old question of evil. It has been around for time immemorial. Why is there evil in this world? My dear child, the world IS evil. From the bottom to the top. From the start to its finish. It was designed to be this way. It was never meant to be heaven. It is a test. All that is earthly, carnal and perishable is soaked in sin, only spiritual things are pure. There are many among ye who choose not to pursue the righteous and the spiritual, but to Lust after worldly sins. Lust for Sex, Lust for money, Lust for power. Lust is an impulse which turns us from the righteous path and leads men to give things of this sick world excessive veneration. Maero, do you want to know why Jesus hasn’t fixed all your problems? As it is written, he came not to bring peace, but to bring the sword. As do I. I am not here to save you in any conventional, secular sense. I am here to break you. I am here to shatter all your perverse desires the way a ship shatters when it hits the rocks. I will drive you so deep into the foxhole that you shall know that no fruit of this earth will ever be worth the price of God’s righteous fury. That you may repent and prepare for the life hereafter.

Now Nobi,you have been waiting longest of all for an answer. Do not despair, I have not been ignoring you. You have gotten what you wished for. That said, I’m really not sure what question you wanted answering. I know there was a compliment in there somewhere. Oh yes. I am quote-unquote “born for success”. Thank you, I quite agree. You ruined it slightly with the “I don’t think it's your time yet”, but I must agree with you again on the caveat that you are not a fortune teller. Perhaps that sour note was actually all for the best, Nobi. You have not failed to continue dropping my name is hopes of receiving this reply. While I am rather flattered, I fear your infatuation with me goes well in excess of proper esteem. You must know I cannot condone that? Well then. Look at me. Take a good look. Look right into my eyes because you won’t get another chance. When I am done with you, you won’t be able to look me straight in the face again. Much less pine on and on to hear my voice. I’m going to slam you so hard into the back of your closet, you’re going to wake up in Narnia. Maybe then you’ll repent for your grotesque thoughts.

With that out of the way, allow me to round up. I have numbered each of the past six days with a sin  for which my adversaries in the 24/7 Battle Royal must be punished. On the seventh day this list culminates in the greatest of all sins...PRIDE. How fitting. Tomorrow, Pain for Pride marks the day when, more than ever, the most wretched sinners crowd into the spotlight representing nothing more than their own selfish Pride. How lamentable that the grandest stage in wrestling should given up to this, the most dire of all sins. Where the others may distract a man from the spiritual light of the Lord. Pride is different. Pride is the most despicable form of self idolatry. The proud man is a blasphemer who casts himself as the source of good and righteousness. When I meet my opponents, I will not stand equally proud and deluded. Nor shall I play the part of its opposites, love and kindness. No. I will be penance. I will be Pain. I will be the cost of their Pride and the mechanism of their undoing. And when their bodies are broken, and cries for mercy fill the air, then I shall stand alone holding the 24/7 contract. With that an era ends. EAW Season 10 will come to be known as Anno Domini, the year of our Lord. For all will know that The Kingdom has come.

Number your days
The Consigliere
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Holy fucking shit, is this some kind of revelation to you, Aria? You see a child crying his eyes out and you think to yourself "He must be sad", while calling yourself a mind-reader for it. You watch a man walk down the street with a big smile on his face, and then you conclude that he must be having a good day, and then pat yourself on the back cause you have him figured out! Oh lord, Aria Jaxon is so philosophical because she scanned through pages of inspirational books and read "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul", and already she believes she has the world in the palm of her hands and she can walk in people's minds like it's second nature. Bravo, Aria Jaxon! I didn't realize how fucking mature you are, and that you have all the wisdom to discern what everyone is going through! I don't know what I would have done without you! No shit, I'm fucking frustrated. No shit, I'm enraged. It's no fucking secret, you stupid cunt. I have always been transparent about my feelings and even with the whirlwind of emotions that I've been going through lately, it's just understandable, because I'm a public figure that's hated by some and respected by millions. I am always seen on TV as one of the bests to ever step in the wrestling ring in any division! People criticize me for the way I talk, the way I eat, the way I dress, and they criticize me for something so little like the way I flip my hair. If I hear something funny, like this very instance for example when you're trying your damnedest to figure out how my mind works when I've always had clear intentions to begin with, I laugh for the reason that you think that you're this big bad lady who has a masters degree in Psychology when in truth, she is too fucking dumb and mentally impaired to even have anything remotely close to a college degree. It's not rocket science, Aria Jaxon, it's just the way I am. I need to keep myself in check so I don't do anything reckless that would cost me this opportunity which is plain to see I've squandered the first time. I have to keep my head up and give my best in this match because if I lost the first time, and I lose the second time, then what the fuck am I even doing here? I might as well drink fucking bleach and end it all now. I might as well dye my hair pink and act like a complete dumbass like you, since that's obviously getting someone further in this godforsaken company, and in all honesty, it's a scenario worse than death. I might as well wrap a noose around my neck because the only thing I love to do, I can't even do right. I lost to you, and everyone saw that, and it's not exactly something I deny. At Triple Threat, you pulled a fast one and called it a legitimate win. At Triple Threat, your incompetent bitch-ass made sure that by all means necessary, even by luck and no skills necessary that you were going to walk out Champion! You weren't the first person to do that and you certainly aren't the last, and I commend you for it, Aria Jaxon! I commend the idea, no, the fact that a lousy, monotonous ten-cent whore actually had it in her to do something more than run around in fucking circles like a fucking chicken with its head cut off! 

Do you really want to get me started with this whole "Everytime we meet, it has been the same thing" crap? Because you seem to have lost your memory of that night I defeated you on Voltage, which is exactly what earned me this Vixens Championship spot! Was that not your face I saw on the titantron with a sour look when you found out that even as Champion you weren't good enough to beat The Heart Break Gal? You constantly talk about how you won the main event of Triple Threat. You constantly make yourself believe that every encounter we had was you getting the upper-hand while skipping the parts where you got your ass handed to you, because it eats you up inside that everything that you worked yourself towards, everything that you thought made you got has been proven as nothing but a big fat disgusting lie when faced with the devil herself who can easily slap you in the face and tell you how wrong you are. And that's just one of the many things you're wrong about, Aria, you wonder to yourself why I'm taking this match more seriously than usual? Why do I have that dead look on my face as if I have a dagger on my back every time I talk, that I have to watch if someone walks behind me so they don't dig it deeper into my flesh? Because it's Pain for Pride, Aria. It's fuckin' Pain for Pride, and it seems you have little to no idea what it means. You skirt around pretending that it's just another match where everything is going to end in your favor. You walk the hallways with that smug look on your face confident that everything will be easy and that lightning will strike twice for you and luck will smile upon your ugly face again, but believe it or not, all those who competed in an event like Pain for Pride make one common realization once they walk out of the ring whether or not with the belt around their waist -- ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I won the Vixens Championship at this event. I defended the Vixens Championship at this event. I won the Tag Team Championships at this very event, and all of those things nobody thought would happen because they always try to foresee what's predictable and what's more likely to happen, than the twists and turns, and the rude awakening they wish they had prepared for. And it's time for your rude awakening, Aria Jaxon. You don't have my number. You don't have anything against me that could possibly end my reign of terror. It's time that you see where you truly stand compared to The Heart Break Gal. It's time you realize how easily I can break your spine like a fucking toothpick and drag you around like a worthless rag like you don't fucking matter and you never should have existed to begin with, because really, what are you gonna do about it, Aria? What can you possibly say to me that would be enough to make me lose my confidence while making up this sad fantasy that I have been unstable throughout this exchange when in reality I am the only one who is making sense? Are you going to brag more about your little triumphant moment from Triple Threat? Are you going to shove in my face how you defeated me again and again while making a promise to your fans that the results would be the same after every encounter? 


Bitch, none of your past victories are going to matter once I take the Vixens Championship away from you only a month after you won it. You will be seen as a fraud by the spectators, as they should have realized for a long time. You will be seen as a transitional Champion by your idiotic Vixen friends, because that's exactly what you are. You’ll be spoken of in the same breath as Madison Kaline, just another would-be great vixens legend that crashed and burned before ever really getting off their feet. You will be seen as nothing but a liar by your fans in a random episode of Dynasty once you realize you have to face the judging eyes of the same fans who believed in you as you show up empty-handed. And your victory over me at Triple Threat? It will be reduced into nothing but a memory the moment everyone sees what a true victory looks like in favor of The Heart Break Gal. I am pouring my heart and soul into this match, Aria Jaxon, I am not making any excuses no matter what happens, because I asked for this mess to begin with! I was the one who challenged you. I was the one who made sure that EVERYONE saw how easily I made you my bitch, and that not a damn title belt could stop me from doing so, and yet, you're still here fooling yourself, still making yourself believe that I have lost my fighting spirit and that you can easily read my mind, thinking that you could once again get the upper-hand. I don't need you to be a believer. I don't need you to be an apostle. I just need you in the match, one on one, so I can drive your skull onto the ring post and walk away with MY title, as I watch you whimper over the fact that you're down on your luck, and I won't even need any help to do it! I want to be there once you see the result of your own incompetence as you watch your own tears run down your face: she who was granted a match against one of the greatest performers in this industry to outdo, and she who fucking blows it because she wasn't good enough to keep up with the greatness of the Heart Break Gal! I am never going to forget what I am, Aria Jaxon! I am never going to change because some bimbo with an inflated head told me to! I am not going to stop pushing doors and shattering glass windows if it meant getting me a fucking Championship belt that I would be proud to defend! I am not going to heed your advice or listen to you because you are nothing to me but a gigantic, disgusting bag of air that contributes absolutely nothing to the wrestling industry besides this idea that people would mistake you as a great performer for winning a fucking contest nearly a year ago that didn't even fucking exist years prior! So you're right, Aria Jaxon, I have never encountered anyone like you. I have never encountered such a boring piece of shit that knows a few words here and there, but couldn't be more interesting if her life depended on it, and then finds the audacity to call herself a "great" Vixens Champion and a representation of the "younger girls" who are equally brain-damaged as her, when she couldn't defeat the Heart Break Gal in a fair match. Triple Threat was your last victory over me, Aria. And rest assured, you won't be reigning jack shit so long as I exist.

It doesn't matter if you think I'm forging and sculpting this world into my image. 

It doesn't matter if you think this is high school all over again.

What matters is that I intend on dominating and reigning at Pain for Pride. I will swat you like a goddamn fly and pluck out your wings one at a time for good measure, just so the world knows where you truly belong and what you mean to me. I've had enough of the shambles and the train wreck of a record I've had in the past few months. I am done feeling bad for myself over matches where I came out empty-handed and broken. I learned how to fix myself. I learned how to tape up the cracks and polish the scratches, and come out shining brighter than a new penny. I am not going to let anyone score a cheap victory in order to push their worthless careers at my expense again. I am not going to take the backseat to parasites like Aria Jaxon again.

Maybe I have gone insane, but it doesn't fucking matter. 

You can call me crazy. You can tell me how I'm being a masochist. I know damn well what fitting consequences await if I make yet another misstep. I know the humiliation that comes with losing to you the second time, and yet here I am willing to risk everything even with the smallest shimmer, the smallest sign of my ambitions coming to light. Because I would cross dangerous bridges or walk on burning coal, I would be willing to risk my head being cracked open or my bones broken if it meant taking back what has always been mine, and ultimately becoming the record-breaking four-time Vixens Champion.
Victor Maero
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Breaking Light.

The scene opens with a cobblestone with weeds and vines growing in the cracks between the stones. Oz calmly walks into frame.

Oz: “Alrighty. I’m going to talk about Christian. Let’s start with a fun fact! Vultures do not kill their prey, they are SCAVENGERS. If you’re going to say you’re an animal at least do a little research on it. That’s like me saying I’m a dolphin, and when I fly through the air there will be no survivors!”

Oz rubs his hands together and smiles.

Oz: “Christian clings to the idea that we’re being irrational while he attempts to be overbearing and condescending. Maybe he’ll realize it doesn’t matter how much truth we spill, he’ll just strawman the shit out of it. All he does is use logical fallacies like they’re gospel. Sorry we said you had a shot at the Cash In The Vault, I guess we got you and Liam confused. You’re both um… what’s that word… boring? Yeah, that’s it. Sorry for the schoolyard insult, but those seem to be the only things you understand.”

Oz leans down and rips a weed out of the ground. He pulls it apart as he continues speaking.

Oz: “Nothing Tin Man has ever done has been to get your attention or catch your eye. His bodies and jars are for him and him alone. well, maybe me too. But he isn’t trying to get your attention, I can only see it the other way around. You’re trying to get Tin Man to feel anything toward you, like he was your alcoholic father who’s always too busy to eat with you and mommy. Keep daydreaming about the 24/7 Contract, because that’s all it will ever be to you. A daydream. So maybe start listening so you can at least ACT like a threat. Right now you couldn’t wrestle your way out of a paper bag, a wet, torn paper bag. There are very few truths in this world Christian, Death, Taxes, etcetera. Don’t fret, Tin Man will show you one.”

Oz smiles.

Oz: “Life.”

Oz tosses the torn up weed into the air like confetti.

Oz: “Keep disrespecting ONI, I dare you. In fact I dare ANYONE to talk smack about ONI. I think you’ve seen what Tin Man does in his rage. I’ll be in that ring with Tin Man, in spirit of course. But I’ll be there, giving him more strength than you can fathom. We’re family, we’ll always be there for each other. Undermine our relationship all you want, if it couldn’t take a little abuse I wouldn’t be here.”

Oz cracks his knuckles and laughs to himself.

Oz: “Hey! Nathan Fiora! About time you showed up. You’re right, there is darkness in EAW. But it isn’t evil. If Tin Man is evil then there is something wrong with your sense of morality. You’re right once again, we do all have to go through Hell. Guess where Tin Man has been? He lived in Hell, he died and went to Hell. If you think this is Hell then you’re right, this is war and war is Hell. See what you don’t understand is that Tin Man has the home field advantage.”

Oz licks his lips and smiles brightly.

Oz: “Welcome to the threshold, the gateway to greatness. Tin Man has guarded it for a while now. So if you do win this you’ll get his respect at least. But oh boy! You beat Luke Reign? You honestly get a gold star from me. Not because he’s strong but because he called me, an eleven year old, a cunt once. So thanks for helping us put him in his place. But alas, once again you’re right. This is life or death, and if there is anything Tin Man is good at it’s living. So don’t go into that ring with victory on your mind. Just try to survive. You’re not playing around? Maybe you should start, then you’ll at least enjoy the ride to Hell.”

Oz removes a lighter from his pocket and sparks it. We watches the flame as he continues speaking.

Oz: “This war will be fought by many. Some will stand in the face of death and put up a fight. Others will fall quickly and without grace. This will be the time for demons and angels to fall. We will break the light and shatter the darkness. The only thing that will remain…”

Static takes over the screen, when it returns Oz is wearing a doctor’s mask that has blood splatter. Behind him the cobblestone wall looks disheveled and broken, the plants around and inside of it are now dead. Oz rolls down his sleeve revealing a mechanical device with several nozzles. He pulls a lever on his hand making flames spew out of the nozzle, he points the fire at the wall making the plants go up in flames. He shuts off his device.

Oz: “Is the truth.”

Oz walks away. As the fire dies the scene goes dark.

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Nathan Fiora
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[A montage of uncomfortable acts are shown on a TV screen.  There is a black/white filter present.  Words of hate and discrimination are seen from the mouths of world leaders.  Political figures are heard and seen threatening and assaulting others verbally.  There is a full color filter put upon leaders who fought for peace and for the better of the world.]

What is the world like today?  The masses have realized that the world is only getting worse.  What is the reason for the worsening?  The darkness.  The darkness in this world has consumed many.  Corruption, crime, and evil have infested the depths of this earth and it only continues to grow.  The growth can be seen every minute, every day, every week, every month, and every year.  More and more people are witnessing so much destruction and they can’t do anything about it.  “There has to be something down about this!”, many people say, yet they are unable to fight it.  Some individuals stay on the sidelines, thinking that they aren’t strong enough.  Others fight and when the fight is over, all that’s left is dust and bones.  This has been the system EAW has right now.  The wicked liars are trying to cheat their way into the top while the hard workers are left in the bottom.  These liars use anything they can for their advantage.  They don’t care about this as a passion; they just use it for the money and for the fame.  Fame and money doesn’t get you anywhere at the end.  Yeah, I get that it might not matter to you, but if you really want to be the top, why would you want any sort of respect for you taken away?  I mean, you already are a piece of human scum.  Calling yourself a “great” figure in company only makes me sick and want to kick the ever living crap out of you.  People cheat, it happens, but my question is: Why should we let this happen?  I have never cheated in my whole life; I’ve fought hard just to even get to EAW.  When I see other people getting a one-way pass to stardom, I get furious.  Why should this happen?  The answer is simple: Mankind is a corrupt species.  We all have greed and arrogance, but should we be proud of that?  Should we?

[Fiora stands up and grabs a picture of a wrestler who’s been hit with a steel chair.  He begins to focus on the picture as old footage begins to play.  It shows a very young Fiora going to tables and ladders in the matches that he’s been in.  The footage displays Fiora over the years, as he put through hellacious matches.]

No.  There’s a very simple phrase that shows what this business is about: Pain For Pride.  In order for us to feel that great feeling of pride in our craft and ourselves, we have to go through hell.  All of us must feel pain that cannot be foreseen.  That pain is felt for the rest of our lives; we may remember the days of our pride, but the agony and suffering will always be a part of us, too.  I know that I can say that most of us wrestlers have gone through hell and back just to get to where we are today.  This business is not the easiest, but we do it because we love it.  The good people in wrestling started out as kids who were mesmerized by such an amazing artform.  We decided to throw away any other possibilities of a future and ran to the light.  The light that contains our most treasured and worshipped desires.  The reward of this hard work is a spot in EAW’s biggest FPV of all time: Pain For Pride 9.  For the past four weeks, I have been proving that I’m one of EAW’s biggest rising stars.  I beat Deandre Morris, I beat Raymundo Rhyse, I beat Luke Reign and Sage Condit, and I beat Beretta, Terry Chambers, and J.D. Damon.  I’m basically saying that I’m undefeated in Elite Answers Wrestling.  I have caught the eyes of many people and every week, my train continues to choo and pass through to the peak of this industry.  Everyone says that I will be defeated and that I won’t do anything significant in this company, but I have proved them wrong.  I have showed that I’m more than capable to win a match.  The biggest opportunity of my tenure in EAW has been presented to me: The 24/7 Contract Battle Royal at Pain For Pride 9.  This is going to be a hell of a match to watch, and don’t worry, I’ll be winning the whole thing after I eliminate sixteen other competitors.  

[Fiora grabs newspaper clippings of articles that talk about wrestling.  They appear to be from many different little promotions.  A young Nathan is seen in some of the pictures that the article has.  Some of the readings say “ORPHAN BOY IS LIVING HIS DREAMS” and “FIORA WINS THE HEARTS OF THE FANS”.  Fiora then brings out an EAW contract, which has his name signed on a dotted line.]

Opportunity.  That’s the biggest thing I’ve gotten since my arrival in EAW.  I have taken advantage of every single opportunity I’ve gotten and now I’m living the dream.  I’ve been in match after match; I haven’t taken a break since I’ve gotten here.  Sure, that may not sound like the funnest thing ever, but it shows how much you’re worth in the Land of Elite.  Now I have a match at Pain For Pride.  The match description says that this a huge opportunity for everyone involved.  “Whoever wins will reach the next step to success and to become a champion in Elite Answers Wrestling”.  The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be given to one man, and all I’ve been doing is watching what people have had to say about this match and the competitors involved.  Many people haven’t said much about me, and that’s fine.  I’m the new and upcoming guy, so people usually assume that such a big opportunity won’t be given to a newbie like myself.  I’d like to respectfully say that if you’re one of those people, I’d tell you to shut up and watch what I’m made of.  I will bring my A-Game to this battle royal.  What I know about this is that everytime that I do bring my A-Game to a match, I end up winning it.  This is a different kind of match, I know, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t win.  I am quick, agile, and I can surprise anyone with one of these beautiful kicks that I have.  One kick can change the whole atmosphere of this match, and you’ll never know when I may whip it out.  I will do everything that I can to make sure that I don’t lose the biggest match of my career...the biggest match of my life.  This means everything to me; I need to win, to prove my worth.  I know that I can, but there will be others who will say the opposite.  They will say I shouldn’t even try because they have better chances of winning the contract than I do.  They will call everyone else worthless and they will exalt themselves like a god.  I have some words for those individuals.  Chances don’t matter when you really want something.  You will do whatever you can to reach your goal.  You will sacrifice your body and spirit just to have a sniff of success.  You will tell yourself that you can do it and leave any other thoughts out of your mind.  You will make this goal your number one purpose and if you don’t make it, you will find another way to do it.  I am this man right now; I believe that I’m going to pull off the win at Pain For Pride 9.  

[Nathan grabs a picture of himself as a child.  Fiora is holding a championship belt with his sister.  Both of them are visibly happy and in some sort of wrestling gear.  He begins to smile as he pans towards his sister and her shining face.  He begins to tear up a bit and sets the picture back to where it was before.  He stands up and grabs the camera.]

This is life or death.  This is success or no success.  I’ve said so much in the past few weeks and now I have the moment to prove to everyone that I’m not just talk.  My life has always been about talking the talk and walking the walk.  My song is the song of victory.  I ain’t daydreaming right now; I’m training.  I’m busting my ass off to make sure I’m more than ready for this match.  I will be going up against some of the best EAW has to offer.  There’s pressure, but guess what?  I will overcome that.  Trust me.  I won’t let you down, kid.  I won’t let you down, sis.  And I won’t let you down, EAW Universe.  I will go through hell and back just to get this contract.  I don’t care who’s in my way.  My time is just around the corner.  Will you be ready for the Fiora Fire to fuel the forest that is EAW?


[Fiora drops the camera and begins to walk away, confident and ready to train.  The scene slowly pans out to pitch black.  The scene ends with some text that says “Fiora Fire ain’t playing around”.]
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“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

I have no business of being in this match? As much as that is a rather bold proclamation coming from a man that came into this match as a man with high expectations from both peer and public alike, that is the bold word coming from a man that has been a letdown the past few days. I have expected a whole lot from a man that was allegedly the toast of EAW for his ability to win matches before the match even started. Now, during the final stretches of the period leading up to Pain for Pride, you were anonymous while you let others let you slander your name and it took up until the final day to actually make an appearance. Why is that Tig? Are you actually petrified of everyone targeting you even if you haven’t given them a reason to do so, OR are you actually getting ahead of yourself and find yourself complacent? I honestly think it’s more of the latter because you haven’t spoken in a few days during the most important part of Pain for Pride week, the final stretch of Pain for Pride. Which means that in my opinion? You are content with how you prepare for Pain for Pride although I can say it’s not really much, to begin with in the first place. You got complacent as to how things went about and now? No one is targeting you because you haven’t given us a reason as a means as to why we would even address you although I would be the noted exception and I am glad that I am the exception. What I see in you is what I have been exposing the past several months: Guys that has been golden boys, guys that have been the product of the corporative establishment in where your name is shoved down our throat, even if you’re not my opposition. I have been fighting and taking out the EAW’s golden boy and brought them back to Earth. For the past several months, I am the one that gave them a reality check and made sure that if you ever want to come back and fight against me? Make sure that compared to our previous bout, your dignity is still intact after falling from a peak as a stock in EAW. Simply put Tig, the reason why YOU singled me out because you are afraid that I have a track record of beating guys that are glorified by the board of EAW and you face the same dilemma. 

You have stated that I have NO business of being in the match with you or even half of the talent, on what merit? I can list ALL of the opponents that we are going to face and I can easily make a case that disclaims your illogical statement. I don’t belong in the same match as Nas? What did I DO to even not be in the same match as someone who hasn’t even been around in EAW for the past couple of weeks? I don’t belong in the same match as Phoenix Winterborn? You speak of me squandering multiple opportunities, but I haven’t even gotten a single opportunity to prove myself in an individual match for a FPV while I supposedly don’t belong in the same match as Phoenix Winterborn who squanders opportunities in a reckless fashion? Yeah nice logic. I don’t belong in the same match as Rhaegar, someone who has been struggling to even win one match this entire year? Yeah, not buying that. I don’t belong in the same ring such as Angelo Brando who commands respect, but hasn’t given us a reason to even consider his existence other than whenever he happens to be our opposition? I may be many things, but I don’t need to command respect, my actions as to how I perform. Let’s not act like the likes of Rex McAllister and Chris Elite are a tier above me because you’re lying to yourself if you have is doing so. I can easily state that I don’t even belong in the same match as all the aforementioned guys I have stated, because if it were up to me as to how I view myself as a talent? I would be in the main event of Pain for Pride, but I don’t need to be boastful when I am already in the world title conversation just by being in Cash in the Vault. 

Now, you have stated that if someone was in Cash in the Vault and loss, they don’t deserve a future one? It’s not like I was the first guy to appear in multiple Cash in the Vault to begin with. You want to know who appear in multiple Cash in the Vault? A world champion by the name of Diamond Cage. Sure he may have been unfortunate in both occasions, but if you’re saying that I will follow the path of a world champion, be my guess. If you’re saying that as a result of Cash in the Vault or not that I will attain immortal glory, I will surely take it one hundred percent. But I can easily say that you don’t want someone like me to be in Cash in the Vault for one simple reason: my experience of what it is like to even be in Cash in the Vault that has a distinct advantage over my upcoming opposition. No one except one person in our match has the know-about as to what it is like to be in Cash in the Vault. No one except one person in our match has the experience of what it takes to learn from the grueling attrition that is Cash in the Vault. That person? That is me. Here’s the thing Tig, you can try to make a case as to trying to eliminate a person from Cash in the Vault to make it a more even playing field, but why would you worry about a man that no one thinks will win the Cash in the Vault? It’s because you know deep down that the experience that I have gained three years ago is going to translate me into being a rather formidable player in our match. It’s because you know deep down, that the experience that I have amassed against guys that were future hall of famers three years ago, is going to have a profound effect into determining a winner: me. You can protest over this distinct advantage all you want Tig, but the fact of the matter is, Karma’s a bitch for someone that has been the golden boy of Dynasty who has been shoved down our throats and been handed everything, and now know what it is like to face an obstacle for once in a long time. 
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You've put on this facade for the better part of a decade. The desire for chaos leads you to self-destructive intervention. Chaos is a destination for relevance. It's an occurrence  that is bound to be eventful, so it's an ideal circumstance for individual like you. Have you ever thought how many times you can enter the chaos of others and make it out to fight another day?

You're history  in this company is quite eventful. You have made your exit and returns to  this company quite frequently. One run comes to an end. You portray a different persona of Kevin Devastation and when it fails you resort to your original approach to wrestling. The one you present to us now. How can you claim to leave this company for good only to return when chaos that is ideal for your inevitable return every time one of your many runs comes to an end? You claim that your merely helping Hades because he was being outgunned, but that's merely your own speculation. I've begun to presume that not even you're aware of your own hypocrisy. You've done this return thing so often that it's become second nature for you leading you to manage to manifest reasons as to why you returned that you actually buy  into. But the truth about Kevin Devastation will always be his envy of someone similar to him that has shown signs of becoming superior. You stated that Hades is similar to you. When people rejoiced over his return, your subconscious thought that the same could happen to you. But your return and presence now is nothing more than an annoyance and stain on the lore of the Pain for Pride season. This isn't about you seeing a man that's being wrongfully ganged up on, it's about you secretly wanting yourself to be in that position. You do care if his career last another 10 years, but you're going to soon become perfectly aware that such a thing allows plenty of time for Hades to firmly establish himself as your superior.

You'll soon have a greater fear than being surpassed by someone of similarity to you. You'll fear the Sanatorium as they are the greatest threat to finally writing the final chapter in the endless novel of Kevin Devastation's career. The final chapter was wanted long ago and we shall be the ones to make that pipe dream that all of EAW has prayed to happen for so long a reality.

Darkness shall consume your career. You should have fought the desire to return this time around. If you had done so, you could've repeated the renowned inevitable return of Kevin Devastation as a more convenient time in the future. A time where you may have been able to lengthen your already ancient career.
Albert Hitchman
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I take it that this absence means you’ve decided to abide with the advice I gave you earlier this week. Spend some quality time with the family before you receive the beating of a lifetime, smart move, smart move... but in doing so you’ve left Scott and I a bit… well to be quite frank, we’re bored out of our minds. We expected this to be a back and forth fight, we expected this to be a verbal war, but since our response two days ago… there’s been nothing. We go to the gym to train, come back and nothing. We go to dinner, come back and nothing. We strategize for hours and hours in my office, come back and nothing. We packed our bags, flew out to Miami, we land and nothing.

You’re wasting our time, granted I always knew that you really weren’t worth our full attention, but this is disrespectful. Not just to me, but to EAW. THIS IS THE BIGGEST EVENT THIS COMPANY HAS! They plan all year for this three day event, it’s become something bigger than EAW itself. And here you are pulling your pants down, spreading your cheeks and taking a big steamy shit all over it. It’s a despicable act Cage, one that I’m not really typically surprised of, but I figured, and maybe that was my mistake, that after all the gum flapping and hoop jumping you had to do just to get here… you’d put at least some effort in.

You are not Scott Diamond’s “woe”... believe me when I tell you that you cause him absolutely no distress. He views you the same way you view him… with one glaring exception. You were never at the top of EAW. Being champion does not give you that designation. You’ve never had the power that Scott Diamond has, you’ve never had the influence that Scott Diamond has, he’s on a very short list of people who have been THE guy. Say you beat Scott Diamond, and you won’t… and say then that catapults you to the World Championship, and it won’t… but say it does. You won’t be at the top. You’ll be stuck between two platforms, floating. You’ll be positioned perfectly so that your feet won’t be able to touch the bottom platform, and you won’t be able to reach the top platform no matter how far you stretch your arms out. It’s a cold and dark place, but not very lonely. It’s crowded, packed to the brink actually. There lies many an extremist or elitist both past and present. Hurricane Hawk, Kawajai, Superior Quality, Devan Dubian, Cyclone, Brian Daniels, Liam Catterson, Alexander Da Vinci, Jamie O’Hara… the list is substantial, borderline incredible… even our three current World Champions are on it. And then there’s Scott Diamond, on the higher platform, sitting on the ledge and looking down at you, pitying you. You shouldn’t feel so much shame in it though. Where you are, it’s still GOOD ENOUGH. You can still win World Championships, you can still get into the Hall of Fame… you’re just not at the absolute pinnacle of this profession. It’s a very exclusive club to get into, there’s no password, it’s not judged by wins and losses or even accomplishments, you don’t choose it, it chooses you, and Cage, with 5 years under your belt, if it hasn’t come knocking on your door-step yet, it’s never going to.
Tarah Nova
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Survival of the Sickest---PAIN FOR PRIDE NINE#5
I'm a roller, I'm a rider,
Number one motherfuckin' survivor.
So move over, I'm the driver,
And I'm high and I'm gonna keep gettin’ higher, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah

With Pain for Pride only hours away, I want to shoot back on what I said earlier in the week. I said that Pain for Pride was where people go to make a name for themselves or set the stones of their Legacies. Only one will be rise and defend everything against everyone. And that person will be me. I have fought tooth and nail this week against everyone in this match. From my best friend to the unloved brat who is on The New Breed Champion Team. I attacked everyone. I ripped down their walls and invaded every part of their minds. This Is a war and as the leader, I'm was the first to attack.[Tarah smiles at her cell phone's camera] So let me remind everyone who I am and what will happen in the match to come. So without further Ado, I have a few names to address:

JJ Silva. The Man full of greed, still claiming he is in control of his career. You believe you are unstoppable. You force your pride down our throats because you believe the world needs to hear it. Everyone from Vixens to Elitists, you want them all believe in the hype that is JJ Silva. But I can see through you, unlike the others can. I can see the struggling champion in your eyes. I know that you want the opportunity to fight for your Championship a Pain for Pride but believe me so do I. Though unlike you I don't have to prove to anyone that I'm a fighting champion. Day in and day out I come to the shows and I fight my battles. Champion or not I go all out in my matches. You, on the other hand, before you even got with Crash, you were failing in matches. No one knew who you were till you joined Zach Crash and his merry band of Misfits. And now here you stand with your New Breed Championship and still no one believes in you. No one could give a damn about you. I for one don't. You come in and you scream in my face about how proud you of yourself and how the Vixens don’t stand a chance against you and your team but I beg to differ. It is you and your boys they won't stand a chance against me and my division. This week proved that my Vixens actually care about where they are in this company. And JJ, I can tell you right now that I believe we are higher than you. We are more respected than you and we are downright better than you. So I hope you get pissed off at me for speaking the truth about you. I hope you the rage burns a hole in your heart and forces you to mess up. Its tomorrow that I face you. Its tomorrow when I'm going to destroy you. I am going to break your code and crash your system because that's what you deserve after this week. You deserve nothing more than a good beat down by yours truly. Like I said to you before you come at me with words but I'll come at you with brute strength. The truth is you are all bark and no bite and well I'm completely different. I have the words that get trapped in your head and clouds your judgement. I also have the skill set that will bring you to your knees. Physically I am everything that you want to being. From knowing how to be a wrestler to being the better Champion. I am all of it and more. And you? You are nothing more than Zach crash’s little puppet boy. I see the strings wrapped around your wrists and when he pulls on them, you dance. So come on, cut through those strings and show me what you really can go because right now I don't see a new breed champion, I see a new breed chump.

Azumi. The fool of this division. It's funny to see how far you came this week just to fail at your dreams of becoming a Champion in the Vixens Division. You believe you are this great vixen but all I see if a delusional little girl who is trying to stand up against me. I mean, let's get real, you don't have it in you to face me, let alone anyone else in this match. You're a lost cause. Just a decoy for the rest of our division. So when we are resting on the sidelines, you're the one we send in to get beaten to a pulp. Azumi, that is what you are. And even if I wasn't the Leader of the division, I would still outrank you. I am better,fast and stronger than you. I am basically a god sent to this division. I am the best in this place and I'm going to make you all realise that one way or another. So please continue to weep and dream about becoming something more than a torn out page in the vixens history books because we both know you're not going to last long among the others...I'll make sure of that.

Lucas. The douche bag with mommy issues. Pitiful. Lame. And downright disgraceful. You are nothing more the a useless human being trying to make a name for himself. You believe your can beat me and send me the heaven but you're clearly wrong. Delusional even. Lucas, I don't give a damn about your stupid Aunt Susan and your miserable childhood. I'm not here to listen to your sad stories about how you two fought so hard to make a living. Newsflash, bitch, this isn't Days of Our Lives this is Pain for Pride, you glorified asshat. I don't care about your life. All I care about is beating you in that ring tomorrow. But hey you're the one that made this personal. You're the one that came and tried to break me down. And look at you now--you're getting pissy because I’m shooting comebacks fast them you even imagined. Ha, you say you have me right where you want me? That's cute since I've had you eating out of my hands since day one. For years, I've done this dance with people better than you. I mean, I've played the games and won and this game that we're playing today is nothing but a cake walk for me. And I find it funny when you attempt to talk this big hype. Lucas, do you even realize that you are talking in circles? Yeah, you're repeating yourself to me. Throwing that same comments from last time at me. Frankly, you're losing your Edge. Your magic talk is failing and I'm too blame. And to be honest, I'm proud of that. I'm proud to be under your skin. You might deny it but I'm getting to you. Unlike you I am Unbreakable, unshakable. You can't do anything to get to me. I'm not as weak as you are. You take one small comment and go crying to everyone: "It's not true!" Oh cry me a river, princess. No one believes you. I mean everything I've been saying to you is the truth and you're just mad because I'm showing everyone what a fraud you are. So tomorrow night, I'm going to knock you out and send you crying back to your dear old Aunt Susan. Lets face it, Lucas, the New Breed Championship will never be yours--Not when I'm standing in your way.

Honda. The Prideless Hack Job. Huh, you finally found the balls to talk but sadly, it's just words. Words that are falling flat each time you open your mouth. Still the same Honda. Still can't back up everything you say. It's funny to me that you claim the reason why you remain silent is because you're simply not caring of what everyone is saying to you--Bad move on your part I’d say. Yes, staying quiet shows everyone in EAW just how insignificant you are to this match. You think dancing is going to help you receive the gold? You believe a quote unquote superhero Landing is going to show us how tough you are? Ha, don't make me laugh. This is why you couldn't make it in the vixens division. This is why you are the weakest link. You try to act so tough, claiming that you're not anti-vixen, you're just anti bullshit. Saying that the hole vixens division is nothing but bullshit--but the thing is, it's got a whole lot better since you left.So now look at you. Standing in the elitist territory. You are trying so hard to look proud of yourself but I've seen the feed posts. "Help me." and my personal favorite, "Yes, I am struggling.... but this is the only thing I can do." God, if I had a nickel for every time I proved you wrong, I'd be rich. You're struggling in the Elitist Division and it hasn't even been a month yet.  Thought, I guess that's what Karma does to you. You bitched and moaned to get out of the Vixens division, claiming that there was to much drama and not enough competition for you. And now look where you are. Hiding in a abandon dojo, dancing around and away from others. To me, this is the best thing that's happened this week. I mean think about it, Honda, I get to watch you tomorrow struggling to get off the mat. I get to watch you roll around in pain and agony all because you wanted better competition. Truthfully, I can't wait for tomorrow night. I can't wait to watch you fail again and again until someone takes you out of your misery-- I'm just hoping that someone is me. Anyway, I dunno about you, but I'm done wasting my time with your "Bullshit". So until tomorrow..

Cailin. The poisonous Vixen of EAW. Tomorrow we once again join forces for only a little time. We get to show everyone in a EAW that we are the best of the best in this division. Together we have come so far and in separation even farther. Separated we hold so much accomplishments. We've done it all and much more. That is why tomorrow night I want it to be you vs. Me at the end. I want to end this match facing you. Truthfully I think everyone wants to see the poisoned filled Cailin Dillon take on the sarcastic asshole known as Tarah Nova. I know for one that I want to see it. This past week you have claimed that you will do anything to knock me out of my throne. And after hearing all of it, I laughed. Ivy baby, it's going to take a lot more than threats to knock me down. Look I understand that you still believe you didn't lose the specialist championship and I completely respect that but sadly you did lose it to Aquaman. And then Aquaman lost it to me. So right now I am the specialist champion and I'm not going to give it up so easily. So tomorrow night let's put our friendship aside for just one match and see who the better vixen truly is. At Pain for Pride, Cailin, I'm going to show what being the Leader and the Champion means to me. I'm a woman of my word.

And finally, Stephanie. The asshat of the seven seas, you have fallen silent over the past two days. What? Have you finally realized that you have no chance in beating me or the others. At least someone in this match is learning something new. though, I totally thought you would have learned at triple threat to not the piss me off. To be honest I'm happy that you're quiet so I don't deal with your nonsense anymore. Since everyone left you have become a shell of what you once was. In fact, you are now more two face then ever. I think that's an Eclipse's doing. Yeah I've seen you two hanging out a little bit. Is this the reason why formation broke up? Because you are switching sides. Hmm, no wonder Cailin and Aria chose me over you. You have no respect for anyone but yourself. You claim to be so heartbroken because the girls picked me over you but then you turn around and talk to him?? You need to realise you are the reason you have no one. It's your fault but here you are; still blame me. You blame me for being myself and being the leader of this division. Cloudy you need a woman up and face the realization that maybe I am right about you. That you are nothing more then a Cliff Note in the history books. Just a little secondary character to the main ones like me. Yes, this is my story you are in. Winning at Pain for Pride is my Fairytale ending. I'm not stop until I win everything. Tomorrow is the day that I show you that I am one of the greatest Vixen who has ever step foot in EAW. So at Pain for Pride I'm not gonna hurtcha, oh no, I'm just gonna bash ya brains in. Test me not.

~Tick tock, tick tock~

The clock is ticking and with a few hours left to the beginning of the day of Pain for Pride, I still have so much to say to you all. None of you truly realize how much is at stake in this match. It's not about any of you though. It's about one person and that's me. In our match at Pain for Pride, we are all equals and I will tell you all this right now: No matter who you are, where you came from or what your purpose is in this match-- Mark my words, I will be the last one standing Victorious and the Age of Nova will continue. My reign is far from over... In fact it's only just begun.

Believe that.
Christian Locke
Re: EAW Promoz!
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My patience is wearing thin. My opponents keep trying to break me. Their words cage me in and their annoyance keeps poking me — poke, poke, POKE, just teasing me because for the time being, they face no repercussions, no punishments in sight. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts. As these men get near me, I attempt to chomp down on those fingers, just to get a taste of their blood. The same blood that will stain the mat, as well as my hands. But before I put soap on them and rinse the two lethal weapons with water, I want a souvenir. Something to help remind me just how dominant I was at PFP9. The 24/7 contract simply isn't enough. Give me a board of some kind. Something a child would use for an art project. And I will place both of my hands on that board and just admire those crimson handprints for months to come, like Chuck Noland did with Wilson in Castaway. This weekend, I escape this cage. There will no longer be a camera between you and me. You'll go toe to toe with a vulture.  A vulture that will stop at nothing until it has countless prey to feast on — sixteen to be exact. Free I will be! Free to do whatever I desire. For starters, what I desire is destruction, which will surely be created. I just don't know which will snap harder, their bones or their hopes and dreams of becoming Mr. 24/7? I suppose the answer is not all that important because I will cause both. You like that? Is that what I'm supposed to sound like? Ha! Once again, I can tell this is personal for my opponents. So much so they are saying how they will eliminate this person or that person but before they do, they wanna break them first. They want their blood. They want their career to end. But as for me? I couldn't care less. I don't even care if I land a single scratch on you. All I'm worried about is grabbing you by the skull and throwing you to the floor. You see I'm not all caught up in my feelings. This isn't personal to me. This is business. Do I dislike some of you? Sure, I think that's fair to say but when it comes to the grand scheme of things, I don't put much thought into footnotes, like yourselves. To the bottom they will sink, to the stars I soar. 

Like I clearly stated, my patience is wearing thin. If I had to make a comparison to how I feel, it would be like the time I served as a juror. At first I thought it’d be a cool experience. The other jurors even seemed decent at first. Just like I thought some of my opponents seemed decent — that is until they decided to open their mouths and spew complete and utter nonsense. As day three arrived, since it was a three day trial, I was sick of seeing their faces. I was sick of their lack of professionalism. They even played charades as a group, while I just stared at my phone, tuning them out. A huge part of me wants to tune out my opponent’s words because let's be honest, most of their thoughts and beliefs are falling on deaf ears. They may think they are compelling! They may think they are captivating the audience, like some ring leader, but they are not. Now, there is a strong possibility that this will be the last time I speak about this match, with an outside chance of speaking once more later tonight. Who knows, it's up to my opponents. If they present me with some new and exciting information, then sure I'll think about responding, but if they are just repeating themselves, just fucking chasing their tail one last time, then I am done. Just like I've been done with guys like Nico Borg and Kevin Hunter since the start. How come I never mentioned them? It may seem that way, but I in fact did say a line or two about them on Monday, I believe it was. Since then, I have listened to guys like them speak, but if I'm being honest, their words did nothing for me. It didn't make me think, “Oh boy let me stop everything I’m doing and start my rebuttal.” So if this is in fact the last time you hear from me before Pain for Pride, then I just want to say to my fellow 24/7 Battle Royal competitors, you're welcome. You will then have a few hours to talk freely, without sweating over the possibility of getting hit by the bullets that come out of my mouth.

Now Nobi, I skipped past your last speech, not on purpose, but by accident. I really hope you can one day forgive me. I know you'll need time for those emotional wounds to heal, so I understand. But seriously, if we are being honest, nobody will shut up. Everybody is running like a chicken with their head cut off because Pain for Pride is here and they feel the butterflies in their stomach. I wish I had that feeling. I wish I still got nervous before matches like when I first started out, but I've literally faced every type of opponent there is. That’s right you guys, there is nothing special about any of you. You aren't a little snowflake, you're just an ordinary drop of rain. But back to Nobi. You're really reaching with your comments. I mean really reaching. Not even top shelf reaching, but reaching for the stars. It's almost kind of sad because at this point, you're just throwing random words and insults at the wall and see what sticks. Spoiler alert, they all slipped off in seconds. So I bring up the Grand Rampage winner, Y2Impact right? Just making a small comparison to me in this battle royal, by clearly stating that the biggest dog in the fight doesn't always win. Everybody should know that by now, but not you Nobi. When you talk about me, you have to use words like dwarf and small and that's fine. You describe me as if I'm a child and I’d advise you to go with a different approach, and see me for what I truly am and that is a formidable force, regardless of my height and weight. Because if I do win at Pain for Pride? Then it only makes it worse on yourself because guess what? You lost to that puny little child. How could that be?! I'd love to see you dig yourself out of that hole. In fact, I look forward to all of you trying to come up with legitimate reasons on why you came up short this weekend. Notice I said legitimate reasons and not excuses because I've made it perfectly clear, that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to capture that contract and hold it tight until I decide it's the right time to exchange it in for a championship of my choosing. So much power!!! Let me tell you, you don't want me with any amount of power. It's a disaster for all of the current champions. So yes, some new champions will be crowned this weekend, some may successfully defend their prized possession, but who says I don't ruin their little moment? But nah, that totally doesn't sound like something I would do — right? Yeah! I always do the honorable thing!! Haha! Let me say two more things and then I will move on. I'm glad your mindset isn't totally outdated. You admit women can beat men, I'm glad you realize that because I recall Aria beating Mexican Samurai on Battleground recently. Two exceptional athletes, giving it their all. Nothing to be ashamed about, especially since they both have great careers ahead of them. Oops does that mean I was just fangirling over them too? I'm sure Nobi thinks so and that's fine, but in the end I'm just stating the truth. I call it like I see it. So yes Nobi, I agree with you, it's obviously not impossible for a female to beat a male competitor, but do you know what IS impossible? You winning this match. Tell me, what have you shown to validate that statement? Oh that's right, because you want it more than me! How so?! Yeah I mean, I totally don't want this win. I totally don't want to have a Pain for Pride moment in my first year, something some veterans have yet to do. I'm totally talking right now, just to waste my own time and I suppose the same goes for the other four times I talked about this match. Yep, I have no real desire to become Mr. 24/7! You got me! How the fuck did you figure it out? Be honest, did you have Scooby-Doo’s assistance?!  Fuck man! I thought I was really careful. I thought I covered my tracks and wore gloves so I wouldn't leave any fingerprints at the scene or like how I wore a hat so a stand of my hair wouldn't end up on the floor. You win Nobi, you win! Caught me red handed. Here's a golf clap for you my friend. 

As for you Liam? What you've just said today is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this world is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Now Liam, all I did was literally listen to your first sentence about me and I see you're still going with the whole I'm obsessed with you and how I supposedly have a crush on you routine, no matter how stale it is. You do not offer anything interesting. The words that come out of your mouth are directionless, just like your career. I'll remind you all for a third time that my patience is wearing thin. I'd honestly rather talk to someone like Terry because at the very least, he has the brain capacity to move on to different subjects. Liam, you are no longer worth my time or energy, which means I'm not going to be wasting the next ten minutes on you, like you did with me. Your shtick is tiring and quite frankly, I need a break from it. So best of luck to you moving forward, my “true love.” Lastly there is Maero, who seems rather upset? Alright let's do this. Put like three minutes on the clock and then I'm done for the day. And go! Okay, for starters, did I ever say you were trying to be intimidating? Nope, I only brought that up because you did in fact accuse me of trying to use intimidation, so please, don't act clueless and don't even think of playing the victim card because Liam has that covered. Two, I wouldn’t have to state how my opponents are wrong, if they had rational thoughts, with evidence to support their claims, then maybe I would agree with them. Three, you gambled on yourself. You let Erebos fight alongside Eclipse at Pain for Pride because you thought you were going to qualify for the Cash in the Vault, but here's a shocker everyone, you fell just a tad bit short. Got tackled right at the one yard line, how sad. I don't even understand how I was supposed to be in Cash in the Vault, when I was never given the opportunity to do so. If I had a qualifying match? You bet your ass I would be in that match right now. But Ashten didn't want that because the last time I was put in a qualifying match is when I beat Starr Stan, aka his best bud, his team’s captain at a free-per-viw even, for a spot in the Grand Rampage. He wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. In fact, none of the Voltage guys in the CITV ladder match had to qualify. One was rewarded a spot for putting up a fight against Ares. The other basically did nothing but beat Liam ten times for it, such an impossible task right? And the third one bitched about how he wasn't getting a fair shake around here, so HRDO being the big softy he is, allowed it. Point number four, I still don't care about ONI. Give him respect in your mind from now on, nobody wants to hear it. Five, do I listen to you? Meh sometimes. I guess perhaps be more interesting? Yep, not even a thousand body bags or organs in jars will grab my attention. I don't know what it is about you, but you're just one of those guys that I can't take completely seriously? A fun guy to laugh at because you're a “try hard”, as the kids or Liam would say today. But sure, yell your words at me from now on but fair warning, I'll still be daydreaming about the moment I hold the 24/7 contract in my hands. Next you said Eclipse is fighting Hades, okay I already know this? Yes I lost to him. Nice to see you keep close tabs on me as well, always nice to meet a fan. As for you, I'll never forget the time when you fought — I'm blank. I honestly thought you were on Dynasty instead of Showdown this entire time. You learn something new every day I guess. Lastly I'm mocking the person that's going to beat me? Or perhaps even kill me? Are you threatening me or is that a promise? Because if it's a promise on your end, then I can't wait to hear what kind of excuses you’ll use on why you lost to me. Perhaps use that CITV excuse again? “Maaaan I was so close.” If close meant a damn thing in professional wrestling then you would be a fucking superstar. But for the time being, you'll still just be barely known. For the record, don't ever call me dumb again! It hurts my feelings — you buttface. Yeah, you and Nobi would easily get along because you two could bond over your schoolyard insults. So with that said, I'll leave you all be. I'm done talking. I'll let you argue amongst yourselves on how you're so convinced that you're going to eliminate this guy or that girl or better yet, go ahead and continue to guarantee yourselves the victory. The lies, there are too many of them!!! They are polluting the air! But don't worry ladies and gentlemen, because at Pain for Pride, the truth, the REAL truth, will shine through…

That “Truth” being me. 

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Aria Jaxon
Re: EAW Promoz!
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Let’s flip the script for a second. If circumstances were different, and you’d managed to back up all that you said at Triple Threat, you wouldn’t have wasted any time screaming to kingdom come about how you were right. You’d tell anyone who listened that you had me figured out all along, and you were correct to have written me off as some overly-ambitious newcomer who’d spend the duration of her career reaching for a brass ring. If I’d followed that up by demanding a title match, you’d call me pathetic and say I was tryna save face. If I pinned you on a one-off edition of Voltage, you’d come right in with the faux applause and congratulate me on accomplishing the feat on a stage where it meant next to nothing. See how funny it is that all the way up to this point, you’ve been altering the story for the sake of seeing yourself in a more favorable light, making it seem like mere coincidence has landed us in this scenario? I get it, it sounds better for you to be able to say I’m sullying the legacy of the Vixens Championship, and you’re some savior that’ll finally right that wrong. I know full well what being the Vixens Champion entails. I know the legacy I’ve been entrusted with, and you think I’ll just concede to your will because you think you’re more “qualified”? The challenge I present to you is simple: prove me wrong. If you can do that, you become champion. If the stars align, and I am the ill-prepared, airheaded, flavor of the week you’ve said I am, then this match should be no sweat for you. But the reason you pound your fists and contort your expression the way you do is because the stars won’t align, and that’s all you’ve got to depend on. Luck. That’s the only crutch that would hold you up in this scenario. You should know as well as I do that I’ve proven you wrong before, and realistically speaking, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it again. It must sting to know that, to know with certainty that you don’t have the ichor of the gods coursing through your veins. At some point during the months that preceded today, you woke up and realized you weren’t actually a once-in-a-lifetime talent, and it got to you.

I’ll give you one thing -- a handful of years ago, your decision to compete against Elitists and not Vixens might’ve represented the yanking out of a Jenga piece that would’ve toppled the entire tower. Back then, without you, the load to be placed on the shoulders of Cameron, Kendra, and Sabina would’ve been that much greater. It would’ve left them with that much more to prove, and that many more detractors to shut up. You got used to that feeling. You relished in what it felt like to be needed, but those days have passed. Will you be an asset to this company? More than likely, always, but you’re not the integral piece of the Vixens division you used to be, and just the fact that women like me exist is the reason why. James Shields might’ve been enough of a bitch to let words like “Showdown needs Scott Diamond” fall from his lips, but you’ll never catch the Vixens division in that kinda scenario, not now. You’d be surprised who here is disposable and who isn’t. You might’ve helped to pluck this division from relative obscurity, but by the time it looked like your hard work as about to pay off? You weren’t even here. Your presence wasn’t even being felt anymore. You were off chasing -- and attaining, to your credit -- the Tag Team Championships with your boyfriend. And you know what? That’s okay. I know you like to break new ground, because that explains why you’re in your feelings over not being able to break your own record and become a four-time Vixens Champion. You poor thing, you thought you were just gonna waltz back up in here and coast to another title reign? For all your berating me over not being realistic enough and being naive enough to buy into my own hype, the only person whose ego seems to be getting the best of them is you. You can venture off and fight Elitists and be a commentator and do whatever it is that you wanna do, but don’t you dare forget who accepted the baton and ran with it when the heat became too much and you got the fuck outta the kitchen. That’s a source of pride for newer Vixens like me, to know we took the public profile of the women in this company to heights that no one could’ve even dreamed of prior. To tout it doesn’t mean we’re “spoiled brats”, as you deemed us. It doesn’t mean we forgot the miles that were logged by the veterans before we came into the picture, but it means that we’re gonna demand our goddamn respect for pushing this division into a new day and age. If we didn’t take on the task, who the fuck was gonna do it? You? You, the one, looking down on us from afar and saying we weren’t worth your time? Right. Sure. Just keep in mind that, despite the fact that we don’t seem to have your blessing, we’re doing just fine without you. And even though you’ve tried to speak me being a one-hit wonder into existence, I’ve remained a constant presence -- a constant threat, even -- in this division for nearly a year now. How’s it feel to know you’re at Pain for Pride because of me? Let’s remember that the actual previous champion is out with an injury. The fact of the matter is that the woman who actually deserves to be on this stage and is itching for a rematch can’t be here to accept it, and you’re just a secondary choice. I could’ve faced any woman I wanted, granted she wasn’t tied up in the Divide and Conquer match beforehand. Two straight FPVs, you found yourself bound for a grand stage through the will of someone else, not because you actually made it so through your own actions. You’re here because I wanted you to be. I brought you here. You rode Eris’ coattails all the way to Boston, and you’ve done the same to me just to hitch a ride to Miami. I gave the green light for this match, not because I felt like I was backed into a corner or because I fell into some trap you set. I’m a grown woman with a title to defend. I got ground to clear. I need to knock over every opposing force in my way so that when I stand here and say I’m the best female wrestler currently breathing, I have the track record to back it up. You’re here because I can’t let your sorry ass go through life thinking that getting one over on me entitles you to having some weak ass bragging rights. I can’t let you use a win in a non-title scenario to back up all the garbage you believe to be true. The pressure was turned down, the stage was smaller, and THEN, you came through. When we were no longer up to our necks in title-based pressure, you woke the fuck up and decided to play to win. You got the job done, but I can promise you, that’ll be the last time. Never again will you know what it feels like to put me away. I’ve got a point to prove, and like it or not, in front of God and everyone in Miami, I’m proving it at your expense. You’re here because you no longer just represent an opponent to me. You stand here now as another hurdle to be cleared as I move closer to closing out a banner rookie year. That’s why I agreed to this match.


I don’t really believe in having unfinished business. It’s why I know one day Eris will surely come calling and ask for that rematch she’s owed, and I’ll be all the more ready for it knowing I’ll have beaten you in two different title matches. You wanna hold that Voltage win over my head? Go right ahead. That’s all the ammunition you have, so you best make the most of it. You defeated me, fair and square. There’s nothing I can do to make that disappear. I can’t get rid of it entirely, but I can eclipse it. I already have. I came through when I needed to, and you won a nifty little consolation prize and wasted no time treating it as if it meant the world. Whose head is inflated now? Who doesn’t have the proper grip on things now? Use that victory to gas yourself up, if you must, but just know it’ll be that much tougher for you to recoup after I burst your bubble at Pain for Pride. I have the gold, I set the stakes, and somehow I’m at a disadvantage because of something as trivial as your “experience”? If you think having never performed at Pain for Pride is a hindrance rather than a motivation for me to show up and show out, then you’re even more clueless than I thought you were. You really haven’t learned anything from all of our run-ins. You’ve christened yourself as the one who’ll humble the red-hot upstart with no glass ceiling in sight, but how’s that worked out for you so far? Fate favors the prepared, and there’s no way in hell I’m going into Pain for Pride ill-prepared for all that will happen. You’re great, but your greatness hasn’t come without caveats. You’re a legend, but that legendary status hasn’t left you immune to the bitter taste of defeat. And so long as you keep coming into encounters with me wearing blinders? It’s a taste you better get fucking familiar with. We can keep tangoing again and again and again and I’ll keep putting you down until it clicks for you that my ascension to the rank of Vixens Champion was not left up to chance, but rather it was something that was always meant to happen. Like I told you before, I brought you here, honey. I made your Pain for Pride dreams a reality this year, and I’ll break them just the same.

When it’s all over, I’ll still be standing tall at the apex of this division.

I’ll still represent what it means to topple you and render you incapable of making a comeback.

I’ll still be Vixens Champion.
Re: EAW Promoz!
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Pain For Pride Promo # 8

This weekend in Miami, man, this IS the match to watch. So much importance behind this match. You got audiences all over the world, watching on their televisions at home as well at the arena. Haha. This will be no treat on the human anatomy. This party of nine, none of us are gonna walk into this thinking it's just another day in the park. Nobody will be able to simply stroll into this match and hope to walk out feeling the same way they did going in. This match is not for the weak of heart, there are no room for cowards. I am definitely not a coward, and nobody should be with so much on the line. As straight forward as this contest is, the unpredictability of how everything is going to play out is exciting. However, I guess that's thinking outside the obvious, giving consideration to everything that embodies this match. I've admitted not being battle-tested, but surely putting my body on the line in this match puts that to rest. Everything that I'm going to be putting my body through just to grab a briefcase. Obviously not just any old briefcase, no, but a briefcase that has a contract that guarantees that your destiny is in your hands, you pick your path, the time, the place. It's definitely worth it. I am seeking to go to the next level. I'm ready to show the brass why I say that I am next superstar in the making. 

The things that I have done to get to this point? I can tell you I'm not here by accident. I didn't just string together a series of losses, then suddenly was given a favorable hand just to qualify and be here. I worked, and I worked, and I worked to shore up so many areas I lacked in so early on in my young career here. Of course coming seconds away from being Interwire Champion will do that for you. Walking along side a hall of famer and learning how to strengthen your resolve and have faith in the abilities you have will do that for you. Beating a former world champion will do it too. Not being afraid of the moment. Not being afraid to be myself even if it means I will be hated for it. I've evolved just over the last few months, and I've done it right under people's noses. I've shown I got the resolve to be a world champion. I've shown I've got the killer instinct of a world champion. I've proved to be quite resourceful and as any type of long reigning champion you must show a little of each of those things. Resilience is another trait a champion must possess. You must be able to bounce back to be considered a true champion. You must prove that you aren't afraid to sacrifice at least a piece of your humanity for the sake of grasping onto things you feel you rightfully deserve. In shark infested waters I know with winning that briefcase and cashing in to become a world champion, that everything after that point is about validation. You must be able to show everyone that the briefcase wasn't the only reason for your greatness. That you are legitimate and can back it up. The things I say have meaning. The things I have done have been done with a purpose up to now. Once I have that briefcase everyone will find out that indeed i was right about everything that has been said this week. 

One word that has been thrown around by a few guys in this thing is that little intangible that makes lots of people's arguments gospel around here, and that is credibility. Now, at some point in wrestling long ago, this intangible became apart of Wrestling. It became the basis by which wrestling commissioners and general managers alike decided that this single intangible could go a long way toward judging talent. From a philosophical point of view credibility means a whole lot. Why? It means you've built up a good foundation for yourself. With credibility comes opportunities. With opportunities comes a chance at glory, which is why are all here Rhaeger.

Rhaeger, without some potential, there is no chance to prove credibility. Nobody would ever even take a second look at this match on the card. However, since, like I said, this year the crop of participants making it to this match have had a similar amount of success this year alone, except you. It makes this anyone's ball game. Though with his couple of victories it makes you wonder if the Spartan Assailant is onto something, when he said his plan would not be foiled at Pain For Pride. Nonetheless, Rhaeger and everyone else, they know by now that this Elitist can't be deterred in his rationale of thinking. Any competent person knows better than to base the transition into superstardom solely on one single intangible. Potential is something that is displayed, not considered Rhaeger.

Nick Angel chooses to go with the ever hopeless backward logic combined with the same drivel that he has been spitting out from the beginning.  Just in case you need help with understanding the differences between fact, and logic, Nick?  Let me clear it up for you, just in case.  You see, Nick, facts are pre-existing evidence to validate the truth.  Logic, that’s simply a rational way of thinking based on ideas one has about something, but not necessarily the truth. Momentum means everything when you have the right mindset going into battle in any athletic sport.  Look no further than this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers for evidence of that.  I think I am starting to see now, Nick, why you just aren’t that successful here as you should be.  You talk about experience, and I get that, because you have a lot of it.  However, to say that nobody else in the match has the pedigree, and instincts to not be able to function with a clear mind and focus in a big match setting in the moment is ludicrous. All anyone has been this week is focused in and ready to show the world just what they are willing to do to succeed in this match.  You though, Nick, are starting to make no sense at all when you talk about being a veteran, and me a rookie.  You are now grasping at straws Nick.  Your drivel that was constantly repetitive, but tolerable, is now starting to make you sound like the petty whiney bitch you were originally viewed as coming into this. You almost remind me of Christopher Corrupt. Last year he was acting every bit as cynical as you, thinking it was his time. Alas, it was not. Oh, by the way, he left the company shortly thereafter. You truly are a lost soul Nick. Good luck after Pain For Pride. Hope that whining thing you do works out for you at some point.

I see that you have your circle Lioncross, and that's what will give you strength. Your support system is gonna keep you strong and your faith will make sure you thrive. It's commendable. I just don't have that. Whether or not I ever, that's not something I'll dwell on, and it will not hold me back. If you win though I could congratulate you. 

Forgotten Nas? Hardly. To be forgotten would mean you would have had to have gone away, and left this company. Then come back and think you’re entitled to something. I'll never be forgotten here. Not after I win Cash In The Vault. Not after I go on and do something you've never done, and that's win the big one, and then go on to win the biggest one. Paying you dues? You left to go to make hay in other companies when you could've stayed here and became something. You did not. You’re just here, but soon you will not. You will just leave again at some point, and you will be forgotten. This place is home for this Elitist. 

Angelo, such a tragedy he turned out to be. Never had a legitimate chance of winning.  When you've shunned and looked down upon the world, the world does the same when you are finally the one that needs something. You were simply too inept and merely out of your element and it showed. You'll never be anything more than a side show if you don't figure out how to evolve. You will always be able to win here and there, but never the big one. Two-faced facades are the easiest kind of people to overcome. This week proved that. You’re just one of the ones that was here to make up the numbers.

Tig, he's looking to fight. He wants to mafia kick some faces in, but see that's also his undoing. He's a fighter so in the end the final result is of very little concern for him. I've always competed to win. The result does matter to me. Cash In The Vault is a match that will Vault my career to another level. 

Chris, you believe it's your year. It's not. Spoiler alert. This Elitist has worked harder than you, and he's surpassed to you. It doesn’t make a difference had we ever wrestled on Battleground or not. To be the next superstar in the making, to be the next world champion it takes a whole hell of a lot more than arguing and belittling your opponents and finding their weaknesses. It's about understanding how to tackle each and every obstacle that is placed before you. It's about rising to the occasion and meeting each and every challenge with the level of intelligence necessary to get the job done. 

Quite frankly, Phoenix Winterborn, I'm surprised he didn't put in a better showing to validate his being selected rather than having to earn his spot in the CITV match. He wasted this whole week. Nows he has nothing to show for. Worse yet? Management is probably going to think twice before they thrust him into any further opportunities. He did nothing this week. He showed no substance this week at all to give anybody any thought that for a second that he could potentially win. So disappointing. Oh well, not my problem.

This match is going to be my coming out. I want to leave each of you speechless by the end of this match. I want everyone in the arena to be in shock because they had their hearts set on someone else winning. You let a rookie steal the match away from you, get the best of you. You let your championship aspirations slip away because you refused to listen to the warnings that I gave you before the match even started. Are you listening now, Rhaeger? Chris? Nas? Angelo? Phoenix? Lioncross? Tig? NICK? You'll find out that i had more potential than anybody else. I know that this match will change everybody's opinion of me. 

You are looking at...





Drake Jaeger
Re: EAW Promoz!
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六 Drake Jaeger - dressed in his usual black boots, black kneepads, black trunks, black trenchcoat, black gloves, and black sunglasses - stands in what appears to be a parking lot somewhere in Miami, Florida as he unenthusiastically wields two sparklers. The sound of fireworks going off can be heard in the distance. Drake hums the US National Anthem while joylessly working the ignited sparklers like a conductor. 六

Drake: Welcome to America, mothefuckers.

六 Drake turns around and moves out of the way to reveal the starry night amongst the bright Miami city lights. 六

Drake: Isn’t she beautiful? See, I suppose you’d have to call her and I more mutual friends than anything, because I spent the better part of MY life waayyyy on the other side of this country in the frigid shithole you know as Canada. Granted, I can’t help but observe that this country too is, well, pretty much a shithole. This town especially. No, specifically this entire State. See, I’ve had the lottery-winning-esque luck of not having to step foot in something like Mississippi, and if I, by some chance, HAVE, then I assure you I was very high or very drunk. But I’m very much feeling this all on my own - this state. My senses are going WILD. I can literally taste the thick, humid, polluted air. I the smell is something akin to, I don’t know, there’s definitely a lot of feces, a hint of urine, and what I BELIEVE to be coagulated blood, if I’m not mistaken. I can see very bright lights, and a lot of drunk, stupid people. Many of which look like they just escaped from prison, and I swear to God, one was wearing an orange jumpsuit. What I hear is quite an experience. If I learned anything in my three years of Spanish lessons, I’m sure I would be VERY ecstatic to hear all of the loud, bouncy cars roaming around with their bass turned up to fucking 11. Touch? No, I’m not fucking touching anything around here.

六 Drake stands in front of the camera once more, waving the sparklers. 六

Drake: That’s pretty much Florida. I’m not wearing a shirt or pants and I still feel like I wanna kill myself in this heat, but besides that, it’s no different from any other place this country has to offer. Just like every other state, it’s filled with very stupid people doing very stupid things, and in a way, it only motivates me. It gives me a reason to live. See, knowing just how many fucking cretins there are surrounding me - it’s all the reason I need to be THAT much more merciless when I beat the shit out of whoever’s in front of me. And what luck, all three of the people TJ and Judas and I have the honor of torturing all happen to be law-abiding citizens of these United States of America. Ain’t that sweet.

六 Drake looks around, taking in the sounds of fireworks all throughout Miami. 六

Drake: I can’t even tell if those are fireworks are gang shootings, cause with this place, could you really blame me for not knowing the difference?

六 Drake turns back to the camera. 六

Drake: Now I don’t know if any of you scholars know this or not, but I happen to be a proud citizen of this country as well nowadays. I know all about it. I mean, BESIDES the fact that your whole country is pretty much based upon people from OTHER countries showing up and raping people - both figuratively and literally. And sure, there was that whole Trail of Tears fiasco, and that whole, ya know, slave trade stuff that didn’t quite pan out. And yeah, the country is kind of riddled with, well, plenty of fuck ups. I could write a novel about it, really, but hey, at least nobody’s voted to get themselves out of the United States like a bunch of dumbasses. Oh, wait, I forgot you guys wouldn’t vote on that, you’d just kill each other. I believe that was called the Civil War. See, I’m LEARNING. The education system works, Obama! You did it! Well, actually I got all of that from Wikipedia, but I’m getting off track. See, the point I’m trying to make is that I’ve also become familiar with the document that was written on July 4th, 1776 that some of you brilliant minds might remember as “the Declaration of Independence”, and in that document, it was promised that all citizens of the United States would get life, they would get liberty, and they would get the quote unquote “Pursuit of happiness”.

六 The sparklers in Drake’s hands finally go out as he tosses them over his shoulders, looking at the camera with a smile on his face. 六

Drake: I like that, I really do. “The Pursuit of happiness”. Hey, I’m not gonna be one of those assholes that see it as a way to pander to the people of this country by telling them that happiness isn’t guaranteed, and that you just have to pursue it, because I don’t know if YOU know this about Drake Jaeger, but I’m a go-getter! I hustle!

六 Drake checks his pulse. 六

Drake: Yup, I’ve got life.

六 Drake looks out towards the Miami city, cussing it out and putting up both middle fingers towards it before turning back to the camera. 六

Drake: I got liberty.

六 Drake points an index finger at the camera as his hand slowly turns into a gun gesture. 六

Drake: And you can bet your ass I’m gonna pursue happiness. Nothing gives me greater joy in this World than beating the everloving shit out of the people that find ways to piss me off, and unfortunately, that accounts for the VAST majority of this company. I spent months and months as a part of a group that fought for OUR pursuit of happiness, and you know what? Fair enough, we lost. We lost, and we were disbanded.

六 Drake sarcastically claps. 六

Drake: Good for you, EAW! Good for you! Fuck Extreme, right?! Except, here we are. One day away from Pain For Pride, and two of the men that brought you people so much Hell and fought to make Extreme great again - we’re taking gold from you again, and we’re gonna do it in one of the most extreme environments you’ve ever witnessed, so who REALLY fucking won? You guys go ahead and pat yourselves on the back, do what you gotta do to help yourself sleep at night. Jerk off to the knowledge that you foiled them Hexa-gun villains! Tomorrow night, when we beat two-headed Cerberus and their sidekick, the Pizza Bitch, into neat, organized, bloody pulps, you’ll know any victory you got means absolutely nothing, because this, my friends, is AMERICA, and we will not be oppressed by you fucking idiots! We’re gonna take back what’s our’s, and we’re gonna do it in the most violent, bloody, display you will see - more explosive than ANYTHING you’re gonna witness when you plop your fat obese asses down in a lawn chair, scarf down five hotdogs, drink your Pabst Blue Ribbon, and celebrate the independence you don’t fucking deserve! This weekend, it’s not gonna be about this stupid country, but you WILL see firsthand what the pursuit of happiness looks like, cause I’m gonna be smiling! I’m gonna be SMILING! It’s gonna bring a smile to my face - what I do to them! I’m gonna enjoy every second of it! I’m gonna fucking gorge!

六 Drake points to his face as he smiles widely. 六

Drake: And it’s gonna make me happy.

六 Drake’s smile slowly turns into a scowl as he eyes the camera for several seconds, silently. 六

Drake: Happy Birthday, America. Go fuck yourself. Now I’m gonna get out of here before some meth head tries to mug me.

六 Drake reaches forward, turning the camera off as it cuts to black. 六
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