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 Phoenix Nitro

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PostSubject: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro EmptyJuly 11th 2015, 4:21 pm

Ring Name: Phoenix Nitro
Nickname(s): The Master of Broke Strong Style
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia


Pic Base:
Phoenix Nitro KXYKase
Noam Dar
Segment Attire (Optional):
•In Ring
Phoenix Nitro's look is rather unique when it comes to his attire. He wears no padding on his arms, this means no elbow pads or even wrist tape. We also would see no kneepads on Phoenix. He'd wear a pair of wrestling trunks that would have a look that appeared to be made from a jean material. This including two back pockets, a button on the front, belt loops, and even a zipper. Phoenix would also have the typical two side pockets on his jean trunks. The jean material would vary by match, sometimes a typical blue while others being a dark denim. He'd also alternate sometimes wearing a square studded black belt. When it came to foot wear we'd see Phoenix have a pair of AdidasDerrick Rose 773's which would sport the colors of red, black, and white. Over the top of his Roses we'd see a pair of kickpads which would stretch out to just below his knee, leaving his bare knees exposed. The kickpads would have a black base and on the front of the kickpads we'd see a airbrushed graphic that would read "Broke Strong Style". A blue and red flame would surround the words and we'd also see a white strip going down the center of the kickpad on the backside.

•Entrance Attire
Of course look above for the typical gear that Phoenix would be wearing to accompany this. Not really much of a flashy entrance would be worn, except that of a track jacket. The brand again would be Adidas, and based on the location that Nitro was in would determine the color to which he'd wear. Typically if he was wrestling in america he'd use the Adidas NBA Track Jacket of the team in the state he was performing in. However if the state did not feature a NBA team, or if Nitro was outside of America he'd stick to a Atlanta Hawks track jacket.

•Casual Wear/Out Of The Ring
When outside of the ring we mostly would see Phoenix wearing a pair of blue jeans matched with either a plain white t-shirt, or even a white tanktop. His shoes would alternate between his Adidas Derrick Rose 773's and a few different pair of Jordans. Though his Roses typically what he'd wear on his feet. Something else to note would be that he'd usually have a few tears in his jeans and sometimes even a stain on his shirt. Once in a blue moon we'd see Phoenix bring out a Polo shirt with a collar, but that was only for special occasions.

Theme Song:
Paycheck by Family Force 5 

Detailed Entrance Description (Optional):
"Paycheck" by Family Force Five would begin to play through the sound system of the arena. The sounds of light drumming would be heard and around the five second mark a loud bang would hit. This is when Nitro would slide out onto the stage through the black curtain. His hands would be behind his back as he'd be standing like a statue almost. His eyes would be drifting off looking all around the arena as he'd wait for his entrance music to hit a certain point before he'd start moving again. This would give us enough time to notice what exactly Phoenix was wearing. He'd have on a black track jacket which would be made by Adidas. The jacket would mainly showcase his sleeves which would be red with white stripes running up them. The jacket would be zipped up and covering around a quarter of Nitro's jean trunks. As his theme music would continue playing Nitro would be listening closely because once it got to the 15 second mark we'd hear lyrics being sung. This was the cue Nitro was waiting for and as he heard the singer go "I'm broke, broke as a joke. Thinking 'bout moving back in with my folks." He'd use his right hand to move up to the zipper on his jacket as he'd unzip it down. Phoenix would begin his way down the ramp almost strutting to the rhythm of the music clearly having some pep in his step. As he'd continue dancing down the ramp he would keep his eyes wandering around the arena looking at the people in attendance for tonights show. Phoenix would soon reach the bottom of the ramp and once here he would stop dancing just long enough to run towards the ring. He would slide under the bottom rope going in head first and once his whole body was in the ring we would see Phoenix pop himself up onto his knees. His body would still be going with the beat of his theme music as now he'd rise up to a kneeling position in to ring with again his eyes locked on those of the ring announcer. Nitro would hop up to his feet as he'd hear the ring announcer call out loudly into the microphone "Frooooom Atlanta, Georgia... Weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds! He is the master of Broke Strong Styleeeee! Phoeeeeeeenix! Nitro!" While he'd smirk during the announcers introduction we'd also see Nitro move his right hand up to slowly peel the jacket off of his body before handing it off to a ringside assistant. His mind was always ready to step into the ring and tonight was no different, the question was what lengths would Phoenix Nitro go to in this match?


Disposition (Face, Tweener, Heel): Face

Gimmick (20 words or more): Modern day common man, very similiar to Dusty Rhodes but Nitro's come ups are from the ghetto. He looks to give hope to those currently in his past situations and he wants to give those people hope.

Specialty Match: Knock Out Or Submission Only Match

Weapon of Choice: His bare knees, Nitro doesn't believe in the use of weapons.

Common Moves:
Springboard Forearm Smash
Springboard Knee Smash
German Suplex
Spinning Thrust Kick To Abdomen
Low Kick To Thigh
Low Leg Sweep
Crash Landing Suplex

Signature Moves (7 Max):
Rolling Elbow(Typically used after the N20 Knee if the opponent did not drop)
Tiger Suplex
Discus Jumping Knee Smash
Buzzsaw Kick
Cross Armbreaker(Rarely Used, only if opponent has him in a must use situation.)

Finishing Moves (3 Max):
N20 Knee - Bicycle Knee
N20 Driver - Omega Driver(Rarely used, more so a killmove if the N20 Knee does not work to get the job done.)
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Kevin Drake

Kevin Drake

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro EmptyJuly 11th 2015, 4:41 pm

Dem Daisy Dukes doe

But seriously, very well put together app!

Phoenix Nitro PqszM2r
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Brett Kennedy

Brett Kennedy

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro EmptyJuly 11th 2015, 6:07 pm

So, if he's broke, does that mean his EAW contract is going to be like 50 bucks per appearance or something?

Phoenix Nitro Big_show_suck_it
Phoenix Nitro CrrYuw9
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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro EmptyJuly 11th 2015, 8:52 pm

Welcome to EAW! Epic sign-up as well.
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Yoshikage Eto


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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro EmptyJuly 11th 2015, 9:00 pm

I like this

Welcome to the big leagues man, post around and have fun
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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Nitro   Phoenix Nitro Empty

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Phoenix Nitro

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