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TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho XFZUbPi

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 TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho

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Zach Genesis

Zach Genesis

Posts : 399
Age : 25
Hailing From : Gold Coast, Australia
Status : Back And Ready To Attack

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Empty
PostSubject: TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho   TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho EmptyJanuary 4th 2015, 8:42 am

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho TNA_Logo
Zach Genesis Presents:
TNA 2015: The Night Jeff Jarrett Went Psycho

Chapter I – The Debut Of All Debuts...And Shit (Destination America's First Impact)

nd 2014

It was a long night, and Dixie Carter was still working. Well when I say working, I mean Dixie was trying to continuously update her twitter feed by proclaiming that “TNA is looking up and up today!” and “@EC3 wants to prepare turkey for me this year! What an absolutely wonderful cousin who I show no bias to anyway whatsoever when talking to my lovely TNA bookers!”. Eventually she felt she did a good day's work and prepared to leave her office until...


Confused to who it would be, Dixie walked up and opened the door...and that's when she got the shock of her life... “...Jeff?” she said, rather surprised. And there they were standing in front of Dixie...Jeff and Karen Jarrett. “What are you two doing here?” Dixie asked.

Jeff and his wife Karen walked up to Dixie, intently. Honestly like he had a stick up his ass or something. “It's time...” and then Jeff pulled out a contract out of a bag he was carrying before throwing it onto the table. “
Sign it.”

“I'm not signing a contract to disappear off television again Jeff! I'm not falling for that again!”

“Oh that isn't it. This is a
resignation paper.”

And then Dixie's face went pale, as if she's seen a ghost.

“But...I'm the president of this company!”

“No longer you're not. Your daddy sold me your family's majority shares.”

“How!? How is this possible!?”

And then Jeff and Karen had to think back to earlier that day.



“So why the hell would I wanna sell you our family's shares in TNA?” Bob Carter asked as he sipped on some glass of … something, I don't fucking know.

“We'll work out a deal.” Karen said.

“What deal?” Bob replied.

“For the rest of our lives, on every edition of Impact Wrestling, we'll name drop Panda Energy at some point.”



“Umm...” Karen replied. “Intense negotiating. Point is we're in control now!”



Jeff scorned to himself. However suddenly he and Karen looked at each other and sent each other a signal. Couples intuition I guess. Anyway Jeff took the contract away, before passing it to Karen. His wife then stepped in.

“Hi Dixie. I have a contract here that says if you sign it, Kurt Angle will resign with TNA!”

“Oh goody! Here here here!”

Dixie grabbed the contract and signed it.

“Thank you. Pleasure doing business.” Jeff said as he and Karen walked outside of the office.

They both exited the office smiling at one another, before they know what has just taking place. “TNA...is ours once again.



In a sudden swerve (Copyright © Vince Russo 2014) of events, Jeff Jarrett and his wife Karen Jarrett are reportedly in control of TNA once again. Dixie Carter has apparently been reported missing as of the morning of December 23rd after she didn't return to her parents Nashville home the previous night. The last people who have seen her were reportedly both Jeff and Karen who both openly stated “We had a meeting where she signed TNA back to us. That's it, nothing else important. Then we left.”

Jeff openly said that he'd be running GFW as his main focus whilst running TNA simultaneously as he said he'll do the one thing that Vince McMahon was not able to do during the end of the Monday Night Wars. Running two international wrestling companies at the same time. Jeff Jarrett said that he'd giving TNA a real focus “throughout the year of 2015” whilst he'd oversee GFW and let Scott D'Amore and Jim Ross do majority of the work.


However the outside world didn't know one thing. It was that Jeff Jarrett...after 12 years of being at Dixie's mercy...12 years of watching her shape and mould the company into something he didn't want...he was going to make sure that his company GFW survived, and he could finally destroy TNA. Jeff was going to do something extreme...something insane...he's going to make TNA the most fucked up product on the planet, just so it will collapse and GFW will reign supreme...but what he would do will be revealed in due time. Also Double J announced he resigned Brittany to TNA. For some reason.


TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 5e628b0d91490851e66a07523a446bfc
Impact Wrestling
Destination America
Time Slot: Friday Night's – 9PM to 11PM

TNA Genesis | January 24
th 2015 | Sun Dome, Tampa, FL
TNA Lockdown | April 12
th 2015 | MCU Park, New York, NY
TNA Slammiversary | July 5
th 2015 | UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
TNA Bound For Glory XI | October 11
th 2015 | Wembley Arena, London, UK

Impact Supershow! Against All Odds | February 14
th 2015 | The Impact Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Impact Supershow! Victory Road | March 15
th 2015 | The Impact Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Impact Supershow! Knockouts Knockdown 3 | May 16
th 2015 | The Impact Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Impact Supershow! Destination X | June 14
th 2015 | The Impact Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Impact Supershow! Hardcore Justice | August 2
nd 2015 | Viking Hall, Philadelphia, PA
Impact Supershow! No Surrender | September 5
th 2015 | The Impact Zone, Las Vegas, NV
Impact Supershow! The Goldrush | November 7
th 2015 | Max-Schmeling-Halle, Berlin, Germany
Impact Supershow! Final Resolution | December 12
th 2015 | Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY


TNA ROSTER (AS OF 1/1/2015)

Abyss | 6' 8”, 350 lbs | Black Hole Slam
(Spinning side slam)
Austin Aries | 5' 9”, 202 lbs | Brainbuster (Is what it is)
Bobby Roode | 6' 1”, 240 lbs | Roode Bomb (Fireman's carry neckbreaker slam)
Bram | 6' 3”, 214 lbs | Lifting DDT (Is what it is)
Crazzy Steve | 5' 10”, 220 lbs | Crazy Driver (Texas piledriver)
Davey Richards | 5' 8”, 208 lbs | DR Driver (Double underhook piledriver)
DJ Z | 5' 8”, 170 lbs | From Lust To Dust (Snapmare driver)
Eddie Edwards | 6' 0”, 214 lbs | Die Hard (Cross-legged fisherman buster)
Eric Young | 5' 11”, 225 lbs | Diving Elbow Drop (Is what it is)
Ethan Carter III | 6' 1”, 225 lbs | One Percenter (Headlock driver)
The Freak | 6' 5”, 358 lbs | Freakbuster (Thrust spinebuster)
The Great Sanada | 5' 11”, 216 lbs | This Is It (Dragon sleeper with bodyscissors)
Gunner | 6' 2”, 258 lbs | Gun Rack (Backbreaker rack)
Homicide | 5' 10”, 205 lbs | 187 (Cutter)
James Storm | 6' 0”, 230 lbs | Last Call (Superkick)
Jeff Hardy | 6' 2”, 215 lbs | The Swanton (High-angle senton bomb)
Jessie Godderz | 5' 9”, 274 lbs | Stunner (What can I say? It's a fucking stunner)
Kenny King | 6' 0”, 230 lbs | Royal Flush (Fireman's carry into a side slam)
Knux | 6' 6”, 293 lbs | Bicycle Kick (Is what it is)
Kurt Angle | 6' 0”, 240 lbs | Angle Slam (Olympic slam)
Lashley | 6' 2”, 245 lbs | Dominator (Running powerslam)
Low Ki | 5' 8”, 174 lbs | Ki Krusher (Fisherman driver)
Magnus | 6' 3”, 240 lbs | Magnus Driver (Michinoku Driver II)
Mahabali Shera | 6' 2”, 242 lbs | TBA (No that's not the name, it's actually TBA)
Manik | 5' 10”, 172 lbs | Frog Splash (It's a frog splash)
Matt Hardy | 6' 2”, 235 lbs | Twist Of Fate (Turnaround cutter with theatrics)
Mr. Anderson | 6' 2”, 243 lbs | Lambeau Leap (Super rolling fireman's carry slam)
MVP | 6' 3”, 252 lbs | Playmaker (Overdrive)
Rhino | 5' 10”, 275 lbs | Gore (Spear)
Robbie E | 5' 11”, 201 lbs | Shore Thing (Falling neckbreaker)
Rockstar Spud | 5' 4”, 130 lbs | 5 Stone Spud Splash (Frog splash)
Samoa Joe | 6' 3”, 289 lbs | Coquina Clutch (Rear naked choke)
Samuel Shaw | 6' 1”, 230 lbs | Shaw Bomb (Gutwrench powerbomb)
Shark Boy | 5' 10”, 205 lbs | Chummer (Stunner)
Tyrus | 6' 7”, 375 lbs | Tongan Death Grip (It's a Tongan death grip. SHIET)


Angelina Love | 5' 6”, 122 lbs | Break A Bitch (Inverted facelock to double knee backbreaker)
Brittany | 5' 5”, 120 lbs | Shining Star Press (Handspring moonsault)
Brooke | 5' 4”, 115 lbs | Tess-Shocker (Belly-to-back facebuster)
Havok | 6' 0”, 170 lbs | HavoKiller (Sitout powerbomb)
Madison Rayne | 5' 4”, 120 lbs | Rayne Check (Guillotine drop)
Rebel | 5' 10”, 130 lbs | FBG (Split-legged leg drop)
Taryn Terrell | 5' 6”, 120 lbs | Running cutter (Is what it is)
Velvet Sky | 5' 6”, 125 lbs | Beauty-T (Snap DDT)


TNA World Heavyweight Champion –
Bobby Roode
TNA X Division Champion – Low Ki
TNA World Tag Team Champions – James Storm and Abyss
TNA Knockout's Champion – Taryn Terrell

OOC: So this is a BTB as you might have guessed. As you might have also guessed by now this is a comedy BTB and is in no shape or form serious in the slightest. Basically this BTB will be a messed up alternate universe of TNA with storylines used that no network in their right mind would ever allow to air on television. The other interesting part about is I'm introducing the concept of having a thing called EAW DECIDES. This BTB will basically be split into five sections as a part of “weekly updates”.

#1 | News Update At Start Of Week
#2 | Card For The Week
#3 | News Update For Mid Week
#4 | Event For The Week
#5 | News Update At End Of Week

And if there's a PPV or Saturday night “TV Special” airing, then this will become part six of the weekly update. “EAW Decides” pretty much will factor major decisions in the BTB. Such as who to book, what gimmick certain wrestlers receive, etc. Also some very lucky EAW people will become a part of this BTB. Keep in mind that for starters I'm only adding people here I know fairly well, but rest assured I'll be adding more in the future.

Until then, have fun, happy promoing and enjoy what ever life currently is for you.

Zach Genesis.

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 0RTv1Xf
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Wvmly
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Zach Genesis

Zach Genesis

Posts : 399
Age : 25
Hailing From : Gold Coast, Australia
Status : Back And Ready To Attack

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Empty
PostSubject: Re: TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho   TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho EmptyJanuary 4th 2015, 8:59 am

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Pwinsiderlogo
"WCW Free since 2001."


TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho LEF1YPbz

A brand new booking team was assembled today by Jeff Jarrett after fired all of them for one reason, all because they “listened to Vince Russo's ideas.” Jeff Jarrett hopes that his new booking team will quote, “Restore TNA to it's full potential, and undo any damage that Dixie Carter and Vince Russo may have caused.” Whilst Jeff Jarrett says he'll remain head booker of the promotion, he five person booking team he's hired for the time being is:


Zach Genesis | Creative Member/Head Of Music
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 8b8ff4ffee74310e32495b3d963dcf0a
Texan local Genesis was hired as according to Double J he possesses a “X Factor” that some others don't have...whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. He apparently has what Jeff and Karen both described as a “90's punk vibe”, which they both described as could potentially pull in “that good ol' MTV crowd”, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean too. Zach said he hopes he's able to do the best he possibly can to help TNA. He's also working for TNA's music department as the head composer after Jeff fired Dale Oliver, after realising he's spent 10 years writing nothing but “WWE theme knockoffs”.

Lannister | Creative Member/Director Of Talent
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Antoniocesaro_crop_exact
Not happy with the way you're being booked? Not happy with the way you're being treated on the roster? Not happy because Angelina Love rejected your flirting advances for the fourth time this week before you proceeded to a leave a big ol' poo in her locker room out of spite? Well no fear, Lannister is here! In addition to helping out on the booking side of things, Lannister was appointed as TNA's newest Director Of Talent! Of course he'll probably spend most of his time laughing at you if you complain to him whilst he listens to Rammstein and snacks on some bratwurst. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Brian Daniels | Creative Member/Head Of Developmental
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Daniel%20Bryan
Brian Daniels was hired to help in creative, as well as do his work running developmental. After much talks and discussion about what to do for developmental after the ending of OVW's relation with TNA, it was officially announced in a press conference on the morning of Christmas Eve 2014 (MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYZ), that 8 year mainstay promotion EAW or “Elite Answers Wrestling” would now official serve it's purpose as the new developmental territory for TNA! People aren't expected to be called up until around Lockdown time, but still many fun to be had for all! Also some wrestlers that don't impress Double J will be sent to EAW to practice and train to try and undo their naughty no no's!

Komodo Dragon | Creative Member/Head Of Locations
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Poster-15
Komodo Dragon or by his affectionate nickname “Jay”, has the main job of finding locations for TNA! Although the promotion is currently at the “New Impact Zone” in Las Vegas (after Jeff said that Orlando was a total “dickhole” and that TNA would never return that), Jay wants to hunt better arenas and better cities for the promotion to go to! He's currently working out final details for the “Maximum Impact 7 Tour” in October/November this year as well as working out the first ever “Asian Odyssey Tour” for May. Oh joyous times!

Xavier Williams | Creative Member/Head Talent Scout
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 04f414cc9d4c74acb58205772614469b
Because Double J has a passion for Australia, Australian people and above all, Rove McManus, he felt it was absolutely necessary to hire an Australian. Hence why he brought on Xavier Williams to do some work for TNA! In addition to booking and doing creative work, Xav has been giving the task and role of being the official head talent scout, so during his off-time he'll attending indie shows around the world to find who he can potentially bring to the fold! As well as hiring former WWE workers of course in true TNA fash-oh whoops, he just signed Alberto Del Rio apparently. LIKE JUST THEN. SHIT.


TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Alberto
SHIT! YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE! In a recent update status by the god of all wrestler reporters, Dave Meltzer, Alberto Del Rio (real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez) has signed a 1 year contract to TNA! Following his controversial firing at the WWE, he was convinced to come to TNA despite making commitments already to compete at ROH and AAA, and even winning AAA's top championship. However the second TNA management promised Del Rio he'd be a main event star, and his own up and coming show on the new TNA Network! (more details soon), Del Rio proceeded to shoot on AAA by throwing the title belt in a rubbish bin, before screaming out in English, “FUCK LUCHA LIBRE!” before storming out, whilst also telling ROH and Gary Silkin to “kiss his ass”. Del Rio is expected to debut on Impact Wrestling in the shows debut edition on Destination America, as is expected to be a big player right from the get go. Del Rio is expected to go by another name during his time in TNA with that being, “Alberto El Patron” due to WWE copyrighting! Marvellous!

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Las-vegas-150
It's official! TNA have placed a big massive fuck you to Orlando as they have announced Las Vegas, Nevada to be the promotions brand new home! As a part of the revamp for TNA, the Jarrett's apparently officially have given the TNA crew that they're OK with that after Brian is apparently friend's, and that friend apparently has a cousin, and that cousin apparently has a friend, and that's friend father owns the Excalibur Hotel and Casino! PEACHY! So the space in the Excalibur Hotel has indefinitely been converted to become the brand new Impact Zone! (except it's now called The Impact Zone – emphasis on the the). Impact Wrestling will be emanating from The Impact Zone starting on January 9th 2015! So YAY! More...hopefully good and not shitty TNA!

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho LSH-qf4aWCo
After Jeff Hardy has been using the gimmick change of “Willow The Wisp”, then going back to “Jeff Hardy” (as in “Vintage Jeff Hardy” - Michael Cole, 2008), Lannister says he thinks overall that Jeff Hardy needs something refreshing, something different and something unique! A NEW GIMMICK! And he openly thought the best course of action would be to let the EAW people decide Jeff Hardy's new gimmick! There are three options that people can pick from and they are:

A) Jeff Bradley! - A “Get Fit” fitness guru a la Simon Dean (circa WWE 2005!)
B) Jazzy JH! - A up and coming rapper, who makes money by selling a little dope on the side!
C) Super Jeff – The newest member of the brand new “International League Of Superheroes!”

EAW in conjunction with TNA have announced that members of the EAW Universe have approximately 24 hours to make their votes so vote here with either A), B) or C) and the gimmick that has the most votes will be Jeff Hardy's newest gimmick up until the very least, Lockdown 2015!

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 26_25_FCW_06142012ej_1291
That's right! Xav is going crazy with all of the signings after he's also reportedly signed Celeste Bonin aka WWE's “Kaitlyn” to a one year contract too! Expected to go by her real name “Celeste” as a knockout, there are plans for her to be involved in a fairly big angle right from the get go according to the new TNA booking team, namely being involved straight away in an angle with EC3 aka the former Derrick Bateman! HOW FASCINATING!


I know, I know, I know a lot to comprehend and yes a long ass post but these will be the two biggest posts in this whole thing. Hope you enjoy reading, as well as get ready in anticipation of how things are going to be turned upside down in TNA. 12 hours or so until I put up the Impact Wrestling Preview for TNA's Destination America debut! Until then, peace out and much love. Zach Genesis.

TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho 0RTv1Xf
TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho Wvmly
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TNA 2015 - The Night Double J Went Psycho

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