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 EAW Feed

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PostEAW Feed

The EAW Feed will serve as our in character social media outlet. You can use it to hype up your matches, give support to other matches, tell us how you're training at the gym, or just anything your mind can come up with. Think of it as quick character development. These do not count as promos for your matches, you still have to promo for this and it isn't a spot to book yourself in matches while calling someone out. Have fun & feel free to use pics.

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EAW Feed :: Comments

Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 21:45 by Devan Dubian
The ladder is my castle. Never be too bold against the King in his own environment.
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 21:19 by Anderson.
Patience is a virtue. At Territorial Invasion, you will know exactly what I mean, Mr. DEDEDE.
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 20:07 by Cage.
Territorial Invasion, I don't fight for Zack, or any of his other boyfriends. I fight for Diamond Cage.
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 19:43 by Nasir Moore
@NAStheGOD - Y'all gonna find out soon I ain't playin. The Nas World Order is coming for all of your candy asses! #TheComeback #TheNasSays #NasWorldOrder #CominForGold #EverythingChangesHere
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 17:45 by Guest
@TheRoseBrothasEAW : So we see this guy that his name is Prince Alex III walking out of the president's office, what a selfish dick he is. Man. He said we're gay.
#StraightAsThePoleYourMomDancedOn #PA3Sucks
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 17:14 by Guest
I'm the best in the world and I know it.
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 16:10 by Scott Diamond (Online)
Ya'll know how homo you sound?
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 15:50 by GC
@LBEAW: Christopher Corrupt is gonna get the ass whooping of a lifetime.. Believe that!
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 14:15 by Marco
When people sin they say that they did it to survive. But when I sin, I do it for the pure pleasure of the sins that I commit. #BornSinner
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 11:08 by PrinceofPhenomenal
''Prince of Phenomenal is the greatest wrestler I've ever seen.'' - Prince of Phenomenal

Follow me on twitter though. @TheRealPOP
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 10:28 by Tiberius IV
At an autograph signing I was wearing a komodo dragon mask and a hood just for kicks when this kid came up to me saying I look like one of the Brazen Beasts, messing with Cleo was pretty brazen, totally taking that shit. #BrazenBeast #Additionalnewnickname
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 6:38 by MTM
Matt Miles vs Alex Anderson in a cage? That's like trapping a mouse against a snake #MoreReallyGoodThanYou #IMAREALLYBADGUY
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 2:13 by Aren Mstislav
People call me rude for not shaking Tyler Parker's hand but really why should royalty shake a peasant's hand #Dynasty #RussianPrince
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 2:13 by Jacob Senn
A ladder match? For The Bane of Kings? For The Undisputed Champion of the World? #PreparetobeConquered #GreatesttoEverLive
Re: EAW Feed
Post on Mon 8 Sep - 2:02 by MTM
Now I don't know what the shortest New Breed title reign is but as long as I'm in that battle royal, I have a feeling that Jamie O'Hara will come close at TI #TerritorialInvasion #IMAREALLYBADGUY

EAW Feed

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