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 My job

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Shaker Jones

Posts : 188
Age : 31
Hailing From : Canada
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PostSubject: My job   March 21st 2018, 5:47 pm

Hey guys,

This is something I needed to get off my chest.  So a few days ago I quit my job.  I'll tel you why.  The people I work with stopped talking to me.  The one guy up until a week ago was good, but now he won't talk to me.  I go to say something like I saw thor ragnarok and he just says uh.  The one lady I worked with snapped at me and told me to fuck off, just because I made a joke like the other guy did.  Every time they ask me to come in on my day off I do, but most times when I need a day off they just say no.  I was snowed in for about two days a few weeks ago, and when I came back to work I just mentioned it to my boss, and he said, well I thought you told me you had a place to stay if a storm happened.  I told him no I said I possibly did.  Then I mentioned how the roads were bad.  I live in the country no one else at work does, and I was talking to my boss about it and he said, well I guess you should have stayed in town, heh, heh.  Like it was a big joke.  On Sunday I had a bit of a meltdown.  The lady I was working with wouldn't talk to me and was so grumpy to me that she had to make popcorn that day, because the guy that was supposed to ope came in two hours late and couldn't do it.  So I took my glasses off and had my head in my hands, my mind was out of control, and she comes by and says, well this needs to be done, and this needs to be done, and this needs to be done.  I was almost on the verge on crying and that really hurt.  I feel like I'm bending over backwards for these people and they don't give a shit.  And when they phone me to come work on my day off and I say no I can't they guilt me into it.  So I phoned my boss a few days later and told him, I have to quit because of the stress.  He sounded a bit miffed but whatever.  Another thing that happened was a few guys at work play dungeons and dragons, they won't let me play because they need to be there, and there needs to be four people at work throughout the day and we only have five.  So I asked the guy who had the day off I said.  I'm going through a rough patch, and I need Sunday off, as it was a car show that Dean Ambrose was going to be at, and he's like my favorite wrestler, and I thought maybe this will cheer me up.  I asked him to switch and he said no, because that would throw the game off.  And in my head I was like are you serious?  A game is more important than my mental health?  So when I phoned my boss and said I'm quitting a few days ago, I said do you need it in writing, he said yes.  So today I went and dropped it off, he was sitting at his desk I put the letter on his desk and he never even turned around.  The assistant manager was at the till, and she was giving me the stink eye, and I said oh I have a movie back there I need to pick up.  And when you buy the movie you're supposed ti get a free key chain, so I paid for my movie and didn't get a key chain, I said do I get a key chain, she kinda shrugged and went through the bag and basically threw it on the counter.  And I'm like in my head you guys are acting like a bunch of children.  So did I do the right thing by quitting or did I puss out?  And now I feel really bad because the schedule is going to have to be changed around because I'm not there.  I would just like your thoughts.

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Posts : 573
Age : 26
Hailing From : Sea,Isle New Jersey
Status : better@lifethanU

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 6:09 pm

There's better jobs and much better people out there for sure. Don't let life get you down so much. It seems to me like you finally manned up and did the right thing. Moving on is best. Don't compromise your mental health over whether they are short-handed now, because to them you're just another number and they'll just go to the next number after you. Keep your head up. Life will get better if you want it to, and it looks like you've taken the first step to making it better. So good move. Good luck going forward.

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

Posts : 3526
Age : 27
Hailing From : The Gay Meat Community
Status : #LoveWins

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 6:21 pm

Tbh i think you fucked up big time. You need to understand that you are an adult and are living in the real world, this isnt mommy and daddys house where your needs are expected to be catered to. This world doesnt care about you and your mental health, it will eat you alive if you allow it, and it will cross any and every boundary you set until you hold steadfast to them.

You knew these people ask you to work on your day off, yet you expect them to hand you days off??? No buddy, you should have established from the gate that these people cant fuck with your time off like that. Period. By working days off ur telling them they can dick you around. Also why the fuck do you care about who talks to you during work or if youre allowed to play league of legends during work hours, arent you there to .. idk... work???? Sounds like youre another lazy millennial expecting to be paid to sit on their ass. Why should your job give you time off to watch some fake wrestler stand by cars all day? They must be thinking somethings wrong with you for having mental breakdowns over some fake wrestler they never heard of, which is why they prolly dont want to talk to your weird ass (from their perspective)

And why the hell were you trying to approach your female co worker for a conversation? You already said none of them respect you, so if she claimed that you sexually harassed her in the workforce, who are they gonna believe - her? Or the weird fake wrestling fan who has mental breakdowns? I promise you this workplace was being nothing but nice to you, and gave you more than you deserved imho. You’d better pray to god tbh because life only goes downhill from here. Most places would have just fired you after taking 2 days off over some “snow.” I’m fearful for you man because if you think this is rough wait until you see what life has in store next :lupe:

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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

Posts : 2488
Age : 21
Hailing From : The Upper Room
Status : You broke the rules you can't break.

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 6:57 pm

Let's just get it out of the way: as much as I loved to think EAW was a peacefully coexisting, altruistic interactive community of members who care about each other's personal lives, it isn't. Broadcasting your personal issues on a forum full of fantasy wrestlers is a good way to give any dumbass ammo they can use against you if they ever have a problem with you here for whatever idiotic mind-numbing reason. I've had to learn this the hard way on a number of occasions, and admittedly have had to resort to these same pitiful tactics not because I wanted to or felt good about it, but simply to defend myself. On top of everything else you have going on in life, there's absolutely zero reason to conflate your e-fedding persona with any kind of personal information which is inevitably going to be used against you. This just isn't the outlet for that. The wisest among us keep shit under the vest explicitly for that reason. I'm not in that class of people, but eventually you learn from your mistakes. There are other forums where you can seek self-help and find people that will answer you selflessly and have your best interests in mind when they do so, as opposed to people who only have your best interests in mind if you are within their circle/clique and couldn't give a fuck less about you otherwise. Or people who have your best interests in mind for a period of time only to shit on you when they're "fed up with your attitude." I as much as anyone WANT to believe this is a community that can exist for the overall benefit of others, and I wholeheartedly still believe it's a great community, but not for that purpose. You're expecting these people to steer you in the right direction when the vast majority of them, probably myself included, are still trying to find themselves.

You need to surround yourself in positive energy and weed out every negative influence in your life where possible. I don't know how quitting a job you apparently didn't enjoy anyway fits into that, but hopefully this experience makes you more prepared for future opportunities. We live in a world where, sometimes, you have to eat shit and pretend you like it. The best thing you can do is probably work some 9-5 while saving money and grooming yourself for a career you're actually passionate about. Obviously you aren't without your flaws, but I'm sure that's painfully apparent to you just in the fact that you feel guilty about quitting a job where all your coworkers roundly shit on you. My best advice? Focus less on the intimately personal facets of EAW's community and more on the actual e-fed itself. Find a self-help forum where there's a far greater likelihood of receiving objective feedback. EAW can help you grind through your bullshit, not by its community giving you conflicting life advice, but by providing you with a distraction as you work toward your next major life goal. I'd have given myself the same advice if I could do it all over again. Don't make the same mistake.
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Scott Oasis

Posts : 590
Age : 70

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 7:27 pm

Boy if you don't go and get that job back --

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Posts : 2138
Age : 24
Hailing From : Indonesia

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 8:51 pm

I personally agree with Rex. Good luck to you and I believe you'll meet better people too.

(Thank You Lars Grier)

(Thank You Rhyse)
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Stephanie Matsuda

Posts : 3093
Age : 33
Hailing From : BK
Status : Back to the drawing board...

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 9:15 pm

I can understand feeling stuck but I can't afford to lose my job so...

I don't know what your home life is like, but nothing is forever. If you're being taken care of by your parents just know they're going to get older and won't be as functional as they are now. If they're working, they will retire, maybe even sell the house (if you live in one) and would want to move on.  If you're going to quit this job then maybe go to school and see what career you want to specialize in. If school's not your thing, then get a trade. Electricians make decent money and plush you don't have to communicate with other all that often.

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Desmond Helms

Posts : 42
Status : Beating Flogs On The Piss

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 21st 2018, 9:57 pm

Fucking grow up god damn it. It's a job, yeah it's shit but everyone works shit jobs. Life isn't going to hand you opportunities and you sure as hell won't get them if you don't push yourself to develop a good work ethic. Life sucks, everyone has problems and everyone overcomes them but not sitting around surrounded by comfort because it's most enjoyable. Gotta work when you don't want to? Tough that's part of life. People are cunts. Your next job will have cunts, your job after that will have cunts. Learn to live with it, learn to adjust because you're always going to be surrounded by cunts who try to treat you like shit.

I know you've done it rough and I'm sorry to hear that you have but shit like this is only going to keep you in the same place and there's going to be a point in your future where nobody is going to give you a look at for even the most basic of jobs. Think of where you want to be in 5 years and do everything you possibly can, make the sacrifices, strip yourself of your comforts because 5 years will pass you by and without doing a single thing about it, you're going to be in the same place.

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Finnegan Wakefield

Posts : 1731
Age : 22
Hailing From : Great Britain (actually Australia)
Status : A pretty top bloke, yeah?

PostSubject: Re: My job   March 22nd 2018, 5:59 am

I know you have it pretty bad with mental health and self-esteem and whatnot, but to be blunt with you, this doesn't paint you in a good light. First and foremost by quitting your job over such petty reasons. Not sure what you were expecting adulthood to be like, but it's not holding your hand and owing you favors. You get a job, you do that job for money and, until you become your own boss, you do as they say. Thems the breaks. Your job doesn't owe you days off for AGREEING of your own free will to go into work, all they owe you is the pay you make for coming in, be it time or time and a half. If they give you brownie points for it, ace, if not, tough. If your co-workers are not talking to you, or they clearly don't enjoy associating with you in the workplace or out of it, move on. Either you have rubbed them the wrong way or you're just simply working with cunts. That's unavoidable. From what I can assess from this whole thing is that you expected to get some kind of handout, be it playing D&D with the co-workers who clearly don't want to associate with you or getting days off and shifts switched that doesn't work with anyone else. This kind of mentality would annoy me if I were one of these co-workers. As unfortunate as it may sound; that's life. Grow up and handle it.

Another is to look for sympathy afterwards. Not sure why you felt a fantasy wrestling board would be the place you felt was best for you to air your personal issues, but it's not. Family and/or friends would have been a better idea than to give people here ammunition if you rub someone here the wrong way. Some people explain personal issues to explain them leaving for a period of time, if not permanently, but that's only so we can understand why that is. This was unnecessary to share with us for any reason. I can't speak for the vast majority, but if I were to have it a guess there will only be a select few who care. As previously stated, we have cliques and groups of friends that can talk about personal ordeals with, but of a whole board of people I doubt any more than 5% are willing to give a shit. If you have to air your grievances anywhere, this isn't the place. EAW can be a good distraction from it, but not an ends to justify a means. Quitting your job because you hate it, that's fine, I have done that 5 times last year alone due to conflicting reasons. Never felt a need to get on the board and spill my guts. I suggest you do the same in future.

If I were to give any advice for you, it would be to grow up and stop being a ninny. Learn to tough these situations out or employment will only become more difficult to obtain than to keep.

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PostSubject: Re: My job   

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My job

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