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 NFL Regular Season Reactions

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Ares Vendetta
Ares Vendetta

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Hailing From : Tokyo, Japan
Status : Here comes revenge

PostSubject: NFL Regular Season Reactions   January 3rd 2018, 3:26 pm

Pretty much just like normal show reactions, but to the NFL Season, answer them however you'd like (if you want to split them between AFC and NFC, that's fine). If you want to post a biased and unbiased version, that's alright too.

Favorite Game:

Favorite Moment:

Most Shocking Moment/Result:

Which Team Had The Best/Worst Season:

Which Player Stole The Show:

General Comments:
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Carlos Rosso
Carlos Rosso

Posts : 1623
Age : 33
Hailing From : Baton Rouge, Louisiana

PostSubject: Re: NFL Regular Season Reactions   January 3rd 2018, 10:58 pm

Favorite Game: Saints vs Redskins. That...was a pretty bananas contest. 

Favorite Moment: Buffalo making the playoffs/Ravens absolutely screwing the pooch.

Most Shocking Moment/Result: That Ravens/Bengals game just mentioned, The rams absolutely obliterating the Seahawks in Seattle. Did not see a whipping like that coming. 

Best Season: Saints/Rams. Two teams that were either mediocre/awful for quite some time rising up and winning their respective divisions. Both producing bonafide POTY candidates on both sides of the ball (Donald/Goff/Gurley and Jordan/Kamara/Brees) and just getting to where they are this weekend has to be considered a huge success. Especially proud of my Saints for doing what they've done with so many key players on IR. 

Worst Season: The Browns. Do I really have to elaborate on why? 

Player: Alvin Kamara. This guy is basically what Saints fans were hoping/wishing Reggie Bush would be. 

General Comments: People have said that this is a lackluster season but I don't think so. There have been so many great games (Patriots/Steelers was an absolute classic for example) and entertaining players that you just have to watch more than what ESPN is offering on highlights. I'm glad that as the season wore on it shifted away from protests and other unsavory stuff to be about the players competing. Also, the NFC South is the best division in football right now. If one of them can get to the Super Bowl and win it, i think that would further cement that evidence.

Most Valuable Extremist Awards:

Beef of the Week: 4x (vs HRDO)
(Vs Lucian Black, Lucius Creed and Hurricane Hawk)
(vs Cassandra/Vannessa Lyndivia and NEO Seoul) (vs Cloud Matsuda)

Champion of the Week: 5x (three times solo, twice as part of Dynamite Rain)

Match of the Week: 5x (Dynamite Rain vs NEO Seoul) (vs Norman Hellion) (vs Jacob Senn) (vs Lucian Black) (Voltage Elimination Chamber/RTR 11)

Promoer of the Week: 1x

Most Valuable Extremist: 3x
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Charlie Marr

Charlie Marr

Posts : 25
Age : 20
Hailing From : East London

PostSubject: Re: NFL Regular Season Reactions   January 4th 2018, 4:13 am

Bias version

Favorite Game: Jags vs Seahawks. Fantastic performance by the team to beat the Seahawks, def my fav game to watch of the season.

Favorite Moment: The Jags making the play-offs. Beating the Texans and securing that spot for the first time in so long felt so good.

Most Shocking Moment/Result: Beating the Ravens 44-7. Considering how good their defense usually is this came as a shock.

Which Team Had The Best/Worst Season: Best = LA Rams. Worst = Cleveland Browns

Which Player Stole The Show: For the Jags it was def one of the defensive players. I would say either Calais Campbell or AJ Bouye.

Non Bias version

Favorite Game: Steelers vs Pats. The game had me on the edge of my seat all game long and the ending was entertaining as hell.

Favorite Moment: Teddy Bridgewater coming back from injury. It was such an incredible moment to see him finally back and ovation he got was amazing.

Most Shocking Moment/Result: The Rams just destroying the Seahawks in their own back yard. Wilson had been doing everything on his own in the weeks prior but even he couldn't get anything going that game.

Which Team Had The Best/Worst Season: Best = LA Rams. Worst = Cleveland Browns

Which Player Stole The Show: Todd Gurley. After his sophomore slump I don't think people were expecting him to be this good. Can't imagine anyone expected him to be an MVP candidate.

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Posts : 623
Age : 26
Status : Team Special Treatment

PostSubject: Re: NFL Regular Season Reactions   January 6th 2018, 8:17 pm

Well, at least the Chiefs still get their AFC West Champions banner.
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PostSubject: Re: NFL Regular Season Reactions   

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NFL Regular Season Reactions

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