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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 8:04 am by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 87: Redemption

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"Perhaps I haven’t given my opposition for the Christmas Eve Special edition of Voltage enough of a grilling. With my last remarks, I was merely skimming a stone across the surface of a vast ocean, leaving plenty of room for them to state their claims as to how they will defeat me, how they will walk away with the New Breed Championship around their waists. 24 hours has passed and what retaliation have I received from either of my opponents? Nothing, none whatsoever. Honestly, it is a little disappointing. I tend to do that a lot with my opponents in an attempt to provoke them into giving me no less than their best in trying to defeat me, or in this case to try and rip this title from my grasp. It tends to make for a real challenge, to make a match worth preparing for knowing they will be giving me no less than 100 percent in a war of words as well as a war inside the ring with this championship as the spoils for the victor. Perhaps I have held these two to a high standard, the standard that I would hold myself to in this situation, not letting words go to waste and going in on the attack every open opportunity. For McAdams, that fire that he brought to Shock Value must have been extinguished as he did what I am doing today, doubling down to send the message that I am not going down without a fight. For Harvey, quite frankly I don’t know, perhaps brooding in the streets of Yorkshire looking for jobless and hungry homeless people to beat up to release some pent-up aggression. As for Jon, I assume he is sitting in his high chair at his estate firing people who give him the stink eye, which I can assure you with his attitude is a quite a high number of people who deserve much better jobs with their patience towards egomaniacs. Perhaps the Christmas theme to my message was a little too soft of a blow on the chin to provoke an immediate response, perhaps that is on me. It must have made the message a little lost in translations with all the lights, tinsel and the tacky sweaters, giving a message of someone who is looking at this match with only smiles and jokes and the Merry Christmas spirit. If that is the case, the fault falls squarely on me. I won’t beat around the bush any further. I might have to drop the facade of the happy go lucky Finnegan Wakefield to get the point across. So be it.

Then much to my surprise, a notification caught my attention. Jon McAdams must have had burning ears and decided to speak up. I must admit, I didn't think it would take so long for him to respond to my message given the persistence he demonstrated at Shock Value. In a way, I am glad he didn't bring anything less than what he brought to the dance that night this time around. He didn't disappoint, I will give him that much. What surprised me further, however, was his reaction to the gift that I presented to him. That piece of debris from the pitfall that had both of us in blinding pain holds some sentimental value to him. I guess you can get a gift to a man that has everything. Well, monetarily everything that is. McAdams, the message that gift was meant to send was one of warning. A message that was supposed to read that, although you underestimated me in a battle under stipulations that you have grown to call your niche, it doesn't spell victory against Finnegan Wakefield. However, I would be lying if I said there wasn't an underlying message to the gift that may not hold as much sentimental value, it still has some weight behind it. Respect. Make no mistake about it, I still think you're a pretentious twat that needs to lord over his wealth to impose an image of importance and have to over exaggerate your resume to impose an image of threat, but for guts and tenacity, you have earned my respect. It takes a lot for me to resort to a desperate course of action in order to try and walk away as the victor, but it was a risk that you forced me to take. In a way, you got what you wanted. Despite the home-field advantage on your side, people weren't giving you a chance and chalk me up as the person to send you crashing and burning. Just as much as I had to take you with me into the high voltage hell beneath, you had to take me down there with you. As you say, joy filled your heart as you saw me falling down with you, knowing that you made so many people eat crow as you proved that, for that one night, Finnegan Wakefield wasn't able to defeat you. But a small grin came across my face in that one moment also, and the fall felt like forever as the whole world around me slowed down. Before the blinding pain of an electrical charge going through my body, I made you eat crow. I made you eat crow for saying that defeating me was a certainty, that it was the inevitable outcome of our match. Despite all your persistence in saying that I was a weakling of a champion, for that one night, I proved even in the face of adversity, Finnegan Wakefield is not a champion that will go quietly into the night.

Internally, I was smiling despite the fact I was experiencing the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life and that neither of us could walk out of that wreckage on our own two feet. But that smile didn’t last very long. Two things have since vexed me and has been weighing heavily on my conscious. You said so yourself, I couldn’t hold myself with my chin up knowing that I couldn’t best you to retain the championship. On that night I had to be a champion that said his reign continued, not by my own merit, but because of a technicality that had me hold onto the championship. Although I take pride in knowing that I prevented you from holding the New Breed Championship, I also took great dishonor in saying that I didn’t successfully defend it against you to prevent it. And with the days I spent looking up at the lights of my hospital room, that was all I could think about. As doctors and nurses were stitching me up, pulling small fragments of metal out of my flesh, treating my burns and stabilizing my heart rate, all I could think about was how sullied I felt to call myself the New Breed Champion. What made matters worse, was seeing how well off you were despite the landing. While I laid in a hospital bed, you were up and fighting just a week later. Fate smiled on you. The fact that you were able to be there the next Voltage after showed that I had somehow gotten the worst out of the fall. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if it didn’t take away an opportunity that I had waited an entire year for. Watching the advert, watching the names being listed off for the Voltage leg of the King of Elite tournament, truth be told I grew frustrated. With a clenched fist, the opportunity to be the New Breed Champion going through the King of Elite tournament was taken away from me, and the name I saw in the line up instead of mine was yours. The same fall that made it impossible for doctors to release me from the hospital and allow me to compete in that tournament somehow allowed you to do the complete opposite. For the first time in a very long time, I felt helpless. Helpless that I had to miss out on the opportunity to truly establish that I was a New Breed Champion unbound by shackles by progressing through the King of Elite tournament. I had a choice to make then and there. I had a choice to go to Kenny Drake and give him one of two options, both of which put my rank as champion into question.

Either you get inserted into my next defence as the New Breed Champion against Harvey Yorke, or I relinquish this championship on the grounds of a tainted defence. Once again, fate smiled on you as the appeal of the match not only got the green light and the advertisement of a money match but secured the main event slot. You got a second chance to try and dethrone me as the New Breed Champion, and I got a second chance to prove that there is no monster in Jon McAdams that I can’t slay as easy as any other man in Elite Answers Wrestling. That is where you have mistaken me, Jon. I am not uncertain, nor am I shook. I have no doubts in my mind when push comes to shove that I can defeat Jon McAdams. You very well could defeat me any given night, but that statement echoes in vice versa. Christmas Eve, I know that I can defeat you even with the Harvey Yorke X-factor, even with the knowledge that I don’t need to be pinned or submitted to lose this title. I am not too well known for taking a gamble, but for this match, I am willing to bet my reign on the roll of the dice. McAdams, I will repeat a sentiment that I said to you at Shock Value; whatever you have planned for me, bring it on. Whatever it is, no matter how mighty of a blow it might be, nothing you can do to me will result in your foot on my chest with this championship raised above your head. I will walk into 2018 as the New Breed Champion, and that is a safe bet to take.

I may aswell address Harvey Yorke while I am at it. Your comments over the past weeks haven’t fallen on deaf ears. I have heard the remarks you have made towards me in the weeks leading up to this match, remarks such as me being a dismissable champion. However, remarks such as that are just as dismissable. If you’re planning on defying my limits like you have claimed you would in the weeks prior, it is probably best you start speaking up and putting more weight behind such weak words. You bested seven embodiments of the deadly sins to earn this shot, and that is admirable. But this week you’re facing an embodiment of the seven heavenly virtues. You have bested men you have marked as the embodiments of Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony and Pride, but within me you will find the opposing ideals. You will be facing someone who embodies Humility, Kindness, Abstinence, Chastity, Patience, Liberality & Diligence. Humor me, Harvey, how will you fair on the opposite side of the spectrum? When you eventually do decide to say your piece, you better make it count. You better have some words that can pierce my heart if you wish to take away the title I have fought so hard for because you’re going to need to give me nothing less then your best shot, with or without your brass knuckles, if you wish to make it a reality. You don't have a lot of time left to lay everything you have out on the table, not long to state a claim to the EAW New Breed Championship. Regardless of how much you present, I don't intend to let this title fall into the hands of anyone who doesn't work harder than I do to raise its prestige. I have fought Hall of Famers, Main Event calibre elitists, promising up and comers, hell even the mighty Jamie O'Hara with this title around my waist. You have claimed my reign to be miserable, but it will be you feeling miserable once this opportunity of yours is squandered and I carry out my mission to become one of the greatest New Breed Champions of all time. Harvey Yorke, Jon McAdams, this sunday you will be a footnote that will put the exclamation mark to the claim that Finnegan bloody Wakefield is going to be the greatest New Breed Champion of all time!"
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 6:28 am by Ryan Wilson
The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
This week: Promo One
Voltage Record: 0 Win 3 Losses 1 No Contest
 Lars Grier
Chapter Title: That was then, this is now.
No. of words: 1,607
Reading time: A little less than six minutes

It's that time of the year again! The end of it, where we exchange gifts, drink some booze, give awards and pat ourselves on the back for having done this or that! 

On my end? To be honest I felt like 2017 was an amazing year! Championships here and there in federations across the globe and then the biggest award yet: An EAW Contract! Not only that, a cherry on the cake: A spot on one of the main show's roster! Voltage to boot! Home of the Elitist of the Decade MISSSTEEEEEEEER .... DEDEDEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I couldn't be happier for now! Sure, my track record is not the shiniest, 0 - 3 and 1 but I made it to the biggest and bestest league in the World and on one of it's biggest shows! And already I have faced some of the best the Voltage brand as well as the whole company! For me, that's a win, an achievement unlocked! One I've been working for since I first stepped foot in a wrestling ring and wore the mask you all know I love. 

This got me to think back and go in the past, more or less 10 years from now when I was not even thinking about wrestling in a way to earn my living. Back then I was 15 years old and I was a to-the-bone wrestling fan! Watching EAW programming on TV among other independent federations like Sanctuary of Wrestling and the F'n Nation Federation both of which my would be mentor was working in at the time. I was a geek and a nerd back then, still am today (Guilty as charged!) Thanks Captain Obvious but I also knew that this skinny lookin' frog was not going to be a wrestler back then. At least it's what I thought, sure, there were video games but there was one thing I loved doing more: E-fedding! 

Why control a bunch of pixels on a TV screen when you can create your own persona and write your own promos! Little did I know that I was practicing to do the real thing later but back then I was having a blast in a total fictional world! What I loved the most? Doing shows! I even had my own promotion that I was running out of Geocities.com it was called ''World Wrestling Elite''. Okay, it's not original much but sue me okay? It was original to me back then! I had some of my friends and online users who was a part of it both as wrestlers and part of the booking and writing staff. I had so much fun building it from the grounds up, the CEO of the company was called ~Mister Mockman~ and he was a power hungry old geaser! The top guy was called ~The Ledge~ and it's funny how today I think back on it and he looks a lot like Mister Dedede! There were plenty of others! Block Fester (A BEAST of a man!), John Quinoa (You couldn't see that Vegan), Punk CaMel (Most arrogant Marrocan ever), Raider Mysterious (Arrr! A pirate!), Stoned Cold Steve Austin (He loved to chill and drink cider), The Crook (Our main heel! He was electrifying!), The Underachiever (Nearing death at every match) and many many others! Sometimes some left because their ~contracts~ was expired, some were signed and it was quite diverse to be honest. (Ryan what about the ladies?) Oh Yes! We had those too! Like Lady Stratosphere, Torrid Wilson (Your sister!) don't make it weird buddy. Also on the ladies side I had Lolita and a few others. 

But that was then, that was part of my childhood, playing something I then thought was impossible to reach.
This? This is now! This is part of my livelihood, only now I'm no longer playing and nothing is impossible to reach. 

I, like so many others before me and much more after, am living proof that if you truly want something and you put in the efforts, the work and you're willing to pay the price you can go wherever you desire and you can get whatever you want! No one said the way to get there would be easy, only the idiot the blind and the fool thinks like that. No, I'm a realist behind this sexy package that is Ryan Wilson, and I have had past experiences I've been through to remind me that not only the road ahead the path to success is long and hard but I've been down that road and I know how hard it can be. 

With the exception of Cody Marshall, Azrael (Ouch), Axl Willow and Shaker Jones, I can with confidence say that I've faced some of the best Voltage has to offer! Finnigan, Amadeus, Harvey Yorke, El Ironico, Nate Fiora and this sunday another adds himself to the list! One that made it clear he didn't like what I had to offer be it in the ring or on the Feed. One who I look forward to face for the challenge he represents: Lars Grier.

The so called Raven of the Elite Universe, is that right? Can I quote you on this? Can I quote the Raven? (Nevermore!) Why you little! (Hey, this isn't a Simpson's episode!) Correct! That being said, it's funny to see how many Uwe Boll-type individuals we seem to have on the yellow brand, what I mean by that is that similar to the worse movie producer ever to stain the face of the Earth Lars and Amadeus both are ~misunderstood~ or so they claim. Boll is not misunderstood, he simple sucks and refuses to accept the fact that he can't do anything good. His work is shit, his legacy is shit now and forever. Now, am I saying Lars and Amadeus are shit? No, far from it. What I'm saying however is that I'll always find funny when someone claims to be misunderstood, I mean it's like trying to sound and look cool when you meet someone new. Lars... Being misunderstood doesn't make you special it makes you... Bland! I mean, that card was overused for way too long! And let's not forget the dysfunctional family angle too! Chris Almighty! Saint Titties on a hot summer night this has been played out! I'm sorry about the passing of your mother however, I mean it's fun to mess with Cody's mother but the thing is she's alive. No point in making fun of the dead in hopes of getting under your skin. There are other ways to stab at your poise. Like making you the first guy I beat, my first win.

Make no mistake, the No Contest against Cody tasted like victory and I showed that there was nothing he could do to take me out long enough for the triple mat tap. You however you will be a different challenge, you will be a different opportunity. Another chance for me to showcase my talent against a guy with a style different than others. I aim to win against you Lars, I want to gift myself a win before the end of 2017 and I don't expect you to be generous enough to give it to me. The truth? I want you to make it difficult for me to get my wish, I know you can in fact I know you will. Because you won't allow a little slack jawed shit like me to get the better of you am I right? I'm just a joke to you n'es-ce pas? I remember you told me in the past that if I didn't change my ways I wouldn't last long here. Well, here i am buddy! Not changing and not about to! Now the question is what are you going to do about it? Will you be the first to shut me up? I can tell you already the answer's no. Will you beat me to an inch of my life this Sunday? I sure as hell invite you to! Because you can expect it from me! I feel like ripping off that face paint off your face like a gift wrap and see the you behind it all, see the pain I'll cause you, see the agony that you'll go through due to the execution of my moves! I want you to hear me laugh while I do it, showing you how much I enjoy it and making sure you know I won't stop until you're body can't handle it anymore. 

I took a resolution for 2018, I am going to step it up a notch or 10. But between you and me: Why wait January first? I want to start right now, I want to start with you! On Christmas Eve! This Sunday LIVE on Voltage! I want to see you soar into the air little raven... So that I can hunt you and take you down! Feathers will fly, perhaps a bit of blood too and you know what? Oh I'm sure you know: I'll have a blast while doing it! 

I have a good time at the expense of others Lars, you know this, now it's time you do more than knowing: It's time you experience it!
It's time to push things to the next level for Ryan Wilson, your profile talks about stages of evolution, maybe it's time this Canadian does the same.

Win or lose Sunday, even if I aim for the W, I intend to use you to send a message to Voltage:
The Ryan Wilson Show is taking off starting now!

And that ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget you Lars, just happened!

See you soon...
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 5:38 am by Jon McAdams

McAdams sits on a loft overseeing his butlers and maids putting christmas ornaments on his 20 foot christmas tree. He has in his hand a glass of wine that he takes a sip of.

“The words underdog had started being used over the past few months. A word I used to laugh at. Underdog. I’d scoff at those people who’d enter in a match against me, those who were less experienced, overconfident, irrelevant. The one hit wonders who would enter my ring when I was on top of Voltage and I’d bring the world down upon them during my crusade. Those career underdogs who try as they might, could never quite adequate live up to the expectations that they had for themselves or the audiences that followed them. Their adoring fans who would get in a frenzy and cheer when the underdog would almost win... and when he did win it was a shocking surprise! OH WOW! HE DID IT! THAT AMAZING LOSER WON A MATCH! I hated this idea. I hated this… whole underdog concept. But you start to see how it happens. How someone can be a promising young prospect, a former champion, a dominating force on the Voltage brand with the whole world right before him… Then comes the failure, as it always does eventually. But it doesn’t stop. Then bad decisions. Then poor planning. Than desperation starts to set it. Soon that same prospect finds himself being viewed as the underdog.

Yet underneath all of those things there is still a promising young prospect, former champion and dominating force and even a layer above that calls for something greater. Something growing on top of that underdog title. A chip on the shoulder, maybe? A mean streak? A man becoming a monster? Can there be such a thing as an “undermonster”? Yet that’s what I was. I had an entire company of wrestlers who knew and had seen what I was capable of still view me and consider me… just another guy. Even at the height of my popularity here so far, people still were uncertain, and though I had started to gain momentum by driving through some really tough opponents… when it was time to face Finnegan Wakefield, not a soul gave me a chance. No one thought I had what it takes to defeat him. No one thought I could stand up to the great Finnegan Wakefield. Not a soul in the locker room, on the commentator desk, in management, and in the audience. No faith in the man called Sovereign, the Survivor, the System. The man who ran the back and ran that ring and beat some of the best Elitists in this company and out of this company. It isn’t so much infuriating as it is… confusing. I know there is change and confusion. I know that I have grown and melded into many new things but I also know the very quality of man that I am and I find it… absolutely embarrassing for all of you who would ever call me an underdog or find me… incapable.

I am the most underrated Elitist in this company. I’ve competed at the highest level with the best of the best and shown time and time again that I am all that i say that I am and each time that I get into that ring I don’t just step up against my opponent but I force every opponent I face to step up to my level. I have never been in a match where I have had to meet someone else’s standards. I have always been the man to raise the bar that everyone else must jump over. Each time that a person stands before me and makes a joke out of me or pretends that I am nothing, I shove it down their throats and make them eat their words and each time that someone believes they are simply going to get the best of me because I am Jon McAdams soon finds themselves fighting from behind, trying to catch up and trying to keep up. I raise the standards of every opponent I face and in doing so, every person who comes against me is elevated. Beyond any title, any accolade, or any position, at the level that I am and with the shit reputation that I carry, I still force and elevate people far more than a silly title. Yet I just can’t seem to get my hands on it.

I don’t understand it. For any doofus who lies or is dumb enough to say that it’s because you’re just not good or not good enough listens purely to hearsay and clearly has never observed how I work and how I fight and how I always get what I want. If you stand there, even as a man who has beaten me on any given occasion, can you sit there and think… Oh, I could do it again? How certain could you be? How many of you want to even deal with it? I know so many in the back would rather avoid me. So many in the back, despite how they talk, know damn well that a match against me is an exhausting and painful affair. It’s easier to stand aside then to stand up against me because your odds are always uncertain, and if you can’t stack up, then you will fall hard and fast below me. Those who make jokes. Who… fight around me. Who mention my name but avoid putting themselves down in a match against me. Those who would belittle my accomplishments, my work ethic, my skill, and my willingness. All those children who despite their best efforts can’t hold a candle to me and still don’t succeed in their “higher” ventures or their middling contentions. No… those who fought with me, those who know what I am capable of, know better than to underestimate me. Men like Finnegan Wakefield, and Harvey Yorke who both know that even at their very best, and even with Yorke’s victories over me, that on any given day Jon McAdams could take this all away from them.

Finnegan Wakefield… I know we only know each other as opponents and truly at the most personal level you may not know this about me, but I am a very… sentimental man. An item like that is the kind of gift I would put on my wall next to my freshly won New Breed title, or even a piece of history I’d like to hold onto without it. It’s the kind of item that drives me. That reminds me. That brings me back to where I need to be and takes me above this. I recognize it. It represents both an incredible victory for me and an immense failure. When I fell from those rafters into that terrible pit and I saw you falling with me, at first I had terror but that terror turned to laughing when I realized what this all mean. Fear became joy in my heart as we plummeted to what could have been the end of our careers. In a single instance I had both failed at my objective and succeeded in shoving shit in the mouths of every person in the locker room and every person in the audience. The entire crowd ate crow. But then I did. I hit the wires and felt that terrible explosion throughout my body but through it all I had joy in my heart. Despite all the pain, despite all the horrible implications of what had happened there I was able to stand up. I had not lost to you. I had not found myself in a losing effort without a title but instead in a draw. No, it isn’t ideal but I knew that you couldn’t go on with your title and carry yourself the way you do without having put that nail in. I KNEW you couldn’t carry an ounce of self respect for that title of yours because there was an opponent that you couldn’t beat yet you still had to hold that title. That it would become a mark of shame instead of a bar of excellence. I’ll be honest with you about this too. I was peeved at the fact that I hadn’t been given another shot but I was willing to earn it again. I was peeved that I would have to fight in the King of Elite tournament while you, the champion, got to stay home, recover, and lick your wounds. I was so peeved that I decided not to show up last week and get my rest in proper. I got mine and when I found out you had gotten me into the match well… It all just worked out. Finn, you could not beat me then, so much so that you threw yourself into hell in order to just draw against me. I had that match, I had you where I wanted you and I won’t let that happen again. You say I couldn’t beat you at my game? Wrong. I aimed to make accomplishments and build on them into greater ones. I aim to deliver on what I say and when I tell you something like you can’t beat me and then I show you that you can’t do it I expect you to realize that is the truth. The game didn’t end. You couldn’t bring me down and we’re still playing and you haven’t realized it yet. Taking me with you is saying that you can’t beat me. Now, admittedly that doesn’t mean I could beat you, right? But you know I could. That’s why you did what you did. That homefield advantage? That deathmatch situation? That is elevated here. I relish in the multi man match. The proper way to steal a victory and an easy way to take what is mine. What’s more is this is still No DQ. So unless you have found away to beat both Harvey Yorke and draw against me, this will still be a sad day for you. You may say you are confident, pride intact, with a conviction and determination that is unbroken but I know that even with all of these things… Finnegan. You are shook and uncertain. You took this match, you brought me into this match because you don’t know if you can beat me but I admire one very important thing about you, is that you are not willing to let that kind of thing go. You are not content to allow yourself a draw. Even if you aren’t sure, even if you know what I am and what I bring, even with all of these things, you are still willing to risk a very highly potential loss and while I think it’s stupid, I can respect it and definitely understand it because from where I am standing, it is not enough to be the guy who is at the same level as the New Breed Champion. I need to be the guy who holds the belt. The guy who beat his opponent and in the back of my mind it would have always eaten at me. Why didn’t I beat him? When will I be able too? I don’t underestimate you Finnegan, and that is precisely why you should be concerned. I always play the long game, it doesn’t always work out as neatly or as perfectly as this situation did but with all of this being where it is, I’d be a fool to squander this opportunity on overconfidence and simple tactics. I’ve got something beautiful planned for both of you and I can’t wait to bring it down upon you.

As for you, Yorke, I am waiting to hear from you. This is the pattern though, but this time I won’t be underestimating you. I have made that mistake too many times before but that is because it’s hard not too. You’re a man who starts and stops. You rise and fall. Your consistency is lacking and you are stepping into the ring with a man you’ve lost too and a man you’ve beaten. I won’t pretend like those victories are meaningless, the first one, perhaps. I was in a dark place. But the second one, I can’t deny. You beat me Yorke, somehow, some way, you managed to beat me as I was tearing through this roster you put a stop to me in a way not even Wakefield could do. That’s not a joke and there is nothing much I can say to skirt around it other than the manner in which you beat me was not… an outright affair. It was close. I can say, and I know you can too if you’re being honest with me, that any one of us could have one on that day. You won. And I know, you’re thinking, I won and thats the end of it but I want you to think about the King of Elite tournament. You lost to Keelan Cetinich. A man I’ve beaten twice in one on one competition. It’s easy to look at the now, it’s easy to forget the past. It’s even easier when you purposely try to dismiss it but you can’t ignore the facts. Keelan decisively defeated you and in the most holistic sense my stock is much higher and for me to lose to you does much less for me than for you to lose to me. So… You won.  Hell, you needed to win and I had bigger things on my mind. If you didn’t win then it would be a confusing situation to have you in this match. If you didn’t beat me, you wouldn’t truly have earned a spot here. After all, Finn couldn’t beat me, and you couldn’t beat Finn so that leaves us… with where we are. But you did get me. Now, I have taken into consideration that this belt is worth giving everything we have for it. This belt is worth your time to fight for it. But this belt cannot be yours. I am going to beat Finnegan Wakefield first, but my second priority is to make sure you don’t hold it. For all the talent that you have, for a man like you, who has been untested truly in failure cannot be allowed to carry the prestige forward. In fact, I consider it part of my duty to make sure you experience failure on this magnitude. To have worked so hard to get here only to fail to capture the belt and then to see if you’re able to bounce back. See if you’re just up and leave or drop out or end up with nothing, and how you might pull yourself up or let yourself drown. Here’s what I know, I will be winning this title because I know what I need to do here to win it. But Finnegan NEEDS to beat me in order to prove himself, and you? I love the fire that I’ve been seeing these past couple of weeks but we all know that you NEED this win as well. The pressure of all your hard work is like a mountain on your back that you’ve never been able to carry and if you can’t succeed here in this match I fear you may crumble underneath all those stones. Desperation. Even if you dont think you have it. It’s there. You know it. It’s building in your head and even with a full head of confidence and an unbroken spirit, both you and Finn will walk into this match with a cloud over your head that continues to remind you both of your need and not where you mind must be and before you know it, you’ve become so focused on that title, so focused on beating Finnegan, so focused on bringing down the house and holding up that title, that you’ve started picturing it in your mind, envisioning yourself holding it, and in that instance something takes you out… and Jon McAdams takes advantage.And this time, I won’t be recovering from some injury. You can bet on that.

I look forward to this sunday against you chaps. Three brits. Isn’t that beautiful. This should be called the United Kingdom Championship since only the classiest competitors seem to compete over it. So let us steal the show as any man facing Jon McAdams always does.”

McAdams raises his glass. “To you both”

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Post on December 21st 2017, 1:21 am by Shaker Jones
Voltage Promo: My Way

A harmonica is heard throughout the EAW arena.

Kawajai: What the hell is this what's going on?

All of a sudden the harmonica stops and "Timebomb" by Rancid plays.

Nick: Who the heck is this?

Out on the stage walks Shaker Jones, with a new attitude and a new swagger.

Kawajai: He's not even shaking hands with the crowd this is so strange.

Shaker makes his way into the ring and is handed a mic.

Shaker: Hello, Hello, Hello

The fans start booing him.

Shaker: Ok, if that's what you want.  Ladies and gentlemen of the EAW Universe, I have come to the conclusion that you don't like me.  And that's fine.  Because I don't like you either.  You see when I first came into this company, y'all had my back, you would cheer me on night in and night out.  Then the losses started piling up.  Things weren't going so well, but you were still somewhat with me.  Then a poll is given to you guys on what I should do with my careeer, and what did that pole say?  IT SAID THAT YOU SAID I SHOULD QUIT.  So I see how this is.  You all have turned your backs on me, as soon as the going got rough you decided to bail on me.  That's fine.  Because I don't give a shit what you think, I don't give a shit what you say.  From now on things are going to be done my way.  I am in this for me, myself and I.  You see when I was a kid I wanted to be cool like everybody else.  I wanted to look like them, be like them.  So I did.  I bought the same clothes that they did, I started liking the same stuff that they did, and then I was cool.  But then years later it dawned on me, I don't have to be like everybody else to be cool.  So I started wearing my own clothes and doing my own thing, and from that point on, I felt free.  I felt like I could be me.  I stopped giving a shit what people though about me and started doing things my way, and I was so happy.

But I came into this company and I went backwards.  I started to become a cookie cutter version of myself.  You know the nice guy who wants the fans to like him so much.  Who does the same things he always did, used the same moves he always used.  Now that I look back on it, what was I thinking, no wonder my career has been crap since I've been here, because I wasn't being myself, I was being what you people wanted to be, and that worked for a while until you all turned your backs on me.  Now the man you see in front of you is who I am, I am the guy that does things his own way, dresses his own way, talks his own way, and wrestles his own way, a unique style.  And I knew that's what I was missing.  For the last few months in EAW I have been going through a slump and I wasn't happy, and I didn't know what to do about it.  So I took some time off and really thought about who I was and what kind of wrestler I wanted to be.  Now I am happy

The fans still boo.

Shaker: Oh boo all you want I don't care.  I really don't, and I don't know why I didn't think of this a long time ago.  To be truly happy you have to be yourself, and if people don't like it, too bad.

Shaker: Now I know there is a lot of guys in the head office who don't think much of me.  Think I don't have what it takes, I don't have the potential.  Well let me tell you something boys.  I am doing things my way, and if you don't like it you can eat me.

Shaker: And I'm sure there are a lot of guys in the back, who think I'm a joke.  Because of this Hello, Hello, Hello thing and the promo I cut a few weeks back.  That is the old me, that is not the true me.  You are looking at the new and improved Shaker Jones.  A more confident, more wise, more determined Shaker Jones than ever before, so If I gotta come back there and knock some sense into your heads I will.

Shaker: Now this Sunday I have my first opportunity at a title, when I take on Carlos Rosso for the EAW Interwire Championship in an open challenge match.  Now I know what you're thinking Rosso, you're thinking, oh, they have picked me an easy opponent, I can beat this guy no problem.  UH UH ROSSY BOY.  Let me show you some footage of what I'm talking about.

Shaker motions to the titan tron where he is sparring with some wrestlers.

Shaker: You see Rosso I have a few new moves up my sleeve, take a look at this.

Shaker shows on the titan tron him locking someone in a submission.

Shaker: That right there, that right there is the Anaconda Vice.  Rosso when I get you in that you will have no choice but to tap out.  There will be no one to help you

Not your Momma

Crowd says "What"

Not your Daddy

Crowd says "What"

Not your Uncle

Crowd says "What"

Not your auntie

Crowd says "What"

Not your Grandma

Crowd says "What"

Not your Grandpa

Crowd says "What"

Not your cousin six times removed.

No one can help you.

Shaker: Now I know you're saying to yourselves, why Is he showing off a move when Rosso can study it.  I just want you to be prepared Rossy Boy.  Now speaking of moves, let's roll the footage,

The camera turns to the titan tron where Shaker is demonstrating a new move on some wrestlers.

Shaker, Wait for it, Wait for it.




Shaker is shown hitting a RKO like maneuver on his three opponents

Shaker: All three guys down in a second, they never saw it coming.  That Rossy Boy is The '87 a move I can hit on anyone, at anywhere, at anytime.  Oh you can try and scout for it, but you'll never be ready.

Shaker: Come Sunday I am going to mow you down like grass.  I can beat you so many ways, I can choke you out with the vice,

Crowd says "What"

I can lay you out with The '87,

Crowd says "What"

Or I can just plain knock you out.  Either way the ending will be the same, it will be me with my hand raised high as I take your EAW Interwire Championship.  This ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of the Era of the PRCB, The Punk Rock Country Boy.  And if you don't like it, that's too fucking bad.   Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Shaker then spits purple mist into the air

Shaker drops the mic.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 12:36 am by Devan Dubian
We may choose to train for a certain race in our lives here and there but in reality, running is something we end up doing all our life. 

There is no fault in assuming that we are at the same listless parallels in our careers, Diamond Cage. There exists two great inevitable fights in every elitists career; the first being that father-time cannot be defeated. No matter how much we may train our bodies and minds to become more durable, we still tend to break down as time goes on. The other great and yet perhaps lesser known inevitable fights we all face in our career surrounds the dilemma of importance. Most people tend to magnify their popularity and live in the delusion that they will be on top of the game for the rest of their lives. Within a certain time frame, you are allowed to be as insane as you want and commit as many blunders as you wish because the people will still be behind you because they support a dark horse. When that dark horse breaks its chains and becomes one of the top dogs with predictable emanation, the people move onto more unfamiliar consequences that resides within some of the newer generation. And so your mount up the ladder becomes all that more troublesome the next time around because this time, you are not allowed to be creative or make any miscalculations otherwise you are sent through the parade of shame as someone who could not hack it anymore.  But we keep on trying as we will and eventually reach a point where we become self conscious to the fact that despite all that you have achieved with the numerous amount of accolades and crowning achievements in the past, none of it matters enough to keep you relevant in the present. The tide does not stop waving, it keeps on shifting so that this company never becomes tame. And that second inevitable fight is the harsh one that nobody warns you about. Much like any other entity in popular culture, you are only informed of the furnished goods but never what goes on behind the scenes after a certain time frame is over. I tell you this not to say that I have conceded on my race, Diamond Cage but rather to present you the plight I had to fight with my very last breath to overcome. But you are still grounded with delusion in believing that your tough act can cut it anymore in this company. People do not resonate with you anymore because it is not modern enough for them to support a rule breaker with no model of limitations. Whereas it was encouraged to support a man who does not let himself be dictated by authority and rather played by his own testaments during a certain time frame during our history, none of that matters now. You may still pride yourself with some nonsensical ideals of no fear by threatening to destroying and killing everyone in your path but you have been broken with a constant reward of nothingness. The further you go down this race, the more shallow and dark the path will get until you ultimately fade out of the limelight forever.

For me, a whole different purpose lies within my eyes, Diamond Cage. There is no confusion in any of my steps, I have made my motives very clear from the very start of the race this time. There is no subjectivity neither is there any side track nonsense that I want to be involved in anymore. I do not want to be digging up a hole for hours just so I can get recognized and perhaps have a chance at the massive championship, I am just booting the door down with my malicious lust set on anyone who may end up stepping in my way. This model of neutrality also allows me to break any conflicting ties I may have and see things clearly as they are as opposed to how they are actually presented. When you walked onto the Showdown platform uttering your bullshit a few weeks ago, I could smell it fuming all the way from backstage. And the only thing worse than a liar himself, is when that liar becomes one with hypocrisy as well. All you do is yell about not being presented your chances despite how much struggle you have had to endeavor every since you returned but the matter of fact is that it is not the lack of chances that is limiting you but rather your lack of incapability to capitalize on those few chances that you have been granted. Perhaps if you did indeed quiet yourself and that pretext of a head down once in a while, you would realize that you are more like an adolescent running around in circles whining about what he wants rather than a man who deserves to be compensated for doing something that any other elitist would have been as successful in doing. No one asked you to get off of your arse and go after all the sociopaths in this company in term sacrificing a bit of your career, that is a job of a vigilante that you granted yourself. I have had my own fair share of sociopaths come after me but I let them know why it was better for them to be on their way than to participate in something that would be destructive to their ultimate purpose. Your desire to play the 'justice' game being painted over by your attempt to be a 'badarse' is getting old at this point and truthfully, only impairing you more than anything. It does not get you on the good terms of anyone, but instead promotes this idea that you are just someone who is too reliable to be an actual face of this brand, much less this company. I let you realize all these flaws not in the hope that you correct yourself and find a resolution to these problems before we face off but rather to bruise your pride a bit more by making you think twice before taking the next move. You have been lucky that everything surrounding you as of late has self destructed giving you more of a glimpse of light than you actually deserve but I have no doubts that you will be humbled in front of a real competitor when we meet inside the ring this week. 

I felt all that too. I too know what it tastes like to win a world championship and be on the top of this company.. the only difference is that you remain the same old man blockaded by the values that stripped you of the world title the first time around whilst I have risen like a phoenix once more and progressed to a level where you have absolutely no chance of catching up to me anymore.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 20th 2017, 11:56 pm by Aria Jaxon

The question being posed to me by many people after Bloodletter was “Do you regret what you did to Stephanie?” And now, on the heels of the Awards Show, the question I’m now being asked is, “Do you regret believing she’d be in the right headspace after all of it?” All the signs were there. Every warning sign and red flag in the world was right in front of my face, screaming at me that Stephanie was dangerously close to once again succumbing to the same frustration and desperation that led her to betray me once before. The succinct answers to my questions, the way her lips were set in a serious line, the way she’d withdrawn from everything for days...and yet I really believed in my heart that she’d be okay. I really believed she’d come far enough to no longer fall victim to all the same emotions that fucked her over when she swung that steel chair last summer. I guess I saw what I wanted to see, rather than what was actually there, but it wouldn’t be the first time my big heart caused me grief. Stephanie will always be my sister, and being family entails fighting as hard as you love, if not harder. Right now, I know why she’s lashing out; because it’s easier to be mad at me than it is to be mad at herself. It’s easier to lash out and attack something tangible than it is to reflect inwardly and fix your own shit. After all, how many times can she reinvent herself? How many times can she unveil new nicknames, new places to be billed from, new training methods, and new ideologies? How many times can she swear she’s changed, only to stumble and fall just short of what her goal is at any given time? As much as she’s praised me, she’s always viewed me as someone who held her back. Someone whose heels she was tired of being on. And as long as she still views me as the high jump bar that she just can’t seem to leap over, that resentment is always gonna be bubbling under whatever sugar-coated bullshit she might lob in my direction. She says that what she showcased at The Awards Show was a new willingness to take out whoever she needed to get to the top, and that nothing was personal. But I know better. With me, it will always be personal. I regret giving her the chance to fuck with me again. I regret not rubbing the fairy dust from my eyes sooner. And when she thinks this latest makeover of hers -- however superficial it may or may not be -- has gotten her as far as it possibly can, she’ll once again be saying that she’s truly ready to take me on and take my prize. I’ll turn her -- and any other woman on this brand -- back as many times as I need to if it means remaining in this spot. The numbers games, the dirty tricks, and everything in between are just par for the course. Everybody wants a shot. Everybody wants to come up off me, and they’re being sent in droves. I welcome it all. Step up and I’ll change you for the better. I’ll make you dig down deep just to keep up with the pace I’ve set. You’ll put on the best match of your career standing across from me. I’ll bring out the best in you -- and then beat you just the same. That’s what I’ve been doing, and that’s what I’ll continue to do. On to the next one.

“It’s funny how our paths haven’t crossed at all…”

Actually, it’s not. It’s totally believable. Think about it for a second, Megan. When you popped up on the scene, you were so wide-eyed and concerned with proving that you belonged that we were never gonna be running in the same circles. During the spring when I was charting my path toward the title I hold now, you were part of a televised love triangle that ultimately ended with you getting stomped out by your ex’s mistress. Then you vanished, so that rules out months of us possibly having competed against each other. You came back, of course, but until recently, you were too busy being handcuffed to Sydney and beefing with her to be worried about much else. Despite all the tough talk, when I look at you, I see a woman who’s just now getting acquainted with what it means to fight. You’re brand new to this shit, as far as I’m concerned. Existing in these circles, being in close proximity to titles and doing what it takes to keep your head above water when you try and take your first steps toward the upper echelon? Oh, baby girl, you don’t know shit about this. And you’re so concerned with pretending like you know all about my history and thinking you’re about to use me as a springboard that it hasn’t yet dawned on you how thin the air is up here near the summit. You feel like you’ve got the chance to put an asterisk next to my name since it’s been well-documented how much of a whirlwind these last few months have been for me. I openly admitted going into Bloodletter that I was mentally and emotionally in a place that I knew wasn’t right. I didn’t feel like myself, but I knew...all it would take was that spectacular showing, that next successful defense to remind me of just who the fuck I was. So the woman you gotta deal with for the first time isn’t the scared, fragile woman that Stephanie has claimed I’ve become. I don’t fear shit, least of all Mr. DEDEDE’s sexretary. “But you were confident as a newcomer!” I sure the fuck was. When I was brand new, I was winning Empress of Elite, going to the finals of the first Tag Team Championship Grand Prix, and pinning Hall of Famers. And I certainly wasn’t taking my ball and going home after getting stomped out on the home stretch to Pain for Pride. You earned this shot at Consuela’s title fair and square, yes, but this time since you returned has, in a sense, represented you being in a bubble. You’ve worked in such close contact with Sydney for so long that it was just a matter of seeing which one of you made a mistake first. Y’all got to know each other like the back of your hand. And now you’re stepping out of that neatly-defined little box and bucking up against this brand’s champions, and I’ve never seen a bitch more ill-prepared than you. I’m not your fucking “opportunity”. I’m not your ticket to bigger and better things. I’m different than anybody you’ve faced in your short career, and I’m about to break your flat ass in. This won’t be pleasant.

You know, you’re far from the first person to accuse me of tryna paint myself as unbeatable or infallible, but that’s never been the case. I’ve never tried to pretend I was Teflon. There are too many instances of me failing or being hurt to look back on for me to stand here and do that. If anything, my success shouldn’t be what worries you. It’s my failures that molded me into the woman who’s gonna kick you right outta your knockoff Compton Swap Meet Jordans. That Vixens title loss you mentioned? On one hand, I made history. That was the first women’s match to ever main event an FPV, and I’ll always hold that close to my heart. On the other, it’s almost hard to describe how much it stung to lose that championship only a month later. Oh, and saying I didn’t do anything afterward was a bold-faced lie. Literally six days later, I become the first woman to win the Young Lions Cup. But hey, push that revisionist history if you want. Shit like that loss is what makes me scratch and claw as hard as I do, because I know that you can give it your all and still lose. It’s fine, you’ll know all about that when you inevitably lose to Consuela. You’re not saying anything brand new or venturing into uncharted territory, but I get it. If you focus on what I’m doing now, well, that very real disparity in ability between you and I seems to grow by the second. Focus on shit from a year and a half ago, and you feel like you got a snowball’s chance in hell. Honey, you’re not facing a woman who slipped up and let what was then her crowning achievement slip through her fingers. You’re facing the woman who’s stood atop Empire for 180 days. Six fucking months I’ve dealt with every single woman who’s tried to take this title from me. Personal tragedy and injuries couldn’t take me out, but you think you can? I look forward to watching you try. Play back the footage from The Awards Show and get a good laugh from it, if you want. You won’t see an unworthy champion. You’ll see Stephanie’s emotions getting the best of her, and Azumi getting the drop on me in a tag team match rather than any of the title matches we’ve had. That’s what people have to resort to in order to knock me down even for a moment. Your tales of my “demise” are greatly exaggerated, and I can’t wait to help Consuela get rid of that smokescreen hanging in front of your eyes. Your outing with the big girls is gonna prove to be nothing more than a field trip. You weren’t anybody til you started getting bent over Ryan Adams’ mahogany boardroom desk, and that’s where you should’ve stayed.

In Megan, I’m dealing with a woman who’s tryna live vicariously through anybody who’s even remotely given me a run for my money. In Astraea, at least from what I’ve gathered so far, I’m dealing with a woman who thinks an impressive vertical leap in the NEO Combine is somehow gonna factor directly into the outcome of our upcoming title match. On Empire, she talked about how she’s stronger than me, faster than me, all that. You’d think my tiny ass would be quaking in my boots, but then again, disparities in size and strength didn’t matter when I beat Cameron, Cailin, or grown fucking men. Finally, after all these weeks of you threatening to shove me into second place and running your mouth about how you’re about to shove me off my throne, you get to step into the ring with me and find out that no amount of scouting compares to the real thing. You’re right, sweetheart. You can swing -- and miss.

It doesn’t matter who you’re better than if I’m the best.

It ate away at Stephanie and frustrated her that she walked into Bloodletter as the woman I handpicked, rather than someone who’d won a number one contender’s match or something. But hey, being slotted right into title contention doesn’t seem to be bothering you in the slightest. For months, I looked ahead to a match against Madison at King of Elite. I was all too ready for her to cash in another guaranteed title match against me and come up short. My mind flashed back to our Empire main event in July, when she looked to make the most of the chance granted to her by virtue of her win in Divide and Conquer. And little did she know, when she attacked you, she rendered her date with me null and void, because you came back around to collect. I’ll say that I don’t blame you for wanting to get even with her after what she did. I’m not even saying this as someone who never got along with her. What she did to you was malicious. We take enough risks from bell to bell, but tryna take away someone’s livelihood for no reason? I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have done exactly what you did. What came afterward is what made me raise my eyebrow. Her ACL couldn’t take what she dished out, and suddenly you’re the new Empress of Elite? Nah. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that. Ain’t no transferrable credits when it comes to that crown. Either you win it or you don’t, and we all saw you get knocked right out the tournament by someone who’s not even here anymore. You don’t get to circle back around now and try to claim the crown as your own when you couldn’t get the job done when it actually mattered. Whatever it takes to soothe your self-assuredness, I suppose. You were getting even with the woman who tried to shorten your career. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t try and assign extra meaning to it just because it’s convenient. You can take as many crown-donning selfies as you want and be hoisted up in the air by as many random neighborhood Chiraq ratchet dudes as you want. You ain’t royalty, and as far as I’m concerned, that crown is just vacant now. But by all means, keep running around and playing dress up. The throne I sit on is very much a tangible one, not made up like all the clout you think you have. Blessed with looks and physicality, I can understand what DEDEDE saw in you, but I hope to God he didn’t see the woman who’s gonna yank me off the top of the totem pole, because that’s not what you are. Lately, you’ve been surrounded by people who just couldn’t help but get in your ear and tell you how special you are. Between the two of us, I’m not the one who thinks she can’t be taken down. I just know you don’t have it in you. You can call yourself a goddess all you want, but you’re about to find out just how mortal you really are. The fear and uncertainty that came with having your career left in limbo by ill-fated knee injuries won’t be shit compared to the slice of humble pie you’ll have to choke down after your crusade to yank my title from my hands leaves you empty-handed. Astraea Jordan is not the antivenin that every other challenger of mine has tried to be. You don’t know anything that Cloud, Azumi, Haruna, Madison, Savannah, or Revy didn’t know. Formidable as you might turn out to be, my whole reign has been about ultimately standing tall over people who gave me a run for my money. This time around, you’ll find you’re not really unique or special. You’re gonna be another tally mark scrawled on the wall. Another statistic. But before we get there, we have Thursday night to deal with. Consuela and I wouldn’t be champions if we didn’t snuff out fires and weather storms to get here. You and Megan are caught up in visions of grandeur, all too ready to put the champs on their asses before winning what you want so badly. But before you both have to struggle with the disappointment of ultimately coming up short in your title pursuits, you’ll have to explain away this loss. Spin it however you want. “B-b-but we hung in there with the defending champions! We made them work for it!” That’ll be as good as it gets for you. Consuela and I look forward to acquainting you with your glass ceilings.
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Sheridan, you are completely beyond reasoning with.

Points for showing that you have some sarcasm in you. Somewhere in that twisted soul of yours is a sense of humor, I can appreciate that.

I apologize, Miss Müller, I didn’t think that such a simple mispronunciation would get on your nerves as much as it has, but since I’ve been called April DONG by one of your new colleagues maybe I should have been more self-aware and respectful. Then again, I see how respectful you are of your opposition and how you remain vindictive. Then I don’t feel so bad about mispronouncing your name, Muller.

Despite my belief that you are clearly too far gone to be reached, I will at least try to educate you on the meaning of a couple of words since their meaning seems to be lost on you. Let’s start with arrogance. Webster’s Dictionary defines arrogance as the following:

An attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.

Let’s look at that real closely. You see, I know you have been called arrogant, but I don’t really think anyone has taken the time to explain what exactly that entails. You go on, and on, and on, and on and on about how great you are, and as I have said to you before, rightfully so. The thing where pride in accomplishments and well-earned accolades sours into arrogance is when you start robbing those around you of value. Was the board out of their mind when they fired you for whatever reason? I don’t know and honestly, I don’t give a shit. It’s not my business and I don’t think it’s anyone else’s but yours and theirs. It’s not your right to hold the brand those girls call home hostage while you go on a rampage to satisfy your ego. It’s not your birthright to hold the job of general manager. Do you honestly think that you will be given that job just because you were re-hired? You were given your position as Empire’s representative to fight for the Openweight Championship at King of Elite because you’re damn good at what you do in the ring and your reputation makes it acceptable for it to be done. No one else spoke up to protest this because there was no reason to.

To make a long story short: even if you can back up what you can say, if you don’t shut the hell up about it, you’re still arrogant. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments, but they lose more meaning when you devalue the people around you to make yourself look superior. Every action that you take, every threat of violence, every snide remark for those who are not “on your level” in your eyes just drives the fact home for me that the board would absolutely be out of its collective mind to give you a sniff of any real power. You care nothing for the brand, the people on it, even the fans. I’m not someone that they gravitate to, but I at least respect them and hold them in regard. When you see people out in the audience, you don’t see people to inspire, motivate, or even prove wrong. All you see are people that you can’t comprehend how and why they refuse to worship at the altar of Sheridan’s Greatness. Now that I think about it, even though you have some clear signs of a Sociopath, perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you’re simply a narcissist of extraordinary proportions instead.

As for the mention of my “twenty-seven” Specialists Championship opportunities to take a swipe at Tarah, maybe more education is required for you. I got my first title match way back in July, after Tarah was impressed with my performances at Pain for Pride and against Aria Jaxon. I won. Then I lost the title after successfully defending it against the former champion. I was not given an immediate rematch after being beaten, I had to EARN it by beating two women in what essentially was a handicap match. That match saw the debut of my SPARK-ling Combination, albeit using it in two halves against different opponents. I get my match and Tarah rightly ruled that I deserved a rematch again after a questionable count out loss…but at the cost of having two other contenders thrown into the mix as well. I say this to call bullshit on my opportunities being handed out like candy. You can feel free to talk about how poorly I performed or how I’m not holding the title today, but there is no way in hell you can sit there with a straight face and tell me I didn’t earn what I got. And again, I don’t care about your beef with Tarah. Did she deserve what she got from you? I would be more inclined to say if it were a strictly one on one encounter then probably so. But with the injection of Haruna and Azumi into things, I don’t think she deserved all that. All of you had gripes with her and honestly, I think theirs to how she treated them and made racist jokes that pissed ME off too were far more legitimate. Maybe I’m just some irrelevant speck, but for what it’s worth I don’t believe in fighting like that. Win or lose, I always think that fights of that nature should be fought woman to woman. The thing that still confuses me though is that you EASILY could beat anyone on the roster, yet you go about things the way you have. Are you starting to feel like you need to hedge your bets now that some of the younger stars are coming into their own? Or do you just want to make sure you can twist and bend Empire to your will and wanted some people who were just as disenchanted and disgruntled as you are? And…didn’t she have to give up the job to face you? It doesn’t sound like YOU ripped the job from her…more so the board decided that her time was up if she was going to take you on. Oh well, whatever fits your narrative I suppose.

Oh, and you didn’t install shit into me. My drive, my determination, my technique is all my own. While I do look to do things efficiently and as technically smooth as possible, I’m open to new styles, new principles. I spent a decade learning jujitsu and I barely use it here anymore. Why? Because I have adapted to the wrestling world I reside in and continue to evolve, not just remain under one rigid doctrine. And something else that you probably should know: I was not here for the rise of your “beautiful lifestyle” and honestly, I don’t give a shit about it. I know that the show and federation that I arrived to was far different before my arrival. In some ways, I have you to thank for helping make it a reality. You and Aria and Eris and all the others helped build a platform that I could perform on, where I could regain control of my life and find something other than the dulling comfort of alcohol or the fleetness of one of my motorcycles to give me something to live for. Wrestling saved my life, Sheridan. It really did. I was a decorated war hero, but without a war to fight. All I cared about was money and liquor before I came here. This place has given me hope, it’s given me a reason to live.

People like Stephanie Matsuda, an enigma but one of the fiercest human beings I had ever come across. I don’t know why she has lashed out as she has, but I want to face her to validate that I am worthy to be here.

People like Sydney and my teammate this week, Andrea. Their futures burn so brightly that it makes me swell with pride knowing that I have the opportunity to face them, to help them grow stronger as I sharpen my own skills.

People like Aria Jaxon, who forced me to look in myself and find even more strength. She is so young yet is more skillful and more composed than any athlete I’ve ever come across in my life, yourself and your colleagues included.

Even Azumi, who I think is a bit touched in the head sometimes, has given me motivation. Every time I see her, I know that I can’t take her lightly because I know that she will give everything that she must surpass me and everyone on Empire. I know that I can beat her, I’ve beaten her just about every time we have faced off, but that doesn’t stop me from being eager to face her to see how she has improved.

I see people like Jordan and Crowe, Wilde and Thrash….and I relish the opportunity to face them. I am just as much a living journal of their progress as I am their opposition. Through their fists and their feet, I find out not only about myself, but about them. Maybe that’s a little too philosophical for you and others, but I don’t care. Even Consuela, my bitter rival, has left an impression on me to this end. I see her progress and her improvement, even though I’m disappointed that she’s relied more on her cunning than her skill at times.

You see, Sheridan, I wish that I could speak of you in the same breath that I do all these other women. I want to learn from you, I want to see where you’ve been and find a way to equal or, God willing, surpass what you have been able to achieve in the ring. I want to show you what I have learned in the ring and prove to you that I am not just some joke. I don’t even look forward to facing you though. Not because I think you’re joke or some dreaded, unstoppable force. I dread facing you because I see no strength of soul, no love in your heart. You talk on and on about yourself and the past, and you are continually caught up in nothing but the love for yourself, the hatred you have of Tarah Nova, and your insistence that everything that doesn’t bend to your will doesn’t have a right to exist. The flames that you see burning down Empire in the not-so-distant future, they are burning down only your very soul. That’s something that I hope you understand someday because all you are doing now is planting the seeds, either through infuriating the entire roster or falling prey to those you allege to help, of your own destruction. And this time, the opinion of the board on your return will be irrelevant. You will be broken beyond repair.

EMPIRE has a right to exist. It is a place full of magnificent talent, talent that was inspired by not just you, elevated not just by you, and didn’t fall into disarray just because you left. Nothing is perfect, and Empire is certainly not perfect. I have no idea who this new general manager will be, granted I’m almost certain it won’t be YOU, and I have no idea what kind of regime they will put in place. But what I think they will do is continue to advance Empire forward, make it a more valuable and essential asset to EAW and wrestling. And they can do it with you…. or without you.

I have no intent on playing Empire’s savior, but I will not allow you and your friends to trample on the work that ALL THE WOMEN WHO HAVE EVER BEEN ON THIS BRAND did. While you were off being a failure on the other brands or being fired for nonsense that I don’t know or care enough about to rehash or listen to you rehash about, people like ME, CONSUELA, ARIA, STEPHANIE, AND EVEN YOUR PARTNER AZUMI…. We were the ones who kept building on the foundation that was laid by you, Tarah, Cameron, Heart Break Gal, Kendra and Eris. Our blood, our sweat, our tears, our heart and souls went into this place and I will not allow you to simply burn it to the ground because you want to have a fucking hissy fit about how poorly you have been treated.

The clincher for me was when you seemed to imply that some demon possessed you. I don’t know if that was a metaphor for you just wanting to fuck things up or if someone is truly whispering to you to do some of the crazy things that you are doing. Either way, I’ve had about all I can stomach of the Last Vixen and her peripheral chatter. If you’re infuriated, good. I intended for you to be that way. I LOVE picking fights, even ones that may not be in my favor, so I will be more than happy to face you at your best and most focused. I don’t doubt your ability, your determination, your endurance, your talent. All those things are above reproach, as I have stressed ever since we started talking. The unfortunate thing is that the dark, twisted nature of your heart and the weakness of your very soul are also without question.

Don’t mistake my annoyance with you for lack of gratitude. You are a true pioneer. While I certainly owe nothing in terms of my wrestling style to you, I do owe my platform to you somewhat. As an expression of that gratitude, I will show you every ounce of strength in my body, in my soul…and I will show you that simple efficiency and willpower aren’t enough against precision, an indominable spirit, and a soul that has been rebirthed by competition, love, and appreciation for those who encounter it. You came back to the old world to fight old battles, but you’ve not quite yet seen that it’s evolved into something far more than you could imagine. It’s a brave new world, Sheridan, and I will happily play tour guide for you.
I don’t understand how someone so talented, so beautiful, and so strong could be so naïve to believe that just because she speaks something, that it will immediately spawn into existence. You may have ruled the division before I arrived with an Iron fist, you may have brought down Tarah Nova as general manager, hell, you may even luck out and become general manager. But one thing I want to assure you of is that when you arrive on Empire to face me, it’s not a matter of you putting your boot on my head, it’s a matter of you finding away to avoid my grasp. Why? Because I have proven to even those the caliber of champions such as yourself that my submission prowess is not something to be taken lightly. You may be tough, you may be the strongest woman in the world, but I doubt even you can escape the Killer Clutch or my rear-naked choke. Your words are lost on me. For now, we’ll communicate with fists. Maybe then, after a bitter defeat, I’ll have your attention.

As for Haruna, if she knows what’s best for her long-term well-being, she will simply stay an observer. If she chooses to intervene, she will be Professionally disposed of, if not immediately then somewhere in the not-so-distant future. I don’t tolerate interlopers in my business. This includes a certain Kiwi who seems to have something that she wants to offer me on Empire as well. I will always listen, I am a hired hand after all. But if I don’t like what I hear and kindly refuse…. I strongly suggest that is where the conversation begins and ends.

As for Azumi, there is not much more that needs to be said. There are no surprises when we clash. I have never been able to understand you, but I do appreciate and understand your ambition. You want to be the best in the world, and I know firsthand that Tarah treated you harshly. Hell, she sicced me on you like an attack dog when you infuriated her. Of all the members of the Axis, I have the most hope for you. I know that deep within you Manami-sensei’s wisdom and training still reside. I think that’s one reason why Matsuda spared you at the Awards show. She knows that there is something there too. Maybe it will take you a while to wise up to this, but Sheridan truthfully means you no good. She said herself that she’s in it only to satisfy her own urges, her own desires. She doesn’t look at you as someone on equal footing as her. She doesn’t see you as someone to groom like Erica or Stephanie did. She doesn’t see you as a…er…wife as Haruna does. All she sees is another instrument of destruction, a chess piece that she thinks she can control.

At least on my end, I see an opponent. A capable one, although one I’m at the utmost confidence of facing. And my partner, Andrea, is someone I have the utmost confidence in teaming with. Sheridan can try to tear down her near misses all she wants, but I see someone who wants to be here, who wants to put in the effort necessary to compete, and being teamed with someone like that only strengthens my resolve. You have seen me with tag team partners who I don’t give a damn about personally, Azumi. You know what I’m capable of even when I’m not going full-tilt. You and your newfound friend better expect the absolute best of April Jay Song, because that’s what you both will be getting. You may be the Axis, but as far as I’m concerned, Andrea and I are allies.

And we all know that in the end, the Allies always triumph over the Axis. No matter how much one of them loves to talk and the eloquent words she uses. No matter how strong one of them thinks she is. No matter how many irrelevant selfies one of them takes. 

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"Azumi toppled Aria under whose command? I get that you have her and Haruna ready to leap like two attack dogs whenever you so much as snap your fingers, but let's not act like you were the one who led them to victory last week, especially when Azumi's already admitted to the fact that it was Stephanie who provided you three with an unforeseen and great assist when Azumi was set to take the fall for your team. I ended up last week in defeat, yes, but I say nearly in response to any doubt of me coming into this when it was clear last week and how it'll show this week that I'm always ready to go, and I say it definitely in comparison to how you, Azumi and Haruna were just nearly defeated and obviously would have been if it hadn't been for Stephanie literally handing you that match - and to Azumi, that pinfall over Aria - we most definitely wouldn't be here talking about how you just barely won. You want to go on about speaking in truths, opening eyes to the apparent dominance your joint efforts have created with the win you secured last week and the reasons for it - but I can assure you that everyone's eyes were open and what we all saw, in the end, wasn't dominance, it wasn't talent or skill that led to your win; though I guess you'd take a win just about any way you can get it at the expense of Tarah and Aria, both of whom have proven to be far greater than your leashed bitches even when they had odds in their favor. It's just ignorant for you to be preaching to us of all this in-ring excellence that your united front brings to the table when Azumi has, in so many words, already credited Stephanie for last week's victory. So, forgive me for buying into about as much of that as I did with Azumi's outrageous-as-hell claims of how she should be at the front of the pack when you three couldn't even win on your own! For as good as you can be, it's pretty disappointing to see you taking the utmost pride in a shady victory like that, but when you've made allies with the women you have I assume you really would have to be willing to take those wins any way you can get them. As if that one pin makes up for all of Azumi's failed attempts though, as if that one win means all of you should go unopposed and left to run rampant because you're somehow the end all, be all when it comes to Empire. I mean, with Azumi at your side? She sure as hell hasn't done anything to warrant her massive ego when the only thing she's fallen victim to is the idea that by doing the absolute least, she should be getting the absolute most when it comes to wanting title shot after title shot - and when I know I can prove myself to be better than her, when April's already proven herself to be above Azumi, when after we've all had to sit back and watch her get handed exactly what her heart desired then throw a fit when she couldn't get the job done, we're just supposed to believe that suddenly we're gonna be no match for her? Sure, Jan. And even when you say that your own teammate can't even match your drive, your determination, your motivation? If she can't keep up with you in those areas, how can you possibly expect her to be as resourceful as you make her out to be? Azumi's got the expectations of wanting that effortless journey to a championship reign, she expects these opportunities to merely fall into her lap - much like the win over Aria, Tarah and Stephanie that you two keep going back to even when it comes with the boldest of boldfaced asterisks. Like I said, we've all got expectations and some of us have the ability to make them happen in those moments where they're needed most while others cracked or crumbled, and although you two went into that tag match with the expectation of winning none of you made that happen. Have you so much as even thanked Stephanie for that yet?"

"But if the collective effort of The Axis is supposed to be what's casting a shadow over all of us, all of Empire and this company - if what we saw last week from you three was meant to leave all of us shaking in our boots, you're gonna have to try a whole hell of a lot harder to make yourselves out to be even half as intimidating as you think you are, because April and I won't prove to be pushovers or an easy beat - even if that is the expectation between you two; however, we'll eclipse The Axis, even if just for the night as we're all well aware of the fact that Azumi'll just reach for excuses and you'll remain as conceited and arrogant like you have been. But we'll turn you away from the victory you're after and make you two see that it was yet just one more thing that you couldn't have, and leave you two to walk away from this knowing that for as proficient and skilled as you are, April and myself were just that much greater than you could've possibly imagined because what you won't have been expecting is us being the ones to trip you up. You think that there's no one greater than your talents combined or as lone competitors, however, come Empire is where you'll both stand corrected. A former Vixen's Champion and her lackey may stand across from me in the ring this week, but I'm coming prepared and fearless because if there was any question as to what I bring to the table, what I can really do, a win over the oh-so-great Sheridan would silence so many critics - and that's exactly how this will end. I've come a long way from where I used to be, I've worked tirelessly to get to where I am and I didn't come all this way just to lose to someone who can't get shit done on their own and the woman who's just expecting things to go her way to simply say: "I told you so." You have accomplishments and ability that no one can take away from you nor deny, but to think so little of me and April as a team in comparison to your own just because you've managed to employ the numbers game when it was needed most or just so happened to luck out when someone went and stabbed their friends in the back, you've already put yourselves in position for defeat. While I've got no doubt that it'll be a demanding and aggressive match, this victory you're looking for on Empire is what'll be taken from you and that's what you'll be denied of when April and I showcase exactly what we're made of by being just as resolute and relentless. But when you finally realize that you shouldn't have looked down on us from your glass pedestals with such dismissive attitudes, it'll have been far too late as we'll have brought you both crashing down and back to what I'm sure will be the stinging reality of how not only are you not untouchable but that on Empire, we were just simply better than the both of you."
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empire one

A Champions versus Challengers tag team match. Y'all sure know how to make a main event interesting, huh? At least it's against her and not by her side because I don't play that fake shit. But you know who is by my side? Megan Raine. One of the fake, edgy bitches I refuse to associate myself with. But for the sake of getting that W, I'll work with you, sis. Let's get to our opponents, shall we?

Consuela, you sad, dumb bitch. How you gonna tell me how I felt when I was called into DEDEDE's office? If my memory serves me right, because yours sure doesn't, I was completely calm. "Teeth chattering" my black ass. I walked into that office like I walk to the ring: with confidence. But I don't know how much you would know about that. Yes, I was shocked DEDEDE agreed with my actions but considering I was told beforehand about the meeting, I had time to dwell on it. What could these consequences entail? I wasn't worried about getting fired, sweetie. If anything, I was expecting it. I knew as soon as I attacked Madison Kaline this wasn't going to go over well. At least I thought. But I did it anyway. 'Cause that's what bad bitches do. You wish you could relate. You walk around here putting on this facade of innocent little Consuela but you've reared your ugly head at the world more than enough times for everyone to see through you. We met once before in the ring, and I almost bested you. That was two months ago. I've come a long way, not just because of the Gawd Complex either, physically and mentally and I know in my mind if we were to go at it again, I WOULD best you this time around. This is as close as I'll get for the moment, however. And man, you've gotten increasingly stupid with the assumptions you love to throw out every week. How silly of you to think I'd use your Cleaning Crew against you. That's what people looking to make excuses use. Honey, we're in the same boat. We got friends in here, that's it. The Bomplex has never interfered in any of my matches either, so why bring it up? You wanna talk about support and connections, I got all that I need already. The people that turn on me don't understand me, it's fact. They see other people reaching for a reason to hate Astraea Jordan and decide to hop on the bandwagon of me getting special treatment. Whether it was ethical or not, I kicked ass for that title shot just like you did to win that belt. But because I did it without a bell and a ref, I'm seemingly placed below people like you and I don't deserve anything I've gotten. I'm gonna continue to fight that stigma the rest of my time here, I already know but it's really a tired subject. Am I arrogant or confident? Well, I think as long as I can back it up, I'm the most confident one up in the venue. If the "EAW Universe" aka your best friends backstage who you participate in circle jerks with supposedly know, I'd like to know their answer along with a LOGICAL reasoning behind it. I haven't failed myself yet and it's definitely not happening this week because you tried to speak it into existence.

Aria Jaxon. Our "Queen". We have a date coming up. I'm taking this as another chance to see how you work up close, much like Bloodletter. But this time, I can actually swing. And that's where things get exciting. I'm not gonna go all the way off because that energy is being saved for King of Elite, baby girl, but consider this a preview of KOE and Astraea Jordan, in small doses.I already know what you're gonna say and it's laughable. It's the same bullshit you spew every week about how you're the absolute greatest, a list of your accomplishments, why you're gonna continue this monotonous, boring, drawn out reign, and how I'm just like everyone else you've faced. I hear it. But wait, you're gonna try to be nice too. Say you acknowledge what I can do but it's not enough to beat you, right? Because who can beat the almighty Aria Jaxon? The female face of EAW? Not Azumi, not Cloud. It was sad to see really. Every time you get a three count, I feel your ego rising and I know it's gonna come into play in this match. It's best you don't take me lightly tomorrow nor in our title match. While this end decision isn't completely in my hands, I hope Megan Raine isn't so stupid as to cost us but more importantly, ME this match. This is a great opportunity for both of us to really confirm our statuses as legitimate threats to each respective championship and if she decides to play games, she'll be dead in the ground buried right next to Madison. I mean, bitch, you won with a flapjack. Go the fuck off! We don't have the same accolades as Consuela or Aria but once upon a time, they were in the same position as us and look at them now. They're on top, much to our dismay, but they are. Reigns always come to their ends eventually, and so-called Queens always fall. I fully believe in the future of Empire and unfortunately, I don't see Aria ruling 2018 with her Hitler Youth fan base nor do I see Consuela breaking records or making history. It's time for a change, time for the REAL new breed to come through. The storm is coming and so is that Chiraq fire. 
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Everyone wants to be the EAW Champion, everyone stating their case, apparently wanting and needing to focus, but I don't understand how getting your ass kicked has led you to realize you need to focus on gaining a title because I mean like it was stated earlier you got your ass kicked. John Doe kicked Devan Dubian' ass, Dubian takes his vacation and comes back leaving me in a bleeding edge of my own and now penance is to be paid. See I have no problem engaging and starting up more fires as I make my way towards the EAW Championship but I just have to ask Dubian just who the hell does he think he is? I don't want to ask why you feel you should get a shot at the EAW Championship because it'll just be a recap of what you've done, name value, you are all about name value, I just want to know what makes you think you are better than me? Because I could come out here acting like my shit doesn't stink and make a big return to a huge ovation any day because it's easy, been there done that, you were a nice little surprise but now all you've done is just got yourself in my way. Now I know you are too stupid to realize that if you are in my way I'm going to mow your ass down so I welcome you but I warn you not to get comfortable in waging war with a man like me because evident I won't hesitate to take you out if means I get closer to what I really want. But why? Why at my expense do you decide to make your return? To state your claim and focus? Is it because you feel I'm beneath you? I don't understand how you do nothing productive with your career but be John Doe's bitch for two months and just come out still wanting to pick fights. And you pick a fight with the most dangerous man who is coming off the heels of dropping Jaywalker on his head and ridding the world of another scumbag, It's too late for a warning and obviously too late for a don't give a reason not to like you because you've given me a reason, you given me a reason to entertain the thought that this company would allow you to get the title shot, you've given me a reason to beat the hell out of you because a spot is on the line. I've failed, yeah so what, you've failed too and it took you years to get your shit together but does anyone judge you for that? No they judge you for the face value and image you put on now? You finally achieved success you was meant to have years ago, props to you, but don't talk down on me like you are a better man. 

You've had to crawl yourself out of a shithole and I've been crawling myself out of shit for years, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a chip on my shoulder. I can live with failing but I can't live with men who failed just like me pretending to be something they are not and that is number one contender worthy before a guy like me. So I'm fully prepared to fight, scratch, claw, kick and do whatever I have to do to get the EAW title shot because I'm hungry, I'm starving and I'm tired of being pulled into trash cans that have nothing that I want, Triumvirate was trash, Jaywalker trash and you are another piece of garbage trying to get my attention. Maybe it's my fault though, I mean I'm a dog, I'm this “mongrel” that you speak of, I can't help but go looking for garbage, I get myself into these situations, but I always get myself out of them. I'm a survivor, you won't break me, you won't manipulate me and you won't take food off of my plate, nobody takes food off of my plate. So on Showdown this is what is going to happen, we can do this however you want to do it, we can fight, we can brawl until one of us is the last man standing and I doubt you'd want to do that considering you always end up flat on your back, or we can just see who really should be the next person in line for the EAW Championship, let's see if your bravado is enough to handle unbridled intensity and passion, let's see if you can tame my desire. Because I just don't see it, I see this story ending how all your stories end at the end of the day and that is you dealing with your sudden depravity until you return again with a brand new focus, one thing we are going to get straight is I am the heart and soul of this company, I have been and I always will be, I'm the back bone, I'm the guy that fights everyone and I'm the guy who does the things and say the things people are afraid to do and say, I walk to the beat of my own drum, and another thing you'll learn is besides me a agent of chaos, I'm a man of my word, I'll kick Devan Dubian's ass, I'll drop him on his damn head and I'll be just a step closer to the Heart Break Gal where I'll drop her on her fucking head and I'll take the EAW World Championship and there isn't no returning elitist, there isn't no authority, no quality control, no hiatus and no bullshit that's going to stop me. It's simple, anyone going after the EAW Championship has put the final nail in the coffin that they will soon lay in, you've picked a pretty hill to die on Dubian and unfortunately I don't have time to drag this out with you, this ends on Showdown and it ends with you crawling out of whatever hole you came out of.
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Silent Night...

...Unholy Night...

...All Is Dead...

...Im Going Towards A Light...

I feel dead already Fiora, I can feel the coffin closing atop me, as I sit here and listen to you speak of my funeral. I see my wife weeping over the pulpit speaking of her husband, speaking of how he was a good man...HOW I WAS A GREAT MAN! And you see her words are lies, even now as I envisioned them being said. I see it and I want to break free from that box, break free and let her know its OK...its OK to say what I truly was. But she would never, my dear beloved wife or my baby boy would never speak about what their father truly was. So Nathan I ask you to speak there, to give me the eulogy that I deserve. To speak the truth, to say what reality truly fits Kevin Devastation...TO SPEAK THE DEVILS NAME AND HOPE HE DOESN'T BURST THROUGH THE GROUND AND FACE YOU AGAIN! I want you to tell them what kind of man I am, how the lime light was my undoing, how the fame and fortune cost me everything. And afterwards I want you to go back to your hotel and look deep into that mirror again. Look very deep and ask the words you ask me, ask yourself what your reality is now Nathan...And maybe you'll be a bit shocked in what you see before you. Because standing there, like a specter awaiting this horror movie to reach its finale, you will see the man standing before you is me. You see here is the reality Nathan Fiora, the one you need to see for yourself. You strike me down with everything you can, kill the body, murder him in the coldest blood you can. And you see then you realize that Kevin Devastation isn't just a body, that Kevin Devastation and the legend that he is is not made up of flesh anymore. I sacrificed that for years to get where I am Nathan. And you will see the reality that Kevin Devastation, or should I say the man behind it all...Frank Murphy has been dead for a long time. He died years ago when this whole thing reached its end at the Hall Of Fame...

...Oh Silent Night...

Oh It Was A Unholy Night...

...With The Ring Upon My Finger...

...I Entered The Light...

I walked into that evening with the world behind me, with everything I had worked for during the years I had done this behind me. With sixteen world championships, tag team championships from one end of this globe to the other with Eric Darkthrone. I left it all behind, I left it all in the past as I stepped onto that podium. And as I spoke for the final time as Frank Murphy I revered in that moment. And as I walked away after saying my final word, I felt a weight fall off of my shoulders. It was done, I had buried the part of me that night that needed to be somebody, that needed to win the world title again, to be the man. From time to time that ghost haunted me, but it was kept at bay. But a few weeks ago, when you struck me down, and tried your best to keep me down you brought that specter, that curse upon yourself Nathan. You see that curse is not me, it is not what I may do...it is the sheer fact that you now crave the spotlight, you want it so bad you will kill for it. That's good, because I want you to kill me Nathan, END IT SON! END ME FOR ALL TO SEE AND CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!! CLAIM YOUR FAME, YOUR FORTUNE, GRAB IT ALL MR DEVA...Oh wait, your not Kevin Devastation are you, your not that guy who you claimed was a cancer? Funny kid...you sure as hell talk like he did back in his early days. You sure as hell act like he did back in his day. But no you couldn't be Kevin Devastation...according to you hes already dead, he just doesn't know it yet. Funny how that works isn't it Nathan? I think it is hilarious honestly, I think you are hilarious, because you think that I am dying on December 24th, 2017. You see this reaper that sits next to me is not just waiting on a clock to tick down, there is no hour glass with a few grains of sand left in it Nathan, there is no final moment of clarity where I realize what is happening. I already know what is happening Nathan, I am walking into the most hellish match this company has ever known. I am walking into the most hellish match that I have ever created and I do not plan on walking out. Yes this body, this vessel will fall like a normal body would. But you see Nathan a man can have his physical death and still be alive. The body breathing its final time does not mean a man is dead, it just means step one of his death is completed. You see, because of that Hall Of Fame ring, because of these 16 World Championships, because I have done what I wanted for all these years means they will speak my name, they will remember me forever Nathan. And you see that is step two to death, when they speak a mans name for the final time he is truly dead then and only then. So go ahead and think you have won when my body is done after this House Of Horrors match. And it will be what you think, after that final bell my body will give out, I will fall and maybe never get up. Here is the only thing Nathan, I will be the one who is standing so I may fall after. I will win this match.

I will win this match because if it is the last thing I ever do, then consider this no murder...consider this the suicide note I leave, And I know that killing myself to shut you up means certain death and damnation, no glory, no pearly gates, no happy ending. But it will be the ending I want, I go into this battle one final time knowing I say goodbye to my wife, my son, knowing the pain I will cause them can never stop. Knowing that I scar my beloved and my first born...but knowing that before I know what it feels like to pass over, I know what Cain felt like so many years before when I take Nathan Fiora straight to hell before me. We both sit near a reaper Nathan, I just happen to be friends with mine, because we know what is going to happen...you just think you know the "reality" of the situation.

...Oh Silent Night...

...Unholy Night...

...Walking Hand And Hand With A Reaper...

...We Deliver Nathan Fiora Into The Light.
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Post on December 20th 2017, 8:46 pm by Consuela Rose Ava
Once again, I proved that I did not need Esmeralda and Francesca to help fight my battles. These accusations that I need anyone to do my heavy lifting are getting boring. Hopefully, we moved past that weak statement. The rest of the women in the back should finally have the sense that I whenever I’m told to cut the crap and focus on the match, I bring one hundred percent. I bring everything I can offer to the match. That is the one thing I have done since day one. As I approach my tag match with Aria Jaxon, I need to focus on the two opponents on the other side: Astraea Jordan and Megan Raine. Besides being contenders for Aria and my respected championships, these women have more in common than meets the eye. Firstly, these two have fought their way to get the EAW Contract. Astraea was fighting a knee injury. There was the possibility that she may never wrestle again. Megan on the other hand, was proving that a pretty-faced model like herself has a place in the wrestling world. Secondly, they’ve sided themselves with the best people in the company. Astraea has gotten the attention of our EAW Chairman in Mr. DEDEDE. He welcomed her into his Gawd Complex with open arms. It is a significant honor to be held up to a standard by a man in power such as Mr. DEDEDE. Megan on the other hand, well, she has gotten the attention of Mr. DEDEDE, but it’s a different kind of attention from him. Thanks to that, it has given them the opportunities they would have never received if they were by themselves. I mean, would someone like Astraea be facing Aria at King of Elite? Would a woman like Megan have had the opportunity to win the contendership for the Specialists Championship? Connections. They are very important in the business world. My opponents this week could claim that I used my connections to get here. They can pull the boring like of “you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t Cameron’s sister” or “you’re just riding Cameron’s coattails”, but if you were to take Cameron’s names out of those quotes, you could put anyone’s name in such as Mr. DEDEDE and it can be applied to either women. I would love to see what these two women say. It should be interesting.

All it took was someone to believe that she can conquer the world. It must feel nice to have support in this company. For me, I love gathering all of the support I can. From my friends, family, cleaning crew and EAW Universe, their support has a way of lifting my spirits. However, it’s how you take their support that can lead to success or failure. Women like Aria Jaxon have taken that success and it’s never changed her in a negative light. It’s always empowered her to become the best on Empire. They have become her beacon of light whenever there is nothing else to look upon. There’s always been women like yourself who haven’t taken that support and used it in a positive light. Most people thought you should have been punished when you pushed Madison Kaline down the stairs. There may have been petitions online asking for your firing. When you got called into Mr. DEDEDE’s office, you were expecting severe consequences, right? You were expecting for the infamous DEDEDE lecture. You were going to get yelled at for putting her in the shelf for nine months. In your mind, you knew that was it. Your Empire run was over. You were trembling in fear. You were chattering your teeth. You had that bead of sweat drip down your forehead. You were ready for Mr. DEDEDE to go “Astraea Jordan, you’re fired!” Yet, you did not get that. Instead, you got praised. Your eyes beamed when the words of approval from Mr. DEDEDE came out of his mouth. You got a handshake. You got a reward and that was to join an upstarting stable. You were be part of the Gawd Complex. Let me tell you something, Astraea, would you have been proud of what you did to Madison if Mr. DEDEDE ended up giving you a severe consequences? Would you be standing there all smug? Would you still be walking around Empire like you mean something to the brand? I don’t think so. Just like I said before, this support. You’re not using it in the most positive way possible. Knowing you, you’ll bring up my cleaning crew. You’ll bring up the one match against April Song and deem that they help me win ALL of my matches. Before you can, let me say that they’ve never helped me whatsoever. They’ve never done anything to cause a disqualification. Besides, that was not the type of support nor connections that I was referring too. I was talking about support backstage or in the EAW Universe. I was talking about the connections or support. The thing that got you your Womens World Championship opportunity. This is your one big break, Astraea. You ruin this opportunity for yourself and you’ll prove everyone right. You’re just a woman with arrogance as large as her personality. “But it’s confidence!” You’ll scream and defend yourself! Sweetheart, let me say that confidence and arrogance are two completely different things. Aria Jaxon is confident. Sheridan Muller is arrogant. Which of those two do you find yourself being alike? I think everyone in the EAW Universe knows. I wish you all the success, Astraea. I believe you’re in for an attitude adjustment. If not from Cy Henderson, Consuela Rose Ava may do.

This past year has been a sure rollercoaster for me. When the year ended, I don’t think I could ever imagine myself being in the position I am. The same should go for Megan Raine, who went through a series of ups and downs. She was cheated on, beated on, and climaxed on, but that’s a story for another day. It was quite difficult for Megan to find her footing in EAW. To the eyes in the public, she was nothing more than a model. She was only a pretty face. They were oblivious to what Megan Raine was capable of. This whole demeanor she returned to EAW with is not my favorite. In my eyes, she had broken away from the brokenhearted woman persona. That’s a good thing. However, I can’t help, but think her whole change of attitude is nothing more than the exact reason for Astraea. She may or may not be linked with Mr. DEDEDE. Much like the EAW Universe, there is a curiosity about what is the status of her relationship with Mr. DEDEDE. Are they dating? Are they not? The more that I think about it, the more I begin to figure out that this is the only thing that makes Megan more interesting as of late. Besides the whole handcuffing scandal, there is nothing about what Megan does inside the ring that makes me believe that she is cut out for being Specialists Champion. What’s one memorable Megan Raine match? What’s one memorable Megan Raine moment that does not involve her love life? Megan was able to defeat Sydney St. Clair at Bloodletter. She was finally able to put a rest a rivalry that she wanted to end for the longest time. I did the same thing at Bloodletter with April Song. We are women who hate for rivalries to drag on. Especially, with women that we deem beneath us. Is Megan Raine beneath me? Well, I’ll figure that out inside the ring. I don’t ever recall facing Megan in the past. I don’t recall her face connecting with my disastrous knee. Besides the basic information, there is not much I could talk about Megan with. That will change after our match tomorrow night. I want to be impressed out there. Let me tell you something, Megan: I’m not easy to impress. No pressure.
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It is important to stay focused solely on the task at hand. With whatever obstacles one may face and how strenuous they may be, getting over them is an effort in itself. That’s why you always hear the best say to continue to work hard and the opportunities will come. People look at me and they judge and they talk about me behind my back. They all call me a slut because of a bunch more rumours about my personal life, but this time it’s about me and the chairman, Mr. DEDEDE. They all say that I’m a talentless hag and that I should go back to modelling, or acting, and get out of the wrestling business because I do not belong here. Even now, with everything I’ve proven since my return, I still hear that one and the conversation on the topic has actually grown stronger. But, I’m not going to let any of it drive me out of Empire like it did on my first run. I refuse. It’s important to keep my current momentum going. My sole focus might be on the EAW Specialists Championship and Consuela Rose Ava, but I have another opportunity within my grasps this week.

Aria. Fucking. Jaxon.

It’s funny how our paths have never crossed before. People often talk so highly of her because she is indeed the woman to beat here on Empire. There is nobody better than Aria Jaxon; the woman that has slayed them all. The woman that has single-handedly taken this women’s division and made it her own. Nobody can touch her right now. Many have tried to step up to the plate, and all of them have fallen beneath her feet. Oh, what a woman she is indeed. There is none quite like her. But what nobody realizes is that she has a facade. To the general public, she is flawless, but to me, she isn’t immune to defeat. In fact, she’s quite prone to it. Aria Jaxon could very well be the best woman to ever compete inside an EAW ring, but I know what most people don’t and that is that she is afraid. Oh yes, she is very much afraid. Everything she has built up for herself over the past year and a half has been very impressive, but she’s afraid of what might happen when it will all crumble before her very eyes. Astraea Jordan might be that individual to do it, but what would happen if I were to pin the EAW Women’s World Champion this week on Empire? Aria, the cracks are already starting to show, my sweet little crumpet. How do people see you as a smart individual when you might be one of the dumbest to ever walk the face of the earth? How did you not see Cloud’s betrayal coming from a mile away? You and Tarah Nova both, actually. It might be unintentional Aria, but the way you portray yourself is that you care more about that championship gold strapped around your waist then your own friends. That pinfall you took at the Awards Show was unfortunately the first step towards your ultimate demise. Imagine what might happen if you get pinned twice in a row? That would not look good for you now would it?  Oh, but who am I to be saying all this right? I’m not anybody to you. I’m just another girl. In fact, I bet you don’t even think I am relevant to you at all despite the fact that we share the same brand. Okay, if that is indeed the case, then fine. I love proving bitches wrong, especially ones that look like an alien with their blue hair. Aria, tell me what I am to you. Please, I beg of you. Tell me how I don’t matter to you at all. Tell me how I’m not relevant. Tell me how I don’t have a championship to support my claims, despite the fact that I’ve been here for a total of 7 months, and you’ve been here for 3 and a half years. Tell me how you’ve been the champion longer than I have been actually relevant. This I already know, sweetheart, but how is that fuel to add to the fire? I know I’m nothing compared to you, but I can see through you like nobody else can. It took you this long to actually become the queen of this show because you yourself couldn’t even figure out what the hell to do. You won the EAW Vixens Championship off of sheer luck at Triple Threat last year, and then lost it a month later to Heart Break Gal. What did you do after that? Literally next to nothing. I almost guarantee you will fall in the same trap again once you lose that championship. This is your facade. Nobody else can see this but me, and I basically just revealed it to the world. Good luck against Astraea Jordan, you stupid bitch.

As for Consuela, keep your cleaning crew away from ringside. You and I are going to get a little taste of each other before our eventual meetup honey, and I promise you that I am going to show you just how dangerous I am. You’re not going to expect the pain and punishment I am prepared to inflict on you. As much as I want to keep discussing you, I want to save the best for our championship match. I want to keep my energy for that, because you are the least deserving champion EAW has right now.  And Astraea, we’re partners this week, and I know we do not get along, but let’s put the differences aside for the bigger picture yeah? You have a chance to dethrone Aria, I have a chance to dethrone Consuela. No, I will not buy your merch, but I will assist you in hopes of making a statement this week as long as you can do the same with me. We can show all these mother fuckers that doubt us that we are legitimate challengers to these two. After that, we can go our separate ways.

My momentum will continue to build and build until it scares the shit out of everybody. Honestly, I don’t even care if I win or lose this week. The final result means nothing to me. All I want to do is make a statement, and showcase my abilities to the two best Empire has to offer, and if I can do that, then it proves that I do indeed belong here. It proves that I am as good as I’ve built myself up to be. I’ve gotten stronger both physically and mentally, and the more hate that is thrown my way, the more I want to prove everybody wrong. I sure showed Sydney St. Clair that, I sure showed Mallory Wilde that, maybe I can show Aria Jaxon and Consuela Rose Ava that too. I hope they’re ready for the storm that’s ahead…

...because it is coming.
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event: thursday night empire | 12/21/2017 edition
promo number: 2
participants: chelsea crowe versus mallory wilde
word count: 1,144 words

scene one:
december 20, 2017 // televised

The Christmas shoppers have invaded the large mall, cramming into every store in a rush to make last minute purchases. Some would say it's manic, a nightmare. But Chelsea Crowe has little time to waste concerning herself with the crowds as she exits the mall's Starbucks, drink in hand and casual scowl on her face. The crowds part for her as she walks through, the camera following her as she passes by large ads featuring bland models that Mallory Wilde would probably liken her to. Not that it fazed her. Chelsea only smiles at the thought, and as they enter a surprisingly less crowded area of the mall, she begins.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I like the nickname: 'Pumpkin Spice'. It's what you see me as, isn't it? It's all you think I am, just some vapid trend that rides on the mainstream, scared of going out of fashion. All hype, no substance. And that would be a generalisation, and a grossly-incorrect one at that. But I guess that's what you're good at, Mal. It's all you've ever done against me – just categorised me, ignored the real threat, and acted better because “oh, I'm not like most girls”.

But you are, Mal. Because just like most girls, especially those on this show, you don't have a mind for real business. You don't have what it takes to cash-in on the big opportunities and steal the spotlight like I have. You're not ruthless. I don't need to pretend to be you, because I'm more than a self-satisfied zero. You say you're not complacent, but you are: you're complacent with being second best. You're complacent with losing and then saying “well, I tried and I technically won”, as if you need a trophy for participation. I'm not complacent with “I tried my best” – I'm here to take the leaps you wish you could take without fear of falling on your arse like you've done lately. In fact, I have taken those leaps, and nine times out of ten, I land on my feet and get to stroll to the next opportunity.

Chelsea takes a sip of her pumpkin spice latte before proceeding.

CHELSEA CROWE: “It's good you can get back up after being knocked down, but you see, you're a little deluded when it comes to what happened at Bloodletter. You weren't the only one left standing against Consuela, because she knocked you down for the three count. If anyone was left standing, it was me, because I was the only one with the strength left to attempt to break that pin up. You want to say I got my arse handed to me, but you were the one who couldn't get up from a knee. You were the one who failed to see Consuela coming.

If you take pride in being the one who took the fall in a title match, then you need some evaluating, because that's not the mind of a winner. You were physically closer to the championship, since you were lying under the champion. But me? I was mentally closer to that belt than you'll ever be. I won't make an excuse, I couldn't break the pinfall at Bloodletter because I couldn't move fast enough – but in my mind, I was ready to carry on fighting. And you can say “oh, thinking doesn't mean anything”, but you're the one standing there taking pride in thinking you won and feeling you should've been the victor last week. But at Bloodletter, I don't care how you twist it: you were nowhere near as close to victory as I was. You were down for the count, you couldn't kick out. You lost before that bell was rung, and me...I hadn't lost until it sunk in for me that you were the one who ruined everything.

At Empire, you won't ruin anything for me again. I won't let you. See, at Bloodletter, my body may have failed me when I most needed it, but I'm ready to go this week. I'm coming off of a victory, I'm looking to keep my momentum up, and I'm here to make a very professional statement about you and girls like you on this show. You aren't better than me. You don't even have half the mind I do for this industry. And I'll prove it.

Chelsea passes an ad for Empire and stops briefly to look it over, a scoff escaping her before she continues to walk.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Since day one, I've shown I have what it takes to thrive in this company. You were the who was all smoke and mirrors, Mal, because you tricked people into thinking you were different – you made them believe you could be the 'Zero Star'. But now it's all falling apart. You won't be able to climb the ranks up to Consuela, because by the time you reach that height, I'll be sitting in her place. And I'll kick you back down to the level you belong at. It won't be long before you're right, though: soon I will be on advertisements, I will be like those nineties GAP models you likened me to. Because I'll be all over Empire's ads. I'll be the face of the show, and you? You'll be out of sight, and out of mind. Just like you'll be out of my mind when I'm finished with you this week.

Before you go, let me ask you this, though: if I'm just a “soulless representation” of what you are, just your shadow...then how come I've had more success than you so far? How can the shadow be seen as more of a rising star than the supposed original? It's because I'm not your shadow. You want to keep comparing us, but we're not the same. Whilst you keep coming up short, I've risen to the occasion and am coming into this match with better footing than you. You tried to take me out last time, and if you think you're going to do it again, you really don't know what you're up against. I'm no shadow, I'm not just a reflection – I'm independent of you. It's good you've taken your medicine, because that should help numb the pain of a loss to everything you hate.

And I'm glad you've learnt to take things on the chin, because this loss'll hit you hard. If you want to see me as your shadow, then prepare to get overshadowed. The sun will set on your career at Empire, and that shadow you think you're better than is going to take over. Good luck walking through the dark...though, I don't you'll be any more blind than you already are.

Chelsea finishes off her drink before tossing it into a nearby trashcan, turning back to the camera with a smirk on her face. She walks out of shot as the scene fades to black.
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Post on December 20th 2017, 5:50 pm by Nobi
James Ranger.

Do you want to know what I’m thinking every time I heard about James Ranger? James is a talented individual. He always bring his best every time in the ring and he always push his opponents to the limits. He might come across as a laid back guy outside of the ring, but he’s dangerous inside the ring. The moment you underestimate him, the moment you will fall into a bottomless pit. I’ve faced the guy myself. I beat him once in one on one match fair and square. I also eliminated him when we faced off once again in Elimination Chamber match for The National Elite Championship where we had 4 other competitors inside the ring. Yes, my records againts James is somehow good enough. I always had the upper hand over him, but everyday is a new beginning you know? I can’t underestimate James, no I cannot. He always improve his games and I’ll be damn sure to give this man a chance a shot at my National Elite Championship.

James, you heard that right? The People like you, Aka Manah, and *cough* *cough* POP are the reason why the competition is alive. The reason why I have to watch my back all the time is because of you all. I can lose my belt anywhere and anytime and that’s why I will bring all my A-Game to you. I’d love to give you or Aka Manah a chance to challenge my title soon. I’d love to give POP a rematch as well, but in order to be a strong champion, I have to beat every single of my opponents first. You see James, I’ve lost a step or two since I won the NE Championship. I became so arrogant, so cocky, and so gung-ho. As the result, I lost to HBG where I wanted to prove the NE Championship is the main title on this show. Last week, not only did I fail to win The Prince of Championship, but I also the one who ate the pin where I had to prove why the NE Championship is better than The Interwire Championship or Hardcore Championship. The moment Carlos Rosso pinned me is a fair red flag that I’ve lost a step since I won the NE Championship. I’m bringing a disgrace to the NE Championship legacy, that’s something I never wanted to do as a Champion. Therefore, I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. I’m still pondering and wondering am I really this worthy to be a Champion right now? Did I win this belt so soon? I don’t know, but I have to wake up now and I have to beat you this week, James.

I believe you have a motivation on your own, James. I believe you want to prove why you are worthy to challenge my title. The truth is, you are ready to challenge my championship anytime you like. You have proven your worth to me, win or lose, I believe you’ll challenge my title soon enough....if I’m still holding this belt on my shoulders, that is. Me being a champion or not doesn’t make a difference to you, either way, you are ready to be the NE Champion. Can’t say the same for myself to be honest. I have to proved why I was a good challenger and why I could and should be a great champion. Like I said, I haven’t proven my worth yet as a Champion and I don’t want to be a bad champion. I have to make up the mistakes I’ve made in the past two weeks, therefore I’m ready to knock you out or make you tap out this week, James. Please take my words seriously. It’s nothing personal, but I’m a man on a mission, I have no intentions to lose to you. You are a great wrestler, good things will happen to you. Maybe you’d be the one who beat me for the NE Championship one day, you know? Maybe Aka Manah would, maybe POP would take his title back from. In the end of the day, no matter who’d dethroned me, you are destined to be the NE Champion one day. You can take my words for it.

Now what about me? I haven’t made a good impression why I am a good champion so far James. If the NE titles was on the line a week ago or two, HBG or Carlos would be a double champion right now. You always bring me to my limit James, you can beat me this week for all I know, but I can’t let that happen. I don’t want to hurt the NE Championship legacy even more. No offense, but I don’t want to lose to you this week. I know one day you will beat me fair and square just like I beat you a couple of months ago, but I have to make sure, it won’t happened this week. I’ll see you in the ring, James. Maybe one day we will meet again as a Champion and a Challenger. No matter who the champion is, you are destined to be a champion one day.
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Empire 02

'' Ah yes, the famed Sheridan Müller, apparently not famed enough to the point where you would put effort into pronouncing my name properly, however. I adore that you believe I am arrogant, honestly, that is the first time I have ever been addressed as such. What differentiates myself from arrogance, is that I know my worth, my importance to this industry, and all I have said has not been exaggerated and presented on a grand stage. The board would not have seen it as a priority to hand me an Openweight Championship opportunity, if the smoke I ignited against myself were not genuine, the flame that burns before your very eyes is truth, and I rationalise that truth through wrestling prowess, technical supremacy and drive that cannot be matched. It would have been quite easy to leave me unemployed, would it not? Sure, the reason for my brief termination is incredibly dull and inspired purely off a conspiracy, and yet those who run the promotion you fall beneath, could have easily kept their pride against their necks and remained assertive that their thoughts and decision to remove me was absolute. Yet, they did not, for the moment my name was not situated with the brand that I inaugurated, the ratings dwindled into a freefall, the general manager you supported and endorsed handed out championship shots without reason, use the main event of Bloodletter and your twenty seven Specialists Championship shots as examples here, and the lifestyle that I had established and instilled upon this world, was manipulated and straddled until blackness fell upon the name of this brand, and people were begging to once more see athletic superiority grace their television screens. This is not arrogance, this is an absolute, something that I have justified whenever I have a microphone placed in my palm, encased by my fingers, or be it that wrestling attire finds my skin, and I vanquish and dominate whatever opposition is dropped in my path. The fact alone you respect our former general manager, a woman who I exposed to the world as a compulsive liar and a megalomaniac, screams volumes about your sense of judgement, so excuse me if I do not approach your words with the most serious of expressions, for she deserved every kick to the cranium and elbow to the skull that I delivered to her, I executed vengeance upon her form, whilst elevating two competitors who have suffered beneath xenophobic authority for far too long, yet I am the antagonist, the villainess, I assure you I am not a sociopath, for all I state is truth, you say she lost her job, and that is where the truth from your words fade, for you cannot lose what has been ripped from your cold carcass. I took it, I shall be crowned the new general manager of Empire, whilst asserting my name into the peak of the show once more, and I shall bring eradication to this world, and showcase the irrelevancy that my name was forced to compromise with, to feel this burning hatred, this constant, repetitive burning that pulsates against my skin, and irritates every muscle, every atom that coruscates and flows against my form, I shall not cease in delivering a firestorm to the realm that you admire and hold respect for, as your name thrived as a champion under the efficiency that I instilled into you, a world which I elevated and grew alongside myself as a person, and you, regardless of your morals, beliefs, feelings towards me, held a position as a champion and didn't state a single word on the matter. This is how I can evaluate your sense of judgement, the truth from the lies, right from the wrong. I should not have been removed for my determination and drive, a need to bring success and improvement to the brand that I compete for, but I am beginning to realise that, I am ever so glad things have transpired as they have. For a need to protect and nurture those who spat upon my name, I shall do the same whilst kicking at their gravestones. There shall be no fight, this match is not about equality, prowess, drive. A scorching infatuation for pulverising you and the woman you partner with, shall illustrate upon the canvas. The disrespect of the irrelevant infuriates me far more than the disdain of those who matter, the gratitude that I once wished for, I no longer care for, I am apathetic to congratulations, and only strive for a fanatical, a frantic blaze to macerate across the wasteland, until blood flows from the wrists against the pavement, I assure you I will deliver on this promise. You were not here for the rise of my beautiful lifestyle. When I signed with this promotion, we were tossed from Dynasty, to Voltage, without a care, and a woman called Eris LeCava was the Vixens champion. Do you think Empire sprouted from the ground, I wonder, if tournaments such as the Empire Cup, and historical moments such as the Women's World Championship arising, do you believe they appeared out of thin air, for they did not. I do not believe in fantasy, and that hard work is the truth behind all that occurs, and when I state that my holding of the inaugural Vixens Cup, and the unrivalled prowess and ability I demonstrated and enthused between the ropes, transpired to the likes of Aria Jaxon being the main event of an FPV, to Empire becoming a reality, to the term Vixens dying, is down to me, this is not an exaggeration. Without my name touching this continent, you would have the Shamez family running unrestrained across whatever brand you're competing on, or perhaps you would have the apparent Empress Of Elite, who, might I add, we all know is not here because of my existence, as your champion. I am a revolutionist, and yes I perhaps am a little ignorant, controversial, and stubborn. But those who once tolerated and laughed at the lifestyle I personified, now tremble in fear at the sounding of it, and celebrated with delight the moment the fucking skank who, I stress, I removed from power, brought a knife to the system and slit at the wires. I don't care to improve Empire, this poison that surrounds and stalks our shadow, I shall capitalise upon and swallow whole, before emitting radiation to all those who fall at my feet, as my boot finds their necks, as I squeeze their lungs to explosion. I care not if I am hated, for this only validates my beliefs and ambitions. I realised the moment you all applauded the death of competition defining our legacy as a gender, that you are all inferior and touching the diagnosis of brain dead. I'll admit, I used to have aspirations of maintaining a brand, having appreciation for my talent and having the love of those in the audience, I wished to inaugurate something beautiful, to one day reach the height where no other could cross, to be the best I could be, and to represent Elite Answers Wrestling on a positive scale. These dreams ended when warmth found my skin, when a demoness whispered sweetness into my mind, and I realised that the validation of the irrelevant, does not matter to me. I am the definition of vengeance, as emotions flaunt themselves through wrestling, as blood scolds the vein it runs through. I was brought before the devil himself, and he returned me to this world out of fear. The world figured me dead, yet death quivers at the thought of my name. So long as I wish to cast a shadow and breath through my lungs, vengeance shall control my thoughts, and the Last Vixen shall justify my movements. She compresses the depression I once felt, the hopelessness after my banishment. I roll my eyes at the dull chatter you produce, I shall bring my boot to your head, and grin as your skull shatters against my foot. I am the very disease you dread, and until gasoline finds your twitching, bruised bodies and a sole cigarette ignites the end of sunlight, there shall be no cure. ''

'' When all has smouldered, and no sound radiates across the wasteland of desolation that I inaugurated, from she ashes she shall rise. This is not her destiny, for I do not believe in chance or coincidence, you must work hard to achieve your ambitions and no individual has worked harder than I have since returning to Empire after my extradition. The words resilience and endurance are not associated with me due to chance, I validate and demonstrate how, athletically, no woman can consider touching me, let alone matching the intensity that resonates from me when I am performing between the ropes. This is a reason as to why I am universally hated, why people cannot stand to speak my name, or direct their eyes to stare into my own, for my prowess, and wrestling credentials match the arrogance that personifies through my promotional videos, and drips from my lips with sensualisation. Since caving an aperture against the skull of our former general manager, I no longer feel sorry for myself, as I rationalised all I had said prior to my firing, and justified the statements I laid out the moment I draped my form over her carcass and, to absolutely nobody's shock, defeated her. It was not supposed to turn out like this, and initially I was furious, I am a woman who dislikes change, I very much so prefer to be in control, but I now see the positives in being temporarily removed from the wrestling scene that I was so immersed in, for it allows you to see this realm from a general perspective, a tactician observing the battlefield of soldiers, and realising the most important truth. The lifestyle I once personified is dead, and that is sad, but it is also a blessing in disguise, for the sole thing that stopped me from bringing an utter holocaust to these plains, my love for this business, has dissipated. It died the moment all the females contracted to this company, applauded the fact that I was fired, terminated, executed. At the time, I did not see it like this, I genuinely felt emotion, coldness drove against my skin, my once tan features turning blue without heat, and black with no breath. If not for my own strength, this belief that I am the best, in all fields and whatever term you wish to apply such to, I am the best in the squared circle, I am the best outside of it. I am unrivalled in what I say, and when I deliver on my claims, I have been justifying for two entire years, and just now people are beginning to realise that it is not coincidence, that I am superior, unmatched, and cannot be tamed. The Last Vixen found me in my time of need, in return for letting her reside within my soul, she brought warmth to my cold blood, and ignited a vengeance, a hatred, a passionate disdain, for the one thing in my life I used to cherish, and that is wrestling. I inaugurated and established equality in this promotion, I've had matches, and claimed victory in these matches, that bring envy and shame to the majority of apparent athletes that I have to share a stage, a spotlight, with. My reward for being the best, was having my contract shredded. I no longer strive for wisdom, efficiency and class, I care not for a competitive battlefield, where combat is the primary goal, as a matter of fact, I adore the situation I currently find myself within. My reprisal shall bring a realisation to this world, and allow them to view conflagration before their very eyes, as myself, and the two woman who have aligned with me, bring an utter massacre to these conditions, the establishment that I constructed the foundations of, we shall ignite the walls of this Empire, and will not cease in breath until the streets are running red, and those who encouraged the conditions my superior, beautiful lifestyle was executed within, are nothing more than tyrannised, vanquished carcasses. ''

'' Andrea, how hypocritical you are being when addressing Azumi. You disparage the fact that she has fallen in championship opportunities far too many times, yet fail to acknowledge this previous week, under my leadership, she managed to topple our Women's World Champion, and then you follow on to state how you'll be an unstoppable tandem with April, as you've nearly won a multitude of tag team matches since your arrival on the roster. No amount of highlighting the world nearly shall cover up the fact you ended up with a defeat, it's just contradictory to me that you are delighted to flash my partner's failings to the world with such negative spite, yet speak of your own with ignorant, enthusiastic favouritism. I'm filled with bliss that you of all people decided to hold an open mind to me as an individual, truthfully, I have little idea where I would be without your approval, yet I am so happy you've come to the conclusion, like the majority, that I am absolute poison. People don't dislike me because I disparage the dead, or speak ill of the injured, they loathe me, for they ultimately know that every single letter that forms a word, that emits from my larynx, is truth, it is gospel. I am very rarely wrong, and I'll hold my hands up and admit when I am, but the reality is I have nothing to apologise for or shrug my shoulders at, or increase the pitch of my voice to sound more genuine and emotional. I speak their names to validate the truth, to shine a light on where nobody else shall explore. In Brody's case yes, she passed away, but for the rest they did not simply leave, they fell at the first hurdle, they crashed and burned at their first challenge, and I am only so happy to place my boot upon their shoulder-blades and push them to their fall. I have survived ever so much in this promotion, to consider and contemplate changing my attitude, for my morals and beliefs are what have justified my decisions and speeches, and have ultimately proven me right in all the situations I have encountered. Imagine if you told me I was wrong, when I was pressing my lifestyle here, and there, preaching to those who would offer me their time. We would never have the very situation you find yourself in now, we would be competing on a different brand, where most would temporarily change the channel as our names flash upon the screen. What pedestal of superiority do you situate on, to have the audacity to question what I assert. Please, read out your qualifications to me, that justify your intelligence, and automatically register you as an absolute, as legislation. I am mentally drained of listening to people say, oh Sheridan you're a bad person, and I'm a woman of my word so you must be wrong! It really does not get me off, it just presses against my temple, in a way that irritates the vindictive streak that runs rampant throughout my carcass. I am happy you find me revolting, that my visage eliminates all pleasure from your thoughts, and delivers depression and sadness to your world. I am the shadow in your day, the thunder in your sky. You know, Andrea, I wasn't always like this. I was actually pleasant until I won the Vixens World Championship, people applauded my efforts against the likes of Cameron Ella Ava, at the penultimate Pain For Pride when I vanquished Kendra Shamez. But the moment my hands gripped that championship, oh the envy, the bitterness, it all flooded through. Those who I thought were my friends moaned and lambasted me behind my back, to the point where I was thrown off Empire, and forced to compete in surroundings I had little idea of. This conspiracy against me, the xenophobic behaviour that has stalked and assaulted my mind for the last year, it really can change a woman. I am not the way I am, due to myself, this world, despite my resistance, has influenced me. Women like you, who go with the majority, an absolute sheep of the system, never to disrespect or unsettle, are the reason I am how I am, this arrogance is fallacious, I wish to be humble but the mental strains of this realm, it allows me not. It makes you mentally unstable, I've got nothing to hide, over these past few months I've been close to suicide an abundance of times. When you're constantly dragged in the dirt, fired for no reason yet hated by the masses, you really doubt yourself and feel hopeless. But you can't stomp out my pride, Andrea, no woman regardless of their accolades or accomplishments can do such to me. I have been underappreciated for far too long, and unlike you I justify what I say with actions. Just as my nation were the victims in the second world war, Haruna, Azumi and myself are the victims in Elite Answers Wrestling. I am glad that so many believe I am a cancer, a sickness that cannot be tamed or treated, for this shall only heighten the pleasure I feel as I punt your skull off of your neck. I was treated so poorly in these conditions, that I now feel the urge to burn them to the ground, to commit arson and deliver a massacre to all who wronged me, to bring Gehenna to those who cheered, laughed, insulted. They shall fear the blackness I was stored within, and then beg for its return as the burning sickness that resides within me gradually executes through their body. You're not going to form a roadblock that I'll be incapable of overcoming, Andrea, let's be realistic and acknowledge that, even if you eliminate the emotions I am feeling in regards to causing a subdural hematoma to bring an abrupt end to your, and I use this word lightly, career, on the basics alone, I am a superior wrestler to you, I hold athletic prowess and motivation to succeed that neither you, April, or even the two women I align myself with, can match. In the space of two months, I retaliated against my firing and gained a luxurious contract, the entirety of the board's approval, and the removal of a Hall Of Famer, who has been here for twice the time I have, from a position of authority. If I can change the entire landscape, and future of Empire with one tactical move, I'm quite certain in my abilities that I can beat your generic military friend and yourself. I'm not diminishing your talent, and perhaps on different terms I would applaud your rise through the Empire ranks, but despite the momentum you are carrying with you into this match, I am the definition of superiority, a concoction that requires a warning label, with an admonition of epitomising a demoness. I don't underestimate you, I clutch confidence and belief in my athletic ability and wrestling aptitude. It's not a requirement that I have to hold a thirst for retribution, in order to dominate your form, restructure your ability and overcome this fallacious talent that you pretend you have, but it's too much, her power is far too influential for me to resist. Until this exasperation that barks uninterrupted on the peak of my spine illustrates a ceasefire and loses shimmer, I cannot feel anything but agony. I lust for satisfaction, I am so sick and quite frankly pissed off at those who continue to underestimate my greatness, whilst showing favouritism to their common, ordinary world. The Vixens eminence grows ravenous, and shall brighten within me until her nature returns to slumber, until anarchy is established in this division once more. A victory over you shall temporarily calm the storm that defines me, and I am motivated to bring the holocaust through each woman who stands in my way. Unfortunately, Andrea, that includes you, and whilst you believe you'll be soaring after toppling me, you'll be grounded by irrelevancy, as the aftermath of a conquering pulls you into flames of which you'll never recover. ''
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I am honestly not sure about what to do next after I get an FPV win. It's now completely vague for me and I am really feeling uneasy with the next path I should take. I might be doing one other thing that I am actually going to make sure I am regaining everybody's trust again. That's most likely the thing that I really want right now. I am going to make sure everything is sorted out until the time has finally come. It's not that I am giving up on title contention or something. I am just tired fighting for that stupid belt. Because recently, if you fight for all those belts, do you REALLY fight? Or you just want to do everything to win that title without even care about the essence of the true good fight. People are doing that these days and I don't like fighting against someone like that, someone who is obsessed with gold so much, they even forget about the true identity as a fighter. I don't want to leave that identity away from me, not in a million years. I am a fighter and I will always be. THAT is my true identity and I will never change, even if I have to fight without that god damn belt at all. If people don't like the way I fight, I am gonna make them look at my intention doing this. This, people, is what how I truly make me a fighter that I always believe I am.


War, battle, it's all just a piece of crap to cover all the insecurity because of some fight that doesn't reward anything for the outcome. I won my match a few weeks ago and that is just one prove that I am stopping all these stupid dramas, politics or whatever the hell that is and just go straight into the fight. I am always having a simple mindset when I walk into that ring. I just.... fight! No other thought of doing something unnecessary for securing victories or any other bullshit like that. I don't like being involved in one stupid drama and anything near that title is always inevitably going that way. This is the reason I decided to join Sheridan and Azumi. They are simply a fighter who fights with no-nonsense things and they are the shell for me to stay in my mindset to just simply fighting. I keep going to do my own way and they both support what I stand for. I have no problem fighting alongside them as long as they are not going into any stupid politics. Heck, they intended to destroy the politics around Empire and that walks together with my own cause. They can do their own thing, but me? I have something that I must do! I have to show them every single thing that makes me still fighting. I am rebuilding my own pride, rebuilding everyone's trust and support and I am going to do it without kissing anybody's ass. Yes, that IS possible. I believe that.



Haruna Sakazaki: Now, look what we have here? Someone who single-handedly "obliterated" each and every single person in last week's match. Well, here's what I have in mind about that turn of event. I don't care about your intention, your reason or whatever you think so you decided to do that. You still suck and that just proves you that you don't deserve anything in this world. You don't deserve any single chance to redeem yourself to get those stupid titles. YOU are the only reason I am tired to get after titles anymore because you are someone who always full of unnecessary bullshit and always do everything to win that belt to make your name going up high above everybody else. You know what, just keep being tryhard as hard as you ever can. Control the entire match, do everything you want to your friends and opponents but that will never ever be covering the fact that you are a simply terrible wrestler who can't do a real fight. I am lucky that I am not somebody like you. You called yourself a "War Queen" but you tainted the essential factor of a great fight. Nobody wants to go to a war with you if you keep doing that. Heck, look at me. I am tired facing you, I even go stay away from the title contention as long as I don't have to meet you ever again. Fighting against you is never be an enjoyable experience. I'd rather fight against someone like Daisy Thrash, who understand so much what to do inside the ring when she faces me there. You? You seem don't understand everything about the good fight, huh?

Haruna Sakazaki: But well, I don't care about that. I don't care about you... No, I don't hate or dislike you because dislike and hate show that I still care about something. As for you, I really don't want to know anything about you. I just see you, with your usual tryhard personality, trying so hard to embrace your root of your ancestor and really, though, I take a deep breath and shake my head when I see that. It's so hard to watch but I gotta keep watching, even though one single sentence and one sentence only keeps floating inside my head. "What the hell did I just watch?" Hey, but I gotta keep watching. Even though, I just hope... REEEEAAALLLYYY hope that you can put all this thing together and try to have a good match with me. I don't want to know about your intention to fight me, or what you are going to do to me for that match. Hey, you're a tryhard, right? So, please do me a favor and try so hard to not screw this matchup for me, alright? I have something to prove and if you pull out another bullshit in this match, I would be very disappointed in you. Yes, I am being nice to you this time? Is this enough to make you fulfill your wish? You are a "War Queen", I guess. So please try to be a smart kind of war queen and do all your "War" stuff the way we usually do in every single usual war so when I beat you, this match will be another time when I beat you in a daily basis and then we can move on with our lives. I will continue to keep fighting for one good match while you do whatever Japanese stuff you are doing back there. Okay? Can we do this? Can we do one regular match without any bullshit? Good, Thank you very much!
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Empire Promo #1

“War Games”

Matsuda Manor
Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan
Early Morning, Garden Area

(Cloud, dressed in black martial arts gear, is seen walking down a flight of stairs. She approaches a group of young men and women sitting cross-legged near the garden of her manor. They are dressed in the same combat outfit as Cloud.)

Cloud: The first thing that might come to mind is how different this place is from the War Room Dojo back in Brooklyn. I’m in the process of construction a ring inside the gym, but for now, we’ll meet out here. I have handpicked a select few of you for advanced lessons concerning pro wrestling - puroresu - in matters in and out of the ring. I will not only teach you advanced techniques but how to set up a brand for yourself. In other words, I will show you how to play ‘the game’.

Female Student: Sensei, permission to speak.

Cloud: Go ahead.

Female Student: I’ve observed your career and you always seemed like someone who never cared about the politics of wrestling.

Cloud: When one engages in war, politics becomes unavoidable. True war is a multi-layered process. It’s a goal composed of a series of objectives. The goal of your sensei Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda, the goal of The Zaibatsu, is domination of the pro wrestling industry. There have been many factions over the years that has left an impression upon the sport, but none of them lasted. That will change. Zaibatsu isn't just a physical entity, but a way of life, a developing philosophy that will become a dynasty. My idol once told me one of my weaknesses is that I don’t play the game. I disagreed with him, but after Bloodletter, I’m ready to heed his advice. 

Male Student: Who is he?

(Cloud smiles and shook her head)

Cloud: A silent supporter of mine. Now, if you noticed this session is being taped. I’m about to deliver what we call a promo to my opponent this week, Haruna Sakazaki.

Female Student: Your rival?

Cloud: (thinks) Is she? Maybe my first year in EAW, but things have changed, my rogue's gallery among them. But, I always cherish my fights with Haruna. We’re always pushing each other to the limit. We don’t always get along, but I learned a lot about surviving in EAW and our love/hate relationship has played a role in it. But alas, I’m light years ahead of her these days, and quite frankly I shouldn’t be. She’s made a smart move by aligning herself with Sheridan, but it’s only a small step away from the death of her career. So you could say The Axis is the resurrection of Haruna Sakazaki. 

Female Student: She probably wants revenge for what you’ve done to her.

Cloud: I’m sure she does. She’s not the only one - I expect three other people to be waiting for me in Los Angeles. No matter though; it’s a small price to pay to fulfill a larger goal. I got tired of waiting in the shadows, especially if others are relying on me to help guide their careers such as yourselves. This is me accepting responsibility. This is me playing the game. It’s been awhile since Haru and I did battle. It should be a refreshing match, one I suggest you all watch for reference. Sakazaki-san is a sound striker and highflyer. Azumi’s helped her improved her grappling ability, but I still outclass her.

Male Student: So you’ll make her submit?

(Cloud pauses for a moment)

Cloud: You’ll see. Anyways I want you all to perform your daily run around the city. Meet me back here at 14:00 hours. Dismissed!

(Cloud watches her students get up and leave. The camera zooms in on her as she turns around)

Cloud: Haruna, what I did to you on Sunday was business. It was nothing personal about it, sweets. I mean I didn’t like how you guys played Aria, but then again I’d be a hypocrite after Sunday. We will have a good match, but I will defeat you Haruna. Bloodletter was an eye-opening experience for me in many ways. I didn’t beat our dear champ, but I instilled in her something she’s never felt - fear. She knows that if - no when we get back into that ring the result will be different. I drew blood and now sharks like Astraea Jordan are on the prowl. I would offer an invitation to my team, but we know how that would end. As for Azumi, she’s become a business partner of mine. As long as we share JET she’ll remain untouched…

(Cloud winks)

Cloud: I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself. I spent a week getting over myself and now the situation has changed. The Women’s World title is no longer the main goal, but rather an objective in a series of steps towards domination of this industry. Just like you defeated me and HBG in the same night, I’ll pull the upset of the year before this season is over. I will become Women’s Champion, and you will see what it means to be a War Queen. Sayonara, Sakazaki-san.

(Cloud walks off)
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Talk Dirty to Me

Daisy! How long as it been since we last saw each other? Remember when we both got eliminated in that Battle Royal at the same time? I don’t remember. I was drunk. But Wass up, Gurl? How you doing? Has anyone told you look better these days? Like the type of girl that is still crazy, but fuckable? I mean, I’d hit that. Girl, you made it! You are crazy, but too hot to drop. That girl is on fiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaa!
But in all seriousness, you look a lot more different than I last saw you, and I gotta say, happy you dropped all that feminist bullshit and really embraced your teenage angst. I mean, that was such a turn off, like the stuff coming out of your mouth was just a huge red flag for all the dicks out there, but look at you now. Kicking ass, taking names, and I’m on board the train. Hashtag DaisyBetter. Can’t say much has happened for me. After all, Hashtag RevyStillTheWorse. And as hilarious as watching Savannah get drunk, she has been quite a handful. Word of advice to you. Don’t have kids. They will wreck your body. See this moonshine on my face? Savannah did it. Like come on man, you were sober. Hit Cam, Consuela, either one of them, they look the same, but you still hit me?! What the hell is wrong with you?
Sorry, sorry, dragging this on. But yeah, digging the new you, and I’m sure a part of you is still eager to keep the momentum going so you’re going to come at me talking about how you’re going to beat me or how it won’t be like last time. And you know what? Good. I don’t want it to be like last time where you and I fought and it didn’t amount to anything, and then we tagged and didn’t win anything back then, like where the hell was this bitch that we are looking at now? You surprised me, Daisy. I didn’t think you had it in ya. Now, we’ve been through this dance before. You don’t have to try so damn hard to talk me down. We all know the story, it’s all on camera. No one can deny it, but I haven’t found much success, like at all. It’s been loss after loss, after loss. But the irony of it all is, the amount of fucks I give is the same amount of wins I’ve gotten since Road to Redemption. Zero, Zilch. Zippo. If you aren’t going to insult me right, let me go ahead and do that for you.
Ah, I only remember it like it was yesterday like I was holding your hand in the ring, and now you’ve grown so much. You don’t care anymore. You’re being so reckless. You are talking shit every instances you can. I’m so proud of what you’ve become. Good, let the Revy flow through you. Let it consume you. After all, you talk about how “popular” I’ve become, and you know something? I don’t get it either. I don’t know why they keep putting me in big matches and giving me camera time. I assume it’s like Empire’s way of joining the cause of “leave your children with a responsible adult or this will happen” type of deal. But maybe people just enjoy the fact that I’m still the only one crazy enough to bring a flash bang grenade to a wrestling match or that despite all the bullshit situations I’ve been placed in, I’m still fighting tooth and nail and each loss hasn’t really slowed me down. While here you are, still upset you lost to Asstree, or whatever. And already, you are falling back to your old self about being so damn sensitive like a damn feminist. Girl, you put up a good fight, you took her to a point, and almost discredit her place in the world title pic, drink it in maaaaaan. Celebrate the baby steps and get wasted and fight the next day. And you ask why am I so popular and getting all the spots, and guess what? It’s because I still don’t care in a world where everybody cares and won’t shut up about it.

Look, Daisy, you do you. You keep fighting for your rightful position. And I’ll do me, and if for whatever reason, that gets me more success over you, maybe it’s damn time you take a page or two from my book. But jokes on you, I don’t read. Just go out there, fight, drink, and fire a gun every once in a while, and I’m a happy camper. Do you see me getting angry over Savannah? Hells no. I’m using this against her to shame the living crap out of her. I’m going to have fun with it, and I suggest you do too, before you set goals too damn high for yourself and set yourself up for disappointment. Like you know, “beating me this week.” But hey, so what if you do? I’m not going to care, and if that takes away from your victory, still don’t give a fuck. If it’s a big deal if you beat me, I still don’t give a flying fuck. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no one can hurt me. I’m pretty much a hallow shell loaded with gunpowder, and if you want to keep knocking on it or trying to pry it open, it’s going to blow up in your face. In a sense, facing me is almost like a good ole game of Russian Roulette. The more you play with me, chances are, 5/6 times, you will be safe as the chamber is empty. But that one chamber, that one bullet, if luck isn’t on your side, you can imagine that loss is going to be fatal. So go ahead, Daisy. Grab the gun, take a shot, and let’s see how unlucky you are. 
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DYNASTY PROMO 1: Pilot Light Out

The camera opens on Pizza Boy as he stares out the window of an airplane, taking in the ground below with a stoic expression of determination on his face as the sun shines directly into his unblinking eyes.

"Failure is temporary.  That's what I always try to tell myself.  Failure is a learning experience that will make you better, stronger, smarter than you were before.  King of Elite was my path to regaining what's rightfully mine, something that's been taken away from me by crooks and thieves every single time I make it to the top.  More times than not, the person knocking me down a rung or two from my ladder of success has been Nico Borg.  He's obsessed with making me miserable.  He's infatuated with breaking my spirits and sending me away from this sport of ours an incomplete man.  The thing is that I'm blue collar dumb and working class stubborn. I earn what I eat, I work for what's at my table, and I'm getting pretty fed up with the taste of crow that engulfs my taste buds every time Nico Borg pulls one of his little dirty tricks.  No matter how many voices in my head tell me to quit, that it's over, that he's won, and that I'm done, I push through with a smile on my face and take pride in rebuilding each and every foothold  that broke my fall from grace.  I'm fed up with cheaters.  I'm done with the entitled who've done nothing to earn their place at the table, MY table.  I'm sick of nepotism and those who work harder at cheating than actually building an empire around themselves worthy of a world championship.  I'm not depressed, I'm not angry, I'm just fed up with watching the foundation of EAW crumble beneath my feet every time some schmuck with a contract picks his spot instead of earning it.  With all of that said and out of the way, I question why I'm in the ring with you Reggie.  What have you done to earn that noble name of yours? Who have you beaten in order to claim elitism? Where have you been that's been that makes you so great?"

PB pulls down the airplane window shade and stares sternly ahead at the seat in front of him, almost pouting as his forehead furrows and his eyebrows point downward, and his arms crossed across his chest in a closed off posture.

"Going into every single one of my matches I've always sized up my opponent and asked these questions.  I do this to make them human to me, to understand their struggle as I tell them exactly what I'm about.  God help me, I even try to relate and find common ground between the nut jobs and monsters that I face just so I know there's a reason why they're here besides the ominous options of death or glory.  Maybe some sick part of me, some arrogant ember of that missionary mentality that HBB instilled in me long ago thinks that I'm capable of saving them, like it's my duty to show you the light spiritually while I'm showing you the lights literally as I pin you to the mat.  I'm growing out of that though, Reggie.  I'm growing out of this dumb youngster mindset that makes me believe I'm capable of changing the world, or at least EAW.  I've tried twice and failed miserably both times.  I've tried to set an example that no one wants to follow where we enter the ring, nothing gets too personal, and we wrestle a fair and balanced match.  Of all people to want that, it's the guy with, what? 2 or 3 years of jumbled experience asking for it.  I don't even know any submissions, Reggie.  I didn't wrestle in high school, I didn't take up a martial art in youth.  I'm just some street tough kid who had to get tougher in this dog eat dog world of EAW.  It's never enough though.  Not as long as I want to fight fair and make those people happy with a great match that can send them home feeling like maybe their 9-to-5 minimum wage job is worth excelling at because schmoes like us have nothing but the sweat on our brow, the grease on our elbows, and the shirts on our backs to get us through this shark tank of a reality.  That's not you though is it? You're old money.  You're a trust fund leech.  You cheat despite knowing how to throw a suplex better than I'll ever muster, and yet still all you know is the easy way out.  I can't stand that.  I can't stand potential that isn't lived up to.  I can't stand by and watch some guy who could do it the hard way easier than I ever could chooses to take the shortcuts in life.  You could be somebody, Reggie.  You could be where I've been and you could probably stick it out far longer than I ever did because this is what you do,  Fighting is who you are.  Wrestling will be your legacy here on earth, but instead of the fame of being a great you choose to aim for infamy and hollow glory."

Pizza Boy's expression softens as he averts his gaze from the camera.

"I used to make examples out of guys like you, but it appears that no one's paid any attention.  I'm sick of going hoarse shouting words of hope into the blaring horn of debauchery.  I'm growing deaf of caring anymore whether someone wants to treat this like a sport instead of a game of Monopoly where everyone's the banker.  I'm going to beat the hell out of you Reginald Dampshaw the Third.  I'm going to hit you so hard that the previous two generations of Reginald's feel it.  I'm not going to do it for you, or the fans, or some agenda that died with my first Answers World Championship loss.  It's not like you're going to learn from it, so I'm going to do it because I feel like it.  I feel like rapping my fist against the jaw of someone like you.  I want that Delivery Driver, I crave that Final Delivery, and I hanker for the Last Slice that I'll use to finally mercifully put you away.  I'm sick of being the better man.  Just this once let me be the guy who forces the ref to call for the bell.  Let me be the one to stop the match unceremoniously with excessive force that leads to a rare calling of the slaughter rule.  I want to hit you with everything I have Reggie.  I want to hit you with everything and keep going.  This isn't because you're you or because I;m going to show anybody anything.  This is sheer catharsis for me.  I'm going to use you to blow off steam so that I can go back to being the cool headed little guy that everybody likes to root for.  Not on this night though.  Not during our match.  This is for me.  For once, instead of trying to figure out what's redeemable about you, I'm going in with the same mentality you have.  Just for now.  Just this once, it's death or glory for the Pizza Boy.  Just for now I stop being a punching bag and pull out every stop and make you try and put me down for your own survival's sake.  I'll be ruthless, uncaring of your safety, and belligerent toward the ref.  I find out who this former Pizza Boy really is after everything he loves abandons him and he makes every fan who cheers for him fall into a silent state of shock."

PB sniffles and wipes a tear from his cheek as his eyes well up with hateful tears.

"Come Dynasty I quit trying to make you like me, and I become everything I hate."

PB sniffles and nods his head to the side apathetically.

"And the screwed up part about it is that it'll be nothing personal."

PB pulls his legs up and curls into a ball in his seat.  He turns back to the window and lifts it's blind, revealing a night sky that's taken the place of the previously bright light of day.
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Chapter 86: Gifts

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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We are introduced to the scene with a faint humming of “Deck the halls”. The camera pans across a living room decorated for the Christmas season with various colored lights and tinsel. The camera slowly pans across the mantle of a fireplace, lined with various pictures of Finnegan Wakefield, all of them highlighting his various achievements in Elite Answers Wrestling and his group of friends he has made in the process. The centrepiece amongst the collection of pictures is the familiar gold and silver championship belt, the EAW New Breed Championship, glistening with the reflection of the Christmas lights. The humming gets louder as the camera pans over to the Christmas tree, being decorated by the aforementioned Finnegan Wakefield, who is wearing a fashionably distasteful red Christmas sweater that has seemingly been custom made for him with white detailing. An outline of his ‘collar popping’ mannerism, as well as a surprisingly accurate needlework of the New Breed Championship just above the waistline. Above it reads the caption “40th New Breed Champion, 100 Days strong”. As Finnegan places the star on top of the tree, he would put his hands on his hips, admiring the beauty of the tree he has seemingly just finished decorating. His humming would stop as he turns his focus to the camera, a big smile on his face.

"Greetings and Salutations, and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! As you can tell with all the decorations in my humble abode, Christmas is a time of year that I very much enjoy. And this year I will be enjoying the festivities more so than ever. This year I will be spending my holidays with my family, most of which I haven’t seen since I came to this promotion a year ago. My parents and my sister have been cheering me on all the way from across the pond, and now will be here to celebrate the holiday season. The Wakefield family have a yearly Christmas tradition that has been consistent since I was a child. Every year on Christmas Eve, every member of the family is allowed to open one present. This year, they’ll have a front row seat to the December 24th edition of Voltage where they will see me defending my New Breed Championship against Jon McAdams and Harvey Yorke. To date, this will be my toughest challenge as the New Breed Champion. But a challenge I will overcome. When I pitched this triple threat match to Kenny Drake, despite the idea being a money drawing main event match for the Christmas Eve special, he showed concern. I didn’t have to request a Triple Threat match, I very well could have just faced Harvey Yorke and then face Jon McAdams in a rematch later down the line. But despite the fact that I walked out of Shock Value with the New Breed Championship, the result weighed heavy on my conscious. I didn’t defeat Jon McAdams to retain my title, I did not successfully defend it as the end result came down to a draw. In all honesty, if Kenny Drake denied the request of a Triple Threat match to settle all scores, I was ready and willing to relinquish the title. That is how highly I carry myself as champion, I refuse to be champion by technicality, to get by on methods that don’t justify myself as a worthy champion in this company. A Triple Threat match was the only option that allowed me to redeem my failure to defeat McAdams decisively, as well as to prove that I will face thin odds with the addition of Harvey Yorke. If I don’t walk away from this match as EAW New Breed Champion, I will consider my tenure as champion to be a failure to the standards I hoped to live up to. The key word however is ‘if’ -- if I don’t walk away as champion. Call it arrogance, call it overconfidence, but I don’t have any intention to lose this New Breed Championship anytime in the near future, especially by December 24th. Although I have eclipsed several past champions reigns in terms of days, including a majority that have tainted the idea and the name of the New Breed division, I still strive to be a new defining champion to the lineage. The 100 days strong that you see written on this nifty sweater is not a milestone that I have already reached. By the time Christmas Eve comes around, I’ll be sitting on day 98 as the reigning champion. 100 days strong is moreso a promise that I will carry on with my reign to meet that milestone, and then will take it further with no signs of stopping.

That brings me to my opponents for December 24th. Jon McAdams and Harvey Yorke are fellow Englishmen and very formidable challengers to my New Breed Championship. Both men embody tenacity, a willingness to do whatever it takes to have their hand raised with the title clutched in their hands. I am not underestimating the challenge that they will bring and the threat they will bring to my reign. In saying that, I also believe that I am more than capable to continue my reign past this challenge. Neither of you are my family, nor are we friends by any means. However, it is the season of giving. I will not be handing over my championship, but I have bought the two of you two gifts a piece. One of which I will be offering you now, the other you’ll receive after the match is over, should you choose to accept these gifts of course.

The first gift is to Jon McAdams. I am going to preface this by saying that I don’t expect you to consider this a gift worth a spot in your trophy room, quite frankly I expect you to pass this gift off as mere trash. But I do recommend that you keep an open mind about it, as it may not hold a lot of monetary value, in sentimental value it is priceless. Do you recognize it, Jon? This is a piece of debris from our, pardon the pun, shocking pitfall that culminated our match at Shock Value. Looking at it now, I am reminded of the pain and the anguish I felt as we plummeted into the electrical equipment below. Like a war flashback, if you will, I am reminded of the feeling of the electrical charge that surged through my body, boiling my skin and cooking my internal organs as I screamed in the worst pain I had ever experienced in my entire life. Some nights I still feel that pain, and it wakes me in a cold sweat. And for five whole days after the crash and burn, I was in the hospital, getting pieces of the shrapnel pulled out of my skin and my burns treated to. Clearly, I got the worst of that affair as you would enter into the King of Elite tournament while I was forced to watch from the sidelines in a hospital bed. Honestly, that annoyed me more than all the fictional tripe you had spewed in the days leading up to that match. It still annoys me to this day as, for the second year in a row, I had to watch the King of Elite tournament from the sidelines. I guess in a way, despite me walking out with the New Breed Championship, you got the last laugh after all. But I am healed now. And even if I can’t redeem the fact I was left out of the tournament due to my injuries, I intend to prove why I should have been in the King of Elite despite it. So why would I present this to you, Jon? Why would I hand you this as a gift? As a reminder. After every promise that you made heading into Shock Value, after all the twists you did to the narrative, and all the lording over and narcissism on display, this serves as a very important reminder. You couldn’t beat me at your own game. In a deathmatch situation, the home field advantage on your side, you couldn’t walk away with the victory because I simply wouldn’t let you throw me into the catacombs of the electrical hell below without making sure that you were coming with me. A reminder that Finnegan Wakefield is not someone to underestimate. This piece of debris, in particular, gave me a nasty laceration on my back, a piece jagged enough to require 24 stitches to sew shut. The scar it has left may be on my body for the rest of my life. But given the opportunity to do that all over again, I wouldn't hesitate to repeat the process if I had to. Today, I stand before you with the championship intact, my pride undamaged and my determination and conviction unbreakable. On December 24th, the result of our last encounter will not be repeated -- there will be a decisive winner walking out with the New Breed Championship. And I assure you, Jon McAdams, that man will not be you.

That brings me to your gift, Harvey Yorke. This one took a little bit more out of the box thinking as we don't share a similar sentimental moment together as I do with McAdams. We faced off once before back in September in a match where I walked away as the victor, but it wasn't a match to write home about. In all honesty, I had the feeling that you weren't really trying back then, like you had nothing to prove. Now I have the feeling that story has changed. You rightfully earned this shot, you worked for it so I know you have no intention of squandering it. But that still left me the question; what gift could I possibly hand to Harvey Yorke? What could I present to you that will make you say to yourself 'with this, Finnegan Wakefield has challenged me to step up my game?'. I'll be honest, I had to go back and watch the match where you became the number one contender for this championship to spark an idea and just like that it clicked. So what I present to you, Harvey, is a polish -- one specifically for those golden brass knuckles that you favor so fondly. By all means, make them presentable by the time our match comes around, because I want you to bring them into play. No -- I dare you to bring them into play. Because although you carry yourself as this Saint of Violence, I don't fear your form of violence, your means to an end, or your methods to display your sadistic nature. I have faced some men who would rip out my still beating heart and show it to me. What you present doesn't have the same effect of intimidation. I don't threat the amount of damage you are capable of inflicting -- if nothing else I welcome the attempt. There is no punishment physical or otherwise, that will keep me down for very long, you'll be lucky if you're able to render me incapable of getting up before a count of three. With my gift to you, I am challenging you to try your hand at backing up your ideologies of me being a dismissive champion and put an end to my, as you called it, miserable reign as New Breed Champion. You have stated that you will defy my limits to do this, and to that I proclaim you to hit me with your best shot. Make it count. Knock me out of my senses with a few teeth if you think that is what it'll take to dethrone me as the New Breed Champion, but I assure you that will not be enough to defy the limits I hold myself to. You will have to damn near kill me if you wish to have even a fighting chance. You are a very talented elitist, Harvey, I will never take that away from you. But you are not talented enough to defy the limits that I will push myself through to hold onto this championship that I hold so dearly to my heart.

The second gift that you both will receive after our match on the 24th is but another statement on my end, this one more on the nose than the ones prior. ANew Breed Championship replica belt from the EAW Shop, one for each of you. The closest the two of you will get to calling yourselves champion while the real thing is in my possession. Merry Christmas, Lads. And to a Happy New Year."
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"This has easily been the most trying month of my young career, and I say that not with distress or indignation, but with knowing that it's not due to a lack of effort on my part. As soon as I returned from my short hiatus, I was thrown right into the mix of it all but even as I was tested in matches that pushed me mentally and physically when I came up short not once did I ever go blaming someone else. This has all been a learning experience where the lesson is that there's always room to grow, always ways to improve, and being self-aware enough to recognize all of that is what'll lead to prosperity. There's no denying that it's been tough but I also never asked for this to be easy, not once did I ever wish that I could just get some free ride to the top and hope that everything just worked out in my favor with things just magically seeming to fall perfectly into place. Now, what everyone saw last week from me could easily be viewed as a sign of weakness, but for anyone who assumed that would be wrong because those emotions they were allowed to see, that's just how much I care about being here. That's how much I care about wanting to succeed because I've set expectations for myself that need meeting, not expectations that anyone and everyone else might have for me but ones that I put in place for myself, all while never having to compromise who I am and never putting the blame on someone else for my shortcomings. It's something that happens far too often, it's something that happens when these girls feel like they've shot their best shot and missed just for them to truthfully get mad at themselves for not being good enough to reach their own potential. I'm not gonna be like them though, I'm not gonna be just another one of those girls who looks at myself and thinks that this is as good as I'm ever gonna get but then throws these unwarranted accusations of mistreatment or unfairness at people when I'm not doing a damn thing to better myself and just doing the absolute bare minimum to get by. That's not me, that's not who I am - but that's certainly what we all have to deal with when it comes to Azumi. It's constant shouting of 'I deserve this! I deserve that!' and yet, what was she done to show it? Play a part in a three-on-one attack at Bloodletter when she helped Sheridan beat Tarah? That doesn't take the skill, that doesn't take strength that they were talking about last week. It didn't take strength or skill to pin Aria on Showdown when Stephanie just simply allowed Azumi to do exactly that. I get that Azumi's come to expect things to just be handed to her, and while she got that in the most literal sense last week, that won't be the case on Empire."

"April and I may have been on opposite sides of the field last week, but nothing about that was personal and that much I'm sure we can see eye-to-eye on - but from opponents to partners, she knows that I can be an asset in this tag match when it comes to beating the two of you. Sydney and I put up a courageous effort and just nearly came up with a win over her and Chelsea; she's got no reason to doubt me coming into this when she knows how determined and passionate I am about this. I already know that the two of us stand a fighting chance, I knew from the second I found out what my match would be for this week that April and I could go into this and fight our way to a win over two of the most entitled women on the roster. Maybe with Sheridan at your side now, you've got this feeling of being assured, Azumi, every time you go to get into the ring with her on your side but it's simply a false sense of security as it still doesn't change the fact that you haven't shown why you should be getting anything you think that you deserve. I don't know how many times someone has to bring up Manifest Destiny, or the fact that you and Haruna were handed title shots on a silver platter, for you to get it through your head that you've got no business trying to come for someone over how many chances they've had. I know our paths have only crossed once before this but when you failed to win that battle royal for an entry into the Specialists Championship match at Bloodletter while even I managed to outlast you, your argument of being the best Empire has to offer went up in smoke. The idea that you should somehow constantly be at the front of the line for every title shot when you've already wasted so many opportunities has left you looking downright ridiculous, and then on top of that you want to throw on the fact that you think any of you should be at the helm of Empire calling the shots? You're really losing your damn mind. And I can't help but wonder for what? So you can find yourself in a position to get another undeserved opportunity that you'll just let slip through your fingers? I can tell you right now that we don't need you at the front of anything or so much as even attempting to represent this brand - be it as a champion or in a position of power, especially when you're nowhere near as great as you happen to believe you are. However, that hasn't stopped you from spewing your bullshit left and right to anyone who'll listen, but the only one you're really trying to convince is yourself because how else could you have had chance after chance after chance, failed at each and every turn when it came to them, and still go on believing that you of all people should be at the top?! You told April to step aside, to let someone else have a chance and have the spotlight for once, but if that's the case, shouldn't your ass be doing the same considering all the times you failed in your championship pursuits? And yet, you're clinging to Sheridan's coattails in the hopes that she'll get you somewhere, that maybe with just a bit of hope she'll actually become GM and you'll find yourself conveniently placed into an undeserved position at the top of the mountain. But you can only get so far on handouts, you of all people should know that, and when you've continuously failed in the end to make the most of the opportunities you were given, it says more about you than it does anyone else. There's no denying your talent because you have put on some stellar matches, but time after time you're reminded that there's always gonna be someone better, there's always gonna be someone's who's just one step ahead and that at this point, for as good as you believe yourself to be, you should realize by now that you damn sure aren't on that level of greatness as that's been proven time and time again. When it comes to us, it'll be even truer when we're beating you and showing that if you think you're the pinnacle of talent, the end all be all, then you've got ways to go and seeing as how getting smacked around in those failed title matches of yours weren't enough, April and I are just gonna provide you with reminder of how all of that remains to be true but the only ones who'll apparently be shocked by any of it will be you two and Haruna."

"Sheridan, though, I had wondered how long it would take for us to find ourselves standing across from one another inside the ring and it certainly didn't take long. I know what you've done, what you've accomplished, mostly due to you never letting anyone forget, and I've also gotten to know just some of the unflattering things that follow in your wake. But I hardly even knew you and that was why when you returned, I decided to allow myself to be a lot more open-minded to whatever it was you'd have to say upon coming back and I can easily say now that I can understand why you're so despised, so loathed by so many because you've honestly gone so far out of your way to make yourself hated. You've torn down a number of women no longer with us and for what? Because you think you're saying what everyone else is too afraid to? For the sake of shock value and so desperately wanting to feel as if you were pushing the envelope, especially when it came to one particularly tragic case? It's disgusting is what is and it's a shame because all the talent that you possess is shrouded in an overwhelming stench that comes with such a revolting personality. I knew nothing about you, so I'd given you a chance, but in the weeks leading up to this you've only displayed a level of arrogance that I couldn't have possibly begun to fathom, and I thought it simply came with you being undeniably and greatly talented but then... then you went and got this World War 2 reenactment together that I couldn't help but question. Azumi and Haruna? How much help do you really need, Sheridan, if you're turning to them for support? Sure, they saved your ass against Tarah when you needed it most, but you're also easily better than them. I'm pretty sure you could wipe the floor with either of them if you really wanted to because let's face it, neither of them have shown to be deserving of the opportunities that they feel so entitled to, let alone the praise they think they're so worthy of. You can say that it was Tarah who brought you all together for similar reasons, but even when Azumi did get what she wanted, she came apart under the pressure each and every time. Are they just pawns in your journey to the top? Disposable once you get there just before you not-so-shockingly make the announcement that you never really needed them? I can't imagine them being that useful to you, it certainly showed on Showdown when Azumi was in position to be put down by Aria, and I'm sure if Stephanie had really wanted to she could've laid Azumi out just as easily as she did you, Haruna, Tarah and Aria then dragged Aria's unconscious body over Azumi's for the three count. Even with the three of you, you just barely survived that match and it took someone else taking an unexpected turn on their teammates for you to be able to say that managed a win over the two women that your little troupe saw as oppressors to your success. But April and I, it's the two of us that'll prove to be a roadblock in your path that you just couldn't figure out a way to overcome because this won't be a match where you two are just gonna be allowed to win, neither of us is gonna stand idly by and let you two tack on a loss to our records when we know good and goddamn well that we're fully equipped to take on the task of defeating you - and we most certainly will. I get that I don't have the accomplishments to my name like some of you do, I get that I haven't had the experience of being in those coveted positions of having been champion, but what I do have is unwavering determination and a desire to rise through the ranks of Empire to get to the top. What I do have is the ability to be a threat here in this match just as much as April does, and if the two of you want to go ahead and underestimate myself and April when we stand a damn good chance at winning, then be my guest. It's just gonna make our win over the so-called "best of Empire" only that much more meaningful."
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Post on December 20th 2017, 2:31 am by Nathan Fiora

Kevin, this is the week where you meet your reality.

I’ve been waiting to see how you were going to slither your way back into an EAW ring.  Unsurprisingly, you used your friend Mr. DEDEDE to get what you want.  You couldn’t stay out of the ring even after I sent you a message telling you to stay away.  By “forcing” DEDEDE to allow you in this match, you’ve proven every point I’ve brought up about you.  Kevin Devastation, you are a spotlight junkie who gets his way by talking to his friends with power.  Don’t pretend to act like some innocent man who’s trying to defend his “legacy”.  Your legacy has already been cemented, but you couldn’t stop and leave EAW forever.  You couldn’t let the new generation thrive and shine because you needed another fame and money fix.  When I saw you with DEDEDE, you two had an agenda.  You couldn’t get cleared because of your condition, so you decide to be corrupted and ask DEDEDE for a favor.  Guys like me can’t ask management for handouts because I have to earn my opportunities.  I also have to be healthy to get into this ring and trust me, that isn’t the easiest process to go through.  I was sent home again and again.  They were wary of my career-ending injury from Terry Chambers, but that didn't stop me.  My motivation allowed me to pull through and recover from this setback.  My point is that I EARNED my way back into this ring while you were simply GIVEN this opportunity.  Your legend status allows you to be as corrupt as these EAW politicians, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  You love abusing your power and legacy, Kevin.  You use your longevity to get instantly cleared and choose our match stipulation.  Funny enough, you pick your best kind of match.  If that doesn’t blink any red lights, then I don’t know what will.  You’ve made the match all about YOU and YOUR legacy, not about the real purpose here.  

This match will be my love letter to every EAW suit watching, showing them what I will do to their quick cash grabs.  Instead of caring about this talented generation, retirement home-bound Kevin Devastation is brought back.  This man has nothing on a young and upcoming talent like me.  His best days are behind him and this makes me wonder what he really has to prove.  Why care if a young talent makes him leave like he’s supposed to?  He’s kissed his own ass to think that he can keep up with me, but he can’t.  I was able to injure him with a few shots to the head, so what will happen when he steps into the ring with me?  What will happen when I destroy him with everything I can find around this cage?  He will not leave this ring in one piece.  He will need several surgeries to simply get him back in a wheelchair.  Kevin Devastation has signed up for an annihilation in levels that no one would imagine.  Every time I see his face, I want to stomp on his head until his brain is nothing more than mush.  Some may think that my words have no legitimacy but look how I’ve ripped KD limb from limb over the last month.  After our match ends, his blood will be splattered across my being and my soul won’t contain an ounce of regret.  This company has pushed me to this point and my wrath will not be stopped.  This cage separates KD and me from this world; he won’t able to run away anymore.  I may have the odds stacked against me, but people forget that I’ve been a Hardcore Champion before.  They forget that I will do anything and everything to prove a point.  No more of the doubts.  The Nathan Fiora name will not be taken for granted after I take out this attention whore off the world’s television sets. 

This is when your legend doesn’t help you, Kevin.  This will not be a traditional wrestling match; this will be a war.  I will give you the Nathan Fiora you’ve been looking for.  The passion I’ve been holding back is coming out with fury.  These flames will not be extinguished by the darkness of greed and evil.  My best will defeat you in your injury-ridden body.  My words hold true and you know it.  Everything I’ve said about you has come true and I will stand by my beliefs.  I won’t back down when I meet you face to face.  You don’t scare me and I won’t stand for the lies that you are spreading.  I will not fall until my heart stops pumping blood into my veins and these doctors can’t resuscitate me.  I don’t need Eminem lyrics to bring authority to my words; I will just go out there and kill you.  This will be like the story of Old Yeller; I will be the one who will put you down for good.  There will be no seconds tries; DEDEDE can handle your funeral since he was the one who allowed this happen.  Your seven seconds of fame will end and I will move onto more important matters.  Sadly, you only care about that and leaving a mark in my life.  I will not give you that luxury because you don’t deserve it.  All you’ve shown me is how hungry you are for people to remember your name and praise you.  You only talk about YOU and what YOU have to prove.  This company ISN’T about YOU anymore.  My career will continue while yours finally comes to an end.  

After our match, I will look in the mirror and see the image of a winner.  Your family will witness the murder of their father; their husband.  Your wife will be a widow and your kids will be bastards because of YOUR actions.  You forget that this match could’ve been avoided if you weren’t so full of yourself and admitted to your sins.  A real reaper is right next to you right now, ticking and tocking down to our match this Sunday.  

Welcome to your end, Kevin. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 20th 2017, 12:01 am by Daisy Thrash
The camera opens on intrepid EAW reporter Camille Ava approaching a familiar-looking RV.

Camille: *knocks on door*

Daisy (from inside): Ugh, wha? Who ‘s it?

Camille: Ms. Thrash?

Daisy: Comin’, comin’. Dun get your panties in’a twist.

Daisy eventually emerges from the RV. She is wearing sweatpants and a matching hoodie. The hood is down, showing off her major bedhead. She is rubbing at her eyes.

Daisy: Oh my god, you better have a good reason for waking me up. Don’t you know what time it is?

Camille: Um...it’s one in the afternoon.

Daisy: Duh, I knew that. Was just checking to see if you did. Anywho, what can I do for ya this fine afternoon?

Camille: I’m here for your interview. You know, the one we set up a few days ago?

Daisy: Shit, that was today? Musta forgot to put it in my calendar or somethin’. Well, come on in, I guess. You’ll just need to excuse the mess. Wasn’t expectin’ company.

As the pair enter the RV, the camera focuses on the pile of various wrappers, papers, and other junk between the driver and passenger seats. The pile is so high that there isn’t any floor visible beneath it.

Daisy: Go ahead, make yourself at home. Whoops, wait a minute.

She quickly clears a garbage pile off her couch. She then ties her hair back and puts her hood up. Both women are now seated on the couch.

Daisy: There we go. Shoot. What kinda questions have you got for me?

Camille: First off, about your match with Astraea…

Daisy: Seriously? Are people still going on about that? Yeah, I lost. And I know exactly why that happened. It’s because DEDEDE was desperate to not have his pet project get forgotten about. Not to mention it seems as though I’ve hit a nerve when it comes to our chairman. I wouldn’t be surprised if little miss Jordan got a little extra coaching before our match. Oh well, it doesn’t matter in the long run. She can push all the merch she wants, but we all know she’ll never reach the top of the mountain. If it was that hard for her to take me down, she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Aria.

Camille: Speaking of Mr. DEDEDE, you must know by now that he will be coming to Empire this week to appoint a new general manager. Do you plan to confront him at all?

Daisy: You know, I’d love to. But, if this guy has even the slightest bit of intelligence, he’s gonna surround himself with an impenetrable wall of security. Plus, there’s no way he has the balls to actually step up to me. So it looks like I just have to settle for snatching some time in the ring to get a few things off my chest.

Camille: Any way we can get a preview of what you’ll have to say?

Daisy: Well, Cammy, anyone who’s been listening to me should have an idea. But since so many people have been plugging their ears and going “ la la la not listening” I guess I’ll need to go over it one more time. In EAW, it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve got. It doesn’t matter how good at wrestling you are. All the higher-ups care about is how much money you can make them. They cut people into ribbons and re-make them into their own horrible Frankenstein monsters in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. If you’re messing with their bottom line, even just the smallest bit, they have no problem making an example out of you. You can kiss your credibility goodbye. It’s even worse if you’ve got anything “controversial” about you. Like, say, being an feminist. God forbid we make the male audience feel even the tiniest bit uncomfortable, right? The Board is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They’ll happily trot out someone like Tarah Nova to be all “girl power yay!” but turn an unapologetic feminist into a one-dimensional stereotype. A joke. And then, just to put the cherry on top of the shit sundae, they brainwash their employees to reflexively lash out at anyone who can see what’s really going on and dares to speak out against their crap. I mean, people can see someone like Daenerys Targaryen fighting against slavery and tyranny and cheer her on. But when I do it, I’m pushing a “false narrative” and “making excuses.” It’s too bad, because in this situation I’m not just Daenerys, I’m the dragons too. And I’ve got no qualms against burning this whole motherfucker down.

Camille: ...Alright. With all your talk about wanting a change in leadership, I’m curious about your thoughts on the actions of the Axis. Do you support them?

Daisy: Ok, first of all, I’m not looking for a change in leadership. I’m looking to up-turn this entire messed-up system. I’ll admit I was impressed of what Sheridan pulled on Tarah. But with Sher in charge, we’re just replacing one dictator with another. C’mon, do they really think they’re being slick with the obvious Nazi imagery? Their flag’s got red and black not to mention the eagle sitting in the middle. I may be an extremely fucked-up individual, but I will never EVER associate myself with anything Nazi-related. And I sure won’t cozy up to someone who calls their finisher “The Holocaust.” That’s disgusting.

Camille: Ok, I’ve got one more question for you. How are you feeling about facing Revy this week?

Daisy: Ugh, I guess I have to talk about her, don’t I? Christ, I don’t care about Revy. Revy doesn’t even care about Revy. She spends all her time getting herself and her new buddy Savannah drunk off their asses. She barely puts up a fight anymore. I mean, last week she was the load while Savannah did most of the work. She still hasn’t said anything on her own behalf. She loses and loses and doesn’t give a shit about it. At least I actually want to get on a winning streak and claw my way to the top. And yet, the higher-ups still prefer her to me. They’ll back a talentless drunken maniac with no passion over someone who’s got all the talent and drive to inevitably rise to the top. Unfortunately Cammy, it seems like you’re the only one around here with your head screwed on straight enough to see that I’m destined for greatness. It’s almost tragic to realize just how much Revy has fallen. Here was a woman that was once fighting for the Women’s Championship. Now she can’t even get a win over Haruna and Azumi. It reminds me of something that happened when I was out at the Pier yesterday. There was some lady giving tarot readings. She had something that was one card for one dollar. So I think “sure, why not?” and guess what card I get? The Wheel of Fortune. Lady said the card had to do with accepting that life cycles between good times and bad times. However, she also talked about not being passive; about how you shouldn’t just wait around for things to be handed to you. Instead, you need to take an active role in your own life and fight for your place at the upside of the wheel. Damned if she wasn’t right on the money. Revy might be perfectly content to stay at the bottom, but it seems like the lovely Board wants me give up my spot and help her get on the upswing. Too bad, I’m not Santa Claus. I’m not running a charity here. The only person I want to make famous is me. I turn my enemies into distant memories. Scarlet who? Yasmin who? Even Andy Valentine is falling to the bottom of the EAW well thanks to me. So on Thursday, I’m getting the waste of space that is Revy out of my way. No one, no gawds, no masters, are stopping my ascension to the peak of EAW.

Camille: Well, that was certainly...enlightening. Thank you for your time, Daisy.

Daisy: Oh yeah, no problem. Now, I love ya, but you need to get the fuck out of my house. I got cleaning to do.

Cut to black.
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Post on December 19th 2017, 9:32 pm by Tomi Venus
A Moment For Perspective
Dynasty: One

[The scene shows a dark dining room with a single overhead light. The background is covered in darkness. The light illuminates Tomi Venus leaning back in his chair. He’s wearing a white dress shirt at a dining table with a half filled scotch glass in front of him. Tomi Venus is softly but audibly laughing deeply from his diaphragm.]

I never was good with battle royals. I’m not surprised by my failure and I congratulate Stark on his victory.

[Tomi Venus takes a small sip from the glass and places it back down on the table with a clunk. His smile turns to an expression of annoyance.]

What’s inexcusable is that someone like Ahren Fournier eliminated me. I bet he went home and jerked himself off in the mirror thinking about it. Disgusting to think about, isn’t it? His spray tanned baby oil covered self slipped away from me before I could break him… Shameful. But that’s not something we’re going to dwell on.

There are a number of things we’re not going to do. We’re not going to sit here and explain why the sky is blue to opponents who have trouble processing basic information. We’re not going to explain to men who make their money beating the living hell out of each other why their philosophical essays are more like the ramblings of a mad man who happened to have a thesaurus on hand. I’m not here to convince to these clout addicted pests why their accolades and belts are meaningless and pathetic excuses for accomplishments!

I was Elite Champion and that belt died when I did. The difference is I came back. The difference is I am a man and unlike a piece of leather and precious metals I am actually capable of standing for something! I am capable of being more than whoever wants to slap their name on me! I am more than Dynasty! I am more than Showdown! I am more than EAW! I walked out of this company and made something out of myself while the rest of you would be gasping for air without it! That’s why you obsess yourselves with relevancy. You walk through the locker room and you see people who fear irrelevance as Jacob Moore has accused me of.

[Tomi stands up and paces to the adjacent side of the table so he’s directly in front of the camera.]

Jacob Moore who has become one of the least relevant members of the EAW roster wants to accuse me of fearing obscurity because I came back to this stage after he thinks I had everything I needed in life and retired. I didn’t have everything I need or retire when I left EAW. I actually hopped over to another fed and won championships over there before I retired. Even then I didn’t have everything I need. Maybe I have royalty checks being written in my name every month from all different sources. I might have enough willing women at my disposal to do as I please with for every hour of every day of the week but I don’t have what I need sitting here in my beautiful home all day… I have a singular purpose that is clear to me in this moment. I don’t care who you are Moore. I don’t care if you believe you can beat me just like I don’t care about the status of Jacob Senn. I didn’t come for Senn because of that prisoner mentality of take down the biggest dog to establish dominance.

[Tomi slams his fists down on the table and looks up directly into the camera

I came for Jacob Senn because I had a score to settle with him! I’m not here to win matches I’m here to disrupt the balance at every opportunity to get what I want! I’ll stop to smell the blood the air on the way but I have bigger things to do here than break bones! I don’t want the money or flashing lights and you say that I don’t belong here because of that and you’re right! I don’t belong here the same way cancer doesn’t belong in the body of the host! I don’t belong here because I’m a long term detriment to the survival of everything that EAW is built on! You people obsess yourselves with the credibility of awards and trophies! You rely on this place to give it to you and that’s why I’m here to make sure EAW dies!

Clearly the two of us are unable to coexist! It’s not enough to inflict damage on these parasites physically! You can be crippled and still have this place pay respect to you and call you a hero, I want to end that satisfaction. When I’m done with this place there will be no honor, there will be no glory, I will make sure the people of the world see EAW as the black pit of greed and narcissism that it is! That's all I care about! Wins and losses come and go! Championships will die! The light of prestige that rains down on the greats of this industry will turn to a shadow of shame and that is the day that I care about!

You think I give a damn about how tough you are? You think I care one bit what you do to me!?

[Tomi Venus grabs the scotch glass and shatters it against his forehead]


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EAW Promoz!

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