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 EAW Promoz!

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Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:56 pm by Aria Jaxon

I know how much these last few years have changed me. Could be for better or for worse, depending on who you ask. Even for me, when I sit back and think about it, I can say the jury’s still out. But what I know for certain is that the girl I was when I first showed up in this company, she wouldn’t have survived. She wasn’t nearly as ready for the rigors of EAW life as she thought she was. That bouncy, bright-eyed girl who showed up on that episode of Voltage back in July 2015 was running on some dynamite cocktail of excitement and determination, and that wasn’t nearly enough. The sad truth is that the sweet ones usually don’t leave this shit the way they went in. Every person who comes at me sideways for talking a certain way, saying certain shit, or carrying a certain way...chances are, you or people like you are why I realized I had to change. I spent my first year in this company being told by everyone from Hexa-Gun members to Cameron to Madison that I was too nice and I’d be a flop ass flash in the pan if they had anything to say about it. There are too many uncertainties in EAW life as it is, and being afraid to speak up, stand up for yourself, and take what you want only compounds them. Being told that I was too young or too small or too confident for my own good is why I had to thicken my exterior. I became who I had to become to get to where I wanted to be, Astraea. And you could say the same. Your change in personality seems to be an integral part of why we’re facing off in the first place. If you hadn’t bucked up and gotten revenge on Madison, DEDEDE wouldn’t have come calling, and hell, you might not be on the King of Elite card at all. You weren’t anybody until you started knocking heads, and nothing about my future in this company was set in stone until I started kicking detractors in the mouth and charting my path to the top. Big difference is, you didn’t expect to get this far. I did. I always did. In the beginning, I was just wrong about what exactly I’d have to endure to get here. But I like to think I learned pretty quickly that I had this shit all wrong and I’d have to screw my head on straight and stop talking about how I was happy to be here if I wanted to be the woman to beat. And so I am. That’s the only thing I planned for. All the add-ons, all the promotional material and TV commercials that you can’t stand to see my face on, those just came as time went on. Rest assured, this is still where I’d be even if you still always had two functioning legs. You seem to be under the impression that if your rise came any sooner, mine never would’ve happened. I’ll say it over and over again until you understand it clear enough -- everything that I am now, it’s ALWAYS been guaranteed, because I’ve never been ready to accept anything less. You can talk about how different things are over on that alternate timeline you’re living on -- the same one where you think I’m about to leave Marseilles without my title -- but here, in the land of the living? 196 days have passed with me at the helm of Empire, and that’ll turn into 197 and so on and so forth no matter how much it makes your stomach churn to think about it. I don’t know what else to tell you, and I don’t know how else you expected me to act this week. Save for that notable emotions-driven performance at Bloodletter, I have tunnel vision when my championship is on the line, and I’m not mincing words just because you think it makes me fake or a bad role model or whatever. Wouldn’t be the first time someone came for my neck and then asked some variation of, “Why do y’all root for her when she says shit like this?” People get what they deserve from me. You wanna assume that my upbringing makes me soft, talk shit about my fiancee, and rip off every single one of Veena Adams’ big forehead and weave jokes, you can be damn sure I’ll take note of the tone you’re tryna set and fire shit just like it back at you. Remember, you were quick to state that you were the one who spoke first. You set the tone for this week, and if you wanted to be rude as hell, hey, so can I! So yeah, I’m for damn sure gonna mention that I don’t care about whatever you say you’ve overcome. If my accolades don’t mean shit when the bell rings, neither does any part of your straight from an episode of The Wire ass backstory. I don’t care if half your motivation behind wanting to take WHAT BELONGS TO ME is getting your whole goddamn family outta section 8 housing. At the end of the day, I’m here for myself. Anybody who’s been along for the ride and supported me, I appreciate it greatly, but when it comes down to it -- I’m the one who’s responsible for my success, I’m the one that has to shoulder the burden of my failures, and I’m the one taking those risks night in and night out. It’s funny that I’m supposedly the one putting up a charade for the masses and you’re the one losing sight of the fact that you ultimately gotta do this shit for yourself and no one else. And it’s the change that’s occurred in me, that supposed arrogance that you hate so much, that leads me to say shit like this. Getting emotional could’ve cost me EVERYTHING at different points last month, so I’m as finished with that as I can be for now. But that’s where the changes end. The change you wanna bring about, it’s not happening. You would’ve been happy with just seeing Cloud dethrone me, because at least at that point, your appetite for upheaval would’ve been satiated. But you’re about to find out the hard way, just like she did, that yanking the foundation out from underneath a virtual institution is easier said than done. You can go on and do whatever you want from here on out. I’m sure you’ve got a bright future in this company. Go tangle with Consuela again, go put on five-star matches, notch those endorsements, whatever. Circle back around to me at some other point, even. But God willing, I’ll still be in this spot, and that outcome would be just like this one. Astraea the physical specimen can bench press me over her head, use me as fucking javelin, or whatever the hell she wants, since you wanna tout your strength so much. My resolve is near legendary. Ask Cloud. Coming through in the clutch is what I do best. She burned the candle on both ends, went through all her reserve tanks, and found out I still had enough left to finish the job even when she was spent. Dish out all the punishment you want when that bell rings, your “punishment” will be waking up the next morning in a world where I’m STILL the Women’s World Champion. Knowing you couldn’t topple me will sting more than anything you’ve felt in a long time. Everywhere you go, you’ll still see the posters, billboards, and merch that irk you to no end, and maybe then it’ll dawn on you -- it’s not meant to be. At least, not right now. This throne is stationary, and proving me wrong will be harder than you ever could’ve imagined. Stand on your tip toes and try to rip down the flag of mine that’s flying high overhead, but it’s all in vain. This reign keeps going, despite the fight you’ll put up. Day after day after day is gonna continue to pass with this belt slung over my shoulder. How’s that for predictability?

Yeah, the flashy persona sells. The brightly dyed hair and even brighter colored gear, at the end of the day, it’s all surface-level bullshit. And like you, underneath all that, I’m just a wrestler. There’s a whooooole lotta flash, but there’s a fuckton of substance underneath it. You ask why people feel the need to sing my praises the way they do, and I don’t know. I never will. But you feel the need to beg the question of the masses anyway, as if it matters. Apparently it hurts your feelings that you’re not getting the fanfare you think you deserve? I dunno. What you fail to understand is that none of the endorsements mean anything if they’re coming from anybody else. I’m not like you. I don’t wait for a stamp of approval from anybody, whether it’s a Hall of Famer or a fan who spent their hard-earned money on a ticket. If “Aria’s gonna retain!” comes from anybody else in the world, you should be brushing it off. You shouldn’t be asking the most pathetic question in the world -- “Why not me?” If I’m the one telling you that I refuse to lose and that my reign is living to see another day, it’s not a prediction anymore. It’s not empty bullshit. It’s a declaration of what the future holds. It’s all but gospel. And that’s what you’re battling back against, pitting a recent come-up and all the frustration in the world against shit that’s set in stone. Not giving a fuck about any version of events that contradict that is what made me. You can feel complete confidence and still lose, I’ve been there before. But once you feel that, you gotta resolve to learn from whatever mistakes tripped you up and make sure it doesn’t happen again. You’ll know the feeling after this weekend, though. Just because I don’t agree with your vantage point on the way this match will end, you say I’m writing you off entirely. Contrary to what you think, I’m not looking past you. I’m looking right at you. I’m just not blinded by the glare that you and DEDEDE think you’re casting off. Just because I respect him and I’ve looked up to him for years doesn’t mean I gotta agree with his whole sales pitch concerning you. Not a second has passed since this match was made that I haven’t wholeheartedly believed that I could beat you, and if I haven’t backed down from it yet, you can bet I’m not letting up in the eleventh hour. Life’s ripped so much away from you before, and the unfortunate truth is that this is just another tragedy to add to the list. And it’s not personal, either. When someone steps to me and says they want what I have, there’s a choice I have to make. It’s me or them. Their interests or mine. And I’m ALWAYS choosing myself. I’ll never apologize for that. And you don’t necessarily have to apologize for taking the bull by the horns and latching onto this gift-wrapped chance at glory with all the fervor in the world, because I wouldn’t expect you to. No, you having the desire to end my reign isn’t wrong in and of itself, but you’ll still have been wrong about all of this when that final bell rings. I’m gonna refute everything else you say, because despite you constantly maintaining that you’re the truly different one among every woman who’s tried to end my reign, nothing you’re doing is really THAT remarkable. We beat a lot of the same women. Okay? There’s Consuela and Azumi, most notably, but you also failed to put away some of the same women I did. “Cailin had to superkick me twice to keep me down!” Cailin spent her whole career tryna pin me and couldn’t. Alexis never got the drop on me, but she dropped you on your head and knocked you outta KOE. Two of the women you couldn’t outlast at Manifest Destiny? I beat them too, including the woman who dashed your RTR hopes that night. The mode you’re in now is the best you’ve ever been, fine, but I’ve made an entire reign outta surpassing other women’s versions of 100%. It’s easy for you to call them all tomato cans when you haven’t really gotten acquainted with what I can do. Every woman I face throws everything into defeating me, and I’m always tapping down into my reserves to find a way to finish that match. You’re powerful, but ask any of the grown men I’ve beaten how much their size and strength advantage helped them when my hand was raised. I’ve faced off with people who have experienced loss and devastation, just like you. People who left their native countries behind to chase this dream, people who bounced back from prison terms, all of that. And just like you, they thought it molded them into something this “pampered” Cali girl couldn’t contend with, but here I stand. Still, you insist you got me all figured out -- a phony prima donna of a corporate pawn who’s dangerously close to being knocked flat on her ass. You can keep dreaming on all fronts, though.

I’m The Queen, and I rose to these heights with a brand of self-assuredness and grit unlike any that most people around here have seen. This time last year, I was tryna win this very title and I was seconds away from choking out the defending champion before Cloud ran out and crashed the party. I’m looking for a much more decisive finish this time around. No smokescreens, no what ifs, no questions left hanging in the air, none of that. This ends with me holding my championship high overhead for the fifth fucking time. The aforementioned match was only about a month after the championship was introduced, and if you fast-forward to present day, my reign’s occupied an overwhelming chunk of this belt’s young history. And contrary to what you’re saying, I didn’t just fall ass-first into it because of seniority. I’ve NEVER been handed anything around here because of tenure, are you crazy? My first ever title shot came by virtue of winning Empress of Elite. Was that seniority, or just the terms dangled in front of the winner’s face from the beginning? I got to main event Triple Threat after beating Cameron in a number one contender’s match. I walked into last year’s Empire Chamber after beating Cailin to qualify. I met her again at last year’s King of Elite after beating Sheridan at The Awards Show. I didn’t get my shot at the Hardcore Championship until after I cashed in the Young Lions Cup. But yeah, it’s all about tenure! I haven’t EARNED my shots! You’re right, when I showed up, the division was a lot emptier, but I didn’t even get a crack at the Vixens title until after it had filled up and there was much more competition. But I wouldn’t expect you to know because you only showed up in time to see the finished product. You didn’t pop up until we had our own show and two titles to fight for. I love revisionist history, though. Now that I think about it, that could also factor into why you think I’m not ready for you. But I can promise you, I didn’t come up in a sparsely-populated division and fluke my way to this point. I helped to spearhead a revolution. The title I hold so proudly was born from a hell of a chemical reaction, a necessity for a growing division and given its name to show the entire world that we are and always will be on par with the men. I defend it the way I do because I feel this overwhelming sense of obligation to do so. I’m not any of the other past or current champions you mentioned. TJ lost to HBG because he’s a sexist piece of shit who thinks the ceiling for women in this company should be the midcard title scene. Pizza Boy never thought Nico couldn’t get anywhere near him, he just didn’t have his head on a swivel when homeboy came through with his briefcase. Prince of Phenomenal got comfortable after beating Stark in pretty quick fashion for the National Elite title and was too blind to see that he was walking into a triple threat match where the odds weren’t in his favor. Looking at any of the winners in any of those situations and tryna impart their fates onto yours won’t do shit but leave you disappointed in the end. You’re not talking about some sort of trend that I’m supposedly gonna fall victim to. But if there was, then I’d just have to be the exception to the rule, now wouldn’t I? You openly admitted you ain’t got shit to lose, and I can’t relate. I have SO MUCH riding on this, and I’m not letting you take a goddamn thing from me. Those other previous champs you mentioned, they gambled it all and lost. I’m doubling down because I believe in my ability to win and overcome. Gawd punched this ticket for you. My only responsibility is to incinerate it right before your eyes and send you home empty-handed. And you better believe I can.

“Astraea better,” but I’m not shook.

“Astraea better,” but for all of her talent and potential, she’s not the anomaly she thinks she is.

“Astraea better,” but her time hasn’t quite come yet. I have no immediate plans of going any-fucking-where.

“I didn’t come this far to fail!” Actually...yeah you did. That’s exactly what’s about to happen. Sorry. You can keep splitting your time between training and scrolling through all those pro-Aria twitter posts to the point that it gets you in your bitter ass feelings, I don’t care. I have a teensy bit of personal experience with you, two tag matches where I barely got acquainted with how you do business, and it’s my job to take that, adapt, and engineer that into a victory. That’s why I talk the way I do, because I KNOW I can do that. As much as you say I’m not ready for you, I AM. The raw power, the agility, bring it all and focus it all on me this time around. Being your sole focus doesn’t scare me. Being the thing you wanna center all that intensity on is just the cost of doing business, and I intend on digging down deep to weather that storm. This rollercoaster ride of a title reign has helped make me into the threat I am, and you’re about to find out why some of our contemporaries keep throwing everything at me and coming up short. I’ve been molded into a champion, Astraea. Somebody you’re not about to beat. And I can’t think of a more appropriate place than King of Elite than for this royal to rise up again.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:47 pm by Davidson
(We start this promo off once again at the Stade Velodrome. A brief time-lapse goes by of David running up the stairs to get some cardio in for the day. David takes a seat up in the nosebleeds and looks at the ring and stage..just visualizing what will transpire at King of Elite. Mainly thinking about their entrance and the beatdown that awaits for Di Consentes. A small grin appears, only for a second. It is replaced by his normal look of disgust.) 

This one’s on me. 

(David reaches down to grab his water bottle and takes a sip to clear his throat before continuing. This time he looks right into the camera.)

It’s my fault. I gave you far too much credit heading into this week. But I’d argue I’m not the first one to do this. I think getting blinded by your reputation over the years is the norm. And because of your reputation, the majority of your opponents hold you to a different standard, whether you like it or not. It all begins with comparisons and contrasts. They’ll compare their accolades to yours, whether it be the titles you’ve won, the awards you’ve “earned”, or your spots in the hall of fame..and when they are done doing that, it becomes clear to them that they’ll have their hands full when the time comes to face you in that ring..almost second-guessing themselves. Not me. Not for one second have I felt overwhelmed by the thought of The Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava staring back at me from the opposing post tomorrow evening. However, I will admit that I did think your “legend status” meant something. I thought because you two are established stars, seasoned vets, hall of famers..that I would be challenged this week, at least from a verbal standpoint. Haaaa! Silly me! I was foolish enough to think you would bring a new perspective to the table. Something that would cause me to take a step back and think to myself, “Hmm, I never thought of it like that. You’re right.” Nope. If anything this has been a let down.. just one big waste of time. And man does it leave a sour taste in my mouth from just thinking about it. I’m sure you’ll say likewise, that we have wasted your time as well, with our “ramblings” and that’s fine. We insult you, so you feel like you have to return the favor, it’s the mature thing to do after all. But by now you should have reached the conclusion that our thoughts on this match, these titles, our teams..couldn’t be any farther apart. No overlap whatsoever. Not a single inch of progress has been made, sad. If you look into my eyes, you can tell I’m ready for this to be over. I’m sure we can all agree on that. This “feud” has dragged on long enough. A “feud” that lasted only a week really, yet it was seven days too many. Ring the bell and I’ll end this as quick and painless as possible. You’re welcome. Not only to you two, but to the fans that never wanted to see you two contend for these titles in the first place…which has to be the vast majority. Just hang in their ladies and gentlemen. That’s all I ask. This nightmare will soon be over. 

(All of a sudden footsteps are heard.  The camera pans over towards a man dressed in an average black suit. He stops by David. David unzips the bag the man is holding. He reaches into the bag and pulls out his Unified Tag Team Championship. He lays it in his lap.)

Cameron Ella Ava.. I’m surprised to hear from you today after the verbal beatdown you received from The High Rollerz not too long ago. My words were meant to send you away, but here you are, boomeranging your way back into my life. One last time. Now, I heard what you said to Jack. Basically playing the victim’s card and asking why it seems like we are ganging up on you and sparing HBG from it all. I went out of my way to explain why I’m leaving her alone. Went into great detail. Even made it into a joke with my waggish humor, by talking about her being eliminated from Survivor: High Rollerz island. I mean, all she would say is she’s sick of our loquacious remarks. Thinking all we do is babble about complete and utter nonsense…which she is technically right about since we are talking about Di Consentes most of the time. But yeah, I eliminated her from these talks. She might as well not exist. Call that childish if you want, I’m just doing her a favor. Now, I see she talked just a few hours ago, right before you went on and I was going to give her a second chance. A chance to get in my good graces again if you will, so I asked Jack about what she discussed and his reply was, “She’s still saying the same things over and over again. She hasn’t changed a single thing.” So I guess I’m not missing out on much. The same could be said about you, Cameron..but I prefer you over her, which isn’t saying much, but nevertheless, you have my full undivided attention. Yep, I’m returning the courtesy. Good guy David. But this is all weird…a weird feeling that I’ve been experiencing all week long. An internal conflict, if you will. Should I respect you? I know Jack doesn’t. He made that crystal clear. But I’m the “nice one”, at least for this week. Any other opponent? They wouldn’t be so lucky. I guess it goes back to what my mother would preach to me. She always told me to respect your elders, as well as respect women. A message that has been instilled in me ever since. And seeing as how you’re both a woman and older, Cameron, I feel like by default, I should in fact respect you. I should in fact appreciate what you’ve not only done for EAW, but this business as a whole. But then there’s the other side to this all. The devil on my shoulder. Telling me to treat you like any other opponent. Reminding me that your own boyfriend or husband, sorry I still don’t know the status of your relationship, but regardless, the inner voice in my head reminds me that the love of your live didn’t even hesitate when beating the shit out of you. So I see no problem with it. Plus the ink from our signatures on the match contract dried long ago, so there’s no going back. But I’ll tell you what, if I’m feeling nice, I’ll let you have the first shot. A kick, punch, slap…whatever your little heart desires. That shit will get me going and eventually, yes, you’ll get hit by the knee in return. It will knock you out cold. The High Rollerz will retain and then and only then, you will get on your knee and don’t worry Cam, this isn’t going where you think it’s going because well, I have standards. But you will get on your knee and you will genuflect to The High Rollerz, the greatest tag team in EAW history..easy, no contest. That right there is an image that will come to life. Unlike your silly visions. What did you say? You visualize winning both of your matches and walking out of King of Elite with both titles…god, I hope not because I for one am sick of the Ava sisters constantly wearing championships around their waists here in EAW. But sure, you can visualize all of that and then some. Do you know what I visualize? I visualize becoming president of the United States. I visualize marrying Gal Gadot. I visualize becoming a ten time super bowl winning quarterback for a sorry ass franchise like the Cleveland Browns. These, just like your vision of holding the Unified Tag Team Championship will never come to fruition. The most you will get out of this is a “You Tried” Trophy, along with one of those cat motivation posters telling you to hang in there! Keep your chin up, Cam! You can always win the Openweight championship. Which reminds me, you once again asked why I would recommend for you to focus on that match and that match only at this point? And once again I respond with, it’s actually obtainable. I actually expect you to beat Stark and what’s her face for that championship. That’s weaksauce competition, anyways. It’s expected of you, a hall of famer, who has her fair share of singles success to win that. Shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

But winning the tag titles from The High Rollerz? How do I say this nicely? Not going to fucking happen. Yeah, good enough. But David, why do you feel that way? Di Consentes are undefeated as a team! I would sure hope so with such a small sample size. Win a few tag matches and all of a sudden you think you’re legit? That you’re the shit? Nah, takes more than that and I could list off all the things it takes, all the essentials, all of the qualifications, but why waste my breath? It’s not like you’re actually dedicated to being a tag team for the long haul. You’re just in it to stat pad, something your partner had no trouble in admitting. No Cameron, this is what’s going to happen. You’re going to lose to us, you’re going to go back to Voltage, HBG to Showdown, you’ll celebrate your singles titles and Di Consentes, just like The Triumvirate, will die a quick death. You won’t even come close to taking these titles from our firm grip. Now, do me a favor and just take a moment, Cam. Breathe in this fresh air. Admire the beauty of this city, this stadium. Look at this view, Cam. All the way up in the nosebleeds. The ring looks so small from up here. Just a tiny square. Yet, come King of Elite, even from up here, the fans will see your face turn to a deep purple, just screaming in agony. They’ll even hear that first bone break. They’ll even taste the salt from the Di Consentes’ fans below them, after you fail to keep your word and lose to us..and yet, they’ll have your back, just like the delusional “LoGang.” Make sense, since both fanbases are around the same age. But seeing as how they are loyal to a fault, they will try to make a case as to why you lost. It can’t be because we are better than you, oh no! Throw rational thinking out the fucking window! They’ll make some random ass excuse. Like it was a little too chilly. There was this bright sign in the front row that distracted you. You were feeling a little under the weather. Blah blah blah. It’s simple. You were outmatched, outwrestled, outclassed. Since the very beginning, you never truly stood a chance and at King of Elite, you won’t be standing at all. 

I like this stadium, Cam, don’t you? Just look above! You can see the beautiful evening sky.. which means come tomorrow night, you get to literally see stars after we knock you the fuck out!

Thanks for participating, ladies. 

(David gets out of his seat and walks down the stairs. The camera fades to black.)

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:36 pm by Carlos Rosso
Do you believe in miracles? I do not, honestly. For the past year, I did not train to simply come back and take part of proceedings. I have come back to EAW with the sole intent of taking over Voltage and then the rest of the company. And by take over I don’t mean simple politicking my way to the top, I mean by using the Zaibatsu as a vehicle by which to make the world my playground. I have reaped what I have sewn? Really. I think I’ve reaped pretty well, haven’t you? I have the possession of one of the most coveted prizes in all of professional wrestling. I have the EAW Interwire Championship. I have your mind. You know, the funny thing about all of this is that you neglect to mention a minor detail in all of this: I have beaten you soundly once before, without any help from anyone. I pinned your shoulders to the mat, 1-2-3. Of course, most people remember the shocking way that our most recent encounter ended, but I thought you of all people would be able to recall such a thing.

Have I been silent? Of course. Why? Because there is nothing really interesting to say to a lunatic who thinks it is his destiny to get revenge. That’s all you think about isn’t it? Revenge, stupid boat trips with your stupid sister and dreaming of taking my Interwire Championship. Let me tell you something, kid, you can keep dreaming. You are outmatched, Moongoose, and you know it. You know that you are not on my level and you have never been. No matter where you have been, you have done nothing but underachieved, undersold, underdelivered. People talk about my lack of a world championship, but what have you done other than win the New Breed Championship only to lose it in spectacular fashion? Even when I have tried to keep this from getting personal, you have decided to make it very, very personal. And that is why you are going to lose. You can pretend to lose your mind, you can put on all the little skits you want but one thing is certain in my mind: You can’t beat me. Period.

You want to bring Mao into this, and I laugh at that because she thinks this is honestly just a warm up for future things to come. We have an agenda to accomplish and the first step of it is absolutely obliterating you from the face of this world. Not because you’re a threat, not because you attacked me from behind to end 2017, it’s because you don’t deserve to be where you think that you should be. The Unbreakable Arm’s strength will be on full display when I CRUSH you with a Southern Lariat. I don’t need her to beat you. I didn’t need her on Voltage, I didn’t need her to beat you at Shock Value. I don’t need her to beat you at King of Elite.

You have been asking me a lot of questions, now I have some for you. What happens when you fail again, as you are destined to always do? Are you going to continue to test me until I cripple you and end your career? Are you going to lower yourself by asking off Voltage to go somewhere else, maybe challenge that softer than puppy shit Young Boy Nobi on Showdown? Or maybe you’ll slither off to Dynasty and fight with that ugly little snake Darkane? I don’t know and honestly I don’t give a flying fuck. All I know Is that the progress I need to make, the matches that I need to have to prove to the world that I am a TRUE World Champion and a TRUE Champion of Life, can’t take place unless you’re out of the picture. I have tried to offer an open challenge to get trivial defenses like this one out of the way but you, YOU, YOU. That’s all you think about. Instead of accepting my open challenge before Shaker Jones, you laid in wait like the little punk that you are and attacked me. Are your words threatening my destruction supposed to be intimidating? I have survived Everything that EAW has to offer. From the spears of Lucian Black and Dedede himself, the Kaiser’s Crown from Aren, attacks from Keelan, Lars, and even encounters with our World Champion, Jamie O’Hara. You are not the first man to say that he will end my career, silence me or break my arm. You are just showing me the same boring shit that everyone else has for the past 10 years. Do you think that is supposed to impress me? It damn sure doesn’t scare me. It fucking bores me, Moonie.

I won’t bother hitting you with my best shot. Not just because frankly it would kill you, but because you aren’t worth my best. I mean, I will do whatever is necessary to keep my championship and tally another successful defense, but this is not the all-out war that I want. It’s not one that YOU want. So, for the sake of your sanity and in a display of my benevolent nature, I will humble you as gently and mercifully as possible. I will not sully the full strength of the Strongest Arm in EAW with beating you within an inch of your life. Instead, I will systematically pick you apart so that your family can see, your believers can see, and all of my detractors can see that 2018 is meant for me to become the King of Voltage. I am already the most significant man on the show, I don’t even stress that anymore. People know that I am without a doubt the greatest athlete that has ever set foot in an EAW ring and you……you are just some guy who lost to Finnegan Wakefield, someone who was thought of as a joke everywhere that he has been, and has always been inferior to me.

There will be no smiles for you tomorrow. Smiles are for winners, and I am the only winner in this production, man. You have painted the picture of a vindictive, angry warrior seeking revenge for previous wrongs, but even that is fiction. You and I both know the truth, and the truth is as publicly as you want to proclaim that you are ready for this, that you will win this, that you will beat me and cripple me and end me, you aren’t going to do any of that, are you? Look at you. Even your own family thinks that you have lost your mind, that you are a worthless failure.

You’ve been talking about exposing me, essentially. YOU are going to be the one who is exposed. You are going to be stripped naked, metaphorically of course, no one wants to see your pasty ass bare naked. You will be stripped of all these annoying, stupid ass veneers and laid bare and laid out to show the truth: that all your are is a jealous peon reaching up for the stars but finding someone like me standing on the moon, slapping them out of your hands with a laugh.
I have tried my absolute best to be nice and civil with you, to make this easy, but unfortunately you have given me no choice. I hate to keep saying this, but you deserve defeat. You will have defeat over and over and over again, just as you have before. You have not displayed any growth in all the time we have known each other, just sideways movement of skill and a complete devolution of your psyche. I selected you for my team because I recognized your talent when you actually care, when you can actually focus, but even now, with something so precious on the line, all you can do is be consumed with petty, pathetic thoughts of vengeance. How fucking sad is that?

This isn’t going to be a second Hundred Years’ War. This is going to be a one time asswhipping to end one time asswhippings. I have no reason to completely use my full strength, but even holding back I’m sure that you will fall. Why? Because I’m a champion of life, and you are not. I’m not playing games right now. I’m not doing anything stupid. I’m not singing or making stupid videos and I’m damn sure not riding on a ship. I have been training, preparing for you, just as I prepared for you and Amadeus before, just as I prepared for you so many times before. The one difference between us, other than the obvious greatness of my resume, is that you are nothing more than a shadow of what you could be. I have evolved beyond silly gimmicks, pointless rambling and self-indulgent behavior. I didn’t just acquire this belt by being friends with Kenny Drake, it was over a year of disciplined training, dedicated planning, countless hours of studying you and Amadeus and any other would-be challengers.
I am prepared for everything that you will bring. I will turn you back, just as I always have. Your attempts to get in my head and make me feel desperate will backfire and have shown me that’s honestly all you have. I expected so much more of you, but it appears that Mao and Kenny’s assessment was spot on of you.

Your hands, the ones that sullied the New Breed Championship with their filth, will not stain the legacy of the Champion Of Life’s Gold, the Crown Jewel of the Zaibatsu.
Carlos Rosso…..ICHIBAN.

Moongoose McQueen……….not even second-rate.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:23 pm by Lars Grier

Do you know what I never told you the last time? That one Voltage, all those months ago?

It wasn’t just ten months, Jamie.

The culmination of this wasn’t because I was being some kind of greedy and selfish bastard. It never crossed my mind at that time but now I know it wasn’t just those ten months of failure, rehabilitation, failure, restoration, rinse and repeat. It wasn’t just the months of failures of capturing championships as the Manifestation of Destruction or being the Embodiment of Evolution as The Raven. 

It was my entire life.

Everyone around me. Every name I came across. Each street, city, suburb and alleyway - my life, Jamie. That’s why I felt owed. That’s why I felt that each penny and dime that I had was earned, it’s why I thought the world would fall onto my feet that night. My father was a bastard who couldn’t give less of a shit about us, the only thing he ever longed for was the sweet drop of liquor on his tongue, filling him and pushing him to the point of no return. My brother’s gone, gone from me or anyone else now. He’s up there on Cloud Nine, surrounding himself with like-minded Wall Street bankers and third-culture individuals. My mother was the only, only person in this pathetic, goddamn world that ever cared about me. She protected me. Shielded me from harm. She fed me, gave me a roof to live under and the prospect of a life to fight for. Funny thing is, she told me I’d become a biologist or somebody of worth; somebody people would actually care about. She said to my face that she’d be with me until the end, that she would give me something to fight for. My mother….she really did care, you know? She’d be the only person in my entire family, in the entire world who’d take the time out of her day to make me food, to make me feel like a man with dreams and a life ahead of him. Do you know what everyone else did? Do you know about the drug dealers, the thugs and men and women who I encountered in the street? They didn’t care. They couldn’t care less about some scrawny kid from Cincinnati, deep in the hellish gutters of this hellhole. They spat on me every time I tried to run. They kicked me while I was down when all I wanted was to provide for myself, provide for my family and survive. Just one more day. One more day, then maybe our fortunes would turn. One more day, then maybe I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow after the rain….but it never arrived. That hope? That chance for redemption, a chance to begin a new life and start off a clean slate? That never came for me. I waited every day for even just one hand to reach out towards me so I could grasp it and pull myself out, but nobody did. Nobody cared. Nobody noticed. I had to pull myself up from the gutter, and ever since that time I’ve continued to fight. I’ve continued to meet new faces and prove those who thought I couldn’t make it past the first stage, let alone the crashing waves, but yet I’ve stood still. I’ve battled wars and I’ve fought my entire life….and now I stand at the precipice of it all. That’s why I felt owed, Jamie. That’s why I thought that the world was meant to give me something, that’s why I believed wholeheartedly that night I would pin you in the middle of that ring, end your undefeated streak and be the first man to stake the claim to your title. I thought the world would stand still on that night….but I failed. But you, O’Hara….you don’t care, do you? You don’t care what I’ve been through. Even now, none of you ever seem to care about the hardships and the wars I’ve fought in order to stand where I stand today. That’s a pain I can’t stop. That’s a pain unlike the pain of failure, the pain of falling from your heights, is the pain of knowing that the world never gave a damn about you. Do you know what that feels like, Jamie? To have the entire world doubt you and place their bets on another man? Have you ever experienced that pain? Have you felt the eyes gaze upon you, burning through your chest and staring straight into the soul? I don’t expect you to remember it, but there was a time where you felt that pain. There was a time you could feel the doubt from everyone reign down on you. But that’s all behind you now, right? You’re the World Heavyweight Champion, and without a shadow of doubt, you will be engraved forever into the halls of this company as a legend. No matter what happens tomorrow night, you will still end your life being remembered as a legend of this business. 

And with your fall, comes my rise.

You’d think with King of Elite looming over us like a dark rain cloud, Jamie O’Hara would be seen. You’d think he would respond, say something or try to pull off the bullshit he usually pulls out from his ass, and yet he has his mouth shut. Why, Jamie? Is it now where you have actually taken the time to consider my words? Has the fear creeped in already? The fear of losing, the fear of having it all taken away from you by a man you deem unworthy of it all. I’m beginning to smell it on you like a dog looking for his meat. As that fear rises, I can hear that World Heavyweight championship, the prestigious piece of gold slowly drags itself over while you reel backwards. There’s no way, right? There’s no way I could do it. Not in my second year. Not when I’m so young, especially not against someone like Jamie O’Hara. And yet, I still stand. This week, you’ve tried your best to get inside my head and pry it open so you can play around with my thoughts, my words and my actions, but you’ve said the same shit over and over again that I have almost become numb by this point. You’ve called me weak for claiming I was humiliated by you, but listen - do you know what that’s like? Do you know what it’s like to be a pawn in another man’s game? Do you know what it feels, the pain after it all, knowing that you were manipulated and were defeated well before that night ever came by? You’ve played the part of the king, while I’ve played the part of the jester. You are aware of what it feels like to be the one in the control room, making a man dance the dance you want them to dance, your strings tethered to them, but have you ever experienced that sinking feeling? No….how could you know? You’ve been away from the chase for so long, it almost seems so far away. This entire year, all you’ve done is find someone worthy of contention, silence them, then look back on it all with a grin on your face. You turn your head back and you see the broken ghosts of men who thought they could ever stand up to you and your glory, and you smile at it all. Sipping on fine wine and celebrating after each victory as if it were your fucking birthday, you turn your back and you always seem surprised whenever it’s someone like me who stands up to you, not realizing that with each victory, you inch closer and closer to that brick wall. The road you’ve taken will eventually lead to a dead end, O’Hara, and that dead end comes in the form of a feathered apparition, soaring high above the clouds. Its eyes are as red as the blood of its enemies, but it shines as it sees the one true prize - the gold. The glory. The greatness, the success. It can smell it from miles upon miles away, before it eventually swoops down to meet him: The King of Bullets. The ruler of this land, the one who holds all the power in the land of Voltage. Within these walls, he has slayed many men, men and women who thought they could dethrone him and take his place. All of them dead, lying on the floor as relics of an era of fools and liars….but this king, he’s not the same as he once was. He was not the same man who took the reigns from a previous kick and defended that throne in the height of his career. He was not the same king who stood all those months ago as a destroyer of men….no. He has fallen. He has mistook steps, and now he stands on the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go except down. He drove himself into this corner by his actions, by his desperation and his hypocrisy, and now he will suffer the consequences, each punishment taking a part of him away each and every time.

His arms. His legs. His pride.

His championship.

The title is slowly slipping away from your grasp, Jamie. Can you feel it? Can you feel the leather, the designs and your name from it slipping from your grasp just like the straws you’ve pulled to try and stop me from taking it all away? Nothing makes me different from the rest except I’ve given you a reason to care. Nothing makes me different from when I was faced you before, and yet I’m not affected by your petty desperation. Hypocrisy flies off with each word you speak, almost as if you’re proclaiming to the world that you’re a fucking idiot who backs away when asked about the truth. But look, I’ll give you an answer to something you’ve been wanting: What happens if I lose? What happens if my words become naught, my efforts in vain as I am sent tumbling down yet again? Do you know what happens? I won’t fade into oblivion like Ryan Marx did. I won’t disappear and come and go like so many others do. Do you know what I’ll do? I will sit back at my house, broken and exhausted. I’ll take the time to process and review. I’ll ponder. I’ll contemplate. Then eventually, I’ll leave from my bed and I’ll train. I’ll fight. I’ll improve and prove you all wrong, over and over again if it means by the end of the day I walk out of one fateful night as THE MOTHERFUCKING KING. I WILL EVOLVE, JAMIE, JUST LIKE I ALWAYS DO. I’ll only be a fraction of the champion you are today, and you’re right about that. Why? BECAUSE THAT IS THE FRACTION I TAKE FROM YOU WHEN I BREAK YOUR CROWN AT KING OF ELITE! I build my own legacy, starting with King of Elite. Starting with you. There’s no doubt you’ll leave scars. There is no doubt in my mind that the night will change me forever, and I leave there as a different man from when I came in. The pain will be temporary but the scars will last forever, I know this. And you’re right - when I look into the mirror, it will remind me of that night, of that month, but not in the way you think I will. I won’t remember it for the pain I experienced. I won’t remember it for having been beaten within an inch of my life in France, no - I’ll remember it for being the man to dethrone you. When I look into the mirror, when I see the scars across my face and the lacerations across my body, I’ll smile. I’ll laugh. I’ll grin a devilish grin knowing that that was the day I made Jamie O’Hara mortal and made him feel TRUE pain. I’ll remember the time where I did what no man could ever do, what no man with the confidence could, and that’s made you experience the pain that will last a thousand years. The shockwaves of tomorrow night will be felt forever, Jamie, and when I look into the mirror, I’ll see the face of the man who did it all.

The man who made you feel true pain and had your one and only love on the floor, the glass shards sticking out of her spine.

The man who exposed you for your hypocrisy, for your manipulation and lies.

The man who ended it all for you, who buried you under the stones of your own castle, and took the one thing that matters.

Glory, glory….

The Raven King.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:15 pm by Darkane
King of Elite V

I'm sorry Keelan, I made a couple of terrible, earth-shattering mistakes that are bound to determine the outcome of our triple threat match! I feel so terrible, I mean how could I? How could I call The Pizza Boy a four-time world champion, I mean he's even on my brand and it's just... so heart-wrenching to me. I pumped his tires a little too much and now I'm doomed! I must see the errors of my ways and that's not even the worst part of it all. I also got a name wrong. You're right! How in the fuck will I ever recover from this disaster? This is going to send my career straight down into the shitter! I can't believe it, will you ever forgive me?! Hahahahahahahaha. You're hilarious Keelan. You truly fucking are. Really, you should try comedy sometime, you might be a good stand up act, maybe it's something you can look into after you retire from wrestling. Let's be real here, Megan or I'm sorry, I made the mistake again, shit! I'm in for it now. MADISON, there we go, regardless of what girl is tending to your wounds, the story is the fucking same: Keelan Cuntinich burying his face with a sorrow filled heart and tear-filled eyes into a pair of worn out tits, it doesn't matter who the girl is. In my estimation? Megan got out of dodge while she could. She knew she made a mistake by staying with you. So whether she dumped you to the curb or you dumped her, a favor was done either way. Madison walked into a disastrous train wreck and I'm sure she's well aware but if she's not, she's in for a rude awakening but as I was saying it makes perfect sense Keelan! My two mental errors which are totally irrelevant to King of Elite are bound to cost me in this match because I lack focus! It should have been Cam in these finals all along, it would have been a better story than your played out one. You're old news. You should have just stayed in your hole and kept your mouth shut. Stay down there and don't bother crawling out, don't bother even showing up at King of Elite. You're not wanted, you're not needed, you're just a nuisance. Just let Theron and I settle things once and for all. Take a front row seat somewhere in the crowd and watch two ruthless competitors duke it out 'til the death if they have to, but remember if you walk into this match, you're nothing but bait; you're a pawn. You have no upper-hand. If you believe in a God; I'd advise you to pray to him, even though nothing will happen, pray to him anyway, pray for a fucking miracle because that's exactly how you even got to this dance. You're a walking talking fluke, you're in deep waters that you can't swim in and you're bound to be ripped apart by a couple of flesh-eating sharks with the scent of blood fresh in their senses.

You want me to show you why I'm the champion? I have no issue doing that since I'm going to do that by default but you should be careful what you wish for. Others weren't and they got burned badly. They walked into matches with me carrying the same false confidence that Theron has. They downplayed me as nothing more than the scum at the bottom of their boot that couldn't pull off a wrestling move to save his life, but then reality started to set in that they bit off more than they could chew and after our match some even outright quit this company like Hurricane Hawk who is a Hall of Famer for christ's sake or they tried to re-invent themselves completely, like Target Smiles and Ahren Fournier. The latter going from a trill fairy to a savage emo warrior. I think he's having some sort of identity crisis. Nevertheless, when people go against me I don't just show them why I'm a champion, I change their lives and I change their perspectives for the worse. Nobody has walked out of a loss from me a better man and I don't think anybody ever will. Why the fuck would I despise if Dynasty had some fresh meat arrive on the scene? If anything I'd be over the moon, I'm sick of facing the same old competition, it becomes redundant. Come one, come all, let them float on in. I've never been afraid of competition and I never will be, that's the one constant about me. If somebody manages to beat me for The Hardcore Championship, then kudos to them, they earned it fair and square but it hasn't been done yet, so if you want to crown their ass before they've even defeated me then you're more foolish than I thought. You're in no position to judge whether I'm a worthy champion or not anyway, considering you've never won a belt, sure you've competed against some of the best and you've even beaten some of the best, but you don't know what it's like to carry a strap on a day to day basis, you don't have to deal with the constant pressures of being a champion and believe me there are a lot. If you think winning a championship is tough, try defending it, you need to have your head on a swivel Keelan, so I'd advise you to know your rank and then come back to me when you actually win a fucking championship.

If you know that you're capable of winning the King of Elite crown then why are you viewed as such an afterthought in this match? Why haven't you won the big one at any level in EAW? You call yourself a killer yet the only thing you've killed is your career thus far. You do in fact, need to prove to yourself that you can break down the walls that have been blocking your entrance into the halls of the greats in this business. Nobody remembers second place Keelan, but that's about as high as you'll ever fucking reach in anything you're competing in. You've been proving dumb cunts wrong since day one? Yeah, you've proved that you're not as good as you say, that you're like a high draft pick with all the talent in the world but you've underachieved overall, so, therefore, you're a fucking bust, you never could live up to the expectations that were set so sky high for you. You're a disappointment Keelan, that's at least something we can all agree on. You can cut the bullshit with your inspirational "failure has made me stronger, better and a more dangerous competitor" quotes that you pulled out of a small calendar that you found at a flea market somewhere. If that were the case you would have been champion by now. You would have proved people like Theron and myself wrong, but you haven't. I'm glad you'll accept failure at the end of the night, I mean since you're used to it and everything, the pain shouldn't be that excruciating even though it will still hurt once the dust settles and the smoke clears. You would think after all of the beatings your body has gone through, all of the mental torture your mind has endured after those crushing losses that you would have hanged them up by now. You should have put the final nail in the coffin and said to yourself: I've had a successful career, for the most part, I mean, I didn't win anything significant, I've been through a couple of hard-fought rivalries that haven't amounted to shit, but still, Keelan deserves a reward. I'll be the one to give you that reward Keelan, it won't be a brand new car, it won't be a fancy trip around the world and through the seven seas. It will simply be the epitaph for your career and it reads: Here lies Keelan's career, failure made him weaker and it made him better off dead. How's that for your inspirational quote you delusional over-priveleged bag of baby shit?

Theron, I remember a few months after Road to Redemption you told Lance Hart that you need to change something; you need to try to rid yourself of your overbearing force of overconfidence and that you need to lose that feeling that things are going to come easy because you've learned they're not but you haven't learned anything at all Theron, nothing has changed in terms of your temperament. You're a complete fraud and a terrible liar. Lets lay our cards out on the table Theron and cut the shit, if you really take a look at it and it's not hard to see, right now Theron as it stands, if we're comparing what we have done lately, you're a few pegs below me. You're about upper mid-tier on the power rankings and I'm on fucking fire at the top, soaring higher and higher. I haven't been pinned since October. The fact is, you got here merely because Ares Vendetta allowed you to, nothing more, nothing less. Your early run to the top was nothing more than a young kid on a fucking hot streak and when you finally met your match you cooled off significantly. After multiple failed attempts to win the grand prize you got lost in the shuffle and only now do you see the light at the end of the tunnel that is King of Elite and you're lucky that it has come around otherwise you'd still be sucking your thumb, shedding tear after tear, wondering what to do next. You carry around this false bravado, you try to convince people that you're something you're not and you have: a champion. Winning King of Elite isn't good enough Theron, not by a long shot, the only thing that it gives you initially is bragging rights and a crown on your head. It's the World Title shot that we're all here for. A title shot that I need and that I crave and I'm not going to let someone who hasn't a leg to stand on talk me down to his size. What you're trying to do is to swing that proverbial lasso around me while you still fucking can because I'm on the rise. You're trying to tear me down to size but you keep missing and the only thing I can feel is the warmth of the glow around that King of Elite crown. It's so close I can almost taste it. You're not breathing down my neck, you don't strike an ounce of fear in me whatsoever, you're just a piss poor example of a man whose head is stuck in the sand and stuck in the past, but we're all supposed to overlook what you've done lately, we're only supposed to relish in the Theron who actually had a set of balls back then. You would think after all these strenuous months you would better yourself from all of your trials and tribulations like I have but you haven't. You're pathetic, you're a complete sham. You're wasted potential, you're an avaricious mercenary that went for it all and came out empty handed. I don't care that you want to get back on the saddle and ride that pony only to fall off again face first into a pile of horse shit. I don't care if you think you're the perfect specimen and World Championship gold is just an inevitability, it just takes time to fall into place you'll say. Well, Theron, we're waiting. Still waiting, month after month after fucking month. You can try and rejuvenate yourself and nurse yourself back into the Theron of old but the Theron I see now is just that; a shell of his former self. Keep on fooling yourself into thinking that this is going to be a cakewalk because you're in for quite the surprise. I know you're going to bring it all to the table, you always do, you always try to go big or go home and for that you'll get a speshul gold star that you can put on your refrigerator when you get home, think of it as a participation trophy after King of Elite, at least you tried right? You at the very least tried to avenge the profound despair that eats you alive underneath the surface day after day like a fucking virus. So give yourself a pat on the back. Everybody give a round of applause to Theron, good job, good effort!

At the end of the day I have to look at what's best for Darkane and what's best for me and what's best for everybody is Darkane winning the King of Elite tournament as I sit on a mighty gravestone, Hardcore Championship sleeping on my lap, a smoke in one hand, a beer in the other and the King of Elite crown resting comfortably on my head.

Beautiful isn't it?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 5th 2018, 11:03 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
Tiberius Jones appears sitting at the bottom of a ladder.

Being crownless and back amongst the people, or down at “the bottom of the pit”, is a completely different experience the second time around. You become quite a less daunted by the path ahead, you obtain an outlook much more suitable to get your way to the crown. Petty things, and pettier words, matter so much less when it seems people are out to not give you the credit you are due, because you are aware of what you truly are capable of. You know there’s a ladder to the top for anyone daring enough to climb it, and I the brazen beast am certainly bold enough for the journey.

Shame is a foreign concept to me, to not make a move towards supremacy because someone will say ill words or think differently of you is the action of a coward. To shame others, is something people do when their afraid of another person’s actions. I walk these streets with knives in my hands and schemes up my sleeves, and this afro on my head is the wool I’d wear amongst you if I was to be one of you sheep. You think you pain me by calling me out for being bad, seriously HBG? I once pretended to be CITV by stealing a briefcase, I was known as the damn king of thieves, and you think I’ll blush over you calling me out for borrowing the EAW Championship? You should consider yourself lucky I didn’t just keep it for myself permanently, but that’d have been too much of an unfulfilling heist for someone who has tasted the most invigorating capers. While you don’t like stepping into my kind of dark alleys out of fear for murder and…..strangely sexually graphic things you wish to mention, I quite enjoy stepping out of domain and entering these places of posh and prestige, so that I can snatch jewels away from pretty little pearl clutchers like you that wish to live in comfort and safety. Or at least, people like you who pretend to be.

I know, if you have any brain cells, you probably have begun to think me hypocritical, as no doubt you’ve felt I’ve shamed you now and for a long time. But there is a huge difference between you and I, and that is why I shame you, you put on a veneer of dignity when you have none! The only thing worse than people who live their lives avoiding shame is those who don’t and yet act like they do!

Your relationships mean as much, and lasts shorter, than a fake Hollywood celebrity engagement as you hop from one man to another, yet you have the audacity to use phrases like you’re “settling down” when you have no grasp of such a concept.

You always treat these people like the love of your life, and yet after so many you still have the nerve to lock arms with someone spreading the idea of one true pairings and the archaic practice of marriage.

I don’t know who to feel sorry for more between you and the flings you have. Why don’t you be honest, and sleep with every legend that walks?

And I imagine at this point you ask, why do I care? What does this have to do with our match? Aside from the fact that YOU decided to make your should be private life public in EAW, I simply speak of it because it completely encapsulates you as a person HBG, you can’t accept yourself for the true filthy being that you are! You even bring up your weird woman rape fantasies out of no where, fitting for the gender that pushes Fifty Shades of Grey. Your personal life bleeds into your professional one, and your professional life stains my world championship! Stains with so many colours.

See people are predictable, people are creatures of habit. First off, my former stablemate, though I don’t know him well, Ares will return one day I am sure of it, and his strange relationship with his father and that belt will surely draw him to you, enthralling the title in a crazed family affair if I don’t take it back before then. Second off, you’ll always wear it as an accessory despite trying to act otherwise, to hide your insecurities and blemishes, instead of wielding it like a true champion that changes the conversation of this business! Last strike, you who has no solid ideals will be unable to firmly mount that championship upon anything that cannot be blown away by any passing breeze. All these situations are unbecoming of my gold, not even funny considering the circumstance as even a jester like me knows there is a time and place for jokes, I will take it back before your foolish decisions come to be the undoing of all the work I put into elevating that title.

You can play posh by putting on your dresses, you can dye your hair, you can talk about settling down, call my streets where rapists roam and all the things that you think makes you come off as a proper lady above us all, but we all know you’re pond scum, even lower than the knuckle dragging specimen I use to think you were! You think trying to straddle between a woman shameless enough to do what it takes to get a head and a proper lady meriting being treated like a higher class citizen of elegance will gain you respect, but all it does is have everyone on all sides see you as the fence sitter you are.

What is a fencer sitter in terms of a ladder climber? In the world of ladders, a fence sitter is one who climbs with wabbly knees, afraid to take every step and slow on her feet. As figurative as it is literal, as I know you fear this ladder HBG, the ladder that almost killed you once before.

But I embrace the ladder, I have long cast away my friendship with you in order to cast you down, because I know that once you reach the furthest point in the game, all it takes is one piece to change a man to a king.

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(The scene opens with The Heart Break Gal wearing a red hood over her clothes in a room of darkness with a dim light from a table lamp. She takes a deep breath as she starts to read the words from a torn and crumpled paper)

Heart Break Gal: Shadows of the darkness and the spirits within. Bring forth the energy and let it begin...

(HBG, with a serious expression on her face, continues to read on...)

Heart Break Gal: We shall melt gold and pour in our blood, whilst the moon's shade covers the... the...

(HBG's serious expression became confused as she tries to read the small handwritten text with the dim lights... She turns to Cameron Ella Ava, who has been across her this whole time, still quite figuring out what's happening and why HBG called her in for this. HBG shows Cameron the paper)

Heart Break Gal: Uhh.. what does this say?

Cameron Ella Ava: (reading) "whilst the moon's shade covers the light of the sun." 

Heart Break Gal: Cameron, you have a terrible handwriting.

Cameron Ella Ava: Pretty sure that's YOUR handwriting. What on earth are we even doing here? Why are we both wearing red hoods and why are we in a dark room? You said you had a massive plot in your text message, and you said there was going to be free donuts... 

Heart Break Gal: THIS is it, this is my massive plot. You see, Cameron, I was watching a documentary about the best forged alliances in the entire world. They go through these rituals and trials, and they even share strawberry juice in the end!

Cameron Ella Ava: Yeah, I think those were cults that ended up committing mass suicide..

Heart Break Gal: The point is, Cameron, we have spent most of our careers fighting each other in the ring than getting along, and when we formed the OG Vixens and Di Consentes, we were so much on a roll that our momentum is practically up there in the sky where goddesses like us rule. We are two of the greatest female athletes this world has ever seen, we are the best that ever lived and none from any future generations can top everything that we've done by the time we decide to step down. Bound by Fate? We are the Bullocks? The High Rollerz? Those are just names that buzz around, and no matter what rewards and titles they earn in this company, there is no doubt in mind that we still are the names of innovators and the conquerors who not only could keep up with the games they play in the world of a main brand elitist, but also win against all of them within a year of abandoning Empire, and we never stop at any point. We are the Targaryen dynasty without the incest! We are outsiders that conquered the main brands with our blazing fire! And after we win the Unified Tag Team Championships at King of Elite, I would be even more interested on keeping it that way... which is why I came up with the greatest idea ever!

Cameron Ella Ava: Which is what? 

Heart Break Gal: A blood oath, Cameron. We must forge our alliance in blood...

Cameron Ella Ava: WHAT?!? Is that what the knife is for? Is this insane!

Heart Break Gal: Yes, I know, we should have done this when we formed Di Consentes, it's a little bit late now...

Cameron Ella Ava: That's not the point. You know I love you to death, Claudia, but we are not cutting ourselves two days before our big night. We are not sharing our blood and cutting our skin with a dirty rusty knife and get infected wounds before our grand event! I know, you're a little jumpy and paranoid because your two matches...

Heart Break Gal: Hah, thinking I'm nervous over two matches, I've managed to do it before. 

Cameron Ella Ava: Yes, you have, but nothing like this. You've never been in two big matches were actual titles were on the line. They were always opportunities and tournaments that can't overwork you. We are doing this together because we are goddesses who hold our power over everyone else in EAW, or have you forgotten your own words? 

Heart Break Gal: Ofcourse I remember my own words! You could have just said no, you know, without completely stomping on my blood oath idea! I spent hours and hours preparing for this! 

Cameron Ella Ava: You had us wear your red hood outfit from back in 2015, you looked up some kind of witchcraft spells online, and you literally have a lamp for this room's light. I hardly call that effort that takes "hours and hours" to pull off! 

(The Heart Break Gal looks at Cameron with a dead expression on her face)

(Twenty seconds later)


(Cameron Ella Ava calms herself down and grabs a donut from the table, just as she was about to leave, she sees HBG's husband, Robbie V, at the patio looking in as he checks what the commotion is about. She rolls her eyes and walks out of the door, HBG sees her off)

Heart Break Gal: See you tomorrow, Cameron!

Robbie V: Finally, Di Consentes, or whatever, is OVER! I never really liked being around her anyway, she disgusts me. I hate her face. I hate her personality. I hate her wrestling skills. I hate that she's Mexican. I..

Heart Break Gal: Robbie, we go through this at least once every week! Cameron and I are sisters, and sisters argue from time to time... and just like sisters, no one can beat her with a stick but me. No one picks on her but me. And nobody tries to poke her with a knife to get some blood flowing... but me. Seriously, what is wrong with a blood oath? 

Robbie V: I see nothing wrong with a blood oath. Did you explain to her why its necessary? 

Heart Break Gal: Yes.

Robbie V: Did you tell her that the greatest alliances do it? 

Heart Break Gal: Yes.

Robbie V: Did you tell her that it was the best idea ever?

Heart Break Gal: Yes.

Robbie V: Well I don't know how else you can convince her, she clearly is the problem here. But she'll come back, she always comes back no matter how irritating it is to see her around. Especially with your match tomorrow, she HAS to. And even if she doesn't, I know you have it covered. 

Heart Break Gal: But I need her for this, Robbie, not just as a tag team partner, but as someone who will keep me sane through listening to the High Rollerz, they're fucking terrible! It's like one idiot with a face that only a blind mother can love... and HIS twin brother! Their gum-flapping nonsense, their illiteracy, I simply cannot take it! 

Robbie V: Oh, believe me, I know. They sound like watered down versions of Nick Angel and Venom.

Heart Break Gal: Oh, they're worse. This one moron has some kind of memory loss from their previous run where they gunned for the Tag titles that I was holding at the time for MONTHS and he somehow shortens it, making himself believe that he was just around for a month! I mean, I get that's how insecure losers like them think, they want to forget the horrible moments of their careers where they were SO SURE that they were going to walk out Champions but failed when the competition was too tough for them to handle, but his pointless rants on how they're still on their, what, second rookie year? It just grates my nerves. It's gotten so fucking hilarious that he ragequit because he realized after months and months of failure that not a single bitch would want him again, and that's why he settled down to get married. He doesn't want to be alone. He doesn't want to carry the burden of his incompetence on his own. He wants to feel someway that there is at least one or two persons in his life that would make him feel like he's worth it, because to the rest of the world, he is nothing but a piece of shit that contributes NOTHING to this company. You hear either of their names, and do you think they have what it takes to take anything more than the Tag Team Championships? NO! The Tag Team Championships should be around the waists of the greatest, the bravest, the most refined teams in history, and never be passed to a bunch of forgettable halfwits, HIM in particular!

Robbie V: Which one are you talking about? 

Heart Break Gal: The guy... with the face... 

Robbie V: You really have a keen eye for detail. 

Heart Break Gal: I don't know, he tries explaining to me how different they are, but it's all the same buzz in my ear! Now one of them hates my guts because I expressed the fact that they are so fucking irrelevant that I don't even want to bother knowing their names or where they came from or what they intend to say. For the entire year of experience that they've had in this company, it still feels like they're new considering that it's a new sight to see the Heart Break Gal talk only of her greatness and the fact that she doesn't want to give them the time of the day! No one ever realizes I don't answer to anyone and I don't ever intend on seeking validation, especially from a bunch of thumb-twiddling imbeciles on narcotics that dare speak my name. I am an athlete that lets her work speak for her, and that is why I stand here as EAW Champion and soon Unified Tag Team Champions... Seriously, they even dragged YOU into this, Robbie!

Robbie V: Oh, yeah? What did they say? 

Heart Break Gal: Oh, you know, the same thing they've been bragging about three days ago, they could not shut up about RoViper! Technically, it's true that you were the previous Champions before them, but they should have shut up about it like the simpletons they are and not pretend that glitters is equivalent to gold. They defeated Brian Daniels, not RoViper. They were put in a situation where they could get an easy win if they just beat one guy, and they call themselves an effective tag team for it like they have bested five other teams! And the most fucked up part is how they assumed that it would scare me off when this current reign is nothing but a lie, and it does nothing to me but feel the need to belittle them even more! They underestimate my Robbie V stalking skills. How dare they.

Robbie V: Your what? 

Heart Break Gal: ITS NOTHING! It's fine, we're fine! 

(Robbie V suspiciously looks at HBG, but she responds with a smile on her face)

Robbie V: Well, they were both clearly dropped on their heads as children... over and over again from what I've gathered too. Can't you see how retarded they are? But don't worry, Claudia, as a two-time King of Elite, I surely will be watching with my funyuns in hand and my new wheelchair. Nothing will stop me now from witnessing my wife add a title to her current one. 

Heart Break Gal: I appreciate the support! I shall make you proud! And as for Cameron... I'm sure she'll change her mind about the Blood Oath.

(Heart Break Gal smiles at Robbie and they continue their conversation about Blood Oaths, the scene ends from there)
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Wow, Jack. You sound more like a girl than me.

You think you sound so edgy by bring one of the most generic arguments against me in the beginning of your promo. I am so fucking proud! How long did it take you to come up with such a compelling and winning argument like that? It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I indeed had a few relationships in this company--I’ve had three different relationships. One of them lasting five years and the other for more than a year now. But why the hell am I explaining this to all of you? I don’t give a damn what you, David or anyone else in this company think about my love life. It seemed like you’re just looking for anything to get under my skin. It sounds like a certain German I am facing this Saturday, huh? Could we be looking at the male version of Sheridan Muller? More like the more dumb version of her. Don’t fucking feed me that lie, Jack. If you so wanted this match to happen a lot sooner, you could have done something about it. Instead, you decide to point fingers at Brian Daniels. You decide to take the blame away from you and David so you two don’t look as pathetic as you normally do. I wonder how Brian feels about his Tag Team Champions throwing him under the bus? Personally, I’m not shocked that you would do such a thing. You have proven to be slimy in the past. One of your title reigns was won in such a shady way. I recall you beating up Robbie V in advance and leaving you and David dealing with Brian. Sure, you’ll brag and say that you were smart. You’ll continue to say that you’re the best tag team ever! You’ll say it a million times and you hope that eventually, someone will believe you. If you were so good, you would have done anything to get booked in tag team matches. You could have done anything to help get you competition. It’s actually simple, stupid. You go to the ring, brag a little and challenge ANY team or super team to step up to you. You could have used these past couple months to try your luck at sending some sort of message to Claudia and I. Instead, you want to point fingers and state that it’s our fault for taking our sweet ass time. We had bigger fish to fry. Claudia was trying to win the EAW Championship. I was making your experience on Showdown a lot more interesting by waiting for you two dumbasses to figure out that I was underneath the hood the entire time. It should have been obvious. You should have had a clue that I was trying to make this title match happen! You think after your comments about me that I was going to stand still and hope for this match to happen? Nah, I took matters into my own hands and I fucking did something unlike you two morons.

Oh yes, Jack! I am fucking terrified. I am so nervous about being double booked. I am so scared about these championship matches! It’s not like I’ve ever been in this scenario! How will I ever be able to balance these two matches? How will I ever survive this weekend? Gee, aren’t you fucking stupid? If you think that I am flustered about this weekend, then you’re sadly mistaken. I am calm. I thrive under the pressure. When others would be stressing about having two championship matches in one weekend, I took it as something great to approach. I love a challenge. I love to stand and look challenges in the eye. Who would have ever thought that I would be able to do a juggling act with these two matches? I am able to talk to you and David while putting attention on Stark and Sheridan Muller? I am perfectly capable of listening you ramble on and on about shit that’s not even relevant in the match. I mean, would it kill you to focus on my partner? I mean, you spent the entire time focusing on me and it gets boring. It makes you think that you seem me as some legit threat. You can call me stupid, dumbass and moron, but if I was all of that why waste your precious time even responding to me? Why do you focus on trying to explain yourself. I mean, it’s quite fun to watch you get so defensive about why the Tag Division is so shit and how you are incapable of owning up to responsibilities. Just admit that you could have done so much more with the Tag Division. Just admit that you’re nothing special from the girls I faced on Empire. I mean, did you ask Haruna for advice on how to promo against me? Did she encourage you to go easy on Claudia and to just let me hear the most boring promo ever? If so, that would not surprise me at all. It seems like some petty shit she would do. I mean, I slaughtered her partner six times this week, so why not send her buddies The High Rollerz to do the exact same? I know the response to expect from you now. “Nah, I’m just responding to you because you’re a dumbass!” Yet, you’re spending the majority of the time ranting about some of the pointless shit. In that promo alone, how many times have you questioned my intelligence? If I had a nickle for each time you called called me stupid or questioned my intelligence, I would be pretty fucking rich. In this Jack Ripley promo, you call me stupid, dumbass, moron, questioned my intelligence and claiming that you elevated the Tag Division and had great competition? Yep, that seems to sum everything up.

Now onto the High Roller I can tolerate, David Davidson. Gee! I am so honored that you will knee me last! If hope you knee me well because I haven’t been kneed to the face since Territorial Invasion and I am having a withdrawal from it! I dare you, David. Try to knee the living daylights out of me, but it will have no impact on me at all. I probably won’t feel a thing because I’ve taken finishers a lot worse than what I am going to expect from you. I have a reached a point where getting a punch of the face doesn’t drop me to the floor. Whenever I punch someone, you shouldn’t be able to see the glow that I am to EAW. You may not see what makes me so great and what makes me one of the best of all time, but you will at King of Elite. Just until two days ago, I didn’t have much of an issue with you or Jack. I could have cared less about what you say. I had my personal issues with Sheridan. I thought I would be able to get through her, but she’s just so damn stubborn. Sure, you or Jack could say the same thing about me, but as much as you want to deny it, I have been paying attention to what you guys have been saying. I have taken your words and absorbed them into my mind. I have provided the attention for this match. As much as I want to think that you’re just looking out for me, I am going to deny your suggestion in focusing solely on my Openweight Championship? Why not focus on both? That’s what I told Jack earlier. The poor guy was complaining about me being focused on this Openweight Championship Match, but why haven’t you guys been saying that to Claudia and her EAW Championship Match? Do you think that she can handle being double booked more than I? Do you see me as a woman that can’t handle more than one match? Do you think that I am taking on more than I can handle? Gee, that is so nice of you to look out for me! However, I’m not going to listen to you. This could go back to me being stubborn as hell or I’m way smarter than what Jack hates to realize. I know my limits and I haven’t been pushed to them. I think you guys should do something about that at King of Elite. You can use all the empty warnings. You can say that you’re going to annihilate, slaughter or obliterate us. Is that support to concern me? Yeah, I’m not worried about that. This is going to be a challenge. You can go on and say that you faced great teams in 2017. You have somehow managed to defeat all of them, but Di Consentes? Are you prepared for whatever comes your way? Are you ready to see what happens when we are placed in scenarios like these? This is WAY more different than the Grand Prix Finals. This is way beyond anything that Claudia and I have encountered so far as tag team. This is our biggest opportunity to date. I have visions of winning both my matches and carrying championships on my shoulders. I know Claudia has that same vision as well. At King of Elite, your third title reign ends and will fall to Di Consentes.
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King Of Elite
Home Truths

It ain’t necessarily so.
It ain’t necessarily so.
The things that you’re liable,
To hear from ol’ Michael,
It ain’t necessarily so.

Nico Borġ: Liars are worse than thieves. I remember my grandmother used to say that to me all the time. For the most mundane things, you know? Sneaking sweets out the pantry. Just that kind of everyday, childlike misdemeanor. Never anything serious. And she always knew the answer already but that was never the point.It was never enough to just be punished. Back then, you know I never really did understand why. “Liars are worse than thieves”. But why is that so? I seem to recall some vague explanation about liars being harder to catch but that never really sat well with me. I shrugged it off, I never thought much at all about it. Yet, over time something in me must have wisened because that little phrase has never felt to me more real nor true. I understand it now. The truth is that liars ARE thieves,  in a sense. Most thieves occupy themselves with snatching away mundane and temporary things. Cash. Goods… Boiled sweets. But liars… That which liars take away is precious altogether beyond anything. They steal the truth. They strip away all meaning, warping the hearts and minds of those around them. A thief takes the food from his brother’s plate. But a liar comes for his very soul. Truly, untruth is the greatest of evils. But even the most carefully spun web of lies will be unravelled with time. And where truth and word separate like the forked tongue that splits them, by God the truth and the word shall again be one. Heart Break Boy, you have led the world to believe that despite past transgressions, you not only see the light but carry the torch. You have fostered a tale where you of all people are the White Lion, fierce and brave, sent for to set the world to rights. Though the pride is lost, you have found the light of God and, by its divine inspiration, you have come to transcend fate and banish evil. But I see this story for what it is… a fairy tale that suits your purpose. A messianic script ripped straight out of Narnia. Even if there is a lion waiting in the wardrobe, poised to wet his teeth, he hides there with a host of dark and evil secrets. Secrets… waiting to be brought to light. Michael, There comes a time when we all need to own up. One needs to take responsibility for what he has done. At King of Elite, I will expose your frailties and bring upon your head just retribution. I will show you for the false idol that you really are. But that is not sufficient. First, let us consult a few home truths to expose your lies naked for all to see and force you to face up to them.

Pizza Boy has a friend in he.
Pizza Boy has a friend in he.
Though left on his own,
He was never alone,
Pizza Boy has a friend in he.

Nico Borġ: Do you understand just how much suffering you have caused The Pizza Boy? He idolized you. He worshipped even the very ground that you walked upon. And you abandoned him. Without even a word. You repaid the adoration that he had in you by throwing back into his face; sending him spiralling out into a deep spiritual malaise. In the wake of your devastation, Pizza Boy quarrelled with many strong and capable men - notably I amongst them. Yet, none of these wars ever wounded him so much as the very daemons that you left him with. Against the odds, he broke out alone. He won championships. He survived two Extreme Elimination Chambers and the Grand Rampage in the space of one year and one day. Not even I can deny him credit for these accolades. But what I can say is that they never did manage to fill the hole inside himself. He never could fill that gaping hole in his chest with with faith and gratitude all for his deep and flared attachment to you. It makes sense now why they call you The Heart Break Boy. Heart Break is all that you leave your friends behind. Now before you start coming at me with your petty excuses, you can still your tongue and listen because I KNOW that you have no excuse for what I am about to say next. You have wept for what I did to you precious Pizza Boy at Road To Redemption but you were there… Why didn’t you stop it?... Why didn’t you get involved?  Sure, you might have gotten him disqualified, but the title cannot change hands that way, you know that. At best, I would have been able to negotiate another title match under circumstances more agreeable to The Pizza Boy. That is what you would have wanted, right? So why did you only watch? While you are struggling to think of a way to talk yourself out of this, I will proffer the two possible explanations that come to my mind. Neither are very flattering. The first, which I had expected before I made the decision to cash in, is quite simple. You simply aren’t the lion that you once was. As the failures of recent times testify, you simply lack the killer instinct to do what you have to do. I’d say you proved me right about that at Road To Redemption. In fact, you have proved me right twice because again at the Awards Show you failed to follow through. If you really wanted to get my attention that would have been the time. Lars Grier and Tiberius took the opportunity to make their statements, but you hesitated. In the end we are only even having this conversation because Monroe gave in… Not I. I still believe you are out of your place. And that brings us nicely to the second reason that you stood idle at Road To Redemption… Once again you didn’t care at all about the Pizza Boy. You abandoned him again. You betrayed him because you coveted that which was his and what now is mine. Now you are even using the poor man as a pretext to usurp his position and earn your own title shot in his place. You left him to his fate for a chance to escape yours. It reminds me a bit about that Mapogo story you have been telling, or the part you left out anyway. See Mr. T didn’t just die by the teeth and claws of his own kind. When invaders came from the South Makulu and Pretty Boy, his dearest old brothers, they did not have the stomach to fight. They no longer had the teeth for it. So they turned their backs on him. They ran for their own lives and abandoned him to his fate. At Road To Redemption, that is exactly what you did to the Pizza Boy. The gall of it all is that you have managed to twist the narrative around. You have written it to seem as though you are the victim, when in fact it is you who so repeatedly betrays your own friends.

It ain’t necessarily so.
It ain’t necessarily so.
He tells all your children,
That Nico he’s a villain,
It ain’t necessarily so.

Nico Borġ: I know what I am. I am a smokescreen for your own sins. I am the scapegoat sent out into the wilderness to absolve you of guilt. But let us look at the facts. I am more sinned against than sinning here. Nothing that I did to become Answers World Champion was against any rules. I merely took an opportunity that I had fought for and earned thrice over. Multiple times, men sought to deny me of what was rightfully mine and I stood firm. Now sure as hell I am not going to allow myself to be denied by a hypocrite like you at a time like this. I never needed another man’s help to claim this title. And as for the Pizza boy, he doesn’t have an excuse to hold against me. He’s known it was coming for months. I have been very upfront about my intentions. I gave him fair warning but I guess you don’t even understand what that means. The Heart Break Boy only comes to visit his friends when he wants to take something from them. The difference between you and I is that while I was always clear that I was coming for this championship, nobody ever knows your intentions until it is too late. Liars are worse than thieves, Michael. Liars are worse than thieves… I despise liars like you. Liars who come out of nowhere and cheat and politic their way into opportunities while a whole locker room of men is thrown under the bus. That is why I and Monroe sought to establish a solid system to determine contendership. Competing against the Invictus Champion for the Answers World Championship ought to be a pure and eminent achievement in its own right. It should remain unsullied by petty scheming and deceptive ploys. There is no shame in my works. My conscience is clear in the knowledge that, if anything, my greatest sin is only that I have refused to be the victim. Instead I have shown something that you sorely lack, Michael. Resilience. The guts to follow through with what has needed to be done and to do so the correct way. Despite protestations of noble goals, you remain overcome with a lust for pretty things. You remain the Goldhunter of old, more concerned about twisting the knife in a friend’s back to briefly lay hand upon this Championship than sticking around long enough to earn it. You remain paying the wages of his sins as you have done through so many failed returns  over the years. You shall remain wanting. And I… I will remain…

Chorus: Invictus

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished, Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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king of elite three

One more day. 

That's how much time is left before the biggest match of my career. 

That's how much longer Aria Jaxon will be holding onto the Women's World Championship. 

I never expected myself to get this far after that fateful day I tore two of the five ligaments in my right knee at the same time. That took a good five years off of my career once all was said and done, all the re-injuries and surgeries. I was convinced God had it out for me to take away this dream I was just getting started on. To the surprise of many though, I prevailed over time. I shocked even myself, I'll admit that. Me in a world title match after everything I've been through? It almost sounds fake. But it doesn't make me any less deserving of being here in Marseille. Once you look past the lights, the flashy attire, the fancy entrances, how I carry myself, and past The Gawd Complex, I am still just a woman. One that has overcome ridiculous hurdles to get where she was truly meant to be, whether it be in either her personal or professional life. I'm just a woman, and so is Aria. Why treat a woman so highly, as if she's an indestructible being? Why have you, all of her supporters, placed her up so high on this pedestal? Because she beat some mediocre and or washed up girls? Why her? Why not me? If I happened to be here three - or even two - years earlier, she would've never seen the light of day. I'd be the one making history, dragging "Hall of Fame accolades" behind me, and having my face on all of the production trucks and posters and perhaps if she did somehow make it up to my level, our places right now would be switched. But I can't spend time thinking about what could have been, because I'm here in the present and our paths are finally crossing. This whole week has been me basically exposing her verbal and mental flaws, as they should be, and her getting ultimately angry at that and proving my points even further. I can't say it's really been a joy going back and forth with her because she just spews out the same shit in different ways and somehow still manages to have people gawk over it. It's still her claiming she doesn't need to retain and keep this plague of a reign going and that she isn't the arrogant one all while looking down on me, spitting in my face and telling me I'm not good enough and never will be. She doesn't give a fuck about where I come from, she resorts to my serious injuries to try to use them as ammo against me, tell me I'm just another tally mark, another statistic as if she's the white cop and I'm the unarmed black kid. 

Of course I'm devoted to ending your reign, Aria. I don't know what challenger wouldn't be. I mean, that's what this match is all about, right? I'm not here for fun and games or just to go shopping in France. I haven't been putting countless hours upon hours in at the gym, watching all the tape in the world, just to lose. When I do something, I dedicate myself to it ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. And those are just for my regular, weekly matches. A world championship match has me at two hundred percent, if not three. I sound like a lot of things: emotional, angry, bitchy. Congrats, you noticed I'm a human with emotions. But the thing is when I step inside the ring, I shut everything else off. You will be my sole target, I am not thinking about the fans, my family, my city when I hear that ding. I might as well be a machine. I already told you I have no connection to you and therefore this isn't gonna be Aria versus Cloud two. You don't have any reason to get emotional, I was stating your win off of Cloud was due to that, so you repeating that back to me was kinda pointless and stupid but you love to reiterate things I already talked about in order to take up time. The only thing I will be feeling is complete confidence. It's funny you say I'm the one who thinks she's the best thing to ever walk the earth yet you were the one calling yourself a prodigy, calling yourself a queen, saying you're the leader of the new breed or whatever the fuck that nickname is. Is it really that wrong of me to want to end your reign so badly? That's determination, not ignorance, sis. You don't have to take my word for it, that I am perfectly capable of ending your reign and I'm not anything like the others, but you can't say you weren't warned because while I'm not one for persuasive speeches, I really tried. You aren't the first one to read my name and write me off so really, I'm not that surprised. I've been fighting my whole life, that's why I brought up my city and how I came up. You keep speaking Chicago's name in vain and I'm not fucking with that, don't be shocked. You've taken my side comments and turned them into a much bigger narrative than they were ever supposed to be, but don't think that's my main focus. This IS about the title and about beating you for it. Everything else is fluff. You aren't buying anything I'm selling, that's clear. I say I am a dominant and superior athlete and you say strength doesn't matter, I say I'm the best I've ever been and you say it's not good enough to beat you, I say I beat women you've beat and you completely refuse to acknowledge it, I say I've come back from the impossible and you look at that as a random fun fact and say it isn't gonna translate to the ring. The ring isn't an equalizer by any means, if that was the case maybe you'd LOOK at me as your equal but you don't. I'm just a peasant who's way too overconfident in her ability to overthrow the monarch. 

Those people that throw everything they have into wanting to defeat you all made mistakes. They threw all these insults at you with nothing to back them up, they faked conviction, but I don't throw shots I know won't hit. That's gonna be more of your thing. Nothing about you pisses me off, Aria. It just makes me laugh. You are held to a higher standard than everyone else all because you've managed to manipulate them, whether you wanna admit to that or not. You've been built up as the measuring stick of Empire. Any woman who signs a contract immediately compares themselves to you because they wanna be where you are, with all the money and fans and glory, the house in the Hills, the brand deals. I don't. And because of that, I'm the villain. I'm goddamn stupid for believing in myself. Maybe a year ago, I envied you but now I seek to replace you. No one should want to be you. I'm not gonna have to explain anything except the extent of your injuries to your little fans on the next episode of Empire because I'm dead set on breaking you. Mentally and physically. You've never once been in the ring one-on-one with - not somebody like me - WITH ME MYSELF. WITH ASTRAEA JORDAN. I don't have to cling to any almosts but you choose to ignore the wins I did grab, and that's your fault. Our time together tomorrow will indeed be an accomplishment because it's gonna signify a new beginning and crown the new face of EAW: Me. Did I have to formally announce to the whole world when I first came here that I wanted the Women's title? Would that satisfy you? Would that finally make you think that I actually wanted this the whole time? Any woman who decides to enter this business wants to be the world champion. It's foolish to think the opposite. Whether it's for money or because it's a lifelong dream, we all do. You did. I'm sure you weren't trying to challenge the champ right out of the gate either, honey. I knew my boundaries. If I showed up on my first day and said I wanted Cailin Dillon's title, I'd be seen just as arrogant as I'm seen as now and probably get embarrassed. Could you imagine that? No one smart would voice their intentions immediately like that. But keep reaching to find a legitimate flaw within me. I'm not thankful because I don't think I deserve this shot, don't get it twisted. I'm thankful because two years ago, I couldn't get into a wrestling ring. I was told it was all over for me, that I'd have to go to college instead of back to wrestling training because I had not a cent to my name sitting on a hospital bed or sitting on a table with the inside of my knees exposed. THAT is why I'm grateful. I'm grateful I got to get one more shot at what I've wanted all my life, grateful I was able to properly recover, and grateful that a company like EAW even considered signing me. Don't flatter YOURSELF, bitch. My come-up had nothing to do with you. And there are no questions as to why I got here, it's pretty well documented. But why would you know? You only watch your best friends. Whether it was you or Cloud coming into this to face me, I was gonna treat this the same. And may I mention that Cloud didn't exactly earn her shot the right way either and was literally handed to her by you, but we can keep ignoring that for the sake of you saving face. You've been in the title scene because once upon a time, there was no women's brand and you were one of the few ladies here a couple years back. You got to be in that because of longevity. I mean, hell, the belt was created barely a year ago. Don't make that any bigger than it is because like I said, if I was here two years earlier, I would've been right there with you. While you've certainly improved since then, given you were able to win it at Pain for Pride X and hold onto it for this long, so have I. I'm not a random jobber who thinks she's tough shit. I'm Astraea and I KNOW I'm tough shit. Mr. DEDEDE knew it. You consider him one of your little inspirations but can't seem to believe in his word. I would've never been granted this opportunity if he didn't think I could get the job done. If a legend like him can see the it factor within me, see that I'm so very different from a Madison, Alexis, Cam, or Azumi, then you should too. But you already have it planted in your brain that you're gonna walk out of France and get on that long ass flight back home with that championship in your lap all because you don't wanna think anything of me. The winds of change are blowing and your "pillar" is gonna be knocked down with it. I know your reign isn't the only constant, in fact the other is another long ass reign in Jamie O'Hara as World Heavyweight Champion, I'm not blind. I pay attention to everything happening in EAW. Another constant? Champions being overthrown by the same people they were so confident shouldn't be anywhere near them, the ones they forgot about. Tiberius Jones was finally conquered by Heart Break Gal, Nico Borg cashed in on The Pizza Boy, Nobi, the underdog, beat Prince of Phenomenal and Stark to win his first title. All of those give me that extra drive. You can only hope that history doesn't repeat itself and that you aren't the next casualty. 

I know that going into this, it's one-sided. You're the champ who hasn't been beaten yet, I'm the challenger who hasn't made much of a splash yet. It doesn't seem realistic that I would win this to pretty much anybody outside of my circle. And that's fine. I've lived a life full of many doubts, this isn't anything I've never faced before. Your social media posts, your fans, your merch, your face, it doesn't piss me off, it motivates me and that should scare you considering we already know Stade Velodrome is gonna be packed with plenty of ugly blue wigs as far as the eye can see. 2017 was full of losses but you still managed to get out with all those wins. You're way overdue to face your fears in the face. You can pretend that I'm no one special but I know as soon as we get into that ring and lock eyes, I'm gonna see your true feelings. California's sweetheart isn't all she's cracked up to be. You're a damn fraud, Aria Jaxon. It's a shame only me and a couple others can see through the bullshit. I said Astraea Jordan is for everyone and I am. For all the people who were looked down upon for not being good enough, faced major setbacks, experienced grief and despair in their lives, lost everything they've loved, those at the bottom who can't even afford to wish they were at the top, I'm fighting for you. Life is unfair, there's nothing we can really do about that but if I can show you that anything is possible, that it's possible to rise up from those ashes, then mission accomplished. For anyone else who's fallen at Aria's feet, this is for you too, whether you like it or not. You put everything you had into trying to take this woman down because you saw what I see and while you failed, that word isn't even in my vocabulary anymore. It's not even a thought to me. For my friends and family, I'm getting you out of the slumps. Aria assuming these checks I've been getting are enough for everyone I care about to make their lives better means she obviously doesn't know STRUGGLE! For Chicago, WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP! No longer will I settle for less than I deserve. I DESERVE THIS MATCH, I DESERVE THIS TITLE, I DESERVE TO BE THE ONE TO END THIS REIGN! IF ANYONE HAS A PROBLEM WITH THAT, THEY'RE WELCOME TO BE THE FIRST TO CHALLENGE ME! My wins, my strength, my speed, my determination, my motivation, my resiliency, that's all being overlooked. If it's idiotic for me to have faith in myself and what I can do, then call me an idiot! I by no means expect this to be an easy fight but it will be a fight I win. All the talent backstage who talk shit under their breaths will be forced to hold it from now on. All the people who mocked my catchphrases, refused to buy my merchandise, who wouldn't spare me a second glance, who ganged up on me because I was different to try to cast me away back to obscurity. This is where all of that ends. Years of hard work is about to pay off, years of recovery and therapy is about to pay off. My father never got to see me live out my dream and he's no longer with us but I'm dedicating this to him. He would be so proud to see his little girl where she stands right now. Aria Jaxon will never know any of what I've been through and it serves her right. She isn't worthy. Living in the ghetto with no heat, losing family members to gang violence and terminal illnesses, being broke, getting evicted, spending weeks bedridden, having everything I've ever had ripped out of my grasp..I'd do it all over again if it meant getting to be here in France and participating at King of Elite in a world title match tomorrow night. This is the culmination of not just everything I've worked for in my wrestling career, but just life in general. I wasn't supposed to make it but here I stand, with a FULLY REPAIRED KNEE, mind you. It's my turn to sit on the throne. I have nothing more to lose, I've already seen the worst of the worst. I think it's time I experience one of the amenities of life. 

Just because you've been around that title longer doesn't make me any less of an opponent, Aria. I'm THE opponent, one that's gonna take you further than you've ever gone before, one that will do whatever she has to no matter the consequences to see the fruits of her labor. "Astraea better" isn't just a meme cucks on the internet get triggered over, it's truth. I have worked too damn hard to get this far and be sent to the back of the line. That can't happen. It will not happen. Your stans can come out in full force, they can shout from the rooftops that nobody is ready for you, keep DMing me telling me I'm about to get my ass whooped, but none of them know me or what I can do. Your yes men can whisper into your ear that I'm nothing to be worried about and that your reign is safe, they can keep saying they can't see you losing it yet, it will only make my victory even more glorious. I tore Maddie's leg apart without breaking a sweat, I can't even imagine what I'll do to you if provoked enough. Go ahead, watch my combine performance and laugh, watch the Empress of Elite tournament and watch Alexis Diemos pin me, whatever makes you feel a little more at ease going into this. It'd be a mistake for me not to put EVERY OUNCE of my being into this, it'd be a waste. I don't know what you're preparing for exactly but I can guarantee you can't prepare for what I'm about to hit you with, what I'm about to shoot at you. And this bullet? It's heading straight for your heart.
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Post on January 5th 2018, 3:21 pm by Megan Raine

Did you really spend an entire few minutes speaking about how you think I want to fuck you?


You really are this foolish, aren’t you? I really did not want to believe it. Oh my god, I didn’t think I would be cringing at the thought of your words by the end of this week Consuela considering your position on Empire, but I am. Over the course of this week, I went from looking forward to dethroning a talented champion such as yourself to feeling embarrassed that somebody like you represents this very women’s division. I am quite simply appalled… but am I shocked? Well, not really. I guess I should have expected this kind of behavior from an Ava. I just do not even know what to say to you at this point, Consuela. Despite everything, you have made it quite difficult coming back at you with some firepower behind my words without attempting to repeat myself. Bravo is to be had! Kudos to you! I just don’t know if you should be feeling proud or feeling humiliated though because the reason I can’t think of anything to say back to you is simply because your idiotic words have dug yourself this hole that you can’t seem to get out of. Why is it that this entire week the only interesting stuff you have come out and talked about is my personal affairs with Mr. DEDEDE and the fact that you think I want to fuck you? You’ve attempted to tarnish my name and throw shade onto my careers outside of wrestling but it is nothing I haven’t heard before. At the beginning of this week, do you remember what I challenged you to do, Consuela? You probably don’t considering you got your head so far up your sister’s ass for you to even listen. I challenged you to throw something new and fresh at me. I challenged you not to be like my past opponents and offer the same points of view they all thought would get under my skin and get into my head but ultimately failed for them in the end. Consuela, congratulations! Welcome to the club of women that got eradicated by The Storm! You are just my next victim. Here’s the thing Consuela… since my return to EAW, I’ve overcome and succeeded in obliterating all the obstacles put in front of me, but right now there’s only one more left and it is you. The supposed biggest obstacle of them all, but from the way you’ve come across these past few days, I got to be blatantly honest with you. I’m not scared. I’m not worried. I’m not even nervous. I am ready to take it up a notch and expose you for the absolute disgrace of a champion and a human being that you truly are! It’s about time someone came around and did it. You have been running around this entire Empire locker room for way too long pretending to be this caring and loving individual when really you are nothing more than an Ava. Oh, but you welcome exposure right? Any exposure is good exposure is the term I believe you reality stars use when your name is brought up in TMZ. What is it this time then, hmm? Cameron Ella Ava and Jamie O’Hara have their second domestic assault charges? Camille Ava finally does something more with her shitty journalistic career instead of writing MVE’s every week for the EAW website? The father of the Ava sisters realized he should have pulled out and shot his load all over the wall instead? Well, how about that! I just wrote the next season of True Avas for you, Consuela! Feel free to use all these ideas. I don’t really want the credit because I know I am better than a bunch of spoilt little cunts with daddy issues that can’t seem to get their own way unless they’re sucking the dicks of men that are way above their league.

I am quite sick to death of it all, Consuela. All of it. How are you allowed to walk and roam freely throughout this world knowing just how much of a true disappointment you are? How has nobody apart from April Song - a woman who is barely relevant now - put an end to you? I feel like you have gotten lucky, Consuela. Fortuna must have been slipped some extra diamonds to make sure your luck was skyhigh in 2017. 2018, I make sure you never see the true light of day again. 2018 will be your darkest and most depressing year yet. And while you’re sitting in your room a few months down the track after realizing just how right I was in everything I’ve said crying to your sister while the cameras are rolling for True Avas, I hope you see that it wasn’t all worth it in the end. But it’s a little too late to turn your life around and restart from before you became a spoilt little brat. You must now live with the guilt of it all.

So with whatever else you managed to say to me the last time you opened your mouth with your Fabreze scented breath, I think I should run down what you said anyway despite it all being shit I have heard before. Perhaps I’ll offer a reminder as to why the women before me lost to me in the first place. Once again, you have failed to even bother to take two minutes of your time to Google my name. You failed to bother to take two minutes of your time to look up a little about my backstory. My personal life. My youth. But you know what, it bothered me at first but now I really do not even give a single fuck. You don’t think I give a damn about the wrestling industry? Fine. Have it your way. You don’t feel I am passionate about this business then you will soon be hit with a rude awakening as to why I PROMISE you that I am. Please, if you are so confident in the fact that I said I am only here in the wrestling business solely because of Keelan, then feel free to pinpoint exactly where I bought that up. Please, I’ll wait. In the meantime, I’m going to tell you a little story. You see, I didn’t become a professional wrestler because of Keelan. I met him THROUGH an independent wrestling show in Australia. I told him how I have always wanted to be a women’s wrestler since I was a little kid and he took me under his wing and helped me live my dream. He created a wrestling school called Brisbane Pro Wrestling Academy based in the Central Business District of Brisbane, Australia. You think I am making this all up now? Would you like me to provide a link for you to their website and wikia page? Perhaps I can slide it in with one of your many shithouse agents you have. Again, if you bothered to do the research, it would say that I managed to pick up the art of submission-based wrestling and Strong Style in a year’s time. I was called athletically-gifted by Arnold B. Have, another head trainer there. From there, I attended a tryout at EAW and next thing you know, I was signed to Empire. There, you know my backstory now. Happy? You still think I’m here because I wanted to do something my ex boyfriend was doing so we could share a common bond? Fuck outta here. And now you coming out to say Cam is cheering for whatever rugby team her dumbass boyfriend goes for because she just wants to be supportive. How about she tries being her own woman instead of leeching off the success of Jamie O’Hara? Here’s where you might be wrong the most, Consuela. When Keelan and I broke up, it was because he cheated on me for some red-haired bitch that isn’t even relevant here anymore. I almost… ALMOST… gave up on wrestling because of all of that drama. But, I didn’t and you know why? Because I realized that, again, this is what I wanted to do the most. So I spent months working to better myself and now here I am, only three months later, challenging for a championship. The truth is so fucking clear Consuela but you’re in denial. I don’t understand it. It’s all there like an open textbook, but I guess you didn’t learn how to read when your daddy home schooled you right? As we continue to move along, again…


If he decides he wants to stop seeing me, then fine. Whatever. That’s up to him. We aren’t in a serious commitment, we are not thinking about dating, we are just bumping bellies. I’m not here returning with a new boyfriend or anything like that. I’m here to knock out dumb bitches like yourself and win championships. That’s it. I don’t know if you understand that men and women can sleep with each other without being in a relationship, but it’s a very possible option. Once again, I am sorry no man ever wants to stick their dick inside something that smells like a washing machine. Perhaps you should have thought of that before throwing your stupid, moronic insults my way that don’t even make any sense! Get a grip with reality, Consuela! Stop living in this fantasy world you are in!

Consuela, this time WILL be different for me. It will. I said it at the start of the week that I did not come this far just to fall. I refuse to let all of this experience and my lead up to this very match be a waste of time. I demand to make this opportunity mine, and I can do that by ending your reign at King of Elite. The reason wrestling happened to be a second option for me - and AGAIN YOU WOULD KNOW THIS IF YOU LOOKED ME UP - is because of how I was struggling to find a sufficient school where I lived that would take me in and teach me at a young age. And Consuela honestly, when I overcome the odds and defeat you at King of Elite, then - and only then - are people going to see how much I take this business seriously. They are going to see that with the effort and determination I put into this very match that, yes, maybe this was a dream of hers from the very beginning. No, you are not Sydney St. Clair. I wasn’t coming into this match with the thought that you ever were. But you know what you are though? Well, put quite simply, you are a two-faced little bitch who’s going to soon be a former two time EAW Specialists Champion.

I’d tell you to fuck yourself back, but that’s nobody’s job.

The storm is coming...

The storm is coming...

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Post on January 5th 2018, 12:24 am by Aria Jaxon

“I don’t see Aria losing the title this soon.”

“She could duplicate Cleopatra’s reign and be champion for a year, perhaps.”

“Where does she go from here?”

“What does she do now?”

If I let that seep into my head, I’d be doing most of your work for you. And no matter what you say, I don’t NEED it. I never have. The hype and pats on the back have kinda just come with the territory, but if they all vanished tomorrow? I can promise you, nothing about the way I conduct business would change. I wouldn’t be losing a wink of sleep over other people’s doubts or feelings. The so-called Hitler youth, the fans you claim I’ve indoctrinated, and the crowds you say I’ve manipulated, they’re never more outspoken in their belief of me than they are when a title match is waiting for me. It’s not something I ever planned on. We take our first steps in the ring and put our bodies through the wringer for the sake of being wrestlers first and anything else second. So often, people have ulterior motives, and I never understand them. Some of them wanna be famous, like there aren’t easier paths to that. Some of them want money, like there aren’t a million ways to earn fast cash. Some of them want validation and pats on the back, when they could just surround themselves with a circle of kissass friends who’d tell them what they wanted to hear. Where I am now, this is the vision I’ve had for myself my entire life. When I started training at sixteen, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what this journey would take out of me, but it would be a while before I truly knew. I guess when you start down this road as some deer-in-the-headlights high school student, you dream of what it’ll feel like to have people on your side and to have them cheering your name. You’re entirely too caught up in appearances and you crave that respect and acceptance. In no time flat, I realized I was a fool to be in this for anything but the art itself. There are no guarantees in this business, you know that. As somebody who has more than once been a defective ligament or two away from losing it all, I’m sure you know all too well that if you’re not risking life and limb because you love this shit, then the risk isn’t worth it. Nothing I’ve done over the last two-and-a-half years has been done with the express purpose of becoming anyone’s hero. Ain’t no Lady Gaga “I live for the applause” bullshit going on. I feel like I’m far too flawed for that. And yet, when I walk down the ramp and I look out into the crowd, I see all those little girls wearing my merch and mimicking my entrance. All I can do is try. I can TRY to live up to what the most impressionable fans think of me, but it’ll always take a backseat to my priority -- furthering my legacy. My most vocal fans, though, are probably the outspoken IWC pundits, the ones who run the stan twitters and dedicate entire blogs to me -- another byproduct I couldn’t have planned for or would’ve ever asked for. They’re the ones speaking shit like “NO ONE IS READY FOR ARIA!” into existence, and for some reason, it’s worse to hear it from them than it ever would coming from me. All the people who put their faith in me, it seems to piss you off. And why? If you’re as sure of yourself as you say you are, why the fuck does it matter what anyone outside of this match has to say? You’re not the first opponent to say that was lighting a fire under their ass, that they had this burning desire to prove everyone wrong, and it’s hilarious. Also sad, but mostly hilarious. “I gotta stick it to everyone who dares to predict you’re gonna win!” is pathetic. I know that in this match, you’re going to bat for only yourself and your interests, but you also couldn’t help but mention how quick the world at large was to write off some of my past opponents, Azumi especially. Was it so fucked up for NO ONE to have thought she would win, considering her track record? She’s a choke artist with a golden ticket that she sat on for months and only decided to cash it in when she was desperate to save face after a disappointing loss. She picks the worst possible way to chart her path toward me, but eeeeveryone else is a bad guy for raising an eyebrow and asking her why she was so certain that it was a good idea. I know, I know, anything could happen, right? And that’s what you hang onto. It could’ve been a factor in my other defenses, too, but I took that element of surprise, that chance in hell that anyone else had of dethroning me, and chewed it up and spit it the fuck out. That’s what I do. I render that chance and that hope of the woman standing across from me null and void, because I don’t have any other choice if I wanna hang onto what I’ve shed blood, sweat, and tears to keep in my possession. And yeah, you’re right, I admitted that I love the idea of shifts and change when it comes to anything aside from my reign. I’ll cop to that, I don’t give a shit. Is it selfish? Maybe. But it’s also the same frame of mind that any sane champion would be in. You think you get to the top by making concessions or contingency plans? Fuck no. You won’t make me feel bad for it. I can guarantee you, if I stood here talking about the maybes and could bes of my reign, you’d say I wasn’t sure enough of myself to be here and that I had no business being champion. Just like you, I depend on my actions. Much as I might enjoy all the pre-match bullshit, it’s what I do in that ring that’s landed me where I am. The difference between your actions and mine is that your actions ended up with you being the woman giving chase. You’re the one with the chip on your shoulder and getting invested in being devoted to striking me down. My actions, whether you agree with them or not, have kept me champion longer than you’ve been relevant. And when you leave Marseilles, at least being able to take solace in the fact that I passed you to have the best match of your career so far, you’ll have to accept that I’m not everything you’ve made me out to be. I’m not what my fans have said I am. Hell, I’m not even everything I’ve told you I am. I’m better.

I gotta circle back around to you saying you’re DEVOTED to ending my reign. You got a problem with everything from my fiancee to my fans to my hair dye, and this is where we’re gonna clash for the duration of this week. For someone who prides herself on having taken somebody out for no reason other than the fact that it was just business, you sure as fuck sound like you’re in the business of letting emotion creep in and dictate your words and actions a bit. The same thing you tried to come for my and Stephanie’s necks for at Bloodletter. You get mad at me for treating this like another title defense, which it IS for me, no matter how highly you think of yourself. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t just agree with the shit that I say, because though I barely know you, you don’t seem like the type to do that. But for some reason, if I don’t buy into YOUR vision of Astraea Jordan, if I don’t stand here and sing your praises, I’m dead wrong and I deserve to have my neck broken for daring to underestimate you. You’ll give me a run for my money, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is just another match I gotta get through to extend my reign. I understand that you think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and that it’s the worst thing in the world that I’m not conceding to an Astraea victory. Funny thing about that is, the first time you spoke, you got on Stephanie’s case for letting emotion get in the way of her title shot, blah blah blah. And I’ll admit, emotion was a giant factor in that match for me, too. I’d say it was all bubbling under the surface, but it was all pretty plain to see. What’s the polar opposite of that? What’s the “right” way to approach a match like this? To look at it as clinically as possible, and that’s what I’m doing to you. You’re right, with Cloud, I drifted away from that approach entirely. It doesn’t make it right, but that’s what happened. I did let her words seep into my head, I let her actions linger in my subconscious because no matter what, I couldn’t shake the effects of everything that our years of history had done to me. But it just goes to show how completely and utterly discombobulated I was heading into that match. Unfocused Aria, reeling from a goddamn concussion Aria was the one who walked away with that championship. It took that win to get me back on track and remind me of who the hell I was. Don’t flatter yourself by thinking I have any reason to get as invested with you as I did with Cloud. I don’t see your face in my nightmares. You’re crazy if you think you’re occupying that much space in my head. You ARE another opponent. You ARE another name on a list that just keeps growing longer and longer with every FPV that becomes a memory. But I get it, I’m about to bite the big one because there’s no way I’m ready for what Astraea’s bringing to the table! Chicago molded her into something I can’t fuck with.


The wrestling ring is an equalizer. People from all different walks of life and all different backgrounds decide to chase this dream and the truth of the matter is that it never really matters what led us here. Growing up somewhere in particular -- or not growing up in a certain place -- don’t make any of us any less ready for the rigors of this life. Just as you don’t care where I’ve been or who I’ve beaten, I don’t care how much you think you’ve improved in a short time or how high you think you’re bound to rise. And I for goddamn sure don’t give two fucks if you think anything you went through outside the ring has anything to do with why you think you’re gonna beat me. But hey, you’re not the first person to think a girl with a relatively idyllic upbringing wasn’t meant to tangle with anybody who caught themselves thinking they were exceptionally tough. Yeah, the toughest thing I ever had to endure was my parents splitting up, and that happened so long ago that I don’t really remember what it was like to have that weighing on me. I grew up in the Fairfax District, which is about as far from the projects as you can conceivably get. But do you think anyone’s ever given a shit? You think anyone’s ever given me a free pass or held my hand because I had the “good fortune” of coming from a nice home? Don’t worry, though. EAW pays us more than enough money for you to buy your mama a house in whatever Chicago suburb you wanna put her up in. You won’t need a champion’s bonus for that. Any struggles I’ve dealt with have all been of the pro wrestling variety...but wait, they don’t mean shit because I don’t know what it comes back from a torn ACL! Wanting so badly to prove me wrong is what’s making you go for broke now, but you know what happens to people who throw their entire being into wanting to destroy all of who I am? The people who can’t stop at winning a title, the ones who can’t seem to stand any part of who I am and are looking to get a boost from taking everything from me? They ALWAYS end up empty-handed. They always end up letting themselves down, and in your case, it’d also entail letting down the family you say cares so much about you and the city that’s at your back. Just because I have questions about how you wound up here doesn’t mean I’m budging from wanting to take on all comers. You getting to step up to the plate wasn’t my call, now was it? But you can get turned into a statistic just the same. All this shit you’re talking, all this popping off about sending me back to the States in a body cast? You can scream about it until you’re blue in the face. My fiancee, my run on top, hell, my fucking social media posting habits, you can let it all seep in and piss you off. The only thing you SHOULD be worried about is how you’re gonna explain away this loss. You’re good at that, though. You carve out your highlights where you can find them, because what you’re clinging to is pushing Cailin to her limits and ALMOST beating Alexis. Hey, baby girl, hang your hat on whatever you need to. The next closest thing you’ll have to an accomplishment after this weekend will be looking back on the time you shared the ring with me. You’re welcome.

I know all about who you used to be. That nice girl obsessed with justice wasn’t quite getting where she wanted to be. She was tired of the injuries, the dirty tricks, and not getting to where she thought she belonged. A not-so-little change of heart has resulted in the most prosperous chapter of your career yet. “After all,” you’ll argue, “it wasn’t until I stopped giving a fuck that I actually started to see results. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be facing you.” And you’ve got it in your head that the next natural step for the new and improved Astraea Jordan is to knock me off my throne. The Women’s World title means everything to you why? Because you not too long ago decided that was the case? Because DEDEDE charted your path to it? You’re grateful to be here, and you should be, because we always tend to be thankful and pleasantly surprised to receive things we think we wouldn’t otherwise, right? Enjoy this moment. It’s your recent obsession matched up against the fact that I’ve been somewhere in this title’s orbit virtually since the time it was introduced. I’m intrinsically woven into the young legacy of this belt, and you think I’m about to let it slip from my grasp so you have a souvenir to take back home? Fuck all that. I never said my reign was the only constant in the WHOLE company, just on Empire. And if Consuela wants to hang onto her belt and join me, more power to her. Contracts have run out, general managers have come and gone from this brand, but I’m still standing. Loss, injury, personal bullshit, having a big ass target on my back, NONE of that has been enough to make me abdicate, but you’re convinced you’ve got the magic touch. You’re about to find out why I’m the pillar that no one’s been able to knock down -- and discover that you’re not that much different than anyone who’s come before you. I can promise you that’ll be a bitter pill to swallow.
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Post on January 5th 2018, 12:11 am by Moongoose McQueen
1-4-2018 - Smooth Sailing

Revy’s Inner monologue
It has been 6 days out at sea since we sailed off. I let them borrow my ship because Moongoose needed a favor, and seeing how he is an idiot that can’t swim, I tagged along. For a hot head, he sure sinks like a stone when in the water. Not saying that I care, but he deserves to die doing something spectacularly stupid in front of a crowd, and this would just be pathetic. Damn Savannah Sunshine, she has made me soft. Anyway, Shimmer is trying to make sure that the boat gets to where it is needs to go, and he is constantly trying to make use of the compass and the steering wheel. But that piece is just decorative, and so is the sail. For a person that likes to getting drunk in the sea, how stupid would I be to not invest in one that can drive on its own in a set direction? Like that would be irresponsible of me to drink and drive when all I can do is set coordinates, point it in the right direction, and press go, and get wasted without a single fuck in the world. But alas, I’ll let him think he’s doing something important. But I already know we are heading in the right direction.
As for Moongoose though, I wouldn’t say that I’m worried, but he appears to becoming more and more erratic as time goes by. He’s losing quite a lot of weight, and he’s starting to look like a mess. I suppose that is kind of my fault, as he doesn’t drink, and I mainly stocked my boat with different kind of boozes instead of food. Guy is probably dehydrated and starving at this point, but he insists he is fine and will make use of it. For example, he has been trying to meditate to create some mental link with Carlos Rosso, as he has no way to know if Carlos has said anything about him. He keeps saying he is close. Like he is very close to becoming spiritual. He told me he saw a vision of Brody Sparks bathing in a glow, shouting to him to come over to this side. God Bless her soul, but unfortunately, Shimmer panicked and ruined it for him.
Anyway, I’ve seen this type of behavior before, on the battlefield among the men I fought with. The grueling conditions of being exposed to the elements without proper resources like food and water. It drives men into a madness, a sense of desperation, really puts them on edge, and in a way, they become liable because of how much danger they present to themselves and others. This is why I always keep a gun by my side, and despite just laying there, playing passed out, I’ve been keeping an eye on him. And I have to say, he hasn’t changed at all since we were kids. Just constantly either sitting there with an intensity and focus, and others just doing some stupid weird tai-chi slash jedi poses and stances. What a fuckin’ nerd. But he does seem more invested because of it. Like you know how you can tell when someone is really feeling it? Like when they aren’t going to shoot for thrills, but to kill? Essentially, someone that just doesn’t care anymore who they hurt, including themselves. What can I say, that’s how I try to live, but atleast I keep calm and look cool doing it. He however, well, let’s just say he doesn’t seem to care how stupid he looks. (Moongoose is shown doing yips and yells, while doing flips and kicks, and…. Dance fighting?)
Now people will say, that means they have no shame. But I was always taught in this family that it really means there are no boundaries we aren’t afraid to cross. It’s brave and bold, and nothing more, and that is how we should live. I always felt like Moongoose always tried too hard to please others. He also tried too hard to abide by a code or a sense or moral. But with all these nonsense he has been spewing the last few days, he has ultimately admitted he was just being selfish and saying things aren’t going the way he wants it to go, and he’s being a big baby over it. Ugh, it’s times like this, I wish I can just rub a little rum on the lips of the baby, or atleast just put a bullet to the head of a grown ass man, but unfortunately, I’m related to it. And now, as I watch him, here is doing the same old talk he has done the past 2 days every hour to make sure Carlos hears him. Yes, he has officially become insane, and thinks he is a telepath or a jedi master. I kid you know. He has spent hours and hours screaming, “I am a Jedi! I Am the Destined One to bring balance to the force!”
God, I hope this never gets out to the public.

(Camera pans over to Moongoose screaming to the sea, acting almost as if he is seeing Carlos Rosso right before his eyes in a distance)
Moongoose: Carlos?!! CARLOS?!! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!! THESE PAST FEW DAYS I’VE BECOME EVEN STRONGER!! Both physically and mentally! I’m going to assume with lack of hearing anything from you that you are avoiding me. NO, ITS NOT THE LACK OF SOCIAL MEDIA OR A NEWS OUTLET. I JUST KNOW YOU ARE SILENT!  But whether it’s by land, by sea, or air, I’m going to find you. I’m gonna getcha, and I’m going to make you pay. I’LL BE TEARING YA APART … CARLOS!!
You think being quiet is going to intimidate me? You’re wrong, you are so wrong. If anything, it makes me want to fight you even more. And this isn’t just one week of pent anger. How long ago has it been since you sucker punched me at Territorial Invasion? That was what? November? Don’t think I forget. Don’t think I don’t remember giving everything I got, watching your back, securing wins, and giving my best, only for you to take it for granted for your own selfish gain. Oh, hoooo. And it’s bad enough you didn’t even take responsibility for that loss. You had the audacity to say it was your team walked out on you. But why the hell would we walk out on you when we were winning? BECAUSE YOU ARE A MOTHER FUCKIN ASSHOLE!! But you know, there is a reason why you chose me for that team. Because I’m an asshole too, but in the end, anything you can do. I bet I can suuuuuuuuuuuure do better than you, and I’m going to be the asshole that cut your reign short. Yes Siree. And just when you think it’s over, oh no way. Because I still didn’t forget about that tart, Mao. I won’t let her go out and find another Carlos Rosso so she can spread that filth and disease around. I’m not going to let her set foot in what she thinks is her business, when she doesn’t even have the balls to step in it and fight for it herself. You think she is so tough? But what she do to you, Carlos? Told you would never make it without your help? She hit you with a hard dose of reality? Well, Carlos, I’ll tell you right here and now, no matter what happens, whether I’m involved or not, you will never be the world champion you so desperately claim you deserve.

Oh yes, there ain’t no stopping me from making your life a living hell unless you can do better than shock gloves. Was that the best you got? That arm of yours? Well how about I save you the trouble of trying by breaking it. Then truly, you would never have to lift a finger ever again to get what you want handed to you. COME ON CARLOS!! Say something back! I’m not going anywhere here! I’m waiting for you to say something! I’ll wait here for days, because it’s really no different than when Kenny purposely kept you away from me. But know that after I knocked your punk ass bitch on Voltage, if you don’t show up or say anything, it will only prove exactly why you don’t deserve to carry that belt. Come at me, bruh! HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT?!! Would you like me to turn my back for you so that you’ll actually do it? Would you like me to carry those gloves for you and put them on you and stand still? What is it going to take for you to actually do something by yourself against me? You going to tell me Talk is cheap? Well, your title win was cheap and it shouldn’t even count. Let it go into the bargain bin of Carlos Rosso’s greatest accomplishment for no one to care, but you best believe that the most satisfying thing that is going to come out of your title reign is how badly you are going to get your ass kicked losing it. It will be amazing, electrifying, and spectacular! FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC!!  And this time, Carlos, you can take all the damn credit you want for it. Why? Because YOU DESERVED IT! YOU DESERVED IT!! YOU…DESERVED….IT!! You will reap what you sow, and as for me? Well, keep that belt nice and shiny for me, because I’m going to want to see the smile on my face when I grab it out of your broken hands.

(Moongoose lets off a fake evil laugh as Revy is just shaking her head left and right over how ridiculous this look)
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Post on January 4th 2018, 6:37 pm by Keelan

You know I have been watching the two of you bicker for the past couple of days now. Since the last time I spoke, I’ve seen nothing but bullshit and falsehoods coming out of Darkane’s mouth, and a man with the words of determination come out of Theron Nikolas’ mouth. You two are polar opposites and it is evident on who is the most focused out of the two of you. But, despite my recent silence, I am still around. I’ve been asked by many why I haven’t been throwing in my piece of verbal attacks and opinions over the past couple of days while Theron and Darkane have been getting their rocks off. It’s simple. I don’t NEED to open my mouth everyday in order for me to get my point across. I’d feel like I’d run out of things to say too if I spoke out everyday to the same two people. That is becoming pretty evident with Darkane believe it or not. It’s pretty disappointing seeing a champion in this company such as Darkane begin to fall under the pressure of the main event spotlight. Don’t worry though, pal, it happens to the best of us; especially if you have never had a taste of it before. The biggest problem you seem to have Darkane is that you just are unaware of your EAW surroundings. That can be a big problem in matches if you’re not careful. I mean… you called Pizza Boy a 4-time world champion here in this company? Can we get a fact check on that one? I mean, how can you be so fucking blind, Darkane? Are you that unaware of what goes on around you that you feel the need to give off false assumptions without even offering to do the research? The same man you praised as a top commodity here in EAW and also slandered as well in the same week. I mean, the bloke is on YOUR fucking brand! How can you get this so wrong? I noticed Theron brought this up but you just swept it under the rug like it was nothing. Like you didn’t even say it. Own up to your mistakes, Darkane, otherwise it just makes you look even more like an idiot. That’s not even the juiciest part either, my friend. You managed to make another mistake too, and it might have been the biggest one of them all. A couple of days ago you started talking about Megan Raine, but not in the way I was expecting that’s for sure. You started to say that she was my girl? What are you, fucking retarded? Megan Raine and I have broken up for almost 10 months now. So all of that shit you said about Megan saying she’s had enough of me and is sick of holding my head in her hands after my crushing losses is correct, but in the wrongest possible fucking way. Megan Raine is a cunt, and she should be on her knees kissing my feet that I got her not only into this company but into this entire wrestling industry too. But you, Darkane, you really need to pay more attention. The mind is linked towards your actions. If you’re not paying attention to what’s going on in the world around you, how do you expect me to believe you’ll be paying attention in our match this weekend? I’m going to be coming at you with everything I got and what you have been saying this week pretty much confirms that you won’t see a lot of it coming. So, I don’t want to be saying the obvious, but uh… wake the fuck up.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have given you more advice but you know, I want you to be on top of your game in our Triple Threat match, Darkane. I want you to be 100% alert of what’s going on around you and I want you to be paying attention. Don’t let your mind wander. Don’t second guess anything. I want you to show me exactly why you are a champion here in EAW. Prove to me you’re not just some cannon fodder until the next Dynasty guy dethrones you and has an even better reign then your current one. We got a superstar shakeup coming, Darkane. I bet you’d hate it if Dynasty gained a whole new roster that features talent more superior to your own. If I see you lose your belt within the next couple of months to a new Dynasty guy, then it would render everything I have been saying absolutely correct. That is the only reason why you’re a champion in the first place is because of how dead Dynasty currently is. But how about you prove this guy that hasn’t done anything to deserve any recognition or done anything that matters wrong. That’s my whole goal with you this week. Prove me wrong. I don’t feel like I need to say it any more times than I currently have been, but please I want you to. I don’t want to face a Darkane who doesn’t have his head in the game. If I want to be the King of Elite, I want to win the crown by defeating the two very best individuals EAW has to offer. I am fully aware of the lack of actual talent Voltage has, Darkane. Again, if you were paying attention, I mentioned that my whole goal in the King of Elite tournament was to be the Voltage representative because I was embarrassed with the Voltage pool of competitors involved. Cody Marshall, El Ironico, Ryan Wilson. I could go on. I don’t need to prove myself wrong, Darkane. I need to prove everybody BUT myself wrong. There is a big difference in the two. I know exactly how capable I am in retrieving that crown. YOU need to wrap your head around that same fact. I’ve been proving dumb cunts wrong since day one and I don’t plan on stopping that anytime soon. You will just have to be one of the many when I win at King of Elite. Hope that’s okay with you, buddy. I know how tough of a hill I have to climb; I have been climbing it all season. I’m almost to the top… I am so, so close. One step forward, two steps back huh? Perhaps you are correct in saying that but I welcome challenges such as that. Like I’ve said, failure makes me stronger, better and a much more dangerous competitor. As much as I want to win this crown more than anything in the world right now, I will accept failure should I find myself defeated at the end of the night. The evidence is all there to prove my case if you want to bother going back to research the past few months, but I mean that’s not something you’d do anyway so how about you just take my word for it then. Let us just see who is the more focused man come this weekend, but by the looks of it, it definitely is not going to be you.

Theron, what can I say that has not already been said numerous times this week? You are right, it is easy to make certain claims. It’s easy to say whatever you want and making it seem truthful. It’s also easy to say whatever you want and making it sound like a blatant lie. I know how to do both things, and if I were lying in my words you’d know it. I don’t often like to show the cracks within my soul but they are there. My weaknesses can be viewed by the naked eye and a lot of people like to try their best to use them against me to their advantage. It’s always the same schtick though. Nobody can ever use my weaknesses against me without saying the same thing over and over. Is it a curse? Is it the only thing people know? While we’re on the topic of easy things, for my past opponents that have fallen beneath my feet, it must have been easy for them to jump on top of my weaknesses without no real direction. However, with yourself Theron, you have managed to do it in a different light. It is awfully refreshing to see and I am quite taken back by it. You understand my fight. You understand my intentions. You understand the strenuous journey I’ve been taking for the opportunities that I have earned, much like I understand your own. I’m sure Showdown is a jungle; a forest full of beasts and dangerous carnivores that are starving and chewing at the bit just to get to the top. Heart Break Gal managed to get to the top; a woman in a man’s world. What a time to be alive, huh? I’m sure that with every week that goes by on your brand, Theron, that the pressure continues to build and with one little misstep, it can all cave in on you just like that. I’m not denying that Showdown might be the best brand in EAW today, but when you take a look around EAW as a whole and you see the likes of myself, wouldn’t you think that I would do a pretty good job on that show too? I had one shot at Jamie and I was the closest man to dethroning him to date. You saw that Chamber match… I know you saw it. But, you said it yourself; you have no doubts that there will be a day where I will find myself with the world in the palm of my hand. Should the moment have happened already? Perhaps. Being out of active competition for almost five years is sure to have one a bit rusty when the eventual return comes. However… I wasn't. I managed to find myself in a championship match six weeks into my EAW run. I’ve had three championship matches in my EAW career thus far, and I have found myself facing defeat in all of them. What is it that I could be doing wrong, Theron? I realized eventually that I managed to get to the end, but just didn’t go the extra distance. I’m starting to learn from this mistake now, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the week, this match is going to boil down to who can go that extra distance. Will it be me, a man who will finally catch a break after all this time and come to terms with his one goal in becoming the face of a company once again? Will it be Darkane, a man who has no real direction and is probably holding a championship because Dynasty is a shithouse? Or will it be you, a man who without a doubt has had the similar pathway as myself but without the veteran experience behind him? It’s the question the world wants answered but they are going to have to wait until the eventual war to come.

You bring up the fact that I use failure as motivation again. How come you changed your point, Theron? You brought up how we all find motivation from different places, and you seemed to be okay with me finding motivation from failure. If you’re going to change your mind, then fine. I am not going to be the one to stop you. Personally, I don’t care, however I just find it interesting. You’re right, I haven’t stepped up. I have been saying this all week. I’m quite mindful of it all. But the thing I find funny Theron is that you’re speaking like you’ve WON the world championship now. Who are you to question the fact that I haven’t stepped up when you yourself have not done the same? How the fuck do I expect to reach YOUR level? What fucking level?! We’re on the same tier, you moron. The one that manages to defeat the other will then move up to that next level. And yeah, you know you’ve beaten former World Champions too and that’s all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, what does it matter if you haven’t got the gold to prove it? I’ve beaten Carlos Rosso and Zack Crash. They’re former World Champions. Does that make me any better than you? No. Does you beating former World Champions make you any better than me? No. Not while we’re standing on the same platform with a hundred foot drop below us. Whoever pushes each other off at King of Elite will be the one to prove the other wrong, and if you are going to be the one Theron, then I will openly admit that you’re on a higher level than I am. People might see you over me already, Theron, but I got a lot of fans that see us as equals. They want me to give you yet another heartbreaking loss. They don’t want to see Showdown bringing home another accomplishment. So, apart from winning the crown, I have a whole new motivation now Theron and it is all thanks to you!!


EAW deserves better than to see that show continue to bring home the accomplishments. The reason they do is because that show features all the greatest talent EAW has to offer and I’d be an idiot to deny that fact. But you know what, if anybody is going to be the one to stop Showdown from bringing home that crown, it’s going to be me.

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Post on January 4th 2018, 6:01 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

This is the Stark I have been waiting to see all week. What took you so long to get here? Earlier this week, you can say that some sort of alliance was made to get Sheridan Muller to shut the fuck up. I can say that it worked well in our favor because we can finally focus on what I could see the final two of this match. There was no doubt that the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” was more than accurate to the person who brought us together as a force. Now, we are not friends. I just see you as another opponent in my crosshairs to become Openweight Championship. That is exactly what I can expect at King of Elite. There is no doubt that you will be pushed to the limit, Stark. This could be the biggest match of your career so far. I have no doubt that you are going to put everything into this match, but what happens when it is not enough to stop me? What happens to your road to redemption? Does it stop there or will you move on to redeeming yourself from that loss at King of Elite. There is no denying that you are beginning this year trying to make a comeback for yourself. You’re trying to find the Stark you were before you lost the National Elite Championship! You are trying to find the fire within you that is going to burn you with the passion to keep on going in this match! For this match, I want you to look away from any issues that are getting in your way to succeed. I want you to focus on delivering and exceeding the expectations everyone currently has for you. Sure, you are trying to redeem yourself. You are currently trying to figure out how you’re going to defeat me and get that title on your shoulder. People only have visions of the man who lost the title to Prince of Phenomenal. People have visions of you tapping out to Nobi and getting yourself kicked out from Showdown. From those two occasions, I people do not see the Stark I have been seeing the entire week. People are going to think that I am going to destroy you and take this title for myself. Exceeding expectations is something that you should want to accomplish in this match. Despite the result, the goal is to make these people believe that you can redeem yourself. You can redeem your work ethic and you can be someone EAW would be proud to have in their company. This has been a different approach for me. A few weeks ago, I would have been looking forward to discouraging you, but I sympathize with you. I was on the same road as you once upon a time. I proved that it is possible to make a great comeback. Despite how much of a bitch people see me as on Voltage, Sheridan has drained me of becoming that bitch that people know me as. Just like those downfalls has made you approach this Dynasty experience a lot better than you have normally on Showdown. I take it as a humbling experience unlike Sheridan. I refuse it to make me more arrogant. I refuse to fall down the same path of losing. That is my biggest concern going to this match. That should be a concern for you as well, Stark. You don’t want to lose. You refuse to feel failure again. Those losses that you experienced on Showdown piss you off. As of right now, that is what people will judge you from. Just like my matches on Voltage. They’ll judge me from my loss against Jamie or my loss against Moongoose and think that it is going to phase me. When it comes to these things, you can’t let a loss phase you. If you do, then you will be giving them what you want. This is what Sheridan wanted to happen this week. She wanted to push me against the wall. She wanted to bring up all these irrelevant things to get under my skin. She was willing to stoop so low to get what she wants. She wanted to be such an edgelord that it is eventually going to bit her in the ass. I’m not going to hold no punches with her and it’s the same with you, Stark. The Openweight Championship is on the line. This can be my only shot at becoming a future World Heavyweight Champion. 

And, I am not going to let it slip away.
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Here we are once again….

How many times are we going to have to do this same song and dance, Jacob Senn? How many times must we have to fight? I really wish that we could have called it a day at the last match that we had but then you go ahead and dig our rivalry back up by giving me a reason to despise you once more. Given the way your career was going you weren't even on my radar but you just had to do it didn't you? You had to run down that ramp and attack Nasir Moore - or Escobar, or whatever the fuck he wants to call himself this year - in the middle of our King of Elite match! You could have handled your business with that man either before or after the match but instead you chose to drag me into this by going out of your way to screw me over and cost me the one thing I had left to look forward to. After three years of waiting to get the crown this year's tournament was the most certain I had felt about it. It was in my sight, nobody left in that field was better than me! Shit, the man who ended up being our representative in the end already had two straight losses to me. I could have been in his place but you, wanting so badly to get attention, trying so hard to compensate for your failures and looking like a big man, barged in and made that main event all about you! You want to be relevant so badly, you wish you could be a factor in pro wrestling again and so you're willing to do anything to get that fame. Well congratulations, you managed to creep your way back at the forefront. The headlines got your name on them, the commercials are talking about your antics and hey, you got a singles match on one of the Big Five. You have the people's attention. Most importantly MY attention and trust me when I say that that does not bode well for you and your well being. I guess that doesn't matter to you though as long as people are talking about you again. 

You’re probably jumping for joy at this match seeing as you now have a "chance" to get back on the right track and it shows. On TV you have been all gung ho about running into this fight with me, as evident by that attack from behind last time on Dynasty. Real ballsy move....It almost seemed as if you had forgotten what happened to you a few years ago, but thankfully you proved me wrong in that account. I heard your comments from earlier this week outside of the ring and you mentioned it yourself how I was unlike anyone else you faced. You were carrying yourself a bit differently from the person who was acting like he was going to tear my head off on Dynasty. It gave me hope that you smartened up and why wouldn’t you? Last time we fought I changed the way people viewed you, for the first time you were introduced to someone was leagues above you. Jacob Senn, the man who can keep up with anyone, was made to look like a rookie. I brutalized you with no weapons needed, no cheating tactics, no outside interference, nothing but my own two hands. Everyone else you have ever fought win or lose, the match was still reasonable, you were equal. Forget about Mr. DEDEDE's match with you at Pain For Pride, at least you were able to lay your hands on him, it was ME gave you the most humiliating loss of your career that night. Our encounter wasn't even close, the matches aren't even comparable, let alone the other experiences being above what I did to you, and that's the most puzzling thing about your video to me. You made it obvious that you didn’t smarten up at all, in fact you're already looking past this. You put other priorities above me. You harped so much about wanting to come back from that loss to DEDEDE and finally beating Nasir like they're the biggest issues you have on your plate meanwhile you're heading into a contest with me in just a matter of days. You can say otherwise but at the end of the day I was brought up in last in your conversation; you acted as if I were going to be a mere side note in the grand scheme of things. When it came to this rematch and the result there was no talk of obsessive plotting or training for it, no months of waiting for redemption like you have with those other two, you just choose to believe that you can magically learn from our last match and get a victory. 

One would think you'd head into this with much more caution instead of blindly thinking you've become better from it. You talk about entering this as the underdog this time around yet you had no issue trying to act like a badass and jump me head on. If this is a match that you dwelled on and took such serious notes about how come you never bothered to call me out like you have been doing with your past enemies? Deep down you know beating me isn't as feasible as the other two men, you took your shameful loss and moved on out of fear. You mentally blocked me out a long time ago and probably wouldn't have bothered to revisit our feud until I publicly called you out for this match. Tell me, how have you been able to better yourself in preparation for this match? What wins do you have to back it up, what footage have you studied? You don't just somehow improve from a beating like that simply because you're a few years removed from it. You don't just "learn" to withstand a barrage of strikes, you don't just "learn" to get up from the kind of offense I deliver in that ring. You're right that you’re a different man than you were when we last faced but it's not because you've made any improvements, it's because your career is on its last legs. You're at your career low point right now yet somehow feel comfortable placing yourself into a situation that you couldn't handle when you were prime. I've always had your number Senn, even before I delivered my infamous ten powerbombs. We faced in almost this exact circumstance before: you wanting to redeem yourself after falling off against a big rival and me getting caught in the crossfire. Months before our Dynasty supershow encounter I had beat you to retain my world title. During this time you were so focused on spiting Zack Crash you ignored my capabilities and instead saw our match as a win that had to happen, one that would fit the narrative of you climbing up the ranks to get to the bigger opponent. Does this sound familiar? You're as stupid now as you were during our battles back in 2016. You're in the same place mentally and in a worse place physically. Meanwhile I'm better than ever for this match and have a greater motivation than last time on on top of that. Before I had something to prove to myself and the critics, I didn't even have a direct issue with you when I bloodied you in that ring, I just wanted to show the audience I could still go after Pain For Pride. Now it's personal; now it is just flat out anger at you. You're not a stand in for the people I have beef with this go around, you're not an opportunity for me to show off, right now you're a piece of shit who robbed me of what I desired more than anything else and all I want to do is get vengeance for how you wronged me. Do you not understand this? You act like you know what's in store but it appears you haven't truly comprehended it yet, you see this major challenge and default by saying you’re going to win yet you have no idea HOW. The victory is just meant to come together and fall into your lap by the grace of God. I hate to break it to you Senn but this isn't some quick match you can use to get you out of your slump, I'm not one of those bums on the Dynasty lowcard or another over confident meathead, I have a proven track record and you know that.

I just don’t get it. In your current state there is no reason for you to feel safe, no excuse to step up to me in the way you have yet here you are, throwing all of these shots at me, disrespecting me as if I haven't lapped you as a superior a long time ago. You can survive this, you're right in that regard but you went well past your actual options for this match when thinking that a potential victory was on the table. You are so desperately trying to convince everyone you're going to turn your career around and pull off this big win against me. You spent so much time talking about what I can do in that ring and what I’m capable of but It’s like they’re just meaningless words to you. They reinforce how much of a top competitor you are and incentivize your win. In your mind you can weather the storm. Everything is going to be alright in the end if you just take the pain and keep on moving. Better man have tried that strategy and look how they turned out, Senn. Nine times out of ten underdogs don’t actually win in real life, they get pummeled. I don't even think you actually believe an underdog win is going to happen, you're just wishing for it. You want a comeback story so bad. There are so many classic tales in not just wrestling but in sports of people suffering major setbacks and returning to top form and getting their storybook endings. To you this is just another one of those stories and I'm playing the role of a chapter in your life that you're about to flip right past. It all flows together so well: you beat me, you beat Nas, you beat DEDEDE and then you go on and become a champion again! You have to beat me because it's the only way for your journey to make sense. Before you redeem yourself against Nas and later DEDEDE, you have to get one over your original bad defeat, the smaller obstacle in your mind. I'm just an odd for you to overcome in the overarching story of how rebellious Jacob Senn burns Dynasty down and makes everyone kneel to him once again! My previous dominance of you only serves as added drama, something that will make the win you so desperately desire look all the more spectacular. You've openly put yourself in the position as the little guy who is going to scrape on by, you have created this set-up of David versus Goliath!

You want to force this story, your own thrown together "reality" into existence. A reality where you can be the "MAN" again. You want this all to happen so you don’t have to face the actual world, a world where the climate of wrestling changes and some people can't keep up...a climate we're currently living in where Jacob Senn is one of those people and does not fit as a main eventer anymore. I’m sure you tensed up when hearing that. That is a hard pill to swallow, isn’t it? It hurts your pride having to take that, you don’t want to admit that it's true! We’re in a climate where Jacob Senn can’t lead the pack anymore. Jacob Senn is now middle of the road and your enemies, the people who you want to redeem yourself against, are all examples of your physical limitations. They are your leaders now instead of your peers, they are the top dogs in the current environment of EAW and that's why their defeats of you eat away at you so much. While you're falling off after three years Mr. DEDEDE has managed to adapt and keep himself on top for almost a decade now and with the case of Nasir Escobar, he's coming in and filling the role you occupied since you came into EAW. He's become your successor and has eclipsed you in popularity. Hell, look at me, we came up around similar times and yet we’re so far apart in status. I have kept my career fresh every year, I get better and better in fact. The reason why you're so angry at the world and acting out is because you can't keep up with your former contemporaries. Nasir did nothing at the end of the day, Mr. DEDEDE closed your feud by beating you and then he kept it moving, he won't even acknowledge your cries for attention after he shat all over your soul at Pain For Pride. There’s no reason for you to be hung up on them other than your own personal insecurities. You've been met with failure after failure meanwhile the people around you are still finding ways to keep on moving and do good for themselves. Your legacy, your reputation, all of your beliefs that you have held true have been falling apart around you. You have nothing left anymore. You haven't contributed anything of worth since your World Heavyweight Championship reign, ever since all you have done is decline in skill. Dynasty is not defined by you and can continue to exist without you. If you have any common sense you should be able to see that. I have done a much better job of carrying this brand than you ever have. Even when you had the belt I was a bigger deal than you. You don't want this match Senn, it's just going to expose you further. I'm sure you know the result, I realize now you're talking this big game for show. In the back of your mind you recognize that you have no chance of leading this movement on Dynasty or taking the industry over again like you once did. It's just that this is your last stand. You HAVE to believe, you HAVE to try, even if it's futile. The desperate side of you is taking over and making you act irrational. I'm doing you a favor overall, I'm knocking some sense into you. Your peak has been passed, you're not moving on from this. There is no comeback for you. You treat this match like a pit-stop, something that will add to this delusional narrative you're crafting but really it’s just me piling on to to an already miserable current run. This is no side-plot or practice contest, I’m not here to give you your win back or make you feel better before you head off into next big match, this is me letting out frustration, this is me going 3-0. I honestly wish I didn’t even waste my time doing this, I’m helping you by doing this seeing as you needed this match more than anything, you needed the clout that I am giving you at the moment because without it nobody would have even gave a fuck that you weren't on the show. You can act like people are closely watching your climb back to the top and watching out for you to make moves again but face it: the masses don't give a shit about Jacob Senn or what he has to do, but they will take a glance at whoever he piggybacks on for relevance. I'm gifting you a high tier match. I am giving you what you hoped to get from Nas and DEDEDE; you're nipping at their ankles hoping they'll drop down to your level and bless you with a big match. On Dynasty you're the equivalent of a beaten down man begging on the street with his hand out; someone who has fallen off and is down on his luck, forgotten by society. You are someone who is being left out in the cold to die off. This brand was once your home but now you have been removed from it. You are in no place to challenge me as the standard bearer of Dynasty, you don't even measure up to half of the man that I am! How can you break me when you can't even topple Tomi Venus? The window closed for you to be on my level long, long ago! You had one last hurrah in early 2017, hold onto that, remember that fondly. That magic has vanished though. You can try to catch lightning in a bottle again but you’re just going to set yourself ablaze in the process.

You won't be reclaiming your place at the throne anytime soon but there is a placing for you in the hierarchy. At King of Elite I'm putting you in a spot right next to Tyler Parker for Elitists who need to be left in 2017. A former King of the world, turned jester in the eyes of many. Get accustomed to rock bottom Senn, this is where you’ll be staying for the rest of your time in this business.
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King of Elite 5

Now that Sheridan Muller has been thankfully and deservedly silenced - for good - let’s get out heads back in the game. King of Elite is a mere two days away, and as happy as I am that we won’t be hearing from Sher anymore, I still have to face the reality that I’m up against not only the most accomplished Elitist I’ve ever competed against, but against one that might honestly want this Openweight Championship more than me. That’s no admittance or confession, mind you, it’s just something I need to accept might be true. It’s at this point where even reflecting on every challenge in my career won’t have me ready for this match. I just haven’t faced someone of your caliber yet, Cam. Trust me though, that doesn’t scare me one bit. That doesn’t worry me at all. If anything, now I’m even more determined, more motivated than I’ve ever been. Every opponent I face who I can say at the start of the week with no shame is better than me doesn’t dishearten me at all. I live for these challenges. Nothing makes me want to improve, nothing makes me want to push myself to my limits, nothing makes me want to climb one more rung up that totem pole than an opponent who I have absolutely no shot of competing against without pulling up to the match at not only my best, but better than my best.

At this point Cam, you are that opponent. Win or lose, you’re going to be the opponent that gives me the push I need to ascend to your level. You have to me know enough at least to know that I’m no defeatist. I don’t take things sitting at all, be that my detriment at times, but still. I’ll stand by who I am and what I’m capable of, I’ll stand by what I believe in and I’ll fight to defend those ideals regardless of whether it helps me or hurts me. Perhaps I’m just stubborn to a fault. But that stubbornness is what brought me to this very match that you yourself are competing in here. Look, you know I’m not going to play that “oh haha she’s a girl and I’m a boy so I’m going to kick her ass no questions haha” card. I’m all too familiar with your work. Cameron Ella Ava was one of those names that I’d always heard being at that elite level, even when I wasn’t in EAW, hell, even when I didn’t know what EAW was. Backstage in those AWL locker rooms, your name was included in the ranks of the likes of Mr. DEDEDE, Y2Impact, just to name two amongst countless others. Is that something I’m going to sit here and take lightly? I understand what reputation means. I understand it from my own experience, how easy it is to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard building up. I busted my fucking ass to get where I was at Pain for Pride X, I worked harder than most people did that week and it all paid off when I beat Rex McAllister; but two months later and I was back on my bullshit and no fucking surprise, that one loss to POP is basically all that people use to define me now.

Can I even blame them though? I mean, you did it yourself the first time you addressed me this week, and I’m not going to lie. It still pisses me off, every single time I have to hear that shit, especially when it’s from clearly inferior competitors like Sheridan Muller, or some of the scrubs I had to run through to get here to King of Elite in the first place. Even from you, I was irritated that someone who’s had all of the career experiences you have would fall back on such an amateur tactic, holding one bad night against me. Now obviously, I knew you were trying to motivate me with that, because like me, I know you don’t want things handed to you. If you did, you’d find two meandering fools like Sheridan did for The Axis and take the credit for all the work your cronies did for you. That path is as dark as it is unfairly easy, and sure, if your bottom line in this industry is to get everyone to not only hate you, but hate the fact that you exist in any close proximity to them, then that’s the best path to take. So perfect how that worked out for Sher. That’s what I do with my opponents; unless they’re absolutely vile trash bags like Sheridan Muller, of course. But I do my best to motivate them, I do my best to get them in the same headspace I’m in any time I’m heading into a big match; motivated and focused with my intentions being nothing less than the championship or objective at hand. Now that sounds extremely obvious but when you’re dealing with idiots like Sher, you just gotta point it out sometimes. I don’t want half-assed, distracted opponents. I don’t look any better beating them than they look bad losing to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for you. Sure, you could run through a demotivated Stark like it was nothing. If I came into King of Elite with the headspace I went into Territorial Invasion with, you’d beat me faster than POP did. So for both our sakes, I do guarantee, you’re getting nothing short of my best.

This is the biggest test of my career to date, and I’m so perplexed yet excitedly anxious for what’s to come. I hope you realize I haven’t had a single opportunity like this yet. This is the first time I’ve even come close to catching a whiff of a World Championship here in EAW. I don’t think there’s denying that at my best, I’m capable of hanging with any single person in this company. Maybe that Awards Show battle royal win wasn’t enough to open as many eyes towards me as I wanted it to, and that’s perfectly fine. Because not a single one of the five men I went through to get to King of Elite measure up to who I’m facing there. And Cameron, while you’re one of the most respected veterans and legends of this company, I promise you, I’m on that next wave of elitists on their way there. The Openweight Championship is my ticket there, and I’m ready to put it all on the line for my first chance at World Championship gold. The winds of change are coming your way at King of Elite. Nothing I’ve ever done in my career compares to this. I’m completely unprepared, but at the same time, I’ve never been more ready. You wanted my best Cam? You’re getting better.
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King of Elite IV

Is that all you got? Yawn.

Theron, I think you're a man who has lost a lot of his luster, you're not nearly as indestructible as you were when you first started so it's no wonder why I'm not buying what you're selling. You had such a head of steam and then poof... it's gone with the wind. That's why you keep bringing up your victories over me, it's all you have at this point, you're trying to get a glimpse back into the Theron that once was and not the Theron that has been fools gold ever since. You're trying to reignite yourself with that same furious energy that you had to start your career. You use it as a mask to conceal your true emotions, that you're actually not so sure of yourself. I know you won't ever admit it but you're in constant denial, Theron. I said it before that we're both different from what we were all those months ago and what I mean by that is that we've gone in opposite directions. Just a few months ago you were at ground zero with your palms up in the air, tears streaming down your face, lost in yourself, without direction after Tiberius pinned you for the one two three in that grueling elimination chamber match and now you're starting to reassemble yourself through the King of Elite tournament and you've done okay so far even through skewed circumstances. Meanwhile, I have made a name for myself; it's just a fact in the months since we fought. I know it's a bitter pill for you to swallow but I've accumulated victory after victory, including in this King of Elite tournament and I know you'll say they're over a bunch of stiffs, but my victories weren't mired in controversy like yours. They were completely pure and I dominated whereas you barely and I mean barely escaped. If I were to really take you under a microscope I'd ask myself, what do you have to offer these days Theron? You have all of these empty words you spew and unfulfilled promises you try to make and I would even go as far as to say that you have the remnants of a stinging and broken heart. What you are Theron, is damaged goods. I know you're doing everything in your power to repair yourself since Road to Redemption left you in unfamiliar territory with a big fat L on your record, while you try to climb out of rock-bottom unscathed, but those haunting images of the past keep dragging you down into the black. They're a constant reminder that you're not unblemished. You can point and scream at the memories to leave you alone but they won't, they're like files in your brain and all you need to do is open them and let all of the anguish, all of the rage pour out like a swarm of bees. You can't help yourself, those memories have become instinctive at this point. You're such an angry, bitter soul with so much pent-up frustration. I almost want to feel bad for you, I almost want to help guide you back to pre Pain for Pride form, but then I remember that you're such a wretched puke who has stepped and spit on everyone who he has ever known for his own personal greed and has nothing to show for it. I have to push you down, back into wrestling purgatory, back into the frigid ice-cold darkness where only those same memories seem to play over and over and over again. I have to remove your mask and I have to unveil your shattered heart and take a massive fucking bite out of it all while revealing the cold hard truth. That's the only way you'll realize that you're the equivalent of a used up, crinkled condom and the only thing left to do is throw you away into a lonely ditch, there's no going back.

Believe what you want Theron, taint your words with sarcasm until the cows come home for all I care, if that helps heal your tattered heart then have a fucking ball. It doesn't make a difference because we all know the truth at hand here. Everyone knows that you're a lot of bark but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, you can't come through in the clutch. You spiral out of control. You point fingers, you blame others, you have hissy fists and everything you say and everything you do will cease to matter if you can't come through at King of Elite. It will all be for not. I know your game, I know you're trying to make me feel defeated before I even step into that ring. You're trying to make me into a mouse of a man, but again, you've failed, you're just not the same anymore man. Instead, you just bore me Theron, in fact, you bore everyone to tears. You're like a dime a dozen hooker in the red light district who think she offers something new and innovative but is just another dry clit at the end of the night. You're not fit to be king Theron, you're just an imposter at this point, maybe early on you were headed down that path to royalty but since then you're just another soldier in this war. A soldier that has been through hard times and knocked out of action, I'll grant you, but hasn't learned how to stand back up on his own two feet because he's still that same old petulant little boy at his core, the one who whines and kicks and screams, but nobody is going to rush to your aid to see what's wrong with Theron anymore. They've grown sick and tired of your act. Nobody is going to pay you any attention whatsoever. Instead, you'll just be left alone, forlorn in the dark where you belong. You'll be left there to slowly decay, with only your thoughts eating you from the inside out. All of your words are just woeful lamentations. They're cries for attention. Theron needs to be in the limelight or else the shadows of his betters will cast over him. That can't happen in Theron's world. It's inconceivable; unfathomable but it's been par for the course the past few months. You see pioneers like HBG storm past you in the race to slay the dragon that was Tiberius. You grind your teeth into your gums in fits of jealous rage to the point where you spit out blood when her hand was raised when she broke so many fucking barriers. That irked you to the core, you couldn't fucking stand to see it. You were blinded by fury because you think that you're better than her and it should have been you in that triple threat match, but then we're all reminded of three things:

Theron hasn't improved.

Theron has taken steps back.

Theron isn't the man he once was.

Why should I kneel to a man who can't even fucking stand?

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King Of Elite

Nico Borġ: On the exalted day that Christ had risen from his tomb, there were those even amongst his most ardent apostles who had trouble believing that he was truly alive. When word reached Thomas that Christ had returned, alive and in human flesh, the saint spoke cynically. “Except that I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe”. Although godly beyond compare, Christ’s trials in the flesh were intimately human. We all have our own crosses to carry. We all will find persecution one way or the other until the hour that we are born again of the spirit. Yet, the lesson to take here is not that we are less for our scars, only greater, for they bear testament to the strength of our faith when darkness loomed and the evils of this world came knocking. If even saints can doubt the coming of the one true Lord, then it comes as no surprise that our own lives as so fraught with questions and denials. It is a mundane fact of life. An inevitability. We fall short of his glory, and even those glories that belong to us will forever be contested. That is what I have learned on my road to becoming Answers World Champion. Still there are those who do not believe that I am worthy to wear this raiment of gold. At the awards show, I achieved my crowning achievement in ascending as Invictus Vindicem Vindicarum - Champion of Champions. And the world shrugs. In a sense, each man who stands up to face me in that ring asks like Thomas for more corporeal truth.   then perhaps you should wish to see my hands. To reckon those scars that attest to my nature. Look. See this one, stricken across my flesh as I battled to surmount all others and claim the briefcase at Pain For Pride. And it’s companion, etched by the cruel shards when I shattered Jacob's Ladder to earn that same briefcase a third time over. I have veneers in my jowl hiding the damage wrought in the war against Lannister. And going even further to the night that Pizza Boy first emerged as Answers World Champion... the dent in my skull where Ares Vendetta, having been escorted from the ring, returned to blindside me and strike my body down with the very Championship that I bear today.

Chorus: There is no covenant but that signed and purified in blood. No sign of faith so pure as sacrifice. And no crown so precious as a crown of thorns. Who on earth should question the blood that Invictus has bled in good faith?

Nico Borġ: It I far too easy to fixate on the events of Road To Redemption and to proudly proclaim that I took a shortcut to becoming Answers World Champion. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. The kind of Champion that I am is written in a script of scar tissue. In so many war injuries accumulated in so short a time.  I suffered for this and left much of myself discarded in that ring to not only hold this Championship, but to be worthy enough to elevate it. So I pray, let us not be blind and lose sight of the context. For my actions were entirely legitimate. The Pizza Boy’s reign? Less so. The man that he defeated at Pain For Pride had claimed this Championship under similar circumstances to I. What is more, that “champion” was a pretender. At Grand Rampage Lannister was all but vanquished at my hands, if not for the meddlesome Harlot Vendetta. I was not so blessed to have the world rally for my rightful rematch. Nor even was there an immediate opportunity to redeem myself by being crowned King of Elite. Still, at Pan For Pride the Pizza Boy claimed his right to call himself Answers World Champion… And so did I. In the beginning, “Invictus” was a rallying cry of faith. It was a symbol of my determination in the face of the evils that beset me. But it foreshadowed something greater. In time, Invictus became the streak. It came to denote the increasing belief that regardless of the opposition, I would remain an indomitable force on this brand. The championship and historic accolades eluded me and yet it became futile to deny my due. Not the beloved icon that the fans and Starrstan adored. But I was the star ever-present on the horizon. Infact, up until that fateful hour that I laid my claim, I had been defending the Answers World Championship just as long as the Pizza Boy had… In my own way. Now, this is the cue to scoff if one continues in refusing to believe that I deserve to reign as Champion. But I have not spoken a word of lie, Heart Break Boy. From the very moment that I returned to Dynasty as Mr. Cash In The Vault, I have been setting the bar. And more than that, I have been holding a mirror. I have shown each man with presumptions of raising this title how utterly their pride outstrips their wretched selves. For make no mistake, those covetous souls did not always knock upon the door of The Pizza Boy or Starrstan, pleading for an opportunity to write themselves into the history books. Just as often, it was I who answered the knock. I was the one who answered for their ambition. Be it the twice that I stalwartly maintained an iron grip upon the briefcase, or the countless times pretenders presumed that my scalp would be all they needed to prove that they were ready to reach for that final rung on this great ladder of being. And fate never flinched. Do you understand, Michael? I WAS THE GATEKEEPER! I HELD THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM! I always did. Time and again, men clambered up those thousand steps to look upon the pearly gates and there was I standing in their way. Not a soul marched through under my guard until there was nary a claimant left, nor any barbarian at the gate with evil designs. At Road To Redemption, my watch had ended. All that was left was for me to step through those gates and finally take what I had long since earned.

Chorus: The road was long and arduous, yet also straight and narrow. In spite of temptations and evils, he stood firm refusing the wages of sin and the fool’s gambit of unearned opportunity. Indomitable in spirit. Invictus in battle.

Nico Borġ: The irony is that, in my own way, I have done far more for the Pizza Boy than the likes of Brian Daniels, Tyler Parker or even you, Michael. Far more than all of his so-called friends combined. And I have stuck by him longer. Never once leaving his shadow. Never once abandoning him as you did across three seasons now. Over the months I have played my part;  it has so often been I who quelled the ambition of those who presumed to challenge him. Even so, going back to our days on Showdown, there has been no greater challenge to the Pizza Boy than I. Where friends left him cold and alone, I lit the crucible with fire. I drove him as no one else did. Under the heat and pressure of my presence, he was refined into the golden idol which he became. That is the effect that I have whether as Champion or as merely challenger. In a brand laden with Hall-of-Famers and veteran talent, when you look at the men besides myself who have really thrived here - The Pizza Boy and Darkane -  you see the two young men  who followed me here from Showdown. Two young rising talents, touched by my example. That is what it means to hold up the heavens and bear Dynasty’s burdens. It is about demanding more and setting the example week to week. Doubts in me will continue. And Lord knows, I have come to expect them. But I shan't be disingenuous. I am the Answers World Champion and I will continue to answer any challenge that confronts me with the same kind of performance befitting of that title. Our clash at King of Elite has been billed by some as something a “dream match”. A fantasy generation game between two men of different eras who profess to be led by the same guiding light. Indeed, when I was but a young lion, only just cutting my teeth in this promotion, the comparisons had already began.  In that time you were a distant star. More a symbol than a man. A statement of what people believe I rather ought to be, as opposed to a gleaming reflection of what I am. And yet, having seen you now in the flesh, I am disillusioned. If you presume to lead this industry is as you have been - from afar. But Michael, I lead from the front. At King of Elite I will once again prove this, and there will be no room for doubt in your mind that I belong on my lofty perch. In any case, the louder and less easily ignored questions threaten not the Invictus Champion but that old grizzled lion, The Heart Break Boy. I never consented to this match. And for good reason. You jumped a queue of men who have been fighting for months for the opportunity that you now hold. The opportunity that you STOLE only by exploiting Monroe. You have done precious little to earn this, to be generous. I look upon your frame and I see the vast array of scars. They tell of great wars. And Great Triumphs among them. But the more recent recall great failures. Perhaps once I have had my chance to press my fingers into the print of them, and to open new scars by my own hand, perhaps then I shall see you in a different light. Or perhaps not. I guess what I am saying is that I truly pray that you find a means to reignite the fires of old. I could want nothing more than for you to join a growing list of men who have been pushed to up there game by my presence. Let this be the fabled match for the ages. Let the “dream match” be born into flesh. But regardless, do not be surprised. Whatever privileged position you believe yourself to hold, I shall remain...

Chorus: Invictus

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished, Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 4th 2018, 2:27 am by Davidson
(We start this promo off in La Vieilla Charité, a museum in Marseille, France. David Davidson is spotted getting a tour. He is in a sharp three piece suit and has his Unified Tag Team Championship resting on his shoulder. He is accompanied by an unknown woman who could be his girlfriend, a fling, or just a friend. He’s taking it all in, paying close attention to the artifacts..just appreciating the hard work and skill put into each masterpiece. His smug looking face actually has a genuine smile painted on it, with a hint of humbleness. He knows there is an EAW cameraman there, for he invited him. He finds a bench and sits down. The expression on his face quickly turns into a cold stare, with little emotion shown. He readjusts the title on his shoulder before speaking.)

Time. It is our most valuable asset, yet we tend to waste it, kill it, and spend it, rather than invest it. A thought that has stuck with me for the past decade. Words.. actually no, WISDOM, that was passed down to me from a marketing and business teacher back in high school. Looking back at it, I was never the best student. Just like today’s youth, I thought I already knew everything that I needed to know once I entered the “real world.” I just remember going from classroom to classroom during the long seven hour school day. “Learning” about the various subjects our school had to offer. Yet, no matter the classroom I was in, I would go sit in the back, doze off, and then usually get sent to the principal’s office where I’d get a stern talking to about how I was supposedly throwing my life away. Ha, I’d like to think it all worked out in the end. Yes, that was in fact a last laugh. Just like Jack and I will get the last laugh come King of Elite. Now, what is up with this theme? This theme of time? Normally I don’t talk about this influential bullshit like most EAW elitists do, where they go on and on about life and how we can better ourselves by overcoming certain odds or certain struggles. That’s not in my wheelhouse. Do whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care..but I digress. There’s a reason why I thought of that time quote and it’s all because of your current EAW Champion, The Heart Break Gal. And damn, she sure broke my heart when I decided to take time out of my day to listen to her speak out about this match. 

So I listened, yeah that’s right, I actually listened to my opponents today, crazy concept right? It must be a skill that neither HBG or Cameron have mastered. They’ll get there eventually, though. So I put everything on hold, while listening to her dialogue. But I didn’t get very far. I got to the point where she complained and said, “We have to sit through these pointless ramblings.” Ramblings, huh? Are those what my thoughts and opinions are to you? Very well. I’m not going to argue with you on this. It’s become quite clear that you think we are only wasting your time. That’s fine. I’m sure Jack won’t let you off the hook so easily, and no, contrary to your own belief, I’m not Jack. Time is valuable, isn’t that right HBG? It’s something you can never buy more of. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So I’ll tell you what, “champ”..I’ll do you a favor. I’m cutting you out of this. You will no longer get any special shout outs from yours truly. You’ll get very minimal mentions, since I’m sure your name will pop up every now and then when talking to your partner. So pretend for a second. Pretend I’m writing on a piece of paper right now. Pretend I’m putting it in a tribal pot. Now pretend I’m Jeff Probst. I’m reaching into the pot now. I’m grabbing the piece of paper. And the next person voted off The High Rollerz island…and this is where I reveal what’s written on it..The Heart Break Gal. Now give me your fucking torch so I can put it out, then go walk across that dangerous wobbly bridge, fingers crossed you fall through and boom. Heart Break Gal is gone from my memory. Don’t like it? Fine let’s change it to some random ass game show like oh I don’t know, The Weakest Link? Okay David it’s time to vote off who you don’t want moving onto the next round. Oh, ok me. I choose HBG because she couldn’t bank us any money. Oh ok, The Heart Break Gal, you are the weakest link, goodbye. And good riddance. Now you can return to talking to the ghost of Tiberius. Exciting stuff. 

(David gets off the bench and walks out of the museum. We transition to his hotel room with the unknown woman, she goes in the bathroom and turns on the shower, while David goes to sit at the table near the window. He admires the view for a second, before he talks once more.)

And then there’s the other half, Cameron Ella Ava. Unlike HBG, I’ve taken a liking to you, you know that? It’s true. So therefore, at King of Elite I’ll be sure to knee your head off last..out of respect. Yeah, I would do that for you.. hey, don’t mention it. So I have your full undivided attention now, huh? Good good. I’ll probably regret it rather soon, but it’s nice to know. I mean, I suppose it was only a matter of time, dealing with Sher and all. Rumors are swirling that something happened to her? Don’t actually answer, for I don’t care. An opinion that we share, I’m sure. But no love for Stark? Perhaps a truce was made, oh well. This is about our match after all. And when it comes to discussing this match..I say once again, no progress has been made and why is that? Simple, it’s because you are pervicacious. Take your head out of the damn sand, Cameron. Just about everything we say, goes in one ear and straight out the other. It’s not a nice feeling when your words seem to be falling on deaf ears. Yet I keep trying. I keep trying to get through to you because I have no other choice. You are my opponent, whether I like it or not, which means I am constantly subjected to the constant hot garbage that you spew. I mean how can you even see straight, let alone keep your balance from all the circles you talk in? My ears have been absolutely tortured. Did you know that yesterday, when I was filming my video I had to yell cut? Yeah I had to get some tissues to soak up the blood that must’ve leaked from my ear drums. They’ve had enough. And quite frankly, I’ve had enough. Yet, I wouldn’t consider myself upset or angry. I’m not about to yell in vexation like you stated. I’ve been rather cool, calm, and collected…unlike my partner, Jackie boy. That’s just him though. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he isn’t able to tolerate bullshit as well as I can. Yet, we both have experience in that area. There’s a reason why your words have yet to strike a nerve. Its because it’s all been said before. Every team before you, used your same logic. Your same bullet points. You’re in a crowd full of grey. Yet you think you stand out. That your light shines brighter..there is no glow when it comes to you, Cameron. I’m sure your boyfriend has told you differently. All the nice sweet talk. Telling you that you light up a room. That you have this special presence about you that makes people stop and stare. I don’t see it. I don’t see what you bring that my past opponents didn’t. You can try to confute that by bringing up your accolades and achievements, but I don’t care. But if you must, go for it so you can feel better about yourself. Nothing you said up to this point has left a lasting impression. You can respond like a mature adult and say, “Oh yeah? Well..um, you haven’t either! Take that!” Notice I talk about your accolades in a very general sense. It’s because I don’t want to dive deeper when it comes to what you’ve done. Contrary to that little joke I made at the start, I don’t take an interest in the career of CEA. You are just another opponent of mine. Just another casualty on my road to success. I’m not going to treat you like some delicate flower or some unique snowflake. Allow me to repeat myself…You. Are. Just. Another. Ordinary. Opponent. That. I.  Will. Get. The. Better. Of. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 

I’m sure you’ll remind me of who you are because of that massive, unhealthy ego of yours. You do realize you have an ego, right? I’m just making sure because through your words and actions, you made that quite clear. I mean you actually had the gall to say we are obsessed with you?! Haaaaaaa! Good one Cam. You were joking, right? You had to be. If not, awkward. But then again it wouldn’t be the first time someone was laughing at you and not with you. So tell me, how are we obsessed? Oh because Jack apparently knew the number of times you talked to Sher this week. What was it? Five or six? I don’t know if you have ever been to EAW.com but there’s a page filled with videos from each elitist this week regarding King of Elite. And all the videos you did are right next to each other because there’s this thing called organization and I don’t know about you or the schooling you received, but counting to five or six is quite easy. But sure, pretend we are “jealous boyfriends” as you put it. I won’t deprive you of your constant attention…because I wouldn’t want you to starve. For this next part, I’m just going to tie up some loose ends. See this piece of paper? This is your transcript from what you said about us earlier. And I circled some stuff that I want to touch on. Sound like a plan? Sweet. I mean you don’t get a say anyways. So let’s start. Okay you felt the need to tell me that you think you’re a passionate person. I’m sure that’s something you can put on your future dating profile. Or headstone, but I don’t wanna get all dark. You still think you’re walking out with these titles. Tsk tsk tsk. You shoulda known better. It’s not gonna happen sweetie. 

This is why I said you should concentrate on your singles match this week. Winning the Openweight championship is more obtainable. Make realistic goals. I know it’s a little late, but that could be your New Years’ resolution. Am I allowed to say that? Or are you going to try to twist this again and say that’s too controlling and that’s somehow me being obsessive again? The only reason why I say that is because it seems like something you would do. Let’s move on. Okay, so you said every super team has made it look simple to take our titles away. So first of all, you think you’re on the same level as Robbie and Brian? Didn’t you just lose to Robbie in a tag match? The poor guy is suffering from CTE nowadays, so that’s kinda sad. Not about Robbie, about you losing to him. Or wait, are you saying you’re just as good as Ares or Lannister? Actually no, I’ll give you that. You’re for sure better than Lannister right now. Because well, word on the street is he’s still in a hospital bed. But this is all besides the point. In what universe did they easily take our titles away? Ask any four of them….actually no, five, because you gotta throw Tiberius in there since we had to defend our titles in some bs six man tag match. But then we got our rematch against The Triumvirate in a classic two v. two and damn son, we won. The better tag team won in an actual tag match, imagine that. Crazy shit. None of this has been easy, Cam. I hope you can now realize that. Just like I said this match won’t be easy. I never said we had this match in the bag, don’t put words in my mouth. No, there will be struggle. I’m sure I’ll feel the aftermath when I wake up the next morning, struggling to walk with a sore back. 

But yet, it’ll all be worth it when I see this title on my nightstand. Again, let’s move on. Here’s a quote that I need you to further explain and it’s, “You have no right to say that when your record of losing the title is larger than you retaining them.”  I don’t get that at all. I don’t see what you were trying to get at. You would assume that the line after it would help clarify, but it never did. Then you made a joke that the tag titles have been missing. I’m sure someone out there laughed about it. Probably like Chelsea Handler or some shit. Awful comedian. Doesn’t even know what humor is. So it would make sense she would chuckle at it. You complain we haven’t defended these titles in a couple of months. So let’s see what big events happened during that time. Oh, Shock Value. A Voltage exclusive. I get these titles are inter-branded but there weren’t exactly any worthy competitors, yourself included. There was also Blood Letter. Like really, I have to explain why these titles weren’t defended then? I mean, I guess we coulda faced Haruna and Azumi again, I know how much you love them. How did you describe them again? Oh yes, “boring asians” nothing racist about that. You know, if I didn’t know any better, you’re kind of a shit human being? Huh, I never knew. But then again I never paid attention to you until this week because you are my opponent and once this match is over, I’ll go back to forgetting about your existence in this world. I mean, even when you cost our matches in the KOE Tournament, I didn’t give it much thought. After all, it was kinda obvious it was you the whole time. You don’t exactly have the biggest stature. And the balloons helped narrow it down even further. In response, we never retaliated because we knew we would get our chance at KOE to “settle the score”, but remember ladies and gentlemen, we are the obsessive ones. 

How dare I point that out because it goes completely against your bullshit agenda. Oh well. I’ll be sure to slap my wrist. It deserves a punishment after all and I think that would be fitting. And then of course you talk about the lack of tag teams. Am I going crazy or did I not talk about this last time? It’s almost as if you’re talking for the hell of it. Like you’re grasping straws. For a ten year vet, or whatever it is, you somehow seem new at this. That’s a bad thing. A really really bad thing and it’s oh so telling. So again, I ask myself, must I talk about this subject again or is it possible for you yo go back to the last time I talked and hear my response? It’s because they are big names, she says. Yep, just like when RoViper held these. Teams were champing at the bit to take em away. Same goes with Ares and Lannister. Then again, we never let enough time to pass to see if you were right about your theory. And the same will go for you. Yep, you’ll never be given the opportunity to magically turn this division around. Sorry Cam. I’m sure you’ll give a valiant effort though. Next, what’s your obsession…yep, I just used the o word, your favorite, but what’s your obsession with wanting people to bet on you two this week? Oh I get it, betting, it’s our thing. So fucking clever. I on the other hand, I don’t care which team people bet on. Bet on us? Fine. Bet on Cam and HBG? Fine. If you wanna go broke, go right ahead, I won’t try to stop you. And as for you winning the Grand Prix? Again, I don’t care. Plus, if you take your rose tinted glasses off, then you would see that you didn’t win squat yet. I mean, you won the Grand Prix, yaaaay! Congrats, you now have a date with The High Rollerz and at King of Elite, you’re gonna get annihilated, slaughtered, obliterated..you get the gist. Different words to tell you you’re fucked..which you are. 

(David shrugs, pats his title and the camera fades to black)  
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 4th 2018, 2:04 am by hbg
When a relationship dies and decays, don't turn into a massive emo. 

What do they say about this again? One door closes, another one opens. 

You of all people should understand what that means, Tiberius. When my days of admiration and loyalty for Y2Impact was buried in the ground around this time last year, I never wanted to die with it, instead I move on until I found myself falling for another. And the same way your relationship with the EAW Championship, brittle as it was to begin with, broke and shattered unable to see the light of the day. You faced almost all adversaries together, you ensured the enemies fell to the ground as you walked off with a big smile on your face, that was, until this reign, this kingdom that you were so proud of building was burned to the ground one fateful night at Kingsroad. The so-called King has been overthrown! And the next thing you know, the culprit carries the gold that he promised to protect with his life. Do you really fault me for that? Is it really on me that I wanted to settle down and find my happiness? Do you really hate me for wanting and choosing for my best interest? Where's your support and love for your former boss lady? 

Right. It's nowhere to be found because you ended up spending your holidays a bitter sad little man, scheming his way to another match against me, stealing my gold in a desperate attempt to make the audience remember how you were so great as EAW Champion. Your eyes have almost popped out pink, you ball your fist in anger and rage, and you stomp loudly on the ground that you walked on, hoping that somehow, someway, a concerned citizen would see how frustrated you are that someone ended your time under the sun just like that, but by the end of it all, without the EAW Championship, you've been completely ignored and forgotten, and no one would even see you as nothing more than a dog trained to follow my every orders. Back to the bottom of the pit, you'll fall, but unlike the night at Mid-summer Massacre when you had Hexa-gun to land on, there is no "game-changer" to fall on this time. No one is taking you to another revolution where you can play your games and mock the world to compensate for your lack of direction. This is one of many things that separates a true spectacular athlete like me from a distasteful, lackluster, pathetic trainwreck like Tiberius Jones, even without a Championship in hand, the world still believes that I am capable of reaching further, making history and crossing territories even in the most difficult and unfavorable situations, while Tiberius Jones is just one of many million names that the world skip and scroll down when they see the list of the "greatest" talents EAW has... had to offer. All you can do is point out how confused you are about me calling myself the queen, when, isn't it obvious, TJ? The Queen stands tall. The Queen is the one who reigns over the peasants. The Queen has all great things in her possession, that other bitches from their small woopy cushion factory called "Empire" can only dream of becoming. While you're sitting there with no claim, no right to call yourself anything that resembles royalty. 

I don't concern myself with your reasons, Tiberius, I was moreso laughing over how our situation has flipped sides in a matter of months. The Tiberius Jones that once said that it's getting tiresome facing the Heart Break Gal is now looking forward to another dance in the ring again. Oh, how much you fucked up the moment you let me carry this title, because at this point, you can ask for a rematch once a month for the entire fucking year and you know it wouldn't change anything. I am the EAW Champion now, Tiberius, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can move on to face whoever it is that pissed you off in a given week on Showdown while gaining nothing but bragging rights that lead you to another form of pointless rivalry that nobody wants to witness, and all the while the world sees the "stuck up princess" prove her worth over and over again as the Queen that put her competition to shame. I'm sorry that I don't like spending time in dark alleys you built your kingdom in and risk getting raped and murdered, I am sorry that I'm not like you who spends a great deal of his time sniffing wet paint and begging for spare change like the loser that you pride yourself of being. I am the Heart Break Gal who deserves all good things in this world -- I like my wallpapers red, I am very strict of my coffee's temperature, I am so materialistic that I make lists of the things I want to buy and the places that I want to travel to in my fucking sleep. I don't venture to the darkness, but it doesn't mean I am afraid of it... and just because I'm not afraid of it doesn't mean I am risking my life and career without any greater reward by doing so. Believe me, Tiberius Jones, everything I do is for the greater good... the greater good being me rising high up the ranks that nobody else comes close. And whether it is outside interferance that led me to this point or your own carelessness and lack of urgency on keeping it from happening, you are forgetting the fact that I AM at this point and no "what ifs" is going to change that. If I have to leap off a fucking ladder again and risk getting injured myself just to put you down, I would do it. If I have to give all of my strength and everything I have just to kill off your future chances, I wouldn't hesitate. If I have to cheat and maneuver my way out of difficult situations just to keep the EAW Championship on me, you know damn well I wouldn't think twice. I will continue to stand at the top of the pyramid as the Champion while you waste time reminiscing "that one time the Heart Break Gal was pushed off a ladder by her pal TJ". You still hold my near-injuries at Road to Redemption against me, completely forgetting the fact that just weeks after at Kingsroad, you and Marx nearly injured me too... or at least, tried to. You were comforted by the idea that I wouldn't get on my feet again, too occupied with history repeating itself that you don't realize that a different history is being formed right before your very eyes. So continue to be careless, Tiberius, for the consequences of your stupid actions will be a much bigger burden to carry after King of Elite. You will see me walk off with my EAW Championship, celebrating my victory and looking forward to coming home to my dear husband, while you sit and stay there in the middle of the ring, drooling on the ground in anger, wondering why and how such an ingenious plan for an early dethronement of the Heart Break Gal failed just when you needed it the most.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 4th 2018, 1:54 am by Jack Ripley
Cam why should I respect you? 

Is it because you have this uncanny ability to choose the right dick to suck to get to the top? Very proud of your dick choosing abilities, but unfortunately it takes more than that to impress me. Let's be real with each other, you've had more help in this industry than anyone. You strike me as someone who has had a bunch of relationships in the past, all of which are in this company. All of which being people in some high places. With some stroke if you will. How else could you continue to get away with such piss poor performances on the mic? A shame, but I must sift through the shit, so let's get this over with. 

Why haven't we defended our titles? We've been waiting on your dumbasses you moron. You won that tournament how long ago? October? November? You are next in line, and have been for a while. The real question is, what's taken YOU so long to step up. Holy shit man. How can anyone be capable of this level of stupidity? In what way, in what world is it the champions job to find the next opponents? If there isn't a tag team worthy of fighting against why even have a damn match? Do you understand how stupid that sounds? I mean you know what the general managers job is Cam? It is to manage the day to day operations of the brand. Meaning creating matches, putting them together, it's literally his job to do it. So why haven't we defended our titles since November? Other than the fact it's been your turn, and we've been waiting for you to grow a pair and actually tell us when you wanted the match... Well why don't you ask the GM? As match maker he should've done it. But hey, we were a little pre occupied doing that whole King of Elite tournament thing. You know the tournament to determine who exactly was in the final three. Not like the Openweight Championship match.. the match you were literally just handed for absolutely no reason. 

Did you honestly say that WE should be thanking YOU for this spot? You're the ones challenging us. You're the ones that claim to be scratching and clawing through a tournament just to be named number one contenders. I mean Cam where does this superiority complex come from? Your husband? Do you just bask in the light of what he's done and automatically think that it involves you? Do you not understand how wrestling works? Oh yes you were so ready to have a championship match, that you didn't even attempt to actually come to talk to us like adults and say, hey we want our championship match at blah blah blah. Whenever you wanted it, it was up to you, not us. You never once actually talked to us about it, and while you were hiding under a mask and playing tricks, we got tired of waiting for you and went onto something else. Here's a tip for next time, want to have a match with us? Instead of attacking us every week under a mask, actually talk like an adult. I know that's very hard because you have the brain capacity of a toddler, but it's ok, you have time to learn how to adult. 

You say that you're able to concentrate on two different matches, but you're already struggling just with the talking part. I'm not even talking about just us either. Everyone is inside your head, and you're flustered. Honestly Cam I don't think you have what it takes to win either of these matches on Saturday. Whichever match goes first if you lose that, you're definitely losing the second one, because you're way too mentally weak to pick yourself up, and shake it off. There's only so much you can take before words start messing with your mind right Cam? That's not how a champion responds to adversity, a champion is ready for anything, and takes it all in stride. You on the other hand shrivel up and die the moment someone says something that you don't like. Fight back, be something special, you don't have to prove it to me obviously, but to yourself. Do you actually believe the words coming out of your mouth? You shouldn't because they're very stupid, and ignorant. I mean god damn, if you're not repeating yourself over and over, you tell lies, or say some stupid shit. Fortunately alls not lost, you're still perfectly suitable to be the President of the United States with the amount of senile shit you say. I can go line by line, and pick this steaming pile of shit a part. Like this one Cam, "you may have the tag titles, but what’s the fun of showing them off when there is no tag team that seems to give a damn about you guys? I mean, does EAW still know that the Unified Tag Team Championships exist?".. Hey dumbass, you mean how like you're chasing us for the Tag Titles? You mean like how there was a fucking tournament with multiple teams to try and get the right to fight for our titles? Yeah seems like people care enough to compete in shit like that. EAW doesn't know what happened to the Tag Team Titles, they're so bewildered about the whereabouts? Naw I'm pretty sure they know exactly where they are, they're around the waists of the Tag Team of the Year, something you refuse to mention. All the tag teams that you list, all the teams that you claim to be better than us. Not only are they not even around anymore, but they were never even considered to be counted as Tag Team of the Year. If EAW doesn't know that the team that busts there asses every week, carrying around these Tag Team Titles proudly, the Tag Team of the Year.. Is holding them? Then I would have to think that they're absolutely clueless about what goes on in there own company; because it's clear as day. But again I'll repeat myself because again you don't retain information. We have defended these titles at every Showdown FPV except for 1.. That 1? At Kingsroad, where you came out and cost me the match... Yeah, I know I've said this before, crazy right! You say the same dumb shit, and I tell you how it really was yet again. Are you going to come back with the riveting argument of how we never have teams to defend against? Most likely, doesn't seem like you're smart enough to actually come up with another topic of conversation. I'll stop there though, because i hate the redundancy of it all. You just keep bringing up we lost two matches in the year 2017, which apparently means we're not as good as we say we are. Doesn't matter we held the titles 300 other days out of the year, and the longest we weren't champions was for a month. Nope, all they care about is that we lost them, and that's all that matters. Now it really doesn't matter how I respond to this either, because I have already, and she keeps saying the same old shit, so I'll stop there. For someone that's undeservingly in the Hall of Fame, you're nothing special. No zest, no spice, no originality. 

I just can't anymore, stupid people are just the absolute worst. No what's even worse than stupid people, is stupid people that think they're smart, and making points, and they're just the dumbest human beings. I mean Cam literally said how they're undefeated as a tag team, yet didn't face the best competition, but they're better teams than we faced.. Yeah? You faced Hall of Famers? You faced off against Hall of Fame Tag Teams? Did you face any team that actually exists right now? No, now shut the fuck up and learn your place. Everything you keep saying is so utterly wrong, I don't even understand where your mind gets this shit. Did your parents try to drown you as a child and you just lost all of your brain cells? Do you not understand how thought process works? It's so draining to talk to you, not in the way that Sheriden drains you either, no. It's not because you make good points, and you're hurting my feelings, I'm not weak like you. It's more the fact that you say the absolute dumbest shit I've ever heard, and try to be cocky about it. It's like saying "In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!". Sorry had to quote one dumbass for another. Did I quote your hero Cam? It seems like you two have some of the same ideologies, just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks. Maybe you're just saying all of this for the attention? We both know that since you are with Jamie, he's the one getting all the attention. He's the one that's thought of as the best Elitist in EAW, the guy with the longest EAW Championship title reign in all of EAW history. While you are... Nobody really. That must be quite the burden to bare, isn't it? You could've fallen for a lower card guy that's struggling to get to the top. That would've helped you out, that would've made you look credible, but nope! You choose a guy that makes you look like the piece of dog shit that you are. Forever compared to the love of your life.. Until you break up, and try to take all of his money, because let's face it you're just doing it for his money. Now I ain't saying you a gold digger... No, no, Cam.. I am.. I am calling you a Gold Digger. 

What has the Hall of Fame become if we're letting people like this into it? Hall of Fame means you're the best of the best for a long amount of time, but it doesn't stop there. Being in the Hall of Fame should mean that you defined an era, that you took this business by the balls and shook it until you made it your bitch. It means that when everyone thinks of wrestling, they think of EAW, they will forever think of you. Which I guess Cam might fit for. I know what I said contradicts that, but now I'm thinking and I may understand. It's a charity case thing right? Because people do remember Cam, and they remember the dark ages of EAW when there wasn't a lot of competition. So people like Cam had to scratch and claw, and she was the best out of the pile of trash that sifted through EAW at that time. Or could it just be that Cam is so bad, that people remember her god awful matches, and horrendous speeches about the same old boring topics; showing again, and again that she is totally incapable of winning on the show Are you smarter than a 5th grader... Sorry messed up on the title of the show. I mean Are you smarter than a kindergartener? Easy answer to that question! No.. No you are not.  Cam is so stupid. How stupid is she? She's willingly admitting that she believes that men are superior to women. "Are we going to listen to a man who let a woman like myself outsmart him for weeks?" This is a quote.. A legit quote from Cameron Ella Ava. You're literally saying that women are inferior to man, and the fact that a woman could outsmart me speaks so lowly of me that I should be ashamed. What a way to setback your gender generations. So I'm guessing in you and Jamies household the basic routine is, you cook, clean, do whatever he says, you don't say anything or you get hit? That sounds about right, but that's the American Dream isn't it Cam? Are little girls supposed to look up to you as some sort of hero? No, I don't think you care about that. As a matter of fact I don't even think you're smart enough to realize that people look up to you. It's not your choice I know, but with being on TV comes responsibility, and you just don't fit the bill. People are stupid, they'll follow people based on anything. Maybe because you're a pretty girl, other girls want to be like you based on looks; so when you open your mouth they just go with it. And it's not like they know any better, they see someone with stroke on TV, talking about whatever they're going to follow. Most of the time kids that age just follow who the TV tells them to. How else do you think shows like Spongebob Squarepants got so popular? Does that show have any good role models? No, but they see bright colors, and a funny voice, and obviously they're hooked. You're ruining America with your backwards ways, and honestly for women everywhere, I need to stop you. I'm going to be the Feminists hero, there favorite wrestler, and it's all because I took out one of the biggest threats to women progress, you. 

Cam, you stupid fuck. What were we doing to elevate the Tag Division for a month? Competing and winning. If there aren't any challengers for our title.. Which there were *ahem*. You just didn't come forward, but whatever. What are we going to do? Well people always say how we can never make it on our own, so let's prove them wrong. We did that, and maybe, just maybe you would be looking at the guy that would be competing for the King of Elite crown this Saturday, but nope. You care about tag team wrestling so much, you ruined my match. There's more things that you can do for tag team wrestling, than just wrestling in a tag team, you do realize that right? Of course you don't, forgot who I was talking to. You're not capable of thinking outside the box, you only speak in hypocrisy, and stupidity. By going up against the best of the best, and beating them, all the while wearing the Tag Team Titles, people are going to remember that. They're going to remember the Tag Team Champion running through everyone, and making an impression, showing that if they wanted to, they could be singles wrestlers. It did up the prestige of that title, but you're just too narrow minded to see it. But hey, it's ok, because if you didn't notice you have two title matches this weekend! So hmm Cam, let's think here. If you by some miracle beat us, and then another miracle actually win the Openweight Championship, you will need to defend both belts. But let's be truthful with each other Cam, you wouldn't. You'd focus on the Openweight Championship, and forget all about the Tag Team titles. *sarcastic Cam voice* NO I WOULDN'T, I WOULD DEFEND BOTH TITLES EVERY WEEK! No, you wouldn't. And let's not forget that your partner has the World Title, she's not going to let that take a back seat. She's going to have to defend that every FPV, so yeah. To think that you'd be able to defend these titles every single month is absolutely ludicrous. I know you'll argue that until you're blue in the face, but I guarantee you, you'd become exactly what you say we are. You don't know what it's like until you're actually in our position. Would we like to see the tag team division booming right now? Sure, what do you want us to do about it? If people don't want to be in tag teams, not much we can do. There was a Tag Team Grand Prix tournament and none of them stuck around, we can't control that. But I'm sure you still think we can somehow, so please, tell us your plan. Tell us how to get all these tag teams interested in tag team wrestling. I want a well worded thesis on the issue on my desk by Saturday, well detailed, more than just bullet points. Fact of the matter is, unless management does something, there really isn't anything you can do. We could try going back stage and finding two random people and start yelling at them to be a tag team, would that work? No, because that doesn't work. Think before you speak Cam, it makes thoughts so much easier. 

As for you asking about my wife and how I treat her, it's fair. You see I don't call her stupid, and I don't call her a bitch, simply because she is neither of those things. Why would I say these things to someone who doesn't fit the bill? You see with my wife if we have an argument, we can talk it out in a civilized manner. She accepts if she's wrong, I can accept if I'm wrong, and we move on. That's how adults have conversations, that's how adults figure out problems. But when I'm talking to a little girl that acts as if she's a teenager, then I may snap. I'm not very good at dealing with stupid people. Stupidity just doesn't make sense to me. It's like what are you doing? Just be smarter, and don't say stupid things.. To me it's easy to not be dumb because I have a functional brain that can come up with legitimate thought provoking thoughts that actually matter to a conversation. While you Cam? You don't respond well to facts, or speaking in general. It would  appear that the only thing that you know how to respond to is me calling you a stupid bitch, I'm sure you have an amplitude of experience with it. Although I'm sure instead of bitch, Jamie likes to call you a cunt, he's quite fond of that words.. You have no choice but to accept every ounce he dishes out to you though. But I would never call someone that, that's just over the line to me. But that's just me, I'm American, so I have more dignity and respect. I'm not a boomerang chucker that probably had his way with plentiful Kangaroos before getting to you. Ok, I'm just kidding Australia is a lovely Country.... To get murdered in the outback. But yeah, my relationship is as strong as ever. We're not the in the middle of the ring fighting each other. Maybe instead of judging what we do, maybe you should fix your own relationship first, seems to be dying. Just like your chances of ever becoming Tag Team Champions

Oh dumb bitch number 2 talked. Hey HBG, yeah you are wrong on a bunch of things, but you don't want us to talk much. I already explained how we look literally nothing a like, but yeah. You clearly don't actually listen to responses so.  And you said that everyone says the same shit because they all see the same thing. Well yeah you're right, they've all seen us Tag Team Champions. Yup. Hey you know Joel Embiid? Was drafted in 2014, got hurt and missed his rookie year. He didn't come back until 2016-17, and was named on the all rookie team. Do you know what defines a rookie year dumbass HBG? A full year of being a rookie. We were in EAW for a month before leaving, so we still had 11 months to go for a full rookie season. Hence, we were still rookies when we rejoined, and won the titles a month later. 2 months.. Rookies. You don't know math? or... By the way we didn't rage quit, I left because I wanted to marry my wife and didn't want to be away from her, I've explained this but it's cool. Congrats on having Impact carry you for 7 months, that's cool. It must've been really hard for him, he's a really good wrestler though. Says more about him than it did about you. But hey we made history too, we have the most combined days of title reign. Also RoViper has the shortest title reign because of us, so yeah. I mean I've already talked about all this anyways, I don't know why i have to repeat myself other than you hang around dumbass Cam too much. Hey don't tell Cam that you'd be the first all female tag team to be champions by the way.. She doesn't have a very high opinion of women, she thinks they're inferior to men, she said so. But honestly I don't really need to say much to HBG, she just repeats herself, and to save my time, and sanity, I'll end it here. So how's that, short enough for you HBG? Fucking dumbass
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 4th 2018, 12:47 am by Lars Grier

    The scales that once tipped unfavorably begin to shift.

Time passes by as what was once forever soons starts to shake, knowing that something else arises.

What was presumed to be forever meets its maker.

In the end, we’re all meant to die. We’re all meant to wither away just like the rest, and no matter how special you may think you are, you know that the you will end, just like the rest of us. I’m sure you know that, don’t you? You’re the man who knows everything, the intellectual who constantly tells people who they are and what they can or cannot do in this world, and why? Because to him, he believes to be standing on a higher plane - higher than the one of a king, a president or any kind of leader that mortal men could come up with, but instead something that reeks of nothing but pure immortality. Divinity. Godship. Everyone wants to be special in life. Everyone wants to be recognized for the life they led, the actions they committed to no matter who you are; it’s a natural human desire that we all lust for. But only so, so little of us are able to achieve that rank, that class and recognition. Select few of men and women who have stamped their names and actions onto that book of history, forever remaining as individuals who will be remembered even well after they have been buried six feet under the surface. The legacies they have made have made an impact on history, leaving their mark so as to never be erased. We know I can’t destroy your legacy, no matter how hard I may try. One’s legacy is like their shadow; you know it’s there, you can pinpoint its exact location and yet you can never truly feel it within your grasp because shadows aren’t tangible things that can be held within your palms like so many other prestigious items - they’re the ones that we generate from scratch, from nothing to everything, and that’s what you’ve did. From humble beginnings to the precipice of becoming one of, if not the all-time great in this business, and that is something I can’t take away from you no matter how hard I try. The highs, the lows, the twists and turns - all things that can’t be replicated nor replaced by us. Your legacy isn’t something that I can rip away from you, Jamie, not something that I can end, because it truly is impressive - but the thing is.....that legacy doesn’t excuse this. It doesn’t excuse your actions or the Jamie O’Hara I stand against today, who wants to tear me to shreds without even giving a thought to being the World Champion anymore. No matter how grand, how gigantic and monumental that legacy is it will never excuse someone for being turning from a destroyer into a punk-ass bitch. The thing is, Jamie - you didn’t answer my question. I never said you ALWAYS needed Cameron to gain victories. I never said that you ALWAYS depended on her to win all the time when you were World Heavyweight Champion, I asked a simple question: How did you go from here, to there? How did you go from point A to point B? How did you go from retaining that very same championship in a main-event caliber match against Xavier Williams, at Pain for Pride of all places, to resorting to being a pussy who used another man’s closest friend? How do you go from the Jamie O’Hara that we saw defeat TLA cleanly at Burning Desire, stomp out his rival Xavier Williams, to being someone who barely escaped Chris fucking Elite with the skin of his teeth, having to exploit a man’s friendship for what? A few more petty days as World Champion so you can break that threshold that has withhold you? But in your head, I can hear it: “You attacked Cameron to enrage me, what makes this different?” And the truth is, buddy….at least I carry enough respect for you to do it in the build-up to this match to get you to this spot. I have enough decency within me to do it as a tactic to get under your skin instead of a tactic to “win” a match. I’m a respectable enough man, Jamie, so I won’t resort to the lows you’ve fallen to when we meet at King of Elite. I won’t need Cameron to put you down, no weapons or bullshiterry will come from me on that night because I’m there’s enough integrity within me to not do what you’ve done in order to grasp onto that belt just for one more day, one more night where the ecstasy enters your bloodstream and fills you with that joy. The thing I’m focusing on here Jamie is not the beginning of the reign, the climax, but the fall after that. The fall that started after you kneed Cameron’s face to knock her unconscious, and those months after that: Ground Zero. You and TLA battled in a match for that same championship, and despite a seemingly lack of need, you used Cameron to help you put her down. Why? Road to Redemption. She wasn’t needed there and yet you put down Keelan Cetinich with a low blow, an effective maneuver that he still clings on this day as his source of weakness….but why? Why leave yourself open for the chances? Shock Value, the absolute rock bottom in your legacy as World Heavyweight Champion. Only managing to “defeat” Chris Elite by making him choose his closest friendship over a reign of guilt that he would never be able to overcome, the night where I saw that you had validated what I had always thought, O’Hara: A man who is on the tail-end of his legacy. His last legs shake as he stands on a floor that slowly crumbles beneath him, yet somehow I’m the desperate man in this situation. Somehow, I’m the dumb cunt who doesn’t have a clue of what he’s saying, but am I really what you name me? Is it desperation, or desire? Is it delusion, or is it the vision I see using the most basic trick you will ever learn: deductive reasoning? Is it truly arrogance when everything I’ve ever said has been the truth that you can never deny? You could bury me with your accomplishments. You could toss me aside as nothing, have no heart and passion for this business and still defeat me inside that ring, but you won’t. You won’t because you know who I am, what I’ve done to you in order to stand here, and so you know that I’m a stubborn motherfucker who won’t give up his fight. Especially when that fight is against a king who has lost his step, and has fallen from his once glorious heights into the depths of hypocrisy and desperation. I won’t end your legacy. I won’t end the record-breaking accomplishments you’ve achieved or the fact that you will eventually be recognized for your status as truly - one of the best in this business.

But I will end this reign. I will take that championship away.

I know I will because I fucking can.

I’ve seen what you’ve been trying to do this week, Jamie. The same shit you pulled at Voltage, at Road to Redemption is what you’re attempting to do to me. Really - if I was as weak and as fragile as you said I am, I would have given up already. I would have dropped the ball and took my leave back to home if there was even the slightest shred of fragility inside my mind, and yet I still stand. I’m still here, talking to you and proving you wrong every step of the way. You call me weak in my head and yet you still haven’t given me one good fucking reason to quit, to just stop this pursuit altogether, and you know why? It’s because there’s a fire within me that rages, it cannot be calmed down, it cannot be stopped no matter what, but I’m sure as I say this you’ll chalk it up to me being desperate. You’ll pen it down in your notebook that it’s me being delusional with my chances yet again, without ever stopping to consider. You’re like one of those MGTOW members who say that everything a woman says is a “shitpost”, so ignorant to the truth in my words, so much so that you would push everything away and refuse to face it. You name me a liar and a false prophet, but where are my lies in saying you were human? With feelings, with emotion? That you aren’t a god, a monster, nothing divine or hellish, but a man who’s had his head up in the clouds for too long and it’s time for him to be sent crashing down to Earth. Tell me I’m wrong there. Tell me I’m wrong in calling you out for who you truly are, that you’re just another FUCKING human just like I am, just like Keelan, just like Chris Elite and so many others who stand around us, watching all of this unfold. Tell me you’re somehow different from us just because you’ve achieved “pure fuckin’ immortality.” Do you not bleed? Do you not feel rage, sorrow and joy in your life? Did you not feel true pain when I endangered the one and only love of your life? No...you’re a machine, right? “THE KING OF BULLETS! JAMIE O’HARA! FORTISSIMUS! JAMIE O’HARA! THE GREATEST MAN TO HAVE EVER LIVED! JAMIE O’HARA!” You proclaim it from the highest mountain down the lowest valley, calling out to everyone of your greatness and superiority over them. You want everyone to listen to you, step aside and let you be known as the one true king of the jungle. Every man who tries to step up to you is broken down because you question their ethic, you question their desire, and most importantly, you attack their past. You refer to it in your speeches, citing it as the reasons as to why so many are so little compared to you, but yet even through that facade you haven’t realized. Despite being here for so long, you haven’t realized what so many others have gone through to reach the peaks of their careers.

You couldn’t possibly understand.

Listen, Jamie - if everyone of us based ourselves off of our failures in life, then I wouldn’t be standing here and pushing you to the edge of complete annihilation. If we looked only at our failures and listened to those voices in our head that replay in the back of our mind, telling us that we can’t succeed, then nobody….and I mean NOBODY in this damn business would ever achieve a goddamn thing. Not Mr. DEDEDE, not Jaywalker, not CM Banks, nobody would have ever been able to achieve something in their entire lives if we built ourselves around our moral and career failures. Do you think Nobi would have been standing here today if he doubted himself everyday? Pizza Boy? So many men like those who have been kicked in the face of the world only to spit back into their faces as they now stand on top of the mountain as kings. What about you, Jamie? Have you ever considered what your life would have been if everyone in the world dwelled on your failures against Lannister and your second chance at becoming Champion being robbed from you as you were forced to start over yet again? Where would you be today if Jacob Senn and Xavier Williams had kept ridiculing you for your multiple attempts to capture that same Championship you hold today? Road to Redemption 10, King of Elite, all those other attempts where you were fingertips away, yet so far from what you sought out for? I’ll tell you: your career six feet under the fucking ground. You wouldn’t be where you are today if you and everyone looked at Jamie O’Hara and thought you would never reclaim that glory again, so don’t try to talk shit about my failures when you’re just like me, you fucking hypocrite. You claim I’m no different from your challengers, the ones who have fallen before me, but look at yourself: You’re just like the rest. You’re just like the men and women who have looked down on me my entire life because I wasn’t the right fit, because I came from a shithole deep in the gutter of this world that I couldn’t ever make it. You’re like so many others who I have encountered throughout my life, where you’ve all said the same shit to me. The difference is now….I don’t give a shit. I don’t allow myself to be haunted by my past unlike you. I don’t let that wound open up time after time again no matter what people say, unlike you who has just led the red river flow to the point where you’ve become numb to that pain. It’s not out of fear or because I’m afraid of what I may face when people like you open up that closet of skeletons, but because I know how much of a fruitless attempt it is by individuals who have faced off against me in order to try and knock me off my game or derail me from the prize. It’s not a matter of being so protective and precious about that shadow, judgemental of my failures. Things like that are meant to give you that momentary depression before you eventually realize that you need to work harder, jump back on that horse and ride off towards chasing that sun again. I don’t base myself off of my failures, and neither do you because if we both did then you wouldn’t be the fucking World Heavyweight Champion - the longest reigning World Champion at that - and I wouldn’t have proved another man wrong at Shock Value in order to stand against you once more. Do you even know what The Raven is? What it’s meant to do? I’ll entertain you with a little lecture: The Raven was born from the ashes of my failures, an epiphany formed because I had hit rock bottom. It’s not a different persona - it’s still the same old me who has been enlightened by his failures. EVOLUTION, Jamie. That’s something I apparently can’t get through your skull, but you’ll realize soon: You’ll realize that I’ve constantly evolved, since day fucking one, inching closer and closer to my goals no matter the barrages that you throw at me. No matter how much you may try to throw ruin my way, I’ll persevere. 

I know my truth as The Raven. I know my truth as your future king, as the man who enraged Jamie O’Hara and took his spot on the throne. My past exists as the record of my mistakes, but do you know what I did? I didn’t wallow in misery like you did. I wasn’t poisoned by my kryptonite and left myself open for attacks on your past, because I fought against the current. I LEARNED from my mistakes, Jamie. I learned from them so I could be better, faster stronger. Learning, which apparently is something you just couldn’t fucking do since you kept on provoking TLA and giving him chances for his title. You never learned to just put that maggot down in his place, he was YOUR mistake that you never managed to put down - Keelan did. Just over a year ago I was facing the fucking New Breeds for that title, now I stand as the man facing Jamie O’Hara who stands on frail legs and scrambles to find ways to stop me from coming for his throne, but no. I’ll never stop. I’ll never stop, because my life has built up to this pinnacle. But wait - I shouldn’t get too over my head. After all, I’m battling against Jamie O’Hara, the man who sold the world an idea that he’s some sort of god when in actuality he’s a king who once stood on top of the mountain before stumbling and falling from those heights. Jamie fucking O’Hara, right? Detective O’Hara, he knows all! He sees all! He knows everything, that’s why he’s so sure that I’ll become nothing more than a secondary act on Voltage even as Champion! He can tell my future and come up with conclusions, his word is Gospel which is why he knows all well that I’ll never be the Champion he has become! Yeah, keep conjuring up with those fantasies. Thing is, I’m not striving to be like you. Your accomplishments? Yes, but not you. Not you as a person. Not the hypocrite. Not the lying, manipulative bastard. Not the filthy backstabber who betrayed his own brother just for gold. Not the desperate man who generates lies to prove his “points”, having to make a man choose his best friend or a guilt-filled trip as Champion. I’m striving to become The Raven King. The one who flies over the land and scours for meat, and when he finds them he will rip them apart for believing that he could never become the king of the fucking jungle.You’ll sit back and rest, sipping on fine wine and living a happy life with your family as you lay content with your legacy, knowing that I’ll never become someone like you because I transformed into my own man. A man with his own legacy, with his own desires and all the hunger within his stomach to usher in the era….of The goddamn Raven. Xavier Williams spoke truth at Pain for Pride, Jamie. He warned you. Listen to his words once more:

“That’ll be the moment that you’ll understand that you’re nothing more than another Xavier Williams who did nothing more than build himself up for a greater fall than he could possibly endure. Enjoy all of it, Jamie. The euphoria is absolutely something I’ll never forget, because you’re going to loathe what comes after it’s all gone.”

And you will loathe it. All that comes after. You were once a star in the night sky who glistened bright with every other star that collided with it, but you’ve fallen. You’ve fallen Jamie, and sooner than later, you’re going to crash land back to Earth.

Don’t worry, your legacy will still be there after I take the castle you’ve built and your championship.

After all, it’s just a burden now, right?

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 4th 2018, 12:09 am by Amani
king of elite two

For being only twenty-three, you seem to have quite the hearing problems. 

Same shit, different day. That's the perfect phrase to describe you, Aria. You did exactly what I said you were going to do. Or say, rather. Run down your accomplishments, remind us how long you've been champion, tell me that I'm not any different and that no one else has been able to take you out yet. The robot is stuck on the same setting. Amazing. You say I'm the egotistical one and not you, you're just confident then go ahead and prove my points exactly by saying you had no doubt you were gonna win at Bloodletter and that your title reign is the only consistent thing in EAW. I predict that you're gonna bring up my NEO combine and how my strength and other superior attributes won't somehow go into this match. I didn't mistake your "confidence" for arrogance, I just call it how I see it. It's not criminal unless you're being fake about it. If you're the Queen of anything, better than me at anything, it's completely contradicting yourself and making yourself look as dumb as the dog you resemble. It's funny to see you one moment pretend you're this humble, nice woman then the next take shots at the lowest points in my life, also known as the time God tried to come for me and took my ability to wrestle away. I'm not "pushing thirty and titleless" on my own accord, honey but pop awf. I get it, you don't think I'm any different than anyone else but there's really nothing else I can say to prove you wrong. That's why I depend on my actions. I have every right to be as confident as I have been, I don't know why that's a problem with you when you're the same way but I get that there's nothing else you can really come at me for besides that. I was never a punching bag. In fact, one of those little situations you mentioned was me being blindsided before I even had a chance to get in the ring. But use that against me if you want. Yes, the Women's title scene has become too predictable and I'll repeat myself when it comes to that and everything else you brought up until you have to stop asking me if I really meant what I said. I never said things moved too fast for me, in fact I prefer it that way but as you mentioned, that's the Specialists title scene. Every time Aria Jaxon is set to defend her title, everyone and their mothers laugh in the face of the challenger, as I've seen myself, and put one hundred percent faith into the champion without question! Perhaps the best case of this was your match with Azumi. It was pretty sad. I saw how quickly everyone was to overlook Azumi and not take her seriously when she spoke about it. They told her not to cash in her briefcase because it would be a waste since you're *so* invincible. Nothing has changed. It's pretty much the same thing for me now. I tell you, and everyone else, that my time to reign is coming and it's looked at as a negative, me being overconfident. It isn't your fault that the division is pretty stagnant, I even said that but it went one ear and out the other I guess. "Change is a beautiful thing" except for when it concerns you, you said it yourself. My problem isn't exactly that you've been champion for six months, I'm tired of everything being about Aria Jaxon. You're everywhere. Like I said, you're basically the face of EAW, and that's what I find a fault in. You shouldn't be. A fake bitch shouldn't be the face of this company. Astraea Jordan though? That's a real one. What do you really know about struggle, Aria? Little miss LA? What, your parents got divorced once? Wah. I tried to be a nice girl when I first came here, I tried to put on a smile even when I wasn't feeling it, and say I was devoted to justice. In a way, I guess I still am since I am so adamant on ending your precious, sacred reign but just in a different way. But that's just not me. You love mentioning where I'm from and who I hang around with like you have the slightest idea of what it's like and like it's a bad thing but it's pride, baby girl. I put on for my motherfucking city. I always do. I'm the greatest thing to come out of Chi-town since Kanye West and that's fact. My city is behind me in this, my family is behind me, everyone I love and care about. I could've moved away after my father was shot in cold blood and left all that shit behind me but I didn't because I'm loyal to the place that raised me and made me who I am, through all the highs and the lows. Astraea Jordan is for everybody. Black, white, latino, gay, straight, bi, trans, broke, rich, ho, thot, virgin, lower class, upper class, all that. I ain't putting on no front for these cameras. I might be a little hood rich now but I'm staying my ass right there, even in those bum ass negative temps. You're right, I never expected to be in the spot I am now a few months back, I never said I did but you love pulling shit out of thin air, but I'm here nonetheless. And that pisses a lot of people off but that's a story for another time. You say you take all-comers but love telling me I don't deserve this shot no matter how hard I worked or all the hours I put in improving. But I'm not going to question it or argue with anyone else about it. I'm grateful to be given this shot and I'm not putting it to waste by any means. 


This isn't a first for you so you don't think of it as anything more than another title defense but this is EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, to me. If anyone is gonna be out of air after all is said and done, it's gonna be you after I choke you out. You can continue to take my words lightly like everyone else did before I proved them wrong or acknowledge that you are in real danger. It's your decision. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on January 3rd 2018, 11:50 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
Just another craze in this mad world.

Can’t you hear the snores swirling in this maelstrom that turns on and on without end?

The world no longer feels pain, they are numb to how absurd this all is.

I should have ended this year able to celebrate Christmas and the New Years with my championship that I saved from the clutches of those who kept this company’s back bent and shoulders slouched, but instead I ended the year soaking in the constant insanity that we’re told to accept like this should be the true normal. So enraged, all I could do was laugh through the ridiculousness of it all. Even though this company should have long known the issues with Drastik as a World Champion, I had to save the day because this place never changes. Despite me bringing a new flavour to what EAW consumers must consume, the people began to rejoice over being presented the same old meal with The Heart Break Gal. Yes, while I spent the holidays with undertones of the blues, Heart Break Gal was revealed to be riding the cock carousel yet again so she could team up with her latest fling despite being world champion. You’d think having the ultimate prize and capability to shape the narrative of EAW as we know it would be the opportunity for her to try out some new ground, but instead it’s the same old song and dance with her presenting herself along some provider.

Now she is promoting the idea that she’s the queen of EAW. Is this because she beat the last King of Elite for the world gold? Or is this because she’s now apparently married to the retired royal, Robbie V? Neither would surprise me. From the men she surrounds herself with, she’s always stealing moves, making nicknames based on them and just about anything flawed parasites do to put meaning into their tendency to feed off the hosts they come into contact with.

Heart Break Gal, you lecture and prod in the last few days, but even a jester doesn’t jest that these questions are worth answering, not even the most energetic travelling entertainer wants to entertain this request from the crowd. I don’t care about you bending reality, I don’t dare dignify you beyond how you’ll dignify yourself.  The former champion must explain why and how he’d go about getting a rematch for the gold, in response to someone who kept getting championship opportunities for the most bizarre of reasons? Despite you being the one who encroached onto my territory, you are trying to make me answer for “abandoning” you, and in some crazed universe, my best friend Drake? Just stop it already HBG! I know that many find unhinged women endearing, but there’s a reason I prefer the pump and dump lifestyle, unlike The Heart Break Boy, Y2Impact, Robbie V, and whoever, I just can’t bring myself to tolerate pointless blabber that women like you speak for who knows what end, if there is reasoning at all. I’ve been known to mess around, but with you my patience is short.

Since you and this company refuse to stand up straight and have proper posture, I think it’s about time I show you that what always bends eventually has something that snaps. THERE ARE THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE! But you’ll be seeing them at King of Elite, my domain. See Heart Break Gal, you’ve always been a stuck up princess who spends her time mocking hobos and anyone who doesn’t live up to the prissy little prima donna image you’ve built up for yourself, but I’ve always been someone who made his kingdom in misty dark alleys people like you ought not venture into, not if you seek to escape with what you came in with, be the jewels or your life. You don’t know what kind of daggers exist around me, and just how far I’ll go to stick a blade through you to get what I want. You’re someone who had red carpets and photo ops galore, I’m someone this company didn’t even want to give a contract without a fight. What do you expect to happen when Ryan Marx and CM Bank$ aren’t around to provide cover for you in the battlefield you’re so ill equipped to survive without protection? What happens when the Texas beau without a bow has to stand toe to toe in a fight, instead of launching her arrows of words from afar as you do now in your place of safety and comfort? You seem to forget HBG, you’ve never left me in a broken state where people had to carry me out of the arena for what was done to me by you, but you know the feeling of being completely out matched and being forced to be removed from a contest for what I did to you! Unlike you whose only constant is an obsession with the fleeting, be it your relationships, your trendy personas, or how quick people will get over the little high they got in seeing “oh a woman finally become world champion! Yay! Revolution!”, my repeated display of dominance over you will be reaffirmed forever!
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EAW Promoz!

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