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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Thu 21 Dec - 4:43 by Revy
Talk Dirty to Me

Daisy! How long as it been since we last saw each other? Remember when we both got eliminated in that Battle Royal at the same time? I don’t remember. I was drunk. But Wass up, Gurl? How you doing? Has anyone told you look better these days? Like the type of girl that is still crazy, but fuckable? I mean, I’d hit that. Girl, you made it! You are crazy, but too hot to drop. That girl is on fiiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaa!
But in all seriousness, you look a lot more different than I last saw you, and I gotta say, happy you dropped all that feminist bullshit and really embraced your teenage angst. I mean, that was such a turn off, like the stuff coming out of your mouth was just a huge red flag for all the dicks out there, but look at you now. Kicking ass, taking names, and I’m on board the train. Hashtag DaisyBetter. Can’t say much has happened for me. After all, Hashtag RevyStillTheWorse. And as hilarious as watching Savannah get drunk, she has been quite a handful. Word of advice to you. Don’t have kids. They will wreck your body. See this moonshine on my face? Savannah did it. Like come on man, you were sober. Hit Cam, Consuela, either one of them, they look the same, but you still hit me?! What the hell is wrong with you?
Sorry, sorry, dragging this on. But yeah, digging the new you, and I’m sure a part of you is still eager to keep the momentum going so you’re going to come at me talking about how you’re going to beat me or how it won’t be like last time. And you know what? Good. I don’t want it to be like last time where you and I fought and it didn’t amount to anything, and then we tagged and didn’t win anything back then, like where the hell was this bitch that we are looking at now? You surprised me, Daisy. I didn’t think you had it in ya. Now, we’ve been through this dance before. You don’t have to try so damn hard to talk me down. We all know the story, it’s all on camera. No one can deny it, but I haven’t found much success, like at all. It’s been loss after loss, after loss. But the irony of it all is, the amount of fucks I give is the same amount of wins I’ve gotten since Road to Redemption. Zero, Zilch. Zippo. If you aren’t going to insult me right, let me go ahead and do that for you.
Ah, I only remember it like it was yesterday like I was holding your hand in the ring, and now you’ve grown so much. You don’t care anymore. You’re being so reckless. You are talking shit every instances you can. I’m so proud of what you’ve become. Good, let the Revy flow through you. Let it consume you. After all, you talk about how “popular” I’ve become, and you know something? I don’t get it either. I don’t know why they keep putting me in big matches and giving me camera time. I assume it’s like Empire’s way of joining the cause of “leave your children with a responsible adult or this will happen” type of deal. But maybe people just enjoy the fact that I’m still the only one crazy enough to bring a flash bang grenade to a wrestling match or that despite all the bullshit situations I’ve been placed in, I’m still fighting tooth and nail and each loss hasn’t really slowed me down. While here you are, still upset you lost to Asstree, or whatever. And already, you are falling back to your old self about being so damn sensitive like a damn feminist. Girl, you put up a good fight, you took her to a point, and almost discredit her place in the world title pic, drink it in maaaaaan. Celebrate the baby steps and get wasted and fight the next day. And you ask why am I so popular and getting all the spots, and guess what? It’s because I still don’t care in a world where everybody cares and won’t shut up about it.

Look, Daisy, you do you. You keep fighting for your rightful position. And I’ll do me, and if for whatever reason, that gets me more success over you, maybe it’s damn time you take a page or two from my book. But jokes on you, I don’t read. Just go out there, fight, drink, and fire a gun every once in a while, and I’m a happy camper. Do you see me getting angry over Savannah? Hells no. I’m using this against her to shame the living crap out of her. I’m going to have fun with it, and I suggest you do too, before you set goals too damn high for yourself and set yourself up for disappointment. Like you know, “beating me this week.” But hey, so what if you do? I’m not going to care, and if that takes away from your victory, still don’t give a fuck. If it’s a big deal if you beat me, I still don’t give a flying fuck. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, no one can hurt me. I’m pretty much a hallow shell loaded with gunpowder, and if you want to keep knocking on it or trying to pry it open, it’s going to blow up in your face. In a sense, facing me is almost like a good ole game of Russian Roulette. The more you play with me, chances are, 5/6 times, you will be safe as the chamber is empty. But that one chamber, that one bullet, if luck isn’t on your side, you can imagine that loss is going to be fatal. So go ahead, Daisy. Grab the gun, take a shot, and let’s see how unlucky you are. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Thu 21 Dec - 2:18 by ThePizzaBoy
DYNASTY PROMO 1: Pilot Light Out

The camera opens on Pizza Boy as he stares out the window of an airplane, taking in the ground below with a stoic expression of determination on his face as the sun shines directly into his unblinking eyes.

"Failure is temporary.  That's what I always try to tell myself.  Failure is a learning experience that will make you better, stronger, smarter than you were before.  King of Elite was my path to regaining what's rightfully mine, something that's been taken away from me by crooks and thieves every single time I make it to the top.  More times than not, the person knocking me down a rung or two from my ladder of success has been Nico Borg.  He's obsessed with making me miserable.  He's infatuated with breaking my spirits and sending me away from this sport of ours an incomplete man.  The thing is that I'm blue collar dumb and working class stubborn. I earn what I eat, I work for what's at my table, and I'm getting pretty fed up with the taste of crow that engulfs my taste buds every time Nico Borg pulls one of his little dirty tricks.  No matter how many voices in my head tell me to quit, that it's over, that he's won, and that I'm done, I push through with a smile on my face and take pride in rebuilding each and every foothold  that broke my fall from grace.  I'm fed up with cheaters.  I'm done with the entitled who've done nothing to earn their place at the table, MY table.  I'm sick of nepotism and those who work harder at cheating than actually building an empire around themselves worthy of a world championship.  I'm not depressed, I'm not angry, I'm just fed up with watching the foundation of EAW crumble beneath my feet every time some schmuck with a contract picks his spot instead of earning it.  With all of that said and out of the way, I question why I'm in the ring with you Reggie.  What have you done to earn that noble name of yours? Who have you beaten in order to claim elitism? Where have you been that's been that makes you so great?"

PB pulls down the airplane window shade and stares sternly ahead at the seat in front of him, almost pouting as his forehead furrows and his eyebrows point downward, and his arms crossed across his chest in a closed off posture.

"Going into every single one of my matches I've always sized up my opponent and asked these questions.  I do this to make them human to me, to understand their struggle as I tell them exactly what I'm about.  God help me, I even try to relate and find common ground between the nut jobs and monsters that I face just so I know there's a reason why they're here besides the ominous options of death or glory.  Maybe some sick part of me, some arrogant ember of that missionary mentality that HBB instilled in me long ago thinks that I'm capable of saving them, like it's my duty to show you the light spiritually while I'm showing you the lights literally as I pin you to the mat.  I'm growing out of that though, Reggie.  I'm growing out of this dumb youngster mindset that makes me believe I'm capable of changing the world, or at least EAW.  I've tried twice and failed miserably both times.  I've tried to set an example that no one wants to follow where we enter the ring, nothing gets too personal, and we wrestle a fair and balanced match.  Of all people to want that, it's the guy with, what? 2 or 3 years of jumbled experience asking for it.  I don't even know any submissions, Reggie.  I didn't wrestle in high school, I didn't take up a martial art in youth.  I'm just some street tough kid who had to get tougher in this dog eat dog world of EAW.  It's never enough though.  Not as long as I want to fight fair and make those people happy with a great match that can send them home feeling like maybe their 9-to-5 minimum wage job is worth excelling at because schmoes like us have nothing but the sweat on our brow, the grease on our elbows, and the shirts on our backs to get us through this shark tank of a reality.  That's not you though is it? You're old money.  You're a trust fund leech.  You cheat despite knowing how to throw a suplex better than I'll ever muster, and yet still all you know is the easy way out.  I can't stand that.  I can't stand potential that isn't lived up to.  I can't stand by and watch some guy who could do it the hard way easier than I ever could chooses to take the shortcuts in life.  You could be somebody, Reggie.  You could be where I've been and you could probably stick it out far longer than I ever did because this is what you do,  Fighting is who you are.  Wrestling will be your legacy here on earth, but instead of the fame of being a great you choose to aim for infamy and hollow glory."

Pizza Boy's expression softens as he averts his gaze from the camera.

"I used to make examples out of guys like you, but it appears that no one's paid any attention.  I'm sick of going hoarse shouting words of hope into the blaring horn of debauchery.  I'm growing deaf of caring anymore whether someone wants to treat this like a sport instead of a game of Monopoly where everyone's the banker.  I'm going to beat the hell out of you Reginald Dampshaw the Third.  I'm going to hit you so hard that the previous two generations of Reginald's feel it.  I'm not going to do it for you, or the fans, or some agenda that died with my first Answers World Championship loss.  It's not like you're going to learn from it, so I'm going to do it because I feel like it.  I feel like rapping my fist against the jaw of someone like you.  I want that Delivery Driver, I crave that Final Delivery, and I hanker for the Last Slice that I'll use to finally mercifully put you away.  I'm sick of being the better man.  Just this once let me be the guy who forces the ref to call for the bell.  Let me be the one to stop the match unceremoniously with excessive force that leads to a rare calling of the slaughter rule.  I want to hit you with everything I have Reggie.  I want to hit you with everything and keep going.  This isn't because you're you or because I;m going to show anybody anything.  This is sheer catharsis for me.  I'm going to use you to blow off steam so that I can go back to being the cool headed little guy that everybody likes to root for.  Not on this night though.  Not during our match.  This is for me.  For once, instead of trying to figure out what's redeemable about you, I'm going in with the same mentality you have.  Just for now.  Just this once, it's death or glory for the Pizza Boy.  Just for now I stop being a punching bag and pull out every stop and make you try and put me down for your own survival's sake.  I'll be ruthless, uncaring of your safety, and belligerent toward the ref.  I find out who this former Pizza Boy really is after everything he loves abandons him and he makes every fan who cheers for him fall into a silent state of shock."

PB sniffles and wipes a tear from his cheek as his eyes well up with hateful tears.

"Come Dynasty I quit trying to make you like me, and I become everything I hate."

PB sniffles and nods his head to the side apathetically.

"And the screwed up part about it is that it'll be nothing personal."

PB pulls his legs up and curls into a ball in his seat.  He turns back to the window and lifts it's blind, revealing a night sky that's taken the place of the previously bright light of day.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Thu 21 Dec - 0:59 by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 86: Gifts

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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We are introduced to the scene with a faint humming of “Deck the halls”. The camera pans across a living room decorated for the Christmas season with various colored lights and tinsel. The camera slowly pans across the mantle of a fireplace, lined with various pictures of Finnegan Wakefield, all of them highlighting his various achievements in Elite Answers Wrestling and his group of friends he has made in the process. The centrepiece amongst the collection of pictures is the familiar gold and silver championship belt, the EAW New Breed Championship, glistening with the reflection of the Christmas lights. The humming gets louder as the camera pans over to the Christmas tree, being decorated by the aforementioned Finnegan Wakefield, who is wearing a fashionably distasteful red Christmas sweater that has seemingly been custom made for him with white detailing. An outline of his ‘collar popping’ mannerism, as well as a surprisingly accurate needlework of the New Breed Championship just above the waistline. Above it reads the caption “40th New Breed Champion, 100 Days strong”. As Finnegan places the star on top of the tree, he would put his hands on his hips, admiring the beauty of the tree he has seemingly just finished decorating. His humming would stop as he turns his focus to the camera, a big smile on his face.

"Greetings and Salutations, and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! As you can tell with all the decorations in my humble abode, Christmas is a time of year that I very much enjoy. And this year I will be enjoying the festivities more so than ever. This year I will be spending my holidays with my family, most of which I haven’t seen since I came to this promotion a year ago. My parents and my sister have been cheering me on all the way from across the pond, and now will be here to celebrate the holiday season. The Wakefield family have a yearly Christmas tradition that has been consistent since I was a child. Every year on Christmas Eve, every member of the family is allowed to open one present. This year, they’ll have a front row seat to the December 24th edition of Voltage where they will see me defending my New Breed Championship against Jon McAdams and Harvey Yorke. To date, this will be my toughest challenge as the New Breed Champion. But a challenge I will overcome. When I pitched this triple threat match to Kenny Drake, despite the idea being a money drawing main event match for the Christmas Eve special, he showed concern. I didn’t have to request a Triple Threat match, I very well could have just faced Harvey Yorke and then face Jon McAdams in a rematch later down the line. But despite the fact that I walked out of Shock Value with the New Breed Championship, the result weighed heavy on my conscious. I didn’t defeat Jon McAdams to retain my title, I did not successfully defend it as the end result came down to a draw. In all honesty, if Kenny Drake denied the request of a Triple Threat match to settle all scores, I was ready and willing to relinquish the title. That is how highly I carry myself as champion, I refuse to be champion by technicality, to get by on methods that don’t justify myself as a worthy champion in this company. A Triple Threat match was the only option that allowed me to redeem my failure to defeat McAdams decisively, as well as to prove that I will face thin odds with the addition of Harvey Yorke. If I don’t walk away from this match as EAW New Breed Champion, I will consider my tenure as champion to be a failure to the standards I hoped to live up to. The key word however is ‘if’ -- if I don’t walk away as champion. Call it arrogance, call it overconfidence, but I don’t have any intention to lose this New Breed Championship anytime in the near future, especially by December 24th. Although I have eclipsed several past champions reigns in terms of days, including a majority that have tainted the idea and the name of the New Breed division, I still strive to be a new defining champion to the lineage. The 100 days strong that you see written on this nifty sweater is not a milestone that I have already reached. By the time Christmas Eve comes around, I’ll be sitting on day 98 as the reigning champion. 100 days strong is moreso a promise that I will carry on with my reign to meet that milestone, and then will take it further with no signs of stopping.

That brings me to my opponents for December 24th. Jon McAdams and Harvey Yorke are fellow Englishmen and very formidable challengers to my New Breed Championship. Both men embody tenacity, a willingness to do whatever it takes to have their hand raised with the title clutched in their hands. I am not underestimating the challenge that they will bring and the threat they will bring to my reign. In saying that, I also believe that I am more than capable to continue my reign past this challenge. Neither of you are my family, nor are we friends by any means. However, it is the season of giving. I will not be handing over my championship, but I have bought the two of you two gifts a piece. One of which I will be offering you now, the other you’ll receive after the match is over, should you choose to accept these gifts of course.

The first gift is to Jon McAdams. I am going to preface this by saying that I don’t expect you to consider this a gift worth a spot in your trophy room, quite frankly I expect you to pass this gift off as mere trash. But I do recommend that you keep an open mind about it, as it may not hold a lot of monetary value, in sentimental value it is priceless. Do you recognize it, Jon? This is a piece of debris from our, pardon the pun, shocking pitfall that culminated our match at Shock Value. Looking at it now, I am reminded of the pain and the anguish I felt as we plummeted into the electrical equipment below. Like a war flashback, if you will, I am reminded of the feeling of the electrical charge that surged through my body, boiling my skin and cooking my internal organs as I screamed in the worst pain I had ever experienced in my entire life. Some nights I still feel that pain, and it wakes me in a cold sweat. And for five whole days after the crash and burn, I was in the hospital, getting pieces of the shrapnel pulled out of my skin and my burns treated to. Clearly, I got the worst of that affair as you would enter into the King of Elite tournament while I was forced to watch from the sidelines in a hospital bed. Honestly, that annoyed me more than all the fictional tripe you had spewed in the days leading up to that match. It still annoys me to this day as, for the second year in a row, I had to watch the King of Elite tournament from the sidelines. I guess in a way, despite me walking out with the New Breed Championship, you got the last laugh after all. But I am healed now. And even if I can’t redeem the fact I was left out of the tournament due to my injuries, I intend to prove why I should have been in the King of Elite despite it. So why would I present this to you, Jon? Why would I hand you this as a gift? As a reminder. After every promise that you made heading into Shock Value, after all the twists you did to the narrative, and all the lording over and narcissism on display, this serves as a very important reminder. You couldn’t beat me at your own game. In a deathmatch situation, the home field advantage on your side, you couldn’t walk away with the victory because I simply wouldn’t let you throw me into the catacombs of the electrical hell below without making sure that you were coming with me. A reminder that Finnegan Wakefield is not someone to underestimate. This piece of debris, in particular, gave me a nasty laceration on my back, a piece jagged enough to require 24 stitches to sew shut. The scar it has left may be on my body for the rest of my life. But given the opportunity to do that all over again, I wouldn't hesitate to repeat the process if I had to. Today, I stand before you with the championship intact, my pride undamaged and my determination and conviction unbreakable. On December 24th, the result of our last encounter will not be repeated -- there will be a decisive winner walking out with the New Breed Championship. And I assure you, Jon McAdams, that man will not be you.

That brings me to your gift, Harvey Yorke. This one took a little bit more out of the box thinking as we don't share a similar sentimental moment together as I do with McAdams. We faced off once before back in September in a match where I walked away as the victor, but it wasn't a match to write home about. In all honesty, I had the feeling that you weren't really trying back then, like you had nothing to prove. Now I have the feeling that story has changed. You rightfully earned this shot, you worked for it so I know you have no intention of squandering it. But that still left me the question; what gift could I possibly hand to Harvey Yorke? What could I present to you that will make you say to yourself 'with this, Finnegan Wakefield has challenged me to step up my game?'. I'll be honest, I had to go back and watch the match where you became the number one contender for this championship to spark an idea and just like that it clicked. So what I present to you, Harvey, is a polish -- one specifically for those golden brass knuckles that you favor so fondly. By all means, make them presentable by the time our match comes around, because I want you to bring them into play. No -- I dare you to bring them into play. Because although you carry yourself as this Saint of Violence, I don't fear your form of violence, your means to an end, or your methods to display your sadistic nature. I have faced some men who would rip out my still beating heart and show it to me. What you present doesn't have the same effect of intimidation. I don't threat the amount of damage you are capable of inflicting -- if nothing else I welcome the attempt. There is no punishment physical or otherwise, that will keep me down for very long, you'll be lucky if you're able to render me incapable of getting up before a count of three. With my gift to you, I am challenging you to try your hand at backing up your ideologies of me being a dismissive champion and put an end to my, as you called it, miserable reign as New Breed Champion. You have stated that you will defy my limits to do this, and to that I proclaim you to hit me with your best shot. Make it count. Knock me out of my senses with a few teeth if you think that is what it'll take to dethrone me as the New Breed Champion, but I assure you that will not be enough to defy the limits I hold myself to. You will have to damn near kill me if you wish to have even a fighting chance. You are a very talented elitist, Harvey, I will never take that away from you. But you are not talented enough to defy the limits that I will push myself through to hold onto this championship that I hold so dearly to my heart.

The second gift that you both will receive after our match on the 24th is but another statement on my end, this one more on the nose than the ones prior. ANew Breed Championship replica belt from the EAW Shop, one for each of you. The closest the two of you will get to calling yourselves champion while the real thing is in my possession. Merry Christmas, Lads. And to a Happy New Year."
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Wed 20 Dec - 21:14 by Andrea Valentine (Online)
"This has easily been the most trying month of my young career, and I say that not with distress or indignation, but with knowing that it's not due to a lack of effort on my part. As soon as I returned from my short hiatus, I was thrown right into the mix of it all but even as I was tested in matches that pushed me mentally and physically when I came up short not once did I ever go blaming someone else. This has all been a learning experience where the lesson is that there's always room to grow, always ways to improve, and being self-aware enough to recognize all of that is what'll lead to prosperity. There's no denying that it's been tough but I also never asked for this to be easy, not once did I ever wish that I could just get some free ride to the top and hope that everything just worked out in my favor with things just magically seeming to fall perfectly into place. Now, what everyone saw last week from me could easily be viewed as a sign of weakness, but for anyone who assumed that would be wrong because those emotions they were allowed to see, that's just how much I care about being here. That's how much I care about wanting to succeed because I've set expectations for myself that need meeting, not expectations that anyone and everyone else might have for me but ones that I put in place for myself, all while never having to compromise who I am and never putting the blame on someone else for my shortcomings. It's something that happens far too often, it's something that happens when these girls feel like they've shot their best shot and missed just for them to truthfully get mad at themselves for not being good enough to reach their own potential. I'm not gonna be like them though, I'm not gonna be just another one of those girls who looks at myself and thinks that this is as good as I'm ever gonna get but then throws these unwarranted accusations of mistreatment or unfairness at people when I'm not doing a damn thing to better myself and just doing the absolute bare minimum to get by. That's not me, that's not who I am - but that's certainly what we all have to deal with when it comes to Azumi. It's constant shouting of 'I deserve this! I deserve that!' and yet, what was she done to show it? Play a part in a three-on-one attack at Bloodletter when she helped Sheridan beat Tarah? That doesn't take the skill, that doesn't take strength that they were talking about last week. It didn't take strength or skill to pin Aria on Showdown when Stephanie just simply allowed Azumi to do exactly that. I get that Azumi's come to expect things to just be handed to her, and while she got that in the most literal sense last week, that won't be the case on Empire."

"April and I may have been on opposite sides of the field last week, but nothing about that was personal and that much I'm sure we can see eye-to-eye on - but from opponents to partners, she knows that I can be an asset in this tag match when it comes to beating the two of you. Sydney and I put up a courageous effort and just nearly came up with a win over her and Chelsea; she's got no reason to doubt me coming into this when she knows how determined and passionate I am about this. I already know that the two of us stand a fighting chance, I knew from the second I found out what my match would be for this week that April and I could go into this and fight our way to a win over two of the most entitled women on the roster. Maybe with Sheridan at your side now, you've got this feeling of being assured, Azumi, every time you go to get into the ring with her on your side but it's simply a false sense of security as it still doesn't change the fact that you haven't shown why you should be getting anything you think that you deserve. I don't know how many times someone has to bring up Manifest Destiny, or the fact that you and Haruna were handed title shots on a silver platter, for you to get it through your head that you've got no business trying to come for someone over how many chances they've had. I know our paths have only crossed once before this but when you failed to win that battle royal for an entry into the Specialists Championship match at Bloodletter while even I managed to outlast you, your argument of being the best Empire has to offer went up in smoke. The idea that you should somehow constantly be at the front of the line for every title shot when you've already wasted so many opportunities has left you looking downright ridiculous, and then on top of that you want to throw on the fact that you think any of you should be at the helm of Empire calling the shots? You're really losing your damn mind. And I can't help but wonder for what? So you can find yourself in a position to get another undeserved opportunity that you'll just let slip through your fingers? I can tell you right now that we don't need you at the front of anything or so much as even attempting to represent this brand - be it as a champion or in a position of power, especially when you're nowhere near as great as you happen to believe you are. However, that hasn't stopped you from spewing your bullshit left and right to anyone who'll listen, but the only one you're really trying to convince is yourself because how else could you have had chance after chance after chance, failed at each and every turn when it came to them, and still go on believing that you of all people should be at the top?! You told April to step aside, to let someone else have a chance and have the spotlight for once, but if that's the case, shouldn't your ass be doing the same considering all the times you failed in your championship pursuits? And yet, you're clinging to Sheridan's coattails in the hopes that she'll get you somewhere, that maybe with just a bit of hope she'll actually become GM and you'll find yourself conveniently placed into an undeserved position at the top of the mountain. But you can only get so far on handouts, you of all people should know that, and when you've continuously failed in the end to make the most of the opportunities you were given, it says more about you than it does anyone else. There's no denying your talent because you have put on some stellar matches, but time after time you're reminded that there's always gonna be someone better, there's always gonna be someone's who's just one step ahead and that at this point, for as good as you believe yourself to be, you should realize by now that you damn sure aren't on that level of greatness as that's been proven time and time again. When it comes to us, it'll be even truer when we're beating you and showing that if you think you're the pinnacle of talent, the end all be all, then you've got ways to go and seeing as how getting smacked around in those failed title matches of yours weren't enough, April and I are just gonna provide you with reminder of how all of that remains to be true but the only ones who'll apparently be shocked by any of it will be you two and Haruna."

"Sheridan, though, I had wondered how long it would take for us to find ourselves standing across from one another inside the ring and it certainly didn't take long. I know what you've done, what you've accomplished, mostly due to you never letting anyone forget, and I've also gotten to know just some of the unflattering things that follow in your wake. But I hardly even knew you and that was why when you returned, I decided to allow myself to be a lot more open-minded to whatever it was you'd have to say upon coming back and I can easily say now that I can understand why you're so despised, so loathed by so many because you've honestly gone so far out of your way to make yourself hated. You've torn down a number of women no longer with us and for what? Because you think you're saying what everyone else is too afraid to? For the sake of shock value and so desperately wanting to feel as if you were pushing the envelope, especially when it came to one particularly tragic case? It's disgusting is what is and it's a shame because all the talent that you possess is shrouded in an overwhelming stench that comes with such a revolting personality. I knew nothing about you, so I'd given you a chance, but in the weeks leading up to this you've only displayed a level of arrogance that I couldn't have possibly begun to fathom, and I thought it simply came with you being undeniably and greatly talented but then... then you went and got this World War 2 reenactment together that I couldn't help but question. Azumi and Haruna? How much help do you really need, Sheridan, if you're turning to them for support? Sure, they saved your ass against Tarah when you needed it most, but you're also easily better than them. I'm pretty sure you could wipe the floor with either of them if you really wanted to because let's face it, neither of them have shown to be deserving of the opportunities that they feel so entitled to, let alone the praise they think they're so worthy of. You can say that it was Tarah who brought you all together for similar reasons, but even when Azumi did get what she wanted, she came apart under the pressure each and every time. Are they just pawns in your journey to the top? Disposable once you get there just before you not-so-shockingly make the announcement that you never really needed them? I can't imagine them being that useful to you, it certainly showed on Showdown when Azumi was in position to be put down by Aria, and I'm sure if Stephanie had really wanted to she could've laid Azumi out just as easily as she did you, Haruna, Tarah and Aria then dragged Aria's unconscious body over Azumi's for the three count. Even with the three of you, you just barely survived that match and it took someone else taking an unexpected turn on their teammates for you to be able to say that managed a win over the two women that your little troupe saw as oppressors to your success. But April and I, it's the two of us that'll prove to be a roadblock in your path that you just couldn't figure out a way to overcome because this won't be a match where you two are just gonna be allowed to win, neither of us is gonna stand idly by and let you two tack on a loss to our records when we know good and goddamn well that we're fully equipped to take on the task of defeating you - and we most certainly will. I get that I don't have the accomplishments to my name like some of you do, I get that I haven't had the experience of being in those coveted positions of having been champion, but what I do have is unwavering determination and a desire to rise through the ranks of Empire to get to the top. What I do have is the ability to be a threat here in this match just as much as April does, and if the two of you want to go ahead and underestimate myself and April when we stand a damn good chance at winning, then be my guest. It's just gonna make our win over the so-called "best of Empire" only that much more meaningful."
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Kevin, this is the week where you meet your reality.

I’ve been waiting to see how you were going to slither your way back into an EAW ring.  Unsurprisingly, you used your friend Mr. DEDEDE to get what you want.  You couldn’t stay out of the ring even after I sent you a message telling you to stay away.  By “forcing” DEDEDE to allow you in this match, you’ve proven every point I’ve brought up about you.  Kevin Devastation, you are a spotlight junkie who gets his way by talking to his friends with power.  Don’t pretend to act like some innocent man who’s trying to defend his “legacy”.  Your legacy has already been cemented, but you couldn’t stop and leave EAW forever.  You couldn’t let the new generation thrive and shine because you needed another fame and money fix.  When I saw you with DEDEDE, you two had an agenda.  You couldn’t get cleared because of your condition, so you decide to be corrupted and ask DEDEDE for a favor.  Guys like me can’t ask management for handouts because I have to earn my opportunities.  I also have to be healthy to get into this ring and trust me, that isn’t the easiest process to go through.  I was sent home again and again.  They were wary of my career-ending injury from Terry Chambers, but that didn't stop me.  My motivation allowed me to pull through and recover from this setback.  My point is that I EARNED my way back into this ring while you were simply GIVEN this opportunity.  Your legend status allows you to be as corrupt as these EAW politicians, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  You love abusing your power and legacy, Kevin.  You use your longevity to get instantly cleared and choose our match stipulation.  Funny enough, you pick your best kind of match.  If that doesn’t blink any red lights, then I don’t know what will.  You’ve made the match all about YOU and YOUR legacy, not about the real purpose here.  

This match will be my love letter to every EAW suit watching, showing them what I will do to their quick cash grabs.  Instead of caring about this talented generation, retirement home-bound Kevin Devastation is brought back.  This man has nothing on a young and upcoming talent like me.  His best days are behind him and this makes me wonder what he really has to prove.  Why care if a young talent makes him leave like he’s supposed to?  He’s kissed his own ass to think that he can keep up with me, but he can’t.  I was able to injure him with a few shots to the head, so what will happen when he steps into the ring with me?  What will happen when I destroy him with everything I can find around this cage?  He will not leave this ring in one piece.  He will need several surgeries to simply get him back in a wheelchair.  Kevin Devastation has signed up for an annihilation in levels that no one would imagine.  Every time I see his face, I want to stomp on his head until his brain is nothing more than mush.  Some may think that my words have no legitimacy but look how I’ve ripped KD limb from limb over the last month.  After our match ends, his blood will be splattered across my being and my soul won’t contain an ounce of regret.  This company has pushed me to this point and my wrath will not be stopped.  This cage separates KD and me from this world; he won’t able to run away anymore.  I may have the odds stacked against me, but people forget that I’ve been a Hardcore Champion before.  They forget that I will do anything and everything to prove a point.  No more of the doubts.  The Nathan Fiora name will not be taken for granted after I take out this attention whore off the world’s television sets. 

This is when your legend doesn’t help you, Kevin.  This will not be a traditional wrestling match; this will be a war.  I will give you the Nathan Fiora you’ve been looking for.  The passion I’ve been holding back is coming out with fury.  These flames will not be extinguished by the darkness of greed and evil.  My best will defeat you in your injury-ridden body.  My words hold true and you know it.  Everything I’ve said about you has come true and I will stand by my beliefs.  I won’t back down when I meet you face to face.  You don’t scare me and I won’t stand for the lies that you are spreading.  I will not fall until my heart stops pumping blood into my veins and these doctors can’t resuscitate me.  I don’t need Eminem lyrics to bring authority to my words; I will just go out there and kill you.  This will be like the story of Old Yeller; I will be the one who will put you down for good.  There will be no seconds tries; DEDEDE can handle your funeral since he was the one who allowed this happen.  Your seven seconds of fame will end and I will move onto more important matters.  Sadly, you only care about that and leaving a mark in my life.  I will not give you that luxury because you don’t deserve it.  All you’ve shown me is how hungry you are for people to remember your name and praise you.  You only talk about YOU and what YOU have to prove.  This company ISN’T about YOU anymore.  My career will continue while yours finally comes to an end.  

After our match, I will look in the mirror and see the image of a winner.  Your family will witness the murder of their father; their husband.  Your wife will be a widow and your kids will be bastards because of YOUR actions.  You forget that this match could’ve been avoided if you weren’t so full of yourself and admitted to your sins.  A real reaper is right next to you right now, ticking and tocking down to our match this Sunday.  

Welcome to your end, Kevin. 
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Post on Wed 20 Dec - 16:01 by Daisy Thrash
The camera opens on intrepid EAW reporter Camille Ava approaching a familiar-looking RV.

Camille: *knocks on door*

Daisy (from inside): Ugh, wha? Who ‘s it?

Camille: Ms. Thrash?

Daisy: Comin’, comin’. Dun get your panties in’a twist.

Daisy eventually emerges from the RV. She is wearing sweatpants and a matching hoodie. The hood is down, showing off her major bedhead. She is rubbing at her eyes.

Daisy: Oh my god, you better have a good reason for waking me up. Don’t you know what time it is?

Camille: Um...it’s one in the afternoon.

Daisy: Duh, I knew that. Was just checking to see if you did. Anywho, what can I do for ya this fine afternoon?

Camille: I’m here for your interview. You know, the one we set up a few days ago?

Daisy: Shit, that was today? Musta forgot to put it in my calendar or somethin’. Well, come on in, I guess. You’ll just need to excuse the mess. Wasn’t expectin’ company.

As the pair enter the RV, the camera focuses on the pile of various wrappers, papers, and other junk between the driver and passenger seats. The pile is so high that there isn’t any floor visible beneath it.

Daisy: Go ahead, make yourself at home. Whoops, wait a minute.

She quickly clears a garbage pile off her couch. She then ties her hair back and puts her hood up. Both women are now seated on the couch.

Daisy: There we go. Shoot. What kinda questions have you got for me?

Camille: First off, about your match with Astraea…

Daisy: Seriously? Are people still going on about that? Yeah, I lost. And I know exactly why that happened. It’s because DEDEDE was desperate to not have his pet project get forgotten about. Not to mention it seems as though I’ve hit a nerve when it comes to our chairman. I wouldn’t be surprised if little miss Jordan got a little extra coaching before our match. Oh well, it doesn’t matter in the long run. She can push all the merch she wants, but we all know she’ll never reach the top of the mountain. If it was that hard for her to take me down, she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating Aria.

Camille: Speaking of Mr. DEDEDE, you must know by now that he will be coming to Empire this week to appoint a new general manager. Do you plan to confront him at all?

Daisy: You know, I’d love to. But, if this guy has even the slightest bit of intelligence, he’s gonna surround himself with an impenetrable wall of security. Plus, there’s no way he has the balls to actually step up to me. So it looks like I just have to settle for snatching some time in the ring to get a few things off my chest.

Camille: Any way we can get a preview of what you’ll have to say?

Daisy: Well, Cammy, anyone who’s been listening to me should have an idea. But since so many people have been plugging their ears and going “ la la la not listening” I guess I’ll need to go over it one more time. In EAW, it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve got. It doesn’t matter how good at wrestling you are. All the higher-ups care about is how much money you can make them. They cut people into ribbons and re-make them into their own horrible Frankenstein monsters in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. If you’re messing with their bottom line, even just the smallest bit, they have no problem making an example out of you. You can kiss your credibility goodbye. It’s even worse if you’ve got anything “controversial” about you. Like, say, being an feminist. God forbid we make the male audience feel even the tiniest bit uncomfortable, right? The Board is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. They’ll happily trot out someone like Tarah Nova to be all “girl power yay!” but turn an unapologetic feminist into a one-dimensional stereotype. A joke. And then, just to put the cherry on top of the shit sundae, they brainwash their employees to reflexively lash out at anyone who can see what’s really going on and dares to speak out against their crap. I mean, people can see someone like Daenerys Targaryen fighting against slavery and tyranny and cheer her on. But when I do it, I’m pushing a “false narrative” and “making excuses.” It’s too bad, because in this situation I’m not just Daenerys, I’m the dragons too. And I’ve got no qualms against burning this whole motherfucker down.

Camille: ...Alright. With all your talk about wanting a change in leadership, I’m curious about your thoughts on the actions of the Axis. Do you support them?

Daisy: Ok, first of all, I’m not looking for a change in leadership. I’m looking to up-turn this entire messed-up system. I’ll admit I was impressed of what Sheridan pulled on Tarah. But with Sher in charge, we’re just replacing one dictator with another. C’mon, do they really think they’re being slick with the obvious Nazi imagery? Their flag’s got red and black not to mention the eagle sitting in the middle. I may be an extremely fucked-up individual, but I will never EVER associate myself with anything Nazi-related. And I sure won’t cozy up to someone who calls their finisher “The Holocaust.” That’s disgusting.

Camille: Ok, I’ve got one more question for you. How are you feeling about facing Revy this week?

Daisy: Ugh, I guess I have to talk about her, don’t I? Christ, I don’t care about Revy. Revy doesn’t even care about Revy. She spends all her time getting herself and her new buddy Savannah drunk off their asses. She barely puts up a fight anymore. I mean, last week she was the load while Savannah did most of the work. She still hasn’t said anything on her own behalf. She loses and loses and doesn’t give a shit about it. At least I actually want to get on a winning streak and claw my way to the top. And yet, the higher-ups still prefer her to me. They’ll back a talentless drunken maniac with no passion over someone who’s got all the talent and drive to inevitably rise to the top. Unfortunately Cammy, it seems like you’re the only one around here with your head screwed on straight enough to see that I’m destined for greatness. It’s almost tragic to realize just how much Revy has fallen. Here was a woman that was once fighting for the Women’s Championship. Now she can’t even get a win over Haruna and Azumi. It reminds me of something that happened when I was out at the Pier yesterday. There was some lady giving tarot readings. She had something that was one card for one dollar. So I think “sure, why not?” and guess what card I get? The Wheel of Fortune. Lady said the card had to do with accepting that life cycles between good times and bad times. However, she also talked about not being passive; about how you shouldn’t just wait around for things to be handed to you. Instead, you need to take an active role in your own life and fight for your place at the upside of the wheel. Damned if she wasn’t right on the money. Revy might be perfectly content to stay at the bottom, but it seems like the lovely Board wants me give up my spot and help her get on the upswing. Too bad, I’m not Santa Claus. I’m not running a charity here. The only person I want to make famous is me. I turn my enemies into distant memories. Scarlet who? Yasmin who? Even Andy Valentine is falling to the bottom of the EAW well thanks to me. So on Thursday, I’m getting the waste of space that is Revy out of my way. No one, no gawds, no masters, are stopping my ascension to the peak of EAW.

Camille: Well, that was certainly...enlightening. Thank you for your time, Daisy.

Daisy: Oh yeah, no problem. Now, I love ya, but you need to get the fuck out of my house. I got cleaning to do.

Cut to black.
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Post on Wed 20 Dec - 13:32 by Tomi Venus
A Moment For Perspective
Dynasty: One

[The scene shows a dark dining room with a single overhead light. The background is covered in darkness. The light illuminates Tomi Venus leaning back in his chair. He’s wearing a white dress shirt at a dining table with a half filled scotch glass in front of him. Tomi Venus is softly but audibly laughing deeply from his diaphragm.]

I never was good with battle royals. I’m not surprised by my failure and I congratulate Stark on his victory.

[Tomi Venus takes a small sip from the glass and places it back down on the table with a clunk. His smile turns to an expression of annoyance.]

What’s inexcusable is that someone like Ahren Fournier eliminated me. I bet he went home and jerked himself off in the mirror thinking about it. Disgusting to think about, isn’t it? His spray tanned baby oil covered self slipped away from me before I could break him… Shameful. But that’s not something we’re going to dwell on.

There are a number of things we’re not going to do. We’re not going to sit here and explain why the sky is blue to opponents who have trouble processing basic information. We’re not going to explain to men who make their money beating the living hell out of each other why their philosophical essays are more like the ramblings of a mad man who happened to have a thesaurus on hand. I’m not here to convince to these clout addicted pests why their accolades and belts are meaningless and pathetic excuses for accomplishments!

I was Elite Champion and that belt died when I did. The difference is I came back. The difference is I am a man and unlike a piece of leather and precious metals I am actually capable of standing for something! I am capable of being more than whoever wants to slap their name on me! I am more than Dynasty! I am more than Showdown! I am more than EAW! I walked out of this company and made something out of myself while the rest of you would be gasping for air without it! That’s why you obsess yourselves with relevancy. You walk through the locker room and you see people who fear irrelevance as Jacob Moore has accused me of.

[Tomi stands up and paces to the adjacent side of the table so he’s directly in front of the camera.]

Jacob Moore who has become one of the least relevant members of the EAW roster wants to accuse me of fearing obscurity because I came back to this stage after he thinks I had everything I needed in life and retired. I didn’t have everything I need or retire when I left EAW. I actually hopped over to another fed and won championships over there before I retired. Even then I didn’t have everything I need. Maybe I have royalty checks being written in my name every month from all different sources. I might have enough willing women at my disposal to do as I please with for every hour of every day of the week but I don’t have what I need sitting here in my beautiful home all day… I have a singular purpose that is clear to me in this moment. I don’t care who you are Moore. I don’t care if you believe you can beat me just like I don’t care about the status of Jacob Senn. I didn’t come for Senn because of that prisoner mentality of take down the biggest dog to establish dominance.

[Tomi slams his fists down on the table and looks up directly into the camera

I came for Jacob Senn because I had a score to settle with him! I’m not here to win matches I’m here to disrupt the balance at every opportunity to get what I want! I’ll stop to smell the blood the air on the way but I have bigger things to do here than break bones! I don’t want the money or flashing lights and you say that I don’t belong here because of that and you’re right! I don’t belong here the same way cancer doesn’t belong in the body of the host! I don’t belong here because I’m a long term detriment to the survival of everything that EAW is built on! You people obsess yourselves with the credibility of awards and trophies! You rely on this place to give it to you and that’s why I’m here to make sure EAW dies!

Clearly the two of us are unable to coexist! It’s not enough to inflict damage on these parasites physically! You can be crippled and still have this place pay respect to you and call you a hero, I want to end that satisfaction. When I’m done with this place there will be no honor, there will be no glory, I will make sure the people of the world see EAW as the black pit of greed and narcissism that it is! That's all I care about! Wins and losses come and go! Championships will die! The light of prestige that rains down on the greats of this industry will turn to a shadow of shame and that is the day that I care about!

You think I give a damn about how tough you are? You think I care one bit what you do to me!?

[Tomi Venus grabs the scotch glass and shatters it against his forehead]


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Tag team wrestling seems to be my forte lately. Whether teaming with Chelsea Crowe or Stephanie Matsuda, I’ve been able to do enough to pick up wins in these situations. Tag team wrestling has been a bit of a respite for me from the rough go I’ve had of things in singles competition. I make no excuses for the poor showings that I’ve had and the failure of not winning back the Specialists Championship will linger in my mind for quite some time. It sucks that I wasn’t up to the task, but for now I must push that to the perimeter and focus on the task at hand and from what I have seen, the task that I have on my hands is rather monumental.
Or is it?
There are some familiar faces in this match. It seems that the Board of Directors has a sense of humor. After pairing me with one of my opponents in the Fatal Four way at Bloodletter, Chelsea Crowe, I get to team with one of the adversaries that I was lucky enough to defeat, Andrea Valentine. Andrea, I just want you to understand something, when I picked some of the things that you said to me last week as motivation, I generally was grasping at straws. Sometimes, to find that extra bit of killer instinct you need to survive in this sport, you must sometimes imagine slights to take opponents seriously that you may not have before. You and Sydney gave your all last week, no bones about it. You made Chelsea and I work our asses off to get the win, and I commend you for that. Now, I need you to find another gear of your own. I saw how much winning meant to you backstage in the locker room. I have felt that same hurt that you feel now. Every person who really cares about that sport feels that pain when they know they are doing everything right with the training and commitment and the preparation…but falling short on the final day. I have been where you have been, and I only can offer one bit of consolation: Don’t give up. I know what it’s like to be so close to achieving something only to have it ripped from my grasp. An unfortunate knee injury cost me in a tournament. I had fought valiantly, bravely to make it to the last two of the Empire Cup only to run into Cameron Ella Ava. I had survived Divide and Conquer’s team phase only to be beaten by Madison Kaline after a surprise attack. It took almost three quarters of a year to pass full of frustration and inconsistency to finally hit my target and take home a championship. While people can take aim at my reign and dissect it for not being great, they can’t take away the fact that I’ve had one. My story isn’t anything new or dynamic, but I do think and hope that you are understanding what I’ve gone through personally will motivate you. I know what it means to struggle, and I sympathize with your aim. After going against you, I look forward to teaming with you and seeing what you can do. I can feel the greatness in you, and in Sydney for that matter. Prove me right and bring everything that you must get us a win. Maybe a win here won’t propel you to the lofty heights that you have in mind and I believe that you can reach, but we all start somewhere.
As for my opposition, I do recognize one face. Azumi. We have gotten quite familiar with each other the last few months, haven’t we? I have been able to turn you back just about every time that we’ve faced off, but admittedly it gets a little tougher each time. I will give you your proper due that you are a great fighter when you’re focused, so much so that I beseeched you to drop your other half to really focus on becoming a threat to Aria. Instead, you charge in the completely opposite direction and align yourself with Sheridan. You don’t know how much sadness I saw for someone like you to take the easy way out and try to politic and numbers game your way to the top. You have the ability in you. You don’t need Sheridan. You damn sure don’t need Haruna, who is about as useless as the United States Congress. You want to talk about failures, haven’t you attempted to win the Specialists Championship AND the Women’s World Championship and failed? You pinned the current Champ, of course, but that’s only because Matsuda went rouge and laid out her partners….and YOUR partners. Something that strikes me curious about that match last week: The “Zaibatsu” came out to watch…and you were the only one left standing. Why didn’t Cloudy rip your head off when she had the chance I wonder? Maybe Manami-san begged her to hold back, maybe the Zaibatsu is recruiting you as a member, I don’t know. But what I do know is that you and me, when we look at each other face to face, you give me not reason to be frightened of anything. You know that I can beat you at any given moment and you have personally felt my crushing embrace cutting off your oxygen. While the Axis may be strong, there is no reason for me to believe that someone as pathetic as you individually can ever stand up to me. You better hope that it doesn’t come down to you and me…we both know what happens if it does. You tap out. You lose. You still prattle on about being great. Rinse and repeat.
As for my title challenges, I have no claim to anything right now. Consuela proved herself to be a fighting, if not intelligent and extremely lucky, champion. Aria, as much as I have improved, is not a task I think I’m up to taking on yet. For now, I will bide my time generating momentum and doing what I can for myself and Empire. And by doing what I can for Empire, I mean doing everything I can to make those on it better, either through mentorship or through competition. Your mentor, Erica, understood how this game worked. That’s why she took you under her wing to try to help you. But you…. you have thrown all that away in order to try to elevate yourself, lost in a forest of your own delusional thinking even as that delusion gets burned to the ground. Once again, I will try to knock some sense into you…and show you just how far you are from being anything close to an Ace.
And then…. the famed Sheridan Muller.
Just between you and me, you are the most pretentious, arrogant, annoying cunt I’ve ever heard talk in my thirty-two years of walking God’s green earth. I don’t pretend to know you, I only know of your in-ring work through reputation and film study. But, when I listen to you talk, it sounds very much like I know what I’m dealing with: a sociopath. Just to be completely square with you, the problems that you and Tarah have had are your own. I don’t care about your long-winded history with Tarah, though a part of me did cringe with disgust when I saw what you and your attack dogs did to her at Bloodletter. Tarah Nova and I had our disagreements about things, but I will always have a great deal of respect for her. She gave a person like me an opportunity to see what, to borrow a phrase from a certain idiot, competing at a “championship level” was all about. Was she perfect? No. Did we always agree on everything? Hell no. I’m still very much bitter about how I was treated as Specialists Champion. I wanted to compete…and I was forced behind a desk to do commentary. What happened after I got back in the ring was my fault, but I really have had a tough time letting that perceived slight go. But…it’s past now. She’s no longer general manager and I’m not going to go on some great crusade to restore her to a GM position. She lost her job and now she’s got to dive back in the mud and fight just like the rest of us.
You go around bragging about your skill, rightfully so. You’re one of the finest competitors, male or female, that has ever stepped foot in this ring. Your list of victims is long, and I give you credit for standing toe to toe with someone like Ares Vendetta and living to tell the tale. You are physical your marvel and deserve the position that you have been given as Openweight title challenger from the Empire brand. Not because you beat Tarah, but because of everything else that you have done in the sport. But…I notice something when I hear you speak. It seems like you are infatuated with the same position that has seemingly brought Tarah’s fall from grace: it seems like you want to be general manager. That is a bit intriguing. You, who knows very much what it’s like to be fucked by the system wants to be part of the system. Now, if you were going to step aside and not compete full-time, as Tarah did, I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. I would keep my green mouth shut and go about my business. But…. you go on and on and on about reforming Empire and how “nothing good” would be allowed to exist while your anger rages. You claim to want to elevate Empire and bring all these wonderful and magnificent changes to make it in your image and there lies the problem: You don’t care about Empire, you care about YOU. Only you. That’s it.
You know, I’ve heard you talk a lot about Cailin and Madison and Brody Sparks, God rest her soul. You have gone out of your way to tear down their legacies, their morals, and anything else that you feel fit to push your narrative. You are more talented than any of them, without a doubt. But, there was something that all three of them have that you don’t. No matter how many belts you win, no matter how many awards and accolades you rack up, THEY ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON THAT YOU DON’T….
People connected with them. They, for better or worse, loved them. They only loathe you. And you know it. As much as you try to hide it, it eats at you. It eats at your very core….
Now, before you dismiss this talk, answer me a question: what good does it serve you to talk about all these women when you KNOW that you are arguably the best female wrestler of your generation, if not all time barring maybe Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava? Why does it offend you and stir you up so much that in the middle of your Dictator-In-Training rants that you go out of your way to verbally eviscerate them all? Look deep in your heart and you know what I’m saying has a little bit of truth to it. You mention all these names in a negative light because for all those awards and titles and victories, they have the love of people, the legacies that they left behind, regardless of how they left EAW or in one unfortunate case this very world, mean more than anything that you have ever done.
This crusade that you’re on, it’s not about Haruna or Azumi either. I’m pretty good at reading folks and I can assure you that within six months, if even that long, either they will outlive their usefulness to you or you will become an inconvenience to them...especially your partner this week Azumi, who seems intent on proclaiming herself World Champion despite already losing to the World Champion in a World Championship match. You have sunken so low that in your quest for vengeance that you would lower yourself to teaming with Empire’s crazy couple to shore up the numbers a bit more in your favor. Not that it’s not been done before. Madison, Cailin and Brody formed one of the most terrifying groups in the history of Empire, if not EAW, in the Coven, and people like Tarah Nova and Consuela are no strangers gang warfare themselves. In fact, YOU were one of the few who had the strength to stand alone and now you’ve thrown that shred of honor away to placate your own ego and install a regime that is bound to fail as soon as it grasps any bit of real power.
Well, now that we have that out of the way, I want to take this moment now to encourage you to throw whatever insults you have on deck for me. Do whatever sneering from up on Olympus that you feel gets you prepared for this match. This isn’t about stopping the Axis for me, this is about testing myself against the best competition that the world has to offer…and maybe smacking a little bit of sense into your heads. How could I hope to do this? Seeing as how Azumi has been my bitch for the better part of a year, she strikes as much fear into me as a bag of marshmallows. As for you, Sheridan, I did see the Awards Show and even though your team won, you didn’t look all that victorious laying in the ring after Matsuda kicked your ass and Haruna’s ass and even Tarah and Aria’s asses. Guess what? I managed to beat that asskicking machine. Now, I know the transitive property doesn’t usually work in sports, but if someone like that is someone I can manage to defeat, there should be zero reason for me to fear anyone walking the planet. I have faith in my submission skills, honed from jujitsu training since I was a toddler and sharpened even further in the United States Air Force. Maybe you grew up a similar way in Germany. Somewhere on the way, you found yourself with a gift for wrestling and have harnessed it well, fulfilling every bit of potential in terms of ability. But when I see you, I don’t see a champion. I don’t see someone I should fear. I don’t even see someone I should hate. I just see someone I have pity for. Someone whose self-hatred is reflected on others. You put up the self-assured, self-reliant warrior front well, but a solider can spot weakness a mile away.

Azumi, Sheridan…I pity you both. If only your souls were as strong as your fists….
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Wed 20 Dec - 9:37 by Azumi Goto
We started by defeating the Women’s Champion, the former corrupted leader and finally the broken War Queen. Now we on to Empire where Sheridan and I are put up against an unlikely duo of April Song and Andrea Valentine sounds like a bad time for our opponents. We just came off a giant win at the Awards show and now we step inside Empire’s ring for the first time as a unit and what’s stopping the two of us from coming out as the winners in this match… Nothing really. I mean it if nothing is stopping us from claiming Empire and destroying it then what’s going to stop April Song and Andrea Valentine from beating Sheridan and I. See you’re putting those two against The Axis in hopes that someone and somehow their low chances at stopping us will actually help you succeed. It won’t… When I told you that The Axis was going to beat Tarah, Aria and Stephanie I truly meant it. Sure we got unexpected help from Matsuda, but in the end look who came out of it all as the winners.
Speaking of someone who isn’t a winner, April Song, late congrats on failing to recapture your Specialist Title. Now, how many shots have there been for you at this title? Maybe enough to get you out of the title picture and let the real stars of Empire get their rightful shot. You win the title then drop it back to Consuela and go on this quest where you lost two matches for the title. How many more failed chances do you need to finally realize that you’re taking someone else spotlight? You got shot at the title because of Tarah Nova’s system but now with that corrupted crap that used to rule Empire out of the way. You might as well just stay back and let the women who now run this brand have their moment in the spotlight. With Sheridan becoming the Empire Representative for the Openweight Title, shouldn’t I definitely make a case that I deserve a shot in either Women’s or Specialist Title picture?
Think about it for once, I pinned Aria Jaxon in a tag match, I’ve been the most underutilized member of Empire’s roster considering that I have earned my chances to become a Number 1 contender and yet I’m sitting here and waiting for that shot. While the likes of April Song has had opportunities given to her because whatever dumb reason continues to squander them EVERY TIME. It’s as if Tarah didn’t know how to run this place…. OH WAIT! She actually didn’t know and be thankful that we ended her reign because if that reign continued, I probably think most of us would have switched our TV channels to something better on air. Losing ratings and even to the point that we might have kicked off the air because of Tarah Nova.
But to the point, April. When you fail so many times, doesn’t it mean that should step to side? If you don’t, there might be a chance that you’ll get burned by our path of destruction. See you and your partner can talk all you want about beating us, Sheridan and I are just too damn good to be beaten by you two. It’s the truth, I mean it. The Axis is a force of not just vengeance but in-ring excellence. Three of greatest to have step put in an Empire ring joining forces pretty much seals the fate of our opponents, regardless of it’s Haruna and I or Sheridan and I or Haruna and Sheridan. You just will have the unbeatable force of nature in your way.
There would have been a chance for you two if you weren’t facing the Axis this week, unfortunate for you that the system you were so used to crashed down because of three women. No more of these freebie opportunities at titles, no more repetitive matches, no more leaving me out of the title scene.
At Bloodletter, we created a spark that started this path that Axis walks on, not only to change the system of Empire but to burn down Empire as well. The Empire after Bloodletter, we told you that we were here to stay, that we would change the whole wrestling world if meant to get what we wanted. And we prove that at the Award show when we beat three people who taught they could get in our way and stop us from even getting started. Look what happened then?! A loss, we talked about it the whole week that this was unity between the Axis. Not friendship but unity in our opinions and our goals.

We’re winning this whole match, nothing really you two can do stop that. But you can try put a great little effort only to fail.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Wed 20 Dec - 7:19 by Jacob Moore

My worst fear is losing my vision. 

How about you, Tomi? It seems to me that yours is irrelevancy. You had everything you needed in life and retired into obscurity. But that wasn't enough, right? You decide to come back under the guise of a mask as a pussy ass, happy-go-lucky bitch in fear you wouldn't be welcomed back otherwise. For someone who claims they don't care about the opinion of the fans or the like, your reasoning for coming back is pretty ass-backwards. You didn't wanna be forgotten about but at the same time, you don't want these people to like you, cheer you, probably not even look at you. Interesting. You actually did pretty well under that mask, at least from what I saw but every time you got close to a real accomplishment, you failed. And what was your excuse for that? You did it on purpose. 

I can't say this is the first time I've heard that bullshit, but you've really managed to run with it. You're not here to win, you're here to inflict pain. Well, so are the 10 other edgelords on the EAW roster. Claiming they don't want gold or fame, just to break bones and whatever other dramatic, dark description of an injury they can pull out of their ass. I find it funny how guys like that, like you, are so obsessed with hurting another human but fail to do even that most of the time. But it doesn't stop there. The whole world is against Tomi Venus. I love the bitching, I do. It's pretty entertaining. Every time you come across a misfortune, it's to be blamed on someone in charge being utterly incompetent in their job just to screw you, specifically. But your win over Jacob Senn? That was all you, with no distractions right? But as soon as you lose, it's a fiasco. It's a "joke" and you never took it seriously to begin with. Your train of thought is more confusing than mine. I understand your need for attention. At one point in my career, even as recent as a few months ago, I wanted the same thing so I did outlandish things. Remember my ridiculous entrances? They were comedy gold and definitely raised my stock a bit, but I didn't need to do them. Believe it or not, people miss me making an ass out of myself just because. They were disappointed when I told them this time would be different. Despite having a winning streak for quite a while, why was the first question I get asked back, "are you gonna do those weird entrances"? No, no I'm not. Sorry to disappoint. But I will be picking up where I left off. Or at least that's what I had hoped before the downfall of Dynasty began. 

I get all the hype in the world upon my return but despite putting on the best match of Invictus with that fool Aka Manah - who has ran away and switched brands before we could meet again like a little bitch, might I add - all that ever gets talked about is that loss. Not how hard I worked, not the spectacle we put on, not how we shocked the world with our performance. I was immediately dismissed last week not for not recording myself doing 5 lectures on the rest of those irrelevant bastards, but because I lost to Aka. I find it funny how all of my other accomplishments are non-existent once I lose one time unexpectedly. Your heads are all in the wrong place, mine is the only one where it should be. That's pretty apparent. And because I trained physically for this match instead of running my mouth for 4 days straight and instead just say a few words DEEPLY rooted in truth, I'm penalized. I'm ridiculed by the big boys in charge for calling them out on THEIR inconsistency. It's not the first time though, especially not for you. I'm sure after you lose this week, Tomi, you're gonna blame me or the referee or the general manager for it. But I'm not gonna blame getting eliminated first on anyone other than myself. That was me. It didn't matter that I didn't care about that match, I still should've went in with the same focus as everybody else. I can't wait for you to bring that up in your little reply, by the way. Yeah, I beat Shackleford but who the fuck is that? Jacob Moore doesn't dwell on wins to no-names or losses to big names. I'm more mad that I was beaten at Invictus in my return than anybody, I don't have to be reminded by you or anyone else. It was discouraging to say the least. To know I come back to be thrown in the same bullshit that made me leave. 

Maybe coming back to save Dynasty was a mistake. It's a lost cause at this point. The booking is lazy. I'm facing the same opponents weeks in a row because the talent pool is that shallow. That's not the level I should be competing on. I had great matches every week the first time around now I come back to complete bullshit. I have to use you as an example, Tomi, and it's unfortunate. You might be getting flack for how you acted a few years ago, and think the powers that be are purposefully fucking with you, but if that was the case you would've fallen at Jacob Senn's feet. You have potential you do, but you can't execute it like you think you can. Jacob Senn is a broken man, a shell of his former self at this point. It's clear EAW isn't where he belongs anymore, he needs to check into a damn mental hospital and get himself checked out. He can't win his precious world title back, he's starting shit with the Chairman again just to be relevant again, the list goes on. I'm not saying that completely diminishes your victory but we both know that wasn't Jacob Senn at his best. He'll never be the same again. But please, continue to use that as your only leverage against me. You're not the first masked bastard I've had to knock sense into. El Ironico thought he could easily overcome me only to be beaten multiple times and have his little winning streak stripped from his hands. He was brought back down to Earth fast. While you're not as high up as he was - you have some understanding - hitting the ground is gonna hurt just as hard. You don't want fame or achievements to put on a list, you want to cause pain and destruction. I get it. But if that's the case you might as well go on to street fighting or MMA, boy. Because me? I'm not here just to hurt people, I'm here to hurt them AND get all the gold and glory I can. You're standing in the way of that. I came back a month ago with very specific goals and demands and still have yet to see my wishes granted despite that being apart of my agreement to come back and despite what I said I wanted. I'm gonna have to force the hand and beating the man who pretty much put Jacob Senn out of his pathetic misery is the way to go. 

I'd prefer to work my way up the mountain again but I don't have time for that. If I have to make examples out of each and every single person on Dynasty then so be it. I don't have another 7 years to dedicate to this, I realize my time is limited. My days are numbered. I came to the biggest wrestling company in the world for a new beginning but this is awfully similar to my past so I guess the money and flashing lights will have to do. You don't want any of that, Tomi, but you shouldn't be here then. You don't belong here, you don't belong in a ring with me. You have this ego now and swear you're the most sadistic man to walk the planet but you've never met Jacob Moore one-on-one. My first match here I dropped a man on his neck and he was never seen or heard from again. I choked the air out of Tig Kelly's lungs and left him to die. Sheridan Muller wanted equality and she couldn't handle it and scurried back to Empire. It's just the two of us in there and that's more dangerous for you than it is for me even not considering how we're both built in comparison to each other. This isn't just a showing of which one of us is more gifted in that ring. I may not brag about my love of beating other guys to a pulp like you but the interest is there. Let this be a challenge of who can break the other down the most. The two men on Dynasty who are willing to test their limits whenever, wherever. That is the only thing I find respectable about you, even if you don't want any of my respect, believe it or not. My actions this Friday will speak louder than any of these words I've said will. Trust that.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Wed 20 Dec - 6:10 by Darkane
Dynasty I

It seems like just yesterday that I captured the Hardcore Championship for the very first time, it's still fresh in my mind as I draw nearer to my three month anniversary. I can still feel the vibration of Scott Diamond's skull crashing through the glass table, I can still feel the oncoming waves of jeers sent forth by the fans as the ref's hand counted one, two, three. They couldn't believe it, they were shocked. I myself, almost couldn't believe it but I knew that I had what it took to take Scott Diamond down, but that initial rush of glory and triumph that you feel, I'll tell ya, nothing can be compared to it and whether the fans cheered or booed the result made absolutely no difference to me, the fact that I could stand up, battered, bloodied and bruised in front of millions world wide and rub it in their collective faces and the fact that this misfit from the underground managed to prove all naysayers wrong has profound meaning to me. It gives an otherwise dreary life, a sense of purpose, you know? I'm not looking for empathy, I'm just looking for acknowledgment that I am a legitimate champion in this business. I'm looking for people to realize that I can compete night in and night out with the best EAW has to offer. Yet people like Ahren Fournier and Hurricane Hawk, of which the latter vanished like a fart in the wind after I defeated him, didn't think I had the mental or physical capacity to be the Hardcore Champion and they didn't think I could elevate the title to brand new heights yet here I am on the cusp of reaching the King of Elite finals. It just goes to show that while I might not be the most technically adept wrestler on the planet and while I don't put on five-star caliber matches on a dime, I still can put on one hell of a show. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind making people eat crow, I do it all the time and I'm sure I will have to do it once again this week on Dynasty.

Reaching the finals of anything is something to behold and the hard work you put in doesn't go unrecognized to often, but I haven't reached the land of milk and honey quite yet, I haven't even scratched the surface of my own potential. Yet someone who usually flies under the radar happens to be the one obstacle that stands in my way and like The Pizza Boy he is as tough as nails, he pops back up with a smile on his face when you knock him down and begs for more. Nasir Moore or Escobar, whatever your fortune teller decides to label you as after she pulls a random last name from a decade old phonebook, by the way, just so you know I tried a lucky potion from a fortune teller once, in the heart of downtown New Orleans, there are plenty of them, turns out I ripped the fake label off because it tasted funny and it was actually a bottle of expired grape juice bought from the Walgreens down the street but hey at least I got a free mini piss jug out of it. I wouldn't be looking at a fortune teller to be your saving grace considering they're scammers and money hungry leeches, but go ahead and do what you want. I must admit, getting through Scott Oasis was an impressive feat, but that weasely interloper Jacob Senn gave you an assist, not that you needed it mind you, since you had Scott Oasis right where you wanted him, but whether you like it or not your victory comes with an asterisk attached to it. That's just the way it is. I hope that Jacob Senn keeps his nose out of our business but it wouldn't shock me if he managed to slither his way into this match and intervene somehow, he is a loose cannon that needs to be disassembled as soon as possible. He is tarnishing his own legacy with his frantic temper tantrums and his lust for vengeance, but I need you to understand something Nasir and this isn't me playing the role as a wizened fortune teller, this is me telling you the lay of the land: what you endured at Road to Redemption will pale in comparison to what will happen to you by my hands if you get aided, willingly or not, by Jacob Senn or anybody else for that matter. You won't even make it to the King of Elite finals, instead, you will be an unidentifiable meaty stump, you will be splattered onto the canvas where not even the best hydrogen peroxide in town can scrub out the stains. When the stakes are as high as they are, there's no room for senseless shenanigans. I want it to be you and me, The Man of Miracles against The Graveworm, no strings attached.

Nasir, for the most part, you seem relatively upbeat, you're a rambunctious spark plug that has no quit in him and unlike The Pizza Boy I most certainly believe that you're going to go balls to the wall in order to cement yourself a spot in that triple threat match and I know you have stars in your eyes, you can almost taste that King of Elite crown but I want you to simmer down and realize the challenge that is in front of you, I want you to realize that your spirited exuberance can only lead you so far. You can bounce around boisterously all you want but when I open that door and walk in, you'll freeze in mid-bounce and a ghostly pallor will paint your face white and you'll realize that your fairytale run has come to an end. You'll realize that you'll need to gather your things quickly; all of your vitals; all of the things that you hold near and dear so you can attempt to escape the wrath of my own when I swoop on in with hellfire in my eyes. Nasir, some people look at you and they see an underdog, somebody who they can get behind and root for to their heart's content. I don't, I see you as a barrier I must break through, I see you as the final hill I must climb before I'm on an even playing field with Theron and Keelan. Nobody expected me to get past The Pizza Boy, some have called it an upset and not many expected you to get past Oasis even if they were under skewed circumstances, but here we are. This is the path that fate has laid out before us. It is time to roll up our sleeves and fight. You do realize that I grind, punch, kick, scratch, claw, headbutt, knee, elbow, and do whatever it takes to get the job done every single time I go out there right? That's not anything newsworthy, you're telling me things that I already know and what I know is that you're riding high, you're on a wave of momentum and I know that you feel that you're borderline invincible, however, I think that's a rocky road you're traveling down, you're not quite there yet, so when eventually you do come face to face with yours truly, someone who doesn't give a fuck how many fans you have to belt out your name, someone who doesn't give a fuck about your little engine that could mentality and certainly someone who doesn't give a fuck about your aspirations, you will have to accept the fact that the fun and games are over.

By all means, go ahead and keep your high expectations aloft, but there's another side to that coin, it's a side that you try not to think about but it needs to be acknowledged regardless. It's a side that revolves around your potential upcoming failure and not being able to get the job done. For instance, you don't want to let down your idols like Mr. DEDEDE or The Heart Break Boy who no doubt influenced you to be the man you are today, just thinking of that, it almost makes my heart cringe. The thought of when you make that long walk from the ring empty-handed to the back and lock eyes with the both of them while they shake their head in disgust makes me want to weep for you, it truly does. I definitely sense that failure is not an option for you but it's a distinct and probable reality. You're so starstruck that you're blinded by bliss. I'm still on planet earth, while you're in la-la land running on rainbows and chasing your dreams. So I have to do the opposite of what I did to The Pizza Boy, instead of kicking you while you're down, I will have to drag you out of your high and hit you with a cruel dose of reality and crush your enthusiasm like a bug. I will show you a world where there are no fans cheering you on, they will all have vanished into thin air, it will be a world where your endless optimism turns into outright dismal pessimism, where all the color drains from your life, where you see the worst in people, but above all else you see the worst in yourself and after all is said and done you're going to be kicking yourself, for you aimed towards the stars, you even managed to get all the way up there to the clouds, but Darkane pulled you back down and unrelentingly feasted upon a soul who lives by the sword and dies by the sword. You might go on and on about how I'm using trivial scare tactics in order to throw you off of your game, you'll go on about how you've seen this charade before by many of men both stronger and tougher than I am, but the thing that has separated me from those other men and most men in general, is that I have backed it up, I am revered as one of the most barbaric fucks to ever step inside an EAW ring and I'm still just a rookie. I mean, look no further than the Hardcore Championship that currently sleeps soundly on my shoulder, look no further than The Pizza Boy who I left in complete ruin, he was a former renowned Answers World Champion for Christ's sake and I wiped the fucking floor with him and whether he was at the top of his game or whether he was going through a rough patch makes no difference, he's a future hall of famer in this business. So belittling my victory over him holds no water. I mean, If you were in my shoes and you managed to defeat The Pizza Boy you would be jumping out of your boots and we wouldn't hear the end of it considering that he's been a thorn in your side for quite some time now. The Pizza Boy is not going to create any long-winded excuses, he lost, end of story, that's the type of man he is. He owns up to his failures. Will you do the same? Will you accept defeat and admit that Darkane is the better man? Or will you pull excuse after excuse from your ass in a futile attempt to absolve yourself from failure and scrutiny? Only time will tell at the end of Dynasty. Make no mistake about it, you might be a fun, charismatic, good sportsman of a wrestler but I'm not. I'm not going to shake your hand, I'm not going to wish you good luck, I'm not going to give you a pat on the back, I'm not going to say you have a bright future ahead of you, I'm not going to ask how the wife and kids are doing, no,

I'm just going to slaughter your soul and with it your King of Elite bid.
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Empire 01

'' It is ever so frustrating how many times through the span of my life, I have witnessed the same emotion emerge upon the faces of so many. Shock, as realisation creeps to their expression, eyes dance vivaciously, and lips part to utter the same words of which I have listened to constantly. You were right, Sheridan. Two years ago I illustrated my signature across an Elite Answers Wrestling contract, obligating me to perform underneath the banner of this promotion, and it has taken far too long for people to acknowledge my intelligence, and come to the conclusion that usually, when I state something, whatever the topic, be it a prediction, an assertion a nonchalant side comment, regardless of what draws from my lips, I am right. I observe this world from a perspective far different to what the majority claim, I judge people with a glance, and deconstruct their personality within my mind. Justice and truth are words that I pride myself upon, and I am quick to evaluate those who claim to stand for both, and yet shall fall to neither before my very eyes, fooling and masquerading behind the constant trauma of rehearsed speeches and promises of to which they are incapable of obtaining. The board of directors, we shall take as a recent example. Three months ago they happily executed the lifestyle which had brought their newest brand orchestrated success, believing that it was the right thing to do, an obvious conspiracy which no man or woman shall ever acknowledge or admit to, and within the space of sixty days, most had apologised to me personally, and were begging for my return, my retaliation, for my name to press against their faces once more, to elevate their ratings, and bring success to Empire once more. We can also use Tarah to perfectly snuggle into being an example, the woman who was the spearhead of my firing, who gloated and was delighted to boast that she had rid the world of my name. A woman who claims she always justifies what she promises, that her words are always rationalised, that she was a perfect general manager, and that I was the problem. I eradicated all four of her claims in the space of three seconds. Truthfully, people dislike me because I am arrogant, yet fail to appreciate my greatness and understand that when you are as athletically superior as I, you have a right to showcase your talents, and to stress them against your opposition. I am a revolutionist, untouchable, a once in a lifetime circumstance, with every chant of disgust, and expression fuelled with hatred you throw to my direction, this egotistical streak I am heavily associated with, it shall only grow, for all these statements and assumptions, they are from people who have proven to me on a multitude of occasions, that they are wrong, irrelevant and therefore, their opinions do not matter to me, they only reassure and influence the path that I have chosen to align myself upon. Despite the fact that I am the most controversial, loathed, despised individual to ever wrestle inside of this continent, I am the future of this business, I have an Openweight Championship shot, despite the fact I only recently kicked our former general managers head off, and was on the verge of being fired once more not too long ago. I am a necessity, fundamental, without my name associated with this company, it would starve beneath my shadow. I encourage you to hold these beliefs of hatred and passion for me, as ultimately, these feelings only motivate me and validate just how superior, and intelligent, I am. It's ever so hypocritical that I am capable of being universally hated, purely based off the fact I say what you are all thinking, and perform to an elite level despite a conspiracy constantly attempting to strain me and annihilate me from this world, and yet, when I harbour vengeance, and to deliver incineration to those who have sinned against my superior lifestyle and contributed to my removal from the wrestling business, and any social interaction, and income for the space of two months, you are not happy with this, you state it is unfair, you say that I am screwing people out of a good quality of life. How fucking contradictory are some people, you purely approve of the people who have gone against me, for they are your champions, your board, faces you have associated with this company for an aligned amount of time, whilst I have not been a constant, and therefore that must mean I am incorrect! This logic is ever so fallible, it's absolute poison. I was left in absolute irrelevancy with no shoulder to cry on, no face to turn to, nothing but darkness. As the winter months crept up against my skin, bringing it to blister and beg for warmth, no hand illuminated the way. How is it fair, I ask, that I am to be wrongly fired, purely based upon a perception of hatred from an envious, manipulative skank, who has once in her life sucked the soul out of our chairman prick, and therefore she is allowed to fire whoever she wishes without question, she stripped me of my lifestyle, she brought an end to efficiency within this company, manipulative, malevolent lies were scattered to the ears of every man and woman under contract in Elite Answers Wrestling, involving my name, and it was brought to the point of where I was essentially blacklisted from the wrestling community, an athlete of worldwide attraction and unrivalled calibre, restricted to performing in her bedroom juxtaposed to stadiums. Yet when I kick someone in the face, I'm the antagonist, I am the woman fuelled with sin and evil. Understand this, I am not the cause for a holocaust of great magnitude, eradicating this world of a pulse. This constant oppression broke the lifestyle I once personified, and without the Last Vixen finding me, I am quite certain I would be dead. I am of no religion, therefore I am without a god. As long as my shadow casts over this land, nothing good or bestowed shall ever grow. This thirst for a massacre shall resonate through my expression and coruscate within the ring, until I am at the throne, and all below me have been incineration, be it smoke rifling through their lungs, or flames casting upon their body. Azumi and I are exacerbated through a need for revenge, our performances shall run through sensation, a sense of technical prowess poured against the burning, vindictive streak that resides within The Axis. This inspiration to fight twice as hard, and be twice the woman of those around me, it has heightened, this need for retaliation, it grows stronger through every passing moment, and I worry for those who stand against me, for all those in my way stand for this world, a world that truthfully speaking, I grow sick and tired of with every breath. ''
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Post on Tue 19 Dec - 18:43 by Nasir Escobar
Hamasa: Young Master I hope you have been keeping well.

Nasir: Oh Hamasa, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? I’ve had my ups and downs, but as of now I’m doing great. Pleased to see you again by the way. What exactly are you here for though?

Hamasa: Why to take my place back by your side of course. To help guide and nurture you further as is my job.

Nasir: Hamasa...I don’t think that will be necessary. 

Hamasa: What makes you say such a thing Young Master?

Nasir: I’m a grown man and I believe I can take care of myself. Now if you don’t mind I-

Hamasa: Is that why Jacob Senn was able to dismantle you with no effort?

Nasir: He cheap shotted me after he was already eliminated by me…

Hamasa: And what does that matter to him? You bested him, but why should he care about that? Just as You defeated Oasis because of Senn’s actions, but why should Oasis care? Just as if you get passed Darkane this week, why would he care?

Nasir: Are you implying he’ll attack me afterwards if I beat him?

Hamasa: I would not put it past the man. He is the hardcore champion after all, part of his job is to be dangerous and unpredictable. Rather that is his whole job.

Nasir: And you think I’m just some defenseless kid or somethin?

Hamasa: Not at all Young Master...it’s just that you have a tendency to not watch your own back and let people sneak up on you.

Nasir: *sigh* Ain’t that the truth...Look Hamasa, I appreciate your “advice” but...I really got a main event to prepare for.

Hamasa: And that is why I am here.

Nasir: What?

Hamasa: Let me be your watchful eyes. I’ll protect you so you’re never flanked again by the likes of men such as Jacob Senn.

Nasir: Hamasa...I assure yo-

Hamasa: No Nasir. I assure you. This is for your own good. Also I have something else for you. A new moniker. One that will seperate you from the pack and allow you to stand out unlike your current name. But also not sound childish and degrading. And most of all perfectly fit in with who you are and what you as a man represent.

Nasir:...why are you going through all of this trouble exactly?

Hamasa: To continue to help you grow and develop as an elitist and a human being. It is my job...plus I have truly grown attached to you my dear boy.

Nasir: Well...thank you Hamasa, that truly means a lot. Now what was this moniker or whatever that you were going on about.

Hamasa: A new ring name to give you more of an edge than your current one. Your last name it least. It sounds rather standard and not very special would you not agree?

Nasir: I...suppose so, but why does this matter?

Hamasa: You are on your path to becoming a King my sweet boy. And a King needs a name that commands power and respect all across his land. In your case, the Land of the Elites. If you are to rule over this company and every last man and woman within it, you must possess a presence that will match with your position. Perception is everything in this world child, and your name is one of the biggest parts of that in this business. Someone with your level of experience should know this by now…

Nasir: I do but...is this all really necessary exactly?

Hamasa: OF COURSE IT IS! You DO want people to take you seriously as a threat to the Answers World Championship and the King of Elite Crown yes?

Nasir: Wouldn’t anyone?

Hamasa: Good. Then it is settled. From now on Young Master, I dub you Nasir Escobar.

Nasir: ESCOBAR?! Where the hell did you get that name from?!

Hamasa: Allow me to explain. First you must understand the meaning behind the name Escobar. What Does Name "Escobar" Mean? You are fine when in harmony but changeable when in discord, because many of your best qualities are then reversed. You are entertaining but may be impulsive. Freedom is a necessity, and you find it difficult to settle down. Your versatility results in many changes, and often brings travel. Your fine intellect is capable of high honors if applied seriously. You are capable of inspired thinking applied to material things. You can be restless, changeable, and very sexy.You have an eventful, exciting life. You are versatile and have the ability to learn easily. You desire to inspire and lead, to control other's affairs. You are giving, courageous and bold, action oriented,energetic and strong willed. You want to make a difference in the world, and this attitude often attracts you to cultural interests, politics, social issues, and the cultivation of your creative talents.


Hamasa: Many powerful men in history such as Politicians, Athletes, Musicians, and Movie Stars have possessed the name. People of high standards of living. Royalty among mankind. Such as you aspire to be Young Master. The King of Elite! King Escobar!

Nasir: You’ve put quite a bit of thought into this haven’t you?

Hamasa: Why yes I have.

Nasir: Well I’ve got to admit you drive a hard bargain...alrighty then, you’ve reeled me in. Nasir Escobar it is. BUT THIS IS IT!

Hamasa: Hmpf...shouldn’t someone else be telling YOU that?

Nasir: Well um...hehe

Hamasa: That’s quite alright Young Master. Don’t dwell too much on it. You have a match to prepare for, remember.

Nasir: Yes of course. Speaking of which. AHEM! Jacob Senn and Scott Oasis. You two may think the last edition of Friday Night Dynasty was about the two of you. But let’s break down the facts shall we? Senn was bitter that he got screwed out of his first round match with Pizza Boy by yours truly. So he tried to get a measure of revenge with me this week. Unfortunately Senn didn’t think his actions through and basically handed me the Dynasty Finals spot like a moron. Senn keep up the great work, you have been doing a phenomenal job these last couple weeks makin me look like a million bucks, stay good to me baby. And as for Scott, well understandably he was PISSED! Not like he was going to beat me anyways. I had him right in the position for the Ether before Senn strolled on by and interrupted me. So Oasis what WOULD HAVE HAPPENED had things gone down as they were supposed to is this. Nasir connects with the Ether on Scott and pulls him into the cover. ONE! TWO! THREE! Nasir moves on to the final round of Dynasty, PERIOD! And if you even attempt to sit there and argue otherwise, then you are lying to me, everyone else around us, and most importantly...to yourself. Which is just sad. I mean you used to be a World Heavyweight Champion. And now look at you. Can’t say Senn didn’t deserve the beating you gave him though. That was fun to watch...on youtube after I recovered from the shadow step I took from Senn on the outside of course. Don’t worry Senny boi, Ol’ Nassy hasn’t forgotten about that. It’s just that he has bigger fish to fry right now. So hang on tight and he’ll come back down to your lowly level to deal with you once the REAL threats have been taken care of. In the meantime why don’t you and Oasis hash out your disagreements. You can cry with each other over which one of you is the bigger scumbag. I’m sure that will put buts in seats, eh? Probably not but who cares. I’ve got another main event to concern myself with. Which is how it should be. Seeing as how I am the Best Wrestler Alive. Only the best should be concerning themselves with their main events. So why don’t you leave to the show closers to me huh boys? Anyways let me finally get to talking about said Main Event, and more specifically my opponent in the match, Darkane. The current reigning, defending Hardcore Champion! The Rookie of the YEAR! And a man who is guaranteed to do even bigger things in 2018 than he did in 2017, which is admittedly saying a whole hell of a lot. And that lot is naturally, a lot of good things. Unfortunately Darkane will NOT be leaving off 2017 as he plans to, which I could only assume is as the Dynasty representative in King of Elite. Now he will still have his Hardcore Championship and his shrine match against Stark to look forward to and that’s well and fine. I hope he enjoys every minute of all of those things...but the man who will move on to WIN the King of Elite Crown as well as that guaranteed World Championship Opportunity will be Nasir Mo- I mean Escobar! Haha, see I caught myself. Gonna have to get used to that one. Anyways, The All seeing and All knowing prophet can tell exactly what he is getting himself into without ever sharing the ring with you Darkane. You’re a dangerous man. An evil man. Someone who doesn't care for his own wellbeing, let alone the wellbeing of those around you. Especially those who oppose you. But that’s fine. I’ve dealt with your type before Darkane. I may have been born at night, but it damn sure was not Last night. I have been scouting you heavy every since you won that gold you got. You dethroned EAW Hall of Famer Scott Diamond. That should set the tone for the impressive run you’ve been on since then. Doing well for yourself not only in defenses against worthy and talented men in their own rights like Hurricane Hawk and Ahren Fournier. But also faring quite well in tag team action with Stark during the Tag Team Grand Prix. Yes Darkane...it just seems as if all of this comes natural to you. But best believe for one of the first times in your time being here Darkane...you are going to struggle. You are going to grind. You are going to have to punch, kick, scratch, claw, headbutt, knee, elbow, do WHATEVER it takes to get the job done. BECAUSE DARKANE! For one of if not the first time in your run on Dynasty, if not your run in the entirety of the Land of the Elites...you are facing THE prime guy at the biggest upswing of his career. Because sure, you beat Pizza Boy last week. But you defeated a Pizza Boy whom is still sulking and coming to terms with the fact that he had the Answers World Championship ripped away from him once again in a situation he could do nothing about and can’t even invoke a proper rematch to try and regain it. You put down a Pizza Boy who just is not the same man he was when he took on ME for example. But that’s fine. Because Darkane I am not a man on a downward spiral, I am not a legend who is a shell of his former self, I am not a young man still trying to find his niche in this company. No no no, I am the Best Wrestler Alive. I am the Prophet himself...the man who will show that the “unstoppable” Darkane is nothing more than a mere man! Darkane I have made a career of accomplishing feats no one thought was possible. Winning King of Elite is no different, and that starts with overcoming YOU this Friday Night on Dynasty. I hope you can hang kiddo, all the pressure rests on YOUR shoulders to see if you can keep up. But you won’t. I can promise the world that. I BEG FOR YOU TO PROVE ME WRONG THOUGH! JUST AS I DID AHREN TOO! Will you actually deliver on it? Remains to be seen. But We’re gonna find out not too long from now aren’t we? Just know that the way I see things, the final 2017 edition of Friday Night Dynasty will end the way every single edition of Friday Night Dynasty should end. With the focus, and the attention, and the spotlight on the BEST! WRESTLER! ALIVE! Nasir...Escobar!
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Post on Tue 19 Dec - 10:04 by Kevin Devastation
If you just had one shot...

Just one single opportunity...

Would you seize the day...

Or would you be laid to rest by night...

You see I think that question is rhetorical for you Nathan, I think you will do everything you can to seize the day. I think that every fiber in your being will be used to come at me with everything you have to give. Know this though Nathan, know this well, I can take whatever you can throw and I will get back up until I am dead in the middle of that ring. And from an old dog who wants to be left be to some young pup who don't know when to tuck his tail and run...you ain't got what it takes to beat me Fiora. Much less do you have what it takes to put me down forever. You remind me of a young Icarus Nathan, I keep telling you and telling you to stop trying to fly so high to come after me, when I did not even want you on my plain of existence. But you kept flapping your gums and kept flapping your wings my direction. Coming up on Christmas Eve, you get to see that you got no feathers left on your arms, and you are falling faster than Lucifer fell. I am gonna watch you fall into the sea Fiora, I am gonna help you get there, to get to your final resting place at my hands. And as you breathe your last breath you might just realize that maybe, like young Icarus you should not have tried to fly so close to the sun. And maybe just maybe you could have listened to me just once and left well enough alone. But not you Fiora, you had to push forward, you had to keep going. This is your chance to shut up a legend once and for all, this is your one chance to take Kevin Devastation and put him out to pasture for the last time in his career. Maybe for the last time as a man who can walk, if you succeed to cripple me like you seem to be wanting to do. If you can do it then I will give you the respect, but I doubt that will happen. I do however see you wasting this chance, wasting the opportunity to become the man you need to be to set me to rest. To put it simply, YOU AIN'T GOT THE BALLS TO BEAT MY ASS IN MY MATCH! 

So if you have just one chance...

Just one single opportunity at immortality...

Do you seize it...

Or do I put you into the ground...

So whats it gonna be Icarus? What do you think will come first? The fall of Kevin Devastation because his body gives out before his will? Or does Fiora get set down at the learning tree and gets a lesson in humility when I take him to a place he has never been before, and shows him what a old school beat down really is. The truth of the matter is this Nathan, both things will probably happen. I do see you getting beaten, I see it with everything in my being that I walk away with a W on the day before Christmas, but I see it coming at a very heavy cost. I see myself going backstage after this match and falling over, I see myself being carried to an ambulance afterwards. Not because you have beaten me t an inch of my life, no not that...But because I plan on giving everything I have inside that ring, inside that House that Kevin Devastations body and soul built. I am going to give everything that I have left to make sure that not only you remember to stay away from the sun Icarus, BUT TO MAKE SURE EVERY TIME YOU LOOK INTO A MIRROR YOU REMEMBER THE NAME KEVIN DEVASTATION! I think it will be a fitting gift for Christmas Nathan, it will be the gift that keeps on giving...Memories...The memories you will have to keep you company as you rot in hell for your actions towards the reaper. Just keep playing it over and over in your mind, how you laid fists and feet into my body all those weeks ago, to the point I wore a small neck brace to make sure I was ok. Keep replaying how you stole the ring I received for years of work I put into this business to get it. You see that ring was overdue in the first place and when I received it I felt as if I did not need to prove to anyone else I was deserving, until you attacked me from behind and stole what was mine. You questioned the validity of my claim to the Hall of Fame when you took possession of that ring Fiora. And at that moment you took my peace of mind from me. So replay that also son, replay how you took my peace of mind before I take your peace...by leaving you in pieces. The memory I want you to keep alive the most is last week on Voltage, that brashness you showed even for a final time before you step foot into my personal hell. I know I will remember it when I lock the door behind us. I want you to remember the look I had in my eyes, the one look you need to remember the most. That was the look of the real Kevin Devastation, the one that was buried deep beneath the costume of a family man and a husband who does not want to step foot again in the circled square. The look of a man who is finally alive again. And I am going to use that life, every single drop I have left to end yours in this business. So I gotta ask Nathan.

 With this one chance...

This one opportunity...

How fast are you gonna waste it?
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Empire Promo 1: Of Stars And Starbucks

"Oh blah blah blah.  My problems.  Oh blah blah blah, Mallory Wilde doesn't matter.  Oh blah blah blah, She's the reason I'm not Specialist Champion."

The camera opens on Mallory standing in front of a flyer covered mirror inside of a dingy dance hall bathroom. She studies her bruised fair complexion.  She grits her teeth and dabs her gums to check for blood, rolls her tongue around in her cheek in search of loose teeth, then pulls her hair back to check her forehead for lumps

"That's my Chelsea Crowe impression.  Like it? Yeah, I think it's good.  Such a strange lady, eh? Claimin' I'm an insignificant 'bust' one moment, then blamin' me for all of her problems n' shortcomings in the same breath. I swear, she seems more broken up aboot my losses than I do."

Mallory widens her eyes, and then uses her hand to stretch them open wider individually as she studies them for burst blood vessels or scratches on her corneas.

"I wont lie though, I felt like I shoulda won last week.  Fallin' to Raine was a bit of a letdown.  I tried too, just like I tried at Bloodletter.  I'm not complacent, and I'm not just here for the car crash.  I like fightin', don't get me wrong, but sometimes ya walk away from a fight feelin' a bit like you got knocked on your ass by a sucker punch.  S'kinda how I'm feelin' right now.  S'kinda how I felt after Bloodletter, but at least then I could blame it on the chaos of the environment.  Now? I flat out lost to Raine.  I'm not surprised by that fact that a lost to a woman considered to be Consuela's next challenger, but I am surprised at how it came to a close.  What happened out there?  I ain't never been one to take a loss like that lightly. I haven't ever been one to fall so easily either, but you know something? I acknowledge that it's in my past and that dwelling on it isn't going to change anything aboot it, ya know?  I lost to a top contender in surprising fashion.  I could let that eat away at me, or I could lose well and get back to kickin' your Ugg boots wearin' basic bitch ass 'round the arena."

Once more Mal grits her teeth together to check her gums and test their durability.  After convincing herself that they're fine, she lets them form into a smile as she stares into the camera through the mirror.

"I've missed you, Pumpkin Spice.  I've missed how ya smell like the inside of a vape shop.  I missed how you look like the cover of a Gap ad from the 90's.  I've missed seeing my battered and bruised reflection begging me off and huffing at me in resentment. I miss your sweet little black heart, and how cold it feels.  Almost feels like an arena floor, doesn't it? I mean, you'd know right? That's where you were while I was the last person standing in the ring against Consuela isn't it? That's what I take away from that match. Yeah, I lost eh? but in the split seconds between throwing someone out of the ring and getting nailed on the chin with a massive knee, I was closer to the Specialist Championship than you were. That's what I took away from that encounter: I left with the confidence that I could be the only one left standing against Consuela. All you left with was your ass under your arm from where I handed it to ya.  In a way, that makes me a winner.  'least it does in my eyes.  I got what I wanted most outta that match, and that was stickin' it to you.  From here I move on to fight my way through the ranks to get to Consuela again.  Hopefully this time in a singles match where the sound of your groans on the outside don't distract me. And yeah, I'm at rock bottom right now.  I've landed more losses than wins, but landing on your feet before hitting rock bottom only means you know where you stand, and that's right across from you in a ring on Empire.  Now, what does that say about you? What does it tell you that I've been telling you since day zero?"

Mallory closes her eyes as her chest raises with a silent chuckle. She points to herself,then at her reflection in the mirror. She proudly nods and shrugs her shoulders, letting her hands fall to her side.

"You're just a refraction of light, a shadow on the ground puppy doggin' me around.  You're a soulless representation of who I am, where I've been, and how I handle it.  I'm not cryin' over spilled milk.  I'm not callin' for Megan Raine's head or a review of the tapes.  I'm doin' what I did on that fateful night at Bloodletter: I'm whoopin' that ass and then I'm takin' it on the chin.  The only difference is that I've joined you in your bizarro world. I'm reversing the order.  I'm flippin' the script.  I've taken my medicine, now I'm comin' for a'you"

Mallory plants her finger on the mirror and gives her reflection a condescending smirk.

"All you are is smoke and mirrors pretendin' to be Mallory Wilde, and the best way to get rid of a reflection is to knock it's lights out."

Mallory's hand shoots out from her side, punching the light switch and sending the scene into pitch black darkness.  After a moment of silence, a match strikes up in front of the camera, revealing Mallory's rambunctious smiling face in the glow of the flame.

"After I do that, all that'll be left is me."

Mallory snuffs out the match with the very thumb that struck it into existence.  Her far off playful giggle can be heard echoing through the darkness just before the camera stops recording.
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Post on Mon 18 Dec - 16:08 by Chelsea Crowe


event: thursday night empire | 12/21/2017 edition
promo number: 1
participants: chelsea crowe versus mallory wilde
word count: 1,081 words

scene one:
december 17, 2017 // televised

Unsurprisingly, Christmas cheer was not something Chelsea Crowe had much of. The minuscule amount of joy she had for it came from the fact that spiced wine always came back into fashion during the time, and so Chelsea could drink away the holiday. Just as she was doing now, sat at a hotel bar, ignoring calls from family asking when she was going to fly back to Auckland. She wasn't. No, she had more pressing matters to attend to this week. One of which she couldn't wait to address.

The camera was sat beside her and she turned to it, placing her phone down on the bar in front of her, a smile on her face. She'd just seen the card for the upcoming Empire show, and a part of her couldn't be happier – maybe there was such a thing as Christmas cheer in Chelsea's lexicon.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Look who it is – look at who my opponent is for this week. The girl that cost me the Specialists Championship. The one who had so much to say before I knocked her down a few pegs. And the one I've wanted to really show a thing or two to ever since Bloodletter. Last week, April and I – mostly I – picked up a victory. We found redemption for our 'losses' at Bloodletter. But you see, I wouldn't have had to have found redemption if it wasn't for you, Mal. If you weren't in that match, I'd be sitting here with the Specialists title. And people can view that as me blaming you for my loss...and they're right. Because if you hadn't tried to injure me, if you hadn't been foolish enough to get yourself pinned, then I'd be the champion.

But see, I'm not someone who just sits here and points fingers, crying over my losses and then forgetting about them once I run out of tears. If I did that, I'd be Sydney St. Clair. No, I'm the type of person who does something about it. When I have a problem, like when Kimi Hendrix tried to derail me, or when I had to deal with nine other girls for a title shot, I don't complain. I deal with the problem. And you, Mal, are a problem I'm going to deal with.

Chelsea takes a sip of wine before continuing.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I heard what you had to say about me last week. How I “lack conviction”. But how can you say that when I went into our fatal four-way with more conviction than you, the girl who got pinned? How do I lack conviction when you lost last week, when all you had to take away from the title match was “at least I got a few hits in”? That's not the attitude of someone who can criticise others for their supposed “lack of conviction”. Because between us, I'm the one with the most confidence here. And I'm the one with the most skill to back up that confidence. Whilst I won at the last Empire and rebounded from Bloodletter, you were complacent in your loss, and then suffered another one. Whilst I did everything in my power to win for my team, you lost to a flapjack from someone a lot of people still don't see as a huge threat.

Last week, you wanted to prove that you could take a beating and come back from it. You failed. You failed so incredibly that that loss alone will get you nominated as EAW's Bust of the Year, because how are you going to come back from failing to prove you can recover from defeat? Every loss I've had, whether it's minor or major, I've bounced back from. Lost a match? I've recovered the next week. Lost my advantage in a fight? I'm back on the offence within a minute, maybe less. Not even you and your attempt at taking me out of our match at Bloodletter resulted in me staying down for the count, because I still did what I could to try and win – whilst you took the pin. That's the thing you need to realise about me, Mal: I come back harder. To you, I may just be a sellout, I might just be some try-hard who lacks the ability to do what you supposedly can. But the reality is that I'm a competitor. Not just in the physical sense, but in the psychological sense.

I got under your skin at Bloodletter just by existing, and when it became too much, you shut up. You said nothing more when I showed you exactly how misguided your emotions were. Because Mal, you just can't help but take everything I am and everything I stand for personally. Does it hurt to know that a sellout like me is doing better than an honest fighter like you? I bet it must grate on your nerves knowing that the embodiment of what you despise is seen as the true rising star on this show. Well good. I'm glad it irritates you, because that's exactly how I want you this coming Thursday. If you've learned from Bloodletter, you'll come here without your blinding emotions. But part of me suspects you won't. Because there's no way someone like you will be able to get over the fact that someone like me is seen as a success.

And that's how I'll win. I'll win by taking advantage of every mistake you're bound to make. Don't take me wanting 'revenge' as taking this personally. Because this isn't a personal attack, I don't feel victimised by you. This is simply me taking care of business. Our match will be me wiping my hands of the dust you've left behind, and then moving onto better things. It's me buying you out so I don't need to worry about any roadblocks any more. You'll probably need the money too, because I doubt you're getting much in terms of bonuses.

Chelsea suppresses a smile.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I guess you can take comfort in knowing you'll have some effect on me: you'll be making my pockets fuller. Prepare to go on sale, Mal, because I'm buying you out. And when Thursday's over, the 'Zero Star' will be just another zero on the end of my cheque.

So don't bounce on me.

With a smirk on her lips, Chelsea goes back to her phone and wine, seeming to fade into the warm lights of the hotel bar as the scene fades to black.
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Post on Sun 17 Dec - 12:06 by Stephanie Matsuda
(Note: This is not an official promo as it's past the deadline. Just a little sample of where Steph's head is at Wink )

EAW Awards Developmental Promo 


Matsuda Manor
Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan
Late Night

(The night scenery in Stephanie’s new home was visually stimulating; a city of lights with barely any traffic. An untrained eye wouldn’t notice this conundrum, but Cloud’s experience living in New York immediately helped her notice such small detail. She took a sip of wine from her glass and adjusted her cherry blossom robe. Her eyes held the same hint of coldness that she had from that night in Portland. She doesn’t turn to the camera, but is aware of its existence.)

“All of those lights, but there’s nobody there to see them. In some respects it reminds me of my opponents; special shiny lights in their own right, but nobody appreciates their potential. I don’t care how bright you shine Sheridan, Azumi, and Haruna. Nor am I really concerned about my teammates. Aria will win because she always wins. Story of her life from start to finish.”

(Stephanie takes a sip of her wine)

“I said everything I needed to say leading up to Bloodletter. And I still failed. My words no longer hold value, so I must speak through my actions.”

(Stephanie throws down the glass)

“Watashi wa sensō o sengen suru…”

(She half turns to the camera)

“Min'na to tomoni.”
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Post on Sat 16 Dec - 15:54 by Carlos Rosso (Online)

Why? Why do I have to still continue to answer questions? All I’ve ever done through my illustrious career is provide answers to questions. Alright, I’ll humor some of Darkane’s questions momentarily. But first, I have to see if poor Nobi is still alive. Darkane’s been threatening you with some savage imagery, hasn’t he? Look, I understand if you’re not used to that on Showdown, I figured you would with the whole Game of Thrones motif going on that way, but on Voltage we have plenty of people who are absolute savages like that though. While I think he can probably stand to tone down a bit of the rhetoric, I do hope that you realize that you are going into a very dangerous fight against two very dangerous people. Darkane says he’s going into it as if he’s fighting for everything that he considers of value, more or less. I look in this match on a similar vein. Similar, but not necessarily the same and I will tell you why: Darkane looks at it as if he’s defending something, but I am looking towards it as I’m defending myself. My position as champion, my place amongst the elite of Voltage and EAW at large. That is what I defend this weekend.

So, Nobi, what do you have to offer, huh? Are you actually capable of winning a match like this? You are commended by me and plenty of others for winning the National Elite Championship, but as Heart Break Gal has already demonstrated to you, there are still more improvements for you to make, more steps you need to take before you become a true force in EAW. I don’t think you’re kissing ass, much like our friend Darkane suspects, but I do think that perhaps you may be giving just a tad too much respect. Sometimes you must just go out there and kick some ass, not worrying about who you offend or make disappointed.

Darkane, I’ve never met you face to face, but you do literally look like hell. You look like Lucifer himself took a gigantic shit in the abyss and it flushed down into your momma’s womb and out you came. You just LOOK like a disturbing motherfucker and honestly, after talking to you for just a couple of days you seem like somebody that’s really, really disturbing. Now, I think you need to give me some due credit. I said that you WERE fit to fight in a bingo hall. I didn’t mean that necessarily as a compliment of any kind, but I did try to give you an upgrade. I used to think you were fit only for backyard wrestling, but I do think you have upgraded your standing enough to wrestle in county fairs, high school gymnasiums and bingo halls. Congratulations, you’re moving up in the world, my friend! Also, much respect for decimating what’s left of Dynasty’s roster. If there were any fewer people there, they would shoot the remake of Last of the Mohicans there with Nico as the lead.

You do deserve respect for your triumphs and I give that to you. You’re not some pushover that I figured you may be at first glance all this time ago. You really, REALLY look like someone who can challenge for a World Championship. You’re on the cusp of winning the King of Elite crown, something that not even I have done for all my time in EAW. Does that mean that you will beat me? Absolutely not, but I do find it commendable that you’ve gotten as far as you have.

While I look at our sport as competition, I view it also as performance art. I use my body, my skills, my natural charisma and ability to captivate all around me as tools of my performance. While I don’t mind laying a beating on anyone, I do like to keep things interesting for our fans, right? They are paying customers and certainly don’t pay to see someone like you roll around in a ring and attempt to dismember people. They look to see someone like me, someone who can capture hearts and minds with his words and deliver on promises made with a brutal iron fist. Or an electrical glove, whichever one happens to be available. As for the defense of my championship, it’s a priority, almost on the same level of making sure I secure the bout that I want with Jamie O’Hara. While I have a desire to crush him and take his title, that is another plan that will have to unfold in slow motion. There is already another eager contender there to take his belt, so I’ll have to see what happens there. Of course, O’Hara and I have history, so I would love nothing more than to take from him what he’s worked so hard to defend what he has earned. But if it does happen to be Lars…. fuck it. I wave my hands incessantly around for no one, I just want to make Jamie, and Lars, aware that I am aware of everything around me and will stop at nothing to make sure that they eventually bow down to me in a Voltage ring, recognized the world over as not only a Champion of Life, but also a World Heavyweight Champion. As for worrying about you, why exactly should I? I see no possible way you can make all those angry, violent predictions about our match come true. Sure, you may win, but it will damn sure not be at my expense. Maybe you’ll get lucky and take down the poor youngling stuck with the likes of us. But if you must go against me, the Strongest Arm in EAW will knock your head off your shoulders and use it for a kickball.
As for my personal preferences on how I choose to deal with my opponents, I will speak slowly so you can understand:


I’m a complex man, Darkane. Sometimes I do enjoy beating the snot out of people, but honestly, I prefer to wage my wars in people’s minds. There have been many people on the Voltage roster who have tried to get rid of me, vowed to make my match with them my last match in EAW. They have all failed to a man. Even Lars begrudgingly conceded that he couldn’t complete such a task. I like to get in people’s heads, plan things to make sure that they suffer and suffer mightily. I provoked Keelan into finding a backbone by slapping the taste out of his girlfriend’s mouth with my fist. I have tormented Amadeus into near silence; he is now merely a broken shell of the man he used to be. That fate will soon fall over the current or future World Heavyweight Champion, but for now I concentrate on my defenses. I prefer renting space out of people’s minds and just remaining there, a lingering doubt, an unsolvable problem, a demon that can’t be exorcised. All this blood and gnashing of teeth and stuff, that’s not my style.

Even in the ring, the style of humiliation I look to employ is much different than yours. While you are a savage barbarian, I am more of the samurai mold, you could say. I prefer precision, elegance mixed with downright brutality and explosiveness when it’s absolutely necessary in combat. I look to impose my will on opponents, make them quit. Does this answer your question? No? Well, I’ll spell it out in layman’s terms for you: I’m not like you. I’ll never be like you. I consider it a blessing from God that I’m not like you. We take different paths to get to similar results, but my way is the classy way, the way that puts asses of paying customers in the stands, the reason that I’ve been in places like the Tokyo Dome, Notre Dame Stadium and beyond, featuring on EAW cards…while you are so far only fit to headline a bingo hall.

And, just so we are completely on the level, just because I have moved on from something and acknowledged that it happened doesn’t mean I accept it. Lang was a few days ago, after countless hours of travel and multiple defenses already under my belt before even bothering to come home to face him. And now I come back to my old happy hunting ground, Showdown, rested and ready. There will be no rookie surprise when you and Nobi face me. There will only be a big fat L waiting for the two of you, each courtesy of me. Champions of Life take on many forms, Darkane. While the honor garbage that you are spewing out is one way, I simply prefer survival. Survival is immune to your judgement, your indignation. Survival means that all means WILL be employed to make sure that victory is achieved. Survival means that once you have acquired something of value, every resource in your arsenal is exhausted before you even dare to consider relinquishing it. How I retain the championship is irrelevant and let me tell you why:

When I first won the Interwire Championship, I once had to face off with a monster of a man called Norman Hellion. I had a match with him for this very belt that I hold once again. GI and Mao, then called Poison, begged me to allow them to help me retain the title. I refused, shoving them aside to go out on my own terms. I was defeated that day. Many say that I went down fighting, with honor.
All I remember is that I lost. I hated the feeling of losing that championship and I will NOT feel that feeling again for any time soon. The past has left plenty of scars on my body, Darkane, but it’s also taught me many lessons. I refuse to be doomed to repeat the mistakes I made once before, that is why I don’t concern myself with your petty observations or the standards that YOU, a mere beginner compared to me, think a Champion should employ.

Chris Elite and his Gawd Contract have already drawn my ire, but as I said, he seems to have business with Lang to attend to. Once he has that squared away and he decides that he wants an opportunity at this belt, the most prestigious belt in EAW, he can have it. And I will crush him. Just like I crushed Lang. Just like I will crush Nobi. And just like I will crush YOU.

So, what have we all learned? There should be some morals in all of this, right? Well, no, there are none. All I care about is winning, furthering myself through victory, and establishing the Zaibatsu as the premier force in Elite Answers Wrestling. Who knows? Maybe one of you two will impress Mao enough for her to offer you a spot? Maybe Cloud will employ one of you to shine her boots? Either way, I have no time for Darkane’s attempts at psychoanalysis nor do I have time for Nobi and his “happy to be here” underdog story.

I am Carlos Rosso, the Champion of Life, and for a few fleeting minutes, Showdown will once again be able to see what a glorious talent it had in me before it let me slip away to Voltage. The Interwire Champion will return to Showdown a conquering hero….and leave as the apparent Crown Jewel of EAW and its “Prince of Champions”. 
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Nico Borġ: You are mistaken, O’Hara. I stake no claim to be tried and tested, nor more refined under the heat and pressure of the crucible of battle. Quite the contrary. The accolades of you and The Heart Break Gal are as I alluded ‘carved into stone’ forever, or if you prefer, carved into your flesh. I’ll humor you. They are literal scars which will never be purged from the face of history. I am not so deceitful to try and claim otherwise, nor so blinded by vainglory to believe that any of my past accomplishments eclipses these and makes the Invictus the on paper front runner. What I have done is sought to breathe context into life and question those flaccid assumptions that dishonor both he that holds them and he who must abide. From the Heart Break Gal’s haughty meanderings amounting to the claim that she is destined to laud herself over all men because she achieved something historic… atleast when you account for her gender. To your own narcissistic jests that remaining for so long unchallenged by mediocre men makes Jamie O’Hara uncontroversially the greatest world champion in EAW today and perhaps all time. I never boasted to have overcome greater, but more modestly presented that among the men that we both have had the experience of competing against, we compete equally strongly. Repeating this list and confirming that you did in fact defeat those men does not advance any argument Jamie, but congratulations all the same. As for Xavier Williams, I thought it were improper to speak ill of the dead. But since you are so intent on exhuming his carcass and boasting what mortal wounds you have stricken him with, why not bring a few home truths about Xavier into the equation? While you were busy demeaning the well decorated men that have fallen one by one at my hands, somewhere along the line you failed to mention something. The last time Xavier was a World Champion or a Champion of any sort was before I had ever signed an EAW contract. I understand, Jamie, it just did not suit your narrative to acknowledge that even in my rookie year I had already managed to achieve more than Xavier Williams had in over a year prior to you finally putting him out of his misery. Now I am sure you would react to this uncontroversial truth in one of two ways, likely both. First the polemical and ironic; you’d like to believe that I'm clutching at straws to devalue your success when in fact you were scraping the barrel in raising his name in the first place. Secondly, you’ll claim your due respect for standing between Xavier and success. That is your right and your prerogative. But let us not kid ourselves, prime World Champion material Xavier hadn't’ been for a while. He was no different to a Jacob Senn or a Diamond Ca- Scott Diamond, whatever they are all the same. Good. Respected to an extent. Just a long ways gone from being amongst the true elite of the here and now.

Chorus: Incompetence? A lack of care? No. Just a willful conceit.

Nico Borġ: The truth is, Jamie, you know all of this. You know this more than anybody. That kind of pure, stern competition betwixt prime athletes comes only rarely, and when it does all of those records and ratios and results written into the almanacs are devoid of meaning. This is one of those times. The very night that you won the championship that you have held for so long, THAT was the night that Lannister failed to surmount the three count. That was the night that the Invictus Champion was born when the Harlot Vendetta pulled Lannister’s Kingdom from out of the jowls of demise. Now berate me. Persecute me for making excuses and clutching at straws. I won’t make excuses, it was my failure for having not seen it coming. But go ahead, make a hypocrite of yourself. I don’t know whether anyone else has cared enough to listen to your incessant preaching, but I have heard Jamie O’Hara lament similar injustices.  I listened as he recounted to Chris Elite similar nightmares endured at the hands of Lannister, Ahren Mstislav, Xavier Williams, Dark Demon and the list goes on. I beheld as you found fortitude through your sorrows and turned scar tissue miraculously into medals of honor and the foundations of conquest. But do not fool yourself into thinking for one moment that you stand alone in this guard. The record books contend that two new champions were crowned at Grand Rampage. But in truth there were three. For that was the night that I came to wear my scars and my crown of thorns. That was the night that I became a King. A Conqueror. INVICTUS. How is it any different, O’Hara? You would have me believe that faith is a crutch, but each time you were knocked down and each time you were scarred you needn’t history or facts to reassure you, you needed only have faith by another name. Besides, World Championship or not, since that very night we have have been much alike. Blazing onwards uninhibited in pursuit of our goals. Always enduring. Overcoming each hurdle that stood in our paths. Unvanquished. Unconquered. Gloria et gloria. Shining brightly like two heavenly stars charting their triumphant processions parallel through the night sky. Never once meeting. Never once coming close enough together that their respective lusters could be compared.

Chorus: Until now…

Nico Borġ: Indeed. Comparison is the antithesis of the incomparable. And though the earth should tremble when a star is touched, moved or taken down from the heavens. That is the fate that awaits one of us at the Awards show. O’Hara you would paint yourself with such an unfathomed depth. Such that if all the world’s oceans were turned to ink, and if all the trees uprooted to serve as pens, even that would not be enough to write fully the extent of your sufferings, your experience, trials, nature and glories. But there sit a new star in the heavens, O’Hara. One that will cross your house for one ominous day to threaten your crown as Champion of Champions. And that is something that even you should fear. History may favor your ambitions, but ambition cares naught for history. Ambition has little time for reading what is written for it is busy writing its own tale and shaping the future. This should come as no great epiphanic revelation to you or even the Heart Break Gal, for you already know what it is to break down the walls and restructure them around yourself. So why does one have trouble believing such feats can be repeated. The tired veterans whom I have dominated and made docile over the past months have often spoken of “Legacy” as if the future belongs to the past. But dead history did not rise to their aid in the present. Do not fall for that same trap, my dear enemies. Nor allow yourselves to be consumed by present laurels. For while you cling to the tangible and the safe you are anything but. History is written by those who dare to hang their hopes even blindly on good faith. There was no precedent to the Heart Break Gal’s shattering of the glass ceiling. And history did not support O’Hara’s record breaking reign. Likewise, The Invictus needs no invitation to presume himself champion of champions. Not assurance in the history books, nor messages in scripture nor even visions of my destiny. Nothing can prepare us for the new war that will rage across the kingdoms. No. This is a leap of faith. We plunge into the dark like lightning from heaven, and nobody  is stealing my thunder. Like so many sceptics before you, I WILL make you believe. The Unconquered Sun will shine brightly as Champion of Champions

Chorus: Ave Invictus

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished, Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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Post on Sat 16 Dec - 14:36 by Darkane
Showdown II

It almost pains me Nobi.

It truly does.

You're so nice, you're such a good egg, you have the best of intentions. Outside the EAW walls I don't think you'd even harm a fly, but inside the walls, it's a god damn war zone and you must do anything in order to survive. It almost pains me to eviscerate you, almost, but not quite. Unlike you I don't pucker up and kiss the ass of every wrestler that stands across from me, I'm not a brown noser, I got bigger fish to fry, you're so gentlemanly Nobi, it's going to be like kicking a whimpering puppy in the head, but if it has to be done then it has to be done. You seem so fascinated by Carlos and me, that when the bell actually rings you won't know whether to shit or wind your wristwatch, you won't know what to do when you're face to face with the frothy jowls of two men who are out for blood. I think that your balls need to drop, you need to puff your chest out and say to yourself: it's time to put up or shut up and if I'm going to get my ass beat to hell by a couple of savage fiends then I'm dragging them down with me. Whatever and wherever your dark side is, it pales in comparison to mine. I mean you're like a stuffed animal that squeaks when someone hugs it and I'm like a nasty old rottweiler with a rusty choke chain around my neck that could bite through a fucking phone book. We're just on two opposite ends of the wrestling spectrum Nobi, you try and respect every person you go up against because that's who you are, that's your way of going about competing but as I said before, I'm not going to respect you, I'm going to treat you as if you're trying to take everything sacred away from me, it's as if I am defending the Hardcore Championship in this match. If you go into every match looking to exchange niceties and compete in a controlled environment where everybody gets a gold star and a lollipop after the match then you will get slaughtered. You will find a reason to hate me Nobi, make no mistake about it, they all do; it's always a foregone conclusion. I will lure out the hate that hides in your heart and I will provoke it, I will tell it to chase me and I will challenge it to catch me if it can. People look at you Nobi and they don't see even an ounce of malice that can ooze from your pores, they're to the point where they think that it's not even possible for you to show aversion towards anyone or anything but like it or not, hatred roams free in this world and it's in everyone, whether it's out in the forefront for all to see or stored away in the depths where only the most wicked of beings can persuade it to come out. I am one of those wicked beings and you will realize it soon enough when I reach into your chest and pull out that oh so lovable heart of yours and take a giant, vicious fucking bite out of it and when you look up at me, and mouth "why?" I'll simply say because I can and because you allow it to happen with no resistance what so ever. They say nice guys finish last Nobi and they're exactly right.

So if I’m not fit to fight in a bingo hall then how the hell am I the Hardcore Champion? You’ve puzzled me Carlos and not many people can do that successfully. I can’t say that I’ve fought in a bingo hall before, but I’ve fought many places and usually I come out ahead and even if I don’t, I’ll wear a bloodied smile on my face, beg them for more and ask them if that's all they got. That’s what an epitome of scum does Carlos. If I feared bloody lips, missing teeth, concussions, broken noses and jaws then you’re right, I wouldn’t be fit to fight in a bingo hall. However, I’ve endured all of those injuries and on multiple occasions, so try again, maybe you’ll hit the target with your next bullshit analogy. You don’t become Hardcore Champion and NOT know how to fight. It doesn’t make any sense that way. I’m the Hardcore Champion because I’ve torn through just about everybody on the Dynasty roster, so I welcome the challenge of somebody different for once. You may be on a roll and you may have made the lives of countless superstars a living hell, but I am a living hell, just look at me Carlos, look at the names I've slain, they're just as impressive as the names that you pulled out of a hat on Voltage. You need to understand that I am the fiery pits that you will stand on come Showdown and I will burn your tower of muscles to the ground and the only thing that will be left of you and Nobi is a simmering pile of flesh and fucking bones. You're right, we don't mesh, you're a physical freak with the strongest arm in EAW and I'm a weapon-wielding barbarian of a man that has no quit in him but they say opposites attract Carlos, so we both may be in for one hell of a surprise when we clash on Showdown. I can’t say I know how boring it is to crush the dreams and hopes of everyone I come across for I don’t find it boring, I get a rush out of it, I might even get a partial stiffy from time to time. Crushing hopes and dreams of superstars alike is what I’m all about. I don’t find it tedious at all and I guess that’s the difference between you and I isn’t it? I enjoy bloodshed, I enjoy filling the ring with horror and making the fans turn the other way in a moment's notice. I enjoy seeing the disgusted reactions on their faces from the vile acts that I perform on a weekly basis. How you don’t get excited from it is beyond me. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

I found it amusing that you praised Voltage for containing some of the best superstars in EAW today but then on that same token you mentioned that you're waiting for more credible challenges to come out of the woodwork. Look around you Carlos, you don't need to scan the earth to find hungry wrestlers when you haven't even defended the championship against someone on Voltage yet, but somehow they're not credible enough, but I thought they were some of the best EAW has to offer? Those names you spoke of, are all credible and they could push you to the limit even if you have beaten them before. You wave your hands incessantly in the air, hoping Jamie O' Hara will garner enough interest to recognize your existence, but don't worry about him, worry about yourself. More importantly; worry about me, worry about how this boring, mundane, longwinded loser not fit to fight in a bingo hall will crush your hopes and dreams on Showdown and the fallout that ensues from the annihilation. Worry about how you will recover from humiliation and from despair. Worry how I'm going to invoke the same hate in Nobi's heart, out of yours and I feel like hate is more prevalent in your system than Nobi's. That's why you're such a loose cannon. Your hate is near the surface and it's festering. The anguish of the past still scars you whatever it may be, that's why you need a headshrinker, to rant and rave and tell your life stories to. I'm not going to listen to your life stories, I'm not going to humor you and tell you that it all gets better, because, with the hate that certainly dwells inside of you, will only get worse, especially when Showdown rears its ugly head and when I'm bashing your fucking brains in with the Hardcore Championship. You will look into my eyes and you will see anything and everything that has gone wrong in your life reflect back like a fucking mirror, you'll look at me, like you would look at your worst enemy and that's when I will have you twitching about in the palm of my hand. You will have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, you won't have a therapist to pour your heart out to, it will just be me, smiling with my pearly yellows, with Nobi already sprawled out on the mat, impaled and gutted. You will join him, body on body and it will be my best work of art to date.

The other day, you said that it’s a horrible feeling to humiliate and destroy people as if you don’t like doing so, but then you said that you will settle for the simple humiliation of the opposition in front of you and move on to bigger, more significant challenges while they fall apart as if you’re taking solace in the fact that they are embarrassed. Which one is it Carlos? Do you enjoy it or do you not? You’re twisting yourself into the ground, maybe I don’t even need to lay a hand on you, instead, you’ll just self-destruct into nothingness. It matters too, if you don't like humiliating your opponents, then you're a weak minded fool like Nobi, if you do like humiliating your opponents then you're like Darkane. It's something to think about, even if that isn't your strong suit. Even if you can't come to a conclusion on which side you tend to lean towards. You parade yourself as the champion of life, you attempt to represent what every champion should aspire to be. You want to restore prestige to the Interwire Championship, but accepting the way things went down on NEO isn't the way to do it, Chris Elite bailed your ass out, but you use it as an excuse to justify keeping your title at all costs, which is a translation for acting like an absolute ignoble pussy. Anybody with a pair of eyes can see that. That's not a way to rectify the dignity of the Interwire Championship. That's not a champion of life, that's a champion of cowardice. Even though you feel like you don't need to completely shatter your opponents everytime you walk into that ring, I feel like you needed to in order to best Lang, but you didn't, you took a gigantic, steamy dump on your championship's prestige. You look like fool's gold Carlos. You're trying to be something you're not. A champion of life? Gimme a fucking break. Maybe some dimwitted charlatan like Nobi will believe that, but I don't. Chris Elite will get what he deserves for his actions in due time and for you, that's a firm handshake, a thank you and maybe you'll grease his weasel in the process. Whatever the case may be, Showdown will not bode well for either you or Nobi. I see massive and exploitable flaws in the both of you:

Nobi acting overly soft and Carlos Rosso acting overly hard.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Sat 16 Dec - 14:17 by Ahren Fournier
This all started because I didn't compliment you. All this hatred started because of something so fickle, because I didn't say how good you were like Tomi did. That upset you. because I didn't agree with tomi's standpoint to just go with what you said. That upset you. You're exactly what is wrong with the world. Yes the fact that you do nothing and expect the world but it's more than that. I disagree with you so instead of having a civilized conversation you shut me out and refuse to listen to the other side. There is no room for growth with you, there is no room for change with you because you already have your mind made up. That is the problem with this country, no one has understanding for the other side. Everyone is so set in there ways they don't even care if the other side brings facts or logic, they'll just keep singing fake news, as if that changes anything. Instead of trying to see where someone else is coming from immature people resort to name calling, plugging there ears, and stomping there feet. I'm sorry if you couldn't handle someone not sucking up to you Stark but the way you're acting is immature and irrational. Instead of covering your ears and saying I can't hear you, I can't see you, so it doesn't exist, how about you actually listen and try to get better. Not everyone is going to like what you do, clearly you don't enjoy what I do, but I'm not really interested in your praises. Not when I have legends like DDD and CM Banks saying what an excellent job I'm doing. If I'm getting compliments from them, why would I listen to you? What have you done exactly to have such high praise? I mean you think Tomi Venus is one of the best in EAW apparently so.. That's all I need to say about your eye for talent. What you think doesn't matter, which is the more mature way of approaching it. Not what you're doing, I mean name calling? Not listening to what I have to say because you don't agree with it? Pathetic, and has proved every ounce of what I've said. I've been right all along about you Stark, you're never going to get past where you are right now. You refuse to listen to criticism, you refuse to listen to truth, and you refuse to get better. So have fun battling in 6 man battle royals for mid tier accomplishments as you continue to miss the big one. 

Don't worry though, all the while when I'm fighting for the world title, you can keep bitching about how wrong I am, and how little I deserve anything due to what I haven't done in the past. You say you're motivated, yeah right, motivated until you lose. Motivated until you lose a match that you thought you should've won because maybe that guy wasn't as bad as you thought he was. While I stay here win or lose ready for whatever comes my way. Whether I got this opportunity when I didn't deserve it or not, fact of the matter is I'm here, and I won't let it slip through my fingers. It's about doing what you can with the opportunities given to you, because when you're not named Stark, they're actually pretty hard to come by. You're just a cheap Hurricane Hawk knockoff, a cheap imitation with drugs, that's it. The funny thing is Hawk isn't even good, so why you would try to copy what he said I don't even know. I've already beat Hawk, I've already proven I'm better, I wanted to face someone different. Someone with actual talent that could gouge my interest and give me a challenge with words of wisdom... But no. I didn't. Copy and paste from a Hawk template never ends well. Basically all you have to do is just say some nonsensical things that you could use to respond to anything  and when someone responds just spit what you've already pre planned out. Problem is that never really works. 

Stark you couldn't even build the motivation to hear what I had to say, how could you tell me you're more motivated than ever? Motivated indeed. I would also just like to remind everyone that Stark tried to fault me, and shame me for talking at 8 Am. Saying that I'm a try hard, as though trying hard in my job is a pathetic thing to do. This is someone battling for a chance at a title, saying someone is trying too hard and it is a bad thing. Saying I have no life because I am responding to him during a time in the day that I actually had free time, while he then responded within a few hours. Hypocritical, and a message that working hard is for losers, good message Stark, real winners attitude. Its funny, everything you've said about me, could be said about you. You're someone that has lost a lot but is still put in these situations. You're the one that is sounding less and less like someone with a functioning brain. You're the one that refuses to come down from your cloud to join us in reality. This entire week I've had a rebuttal for what you've had to say. Every shit burger you've thrown out of you disgusting mouth. I've verbally annihilated you, to the point that I don't even know you'll be asked back to Dynasty. You've shown you're true colors already you're a pathetic piece of shit that shouldn't even be let back in this company. I mean you gave up half way through the week just on listening. JUST FUCKING LISTENING. One of the easiest things to do, you refuse. I was testing you Stark, to see if you actually have the drive to do this long term, and you don't. You can't hang with someone like me, I like to talk, sorry. If you can't keep up with someone that is presenting facts, many facts, and you can't refute them? You don't belong here. You should be Curtain jerking on neo to try and prove you deserve any of this, but instead you're pissing away another opportunity. Givin up because it got too hard just like you always do. 

Stark I know you're not listening to what I said, you've already said that. It's not because you can't take the stupidity or whatever you're mouthing off about. It's because you don't know what else to say about your stupidity. Which all ties into why I'm sick of you "complimenting" Tomi. You're not basing anything you're saying on facts, you just blindly follow Tomis word like the sheep you are. I've countered everything you've said, every lie, every ounce of stupidity I've told you why you're dumb. But the only thing you can come back with is the classic "you're so bad I can't even listen to you anymore so I'm going to not even respond... as you respond". But seeing that you're lazy and already have your version of the truth placed and stuck in your head nothing I would even say would change it. You're exactly like the people that you hate, and it's quite ironic. What you're doing is so easy and against someone else it might actually get inside there head, but not me. I've brought a lot of topics up and you refuse to talk about any because of your assumptions. The only concrete thing you can possibly say is that I have lost. I have openly admitted to these losses and accepted them but you won't accept that. 

You were right about one thing though Stark, I've lost a lot on dynasty. I've lost the Fournier magic that I used to have, I got traded to the nuggets or something. But I'm due for one, great talent can't be down and out forever they always come back. What better way to get back on track then shocking you, and only you, when I throw your ass over the top rope and win the shot at the Openweight Title. It shall be glorious. You seem like a guy that doesn't know  his own worth. You try to have these intellectual thoughts but if you actually listen to what you say, you don't have a significant thought in your body. You're inept, you're ignorant, you don't even know what the hell you're doing. It's been a struggle having a one sided conversation, but I move on. You've been here for a week you don't deserve to represent dynasty, and even if you did win you wouldn't even be here long enough to get to the Openweight title match. 

Now Tomi you've already competed for the Openweight Championship and lost.. whether it was another style of wrestling or not, your body has already competed, you don't deserve another shot. And the rest of you aren't even close to good enough, so your clear cut choice for winning this battle royal is me. Everything changes once I win this match. All the loses, all the scrutiny, the disappointments, they will al be forgotten. I will finally be looked at as a legitimate thread, as I should be. I'm more motivated than ever to sky rocket to the top, and I want to thank you Stark, and you Tomi, for being so god damn moronic. For it was the stupidity, and the unwillingness to listen to reason and facts that helped push me over the edge. You won't be in the Openweight title Match physically, but I will carry your spirit in there, as I claim that title in the name of Dynasty, and my pride. Oh and Tomi keep being obsessed with me and bringing me up into a conversation that I have nothing to do with. Starks calls you out, and you bring me into it, cool. Shows me that I'm always in your head at all times, thanks for that. 

As for Shackleford if you're not even going to listen to what I said then why even bother talking? You're a complete and utter moron and you should've just stayed hidden, you seemed like less of a dumbass that way. Like I told Reginald take a listen to what I said in previous statements. I'm not going to keep repeating myself, this routine has grown tiresome. As I close this week out, I would just like to tell everyone that when I win this match, I will undoubtedly shove it in all of your faces. I want to make sure you all know that I am in fact better than you. Hard work and perseverance pays off, and it's a win for the good guys.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Sat 16 Dec - 13:40 by Tomi Venus
Why I Will
EAW Awards Show 2017: Three

Am I making excuses? Here’s the thing Stark, that’s not a topic of debate. I mean it can be if you want it to be but unlike Ahren who continues scratch at the door of this match that he has no real business being in, I’m not interested in rambling about some irrelevant aspect of my career and wasting everyone’s time. The point I am trying to get across is not that I have been conspired against in the past, because that’s where things will stay. It doesn’t matter that I was in competition with Alex Anderson for most hated backstage. It’s not 2013 anymore. I certainly wasn’t at the same level as you were upon debuting in EAW, but we’ve made our debuts. We’ve made our exits. We’ve made our comebacks.

I stepped away from here for a long time. I stepped away from this sport and I had a nice little life. I was comfortable. I had royalty checks, a nice job, money wasn’t an issue. I even had someone I thought loved me who I loved with all of my heart. I was in shape, I had paid vacations, I had the life people dream of. But I was restless. I wasn’t happy. I hated sitting in my suburban home with my girlfriend being forgotten! I would wake up in the morning not sore from a battle the night before! I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to hear the sound of bones breaking! I would get headaches thinking of the politics I had to deal with when all I wanted to do was to see blood spill… I wanted to watch it all breakdown. Yesterday maybe I failed to reach my full potential in EAW but today I know exactly how to get what I want and I don’t need to prove that.

I can lose this match. It doesn’t matter. I can lose this match and continue to exist like a parasite to the livelihood of EAW. I don’t need the Openweight Championship but it would be a powerful step in the direction I need to accomplish my goals. Being put in a ring with five other men, most of which are nothing more than bedazzled cannon fodder, is not an opportunity but a gift. Hmhm… Respect. Praise. Favorites. They all go out of the window. Those who try to run will lose and those who make the mistake of staying will be at my mercy. No amount of deus ex machina can help my opponents. I will decide for myself whose fate is quick and painless and who will suffer. Some might even beg for me to put them over the top rope as I laugh in their face. Whether I leave that award show victorious or not means nothing. What matters is making sure that everyone in this match lives with the knowledge of what I’m capable of doing to them if or when they think about getting in my way.

I could easily close things out by saying why I’m better than everyone in this match but I honestly don’t care about that. I don’t care what most of these people have said about me and after the award show it won’t matter. They can talk each other’s ears off all they want. In the end I can not lose.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Sat 16 Dec - 10:05 by Keelan (Online)
My journey through this tournament is almost at its completion.

I was not ready to allow the individuals involved in this tournament surpass me on my way to the King of Elite Triple Threat match. Voltage deserves a rightful representative, not a luchador with a drinking problem or a Brit with an obsession problem. Voltage deserves to have a man who takes this business seriously representing the yellow brand at King of Elite. Not only that, Voltage deserves that crown in general. No, it NEEDS that crown. And I will be the man to bring that crown home and give Voltage the boost it needs to shoot above Showdown and Dynasty. But what lies ahead for me at the Awards Show is one final obstacle that I must get over. One final bump in the road. Just one final opponent.

And honestly… this opponent is one that deserves to be in this tournament the least.

Oh Cam, it’s nice to finally make your acquaintance.

Women are making history and breaking records this season it seems. Aria Jaxon became the longest reigning EAW Women’s World Champion of all time and there is no signs of slowing her down. Heart Break Gal became the first ever woman to win a male’s world championship. Cameron Ella Ava became the first ever woman to compete in the King of Elite tournament and make it all the way to the Finals. There is a huge difference between making history, and just being there to witness it, and Cameron Ella Ava will be there to witness her abrupt failure when she falls to yours truly. I could offer a list of reasons of not only why Cam won’t be able to make history but also why she shouldn’t deserve to make history. One that correlates between the two would be because all she does is leech off of her vastly superior and incredibly talented boyfriend, and everything she has done up to this point of the season has been because of him. I mean, it took a beating from him to make her fall back into her place, and ever since then, she’s done everything for him and obeyed every order like the bitch she is. Aria Jaxon and HBG both earned their way to their respective accolades and milestones this season through hard work and determination, while Cam would rather spend her time on shows like Dancing With The Stars then ever caring about what the bigger picture here is on Voltage. And this is why you are the worst one of them all in this Voltage bunch. You cannot possibly fathom just how serious this all is when all you ever do is care about yourself. It is your greatest weakness, and your biggest downfall. Oh Cameron, I have been looking forward to facing you for a long, long time. Oh how it must be so easy to be you. There is no denying you have the looks of a supermodel, the body of a goddess, and the confidence a strong woman would usually have. All men fall beneath your feet, right? Well not me. Never me. I would much rather die than to be one of those braindead marks of yours who sit in the crowd each week and cheer you just because of how you look. Cam, I refuse to fall beneath your feet this Saturday. I refuse to allow you to surpass me in this match. My whole goal in this tournament was to not allow people like you to represent this show at King of Elite, and I have never been more focused on achieving that goal anymore than I am right now because like I said, you are the worst one of them all. You’re a fake, heartless, lying cow. Oh what, you’re talking about the kind of person you’d be if you’d harm the man you love? Are you forgetting Territorial Invasion?! You thought you could come over to Voltage - an all-male brand - from Empire and achieve something that no woman has ever achieved before. You wanted to make history. And you know what, that goal was very fair. You’ve done all you could on Empire and you’ve proven that for years here in EAW that you could hold your own against anybody. It’s why you’re a Hall of Famer, right? Oh, but I bet you were cringing when you saw that you were drafted to Voltage over any other show when the EAW Draft came to an end. When you were the first individual announced to be drafted in the supplemental draft, you knew that your intentions would come to a grinding halt because if you wanted to make that history and become the first ever woman to win the EAW World Heavyweight Championship that you would need to defeat the man you love. And you know, instead of waiting for him to drop the championship, your gut instinct went for it anyway and you know why? Because truthfully, you only care about yourself. It’s so god damned obvious, Cam, and don’t you even dare try to ever deny it. So, when you lost to your man at Territorial Invasion, you realized the terrible decision you made. You regretted it all, right? All that build up and that move from Empire to try and make history, lost. How’s that making history thing going for you right now, Cam? Not so good is it? Because now, your chance of making that history is gone and I am sure that eats you up inside, Cam. I am sure that it boils you to the brink of rageful deceit. Oh how it makes me smile that the individual that took that chance of you making history away from you wasn’t just any other female, it was HBG… YOUR TAG TEAM PARTNER. Sure, on the outside you’re happy for her. But I am sure that on the inside, it is tearing you apart. It has broken you. All of the supposed hard work you spent into reaching that goal went to shit and now you leech off of your man because you realize the failure of a human being you are and it is the only thing you can do to prevent your shitty love life from falling apart. Let’s face it, Jamie doesn’t need you. He just wants you. Does he love you the same way you love him? These thoughts just must tear you apart and I am honoured that I am going to be tearing you apart too, Cam.

Oh, congratulations are in order too, Cam! You defeated Cody Marshall and Amadeus, wow! Two men I have defeated in the past before. That must have been tough. You know Cam, you’re asking me what I need this King of Elite crown for, and it’s become quite apparent that you really have not paid attention to a damn thing I’ve said the past couple of weeks when this tournament began. Being world champion is still something that is most definitely on my mind. It is something that I am hungry to attain more than anything in this world, but my goal in this tournament was to not allow anybody up and down this roster to represent Voltage except for me because quite frankly, Voltage is full of individuals that really just do not take themselves or this business seriously enough. Can you vouch for that too, Cam? King of Elite is one of the biggest deals in EAW. It is one of the biggest live events of the entire year. If you can even make it to that Triple Threat it’s an accomplishment in itself and winning it just makes you the MAN! All this hard work that I have done to date this season… imagine it culminating by becoming the King of Elite. Winning that crown guarantees that world championship match that I am after as well, so you can see now Cam why this is indeed a big deal to me. As for you Cam, what happens if you actually do defeat me, win the King of Elite crown and get that championship opportunity? What if Jamie O’Hara is still the EAW World Heavyweight Champion? Oh man, I almost want to lose this match against you Cam just so I can see that trainwreck of a relationship be ripped apart by the seams once again. You may love making history - or at least attempting to make history - but I guarantee you you are not making history against me here. I simply refuse to have you defeat me this weekend; just like I refused to have El Ironico and Harvey Yorke defeat me too. Cam, you are the biggest part of all the problems Voltage has, and I need to make it my duty to eradicate you which would result in erasing these said problems. Becoming the King of Elite and representing the show that helped bring me back to the elite status I was once at before I retired is something our whole roster needs on the yellow brand. If you win it, you’d just be adding fuel to the already burning fire on that show. I cannot allow you to do that, Cam. I just can’t.

Ah, so now you bring up my loss to Lars Grier. Congratulations! Bring up the one mishap I had this entire season and attempt to use it as a tool for the destruction you think you’ll give me. It won’t work. I will not be your downfall. I failed against Lars Grier, plan and simple, and I will be the first individual to admit that. Failures happen all the time, and you should know this better than anybody considering your Hall of Fame career. How many times have you fallen short, Cam? How many times have you become the runner up in a match and was instead handed defeat? It happens, but with every failure I have and with every setback I face, I come back even stronger than before. This has been very, very obvious this season has it not? I’ve mentioned it a number of times and yet morons like you just do not pay attention whatsoever. It’s fine, because I will make you pay attention to me Cam. What an example? Okay, I lost to Lars Grier at Shock Value and also lost the opportunity to become the number one contender to Jamie O’Hara his EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Then what happened? I made it all the way to the Voltage Finals in this King of Elite tournament. Want another one? You could chalk up my failure in attempting to retrieve the Cash in the Vault briefcase at Pain For Pride X, and then only a small amount of months later, I was in the final two inside the Voltage Elimination Chamber against Jamie O’Hara, and almost bested him. Oh Cam, come on now. Surely this is not your strongest point to make against me. Surely you have something else. Or, perhaps not because there is nothing you can muster up within your thick-headed brain of yours to even best me in a verbal battle.

Cam, to the world, you’re a goddess, but to me that’s just an illusion. You are nothing but the scum of the earth, clenching onto the neck of others who are far more superior to you. Cameron Ella Ava, Elite Answers Wrestling is a dog eat dog world, but at the end of the day, we leave the bitches behind.

See you at the Awards Show, cunt.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on Sat 16 Dec - 9:14 by Carlos Rosso (Online)
(Erica Ford stands by with the EAW Interwire Champion, a tired looking Carlos Rosso. The championship belt is draped over his shoulder as he grins into the camera as Erica begins the interview.)

Erica: This is an EAW.com Exclusive interview with the EAW Interwire Champion, Voltage’s own Carlos Rosso. You visited NEO for the first time in history and managed to defeat Lang in a hotly contested match for that title, but it didn’t come without controversy….

Carlos: Um…controversy? What was controversial about what happened?

Erica: Well, it was obvious! Chris Elite and came out and distracted Lang, keeping him from taking advantage of his hitting you with his finishing hold! If he may have kept his focus, he may have taken the Interwire Championship from you right here tonight.

Carlos: Heh. Look at you people, writing all your narratives. I expected more from you as a former student of mine, Erica. I’m deeply disappointed.

Erica: But, Carlos, c’mon.

Carlos: No, YOU come on. I gave Lang the opportunity of a lifetime. This is my FOURTH championship defense in a week in a half on THREE different continents. What excuse does Lang have for his failure, huh? He who hesitates is lost, Lang hesitated, and he LOST. He is a LOSER, just like I said he was a LOSER. Even jetlagged, fatigued, and beat-up, he couldn’t take advantage of me and take this belt from me. There is no excuse to be had here. So what if Chris Elite came out there and ran his mouth off? If Lang were smart, and I’m going to assume since he is Texan he probably isn’t, He would have tried to finish me off and take the championship. But he let petty nonsense get in the way of glory. His loss.

Erica: I hate to even ask, but is there some connection between you and Chris? Is there some other reason for this?

Carlos: Nope. Chris apparently has his issues with Lang and they can work them out on their own time. For now, his fifteen minutes of fame are over, and he can go back to wrestling with the rookies here on NEO and punching at his weigh class. Perhaps sometime in the future I will return here and defend this coveted championship once again, but hopefully the opposition will be someone who offers more amusement than Lang does. He couldn’t even withstand ONE Southern Lariat. As much as I’ve mocked people like Keelan and Lars Greear, they are made of much harder stuff. He is not worthy of this championship and I proved it on his home ground.

Erica: Your globetrotting schedule continues though as you head over to Showdown for your first appearance for that brand since before Pain for Pride IX as you face two fellow champions: The newly crowned National Elite Champion, Nobi, and Hardcore Champion Darkane in a “Prince of Champions” match.

Carlos: Beg your pardon?

Erica: Hmm?

Carlos: What did you say this match was called? PRINCE OF CHAMPIONS?!?

Erica: Yes, well there is a “Champion of Champions” match later on featuring the three world champions of Voltage, Dynasty and Showdown and-

Carlos: That is outrageous! Absolutely freaking outrageous! I AM A CHAMPION OF LIFE! NO ONE SHOULD GET MORE BILLING THAN ME! I AM A DOUBLE CHAMPION!

Erica: Wait, what?


Erica: Ummm……


(Erica simply looks on confused as Carlos glares at her, seething after his rant.)

Carlos: PROTEST!
Now that I’ve had an opportunity to calm down, I think it’s time to recognize the significance of everything that has gone on. I return to Showdown after what feels like years away, and the landscape that I once knew is changed beyond recognition. I thank whatever Supreme Being that exists that I don’t have to deal with this place on a weekly basis. This is a week to celebrate excellence as EAW are having an awards ceremony. I know what it’s like to take home awards from this event as I am a two-time co-recipient of the Tag Team of the Year award. Shoutout to GI Styles, who is somewhere being what they call a “solicitor” in Australia or something. I am up for an award this year, the “Comeback of the Year”. If I win it or not, that’s not a concern. What is enough for me is that the people who come up with awards such as this recognize the immediate and significant impact that I have made to Voltage. Every Voltage-involved or hosted FPV since that day has seen me compete at a Championship level with many of the best wrestlers in the world. Keelan, Lars, Chris, Amadeus, Moongoose, Jamie……

However, not ALL the best wrestlers are on Voltage. I’m not stupid enough to think that low of the world around me. I still contend that Voltage has the best roster and the most serious challengers for championships, including my Interwire Championship, but that will not stop me from touring every sector of this planet, finding competition to build my reputation and legend. That is one reason why I don’t mind going back to Showdown, if only for one night, to engage in another exhibition battle with fellow champions Nobi and Darkane. One time I remember even facing my tag partner because of brand “spirit” in a tag team match. One world champion and myself vs another world champion and GI. Of course, MY team won thanks to my brilliance and skill, but those are stories for another time.

The time is for continuing the amazing trek that I have been on since Shock Value. I have been on a roll, nobody can deny that. There are some people who question the means, question the circumstances, but they can never question results. And ever since I’ve returned, people were wondering when the hot streak was coming. They wanted to know not IF, but how long it would take before Carlos Rosso found the ol’ groove and reached Championship levels once again. Well, here you go. One championship belt down, and one more that I crave. My journey towards absolute domination of Voltage takes a detour through Showdown so I think it’s time I spoke just a little bit about the two men who pose opposition for me. Nobi! Everyone’s favorite little underdog. I saw the reaction when you won the National Elite Championship, and everyone was so happy for you. People cried, people congratulated you on social media. You had a magnificent time I hope. Because, let me tell you something from personal experience: KEEPING a championship is a damn lot harder than winning it in the first place. You are now holding a symbol of excellence, a championship that my former partner held longer than any other man before you. You now stand in the shadows of and in the company of men like Tyler Parker, Nico Borg, Stark, GI Styles, Devan Dubian, the Prince of Phenomenal, Aren Mstislav. I appreciate the respect that you have for me and that you have worked so hard and come so far to get to where you have gotten. However, don’t mistake appreciation for respect, because honestly, I don’t have any for you. Not because I think you’re a terrible human being or an unworthy holder of that championship. I just think you’re not as good as me. People may think I am a basket case, but sanity has nothing to do with intelligence! I study all my opponents carefully and with you I don’t see any reason to feel much fear. Hell, your mentors include people like Lioncross and Pizza Boy, men who I have no problems with fighting before, men who don’t intimidate me in the slightest. Men you are nowhere near close to nearing the level of.

Being a Champion of Life, I understand what it means to be a Champion and I understand the toll the title takes on you and the strength it requires to retain it. Luckily for you, this match isn’t about a Championship but only about pride. That will be the only thing ripped from your grasp when I embarrass you in front of the world. What I want you to do though is use this embarrassment to make sure that you are well-prepared for the road ahead because, son, it’s a whole new level now. I don’t expect you to back down. Nobody gets to holding one of the three belts we all hold respectively by being a gutless coward. But now it’s time for you to learn the only true wisdom worth knowing, Nobi: that compared to me, you know absolutely nothing. Congratulations on winning the title though, I do want to offer you that one bit of courtesy before I whip your ass from pillar to post, as this old timer I used to know would say.

And now, the time has come. FINALLY, I get to meet Darkane. I wanted to know what the fuss was about. I just remember seeing some of your…work during the 24/7 battle royal last year. I was nowhere to be seen by this time, having taken proper time off to recuperate from injury and prepare the steps in the plan that you have all witnessed me implement to get to where I am, standing here as the Interwire Championship. When I first saw you, I took you for nothing more than a boring, mundane, longwinded loser not fit to fight in a bingo hall. But, you have proven me wrong. You are a boring, mundane, longwinded loser fit to fight in a bingo hall that has a championship on his resume. You, sir, are the epitome of scum, but I respect that! I don’t know why you’re so intent on being Nobi’s designated party crasher. I mean, the poor kid’s idea of a party is probably Paw Patrol streamers, rainbow cake and video games till his mommy and daddy tell his friends to go home for the evening. All this dark, cryptic shit isn’t necessary, man! Let the kid live, huh? As for my meetings with my lovely therapist friend, I think you may need to learn a little bit more about me before you disagree so strongly with how I feel.

Ever since I came back to Voltage, I have made the lives of everyone around me practically insufferable. I have made Keelan’s life hell, forced my own Zaibatsu mate into retirement, completely broke the spirit of another who dared to oppose me, very likely made Moongoose McQueen a nutcase if he wasn’t one already, and then after careful planning ended the reign of Voltage’s latest “it boy”, Amadeus, as Interwire Champion.

Do you know how damn boring it is to crush the dreams and hopes of everyone around you? While I do still have some amusement left with Keelan and Lars and Jamie, what does the rest of the roster truly have to offer me in terms of entertainment? Not much. I mean, sure, NEO may funnel a few decent prospects my way, but because of this general sense of boredom I don’t really feel…fulfilled just yet on Voltage. Maybe more credible challengers will come forth and I may be forced to end my traveling tour as Interwire Champion to defend the belt on home soil for lack of better terms, but for now…meh.

Boredom is horrible to me, Darkane. I find you…coarse, but not boring. I’m interested in seeing how your “hardcore” wrestling meshes with my Strong Style. I’m sure Nobi has his own two cents to add, but let’s be honest, we both know that he is a child among warriors, an amateur against the highest order of professional. Another difference that we seem to have is the objective of a match. Your idea of victory shouts to me that you have some serious sexual issues that need to be resolved immediately, but my idea of a victory is a simple one:

Hear the referee count “One. Two. Three.”
Hear my opponent submit.
Walk away with my championship belt.
Rinse and repeat

I don’t need to completely shatter my opponents, Darkane. I have broken plenty of toys on Voltage, so I have no interest in completely destroying the landscape. I will settle for, in most cases, the simple humiliation of the opposition in front of me and move on to bigger, more significant challenges while they fall apart. I AM a supreme athlete. I AM the Champion of Life. Why should I not show compassion and mercy to the witless fools who dare to dream that they are near my level, A Championship Level? What kind of heartlessness is that? Pro wrestling needs all the wonderful talent that it can muster, and truth be told, I don’t feel a need to break people further than they should be broken to benefit the business and my business as a champion.

And so fucking what Chris Elite stuck his nose where it didn’t belong? Boo-hoo. Cry me a river. I had a nickel for every time someone won off a distraction in EAW, I would be richer than Bill Gates and our idiot president of the United States combined. It’s wrestling. It happens. Does it sit well with me that Lang nearly got the best of me? No. Do I care about how I won? No. All I care about is holding this Championship and making sure that it is the most prestigious, honorable, coveted title in the World. Period. You can preach about how Lang nearly beat me, and that’s fine, but I have no fear when it comes to facing you. I am not some scrawny delivery boy punching above his weight class. I am the Most Complete Wrestler in the World, the man blessed with the Unbreakable Strongest Arm In EAW. Chris Elite will get what he deserves for his actions in due time.

As for you and Nobi, I think it’s high time that you learned that your words have consequences. Both of you have afforded me SOME bit of respect and for that I salute you, but this doesn’t change the fact that on Showdown, The Champion of Life will show you two the ways of a REAL Champion. It’s not by being boundlessly optimistic, it’s not about totally crushing everything in your path. It’s by walking into a ring, knowing that you are the best man in said ring, and performing like it. I will prove MY superiority and by proxy prove the superiority of both the Interwire Championship and Voltage over the pathetic backwaters where you both reside and the championships that you hold.

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Post on Sat 16 Dec - 4:54 by Maddox Ayres
A prospect is a person regarded as likely to succeed or as a potential customer, client, etc. To be considered a prospect, well, you obviously have to have the want or will to succeed. The drive to want to grow and be something great. Throughout life, not only do you have multiple chances to be a prospect, whether you realize it or not, but you also become the prospect. When the opportunity comes, you take it. It’s been said before, ‘you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.’ Wayne Gretzky said that one perfectly. We go day-to-day wondering what could be, what could’ve been, or what could never be. Instead of going for it, that’s all we do. Times are changing now. The perfect prospect is exactly as stated before; you want to succeed, you have the drive to succeed, you don’t let your past mistakes bring you down, you build yourself up and never think negative.

I am the perfect prospect.

Theron, this isn’t a risk, you’re right. This is an opportunity. Both of us have mentioned that. This is an opportunity for me, the new guy, to really get a head start on his career instead of sitting on a developmental show when I already have what it takes to run with the big dogs. Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t of ever said that. I came into this not knowing what would happen, but I had the proper training and now here I am. I was the definition of a rookie, but I’ve upgraded over the past few weeks. The possibilities here are endless. I’ll give you that. I go from debuting, to the Main Event of NEO, to the next match, and now here. I’m back in the Main Event of NEO again against someone else who’s on the main roster, but that’s after this. I have the possibility to not only prove myself and what I’m truly capable of, but also to show Ashten Cross that he didn’t make the wrong choice when he chose me to be your opponent. When I first got here, I stated that I set goals for myself that are not only achievable over time, but ones that I also have to work for. I don’t set puny goals. I strive for greatness and that’s just what I’ve been doing since the second I stepped foot into this business. The possibilities are endless at this point. Nothing is impossible. The thought of something being impossible just isn’t there. There’s a possibility that I’ll lose, there’s a possibility that I’ll win. Neither of those are impossible. One of those outcomes will bring itself forward and then we move on from there.

Losing is the last thing on my mind.

Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished here, Theron. I mean truly, you have quite the resume it seems. The problem I’m seeing here is, yes you accepted the fact that you’ve lost multiple times with the World Championship on the line, but what else has gone wrong? You’ve stated the people you’ve beaten and where they stand on the totem pole, but what about the people that have beaten you, whether it was clean or not? You can’t continue to talk about your past without accepting what has happened. You can put it on the back burner, you can put it so far back in your mind that it’s not the first thing you think about, but when it comes down to it, it’ll make its way back. That’s probably why you’ve lost that opportunity multiple times. Yeah, you don’t think about it, but one split second is all it takes for it to come back and for everything to change. One second is all it takes for your entire life to change. I’m not trying to discredit you for what you’ve accomplished because those are some big names you’ve beaten, obviously. Heart Break Gal being the new World Champion, Diamond Cage being who he is, truly great company there. When it came down to it, you still lost to the one person that held what you seek. Let’s say you win King of Elite and you become the King of EAW. You take your opportunity to face Heart Break Gal if she’s Champion by then or whoever else you decide, but there’s still the fact you’ve failed to capture that Championship in your mind. It may be a different person holding the belt, but still the idea of it being the World Championship. Now, let’s say you don’t win King of Elite.

There’s nothing good that could possibly come from it, right?

However you perform, that determines the outcome. If you don’t perform well enough, obviously you won’t capture what you’re seeking at the moment. If you do, maybe it’ll be enough to become the King, maybe you surpass what it takes to be the King. It all comes down to tomorrow night, Theron. You beat Rex McAllister to get to the Finals. You beat Diamond Cage. You beat Heart Break Gal. Now it’s time for you to beat me. Yeah, I’m some young guy that’s stepping up for a challenge and the chance to prove myself as a true competitor, but I’m also a man with the drive, the will to succeed… I’m the perfect prospect. You can compare me to whoever you want, good or bad, it won’t compare to what actually goes down in the ring. You doubt me and no matter what you say at this point can change that. I can and will prove you and all the other doubters wrong. This isn’t a story about my success nor you ripping every piece of an opportunity away. This is a story about myself, Maddox Ayres, and how my entire career plays out. The terrible, the bad, the good, the exceptional, that’s what my story consists of. I will tell every second of it. I don’t want to be another Theron Nikolas. I don’t want to lose multiple chances of what my ultimate goal is. I want to be Maddox Ayres. I want to win the first chance at what my ultimate goal is. My next step? Getting through you. I’ll call you by your name, you’re not the King of Elite and even if become King, I’ll still call you by who you are. It’s not me that just has an opportunity this week, it’s you also. You have the opportunity to put the new guy down, or the opportunity to put the new guy ahead of you.

We’ll see where you fate lies tomorrow after the bell rings.

Gonna let another opportunity pass right by you?
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