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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Lars Grier
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 9th 2018, 11:08 am by Lars Grier

You’re wrong, Chris.

I’m not mad.

I get it that your tirade was an attempt to get at me, to make me feel an emotion of anger, of rage, of hatred and disdain towards you…..but I’m not. I don’t hate you, Chris. I don’t hate you for any reason, not because you beat me once before, not because of something you did to me in the past that caused me lash out towards you after King of Elite. Not even when you hit me with a Superkick to cost our team the match a couple weeks back on Voltage - I’m not angry with you. You’ve given me so many reasons to hate you, to tear you down bit by bit, inch by inch, piece by piece before you are reverted to nothing but rubble but to be quite frank….why be mad? Why be mad at someone who resorts to using nothing but baseless insults to make himself feel good? Why bother spending my time gritting my teeth or clenching my fist every time you call me “Lars Queer,” “bozo,” or whatever other nickname you may give me? It’s all so….petty, to be honest with you Chris. Whenever I walk around this place, each and every day I wake up to go to the arenas, into the locker rooms, and I can smell it. It reeks of a putrid, rancid, disgusting smell every time I look around at the faces surrounding me. Pettiness. Insignificance. I’ve never thought of it that way - most of us are normally and usually blind to the what truly goes on but if the past thirteen months for me have been a telling sign, is that despite being fully-grown adults, most of us still seem to act like we’re still going through fucking puberty. Battles and duels over status, recognition, and when one’s ego is bruised it only pushes that individual to fight even more and push this incessant whining and fighting that should have never have happened in the first place. However, I can’t be too harsh on that reality. It’s the truth that there is pettiness within all of us, even me, but you, Chris? You? You’re the definition, the living epitome of a man so driven by thin straws and pettiness. The moment someone even attempts to try and insult the oh so mighty, great and highly “Big Bhris”, you set out on a witch hunt all in an attempt to try and seem like the bigger, much more superior man in the end. If you do succeed, then that’s the worst part - because you never shut up. But I have to admit: I’m not exempt from any of this either. I’m petty too. There are times when it’s that jealousy and feeling of being lesser to someone else that pushes a man to do things that are despicable, akin to the actions of a bottom-feeding rat; and that’s exactly what happened on that Voltage, where you faced Jamie O’Hara in a match that left us with so many questions and yet so many unanswered questions. You may very well have been able to defeat O’Hara on that night in what would have been one of the greatest shocks of the entire year, even more so than your win against Ryan Adams - but we’ll never know now, now won’t we? All courtesy of yours truly. I’ll confess to you, Chris, because truly, I’m not mad - I’m not pissed with you, I’m not looking to spark a rivalry…..because all this? All of this began because of my actions, my jealousy and the time and place where my mind was trapped in this fiery, hellish haze that wanted to destroy. Demolish. Kill. After King of Elite I was left even more broken than I thought I would, as I laid on the mat with my jaw nearly shattered and my vision blurred, and all I could feel was nothing more than a fire. Disappointment. Contempt for myself. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be left alone, to fly away from the insanity and the shame of having to show your face just after you failed in the biggest night of your career. And for those next few weeks, that’s who I was: A man ashamed of himself, feeling nothing but a rage that wanted to vent and let out all of that bottled up anger because there truly was no other way to cope than to make others felt what I felt. But in the end, it never truly ended up the same. I cost you that match because as I looked at you I couldn’t STAND the sight of a man who took a front row seat to what was supposed to be the greatest moment of my life, a man who has been associated with the word failure more than any other word in the history of the English language, who only out of once in a blue fucking moon managed to turn his fortunes around in the most shocking match in EAW history. In that moment, all I could feel was a hatred towards you. A jealousy. PETTINESS. I was trapped in a haze that blinded me from being my true self, from thinking clearly….but then, as I sat in my own bed, my eyes closed gazing up towards the night sky….I remembered. I remembered why I was here. I remembered who I am. I remembered The Raven. The creature that was born from the ashes of my failure as the Manifestation of Destruction, a creature that was built within me in order to solve what I had always failed to grasp: Evolution. Evolve. Adapt. Survive. I remembered what my promise to myself -  a promise that I intend to keep, and that’s to ascend to the heights that nobody ever thought I would reach, and become what I’ve strived to be since the day I was born on this fucking earth.

So no, Chris, I’m not mad.

Nor will I be mad after Sunday night.

Why be so rageful over watching a paper man crumble?

Oh, and how you will crumble, and fall to those depths you strived to hard to escape from. And indeed - you are a paper man. That’s why you throw baseless claims and petty insults towards anyone you know you don’t have any material against. But you see...I know the game you’re trying to play here. Simple-minded, really. A weak attempt to get inside my head, attempting to irk my skin or rattle me in any form, but this kind of chicanery is something I’ve grown so accustomed to that it becomes numb for me. Trust me, Chris - your words aren’t as sharp as diamonds, they’re barely even sharp enough to cut a piece of paper in half. As a matter of fact, you’re a classic example of the well-known individual known as a “Troll.” A man who knows he doesn’t have anything substantial or of any bearings against his opposition, and so he attempts to get a reaction out of them by mocking them for even the most simplest of things such as their appearance, the abilities, all for the sake of making the other person mad. And sure, maybe that works against third-wave feminists and your mom’s friends - but childish insults won’t get you anywhere far except a career six feet underneath the ground. I think that’s the most hilarious part about all of this - how drastic the comparisons are between your ego and your actual career. On one side of the coin is a career that barely hangs onto a flimsy floor, desperately clinging onto anything it can wrap its arms around, and on the other is the ego which floats above, even higher than the tallest skyscrapers of the world, above the clear visage of the clouds - an ego that has only multiplied with Road to Redemption. The moment you beat DEDEDE, the masses praised you, the men and women who have adored you from the beginning falling to their knees and proclaiming you as their god, and you should feel like that, right? Everyday, you look into that mirror and smile, knowing you earned yourself the golden ticket after a lifetime of nothing but failure, regression, and misdirection. Everyday, you wake up with legions of fans and the entire world laying their eyes upon you, when they should see the truth and that is you are a man, who when left with no options, resorts to baseless claims and insults to feel any semblance of superiority over another, and whose entire career has been made because of one, fateful night. Imagine, having based your entire career, your entire life leaning onto the pillar of a one-night success. One night where you managed to shock the entire world, proving everyone wrong to turn you into the star you had always dreamed of becoming. I wonder: Does the euphoria fade? The ecstasy? The joy? The happiness of being the man to defeat DEDEDE under the right conditions at the right moment in the right place in time? Does it go away? Clearly not seeing as you’re still so, so high on that victory, high up in the clouds that you are unable to see the floor breaking apart below you. An optimist who is staring up so high towards the clouds that when he slips and falls, he can’t save himself. You focus so much on the possibility, the precipice and the dreams of you going on to face O’Hara one final time to secure the deal and become the World Heavyweight Champion. Stuck in that trance, that lucid dreaming state. You run towards the end of the tunnel, blinded and focusing so much on what lies at the end that the moment someone like me stands in your way you fall flat on your face - the place where you are at your most vulnerable. The worst thing that could happen this week is that if you do beat me, I’ll never hear the end of it escaping from your tongue. It seems that for every victory you obtain, you treat it as some monumental success and then with every failure you brush it off as nothing more than a black spot; a crease that can be easily ironed out in due time. Every time you’ve suffered a setback, you brush it off and act as if nothing happened, and that’s what prevents you from ever truly becoming who you dream of, Chris. You act as if you’re failures don’t mean shit, persisting and fighting without ever truly giving a care or thought in the world about what made you lose, which is the most telling sign of all, and why it took you eight years to finally be recognized as somebody of worth. It’s why it took you so fucking long - because you never realized. All this talk of defeating me, of beating me so badly that I’d become traumatic from the experience and have terrible memories - nothing more than the thoughts of a man who holds in his hands, the keys to the kingdom without ever fully realizing his true potential. Each and every time you barge into those doors, with your bravado and braggadocious claims, and each and every time you are proven wrong, so really, I don’t see what makes us any different in this situation, Chris. I don’t see why you’re so confident of victory on Voltage, when you’ve barely even begun to realize that the gravity of the situation extends beyond pettiness, childish insults, trends, or any of that shit you made, because on Voltage? You will be walking into a match against a Lars Grier who has been burnt from the fires of his failure, has been welded, moulded, and shaped by it, and who is ready to show that when put to the test? You become nothing more than a hollow man, with hollow words - a man, who when truly has his words tested, crumbles under the weight that the world mounts upon him.

The thing is though - I’m not like everybody else. I’m not who you think I am. You aren’t a failure - if you were then you wouldn’t be where you are on Voltage, and if I focused on those eight years then I’d be dragging myself down to your level and that’s not something I desire. And your win over Ryan Adams speaks volumes about your heart, tenacity, and drive in that ring to succeed even when all the odds are placed against you. Those are two things that we can’t dispute, that I can’t take away from you, Chris.

But what I can take away from you?

This opportunity. This chance to finally be able to do it - ripped away by my talons.

All for the glory of me and my castle, so I may look up and stare at the kingdom at the peak of the mountain once more.

Raven Eternal, bitch.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 9th 2018, 9:29 am by Woogieman
Woogieman Got a Simile on his Face. I'll not going to talk very much Tonight.  I'm not insult at all. I'm very Cool with it.

I'll admit for being Glorified Comedy Guy But, I'm also Dead Serious SOB. I'm just The Man who really wants to have a Good Time. Having Fun does mean that, You do love The Business and Especially His Fans around The world.  I already said that, Most of The Locker Room aren't very Impressed with my Performances for beating My Opponent less than two minutes But, You'll Definitely Respect Me.

Hell I got someone on The Commentary Table who doesn't really like It me at all.  I never wanted to be Like in The Locker Room. I also never asked anyway.  I don't Care that, You don't like My Name, Championship and much more. It doesn't Matter to me.  I'll Accomplished my Goals in The EAW to win The Championships, one of The Biggest Names with The Company and others.

Absolutely Nothing is in my Head.  I'll be myself. There's nothing it'll Change me at all.  Motivation always matters to me. Tonight on Friday Night Dynasty, I'll not only give The audience a Show and Beat Scott Oasis. Be Careful what You asked For. I know You'll bring your A Game then, I'll Bring mine.
Moongoose McQueen
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 9th 2018, 12:10 am by Moongoose McQueen
(Moongoose is shown standing on the cliff looking out to the sea as the sun sets in full sequin suit and cape as the boys are fanning him from side to side. Moongoose turns around and looks towards the camera with the EAW Interwire Championship around his waist, hands on his hips as he arrogantly boasts.)
Look at that view boys…. Isn’t it…. Magnificent?
You know, I didn’t think it was that hard to kiss Kenny Drake’s ass and get Mao to cut a deal for you to get that Interwire title shot. What else did you have to do? Bend Over? If we remember correctly, you did not fight fair to win the EAW Interwire Championship to begin with, so what is all this talk about working hard and deserving anything? Oh yes. I remember Shock Value like it wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago, which really shows how lame your second reign was. But that’s not all the I remember. I remember Territorial Invasion too. Hell, I even remember that one Voltage where you beat me, and let me tell you, Carlos, you are a real roller coaster, full of ups and downs, and if you don’t understand what I’m saying, well, let me explain you big dummy.
While you are talking about how you underestimated me, this is where we clearly draw the line between you and I as competitors or even human beings. This line that separates us in terms of ability and confidence, is drawn by the fact that while you keep underestimating me, I keep overestimating you. After all, at one point prior to Territorial Invasion, I didn’t believe in you, but I did, and actually tried to help you. But then you disappointed me. Then you beat me on Voltage is what I can agree, a fair fight, and in a way, maybe, just maybe, he isn’t all talk, but still a huge dick. But then you had to go a pull that stunt at Shock Value, where you had to come up with this conspiracy with the boss and screw me and Amadeus over, because at not one point. A few points, actually, I believed they hype you created for yourself, only to constantly and consistently be let down. Like man, why you toying with my emotions like that, Carlos? Why you gotta be so good, only to back hand it, and go do something stupid that kills all credibility? But the great news is, Carlos, since King of Elite, it’s been a downhill slope since. I mean, what happened to doing your own thing? Like how un-original can you get, I mean, I get boys, then you get boys, and no, that’s about it.
I mean, I won’t lie if I didn’t admit there was something special between us. I mean, our careers parallel in many ways, where we have both done some amazing things outside of EAW, but besides that, there isn’t really much to it other than the fact that apparently, “we both crazy” or “we are both arrogance personified.” Blah blah blah. But the people that make those connections between us are stupid, because clearly, between the two of us, I am the bigger star. I’m better than you, and everything you can do, I can do better. Hell, even in the argument between whose the bigger idiot, you underestimate me or I overestimate you, I still take that cake like I took your god damn EAW Interwire Champion. And that cake is no lie, oh it’s true, it’s true.
Speaking of truths, let’s talk about last week, about why you really accepted my request. You know? The no boys allowed. It can’t be because I said you were old. I mean, that’s too easy and textbook playground insults. I mean, you’d have to be a child to fall for that, but trust me, you’re no DEDEDE. If he’s 4, you’re 48. You ain’t fooling no one with that. After all, you seem like a smart man, you were right the first time. My boys, they don’t have the experience to back me up while you had Jimmy and Billy. And obviously, you aren’t afraid to take advantage of that, I mean what aren’t you willing to do for the w. I mean, you stabbed me in the back at Territorial Invasion, you made an entire scheme revolving you beating the crap out of me with electrified gloves, but not taking advantage of using something I care about against? What? You drawing a line here? You suddenly thinking that, ”woah, Jamie O’Hara went there with Big Mike, but I won’t.” Like I’m suppose to honestly believe you have some kind of code of ethics all of a sudden? Bitch, please, how can you expect to have a mega-fight with Jamie O’Hara if you aren’t willing to sink to his frickin level, because the truth is, I’d be willing too. I’m not going to hide it. I will cheat if it requires me to. I’m not afraid to get down….. and dirty.
But relax, I’m not going to cheat against you. Don’t be silly, you nincompoop. I DON’T NEED TO CHEAT AGAINST YOU!! And yes, you should take that as an insult, because deep down, I know all I need to beat you is with my bare hands. This mind, this body. These muscles. It doesn’t take a lot to beat Carlos Rosso, especially when you have the complete package that is Moongoose McQueen. Don’t think I don’t know why you agreed to keep the Wild Boys out of our match. You’re underestimating me again. I know the truth.  You already said it yourself while you were arguing with Ryan Wilson. Your boys are inexperience, fresh, and new, and don’t know what they are doing. For once, I’ll agree with you there, but you are doubting them. You ran the math through your head, that the chances of the Wild Boys messing this all up for you, is high. Like what if they get involved and cause a DQ, and there goes your title. And you are going to tell me that they wouldn’t possibly be dumb enough to do that, but trust me, try to have one conversation with them. You’ll believe it.
So here it is. Even playing field. Moongoose McQueen vs Carlos Rosso, one on one, for the EAW Interwire Championships. No shenanigans, no tricks, and while it brings a tear to my eyes, no boys.  But 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. In fact, boys, that math is my favor, because as I said, I’m not underestimating you or even overestimating you. I just going to prove I’m more arrogant than you, and just say, “I underestimate me too.” I mean, I think you know it, I know, the fans know it, but if I pulled the shit you did, I would get away with it and more. I said it before, Carlos, and I’ll happily say it again, I’m better than you in every single way possible. I’m a bigger name, I’m a bigger influence, and I’m a bigger draw and asset to the point, yes, I can act the way I do and get away with it. In fact, if I didn’t want to tease you a bit by dangling this belt in front of you, because you know what hasn’t changed, Carlos. I still know I’m bigger than this championship, I know I am capable of more. This title doesn’t mean as much to me as it does to you. But seeing the look on your face, that I’m holding this belt and you’re not, well that puts a smile on my face. But the point I’m making, Carlos, I know, that if I asked for a Mega-fight with Jamie for the title, I’d have it by now, while you have to come up with a 12 step plan to get to there including winning this belt.
Let’s tease the idea that you beat me on Voltage this week. Let’s plays “scenario” and figure what happens next, because knowing you, this thing, between you and I, it won’t be over. I mean, it won’t be over until I say it’s over. Just another perk of being Moongoose McQueen, and not being Carlos Rosso. But then what? Well, you have a group of people behind you, you have the General Manager backing you up, and you had quite the tenure here, yet with all that, this is where you are at? Where as I’ve been here, a year, and here I am, and I don’t have anyone in my pocket, I’m not a part of some clique, nor am I trying to squeeze myself in any title matches via deals and negotiations. But did you really think I can’t be doing the shit you are doing, and get more out of it? And this is why, Carlos, you aren’t as smart as you think you are. Because you know what makes Mega-Fights happens? Do you know the secret? Don’t you ask yourself when you look at me, “How does he do it? All he does is work hard, play around, and do these weird things. I hate him so much, but I have to know.”
Well, Carlos, I can tell you, but I’d have to kill ya. But since your execution is scheduled for February 11, 2018, I’ll go ahead and tell you anyway. It’s the boys. No, not just these boys, by all my boys…. And the girls…. And the young’uns and elderly. It’s the fans, you turd blossom! You know, the fans that control the ratings and the cash flow in this industry. The reason you and I even have a job here to begin with, and the problem with your “plan” is that, and here it comes, here is the big load….. no one wants to see Carlos Rosso vs Jamie O’Hara. Kenny Drake knows it, which is why you got compensated with the Interwire Championship, and Mao, hell, she probably knows it, and that’s why you isn’t doing enough to talk out of her ass to get it for you. Let that sink in, Carlos. Let it sink in that you have no fans, everyone hates you, and nobody wants to see you succeed, where for me, a guy that isn’t afraid to cheat, isn’t afraid to be different, and is overall, just fearless, gets all the praise and acknowledgement, and I’m not even asking for anything in return. I ask for small things. Like how, I wanted to fight you, and eventually, I got it, and it was as easy as taking the EAW Interwire Championship from an old baby.
Let’s face it, Carlos. You are the past, I am the future. You have already been outpaced by me the second I put my foot through the door and casually strolled into EAW, and when you tried to kill that momentum, just as you say you are going to try again, you failed. Because you can’t stop what’s already so far ahead of you. You can’t go out there anymore calling yourself the Champion of Life or even the Intercourse Champion. Because trust me, Carlos, when it comes to life, I’m living it at my pace and I am the master of it. And when it comes to Intercourse…. Well…… BOYS… EARMUFFS!
(The boys cover their ears and the camera shifts to “Boys vision where they are looking at Moongoose with the sound muffled out. (If this footage isn’t used when making my future EAW Hall of Fame Package, then shame on you))
(Moongoose’s mouth is constantly talking and his face making obscene gestures while he is shown trusting his pelvis forward over and over. He follows up with spanking motions back and forth before shifting to him creating a circle in one hand and putting the finger into it repeatively and aggressively. Then Moongoose takes his fingers and puts the “V” gesture over his mouth as he sticks his tongue out and flickers it over and over while shaking his head. Moongoose then notions giving a blowjob, before realizing what he was doing, taking it back, and proceeds to continue to thrust again, while the sounds of his muffled yelling can be barely heard. Then Moongoose does huge slow big power thrusts with his hands on his hip before he limbers backwards on to the ground and starts convulsing until he powers himself up and lifts himself back up to his feet from his hips and knee alone. Then Moongoose starts doing notions of pounding the table while shaking his head in over exaggerated motions screaming “YES! YES! YES!!..... then the Boys remove their hands from over the ears.)
AND THAT’S HOW LITTLE MCQUEENS ARE MADE!! My wife is one lucky woman, and she would vouch that I am an amazing lover. But that’s not what this Sunday is going to be about. No no. It’s going to be about this, the EAW Interwire Championship, the so called “key” to your Master Plan. And I gotta say, I’m not going to apologize if I ruin it … again. No, quite the opposite. I’m going to rub it in your face after I spin you around and drop you on it. You’re coming for my heart, Carlos. You going to rip it out? Is that all you can come up with? Because while I only have a championship belt on the line, you have so much more to lose, and comparing an organ to … well, I suppose your meaning of life and purpose in EAW is like apples and dog shit. My boys and your boys. It’s not the same thing. And as I said, I’m not overestimating you again. I don’t see you as a man that will fight fair and try their best their old fashion way. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw your gloves make a return, after all, cheating tactics like that is the only right hand you can believe in. You can’t even trust the Wild Boys you hired.  But you see, the reason I will win is because of my right hands, the boys…. And the fans. As long as they believe in me, I can’t lose. I won’t lose. You can try and try to pry my heart out, you will never have arms strong enough to reach my core, my soul. You can’t break me, but with how old your bones are, I know one thing is certain. I can break you. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! I’m not just going to beat you. I’m going to ruin you. Humiliate you. Going to force you to go back crying to your Mao like a little bitch. But it won’t make a damn difference whose shoulders you go cry on. Maos, Kenny, the Wild Boys, not a single one of them would be strong enough like my boys to carry the burden that is you, Carlos Rosso and your many, many failures. I’m sure you’ve lost count of how many you’ve had so far, so adding one more after this Sunday isn’t going to hurt that much….. but you better bet I’m going to try to make it hurt.
Now if you excuse me…… BOYS!!.....
(The boys proceed to take off Moongoose’s cape, the EAW Interwire Championship and his sequin catsuit, revealing Moongoose in a speedo)
It’s time for me to do my daily nautical training where I jump in the sea, give it a couple of suplexs, a drop kick, a damn head lock, and drop it on it’s head. Really work out that core, and you might be asking yourself, “why?”………. Because I can!

(Moongoose Jumps off the cliff in a frog splash motion and into the sea where he is shown swimming out to the middle of the ocean in the distances. The boys watch on from the cliff as the sun sets, and from afar, Moongoose can be see punching the oceans and beating it with fish, doing dropping dropkicks, and attempting to grab it.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 11:36 pm by Mr. DEDEDE
Nothing in life is by mistake. 

Everything that happens to you and all that exists around you is part of a grand design.

All of it. Every part of it is meticulously and carefully crafted for an overall greater purpose. The overall structure, dare I say like a house of cards, can only stand tall with every card stacked carefully in place - with no margin of error, not even in the slightest. 

The concept of 'novelty' suggests there may be an unexplained gray area in our fabric of reality, and it's a nifty little term to relegate something as glaring and impending as the Unknown, but it's a term many of my .. constituents, have used to describe what they don't have the means to understand. Whether it be through a lack of experience, or a lack of interest, or perhaps due to an inability to grasp concepts larger than what can be seen in their peripheral sight, most people have "opted in" or subscribed to the acceptance of novelty. Most are resigned to the Unknown and allow it to have control over their lives, and chalk what appear to be life's greatest mysteries up to the belief that "some things in this world are simply unexplainable." In our industry, some would simply label these events as "miracles", "upsets", "acts of God". 

Yet in our business, where your entire career and your way of life can end in one misstep, many have decided to rest their laurels on their mantras, and superstition. They create folklore, and abide by the morals to their self-fulfilling prophecies; and you people hinge monikers, your own identities, ENTIRE WAYS OF LIVING off of how the universe responds. Everything else is simply a gray area; at best, up to your interpretation - at worst, to be completely disregarded.

And some manifest so much from their own self-fulfilling prophecies; looking to impart any unconventional sage wisdom for others to use as some de facto doctrine that will grant the keys to everlasting success and good fortune. Until one day they are taken down by a force too great for them to control, much less inhibit. And this Sunday on Voltage there is a man who subscribes to his self-professed monikers as if they emerged from the womb along with him. Or in this case should I say, as if they were the sobriquet engraved upon the epitaph that marks the very grave from which he's risen. 

The Revenant. 

The man who has supposedly returned from the nothingness that was once his abode. You stake quite a bit of claim on the labels people bestow themselves, so much so that you have staked the same claim on your own labels. You believe yourself to be The Reaper for besting Keelan Cetinich, you believe yourself to be The Usurper lest you find yourself with no place within the kingdom halls. And now you stand before the throne of God, apropros. 

Everything you have endured is all part of a grand design. You can consider that as gospel, because I am the master builder. You think because I sit upon my mountain in the skies, so high above the plains of the Lands of Elite, Extreme, Merchants, Beasts... you believe because of the fact that I am the Most High, somehow suddenly means that I can't see everything that takes place in the world that I've created? Do you think a God that is capable of creating every facet of this world as you know it, is somehow incapable of seeing what transpires amongst the insects hidden beneath the dust of the Earth? Before you ever heard of an EAW NEO, I laid the very groundwork for a NEO to exist. I am personally responsible for EAW having an outlet for the newest crop of Elitists to carve out their own paths. I've made sure to acquaint myself with creations such as Turbo, and NEO, and Battleground, and compete in the very same environment that I have forced all who enter the Land of Elite to endure. You speak to me about your (VERY limited) accomplishments as though I weren't already fully aware of your capabilities - and lack of capability as well, for that matter. But you reflect back on your times on NEO as though every waking second on it were a living hell, or in your words a "broken, corrupt hell" full of poor souls who all seem to emerge from this chaotic prison worse for the wear. 

But I contend to you that amidst what you consider to be "chaos" is, in fact, complete and total order.

Because as you so accurately stated, NEO was designed for weeding out the weak and thinning the herd to provide degrees of separation between those who achieve greatness, and those who merely expect to stumble upon greatness. NEO is a microcosm of this entire industry, and if you can't survive in a place like that then you don't have a SNOWFLAKE'S CHANCE IN THE FIERY DEPTHS OF HELL EVEN BEING IN THE MIDST OF THE ELITE.


Not even if you're a revenant, who's returned from his watery grave.

By name alone you've likened yourself to a messiah, except instead of being the bringer of the good word, you're supposedly the bringer of an Elitist's demise. If your self-ascribed monikers are to be believed, then you and I have quite a bit in common. A glaring difference, however, is that I am both a builder and a destroyer. I've been the demise of so many men's careers in this industry, yet I've been the most radiant source of energy as well as light, of which this machine thrives off and dare I say depends on. 

The problem is, I don't think your monikers are to be believed at all. As a matter of fact, I believe you to be a part of the pestilence that has yet to be cured. I believe you to be conducive to the destructive habits of those who inhabit the Land of Elite, Extreme, Merchants, Beasts. And I believe without a NEO, the chances have become much greater of weak-minded vermin such as yourself flooding the gates of this land and drowning out the likes of O'Hara, and Jaxon, and even Chris Elite. As a matter of fact, this all ties in very nicely to why I'm here in the first place. I believe I made my intentions clear on Voltage when I was approached by Cassidy Vega and given the floor to address my EAW Universe. But upon second thought I may missed some crucial context in my decision to continue to run this gauntlet - or should I say run the gamut - and pick up where my already unfathomably prestigious career had supposedly left off.

You see, I am at war. 

I am in a war with the likes of you.

The complainers, the whiners, those who bicker, and beef, about being put through adversity and hardship in a business where you are literally signing up to get the shit kicked out of you for a living as well as for SPORT. I am at war with you because your mental weakness is a hivemind that permeates not only your inner thoughts, but spoken word, and outright culture as well. It is a pestilence, an insipid deadly virus that is rotting EAW to the core. And that's why I am still willing to put my physical well-being on the line. 

I-I don't do it because it's FUN. I don't put myself through seven layers of fucking hell in the gym because it's FUN. I don't bring myself to extreme physical and mental exhaustion on a daily basis because it keeps the lights on in my estate. This isn't for passion, or fun, or for financial gain, I AM FIGHTING FOR SURVIVAL.




Instead what I will do is put myself in the position to where I can comfortably call any audible that I must, on the fly, to better the grand design. Even if it means knocking structures - in their entirety - to the ground, and rebuilding them with my bare hands until they are reestablished into the EAW that is in my vision. If I have to break you, Revenant, physically as well as mentally, in order to make you an example to everyone else in this fucking business, I will. 

So, be prepared for that, won't you? Before you question my status of God and declaring yourself to be a 'nonbeliever', perhaps brace yourself for the uncovered truths you so ignorantly wrote off and blatantly dismissed. You know my pedigree enough to address me in my proper name as The Gawd, but you commit the unpardonable sin of coming within eyesight of God and denying God of his sovereignty. The thing about nonbelievers, is that they are nothing more than infidels when they live in a kingdom that is ruled by divine right. And despite claiming to be the usurper, I still very much own the very highest chair in all of the land. So either my reputation is untrue, or you're living out a facade. Judging by my track record and judging by yours, it's safe to say this is by no means a clash of belief systems.


Just an ignorant non-believer in denial of the long history of outright displays of power. You are no virulent skeptic, trusting only of scientific evaluation and quantifiable data. You are simply a denier of truth. And the thing about the truth my friend, is you don't have to know it or even acknowledge it for it to be true. This isn't quantum fucking physics, reality isn't as you perceive it. That's why on Voltage it doesn't matter what you believe or don't believe. 

What's a God to a nonbeliever?

The answer, is #StillGod
Shaker Jones
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 11:22 pm by Shaker Jones
Dynasty Promo: Pain City.

We see Shaker in the locker room.

Shaker: Jon Mcadams, a man who thinks he's got the world on a silver platter.  I agree with you McAdams, it sucks when people aren't there for you.  When I first got here I thought the fans were behind me very step of me way.  But after a few losses they turn on you.  They think you're not good enough anymore.  Well that could be no farther from the truth.

Shaker: I am better than I have ever been.  Sure my win - loss record may not show that but I know in my mind I am the best damn wrestler in this company.  Now you may be a former Hardcore Champion McAdams, I'll give you that, but you seem to have not done all your homework.  You are looking at a 20 time Hardcore Champion.  Sure it means I've lost the best 19 times, but I had that tenacity and that fight to get it back.  No matter what the cost.

Shaker: Now Mcadams, you're walking around like your shit don't stink, let me tell you something son, you smell like a damn garbage dump.

Shaker: And you think to yourself I didn't earn this.  You know what sometimes in life you have to grab the opportunity and take it.  And that's what I did.  I am tired of waiting around to get my shot I have proved myself in this business and that should be enough.  But is it?  Noooooooo.  Where as newbies like you are getting all the title shots, the veterans like me are working their asses off and getting nowhere, so you know what I decided to do it for my self D.I.Y.  They say in life, if no one can do anything for you, you have to do it yourself.  That is my mind set.  Yes I lost to Aryes in a number one contenders match for the Hardcore Championship.  But I wasn't gonna lie down and take it.  I knew Starrstan was coming on and I knew he was going to be there.  So I took my shot.  And now I am going to take what is mine.  The EAW Hardcore Championship.

Shaker: I don't care who I have to face, whether it be you, your uncle, your cousin, your cousin three times removed, it don't matter McAdams.  As hard as you try, and I will give you that, coming back from such an injury as your's.  But I'm afraid this will not be the fairy tale ending you hoped for.  You are coming face to face with a freight train who is going to run you over!!!!!

Shaker: Now you say I've been silent all week.  All a calculated plan McAdams, why should I go and fire the first shot when you can do that for me.  You shoot your mouth off and I can see what your game plan is.  By not saying anything first I have the upper hand.  This is not just a physical game McAdams, this a mental game.  And like a good player in chess, I am always two or three moves ahead.

Shaker: But I agree with you, evolution is the key to staying relevant in this industry.  Either adapt or perish.

Shaker: You're sovereignty will not reign on this night McAdams as the '87 will hit you out of nowhere.  You won't see it coming.  And it seems you've got jokes, hahaha, this ain't no laughing matter McAdams this is serious business.  This is my chance to shine, and I ain't gone let some snot nosed rookie take it away from me.  This match is mine!!!!!

Shaker: Welcome to Pain City, population You!!!!!
Cameron Ella Ava
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 10:03 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

One and off match?

Think again.

The High Rollerz thought Di Consentes' title shot was going to be a one and done thing. In their minds, Di Consentes will fall apart as we went our separate ways after the match. The Heart Break Gal would return to Showdown and continue her EAW Championship reign. I would find my way back to Voltage and await the Showdown representative for my Openweight Championship. The High Rollerz would find their way to facing irrelevant competition after making it through one of the most successful title defenses in their entire careers. We would all go on our respected paths. Never to cross each other’s paths. Never to face each other again. Right?


Nah, thanks to that dumbass by the name of Drake Jaeger, he prevented all of that from happening. There’s been talk about how it’s my fault that Di Consentes lost. I was pinned, but I think David Davidson and Jack Ripley have short term memories because they did not retain those Unified Tag Team Championships without controversy. Those two men barely came out of the match with their titles still in their grasps. Without Drake sticking his nose where it did not belong, new champions would have aroused. New champions would have been crowned in the middle of that ring with their cold blood being smeared on the canvas. I have to admit it though--they’re kind of smart. I mean, kind of smart.; however, I can smell their game from a mile away. It was exactly like what we saw at King of Elite. You get rid of one of us and focus on beating the shit out of the other. You can’t have both HBG and I being ready for a tag. Is it typical tag team strategy? Possibly, but when you continually use the same strategy over and over again, people are going to pick up on it. People are going to look back at the tapes and know the game the two of them are playing. Just like the stated at King of Elite, they are willing to do anything to retain the titles. I do not blame them at all. They could not refuse to have another superteam come and snatched those titles from them. It’s happened in two other occasions. It has been done before, but the moment the High Rollerz do what they did best and that is take out one of the competitors from the equation, those titles have went back to them. It happened when they took out a defense Robbie V out of the equation to begin their second reign. It happened when they exposed Lannister of being the weak link of the The Triumvirate and began their third title reign. The same thing happened at King of Elite. It did not matter if they kept me or HBG from helping one another in points of the match up, but The High Rollerz did what they needed to do to win! I admire their determination and desire to keep those titles; however, I look down on their execution of winning. They are capable of being so much better, but they chose to take advantage of the horrible opportunity given to them. They chose to take advantage of Drake’s interference in the match. I mean, at least they retained? Is that all that matters? 

Right, boys?

I bet you’re wondering why you’re facing us again? In your eyes, this should have ended at King of Elite. Anyone intelligent enough can understand that this battle can not end the way it did at King of Elite. It can end with some idiot with a perm tainiting the result of the match. I mean, can you live with the rest of your life knowing that the reason you’re still holding those Tag Titles is because of some hasbeen commentator that couldn’t live with the fact that his former partner was second away from becoming Tag Team Champions with someone not in the Hexa-gun stable? Hey, if it helps you sleep at night, then it’s obvious what kind of champions you want to represent the company. You rely on getting tainted victories. You rely beating irrelevant competition like Matt Squared, Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki and Knights of the Dawning. It has been shown that the moment you face one of those “super teams”, your title reign is at the most jeopardy of ending. It did when you faced RoViper. It did when you faced Ares Vendetta and Lannister. You nearly had a heart attack knowing that Di Consentes was so close to taking those straps away from you. We’ve faced you two before. We are much more aware of the competition and level of talent that The High Rollerz possess. The same should go for you when it comes to HBG and I. If we went to the limit against the two of you at King of Elite, can you imagine what we will bring to the table at Reasonable Doubt? If the frustration to putting one of us down drove you to the brink of insanity, then you will go crazy wondering what it will take to get us down for the three count. I’m fully aware of eating the pin at King of Elite. I know, that is going to be a recurring topic for one of you guys. Just remember, I can also bring up Jack Ripley being the one eating the cover at Territorial Invasion, but that is none of my business. I can also mention David Davidson eating the cover at Grand Rampage, but that’s none of my business either. So before that is brought up, I just want you two to remember that you’ve suffered the same fate. I’m anticipating what the two of you have to say. Like always, David will be the smarter one out of the two of you. Jack will probably use a lot of name calling and generic insults, thinking that I haven’t heard that unoriginal shit before. You probably have a huge list of things they will use against me. You’ll probably ignore the Heart Break Gal and focus all your attention on me. They will be the women in this match and try to tear us apart. They’ll come with their comparisons and praises for HBG while they tear me to shreds. The same old shit from last time. But, really. I am anticipating what they bring to the table for this match. It should be quite interesting.

Oh wait, they’ve spoken.

“Why is Cameron talking about the Openweight Championship?”

For the same fucking reason, you’re talking about those Tag Team Championships, Jack. This has nothing to do with which match I prioritize more than the other. This has nothing to do about whether I care about being Tag Team Champions. This is about multi-tasking. This is about proving that not only can I focus on being Openweight Champion and defending the title to the best of my abilities, but giving you and David something to bitch about for the next few days. Enough with the “Cam doesn’t care about this match!” I’m talking to you, aren’t I? I’m giving you the time of day, aren’t I? For that, you should be relieved that you got contenders that are going to fucking show up and give you something to fight for in 2018. You’re not going to get jokes like Matt Squared who barely give you effort to win those titles. You’re not going to get women like Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki, who are nothing more than a fucking waste of time. You’re not going to get RoViper, who peaked a long time ago. You’re not even going to get The Triumvirate who could have been fantastic, but faded to oblivion as fast as they formed their stable. You’re facing Di Consentes. You are facing women who came this close to taking those titles away from you guys. Why did we get this second opportunity? Is it because we sucked the right dick? No. As shocking as that may sound, Jack, Brian Daniels loved the idea. HBG assured everyone that we can handle being double booked again at Reasonable Doubt. Are you telling me that you would rather face The Dragon Slayers or Wild Boys for those titles? What’s the fun in that? What’s the fun of being underwhelmed with your competition? I like to think that The High Rollerz have grown up and matured from facing irrelevant talent such as those loser teams. Just like I said, if you would rather face lower-tier competition, then it speaks volumes about the type of champions you want to be portrayed in EAW. You don’t want these Tag Titles to be an afterthought? Too late for that, huh? It has been an afterthought for months. The only reason why your matches get hyped up about is because you’re in the graces great talent such as Ares Vendetta and Lannister or Robbie V and Brian Daniels. No one gave a damn about you and your fucking pre-show match at last year’s King of Elite against Matt Squared. No one cared about your Glass Tables Match against the Knights of the Dawning at Reckless Wiring. No one gave a damn about your fucking pre-show match against Stuffed Crust at PAIN FUCKING PRIDE OUT OF ALL PLACES. But, you’re going to keep your point that you’re making the Tag Team Titles mean something? You’re the best team team in EAW and yet until we showed up, you were the only Tag Team in EAW. It’s easy to make proclamations about being so great when there’s no one to shut your damn mouths. It’s easy to mock us and claim that we sucked dick to get to the top, but it’s so simple to go look at the archives of the EAW Network and see that we’ve earned everything. There was no handouts. There was nothing handed on a silver platter. But, if you want to be a misinformed moron, go right ahead. There’s always going to be a few of you assholes that like to tear apart everything that we have done for this company. It’s fine because the moment we take those titles from you, that will shut you up.

“Cam costed her team the match.”

Just like I said before, YOU’RE the reason why The High Rollerz lost to RoViper at Grand Rampage. It seems like you and Jack know a thing or two about costing your team the tag titles right, David? It shouldn’t be a new concept to wrap your head around. You know what’s not a new concept as well? Losing your focus in a match. It’s kind of difficult to lose your focus when you got some asshole with a perm sliding a fucking steel chair to the ring. Had it been the other way around, you’re telling me that you wouldn’t have paid attention to Drake Jaeger sliding a chair to you? You would be soooo laser focused on your opponent that it wouldn’t cross your mind on the tactic Drake wanted you to use? You’re telling me that David Davidson has never been distracted in the ring? Never in his entire fucking existence has David Davidson lost to a distraction? What’s up with you men trying to act like a Gary Sue in the ring? I know you’re full of shit. There is nothing untouchable about The High Rollerz in that fucking ring because there have been two other teams in the past that have managed to defeat you. Twice in your year as a team, you have tasted failure. Di Consentes may have not accomplished the task at King of Elite, but it is fucking possible to dethrone the two of you. Why didn’t I use the chair? Are you going to be like Keelan and think that there’s some magical reason for not picking up that steel chair? Are you going to conjure up with your conspiracy theories about why Cameron Ella Ava refused to touch the steel chair? If you would have asked me six months ago, I would have used that steel chair. I would have used it in a heartbeat. At King of Elite, I did not want Drake Jaeger to be the reason why we were champions. I did not want my victory tainted by some has been commentator. There is no soft spot from me to you. There’s no sympathy for what happens to The High Rollerz this Sunday. I am a woman who always believed in doing what she believed was right. Taking the chair from Drake would go against what I believed to be the right thing to do. If HBG and I were to win those titles, it would be under OUR control. Not Drake’s. Not anyone’s. This isn’t a sudden change of heart for me. This has always been who I am. The High Rollerz can sin all they want with no consideration of morals. HBG and I are a whole other story. I find it quite hilarious how you use the Falcon/Patriots analogy. I don’t find this match relevant to that point; however, Patriots/Eagles, that makes a lot more sense. Everyone views The High Rollerz as this unstoppable force. People hate you because you have defeated their favorite teams. You have been unbeatable for the most part. Some wins are controversial than others. Meanwhile, Di Consentes take the place of the Eagles. Despite us being Hall of Famers and Champions, people see us as the underdogs going against such a great team. People don’t see us winning this match because there’s never been a all-female team that has been able to hold the titles. There hasn’t been anyone close in the past ten years of EAW that has had two females come so close to winning the Unified Tag Team Championships. This Sunday can be a glorious moment for us. This isn’t going to be the rest of your competition that chokes the pressure gets too high for them. I didn’t choke at King of Elite. I was one of the women that took you to the limit. At Reasonable Doubt, I will do the same thing once again, but with the result that should have happened at King of Elite.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 10:00 pm by hbg
The world has turned its back on me far more times than I can count. It dug its claws deep around my neck, it backed me into a corner and stabbed me with a knife to nearly injury and thrown me in the ocean in a bloody mess so the sharks could feed into whatever was left of me. But do you know what it didn't do? It didn't kill me. I remained alive, and I have patched up the wounds until I could walk and run and fight another day. I stood up on my feet and tried again, and that small flicker of light that was once dimmed, re-ignited. I would be lying if I said Brian Daniels did not help me in making all this happen, because when circumstances did not allow me to become Champion, he ensured to give me another chance for I deserve a much better ending than being forced out of a match when the circumstances are not under my control. For a glimpse of the promised land, I am willing to put my well-being at stake, and he has seen that determination in my eyes more than any other narcissistic Elitists that came into his office and begged for another fight for redemption. I was different. I was worth putting his time and resources on, because our General Manager knows that he is betting on the best. He knows that opening the door for an opportunity to the Heart Break Gal is the best investment he ever makes. And how right he was. When everyone else are wallowing in their corner waiting for a path to open, I stood up and created a pathway myself. The EAW World Championship that rests above my shoulder speaks that clearly, my story of success is a pure example of it. I deliver results. I let the world know that I am more than capable of not only living up to, but also exceeding expectations attached to my name and all the expectations to come as I go beyond winning one Championship.

And that is the true reason why this match is taking place again, Jack Ripley. While people like you come and go in your forgetful existence, I've always stood the test of time for that's what Di Consentes have proven time and time again, even more so when they worked as a unit. You have heard me preach the idea of "Making History" far more times than you can count, but that can only be made possible if we set aside everyone else's petty goals and aspirations of the things that we can do, and create our own. Any two face mashed together can win the Unified Tag Team Championship, but it requires tremendous effort and willpower to win it as EAW World Champion and EAW Openweight Champion collectively while gunning for two other belts, the same effort and willpower that neither you nor your partner possesses because you're stuck in your comfortzone unwilling to keep an open mind, unwilling to formulate bigger goals in fear of failure and unwilling to try if you can actually get it done. And I don't blame you for it, many others thing the same way as you, even those who are not even in possession of any Championship, yet have the fucking nerve to say they're better than me... It's the same story, the same merry-go-round, they have all the complaints in the world about how the world has been unfair to them. Well guess what, life is unfair. The world is unfair, and I am the living proof of that. Whether you live a rags to riches tale or not, you will always be defined with how you navigate through the slopes and the narrow paths, it's how you run an extra mile in the fucking dark in order to realize your aspirations. If you think you're better at it than I am, then prove it. If you think you are the one who makes more of an influence behind the scenes, then fucking show me. I am not here to waste my fucking time tending to my "loyal" friend in Drake Jaeger or to listen to your screeching voices as you complain about every other difficulty Brian Daniels have set in front of you, I am here to fight in the ring and win.

The Unified Tag Team Championships lived in your mediocre existence for a long time now, Jack Ripley, but with us, it will restore its high golden standards for two individuals who not only work well as a team but as legends who etched their names as conquerors and goddesses of the Land of Elite. All this talk about how Cameron addresses Keelan when Keelan hasn't said a damn thing, when you don't even realize that you are in no position to point out what words are being said with our voices. We say what we fucking want, whenever we want and to whoever we want. It is a right we earned for the solidity of the status that we've already earned as Hall of Famers. We have credibility. We drive inspiration and threat when need be, and we are firm with our promises, unlike your kind who does nothing but blab away in their miserable existence hoping someone would listen. I made this match happen, Ripley, you can blame me and point your fingers at me for all the favors that is given to me because the General Manager decided to invest in the real talent that you can never be, but it doesn't take away the fact that we are in this match and we are winning the Unified Tag Team Championships. And do you know what happens after that? I will break my own record and become the longest reigning Unified Tag Team Champion in history. Indeed, I love collecting gold. I love collecting accomplishments. Because Jack Ripley, once all is said and done, no one is going to think about whatever pile of bullshit you're complaining about. No one will find your words to value because you will return at the back of the line with nothing but the memory of your only fruitful reign. Do you honestly think people will care if you yell these disgusting rumors of us "sleeping around" to the audience's ears? Do you honestly think we would care if you slander us just because we always found success whatever brand we're in? No one will look at how Matt Squared lacked opportunities compared to Di Consentes. No one will see how unfair the situation is, as you claimed. They will only see what matters and that is Di Consentes solidifying their legacy. Long after we are gone, the world will remember us as the two women who always ensured that they are at the top of the pyramid, pushing down body bags and jumping for the kill, while others are too afraid of taking risks. And you are one of the garbage-disposal worthy names that are in that list, Jack Ripley. Not even winning the tag titles ten times will change that.

Indeed 10 years is what it took for me to finally win the EAW World Championship. Within that ten years, I have won the Vixens World Championship four times, became the longest reigning Unified Tag Team Champion in history, I have been inducted in the Hall of Fame and had my best matches against every type of opponent imaginable. Why would I regret it? Why would I take it back? Why would I think it's a wasted time? Do you honestly think I'd feel bad for taking this long in winning the World Title? All the difficulties just makes it worth it, Jack Ripley, and maybe once Di Consentes take the Unified Tag Team Championships, you will be mocking me for taking 10 years to win the Tag Titles twice, and do you know what I'll do? I'll just fucking flip you off because no matter how much you interpret these events in my career negatively, nothing can take away the fact that life is as great as it gets for me. And just to make it clear, Jack, if I could go back 10 years ago and do things differently, I would not only take the same path but also take the hits I already have if it means I'd be World Champion right now, still. You hear me talk about the trials have gone through, you have heard me talk about the steps I took for redemption, but never did you hear me say I regret it. This is yet another obstacle, another crooked road, another piece of the puzzle, and I intend on righting the wrongs and putting the pieces together... by all means necessary, I will ensure that by the end of Reasonable Doubt, Di Consentes will truly reign.

Nothing beats the rush I get from competing in two matches in a night. I don't know why I like it so much despite my success rate being slim for each time I am scheduled in a match twice, but it just makes me go on overdrive, it makes me try harder, it makes me want to shatter this idea that the crowd as that I'm bound to lose at least one of these matches and prove them wrong by winning them all. I'm not sure if that makes me a narcissist or a masochist, if it makes me efficient or just stupid, but when you've spent your entire life succeeding at your line of work, at your fuckin' dream job, the competitiveness just gets the better of you. Can you really blame me for being confident? Can you really blame me for wanting more than I already have? Tell me, Davidson, is it really my fault that I yearn for better things and don't care what idiots like you think? I have hammered the same points to your partner's head about these complaints and why I laugh at your faces for even having them when you could just wait in the ring like the "dream team" that you're supposed to be, as you face what's in front of you, but NOPE. You have to cry. You have to whine. You have to construct and elaborate twenty-minute explanation as to why this match shouldn't be happening intstead of putting more work into it like you're supposed to. THIS is the tag team division under The High Rollerz. THIS is the kind of stupidity that Di Consentes is trying to prevent. You can call it a "story" or an "excuse", but at least Di Consentes stick to their beliefs. Drake Jaeger disrespected us. Drake Jaeger took our friendship for granted, got himself involved in a match that he knew meant a lot to me, as a way of becoming the "hero" that nobody needed, just to appear as the "good guy" to the crowd when he breaks out of the commentary table and back into the ring. But the High Rollerz? They gloat and brag about their success in the tag team division but are scared of a measly rematch! At least Drake Jaeger has the guts to face the consequences of his decisions, I even picked him to become my challenger for the EAW Championship which he did his best to earn, but you two are just completely different kinds of cowards I can't even fucking comprehend why you're complaining so much. It's about me, isn't it? It's about Cameron and how mind-boggling and incomprehensible we are in your ears because the fact of the matter is, Di Consentes will stop at nothing until they make history and you can't fucking handle that, because there is nothing that will change the inevitable, nothing will stop us from ensuring that you receive the bitter end of the historic happy ending that we deserve. That is something you can never comprehend for its far beyond the limits of your mentality to aspire for something greater than the Tag Titles.

I am leaving King of Elite behind, Davidson, at least where the Unified Tag Team Championships are concerned. You can look back on it with the fondness in your sparkling eyes while you cherish every moment and call it beating us fair and square, by all means, go for it. If you want to tell the world that you were the better team that night, then say it loud and proud. If you want to keep whining about how we didn't take the opportunity to accept Drake Jaeger's help, especially with Cameron, then cry about it, Davidson. No one is forcing you to think a certain way, and no one fucking cares if you're still living this fucking delusion that you can actually beat Di Consentes, it's not our fucking jobs to shatter that illusion for you and tell you otherwise, and it's not our job to send you back to reality with the things we say. We are Di Consentes, our presence alone, our accomplishments, our combined experience, everything we have done and will continue to do are all we need to break you into pieces and take away the only thing that makes you important in this company. We don't only seek to dethrone you, we will obliterate you. Because this is what we continue to preach and what our opponents have to re-learn every time they face us -- we stop at nothing until we get what we want. Tibeius Jones, Keelan, Sheridan -- they're just names who belittled us and told us we were never going to find success outside of Empire but here we are looking down on the peasants that spoke ill of us and now they are fighting for whatever is left of their spotlight. They are all beneath us, just like The High Rollerz are beneath us. Your only purpose in this "rivalry" is to hand us our titles and move the fuck on to another match of no importance. Seriously, Davidson, its all so fucking simple, yet you think too much. You're both fucking silly to even consider that I value your opinion on whether or not Di Consentes deserves this title opportunity. When you intend to rule as Queens, as Goddesses and as Conquerors of the Land of Elite, you must be ready to do whatever means necessary to secure your place in the throne. It doesn't matter if we have to go through a million opponents to get to the Unified Tag Team titles or if the opportunity just appears before our eyes, because whatever deceitful plans that you accuse us of, or whatever bloodshed that we have to cause as we burn down our enemies' dreams into dust, will not be questioned by the spectators once we stand on higher ground with the crowd looking at us in awe. Do you want to cut me off? Yeah cause it's my fucking dream to be focused on by a couple of skinny, incompetent idiots that have the fucking nerve to tell me how I should fight my battles! Cause it's such a fucking fantasy of mine to have Davidson of all fucking people tell me how "pwetty" I am! Don't flatter yourself, your lack of attention won't kill me, just like your power bomb didn't kill me, you incompetent piece of shit. Cut me off if you want, I will still speak of you the same way. Speak excitingly of this Tag Team that you're so proud of, it's not going to stop me from pulverizing your already-dwindling worth. And Davidson, I assure you, this endless spat between our teams will end quite similarly to how it begun where Di Consentes still rule the Land of Elite, except this time, we each carry two titles over our shoulders as we take a small bow to the crowd that celebrate our greatness.

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Charlie Marr
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 9:14 pm by Charlie Marr
Reasonable Doubt Promo 2

Now is not the time for niceties. We’re rapidly approaching doomsday. Reasonable Doubt is getting closer by the second. There is no time for Charlie Marr to mess about. Let’s just get right into it. Jacob Moore, once again I’ll start with you. I noticed that you dedicated a large amount of time to speaking about me the last time you spoke. I’m not honoured. If I had a choice my name would never enter your mouth, but I don’t have a choice on that. Here’s the thing, you already are a joke. You said to your girlfriend that this is your last chance at redemption. If you lose this match, you are a laughing stock. Sorry but what exactly do you think you are now? Do you honestly not realise that you already are a joke? Nobody takes you seriously. Within the realm of Elite Answers Wrestling, nobody expects you to win this match. Nobi is obviously the favourite. He’s the champion and has more experience in bigger matches than we do. However, I think it’s quite evident that Charlie Marr is the second favourite to emerge from this match with the National Elite Championship. I am sure that hurts you. I am sure that hearing that feels like someone is stabbing a knife through your heart. How does it feel that people are already recognising that I am more talented than you? Despite being a part of EAW for far less time than you people already realise that I am better than you. I know that hurts you. However, I also know that you will probably attempt to put on a faux front for me. You will pretend that you love that and attempt to play up the underdog story. I know exactly what you’re like already. You will pretend that you want to embrace the underdog story. The fact of the matter is that it will hurt you that you are not considered a contender. The pressure is on. Remember that, Jacob. The pressure is on you in this match. The pressure to win is all on you. I am very new to this company. This is my first ever PPV match in Elite Answers Wrestling. If I fail to capture the National Elite championship, it isn’t a big deal. Time is on my side. I have years to win the title and I know I will get copious amounts of chances over my career. You, on the other hand are more of a veteran. You have wrestled for longer than I have. You are expected to do better. You have more experience than I do. The pressure is on you. Just remember that. Never ever forget that the pressure is on you.

What a wholesome little story about your previous title wins. How lovely was it to hear about all these championships that you’ve won in small little companies. How cute. Congrats on winning these championships in the minor leagues. However, EAW isn’t the minor leagues. Here we don’t just hand titles to whoever has a slight bit of talent like they do in those tiny little companies. Those titles are meaningless. They represent one thing, Jacob. They represent your lack of success within Elite Answers Wrestling. Those championships are all well and good but what exactly have you achieved within this company? Where are all your championships from your time in EAW? Oh wait, you haven’t won any. Not even a single one. How embarrassing. You admitted that you have squandered opportunities like this in the past. You are going to do that once again. I am almost certain of that. You are just piling the pressure on yourself and I love it. I am basking in this as you are just setting yourself up for failure. You’re doing my job for me. You’re setting yourself up to squander yet another opportunity. Remember, if you lose this match it’s very unlikely that you will ever get a shot at it again. You’re done after this match. Nobody is going to want to give you another shot. Everyone in EAW will lose faith in you. They won’t believe that you can ever win the National Elite championship. They will not trust you to perform on the big stage. Do you really think that EAW higher ups will want to put you in more bigger matches giving your history for wasting these opportunities? All you are is wasted talent, Jacob. I will be the first to admit that you quite evidently have a lot of natural ability. You are athletic, you are quick, you are quite a good professional wrestler. However, you have failed to turn this natural talent into any kind of genuine success. A few meaningless championships in tiny little companies is not much to show for your natural talent.

The little speech about how amazing winning that one title was insufferable. It made me stick to my stomach hearing that. You seem a bit hung up on the past, Jacob. It’s almost as if you don’t realise that winning these titles won’t help you at Reasonable Doubt. You’re on your own at Reasonable Doubt, you don’t have your ugly girlfriend to help you calm down. You don’t have those titles to look at and bring some tears out. You’re going to be in the ring with a pissed off motherfucker who wants your blood. You surely can’t think that this is going to end well for you. I want your blood. After you beat me a few weeks ago, I have been craving this opportunity to step back into the ring with you and viciously beat you down. You are lucky that I didn’t interfere in your match and murder you. I want to hurt you. I want to inflict pain on you. I want to punish you for the fluke of a victory you achieved over me. Pain is coming your way. I hope you’re prepared, Jacob.

Nobi. I am absolutely disgusted. What the fuck? What is this arsekissing shit going on? I didn’t expect it from you. How does a man with such small balls become a champion here in Elite Answers Wrestling? What is wrong with this man? Your speech made me throw up. It embarrassed you, your family, the National Elite Championship, this company. I could go on forever as that speech was frankly disgusting. I knew you weren’t a fighting champion but this is taking it to the next level. Not once in your speech did you even criticise me. That is not what I expect from the National Elite champion. You are supposed to represent this division. We are the elite. We are supposed to be the best wrestlers in the world. As a champion, you need to represent this company and Showdown in a positive light. You need to show that we have fighting champions who are some of the best in the world. You are doing exactly the opposite. You have ran scared. You saw you two opponents for Reasonable Doubt and you have ran off scared. That is why you have attempted to praise Jacob and I. You are hoping that this weird praise will encourage Charlie Marr to lessen the blows. You are hoping that this calms me down. You are attempting to make it so I don’t hurt you as much as I could. You are very aware that I could end your career whenever I feel like it. You are hoping that your kind words make it so I don’t. I do wish Jacob was a bit more like you. You quite evidently realise that I am better than you. You know exactly who the victor is going to be in this triple threat match. You know how incredibly talented Charlie Marr is. I wish Jacob Moore didn’t have a real level of delusion. If he admitted how I am the better man like you did I think I would respect him more. Thing’s need to change though, Nobi. You know that. EAW and Showdown simply can’t have a champion like you. We have a reputation to keep up. We need a fighting champion to represent Showdown. This is supposed to be the A-Brand. I am going to have to take that championship off your hand. Charlie Marr is the fighting champion that Showdown demands. I can bring that championship to new places. I can take it to the next level. I can make it as relevant and as important as the world championship. I can do things with that championship that Nobi could never even dream of. I could make it worth something again. The championship has lost it’s allure and it’s worth since Nobi won the title. He isn’t a fighting champion and his latest speech just highlights that and supports my claims. He even admits that he is a disgrace to that championship. He knows it. He knows that championship is more suited to being around my waist and not his.

Nobi has admitted that he is regressing and that I can take advantage of that. How did we ever allow this man to win a title here? I really question the ability of the men that he beat to win the championship. He hasn’t even held it for that long and he is already managing to regress. On the other hand, I am constantly progressing. Week after week, I am improving and looking better. At Reasonable Doubt I will look better than ever. I will look on top of my game. I will be performing in a way that nobody has ever seen before. This will be Charlie Marr on top of his game. Nobi, on the other hand, will be performing at the bottom of his game. Do people really think that I am going to struggle with somebody like that? Nobi quite evidently has confidence issues. He doesn’t believe in himself. He doesn’t think that he has any chance in this match. It’s ironic, as I stated earlier he is the bookies favourite to emerge from this match victorious. Most people are expecting him to retain that National Elite championship. That bookies favourite might swing when people start slamming money on Charlie Marr. The moneyline will be looking different when people catch wind of Nobi’s confident issues. I quite evidently don’t suffer from the same confidence issues. I know exactly how good I am. I know that I am perfectly capable of walking out of Reasonable Doubt with the National Elite championship draped firmly over my shoulder. I know that I am destined to win that championship. Day by day, I am thinking that Nobi is going to be even less than a challenge. At first, I was worried about facing him. I thought it might prove a real task to beat him. He has the experience and the history. However, it’s quite clear that he is past it and is suffering from some confidence issues. He isn’t fit to hold the championship anymore. It’s time for me to take it from him.
Scott Oasis
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 8:26 pm by Scott Oasis
What the fuck is a “Woogieman”?

I swear to Christ I saw that name printed out on my appearance schedule and I have been wondering all week if it’s real. I thought this was some sort of rib at first, I mean, HOW? How did this come about? People are idiots, I understand that, I can see why he’s here, but for him to be here in a ring with actual household names? What made Starr Stan put together a card for this week and think to put ME of all people in a match with this goof!? You’ve got one of the biggest draws in EAW history, top star on Dynasty, the centerpiece of the brand telling you he is available to be in action and you choose to pair him up with some mentally deficient clown who carries around a toy belt? We have a fake champion running around representing a guy who is not even on our brand and he’s getting featured regularly with defenses as if he’s an actual titleholder! I couldn’t believe it when I saw him walk around the locker room with legitimate confidence. Does management see him as a viable Elitist to use? It can’t be. A bum off NEO, a career joke, a glorified comedy guy - this is who you give me as a follow up to facing The Heart Break Boy last week! I can understand the idea of a “lay up” or booking a match that is more so about testing the waters than an evenly matched competition but this right here is just downright questionable. It makes no sense. It’s idiotic. It’s a waste of time for me and The Woogieman. 

Last week I went up against a legend in this sport one on one; he had all of the betting odds on his side, all of the momentum in the world and I stopped him in his tracks just like I promised. After two years of wanting redemption for my loss to him at Rising Tide I got my rematch and beat him when it counted just like I had promised! I’m number one contender to the Openweight Championship now, meaning I’m only just one match away from holding the key to the Answers World Championship and the Pain For Pride main event I have been chasing after. To have such an amazing moment take place and to be at such a high….then show up in the ring the following show and deal with this. I can’t help but to groan when thinking about it. I don’t wrestle on weekly Dynasty shows often and when I do I definitely don’t try to soil my image by participating in matches that are seen as “fun” or “just for laughs”. I take my matches seriously, I see them as a rare event or a privilege to the people, you don’t treat my appearances like a circus show! Woogieman is a cool act to get the crowd involved and send them home happy but he is no serious competitor. You put him up against the Shaker Jones’ and the Cody Marshall’s, you don’t put him up against guys like me and you damn sure don’t put him in the main event like he did with Nico Borg before. Give me a fucking break. This is far from disrespect, this is spitting in the face of every real athlete who has ever laced up a pair of boots! You relegate his shtick to the lowcard, you don’t ruin the product, you don’t taint the whole SPORT by giving him top billings. I’ve warned you all before, one thing EAW needs to focus on is quality control and making sure guys like Woogie don’t get too far and rise to prominence and here we go with a prime example of these suits choosing to ignore me and killing their show. We’re correcting that though. The clean up crew is back on duty this Friday and it’s going to get the job done like it always does. I have a world championship weighting in the wings; my ticket is pretty much punched in at this point. All I have to do is not slip up and keep on moving until I get to my destination. I for damn sure am not going to allow Woogieman be the one who halts me, I’m pushing right through him with ease and then I’m heading back home, sitting down on the couch to watch Reasonable Doubt and finding out who is getting their head knocked off. This weekend is shaping up pretty nicely, but this is only the beginning. We’re at the halfway point of the season and the genesis of Scott Oasis is still in progress. Woogieman can have a blast playing dress up and living in his fantasy land with his literal paper title but those fun and games are on a deadline - when the time comes and the two of us are up, I’m not just ripping him in half, but I’m tearing apart that glorified participation trophy of his. EAW is in a very sickly state and I’m here to provide a cleanse. Stop gassing up all of these unproven young boys. Invest in the future, invest in the people who are going to help this company, invest in The Iceman.

To the boys in the back, know that the standard is being set right before your eyes, it’s up to you to either follow it or get ready to be sent on your way.
Cameron Ella Ava
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 8:20 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

You’re right, Keelan.

I don’t care about you.

I don’t give a shit about you.

Thank you for pointing out the obvious because god forbid anyone for thinking that I have a heart outside my boyfriend and family. When it comes to you, I don’t give a shit what happens to you in the aftermath. All I know is that I’m going to walk out still Openweight Champion; you’ll have your head down as you sadly walk back to Voltage with the rest of the scum minus two people. You’ll continue to remain silent. You won’t have any words to say after I’m through with you. Every little positive that you had in this company; this little victory that you hold against me will be nothing more than a distant memory of a man you once were. Even as a newly formed man, you will never get your hands on the Openweight Championship as long as I’m holding the gold for Showdown. I have been aware of the rumors. Why did Cameron Ella Ava leave Showdown? Was it because she didn’t want to face her boyfriend again? Was it because Showdown offered her a deal that she could not refuse? Well, Keelan. That’s the luck of the draw. That’s the concept of the EAW Shakeup. Brands could either benefit from the shakeup or get fucked over. You’re acting like I had control on whether I stayed or went? You’re acting like I personally wanted off Voltage. Personally, I was shocked as most of the Voltage staff. I was hit blindside as much as you made me when I returned to Showdown. Still, I’m a Paul Revere. You’re making it seem like I turned my back on Voltage. For personal reasons, I loved working with Jamie. I loved my Sunday brunches with Moongoose. For business reasons, this might be my shot at making the Openweight Championship mean something. In a way, you should be on your knees thanking god because you would have never gotten the shot at this title. Instead, you’ll be crying on Madison’s shoulder until something new comes into your life. I’m three matches away from getting my EAW Championship Match. It would have been the same if I were on Dynasty or Voltage. It did not matter if it was the Answers World Championship or World Heavyweight Championship. I would have been Nico Borg’s best match. I would have faced Jamie for a third time and you know what? We would still have been fine. When people thought that our relationship was over after Territorial Invasion, we proved everyone wrong and reunited stronger than ever. If HBG still has the title by the time I cash in this opportunity then, I’ll fight her too. You know what? We would be fine as well. Keelan, I recommend that you go back to the drawing board because I’m not afraid of fighting anyone. I do not know how many times I need to say that I’ll fight anyone in this brand, but I will fight anyone in this brand. I know, it’s so fucking shocking for someone to process that in their mind. I think you’re an awful conspiracy theorist. I mean, is that what you were thinking about as you remained silent since King of Elite? Did you constantly think about the “real” reason why I left Voltage? It must make you angry knowing the answer is straightforward. It must make you angry that there is no shocking explanation for why Showdown wanted me on their brand? Could it be because they wanted the Openweight Champion on their brand? It can be debated, but just like with all of my opportunities, I am making the most out of this one.

Poor Keelan! Poor fucking Keelan! He’s never won a championship! He’s never won anything relevant in this company! Lemme just get my world smallest violin and play a sad song! Does it get to you, Keelan? Does it get under your skin on a constant basis when people bring up the same, unoriginal comments to every discussion? “Keelan, you never won a championship!” Every single person has something to say about that to you. I don’t believe you when you say that you’re numb to all the pain. I don’t believe you when you say that all that stuff does not get the best out of you sometimes. It does, Keelan; however, there is no way that you want me to know about it. There’s no man in this company that wants to seem vulnerable. There’s no man in this company that wants to express their feelings about experience failure after failure. Instead, you take the heat off of you. You decide to attack my character. You decide to attack my relationship. You decide to get personal with me and make this more serious than it is at the moment. All for what? To prove that your career hasn’t gone my downhill than it already has? To prove that you can be the one to dethrone Jamie for the World Heavyweight Championship? To prove to every single person who has mocked and pointed out that you will never be champion wrong? For your sanity, you need to win this match. You need to defeat me. You see this as redemption for what happened to King of Elite. You see this as a golden opportunity to make Voltage proud. You see this as another chance to prove that Cameron Ella Ava can be defeated again. Am I scared about facing my personal issues? What are my personal issues, Keelan? Since you are such an expert on my life, can you explain to me what my personal issues are? I don’t have any personal issues. If you want to make things personal, go right ahead, but you’re going to sadly regret it. You got some balls for someone who couldn’t gain the courage to admit to the Voltage fans that you failed them at King of Elite. You couldn’t admit that you just weren’t good enough to keep up with Darkane and Theron Nikolas. It’s not me that needs to confront any personal problems, that’s all you, Keelan. You are someone who needs to confront their issues head on. My only issue on Voltage was me not getting the opportunities I rightfully deserved. As Jamie held the World Heavyweight Championship, I never wanted to stand by his side. I never wanted in any of his beefs with anyone. Why did I? Why did I pause my career to help him out? Did he need the help? No, but I wanted to be supportive. I wanted to make sure that losers like Chris Elite and TLA did not become the top champion on Voltage. I did the same thing that Madison is doing for you. She is putting her career on hold to help you get your footing back in EAW. She is taking time on recovering from her injury to help your dumbass out. But, I’m just a lacky right? That must make Madison your bitch then. Once again, Keelan. Go back to the fucking drawing board! Out of everyone in the Openweight Championship Match at King of Elite, I was the one to put the most effort into winning. Who were the competitors? Moongoose McQueen? Probably my biggest competitor in the match. Now, he’s Interwire Champion. El Ironico? Well, he was part of We are the Bollocks, who HBG and I defeated at Road to Redemption. Cody Marshall? Well, I’ll give you that one. I mean, who have you faced since King of Elite? Shark Man and The Revenant? You’ve been in the ring with rookies that couldn’t hold a candle to most of the locker room. But hey, if it helps you make your points, then whatever. Out of everyone on Voltage, you’re the one with the biggest tantrum to throw. You’re the only person who has voiced their displeasure about me being traded to Showdown. At least, Voltage had the Openweight Championship for a minute because that is the last fucking time Voltage will have with it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 8:03 pm by Darkane
Dynasty II

I've never warmed up to the idea of waiting on someone whether it'd be for my dealer to show up an hour late or for a bartender to pour me a fresh one even though he's too busy flapping his gums to a MILF with beef curtains like thick jerky. There's a saying, good things come to those who wait, but I've never been a patient man, I've taught myself to be aggressive; to go after the things I desire in life with the white-hot burning passion of a thousand suns, to never let anyone or anything hold me back and chain me down against my will. That's how I won the Hardcore Championship in the first place. My aggression knows no bounds and it can burn me sometimes but I don't live my life in trepidation, I don't live my life wondering what could have been. I can't. If I did, I would have never tasted gold in the first place and I'd be out on my ass, dwindling in space at the bed of Dynasty. I'm not a patient man because sometimes good things don't come to those who wait idly by and then you're left there, twiddling your thumbs, watching life pass you by. Nothing is a guarantee in this world anymore, I guess it's better that way, it makes things more unpredictable in the long run and adds a certain allure to life. Some people expect things to be handed to them on a diamond-studded platter, others go by the motto of beggars can't be choosers and they'll take whatever they can get. I guess the old me would have settled for the latter, but ever since I won the Hardcore Championship, I can't help but strive for more. That's not to say that I don't cherish the Hardcore Championship with every ounce of my being, but when I won the Hardcore Championship a certain amount of believability came with it and so did a boatload of confidence, it was a natural progression. Nobody in their right mind thought I would ever mold into what I am today. Many thought that this ratty mutt was all bark and little bite, they thought I was disposable, that I was just another hot-headed rookie with dark roots at his core, that would dematerialize when the going got tough. Yet here I sit, waiting. Waiting with my Hardcore Championship slung over my shoulder, waiting for somebody with the same dogged passion as I, the same hard-nosed sticktoitiveness as I and the same lack of compassion for others as I, but nothing ever comes.

And I'm waiting on Nasir to show me a side of him that would send shockwaves through EAW, but I'm certain it will never come to be.

I don't know what to think of you as Nasir. Either a bonafide pussy or someone who has completely lost interest in his craft. I curse your name, I drag your family through the mud and you won't even muster up enough energy to defend yourself or their namesake. What happened to you Nasir? Where's your spirit? Where's your vivacity? Where's your spark? I'm pretty sure it's dead in the water. You would think a victory over me would catapult you right back in the world championship picture, you would think that would provide enough incentive for you to show your face. Even though the world knows you would play second fiddle to Nico Borg that doesn't justify a lack of effort on your part. Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid to storm back into the bright lights only to watch your opportunity slip away from your grasp yet again? You can't be apprehensive and survive in this business Nasir. Have you lost your urge to compete? Will you lay down in a mass of nothingness and let me pin you this coming Friday because of your own despair? The world wouldn't be able to fathom that possibility but it seems very real at this point. I thought I sensed an insatiable thirst for revenge earlier in the week, but now I sense hopelessness. As if the grief of our previous match has devoured you whole and now reigns supreme as your puppet master. Is that how you want to be perceived as going forward? A prisoner of your own mental frailty? 'Woe is me, woe is Nasir, I'm not even going to bother because nothing is worth it anymore. Darkane owns me. Darkane is my ruler and I'm a ghost of my former self, I am at his mercy. I will attend to his every whim, I will march to the beat of his drum.' I've never owned a pet Nasir, but you sure as hell seem like my property now. Unfortunately, I'm not going to nourish you, or feed you, or tuck you in at night, I'm not going to take you to PetSmart and buy you a brand new squeaky toy, I'm not going to get your nails expertly clipped or your coat trimmed. On Dynasty I'm going to rip off your fucking head and shit down your throat at every chance I get and everytime you send a whimper my way, I'll send a vicious backhand in return. I'll fill your bowl up with just enough water to survive the night only for the sole reason of prolonging your suffering. It's the least I can do for a worthless, lethargic, impotent creature like you.

Where will you go after Dynasty? What will you do with yourself? How far will you sink below the surface? Come to think of it, who in their right mind would be there to save you from drowning? You will have nobody to blame but yourself for your lack of urgency. Your parents would be ashamed Nasir, they would soon turn back into the very flames they perished in before they take your hand for guidance because they know deep down in your heart of hearts that you don't have the belief in yourself to keep marching forward no matter what obstacles stand before you. They know that everything you touch turns to shit and no matter which way you try to spin it the result is always the same. Before you know it, Hamasa will fall in line, she'll ditch you too, she'll see the worst in you, she'll see you for what you really are and she'll take her crystal ball and go home. The only thing that will await you is solitude, the only breaths you'll hear will be your own, the only eyes you'll see will be mine, those same eyes that stood over your disheartened carcass once before and will once again. I wouldn't wish your fate on my worst enemy. I can't even imagine how excruciating it must feel to walk in the shoes of Nasir Escobar on a daily basis.

Whatever, or if ever, you decide to say anything from here on out. Just remember that it will fall on deaf ears, it will only look like a pitiful attempt to save face because I have dragged you to the center of the stage and trashed your existence out in front of the masses. 'But but Darkane is wrong! Darkane doesn't own anything! I'm not his bitch! I'm Nasir Moore I mean... uh.. Escobar damn it! I count for something! I will prove him wrong! Darkane is pulling the wool over your eyes I tell ya! Believe in me, believe in the man of miracles! Believe in...'

...The fact that you're absolutely nothing, Nasir.
Ahren Fournier
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 7:29 pm by Ahren Fournier
You're doing the exact same thing over and over now Jamie and it's tedious as fuck. I've grown real tired of the run around, the same tired conversation. I don't care if it doesn't make sense to you. At this point just accept it and move on. I've already shown you I'm legit. You can chalk it up to a fluke, you can say whatever you want I don't care. You live in your reality, I'll live in mine, but the whole bitchy back and forth is useless. I'm not going to stand here and beg you to believe me because honestly I don't care if you view me as credible or not. I've told you how it is, I've shown you how it is, and I'm not going to talk in circles with you because we're getting nowhere. Can't you come up with anything else? Or are we just going to talk about how shit my Dynasty experience as the Trill Fairy was? About how I wasted 6 months! About how I say I'm legit, but you don't believe it. Same responses, cycle, rinse, repeat. I get it, I really do, but it honestly doesn't matter now. You can see the difference in my wrestling style, that's all the proof you need. Can we talk about something else now or you just going to keep bringing up the same old topic? 

Jamie I will say truthfully I've never had aspirations to be an MMA fighter, I've never had aspirations of being a fighter period, I just fell into it. And I've talked about this before, so to ask me why I don't fight in a promotion like that was pretty ignorant on your part. It was never my passion, my parents signed me up for it as a kid, and as routine I would keep going, and I was just a natural at it. But was it something that I wanted to do my whole life? No. Growing up I was a jack of all trades essentially. Everything I did turned to gold, sports, acting, modeling, I did it all and I excelled in all of it. At a point I did have to choose.. Or my parents chose for me. They were strict, and had a plan for me. I trusted their judgement, so I kind of just went with it. My dad was this strict brute guy that always had to fight for everything we got. My mom was a sweet lady that liked to tell me how special I was. You know, Dad wanted me to know how to fight, so I did. I went to all the classes, learned al the moves, and earned my black belt. But I never wanted to do anything with it. I did modeling too, there was more money in it, and that was something my mom would always sign me up for. Casting calls for commercials, shows, movies, and of course modeling. She was proud of her little ball of sunshine, and his adorable face.. What can I say? So I started modeling for a career, but would continue to go fighting classes as a hobby to maintain my balance. 

You do bring up a good point, maybe it was just a fluke. But like you say, what if's are pointless to ponder. Mere heresy that cannot be proven to be fact or fiction. So maybe Chris had you beat, maybe you had a leg on the ropes, I don't know. Doesn't really matter now does it? Because here you are still the World Heavyweight Champion. Although I will say, an indisputable fact is that he did give you a run for your money. Fair? Someone that you consider that bad, did get awful close to beating you. Maybe you weren't down and out, but he had you in a pretty compromising position. Be that as it may, after all these months, you are still the World Heavyweight Champion. And after all the competitors that have faced you for that title, you have stood your ground and stayed the course. Very admirable, no one has done what you've done, I'm sure it's been said a thousand times but I'm sure you want to hear it a thousand more. 

I will tip my cap to the fact that you've done it, and I could again go down the path of excuses and tell you why the reign isn't as it seems, but I won't. I'll let you have your little jerk off moment, and you can bask in the glory of it all. I would like to address some of the things you said, and I will start with your claim of me having no heart. And well... Gee, ya think so? The guy dressed up as a fucking fairy has no heart for professional wrestling? Well no shit. I wouldn't really pick the guy that got signed right off of a photo shoot as someone that would have heart for professional wrestling. Color me surprised Jamie, but you're god damn right I don't have any heart for this shit. It's evident, I've said it, I've never hid it. You want to act like this is some deep dark secret that you've unearthed from the ground? No, I'm freely stating I don't care about wrestling. What I do care about is dashing every single persons dreams. I want to see all the people that grew up loving this shit look at me, and say wow, we really aren't shit. Getting down on themselves for letting someone like me climb the ladder of success with minimal effort. That was the whole idea of the Trill Fairy all along; to show that anyone with half a brain could get people to cheer for them. To show that people don't really have to be all that tough to get to heights in this company. I did that, I won the Hardcore Championship. All while I was just trying to put on a show and make myself laugh. I feel like having passion for being an asshole is enough to carry me to victory. Having the passion to piss on every little insignificant dream of becoming a professional wrestler is enough to carry me to victory. I don't need passion for wrestling, I have enough passion for other shit. Maybe I have a passion for just beating the piss out of you? Maybe I have the passion to get the most money out of everyone. As stupid as it is, you guys do have some benefits to this whole wrestling thing. Money, and exposure. I have passion for money, and passion for getting as big as I can. This is just a vessel to achieve what I really want to do. Something that people can actually watch and respect, and actually give me some ounce of pride. Maybe I'll go off and be a famous Hollywood actor. I mean I acted for a year and a half and had people biting on everything I was saying, so it would appear that I have quite the knack for it. First step though is taking that World Heavyweight Championship away from you Jamie. I want it.. Not because I've dreamt of this moment since I was a kid, or I really want to go out there and give my all to the people who have supported me. Nope. I want it because you have it. I want it because I want to be the person to personally end your historic streak. What a better story than for Ahren Fournier, the guy that couldn't have cared less, waltzing into this big match against a guy that's unbeatable to everyone, and actually beating him? That would be amazing. Of course that would get on newspapers, magazines, headline online articles, I would get over big. All the shows would want a piece of Ahren Fournier, and I'll be well on my way to making myself into something respectable for sure. I don't care to be a respected professional wrestler, I care to be a respectable human being, with a legacy I can be proud of. And of course, I want undeniable proof, that I am in fact, better than Jamie O'Hara.. The man that no one could beat. 

I won't lie I do have a competitive spirit to myself, but when I don't really take the spectacle I'm a part of that seriously, what's to get all bothered about? But time goes on, and things change. A year and a half of the joke ran it's course, I didn't think it was funny anymore, and wanted to kill it off. Is that such hard concept to grasp? That a joke wasn't funny anymore, and I wanted to do something else? Now I know it sounds as if I just made this incarnation of Ahren Fournier up, and that it'll be another experiment that I will just scrap when I get to a point where I hit a wall, but no. This is the real Ahren Fournier. I know, I know, how can you trust that this is the real Ahren, and there won't just be another one? You won't believe me regardless, I know. Jamie, that's all you and I have  been arguing about this entire time, nothing but hearsay. I say one thing, you say another, but really nothing can be proved. The only thing that can truly shed light on a situation is time. So you don't have to trust me, you don't have to think that my win over you was anything but a fluke. None of what we think matters, the only thing that matters is results, and facts. I can tell you facts, but if you refuse to listen then what good are they? So what happens if Ahren Fournier loses to Jamie O'Hara? Simple, a tip of the cap, and I say good job. Out of everyone that prances around here wearing tights you are one of the guys that should be looked at with some ounce of respect. 

As i've said before, you are the one that has carried this company on your back, and shown that you can carry a company. There's no shame in being wrong, especially when it comes to the World Champion; but as I see it right now, just because you hold a title for a long time against a bunch of pussies, doesn't make you legit. You yourself have stated how little competition you've garnered while being the World Champion, and it's not because Voltage is week. It's the fact this whole industry is weak. Now you can bring up Carlos Rosso, who has been an Interwire Champion, you can bring up Mexican Samurai, who also has been the Interwire Champion, and you can bring up your eskimo brother Dark Demon as well, who was been World Champion before.  I get that you beat them, but they did find success. Showing that people with actual fighting backgrounds do find success more often than not in this business. I get that you beat them, but that doesn't really prove anything to me in all honesty. When you think about it, anyone can promote themselves in any light that they so choose; that's what propaganda is. They get to make you see them in the light that they choose to let you them see them in. But the thing in MMA is the same as it is in Wrestling, and Baseball, Football, and every other sport, just because you play the sport, doesn't mean you're actually good at it. Just because Carlos Rosso says that he's a great MMA fighter, doesn't mean that he actually is. I'm stating right now that I'm better than Carlos Rosso, I'm better than Mexican Samurai, and hell I'm better than Dark Demon. Who's to say that I'm not? Who am I kidding? I know you will. The perception that you have based on a character I created for shits and giggles? That's fine, you don't believe me, even though I do have a "fluke" victory on you. You don't have believe anything that you don't want to because that's you're right, and honestly that gives me the upper hand on all of this.  

As for the repetitive argument of Dynasty, and me being the Trill Fairy. Questioning the reasoning as to why I kept being the Trill Fairy for as long as I did. Well I've literally talked about it before, but you continue not to take what I say as an answer. But oh well let's do it again... My wrestling wasn't top notch on Dynasty because I still really didn't care, and honestly Dynasty had some good wrasslers. I mean let's not go overboard I was still doing that sloppy comedy wrestling back then, but be that as it may the talent was better on Dynasty than it was on Voltage. But I still thought the Trill Fairy was funny, and it was still getting a reaction, so why change? I had no reason to change from the Trill Fairy. But by the end of November, beginning of December things started to change. I had started to feel like the Trill Fairy wasn't that funny anymore, and I really didn't feel like doing it. I've been sitting on this wealth of fighting knowledge, and kind of got sick of seeing people pass me by. With about 4 weeks left of having to be on Dynasty, I thought it would be a waste to start then. It would've been pointless to start and stop at that point. I eyed the Superstar Shakeup.. Wow this sounds redundant, don't know why I have to repeat myself to you Jamie, maybe if you listen the first time? But yeah, what better time than switching brands to switch up everything? Not to mention, I was told that I was going against the World Champion? You should feel honored that I chose you to be the only one worthy of the change. Dynasty never deserved it anyway, they were too busy giving Nas 20 world title matches to lose. They don't know how to run a brand, horrible decision making; repetitive product. But we can go back and forth with if what I'm saying is true or not, but really it doesn't matter what we say, only what we do. I don't care if you believe what I say or not, because you'll always say anything to denounce my words. Honestly I would've thought that you'd be thankful for what I'm doing for you, and this brand. I'm the first legit person to go against you! But you try to downplay it, and just bitch about everything that I've ever done in my life. You ask, and beg, and pray for someone new to come along. Just aching for someone real that can knock you off, and here he comes! Nope, you bitch about it, and try to make it seem like he's nothing. Poor decision making, poor business. 

Business isn't the only thing that you're bad at either. It would appear that your personal life could use some work. I mean is this how you treated your own girl? You were ruthless, we witnessed some domestic violence in that ring. Now anyone that knows Cam knows that she kind of deserved it, but be that as it may, how could you? You beat her up on national tv, almost ruining her career, all for a piece of metal? Pride? Face it this title has consumed your very being. You've grown so attached to it that it's an extension of your person. Which some may think of it as a good thing, but when it starts getting in the way of your personal life maybe it's time to take a step back and evaluate your situation. You made Cam, your girl, leave your brand because she couldn't hang with you. You made your loved one the one that should be your most prized possession, secondary. Isn't that pathetic? She's gone now, you don't get to work with her because she's on Showdown, and you have no one to blame but yourself. The dream of working with a loved seemed to turn into a nightmare because you couldn't handle your ego. She's on Showdown now, with a whole bunch of dudes who are testosteroned up, looking for some pussy. Let's be real Jamie, Cam isn't known for being able to keep her legs closed. I mean it's funny that you brought up Dark Demon seeing that you might be carrying around some of his DNA. Your beloved Cam, she's jumped from dick to dick like a Mario platform game, to achieve her goals. The road is a lonely place, and you're not around. You're over here, you've kicked her off her brand, and you've used up all your usefulness to her. She's gone Jamie, all because this title has consumed you. She's probably already moved on, and I don't even know if you care, because you're still champion. You don't need her to stroke your... ego.. because you get off fine enough stroking it yourself. In your pursuit of perfection you've quite possibly ruined your life. Me? I'm a young bachelor, I don't have a loved ones lives to ruin. My pursuit of perfection, my chase for glory gets in the way of no ones life except my own. I'm building my future for myself; you've already built a future and still want more. It's fine though because you'll be looked at as the best ever. Congrats you can die alone with the peace of mind that someone somewhere thought you were a mighty fine wrestler. What does any of this have to do with our match? You're so concerned about my life inside the ring, and what I'm capable of. Well maybe you should be more concerned about your own personal life, because from what I see? Putting your career over everything else is costing you big time. But hey maybe you don't even really love Cam anyway, and it's all part of your plan. You think that you have your bearings on everything in your life. You think that being the greatest champion is what you're best known for, but really have you even been able to handle it? From where I'm standing you can't even keep your personal life in order. You get in that ring and you're capable of beating anyone, you get out of that ring, and you're just as fucked up as everyone else. Don't worry though Jamie, I'm going to help you out. Once I take that title that has perpetually ruined your life without you knowing it? The haze will lift, and you can go back to your normalcy. You can thank me later.
Devan Dubian
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 7:16 pm by Devan Dubian
You may be an artist who specializes in drenching canvases with blood,
but I am a well renowned artist who specializes in taking every edge of a match with nothing less than blood.

It has become a well-known fact in the past few months that this match has far more personal weight to it than what is being portrayed on the screen for everyone to see. It is not as simple as just a shared vendetta between two of the most elite in this company vying for the world championship but also the share of importance and crowning that comes with that. The rings that define our absoluteness of being in the Hall of Fame can be attained by anyone through years of persistence but we can as easily be tossed aside if we do not continually apply ourselves. There is a reason why there is a sense of feudalism even in the ranks of the Hall of Fame because the matter of fact is, not everyone can be on an equal level. That is because certain characters do not let entering a prestigious group of elect be the end goal of their careers, rather they continually push and apply themselves as much as they can to get in the middle of the rink with all the spotlight to keep creating something special. I do not want to personally be dragged down to the level of the elects who put up their boots as soon as they got to a certain level, I want to keep pushing unfounded levels till my conscious can be truly proud of what it has achieved. I would not make any assumptions to what kind of elect you are trying to be, Cage but judging by the simple fact that you are still here and willing to gauge against me in the ring; I would wager that you still care about a few things material to your career. The only thing phases me is how you believe that I somehow plucked the tail off your back and robbed you of a clear cut opportunity to compete for the world championship when the matter of fact is that if they thought you were truly more deserving than myself then you would have that match at Reasonable Doubt instead of grumbling about it right now. It would seem that going after futile opponents and shooting they after they are already on a career slide does not as much merit as you would like to think it does. Whereas the name of the competitors you have taken down recently is by no doubt impressive, if you thoroughly analyze all the situation and what was actually going then it becomes evidently clear that you had as much involvement in the downfall of those stars as any other leech has had in the past. And it is not the kind of leeching you are accusing me of by stating that my ego is too fragile to start from the bottom. The matter of fact is that I am starting from the bottom, it is just the bottom of the barrel elitists that barely qualify to compete against me rather than nonsensical rookies who have no right to be testing me with anything. That aside, I am looking for an extravagant fight even if you may not be so do come with all you have because I will not be accepting anymore justifications. There is no barrier holding us apart anymore, just my bleeding edge urge to take you down once and for all.

I have no desire to exploit my exhilarating experiences or my uplifting accomplishments when you are far more than equipped to do just that for me, like you have been doing for the past few months. I have strayed away from relying too much on hype yet you have done nothing but accuse me of that. At this point, it seems you are trying to live through your faults through me. But you will not lure my intro any traps, I know exactly what my ambition is heading into this bout this weekend. I have been involved in some absolutely stunners at Reasonable Doubt in my career here and not once have I walked in off my boots, bragging about how seemingly superior I am through the plugging because I have always known that I deserve everything I get. One way or another, I have taken calculated risks throughout my whole career to get to this point to eventually face you. And I could care less how much brutality or severity you have served up to legends of the past, or how far you are from your feelings where you would go knock out your own grandmother but if that is your intention to fear me, you are failing quite miserably. It is not the size of a man that staggers me, any man can be outmaneuvered given the right techniques. And it is certainly not a tough man mindset that will be my undoing because the funny thing about mindsets is that they are so easy to play with and manipulate, I could have you thinking and be mad over something completely different by next weeks end. That is the kind of pit you fall in when you decide to go against me because the norm of what qualifies as 'fear' simply does not mean anything to me. I always know the trick behind every magic card and how the coin got behind my ears; everything is a construct that can eventually be broken down. And for every attack or altercation since first collided a few months ago, I have been deconstructing you piece by piece. I know how much you like to not care and at the same time, I also know how much you like to impose fake fear yet your breaking queue point is when nobody gives you absolutely any respect. You want to get to the world champion right now because you feel this is a tide point challenger whom you would be most successful against and you certainly do not want someone like me reigning the throne because that will mean certain blockage and ultimately the end of your career.  And I value these ultimatums but giving me more time just gave me more that reason and ammo to put you back into departure again. My only sin is that I got as far as I did because of my ability to predict such falls and make the best use of them. And if that is considered straying, then I will continue to do it till my needs are met because I swear, all that shit you have talked thus far will seem so pointless once I put you up on the ground.

You waged every single thing you had; from the merits of your previous success to your detrimental mental state to get here..
The only problem was that I called the bluff as I said I would..
And with that, possibly your career and my new reign to become the golden emperor of this company once again.
Jacob Moore
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on February 8th 2018, 5:53 pm by Jacob Moore


(The camera fades in to the sight of a rather barren apartment complex - at least from what we can see. In the center of the shot is a grey English sofa. On it sits Jacob Moore, dressed in a Chicago Bears logo hoodie and black sweatpants, who appears to be watching a television out of frame. His hood is up but we can see his bleach blonde hair peaking through. We can infer that this is his apartment in the Hyde Park neighborhood of his hometown Chicago, Illinois. Jacob has a blank look on his face and his mouth slightly agape. The TV is turned too low for us to really figure out what he's watching but his interest doesn't seem to be there. Suddenly, he is snapped out of his trance by a female voice.)

"Shouldn't you be packing? It's late and you leave pretty early tomorrow."

(As she finishes her sentence, in comes Jacob's girlfriend, Amara. It's been a long time since we've seen her. She doesn't look much different. However, as she's just relaxing around the house, her dirty blonde hair is tied up in a bun. She's almost matching Jacob with the sweatshirt/sweatpants combo, but instead a Led Zeppelin logo adorns her chest. She takes a seat next to him and looks at his face, looking slightly worried. She wraps one of her arms around him. Jacob still hasn't turned to face her but acknowledges her presence by slowly nodding his head in response to her question.)

"What's wrong? You look out of it. And what're you even watching?"

(She reaches for the remote on the table in front of them and turns the TV off. They're now sitting in silence. Jacob continues to stare at the black screen but opens his mouth to talk.)

"It's too much."

"What is?"

"The pressure."

"Pressure to do what, win this weekend?"

"What if I can't do it?"

"You will."

(Jacob takes a deep breath before finally turning to face Amara.)

"No, really. I believe you will. You beat Nobi, you beat Charlie. Now you just gotta beat them both in the same match. This should be easy."

"Easier said than done."

"Well, yes."

"This is my last chance at redemption. If I lose this, I'm officially a fucking joke. I've been on a role lately but I can't erase the past, you know? Everybody's final opinion of me is gonna come from this. Been well over a year and I have nothing to show for it. Yeah, I beat the both of them already but a triple threat is a whole other challenge."

(He turns back to face the blank TV once again. Amara sighs.)

"Look. Don't let that shit distract you, you got this. You start overthinking then you already lost, babe."

(He nods again in agreement.)

"You see those over there?"

(He points to a spot on the wall next to them as the camera pans over. Here we see all of the titles Jacob's won in his career: the NWF Pure title, the NWF Hardcore title, and the AWL Unsanctioned title, all hung up on the wall. The camera focuses on these for a moment as he continues his thought.)

"I still remember each day I won those vividly. Especially that last one, the Unsanctioned championship. A lot of people say that was the best I ever was, my peak. I was unstoppable. I was about to be propelled to the fuckin' top after my run with that. Then everything fell apart. I really didn't know what to do with myself after that, so I pretty much retired for two years.."

(The camera backs to the couple on the couch. Amara is listening intently to every word Jacob has to say.)

"I was wild back then. I'd risk my life just to put on a show. All that blood I lost, all those shots to the head, all those other bullshit injuries. Now I pay for it even at my still relatively young age. Yet I came back to this sport anyway and put myself through even more hell and it was costly. You know, you were with me the whole way through basically. All those leaves I took, you know exactly why. It wasn't because I was a pussy as much as guys like Charlie love to keep that false narrative going, I like to believe I'm the farthest thing from that. But there comes a point where you really need to just..slow down. I say I'm in the best shape I've ever been in and I'm not lying but it's because of that surgery. It really makes me contemplate just how much longer I can keep doing this consistently, day in and day out without the aids of medication and shit. And what does that make management think? They probably already don't think of me as reliable because of all that and they don't want an injured champion, obviously."

(Amara nods.)

"But if I am able to pull this off..that means all of that was worth it. I held that Unsanctioned belt years ago. Three or four, I'm not sure but it's been a long time. "I fell off" is generally what I get described as nowadays since I haven't accomplished anything big since then. I'm not known for anything good, you know? When you look at my time in NWF, it's plagued with arguments and politics and firings. AWL..that just haunts me. Shit closed down before I got my quote "big break". Maybe I'm not meant to be the face of a company, to represent them, if that's what happens."

"But you've changed. Like, a lot. Even just from the time I've known you. And they obviously have some sort of faith in you since you got put into this."

(He ponders for a moment.)

"Yeah, you can say that. All that shit that was years ago but it still plagues me. I'm definitely not the same person I was two, three, four, five plus years ago. Or even one year I guess to you. No one is, I don't think. We gotta evolve. I like to believe I've evolved well enough to pull this off and finally do right. I don't know where I'm trying to go with this but..it means a lot I'm even in this match even if its met with animosity from all over. I'm being given this chance and I can't squander it like I have in the past. I want to feel like I did the day I won those titles over there. I need that feeling again. Otherwise, I don't see a good reason for me to keep trying. It all comes down to Saturday."

"Everything feels heavy right now, this is such a big night for me just thinking about it gives me anxiety pretty much. Sorry if I'm a little distant."

"I understand."

"You always do."

(Amara pulls Jacob's hood back and plants a kiss on his cheek. She then stands up.)

"You deserve it, okay?"

"Thank you."


"Okay, yes. I deserve this."

"Good. You can't let all this stuff from the past discourage you. This is a whole new you, remember?"

(He nods and smirks slightly.)

"Indeed it is."

"Now get to packing, sad boy."

(This gets a chuckle out of Jacob, as we see him smile for the first time tonight. She walks out of frame as the scene fades to black.)



It's taken a lot to get here, to this point. I've worked hard enough and now I'm being rewarded. Even with a loss last week to Dubian, Nobi rightfully acknowledges that I'm the one with the most momentum going into this match. I've beaten the both of you. Really, there shouldn't be doubts in anyone's mind about who's walking out with that title Saturday but I know how sheep and snakes like to move. They'll deny my ability until their blue in the face. Much like Charlie Marr continues to do. "My win was a fluke", he says. How so, Charlie? I told you exactly what I was going to do then I did it, pinned you clean in the middle of that ring. Don't act so livid. You tried to push your whole "I'm the future" thing onto me to get into my head, recalling your wins from NEO and how you beat POP then how you attacked Nobi, and it failed. A man as strong as me doesn't let petty words get to him anymore. Maybe two years ago, but that's long gone. I know what I'm capable of and I know I'm perfectly capable of defeating the both of you LIKE I'VE ALREADY DONE and taking that title back home with me. Of course, it'll be more difficult since I'll have to take you both out at the same time and trust me the thought has been daunting but I'm now going into this as confident as ever nonetheless. I've been put through much worse, such as having to engage in conversation with Charlie Marr. That shit is painful. But after this weekend, I won't have to deal with him again for a while I'm sure because he'll be put at the back of the line for MY National Elite title. You can keep telling yourself and the whole fucking world that my win over you was a fluke and that it won't ever happen again. Scream it from the top of the arena, scream it from the top of your house. But it IS gonna happen again. You keep repeating that even though you've only been here a few months, you've made a "strong impression". I did that shit too. I also had my first free-per-view match be a title match. You aren't special. EAW has had plenty of guys come in and start out strong only for them to fall back into obscurity within the span of a year, which is almost what I fell victim to but I didn't allow it. Hence why I stand before you today and also why both of us are walking into this same bout. This is only the beginning for you, Charlie. You haven't even experienced the real big leagues yet. But Reasonable Doubt will be your first taste of that and I'm excited to be the one to give you that. The real challenge for you will be staying relevant after all is said and done. You can continue to leech off of an attack on Nobi and a win over POP or you can at least make an attempt to adapt with your surroundings. If I recall correctly, Marr, you were the one coming at me sideways with false accusations and false facts. YOU were the disrespectful one to ME, YOU were the one in way over your head before shit even began and it cost you a match. Of course I'm not gonna treat someone with respect if they aren't gonna do the same for me. That's ass backwards. You're proud of your arrogance, you even called yourself cocky, so is it really a crime for me to call you out on it and bring you back down to Earth? I don't think so. No matter who started this little "war", only one of us can rightfully claim we were victorious and it ain't gonna be you, son. 

Nobi, you're right. Your title IS in jeopardy. It's good that you realize that, it'll make the loss hurt less when it happens. I'll admit I've been a little more..venomous to you lately, attacking you and such. But it's all for good reason. If you haven't been the champion you said you would be for all of these people, if you don't think you're good enough, I'm showing everyone why I am. I'm the better alternative to you. It's pretty obvious, at least to me, that you've been exposed as not good enough to be champion, Nobi, and as self aware as you are, I can't imagine you disagreeing with that statement. You haven't done anything to prove the opposite, unfortunately. I've been in your position before. Not as a failing champion, but doubting myself. Wondering if I'm really cut out for this sport. It's tough, it is, so I get it. But Nobi, EAW isn't for the weak-minded. It's for the strong-willed. "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen", as they say. I know it took you oh so long to get to this current point. All those title shots you wasted surely must've took a toll on you mentally and then as soon as you won the National Elite Championship, you immediately felt that pressure to show us all why you deserved to win that and how it wasn't a fluke by any means. But you haven't done that. I don't know about you, but I don't have time nor the strength to watch from the bench as you completely reverse the prestigiousness of that belt and relegate it to nothing more than decoration on your shoulder or around your waist. I appreciate all the compliments you throw my way even after I do the most heinous shit, you really are Nice Guy Nobi. But when you say all that Nobi, it only strengthens my case for representing this company as a champion. It makes me look fucking great in comparison, and it makes you look like a straight up bitch. Yeah, Charlie Marr can be considered a decent enough talent but I've improved by leaps and bounds, you said it yourself. I'm the center of attention here. Not to boost my own ego, you said it yourself. Even though you're my opposition in this, I know you're speaking the truth and you're speaking from the heart. I mean, if NOBI is saying I'd deserve this, the one EVERYBODY loves, the one EVERYBODY has chosen to win..then who the hell can deny that? Who's gonna disagree? 

As much as people like to cut me down to a bad attitude or just being a straight up crazy man, no one can deny me anymore. I'm up front and center in front of the world this weekend. I'm no longer hidden in the shadows. I'm getting the spotlight on me I should've gotten a long time ago. It sounds egotistical to say all this but after everything I've done and been put through, I think I have the right to be confident in myself. I've been looked down on and spit on. Been told I should've stayed retired and never shown my face because I wasn't the same. But to everyone who's doubted me, what's your excuse been lately? After I beat the other two men I have to face in this match already? After I prove you all wrong this weekend, what're you gonna say? Pull a Charlie and say it was another "fluke"? Oh, please. I see social media, I see the predictions, I see half the world betting against me getting my moment. And you know, while a long time ago that might've hurt my spirits, it motivates me now. I can't lie, it's almost surreal being in this position. A few months back, many thought I was done for, including myself. But I knew in the back of my mind if I worked hard enough I'd eventually get to where I belong. And here we are. I left for Philly this morning pretty nervous, but when I landed? Oh, man. No one can tell me shit now. I thank Brian Daniels for coming to his senses and allowing me to be in this match that Nobi wanted himself, I thank Nobi for being such a bad champion that I'm gonna look like God no matter what I do, and I thank Charlie Marr's voice because every time I hear it, I get even more angry thus making for an even better fight. Jacob Moore came to Showdown as a fish out of water. Surely, a guy like him would be eaten alive by all these main eventers! But look at him now, he's going, he's about to become champion.

I don't have to run a whole campaign as to why I'm the better option out of both of these clowns to be National Elite Champion, the evidence is in my Showdown run so far. I've beaten the both of them fair and square in the ring. No bullshit. This isn't gonna be much different. If you're betting against Jacob Moore, you're a damn fool. Point blank. You can't ignore facts and the facts are I've already defeated them just without a title on the line, therefore establishing my dominance over them and the rest of this division. We don't need an overbearing Brit who has to repeat himself for points to get across and swears up and down he's the future while simultaneously taking L's as champ. We don't need a man who doesn't even know if he should be holding the damn belt anymore and is basically willing to hand it over to anybody at this point as champ any longer either. Yes, I've had my own doubts in the past about what I was gonna be able to accomplish here but it's clear as day now I'm meant to become National Elite Champion at Reasonable Doubt. This is a new Moore, I've told all of you this but if you want to ignorant and overlook everything I've done in the last month and blindly support your best buddies, go ahead. And for all of you that do that, don't you dare smile in my face and tell me "congratulations" after I win. Don't tweet me, don't call me, don't post your little pictures you took a year ago when you still liked me and act like shit is the same now because it isn't. I know who my real friends are and I know who is rooting for me in this, and that's all I really need. I fully intend on making my dream of holding a title here in EAW reality. It doesn't matter who I have to put down and pin or submit, it's happening. Nobi had his chance to prove his worth and he failed. He excuses it as him being lazy. There's no room for laziness at the top. Once I win that belt, I'm never letting go. I will be the most memorable National Elite title holder in history, and especially in recent memory. It's gonna jump from an opening title bout to a closer. These people are gonna care again once I get a hold of it, I promise you that. Charlie can claim this is his time and whatever other bullshit he wants to regurgitate from weeks' past even though he has a losing streak and Nobi can tell you all he's better this time and is actually gonna try to defend, but don't believe them. They're lying to you. Who won't lie to you? Me. Everything I say is gonna come true. No outside distractions involved, I'm walking out of the PPG Paints Arena with the National Elite title. I can't afford anything less.
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<- Dynasty 2-2-18, The Perth Arena in Perth, Australia - >

"Stew-O: Yasuki Takata ruined that match for his team. Kohop Kapah had all the momentum in the world and was taking on both members of The Dragon Slayers by himself."

Kohop Kapah is knocked out of the ring by Steele. He looks on as the Dragon Slayers hit Takata with Chasing the Dragon. 


Kohop Heads in to break the pin


He stops himself, half on the apron, half under the bottom rope.


Kohop Just looks on, shakes his head and walks up the ramp the back. 


Takata. You son of a... I against my own wishes, persuaded by my stupid brother came out the other week and saved your stupid arse from a beating, why? Because I respected you and everything you stood for. You where going to be the Yin to my Yang. But you don't deserve to be my Yin. It turns out I already have my Yin. He may be stupid but he's still my brother, and together, if we're on the same page, we are unstoppable! And we have been for a couple of weeks, and you come along and derail all of my momentum! And you'll pay for that one day Takata. I will kick your arse. But for now, I have my sights set on some new blood here in Dynasty. 

Mr. Red. Where did you come from? A Tarantino movie? You think your stint in prison can prepare you for the Elite wrestlers here in Dynasty. You learnt to fight in a prison. I learned to fight on the streets of Manchester. Known back then as Gun-chester. One of the most dangerous places in the UK. And I am one of the most dangerous men to come out of it. The wickedest thing since Lucifer dropped with a broken wing. And you think you can step to me? Look at me, I am dangerously sharp, you can cut yourself against me. 

Not now brother

Now Mr. Red doesn't look like no joke, you've seen the video packages, "The man from Texas" The 6ft 2. 295 pounder! It doesn't take a genius to know that he's the bigger man, but you see, I can be the better man. 

Fine.. What do you have to say... 

He pauses, looks like he's listening to a faint noise in the background... 

Yin. Yang. Black. White. Right. Wrong. At the end of the day. All that remains is history. And history is written by the victor. And the victor will be me... Us.
Jamie O'Hara
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You didn’t care.

You didn’t care.

You didn’t care.

Surely you don’t truly think that I’m going to buy into this ridiculous rhetoric? More and more I’m starting to see the fallacy in nearly everything you say, Ahren. To have trained all your life...and only now are we seeing it; surely you don’t expect me to buy into that? To wait...imagine pissing away six months of your career without doing a single fucking thing to change it, waiting to make an “impact”? You want to argue that you didn’t want your transition from a fairy into an edgy hardarse to be sudden, wanted it to be gradual but perhaps I’m alone in thinking this doesn’t make much sense when you want to debate that you’ve been doing this your entire life? That this Ahren Fournier that defeated me, has shined bright on Voltage for the last month, was always there. No, you were happy being the Trill Fairy when you were the Hardcore Champion. You were happy being the Trill Fairy when the suits of Voltage praised you as the next big thing, a star of the future beyond a shadow of a doubt. You were happy being the Trill Fairy when you got drafted to Dynasty at the top of the list. Nah, you were happy being everything you hated when the world was good to you but when you couldn’t keep up, when you got surpassed by blokes like Darkane, you sought to put the blame on everyone else but yourself. Because the gimmick, the shtick doesn’t define someone, it’s who they fucking are in the middle of that ring where none of it is important. You want to know why I STILL don’t think you’re shit in this company? It’s because you have NO FUCKING HEART. Because if you had some heart, you had some passion, regardless of the Trill Fairy, Ahren fucking Fournier would still have risen to the top of Dynasty. And what ever stopped you from stripping away everything you were seven months ago huh? Five months ago? Three months ago? Nothing. It’s because you don’t have the stomach to fight out of anything situation and all you’re left with are these pathetic, lowly excuses that you were “mistreated”, that you were “used”, that you were “under-utilised” as if it’s anyone else’s fault but your own. You waited for an out and when I leave you lying on that canvas? When being the World Heavyweight Champion slips out from your grasp and becomes something that slowly fades away? What’s going to become of Ahren Fournier? Oh wait, let me guess, you’re going to blame people for putting “wrestlers” first over “fighters”? Spin this old “woe is me” narrative that I’m sure some people on some other brand will eat up and put you back in the same position you are now at the draft. I get it, it’s cool to think that we’re just pawns and that nothing we do inside the ring, that everything we are in the business from the over the top personalities, attires and characteristics are the influence of others. But only you ever held control over the Trill Fairy. Only you ever controlled those six months on Dynasty you wasted. You could have been this fighter, this bloke trying to bring legitimacy into professional wrestling.

Maybe you this is truly who you are, who you’ve always been, but you became who you were because of the allure of grandeur, because of the fame and the fortune that came with it.

And now you’re bitter towards it all.

You know I tried to give you more credit in trying to be a “fighter” and selling me and the world on the idea of being legitimate but truthfully I can only laugh at the absolute state of it all. I mean, it’s not like we’ve seen this all before. Carlos Rosso still does it today. I remember Dark Demon trying to bring legitimacy to EAW before I ended that cunt’s career :ha: Oh and who remembers The Mexican Samurai when he sounded like a flog high on cocaine with emotional problems stemming from his fucked up family? Yeah, his attempt at being a “fighter” instead of a wrestler didn’t work out too well for him depending on how you measure success. And there’s been so many fledglings in between them all in just my 4 years here who stepped into that ring, so proud and boastful of their MMA influence and their “clearly superior” methodology, only to be made a fool of by some bloke running around in a budgie smuggler. More than I can or am willing to remember. See, when you spent so long being a fairy, most people are just going to see this whole shtick as a fake tough guy act, laugh and move on. Surely if being legitimate and being a premier athlete in mixed martial arts and boxing or kickboxing or whatever the fuck you apparently did growing up, places you above any professional wrestler in a professional wrestling business, someone should have succeeded by now, no? And not a single person has. Besides, I could get into the whole thing about being here instead of some place that’s dedicated to combat sports but I’m sure your answer would be akin to some flog bragging that he’s good enough to play in the NFL and yet confines himself to the CFL, while saying that the CFL isn’t a legitimate league or some shit. To your credit, thus far you don’t have any reason to consider the possibility that your newest approach to the professional wrestling business isn’t enough to see you achieve great success. What I see however is a considerable overcorrection stemming from - again - the bitterness that exists because of your lack of heart or passion for any of this. There isn’t anything laughable about being a submission specialist nor being someone like myself who excels at using one or many parts of their body to harm their opponent. However, in your case your refusal to acknowledge the place anything that makes us “entertainers” different from you “fighters” has is indeed quite laughable. And regardless of your victory over me and these last 4, rather impressive weeks, I’m almost positive there will be a point where your campaign to instill a different belief, a different perspective on what it takes to be the one single beast to roam the woods will be filled with more holes than swiss cheese. What happens then, Ahren? It’s worked for you so far but 4 weeks has never been deemed an adequate amount of time to judge the possible success of something...of anything. If you fall defeated, does this rock-hard belief of being a fighter is superior to being a wrestler remain?

You’ll likely show your respect, some praise but continue on this path.

But that’s just going to prove me right for lumping you with Grier and Elite. You can say you’re going to evolve from our last encounter, you can say you’re going to offer something new, something different and when you’re tested the most, you’re going to have something to save yourself from defeat. See the difference between you and I - and oh how I love riding this point home - is that I have a wealth of matches...of rivalries, of just stories where I’ve done just that. But you’ve got your word. Your meager word. You’ve all stepped up to me with the same goals, the same confidence. Three men who have drawn their confidence, their arrogance, their grand belief from three very different sources...but all three just as confident as the others. The parallels that exist between you and not just them, but every challenger before you couldn’t be any clearer. You’re right, you came back to Voltage a new person, the unknown and perhaps you have more to give, more to show on Voltage but mate, here’s the truth, I didn’t know a single fucking thing about half the blokes I faced in the Elimination Chamber and I still whipped their arse from chained wall to chained wall and walked back out still the World Heavyweight Champion. What I find most puzzling about your confidence is this idea that I haven’t been knocked down a foot or two in such a long time that I can’t grasp the reality of it happening again nor can I pull myself back up that extra foot or two. But you? Six months on Dynasty...offt. It doesn’t really matter if you hated who you were then, doesn’t exactly fill myself or really anyone with half a brain belief that you’re capable of doing the same. Because as far as I’m concerned, when Ahren Fournier gets knocked down, he doesn’t get back up; he crawls around sulking that things aren’t fair for him until someone offers takes enough pity on him to pick him up, dust him off and give him another chance. It’s almost scary how similar you and Chris Elite sound. But do you know what the peak of it is? What existed in Jacob Senn, in TLA, in Xavier Williams, in Cameron Ella Ava, in TLA again, in Carlos Rosso, in Lars Grier, in Keelan Cetinich, in Chris Elite? Some solid revisioned history, my dude. A nice narrative you pulled from your arse from nothing I ever said. It’s a nice attempt to distort reality, bait me into a verbal bout over something never once spoken. You know what I did say though? I wanted you to prove me wrong, prove that I was able to be beaten. I told you of the men I’ve beaten, the Hall of Famers who tried to deny me this World Heavyweight Championship and take it away. The highly touted men, hailed as “the future” trying to fulfill those fantasies they built, that so many others bought into believing. I told you, simply, of what it is you need to be, the standard you seemingly had to reach to do what so many others couldn’t do. Merely, I questioned the possibility of it because of the reasons you have said yourself now: because of who you were and the unknown you present today. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative that I’m basically a senile World Champion who don’t have a grasp on the gravity of the current predicament my World Heavyweight Championship finds itself in. If you ever wanted another reason why I’ve lumped you with the rest of the useless twats who swung their peckers around thinking they were tough shit, look no further than all of this.

But you know what’s tough?

Being the absolute best in this company consistent for well over a year.

It’s a rather taxing thing; perhaps someday you’ll come to understand that not everyone can be at their absolute best at every point. I’ve seen the champions, the legends stumble at times only to rise back when they must. I’ve seen them sit on the brink of collapse only to pull themselves away from the precipice. The sporting teams who are on top all season long, who stumble towards the end but still pull it off to win their premierships, their trophies, their cups, their Super Bowls, their shields. I think anyone who wants to desperately shove down his opponent’s throat this idea of “carrying” them in a tag match is in a state of delusion beyond any chance of correcting. Perhaps Chris Elite had me on the ropes...you and himself will argue that had Grier not interfered in the contest, I wouldn’t be champion. But you’re arguing hypotheticals that don’t have an ounce of merit to them, not an ounce of substance. I would agree with any idea that for some few weeks I wasn’t at my peak level; concerning yes but not exactly detrimental. And this isn’t a new, sudden phenomenon that you can clutch to and take pride in creating; it’s happened before in my career and I can say without a doubt it will happen again sooner or later. The only anomaly that exists right now is the fact that you defeated me. Everything else is straw clutching and meager assumptions that I’m not going to waste my breath entertaining. Anomalies raise questions, they give birth to debate over whether or not it’s a new reality or a simple bump in what is otherwise a steady line of progression. And you can talk it up; that Voltage all those weeks ago was the beginning of the end for me, the rise of Ahren Fournier to prominence. But until it becomes a reality, it remains something that holds no greater weight than me saying you’re bound to become a footnote in my history book. Again the luxury of my position is being in this same position countless times before and seeing the same inevitable result play out. It’s arrogance and it’s confidence but certainly with reason to exist. I stumbled and I fell to you and as I said, it’s a very, very short list of men who have beaten me twice in this company. Because I don’t care what happens week to week; the results or how I look. What matters is when the bell rings, when my title is on the line; ensuring that I’m in my top possible form, mentally and physically. Again, I’ve turned around the overwhelming public narrative that my time as champion was up into them believing that it’s not slowing down anytime soon. You can “evolve” and make your substantial claims about offering something new, doing what those who couldn’t beat me twice couldn’t do...but your word is meaningless.

You don’t want to be remembered as the man you were.

But I can’t treat you as the unknown.

Like I said the first time we met, we can’t outrun our pasts. Only bury it in glory.

What substance do you have to prove that your victory over me wasn’t a fluke? I’m sure you’ll refuse to draw on anything from the past but as far as I’m concerned, that just makes you a fucking coward who doesn’t have the guts to embrace his own personal failures. You want to be treated as the unknown because you know damn well that the faults in your armour, in your arsenal exist in the first eighteen months you spent in this company; the lack of heart, the lack of passion, the lack of God damn desire. You can’t draw on the past and you won’t because the moment you do, I’ll tear you a fucking new one for being selective of everything about the Trill Fairy. Despite all this bravado about being the unknown, you’re no different than me. You’re walking into a championship match - a World Championship match - against a bloke who has done it time and time and time and time again, better than ANYONE in HISTORY. And yet you will still stand there and say that I’m slipping. You’re going to believe that the last number of weeks is a reflection of the defending champion you’re about to stand across from. All you’ve done is prove to me and prove to the people who didn’t think that it was possible, that I could be defeated. Regardless of form, of mentality, of anything, you got that job done; is that the credit you’re desperately after? Oh, do I need to throw a parade and give you a fucking medal for doing it? Proven me wrong? I’d laugh but I think it’s just rather sad.

Actually, the most telling sign of them all is that it took you eighteen months to become something respectable in this business. It took you six months of pissing around on Dynasty to come up with a new shtick and all you could muster is this tired, laughable idea that being a fighter makes you better on just that alone.

Surely a mere professional wrestler can’t cave your fucking face in, right?

I’m sure the hit to your ego when you’re beaten by a bloke in his budgie smugglers is going to hurt more than ever being a flog in a tutu.
Bhris Elite
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Narrator: Welcome to a Bodega Bhronicles however instead of the usual spot in Brooklyn we are here in Philadelphia Chris Elite is shown sporting “Sheep Better” merchandise while Big Mike shouts out “Getcha Merch”
Chris Elite: Stop it Big Mike you’re scaring them.
Big Mike: Oh yeah I am sorry to the easily triggered I didn’t mean to be a cancerous cunt, I apologize. We out here in Philly though we might hit up the parade later we gotta visit a friend out here. However something bigger than the parade is going on this week feel me? On Sunday the biggest match of the week is happening and it’s only because of my boy the left of me. Chris Elite versus Lars Queer Falls Count Anywhere. See you usually I stay out of his business but Lars has been annoying me lately, such a bitter bitch he’s been as of late B. What did we do to you? We didn’t do nothing when we had those front row seats. We weren’t trying to distract you in any type of way. To be honest we weren’t really paying attention to the match until the end. We know who the winner was going to be and we know who is going to defeat Jamie for that title of his and its the same person who is going to beat you Lars. Chris Elite, that’s all I wanted to say, I know you guys backstage are tired of hearing “ChRiS ElItEs GaY lOvEr” speak for him so I’ll let the man speak for himself.
Chris Elite: Thank you Big Mike, now to carry on with what he was saying, Lars no one did anything to you why are you so bitter? Attack the man that beat you, not the man who was watching, I was just sitting there being handsome how was I a distraction in any way? Unless you are trying to tell us something…  :dame: I guess Lars Queer isn’t such an insult it’s the truth. That’s beside the point though, the point is I am going to give you a reason to be mad at me. I am going to give you a reason to be bitter towards me and jealous of me. I am going to give you a reason to walk past me and put your head down every time we walk past one another backstage. I can already imagine why you’re angry now, it’s probably the same shit the clowns you associate yourself with have been saying. “He won that match out of pity” “DDD felt bad for him” and my favorite one… “IT’s nOt ThE sAmE DdD”.  Let’s not forget how long it took me to get this contract I believe it was how many years? I just can’t seem to remember I’m sure you’ll remind me though Lars a matter of fact we had young Sheldon make a list of the things you might say to me. Camera man please come over to so we can show the world and him the list of things Lars might say this week heading into our match.
Narrator: The camera man walks towards the table and zooms in the list that young Sheldon wrote. It says the following.
“You’re a failure”
“It took you 8 years to accomplish something”
“I beat you before I’ll do it again”
“I’m a Raven”
“I can defeat Ryan Adams as well if I wanted too”
Narrator: There is a lot more but we’ll be sitting here all day one of the other things on the list though said whatever his group chat tells him to say.
Chris Elite: Pretty accurate right? I’d say so and by the way Lars I don’t give a damn what bird you are now. A Raven, Falcon, Crow, Hawk, Pigeon, Toucan Sam or a god damn Eagle since were in Philadelphia because unlike them you aren’t going to win you’re first championship. I am going to make sure of that I am going to be the reason for that Lars. Like I said you’ll have a reason to despise me after this week. Now for the people who’ve been asking me why I chose a falls count anywhere match. It’s simple, I want to make sure I kick Lars ass everywhere in the arena. I want to kick his ass in the ring, I want to kick hiss out of the ring, I want to smack the shit out of him over there, I want to smack the shit out of him near, I want to smack the shit out of him from far. I want to kick his jaw in outside, I want to drop him on his neck inside and so on and so forth.  That’s why I chose this match type I want him to come back to this Arena whenever that might be and get horrible memories. I want him to look at a random wall and get a flashback of the time I smacked his head against it. Then I want to talk past that same wall and share a laugh with Lars Mom and be like “Hey I smacked your sons big ass head off that wall” and then we’ll laugh together about how much of bitter bitch you are.  I don’t have any real problem with you. I don’t hate you or anything like you. I don’t consider this a beef or a rivalry, I mean you might just because we had 2 matches and were tied up 1-1 with the way I plan on defeating you this week though I’m going to go up 4-1 with just win. That’s how bad I am going to beat you, I started a lot of trends to the use of “Fucking Bozo” to making a Smiley popular I even made being a sneaky little shit a trend I was told. The next trend I set will be everyone spamming your Instagram comments, every time you check your mentions it’s the fans saying with just one win I went up 4-1 on you. Lars come out here say what you want. “Look at me I nick named myself a cool bird to be edgy” or “Chris you are such a failure why are you even speaking to me like that” I don’t give a damn. At the end of the day no matter how long it takes me to win a world title which by the way is very close to happening. The only thing people will remember you accomplished in EAW is that you went from a bald bozo in wrestling attire that didn’t fit. Too being a long haired bitter bitch who wears a bulletproof vest to seem cool. I’ll see you soon Lars.

Narrator: Well shit, if I was Lars I wouldn’t say a god damn thing to this man. However that is all the time we have for now we’ll see you next time you fucking bozos… Wonderful people  
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Post on February 7th 2018, 10:23 pm by Davidson
[The scene opens to complete silence and darkness, giving the viewers the impression there are technical difficulties with this video, but nope. After a few seconds, the flick of a light switch is heard, with the light bulb from above shining down to reveal an empty steel chair smack dab in the middle of the room, with a brick wall behind it. Next, the sound of footsteps walking across the concrete floor echoes throughout the unknown location, with each step getting louder and louder until the person is fully in frame … well would you look at that, it’s none other than one half of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions, David Davidson. David is looking like his usual dapper self. He’s rocking the navy blue suit, walnut colored shoes, and a light brown scarf to top it all off. But this time, there is no tie. And of course the most important detail of all, on his right shoulder, there rests his tag team championship. David stops in his tracks to observe the chair for a second before grabbing it and dragging it closer to the camera. The screeching from the chair’s legs makes your hair stand on end. David turns the chair backwards before he takes his seat. He follows this up by opening his mouth, giving the indication he’s about to speak, but instead he lets out a deep sigh, letting the people know how annoyed he is. He looks directly into the camera, just shooting daggers into your souls.]

I don’t think any of you have the faintest idea of how much I’ve been dreading this week. Here’s a hint, a fuck ton. I’ve been dreading this week a fuck ton. There! There you go, now you have somewhat of a better understanding of how I’m feeling right now. Because you see, I’ve been doing my best … just trying my hardest to mentally put this week off. This week. This god damn Reasonable Doubt week. Yet, here it is. It has just gotten underway and I can already tell it’s going to be painfully long, with each day somehow getting worse. Well, other than the day of Reasonable Doubt itself, of course. That’s going to be great for The High Rollerz. But the lead up is a different story. My poor ears will take a beating this week, with blood just wanting to seep out. And my hair … my beautiful locks, may just disappear after I pull it out strand by strand, all because my opponents struggle mightily to piece together any sort of coherent or thought-provoking statement. Then again, I probably don’t have to do anything. No pulling or tugging whatsoever. The hair will just naturally fall out because this week is going to age me a few decades. God, their monotonous voices. I can already hear them. My skin is beginning to crawl because of it. Everything will be challenged … my sanity, my patience, my will to even be an elitist on the Showdown brand. So here it is. It’s time for round two ladies and gentlemen. I present to you, The High Rollerz vs. Di Consentes, the sequel. Spoiler alert, just like the original, it’s going to suck if you’re a Cameron fan or an HBG loyalist. Log on to Rotten Tomatoes and complain about it for not having your traditional happily ever after ending. That’s right, there won’t be some cheesy feel good moment for those to cry tears of joy over. Just like history won’t be made at our expense. Long story short, this lopsided rivalry will come to an end at Reasonable Doubt … and so will the duo of HBG and Cameron. Now as far as I’m concerned, this rematch has no business taking place, especially not at a FPV. Call me biased if you want, but it’s true. In fact, let’s go back in time for a second, just ever so briefly to explain my stance on this. Let’s talk about the Grand Prix Tag Team Tournament. Di Consentes won by beating … pardon my memory for being so foggy because I don’t recall who you faced in the finals. I’m sure those watching this don’t remember either, unless of course you googled it. The point is, they won, which meant they earned the opportunity to face the tag team champions, aka The High Rollerz, in a title match. I..I don’t think you heard me correctly so I’ll repeat those three words again. A TITLE MATCH! A! MEANING SINGULAR!! They got it, they squandered it to nobody’s surprise and yet, they’ve managed to weasel themselves into getting another title match because why? Hmmm let me brainstorm. So far, all I can come up with are two reasons. One, the incompetence of our GM, Brian Daniels. You see he often makes decisions … irrational decisions in the heat of the moment instead of doing the logical thing, which would be to carefully take the time to weigh the pros and cons before deciding what he thinks is best for his brand, whether it’s major or minor. Plus, his history with The High Rollerz is well documented by now. Yeah, I don’t think I have to go any further with that. As for reason number two, Drake Jaeger. He’s their scapegoat. He’s their excuse. An invalid excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. 

Drake Jaeger is the sole reason as to why HBG and Cam lost to us at King of Elite. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. But I don’t see it that way. What a surprise, I know. I on the other hand see Drake for what he is … your saving grace. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be getting this second crack at these titles in the first place. So don’t for one second think you are the only two that despise that man. I FUCKING LOATHE DRAKE JAEGER! If it were up to me I’d take those shades of his, stomp on them with my boot, collect the shards of glass, and stick them right into his beady little eyes. My hatred for him is unhealthy at this point. You would think this was The Heart Break Gal speaking. But because of Drake, I now have the misfortune of facing you two pervicacious muttonheads again. And worst of all, because of Drake, I now have to listen to you two bloviate about the complete and utter hogwash that only your brains could muster. Now, I’m sure you’ll respond to these claims by attempting to turn the tables on me and say that Drake was the one who saved us from losing our titles. I wouldn’t blame you if that’s the route you choose to take. Firmly grasp those straws. Stick to your guns. Do whatever it takes to help you sleep at night. I wouldn’t want that confidence … no, ARROGANCE of yours to waver. So again, blame Drake. Burn him at the fucking stake because what’s the alternative? Blame the loss on Cameron? Or HBG? How preposterous! Do me a favor, just a small one: grow the fuck up. Hahaha that’s rich coming from me, isn’t that right Cameron? A week ago you said Jack and I reminded you of the typical high school student who’s addicted to stirring up drama for the hell of it: But tell me, isn’t running away from responsibility quite childish in its own right? Well, delusional too, but yep, definitely childish. 

[David pauses for a second. He taps on the steel chair before he stands up up. He sports a small grin on his face, just reminiscing about what transpired at King of Elite. He folds the chair up and places it on the ground. He slides the chair towards the camera with his foot.]

Tell me Ms. Ava, if you could go back in time to the night of King of Elite, would you change a single thing? For instance, would you have grabbed that steel chair, such as that one on the floor, take it, put it above your head, swing downwards, and just bash my skull in repeatedly? Because if you did, a whole lot could have changed. This title … my title, it could be around that slim waist of yours right now. But I must clarify that using that chair by no means would have sealed the deal for you, but it would’ve surely increased your odds of winning the match. I mean, isn’t that what this is all about? Winning matches? Winning titles? Stat padding as much as possible? Something you partner has gone on record to say, which hey, that’s fine with me. Honesty is an ear cleanser after listening to all of these other elitists spew nothing but politically correct statements. So tell me Cam, why didn’t you use the chair? Because as of right now, I don’t have the slightest clue. If the roles were reversed, I would have Babe Ruth’d your ass with zero hesitation. Just swinging that chair like a mad man, like there’s no tomorrow. However, you showed restraint. And because you showed restraint, it became abundantly clear that we are wired differently. Now, I’m sure you’ll go over this. Who knows, maybe before this video goes up, you’ll post one of your own, explaining what was going on inside that head of yours. But for the time being, I’m left wondering. Is it because that all of a sudden, you had some random code of honor instilled in you? Meaning that there are certain and strict guidelines that you must follow due to all of the young children who look up to you and your sister? Or maybe, just maybe, you have a secret soft spot for good ol’ David Davidson? I wouldn’t blame you. But on a serious note, I know that’s not the reason. If I had to guess, it’s ego related. You didn’t want to give Drake the satisfaction of being such a key factor … the deciding factor, as to why you would have won. No, you’re Cameron Ella Ava! You’re a legend in this business! You’ve won countless titles, along with countless of awards. You’re a strong independent women who doesn’t need any help. Hmm, debatable. 

You make some bold ass assumptions. For instance you assumed that your talent combined with HBG’s would be enough to dethrone us as tag team champions, but little did you know what awaited you that night. Look at me! You had no shot at taking these titles from the greatest tag team in EAW history that night, plain and simple … and I think even you knew that deep down. So long story short, I blame you for your loss. And it’s not even because you didn’t use the chair. It’s for you getting easily distracted. You were like a little kid preoccupied by a shiny new toy. That toy being the chair. You didn’t want to use it on me? Fine. What you should have done was immediately slide the chair out of the ring, pay no attention to Drake, and try to finish off the match. But you didn’t. You love your drama, hence why you were on some bs reality show. So when Drake called you a dumb bitch, you of course had to turn it into a shouting match, and by doing so, you took your eye off the prize. And it cost you. Cameron, you’ve had countless title matches during your time in EAW, no? Whether you were defending a title or challenging for a new one. Meaning that you of all people should know that once the bell dings, you need to be laser focused by paying no attention to what’s going on outside of the ring. I mean for such a seasoned veteran like yourself, I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that you would make such a rookie mistake. How on earth have you gotten this far? Don’t actually answer, it was rhetorical. Now, one of the last points I want to make regarding you specifically Cam, is that last week you told us to go choke. Which is so fucking fitting AFTER YOU CHOKED AWAY YOUR MATCH AT KING OF ELITE, OH MY GOD! You had everything going for you. You were in the driver’s seat, even if it was just for a moment, and you blew it. Seeing as how the Super Bowl just happened, I can’t help but think back to last year’s SB when the Falcons, just like yourself in such a big match, acted a little confident and because you acted a little too confident, it turned into arrogance and because of your arrogance, you let you foot off the gas. You coasted. And well, the rest is history. See, it’s no secret that Atlanta Falcons squad turned into a meme after getting embarrassed on the biggest stage for hundreds of millions to see. They blew a god damn 28-3 lead after all. And the Patriots owner, Mr. Robert Kraft reminds that Falcons team every day of that embarrassment after he decided to put 283 diamonds in their championship rings. Just like this title on my shoulder reminds you of how badly you fucked up, Cameron. So telling us to go choke? Nah Ms. Ava, I’ll leave that to the experts, such as yourself. Before I move on, I want to ask you just one more question. Do you actually believe, in your heart of hearts, that Di Consentes are deserving of this rematch? Make no mistake about it, there is a right and wrong answer here, so think carefully. But seeing as how I’m a betting man, you will choose the wrong answer. And speaking of betting, weren’t you the one who told the EAW fans to bet on you to win that week? Hilarious. Do it again. Convince them to lose even more money. Make your mistake theirs again. God I love train wrecks. 

So it’s true when I said Cameron cost her team the win at King of Elite, but I never said she shouldered the blame alone. Hey Heart Break Gal, how are you doing? Miss me? I would only assume so. Now, before I continue, I must know, are you going to throw a fit again this week? By bitching about how all we do is “ramble” on and on about nonsense? That you just want to mute us because we add nothing of substance or importance? Because if so, we’ll just cut you off again and focus all on Cam. And when that happens, Cam will cry foul. She’ll pull out the victim’s card and tell us to stop ganging up on her. Or better yet, she’ll say we have this unhealthy obsession with her, when it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Especially when she was sticking her nose in our business long ago while she was wearing that hood. We did you a favor that week, HBG. You didn’t want to hear from us? So you didn’t. We freed you. We were no longer holding that gun to your temple, which forced you to watch us talk. Or wait, we never did any of that, odd huh? I know this is going to sound sexist, but you really live up to one of the biggest female stereotypes. Give them attention and they’ll tell you to leave them alone. Don’t give them attention and they’ll cry about you not noticing them. “OMG, like, I didn’t spend the past two hours doing my hair for you not to drool over me. Like wtf.” I mean, you’re used to guys acting like idiots over you. One by one they would line up and for whatever reason, they never realized you had them wrapped around your finger from the very beginning. The same finger I’d snap right off with my teeth. Well, after I’d bend and twist it until it was dislocated. But that’s not written in my game plan for this match because well, I have a pretty good idea of where that finger has been … no thanks. So with that said, I’ll just work on that pretty little face of yours instead. Maybe I’ll even crack yours this time instead of Cam’s. You know, after I caused her to collide with your former BFF, Drake Jaeger. Who knows, maybe I can recreate that spot with a different friend of yours? What’s the Burned Man up to these days? Or that one dude in the mask? I digress. I want to go back to my original point when I said your loss at King of Elite has just as much to do with you, as it did Cameron. This is going to blow your mind, but when you’re a team, you either win together or you lose together. And you lost. Sure, you can continue to duck and dodge the responsibility by placing the blame on Drake, even though he was genuinely trying to help you out … but tell me HBG, where the fuck were you when this went down? Let’s review the tape. Drake runs down to the ring, distracts the referee, slides the steel chair into the ring, Cameron has a brain malfunction like always and argues with Drake, then I swoop in and end the match. So like I asked, where were you? Oh yeah, that’s right, I powerbombed you out of the ring and by doing so, I eliminated you from of the equation. Long story short, you weren’t there for your partner when she needed you the most. Bad HBG! Very bad! Now, I’m sure you’re plugging your ears right about now because you don’t want to hear it. “It” being the truth. It’s no secret that you tune us out anyways so I’ll focus my attention on my favorite out of Di Consentes, Cameron, and ask her one last question. For now at least. 

Cameron, when it comes to our match at Reasonable Doubt, what’s in it for us? 

Sure, you get another title match for no reason at all, but what do we get? A FPV paycheck? Yeah, I have more than enough money already. In fact, I don’t know what to do with it all. I just might donate some of it to charity. Haha, yeah right. So again, tell me, WHAT DO WE GET THOUGH? The opportunity to face two hall of famers? Been there, done that. The bragging rights for beating Di Consentes? Again, been there, done that. Why not make it more interesting and put your titles on the line as well? An all or nothing match. It’s not like Brian hasn’t made one before. Why not make another? Maaaan, fuck our GM. But fine. We’ll play this game again. I mean the ending will remain the same, so it is what is. Lastly, I hope you realize that you two are their last hope. When I say “their”, I mean the fans. If you don’t take these titles from us, then nobody will. I mean who’s next in line even? The Dragon Slayers? The Wild Boys? Both are awful. Neither of them are even on my radar. But with that said, it’s not about them, this is about you and your last chance to end our reign. I’m sure most people want you to. We’ve basically held these titles for a year. They wanna see change. It’s just like most sports fans being sick of watching the Warriors and Patriots in title games year after year. Just like them, The High Rollerz are a great team, an impregnable duo that has created a dynasty of their own, no doubt about it. But to those pulling for Di Consentes to win this week … just know you’ll soon regret it. Let’s talk facts. This is the second FPV in a row where Cameron and HBG are double booked. And if they take these titles from us, that trend will only continue. Talk about overexposure. It’ll become the Cam and Claudia Show … puke. And because they keep getting all of these matches, that means they’ll be hogging spots and taking opportunities away from your other favorite elitists. But fear not, for we would never let that happen. Not on our fucking watch. So Cameron, you can have your Openweight Championship, just like HBG can have her EAW Championship. But these tag titles? Hahaha dream on. 

[David walks away laughing, with the lights being turned off once he’s fully out of frame. Camera fades to black.]
Jack Ripley
Re: EAW Promoz!
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Can someone tell me why this match is taking place? I've looked for the answer high and low. I've searched all over the internet, I've asked around backstage, I've even read a book, but no answer. It just doesn't make sense, and I would love for someone to explain it to me. So Cam and HBG win the Grand Prix tournament, they get rewarded for the feat and challenge us for the Tag Team Titles. They lose. Story should be over now right? Had the long adventure of going through the grand prix tournament, waiting months to actually cash it in, and then... They lose. So why is this match happening? Under what merit do they get another title match? Is it because Drake Jaeger got involved? Well that doesn't make much sense because he was trying to help them. If someone charges the ring, throws a chair to someone, and that person is too stupid to pick it up, and loses the match does that warrant a rematch for them? It's not like we used the chair. If anything they should be punished for getting help in the first place. 

Doesn't matter honestly, either way they were going to complain about it. And you want to know something? They'd probably get what they wanted too, because that seems to be a common theme for them. They love to place the blame on everyone else other than themselves, and complain when they don't get their way. I'm sure Cam and HBG will complain about Drake Jaeger still, and say that they lost the match because he got involved. But really? How does that work? He wasn't trying to help us, he threw a chair directly to them, she just didn't use it. She actually let the help lead to a distraction, and if that doesn't show how right we were about Cam this entire time, then nothing will. But let's face it, whether they lost because of Drake Jaeger or not they'd still find shit to complain about. If it wasn't the fact that someone tried to help them in the match, it would be the fact they're were exhausted from the matches they had earlier in the night. This is wrestling though, you should be at peak physical condition to be honest. You should be able to go for an hour, hence the matches like the iron man match.. Or Iron woman match. But hey things didn't go your way so obviously you'll have something to blame for your misfortunes. It can't be because of your ineptitude, or your lack of skill. 

Now I get that you two are champions right now, and thats great, probably got some stroke with the company and that's how you got this match.. I mean seriously who's dick are you sucking now that you got this match? But hey it's whatever, when it comes right down to it, you could've beat us, but you didn't. And why is this? Simple, we're better. And I'll even narrow it down for you two because I know you'll have a problem with what I said. We're better than you specifically at  wrestling in tag team matches, and really that's all this is about. The Tag Team Titles don't deserve to be an afterthought by the likes of you two, and if you were to win these titles, that's exactly what they'd be. We already know how you treat them, they'd just be a prop, just for show. I mean look at Cam, she doesn't even have the Tag Team Titles, she made such a big deal about not getting them, but still talks about the Openweight Title. Not only does she only talk about the Openweight Title but she's talking to an opponent that hasn't even spoke to her yet. You see where her priorities lie, and you see what's going to happen right? If Cam were to win all of the Openweight Title matches, and cashes in her title, she's cashing in on HBG. Where again the Tag Titles will be an afterthought. You people have to understand that we're the only salvation that these titles have. Without us they'd be collecting dust, and be an afterthought, because no one cares about them as much as we do. The Tag Team Titles aren't just some accessory that you can wear on your arm to get the attention of fans, and advertisers or whatever you're in it for. 

I'm not even convinced that you two are the ones that even want this match to happen. I have a slight suspicion that it's actually because of what management wants, and it doesn't necessarily have to do with you exactly. Fact of the matter is the Tag Team Grand Prix is always an absolute bust. I don't know who has won it before we got here, but since we've gotten here the winners have been Matt Squared, and HBG and Cam. Matt Squared won the titles by winning the tournament and subsequently lost them in a month. You two won the tournament and lost the title match that you were awarded. Management doesn't like the fact that no one ever sticks around after the Grand Prix tournament, makes it look bad and pointless doesn't it? So you messed up on your first try, why not give you two another so if you actually win, they can fix the damage done to the image of the tag team tournament. Sorry that by being too good at tag team wrestling we ruined anyones hope of actually succeeding in this division. Sorry that no one has any interest in coming to this division to get fucked up, but that's not our fault. Everyone is so selfish, only having their own interests in mind that they don't even care when they fail. Tag Team wrestling isn't the goal, and that's why HBG, and Cam are supposed to work out so well. To them Tag team wrestling is a hobby, they already have what they really want. 

But in all honesty this tag team of Cam and HBG is a joke. They don't deserve any of the shit that they're handed, and it makes a mockery of our profession when they are given shit. They're handed a tag team title match, they're handed a World Title mach, they're handed a fucking victory.. That they can't capitalize on, but still. How much shit do they have to be handed before they actually go out and earn something? Wrestling shouldn't be about who you sleep with, it should be about how good you actually are. It's awesome that you two can throw it back on some prominent dick, congrats, I'm sure your parents are proud, but doesn't the feeling get empty? Don't you actually get the feeling of wanting to do it under your own merit start to seep in eventually? I don't know, maybe that's just the competition in me that's saying it. I wouldn't want the measure of success based on my penis, I want it measured in the ring, and my ability. And no, I'm not saying I have a small penis, because I know that's where you two would take it. I'm saying that just because I can fuck someone so well that they won't be able to walk right for days, doesn't mean I should get a title match. I should get a title match because no one can out work me in that wrestling ring. I should get a title match because I am a premier athlete with no peer, except for the one that stands beside me. We have done something that no one in the history of this company has done, and there's something that can be said about that. It shows how good we are, but people like Cam, and HBG will never give us the credit that we deserve based on two or three occurrences out of a 300 day reign. We just passed the anniversary of when we won the Tag Team titles for the first time. January 28th or something like that, a feat no doubt right? But all these two can do is neglect that it is a fact, and try to pick a part at anything they can to devalue what we've done. It's quite pathetic really. You'd think that two people that are supposed hall of famers would be able to give credit where credit is due, but it's whatever. Obviously they'll say something like we would give credit if you deserved it, because those are the kind of hags that they are. Try to discredit what other people have done because they're not satisfied with what they've done, or how they've done it. If they were satisfied with what they've done, and not embarrassed by the means they've done it they would actually accept the well known fact that the High Rollerz are the greatest team that has ever existed, and they'd get past it. But nope, they have to rotten humans that have to sit on a pedestal that really doesn't exist. 

HBG can spit out the same old tired as rhetoric with no substance all she wants, it's fine by me. She's one of the most redundant boring humans I've ever had the displeasure talking to, and really hope she keeps quiet. How long did it take you to win a World Title? 10 years? Congrats on that, you finally found the right dick to fuck, very proud. All the other legends dicks didn't do it, but the current one sure did the trick! Hey I've got a great new nickname for you HBG! HBG The Legend Fucker! It works perfectly I think. But may I make a request? When we're inducted into the Hall of Fame please don't come knocking on the RAD Betting Agency door? We're not interested. We're not going to help progress your career by giving you our man meat. We will however try to anchor it down. Have I said that before? Don't really care, facts are facts, and I really want her to know that I don't respect her. For someone that was in the dark ages doing nothing to progress the womens division, accepting the role of Vixen, she really likes to reap the benefits of the hard work of people like Aria Jaxon. HBG has sent the whole Womens Division backwards, by backing into situations, and luck. She won't respond to a god damn thing I'm saying, and instead say a bunch of generalized bullshit while she sifts through this match without a care in the world. Cam on the other hand will continue to say the same old shit as well, and try to make herself seem better than what she is. All the while we've seen Cam for who she truly is already. Someone that can't hang with real talent, and will get distracted by anything that is shiny, costing HBG the match yet again. Not that I think HBG would actually have a shot at beating us regardless, you just quicken the process. 

So after we beat you this time, what will be your excuse? You do love making them so. I know that if you lose cleanly, and have nothing but yourself to blame, you'll go crazy, or make something up. You know I'd actually like to see that? But let's be real, neither of you care enough. Once you lose this match your tag team will dissipate and you'll go on to do other shit. You'll forget all about the tag team division like everyone else. That's what the High Rollerz do though, sniff out the fakers, and kick them out of our division. Like in love, if it's real, they'll come back. If the tag team is real, they'll be back. It's based on this logic I know you won't be back another time. Brian Daniels had to basically force you to be in this match again anyways. Don't worry we'll do you two a favor, and put this team out of its misery come this weekend. See ya there.

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Perhaps you were not expecting me to open my mouth, Cameron. Perhaps you were expecting me to stay silent and let my actions do the talking instead. No. Not with you. The silence I have had since King of Elite has been built up because of frustration. Irritation. Disappointment. The truth is… I am a failure. It seems that no matter what it is I do or what it is I set my eyes on to achieve, I always come up short. It’s like there is this weight on my shoulders holding me down when the going gets tough. This is not a feeling I am used to and yet here I am. A year and a half back in the ring after coming out of retirement with nothing to show for myself. No championships, no accolades, nothing. Just a normal man that many seem to love, but a normal man nonetheless. I do not want to be a normal man. I’ve always tried to stand out from the crowd as much as I could. I have always tried to be the most unique in-ring competitor the wrestling world has ever seen. But instead I am letting cunts pass me on Voltage as they move up past me while I stay stagnant towards the top. Yeah, somehow I still manage to stay in a main event position on what is a show considered the place to be right now, and despite all my recent big losses and failures there I sit. People on that roster still look up to me as one of the men to beat. They see me as a gatekeeper, and if they want to get to the EAW World Heavyweight Championship I am the guy they must defeat. Is that something I want to be? Fuck no. Are you kidding me? I want to be a champion, damn it. I am tired of keeping these feelings in. I am sick to death of people constantly telling me things I already know. “Oh Keelan you’re not a champion what do you have to show for your EAW career?” Fucking nothing. You think I am not aware of the situation I am currently in? These same people call me stupid but those people are the dumbest cunts to ever walk the face of the earth. They think they know everything and they want to be the first one to tell all of your problems to your very face when you’ve known of them all along. Being the happy, go-lucky guy has been my schtick and I do not want to resort to anything less… but what choice do I have? I feel like a change needs to be made. I feel like I must do something in order for this difference to take place.

The EAW Openweight Championship.

The losses continue to build up for me in my biggest matches and still I find myself in them. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I am capable of achieving such a feat as winning a championship, and whatever it is in my way that is preventing me from doing it will soon be found out at Reasonable Doubt. What a fitting name for my situation, eh?

Cameron Ella Ava.

I remember when I was pushing to have just one single match with you and now it seems wherever I go, I can’t seem to avoid you. I know you love the Aussie dick but do me a favour and get the fuck off of mine, yeah? What do you mean you thought Voltage was going to send their very best? You’ve never defeated me. Kenny Drake was smart to send a man that has overcome you cleanly. I have been given the task to bring back to Voltage what was rightfully stolen by them when you decided to up and leave this show. What’s the matter, Cam? Why would you want to leave a show that had some of your friends AND your boyfriend on it? You actually had a great thing going on over here, but in the end… oh who am I kidding. Of course I know the reason you wanted out of here. You’re the Openweight Champion. You would have had the duty to defeat a member of each show just to get a World Championship match… and who happens to be the champion over on Voltage? I’ve mentioned this before to you Cameron, but I can see right through you. Not a lot of people can because you’re done a good job to build up whatever defences you needed to not only stay relevant, but to stay appealing to the public eye. But you can’t fool me. No… not I. If you had stayed here on Voltage and earned the right to face the EAW World Heavyweight Champion, which let’s face it, would still be Jamie O’Hara, you would have had been given the opportunity to end his reign. You’ve tried it before. Hell, you even came close to doing it, and what did it cost you? It almost cost you your relationship. It almost cost you your home. It almost cost you your whole damn life. You couldn’t have that, right? You’re an Ava! Oh, everybody knows of The Avas! You need to have that publicity after all! That’s how you live and breathe and go about your day! Without it, what are you? You’d just be another face in the crowd. That’s not something you can be, is it? No you need to stand out. It’s how you and your shitty sisters have been raised. You would rather die than not have anybody know your damn name. Such a shame. I’m not sure what Jamie even sees in you honestly. Hell I’m not even sure what you see in him. All you’ve done is wrong by each other. You tried to take his championship, and when you failed in doing that, you felt so terrible that you had to be the one to actually help in retain it after your match with him. This is why you left Voltage, right? You took the Openweight Title and hopped on over to Showdown. Oh, but hold on? Your tag team partner is the world champion there. If you earned a world title shot after defending that Openweight Title a few times, you’d be facing Heart Break Gal for the championship. You could be the EAW Tag Team Champions by then.

Cam, you are the cancer of Elite Answers Wrestling. It just seems that no matter where you go, nobody wants you there. You’re not a good person, like, at all. You might be one of the fakest bitches I have ever come across. You don’t have sympathy for me. You don’t give a shit if the cat has my tongue. You don’t care if I open my mouth or if I decide to keep quiet. You say all this like you think it’s going to get into my head, but truth be told… nothing really gets to me anymore. I guess that’s just how I feel right now. I’m numb to it all, not just because I’ve heard it all before, but really it is because of my failures. It has brought me to a new low. Yeah, I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that out of mouth were you? Usually I keep to a positive mindset and attitude but how far can one really go if he’s finding himself in the same loop over and over? There’s something in my way that is preventing me from shooting to the top and I promise you I will find out what it is at Reasonable Doubt after I give you the absolute beating of a lifetime. I’ve done it before, and you can sure as shit believe I will do it again. Sure, I let Voltage down at King of Elite. Theron defeated me, and rightfully so. He deserves this win. I’d rather him than Darkane any day. But while we are on the topic of letting Voltage down… what about you? You won the Openweight Championship at King of Elite too while a member of Voltage, and low and behold, now you’re a member of Showdown. I don’t need to delve into the details on why you decided to jump ship to another show again, but because nobody can see through you like I can, I felt like I had to let the whole world know. And now they do, and now I bet they now think you’re just a scared bitch that’s too afraid to face her personal problems head on. They now think you’re just an individual who constantly makes mistakes and doesn’t want to admit them. They now think that you never think before you act, and because of that reason you always find yourself in predicaments in which you do your best to avoid. It is alright though, Cam, because I’m sure we’ve all been there, but it’s always hilarious to see a trainwreck happen to somebody that everyone hates.

Oh wow, Madison Kaline has been more successful in her EAW career than I have been in mine? No fucking shit you idiot. She’s been here almost twice as long than I have. But, it’s no lie that the success she had since leaving The Sanatorium all the way up to when she got injured was because of me, and she will tell you the same. She’s had some bad luck in her career, but that was before she met me Cam. Don’t you wish you had a relationship like ours? Where we can rely on one another, and that the belief we have in one another will push us far and beyond our wildest desires? Yeah, she is my good luck charm, and she will be at ringside this weekend. She won Empress of Elite because I believed that she could do it. She won at Pain For Pride X because I believed she could do it. She became relevant on Empire again because I believed she could do it. And yes, Astraea Jordan injured her, and it is unfortunate but injuries can happen at any time and being a wrestler yourself, Cam, you should know that too. But truthfully Cam, this is where you’re wrong. If I am being perfectly honest… I don’t think I can win matches without her. Truly. That’s the whole reason she wants to be at ringside for every match I have for the foreseeable future. These past couple of weeks have been difficult. I mean, shit, I almost lost to a dude named Shark Man. FUCKING SHARK MAN, CAMERON. I don’t need to tell you how embarrassing that is, because I know. I know it better than anybody else could. She wants to help, and you know what I am going to let her. What else could I do at this point, right? I’d take anything if it helps me get across the line. So I’ll save you the strategy I have on the drawing board against you Cam, but because I have defeated you before I know in my heart I can do it again. Yes, I can defeat you knowing I lost at King of Elite. Can you defeat me knowing you lost to me in the Voltage King of Elite Finals? Can you defeat me knowing what I know about why you left Voltage originally? You might deny it all but I know deep down it’s the truth, Cam, so you might as well admit it now while you have some sort of decency left in you.

Cam, I have nothing to lose at Reasonable Doubt. You, well you have just about everything to lose. What happens if I take that championship away from you; the championship you took over to Showdown to avoid a potential breakup with your boyfriend? Let’s face it, I know you wanted to stay on the yellow brand deep down. I know you loved it here. Every time I walked the halls I saw a smile on your face. You left Voltage not because you wanted to, but because you had to. What choice did you have, right? I’ve never denied that you are one of the talented wrestlers EAW has to offer, and you probably would have defeated whoever Showdown would have provided. Hell, you would have EASILY defeated whoever Dynasty would have provided. Their dying brand continues to fall apart by the day. And of course you dominated Empire for the entire time you were there, and whoever Flannery McCoy would have provided I am sure you would have squashed them too. But now you’re on Showdown to avoid what would have been the inevitable. Did you know that Voltage was never supposed to have the first shot at the Openweight Title? The rules state it, but I don’t know someone must have done something to rig this shit. Because you won it on Voltage and moved to another show, Voltage should have had the shot last, not first. But you know what, it’s whatever to be honest, because now I am going to bring that belt back to where it rightfully belongs. You probably don’t know this, but everybody on Voltage is livid you left with a belt we had, to a show that gets just about fucking everything. So yeah, if I were you, I probably would be shaking in my boots. I know you’re fearful of what might happen inside yourself if you lost the championship on your first defence, but you’ll do a good job hiding this fact if you and HBG end up winning the tag team titles. I know how you Avas work. It took you seven months of rebuilding to get you up to this point? Bitch what the hell have you even done to rebuild yourself? You spent half the time on Voltage being more of a lackey than a girlfriend to Jamie O’Hara and you spent the other half of it on Dancing With The Stars. Honestly, you win in that Fatal-4 Way qualifier on Voltage was probably easy for you. And, you were lucky that Sheridan Muller was taken out at King of Elite to turn that Openweight Title match into a singles match. Sheridan and Stark aren’t here anymore, so congratulations on your fucking victory! Here’s your championship, you cunt. You say that never did you think one of the runner ups at King of Elite would have been handed a title shot, but the hypocrisy in you is so real it’s almost hard not to talk about. How about you losing in the tournament and then getting given the luckiest and easiest lead up to a championship in your life? Who was in that Fatal-4 Way again? Moongoose McQueen? El Ironico? Cody Marshall? If you had lost to either one of them, I would have been embarrassed for you. I’ve discussed how piss-poor the Voltage roster is in the past and it was my task in the King of Elite tournament to be the Voltage representative over the whole lot. And now, it’s my task to be the Voltage representative for the Openweight Title, and that’s why I attacked you on Showdown.

I don’t give Voltage as much shame as you think, because in truth I give myself shame the most. If we’re talking about giving Voltage shame, it’s you that has done that, not me. I know you miss this place. I know you want to come back, but you aren’t welcome back, nor will you ever will be. So I hope you enjoy eating humble pie and I hope it tastes as bittersweet as you are, because Voltage considers me a top talent for a reason, and I think EAW would rather have an Openweight Champion be a man who has cried, sweat and bled for this business over a woman who would rather be on some shithouse reality TV show like True Avas or dance with a bunch of faggots on some show only people with half a brain would watch.

So, it’s a sad day when EAW considers Cameron Ella Ava a top talent. It would be an even sadder day if Cameron Ella Ava somehow stays the champion.

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I could tell you that I'm going to beat the hell out of Devan Dubian, but I say that to all of my opponents. This isn't about staining the canvas with the blood of Dubian like only an artist like me can do, this isn't about making Dubian rue the day he decided to come back and leave me in a bleeding edge of my own. Things are bigger than the ego of Devan Dubian, the EAW Championship for sure is one of them and definitely being the front runner for a shot at the championship is. To me it is, I've been busting my ass as usual, fighting the Triumvirate, getting rid of sheep like Jaywalker and Dubian has been getting his ass kicked by guys who aren't even in EAW anymore. Getting his ass kicked by guys who take their ball over to the 'strong' side if you catch my drift, I don't respect Devan Dubian. Because he's not man enough to start from the bottom, his ego can't stand the fact that someone like Diamond Cage is definitely the top contender for the Heart Break Gal whenever this hexafaggot love story wants to end. He just needs to get himself into a spotlight he doesn't deserve, he needed to make a statement and all he's done is made it clear that he isn't smart enough to stay out of my way so I'll just mow his ass down like I've been doing people my entire career. I'm not going to give you a six star classic but I can assure you that it's going take more than tapping into the pass glory of winning the Answers World Championship in the main event of Pain for Pride to stop a man like Diamond Cage. I'm at this point in my career where I know I'm hurting, I'm a damaged man, but still here I stand with my hands ready to fight and I'll always have my hands ready to fight because no one in EAW can take me out. Nobody here does their job, the job isn't to put on 55 minute matches, the name of the game is to survive and how you survive is when you have a motherfucker in that ring in a vulnerable position, YOU SHOW NO MERCY AND YOU TAKE THEIR HEAD OFF! That's how you get ahead around here, cutthroat and no questions asked.  And they call this the land of elite, formerly the land of Extreme, yet I'm still around. Shocker to everyone right? Who would expect Diamond Cage to still be around in 2018 and competing for a shot at the EAW Championship nonetheless? 

I expected it, because I know who I am I don't need to pretend like everyone else in this locker room or everyone else in this company, I know what I can do in that ring and I know what I am capable, I am more than a barbaric buffoon, I'm one of the very best in the world and I prove it every single night against the best this company has had to offer, Starr Stan, your little ELITE buddy, I broke his will and his spirit before you even had the chance to. Jaywalker, I broke his will and hell I probably ended the mans career, Mr. DEDEDE wasn't the same cause I put the man in a wheelchair, and the list doesn't stop. Basically what I'm saying is I didn't buy into the marketing of those men who are viewed as the legendary figures of EAW, so why should I buy into Devan Dubian? Who is Devan Dubian? What has Dubian done except run his mouth until I come down and shut it? You are a guy who picks his battles and that's really smart, it's a survival trick to live to see another day. But Dubian, this little rule of us having no physicality that was enforced by a spineless general manager was for your protection, If I wanted your head on a stick I would have had it. There wouldn't be no number one contenders match, and you wouldn't be about to face a man who will make your plans to focus on what really matters be just another failed plan in your career. And who am I to talk? I've fucked up some you probably say, difference between me and you is you've always had to reinvent, I don't do that shit. I'm the same Diamond Cage I was when I won the fucking title, only difference is I'm older and the names of this company has changed. One constant remains and that is when it comes down to the EAW Championship, I'll drop your mother, my mother, my grandmother all on their fucking heads not only for the title but for a fucking shot at it. So I don't look at this as a number one contenders match, I look at it as you challenging the number one contender, taking my spot because while you were gone, I was the man, I was beating people up and I was the man who should have been facing HBG. I blame you for the reason Reasonable Doubt is having a lackluster main event for the EAW Championship. We got fucking commentators coming up and thinking they can just achieve past glory again over some clique love. Reasonable Doubt doing numbers like the 2012 show, we could blame Brian Daniels, we could blame HBG for being an EAW Champion nobody really gives a fuck about and all the feminist can piss and moan and bleed out their vaginas but your the only ones who care about HBG as the EAW Champion. But I blame you, cause it should have been me in the main event of Reasonable Doubt taking back the EAW Championship. But you want attention, you don't want to be forgotten but yet you decide to pick fights with the most dangerous man in this world? I don't understand you. So I just want to know Dubian, how is it going to feel when you lose? When that big return was just a waste, when all you did was squander your opportunity will you finally just decide to go to the back of the line and fight your way back to the front? Or are you going to continue and walk around here with the swagger of “I WON THE TITLE AT PAIN FOR PRIDE IN LONDON, I SHOULD GET THAT TITLE SHOT!”, if you lose Dubian, you show the world what I already know, you are losing your bleeding edge. You won't be in the distinct club of people to say Diamond Cage kicked my ass but you'll be in the long list of people to say Diamond Cage was the better wrestler, the better fighter. So as I walk into Reasonable Doubt the number one contender, defending my place against you, I like to remind you that nobody takes food off of my plate. Trying to take from me is equivalent to what people call a sin around here, and for every sin there is accountability that must be taken for the sinners actions. You are a sinner Dubian, and therefore I'll strike down with great vengeance and all that shit and drop you on your head and I will stand STILL YOUR REIGNING AND DEFENDING NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FOR THE EAW CHAMPIONSHIP! Diamond Fucking Cage.
Ahren Fournier
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For all the talking that you're doing, trying to drag my name through the dirt; trying to tell everyone what I can and can't do, you should really start looking into the mirror. I get that you have held the title for all of season 11, but all of season 11 has clearly weighed on you. You don't seem to be the same guy that was running through cunts this entire time, showing they don't belong. Let's just take a look at the Jamie O'Hara I know. Let's take a look at the Jamie O'Hara that's been making his way to the aisle since I've been back on voltage, because that's the only thing that really matters. You say how Chris elite wasn't worthy of being world champion but to my recollection he had your ass beat about 3 weeks ago before Lars got involved. I beat you of course, that goes without saying. And do you remember the tag team match we were in? The one where I carried you against these people that you deem unworthy, do you remember? You're slipping. What you've done will never be taken away from you, but I know you to some extent, I know that you never have enough. Like you said failure isn't an option for you, but your loss has shown that you are just human. Which I find odd that you find solace in the fact that you have shown your mortal side. This is the worst time to be showing it, you're up against your biggest threat. And yes I understand you don't think I'm worthy of being champion either based on dynasty. Bro I didn't fucking care about Dynasty, I didn't fucking care about voltage, I've told you this and everyone again and again I was just signed here to be pretty and get people in the stands. If I was good enough I'd be where Nico is? Fuck Nico, and fuck that brand. The Trill Fairy was never real, and I don't know how many times I have to say this. I've never even cared about this sports entertainment thing. Do you understand the reason why everyone around here isn't on my level? Do you understand why no one outside of this bubble respects what we do? It's because you people only care about how you look to others, because that's what this whole wrestling thing is about. Flare, visuals, getting people on your side so they buy your shit. How do we take each other so seriously when we prance around in baby oil and the tightest of tights? I took advantage of that to the fullest. So was I on the level of Nico on Dynasty? Of course fucking not, because I never tried to be. I didn't care if I won or lost, I didn't care if I won titles, I was here merely for money. But I got sick of seeing these pansy ass mother fuckers pretending to be tough, going to the main event, so I said fuck it. It was the perfect combination. I wanted a change, and the shake up was on the horizon at the time. If you want change, go all out, so I rebranded myself in more ways than one. 

Let's get one thing straight, I'm still not what you think I am.. . It seems that you have this perception that I somehow just went to a few kickboxing classes one day and was like yup, I'm going to do this now; and that's when I dropped the Trill Fairy and decided to try something new. No, that's not what happened, and to think that is utterly preposterous  With everything that you are trying to tell everyone about me, I realize how little you actually know about Ahren Fournier. Which in all honesty plays in my favor, after all how can you defend the unknown? Look Jamie, I've been a fighter all my life. Now when most people say that here in EAW they're just trying to be a charity case and tell you how they've never been given anything and that they were touched as kids.. But no. I mean I've been in the gym, learning kickboxing, and mixed martial arts basically since I can remember. My mom and dad wanted me to be a jack of all trades so they signed me up for everything growing up. You think I have a black belt at home just for show? No, I earned that. I've earned everything that I've had in life.. Except for wrestling. This contract, this EAW contract, I didn't earn this shit, I didn't want this shit. I've never been a professional wrestler, and I don't think that I ever will see myself as one regardless of what my profession says. EAW wanted me, not the other way around. So I get that you might have a some hostile feelings towards me. I mean you've worked so hard for your entire life for this very moment, and I come in not giving a shit, and have find myself with a lot of praise. As it would appear that things tend to get handed to me so readily, but really they don't. As little work as I did put into this company last year and a half I still wasn't handed opportunities. My first Hardcore Championship match didn't come until like 7 or 8 months into this job regardless of all the wins I racked up. Now here we are around a year and a half after my debut, and I'm getting my World Title match. Now I can see how it looks, only a month back to Voltage and I'm getting this now? But let's be real I earned this. You'd think after I not only beat you, but carried you, you'd understand that I am who I say I am. I'm not raw talent, I'm polished and ready to go. I know the holds to perfection, the anatomy of a body, all that shit. So it baffles my mind as to how you can still doubt me so much, and compare me to the likes of people that I myself have already beaten. I already know that I'm in your head Jamie, you don't have to say it, because actions speak louder than words. I stuck to my word, all week I was saying how I would put my differences aside and fight along side you without trying to do anything to you. I didn't want to have you bitching about how I tried to get the upper hand, and say shit like I needed to try to take you out beforehand. Meanwhile after I won our match, you took it upon yourself to attack me. It's all cool though, really shows what kind of person you are. You're worried, and I can understand why. It's been a downward slide for your title reign these past 3 weeks Jamie. Luckily for you, the matches that you did have, you had something saving you. First the title wasn't on the line against me, otherwise you'd be looking at the World Champion. Second you were saved from Chris Elite when Lars saved you. Let's be real, Chris had you beat, and again we'd be looking at a new World Champion if it wasn't for Lars. Maybe instead of having this false bravado and insisting that no one is on your level, why don't you come down to reality with the rest of us, where you reign has been in jeopardy lately. 

Act as though me waiting to make an impact was a bad thing though Jamie. Please explain to me how waiting is a bad thing? Sure I waited, I waited because it's not a smart decision to go in blinded with gums blazing all the time. Do you know what happens when you don't wait, and rush things? Mistakes. I wanted it to be a gradual change, not something where it just happens overnight. It's called gripping the audience, and having them on the edge of their seat waiting for the good part to happen. Do you understand that not everything has to happen at once? What was the rush? Let's take a look at some movies. What are some movies that are considered the best in cimenatic history? The Godfather. 3 hour film. Schindler's List. 3 hour film. Gone With The Wind. 4 hour run time. Whats my point? Rome wasn't built in a day. To make something glorious, to make people get behind something, there has to be a great story behind it. You have to get people to care about who you are, and that way you generate the most money. After all what's more important, a short term burst of success? Or a long steady career ? The great careers, the ones that are remembered for the ages are the ones with longevity. You should know that better than everyone. People are going to respect your reign a hell of a lot more than the guy that has 5 reigns but doesn't even eclipse 30 days.. understand? I bought my time because it wasn't time to just go out and be someone different. A superstar shakeup, was a change. What better way, what grander entrance can you have than when something new happens, and everyone's eyes are turned to the screen, and you have the main stage? That was the time to do it, because that's when the most eyes would be on it. I could've quit after all, I could've taken time off; but I didn't; I didn't run away. Quite frankly that would've been the worst outcome. Have you seen how many people have come and gone here? How many have taken breaks and then came back? Well I've never been that guy, I've always been here, biting my time.  So I made it a gradual change starting months back, showing a little hint that maybe I wasn't what I seemed. A man built story with my life to get people invested, and so when I popped up on Voltage? People knew what they were seeing. Social media helps with it, but I'm a very good self promoter, and an even better fighter. And now you've slipped up, and put the title on the line against me.

You see you keep clumping Lars, Chris, me, and every other person that you've been in the ring against together. As a champion, especially one that has been so successful, I wouldn't think that you'd make such big mistake like that. I understand that maybe everyone just seems the same, after so long it feels like your life is on repeat. But you have to understand that there's a difference between me and every other motherfucker that's walked down that ramp and faced off against you. With the transition from Dynasty to Voltage, It only took me a month to get to where I am, and you haven't even seen half of what I can do. I came back to Voltage a different person, different than anything that you would've known about Ahren Fournier. You might have heard of me before, and that's great, but the person you heard about is completely different than the person that stands before you now. I re debuted Jamie, every move that you would've seen me do from before January is obsolete, and you don't even know what I'm capable of. But your cockiness is well warranted, thickhead, and I'm just thinking it's a little misplaced at the moment. I'm not the one to be cocky with. This isn't the month for you to so sure of yourself. After your worst month in over a year, you now go up against someone you know nothing about. You've never been in this position Jamie, after almost 300 days as champion, you've never been in this position. Someone that you've known for a month, who has beaten you in the past, and doesn't have much film on. After all of that adds up, and you still give me no credit; I start to wonder how that's even possible. Then again after all the failed attempts, I guess I can see how peoples words can seem hollow. Especially from someone that was once called the Trill Fairy and took a lot of L's on Dynasty. I guess I can understand how someone with little credibility that has only recently found success can be looked at as the same as everyone else, but still. I found a chink in your armor, and I plan on ripping it a part. But believe me when I say even though I did beat you one way, that doesn't mean that I'll go back to it. Maybe I saw something else that no one has seen before, and I know how to expose it. How would you even know if I'm telling the truth or not? You have no way to. You should be scared honestly, but you're cool, calm, and collected. Which is how you've stayed champion for so long no doubt, but when a real challenge exposes itself to you, and you still fail to realize it, that's when you look stupid. Even after everything I've done, you really like to discredit me as anything credible. 

Let's take a trip down memory lane Jamie, back to when I first faced off against you. I remember you telling me how I'm not the person that's going to beat you. I'm not going to be in the title picture, not even if I beat you. The best I can do is challenge for the World Title at least 6 months from now. I'm not quoting you exactly, but that's the gist of what you said. The main points was that I wasn't going to beat you, which I did. I wouldn't even be in the title picture even if I beat you, which I am. And even if I did get to the title picture it would be at least 6 months from now, which was wrong. You got so many things wrong the first time we faced off Jamie, and you'd think after all of the things we've been through together you'd actually smarten up and pay attention. I'm not like everyone else you've faced off again, how could I be? I've already done something that none of them have been able to. The reason everyone has failed to beat you more than once in the last 4 years is because they refuse to evolve. Sure they beat you, so they rested on what worked. They though that it was enough to project them over the threshold of victory. But I know that doesn't work on you, because you and I think alike. Of course when you lose, you see things differently; you change shit up, so when someone comes back at you with the same old shit that you just saw you'll know how to counter. So I think ahead, I change shit around and I think productively. Before you're able to get a grasp on what you think I can do, I'm going to the shed for another tool. What you know of my work is 2 matches certainly. The one where we faced off, and the one where we teamed up, and is that enough to know me? I don't think so. 

So go ahead and judge my merits based on what everyone else has done against you. I agree with you that they weren't on the World Champion level, and had no chance against you. But what I disagree with, and what you'll soon realize is I'm not them. I'm better than anyone you faced off against before, and quite honestly based on the performances these past few weeks I actually have the upper hand on you. I know I can't change your views based on my words; hell I couldn't even change your mind in the ring. I don't care though, I don't have to convince you of anything, because you don't decide the champion. You can protest all you want when I'm raising that title over your lifeless body for the first time in your life. You don't get to declare who your predecessor is, and I'm not looking to get a torch passed down to me. I'm going beat you by myself, take the torch, light your body on fire, and bask in the glow of it all. Regardless of what happens though, I know you won't give me the credit I deserve. I know that even as champion, you'll say I don't deserve it, or I won't last long. I've already proven you wrong on many things, so whats one more? Because you see, you may be almost undefeated this season Jamie, but I'm undefeated against you bitch, and that's the most telling sign of all.
Sakuya ⚓ Goto
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Post on February 7th 2018, 6:08 pm by Sakuya ⚓ Goto
Empire Debut Promo
(A/N: All of Sakuya’s dialogues are in Japanese; think of them as being English subbed)

{We’re at the EAW Performance Center for an interview as everyone is training and we head to a room where Sakuya wearing her trademark hat, EAW PC T-shirt and is sitting on a steel chair}

Sakuya: It’s not weird to wear this hat right now, right?

{We get shots of Sakuya’s career in Japan, before returning to the PC and Sakuya.}

Sakuya: Minna-San, Konnichiwa… My name is Sakuya Goto, You probably know my older sister, Azumi Goto and maybe know the other ladies from my old promotion of JET like my Senpai, Stephanie Matsuda and the woman I’ve had the honor of learning under in Miss Manami.

{We get more pictures of Sakuya’s career featuring highlights from JET.}

I wrestled for about two years before I was forced to retire because of fatal injury. It pretty much shattered me inside, years of training, years of wanting to do all of this. I was told that I had to retire. It hurts not being able to do what you love and forced to just watch the others do it but here I stand all ready to go. How you might ask? Well simple, I just never gave up… I guess you could say that all this is something I could never give up. Training every day, fighting every day, wanting to step back in the ring and get back the two plus years I lost due to injury and retirement. I want to get every single moment I’ve missed out on, the matches I never got to have, and years of travelling around the world just for a couple of matches.

Both Azunee and Stephanie-Senpai have made so much progress on their careers and I’ve fallen behind due to one injury. I guess that's what will make this comeback so important, this might be with my one and only chance to reach the same level of those two. Being able to stand beside rather than behind them.

That’s is why this return debut match is important. I’m taking on some newcomers as well but I guess the biggest threat would be Savannah Sunshine. She’s taken on Nee in singles matches and over time has consistently proven to be a huge threat when time is right, when I look at all my foes for this match… she might be the biggest threat and it’s respect to her. She’s gone from partnering with the Women’s Champ and even challenging her in a chamber match. You’re resilient and you’re known for not quitting and I guess that means you have heart. That will be the challenge that I have to overcome for this week but I know that I can. I overcome anything, it’s a thing that us Goto sisters have. The ability to be ever so resilient, to constantly fight against and break down walls that meant to overcome. It’s probably something you’ve seen Azunee do, constantly wanting to fight more and surpass every challenge. You guys hear that enough from my older sister but you’ll see it at its most true form this Thursday.

Minna-san get ready for the Front Pacific Voyager to reach land tomorrow night! Hope you enjoy the performance by yours truly!

{Sakuya salutes the camera as it fades to black and she gets off her chair and back to training.}
Cameron Ella Ava
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Post on February 7th 2018, 5:05 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
I don’t get it.

I thought Voltage said they were sending their best.

Hello, Keelan. How have you been? I say that in the most concerning way possible because it seems like that cat has your tongue. It’s been a while since the EAW has heard anything from you. The whole fucking world has peaked in curiosity about what is in your mind. What was in your mind following the King of Elite loss? Were you so speechless by Theron Nikolas’ win that you could not muster up the words to come up with an excuse for your failure? I watched the match, Keelan. I saw you not break the three count on time. I saw you let Voltage down by sliding back into the ring too late. I saw you cost Voltage an opportunity to have the King of Elite crown on their brand. There was much faith in you, Keelan. People had high expectations that you might do the one thing Eddie Mack or Jamie O’Hara could not do and that was win the ever so prestigious crown. When you defeated me in the Voltage bracket finals, I thought you might actually pull it off. I thought you might have the biggest chance of winning next to a man who has lost four EAW Championship Matches in one year and a champion who has been able to make himself relevant in a dead Division. I thought you were someone who was going to have the most motivation to win this match. A man, who has nothing to his name. A man who has constantly come close to winning huge accomplishments, yet, is not good enough to actually win. Couldn’t win the Hardcore Championship, Cash in the Vault, World Heavyweight Championship or King of Elite. What makes you believe that this time will be any different? Because I’m the champion walking into Reasonable Doubt? Because you managed to defeat me in the past? Because you have your sweet Madison Kaline ringside with you? Is she supposed to be your sweet “good luck” charm? You’re going to rely on a woman who hasn’t been so lucky in her career herself? Hey, don’t get me wrong! She’s more accomplished than you will ever be. She was able to win the female equivalent of King of Elite back in August. It’s insane how one moment you can be on top of the world and the next, you end up in the injury line with nothing to do in this world, but be eye candy for her pathetic boyfriend. I mean, do I really expect for her to keep her hands to herself while in our match? You think that she’ll be up to her mischievous ways? In your response, you’ll give me the boring argument about how you can win matches without her. You defeated me without her help and you’ll do it again! Is that true, Keelan? Can you defeat me knowing that you lost King of Elite? Can you defeat me once again and take this Openweight Championship away from me? You think this is plan b on your plan to make it to the top of Voltage? Is this what it has come to? No other plans to make your dreams a reality. Instead, you pick an easier path and try to defeat me again? It has taken me seven months of rebuilding myself to make it to this point. Everything I went through in the Empire brand; everything I went through at Pain for Pride, led me to King of Elite. It led me to defeat Stark. Now, it has leads me to my first title defense. Am I supposed to be shaking? Am I supposed to be intimidated of the fact that you’ve defeated piss poor competition on Voltage? I mean, you’re the same man who let the Shark Man pin you in ten seconds. You’re the same man who was so left off guard that you let someone like Shark Man almost get the biggest victory of his career. Now, you’re going to waltz to Showdown and contend for my title? You made a good impression on the Showdown after King of Elite. I was caught off guard by you. Never did I think the loser from King of Elite would get a handed title shot. I would have thought someone who didn’t give Voltage as much shame as you did would get a free shot at the Openweight Championship. It’s a sad day when Voltage considers Keelan as a top talent for their brand. It will be an even sadder day when Keelan fails at bringing Voltage the Openweight Championship.
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Post on February 7th 2018, 10:59 am by Rex32
The idea of waiting, a feeling such as suffering tends to pass through the brain waves. Not necessarily the same as the murderous spellbinding thoughts that create the static in our minds, and reveals the blackness in our hearts that most of us keep hidden that threatens to blind our sight with nothing but rage if we choose to unleash that side, no not that kind of suffering I suppose. But certainly the kind of suffering that feels like you're simply giving in, and resisting to treat that of which is the very reason you wait as nothing more than passing thoughts, ones where you're left to sigh over them and let go like they never mattered to begin with until the opportunity comes for the waiting period to end. Though if the element that helps bring us life such as water doesn't have to resist, than why should we? Think about it. You put your hand in water, you feel the caressing of it against your palm, but there's no wall in it preventing you from placing it by any means that you wish, because no matter what the water is going to go where it wants, and nothing can stop it. It's been many weeks since coming to terms with what the last several months did to set my career back, the decisions I had made that only made me go back to the drawing board searching for answers and reassessing my approach, allowing me to consider another so that I could ensure my forward progression in this company continued. It has allowed me to train my mind mentally and physically, to hone in and perfect my strengths, and further eliminate that which proved to be weaknesses that only served to be deterrents that slowed my progression. The long and short of it, I stayed ready for a moment like the one that's coming at Reasonable Doubt. I took the extra time that I had to prioritize my passion in order to keep my sanity. Everything I've been through, the things I've put myself through, whether it stemmed from the poor decisions that I plagued myself with that lead to my ultimate undoing at Kingsroad, or the physical and emotional battle wounds that were inflicted by the antagonists. None of the pain that I may have suffered, not a single trial that I experienced was one that was wasted. It basically reminded me of what I already knew, but had forgotten. Mistakes tend to do that, but none of it served me a permanent sentence to misery, just enough to see that my pride had taken precedence over the patience, the faith, the fortitude and humility that I should have displayed from the moment this season had begun. I can't make up the last several months in a matter of weeks, but that's why I come into this primed and ready to go, so I can show what that the time away from the ring has been for the betterment of my career as I progress forward in it. 

I know Tiberius has something to go out and prove in all of this as well, not necessarily to the world, but to himself. He feels that he;s truly against the world, and he's preparing to do what it is that he feels he as to just get back on the throne that he sat on above everyone else for so long. Though, I guess I believe more in the saying that patience is a virtue, because if I really wanted this match to happen already, if I demanded it before this, it likely would've taken place and all this would be over. I'm afraid, even as much as I hate to admit it, that waiting is for the best. After all the path I'm taking to pursue my goals isn't going anywhere, the goals I've set forth for myself aren't simply going to be passing thoughts in my head, and obviously I'll eventually be able to get in that ring and get my hands on Tiberius. I'm amused at the thought of being purely referred to as the slaughter in all of this, because I'm now holding that man to his word on that. By that he's assuming things that he shouldn't be, and you all know what I said when it comes to making assumptions about or when it comes to me. Now Tiberius has to make those words stand up in that ring where so many promised the same thing and failed. They failed because they were under the impression that another loss on my tab had killed all of me with exception of my physical existence and that all that was left was just that. I don't need to go through the list of competition that I succumb to in defeat, but how about I list all the events in which my biggest defeats took place, shall we? Pain For Pride 9, having grasped onto that Cash In The Vault briefcase for very brief moment only to see it be taken by someone else who proved to be unfitting for the reward. Territorial Invasion, season ten, for the National Elite Championship, having the champion pinned after the Rex Effect, but still ultimately coming up short. Road To Redemption ten, losing the New Breed Championship a month after winning, leaving the sourest of tastes in my mouth, swallowing that bitter pill again. King of Elite last year. Pain For Pride last year. Road To Redemption again last year. Then finally, Kingsroad....last year. I should be an emotional wreck by now, shouldn't I? I shouldn't be so motivated to build myself up when failure could be right round the corner, but see that's just it. That's the chance I'm willing to take, because even with all those setbacks I've had just as many monumental victories that have brought me to this point, to this week, where the next destination in this journey nears, with this elitist ready to go. You are right though, Tiberius, in expecting that I should be thanking you for this platform. John Doe wanted to finish me at King of Elite, I wanted to finish it then and there on Showdown, and I did. He gave me a platform too, so I guess I should be thankful for that. I've been very fortunate to be starring in the supporting role along other seasoned veterans and hall of famers alike this season. While playing that supporting role, I've managed more often than not to take the spotlight away from those more seasoned veterans and hall of famers when I was given the platform to do so. They gave inches, and I ended up stretching those inches for miles. I wasn't able to secure the EAW Championship, but you giving me this platform says volumes about what you know you have to prove to, not all them, just yourself. You have to prove to yourself, that even without crown that you're a still the king you deem yourself to be. That without the EAW Championship, that you deserve to be recognized as somebody with world champion stock. Deep down you know as much as I do, that another setback only makes it harder for you as time goes on, not the same for me, Tiberius. I've never been a world champion, my name is not held with the same stock. I still have to earn that respect, and at Reasonable Doubt I walk into a scenario with no pressure, no strings attached, no titles or contendership on the line, just the same chip on my shoulders that I've always had that has propelled me to this point. With my focus on pursuing the things that I desire, and having the prior knowledge of what all the experiences previous have given me, I will find victory, that much I can assure you of. So again I do thank you for this platform to show you why I'm far from being a mere lamb being led to slaughter. I'll be sure to uphold my end in my own way to show you how appreciative I am of your generosity. I'm sure if you keep things clean, and you decide not to take any shortcuts, trying to get one over on Brian Daniels, then you should be fine and we'll have ourselves a nice five star match worth remembering.

See you soon.
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