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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 11:57 pm by Shaker Jones
Voltage Promo part 2: My time

Shaker laughing wildly.

Shaker: So you got jokes Rossy Boy.  This is EAW, this ain't Showtime at the Apollo.  You think you're really something with all your cool catchphrases and all your cool moves.  Rossy let me tell you something, you ain't shit.  Well besides what's coming out of your mouth.  Ha Ha Ha.

Shaker: You see you underestimate me and that's fine, many people have done it before and many people have fallen.  You won't be the first Rossy, and you won't be the last.

Shaker: You really think that's all I got The 87 and The Anaconda Vice.   Well tou are sadly mistaken my dumbass friend.  A real magician doesn't reveal all of his tricks that would be foolish.

Shaker: And now you're coming out here like your gonna kick my ass no problem.  UH UH.  I don't think so Rossy.  You are looking at a different, more dangerous, and more focused Shaker Jones than ever before.

Shaker: Rossy I will break you from your head to your toes.  Your ass is grass so prepared to get mowed.  Hey look at me I can be a poet too.  You ain't the only wordsmith here buddy boy.

Shaker: And you have a poem, isn't that cute.  This ain't kindergarten Rossy.  This is a place where men put there bodies on the line every night to achieve the impossible.  And come Sunday I will achieve the impossible.  I will do what everybody else says can't be done.  Champion of Life, come on Rossy you're more like a champion of uh...uh... oh that's right Nothing

Shaker: And you want to talk about strikes huh.  Bro I was in Japan where striking is the name of the game.  I learned from the best.  I will knock your damn head off.  I will ram your teeth so far down your throat that you'll be shitting chic lets.  Do you comprendè Amigo?

Shaker: Come Sunday Rosso, all the talk will go by the wayside and I will show you how good I can be.  So how's it gonna feel when you're looking up at those lights from your back and wondering what happened, where's my title.  It's mine now man.

Shaker: You got a one way ticket to Pain City, so buckle up It's gonna be a bumpy fucking ride.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 11:52 pm by Nathan Fiora
Voltage III: Your End 

I’m hungry for victory.  You may be wise, but you continue to doubt my drive for success.

I will bring my best to our match tomorrow night, the night after that and for years to come.  The sad reality of our match is that after tomorrow, you’ll no longer be around to interfere with my success in EAW.  I will go on and take out any other man who wants to hold down my efforts here.  Because at the end of the day, you’re just another pawn in the EAW chess board game.  Unsurprisingly, Mr. DEDEDE and other EAW management love putting guys like you in my way so I won’t move ahead.  Like you, “Just because you strike first doesn’t mean you strike last”.  I know you’re just one trial that I have to get past through.  Kevin, him and you believe that an old relic like you will put me down so easily.  Who the hell do you guys think you are?  I’m someone who has done everything possible just to be in EAW in the first place.  I grew up in the poorest and most dangerous places just so I could step into this ring and reach the dream of becoming a world champion.  However, this company sets roadblocks every time that I get close to reaching my dreams and I’ve become fed up with this biased bullshit.  I made my own decisions when I took you out of this picture because guys like you are the problem.  Kevin, guys like you are the man who takes card spots from hardworking talents like myself.  When I say my words, I don’t say them full of pride; I say them full of anger and passion for what I do in this ring.  You are a man who is full of pride and will even try to ruin a young man’s career just so he can get another match in EAW.  You should be ashamed of yourself; Kevin Devastation is one of the poster people for corruption in this industry.  I am confident in my abilities because I’ve tasted success and then had it pulled away from me because of bias.  My battle with you will have its own slot in my ongoing war with the EAW agenda and I will not stop until I get rid of every single one of them.  

This war against the system has been going on since my return in August, so if you think that you can take my will and passion out of my body, you’re sadly mistaken.  You may be happy to be in this ring once a year, but I’m delighted to be here every single week.  I have the drive and stamina to outlast you and when I get tired, I tap into my pure love for this business and hatred for men like you.  I haven’t won titles and opportunities just because I’ve gotten lucky; I can fight until the very end, even when I’m tired and beaten down.  Medical staff can come by and try to evaluate me if I get beaten to a bloody pulp, but I’m not going to let them take me away.  I will swing and spit in the face of corruption.  Our battle will reach extreme heights as we exchange the last of our energy and wait for the other to finally go down for the pin.  You don’t have the advantage here because as much as you want to have some hope in this match, you can’t catch a break.  My body is fortified and cemented well together while yours is full of cracks and bound to crumble.  I can adapt to any setting because I have something that I call instinct.  I don’t need to fight in our match in order to know that I’m the less experienced one here.  However, I am a man who adapts quickly and will find his way to victory in any way, shape or form.  

I have confidence in my own abilities to take you down, but you mistake it with pride.  Once I become prideful, there is no point to hide it, but I am just a man on a mission.  If I don’t believe in myself, neither will this company who is trying to bury me with dirt.  I will climb up from this hole that they’re trying to leave me in and this is when I go on the assault.  This is when I will leave you looking worse than roadkill.  This will be when you are shocked by my desire to win.  My own body won’t be able to move by the end of this match, but I will know that I’ve killed you.  I will look into your lifeless eyes and laugh louder than I’ve ever laughed before.  A lesson will be learned here, but it won’t be on my part.  This lesson will be learned by every person who’s trying to screw me over backstage.  Every suit will look at me as a man who will do anything just so he can get equality in EAW.  I may not be a legend, but I am a man who doesn’t take stride in such prideful accomplishments and would rather show you what I mean in the ring. I am a young lion, but the part you left out of your story is the part where the young lions take over for the older lions due to their strength and fury.  You are a former leader of this company, but you’ve come to an era that is lead by a new generation.  Unsurprisingly, you tend to forget that this is no longer the company you came from many years ago.  We have more talent than ever in EAW now and you just think about yourself and what you want to do when you come back.  Instead of telling me how unwise I am and giving me analogies, why don’t you prepare yourself and watch what I’ve done to other members of this roster?  You have too much pride to really see what kind of man I am in this ring, which will be the thing that ultimately puts you down for the count.  You speak of this last resort of fire that you might end up getting, but you fail to realize that I’m constantly full of this feeling.  You may have a limited supply of this feeling, but I don’t.  Due to your own pride, you will be the one who ends up with the men who are no longer seen in EAW.  You will meet your reality once and for all and the bell will ring.  Rebecca Sawyer will say that the winner is Nathan Fiora and you will stand there, helpless and dead.  You fucked with me and that was when you made your own deathbed.

I have no fear.  Your legacy will be gone; everything that your name was written in will be torn to shreds.  I will stand a light a match on your part in EAW history and I will relish in your demise.  This will be your final goodbye to EAW, so I await nothing else but the best in you, Kevin.  You can try everything your wisdom and veracity tells you to do, but you can’t top my instinct and passion.  You started this but I’ll damn well end this.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 11:01 pm by Carlos Rosso
The Receipt was coming.
Everyone anticipated the words of the Champion of Life before his 2nd Title defense.
And now, in this arena that had gathered, The King of Champions, the Champion of Life, the Interwire Champion stood, wearing a tan suit like only he could, with custom made, handcrafted sunglasses that hid the most intense, piercing eyes in the wrestling world from view.

(Crowd: GO HOME CARLOS! -clap-clap-clap-clap-clap GO HOME CARLOS!)

Carlos: You all wish I would, don’t you? YOU ALL WISH…that you had my athletic ability, my style, my Championship swagger, my Zaibatsu stablemates, my cars, my house

(Carlos angrily points out a morbidly obese teenage fan who is booing him.)

Carlos: Shut up fatboy before I take your momma home after she picks you up from the show and show her what a real man is like! Now, before I was rudely interrupted, you people don’t realize what kind of roll I’m on right now. I’m doing all the WINNING that Donald Trump promised America with none of the scandals and investigations. Can anybody say they have had a better month? Nope. I BEAT Amadeus to capture this title, Moongoose McQueen has been broken to the point that he obsesses about me. I beat Clubber Lang, Artie Lang or whatever the hell his name is not long after that, embarrassing him on NEO in my first defense in EAW. Keep in mind this is AFTER I toured the world, first class, defending the championship all week before. Can anyone in the world say they are on a bigger roll than I am? And then, on the Awards Show edition of Showdown, I went back to my old stomping grounds and showed the ENTIRE WORLD why I am the Champion of Life. I beat that little Boy Scout Nobi and Darkane, two lesser men but champions nonetheless. They wanted to make me a “Prince”, but I told them to hell with that! I am a king! I live like one, wrestle like one, WIN like one, and rule like one.

(Carlos leans against one of the ring ropes as he continues.)

You know, I have been looking for dance partners for this title. The EAW Interwire Championship deserves to be made into the most prestigious, honorable championship in EAW. It needs to be elevated to an even bigger role. It’s had so many great men hold it, but none of them are as great as I. How many Interwire Champions have willingly dared to go other brands to defend this belt? How many have gone to NEO? How many have been willing to lay it all on the line, every single week. In front of 100 people or 10000 people, on television, no television, it doesn’t matter! I have devoted my life to making this belt the premier belt in EAW!

So, who is my next defense going to be against, you ask? Cameron? No. Cody Marshall? No. Amadeus? Nah. He’s still broken. Moongoose? To hell with that loon. Keelan? Nope, he’s chasing the King of Elite Crown so I can’t say I blame him. Other than being the Champion of Life and the King of Champions, King of Elite is a pretty damn fine consolation prize.

My opponent…the only person in the Voltage locker room brave enough and not occupied who was willing to face me was……


(Carlos sarcastically flops down on the canvas, pretending to faint before pulling himself back up, laughing.)

REALLY!? Didn’t I just kick this guy’s ass a few weeks ago? Does he think that a shiny new move and doing a poor man’s Lang impression is supposed to frighten me? Look, good for you that you understand that these people don’t give a damn about you. You have finally woken up to the facts. They wanted you to quit for a reason, because you SUCK. Of all the people that are on the Voltage roster, I consider you one of the least credible challengers to my title. Why? For starters, just look at you. I don’t mean your appearance and questionable hygiene. I mean your lack of faith in yourself. I didn’t get to where I am at, a TWO TIME Interwire Champion, TWO TIME Unified Tag Team Champion by jumping onto fads, changing out my moves every week, trying to find an identity for myself.
I got to where I’m at today because while my wrestling style evolved, my mentality and my belief in myself never changed. You know, my career was once at a crossroads not too much difference from yours, Jones. I had dreadlocks, I used to shuck and jive for the cameras, play with all these filthy people’s children. But then, I started losing. A lot. And when I started winning again, I couldn’t win the big ones. So…I did change my look. I changed my wrestling style. But there is one difference between us that I just can’t overlook…..I have talent, YOU DON’T.

Also, words to the wise, I think YOU SHOULD PROBABLY HAVE KEPT YOUR NEW TRICKS HIDDEN FROM ME BEFORE ENGAGING ME. You must be a special kind of dumbass if you think that showing me on tape what you can do that it’s not being studied, dissected, and counters already being made for it. Anaconda Vise? Please, man. The problem with submissions like that on someone like me is that you have to have me in a position to put that kind of stuff on and let me tell you something, that’s not going to happen. Especially not when my title is on the line. I will come for you full speed ahead, guns blazing. I don’t want to just beat you, I want to make this an advertisement for what my reign will be all about. People want to bring up that defense against Lang, but those same people won’t give me the credit and respect that I deserve for beating TWO champions at one time, clean as a whistle.
Shaker, I respect the fact that you are going to evolve. I respect the fact that you came out and said you want this title and accepted the open challenge to come take it. But that’s where the line of demarcation is because there is no way I’m going to let a hillbilly like you, no matter how evolved, take something from me that I worked so long to have draped on my shoulders. The 87 is going to meet the Rosso Revolver and let me tell you something right now, son, it’s going to be a VERY bad thing for you when it happens.

You are not just looking at the Interwire Champion, you are looking at the BEST STRIKER in the game, the man with the Strongest Arm in EAW, an Arm that you have felt the strength of before. And if the Lariat doesn’t put you down, I have weapons like the Rosso Recliner and the Red Spike to finish the job.

See, the difference between me and you is not that I’ve always been the way I am because I haven’t. It’s not that I’m looking as fine as I do in this suit and you’re wearing ya grandpappy’s hand me down jeans and false teeth. It’s not that I’m the Champ of Life and you’re not. It’s that simply put, the talent gap between us is far too great for a week’s worth of pathetic, superficial changes like the ones you’re telling me about to help you. In closing, I have prepared a short little poem for all you fans out there...and especially for Shaker "New Look, Same Loser" Jones...

Twas the Night before Voltage
It was on everyone’s smartphones
Advertisements for Carlos Rosso versus Shaker Jones
The presents were laid out with care
A title shot for anyone would dare
The idiot fans would moan in despair
For Carlos Rosso’s strength would prove too much to bear

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 10:06 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 89: Dawn

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

Click to view analytics:

We are introduced to the scene with the thunderous sounds of a body hitting a crash mat with great force. The camera fades from black to see the interior of a building lined with crash mats along the floor, no different than any other venue that homes the practice of martial arts. Standing in the middle of the room is our familiar Finnegan Wakefield sporting a navy blue Gi, tied together with a red and white panelled belt around his waist as he stands in the attentive position, tightening his belt. He is approached by a much more physically dominating man wearing similar albeit white garb as he stands before Finnegan as the two bow to each other in a show of respect before taking up a fighting stance. Another man enters the scene to play the role of judge as Finnegan and his opposition begin to lock up and jockey for position. A contest of one-upmanship is displayed between the two for several seconds before Finnegan finds a way to slam his bulkier opponent to the crash mat with a loud thunderous sound with an Uchi Mata judo takedown throw. The judge calls for the immediate stop as Finnegan backs away and allows his opponent room to find his feet. The opponent quickly fixes up his gi before approaching Finnegan again as the two return to their fighting stance. Once again the two lock up with their hands on the cuffs of the others Gi. Finnegan’s opponent tries to perform a powerful slam to the mat, but Finnegan is able to keep his footing and maintains his balance. It doesn’t take much longer for Finnegan to capitalize on a step of his opposition as he trips him up with an Okuri Ashi Baraï -- a leg sweep that has him falling flat on his back. Once again the judge calls the immediate stop as Finnegan preemptively takes his steps back while maintaining his fighting stance. His opposition shows a small flicker of frustration with the amount of ease it is seemingly taking Finnegan to take him down. Nonetheless, he gets into position as the judge calls for the two to continue. The opponent doesn’t waste any time trying to pull Finnegan in for various powerful techniques, all of which are countered by shifting his body into positions that counter the holds. Finnegan toys with his opponent a little allowing him to try some of his techniques but shows masterful evasions to the takedowns that could potentially slam him to the mat. Finnegan waits for an opportunity to strike and does so by hooking the arm of his opponent and displays a move that he has used a handful of times in the EAW ring -- the Ippon seoi nage. The judge calls the stop for the third and final time, Finnegan standing attentively as his opponent finds his way to his feet, the two bow to each other and disburse from the centre of the circle of observers. Finnegan makes his way to the side, the cameraman following his every move as he finds a seat away from the action, picking up a bottle full of water and a towel. Using the towel he wipes away the sweat that has been leaking from his pores before chugging down a hearty amount of water from his bottle. He takes his seat and wraps the towel over his shoulders before he turns his focus up to the camera with his familiar smug grin on his face.

"Looks familiar, doesn’t it McAdams? Doesn’t take a lot of effort to get someone to film a physical display of your fighting prowess, and use it as the introduction of your message to try and give to your opponent an impression of toughness. If it were displayed to some knee-knocking sissy, perhaps there would be a stream of piss running down their leg. As you can see though, that is not the case with me. It is an easy tactic to duplicate, belittle and dismiss. What you just witnessed was a parody of the method you tried to narrate a tale of an imposing figure with. And I parodied it to show just how little it separates you from anyone else -- literally, anyone can do it. However, there is a key difference between the physical displays we both presented. The method I used was a combat sport and martial art I have been dedicated to over the last past several years, a discipline that demonstrates focus and manipulation of the body. What you displayed, however, was just a thuggish beating to some paid schmucks who probably never saw themselves on the end of a fight in their lives. Hardly anything to be intimidated by, nor anything to be found as impressive. Let's skip the time wasting and message padding theatrics in future, shall we? Let us get back to the point at hand.

Honestly, it is a disappointment to not see the same tenacity you showed me at Shock Value, Jon. It is disappointing to hear you have chalked it up as conserving energy as you believe me to be expending mine. Honestly, how much effort do you think it takes to assert yourself as a contender for a championship? I assure you if you are this unenthusiastic to display your convictions as a challenger, it is going to be a world with weight too much to carry if you were to ever be champion. Nonetheless, I am still somewhat glad to see that the pitfall that could damage your body couldn’t damage your sense of false bravado. I was starting to believe that you were going soft on me. The lording over of your wealth, the constant need to display yourself as powerful as possible, safe to say I have grown accustomed to these displays of exaggerated self-worth. From the likes of McQueen I have experienced my fair share of baffling narrative twisting, but the ways in which you go about it are a whole new kind of madness. Let’s not pretend that only I had to resort to desperate measures to send your body crashing into the mass collection of electrical equipment, it was an effort also displayed on your behalf as you too desperately tried to claw my fingers away from the railings that spelt imminent demise. Something had to give, and apparently, it was the bodies of the two of us. Yet our wills kept wanting to fight on. So why would I not be on the attack this time around? Why would I not be, as you called it, trigger-happy for our second encounter? I expected to be facing the same Jon McAdams I had faced all those weeks ago. Instead, I am facing one who is making excuses for being caught sitting on his hands. At least as of now, you’ve given me something more to work with then just tapping my fingers impatiently on a desk in wait. It expended no energy of mine to make the proclamations of a defending champion, that is the first of soon to be many mistakes you have made on my account. What I displayed from you earlier, that is only one of many of my training regimens. There is still my kickboxing training that I participated in just yesterday, and my hours at the Catch Sports Pro-Wrestling Academy working my fingers to the bone the day before that. That is just the weekly routine as usual, I display no less energy than I do any other week.

To impress others isn’t my objective. To the likes of Jamie O’Hara, to which you believe me to be desperately clambering at to get his approval, or to the likes of anyone else it is not my concern. If I demonstrate the fundamentals to gain ones opinion in a positive light is but a bonus to the objective I do seek to obtain. I have expectations to carry. From myself, the company I represent and the people who bought their tickets to see what Finnegan Wakefield could do. It piles on but isn’t a weight I can’t carry. That is what being the New Breed Championship is all about -- the self-progression. With this title presents ample opportunities to lock horns with some of the best and see how you measure up. This title isn’t the end-all-be-all, only a fool would believe otherwise. When I had the opportunity to face Jamie O’Hara, it wasn’t necessarily about walking out that night with the victory. A nice feather in the cap it would have been, it was more so about assessing how much more progression I had to take that leap towards being a top contender to one of the more highly ranked championships in the EAW echelon. But I was also aiming to have that feather in the cap moment, that big upset that would make an impact beyond all comprehension. The New Breed Champion defeating the World Heavyweight Champion would have shaken the foundations of Voltage. Lars Grier's distractions during that match, however, were as big of a nuisance to Jamie as they were to me. To taint such a moment with ones outside participation was just not going to cut it. It is not how I wanted it to go down. In the end, Jamie did what would have been the smart bet on paper and defeated me. I held my own for as long as possible, and to that, I don’t feel ashamed. By no means did I take that as a moral victory, only added fuel to the fires of my purpose to be one of the greatest elitists in EAW going. My mind isn’t cluttered with thoughts of failures, it doesn’t clash with my determination or my focus on keeping my eyes on the prize. When I feel I have been cheated, be it by obnoxious decisions of others or by the culmination of my work ethic, I go out of my way to rectify those mistakes. Hence the reason you are in this match to begin with; to rectify our indecisive finish to our Blackout match encounter. You have mistaken my verbal being on the attack for running my mouth, and thinking it to substitute for a lack of preparation. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been able to train my regular schedule and then some, even have a match a couple of days prior. All I have been doing over the past two weeks has been preparing for this match, and it has left no strain on my body or mind. My body language, my demeanour, and my presence in the ring remain unchanged in the process, I am every bit as good as I crack myself up to be. And it is because I don’t over exaggerate myself to the point of impossibility. I don’t proclaim myself to be a monster when in actuality I am the common man with the common man’s fault, a perspective that you fail to have towards yourself. If you question the Finnegan Wakefield you will see for this match, I will clarify it for you. You will not see a Finnegan Wakefield that will viciously lash out to make a mistake. You will not see a Finnegan Wakefield who is blinded from his objective. You will not see a Finnegan Wakefield who is questioning every move he makes. What you will get however is a Finnegan Wakefield who has his eyes focused on the task at hand, the objective being everything on his mind and executing the actions needed to see them through. If you expect otherwise, that is a blind man's problem. You won’t know what hit you, and when you do the result will have passed you by.

I don’t underestimate my opponents. Every given day of the year, someone could pick up a victory over anybody else. Be it they deserve it or not. What I am estimating you on however is your body of work, which has taken a serious dip in performance between Shock Value and now. Both in the ring and on this microphone, for someone who proclaimed they were oh so dominating in the art of the war of words, I have seen the point in which the tank reads empty. Why would I not be antsy to put the final nail in this coffin that is our feud for this belt? I was willing to be here all day and all night to exchange these words that gave us the Beef of the Week credentials, and instead, that is not being repeated this time around. I have every right to say that my patience was wearing thin. I expected more. This time I brought the fight to you, and you were going out with a whimper. I recognized that at any point you could come at me for an inch, and I have simply made sure that your reach towards this title extends to miles. Color me surprised though, you’ve come back with a mighty roar, albeit one that fails in comparison to the roars that has kept the likes of Harvey Yorke hiding in the hole he has dug. If you are taking this seriously, by all means, give it your all. I don’t fear your power, nor do I fear this monster you claim to be. He has fallen before, he will fall again. That is not an underestimation. That is pattern recognition. If you think that my time is coming to an end due to an ever-mounting pressure that I can’t contain, you are by all accounts making a foolish assumption. I have made zero mistakes in my approach. I don’t have any pre-match jitters. It is you who has learned nothing from our last encounter, to which will be your complete undoing. You by your lesser approach have forced yourself to the status of a blip on the radar, only having yourself to blame. Your excuses are tired. Your methods are tired. Jon McAdams, the sovereign you claim to be and the monster you can only wish to be has become a tired being with nothing but empty assumptions to dictate his career.

The dumbest thing to come out of this whole last minute proclamation has been your claim that I have the incapability of adapting. What an idiotic thing to claim. Was Shock Value not a good enough example of Finnegan Wakefields ability to adapt? Or have you grown fond of wearing your own beloved Arabian Goggles to the point where you are incapable of seeing past yourself? Let’s call a spade a spade. The Blackout match was a stipulation that you were more accustomed to then I, that is without question. Who had to adapt to that kind of stipulation and risk assessment? Who forced you to a point where you had to climb up to the rafters in an attempt to escape my advances? Who sent the supposed monster falling nearly a hundred feet into the electric mayhem that awaited? That would be I. That would be Finnegan Wakefield as the man who adapted. And as evolution goes, I have only continued to adapt. That is why my patience is a virtue that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That is why my disappointment is something you don’t want to have. Because when I am disappointed in the approach of another, if they have tested my patience to the point where it is completely gone, they have no hope. I have become the idea of progression. I have become what it means to be the product of change. I have become the survivor against all odds. The stipulation could be anything in the world and it won’t make an iota of a difference to me. Be it this Triple Threat, be it an Extreme Elimination Chamber, be it an Ultimate X, hell we can go another round in the Blackout match and it won’t change the fact that I will prepare for it, adapt to the situation and find a way to walk away with my hand raised. It is not in arrogance, it is in execution, perhaps the one thing I have learned from my encounters with the likes of Heart Break Gal, Cameron Ella Ava and Jamie O’Hara. There is no reason to doubt myself when I know that I can overcome.

Since you feel the need to brag about your Head Trauma manoeuvre, I think it only fair to give you a warning on a move of my own. A move that not many ever get the chance to be put into the mercy of, perhaps because I don’t wish to see them become embarrassed by the inevitable surrender. The Wakefield Special III is my contribution to my sibling's lineage of submission holds, this one created by myself. Ass firmly planted on the mat with legs outstretched as I hook both their arms and arch my body over their heads, bending their spine and leaving them vulnerable. Many believe there to be an escape from this hold, but it has yet to be discovered, even by the innovator myself. There is no way to shift your body out of the position, no leverage for them to simply shift and turn around, they are deadlocked in the dead centre with nowhere to go. Your Head Trauma, it’s a neat way to knock someone's lights out, that’s for sure, but what I have grown impatient for the most is for the cries of mercy to those who have talked their mindless shite and find their fortunes turned when the hold is applied. I have yearned to make the toughest or most persistent of aggressors have their epiphanies of their delusions and arrogance shown to them, and they realise that Finnegan Wakefield was never one to question. McAdams, more than anything else I hope to see you spending Christmas day drinking your vintage wine through shaking hands after you’ve experienced the wake-up call that is the Wakefield Special III. Your hands trembling, knowing that I didn’t spare you the mercy of simply pinning your shoulders to the mat for the three count, instead humbling you with an admittance of your own defeat.

As for Harvey Yorke, I am starting to believe he will be but a footnote in the aftermath of the Christmas Eve Voltage special. I am starting to feel an iota of mercy kicking the ever so defenseless while he is down. I am starting to feel bad for constantly pointing out how absent he has been from the radar of my challengers. I expected much more from a man with such a sadistic fighting nature. I was expecting to have a challenger that would be at my throat as he made his intentions of being the next EAW New Breed Champion clear, all the while trying to dig in the knife. Instead, what I get is nothing of the sort. Actually, what I get is nothing at all for that matter. Unless he decides to drop a last-minute nuclear bomb before the match, it looks like he will be keeping his silence until the match is over. It is sad to see a challenger already waving his white flag in surrender so high for the world to see, I downright believe it to be rather embarrassing. He has displayed no form of fight in his approach to this match, to have his chance at glory slowly fading away and doing nothing to prevent it. I think that to be the greatest shame of all. By now, I am just repeating my grievances about the lack of challenge that I feel Harvey Yorke presents to me, so much so that I have mentally dismissed him from this match altogether. Maybe it is a fair assessment to say that I am underestimating the lad due to this newfound timid nature. Or perhaps I am right on the money to believe such a thing as he is essentially taking the metaphorical knee. This silent admittance of defeat is a sad display, one that I will point at future challengers and say “come at me, not like this man, who wastes opportunities others would be grateful to have.” Axl Willow, Shaker Jones, Azreal, Ryan Wilson, Cody Marshall, Nathan Fiora and even my good friend El Ironico didn’t get this opportunity, but if they had they wouldn’t be letting it go to waste to this magnitude. Wherever you are hiding at Harvey, whatever dark alleyway you are calling home for the night, or whatever tavern you are drowning your thoughts in with cheap piss tasting brew, I hope you receive this message and it at the very least pokes you to try and bring a fight come December 24th. Your fire that I have been hearing oh so much about in the weeks leading up to this, all the claims to defy my limits and put an end to my ‘miserable and dismissive’ reign as the New Breed Champion has been extinguished by your own accord. You better bring a fight that makes up for this lack of words Harvey, otherwise, you’ll be the reason this reign will continue with my boot firmly asserted into your chest.

Until then, I will continue to hear the songs of self-grandeur from Jon McAdams, and turn it up to eleven. I welcome his persistence in bringing me proclamations of utter nonsense and assumptions, as it only makes the urge to force him into failure all the more stronger. I don’t underestimate the fighter that Jon McAdams is. He’s aggressive, and dangerous in the ring and only a fool would approach this match thinking otherwise. But I am not intimidated or questioning the result of this match. I will see triumph. I will see victory. I will see my reign as champion continue through the odds that has been stacked against me of my own accord. This victory will dismiss any doubt that Finnegan Wakefield is an undeserving champion. This victory will be the silence of the tongues that whisper behind closed doors as they cross their fingers and wish for my fall from grace. This victory will be the eye opener; that Finnegan Wakefield will continue to march on as the New Breed Champion regardless of how little they like the fact. Because I earn it, I fight to deserve it and day-in and day-out I continue to prove that it is not hyperbole, but the weight of my conviction and the product of my determination. And perhaps to my most harshest of critics it will be at his own expense. Despite your say-so Jon McAdams, you are not fit to walk around this brand, or this company for that matter, with the right to call yourself a champion in the modern day. You have yet to earn that distinction and at my hand you will continue to wait for that distinction. By your own words you have said that I hold this championship to a level of prestige, valor, and worthiness. The same could not be said should you find a way to claw this championship from my hands. It will be back to the dark ages of self-glorifying champions who do nothing to push it past the perception of others. It’ll just return to the fodder champion the top names of this company point the finger at in mockery. I refuse to let my work over the past 95 plus days go to waste and be undone with such ease. You proclaimed this to be the sunset to my reign as champion, but I assure you we are only seeing the dawn."
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 4:09 am by Jon McAdams

McAdams stands before a group of four men within his personal training gym. Each of them is decked out in protective gear and shifting uneasily while McAdams finishes wrapping tape around his hand. He looks up at them and turns to a small table in the corner of the ring. He pours himself a shot of a clear liquid with no label and downs it before turning to the four men. He raises his hand in the air.

“First man to land a punch on me earns himself a doubled wage for the day. First man to take me down earns himself a weeks pay. First man to knock me out? Well, he’ll never have to work a day in his life so long as I am the head of this state.” McAdams stands at the ready waiting for the men. “But each of you is going to have to suffer the consequences of those actions so long as I am here. Good luck.”

One of the trainers rushes forward as a second one slides out of the ring and heads behind him, the other two back up in an attempt to circle him. McAdams meets the first man in the center of the ring with an explosive Head Trauma! The knees crack against the man and bring him down. McAdams rolls underneath a clothesline from one of the circling men. He leaps up into the air and hits a falling neckbreaker. The third man throws his boot up at McAdams who catches it and punches the man right in the crotch before throwing him back. McAdams gets to his feet and begins to stomp on the floored mans head. The man who ducked out of the ring slides back in and clocks McAdams in the face. McAdams shifts his body and avoids a second punch before grabbing the man’s head and slamming it into the small table in the ring. McAdams then proceeds to remove the head gear from the man’s head. He tries to wiggle out but McAdams drives his knee right into the man’s gut and twists the head gear off. He then begins to slam the man’s face into the table. After cracking it against the table three times the table gives and breaks. McAdams turns around as the man who took the neckbreaker is rising to his feet. He catches McAdams gaze and then proceeds to get out of the ring.

“No.” McAdams holds his hand up. “If you leave that ring, you’re fired and I’m still going to chase you down but this time I may treat you like game instead of an opponent.”

The man looks at the other men and back at Mcadams and gets into a fighting stance. He circles McAdams and throws a hard thrust kick at McAdams who backs away and then rushes in. The man tries to follow with a second kick but McAdams slams him with a hard right, followed by a very weighted left. Mcadams then slides his foot behind him, drawing his elbow back and bringing it forward into a heavy overhead elbow slice, cracking the unprotected top of the man’s head. The man stumbles back into the ropes holding his head as blood starts to trickle down. McAdams moves to the otherside of the ring and slides out of it as the man falls down behind him. McAdams reaches back into the ring and pulls out his shot glass and heads to his refridgerator. He opens it up and pulls out another glass bottle of the unlabeled liquid and pouring it into his glass and drinking it. He slides back into the ring as one of the other men begins to stand and slams the bottle into his head. The man drops instantly. McAdams then turns to the first man, the man who took the head trauma and circles around him.
“This isn’t a dance my friend,” McAdams gaze shoots up towards the camera. “It’s clear by how trigger happy you are this week on the microphone that you were expecting the same tenacity brought on by our previous encounter. I prefer to save my energy and to let you expend yours.It seems you have a hearing problem. I have not underestimated you. I have estimated your abilities quite well. Your message was clear, you intend to come back with ferocity and dominance that I would completely expect from a man who is looking at the sunset of his title reign. No, I’m afraid I knew and had anticipated exactly the kind of fighter you would be, so much so that I came within inches of decimating you in the match. As we’ve discussed, I had you so pegged down that you had to resort to forcing a draw and a draw you paid dearly for. Well, I should say… we both did in a way but for myself it created purpose. For you? In the eyes of the man Jamie O’Hara who you so desperately want to impress, it was disastrous. In the eyes of those watching and for your precious record as a defending and fighting champion… it calls into question whether or not you should be the champion right now, eh? At least, that’s what all the hearsay is by the locker room biddies. They weren’t in the fight. They couldn’t comprehend what we were doing in that ring, up that ramp, in the crowd, up the rafters and down into that death pit. Everyone saw this as just another New Breed title match but we both know the truth. We both know what we experienced and what we were aiming to do all for a shot at the glory of that title. People speak of being world champion but how many of us are willing to put it all on the line for a title like the New Breed Championship. Finnegan Wakefield, I know you to be a man worthy of that title. I know that you are willing to do whatever it takes within the scope of your… code of ethics? I know you’re willing to become the best in the business and I have nothing but respect for you as a champion. In fact, I would say there is no other person on this roster who could hold that tile with such prestige, valor, and worthiness… except of course me. Of course, that is the question to be asked in this bout. As much as Yorke earned his spot here, he’s quickly become a third wheel in favor of the match everyone actually wants to see. Two men who grinned all the way down to that terrible pit of destruction, both knowing full well this was far from over.”

McAdams steps over the man laid out at the center of the ring and stops at the broken table before picking up his pipe and lighting it.

“And here lies the problem. As we learn more and more of each other and I can see that turmoil since then eat at you from a distance in the locker room. When you speak, when you eat, when you address others it was written all over your face. Truth be told, though, I had wondered what took Kenny Drake so damn long. Even waiting a week to hear all of this and getting put into the King of Elite Tournament was… exhausting. I would have rather taken the week off to recoup and the tournament… well it served as a momentary distraction. Even if I had won that tournament and become King of Elite, I still would not have been able to hold that New Breed Title. My aim and goal was still not met and I looked down at your future opponent, Harvey Yorke and felt sick. What a brilliant waste of time this would be. And it showed. But it was far more interesting to watch you, The current New Breed Champion, taking on The World heavyweight champion. How glorious that should have been for you. The man you seem to look up too, the one who looked towards you as a possible future successor of his. The way he spoke of you and his curiosity towards whether or not you would be able to live up to what he had done. You took all that to heart and brought that weight with you into our match last time. It had weighed on you then but coming out of our match it was a nasty blow to everything you were supposed to be. A legacy is… a dirty thing. I had high hopes though. To see you triumph. If You could take Jamie, then I know I could take Jamie. Yet… excellence seemingly could not prevail. Even with an assist from his future opponent, Lars Grier, you were unable to defeat him. Your eyes aren’t on the prize it would seem. As you say you’re not… shook. You’re not… worried… I disagree… I see a man who’s skill and determination are colliding with this feeling of failure and the impact has created a catastrophe within your mind. It’s enough that every single day you’ve made sure to run your mouth at me. But while you run your mouth I continue to prepare. While you are trying to prove that I am no mere monster, but a man, you are also trying to prove that you are worthy of that title and defeat Harvey Yorke… I have but one goal, whether it is you, or Yorke, by whatever means necessary, through whatever it is that I have to do, I will capture that New Breed title. There is just far too much on the mind of Finnegan Wakefield and even if you think otherwise, your body language,  your demeanor, your presence in the ring, all of it is in disagreement with the many many words that you have spoken as you continue to try and drown out the voices in your head that continue to tell you what you must do. The weight and burden on your shoulders that is pressing down upon you and forcing you to buckle more and more to the point that when we get in that ring you may just break. It could look like a violent and aggressive Finnegan Wakefield, unable to think correcty but still just as dangerous. But more likely, I’ll see the very strategic and careful Finnegan trying to think through the fog of your legacy being tainted and your future being placed into question. I’ll see a man who has already made many mistakes before this match has even started.

How very upsetting it is… to claim you respect me so then, to have but a day pass and become disappointed because you think I don’t care? I am no Harvey Yorke. I have simply… been working hard and preparing for the showdown that we are going to have. I’m afraid I have been taking this very seriously and if this is what you call patiences? Well, I suspect you are getting far too antsy over the coming match. If you are this impatient during our match you’re going to continue to make silly mistakes like believing if you can just slam me with a torrent of words like a hurricane that it will somehow make me shudder in fear. The very fact that you believe that I am no real threat and that… I don’t take this seriously… no. I don’t believe that actually. Either you’re trying to rile me up or more accurately, you’re suddenly trying to convince yourself that what happened at Shock Value didn’t happen and couldn’t happen again. Come now, Finnegan. I am not the type of person to not give this everything I have. I just know that the last time we fought I took the fight to you, I brought myself upon you and broke your very spirit and it forced a draw. I can’t do that again. If you and I had another classic that ended in Harvey Yorke winning or Lord forbid another draw than this would have all been pointless. Don’t you draw a line in the sand and say that you stand over here where people care and Yorke and I are on the other side. I am no Harvey Yorke and you’re making a terrible mistake by underestimating me. And you know that is exactly what you are doing.

Maybe it’s those heavy expectations, or that seat you feel you must fill, or the mounting pressures getting to you but these don’t feel like statements made my a fighting and ready champion but one who is cracking at the seems. This feels more like nervous jitters and blankets statements. You snooze you lose? Finnegan, I am not coming to be a snake who attacks in the night. I don’t honestly care if you’re afraid of me, if you’re worried about watching your back or if you’re sitting around wondering if I’m going to say anything at all to you. The fact of the matter is if all I am is a man who is going to try, if all I am to you is a blip on the radar than you have truly learned nothing from our previous encounter and that will be your complete undoing. I don’t expect you to sit in silence… In fact I was counting on it. I wanted to see where your head is at, I wanted to see the jitters, I want to watch you make mistakes and expend all ou have trying to get the last laugh. Just remember the last time we fought I took the fight to you and you couldn’t beat me. This time I wanted to see what Finnegan offense looked like and it is not promising. For a tactical technician like yourself I had expected a little more… well. Tact. I saw promise early this week, I know there is a brilliant fighter in there. I faced him before… but as the days draw closer I am finding myself… confused.

You bring up my history, a history I’ve had no issue sharing with you and you ike to bring up relics of my past. Men who helped me rise to where I am today. Mike Showman helping me defeat Drastik… yes, that would be relevant if he had helped me when we fought. I could understand you looking at the way I achieved my victories or the underhanded tactics I’ve used to get what I want… Based on your… funny ideology, of course you wouldn’t respect what I do. And all of this would be relative if I used it at all in my match against you last time. But that’s just not what happened. I matched you in every sense of the word without help from others and completely fair. You see, I used my tools, all of them, from Showman, to my weapons, to the Sanatorium, I used them to my full advantage to get me to the platform where I could prove myself. When I arrived there it was all me. When our match ended in a draw, none of these things you looked down upon were in play. None of the mentalities, none of the underhanded tactics. There is no stealing this title. At this point, no matter how I get the pin, no one can look back at the match we had and think, Jon didn’t deserve that victory. You pretend like you’re the only man who has scratched and clawed his way to here. What a stupid idea thing to say to me. Finnegan Wakefield, you are the favored son of EAW. You are a man that has a light shone upon you and the world saying this is the future. I know what my tactics have bought me and my bad decisions have wrought but I have proven to everyone that has ever had a shite thing to say about me that they are wrong and it is… as you have said… disappointing that the one man who should understand that doesn’t seem too. So please, call me a petty thief, continue to underestimate me and please try to carry the narrative of Jon McAdams being…. Lazy or without conviction. You sound like an idiot. No one would question the dedication of Sovereign. No one would dare imply that I don’t care about this title except for the delusions of an overworked and overstressed champion who can’t seem to handle the pressure. Please continue to bring a narrative to the table that doesn’t fit with what we’ve seen against eachother. I will enjoy watching you make mistake after mistake against Yorke and I and your face after I ‘steal’” McAdams throws up sarcastic quotations with his hands. “New Breed Title. At the end of the day, you’ll be just one more step towards realizing everything you’ve ever promised, the hype of your delivery, and your reign are all… worthless.

Because that has always been your problem, Finnegan. For everything you are, your skill and your talent only goes in one direction. You are so incapable of… adapting. You only know one strategy and that is to fire on all cylinders at those pressure points not realizing that while you are so focused on what you think will win based on your pure wrestling ability, your opponent has completely changed his tactics. While we ended with a draw last time only one of us has actually changed since then. I am growth and it happens quickly. I am a dominating monster, a meticulous planner, a ferocious fighter, and a cunning opportunist and the list goes on. Finnegan. You are The wrestling artist. That works for you. But what you are doing right now, and what you did at Shock Value, it was good enough then, but it won’t win you this match now. So please, continue to exhaust yourself trying to prove yourself. You will expend needless energy heading into this match trying to make yourself look good while I am actually preparing. Much like how you fight, you will bring yourself down and ultimately defeat yourself. Because if the immense challenge of defeating me isn’t enough, and the added addition of Harvey Yorke doesn’t take the cake, surely the man with the unrealistic expectations, your mosaic idea of honor, and your delusions will be the end of you”

McAdams steps back towards the ropes and leans against it at the feet of the man who took the head trauma earlier in the night.

“Your plans, your words, your… attack. Is tired. You are unfortunately tired but I know that your consistency and relentlessness are still dangerous and I wouldn’t forget about that or let it slip past me… but your cunning and what seems to be your inability to look at the big picture… or as I used to say… the Grand Design… will cost you. Just like this man here. I laid him out earlier. He took The Head Trauma when our night first started. It is a move that takes people down. But not this long and certainly not against a man who is wearing protective gear. So I wonder, while the others are bloody unconscious and concussed messes why this man continues to lay here. Perhaps he thinks that I am too stupid to recognize that he’s playing dead so that he can jump me and get his life all paid for… that’s more likely. Another man thinking that my arrogance or my way of life will somehow cause me to lose sight of what I am here to do. Another man who would eat crow for underestimating me just like you Finnegan. Or maybe he’s just pretending he’s unconscious to save himself the embarrassment of knowing that he can’t stack up to the pressures of the most important moment of his career, just like Harvey Yorke. Who despite fighting so hard for this opportunity and despite being so incredibly supported continues to squander his gifts, talents, and abilities by being inconsistent and… perhaps aloof? I am not sure but if I could agree with one thing here that Finnegan has said it is that this man seems to not care.

Yorke, I had hoped to see some of that fire you had when you won at Shock Value, and during the tournament but I find it interesting… that you have proved me correct here. And will no doubt do the same this sunday. You continue to show that you lack the most important and valuable virtue in wrestling. Consistency. I don’t have much to say to you. I know how this ends and I am fine with it. A third body in this match is a perfect tool to be used and that is exactly what you will be but unlike Finnegan who is more concerned with legacy, I am going to do what I do best and use every tool at my disposal to win. That includes you, Mr. Yorke. How fun! So continue to sit in silence, hopefully you’re training, or getting ready for the biggest match of your life but more likely than not, you’re hitting the pub. More likely, you’re having a laugh with your mates about how stupid we are for trying so hard. Odds are you haven’t thought about your match with Finnegan since Shock Value and you don’t even realize I’m in this match. But all joking aside… more realistically speaking, you’re likely in a rage that Finnegan took your title shot and had a nightmare like me inserted into it. Most likely you are furious that Finnegan ruined your one chance to win a singles match against him and prove that you belong here. Most likely you have are enraged at the fact that you’re going to have to step in the ring with the very best in this division and your odds went from fifty percent to about twenty percent. I want you to remember that this sunday. I want you to remember who did this to you. I want you to remember how for the first time in your career the road seemed open and you were well on your way to winning a championship match and you had a fire lit underneath you and it was exploding and it was Finnegan Wakefield who made sure to toss a bucket of water on you and leave you with nothing. And when this match is all over and I have the belt in my hands you can know that I wasn’t supposed to be in this match to begin with. That I wasn’t supposed to be in your way. That I wasn’t supposed to have stolen your shot but here I am and it’s all because of Finnegan Wakefield. The man who was willing to do anything he could to make sure you never hold a title in this company.

I hope to hear from you… and quite possibly hear from Finnegan too. I like to speak to his delusion. Be on the attack my friend! Hold your championship high, carry your cracked pride into the ring and the those heavy expectations with you. They will be your undoing. Don’t pull punches. I never asked you to do that and I don’t expect that you ever were. You issue a challenge to me to step up, but we both know that I don’t just have to meet your standard, but you must also meet mine. You’re right, this isn’t about hearsay, but we don’t need hearsay to look back at what has happened and know that you don’t have this in the bag. It doesn’t matter who has lost faith in you, but I find it terribly concerning that you ignore your lack of edge… I am going to teach you a valuable lesson on sunday. Honor is great for morale but at the end of the day it is the thieves who escape with the glory. Last year, I was newcomer that people though very little of. I walked into 2017 the Hardcore champion. This year you have decided to think little of me, and I can’t wait to walk into 2018 with the belt you have so bodaciously declared to be yours beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

McAdams steps up over the guy who took the head trauma earlier in the night and grabs him by the mask.

“Oy, dick head, you can stop pretending now. You’re going to need to get off your ass and actually fight me if you want what you were promised.” McAdams shakes he man’s head but he doesn’t move. He shrugs and then dumps his pipe ashes into the man’s face but he still doesn’t move. “Oh shite. This one’s out too. Guess there was no plan for this chap.” McAdams slides out of the ring and grabs his phone.

“Aye, I’ll need a couple of ya down here. Naw, they’re just… real beat up, and I’d rather you treat them here than at the hospital….” McAdams continues walking as the camera zooms back. “About 12 of them.”

As the camera pans back there are three more rings within this underground gym each with beat up men, groaning and sitting inside of them holding their heads as blood stains the mat.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 23rd 2017, 2:53 am by Cody Marshall

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holiday season’s got me in a giving mood, so I’m gonna give each and every one of y’all a gift: the gift of watching the A-Lister ABSO-FUCKIN’-LUTELY WRECK Moongoose the Queen, Cameron Plastic-Tits, and El Nino or whatever the fuck his fucking name is! And maybe some free doughnuts and beer too, if that son of a bitch Kenny Drake clears it.

‘Cause you know my star power scares Kenny Drake. He can’t have me, the A-Lister, outshining his hand-picked goons. That goes to show you he don’t know jack shit about business, ‘cause you know, and I know, and THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS that Cody Marshall is best for business. Cody Marshall equals ratings. This ain’t rocket science, it’s stone cold facts. The world don’t wanna see Jamie O’Hara and Amadeus bitch-slap each other like the couple ‘a hundred fifty pound pussies they are, hell nah! The world wanna see Cody raise hell and kick ass. That’s why America can’t get enough of this Hollywood Hoss! But you ain’t gotta worry ‘cause y’all gonna be seeing a helluva lot more of me! I am gonna win this fatal-four way on Voltage, in front of my Los Angeles home crowd, and I’m gonna move on to ABSO-FUCKIN’-LUTELY WRECK Snark and Sherman at King of Elite and take my rightful throne as EAW Openweight Champion… it’s gonna be ABSO-FUCKIN’-LUTELY AMAZING. Or as Mongoose the Queen would say, *fabulous*.

Let’s get serious for a bit here (don’t worry y’all, it’ll be quick). I am the most dangerous man in this match. Can’t decide if Mongoose or Cam is the most Dangerous Woman though. How old is Ariana Grande again? Asking for a friend... Ok, let’s get serious for real this time. I am truly the most dangerous man, the most dangerous competitor in this match. My size and strength are Godlike. I’ve got the power to ABSO-FUCKIN-’LUTELY WRECK anyone who stands in my way. When I’m in BEAST MODE -- and I’m damn sure in BEAST MODE right now -- there ain’t nobody in the world who can stop me. But I ain’t just a one trick pony. I got speed, I got skill, I can hop up to the top rope and fly through the air like a Bald Eagle, baby! As a wrestler and as an actor, I’ve got range. I can be flashy or fly under the radar. I can get out of a jam with my strength or my smarts. I can be your hero or your villain. Sometimes I’m not even sure which one I am anymore (*Wink*).

I like to let the world know just how good I am, and I’ve damn sure earned that right. I’ve spent my whole life overcoming the odds. I grew up in small-town Texas, I ain’t never been handed shit. When I graduated high school I enlisted in the Marine Corps. At age 20 I was deployed to Iraq. When my first child was born, I didn’t get to be in the hospital by my wife’s side. I was stationed overseas, fighting for my life. I worked back-breaking jobs to put food on the table while I pursued my dream of becoming a pro wrestler, but I never gave up. I made it to EAW, kicked it into BEAST MODE, and within six months I was the New Breed Champion. I’ve been at the top of this business and at the bottom, I’ve been loved and hated and everything in between, I’ve become the star of Fox’s newest sitcom Bad Cops -- catch it after Voltage on Sunday! -- and the blockbuster premiering on Christmas Day, Rock Hard -- catch that one too! -- but no matter what happens, when tough times come around, I’ll make it through. ‘Cause tough times never last, but tough people do. Put that on a coffee mug.

Told ya I got range. You gotta blend the comedy in with a little bit of serious stuff, otherwise you just become El Ironico. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’d rather be Ironico than Mongoose the Queen. Then again, who wouldn’t? The world laughs AT Mongoose, not with him. Mongoose, Mongoose, Mongoose. I said it once and I’ll say it again: the reason you don’t get title opportunities is ‘cause you’re ABSO-FUCKIN’-LUTELY TRASH in the ring, and even worse with a mic in your small, small hands. And you know what they say about dudes with small hands. Especially when they’re Asian. Ahem, sorry, *Native American*. Yeah right. You’re Japanese and everyone knows it. Didn’t you say your name was supposed to be pronounced ‘MON-O-GO-SAY’ or some shit like that? More like ‘MON-O-SO-GAY’. Sorry, I just had to. So… where was I? I don’t go around telling people to call me ‘Cody MIRAGE-SHELL’. Mirage Shell… sounds like a great name for a movie now that I think of it. I’ll call up Michael Bay and ask him what he thinks.

I put the BEAST MODE into Voltage. I do things people have never even seen before. They say good things come in small packages, but sometimes they come in big packages too and I’m one of ‘em! I’m King-Sized, and my opponents this Sunday are “Fun-Sized”. That’s the polite way of saying they’re fucking small. All the better to toss around like ragdolls. Y’all are in for a show! I may just pick all these fuckers up at once and throw ‘em all into the crowd! You can crowdsurf Ironico, grab a handful of Cam’s ass, and… I don’t know what anybody would want to do to Mongoose, but whatever floats your boat I guess. Maybe shave his head. And yes, I know it’s not Mongoose, it’s Moongoose. But I also know you get ABSO-FUCKIN’-LUTELY TRIGGERED every time someone calls you Mongoose, and it makes for great TV. It’s the only time you’re anywhere near entertaining. Fortunately, the fans won’t be seeing any more of you ‘till January 13th, ‘cause it’s gonna be CODY ‘A-LIST’ MARSHALL REPPING VOLTAGE, KICKIN’ IT INTO BEAST MODE, AND WALKING OUT OF KING OF ELITE AS THE EAW OPENWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Happy holidays and that’s a fucking wrap!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 22nd 2017, 9:31 pm by Jack Ripley
(Jack can be seen with his tag team title on one shoulder, and his newly acquired Tag Team of the Year trophy in his hand. He's standing in front of the RAD Betting agency door frame that's conveniently wherever they go, in some random part of the arena. It is decked out for the holidays, as they have there holiday party coming up. He's smiling having a good time, enjoying life, you know the usual. Jack has a lot to smile about, and he's going to tell you why right about now)

I sure have a lot to smile about these days. As you can see I'm a highly decorated athlete in EAW. I'm on my third tag team title reign with my best friend David Davidson, and now we are being recognized as the best tag team in all of EAW. Does this surprise anyone? Well if it does then you've been living under a rock for this entire year. All we did was run right through the entire tag team division, and flush out all who opposed us. We thinned the herd and showed who exactly belongs here in EAW. We beat legends, Robbie V, Brian Daniels, Lannister, Ares Vendetta, and Lioncross just to name a few. We had classic contest against the Triumvirate, a match of the year candidate. I myself have had my fair share of singles success as of late, as I went to the semi finals of the King of Elite tournament until a little jealous little gnat got in the way. But that doesn't matter, I've more than showed what I'm capable of in that ring, we both have; and as we close out 2017 as your tag team champions, and Tag Team of the Year, we can only look back and reflect on what was. I expect nothing more than a million thank you letters in my mailbox by January 1st for all the good times that we have provided you. Especially from Lioncross who we retired. A guy that was flopping big time in EAW after such a long storied career, a guy that was embarrassing, and tarnishing his legacy every second he remained here. And Brian Daniels another guy that just retired, surely we had a hand in that. Lannister, Robbie V, all of these guys that were thought to be the be all end all of EAW fell flat on their face when they went up against the best, and now? They're all gone. Now I won't take all the credit for it, but I will take a majority. You're welcome EAW, we got rid of all the useless old men that were clogging up all the pipes for all the younger talent to bust through. Now in your main events we're getting Ryan Marx.. Someone we beat... Rex McAllister.. Someone I beat.. And even on a lesser scale Nobi! Also someone that we beat. Sooo as the days wind down for 2017, you're welcome for all the memories that we provided you. You're welcome for being able to expose all the talent that you thought were good, but found to be nothing more than hot air. Don't worry it doesn't end there, no no, The High Rollerz will high step into 2018 with the same amount of vigor that we've had for all of our careers. Even with all the success, and the accolades that we've procured, I'm still not happy. You see there was a sub category for awards that were handed out. This marked the decade anniversary of EAW, and there was a specific category that they decided to come up with that seemed right down the High Rollerz ally. Tag Team of the Decade award, and you look up and down the card for who were candidates and it was embarrassing. Not for us, but for this company. It listed a bunch of tag teams that may have lasted for about 6 months, who don't have half the amount of success that we had. The High Rollerz, 3 time, and current Tag Team Champions not even nominated for the award? Well something smells fishy to me, because how could the actual tag team of the decade not even be nominated? What because we've only been here for a year? Bullshit. If that's the case what does that say about the tag team that won tag team of the decade huh? We've already surpassed them, people already know we're going into the hall of fame and it only took a year. Long rant kept short, The High Rollerz were screwed. As compensation I would like to throw out an idea. The High Rollerz vs. Whoever won the tainted bullshit award. To see who actually deserves to call themselves Tag Team of the decade, and I guarantee you that the High Rollerz, aka, the best Tag Team in all of history, would whoop there asses all over whatever shitty town we happen to be in that day. 

Speaking of Also Known As, I face him this week actually. Also known as aka Aka, I don't know much, if anything about you I'll be straight up. I've had a hard time trying to come up with anything about you. I wish I did, had I known anything I'm sure I could bring it up, because everyone has some dirt. But there wasn't anything that I could find, nothing worth mention. I searched high, and low to figure out who the hell Aka Manah is, but eh. I couldn't find much of anything at all. I just wanted some facts on you, facts that would give hard evidence that I am better, and that I will beat you on Saturday. I know I don't need them because Jack Ripley is top tier, top shelf, you can't find anyone better, but I don't like just throwing my facts at people with nothing to base it on. That makes me seem like I don't know what I'm talking about. How can you say that you're better than someone when you don't even know who they are? I mean it could be said that if you don't have anything on someone that the reason for that is that they don't have anything worth mention. Or it could be said that they don't have anything on them because they like to keep a low profile. Maybe he's just too new, and hasn't had much of a career to have notoriety. I don't know what the reason was, I just wasn't able to find anything about you other than the a few things. I know you were on Dynasty, and you actually got your first FPV win not that long ago. As a reward what happened? You were shipped here to Showdown, and I get the honor of welcoming you to the blue brand. I don't know your story obviously, but what I do know is that you're going to lose to me, and that's all I really need to know. How can I know this? Well obviously, put it simply, I'm better than you. Don't get let this get you down and befuddled, I'm better than the entire roster. I will say I kind of feel bad though, you're leaving that cesspool known as Dynasty, which must feel good. Only to come here and take a loss in your first match with your newly found freedom. I know that you heard what I had to say earlier about how The High Rollerz are the goat. And you heard of all the things that we've been able to accomplish, and you're intimidated. I get it, any moral man would be intimidated. I don't want you to piss yourself in the ring you know? It'll become this whole thing where I don't want you to touch me because your piss pants, it's just gross man. So to stop that from happening I'll try to ease the pain any way I can. I will just say that I'm definitely putting down a wager that Jack Ripley will once again come out victorious, and maybe, just maybe, be a key factor as to why someone quit EAW. I'm sorry to say it also known as, but if you were thinking that you could start anew on Showdown and forget all your Dynasty problems here, then you were mistaken. There will be no fresh start, there will be no resurgence, it will be you floundering once again. Jack Ripley isn't someone that people can gain a name off of, he is someone that puts people in their places. He's someone that beats sense into peoples minds, and shows them they shouldn't reach for the stars. Aka there is no light at the end of the tunnel here, there is no hope. I know Christmas is the time of miracles but this isn't 34th street. I'm not Santa Clause, and I don't care about your happiness. All I care about is going into that ring, showing everyone why I am one of the best, getting my hand raised, and getting out of there. Then I'm going to go home and enjoy the holidays with my wife and family. I suggest after this weekend, after you get beat up and bettered, that you do the same. Only when you're sitting at your dinner table with you family, with all the laugher, and smiling faces, I ask you to think. Think if all of this is worth it. Is putting your body on the line, getting nowhere in your career, being made a fool of.. Is all of it worth it? But despite this I would like you to have a Merry Christmas. Therefore before your departure I will be giving you a free High Rollerz shirt.. with just a slight donation needed. Anyways see you tomorrow. 

(Jack opens the door to the RAD Betting Agency, walks inside, and closes the door. Camera fades to black)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 22nd 2017, 10:26 am by Kevin Devastation
I Won't Back Down...

...Stand Me Up At The Gates Of Hell...

...Gonna Stand My Ground.

I want you to come full force with the power of an army Nathan. I want you to come by land, sea, and air. I want you at your very best Nathan, that way when you get set down you have no excuse left to say when you look at yourself later that evening. But I want you to realize something my very cunning friend. A battle forged onward by pride is doomed to fail from the very get go, because you prove my point when you say it Nathan. You are heir apparent to Kevin Devastations pride, you are the one to take upon that curse. Very fitting if you ask me young man, very fitting indeed. Because this battle, the longer it goes you will expend every ounce of energy, every bit of your furious assault on striking me down in the name of your pride. It will happen and you will strike me down, in that furious and prideful assault you will take every shot you can to end this before it begins. One thing you forget though Nathan, I can take it and I can pick my opening, and trust me I only need one. Because after you exhaust yourself and expend everything then the real battle begins. Anybody can win the opening round, its like taking a pawn in chess Nathan, just because you strike first does not mean you strike last. The longer this goes the more it will favor me, because I know what will happen inside this match. You have no clue of the battlefield, you have no clue exactly what will happen. I do find it funny that you have this much pride in you about your assault...ripping the deed from my corpse...tearing my eyes out...you think that at any stage of my career that I am gonna lay down and take that without a fight? Without any kind of defense? Foolish child, that's what I think of you as at this point in time, thinking that you can throw me into a fiery pit of hell. You see when you throw a fish into water, does he drowned? By throwing me into a fiery pit of "lava" all you do is put me into the fire that I already know so well Nathan. Take heed young man, and learn this next lesson well. No matter what you do, no matter what you think can be done to me to end me...bigger and better men have tried it. Legends have tried to end me, the greatest of all time have tried to take me down a peg and put me into a retirement home. Funny thing is though, most of the men who tried to end me are not here anymore and here I stand. 

...And I Won't Back Down...

...March Me Through Those Fiery Gates Of Hell...

...And I'll Stand My Ground...

So allow me to give you an analogy my young friend, allow me to tell you a age old story that reaches from one side of the globe to the other. That is the story of the old lion and the young lion, where the young lion does everything in his power to take down the old lion and be the leader of the pride. The old lion is ill, his limbs do not move as well as they used to, his teeth may not be as sharp as they once were. But deep inside still beats the heart of a lion, not of a mouse, not of a fox, a gazelle or a damn giraffe. THE HEARTBEAT STILL BEATS THAT STRONG LION BLOOD THROUGH THE VEINS OF THAT OLD LION, AND GIVEN THE MOMENT THAT BLOOD WILL PUMP FASTER AND WITH MORE VERACITY THAN ANYBODY EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE AGAIN! That young lion forgets that, as he is cocky, as he is brash, and as he has taken a few swipes at that elder lion before and he did nothing to combat it. And when that young lion comes to take his rightful place, to lead his pride into the world, he then realizes that in his haste he forgot one thing and one thing only...THAT OLD LION HAS EVERY BIT OF PRIDE HE DOES, BUT HAS THE WISDOM DEEP INSIDE TO USE THAT VERACITY TO ITS TRUE POTENTIAL AND NOT WASTEFULLY LIKE A YOUNG DELUSIONAL BOY...And then you look around that old lions den Nathan, you look around his home and you see that he is not alone, that you soon will join your brothers in arms, as part of the few other young and reckless lions whose bones have made there home in this old lions den. Consider the den full of horror when you see that the spirits of much larger lions have tried, that much greater lions have tried. Then when you realize that the truth I speak is your reality Nathan, you will see that you are in that den of fallen lions, that you are in that home where the horrors reside...that you are face to face with that old lion that is Kevin Devastation...that you are inside his own personal House Of Horrors...And that the reality of the situation is that you really just don't know who the hell you fucked with this Christmas Eve. But since your still a delusional boy, I will send Santa a letter for you, asking for one gift only. A few sacks of blood of your type, because you look like you've got a lot of blood to give...and my House Of Horrors needs a new coat of crimson paint. 

There will be no termination, there will be no burning, and there will be no dying on my end Nathan. But I want you and your pride to bring the fight like there will be, get struck down and see the true reality in facing me. Bring everything you got and try to put me down, and look and see that you will be the one to die trying...

...As I'll Never Back Down...

...March Through The Gates Of My Hell...

...And See I Stand My Ground.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 22nd 2017, 8:04 am by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 88: Disappointment

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"I guess the emotion I am feeling right now is disappointment. Disappointment in the amount of fight my opposition brings to this New Breed Championship match. In the case of Harvey Yorke, the lack thereof. My patience is waning and dwindling thin. What is taking so long to hear the proclamations of the supposedly opposing threats to my championship? Why has the battle cries I was expecting from my alleged usurpers been replaced by the sounds of crickets? Perhaps they are not taking this opportunity seriously. Perhaps they are not taking ME seriously. Jon McAdams at the very least gave me the impression that he is planning on seizing the opportunity before him, albeit not saying much to state a serious claim. With Harvey Yorke, I have yet to hear anything at all. Where is this sadistic natured brute that spent weeks leading up to this match saying he would defy my limits? Is he lurking in the shadows waiting for his opportunity to strike? Or is he using those shadows to hide from the writing on the wall? Either way, it is a disappointing display. Where is the threat that should have the hairs standing on the back of my neck? In this kind of stipulation, a Triple Threat, I am expected to have the feeling of the latter -- a imposing threat. I am expected to have eyes in the back of my head at all times. But I don’t sense an incoming threat -- a lurking fear. Jon McAdams made himself a blip on my radar, showing that he is at the very least going to try to pull this championship from my clutches. Strong emphasis on ‘try’. Yorke hasn’t even managed to accomplish the status of a blip yet. The clock is ticking down, the day is upon us, and yet here I am sitting on the edge of my seat watching the seconds tick away. Only to be rewarded for my patience with nothing. If this is the game we are going to play, don’t expect me to be sitting idly by in silence twiddling my thumbs or sitting on my hands whistling a jolly tune. This match to me means everything. Not only is my championship on the line, but also my pride as a champion of EAW. I have heavy expectations to uphold. I am expected to show no less than my all every time I am in that ring or while holding a microphone in my hands. I refuse to sit patiently for my opposition to make a move. As the old saying goes; you snooze, you lose.

McAdams has always been a man driven by his greed. He has always had the push to achieve more, by whatever means he has to. I call most of these methods gutless, most of his greatest accomplishments coming with the assistance of others. He defeated a Hall of Famer in Drastik to win a brief stint as the Hardcore Champion but swept the assistance from his former ally Mike Showman and the paying off of Carson Ramsey to win the title under the rug. I understand his way of thinking. I understand in the mind of someone who just wants more, the ends justify the means. I understand the idea that you can just take what you want regardless of how much or how little you deserve it. But I don’t respect it. I don’t respect these low ideologies that narrate the story of a petty thief. Only men of weak determination steal a trophy, only the men who put in the effort to obtain it earn the right to hold it. To hold this specific trophy, I had to struggle. I had to lick my own wounds, eat my crow and put up with the mindless obnoxious dribble of the champions prior to stand here today with the title of New Breed Champion and this piece of gold and silver that I hold highly and proudly over my head. Despite it all, I never spent a day laying on my back in the misery of defeat. Not once did I ever play the victim of circumstance. That is why I am the champion going into this match on December 24th. This is why I am going to still be the champion in the fallout by December 25th. Because I won’t have my efforts to obtain this rank go to waste. I won’t have it stolen away from me by a petty thief. I won’t live to see the day where I hand off this championship to a man of weaker conviction. This is why I won’t be succeeded by someone like Jon McAdams. Effective as these methods may be against the likes of others, they will not be the methods used to dethrone me as the New Breed Champion. Not now, not ever. My pride won’t allow it. And McAdams knows that all too well. He experienced it for himself. He experienced how far I was willing to push my body and my passion just to uphold my pride. I put my body through the worst pain I could have possibly imagined. A man with a weaker determination to uphold his pride wouldn’t have been able to pull himself up. Yet here I stand, undeterred and unshaken. With that knowledge, he no longer hides behind his arrogance. He no longer hides behind his wealth. He no longer hides behind the twists he inserts to the narratives and the cinematic theatrics behind them. He now only fights with the facts of the matter at hand. And those facts don’t tell a story that favors Jon McAdams and his methods. He can only hope and go all in on a bet that he’ll be able to steal it from under me. He sits at the table holding a crappy hand. All he has left is to hope that I am bluffing with the grin on my face. Will he call? Or will he fold? It doesn’t matter which he chooses, I have the Royal flush. In layman's terms, I have the conviction to retain despite the odds.

Harvey Yorke, on the other hand, is a man driven by wrath. A man that feels that he was robbed of opportunities to be one of the best in the world. He took some time away, went on the retreat to collect himself. He came back with a single mission; to challenge me for this New Breed Championship. He didn’t cut the line, he earned his spot as the rightful contender. But where is he now? Back in retreat, hiding in silence that speaks a thousand words. What has me so curious is the reasons as to why he has been so quiet? Does he no longer feel up to the challenge now that it is mere days away? Or is it because he has already seen that in a way he is already dragging behind? Regardless of the reason, it is gutless to be going so quietly into the night. I have tired all the methods I can to get him to at the very least state his claims, but all have been to no avail. Now I am seeing it is pointless to chip away at the glass that holds down Harvey Yorke from elevating himself further up the ranks, at this rate he can only bash his skull against the glass ceiling until it finally shatters. For three days now, I have been eagerly awaiting the proclamation of a worthy challenger from Harvey Yorke only to be met with the sounds of silence. And in that silence, I have heard surrender. That is what disappoints me most. I have nothing to prove against a man who bows to the winds of my triumph. I am not almighty, I am not omnipotent, but I am also not subservient to the challenge of an empty husk of a challenger. I see no drive on display. I see no determination in the eyes. I see no success in the future of Harvey Yorke. He has no one to blame but himself. When he wakes up on December 25th without this championship to his name, it will be due to his own fault. And that to me is the greatest disappointment of them all. He never had the initiative to light the flame under his own ass, even with championship glory in sight. A man driven by wrath who imposes no threat. A man driven by wrath who presents no challenge. To the likes of him, I can not lose this championship. To someone who no longer has the tendencies of a predator, I can not lose this championship to someone who has resorted to being prey. Harvey, if this is your will to squander your opportunity to call yourself a champion, so be it. The result will be due to your own undoing. But give me something. Give me something to believe you have even a fighting chance. Give me a reason why you’ll defy the limits that I push through. Give me the proclamation of a challenger worthy to become a champion.

Don’t expect me to sit in silence, lads. Don’t believe me the kind to wait on the two of you to make your moves. Like you will come to find out on the Christmas Eve edition of Voltage, Finnegan Wakefield is always on the attack. With my championship, my pride and my expectations on the line, I don’t plan on pulling a single punch. Give me everything you have, both in your words and in your actions. If not, you will not see championship glory first hand. You will only bare witness to mine as it continues to march on through all the shadows of doubt. I have heard the backstage whispers of my reign as champion. I have heard many of my peers claim that this person deserves to be the champion, how that person should have dethroned me by now. What they haven't realized is that being a champion is not a matter of popularity. To be a champion is not a matter of public opinion, it doesn't even come into the equation. To hear the whispers of "Harvey Yorke will be the New Breed Champion" or "Jon McAdams is underrated and deserves the New Breed Championship", it is sad to see. Sad to see that my peers don't necessarily believe these people are rightful champions, but merely want to see my fall. To see me flying like Icarus, hoping that my wings burn up from the sun so they can watch me plummet back down to earth. I am a man of honor. I am a man who chose his path and is sticking to it through the thick and thin. If people have lost faith in me because I lack a newfound edge, that is fine by me. At the end of the day, it just culminates in more people to prove wrong. I will be the New Breed Champion regardless of opinion, because I fight to deserve it."
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Dynasty II


The cashier of a run-down gas station convenience store jolts up at the sound of the door opening and quickly hides the latest edition of Hustler Magazine he was choking his chicken too. In came a man who looked a little worse for wear, reeking of booze and stale farts, his long and squiggly hair spun down past his shoulders, as the menacing man was eyeing a bag of Chex Mix.

"Hey, you can't smoke in here!" The cashier barked out towards the stoic man who completely ignored him.

"Hey greasy fuck, are you deaf or dumb?!" The cashier blatantly insults the man who turns his head, revealing to be none other than Darkane, a few bruises on his face and a dab of toilet paper on his chin covering up a shaving cut.

"Neither, I just don't give a fuck." Darkane said finishing his cigarette and putting it out on the counter and slinging the bag of Chex Mix he plucked out onto it as well.

"Don't give me that look, I'm hungover and I don't need your shit." Darkane said.

The cashier sighed, "Is this all for today?"

"Ye-- no wait, gimme one of those scratch tickets, I don't care which one." The cashier did as he was told and swiped it under the red UV light.

"That'll be $4.95," The cashier said.

"$4.95? No wonder you stores get robbed all the time, keep the change fuckwit." Darkane slapped a torn five dollar bill on the counter, took his items and headed outside, exchanging looks with a husky man who wore a deer covered camouflage hunting jacket as he passed Darkane.

"Take a picture it'll last longer you fucking queef." Darkane spat towards the man who scowled back. Darkane eyed a nearby bench that sat against the bricks of the convenience store and took a seat.

"People, I swear, as we create so we destroy." Darkane blurted out and noticed the cameraman approaching him.

"Let's see if I have any good fortune today Nasir, according to this scratch ticket, titled Stocking Stuffer, it says match any of your numbers to either of the winning numbers, win a prize for that number. Reveal a gift symbol, win double that prize for that symbol. Win up to 30,000 dollars. Seems simple enough let's give 'er a go." Darkane sunk his hands into the pockets of his black leather jacket and pulled out a nickel.

"Alright Thomas Jefferson, I'm banking on your ass. Come on baby!" Darkane hurriedly scratched his winning numbers.

"7, 15" Darkane smirked and showed the camera, scratching off the rest of the numbers, his smirk turning into an irritated stern look.

"Son of a bitch. Nothing. Fucking nothing. A perfect example of what fortune or lack thereof does for you." He slings the scratch ticket against the window of the store.

"People all around alike pray to a god that isn't real and to a lesser degree, believe in something that is about as reliable as finding sasquatch shit along a forest trail. That's the problem with you, Nasir. You believe in something that is fabricated and something that doesn't belong, you see so many of these fraudulent shyster scam artists pretending to be mythical voodoo queens trying to make a quick buck whether it'd be telling your fortune or reading tarot cards that she printed from Office Max. She isn't going to predict your future and why the fuck would you want that anyway? That defeats the purpose of living life. You still have to nut up, go out and do it yourself. She took you under your wing out of pity anyway because your parents burnt to a crisp, she was the one who tucked you in at night and she was the one who spoiled you rotten, so I understand that you might think of her as the all-seeing eye, it's too bad she wasn't there before your parents got barbequed or else it may have been prevented right? She could have seen it coming and saved their lives and what a way to fucking go. I've been burned by my fair share of cigarettes that dropped in my lap and even in the few seconds it lasted it doesn't feel too good and to have your flesh peel oh so slowly, fuck, that must have felt like hell, which is probably where they ended up anyway after giving birth to such a gullible fuck like you, but don't fret, I'm sure one of these days she'll get lucky and predict something right and then all faith will be restored. You might say that you've known her all your life and she would never lie or betray you. People are selfish Nasir, that's the way things work, people lie all the damn time. Me? I'm a straight shooter. For example, I felt no shame in going up to one of those bell-ringing Santas the other day who are apart of the Salvation Army and punching him in the mouth and stealing the haul he made in a day's work. You always want to wait until the end of their shift too, that's when you can really rack in the bucks. If I need money and I need it fast around Christmas, that's a great way to do it. Is it a scummy thing to do? Yeah, it sure is, but look who you're fucking talking to. The point is, I'm honest. I'm not going to hide behind the shadow of a fortune teller. When we meet on Dynasty, she won't be there in your corner, you'll be one on one with a monster, who has the King of Elite crown in his eyes. She won't come save you, she won't cast a spell on me, because I'm immune to that shit, I'm real and I'm in the flesh."

Darkane opens the bag of Chex Mix he bought and rummages through it with his fingers.

"I'll admit, I'm picky, I only like the pretzels."

Darkane tosses a few pretzels in his mouth and eyes the people filling their cars up with gas.

"The King of Elite crown isn't just for bragging rights, there's a lot on the line. For the first time ever, I would be looked at in a main event light. Don't get me wrong, I adore my Hardcore Championship more than life itself, but to reach the top; the absolute pinnacle is something that at the beginning of my career seemed unobtainable. What about you Nasir? What is your end game? You've slain mighty dragons in the past, you've overcome insurmountable odds in insurmountable scenarios which is extremely impressive, but you haven't been able to reach your peak, which is disappointing. You have all the talent in the world, but the reason people underestimate you and the reason you tend to go unnoticed more often than not when you're sharing the limelight with main event talent is that you haven't grabbed that brass ring. It has always alluded you in one way or another. You need to shatter that glass ceiling with one of your ether kicks or else you'll go down in the record books as good, no, great even, but not a star and certainly not an icon. Winning the King of Elite does exactly that and that's probably why now more than ever, you have a giant chip on your shoulder. Your story, it almost makes me want to root for you and I probably would if the circumstances were any different. There's nothing quite like an underdog tale. But it ends on Dynasty, you're going to be finishing the year with a bang, so when you finally wake up in 2018, after I've sent your ass straight into the hospital and you watch what went down on Dynasty as the IVs twist into your body, you'll know deep down inside that I'm not like Ahren Fournier who writes checks his ass can't cash. I'm not like Jacob Senn who is a prisoner of his own rage. I'm a whole different animal. You said that I need to prove you wrong and you're begging me to do so, but I think it's you yourself that needs to prove you wrong, I know there's a seed of doubt that dwells inside of your mind of not being able to win the big one. I sense that you're nervous that if you fail, what will be the aftermath? What will be the fallout of Nasir Moore yet again shitting the bed when it matters most? Will you follow a path like that of The Pizza Boy? Where you go into hiding and attempt to find yourself again? Will you sink beneath the surface never to be seen or heard from again? I'll tell you this: When I failed to capture the National Elite Championship from Rex McAllister I blamed myself, I viciously abused myself the day after; pulling table splinters out of my ass and hitting myself in the face over and over again but then I realized, it was a learning experience for any future opportunities that may come my way and I shouldn't take it for granted. I should take solace in the fact that I pushed Rex to his absolute limit. Low and behold a few months later I end up winning the Hardcore Championship and I've never looked back since. I never gave up on my aspirations. There's a lesson to be learned in defeat. So keep your chin up Nas. You'll need to after Dynasty. Or else you will hit rock bottom. Which is a place that you don't ever want to be, it's otherworldly, it's unearthly, it's sickening and it's a place that devours you whole and dissects you until nothing is left. I felt like a hit rock bottom when I lost to Rex McAllister but I didn't, it was just a blip in the radar and it was something that I could recover fro--"

"Yo yo yo, you lookin for a hit my man?" A black man with turd locks who looks like he could be on the 8 mile casting rejected list approaches Darkane.

Darkane eyes him up and down,

"A hit of what?" Darkane inquires.

"Biggest blunts in Sacramento, check it homie!" The black man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small half assed blunt that doesn't seem to impress Darkane.

"That's it? I've smoked doobies as big as your mother's clit, get lost, that's amateur hour, I could barely get a buzz off of that shit." Darkane states.

"Bitch you wack, this right here gets me high as a motha fuckin' kite." The black man tries to explain.

"That's because you're around five feet tall and about thirty pounds, I could fart in your direction and you'd go back into the hood, claiming it's the best thing since sliced bread. I've dealt with your types before, jumping on any new shit that hits the streets and bandwagoning on it until it fades out. You should try a dose of Love Boat and then we can talk." Darkane suggests.

"Love Boat? The fuck man?" The black man who is clearly irritated yet curious asks.

"Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde, that shit is nasty and turns you into a schizophrenic lunatic." Darkane informs him.

"Whatever man, do you want a hit or not?" The fed-up black man asks.

"NO." Darkane raises his voice which sends a flock of mourning doves flying away.

"Dayum man! Take it easy bro."  

"Don't tell me what to do, get lost." Darkane commands him and he obliges, skittering off and approaching someone else who looked sketchy.

"You see that Nasir? That's an example of a man who has hit rock bottom. He's got nothing better to do than to hassle people that want absolutely nothing to do with him because he craves attention. That's a place where you don't want to be like I said, but it's a place where I'm going to send you, I have to, it needs to be done in order for me to advance to the finals. Rock bottom needs to be a way of life for you going forward. I will not rest until you're trapped down in there, wallowing in your own self-pity at what could have been, what should have been, but ultimately ended in what has been the constant result of your career and that is coming up just short of the mark. I might have the Hardcore Championship to fall back on if all goes to shit but I didn't make it this far to lose, just because I have the Hardcore Championship as a security blanket doesn't mean it will sit right with me if I come up short. The King of Elite crown is much too precious to let go by the wayside. I'm not going to stand idly by and let you waltz into the final only to be devoured by Theron or Keelan, you would fail Dynasty and you would put Dynasty in a shameful light. You would be blinded by the moment, the festive atmosphere, the intensity of it all and you would shrink back into that red-headed orphan that Hamasa discovered but this time? She wouldn't nurture you, she'd simply skip on by, she wouldn't notice you, you would be just another pretty face at the orphanage. Why? Because you're not the 'one' she's looking for. Maybe I am the one she's looking for Nas. Maybe she has fooled you all along into thinking that you're fucking special, but in reality, she has grown sick and tired of your constant shortcomings, but when she looks at me she sees a success story, she's sees something she can invest her time and interest in. She sees potential, something she can get behind. She sees a man's man and not a little ginger orphan boy like you. Maybe then you'll realize that people truly fucking suck and shouldn't be trusted, but nah, you're too delusional Nas. You're too cheerful and it only fuels my fire to drag you down into the depths where I make my residence. I almost want to apologize to Hamasa, I know this must be hard to hear all of this negativity about Nas, but the truth hurts. It's like the sharpness of a machete cutting through your very flesh. I'm almost sorry you had to take such a disappointment under your wing, I'm almost sorry that he pissed himself silly in bed until he was seventeen and you've gone through so many rubber piss sheets that your whole house has a permanent rancid aroma. I'm almost sorry that the only thing that will remain of Nasir on Dynasty is the discouraged and deflated soul in that ring, but we should remember Nas for all of the good times right? Remember him for his youthful enthusiasm, remember him for his never-ending self-confidence, for his positive outlook on life but above all else remember him for the onslaught that took place on the last episode of Dynasty in 2017 at the hands of Darkane for it will be something that nobody will ever forget."

Darkane unzips his leather jacket, revealing his Hardcore Championship around his waist, spreading his arms on either side of the bench.

"You claim that you're the best wrestler alive and that's a mighty bold claim albeit generic. How can you be the best wrestler alive when you haven't done as much as you should have in order to back up that claim? Just because you don't back down from challenges doesn't make you the best wrestler alive. In my estimation, if somebody is the best wrestler alive, they would be holding championship after championship, accolade after accolade and completely dominating their opponents with ease. I don't see that in you Nas, I get that you have a tremendous amount of natural ability, but I feel like you're overestimating yourself. I look at people like Jamie O'Hara as the best wrestler alive or Ares Vendetta, or Mr. DEDEDE. The latter of which you aspire to be like, but lets face it, you couldn't hold his jock on your best day. It's great to have influences, I have mine believe it or not, you have yours, but being a carbon copy of your idols doesn't set you apart, it joins you together with countless superstar upon superstar who try to be something they're not. Being the best wrestler alive doesn't mean strictly in-ring skill either, it's how you handle pressure and adversity, it's how you would handle being in that triple threat match against Theron and Keelan which wouldn't be very well, in fact, it would be a disaster waiting to happen as I've explained. It's how you carry yourself no matter what situation you're thrown into, it's about expecting the unexpected and you will have to do all of that and more in order to slay me come Dynasty. I'm not just some hotshot rookie anymore, I'm past that stage now, I've cemented myself in the upper echelon of the Dynasty roster. You seem so damn sure of yourself that you're going to get past me when you say that people who believe in Darkane and believe that he will beatdown Nas are straight up delusional and need to be admitted into an insane asylum immediately. Is that so? People are allowed to think what they want, I don't think that it's delusional at all, I think it's a very real scenario for you so you say those things because you're afraid of the truth Nasir and what if you do fail? Then you'll have nobody to blame or point fingers at but yourself and I'll make sure Hamasa isn't there to wipe your tears, I'll make sure that your fans will turn their backs on you in an instant and head for the exits after all is said and done. I'll make sure that your heart which is currently filled with glee shrivels into a black, repugnant dried up and shriveled shell of its former self. So that when you do wake up in that hospital that I mentioned earlier you'll be begging the nurse to pull the fucking plug and put an end to your misery, so that when you do finally kick the bucket you can reunite with your long-lost parents, who are bathing in a lake of fire."

Darkane stands up and stretches, patting his Hardcore Championship proudly, throwing his hair back and peering into the distance.

"Be thankful for what you have while you have it Nas, because once Dynasty rolls around, it will be gone in the blink of an eye. Be thankful for Hamasa, go to her, give her a kiss on the cheek and maybe fingerbang her if you're feeling up to it. My opinion? I think you should say goodbye, for this will be the last time you see her for a long while. Relish the opportunities you have with her, relish in the fact that you have your freedom, because you're going to be locked in that ring with me and you're not going to be the same after you walk out. Nobody is the same after they face me, ask anybody who has and you won't be any different."

Darkane flips the cameraman the bird, turns around and vanishes into the distance.
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Cracks in the Foundation

Dynasty: Two

I’m listening to the Earth breathe. Hearing our Mother tell me to have patience. Telling me that the time to strike is not yet, but soon. With time the cracks in the foundation will reveal themselves to me and so will the time to strike. But that time is not right now. The days however bring us closer and closer to the moment where this place crumbles by my hand! If I stand on top of the remains laughing in the face of everything EAW once stood for it will make no difference to me whether or not there is an audience. If I stand alone with nobody there I will still have accomplished my goal because the attention means nothing! The fame, the fortune, and everything that goes with it fails to stand with any prominence next to the heart of EAW beating its final beats in the palm of my hand.

Jacob Moore places value in the trivial things that this establishment represents and I seek to destroy. Saying I wasted my opportunity at the spotlight by not living up to the potential of Target Smiles, but that merely goes to show the difference in objectives between Moore and I. To think my vendetta against the corporate ego that goes by EAW has to do with what happened between the higher ups and myself years ago is to paint me as a narcissist. Don’t you see Jacob? I’m here to serve the common good. The ring we step in, the money that goes into it, the stations that broadcast, and the people who watch are all blemishes on the face of society! To rid these things is to cleanse the world and make it a better place, even if only slightly. I am exterminating a scourge from humanity. I am not a wannabe madman, I am clearly the least delusional member of this roster! Of course many will disagree but that means absolutely nothing!

The voices who dub Tomi Venus delusional are simply sheep that a wolf like me has no reason to pay mind to. They are simply sheep who at dusk will face my slaughter! Then, by dawn when the farmer comes to tend to his livestock he will find the corpses of his investments. He will find me and look into my eyes as their blood drips from my jaws, and if he is lucky he’ll be able to draw his shotgun and blow my brains out before I rip out his throat… but even if he does it will be too late.

Jacob Moore isn’t going to win on Dynasty, but even if he does the clock won’t stop ticking! Every moment we come closer and closer. I wait patiently not for my turn but for my opening. I listen to the soft murmurs of the great Mother that the rest are too distracted to hear. She tells me things they are afraid to hear. Things none of you are willing to accept! Hehehe… You’re all so wrapped up in wins and losses and accolades and titles that you don’t know where the pressure is. The weak point that spells the difference between EAW being a super power and crashing into the depths of darkness. What will lead us into the end! There is a crack in the foundation that will reveal itself to me in time and Jacob Moore is not that crack. Jacob Moore is nothing but another floor board to violently rip out hoping that it might bring me closer to finding what I’m looking for.

If it doesn’t… Onto the next board...
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Post on December 21st 2017, 11:22 pm by Cody Marshall

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Cody Marshall, here with a little holiday gift-giving idea for y’all! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to buy your loved ones a ticket to ROCK HARD, 2017’s biggest blockbuster film, premiering CHRISTMAS DAY! Have you ever wanted to see me do a keg stand? How about Superbad star Michael Cera? Animal House, Van Wilder, Total Frat Movie: all incredible works of art. But ROCK HARD is on a whole ‘nother level. ROCK HARD is the entire college experience wrapped up into one kickass movie, so I'm tellin' ya: DON'T MISS IT!

Our director told us a little joke yesterday, and it went a little like this. What’s the difference between Harvey Weinstein and Santa Claus? Santa stopped at three ho’s! Three. It’s an interesting number, isn’t it? On our special Christmas Eve edition of Sunday Night Voltage, LIVE from the city of Angels, LA’s hottest up-and-coming STAR -- that’s me! -- destroys THREE MIDGETS for YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!

Let’s break down the “competition”, and I use that word loosely ‘cause let’s face it: there ain’t no competition in this match.

In one corner, we have Mongoose McQueen. Emphasis on the QUEEN. It’s a good thing he ain’t on Showdown ‘cause I got a feelin’ he’d like to be feelin’ up on Lucas’ little Johnson. I bet he’s gonna come out -- heh -- to “Last Christmas” by George Michael this Sunday. I don’t know if it’s just ‘cause I grew up in Texas or what, but I still don’t trust no man who uses that much hair product. Mongoose is the most… how should we say it… *flamboyant* dude I’ve ever seen, and I once did a short film with Neil Patrick Harris!

Mongoose the type that would help his ex move her stuff into her new boyfriend's house.

Mongoose the type that comes out the shower with a towel wrapped around his head.

Mongoose the type to post comments on porn websites.

Mongoose the type to text another dude goodnight at 3:00 am.

Mongoose is that dude that'll stop you mid-conversation just to wipe a smudge off your face.

Mongoose is the type of dude to have a chick in his bed and say "not today baby I just wanna cuddle".

Mongoose McQueen is THAT FUCKING GUY who will dance with a girl at the club then text her later saying “what are we?”.

Moongoose the type that walks in on his girl cheating on him and then says "sorry I came at the wrong time!". I have a feeling Mongoose has lots of experience with coming at the wrong time. And yeah, I know it’s Moongoose, not Mongoose, but I also know how triggered you get when I call you Mongoose. Man, you think you’re above guys like me and Ironico ‘cause you’re a… I can’t even pretend to know why you think you’re so good, but you ain’t. YOU are the biggest joke in EAW. Been in this business for damn near a decade and you haven’t won shit, you whine and mope and complain like a little bitch, you carry yourself like some kind of big-time star when you ain’t got one-tenth of the fanbase I have, you can’t move the merch the way I do, you don’t spike ratings the way I do, and you can’t get the job done in the ring like I can. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Check the stats, boy. Check the Twitter followers, check the EAW Shop bestseller’s list, look at all the Bad Cops fangirls on Twitter, Tumblr, and the rest of those internets. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

See, in my line of work you gotta keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.

Mongoose, Mongoose, Mongoose. The world has had it up to here with your bitching and moaning! The reason you don’t get the opportunities you want is, quite simply, ‘cause you fucking suck. What’s with all the hate on Voltage, boy? When I beat your ass and move on to squash those two nobodies you mentioned (can’t recall their names, sorry!) and win the EAW Openweight Championship, you’re damn right I’m gonna represent Voltage with pride ‘CAUSE I’M DAMN PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THE VOLTAGE ROSTER AND REPRESENT THE BEST BRAND IN EAW! You’re cold, calculating, it’s all business to you. Well you may be a businessman, but I’M A BUSINESS, MAN!

Who else we got? El Ironico? Alright I gotta give it to ya. You’ve beaten me every time we’ve stepped into the ring together. I don’t know how you do it. You’re half my size, my arms are bigger than your head, hell, my hands are bigger than your head, you seem to not take your career seriously at all… but somehow you just keep on winning. Well, you know how it goes. Even Superman has his Kryptonite. But here’s the great thing about this match, Ironico: I don’t need to beat you to win! I can just pin Mongoose! Or that fag hag of his, Cameron Ella Ava. She hasn’t been pinned down by a real man in a long time… maybe ever. Don’t get any ideas, Cam, I’m a married man. I would tell a joke about your relationship with Jamie, but my lawyers insist I don’t, ‘cause you’re the type of bitch who’ll get all butthurt and go #MeToo on me. "Oh my God, Cody made me feel uncomfortable! I feel violated! RAPE! RAPE!". Don't worry, Cam. When I cheat I don't go for old, used-up hags like you, with pussies wider than the Grand Canyon. I like 'em young and hot. Y'know, Cam said some funny stuff mixed in with all that nonsense. Let's take a look at it, for your viewing pleasure.

"What does he have to stand out to the rest of the competition?" Bitch, take an English class.

"Moongoose... you are my biggest obstacle in the match". WRONG. In every sense of the word, I am the bigger obstacle. Of course, you're dating Jamie, so you've never been plowed by a big man, so I can't blame ya for not having your head screwed on straight.

"I mean, who’d want to watch a television show with a face like that starting?" According to the ratings, 3 million people per week. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. I know having fans is a foreign concept to you, Cam.

Cam said that Voltage is 'her show'. Bitch please, you slept your way to the middle and you ain't gettin' any further than that! Only championship you're winning is a cum-guzzling contest.

I think that's as nice a way to end this as any. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!
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Post on December 21st 2017, 10:22 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

The Openweight Championship.

Such a young and beautiful championship. One which was lived up to the standard by Ryan Marx. I have been eyeing this piece of gold since Pain for Pride. I would have killed for such a beautiful championship. Such a beautiful championship with the greatest of importance, a future opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship. In order for me to attain a World Championship match, the Openweight Champion would need to face the best of each respected brand. I’ll conquer the best out of Empire, Dynasty and Showdown. I’ll be another living example of how a woman can be a World Champion in this company.  But first, I need to qualify for this match at King of Elite. As of right now, Empire and Dynasty have their representatives. Voltage will find theirs on Christmas Eve. That representative will be none other than The Goddess herself. When approaching this Fatal Four Way Match, I focus on my competition. I noticed that I’ve defeated two out of the three men in this match. I have went toe-to-toe with Cody Marshall and El Ironico in the last couple months. I also found myself in a highly competitive match with my good friend, Moongoose McQueen. Approaching this match, most people think that I should have all the confidence in the world. I should have my egotistical self explode of arrogance approaching this match. Normally, I would. Based on last week, I came into my match with Keelan Cetinich with a mission: I wanted to represent Voltage. This week, the mission is still the same. I want to represent Voltage and bring that Openweight Championship here. I mean, Voltage needs to have something good going for the brand other than Jamie burying his mediocre competition. As I look at the names of my competitors, we may share a thing or two in common. One, we both lucked out in the King of Elite Tournament. We are a match consisting of individuals who lucked out in either the first, second or much like me, the finals. Two, the four of us want to represent Voltage. We want to add our name along with contenders like Stark and Sheridan Muller. We want to be the individual that brings it all for Voltage.

I will bring the title to Voltage.

First, we have Cody Marshall. How can I not forget Cody Marshall? I mean, he was the first guy I eliminated in the King of Elite Tournament. He is the same man who has tried on numerous occasions to go after whatever championship the Voltage brand wants to put him in. Even after all of those efforts, it has remained the same, he is a loser. He is a failure. Does it not make his blood boil knowing that his career is nothing? Just like I’ve said before to him, what does he have to hold on tight too? What does he have to stand out to the rest of the competition? The only thing he has to his name is some mediocre television show which no one seems to give a damn about. Personally, I think putting Cody’s face on posters in Hollywood is one ugly mistake. I mean, who’d want to watch a television show with a face like that starting? He’s the star of it? Gee, it’s kind of ironic huh? Plays the protagonist in television series meanwhile when it comes to his wrestling career in EAW, he’s nothing more than just a minor footnote in the credits. A minor footnote in MY show. Cody, you should know a thing or two about the showbiz. What happens to those characters no one cares about? Most of the time they write them out in the most outrageous ways. I prefer it when they kill off the characters. Sometimes, you never see the moment coming. The other times, these are the deaths that grab you by the heartstrings and make you cry. This week, I’m not in the mood to kill you, Cody. The murder laws here are horrible and besides, it’s Christmas. Even a stone cold hearted woman like myself feels bad for starving artists. Do not take this for granted, Cody.

Second, we have El Ironico. Now, I’ve already crossed paths with him at Road to Redemption when The Heart Break Gal and myself not only dismantled Finnegan Wakefield, but El Ironico. We did so with ease, but what is going to stop me from continuing the dismantling? What kind of person would I be to take away another opportunity for El Ironico to mean something not only on Voltage, but EAW in general? What kind of threat has he posed as ever since his tragic loss at Road to Redemption? With the tone and vocabulary he’s been using, it just makes it very difficult to take him seriously. Once again, I am left puzzled about what in the hell is he saying? By having to replay the video over and over again, I was able to collect that he’s hoping that I have bad manners. Oh no! How will I ever expect a present from Santa Claus now? I’ve been such a bad woman. I’ve been such a cruel human being. My name is on the naughty list with horrible people like Eclipse Diemos and Dark Demon! My name will forever be engraved on a naughty list and there is no way I will get my name off it! What a cruel and unfortunate world! Um, I think I am aware of my actions as of late. I know that I am responsible for costing both The High Rollerz an opportunity to win King of Elite! I know I have been on a personal mission to claim the Unified Tag Team Championships for Di Consentes, but that doesn’t mean I can never say no to a shot at the Openweight Championship. I’m not the woman who is going to complain about getting another opportunity at a different championship. Much like HBG has been carrying Showdown on her back, I plan to take the title to Voltage and become a future World Heavyweight Champion. To me, I’m willing to become this horrible and nasty person if it means becoming a champion. It’s worked for me the past, what is wrong with doing it once again? I’m not concerned about you once again, Ironico. I know what you’re all about in the ring. I know what you’re most capable of when you want something, but will it be enough to win? Will it be enough to stop me dead at my tracks? That is something I will figure out myself on Christmas Eve.

Lastly, I face a man who gained my respect about a month ago. There is no doubt that he pushed me to the limit, but I don’t think it was enough to stop my mindset. If he was smart, he would understand that. I would love to see Moongoose McQueen try his efforts in defeating me again. I would love to see Moongoose not think of this match as anything, but a money making opportunity. Moongoose needs to think of this match as an opportunity to turn his career upside down. No longer will Revy be the only McQueen sibling doing shit in EAW. No longer will Shimmer be the only McQueen sibling with more wins in his pocket than Moongoose has common sense. For me, I am thinking this match as an opportunity to continue my aspirations on Voltage. I came here for one thing and that is to win the World Heavyweight Championship. I hate to admit it- Jamie halted my momentum at Territorial Invasion. It wasn’t until Road to Redemption where I believe I had something going for me. Then, this King of Elite Tournament came and seeing The High Rollerz get involved in the tournament, I figured that I would use this opportunity for my own gain and go for the crown. Sadly, things did not pan my way. The moment I lost, I thought this would halt my push forward, but when the Openweight Championship qualifiers match appeared, I knew that this would be my ticket back to the World Heavyweight Championship picture. I knew, this was supposed to be my calling. When thinking about King of Elite, I wanted to represent this god forsaken brand, I wanted Voltage to have one more champion in which you can look up to in high regards. With you, Moongoose. You are my biggest obstacle in the match. You are the only person I have not defeated in this pool of competitors. I vow to change that. I will not be sitting on the sidelines watching Jamie soak in the glory of being a champion. I want a taste of that glory for myself. Becoming Openweight Champion is a way to get my career back on track.

Does anyone see these three men representing Voltage? I mean, the last Voltage representative was pure garbage. He was incapable of getting the job done. I think it’s time for a woman like myself to give Voltage the proper representation that it desperately needs. Cody, Ironico and Moongoose are the three men I need to defeat to make all of those aspirations come to life. I am more motivated than ever to walk into King of Elite and become champion. There is no obstacle that can stop me. The High Rollerz? Not a chance. Moongoose? Not a chance. There is no chance that anyone is going to take this away from me. I will vow that nothing stands in my way.
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Post on December 21st 2017, 9:13 pm by Nasir Escobar
Fortuneteller Hamasa: Well Young Master, tomorrow is crunch time is it not?

Nasir Escobar: What do you mean Lady Hamasa?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Aren’t you the slightest bit nervous or anxious for your showdown with Darkane? This is the single match that will determine if you head to King of Elite or not after all.

Nasir Escobar: Well it might be a tad bit nerve racking thinking about what this match means, but I’m going to treat it like another day in the office, because at the end of the day that is what it is. There’s a bit more at stake on this particular day, but I am going out there to do what I always do.

Fortuneteller Hamasa: And that would be my dear boy?

Nasir Escobar: Prove to every single man, woman, child, whatever or whoever that I am exactly what I claim to be. The next in line for the EAW Answers World Championship, the next legendary figure in not just the Land of the Elites but ALL of Professional Wrestling, and most importantly...the Best Wrestler Alive.

Fortuneteller Hamasa: You sure do love to spout that out don’t you? What’s the meaning behind such a mentality I must ask.

Nasir Escobar: Well it’s quite simple when you think a bit about it m’lady. I’ll never reach the heights I want to reach unless I believe I am the best. I can never achieve the things I wish to achieve if I don’t think I am number one. The goals I strive towards, it all means nothing if my resolve is not absolute. B.W.A. is far more than just some trendy phrase that I throw on a t-shirt to make some extra cash. It is my personal message of never backing down from a challenge, because those challenges craft you into a better man and push you closer to your dreams and aspirations. I cannot be the best unless I believe I am the best. And none of these people would think I was the best unless I did too. I suppose the main and really only need for a constant reminder is to ensure that my opponents always recognize that I am the best. And they best not forget it if I cross paths with them again after a first encounter.

Fortuneteller Hamasa: A first encounter...you mean like the one you are set to have against Darkane tomorrow?

Nasir Escobar: Well...yes exactly. You see Darkane has something that I don’t when it comes to King of Elite. And that is security. Darkane can be secure with himself that he will head into the event as the EAW Hardcore Champion, which is no easy task, the title is very much desired by many. However Darkane can have security in the fact that he will be Hardcore Champ heading into the show and there is a very good chance with his skill and ability that he can leave the event as such even if he is booked to defend the gold against pretty much whoever on the red brand can be flung his way. And that is well and fine. I will be more than happy for him. However I am here to give out a dose of reality for everyone including Darkane to swallow whole. If you believe for one single solitary second that Darkane will be heading to King of Elite to fight for the Crown over me, then you are straight up delusional and need to be admitted into an insane asylum immediately. And best believe that is not a knock on Darkane’s abilities. Like I said, I am practically begging for Darkane to show me up. If bests me then I will be DELIGHTED! Because then I can be more than sure that Darkane did it of his own accord and if he can beat me with nothing more than his two fists and his determination, then he’s more than ready for KOE. But that’s a huge maybe as of right now. Darkane is one of THE blue chip prospects of the next decade at this rate with the way he performs. Unfortunately though for him...he is going head to head with the one guy who got zero Fs to give about all of that. Darkane got the wrong impression of me and has his priorities in ALL of the wrong places if he honestly believes he should be more worried about Jacob Senn interjecting himself in this matchup like my last one than me actually putting him down all on my own. Darkane Imma keep it real with you boi. I only NEED my two fists to put you down the way I see it. LIKE I SAID, PROVE ME WRONG! But until you do. I’ll run my mouth as I see fit and view the scenario as it seems most likely in my mind. Which of course is me kickin your head off, getting the three count on ya, and confirming what everyone should already be predicting, Nasir Escobar heads to King of Elite TO BECOME the 2018 KING OF ELITE! Escobar Season is upon us. The entire Land of Elite best recognize what it is in store for, and you could think of this match as a precursor to everything that will follow. Darkane you unfortunately have the sad luck of being the test dummy, an example will be made for EVERYONE to understand that it is a new time, and a new Nas is here to put his foot down. I’m not the same pushover who got blindsided by Jacob Senn, I have proven that plenty of times since coming back already. And Darkane if you believe you could do any worse to me than Senn did, keep dreaming junior. Because that’s the only place where it will happen. As a matter a fact I think it’s fitting that I am your opponent in this case, because my Ether will put you to sleep and send you off to dream land to live out your fantasies of “splattering me all over the canvas”. 

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Young Master you are growing quite tense. Perhaps you should take a step back and breath. Darkane did make many more points towards you that you need to address.

Nasir Escobar: Right right...my apologies I let myself go there, hehe. Anyways ye, The Man of Miracles VS The Graveworm, period. That’s the match EVERYONE wants to see. Untainted. And that is what I intend to give them just as you do. Because you see Darkane it just like I told you before. I am not The Pizza Boy, young man. With all do respect to him, I am not a sad sack on a downward spiral who can’t even get a return match for the title he had stolen from him. I am the fastest, strongest, toughest, and most passionate I have ever been in my career AND I WANT THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE I’VE EVER CHASED IN MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE! And I’m glad you recognize me as a challenge. As a threat. You realize that this is an uphill fight for yourself and NOT for me like many would be inclined to believe. Kid you’re smarter than most who have been in your shoes. Unfortunately your attempts to intimidate me have fallen upon deaf ears. Because you clearly have NOT done your homework properly on who you are up against Darkane. I am defiant to my last breath ALWAYS! You tell me I should fear you. You try to play mind games with me? Well guess what. You said I should run, guess where I am going? If you said absolutely no where then you would be WRONG! That’s right, but if you said I was going to put my tail between my legs and scurry away, you would ALSO BE WRONG! Because I’m not going to run, but I am not going to stand my ground either. DARKANE I AM CHARGING HEAD FIRST INTO THIS MATCH WITH YOU TO TAKE YOU DOWN! You say I should run away, but I am taking you up on your scare tactics, I dare you to try me. Most would think I am foolish for this, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve acted bone headedly in this manner, and I can promise it won’t be the last. But this time will be THE time where I take down that dark force that stands before me. Darkane I AM THE LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD! I EXIST TO SHINE BRIGHT AGAINST THE SHADOWS THAT YOU SPREAD THROUGHOUT DYNASTY! Oh and believe you me, I am not telling you anything you shouldn’t already know as you yourself said. You go as far as you need to to secure a victory week in and week out. That is what makes Darkane such a monumental success story here in Elite Answers Wrestling. BUT! You’re gonna need to go harder than ever before to deal with me Darkane. Your constant comparisons of me to the Pizza Boy I personally believe do not do me enough justice. I am like nobody you have ever faced before young man. I want you to open your ears and your eyes. That is absolutely fine if you don’t give a fuck Darkane. You don’t need to right now. Because what Nasir does more than anything else is turn doubters into believers! I MAKE HATERS INTO MOTIVATORS! Essentially you could say I turn water into wine. As the great poet lil’ wayne once said, “I make shit taste like sugar cane.” Darkane I achieve the improbable every time you turn around. So if you don’t heed anything else I have said or will say, take this next line with you and never let it go. I’M GOING TO SHOW YOU WHY YOU SHOULD CARE WHEN YOU GET ETHERED AND I SHOW YOU EXACTLY WHY I AND ONLY I AM THE BEST WRESTLER ALIVE!

Fortuneteller Hamasa: My my, as strong willed as ever I see my dear boy.

Nasir Escobar: Well of course, I wouldn’t be me if I were any different now would I Lady Hamasa?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Oh no, of course. I am very proud to see how far you have come since Pain For Pride despite the setbacks you have faced in the last several months. Please do not forget who you are at your core no matter how much further you go. Because no matter how massive you become, you only did so because of the way you were initially. As you are now. But of course the question is if you do defeat Darka-

Nasir Escobar: AHEM! When I defeat Darkane?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Oh my, do I sense a bit of arrogance from the usually humble Nasir?

Nasir Escobar: I suppose so, but like I said. If I don’t believe I can win, then who else will huh? IF Darkane beats me, then like I said before. I will man up and give him his props for beating me. And of course wish him luck in bringing the KOE crown to the red brand. But I’ve got vastly different plans in mind for Friday Nights and King of Elite. So go on as you were saying?

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Well...once the match with Darkane is finished, should you advance to King of Elite. Do you have anything to say to your opponents?

Nasir Escobar: I like to take things one step at a time. Let’s handle Darkane here and now. Afterwards come Keelan and Theron. For now I guess I can say that once Dynasty is over, should I be friday night’s representative for KOE. This triple threat might go down as one of if not the tallest task I have faced in my career. That only should say it all about the quality of the other two guys considering what I’ve done and the men I’ve put down.

Fortunateller Hamasa: Very well then. I doubt there’s anything left to say then.

Nasir Escobar: Hold on Lady Hamasa, I got one last thing.

Fortuneteller Hamasa: Have at it then young man.

Nasir Escobar: Hey Darkane, when Dynasty ends and you see all those shining lights, don’t walk towards any of them. At least not before I ask you how decapitation by Yakuza Kick feels first eh?
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Post on December 21st 2017, 7:37 pm by Jacob Moore

When I said I was afraid of losing my vision, I didn't mean it literally. I'm afraid of losing my vision of the future - my future. Afraid of losing my passion, my drive, my motivation. There's been more than enough times where that has almost become reality. I didn't take damn near 2 years off to fuck around back in Chicago. If there's one thing that scares me, it's that. But what doesn't scare me is a wannabe crazy man smashing bottles over his head. You are nothing I haven't seen in a bar at 2 in the morning, Tomi. Rambling on and begging for attention through your actions. For someone talking down on men who make their money fighting, you sure are forgetting where you're at and why you're supposedly here. You came here to cause chaos not to win any matches, not to make money, not to see your name up in lights. It's funny that the same machine you want to take down is still writing you checks, still booking you. Really, you should be grateful. Every person that claims they hate EAW and would love nothing more for it to be be burned to the ground are the same ones that keep coming back every week. The same ones that still show their ugly faces to the world. If I was in your position, I'd be quite embarrassed. You try to mask your real desire to be the Tomi Venus of old and say you don't need anything EAW has to offer you. Yet you stay. I don't really know what you're trying to do that's different than ever before. I can only recall one man REALLY killing EAW and that was Scott Diamond. I can be bundled into the "people" you mentioned, the ones fighting to get recognition and be respected, but I'm not gonna take offense to it. Why else would I be here? Not to be a fake psycho that's for sure. After several years of being in this business, I think it's time I get just a little bit of acknowledgement. Call me low for it, it doesn't matter. I've been patient enough. I came back to kick ass and win titles. It's as simple as that. While I don't need the adoration of the fans, I'll still take that over nothing. There's people who have been long-time fans of my work over the course of my career and it's time they get a real reason to cheer my name and without hesitation. 

You called me the least relevant member of the EAW roster and at first hearing that, my eye twitched. I can't fully deny it, however. Once upon a time, people wanted to see Jacob Moore. They bought tickets to Dynasty to hold up signs and wear my merchandise proudly. It isn't the same anymore. But that's all the more motivation for me to get my head back on straight and march on through the endless bullshit thrown my way. It's what I do. You don't have to care about me or what I can do to you now, Tomi, but you're not gonna be able to ignore it once I have my hands on your pesky little throat. I'm nothing to you now, win or lose, you say. That's fair because you mean nothing to me either. At most, you're a delusional hypocrite. It's a shame a former Elite Champion, someone who represented this company at one point in time, has fallen so hard off his horse. This match means nothing to you but in hindsight, it will only jump start my journey back to glory and when I leave you in the dust, you're gonna wish you put a lot more effort into it. Smash bottles over your head, slash your wrists, or whatever other emo shit you do, it'll only make it even easier for me to dispose of you when we meet tomorrow night. But if you really believe in your preaching about how bad EAW is and how you were mistreated, how you don't wanna be here, how you don't want or need any of this, don't bother showing up at all because I'm gonna put your name in the headlines and you don't want that. While I admire your determination in keeping up this whole facade, it's a lost cause at the end of the day. You just look ignorant fighting for the company you claim to despise. You had a score to settle with Senn and you settled that. It's best you leave now while you're ahead otherwise you're gonna end up in the ground right next to "Target Smiles" at my expense. I took my shot at success last week for granted, I admit it. But now that my focus is where it needs to be, it's over for the rest of you. Anyone who wants to get in my way will be dropped without a second thought. I don't care if you're Pizza Boy, Nasir, StarrStan, Mr. DEDEDE, the Queen of England, or God himself. It's my time again, you had your chances - 5 months to be exact - to have that spotlight on you. It's not my fault you wasted it.
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Post on December 21st 2017, 5:57 pm by Ryan Wilson
The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
This week: Promo Two
Voltage Record: 0 Win 3 Losses 1 No Contest
 Lars Grier
Chapter Title: To Hunt a Raven
No. of words: 1,183
Reading time: A little over 4 minutes

Fly little Raven, fly! Soar across the night's sky! Aim high and dream big! 
There is a huge opportunity in front of you mister bird man! And you actually deserve that chance at gold! I saw it like everybody else, why deny it? I'll even wish you good luck and my money's on you to win against the Champ. Because why not? Right?

Tell me this though: Is you being close to the top of the mountain supposed to change anything for me and my intentions to win?
Another question: Don't you think I already know you are my biggest challenge yet? Logic dictates you will win? That Vegas has the odds stacked against me? To be honest I know very little people who would bet money on me in a fight against you. But the true question is: Why should I care? Why should it stop me? It didn't stop me when I faced the New Breed Champion and his tag team partner. It didn't stop me when I faced the Livewire Champion, it didn't stop me when I had to face a bunch of guys in an attempt to have a shot at previously mentioned New Breed Champion! And guess what my dear feathered friend? I won't stop me when I face you this Sunday.

You think you have me all figured out don't you. 
It's kind of sad because it means you are severely underestimating me, not caring or giving very little attention to your opponent is proof but I'm not telling you anything new. To you I'm just a minor inconvenience right? A small bump in the road on the way to something bigger and in the current scheme of things: You're right! But your mistake is by not taking me seriously at least a minimum. You know the business right? Ever heard of something called building momentum? You need that right now, and you need to win against me. How bad would you look if what you think is impossible happens? What if I win? Let it sink into your bird brain just a mo. Of course you'll brush it off easy, no way you'll lose right? But what if you do? Will the Champion notice and use it against you? I'm pretty sure of it! Because what chance would you have to defeat the top dog when you can't beat a guy who didn't win yet? You can't honestly look me in the face and say the thought doesn't cross your mind at least a little. You're not that full of shit. Or are you...

I tackle the challenge that is facing you head on Lars because I'm not afraid of you, and I'm not afraid of losing. Complacency? No, it's called I have work to do in order to deserve success and it's obvious that I have a lot to do if I want to get there. It's funny how you keep on telling me I need to change yet as you said yourself I've been around only for a few short months. How long did it took on your end to go from your humble beginnings in 2016 to becoming Lars the Crow? It took you seven months and a move to Voltage from Showdown for you to ~change~. I'm on my fourth or so month in the company, my first on Voltage and you talk about change, you know what I'm going to talk about? Brand! The Ryan Wilson Brand! One that is met with mitigated responses from the fans at the moment half are cheering half are booing and that's okay! That's part of being a Tweener, you know Tweener right? Being on the line between Face and Heel? 

For me, wrestling is about pleasure and having fun at both kicking ass but also getting my ass kicked. But there is a business aspect to it as well, the brand like yours and the recognition it has from the fans. I may be someone on the independant circuit, but here in EAW it's a whole new ball game and I am only starting to build a name for myself. You think it will help if I decide to change this early in my tenure on Voltage? Don't be ridiculous. I know you mean more than talk, you're not talking about business you're talking about survival, about endurance and about pain too. If I can't handle what the opposition dishes out I won't make it long here in EAW. 

Here's the thing though: I faced some of the best Voltage has to offer, and here I am still standing and actually wanting more! I'm hungry Lars, you can consider me a glutton for punishment but in the business we are a part of (And you're about to repeat yourself Ryan) yeah yeah I know but it remains the truth: We are all little pain sluts deep down inside. The question is who enjoys it enough to be able to go on and get the job done! My indy track record shows I'm able to go all the way, and although so far my record here is not the shiniest, I don't care because one has to look further than the numbers next to the L or W to see the what's really going on.

I'm facing the best because I am being tested, Management knows I have potential otherwise I would not have faced past champions and future champions no. I would have faced ~athletes~ like Shaker Jones, Axl Willow and others who aren't able to make it past mid card status on Voltage. I know what I'm worth, I know what I can bring to the table and say I lose against you Sunday there will be positives to be remembered on my end which I will build upon going forward. If I was just another Joe meant to fill up the Voltage Roster I would not be facing it's best elements. 

Lars I'm a patient guy, but I'm a hungry guy as well.
I want to win this Sunday, and if you think you will have the best of me easily then I am closer to victory than you can possibly imagine. Mark my words and mark them well: I am ready for you and you can expect nothing less than stiff competition when we'll square off between the yellow ropes of the Voltage ring. 

I will not lay down easy for you.
I won't give you the satisfaction of a quick win.
If you are not ready for me there is only one way this match can end: With you flat on your back and me going back to Montreal with what will be considered an upset victory! You may be Up Next In 2018, but I aim to be Right Now. Am I there yet? No, but I'm getting closer and closer. 2018 is going to be a great year for Ryan Wilson, and I want 2017 to end on a spectacular note! 

Hunting down The Raven and Winning will do just that. 
You can quote me on it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 5:51 pm by Irónico (Online)
Voltage Lucha: UNO
Drayton Manners


It is that time of year again. The tarts are hanging up their stockings, too cold for that shit now, they want their three pair o’ socks and some fur-lined britches. The family is in the crimbo spirit, roasting each over the open fire. Meanwhile the ninos are shaking down the Polish for some ciggies and a scratch card. Come on, Boss. Give over. IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! That magical time of year where miracles happen and every single parent gets a nice lay in all of the films. Well Santiago Claus is somewhere in his Arctic sweatshop right now, making a list, clocking it twice. And he will be seeing that El Irónico has been a very good boy this year. I’ve worked hard. I’ve cut down on the spice. And now, Santi, this is what I wanty for Christmas. I want my ticket to compete for the Openweight Championship. Now you can stick it in a card with a ten bob note. Maybe wrap it up in a pretty little bow… or fuck it, I don’t care. I just want that opportunity, and on this Christmas Eve I intend to prove that I deserve it.

Of course, to claim that Christmas cracker I’m gonny need to party with a few old amigos. First, the Cam that smells of clam.Well, naebody wants your chowder near our turkey breast, chica. You’ve nae been invited to the big Voltage Christmas after party because you just canny be trusted. You’ve written your name into the naughty list more than once over the past year, so I am making it my personal mission as Santi’s wee helper to make sure that you’re getting sweet F A this holiday season. First it was that fugglin’ rake of the eyes at Road to Redemption to cruelly separate The Bollocks from our Grand Pricks and morning glory. And if that wasnae bad enough, you’ve been skulking around, face hidden like you didnae have time to do your make-up, all to cost The High Rollerz in the King of Elite tournament. Clamsuela, you and HBG have got some bad manners. You seem to have been on a mission to get the whole village radgie and now one way or t’other it is going to bite you right on the backside. Jack and Dave are a couple of dirty dealers themselves and if I were a betting chav, I’d have half a crown on them having some plan to get revenge. Just a wee thing to think about before you go giving the rest of us in this match your full attention. Consider it the only Christmas gift you’re getting off me. See Di Consentes and The High Rollerz are not the only unos who can have bad manners when they need to. This Sunday is Christmas eve and you know what that means. I’m gonny be Drayton Manored spannered. And that means no inhibitions. No being gentleman-like for the chicas. And with fatal four rules, that means it’s all fair and good. In for a penny in for a pound and the school chicos keep rolling in like the wheels on the bus. Aye.

Now for me ol’ chavo Moongoose. Just how has he been dwining the time? O…

Raindrops. Drop top. Midlife crisis and now he got a mop top. OLÉ! But aye what the everloving fuck have you done to yourself? I would say you look like a reet Waldo but I wouldnae wanny see the crowd that you fit in with. I’m sure even Japan isnae ready for the Kaiju that are McQueen and his band of frizzy mop doubles. Just imagine them, leaving a trail of destruction and split ends through the Tokyo Harbor. It does nae take a lot of searching to see that things have thoroughly gone to shit since you dropped that New Breed Champo to my chico, Finney Wokefield. An I ain’t just chatting about the shit that can be fixed with a nip up the Dover to get Barnet sorted out. You’re all over the place, Son. I’m not sure if it is frustration or what but you just ain’t got the same swagger about yourself that you used to have. So you want your hands on Cuntlos? I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Just stop faffing about, call him a wanker and piss on his windscreen. That’ll get his attention. But say, until you decide to stop blartin’ and get on with it, hows about you get out of the way and winge somewhere else, eh? This business isn’t one for faint hearts, gippy stomachs or weak livers. It’s a stiff ol’ pint but you just gotta down it, have a tactical chunder or two and carry on. If you canny do that, then just call me Trevor McDonald because have I got news for you, ladito. It is all fine and dandy saying that you are going to take what you wanny, but unless you actually what to be here then those words mean about as much as a degree from Trump University. Carrying yourself as you do, when the heat turns up you’ll represent yourself just as well as a chocolate teapot. Now you can throw your toys out the pram about that later, it’s none of my business, but maybe just wise up a minute. Just do yourself a favour and sort your loaf out while I brew up a storm.

Look, I’ll sum it all up. There is only uno ladito that all the chicos and chicas in their milliones want to see represent Voltage for the EAW Openweight champo. And here’s a few clues to get yous started. It ain’t Clammy Cam. It ain’t Mardybum McWinging Bint. And it sure as sunrise isnae Cody B-Movie Marshall and his double D titties. You’ve all acted like wee ninos. Irónic for me to be acting mature, I knows. But it’s true right. It’s like how every year the wee ‘uns write a long list of things they wanty Santi to bring em like ”steady on mate, the elves need a holiday too once in a while”. But as they mature the list gets smaller until the day they wake up an old fart thinking “y’ know a pair of socks would be fuckin’ bosting”. Well we look around and evercunt seems to have a few things on their lists. The High Rollerz and the Tag Team Championships. Cuntlos Rosso. A lush box office. Well maybe Peter Pan decided to finally grow the fuck up because there is only uno thingio that I wanny for Christmas… To be in that Openweight Championship match. Naething else. No distractions. No secret Santi. I ain’t asking the world. But I guess like Moongoose I ain’t asking at all. Call it bad manners but I’m giving Santi a break and getting my own present this year. This is all that I want for Christmas. I am am going to FUCKING have it.

P.S. If anyone does want to post socks then I won’t say no...
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 5:38 pm by DampshawIII
Part I

The sound of crackling amplifiers wake me up. I shoot up but I feel like I keep falling in and out of sleep. 

Crichton! Crichton! Get in here now!

Yes, sir? What is the matter?

Do you hear that? I thought we'd have more time, but it's starting!

Umm...starting? What are you talking about?

The festival, Crichton. The festival that is going on in Afton Down. The rock festival. I can hear the amplifiers!

Sir..there's...no rock festival going on anywhere near here..Also Afton Down is almost 40 minutes away. How can you hear amplifiers? 

Crichton, now's not the time to play dumb. I want you to go down there and stop those hippies from parading around in the mud like a bunch of animals. I shan't have that happen in my vicinity.

Umm..sir..Are you speaking of The Isle of Wight Festival that happened...in the summer...in 1970?

Yes, Crichton, good job. You can read a calendar. Now are you going to shut the festival down or not?

Oh...dear...sir, I think you need to sit down and rest. You're..not well again.

Not well? How dare you? You dare not speak to me like that. My father didn't hire you to belittle me.

You mean your grandfather.

Crichton, shut your mouth. You're being stupid. Fine...I'll go down there myself. Get out of my way.

Sir. You have to rest for your match.

Match? Now what are you going on about?

Your match against The Pizza Boy on Dynasty, sir.

Pizza..Boy? Crichton, you've gone mad.

I feel like an intense migraine coming on. I have to shake my head, almost to get cobwebs out. All of a sudden, I see Crichton standing in front of me. I thought I was in bed.

Wait...Pizza Boy...Dynasty..EAW Dynasty?

Yes, sir!

Crichton, why am I just standing here? A second ago, I was in my bed. What's going on?

Don't worry about it, sir. Just go back and rest. Please.

Yes, I suppose I should. I still feel tired.

Part II

After I rest a bit, I return to the main chamber where Crichton is sitting. He looks at me worried, but I give him a look to assure him that I'm fine, just a bit shaky.

Crichton, get me some tea.

Yes, sir.

I sit down in my chair. It feels like I have a hundred pounds in my head. As soon as I sit down, I feel like I'm not going to be able to stand up again. This rage building inside of me is going to manifest into something very ugly, I can already tell.

I've had some time to rest and focus on my match against The Pizza Boy. I'm not even comment on his name. It's beneath me. But, he's a former World Champion. That is something to be impressed by. He's reached the top here and now I have a chance to defeat him. I saw what he said about me. See, Crichton? It takes a king to know a king. Of course, he's a former king, but he still ha been there. Finally, a man who understand the danger of Reginald Dampshaw III. Granted, he is not impressed with what he deems "underhanded tactics" but a former World Champion should know you must do anything it takes to win. But...maybe he has a point. It's very easy for someone to dismiss me and just say I have no talent so I need to cheat, but for him to say that I could be something if I just get back to basics of pure wrestling, well then, I'd be a fool to ignore that.

I respect Pizza Boy for all he's accomplished and for showing me respect in return, but he is still no Reginald Dampshaw III. I don't need to tell anyone that.

Now, before it sounds like everything is going to be hunky dory between us, no no no. Pizza Boy isn't going to get any catharsis out of me. He is a broken man. He is going to try and end my career just to have some sort of sick pleasure out of making sure I don't make it out of the arena unscathed.

Do you think maybe you should...forfeit and rest some more, sir? 

Forfeit? FORFEIT? 

I can feel the rage rising in my body. A blinding white light flashes in my head.

Did I forfeit in Holland when we were defeated at Catriscum? Did I forfeit when we were in the trenches of Bulgaria and my men were dying from pneumonia and trench fever? Well?!?

Sir..not again.

No..no.no..no..Get out. Twice twice twice my throne was stolen from me. I don't care who The Pizza Boy was or who he thinks he is now. He will NOT embarrass me. He will NOT take advantage of me. If I lose this match. Crichton..I..I don't know what will happen to me. I don't think I can cope with another loss.

Sir. I implore you to sit this match out.

NO! I'm going to stand on the battlefield and I'm going to fight until the day I die and I'm not going to die to some pizza boy, goddammit. Crichton, I want you to send word to Pizza Boy. He will not defeat me on Dynasty. I will die before I lose again. Understand?



Yes, sir...

I will claim my throne, even if it's on The Pizza Boy's neck.

All hail King Dampshaw. Long May He Reign.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 4:50 pm by Nathan Fiora

Doubt my abilities and you will regret your words.

You want to haunt me with your legacy and legend, but I stand my ground.  I stand and wave my flag with pride in my cause as I march towards the battlefield.  

Did you really believe that I would stand down?  I’m a man full of fucks to give and I’m not going to stand here as you question my abilities to put you down.  

Kevin, when you said that I can never kill your legend, you set out to destroy everything you’ve ever worked for.   When the world tells me that I can’t accomplish something, I’m only motivated to do more than I originally set out to do.  I was fine with butchering your corpse, but now the same will apply to your name.  If you want to take everything from me, then I will ensure that you are nothing by the end of our match.  I will reach our battlefield and look you right in the eye.  My eyes will be filled with fire and fury; I attack with full force and never hold back.  This may be your structure, but I will rip the deed from your crippled corpse and make it my own.  I will reclaim your name as if I were grabbing your severed head from a guillotine.  My victory will be seen by millions of people, seeing that your reality was right all along; you are just a delusional old man trying to get one last ride at fame.  Your name will be tarnished in defeat as I will wipe my ass with your legend.  Kevin, I need you to realize that this is YOUR doing and not my own.  I could be competing for the New Breed Title, but you want to be the center of my attention.  Before you opened your mouth and screwed me over, you would’ve been remembered as a man who helped this business thrive.  Now, you’ll only be remembered as another man who fell to my feet, begging me to not take your legend away from you.  This seems like an appropriate ending to our war since it began with you helpless; over my feet.  The only difference is that you will not have a second chance to get up or pester in my matters.  I will not be screwed in title contention matches.  I will not be put to shame against babies.  I will be victorious and tread on, continuing this revolution in EAW’s dark and evil land.

Kevin, without your legend, you are nobody.  I see that you’ve sacrificed everything just for some praise by people who will forget about you as soon as this is all over.  How empty could one man be for some attention?  How can I take anything that you say seriously when you’re one of the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen?  You say that I’m only doing this for the fame and glory, but you’re all wrong, Kevin.  I’m a man who wants to change the inequality that the EAW landscape provides for hard-working talents.  Meanwhile, you’ve abused your legacy and legend to get a match with me.  You seem to be proud of what you’ve done in this business, but you’ve only shown me that you have to depend on your best days to seem like a legitimate threat.  I don’t need to go back because I know that I’m the biggest threat to your career and I’m the only man who can end it for good.  You know that I can see past the lies that you tell the world, so you and your corporate buddies want to shut me up for good.  Sadly, in your case, that won’t be happening because I am going to rip those ass-kissing lips from your face with whatever I can find in that cage.  I’m going to stab your eyes and rip them out of socket so you can see the man you’ve become.  I will break every finger of yours to show you how much pain you and this company has put me through over the last year and a half.  Kevin Devastation will feel nothing but pain and shame because this is his reality.  His soul will fill with fear and his so-called legacy will crumble from its foundations.  You won’t be able to run to whatever retirement home you came from and you’ll realize that this is your own House of Horrors.  I’m more than glad to be an assortment of weapons that I can torture you with.  

If you think I’m afraid of hell, you’re sorely mistaken.  I would love to go to hell just so I can throw you into an eternal pit of lava.  Seeing you scream in pain will be a melody that I will play in my brain over and over again.  I will do anything and everything just so you can meet with fate and suffer with her.  The only difference is that I’m going to find my way out of hell.  Our battle will go down as one of EAW most gruesome and deadly.  The world will speak of how I destroyed a dementia-ridden old man in impressive fashion.  I will taste your blood and laugh at your demise.  This will teach every single person in the back not to take me as some joke.  I’ve had enough of this disrespect from people like KD and Mr. DEDEDE.  This will be a poem of pain for the parties involved and I will be looking forward to the aftermath of our bout.  They will be disgraced, as they should be, and have to answer to the change that I’m promoting.  The days where I would go ignored will be over and I will continue to send legends like you into instant retirement.  Don’t take my words lightly because the skull bashing you experience will be much more brutal.  Just know that I’m Nathan Fiora.  I am the man with no mercy, no fear, and no doubt.  I am no king or emperor, but I’m an S.O.B. who will make his enemies feel uncomparable pain.  I know my own faults and abilities, so you won’t break me down.  My instinct defies all odds that anyone has stacked against me.  KD, your best won’t cut it.  Those 16 world titles won’t help you win.  Your name will not give you an advantage.  This will be two men fighting for their lives inside a hellacious structure.  There will be no second takes and Mr. DEDEDE won’t be holding your hand outside either.  You will not be the man who puts me out of commission and you won’t be the last to say that either.  Your legacy will be mine to own and I will let it turn with your soul, in those flames.  That is your reality.  

I will make sure we both go to hell Kevin.  However, only one soul will swim through the flames with a soul intact.  May your soul be damned for eternity and never rise again.

Burn and die; meet your final termination.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 2:36 pm by Moongoose McQueen
So what do I have to do to get what I want? Do I have to write a letter to Santa? Do I have to make a wish on a shooting star? Beg? It has been almost a month since Shock Value, and I had made it clear that I wanted to get my hands on Carlos Rosso. Not even for the Interwire Championship. That doesn’t matter to me. Nah, all I wanted was to get my hands on him so I can beat the living tarnation out of him and make him beg for mercy. I have made demands. I have made threats. I’ve even openly admitted that I won’t do my job to its fullest until I got what I wanted. And quite frankly, what I’m asking for isn’t a lot. It’s not a world title shot. It’s not to be on the poster or to be used better. It’s just one man. One man is all I ask for, well, there are 2 other people too, but I’ll settle for this one for now. But weak after week, I’m put in a King of Elite match that I don’t care about. I’ve faced a man that I thought would be as angry as me and would go on to do something about it, and he didn’t make it. I had to be used as a means to add fuel to someone elses’ fight, and between not being on the Award Show and not participating in the Shrine. Yes, a mere house show that isn’t televised, already, the man I wanted to face is put in a tag match along with that rest of the people in the organization that I want to crush, just so what? He can be in the ring with Gawd Complex, Chris Elite, Aria Jaxon, etc. Yet, if Kenny didn’t want me to destroy Carlos Rosso on live television, I would had been perfectly fine with that. I understand that what happens on house shows don’t translate to the screen, but this isn’t about entertainment. This has gotten very Very personal. And truly, I am tempted to go ahead and just break all the rules and say, if I can’t get Carlos in the ring, it won’t have to take place in the ring.
And to pile on to insults. I am in a fatal fourway to determine the number one contender for the openweight title? No, I hear you all. I get it. The openweight title, a match for a new title that if you do it well, could lead to a world championship title shot. Which is fine and all. The concept there is clear and all. But my issue is what this fatal fourway match will stand for. It basically will mean that the winner of this match will be the representative for Voltage, and that is a big deal to me, because truth be told, I don’t want to represent Voltage by any means as long as Kenny Drake is general manager and Carlos Rosso is allowed to run his mouth without paying for the conspiracy against me, to put artificially create a champion to fit Voltage’s mold. And I do not want anything to do with Voltage. If Stark can jump on to Dynasty to be the representative to fight for the title, then I can easily do just the same. I don’t need to be in the place that doesn’t respect me. Why would I fight for a place that treats me like utter trash when night in and out, I give my all to help Voltage stand out from your Dynasty, Empire, and Showdown. I’m sure if I went out there and made an offer, I’d be welcomed with open arms. Well, not Empire, but Dynasty and Showdown, sure.
But I do take exception to that. Because in a weird way, changing brands will be no different from running away and starting over. And there is no god damn guarantee that if I switch that it wont’ be the same. After all, I got screwed on Dynasty, I’m still treated as a joke on NEO despite doing my job well, and well, look at the state of Voltage. So I’m going to assume you all thought for a moment that I was going to walk away from this match. This shot for the Openweight title. Wrong. I’m going to beat everyone in that match. El Ironico, Cody, and yes, that includes you too, Cam. But I’m not going to represent Voltage. I’m not going to be Kenny’s tool again to bring prestige to his show. No, I’m going into this match as an independent, as I no longer take pride in being a member of the Voltage roster. As far as I’m concerned, Voltage is dead. Voltage is the scum of the entire EAW brand, and I’m not even going to waste my time trying to clean it up, if anything, I’m going to make it into a bigger mess. I’m going to leave blood stains all over it’s floors, the walls, the god damn ceiling, hell, I’ll break everything and leave it as it is, and I’m going to do it as the EAW Openweight Champion. I’ll win that title, beat every single threat each show puts before me, and become the world champion that Kenny Drake doesn’t want, but even better. Since I know how interested Carlos is in for the openweight title and how Drake will do just about everything Carlos says, I’ll use that to get what I want.
Sure go ahead, try to have Cameron, El Ironico, or Cody represent Voltage. You can’t honestly expect them to beat Sher or Stark. But I’d hate to break it to you all, but Voltage will have no representative for this title at King of Elite. No longer am I going to fight for any brand or show. This is all for me, and I don’t need no damn stupid gawd contract to create my legacy. Go ahead, try to take credit for my work again, but I’ll deny it each time, because at this point, no one, and I mean, no one should take anything that comes out of Kenny Drake’s mouth seriously ever again. That lying bastard has a price and that price isn’t steep enough. He has no integrity, no standards, no merits. He doesn’t deserve to be where he is, because all he had to do was suffer a damn injury, say he wants to return in a non-competing role, and get hired by the board because he asked at the right time.  You know what I call that? Luck. And you’re running out of it. Keep pushing me away from what I want, but in due time, you aren’t going to be able to avoid me. You still have a responsibility to make sure you get the right man to fight for the Openweight title. And if you don’t want it to be me, well, now would be a good time to remind you what disappointment feels like when the man that took you out and put you in that position, is now fighting for the King of Elite crown on your own damn show. Hey, you aren’t that petty, I guess, good. But you have done nothing good since becoming GM of Voltage besides making backstage deals, being Chris Elites’ bitch, and not earning a single ounce of respect from me, the fans, or anyone else backstage.
Like why are you even here? Voltage doesn’t need you. And guess what? I don’t need Voltage or you either. If I can’t get what I want, I’ll make it happen. And I’ll start by winning the Openweight title. My apologies to my opponents. Cameron, El Ironico, Cody, all in that particular order. I’m sorry the Goddess of EAW has to reside in this trash heap of a brand that should be paradise. I’m sorry for to El Ironico for having to tolerate this so called “land of opportunity.” And Cody, well, quite frankly, Voltage doesn’t do enough to hype and advertise your show if you ask me. You all deserve better. We all deserve better, but as selfish as it is, I need it more. If I don’t win now, I’ll continue to go insane. I’ll no longer be able to put up a fake smile and face, and trade it in for one more best described as a sadistic grin. A bloodlust for which I demand satisfaction. I demand Justice. I demand the Openweight Championship. But what has making demands done for me since I’ve been in EAW? Almost nothing. Well, then it’s time to resort to the most primitive form of getting what you want…… and just take it.

And you know, they say if you give in, and give people what they want without anything in return, it makes them much worse. Selfish, Greedy, malicious. Un-empathetic. But trust me, if I don’t get what I want, I’m going to be much much worse. Kenny, don’t make your mistakes get out of hand and fester into something so big, it goes beyond your control. Well, to be fair, it might be too late. And well, if Cameron, Cody, or El Ironico insists that they want this so badly, I did say before. If you aren’t going to give me Carlos, I’ll be thinning out the herd until you don’t have a choice. And I mean that to everyone in this match. It’s not personal, it’s my business, and I’d advise you stick your nose out of it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 21st 2017, 9:51 am by Lars Grier

The Raven soars above a world that is rummaged by vermin and scum of the lowest order. 

In its talons, it possesses the single most desirable and tangible thing possible - the keys to the Kingdom of Bullets. In its eyes, it sees only one thing, and that is the prize that all men long for in this existence….the prospect of becoming this land’s champion. The champion of the world. It truly is an ecstatic feeling to be able to hold something tangible within your grasp, an object of worth to display  to the world that you made it to the peak of the mountain, and that you succeeded in achieving your goal. This wasn’t a menial task by any means, no. Instead, this was a road carved by the sweat pouring down from my pores and the blood extracted from each and every one of my adversaries. To think I haven’t earned this opportunity? To believe wholeheartedly that I didn’t work for a single piece of this spot? Plain fucking stupidity on your part. No, no, you see - I’ve worked. Each and every single one of them who I’ve had to put down in order to further reach towards my redemption, all of them were obstacles that I needed to overcome. I put down a killer in order to stand where I stand to this very moment, to be afforded this chance, but I know that was only the easy part. As I stand across this gate to the kingdom, thoughts race across the upper echelons of my mind like bullets flying past; the seeds of doubt are trying to plant themselves in the soil but I just burn them away, knowing damn well that I have come to do what must be done, what I long for in this life - glory. Glory in the highest, glory in the name of The Raven, MY name. All men long for it but what has become apparent is that it turns into a matter of who wants it more. That’s all it is in this business. Desire. Who wants this title more, who thirsts for the piece of cake at the end of the table with more viscosity than anyone else who opposes you. So many of the legends who are born from scratch in this world only became greats because they never stopped longing. They never stopped that hunger for more power, more accolades, achievements and success. Not a single one of these men and women ever grew content with what they had within the palms of their hands. They simply longed for more, and that is what I intend to do when I step into that ring at King of Elite and stand across the ring against the greatest challenge I will have ever faced in my entire existence. That is what I have sought out to do, and I will be ready for any lengths in order to burn that kingdom to the fucking ground and take my place over O’Hara’s throne. It’s just karma, Jamie. You know that. You should be fully aware that the moment you disrespect me or my name, I will do everything in my power to paint the walls with the blood of your failure and stake my flag into the ground and proclaim it as my own. You shouldn’t be mad, you shouldn’t be aggravated over the fact that I’ve been spearing you all over the fucking place and that- in your thinking - it was me which caused your defeat in that fateful Champion of Champions match. Sure, maybe I directed the course of action but it wasn’t me that started all of this bullshit, it was you. Tarnish my name and I’ll destroy everything you ever loved or cared about in this unforgiving world. Simple as that. There isn’t anyone else to blame there but yourself. The taste of ecstasy still rests on my tongue even after that day passed. I was awarded the Next Up in 2018 Award and had witnessed Jamie’s spot as Champion of Champions removed. I’m still feeling the effects of that high, but I know it would be foolish to dwell on such meager victories. Such insignificant success in battles do not dictate the ending of the war, which is why each and every day, I step out to prepare myself for the night when I am finally able to redeem myself for my failures, break the King of Bullets and hold that championship up high, and under my breath, I tell myself: “I’ve done it.”

Now wouldn’t that be a fucking sight to behold?

That day will come, oh I can almost taste it. No longer will they be howls of my negligence or my failures. No more the bastards who put me down like I’m nothing more than a dog, but instead the ones who will look to the sky and see The Raven soaring above, the World Heavyweight Championship in its grasp. Fuck anyone who ever doubted me or said I’d never amount to nothing, they can eat their own words as well as they eat shit. This is about me. My rise, my castle, my throne. The one I will ascend to before I get past the flea who will try and make himself seem like an elephant when we all know that there isn’t, and never will be anything that he can amount to. Tell me, Ryan - are you truly worth anything to me than a few meager minutes? Seconds? I almost pity you for being put against a man like me, for you aren’t anything more than a jester trying to play king. Honestly, I wish I could say everything wrong about you. Each and every one of your fallacies, each crack in your non-existent armor, each hole in a leaking bucket. But for me to do that - I’d be here the entire day, and I don’t want to waste my breath addressing you anymore than I should have to. Truly, I find it hilarious how a man can talk about hurting someone like me, making me suffer when you remain content with what you have. Simply put: You aren’t shit. You never were, and you never will be. I once told you that if you never change in this business, you will never succeed, and while I was attempting to offer you advice, you turn me a deaf ear and act with your false sense of bravado “I won’t change. Suck that!” In an attempt to be defiant. It’s hilarious, really. Simple answer: Deciding not to adapt or evolve in this world isn’t a hip or fun way to be edgy - it’s just plain fucking stupidity. You’ve been here for what; four months? And the only thing meaningful you’ve ever done while in this company is barely defeating a NEO fledgling who isn’t even on the fucking brand anymore. Three losses, zero wins - make it four because there isn’t a chance in this entire goddamn universe that you actually stand a chance against me. Your weakness lies in your complacency and inability to ever use common sense. Don’t stroll up to my face and act as if you’ll defeat me when you’re coming off from three straight losses and words you can’t even back up. I’ll put it in a way to make it easy for you to understand, Ryan; I am the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, you aren’t anything more than a paper man who will crush under the true pressure that this company dishes out. I honestly wish I didn’t have to say this much to you but I feel that I have to make a point against neanderthals such as you. Such a lowy being incapable of fully grasping the true scope of the world we live in, that’s who you are and who you always will be. You have no idea who you are up against this week, my poor little rodent. 

Step forth into my world, joker, and crumble just like the paper man you are.

Everything will end before you even lay a single finger onto me.

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Chapter 87: Redemption

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"Perhaps I haven’t given my opposition for the Christmas Eve Special edition of Voltage enough of a grilling. With my last remarks, I was merely skimming a stone across the surface of a vast ocean, leaving plenty of room for them to state their claims as to how they will defeat me, how they will walk away with the New Breed Championship around their waists. 24 hours has passed and what retaliation have I received from either of my opponents? Nothing, none whatsoever. Honestly, it is a little disappointing. I tend to do that a lot with my opponents in an attempt to provoke them into giving me no less than their best in trying to defeat me, or in this case to try and rip this title from my grasp. It tends to make for a real challenge, to make a match worth preparing for knowing they will be giving me no less than 100 percent in a war of words as well as a war inside the ring with this championship as the spoils for the victor. Perhaps I have held these two to a high standard, the standard that I would hold myself to in this situation, not letting words go to waste and going in on the attack every open opportunity. For McAdams, that fire that he brought to Shock Value must have been extinguished as he did what I am doing today, doubling down to send the message that I am not going down without a fight. For Harvey, quite frankly I don’t know, perhaps brooding in the streets of Yorkshire looking for jobless and hungry homeless people to beat up to release some pent-up aggression. As for Jon, I assume he is sitting in his high chair at his estate firing people who give him the stink eye, which I can assure you with his attitude is a quite a high number of people who deserve much better jobs with their patience towards egomaniacs. Perhaps the Christmas theme to my message was a little too soft of a blow on the chin to provoke an immediate response, perhaps that is on me. It must have made the message a little lost in translations with all the lights, tinsel and the tacky sweaters, giving a message of someone who is looking at this match with only smiles and jokes and the Merry Christmas spirit. If that is the case, the fault falls squarely on me. I won’t beat around the bush any further. I might have to drop the facade of the happy go lucky Finnegan Wakefield to get the point across. So be it.

Then much to my surprise, a notification caught my attention. Jon McAdams must have had burning ears and decided to speak up. I must admit, I didn't think it would take so long for him to respond to my message given the persistence he demonstrated at Shock Value. In a way, I am glad he didn't bring anything less than what he brought to the dance that night this time around. He didn't disappoint, I will give him that much. What surprised me further, however, was his reaction to the gift that I presented to him. That piece of debris from the pitfall that had both of us in blinding pain holds some sentimental value to him. I guess you can get a gift to a man that has everything. Well, monetarily everything that is. McAdams, the message that gift was meant to send was one of warning. A message that was supposed to read that, although you underestimated me in a battle under stipulations that you have grown to call your niche, it doesn't spell victory against Finnegan Wakefield. However, I would be lying if I said there wasn't an underlying message to the gift that may not hold as much sentimental value, it still has some weight behind it. Respect. Make no mistake about it, I still think you're a pretentious twat that needs to lord over his wealth to impose an image of importance and have to over exaggerate your resume to impose an image of threat, but for guts and tenacity, you have earned my respect. It takes a lot for me to resort to a desperate course of action in order to try and walk away as the victor, but it was a risk that you forced me to take. In a way, you got what you wanted. Despite the home-field advantage on your side, people weren't giving you a chance and chalk me up as the person to send you crashing and burning. Just as much as I had to take you with me into the high voltage hell beneath, you had to take me down there with you. As you say, joy filled your heart as you saw me falling down with you, knowing that you made so many people eat crow as you proved that, for that one night, Finnegan Wakefield wasn't able to defeat you. But a small grin came across my face in that one moment also, and the fall felt like forever as the whole world around me slowed down. Before the blinding pain of an electrical charge going through my body, I made you eat crow. I made you eat crow for saying that defeating me was a certainty, that it was the inevitable outcome of our match. Despite all your persistence in saying that I was a weakling of a champion, for that one night, I proved even in the face of adversity, Finnegan Wakefield is not a champion that will go quietly into the night.

Internally, I was smiling despite the fact I was experiencing the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life and that neither of us could walk out of that wreckage on our own two feet. But that smile didn’t last very long. Two things have since vexed me and has been weighing heavily on my conscious. You said so yourself, I couldn’t hold myself with my chin up knowing that I couldn’t best you to retain the championship. On that night I had to be a champion that said his reign continued, not by my own merit, but because of a technicality that had me hold onto the championship. Although I take pride in knowing that I prevented you from holding the New Breed Championship, I also took great dishonor in saying that I didn’t successfully defend it against you to prevent it. And with the days I spent looking up at the lights of my hospital room, that was all I could think about. As doctors and nurses were stitching me up, pulling small fragments of metal out of my flesh, treating my burns and stabilizing my heart rate, all I could think about was how sullied I felt to call myself the New Breed Champion. What made matters worse, was seeing how well off you were despite the landing. While I laid in a hospital bed, you were up and fighting just a week later. Fate smiled on you. The fact that you were able to be there the next Voltage after showed that I had somehow gotten the worst out of the fall. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if it didn’t take away an opportunity that I had waited an entire year for. Watching the advert, watching the names being listed off for the Voltage leg of the King of Elite tournament, truth be told I grew frustrated. With a clenched fist, the opportunity to be the New Breed Champion going through the King of Elite tournament was taken away from me, and the name I saw in the line up instead of mine was yours. The same fall that made it impossible for doctors to release me from the hospital and allow me to compete in that tournament somehow allowed you to do the complete opposite. For the first time in a very long time, I felt helpless. Helpless that I had to miss out on the opportunity to truly establish that I was a New Breed Champion unbound by shackles by progressing through the King of Elite tournament. I had a choice to make then and there. I had a choice to go to Kenny Drake and give him one of two options, both of which put my rank as champion into question.

Either you get inserted into my next defence as the New Breed Champion against Harvey Yorke, or I relinquish this championship on the grounds of a tainted defence. Once again, fate smiled on you as the appeal of the match not only got the green light and the advertisement of a money match but secured the main event slot. You got a second chance to try and dethrone me as the New Breed Champion, and I got a second chance to prove that there is no monster in Jon McAdams that I can’t slay as easy as any other man in Elite Answers Wrestling. That is where you have mistaken me, Jon. I am not uncertain, nor am I shook. I have no doubts in my mind when push comes to shove that I can defeat Jon McAdams. You very well could defeat me any given night, but that statement echoes in vice versa. Christmas Eve, I know that I can defeat you even with the Harvey Yorke X-factor, even with the knowledge that I don’t need to be pinned or submitted to lose this title. I am not too well known for taking a gamble, but for this match, I am willing to bet my reign on the roll of the dice. McAdams, I will repeat a sentiment that I said to you at Shock Value; whatever you have planned for me, bring it on. Whatever it is, no matter how mighty of a blow it might be, nothing you can do to me will result in your foot on my chest with this championship raised above your head. I will walk into 2018 as the New Breed Champion, and that is a safe bet to take.

I may aswell address Harvey Yorke while I am at it. Your comments over the past weeks haven’t fallen on deaf ears. I have heard the remarks you have made towards me in the weeks leading up to this match, remarks such as me being a dismissable champion. However, remarks such as that are just as dismissable. If you’re planning on defying my limits like you have claimed you would in the weeks prior, it is probably best you start speaking up and putting more weight behind such weak words. You bested seven embodiments of the deadly sins to earn this shot, and that is admirable. But this week you’re facing an embodiment of the seven heavenly virtues. You have bested men you have marked as the embodiments of Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony and Pride, but within me you will find the opposing ideals. You will be facing someone who embodies Humility, Kindness, Abstinence, Chastity, Patience, Liberality & Diligence. Humor me, Harvey, how will you fair on the opposite side of the spectrum? When you eventually do decide to say your piece, you better make it count. You better have some words that can pierce my heart if you wish to take away the title I have fought so hard for because you’re going to need to give me nothing less then your best shot, with or without your brass knuckles, if you wish to make it a reality. You don't have a lot of time left to lay everything you have out on the table, not long to state a claim to the EAW New Breed Championship. Regardless of how much you present, I don't intend to let this title fall into the hands of anyone who doesn't work harder than I do to raise its prestige. I have fought Hall of Famers, Main Event calibre elitists, promising up and comers, hell even the mighty Jamie O'Hara with this title around my waist. You have claimed my reign to be miserable, but it will be you feeling miserable once this opportunity of yours is squandered and I carry out my mission to become one of the greatest New Breed Champions of all time. Harvey Yorke, Jon McAdams, this sunday you will be a footnote that will put the exclamation mark to the claim that Finnegan bloody Wakefield is going to be the greatest New Breed Champion of all time!"
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The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
This week: Promo One
Voltage Record: 0 Win 3 Losses 1 No Contest
 Lars Grier
Chapter Title: That was then, this is now.
No. of words: 1,607
Reading time: A little less than six minutes

It's that time of the year again! The end of it, where we exchange gifts, drink some booze, give awards and pat ourselves on the back for having done this or that! 

On my end? To be honest I felt like 2017 was an amazing year! Championships here and there in federations across the globe and then the biggest award yet: An EAW Contract! Not only that, a cherry on the cake: A spot on one of the main show's roster! Voltage to boot! Home of the Elitist of the Decade MISSSTEEEEEEEER .... DEDEDEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I couldn't be happier for now! Sure, my track record is not the shiniest, 0 - 3 and 1 but I made it to the biggest and bestest league in the World and on one of it's biggest shows! And already I have faced some of the best the Voltage brand as well as the whole company! For me, that's a win, an achievement unlocked! One I've been working for since I first stepped foot in a wrestling ring and wore the mask you all know I love. 

This got me to think back and go in the past, more or less 10 years from now when I was not even thinking about wrestling in a way to earn my living. Back then I was 15 years old and I was a to-the-bone wrestling fan! Watching EAW programming on TV among other independent federations like Sanctuary of Wrestling and the F'n Nation Federation both of which my would be mentor was working in at the time. I was a geek and a nerd back then, still am today (Guilty as charged!) Thanks Captain Obvious but I also knew that this skinny lookin' frog was not going to be a wrestler back then. At least it's what I thought, sure, there were video games but there was one thing I loved doing more: E-fedding! 

Why control a bunch of pixels on a TV screen when you can create your own persona and write your own promos! Little did I know that I was practicing to do the real thing later but back then I was having a blast in a total fictional world! What I loved the most? Doing shows! I even had my own promotion that I was running out of Geocities.com it was called ''World Wrestling Elite''. Okay, it's not original much but sue me okay? It was original to me back then! I had some of my friends and online users who was a part of it both as wrestlers and part of the booking and writing staff. I had so much fun building it from the grounds up, the CEO of the company was called ~Mister Mockman~ and he was a power hungry old geaser! The top guy was called ~The Ledge~ and it's funny how today I think back on it and he looks a lot like Mister Dedede! There were plenty of others! Block Fester (A BEAST of a man!), John Quinoa (You couldn't see that Vegan), Punk CaMel (Most arrogant Marrocan ever), Raider Mysterious (Arrr! A pirate!), Stoned Cold Steve Austin (He loved to chill and drink cider), The Crook (Our main heel! He was electrifying!), The Underachiever (Nearing death at every match) and many many others! Sometimes some left because their ~contracts~ was expired, some were signed and it was quite diverse to be honest. (Ryan what about the ladies?) Oh Yes! We had those too! Like Lady Stratosphere, Torrid Wilson (Your sister!) don't make it weird buddy. Also on the ladies side I had Lolita and a few others. 

But that was then, that was part of my childhood, playing something I then thought was impossible to reach.
This? This is now! This is part of my livelihood, only now I'm no longer playing and nothing is impossible to reach. 

I, like so many others before me and much more after, am living proof that if you truly want something and you put in the efforts, the work and you're willing to pay the price you can go wherever you desire and you can get whatever you want! No one said the way to get there would be easy, only the idiot the blind and the fool thinks like that. No, I'm a realist behind this sexy package that is Ryan Wilson, and I have had past experiences I've been through to remind me that not only the road ahead the path to success is long and hard but I've been down that road and I know how hard it can be. 

With the exception of Cody Marshall, Azrael (Ouch), Axl Willow and Shaker Jones, I can with confidence say that I've faced some of the best Voltage has to offer! Finnigan, Amadeus, Harvey Yorke, El Ironico, Nate Fiora and this sunday another adds himself to the list! One that made it clear he didn't like what I had to offer be it in the ring or on the Feed. One who I look forward to face for the challenge he represents: Lars Grier.

The so called Raven of the Elite Universe, is that right? Can I quote you on this? Can I quote the Raven? (Nevermore!) Why you little! (Hey, this isn't a Simpson's episode!) Correct! That being said, it's funny to see how many Uwe Boll-type individuals we seem to have on the yellow brand, what I mean by that is that similar to the worse movie producer ever to stain the face of the Earth Lars and Amadeus both are ~misunderstood~ or so they claim. Boll is not misunderstood, he simple sucks and refuses to accept the fact that he can't do anything good. His work is shit, his legacy is shit now and forever. Now, am I saying Lars and Amadeus are shit? No, far from it. What I'm saying however is that I'll always find funny when someone claims to be misunderstood, I mean it's like trying to sound and look cool when you meet someone new. Lars... Being misunderstood doesn't make you special it makes you... Bland! I mean, that card was overused for way too long! And let's not forget the dysfunctional family angle too! Chris Almighty! Saint Titties on a hot summer night this has been played out! I'm sorry about the passing of your mother however, I mean it's fun to mess with Cody's mother but the thing is she's alive. No point in making fun of the dead in hopes of getting under your skin. There are other ways to stab at your poise. Like making you the first guy I beat, my first win.

Make no mistake, the No Contest against Cody tasted like victory and I showed that there was nothing he could do to take me out long enough for the triple mat tap. You however you will be a different challenge, you will be a different opportunity. Another chance for me to showcase my talent against a guy with a style different than others. I aim to win against you Lars, I want to gift myself a win before the end of 2017 and I don't expect you to be generous enough to give it to me. The truth? I want you to make it difficult for me to get my wish, I know you can in fact I know you will. Because you won't allow a little slack jawed shit like me to get the better of you am I right? I'm just a joke to you n'es-ce pas? I remember you told me in the past that if I didn't change my ways I wouldn't last long here. Well, here i am buddy! Not changing and not about to! Now the question is what are you going to do about it? Will you be the first to shut me up? I can tell you already the answer's no. Will you beat me to an inch of my life this Sunday? I sure as hell invite you to! Because you can expect it from me! I feel like ripping off that face paint off your face like a gift wrap and see the you behind it all, see the pain I'll cause you, see the agony that you'll go through due to the execution of my moves! I want you to hear me laugh while I do it, showing you how much I enjoy it and making sure you know I won't stop until you're body can't handle it anymore. 

I took a resolution for 2018, I am going to step it up a notch or 10. But between you and me: Why wait January first? I want to start right now, I want to start with you! On Christmas Eve! This Sunday LIVE on Voltage! I want to see you soar into the air little raven... So that I can hunt you and take you down! Feathers will fly, perhaps a bit of blood too and you know what? Oh I'm sure you know: I'll have a blast while doing it! 

I have a good time at the expense of others Lars, you know this, now it's time you do more than knowing: It's time you experience it!
It's time to push things to the next level for Ryan Wilson, your profile talks about stages of evolution, maybe it's time this Canadian does the same.

Win or lose Sunday, even if I aim for the W, I intend to use you to send a message to Voltage:
The Ryan Wilson Show is taking off starting now!

And that ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget you Lars, just happened!

See you soon...
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McAdams sits on a loft overseeing his butlers and maids putting christmas ornaments on his 20 foot christmas tree. He has in his hand a glass of wine that he takes a sip of.

“The words underdog had started being used over the past few months. A word I used to laugh at. Underdog. I’d scoff at those people who’d enter in a match against me, those who were less experienced, overconfident, irrelevant. The one hit wonders who would enter my ring when I was on top of Voltage and I’d bring the world down upon them during my crusade. Those career underdogs who try as they might, could never quite adequate live up to the expectations that they had for themselves or the audiences that followed them. Their adoring fans who would get in a frenzy and cheer when the underdog would almost win... and when he did win it was a shocking surprise! OH WOW! HE DID IT! THAT AMAZING LOSER WON A MATCH! I hated this idea. I hated this… whole underdog concept. But you start to see how it happens. How someone can be a promising young prospect, a former champion, a dominating force on the Voltage brand with the whole world right before him… Then comes the failure, as it always does eventually. But it doesn’t stop. Then bad decisions. Then poor planning. Than desperation starts to set it. Soon that same prospect finds himself being viewed as the underdog.

Yet underneath all of those things there is still a promising young prospect, former champion and dominating force and even a layer above that calls for something greater. Something growing on top of that underdog title. A chip on the shoulder, maybe? A mean streak? A man becoming a monster? Can there be such a thing as an “undermonster”? Yet that’s what I was. I had an entire company of wrestlers who knew and had seen what I was capable of still view me and consider me… just another guy. Even at the height of my popularity here so far, people still were uncertain, and though I had started to gain momentum by driving through some really tough opponents… when it was time to face Finnegan Wakefield, not a soul gave me a chance. No one thought I had what it takes to defeat him. No one thought I could stand up to the great Finnegan Wakefield. Not a soul in the locker room, on the commentator desk, in management, and in the audience. No faith in the man called Sovereign, the Survivor, the System. The man who ran the back and ran that ring and beat some of the best Elitists in this company and out of this company. It isn’t so much infuriating as it is… confusing. I know there is change and confusion. I know that I have grown and melded into many new things but I also know the very quality of man that I am and I find it… absolutely embarrassing for all of you who would ever call me an underdog or find me… incapable.

I am the most underrated Elitist in this company. I’ve competed at the highest level with the best of the best and shown time and time again that I am all that i say that I am and each time that I get into that ring I don’t just step up against my opponent but I force every opponent I face to step up to my level. I have never been in a match where I have had to meet someone else’s standards. I have always been the man to raise the bar that everyone else must jump over. Each time that a person stands before me and makes a joke out of me or pretends that I am nothing, I shove it down their throats and make them eat their words and each time that someone believes they are simply going to get the best of me because I am Jon McAdams soon finds themselves fighting from behind, trying to catch up and trying to keep up. I raise the standards of every opponent I face and in doing so, every person who comes against me is elevated. Beyond any title, any accolade, or any position, at the level that I am and with the shit reputation that I carry, I still force and elevate people far more than a silly title. Yet I just can’t seem to get my hands on it.

I don’t understand it. For any doofus who lies or is dumb enough to say that it’s because you’re just not good or not good enough listens purely to hearsay and clearly has never observed how I work and how I fight and how I always get what I want. If you stand there, even as a man who has beaten me on any given occasion, can you sit there and think… Oh, I could do it again? How certain could you be? How many of you want to even deal with it? I know so many in the back would rather avoid me. So many in the back, despite how they talk, know damn well that a match against me is an exhausting and painful affair. It’s easier to stand aside then to stand up against me because your odds are always uncertain, and if you can’t stack up, then you will fall hard and fast below me. Those who make jokes. Who… fight around me. Who mention my name but avoid putting themselves down in a match against me. Those who would belittle my accomplishments, my work ethic, my skill, and my willingness. All those children who despite their best efforts can’t hold a candle to me and still don’t succeed in their “higher” ventures or their middling contentions. No… those who fought with me, those who know what I am capable of, know better than to underestimate me. Men like Finnegan Wakefield, and Harvey Yorke who both know that even at their very best, and even with Yorke’s victories over me, that on any given day Jon McAdams could take this all away from them.

Finnegan Wakefield… I know we only know each other as opponents and truly at the most personal level you may not know this about me, but I am a very… sentimental man. An item like that is the kind of gift I would put on my wall next to my freshly won New Breed title, or even a piece of history I’d like to hold onto without it. It’s the kind of item that drives me. That reminds me. That brings me back to where I need to be and takes me above this. I recognize it. It represents both an incredible victory for me and an immense failure. When I fell from those rafters into that terrible pit and I saw you falling with me, at first I had terror but that terror turned to laughing when I realized what this all mean. Fear became joy in my heart as we plummeted to what could have been the end of our careers. In a single instance I had both failed at my objective and succeeded in shoving shit in the mouths of every person in the locker room and every person in the audience. The entire crowd ate crow. But then I did. I hit the wires and felt that terrible explosion throughout my body but through it all I had joy in my heart. Despite all the pain, despite all the horrible implications of what had happened there I was able to stand up. I had not lost to you. I had not found myself in a losing effort without a title but instead in a draw. No, it isn’t ideal but I knew that you couldn’t go on with your title and carry yourself the way you do without having put that nail in. I KNEW you couldn’t carry an ounce of self respect for that title of yours because there was an opponent that you couldn’t beat yet you still had to hold that title. That it would become a mark of shame instead of a bar of excellence. I’ll be honest with you about this too. I was peeved at the fact that I hadn’t been given another shot but I was willing to earn it again. I was peeved that I would have to fight in the King of Elite tournament while you, the champion, got to stay home, recover, and lick your wounds. I was so peeved that I decided not to show up last week and get my rest in proper. I got mine and when I found out you had gotten me into the match well… It all just worked out. Finn, you could not beat me then, so much so that you threw yourself into hell in order to just draw against me. I had that match, I had you where I wanted you and I won’t let that happen again. You say I couldn’t beat you at my game? Wrong. I aimed to make accomplishments and build on them into greater ones. I aim to deliver on what I say and when I tell you something like you can’t beat me and then I show you that you can’t do it I expect you to realize that is the truth. The game didn’t end. You couldn’t bring me down and we’re still playing and you haven’t realized it yet. Taking me with you is saying that you can’t beat me. Now, admittedly that doesn’t mean I could beat you, right? But you know I could. That’s why you did what you did. That homefield advantage? That deathmatch situation? That is elevated here. I relish in the multi man match. The proper way to steal a victory and an easy way to take what is mine. What’s more is this is still No DQ. So unless you have found away to beat both Harvey Yorke and draw against me, this will still be a sad day for you. You may say you are confident, pride intact, with a conviction and determination that is unbroken but I know that even with all of these things… Finnegan. You are shook and uncertain. You took this match, you brought me into this match because you don’t know if you can beat me but I admire one very important thing about you, is that you are not willing to let that kind of thing go. You are not content to allow yourself a draw. Even if you aren’t sure, even if you know what I am and what I bring, even with all of these things, you are still willing to risk a very highly potential loss and while I think it’s stupid, I can respect it and definitely understand it because from where I am standing, it is not enough to be the guy who is at the same level as the New Breed Champion. I need to be the guy who holds the belt. The guy who beat his opponent and in the back of my mind it would have always eaten at me. Why didn’t I beat him? When will I be able too? I don’t underestimate you Finnegan, and that is precisely why you should be concerned. I always play the long game, it doesn’t always work out as neatly or as perfectly as this situation did but with all of this being where it is, I’d be a fool to squander this opportunity on overconfidence and simple tactics. I’ve got something beautiful planned for both of you and I can’t wait to bring it down upon you.

As for you, Yorke, I am waiting to hear from you. This is the pattern though, but this time I won’t be underestimating you. I have made that mistake too many times before but that is because it’s hard not too. You’re a man who starts and stops. You rise and fall. Your consistency is lacking and you are stepping into the ring with a man you’ve lost too and a man you’ve beaten. I won’t pretend like those victories are meaningless, the first one, perhaps. I was in a dark place. But the second one, I can’t deny. You beat me Yorke, somehow, some way, you managed to beat me as I was tearing through this roster you put a stop to me in a way not even Wakefield could do. That’s not a joke and there is nothing much I can say to skirt around it other than the manner in which you beat me was not… an outright affair. It was close. I can say, and I know you can too if you’re being honest with me, that any one of us could have one on that day. You won. And I know, you’re thinking, I won and thats the end of it but I want you to think about the King of Elite tournament. You lost to Keelan Cetinich. A man I’ve beaten twice in one on one competition. It’s easy to look at the now, it’s easy to forget the past. It’s even easier when you purposely try to dismiss it but you can’t ignore the facts. Keelan decisively defeated you and in the most holistic sense my stock is much higher and for me to lose to you does much less for me than for you to lose to me. So… You won.  Hell, you needed to win and I had bigger things on my mind. If you didn’t win then it would be a confusing situation to have you in this match. If you didn’t beat me, you wouldn’t truly have earned a spot here. After all, Finn couldn’t beat me, and you couldn’t beat Finn so that leaves us… with where we are. But you did get me. Now, I have taken into consideration that this belt is worth giving everything we have for it. This belt is worth your time to fight for it. But this belt cannot be yours. I am going to beat Finnegan Wakefield first, but my second priority is to make sure you don’t hold it. For all the talent that you have, for a man like you, who has been untested truly in failure cannot be allowed to carry the prestige forward. In fact, I consider it part of my duty to make sure you experience failure on this magnitude. To have worked so hard to get here only to fail to capture the belt and then to see if you’re able to bounce back. See if you’re just up and leave or drop out or end up with nothing, and how you might pull yourself up or let yourself drown. Here’s what I know, I will be winning this title because I know what I need to do here to win it. But Finnegan NEEDS to beat me in order to prove himself, and you? I love the fire that I’ve been seeing these past couple of weeks but we all know that you NEED this win as well. The pressure of all your hard work is like a mountain on your back that you’ve never been able to carry and if you can’t succeed here in this match I fear you may crumble underneath all those stones. Desperation. Even if you dont think you have it. It’s there. You know it. It’s building in your head and even with a full head of confidence and an unbroken spirit, both you and Finn will walk into this match with a cloud over your head that continues to remind you both of your need and not where you mind must be and before you know it, you’ve become so focused on that title, so focused on beating Finnegan, so focused on bringing down the house and holding up that title, that you’ve started picturing it in your mind, envisioning yourself holding it, and in that instance something takes you out… and Jon McAdams takes advantage.And this time, I won’t be recovering from some injury. You can bet on that.

I look forward to this sunday against you chaps. Three brits. Isn’t that beautiful. This should be called the United Kingdom Championship since only the classiest competitors seem to compete over it. So let us steal the show as any man facing Jon McAdams always does.”

McAdams raises his glass. “To you both”

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Voltage Promo: My Way

A harmonica is heard throughout the EAW arena.

Kawajai: What the hell is this what's going on?

All of a sudden the harmonica stops and "Timebomb" by Rancid plays.

Nick: Who the heck is this?

Out on the stage walks Shaker Jones, with a new attitude and a new swagger.

Kawajai: He's not even shaking hands with the crowd this is so strange.

Shaker makes his way into the ring and is handed a mic.

Shaker: Hello, Hello, Hello

The fans start booing him.

Shaker: Ok, if that's what you want.  Ladies and gentlemen of the EAW Universe, I have come to the conclusion that you don't like me.  And that's fine.  Because I don't like you either.  You see when I first came into this company, y'all had my back, you would cheer me on night in and night out.  Then the losses started piling up.  Things weren't going so well, but you were still somewhat with me.  Then a poll is given to you guys on what I should do with my careeer, and what did that pole say?  IT SAID THAT YOU SAID I SHOULD QUIT.  So I see how this is.  You all have turned your backs on me, as soon as the going got rough you decided to bail on me.  That's fine.  Because I don't give a shit what you think, I don't give a shit what you say.  From now on things are going to be done my way.  I am in this for me, myself and I.  You see when I was a kid I wanted to be cool like everybody else.  I wanted to look like them, be like them.  So I did.  I bought the same clothes that they did, I started liking the same stuff that they did, and then I was cool.  But then years later it dawned on me, I don't have to be like everybody else to be cool.  So I started wearing my own clothes and doing my own thing, and from that point on, I felt free.  I felt like I could be me.  I stopped giving a shit what people though about me and started doing things my way, and I was so happy.

But I came into this company and I went backwards.  I started to become a cookie cutter version of myself.  You know the nice guy who wants the fans to like him so much.  Who does the same things he always did, used the same moves he always used.  Now that I look back on it, what was I thinking, no wonder my career has been crap since I've been here, because I wasn't being myself, I was being what you people wanted to be, and that worked for a while until you all turned your backs on me.  Now the man you see in front of you is who I am, I am the guy that does things his own way, dresses his own way, talks his own way, and wrestles his own way, a unique style.  And I knew that's what I was missing.  For the last few months in EAW I have been going through a slump and I wasn't happy, and I didn't know what to do about it.  So I took some time off and really thought about who I was and what kind of wrestler I wanted to be.  Now I am happy

The fans still boo.

Shaker: Oh boo all you want I don't care.  I really don't, and I don't know why I didn't think of this a long time ago.  To be truly happy you have to be yourself, and if people don't like it, too bad.

Shaker: Now I know there is a lot of guys in the head office who don't think much of me.  Think I don't have what it takes, I don't have the potential.  Well let me tell you something boys.  I am doing things my way, and if you don't like it you can eat me.

Shaker: And I'm sure there are a lot of guys in the back, who think I'm a joke.  Because of this Hello, Hello, Hello thing and the promo I cut a few weeks back.  That is the old me, that is not the true me.  You are looking at the new and improved Shaker Jones.  A more confident, more wise, more determined Shaker Jones than ever before, so If I gotta come back there and knock some sense into your heads I will.

Shaker: Now this Sunday I have my first opportunity at a title, when I take on Carlos Rosso for the EAW Interwire Championship in an open challenge match.  Now I know what you're thinking Rosso, you're thinking, oh, they have picked me an easy opponent, I can beat this guy no problem.  UH UH ROSSY BOY.  Let me show you some footage of what I'm talking about.

Shaker motions to the titan tron where he is sparring with some wrestlers.

Shaker: You see Rosso I have a few new moves up my sleeve, take a look at this.

Shaker shows on the titan tron him locking someone in a submission.

Shaker: That right there, that right there is the Anaconda Vice.  Rosso when I get you in that you will have no choice but to tap out.  There will be no one to help you

Not your Momma

Crowd says "What"

Not your Daddy

Crowd says "What"

Not your Uncle

Crowd says "What"

Not your auntie

Crowd says "What"

Not your Grandma

Crowd says "What"

Not your Grandpa

Crowd says "What"

Not your cousin six times removed.

No one can help you.

Shaker: Now I know you're saying to yourselves, why Is he showing off a move when Rosso can study it.  I just want you to be prepared Rossy Boy.  Now speaking of moves, let's roll the footage,

The camera turns to the titan tron where Shaker is demonstrating a new move on some wrestlers.

Shaker, Wait for it, Wait for it.




Shaker is shown hitting a RKO like maneuver on his three opponents

Shaker: All three guys down in a second, they never saw it coming.  That Rossy Boy is The '87 a move I can hit on anyone, at anywhere, at anytime.  Oh you can try and scout for it, but you'll never be ready.

Shaker: Come Sunday I am going to mow you down like grass.  I can beat you so many ways, I can choke you out with the vice,

Crowd says "What"

I can lay you out with The '87,

Crowd says "What"

Or I can just plain knock you out.  Either way the ending will be the same, it will be me with my hand raised high as I take your EAW Interwire Championship.  This ladies and gentlemen is the beginning of the Era of the PRCB, The Punk Rock Country Boy.  And if you don't like it, that's too fucking bad.   Hahahahahahahahahaha.

Shaker then spits purple mist into the air

Shaker drops the mic.
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EAW Promoz!

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