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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 7th 2018, 11:50 pm by Megan Raine

You know what April, you continue to prove to me how far you are able to seperate yourself from the rest of this division.

You know despite being in the position you’re at right now, your mind is in the right place. You’re not an idiot, but like I said the last time I opened my mouth, you’re just blind. There is clearly a reason why so many others have said you are a lackey to Chelsea Crowe and the proof is right there in front of your eyes. It’s evident that you are that. Yeah, it is because you’re at the side whenever Jael or Chelsea want to do something on their own. Yeah, it is because you are in a group named Crowe’s Nest. Now you bring up an interesting question. If this group was named April’s Squadron and you worked as a formidable unit to get what you all wanted, would we all be calling Chelsea and Jael lackeys? Well, everybody with half a brain would probably say yes. Some might say no and would actually agree with you, April. But here’s where I continue to stand out from the rest of the pack. Personally, I couldn’t give two flying fucks whether that was the case or not. The reason I don’t is because you are what I hate about this division. You are what I despise about all the women here on this roster of Empire. You, much like the majority of these bitches, have figured out that you cannot achieve things on your own. Yes, you were able to achieve the EAW Specialists Championship on your own, but even you admitted that that reign became your downfall. When you lost it, where did you end up? Lost in the shuffle. So you did what every single woman on this show does - you align yourself with others that are feeling the same way. You align yourself with others that have been down your path and seen the same failures you have. You have aligned yourself with Crowe’s Nest because you know deep down that you can no longer achieve what you want to achieve by yourself, and that is just so fucking sad April. Someone of your high calibre talent and someone that was once highly respected now has to resort to beating down their opponents when they look at them funny, or running around the locker room and backstage area like they own the fucking place.

Like I said a few days ago, I’ve been dealing with you frustration factions for the past few months now. I haven’t been phased by any of them yet, and it certainly does not begin with you, Jael or Chelsea.

This is what I hate about Empire. This show is and has been filled with little groups of stables and factions. The OG Vixens, The Sirens, The Coven, and now more recently Consuela’s Cleaning Crew, Crowe’s Nest and The Sushi Club. That’s not an actual group that’s just what I like to call Azumi, Haruna and Sakuya. When you look back on the past two years of Empire, it becomes quite rare to come across an individual that has actually gone across things by themselves. I walk these backstage halls and I feel like I’m in fucking high school again. All this show is is those bitchy girl groups in high school that don’t hang outside their friendship circles, and talk shit and gossip about everybody. Tell me I’m wrong. Come on, tell me I’m fucking wrong. I don’t need any of that shit. I liked being alone in high school and I sure as shit like being alone now. It’s another shining example of how I have never been given anything in my life and that I worked towards everything I have ever earned. April, you earned the EAW Specialists Championship but you were unable to do a damn thing with it. You couldn’t help keep it relevant because you were incapable of doing that to yourself. And now you’ve become one of those high school bitches in your little friendship circle, and they’re going to tell you everything you wanna hear and they’re going to do everything they can to make you happy because they know that you’ll do the same for them.

And this is where I come in.

I know it might seem like I walk around pretending I don’t hear what everybody talks about me, but I do. I take it all in. I might not acknowledge, but I listen. You think I like being called a thot? You think I like being called Ryan Adam’s whore? You think I like hearing the rumours of how I am passed around the male’s locker room? It’s all just bullshit morons think up because they are incapable of doing something about their own shitty lives. Well not me, sister. I’m here to make a name for myself and because I have done that all on my own, it’s only fitting that the failures and the irrelevance of this division must try and talk down my name and spit in my face because they all know that’s all they can do. People thought so god damned highly of Consuela Rose Ava until I came along. Now she’s hashtagging thot all over the EAW feed because she knows how right I was with everything I said about her.

At least the Asians are respectable people.

The world is right about your race, April. You’re not out here to call me all that… at least not yet. You know I’ve heard Azumi and Zakkii start doing the same thing Consuela has been doing. I would absolutely hate to think that when I kick your ass on Empire this Thursday that you would resort to those low standards too. Nah, you’re smarter than that right? You’re more mature than everybody else here. However, you will take away a lesson from your defeat and that is this. For you, April Song, nothing has, or ever will, change. You will still remain the same old, bland, boring April Song that everybody has been seeing these past few months. You might still be new to wrestling but you walk around like you’re a veteran here, so forgive me for my little mistake there. However, it must sure be a shame that while you have been so highly regarded in the past and have been talked about as one of the future top ladies here on Empire, you remain stuck in neutral. You can’t move up, you can’t move down. Meanwhile, someone who hasn’t been here a full year is making waves and kicking ass like the bad bitch she is. You’re still learning new strategies and trying out new things, great. That’s how you improve. That’s how you evolve. But don’t tell me that you’re going to beat me based off all this. How can you? If you’re so fixated on why you’re still learning to make your own waves here on Empire, how can you be so confident in the fact that you’ll be able to defeat me? Again, I’m not the same woman I was four months ago. I’ve evolved into something much more greater than I possibly could have dreamed of. What, are you banking on the fact that Crowe’s Nest might be ringside to aid you in a victory? Come onnn now, April honey. Don’t stoop down to an option that is below your level now. Surely you can do this all by your merry self.

You’ve got an interesting motivation, April. You want to find out how far your reach can truly extend? I like that. But um… how come you haven’t been doing that these past few months? Has that not been a motivation for you to try and get better? And if you tell me that it is then why are you still so stagnant? April, I feel like that motivation is a falsehood and this is why you’ve resorted to aligning with a group. Again, you are now aware that you can’t achieve what you want to achieve on your own and now here you are threatening me with Chelsea Crowe and Jael Australia-DiCaprio or however the fuck you say her last name.

Alright you know what, we keep looping back around to this one main topic. The one where you’ve joined Crowe’s Nest. It’s just so blatantly clear to anybody with a brain why you’ve decided to make this decision. Yeah you know months ago, you did beat Consuela. You did beat Azumi. Hell, you even beat me. But what about now, April? What about now? You know you bring up that our match is just going to be one on one and I appreciate that… but you’re lying. You are. Earlier in the week you said that you, Chelsea and Jael are going to make an easy operation out of me. How am I supposed to feel like I am going into this match for a simple one on one match now, huh? Now that you’ve said that, I’m preparing for the worst case scenario, so yeah, I bring up that I thrive when the odds are stacked against me and I will thrive against you on Empire. I won’t have those two other bitches in my mind when I’m going up against you, and even if I happen to see them ringside you will be my only focus. And I wouldn’t say that this is the first time in my wrestling career that something is expected of me. I’ve had high expectations since I first joined this place, and I’ve made a huge splash ever since. Walking into that championship match at King of Elite were some high expectations. That crowd was actually behind me that night so the pressure to win was certainly on. And you’ve brought up the fact that outsmarting you might be a little more difficult than I may think. Well great! I actually want the challenge of figuring out how I am going to go about you, however you once again bring up something that I just have to make a comment on. Aria Jaxon and Stephanie Matsuda. You know you had matches with them and you say that you could not have planned those matches any better, despite your loss. But the thing I want to comment on is the fact that there’s something about them that elevates them to a certain level when faced with adversity?


That is the DEFINITION of how I go about my matches. I am elevated by difficult hardships. What have I been saying all week? Hell what did I say just earlier? I thrive when the odds are stacked against me. I’ve got many matches to prove that this is the case, and you’re out here admitting that my four month winning streak is quite impressive, but are you seriously considering the fact that these two thoughts don’t intertwine in any way? Come on now, sweetheart I was giving you props that you were smarter than everybody else a few days ago and now I am just over here thinking that you might be as dumb as the rest of them. Such a shame. So if you are curious to figure out if I have that within myself well then allow me to show it to you this week, April. I’ll be more than happy to once again prove an oblivious bitch wrong again. So yeah, I will come prepared. I will come into our match with the right mindset, the right skillset, and a big plate of flapjacks for you to enjoy. Ohh yes, I have embraced the meme. I’m sure that makes Consuela happy.

I will take you seriously, April, don’t think I won’t. I just hope you’ll take me seriously. In the back of your mind you’re probably going to want to try the same sort of strategy you had in our previous match, or you might think that Crowe’s Nest at ringside might be your best bet to get across the line against me, or you might actually think I am still just a fluke champion despite everything you’ve said. I will, however, prove you wrong because you cannot prepare for what is the unpredictable. If you’re having second doubts about where I’m going to go with my career here on Empire, then you may as well have second doubts about your position in this company.

I will survive as the EAW Specialists Champion.

I will survive this cancer known as the women’s division.  

And I will survive you. I just pray that, for your own safety, you packed a raincoat because…

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 7th 2018, 11:47 pm by Carlos Rosso
[Carlos Rosso and his Zaibatsu partner, Keelan, are returning to the back after what could only be described as an absolute slaughter. The two men beat two recent EAW Performance Center enrollees to the point that a referee stoppage had to be administered. As they return to the locker room and prepare to meet the small gathering of press there, Carlos’s laughter can be heard far before he’s seen.]

Carlos: Ahhh….nothing quite like beating the hell out of young idiots. They always think they are so tough, then at the end they are begging for their careers and lives to continue. “Oh, please, Mr. Rosso, don’t hurt me!” HA!

Keelan: That one kid did get you though. With a dropkick! I thought I saw a tooth flying.

Carlos: What!?

Keelan: The bloke with the long legs. Got you square in the chin.


Keelan: I was going to kick out. I mean, come on, C, we have to put on a show here. Voltage isn’t giving us real opponents yet. I mean, they gave YOU real opponents, but I have the week off. Nothing wrong with a little manufactured drama during these “live events” right?

Carlos: A well earned week off after beating up Mystic slave….Mstislav or whatever his name is. You have my gratitude. And now...as you all can see, even though things didn’t go ALL the Zaibatsu way, I think all in all we had a good time in Brooklyn. Cloudy got her Cup. And let me tell you, the afterparty was LIT. That’s what kids say now, right? It’s LIT!

Keelan: Yeah.

Carlos: Anyway, lots of strippers for me and Keelan, lots of Dr. Pepper and Rice Krispies treats for the Wild Boys. Cloudy had to have some alone time with her squeeze...and I’m just gonna say that there may have been some property destroyed at one of the hotel suites we were in. A wild few days. But, it’s back to business for yours truly this week as I have the biggest, GRANDE, most significant match in my career since my double-title triple threat match at Pain for Pride almost two years ago. Finnegan Wakefield, The Revenant, Ahren Fournier and myself, all locking up head to head to head to head and the winner gets a shot at Chris Elite….by the way, after I sobered up and had some time to not beat the piss out of someone, I saw what Impact did. Maybe those two, Imp and Jamie, had some beef while I was out rehabbing my body for the comeback, but that was a major shock.

Keelan: I still can’t believe he just served the title to Chris on a Silver Platter like that. He’s definitely not Ichiban.
Carlos; Absolutely not. That said, he supposedly has an address that he wants to deliver on Voltage. As long as that particular address doesn’t include “I’m trying to win another World Championship”, I honestly don’t care. If he stays in his lane, that’s fine with me. But, NOW, let’s get to the game. I mean, I log off social media for less than a day and Finnegan and Revenant and Ahren are all going crazy. We should all relax, guys. This is just spirited competition.

[Keelan and Carlos exchange a look before snickering to themselves.]

Carlos: I can understand the excitement though. It’s a big deal, this contender’s match. I don’t know when we get the shot but it’s gotta be on a big show, right? Fighting Spirit if that's not a thing that Empire fucked up, Grand Rampage maybe? Nothing says GRAND RAMPAGE like Carlos whipping someone’s ass at Grand Rampage. You know what I did last time I was in a Grand Rampage show?

Keelan: What?

Carlos; Beat Lioncross to retain my CWF World Heavyweight Championship then last over an hour in the Grand Rampage itself, making it to the final six of 40 competitors.

Keelan:.......But you didn’t win the Grand Rampage.

Carlos: SO!? Anyway, to get back on track, Finnegan Wakefield, you’re damned right that being obsessed with World Championships in EAW is my thing. It’s totally my thing. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go winning World Championships here before fading into obscurity. Yet here I’ve been, a mainstay on EVERY EAW brand….except Empire of course, I have a dick. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve made a name for myself and won a championship of some kind. I’ve even had the “joy” of being a general manager twice. Why I put up with you assholes for a living as your boss as long as I did is beyond me. I’m truly a Saint. Oh, by the by, Finny, I’ve seen Chris Elite being, for lack of better verbiage at this time, Elite. I have seen him climb to the top of the mountain before, albeit never one as steep as EAW. I know he’s combat tested. But...I know I can beat him. And I know I can beat you too. You are good, but I am and always will be better. I didn’t get as far as I have in this industry without evolving, adapting, and improving. People think that I have been this same grumpy old man since I arrived in EAW. That’s absolutely not true.

Keelan: You came to EAW a grumpy YOUNG man.

Carlos: Fuck off.  You may not be a fledgling anymore, but there is still some polishing that needs to be done. I know championship material when I see it, and you’ve got the goods...but I still sense a little bit of rawness in you. You put on some ace, ace matches as the New Breed Champion. I’m not blowing smoke out your ass either, you did good. But I think maybe you should have gone after some other prize first. The Openweight or Interwire Championship first. There is some killer instinct that needs to be pulled out of you, a certain all out destruction mode. I’m gonna see if you’ve got it. I know you have fighting spirit. As much as I beat the shit out of you at TI, you managed to stand up again. As much as all your challengers beat you up over that New Breed belt, you managed to turn them back every time. But this is a new game with a new difficulty setting. And throwing me into this match has driven up what was a dangerous enough game to outright fucking brutal. You’ll have your time, I’m certain of it. But….your time isn’t now. Especially if you’re stuck on Voltage with me. And if you want to start handing out receipts, well then my friend call me GUEST SERVICE because I will be happy to process them for you...and then give you a few freshly printed ones of my own. Living how I live, doing the shit I do, I’m used to people wanting to test me after I got them good before. You’re no different in that regard from dozens, maybe a hundred or so men to have tried that before. And you’re not gonna be any different than all of them that failed.

Keelan: Oh, don’t forget Rev. The guy who lost in the cage to the old New Breed Champ but still says he’s better.

Carlos: Oh.That one. He called YOU, Billy and Jimmy corporate washups.

Keelan: Huh?

Carlos: Corporate washups. Hey, I think that’s actually a bit flattering. I mean, look at the US President now. He’s a man who made a legacy of being a corporate washup and now he runs the most wonderful country on earth. I think you all should take that as a compliment.

Keelan: Do you really think I should treat being compared to DONALD FUCKING TRUMP as a compliment? Are you mental?

Carlos: According to my last psych evaluation...yes. Moving on though, It’s funny when people call me a lacklustre champion. I remember this quote from some guy in Uruguay who was once asked about people mocking his country for last winning world cups back in the 1920s or 1930s, whichever it was. “Most of the people who make fun of someone’s history typically have none of their own to boast about.” Where are your world championship runs? Where are your Interwire title runs? New Breed title runs? You couldn’t beat Finn in a cage, but you want to talk to me about lackluster? Of all the people in this match, and Finn was for once right when he mentioned it, I’ve closed the deal on more Championships not just in EAW but ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET! That is why you should be intimidated. But, I know how people like you operate. You’re a dime a dozen. You see this guy who has on a little more athletic tape than most guys, has a little more tread on the tires and you see no world championship to the resume and think “Whelp, this is gonna be easy because this guy is a choke artist!” You couldn’t be more wrong. And if you think I need Billy and Jimmy to beat you, then you haven’t seen some of my work, have you. I’ve made lightwork of some of the best that EAW historically has had to offer. Hell, I was doing the Gawd Contract shit before DDD made it a gimmick. I went from show to show, testing myself along with my partner the great GI Styles, and we would run roughshod over anyone who stood in our way. But now, this is my road to walk...and I have proven before that I need no help when it comes to matches like this. You should have a little more respect for your Seniors. You should definitely be more humble than you are for bending over backwards to hand Finnegan the New Breed Championship. If you want to look at someone who has failed to live at a championship level, go look in the mirror, because although you’ve been impressive here in EAW so far you have NOT LIVED at a Championship level. I think you’re actually the only person in this match who hasn’t won something.

Keelan: And then there’s Ahren.

Carlos: Who?

Keelan: The fourth guy in the match. Ahren Fournier, the current, former, I don’t know...he called himself the “Trill Fairy”.

Carlos:...........Who the fook is that guy?

Keelan: Fucks sake, Carlos. Do you keep up with anything?! The guy who beat DDD!? The guy who talked all that mad shit about you….

Carlos: OHHHH! That guy. I don’t really get what his deal is with Voltage being the “shit brand”. I mean….not too long ago people were saying Voltage was beyond saving, full of unproven people. Now look at us. Legends like DDD and Impact. Rising young stars like the Revenant, Finnegan, Nathan Fiora, The Wild Boys and yourself Keelan. From top to bottom, this is probably the strongest, most stacked roster I’ve been apart of. Now, maybe he doesn’t like the way that many people on the brand conduct themselves, but when you’re saddled with a gimmick like “The Trill Fairy” i think you’ve lost moral high ground.

Keelan: He had a lot of not nice things to say about you. I have a list of them if you want to talk about them.

Carlos: Ehh, I think I remember most of them. Wait, where is the list?

Keelan: In my boot.

Carlos: Wha? Why would you keep that there? I mean, the paper could rip, it could get sweaty or-

Keelan: Rush decision.

Carlos: Anyway. Ahren. I would like to congratulate you. You are now officially the 100th person that has said that I haven’t won a World Title in EAW! Congratulate yourself. Wait, you guys, media people. Clap.

[The reporters look around dumbfounded for a moment before Carlos angrily kicks a locker stall.]

Carlos: I SAID clap you fucking idiots!

[They all glance at each other before giving one of the weakest, most polite golf claps in history.]

Carlos: Assholes. I hate journalists. You guys are literally one step above prostitution, you know that? Good. Anyway, Ahren, While I do have a rather disappointing run when it comes to winning the big one, I can say that I have been in a Pain for Pride Main Event before. Can you say that? No, you can’t.

Keelan: He didn’t nearly get killed in a main event match at Pain for Pride either.

Carlos: WHY DO YOU KEEP ON BRINGING UP OLD SHIT!? You’re supposed to be backing me up here! And yes, I was the GM when you won the Hardcore Championship. Congratulations on that, and you’re welcome since it was one of the rare moments where I was sober that whole season that I reinstated the title in the first place. I was looking for someone, something to bring pure, unadulterated violence back to EAW and you took the ball and ran with it. And why does everyone think I washed out of MMA still? Jesus Christ. I don’t get it with you new niggas man….like, seriously. Okay, maybe I should tell the story so you and the other new blood can catch up. When I was in another promotion back in the day, I had this whole Jamaican rasta vibe going, right? I was really chill, I had dreadlocks and shit. And then I got screwed out of the World Title, twice. I got mad about it. I met Mao, who was going by another name at that time. She helped me find some MMA training to employ in my wrestling repertoire and my own evolved vision of Strong Style was born. I didn’t fight in UFC, I didn't fight in pride. I’ve always been a wrestler.

Keelan: You had dreads?

Carlos: Yeah. It was a weird time, man. Very weird. Anyway, lifelong failure is a bit harsh, don’t you think? I mean winning the IW and Tag Team Championships count as some degree of success, yes? Keep in mind I was doing this while running my own business interests and really only being available to EAW Part time. This time that I’ve spent in EAW since my return last summer has been the first time I’ve truly been solely involved in EAW from a wrestling standpoint. I have taken a few losses of late and failed to regain my Interwire Championship back, but if you think that I am spending more time on my back than winning, you’re the one who is misinformed.

Keelan: You lost to me…..twice.

Carlos: WILL YOU STOP BRINGING UP OLD SHIT!? Anyway, do you want a Gold Medal for beating DDD, Lars and Chris Elite? I can name drop too, sonny boy. Chris Elite.
Keelan: Got em.

Carlos: Impact.

Keelan: Got em.

Carlos: Lars Grier.

Keelan: Got em…..through the fucking Chamber floor. That was brutal. I was there, you know?

Carlos: I remember. Zack Crash. Jacob Senn. Tyler Parker, Jaywalker. Heart Break Boy. Gabe Reno, Ryan Wilson, Moongoose McQueen. Aren Mstislav. GI Styles. Lioncross. Hurricane Hawk. {redacted}. {redacted}.

Keelan: That’s too many “Got ems.” And you know you can’t say those guys names anymore! It’s forbidden.

Carlos: Whatever. You see, I have defeated...shit, I’ve lost count by now. Like….20, give or take, former EAW World Champions. And yet I’ve never been one myself. I think I should remedy that. And before you shoot your mouth off about how long I would last with Jamie, perhaps you should just ask him about the time that he has spent in the ring with me. He knows even from our limited encounters that I am certainly not someone to be underestimated, regardless of how good someone thinks they are. But, you know what’s funniest of all about all of this to me? Is that you legitimately believed that I don’t remember who you are. HAHAHAHA! YOU FOOL! YOU WERE DECEIVED! YOU FELL FOR IT! HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!

Keelan: Well played.

Carlos: Thank you. It’s always the same story with people. They always say “This old bum, he sucks. He lost to these people that are jokes. He’s getting old and probably pisses in a diaper or something. Easy.” Then, when they tackle the task of trying to beat me, they find out that it’s not as easy as they think it is. Lots of skilled young bucks on Voltage have thought the same but for a lot of them it doesn’t end in their favor. And don’t bring up Moonie boy because that fucker is almost as old as I am. So...all of the pieces are set up for what should be a pretty amazing Voltage. We’re going to find out why Impact did what he did, Chris is going to celebrate his Championship victory I wager. But  the big thing, the thing that everyone is going to see go down….is Carlos Rosso cementing his position as the top contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. I’ve never felt the Championship calling out this strongly to me, and now more than ever I can feel it sliding closer and closer to my grasp. I don’t mind having to fight for it, and I damn sure don’t mind having to cheat for it. At this point, it’s by any means necessary. But...I’m not going to get all angry. I’m not going to waste precious energy getting riled up by the young boys and the older boy who thinks he’s a star because he hits people hard. I’m going to prepare, tranquilo as fuck. And then on Sunday, they will all realize that Carlos Rosso is the wielder of the Strongest Arm in EAW.


[The two former rivals do a Too Sweet pose for the camera before Carlos angrily kicks one of the photographers for no apparent reason.]

Keelan: What was that for? I thought we were being calm this week!

Carlos: KEELAN….THIS IS WHAT I DO! I have to kick someone in the face every day! I have quotas, damn it!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 7th 2018, 11:12 pm by The Revenant
Voltage 18:
“Same shit, different say”

“You’re fucking desperate aren’t you Finn. You can try and say you were ‘110%’ out there with Fiora but you weren’t. Attrition Finn. I’ll say it now, I’ll say it again, it hit you like a fucking brick. And you know what happened Finn, it shook you, changed you, you can try with the bullshit insults saying Ironico was one of your best opponents and I was a lesser note, but we both know that wasn’t true”.

“I lost to you twice. The Revenant lost twice to Finnegan Wakefield, both times Wakefield won, not by a dominant victory, but by squirming through the cracks at the last second of the bell. Finnegan Wakefield Has 2 over The Revenant. It loses its flare when I say it, doesn't it? You can try and hide, turtle back into that shell of the fan favorite, plucky young upstart from The UK, but know, just as well as I, that I am one of your most dangerous opponents…. Because each time you’ve beaten me, it was by a hair's edge… and Every Time I’ve gotten more and more keen to adapting”.

“I don’t know if you paid attention Finn, between sucking yourself off, and ignoring the truth, but you aren’t winning this time Finn. I don’t care how many of them cheer your name, how much predictable, commonwealth spite you spit, I’ve shown time and time again, that your petty bullshit isn’t going to halt me, Finny. And whether it’s pushing you to the brink back in February, or shattering your dreams of jumping right to a World Title after you got your ass handed to you, You’re gonna learn that your talk only lasts so long when you gas out within the first few minutes”.

“Let me make it clear to you Finn….. This time around, the story of the youngboy from britannia defeating the demon will end. This time, the story will end, with you sitting against the ring ropes, defeated, and bloodied”.
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Post on March 7th 2018, 11:02 pm by Andrea Valentine
"Of all the things you could bring to the table in this back and forth that you've made more grating than it has to be, the one thing you keep going back to is... extensions and money? Of all the things you could say... At the least the upside to this that I know that once inside the ring you won't plan on holding back because trust me, I won't be pulling any punches either. See, I wasn't making threats, sweetheart, everything I had to say was a promise that I'm gonna keep because you clearly need a wake up call, a slap of reality so you actually know from here on out what you're really getting in to since the more you drone on and on and on, it becomes more and more clear to me that you don't have the slightest damn clue. I get you haven't been here as long as I have but I laid out the facts for you, I gave you every reason that you should've already been aware of to take me seriously and you won't because... being a Lyons is what sets you apart from the rest of us? That's what you think is gonna give you the edge over me and the rest of the roster? Wow... you sure told me, I guess. Unfortunately for you though, the determining factor here isn't gonna come down to who came from the better family. It's gonna come down to who wanted it more, who was willing to go harder inside that ring for that championship match against Megan and it's clear that for all that money you came from that you just expect everything to come to you so easily. You've been spoiled, you've had things handed to you since the day you were born - you don't know what it really means to have to fight for something, you don't know what it really means to have to scratch and claw your way to the top inside the ring. I've been fighting long and hard to get a championship match, and three months into this year alone I've shown that it's gone from being something just on the horizon to something that's set to be mine for the taking. You're privilege at its worst personified, and to that you'd predictably say that I hate you because I'm not you, but the fact of the matter is that I don't need to look to some family empire to reassure myself that I can be successful - just the fact that I've had Aria Jaxon beat or how I advanced through the Iconic Cup gauntlet to put on what was easily a match of the night after two prior match-ups; two things you conveniently glossed over but I wouldn't expect any less from the likes you, Nicolette."

"You're just so apparently blinded by your success before you even stepped foot into EAW that you can only take the time to see what you want, you only take the time to cherry-pick the details that suit you best while conveniently overlooking the factors that stand out the most - and there are enough to see why I've got everything it takes to come out on top this week over you. You being a part of this contender match is actually the best thing to happen to you in the month you've been here because I get the luxury of bringing that fragile ego to absolute ruin. And how do I know it's frail? Because for as good as you claim to be, you're so concerned with what everyone else is saying and wanting to shut up these so-called haters you've got. You'd prefer to focus on who's still talking the most shit and not giving you any praise for what little you've done while desperately wanting to prove that you belong all while claiming to be the best thing Empire's ever had. And do I really need to point out how you're determined to turn me into a "believer" after you already made your claim to being the fastest rising star on Empire? Do you see where things don't add up there? It leaves me to wonder just who the hell you're trying to convince, because I'm not buying into it, I'm sure most others aren't, so it must be yourself and you've definitely done a damn good job of that! You say you're gunning for that championship match but it's obvious what you're really hungry for is validation to feed your ego, not this title shot - and I couldn't be any more glad to be the one who gets to deny you both. See, there's a reason I allowed you to go and get the first word out this week, I wanted to know what crap you'd ramble on about and then watch you try to keep from tripping yourself up once it all got thrown right back in your face, but you've done exactly as I knew you would and left yourself grasping at straws while I'm solely focused on getting my hands on that title shot because what I'm fighting for isn't just to become the contender, I'm fighting to go on to become champion."

"I'm mad about what you said? That's news to me. I'm pretty cool, calm, and collected over here while you're getting frustrated over feeling like I'm not showing you the respect you think you're entitled to while you started out the week treating me like I'm not even really worth your time. You say I'm embarrassed? Embarrassed for you, if anything, because you went right ahead and exposed how delicate your pompous ass really is. But you continue to prove to be the goofy bitch I knew you were when you made the greatest reach of all-time. Where the hell did I so much as imply I thought of myself as a legend, let alone say that I was even a veteran? You keep putting words in my mouth but the only ones that'll be leaving yours after Thursday are gonna be about how I beat you. I'm still very much only a few months in my rookie year - a rookie year that comes with highlights of a girl who's made her return following a departure to become better and has wound up putting Empire on notice, who's slowly but surely become fingertips away from reaching the pinnacle of the mountain and I'm ready to make that final ascension. I'm through with chasing down that kind of moment and that's why I'm taking this one. Maybe one day you'll find yourself in contention for a title, Nicolette, because I honestly don't doubt that you'll still prove to be good competition for me and if you remain as persistent as you say you've been and just like I have then you just might get there. But as far as this week is concerned? Thursday's just not gonna be your day."
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Post on March 7th 2018, 9:55 pm by Revy

I don’t care. I’m drunk, and I when I say Drunk, I mean like so hammered, blasted, wrecked, blitzed, bombed, sloshed, plastered, inebriated, sauced, cockeyed, goosed, juiced, intoxicated, loaded, basically shitfaced right now, I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying. I’m just going to say whatever the hell is on my mind now.
Congrats to Stephanie Matsuda for winning the Iconic Cup. You are a true inspiration to all 9 lesbian/Blasians around the world.  Look, I can count them all just both my hands!
Congrats to Natan Fiora. White Power. Right on!
Megan Raine, stop being a total bitch. You beat a maid and a pop idol. Like…. So what? You beat Cameron lite, and an edgier and more confident Haruna. Trust me, that isn’t much of an improvement as I made it out to be. I don’t give a shit you’re juiced up on whatever the hell DEDEDE is making you swallow.
Moongoose, you look like a totally flaming  loser on the Grand Rampage poster.

But hey, Whatever. I’m just drunk. These are what is on my mind right now, and Perrie Lauxx. If you say one complete sentence about how you are going to kick my ass, proving you really want to be here, I will lay the fuck down for you and let you pin me. 1…. 2…..3! Cross my heart and hope to die, shoot a bullet in my eye. You have my drunk word. Because I take what I say seriously when I’m drunk. And all you have to do is just say is one sentence, and bitch, I’ll go down faster and easier than Megan Raine when DEDEDE requests it. Yeah, THAT …. Easy.  You want me on my back? You want me bend over and break my back? You want me to get on my knees, and even lie, er …role play and compliment about how you have such a huge success and I can’t get enough of it. Oh yes. I’ll be your own personal Megan Raine. Just say anything. Come on. Say something. Make my day.
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Chapter 105: Under your skin

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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Finnegan begins the promo with a loud groan. ”I thought by now, after two attempts to paint me as some sham of a champion, two attempts to make a lasting impact on my career, by now I thought you would have learned a lesson. Yet here you are, still as stubborn as ever. Revenant, how many times are we going to be doing that song and dance? For how many more weeks are you going to go around mouthing off like an idiot? Because ever since I beat you that first time around, all you have ever talked about was me. No matter who you faced, no matter what is on the agenda for the week, you continue to spew the same mindless, attention seeking dribble. You did it to try and paint me as a sham of a New Breed Champion, and how did that turn out? Defeated. And now, who are you trying to convince that you "almost beat me?" Are you trying to convince me? Because you never will. I was in that cage, I was the one that handed you that defeat. Or are you trying to convince everyone else that you were "one-fourth of a second away from becoming New Breed Champion?" Because they saw the same match, and they didn't see me "barely surviving the Revenant", they saw Revenant defeated by Finnegan Wakefield. No, I think the person you are trying to convince is yourself. Because you have left no lasting impact on my career, chances are, if your obsession with me allowed you to not speak about whine and complain about me as much as you do, I would forget you even exist. You never played me like a fiddle, you are not a leech that has crawled under my skin. You're just another opponent, an opponent that lost. Twice. And yet week after week, you try and tell anyone within ears shot that you were so close to dethroning the "prince" of the New Breed. Cute. But cute doesn't make it fact. I think the opposite is the truth. I think I am the one that has gotten under your skin. Because you can never let it go, doomed to bitch about me until the end of time. And that's fine, do that. I just don't wanna be the one to hear it. Because it's pathetic. Be a grown man, and just accept that your own mistake is the reason you NEVER had a chance of dethroning me as the New Breed Champion. You can try and take as much credit as you can that I eventually lost the championship to Fiora, but you had litterally nothing to do with it. I had no nagging injury, I had no wounds unhealed. Fiora beat me of his own accord, albeit by cheap and cowardly methods. I may no longer be the New Breed Champion, but that doesn't mean anything has changed. I have kicked your dumbass twice, and I am shining up my kick pads good for a third. And I am going to kick all your delusional thoughts out of your dumb cunt head.
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The more things I see change in this wrestling world, the more they remain the same. Just within a year or so I’ve already seen people like Cameron, Heart Break Gal, Kendra Shamez and Sheridan Muller come and go. Two to immortality and greener pastures for them on other EAW brands, another to I suspect retirement, and another unceremoniously destroyed by Tarah Nova and then fired. I’ve seen countless other women arrive, have a cup of coffee and then depart. I’ve seen people get excited about the likes of Savannah Sunshine, Andrea Valentine, and the 1485896th reincarnation of Azumi Goto...each time being woefully disappointed as they failed to live up to expectations. And here, standing across the ring from me in just a matter of hours, not even days, is the one woman who defies the odds and remains….

I’m not stupid and I’m happy that you realize that. I didn’t think you pulled your little commentary stunt out of being scared. While I don’t think you’re as bloodthirsty as say a Tarah Nova, you do realize when it’s time to be bold and when it’s time to sit back and let other people do work for you. That is a bit different from my approach to things. I prefer getting my hands as dirty as possible, but different strokes for different folks. You have worn the title well and you won’t hear a complaint about passing my length of reign from me. While I’ll never forget holding that belt, it was the start of a bit of a disconnect for me. Not just from my mission, but from how I felt about wrestling. I started to see some of the gross things about this sport that just make me so frustrated and angry. I see the marketing aspects of things, how everything is supposed to look a certain way for television or social media. While I’m all for presenting a certain standard in terms of how we present ourselves as performers and people, I just felt like as time went on there were more attempts to handcuff my talents than to let them flourish. By the time I started to figure all of this out in full, I had lost my title.

One thing that you say confuses me. Believe me, this is not something that I’m unfamiliar with. Andrea, Aria, Stephanie and even Revy have all said the same. Because of a group being called the Crowe’s next, I’m seen as some sort of lackey of Chelsea’s. Is it because I’m at their side whenever Jael and Chelsea have matches that they want me at ringside for? Is it because I’m in a group named after someone else? I have some questions for people. If this group was named April’s Squadron or something ridiculous like that, would people still be hurling out the same accusations. If the three of us were a unit and I was the one that challenged Aria, would people be spewing out this same tired garbage to Chelsea? I don’t really think that would be the case. Also, if I had won the Iconic Cup and Chelsea had won the EAW Women’s Championship, I still would have challenged her for it at some point. She knew this once I was announced as a participant in the cup and not once did she “Strongly Encourage” me to sit this one out. We still don’t know what “unique opportunity” Jael was unable to take home for her efforts either, but in that regard also Chelsea didn’t scream about how disruptive this was to the team’s ethos or functionality. The point to telling you all of this is that there is no parameters for who can do what in our group. There is no boss, there are no underlings. I don’t want to speak for either of my comrades but I’m sure that if I had won the Iconic Cup and they had both lost still, they would have come out to celebrate with me the same way Matsuda’s friends came out to celebrate with her.

Now that we have a moment to talk about that, let’s talk about Stephanie a bit. You seem to want to bring this up a good bit, and yes I did openly admit to her getting under my skin quite a bit. I fully admit that she was right about being stuck behind her shadow, for now at least. I know that I haven’t had a run of success quiet on the level of someone that is undefeated in four months like you- which is impressive by the way, I had no idea that your streak had lasted so long- but in facing the competition that I have like the Arias and Andreas and Stephanie’s of the world that I’m more than ready to take you on.

I don’t know how many of you realize this, but wrestling is something I’m still very new to. I’m still learning new strategies, trying out some new things. When I came into the sport, I only had my jujitsu background and some hand to hand combat experience to get me started. I think in some respects the roster has adjusted to it, and since I’ve started to add more and more maneuvers to my arsenal. Even though I spent some limited time under Manami-sensei’s guidance, my potential for improvement is far more steep than that of say an Azumi Goto or Zakki or whatever Haruna calls herself. Even Stephanie doesn’t have as much room to grow as I do. Losses are frustrating, but having suffered a few of them I’ve managed to become a bit more Zen about them. Trusting the process, I think it’s called. My standing as it pertains to challenging for your title is about as far from my mind as whether or not I turned off the lights when I left my apartment the other afternoon. Every match, every contest that I take on, win or lose, is about preparation for the future.

Preparation for beating the likes of Aria and Stephanie.

My motivation isn’t as much redemption as it is an exercise. I know I can be Specialists Champion. I don’t need to beat you to merit that, it’s been done. But what I want to figure out is how far my reach can truly extend. That’s my motivation. Also, I do admit that I’m actually curious and quite amused. You went from being honestly a diapershitting baby to a true wrestling prodigy! I look forward to this match much more than you think. The whole “Get angry and fight _________” approach is old hat. You have not so much “exposed” any flaws of mine than you have regurgitated the same bullshit that 50 people before you have already said...or letting the light bulb go off in your head about words that I myself have said to you or to others. You are not some psychological wizard.

Also, do you want a cookie for beating Consuela or Azumi? I did that months ago before it was cool.

The funny thing about you saying that when the odds are stacked against you is when you thrive is by most measures the odds are NOT against you this week. It’s a regular match, one on one. No Crowe’s Nest at ringside, just you and me, sharing a lovely March evening. You are the reigning Specialists Champion, unbeaten in four months of competition, coming off a successful title defense. You are facing someone who is generally seen as an afterthought in the title picture for the moment, someone still struggling to regain traction. My record over the past four months…...500 maybe? Certainly poor in Singles matches. If this were some Tag Team match, then maybe the odds would be against you. But they are not. For the first time, probably in your career, something is actually expected of you. I’m not burdened by such expectations. I get to continue on my own little mission to tinker and fine-tune my style as I see fit to challenge for the Women’s World Championship or perhaps the Openweight or New Breed Championships.

Outsmarting me is a little more difficult than you may think. If you look at some of the losses that I have accumulated, in particular to ARia and Stephanie, my ring positioning and wrestling strategies were perfect. I could not have planned matches any better. “But how can that be, April, you lost!” To be blunt, neither of them are human. There is something about them that elevates them to a certain fashion when they are faced with adversity. They go to another level, stay there just long enough to put you down, and then revert back to mere mortals. I’m curious to find out if you have that similar place in your soul. I’m still trying to find it in myself. That has probably been the most frustrating thing of all when it comes to the differences between Cloud and myself: she has shown on more than one occasion that when that extra gear, that adrenaline goes into overdrive and her fighting spirit kicks into high gear, that she can defeat almost anyone in the wrestling world. Aria is of that same calibur.

So, Specialists Champion, Undefeated in Four Months Megan Raine, now you know all of my legitimate motivations for our match. A test to see where I stand, a chance to impress and maybe position myself for a big match down the line, an experiment not only of my own inner strength but an examination of you own. I have no doubt that you will come prepared. While I’ve done my fair share of cracking jokes about your relationship, I know how hard it is to win the belt you carry and I know from experience how hard it is to keep it. I won’t sell you short once the bell rings.

But once the bell rings, I strongly suggest that you take me seriously. Every hold, every maneuver that I execute is designed to end a match as quickly and emphatically as possible. You yourself have fallen victim to them before. And, unlike some of the women of Empire and some of those who are storied parts of EAW lore, I’m not sure if you have the will to survive one of my submission holds once it’s locked in. So, prepare yourself to become familiar once again with what it’s like to taste defeat. While I certainly am not where I want to be on Empire just yet, one place I know I am not is underneath you….

Unless I’m applying a rear naked choke.

That’s all.
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Post on March 7th 2018, 9:28 pm by Jael Arcana-Rosario


event: thursday night empire - 3/8
match: jael arcana-rosario vs. savannah sunshine
promo number: one
word count: 1,080 words

scene one:
mar. 02, 2018 // the dominick hotel // brooklyn, ny // not broadcasted

Silence falls over Jael’s hotel room. It was well past midnight now, but something was keeping her up, that much we could tell from the exhausted expression on her face. It had been obvious that even though she had prayed and meditated earlier, something was on her mind. The feeling of coming up short, of disappointment. Jael reached for her black notebook she had left by her bedside, quickly opened up to a new page, and let her thoughts run freely.

A black heart beats for nothing more than wealth and power. Is that something I want? Is that who I want to become? I know that since the very beginning, I’ve wanted nothing more than to be me. Perhaps underneath it all, I have lost myself since joining the Crowe’s Nest. Perhaps I never knew how far my own darkness went until I aligned myself with Chelsea and April. Admittedly, I have become more confident. I possesed every right to feel that way. With every hard-earned victory, every sneak attack, and every assertion of power: I was confident standing in the corner of Chelsea and April.

Until that investment turned sour.

I failed. Chelsea failed. April failed. Now the whole world is going to believe we’re done for. That Chelsea has every right to reject April and I after we made a bad move. Personally...I don’t believe she’d be impulsive enough to turn us down that quickly. Movements are bound to fail in their initial stages, and there’s always room for error. I’m not perfect. There’s so much I expect to be in this company, but I can’t reach that level until I acknowledge where I went wrong and what I can do to prevent that from happening.

Balance is the answer.

With a sigh, she set the notebook aside. She gazed off to find the city of Brooklyn racing past her hotel window. Fade to black.

scene two:
mar. 07, 2018 // the westin poinsett // greenville, sc // broadcasted

We find Jael in a different hotel, in a different state of mind. Dwelling on losses never did much for anyone, and that’s exactly why she’d decided to move forward. Jael settled in her seat, and looked towards the camera positioned to the side of her.

JAEL ARCANA-ROSARIO:I’ll admit that Sydney St. Clair got the best of me. Perhaps that was God’s plan...after all, she needed the opportunity more than I did. So congrats, Sydney, for finally proving your worth. I’m glad I could be the one to make you realize the real you. Looking back though, the Crowe’s Nest may not have walked out with nothing, but that doesn’t mean we’re going away that easily. I know I must strategize if I want to see success here.

I also know that I must make my mark step-by-step. Week by week. And at Empire, I move onto a challenge in the form of Savannah Sunshine. From what I understand, you also came up short at the Iconic Cup. It’s also my understanding that you haven’t had the best couple of weeks here. See Savannah, it’s one thing to acknowledge your losses and grow from them, but I don’t see you making the changes necessary to reach that next level. At least, not any change you haven’t already promised your fans or anyone else who ‘believes’ in you.

My issue with you is fairly simple and easy for me to address. You’ll settle for “I didn’t make an impact, but that’s okay!” I don’t play that game, Savannah. This week, you’re facing someone who’s done nothing but make an impact since coming here. What do you have to offer, aside from conducting sympathetic interviews? Either you give me your best at one-hundred percent, or you simply don’t show up to our match. At the very least, I can say Sydney and I were pushed to our very limits. She obviously came out the better woman, but what about you, Savannah? In a gauntlet match against eight other women, the least you can say about yourself is that you outlasted Tarah Nova. But this week, there will be no one else in that ring except for me and your head full of doubts.

We’ve never encountered each other personally, but just from the tapes I’ve been watching and from your performance in last week’s gauntlet, I can tell already: you’re frustrated. Your head’s in the clouds, because your real life has brought you nothing but failure and missed opportunities. And then you blame it on people “underestimating you”. Doesn’t it ever get hard being the underdog? I mean, you have so much to prove not only to yourself, but to the world. You say your heart and soul is in this sport, but your performance these past few weeks say otherwise.

While you struggle to find it in yourself to carry on, I can recognize my own strengths and use them to my full advantage. Giving too much attention to your weaknesses is too much of a risk, especially for someone like you. Savannah, you hide your insecurities so well behind your “too sweet, too happy” attitude way of life. I would applaud you for that, but not even through all the smiles you give to the crowd every week, you’ve made your weaknesses known to your competition without even realizing it yourself.

You say you’re tired, but that energy that I showed the world at Iconic Cup has yet to go away from me. So while you sit around feeling depressed and hopeless, I’m already looking at the positives from my first major loss. It’s often said that there’s so much to learn from losses, and after having the time to reflect, yes, I made mistakes. I took risks that perhaps I shouldn’t, and I paid the price for them. School’s in session for you as well, Savannah, because once I’m done with you, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect where you went wrong with your career.

A smirk.

Frustration only lasts temporarily. My will to not only fight, but to become a success story outlasts the feeling I’ve felt since coming up short last week. Dwelling on such feelings...it does nothing for you in the end. Sorrow, guilt, anger: they’ll all engulf you in flames. And before you’re even able to escape, it’ll be far too late. And me, I’ll do whatever it takes to extinguish that fire  before it burns me alive. A win against Savannah Sunshine will do just that.

Fade to black.

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Voltage 17:
“What a time to be alive”

“Oh what a time to be alive. When the New Breed’s former prince falls, When Rosso fails, and when Impact returns and helps to end the dominant reign of Jamie O’hara. Many did not believe a day like this would come, that the champions that reign would continue to hold onto their titles forever….. Right up until that One, Two, Three, that snatched their power from right under their feet”.

“And now here I stand, across the ring from three veterans of voltage. I knew from the very second my name was penned in for this match, that the disdain for me to compete for the contendership would be high. I am not a saint, I am not a good man, but what I can say is that I’ve earned every victory I’ve bled for, and that despite my failures, I’ve been able to vy for a shot at a world title. People will, undoubtedly curse my name, curse the name of The Revenant, for daring to step into this ring against the four of them. Why? Because I haven’t earned it? Through some self absorbed sense of ethic, that I, despite taking down men like Keelan, Fiora, and nearly taking down the prince of wales over there, I don’t deserve this….. And it’s god, damn hypocritical coming from the men who stand opposite of me”.

“Ahren Fournier. I’ve got to say Ahren you’ve got one thing over these men, out of all three, your ego stands the highest, enough to make Marr or Moore look like humble little cunts. The second this four way was booked you demanded we get on your knees and bow to you, bow to you because you’re the best. Mind the small fact that you failed to put Gawd away two times in a row, and your entire career summed up is essentially ‘Same old, predictably arrogant, little shit’. And it’s funny, that out of every single one of the men who spit daggers, trying to get under my skin, you think yours matter. Why? Because you’re Ahren Fournier, you’re the man who fought DeDeDe, that you deserve this more than anyone, and you could put O’hara away. The truth is Ahren out of all four of us, you’re the most pathetic here….. You’re amounted to nothing, you’ve strived for nothing, and all of your greatest accomplishments come from the fact that the Chairman kicked your ass straight two times and you barely landed a shot on him. So on the contrary, save us all the verbal bullshit, and shut up about how you’re gonna amount to anything more, than another page in someone else’s hiistory book. Because at the end of the day, I’ll still be here, and when you finally give up, roll over, and die, I’ll still be both an MMA legend, and an Elitist in his prime”.

“.... Speaking of MMA…. Am I supposed to be impressed Rosso? Sure you could boast about your time in the cage, your lackluster Interwire run, and the fact that you got beat by a flamboyant schitzo and his two lovers, and then failed to get it back when you had your stable on his side. You know why I made that little comment on your band of misfits…. It’s the same reason I haven’t bothered to do it again. It’s because all you are is a WASHED UP CHAMPION, Who’s teamed up with the likes of two arrogant boys I beat to high hell, and a WIFE BEATER, Who superkicked his significant other, because he couldn’t hack it when it came to pinning Jamie O’hara’s hispanic trophy wife”.

“Is that what I’m supposed to find intimidating? Is that what I’m supposed to be afraid of, Rosso, you couldn’t win back your precious title back, and so you teamed up with the most pathetic stablemates this side of the yellow brand. So tell me Rosso, while you’re sitting there, your body aging, ego inflating, and trying to justify why you’ll gladly abuse anyone that dares to question that you and your stablemates need a new plan, allow me to give you the retort you’ve been awaiting to hear.... I don’t care if you came from the same place I did…. And I sure as shit don’t care, about some corporate funded wash ups sitting in your corner in sunday…. Because from my view, all I see in the way of opponents, are an overinflated New Englander, and a failed man, who clearly isn’t living on the ‘Championship level’ he claimed to have right before he got dethroned at King of Elite. You two claim my climb will be steep, you two love to sit on your little thrones, claiming your dominant champions, when one of you hasn’t been able to get any gold, and the other let his ego grow so high, he lost it when a man questioned his age. But I also remember….. You two aren’t the only ones in this bout”.

The Revenant leaned back against the turnbuckles, a second passed before a smirk grew across his face. “Hello Finny….. Keeping well are you. I hate to say I told you so…. Actually I’m lying, remember when I told you that attrition will get everyone…. That when I come after you, your next bout isn’t going to end well…. Apparently you didn’t, and while everyone was cozying up to you, you let it all get to your head…. You call me obsessed, yet you’re too fucking moronic to realize Finn, I got under your skin, and I’ve latched on so tight to your soul I’m playing you like a Fiddle. Now look at you Finn, one belt short, and already trying to jump for another one, and yet, even still when your reign came at the hands of a man like Fiora, who I had beaten in 5 short minutes, you still stand there like I didn’t push you…. Like that battle of the ages we had didn’t change you, affect you. Like even when I pushed you past your brink, and I came just one fourth short from capturing your title…. That you dominated. That’s not the truth Finn….. You know it, I know it. Finnegan Wakefield just barely survived The Revenant, and went on to suffer a defeat by the New New Breed Champion because he had nothing left. This time Finn there’s not going to be any survival, there’s not going to be any delusional sense of victory, because all I see before me Finn, are 2 arrogant cunts who lost their gold in the most pathetic, un ‘champion’ like ways for how they carry themselves, and one worthless hack who hasn’t been able to get any belts….”.

“You all say I haven’t earned shit, and yet you’re too ashamed to look in the mirror and take a look at your past accomplishments. You two claimed to be these ‘dominant champions’, yet you both dropped them to men who you claimed were ‘below you’, men you said you were ‘better than’...And Ahren loves to stroke his own ego, he challenged god, he beat the hell out of DeDeDe and so many others, yet the biggest accomplishment I see is he attacked a forty year old man after he got beat, and might as well have laid down and got pinned in their rematch…. One of you doubts me, One of you berates me, and the other loves to act like I didn’t beat the absolute tar out of him in a cage, yet I look around, and I’m the only man worth backing to become contender. Because unlike all of you, I’m not fighting to become Contender to repair some damaged ego, I’m becoming contender, so that the next challenger is someone who’s actually worth the Heavyweight belt”.

“So don’t worry” He leans back against the turnbuckle, “I’ll hear what you have to say…. Whether it’s Ahren enraged ravings, or Finnegan trying to repair his lackluster end, none if it means anything, because I know I’m the only one here worth that Contendership spot….whether or not you can look over your personal egoes to admit the truth”.
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Chapter 104: Face Value

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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”It is something that is worth bringing into question. You are not the first to ask about it, Ahren, but you will be the first I give a clear answer to. After everything that occurred at Brooklyn Heights, when Nathan Fiora stole that championship away in the cowardly manner he did, you're absolutely right, I was gutted. And since then, with the days that followed, elitist after elitist were asking me what I was going to do next. Was I going to go back and try and get what I feel is rightfully mine from Fiora? No. I have to leave that in my past. I have been a New Breed competitor for over a year now, and in that spectrum, I had a taste of what it is like to be up there with the elites. That taste was only a sample, but it's enough to make me ultimately accept my defeat that night, despite the cowardly actions of Fiora to obtain it, and move on to what is next for Finnegan Wakefield. When I came through the curtains and elitists from all brands were patting me on the back, there were a select few that were curious just where my head was at, a lot like you are now. And you know, I didn't have a clear answer for them, I didn't know. A lot of them suggested that I persue the Interwire Championship, but seeing who holds it right now, I think I'll pass on that for the time being. Not looking forward to having to deal with that headache again; another thing we can agree on it seems. And so for two days, I was kind of lost to myself, wondering myself what was next for me in this business. And then the email came, and it answered my questions. The EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Yeah, it's ambitious, but I am nothing if not an ambitious man. To jump from a run as the New Breed Champion to try and obtain the #1 contenders spot for the World Heavyweight Championship, I am sure there are people who think I am bonkers to try and jump that gap so quickly." Finnegan stabs a determined finger into his chest a few times, right above his heart. ”But as long as this keeps beating, pumping blood through my veins, I am not afraid to make such a leap. So, to answer your question; what kind of mindset am I in? The kind of mindset that is willing to roll the dice on such an opportunity. What do I really have to lose? Nothing. After taking my leave from the New Breed division, I start at square one as an established EAW name. An opportunity presents itself to kickstart my way to the top, to answer your second question, am I able to fight for this? Yeah, yeah I am. Because I had sporadic times in the limelight, the main event slot in several cards now, and I have come to find it is a cozy place to be. Being in that spot, it really gets the blood pumping like nothing else does. But I am not considered a main event player, at least not yet. That's something to be earned, and with one win I can earn that spot in the span of a week from my fall as the New Breed Champion. Everything I did with that championship when I held it, every person I faced when I did, that put prestige into it. But I can put more prestige into it even without the belt around my waist with whatever I do after. And it'll be a nice feather in the cap for my reign as New Breed Champion if I can immediately make that impact into the main event scene, an impact that will push me closer to the top of the mountain, towards the ultimate prize in the World Heavyweight Championship. I am more than ready to make that leap."

"Holding the gold gave me quality opponents. Moongoose McQueen, Jon McAdams, Harvey Yorke, mi amigo El Ironico (to which I better be his best man at his wedding, cause I am sure as hell going to be hosting one hell of a bachelor party), and to a lesser extent Revenant, they all gave me quality championship defences. But holding the championship also gave me opponents higher up the totem pole. Cameron Ella Ava, Heart Break Gal, Jamie O'Hara, Devan Dubian, among the list of names I fought with the title around my waist. Victory in each occasion wasn't in the cards, but all of them can attest that defeating me was no easy task., I had plenty more fight than they took me for at face value. The loss at the supershow closed that chapter in my career, and I know I will deep down have a regret that I didn't do more in it. But I am proud of how that first chapter was written. The next chapter is only just beginning, and I want to make it better than the last. Mentally anguished?  Vietnam flashbacks? I can assure you nothing of the sort has afflicted me. And I am not the kind of guy to make mistakes to be capitalized on. I am lazer focused on the task at hand, and that's winning this Fatal 4-Way match. And I know you're the same. I acknowledge that you're talented and that a head to head encounter with you will eventually be in the cards regardless of the result. We both lost high profile matches at the Supershow, both seek to reclaim the credibility we may have lost in the process to go with the title shot. I may be diving head first into the deep end, but I am not afraid of the sink, because I know I can swim with the best of them. You're a legit competitor, and I look forward to testing my mettle against the likes of you. But let it be known, I aim to win. Give me your best, and I will do my best to beat it."
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Post on March 7th 2018, 4:57 pm by Ahren Fournier
EAW has fallen on some dark times. What little credibility it had, has been disposed of in a weekend. The credible people, the credible champions that once were are gone. What hope does this place have now? Chris Elite, a world champion? What a fucking joke. Now that's not even mentioning how he won it either. I'll get into all of this at a later date, because right now it doesn't actually matter. A new day has dawned here, and it is a much easier path to the championship than before. Now we move on and we see what the Voltage main event has become. Why are these people in this match? Is Voltages roster this thin that we have to have these people in? I can make a case for one of these people, but the others? Please. It should be a singles match, one on one, but nope; we have to make weird decisions that don't make sense. Either way we have a fatal four way to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Another prime example as to why I think wrestling is viscously stupid. Sometimes I feel like they just throw darts a board to determine who get's thrown into what around here. Then some of those people get lucky, and here we are. Look at the Voltage roster, look at it's champions, this may be the weakest class of champions in the history of EAW. Chris Elite? Nathan Fiora? Moongoose McQueen? How has such travesty's upon this company ever been committed? Like come on, I'm supposed to be the one ruining it, not the company itself. Voltage is just showing exactly why it's always been, and will always be the piss brand. Be that as it may, we can fix the abortion that is this championship situation. How you ask? Simple, with one shove into the right direction! Ahren Fournier, one of the only true legit fighters in this company, gaining that championship, and taking this ship into a whole different direction. Alas I do actually have to fight in this match before we can make that a reality. I look around this ring and see mediocrity, except Finnegan, but I assume he's just so distraught over this past weekend.

Finnegan Wakefield you had a decent New Breed Title reign, and I'll give you all the credit in the world for that, but how it ended? Come on. You gave that forever underachieving piece of shit another breathe of life into his lungs. What is he on his fourth go around in the company? I can't forgive you for that Finnegan, how dare you make that piece of shit relevant. Now I know he cheated to win, but be that as it may, he won, and that's something that you should learn from. It doesn't matter how you win the game, as long as you do win. Finn, I heard what you had to say to me and well, I'm quite touched. I'm quite touched that someone actually has a brain around here, and doesn't just spout off at the mouth without actually thinking before they speak. Someone that actually does their homework, and studies up on the people they're up against. But I zero'd in on one of the statements you made. With that statement you were half right, and half wrong. Was I unfruitful in my attempt to beat DDD this past weekend? Absolutely... Although I was did have a very good outing and at many times it did seem like I had the win. Kind of odd when you have a three count twice and the ref just randomly stops counting, but hey it's fine. I've already asserted my dominance on DDD, and just because he beat me one time on a FPV, doesn't really mean that much to me. I kicked DDD's ass two weeks before, and I did beat DDD straight up just the week before the FPV, and I made my feelings known that I didn't even understand why this match was taking place. I mean hey if a piece of shit like Chris Elite can get a Gawd Contract and have 5 title matches, why couldn't I? I felt as though it was a meaningless match with nothing in it for me, and I wouldn't get excited about it, unless there was something in it for me. I waited for something to sweeten the deal, but nothing ever came.  A win over him wouldn't get me a shot at a title, a win over him wouldn't gain me any more publicity, I've already said exactly what I think of him so whatever. Here we are the next week and regardless of my loss I'm still getting a chance to go after the World Heavyweight Championship. Wins and losses barely ever matter apparently, I mean just ask the champion we have now. The only thing that wins and losses are good for, are bragging rights really. The powers that be are going to pick their favorites to get the shots regardless. I mean look around everyone lost last Sunday, and we're still getting chances. That's how this business works, through utter nonsense reasoning. And was I unfruitful when I went against Jamie for the title? Sure, but til this day I am still the only person that has been able to beat him straight up with no bullshit. Had he been arrogant enough on that night to put his title on the line, you'd be looking at the evil face of EAW. But even with all of this you're right, people should know by now that I'm legit, and I thank you for your honesty. Honesty is a rare art nowadays, especially somewhere like the wrestling business, with all the snakes and the serpents running rampant. I won't lie, to some extent I am one myself; but what I won't do is lie. I will tell you like it is and if you don't like it? You know where to find me. 

You Finn, you are talented, no question. But right now are you able to fight for this? I won't call your credibility into question because I don't honestly know. I do know that you were champion of the New Breed for 180 days or something like that, but what made it special? Who did you beat? Moongoose? Everyone knows how critical of him I've been, so you won't get any points with that one. But after that I don't really know what you've done. Make no mistake about it, I have seen you in the ring, and you're good, great even, but please tell me who your opponents have been I'd really love to know. What I'm really questioning is your mental stability at this point. I mean you yourself admitted to how gutted and surprised you were to lose to Nathan Fiora. Are you ready for this or is this just like a rebound girl that you're not all that interested in. Maybe interested isn't the right word? I get it's the World Heavyweight Championship, and I understand you want it, because everyone does. What I meant by that was, are you mentally ready to go after it? You have a certain piece of you that was taken away once Nathan Fiora took your title. It's like you were broken up with by your ex girlfriend, and to cheer you up your friends brought you to a bar to hit on girls. The hottest chick in the bar is all over you, and you just can't bring yourself to ask for her number because it's just too soon, and your ex is still on your mind. We're just days removed from your upset loss at the last supershow, and you're already jumping headfirst into the deep end. Mentally anguished, with the loss fresh on your mind. You may over think shit. You may find yourself having Vietnam flashbacks and pulling back on what you would normally do, because you ate a huge loss, and took a huge shot to the ego. You can't make mistakes around me Finn I'll tell you right now. Make mistakes and I'll capitalize on them. Be that as it may, you and I are the true contenders, and if I had it my way it'd be you and I going head to head. That would truly be a spectacle to see, because you're not like the others. You're not someone that makes a complete ass of yourself, you're in it for the love of the competitive spirit, and that's something I can get behind. But can I give you a bit of advice? I understand you have morals. I understand that you see yourself as someone everyone can connect with, but that will only get you so far. Go ahead, stain the unicorn, you'll be so much better off. And of course you're not as awful as Carlos Rosso.... So you got that going for you.

Carlos Rosso, you have no right using our word for what you do. I was told you were a guy that told the world that you were better than everyone because you were from the world of MMA. The problem is you're not even considered worthy of categorizing your name as a fighter, simply because you're not very good at it. You couldn't even cut it in our world, so you decided fuck it, you'll try your hand at something easier. So what did you do? You jumped ship here trying to do what I did, and show everyone how easy the world of professional wrestling is. The only problem with that is that you really were never even good enough in your own sport, and quickly found out that this isn't for you either. I mean I see that you want to throw in the face of Finn that you've won titles all over the world.. Yeah, sure. Maybe in shitty federations that don't have any business calling themselves an organization. The way I see it? The cream always rises to the top, if you have it, you flourish eventually. Yet here you are all these years later, grasping your way towards your first World Heavyweight Championship. So again, and again, you come out here spitting some bullshit and wind up embarrassing yourself. You're someone that hasn't even sniffed the main event, can't even taste the world title, and you consider yourself better? You're no better than the dog shit I scrapped off my shoes this morning. You don't know who I am? How fucking stupid are you? You were the GM of this place when I won the fucking Hardcore championship you dumb fuck. I understand you've suffered your fair share of concussions due to the fact you've never been properly trained, but you have to work on your memory loss somehow so you look less like a fool. 

The way I see it, you have no credibility with anything you do. You couldn't cut it as an MMA fighter, you couldn't cut it as a wrestler, and you couldn't cut it as a GM.  A life long failure that can't take the next step because he's never been able to back up his words. While you ran Voltage as the GM you ran it right into the ground, getting in fights with just about everyone on the roster. Everyone had a problem with you and you wound up being fired for a terrible job. Now you're back here feuding with Moongoose McQueen, a joke of a champion, allowing him to ruin any credibility that title might've had. You think you're the best guy to never win a World Title? That's like being the tallest midget, who fucking cares. Let alone not even true. I mean fuck off, you couldn't even beat a guy that hangs out with boys for fun. Could you even beat Ryan Wilson? Just the fact you had beef with that dude says a lot about you. Let's look at the facts, with everyone that's been in the company that has never won a World Title you don't even crack the top 100. Ok, I don't know that to be fact but I see you on your back more times than I do you standing up, so really it's an easy call. You're nothing but a steaming pile of shit, and if anyone would try to use you as a stepping stone they'd just sink straight down to the bottom because beating you is help to no one. No, I'm re thinking that, and I've reconsidered. I've took your age into account, and with your age I don't even know how you could possibly be a steaming pile of hsit. No you're more like a dried up piece of shit that will soon be one with the earth. You don't know who I am? Cool, that just makes you an uninformed dumbass that will most likely take the pin. Tell me one thing that you've done here that's actually worth mentioning? You were a part of an afterthought Tag Team that's been surpassed by team after team? I know you will dispute that, but hey we all have our opinions. You had an interwire championship reign that lasted for what felt like a day? Ended by a man that can barely even be considered a man? You're underwhelming, unimpressive, and highly misinformed. Next time you talk, maybe you should have a point, or a rational thought; it makes it so much more interesting for the listener. 

 You don't know me? That's fine, Jamie O'Hara found out who I was when I beat him, DDD found out who I was when I beat him, Chris Elite, and Lars Grier both found out who I was when I beat them; and that's all just from this year.. Not season, year... This isn't anything new to me Carlos, you're not cutting edge. You're not anything special, people always doubt what I say, and I shut them the fuck up. You want to keep talking like you're better than me? Like you actually mean anything to this business? I'm gonna to do to you, exactly what I did to them, and that's shut you up real quick and show you how much you mean to this place. Jack shit. Nobody wanted to see Carlos Rosso vs. Jamie O'Hara.. Kid no one even wants to see you on the show. Why would they want to watch a murder? Why would they want to watch a one sided beat down? You wouldn't have lasted 10 seconds in the ring with Jamie O'Hara; you make no sense. You're what they call a bathroom break. Literally every single time you walk out into the arena a cohesive loud groan fills the air, and a collective line to the bathroom appears like clock work. Nobody wants to see you, nobody wants to hear you, because they know exactly what they'll get. It's the same tired act that they've seen since the moment you got here, and you continue not to change. And why is that? It's because you think what you're doing is working. Yeah, naw, you're fucking trash, and you'll always be trash. Let me think.. What would Carlos Rosso vs. Jamie O'Hara be like? Hmm.. Ok, that's like saying you want to see the New York Yankees vs. Walmarts company softball team.. complete different levels. The only one who overrates you, is you, everyone has a clear understanding of who Carlos Rosso is, a nobody. You can't sway my mind either with your pitiful performance against Moongoose McQueen, and it wasn't even one time; you lost to him, again, and again, And again.. and we were supposed to buy you as a credible opponent for Jamie O'Hara? Fucking please. You have enough epic fights with yourself fighting with the thought of if you should even get out of bed in the morning after remembering how shitty your life has turned out. After everything I've done and you want to pull the "oh he's a nobody" card? What an easy excuse not to actually try at this. You saying that is exactly why you're never getting past the point that you are right now. You don't put in the work, and honestly there wasn't even much work to be done on me because it's all so blatant. I'm the one that's actually wrestling in main events, you're the curtain jerker that hands me the towel when i come back from the ring. Your ignorance doesn't make you tough, or cool, like they said in school. Being stupid is stupid, and if you want to be looked at as cool, then be knowledgable. I know you though, you've been hit with the tough task of fighting great opponents like.. Ryan Wilson.. Oh yeah, that just screams championship material right there. Kid I've been up on the main stage while you've been getting in quarrels with the kids that eat their boogers on the playground. I don't know how you got here, and I don't care, I'm going to show you how much of a difference there is between up here, and down their. I don't need to tell you that you're going to fail, because it's obvious, it's what you do Carlos. All the petty little threats you want, you can have, but the truth is? You couldn't beat Moongoose, you couldn't beat a lot of guys, and you sure as shit aren't getting one over on me. Continue being an irrelevant afterthought, while I go ahead and become a bigger name in a year and a half, than you ever have in the entirety of your pitiful existence. 
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Post on March 7th 2018, 2:33 pm by Daryl Kinkade
*fzzt* *crackle*

The logo fades from the screen to reveal a slightly dejected looking Daryl Kinkade sitting on a battered old sofa in a less than tidy looking flat. A pizza box sits half open, discarded next to him. On the floor lay three or four empty beer bottles, the one in his hand is still half full and he swirls it in a lazy circle watching the fluid spin round the sides of the glass. With a sigh he drains the bottle, tosses it on the the floor and cracks open another before looking up to the screen.

So here it is, what everyone has been waiting for. The main roster debut of Catch 22 TV. 


I've played out this moment in my mind hundreds of times. I knew exactly how it was going to go. I had pretty much prepared two scripts for this, no off the cuff, fly by the seat of my pants stuff for this episode. I knew what I was going to say if I'd been successful during the first couple of weeks I was in the big leagues, but I was also prepared if it went tits up. But, just like everything I've ever played out and rehearsed in my head, be it job interviews, asking girls out, arguments, literally anything, it didn't go anywhere near how I planned it. I'll be honest I was expecting a less than stellar first couple of weeks, Showdown is a big step up from what I've been used to, both in terms of NEO and back in my old stomping grounds where I was one of the best, if not the best. The top guys back there would struggle to even make the card here, so the fact I'd made it all was something I was grateful for and I knew that I needed to work my arse of to prove my worth.

He pauses and takes a swig of beer, looks in the pizza box and tosses it on the floor before stretching out on the sofa.

For the most part I was happy with how this first fortnight had gone. A narrow loss to Amari Steele followed by a tag win this week. Two shows into my Showdown tenure and I've picked up my first win, I wasn't expecting that for a good few weeks yet. That's where the warm and fuzzy ended though. Getting blind sided by my tag partner seems to be something of a calling card for me since signing with EAW. It happened in NEO and now its happened again. At least Asaad Johnson had the common sense and the brains to pick up the victory before taking me out. Still, it reflects badly on me that I'd let it happen at all let alone a second time. He even warned me that he was going to go after me once the match was done and I still didn't react. I shows gross naivety on my part and then came the second blow, the one that hit even harder than being dropped by my tag partner after a victory.

I'm not booked to appear next week on Showdown.

That right there hurts more than any move I've taken in the ring, more than any chair shot, more than any table bump. That, to me, signifies that the guys in charge, the ones who have the power to make or break a career don't see anything in me. They don't see Daryl Kinkade as worthy of appearing on their show and that hurts.

He sits up, drains the bottle and launches it across the room

Well, that is a mistake. 

I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it a hundred times again before anyone starts to listen to me, but under estimate me at your peril. No-one has ever believed in me. No-one has ever thought I'm worth a damn. No-one has ever given me a chance. I have had to work, fight and battle for every little thing I've ever had in this life and now it looks like I'm going to have to continue in that mould now I've reached what should be near the very top of my career.

I know nothing I can say right now will get me on the next show. I'm not stupid. i know that once the card is set it takes a miracle to interject yourself into any match or segment, but that doesn't mean I'll keep quiet, oh no. I see this as being handed a free pass. I don't need to worry about opponents, I don't need to worry about title shots, I don't need to worry about watching my back because I've pissed someone off. Nope, I can do or say what I want with relative freedom. If I want to roll up in an hours time and review Season Four of The X-Files, it'll confuse a lot of people but it won't have an adverse affect on my training or preparation for my next match. if I want to sit here and start taking pot shots at the top guys in the fed it might raise a few eyebrows but more importantly it will get me noticed. To be honest I have no idea what I'm going to do with this little period of down time, but I'm going to make the most of it and ensure that next week I'll be back on the card and that this will be the last time I'll be over looked.

The Emo Era is coming to Showdown and that is a promise. 
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Post on March 7th 2018, 10:27 am by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 103: Greed

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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”Greed; the overwhelming desire to obtain more of something, a selfish desire that is an unquenchable thirst -- something that never truly ends. When I think of Carlos Rosso, greed is the word I would associate to the name. Makes no secrets about it either; completely aware that he is a man driven by his greed to obtain more championship gold. The resume speaks for itself, many different championships from many different companies, EAW being no different. Two stints as Tag Team Champion, two different stints as Interwire Champion. Between all four men in this match, when it comes to gold in the land of elites, Carlos Rosso has seen the most, has the most experience fighting for, has the most experience of obtaining. I wish I could say that has my knees rattling, makes me second guess myself going into this Fatal 4-Way. But it doesn't. With Jamie being uncrowned, the championship picture has received a hard reset; men who never had an opportunity before to state a claim at the title now get their shot. Although I am a patient man, I am also an ambitious one. Chances like this for a guy like me, they come once in a blue moon. So when the chance presents itself, you better believe that I am going to do everything in my power to obtain it. I would be foolish to think you wouldn't do the same; after all, when it comes to the pinnacle, the top prize of this company, it has been the one thing that has asphyxiated you for the longest time. You have claimed championships across the globe, world championships even in other companies, but when it comes to the various world championships under the EAW umbrella, they have always been just that little bit out of your grasp. With a new champion, I am sure that would only feed your desire more knowing that it's not a Jamie O'Hara, that it is a champion only now finding his legs in that position. I can say that same thought crosses my mind when I see Chris Elite standing atop Voltage. I have faced Chris Elite before back on Dynasty early last year, and not once has he ever beaten me. In our one on one encounter back then, I even was able to best him in a match. And we have both grown since then, one of us taking our time in the New Breed division, the other pushing himself to the main event picture, eventually even to World Championship glory. While he has been a star on the rise, I have been slow cooking myself as a competitor, honing his craft, mastering his trade. While you see an untested champion holding what you want most, I see an old rival who has beaten me to the top. Whether or not he is truly the apex of this brand has yet to be put to the test, but I am ecstatic to be the one to try and test it. Also to test whose progression evolved them into the better competitor, something a championship belt can't prove until it is on the line.

Since Territorial Invasion, I have been pushing myself beyond the limits of any New Breed competitor of my class, proving there is a lot of young and untapped potential that comes with me. Although I was thrown around, giving a merciless thrashing from all fronts, I always got back up when people counted me out. And I have become stronger. I have broken my own pain threshold, taken hits that would knock any normal man out and returned it twice as hard. And when they called me nothing special, just another fledgeling that will break away and become an afterthought any month now, I stuck to my guns and fired from all cylinders. And that was all while I was in the New Breed division -- but I am a fledgeling no more. I have put in all the time and effort to make it to this point, and there's no looking back now. Removed from the New Breed Championship, I now yearn for another. And even against the greediest and most experienced of opponents, I will not waver; will not tire; will not falter; and will not fail. Because now more than ever, I am ready to climb that mountain. And if you're going to try and beat my ass Carlos, you better make those shots count. Because I am much stronger than I was in our last encounter, the beatings you gave me back then are child's play to the beatings I have taken since and still walked away from triumphant. And now, I am prepared to hand out the receipts for the beatings of my past. And Carlos, there is one with your name on it."
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Post on March 7th 2018, 9:22 am by Maddox Ayres

The word is heard as a faint echo followed by a clip showing a match between Maddox Ayres and Woogieman, a match where Woogieman rose victorious.


The word is heard again as a faint echo followed by a clip showing a match between Maddox Ayres, Cody Marshall, and Shaker Jones, a match where Cody Marshall rose victorious.


Once again the word echoes and is followed by a clip showing a match between Maddox Ayres and Finnegan Wakefield, a match where both men fought to a double countout.


The word echoes and is followed by a clip showing a match between Maddox Ayres and Theron Nikolas, a match where Theron rose victorious. While the clip is still playing, these words are heard...

“Failure after failure I stay persistent, humble, and motivated.”

The clip fades to black and a camera turns on showing myself, Maddox Ayres, in the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am standing right in the middle of the ring with the rest of the arena completely empty. Dressed in a purple and black custom Maddox Ayres T-Shirt, light khaki pants, and pure white low-top Vans, I look directly into the camera with a determined look in my eyes.

“When I first started my career here, I started off hot. I came in and I was winning. My first loss came after winning two straight and then soon after the rest came. Ever since my first lost things have been different for me. I always stay humble and congratulated where congratulations where due, but I continued to make the same mistakes time after time again. I’ve won a couple since, but I’ve lost just as much. Not once have I given up. Not once have I decided to change who I am. Not once have I lost myself. I was looking in the mirror this morning on my way here and I saw the true Maddox Ayres. Not the one that’s been losing constantly, but the one who you all saw in the very beginning. I saw the Maddox Ayres that’s going to pick himself up and get back on track to achieving the goals that I set for myself. No longer am I going to let myself get beaten by people I just shouldn’t be losing to. No longer am I going to let myself turn into an embarrassment. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride so far, but I know that things are going to be a bit different. Having the week to enjoy Reckless Wiring and see all the talent we have on the roster was all the time I needed to find myself and come back better than ever. I failed to capture the Hardcore Championship from Darkane and then I failed to beat Cody Marshall to be a choice to vote for to face Darkane last week at Reckless Wiring for the Hardcore Championship. Through every failure, there’s a lesson to be learned. Through just the few failures you saw a lesson was learned. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who’s meant for more, who is set for great things in life. Following this career path was the first step in that. Following this dream is where I will achieve my great things in life. Which brings me to what’s happening this week; Congratulations to our new Answers World Champion, Nasir Escobar! I’ve heard it’s been a long time coming for you and it’s well deserved.”

I form a smirk on my face right after taking a deep breath. I still have a determined look in my eyes. The camera zooms in enough to just show the top of my chest and my head. I look directly into the camera.

“The Gold Rush Tournament… Dynasty’s top talent fighting to see who will be the Number One Contender for the Answers World Championship… That’s quite the leap I would be making. From failing to being the Number One Contender to a World Title. You know how I just said that I will achieve great things in life and how I’m meant for more? This is it. Fighting Dynasty’s best until there’s just one man standing, this is the comeback I thrive for. This week I’ll face a former EAW World Heavyweight Champion and EAW Interwire Champion. I’ll face a man whom everyone knows quite well. I’ll face a man that couldn’t beat a beaten Cameron Ella Ava at Reckless Wiring for the EAW Openweight Championship after she had just competed in an hellacious Ladder Match to defend her Tag Team Championships. Scott Oasis, you’ve been a World Champion before, you worked your way up and you did what you had to do to be victorious. Now, I’m not sexist or anything, but dude… you couldn’t beat a woman who had just had her body beaten up earlier in the night. I respect you a lot in regards to being a former World Champion, but this is a little much for me to comprehend. Cameron Ella Ava is one of the best, hell there could even be the argument of her being the best. She’s broken boundaries that a lot of people wish they could. I guess you could say we’re both on the failing end lately. The difference is, you’re going to stay on that end. You’re a big guy and you obviously have what it takes to be a World Champion again, I won’t discredit you from that. I know that I’m getting myself in some trouble this week and I can’t express enough how ready I am to step into this ring with you. For months now I’ve been on the receiving end of losing with a victory here and there. For months now I’ve fallen and I will not allow that to happen anymore. I am hungry and I am ready to fight my way through this Tournament and watch myself grow into the new Number One Contender for Nasir’s Answers World Championship.”

Right after the last word is spoken, I walk to the corner turnbuckle and climb to the top. The camera circles around to the side of me as I stand there.

“I plan on standing right here week after week until I am standing in the ring with Nasir Escobar with the Answers World Championship on the line. A lot of people are going to doubt me with the names that are in this Tournament. A lot of people are going to have me losing this week against you, Scott. I let those doubts fuel me and motivate me to grow and deliver. I’m making my comeback this week and I will not give up until my name is announced as the victor. Bring everything you’ve got, Scott. Prove that you’re still a worthy contender to be a World Champion. Then allow me prove why I’m more worthy than you. Allow me to prove to everyone why a new chapter of my story is about to unfold.”

The camera fades to black with me just staring out into the empty arena.
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Post on March 7th 2018, 8:57 am by Carlos Rosso
Oh, my goodness. 

It’s absolutely amazing what can happen in three seconds. The entire landscape of a sport can change. The lives of men can change. And the course of history can change. For the last few months, I had prepared myself for the possibility of the greatest fight in wrestling history, Jamie O’Hara vs Carlos Rosso, the longest reigning champion in EAW history against the greatest wrestler in the history of EAW to never have held a world championship in EAW. This fight was going to be something Pain for Pride worthy. 

And it’s all gone now. 

Not through any fault of my own, mind you. This superclash that the world wanted to see could have taken place at any time, but Kenny Drake continued to play Russian Roulette with challengers to O’Hara until one bullet finally did the job. Chris Elite….the owner of the new Gawd Contract. There are some of you who probably think that I would take this moment to ridicule Chris but those of you who do think that do not understand that I have known Chris for a long, long time. I remember him from his days back in CWF and AWL among other places. I remember seeing him struggle valiantly to pull himself to Championship level and become The Man once before, and although I’m certainly surprised that he dethroned JAMIE FUCKING O’HARA of all people, I’m not surprised that he has ascended as he has. 

So….with my fight that would have made myself, Jamie and EAW millions upon millions of Dollars, Euros, Yen, Yuan and every other currency you can think of, what do I do now? I admittedly obsessed over facing Jamie. That was the only match that I was truly interested in having. Now that it’s not taking place anymore, at least in the format and with the story that I envisioned, I need to focus myself on another task, right? Well, it’s simple enough. There is only one objective on my mind and I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take hold of it: 

To become the #1 Contender for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. 

There are some interesting faces around for this four way match that I have to win to get the first crack at the new Champ. One of them is a man that I’ve never had a chance to face before. The Revenant. I have seen him talk about me and my comrades on Social Media, but I don’t know if he knows exactly what he has gotten himself into just yet. There have been many a young aspiring star that has come to EAW who has considered me out of date, an MMA washout (why I get this I don’t know, I have done MMA training of course, but I have no need to fight in a cage for peanuts when I can fight in EAW for millions), and you referred to my good friend Keelan as a Wife Beater! You have no idea how difficult the decision that Keelan made was! He knew that Madison, who I said was a no-good tramp long ago, was holding him back! She DESERVED what she got. It is Karma for all the harm that she has caused my student Erica Ford, and other women on the EAW roster. She’s far from defenseless and I hope that she sits at home forever, clutching the Empress of Elite crown as a ironic reminder that she will never be the vicious beast that she once was after Keelan ripped what little dignity she had left away. As I usually do, I keep a close eye on newcomers. I saw your performances in the past few weeks and I have to say that you very well could have been New Breed Champion yourself. In fact, I think that’s a great goal for you to pursue because you will not get this Top Contender position at my expense. You may not know me, but the other people in this match, the EAW World Heavyweight Champion and so many others on this roster are all familiar with what I bring. I possess the Strongest Arm in EAW, my Southern Lariat strikes down anyone who is stupid enough to get in my way. I look forward to hearing from you, Rev, and even more forward to facing you in the ring for the first time and showing you how steep your climb to the top truly will be. 

Then there is Ahren Fournier. I don’t know what the hell he is right now. I’m being serious. I don’t understand him. Not one tiny bit. My memory recalls the name Fournier, but not for anything of merit. Just a ridiculous bit of nonsense that makes Moongoose McQueen look as stoic as Starr Stan or Jaywalker. I don’t care about your trip with Dedede, all I care about is that you are in my way right now. History has proven time and again that being in my way is not a good place for people to be, especially if something I want is on the other side. Maybe you want to continue your attack on the “system” or parade the fact that you are top contender in Dedede’s face, I don’t know and I don’t really care. All I know is that you are going to fall, just like the others. 

And finally, the man that I am most familiar with in this match, Finnegan Wakefield. Former New Breed Champion. As a man who has held Championships across the world, I somewhat sympathize with you. Losing a championship that you covet is a frustrating thing. I even once had to sit by and watch a Tag Team championship reign end in EAW because my partner was forced into a handicap match when I was not medically cleared. But there is something about losing a championship that I know very well: departing from one treasure is usually the impetus to look for another. I will be very honest in my assessment of you: at a young age, I could only imagine doing some of the things that you are doing in the ring. This is coming from someone who was holding four belts in four different federations by the age of 25. You have all the skill in the world to be a World Champion in EAW. You will climb that mountain in time. The New Breed Championship’s demanding defenses hardened you and I go into this match with newfound appreciation and respect for you.

But respect isn’t gonna stop me from beating your ass. 

You, of all people should know that I am a very greedy, very merciless man. You said yourself that you were on the end of a beating at my hands, that you understand exactly what you are going against. You saw what happened when I faced Moongoose. I have indeed lost the Championship to him, but it was not without controversy that he has held onto it. I had him DEFEATED in the center of the ring, when Ryan Wilson came to save him. And then, in a six man tag, he pinned one of the Wild Boys, not me. If you go and look at the history of Moongoose and myself, I think he will be the far more relieved of us that our clashing is over. But, just like he has a long memory, so do I. I have not forgotten what he did and how lucky he has been to keep the Interwire Championship. He will pay one way or another.

For now though, my focus is on the task at hand. Someone will eventually deal with Moongoose from the Zaibatsu, and the other interloper will meet his match when Stephanie Matsuda, my good friend, training partner, and the Ace of the Zaibatsu and all of EAW, will CRUSH Ryan Wilson. I have no worries in mind other than beating whoever I have to beat to get my shot at the new Champion. If you think that the Young Lions are shattering the old guard, maybe you are right. Everywhere around me, I see so many new, bright young faces as Champions of the World...except for HBG on Showdown who happens to be a little older than me. Otherwise, there is this YOUTH movement that is underway, a wave of raging hormones and fast recovery times turning EAW on its head. That may be so….but as other “youth movements” have found out in the past, Carlos Rosso is quite difficult to get rid of. The Quintessential Trailblazers tried, Tyler Parker and Chuck Scene tried. Moongoose has tried. Keelan himself tried. Norman Hellion tried…..and all have failed. No one can keep me down. No one can kick me out of this sport forcibly. No one tells me when to go. I will leave when I feel good and ready to leave. 

Sadly for you, that’s not this week. 

I will do whatever is necessary to hold the World Heavyweight Championship in my grasp. At Territorial Invasion, Finnegan, you only got a sample size taste of what lengths I will go to have this opportunity. In eight years of wrestling in EAW, I have never had a one on one opportunity to capture a World Championship.

That drought will end on Sunday after I have defeated you, Revenant or Ahren. It makes no difference who it is to me, just know that this Old Lion still has plenty of tricks left. And that the Red Storm that has engulfed Voltage for the past half a year is only getting stronger and more dangerous…..
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Post on March 7th 2018, 5:43 am by Ryan Wilson
The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
Voltage Record: 4 Win 4 Losses 1 No Contest
 Versus Stephanie ''Cloud'' Matsuda
Stipulation: Standard Match
Chapter Title: Clouds and War a coming
No. of words: 1,442 
Reading time: 8 minutes  [/size]

To shake a Corporation or a Conglomerate to it`s core, you don't go for the drones, you don't aim at the entry level employees. 

Well, to a point you do, to make a point, but they are expandable assets. Like Bimmy and Yimmy the so called Pointmen of the Zaibatsu. Those I made quick work of in both solo and tag team matches in the past. They have nothing on me, they aren't a real threat. Mongoose during Brooklyn Heights added weight to my claim by pinning one of the Wyld`s to secure the win. They are insignificant, heck they are laughable at worse. At best they can be pesky little mosquitos trying to nag and annoy but it's nothing a can of raid in the form of my foot up their asses can't fix. RAAAAAAIID!?!!!? *Poof!* Gone!  

Those two peons are small fry's in the grander scheme of things. They are not the lead target of Wilson International, publisher of the Book of Wilson and producer of The Ryan Wilson Show! I know the Zaibatsu managed recently to recruit a new piece to their organisation, but I won't be bothered with spending time on him at least not now. What's his name again uh. (You're trolling, you know his name) I know!

As I'm saying, in the Corporate world if you want to make a difference you don't go against the base work force of the company no, you don't go against the people who in the end are only small cogs in the bigger machinery which can easily be replaced and forgotten. You go against the head honcho's you go against Upper Management. That means Carlos Rosso, who I would love nothing less than to ruin his chances at even having a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship (Wakefield is much more deserving even if he's an asshole. Then again Revenant and Fournier are assholes too.) Yep! But more importantly it means going against the CEO of the Conglomerate, a match I can hardly wait for as yours truly Ryan Wilson will go again the Elite of the Empire Brand, the Centerpiece, leader and founder of the Zaibatsu: Stephanie Cloud Matsuda! 

Now Cloud, it was perhaps silly of me to say I didn't pay attention to the personal history you and Rosso share together, but I'd be a bigger fool if I was to keep my level of ignorance where it was back when I posted that little piece of Feed. So, like I do every opponent I take seriously I did my homework and I studied you. I studied your history, your origin story your past is the stuff of legend really. And it's undeniable that you are among the best the Empire brand had to offer and one of the best performers the land of Elite period. You think I'm kissing your ass perhaps? I'm not, I'm giving credit where it's due. By the way: Congratulations on winning the Iconic Cup this year. 

Now, compliments aside, I can't help but wonder what you see in a piece of shit like Carlos Rosso.(He needs to update his profile the poor sod, it says he's the ''current'' Interwire Champion.) Yeah well he can keep on dreaming because he won't be getting his hands on that belt for a while. Besides, he got his sight on a bigger prize, one I really want to cut him short of to piss him off! But I digress, Stephanie-san is it true you consider Carlos your Senpai? It's interesting, for a woman who prefers pussy over dick which is all fine I didn't see you as a Yandere. (Is she though?) Thing is though, Senpai did noticed you and better yet: You two are best buddies! It's fine I guess, but yet I still don't get what you see in a pissant like him, you who saved children in the past and currently have a foster home to your name. You have the markings of a face Cloud yet you stick around heels and wannabe's. I'm not talking about you and your lady of course, the two of you are very kawaii together and I wish you well. However I will make one thing clear: I have respect for you but I will knock on it's ass any member of your Conglamorate if they get in my way and that includes your girlfriend. 

If it ever happens, which to I point I hope not to, bet your Blasian buns (You are NOT half-Japanese after all) that I will wash my hands off the deed and you know what? Because I will not be the reason why mishap befell your beloved. The misfortunes of your love and any member of the Zaibatsu all on Carlos. I mean, had he not applied his knee to my face when he lost the Interwire Championship when he was giving the business to the new Champion I would not have cared about him at all! I would've gone on my merry way and I would have done what I do now. Everything I've done against your precious Zaibatsu is because of Carlos' rage induced actions as a sore loser. And all I plan to do against you and your Zaibatsu is because of him and his anger issues. It's not all bad for me though, sure I got a headache back then but it allowed me to find some allies in unexpected places in Mongoose McQueen and his Boys.

What I am trying to say Stephanie, is that you are hanging with a bad crowd, and I'm afraid that they won't bring you the success you expect. Mao will be useful to push your brand and your name yes, Monica will make sure you are on your game in more ways that one (Wink wink) but Carlos? The Wyld's? That other guy who I don't care to name? They will only drag you down in the end. Bimmy and Yimmy have already displayed how worthless they truly are against me and McQueen, how long before it gets worse? You should dispose of them, my point is Cloud: You don't need these men to get to where you want to be. I'll repeat what I told you on the Feed: Look at what the Heart Break Gal is at the moment, did she get help from sub par individuals to become Champion? Nope! She is where she is because she worked for it, because she earned it and despite her bitch ass attitude she actually deserve it. You? Why are you feeling left behind? You are the Iconic Cup Champ girl! You have a strong start in 2018 and if you keep it up Goddess only knows where you'll ascend to! But you need to do it on your own, not helped by rage fueled jack wits and low interest tag team partners. 

You can do better than Carlos and Co, and more importantly you can do it by yourself. You're an independent woman right? (Right?) Right! But no matter what you decide or do, you and I have a match this Sunday. A plan I have every intention of winning even though I suspect that your man servants will show up to wreck either my chances or the match itself. I will make sure you keep your attention on my in that match as I plan to give you a taste of the Zaibatsu's future under it's current infrastructure. I will not stop going after you and Carlos, Rosso himself did say a while back that he would dedicate his time towards making my life hell. I intend to return it in kind and then some, but do you think I'll limit myself to just him? Of course not. Sure you folks outnumber me, but do I look intimidated? Do I look remotely worried? Better yet: Do I look scared? Not a damn solitary bit. 

I will conclude by saying this:
I don't want ''Cloud'' Matsuda this sunday, I don't want you to go in normally. No, I want you at your best, I want you to go all out on me. I want The War Queen. 

She's your only way to have an actual chance at defeating me in the event that we get to fight without being bothered by your pesky acquaintances. I'm bringing the War to you Stephanie, thank Carlos for this, but War is coming your way and in times of war the Cloud is not who I want to see. 

Bring out The War Queen.
If you don't, trust me when I say this: I will force her out. 
In fact, It's a promise. 
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Post on March 7th 2018, 1:09 am by Azumi Goto
Empire #1
“Tackling Hardships”

(We get a shot of Azumi as she’s sitting cross-legged on the rooftop of her hotel, looking over Greenville, the city for the next episode of Empire. She’s wearing a thin light blue hoodie with JET emblem on it.)

Here we go, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s time for the road to Pain For Pride 11 to begin. It’s the time of year where everyone has to step up to get on the card. And that one chance I talked about I had is gone. So now it’s one more time the reset button got pressed for me. Right back down the card, I go, but like I've constantly said. Every fucking time I fall, I will rise stronger, better and more driven than ever. That’s the constant here with me, I will fight. I will continue to get up regardless how bad my defeat was but who knows about this time. My neck hurts, shoulders hurt and everything else at this point but it’s not going to stop me. Not even my opponent for this week. To be honest with all of you, I just don’t care about who Hinata Shinoda, she’s in my way. I’m looking towards the bigger picture of myself, a bigger stage to claim as my own. Somewhere right at the stop of EAW. But knowing that this story is involving me, the journey will be long, dangerous, and whatever else can be thrown at my way but I know when we reach PFP, I will be on the grandest stage to claim what’s mine and what has eluded me for so long.

(She gets up, the look on her face changed to something more serious. Her eyes glancing at the sign to hype up that Empire is live from Greenville featuring some of Empire’s top stars on it. A sign that doesn’t feature her on it.)

That. That sign right there is one of the things that’s eluded for so long. Being featured on, having my face on it and not just on the side but right in the middle of it as well. It’s eluded for so long, two years and yet, I’m probably nowhere close.

But first I guess we’re going to need to clear this journey to PFP before anything else. I’m not sure where the journey will take me, maybe through Grand Rampage, maybe my road to PFP doesn’t exist and I’m going to need to carve out own my path. Every bit of body pain I feel doesn’t matter right now, at that point. I have to shake off every bit of it for these next coming months. I just simply can’t let anyone else get ahead of me! I’ve fallen behind of the people who’ve been on Empire for a shorter time. Megan is already a champion, Chelsea already had her world title match, and everyone else is making these huge leaps. Here am I, pretty much falling behind in a way. But no more! I’ve been tackling hardships more than anyone here but no longer. This is it, people! One more gamble, I’m kind of low on chips at this point. My stock on Empire probably dropped hard but here I still am. I’ve said it time and time again, that Azumi Goto is Unbreakable and that continues to biggest thing you all haven’t understood. I will continue to be Unbreakable regardless of what is thrown my way.

I definitely won’t be stopped by Hinata Shinoda. Fellow Japanese and all, I’m winning this. What’s her drive? What’s her motivation? Nothing… There’s no hardship for you to deal with. Nothing at all. So should I take her seriously? No. I’ll probably go into this match, air guitar my way to the ring and win. I truly mean that Shinoda, you just have simply no chance of winning against The Ace. It’s the unfortunate and honest truth about our match. If any other newcomer on Empire, you could possibly win but against me, against the Ace Of The New World, against someone who’s will to win is greater than yours. Your chances of winning are absolutely zero.With barely anything left, this is it. Either I win my matches, take my opportunity and finally reach the top or crumble under the pressure. I guess we’ll see what will happen. This is my road to Pain For Pride, the road is going to long and hard but this is me we’re talking about. I’ll fight through the pain, the world and anything else to make it to Pain For Pride.

It’s either now or never…

(Azumi gets up and walks away from the camera as the lens of its focus on the sign for Empire.)
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Post on March 7th 2018, 12:22 am by Megan Raine

I did it again!

I mean, were you shocked? Oh wait, of course you were. ALL of you were. Not a single individual that watches Elite Answers Wrestling thought that I would walk out of The Iconic Cup still the EAW Specialists Champion. Everybody either had Consuela Rose Ava or Zakkii because dumb mother fuckers at that point STILL thought my championship win at King of Elite was a fluke. MAN do I love proving idiots wrong. Against all odds, I am still on top of the mountain here on Empire - exactly where I should be. Apart from the other bitch that shares the spotlight with me known as Aria Jaxon, there is not a single woman up and down this entire division that can touch me. Don’t worry about Aria though because I do plan on knocking her off her high horse soon enough. I don’t know about any of you but I am sick to death of seeing that blue-haired looking alien on top. She’s talented as fuck, but Empire needs brilliance and perfection such as myself.

And that is what they will get.

Not only am I beaming with excitement that I get to continue the reign I so rightfully deserve, I am also relieved I do not have to face Consuela any longer. She has been a burden on my back for too long and after defeating her for a third time now, we can finally go our separate ways. Me, onwards and upwards as I begin to make this championship the most prestigious belt I possibly can make it, and her, back into her pit of irrelevancy where she belongs. I exposed The Ava Family for who they truly were and now with Consuela moving on with nothing left to fight for all the while seeing her sister Cam have the success she’s got over on Showdown, she’ll have no choice but to continue living in her shadow like she always has.

And now I already have two potential challengers vying for the right to challenge me for my championship. Nicolette Lyons, Andrea Valentine, best of luck to the two of you. Whoever wins out of the two of you will have the distinct honour of losing to me in due time.

But in the meantime, I have the woman that holds a victory over me and that victory is one that I remember very, very well. For you see April Song, back then I was trying my hardest to light a spark underneath me for so long especially after being literally tied together with Sydney St. Clair, but my loss to you all the way back in November was the fuel needed to get me to where I am right now. Ever since then, I haven’t lost a single match. So not only am I YOUR EAW Specialists Champion, April, I carry a four-month winning streak with that feat as well. Do people think I’m still just a fluke now? You know April I think it’s fitting you and I are to go one on one this week of ALL weeks. I am just four days away from passing your reign with this championship and a very forgetful one at that. One think Consuela and I might actually agree on is that you are very capable of accomplishing something big, but you’re unable to make that something matter. You couldn’t bring any relevance to the EAW Specialists Championship back then, and even if you had won The Iconic Cup or even became the EAW Women’s Champion by getting there on your own, I wouldn’t think you’d be able to bring any relevance to them either. Everything you touch just becomes about as bland as you are, April. You’re an individual that needs to be apart of something just to keep your head above water. I mean, what was it you said earlier? You’ve been in Stephanie Matsuda’s shadow? At least you’re finally admitting to it, but it’s one thing to bring yourself to the realization and it’s another thing to act upon it. If you are planning to begin to make a change with everything about yourself in your match against me then you’re certainly going to be left disappointed. I’m sure your mind is comfortable with settling in disappointment at this point in time though, right? April, the woman you beat back in November had a million things running through her mind but the woman you’re facing this week only has one and that is to be the best damn champion and competitor I possibly can be. It’s been my only thought since King of Elite and it will be my only thought until I decide that I do not want to be the champion anymore and allow somebody to take it off of me.

Let’s go back to this “being in the shadow” topic for a moment. You’re so fixed on trying to get out Stephanie Matsuda’s shadow and you have realized that. Great. When are you going to realize that you’re in Chelsea Crowe’s shadow though? This goes back to when I said that you need to be apart of something to keep your head above water here on Empire. You’re swimming in the deep end with Chelsea Crowe as just a simple fish in HER school, not yours. You’ve been fixated for months about how you’ve been wanting to face Aria Jaxon one on one and because you allowed yourself to be in Chelsea’s shadow, she got the opportunity over you. How does that make you feel now that you’ve heard the truth? It must be so clear to you now that you’ve heard it out of somebody else’s mouth. I’m sure it’s probably added to your burden of being a complete and total utter fucking failure, but apart from those 63 days of success you had with this belt, that’s all you are used to right?

Failure? Setbacks? Heartache? Being let down?

Allow me to continue that trend.

But you know what April Song, I will give you credit where credit is due. You’re a lot smarter than these other bitches in this division. It must be that veteran experience you’ve got. That or it’s just because you’re naturally smart because of your ethnicity. You recognize the fact that I have come a long way since we last met. You recognize the fact that I’ve evolved and gotten better over time. While you’re wrong about my in-ring skills being questionable, I will offer my sincerest round of applause to you for not being like most of the other incomparable idiots on this show. Despite all this though, you still have your flaws and I have already exposed a few of them. My suggestion to you is to just let this loss happen this week, April. I know you’re going to try and try your damn hardest and I wouldn’t expect anything less, but we all know how your story goes. Even with a win over me four months ago, where have you gotten to since then? Being a lackey for Chelsea Crowe? Big props to you. Calling my in-ring skills questionable while it’s gotten me a championship and two successful defences is just laughable. Look what and where your in-ring skills have gotten you, April.

Nothing, nowhere.

April, I love your confidence, I really do. However, I just need to stop you while you’re ahead. Again, I am forced to resort back to our previous match because yes, back then, your absolute best did beat me. Your submission and technical skills and strength and all that other crap did get the best of me. Again, that was a different me. You have not changed in the past four months while I have completely evolved into YOUR superior. You might walk into our match with the same strategy as last time but I guarantee you it won’t work. You want to know how I was able to best all of my challengers to date AND all of my opponents in the past four months? I was able to outsmart them all. Me sitting on commentary last week at The Iconic Cup wasn’t because I was being a coward it was because I was being smart, biding my time, and waiting for a perfect opening to strike. It was clever, It was unique, and it was successful in the end. So while I might still have a ways to go to reach that ELITE status that I know I’m not far off from (which by the way when I do reach it is when I will be kicking Aria off the top of the mountain that we share), I know that I’ll be able to best you this week because of my improvements. I know you’re every motive in this coming match. I might even expect to see Crowe’s Nest out there too. If you’re planning on bringing them down, I’ll know not to pay them any attention. I’ve dealt with Consuela’s Cleaning Crew enough times to know how costly outside interference can be despite being able to find victory even off all that. I’ve dealt with Zakkii, Azumi and Sakuya all attempting to jump me and I’ve taken them all out too. I thrive when the odds are stacked against me April and have been proving it for a while now, and I guarantee that people are going to be waiting for this match thinking that I won’t be able to get across the line. I can’t wait to prove those fuckwits wrong, just like I’ve been doing each and every single god damned fucking night!

So, if you plan to bring your best, I’ll up it with my best. If you plan on bringing down Crowe’s Nest, then so be it. Just know that there is no stopping The Storm that’s heading your way. You’re right, I have done a good job of surviving because I’ve been surviving with my skill set. Not a single person on this planet has helped me achieve this championship. Despite popular belief that Ryan Adams handed me this championship which is just absurd, people should take a good hard look at my previous matches and let my in-ring ability do the talking. I will outsmart you April Song, I promise you. I refuse to lose to you again.

I won’t let it happen.

I can’t let it happen.

Oh, and one last thing. Even if you somehow do manage to defeat me this week, the reason you’ll be considered as an afterthought in the EAW Specialists Championship race is because of your position. Again, you’re in the shadow of Chelsea Crowe. You are her lackey. She’ll likely get the shot at my championship before you ever do again. That is how lost in the shuffle you are because while she is keeping you relevant, all those opportunities will go to her.

You might be a smart gal April, but fucking hell you’re as blind as they come.

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

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Post on March 6th 2018, 11:36 pm by Nicolette Lyons
Empire Promo #2

Wow never in my life have I heard such bitterness, such anger and jealousy all in one speech. However I got to give it to you Andrea, you certainty don't lack confidence for someone who hasn't done a fucking thing in their whole life. (Nicolette stops for a second and pretends to be in a daze) Wait a minute, maybe, just maybe I am speaking out of line here, shit, did I bang my head too hard and completely lose my memory? Did I completely forget who I am talking to right now. (Nicolette bows in honor) I am talking to the wrestling legend Andrea Valentine, please please forgive me Andrea, I didn't mean to step on your toes with my corny jokes about you. You know deep down inside I am really scared to face you because you are like so talented and stuff. I mean you even said it yourself you faced Aria Jaxon (Nicolette pauses) and probably lost, but hey you faced her right? So like that must make you like a really awesome wrestler. The truth is Andrea I am really jealous of everything about you, from your fake hair extensions all the way to your bland, dry as shit personality. When we step inside the ring this Thursday please don't hurt me, I beg you Andrea please! (Nicolette shakes her head and laughs) I am sorry I can't do this with a straight face. I don't care what you have to say Andrea, you can say all the words you want, because they are just that they are words that have no meaning coming from someone like you. I don't take you seriously at all, you haven't done anything that would warrant me taking any of your little threats serious. I mean you literally just painted the picture for me yourself, your biggest claim to fame is facing Stephanie Matsuda and Aria Jaxon, like wow homie that is a huge accomplishment, I am sure nobody else has ever done that in the history of the world. Time and time again you have squandered opportunity after opportunity so really who the hell do you think you are talking to someone like me like I am some underling who is just suppose to bow down to you and kiss your ass, nope sorry honey I am better than you in every way possible, I have more money than you, I have a better personality that people just love and men think I am hotter but that's not all I am just an all around better wrestler than you, and sure you don't have to believe that, not right now anyway. It is completely understandable, I haven't been here long enough for that kind of respect but hey after this Thursday, I will turn you into a believer as well, one by one I will slowly change every single person's mind about me. I know for a fact that my jokes and insults toward you do indeed get under your skin because just look at how angry you are. If they didn't bother you, you wouldn't have even took the time to address how lame they are. You want to actually sit there and question my IQ, I think we should be questioning your IQ Miss I am an EAW legend even though I don’t have any accolades to my name. My IQ is very high thank you very much, don't be mistaken I am not a dumb blonde like you. Not all blondes are dumb just because you are doesn't mean you have to cast that on everyone else.

What makes me so special, that was your big question for me, you said you have seen so many women come and go who have all shared my attitude, but none of them have achieved greatness at such a young age. The moment those women you talked about experienced failure they gave up on themselves, the pressure would mount and they couldn’t handle it so they gave up because they don’t have any self confidence, my first month here it was tough and sure I could have just given up but I didn’t, and why? Because I never panicked, I never lost hope and I knew deep down inside my wrestling ability would eventually rise up. I am confident in myself and maybe it comes off as being cocky but quite frankly I don’t give two shits what you or anyone else thinks about it. So what makes me so special? I will gladly tell you why I am special, I am special because I am a member of the Lyons family that is it plain and simple. I was born into wealth and fortune that you couldn’t even imagine, I am special because everything I have ever done I do it better than everyone else. Am I overly excited about two wins? Maybe I am but those two wins have led me into a number one contendership match which could lead to a potential championship match against Megan Raine, something I do not plan on squandering. You see Andrea I look at you, and I look at some of these other bottomfeeder women on Empire and I say to myself I will never be like you guys, when I get an opportunity I will cash in on it because chances like this don’t come around too often. You are truly a pissant and a peon and I don’t say those words because I am trying to be different, I say those words because that is exactly what you are and I know those might be too big of words for you to understand, I know you got that dumb blonde thing going on there, you are embarrassed so that is why you have to say I have to get with the times, but let me educate you here for a little bit, a pissant is a worthless sack of shit and a peon is someone who is a low rank, I mean if those words don’t describe you to a tee I don’t know what else would. You seriously have no idea what you are getting yourself into, I am the fastest rising superstar not just on the Empire roster, but the entire EAW roster today. This is much more than just a match between us, you have made it much bigger than that. I am not only going to defeat you, but I am going to make you look like a fool inside the ring. I am going to make people question if you are even a real wrestler. After I am done with you I will make you even question if you belong here. I know I am talking a big game but I can back it up, you don’t have to worry about that. From the looks of your career though, I doubt you can back it up though, you keep saying how you are a veteran and yeah you might be compared to me, but this rookie is about to kick your ass. I mean I am verbally embarrassing you right now, making you look completely dumb. But trust me this will pale in comparison to the beating I will put on you this Thursday.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 6th 2018, 10:23 pm by April Song
[As Stephanie Matsuda celebrates the Iconic Cup victory that she earned by surviving the grueling Iconic Cup gauntlet, there is one person standing near the Gorilla position that no one else notices watching the festivities. April Song, still in her ring gear, watches in a daze, still clutching her rib cage, the aftereffects of that frog splash that Matsuda delivered to eliminate her. A few stray tears of pure rage flow down her cheeks, but her eyes remain stoic as she watches Matsuda’s Zaibatsu stablemates join her in the ring to celebrate, even watching most of Carlos Rosso’s promo that went on after the event went off the air. She finally turns away, body still shaking but two words echoing in her mind that she manages to mouth out in a whisper.]

Never again…..

Never again…….

I’m not feeling like this ever again. No. Fuck that.

She was right. All of this time, she was right. I’m still in her shadow. But not by choice. I didn’t come up in the sport with her as my senior. She’s never deigned to teach me anything. She’s never been anything but an annoying obstacle. If I have to learn more to move that obstacle, so be it. I let my comrades down...they were depending on me to give the Crowe’s Nest SOMETHING positive. The path to victory was right there. I know I could have beaten Andrea or Revy….but I couldn’t get past Stephanie’s shadow. And now I have to listen to her lavish herself with praise, calling herself the “Iconic War Queen”!? No….This isn’t over. I don’t care if I have to wander in the wilderness for a decade, I’ll find my way out of Matsuda’s shadow on my own….

And cast a shadow so vast over the world that the entire world falls into darkness in acknowledgement of my skill. I will find a way, or I will make one.

Even in wars that have been one, the victors have usually suffered at least some sort of setback. A loss in a skirmish or full-on battle, a death of a leader. Something usually happens that doesn’t go strictly to plan and is undesirable. The Iconic Cup, it must be said, was a total failure for the three of us. Chelsea couldn’t quite defeat Aria Jaxon. There is no shame in losing to what many feel is the best wrestler on the planet, male or female. My math may be wrong on the matter, but as of Jamie O’Hara’s defeat she is the longest reigning champion of any kind in EAW presently. Jael couldn’t gain the opportunity that will be announced this week’s Empire. Sydney St. Clair wrestled the match of her career to beat her. And then...I couldn’t win the Cup. I was able to get past Savannah easily enough, but a familiar obstruction reared its ugly head again and knocked me off the shining road to that honor. I have found it hard to sleep the last few days. I had every opportunity to finish Matsuda and I couldn’t. It eats at me, it eats at my very fucking core that that pompous bitch can celebrate victory on this week’s Empire at my expense, even if only partially so. But...there is an old adage in sports, a mantra that I think rings true today: You can’t allow the team that beat you last week to beat you this week as well. Essentially, get whatever crap out of your mind that cost you the game last week and focus on this week’s task.

And what a lovely task that I’ve been assigned!

In the main event of this week’s Empire, I once again get to do battle with the Specialists Champion Megan Raine. You’ve come a long, long way from having my boot smacking against your orbital bone, haven’t you? I used to take you for granted, baby girl. You were just a mistress to Ryan Adams, a talentless hack in my eyes for so long. But somewhere along the way, you evolved. You got better. While your skill in the ring is still...with all due respect, somewhat questionable, your talent for survival is not. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of crazy mess you manage to get yourself into, you’ve found a way to not only survive and keep that championship reign intact, but thrive! As a former Specialists Champion myself, I have to say I commend you for it. In a certain way, our careers are a bit of a parallel. Long-time afterthoughts on the Empire roster shock Consuela Rose Ava to win the Specialists Championship and ascend to stardom.

To your credit, you have managed to overcome all the challenges that you’ve faced so far. That is where the niceties end, however. While you have improved and I have, in fairness, stalled a bit, I know that my absolute best is enough to beat you. My submissions and my technical skill is still enough to beat you. Hell, I was able to best you and another woman at once. Do you think you will honestly fare much better alone? You still have a ways to go to reach those lofty levels that you want to reach, and I will be the one responsible for dragging you back to reality, one painful submission hold at a time. I think it’s also a bit amusing that even if I beat you, I’m still an afterthought in the Specialists Championship race: it seems that you already have a pair of contenders sorted out to face you next: Andrea Valentine or Nicolette Lyons. Maybe it’s just me or someone making the cards for Empire is a sucker for blondes. That said, beating you is still important to me, regardless of if I am awarded a Specialists Championship opportunity or not. Having already forced the Empress of Elite to submit, a submission win over the Specialists Champion could at least merit me another chance at Aria Jaxon, even if it’s only for pride, no? Or maybe, even better still, I get a chance at the War Queen again.

You have done a great job of surviving, Megan. Your storm has indeed arrived, and it’s blown several worthy contenders away. I just want you to know that I’m not one of those contenders. All I care about right now is proving to the world that I am one of the best technical wrestlers to have ever lived and regaining momentum for the Crowe’s Nest. I don’t need them to come to the ring with me for them to have an impact, either. With their additional insight and assistance in training, we are, the three of us, going to come up with a simple game plan that will make an Easy Operation out of you. So once I’m done making you tapout, be grateful that your belt was not on the line and prepare yourself for whatever half-cocked challenger comes your way next.

My aspirations are much higher than you…

That’s all.
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Post on March 6th 2018, 9:20 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 102: Shining Quality

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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Our scene opens with the solemn looking face of Finnegan Wakefield. Hands together in a similar fashion to a prayer, he has his eyes closed as he tries to collect his thoughts. A few seconds pass before he opens his eyes and begins to verbalize his thoughts, moving his hands down to his sides. ”I have come to a stage of my life that I am unfamiliar with. For one hundred and sixty-eight days, I held a championship proudly around my waist, defending it with no less than everything I had to give, fending off challengers one by one. Those challengers ranged from inexperienced to arrogant, from ruthless to persistently stubborn. I thought I had faced the worst of the division, that there was nothing that I wasn't prepared for. At the Brooklyn Heights, I was proven wrong. It was the shameless challenger that usurped me in the end. Nathan Fiora, the challenger who told me he was nothing like any opponent I had faced before and finally backed it up. But did he prove he was better than me that night?" Finnegan shook his head. "No, all he proved is that he possessed no shame -- that he was willing to sacrifice becoming a credible champion who earned his rank to become the champion in name alone. A sacrifice only the most gutless would make. And I won't lie and pretend that having the New Breed Championship snatched away from me in such a way didn't have me fuming. It felt like everything I built with my own two hands came crashing down. Picking the championship out of its status as a joke, giving it prestige and credibility by accepting all challengers of all different skill levels in any and all stipulations -- that was all besmirched, all undone in a single night. Nathan Fiora had to pry that championship from my hands, and he had to go to such cowardly extremes to make that happen. And now he laughs it up, acting like he has earned it. That was what had me fuming most when I came back through the curtain that night; knowing that is who all my work has fallen on the shoulders of, knowing it took only one match for him to completely take away all the credibility I gave that title in my tenure. But as I walked through the hall, as the fellow elitists applauded my efforts as champion, patting me on the back and telling me that I had a bright future ahead of me, I made a promise to myself. A promise that I wouldn't look back in anger, a vow to keep moving forward. And I will. My time waving the New Breed flag has come to an end, no longer among their ranks. The real trial by fire has only begun, and it seems like Kenny Drake is wasting no time in pushing me towards a true test of my worth beyond the New Breed Division. With it, an opportunity to contend for the companies holy grail; the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. In a surprise to everyone, Jamie O'Hara has been dethroned, the championship has a new holder. And with a new holder, comes new challengers. I now find myself among three other hopefuls who want a crack at that championship, and we are going to decide it amongst ourselves who wants it just that little bit more than the rest."

"One of these things, however, is not like the others. Revenant, I have been the subject of your obsession for what feels like months now. And it has grown to become an annoying thing to be a subject of. No matter what my task for the week is, I can't help but notice that Revenant still continues to try and drag my name through the mud, albeit through delusional statements and unfound claims. Even when I beat you in the stipulation you chose, in the match that you wanted, it only continued. Twice now I have bested you in matches, and both times you fell flat on your ass in the fallout, yet you claimed them to be close encounters. No, they were very one-sided affairs, solely because of your mindset. You were ill prepared for the Finnegan Wakefield that stepped inside the cage with you, you were so fixated on your false ideas of who he was and as a result, you were left dumbstruck. And now, you claim that you were one-fourth of a second from beating me that night." With a grin on his face, Finnegan shakes his head. "Fine. You can clutch to that straw till your heart is contempt. At the end of the day, though, you didn't -- no -- you couldn't beat me. And those who refuse to learn from their mistakes are only doomed to repeat them. And I know how stubbornly persistent you are so by all means, keep telling me how much of a phoney I am. Tell me how unbreakable you are, how I can never truly best you. But remember where that mindset has gotten you in the past. Remember that I gave you the tools to beat me, yet you couldn't. And now I stand in a position to perform the hattrick, silence those idiotic claims of yours for good. I have that bit of an impact on your career, perhaps even your life as a whole, to the point where you feel like you have to prove your worth by trying to beat me to continue moving forward. It'll never happen though because the more you sow, the more you will reap. You billed me as a prince, and you have fallen at his feet many times. One more should be your call back to reality. If not, you're doomed to fall down this rabbit hole for a long, long time. Perhaps forever."

"Speaking of opponents from my past; Carlos Rosso. Territorial Invasion in the grand scheme of things feels so long ago now, so long ago that we both had title reigns in that period of time. While I was fighting my heart out as New Breed Champion, you had won, lost and rechallenged for the Interwire Championship. Now, to the next step, what has been evading you for the longest time, something you have been yelling about for as long as I have known you. After months of playing with 'boys', red flags aside, the opportunity has presented itself. But you're not the only one who is seeking that open slot as the #1 contender. Back at Territorial Invasion, you gave me quite a thrashing. But I have evolved since then, I have grown stronger and my tolerance for pain has been heightened. How did I pitch it all those months ago? The Strongest Arm in EAW versus The Strongest Arm Breaker in EAW? I believe that was the jist of it, and it is most certainly the case now. I, more than anyone, know how much of a handful and earful Moongoose McQueen can be. But that was a hill I could get past, but for you, that hasn't been an accomplishable task. Perhaps the younger generation is getting a leg up on the old timers, catching up like young lions to overthrow the old and decrepit. Perhaps the Red Storm is dying down -- The Champion of Life getting closer to its end. Point being, this is a championship opportunity I want to claim, and if the old guard stands in my way, I'll knock it down. People have told me that World Championship glory is in my future, but why not make my future today?"

"And then, there is that X factor; the man I know the least about personally. But I have been an observer, from the sidelines I have seen this grand unveiling of the true nature of Ahren Fournier. The man who called himself the Trill Fairy, the character many were amused by, it was all a facade to prove a point about your stance on the professional wrestling industry, that it is a joke the glorifies silly and ridiculous characters. What may be a surprise to many, to a degree I understand where you come from and agree with the sentiment, hence why I am no gimmick myself. It actually seems you and I are the same in some aspects, but in other aspects, we are complete opposites. While you are trying to corrupt this business from the inside, I am trying to keep it thriving, going strong for years to come. It is an industry I want to become the face of one day, become a figure of history when all is said and done. While you do this for paychecks, I do this for my life ambition. On that, we can not be more different from one another. But I would be foolish if I spoke of you lesser. Since shedding the trill fairy skin, you have challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship, even facing one of the companies most iconic figures in DEDEDE. Despite both attempts at victory being unfruitful, it has only proven that Ahren Fournier is a talented individual. Popularized by a gimmick or not, that has been proven in recent weeks. You are now standing on the level that I want to be at, standing across the ring from the men I want to stand across the ring from, and I am very much a "To be the man, you gotta beat the man" kind of guy. In this match, you stand as the highest in rank. And while you can maintain it, I want to surpass it and, in one match given the right result, I can do that. I don't do this for my paycheck, you can have that for all I care. This is a leap of faith towards my goal, and I am not shying away from taking it, regardless of the obstacles in my way. Yourself included."

"Let's not forget about that one shining quality in Finnegan Wakefield. Despite what people may think of me. Despite what they may feel. Or what you, Revenant, Ahren Fournier or Carlos Rosso may even feel. You cannot deny that Finnegan fights for everything he has. I scratch, kick and punch at everything that's thrown my way. And if you don't believe, I suggest you look at what I have already accomplished at such a young age in such a short amount of time. I have faced Hall of Famers, Main Eventers and not one of them has forgotten just how much fight I bring to the table. All three of you will come to find that the New Breed Championship didn't make up who I was -- I made up what the New Breed Championship was. I pushed it, advocated it to main event events, and that's only an indication of what I can do. This week, this match, it will be an indicator of what I will do. And I will be the first to test just how good our new World Heavyweight Champion is, and won't stop until the nameplate engraving says the name Finnegan bloody Wakefield!"
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on March 6th 2018, 7:58 pm by Andrea Valentine
"The Iconic Cup didn't turn out the way I would've liked it to on my part, that much I can admit to, but there's definitely no denying that the performance I put on that night was one to be admired. What I displayed that night against not one, not two but three opponents was something that I don't think any of those girls out there, or even some of the ones in the back, saw coming and it won't be something that goes forgotten when they look to me with the question of what it is that I can do inside the ring. It's been a few days since then but already we're on the road to the next Empire and it'll be there that I've got the opportunity to become the number one contender to the Specialists Championship - a championship that's easily become one of the most coveted titles on offer, and there's just one thing, one woman standing in my way. Nicolette Lyons. Nicolette, the match you had at the Iconic Cup against Sakuya was a good showing on your part, I'll give you that, and I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that you're milking that win for all its worth. You've been here for a quick sneeze, found it in yourself to muster up two wins in that amount of time and... that's what you think makes you oh-so-special? That alone is what makes you think that you're gonna be the biggest threat on the Empire roster? Myself and the rest of the locker room have seen girls like you come and go, none of you being any different from the last when they decided they wanted to gamble their livelihood and well-being for the sake of wanting to entertain themselves all because they got bored of being such a major success in their previous line of work. But you're different because of... what, exactly? Your penchant for seeming to be even more vapid than they were? Because I listen to how you speak to your opponents and it's a real roller coaster ride hearing all that bullshit - entertaining in the sense that you think you can't be stopped, downright nauseating for those who can't stand to bear it. Or is it your ability to focus on all the wrong things that won't have meant shit in the end? And oh God, I didn't think it was possible but wait, there's more! You think you're gonna beat me to become the number contender based on that one victory? I'm sorry, you're gonna have to remind me again why I don't stand a chance after the performances I've had against the likes of Aria Jaxon and Stephanie Matsuda, or how I showed I had the capability of wrestling three matches in one night at the Iconic Cup."

"Honestly, Nicolette, if it wasn't for the fact that the one thing you've actually managed to convince me of is that you're gonna give me a fucking headache by Thursday, I'd say you actually amuse me. I mean, can we talk about this for a moment? I want you to give me an honest answer when I ask you this next question: How many IQ points did you lose while clearly straining so hard to come up with all those lame ass jokes? Seriously. I wanna know. But from the absolute worst insults known to mankind you keep tossing around that you funnily enough probably think are even ranking anywhere near decent, to your undeserved ego when it comes to in-ring competition - it's got to be mind-boggling to some how you can make all those false assumptions but at the same time, I can't say I'm shocked. You think just because you're so used to being successful in everything before this that you believe you've got no competition, but for as smart as you make yourself out to be, you've already shown how dumb you really are in all that cringe-worthy nonsense you decided it'd be great to spew. The apparent genius that is Nicolette Lyons, is really gonna overlook me? You're really gonna believe that I wouldn't be worth some real effort? Then again, you are the only one in 2018 still running around calling people "basic", "peon", and "pissants", so I wouldn't really have high expectations for you to really pay attention to things going on around you and how they're evolving, or for you to really to take in the gravity of the situation when it comes to how you're about to step into the ring with the woman who even Stephanie Matsuda couldn't keep down for a three count. What makes it even more obvious to me is how you're solely focusing in on me losing in the finals, not how I overcame the far more experienced Goto sister and in that same night got myself what had to be one of the fastest pinfall decisions in EAW history over Revy. But I get it, Nicolette, I totally do! All you're doing is trying to distract from how you know you'll have met your match come Thursday, and how what you'll have presumed to be your best shot couldn't keep me from becoming the number one contender. The thought of me ending this match just as fast as it gets started, something I'd clearly be capable of, has you terrified. The mere idea of me derailing this apparent train of success you think you're on in a matter of seconds has you desperately resorting to terrible, godawful jokes as if they're supposed to... hurt my feelings, I think? You believe you're set to take your place at the top of the mountain already like this is meant to be so easy, but stepping over me to get there isn't gonna happen and when I strike you down I'll send you plummeting all the way back to ground zero where you'll have to chart yourself a whole new path. I won't say you don't belong here if that's what you're expecting, but what I can guarantee is that on Thursday you'll see that you've got a long way to go because I'm nothing like Sakuya, and you'll find that out for yourself. Will this be easy? No, and I don't expect it to be. By all means, I want you to bring your best because when I beat you, there won't be any room for excuses on your part. I just know when it comes to you that I can do better than Sakuya did, I'll actually be able to walk away from that ring say I defeated you and with this contender spot at stake, there's no way I'm letting it slip right through my fingers when it's well within my reach. The Iconic Cup provides all the evidence you need, matches before this give all the reasons as to why I'm capable of getting it done and after everything I've given to show why I'm next, I'm gonna make this my moment to shine when I rise to the occasion by seeing to it that you're the one who takes the fall."

"One thing you'll come to find out about me is I don't believe in destiny or real-life fairytales, attributing any success to a lucky sequence of events takes away from all the hard work I've put in since I've been back and luck isn't something I'm gonna need to beat you. But of course, you're just another bitch in my way who thinks of me as naive like that's actually how I expect my career to play out - and while it's certainly not, I'll also be the first to admit it's been anything but that. One would think you'd relate seeing as how you lost your first two matches, right? You love to make yourself out to be this undeniable, perfect success story but you've already seen your own fair share of losses, and this will just be another one that you get to add on to your record where the only one it'll have come to a shock to is you. See, it'll be inside that ring where the clock strikes midnight on your plans to take me down and your worst nightmare comes to life: the one where everyone bears witness to how I marched right into the den and mercilessly came to put down the petulant beast - and when it's finally over, when the bell finally rings, you'll have no choice but to wake up to the reality that I was just simply better than you."
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Post on March 6th 2018, 12:59 pm by Jon McAdams

The camera fades in on the Hardcore Championship. It is sitting on a mantle. A loud thump is heard as the belt and camera shakes. McAdams voice is heard.

“Within my first couple of months I held this belt. I was just starting out and I had no idea what I was doing but I was willing to work hard and do whatever it took by whatever means in order to capture something.”


“I held it for a very short two months. Defended it successfully with the help of that cast off Mike Showman against Drastik before losing it to that other cast off Maero.”


“I was told then that this was the beginning of the long painful road. It was here where I was told this next year will prove something to myself and everyone else. I spent a year fighting for my place in the midcard. Midcard hell. All these people who could come up and pass me by... yet they are no longer here."


“It’s funny though, when you look back at that title win. The way I had won it. The way I had held it and my viewpoint towards it. I looked back at it and was not proud of my achievement. I was not proud of how I got it. I felt as if it was given to me. Not earned.”


“But not this time. I spent a full year working my ass off and being one of the most consistent and underrated Elitists in this company. For a whole year people were tossing me aside and claiming I am already on my way out. For a whole year, despite my work ethic, despite my consistent delivery in matches and the way I carried myself I was still always being told I would never make it. Management gave me many opportunities and in every single match I delivered handily but ultimately fell short and people began to look at me like a good hand in the ring but that is about it.”


“Yet each match, each painful loss, and each opponent I faced knew that I had brought them to their limits. Each opponent felt in their hearts that on any given week Jon McAdams could have won. From former world champions, to some of the best and brightest prospects in this business. No one ever walked away from Jon McAdams feeling like they were confident they could beat me again. Then I won this title once more. I didn’t just win. I forced the submission of the King of Hardcore, Darkane. The man who had defined this title and held it and defended it brutally for five months. People claimed he would hold the title forever. But I have it. I am now the two time Hardcore Champion and I did it my way and I earned it without help, without assistance, without someone else holding my hand. I worked my way to this belt.”

The camera pans back as Jon McAdams is seen lifting and throwing a giant tire.


McAdams steps away from the tire and approaches the belt. He picks up a water and drinks from it.

“Hardwork. This belt doesn’t just represent the most brutal division in the company but it is now a symbol of hardwork. The previous champion showed the whole company that this belt is not a joke but a prize and I took that prize through sweat, determination, ambition and obsession. This is the Hardcore Hardwork Championship and I earned it by working my ass off and overcoming the odds. I made some statements before about how I would destroy this division. I intend too. By being the best in it and elevating it alongside me. It is not enough to grow into a title. You must take that title farther then it though it could go. O’Hara did it. Darkane did it. Nico Borg did it. I will do it. Which brings me to the Gold rush.”

McAdams lifts the title onto his shoulder and walks away from the mantle.

“It’s odd to be part of the Gold Rush yet already have Gold. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to take this belt all the way through the tournament and any decent wrestler is never satisfied but the reason I really want to win this tournament is to take this belt and elevate it above even the richest prize on Dynasty. But I guess, what is more valuable than beating the opponent I get to face in the main event. Jacob Senn. two time World Champion, Elite Champion, Tag team Champion, and the list goes on. What’s more telling is your victory in the 2015 Gold Rush. You’ve gone the distance before. You are a tried and true Veteran in this business and your five years with this company have proven that.

I know that I am not just facing a man. I am facing a Legacy. A mountain. But I have climbed difficult mountains before and I have gone above and beyond what people thought I could time and time again and you are no different in that sense. You are another impossible challenge and another person I intend to prove wrong.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what you do or don’t see in me. You and I have never fought, never crossed paths, never had issues with one another and the only thing I know is that right now, other than Nasir Moore, you and I have the most fire lit under our asses out of anyone in the roster. For the first time in a while your ban has finally been lifted and I know you are gunning for that title and Jacob Senn is not a man with lofty goals that are never reached. But neither am I. I am running full steam ahead with momentum. I now hold the Hardcore Hardwork Championship and I am not going to let this go to waste. If I am to be in the Gold Rush tournament, then I am going to win the Gold Rush tournament and I will remain undaunted by any man. Because you may be a proven legacy, but Darkane was the King of hardcore and in the end, we are all ultimately just men. I need only nail the Head Trauma and bring down Sovereignty.

I can sit here and make character attacks against you and call you silly names or laugh about your failures but at this moment, until I hear you talk, what would be the point? I have no need to demean your name and quite frankly, it would sound stupid coming out of my mouth but I am reading up on you. I am watching your matches, and I am learning who you are and I will be prepared for you. Yeah, you are a legacy. You are a punisher, a ghost of dynasty.

But one thing I can say confidently is that you are not indestructible. I won’t make a stupid declarative statement like I am going to destroy you on Dynasty. No, that is unrealistic. But I am going to beat you and once again the world is going to be shocked as they always are when I come up against challenges like you and this Hardcore Championship is going to be Sovereign over this entire company. Until then…”

McAdams turns to the camera and raises his hand in the shape of a glass.

“Here’s to you, Jacob Senn.”

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Post on March 5th 2018, 11:56 pm by SpartacusReborn
Showdown Debut
*The camera is outside the front door of Ashaad’s house. The man holding it waits as the door begins to open*

Ashaad: Oh, how long have you been standing out here for? Don’t answer that question, bring yo’ ass on in here.

*Ashaad is walking towards his gallery room as the camera man follows. Ashaad then points at a large portrait. In the picture, a man is in a ring, holding up a title with a bloodied face*

Ashaad: This is my driving force in this world. Every single day when I wake up in the morning, I stare at this portrait. This is my father in 1968, winning the MWCW World Championship at the Auto-Bon Ball Room. He was able to beat one of the top wrestlers in the nation on that night and became etched in the History books. This man lived and fought bravely towards greatness. A true Muslim he was! He lived through the era of the birthing of the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X. 
   He had many great role models in his career years and I guarantee you, he always used the words of those great men to become a champion. Even before my father won the world championship, he was a champion…. My champion. I learned all I could about my father’s life through my uncles who told me who he was like. I only got to see my father wrestle three times and it pained me that I missed all of the greatness he accomplished while I was nonexistence. 
   I promised that man that I would be a champion one day and I was successful. Once I left NWA, I wanted to go and be a champion everywhere possible. Now I’m here and it’s time for me to show myself worthy.

*Ashaad away from the camera to get closer to the picture of his father. He then turns around to look at a smaller portrait of himself holding up the NWA World Championship. He begins to smirk*

Ashaad: I never thought that I would debut in a Tag Match. It’s a weird setting for me but one thing people of Muslim faith do the best is adjust. I will adjust to the fact that I have to work with another being to dish out pain. Ashaad Johnson and Daryl Kinkade versus Sun Jiao-Long and Eli Smith. Tag Match! See, right now, I am at the bottom of a flight of stairs. That first step is Saturday Night. When I set my foot down on that step, I’m going to make sure I leave a damn footprint on that muhfucka’. On Saturday, from the first toll to the ending toll of the bell, there will be pain. Man, I can’t fucking wait for Saturday! It’s been too damn long since I punched someone’s teeth down their throat so they’d shit it out the next day. It’s been sooooo long! 
   On Saturday, the first two victims to fall to the Might of Allah are Eli Smith and Sun Jiao-Long. Hell, maybe even Daryl Kinkade might end up a victim to the Might. 

*Walks out of the room as the camera follows. Ashaad then goes to the kitchen and leans up against the table*

Ashaad: Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t mind a tag match. It just means I get to mess two guys the fuck up at the same damn time. It also means that I got to work together with another to become victor. I’m hoping that my teammate is on his Ps and Qs come Saturday so the match goes smoothly and we win. Daryl, I’m not going to sugar coat it, don’t do anything stupid! This is my first match in this company and I don’t want no one tarnishing the first night of my tenor here. I’ve always had a dislike for tag matches but if it comes to cooperation to beat your opponent, then I will do what I gotta’ do. One more thing, to my opponents, if you know what’s good for you…. I suggest when I get tagged in or if I start off the match, you tag in your partner…. Because whoever I can get these hands on….*puts up his hands in flat palms and then balls them into fists* will feel the Might of Allah and pain that will stalk them for days to come. 
   Now, I could sit here and talk my lips into soreness but seeing as I haven't heard shit from my opponents, there isn't much more to say to them. They are soft and I intend to make that statement plausible. Showdown, the first step is less than 6 days away and I am ready to take that first step. At the end of the match, as I walk away from the ring, there will be groans of pain in that ring after the Might of Allah has been carried out. I wish my opponents the best of luck! Hah! Fuck that shit, no luck is going to keep those two muhfuckas' from the Might of Allah. Showdown.... EAW..... See You Saturday!!  Untill then, Asalaaam Alaikum! 
*The camera backs away from Ashaad as it fades to black. A picture of Louis Farrakhan shows and below it reads a quote* 
"We, as black men, are in the face of an enemy who kills men who stand up.. but it's better to DIE standing up... then to bow down to the enemy! Conquer all enemies and never bow to them!" - Louis Farrakhan 2009
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Post on March 5th 2018, 11:12 pm by Rex32
Nothing remains long in the same state. That of which does, the continuous feeling that keeps the mind and the body moving on a forward straight path, on an upward trajectory during our travels is the expectation of constant flux. Our very existence being no more than the precarious attainment of relevance that we seek yesterday, today, tomorrow...until the end of time. The never ending battle for relevance and ultimately supremacy, the very things that can leave us bogged down mentally when the fruits of our labors don't pay immediate dividends, and at times literally broken physically when our bodies finally give out on us after a long grueling war that tests our attrition and will. In the end, that proves to be the difference in whether we allow our passion to live on, rising beyond the harrowing defeats, or simply letting it die away with the ravages of time. After nearly two and half years, jumping through hoop after hoop, hitting the brick wall more times than most, it's this elitist that remains moving onward and up, inching ever closer in his many pursuits that surely will bring his name more value. Leaving the past, working in the present just so that a future is possible, I realize that I must approach each new scenario the same way I would if I were competing for the EAW Championship, a title that has eluded me twice this season. To get back to that point, and more importantly to get past that threshold, it's going to take an extreme focus. A focus on myself, my goals, ensuring that everything I do continues to be nothing short of what's already expected of me by now and much more. And lastly, staying in the moment, the present. Yesterday has come and passed. Tomorrow hasn't happened. There is only today, so that's what's I embrace. With the focus on the current, what's new to compliment what's already in place when it comes to this brand, it will be a welcoming sight this week to see a new name standing across the ring from this elitist ready to show his passion once again in front of the world. Given the platform to make an impact, I would expect nothing less from the new wave of crop to have been plucked up from the draft pool to swim in the sea here on Showdown. If there is one thing that I can truly appreciate when it comes to the new blood, it's the understanding that they have of what may still be to come, or lack thereof. It then becomes a matter separately of whether they are mentally prepared to strike out a few times before they can truly hit a home run.

No matter how skewed your views may be, I certainly don't have a problem clearing up all the fog for you this week.

The ambitions you have, the goals you seek to achieve. They are admirable. It almost puts you on par with any other newcomer to come into the fold recently, the ones that were just here yesterday making their bold claims that they were to be seen as nothing less than the chosen ones to establish a better tomorrow for Showdown, and to Elite Answers Wrestling. Almost being the key, only due to the still empty claims and promises to support the verbalized proposal to the masses that if they keep placing the pins up that you'll simply keep knocking them down. That's what others before you claimed, to which they competed admirably, even turning some heads for a fleeting spell before POOF, just like magic. Here today, gone tomorrow. So you'll have to excuse the manner in which I choose to dismiss yours that you've made since showing up in this company. There's more to this than just the standard show of bravado, spouting off in delusions of grandeur without even so much as anything to support everything you boast inside the squared circle. But as is to be expected from your lot, you're too overwrought to listen, looking to establish a narrative in your favor by trying foolishly to slander those that are already well established elitists like myself who know of more ways to eat and digest a little fish like yourself than the number of moves you will surely bring to the table to try and put me down. You are the first of your lot that I've seen this season. You've had a rough go since leaving the ole' folks in Sydney, but it's all necessary for the self-proclaimed Anti-flog that you wish to be acknowledged as, for none of it has proven to be truly fatal just yet. Though I don't wish to hide my hunger any longer for the things I desire as I move along, as my career grows, it's the names such as yours that I may be able to look back at months down the road and find myself nodding my head in approval of your progress knowing that someone from the new crop was able to push me, making this journey toward the apex well worth the many miles it took to get there. So a pit stop this week to consume another appetizer before the eventual main course will not be looked at as infructuous. The youthful exuberance and umbrage that you choose to carry yourself with is neither original or to be considered as a proven formula to fulfill your ambitions and accomplish the goals you've set forth for your future endeavors in this company at the highest levels. So while you choose ignorantly to try and distort the image of others who have already established their name amongst the highest of standards that you and I could only hope to reach on our best days, I do advise that you take more time to evaluate what type of character you wish to project onto this world, because the learning curve for you continues this Saturday when you're brought back down from under the clouds to reality where you will be properly humbled. 

You wish to pose as a threat, but where you become revered most is in the ring, and so far that's where you have killed all the meanings behind each and every claim or promise that you make as well as any momentum that you've tried to establish. With so many pieces of your puzzle still left to be placed, you won't come to know or appreciate what a moment of walking in the boots of someone more established is like until you have had more tenure here as well as character building experiences. You wish to create a legacy here, do you not? Who doesn't? So many come and go without ever even realizing what they were seeking was right there for the taking had they just reached out a little further to grab hold of it. Legacies are not bound by age or time served, just by the body of work you put together at each stage of your career. Each uncharted territory you approach will eventually come to look like everything else you experienced previous once you have reached this perch that I stare down at you from. You're blushed with confidence, but blinded by ignorance, in need of more adversity to help see clearly what your purpose is, what adjustments and changes you may need to make going forward from here, and the work you will need to put into making everything run smoothly. Alleviate your burdens by limiting your mistakes, and you will begin to find the proper footing necessary to rise through the ranks, building a positive rapport with the hierarchy with each gut wrenching performance that you are put through. I could invest enormous amounts of time and energy in serious efforts to become knowledgeable of you inside and out, Desmond, but in the end, how close can I come to doing so to know your aura, your essence? That can only happen in the ring. It's hardly worth the trouble because I've not, the world has not seen your best yet. Show your best, through your actions, not your words. They can not save face for your past mistakes. You will surely say your piece this week, convincing yourself that you know me real well, but would you really be knowledgeable about everything? In life, lots of things are inherent - change, birth, death, aging, illness, accidents, calamities, losses of all kinds - but these types of events don't guarantee continuous suffering. What it little it does cause will pass, like everything else, and be replaced with all new experiences. I challenge you to relinquish your ego and your pride, because all that soon serves you with nothing more than negative thoughts and feelings and, as a result, you miss out on everything that would prove to be far more influential in your growth. Like you, I've currently got no physical achievements to show of at this point in my existence to make you see me in any form other than what you'd foolishly view me as right now, but then again Devan Dubian didn't either, and you easily ran through his resume as if it were a set of instructions to a new game you wished to play before crumpling it up in short order and tossing it aside, deeming him irrelevant. Then he proceeded to show you different, making you more than aware of why he stands where he does, and why you still have much to be caught up on before you can start your climb up that familiar ladder of success. How you view me matters little in the grand scheme of things and barely stands as an expectation of mine in the first place, because we're at different points in our respective craft leaving little to be debated at this point. This week what I want from you is what I expect from all of my opponents, and that's - and I'll put a little spin on your lingo - find a way to drown me at sea, because if you can't, it will be this elitist that drowns you.

See you soon.
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EAW Promoz!

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