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 Jael Arcana-Rosario

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Jael Arcana-Rosario


Posts : 4
Hailing From : Tempe, AZ
Status : Angels sin, devils pray.

PostSubject: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 5:46 am

☩Ring Name: Jael Arcana-Rosario
☩Nickname(s): ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ ‘The False Prophet’
☩Height: 5'7"
☩Weight: 102 lbs.
☩Born: May 28, 1991
☩Billed From: Tempe, Arizona

☩Picture Base: Kay Lee Ray

☩Renders: Available here

☩In Ring Attire: Same as picture base. Mainly blacks, shades of grey, and a hint of scarlet red. The black portion of her top features her logo, a heart with seven daggers going through it. Standard black kneepads and black laced boots. Will often wear a sideways cross necklace.

☩Entrance Attire: Will often sport a torn and bleached version of her merchandise. The only major difference being the cut of the shirt (either a regular fit or a crop top).

☩Segment Attire: Nine times out of ten, she’ll use her entrance attire as her segment attire, except she’ll either be wearing a baseball cap or a bandana. On rare occasions, she’ll wear your stereotypical modern goth girl outfit.

☩Theme Song: “Flashbacks” by EMIKA
☩Detailed Entrance Description: “Flashbacks” by EMIKA hits the speakers, and the main lights dim, whilst red and white strobe lights begin to flash in sync with the beat. The lyrics kick in, and Jael Arcana-Rosario makes her way through the curtain, head down and hands in a prayer position. She disregards the crowd that either cheer or boo her as she mouths a prayer. Jael does the sign of the cross before making her way down the ramp. Once in the ring, she tosses her shirt to the outside, and gives the cross around her neck a kiss before going into her designated corner.

☩Wrestling Debut: April 10, 2007

☩Disposition: Anti-hero

☩Tendency to cheat: Rarely, but only if needed

☩Gimmick: If one’s body is a temple, then Jael Arcana-Rosario would kneel towards the altar every waking day. To many, she is nothing but a devout Catholic, but we’re all well aware of how difficult it is for a believer of God to remain humble. She’s not a conventional hero: Jael can be at times self-interested, condescending, pleasure-orientated, or apathetic. In a sport where people play heroes and villains, Jael is here to simply show she’s human. Jael Arcana-Rosario leads her own path of righteousness and could care less if the crowd is behind her actions or not.
The self-proclaimed ‘Lady of Sorrows’ is waging a war on two fronts: one against herself and her path of sin and temptation that has led her to wrestling, and the other against a world filled with deceit, greed, and hatred.

☩Motivations: Jael feels that, in order to speak the Lord’s truth, she must be willing to put herself in His position. She carries her own cross and crown of thorns, but as stated previously, she’s human. Given the gift of free will, Jael is not afraid to have someone else carry her cross for her, or use it to crush anyone who stands in her way.

☩Wrestling Style: Very methodical, hard-hitting attacks. ‘Swift and severe’ is one way of describing the style she’s shaped over the past ten years of her career.

☩Favorite Match: Matches where she is able to take her time wearing down an opponent: iron man matches, falls count anywhere matches, or submission matches.

☩Least Favorite Match Type: Anything that requires quick wit or improvisation: ladder matches, over-the-top-rope elimination matches, or beat-the-clock challenges.

☩Weapon of Choice: Holy water – in no-disqualification matches, she’ll often keep a vial of holy water handy. Jael prefers to use it as a mist, in order to temporarily stun an opponent before hitting her finishing maneuver.

☩In-ring awareness: Jael has had years of experience, and as such, will use that to her advantage; she knows the squared circle like the Apostle’s Creed. Her favorite spot to inflict damage is near the ropes. This doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll go high risk often, but she will use the ropes to her advantage.

☩Methodical pace: She’s not necessarily ‘slow’ in the ring, but Jael will go to great lengths to drag on a match - especially if it’s a singles match. Jael believes every move she performs has a purpose, and as such, she plans her attacks before executing them.

☩Common Moves:
● Lariat variations (discuss, crooked arm, western, northern, short-arm)
● Running knee to the corner, followed by a kneeling facebuster
Rope hung triangle armbar (will usually hold on until the last second in regular matches)
● Tree-of-woe dropkick (will usually try to keep the opponent in the tree-of-woe for as long as possible before connecting with the dropkick)
● Dragon whip
● Arm trap backbreaker
● Kneebar
● Springboard forearm smash
Delayed reverse Ushigoroshi
Modified Indian deathlock
● Running swinging neckbreaker
● Argentine facebuster
● Snapmare
● German suplex
● Diving crossbody
● Chokehold STO
Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb
● Sleeper hold

☩Signature Moves:

1. Unholy Sermon (Rope hung DDT)

2. Neurodegeneration (Pumphandle brainbuster to the knee – [PREVIEW])

3. Placebo Effect (Inverted crucifix cutter – used as a taunting move of her ‘Stigmata’ finisher – [PREVIEW])

4. Angels Shall Sin… (Repeated shoot to the chest of a kneeling opponent, followed up by...)

5. ...Devils Shall Pray (...a running big boot to the kneeling opponent)

Finishing Moves:

1. Stigmata (Running crucifix powerbomb – [PREVIEW])

2. Divine Illusion (Knee strike to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope – [PREVIEW])

3. Unanswered Prayers (Spinning inverted figure-four leglock, often used as her submission finisher; the move will come across as sudden with no build-up – [PREVIEW])

UF. Stigmata II (Crucifix powerbomb performed from the top rope – used rarely/only in big matches)

She’s not one to shove Bible verses and prayers down someone’s throats. Rather, she’ll mouth a prayer to herself before going for the Stigmata. If she’s successful, she’ll cross herself before hooking the leg. Taking too much time to get in her taunts could ultimately cost her the match.

Jael can be described as a silent killer: she’ll rarely trash talk or argue with whomever is in the ring with her. It’s hard to tell when she’s frustrated during a match, and as such, she’ll use this tactic to her advantage.

If she’s up against smaller or quicker opponents, she will often let them get the upper hand early in the match. She does this in order to rest throughout the match, whilst her opponent tires out. When it’s least expected, she’ll try to go for the killing blow.

Last edited by Jael Arcana-Rosario on January 18th 2018, 5:21 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Status : 『Улыбнись, и тогда душа заживет』

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 6:11 am

Marx.... staahp!

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Posts : 2050
Age : 24
Hailing From : Indonesia

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 8:18 am

Welcome, have fun. If this is an alt then good luck (H).

Thanks to Ryan Marx for the Nobi Signature and Arselx for the Shark Man Signature.
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EAW Hall of Famer
EAW Hall of Famer

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Status : Gravitons, orbit around my halo space...

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 9:50 am

Awesome sign up, welcome

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PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 10:48 am

Welcome have fun!

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Astraea Jordan

Posts : 803
Age : 19
Hailing From : Chiraq

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 1:42 pm

Whose mans is this?

Fuckers in the merch booth telling me, always in the jobber matches
Astraea ain't bout this, Astraea ain't bout that
My girl a BD on fucking Bank$ and them
He, he they say that nigga don't be putting in no work
Y'all niggas ain't know shit
All ya motherfuckers talk about
Astraea ain't no hitta Astraea ain't this Astraea a fake SHUT THE FUCK UP Ya'll don't live with that nigga
Y'all know that nigga got caught with a ratchet
Shootin' at the police and shit
Nigga been on probation since fuckin, I don't know when! Motherfuckers stop fuckin' playin' him like that
Them niggas (Ryan) savages out there
If I catch another motherfucker talking sweet about Astraea I'm fucking beating they ass! I'm not fucking playing no more You know those niggas roll with Lil' Rhyse and them
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J.D. Damon

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Age : 30
Hailing From : The City of Angels.
Status : You either die a hero, or live long enough to watch yourself become the villain.

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 2:00 pm


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вrσdч spαrks .

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Status : ís єvíl sσmєthíng чσu αrє? σr ís ít sσmєthíng чσu dσ?

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 3:44 pm


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Finnegan Wakefield

Posts : 1555
Age : 21
Hailing From : Great Britain (actually Australia)
Status : “The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 8:49 pm

Kay Lee Ray :whew:

Signature credit: Rhyse
28 Wins - 2 Draws - 17 Losses
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Aria Jaxon

Posts : 2519
Age : 22
Hailing From : Sparks City, California.
Status : I reign all day.

PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 19th 2017, 10:44 pm

I love your base and your gimmick is very smart and well thought-out. Welcome! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

"Honestly, I know where you're goin', and baby, you're just movin' on. And I'll still love you even if I can't see you anymore, can't wait to see you soar."
| 1994 - ∞, The Spark never dies   |
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Savannah Sunshine

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PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   October 20th 2017, 2:32 am

New friiiiiiends! Welcome to Empire.

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PostSubject: Re: Jael Arcana-Rosario   

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Jael Arcana-Rosario

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