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 EAW Promoz!

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Consuela Rose Ava

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 16th 2017, 11:54 pm by Carlos Rosso
The Road to A Deathmatch
For the first time ever, EAW will present a staple of deathmatch wrestling from Japan: The No-Rope Barbed Wire Time bomb deathmatch. A level of brutality seldom seen in EAW awaits two men, Carlos Rosso and the man that has become his hand-picked nemesis since his return to EAW: Keelan Cenitich. This documentary will follow Carlos Rosso on the week leading up to this historic and extremely dangerous contest, starting with his match with the current EAW New Breed Champion Moongoose McQueen at the previous Voltage. The match stemmed from what happened at Territorial Invasion, where the team captained by Carlos Rosso was defeated by Keelan’s team. During the closing moments of the match, Carlos sucker-punched Moongoose to attempt to score the decisive fall and keep the reward that was eventually won by Lars Grier for himself.

(A brief highlight package of the match is shown, ending with Carlos Rosso scoring the pinfall with the Southern Lariat, heading back to the locker room with a smile on his face, sweating a bit profusely but showing no real signs of being hurt as he engages with a few members of the press backstage.)

That was…. not as easy as I anticipated. I figured that Moongoose would be an easier opponent than that, but he did the New Breed Championship justice. He was a half-second slower than I was. That’s the thing, even with these new faces and new opponents that I must face, it’s usually the same old stuff that leads to victories and defeat. You just must be in the right place at the right time. Maybe I’ll challenge HIM for the New Breed Championship when Ground Zero is over, maybe I’ll challenge someone else, or maybe I’ll choose to not give a fuck about the New Breed Title. Whatever…. but now that the losing streak is over, I still have my business to take care of to prepare for this match, so goodbye.

(Carlos is later shown on the closing of Voltage, assaulting both Keelan and his girlfriend Madison as Voltage goes off the air, even planting a kiss on Madison. After the show goes off air, he smiles as he again faces the cameras.)

And now…do you see why I am the most dangerous person on Voltage? Every weakness that my opponents have, I will exploit them. Earlier tonight, I exposed Moongoose’s vanity and lack of speed in comparison to someone like me. And just now, after humiliating him in front of his girlfriend I exposed the primary weakness of Keelan: his heart. All he had to do was let Madison come out alone and none of this would have happened. But, being the idiot he is, he defended her! What did that get him? Tell me. What did he do today? Take a beating and watch me hurt his beloved. I wanted Madison to get a slight taste of what is going to happen to her bitchass boyfriend when I get him in the Deathmatch that I have constructed. I’m going to torture him slowly. I’m going to make sure he feels every bit of pain that he possibly can. For weeks he has taken this war as a joke. He thinks that just because of some lucky breaks or fluke losses that he can simply beat me up. He will suffer far worse than Madison did. He will be put thoroughly in his place....at the back of the fucking line....

The match is a pantheon of wood and unforgiving barbed wire. The traditional ring ropes are replaced with wire, all charged with small-grade explosives. The area outside the ring is covered in boards with even more barbed wire around them. This is not a match that is merely invoked to settle a feud…it’s a match that can end careers.

(Carlos Rosso is sitting down in another segment, this time with an obviously uncomfortable Erica Ford who is visibly nervous as Carlos glares at her as she conducts her interview.)

Erica: Why did you ask for a match as brutal as this one?

Carlos: Because I want to make sure that there is no doubt left about my return to Voltage being about far more than just a paycheck. For years, I have tried to play nice, I have tried to do things in a classic wrestling style. I can brawl, I can fight, I’ll do things like an Elimination Chamber or Ladder Matches, but I constantly did everything in my power to keep myself away from matches like this. Because…I have a bloodlust that isn’t easily satisfied. I laugh at some of the matches that EAW calls extreme. When I trained in Japan, I saw what REAL fights were. I saw REAL blood, REAL carnage, real destruction. Some of the things that will happen when I face Keelan will be things that EAW has never seen before and will likely never see again. The amount of punishment that both of us are going to go through is unreal. I want to use this match to prove that no matter what the circumstances are, I will crush any opponent who gets in my way.

Erica: What do you make of Keelan saying he feels at home in this environment?

Carlos: What he is comfortable with is not my concern. I’m going to make him UNCOMFORTABLE. He may think he understands what he is about to face, but he really has no idea. He may throw me into all the barbed wire and time bombs in the world…but I will still get up. He may make me bleed until I nearly pass out, but I will still get up. He should know how this match will end: With him suffering a Southern Lariat and then me driving his head into the canvas with a Red Spike. I like how he jokes about Territorial Invasion. That was four against four. This is one against one….and I am superior to him. I’m going to show him how real wrestling, real hardcore wrestling is done, and I’m going to slow his ascent to the top of the Voltage mountain. And…I hope that this match is educational for both Jamie O’Hara and TLA…. because if I have my way, one of them will be next.

As Carlos mindfully watches the construction of some of the barbed-wire boards and bombs being set up for the match with Keelan, a familiar face appears to talk.

(Stephanie Matsuda approaches Carlos inside an otherwise empty arena, pulling up a chair and sitting next to him. The arena is otherwise empty besides them and the workers assembling the ring and the necessary deathmatch “equipment”.)

Stephanie: You know you’re a crazy motherfucker for requesting a match like this, right?

Carlos: I wasn’t expecting you. Don’t you have some important match to prepare for?

Stephanie: That can wait a little bit. I just wanted to talk to you about a couple of things first.

Carlos: What?

Stephanie: Why did you do what you did to Madison?

Carlos: (Scoffs) I didn’t expect you to be her defender. But honestly, I still remember what she did to one of my students. And I don’t take lightly someone slapping me in my face, man, woman or child. She got what she deserved.

Stephanie: That said…. when you….

Carlos: That was just a little message to dear Keelan. He thinks that I am over the hill, but I have him all figured out. People may say a lot about my career, Cloudy, but one thing I’m good at is enduring things. I endured a losing streak that stretched back over a year. I endured a career ending injury. I endured losing to Keelan’s team at Territorial Invasion. And I will endure him. And then I will crush him.

Stephanie: You went out of your way with this idea though. You know you’re probably going to the hospital tomorrow, right?

Carlos: Absolutely. I have been in enough deathmatches to know I will not go unscathed. The goal is just to make sure that Keelan is going as well….as a loser.

(Stephanie shakes her head with a grin and stands up, patting Carlos on the back.)

Stephanie: You better not get embarrassed. And you better not get hurt too badly. You know Mao worries….

Carlos: I know.

(Stephanie leaves Carlos to his thoughts as he watches the workers continue to assemble the environment for his next bloody battle.)

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 16th 2017, 11:47 pm by Empress Madison
Empire Manifest Destiny Promo #1

"You have to be able to accept failure in order to get better"

- LeBron James

No your ears did not deceive you, you heard it correct on Empire, for the third straight year, I will be headed to the finals of the Empress of Elite tournament, I suppose you can call me the LeBron James of this tournament, considering how he is always in the NBA Finals. Also LeBron lost his first two chances in the finals before finally winning in his third try, and you can bet your sweet ass that I am going to win. I have been such a dominate force in EAW for a long time now, and it is about damn time I am getting the respect that I have earned, I have said it from the very start of this tournament. I didn't care who the hell stands in my way of achieving greatness, I will slay them, I will find a way to defeat each and every person that even looks at me the wrong way, I will knock them on their ass and keep them down for a count of three. My journey to the Empress of Elite finals has been a memorable one for sure, it first start with me defeating Revy in a close battle where I almost lost, but I perceived and I showed my true veteran instincts and picked up the victory. The following week in the second round, I just completely dominated Azumi Goto. I made her look like she never wrestled a day in her damn life, she was embarrassed and rightfully so I made her look downright silly in that ring and that is what she got for poking the bull all week. So with that win I moved onto the third round, and I faced the hot newcomer in Savannah Sunshine, and Savannah was impressive there is no denying that, she took me to the very limit, she brought the very best out of me,  so I applaud her for that. But my will to win is far bigger than some EAW rookie trying to make a name for herself. Savannah's day in the sun will come eventually but his is not her tournament to win. Oh hell fucking no, I made sure of that, because this is mine. I have been waiting for this for two years now. Every single year of the Empress of Elite tournament's existence I have made it to the finals. I came so close to winning, I almost had it but it was taken away from me, but as everyone knows almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. With those experiences losing to Aria Jaxon and Cailin Dillon in the finals, I am a better woman because of it, I am a better all around competitor. You don't truly understand and appreciate success until you hit rock bottom, and have failure in your life. When I first came to EAW, things just came so easy to me, I hit the jackpot in my first year here and I got my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by winning the Vixens Championship, and after that I just expected things to go my way and with that in many ways could have been the worse possible thing for me. Not only did I go through mental depression because of all the losses I raked up, but I started to question my ability as a wrestler. I started to second guess a lot of things in my life, it isn't until you accept failure and move on from it and try to better yourself as a person because of it, that itself makes you stronger, both mentally and physically. Using those failures and trying to learn from your mistakes is quite possibly the biggest lesson in life. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you can't go through it yourself, I had a lot of help along the way, most notably the love of my life, my soulmate and partner Keelan Cetinich, without him, I am most certainly not standing here today going into the finals for the crowning of the Empress of Elite, and with that said it is quite ironic who my opponent I will be going up against is. None other than my sister Alexis Diemos.

It feels like just yesterday, Alexis and I were fighting together, trying to make a difference in the world, trying to get people to understand our need to acquire change in the world. But damn a lot has changed since I first joined The Sanatorium. I don't even know if Alexis looks at me in the same light as she used to, but either way weather Alexis wants to still sees me as her sister anymore or not is quite irrelevant at this point, I have said it once and I will say it again, and I will continue saying it until it gets through people's thick skulls. Alexis Diemos will always be my family, she will always be my sister, and I will always love, until the very day I drop dead. What Eclipse and Alexis did for me, when I had nothing, nobody to cry a shoulder on, I was pushed around by society long enough that it just broke me, and I can't even put into words how grateful I am for what they did for me. I could never repay them for their love and comforting they gave me and for the better part of two years I am proud to say I was a family member of The Sanatorium. However with that said things change, people change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It got to a point that I just needed to get out of the there. I needed to be a free woman who thinks on her own and who fights on her own. I was tired of fighting unnecessary battles that I had nothing to do with. I was tired of sticking my neck out for people who quite frankly took me for granted. Alexis may control all her sisters, but she never could control me. I out ranked her in her own creation, you see that is where the jealously comes from with Alexis towards me. Alexis has been jealous of me since the first day I arrived in The Sanatorium. I'm not saying she didn't love me, I am not saying she didn't want to have me in the family, I am not saying that at all, because she welcomed me with open arms, but all I am saying is that deep down inside Alexis had this rage in her toward me. She was always jealous of how I over shadowed her in something she created with Eclipse. Alexis couldn't stand that I was the one who carried The Sanatorium sisters, I shed some light on them for once in their careers, made us relevant and as The Coven become of the most feared groups of all time. Alexis may think she is the master of puppets so to speak but the fact is, I could have kicked you square in the vagina Alexis, and you would have smiled at me and said thank you, because you knew how valuable I was to the group. You knew without me you free ride in the spotlight on Empire was over and done with. You weren't shit Alexis, you know it, you will never admit it but you weren't anything. I made you until what you are today. I mean look at what you have done this past year alone Lexi, the most improved woman hell the most improved wrestler on the entire EAW roster and it isn't even close. You don't even realize how fucking proud I am for you, I mean shit here you are in the finals of the Empress of Elite tournament. Who would have foreseen that a few years ago? Nobody not even you. I took you under my wing, not the other way around. I am so happy that we are facing off in the finals though, it couldn't have been a more story book ending in this tournament for either of us. There truly isn't anyone I would rather wrestle in this match than you. We have so much history together it is insane when you think about it. We have fought together side by side for years, there isn't anyone on the Empire roster who I know better than you, and vise versa.

With all that said, I am on the biggest roll of my EAW career, this is the best I have ever been or felt, the disgust and anger of the past year is behind me, and I even feel better about myself when I won the Vixens Championship that is how good I feel right now so take that anyway you want. I feel like I could take on anyone in the world and beat them. Alexis you are going to have to give me your all and them some if you think for one second that you are going to beat me. You are literally going to have to cut my chest open and rip out my fucking heart. That is the only way you can defeat me, because I am not losing this tournament. I am not losing for a third straight year in a row, nope just not going to happen. This is my tournament to win, and I will do anything and everything that I need to do in this match in order to win, if I have to drink your blood directly from your body and drain it all out in order to keep you down I most certainty will. If I have to break every bone in your body I will do that too. Don't forget how Sadistic I am Alexis, I know you may think you are Sadistic and freakish but I am by far more of a fucked up person in the head than you will ever be. I have the obvious advantage in this match considering I have been on this stage before. I've won championships and I've beaten the likes of Tarah Nova and Cameron Ella Ava, your biggest accomplishment is beating Stephanie Matsuda congratulations. The gloves are off now, it is a damn free for all right now. This is going to be one long week of back and fourth none stop bickering I can already see that. Feelings are going to be hurt and our already shaky sisterhood will be in tact. But in competition those are sometimes the stakes. But like I was saying, I have the advantage going into the match and I'm not stupid or blind I know that doesn't mean a god damn thing. I know defeating you will not be an easy task, you are not that passive aggressive little weasel who would hide behind me to stay protected anymore. You are one of the very best Empire has to offer now and it still amazes me that I can actually say that but it is the truth, you have earned that respect my dearest of sisters and I couldn't be anymore proud. But Sister vs sister that is going to be the headline for the week, but in all honesty it doesn't matter because at the end of the day, when it all boils down to it the only thing that matters is me staying focused and not getting rattled by you incoming insults, or your attempt to get in my head and fuck up my game. It's just not going to work, you can try your damnedest but it will be nothing but wasted energy on your part, because it will all be for not there is nothing you can say or do that will mess me up and lose my focus. I look forward to this upcoming week, I am excited for Manifest Destiny because it is my destiny to win Empress of Elite. Three straight years in the finals Alexis, just remember that. Through all the struggles, through all the pain and suffering that I went through, it will all be forgotten, it will be redemption after I am crowned Empress of Elite.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 16th 2017, 11:29 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
(Moongoose replied to this promo with his last one. He kept it open when I accidentally pressed "send" instead of "Preview". Some parts of this promo counter it.)

Chapter 64: Responsibility

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"The portrait that you have painted for yourself is not a pretty one, nor one you should be proud of. You seem very persistent in believing that I, along with the many who don’t believe your idiotic delusions of grandeur, simply can’t comprehend what Moongoose McQueen is at his core. You think this is all about a simple lack of understanding? It’s not the fact that we don’t comprehend who you are, it’s that we can’t comprehend what you think you are. Your morals are at best questionable, your ideologies are laughably flawed and your drive and the story behind it fluctuates so frequently that you can’t keep the story straight. It’s a common trait for a liar, to be unable to tell a story without changing details. You tell far too many tales about how you’re some kind of misunderstood hero, a vigilante who simply does what he feels needs to be done. In your heart of hearts, you care about what is best for EAW. Or at least, that’s what you tell us. Yet you never seem to put it into practice. Instead, you decide to do what’s best for EAW by constantly complaining that you’re underutilized and that you deserve better. Constantly push opponents to the side claiming them to be mere wastes of your time. Calling yourself a champion despite the fact that you think so very little of it and do nothing to raise its value. For someone who cares so much about EAW, you sure have a funny way of showing it. You have no humility, instead, you choose to parade yourself around like you’re hot shit. Sure, you were some hotshot in AWL and you got to rub elbows with the likes of Hades the Hellraiser and after migrating to EAW you got a handful of matches with the elites of EAW but that’s the extent of it. You rub elbows with the elite, you don’t become one yourself. Instead, you’re more fixated on being the class clown -- trying to make people laugh and entertain them, but you do it so poorly they just want you to stop. You might want to be New Breed Champion off and on depending on what side of the bed you roll out of, but in reality, you NEED the New Breed Championship. It’s the only claim to fame you truly have, yet you desecrate it. In my time with EAW I have come to know some very shifty people, some real delusional souls and you take the lead by a very wide margin. You’re a distraction, not an entertainer. And some people like the distraction, it gives them something else to do, takes their mind away from a tedious activity. But not everyone welcomes a distraction. There are people who just want to focus on the task at hand, who want to succeed with their hard work. And they have to find a way to block out the annoyance as he honks his clown horn. And I am very much in the later class. Quite frankly, you’re a third-rate wrestler with a fourth-rate personality. The problem isn’t that people don’t comprehend Moongoose McQueen, the problem is that Moongoose McQueen doesn’t comprehend other people. Sure, you make a few people chuckle on occasion, but let’s not pretend you’re doing it for them --  you’re really doing it for yourself. What you really are is a parody of what an EAW Elitist shouldn’t be. And just like any bad parody, your humor is lifted from other source material to the point where it’s just cringe-worthy. That garbage line you pulled straight from a Deadpool comic book about mothers named Martha, yes, I read comic books on occasion. That “Pickle Moongoose” parody just to try and attach yourself to a popular trend. Hell, you even had to throw in a line from Star Wars just to further prove my point. The thing is, you can only “entertain” people as long as there are straws to clutch onto. You reach your hands out and grab something that people find enjoyable and you just squeeze all the entertainment value from them until they are bone dry and just husks of what they use to be. The New Breed Championship is no exception, but that well hasn’t run dry just yet. If I somehow fail to take the title away from you, then the New Breed Division is beyond saving. They’ll want to get off the inevitable sinking ship. But I take the responsibility. That’s the key difference between you and I. Whereas you were ready to flee before you got the decoration that says you’re captaining the ship, I have done all the work I can to plug the holes you leave in it. I am ready to go down with the vessel if I fail to keep it afloat, you’re ready to jump off the second you make too big of a hole to fill.

What you call bullshit is what I call the alternative opinion. What you call bullshit on is that I have discredited you as a hero by outing how unqualified you are to call yourself such. Your only claim to being a hero is that you’re there when you’re needed. Physically, yes. Mentally you’re beyond the point of checking out. You don’t save lives, offer moral support, inspire hope or encourage, you merely take credit when people have crossed your path and they’ve made their progress on their own. Take me for example. You’ve been taking credit for my ‘popularity’ and my drive since the get-go, but it has only grown because of how determined I have been to achieve the goals that I have spent my entire life setting out for myself. You just happened to be there, to be the constant ringing in my ear to distract me from them. You do so in the name of being some kind of beacon of inspiration, but it’s just a farce. You’re merely doing it, claiming other people's success as your own so that even when you’re on your back in defeat, your head is in the clouds with victory. If you want that particular participation ribbon, that’s fine, quite frankly it doesn’t mean a thing to me what you like to think you deserve credit for. In the end, I know better. When I say otherwise, you seem to interpret that as me simply trying to talk shit, to blow things out of proportion in an attempt to shame you. I merely label you what you are, and what you are inept. You brag far too much about having faced some of the best, but when was the last time you actually defeated one of them? When was the last time you beat a member of the EAW Upper Echelon? When was the last time you defeated a Jamie O’Hara, or a TLA? Never. You’ve never beaten them. But you like to think yourself up there with them because you face them. Any 1-day rookie can get booked against the best, it’s an entirely different story to hold your own and even best them. You’re not in as much high demand as you crack yourself up to be. You have yet to do so, and you chalk it up to being matches you weren’t going to win anyway, a defence mechanism to keep that fragile ego uncracked. Believe it or not, I don’t get over by slandering you. I get over by forcing you to try and live up to the words you speak, and when it’s time for those words to matter force you into retreat. The last two times you pulled a fast one over me, you just kept trying to assure the world of your bravery as you scurry away with your tail between your legs. Yet you persist that I should be more grateful to you, because I’ll never face an opponent like you again. I’ll be grateful when that happens. I know what is best for me, and that’s finally moving on from you. I never walked away from NEO, nor did I imply that I was ready to, I was just no longer a necessary player. If nothing else, the New Breed Championship gives me the privilege of still working with the fresher talent, test myself against them and vice versa, something you simply don’t understand. You believe my career has blown up since you and I started this feud, but my career won’t blow up until I can finally move on from the constant headache. My career won’t blow up until I cast my net out into the vast oceans of EAW and pull in whatever gets snagged. It doesn’t matter to me if they’re the smallest of fish or the hungriest of predators, regardless I am going to challenge them and accept the challenges they bring to me, I just have to move on from the same kind of guppy that takes the bait every single time.

To assure that I can move on from this, the stipulation was required. A ladder match is, in fact, symbolic of how determined I am to climb the Mount Everest EAW is, but it also provides the best of opportunities. And clearly, you forgot to take your Adderall when I was explaining those opportunities. We could have another straight up one versus one match again, we can leave it up to that chance where in the past there has been blown referee calls, rule-bending to take the shortcut out or just a classic fluke victory, but all that will do is leave a shadow of doubt regardless of who the winner should be. Yet you find it foolish of me to have requested a ladder match because it doesn’t play to my submission based offence. Well, in your mind it doesn’t. I don’t need a stipulation that allows me to win by submission to apply the holds that can make you submit, it’ll just be bone-crushing and spirit-crushing if you do. It's not a matter of your arrogance, your pride or your stubbornness, I can chip away at your limbs until it’s too painful to climb the ladder, and like a surgeon's scalpel I can dissect your strengths and turn them into your greatest weaknesses. Like your precious creativity for example, and lack thereof. Just as you can ‘creatively’ find new uses of a steel ladder, as can I to remove you from the equation. But you never thought about that, did you? You could never truly think beyond yourself. You’re too busy thinking about what you can do with a ladder, you never stopped to think of the possibilities of what I can do, be it using the ladder myself or simply prevent you from them. Narrow-minded, you never change. Maybe it’s ironic now that I tell you that you don’t see the bigger picture. You seem to think that you have a choice in matters where you have no say at all. You didn’t “allow” a ladder match to happen, it’s the cards you were dealt. In a way, I pity that you believe your career is dictated by your own choices as much as you seem to think they do, even when it's never been a choice to begin with. This is the end-all be-all for us; the final encounter. At least for the time being. Consider it the culmination of all the ups and downs we’ve both thrived from and suffered from with each other. I don't expect you to go easy, nor bring a B+ effort, because that’s what I want from you -- your very best. Because putting the final nail in this coffin will be all the sweeter when your best isn’t enough to keep me from obtaining my dream. There has never been a shortcut in my road to the top, the journey has just started and there is no going back, no compromising. Every setback has only fueled me more, and there is no setback in the world that’ll make me come to a complete stop. That’s what you fail to see, Moongoose. My life goes so much further than you, you were but a mere detour in my journey. I aim to become one of EAW’s elites. It’ll take time for me to get there, it’ll be through rough waters, but I’ll get there because I will crawl there if I have to. I will get to the levels of the Jamie O’Haras, the TLAs, even the legends like DEDEDE, Brian Daniels and Robbie V’s. I don’t say that in arrogance, I say it in determination. I won’t stop until I can look across the horizon from the apex of the EAW Mountain.

Maybe I haven’t pushed you to your limits yet, but I have had you close. Despite your words, I know I have brought the best out of you, you probably just don't want to admit it because your best hasn't been able to squash me like the bug you find me to be. Instead, it must infuriate you that I had you at a point where you desperately needed to try anything to beat me, tricks that wouldn’t work against the elites you claim to equal. Perhaps inexperience is my one true flaw. But that’s a dent that can be buffed out. But it truly is sad how you project yourself onto me like you’ve lived a day in my shoes. You project yourself onto me, believing me to be one who bends over backwards and secretly believes certain battles are beneath me. An easy way to hide your insecurities, I suppose, and I know there are a lot of them. By thinking your way of thinking is a secret agenda of every man, good or bad. No, I am not what you call “fake as hell”, when I say something, I believe in it. The truth of the matter is, I’ve pushed you so far your back is against the wall with nowhere to go. And it’s not because I hate you, it’s because I pity you. I pity the safe space you’ve built for yourself out of fabrications and lies through teeth. You think you’re a star maker, you bring importance to the lives of others and that the company can’t move on without you. But it can. And it will. And that’s painful to hear I'm sure, that your superiority complex won’t take that too kindly. But it’s the truth. You’re a hero in your mind, but a false prophet to everyone else. When we first encountered each other, I wanted to help you. I wanted to help you because this way of thinking doesn’t make sense and is just a poor excuse to justify the dumb things you do.  Truth is, if I were to take that championship away from you, it’ll crush you. It’ll crush you because despite what you say through gritted teeth, I know you hate being proven wrong. You hate defeat. All the people on Voltage and EAW in general are slowly passing you by and the new blood on NEO are beginning to catch up. You’re already declaring yourself victor, preparing the celebration before you’ve even won. And if you don’t walk away victorious, you’re just the fool who wasted words trying to hype himself up as the star attraction. It might not be the wins that matter, but the progress does. And progress is something you hinder, both to yourself and the people around you because you refuse to change, you choose to be the fodder. You're not a force of nature, not an unclimbable mountain, you're a common man whose ego is too prideful to send out a call for help. And help is what you need. But you’re beyond the point of no return. There is no help that I can give you, except the one thing that would crush you -- pushing you past your limits, breaking through them, and make you face true defeat. Maybe then you'll realise all these people you feel are coming to see you are just people who want to see this Moongoose McQueen go away and never return. Maybe you'll see that you're not the joke teller, you're the joke itself. Harsh, I know. But that's all you've been for the longest time; a joke that has gone stale long ago, yet keeps being told. It's not getting any funnier, it doesn't bring smiles to faces, only annoyance. Maybe this defeat will change that. Or maybe it won't. It's a gamble, but my gamble to make. In the end, the result of that won't matter, the result of the match will. If you're going to drag yourself down, I won't allow you to drag a title and the division behind it down with you. This is my last chance to prevent that outcome, and I intend to make it count. If you're finally bringing a serious Moongoose McQueen with you to Ground Zero, I welcome that. I will take every amount of punishment you can dish out, and keep swinging back. In the end, I won't allow myself to fall to the likes of you, I will correct the mistake that was the outcome of Ultimate X at Pain for Pride by ending your reign of mockery and build on its foundation a true workhorse division, a division you could have never inspired. If you're so curious as to what awaits you after losing the New Breed Championship, I'll give you an answer to that curiosity by making sure it's the only path left for you to walk. And may our paths never cross again. You will not find victory in defeat. What you’ll come to find is error and fault. Both in the ways you overvalue yourself, and in the way you undervalue others. You’ll just have to look up to the lights and see the figure who has sent you crashing into the hole that you’ve dug yourself, and that figure will surpass you and be a better champion than you could ever be. And that figure that will ultimately knock you out of your castle in the clouds will be the next Elite Answers Wrestling New Breed Champion; Finnegan Bloody Wakefield."
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Ground Zero II: Weak Foundations

Shaker, I wonder why your momentum is at a low right now.  Maybe it’s because your grammar is god awful and you’re a cookie cutter, copy and paste kind of person.  It could be the fact that you lose a lot of matches.  Or simply it’s because you’re in over your head.  You say that you’re not cocky, but you sound so assured about tomorrow night.  You basically called yourself a big deal, but I don’t see you competing in any important matches at Ground Zero.  I consider our match a warm up, prepping me for the tougher competition I’ll be up against.  Do you really believe that you can take out someone who’s experienced more success than you could ever imagine?  C’mon now, Jones.  You know better.  This is the problem with EAW’s newest generation of talent.  Your generation views themselves as underdogs, hoping that you’ll defy the odds and get lucky.  Shaker, I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s not how life works.  The reality is that life rewards the people who strive to be the best.  From what I’ve seen in your response, I’m not impressed.  You lost at your first FPV, understandable.  Shaker, you make yourself feel better to forget about the fact that you lost, but that doesn’t work.  You have to accept your losses and see what you can do better, but you run away from your failures.  Your cowardice is the reason why you’re not a big deal in this company.  

You’re correct, Shaker.  This company has changed since my injury, but you’re one of my least favorite changes.  I don’t like your humor; it’s stale, but hey, at least you two have something in common!  There’s something to laugh about.  I’m still finding my spot in the company, even if the EAW landscape has drastically changed.  I know these things; I’ve been commentating on Voltage for the last few months.  Unsurprisingly, you and EAW share something in common too.  Shaker, you disrespected me when you said EAW didn’t owe me anything.  You don’t have the right to say anything like that, rookie.  EAW owes me respect.  I was disrespected by the management here several times, even when I won one of their top titles.  I was given a promise and I realized that I was lied to.  

I wish I could say that I was like you Shaker, but I’ve done better for myself.  You say that you’re not a rookie, but you sure as hell act like one.  You sound like every new guy who sets foot in EAW soil.  I’ve heard the “I’m gonna make my career better even though I’ve lost a lot” schtick one too many times.  You are vanilla.  You aren’t any different from the rookies that I’ve been put up against.  They talk so much shit, but they lose all the time.  You say that you’re going to kick my ass, but I’m going to mop the floor with you.  You wish you could keep up with me.  Your world titles in other promotions don’t matter here; what matters is if you can keep up with the best in EAW.  From the looks of your EAW career, you’ve been in a position of failure time and time again.  In my first three months, I won the hardcore title in a very competitive division.  Every guy in that match was way more threatening than you are now.  You can call yourself the “Hardcore Hero”, but how will you fare with a man who was at the top of the Hardcore division at one point?  How certain are you that your career will get better?  Would you bet your life on it?  Probably not.

I’m a real man.  I’m going to show up tomorrow night in my hometown and show them why I’m back in the first place.  I started this and I will end it.  Please don’t try to shake off this loss as “It was just a setback”.  No, this is your destiny.  You are falling into a hole of nothingness.  I’d recommend you to accept your fate and figure out what you’re going to do after you leave EAW.  I don’t expect to see you much longer after this loss.  

Pain City is overrated.  I will bring no mercy.  Your hopes and dreams will be broken.  That’s reality, Shaker.
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Do you know the feeling of dying inside?

Looking at everything in front of you, and seeing nothing.

Meeting your cruel mistress.

Bad things happen to everyone, and when they do, they can either fall apart and die, or fight to try and keep everything they have worked for intact. They either get impaled by their sword, or them by yours in the war of a attrition. It's not just a matter of how far you can go if you succeed, but how much you can come back from were you to fail. Many revel in being able to put that final nail in the coffin, turning someone's bright horizon into just another twilight. The self-professed conqueror, their hubris ever evident by their words more so than their very actions, breeding complacency as they are celebrating the smallest of achievements. But it doesn't last, it all passes with time. Nothing lasts forever. Fortunes that were once higher than the heavens, left to sink and disappear along with the sunset never to rise again.

You will never understand what it's like.

You will never know, not until you have truly fallen.

But you will.

I seem to recall having told you before...some time back it was...back when you yourself hadn't done anything meaningful except build up your ego as you went through names that were never going to do anything significant in this company. I told you that you would have to suffer through your own form of misery first before you would ever know how much you could endure through. This week I remind you again, because it's quite clear that you really don't know what you're up against. Back then you spoke very boldly to anyone that you came upon when you hadn't done anything, well low and behold not much has changed. This week will tell the world plenty when it's all said and done. You'll assume all the cards you play will be from the winning deck. You'll foolishly continue to speak, and it will be every word that you speak in my stead that will prove to be no more than a catalyst to your untimely defeat this week. It will all be for naught. You've hardly learned from your past mistakes, and you're destined to make plenty more. You've not learned misery, not yet you haven't. I've come to find that in my time here, the journey I've been on, the terrains I've traveled that led to each new experience, that has brought peril from time to time. It has more than shown me who I am, what I'm capable of, and what I will eventually come to be. You see, once you have traveled down the same path, you come to find that familiarity that comes with having been there and done that before. There is lingering that must be all along the way before reaching the heights of your greatest aspirations, the endgame. As for the inevitable future that's soon to be, much peril lies ahead. Even with the many scourges in these times, the pursuits of this elitist will continue as this path that I'm on is what will lead to many more experiences that give me all that I'll need to realize a moment that was taken from me a short time back. Many have claimed to foresee my future, but more so have secretly prayed simply for my downfall, and they do so without taking cognizance of the slippery ground in which they choose to stand before me on, the same one that could lead to their downfall. They will all continue to speak the same drivel, believing wholeheartedly that all they will do and say will be enough to determine my fate. For them, the unforeseen ending to the part they will play in this story is the only fate that will come to be for all of them.

They all serve a purpose.

They all will fall.

You've built your career based on results, just like anybody else. Those results have placed you on a pedestal so high, and what a shame it would be to see it all fade away when those results stop bringing you the acclaim, the glory, and the opportunities you need just to succeed. You wish to stand above everybody, and with the little purpose that actually serves going forward you will do everything in your power to keep producing those very results. However, if your losses recently have shown the world anything, it's that you now must be that desperate little jester that everyone has now become familiar with, the one who will tell us every little tale - of truths and lies just to build up his walls to hide all of his true flaws and insecurities, but at this point they can only look on in amusement, knowing what the reality is of his true fate. How fittingly too, so ironic that all of the results that you depend on are also the same results that can kill everything you have worked for from the promises you have made to the further success that you may never come to realize,  leaving your purpose to be further away from achieving, and unfulfilled. Though, it was so very kind of you to make mention of my accomplishments, all of which proved to be gateways that led to bigger and better things every step of the way. My forward progress, all the experiences accumulated through traveling along these terrains believe it or not, is more than enough to have built a foundation that you nor anyone else could ever hope to destroy. With every move that I make, and every word that I take to the bank, the future continues to take shape, a purpose that holds no more of a burden to me than that of pulling you down off of the same high pedestal that you have foolishly placed yourself upon, and I will. I relish in bringing my foes down a notch, for it is then that they are finally shown the harsh realities that they thought would never come to be for them. Harsh realities that either made them stronger and more resilient to stay afloat, or ones that were enough to drown them for good. 

Something you will have to face at some point.

But it won't be by my hands...just yours.

You will begin to fall again and again.

All of your words are destined to fall on deaf ears now this week and going forward, just as they have with everyone else that has opposed this elitist. There should be no better proof of it all, than the long list over nearly two years of those that are neither here anymore or anywhere near the position I'm in now, on the cusp of taking something away that everyone else will be fighting desperately for. But it will all be in vain. Unfavorable results that will force everyone of them to accept a fate that was brought upon by their own hands. You've had two chances to change the course of the current events as they stand, and you believe that you're destined to keep battling until your last dying breath just to stand at the top as the face of this company, yet it's you that must fall plenty more before you should ever see the true fruits of your labors. I've watched your little meteoric rise from afar, and never at any point was I truly disappointed in your performance as much as I was of your ego, your arrogance. Your arrogance, as I told you back then was eventually going to lead to your undoing, and that you would have to face a period of adversity before you could ever realize the things that I have in my time here, Theron. You have placed yourself above all except those who have defeated you recently, placing yourself first, destined to be the first to fall when Road To Redemption comes around. You have failed before, and you will again, because you have not paid any real dues yet to be where you are. You've never had to endure what a true fall feels like. You may have been able to evade that fate by defeating Tiberius to earn your spot, but you won't be able to forever. Your demise awaits you, Theron. I have shown that I can come back from my failures to take what I felt was rightfully mine all along, and in the process strip those who were unfit to be in the position they were, that thought they had the upper hand, of their pride and dignity. You have done tremendously well for just a rookie, but in the end that's all you really are, so in that sense you are lucky. Everything is so new to you, barely a scratch on your armor even after the battles you've been through, because those were the ones you were never expected to win. You stand before me with nothing to your name, but it's supposed to be you that stands at the top of the heap? You amuse me, Theron - rookie. You amuse them all, little jester. Proceed on to entertain the masses with words that have no substance to them, bold promises that hold no merit. Proceed on indeed, for I will not intervene. Besides, I've got a future that I need to shape, for both you and I.

But for now, I'll simply watch on as you fall flat and fail again, while I continue to rise to heights you will never know.

See you soon.

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This Means War---Manifest Destiny
Promo Number One

“Climb into the ring for a battle that you can't win. Swing as hard as you can swing, it will still mean nothing Should’ve seen it coming. It had to happen sometime but you went and brought a knife. To an all out gun fight and the only thing to save. Is the banner that you wave to be wrapped around your grave”

user posted image

I knew it wouldn't be long till I set foot in this ring as a wrestler again. I knew someone in the back was going to push me till I broke but I truly didn't think it was going to be you, Honda. To be completely honest I thought it was going to be the brat of a wife you have but nope. Azumi, even though she doesn't know how to keep my name out of her mouth, has been on my good side lately. She's been great, smart and downright ready for a championship match. Hence why she has one....but you? You did nothing but whine and bitched because I was the General Manager. Your big bad enemy was now sitting on the throne of Empire; ruling with an Iron Fist and you didn't like that, did you? You didn't like the fact that the girl that supposedly has held you down for THREE years; was the one throwing you in matches and signing your checks. I mean I get it because frankly I was the same way with Cleopatra as my boss and I did something about it but there's a difference between what you're doing and what I did. When I stood up and stepped in the ring with Cleopatra, I didn't do it just for myself, no. I did it because she was driving Empire into the ground. She didn't give a damn about you or me or anyone else backstage; so I did something about it, Honda. I risked my job so everyone that we work with on Empire could keep theirs. Hell, I went into Pain for Pride X and I took the job of Cleopatra; becoming the General Manager and look at it now. Look at Empire; it is the best show we have on EAW. I’m sorry but fuck Showdown, Dynasty and Voltage. I made Empire the cream of the crop. The best of the best but you can't look past that, can you? You can't look past the fact that we had beef for so many years that I'm actually doing something good now. You can't look past fighting Spirit one, Pain for Pride 8 or any other other matches that we have stood face-to-face in to see that this isn’t about us. No the only think you're thinking about is the fact that it pisses you the hell off that I am your boss now. And I know pissed you off even more when I made that firing joke my first night as active GM. I mean looking back now, it was in bad taste but I'm not going to apologize for the way I act. If I apologized for all the shit that I have said throughout the four years of being in the EAW, when there would be a list 10 miles wide of people that I would have to say sorry to and believe me, you would not be on that list. Yeah, you get no apologies. You don't get a ‘I'm sorry’ sticky note on your locker door. You get nothing from me, Honda because that is what you deserve. Nothing. Zip. Nada and it's all because you fucked up once again....only this time your wife isn't here to save you from me.

To be honest though, if it wasn't for her, you would be in the unemployment line right now. You would be sitting at home, doing nothing but crying your life away...thought, I mean that's not much different from what you do here. Personally, I'm still baffled by the fact that you're still here. I'm still in awe at the fact that you continue week after week trying to be a wrestler and trying to catch a championship despite the fact that you need someone holding your hand every time you step foot in the ring. It's either that or you lose but you blame someone else and if it's not the person you just faced then it's me. See that's what got you in this little predicament, Honda. It wasn't that slap and it wasn't my joke. It was the fact that you have held onto THREE years of bent of anger and hate towards me when I did nothing  but be in the right place at the right time. You have lost. You have fallen down and cried about it. It always happens time and time again and yet it's not your fault, is it? Course not. It's never Honda's fault. Why? Because somehow in someway it's Tarah fuckin’ Nova's fault. Honda losing at FS1? Tarah's fault. Losing at PFP8 and PFP9? Yep, still Tarah's fault. LOSING THE SPECIALIST CHAMPIONSHIP AFTER FOURTEEN DAYS?? Even though Tarah was on break for fourteen weeks, it's HER FAULT. Oh! What about the Tag team championship match against The HighRollers?  Though Azumi got pinned, it's still Tarah's fault since she didn't wish them luck. Huh. Odd..See all the blame is on me but nothing on yourself, right Honda? That's how the game is played, right? Now after THREE years of you pointing your skinny little finger in my direction and blaming me; I finally reached over and snapped your finger in two because I am sick of being your escape goat when times get rough for you. I am sick of you playing the victim card when someone like me gets in your face and tells you you're wrong. I'm just sick of you as a whole. All you do is complain and blame and what kills me the most is the fact that IF you learned to focus your energy on getting better in the ring instead of those two things, YOU’D ACTUALLY BE SOMEONE. Though...actually, let's be real for a moment because we both know that will never happen because you live off of those two things. You live off complaining and blaming your problems on next person in line. And frankly, if Honda doesn't have that in her life; what would she be doing on Empire? It certainly wouldn't be winning championships and making a name for herself because that's not the Honda way...And it never will be no matter how many times you try. Why? Because you're just not good enough to give up the blame game on others and start blaming yourself.

Honda... in a way I'm kind of glad you smacked me in the face last week. You see, you knocked some sense into me that I lost while being the General Manager of Empire. You rattled some loose bolts back into place and you made me realize that I might be a Leader of Empire but I am much much more than that too. I am also the Last Vixen on Empire. I am the Vixen Killer and you made me realize that with just one slap. So thank you for making me realize that I'm not always meant to sit behind the desk. I'm meant to be in this ring. I am supposed to be spilling blood and showing how dominant I am in this division....but I wanted to come back when I was comfortable enough....Though sadly, I didn't get to choose that time, no. You chose that time for me. You chose to get into the ring and try to belittle me in front of the EAW universe. You picked the time to lay your hand on me and awaken the monster within me. And what happens next at Manifest Destiny will be what I choose. I pick what happens. I am rolling the dice and I choosing whether or not I knock your teeth down your throat. Who knows what I will do come Thursday night but make no mistake by the end of our match, Honda, I will show you that once again you cannot defeat me. You cannot beat me down and blame me for the shit that has happened to you. I will not allow it anymore. This ‘WAR’ that you have held in your tiny insignificant brain for THREE years will be done. It will be over when my hand is raised in Victory. Not yours. I am done with everything you have to said last week. I am done with you and you trying to corrupt everyone you come in contact with. Honda, I'm not just going to end this ‘WAR’ between us....I'm going to end you as well. I am a woman of my word and...



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Post on September 16th 2017, 10:06 pm by Theron Nikolas
I've been waiting for this fall for months, Rex - it just never seems to arrive.

Dia Del Diablo was meant to be it; the mistake where I threw everything away. I turned my back on less than I could take and that decision was meant to lead to my unfortunate downfall. But, that didn't happen; I lost, it's something that I haven't hid from, but it certainly didn't cause that grand fall that everyone has constantly said was coming. Territorial Invasion wasn't meant to be any different; locked inside that structure with two people that looked upon as quite possibly the most dangerous men this business has to offer, and the EAW World Champion. If Dia Del Diablo didn't shatter the pedestal that I've built for myself, Territorial Invasion definitely had to do the job, right? What if this presumed fall that I'm destined to suffer sooner or later isn't one with a shred of guarantee, but simply one filled with hope. There was something that always stuck with me from the last time we faced Rex. You remember that one, right; that match where you had the chance to stand against Theron Nikolas, but decided it was smarter to live to fight another day? You brought up this idea that we had to pay our dues. How long have you been climbing for, Rex? Two - two and a half years now? You've been through your ups and downs; defeats and triumphs. Every time you've staggered, that was just you paying those dues you owe to this business. It's people like you that hope for this downfall. It took me six months to run straight past the position it took you two and a half years to get to. Ryan Marx; the man that has the world’s expectation resting on his shoulders. He's a future World Champion! He's a different breed compared to the rest of those that walked through the doors of this company at the same time that he did. I've eclipsed him too.

Think about it, Rex; if I've gotten myself this far in such a short time - just imagine where I'm going to be when I've been in this business as long as you have right now. It's scary to think about. But, I'm just a rookie, right? It could just be beginner's luck that I've beaten a current World Champion; former World Champions, Hall of Famers, names that’ll go down as some of the best this business has ever seen and names that were meant to carry this business into the future. It has to be coming! There's always a rise before the fall, and I've certainly had one hell of a rise. You're right. This is it, Rex. My time has finally come. Not a time of glory and prosperity, but a time of failure and disappointment. A time of being nothing more than a piece in Rex McAllister’s story of grandeur. Just like Devan Dubian and the Heart Break Gal. Just like I'm guessing that Tiberius Jones and Diamond Cage are meant to be too. I guess I've chosen a beautiful hill to die on, haven't I? I was hoping for something different. I went through these same games with Diamond Cage. I was meant to be a pawn in his game to gain revenge for his own mistakes. He was meant to cut me down and move onto the EAW World Champion; taking the Triumvirate’s crown jewel away in the process. I'm always told that I'm going to be a piece of something much greater. But, these stories never come to fruition. They stand against the rookie and fall at his feet. There once would have been a time where I would have bought into it. I'd use it as motivation to prove you wrong, but it's now just white noise. Shit that dribbles from your mouth and hits your chin. I'm just disappointed in all. I expected something different, but the blame falls on my own shoulders for setting expectations that I knew you weren't going to reach. But, I do have hope. I have hope that you’ll bring more than I think you will on Showdown. I hope that there’s actually something worth buying into when it comes to Rex McAllister, just like John Doe believes there is. You have the world sitting in the palm of your hand, Rex. Just don't let it slip through your fingers, because god knows that I’m not going to.
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Post on September 16th 2017, 10:02 pm by showster26 (Online)
Voltage Promo #3

Sunday, 2:02 A.M., Chicago, Illinois. 

(The scene opens on the moon hanging over the night sky. The camera pans down to a street level. The corner of Ashland and 63rd street, right In The heart of West Englewood, to be precise.  The camera pans across the sidewalk, passing by various vagrants, prostitutes, and other disreputable characters all of whom are just as much of this ragged ghetto as it is apart of them.  The camera continues down the street before finally resting upon a lone figure kneeling before a message written on the exteriors of of an abandoned storefront. The dark, wet, brownish red stain reads ‘left or right, friend or foe?  There is no choice.’

The man rises up from his knees and turns to face the camera, his bloodshot eyes burn thru the screen with every evil desire that lies behind them.  These are the eyes of the being known as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: “Fate, all its works, and everything built by its hands, never cease in amusing us in wonder. We always smile in how it brings about all that we foretell of how the path it makes twists and bends and leads they the least expected valley. Yet always in the end, it brings us to where we desire to be.  It brought us to this flesh that cried out to us. It led us here to this land where the eyes of the world would fall squarely upon all that we do.  It gave us allies who would test us with their best, that weakness be driven out of us. And now it brings us here, with a mighty temptation to reach out and snatch this gilded prize that many crave with a might hunger. A golden glory that the greed of the masses yearn and clamor for. It lies just within our reach. Yet as it does, we see our brethren who have stood by our side, and aided us in bringing about our warnings to this world, we see their hands parallel to our own. We see our brothers Jon McAdams, and Amadeus, grasping on to this gold along with ourself. We know that only the strongest among us shall be able to tear it away from their grip and claim it for their own.  And yet as we, the Never Ending Nightmare clutch on to this prize with all the strength our bodies have to offer with one hand, we stand together fighting back those whom would try to steal away what is ours with the other.  Whilst we battle amongst each other, we stand together against rotten wretches who do not deserve this prize. Thieves who only think of their own selfish desires, and know nothing of the true power that ourself and our brotherhood seeks. 

We speak of course of feeble minded bastards as Harvey Yorke. A poor wasted existence that Despite how many times we teach him so, he refuses to learn that he shall never conquer over us.  No matter how many times we sacrifice his flesh to the honor of the monster that we have made, he simply does not comprehend that he has not the strength, nor the skill, nor the mind to awake from the terrors that we unleash with every passing week. He has not the facilities to overcome us, nor the worthiness to be counted amongst, the only thing he is good for is to be a lamb slaughtered again and again that those who live as foolishly as he does, would open their eyes and learn that the destruction that we bring about to this man, is but an example of what we shall unleash upon the rest of this earth!   Yes Harvey, this is the course that fate had chosen for you, To be the one whom we and our brothers feast upon till the last piece of your flesh has been devoured.  Do you deny that with every encounter you have with us, your strength is sapped away from you that much quicker?  That your speed fails you even more so?  That your will and determination are even weakened, and thus cannot carry to victory?!  Do not bother to fool yourself, you know well that ever time you stand against us, you meet the same end. You lay there crumbled and broken, and trampled beneath our feet.  Perhaps this is why you stay silent. You have finally accepted all that this live has in store for you, you have given yourself fully to the talons of fate, and from it you know you shall never escape. Of you have, than present yourself at the chosen hour, and we may show just enough mercy to finish you quickly.  Fall to your knees before us on the altar, and we shall in one swift blow, bring about your End to this empty vendetta you have against us, put an end to this quest for vengeance that you would never find, and send you out into this world forever marked as one whom was made our victim. 

And what of you Anthony Leonhart?  Do you believe yourself safe from our claws?  Do you think we are impressed that you simply eked past one as Aren Mstislav?  What should it say about you that in the time that has followed your lone triumph, you have been laid low by all whom you come across?  What should it say of you when you were bested by Eclipse Diemos?  What should it say that you were crushed by our own hand?!  Anthony Leonhart, you are only fooling yourself if you believe you have gained even an ounce of strength. You are delusional if you believe yourself as being more than the combined might of our brotherhood. You concerned your so greatly with what Harvey Yorke has done with himself, yet you do not look and see the ravenous beast that stands right before you. You drone on and on about all that Harvey Yorke has committed, yet you fail to realize that you are our prey on this night. How totally and completely daft you are. How Fully unaware of your surroundings you are. This is why you consistently fail in all you try. For all your training, for all you have learned, for all the time and devotion you have poured into this craft, you have no sense of what truly poses a threat to you, you are clueless as to what you actually face.  You are not simply dealing with mere flesh, you are not standing against a crumbling house, you stand opposed to a force great than all that lies in nature.  Yes you may fight with the might of a lion, but even that lion must bow to A flood. We are that flood Anthony that shall overrun you, and drown you in woe and misery till the End Of Ages!  Realize this Anthony, and come to accept it on your heart and mind, as long as we stand here before you, you shall always be made to kneel. 

And of you our brothers, we wish you to remember a we have made together after this war has been won. We wish you to keep in your memory that we have made all who come across our path terrified. Even the ones who claim that they rule over Voltage, they cower from us, and plot to turn us against each other. So when the time has come, and we have decided who amongst ourselves should possess the Interwire championship, remember all the power we hold, and stand by our side brothers. 

Stand by our side Jon McAdams, for even though you look back and reflect upon all that you have Accomplished in your time here, you still have much to learn. We say this for you betray that you still do not understand all we speak of. You still have so much to grow, beyond being a sovereign, beyond the limits of a system. You still must experiment a revelation within your mind to transcend all that impressions you, and keeps you from beholding the truth and wisdom that we speak. Come Jon, let us awaken your senses and tear down the wall that entrap you that you can finally go forward and reclaim your mantle as a survivor. Come, hunt us as we shall hunt you. Tear into our flesh as we shall tear into yours.  For we are not simply a pawn to you, we never have been, nor ever shall we be.  We are the one from whom you coward away from. We are the one who made you reach down within yourself to find the strength necessary to push forward. We are the one showed you how little your preconditioned notions of this world matter when we brought you into this brotherhood. Now we come forward to test all that you have learned from us. Now we come to you as we have before telling you that all that you once were must die, that you may be reborn.  We shall finish off the last lingering bits of weakness that infects your mind, and your flesh. We shall strip away every inch of flesh from you, that you may proceed as the being that you were always destined to be.  The one that rose up to power, the one that clawed its way thru every obstacle that lay in its path.  The one the masses dare not gaze upon for fear of what he might do if he should catch them doing so.  We shall bring this out of you McAdams, one way or another. If it takes us striking you without end till the day of the glorious reign, than so be it.  Should it take the pouring out of your blood, than it shall be so.  We shall make you into all that we saw within. We shall make you a fine addition to the great beast. 

And that leaves only you Amadeus. There is wisdom inyour word when you say there is not much that we have not already said. Still there is much that is left unanswered.  In but hours we shall find these answers. We shall see whom amongst us is the stronger of the two.  We shall see whom is worthy to stand as the one in front leading this nightmare down the path where it may bring about the most destruction. Where it may send the most fleeing in fear. Where it shall tear down the highest kingdoms and grandest towers till all lays in rubble before our feet!  We shall soon find out who is worthy to possess the power and influence that lays within that gold you so greedily cling to. We shall soon see who would go further to possess it. We wish you the best of fortune brother, but we shall do what we must to see a greater purpose brought about.  And to do so we shall unleash every horrific and wicked desire that rests within us. We shall prove to you that we were never the weak link you claimed us to be. We were never one to be shunted aside for you or any other!  We shall come with every last ounce of our might Amadeus. You know that we shall, so prepare yourself in the best manner you can. Do all that you could to cope with the punishment that we shall lay down upon your head.  Prepare for a our wrath to overwhelm and consume you, for though you are our greatest ally, we shall not give you any preferential Treatment, we shall give you no more mercy nor clemency than Leonhart or Yorke. When we land a blow, it shall be to injure and Maim. When you Are within our grasp, we shall squeeze the life form you if need be. There shall be nothing that we would not do to capture the prize you currently hold. This is what fate has brought both of us to. This is what we must see thru to its end. And when it done, we shall embrace you as we always have, as a brother.  

Take heed all of you. For this fate that we foretell shall come about sooner than any of you realize. And in but a short while, we shall stand above you as your conqueror.  This shall be so!”

(Caine takes a last look over his shoulder at the message. Slowly he nods his head before waking out of the frame.)

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 16th 2017, 10:00 pm by Moongoose McQueen
False, Finnegan Bloody Wakefield. Once again, you think too little by once again believing the “win” is all that matters in determining ones potential, when the reality of the situation is with each match I’ve fought, I’ve only prove my worth as a contender and how reliable I am. Because it’s one thing to win a lot and move up because the laws of nature goes by simply being the best of the best and the top of the food chain in which you call EAW mountain. But rather in business, you need the fine the right man, and the right person that isn’t shy from any situation. Sure, I can simply comply and agree and believe that the way I’m being used is justified, but then that would make me what you are accusing me of being, a liar. When in truth, I’m honest with myself, I’m open to a lot of things. And if anyone has a right to call certain things a waste of time, it’s me, because the only progress I care about is mine and EAW’s.
It’s all about the progress, after all, one doesn’t simply run up a ladder and suddenly reaches the top. You climb on to each step one step at a time, and over time, it gets harder. Your bones hurt, your body aches, and your spirit withers. But you don’t seem to understand that with each loss that I’ve face, with each obstacle that is thrown before me, and with each and every time that is wasted, I’m hurt. I’m in pain. Pain that no matter how hard I try, there are always people ready to discredit me where ever I go, despite the fact that my in ring skills has kept up with some of the best and delivered great matches. I don’t aim for cheap wins. I focus on performance based, and no one, not you, or anyone can take that from me, when I’ve had the best matches with the elites, I’ve had some of the best matches with the new talents. Hell, I even delivered one of the best matches that you’ve ever had in your entire EAW career thus far, and guess what,  bud? It takes two to tango, and I’m simply keeping my fair share of the credits. Before Uprising, when you were the New Breed contender, you were forgotten among the mist while you had your Chris Elite and Lucas Johnson fighting for the belt. You weren’t special. Hell, that New Breed title wasn’t special. But now that I’m in the picture, how bout that? People care again. People are tuning in, and all of a sudden, people want to give the new guys a chance, hell, even I decided to give you a chance, and all you had to do was ask for it. You think after losing at Pain For Pride X, you deserved it, when I was the man soley responsible to making the Ultimate X match worth watching? You think anyone would bat an eye if it was just you, Lucas, and Chris Elite? Guess what, dude? You could had won that match, but it’s not going to be as special when more people don’t care about it because at the end of the day, no one gave a crap about either one of you guys.
And you know what? Calling you out on your bullshit again. Why? Because you talk as if being funny is wrong, yet all of a sudden, Moongoose McQueen, and dare I say, even Chris Elite are fooling around and being loud and rambunctious. And you have Moongoose McQueen highlighting NEO and able to say the things he wants to say without the consequences. That’s right, Finnegan, I am THAT powerful. I have so much credibility behind me from the work I’ve done around the world, only those that missed out aren’t getting it. It doesn’t change the fact that, yeah, I lost to Jamie O’Hara 3 times, but it wasn’t 3 times where circumstance just happened to have the 3 of us meet up. It was the fact that in each of those times I was chosen to face him, it was because people know I was a threat and can take him on. And I won’t lie, I wasn’t interested after the first time. I didn’t try as hard as I’d like, but yet in the end, people were still clapping and saying my name, because I tried and I gave them a fight worth remembering. And you know what, Finn, this is where your hardwork to progress is utter crap. Because at the end of the day, you are just pissed off by the fact that people keep picking me. You and I both know  that after facing DEDEDE for the Interwire Champion, after beating Jacob Senn that I had no reason to be in the New Breed Title match that you had been spending months to fight for. Yet I was thrown in that contendership, and about a month later, I did what you couldn’t do and became the champion that you want to be. But you know what? I don’t want to be the champion you want to be. It’s too shallow and not on par with what I aim to be. Sure, you want to be the likes of Jamie O’Hara and DEDEDE, but I will continue to push to be even better than what they can ever be. Why?
Because no matter how many time life breaks my bones, no matter how many times people try to break my spirit. I will never stay down. I will continue to climb that ladder and reach for what is rightfully mine. You break my arms, guess what, I’ll use my teeth and bite on those steps to pick myself up. As I said before, I would rather pass out before I tap out. Not once in my career have I tapped out, and you’re right, because Moongoose McQueen is too arrogant, too proud to do so. But this isn’t a weakness. This is pure strength. This is what keeps me going. This is what keeps me alive. Hell, the pain keeps me alive, so when you say I need the EAW New Breed Championship. You are wrong. I need the challenge. I need the pain. I need another man that can push me to my limit and truly be my equal. I need to face the likes of Hades the Hellraiser and your DEDEDEs. And it’s laughable that you think you will ever ascend to such a level when you haven’t even been able to bring the best of me. As I said, I would not had tap at Uprising. And although you’ve annoyed me, you haven’t done enough to set me off in a fit of rage and push me to the edge. You haven’t earn a single thing from me other than pity to the point I’ll grant you another shot and even let you pick the stipulation. You call it an opportunity. I call it a game. A game where I’m going to give you the handicap and still find a way to beat you, merely because I have yet to meet a man that can break me.
I can’t be broken. Whatever I am, I’m not human. I’m a force of nature. You want to climb the proverbial EAW mountain, but guess what, son, I AM THE MOUNTAIN. And if you want to get to the top and claim what is rightfully yours, you better get ready to battle what is ahead of you. You better step up and bring everything you got, because this is it, Finnegan Wakefield. This is all or nothing for you, where for me, I’ll just wait for the next person that wants to climb that mountain and send them crashing back down. You’ve gotten this close right now, but understand that it’s simply because I’ve let you. The ceiling isn’t dangling the belt above your head at Ground Zero, it’s me, and I’ve just been antagonizing you, teasing you, saying “come on, baby, get the belt, you know you want it.” But you don’t see it. You’re so focused on the belt, you still can’t fuckin see the man behind the belt. You can’t see the illusion you’ve given yourself. You can’t see that fact that by calling me a liar and a cheater, you can’t see that I am a man with merit behind his own skills and tenacity. No matter how hard I get knocked back down, I get back up faster, and better than ever, and with each defeat, I’ll only grow stronger. Where you have to keep pushing your body to the limit to get to where you need to be, I’m sitting right here just waiting for the man, monster, beast, whatever comes my way to push me to my limit. This is the difference between you and I, where people give me something to work with, and I can make anything out of it. Where you continue to bend over backwards and put down others, and be fake as hell when you probably believe the same thing. You believe facing certain people and things are a waste of time, but as long as there is a “winner” at the end. It doesn’t matter. Pff. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You think too little, and thus you will never be able to envision what I seek. You will never be able to understand what drives me. Motivates me. Inspires me. It’s not these accessories. It’s not the victories. It’s the people. As long as they believe in me, I’ll believe in myself. Love me or hate me, it only means I am real, that I truly exists. And yeah, I’m still going to say it, you are still a mere by-product of my own success and fame because I helped made you credible. I have you a reason to be angry. I gave you a platform to show your passion. I made you feel something beyond the mere drive to win. But you had to gone and twist it to pure hate and angst, and in doing so, you are dragging down my name. But nah, as I said, it hasn’t been enough to push me to the edge.
Whatever you do will never be enough, and this is why you won’t beat me in the Ladder match. After all, here I am still laughing and making jokes. I joke because I don’t take things seriously, but at the same time, has EAW truly seen how serious I can become? Well, I’m sure that’s what people are really waiting for. Because you see, when people want to see me fail, in reality, it’s people that want to see me snap. No, it’s not to see me break down. It’s not to see me beaten and battered. It’s all to push me to a breaking point in which I would become serious, but quite frankly, I’m not going to do what you accuse me of doing. I’m not going to give you credit for that. I’m not going to let people talk about how Finnegan Wakefield pushed Moongoose McQueen so far, it’s no longer funny. I don’t want to give you that, because as I said, sometimes, the loss can mean more than the win, and if you didn’t think I made you famous now, believe me, if I wanted too….. I can. But maybe you are right. Maybe it’s about time I stopped defending my actions. Maybe it’s time I stop jerking people around with my jokes and begin to take this seriously. Maybe it’s time I give the people what they really want, but fair warning, once the Shiroyasha, the White Knight turns into the White Demon, there is no point of return. It’s too late. There is no safe word or tricks to stop the rampage. There won’t be anything humorous about it. All it would be is Finnegan “Blood Puddle on the Floor” Wakefield and a “serious” Moongoose McQueen.

Oh trust me, I’m very excited about this ladder match. I’m eager to see what you can do. I want you to put me in every hold you can think of just so I can stand back up after each one and slap you across your face and demand for more. But when you are out of tricks and options, it’s where the fun truly begins. It’s where I won’t need to put you in a professional hold and keep on pulling to break your limbs. I’ll just rip it off  clean and let the blood spill. I’ll show you what it really means to be “seeing red.” You see gold, I see red. You see title opportunity, I see a helpless victim that was asking for it, and is about to get a lot more than he bargain for. Normally, I’d show mercy, but at this point, it’s gone too far. You’ve put me in a match that will let me quench my blood lust. You have given me the tools I need to show absolutely how fuckin ruthless and unforgiving I can become. And all for what? This New Breed Championship? Keep calling me an idiot, Finnegan Wakefield. The joke is, you’re about to get destroyed by one, but I doubt no one would be laughing when I’m done with you.
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Post on September 16th 2017, 9:14 pm by Shaker Jones
Voltage Promo

Momentum, It is something I haven't had in some time.  I have now one two in a row, but I will not get complacent, I will not get cocky, because If you get off your game that allows you be beat.

When you're in this business you take every match seriously, because every match counts.

On Sunday I step into the ring on my second EAW pay per view, and I am hoping to make it a good one.  Now I did not fare well at Pain for Pride X, but that was then this is now.

Across the ring from me will be Nathan Fiora.  Fiora you are a legend in this company make no doubt about it.  But you've been gone a while and things have changed.  The landscape in EAW looks different doesn't it.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but you're one hell of a comedian

Shaker Laughs

You come into this match thinking like EAW and Voltage owes you something.  Ok, you got hurt and maybe things didn't go your way.  Man you are full of shit.  You think that this is gonna be a cake walk for you, like I'm not a big deal.  Well news flash Fiora, I am.  I may not have started off my tenure in this company with a good record, but that will come in time.

And for such a smart guy you seem to have your facts wrong.  I did not begin on NEO, no I began on Dynasty, and yes things didn't go the way I planned, I make no excuses for it.  So at the draft I was drafted to Voltage.  Some people might think of this as a demotion, not me.  I think of this as an opportunity to start fresh.  The start wasn't great but I'm picking up momentum now.

Now, Fiora, you seem to think I'm some green rookie in this business.  Let me tell you something, I have worked my ass of for eight years to get where I am today.  I have beaten the best in this business and have won major titles along the way.

So let's get something straight, you think this is gonna be an easy win.  People have underestimated me before Fiora and they have learned.  I am the Hardcore Hero, now this isn't just a fancy name, no, no, this shows who I am.  I have been in the most hardcore matches imaginable, and I have come back.  I can take a lickin and keep on tickin.

You think I'm simple minded, a create a wrestler if you will.  Well how's gonna feel come Ground Zero when this create a wrestler drives your head into the canvas like a railroad spike, when he beats you from pillar to post.  I will ram my foot so far up your ass that you're gonna be spitting up shoelaces.  You are gonna run me over?, no man I will run you over as you see the tire treads across your back.

And you complain that this generation has everything handed to them.  I am not this generation Fiora.  Things are not handed to me I have worked long and hard to gain everything I have today.  Now you think i'm a piece of shit, Fiora you are full of shit, and I'm surprised I haven't seen it coming out of your ears.  You talk and talk and talk and bitch and moan because you haven't gotten your way.  A real man doesn't just talk he goes out there and proves it.  The time for talking is over.  Come Ground Zero, I will show you who I am, not with my words, but with my fists!!!!!

So I'll see ya on Sunday, and don't forget you have a one way ticket to Pain City!!!!!!
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Post on September 16th 2017, 9:08 pm by Irónico
Ground Zero


As yous well know, it is currently the week of 9/11 and Voltage is commemorating this sober occasion in typical ham-fisted fashion by preparing for its hotly anticipated “Ground Zero” super show. Well I canny say that George Bush Júnior had planned this all out. But what I does know for sure, Chicos, is that we is set for a DEMOLITION JOB because El Irónico is gonny hijack the show as he collides with not one, but TWO TOWERING MARSHALLS!!!

I’ll level with you, Cody. I didnae want to cause an international incident with that “This Is Your Life” shit. Truth be told, you have earned some respect from me over the past weeks. You gots bottle. You’re not bad on your feet for a big Ladito. And perhaps most importantly, you’ve shown me that those NCAA Division 1 Beer Drinking Championships are nae just for show. You can sesh with the best of them and guzzle the hooch like the President’s life depends on it. I canny help but respect that. Which is why it is a shame that you are so much of a fucking cuntelaar.  I just thought that maybe wez could take a wee trip down memory lane, and in the process show the world that deep down Cody Marshall is a good ladito. A chavo just like the rest of us who fucks up, makes mistakes, gets himself into embarrassing situations and is all the more human and endearing for it. Granted, the execution left something to be desired. And I may or may not have been drunk when I planned the whole shebang. But the heart was in the right place.

Sometimes the sesh brings folk together. And sometimes crippling alcohol addiction puts strain on relationships. Perhaps this occasion is firmly in the latter case. Or perhaps you’re just a cunt, I do nae know. Either way I’m looking forward to putting this whole saga to bed. This rivalry has taken us both to strange places. We’ve drank together. We’ve bled together. We’ve kicked lumps of shit out of each other and each other’s amigos at Territorial Invasion. We’ve gone all the way around the Wrekin’ and you could be excused to think that it was all just to end up exactly on the spot where we started. But that’s nae right, is it? When you drink, and talk trash, and ruck with someone the way that we have since the draft brought us together, one of two things may happens. Either you come out of it the best amigos imaginable. Or like Sunderland and Newcastle ultras, yous begin to really hate each other’s guts even though you suspect there’s probably more alike between yous than nae. Either way you could say it gets a wee bit personal.

Of course, nae a thing says “it’s personal” like “I’m telling on you to my mammy”. And that is just what you went and did, right Cody? This ain’t just two drunks taking it outside because the bright lights, and booze, and loud noises has gotten to them.  Naah, this is a straight up game of family feud. Steve Harvey’s gonny ask us “what does yer put in a blender?”.  He’s going to look off judgingly into the distance when I say something about my bell end. But it nae matter. Because for all my faults. For all my weaknesses. For all the times I get flustered and resort immediately to the dick joke...You’ll have your family at ringside...And I’ll have mine. While you’re stuck with your octogenarian Amy Schumer ass mammy chatting shit and ultimately making you more look like prat than anything, I’ll have the most bostin’ family I could ever fucking dream of giving me the support I need. Since I first stepped foot in an EAW ring, the EAW Universe has adopted me with open arms and treated me like I was their own bairn. For that I could nae be more thankful. They have carried me to where I am now. Sometimes figuratively, screaming out the answer I needed when metaphorical Steve Harvey had all about enough of my penile humour. And quite often, they have carried me literally. But this time, I do nae wanny be crowd surfing because these good Laditos and Laditas have saved my arse from a tanning for the 8 billionth time. They deserve better than that. They deserve to support a chico who every once in awhile is going to give them what they want.  Slowly but surely, I am becoming that chico. I’ve had some good matches of late. I played my wee part at Territorial Invasion, even if others deserve more credit than I. And of course We Are The Bollocks are doing pretty good right now as well.

But I don’t need Finny or anyone else to carry me here. I kicked your arse before and I can do it again. You and I both know that. That’s exactly why you is bringing your mammy down. If I ever thought she might just be coming along to watch, well that barmy idea is long dead after last week when she came down to cost me my match against TLA. I’ll give her her due, she can fucking swing for a woman waiting on a hip replacement. But it would nae have tickled me for nowt if only I weren’t hanging out of my arsehole from a couple of nights binge celebrating victory over Starkane just a wee bit before. That will nae happen again. This week imma hold off on celebrating until I can celebrate giving you a zimmer frame to match dear Ma’s. Get yourself a drink, Ladito. Because there are no pity pints on the house this time, and you might just need something stiff to get through this. Bottoms up.
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Post on September 16th 2017, 7:15 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Manifest Destiny Promo #1


(The scene opens on a camera phone following Stephanie Matsuda into a local Target. She’s dressed in a gray tank and black tights. She’s wearing a pair of Gucci shades and running shoes. As “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd is heard through the PA, she grabs a basket and continues walking; it looks like she’s unaware that someone is filing her.)

Stephanie: What should we get for the house?

Monica Vaughan’s Voice: I’m not sure babe. Maybe some soy milk and some things for the bathroom.

(The camera continues to follow Steph as they make their way towards the dairy section)

Stephanie: Did you get the rest of your things from her place?

Monica: Yeah, her not being there makes it a little easier. You know, with her being in the hospital and all.

(Steph almost snorts and grabs a carton of soy milk)

Stephanie: You’re welcome to stay with me as long as you like, sweets.

Monica: Thanks, babe, but I’d like my place for the time being. I rushed into my last relationship and look at what happened.

(There is a moment of silence as Stephanie leaves the dairy aisle to the hygiene section)

Monica: How’s that Italian model ex of yours?

Stephanie: We’re okay actually. After my video with Cailin, she didn’t think too kindly of telling Cai that I loved her, but she understood. He had an honest conversation, and she went her way.

Monica: That was around the time she and I got into that argument. You know Cailin was luring you into a trap right? She was using your feelings against you.

Stephanie: (sighs) I know. I was surprised by your text just before our match started.

Monica: I had to warn you, babe. I don’t like it when people play around with matters of the heart.

Stephanie: (smiles) And here we are- Hey! Are you filming this!?

(Monica giggles, forcing the camera to shake back and forth)

Monica: Sorry babe! But duty calls!

Stephanie: Wait, what do you mean by duty? Are you conducting an interview!?

(Stephanie turns around and throws up her hands)

Stephanie: Aye Dios Mio! 

Monica: Hey! That’s my line! Anyways, you’re my assignment for today. So I figured why not do this spontaneous in a public setting. It’ll make you more relatable. You want to build the Matsuda brand, right?

(Stephanie sighs and a random fan comes up to her, asking for an autograph. Stephanie smiles and obliges)

Stephanie: Alright Mon, shoot.

Monica: Thursday night you fought one of your toughest battles yet with Alexis Diemos, in which you, unfortunately, came up short  How do you feel about not being able to advance to the finals as you promised?

(Stephanie pauses for a moment and continues walking)

Stephanie: It sucks, you know? When you go through several weeks of fighting the best women’s wrestling has to offer it wears down on you. I went from beating Sher, to using everything I had to take out Cailin for good. Then, my next opponent was a woman who pushes me to the very limit. If I did win the other day, I don’t know how much I would have in the tank if I met Madison in the ring. But alas, Alexis is back to normal - somewhat - so in a way I did do what I promised. I saved my sister’s soul or at least delayed the worst to come.

Monica: With EOE’s door of opportunity closing on you, another one opens. At Manifest Destiny, you face off against Savannah Sunshine, Astrea Jordan, and a mysterious competitor at what could a shot at the Openweight title. What’s going through your mind at the moment?

Stephanie: It’s odd because my career was always like this. I’d lose big, and something else would be right around the corner. It’s opportunities like this that fuels my drive for success. Nobody’s an overnight sensation, but for three weeks the EOE was in Cloud Country. Some people say my relationship with Alexis complicates things, which I’ll never be able to get a victory over her. Well, she’s not going anywhere and quite frankly neither am I. We’ll have to see what the future holds. 

(Stephanie gets some body wash and shampoo)

Stephanie: Despite the roadblock, I feel I’m the best I’ve been in quite a while. My mind is clear of all doubt, and my heart knows what it wants. I thought of the crown as a way to influence Empire to go in a positive direction, but I think my actions have already done the job. Two infectious cancers have been eradicated by my hands. Because of this, we get to see our most pure-hearted competitors rise above the competition. I will be fighting two of these women next week. Savannah Sunshine and Astrea Jordan are the future of Empire. With that said, they will have plenty of chances to succeed in EAW. Next week won’t be one of those times. You’re talking about a War Queen who’s been battle hardened by the best our division has to offer versus two women who is starting to find their footing. Astrea has talked about her experience, and we’re close to some years we spent in the industry. But, I spent more time in the Land of Elite. I know what’s expected of women of our caliber. Manami-sensei lost because she’s still learning about this place. You can never underestimate someone who’s been chosen because of their physical prowess. Astrea Jordan is a physical beast! Have you checked out the NEO Combine? She was breaking all kinds of records! I do not doubt that she’ll be a future champion. Some would go as far to say she’ll become the next Aria Jaxon.

(Stephanie stops and laughs)

Stephanie: The next Aria Jaxon!? The CURRENT Aria Jaxon isn’t even THAT Aria Jaxon! She’s still establishing a legacy, and when it’s all over, she’ll be the best. My career will be next to hers though because I don’t intend on staying behind for long. That said, Astrea has the potential, but she’s not there yet. The difference between my sensei and I sweets is that I’m in my prime! You can’t fake life experience on someone’s face, sweets. I’ve seen more and done more than her, and I’m only 28. I’m going to be in this business for a long time, and I intend on squeezing every ounce of time I have until my body gives out or my heart isn’t just in it anymore. She’s a good kid, but you can smell the arrogance exuding from her pores! “Goddess of Justice”? Does she even know what the meaning of justice is? Has she established a stability and peace within Empire? She’s been here for several months. If anything I’ve been keeping the peace around here. Noticed how things have been calm as of late? If anything sweets, I AM the Goddess of Justice. In fact, that nickname belongs to me now until you’ve earned it. 

Monica: So in addition to being the War Queen, you’re now the Goddess of Justice?

Stephanie: Yes. But, what I want to do is be the Candyland World Champion! Hey, Lil Ms. Sunshine! Where’s that custom title at breh? If I were a promoter at one of those kayfabe promotions, I would push the hell out of Savannah! She’s got that adorable girl next door vibe! She’s that big sister who would take the blame for you! She’s the friend who always brightens your day! What is there not to love about this bucket of adorable!? There’s so much to love...and not take seriously. Don’t get me wrong; Savannah’s one hell of a talent. But when it comes to the moments that matter, the upper echelon, to represent entire division, you have ways to go. You surprised everyone by getting as far as you did in the Empress of Elite tournament. In fact, we both did. You have a light that is rare and should be cared for with caution. It’s innocence such as yours that is the easiest to corrupt. A few more disappointing losses and who knows what will push you over the edge. I say this now because, at Manifest Destiny, you will lose to me Savannah. Both you and Astrea will put on quite the show, but alas you’re in Cloud Country and in Cloud Country, the War Queen and newly crowned Goddess of Justice reigns. 

Monica: Would you say that you killed their dreams with Blasian Efficiency?

Stephanie: (nods) That’s a good one sweets, I like that- hey! You’re the interviewer! You’re supposed to stay objective or whatever!

Monica: What? Can't I have my moment of supporting my girlfriend?

Stephanie: (gasp) Did she just use the G-word? In public?

Monica: Yes, I did. We’re a bit unorthodox, but we get by as an item. So, this mysterious fourth competitor. Do you have any words for them.

Stephanie: I don’t care who they are. They can be Sophia, Cam, Claudia, The Hamburglar, Flo from Progressive, I-D-G-A-F! All I know is I’ve been on a roll. These women are not personally connected to me in any way. They can’t distract me from getting back on the horse and choosing another path to meet my best friend in that ring. I will chase that opportunity for as long as I need to. In fact, I will NEVER retire until I met MY friend in THAT ring for THAT world championship! We have to have that moment at least once in our lives Monica. Two women of color exuding that Black Girl Magic with a dash of soy sauce. That’s what the EAW universe wants! And if I get to beat Ryan Marx’s ass and win another title along the way, then so be it. In fact, I still have three options left. I can become Openweight Champion and lay waste to the entire roster. I could wait till the spring and win the Empire Cup. Or, I could do things the old-fashioned way and fight until I get to where I need to be.

Monica: There’s the possibility of a chamber.

Stephanie: That too, four things in total. One path has ended, but I have four more roads to choose from to get to Aria Jaxon and her Women’s World title. I can’t slow down for a minute ladies and whoever the hell else is supposed to be involved. I’ll give you one-way tickets to Cloud City and keep it moving. 

Monica: One could bring up your recent and second straight loss to Alexis Diemos and say that you can’t get the job done.

(Stephanie stops again, but doesn’t turn around)

Monica: This isn’t from me, but from what I’ve read on the forums. You beat Sher and Cailin, yes, but it’s been awhile since you fought Madison Kaline, you couldn’t get a win over Azumi Goto last time you was in the ring, and April Song still eludes you. What do you say to that Steph?

(Stephanie goes silent for a moment and then laughs)

Stephanie: It’s still early in the season. By the end of it, everyone will know and understand how much of a mother-freaking boss I am.

(Stephanie’s eyes slowly turn from jovial to serious. She continues to walk down the aisle as the camera turns off)
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Post on September 16th 2017, 6:39 pm by Keelan Cetinich

What even is this match I’m about to walk into? A no ropes barbed wire timebomb deathmatch? Are we in Japan in the year 1990? Carlos Rosso sure has quite the imagination when it comes to creativity, but it’s a real shame he’s a fucking moron. These are the matches I strive to succeed in. The crazier the match, the more I am willing to dig deep to pull out a victory. ESPECIALLY against my current rival right now. You see, Carlos Rosso has done his absolute best to try and make this as personal as he can for me. Just last week, he handcuffed me to the ropes while he hit a Southern Lariat on my girlfriend and then KISSED her! What kind of man does that? Well I can answer that with one simple word… none. No man who has ever called himself a, “man” has or has ever thought of doing such a heinous act. Carlos Rosso did that and while it pissed me off to no end, I must personally ask him what happened after he gave me the key to uncuff myself after he left the ring? Madison and I got up. We got up, stared you dead in the eyes and thought to ourselves that this fucking coward needs to be out of our lives once and for all. You see Carlos, you keep starting these fights but you never finish them. That’s just… you. That’s just how you’re wired my guy. Why do you think you’ve lost every match except one since your return here? That win over Moongoose McQueen I wouldn’t even count. And it’s great that you think you deserve a New Breed Championship match after you defeated him. You’ve been in EAW for a whole decade now what makes you think you are apart of the new breed? Regardless, you cannot finish fights and that has become mighty apparent to me and to almost everybody else on Voltage. At Territorial Invasion Carlos, I’ll admit… you were easy pickings. You could barely muster up any sort of actual offence without any one of my team members getting back onto their feet. I think you should take a good, long hard look into the mirror after I kick your ass AGAIN this Sunday at Ground Zero, Carlos, because I think you’re way past your time. Carlos Rosso you need to step back from out of the spotlight, because the more you keep standing there the more the newer and younger guys will - and THEY WILL - knock you off of the way and stand there themselves. Carlos, your time here in EAW should have ended when Nasir Moore squashed you last year. But you came back, and for what? A measly paycheck? What, were you out of steroids? Were you out of money to pay for viagra because you are just way too incapable of getting it up around women? Perhaps I am exaggerating your age, but you’ve been in EAW since the first Pain For Pride. Not a lot of people can say that, but YOU can. Shouldn’t that be a good enough reason to take a step back? Let me tell you exactly how our match this Sunday is going to go down. The two of us are going to step into that ring, and I am going to put an end to you in about 10 minutes time. There is going to be NOTHING getting in my way from picking you up and throwing you into all that barbed wire. There’s going to be nothing getting in my way from making you blow the fuck up from all the timebombs surrounding the ring. There’s going to be nothing getting in my way from finally making you leave this company once and for all with no chance of you EVER coming back. And if you are having thoughts that you’re going to be sticking around for the long haul, then there’s going to be nothing getting in my way of retiring your ass for good by putting your body not just on a stretcher, but in a full body bag. Carlos, you’ve fucked around with my personal life for too long now, and it ends this Sunday at Ground Zero. You can say whatever you want, it’s not going to matter. Your words have no meaning to me, just based on how a special ed kid can speak better words than you can. Grounded Zeros? Man… get some help. Regardless, after I get you out of my way for good this time, my plans of moving forward and climbing to the top will continue. While your plans will either have you in a hospital bed for the rest of your life, or if you do manage to survive my onslaught, will have you stuck at the bottom of the fold here on Voltage. You’ll try and you’ll try and you’ll try to climb up, but with every match you lose - and let me tell you there’s going to be a LOT of them - you will just stay stuck at the bottom. Then, and maybe then, you will realize what a total utter failure your career has been, and then you’ll fade away into oblivion and never return.

Once can hope, right?

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event: N/A
promo number: N/A
participants: chelsea crowe versus the world
word count: 936 words
ooc notes: let's get this debut promo done with. hope chelsea comes across just as bitchy as intended

scene one:
september 14, 2017 // televised
alliant energy center // madison, wisconsin

[The following is a YouTube video, posted to the official Elite Answers Wrestling YouTube channel, entitled “What makes 'The Black Heart' beat? | Meet Empire's newest Elitist, Chelsea Crowe”.]

The video starts off black, and we hear the sound of Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' faintly in the background. As the image of Chelsea Crowe sitting amongst the rows of empty seats in the arena stands fades into view, the air of anticipation before an Empire show filling the air, she begins to address the audience through a voiceover.

CHELSEA CROWE: “To say it's been easy to get here would be a lie. I've had my fair share of difficulties, I've been through a lot of shit. But I'm still here. When I saw EAW, I knew that I needed to be there. I needed to push to the front, I had to become a part of the New Breed – no. I had to become the leader of the New Breed. The one that everyone, from the girls in the back to the girls in the crowd, could look to, point at, and call a true queen. A real success story.”

As Chelsea looks out at the ring crew setting up the Empire set, short black and white clips that have been interspersed through the video play, showing off the various moves the Kiwi has in her arsenal: a headscissors kimura lock, a leg drop DDT, a crushing cannonball. A rare, devastating moonstomp.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I was determined that I wouldn't be writing fairy tales. I would be writing non-fiction, and it would all come from my heart. It would be the truth. And if people hated me for it, for the way I got things done, then I wouldn't spend another second thinking about them. Because in the end, this is what I want to do. It's my life. And EAW may not be my kingdom yet, but when this brand needs a monarch, a real woman who has survived the tough times and isn't afraid of having a bullseye placed on her back, then I'll be the one to step up.”

The song suddenly shifts, turning darker, possessed. Lana Del Rey's voice and the whimsical song are corrupted, as the Sidewalks and Skeletons remix of 'Born to Die' seeps in like blood on a bandage. And with it goes the sweet, persevering façade that Chelsea had thrown up. She smirks as her gaze invades the Empire ringside area, eyes dark with a notable malice.

CHELSEA CROWE: “But anyway, enough of my Aria Jaxon impression: it's time to get down to the truth. Because me, I'm not the next Aria Jaxon, Alexis Diemos, April Song, Tarah Nova, or even Brody Sparks. I'm Chelsea Crowe, and I am the first and last of a new generation.”

The beat kicks in and roars out as quick flashes of brutal stomps, kicks, forearms, and suplexes pass by in stark black and white. The music fades far into the background as Chelsea now addresses the camera, still perched in the arena stands like a raven waiting to strike.

CHELSEA CROWE: “When I look at wrestling, and Empire specifically, I am disgusted by what I see. What you get is a bunch of girls either acting catty and messing around, or a few jokes who are everything wrong with this sport. You see girls talking about passion, others talking about maiming people. Then there's the ones who call themselves goddesses and queens, monsters and villains. But I don't need to do any of that. I'm not here to call myself an empress and act like I'm going to rip out someone's throat – least not literally. I'm just here to do what I do best, and that's show everyone up – whilst making money.”

“I'm not here to give you a sob story, to act like everyone's best friend, or to be generic wrestler number two-seventy-one. I'm not even here to build a 'legacy' or to inspire people. I'm here to treat this sport like what it is: a business. I am here to give reality checks to all you people who think the likes of Empire's finest are role models...or even genuine people at all. They're all either lying, exaggerating, or using people for their own gain. But I'm not going to punish them for doing that – I'm going to show them up for not doing it properly. Because I'm not a nice person, and I'm not pretending to be one. In fact, I'm going to show everyone how to do it properly. And profit from it.”

A laugh, ghostly and dark, echoes through the stands.

CHELSEA CROWE: “At the end of the day, I'm not here to be a doormat. I didn't come here to stand side-by-side with 'legends', veterans, or role models. I came here for the same reason that flies through most people's minds before they sign an EAW contract: to get rich, and to get famous. And you can call me conceited, you can say I'm selfish for saying that. But just remember: I'm not the one smiling to your face whilst stabbing you in the back. When I stab you, you see it coming – it's your fault if you expect anything different.”

“Though I guess not many of you are used to anything different, are you? Don't worry: you'll get used to me soon enough.”

The screen fades to black and the EAW logo appears. But it doesn't remain the same. It begins to glitch, corrupt, and replacing it is an unfamiliar logo. An abstract sign of the times yet to come. End.
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"And finally, one of the children wishes a seat at the adults' table ..."

Fade in on Amadeus, sitting on his throne of chains, dressed in a dark grey robe, the Interwire title draped over one shoulder.  His fingers are steeped in front of him, a serene smile on his face, his eyes half-closed.

"... and yet, all he does is play with his baby food, making a mess of himself, an embarrassment of the entire charade.  How does the old phrase go?  Rather than remaining silent and being thought a fool, he opened his mouth and removed all doubt.  Anthony Leonhart, you used to be a part of the Sanatorium.  It was after the time of my injury, and we never met, and for that I am glad.  I have heard Eclipse speak of you, how you turned your back on our family.  You were the first to walk away.  Others would break from us, Stephanie Matsuda and Madison Kaline, but I would not say that they followed in your example.  Stephanie Matsuda and Madison Kaline, they made a choice to turn away from us, seeing a relationship that they felt would make them grow as people, help to gain the bonds they felt they lacked in The Sanatorium.  I do not condone their actions.  I mourn their loss, feel the sting of their loss.  Were I to face them in the ring, I would bring this pain to our fight, inflicting upon them tenfold the pain of their leaving left upon me.  You see, I realize that by joining the Sanatorium, we have become outcasts, and this leads to us often feeling alone, even within our own family.  Loneliness is a monkey that clings to our backs.  They saw an avenue to expunge that solitary nature that seems to follow us within the fold.  They found that in other people, whether in the platonic friendship of Mao Ichimichi or the romantic love of Keelan Cetinich.  I despise them for turning from our path, but I understand that it is not always an easy life to dwell within the Sanatorium.  But you, Anthony Leonhart, you left us on a lark, changing your masks nearly overnight.  Eclipse did not take this well, feeling betrayed and misdirected by you, which I understand.  But I don't feel that way.  You posed as one of us, but you never truly were part of the family.  Facing you in the ring on Sunday, I do not face you as a brother that has strayed from the family.  You're just another challenge to overcome.  Another Elitist to test and see if he is wanting.  A sacrifice to the gods of violence and depravity in EAW.  Fighting you is nothing special to me, no more special than every other battle that I throw myself into.  I relish all opportunities to find myself in the fray of battle, but there are some foes that truly get my heart pumping, that I anticipate feverishly: the world champions and their contenders, the true rising stars of EAW, my own twisted brethren.  You fit none of these categories.  Anthony Leonhart, you are a mote, a speck of dirt.  The 'black beast' that you refer to yourself as is nothing more than a common housefly.  Because that's the danger that you pose to Nightmare: the same danger that a fly is to a human, nothing more than a buzzing pest.  The thought that you would bring prestige to this title is laughable and pitiable at the same time.  Tell truth on the matter, Anthony Leonhart.  You want this title not to bring prestige to it, but for it to bring prestige for you.  You have failed at every juncture of your career, failed at making any sort of mark on this company other than being a joke.  The only thing that is mildly inspiring about you is the fact that no matter how many times you fail, you continue to ram your head against the same brick wall.  Persistence is a trait that I admire, but in your case, I believe that you fall under the category of one that persists because he has no idea of the magnitude of his failure is.  Anthony Leonhart, you have no self-awareness, and that is your biggest crime.  I don't despise you; you are not worth that amount of investiture.  Do you know why Kenny Drake put you in this match?  Because he hopes that Nightmare will tear itself apart in the ring, and the true death knell to us would be for us to lose the title to either the one that we destroyed to form ourselves -Harvey Yorke- or to lose the title to one so ignorant as you.  Can you believe that?  If Anthony Leonhart were to beat out Nightmare and take the Interwire title?  Such a mistake would be an ignoble end to Nightmare, but it is a scenario that because of the nature of this match is within the realm of possibility.  A five-way match, chaotic in nature, will be more about leveraging opportunities to be the one to score the final victorious pinfall or submission.  The one who picks the bones last will be the victor here.  The one who is willing to scavenge a corpse that someone else has made will walk home with the belt.  But I doubt your capabilities in this matter.  It's far more likely that it will be your corpse scavenged than for you to be the one to take advantage of the situation.

"Rather, I expect that Jon McAdams will be the happy scavenger to try to steal the moment.  And despite the words I use to describe him, I would not be prouder of him if he were able to achieve victory in this way.  I expect you to try to win at any cost, in any manner necessary.  I applaud this, but I will be watching for it.  If he's able to sneak out victory in this manner, it will be quite a feat and he will have earned this title.  You see, we both understand that there is no such thing as a fair fight.  The scales are always tipped in one direction or another.  There's no reason to rail against this and cry foul.  The world does not care.  That's why you will never hear me complain about defending my title under these circumstances: against my brothers, with other people who could take the fall where my ability to exert my will on the situation is diluted.  I could complain about the unfairness to me here, but what is the point?  Victory is expected, no matter the circumstances, and if I fail to achieve it, then there's no one to blame but myself.  People have succeeded under harsher circumstances and I will not allow myself to perform in a lesser capacity.  I thrive in these chaotic environments.  I live for the challenges that are presented to me, no matter if the odds do not favor me.  Give me these unfair settings and I will surprise everyone, except for me, because I expect nothing less than excellence from myself."

Amadeus sits back, his finger tracing the links of the chains on the arm of his chair.

"I also expect nothing less than excellence from my brothers, Solomon and Jon.  Which is why seeing Jon McAdams dismantle the relics of his old life is an encouraging sign.  Burn away the bridges that you've left behind, leave your self no path of retreat and you will fight harder than you ever have before.  There is a beast that's awakened within you and once you harness is and learn to use it as an advantage, you will become a most implacable fiend against anyone that stands in your way.  The brutality that you've shown combined with the willingness to win at all costs makes you the most dangerous threat to my reign.  I don't have to defeat you, but I do have to prevent you from winning, stop your vicious machinations.  It will be an entertaining test of my skills and I relish the challenge.  Yes, if you truly unite with this bloodthirsty force within you, it will be the hardest challenge yet.  But, you're not there.  Not yet.  I see you, breaking down the bastions of your old life, but these are almost animal instincts.  You're not looking at yourself, at your past mistakes and purging them violently.  You're seeing your foes instead of who they really are.  You're not quite in control of yourself yet, at least, on that deliciously dangerous edge of controlled and wild that I exist on.  No, you are a boon to Nightmare, and will one day be trimmed with gold again.  Will it be this Sunday?  I vow that I will do everything that I can to prevent that, to spoil your dreams of taking the Interwire title from my grasp.  You have elevated yourself since our last meeting, as you've pointed out, but I have as well.  Every battle that I face, I learn something new, I gain a deeper understand of myself and what I am capable of.  I will fight with every last ounce of my being, seize every edge that is available to me, and exploit every weakness that I find.  You will fight, you will try, Jon McAdams.  But I will ensure that you fall short, once again.  Maybe for the last time for you.  And Nightmare -all of us- shall reap the benefits of this.

"Solomon, there is little we can say that we have not already said.  You are and always will be the strong backbone of Nightmare, its fiery vision and hand of destruction.  We have both spoken about where we stand, and we have spoken about our commitment to Nightmare and how it shall continue after this match is over, no matter who raises the belt above their head.  Yes, during the match, we will tear each other to pieces, but that's because that's what is needed within the ring.  But afterwards, after the poor sheep have been slaughtered and one of us is declared the victor, our brotherhood will remain.  This has been spoken.  Now all that is left is for us to put these words to action.  Because words without action are meaningless.  Action shall be seen on Sunday night.  One of Nightmare will be called the victor, of that I have the utmost confidence.  And when that man is, the others shall be called to join him in celebration of victory.  Then, it will be incumbent upon the other brothers to join in and reaffirm our devotion to the Nightmare.  I shall await my brothers' decision then."

Amadeus stands, staring down at the camera.

"Because do not mistake my praise of my brothers' talents and power for weakness.  Each of them has the capability to bear this belt and be a force of woe against any who would attempt to claim it as their own.  But in the end, I know that I am the one who will reign in the end.  My sight is clear for the objectives of this match and for the goals that I will achieve with Nightmare.  Solomon was right that the one who wields a belt is heard further and wider than one who does not.  As long as Voltage has been Jon McAdams home, it has been mine longer.  I started on Voltage over two years ago and one thing has become clear in that time: it needs to burn, and only after that burning will something greater rise from the ashes.  With this belt on my shoulder, and with my brothers in the Nightmare at my side, we shall achieve this goal.  And nothing can stop it.  Not Kenny Drake and his machinations.  Not Anthony Leonhart and his ignorant delusions.  Not Harvey Yorke and his dreams of vengeance.  Not even a battle between brothers."

Amadeus throws his arms open.

"The Nightmare shall continue!"

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brody sparks versus consuela ava versus april song


name: brody sparks
- "hypnotic heretic"
- "the spark of empire/eaw"
- "sparkling pestilence"
- "vixen of violence"
- "the crown jewel"
- "dominance in a tiny package"
height: 5 ft. 1 in. (1.55 m)
weight: 120 lbs. (54 kg)
hometown: brockton, ma
theme song: "am i a psycho?" - tech n9ne ft b.o.b & hopsin
"rx queen - deftones (free per view use)
- illumination (rings of saturn)
- moth to a flame (gory special reverse sto)
- cause & effect (hammerlock guillotine drop followed by Rounding moonsault off the top rope)
- alexis diemos
- eclipse diemos
- victor maero
- jacob senn
- consuela rose ava
- april song
- aria jaxon


miscellaneous awards
most maluable elitist (2 times)
vixen/woman of the week (5 times)
match of the week (1 time)
champion of the week (1 time)
promoer of the week (1 time)
beef of the week (1 time)
empire 8 (4 times)
won the first ever all female exteme elimination chamber
longest reigning specialist champion

titles held
specialist champion (1x)

miscellaneous info

promo by: Brody
word count: 2,398 words
template: Brody
graphics: Brody
ooc notes: let's be iconic

soul searching

[ 09.21.17 // KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI // CHAPTER 002 ]

"Change. Without change, we remain stagnant."

"We remain dormant in a position we’re all too familiar with. While change can be good, most dread it. I was never fearful of change. I came into this company and the whole world got to see me change. Grow, and develop into the woman you know today. You could look at me and see the story of a woman who continually wants to prove herself. I never lost that mentality to this day. I will never lose that part of me, but I am no stranger to loss. Almost three months ago I lost the most meaningful possession I had ever had. The Specialist championship. In the blink of an eye, I went from one of the most predominant champions in this company’s history, to sitting at home, to being forced on the shelves. To have medical professional telling me I had a 50/50 chance of losing sight in my right eye. Being told that I should be aware of how bad this could get for me. I wasn't going to take that as an option. I wasn't going to watch everything I worked so very hard for crumble before me. I was told surgery would be my best option. Being the defiant woman I am, I rested and with my own method and determination I was able to come back earlier than expected. Surgery unnecessary. The pure willpower I had just to make sure I could come back and reclaim my throne. My reputation. My love. But most importantly. My title.Watching as everything continued on without me. Watching new faces arrive with the similar approach of wanting to prove themselves. I watched as my title was flaunted around with my biggest foe. I watched as a woman who walked into this company with little to no knowledge come in and take that very same belt. Was I angry? Of course. I was outraged. I was pissed. I was erupting with anger. However, the anger that had been intensifying inside me wasn’t solely produced at the hands of Consuela Rose Ava, nor the hands of April Song. A vast majority of that anger was toward my very...own...self. I was more than furious with myself. I was beyond anger. I was disappointed. I made history. I was on top of the world, but I had overlooked what got me there. I had the title fall into my hands, and how I got that very title, had left me. I went through a metamorphosis. I can admit, while the spark, had lost its spark; It never died. They say change is good, but looking back now, in hindsight. I say. If it ain’t broke, don’t you fucking fix it. Let’s have some fun ladies. Shall we?"

"I have to say, I’m a tad bit insulted by you April."

"It seems like you’ve been worried and paranoid about Consuela taking your title, rather the very woman who eliminated you at Territorial Invasion. While you worry about Consuela's thirst to regain a title she blindly thinks is her’s you’ve forgotten about the woman who hungers for the very title she made. The title she brought prominence to. The very same woman who you saw with your own eyes went to lengths and took risks just to get the opportunity to challenge for it. Ah, my precious and oh so admirable, April Song. The mighty air force to wrestling queen. The woman who seemingly came from nothing to something overnight. I just want you to know who’s responsible for you holding that title-MY-title. While I may have been away, sitting at home with one good eye to my name, I made sure that my good eye stayed put on you. Not just Consuela. You see you wouldn’t have that title if I hadn’t let it fall into the hands of Consuela. They teach you a lot about honor in the air force right? That’s what they pride themselves on. Honor, serving and putting others before yourself. You’re a discredit to that. You are everything they never wanted you to be. You say you live by a code, but I live by one too. My code isn’t to honor. My code is to defame. My code is dissect. My code is humiliate and annihilate anyone who stands before me. My code is to damage. At my heart's core, my livelihood is causing the suffering of people. Not just physical but mental. April when you enter the ring with me, you are not just in for a physical fight. It is a mental one. You and Consuela have been selected to be the puppets of my show. My theater production, the story of a woman who lost everything, only to come back and reclaim her rightful place. Staring me, Brody Sparks, the history-making, longest reigning Specialist Champion. Also starring Consuela Rose Ava, the maid, the generic rags to riches story! Let us not forget about April Song, the extra who got lucky. The placeholder, keeping my title warm before I’ve come to collect it. Let me tell you about our possible special guests; blood. Suffering, gore, and my favorite, vomit. I am on a mission. You know a lot about those right? I am here to show everyone if they had not taken notice before that I am back. More importantly that just because Consuela landed a lucky shot, didn't mean that I lost it. Doesn't mean that I am not the competitor I have always been. I never lost my skill. I never lost my passion. I just put away the beast inside me for some time. I had shades of who I was but the thing inside me that ate away. The being inside me that tapped me on the shoulder, the catalyst to my love for pain, my wonderful sociopathic tendencies. They weren't as dominant. The unfortunate part for you and Consuela is that it has to come out.  This is a three-way dance and it is one I don't plan on losing. Time and time again I have proven as to why that belt belongs to me. When you look at the three women. When you look at us April, only one of us is the superior woman. Only one of us has the skill and credibility to hold that title. You and I both know that is is I. When I am back into a corner, it is when I shine the brightest. When the odds are stacked against me, it is when I achievable and do things people deem achievable. I know the immense and rigorous training you experienced during your time in the Air Force. Let me tell you something. If you thought that was extreme, if you thought that was a task you fought tooth and nail to complete, then I truly feel sorry for you. Then again, I don’t. You knew what you signed up for here. Maybe you thought, you handling that, made getting into this business much easier. It might have given you an edge, but you are still a beginner. You have ways to go and I am going to teach you a very important lesson. Respect. I had thought Consuela was bad, but you and she aren’t too different from each other. You beat her for my title, and you thought you became someone. Of course, you were, but you were only keeping my title warm for me. Something Consuela could have been doing has she not been so caught up in trying to be someone she isn’t. But you want to know the real reason I lack respect for you? You had the fucking gall to tell me on the night I returned how I got your attention. Please! As if your attention had mattered. Then when I called you out for the fraud you were, suddenly your true colors emerged. You couldn’t be honest with your very own self, how can I respect someone like that? What kind of honor is that? I am the first to admit it, I am a cancerous being, but the difference between you and I, is that I admit. I wear it proudly. I don’t hide it. You’re the worst kind of cancer. The one that goes undetected, the one that tries to blend in and pretend it isn’t what it is. But when you’re exposed, you have nowhere to hide. I am the radiation that will expunge you. I will kill the killer bee."

"I told you that I was back. I warned you. That wasn’t going to be easy, and neither will this."

"Remember when I told you about that native woman? That woman who was so naive that she thought she would be beating me, and being the one who would walk into Manifest Destiny to take my title from April Song? I wonder what happened to her? Oh, she didn’t defeat me. I made sure of it. I guess my plan did get to continue to motion. Never doubt me Consuela. I told you, it would be your biggest regret. I guess controlling my destiny is something I can do. I mean, it’s gotta be eating at you.  “Did she purposely dive for us to get that double countout?”  “Did she purposely target my head and my face so when she took that final suicide dive, she would ensure we both wouldn’t make the count?” I’m pretty sure you wouldn't put it past me. Who knows, maybe it was intentional. Maybe it was so I could ensure that the both of us would be walking into Manifest Destiny. Hand in hand. Making you still feel like you have a chance to walk away with my baby, only to be the very same person to rip that entire fantasy away. Just a regular old thorn in your side. Your curse Consuela. Frankly, Consuela, I don't think you understand the severity of the situation that we're both in. We are both in a position that someone would die for. I know I most certainly would do anything to be in the position that I'm in. See one of us gets to walk out of Manifest Destiny and make the history-the question is which one is it going to be? You or is it going to be me? You're going to try and make points and tell me why it's going to be you. That your heart and your drive and your will and your desire, and the fact that you ended my historic reign are facts that are going to back you up. Ensuring that you're going to be the one that wins, but you need to understand that making history is sort of something I thrive on. You know me, always cementing my legacy. Leaving you gasping for begging for more. You could say it’s something I enjoy doing and I'm not going to let you stand in my way of doing that. I will be the woman who makes history in becoming the first-ever two times Specialist Champion I will be the one that makes that title the greatest title in existence. When I feel cornered when an animal feels cornered it's when they're the most dangerous. You two are trying to prevent me from getting my baby back, and I cannot allow you. I will not allow you to do so. You broke a bond between a mother and a child. If I have to make you believe that, if I have to make you bleed, if I have to break your bone, if I have to break your jaw; like I came very close to doing on Empire then that is what I will do. Whatever it takes. Whatever is necessary. I don't care if you want to hurt me, you can try but being away for so long I have built up resistance to pain. I know that there's going to be a lot of conflict between us. I know that you and April can easily come together and try to take your biggest threat out of the equation. I'm expecting that. I'm expecting you two, to both be cowards and try to get me out of the way so that you can have the match that you thought you were going to have. In a match like this, the champion doesn't even have to be pinned. I can easily dismiss April. I can easily knock her out and get her out of the equation just like I did at Territorial Invasion. Then I could focus on you babe because you are the one that I have the joy of having fun with. I can feel how you look at me. I can feel the energy that you give off when you speak, because you feel like you beat me one time and that you can beat me over and over and over. Now you can lie and tell me that's not how you feel but we both know the truth. I’m just the only one willing to say it. You like the fact that you're able to say that you have beaten me before, you like the fact that you're able to say that you put me out of action. I remember the night of Territorial Invasion maybe it was the night before, but nevertheless, I was ready to come back but you didn't know I was going to. You gassing yourself, running that mouth. What did you say to me? You said how I only have one good eye. You loved to point that out, you enjoyed mocking me. You enjoyed putting me down and you enjoyed the fact that you were able to run your mouth so long as you thought I was out of the equation. But then I came back and unbeknownst to you I would return and become even better than what I was before. So what do you do you? You put on a false embodiment. You like to pretend and the sad part is you believe the delusions that your mind have conjured up. You love to pretend and act like you were not proud of what you did but we both know you are and that's okay you can admit it but a person like you won't,  because you rather be a snake in the grass."

"Have you ever seen a snake with its head chopped off? You will at Manifest Destiny."

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Ground Zero: Homecoming

Four months ago, I was carried to the back and given the worst news of my life.   I was injured, broken and empty.  I’d sit on that commentary table every night, watching new talent take the spots I fought for.  I asked myself, “Why did this happen to me?”.  I helped Voltage win the Territorial Invasion match last year.  Guess what happened after that.  I got nothing while everyone else in my team got world title opportunities.  I won the Hardcore title decisively, but I was only allowed to defend my title TWICE.  They treated me like I had a piece of metal strapped to my waist; I wasn’t recognized as a champion.  I was injured twice and I was told to hang up my boots.  They didn’t punish Terry Chambers either; he was awarded for my slaying.  My aspirations were shattered and my spirit faded into obscurity.  I thought my wrestling career was over.  I couldn’t stand to look at these unaware kids saying that Voltage is the “land of opportunity”.  So what did I do?  I stood up for the reality of this brand.  This brand isn’t some factory for instant success; it’s a burial ground.  My career suffered because I thought this place would reward me like I was promised.   I defied the doctor's orders and took control of my own opportunities and destiny.  Because of my efforts, I’ve been cleared to compete on Voltage tomorrow night.  I couldn’t imagine returning anywhere else than my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. 

I’ve been asked many questions over the last week.  These questions were different from variations of “Why are you back?  What are you planning to do in this new age of Voltage?”.  The answer to those questions is simple.  I’m here, telling the truth about this fake brand and put the roster in its place.  The reality of EAW is simple: There is favoritism, arrogance and I always get screwed.  If you haven’t noticed, there are cherry-picked veterans who don’t have to try as hard as to be at the top.  The world champion of this brand is a veteran who feuds with his woman instead of giving an opportunity to an upcoming talent.  The main event scene is filled with the men that have been there for the last couple of years.  Where’s the new breed taking over?  Where’s the young talent with the world title?  Nowhere, because this brand lies.  Voltage calls itself the “Brand of opportunity” because they want this place to look beautiful to the influx of new talent it brings.  The suited men and women who run this brand want to make an awful reality look so beautiful and pleasing.  Sadly, this weak attempt of manipulation works and they brainwash everyone here.  But not me.  I’m not one of these sheep who is going to stand by this stupid catchphrase.  I’m definitely not one of those arrogant new breeds who are happy-go-lucky and happy to be here.  Voltage is merely a catchphrase to make you feel good about yourself.  Enough is enough.  I’m here to destroy this brand and build it from the foundations.  Everyone in this brand is on my clean list.  Enough of the bullshit.  

False hope is a beautiful tragedy.  Newer elitists hope to be at the top of the card in no time, but fail to realize that they’re nobodies.  When these nobodies don’t get what they want, they cry and bitch like infants, expecting to gain sympathy from their superiors.  To make matters even worse, this generation wants accomplishments to be given to them for being average.  This generation says,“Look at me!  I’ve won five out of my eight matches in EAW.  Put me against the best talent you got”.  Disgusting.  This kind of behavior makes me sick to my stomach.  Who the hell do these “new breed” guys think they are?  The only award that they deserve is a “you tried” tin foil medal.  What’s even sadder is when they lose a match.  These new breeds try to rub it off, acting like their loss was a fluke.  Shaker Jones, you are a part of this group of individuals.  You are so simple-minded and try to please the suited dwarfs.  You want your name to be on mugs and t-shirts, but simply put it this way; you’re a joke.  If you were given a chance to face a world champion, you’d lose in under thirty seconds.  That’s why you started out on NEO.  You aren’t shit and you’re facing me because I need some momentum to get myself started.  You’re like a generic create-a-wrestler from the EAW 2K game series.  Maybe that’s where you got your vanilla white name.  If you don’t understand, I’m trying to say is that you’re not special.  If you were special, Voltage and I would treat you with more respect.  I’ve seen guys like you come and go, so excuse my lack of giving a damn.  Also, do you really think Voltage put you here because you’re a great talent who’s going to give me a run for my money?  No, you’re going to be fed to a hungry animal who hasn’t eaten in months.  If you’re hoping you’ll pull off an easy win over me, don’t use your brain too much; imagining that reality will only crush your dreams more after I defeat you.

Shaker, if you believe that I’m lying, check the facts.  How much are you worth to Voltage?  Do they even care about your existence?  You were at NEO for God’s sake; you’re a developmental kid.  I started out at Voltage because I ensured my talents surpassed brands like NEO.  This isn’t cockiness; it’s reality, son.  At the end of the day, I’m a man of truth and justice.  If I’m not treated right, I speak up.  If I want something badly, I earn it.  If this brand disrespects me, I’ll burn it to the goddamn ground.  My destiny is in my control now.  I’m going to make the rest of this roster’s destinies mine too.  Voltage is my opportunity now and I’m going to cause chaos while cementing my own legacy.  
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I have never forgotten, and I never will... how could I even? 

Unlike the numerous teams that have disbanded from irreconcilable differences, The Mercenaries included, whenever I look back, I always think so fondly of this warriors of six. Y2Impact and I scouted the world for an army that will cause one catastrophe after another and will result to the downfall of Elite Wrestling, and it took almost half a year and self-righteous power-tripping imbeciles in the management to finally break us to separation. And even after we were apart, we made it known to the world that our influence will never fade away as we separately stood with gold on our shoulders for a time. I walked in the locker rooms and Y2Impact greets me with a kiss on my lips. I look on the left side and there is Luzmala deciding what mask he will put on, but he never utters a word... there was also The Burned Man who likes to stand on alert like a guard as he whispers to himself how much he would like to, well.. burn them all. On the right side, there is Drake Jaeger, who never stops clowning around and when he does, he puts on an arrogant smile on his face under his black sunglasses. And then his best friend -- Tiberius Jones, who sits beside him, waving hi and I greet him back by telling him that I demand a tie breaker from our last Pokemon battle. Little did I know, over a year after that instance, he sits in the throne with the EAW Championship right on his shoulder, and I will be challenging him for it. Some things never change.

We never had any ill will or a nasty plot that would cause deterioration and conflict from within... for our purpose of reconstructing the Land of Elite in our image was bigger than any personal disagreements, however rare they might come. I often hear the words "Boss Lady" especially from Tiberius, but we always stood as equals and everyone knew that. We worked together as an army that invaded different territories in this godforsaken company, but when the cameras weren't rolling, we were a family. And from those memories, there is only one question that pops in my head for this Saturday -- how much has changed in the past year and a half? There is just so much to talk about that I don't even know the first words I'll utter on the spot when I see Tiberius Jones. I don't know how to feel. I don't know how I'll act. Add the Lion and the Bastard to the equation too, two more I soon will face... I think I'm going to lose my mind. I suppose all that we can do is wait and see.

As this week closes, I can only eagerly wait for Showdown. It surely will be an eventful night for the Consigliere, and while I am confident that my aggression and mastery of the craft will save me from what transpires in that ring, I am also smart enough to know that a sign of weakness and a hint of doubt will be enough for the vultures to feast on my flesh and look forward to my demise. I am not letting my guard down. I refuse to give them that chance. I have come this far too fast and I refuse to be relaxed and forgiving whether I am facing the bottom-feeding parasites Bound by Fate, or the absentee warlord Diamond Cage who I've made the mistake to think better off because so far he has only given me nothing but silence. Was this revenge for my "silence" five years ago that cost you the World Championship? Is this your way of seeking vengeance to those who wronged you? I wish I could say I give a damn. I wish I could say if I could take it all back, I would. But to be honest with you, I have become so indifferent throughout the years that whatever you see as passion and rage rooting from your personal tragedies, I could easily step on without a doubt in mind so I can tell you the horrible fact that its nothing but a lie. I easily turn the other cheek. I easily move on from losses and mistakes because I know I have nothing to prove to this world. Showcasing The Heart Break Gal's already known greatness has been an honor and a luxury I willingly give to the world because I choose to, not because it demands. There is no stunt that I have to pull, only careful calculations and the expertise in the field that I have been known for. What you see is the god-given talent in its purest form that she could ascend to the sky and be known as the goddess of destruction, for it is a quality you can never separate from her. I am unbreakable. My armor is impenetrable. And not on your best day will you be capable of causing a single scratch. And the fire in my heart burns like wildfire, its impossible to tame despite all the suffering and humiliation I have endured. Do you know how I survive the distress that almost broke my spirit? I keep my ambitions locked in a safe that nobody can touch while I fulfill them, and whatever heartache and suffering these undignified filth have caused, I return a hundred times over. But of course, only a few people are fortunate enough to be granted this kind of power and control, and some like Diamond Cage will try to lure the audience into this masquerade of bravery, but especially when he is forced into a position where he has to take off the mask and face the world in his true, vulnerable form, the truth will not be contained and he will be known as the coward and the weakling that he truly is. 
You're one of the respected names in this industry, yet you still play the game like a fucking rookie. "I don't care about anything but the Triumvirate", do you think you're convincing anyone? It's nothing but a convenient excuse for your inevitable loss. If you are a courageous being that instills fear to the crowd, you would have your passion reflect on the work you put in ALL of your matches, not just a select few. Those whose eyes are filled with rage would rather channel their frustrations by killing off the enemies, but of course, you are never capable of doing such things because you prefer to pick your battles, and you wonder why you're always falling behind. How do you expect the world to stand beside you and see your side of things when you're too much of a coward to meet your competition face to face? Surely, it didn't take a lot of time for the crowd to be convinced that their hero Diamond Cage isn't making enough effort to take the EAW Championship he apparently desired throughout the years. Indeed your hunger motivates you, but you have very well hinted that it also blinds you from the challenges of this sport. It makes you do the task half heartedly, and there is no meaning to your senseless babbling its quite difficult to see the kind of man you have become. You wield the sword that's too heavy for you because another devil you have yet to face is clinging on your back adding on to the burden. You say you will carry out the will, yet your mind is filled with clouds and distractions, it's a question if you're even capable of sticking to your words. I don't feel sorry about the things you have gone through, I feel sorry about the kind of idiot you are now. And I would like to hear more of your sob stories, it's just that, I have lost that part of my brain that cares for other people long ago. It's your fault that you couldn't move on from the tribulations of the past. It's your fault that your so-called vengeance is nothing but a joke in the eyes of the viewers. Don't fade away before I charge at you. Don't walk off before we start our dance in the ring. This is one of the instances where The Heart Break Gal presents her greatness in one match as she does in many others. And from here, she begins her reign. Soon, I will complete the Grand Prix tournament and win the Unified Tag Team Championship, I will keep proving my dominance and ALSO win the EAW Championship in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. All others have dreamt about but only few have realized, I will fulfill them in a span of a few months. How foolish are those enemies I've come across to think that The Heart Break Gal couldn't hold her own when all I have done is secure my place to make history! But it's quite alright. The piles of human wastes where the enemies and non-believers belong will keep whispering their thoughts and criticisms about me but never will you catch me listening intently to their filthy gossips. Small opinions are not worth my energy and I am only concerned of getting rid of the filth and shit that line up to witness my destruction that will never be. And little will they know, the fallen angel they never believed to hold gold again, will shake the ground as the queen who held the highest Championship for it is hers to keep. All she has to do is take the victory. And you, Diamond Cage, will be written in history as the one of those enemies that led her to her promised land. So I thank you in advance.
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Post on September 16th 2017, 1:45 pm by FEARDIAMOND. (Online)
(Camera transitions to a parking lot for the Allstate Arena in Rosemont Illinois where Diamond Cage is sitting on the hood of a car surrounded by beer cans donning his dark leather jacket and shades on his face)

ONCE AGAIN! Ladies and gentleman you've been lied to by the books, deceived by the pencil in our business. This is NOT a preview of Road To Redemption, because what I'm going to do in THIS match is  NOTHING compared to what I'm going to do when the EAW Championship is on the line, when I am in an environment where it truly is kill or be killed. When I'm trying to beat someone limp with any object I decided to bring before they try to do the same to me, this is like one of those trailers that don't really give you what your looking for when your looking forward to a movie you know? So no don't be fooled. This is nothing like Road To Redemption, this is EAW selling you some shit that if you are smart you won't buy, but I mean who isn't excited to see the Heart Break Gal compete against Diamond Cage? I'll tell you one person who isn't excited. ME! Because I don't care about the Heart Break Gal, as long as there's more Triumvirate members breathing, no one in EAW matters more to me. If she takes it as disrespect then hey I don't care, if she want's to be a fly I have no problem breaking her in half, do I take HBG lightly? Nah, I don't because I know who she is very well. I know she's capable of anything and everything but what happens when Diamond Cage is all that and more? See I don't need to respect HBG, I don't need to fear HBG, hell nobody in the chamber even needs to 'FEARDIAMOND' anymore, fear the chamber itself. Fear the fact that when I am a caged animal, bad things happen to very bad people who try to get in my way. So the theme for this match is not a preview, it's more of a statement to HBG, it's more of making her realize that even though this company has become sissified with it's elite rules, all rules were meant to be broken and I won't hesitate to snap her neck on Showdown or inside the chamber and that's for anyone when it comes down to that EAW World Championship. It's sick, it's twisted, it's vile but damn it that is the world we live in now, if I don't go around here laying lambs to slaughter I ain't making money, or I am a lamb being lead to slaughter myself. I just need the world to understand that I am an addict, one drug drives me and it isn't staining the canvas with my opponents blood or even my own blood, it isn't putting pain and suffering on those who put pain and suffering on me. 

Vengeance is beautiful but the addiction, the addiction is the championship, the EAW Championship that I held, the EAW Championship that ever since it's left my hands has left me feeling of emptiness, like someone took food off my plate, and I've been STARVING, I've been hungry, digging through trash, living in dumpsters, pissing on fucking fire hydrants just waiting for the day I get my food back. How could HBG understand the hunger? How could Theron understand the hunger? How can Rex understand? How can the champion himself even understand my hunger to just win that championship again? They can't, because they don't know what it's like to fight your way to the top and be pushed down because you don't fit the mold, they don't know what it's like to losing everything and have to work twice or three times as hard to get just halfway to the mountain top. You never see a guy like Rex losing his kids and his family and his house without wanting to commit suicide, because he had it easy. In my eyes all of you in this chamber match have had it easy, even you HBG, even if you are a “legend” even if you are a member of some of the most illustrious groups in the sport, but in my eyes you are no mercenary, and you sure as hell aren't misery or bane to a guy like me who has been living in his own personal hell for as long as I can remember. But I see light at the end of my tunnel, I see a bright fucking light and I'm swinging for the fences and while you play little league and while you and everyone else in this chamber says your walking out of Road To Redemption with the EAW Championship. I'm not going to talk, I'm not going to yell and scream otherwise, I simply just do it, I simply just go out there and win when my back is against this wall and the wall is on fire. The man whose going to win the chamber, and the man who is going to win this match on Showdown, hasn't been afraid to fail, has failed and still don't even care to fail. He's walking out of Showdown with his hand raised, he's walking out of the chamber with the championship, or he'll die trying. Fear the fact that there is no salvation for me, I don't need the sympathy, I don't need pity, I just need your eyes glued to your television screen, I need you to be a witness, all of you be witnesses to what I already know.  This is my destiny, I'm going to become the kingpin of this company again and no politics, no Zack Crash regime, no Cash in the Vault, no Lannister, no Triumvirate and no personal demons is going to stop me.

(Diamond Cage leaps off the hood of the car and continues walking before the feed cuts to black)
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Post on September 16th 2017, 1:21 pm by Anthony Leonhart
ANTHONY LEONHART // Against All Odds
Sunday Night Voltage – Ground Zero / EAW Interwire Championship – 09/17/2017 vs. Amadeus, Jon McAdams,Harvey Yorke & Solomon Caine.


[Anthony Leonhart scratches his head and pretends to think before knocking his hands as if he wanted to applaud Kenny Drake's decision for the match at Ground Zero then he looks at the competitors of this important match in his eyes and sees he will be surrounded of the mentally ill personas and he is slightly worried about what could happen before and after the match but not during, he sits down, legs crossed, to find this soothing chakra because this time he will really need it . He closes his eyes, places his left hand and makes an inverted L.]


Anthony   Leonhart

As it is very strange, Kenny Drake really wants me to go back on the dark side or what but good, I had to certainly seek trouble by volunteering to challenge Amadeus for the Interwire championship but good as I have already said and repeated, I want this Interwire championship to regain its prestige before and that it does not fall like a vulgar title that is given to the first comer in the list. I would fight to the end for this title to return to who right and certainly not to Harvey Yorke, Mister I cling to my title of number 1 contender for weeks. I wonder how it is that we give you chances for free when I had to fight and tell the truth to hope for a chance to capture that title. But now that the opportunity comes so much to tell you, Harvey and tell you, other participants in this match, that the Raging Roaring Lion is very very hungry and he will make you his dish of resistance and of course he will end it with Amadeus of course, with the icing on the cake.

Harvey Yorke, are you still here? As it does not surprise me at all but then not the least of the world. And as if by chance, I feel it and I know, you're going to bring you back because you can reach a nice carrot. And this carrot is the Interwire championship. If the championship was not in play, we know very well that you would not come, to advance a donkey like you dear Harvey, had to find a solution and what better than the Interwire championship, erm? This title that could have been yours but since you have not worked enough to have well, you let it spin in beautiful hands, I do not congratulate you, Harvey Yorke. You're a lazy fellow. I'm fed up with seeing people like you, those with a silver spoon in their mouth, having opportunities like that, served on a board while some have to wait, wait and wait, match after game , as it was not enough to have a single championship title match. It disgusts me, it disgusts me, you hear that ?

[Everyone can see Anthony Leonhart's eyebrows crashing in one fell swoop and he gets up and inhales a great blow and then releases it all before reopening his eyes and pretending that time stops all around him, a cutoff feeling between the real world and the spiritual world.]

But you know what Harvey Yorke? In this match, you're the little puppy that everyone does not care about as it's not allowed, because in the end ... you're nothing. You're right there, for the decoration, we'll say. Just a small pebble in my shoe, the slightly embarrassing but easily removable side, you see what I mean? Not as interesting as possible. And since you lost your opportunity for the Interwire Championship, you think time has stopped and your post as contender number 1 in the Interwire Championship is still there for you. That you're cute ... but that's not the case, you lost, you lost my man! Anthony Leonhart has been well transferred from Dynasty to Voltage and believe me he'll have to do with me now. And yes, because since the time I have evolved. And for good. And my last feat is an important milestone. I HAVE DEFEATED AREN MSTISLAV IN HIS LAST EAW MATCH. Now that I have muzzled the little puppy that is Harvey Yorke, let's go to the serious things, Gentlemen of the Nightmare.

[Anthony Leonhart is concentrated then he looks up and makes a sign to one of the EAW's assistants, and little by little a steel cage designed in a rather special way descends and surrounds Anthony Leonhart who has a smile that is becoming more and more vicious as if he wanted to make all the minions of the Voltage branch of the Sanatorium, otherwise called Nightmare.]

As we meet, Nightmare. You know me ? And yes, it is me my friends, it is the Raging Roaring Lion Anthony Leonhart and I come back to haunt you again and this time I will beat you and, cut the tentacles of the octopus and open the head of that poor octopus called Nightmare, and take away his crown to make it belly down and make it become what it was, a fish with a slight attack force. And that's all. That way, you will not be able to have the feeling of invulnerability that you seem to possess and which you are proud to have. You know it does not exist, is it? You still believe in that feeling? In the end, you are just poor soulless souls, real sheep, I laugh so much it is pitiful. And if you win this title, you will do what with? To share it ? It will be as usual, there will be jealousy and all that. It's gonna end like that, believe me it's gonna happen like that.

No matter what you do at Ground Zero, you know it as well as I do, it will not do me anything. You can try to break, try to do everything in your power to stop me because I am your black beast, the one that will put you sticks in the wheels and especially Sunday, if you see what I mean? You can not do anything. DO NOTHING. Why ? But because I was elevated like you, gang of mental debilitators, you remember now? I've created a little, what you are ... whether it's you, Jon McAdams ... or you Solomon Caine .... or even you Amadeus! Whether you believe it or not, I have contributed to this outburst of rage and now you are going to suffer all the anger of the Lion.

[Anthony Leonhart asks to go up the lion's cage and see how the cage took a long time to climb, he spread the bars with a force and a Herculean rage, his face became pretty red, his muscles were doing well seeing with enormous veins the Raging Roaring Lion's physique had changed a lot since his arrival at the yellow branch of the company and Anthony went to see a master of the martial arts in the temple where he trained and handed him a medallion with a Lion head and his "mentor" lets him pass and inserts the medallion in a place in the stone provided for this purpose. He makes it clear to this mentor that this is the time for him to put on this ancestral attire. Anthony returns from the bottom of the temple, sparkling with a thousand lights, this outfit was immaculate and everything, a legendary outfit.]

It's time for me to reveal to you the real outfit of Raging Roaring Lion, the one that will cause your loss! This outfit in black, gold and red colors represents the strength, will, aggressiveness, resistance and all that characterizes the lion in general. That's what will cause your defeat no matter of what !

[size=43]TIME TO EAT ! ROAAAAAAAAAAAR ![/size]
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Post on September 16th 2017, 7:51 am by Lars Grier (Online)

A long time ago, sometime during my first year of high school, I was given a writing prompt in a writing class. School shit, I know. Who gives a fuck about school anymore? We’re all adults, we can make our own decisions. We don’t need to let grades and GPA dictate our lives, but back then...those concepts meant a lot to teenagers. At least, teenagers who give shits about having good careers as businessmen or executives or whatever corporate jobs are available. I wasn’t one of those kids. I was what you’d might call an “emo and goth” kid who walked around listening to Nirvana and The Cure, saying “Fuck the World” at every chance I could. Normally, when I’m given some school work, I couldn’t care less if I attained an A+ or a Z- or whatever the American school system uses. But this question, this was interesting: “What is a worldview, and how is it important for people who want to make a difference in the world?” That was the prompt given to me, and initially, I didn’t know how to respond. After all, it was a question focusing on the bigger picture, and for someone with a fixed and confined mindset, I didn’t know, to be completely honest. I worked hard on it for a night, sent it in, and I eventually got it back. I fucking bombed on it, unsurprisingly, but I think that in these times of hardship and dread, this is a question that truly relates. My worldview, to many - is considered wrong. My perspective on the issues in this world and my entire outlook is considered unjust, unfair and wrong. However, it isn’t my fault that humanity has produced so many problems because of its own degrading stupidity. It isn’t my fault that the mass media chooses to ignore all the happy and uplifting stories about self-recovery and brilliant scientific discoveries. You can’t judge me for believing in something that’s different from your point of view, and yet, everyday people constantly do the opposite. They judge me, say I’m wrong because I don’t believe that everything is happy and friendly to all the unicorns and ponies in this world; and I tell them to fuck off somewhere else where they can sit on their throne, surrounded by their own false truths. But a worldview, for people who wish to make a difference; it is the tool they use to attempt to convince people that what they say is right, that what they say is the cold, hard truth. Lars Grier isn’t a name you associate with Nelson Mandela, or Martin Luther King Jr. or other influential figures during the history of the universe, but I am able to answer this question - just looking at APOCALYPSE. Looking at the way he portrays himself to others, how openly he talks about his purpose in this world and how he thinks of it. I can tell, that with the way you talk and the words you spout, you are a man who wants to do something to this world, and you aren’t afraid to let them know. Your outlook on life, this world and its inhabitants is not a secret, and it is that perspective you have that is so...dangerous, yet at the same time so intriguing. Dangerous, for it is what you believe in that makes you want to destroy everything you see, and at the same time intriguing; intriguing how one man can be so fucking priceless. How…intriguing, all this is. Everything about it, I must admit. From beginning to present time, this entire charade of verbal insults and grenades being thrown from both sides, driven by the thought of being able to win this war. Everything about this is so intriguing, maybe that’s why we’re the semi-main event of Ground Zero. Maybe that’s why people have begun to root and cheer me on, like mindless sheep following their shepherd. But, I believe what is the most interesting of all, about this entire charade, is the fact that since I’ve been able to speak with you, APOCALYPSE, I’ve come to the sudden realization that as a matter of fact….we’re not all too different in our ideologies. Unexpected and surprising, and yet it rings true. I know you might hard for a man like you to believe in it, but I share the same worldview as you. Can you fucking believe it? APOCALYPSE shares something in common with his most hated rival, Lars Grier! It’s a miracle! Call out to the hordes, the crowds, the masses! Rejoice, for the two men have come to a standstill - or, just common ground, for once. APOCALYPSE, you’re under so much assumption about me and my beliefs, either by sheer ignorance or because you twist stories to fit your pathetic narrative. Whatever it is, I don’t give a shit. Maybe you’re a manipulative rat, cutting and untying strings from their puppeteers, so that you could make sure that your worldview, and only your worldview, is what is displayed to everyone. We share the same convictions, surprisingly. Humanity? Humanity isn’t something that you should celebrate and drink champagne too, much less something to be glorified. I consider humanity as a plague on this Earth, slowly killing our very own planet because of our own fucking stupidity. Because we have failed to see the consequences of our actions, our thoughts and our motives, we haven’t realized how much we have turned everything around us to shit. The so-called “leaders” who rule this world are some of the most idiotic ducking monkeys who have ever handled the position of “leader.” Maybe goodness lies in the heart, beneath the steaming pile of shit that lies on the exterior, but it doesn’t matter. None of it does, for we have gone too far to be able to recover from the damage we have done to ourselves. Don’t you agree, APOCALYPSE? Don’t you agree that the human race is a steaming pile of shit filled with mini-shits within it?  See - it’s this that amuses me so much. How much we resent and hate each other, and yet we share the same sentiments on the world and the human race. It’s hilarious, even, and if I were to be quite frank with you, we could’ve been a team, APOCALYPSE. We could’ve been a tandem that showed ferocity, brutality, and fire like the world has never seen. We could’ve ruled over EAW as terrifying beasts, destroying everything we came across. Maybe, in some parallel universe, Lars Grier and Apocalypse Deimos are the most dominant tag team to have ever stepped foot in the wrestling business, destroying everyone that they came through, ruling the wrestling world for generations upon generations. Maybe, that might’ve happened.

But it didn’t.

Because you had to be so fucking petty.

Isn’t that right? Pettiness is the word I associate with you. Pettiness over the tiniest thing that came in your way, pettiness over the people who walk away from you because they fear you.  You’re so fucking petty that you couldn’t stand the fact, the THOUGHT of knowing that someone matched your tenacity and power in that ring.  How insecure could you be to attack me, to assault me after I was already exhausted and beaten-down from a gruelling battle? How could you feel such insecurity and pettiness over the fact that you couldn’t even fathom knowing that I was your equalizer? How, how the fuck in this lifetime, or in any other, could one man continuously provoke another by hitting him from behind unsuspectingly like a little bitch? So many questions falling upon deaf ears, that I ever so deeply wish in my heart that they could be answered. Truly...how fucking scary it is to be Apocalypse Deimos. To have a target on your back, to have everyone attempting to come up to you and try to knock you down. To know in the back of your mind that you are someone who needs to be knocked off his pedestal eventually. How fucking scary, right? It’s as if you’re a world champion, Apocalypse, except this time, you don’t have a piece of gold and leather strapped on your waist - you have a crown of delusion atop your dome. You can’t deceive me...I can smell the scent of fear whenever the fuck I can. I know the real reason why you assaulted me when I was down, from behind - MULTIPLE times, I might add. I know...it’s because you felt threatened. You felt threatened by my very presence, my actions and my mannerisms on Voltage. You felt a chill down your spine, meeting me, and you attempted to hide that by looking at me with disdain. I didn’t do shit to you. I didn’t try to. I didn’t want to mess with the Big Bad Wolf, the troll under the bridge. I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with you, you fake motherfucker. And yet here we are. Heading into Ground Zero, staring daggers into one another with tunnel vision of nothing but our opponents, with the only way to win to actually put your adversary in a fucking casket. That’s what this has become. Not because I wanted to, not because I wanted to face big bad APOCALYPSE in a Grave Consequences match, but because someone felt so petty over me being here. Oh, and I know it irritates you when I call you “Apocalypse Deimos”, instead of APOCALYPSE. I know it irks your skin, your very being every time I say those dreaded names. Trust me, if I removed the Grier end of my name and put my first name as “LARS” in all capital letters, I’m sure everyone would be scared shitless. I know the true reason as to why you chose to revert your name to APOCALYPSE; because you hate humanity. You hate the stint of humanity and everything about it that even the notion of a surname sickens you to your absolute core.  Is that really how pathetic you are? Is that how low you’ll stoop to make sure that your ideology is what reigns in this cruel world? Please, allow me to explain this to you, APOCALYPSE: You’re a human. You aren’t a beast, a monster with unfashionable powers beyond comprehension. You aren’t the end all be all, the destruction of this world. You’re just a man who so happens to able to back up his god complex, by sending other grown men flying across the arena and putting them through tables and chairs. You have emotions, you feel pain, you know what the feeling of loss and betrayal is like, and you can’t deny that despite how much you may try. You cannot possibly anything more than that, nor can you even say that the future means dogshit to you. It just isn’t physically or mentally possible to say that the future means nothing to you, because it FUCKING DOES. The reason why you go out of your way to eat so-called “meals”, and destroying everything in your path, is fuelled by the natural thought of self-preservation. Self-preservation is the subconscious instinct within all humans to survive no matter what, and it is this fucking instinct is the reason as to why you still fucking exist! You eat and move around, knowing that you must fill yourself or starve to death, because you know that death means the end. Nothingness, blackness. You eat and move to preserve yourself, essentially preserving your FUTURE. So don’t come up to me and spit some self-righteous bullshit about the future meaning nothing and how someone with more power than me could end my life in a split-second, because the future fucking matters you retarded ape. 

The thought of having a future, being able to live another day and have a long and fulfilling life is a core instinct that every human has, no matter what. Everyone in this world has to bear the thought of having to think about their future, even you.

You’re a human. 

You weren’t born as a monster who reigned over all.

You’re a HUMAN.

And I will prove that when I lay you to rest and seal you in that fucking casket. Me believing that you’re a human isn’t my worldview, nor do I want to make a difference in this fucking world - it’s the truth. The truth that will ring in your ear and for everyone else in this company, that you’re just a HUMAN. I don’t give a shit about how much you will hurt me, how you’ll make me feel the taste of death and its embrace. I don’t give a shit if you’re going to end me, burn me, or whatever the fuck you’ll do, because I will make sure that you burn with me. Like my theme song says: “I am what survives if it's slain.” You can’t kill me, motherfucker. You can’t end me, or end what I stand for or my convictions. You can break every bone in my body, tear me apart and people who I once loved, but you can’t break my spirit. You can’t break The Raven. You can’t break me. Break my arm, I’ll use my leg to break yours. Break my leg, and I’ll use my head to turn yours into a bloody fucking pulp. I feared you once - never again. I am the Talon of the Reaper, the one that will rip your fucking throat out and feed it to the Sanatorium’s dog. I am the Embodiment of Evolution, the Pinnacle of Human Achievement. I am Lars motherfucking Grier. 

You’re a human, Apocalypse Diemos. I will say those words for all of eternity, for all of time, until everyone else shares what I believe. Now hear the words that I told your brother, and what I will tell for all who come after you.

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Post on September 16th 2017, 7:15 am by Jon McAdams
Jon McAdams
Voltage 3


The hallways of McAdams manor are torn apart with pictures and paintings slashed through, tables broken and glass shattered everywhere. From far down the hall a loud crash is heard, and the sound of McAdams roaring.

“MISS BENNETT?!” McAdams is found standing in the center of a hallway with blood on his face, holding a his cane in his hand. “WHERE ARE YOU?!”

McAdams jams the cane in between a locked door, busting through the lock before kicking the door open. He steps inside and stares at a large screen spanning almost the entire wall before him. He walks forward, suddenly very poised and calm. The screen turns on and Miss Bennett’s face appears on it, her eyebrows sharp, her makeup glowing, and her lips bright red and bursting with color against her pale skin. She is not smiling.

“Jon. My dear sweet Jon,” Bennett's eyes look sorrowful. “I will be many things for you, whatever you might need. But I cannot be your punching bag, like dear sweet Wit was.”

“Miss Bennett?! Where are you?” McAdams rage is only just stifled.

“Gone, I’m afraid. I left sometime after you did,” Bennett looks away from the camera. “Once you flew off the handle I knew it wouldn’t be safe in that place. But I don’t disagree with you, and I don’t disagree with what you are doing. I see the bigger picture here. You are as brilliant as ever, but I cannot fall victim to your schemes and plans. Mr. McAdams, call me when you’ve made your moves. Let me know when it is time to rebuild what you have destroyed, when the animal has come back and is under control again. Until then, the room is filled with oil drums, and left you a present in the chair in front of you. Purge it all and become what you need too.”

McAdams grabs the chair and spins it around. Sitting in it is a man named Gary. He filmed a documentary on Jon McAdams life leading up to his arrival in EAW. He made a fortune on it after abandoning Jon, and now he sits here in front of McAdams tied to the chair.

“Get up,” McAdams grabs the ropes off of the chair and tears them to the floor. “Put your hands up and actually defend yourself, Anthony Leonhart.”

“What? Jon, wait! I’m not Anthony,” Gary stutters as his eyes fill with tears. “I-”

McAdams slams his fist into Gary’s head and stands him up. Gary blocks his face with his hands but McAdams batters the sides of his head and tosses him onto the desk. “Why do you not speak up, Anthony? Why are you just a silent as Yorke? So pathetic, so unable to defend yourself. I suppose it’s better than the inane ramblings of my dear brother Solomon, for which he is so famous for. So many words with so little said. He tells me to be patient. I am patient. I wait for my moments, and then I strike when the opportunity presents itself. I don’t lumber forward just hoping for things to happen.” McAdams lifts Gary to his feet. “Take a swing at me boy, make your shot count one more time but know that this time when I come back at you, you are not getting back up.”

Gary stares into his eyes terrified before hiding his face. McAdams’ face contorts into an ugly expression as he raises his fist. Gary throws a punch but instead McAdams responds by slamming his face foreward and headbutting Gary, who goes limp. McAdams drops his body onto the desk and stands over him like a tiger sitting over his prey. He pulls out his pipe and a match and begins lighting it. He takes a few puffs and tosses the lighter on the ground. The whole room ignites.

“No, I’m afraid this isn’t working for me. Four other competitors should mean four people to feed on and feed off of yet I find myself competing with two doorknobs and a rerun that won’t stop playing. I look at you dear brother, Amadeus. Unnaturally quiet, perhaps you’re picking your spots, or just watching as my life unfolds before your eyes. I assure you this will do you know good. I am becoming more than I have ever been,” McAdams stands up straight and looks at the roof as the flames surround the room. He wipes his hair out of his face and puffs his pipe. “Everything that Sovereign was brought the fight to you. I took you to your limits. That same being will be here with me when I face you again, but alongside every bit of cunning that I hold within The System. I will bring the entire System down ontop of you, and I will show you the one thing I neglected to truly bring out in our last fight. You will meet The Survivor. With this act I destroy the last bastion of who I was. I will take this hurt, this loss, this pain, and I will drop it all into this fight, and I will unleash every bit of rage and hurt that I carry from what you’ve all done to me. And in it, I believe there will be cleansing and in this, we will find our brotherhood stronger than ever. But before this can happen, I must have my shot at that belt, and I will take it from you. And none of these other men can or will hold a candle to what we are and what we bring. This is two kings fighting, while three pawns wave toy swords around. I don’t need to beat you here though Amadeus though I will try. I simply need one of them to beat you, even for a moment, and then I will take this. Yes.”

McAdams grabs the limp body of Gary and makes his way towards the door. McAdams heads down the main hall as the fire seems to have been started in multiple locations of the manor. McAdams steps outside the doorway of the house and down to his car. He drops Gary in front of it and walks away from it towards the open road. Behind him, the manor envelopes in flames.

“Let’s release a nightmare on everyone watching, on the men who stand between us, let us show them why we are called this. Let us remind everyone that the Sanatorium still breathes, and we are the feircest part of this company. We are the horror, we are the power, we are Nightmare. Sharpen your teeth, brother, cause I am coming for you and I will win. It is finally my time. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my arrival in EAW. How wonderfully fitting... You are not in that ring with four other men. You are there fighting six. Which one will rise to the occasion? Yorke? No, I don't think so. Leonhart? I don't even know why he's here. Caine? I would not discount my brother but he is not fighting at the level we are. Would you be facing Sovereign? Maybe at some point. Perhaps The System? You don't know what that looks like. But maybe you'll just face the Survivor. And we'll see if when you do, will you thrive in Chaos better than I?

Raise your glass! It is time.”
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 15th 2017, 11:38 pm by showster26 (Online)
@PicPerfectMichaels has posted a status update:

“Can you believe the nerve of this mother fucker?!  Kaise the only obsession between us, is this crush you’ve had on me since the Moment I made my Showdown debut. I am hall of famer in the making, a goddamn first ballot at that!  You?  You've only ever been a hanger on, who's done nothing but piss me off, and keep the management convinced to keep you at my side.  This is why you run around attacking me from behind, why you pull this ‘new’ Social Media lounge, and why every time I try to drop you like the sack of bricks you are, and move on with my career, you some how manage to crawl right up inside my ass again. So this Saturday the only one who's waking up from their little dream is you Kaise because this Saturday night I am going to tear into like a chainsaw through warm butter! I am going to give you The ass whipping you have been long overdue for. Sad to say but it's simply the truth. Because nobody is better than perfection and nobody screws around with Mark Michaels without having to pay for it so get ready a little bastard because Saturday night went show down is live at all my followers are watching just to see me kick your ass you are going to get swatted like the fly you are.  I am going to beat the ever loving shit out of you, without mercy, and without a reprieve, and most certainly without even a moments rest.  Everybody in the Allstate center is going to see me walk all over you, like the ugly, pitiful, shit for brains,steppingstone you are to the national elite championship.  

Oh yeah, see in a matter of a week, in the national elite championship elimination chamber, I am going to prove that I am better than the so-called legend, The Jack ass pretending to be a fan favorite fan favorite, the overrated douche bag who is been a bigger thorn in my side than you have, The rookie, and anybody besides myself who thinks they're going to walk out of that chamber with that title. This is what's going to happen no if's and's or butts. Because I have simply work too long and too hard, and that title has been just out of my grass too many fucking times, And so you better believe that by meeting you and going on to win that belt, it's an opportunity I would relish because it's killing two birds with more or less one stone. It finally gets rid of you and all your low and, Kurt is jerking, ilk. End it puts me directly where I belong. Holding championship gold, being a major match ups, being a focal point of the show down Brand because I am the savior of showdown! Can you Kaise , You couldn't even bother to take a fucking class in wrestling school. Well this week get ready to learn a very important lesson, when you step in the rain with Mark Michaels did you get your ass handed to you. When use go toe to toe with the Twitter trendsetter, the Instagram icon, the #Hero you end up coming out so much worse for wear. Because you going to arrange with a man who's combination of speed skills and technical acumen can never ever be matched. You'd go toe to toe with a wrestling God. And in the end you only become another name in a long list of men who have been bested by the single greatest professional Astley to ever lace up a pair of boots. So Kies enjoy the few hours of relevancy that I'm done a gift to you. Enjoy the The D list celebrity I need to pick you've burned by being a gigantic pain in the ass. Because in a few short hours when that bell rings it's all coming to an end. You got that? Do you understand that this time I am washing my hands clean of you and moving on to look bigger and better things that I have deserved first so so long. It's been nice knowing you Kaise , Actually no it hasn't, but still whatever you do after this Saturday, make sure that it has nothing to do with me because the next time there won't be more then what stuck to the bottom of my shoe. So go on ahead see you out in the ring and get ready to picture that!”

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Post on September 15th 2017, 11:07 pm by Eclipse Diemos
The Dangers of Shadows

“The greatest danger to face in this world of EAW that we live in...Finnegan, is that we think that the things that we should fear above anything else...are material things. Things like Spiders, or Heights, or Clowns. There isn’t anything to fear from those. It’s simple to avoid the material things that give us fear in this world. And even if they brilliant to use as torture, they aren’t enough. Material fears can fade into obscurity...but they weren’t the most important thing to use against us. Not to people like you Finnegan. You are used to danger, used to facing fears every day. A master of technical arts, after all...has no fear of broken bones or of heights. You don’t fear like normal men...but I do know the weaknesses of men like you. Men like you, that care so much about other people’s opinions. And oh, I know you do, Finnegan. I know that you crave the love and adoration of these crowds, after all, listen to yourself when you talk. What is it that truly haunts you, when you lose a match. Because it isn’t the mark against your record...looking at your face. Your face tells it all, Finnegan. You feel sorrow, seeing the cheering throngs of the crowd..as they cheer the name of your opponent over you. As their arm is raised up, Finnegan, you feel your heart sink deep down into your chest. Atychiphobia. Fear of Failure. That is what you fear...and I know just how to pull it all out of you.”

Eclipse smiled as he switched the camera on from the black screen. His face covered in his favorite item, the twisted Gas Mask with the dual design of Clown and Scarecrow. His eyes hidden. Casually he tilted the camera, aiming it towards the shadows as he checked it with a laugh, making sure the setup was perfect. His hand lifted up, taking a chain with it as he tugged it forward, an office cheer wheeling into view and slowly spinning as Faye Wakefield came into view. Her mouth bound with duct tape and her eyes blindfolded as she let out muffled cries. Eclipse laughed to himself, reaching past the camera and picking up a small bag of items as he moved lazily towards her. He leaned in against her face, smelling her neck as she reeled back, letting out a muffled scream as Eclipse laughed to himself, lifting up a needle from the bag with a grin.

“Everyone in the world, every normal man, fears for their family. Everyone. And I know you do, above anything else. You don’t want anything to happen to your precious older sister, do you Finnegan? After all...what is it in this world that you care about more? When you rely on this woman so much. You care about her so much...you want the best for her. That’s why you fight harder than anything else. To please her. To make up for all the times that you have relied on her, and have used her as a shoulder to cry on. Possibly from an early age, hm? Do you know what my favorite thing about those kind of relations are?”

He let out a dark grin as he pressed the needle into her flesh, her scream piercing through the duct tape as Eclipse dragged the needle across her skin. Ink spilling out from it and making a myriad of patterns against her flesh as Eclipse watched her, his eyes narrowing as he continued to create a beautiful pattern in her flesh before leaving the needle in her forearm, watching her writhe against the chair as Eclipse let out a slow sigh.

“The thing is, Finnegan. At the end of the day, this is child’s play to me. This is all a game to me. As is this match. And yes, I know what is at stake, I know the title that is on the line, and once again, my joy in this world is knowing that I get to take out every bit of my madness on the unsuspecting citizens of this world. Your sister is one of them. Someone that I can mutilate for my joy...for my own little bit of pleasure. Someone that I can tear apart with little to no...care in the world. Just like you, Wakefield. Just like how every bit of torture that I can inflict upon you, and on your partner, is all for fun. The win that I take, that’s all for fun. All for fun. And when I tear you in half in front of your sister, and show the entire world just what fear I can bring means...all of this...all of this...will be clear.”

He grinned, cracking his neck before reaching into the bag, slowly pouring the contents of it over her lap. As the Cockroaches he poured against her begin to writhe along her her screams split the air, as he pulled away her duct tape, letting the screams pierce out into the shadows, mixing with his laughter as he continued to walk away.
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Post on September 15th 2017, 11:02 pm by Kaise Boetius
It is time to finally put to ruin a partial "career" of Mark Michaels

To be painfully honest, I have been completely been sick to the stomach that for constant consecutive weeks, the only competition that wants to keep knocking on my feet is a man that shouldn't even be qualified to be a man, more like a stubborn, depressive child who has been crying and moaning for many months about the situation of where he is as an EAW Elitist. Apparently to Mark, his name should be enshrined and be associated with world championship gold left and right, hanging with the Hall of Famers, dancing around in the spotlight--just trying to leave his utopian dream. But, no one seems to tell him that his career will always end up as stagnant water. For weeks, you and I have decided to play little games with each other because you and I both have something that we are obsessed about. You are obsessed with the fact that I am depicting and showcasing your true colors to the world that you are nothing more but a mosquito buzzing in around this company, with a zero percent chance of a career revitalization. How long have you been doing this gig of being a "professional" wrestler? Nothing about you radiates professionalism, and I think that is a wide-global fact of life the way I see it. I don't know if it is your sweet, dear mother who enchants you with wonderful, lovely inspirational quotes to make you sleep better at night, but your mother isn't here right now. You are standing with your own two feet embracing what the world is giving to you, and so far they have decided to toss you into my general direction. Yet at the same, damn time, I don't want to continue wasting my time and energy trying to contest with a little child who knows nothing at all of what he is truly up against. Qualification matches, multi-man matches, what else is going to be the filler bookings that the management is going to bookmark you under? For years, there have been no sign of progression, but heavy signs of failure from every direction in which you set your eyes to. If you know that you cannot fulfill the task of being a somebody, then go be a nobody and just fade away into oblivion. No person in the back really cares about you, the fans don't care about you, hell I am pretty sure the management don't even recognize you as anything more but a man who is just playing around in a company. When Showdown arrives, whether it is in a Street Fight capacity or not, I promise to my dead wife and child that I will send you down to unconsciousness where you can somehow, someway through a vision, tell me how Elizabeth and Ashley are doing up above.

Nothing more, nothing less. Tired of this motherfucker.

EAW Promoz!

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