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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 5:19 pm by Sheri-dun
Bloodletter 06

'' I believe most would take silence as golden, a validation of victory. Yet I am not like most, I am of no religion, therefore I am without a god. With every step, all that falls beneath my shadow, nothing good or gracious shall ever grow. I have drive and motivation that no other person, regardless of gender or ambitions, can match. I do not proclaim victory the moment my opposition goes quiet, the majority would be satisfied, and assume your silence is within agreement yet we both know this to not be true. I do think doubt is beginning to stir within your stomach, like a sick concoction emerging underneath your intestines, and rising gradually to hit against your nerves and make you quiver. You understand that I am disliked, not only by you, but by the majority of the world, I am loathed as a matter of fact, a word that better suits my validation. But you have been hit upon the senses, and now you recognise that firing me was a very bad idea, perhaps the worst mistake you will have made as Empire general manager. After all, it is illustrate down in history as the decision, as the signature, that, eventually, brought an end to your reign. You now have reached enlightenment, and as the blistering sun glistens against your pale skin, you acknowledge you are wrong, incorrect, and it was malevolent and malicious to attempt to execute me, along with the slaughtering of my superior lifestyle. I believe one of the many reasons as to why I am universally hated, is due to how I constantly bounce back. My resilience and stamina has no end, no falter, no breaking point. It matters not how many times I am knocked down, thrown against the wall, I rebound without a scratch. Use the entirety of this year as an example. I've been fired twice, I've competed on all four brands, I believe I've won what, a total of nine matches? Yet I am better than you still, be it physically or mentally, I am superior. The truth is that no matter the situation, my intelligence and sense of justice, and my ability to see the truth in people, always brings me to a correct situation, a correct stance, that nobody can compare with. Feel free to use Kendra, Cailin, Madison as examples. I was the first to call them out for their ways, and now everybody sees the vision that I appreciated for so long before them. It must sting, knowing that someone with such arrogance and bitterness, is blessed with a gift, of natural judgement and intellect, whilst you stumble over your own words constantly, and have trouble deciding the most simple of tasks. So much for a strong, fearless leader. It's amusing how you fail to acknowledge that, you fired the first shot in this war. You are the one who announced my firing, hell, you probably typed the tweet that was sent to the entire world publicly expressing my firing. It was unnecessary, you had people like Alexis, like Cailin, within your roster, and yet you chose me as the woman who was causing the most damage, who deteriorated the walls inside each stadium, who brought down the women around her. It's ironic how you say this, yet whilst I have encouraged and elevated women throughout the past two years I have been here, you have done nothing but bully and torment, use Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto to justify this. Face it, Tarah, as a manager of Empire, you have been a complete and utter failure. You chose to pin all your problems on me, and hoped, pleaded with the world that my firing would bring peace and civilisation to your brand, and what did executing my lifestyle bring you? What did eliminating me from the industry cause. Oh, right! Your Empress Of Elite is out for an entire year. The woman poised to face Aria for the championship was fired, and the longest reigning Specialists Champion throughout this promotion's history, a woman who many predicted would beat our champion at Road To Redemption, she passed away. You're probably going to call me delusional and twisted for saying this, but these things would not have happened, if I remained on Empire. If a conspiracy was not lined against me, I would have become Empress Of Elite, and the consequences that lead to the downfall of this roster, on a spectacle, would not have happened. You're the causation for it, your disorganised, delusional leadership skills, mixed with a malicious, megalomaniac personality, it brings stress, worry, depression. It casts a dark cloud over women's wrestling as a general spectrum, a cloud that brought my firing, something that I wished to vanquish, purely for the betterment of our gender, and punished the last little stain of compassion and care that I had for this industry. This entire year I've been handed nothing but shit, and expected to build a narration from it. I've been thrown across four brands with zero direction, booked once a month at two separate points, and have been treated like I am an infection, and as I return to Empire, hoping to simply wrestle and keep my head down, you fire me because of things that happened in the past, because Madison decided to leave almost a year beforehand, because I say things that are factual, and you don't like that I've surpassed you in this company, you don't like that despite the year that I have had, I still have eyes on me, I still have natural ability and athletic superiority, that I have an aura that you, and any other bitch who is willing to mention my name, does not have. I am a foreign star, a woman who attracts attention with the smallest of movements. Every match I perform in is considered a classic, every sentence I state has more validity than your entire career. You decided to fire me based on a personal dislike alone, and yet you command and shout for respect and applause? Grow the fuck up Tarah, you're a hypocritical, spiteful slut for politics. You cannot fire me, and then act surprised that I am coming for your head. You cost me seventy days of my career, of my legacy. You wished for me to never return, and you attempt to put on a smile the moment I signed once again with this promotion. You're extremely two-faced, I wouldn't trust you walking my dog, never yet running my brand, and just how you orchestrated the assassination of my lifestyle, I am going to execute the killing of you. I am going to beat you senseless, you'll have visions of your entire career flash in your mind, as you phase in and out of consciousness. You scorched my entire body, you left me no other option other than to call on her, she brought me incineration, a constant need for vengeance. The Last Vixen saved my life, at a cost, and now I must deliver your carcass for her eminence, for her approval. But it shall not stop, her hunger is unrivalled, she craves more and more, blood stains my fists and she demands for another head, after I eradicate you from authority, she'll want Stephanie, or Aria, or any other bitch that failed to save the efficiency and excellence I instilled on this brand, in favour of supporting the, and I say this with literally the most serious expression I have ever situated in my life, freakshow that you brought to a competitive sport. I have this constant need for retaliation, for retribution, it courses through my veins and irritates against every muscle, at every minute. The Last Vixen now personifies herself through me, she will not stop until I dismantle and scorch the revolution I initiated, until I bring back the era that I once rebelled against. This world will fall to my shadow, my boot shall control the breath of each woman who wishes to compete on my brand. But they shall not blame me, I adapted and returned, I needed to do what was necessary for my participation. You did not need to fire me, you looked for an excuse and waved your axe at me in aggression. You turned the entire world against me, and slung me into the dark in which you thought I would never return. I am bruised, I am burned, yet I am breathing, and I will not cease in doing so until this world is mine, until I bring conflagration to every particle of revolution, until the foundations are stained with your blood, and all those who supported you as you brought an end to my career. I am the sole cause for Empire, the Women's World Championship your best friend holds? Without my birth it would never have materialised, she would be facing Megan Raine on Voltage if not for my existance. I am bringing something the world has not yet witnessed, the wrath of a demoness herself. Satan brought me into his home, and returned me to this world in fear of my awkwardness, he feared the vengeance that flowed through my bones, the firestorm that stirred with every breath. You are the first step towards my liberation, towards lifting this aching curse that now resides within me. I shall bring emotion, eminence and excellence to the ring against you, I shall outmanoeuvre and overpower you, dominate your body, leaving it broken, lifeless, tyrannised. People who fuck with Sheridan, Elsa, Müller, will learn the lesson that she shall teach. I will massacre you without mercy, not even blink as my shin cracks against your temple. You and all who celebrated my repatriation, shall beg for the return of my beautiful lifestyle, as smoke fills their lungs, as fire presses against their skin, and I will shake my head no. It's too late for forgiveness, it is too late for a revolution, you fired to kill and you shall taste your own bullet. You really underestimate the change you rifled throughout my world, as it strikes across my sky, as it burns with every word I state, but you will, tomorrow, at Bloodletter. I will validate all I have said once more, and will justify my counterstroke by delivering your soul through my coruscating emotions, and initiate the expression of utter hell upon this world I once adored. ''
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 2:24 pm by 『zakkii』
I guess there will be no point anymore to listen to Savannah's response about this. She's just too drunk to even talk and again, if I ever hearing her talking while she's drunk like that, I am not sure it would be something worth listening. Don't worry, Savannah. Just talk if you can, I try my best do decipher everything you said. I already train myself, okay? I am already prepared by listening to Venom's promo so you should be fine. But if you want to keep sleeping and not preparing at all, I am not really surprised. After all, Revy was right. Being drunk just shown who you really are. A useless piece of trash that always piggyback every single one to raise yourself to the top. That is just like you so much, I can really see it clearly. So, I guess her drunken rambling won't mean anything at this point. It's pointless, irrelevant, and not worth fighting for. You want this war after all, I don't want to bring this pointless war into a further point. I want this to be over. I want to end this stupid baloney with a 'Massacre in Candyland'!

And oh, look at your babysitter wants my attention.... what's wrong? I put an attention to your little honey booboo too much? Did I disturb her little napsy? Awwh..... Nanny Revy doesn't want aunty Zakkii to open her little piece of shit's eye and wake her! Listen here, you dumb babysitter. You are not fighting me and Azumi alone. It's written in that contract that your little Savannah is your tag team partner, not your companion. And I'm gonna make myself clear just in case you are stupid enough to understand. I. Don't have. A business. With you! I don't care about you. So even though you decided to hide Savannah somewhere and bravely, or stupidly face us alone, I would still hunt her. But you know, since you really want that attention so bad, I might be going to mess around with you, just for a little warm up, until the time to destroy Savannah, I already get used to it.

Are you really worth my time, though? Just put your stupid anime reference somewhere else, you cringy weeaboo. Geez, what kind of approach are you trying to do to talk trash about me, putting all Japan things to Japanese people. It's a pretty dumb approach I must say, if that makes me shifting my attention at you, you really failed to do so, lady. This makes me think that I'd rather listening to Savannah's drunk talk rather your stupid anime references. I did not sign this match contract for this, this is just pure bullshit. Why do I have to face this cringy lady who thinks she's an asian expert? But you still want attention, right? You don't want to let yourself hanging around with no work at all, because I rather enjoying myself destroying Savannah than have to deal with you. But okay, I would still give you a try impress me to finally get my attention.

Wow, someone here trying to explain to me how Battle Royal works, huh? This lecture comes from someone whom people doesn't know, doesn't care when, where and how she was eliminated. People already don't care about you, they never remember you if you disappear anyway. Listen.... yes, Battle Royal match is free for all, BUT NOT FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY FUCKING ELIMINATED!!! Are you drunk as well or actually stupid like this every day? I don't understand why people like this qualified enough to become a professional wrestler. People like you who actually knows nothing about this business but still getting a spotlight anyway because you are a native and they think screwing a foreigner is actually doing just fine. Ugh, this is my way, after all, I have to fight these drunken Dumb and Dumber.... for what? Nothing, I don't get anything if I really want a reward. But hey, I am an opportunist. I always see a silver lining of every single thing I faced and I have this one up my sleeve.

Speaking of that, I just thought of one more think this dumb bitch just said. Didn't she just copy everything that I said and used it to intimidate me back? Is she really serious? As far as I remember, breaking bones, letting out blood thing was MY plan for this match?! Yes, you idiot, I am fucking aware that in this match I am free to do anything to both of you and that includes injuring you, destroying you.... murdering you! But you know, I am a nice girl. I only plan to murder only Savannah and not you, because I don't really have a business with you and I don't care what you are going to do right now or next time. Yeah, but you really keep sticking your nose on my business, apparently so yeah, I think I have to do something to at least shut your mouth for letting out anymore nonsense. I already state my intention since the day this match is announced. I am going to make someone who already makes my live suffer a horrible treatment and suffering and it is going to come from my own hand. There is only ONE person responsible for this and she is right in front of my face right now, even a certain dumb bitch trying to get in my way. I make myself clear week after week and this will be the final statement of what I am going to do in this match. I am going to make Savannah bleed, breaking her bone, end her career, her hopes and dreams, everything! This will be the last time I speak for this match as I already say everything! Go ahead, you can talk another dumb statement, making stupid skit with your "partner", just do whatever! One thing that will sure, this Saturday will be the last time you'll be able to open your mouth as I finish this misery once and for all! Haruna Out!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 2:11 pm by PrinceofPhenomenal
There's no love lost between me and anyone on this roster, James. Look around this locker room and you see a bunch of people that I have inspired to be better each and every week. If you weren't so stuck on stupid you would realize that you wouldn't even be here without me. Without my influence you would likely be in a third rate company, competing in front of thirty people in a high school gym. The ironic part about that is that is likely where you're headed. Whether you want to admit it or not, 2018 is pretty much a make it or break it year for you. Be honest with yourself and set some realistic goals for your EAW career. I said realistic because I don't want to see you talking abut a world championship. Or really any championship for that matter. A lot of times in a profession like this or even in life, you are told to reach for the sky. You are told to go for the biggest prize because it obviously has the highest reward. In your case James, I strongly suggest that you try to work your way from the bottom. You are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain right now and it's sad. Just a few months ago, when we faced off for the first time, you were talking a lot of shit. Saying how you were destined for greatness and that is is your time to shine. Well. The clock is ticking. What have you done? Why should anyone in that locker room believe that you can take this company to the next level? I was that guy. Can you be that guy? It is not as easy at it looks. 

How many times are you going to sit here and lie to yourself? I find it funny how you think that you can talk to me of all people about a championship reign. Me? Come on, you know better than that. I suggest that you have a valid reign yourself before you go around spewing crap. Now, I know that you're a young naive kid who thinks that his best days are ahead. I'm here to tell you that this could be allover in a second. You are not guaranteed to make it to the next day in a company like EAW. Sure, it would be nice to have a long, impactful career. However, the odds are already against you. There's been hundreds, if not thousands of people like you who have walked through those doors with the same thoughts. The fact of the mater is that it's my job to make sure that you don't make it that far. I'm here to take years off your so called career. What lesson was I supposed to learn exactly? Do you think you know more about this than me? Damn, I thought you were crazy before. There was nothing for me to learn from losing last week. I've been there before and I'll likely be there again. I've walked down that same road a few times and I'll me damned if some nobody like you think you can teach me anything. Before I completely psychically and verbally tear you to shreds, how about you sit down and listen for a second? It's very mature of you to own up to your mistakes but at the end of the day, it's irrelevant. You claim that you weren't motivated and that you are suddenly ready to compete now. Why should I believe? Should I take your word for it? Who are you again exactly? 

Honestly, it shouldn't even matter if I believe you or not. When your back is against the wall, you have two options: cave in fear or fight. What are you going to do against me? I think we both know the answer to that question. What makes you think that I am in this for the money? It's not my fault that I'm putting more asses in the seat than what you ever will. Don't sit here and act like you wouldn't die to walk in my shoes. On my worst day, you wish you could walk out the house and be treated like me. The sad part is you have to look in the mirror and see James Ranger. I'd be sad too. Like I said a few days ago, you can keep bringing up old matches if you want to. The thing is that none of those opponents that I had will be there to help you. They will have no impact on what will going on when we're finally standing across from each other. I can sleep well at night knowing that I'm going out there and giving my all. Look at what giving my all has given me. Now you on the other hand? Let's not even get into that. We would be here all day talking about what you should have done differently? Better than me? That's fine. You should think that you are better than me. I just hope that helps you when you find yourself defeated.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 12:25 pm by ThePizzaBoy
Dynasty Promo: A Slice of Life

The camera opens just outside of Dr. Torrance's office, where Pizza Boy stands on the curb and waves down a taxi. One screeches across two lanes to get to the curb.  The somewhat reinvigorated looking Pizza Boy hops in with a sense of urgency in his motions as he lets the cab's own momentum shut the door for him as it pulls off the curb.  He's almost standing in his seat as he kneels over to address the cabby.

PB: Can you get me to the airport in five minutes?

Cabby: I don't see that being a problem.

The cab slams the gas, sending PB flying back into his seat.  He rocks and laughs as he gains his bearing to sit upright.  He notices the camera man and directly addresses him with a smile on his face.

"You think I'm broken? You think I'm fell? You say you watch me, but you must not be paying attention Darkane.  Rock bottom is no stranger to me. I started there, I've been back to visit three times now, but I never stay long enough to set up residence.  I've met men like you who try to whisper your little disparities in my ear when I'm down. It never works.  When it comes crunch time I begin to realize that I'm never the problem.  I'm never the reason that I lose.  I deserve to be atop the Answers World Championship division, because no matter who takes it away from me I always come clawing back up to the top.  The secret is that I never land at the bottom.  I merely scrape it's surface enough to gain some momentum.  Winning gold once can be considered a mistake or a fluke. Winning it twice could be considered beginner's luck.  I've had four different title reigns since coming here and they've all ended with someone having to take the cheap way to victory.  

   I don't need your pity. I don't care about your eloquently put doubts. You've never been where I've been, so you have no frame of reference as to what makes a world champion.  You're everything I said you were.  You're miserable, you're a vulture, you're a soul sapping downer who wants the rest of the world to be as miserable as you.  Unfortunately for you, PB's got some of his groove back, and you wont be preying on my bare bones when you try and swoop down and capture that King of Elite seed. If I go, then I go kicking, swinging, fighting, and gnawing at your throat.  I wont pretend that everything that I was has become everything that I am now, but I'm far from being in my sulky former champion phase.  That's done.  Self-loathing and the dragging of others down only brings you the attention of yesterday's ghost. I don't need to focus on Nico, or Scott, or Sebastian Monroe.  It's you who has landed in my cross hairs on this day Darkane.  You've went from being a means to an end to being priority number one on my gobstopper tour to shut up every single doubter with a final delivery or a last slice.  You've squeaked a little too loudly with me in range of ear shot. You think you have what it takes to put me down? I welcome it, but trust me when I say I'm far past sticks and stones.  Your words are nothing but your own self-doubt applying an alleviating salve because deep down you know you probably don't stand a chance.  Even if I came at you with sunken posture and a cracked gaze, you'd still fare no better.  I've taken men out with a single blow in this tournament when I was at my lowest.  I'm not sad anymore though, Darkane.  I have too much spirit and vigor to be downtrodden and self-pitying.  I'm not quite at happy yet though either, because the place I came to love as a second home burned to the ground and my title was stolen from me,both incidents leaving me with no identity outside of being a 'former' everything.  I understand the reality of it now though, and I've quit feeling guilty over the things in my life that I can't control.  I'm sick of loafing about when everyone around me seems to be happy and moving on with their life, and I'm sick of feeling alone when there are millions of fans who are chanting my name.  I'm ready to start anew, Darkane.  I want a new title, a new reign, a new identity that doesn't involve doubters believing my odds in the final stretch boil down to a miracle.  I'm ready to move on past my past regressions.  I'm ready to be something more than just a Pizza Boy.  I'm ready to move past you and reclaim my spot at the top of the mountain with my true identity as champion of EAW restored and refurbished.  And you?

The taxi comes to a screeching halt, once again nearly flinging PB forward and into the dividing glass.  He tosses a hundred through the pay slot and exits the cab in a full running stride.  The camera catches up to him just before he ducks into some revolving doors. PB smiles back at them and waves as he begins his revolution.

PB: "You'll just be left in the dust.

PB disappears inside of the airport and the camera begins to fade out.  Suddenly a brake screech and the sound of honking horns and yelling bring the lens out of it's misty eyed half-slumber.  Barney M. Bailey, still in full drag waddles toward the airport with Percy following close behind with a toppling armload of matching luggage.  Barney spits the cigar out of his mouth and accosts the camera man with a snug grip around his collar, yanking the neck of his shirt enough to pull it into view of the camera's lens.

BMB: Where'd da kid go?!

Cameraman: Uh, he's heading to Dynasty.

Barney pie faces past the camera man and waddles into the revolving door.  Just as he's at half-rotation and almost to the other side, his dress gets caught in the door.

BMB: Shove in Perc! Maybe we'll get dis t'ing movin'!

Percy staggers into the revolving door blindly as the luggage obstructs his vision.  As soon as Barney's on the other side, his skirt still lodged in the door, Percy finds himself clogging up his fraction of the door with the cumbersome luggage.  Barney tries to run free of the snare, but only moonwalks in place as Percy fumbles in his claustrophobic prison.


Cameraman:  Ummm...

The camera man immediately turns and heads for the curbed cabs as Barney shouts after him and the camera fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 10:30 am by Nobi
You’ve been through a lot to win EAW Championship, I can understand that HBG. You’ve worked really hard since the day you came to EAW just to live for this moment and that makes you a respectable Wrestler in this company despite how arrogant you are. You found some good and bad things this year alone and it makes you stronger than ever to dethrone Tiberius IV from his throne despite the always talented Ryan Marx was involved in the match and gave you a hard time. While I’m very happy to see CM Banks return at Kingsroad, I do think you’d still win the EAW Championship without his involvement. Your Wrestling skills is always a top notch and nobody will question you as a Champion. You’ve always been a fighting Champion and you will always be one. No matter how long or short your reign would be, people will always remember your reign as EAW Champion. I’m saying this it’s because everyone know who you are, you are the first Woman to win a World Championship and it will always be written that way in the history of professional wrestling.

Yes, everyone will always remember your reign...

Do you want to be remembered as the main Champion or the secondary one though?

First off, I don’t know when would you defend it for the first time and I don’t know if you would lose it so quickly or not, but if you lose to me, then people will view the EAW Championship as the secondary title instead of the main one. Yes, sure, I don’t know how long my reign would last either and I can’t promise you if I can beat you or not, but one thing I know for sure, is that I do have a chance to beat you. Why is that though? You said that Rex McAllister pushed you to an endless pit? I beat him twice right in the middle of the ring in one on one matches. No disrespect to Rex, he’s always a great competitor and he’s always difficult to deal with. But if you think Rex is hard to beat, then you are about to experience a life changing moment. You are going to be in state of shock when you face off one on one againts yours truly. I know, you won’t back down from me, I know you might not give up when I lock you in into my Crippler Crossface, and I know you might be able to get up after I hit you with my Lariat, but in the end of the day, your makeup will be messed up when you face me this week. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any chances to face off againts Devan Dubian or John Doe, but if you put Rex on their levels, then I know I’m more than capable to beat both of them, but that’s for another story.

The current story is all about making the National Elite Champion as the MAIN Championship on this show instead of EAW Championship. In order to do that, I have to beat you this week. Yes, you are a much bigger name between two of us, it’s no-brainer of course. You have proven yourself why you are one of the GOATS in this company while I just began my story as a Champion. But the thing is, anything can happened in this business. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. For example, who’d have thought that Chris Elite would beat Mr. DEDEDE? Certainly not you, HBG. Therefore, let me make this loud and clear enough for you once again: I will beat you. It’s true that I’m still intimidated by your big name, history, and anything you have accomplished in this company, but I still want to beat you in order to bring the prestige of National Elite Championship. Yes, National Elite Championship has so much history with it and I’m very happy to have this baby on my shoulder. But I can easily bring this Championship to another level by beating you. That’s what I want. There’s no time for me to be afraid of you anymore. If I have to break your neck this week in order to score a victory againts you, then I certainly will. I’ll do whatever it takes to beat you. Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t be cheating in our match at all. I want to beat you with my own skills and powers. An honest Champion is needed to bring a prestige to any Championships and that’s what I’m gonna do starting this week from you, HBG. That way, everyone will look at me as the MAIN Champion instead of you. You don’t care about the prestige and legacy of EAW Championship right? Then I bet you won’t mind me to take over your spotlight after I beat you this week.

You said that I don’t act like a Champion right now and you know what? Maybe you’re right. I’m still confused what I should do or not should do as a Champion. Yes, I’m afraid of you HBG, I already said that multiple times. However, that doesn’t stop my will to beat you. Who knows if I can shock the world this week right? You also want me to have a Ruthless Aggression. Ok, not only did I make Stark tap-out last week at Kingsroad, but I also stomped his head a couple of times. If that’s not ruthless enough for you, then imagine what I will do to you this week. Breaking your neck is just one option. I will always have other choices to show my ferocity without breaking my Code of Honors. Don’t cry when I do that though. You asked for this, you’ll get what you want and let’s see if you still can say that I don’t act like a Champion.

I’ve idolized you for so long but it becomes apparent that you and I don’t have a same mind-set. You’re stupid HBG, that’s what you are. You think the fans will abandon me just because someone rise higher than me? I’ve always in the bottom of the barrel for 1 year and 9 months but here I am with a large fan-base all over the world chanting my name every week. You’re blinded by your inflated ego and I will crush that by defeating you. You’re right though that I have to kill the competition if I want to stay as a Champion as long as possible. That’s actually a good advice. Well then, I guess I have another reason why I have to beat you. You’re really a great motivator, HBG, thank you for waking me up even more. If you want to be acknowledged as the main champion on this show, then you have to bring more than your best to take me down. You’re a fighting Champion just like what I said, but I’m a Mr. Every Time. I’m always ready to beat you or anybody else anytime and anyplace. Let’s see if I’m just another Fan Favourite or not.

You are everything what everyone wanted to be though. I’m not denying that.I already said that I idolized you for so long. I hope I can be just like you one day. Yes, I know I can’t win EAW Women’s World Championship or Specialist Championship, but I still want to be a big name just like you are. Maybe I’m not influential at this moment, but I sure will when I surpass you this week.
Ryan Savage. Pc trouble, am I to late?
Post on December 8th 2017, 5:07 am by Shackleford
I am from Fratton, in Hampshire on the South Coast of England, Great Britain. Currently a part of Europe on the Northern Hemisphere of the Planet Earth. Which resides in our solar system on Orion's Arm in the Milky Way. Part of the Local Group situated in the Virgo Cluster, a smaller part of the Virgo Super-Cluster.

That scope. That insignificance. It's truly humbling, that we are so very small. It's incredibly hard to understand the scope, and if you can wrap your head around it you find yourself questioning what's even the point? Why bother doing anything? It ultimately doesn't matter. This is where I found my mind, pondering the reason to exist.

It was at this moment I had a moment of clarity. If we as a race can figure out just how insignificant we are, that has significance. We are small but our ideas are big. We as a race have been given the exact means to exist and thrive and grow to the point we are at now by the universe. It is easy to give credit to a divine being, even easier to blame it on chance. Perhaps it's some kind of cross between the two? Perhaps the odds are favourable to the human race? Now that's an empowering feeling.

That feeling gives me the strength to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep fighting. Losing is never fun, but the odds are in my favour to thrive and grow. My training has always been enough to succeed here, it's just mindset. Yes I sound like a cross between a preacher, a Scientologist and a psycho, but you are listening, that gives me power. Never underestimate the power free speech, it has changed the course of history many times over. The free trade of ideas is the greatest feat American law has ever accomplished, it allows simple folk like you and me to have an opinion and with it a voice, but it's often hard to be heard in a world full of conversation.

This conversation for example, may never be heard. Everything I'm saying may be completely missed, but I know there is at least one person out there listening, Ryan Savage, and he'd do well to listen. As a lover of a good ol' dust up I've swung first and asked questions later more times than I'd care to admit. I've charged headlong into a fight and not considered for a moment to listen, perhaps it would have offered some insight into defeating my opponents. Ryan, I am the NEO call up, nobody called for. The sideshow of a double act. The false Prophet. Above all else though Ryan, I am a man that loves to fight, just like you.

In a world full of conversation it's easy to have your voice lost out there somewhere, but sometimes the best thing you can do is listen. Ryan you were once on a path to true greatness, now you are trying to get there again, for your daughter. To make her proud when she looks at her old man, that's noble. Wanting her to think of you as a great and wise man, and instead of coming out and running your mouth everywhere, you sit back and take it in. You listen to what everyone has to say, in hopes of insight or motivation. I hope you find it Ryan, I hope you can make her proud. There is little sadder than a child ashamed of their father.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 12:27 am by Black Mamba
Watch Out For Deja vu Black Mamba!
1-Boss (Soft Reset)
V. Prince of Pout

I am committed to expressing a valid discussion about what is arguably a questionable reign...you believe it was a honeymoon, i believe it to be the love affair destined to fail. Materialistic gain is nothing to be proud of POP. What would i be if i was standing across you as champion and i only had a track record doesn’t speak of me as a true groundbreaking and believable fighting champion? There is no need to seek justification of a reign when merely contesting your actions is more than needed.The excuses i hear...you blame Nobi for you loss...debatable from what i saw. Is that how anyone wants to be known in the EAW’s annals of history? To quiver under pressure and spout nonsense for why their championship reign was cut short? No...don’t dismiss such talks, it is why we’re facing each other now. Talking is the fundamental groundwork before the construction that is mat wrestling at its finest. I don’t believe you for a second, spewing that talk, didn’t you learn your lesson...i say that quite heavily, being that you’re suppose to be someone to look up to and follow. Yet, here i am being accused of being...unprofessional. 

I have endured for the better second half of 2017 a rocky start since leaving NEO. Mishap pairings with Lance Hart only drove me further into the rabbit hole, but i was not deterred by such failings. I pressed on. Even when it was with back to back losses to the Rollers. The road to king of elite is closed to me until next year, that much is certain. The road to the National Elite Championship remains open as long as i remain on Showdown. That means putting up with your lies, your condescending tone. Its meager offerings, but i will gladly accept it, endure it, and press pass you towards Stark and then Nobi..but let's not rush. We have plenty of time to listen to you roll the list out.This is not some idle talk, something you deem from a glance. This is just a matter of fact, common knowledge discussion between us. I will repeat myself: You fell down from your perch at the exact pace i was climbing up. A boon if any given to me by the General Manager of our brand show. Healing is merely temporary POP, its the inaction of believing the “What Ifs”, the misgivings of our actions done too late. There’s where we’re sitting at right now. You are the pride of Showdown, something i get to face...granted i would say our new World Champion would be the quote unquote diamond in the rough, but you have represented Showdown for quite some time, ancient, but still able to dish out the pain when given in returned.

You can shroud your disgusting words under the guise of a gentleman experienced beyond your years, but those same years seem to have been plagued by constant mistakes, ramblings of recent fantasties. This upcoming Showdown is merely another dollar in the pocket for you, but for me its another day stepping out of my comfort zone competing when i already feel accomplished. Championship reigns don’t create the legends...sure as hell don’t create hall of famers...your actions do. Each painful week of you competing in the ring, each long night of practicing to perfection your words that you want the world to hear. That is what create wrestling greats. You find it odd that i bow before a “superior” man? It is acceptable and damn well proper to admit that there is better man in this world. 

Yet, it is also proper to go into every battle knowing I will bring you to accept defeat just like i did before. The only major and glaring difference this time around is that you’re without a strap around your waist. Now it would be sweeter if you had it around your waist, but then Brian Daniels would have me facing someone else this week and i cannot disagree with what the boss says. You’re just another average man collecting a check, barking when told to bark, and this upcoming week it will be no different between you and I. The end result is your defeat. A refreshing defeat at that, as you come to your senses even further. You are no better than me.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 12:16 am by The Consigliere

This was the year I left Empire, dissatisfied by my purpose as I questioned my future.

This was the year Lannister brought me to Showdown after being betrayed by the sisters I trusted so dearly.

This was the year Y2Impact shattered my heart to almost no return, as we battled it all out at the Grandest event in EAW.

The year Rex McAllister, Devan Dubian and John Doe tore me to shreds and pushed me in an endless pit.

The year I turned my back on Tiberius Jones, as I abandoned our principles and killed off whatever was left of my loyalty, because I yearned to be world champion.

The year I was battered and embarrassed when I fell off the ladder at Road to Redemption as the world wondered if I had anything left to give. 

The year I gave my everything.

The year I completed the Grand Prix Tournament.

The year I choose the EAW Championship.

The year I BECAME the EAW Champion.

This is the beginning of the conqueror's reign. I am the soldier that battled through the competition and secured her place as the best of this industry. I am the queen that eliminated all the threats as she makes her way to her throne with a glass of wine in hand and a smirk on her beautiful face. Winning the EAW Championship means that nobody can dare to question my greatness again. This is the stamp of approval that makes me stand out amongst men and women who pointed and laugh and guaranteed that I couldn't do it but are now either sulking in their failures or settling for useless trinkets. I am the one who shattered the glass of the impossible and turned it into and opportunity that paved way to endless possibilities. I stand on top of a mountain no woman before has ever stood as I feast on the glory that shined upon the Heart Break Gal's name. And Nobi, for you to compare what I have gone through to that mud-rolling you called your trials is simply insulting my name and all I have gone through to get to this point. You are the National Elite Champion, but you don't act like it. You're scared and worried about the way you will represent the title, and it looks to me like one more push and a dust of pressure, and you'll come crying under your mother's skirt asking for her comfort. Showdown is my brand now, Nobi, don't you understand that? Gone are the days when we have to sit through these endless monotonous yapping of Lannister and Ares Vendetta! Gone are the days where we have to endure Tiberius Jones' tasteless jokes and poor sense of humor! We are at the era where passion and ambitions are put first! We are at the era where your queen is to be feared for she will decimate and pulverize you into a bitter spec of dust if you ever crossed her! This is the influence that will shaken the core of Showdown, and you can either hide in the shadows or join me in the light where we both can represent our brand with ruthless agression that it needs! I don't plan on becoming another name on the list, for this Championship does not carry me, I carry this Championship, I represent it with every blood shed, and for that reason alone, I don't have to worry about the prestige and the legacy, for I plan on making more history as the Heart Break Gal with it by my side! The fact alone that this gold touches my skin turns it a hundred times more than its worth, it accentuates the already-rich history one that the National Elite Championship simply cannot compare to! This is one of the many reasons why you won't even be close to being the "second best" to me, you can't even touch me in the level I'm at right now, because while you thirst for the desire of being the best Champion of this brand, I spend my time living it. What a possibility for you is already a reality to me. The dream you have of being named as the "Best Champion", is just a fact of life to the Heart Break Gal because I have proven time and time again that despite the hindrances to my success, I will look down on them as I celebrate the sweetest victory as a true main event performer. Former Champions are already looking at me with awe, women foolishly believe that they are capable of reaching the same high that goes with becoming EAW Champion because of me, while nobody even knows who you are... it's not surprising. Nothing about you is influential. Nobody stops to listen when you speak. You are just another fan favorite. You are just another flavor of the month, as oppose to everything I am. The Heart Break Gal is to last forever with the accomplishments she has gathered, and it only is a matter of time until I compete for the Unified Tag Team Championships. If you have idolized me for so long, you would heed my words because you know that they're nothing short of the truth. Unlike you, I have never expressed any worry or fear since my first day of performing in EAW because even then I knew I was bound for greatness. And how right I was!

If you live in the mindset that being champion entails granting opportunities to those who are hungry for the same title, then prepare to be fed to the sharks. The reason why I stand tall today is because of my ambitions, I aspire to trample over bodies and get rid of those who dare stand in my way whether it is winning or defending my title, and it makes no difference if it's an exhibition match or a test of endurance. If you're smart, Nobi, and you want to survive for a long time as Champion, then you would listen to me. If you're strong, you would kill off the competition before giving them a chance to get a glimpse of your gold instead of inviting them for a slumber party. Do not listen to the faces in the crowd for they come and go, they would abandon you the moment they see someone who would rise higher than you, and in the end you will realize you have no one to rely on but yourself... only listen to your superiors because they're the ones that know better. And deep down, Nobi, you have always known that I'm the one who knows better. May the best Champion win, you say? Oh, don't worry. I plan to. 

And without hesitation in mind as I look back on all I have gone through this year alone: This has been the best year of my life. 

Here's to the future. 

Here's to my new ambitions.

Here's to the NEW EAW Champion, the Heart Break Gal, the first of her name.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 11:50 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 83: One Year Strong

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"It’s funny how we hold dates to sentimental value, isn’t it? Specific points in time that we hold dear to our hearts, that we look back at in fond memory. For me, there is one date specifically that has been marked on my calendar for quite some time, day by day being crossed out as it draws closer. This week, that date has arrived. December 10th. One year ago on that very day, a young upstart Finnegan Wakefield stepped into an Elite Answers Wrestling ring for the very first time. December 10th, 2016 is the date in which the journey of Finnegan Wakefield began. And what a journey it has been, if I do say so myself. I can’t help but reminisce on the time I have spent with this company, for better and for worse. The peaceful days with friends, sharing pints and sharing stories. The days of splitting migraines to ignorant and arrogant loudmouths with egos far heavier than they could carry in the ring. All the bitter defeats I had suffered, and all the glorious triumphs I fought so hard to achieve. In the end, the accomplishments that I have been able to accumulate in those 365 days has by far outweighed all the negatives, making quite an impressive list if I could be so modest. Many haven’t been as fortunate as I to have had a year this fruitful, though by no means has it been the greatest first year of any elitist past or present. Still, a prominent spot on the Pain for Pride card, being a finalist in the Tag Team Grand Prix tournament and, of course, the EAW New Breed Championship that I hold over my shoulder, there have been far worse inaugural years. With the EAW End of the Year Awards just around the corner, there is a possibility in that list being a little more padded out. Perhaps the death-defying pitfall that left me uncleared to compete in the King of Elite tournament at Shock Value earned the fans favor as Extreme Moment of the Year. Or perhaps We Are The Bollocks are a captivating enough duo to bring home the Tag Team of the Year Award. But the one that peaks my interest most is by far the Next Up in 2018 Award. Essentially, the fans choice for who they see as the next to climb the ranks of EAW. If 2017 was an indicator of anything, it’s that when it comes to Finnegan Wakefield there is nothing but a sky-high upside. I have taken opportunities many would scoff at and eventually flounder in and took them as far as I could carry them. Honestly, as nice as the award is and as grateful as I would be should I be elected to hold it, winning such an award doesn’t make its implication so. Determination and work ethic does, and even if I am not the winner of that award, I intend to prove that I will be an impact player in 2018 regardless. Don’t mistake me to be bragging, but I must admit to being proud of all that I have accomplished thus far. But there are many more accomplishments to achieve. And as I look to the future, the next year and onwards, I see ample opportunities to achieve them. There are many challenges to still overcome, many championships to state a claim to, many of the true elite to stand across the ring from. And by complete chance, I get such an opportunity on that specific date one year later. This weeks edition of Voltage just so happens to fall on December 10th, and standing across the ring from me is the perfect opponent to culminate the inaugural year of Finnegan Wakefield -- a true test to see how much I have evolved as a competitor. For the very first time in one-on-one competition, I stand across the ring from the undisputed measuring stick of the company, The Elite Answers Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion himself. Jamie O’Hara.

There is no hyperbole behind me saying that this is the most important match of my career thus far. I have had big matches in terms of risk and reward, but a match of this calibre could make or break the potential of someone in my position. You put New Breed Champion versus World Heavyweight Champion on paper, and the result seems to be inevitable. I am trying my hand at something many have attempted and all have failed to do. To defeat Jamie O’Hara as either a New Breed upstart or a countless year veteran has been deemed as a near impossibility, and it is not hard to see why. Jamie O’Hara is simply second to none. But does that discourage me? Not even in the slightest. As much of a fever dream as it must sound, winning this match would be the feather in the cap to close off my first year as an active competitor. It is by no means an easy task and, in all honesty, an uphill battle. But I have seen so many people line up to face Jamie O’Hara in the past, and every time they get the opportunity many others would be grateful to have, they bend the knee and just accept the idea of an undefeatable man with a championship locked in an iron grip. I don’t surrender to such ideas. I am one to believe that I can hold my own - if not defeat - any opponent regardless of rank and track record. Jamie is no exception to that ideology.

Jamie, make no mistake about it, I do in fact respect you. You’ve paved a way for many to go from the New Breed Championship to the upper echelons of EAW, a path in which only a handful have taken. We share similar philosophies about this championship that I hold, that it is not a means to shackle its holder down from accomplishing greater feats beyond the veil fluke champions of past hadn’t had the drive to do. As a competitor and as a standard that is set to many of the competitors, I respect you. But your methods as of late have been questionable, actions in which I can not respect. My failure to defeat Jon McAdams at Shock Value albeit disappointing to have held onto the title by a means such as a draw, I can at least say that I find some honor in the fact it took everything he had to take me down with him and vice versa. What you accomplished that very same night can not echo similar statements. Instead of using physical abilities and valor to force the words ‘I Quit’ to leave the lips of Chris Elite, you resorted to holding someone else's life as a hostage to walk away as the champion. An act I see as one of cowardice. Add the sporadic assistance from your girlfriend Cameron Ella Ava, and I am given the impression that maybe our World Heavyweight Champion is beginning to feel like his back is against a wall, dare I say maybe a touch of desperation. A feeling of your grip on the championship is slowly starting to deteriorate, the challenges getting tougher and tougher to overcome, having to resort to any means necessary to hold onto it to see another day. Or at least that is the impression that I get. I can’t help but notice the valiance that was held by a Jamie O’Hara of old has slowly manifested into pusillanimity. With all that in mind, I want to clear up a misconception. I do seek to find similar success as you have. But I don’t seek to become your carbon copy -- I don’t seek to become the next Jamie O’Hara -- to become you. With all due respect, I do not wish to adopt the legacy of another but to craft my own. For one year strong, I have dared to defy standards and misconceptions that have followed me. This week, I dare to defy an on-paper result that Jamie O’Hara can’t be defeated by someone of my position. I am not settling for the moral victory. I am not settling for a claim that I may not have won against the World Heavyweight Champion but I had tried my best. I am aiming to accomplish the otherwise unthinkable. You hear it all the time, so I don’t expect you to take my words alone for it. But understand that I wouldn’t make such a claim if I didn’t think I was capable of following through with it. I am not saying it with blind hope and rattling knees like many others have, I am saying it with the confidence of a man who knows he can accomplish such a feat. Jamie O’Hara, I know I can defeat you. And in doing so, I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Finnegan Wakefield is the Next Up in 2018. Who knows, if my second year is even remotely as fruitful as the last, and you hold onto that championship long enough, maybe I’ll find my way to a World Championship shot by December 10th of 2018. Wishful thinking I guess. Until then, I look forward to the test that I have ahead of me as I close the first chapter of my career. And aim to start the next with a note of unthinkable victory.  "
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 11:28 pm by Consuela Rose Ava

Weren’t you calling out Sheridan for making fun of someone’s appearance? Now, you’re making fun of my appearance? Sounds hypercritical, huh Chelsea? For the entire week, you have done the most generic thing and make fun of the maid schtick and how I look. I mean, a woman who made Aria Jaxon unable to continue in her match against her is resulting in judging my persona and how I carry myself. You’ve rambled continuously about my appearance. You have proven this entire week that you have nothing to me. When I look into your eyes, I see someone who is so insecure within themselves; they result in finding and nitpicking the littlest things about someone else to make themselves feel better. Does it feel good, Chelsea? Does focusing on me take all the heat out of yourself? I mean, let’s place all the focus and attention on Consuela and how she’s been doing as Specialists Champion. Let’s all judge the fact that she has embraced her maid persona. Let’s criticize the way that she has made the Specialists Championship into a “joke.” Is that all you got, Chelsea? It’s so fucking simple to stand there and call someone a joke. I should know, I call April a jobber on a couple of occasions. It’s straightforward to call someone terrible names from a video. Taking the ass beating is not so very simple. Throughout the entire week, you have made up stories to paint me in a bad light. You say that I’m focusing my attention on April more than you? Well, it’s quite awkward to talk to you when you fail to speak in a twenty-four hour period. When there’s only one contender in this match that bothers to pour their heart out, that’s where the focus should be at the time but is that where my focus has been the entire time? Not a chance. I’m paying attention to you, Chelsea. I’m paying attention to Mallory. I’m paying attention to April. I’m a great multi-tasker. I can focus on many things or individuals at once. It’s kind of pathetic, how you try to turn such a little thing around and turn it against me. It’s quite a shame that someone has to result from that to attempt to get the upper hand in this situation. It hasn’t worked, and it will never work.

Retaining my championship has made me look ridiculous? Well, if that’s ridiculous then, I want to be that way. Just like you said, you’re willing to get down and dirty in order to win this match at Bloodletter. You have desperation reeked all over you. Me? I come in and out of the match smelling like a rose. I don’t need to go to those depths. Not because I have my back up, but I have this match scouted out before we even stepped foot in the ring. I’ve surveillance each of my competition’s matches like a hawk. I have well-prepared myself for this title defense. What have you been doing, Chelsea? What have you been doing to prepare for this fatal four way? What have you done to prepare yourself for me? Not only me, but Mallory and April. As I respond to you, I don’t want you to forget about the rest of your competition. According to your logic, if you focus on me the most, that means you think of me as the most significant threat. You try to bring me down by bring some “criticism”. As I try to prove my claims, you think that I’m making excuses for myself. Why in the world would I need to make excuses for myself? Just like I have been bringing up the entire week, I got nothing to hide. I’ve always been one-hundred percent real with anything I do. Have you missed that? Or do you think I’m just bullshitting? In Chelsea Crowe’s small-minded, there is no way Consuela can be honest! There is no way Consuela can be a truthful woman in this match! No, it ruins her perception of Consuela being a maid and a joke. It destroys everything horrible that she has ever thought of Consuela of being! Just throws it all away! If you don’t get the honesty within me now, you will after Bloodletter. Everything I have said to you, Mallory and April has been one hundred percent the truth. There’s no cushion to my words. There’s no being around the bush. It’s been all me. Just like I said, call me a joke all you want. If you think that’s going to get under my skin, then let you be stupid and believe that. Getting the same comments and insults on a constant basis gets boring. It’s no longer anything noteworthy. As long as I have the Specialists Championship, that will be the thing remarkable with Consuela Rose Ava. What’s also notable? That I have defeated three opponents in the match. That I beat women, who thought that they had me all figured out.

Bloodletter is almost upon us. I think it’s the perfect place to settle the storm that is Chelsea Crowe finally. You’ve hit Aria. You’ve beaten Sheridan. You didn’t beat Stephanie Matsuda. Don’t think I wouldn’t let you get away with that. It turns out, Chelsea Crowe can be defeated. Chelsea Crowe is not as high and mighty as she wants people to think of her. That’s all I need to know about her. Sure, you’ll say that Stephanie is not a joke and yada, yadda, yadda, but all I see is you trying to justify your loss. If you praise her and put me down, then what does that say about you? It means that you pick and choose who you judge. You decide who you want to get spite. You can Google all the facts you want about me. You still don’t know how I operate. You even don’t know what I got under my sleeve at Bloodletter. Whatever it is, I’m again leaving still Specialists Champion.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 8:21 pm by Amadeus
Let me come out and say it.  Cam, you and HBG are absolute legends and deserve every accolade you get.  I say this irrelevant of your gender.  Both of you have had legendary careers and are consummate warriors through and through.  Your dominance in the Tag Team Grand Prix was a clinic in tag team wrestling.  You both outclassed the competition on every level, displaying a chemistry that belied your short time as a formal unit.  That's how legends get it done.  And of course, HBG's win at Kingsroad was inspirational for someone who has fought and clawed her way to the peak of the mountain.  Ryan Marx and Tiberius are well deserving of their praise, each a fearsome test on their own.  She fought through pain and injury and won in thrilling fashion.  She is not just an inspiration to women, but to anyone who battle against odds and adversity to achieve their goals.  Both of your successes do not surprise me.  I have watch you both for some time, HBG through her dominance as part of the Mercenaries and Hexa-gun to breaking through on her own, and you, Cam, with your Hall of Fame run and constant presence within the main event scene.  You both have been knocking on the door of a World Title reign for quite some time.  It was only a matter of course that one of you would capture it sooner or later.  HBG got their first, but I'm sure that her victory lit a fire under you to match your tag team partner's success.  And wouldn't that make an inspiring story?  The very first Queen of Elite ... has a nice ring, doesn't it?  And who stands in your way?  A cracked, fallen star, lost in the wilderness of his own mind.  Once on the ascent, now disgraced and hounded by wolves, including one that happens to run the place.  A lay-up for a legend like you, right?

Not so fast.

While I remain lost in the woods, I have a peace in my heart and a clarity in my mind that I haven't had for a little while now.  I won't lean hard on the fact that I've already beaten you.  I've chided others for putting too much stock in past victories.  This is too chaotic of an environment to say "If I beat you once, I will always beat you."  But I do take comfort in that past victory over you.  I remember where I was at that point in time: the newly minted Interwire champion, freely stretching my wings before the specter of Nightmare cast a shadow on my mind.  That was when my name was starting to pick up buzz around here, when I was seen as a rising star.  But shortly thereafter, I was sent into a freefall.  You named it correctly, Cam.  Road to Redemption was an embarrassment for me.  It sucked the wind out of my sails and sent me into a downward spiral that caused me to lose my credibility, my momentum, and my Interwire title.  You're right; after RTR, I lost a lot of the excitement and buzz that had been building since I had claimed the Interwire title.  It humiliated me to be disposed of so easily at Road to Redemption, salt rubbed in the wounds that were fresh upon me.  The sudden dissolution of the Sanatorium, the injury and expulsion of Eclipse and Maero, the death of Brody.  And then Road to Redemption.  I nearly broke after all of that.  The weight of the pain that had been heaped upon my shoulders left me bent like an old man, struggling to take a step forward.  The loss of my Interwire title should have been the final straw that snapped me in half.

It didn't.

No, the loss of my title instead served as a wake up call.  A jolt of adrenaline that has opened my eyes, ignited my senses.  I now remember what it felt like to be on the ascent, like when I first won the Interwire title, like when I could beat anyone set in front of me, including you.  I know that the loss at RTR will never be wiped from my memory or the memories of those who witnessed, but I can move beyond it, I can change minds one and at time, every time I step in the ring.  At RTR, I let the trauma and pain overwhelm me.  But I will not let that happen again.  I've suffered the worst pain that I could ever feel then: the loss of a family.  I'll not allow myself to suffer similarly again.  I've come through that pain wiser, stronger.  Yes, my name doesn't spark much of a reaction right now.  But I have the perfect opportunity right in front of me to ignite the fires once again.  You don't have the only storybook ending to write in this tournament.  I'll fight and scratch and claw my way back to the top, just like HBG.  I'll make you pay for each inch of the ring, push you to your limits, and remind you just why 'Amadeus' was the name on everyone's lips not so long ago.

You're right that I don't have much in my favor when it comes to this match, especially when you take into account my issues with our General Manager.  But if you're counting on Kenny Drake to take me out, you'd best think again.  Oh, I know that he could intervene at any juncture.  I'm sure that he'd rather Shaker Jones represent Voltage at King of Elite than me.  You know that part of my attention is going to be diverted looking over my shoulder, in case Kenny Drake decides to spring a sneak attack on me.  But just because I'm going to be at a disadvantage does not mean that I'm going to back down.  Cam, of all the things you said, you asking me to back down was the most disappointing of all.  I have not been at my best these past couple months, but I thought you'd give me more credit than that.  I will never back down from a fight, no matter the odds against me.  Doesn't matter if Kenny Drake sends the entire locker room against me, I'll stand up and fight until my legs no longer can support my weight.  I will still fight with all of my being, even in a hopeless battle.  And this is not a hopeless battle.  I can beat you.  I can advance.  I can defy the Goddess and triumph.  No matter how much you want it, no matter how much Kenny Drake wants my head.  Some may call it a hopeless battle, but if there's no hope, then there's no point in going on.  I see the sliver of hope, the glimmer of victory and I will seize it with both hands and persevere.

Your dreams are potent, like your skill in the ring.  But I have my dreams as well.  And I will cling to them with all my strength.  I shall will them into reality with my own blood and sweat.  I will stand over you, victorious.  You can't envision anyone other than you advancing to the finals?  You will see Sunday night.  You will see it in my eyes.  I can fight on.

I will fight on.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 6:43 pm by Daisy Thrash
Deck the Halls with Gasoline

Christmas is so much better when you’re a kid. What with all the plastic reindeer; all the gingerbread men and their happy little smiles. Oh yeah, you can’t forget about the magic fat man that brings you all the ponies and Red Ryder carbine action BB guns you could ever want. Ah yes, kiddie Christmas wasn’t called the most wonderful time of the year for nothin’. But man, as soon as you grow up, it all goes to shit. The real world comes crashing down right on top of you. All of a sudden you’re the one that has to worry about the bills. You’re the one making dinner for all those in-laws you hate. You finally realize that there is no such thing as magic. It’s easy to get why those stupid Hallmark movies are so popular. They take all the white suburban moms to a place where the little family business gets rescued just in time, where the guy always gets the girl, and everything always works out just the way it should. They can all forget about their boring lives and all of the terribleness going on around them. I’m sure miss Andy will be watching them one day with her accountant husband and 2.5 kids. I mean, she’s already living in a fantasy world where good things “just happen” to her. Newsflash honey, there’s a reason behind everything. EAW is a machine that is only interested in one thing: making money. You didn’t magically get recognition, you got it through calculated marketing moves. Those chucklefucks on the Board know what sells. They’re fully aware that an anarcho-feminist chick that makes the EAW universe feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable ain’t good for the bottomline. On the other hand, when there’s someone like you who happily slurps up the Kool-Aid and asks for more, all the Board can see are those big ‘ol dollar signs. They’ll gladly take and take with barely any give. And after you’re milked for all your worth, they’ll dump your dry carcass out on the street and move on to the next “big thing.” So I’ve decided that I’m going to give you a mercy killing. Now that oughta put me on the nice list.

I never really understood why you became a big deal in the first place. All you’ve done is win a couple of matches. But after all the crap you spewed in reaction to me, it’s become clear why they adore you so. You’re nothing but a parrot who will spit out any company propaganda you hear. After all, it’s not like you can think for yourself. All you can do is react to those of us who actually have original thoughts with exactly what those higher-up want to hear. You fell for it all. Do you really think that the wrestlers are the only ones with a say in match outcomes? How naive. Anyone with an agenda, including those higher-ups, can and will change the outcomes to whatever they want. C’mon, did you really think that someone like DeDeDe would be willing to lose a match if his entire fortune was at stake? Hell no. Oh, but you don’t have an agenda. You do what everyone assumes to be the “right way.” It was once considered “right” to not let women have a vote. Does that make it actually right? I don’t think so. Oh christ, I know what you’re thinking already. “Those two can’t be compared!” Is that so? The whole reaction to women’s suffrage was to paint the activists as “crazy.” It was nothing but pure gaslighting meant to make women view what they know to be right as completely and obviously wrong. Hell, I’ll admit to sometimes hearing a voice in my head telling me to off myself, so maybe I am a teeny bit crazy. I guess that’s enough for someone like you to invalidate every little thing I say. I said that I was made to look like a joke because that’s precisely what happened. I said that I was put in the battle royal as a placeholder because that was the truth. Not to mention the only reason why someone like Chelsea or Mallory could overtake me is because they’re the kind of punk that can be packaged and sold to mainstream wannabes. Not the dangerous kind; not like me. I’m the kind of punk that will chuck a molotov cocktail into Trump Tower when the idiot-in-chief decides that rich people need more money and the poor can get fucked. Hope that son of a bitch is having a real Feliz Navidad. I know I’m not the kind of girl most folks cheer for. So what? This wolf won’t be losing sleep over sheeps’ opinions any time soon. You? Of course you need to hear how good you are. How else will you know that you’re allowed to keep suckling on EAW’s sugar tit? You’re not gonna even try to step outside your little box. That’s why I’m the one with advantage. How do I know? You talk about busting me open as only a possibility, not an inevitability. You even admitted how much you doubt yourself. Me? I’m heading into thing with 100% confidence. I know myself more than I know anyone else and I know that I will do anything to take you down for good. You won’t need to be assisted off the mat. You’ll have to get carted out in the back of a hearse. Last week, people around here got a little hint of just how good I am. Now that the seatbelt’s off, now that there are truly no limits, everyone will get to witness my full potential being unleashed. But what if this is my “last ditch effort” as you so put it? What if this is Daisy’s last stand? Well that’s simple. I’ll leave a crater in EAW’s surface. One bigger than even the one the great Brody Sparks left behind. And I’ll take you with me. That’s a promise.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 3:34 pm by Scott Oasis
Round one of the King of Elite tournament is in the books and for me it went down exactly as I expected it to: I advance to the semi finals and Tomi Venus is knocked off decisively. That match was pretty much a “give me” if we were to be honest. I’m not going to pat myself on the back for calling that obvious result; all that needs to be taken away from that is that the easy part is out of the way and we can finally get down to business as we get deeper into the competition. The eight men that started off the bracket have dwindled down to four and this is where people really start to watch the tournament closely. Half of the field was just cut leaving only what can be considered as the best of the best, the cream of the crop. In my experience once you get to this stage things start to become more intense. The hunger is stronger for everyone. The finals are just around the corner, and not just for the bracket but for the actual crown, the legitimate final between the three brands. Two wins on your brand and you’re headlining one of EAW’s most honored traditions - It’s not like the first round where you get eliminated and you were shut down right out of the gate and let off easy. You’ve got your foot in the door now, you’re invested; you actually believe there is a chance and you don’t want to get turned away after getting this far, especially with expectations from others. Now you have to perform. You’re in a very exclusive group. The eyes are on you to show that you were worth that spot that only three other men have….show everyone that you were a viable option to step up to the throne. This is where you make an argument for why you should be seen as a major force across all aspects of pro wrestling! I have tried to make that argument twice now with the 2016 tournament and the 2017 tournament and both times I failed to do so; I failed to win. I’ve been denied seeing that triple threat on back to back years while the people who beat me: Lucian Black and Jamie O’Hara, went on to compete in the final as I watched from the sidelines. Seeing those who bested me have the match I coveted so badly was torture. Both matches proved to be setbacks for my career as well. They kept me off of the pay-per-view that month, my focus was messed up from the encounters, my momentum had been halted and detractors came out the woodwork saying that I had flopped. Those losses got held over my head afterward and proved to affect me for quite some time. I didn’t rebound from my loss to Jamie until I walked away for a bit and the loss to Lucian made me have to rethink my whole approach; even after I hit my stride as a World Champion that loss followed me into that year’s Pain For Pride and was used against me.

People are definitely going to remember your defeat in these bigger scenarios, perhaps just as much as if you were to win the thing. That’s why you must treat these next few stages as a must win, your placing can advance your career exponentially or hurt it depending on how you went. For me a win would be yet another accolade to add to my Hall of Fame career but more importantly, an accolade that would finally hush up all of those who are doubting whether I’ll see another successful main event run. If I win my bracket and win the tournament as a whole, I would have beaten the best across the entire company. I would be ruling over all of EAW, everyone would have to sing my praises and admit my greatness! King of Elite would be the best possible way for me to break into the title scene once more and I would have all of the validation in the world. No jumping through hoops, no chance number one contendership matches, no begging or waiting in line. That crown gives me the right to take an opportunity whenever I want. Just the idea of this makes my day. I pick the date and I go back to being Dynasty’s champion! The ball would be in my court! Come to think of it, even prior to the cash in I would be looked at as one of the most powerful Elitists in EAW  - who else would be doing better than me? I’d be a literal KING. My coronation would be almost symbolic as I’ve said it for months, that I was “the man” in EAW, I just needed the physical proof to go with it. KOE is about making everyone aware of my capabilities and how well I’ve sharpened them this season. I have always had the talent, but I’ve been lacking in status, lacking in RESPECT that I deserve and it’s about time I got it. Too many people have discredited me lately and I’m not giving them another reason to do so by losing my third try at this bracket. This is MY tournament to win. As much as you wish some of you are holding out for hope for your favorites, like my opponent.

Wrestlers like Nasir Moore always get loads of attention in situations like these. They’re the popular underdogs who everyone can back so they can see the perfect story of the hero grinding through the tournament and getting his big victory. Nas has been in so many big situations like these from Grand Rampage to Cash in The Vault and he’s been touted as the one to look out for on each match but this time it’s said to be different. Nasir Moore has been calling his shot on this match for a month now. Ever since Road to Redemption he has been talking about King of Elite, calling his shot and acting like the spot at the throne is as good as his. He’s been rallying up the people and campaigning for this, giving speeches, hyping himself up. You’d think he was running for office with how much time has spent talking about this. He’s put more effort into promotion than he has in the ring lately! He’s so focused on this because just like me, he has a lot to gain and a lot to lose just by his mere presence in this tournament. If he wins then all of the hype becomes worth it and he is seen as reaching his full potential. The media, the audience, management they’ll all be applauding him and pushing him down everyone’s throats even harder than before. He’d be pegged as the next Answers World Champion in no time. If he loses though….you gotta wonder if that’ll be the straw that broke the camel’s back for most people. You can’t make promises and then spend two years not delivering. I know Nasir has developed a cult of loyal sheep but even those idiots must have a limit for all of the failure they’ll accept. Your credibility is being held up by a string and you know that. King of Elite is your last stand, this is you entering the ring in desperation mode. You say we are opposites and I agree but we have one thing in common: you want this win bad and so do I. But only one of us is good enough to get it. The main thing separating us is that one is superior to the other and that one person is me. I know you’ll say otherwise though. I heard your little comments about me earlier today. You sure know how to mouth off about things you know nothing about. You seem to suffer from the same issue that Tomi did. Due to your lack of legitimacy and your bitterness over it you choose to tear down others with nonsense in the hopes they’ll be lowered down to your level. Being a badass over video is the way you compensate for your physical weaknesses as it’s very apparent that this same energy won’t be given once we’re face to face. All of that vitriol will be gone in an instant. You won’t be able to get any of your threats in as it’ll just be ten minutes of a pure, uninterrupted beating at my hands. But until then you can talk away. Just know you’re going to be adding even more power behind each punch with every lie you say.

Nasir Moore had the nerve to say that I don’t give a damn about this business. Is he serious? Has he ever heard me talk before? Has he ever seen me on Dynasty week after week? My life revolves around pro wrestling, it’s all I have. I spent my whole life developing this craft! This is what got me out of squalor, this is what gave me a reason to carry on, being the best at this sport is all that fuels to me to get out of the bed in the morning. I wake up, I train, I wrestle and I go to bed just to do it all again; that’s my entire routine. As a matter of fact, my whole crusade as of late has been me trying to help this business by cleaning it up and getting rid of people who ruin this industry! I have went after so many people who have abused and embarrassed this company such as people who wanted to make a quick buck like Tyler Parker. I smelled his bullshit from a mile away when nobody else could and targeted him, telling you all that he was not going to contribute to this company, telling you he wasn’t even putting in effort, telling you that he did not have the longevity and was only in for the cash grab and to see how close he could get to being handed a title! I exposed him and kept him from running Dynasty dry. I sent him packing and now everyone is saying how I was right in hindsight and his legacy is finished. It was me who played the role of guardian and defended EAW from him coming in and bringing down Dynasty. He was only the tip of the iceberg, I have said it for months that I was the gatekeeper, the standard bearer, I have been looking out for the Dynasty brand since the season began! Hurricane Hawk, Scott Diamond, The Pizza Boy, I had my foot on the necks of all of them and told them straight up the issues I had with him - how much it made me sick to see the types of wrestlers they were. Would I be as passionate and obsessive about this if I did not care? There are so many problems in EAW that I have made my job to address. My partnership with Sebastion Monroe was all about bringing Dynasty back to its former glory and making the most immaculate show possible.

No more scrubs, no more filler wrestlers and no more wrestlers who main event off flash alone; no more people like you Nas! People who come up off selling dreams to the audience instead of grinding for a spot, people who are planted in the industry solely to make money, the guys in commercials and on the posters that have more media to them than actual quality matches to their name. If anyone is selfish, it’s you for acting so entitled without any merit, bitching about people like me when you have failed time after time - and I know you’re sick of hearing about all of the times you’ve choked but when that’s literally the takeaway of nearly all your big performances what else is there to mention? You’re coming at me and my methods simply because if I had my way the common good of EAW would involve getting rid of the wastes of space and that includes you. When I say that I deserve something or campaign I go out and I back it up, I have previous success that validates my claims. You can understand why I think I’d be a deserving champion or King of Elite. I am capable of carrying a show. I don’t kiss up, I don’t cheat as much as you wish you can say that I did, I get the job done. You look at my victories this season and not a single one is tainted. Every victim was thoroughly and decisively defeated. And I’ll do the same to whoever is the champion when the time comes. I won’t need to stab Nico in the back, he considers me a worthy contender himself as proven when he picked me last week, I have no problem beating him in a good clean match just like I have no problem in pinning you to the mat yet again.

What is there that you can say against me, Nas? What makes you better than me? Everything you hold against me doesn’t apply. You want to paint a picture of a cheating, lying, selfish man who doesn’t work for anything but the reality of everything is much different than your portrayal. You stopping me isn’t going to help Dynasty and it’s damn sure not what this company needs. I’m going to be the one who wins come Friday, not only because I need it, not only because I’m working for it, but because it’s the best possible option for Dynasty if we have any hope of winning the final triple threat. You, Darkane, Pizza Boy, you’d all be lost in that environment. Clueless children on a bloody battlefield. Showdown and Voltage would tear us apart like they’ve done the past two years. In a way this loss will be a blessing so you can drop back down and actually practice to be good. It’d be another laughable event on your list of screw ups. Make this easy on yourself, don’t be stupid. Don’t try to be a hero when you’re nothing more than an average joe at the end of the day.

Failure is beyond not being an option for me, the idea of me failing is straight up fiction. It’s non-existent, I don’t even want to hear it! I am winning the semi’s, I’m winning the bracket and I’m winning the entire god damn tournament. King of Elite to me won’t just be a crowning. It’ll be a revival. For my image and for Dynasty’s image as the A show.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 3:25 pm by Chelsea Crowe


event: empire: bloodletter | 12/9/2017
promo number: 3
participants: chelsea crowe versus consuela rose ava versus april song versus mallory wilde
word count: 2,287 words

scene one:
december 7, 2017 // televised

Lights, camera, action. Chelsea Crowe watched the people behind the cameras whilst she sat in front, seated perfectly with one leg over the other. The floor manager was giving signals to the interviewer sat opposite her, counting down until the live transmission. In the background, she can hear some cute little video package playing, a generic female empowerment anthem winding down to an end. As it finishes, the transmission goes live, and Chelsea plays along to the cheerfulness of the interviewer.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “And joining me now is the young woman, or should I say star, that you just saw in that video. She is  one of the rising talents on Elite Answers Wrestling's Empire brand, one of two contenders for the EAW Specialists Championship, and Auckland's own: Chelsea Crowe!

They exchanged brief welcomes, Chelsea threw out a feigned smile, and then the questioning began.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “Empire: Bloodletter is coming up this week and we've already heard some of what you've had to say about your opponents, but how are you feeling going into this match?

CHELSEA CROWE: “Confident. I don't ever go into a match feeling anything but that. And I'll admit that my opponents have been talking a lot, but I've proven before that that doesn't matter. You can read out the equivalent of the Queen's speech at me and still not win. They've said a lot of things, they've attacked me from different angles, but they won't shake me. Because quite honestly, I don't let people do that to me. It's a shame I can't say the same for the other three girls I'll be sharing the ring with.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “Speaking of them, we have to talk about your thoughts on your opponents. As you said, all three have been going on the attack, and just recently, Consuela Rose Ava – the Specialists Champion – had a lot to say about you.

CHELSEA CROWE: “What's new there? She had a lot to say about me the moment she opened her mouth at the beginning of this week, so it's no surprise she's still going on. But let me just say something before I get into what she said about me: I saw her most recent video, and I was quite surprised to hear her only talking about one of her three opponents. I get it: she and April have a bit of history, April did the same thing, but to be the defending champion and then shift all your attention onto just one opponent is reckless. I think she's shown where her head is going into this match, and it's focussing squarely on April more than on myself and Mallory. Just wanted to point that out because, well – I don't take my eyes off of anyone. Not even to make a point.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “Smart thinking. And your thoughts on what she had to say about you?

CHELSEA CROWE: “Consuela has a chip on her shoulder, to be honest. She hates that I keep mocking her whole maid shtick – she hates that phrase in particular – and I can see why. All this time, Consuela's wanted to elevate this title, she's wanted to make it seem on par with the Women's World title. But she can't do that as long as someone like me is here to remind her of how ridiculous she's looked, especially in the last few weeks. So what does she do? She jumps in with all these dismissals, all these claims she can't back up. Comparing me to Azumi Goto? Really? No, hun. I might throw remarks out there like darts, but mine always hit the bullseye – as we can see just by looking at how offended she is by me. She admitted she's disgusted, which is great, because that's what I wanted. Then she goes on and says I can't get under her skin? She's straight-up lying.

I'm glad she's not ashamed of her past, or her time as a maid – to be honest, that's not what I'm shaming her for. Go out and do what you've got to do to survive, is what I think. But it's the fact she's brought that into the ring, where it doesn't belong, that I have an issue with. She brings a lot of things into the ring where they don't belong, actually. Like her vulnerabilities that she takes so much pride in. Consuela wants to know what's wrong with showing vulnerability in a competition – let that sink in. Like she said, this is professional wrestling, and when you show any weakness, it's going to be exploited. And her weaknesses are something no amount of self-worth can cover up.

One of those is her stubbornness. See, Consuela is so focussed on herself that she can't see all the excuses she's making. When people bring up legitimate points against her, all she can do is call people “dumb” and then say “I mean business in the ring”. We all mean business, we're all going to do what we can to win at Bloodletter. But that's what she does, she diverts the attention away from the actual points. Because notice that she can't tell me what different things she brings to the table when I ask, notice that all she has to say when people call her a joke is that she's not ashamed. So she's accepting it, then? Then we have this whole debate over whether she's “immature”, and we can just look to the fact she's calling people dumb and acting offended over a few insults to see the conclusion to that argument. Let me ask you something, though: do you think a sense of humour matters in a wrestling match?

The interviewer sits up in his seat, a little surprised.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “No, I wouldn't think so.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Exactly. So why does Consuela think that's a point to make? Is it because she's a joke and she's realised that the fact I don't have a sense of humour will mean she can't affect me? The world may never know. But what the world will know after Bloodletter is that Consuela's reign was average at best. Because when I defeat her to become the champion, I'll show people what it means to be a success. I don't need to lie, I don't need to make up playground insults in an attempt to try and throw people off. And I definitely don't need to avoid criticism like she has. You know, I never said she wants to hide her past, I even said she acknowledges her failures – but only when it matters. Only when it doesn't discount her argument that she isn't a joke, and that she hasn't dragged this title's value down. Consuela cherry-picks her points, she decides when to make herself seem human – and she does it when it serves her best. Which is why she comes out here now saying “I welcome all challengers”, when a few weeks ago she was hiding from people whilst her friends cleaned up the arena. She's not difficult to find!...except when she's hiding behind her cleaning crew and expecting them to clean up her messes for her. She says she's made that Specialists title mean something, and yet she's only defended it against two people she can name? She can throw out any excuse she wants – “no one's stepped forward”, “management haven't given me competition” – but if she was a fighting champion, she'd be looking for contenders. She'd be encouraging people to fight her. Instead, she has her little maid friends helping her out whilst she hides away in her quarantined locker room.

Oh, but I apparently don't know anything about her. Well, let me clear that up. I know she's wrestled in every Spanish-speaking country in the world, I know she used to work as La Belleza Española, and she has her credentials. But going into this match, she isn't showing them. All she can say is “I'm ready for you”, but where's the proof? I don't see her giving me a reason why her clean fight mentality is going to trump my opportunistic style, I don't see her preparing for me – which is funny, since she's so offended that I apparently know nothing about her. I'm not just some rookie fresh out of school, I've taken Empire by storm. I got into this match by defeating nine others, and I've already shown people my intellect by beating people like Aria and Sheridan not with strength, but with wit. Yet she still calls me stupid, as if I haven't proven to be one of the smartest fighters on this roster in every single match I've had so far. It's a shame Consuela can't see that, though. Because it'll cost her her title.

Why is she billed from Spain? Because that's where they'll be sending her after I'm done showing her up at Bloodletter.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “Strong words about the champion, I bet you must have equally harsh comments for your fellow challengers.

CHELSEA CROWE: “You know what, I actually don't have much more to say about them, since they've gone pretty much silent since I last spoke. April Song addressed Consuela, which like I said before, isn't a good thing to do. If anything's going to stop her from becoming champion again, I'd say it's her obsession with Consuela. Ever since April lost the title to her at Manifest Destiny, she's been trying to prove that her title win over Consuela wasn't a fluke. April said it herself, she's had ups and downs, she's been inconsistent. And it's all because she can't focus on anything else except proving Consuela wrong. I mean, I'm not surprised at all the effort she's putting in – Consuela can be a bit dense at times. But at Bloodletter, this isn't a one-on-one match: April has to deal with two other people besides the champion, and it's clear that she's getting too caught up in this whole revenge thing.

She even said it herself: things are getting personal now. And when things get personal, it's so much easier to take advantage of someone. So with April and Consuela focussing on each other more than me, all I'll need to do is wait for the aftermath of their war to be over before picking at their bones for the win. That intensity April's managed to conjure up in the build to this match is all going to be wasted on Consuela, and I'll do what I do best and take advantage of a situation. If emotions are running high, then so are my chances of winning.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “And what about Mallory Wilde? You seemed to just ignore her whilst talking about April and Consuela there.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Like she ignored my skill and the work I've put into being here? What more is there to say about her? Notice how she was running her mouth at the beginning of this week, and then as soon as I came around to point out all her lies and her delusion, she shut up. She can't even defend herself, because she dug a whole at the start of this week by coming at me with blind rage and misguided emotions. And at Bloodletter, she can go and bury herself in that hole – it must be deep enough by now.

Because you see, I don't have a problem with people hating me. You're entitled to your opinion. But when you let that cloud your judgement, and when you come into a competition like this with the level of stubbornness Mal has, you won't win. Mal came into this week thinking she could say whatever she wanted and I'd just bend over and take it, but I'm not like that. So when I snapped back, when I exposed her for the lying little fake she is, she has no way to defend herself. She made a fool out of herself, she took a risk and went all-in. But like I've said, I play for keeps, and I know this game like the back of my hand. That goes for in the ring as well. She can try to do to me what she's done to Yasmin Hyland and April, but I'll just do to her what I've done to our Women's World Champion – I'll outsmart her. I'll take all that anger she has for me, and I'll make sure it breaks her. Aria Jaxon's dislike for me ended up giving her a concussion, and Mal's dislike is going to give her a lost title opportunity.

That's all there is to say about her. She's already said she won't take me seriously as a competitor, and she's too stubborn to see me for what I really am beyond the stereotypes she's tried to pin on me. So that's a loss for her, and we haven't even wrestled yet.

GENERIC INTERVIEWER: “Well, I think it's clear to see you're heading into Bloodletter with a whole lot of confidence. Got any last words?

Chelsea smirked, leaning forward in her seat just a bit.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Yeah, I do. At Bloodletter, I'm going to do what these three girls wished they could – what Consuela and April wanted to do when they were champions. I'm going to become a champion worth watching. From the day I joined EAW, I showed people I was worth watching. And whether they love me or hate me, they'll have their eyes on me. And the other girls? They'll just have to keep their eyes on the title that'll be around my waist.

Chelsea smiles as the interviewer begins to wrap everything up, thanking Chelsea for her time. But she doesn't say anything, she barely even acknowledges him. She just stares down the camera, directing her smirk to the audience. To her opponents. We fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 2:39 pm by Bhris Elite
Can’t I use this contract to I don’t know… Maybe have better opponents? Last week Nathan Fiora this week El Ironico who is next the one legged bandit Kevin Devastation? Shaker Jones again? I understand all the other “Talent” here is doing something else like King of Elite but I mean come on you can leave Jamie out the main event for this week no one really needs to see him. Let me face Finn I need a rematch anyway from Dynasty. How about Moongoose again? Someone worth my time damn it I beat this guy already anyway in the first round of the tournament for the Interwire championship. I’ll entertain it for this week though a matter of fact Ironico really isn’t that bad at least he’s himself. A masked drunk man who likes to wrestle, nothing less and nothing more like I said the last time the two of us met in the ring. I mean I don’t know what else you want me to possibly say I beat him once I can and will do it again. Seriously I just beat Ryan Adams and I know people are getting tired of me repeating that especially the guys who haven’t beat him but what else can I say? Do you honestly expect me to lose to Ironico, Nathan Fiora, Shaker Jones, Cody Marshall and etcetera? Literally the only thing I have to do is bring up my victory from Road to Redemption and the fact I have a Gawd contract against guys like this a matter of fact guys like anyone on this roster with the expectation of Jamie and maybe even Cam and they can’t argue it.

Sure we could hear the whole “It’s not the same Ryan Adams” shtick or I don’t know that it took me 8 years to get my first big victory totally ignoring the fact I beat Pizza Boy earlier this year put on a what should be a match of the year contender with Nico Borg. By the way are you two cousins or something? Ironico, Nico Borg I don’t know maybe I’m just trying to give myself something to talk about. Since I have nothing else to talk about because in the words of Marshawn Lynch “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” since going a week without talking about your opponent is such a big deal. I wish you would’ve spoke up first man but you’re probably somewhere laid out and wasted with a bunch of beer cans next to you. Do you even realize who your opponent is yet? I can’t believe I’m going through this right now I might just go on vacation this week and let Big Mike wrestle you instead. I think that’d be the one people want to watch. Big Mike versus El Ironico a former convicted felon versus a drunk masked man. Now that’s going to bring in the ratings, I mean so am I but with me facing you the match is going to last about… 3 to 5 minutes tops? While Big Mike and Ironico can slip its way into match of the year contention. I think that’s what I’m going to since suddenly I became a man for the people I am going to give the people what they want. Or wait am I nerfed from doing that too? I mean what’s the point of having this shit if I can’t do anything with it expect give myself multiple title shots. What happens when I actually win the title off of Jamie and Lars? Hopefully I at least get to face talent worth my time and not some drunken masked man. However that’s all I have to say on this matter B don’t know what else you people could possibly want me to say so I’ll see you on Voltage. In what should be another my opponent gets one offensive maneuver in and I just turn around hit you with the Box Office Smash and call it a day.    
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 1:45 pm by Revy
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Do you want to die, Haruna? Better yet, do you want Azumi to Die? Gurl, I know my Asian shit. I’ve watched enough 80’s martial movies. I’m a master of Drunken Boxer, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Kung Pao Chicken! Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep! And hey, why you talking to Savannah? I’m talking to you here. Eyes on me. Because as far as I’m concerned, both you and Azumi are going to be fighting me, and Savannah is coming along for the ride. I get this all started because of her, but this is all about me now and as far as I’m concerned, if she is too damn hung over to even make it to Bloodletter, I’ll still go in the ring and fight the both of ya. I’ve been in more tougher situations, and if Aria can beat the two of you at once, then so can I, damn it. I might not be no Aria Jaxon, but it won’t change the fact you two are still Haruna and Azumi, and some how, some way, you both will find some way to screw it up.
And when did I call you a weebo? Or Whatever? Are you talking about the feed? Nah, that was a joke about how you two are pretty much Android 17 and 18 and if someone was going to make the comparison, I would end them. After all, isn’t the resemblance uncanny where Azumi is a total tom boy and you are doomed to marry someone clearly beneath you in terms of power level? Come on, even Krillin is better than Azumi. And here you are telling me to go ahead and kill Azumi, when you and I both know Dragon balls aren’t real? Wait? Are they? Apparently you’re the Asian expert so you tell me, otherwise, you both would be better off looking for it and wishing for a title belt.
Face facts, ladies. In the theory of multiverse, where if one thing happens in one universe, chances are, a different outcome takes place in another, sure, there are a few slim chances where you both might had won, but the reality of the situation is, with the way the universe works for the both of you, you were both doomed to fail again, over and over. In this reality, you lost because of a drunk so dare I say this this is the darkest timeline for you both, but wait, there is more! It gets darker because now you both have to cross path with me, the most dangerous women on Empire. Apparently I’m crazy, a sociopath, and I have access to certain things that should be “illegal.” Bitch, I got a permit, and I have a contract here that says I can do whatever the hell I want in the ring, so as I said, Haruna, pick your words carefully, because I might go ahead and actually kill Azumi for you and make you a damn widow. But hey, I’ll bring the booze for the funeral, and we’ll get the funeral turnt up to fullest, Savannah and I. Because we aint here to mourn for the dead or our losses. We’re here to have fun, live, and get wasted, and how dare you come into our locker room, and try to change that.
Hold my beer, Savannah, because I gotta take out the trash here. I’m going to pull out my guns and tell you one last time, put your asses to the curb or I’ll drag you out there myself. Now this tag match can go one or two ways. This match can be a decent match where nobody is killing anyway, and we just have fun with it, where who knows, you guys might win because I wouldn’t care if we win or lose. Or Two, I have fun with it and I’ll break every bone in both you and Azumi’s body, and the point being, you two don’t win. Do I win? Nah, that doesn’t matter. But will you suffer? Yes. Because I still owe you both for the metal pipe to the back of the head, and now I’m going to shove metal pipes up your asses  and have you both waddle back to the ICU like a couple of penguins. Which reminds me. Go Pengiuns! Woo!

Got it? Nah, you both probably don’t understand the words coming out of my mouth. Well, that is probably for the best, because this is Bloodletter we are talking about. Who am I to disappoint the fans by not shedding a little blood at the event this weekend? You’ll lose blood, Savannah will lose blood, I’ll lose blood, we’ll all lose blood! Why? Because you two bitches had to stick your noses into our business with the point of a Battle Royal is anything goes, and you both weren’t prepared for that shit. You say this is Savannah’s fault. But you know is the good thing about being drunk? You become more honest, and if she targeted you two on her own whim, that’s probably because she hates you both, and seeing how you guys are assholes in and out of the ring, you both had this coming. And who am I to fuckin’ decline the opportunity to beat a couple of assholes? That sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night. I don’t regret giving Savannah a drink. I don’t regret defending her back, and no matter what happens at Bloodletter, I don’t regret being in this match, because it’s all warranted. You two are assholes, Drunk Savannah is an asshole. I’m an asshole. We’re all assholes, so don’t you both go acting like you are both the prettiest and the most honorable of assholes, because you’re still assholes and shit keeps coming out of your mouths. You both deserved this. You both deserved the worse, and that is where I come in, and that is just about what you are about to get. Sorry this ain’t a championship match you both had no chance at winning. But hey, atleast you got to be a part of a match that you might have a chance of winning, but trust me, what is coming for you, it’s going to hurt a lot more than a typical loss for the both of you. Even if you get the 3-count, It’s not going to feel like a victory when you look around you, blood everywhere. You’ll lose so much more and gain almost nothing out of it. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 9:41 am by Nasir Escobar
Things could not be looking any bit greater for me than they do right now. Honestly, though. Not ONLY did I prove myself in the match against Ahren Fournier and show him exactly WHY I am a man in this business and he’s still just a little boy...but I also single handedly costed Jacob Senn the opportunity to continue on in the tournament TOO?! Man it is as if my one mission in this company now is to put overly arrogant guys with their heads up their asses in their places! Now I understand that Jacob Senn is not the happiest of campers after what has taken place. And well, I guess that all I can say to that is...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s what you deserve you snake! And if you’re feeling really froggy Senn, then go on and jump. I am begging for you to try something funny this week in my next KOE Tourney match, something you won’t be having. But just be warned, if you do try to step in and screw me, then the only person you’ll be screwing over is yourself. Because you will be walking right into a fight with me, and that damn sure ain’t a fight you will be walking out of PERIOD! Speaking of which. We move right along to Scott Oasis. The peak definition of what I just described. And arguably the one man in this industry I have more hate for than Jacob Senn. Because you see the one thing I’ll give Jacob Senn is he can actually vouch for himself and speak for himself. Scott on the other hand, he’s got his little scrooge who does his dirty work for him. It’s so bad that during these next few days I don’t even know if I’m going to be facing off against Scott Oasis or Sebastian Monroe. First of all it doesn’t really matter because they’re both punk asses and I’ll stomp them into the ground no matter which it is. Second, I’ll be damned if I am going to get beat by the one man who has absolutely zero respect for this business! Scott Oasis doesn’t give a damn about this. He doesn’t give a damn about any of you. He only cares remotely about you as long as you continue to toss your dollars at him. Scott Oasis is the epitome of selfishness in this business. He is every literal negative quality this industry brings out in men and women, given human form. But if you listen to Scott speak, he’ll tell you he’s a bad man and unlike most around here...he won’t make some sort of attempt to justify his actions or sugarcoat his motives. But that does not make me respect him any bit more. If anything it only irritates me more than he already does, which is saying a whole heck of a lot. Scott Oasis and Nasir Moore could not be any more opposite of men. The two of us are polar opposites. We share nothing in common except for where we wish to end up on Dynasty, of course that being on top as the EAW Answers World Champion. But the problem I have with you Scott is the directions we will head in to reach said point are completely different. I fight for honor and valor every time my music plays and I hit that ring like a lightning bolt! Meanwhile you try to take every shortcut possible both inside and out of the ring to guarantee yourself the easy way to the top. Scott Oasis doesn’t want to put in the hard work necessary to reach the peak of our profession properly. And I have no love for that sort of mindset. Whether it is your use of our former Dynasty General Manager, Sebastian Monroe, the guy who I ensured would be out of a job at Territorial Invasion. Or maybe if it is your cheap tactics and exploits during matches like when you tried to have Sebastian Monroe interfere in a matchup with the Pizza Boy. But that is well and fine you can try every cheap trick you could possibly think of with that brick shaped head of yours ol’ Ice Man. Because in the end it will mean absolutely NOTHING for you. When it’s all said and done I will do what I have been doing since I’ve come back from injury. And that is overcome whatever bullshit the likes of you wants to fling in my direction, then put you in your place, which is naturally on the receiving end of my boot! Honestly I don’t feel like I need to go over things like you never having a definitively strong looking championship defense when you were World Heavyweight Champion. Or that you had one of the worst title losses if not THE WORST in not just Pain For Pride or even Elite Answers Wrestling, but dare I say even in ALL OF WRESTLING HISTORY! Or maybe we could discuss the fact that you have not been a champion since then. You’ve tried and FAILED! And yeah I know you could easily say I have yet to hold a singles championship here in the Land of the Elites. But at the exact same time Scott...even while being injured, I am leaps and bounds closer to that belt than you’ll ever be again the way that you are now.

I bet you and Monroe have it all figured out right now, or at least you THINK you do.

You think you can win King of Elite, tell you quote on quote buddy Nico Borg that you’ll use your crown on Heart Break Gal or Jamie O’Hara. Or whomever the other champions might be by then. But that’s exactly when you show your true intentions Scott huh? You stab Nico Borg in the back and reveal what you were really after. Because you don’t give a damn about Nico Borg. You’re getting on his good graces right now so you can betray him later when he shows a moment of weakness. I mean anyone should be able to see this coming from a mile away right? It can’t just be me. Nico I know you have to at least. Sebastian hinted at it himself on Dynasty. He referred to Scott Oasis as Dynasty’s Greatest Son and not you. Should the Champion not be the only one viewed as such? I mean you are meant to be the FACE of the show. Even though in actuality it is me, I’m getting off track. The point is Oasis is taking advantage of you until you least expect it. And then and ONLY THEN will you strike, because you’re a scavenger. Scott Oasis is a vulture who doesn’t work for his prey. He merely picks the bones of an already fallen carcass. He reaps the rewards of someone else’s hard work. That is the only way someone as pitiful as him could ever possibly eliminate ME from the Extreme Elimination Chamber. After Jacob Senn bloodied me up in his blind rage and left me for dead. I looked up with my distorted, blurry vision. My eyesight was also being obstructed by the blood gushing from my forehead. But I was able to make out a figure covering me. I was only able to figure out who said person was once I recovered from my attack. But once I have watched the footage back over quite a few times, I can say I was not the least bit shocked whatsoever. Only someone as vile and gutless as you would dare do such a thing Scott. But that is alright with me because I believe in Karma. Not even that you ended up STILL getting put down by Pizza Boy. But that justice will be delivered to you by the man who you committed a crime against. That man of course being yours truly, Nasir Moore. You took away my chance at becoming the Answers World Champion just as much as Jacob Senn did. Senn did the dirty work, but you’re the one who truly took the opportunity from me now aren’t you Scott. But that is fine, because what goes around comes around. Oasis I am going to make it my life’s mission that you do NOT make it to King of Elite, at least guaranteed not going to compete for the crown itself. You stole an opportunity I was chasing after, therefore it is only right if I do the exact same to you. I’m going to borrow a moniker of the man who took me out and dub myself “The Punisher” for this week. Because if anyone deserves to call themselves such around here these days, I am your guy now aren’t I? What is even more insulting than being put away by a man who can’t even win fairly or defend his championship titles without some bullshit going on in his matches. Is losing to a man who has yet to even been able to return to reaching those mediocre heights again after all this time. What’d you do after Lucian Black made you look like an afterthought at PFP Nine Scott? You got tossed around by Methuselah ALL Fall and Winter. Then you took time off because you couldn’t stand losing nonstop like the little bitch you are. Then you return just to be a statistic. One of MY TEN Grand Rampage eliminations. Afterwards you fail to secure a briefcase at Pain For Pride Ten, fail to take the EAW Answers World Title from Pizza Boy earlier this Season, and failed to secure Sebastian Monroe’s position as General Manager here on Friday Night Dynasty. You have only truly achieved two things since losing the World Heavyweight Championship over a year ago. You took out Tyler Parker...oh I forgot, I’m actually supposed to care. And the of course you slithered your way into an elimination on me inside the Chamber after Senn put me down FOR YOU! Oasis I’m going to put it like this. An elephant never forgets, and a blood lusted man never forgives. I am going to personally show you hell on Dynasty. Simply stated Scott Oasis…

Payback is a BITCH! And on Dynasty, you become MINE PERSONALLY!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 7:43 am by Jamie O'Hara
It’s a tiresome task.

One that drains much energy, much desire. Staring into the eyes of a man who tries to sell you something unique, something different. Voltage is like a rat infested alley way; merchants all line up one by one to sell me on their credentials, on their belief that they’re going to strip the World Heavyweight Championship from my shoulder. Men fueled by only greed, a greed that blinds them from the inevitability of defeat. It’s my duty, my role in all of this to allow such men to speak their mind, to allow them to entertain victory, entertain success - entertain something so few have done and nobody has done for almost a whole year. And these moments all play out with such familiarity that I’m almost sickened by the thought of another. But there will be another. This alley I walk - dark and dripping with filth - is endless. The scrapped and raggard Voltage symbols etched into their silk, their carts, their boxes will only give way to another as the season comes to a close and another brand is blessed with my services. It’s a lack of true care of public image that stops me from ending the hopes and dreams of so many challengers the second they stand in my presence. My career is riddled with moments where I left men in a pool of their blood and scattered flesh; it’s almost as if people have forgotten within this reign, I ensured a bitter rival would never show his face around here again. The taste slapped from the mouth of a pathetic, lowly being is seen as cowardly. Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is a cowardly shot to take but I guess It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve devalued myself, thought so less of my own capabilities that I needed to be such a slimy, pathetic villain. Truly I’ve regressed, going from defeating Hall of Famers with my own might, without the need of a significant other or anyone else to scrapping together victories against men who lack the true skill to hang with the best. But this image cast upon so many, this idea of Jamie O’Hara being beatable is a lie that so, so many buy into. Perhaps the world needs a reminder of the man I was last season? And then they can seep back into the shadows to await a new champion to walk this space; a new champion to sink their teeth into and turn such optimism, such desire into a tiresome gig that only exists because their pride is too grand to walk away. But the personal bitterness towards the mundane cycle of the Voltage World Heavyweight Championship scene has resulted in grandeur that so, so, so few will ever have the pleasure of achieving. In over a decade, nobody has reigned for this long. In over a decade, all the legends that have come and gone have been incapable of dominating a brand like I have. I’ve watched champions rise and fall, barely breaking half. I’ve watched champions rise...only to fall before ever having something memorable to cling to.

But truly that desire to see such dominance created by my own, meager hands is simply too great to ignore.

Yet King of Elite remains something distant; something that awaits me with the weeks to come.

2017 has been a year of incredible highs. A year unforgettable for so many years; personal and professional. And as it begins to draw to its conclusion, upholding the standard I held for the duration of it all is a priority. If there was ever a time for complete celebration, then this is most certainly it but before intoxication can cloud my mind for days on end, a Champion of Champions match awaits, an awards night that will surely define the greatness of the last year I’ve had. The one champion who remains - another chance of history stands before me with victory over the new thrones in the world of Elite. The immense prestige that comes with hold these relics of gold can inspire any man or woman to find greater resilience, a greater will to attain victory. And there is no better preparation than to face a man who embodies that in everything he does.

You, Finn, have taken the message etched into the history of the New Breed Championship and wear it with the goal to attain absolute greatness.

No more than a few weeks ago I commended you on your aspirations for that title. The parallels to what I hoped to achieve...and what I inevitably did achieve was hard to ignore but I would remiss to mention that Shock Value most certainly influenced by perception...my hope. Jon McAdams is most certainly a man of skill but to walk away without victory? My my, Finnegan, I most certainly expected better. Sure, we can all chalk this up to an example of a talented man pushing you to the limit, a battle to remember, a new standard for the New Breed division but you aspire to be like me, like so many to hold that title and to go onto great things but men like me Finn, we were never equal to our opponents. I never saw a contest go to a draw, I never saw an opponent even create the opportunity to entertain the thought that they were better. They talked their game but the defeat and the clear superiority was clear to the world; all men fell. Certainly you’ve been blessed with the chance to correct the mistake you made at Shock Value but do not savour it, do not be glad that it exists. It seems more of an inevitability that Finnegan Wakefield becomes a forgettable champion, another simple man to hold the title and do so little to ever make something of it. Then again the inability to defeat Moongoose McQueen for so long - even allowing him to ever touch the championship - is telling of how little you could likely achieve. Champion vs Champion has always been held as a premier opportunity for lower ranked champions to test their mettle against better; a premier chance to prove to the world that their place in the EAW world bares no limitation on their forward progression - their climb up the grand proverbial mountain. But what hope do you stand proving convincing the powers that be that the New Breed Champion can box with the greats? Such an convincing performance, a disappointing case to believe that Finnegan Wakefield can surpass Jamie O’Hara, achieve what I achieved, become what I have become. Make no mistake, high expectations have often been on my mind when it comes to many but for this? I most certainly know the significance of this contest; know how much it can do for someone in your position. Defeat isn’t a matter of question, rather how many moral victories one can walk away from. For me there is none. Defeat is a mockery, defeat is a disgrace. But for the New Breed Champion, an impressing showing means the world. It would remove the stain that has been cast upon you since Shock Value, it would define your place as champion and set an undeniable tone for the remainder.

You have a point to prove. To prove that you’re the better champion - the greater champion. And that’s what I seek ahead of the end of year show. I seek the aspirations and the motivations - the absolute desire - to be the greatest champion inside that ring. Perhaps no championship changes hand this week or later but the sheer importance to a man like myself is quite impossible to mask. It’s importance can’t be understated enough; I crave history and I crave claiming more and more records as they become available for me to accomplish. The mere New Breed Champion will for once be treated as if he stood tall as the EAW Champion or the Answers World Champion - a man who poses a threat to a near perfect calendar year. For what is truly nothing more than a fleeting moment I will forget your own imperfections, your shortcomings and your simple inabilities and see you no differently to every other man and woman who has threatened my reign. You want to become what I have become, achieve what I have achieved and I will bless you with the opportunity to learn from the master of the ring himself of what it takes to succeed - what it takes to be me.

The harsh reality however is that nobody can be me.

Nobody can come even close to being me.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 7th 2017, 2:13 am by DampshawIII
I had it in my hands....This was written in stars. It was fate. It was destiny. Then how? How did it end so quickly? How did I fall to that street worm Darkane? How? I don't understand. I simply can't process this. It all feels like a bad nightmare.

What does it all mean? Were my visions wrong? Why would I have the same dream over and over again? What happens when my own mind fails me? I can't stop my hands shaking. I feel cold all over.

I..I..don't know what to do now. Do I even continue? Can I even show my face on Dynasty again? Do I just give it all up and stop wrestling? Maybe Daddy was right. Maybe I should have stayed in the family business. Maybe I don't have what it takes..

Before I can realize, I notice that I'm beginning to rock back and forth, almost as if I'm reverting back into a childlike state. My eyes start growing heavy and I...

"And...in..those fields...in...ancient times..
Walked upon...England's mountains....green...."


Where was I? What? What just happened? This is all very strange. This is not very becoming. I'm starting to get frightened but...a Dampshaw fears nothing. This isn't about this. This is about my opponent. This is a wrestling promotion. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mr. Hawk. I will hold you personally responsible for my destiny being taken away. You will be the one to deal with what has been done to me. I stand before you a mere mortal, stripped bare. I still have my material possessions, but I feel like my soul has been ripped out from inside. And you, Hawk...you get to concern yourself with Reginald Dampshaw III with no soul. I for one-


Goddamit, Reginald. Get it together. No. Shut up. Too loud. I am Reginald Dampshaw III you swine. Get out of my head!

No. No. No. No. Do not try to distract me from my match. No, I can't listen to Daddy, do you understand? I love you Father, I do, but YOU'RE WRONG, YES? YOU'RE WRONG. I am a damn good wrestler. No, I am THE wrestler here. I am Reginald Dampshaw III, third born of his name, The King, Still King, regardless of what happened...what..happened..no..no..n-

"There'll always...be an...England...while there's...a busy...street. Wherever...there's a...turning wheel...a million marching feet."

Hawk. HAWK. Listen. Something's wrong here. Something doesn't feel...right. You know, it's funny. You said on Dynasty that you left Invictus with the attention of the crowd. But where does their attention get you? Did it get you the Hardcore Championship? Did it get you more money in your pocket after the match? No they don't give you anything. What did they give me? Hmm? Not a damn thing. They boo me and they spit on me and treat me like a villain but they are the villains. You're the villain...Everyone else are the villains!


This is all in my head. I'm just stressed out and I've reached a breaking point. Yes. That's all this is. Just exhaustion. I need to focus on my opponent. 

Calm down...calm..Mr. Hawk. I can't seem to get my faculties straight...I must..rest. So I will leave you with this. You were defeated at Invictus and then embarrassed by Scott Diamond on Dynasty. I was defeated and embarrassed as well. But what did you lose? The Hardcore Championship? A trinket for a detritus spirit? You're better off not holding that belt. I lost everything. I lost the one thing I wanted in this world. You, Hawk, are in deep, deep trouble. Trust me. All hail still...King Dampshaw. Long May He Reign.

I need to lie down. This has all been too...draining for me.


Yes, sir?

Draw me a bath.

Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 6th 2017, 11:45 pm by PrinceofPhenomenal
There comes a time in every mans life when he realizes that he must own up to his mistakes. It sucks. It's a lot. It's not something that anyone regardless of gender wants to do. Who wants to admit that they must essentially go back to the drawing board? I have been there before and it appears that I must go there again. Nothing in this life or this profession is promised to you. One moment you can feel like you are on the top of a mountain and then the next you can be talking about metaphorical drawing boards. As you all saw at Kingsroad, I was defeated for the National Elite Championship. There's millions if not, billions of people who were let down by the result of the match. As I slowly started to pull myself together and get to my feet I could smell the disappointment in the air. I could look at the faces of the the people in the crowd who expected more and better from me. I know that a lot of people out there look up to an icon like me. Additionally, I know that there's a lot of people who may think that I am down on my luck. At this very point in time, the best thing I can do for myself is win. Win. That is what has gotten me to where I am today. I am going to be honest with you when I say that it sucks to lose a big match. Hell sometimes it sucks to even lose a little match. Day after day I found myself preparing for a match that I could not deliver on. In the end, matches like that are like a punch to the gut that you can only hope your career can withstand. I've been lower than this and I don't see this as something I can't come back from. In other words, this is just the beginning.

The healing process begins as this week on Showdown, I return to the ring to face James Ranger. My, oh my. Of all the people I wanted to see, James was definitely towards the end of the list. Time and time again I tell myself that I would stay out of the ring with such unprofessional workers like this. Then again I am not just here to display my abilities in the ring, I am also here to teach. There's actually quite a bit I could teach you in the ring, James. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to completely take you to school. As I sit in my locker room, some days I find myself thinking when will my opponents start to learn. With every single new match it seems like they want to mention past matches as some type of indication of what will happen in the future. The worst thing you could do in this situation is assume that good things will happen to you. Life can take you in so many different directions and you sometimes you just don't know where you will end up. After my match last weekend, I found myself flat on my ass in a bad place. That's fine. Sometimes you need experiences like that to humble you. There is nothing like falling on your face in front of the world. The bright side about all of this is that it will only make the come up that much more sweeter. 2017 has been a wild year for me James. I've learned a lot about myself and the people around me. Let's see if you can make it to 2018. 

That's your problem James, you don't have any matters. The fact that you are in the presence of greatness and still bow down to a superior talent like myself is mind boggling. One thing I have learned about you is that you love to talk. I get it. You are one of those people who just loves to hear themselves speak. I'm all about the action. Win. Lose. Or draw. Put the microphone down and put your fist up. You are right James, I do deserve all another opportunity to show that I should still be the National Elite Champion. The fact of the matter is that I was put into a bad situation. I din't win my championship on some fluke victory like Nobi, so why shouldn't I have another shot at the championship? We all know that if it were the one extremist standing across the ring from one man I'd be in front of you as a champion. But that's not why we're here. What is done is done. My reign as champion will echo in EAW history. What about you reign? That's right. You don't have a reign to talk about. So shut up and let a pioneer teach you a thing or two. You can talk all day and night about my ego but the fact of the matter is look where it has got me. Where has you ego gotten you? The same exact place as where you started. You are basically a treadmill extremist who needs to be put out of his misery. That is where I come in. See you soon.
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Post on December 6th 2017, 9:03 pm by Ahren Fournier
Hey Merry Christmas!

OH YOU WERE THE ELITE CHAMPION?! That's crazy I had no idea man. Just one question though.. What the fuck is the Elite Championship? You see I am doing research but the thing is I can't find anything about what you're talking about. Which can only mean one thing Thomas, and that means it's a title that no longer exists. A relic. But then again how was I supposed to know about a title that never existed since I've been in the company? There is no word of it on the EAW website.. Maybe my computer is just glitching. Or maybe they're embarrassed that someone like you could actually hold a title, and any time that someone like Tomi Venus holds a title, that means it's not even worth keeping. That title that you won? Was so prestigious, they got rid of it without a thought. At least I've won a title that still exists, at least you can actually look up my accomplishments and say wow that's incredible. But then again nothing that you've said has formed any resemblance of sense whatsoever. You spent all yesterday complaining about how you got screwed out of a title and that they're keeping you down... To now you're an asset, that they're grinning ear to ear to have, because you know how to play the political game. Yeah, you're talking up a storm, but not a lot of substance to what you say. Really, you don't have any facts to back up any of what you're saying. You've competed in two matches, that's it. You're 1-1, and now you're going up against a guy that really doesn't have anything to lose at this point. You think you can take me on? You haven't been very successful of that in the past have you? But that was a "different person". Well the thing is Tomi, regardless if you're wrestling as Target Smiles or Tomi Venus, you'd still be disqualified if you hit me with a chair. This change in attitude that you claim to have, this Sanitorium knock off, really doesn't mean much to me. I mean seriously man, can you honestly tell me how any of what you're saying makes sense? You're a walking contradiction and you embarrass yourself every time you come out here and talk. You're a company man now that knows how to do the politics and kiss ass now huh? But they don't want you anywhere near the title. But they were grinning ear to ear to have you back? Contradiction after contradiction. I think that you need to go away again and actually find out who you truly are. Get a real backstory, one that flows, and is coherent so you don't come off as a bumbling idiot. 

You know what I seem to notice from you is that you really glorify everything that you've done. A common practice in wrestling, but you know this is kind of ridiculous. You see you were never anyone hero. You were a cheap knockoff of Nas, but really never could live up to what Nas does. And I say that meaning you could never act the way Nas does, you're way too much of an asshole to do such a thing. You really weren't a good nice guy because of that shitty attitude that you have. You came off as baby back bitch every single time that you went out, and lost. I remember, you had chances to prove yourself, but every time you went to capture that next step you failed, and the next thing everyone knew they see you crying in the lockerroom saying the same thing over and over again. You were a one track record that would never change your tune. "I let down my fans boohoo, they deserve to have their hero".. Self appointed hero, not the fans ... "as a champion. I keep letting everyone down, but that ends now. I'm going to give the smiling faces out there what they deserve, I will not fail!". Then what would happen? A common trend, you would fail. Then fail, and then fail some more. How could anyone look up to this guy that gave them no reason to believe. I don't know, but you seem to have these high opinions of this guy but I ask the question, if you thought Target was so good, why did you abandon him? What because you were just playing around with the crowd to get there emotions dashed? Don't worry, much like everyone in the locker room, they didn't care. Much like half the locker room, no one even knew who you were anyway. Now I'm not saying I don't know who you are as some kind of smug remark, I'm not saying it to try and get under your skin, it's just a fact. I came into this company when you were gone, and it's not like anyone ever talked about you any. You won a title like a lifetime ago, and actually think it's something people would remember, when in reality, they don't. 

But all that aside, I agree. You're an asset to this company undoubtedly Thomas. We need people like you here, people that make the top tier talent look even better than they normally do. We need people like you, someone that everyone knows won't win, but will put up some resemblance of a fight, until they lose. Or in the case of your last match, get beat up so bad that they have to stop the match completely, before a pin is made. The ref did it for your own safety. I'm actually shocked that you don't even have a concussion at this point in time! Very impressive you must have one hard head. Now as for me rather talking about petting dogs and Christmas.. You're damn right I'd rather talk about that, because as least it makes sense. At least petting dogs and Christmas can actually captivate an audience. I mean someone has to get people actually interested in this match, because clearly you can't hold up your end of the bargain. This has been embarrassing, if this is the type of display you're bringing to the table you might as well have stayed gone. Tell the truth Thomas, the real reason why you're thankful that tomorrow is Thursday isn't because I have desperate ramblings, it's because you know that you've been outclassed by someone that you deem an embarrassment. So what happens now Tomi? The embarrassment has flipped the script and have totally inscribed that classification onto you, merely through bland old conversation. So what else do you got Tomi? What more contradictions are you bringing to the table? Do you have any facts that actually support you being actually good? Congrats on the title that hasn't been active in 10 years, must've been really proud of that fact when  you were 20 years old. Again I don't know anything about you. What I know is basically what you tell me, and you can't even get your story straight. I've looked high and low for information on you on the web, and I can't find a god damn thing. So yes be my encyclopedia because you're the only one that has information on you from what it seems. ALL I KNOW, is that you're not in my league. Congrats on that title reign, maybe next time you can have one that people actually remember.

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Post on December 6th 2017, 8:27 pm by Tomi Venus
Who Cares About Being Right?

(Dynasty three)

Thank goodness it’s about to be Thursday. That means Friday is just over the horizon. Who doesn’t love Friday? On Friday the time for desperate ramblings from Ahren Fournier will be over and there will be nothing left for him to blabber on about. As the moment comes closer where I get to put my hands on him my heart begins to race more and more. The excitement builds inside of me! Because all Ahren happens to be is a sacrificial lamb. A faceless, nameless, victim whose identity holds no weight in the eyes of the man he has the misfortune of meeting in the ring. I only wish my toys were a bit more skilled in keeping me entertained leading up to the big event, because I’m getting pretty tired of explaining things to this fool. Asking me for answers to questions he could easily find on his own. Acting like I’m his personal encyclopedia to explain every detail and break it to his innocent mind that sometimes rules are meant to be broken and he shouldn’t trust that they will always be there to protect him. Not only is it extremely easy to get a fake social security card but it’s also very easy to resist the official that may try to pry me off of you if I happen to decide that crippling you for the rest of your life is more important to me than a disqualification!

Let’s get one thing straight. I ended my last in-ring run in EAW on my own terms and as the Elite Champion! I wasn’t welcome back because I was labeled difficult to work with. That and unlike all the people eating the asses of the heads of the company I wasn’t afraid to stand my ground and tell them truths that they weren’t prepared to hear! But now I don’t have that problem! Back then I didn’t know how to play the backstage political game! I didn’t know how to make myself too valuable to be disposed of! When I took my mask off I knew that I would be met with one of two things once I walked backstage. I walked through the curtain prepared to face a room full of furious suits slapping a document of termination in my face! But that didn’t happen. I walked through that curtain to the EAW Commissioner smiling from ear to ear ready to renegotiate my contract. You know why Ahren? Because you’re looking at money! I’m an asset to this company! They might not want me near the finals of King of Elite, they might force me to pry a World Championship from out of their cold dead hands, but EAW is not going to throw me away! I just spent the last nine months giving their audience someone they could look to as a beacon of hope for their fragile belief systems, I gave them a hero! Then, in glorious fashion as it seemed that their underdog might finally overcome the odds and make his triumphant comeback he was murdered in the middle of that ring by me! Those people hate me and they’re all willing to pay to see me get what they think I deserve! I could go somewhere else and make someone else money. I could go somewhere else and have these people root for another corporation’s chosen boy to maybe do what they wish they could do to me themselves! What they are desperately wishing you can do on Dynasty but they’re going to be dissapointed as always…

Ahren Fournier has done nothing to prepare for this match but prance around celebrating his failure to retain any type of information. He would rather talk about Christmas and petting dogs because he’s clearly not in the know enough to have anything of substance to say to me. He’s clearly done no research on me, not even knowing where I’m from as though the ring announcer doesn’t say before every match that I’m from Detroit, yet he speaks with such conviction and authority on who I am. Any time he attempts to actually sound like he knows what he’s talking about he just falls flat on his face! He even said from his own lips “All I know is you don't have a title reign to your credit.” All he knows! The only statement that he stands by as absolute fact! He chose that statement to put every chip of credibility he had on and it was possibly the most objectively false statement he could have made! HAHAHAHA! Ohh… Is anyone surprised? Has this shocked anyone in the audience? I’d say that all I know is Ahren must be dying of embarrassment right now but if I’ve learned anything from this exchange it’s that saying “All I know” can easily blow up in your face, and that Ahren is probably too shameless or stupid to even flinch at such a monumental failure on his end. But if you do happen to feel some sort of embarrassment over this don’t beat yourself up over it… just wait for Dynasty. I’ll happily do it for you.

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Post on December 6th 2017, 7:03 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
Queen of Elite…

Yes, I love the sound of that. With my win in the King of Elite Tournament, I can turn King of Elite to Queen of Elite. I mean, if the Heart Break Gal can turn Kingsroad into Queensroad, anything is possible now. The glass ceiling is broken. No. The glass ceiling is destroyed by the crowning of our first female world champion. Thus, my motivation has increased to make history again. Being a Queen of Elite Answers Wrestling would be an amazing accomplishment to add to my resume. It would prove yet again that the women are breaking gender barriers. One day, we will reach a point where women can compete on Empire or anywhere else they desire. That should be the golden rule for women like HBG and myself to accomplish .Hell, it should be the golden rule for women like Aria Jaxon who is holding down Empire at the moment. But, let’s be real: they won’t be as good as me. As I proved to Cody Marshall that he wouldn’t make it past round one, I now continue to prove my dominance in this tournament. Just like I said last week, it will get difficult from now on. As one challenger goes to the back with his head down, a new challenger comes forward and thinks that he will be the one to stop me dead in my tracks to go to represent Voltage in the finals. You see, this opponent has a victory over me that I’ve been waiting to get back. With Amadeus recently losing the Interwire Championship to Carlos Rosso, this will be the perfect opportunity to push him down the ladder he once stood at the top of.

What does Amadeus think that he will have this match in his favor? The entire reason he lost his title in the first place is because of one man: Kenny Drake. I mean, when you make an enemy out of Kenny, it’s not a good thing. It will make this Voltage experience a horrible one for him. Amadeus, a man who once stood on top of the world. He had the stable, he had the title, he had all aspirations to become better than he already was has become an afterthought. I mean, it’s not like he was an afterthought with the title in the first place. Amadeus is one of those guys that no one seems to care about no matter what place of the card you give him. He’s just there. Carlos Rosso had more hope going into the High Voltage Match than Amadeus did his entire title reign. Hell, Kenny Drake is more of an attraction than this man. There is no denying that Amadeus held the title like a true champion. He managed to defeat five challengers in one match. He constantly managed to show the world that he was a true champion of Voltage. There was a part of me that began to take him seriously. What changed? Well, Road to Redemption changed it all. This could have been his huge break to get people paying attention to him. He could have represented the Interwire Championship to the world. However, he was the first eliminated in the match. It was such an awful performance in the chamber match. It wasn’t 100%. It wasn’t some of his best work. The effort to become World Heavyweight Champion and he dropped the ball on it. He should have known better than to realize that this was planting seeds for his title loss in the future. Where to know, Amadeus? You’re going to deal with Kenny Drake? You’re going to deal with the General Manager of Voltage? You have to be some sort of mad man to deal with Kenny. I’d wish you luck with Kenny, but you’re fucked when it comes to that situation. The same goes with me. There is no way I’m letting you advance to the next round. I’m going to be saying that a lot, but I can’t envision someone else advancing to the Voltage bracket finals, but myself. My desires are way too big for this match. If you were smart enough, you’d do nothing to get in the way of my dreams. Better yet, you’d do nothing and get out of my way.
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Post on December 6th 2017, 6:37 pm by Consuela Rose Ava
I feel so special. I feel like we have become the next Aria Jaxon vs. Cameron Ella Ava or The Heart Break Gal vs. Cameron Ella Ava. I feel like we’re going to be facing each other forever. This is how beautiful rivalries are formed. We both had to become people to get the upper advantage over the others. Even April Song, a woman who has her own set of values results to attack me during a match. How did that feel, April? Did it feel good? Did it feel good to get back after all the things I have said about you? The way I retained my championship got under your skin. Just like I stated before, it was all legal. Yet, you couldn’t handle that. You just can’t handle the fact that I wearing this championship. You can’t handle the fact that I walk around Empire with this title on my shoulder because it means that I outsmarted you. It means, everything you’ve been there was not good enough to keep this title a little longer with you. You made me this way, April. You made me become a different person and I hate that you did. You humiliated me. I let you into the safety of my own house. The only place where I felt in peace and you made it into a mess. For the sake of the Specialists Championship, I was willing to give up the cleanliness of my house. I was willing to use my own house as the battleground in our rivalry. I expected everything to fall into my favor. When it didn’t, it destroyed me. It made me feel pathetic that a woman who spent the beginning of the year losing to the likes of Azumi Goto was defeating me. What was wrong with me? As you continued to have your ego go on a sour, it became real difficult to be the nice girl in the situation. Sometimes, you have to be a bitch to get things done.

To me, I am superior than you. I still hold on to that opinion. I will still shout it to the heavens if I have too. I wanted us to have a mutual respect. I congratulated you during your first title reign. When you decided to get cocky, well, it’s difficult to want to befriend you. It’s probably why Sheridan Muller doesn’t have any friends in the locker room and just like with her, it all goes back to your attitude and how you carry yourself. Sure, you think of yourself as the best submission master on Empire. There is no denying that you know your craft in the ring. In this tough wrestling business, friendships can sometimes bite you in the ass. Don’t get wrong, I managed to make some allies on Empire. As of right now, I only got Esmeralda and Francesca by my side. I believe they are the only ones that have my back. We looked out for each other like we did back in Spain just like they will look out for me in EAW. It’s always been a common thing we did for one another. That’s something you are oblivious because you consider yourself a loner backstage. You are someone who hasn’t had anyone to rely on since coming to EAW. Does that make you a shitty person? Hmm… I’m not considering myself an angel as well. I’m an Ava. We are known for being bitches, but I have done my absolute best to change the perception people have on me since I walked into the company. The way I have been acting recently isn’t justifiable. Perhaps, it’s been several months of anger turning into passive aggressiveness. I deemed you a woman who didn’t deserve to hold the Specialists Championship. I don’t like women waltzing into the title picture with no sense of earning her dues. I don’t like being thrusted into championship matches without preparation. No one in the EAW Universe expected you to defeat me. This match was on a random episode of Empire. There was no build up. There was no anticipation. I deserved better than to have you as my first challenger. I expected our match to be one and done. The fact that it became something more than imagined pisses me off more than anything in this world.

Speaking of not earning your title matches, what did you do to get this title match? Just because you felt that our last match was unjust? Just because you felt that you lost in a ridiculous way? Let’s be real. You have been the only one that has dragged this one since July. It should have ended at Manifest Destiny. I should have gotten your rematch over with and moved on. You didn’t. It took you how long to finally get your rematch? After failing to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, you decided to try your part in being Specialists Champion? Why is that, April? You realized that you weren’t cut out for being Womens Champion? It’s almost a slap to my face that you are settling with taking my title away from me again. “I didn’t deserve it.” Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t deserve to have this title stripped away from me within two weeks of dethroning Brody Sparks. I didn’t deserve having to jump through hoops to prove that I belonged being in that title picture. April, no one wanted to face you as champion. I mean, when you were champion, who else did you face besides me or Brody? My point fucking exactly. There was not a single soul that gave a damn about you being the champion. It wasn’t because the competition was afraid of you. It wasn’t because you were a threat. It because you weren’t worth people’s time. Thus, this presented me with the challenge. I needed to make history. I needed to become the first ever two-time Specialists Champion and mission accomplished: I did. It was a mission failed on your part, April. You tried your best to overcome me. When I lost the title, you should have known that I wasn’t going to stop until I got that title back. That makes me quite stubborn, but you declared war the moment you went all cocky on me. You declared war when you continue to go on with your winning streak against me. Don’t go turning this around and painting yourself to be the victim. I can’t wait until I defeat you, Chelsea and Mallory at Bloodletter. You can’t make excuses after that April because I will win in the best fashion and I will still be champion.
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Post on December 6th 2017, 6:33 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Ahren can be seen drinking some egg nog, wearing a santa hat, and enjoying life)

Merry Christmas Tomi, I hope you're having a good holiday season. I hope your spending your time with your loved ones, petting some dope dogs, because petting dogs is goat. Yo I saw this really cute dog today it has like really floppy ears, and I went up to the owner right? And I was like, yo your dog is dope! And they were all like oh thank you. So I just laid on the ground so I could get next on his level, so that he wouldn't be intimidated.. I believe this dog was a Beagle of some sort.. But anyways, he was a really cool dog. We talked about bones, and how much Tomi Venus sucks, and like taxes, and of course Christmas. This dog loves Christmas, much like me! Guess what his favorite Christmas movie is? You'll never guess... IT'S OLIVE THE OTHER REINDEER DUH! God you're so dumb, it was an obvious answer. What a classic motion picture. I love that movie, so me and the dog had that in common. So I pet his ears, rubbed my face on them, and let him be on his way. The end. Are you jealous Tomi? Tomi, Tomi, Tomi, Tomi? Are ya? You should be, because that dog, much like all dogs, was goat. You know what I think? I think that dog would't like you Tomi? Why you ask? Why indeed. Well, you're not a very good conversationalist, and I doubt that you use moisturizer on your hands. God those pets would be atrocious. He'd be like oh no, why this person scratching me with sand paper, and then he would bite you. I would obviously be watching from the bushes because that's how I roll. And when the opportunity struck I would lunge out of the bushes and give the dog the proper pets that he deserves. God you're not even about this pet life fam, you can't even begin to get on my level with the pets. Anyways, I guess we have a match to talk about or something.

I thank you Thomas.. you pronounce your name Tommy right? I mean you spell it a very odd, very wrong way so I'm not quite sure how you pronounce it.  Anyways Thomas, I want to thank you. Huh? What?! Ahren why? Well I would like to thank you for making my job so damn easy. It's so simple to respond to what you say. Your story makes no sense. You wanted to prove that the good guy can't accomplish anything? You wanted to prove that people can't win without cheating? I don't think you proved that at all, I just think you proved that YOU can't win without cheating. This isn't a reflection of what others can and can't do its a reflection of what your limitations are. People have already showed that it can be done, people have already made there name by playing the side of good. People have gotten to the very top of this business without having to break the rules to do it, they showed it can be done. All you showed is you're not good enough to get to that next level. It's fine you know? Most people just aren't good enough to make it under there own merit. Most aren't good enough to get to the top of the mountain, it takes grit, determination, something you don't have. The way I win matches is just purely out wrestling, and out classing my opponent because I'm good enough based on talent that I can actually win matches. Unless we're talking about hardcore matches because then it's not cheating. If we're talking hardcore then I can get down and dirty with the best of them like my resume would say. Hey who am I to judge though right? If you want to be mediocre and try to get better through means of cheating, that's on you. But what would Target Smiles think? Poor Target Smiles, who didn't even have a smile on his mask.. Missed marketing opportunity there brother, just saying. Target actually, as much as I think he didn't do much in this company, he did more than this incarnation of you. Here you are two weeks into your comeback tour, and you've already lost a match. Not only did you lose, you did it in very embarrassing fashion. You got your ass fucking whooped like the little bitch you are... Sorry was that uncalled for? I apologize, I really do because I don't want to make you feel bad. It's just you have this odd thing with your brain going on, you don't really have a good grasp on how wrestling, or fighting for that matters, works. I mean you can claim you never lost the match, even though it was clear you were knocked out cold. But you can't deny Scott Oasis beat the shit out of you. Clearly you need to open a rule book and see how wrestling actually works. It's still a fight, a fair fight, that's what the referee is here for. He can stop a fight if he deems the competitor unable to continue... You were deemed unable to continue because you were beaten so bad you were unconscious. He didn't need to count to three because you were unconscious. He could've counted for hours if he wanted. The pin wasn't necessary, but again he did pin you, you didn't kick out. And you can't tell me otherwise because I saw the match, and I saw you laying in the ring for another 5 minutes or so as Oasis celebrated and they went to commercial. Either way, you were embarrassed, it was supposed to be a competitive match that set the pace for this tournament with the companies top stars but Scott showed everyone that you don't belong on that level. But ok Tomi, you weren't pinned, just made a fool. 

Now can we talk about how your story of Target Smiles makes literally 0 sense. So you got fired or left the company under bad terms. Ok, got it. Then you wanted to start wrestling again, but knowing that they won't take you back, you come up with this masked gimmick so that they don't know it's you. Ok, got it. But here's where it makes no sense. Have you ever been through a hiring process before? They need your social security number, drivers license, birth certificate, alllll these levels of identification. You're telling me that they didn't look at all of that and go hey, it matches Tomi Venus.. is EAW that dumb? You'd think a wrestling company that has had falling outs with people before would think to be curious about who's under the mask. You would think that a company where the job is to fight people, they'd have a background check to see where this person has been in life. How did they not ask you to take it off? I thought it would just be routine to see who they're hiring.. So yeah makes no sense, there's no way they didn't know it was you. So what I'm thinking is, you thought all of this in your head. EAW didn't care that much about you, and you got fired for being a bad wrestler with a bad attitude. But not such a bad attitude where there was leeway that you could come back if you wanted down the line. I don't know you probably said some asshole things to them but you were such a non factor that they didn't care, but it became a routine that they just thought, hey let's get rid of the gnat that's bothering us, and you were sent on your way. They forgot you existed but you wanted to go back, and so you came up with this character. They saw that it was you, and could tell you were trying to sneak back, but they thought hey, maybe he's gotten better, and the time away really helped his character. Let's give the kid another shot, everyone grows up eventually. Maybe he'll suck less as this guy than he did as Tomi. Maybe you thought you were a bigger deal in your head and made a big deal about nothing, because if they didn't want you here then you wouldn't be here. Once you took off the mask they would've fired you for.. 1. Lying on your resume, which is a fireable offense, 2. If they fired Tomi, and he made his way back to EAW with them still not wanting you here, they'd fire you again. Like... did you not think this terrible story through? Because there is a ton of holes in it... but it's wrestling right, anything is possible. All I know is you don't have a title reign to your credit. If you left this company again and never came back you'd have nothing that anyone would remember you for, no fond memories, nothing that would grasp there emotions and make them pine over you for years to come. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I know how long you've been here, but apparently you've been here before. So for you to say anything to me about accomplishing anything is laughable. Those big name victories that you had as Target Smiles are useless because you didn't capitalize on them. Now they're just there for no reason other than to make yourself feel better. While it didn't even take me a year to become the Hardcore Champion. I know when people look at me they just see the epitome of Hardcore, and I'm just like guys come on I have a big dick too like cut me some slack. Give me some credit for everything else that I have going for me. Then we get into this whole list about what Ahren Fournier is so great at, and it just takes all day. Being me is such a burden oh god, let me tell you. It's like, I'm so perfect at everything I do, and it's like jealous dudes all over the place and honestly? I can't even. I can try to even but I just cannot. 

Geez isn't life so great! We get to live our dreams, and I get to look the way I do! Also, let us not forget that I got to pet a dog today. Did you get to pet a dog today Tomi? I doubt it, pretty sure everyone and everything hates you. You'd be bitten with the quickness. That dog would be like RUFF, that's him biting you... don't be petting me with those gross unmoisturized, unwashed hands! Because I doubt you use soap ever too. Pre conceived notions about you that are unfair? Perhaps. But the way I see it you have trouble coming up with coherent arguments or a proper backstory so maybe it's not that out of the realm of possibility that you might have a touch of downy, winter fresh scent.. If you know what I mean. Oh and by the way; have you heard the news? It's Christmas, life cannot get better than this. Let me bring some much needed holiday cheer to your life Tomi, and sing you some Christmas Songs!!! Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful, and since we nowhere to go! Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Hey by the way it's supposed to snow on the east coast this week, I don't know where ya from but be careful. Don't worry there's a massive heatwave coming that way it's name is Ahren Fournier, get it? Cuz I'm hot? Dope dope, I'm gonna kick your ass, peace!

(Ahren winks at the camera, and chugs down a whole carton of Egg Nog..  He loves it. Camera fades to black)
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