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 EAW Promoz!

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Consuela Rose Ava

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 14th 2017, 7:35 am by Keelan Cetinich
An American, an Englishman and an Australian walk into a bar… sorry couldn’t help myself.

The opportunity of a lifetime was presented to me at Road to Redemption, and while I may have come up short I actually did accomplish something in the end. I got everybody TALKING about me. The fact that I was the final man eliminated in that chamber got people second guessing what I am capable of. Yes, I lost, but only the battle. The war has only just begun, and as cliche as it may sound, it’s the truth. I am not done… I am nowhere near fucking done. I am going to continue to put my blood, sweat and tears into everything I do until I capture that illustrious EAW World Heavyweight Championship. So, Jamie O’Hara, if you’re still the champion after Shock Value, then say hello to your next contender. Chris Elite, if you end that incredible streak of Jamie’s, then please keep that belt warm for me because I’m coming for you. You might be my partner this week, and it is a partnership I am very much looking forward to, we may soon be enemies after Shock Value is all said and done. This week, I find myself in six man tag team action. Finnegan and I are quite familiar with one another and we’ve got some chemistry from a previous partnership. But I will stand side by side with Chris and Finn and I will look towards the opposite corner against a man who I’ve defeated before, a man who I’ve defeated before and will again at Shock Value, and the man who I hope to defeat after Shock Value is all said and done should he be the champion. Jamie, Lars, Jon… hello again. It’s me, The Killer.

I look at this match on paper and I think to myself: “how can I cram in enough material into this six man package involving talent I’ve been in the ring with many times?” It’s a tough one but you take a look at the positives and all that you’ve done as of late and you do what you’ve been doing all season and that’s prove them all wrong all over again. Lars Grier is a man who has actually proven me wrong and did so with his performance inside that chamber at Road to Redemption. I was a bit of a cunt to you in the lead up to that chamber Lars, but I do not apologize for it. I might seem all nice and dandy right now but that’s because I’m in a good mood. Come our match at Shock Value, I’m probably going to be a dickhead again. But just know this… you’ve earned my respect, and should I lose to you at Shock Value, am I going to cry about it? No, because I know that you are more than capable of being World Champion. However, just know that I’m not going to be going easy on you then and I’m not going to go easy on you this week either. I continue to get better with every passing hour of every passing day. I’ve made Season 11 my bitch so far, and I’m going to keep making it my bitch until I’m the champion. I don’t have too much to say to you this week because I know next week that things are going to get very heated. Things are going to get super intense. I’ve beaten you before Lars, and I can do it again. I know how to, but perhaps you’ll come in with a newer approach this time around. Who knows. Just know that I am very much looking forward to our Electric Deathmatch. This might be the nicest I’ve ever been towards you… don’t get too used to it.

And here we are back with Jon McAdams… I wonder if he’ll ever come up with something new to say to me because he’s got nothing. Honestly this man might ruin my good mood but I’ll do my best to keep my cool. The truth is he can only say the same things over and over because he’s stuck staying idle while I’m moving up to the main event here on Voltage. A loss at Road to Redemption? I ain’t afraid to talk about it. I’m never afraid to admit to my losses and I have not ONCE been afraid to talk about them, because my losses make me who I am and that’s a motivated individual. My losses can only help to continue to build the legacy I want to make for myself here in EAW. So, my loss at Road to Redemption huh? Damn I mean being the runner-up for the entire match and falling short sure did hurt me inside, but I did something that night and that was prove all the doubters, haters and naysayers wrong because I was THIS close to ending Jamie O’Hara’s reign. THIS close. Yeah, okay, I fell short again in an attempt to win a championship. I know you’re going to bring that up again Jon so don’t even bother. I’ll do it for you. But that night I proved so many people wrong. The words I’ve been saying ALL season came to light that night and everyone can see it. I know you can too, Jon. Surely you’re not that blind. Even the champion himself Jamie O’Hara gave me his stamp of approval after the match, and that I am quite grateful for actually, and hopefully with a defeat over your other partner Lars Grier at Shock Value will give me another opportunity at Jamie, or even Chris Elite. I’m not competition for Jamie? I haven’t earned my way into the spot I’m in right now? Shit even Lars Grier can admit that I’ve earned my way into this spot, just like I know he’s earned his way into his spot. Sorry mate, there’s evidence to prove that I am competition for Jamie. I can’t help that you’re in doubt, and you are grasping at straws to keep your head floating above water when really you’re a mistake away from falling into the deep, dark ocean of irrelevancy. A loss to Finnegan Wakefield at Shock Value oughta do that for you though. I’m glad you’ve come to your senses on one thing though. The biggest mistake you ever made in your career and that was joining The Sanatorium. In our lead up to that Grand Prix tag match weeks back, what did I say? I told you that you’re blinded by the false beliefs those idiotic cunts used to preach every week. And where are they all now? GONE! Why? Because they were absolutely nothing. I admitted I could see through the lies you all were spreading and the crazy thing is people were actually believing your bullshit! But no more. You joined The Sanatorium to get INTO something like the main event scene right? You really think you’d be in the main event scene right now if you didn’t join that group? Don’t make me laugh, mate. How many times have you said something like that in your EAW career? It’s got to be a good few yeah? Quit making excuses for your shitty decisions and start to take proper action like I did. A washed up veteran past my prime huh? Mother fucker I am only 32 years old and I have just entered it. You’re calling me fragile? You’re calling me an old man? Saying my bones are too brittle? Jamie O’Hara is 32 years old too you moron, and he’s the champion everybody wants to beat! Is it possible that you’ve actually gotten stupider since leaving The Sanatorium?! You’re really blind to it all, aren’t you? I’m not at the level of Lars or Jamie? Well I’ve defeated Lars once before and I’ve proven to the champ that I can hang with somebody as talented as he is so what the fuck does that make you? You either are, as I said before, a moron or you’re a liar. Which one would you rather be? If you actually answer that rhetorical question, it’ll make you a moron. If you continue to say the things you’re saying in your next cute little rant, then you’re a liar. Take your pick. It’s up to you. So keep saying things like I’ve done nothing in the past, oh I don’t know, six months has shown you that I am better than you are. Keep being blind to it all. Keep making excuses, Jon. I’ll make it my responsibility to prove you wrong again, and continue to do what I do best and that’s bring the fight. I spent the better part of this year losing to everybody? Let’s go through some names off the top of my head that I have defeated. Kenny Drake, Terry Chambers, Lars Grier, Carlos Rosso, Solomon Caine, Amadeus… YOU! Just to name a few. Yeah you’ve beaten me but that was so last season. Two cheap roll up victories... hooray for you! I don’t want to go back into THAT debate though. There are no insecurities circling my gut, Jon. All I’ve done since this season began is prove people wrong and if I haven’t been able to do that to you yet then I am more than happy to show you how I will. I have never been a champion in my career before? Fuck you, I’ve been a champion every god damned company I’ve wrestled for mother fucker. Congratulations that Hardcore Championship reign that nobody even fucking remembers is the only thing you have going for you in your career right now. People only remember you for your stupid career decisions, like aligning yourself with an idiot like Mike Showman or a bunch of lost causes like Nightmare. One thing I’ve never done is swim in the vast, open ocean of irrelevancy you’re in with nothing or nobody around you for miles. You can scream and scream for help but nobody will be there to pull you out as you’ve been so reliant on your entire EAW career. I can’t stack up against you on my best day? On my worst day I’ll still fuck you up, and you wanna know why? It’s because things have changed since the two times you’ve rolled me up, Jon. Why are you so focused on using shit from the past? Don’t worry I’ll answer it for you. It’s because that’s all you’ve got going for you, Jon. The past. Your Hardcore Championship reign nobody remembers, your two wins over me. You’re so embarrassed by what you’ve done in the present that the past is the only thing that is keeping your career alive right now. It’s the only thing that brings you joy in your shitty life. You want to talk to me about failed opportunities? You failed capturing the Openweight Championship against Ryan Marx, you failed advancing in the Grand Prix tournament to my beautiful girlfriend and I, and you will fail to capture the New Breed Championship against my good mate Finnegan Wakefield at Shock Value. So while I continue to improve, and get better, and move on up to that main event level, I’ll make sure to look back down below to where I once was, see you ten levels down from that looking for a way up and give you a smile, a wave, before a simple and swift, calm and gentle, FUCK YOU!

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 14th 2017, 6:53 am by Ryan Wilson (Online)
The Ryan Wilson Show presents: The Book of Wilson
A peek at the life of an up and comer.
This week: Week Two 
Voltage Record: 0 Win 1 Loss 0 Draw
Chapter Title: The beginning.

We all start somewhere right? I mean, one doesn't magically pop into the world of Wrestling and become a star or even remotely something in this business. So I'm going to go the educational route this week. I'm going to share a bit of my story, how Ryan Wilson became... Well... Ryan Wilson! Because that's in fact my real name, not a voluntary blend of Ryan Reynolds and Wade Wilson. What a coincidence though, but I digress! 

Let's wind the clock back a few years shall we?
The year is 2013. I need to update my Wiki page, my back story isn't written yet. I'll put a post it on later.
The location? Montreal inside a placed called the Prime Performance Center. I won the Masquerade Ball at that year's Montreal Comic-Con (A cosplay contest for the uneducated or uncaring among you.) and it got me a little sum of money that I decided to invest in a crazy idea: I wanted to try my hand at becoming a wrestler. I've always been a of the sport, but it's always been a dream to be more than that. Let's just say I received a little extra motivation when my mentor to be approached me (He was one of the Judges at the competition and guest of the convention) and liked the way I was moving and talking through the competition. The theme of the contest was ''the fighter in you'' and there was a fake ring to prance around and all. It was cute.  At the Center I was standing in line with about 20 other guys and 2 cute chicks all dressed in different variations of gym outfits. Me? I was had a simple black t-shirt, a pair of red MMA shorts and an old pair of running shoes. I was nervous, but excited. Some in line were sweating bullets, one even dropped his lunch before the session even started. He was the first cut of our class. Who eats a smoked meat and pepper sauce poutine before an intense work out anyway? The owner of the place stepped in front of us in a pair of camo pants and a black t-shirt. His eyes were covered by a pair of stylish shades as he fixed the gloves he had on his hands. Before us stood a Legend of the indie scene.  

Trainer ''Alright Kids Listen Up! My name is Sebastien Primeau but of course, you know me all as Prime! If you're here, paid your money and stand on this here line it's because you think you have a shot at the business of pro wrestling! Right now? You Don't! You think you can make it in sports entertainment? Right Now You Don't! Now let me guess how many of you thinks wrestling is all fun and games and that big money, pussy, fame and fortune comes easy if you suck up to the right people.''

I kept my hands lowered, because I'd be lying if I thought that was the truth. Three among the group raised their hands. 

Prime ''You three stooges get the fuck out of my school! Get your damn money back and fuck off! NOW!!! DECOLISS TABARNAK!''

One of the stooges was offended, but left. The second one sniffled all shaking while the third one just shrugged it in a whatever man tone, picked up his bag and left which seemed to anger Prime.  

''Pieces of shit won't make it past my training camp with that attitude. NOW! The World you're about to enter ain't for pussies or half asses. It's not for boys or fans thinking it's going to be fun and cool, it's for men willing to put in the hours and wanting to do the needed sacrifices to have a chance, that's right, a chance, to make it out there! Wrestling isn't for  the 9 to 5 office drone type no no, it's for the type that lives it 24/7 and asks for more, much more! It's a World that will chew you up and spit you down while kicking you in the balls and expect you either press on. Don't think you'll cut it? Door's over there, take it before it's too late. You'll bleed, you'll break some bones, tear muscles, get concussed and worse. You'll want to call it quits but you'll stick around because you want the adrenaline rush! The thrill of the fans cheering or booing and the kicks that comes out of being in that ring. It'll become a drug if you commit all the way to it. But it's not a rewarding business, not at first, not if you don't give it more than your all every single day and night. Wrestling ain't for prancing posers in costume...''

He looked me directly directly with an icy cold stare which got a few of the guys and two chicks in attendance to crack a smile or a giggle. He was making clear, sure he invited me but I was not special, I wasn't above anyone else. I'd have to pay my dues and I paid them. Like I still do now.

''It's a world for warriors, gladiators and skilled orators. It doesn't matter if you're shaped like an Olympic athlete or you're a fat slouch. Either way you will either pay the piper or the business will claim it's due for you. Are you ready for all ready for this? Are you ready to go through hell and worse to survive and maybe make it in this business?''

My answer was instantaneous: Oui! God damn was his speech inspiring!
It's then that my future tag team partner showed up, geared to fight not to train and and built like Scott Oasis only with a brutality aura around him, Tony The Brujah St-MIchel made his way to the ring to the glares, some frighten some less, of my mentor's students. Me? I was all smiles! Prime on his end had an evil smirk going from one ear to the other. Sure I knew I was running head first against the pain train and Oh OH! Did I ever suffered! But I wanted to go through it. I wanted this.I left that day with a broken nose and more bruises on my body that a Dalmatian has black spots on it's fur! And that was just the first day! My body screamed bloody murder but it made me smile! It made me smile and then the next week? I showed up! And the week after, and the next and so on while in between sessions I was hitting the gym and watching wrestling videos like I never watched before. From a simple fan I became a student of the game. Did It hurt? Was it hard? Did I feel like quitting a few times? OH FUCK YES! But I pressed on! I kept going, because I wanted to prove something to myself. 

Then in around April of 2015 I got a call from Prime, oh wait did I forget to mention I made it through his camp? I sure did! And with flying colors to! After ~graduation~ Prime offered me to participate in his local promotion he was running so that I could learn the ropes in a live environment. Of course I accepted, I didn't wrestle every week, but I was at the events every week. Watching the matches, taking notes, studying, learning. I didn't wore a mask back then either,.Going back to April where I got a call from the Legend he asked me ''You kid ready to try something bigger? I got a gig. And you're gonna need to think about a gimmick.'' Who was I to say no? It was there that I met the people of Sanctuary of Wrestling, with whom I spoke and brainstormed to see how I could be utilized and  them boom! Here I was! Thanks to Prime I signed an entry level contract and before long I was part of a program to showcase new talent called the Next Big Thing Invitational. A perfect window to showcase my talent, a perfect opportunity to make my first true step in the world of pro wrestling. And I didn't disappoint: I came out victor of the Invitational. The reward? A title shot for a title I will talk about later. 

Now, with all of this, I have a feeling I know what my next opponent's reply will be: I don't care.
In fact you made that boringly clear already through your ahem... Promo. But my counter-offensive (If we can call it that) is not designed just for you. I feel like I owe the Elitists a bit of back story. So that you can see why I see myself become one of the best eventually. What you fail (or not care) to see is that while you think I need to change if I want to survive I have actually changed. I adapted, I matured (Lol) and grown wiser, stronger both mentally and physically. The fan that won a Cosplay Contest at Montreal Comic-Con 2013 is not the man you see before you now. I paid my dues to be able to step foot in the squared circle in the past and it allowed me to be here today. It allowed me to have a chance to display my unique skills for one of the biggest federations around today! It allows me to have a shot at being part of the Elite. 

Now, facing you is going to be a challenge, not because of the belt you wear but simply because of your talent in the ring. I don't know if I'll defeat you this week-end but you can be sure that once we step into the ring together I'm going in with intentions to show you what I am all about. In my mind, I belong among the Elite of this federation but right now I am at the bottom of the Voltage ladder. With time I will climb said ladder, and I'm going to make my presence known more and more. 

I'll end this promo by saying this:
Last Sunday I faced a Champion in Finnegan Wakefield in tag team competition and although I lost our team pulled off a solid performance. 
This week? I face another Champion, this time Limewire and in single competition. Two Champions in two weeks, the truth?

I must be doing something right.
Amadeus, if I can suggest you one thing through all of this is to take me seriously. 
If you don't care about what I have to say that's your problem, but if you take me lightly I promise you the end results will deeply disappoint you.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 14th 2017, 6:07 am by Bhris Elite
(Chris Elite and Big Mike are shown in a bodega spotted somewhere in Brooklyn the usual is going on henny spotted in a couple of different locations in the store a couple of Big Mike’s hood friends are there along with Young Sheldon who is calculating something for one of the hood friends, Big Mike is in one of the Cardi B whores ear looking likes he’s on the verge of his 6th baby mother. Chris Elite is still glaring at his Gawd Contract as Flannery McCoy enters the bodega approaching Chris Elite)
Flannery McCoy: Hello Chris last time I spoke to you I got your feelings before entering the match with Mr.DEDEDE. Now I am here for thoughts after the match with him and a couple of other things?
Chris Elite: I feel good, I feel great I am on the highest of horses right now and nothing is going to get me off of it. I did something many before me couldn’t have done I beat Ryan Adams like I said I would yes the match went on past an hour and I hung in for every single second of it and came out on top. I took him to his absolute limit and won this contract. This means the world to me I’ll be honest with you though Flannery I was going to aim low when it came to what title I was going to first use this contract on. I was going to just use it on Amadeus and take the interwire championship away from him. The same championship that started the problems between Ryan Adams and myself.  Then I heard ramblings backstage about how Jamie is going to hold onto that championship forever that no one has taken it away from him or will. I mean people like Lars,Keelan,Carlos have tried even one of Voltage top talents in Cameron Ella Ava has tried and came up short, one of my best friends TLA couldn’t get it done. To the point where it drove him to leave the company. Just who is left to beat Jamie? Our returning Kevin Devastation? Moongoose McQueen? Maybe one of our other champions? No they won’t get the job done, that might get under their skin however I’m being honest. So you know what? I took the challenge I mean I just beat Gawd himself I got him to shake my hand after the match. Like I stated just not too long ago I am on a high horse no one can remove me from not even Jamie O’Hara.
(Big Mike approaches both Flannery and Chris Elite now)
Big Mike: I hope you are in here showing this man some thanks after what he did at Road to Redemption. I also hope you are here to apologize to me I seen on twitter calling me a traitor. Like damn B you think I’m some fake ass motherfucker? It’s called hitting a lick and that’s exactly what I did, so Jamie if you want to offer me anything B I’m willing to take any check.
Flannery McCoy: First of all you aren’t going to talk to me like that, secondly I was getting ready to ask him about his upcoming match where he will be teaming with New Breed Champion Finnegan Wakefield. Along with Keelan his opponents are Jon McAdams, Lars Grier and you’re opponent at Shock Value Jamie O’Hara. Since I’ve seen you and Jon get into a little interaction on Social Media so I’ll ask you about him first.
Chris Elite: Simple, he can’t beat me. Yeah it’s pretty bland to say sometimes the truth is just that though bland. Just like Jon actually he doesn’t do anything for me. He doesn’t entertain me in either way not before him joining Nightmare and not after joining Nightmare. I heard what he had to say “If this was 3 years ago” whether it was 3 years ago or now this win is important. That’s another thing I can never win with you people no matter what I do. I knew these excuses would come “He’s so old now” it’s the same DDD from Pain for Pride and that one dude on Dynasty wasn’t able to defeat him. You Jon wouldn’t even defeat him, he wouldn’t have even given you the time of day. Is Jamie your tag partner this week or an undercover lover? Didn’t realize Cam lost her man to… Another man.  Jon are you upset maybe the tagline isn’t about you? Jealous that you aren’t on the poster looking as perfect and as handsome as I do? I am not going to be another TLA no offense to my great friend but I am not going to let another man be the reason I leave this company. I’m not going to be another Cam because just simply “Giving Jamie his toughest challenge yet” isn’t enough for me.  You couldn’t hurt me if I gave you a free chance to give me your best shot. You try to send all the messages you want however the device you are using is out of service.  The message won’t get through no matter how many times you press that send button. The only thing I’m insecure at this point of my career is the top of my head. I’ve made fun of baldies for so long I became one. Other than that I am confident in everything I do. Including leading this team to victory this Sunday and giving Jamie a little preview of what to expect at Shock Value. Jon like I said to Ryan Adams what everyone claims to “Know” and what actually is going to happen are two VERY different things.  You can think what you want, management can think what they want, and hell Jamie can think what he wants. Just don’t be surprised when the high horse I’m on right now is 20x higher next month after I have something to celebrate again.  #SeeYouSunday Jon.
Flannery McCoy: Okay you and Lars have quite the past anything you want to tell him before Sunday?
Chris Elite (After taking a sip out of the Henny bottle): Lars it’s been a while hasn’t it? I mean Jesus how long has it been a year? I mean you would think with all the changes you’ve went through. Jesus puberty hit you late. You have a full head of hair now got a little tan now. You even wear cool face paint. Has this helped with anything? From what you’ve been posting on social media it doesn’t look like it. Still feeling broken and defeated? Well I couldn’t relate however you are going to continue to feel those things after Sunday I mean just think about it Lars. You are teaming with the man you failed to defeat how is this going to work out. You can’t tell me you don’t feel some type of anger towards Jamie. Also speaking of chances I wonder if the insults will change at all or am I still the same failure from 6 months ago? Despite not feeling like it, I’m sure you’ll find something to say to discredit what I did at Road to Redemption.  Maybe Ryan Adams just felt bad for me, so bad that he was willing to take a Long Kiss Goodnight from the top rope. Maybe you’ll use the same shtick Jon did “He’s getting old, that’s not the same DDD”. Matter of fact maybe there’s a possibility you are so broken and defeated you do the world a favor and you don’t say a thing this week. Just remain silent like you have been. Think of what bird you’ll start to call yourself next. Maybe you can take reign as the eagle after what I seen what happened to Lannister. A falcon? No those things can’t keep a lead, how about uh damn… I don’t know too many birds? A hawk maybe? Well no matter what you call yourself I am going to make sure you feel like a Pigeon. A rat with wings, something no one wants to deal with or cares for. Since that’s what it seems like you are becoming.
Chris Elite: Before you can ask me and make this repetitive I’ll give my thoughts on Jamie without asking. I’ll also expand more on what I think about what he had to say on Voltage. First of all did you call Big Mike “Bitch Tits” must be an Aussie thing. Jamie I’m glad you were thinking about me since you left the chamber. I want you to keep thinking about me. Just all the scenarios about me winning not only this week and giving you a preview of Shock Value. I want you to think about Shock Value as well. When this reign of terror you’ve been on as of late comes to an end. I want you to give me everything you possibly can just like Ryan Adams did and watch the result be the same as Road to Redemption. Chris Elite wins something that he’s wanted even more than the Gawd contract. I want you to also give me your best because I heard as of late you haven’t really been trying and that’s not going to fly with me. Especially with how close the Elite Era train is if you are as nonchalant as I’ve heard you been you will be the first that the train goes right over and leaves you on the tracks. Right now though the two of us got teams to carry I’m not going to be that disrespectful though. There isn’t that much weight I have to carry I actually feel I can trust my mate and my chap heading into Sunday. Do you feel the same way?  I mean sure with one of your partners since he has such a big crush on you. How about Lars though? Do you feel safe with him knowing how much he hates you right now? I mean he seemed so hurt this weekend doesn’t that mean anything to you? Probably not, Jamie the high and mighty probably doesn’t fear a damn thing… Yet I’m going to give him something to be afraid of Sunday, he thinks this is just confidence speaking right now. Me saying things just to say them since I beat Ryan Adams. Nope just like what I said to Ryan Adams everything I am saying to you I believe in 100 percent. I’m going to make you realize that. I am going to make you realize it is going to take more than just 3 knees to the jaw this time. It will take a lot more than that. That’s all I have to say for now. I’ll let my partners speak for themselves and you might just hear from me again if I feel like anything my opponents say is worth responding too.
Flannery McCoy: Okay, thank you for this Chris Elite hope to see the best for you. That is all for now.

(Chris Elite gets up and daps up Big Mike with a huge smile on his face after receiving another bottle of Henny the camera fades)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 14th 2017, 4:50 am by Jon McAdams
Jon McAdams
Voltage 1
McAdams, Grier, and O'Hara V.S. Cetinich, Wakefield, and Elite


“Amadeus, dear brother… I do feel vindicated. I assure you, I’ve got more to give… but I had to save some of it for brother Apocalypse,” McAdams lets out a laugh. “Yes, you are still champion. Good for you. I hope you hold it for as long as your mind and body can mentally hold out, and I mean that. Until they break I hope you have it. But I think Moongoose may just want it a little more than you. I guess we’ll see, but I’ve got my own title to capture, and it’s about time the New Breed title received some relevancy”

McAdams sits in his half built study, cleaning blood off his cane while grinning ear to ear.

“So I guess that means I’m the next New Breed Champion, then? I shouldn’t get ahead of myself but you don’t simply ignore where I am coming from. Sure, some impressive things have happened to you all these past few weeks. For instance, Keelan, you just lost a match at Road to Redemption, and Finnegan, you also just lost to Cam and HBG there as well. I mean, I shouldn’t take shots, I wasn’t on the card but I suppose I am more interested in what happened surrounding the FPV. Cause I know you all don’t actually want to talk about that right?

Keelan! HOW FUN! Shall we just go through the motions? Maybe you have something better to bring to the table than, I am competing for the world title and you’re not! You’re not competing for the world title. None of you are. You’re going up against Jamie O’Hara. You’re not competition. You’re a nice cushion in between his actual challenges. Hall of Famers, Veterans and guys who have actually earned their way into their spots. You and I both know that deep deep down, if I hadn’t made that fatal error of joining The Sanatorium, I’d be knee deep in that main event scene and I wouldn’t have gotten my shit kicked in like you have. You are a washed up veteran far past your prime taking spots from people like that actually deserve them, like Lars Grier. Who is going to beat you, because he is younger, he’s stronger, and he is hungrier. Your bones are just too brittle and you lack the veteran instincts that might have given you an edge. You know how I know that? Cause I beat you twice, and both times were because you were stupid, and acted like a novice in there while I was professional while I kicked the shit out of you. And I know, I know, you won the Grand Prix match against my team, but we both know that the real MVP in that match was me. I tore both you and Madison apart and if it wasn’t for my weak partner it wouldn’t have gone down that way. And that is important to note. He lost the match. You still haven’t and will never pin me, because I am better than you at this. You’re not going to win against Jamie, or Grier because I know you’re not at their level. Nothing you have done has shown me that you’re any better than you were when we fought, the only difference between then and now is that you somehow got into the chamber match and I didn’t because I was stuck dealing with Nightmare bullshit. You spent the better part of this year losing to everyone, and you make up excuses like a roll up is somehow not an embarrassing way to lose, and pretending like you didn’t lose twice. What is truly embarrassing is that you actively attempt to make it sound like it was just once. Like it was a fluke. I guess anything to make you sound credible. I know that is a difficult thing to do. I know that everyone in every other brand is scratching their heads and wondering how the hell is Keelan in the position he is in cause he sure as hell didn’t earn it in the ring. My guess is you earned it on your knees. Cause when I watch your matches, and I see how you fight, and what you do, and even how you speak, the only difference between the old man I beat up before and the one now, is that you have a shittier attitude and you’re way more insecure about your spot. You look at me, and you feel deep shame because you know deep down inside that even on your best day you are not even close to stacking up to me. When you look at me you know that your rise to the top is a lie because the fact of the matter is that even if you go all out against me, the very best you can do is pin my partner while I beat the living shit out of you and yours. What a fucking joke. You dare condescend to me? You don’t even know what it’s like to be a champion. You can’t even discredit me in that sense either. You said, ‘What has Jon McAdams done?’ How about something you have never been able to do. I have been a champion. I have held a belt and I am about to hold another one while all you’re going to be holding is Jamie’s dick in your mouth while he laughs and laughs at all the little shits that feed him more wins. He probably won’t even be proud of it when he stomps your fucking head in. And at the end of it all, when he spits in your mouth, you’ll look up at him, you’ll thank him and you’ll walk to the back and you’ll see me, and puff out your chest and walk past me with that single tear in your eye cause you know it shouldn’t be you. But I am glad it’s you. I am playing the long game here. I am going to win this New Breed title. It will be my second championship, and I will do what I can with it. You will not win the world title, and continue to flounder about in the main event scene until I come back up through it naturally with hard work. And as I continue to tear apart the roster I will run right through you and take my world title and at that time, I will have had three championships. But you can always say, hey I am part of the main event… That is assuming that arthritis or Alzheimer's hasn’t taken hold of you.

As for Chris Elite, You’re at least a credible challenger. You won’t win. You beat DeDeDe and that’s nothing to scoff at… if this was three years ago. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a slouch and I watched your match, he’s deadly, and intelligent but he’s not Jamie. And Jamie is in his prime. His reign isn’t coming to an end anytime soon and while the Shock Value has a cute tagline about the Elite Era beginning, I think it’s only there to attempt to lend credibility to the FPV. It’s an attempt to make it sound grander than it is. No, I’m afraid this is where all your momentum comes to a screeching halt. You’ll be just another TLA, or Cam. Just another notch on his belt but you’ll swagger on I’m sure, maybe find yourself a nice Interwire title shot or something of the sort. You can fight Moongoose after he beats Amadeus. I don’t know. I feel silly honestly. I’m certain I could take you, but you’re on a momentum high, and you’re so egotistical it is pointless to try and get something across but I guess I should make you aware. I am going to try to hurt you on sunday. I’ve heard the words you’ve spoken about me in the locker room. Dismissing me as a nobody, or as pretending like you don’t know who I am. I know you want people to think that it’s cause you’re supremely confident and you’re all that but I know that it’s your blaring insecurities. In a way, Keelan is the perfect tag partner for you. You’re both incredibly insecure about your spots and scared of the better performers coming up and taking it from you, Keelan is too much of a bitch to step up to you, and you know Keelan ain’t good enough to be where he’s at. You have nothing to worry about in that regard. But for the newer guys, I’m sure it must be upsetting to hear your name next to mine. You know the day is coming when I am actually in a place to be competitive with you. But it should be quite telling that the next challenger for the championship is already being decided. Can’t you see? Management looks at you and says, this guy can at least look the part but they know you’re not winning. They know you can’t beat Jamie. They aren’t even setting up for the idea that Jamie could use his rematch clause. Now… all that being said, I know it might seem like I’m not actually discussing how I’m going to beat you. I have just wiped out the last of the Sanatorium, including APOCALYPSE. I put him out of commission for good. I have brutalized every opponent I’ve had over the past few months. I have handily beaten them but that isn’t my goal here. I just want to put a dent in your brain. Leave a mark. I don’t need to beat you. Lars or Jamie can do that. I just want to send a message to you. I am going to take from you, what is most important to you someday.  On that day, it will be a joy to watch your fear take hold of you as the new monster of Voltage takes his place.

And as for you Finn. You’re right, you did beat me once. When I was tag teaming with the worst tag team mate I’ve ever had. Solomon was why we lost though, not me. He was always the weak link in that ill fated tag team. But I guess some of the blame can come on me. I never wanted to be in that team. My whole venture into the Sanatorium was a bad emotional decision, and the kind of decision i won’t make again. Things are a little different now. I’ve toppled giants and I have mutilated every opponent I’ve come up against for the past few weeks, and even months when it comes to singles matches I am the dominant specimen. For what may have been some wasted time with Nightmare, I did learn quite a bit. I’ve always been a technical wizard but I’ve learned something a little more valuable. I hope to share it, if only for a little bit on sunday. I want to save as much as I can for our match at Shock Value but I will give you a taste of the brutality I’ve learned under the careful watch of those I have destroyed. Finnegan, you’re a sharp boy, with even sharper elbows and knees, but I’m everything you are plus actual muscles. I’m taking you down this sunday and next week I am taking you out.”

McAdams puts the cane down and picks up a glass.

“To Lars Grier, and the Champion Jamie O’Hara! Raise a glass with Sovereign, dear friends! May our alliance be very, very short, and successful!”
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Post on November 13th 2017, 11:55 pm by Jack Ripley
(Jack can be seen at a local casino taking part in the local betting scene. What's the wager today? Well I'm glad you asked, lots, and lots of money. Big surprise right? I mean you would've thought by now he'd be betting the deed to his house, or perhaps his 2018 Tesla, but nope, just boring old money for now. The air is filled with smoke, waitresses are flocking to him, he's good with the tips what can he say? Jack is partaking in a little bit of his sinful side and puffing on a cigar, chilling like a mug. Does that make sense? Aren't mugs hot? Yes, unless you put something cold in it you stupid idiot like come on, you're so dumb right now. Jack likes to put a ton of ice in a cup and let it melt because he doesn't play by the rules of life. Anyways, he's betting on horses. Does he know anything about horses? Of course not. Is he killing the game? Of course he is. Some people are just born winners, Jack Ripley? He's one of them. He's dressed for success, he's puffing on that cigar, and he's racking in the money.. Life is good for the Rip Daddy.... All the people surrounding him are applauding just having a good time, let's listen in.)

Jack: Ladies, Gentleman please, I'm just like the rest of you! Only I'm more athletic, richer, better at gambling, have the capability of drinking a mass amount of milk without throwing up... OH and also a three time tag team champion don't forget that. Nobody in the world has ever done that before, so you shouldn't forget about that. Wow I can't believe you people forgot about that, I'm so not happy with any of you right now. Especially you!

(Jack points at some random black jack dealer. He's devastated, he was hoping, praying, that Jacks finger didn't find it's way to his direction. Despite all of his hope, it didn't work out, he was pointed at and singled out as the worst. Does he know what he did? No, but in this moment, it didn't matter, it was done. He.. The Blackjack Dealer at table 3, was now bestowed the worst person. A gut punch that he would never recover from. It was hard times for the blackjack dealer especially with what was going on in his personal life. It's actually quite a riveting story but who cares, this is about Jack!)

Jack: Yeah, that guy is the worst.. Other than he who shall not be named.

(It was just then that the blackjack dealer found an opening, a way to crawl out of this abyss that was his life. He could answer this question, and not be known as the worst for years to come.)

Blackjack Dealer: Voldemort?!!!

(Jack darts his eyes over to the blackjack dealer, he picks up a bunch of wads of cash, and walks up to him.)

Jack: Don't make assumptions like that! Don't you ever make assumptions like that!

(Jack starts chucking the wads of money at him)

Jack: You

(Chucks wad)

Jack: Ruined 

(Chucks wad)

Jack: Everything!!

(Chucks wad)

Jack: This may seem like I'm giving you a tip, but money is disposable to me, and I don't care that I'm throwing money at you. It's meant to be disrespectful. 

Blackjack dealer: So like... Can I keep the money you threw at me?

(Blackjack is fighting back tears, but his hopeful that he can start a new with all the money that was thrown at him. He felt like a high class stripper, and that was alright by him. Anything would be better than what he feels now. HIs life story really is one for the ages, just really interesting stuff. You really should hear all about it. BUT NOT TODAY!)

Jack: Of course not, you don't take my money for being the worst, you must earn it. Now build me a castle made out of the cash I've earned.

(Blackjack dealer starts collecting up the money wads, and goes to work. He builds the shit out of this money castle. Anything to not be the worst.)

Jack: While you do that, I'll bet on more horses!

Interviewer: HEY JACK! What brings us here?!

(That familiar shrill voice was unmistakable. It was the voice of douchey virginity, and flop sweat. It was the voice of someone that has gotten way too big for his britches. The one, the only, the insufferable, The Interviewer)

Jack: God damn it.. How did you get out of your cage?

Interviewer: Picked the lock, it was a fun activity thanks for that! Nice brain puzzle. You and David are so nice to me! Always helping me out with my mind.

(Jack ponders what the interviewer just said, not very hard of course. He doesn't really listen to what the Interviewer says most the time. He thinks so little about what he said that he wanders off in his own world, inadvertently blowing smoke in the Interviewers face. Deep down, subconsciously he knew though, it was intentional.)

Jack: I did it so you wouldn't bother me today... Clearly it didn't work.

Interviewer: We betting on cute little ponies today? I love ponies! In the 80's I used to collect My Little Ponies! Still have them all... And still collect them.. And am eyeing a new one that just came out on the market. It's beautiful, and cute, and I love it.

Jack: Oh... Yeah.. Hey listen Interviewer, I've got a really big job for you.


Jack: Sure.. Be my ash tray, I don't want to get it on the ground because I'm a respectful human being. I wouldn't do something so barbaric like drop my ashes on the floor of such a classy casino. 

(Interviewer is glad to oblige to the request, he can't think of anything he'd rather do. Whatever the High Rollerz wants, that's what he wants. He gets on the floor on all fours, without breaking out of his doofus smile. Until he starts a new conversation Jack doesn't care about.)

Interviewers: I also used to race my little ponies, so I know all about this. And by I used to I mean I still do on a daily basis. If you need my help let me know, i've got you covered!

(Jack looks to his left at the pile of money next to him, he looks to his right at the pile of money next to him.. He looks at The Interviewer.)

Jack: Yeah, no I think I'm good.

Interviewer: OH WOW! I don't know if it's just because I'm the most intuitive interviewer in the world, but it would appear that you are sitting upon a throne of money. Thoughts? Concerns? I ONLY ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS! CAN'T HANDLE THE QUESTIONS GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

Jack: Oh.. Yeah.. It's a pile of money from winning my bets on horse races

Interviewer: HA! I KNEW IT!

Jack: Yeah it was a real mystery, you should be proud of yourself.

Interviewer: Well as a matter of fact I-

Jack SIIIIIIIIIKE! Made you think it was the 90's for a second didn't I? Sike was a big thing back then, still should be, it's the best thing ever. It's like pulling a carpet out right from under someones feet, and having them fall. I laugh every time.

(The Blackjack dealer emerges from the palace of money)

Blackjack Dealer: Your palace sir.

(Jack smiles, and gets up. He puts out the cigar in the back of the interviewer, and checks out the palace. The Blackjack dealer did a great job, it is a palace set for a King, and or a tag team champion. So Jack fits the bill, he pats the BlackJack dealer on the shoulder, and speaks to him.)

Jack: You were never the worst... It's the human ash tray down there. He was the one that shalt not be named...

(The BlackJack dealer looks at the disgusting one man human centipede that is the Interviewer. He laughs, and walks off with a smile on his face. He can enjoy life now knowing that the Interviewer exists in this world, and as long as that's a thing, he can't be the worst. Jack goes into his throne of money, and takes his place to rule the casino.)

Jack: As everyone can see, I'm a very big deal. The High Rollerz make history like every single day that they exist, just by waking up and being awesome. Look at me, I'm wearing a suit, in a kingdom of money, on a throne of money, doing big things. I am a self made legend, David and I, are the most legendary tag team in EAW history. Without us the Tag Team division doesn't exist, we have carried it like a 1,000 pound boulder up a 90 degree hill. It was an upward hill battle to say the least, but now look at it. We had people come out of retirement just for the chances to beat us.. Which didn't really happen. We took everyone that this place had to offer and we put them down to the ground, never to be heard from again. Except for like when they came back just to embarrass themselves, but that's not our fault. We were born for success, it's a fact of life that when you're born to this world you're born a winner, or you're born a loser, and there is no changing fate. You look at my opponent this week, Rex McAllister, he knew that The High Rollerz were the real deal when we decided to re sign with EAW when we made our comeback. He chose us to do his dirty work against Ryan Marx, when he had to defend his New Breed title against him later that month. We beat Ryan Marx, and went on to win our first Tag Team Championships. So in a way I guess we owe you a thank you, you let us on a path that showed our legitimacy. You gave us the platform to give a statement to the entire EAW roster that the High Rollerz meant business. Although it was a 2 on 1 handicap match, that's not the point. The point is we took a high profile athlete that is looked at as untouchable, and we put all our paws on him. Fast forward to now and we're the historic 3 time tag team champions that stand in front of you, and Rex you're.... Rex still. After that you went on to win the National Elite Championship which kudos to you, but that wasn't what you wanted exactly, you want that big gold belt. You've had your opportunities at it, but you just can't seem to get over that hump. Now, I stand in your way to an extent of you and your dreams of the World Championship. Now David and I, we've made it clear that we've never really had our eyes set on that title, we've always had one goal in mind, and we achieved that goal at Road To Redemption. But that's not the be all end all I suppose, when life give you apples, eat the apples. I MADE THAT SAYING UP RIGHT NOW! NO HELP BY ANYONE! Now what I mean by that, if I'm given an opportunity to do something, I won't scoff, I won't turn my nose to it, I'm going to do whatever I can to take that chance and run with it. The High Rollerz were given this chance because we're looked at as workhorses in this company. We're looked at as guys that can get it done. You want a fun fact Rex? In title matches where we're the challengers, we've never lost. 3-0. Sure we've lost the titles before, but how long did that last? One day? A month? Truth of the matter is in EAW, The High Rollerz have been champions in this company longer than we have been title less. Isn't that a crazy statistic? We've been champions longer in this company, for what? 10 months? we've been back in this company for what? 13? That's insane. But no one really looks at us as these singles competitors that can do it on our own, just for the simple fact that we really haven't had a chance to showcase what we can do on our own. 

Together we're unstoppable, there isn't a tag team in this company, or on the face of this earth that can stop us, and that is widely known fact that everyone believes. But I'm here to tell you that we're the same competitors alone, that we are together. I'm sure you won't believe that, and that's ok. I mean it's not like I just forget how to wrestle because there isn't someone there to watch my back, that doesn't make sense does it? Sure the style of matches vary with every match that we go into, but as I believe we've shown we can adjust to anything thrown at us. Little known fact about when the High Rollerz first came into this company back in 2015 for that short little while, Jack Ripley, actually had a title match for the National Elite Championship. I didn't win, but this company believed in my wrestling ability so much that they wanted me to have the chance at a title. But that's fine right? Losing championship matches? I mean you've become quite the pro at it haven't you. How many chances have you had at the World title now? 3? That's more than some people get in a lifetime, and you still haven't been able to get it done. You have all this hype surrounding you, but I don't see it. I mean you're put in a match that is a PREVIEW for the KOE, and you think it's the real deal. You do know this isn't actually part of the tournament right? You have no attention to detail and that will be your downfall. The real thing starts in two weeks, but good job not paying attention. This just shows why you're not good enough for the big time, you haven't had enough talent for you to get it done, no attention to detail. And in all honesty you're really just like the first form of David Davidson, he's moved on from that, and he's now on his most powerful form. The fourth form of David Davidson lll... Is he still doing the lll? I don't care, I am. 

Look in the mirror, it's hard isn't it? It should be, after all the failure that you've endured in your career. You should have a hard time looking at what you've become, someone that just is expected to be placed in matches. The High Rollerz, not that we wanted this, but earned this opportunity. We didn't ask for this, we didn't want this, but here we are, and I'm going to take this chance an throttle it. The High Rollerz strive to be trailblazers, and as the chances transcend into something different, so do our aspirations. The High Rollerz will be one of the first ever Co World Champions in EAW. The thing is, we're the only ones that deserve that distinction. If it was anyone else saying this then everyone should laugh at them, throw popcorn at them, and boo them out of the building. Then they should feel bad about the popcorn they threw because there's starving children in Chile, those kids that look up to us. We are roll models to them, as well as a million other kids all over the world! That's what happens when you strive for greatness, and not mediocrity. You've become complacent Rex, you've become the guy that everyone just expects to be in the main event. You're well on your way to become the new Nasir Moore, or even worse the new TLA, because someone has to take his place. That's not a compliment, that is a diss, because while they fail each and every single time they get into the limelight. You have this huge ego for god knows why. You've beaten these big names, but when it came to the biggest match of your career, you lost. And  then you had another chance, and you lost. And now you're in this match, and think that you can just run all over me, when I don't really understand why. The way I see it, in one year I've already accomplished more than you have. You're the longest overnight sensation I've ever seen. Meaning you've been here for a lot longer than a lot of people realize, but now people are taking notice of you, and expect you to get over the hump. I mean how long did it take you to win your first title? 8 months? Took us 1 month. The High Rollerz, Jack Ripley get the job done. So tell me Rex, how did you earn your way into this tournament? What did you do to make your way into this opportunity? I remember the good ol' days, back when people actually had to earn what they got. A day when if you failed, you'd go to the end of the line, and you'd have to earn your way back. Now it's a day and age made of spoiled brats that don't actually have to win anything to get placed in golden chances. Oddly enough, despite all of this, I'm probably going to be considered the underdog in this match. I'm a tag team mastermind, not a singles mastodon.. In the eyes of many. But if people would lift the veil from there eyes and actually see that talent doesn't hold any barriers from match stipulations, then they'd actually see what's going on here. The High Rollerz have 2 chances in this tournament to become the EAW World Champion, while everyone else only has one. We're in this all for one, and one for all, because that's who we are. We're not people that just leave people behind due to some big opportunity. We know how we got here, and we stay loyal to each other. This is just another chance for the High Rollerz to succeed, and just another chance for the High Rollerz to next step there way to wrestling immortality. So Rex here are the fact. You're the one coming off yet another loss, while I'm coming off yet another win. You're the one that has been here before, and failed, with that failure just piercing the back of your mind, nagging you saying that you can't do this. I've beaten Hall of Famers, I've beaten World Champions, and I'm the champion in this match, who are you? I actually remember what it's like to win a match, and you can say how it's so much different because of the simple fact that it's a singles match, but it's not really. Wrestling is wrestling. Sorry that David and I actually have a love for the art that is tag team wrestling, and that we had a dream. We realized our dream, not once, not twice, but three times. That's not where the dream ends though, and I've already talked about it, so really all the pressure is on you. Keep talking a big game until you actually have to back up your words in the ring, it's working really well for you. 

You're going up against a living breathing wrestling legend. I'm going up against the guy that just can't get the job done, who's the one that feels the pressure? Should be you in all honesty.

(Jack flicks his cigar at the camera, and snaps his finger. The Interviewer runs into the castle to be Jacks personal foot rest. Interviewer gives a thumbs up, and gives a smug look to the camera. Jack rolls his eyes, and the camera fades to black)

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Post on November 13th 2017, 11:40 pm by Amadeus (Online)
"Did you really think that would end me?  Is that the best you got?"

Open on Amadeus, leaning against a brick wall, Interwire title dangling from one hand, darkness about him.  He's looking worse for the wear after his loss Sunday night against Jon McAdams.  His head is still bandaged, his eyes are glassy, and he's sweating despite the fact that his breath comes out in mist.  He spits on the ground.

"Pathetic.  I understand that you'll keep this win as a vindication, Jon.  A vindication of your loss to me for the Interwire title.  A vindication that you're beyond Nightmare, primed and ready for a new run, a new lease on life.  And maybe you are, but me ... I'm still here, still champion, and not fading away any time soon.  You needed that win, and me ... I couldn't have cared less.  Fighting you is nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing worthwhile.  For you, a win is a win, but for me ... it all seems pointless.  But who cares, really?  Who is actually intent on listening to the words that I say.  Certainly not you, Jon, not Kenny Drake ... maybe my next opponent, the next pointless battle to throw myself into."

Amadeus scratches his head and looks like he's trying to remember something.

"Ah, that's right.  The social pariah, Ryan Wilson.  Some masked kid from NEO dreaming that he's a wrestler.  Ah, the ignorance of youth!  The memory sits before me, just beyond my reach. Was I not the same way but a few short years before?  Didn't I put on a mask and pretend to be a wrestler as I danced and pranced for the cheering masses?  Didn't I try to act the part of the noble warrior, pretending that I was the hot contender, the next big thing?  Similar to you, Ryan?  Well, maybe less the noble warrior part, but you're playing a game that you truly do not grasp the stakes in.  You're quite the journeyman I'm told.  Won many championships in many different federations?  I've heard the line before.  Many supposed former champions have come to EAW, drawn by the money, by the fame, by the fans.  They all come hear, thinking that gold will rain down like water upon them, that everyone will welcome them as the new saviors, as if EAW had never known wrestlers like them before.  It's different here, Ryan.  Maybe you're starting to realize that?  Are you starting to realize that battles are not won on the field of social media?  Will you finally take the true battles that lie before you seriously?  You better.  You will find yourself standing against the Interwire champion on Sunday.  Do you feel honored?"

A bitter laugh escapes Amadeus as he tosses the Interwire title carelessly to the ground before him.

"Honored.  As if someone like me is worthy of such a term.  It actually felt like something when I won this title, Ryan.  It was a great achievement.  And I felt like it was just the beginning for me.  Jon McAdams said I had plateaued there, but I'm starting to think it was simply a cliff edge, and now I'm tumbling out in space, swallowed in darkness.  I realize now how much I gave to get this title.  A piece of myself that I will never get back.  Something akin to a limb, that is now gone forever, burned away and scattered like the ashes of the Sanatorium.  A sacrifice made to the 'gods' of EAW.  Do you realize the sacrifices that you will have to make to win gold here in EAW?  Not just the pain and bloodshed that you will have to endure to claim them, but the changes that they will make to you, the pieces of yourself that you will have to give up in order to barter for a chance at this shiny bauble.  Do you think that you, the wisecracking internet troll will hold gold here in EAW as you stand right now?  No.  That will not happen.  You will either mire yourself in the dregs of the muck, disappear unmourned, or adapt and survive.  But 'adapt and survive' comes at a price.  Look in the mirror in a year's time, and you will not recognize the man that stares back at you, no matter the mask that you wear.  The eyes ... they will change, as well as the soul that they reflect."

Amadeus kneels down by the title belt, puts his hand on one of the gold plates.

"Unless you tear yourself to pieces and rebuild yourself, facing me is the closest that you will get to the Interwire title.  But don't take my little diatribe here as proof that I'm just another one of the haters that you seem to attract.  To be completely honest, I couldn't care less about you.  You are as you are, and that's completely uninteresting.  I can't muster enough bile to hate you.  That's too much work with no worth, no gain.  You're the type of man who feeds on the hatred of others, but you'll get no such meal from me.  I'll starve you of the emotion that you crave.  All that you'll get from me is a man that wishes to hurt you simply because you stand across from him in the ring.  There's no passion that you incite in me, no rage or frustration.  You're just a vessel, a receptacle for this hollow pain inside of me."

Amadeus picks the title up off the ground and begins to walk away.

"So go ahead and fire away, Ryan.  I'll be listening because I have nothing better to do.  Maybe you'll try to make fun of me.  Maybe you'll try to empathize with my pain.  Flatter me?  Disparage me?  Whatever.  It doesn't change that you're simply the next obstacle- no, that's not the right word.  Imparts too much passion.  You're the next puddle for me to step upon, walk across, and continue upon as I look for ... something.  I don't even know anymore.  I hardly care."

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Post on November 13th 2017, 10:35 pm by FEARDIAMOND. (Online)
Down the road, I'll be the EAW World Champion again. But as of now, I'll happily place that on the back burner for ending Jaywalker. Lance Hart, a decoy, he received a beating on a nice day from Diamond Cage, I don't even know why the kid was put in that position anyway but I guess the only way people will listen to you is when you use chaos like gravity and kick start it with a little push. It's only the genesis of my depravity and if we don't want this entire roster in a heap I suggest I get what I NEED. Obviously at Pain for Pride I asked for this, I left Jay and Ares to get their asses kicked and they've decided to make every single day of my life since then a living breathing hell, I'll admit I've been sidetracked, I saw an opportunity to claim the EAW Championship once again, picking fights with Theron and anyone who wanted to put an end to those band of cowards and I am a hypocrite. I apologize ladies and gentleman for I have lied to you, I promoted that I will be the final nail in the coffin of the Triumvirate and I've slacked, I haven't rendered Ares Vendetta just like his broken ass father, I didn't even get the chance to leave Lannister for dead because his own partner did it for me, I didn't get to beat Tiberius pillar to post and stick his crown up his ass. I didn't take Jaywalker straight to hell, I apologize. 

I'm man enough to accept that I haven't followed my “plan” but following a format isn't really what I do, I don't have a long term plan, I have a five second plan, I have a plan to put pain on those who think their won't be penance for putting pain on me, I live for vengeance, I live for destruction, I live for PAIN. Brian Daniels, oh General Manager, oh great leader and guy who “gives everyone a chance to prove their worth in that ring” what have I done wrong? Why wasn't I even thought about during your little announcements? Why are my needs being put on hold for some stupid tournament that showcases how soft this company is? I haven't kissed your ass enough? I'm sorry I'm not suck ass Theron or I don't have a catchy name to slap on a t shirt for my stupid three man fuck club, or I'm sooooo fucking sorry that I don't have a catchy gimmick like John Doe and I speak in riddles and don't do cool moves. I'm sorry I even considered listening to you because obviously you don't know how to handle my situations so I have to handle it, I have to kick someone's ass and since you aren't trying to be apart of the solution, you are apart of every fucking problem I have with this fucking place. You speak about who will have the CHANCE  to represent Showdown and yet I've fought tooth and nail, busted my ass, and have gotten my ass kicked fighting the Triumvirate and any challenge you've booked on YOUR SHOW for me and I'm not good enough? I'm still being overlooked even when I have this stupid ass Hall of Fame ring that “puts you in an elite class of high level performers in EAW's history” bullshit! 

I'm the heart and soul of this fucking place, I'm what this company should be about, albeit I've fucked up a lot, I've made a lot of fucking mistakes but so have you, Damien Murrow made your life a living fucking hell, he wanted you and your boyfriend Robbie V to fucking kill yourselves and now you have so much power you are slowly becoming what you fought against when you wanted your stupid little cat fight with that piece of trash. I don't care if my words piss you off or it puts me in a hole in which I cannot return from, I don't fear you, I don't fear any authority figure, I want you to wake the fuck up, realize what the fuck is going on around here and wake up and smell the fucking roses and realizes I've gone well beyond my breaking point, I've gone well beyond keeping things settle. Now you have to pay as well, and I'll take this entire fucking show apart, I'll shut this shit down real quick and no one is going to stop me, you won't fight because you cut your hair and trimmed your beard and  you wear your stupid flannel and shoot your power wherever you see fit and you think your doing the best for Showdown? Your doing the best at letting scumbags run around here and do whatever the fuck they want, and you know what, I'm going to do what the fuck I want to do, because I'm a scumbag, I'm a piece of trash and so are you. So from one piece of trash to another, stay out of my way, don't try to get involved in what is about to happen, I don't care for fighting Ryan Marx, I don't care about him having his little fucking title match. Don't mean shit to me, I don't give a fuck, I want what I need and that is an opportunity in MY ring to beat the hell out of Jaywalker and I don't want it elite style, I want it street dog style, I want something more than just to beat Jaywalker inside this ring because that's too easy, he's had it too fucking easy his entire fucking spoiled spoon fed life. I want him to look me in my eyes when I have him prone, I want him to remember who ended his fucking career, I want him to wake up everyday in pain and think of what I did to him, I want every time he attempts to speak after I knock his pearly whites out of his fucking mouth that he thinks of Diamond fucking Cage. BECAUSE I AM WHAT I SAY I AM, I AM A PIECE OF TRASH AND HELL MAYBE I DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENED TO ME, BUT ONE THING I AM IS A SURVIVOR, IT'S WHAT I DO! 

I don't need your help General manager, I don't even need to represent Showdown, to hell with Showdown, to hell with your image, I'm a brand all on my own and at least with my brand I'm judge, jury and executioner. But I'll continually be promoted to come all the Showdown live events and be on the broadcast and you know what, I'll show up, I'll step in the ring with Ryan Marx and I'll do what no one has seemed to be able to do and I'll kick his big ass because I'm an unstoppable force, I'm not a stepping stone and if you think I am a stepping stone on your way to fighting for the EAW Championship well you better watch the first step because it's a son of a bitch, it's a highly pissed off son of a bitch. So I'll paint the picture, you won't do to me what you did to CM Banks, the momentum you've gained is running into a freight train, a very unforgiving freight train, so here's what's going to happen, you'll run your mouth talking useless trash, you'll find some way to relate this to your upcoming title match, and I'll happily slap you around like the boy you are to remind you that if you look past Diamond Cage that you will not making it to Kingsroad. You'll find out that not only the champion has a target on his back but also the number one contender, if you get taken out a spot is open and no one here will shed any tears if you don't get your title shot. Take me seriously, come at me like how you've come at others but also realize I'm a different breed, cut from a different cloth and I could care less about wrestling you in a classic, I could care less about entertaining. I'm a mercenary, I'm on a mission simply titled “Seek and Destroy” and Seek I have and destroy I will. Everyone who I step in the ring with has no one to blame but Jaywalker for the beating they are about to receive from my hands because Jaywalker doesn't have the balls to step inside the ring with me face to have, he's a cheap shot artist, and until he finally comes out of the darkness. I'm going to lay waste to every son of a bitch this company presents, they lead the lambs and I do the slaughtering, that's how this works. So I just want to know what am I going to have to do Brian? What am I going to have to do to finally have your attention? Am I going to have to fuck around with the production truck? Am I going to have to cause Mr. DEDEDE to make visits? Am I going to have to burn the establishment you have set to the ground? Are you going to fight me? Is Jaywalker going to fight me? Is any member of the Triumvirate going to come get their ass kicked? So many questions because apparently we are having a failure to communicate and a failure to compensate. Marx this match is for you to win and me to lose, this match is for you to show how much of a threat you are to Tiberius to garner more interest for your match, this isn't competition, the competition aspect of this business died a long time ago for me. I don't compete anymore, I survive and I fight every day like my last meal is on the line and nobody takes food off my plate. Nobody fights in a war as hard as Diamond Cage, nobody fights as long and as hard when they're back is against the wall like Diamond Cage, nobody bleeds revenge and nobody in as relentless when I see what I want. I am the most relentless animal in this asylum, it's a fact, I prove it, and I can say it BECAUSE I AM IT, EVERY SINGLE TIME I STEP IN THAT RING! So as the season of being thankful is approaching let me say that I am thankful for all the decisions I've made, like leaving Jaywalker and Ares, like not trusting anybody and I'm thankful for what I'm going to do real soon, I'm going to put an end to the career of Jaywalker. I'm thankful for showing Ryan Marx a little bit of humility when I kick his ass in this ring, I'm thankful for the collection of Nirvana t shirts I just bought, I'm thankful for my new bong, I'm thankful for not being a sell out like Brian Daniels and I'm thankful for remaining Diamond Cage whenever this evil world kept producing scumbag after scumbag. And I'm thankful for Showdown, where I will not only call out Jaywalker but I will do what I do best and that's kick a man's ass and happily Ryan Marx you've been selected.
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Post on November 13th 2017, 10:30 pm by Rex32
Would you look at that...I lost.

From the point of view to many on the outside looking in it would appear that I've successfully made my own bed over these last few months, and perhaps from a theoretical standpoint I lie in it, left to dread everything with feelings of regret after expecting to bask in the rare feeling of euphoria that can come from one single night more than most receive in a life time. It wasn't to be, and I'm at peace with it. I've gained in this experience more than I lost, the cruel mistress found me finally and now it's time to embrace the unknown that I have come to know so very well after a huge loss, it's almost expected by everyone at this point except this elitist. However, that's how I came to be here in the first place, now isn't it? I hit people below the collar, I gouged their eyes, I pulled on their tights, I walked with strangers I didn't even know, and in the process I managed to pull the wool over everyone, taking everything I wanted like it was nobody's business up to this point except the EAW Championship. Walking over and through minuscule obstacles that have no business speaking in my stead has become the norm, and this week will be no exception. You see, every once in a blue moon I take great joy in listing my individual accolades against those that have done absolutely little to nothing themselves in the same breath, in this case nothing happens to be just the word to describe Jack Ripley's career as a singles competitor. So I'll spare him, just this once. I suppose I will wait for a proper response from Jack when he's forced to admit his heart is just not in it again. I mean imagine that, another singles match, another non-consequential bout that has no meaning, Jack. We all know your interests in EAW peak at the Unified Tag Team Titles, and all the glory that comes from working in tandem with your partner, and with no gold on the line there's very little motivation for you this time around. It's fine, Jack, we understand that you've got bigger fish to fry around here. That tag division is just crawling with competition the likes of which someone like me will never know. My New Breed and National Elite titles can't even hold a candle to your zero in significant wins all by yourself, now can they? Not only is this match huge for me, it's ginormous for me, and I'm just so damn lucky to have drawn someone like you on the card in this tournament just so mine can be relevant! HAHAHAHA!!! But in all seriousness though, Jack, I am going to make this a showcase of my wrestling abilities in front of the world just as I always do, and if David is feeling froggy in the least you can bring him to ringside with you for emotional support after I'm finished putting you down, and moving on to competition that's far more worthy of my time.

Oh, but then's there more?

Alright, lets run it down. Jack and his partner won back the tag team titles at the same event that I lost at! That now makes them THREE TIMES the tag champs, which leaves room for twenty to thirty more to add to their trophy case over the next year alone at this pace!  Slow golf clap there for you guys. Excelente! But you know how the cliche goes. You win some and you lose some. It's about bouncing back, or in the case of you this week, Jack, bouncing your head off the canvas a few times before I throw my sweaty arms over your prone body for a mandatory count to three, and trust me if the Rex Effect doesn't do the trick then my B/O will when you realize I don't use deodorizer. If you can't tell, I'm really doing a bad impression of you and your partner, but can you really blame me? I mean, I can't help myself. Right now in the present, it's all about this little King of Elite tournament, and I'm trying my absolute hardest to get up for a match against you, Jack. It's nothing personal really, I just don't see you as a competent opponent in the grand scheme of things, never have. You just don't cut the mustard, which is fine, because why would you? Your pal David has a very winnable match this week, and in your mind you feel the same way toward me, but lets face it. You drew the wrong man at the wrong time. You know that whole shit about being at peace with my loss at Road To Redemption? One big fat lie. The truth is, I hate losing. I hate it. I really, really, really hate it, especially when there's such a coveted prize on the line such as the EAW Championship. It just chaps my hide. It rips at my core. I don't just get over something like that so easily. I lose sleep. I fucking hate losing. It's not so much the actual outcome that I hate so much - it's the process. The fact that I lost when I should've won Don't get me wrong though, I'm not a sore loser. I don't go around breaking shit, cry foul, or deliberately fall over like a soccer player does in an English Premier League game to work the referees. Quite the opposite I'm afraid, how unfortunate for you too. No, usually I'm quite the gracious loser. I don't hold grudges no matter what HBG or DUB may try to tell you. No, see I move on. But I never really get over it, just like you won't, and I'm not talking literally this week when I'm stepping on your throat, but when you really lose a match that has meaning for you. Even if you do happen to try and put some backwards spin on having the proper motivation for a match like this, I'll be playing the devils advocate this week, because quite frankly I don't see where you really have an argument in all of this. I know the fans don't like me so much now, and I'm fine with that, truly I am. It was never about them in the first place. Everything I have done, it always for me, but theses last few months have been kind of a feel out process, and even then I've managed to outlast, outwit, and outclass the bigger names. This tournament will be no different, and I'm about to show that to the world, not just this week, but all the way until I am wearing that damn crown. I mean just last year, this elitist was making a big name for himself in this very tournament by sending Tyler Parker and Devan Dubian toward slow ego deaths before our current world's champion took me down on his way to the crown, but the point is, this year? I'm taking what's mine.

But please, feel free to partake in it all before I move on, ascending to my throne.

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Post on November 13th 2017, 10:21 pm by Ryan Marx

Showdown Promo 1 – The Measure of Pain

The scene fades in, and we are presented with a simple shot: Ryan Marx stood in a void of darkness, the low-key lighting casting harsh shadows across his bleached skin. In his hands, he holds the Openweight Championship belt. The light shows off the battle scars it has accumulated during its time with its inaugural holder: scratches upon the gold plates, scuffs along the leather strap, a gap reserved for the forcibly-removed nameplate. It won't need it anyway. As Ryan looks at the belt, the curse he will soon be free of, he begins to speak.

Time waits for no man. I have said that many times, and I stand by it. I do not have the time to wait for my opportunity to strike Tiberius. And though there are many challengers in his wake, many people still aiming for his throat with their guillotines, I know I must take my chance as soon as I can. I have shown that I am ready for this – that I am beyond that which I currently hold in my hands. And at Kingsroad, I shall do what I have planned on doing for a while now: I shall take the next step on my path to glory.

But that path is not without its stops. It is not without its pauses for contemplation and its moments where I must fend off the bandits waiting in the shadows. This week is yet another one of those moments. I find myself against a man who has experience against Tiberius and his gaggle of confidence-boosters, the Triumvirate. Diamond Cage. A Hall of Famer, a hardcore legend, a man of few boundaries.

And a man I shall string up by the skin tearing off of his bones before I continue down my path to greatness.

Ryan looks up from the belt, and stares off into the dark as he continues.

Cage, you have your priorities, and I have mine, but this week shall be a time when I put most of those aside as I look to make an example out of you. And what a fine example you shall be. To crucify a man such as you, a man who has many accomplishments to his name, would be somewhat of an honour. When I enter Kingsroad with your body hanging from the cross carried upon my followers' shoulders, I will appear to be the threat I know I am. Though I know you will most likely not be intimidated by my biblical threats, it does not mean I will fail to enforce them. You can be nailed to your crucifix with silent defiance in your eyes for all I care, but you shall be hung upon that symbol of war whether you like it or not. For I have a point to prove – this I know – and I will stop at nothing to show our dear EAW World Champion what it is he faces.

You believe yourself to be the embodiment of pain, the vessel that can harbour an infinite amount of anguish. However, I am the dealer of a pain so vicious it makes believers out of heretics. I am a man whose ability to inflict damage comes not from a place of hedonistic urges, but from a whole tome of gratuitous knowledge. You are the chaos; I am the control.

Your brand of violence is reckless and wild, and more often than not puts you in just as much danger as your opponent. But my skills are precise, they are deliberate. Every stinging strike I make, every painful hold I twist your limbs within, is designed to maximise pain on a very specific part of you. And if physical pain does not put you away, the mental strain I shall put you under should suffice. I know your body has been conditioned to withstand brutality, but your mind seems far more fragile. You pride yourself on your rage, on your uncontrollable mind. But that mind is scattered, and you are far from being able to pick up the pieces. They have been thrown to the corners of the world, too far out of your reach. But my reach is omniscient, it is ever-expanding with my influence. And I shall find those pieces of your tattered mind and crush them beneath my boot this coming Showdown.

A brief pause as the shadows appear to creep in with every breath Ryan takes.

It is true that you have made your mark by being a hardcore hero. You have painted the Hall of Fame red with blood. And yet all of that bloodshed has been for little as of late. What have you achieved? A list of failed attempts at capturing the EAW World Championship? And even more thwarted attempts at getting the better of the Triumvirate. Whilst you were needlessly spilling your guts for a loss, I was working towards the spot you wish you could be in still. Now I am in that spot, and at Kingsroad I plan on doing what you could not do even with your many opportunities. Showdown shall be proof of that. It will be my opportunity to show the masses that no matter the competition, no matter the volume of blood spilled, I shall prevail.

For you see, Cage, I have withstood my fair share of damage too – both mental and physical. I have exhausted myself in matches and prevailed, I have tangled with weapons and come out unscathed, and I have drained myself and managed to live another day. I have also dealt damage too. In my match at Road to Redemption, I knocked my opposition out. I did the same to a man who sits within your Hall of Fame ranks, CM Banks – I bloodied him, I rendered him unable to move or even compete. I am more than qualified to confront you and take you down, no matter how much strength you throw at me.

You can come out here and say you will decimate me until there is nothing left for Tiberius at Kingsroad, but what will you do when brutality is not enough? How will you destroy that which cannot be ended? Many have made the claim that they will destroy me, that they will leave little but bones left for the vultures to pick at – and yet here I stand, as strong as ever, and on the cusp of even greater success. It has been said many times that I cannot truly be killed. You can beat me, you can stop me momentarily, but I will always pick myself back up. I have suffered many defeats prior to this, that I will not hide, but do you see me cowering? Do you see bearing scars? No. I am above such human flaws, and instead I take every defeat as a success. A moment to learn from my mistakes. That is why those who have said they will wipe EAW of my name and history have failed, for I have taken the blood spilled from my losses and stained the pages of this company with it. I have drowned the history books in it with pride, and made those records red with my legacy. I encourage you to throw your every move at me, give me all that fire you have. It will burn you to ashes, and I will stand in those remains, unburned and made stronger through the flames.

Despite what you believe, you are not indestructible, Cage. No weapon is. And that is what you are. You are the human equivalent of a knife, or a barbed wire bat. You have your sharp edges that can draw blood, you have the power to take many people down. But you will break. Nothing is unbreakable, even I am not without my limitations. But finding those boundaries will not be a simple task. It is one that few in this world have completed, and one that grows more difficult as time passes and as I adapt to every threat I observe. I am a shifting entity, a threat that changes depending on the conditions it is put under. So the more you attack, the more you come at me with the danger of any other weapon, the stronger I will become. Like a diamond, I will find strength through pressure, and I shall show you that you are not the only one with sharp edges.

Silence. Then, Ryan allows the Openweight belt to fall from his grasp, and it hits the floor with a thud as he lets out a low laugh. Cut to black.
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Post on November 13th 2017, 4:46 pm by Hurricane Hawk
Dynasty Promo #1

I started in this business when extreme was not only a statement but it was apart of the culture. I grew up on extreme. It was what I lived for and it is still what I live for. These kids don't know what extreme is. One extremist in my past told me to open up my mind and free myself up to build my legacy, and I'm on the path to do just that. A lot of people have been saying that I'm on my own redemption ever since my path of going down. This last Friday on Dynasty, I showed everyone exactly, what I am here for. Brayden Wolfe took a sweet superkick to the chin that rocked him into another dimension and then I had the right to step into that ring with Darkane to show him that I am here to rebuild what everyone calls "hardcore." The funny thing is that Darkane did not want to give me that opportunity to fight for that EAW Hardcore Championship and I will tell you why: he's scared. I have never stepped into a ring with a man that was too afraid to give a chance, but you have every right to be scared because when you step into that ring with me, it will be the last time that you will be holding that EAW Hardcore Championship. Darkane, I just want you to know that I'm no Scott Diamond. I knew that was a breeze for you because I defeated him myself. I'm no Ahren Fournier.. I'm a legend in this business and if you really think that you have what it takes to beat me I suggest you rethink your plan because that championship is mine after we step into that ring. 

But right now, that is not what is on my focus because on Friday, I get to step into the ring with the current EAW Answers World Champion, Nico Borg. I used to be right in the same circle as you Nico. The Cash in the Vault briefcase is what got me to my first world championship in this business, and from there, I built myself. Not only will this get me a chance to prove myself that I can still be at the top, but I could also get a later chance to step into the ring with you again, but that EAW Answers World Championship will also be on the line. Time after time, you've stood to impress me Nico. You have had that Cash in the Vault briefcase on the line so many times and have been able to hold it and you finally grab the piece of gold that is going to have everyone on your back. How does it feel Nico? Now, you step into the ring with me and I know we have never stepped into the ring together but this first time it is going to be a moment of a lifetime. This is like a fantasy for everyone to see, but they all know exactly who is going to walk out with the celebration.


See the difference between you and me is that I'm hungry and you aren't. When elitist start to get there championships they start to get what this generation calls "soft." They start to feel as though there is nothing left to offer because they are already at the top. At the bottom, I start to feel like I'm starting off new just like all of these rookies from NEO. I'm trying to prove myself and make a statement to show that I belong to this business, while guys like you are sitting on the throne being fed your grapes and kicking your feet up. I'm pushing myself, working hard, and showing that I am the one that should be at the top because honestly, when I am at the top, I do not lose my hunger because I know people will always try to come for what is mine and I refuse to drop down to a fall. Sure, I have had my mistakes, and I have had my falls, but this time I know exactly what I have to do to show that I am one of the best to step into this company. This rage that steps inside of your body, it comes to the person that really wants it. It comes to me because I actually started from the bottom. The trenches of this business had me struggling until I became the man to finesse every single piece to my success and now look at where I'm at Nico. I might not be up top but I'm damn near close to it. A lot of people are saying this is a challenge to me but honestly, Nico I know I can beat you. I know I can step into that ring and expose you to everyone because I know you don't want it like I do. That championship that you have wrapped around your waist is not going to be there for long because it's on my radar and after we step out of the ring and I beat you, StarrStan will only have the right to give me the opportunity to beat you again. I know your focus is going to be heavy on the match that later determines whether Scott Diamond or Scott Oasis for your first defense, but I should be the man to have that opportunity. I pinned Scott Diamond in that Extreme Elimination Chamber.. but of course I get overlooked as usual and you're going to overlook me and think that I'm just so washed up lost cause, when really I'm the threat that is going to knock you off your pedestal. Sure, you're going to hold up your title and pan to the crowd that is going to ride your wave and then you're going to take down Scott Diamond or Scott Oasis, but then you're going to run into me again and that time is what is really going to matter. Nico, when it comes to accomplishments we seem really similar. Hell, as elitist we seem really similar. We both know what it is like to taste the success and I know now we're both on different proving grounds but this time I'm not looking to fall. I'm not looking to give up and disappear. I'm looking to solidify my legacy. I made it to the Hall of Fame, but that is just not enough for me. I have stepped into the ring with some of the greatest, and you may be champion, but that is not going to stop me from getting the victory. I'm not intimidated. I'm stepping into that ring as a contender and I am going to show you that I am on a path of greatness by defeating you in front of a sold out crowd and proving to you that I am truly "next up." 
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Post on November 13th 2017, 3:25 pm by Darkane (Online)
Dynasty I

"Would you believe that I just pulled this last thumbtack out of my back about ten minutes ago?"

Darkane holds it up to the camera like some sort of nauseating prized possession, a rancid mix of fresh and maroon colored crispy dried blood remained on the lone tack.

"Yup, it's been a little bit over a week since Road to Redemption and I finally plucked this winner out, it kept me up almost every night while it wiggled furiously in my bloodstream when I tried to sleep, it wasn't anything that some booze couldn't fix along the way, however, that could only do the trick for so long and it didn't help that this specific thumbtack was smack-dab in the middle of my back. Luckily I found a crowbar and that did the job. I'm gonna keep this son of a bitch as an emblematical souvenir; think of it as a testament to the hardships that I went through at Road to Redemption. I tell ya this though, I set my own trap on that one, I was dead set on putting Ahren through those tacks but I ended up grabbing the shortest straw, oh well, that's how life goes, right Ahren? I bet this is what it feels like when you have ten piranhas savagely ripping your flesh apart. Be that as it may, if you told me that I would have to do it all over again and embrace the feeling of a thousand bite-sized thumbtacks driving each and every individual pin through my back as if it was a meager cushion, then you can bet your ass that I would. Especially for this."

Darkane holds his Hardcore Championship satisfyingly towards the camera for a few moments to let it sink in and lays it back on his shoulder.

"As most of you probably know; I take pride in bringing out the absolute worst in people, that's my job and I do it well and that's partly the reason as to why I hold the Hardcore Championship proudly day in and day out. At Road to Redemption, I unveiled a side of Ahren that I didn't think he had in him. I didn't think he had the sheer audacity or the grit to put me through those thumbtacks but color me surprised. I guess a dead clock is right twice a day, I thought he was a flamboyant hardcore wannabe who didn't have a nasty bone in his body, but the thing is, he lacks a killer instinct which I guess is to be expected, I mean take one look at him and tell me different. He shouldn't worry though, he's not alone. Scott Diamond didn't have a killer instinct either I mean, just look at his match at House of Glass and again at Road to Redemption, I rest my case. Even some of the people who have managed to defeat me failed to mutilate me to the point where I was barely breathing and that's why I'm still standing here as your Hardcore Champion. I told Ahren that he would have to pry the Hardcore Championship from my frail, cold and dead hands if he wanted to take this sacred and symbolic relic from me and I fucking meant it. I proved that this reign is no fluke, it's not some one and done campaign, I didn't cough it up within the first month of capturing it like so many before me have, I made sure that at Road to Redemption that I defended my baby with all that I was worth and truth be told, I feel like I completed that task with flying colors even if I'm a little worse for wear and I'll give credit where credit is due Ahren, you brought forth the side I was hoping to see but I wasn't ready to let go of my girl, not yet. So you can fuck right off up or down the card, I don't give a rat's ass which way you go. You had your moment in the hardcore sun Ahren, but now it's just a bitter memory and that same ephemeral hardcore sun you stood in while you could, has faded below the tips of the pine trees and darkness has fallen into its rightful place upon the Dynasty landscape."

Darkane brushes his hair back and grabs a cigarette that was placed cleverly behind his ear.

"Hurricane Hawk, you want to stick your nose into my business? That's perfectly fine, I don't blame you, especially after embarrassing yourself in the chamber, you want to cover up the remnants of Road to Redemption as fast as possible so you decided to muster up a quick fix back up plan in order to save face and that back up plan is to challenge me for my Hardcore Championship. It's like putting a band-aid on a severe wound that won't stop gushing blood no matter what you do. I don't know Hawk, maybe you'll manage to surprise me, or maybe you'll end up like Brayden Wolfe will this week who is a high-hoped NEO graduate that has been dominated ever since his call-up. I mean, Brayden, you lost to Target Smiles who is a regular piñada to me and has since lost himself completely. You have these grandiose aspirations of making it to the big leagues and leaving your mark on the Dynasty brand. Well, you've left a mark alright, a gigantic brown skid mark in the center of that ring week in and week out. You've done nothing to impress me, but I suppose you'll say that your actions speak louder than your words. We'll see about that. You have a lot to prove not only to me but to yourself. You need to get yourself back up off the floor. My best guess is that if you keep piling up losses you'll get a demotion back down to NEO, but I don't want to send you down to NEO for repackaging and retooling, I want to send you out of this fucking company and use you as an example in order to show Hurricane Hawk what exactly he's gotten himself into. I'm not sure what the general manager was thinking by throwing you directly into the hornet's nest while your morale is no doubt at ground zero. My obligation this week is to stomp you out like an old cigarette and all of this talking has distracted me so hold on a second,"

Darkane thins his lips around the cigarette and rips one of the match heads across the igniter on the box, lighting the cigarette aflame and waving the burning match out as a cloud of ghostly blue smoke floats in front of Darkane.

"Much, much better."

He continues.

"So yeah, as I was saying, you've got quite the uphill climb ahead of you and I want you to go ahead and bring your best that you have to offer Brayden, don't bring what you brought to your piss poor encounter with Hurricane Hawk last week. I don't want this week to be a cakewalk as much as I think it might be, but my gut instinct says that since you're so woeful and demoralized because of your losses and the fact that your effort level hasn't been up to snuff these past couple of weeks then I honestly think this will be a walk in the park and believe me, I have no issue making a mockery out of you like I've done with so many others in the past, especially if it gets the point across to Hurricane Hawk. When I say I don't mind making a mockery of you, I don't mean simply pinning you one two three, no no no, if I want to prove a point then I will have to punish you and I will have to punish you excruciatingly so, I will mercilessly drag your blood-soaked carcass all over Birmingham, Alabama if I have to and when I manage to do so then I'll consider that a two for one special; a victory and a point made. Only time will tell whether you bring your balls or you take them and go home, but rest assured if you do manage to bring it all, you can expect to lose it all this week on Dynasty. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I don't play games when I get in the ring, I'm a straight fucking animal and you will learn very quickly after that bell rings that you've managed to bite off more than you could chew, but by the time you realize that, it'll be too late for you Brayden and you'll return to a familiar scene and that is staring up at the bright lights after another crushing loss. I shouldn't have to remind you what I did to the last NEO graduate who thought he was hot shit, but I will anyway because I'm such an asshole. At the time I was in the early stages of my hardcore infancy, I went up against a guy and you can go ahead and look him up if you feel compelled to do so, his name is Masaru Kasahara and he wanted to take the Hardcore Championship and dazzle it up into something it wasn't. I didn't just send him back to NEO, I sent him out of this company because he never recovered after I bashed him over the head with a chair and even though that might not have been the most 'sportsmanlike' way of going about things, those are the things you need to do in order to survive in this business. Take what it gives you and exploit it, use it, abuse it to the best of your ability. If you don't Brayden, then you'll end up like you are now, in the shitter, gasping for air, looking to find whatever your silver lining is, but I'll make sure there is no silver lining in your future, instead, I'll make sure you drown in the cesspool of despair you lie face down in right at this very moment. I'll make sure that you can never see the light of day on Dynasty again. There ain't no rest for the wicked Brayden and I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in a fucking week."

Darkane flips the cameraman off, turns around and vanishes out of sight.
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Empire 05

A roundhouse kick resonated against the strike bag, causing the entity to shatter and vibrate, and the surroundings to grow silenced, excluding the grunt from our protagonist. The camera focused outwards from the bag, illuminating Sheridan's initial silhouette. Attired in a strappy sports bra and combat shorts, her ankles enclosed within tape to confide the structure of her lower leg, she certainly looked the part. Golden blonde hair tied back, dark brows furrowed, lips pouted. Sweat glistened against her abdominals, her upper body naturally whiter than the cinnamon shade sweat caused her skin to shade as. Aggressive strikes continued to land against the strike bag for another minute or so, grunts growing louder and frustrated, the impact of her attacks causing the reverberate to increase gradually. A final middle reverse roundhouse kick finished her training. The camera blurred, as the background fell to irrelevancy, Sheridan picked up her recorder with her free palm, whilst the other clutched around her kombucha drink, situated in a shaded glass. A straw found her cherry-stained lips, the drink materialised within her throat. Following this, the vindictive blonde rolled her head upon her shoulders, and then rotated the latter before addressing her opponent.

'' Your assertions of the impact certain changes have caused to Empire, as a whole concept, are just fallacious and ever so amusing to listen to. I am well aware of what has happened since my extradition. Cailin was fired, yes. Brody passed away, yes. However the implications of these mean very little from an individualistic point of view. The two names I previously stated will have zero effect or cause within our wrestling match, it's somewhat an irritant that you continue to insult my intelligence with these snide, passive aggressive implications. You continue to assert that Empire has changed, and relate to this as a negative however I have a rather refreshing view upon it, within my eyes I only see less people for me to run through, less individuals to hold vengeance and wicked thoughts for. Please correct me if I am incorrect, but the women who held championships upon this brand at this moment, are the same as the day I was fired, no? I'm failing to see why you would bring up a point like this within the first place, the majority of what you speak you either fail to validate and offer a rational view for, and within the small, slight minorities of times you manage to achieve such an imposing task, unfortunately your initial point has very little impact in relation to the result of our match this week on Empire. You contradict yourself in the most frustrating of ways, you concern yourself with anything but the result, the justification of each and every statement made within these promotional videos. You ask and prod with your stick, and your mouth falls open with shock when I retaliate. Yes, I commend and hold my hands in high applause at your acknowledgement that Empire is somewhat different, however I don't fall under this illusion that you are the propaganda, the cause, behind the aftermath, relating your winning streak to the women who I mentioned earlier, it just has no relevance to the points that I initially made. I fail to concern myself with others unlike yourself, naturally a selfish streak runs throughout me, regardless of what you consider or assert, all that matters is you and I are going to beat in the ring, and regrettably for you, I am going to decimate you. ''

'' I'm well aware that you and I have never fought previously, but again I must stress you're giving yourself far too much appreciation and gratitude for things you have played little part in. Empire upon a spectrum holds far more colours than the ones you and I represent, we can splash and paint across the canvas, but over twenty other women will be holding brushes, with their own idealistic views and concepts, and ultimately numbers will outmuscle your own achievements and standards, no matter how much grip your shoes hold against the flooring. You seem to believe that you are the second coming based off a minuscule arrangement of matches, if you held a plethora of undeniable victories, clean victories I stress, then perhaps I would look at you with some more enthusiasm rather than the emotionless visage I hold without expression. There's little reason for me to deny you are conjuring up speech, that you're raising your megaphone to the masses, and gaining momentum and relevancy with each victory you attain, I consider facts and statistics and have already referenced that it's, to an extent, impressive that you hold a win over our current primary champion. You seem to have constructed this masquerade that you hold far more importance to not only me, but to Elite Answers Wrestling as a spectacle and the truth is, you do not. I am not contradicting the truth, you're talented, I don't recall ever professing that you are not. I hold no ill intent to nullify or invalidate your achievements, when I illustrate my opinions on talent and athletic excellence within your division your name places quite highly. But at the peak, the top of the hierarchy, my name exists. You're correct when you say you're an expert at manipulation, for I am sure all will listen to your words and consider that perhaps I am underestimating your achievements, your calibre of aptitude. On the contrary, it's plausible you're stating sentences that you'll fail to bring justification to when placed within a ring with me. You're selling yourself a story, portraying a picture within a frame you'll fail to match. I never said you're bad, Chelsea, but as I strike you from this fantasists dream you operate in, and place you within the depths of reality, you'll quickly come to realise I am superior. ''

'' Criticise my use of the suplex however you wish, it still remains as the most devastating within my arsenal. It's somewhat ironic that you use the word tactician, and then the next sentence disparage a strategy which has brought more success to my feet than your eyes could ever witness within one shot. I didn't ask who you have faced, I do not care for your constant namedrops and relations to the past, all that matters is the present, when I am facing against you, our eyes matching and your cold glance meeting my fiery own, let me be the one to disclose that I will not be considering in the remnants of my mind, oh, she beat Stephanie Matsuda a month ago, I better be frightened. I really congratulate you for once again mentioning that you're a clever girl, Chelsea, the first forty times you have done so have not driven the point home, so I'm appreciative you took the time to remind me yet again. The words intelligence and beaten should only exist as a paramount, within the same sentence structure, if you are capable of circumventing each and every woman you've ever heard the name of. This is not the case with me, regardless of how many names you drop, how many validations you attempt to offer up to me, I shall dismiss them with a turn of the head. I am not unprepared for you, I am not stubborn. If I wished to I would have a research team within my contacts, feeding me constant information as I personally, within my palms, consider the analytics that I have been presented. The point I am demonstrating is I don't need to do that to vanquish you. You reiterate this same point, yet I have to continue preaching that a fine line exists, differentiates, underselling your opposition and holding much confidence within yourself. I am going to beat you because I am better to you, superior within every field. I do not need to spend time in figuring out what results and conclusions lead to this statement. Be it pound for pound, inch by inch, I am one of the best female athletes of all time, I am a former Vixens World Champion, something the majority of females you have faced cannot claim. I am the leader of the revolution, I am the true spark, a dominant force applied to a path of revenge is a firestorm you should not antagonise, Chelsea, and a fatal error you have made is continuing to insist that I am misjudging your strength, and under emphasising your ability. This is not the truth, you continue to profess you're mentally more capable than I, but the moment I slither my hands around your waist, assert you high into the air before drilling you onto your head with a critical movement, all this intelligence becomes harder to grasp, all this pressure you are feeling strikes at the level of opportunity. It's well and good stating you're a tactician, however no battlefield is prepared for what I am going to bring within my physical capabilities towards you within our match. I'm not stating it's impossible for you, neither am I stating I'm going to terminate your existence. I am not a machine, I am a human and I have flaws, what I am enunciating to you, is that it is highly, ever so highly unlikely. Whilst you sit on your stool, posing for the camera I am training, I am working on my endurance, my focus, my core. When I state certain things, I do so under the influence that the training I complete and participate in is like no other. I'm not ignoring the things you have done, I just really have lost the will to care, when you evidence different points with the same result on a constant basis, my attention tends to fall elsewhere. I have gone through turmoil that is indescribable. Told by the closest people I know that no way ends with success relating to my name, that all barriers I have previously smashed through have regenerated, and will never break again. The care and compassion I showed for this business was incinerated the moment somebody I considered a close friend told me to leave Elite Answers Wrestling forever. Each and every woman out there, names you have faced, names you have mentioned, turned their back on me. They left me in the shadows, in irrelevancy, in the bitter and ruthless cold as they sipped on hot chocolate and laughed about my name. Fire burned throughout my core, eliminating any positive feelings I had towards this industry and the new world, the revolution that I created was manipulated and twisted by women, no, bitches, such as yourself. I am finding it incredibly frustrating you stress and imply you're a manipulator, you're this impossible chess mistress that is untouchable in terms of intelligence quotient. Attempt to outmanoeuvre me and I will scorch you, I will eradicate you, my muscles are bound with titanium and conflagration rips through my bones. A wasteland exists within me, and the frustration and violence my body and mind have suffered can only be concentrated and explored within the ring. You are not facing a champion who has little to worry about concerning your name. I am no Stephanie, no Aria, I am Sheridan Elsa fucking Müller and the moment you try to, air quotations, manipulate me, within that ring, I will tear your arm off and made your skin run crimson. I am not going to fall to you, perhaps you will steady me, rock me onto a sole kneecap, but I will revitalise, I will continue to fight, without a hesitation, with zero doubt resonating within me. I have climbed mountains and accomplished the impossible to have my name situated with this brand once more, and I can deliver the delightful news to you that your constant boasts of intelligence will not prevent me from accomplishing retaliation and vengeance, associated with each and every miststück competing the same night as us. ''

'' It's all well and good to proclaim you don't affiliate with my problems. How would you, bearing in mind that you are somebody new to our industry, or this promotion to state the least. The moment you said the bad blood between myself and higher management is dry and lifeless, is where you slipped up. How contradicting of you, to speak on such matters you have no idea about, you've never felt the betrayal I have, from an illustrative, fantasist perception, imagine forging an arrow, handing it to your child and turning your back for a fraction of a second, only to have that very arrow pierce your shoulderblade and rip through your heart. Our worlds are quite different, evidenced from your modelling shoots, so perhaps consider somebody stealing your lipgloss, or a photographer criticising your poses. Shattering, is it not? I could stand and speak with you for hours about this situation, and I acknowledge that I would be incapable of finding the correct words to describe my situation, the anguish I was sent through without hesitation. I was a sacrifice, bound and gagged, thrown overboard, with zero exception of my name ever being mentioned again. The blood that currently seeps from the cuts across my form, fresh as water from the peak of the mountain, is the correct alignment to address towards my feelings for those who betrayed me. Emotions run ripe within me, my skin shakes with uncontrollable anger, my fists clench to the point my knuckles crack from the pressure I assert, and my fingertips bend to positions that are unnatural. It's quite hypocritical for somebody of your tenure to comment upon things you know little about. As a matter of fact, you signed with this promotion two weeks after my firing. So how dare you have the audacity to cry about how I have not acknowledged your past victories, or bothered to research anything about you besides the point you perhaps may be somewhat clever, and then make your next point stating and ranting, arguing with me over the fact of my firing, when you were not there to witness it. This is without a doubt the most hypocritical thing, frustrating thing, you have presented to me yet. If you're going to become offended at my lack of cares for your win over Kimi Hendrix or whatever she is called, then please, consider that you are firing the same ammunition that I am, the only thing that separates our assertions is that at least I acknowledge I don't much care, as opposed to crying about war whilst steadying your gun. It's the same as this superiority complex you insist that I have. I state I am superior for I know it to be true, through physical dominance, past and present performance, validation I bring to each point I make. I'll happily evidence why I am a superior athlete the moment you step into the battlefield with me, but you simply cannot whine about me asserting such, and then explain how you're smarter than me due to your manipulative ways. About how you hold authority over my intelligence, in comparison to yours. You do not have me stunned or shook, squirming through your points, the more you speak the more length is explored within my yawns, and the more frustration grows within my expression. Claim to be whatever you want Chelsea, just don't call for a foul when I don't acknowledge it with absolute seriousness. You are attempting to rationalise mind games within a competitive sport, such a tactic might work when we are situated in front of our cameras, promoting our strengths and, in your case, multiple weaknesses, but I will state this again, physical domination is going to render your intelligence masquerading as useless. You can play fox all you wish, consider yourself a level above me in terms of qualifications and mental capacity, and I am happy to admit to you I am driven by emotions and lust for retaliation, but the fact of the matter is, you are holding your vehemence against my own, and woefully your water pistol does not fire further than my rifle. ''

'' ''God, I hate to bring up Aria again.'' You're fooling nobody with that statement Chelsea, literally not a single eye batted when you mentioned her name once again. You say it is not your fault I remind you of her, but surely it is, for this is the first time I have ever heard such an astounding thing, and I have competed against far more names than you, and yet a single female or male up to this sole day has failed to mention such. I'm beginning to sketch a theory that you've reached a point of complete and unrestrained delusion. I won't point out the obvious differences between Aria and myself, anybody with vision that is not darkened should be able to figure such things out. We hold close to zero similarities within appearance, personality and speech. She was not raised in Munich, the same is stated for myself and California. The moment you compared me to Aria I contemplated ending my life out of pure amusement, it brought a smile to my face that others have failed to do. I had to take a moment, but then I heard your next point and I really had to contain my laughter. I am making you famous. I am the reason you are in the main event. If not for myself you would be either off the card, or facing the likes of the two women you stated earlier, perhaps close to the main event, but never touching. My name holds more meaning and fear than anything you could muster up whilst facing me on Thursday. People are not purchasing tickets as we speak to witness the undisputed, undefeated Chelsea Crowe work her mental magic against yours truly. It does not work like this. My return spikes ratings. It turns heads and leaves mouths agape. The connotations that lie within each letter of my name hold more relevance and attention than any wordplay or sentence structure you could phrase or state. It is just the truth, you can see my words as deception, or a challenge, take it with offence or with a shrug it makes no difference to me, you ricochet my claims by stating, I'm not here because of you, an then offering little else than a simple decline. When I stress that validation is important to myself, this is a prime example. You are batting away my words by simply shaking your head and plugging your ears, and then you continue to tilt your head with curiosity and wonder why I am not taking you seriously. Individuals purchase tickets to athletic combat to witness competitors such as myself. They do not spend their money to watch you roll on your back as a woman knocks herself unconscious. Conceivably, you make a very fair point. Emotions cloud judgement, they block vision and fog the mind. I am a woman who stated incredibly similar words at one stage of my life. But you also took the words I can use to deflect a pint for me. My emotions can drive me to success, they can surpass a simple, emotionless human mind and restrict access for anybody else, emotions could be the pinpoint, the assurance, that I always hold a competitive, sharpened edge, this thirst I have, this drive and determination, it will send me into a mode of competitiveness that even I am excited for. I have no time for insecurity. I have never once stated I am the reason for my downfall. I would not be establishing the word superiority with my points if I had these conditions attached to my thought process. Nothing you can do shall bring my confidence down. You keep insisting you're a master of deception, something that I have never witnessed before, and then cry impossible when I counter such with my own claims of the unknown. Your speeches are far too inconsistent and conflicting. You hold yourself in a higher position than you do I, you assert rules that you constantly break, but call me out for each and every step I place incorrectly. This constant, repetitive, incongruous speech needs to stop, the absolute peak of your fallacious nature needs to end. You're no trickster, Chelsea, you're just a woman with a bedsheet on pretending to be a ghost. But you do not fool me, perhaps you spooked Aria with your words of wisdom, but I reciprocate with, and I know you adore this word, evidence. I think a key thing that shows how different you and I are, is that when I state something, I back my thoughts up with verification, it's sad I cannot authenticate the same for you. ''

'' I can sympathise with you for one thing, you seem to fail to understand that me addressing myself as the Last Vixen, it is not a gimmick. It is not a catch phrase, neither is it a lifestyle. It's quote genuine and sincere. The truth is Chelsea I do not care for others opinions of me. I am not here to prove to the world I am capable to be a wrestler, that I am well in spirit and can be a functioning member of society. I hold no hope for what people say about me, people say many things, which are conflicting and hypocritical. My ambitions are to massacre those to wronged me. When I say I do not care for them, I do not care for their reactions, their opinions, whatever words they wish to state to me, to defend their actions in firing me. My expression will not change, as I hold my form over them, as I press my knife against their throat and commit a massacre. As the incineration which has grown within me, melting down the barriers of my carcass, flows throughout them and eradicates their insides, blood running from their skin, I will not bat an eye. The fall of my beautiful world, the crashing of the stars, burning against my skin as I was extradited, these are the only feelings I am capable of corresponding to. If people wish to disrespect the future, then I must show them their true reality. I am the Last Vixens World Champion, the cause for revolution and the engineer of change, I will validate myself right within time, I will feel vindicated and refreshed, with each body I beat and submit, hopefully the feeling of ember pressing against my thoughts will dissipate. I never claimed to be adapting, I am reverting, reverting to a time where I was the figurehead, where I was the queen. This world is fuelled by false prophets, and hands orchestrated with narcissism and corruption. I will burn through this world without a doubt in my mind, and shall not cease until I have what is rightfully mine, and all those who wronged me shall never do so again. I wouldn't expect you to understand Chelsea, you are ignorant, and far more concerned with the little picture. A perfect perception of a generic Vixen, not a different breed such as myself. You're an opportunist, I am understanding of this, but these words you use to describe yourself, they hold no weight for what you will experience in the ring. In some cases, the prey will find themselves in a situation to take down the predator, yet on the contrary to this, the amount of times that suffices, when compared to how many times the predators mauls the pray, you then have a more realistic outset for our match, and the result that shall take place within the same point. You maintain that you must be crawling beneath my skin for I continue to reply, yet if I show you a mirror, and explain to you how, you are also also replying to me, you shall shriek and become staggered. You fail to realise the majority of what you say, I could literally repeat every single word and you would feel scandalised and distressed. You believe you are better than me for stating the obvious. Oh, I bet if I mention I am arguing with Sheridan she'll become insecure. Your words do not irritate me, it's the false belief and drive behind it. I believe I mentioned it a day or two ago, your opinions which you hold so highly are heavily misdirected. Maybe the reason I am in the main event is because I whine? Oh Chelsea, if the general manager concerned herself with whining Haruna would be a multiple time World Champion. If they wished to not deal with my temper tantrums, I would not be here right now, they could have easily kept me fired, but they begged me to return, they needed me. I was invited back, they pleaded with me, it was not the other way around. I just hope that you, an employee of two months, come to realise soon that you speak of things you know nothing about. You're under this illusion that, because you have a few wins streaked against your face, you're untouchable, unrivalled, that you're the reason you're at the peak, and just because you've been more attentive and active within this brand as of late, it automatically assures everything you say is automatically correct. You place false personifications and establish constant lies in full confidence, it's unfortunate you fail to see how incorrectly you view me. I believe if anything, having emotions corresponding throughout my system is a positive, it does not hold me back, in the past I have been sheltered, attentive, like a machine and very efficient, but it also withed me from doing what was necessary in certain cases, you cannot alter a plan when in a mode of productivity, I held full confidence at certain times and faltered for it. I had my sights honed on improving those around me, to a competitive standard. These feelings of helping others have faded, dissipated, vanished. There will be no concrete to break the fall of those who I annihilate, only a bottomless pit of irrelevancy, scorched, heated, vanquished. I will liberate my form from xenophobia and embarrassment. I will validate and justify this passion for vengeance that coruscates throughout me. I am engineering and illustrating a future for myself, a world where all bow at my feet, as I drink their blood from a golden chalice. The words improvement, equality, fairness, they do not exist in this world. Emotions may be whirling throughout my head however they also reverberate with every punch, elbow, kick and knee I throw. No pressure more mighty exists than a woman who is scorned. The intensity that my blood flares shall easily disseminate the venom you inflict upon me. ''

Sheridan cocks a brow, her thumb pressing against the button which sends the scene to an end.
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Only one thing that's on my mind stemming from my showing at this past Dynasty. Utter Humiliation, I'm not satisfied how things turned out because I went to Dynasty and I dominated my opposition in short order just to be attacked and been made to look like a bitch who can't even protect himself from a sneak attack from behind. To make matters even worse I was "saved" by a returning guy in Jacob Moore of all people who subsequently stolen my spotlight that I've earned for myself when I won my match in convincing fashion. You know, for years that I've been in this company I have tried and tried and tried as many times as I could to be that top guy that everyone could aspire to be. I've tried to be this guy that shows up, puts on a show and when you leave the arena and if someone asked you "what was your most favorite match, you would automatically tell them that your favorite part of the show was when Ryan Savage has once again beaten his opponent for the night. Instead, when you go home and talk to your buddies, you can tell them that despite the convincing win, Ryan Savage looked completely weak and helpless against a man that has never spoken before in his life to be saved by a guy who is a constant failure in wrestling altogether. From the beginning I have scratched and clawed and did whatever I could to be that top guy, to be that guy that puts on the best matches and have that fire to be on top of the dynasty food chain and being this company's Alpha Male. But if there's anything that this past Dynasty has told me it made me realize this is what my career has been about. A man that can only survive when someone is there to save him when things look bleak and hopeless for me. I'm honestly at a lost for words because I have given my entire life to this place to feel betrayed by the company that I honestly loved so much and the people who buy their tickets and watch the product and when I hear the cheers and the reaction I get from the fans for the longest time I have tricked myself into believing that you all actually cared about me, where I came from and my success but it has become painfully clear that the fans of this company and EAW itself view me as a complete joke because time after time I go out for a match I've been screwed time and time again for things that should have gone my way but it's abdundantly clear that there are a lot of people that have lost faith in me maybe, just maybe that is something that needs to happen to make me wake up and smell the coffee that no one truly cares about Ryan Savage and I should start living for me. I tried to live for others and do things to make other people happy but it's only proven to be a detriment to my career. So, next time you see me on Dynasty you will see more of the same where I'll take off the head of Reginald Dampshaw III. Maybe this is the fire that you all have been waiting for.
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event: thursday night empire | 11/16/2017 edition
promo number: 3
participants: chelsea crowe versus sheridan müller
word count: 4,138 words

scene one:
november 12, 2017 // televised

A camera flash dies. The glare of the camera drains away fast, leaving behind the carefully-constructed lighting that illuminates the schooled expression upon Chelsea Crowe's face. Photoshoots pay moderately well, apparently, and who was she to turn down some extra cash and fame? Besides, the clean backdrop of the studio served as a great contrast to the dark she physically represented. With the session wrapped up, Chelsea allowed herself to relax and turned to the other camera – the one she had been keeping waiting – in order to speak once more about this coming week.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I don't think your armour has deflected my points, Sheridan. In fact, I don't think even you've done a good job at deflecting what I've said. If you left your armour to fend for you, it wouldn't end well, because that armour you wear is as thin as your skin, and even thinner than your arguments against me. Who am I to say that? Someone who sees through all the smokescreens you've thrown up.

I'll give you this though: you've shown you're good at squirming out of the way of some bits of criticism. Except you usually just end up slipping into the path of another bullet of truth after escaping the round before it. Take for example your whole argument that seventy days isn't a long time to be gone. It's true – it isn't a long time. Just over two months wouldn't seem like a stretch of time where everything can change. Although, seventy days can still change a lot. I mean, look at what's happened: people have been fired, one of the top stars has passed away, newcomers are filtering in, and the roles have been switching up. It doesn't matter that you've only been gone for seventy days – that's still seventy days without your finger on the pulse of Empire, watching as everything slowly changes. It's seventy days you spent focussing on yourself and the actions of others aimed at you, instead of looking at how Empire was gradually shifting.

You also have the great talent of putting words in my mouth. At no point did I say I'm the sole reason Empire has 'drastically changed', I was just pointing out the obvious that you can't seem to get: you've never fought me. You haven't even come up against someone like me recently, unless you want to incorrectly compare me to the other “edgy women” of the past that I've already explained I'm nothing like. When I say Empire has changed and I'm a part of that change, it's because I am. I'm a fresh face, I'm someone you have no past experience of, and I'm one of the newcomers who's been getting people talking. You can turn around and dismiss me and my skill all you want, but you can't deny that I've been a force to be reckoned with. And you can't deny that you've never faced me. You might want to go back and listen to what I said, because I never said for certain that I'm “unrivalled in terms of wrestling ability”. I even said you could probably out-wrestle me if you wanted to, if you actually cared enough to put effort in and actually look at me as a threat. What I said was that I'm talented at manipulation, because I've demonstrated that no matter the calibre of my opponent, I can get into their head. I can force them to make mistakes, and you've been doing the same. Making mistakes, making assumptions. Or maybe that's just you not listening. Either way, you've been slipping up.

Chelsea subdues a laugh as she glances off to the side, and then looks back to the camera and continues.

CHELSEA CROWE: “The only proof I have of being a solid athlete and tactician is my win over Aria? You really don't know what you're up against. Ever since I arrived I showed this company what kind of person I am. My first match was against the woman currently in the Women's World title picture, and she was only rescued from my ability due to someone else saving her. I've taken out people using my head, not just a few suplexes in a row. Every match I've been in has displayed my wit and ability, every move I've made and word I've said has demonstrated what I can do. So to stand there and say that there's only one thing that shows the kind of person I am is a lie. And the fact you want to stand by it shows how delusional you are. How unprepared you are. Do I just bring up that one win? Perhaps. But it's the most recent example, and it's the best to show that no matter how 'talented' you think you are compared to me, I can still get the better of you. Besides, it's not like you've put in any effort to look back at all the other matches I've had and all the other things I've done to demonstrate my skills. I'm not your babysitter – you should at least do your own work.

You've never claimed to be an unstoppable beast, but you're acting like it. You can throw out losses to try and make yourself look humble, but they don't matter when you then go on to claim complete superiority. Because in this match, you're acting like I don't stand a chance. You're ignoring the things I've done that I haven't spoken about, and that's what'll screw you over. Hell, you're not even really acknowledging the things I've told you I can do, so those will ruin you too. If I believed you were an unstoppable beast, I wouldn't have brought up all your failures, but I didn't say that you think or you are untouchable – I said you act like you are in this moment, despite every downfall you've suffered. Going off about how you don't think you're untouchable and then claiming your career to be “unparalleled” doesn't make sense. “Unparalleled” implies that you're exceptional, you're above every other person, that you're practically untouchable in comparison to others. Your career isn't “unparalleled”, it's flawed. Just like everyone else's. Even I'll admit that my career isn't perfect, nor do I need to make it out to be to stand a chance against you. But you, you can just keep going on about how exceptional your career is – all it's going to do is make the fall so much harder for you to take on Thursday.

You're probably capable of showing intelligence, I won't deny that – you just haven't done a good job of it so far. You also don't show a lot of awareness, because if you did, you'd know that my whole argument against Aria was that she wasn't untouchable. And I proved that. So no, I've never argued that I'm some 'David' figure slaying the unbreakable 'Goliath'. I just recognised that I'm a newcomer who beat the Women's World Champion by outwitting her, and if you don't see that as even a bit of a threat, then you're blind. Especially since you want to stand there and argue that you're a superior athlete, someone who is far beyond me. And people who paint themselves as better than me usually get dragged back down to earth. I'm not just talking about champions either. I'm talking about people who thought they were morally better than me in the case of Kimi Hendrix, people who thought they were athletically better than me like Sydney St. Clair, and people who thought they were intellectually better than me like pretty much every person who tried to tell me I'd fail.

You aren't honed to the point of no mistake, because you've made plenty of mistakes. You're not a machine, you're a person, and you have downfalls just like everyone else. You tell me not to compare you to anyone else, but I have to because you're making the same mistakes my past opponents have. Stephanie Matsuda criticised my style, and saw me as nothing but an edgy, attention-seeking slut, even when I tried to keep things focussed on our in-ring abilities. Sydney St. Clair and Kimi Hendrix saw me as too full of myself, as someone who hyped up her mind games a bit too much. And you know what our Women's World Champion had to say about me: I was just a newcomer, I didn't understand the kind of opposition I was up against, I wasn't able to get under her skin. I made all of them eat their words. So if you want to be seen as a truly different breed, don't make the same mistakes as them. Oh, but wait...it's too late.

That trademark smirk returns.

CHELSEA CROWE: “If you think the only way to prove you're a changed woman is by standing face-to-face with me in that ring, then you're failing to realise the power of your own actions and words. Do you know how you could have shown everyone that you were different, that this 'Last Vixen' shit wasn't just German Efficiency 2.0? By moving on. By burying the past six feet under and focussing on the future. Instead, all you've done is make constant reference to your past lifestyle that's supposedly dead, and aired your grudges for everyone to see. You decided not to change. On Empire, you very well could come out a different woman. But considering how much you've relied on dried-out bad blood to fuel you upon returning, I wouldn't count on it too much. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I'm yet to see any real evidence of change beyond your own words. And I've already shown people how little weight they hold.

Let me hammer that point through your thin armour though, because I know you enjoy acting as if my sharp truths mean nothing. The very fact you have to argue against me and try to invalidate my words shows you haven't forced me down into irrelevancy, so try again. And what do you mean I have no evidence against you to show that I'm a threat? I have you contradicting and over-explaining yourself, I have you chomping at the bit to respond to me whilst I sit back and relax, and I've got you constantly claiming that I'm barely anything compared to your “superior” self. The fact you have to say I'm nowhere near your league, despite the fact that you just admitted you know barely anything about me and the fact you've never fought me shows that you see me as a threat. You're trying to convince everyone and yourself that this match is all yours, but dragging me down won't do that. You can stand there and say you value me as little more than a body to destroy, but really, I don't care about that. I already told you that you can do what you want to me physically. It's valuing me as a mind that you should be doing. Because yeah, you may be better than me in terms of physicality, but in terms of brains, I'm much more than something you can break with ease.

God, I hate to bring up Aria again, but it's not my fault you're beginning to bear even more similarities to her. For someone who says she's a different breed, you sure do like sharing similar traits and flaws with other people. You're making me famous, right? You're the reason I'm going into a main event? Funny, because Aria said she was going to make me famous too. And I'll say the same thing I said to her: you won't make me famous, because I won't let you. Do you think it intimidates me, hearing you say you're the only reason I'm here in this match? It doesn't. It just gives me more reason to show you why you're absolutely wrong. See, you can say that your superior skills are going to outshine me, and that I'm just here to be fed to you, but I see that as a challenge. Even more than that, I see it as you underselling me. Again – what a surprise. I'm all for a good ego, but to stand there and say I'm only here because of you is deluded.

You don't have anything to measure against me. You've been away for what, two months? That's two months of crying, like you admitted. Two months of feeling betrayed, bitter, angry, and then finally finding some strength from it all. Only you don't know how good that 'strength' is. This is your first match back, so what do you have to measure how strong your new-found strength is? Nothing. Just your own beliefs, which will obviously be biased. Who knows, maybe those emotions you felt will drive you to success. You know what else emotions can do? They can cloud your head. They can be taken advantage of.

The fact you're relying on this betrayal from management, the fans, and the locker room is easy to manipulate. You want to make them realise how much of a force you are, and so you'll do anything to prove that. You'll become desperate, those feelings of insecurity and despair you felt after your firing will come back, and then I can come in and stomp on the pieces before you can pick them up. What happens when you realise, “oh shit, this girl is as clever as she said she was”, what happens when I do something unexpected like I've done in pretty much all my other matches? You'll get scared. Because, Sheridan, you may be a very dominant force. But even lions, bears, and the fiercest animals can be cornered. They can be killed.

A pause.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Don't you realise you just showed yourself evidence as to why I am as clever as I say I am? I make people underestimate me. I even did it to you, and you're still playing into it all. I drew you out. You thought to yourself “this is going to be so easy, I just need to insult her appearance, call myself superior, and say she's irrelevant compared to me”. And look what happened. I snapped back, I showed you up for how shallow you were being. Now you're still trying to recover. But the damage has been done. I lured you out into a vulnerable place, I made you think it was going to be simple, and then I bit back. And now that poison's running through your veins with all that ice you pride yourself on, and it'll be your end.

You like to think of yourself as a strategist, an unrivalled tactician? How come you lost the 24/7 Contract battle royal, a match where you would need to be a master tactician to survive? How come you failed to do much of anything outside of Empire? Surely a master strategist would have a plan in mind and wouldn't leave 'her show' only to return with nothing. Maybe you do have the ability to strategise, but calling yourself a master? There's little recent proof that you've shown that can prove that. Me, I've proven that I have more than a little bit of tactical skill in every single match I've had. You can laugh at my methods, but they work. And that's all you need to know. I wouldn't be scoffing at anyone if I were in your very fragile position, but I guess you're just so above everyone that you can do that, right? You don't need to take anyone seriously.

Though really, you're in no position to mock me when you came out of the gate stumbling. The very first speech you made this week has been more than enough to pull apart at the strings of your claims, and you just keep pointing out more and more loose threads for me to tug at. “I'm not focussed on anyone else, I don't care for others,” you say after opening this week with a monologue about how much you dislike people that don't matter in the grand scheme of things, and then barely even focus on your match for this week. And this formula has been used every time you open your mouth, with the exception of you now actually addressing me by name. You've blamed everyone else for your superior lifestyle failing, and you're back here in EAW because you want to spit in the face of management and anyone who's disrespected you. Then you want to turn around and say you don't care about anyone else? You even admitted that your whole Last Vixen crusade is driven by the need for revenge against other people. So give me the actual truth so I can stop repeating myself, because I hate sounding like a broken record – I despise sounding like you.

You want to come at me for being unoriginal when you're the one reusing your old gig and naming it after a brand identity EAW got rid of a year ago? Pathetic. You can use any justification you want, but it doesn't take away from the fact you're sipping off the blood of a dead era. You're not adapting, because you fear change. You fear it so much you want to go back to the past. And then you want to live in this fantasy where you're the protagonist, the hero coming in to save us all from whatever tyranny you want to pull out of your arse. Well hun, I've never lived in a fantasy world. I'm not like those people who think they're superior to everyone else just because they talk a certain way or do certain things. I've always had my feet planted on the ground, and if I've been knocked down, my hands have been there to steady me. Because I'm aware of everything around me. I don't look into the sky and get ahead of myself like you have.

In the background, a few studio workers shift around various pieces of equipment. Chelsea gifts them a malicious glance before going back to the matter at hand.

CHELSEA CROWE: “The fact you care about appearance shows how vapid you are, and how all-over-the-place your priorities are. Guess what? You beating me in terms of appearance won't mean anything in our match. Now, you topping  me in terms of physicality and mentality...I've already said what I have to say there. You see me as just prey, as something easy to pick off and tear apart. But the prey adapts. It evolves to the point that it can evade the predator, and me? I've evolved enough to find myself on a winning streak early in my EAW career. I haven't gotten here by charging through the competition, I'll admit to that. But I have gotten here by using every single opportunity that's come my way. I'm the prey, but that's not a weakness. It just means I can lure you in, as I've done, and then celebrate in your failure when I'm done showing you up.

But I don't even need to get in that ring to show you up, because I feel like I'm doing a pretty damn good job at it now. I'll repeat what I said before: if what I'm saying is so dry, so meaningless, then why bother trying to counter it all? Why construct arguments against what I've said if it's so misjudged? Why jump in with another redundant speech just to try and save face? Your actions go against what you say. Instead of dismissing me with a few words, you're speaking at length against me – and you're still not covering your arse well. The fact I can stand here and still go at you and every crack you've shown shows that you're not doing a good job at hiding your weaknesses. Meanwhile, what do you have to say to me? That I'm just repeating myself? Perhaps if you didn't make the same mistakes, I wouldn't need to make the same points. Maybe if you didn't keep up this badly-made façade that you're superior, I wouldn't have to continually try to rip away your armour with the same points you wish that armour could deflect.

You even admitted that what I'm saying irritates you, it gets under your skin. So why would I stop when I'm doing exactly what I want to do?

Maybe the reason you're in the main event is because you'd whine if you were anywhere else on the card, and management's already had to deal with you before. They don't want any more temper tantrums. But no, why are you in the main event, why are you even back? It's not because Empire needs you. It's because it knows you're talented. Because behind all this mixed signals crap you're throwing out, you are a talented performer. You have done a lot for this show, this division, maybe even this company. That doesn't mean Empire needs you. Consider yourself a nice bonus – you don't need to be here, but the fact you are doesn't hurt Empire. It also helps that you're one of the most hated people to have stepped into an EAW ring, so of course they'd bring you back and shove you into the spotlight again. Any publicity is good publicity, and putting Sheridan Müller in a main event after everything that happened? That's going to draw in even more people on top of what Empire was already getting. But don't let that fool you into thinking this show needs you. You might think you can revive your old career, but you don't need to try and revive Empire, because it never died.

An uncharacteristically light sigh escapes Chelsea's lips, and a smile grows upon her face. She almost looks genuine. Almost.

CHELSEA CROWE: “And finally, we get to your heartfelt speech. Nice story. I'm actually glad you explained all of that to me, because it just made me realise how much more whiny your recent stuff has sounded. It made me realise that no matter what you say, you do put too much weight into what people think of you. You may think of yourself as the protagonist, but I see you as the side character that got rejected by their friends and then turned into the antagonist out of spite. You've achieved so much, and you still want to cry about people killing your superior lifestyle and not celebrating you. A stronger woman wouldn't give a fuck. A woman of a different breed would survive whatever conditions were thrown her way. A superior woman wouldn't get hung up on pointless grudges. You can throw your “woe is me” BS at me, talk about how hard your life is, but it's the truth. If you were as superior as you think you are, you wouldn't need to be driven by emotions and revenge, because you wouldn't give a damn about anyone else. You'd just be fuelled by your own selfish need to succeed – it's what I do.

You know, you're right: the past you and the Last Vixen are different. Because the past you was strong enough to win awards, establish divisions, and spread your name despite what people thought of you. The Last Vixen? She's a weakened version of what you wish you could be again. You're clinging onto the past because you know how strong you were back then, and you want to be like that now. Only you know you can't be, since all those emotions are going through your head, and that need for revenge is stopping you from realising how untouchable you actually could be. You got stung hard, and now you're dazed and ready to be taken advantage of. You've gone delirious, and it's only a matter of time before that vulnerability that you're masquerading as strength will be your end.

You didn't return to lose? I didn't come to EAW to fail. To say you have little to lose is a sign of your delusion, when you know full well what's on the line. If you had nothing to lose, then you wouldn't be saying your motivations are going to be fucked if you do fail this Thursday. Well, get ready to fail. Get ready to be forced to adapt, because against me, it won't be an easy job. And when you taste defeat upon returning to the show you made, it definitely won't be easy to recover. You think you can backtrack and throw hollow compliments my way? Not working, hun. You sealed your fate the moment you let your guard down, and now all the armour in the world won't save you from the venom coursing through your veins.

Chelsea smirks and steps off of the pristine white photography set, as the scene fades to black.
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Empire 04

'' I am without a shadow of doubt, the hardest working individual this continent has ever laid eyes upon. The moment I illustrated my signature across the lines instilled within my contract, I came into Elite Answers Wrestling with compassion, resolve and determination. Attributes and personality traits that no other male or female can claim, through the most compact of whispers, or the most frightening of bellows, that they have matched. From an aerobic endurance viewpoint it would be fallacious to state anybody can match me. I am five feet, seven inches of sculpted, flawless, golden haired athlete. I am the personification of domination, superiority and command. A phenomenon, a once in a lifetime athlete and I prove this every single night when I slide betwixt the ropes, and vanquish all who stand before me. My lips are curved with a smile of confidence, drooling from the shape of my pouted pair and sketched within my skin. My fingertips clutched against my palm, gloves pressing against the length of my hand. I deconstruct an opponent with technical ascendancy, authority which is unrivalled within this sport. My opponent claims that her mind will match my physical prowess, my somatic demand that I address within the ring that few have answers for, and it's all well and good stating and asserting such a point whilst relaxed within your home. I am unsure of if Chelsea shall be able to handle the pressure of sharing and performing in a wrestling battle against someone of my prestige, somebody of my honed ability, talent of athletic excellence that, across the four continents I have performed across, nobody can deny is scented and powerful. Now that I ponder across this point, I believe she severely underestimates and holds no light to my intelligence. She acts as if I am all muscle, as if I am a bulldozer incapable of turning upon my heel, a monster who is shortsighted and can be taken down with tactical ease. This is not the case, I am not like any other female she has come across, I am sure she will state the same however there's a margin of difference between saying these things after two months of being beneath the Elite Answers Wrestling banner, and pressing your heels into the ground for two years. I am a revolutionist, I believe it is worth acknowledging this point to rationalise that I am indeed more intelligent than Chelsea demands of me. I entered this promotion with a plan, a plan to revolutionise the world and change how female athletes are personified throughout the harsh lens of the critics. With sunlight blistering my skin, bruises flashing across my carcass, I illustrated blueprints into the confines of my skin, and delivered on my promises. I am an engineer of change, a woman with more to offer to the battlefield than muscle, as a matter of fact, I consider my intelligence my strongest component. I managed to outmanoeuvre an entire corporate branch, individuals who had set aside their differences, aimed their bows and placed multiple shots upon my back. They considered me dead, eradicated, extradited from the promotion, where they would no longer have to deal with my arrogance, my attitude, my athletic ability. I triumphed their imperialism, as the rubble and mud fell over my coffin, I punched and kicked through the barren, hardened wood of my shell and revitalised my soul, my body. I bought a knife to the throats of authority, the imperialism which had left me feeling sorry for myself, and I slit without a moment of hesitation, as blood ran from their throats, across the blade I had just pressed against their skin, a thirst for vengeance and revenge ran rampant throughout me. Shaking my skin, boiling my blood, making my fingernails find my palms and pressing with such a force as to leave permanent scars. I am a tactician, a strategist, I deploy myself in the worst of situations, snarky, murderous conditions and yet vanquish without a trace of defeat upon my form. I have outlasted and beaten most, if not all credible names throughout the female sex, and yet you attempt to justify your wits and intelligence to me with one incident, across the spectrum of a few months, if not weeks. It really is a poor game plan for you Chelsea, I must admit, you claim all these things, that you are an artist of the canvas, that you are going to psychologically break me down, bend me to my limits before annihilating my form and continuing your hot streak of dominance, and yet, I do not find myself threatened. You act in shock as I expose your lack of talent, your lack of evidence to influence the words you are stating, but to me it is just the obvious. You are inflating a balloon that you do not have the air for. Your cheeks are flush with tiredness, red with frustration, and instead of bringing maximum efficiency to said balloon, it continues to deflate in front of your very eyes, and yet you portray this as an achievement, as an accomplishment in which I should stagger back from and become in a state of fright. My name is a physical and mental endurance for some individuals, their stomach turns the moment they hear it, they wake up in anguish at my name, hoping to deliberately never cross my path again. I am much more than a catchphrase, far more than a simple lifestyle in which I personified myself upon, I am personality fuelled with arrogance, a woman who will never acknowledge your positives even if you flashed them in front of my face, and hit me upon the nose with them until it bled with black blood. I do not believe you're incompetent Chelsea, and for a second I consider that you could be the hardest challenge I have ever faced, and if we were basing my opinions on your speeches alone it would be portrayed as such. I don't doubt you whatsoever, but I just have the utmost confidence in my own abilities. I have agendas, motivations, and points that I will continue to outmanoeuvre and work overtime to achieve, my fingers do not rest, my lips do not twitch, my form shall not stop working, the mechanical engineering flowing throughout my system shall not end until I have anticipated, achieved and calculated what I need to do and perform such to efficient fruition. I was wronged against, and you could consider it that I am here whining and complaining about such, yet I feel no tears welling within my eyes, I am far past that point. I do not feel discriminated against to the point of complaint, I feel as if I have been pushed to a point, a point of little return, and I will not stop climbing and clawing until all those who pushed at my back before I feel over the edge of the plank, are piled up, tyrannised and vanquished, lifeless from my touch. Little annoys me more than incompetence, and it is unfortunate that beyond yourself, so many upon our brand are fuelled to the brim by it, as if whilst I drink the most nutritious of drinks, they are splashing around in a pool of absolute cancer, portraying their views to a brick wall and drinking in this fluid that permanently shuts down their thoughts of improvement. Their stability irks me, their speech frustrates me. I grow rife and vindicated with every word you, or another states. As a visionary, I pictured a world much better than the conditions we currently perform in, and whilst I exceeded in demands and did what was asked of me, others fell flat on their faces, but did not mind as they had this arrogance that being content was acceptable. As my lifestyle peaked, as I held the throne, zero motivation ran through others, instead of relying on their talents and abilities, they ignited gang warfare, turned the lights black and pressed me off my peak and into the shallow depths below. When you state I consider myself better than those around me, I find it hard to deny such for it is the truth. I am better on a physical, mental and performance level. Through endurance to individualistic thoughts I am superior, and I shall rationalise such a point when you and I soon meet in the ring. There is a reason I am considered more arrogance than most, more hated and thought of as intolerable. My emotions have escalated and strengthens, my eagerness and appetite to deliver fatal massacres to those who contributed to my fall into darkness has charged and fortified with passion and rage. I did not return to lose, Chelsea, if I fell at the first hurdle I am unsure of how such would affect my lonely convictions. You are not meeting a champion, you are battling, messing with a woman who has very little to lose. An individual whose reputation stretches and develops with every passing moment. Erratic and bouncing with desperation to prove, yet a lack of care to perform. I hold no mercy for women like you, I have zero aspirations to nurture you and invite you to my perfect world. I am stripping and decimating every last touch of my perfect reality, your name has the unfortunate illustration of being the first I subjugate. ''
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The House (Doesn’t) Always Wins

Finally. No more pussy hats. No more Scarlet. No more “You gotta yell about privilege! It’ll be funny!” And best of all, no more trying to play nice. I’m done with forcing a smile when I get beaten over and over. I don’t care about being “popular” anymore. That little fresh-faced girl who came in with nothing but a dream to succeed in the big leagues? She’s gone. The old must burn to make way for the new.
So all of you in the EAW universe must be wondering something. What made lovable ol’ Daisy finally snap? What made her drop her best friend like a hot potato? Well I’ll answer the second question first. It’ll take much less time. Allow me to pull back the curtain a bit. I’ve seen Scarlet train. It was obvious that she’ll never be able to match up with the rest of the roster. So what does she do? She latches onto someone with more potential. Like a big, disgusting leech. Naturally, I did what anyone with a leech attached to them would do. I kicked the bitch to the curb. Now she’s Mallory’s problem. I almost feel bad for her. Almost.
As to what made me snap, that’s easy. I realized something. I realized the true nature of who really holds the power not only on Empire but every other brand. The EAW Board of Directors. A group of men who want nothing more than to shove each and every one of their wrestlers into a box regardless of what these wrestlers actually want. And then, just to make themselves even more evil, they gaslight and brainwash us to love our tiny boxes and never fight back. As for my evidence, let me take you on a quick journey through my EAW history. There I was making my debut on NEO. Of course I win my first match. My naive self never saw that the Board had already started their brainwashing. They did a truly insidious thing: they gave me hope. It was that hope that turned me into their puppet. I took multiple losses because of that hope. I went along with a stupid ass idea to turn my feminism into a mockery because of that hope. Just like that I was trapped like a rat in their box. Doing nothing but looking for the next win blissfully unaware that I was in a prison. Well, I chewed myself out of that box and I felt freedom for the first time. Now I’m ready to set all the rats free and burn down the whole damn system. That is, except for the ones that see the prison and choose to stay. My fans, my true fans, you know I’m right. You must see what’s going on too. It isn’t just going on behind the scenes. Take Aria Jaxon, for example. She knows as long as she keeps kissing the asses of Tarah Nova and the Board through her, she’ll keep her nice shiny trinket and stay on top. Meanwhile, I didn’t get anything but crumbs until I marched out there and demanded Tarah Nova to give me what I deserved. It’s not about “hard work” or whatever. It’s all politics. Hell, look at Chris Elite. This guy saw the writing on the wall when it comes to one Ryan Adams. Once he got that contract though, suddenly he’s all buddy-buddy with the guy that a couple of weeks ago was dead set on ruining his career. It doesn’t matter how many little victories we get. The house always wins.
Which brings me to my opponent for this week. One that certainly knows all about the house advantage. Yasmin Hyland was once a cog in the machine that is Las Vegas. And once she managed to get herself free, what does she do? She becomes the house. She sits atop her mountains of money and laughs at all the people that she cons into losing their hard-earned cash. Her casinos are just like being in EAW. Once in awhile you get all the flashing lights and sounds and it makes you feel so good inside. People will chase that feeling even if it leads them to ruin. And Yasmin Hyland is all too happy to take advantage of that. Which is why it’s fitting for her to be the very first one to fall to the new Daisy Thrash. And you Yasmin will fall. I’m not playing a game of chance; there’s no dice to roll or hands to play. Furthermore I won’t simply defeat Yasmin. I will destroy her until there is nothing left. I will burn her kingdom to the ground. Let the Board consider that a warning. I will scratch and claw my way to the top no matter what you try to throw at me. I will take your precious Women’s Championship. Then I will walk away with that gold around my waist while EAW goes up in flames. And it all starts Thursday. The Queen will meet the guillotine.
Post on November 12th 2017, 10:43 am by Shackleford
*scene opens to a makeshift home cinema made using a bed sheet and projector*

On the way to the ring, Mr CT and Ross Shackleford...The North South Divide.

*Screen shows a few successful bouts, then the screen changes*

The Cavalry, leaving absolute destruction in their path. The numbers game a real factor here. Can anyone stop them?

*Screen shows highlights of the destruction of The Cavalry. Shows a group shot and fades everyone out bar Storm Lightning and Ross Shackleford*

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Foreeeiiigggnn Prophecyyy!!

*Screen shows highlights from bouts with sex and violence, sons of Mayhem, Mutiny and team burial. Shows them both holding titles. Fades out Storm.*

Number one contenders match for any championship on Dynasty!!! The winner earns themselves an opportunity at any title, any time, Anywhere.

*Scene shows Shacklefords victory*

He's done it! The Prophecy has come true!! This is his chance at the big time!!

*Screen shows the Prince of Phenomenal laughing*

The winner of the match between POP and Ross Shackleford will win the opportunity at any championship on Dynasty

*Screen shows the back and forth of the match, close three counts and submissions.
Screen shows POPs victory*

And there goes Ross Shackleford, leaving here completely empty handed. I wonder what's next for him.

*Screen fades to black. A few seconds pass and then the screen erupts with colour and fanfare*

Some of you may not remember me, it's been a while. But I am Shackleford, and I've unfinished business here in EAW.

*Shows Shackleford NEO victories and big hits*

Five years ago I left humbled and humiliated. I'm here to rewrite the history books.

*Shows Shacklefords more high profile moments on NEO*

The Face that runs the Place!
Prophecy Fulfilled!

*Shows the NEO Frontline package for Revenant Vs Shackleford*

The winner of the match will earn a contract to the main roster.
The Vigilante Vs The Prophet

*Highlights of the match, finally Shacklefords victory and his departure from the arena, bloodied and elated. Screen goes black, Shackleford steps infront of the screen, the lighting showing the features of his face*

Fate is a fickle mistress. It doesn't matter how certain you are that now is the time, the moment she decides against that your fighting a losing battle. But she can also be kind. Take a moment away from you that will empower you to come back stronger and make sure there is no confusion that now is YOUR time.

*Opening to Dynasty plays on the screen over Shacklefords face as he smiles*

You can't wrestle with Destiny. You can only follow it. The last time I was drafted from development I went to Dynasty. It will always hold a place in my heart. The Prophet returns home. On the flagship show. Where he belongs.

Stay tuned

*Screen fades to black with an advert for next week's dynasty*
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Post on November 11th 2017, 11:10 pm by Cody Marshall

Look who the cat dragged in.

Axl Willow, long time no see. I hope you enjoyed your time beating up on those B-List stars down on NEO, 'cause I'm about to give you a very painful welcome back to the A-Show. I see you're back to your first marks, as we say in show biz. You and I locked up in your very first match in EAW, and yeah, you beat me. I'm sure you'll bring that up a good 20 times if you even work up the intestinal fortitude to respond. What you'll forget to mention is that I needed a goddamn five count to win that match because Damien Murrow's bitch ass had it out for me. That motherfucker knew I was coming for his job, he knew I had the support of the EAW Universe, and he was scared shitless. So week after week, he'd throw roadblocks in my way, and I'd defeat 'em all.

Until you came along, Axl. You beat my ass and I went the way of Mel Gibson and Seann William Scott.

I knew something had to give. What do you do when shit ain't working out for ya? You reinvent yourself. My patriotic routine got stale a long time ago, and I just got burnt the fuck out. I watched as the cheers turned to boos and I went from locking horns with the likes of Ryan Marx to curtain jerking with the likes of Shaker Jones. So I knew I needed a spark to get going again.

I've always been an angry son of a bitch, but that string of losses that started with Axl Willow led me down a dark, dark path. What I did and said to El Ironico was fucked up even for this fucked up business. And in the back of my mind, I think I realized that. One day I drove back to my hometown of Cattle Lake, Texas, to visit my mother for her birthday. In fact, you can watch the highlights of that day on the EAW Network! So, it turned out my brother Jason had the same idea. See, Jason was an Assistant Director on this FOX buddy cop comedy pilot called Bad Cops. And Danny McBride was supposed to play Sergeant Mark Anderson, everyone's favorite wisecracking, doughnut-loving sex addict. But then McBride had to do this Vice Principals show and he dropped out, so they needed a new actor to fill the role. So Jason said I had the perfect look for it, he asked me if I'd be interested, I told him hell yeah. I came in to audition for the producers and they said I quote-unquote "nailed it", and a day later I had a contract in my hands and a billboard baring my face.

That day, Jason also announced that he was a member of THE GAY COMMUNITY. Because of this, I have worked to reduce my use of the word "faggot" from an average of 14 times per promo to only 3.

If nothing else, I hope whoever's watching this can get a few laughs out of it.

Of course, taking a look at Axl Willow's ugly mug would give you the same effect. Axl, you ain't gonna start your time on Voltage off on high note. Not even close. I've got my shot at redemption tomorrow night. Everything's come full circle. Just as it was six months ago, tomorrow night it's Axl Willow vs. Cody Marshall. But this time you ain't gonna steal a win, Axl. You're gonna have to call 'cut' on your career once I'm done with you. Or maybe get a body double to take all your bumps for ya.

Axl, let me tell you what I'm gonna do to you tomorrow night. I'm gonna rain down on you with a Titanic onslaught of the most painful moves you've ever experienced. You better hope you get Saved By The Bell 'cause I ain't backin' down one bit. Never have in my Lifetime. You're gonna wish you were 17 Again and you chose a different career, instead of being the most pathetic excuse of a wrestler EAW has ever seen! If they made a movie about your life they'd call it Superbad, 'cause you fucking suck and there ain't no other way to say it. They call you the Unfit Dynasty 'cause you looked like you never touched a weight in your lifetime. You look like the type of guy who reads Hitlon Perez and TMZ to try to get dirt on A-Listers like me, and comments on gossip blogs writing gay TLA fanfiction. You look like The 40-Year-Old Virgin meets Forrest Gump, and I'm being fucking generous with ya right now. You look like your favorite song is It's Raining Little Boys. You look like Kevin Spacey's "personal assistant".

You look like, act like, and are a total fucking loser. Tomorrow night's your curtain call, pal. But for me it's just opening night of what's gonna be an incredible fucking run. God, it feels good to be A-List.

That's a wrap, motherfuckers.

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Post on November 11th 2017, 11:09 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 76: Chat Shit, Get Banged

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

Click to view analytics:

"“I took the basic template that is Deadpool and moulded the rest of the Ryan Wilson show into my own thing.” Did you though? Is that what you call it? Because from the outside looking in, it doesn’t look like you’ve moulded it into your own identity at all. It just looks like you took the character of Deadpool and changed the name from Wade Wilson to Ryan Wilson and donned a different suit. My, how creative you are. When you’ve taken every mannerism of the character but change its name, it doesn’t make it a completely fresh idea, it’s merely recycled. And poorly at that. I don’t know how many people you think point you out and go “wow, what a creative and original act that Ryan Wilson has”, but I assure you it is a drastically lower number than you think. I know people have pointed you out and said “Man, what an annoying Deadpool parody”, and I know it because I am one of the many. Let’s not pretend this is a genius act that you’ve come up with that has a lot of layers to it -- it’s just copy and paste Deadpool with a tweak or two. I have exposed every fallacy, every bit of faulty reasoning you have on the subject, and it doesn’t change a thing. You’re a novice playing dress up, and the proof behind that has been piling up for months now. You haven’t been called up because you’re some social media dynamo, or charismatic speaker or even if we’re being honest all that talented as a wrestler -- you simply did your time on NEO and someone had to take you and Azrael. The chips just happened to land on Voltage. You have brought the Ryan Wilson show to the set of the El Ironishow (guest starring Finnegan Wakefield) and I can assure you that you’re not being as warmly received. But since you claim to enjoy crafting and creating, we’re coming up to that time of year when you can ditch the stale tribute act and come into the new year with a fresh coat of paint. With your own identities for a change. Because your gimmicks might have been shit hot when the standards were much lower on NEO, but now it’s time to put on your collective big boy pants and adapt to the new environment you find yourselves in. Because if you walk these halls trying to step on toes and annoy the hungry animals while they are out of their cage, your time on Voltage will not be a pleasant one or one with longevity.

In all honesty, my patience has been worn too thin to care whether or not you both decide to keep walking this path. If you both wish to choose to continue being mediocre parodies of comic book characters, by all means, continue as it is no skin off my nose. Just know when it comes to facing the best this company has to offer, these acts won’t cut the mustard. If you both desire to fall at the feet of the elite, keeping this idiotic mentality is pretty much par for the course. Once again, I am not underestimating yourself or Azrael, you both just underperform. If you both have been hiding some kind of secret skills that you haven’t shown us yet, I would've expected you to do so now seeing as you’re trying to make a good first impression. Although you’ve stepped up your game an iota, Wilson, your partner hasn’t. He’s still talking about god knows what, in a dialect impossible to comprehend to the human race and a logic to match. If your motive is solely because you’re here to solely have fun, you’re not going to go all that far. It is not like Ironico or myself are against the idea of having fun, quite the opposite actually. Hell, this team was formed for the sole idea of having fun while collaborating, moving forward and not looking back. We share pints, play some parlor games, hell we can play a very competitive game of soccer. This business would be very monotonous if we didn’t have our fair share of fun along the way, but we know when it’s time to flick that switch. I’ll even admit to have at one point thought the same things about Ironico as I had thought about you. I thought he was just a silly neerdowell who is merely treading water. I thought he was here to simply rub people the wrong way. The key difference between the two of you and him though? He proved me wrong. He showed me some damn impressive fighting spirit, some drive and some ambition and when it comes to partners, I don’t think I could have paired with anyone better.

When it comes to the teams we’ve faced, including Di Consentes, you both just aren’t on par with the teams we’ve faced up to this point. We’ve faced some of the best wrestlers on this roster, former and current champions alike, and now we’re kind of just scrapping the bottom of the Tag Team Grand Prix barrell for what is left. It’s not a very impressive scrapping, but who knows, you might surprise us. Beating us though is an impossibility, as we’ve got all the drive in the world to continue showing the world that We Are The Bollocks are the future Tag Team Champions of the World. We’ve been looked down on, but we’ve gone out of our way to prove every naysayer wrong. Basically, a loss this week is out of the question and the realm of possibility. We’ve seen what is beyond the horizon and it has lured us in. So since the two of you are so asphyxiated with our nationality, allow me to share an English saying with the both of you as a form of advice, something that both Ironico and myself believe in. Chat shit, get banged. And Ironico and I, we don’t chat shit, we don’t even chat bollocks. We ARE The Bollocks!"
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Post on November 11th 2017, 10:35 pm by Irónico
Well ain't this a change of pace?

In the Grand Pricks we didnae quite manage to summit the mountain. But we did drag ourselves just high enough to catch a new view. It's all a bit like being a young 'un again. Swinging pissed on the jungle gym. Papi calls out, "Don't look down". Of course you do, don't you? Like a stupid cunt. It is irónico, but within uno momento, a single moment of hearing the warning you do exactly what you were warned not to. Throughout everything, We Are The Bollocks were sticking by a simple philosophy. Keep moving forward. Don't look back. Don't look down. It matters for nowt how far we have come and were we started. And I tells yous what, it was nae a fucking bad idea laditos. We were nae always pretty, and we may have had a wee bit more jam than Hartleys, but we defied the odds and went further than any old barmy cunt gave us half a chance to do. But now things have changed. Like the twazooks that we are, we're looking down now and seeing two hungry chavos climbing up after us. Now that change in perspective gets to yer. Like a heady drink on a merry-go-round it gets you a wee bit dizzy. And a wee bit unsteady because we knows it only take uno slippo and we could be tumbling right back to where we started. So as you can imagine now there's a wee bit of tension. There's a bit of edge in our game because now that we have set the bar, we have to defend it and that is unfamiliar territory, certainly for I. No more jumpers for goalposts. No more friendly kick-abouts. We're here to establish ourselves as World Class athletes and that means that the strikes have got to be stiffer than the pints, if you knows what I mean. Finn understands. Of course he does, he's got the pedigree. He's always been a little bit by the book. But he knows exactly when to turn the screw and go on the offense. That is why he's the New breed Champion. We're not gonny let a single loss slow down all of the fine momentum that we have picked up. We have gotten all of the disappointment out of our system now and if you're thinking this is the best time to catch us at are worst then you are dead wrong, laditos. We're coming out of the gates swinging. We're counter attacking like it's a cup final. And all the venom and spicy cusses coming out of Finn's mouth is just the begging or it.

I'll give you chicos your due, when it comes to chin wagging at least, you give out as good as you get. Honestly, I think av just met the bastards with the loudest voices av ever heard. You don't have a tag team name yet does you? May I suggest the Klaxon Kids, or the actual human foghorns because if you keep this lark up, they'll be using your shit talking to navigate the Black Pearl out the Bermuda Triangle. I can respect that though. I can respect the kind of mouthy git who chats shit just knowing that he'll probably get banged for it. The kind of scallie who just canny resist getting the last word in, In a funny way yous remind me of the Young Bollocks way back when before we had even dropped. Pubeless. Just about starting to make our way in this strange old cunt they call EAW. But it was nae that long ago, you know. We still remember. We remember exactly what yous going through and we know exactly what is going on behind the face paint, spandex and cocky comebacks. It is just like yous say. You're a cosplayer, Ryan. You're playing part. You are puffing out your chest and giving it a little swagger to impress that ample-breasted wannabe waifu at the geek dress-up convention. You're having fun with your life and all power to you for that. But this is nae just a game, is it?I got Azrael here sitting in the dark wearing his sister's make-up as he gives the not so subtle threat that they might take me out before the match. Let off you barm pot. Get back to your mother's basement before you say something that you're gonny regret. We're having none of your LARP. We're not interested in any of your role playing. As they say in Mexico...No. On Voltage yous getting fucked HARDCORE! Right up the Kaiser. And I would like to see if yous still laughing after that.

Don't get us wrong. We like to have fun as well. After all, We Are The Bollocks were born of an uncalculated drunken decision in the bar and the bar is often where you'll find us in between training and fighting. We banter and we sesh with the fans and that seems to have given a lot of people the wrong idea about us. Guys in the locker room seem to think we've just been here for a laugh and to have a go at wearing sparkly trunks. But as we showed KAIJU, Starkane, two versions of the Sanatorium...ugh...Finn has the full list. Anyway. We're no joke. We're not clowns pretending to be wrestlers at little chicos parties. And for the record, I wear a mask but I ain't cosplaying as shit. I'm uno of a kind, hijo. I'm a fucking Donny Legend and Finnegan is the 4th most famous man (not including his close relatives) from Bury St. Edmunds. We knows that deep down we are the real deal and we ain't about to just bottle it like some amateurs over one disappointing loss and a couple of mouthy asshats. We've been in deeper shit before. But we had the bottle to to stick our heads under the surface and swim through it to the other side. And I'll happily smash a bottle in anybodies face who has any doubt that we will do it again.

You got Bollocks, chicos. And I am sure they'll take you far. Lord knows, we've let our bollocks carry us places. But hows about yous wind your necks in because we've just about had it with you chatting macca. You have gotten our attention. We're impressed that you've got a bit of ambition about yer. But if you think we're worried about what happens tomorrow night, think on. We ain't shitting our kecks over a couple of green cabbages and not just because nobody looking at yer would actually whack a bet on you for the price of fish and chips. Its good to aim high, hijos. Sound as a pound I say. But it's not just as simple as placing your order. We all got to eat. We all want to get served too. And We Are The Bollocks are still eyeing up that juicy tag championship opportunity down the line. And that means that we will not be going easy on anybody. Not even a couple of dollar store super chavs still struggling to get their heads around the lingo. If you've not clocked it yet, it is a long road to the top. We would know. We've been all the way around the Wrekin' and we're not even fucking there yet. Hell, if you think 9 months is a long wait, it took Chris Elite seven years to earn his first championship. Fuck that. But that is exactly what the competition here is like in the big leagues. It worked alright for him, I guess. he's got his Gawd contract now and he's living it up with all the champers and bimbos he could want so good luck to him but we aren't about to sit on our hands that long. I understand that you want to make an instant impact but get jogging lads because it's a long slog. We're almost there now and we're in a hurry to get it over with ourselves so if you are looking for a hand out, this ain't the dole office. We got our own race to run and we ain't stopping foe nowt. We're gonny kick every tag team that we meet right in the Bollocks  until they have to give us that title shot. So it's nothing personal. Behave and the drinks are still on us once we've kicked your heads in. But until then there's a knuckle for each of yous each time one of yous mouths opens. We're done with taking shit. We're done with giving anybody the benefit of the doubt. We're gonny look a better tag team week on week because we don't just chat bollocks...

We ARE The Bollocks.
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Post on November 11th 2017, 8:14 pm by Ryan Wilson (Online)
The scene opens up on a view of a seemingly empty arena with the spotlight being at the entrance staging area. From there the sound of clapping was heard which began attracting the light down the ramp and unto the ring where Ryan Wilson is standing smack dab in the middle of. The clapping increased and the masked man was dressed in his usual wrestling garments continued to smack his palms together for a moment until the last clap which collided with strength echoed through the arena. He was standing in the middle of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Jacksonville which was as it is clear to see ready for tomorrow's event.

''Now that! That Finnigan was a good promo! That was good material! You see? I was not messing around when I said you were able to do better. I appreciate you going ahead and proving me right, to be honest I was expecting nothing less for your second round of verbal assault against me and Azrael and you didn't disappoint.''

Turning his back on the spotlight he moved to one of the ring corners and with agility sat himself comfortably atop of the first turnbuckle. He then removed his mask, which he only did once before since he first penned his name on an EAW contract revealing his face once more.

''You see this? It's just a mask, I hold a lot of respect towards it because I made it myself, like the rest of the costume you see so snugly laying on myself. I have several at home, variations, and yes I have one or two Deadpool outfits. Doesn't surprise you? It wasn't the point. I enjoy creating, crafting, making things with my hands and well recently as you know I've been focusing less on my cosplay ~career~ and I've given myself fully, committed, going all in into this wrestling thing. I love the sports entertainment business, and since 2015 I've been building my legacy. Yeah I believe it's a proper way to call what I've done so far and what I plan to do in the future. I have crafted my way into where I am now and it is because what I've accomplished in the past that I got noticed by the EAW officials and was offered a contract. Of course, having connections helps, I have to thank my mentor for that... A guy you will never measure up to regardless of your brio in the ring but this is not a pissing contest between Prime and you, it's the beginning of a long journey between the two of us. The beginning of a new chapter in The Book of Wilson. A chapter I look very much forward to see unfold, a chapter you will have a massive part to play in.

''You have to understand something when it comes to me Finn, several something in fact but let's begin with one: I don't care if you believe I am a rip-off. You see what you think is just one man's opinion, one that has no weight in the balance as opposed to the cold hard fact that had it been an issue I would not be on the Voltage brand. If the choice of my gimmick was an issue, I would not be dressing like this, I would not act the way I do and with a bit of bad luck 20th Century Fox (Perhaps Disney soon!) would have contacted me to ask nay force me to stop. But you see, I took the basic template that is Deadpool and  molded the rest of The Ryan Wilson Show into my own thing. Furthermore, were it not for my mic skills and my talent in the ring I would still be on the NEO brand or worse I would not be part of the Elitists period. I would be parading in my outfits during Comic-Cons across the Country or something. (One has to wonder if he believes Ryan Wilson is your real name too) Correct! And to be blunt I don't give a frak if he believes it to be true or not. I won't bother showing my birth certificate either, it would be a waste of time.''

Reaching in a pocket he produced a handheld device and showed the result of the typing he just punched on the touch screen ''Donald Trump may question Obama's birth place, but whatever.''

''Now, I've seen you perform since your NEO days Finnegan, I saw you battle against great opponents including the Mongoose and I've read and watched your many promos. The truth? I sincerely believe you are one of the best on the Voltage brand perhaps even on the whole EAW roster. I'm not saying this to inflate your ego, I throw this in straight from the heart, and why shouldn't I? Why would I deny what is clear to see? What is obvious and has been proven since you first stepped foot in here? Do you see why I seek you out? Why I single you out like I do? Why I want that belt? I want to face the best! Because I excel against the very best and it allows me to grow, evolve but more importantly get a whole lot of fun! Nothing thrills me more, win or lose, than to face guys like you or others like you. Those who truly symbolizes the meaning of the word Elite. Alex Reynolds was the top guy when it comes to the NEO brand, and Jesus Titty Suckling Christ did I enjoy myself while facing him! Did he give me a run for my money? Did he hurt me? Did it force me to double and triple my efforts in order to get the step above against him? Absolutely! But our world is not worth being in if one doesn't accept to deal with the pain and the hardships of defeat. I lose? I shrug it off, see what went wrong, do a bit of study and get ready for the next match with in mind aim to do better. I would be a absolute moron were I to think I can mop the floor with your ass either tomorrow or in the future! You are Voltage's Alex Reynolds, you are part of the best! Let's not forget Chris Elite, Mister Dedede among others who are Elitists in every sense of the word. Do you think I am at the same level of a Shaker Jones? Maybe, but again that would be a major mistake on your part as you would be underestimating me. I want to confront the best to become the best. Am I ready for a Title match? Probably not, but as I said before I am here for the long run. I won't get a title shot for the New Breed Championship or any Championship here on Voltage in the near future but you can bet your Brit ass that I am working hard to position myself so that I can achieve my goal.'' 

Hopping from the top turnbuckle, he walks up to the camera and stops half a meter away from it.

''I won championships in every single federations I stepped foot into. In my mind, it's a matter of time and effort before I get my hands on my first EAW title here. Against you? Against someone else? Who knows? But I know my worth, I know what I am able to do and I know I am able to do so much more. The EAW is the biggest company I've been a part of so far and to have me on Voltage proves that I have delivered the goods so far. I did my job well enough to get the recognition by Upper Management, to have them believe I can be an asset on one of the Major Shows in the biggest company on Earth. I know I have a whole lot of work to do, I know I have everything to prove once again and I plan to 

''I'll conclude with this Finn, you and I? We work for two very different reasons. You do what you do to show your brothers (And sister! Don't forget his sister!) Yeah yeah whatever whatever. You work to show them you are able to be either just as good or better than them! Me? Basically you are a child seeking attention! As great an athlete as you undeniably are, in the end you are but a kid jumping around screaming ''Look At Me! Look At Me! I can do the wrestling thing too!''. Me? I do this for one reason: Fun! The only one must prove my worth to is myself.  

Tomorrow night, win or lose, I plan to make pull a good show. I plan on opening your eyes and make you realize I am more than you think I am. Voltage will have it's first glimpse of The Ryan Wilson Show in it's pretty yellow ring. I am very much aware that the chances of defeat at you and Ironico's expense is real. Have you considered how you'd feel if Azrael or me pins either of you? Because that is also a possible scenario, a plausible result. Either way I'm going to have fun at you and Ironico's expense. 

Looking at his watch, wrapped around his right wrist he smiles followed with a nod to himself.

Eight minutes forty seconds. I think I said enough. I'm gonna stop this promo here. And as always, that just happened!
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Post on November 11th 2017, 5:41 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Empire Promo #1

“Song and Dance”

(The camera opens to Cloud, sitting on a chair in her War Room Dojo. The angle is shown over her shoulder as she’s watching her students run the ropes during a pre-lesson warm-up. The camera angle turns till the left side her of face is shown)

Here we go again. Same villains of the week, albeit a different guest-star. I’ve spent the past couple of days with our esteem GM, getting caught up to speed with the activities of my fellow roster members. When to comes down to the subject of ‘Azuna’ - I don’t need Tarah to give me a heads up. Watching the chamber match for five minutes gave me all the insight I needed - Azumi and Haruna won't stop for anything until the Women’s Championship is in their grasp. That’s going to be kind of hard - considering there can only be one champion. Before Haruna goes on a spiel about how ‘she’s doing this for Azumi’ and ‘all she cares about is Azumi’s happiness,' allow me to enlighten you - my dear EAW Universe - with a story about a young woman who wanted to be the best in the world. She was exposed to our business as a manager but yearned for the battlefield. She had a pretty lucrative career before EAW; A former UFWA Women’s and tag champion; and after a year of getting her ass kicked, she finally becomes Specialist Champion. The subject of my story - Haruna Sakazaki has been both my rival and on-again-off-again partner in crime. She helped me get an upset victory over Aria Jaxon and Cailin Dillon. She screwed me out of the Vixen’s Cup while I took her Specialist title. She defeated HBG and I on the same night while my team kicked hers to the curve at Shock Value. I guess what I’m trying to say is for all intent and purpose Haruna Sakazaki should be my greatest rival - but she’s not. As I’ve gone on to greater heights, she took the scenic route, waiting for an opportunity that never came. It came reared its ugly head because alas my rival became distracted. My words are not a jab at Azumi - Goto-san is just a pawn in Haruna’s game with herself. She stands on the sidelines for someone and fighting for what she desires. She wanted the Women’s Championship just as much as any of us - but she lacks the drive she used to have.

If I didn’t have the drive to win, I’d consider offing myself too.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it - Ryan Marx kicked my Blasian ass last Sunday. But, I can walk away knowing he didn’t pin me nor made me submit. He hid behind a ref and snuck in a KO victory. I was Ryan Marx’s most significant challenge - and a cold reminder that sacrificial lambs bite back! An act of desperation saved his ass; Showdown gave me their best, and he took the coward’s way out. If that’s what the brand has to offer, so be it.

(Cloud sighs as her eyes dart around the gym)

Azumi, if you couldn’t beat Aria Jaxon with three people, what makes you think you can take on two former Specialist champions? Song and I don’t have the best relationship, but one thing we can agree on how much we can’t stand Azuna. It’s not that I dislike the two of them individually - it’s that I despise what they represent. Their mentalities are stuck in a bygone era where just existing in EAW grants you a title shot. Those days are long past, and these days Empire is about the survival of the fittest. We all saw how far Aria was willing to go on a weekly show - that’s the type of risk that is expected of us week in and out. Is Azuna ready to leave it all in the ring against two women who know what it means to go to war? I doubt it, but we’ll find out soon enough.

(Stephanie stands up and walks to the ring as the camera fades)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 11th 2017, 2:45 pm by Sheridan Müller
Empire 03

'' You might want to evaluate how much alcohol you're asphyxiating against your larynx, for it seems your memories of my repatriation are heavily distorted and disfigured. I've been extradited for seventy days, not seven months, there's little point in attempting to convince me the landscapes of the Empire regime have altered and compressed to the point they're unrecognisable in the space of little more than two months. I insist you stop masquerading as some untouchable, sanctimonious archangel, who at the touch of a fingertip has transformed the foundations I engineered myself with so much effect that I would be incapable of recognising them. You've won four matches, I don't even consider your, and I state this whilst gesturing quotations, win against Aria as a victory. To my knowledge three victories and your opposition knocking themselves out does not formulate into a woman that is unrivalled in terms of wrestling ability. Perhaps you wish to educate me through your superior brilliance however I'm somewhat certain I've arched my back, plucked the bow and pierced your statements with a sharpened tip. It is true that when I was extradited, and those who thrived underneath the interpretations I had instilled at the paramount of this division, that I felt somewhat sad about it. I felt the corners of my cherry stained lips twitch, muscles constricting and a small pout pressing against the plumpness of my painted pair. My heart shattered with blackness and was moulded through ember. Infused and restored with far more strength than I initially anticipated. Emotions run rampant throughout my veins, circulating against this very heart, fuelling from the tips of my toes to the nerves within my neck. I sharpen my claws and contemplate a massacre with delightful anticipation, glee that cannot be matched. I've never claimed to be an unstoppable beast, I'll happily run you through every loss I have suffered, from Ares Vendetta to Veena Adams, there's little point in me influencing my record to the levels of a whole three match victory streak, I'm honestly sorry that my unparalleled career is no match for your nicely stuck together run of a whole, amassed, three victories, how dare I consider myself on your level. I claimed I am superior to you and such a statement I cannot validate until we meet a glare within the ring, however I can inform you that I am a changed woman. You might consider me reverting back to an archaic era of wrestling, yet fail to estimate just why I might have embraced the frozen landscape we left behind more than a year ago. You ghosted around possibilities, perhaps I am attempting to recapture my glory days, maybe I am trying to stay relevant, however it is much more psychological than that, a term you gloss over with pretty, delicate glistening gloss. You wish to bring up intelligence, but fail to acknowledge that in seventy days, I went from being thrown out of the door to an uproar of drinking and celebration, to returning to an annihilated slaughter, with those who clasped onto the collar of my leather jacket as they launched me to the wolves, clasping their palms together and begging me to return this brand to liberation. You're absolutely correct in stating that mental capability triumphs, or at least equals, physical prowess, yet just because I state I am going to torrent the sensations flowing throughout my knuckles into leaving them imprinted as bruises across your skin, it does not mean I am not capable of intelligent thought. You can happily assert whilst sipping on your alcoholic beverage that you are going to muscle through me with psychological, merciless toughness, yet you cannot justify these words until you slither betwixt the ropes, and press your nose against mine once we meet within the ring. It's all well making statements whilst seated, I can do nothing but counter your words and if I attempted to twist and illustrate them then that would make me nothing more than a exterior illusion. Under the contemplation that you shall match my intelligence, it shall be fun and amusing to cock my brow and really press against the idea, this interpretation, of you manipulating the most outspoken woman throughout this continent. I am blunt and harsh without hesitation. Fire burns throughout my system yet icicles shoot from my breath. My cranium is defended with titanium and toughness that no woman or man can move. Mountains upon mountains engineered and structured so that your intelligence shall never crush me. I'll admit to judging you for face value, why would I waste time in attempting to deconstruct the woman within the body and endeavour upon experimenting with your mental capabilities when I can run through your soul with athletic dominance and vengeance shadowing every physical muscle I press into work. It takes little hesitation for me to acknowledge you are a woman who holds a victory over our current Women's World Champion. But you state such with so much confidence, that you would believe Aria has never lost a match before such. You've portrayed a woman knocking her temple against an announcers table, as you ripping into her throat, tearing out her trachea, and speaking in colloquial terms as the masses celebrate you bringing an end to her life. Aria Jaxon is no goliath, she's a fierce competitor yet to illustrate her as untouchable is a silly, ignorant thing to do, especially to a woman who has also had the pleasure of beating Aria, and I can happily tell you with enthusiasm dripping from my lips that I didn't do so through her running her forehead into a table. You have taken the act of luring a woman in, and moving yourself off a table as winning a revolution, or overthrowing a government who punished an entire race, these points cannot be compared. I am a strategist, a revolutionist, a tactician who is unmatched upon the battlefield and spoken about through trembling whispers out of it. I can guarantee you when we meet face to face I shall be your toughest challenge, the woman who shall hand you your first loss within this promotion, and perhaps I will kick, punch and suplex you from the painted skies of your fantasy world, into the brisk, harsh reality that I shall then burn through with unrivalled momentum. I am a woman who prides herself upon her appearance, acuity and ability, and I have you held down and forced into irrelevancy in all three of those categories. You miscalculate my prowess whilst overselling your importance to the blueprints I shall embellish and elucidate. You can assert and declare that I blunder and trip upon my own wrestling boots through judging you from what I see, you insist on continuing to exchange and promote this concept of a darkness laying beneath your skin, ready to strike at my incompetence. You keep prodding at the fact that you are a threat, a woman who I should analyse with concern, yet have zero evidence to press against these rationalisations. You've reached a conclusion based off what you have done in the past, and not what you are about to assert yourself against. You hold a plastered, cocky, egotistical grin upon your face and it really makes me consider, I've admitted that I know little about you, I apologise that I don't think you're worth the time of me investing minutes exploring Chelsea Crowe's match history, but the truth is I value you as little more than a body to annihilate and retaliate against. You're in this spot because of my value and wrestling prestige. I am like no other within the containment of this wrestling ring, I will shatter you physically and mentally through systematic, methodical contemplating matched with a new found adoration of vengeance and vindictive calculations. I ask you pause on advertising this match based from your unrivalled, erudition of highbrow intellect, because the only reason your name has been inserted within this match, is as a woman who, admittedly yes is hot at the moment, yet is matching an individual who has little problem within crushing your flame, ending your spark, extinguishing your ambitions and throwing you overboard into a pitch blackness fuelled by frightened irrelevancy and zero hopes of liberation. You can phrase and reiterate that you're a genius beneath the skin, and that you'll present such evidence the moment that you gain a victory over me, and I'm not stating that such isn't impossible, it's just highly unlikely. People shall read your confidence and allegations and throw their shoulders up to shrug, their eyes will narrow and they'll perhaps consider it for a second, but that very thought, that small indecency floating throughout their mind, it is quickly extinguished and they brush it off, not because you're not brilliant, but purely existing upon the fact that I am superior. A moment shall not come where I consider wrestling too easy, I won't let my resilience drop for a second, you shall not be presented with the opportunities that Aria and your past opposition have handed you wrapped in a pretty peach bow. I bring an intensity you could not conjure up imagining, it's indescribable through words, unmatched and unavailable to contemplate through that apparently aesthetically superior mind of yours. It really makes me press my fingernails into my palms watching as you constantly recycle the same sentences throughout different synonyms and mantras, it feels as if the same point is being pushed against my skin and every time I bat it away back to the crowd, you spend the time in searching and exploring for another way to state the same point, that regardless of everything I utter, every accolade you cannot hold a light to, every sole accomplishment I have achieved for myself, my peers and females within a male dominated industry as a whole, you consider that you're going to topple me purely based on the fact that you're smarter than me, something you have proved with no validation or relevancy other than the fact you can gargle red wine, and you scored an easily illustrated victory against a woman who happened to have a misjudgement within her brain and underestimated you. It is not going to happen, you are not going to decipher and explicate my mental capacity, before exploiting my physical prowess and using it for your own advantage. You wish to state I believe I am a level above you, I would rather be filled with confidence, than comparing my opponents within the future to those within my past. It's a fair point of validation, but applying what has worked against other individuals to an efficient being such as myself, your words are paper and your speech becomes muted. I am a different breed, a different species, I am not a typical wrestling, I hold more passion for retaliation and a burning desire to obliterate and annihilate to the point that I will break the unspeakable without a second thought, and state things that leaves masses in a state of absolute disbelief. My wrestling capabilities are honed to the point of no mistake, machine like. Well done for outwitting Aria Jaxon, a woman who thinks Cailin Dillon is on maternity leave. You can argue that I am making the same mistake she made, but to retaliate against this you're falling into the same line that every other individual does when speaking my name, you compare me to other people, in an attempt to justify the fact you're going to beat me, and I could go into precise detail as to why such is not going to happen, but it's far easier, and less strain upon my larynx, to state that you're just unknowing of the impact and influence I will have upon your mind and body once the timekeeper rings the bell, the referee jolts his arms down, and the crowd flares up for their resident wrestling goddess. I state that I adore proving myself correct because it's an absolute, a statistic that has never failed me. The fact alone I have been brought back from the dead, essentially, should validate to you that I am intelligent, and an excellent judge of character, I can validate this also. I state things about the likes of Kendra Shamez, Madison Kaline, Cailin Dillon, Alexis Diemos, females who I have had notorious problems with in the past, females who I have been punished for, for being outspoken against, and again I stress to you to pick up a pair of binoculars, and identify where on earth they are. You cannot, for I was outspoken against them, and during the process of time, my words were validated, and they were removed from my sight as the statements which were previously redacted are thrown under the spotlight, and craved for with the flash of a camera and the push of a microphone. I stated I dislike proving people wrong, but the truth is I really don't have an opinion upon it, you can consider that you're going to take advantage of whatever typical personality trait you can identify from within my words, but the facts are I really do not have time to concern myself with what you are going to do, I hold no interest in batting against your thoughts and statements, for I hold far too much belief within my own progression and confidence. Your words mean nothing to me, I sit here applying lip balm as your sentences are so flavourless and dry. I sigh and rub my eyes, a yawn escapes and emits into the fresh air, is that Chelsea Crowe stating she's a clever human being once again? The world falls under a deep sleep of anything but shock. Oh, perhaps her next paragraph shall offer some new validation to her opinions, but wait, no! It's only Aria's name being brought into the conversation once again, literally the only proof she has of being a competent athlete and tactician, I had to stagger back for a moment there, my palm found my ribcage, I almost had heart palpitations at the consideration of something original spouting from your lips but yet again you fail to rationalise or leave an impact with the many sentences you sprawl from your lips in a confounded mess, and hope for me to construct any sort of threat from dry, ghastly implications. It's really beginning to frustrate me that you're so oblivious to the mental constrains that I have been forced to perform through. I'll educate you on why I am the Last Vixen. When I arrived to Elite Answers Wrestling, I saw a bleak future for the females within this promotion. You view Aria quite lowly, so I'm sure you'll shake your head somewhat to the idea that she was the reigning Empress Of Elite at the time. I believe Eris LeCava was champion, that Haruna Sakazaki was relevant, we were being thrown from one Friday Night, to the next Sunday, to a Saturday and back to a Friday again. Nobody within management spared a thought for us, I'll justify this by saying no female was even within a position of power. We didn't have our own show, we were voiceless, told where to go by people with smug expressions and expected to salvage or accomplish anything throughout this time period of bleakness and cold conditions. Then the protagonist came along. That's me, by the way. I introduced a superior lifestyle, a condition that turned this coldness into a warm embrace, a hug. Social media whores were no longer validated, those who came within this promotion to earn their stripes along with bank account figures, they were phased out. People who considered the Specialists championship a relevant championship were outcasted. I transformed and elevated every single individual I met within a wrestling ring, I demonstrated and emitted a radiance, a light, that would find new confidence and belief for females within this industry. I won the Vixens Cup on my seventy second day within this promotion, beating Cameron Ella Ava and salvaging the match of the year whilst doing so. I engineered and transplanted a path to Empire, a place we could call our own, I was the revolutionist, the spark, I was the reason that all this happened. I worked without rest whilst carrying this entire division upon my spine, before dropping them off to slumber when my revolution was complete, and the lifestyle I spoke about being the peak, the flame, within the lantern. Pain For Pride Eight didn't matter the moment my signature was placed upon the contract. I reorganised and reconstructed every sole aspect of what it meant to be a female wrestler, a competitor, an athlete. If my superior lifestyle stood today, there would be no need for a woman like you competing on the brand that I founded. I didn't lead the Vixens, I ended them. My hard work, my drive and determination that is spoken of in such high regard was the engine of change. I again validate the fact I am intelligent whilst stating such, I endeavoured a movement that lead to the brand that we shall be performing of, and you believe you're upon my level and kicking me in the face because you've won four matches, regardless, you would believe that such work, such patience shown by a woman such as myself would be rewarded. I would be met with applause, sympathy, drive, honour. That my name would be held to a paramount, with torches lighting the umlaut above the u and the slithering of the s. No. Not even close. I was thrown away like a bloodied bandage, kicked off the top of the mountain, catapulted into the murky waters and expected to float, expected to not be changed. They trampled the Sheridan name with boots lit with gasoline, torched against my skin and set me ablaze. It was only two months ago that our dear general manager conspired against me, she smirked at the thought of never hearing my name again, and that was the day that the music died, that Sheridan Müller became irrelevant and that the wrestling industry would never speak of the departed ever again. You ask me about my story, and then criticise me for speaking of my lifestyle. They all drove me to the point of slitting my own throat, yet I shall take the knife and do the same action to all who contributed to the death of the superior lifestyle. It did not fail me, and I did not fail it. You did, not you specifically, but each and every woman you have claimed a victory against, every female you have spoken to, heard the name of, who has touched this industry, this promotion, over the space of the last six hundred and ninety days, has contributed to the demise of my superior lifestyle, and then they complain that Empire is not fair, it is not liberating, it is not efficient. This same exact month a year ago today we were competing alongside and outshining men thanks to the strain I put this division through, and now we're got our, and I say this with absolute sarcasm and frustration as my hands raise to use air quotations once more, own show, which nobody is going to bother purchasing considering the headlining act is a woman who runs into tables and her opponent being somebody who has failed to stay relevant for the past eighteen months. I am scorched, bruised, murky and burned, yet I am enlightened with revenge upon my mind and blood circulating throughout my veins with unmatched warmth, almost as if gasoline has been shoved down my throat, and this desire, this need for retaliation spikes and cuts against my bloodline. The old me and the Last Vixen are differentiated, I am no longer held back by attempting to salvage and improve, I have zero need to elevate and prosper, my intent is solely upon revenge, upon retribution, I am driven by emotions, not by improvement, and if the passion I have displayed is not enough to validate that to you, then there is little point in me contemplating and establishing my motivations with you for any second longer. ''

'' Your statement that Empire no longer needs me is without a doubt one of the most redundant and incompetent beliefs that I have ever had the unfortunate displeasure of hearing out of an individuals mouth. I've faced the likes of Amy-Jayne as well as Vanessa Holiday, and I can assure you that articulation has lower intelligence qualities than either of them. If Empire does not need me, explain why I was brought back, explain how I am competing within the main event. It's ever so silly to suggest something so bitter and manipulative when I am the reason you are competing under the brightest light within this promotion of this week. My need for peoples affirmations is gone, I no longer care for salvaging their qualities, and competing upon Empire with goodness flowing throughout my new sickened heart. My skin is stained with black marks, I will soon become the cancer that I wished to extinguish from this business. I am the Last Vixen, an eminence that cannot be slain or heightened, something that cannot be placed into any amount of words or statements. My ambitions are to reverse the twisted reality others have made my work, to torch every soul to their carcasses and incinerate every foundation touching the concept of being on Empire. Your phrase of calling Empire a monster is indeed something I attribute and relate to. Your continuation on insisting I am fresh with the idea of desperation in needing others to approve of me brings a smile to my lips, considering I was fired partially for being directly opposed to what most suggested. Personally, I just believe you're upset that I'm more jagged and jolted than you, perhaps you idolise and wish to attain my levels of hatred one day, regardless of how much eyeliner you apply, or lip gloss you press onto your thin lips, you shall never reach the heights of relevancy I gravitate towards my name. The impressions I leave are upon the highest of magnitudes, I need zero validation from others, I've directly dismissed practically every long-ranged shot you have fired which has wildly missed my armour so hopefully you understand this point now. I am not starting a pity party, I do not stand within the dark, red balloons highlighting the room as I prod my finger against the party hat I have risen from my mussy hair. I touch that same finger and scratch against the surface of your skin, incinerating every belief and ambition you have, what drives you I bend to my advantage, mentally and psychically eradicate and outmanoeuvre whatever hopes you have of matching me. I am the definition of a star, the personification of a spark, I am the epitome of what it means to be a Vixen, and I shall display that when we meet in the ring, and I smoulder your skin, discolour your hopes, and cauterise this fallacious, mythological perception that you're something more than a boring individual, sticking to the idea of performing as something else in a desperate attempt to validate herself. I have brought an execution to the old personality, which would have garnered some sympathy for the child playing dress up and pretentiously pretending to understand my concepts and thought patterns, I am not going to elevate you, neither shall I show mercy and compassion for your form, I will pulverise and kick at your organs without remorse, with violence shaking your ribcage, bringing revelations and shockwaves of pain flustering throughout your tendons and ligaments. You affirm the word fragile, I prefer to consider myself scorned. My insecurities are eliminated through a rifling demand for satisfaction and recrimination. Malevolence and animosity sprints across the lengths of my skeleton, irritating my spine and measuring upon my jawline. It's very unfortunate that we have to meet in these circumstances. You're a talented performer, I'll maybe doubt these words as they emit from my lips but you're not bad in any particle of the word. But I am superior, I am motivated, driven, and far more vitalised and untouchable within the ropes. A technical strategist, a powerful athlete, with excellence and endurance few can match. I don't rely on playing the victim and my opposition making fallacious errors to garner a victory, I vanquish and incinerate my opponents through command and ascendancy. There is no edge for me to fumble against, I am limitless within my conquering. You reiterate that you'll find a break and opportunistically reach for it, however my boot shall press against your face long before you have a chance to use your intelligence against my temple. I don't overemphasise your expertise and artistry, I simply hold a higher confidence in my own. I'll admit, the more you speak the more motivated I become in drilling your neck against the mat, and bringing a smile to twitch upon my cheeks as your collarbone smashes against the confines of your stomach, ricocheting against your skeleton. My arrogance shall not hold me back, it shall lead me to victory, and shall leave your mouth anticipative with an excuse to divulge, yet there is no reason as to why I'll eradicate you other than my superiority. ''
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Post on November 11th 2017, 2:36 pm by Mallory Wilde
The camera opens on Mallory Wilde sitting on some dingy stage in an empty hole in the wall music venue.  She sits with her head in her hands for a moment, shaking her head back and forth for a second, before letting out a big sigh and sitting up with a smile for the camera.

"OK, sooo I sign up sayin' that I don't play well with others.  It's not that I don't think my tag partner's cool.  I mean, I don't know her, so I don't know if I like her or not, but I can't say that I'm all gun ho for battle now knowing that my debut is a tag match.  Haha, excuse me, not just a tag match, but a tag match where my opponents are handcuffed together.  Wow. Way to show faith in your new stars there, Empire.  Ya don't think I can beat Megan Raine without her being handcuffed to the clearly superior Sydney St. Clair?  I'm not one for knockin' people's dreams or nothin', I'm just sayin'...why? Why, why, why a tag match? Urgh!"

Mal tugs at her hair dramatically and flopping backward on the stage with a bit too much gravitas.  She cringes for a second and then sits up on her elbow with a dazed look on her face.

"OK, that hurt and that's not me anyway.  Know what? I'm goin' into this with a positive outlook.  I know I can beat Megan.  Megan's barely a wrestler, right? She's like a model who sings and makes pies or something? I dunno, I don't invest much time in the unfocused fame whores of the world.  It's like, be one thing, ya know? I'm not sayin' you can't have dimension, but I'm also not sayin' you can split your ambition as thin as Megan Raine's without stretchin' one of your passions a li'l thin.  S'like I play in a band, ya know? and you probably haven't heard of it because it's just me n' my dad and brother, and it's fun, but I ain't knockin' days off at the gym just cuz I got a rock n' roll fantasy.  I know where my passions lie.  I know who I am.  Do you Megan? Do you know who you are? Is that what you're tryin' tuh figure out? Tryin'a figure out what it's all aboot?  I'm not one to judge though.  In order to judge, you gotta care about somethin' enough to judge it, ya know?  All I'm sayin' is ya better figure all of that out before you step into the ring with me, 'specially if you're cuffed to someone I'm assumin' ya don't like."

Mal rolls on her side and barrel rolls to the edge of the stage comically, before sitting up, hopping off the edge, and landing emphatically on both feet.  She begins to strut toward the camera with her tongue in her cheek and her chin pointed out confidently.

"Speakin' o' which, you seem pretty cool Sydney.  You and I got a lot in common.  You got decent taste in music, and we've both spent a good part of our childhood beatin' up boys twice our age, and ya got stars in your eyes for all the right reasons.  That Empire ring's your home.  You know it, you feel it, and you demand respect for it.  I relate to that, even though I can't make that claim just yet.  See, I wanna be like you.  I mean, well,not handcuffed to some bimbo with an inferiority complex, but ya know...'accepted'.  Maybe you n' I can knock a few back after this is all through, maybe take in a show, maybe mosh our little hearts out, but for now you stand at the front door of a house I demand to call my home.  You do so with baggage handcuffed to your wrist, and I can't help but feel that puts you at a disadvantage.  Now believe me, there's no honor or glory in beating you the way you are going to be at Empire, but it's at least getting my foot into the door and you've got to understand that I'm going to capitalize on anything that gets me closer to being a staple of Empire.  

Mal's bravado breaks for a moment as her cheeks fill and her face turns green.  She swallows and rubs her arms for warmth.

"Yuck.  Don't like how corporate that sounded.  Gave me douche chills, but it's true.  I can sit here and play poser all I want but I want to become something on Empire.  Every journey has a path with muck on the trail, and if I have to start my first mile here getting my boots dirty then so be it.  Nothin' personal.  Again, I wouldn't mind havin' a few after I deliver Killer Toe-Fu to numb the blow for ya, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to kick you in the face.  Take it personally or take it for what it is.  It's a bad situation we're all being put in.  I wanted to set an example for all the little scene kids out there who think there's nothing to live for after the show ends and I wanted to do it alone in a straight up fight.  But hey, a gig's a gig."

Mallory gives the camera a toothy grin, a wink, and finger guns, and heads back toward the stage.
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Post on November 11th 2017, 2:11 pm by Moongoose McQueen
Clearly, you don’t understand how this works, Cameron. Because you see, Jamie doesn’t have power. Never said he has, and chances are, he never will. But when I say, “You only got a shot at the World Championship because of Jamie.” It’s because you essentially twisted the knife around enough to set yourself up for that match. After all, was it not you playing to the crowd, teasing them on the possibility that because I’m dating this man, how interesting would it be if I used this position to spice it up a bit and get myself a shot. After all, upon being drafted to Voltage and after losing the Women’s Championship to Aria, thank you for that suggestion, what possibly reason could you had been the next number 1 contender for his title without even having to face anyone for that shot. Oh, because you played the crowd and Kenny Drake was like, oh, why not? A spat between two couples will generate controversy. After all, was that not the theme for Territorial Invasion? Broken homes?
And even then, Cam, that wasn’t the point I was trying to make there. After all, I am well known as a marketing machine, myself, capable of promoting myself where promotions won’t. You’re right, Dynasty and Voltage hasn’t given me enough opportunity to stand out, but it doesn’t change the fact that I continue to be relevant while they put everyone else on the screen before me. I see it. I see moments where I’m pushed to the side to allow DEDEDE vs Jacob Senn to happen. Rather than invest in me and give me a rematch or keeping me to fight the Interwire championship, they put me in the New Breed Champion feud out of nowhere. You call PFP X a great achievement. But you don’t seem to understand why it’s a great achievement other than the fact that “I won.” No, because I was able to spin myself into that match and make it relevant for myself. Why? Because between Lucas Johnson, Finnegan Wakefield, and Chris Elite, I busted my ass harder than any of those guys to make that moment mean anything, and I can confidently admit, not through associations with who I know, but through promoting myself. And you know, Cam, you got it. You have that same gift. The ability to see an opportunity and turn it to your advantage, by manipulating the right people. And you don’t think it’s hard to strike a nerve when it comes to Jamie O’Hara? Please. You can call him a disappointment and he’ll throw up his fist and want to fight. Just raise a red flag and the bull would come a ragin. And of course, you’d know this, after all, just how close are you really with Jamie?
But once again, that isn’t why I’m disappointed with you. If anything, that’s something to be proud of. You took something and made it into something more, which is something I can do with ease. Great Job! However, even then, I wouldn’t go as far to use my friendship or “relationship” to earn title shots, but hey, once again, you’re right, I haven’t been anywhere near that title shot. And that still doesn’t change the fact that you, despite taking the loss there, would go as far to once again, play “Goddess” and interfere is the bout between two men over a petty comment. Which, need I remind you. That despite what TLA said about you, Jamie had said similar things if not worse, but you went ahead, flipped a coin, and decided who to punish. Was that the process in your mind, Cameron? Or was the title match between TLA and Jamie ever suppose to happen, because deep down, you knew all along how it would go down. Like maybe TLA never stood a chance to begin with because the so called “Goddess” wouldn’t want to be so separated from the world title. Or maybe she was so afraid that if she didn’t call it in Jamie’s favor, she’ll lose her man. Maybe I’m overthinking it. Or maybe I do know how your mind works, Cameron. Because despite how well you treat your friends, Cameron Ella Ava is always priority Number 1 for you.
Not that I blame you, because with how toxic this industry can be, it makes sense to always look out for number 1. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m over it. And now, despite my current situation, I not angry with it. I’m proud. Why? Because in a place where people choose to move up based on who they know and who they are friends with, I have gone out of my way to keep this journey all about myself. I have chosen to walk my own path rather than walk a path that has been decided for me. No matter how hard someone tries to knock me off of my trajectory, I will continue to hold on and get back, un-wavering in the process. This is my way, and you don’t need to worry about a damn thing about me. I’ve always had the fire and the momentum to get back to the top if I wanted too. You EAW wrestlers are no different than the people I’ve dealt with in the past. However, I’m done playing master manipulating. I’m done playing god and ruining lives for my own selfish gains. I’m here now to prove myself and my worth with the utmost pride and honor. I’m here to not win all my battles. I’m here to lose as a means to test my conviction. With each loss I take, I only grow stronger and more confident in my ability as a person that can grow. Why? Because I fight with righteousness. All the punches I throw are true. All to find a worthy opponent to help me reach new heights. I suppose you can say, I wish to be a mortal that can topple the gods.

I’ll continue to stand by my statement, Cam. You are no Goddess. You simply only use that as a means to state your superiority and create this illusion of how perfect you are. But in truth, what would that make you the Goddess of? What? ….WHAT?!! Nothing. To be a god, there has to be a meaning. A Principle. A religion. I look at you, Cameron, and I ask. “What is your purpose?” It’s a topic we have never discussed as friends, because the truth is, I’m afraid of the thought that you’ll sound like the rest of them. “To win titles and be the best.” How shallow and cliché if you ask me. Pity, because I want to believe that you care as much as I do. And what are you going to do now, Cam? Blame me for your upbringing? Blame me as if I was the reason you think yourself as a Goddess? Maybe you are right. Maybe I was the little voice in your head that told you you can be the World Champion. But doesn’t that just prove a different point, Cam? That the legacy and teachings of Moongoose McQueen lives on. NO! The religion that is Moongoose McQueen lives on, and all it took for me to take you this far was a small push, or rather, a few words. You don’t even realize the irony of it all when you, a self-proclaimed Goddess is telling the man that has manipulated you into thinking you are a Goddess that he is both responsible for it and wrong. It’s almost as if Jesus is telling God he isn’t real or he doesn’t exist. Yet spoiler alert, here I am, and I’m telling you this, Cameron. YOU ARE NO GODDESS TO ME! I wouldn’t ever want to put my faith in such a spoiled brat that only worries about her own goals. As far as I know, you suffers the same flaws as man, whether it’s too much pride, greed, and even gluttony. I suppose you can say, I regret putting you on that pedestal. And I suppose you are right that as a man, I’ll have to clean up my own mess. I’ll correct my mistake this Sunday Night. My apologies to TLA, Voltage, the EAW Universe. I’m sorry for letting such a bitch run wild with her over inflated ego. I’ll make sure to put it down before she spreads her sickness across the brands when she focuses on the tag team titles.

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