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 EAW Promoz!

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Consuela Rose Ava

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 11th 2017, 12:08 pm by Mallory Wilde
EMPIRE Promo 1

The camera opens up in an empty trashed hotel room. The time stamp on the top right of the lens reads 10/10/17 12:03 AM.  The silent buzzing of the static air is broken by the faint sound of dragging that grows closer and closer until it's just outside of the hotel room door. After a long, tense, almost horror like build, the door kicks open revealing a disheveled looking Mallory Wilde sporting a trench coat that barely covers her ring gear.  She peers blankly ahead through the disturbed strands of hair tustled up on her forehead.  After a long moment she begins walking toward her bed, dragging her foot behind her as she lurches onward like a zombie in both stride and demeanor.  As she reaches the foot of the bed, a relieved smile spreads across her face, and her body collapses forward onto the mattress.  After a long pause filled with awkward silence and a beep of a detector in the hallway in need of a new battery, Mallory screams into the mattress.  She then turns over, smiling and giggling, and howls at the ceiling.

"Y'OOOOOOOOOOOWWWW OW OW OWWWW! What a night! I got everything I wanted out of it.  I got to get a few licks in on Chelsea Crowe, got to see April Song kick outta first gear and give me a fight, right?! I got a souvenir from the Specialist Champion. My jaw hurts, my ear's ringing like I just spent a whole Machine fuckin' Head show huggin' an amplifier.  Not to mention my toe, which is screamin' after I laid into April's jaw with it.  Most importantly of all though I got the fight of my life outta these women, yah? Was a fun ride.  A fun ride indeed. I learned to respect our champion...I mean despite her bein' a Latina in a maid's outfit who has the gall tuh call me a stereotype.  I saw what April Song could do when motivated, even though she called me an idealist while letting an ideology dictate her performance.  I even managed to gain a little bit o' respect for that sellout Chelsea Crowe, even if she question my conviction while presenting none of her own.  Gee guess I didn't make any friends did I? Not that I was settin' out to, but it got catty quick didn't it?  I expected to save stamps on Christmas cards, but those gals tried to make it personal.  Can't say I bit though.  Can't say I even cared, but I'm a bit disappointed in myself get drug down in such petty words.  It almost negates whatever respect I gained for the ladies in this match."

Mallory sits up on her elbows and cracks her neck.  Her smile is thin and filled with irritation as she bites the inside of her bottom lip.

"So I lost, eh? So I didn't take home the greatest souvenir possible? So what? Am I supposed to lay down n' die? Eat the pin and go to bed without dessert?  Nah.  Oh hell naw,that ain't me.  If I come away from this match provin' anythin' it's that I can come back from gettin' knocked on my ass and stand up smilin' and spoilin' for the next fight.  People will see this loss as a squandered opportunity, but I don't see it that way.  I know what Consuela Rose Ava's capable of now. I know who she is, I know what risks she'll take, and I've seen her in her most desperate hour and how she reacts to being cornered in a fight. I've seen that I can hang with her and I've learned what I can do differently in the future, because I will get another opportunity at that Specialist Championship.  I have no doubt in my mind that Consuela will be the one I take it off of no matter how far down the road my next chance may be.  I relish that day, but until it comes I only have one thing to say to the champ for being a major part in the biggest match of my short career: Thank you.  Now I know dat dere feeds in tuh dat dere Canadian stereotype ya like tuh pin me wit, eh? but I don't say it often and I don't say it lightly.  I know where I need to go next in order to be on your level, and there are two detours prior to that: One's an ear, nose, and throat doctor to make sure ya didn't dislodge somethin'.  Stop two is Megan Raine."

Mallory gingerly turns on her side and stares tiredly into the camera as she props her head up with her hand in a very bored,tired, tranquil pin up pose as she lets out a yawn and slaps her lips together sleepily.

"Former model, eh? People might think that I'll try n' tear that apart, but that lifestyle takes some toughness and discipline.  Ya gotta eat right, ya gotta walk right, and ya gotta exercise right to keep some tubby schmuck in a hounds tooth shirt who takes fifteen percent for doin' nothin' from tellin' ya that you're lookin' a l'il thick.  I had the honour of watchin' ya work at Blood Letter.  You did a lot to get your shot at the Specialist Championship.  You pulled out the stops n' brought a fight. I respect that, and I understand the difference 'tween a fight and a wrestling match.  There aren't any rules in a fight. There's no dress code or official.  There aren't any mercy rules.  You're a fighter. Probably have been all your life.  Doesn't matter where ya came from, what you're aboot, or what the job title was, you compete like someone who thinks they have something tuh take from the world that you think it owes you.  You gotta problem though. Oh yah, you betcha ya do. See I'm the same way, right? I ain't never been told no in a tone or language that I understood.  People have tuh show me that the things I want don't belong to me just because I want'em, and the problem is with me is that sometimes tellin' me one time ain't enough to remind me.  As far as I'm concerned you're walkin' 'round thinkin' you're the number one contender to a belt that should be mine, an' Consuela's holdin' up her l'il apron dere with what should be my belt. She's slapped my hand outta the cookie jar once, but I still want it.  Seein' how you fought at Blood Letter, I know you want it too, eh?  So what's gonna happen is that I'm gonna beat ya and maaaaybe become the number one contender? Eh? Eh?"

Mallory holds one hand out to her side and smiles a wide goofy grin while raising her eyebrows.

"That's the way I sees it anyway. If not that, then 'least my name'll stay in the convo a bit longer.  I ain't never been a materialistic person, which may be the only true difference between you n' I Meg.  Well, that and I know how to take a bruise to the ego ssst."

Mallory hisses and clasps the side of her face in a wince, still feeling the after effects of La Rodilla de la Muerte from a few hours earlier.

"And my jaw. Cripes it hurts like the dickens, but pain is temporary,
just like championship title reigns are temporary, 

just like contender's ship spots are temporary."

Mallory curls into a ball in the center of the bed, clasping her knees as she lay on her side in the fetal position.  She lets out a yawn and rests the less battered side of her head on a wad of blankets on the unmade bed.

"I look forward to our fight, Meg.  I look forward tuh exposin' the true fighter under that Barbie doll exterior. Maybe treat yo' self and go out and enjoy your last couple days of bein' pretty.  Get the spa treatment, get your hurr did, get a mani-pedy so that you can put a few new callouses on your feet while you try kickin' my head in, and so you can show off your gorgeous pastel fingernails when the gloves come off and we try to end one another. Get a deep tissue massage so I can put new lumps in ya, or better yet, maybe save your money on getting a mud mask because I'm going to do my best to rub your face in the dirt.  S'nothin 'personal.  S'just what I gotta do.  I think you get that, and that's probably what I actually like about what I see in you. To you this is just business, this is just another throat tuh slit in order tuh get ahead.  You get that it takes everything to get anything, and that rules aren't necessarily meant to conform to. That's what makes either one of us prime candidates for that belt around Consuela's waist.  Girls like us were made for this, but in order for us to get anywhere some of us have to be broken along the way.  It's a damn shame too.  There aren't many like us that'll gladly fight under any condition.  There aren't many that'll walk away from an encounter like the one you and I are about to have, and it's even less likely for someone to survive longer than a few moments with competitors like us but I have no doubt that you're in this for the long haul."

Mallory's mouth closes and forms a proud, but sad, pursed smile.

"And that's the problem for the two of us.  In order for one to win, the other must be broken, and that doesn't leave much in the one who walks out alive.  Either I walk away a veteran of war with more than a few souvenirs of battle or I cut out Consuela's work for her.  I don't want either of those things, so if I were you doll face, I'd make sure to keep watch for flying toes in the first moments of our match.  A loss is a loss and there's nothing wrong with the score board saying zero, but I'm one to let the clock run out before some zebra steps in and tells me when I'm done.  I'm not doin' that this time around.  Zero's not big enough and I'm here to make a point this time around.  I don't mind eating clay on the battle field, but I'm not stayin' down long enough for my face to make an impression in the mud.  When I was little I used to steal other little girl's Barbies and yank their heads off and hot glue wrestler heads to them so that they couldn't enjoy them.  I plan on doing the same at Empire with Consuela's freshly wrapped present of a new contender.  I'm not sayin' it'll be easy, and I'm not sayin' it'll be fun, but nothin' worth doin' ever is."

Mallory yawns once more and lets her eyelids flutter closed as she pulls the tail of her duster up to act as a makeshift blanket.

 "You might be the number one contender, but zero always comes before one."

Almost instantly after uttering these final words, Mallory's breathing goes heavy and her eyes start dancing in REM.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 11th 2017, 8:16 am by Chelsea Crowe


event: thursday night empire | 12/14/2017 edition
promo number: 1
participants: chelsea crowe and april song versus andrea valentine and sydney st. clair
word count: 1,637 words

scene one:
december 11, 2017 // televised

The choice of hotel perhaps wasn't the best, in retrospect. It sat across from a billboard displaying a large 'Empire: Bloodletter' advertisement, and as Chelsea Crowe stood in the midst of the Portland morning, watching as the ad was slowly peeled away to be replaced with something new, she couldn't help but think of what had happened and what was yet to come.

CHELSEA CROWE: “So I didn't win, but I still made my mark. Of course the one person who deserved to be in that match the least was the one who cost me my chance at winning. But I'm not going to dwell on it, because one: that FPV bonus was pretty good, and two: I have another match coming up this week. There's no time to cry over what could've been when I know deep down I did what I could, and I would've done even more if that brat hadn't gotten herself pinned. Like I said, though: moving on.

And what great things do I get to move onto. A tag team match, against two people I've already beaten one way or another. But don't think that means I'm going to go easy on either of these two. They should know by now that I'm not here to screw around – not unless it benefits me. This week, especially since this is the opening match of Empire...I'm not here to entertain BS. So let me get through these two and say what I've got to say right now, just to set the tone.

Chelsea smirks.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Oh look, it's the entitled brat of Empire, Sydney St. Clair. Done crying over seeing your beloved Tarah Nova destroyed at Bloodletter? I bet you shed more tears over that than your own loss. Or maybe you shed tears over the fact she's not GM any more, since it means you'll no longer be handed opportunities now that Empire's littlest edgelord is out of power. Because let's face it, you've been cruising by, proving how undeserving you are of being here. Get thrown through a loop? You cry about it, like you did when you got handcuffed to Megan Raine. Something not going your way? No point in trying harder, you can just refuse to do anything and somehow get a number one contenders match. But that's not happening any more. Finally, people are seeing through that façade of you being a threat, and they can see the cookie-cutter bore that lies beneath.

Though what's really funny to me is that the moment you decide to 'put effort in' is the moment when you fail. “Whatever it takes,” you say, and then you lose at Bloodletter to someone many people – including yourself – believed to be beneath you. You thought you could do it, you believed you'd finally be able to move into those heights people groomed you for...and it didn't happen. How funny that you had more success tied to someone else than on your own. And how hysterical that you said you'd “no longer be tied down to mediocrity” at Bloodletter, only to fail. Because you see, Sydney, you are mediocrity. You can't escape it.

You are mediocrity personified. There is nothing that screams “extraordinary” about you, except the words that other people have said to inflate your ego. You're trying to push this narrative of 'Sydney vs the World', but it's never been you versus the world, because everyone has gotten so caught up in hyping you that they've failed to see how average you are. You've even said it yourself, you had the support of the former Empire GM, you've been trained by Madam Vega, and you've got all your friends jacking you off to the sound of endless praise. You act like someone who should be celebrated, someone who deserves to be here – and it feels like I'm the only one who sees you for the lacklustre performer you are. Yet, you're still here, being a disappointment and trying to push some false narrative to make yourself feel relatable. And people want to say I'm the fake one, but at least I own it. You're just oblivious to it. Just like you're oblivious to how little Empire needs someone like you in its ranks.

Because Empire doesn't need another average starlet cruising through on vapid credentials. It's had enough of those, and they've either been chewed up and spat out, or their days are coming to an end. Empire needs people who'll take the reins, someone who's coming into this with all the knowledge to win the game. Empire needs people like me, and that's evident by the fact I've been closer to gold than you have, that I've taken down 'top stars', and that I'm still considered to be the best rising star on this brand. And what've you got? I mean, except from all those delusional fans that for some reason are clamouring for the next plain-as-white-bread star? Nothing, just like you'll have when Empire is over.

A brief pause. Chelsea looks to the Empire billboard for a moment or two, before focussing back on the camera.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Then we have Sydney's unfortunate tag partner, Andrea Valentine. You know, part of me likes you, Andrea. You can recognise a threat when you see one, because I heard what you said during the build to Bloodletter, and my name was there – in a good way. You're right, I am where I am because I'm not satisfied with “just being here”, and right now, I'm not satisfied with being in the opening match when I deserve to be in spots that other girls on this show are stealing. See, I'm used to fighting at a higher calibre – I'm used to winning at a higher calibre. And so going into this match...it's just unfair to be put in the opening, because I won't be wrestling for opening match money.

But you probably already knew that, considering we've met before briefly in that battle royal not too long ago. That battle royal where you got just a taste of what I'm capable of. You fell for a textbook trick, and it cost you a shot at the Specialists title. Now, I'm guessing that you'll have your guard up this time – only, it won't help you. Because I'm not a one-trick pony. You just need to look back at my short history on Empire to see that I have more than a few moves hidden up my sleeve. But even that won't help, because I have tricks you haven't even seen yet. And if you can fall for the simplest of them in a number one contenders match, then how are you going to prepare for the rest in any other setting? You're too caring, Andrea. That was the problem. And you can come into this like Sydney and say you're adopting a new mindset, but if there's something I've proven throughout my time here, it's that you can't change your nature. You can play dress-up, you can come out here and act like a different woman, but you'll still be that Andrea Valentine who lost a big opportunity because she showed mercy. You'll always be the Andrea that isn't ruthless enough for the bright lights of this business.

I guess all of that sounds like me underestimating you, huh? Well, I'm not. I know that you can be a threat, because you didn't get to the final two in that battle royal with me on accident. When you want to be, you can be someone with a lot of fight – emphasis on “when you want to be”. Because lately, that drive doesn't seem to have been there. Or, no...actually, it's not that the drive isn't there. It's that the power behind it isn't there. You've got no teeth, Andrea. No bite. And I bet that rings some bells from our battle royal, when I said the same thing. Yet here you are, still with no lasting sting to your actions. Me though, I've sunk my teeth into every opportunity I could find, I've left an impression on people throughout this brand, and my sting can still be felt by people who were once untouchable.

I appreciate the recognition, but this isn't the time to give people their due or to show mercy. This is it for you, Andrea. This is when you need to show people that you are what they thought you were when you came into this company. And you're going to have to prove it against someone who's already proven to have your number. No pressure.

Chelsea smiles, a light sigh slipping through into the morning mist.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Looking at this match, people will probably think it's the loser's draw from Bloodletter. None of us came up successful, I'll admit that. But the difference is that April and I were never pinned at Bloodletter – you two were. And it goes beyond just that, because whilst you two struggled to find it in yourselves to carry on, April and I never stopped until someone else ruined our moment. I bet April would've carried on even after that bell rang, and I would've too through an injured leg. Because whilst we may have said some things to each other, we can still recognise the other's strengths. If she's coming into this match like she did at Bloodletter, then she'll have more intensity in her than you two do combined. And me? I've got more pages in my playbook than you'll have in your history books.

So come prepared, or don't come at all. Because I'm not just here to win the opening match – I'm here to fight like I'm in the main event.

Giving the half-removed Empire billboard one last glance, Chelsea retreats back into the hotel. Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 10th 2017, 12:53 am by Ryan Wilson
A little overtime, at my expense, because I can. 
Because I enjoy it. 

''There is a lot of things going on in and around Hollywood that is similar to you at the moment you know? Like, take the Hollywood sign for example, surrounded by flames and about to be wrecked thanks to mother nature's hot wrath. You Cody, are going to get burned against me. Because it doesn't matter to me how many loses I have so far, they still hold more meaning than Shaker's four ~wins~. I'm going to have to repeat it so that maybe it'll go through that thick skull of yours: For me, losing is irrelevant if I give out a good show or if I had fun while at it. Proof? Shock Value! For me it was a great match, because I measured up with the best the New Breed division had to offer. Sure, you eliminated me, but I believe there is such a thing in life as a fluke. I could go ahead saying you took advantage of Azrael's lack of aim when using a baseball bat which led to your only chance to defeat me, but that's fine.''

''You see Cody, there won't be a bunch of other guys in the ring between you and me tomorrow night. There won't be any weapons, there won't be any electricity. You got the better of me before in a stipulation match, but what about single competition? What about while I'm at my best and hungry for the Dub? Oh and don't you want to defend your Saintly Matriarch's honor? Don't you like your mama? Nah you prefer to think about you and only you right? You think by avoiding the subject of your mother it's going to make you look smart oui? FAUX! T'a l'air d'un fils ingrat qui n'es pas capable de defendre sa pauvre mere! (You look like an ingrate son who can't defend his poor mother) Fourthwall he can google it you know, you don't have to do him the favor of translating what I say, let him work for it. Like he'll have to work for the Win tomorrow night.''

''You see Cody, you are at a lack for words against me, running your mouth repeating the A-Lister stuff because you don't know what else to say. My father? That's the best you can come up with? He was a great construction worker! Thought me the values of hard work and perseverance, so think you hold any kind of ground in the verbal assault department by talking trash on him? I'm pretty sure he can kick your ass and he wouldn't have to break a sweat against you're hasbeen part timing ass! Oh and speaking of promo quality, let me tell you a little something about that picture you sent, trying to diss my looks. First off, the photo you took? ONE Dread on that guy's noggin' have more sex appeal than the whole you! Here, let me show you something, and it ain't my dick.''

''See? That's me, and it's a whole lot of handsome and sexy all wrapped up into one magnificent and entertaining package. I can't say the same about you, but you have the right to fool your dumb ass into believing you are hot shit, I won't judge you for smearing mud in your eyes and blind yourself from the truth that you have a mug only your mother can love. Why I wear the mask? Because I fucking can you bald goof ball! I check your promo and I look at the time and I'm thinking ~I can do better in less time!~ and guess what ''son''? I did! Almost the deadline for the promoz and here I am verbally bitch slapping you like Wayne Brady would a cheap whore on a sketch of The Dave Chapelle Show!''

''You're not an A-Lister, you are Athletically Lacking! You may be a big tall sumbitch but you see I faced trees like you, and like any good lumber jack I always get to say TIMBEEEEEEEEEER in the end! And you know what they say about the bigger they are...'' 

''Now, to conclude, yeah I feel like one upping you. I'm like that Tyrone guy who smacks people's cigs off their's hands. (YouTube it Cody.) I'll stare ya dead in the eyes and say ~Whatcha gonna do?~. You and I both know what the answer is: Nothing!''

''That's a Wrap? The only thing you'll have to wrap your head around tomorrow is the fact I'll be the one to defeat you. Your rise to fame won't start with me chum, it's end with me! Might as well plan your after career in infomercials buddy because this is where you're heading.''

''And that... Just... HAPPENED!!''
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 11:59 pm by Cody Marshall

Getting a little cocky there, Ryan, eh? Strong words from a guy who's 0 and 3 on Voltage. If you put half the effort into training as you do to come up with your weak-ass one-liners... well, you'd still be a fucking loser 'cause let's face it, you ain't got much to work with. Tomorrow, you, Ryan Wilson, are gonna get in the ring with the A-Lister, you're gonna stare me down and realize your head comes up to my chest, and my arms are bigger than your head, and my pinky finger's bigger than your tiny baby dick, and you're gonna shit your fucking pants and wonder why you didn't just go work construction like your sad-sack of a father, and I am going to DISMANTLE you limb-from-limb as all of Cody's Marshmallows around the world watch in SHOCK AND AWE the final death knell of Ryan Wilson's short and pathetic Voltage career.

I'm not gonna address what Ryan Wilson said about my family. I'm not concerned with his wet dream fanfiction. I expect that kind of shit from Ryan Wilson. We all do. That's his M.O. He's a Howard Stern shock-jock crash-landing Trainwreck of Amy Schumer proportions. Actually I'm pretty sure Amy weighs more than Ryan Wilson. Not sure who should feel more ashamed about that. I do know Ryan Wilson has lots of things to be ashamed of. For instance, his record on Voltage: 0 and 3, in case anybody's forgotten. Shaker Jones has more wins on Voltage than you do, Ryan. Let that sink in. You're gonna have a 0 in that W column for a hell of a lot longer. You think you're gonna beat the biggest, strongest, sexiest man on Voltage? WRONG! So wrong!

Nobody on this brand can beat me. Only reason I lost to Cam is 'cause I drank a twelve pack of Budweiser before the match. And I knew if I went full force I'd break her silicone tits, and then she'd go scream rape or some shit and I'd have a lawsuit on my hands and all my movie offers would dry up, just like every woman in the world when they see Ryan Wilson. Ryan Wilson's the type of dude who grew up idolizing Eclipse Diemos. He spent his college years whacking it to pics of Cailin Dillon. What do you wear a mask for, boy? Tryna hide something? I bet you look like this underneath that mask:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So if I was a try-hard little bitch who put a word count at the start of these things (not naming names *COUGH*RYAN WILSON*COUGH*) could I up it by a thousand? Questions, questions.

I think the most shocking part of Ryan Wilson's 3 minutes and 25 seconds of boredom (and I'm referring to his promo here, not his barely-existant sex life) was that he said Jim Parsons was an A-List star. Jim Parsons? Please. That fucking dork couldn't hold my jockstrap. As much as I'm sure he'd like to, given his, er, preferences. What other weird shit did Ryan say? I'm a "washed up part-timer"?

Son, I can do this part time better than you EVER COULD full-time.

The reason this match isn't opening the show ain't because of you. It's 'cause of me. Kenny Drake and Mr. DEDEDE know I'm THE STAR on this brand, they know I bring in the ratings, they know I move the most merch, and they know the fans pay to see the A-List! Not you. You're replaceable. Expendable, and I ain't talking the Stallone movie. Ah, who am I kidding, I'm a sucker for a good pun. And Ryan Wilson's a sucker of dick. I bet he blew Carlos Rosso to get a job here. What does Carlos have to do with hiring, you ask? I don't know. I just couldn't think of another name to put there and it sounded kinda funny. Not everything has to be so serious. That's one thing Ryan and I can agree on. No matter who wins (and let's be real, it WILL be me), I know y'all are gonna have a great time watching. I know I'm gonna have a great time kicking Ryan Wilson's ass back where he came from.

Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary-identifying-unicorns: this is a big-time match. The A-Lister taking on the... wannabe Deadpool impersonator? I got nothing. I can't even pretend I think Ryan Wilson's a threat. I beat him once. I'll beat him again. Ryan, I know you're new, so let me tell you about my track record here in EAW. You've been here for what, 4 months? At that point in my career I'd been pinned one time. Meanwhile you can't pick up a win to save your life. I've beaten some of the best names in this company. Our Openweight Champion Ryan Marx? Beat him. Lars Grier? Beat him. Nathan Fiora? Beat him. Kevin Devastation? Squashed the motherfucker.

I'm ready to get back into winning form. I'm ready to step into the spotlight and strut my stuff and show exactly why they call me the A-Lister. It's gonna be a sight to see. When you're this good, the spotlight's always on you. That's a wrap, motherfuckers.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 11:58 pm by Aria Jaxon

Ain’t shit changing on this but the time stamp. Bloodletter taking place one day later than it was supposed to isn’t a sign that we shouldn’t be doing this. It doesn’t much matter to me what the universe wants to see. Deities and spirit guides on high probably are wincing, though, cringing at the thought of how ugly this is gonna get and what we’re gonna do to each other. But I don’t know what else they would’ve expected. You can’t have dropped the two of us into such close contact for so long and thought for a single second that it wouldn’t come to this. We’re both stubborn and resolute. When we’re arm-in-arm, there’s a reason why we’ve been able to do the shit we’ve done. There’s a reason why, as two-thirds of Formation, we put The Sanatorium away in Extreme Tag Team Warfare. There’s a reason why you and I, in our tag outings alone, were able to beat people down the way that we were. Because in us, you have two women who have no qualms about putting up both fists and punching our way to whatever the fuck it is we want on any given day. That raw competitive drive is probably one of the things that’s helped to keep us joined at the hip; we always saw that in each other and could appreciate it. It will also make this match what it is, for better or for worse. It was what drove a wedge between us once upon a time. You and Cailin always did tell me that I had tunnel vision, that sometimes I was so obsessed with achieving my dreams that I never stopped to think what it could be doing to the people around me. Sure, I never played dirty. I never broke the rules or purposely held anybody’s head underwater, but to someone who was as hurt as you, it didn’t make much of a difference. It was what you hated about me then, and what you love about me now, because you’re always chasing a challenge. There’s no greater one than me. It’s almost funny that I can say that, considering I’ve already copped to how much recent weeks and months have taken their toll on me. There have been so many times where I felt like shit was outta my control. So many times where I felt powerless and brittle. I could easily say something to the effect of, “Well, I’m already the champion, so that’s that on that. I’m the best, that’s why I’m gonna win”, but I’m not caught up in my own hype or using this championship as a security blanket. That little trip down memory lane that you took? It reminded me of some of the worst moments of my life. The fear that came with being separated from my parents at the fair. The conflicted heartbreak of being stuck with a dude who didn’t deserve me. The complete and utter sickening heartbreak of losing Brody. Those are the times where I felt like I was at my lowest. And yes, you were always there to prop me up, always serving as my guardian angel because of a mixture of kindness and what you felt was an obligation. I’ve always appreciated it, but it’s high time I proved to you and to myself that I can pull myself up on my own. It paints a hell of a picture, even if I know your intention was just to look back on our shared history and not to portray me as weak. I can’t depend on you to lean on because, well...that won’t work this time. This time around, I’m not asking for your support. I’m asking...no, DEMANDING your absolute best. Permitting we both have the energy after the match, you’re not carrying me anywhere unless you’re hoisting me up onto your shoulders to help me celebrate my win. All that I’ve said this week, it’s been as much for you as it has for me. I’ve said everything that I can to illustrate just how much of a threat I pose. At the same time, like I’ve said before, I’ve felt off lately, but I’ll be damned if I come into this defense against a laser-focused adversary with some dumbass mental block handicapping me. At Bloodletter, you’re not getting any of the aforementioned weaker versions of myself. You’re not getting loopy concussed Aria, either. You’re getting an Aria that absolutely refuses to let this reins of this brand slip from her hands. You’re getting a woman who’s refusing to be forced off her throne. For you, the lines between terrified little girl and capable grown woman have been blurred, and I suggest you wipe the fairy dust from your eyes. You’re family to me, Stephanie, and we’ve loved and fought like blood sisters for a long fucking time. Maybe at its core, this match is a family spat disguised as a high-stakes championship match. If that’s the case, it’s time for the little sister to prove just how grown up she really is. I can never repay you for looking after me all this time, and if it’s truly what you want, you can keep watching and looking on as I leave Portland victorious. You’re not ripping my kingdom out from underneath me, big sister.

While the love of the masses warms my heart, I’ve admitted more than once that it’s not everything. That love, I feel, sometimes leads people to say things that aren’t necessarily true. After all, I don’t think anybody’s been on one side of more well-meaning but fucked up and inaccurate declamatory statements of invincibility than me.

“There’s nothing left for her to do on Empire.”

“She’s beaten everyone.”

“She’s untouchable.”

When people say shit like that, I get where they’re coming from. They like me. They believe in me, but I also know that a weaker, more egotistical women would buy into that shit wholeheartedly and do a better job of tripping herself up than any opponent ever could. It makes me feel like people have very short memories. It’s like all the shit I went through before June was wiped from the mainframe or something. Don’t you remember that I used to be called a choke artist, too? Oh, I’m the last remaining Empress of Elite, but I was also the first to lose my cash-in. I got to the finals of the first Tag Team Championship Grand Prix just to fail to be able to carry 260-something pounds of dead weight to a photo finish. I failed twice at capturing the Specialists Championship. I failed to help take down Hexa-Gun. I lost the Vixens Championship after a month, despite the arduous climb it took to get there in the first place. The most bitter and cynical people were labeling me as the girl with gift-wrapped opportunities at glory who kept fucking up at the one-yard line. You know why I’m so fiercely protective of what I’ve built for myself? Because I’ve hit rock bottom. I know how fast all this shit can vanish. I know how quickly what you’ve worked for can slip through your fingers. Wanting to stave that off fuels a lot of what I do. You might be hellbent on changing your fortunes, but I’m more interested in keeping my forward trajectory going. It’s been a rocky year for you, I get it. You don’t wanna be known as the woman who couldn’t grab the brass ring in 2017, and it makes me shudder to think how you’ll take this loss. It doesn’t mean you were never worthy. It just means that I wanted this as badly as I’ve been telling you that I do. Worst case scenario, I’d have to do what I always do when shit doesn’t go my way -- take it on the chin, dust myself off, and walk toward the next challenge with my head held high. But I’m TIRED of that. I’ve spent too much time doing that lately. I’ve had to remind myself just who the fuck I was, and by the time we tangle, I’ll be REAL well reacquainted with her. Coming out of Pain for Pride, I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I felt like I was at home, if that makes sense, and make no mistake about it...I’ve brought you into my home. This main event match represents you breaking bread with me. When you walk back out that door and set foot on the welcome mat again, you won’t have my most prized possession in tow. You’re good at finding silver linings, though; taking lessons away from these fights and becoming better for it. Hang onto that. Look for the good in this that others might not see. My heart aches for your three previous ill-fated championship matches, and part of me feels terrible for adding another to the collection. But this is the price that has to be paid if I’m to remain where I belong. Rest assured, I’ll do way more than just show up. I’ll win. Cloud City is gonna look awfully small in the shadow of the kingdom I’ve built. What I do won’t be nice, but it certainly will be necessary. Remember, though -- there’s a crown on my head, not a halo.

I’ve agonized over this. Us crossing paths is always personal, it always takes a little something out of me, but this...it’s gone past what either one of us ever could’ve anticipated. We’ve poured our hearts out for weeks and we’ve been candid and brutally honest. We’ve been unflinching when it came to telling the other just why she was bound to bite the bullet when all was said and done. This isn’t just two warriors going to battle for a coveted prize. This isn’t just two best friends having no qualms about taking each other’s heads off. This is about two completely different versions of events racing headlong toward each other. It’s my job to ensure that yours remain a pipe dream and that mine become canon. You can have your vision, wonderful and sensible as it may be. But for now, it’ll remain just that -- a vision. A daydream. The reality you live in is the one I’ve been constructing all this time. It doesn’t get any realer than me saying that I love you and vowing to leave you laying in the next. I’ve dried my tears. I’ve amped myself up. It’s almost time for action, and when I act? You best believe I'm doing what I gotta do to protect what's mine...and it goes double if I'm protecting it from you.
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Post on December 9th 2017, 11:38 pm by Nathan Fiora

Thank you for accepting your fate, but your reality is still bleak.  You complain about the fact that Kevin and I are feuding and simply give up.  That says a lot about the man you are.  Why must you give up when things aren’t going your way?  Your actions show that you are comfortable with failure and nothing more.  You have been a champion in EAW and I can understand the boat that you’re in, but that doesn’t excuse that you give up.  All I can say to you is to man up and fight.  You are a weak and pitiful excuse for a human being if you simply give up.  This company has given you tons of opportunities and now you complain about not getting what you want?  I have been here for nearly two years and I fight the system to get what I want.  You are given opportunity after opportunity only to throw them in the trash and feel bad for yourself.  Be competitive.  I value competition and not some chumps who want to be unprofessional towards me and everyone who’s watching.  You act as privileged as Kevin Devastation is; he gets what he wants because of his pal Mr. DEDEDE.  You’re doing well and you have a ton of privilege but you do nothing to prove it otherwise.  I will beat the hell out of you tomorrow night for sure, but that’ll only prove the points that you’ve said about yourself.  You’ll show that you’re a nobody.  You’ll be considered a joke to the audience and all of your puppet masters.  I will not care for your presence when you arrive because you have disrespected me and only prove that this company is full of bias.  EAW wants people like you to succeed yet you want to take your ball and leave when they’re not paying attention to you.  Grow up.  Make your success instead of whining about it.  When I was screwed time and time again, I got back up and made myself who I am today.  I lost my title and I never got a rematch, yet I continued to find success in other areas.  You’ve received your fair share of title shots and you didn’t win, so now you’re gonna cry about it.  Boo hoo.  Does baby need a bottle to calm him down?  Do you need another title that you didn’t earn to keep you happy?  You’re disgusting.  As much as I like to talk about this company and these talents, I don’t blame my failures on them and the spoon who feeds you.  I blame the mindset, but you’re blaming these people because of your shortcomings.  You never blame yourself and honestly, you can’t say otherwise.  If you’re not getting what you want and you don’t know what’s the problem, you’re doing something wrong.  If you want to be the guy to look the other eye and keep acting entitled, I’ll be glad to kick your ass in the ring.  However, you don’t deserve a wrestling match from me.  You deserve a beating that’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.  Kevin deserves an ass-kicking for being a virus in this company.  He and I have a match going on, but we were put up against each other because this was supposed to show our talents.  You’ve just been a horrible sport and I will just beat you because you didn’t even try.  You give up, you get nothing.  You try hard, you might fail, but you’ll always learn and grow.  Remember that.  I won’t say any more because you don’t deserve it.  Your reality of accepted failure and lack of self-blaming awaits.
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Chapter 84: Consumed by Pride

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield

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"Your confidence is a threshold that doesn’t seem to show any signs of weakness. An admirable trait for a World Heavyweight Champion, perhaps the reason you have been able to hold onto it so long. You don’t for a second doubt yourself, every match approached with victory assured. And for a year or so now, that mentality has worked in your favor. You have effectively painted a picture in the minds of many that Jamie O’Hara is an unstoppable force that is unrivalled on Voltage, if not Elite Answers Wrestling as a whole. You really do think me to be going into this match ignorant, don’t you? You don’t believe I understand the situation that I find myself to be in and the unthinkable task that I am trying my hand at. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anyone else was in this position -- being the New Breed Champion with the World Heavyweight Champion staring a hole through them across the ring -- the result would be set in stone. I have witnessed what you are capable of, I have seen a long list of people who couldn’t put away this idea of you being undefeatable. And you have every right to be confident knowing that. The people who have beaten you on the currently active roster -- on all the brands under the EAW umbrella -- is an elite group of very few. I have watched many of them try their hand at joining that ever exclusive list, with the result being the same every single time. So much so that is just what is expected to be a reoccurring trend -- you oppose Jamie O’Hara and you are left vanquished with esurance. And who could blame people for thinking that? This idea of an undefeatable warrior holding the holy grail that will never leave his grasp as he stands atop his mountain of victims has been firmly established. If anyone else were New Breed Champion, I would be expecting them to approach this match quivering in their boots and their teeth chattering. Last time this kind of Champion versus Champion match was advertised, Moongoose McQueen further dragged this titles credibility through the dirt as he essentially bent over and made a self-fulfilling prophecy as he accepted defeat. This time around there is no such thought in my mind. I am not a champion of such weak determination. I don’t fear the hazards that come with facing Jamie O’Hara. In fact, I can honestly say the idea of competing in this match has got a smile on my face. Even with the feeling of cold steel of a gun being pressed against my forehead, I don’t find within myself an iota of fear, only a temptation to dare you in pulling the trigger. Even if that kind of mentality doesn’t earn your respect, the fact that the end result won’t be the splattering of my grey matter will only demand it. Respect is an ever-fluctuating state of perception and to say that I don’t respect everything you have accomplished in your career would be a far fetched lie. However, when it comes to the man that you have presented in your most recent title matches, I would be lying if I didn’t say that respect has waned. The method in which you defeated Chris Elite at Shock Value I can only receive as cowardly, as well as Cameron's assistance in your retaining at Ground Zero. Was the Jamie O’Hara I watched at Shock Value not the same man that I saw leave the Extreme Elimination Chamber match at Road to Redemption with the championship in hand? Honestly, that is hard to tell. If you needed assistance to win a Chamber match, I would be thinking far less of you as our premier champion. That only supports my theory further; that the competition for the title is starting to take a toll and is getting a little harder to hold onto it every time. So the question is, do I respect the Jamie O’Hara that I oppose this Sunday? I am very hesitant, as much as I respect what you have done in the past, the man I see before me has made questionable actions that I wouldn’t be proud of representing my brand as champion. The Jamie O’Hara that once stood for valiance has seemingly been consumed by his superbia -- his pride. So fixated with holding onto a piece of gold, the methods in which he takes to hold onto it are of no concern. It has made you arrogant, the reason many have begun turning their backs on the man who has seemingly turned his back on his old philosophies. Regardless, the methods have been working, but for how much longer is a matter of question.

You asked me for a reason. What reason do I have to believe that Finnegan Wakefield can defeat Jamie O’Hara? I am not going to fill your head with boring platitudes. If I walk this plane of existence for one reason, it’s to prove people wrong. And there is no better way to silence the flapping gums and the ignorant tongues than to return with the severed head of the widely considered unkillable, a king unconquerable -- accomplishing a feat thought to be impossible. You yourself think it to be impossible. Maybe for a man possessed of less resolve. We have yet to face one another in the ring, a match to see how well I can hold my own against the measuring stick of what it means to be one of the true elite. This week will not be having you tilting at windmills such as you have grown oh so accustomed to; you are fighting a very determined challenger, albeit not one for your crown. Or at least not yet. I am not solely driven by beliefs and I do not seek to build a legacy on the foundation of mere moral victories. I am gunning for a prize of much more value, something no one has been able to accomplish in a year; a victory over Jamie O’Hara. As the New Breed Champion, I owe it to the people who gun for this in the future to know past holders rivaled the company's best -- World Heavyweight Champions. That's the strength of my conviction. If nothing else, I will achieve what you failed to do during your tenure with this very title and leave a legacy that can only be carried by men of similar if not stronger will, not just another man who will drop it’s status with lacking determination. Last time we met, you told me you want the best, and that you expect the best. Expect no less than the best of Finnegan Bloody Wakefield."
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Post on December 9th 2017, 10:41 pm by Black Mamba
Watch Out For Deja vu Black Mamba!
1-Boss (Soft Reset)
V. Prince of Pout

Oh my goodness….you’re rambling.

Here i was thinking, that i would be enlighten...inspired..by your words of toiletries. Clearly i need a better brand of wisdom to take stock in. Heartbreak Gal is preaching better words of wisdom this week. She will probably set the world on fire, but if i was to take a side now, i would surely believe it is too early to know.  Yet, i know better. I should focus on what you preached this time around. It is without your influence that Nobi beat you. He had the backing of friends more than he had your word to go on. He pushed and pushed until he finally knocked the ugly troll of the bridge towards his prize: The EAW National Elite Championship. Now, merely sit there and celebrate, he is back on the grind proving what it means to be as i have said day one upon arriving in Showdown, what it means to be a champion. You didn’t have that quality about you POP, no matter how grand, your return to EAW must have been. I don’t see it.

Guess who is at the bottom of this glorious pit with me POP? You. There is nothing to separate us anymore, Lance Hart is long gone. We ARE the bottom of the food chain. You’re not some apex predator, if you were, i cannot fathom you picking at scraps just to prove your superiority in the ring. You believe coming across is fortune manifested for you, determined to belittle at every turn. You are no teacher worth respecting...i believe i told another piece of shit that very same thing before I left NEO. However, the past as we have both spoken, is of little reference for strength. The present and the future matter most. Defeating is merely that next step in the grand scheme of things. I talk to you about championship reigns, cause in the midst of you bickering back with you don’t realize i AM actually taking note of you. If you’re going to claim some meager amount of greatness, surely there is something about you i neglected and discarded for worthless information. T

Nothing matters to you, but that is all that i need to know. What matters to me is the inevitable defeat of the Princedom of Pestilence. What remains of your realm, matters not, cause who i am to remember the man i beat who has no reason to learn anything from his travels, his rivals, his enemies, his friends? I can simply look up at the those further on the card, each them had to go through a greater tribulation or trial that didn’t revolve around them. Some rose up to the occasion, some did not. I look into the mirror and see a man whose first and utmost important priority is to remain humble. There is little in the way of being cocky if i have never seen a style of wrestling or seen someone i didn’t think could be better than me. I see that here in EAW...and that motivates me, drives me bonkers really, that i can’t see that in you. Someone marked by his peers as a legend. Someone marked by management as the rebound of the century possibly. I don’t see that. I see a man determined to tell lies and spin the truth to better himself at any cost, which is not something i want in a role model, to follow at the least. 

You are no threat to me POP, you never will be. Deja vu is a dangerous thing, but i will see to it that history repeats itself. Showdown will be showcased to yet another clinical match up between proclaimed greatness and man willing to embrace his faults at every turn. Modesty does a man wonders, and on Showdown it will be no different.
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(We start this promo off outside of the KeyArena. Camera pans to the annoying and unnamed interviewer making sure the camera is on him because he’s a lil attention sloot. He’s looking more nerdy than usual. Wearing glasses and stuff. Yeah we are going with that stereotype. If you wear glasses you’re a nerd. Wanna dispute that? Idc, tough. The interviewer starts running until he finds a phone booth. Yeah I guess they still make those things. Either that or the interviewer decided to ship it out to Seattle. He steps into the phone booth with a bag and starts changing.)

Interviewer: Hey when you go to edit this you’re gonna speed this part up and make me look all heroic like Superman when he changes, right? 

Cameraman: Nah. You don’t tell me what to do. 

Interviewer: But this is so embarrassing. Plus people will know the identity of the superhero I’m becoming. 

Cameraman: Nah. You have a distinct round body shape and a very foul body odor that just lingers for miles. People will know it’s you.

Interviewer: Okay I’m done changing. These tights, do they make me look a little plump?

Cameraman: …

(Then the interviewer runs..well, waddles over towards to the camera. He’s breathing very heavily and is already sweating through his costume. Sweating buckets from just changing. His voice becomes all deep and raspy, trying to mimic Batman’s voice.)

Interviewer: My name is the interviewer. After five years in hell, I returned to Seattle with only one goal: To save The High Rollerz from the hooded bandit. Today I fight the war on two fronts. By day, I lead EAW as the greatest interviewer of all time. But by night, I am someone else. I am something else. I am—

Cameraman: The Green Arrow. Yeah you stole that from the show. You ain’t slick. 

Interviewer: Stop. Just let me have this. This is my childhood dream. 

Cameraman: …Fine. 

Interviewer: I am – Justice Man!

Cameraman: OHHH creative! 

Interviewer: During the past few weeks, I’ve watched my trusty sidekicks, David and Jack fall victim to my arch nemesis, the hooded bandit. He keeps attacking the ones I love. First it was my wife and kids. Now The High Rollerz? He or she must be stopped. 

Cameraman: You don’t have a wife or any children. You live alone in your beat up station wagon. Just traveling from arena to arena like some groupie. 

Interviewer: Yeah, it’s my cover! HAAA! So tell me, who is the real loser here? Not me, that’s for sure. But as I was saying I’m fed up. Sick and tired of the hooded figure ruining my life, along with David and Jack’s. And what does the GM, Brian Daniels do to help prevent this nightmare from reoccurring? Absolutely nothin! Showdown has zero security. Just allowing anybody and everybody to jump over the barricade like its nothing. That’s fine. I guess I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. I just didn’t think I would have to return so soon. •Interviewer takes a deep breath, trying to make things more dramatic• They said I was retired. They said I was far too dangerous to help clean the streets of Elite Answers Wrestling because of all the casualties I left behind. And maybe they were right. Maybe I lost the real me after trying to hunt down the hooded mystery for years, decades..if not centuries in different timelines. But have no fear, the chasing game will be over soon enough. I will find the hooded figure. I will capture him and I will pull the hood down to show that scumbag’s identity to the entire world! Now let’s go to my secret lair. Transition sequence! 

(We are now right outside of The RAD Betting Agency door backstage. The interviewer has a bulletin board with tons of photos of suspects. The interviewer is trying to piece everything together. He takes a red marker and draws an X on some of the photos and tears them off, as they are no longer labeled as threats. He stares at the remaining suspects. At this point David appears and of course questions what’s going on because he’s a normal human being.)

David: What is this? 

Interviewer: This? This is the key to everything! This is gonna answer the question you’ve been searching for! Who attacked you and Jack?! I’ve narrowed it down to ten final people. We are getting close David. I can taste it. Mmmmm it tastes good. Salty and savory. Like canned chocolate bacon. 

David: Um what? That was odd. That was an odd thing to say. And what is the meaning of this? Why is my face on here? How in the world did I ambush myself? 

Interviewer: It’s simple, really. Actually, put on the X Files theme song for a second..thank you. The hooded figure was you from the future. From a different timeline. And future David was there to save the world. He knew that if you or Jack won King of Elite, which would have happened if it wasn’t for the distractions, the world would end. Let’s face it Davey, the world isn’t ready for The High Rollerz’ singles success yet. It would be too much. An overload of sorts. If you or Jack becomes world champion, every other elitist in EAW quits because they know that they can’t possibly take the belt off you. Then EAW gets stale because the viewers already know you will win week after week. It’s like watching The Big Bang Theory. Once you’ve seen one episode, you’ve seen them all. Yeah that show sucks and Young Sheldon looks even worse, I can’t even David. Oh and before I forget, another reason why you’re a suspect is because I took this photo of you earlier today. Look at what you’re wearing. Blue jeans? Yeah, nothing suspicious about that. But look on top. It’s a sweatshirt. No big deal? PYSCH, IT IS BECAUSE IT’S A HOODED SWEATSHIRT! YOU’RE WEARING A HOOD DAVID? WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? HOW COULD YOU? YOU ATTACKED JACK LAST WEEK! YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY GET OUF OF THIS! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!

David: It was raining, therefore I had my hood up…

Interviewer: Hmm, interesting alibi. I’ll look more into this. 

(David just looks at the interviewer with disgust. Thinking of ways to get rid of him permanently. Legal of course. David isn’t a criminal, like he clearly proved just seconds ago. David is a good boy. Has never done a single thing wrong in his life. David pulls up a chair and looks into the camera. In the background The Interviewer is still staring at the photos of suspects.)

David: This week I face the one and only, Diamond Cage. What are my thoughts on this match? It’s rather simple. Since becoming a professional wrestler or I guess, “EAW elitist” to be more exact, I’ve done a lot of press and promoting for my upcoming bouts. And the promoting doesn’t just start and end with me demanding for this cameraman to come find me backstage and film one of these weekly promos. It’s more than that. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t get to see. In my travels I’ve done many interviews. Legit interviews. Not from that grease ball behind me. I’ve done interviews for radio shows and morning shows and late night shows. Magazines as well. I’ve done podcasts. I’ve done random YouTube videos with the likes of H3H3. And I’m always asked the same question over and over: Who would be your dream opponent? And I’ve answered it a million different ways. I can think of anyone living or deceased. Then I try to narrow it down to being realistic. And for the past four months or so, I’ve really thought about who I want to face and I can confidently say that in singles action, one v. one…the answer is the EAW Hall of Famer and former world champion, Diamond Cage. Why him? What makes him special? What makes him the obvious choice, the cut above the rest? What makes me want to risk it all and slug it out with Mr. Explicit Content himself? There is no reason. What why? Because it’s not true! Gotcha bitch. The truth of the matter is, I’ve never spent a single second thinking about a future match with Diamond Cage because to me, it’s not a huge deal. You see..I’m a big picture kind of guy and this match against DC is not going to do anything for me in the long run because I’ve gone on record to say many times that singles success isn’t something I crave, let alone want. What? That can’t be true! Because every elitist’s number one goal is to one day hoist a world title over their head and watch as the confetti just pours from the rafters. Oh, and I can’t possibly forget the deafening pyro going off, completely drowning out the “you deserve it” chants from the crowd. Some cookie-cutter bullshit if you ask me. See this title? The title resting on my shoulder? This is the only title I care about. This is the only title I want..no no no, scratch that, this is the only title I NEED. It’s not a want, but a need. How foolish of me because this title is a necessity. It’s up there with food, clothes, and shelter. Because when I have this in my possession, it just further validates that The High Rollerz is the greatest tag team in EAW history. And it’s not just because of the three reigns thus far. It’s not even because of the instant classics we’ve performed between those ropes. Sure it helps. But what I really pride myself on is being a great friend..I don’t care if that sounded corny. It’s true. I’m reliable. Jack can count on me and vice versa. Like I said just moments ago, I’ve held this Unified Tag title three times. Do you know who else can say that? Jack Ripley? Yep, but that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. Nah, what I wanted you to think or say is my opponent, Diamond Cage. But do you know what’s the difference between Cage and I? I won this three times with the same partner. Him? Three different ones. Let’s go down the short list shall we? Oh wait, the math is wrong because counting is hard.. it’s just Pyrite and Mr. DEDEDE. So only two reigns. Huh, I guess I was giving you too much credit. But then again, when it comes to Diamond Cage, I think most give you way too much credit and praise. 

To some, you are this unhinged badass or antihero. But what I see is some generic tough guy. A Daryl Dixon or Punisher wannabe. The rebel. Something that most wrestlers wanted to be like five years ago but they grew out of that phase. But not you. You’re still the same ole Diamond Cage. Hmmm is that a compliment or a diss? I think the answer is quite obvious. Use your head. Well, try to at least. I know you’ve been dropped on your head a few times from your previous battles..perhaps a few too many times. I would say go see a doctor but I’m sure you’re too proud to get any sort of medical attention. The CTE will creep up on ya one day. Just like Robbie V but that’s a story for another day. This is about Diamond Cage versus David Davidson. The two manliest names in EAW, in my honest opinion. I listened to you talk yesterday. I listened very carefully and I’m not sure why because nothing really grabbed my attention. I had you talking on a TV screen while my eyes were glued to my phone. And not once did I look up at your face. Everything you said was expected and I’m not faulting you for that. You’re coming off a big victory against your mentor, Jaywalker. Which reminds me, hey, congratulations. I’m sure that was rewarding and satisfying. Felt like you got a monkey off your back. And now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Especially with The Triumvirate being no more. And for the time being, let’s stick with The Triumvirate topic, since it’s relevant to the both of us. So like I said, I was listening to you flap your gums. Just bragging and boasting away. Again, it’s expected because it’s Diamond Cage. And to me, it sounded like you took all the credit of putting an end to The Triumvirate and maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that’s not what you intended to say, I’m just saying how it sounded to me. But if I’m right, if I hit the nail on the head, then DC, my friend, you are completely wrong. I’m not taking all of the credit either. Ask Jack and he’ll say the same. It was a collective effort, DC. A collective effort between The High Rollerz, DC, and HBG. Obviously you took care of Jaywalker. HBG took care of Tiberius. And we took care of Ares and especially Lannister. Sure, Ares was the one to turn on Lannister and yeah, you know. Everybody knows. I think that moment is nominated for extreme moment of the year or whatever. But tell me DC, why did it happen in the first place? Come on, it’s an easy question. It doesn’t have to be multiple choice. You don’t have to poll the audience or phone a friend. It’s because they lost the Unified Tag Team Championships to yours truly. And as a result, The Triumvirate was never the same and died a rather quick death. Just like this year’s Oklahoma City Thunder team, the “super team” that was the Triumvirate never lived up to the hype. Good riddance, I say. 

Obviously, I waited quite a while to speak on this match and it wasn’t because I was afraid or because I was second guessing my chances in defeating you in middle of that ring. Silence speaks volumes, like many of my peers pointed out these past few days while they waited for their opponent’s rebuttal. I for one am usually eager to talk. I love to talk. I love to talk shit because I’m a competitor. And oh yeah, because I usually back it up but I digress. What I was going to say is the longer I wait to speak, the less I care about the match I’ll be competing in. And its not a direct shot at Diamond Cage. I did the same to Rex a few weeks ago. Yeah, back when he pulled the ultimate bitch move. Singles matches don’t exactly interest me. I don’t climb out of bed to face the likes of a Cage or a Rex. I want tag team matches. I want to fight side-by-side with my tag team partner and best friend, Jack Ripley. That’s when I’m at my best because there is usually something on the line, like for instance, these titles. But as for this week, there is nothing on the line. Nothing to lose. Nothing really win either. “But David, if you beat DC, you can brag about it later.” Like I would do that in the first place. Yep, totally. Gonna put a picture of me pinning Cage on my fridge. It would just mean so much to me! Ugh, let’s just move on. I noticed that just like me, I know Cage doesn’t care about this match. His heart isn’t completely in it because he wants that world title and hey, rightfully so. After beating Jaywalker at Kingsroad he should be second in line. Yes, Tiberius should have his rematch first because I noticed EAW picks and chooses when rematches happen. No consistency at all, which is odd, but it is what is. DIAMOND CAGE!!! Yeah I just yelled randomly. It’s the thing you usually do. It’s dumb. Stop it. Yelling your point doesn’t make it any more right or wrong. It just gives the people around you headaches. The viewers too if they have their headphones plugged in and they have the volume all the way up. But anyways you said you don’t know me. And that’s fine. I’m not hurt my that statement. My jaw isn’t clenched. My hand isn’t balled up into a fist like that popular Arthur meme. Just like when you said you are going to kick my ass. I don’t really care. It’s just a generic threat, like holy shit, you’re gonna try to beat me up in a wrestling match? And here I thought we were just gonna hug and tickle one another until one of us quits because we can’t breathe from all the laughter. Cage, you’re a hall of famer. A former world champion. You should be able to kick my ass. In fact, I get my ass kicked in most matches. I’m not the strongest. Which should be a given by my frame. I’m not the fastest. I’m not the smartest. Yet I continue to get the job done week in and week out and it’s because I’m one half of the greatest tag team in EAW history.. and oh yeah before I forget, if this hooded man or woman actually stays out of my hair for once, fingers crossed, then I’m very confident that I have the tools to put you down like the rabid dog that you are. So let’s do this DC. Let’s give it our all in a match that will be forgotten about a week later because it’s only right and makes total sense. Deal? K, Cool. 

(David turns around to the interviewer that has now put the Assassin’s Creed character on the board because he wears a hood. Just interviewer things. David gets up and leaves. Camera faces to black.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 9:49 pm by Irónico
Voltage Lucha

A’reet Youns?

Sweep ‘way t’ mardy blues. Any faces like slapped arses, turn the other way ‘cos we’ll ‘ave nae blartin’ here. It’s yer chico, of course, but eyeing me watch I see I’m a wee bit more fashionably late than usual. Apologies. As very well predicted by my adversary this week, El Irónico was indeed “laid out wasted with a bunch of beer cans” sprawled around me. But come on. That didnae need sayin’. Yous know me. I’m  slave to the sesh and yous already known as much already. Mind, Chris Elite, I knows a wee bit about you too.

I hear you wingin’ about how you are the big I Am and how you expect more from that Gawd Contract. It has you well stalled that half the time you’re being put in that ring with nothing to gain against chicos like me, chicos who have never held an EAW Title. Laditos with more jokes than wins. Hombres who canny even muster enough graft out of their arses to earn contendership for a segundo champo or even get past the very fucking first round of The King of Elite tournamente. I’m beneath you. Right… Lord Muck? You don’t feel need to be dwinin’ yer time tomorrow. But whatever, you can cry about it mate.  But the thing that I find irónico about all this is that it was nae all that long ago that ou was that chico too. What was it again? 7? 8 years? Something in that region. That long without an accolade to your name.That fucking long bottom feeding like one of us lush claht’eads you don’t have time for anymore. The really loco thing is that somehow you are the living proof that the world needs to learn make time for chavos like us. I know it gets you radgie and raw arsed being reminded of those times, so sorry for that Chris but this isnae about shitting over everything that you have accomplished. The opposite actually. If a hopeless scallie like our kid Chris Elite can drag himself up by the bootstraps, then there is allus a chance for the rest of us to hit the jackpot. Slim as it may be. I’ve never backed down from a cheeky bet and my money's on Irónico each week. I knows that you’ve always told yourself something along those lines and that is the big reason why you are even standing here today with a Gawd contract in your hands. So peel your ears and listen, it may not have been Irónico’s year to win the Tag Team Grand Pricks, or become Rey De Élite, or New Breed Champo. But it is only a matter of time. A year? 2? 8? 18? Actually fuck that, that’s longer than Apocalypse’s dick pulled through a taffy machine… and just as grim to think about.

But the point stands, Chris. El Irónico is not the kind of chico who is easily put off by disappointment. I’ve dreamed about being a Champion at this level since I was a wee ‘un and I’m fucking going to do it now that I have gotten so close. While you’re thinking about popping down the ramp for a quick warm up, I’ve got bigger fish on my plate. What can I do to impress Kenny? How can I earn my place in the Openweight title picture or the Interwire title picture or whatever the fuck? And with every question I ask myself the answer is falling around you and what is going down tomorrow night. I can be the one. The one low life who leaves God Given Greatness flummoxed in the centre of the ring, dawk over his gob in surprise because he’s just had the floor wiped with him. And you best believe that I will be pulling out every bit of marlock that I have up my sleeve to get this job done. So fuck your contract. Fuck your box office smash. And fuck your bollockless tart of a bodyguard who needs to be saved more often than he actually saves your arse. Because I ain’t just some charity case of a sideshow. I am the next best thing and soon enough all the world is gonny see that I really am The Fucking Bollocks.

And the wheels on the bus go round and round.



Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 9:35 pm by Amadeus
Yes, Cameron, you certainly have a grasp of the situation that lead to my fall.  It's no deep insight, though, no in depth analysis.  You've taken the actions that have transpired in the open, and rephrased the words that I spoke when I was at my lowest.  And it's all true.  Everything that you've said, about my dependence on others, about my cascading failures, about the fact that on paper, I really don't make a good representative for Voltage at King of Elite.  You haven't lied about any of that.  But you did omit one thing.  While you reiterated my fall, you neglected to mention how I've stood back up.  You neglected to mention how I've accepted my losses, accepted my failings, and have been working to make them right.  Maybe they are just words, right now, but those words are a promise.  A promise that I will rise once again, that I will stand on my own and be stronger than I ever was in the Sanatorium.  A promise that I won't let everyone down like I did at Road to Redemption and Shock Value: the people in the back, the fans, and most importantly myself.  That is my promise, made in words now, but will be shown in action slowly but surely.  I have already stood on my own to defeat Moongoose McQueen in the previous round.  Maybe a victory over someone who is as wartorn as Moongoose was isn't a huge deal, but it was an important first step.  You're the next step, Cam, and a steep one at that.  But I know that I can do it.  You might not believe me.  Everyone else might not believe me.  But I believe me.  That's enough for now.  I'll convert more believers on Voltage during our match.

You are the popular pick to represent Voltage.  The success of HBG has certainly motivated you to match her, if not surpass her.  Everyone's eyes will be on your for our match.  And you love the attention, I'm sure.  But this isn't the last time that Voltage has been represented by a Hall of Famer and former champion in King of Elite.  Earlier this year at this past King of Elite, Voltage was represented by Drastik.  Say what you will about Drastik -and there's a lot of negative to be said about him- but when he's motivated, he's nearly unstoppable.  And he was motivated to claim the crown of Elite.  He faced off against Tiberius and Jamie O'Hara, two men who -at the time- lacked the track record of Drastik.  And yet, for all of his hubris, for all of his star power, all his motivation, he still came up short in the finals.  I'm not saying that you're anything like Drastik as a person.  You're so much better than him.  But the parable that I'm telling here still applies.  No matter your pedigree, the story that you're trying to tell, or how much you think you're better than your competition, you can still fall.  You can still fail.  But what of the rest of Voltage's contenders?  If not you, then who has a chance of representing Voltage?  There's Keelan Cetinich.  While some may say that he's underperformed recently, I believe that he's shown that when he's focused, he elevates his game.  He may not have a title to show for it yet, but I think that it's only a matter of time before he finally breaks through.  Could King of Elite be that time?  How about Harvey Yorke?  He's shown more motivation recently than he has in a long time, since the Interwire title tournament.  He's a longshot, a dark horse, but he thrives in that role.  Sleep on him and you might be surprised.

Or how about me?  My star has dimmed.  My image has been tarnished.  But scratch the dirt off and feel the steel within me.  Yes, I'm not the legend that you are, but that's how legends start.  No one pops into this world, steps through those ropes for the first time, and is heralded as a legend before the bell rings.  Not unless it's tongue-in-cheek. No, they're built, step by bloody step, win by grueling win, defeat by heartbreaking defeat.  You got there already.  Your legacy is secure.  Anything else you add is icing on the cake.  And I'm not saying that you won't add a lot more icing before you're through.  But for Keelan, for Harvey, for myself, we're still working to achieve our legendary status.  Not one of us doesn't want our names to stir the same recognition and respect that your name, or DEDEDE's name, or Y2Impact's name creates.  We will work, not to follow in their exact footsteps, but to follow in their example to blaze our own path to greatness.  For me, King of Elite is a unique opportunity to jumpstart that process.  To pull off the improbable and defeat you, and defeat Keelan or Harvey to represent Voltage at King of Elite.  To upset the order and the balance, taking popular picks like you or Keelan off the board and staking a claim that Voltage can be lead to a new era.  Not by force, as I attempted unsuccessfully before.  But by example.  By pulling my dreams from impossible to reality.

To defy Kenny Drake.

To defy The Goddess.

I will make a believer out of you.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 8:31 pm by Cameron Ella Ava
Defy a Goddess?

If only it was that simple, Amadeus. You’re a man. Words mean so little to you. Actions however, they can sometimes be more vocal than anything you could ever imagine. Who would have ever thought that you reign as Interwire Champion would end the way it did? Who knew that you would ever find yourself in the crosshairs of Kenny Drake? Who in a million years that your successor as Interwire Champion would be CARLOS ROSSO out of every living and breathing soul in this ugly locker room? To some, that should be utter humiliation. That should be a reason why to never come back to Voltage. Yet, you’re still here. You live another day to compete. The King of Elite Semi-Finals. We are this close to finding out the second participant in the King of Elite finals. Theron Nikolas should very much pay attention because Voltage has been the place where the hidden gems of this company have been hiding. On Voltage, you have unlikely contenders from Harvey Yorke to Keelan Cetinich to yourself who are delusional to believe that they’ll get passed me? I know my match with Cody Marshall had an obvious winner, but I am full aware that the real challenge is ahead of me. I think it’s about time that the Voltage brand had a King of Elite representative that isn’t shit. One that will not eat the cover over losers from Dynasty or Showdown. I have a mission in this tournament and that is to make it to the Voltage bracket finals and solidify my place as the brand representative. To any weaker person, I would sympathize with you. You are truly a man who has lost everything from a person to his beloved stable. There may have reached a point where you think that there is no one in this locker who has your back. There is no one that you could confide in and call a friend. There is no one why you could consider an ally.

You are alone now.

How long has it been since you’ve felt the need to carry your own weight? Being associated with The Sanatorium and then leading The Nightmare, when was the last time you had only yourself to rely on? You have no friends. You have no family. I’m in the same boat as you, but I use it as a way to make myself become stronger. I don’t need Jamie. I don’t need Consuela. I don’t need Moongoose. I don’t need any of their involvement to keep me afloat. I am an independent woman. I make my own rules. I dance to the beat of my own drum. With you, everything began crashing down one by one. The Nightmare, The Sanatorium, Brody’s passing and the loss of your Interwire Championship. As you dwelled on each of those horrid things, you have allowed for everything else to break you. It was a domino effect with you. One thing falls, the others come tumbling down after. It’s devastating, Amadeus. I sympathize with you as a person. I look into my cold heart and I feel for you. Inside the wrestling ring is a different story and I cannot allow my personal feelings get in the way of my goals. In the ring, it’s my mission to make you feel a different kind of pain. The pain of your bones breaking in half; the pain of your skull pumping blood; the pain of making you feel a loss. I don’t want you to feel the same feeling that you did when Brody disappeared. No, I want you to feel the same feeling you felt at Road to Redemption. I want you to feel the same feeling you felt at Shock Value. I want you to feel the feeling of failure. I want you to once again experience the pain of believing you can reach something and have it be stripped away from you once again. King of Elite will be nothing more than some goal in a long list of things you want to achieve before you decide to hang up your boots.

If there is one thing in this world I love about my job, it’s making history. I crave my name a part of history. It’s in my blood. My blood flows for gold and accomplishments. It’s been a part of me ever since I was a young girl. You can say that it’s my competitive nature, but I think it’s a part of my DNA. It’s been embedded in me since the day I was born.  You are a fighter, Amadeus. There is no one in this universe that cannot see how much you fight till your last breath. On the other hand, these same people must pay attention that I am the individual who is most qualified to take Voltage to the promise land. No longer will people look down on Voltage as the joke brand. At last, people will look at me and realize not everything about this god forsaken brand is a joke. There are individuals who fight on a constant basis to be taken seriously. There are the strong individuals such as Jamie and myself that continue to make this show tolerable. Voltage without its proper representative at King of Elite is fucked. You might as well find Drastik if you’re looking for someone to take the loss for Voltage again. Amadeus, I keep those precious dreams close of my heart. The more I dream, the better chance it becomes a reality. Getting that victory over you? That is my reality.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 8:16 pm by Keelan
One step closer.

But many steps to go.

Steps towards the glory I once felt accustomed to many years ago before my career took its downwards spiral. Since the return to the industry I have worked to the skin and to the bones in an attempt to make my permanent stay here in Elite Answers Wrestling more viable. I’ve tried to come full circle, and with every attempt I have had to send my career in an upwards trajectory I’ve been knocked down a rung or two along the way. The normality of this is reasonable but for it to happen as often as it has happened to me leaves one to ponder whether or not it is worth continuing. For any other individual, they would have given up. They would have hung their head in shame and slowly faded away into oblivion with no desire to return into the spotlight. They would have felt the embarrassment and the ignominy one too many times and made the conscious decision to call it a day. It is the feasible choice because as human beings we see failure more than we see success. I have seen failure more times than I can count, but I do not see myself as any normal man. I do not see myself as an individual ready to hang up my boots because of a measly error on my part or just because I was not good enough to have the sweet taste of victory that week. The way I look at it, with every failure that hits me in the face, I come back stronger. Don’t believe me? Take a look at my career here on Voltage so far and then you will see. The proof is in the pudding. Many people have been in my predicament but the vast majority do not see it through. They give up. I refuse to even have that option in my mindset. Giving up is the very last thing I am going to do. Death shall come sooner than to give up on what I am striving to accomplish. Currently, my eyes are set on the King of Elite crown. I have made it through to the semifinals, but much like any tournament ever created, it only gets more and more difficult from here on in. What lies ahead for me this week is a man who has felt as if though he’s been robbed of stardom he once claimed to have many months ago. He is a sadistic individual and envisions himself as a saint.



Oh, was I not supposed to call you that? Did I tug on your heartstrings a little there? Did I flip a switch in your mind? My sincerest apologies. Oh how you must resent me now. Or perhaps you always have. I had briefly heard earlier during the week that you apparently had a nice little argument to go up against me in your attempt at a verbal battle, and I was really looking forward to what you had to say. I heard that you had planned to "ether" me. Interesting way to put it that is for certain. Harvey Yorke, you are indeed a talented competitor. You aren’t like the men who have lost in this tournament who are an embarrassment to this Voltage roster. You actually do have what it takes to make it on this show. You’ve got the skills to become a champion here one day. And while this all might be the case, I was left feeling… disappointed. Let down. I heard and I listened to what you had to say and unfortunately it’s nothing that I haven’t heard before. The same ones who have used the same war of words against me fell beneath my feet at the end of the day. Man, what an ether you displayed. It’s quite unfortunate but I guess this is the reality I am facing this week. Or rather, the reality you are facing. But not only this Harvey, I feel like you struggle to utilize your potential. Your focus is often elsewhere despite your best efforts to keep them solely on whatever task at hand you might have ahead of you. It’s a real curse, trust me I know. You, much like El Ironico and hell much like me, find yourself falling short at times. For example, that EAW Interwire Championship tournament that was created when this season began, you made it all the way to the finals and you lost to Amadeus. Then, you disappeared for a little bit. You came back and you found yourself in a Five-Way match for the same belt and ended up falling short there too. Alas, another opportunity came your way in the form of a future championship match against the EAW New Breed Champion, Finnegan Wakefield. You may feel like you were robbed of the big losses but yet there must be a bigger reasoning to what we can only see. You do not want me to be the success that I so desire to be. You refuse to allow me have that crown planted on my head; the crown that you so admittedly brought up that has my name written all over it. Despite the fact that you’ve brought up my failures in my endeavours to gain the EAW World Heavyweight Championship, you still manage to compliment me so. And why? Well, it’s because you know that despite falling short, you know I am more than capable of reaching those new heights. You know that I am the most dangerous man in this tournament and I am the one that Amadeus and Cameron Ella Ava should be fearing. Your win over Jon McAdams was impressive, but what is he at the end of the day? A man who continues to make terrible decisions which opens up his weaknesses to make himself prone to defeat. Compared to me, he is nothing, and you know this. And it’s good that you know this honestly, Harvey. You are very well aware of the dangers you’re about to face when you step inside the squared circle with yours truly, and you should know that while you refuse to let me get to that crown, I refuse to let anybody in this tournament represent Voltage at King of Elite. It is my excursion and you are just enemy number two for me. I don’t have an issue with you, nor do I feel I will have an issue with you in the future, just as long as I hand you the loss that you are so fearful of. You’re talking winning streaks and speak so confidently about how you’ve become a changed man. Please elaborate for me, if you will, how exactly you plan to defeat me this Sunday? How exactly do you plan to expose me to the world for the fraud I am? How exactly do you plan on giving me my next failure on my quest to redeeming my career?


You just simply can’t. No matter how hard you try, I will always be one step ahead of you ready to fight back with every strike you throw, or every kick you attempt to place towards my skull.

You speak some truths Harvey Yorke but you do speak a lot of falsehoods as well. You think I am in this for the gold, the respect and the popularity? If you think I’m in it for all that then you clearly do not pay attention to me whatsoever. Again, perhaps that’s your biggest weakness. You bring up what I mentioned last week to El Ironico, and the names I listed off of the people who are in this tournament who I feel will be the worst representatives to the King of Elite crown Voltage have to offer. There was a reason I left you out, Harvey, and I did mention it briefly just before. The fact is, you are probably the only other person in this tournament that could represent Voltage at King of Elite. It’s a shame that you took it so personally and thought negatively towards what I said, but it is what it is. No, I did not forget who you were. In fact, you were the first individual in my head. I am glad I am your opponent this week because I know the type of challenger you are, and you will indeed give me a challenge on Voltage. But again, no matter how hard you attempt to try, no matter how many hits you plan to lay onto me, it will never be enough. Not for me, at least. I am not Jon McAdams, I am Keelan fucking Cetinich and you will learn the danger of attempting to rid of my motivations and my desires. I lack the passion, strength and speed of a king? Seriously?! You even heard the champion himself Jamie O’Hara mention that I’ve been the closest man to take that championship off of him, and while a low blow at Road to Redemption prevented me from shocking the world, it was a quote from the man who runs Voltage himself that everybody should take into serious consideration. I am the most passionate man you will ever face, Harvey. I promise you that. I do not, I repeat -- DO NOT -- step on the backs of all my fans as they are one of my biggest motivations to succeeding here in EAW. I would not be back from my lengthy absence in the wrestling industry if it wasn’t for them, and now that I am back they are behind me now more than ever. If you had any sort of fanbase you would understand but you clearly do not. Whenever your music hits you hear the array of negativity spread your way. Something like that might not matter to you but don’t pretend like you understand it. You do not know what’s going on with me that much has been abundantly clear. You don’t have me figured out no matter how much you like to pretend you do. I am unpredictable while you are a polar opposite. If you’ve been using whatever supposed spotlight you have left (if you even had any to begin with at all) to preach about the turning of a new era, here’s a newsflash. Not a single fucking person is listening, nor do they care. And why would they? How can they get behind a man who would rather spend his time showering praise to individuals who are twice as better as he is with more success to show for it such as Ryan Marx than to even consider the prime opportunity he has before his very eyes? The only preaching I am hearing from you is that you see how far this tournament can take a man, but you just couldn’t give a fuck about it. And for that, that is why you WILL fucking fall. You say that I am over here begging to win this tournament and to get another shot at the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Quite the opposite. I am over here working my ass off day in and day out to continue to improve, get better and eventually achieve the dream I have been chasing since this god damned season started. As for you, beggars cannot be choosers, Harvey. You are an individual with no other option but to accept defeat from me, and hopefully you will accept this in a content matter.

Because no matter how far you may walk the path with that trail of blood behind you, you will see the trail of blood in front of you too. That is when you will realize that on the horizon is The Killer, walking way ahead of you with his own trail of blood with the bodies to show for it. You may have your desires too, but as much as you’re afraid to admit it, all you can see when you look in the mirror is a fearful figure. Because Harvey Yorke, with your attempts, all you are to everybody else is a less than average version of Keelan Cetinich.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 5:17 pm by The Consigliere
If you spend the majority of your time being afraid, then why even bother calling yourself a Champion? Fear is all in the mind. Fear is what brings us down. Fear is the taste of blood in your mouth when you make every sorry excuse when you couldn't rise to the competition placed in front of you because you "did what you could". I have faced all the adversaries with not a single hint of fear in my heart, for so long that I don't even know what fear feels like anymore. Do you think I fear getting beaten down? Do you think I'd be ashamed of all the failures that I have endured? Nobi, not only do I not regret the missteps and misses that I've had over the past year, but I would relive it with no question if it meant I'd get to this point right now. In the face of defeat, I refuse to be dragged down the drain with everything to lose but nothing to gain. It doesn't make you a hero that you've gone from rags to riches, for that is expected in this line of business, it makes you the hero if you could live up to far beyond what is expected of you as you vow to place your opponents in a body bag, embarrassed and beyond repair. I am arrogant for it is my right to be. It's not my fault that I am better than the filthy scums that came across me. Indeed, Rex McAllister has pushed me into a road with what felt like an endless bump as the journey goes, but I never said he was hard to beat. It took John Doe's involvement for him to beat me. It took a helping hand for him to pin me for the three count while I relied on no one but myself. I only had my resources, my talent, my familiarity to see all kinds of opponents for what they truly are, and everything unexpected are just losses for me to carry again. This whole "Primary/Secondary" Champion of Showdown is just a game of comparison children play, and I am not interested in taking part of this pitiful rusty merry-go-round that you take importance in so much. You can spend days, weeks and months convincing yourself that you are the most dominant Champion of Showdown, but it doesn't take away the fact that everyone will still be looking at my story. This "chance" to beat me is not only an illusion, but an eye-rolling claim that makes me ashamed that I'm even speaking to a Champion. If someone interfered on your behalf and beat me where I stood without the officials noticing, I'm sure you'd be bragging about that fateful night when you beat the EAW Champion in her game. No wonder you and Rex get along. Either one of you gets a messy luck-driven victory that was far beyond your control, and you would claim that you did all the work, and that's where you're wrong about everything you know, Nobi: Being a Champion means with or without a title, you must prove how incredible and unstoppable you are, you would let your dominance cause the ground to vibrate as the world witness your presence or hears your music when you enter the arena, and if you haven't been paying attention, that's what I have done in the past year. I am a main event performer, I am the greatest of all time and no one can take that away. 

Being a reasonable person, I acknowledge the fact that anything can happen in that ring. You can beat me in an unlikely event, but it seems you have already shut the door to the more than likely possibility... or must I say guarantee... that I can beat you too. It's funny how you mention Chris Elite and Mr. DEDEDE in this as a point that you're capable of putting me down, when, newsflash, I have already beaten Mr. DEDEDE and Chris Elite multiple times in the past. Their dance in the ring was nothing to me but two people I consider beneath me as they fight for whatever is left of their pride. I idolized Mr. DEDEDE, I kissed the ground he walked on, I wore his shirts and merchandize even as far back as 2007, I wrote him letters telling him that he's the one person that I want to be in the future. Eight years later we met in the ring and what happens? He belittled me, yelled at me and told me that I was worth nothing but not once did he get the upper hand against me. The moral of the story is: Don't make comparisons where the Heart Break Gal is involved. Don't use other people as metaphors to what YOU can and can't do when faced with the devil in the ring. Your only defense is the sad, desperate "you're stupid" finger-pointing, when in truth you are the one who is coming off as an ignorant pile of garbage for you refuse to acknowledge the reality of the situation. The reailty of my undying dominance and power. The reality of your place. The reality that you're no Tiberius Jones, Y2Impact or Mr. DEDEDE, to even deserve to be in the same ring as me. The only thread that you can hang on to are the empty promises and meaningless threats of how you will snap my neck with ease in that ring, when I'd be surprised if you even last a single minute without questioning why you agreed to be in this match to begin with.

If you have idolized me for so long, then you shouldn't be surprised that we don't and will never hum the same tune. You would accept me for who and what I am, and at the same time accept your inevitable defeat. The reason why I'm influential was never because of the battles that I have won, but what I did to redeem myself in the face of defeat that led eventually to my success. You chose to wallow in your own grave, you chose to walk at the back of the line and wish the opportunities would come nearer, while I simply break through the glass wall, risk getting injured and compete with all I have just so I can get another glimpse of the title. The reason why I'm influential is because I am the Heart Break Gal, I am someone who knows better, I am someone who IS better. You can take all the lessons from me, but I'm afraid it's too late to start learning. If your morals and minset are easily steered by what every opponent says to you in a given week, it just proves how weak and easily manipulated you are, and when faced with a conniving showstealer like me, not even on your best day will you be able to take a win. You are expected to be the toughest competition when the situation needs you to be, not when your opponent starts pointing it out, and you fucking wonder why the name that you carry has little to no value. You can be a scared little rat coming to this match, or be the wild beast that I expect you to be, tear my limbs and ensure I never fight in the ring again, but you are forgetting the fact that I have not only fought but bested both types of opponents. I have turned beasts into rats, and you will be no different. That's what makes me the best champion, not only of Showdown but of EAW with or without competing in this match. And at Showdown, I will stand in the middle of the crowd as they watch in awe the living proof of greatness and timeless excellence in the EAW Champion.
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Post on December 9th 2017, 1:26 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Bloodletter Promo #3

“Clouds of War”

(It’s dawn in Portland, Oregon as Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda is sitting atop the Moda Center with a cup of coffee beside her, watching the sunrise. She’s wearing an old ‘Sky Princes’ sky blue hoodie from her JET days. She has a hood over a ‘C9’ fitted hat and is wearing Brooklyn College sweatpants. She’s kicking her feet a little, covered by a pair of ‘C9’ New Balance sneakers, just released.)

‘Due to unforeseen technical issues, the EAW Bloodletter event has been pushed back to Sunday, December 10’. (laughs) Funny how this happens when we’re the main event, sweets. It’s as if the universe doesn’t want us to do battle if fate itself is trying to avoid the inevitable. All this does is increase my hunger for championship gold. Then again, maybe this was for the best. You and I can continue our conversation with the world listening in. This match will be unlike anything anyone has seen. We’re both not naive. We know we’re in the fight of our lives. This match isn’t about skill or experience, but rather who wants it more. We can give each other all the compliments in the world, but deep down we believe we want to be champ more than the other woman. You may have a fire that’s been going since you started, but my desire burns brighter than yours, sweets. You can’t even comprehend how important this match is for me - or maybe you can. Neither of us can’t think of losing this match. I’ve had three chances to win a title this year Aria, THREE FUCKING OPPORTUNITIES. The first was the Formation triple threat for the Women’s World Championship; The second was the Inferno match against Brody for the Specialist Championship, and the third was against Ryan Marx for the Openweight Championship. I had three chances to get it right in one year - and I’ve wasted them all. So yes, I have to be my own hype man like Ron hyping Dwayne Wayne. So allow me to flip my glasses for a moment to show you my vision.

(The camera focuses on the sunrise for a moment as Stephanie continues to speak)

I have a vision for Empire. Not to say you don’t have one of your own, sweets, but I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders for a reason. You ever notice win or lose both my competitors and I come out of battle stronger and wiser? That’s because I’m a competitor’s-competitor, Aria. There were times where I had to end the careers of those who threatened the direction of women’s wrestling. I had to end Sheridan’s chances at getting the crown, and I’m the one who made the call to lock away you-know-who, giving up the rights to those children who are now in my possession. Ec- no Joseph was the man behind the woman, pulling at Alexis’ strings. Megan and I discussed this; in fact, that’s why she stayed in The Sanatorium. That was her last gift to the world - exposing that snake for who he is. 

(A sigh is heard from Cloud before she continues)

We didn’t always get along, but I loved her like a sister, much like the way I love you sweets. You know you care about this brand more than anything. I see you out there with your title raised, etching in a win after win, shining the spotlight on Empire and women’s wrestling as a whole. With what I have planned next, I wouldn’t be able to do without this reign of yours, so I want to thank you. Though you shade the most at your opponents, there’s many a night where you compliment these girls. We’d be chilling at a lounge or Dairy Queen, and you start going on about how much potential Azumi has, how proud you are of Consuela, how much April should get a push, and we'd agreed on how much of a threat Chelsea Crowe is. You want to see everyone at their best - with you at the helm of course. But, you know that fire you talked about? It only works for you. It enables you to overcome the greatest of odds ‘Ria. My fire? It nurtures or burns everything it touches. My flame has become turned into a blazing phoenix - nurturing those I feel are important and destroying those who try me and mine. I’m the only one who can make this place more than it is and I think deep down, you know and understand where I’m coming from. But, you ain’t no bitch, ‘Ria. You’re not going down without a fight. This match is my rite of passage, the next step in the evolution of Stephanie Matsuda. I need this victory more than anything sweets; if I fail a title match for the 4th time in twelve months, then I have no business being on Empire, or in EAW period. I’d rather fall into obscurity than be the woman who just can’t get it done.

(The camera goes back to Stephanie who  puts her head down as she takes sip of coffee)

There was once a young girl who was lost at a fair. She separated from her mother, looking for the arcade tent. She made her way across the rides and the wooden roller coaster - which looked unsafe - until she ended up in the petting zoo area. There she saw a little girl, several years younger, weeping on a bench. She walked up to this girl and asked what was wrong. The little girl simply said “I can’t find mommy and daddy’. So the older girl overcame her fear of being lost to take this little girl across the Orange County Fair to find her parents. Lo and behold she not only find the little girl’s parents but her mother at the same time. This story seems out of context until it hits you. Who do you think the little girl and older one was? I was just as shocked when my mother told me the other day. I remember that little girl, but you said your name was AJ then, which was a nickname. When I saw you years later, I thought I knew you from somewhere. It’s why I started talking to you in the first place. We both couldn’t pinpoint where, but it turns out I’ve been watching over you since we were kids, Aria. 

(Cloud puts her head up, her eyes red as if she’s been fighting back the tears)

I was reminded of that little girl on that fateful Thursday night in late October. I was backstage with Tarah, Finn Wakefield, and Nasir Moore when you came to us, shaking. That face...I’ll never forget it. I can only hope you never see you like that again. I must’ve held you for hours, slumped in the corner around the production area. Nobody - minus Tarah - disturbed us for hours. I felt that small body shake and shake. I can still hear those weak whimpers buried in my sweater.

(Cloud looks distant as a couple of tears go down her cheek)

I can still hear your muffled weeping, ‘Ria. I can still feel you in my arms. That’s why I wanted to be ‘Family First.’ I may not have known about our expanded history until several days ago, but whenever you needed me the most, I was there. When you needed someone in the first Territorial Invasion match, I was there. When you were fighting Hexagun, I was there. After leaving The Coven, I returned to your side. I had your back when we bumped heads with Azuna. The nights crying about Brett Kennedy being a dick., Cailin’s betrayal, I was there for all of it. How can I think about hurting the woman who begged me not to let go early in the morning in a whimpering voice? Well, that same woman also happens to be a force of nature. You’re so strong Aria. You're possibly the bravest woman I know. You keep on trucking, winning accolade after accolade. You’re the star of Empire, the example everyone should follow. I'm going to carry you out of the ring like I carried you back to the hotel that Thursday night into Friday morning in October, just like I lead you back to your family that summer of '99.

(Cloud wipes the tears from her eyes)

But you’re not a leader. You’re one hell of an inspiration to every little girl out there, but you’re not me, sweets. Your place as a figurehead is the blueprint for my revolution. ‘The War Queen defeats Empire’s True Empress.’ Because that’s what you are - that’s your true form. You’re the last Empress standing, the unbroken. You’re the target I need to take out. It’s not my intention to break you Aria - but to rebuild you. This idea may be a foreign concept to you, but it’s been awhile since you felt a true loss. You’re riding high without a care in the world, and eventually, that roadblock is going to hit you. When it does, it ain’t going to be pretty. I rather become the one who puts it there than one of the Astraeas of the world. You don’t know what it’s likely having your ability come into question - major loss after major loss and regulated to the role of a choke artist. Sometimes I question my place in this business - which is why I MUST win. I can’t lose to you sweets - not in my fourth title match this year. I think that’s more chances than anyone else got in an entire season. The pressure is more on me then it is you; all you have to do is show up, and you’re already considered the winner. ‘Formation’ by Beyonce plays, and everybody applauds - ANOTHER WIN FOR THE ALMIGHTY FACE OF EMPIRE! AND STILL YOUR WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPION! ARIAAAAAAA JAXOOOOOOOON! Yay, woo, and all that jazz!

(Cloud takes off her hood and fitted, her eyes narrowed as she endures the cold)

Like I said before - nobody expects me to win this fight. Not even my own family, who can’t even tell me good luck with a straight face. The world is enamored with the idea of a ‘GOAT Aria Jaxon reign.’ Well, I’m about to send those dreams crashing down and exploding upon impact. I spent too many years worrying about how the world will accept me. So, fuck it. I’m still going to get mine ‘Ria. I won’t be fighting you come tomorrow - I’ll be fighting myself for myself. That’s The Reality of Empire; every woman is out there on the battlefield, fighting for her glory, just how it is in the so-called real world. Our brand is a simulation of the everyday struggles the female species endure day in and out. I once talked about the concept of ‘fighting like Matsuda.’ I’m about to introduce the world what that means. You can have their love Aria - I’d rather have their respect. Then again, when I sling that title over my shoulder, my only concern will be who’s next and how can I make her famous? That’s what I do best ‘Ria. When I’m involved, everybody eats. All I have to do is focus on what’s currently mine and what’s about to be. That’s the true power of Empire, the true power of every woman - to take what’s rightfully hers and own the moment when she gets what she wants.

(There is a moment of silence as Stephanie stares at the sun. Her breath is seen appearing before her determined eyes. There is no sign of tears, or any form of distress on her face.)

I’ve shed my tears for you Aria-Marie Jackson Lebeau. I gave you my love, support, and undying loyalty. Now you will receive my wrath. The queen is dead.

(Stephanie stands up and puts her signature black bandanna around her face)

Long live the War Queen.

(The next scene is a shadow of Stephanie scaling down the side of the Moda Center, using her parkour skills. Stephanie drops down from above the ‘rip city’ sign and starts walking away with her hands in her pocket. The camera focuses on the sign and zooms in on ‘rip’ as if to signify ‘R.I.P.’ The following is a voiceover from an earlier interview with Stephanie Matsuda after Pain for Pride 9.)

“There’s a moment in this world where you realize all you got is you. If that’s it, then so be it. It doesn’t mean you’re alone - just that you’re the only person who believes in yourself.”
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 9th 2017, 9:12 am by Jamie O'Hara

I’ve earned the respect of the right people in this industry; as far as I’m concerned, the respect from men like you, from so many others means so little. You wish to talk about honour but did I not fight with absolute honour for years? The wars I endured, the bitterness I endured because I believed in the word honour, in the word pride a little too much. See Finnegan that’s the issue with this world - with people like you. You’ve forgotten the person I was for so many years and perhaps you didn’t turn your back on me but the world most certainly did. The world most certainly took the first thing I ever did out of line and shoved it down my fucking throat as a vile action; suddenly the man that was the very definition of every good moral that existed in this industry was a villain who was cast upon every wall as such. A shadow that people desperately want to see banished by the light of whatever fucking challenger steps forward to me. Respect. Respect - I fought for the respect of everyone and for a good amount of time I wanted the respect of every single person. Unfortunately you’re a mere secondary act in this business so why, why am I going to take a second to care about your thoughts of my actions? At some point this all become a drowning act - one I could barely pull my head above the surface to survive - but each time I did, I found joy and I found entertainment. To see a man hang from the edge, his fingers slipping a fraction of an inch every second as the sweat just pours like a fucking dam with broken levees from every pore; my, that certainly created a sense of joy. You question if I feel my back is up against the wall and what took place at Shock Value was a matter of desperation, I ask if you saw the same man enter and leave the Elimination Chamber as champion no more than a fortnight earlier. I ask if you saw Cameron enter that chamber and lend a hand. The answer is yes, you saw the same man and no, you didn’t see her help him win. See Finnegan, for every night at Shock Value, there’s ten more up against it. Ten more matches where I didn’t need to stoop to a low level. Ten more matches where I crushed the fucking skulls of my opponents to get the victory. Truth is there simply isn’t anything challenging about the Voltage roster and the idea that it’s becoming a tougher ask to remain champion because of the competition is about of the dumbest fucking ideas I’ve heard. Voltage has been a regression in terms of competition and so the only thing that makes it challenging to remain champion is to remain focused and not let some hack who couldn’t make it on the other two brands suddenly become World Champion. At this point I want to put a bullet through my own skull to end the pain of having to deal with pretenders walking around as viable challengers. There is no in between. You either respect me for everything I am - everything I’ve accomplished despite the methodology of my victories - or you do not. I could bring up legends, the men you would drop to your knees and kiss the ground they walk on just for an ounce of acknowledgement and I could speak endlessly about how they did so, so much worse to obtain their status.

I almost pity you for your ignorance to what lies ahead.

Everyone wants to claim the Holy Grail but so many are felled at the task of defeating me. What stands between them and immense glory that comes with being World Champion has been unconquerable for so long. What is it that you hold, Finn, that makes you believe you can beat me? Is it tenacity? Is it some will to never lay down and accept defeat? Because allow me to speed you up; I’ve heard that all before, from every other challenger right before they couldn’t speak with the blood filling their mouth. I’ve heard it all; every reason, every false hope that every challenger has had, I’ve heard. Or is it that you simply believe? If you believe then that is just...touching. So, so touching. It’s adorable to see belief in your eyes but it’s going to be quite a disappoint to look into those eyes and see nothing but hopeless fill the void left by the belief that once existed. I can only imagine the jubilation that would run through you, endless into the night and the days, the weeks to follow. An achievement to hold over the head of your foes, an achievement to put your name up there as a contender, regardless of the champion when King of Elite comes and goes. But there is a good, good reason that the World Champion walks away victorious in these matches. Despite your hope, your belief in everything that you do inside the ring, you lack the execution, you lack the experience. I’m sure in defeat you won’t find disappointment and any that exists would simply be washed away by some moral victory you can cling to. A positive outlook, right? There’s nothing to be ashamed about losing to the World Heavyweight Champion. Perhaps I’ve allowed one too many people to escape with such clutching mementos from contests; there’s a point where even you as the New Breed Champion will become ashamed of your efforts. Regardless a moral victory is all you will have left to remember this match by Finn. You know what I ask of my challengers? A reason. A reason why they can beat me. A reason why they can do what no others can. I ask for substance, I ask for evidence, I ask for something adds weight to their claim. Because if you can’t give me an answer now, then you’re absolutely fucked the further you go along and you might as well soak up the time you spend with the New Breed Champion because it’s the last championship you would ever hold. Every champion is going to laugh in your face when you tell them “bu-bu-but I believe!”.

But you don’t have anything, do you? Believing is the best you’ve got.

It’s admirable but admirable at best.

Unpinned, unsubmitted for over a year. Hall of Famers couldn’t beat me. Fellow World Champions couldn’t beat me. The Interwire Champion in January couldn’t do it nor the one in October. Former World Champions couldn’t beat. Men who the world begged and pleaded to beat me...couldn’t do it. And all for a good reason Finn. I’m on a level beyond anything you or so many could achieve and It’s been proven time and time again. No matter how I’ve done it at times, in the end, people are only going to remember the records, the accomplishments and the time I’ve spent at the peak of the mountain. Truly, defeating me would be a monumental achievement and whoever does inevitabley does that will have something to be proud of. But Voltage will not be the night that occurs. 2017 will remain the year that Jamie O’Hara stood tall unconquered, unbeatable, undefeated and reigned with an iron fist.

Fight ever so valiantly, Finnegan.

A moral victory awaits you in the ashes of defeat.
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Post on December 8th 2017, 11:49 pm by April Song
Blue Falcon Blues
(In a quiet bar other than a soft jazz instrumental and a few conversations going on, April drinks. She’s sitting alone, per usual, with several empty shot glasses and a half-empty bottle of wine at her table. The bartender looks over in her direction with a look of half concern, half astonishment that the former soldier is still conscious let alone not completely drunk, but looks away immediately when April’s gaze shifts to her in a silent warning.)

Some people are so damn stubborn. They don’t know what they’re saying or doing and it’s really sad. Sad to see that people who try so hard to look intelligent or ride on their high horse like they are some kind of saint and look just so awful doing it. They are what we in the military used to call “Blue Falcons”, assholes who sell out their contemporaries and comrades for their own benefit. In a way, the three women I’m going against are all blue falcons, aren’t they?
First we have the adorable Mallory Wilde. And by Adorable I mean how one considers an ugly bulldog puppy adorable. Did I ask for this match? Yes. Was it because of someone’s sympathy instead of them understanding my talent and ability? Heh….that’s rich. Someone is lecturing me about being allowed into a match when Tarah put her in before she even proved herself by beating me. Yeah, maybe you didn’t ask to be here, but the fact that Tarah put you in here to round out the numbers before even going against me got under my skin a teeny bit. I came here as a mercenary with a job. I was supposed to take people out and I’ve strayed from that protocol I have to say. I’m sure my receipt is coming eventually for pretty much going rouge, but hey, as long as my employer’s biding time I can have all the fun I want. I think Mallory misunderstands the relationships I have with people. Tarah is, well WAS, my boss. My benefactor who continues to remain anonymous was also an employer. Manami-sensei is my mentor.

I don’t have a master.
Never have, never will.

As for my motivations in this match, that’s my business and not yours. What difference does it make to you why I’m competing, hmm? Of course I want the prize. And as far as respect goes, I have it for you. Especially since you beat me. Maybe my bluntness has the message a little misconstrued in your mind, but I have no ill-will towards you. Honestly, I’m rather intrigued that you performed the way you did, you know? People who beat me get a special place in my mind. Not obsessive or anything, but it’s like solving a puzzle. I try to find the pieces that go in the right places to get the full picture and make sure the same mistakes don’t happen again. Lightning won’t strike twice, I don’t think. You kicked my ass once, now I suppose I should return the favor, hmm?

Chelsea thinks she’s so smart too. Heheheheheh……SHE THINKS SHE IS GOING TO GET IN MY HEAD BY SAYING DESERTER OVER AND OVER! HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a fucking idiot. (April haphazardly crosses herself, giving an apologetic look up above) Language, I know. It’s a work in progress. But can you blame me? She spends the whole time lecturing about opportunities and what to exploit and this and that, but does she forget she’s talking to a professional? Someone who has actually been taught about things like psychological warfare. Throwing a little tidbit out there and she bit for it like a catfish going after a bloodied worm at the lake. Of course being called a deserter is pretty damn insulting, but is it really the end of my world? Absolutely not. Is it going to stop me from doing my job? No. I have a match I want to win, I have a score that desperately needs settling. I’ll save the lack of unprofessional behavior for Consuela, friend. Otherwise, I’m going to be composed as can be. It’s in my training, it’s in my blood. And do you think that I am going to be worried about you trying to sneak up behind me and take advantage? Maybe just a tiny bit. If you can somehow capitalize, more power to you, but I think I have enough skill to fend you off and plenty of piss and vinegar for Consuela.

Speaking of Consuela…Azumi Goto? I put her to sleep so often instead of counting sleep she counts little April Songs jumping around in her head! HAHAHAHA. Good one, right? Yeah, you’re bitter about losing in your home, right? Well…you should have been better. I didn’t change. I didn’t let EAW and the bright lights and all this other shit get to me. You did. And you want to blame me for your issues. That sounds more like something your sister would do than the woman I wanted to befriend would do. I won’t have excuses. All I have for you, and all I have for the other women involved in this match are fists. I’m tired of talking. Apparently neither you nor Chelsea are because you spent a day whining and complaining about how nobody wanted to talk. I want to fight now. I want to take out this rage and frustration I feel. I want to feel whole again….that’s all….

Why do I feel this way though?
This was just a job before.
Now it’s part of my life. Now it is my life. And I’m obessed with winning the title, beating Consuela….but what am I fighting for?
Is Mallory right….am I just fighting for someone else?
Is Chelsea right? Is my attention too scattered, or too focused on one person?
Is Consuela right? Am I not better than her? Was everything that happened over the summer a fluke?

Why am I doing this? 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 11:32 pm by Megan Raine

Oh Sydney, my little crumpet.

Sometimes, silence can speak volumes. Your silence when the week started had that, so I took the opportunity to say my piece early. Days later, you finally opened your mouth, and it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it was the same spiel I’ve heard from you since you first stepped foot through the doors here on Empire. I didn’t feel like I needed to retort, or even bother, to open my mouth again because I felt like I had said everything I needed to say. However, you must have me confused for somebody that gives a fuck about your thoughts and your feelings. It’s almost as if you’re over here wanting me to say something just so you can hear my voice again. Perhaps deep down you want to be friends with me and are just too afraid to admit it. Oh, poor sweet and innocent Sydney. How you will learn the hard way of your mistakes. Your impatience will cost you severely and if your impatience runs over into our match expect a defeat without any warning, without any hesitation. You’re right, what we have left in our arsenals is very limited. The last couple of months we have both shared a war of words and the fact of the matter is that you cannot even begin to comprehend something new or inspiring to throw at me without sounding repetitive. I could. I openly admitted to the fact of no longer sitting around and moping, or having the thoughts of quitting Empire again and picking my ass up and fighting out of the metaphorical and physical shackles I have been held down with for the longest time. And when I said that, what did you do? You came out and said almost the exact same thing as me. Again, this is where you cannot fathom any sort of new material. When you speak it’s about as bland as you are in the ring, and I will not allow Empire to have a bland contender to one of its two championships. This match we are about to walk into at Bloodletter, Sydney… it goes far beyond the two of us now. Can you see that or do you actually need to have me say it before you can see it? The EAW Specialists Championship is a title is indeed worthy of somebody like me, but you will not get anywhere near even an opportunity at the championship that is within our sights. So I could continue on about the same old bullshit I’ve been saying to you and to everybody else here since I’ve been forced to walk along side of you through these hallways and into the squared circle, but what even is the point of that anymore? I would much rather let my fists do the talking in the ring this weekend. I want to show just how much I have improved to everybody. All of your hopes and dreams will go up in smoke, my sweet little starry-eyed rookie. And with that, so will your career here on Empire. Because once you are out of here all thanks to yours truly, you can finally go back to being the little shit you once were back in your hometown where you were bullied to no end to the brink of jumping off the planet. And if the words coming out of my mouth right now is something you cannot handle, than you deserve to jump off the planet sweetheart, because that is what Thursday Night Empire really is. Every single woman in the back is a fake ass bitch. Not a damn one of them are real except for me. I am Megan Raine, the most realest individual you will ever have the pleasure of sharing a ring with. In your case Sydney, it will be the individual you will ever have the pleasure of sharing handcuffs with. I cannot wait to see you at Bloodletter because I will make it my absolute number one goal to write your will with the blood I will shed from you.

Sydney St. Clair vs. the World? Get your head out of your ass. I am your fucking world.

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

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Post on December 8th 2017, 11:05 pm by Sydney St. Clair
Sydney versus the world Issue # 8

"Dream Chaser" Sydney St. Clair

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"Honestly, I am a bit surprised you have resorted to silence, Megan. Of all the times to go quiet too. I know we have been playing this game of cat and mouse for a good while now, but seriously? No retort at all? I would say I am disappointed if I didn’t like the change. We’ve been exchanging words for weeks -- months even -- so what we have left in our arsenals are in limited supply. But I know how much you enjoy waiting until the last minute, to get the very last word in. Not this time, crumpet. See, I have become so familiar with you that I know ever personality trait and can read you like a book. I don’t know how I will be able to function on Empire outside of this ever looping pattern. I am sure I will find a method to cope. It is about time I look into different ventures, different opponents, different opportunities. The Specialist Championship shot should at the very least open a few doors for me to escape this vicious cycle. Whether it be Mallory Wilde, April Song, Chelsea Crowe or Consuela Rose Ava, whoever walks out of that Fatal 4-Way match with the championship is going to have to face a Sydney St. Clair that has been deprived of opportunity to showcase what she can really do in this ring without a narcissistic bimbo chained to her wrist. There have been many opportunities at championships that were dangled in front of me, but never any opportunities to grow as a competitor. Bloodletter is an opportunity at both of those things, and I intend to make the most of it, all the while venting the ever-growing frustrations that come with having to put up with Megan Raine on a weekly basis. I have been yearning for a chance to grow, to find a new side to myself to separate me from the herd. Not just some starry-eyed rookie with hopes and dreams, but something different, something more. Of course, I also want to be nothing like you. But I haven’t been able to get use to anything else other than your constant gloating and self-praising since I stepped foot in the door. And it grows tiresome. Really quickly. I can’t help but feel in some way betrayed by the people you also claimed to be helping me. Why couldn’t Tarah convince Flannery to release us from these handcuffs, or prevent the whole ordeal in the first place? Better yet, why did she allow me to be constantly in the ring with you the countless times that we have? Has this all been a lesson in the hardships that I must face as a competitor in this company? If so, I have withstood hardships that would have sent anyone else out the door in a heartbeat. I guess the violent protest that broke out last week was just that; a changing of who I am. For a brief moment, I saw myself as the girl I came in as in a third-person perspective, as I watched her fighting away referees and security in an attempt to break free from a fate worse than death; being chained to you. Maybe I have found myself. Maybe I have lost myself even more. Whatever the case may be, all of that frustration will all be worth it in the end. When I am rid of you, and as a cherry on top, ensure that you don’t find yourself in the number one contender's position at my expense, instead becoming the next in line at yours. It is time for a serious change, one for the better and Bloodletter is where that change will come into effect. Bare witness to a Sydney St. Clair that is no longer tied down to mediocrity by a human ball and chain. A Sydney St. Clair with nothing to lose. There needs to be a final nail in the coffin that is this rivalry we have been in ever since Manifest Destiny. This animosity between us needs to be dead and buried. And I will be the one holding the shovel when it is all said and done."


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Post on December 8th 2017, 10:07 pm by Chelsea Crowe


event: empire: bloodletter | 12/9/2017
promo number: 4
participants: chelsea crowe versus consuela rose ava versus april song versus mallory wilde
word count: 1,870 words

scene one:
december 8, 2017 // televised

The mirror reflects back a pale visage painted with shreds of black. Black eyeliner, black lipstick, and dark intentions. Chelsea Crowe looks back at her reflection, a smirk across her lips and the sound of silence surrounding her. She's done up, fresh-faced, and ready to rip into whomever stands in her way.

CHELSEA CROWE: “It's been a great week, hasn't it? All fun and games – at least for me. You girls were open books, music sheets, and I mastered the art of playing you from the moment this match was announced. I had you exposing yourselves, becoming offended, and overall just losing your cool. And we aren't even in the ring yet.

Chelsea lets out a fading sigh, an expression of feigned-sadness flashing across her face.

CHELSEA CROWE: “But you know, I feel like between all this intensity and chaos, people have forgotten that this isn't meant to be personal. What I say isn't an attack on you, it's just business. Though maybe I crossed a line. So let me apologise, let me make it up to my opponents before Bloodletter. Just so you all know where I stand.

Mallory, I'm sorry I pointed out all your flaws. I'm sorry you came into this match thinking I wasn't someone to care about, and then I proved you wrong. I'm sorry I didn't meet your expectations, you know, those ones where I'm just like every other fake generic girl to waltz into this company. It's not my fault you misjudged me and then were too stubborn to realise the kind of threat I present to you, despite me pointing it out. But I'll still apologise. Because I'm so sorry that at Bloodletter, you're going to pay the very high price for your hard-headedness – I doubt you'll have enough money to cover it. But they haven't called this show 'Bloodletter' for nothing, huh? It's too bad that your win over April and all that momentum you've got won't mean much in our match, considering you've committed the cardinal sin of dismissing me. So, I'm sorry you fell into my trap, and didn't think to take your second chance at escape when it was presented to you. Most of all, though, I apologise for all those tears you're going to shed when you see me – the embodiment of what you hate – holding that Specialists title over you.

A pause as Chelsea holds back a smirk, before continuing.

CHELSEA CROWE: “April, I'm sorry all of this has gotten to you. You came into this with so much pressure on your shoulders, and you've turned from a clinical Killer Bee into a blind bat that's too caught up in the sound of the chaos to do anything. You've been misjudged, you've been lied about, and you've been dismissed – and soon you'll be defeated. I appreciate the respect you showed me, the knowledge you displayed, but in the end it won't help you. Because you made the one mistake I didn't think you'd make, you did what the other two girls in this match did and you let emotions get the better of you. In a match with someone like me, someone who fights with a mind for business and not a heart full of feelings, that's a huge mistake. I don't doubt you'll come into this match with intensity, knowing yours and Consuela's history, but that military-trained side of you won't be taking the driver's seat. You've shown that much with how personally you've taken my comments and Consuela's very existence. And I'm sorry you won't get your redemption against Consuela because, well...I'm going to win. You'll have to rip chunks out of Consuela in a grudge match, not a title match, because neither of you will be wearing that belt after Bloodletter.

Then we have Consuela. And I won't apologise to you.

The saddened façade falls as Chelsea smirks, now the character we have become accustomed to.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Because you see, Consuela doesn't even deserve a fake apology for all the BS she's spouted over the course of this week. She wants to act as if she's the one in control, but she's anything but. Actually no, she is in control of something: the lies she's been telling and the delusion she's gotten wrapped up in.

So according to Consuela, I didn't say anything noteworthy. That's why she bothered to reply to me, telling me in not-so-excruciating detail why I'm apparently wrong. Because there was nothing she needed to say. Please. You're more bothered by me than you think, and it's obvious in every little thing you say. Why are you so bothered about having the spotlight put on you? Like you said, surely you have nothing to be ashamed of, right? You can say you've embraced your flaws, but the reality is that you're dissatisfied with your title reign. It's why you've made these broad generalisations and ignored the actual points I made. I didn't just call your reign a “joke” – I found it ridiculous that for someone who claims to be a fighting champion, you could only name two people you've defended that belt against. I said I found it ridiculous that you've put your maid friends up as a wall in front of you, hiding behind them and then complaining that “no challengers have stepped forward”. See, when I say things – like calling your title reign weak – I say it with meaning and thought. Because there's reason to say your reign has been less than ideal. You just can't see that through all your excuses.

But hold on, hold on. It's not just excuses you have, no – you've got plenty of lies to throw my way too. Funny how you say I reek of desperation when you're the one coming up with lies to try and slander me. When did I insult your appearance? When have I ever rambled on about that, please point it out, because I'm genuinely confused. Unlike you with your “emo kid” stereotypes you tried to pin onto me, I don't need to attack someone's appearance. So you're right, I did criticise Sheridan for calling out my appearance, because I've not had to stoop so low as to do that. Now, I think it's pretty funny that the girl who insulted one of her contenders by calling them a “dirty Asian” is calling me out for apparently insulting someone's appearance – which I never did. Are we just making up points now, has this turned into some smear campaign where I can claim you eat babies and everyone'll just believe it? Because you're throwing out criticisms for things I never did – when you should be focussing on the points I did make.

You know, Consuela, all those points you ignored. I asked what made you different, you ignored it. I asked how your clean fight mentality would help you against someone who bends the rules, and you ignored that too. Because you ignore any good points someone brings up, and then focus on one thing that you just get so offended over. Did calling you a “joke” hit that close to home? Then no wonder you have your friends to help you out, because you have thinner skin than paper. And we all know why you ignored my points, because you have nothing to say. You can't tell people what makes you different, you can't explain how you'll win, because you don't know. Then you come at me for not bringing up anything original, when you're the one constantly trying to defend yourself from being a joke and ignoring every other comment you don't have a response for. You can't have a dialogue if one person is ignoring everything the other one says, Consuela. And you can't tell the truth through the thick stench of BS coming out of your mouth.

I've never pretended to be untouchable – I've actually called out everyone who's done that, so try again. Because I know I have my flaws, but the difference between you and I is that I know how to succeed despite them. Physically, I may not be the peak performer here. Mentally? I'm head and shoulders above all three of you right now. You ask me what I've done to prepare, and what I'll say is just look at how you, April, and Mallory have reacted to me. If you'd really prepared for me, Consuela, you'd know that I thrive off of getting a reaction out of people. I win by getting into your head, making you react to me, and then pushing you over the edge. And hey, considering you've admitted to being disgusted by me, I'd say I've done my job. I'm more than prepared for our match – it's you who has a lot to prepare for. And justifying my loss? No hun, I'm moving on, something you can't seem to do judging by how you keep going on about me calling you a joke. I swear, you must've called yourself a joke more than I have at this point, because it's just that bitter taste you can't get out of your mouth. Just keep ignoring all the other points I made, all the questions I had for you that went unanswered – because I don't forget.

That's what'll be your end. You might want to sweep all of that criticism under the rug, but it'll never go away. As long as I'm still in this company, you'll never be able to hide from the cold, hard truth. I don't pick and choose who I judge, I'm not you with your cherry-picking of facts. I see things for how they are and I adapt to them. Which is what you can't do – you just turn a blind eye to what will inevitably defeat you. I might not know what you have up your sleeve, I'll give you that, but you have no idea what I have in store for you. Because you just don't want to see it.

Well, I'll make you see. And you know what, I will apologise, Consuela: I apologise in advance for taking your title off of you before you can salvage your mediocre reign.

Chelsea pauses briefly, a smile playing on her lips as she glances from the mirror to the camera.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Take everything I've said as you want – you can be offended, you can be disgusted, or you can treat this how I am and come into this match as a professional. In that ring, words might not matter, but where your head is at does. And I can already tell I've scattered your heads all over that ring, and we haven't even stepped between the ropes. But my head, my mind? It's focussed on one thing: winning that title.

Sorry in advance, girls, but I won't be able to come to the little post-show pity party you three will be having. I'll be too busy counting my winner's bonus, doing interviews, and getting my Specialists Championship fitted for my waist. I won't be seeing you, but you'll be seeing me – on top of this brand, where I belong.

Chelsea turns back to the mirror, smirking as the scene fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 10:04 pm by Cage.
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I rid the world of another scumbag, I am the catalyst to the end of the Triumvirate, so now I focus, I set my sights back on what I want. The EAW World Championship, holy grail, everything in this business that I ever wanted is in that championship, I've said it once that tasting the EAW Championship has left me crazed, I'm an addict looking to get another quick fix of a drug that I simply can't get over. I returned at the Grand Rampage and nostalgia died the minute I entered that ring and started kicking ass, ever since then I've been kicking people's asses, I'm not a nostalgia act, I'm hungry. As hungry as I've ever been because dropping Jaywalker on his head with the help of some steel steps and seeing the blood flow reminded me of who I really am. I'm a killer shark, I'm an unstoppable killing machine that gets more deadly as the days past by, I'm the last man standing, I proved it against Jaywalker and I've proved it my entire fucking career.  This is what I do, this is who I am, I fight to the bitter end and when they think I'm dead I rise from my grave because can't nobody keep me down, I'll always be the last man standing, I never needed the stipulation.  I was on a warpath leading up to ending me and Jaywalker's violent story and I don't think I want it to end, I think more people need to be hurt on my way to getting what I want. Speaking about it won't do shit around here, asking won't do shit, YELLING SURE AS HELL WON'T DO SHIT! So I'm going to beat the hell out of everyone they put in front of me until I get HBG's ass in that ring and I beat the hell out of her too, the Triumvirate is dead, Jaywalker is now the epicenter of depravity. Every match is a step closer, every town is a step closer to the inevitable, this companies worst nightmare and since it is their worst nightmare they'll throw everything at me, a monkey wrench in my plans just so I can change my focus from what I want, but it won't happen, they can't stop me, nobody here can stop me from getting what I want. I'm too relentless, I'm too hungry, and I'm too much of a son of a bitch to go quietly into the night.

 I'm not much of a guy who is for story book endings, I'm not much for endings at all, why do you think I come back so many times when I've been written off? Consider what I did to Jaywalker as a rebirth, as a reassurance of what I have to do to everyone to get what I want, I have to drop people on their heads, I have to stain the canvas with blood, I have to put pain on those who want to take from me and put pain on me. I'm a target, reason why? Cause I can't die, I'm an indestructible fighting machine, no one has been able to put the final nail in my coffin, not even me when I've had it with this world to the point where I'd want to blow my own brains out. It isn't a gift, I'm just different, if you experienced what I experienced you'd be different too but fortunately there's only one Diamond Cage, and I wouldn't have it any other way, me against the world, me against David Davidson, me against whoever, don't count me out, count me in, bet on me, put every dollar you have on Diamond Cage because I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't have and when I get the ball there isn't anything that's going to stop me from going all in. On Showdown, David I don't know you, I don't care to know you, all I know is you are a lamb being lead to slaughter and my thirst for violence hasn't even been quenched with just kicking Jaywalker's ass. I'm going to kick your ass too, I'm going to beat you dead center in the ring and then I'm going to focus all my energy on taking the EAW World Championship back and once again shoving it down everyone's throats and this time, what makes this time different is I've tasted it like I said, I've had it albeit for a short while, and if you thought what I was willing to go through before to even get it was inhumane. What do you think I'm willing to do to get it back? How many hoops am I going to have to jump through? How many times am I going to have to get right back up after getting my ass kicked? How many times am I going to have to take the favorites of this brand and drop them on their heads? I got nothing but time and I ain't going anywhere so I'm happy to play this little game, when the smoke clears like it will on Showdown after me and Davidson go head to head, Diamond Cage is the last man standing, when the fight for the EAW Championship begins and the smoke clears then, Diamond Cage last champion standing.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 8th 2017, 9:25 pm by Harvey Yorke



The days leading up to this upcoming Sunday were relentless. King of Elite would soon dawn upon the world, and so would the chaos that surrounds the spectacle. But with a sigh, Harvey gave it all no mind. All the training, all the fighting, all the trash-talking he’s done since returning—it’s all become a bit too redundant for his liking. That’s why tonight, he has decided to give it a rest. And what better way to do that than to take a stroll down Millenium Park with Xander Healy.

XANDER HEALY ››› ”Dammit Harv, would it ever kill you to dress appropriately for the weather?”

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”It would actually. Plus, aren’t there more pressing matters at hand? Take for example this King of Elite tournament, or my upcoming title match with Finnegan Wakefield and Jon McAdams.”

XANDER HEALY ››› ”You’ve got a point. Though, I don’t exactly see you jumping at the thought. And you know, walking in the cold, dead of night with nothing but a black hoodie won’t prepare you for war, no matter how much you try to convince yourself.”

A scoff. Harvey’s breath lingered in the air like the smoke of a cigarette. A hint of sarcasm in his voice.

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”God forbid I use my edgelord antics to win a match, Xander.”

XANDER HEALY ››› ”And God forbid the closest you’ll get to the World Heavyweight Championship anytime soon is by facing Keelan Cetinich this Sunday.”

With a groan, Harvey turned around, and greeted Xander with a hushed chuckle.

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”Am I supposed to be intimidated by that?”

XANDER HEALY ››› ”Not necessarily. Just trying to bring you back to earth. Sure, you’re on a winning streak and already have a secured title shot. Let’s not get any more carried away than need be, H. You’ve gotten better, I’ll admit that. No more losing streaks, no more wasted opportunities...plus you’ve seem to cut down on drinking.”

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”New comeback, new me.”

Harvey laughed.

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”Call me Nathan fuckin’ Fiora, because this is the new reality for your client, Xander. I’ve cleared my head since coming back, and to be quite honest, I’ve never felt so determined. You know what? Fuck the gold. Fuck the fame. And more importantly, fuck representing the Land of Missed Opportunity at King of Elite.”

A pause as Xander stared down his client. A sinister edge as he continues.

HARVEY YORKE ››› ”I’m only here to take this chance away from everyone who wants it more than me. And that’s everybody.”


Black. That is all the eye can see for the first few seconds, fooled into thinking that there is nothing truly there. This scene was more than that, however. Shadows mask the setting, covering it in darkness. Then, a crack of light bursts in, overexposing the image for a second or two. As we regain focus, we find Harvey Yorke sitting on a pile of rubble and week-old beer cans. He remains as ‘in-thought’ as possible before allowing his words to escape his mouth.

HARVEY YORKE ››› 'ultraviolence'... ”And so, just as I’ve stated previously, Jon McAdams was not entirely prepared to take this chance at royalty away from me. Alas, Jon fell once again to Harvey Yorke’s quick wit and unpredictability—but the world was still stunned. Why? Because we all like to believe. The masses believed I would fail at Shock Value, just like how they believe I’m prone to defeat. What’s next is that everyone took all of that hope, all of those beliefs, and rested them on top of Jon McAdams’ shoulders. He crumbled under the pressure. And yet everyone is still surprised. All of these deceptions, no matter how firmly you stand by them, they shall never be enough to overcome the reality that is the Saint of Violence.

Keelan Cetinich, your dreams and your grand illusion of representing Voltage at King of Elite may have gotten you through El Irónico, but they will not get you through me. I could dismiss your victory over Irónico entirely, but for what you’re worth in this company, I won’t. Believe me Keelan, you’ve got your name written all over the King of Elite crown...I wouldn’t dare take that from you! I might as well walk right on out of this tournament, and have you advance to the finals! After all, that’s all you want, right? Failed attempt after failed attempt, and you couldn’t bring home the World Heavyweight Championship, so by winning King of Elite, you’ll finally add some sort of title to your name, right?”

A cunning smile, a sinister laugh, and then Harvey goes back to the offensive.

HARVEY YORKE ››› 'ultraviolence'... ”I won’t allow you to bathe in that success, Keelan. I refuse. You see, we all want what we can’t have. In your mind, you believe that this is your redemption arc. But I must ask you Keelan, what exactly are you planning on taking back? Everything that you’ve earned has become another task that you can’t get done. As a matter of fact, Keelan, you’ve yet to have anything taken away from you. You’ve been clawing at the World Heavyweight Championship for months now, but have you been able to reach new heights? No. And yet you talk about this confidence, this drive that’ll lead you to King of Elite.

"I refuse to let any of these mother fuckers represent this brand," you say. And you’re absolutely right. If anything, you’re exactly who should be representing Voltage. You’re one of the top stars this brand has to offer, you’ve had all of these chances to finally dethrone Jamie O’Hara...and yet nobody seems to care. You’re in it for the gold, the respect, the popularity. Me, I’m here to present a challenge, Keelan, one that you’ll never forget. And why? Because it turns out, you’re not as prepared for this tournament as you thought you were. Your little evaluation of the competition for this tournament was hysterical, Keelan. I have to ask, though, was there a reason why you left me out? Let me guess, you forgot who I was, or are already refusing to take me seriously. And hey, I get it. You’re already assuming you’ve got me down for the count, so you don’t have to exert any more energy, right?

You can get away with dismissing me, Keelan. You can call me naïve for underestimating all you’ve done to get ahead this year, but trust me, I know who and what I’m up against. I doubt you can say the same thing heading into Voltage this Sunday.”

Harvey takes a brief pause.

HARVEY YORKE ››› 'ultraviolence'... ”“Level-headed,” Keelan? Didn’t know you were quite the comedian. We all know damn well the forces that keep you at “level” with all your fame are the fans and the people who’ve helped you get this far in your career. But guess what? You can take away all of those fabled alliances, you can hush the cheers, and all you’ll find is an egomaniac, desperate for attention. Keelan, you are a man who’s stepped on the backs of countless fans as you’ve slowly made your way to the top. You’re not “The Killer” because you’ve left behind a trail of blood at your expense, you’re “The Killer” because you’ve fallen victim to your own lies. You say you do this for the glory, you say you do this for the respect, and then you do what? You belittle everyone else in your way all because you believe you’re owed this opportunity. Doesn’t quite work out that way, Keelan.

You know, now that I’ve looked into you, death does seem to surround you. Dare I say it even walks alongside you, waiting for the right moment to strike you down. Come Sunday, be sure to be on it’s good side once I steal away the spot you’ve so desperately tried to get a hold of.

I guess you are right though, Keelan. You represent Voltage. A land of wasted opportunities, a brand that's gone stale past expiration date. It’s as though the crown was almost made to fit a man like you, but you’re severely under-qualified. Keelan, you’ve got all the makings of a king: the passion, the strength, the speed, and a stubborn attitude. But you lack what I have: the mind of a leader. The determination to change an undesirable image into that of your own.

It’s rather disappointing, Keelan, that not even a man with as much starpower and experience as yourself can match someone like me. You can downplay me as a rookie, you can come up with a rebuttal to make you seem like an untouchable killer, but you can’t deny the threat I pose heading into Voltage. Since returning, I’ve preached about the turning of a new era, I’ve used what was left of my spotlight to expose the truth onto the masses. I’ve said that there will be a path of blood left behind me, all to remind the world who I am. And best of all, Keelan? I’ve kept my word.”

Harvey scoffs. He stands up, showing no regard to the filth that clinged on to his clothing.

HARVEY YORKE ››› 'ultraviolence'... ”But oh, you’re going to be the one to save Voltage? Please. You’re practically begging to win this tournament, just like how you’ve begged multiple times to be given chance after chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Well newsflash, Keelan: you winning either of those wouldn’t be much to save this rotting corpse of a brand. If anything, the only one benefiting would be you. But I guess that’s what you’d like, isn’t it? Illusions can be deceiving Keelan, and if you’re not careful, your chance at glory could leave you in dire straits faster than you can say “The Killer has spoken.”

You have difficulty seeing beyond the bigger picture. That flaw cost you the title on a number of occasions, but you refuse to admit it. See, you call yourself a man of the people, but no matter how you spin it, you're simply a man on a mission to please nobody but yourself. A walking contradiction.

"Nobody deserves this more than me," you cry, and perhaps, you're right. I'll give you the satisfaction of thinking that you're right, because you know what Keelan? Nothing would thrill me more than ripping the King of Elite crown from out of your hands, and using it to scar not only your body, but your mind. Keelan Cetinich, once again: letting himself and the masses down.”

A deliberately slow smile forms across Harvey’s face, as he pulls off his best Kubrick stare. The lights dim as the hums of the abandoned factory begin to distort. Cut to static. Fade to black.

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Post on December 8th 2017, 7:55 pm by Aria Jaxon

I guess there’s a joke to be made somewhere about me being worth the wait.

It’s a little uncharacteristic for me to have put this much time in between responses for a match this big. You know that, though. Not just because you know that to be true, but because you conducting yourself in the same way is outta the ordinary for you, too. But if anything, it’s just another tool that can be used to craft the narrative that we’ve been holding steadfast to ever since this shit got started. Operating at the levels that we are, feeling as confident in ourselves as we do, we’ll be unlike anything that the other one has faced. I’ve faced tough opponents. Decorated opponents. Opponents who were so weighed down with God-given talents that they almost didn’t know what to do with themselves. But so often, the lauded ones -- the arrogant Hall of Famers who expect you to fall at their feet, the hot in the ass newcomers who think they’re gonna put you on game -- also blind themselves by not properly assessing the challenge in front of them. I’ve had it happen to me more times than I can count, and I know you can say the same. Just as I’ve beaten a laundry list of some of the best this company has to offer, I know that you can say the same. We could both compare hit lists until we’re bluer in the face than our dye jobs, but that ain’t what this is about. It’s one thing to contend with somebody who’s fucking good. It’s another to contend with somebody who’s fucking good and can still honestly say that after having properly scouted the competition in front of them. You think part of my confidence is rooted in delusion, growing from the fact that I don’t TRULY know what I’m fucking with. Everything I’ve said to you since we turned the page on this chapter hasn’t stemmed from the idea that I’ve conveniently chosen to ignore the damn near Teflon bitch that’s gonna be in between the ropes with me this weekend. That’s what separates me from the pack, Stephanie. The Cailins, the Sheridans, the Marxes, they never REALLY gave you your just due. They didn’t snap out of it until it was too late, and that has a tendency to cost people. The Blasian Sunrise was already creeping up over the horizon, and it was too late for them to try and retreat into the shadows. What, you think because I haven’t yet been in the ring with Matsuda 2.0 that there’s no way I could possibly know what’s coming around the bend? By that same token, you haven’t been in the ring with me since March, and like you said, that was a whole different ballgame. At that time, we had our own reasons for believing we were the best we’d ever been. But we both stand here nine months later knowing we were wrong, because we’re even better now than we were. The former Sword of the Sanatorium went back into the ironworker’s flame, coming out sharper and more ready for battle than ever before. Regrets and do-overs and redemption have landed you on my doorstep. At no point since our last meeting have I been able to keep fighting. Even before I was champion. At one point, you threw your entire being into not wanting me to become champion in the first place. You thought your efforts would turn out to be a finite stopper of my dreams, but they really didn’t amount to shit but a well-placed distraction, right? Because here I stand regardless. This time around, you’re not a hurt soul fixating on my destruction, even if it’s sure as fuck gonna feel that way when it actually comes time for us to do what we need to do. But it doesn’t really matter what your motivations are, even if how drastically different they are has been detailed pretty thoroughly up to this point in time. I’m proud of you for the growth and change you’ve undergone. I love that you’re in business for yourself again, but that means there’s no one to turn to when this all goes south for you. No one to pass shit off on. No one to assure you that there’s some greater good for you to fight for. It’s all on your shoulders. And I know you feel like a goddamn titan right now, like you can shoulder any burden dropped on you, but Stephanie Matsuda in top form is still bound to find out that she’ll soon crumble under this weight. All that’s brought you to this point, it’s played out as a means of helping you rediscover your fire. Me? I never lost mine. You can’t snuff out what never died, but you’re sure as hell gonna try. Coming after you like this, you might say I’m almost begging to have my fire extinguished.

“How ironic,” you’re bound to say, “that you cherish being champion so much. You must be super fucking determined to lose if you wanted this match so badly. Just pencil in December 9 as the date that it all ends for you.”

You’re right, I HAVE to beat you. It might seem like I cherry picked, but did I really? If not you, then who? Of course it grates on your nerves that you didn’t come into this match through the most “conventional” of means, but it doesn’t mean that I was necessarily wrong to have picked you. You can maintain all you want that you had immediate plans of chasing after the Specialists title and standing beside me rather than putting your all into passing me up, but there’s no way your trepidation was ever gonna trump how determined you are to win. This is not a champion foolishly chasing down the woman who’s bound to take everything from her. This is just the next natural step in the progression of events. With all the confidence that’s returned to you, you’re now shouting that you’re The War Queen from the rooftops louder than ever. The problem with that is, there’s only room for one monarch on Empire. One woman on the throne, one crown to be donned. You’re a test. A tough test, but one that I’ll pass nonetheless. You’ve been on a tear, yes, but I don’t deserve to be able to say any of what I’ve said if your recent tear is enough to trample all over everything that I’ve built. You’re right, there was no good will. I love you and I know without a shadow of a doubt that you deserve this opportunity, but that’s just what this is for you -- an opportunity. A chance. A showcase. A grand platform. This is where I’ve made my home, Stephanie. On these glittery stages with these high stakes. These lofty heights are where I’ve become most comfortable. I invited you into MY domain because there’s nobody, in my eyes, who’s more worthy than you right now. But I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t 100% believe in my ability to seal the deal. Still, I’m completely aware of what you’re prepared to do to me in order to prove me wrong. To pin or submit a technical savant like you, trust me, I know. I know it’s not a Hardcore match, a tag team match or an Extreme Elimination Chamber. Those places, those environments? Though I’ve survived them, more often than not, I handle my business in regular ol’ singles contests. Pins and submissions are how I’ve paved my way. More often than not, I’m not using ladders or light tubes or whatever the fuck else. Don’t lose sight of that. I’m well equipped to do exactly what I need to do to bring this one home. Pin-point accurate strikes and heat-seeking kicks of yours be damned, I haven’t come this far to fail.

Notice that I’ve never said you had to be content with playing fiddle to me. You yourself said that your original plan was to walk beside me, and that’s more than okay with me. But just like you, I don’t have a desire to take a backseat to anyone. For so long, people have been telling me that I was on borrowed time. That I couldn’t be at the forefront of the pack forever. I know that’s true. Especially now, when you haven’t minced words reminding me just how human I really am, but I don’t intend to try to cling onto this forever. Doesn’t mean I’m ready to let go, though. Not by a longshot. There are those who whisper that there’s nothing left for me to do, that I’ve done it all and won it all, but I’ll always be quick to wave off that notion. Like I’ve said before, me wanting this match with you had nothing to do with a belief that there was no one left for me to fight. I see a roster full of women who could step up to me when this is over. Astraea’s ready and waiting for King of Elite. Consuela could circle around. April could throw her name in the hat. Chelsea could swing through. Sheridan might want to try her hand at latching onto what she tried in vain to win at Road to Redemption last year. It’s not a desolate landscape; I’ve got more potential challengers than I can shake a stick at. I can’t, in good conscience, walk around you and proceed on down that list. I have to go through you, and believe me, I can. After this, I don’t believe that there’s nothing left for you. You can go back to what you wanted previously and snatch that second Specialists title reign. Hell, you can circle back around to me whenever. There’s plenty more for you to do, but for now, you’ll be empty-handed. As for me, I still have a kingdom to rule over. I’ll still be down in the trenches, ready and willing to take on all comers. No, I’m not scared of the prospect of being down in the trenches or trapped in a foxhole with The War Queen. That’s what being champion is about. I’ve yet to be able to lead a match-to-match reign, having an easy go of it. EVERY title defense is a war; this’ll just happen to be the most catastrophic one. I’m Wonder Woman walking through No Man’s Land. I’m unafraid of what could happen to me, against even the most bloodthirsty and determined of opponents. You’re hardly the type to wave a white flag, and that’s fine. I’ll finish this just the same. We’re gonna lock horns, and the marked difference of our styles will be plain to see. But you’re not the first person I’ve gone head-up with that was bigger than me, stronger than me, or more than had what it took to bring the woods to me. The effort you put up in that ring, valiant as it’ll turn out to be, is the equivalent of battling back against a force of nature. You can shake your fist a tornado, but does that change the fact that it’s gonna take your house off its foundation? You can curse at a hurricane, but does that stop the flood that’s coming? This is another step forward. Another step toward further cementing my Hall of Fame resume. This force of nature is taking aim at the pedestal that you’ve built for yourself lately. Because no matter how deserving you are of it, I have to knock you off. It’s your hopes, goals, and dreams vs. mine, and when this is all over, I don’t want there to be any shade, venom, or sadness surrounding the fact that I chose mine.

Just when you think accomplishing your goal here is within arm’s reach, I’ll be quick to remind you that I’m not done being The Queen.

When you think you’ve sealed the deal, I’ll dig down and tap into that resolve that you’ve talked about so much.

When you think you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m eclipsing it completely.

You’ve come a long way, Stephanie -- but not far enough to force me to abdicate my throne. You’re concerned with what happens next? Spoiler -- I win. I rule. I reign.
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Post on December 8th 2017, 5:46 pm by Andrea Valentine
"Oh God. Here we go. I was wondering how long it'd take for you to get to this point and you wasted no time whatsoever spiraling into your 'heeheee haha, I'm not like most girls!' bullshit as if for whatever reason not wanting that yard with the white picket fence puts you above everyone else. And don't even get me started on the 'I don't see the joy in a lot of the things everyone else does anymore' crap either. Are there any more predictable boxes you still want to go ahead and check off before I kick your ass at Bloodletter? Maybe an impassioned, angry speech on why you despise the color pink for being too cute or for being seen as too happy of a hue? Or, better yet, why don't you just go ahead and tell us that the old Daisy won't ever be there to pick up the phone because she's dead and the people in charge are the reason for that, and now the new and comically improved Daisy's soul is a total black mass because your only intention is to cause suffering for the girls who cross your path and the Board's pockets if they so much as offer them attention over you? I'm just making sure we've got our bases covered seeing as how you've just absolutely, truly blown our minds with how you've threatened to kill me on an internationally broadcasted event twice now. But you'll come to understand very soon that that kind of shit doesn't give you a one-up on everyone else, it doesn't make you better for wanting to act like you had some great epiphany because you feel like acting as if your eyes are suddenly open to all these so-called "truths" you think you're spreading around, Daisy. Everyone already knows what this is all about, I've already called you on it after you opened your mouth: it's all about attention and the lengths you're apparently willing to go to get it. Honestly, weren't you the one getting on Chelsea's ass for being just another one of those "emo kids" who turned out that way because no one was giving her any real attention? Oh, how quickly times change, right? And just in time for the holiday season where it's said to be one of the most wonderful times of the year, too! The timing is definitely convenient, just like all these excuses you keep tossing around as to why you're this way now when you could just cut the bullshit and spare us the dramatics when your little newfound attitude can all be summed up to you previously not having the initiative to want to be at the head of the pack. But I'm sure you must really think you're sticking it to everyone now! Only it's just too bad for you because for as "different" or "edgy" as you so desperately wanted to come off as? For as much as you want to drone on and on and on about the women of Empire being crammed into these convenient little boxes while you throw up your devil horns and headbang to the tune of your anti-establishment gospel? Everything you're saying is so typical of the average girl who didn't show any drive or true determination but blames it on everyone else for not getting anywhere, so she decided that the best option was to act all angry about it as if it was never her fault. And wouldn't you know it? Here you are thinking you've truly stepped out of line and then crossed several others when the reality of the situation is that if you want to be angry with anyone, Daisy, be mad at yourself! You've only resorted to calling out the Board so you can feel as if you're finally making a difference and shifting the plates of Empire but it's really just you wanting to make sure people show a vested interest in what you've got to say, and it's not even in a way that's got everyone wanting to pay attention to you. It's in that annoying 'Did everyone see what I did there?! Did everyone hear the so-called "bombshell" I dropped?! Is everyone noticing me yet?! Huh?! HUH?!' kinda way, and it's actually pretty embarrassing. But props to you for really making me and more than likely everyone else feel uncomfortable, so mission accomplished, I suppose? I mean, I'm sure I couldn't have been the only one who cringed when you made it far too obvious that you're going to try too damn hard to make yourself seem so unruly or rebellious by going so far out of your way to pull back the curtain just to make sure everyone else had to do a doubletake and see if you actually did that! But oooh, careful now, guys, Daisy's really putting everyone on notice - she went from walking out of matches to talking about backstage politics and decisions that get made behind closed doors! Please, give me a fucking break. If anyone rolled their eyes any harder at the stunt you're pulling they'd get stuck like that, because you want oh-so-badly to be noticed while trying to downplay that same fact. But I guess if I were to play along with where you're taking this, then I would probably say that it shouldn't come as any surprise to you in the slightest when I beat you but I'm sure you'll still throw an expected tantrum as to why you came up short."

"But you're just a walking, talking, breathing combination of clichés and contradictions, aren't you? You had everyone thinking this new attitude of yours was you speeding down a hypothetical highway with the pedal to the metal and no brakes, just for you to take the next exit to get onto I'm Not Like Most Girls Road then you took a sharp, yet expected right turn onto And I'm Actually Kinda Crazy Too Boulevard. You've got everyone reading you like a damn book because I knew from the start where this was gonna go and how you'd try to spin everything to show you're just oozing with originality! I saw your act for what it was from the get-go and all you did was prove me right just now; you're no different than any of the girls of EAW's past or present who've all raved about how they broke the mold just for them to not be so different after all. You must think you're one special, little snowflake even though if anyone really wanted to, they could pack enough girls from the area who think the way you do in the arena to full capacity for this show alone. But that apparent voice in your head isn't what makes you "crazy", it's your own clear thoughts that are just so full of frustration because you know for a fact that you not getting the recognition or attention you wanted for being a veteran is your own doing. The reason Chelsea and Mallory were able to "overtake" you was because they're just better than you, the reason people were talking about me over you was because I was proving to be better than you - all while you were more concerned with seeing to it that whenever you failed, you could use being a feminist as a scapegoat for your fuck ups. But when I was dragging you all around the ring in our first one-on-one match, you walked out because you knew that I set to pin you and there was gonna be nothing you could do to prevent your inevitable loss. Clearly, you've just expected opportunities to fall into your lap just for being here a while, but there's no trophy you can get just for participating. You have to actually want it, and after so many months it seems like you're only just figuring that out after realizing that you're being surpassed because girls like me, like Chelsea, like Mallory aren't gonna be satisfied with "just being here". Maybe you were fine with that, but I'm out for more and when I win at Bloodletter, maybe you'll finally understand what it means to aim higher and make up for shortcomings. I mean, at least when I lost the battle royal, I could show some accountability for what had happened because I wasn't gonna kid myself into thinking I didn't need to learn from that. I wasn't gonna go out of my way to convince myself of some warped truth that I hadn't made a mistake, because unlike how you went about playing games rather than putting those years of experience on display, I know what it takes to really show that I'm not about to allow myself to be walked all over - and if there are people who admire that over your bitter, angry rants then so be it. However, you said you don't care about who likes you and who doesn't, that you couldn't care less about who gives you that attention you so desperately need, but you were so quick to proudly cite Gia's commentary on what a performance you had. Or are you just gonna say that she was told through her headset to say that? I'd tell you to make up your mind, Daisy, but it's clear that you already have and it's that for being the lone wolf you think you are, for being the girl who loves to say she doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks, you require all the appreciation you can get. But I don't need to go out of my way to make everything you say more null and void than you already do yourself  - you did it all on your own with clear, concise admittance when you said that you were just in that battle royal to be there; you didn't see yourself as a true threat. What happened to you being a wolf, Daisy? What makes you so dangerous? Your shrieks for acknowledgment? Your threats of murder? Or is it you thinking that you're anywhere near close to having the kind of significance that Brody did? God, those wires really must be crossed if you actually think you'd have that kind of impact but honestly, sweetheart, you haven't so much as even made a damn scratch on the surface. But here you are - again - grasping at straws as to what you could possibly say next to get more attention even though that's totally why you wouldn't bring her up! You truly are pathetic but I suppose you would have to say something as drastic or extreme as that right before your plans are set to blow up in your face once you realize that there's no getting around me and how I'm about to put you down. I'm bringing this little cry for the spotlight that you've got masquerading as a delusional uprising to a screeching halt at Bloodletter - not for anyone else, but to just finally shut you up long enough to show you that I wasn't kidding about how I'm not gonna hesitate to go in for the kill, how I'm not gonna hesitate to make this a match where blood was spilled, and it'll have been yours that they clean up from the mat after I've beaten you."
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Post on December 8th 2017, 5:29 pm by Revy
Baby It’s Cold Outside
(Camera reveals a disclosed location with a house in the middle of nowhere. A figure walks up and approaches the door step and knocks on the door. The door creaks open and a head pops up revealing to be Revy. Revy quickly tries to unlatch the locks before opening the door wide and dragging the guest in. The guest takes off her cap and lets down her hair revealing to be Savannah Sunshine, but the sober one, booo, I know. The house is furnished with guns mounted on the wall, Revy’s medals, and cabinets filled with liquor for days)
Savannah: Revy, why did I have to come all the way out here? Do you have any idea how cold it is outside.
Revy: Yes, and I told you can stay here until Bloodletter. Now have a drink.
Savannah: But I don’t want to stay here, but you kept insisting that I do. Now why am I here?
Revy: Gurl, why do you gotta be like that? Now have a drink.
Savannah: We went out one time for fun, but that doesn’t make us best friends or anything. Just so you know.
Revy: Never said that, but we are more than “friends.” Now have a drink.
Savannah: No, and why do you keep trying to make me have a drink? Can’t you see I’m trying to sober up. If you’re just having me here for some sick stupid fantasy of yours so I can entertain you or something, I’m out of here.
(A gun shot can be heard as a Camera pans over to Revy by the window with a sniper rifle in hand and slamming the window shut and locking it.)
Revy: No you can’t. Oops, your tires just blew out. Guess you can’t go anywhere now. Now have a drink.
Savannah: Did you just?!
Revy: I said your tires blew out, you can’t go anywhere, it’s cold outside, now go sit your ass by the fireplace and have a drink!
Savannah: Oh god, is this a Baby it’s Cold Outside parody? First of all, that song is innocent and sweet. Ok? The guy was being considerate and just wanted her to feel warm and welcomed. Why do you people have to go and make everything dirty and wrong?!
Revy: I don’t know what you are talking about, but this is more like Misery than whatever the hell you are talking about.
Savannah: Misery?
Revy: It’s a book, by Stephen King
Savannah: Does it have pictures?
Revy: No.
Savannah: Then I’m not reading it. How does it end?
Revy: You don’t want to know. Now just read, I mean drink.
Savannah: No, I’m not drinking anymore…. What’s in it?
Revy: It’s Peppermint Schnapps. Frickin asshole at the liquor store laughing his ass off when I was buying a bunch of cases of these like I was some basic white girl during the holidays, but I figured that is probably the only thing you would drink and …. *turns around Savannah and is surprised to see an empty bottle on the floor* …. What the hell?
Savannah: Just like liquid candy. Yummy! I feel  so warm and nice inside me now.
Revy: I’m almost certain that woman in the song put up more of a fight than this. This was just too easy. Like I thought this would be harder than I thought It’s like, how does that expression go? “Giving liquor to a baby?” I don’t know. Ok, Savy. You have all the drinks you want, BUT, I’m just going to take these handcuffs that I “borrowed” from Megan Raine  *Revy places a handcuff on Savannah’s wrist and attaches to a table besides her* Now don’t go hurting yourself. That table is bolted down to the floor. *Revy hands Savannah more bottles of Schnapps and places them on the table.* Now just sit there and have fun, OK? Good.
(Revy moves the camera away from the living room and moves over to another room and placing the camera in front of her.)
Revy: Wahahaha! What about now Haruna and Azumi? There is no way I can lose Savannah now. Not going to lie, was getting a little worried she wouldn’t make it to Bloodletter after losing track of her like 3 times. But I have her now and she ain’t going nowhere. Expect to see us at Bloodletter intact as we prepare to beat the living shit out of ya both!  And so what, Haruna? So what if I’m just saying what you said back at you? Don’t all races have everyone doing the same thing, but guess what? The winner that does it best wins, so you say you will break Savannah? Guess what? I’ll break Azumi first and in a more gruelsome matter.
And here you are, Haruna, spewing on and on about honor and the sanctity of “the rules.”
(Glass breaking can be heard in the background as Savannah is yelling for “Another” in the background)
Revy: sigh….. Check the table next to you and stop breaking shit. You’re going to get glass everywhere.
Savannah: Found it! Thanks!
Revy: Where was I? Oh right. The whole “she eliminated us after she was eliminated already too.” Nah, Haruna, did you miss the point that I was making? That because you and Azumi were total assholes, Savannah acted naturally on her instincts and chose to eliminated you both. Ok, while you might be arguing for the rules of the Battle Royal, I’m going to talk about the rules of life, where if you piss someone off, Karma is a bitch. And it’s stupid, because you and I both know if it was the other way, you would try to justify your own actions and say you had the right reason to get involved, but at the end of the day, you just need to admit you are a horrible human being and you are just getting what is coming for you. This match at Bloodletter, I’m going to deserve it because I chose to stand up for Savannah. I’ll own up for my actions by creating this monster known as “Drunk Savannah.” But so what? Instead, you are just going to target the drunk that doesn’t know what the hell she is doing instead of the drunk that has it all under control. Yeah, spoiler alert. I’m drunk like 70% of the time. Hell, I had a couple of cans of beers before that Battle Royal, and chances are, at Bloodletter, I’m going to down a bottle of whisky and Daniels and start swinging. Because that is the difference between you and I. You hold back, you follow the stupid rules and morality, where I’m always loose, and that makes me dangerous. You don’t know what I’m going to do? Did I just “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” Savannah?  I sure did! Am I going to rape her? No, because truth be told, she isn’t my type.
Savannah: I heard that!
Revy: Just keep drinking!  But I will keep her here until Bloodletter because Drunk Savannah is a loose cannon, dangerous, because she lacks inhibition to control herself, and I’m going to make sure she uses that this Saturday. Why? Because I don’t think you both can handle it, because each and every single time you both form a plan, it never works out. It didn’t work out at the Extreme Chamber match, and it didn’t work out in the Battle Royal match. So Really, how did you both think it would work out for the Specialist title when its only one of you against 3 other women? Sure, people will look at the both of you guys as a threat, together, but as individuals, you both ain’t got nothing going for you. At the end of it, Haruna, all you’ve amounted to ever be is a bucket of blood. Now that we’ve seen that, what else can anyone expect from you? Um, how about being in a filler match with two drunks? I mean, how low have you two really fallen, because the jokes on you. Savannah and I, we are wrestling up, and you’re wrestling down. It must sting to know you both ain’t fighting for the world title, let alone, a second tier title after it. I mean, it’s Stephanie Matsuda, Chelsea Crow, April Song, and Mallory Wilde. But where is Haruna and Azumi? Hold up? Tarah Nova is wrestling again? My where is her greatest enemy? Is it not Haruna? Oh wait, it’s Sheridan Muller, the former world champ on Empire that just returned little less than a month ago. I thought you and Tarah were close, Haruna? Shouldn’t it had been Haruna vs Tarah and Azumi vs Aria? But nope. Just you two versus a couple of drunks that don’t know how to follow “the rules.”  And you want to know why? Because you both deserved it! You deserve it! You deserve it!
(Savannah in the background slurring “You deserve it!” chants)
She knows it. Hell, the whole world knows it, and here you are, acting tough as if breaking little Savannah is about as much effort as it takes for you to win a title. And if that is the case, then why the hell would I be worried? Why should I be scared if this is your best? I came to Empire looking to face the best, and not once did it cross my mind that I have to fight Azumi or Haruna. I’m not even saying I’m in this match because I want a piece of you. I’m in this match because of Savannah and because I want to beat the crap out of Azumi for trying to impale me with metal pipe. And what will it come down to? Because she deserved it. Just as you want to use that to justify your actions to target Savannah, which is dumb because you should had seen it coming with how much of a prick you both are backstage. But here I am, going to have to stand up for the little guy because you two just want to make it as if being bullies is right. You talk about your honor and bullshit, but all you both done is confirmed that you don’t have it if you want to beat up a drunk that wouldn’t be able to properly defend herself. But that will change. Because in the next 24 hours, I’m going to teach Savannah how to manage her drinking. I’m going to teach her how to fight without restraint. I’m going to teach her how to defend herself against you and anyone else that wants to take advantage of her, because gurl, you are too damn gullible, and it should not had been that easy. WE ARE WORKING ON THAT SAVANNAH! I can’t protect you all the time, you know. But the next person that tries, I’m putting them 6 feet underground until they are pushing daisies. And I’m going to start with you both.
(A crash can be heard in the background, as Revy rushes out to check on Savannah, leaving the camera behind towards the window. A Shadowy figure can be seen walking past the window. Background noise can be heard)
Revy: God damn it, Savannah. Look at this mess. There is broken glass everywhere, my cabinet is busted, and how the hell did you remove the table out of the floor? It was bolted down?!  Holy shit, I have to ask Megan Raine where she got those handcuffs, they are so damn durable! And why is half of liquor cabinet empty? Woah woah, Savy, put the gun down. Oh god, what have I done? This was a horrible mistake. Put the gun down!
Savannah: I thought I saw a predator outside….. I did, I did, I did see Eclipse outside?
Revy: What? Where?
(Door can be heard slammed open)
Revy: I see him!
(Multiple gun shots are fired)
Revy: Give me that, Savannah! You can’t aim for shit!
Savannah: I almost… *hiccup* got him.
Revy: And you stay away from my property! This is my place now! I’ve burnt all your nasty ass shit you sick son of a bitch!

*Camera fades to black*
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