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 EAW Promoz!

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Consuela Rose Ava

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 4th 2017, 5:37 pm by Consuela Rose Ava
My name is Consuela Rose Ava. I am your current reigning Specialists Champion. I’m the realest woman in this match. Why? Because I never deny anything. You can ask Aria Jaxon that. She asked me why I retained the way I retained my championship to April Song and she could tell you that I gave her an honest answer. I could have been like every other girl. I could be like Haruna and blame the management for her failures. I can be like Azumi and say that I am under protection. I could be like Sheridan and blame others for her faults. I could have been someone that has something in front of them to protect them from the truth. I could build a wall and prevent myself from seeing the other side of my title reign. I could be so self absorbed and deny the truth when everyone watching knows what happened. I lost the championship in two weeks. What else is fucking new, Chelsea?  Next you’re going to tell me the sky is blue. The grass is green. Water is a liquid. I’ve always been one hundred percent about my first title reign. I’ve always been upfront with my faults. I told April to her face that she’s mediocre at best. I told her that she was undeserving of being champion. I also informed her that she knew how to capitalize on my mistakes. I gave her props for that, but you should know how that story ended. It took me two months for me to prove to everyone that April Song wasn’t fit to be a champion. It took me two months to get my championship back and prove that April was just a one-hit wonder. But, I’m not acknowledging my first title reign, right? I’m just ignoring it, right?

Maid shtick? Really? You’re just clutching for straws. I apologize for being myself around here. I apologize for making emo bitch Chelsea Crowe so upset! Oh no! We’re not allowed to be ourselves here! Elite Answers Wrestling is a place where we all have to be generic robots. We have to say the same things over and over like a broken record. We have to make an Elitist out of one formula. Consuela can’t just walk around with her Cleaning Crew and make a mockery out of the Specialists Championship! She can’t wear her yellow rubber gloves and wrestle! She can’t have Esmeralda throw a bucket of dirty water in Consuela’s opponents! No! No! No! This is all wrong! This shouldn’t happen! You are sooooo right, Chelsea. I should be ashamed of the way I carry myself. I should be ashamed of the way the Specialists Championship is being presented. We do not need a joke to be a champion around here. We do not need Consuela and her maid shtick making brands like Dynasty, Showdown and Voltage ashamed to be a part of the company. Let’s just ignore the fact that I took the title out of a boring ass April and made it something a lot more interesting. Let’s ignore the fact that Consuela has something different to the table. Let’s ignore the fact that Consuela given a reason for people to give a damn about the Specialists Championship. Not only am I being blessed with one challenger, but three? Three women who think for a second that they’ll take this away from me? Like I told Aria, I’m not giving this up yet. Nope. Call me a joke, Chelsea. Call me a maid. Call me anything you please, but I think people have forgotten why I am champion in the very first place. If there is one thing I am good at, it’s dropping bitches like you out of the title picture.

Chelsea, you are such an inspiration to me. How do you do it? How do you surround yourself with a bunch of filthy women? How did you manage to win such a terrifying match? I mean, there is nothing like winning a battle royal! Personally, I hate being in small spaces. I hate being surrounded by dirty bitches like yourself. I mean, what kind of person are you to make fun of someone’s phobia? You think that this is all fun and games? You think that just because I have a maid shtick and fear of germs that it makes me someone you cannot take seriously? I can admit; I made the same mistakes with April during my first reign. I underestimated her. I thought I was going to run through her. Obviously, you know where the story ends. You know the lessons that had to be learned. First, never trust a dirty Asian. Two, never underestimate your opponent. You think that I’m going to need to get down and dirty to retain this title? What’s the problem with a clean fight? What’s the problem with not making things a bloody war? When things go to hell, that’s where you’re most comfortable, Chelsea. I mean, poor Aria didn’t have a chance against you. You left her beaten. Now, you think that the same thing will happen to me? You think you’re going to leave me beaten and take my title? If it only it was so easy. I mean, everyone on Empire would have at least one title reign under their belt if it was so simple. Too bad, it’s not like that.

Um, Mallory Wilde, you may want to listen to my first sentence. I think the most important thing in this match is knowing who you’re facing. It makes you think that you’re taking me seriously. I’ve watched you for a little bit since your debut. You happened to get yourself such a huge opportunity so quick. I mean, this opportunity is huge. You’re stepping into the ring against one of the best on Empire. Your perception should be that. Even though I build myself from Spain, I was born and raised in Los Angeles. Just like everyone else in this company, I’m trying to make all of my dreams come true. I am trying to push myself to be better than my last match. The American Dream is beyond living in a beautiful suburban house with a hardworking husband and two children. To me, the American Dream is using every opportunity I have and using them to the best of my abilities. Cameron once said that “I’m easy on the eyes, but not easy to escape”. I think that quote is relevant in this situation. You can look into my eyes, Mallory, but do they tell you the entire story? Do they tell you more than just a Google search of my name can tell you? Do you see my struggles on a daily basis? Do you see the emotions that my facial expressions can not convey? As of right now, I only have an impression of you. I see the punk like mentality. I see the tattoos. I know for a fact that there’s more to you. Perhaps, when in situations like these, the best in everyone can show. Right now, the only thing that shows is your stupidity? Second most dangerous person in the match? That’s a dumb mistake on your part, Mallory. I’m not your typical Yasmin Hyland. I’m not going to go down easy like April did to you. Nah, when I’m down, I get right back up and I fight. Question I have for you is: how much fight you have in you?

April, I grow bored of this. I grow bored of you coming after me. When are you going to give it a rest? What leverage do you have to say that you are deserving of title shot? I “cheated”. I’m sorry, but did Esmeralda come into the match and attack you? No, she didn’t. The only thing she did was dumped a dirty bucket over your ugly head. If it was an illegal thing to happen, the referee would have disqualified me on the spot. Did you lose by disqualification, April? No, you lost by count out. The only good thing losing by count out does for you is assure you that you were never pinned or submitted. Now, you’re in your second attempt to take this championship off me. What happens after that? Back of the line, April. This saga cannot continue any longer. I hate it. You hate it. Everyone on Empire hates it. I just want to prove to all the naysayers that I can defeat you without controversy this time. What happens when I do that? What happens when I not only defeat you, but Mallory and Chelsea? Are you going to hide yourself with excuses? Are you going to try to nitpick something out of the match to hold against your chest and hope that you’re going to get ANOTHER title shot out of it? I’ve heard what you said about me retaining the title against you? You thought it was a disgusting tactic? It’s only disgusting because you haven’t thought of anything like it before. It’s only disgusting because it costed you the match. The only thing disgusting about our last match was that you even got your rematch in the very first place. I mean, it took you HOW long to get your rematch? Like a month, two months into my title reign? It was like an “I’m bored. Lemme face Consuela again” approach that came into your mind. Why did you ask for you rematch? Because you found out that you’ll never be Womens World Champion? Because people realized that they don’t care about you unless you’re facing me? Please, April. Explain all of this to me. It should be quite interesting.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 4th 2017, 4:57 pm by Aria Jaxon

“Now I can feel a change in me, and I can’t afford to slip much further from the person I was meant to be.”

The Moda Center is eerily quiet. In six nights, the arena would be packed to the brim with an unmistakable energy hanging in the air and a static electricity defining the tense, high-stakes atmosphere. Chances were, the crowd at Bloodletter would be so loud that no one would be able to hear themselves think. It’d be every bit the spectacle that Empire’s first-ever brand-exclusive FPV was supposed to be, but tonight? The contrast is startling. There’s no raucous crowd. There are no colorful homemade signs being waved. There’s no pyro crackling over the entryway. Only the “necessary” lights beam down from the rafters, shining down on the ramp, stage, and ring below. Square in the middle of the canvas sits a throne with plushy turquoise-colored cushioning. An uncharacteristically-stoic Aria Jaxon is seated there, clad in a simple black bodycon dress and matching heels. Her Women’s World Championship is draped over her crossed legs, and she gazes down at it for a moment. A manicured red fingernail begins to trace over one of the side plates of the title as she begins to speak.

“Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what my time as champion has really meant. I said right from the get-go that I wanted to be the anomaly thus far into the Women’s World Championship’s young lineage. Not at all the first talented wrestler to wear it around her waist, but the first one to rely on that talent alone to make shit pop. No shortcuts, no dirty tricks, no underhanded gutter shit, nothing. Just punching my ticket and punching my way up. I talked a big game ahead of winning this title, saying that I’d battle back against the odds to win the championship and I’d do it as many times as I had to in order to hang onto it. Now I wonder if the universe took that as a challenge.”

A laugh that Aria doesn’t really feel bubbles up, easing out into a soft chuckle as she shakes her head a bit. “I said that my reign would be one to remember, and so far, it has. The glossy, PC answer for me to give is that I’m proud to be at the forefront of Empire and that I’m even prouder to say I’ve turned back fierce opposition every second of my reign, and it’s all true. But this will be the first time that I talk about how much this journey has also hurt me, and I don’t have any choice but to do so, because of who I’m facing. The EAW-centric pain that stung before all of this, I guess it was all par for the course. Lost matches, lost championships, lost friendships, all that. But just as my time as champion has been defined by triumph and defying the odds, it’s been marked by personal tragedy and turmoil that I can’t take another step without addressing. You talked about vulnerability, and that’s exactly what this is for me -- a moment, albeit a prolonged one, of spilling my guts because although I’m still the same woman who believes in myself 100% and knows that I’m leaving Portland with my championship, there’s a lot bubbling beneath the surface. It doesn’t make me weaker. If anything, I have to do anything I possibly can to be in tune with my emotions this week. In a match like this with stakes this high, if I’m not honest with myself and let some kinda tunnel vision cloud -- no pun intended -- my line of sight, it could cost me everything.”

The Californian purses her glossed lips, choosing her next words carefully. “It could be nothing more than a weakness for you to exploit or a spot for you to pick. And for someone who knows me as well as you do, I can’t afford to give you a leg up. I’m not moving an inch. With all that you’ve done lately, I’m sure you feel like an unstoppable bullet train rushing headlong toward your desired destination at the top of the summit. I can’t blame you for feeling that way. After all, you tapped out the same woman who says she played me like a fiddle. Sheridan only feels like she got one over on you because the ref apparently needs his eyes checked. You felt like you had me right where you wanted me last week, and you were all of two seconds from taking me on a guided tour of Cloud City. You look as strong as anyone standing across from me in this match possibly could, and I know it comes from having lit a fire under your own ass. You’ve been fighting for so long to make up for lost time and squandered chances. All the missed opportunities, feeling like you failed Angie and the girls, the time you spent in The Sanatorium, all that you’re doing now isn’t to make yourself forget about it, but to make yourself feel as though your struggles have meant something. And they have, make no mistake about it. But you’re also fighting because I know deep down that it frustrates you to know that after all the work you put in, it was me handpicking you that made this match. There was no qualifying match like the one that punched your ticket to Road to Redemption or anything of the sort. You and I stood in front of that ring in front of the entire world and I TOLD you this was going down, and you got my reasoning for it twisted. I’m not looking out a barren Empire landscape feeling like you’re the last one left for me to beat. It’s that I know the truth is, I can’t call myself the best in the world unless I’m routinely beating people who can and will put me through my paces. I’ve made a lot of mistakes lately, but asking for this match wasn’t one. I let pettiness and personal vendettas fill three of the Chamber spots. Azumi got her one-on-one title match against me by turning in what she’d turned into a glorified paperweight. Madison’s not even around to use her title shot against me anymore. It wasn’t a question of “who’s left?” but a question of “who’s best?” The whole world saw what you did against Marx. Showed all the makings of my next contender, if you ask me. I have to beat you in this state you’re in, this rare form and this battle-ready top-notch mode that the world has never truly seen before, and it’s long overdue. You and I both want a finite ending to this confrontation. It won’t be the last time we face each other, by any means, but it’s still a chapter that we have to close. The last time we faced each other one-on-one had a muddy and murky ending, but there won’t be any of that bullshit this time. No ladders, no contracts, none of that. Just you, me, and my title on the line, and you can bet your Blasian ass I’m the one writing the ending of this chapter. You have all the momentum in the world, Steph. The tear you’ve been on would likely have a lesser woman shaking in their boots, but if you’re a speeding Maserati then I’m a brick wall. I’m stopping you dead in your tracks.”

The champion sighs, and she stops tracing her finger along the designs of the title. Now, her hands rest flat on the belt in her lap. “Funny thing is, after all you’ve said lately, it could be argued that I’m the one on her way to a horrific crash, even worse than that spill through the announce table that I took. It’s been a frustrating few weeks. I don’t know how I could’ve allowed myself to be so irresponsible and go to the well one too many times, especially against an opponent who really didn’t deserve for me to risk my body like that. I don’t know why I let myself get caught slippin’ during that tag team match. I don’t know why I didn’t put Consuela away before all hell broke loose last week. It’s amazing how I seem to possess and lack foresight all at once, and maybe I waste my forward thinking on shit that doesn’t really matter. Outside of the ring, I got all these endorsements and contracts that will keep me set for life, because hey, I just wanna be smart enough to set up my future and realize that I won’t be doing this forever, as much as I love it. But in between the ropes, I haven’t been nearly as cautious lately. The things I do now could fuck me up later. Going full throttle in my early twenties, the scope of what I could be sacrificing down the line could be a wide one. I could be shaving off years that I’d be spending with my husband-to-be. If I hit my head enough times, my memory will be too hazy to remember shit that I do with the kids we’ll one day have together. And yet I still contemplate risking everything. Because if all of that, if my future with my family is in limbo, then oh, I better be able to look back at all this shit and say it was worth it. If I’m putting the pedal to the metal now, then I better still be getting what I want. I was banged the fuck up coming outta the Chamber. I was the sole survivor at Territorial Invasion, but came out with a fucked up arm. All of my high points lately have come with a price, but when I’m in the heat of the moment, it’s never a price I’ve hesitated to pay. With all that’s happened to me lately, walking into this match as “damaged goods” against a motivated Stephanie Matsuda is a hell of a fucking gamble, but it’s not one that I’m about to lose. I’m doubling down. I know you’re hungry for the glory you feel has eluded you for so long, but I gotta make sure that you starve, at least for right now. I gotta shift down into a different gear to bring this one home. You say you feel like I’ve backed you into a corner? Feeling’s mutual, honey. Like I said before, I’ve spent this past month doing shit so unlike what a champion of my caliber is expected to do. I haven’t been meeting the standards that I’ve set for myself, and the only thing worse than that would be to cap it off by losing what I’ve worked so hard to hang onto. In order to feel “right”, I gotta wage war with a War Queen. I have to go strike for strike and throw for throw with a technical savant, and I can. There’s a reason why you feel like I’m the bar that you gotta high jump over to complete this story of redemption of yours, and it’s not just because I’m the champion right now. I’ve never been the sole center of your focus and that world famous drive, but it doesn’t scare me, either. You’re still the one giving chase. You had Marx running, you broke Cailin, you stomped out Sheridan, you made Chelsea beg for mercy…”

Aria’s voice trails off a bit and her jaw clenches for a moment as she allows one hand to tightly clutch the strap of her championship. “...but none of them are me. And I can promise you, whatever it is that you wanted from any of them, you don’t want it as badly as you wanna dethrone me. You didn’t want it as badly as you wanna teach me a lesson. You didn’t want anything as badly as you wanna cling to being able to say “I FINALLY beat Aria Jaxon!” For all the strides you’ve made, that’s the only thing you can’t have, and it’s because I’m the one denying it to you. You’re back to being the woman I used to know, and it’s because you’re so at peace with so much of the bullshit that happened to you. The Sanatorium kids are in better hands, because of you. You found a woman who loves you. You’ve come clean about all the wrongs you’ve done. And it makes me so happy, because I missed you so much. I love you to death, Stephanie Mia Matsuda, but it doesn’t mean that I’m prepared to be just another box ticked off on your to-do list en route to living your best life. You were ready to go after the Specialists title instead? Well, it’ll still be a viable option after this. Whoever leaves Bloodletter to that belt is gonna be laid out when you come around the bend. That, you can manage. You could have the Specialists Championship on lock forever, if that’s what you really want. But your Women’s World Championship dreams will be put on indefinite hold so long as I’m sitting on this throne. Dangling the kingdom keys in front of your face and motivating you to do your best against me is just what has to happen. When I beat you, I’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that I earned it. We can still rule Empire together, if that’s what you really want. Just know that when we do, I’m not moving from this spot.”

“Me not having my block knocked off in this match seems to be a truth that a lot of other people are clinging to as well, not that it makes a difference to me. I’ve said this to plenty of opponents before you, but I feel like it hasn’t truly set in, so I’ll say it again -- the shit that the world at large thinks has next to no bearing on what I do in that ring. I don’t NEED people to cheer for me. I don’t NEED seals of approval or pats on the back. Cheesy as it might sound, the only real obligation I might feel on that front is to be a positive role model for those little girls out in the audience wearing my merch. Other than that, I can’t say that I’m too fixated on the glint in anyone’s eyes, let alone the fans making their Bloodletter prediction on their blogs. And I get it, in your position, I can get how you’d see people doubting you as motivation, but at that point, are you really doing it for yourself anymore? I do still believe that you wanna win my title to plant your own flag in the ground and further your own legacy, but with every passive-aggressive social media post that your blue painted nails type up, it becomes more apparent that you also need this belt to rub in the faces of people who don’t think you can pass me up. I’m the only person you need to worry about. Not the high school girl tweeting from her Aria Jaxon stan account, not the weird dude wiping Cheeto dust off his fingers to click through my Instagram page, and certainly not anybody making fucking predictions. “I don’t see Aria losing anytime soon” doesn’t mean a fucking thing until it’s coming from me. Coming from an audience member, it’s a prediction. Coming from me, it’s all but gospel. It’s a promise of what the future holds. But to you, it was a means of irking you. People can say what they want about me and my chances, for better or worse. So many people have gone outta their way to put me up on the loftiest of pedestals, but you’re not dealing with a woman whose head is in the clouds. I’ve been honest about the bumps, bruises, and mishaps that have riddled my path to Bloodletter. I just happen to know that I can win despite them, and that ain’t hype. It’s not anything that’s blinding me. It’s pure, unadulterated honesty. It’s my refusal to make concessions. And when I go out there at Bloodletter and defend my kingdom from the most determined person to ever storm the castle walls, I’m not doing it to prove people’s predictions right. I’m doing it because I’m not done being champion yet, and I have to turn you back at your absolute best to make it work.”

“You look forward to beating me and having me circle back around, since you’re so proud of your ability to make your opponents better. Yeah, all the fire and fury of Stephanie Matsuda makes people dig down deep, but my penchant for never saying die tends to have my opponents doing the same shit. I’ve made people tap into reserves they’ve never had to use before in order to hang in there with me, but you know that already, don’t you? It wasn’t the matches with you that made me into what I am...it was all the OTHER shit you did. You, at one point, having been fixated on my destruction and wanting to take everything from me, that’s helped to shape the competitor that I am now. THAT was what prepared me to take my spot at the top and to never be afraid of the onslaught of challengers making grabby hands at the gold hanging over my shoulder. And though your motivations have changed, your endgame is still the same; you still wanna surpass me. You’re still determined to TAKE from me, and I can’t let that happen. Notice that you were the one who came into this with a contingency plan. You were the ones who had your eyes on different shit entirely. I don’t do that. I don’t have a backup plan. I’m going back to LA with this title in tow, and there’s no well-meaning ass beating that you can deal out that’s gonna change that.”

At last, Aria rises from her seat, slinging the Women’s World Championship over her shoulder in the process. She takes a few steps forward, the muted thud of heels against canvas persisting as she does. “I’m not asking you for mercy. I’m not asking you to agree with anything that I’ve said or done as of late, either, because I wouldn’t expect you to. I don’t want you to ever concede. I know you won’t bring anything less than your best to Bloodletter. This match feels a lot like taking an open book test, and it’ll go down to the wire and depend on the little things to bring us to a conclusion. There are no intangibles or guessing games at play. Like you said, we know each other inside and out. There are no disadvantages to exploit. There are no easy routes to victory, so it all hinges on me paving my own. It’s easy now for me to say how much I love you and talk about how much I respect you. When that bell rings, all that is getting filed into the furthest corners of my mind, and it’s not even registering again until my hand is raised. After this, it all goes back to normal. We go back to laughing, to traveling together, to sharing overpriced cartons of room service ice cream in hotel rooms with our friends. But before any of that, I gotta remind you that The War Queen ain’t gonna be the one who enjoys the spoils of war. You will give me everything you have. You’ll leave it all on that canvas, you’ll throw your whole spirit into this, and as much as it pains me to say, you’ll still leave without anything tangible to hang onto. But that’s the choice I gotta make, and in this case, choosing what I want over what you want isn’t hard at all.”

She retrieves the title from her shoulder and clasps it in her hand, leaning forward against the ropes and resting her arms on the top rope. Aria sighs and stares downward for a moment, allowing her hands and title belt to dangle over the top rope before leveling out her line of sight again. “To everyone who’s walking on eggshells because of all of this, to everyone who hates to know what we’re gonna do to each other, I’m sorry. To Aren, Tarah, Nas, Savannah, Keelan, Finnegan, Carlos...and God, to Monica especially, I’m so sorry. This intersection where Stephanie’s dreams and mine intersect will be a brutal one. The truth is, us running side by side works so much better when we’re not chasing after the same shit.”

The Californian stands up straight once again, returning her title to its perch on her shoulder. “For now, my mistakes and whatever pseudo-kamikaze mindset you think I might’ve subconsciously taken on won’t trip me up enough to keep me from winning. I don’t feel like I have a death wish, sweetheart, and I’ll never feel more alive than I do when I notch that fourth championship defense. I never asked you to try and save my life. I’m not going anywhere.”

A slight smile creases her pretty countenance as she glances over at her gold before staring straight ahead once again.

“Long live The Queen.” 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 4th 2017, 4:36 pm by Sheri-dun
Bloodletter 03

'' You would believe that, if a multitude of people nurture the same thoughts towards you, then perhaps it is not them who are in the wrong. At this point I believe you are feigning ignorance. A dissimilarity between you and I which is so striking, is you'll do anything to illustrate that you are the hero, a true revolutionist, who could never place a foot wrong. I embrace that people dislike me, I use it to my advantage, they associate arrogance and attitude when my name is thrown into conversation, or considered within their minds. I don't necessarily believe their hatred is situated from the right upbringing, regardless, I do not care much. I never stated that you are the causation for every problem I have encountered within my life, but asserting that you did not play a part in my repatriation is perhaps the most hypocritical, fantasist statement that has ever emitted from your voice box. I was fired because I made your life difficult, essentially. If you ask the majority of the board of directors, they could not give a definitive statement as to why my firing was justified. After beating Haruna into submission, for what, the fifth time within your career? You decided to have a go at kicking me around, you fired me just to abuse that authority which was delivered into your hands by your former boyfriend, because I say things what every other individual is thinking, and press these statements into actions within the wrestling ring. It's so amusing to me, how idiotic you are. You are the woman who illustrated her signature across the contract that relieved me of my duties, that relinquished me from participating within Elite Answers Wrestling, and yet, you don't understand why I am frustrated with you, you are saying you have no clue how you took my livelihood away from me. You removed me from the brand that I instilled superiority within, a brand that I helped to establish, I engineered, I inaugurated. I demonstrated my beautiful lifestyle, and you took all that away from me when you approved of my firing, when you announced my firing to the world. I'm unsure of what to tell you, if you're still confused about our situation, for you acting as if you had nothing to do with my release, it's nothing more than fallacious. It's also ever so facetious to me that you say I was handed the Vixens World Championship, given it, as if I had to do little in order to achieve it. Let me jog your memory for you, sure, I'll admit, winning the championship through the Vixens Cup is perhaps not the hardest path to run down, it's not illustrated with edges and jaggers, bumps that could potentially trip me up, and further the process I have to make in order to achieve my ambitions, but you are forgetting that within the Vixens Cup itself, I had to outlast fifteen other females in order to claim victory. In the space of two nights I had four matches, three taking place within the second night, including the women's match of the year against Cameron Ella Ava, it was not as simple as asking my boyfriend to grab me a championship, or beg him for a match against a run down general manager, who has not been in full time, active competition for a while. As a matter of fact, I'm quite certain you were eliminated in the first round of the tournament, against Madison Kaline, a woman who you have failed whilst reigning as our apparent manager. I have a naturally cocky attitude, but I justify it with the performances I situate within the ring, and I shall not apologise for the personally that thrives within me. I wouldn't say I am untouchable, feel free to bring up my time on Dynasty to validate that point, but the fact that it took three hall of famers to form a group with the primary ambition of taking me out, it at least shows I am worth something, when I was champion I had a target upon my back, when holding the championship, it shows that few other women can rival you physically and mentally within the ring. That is the whole point of the championship, correct me if I am wrong, but to validate that you are the best? Your whole statement of me calling myself the best because I won the highest prize in female competitive sport, it is quite contradictory. People may dislike me, but you firing me for, what was the reason again? Oh, nothing aside from petty and malicious, it certainly does not help my case. I'll acknowledge your name means something, otherwise some women would not aspire to me like you, or look up to you, it's just unfortunate that you chose to use this position of power in such a negative way, in a way that, in my eyes, cannot be justified. But it is never your fault, despite the fact that as the days go by, more females are having problems and becoming outspoken when considering your skills and ability as a general manager, the board of directors, the higher management that placed you within that position, would not have been so keen to retract your authority if this were not the case. You will never touch authority again, as long as I have power within my system, as long as air floods through me and intoxicates my carcass. I'm not a victim of anything aside from you, and your narcissistic, conceited view of this world, a view what I shall shatter and bring to an abrupt end at Bloodletter. You say you've seen women come and go like me for four years, and yet, we've had the same amount of world championship reigns, you state this with the insinuation that you're on a level above me, a ranking that I have not yet touched, but in the two years experience you have over me, you've done very little other than beat Madison and Haruna up, the moment I arrived I ignited a revolution, engineered a lifestyle that pressed Empire to a new height, smashed ceilings and elevated not only myself, but the women around me. Note that you were not calling yourself the Leader Of The New age, until I delivered that age directly to you. Brody Sparks did not insinuate herself as the spark of the revolution, before I had established Empire as a new world. Aria would not profess herself as a queen, as she would not have an Empire to rule if not for me. I am the architect, the pioneer, I thrived in hell and found heaven for me and my fellow female athletes, and in retaliation, the angels unsheathed their swords and delivered to me a massacre. The reality is Tarah, you might have been here longer than I, but it means absolutely nothing. Ability inside that ring shall always place higher than tenure, and yes, your accomplishments might hold greater weight than mine, but I am superior to you as a wrestler, a competitor, an athlete. I represent athletic excellence, I am the personification of domination. Combine this with the emotions fuelling my system, and we have a deadly, lethal concoction, a combination that is indescribable, a woman who can only be narrated as machine like, seething with vengeance and burning with incineration. You really downplay your own motives, perhaps due to shame and embarrassment, but more likely that you wish not to confirm just how horrid of a malevolent bitch you are, a megalomaniac, power hungry slut of the boardroom. I might not be able to validate to the world that you're the villainess, but, speaking candidly, I only wish to rationalise it for myself, that every statement I have made about you is gospel. I will not cease in my massacre until you feel the emotions that I have felt, what it feels like to have your world ripped away from you, to be starved of oxygen, to feel cold and alone, no warmth to turn to, no voice to listen. If not for my own intelligence, you would have vanquished me, and at Bloodletter you would have been doing something without worth, not only shall I justify myself when I vanquish you, manipulate and deconstruct your carcass to the impossible, but I'll be making you relevant for the first time in a while in the process. You might be outspoken, yet you fail to validate the majority of what you say. You say exactly that, but fall silent when I ask why you fired me, what was situated within your twisted mind when you decided to execute my lifestyle, and push me overboard into the incineration. Your words are paper to me, and they shall perish in conflagration, you cannot suffice the most simplest of questions, and expect me to believe you're candid and vociferous, ironically you fired me for the exact same reason, for being blunt when all kept their mouths shut. You won't admit it, you never will, but there is a reason behind why you attempted to bring my name to the grave, and you were ever so close, but I outmanoeuvred you, I out muscled you, and now I stare you in the face, our eyes glancing from across the ring, you hold no other option instead of trying to take me down head on, and you shall lose. It's all fine abusing your authority to take me down, to eliminate all I had constructed and laid the foundations for, but now you have nothing else but meeting me in combat, a competitive athlete, her drive unrivalled, her excellence superior. When the time comes, when the bell rings, only one of us can justify our actions, the claims we have professed and wish to rationalise, an apparent killer looking to finish off something she came so close to annihilating, but she will fail. The Last Vixen has risen through your smoke, scorched and bruised, but breathing, and at Bloodletter, the vindictive streak she has shall become unleashed upon the world, as your work is incinerated, burned to a crisp, smouldered, you'll look up at me with mercy, with realisation, with a whimper, as I choke the life out of you, relinquish all that you have, before dropping you over the edge and into an unrecoverable abyss. ''

'' Expressing that Cleopatra ran Empire into the mat, without acknowledging your continuation of this, it really shows how much favouritism you show yourself. How contradictory can a woman truly be, not only was Empire established with Cleopatra at the head of the operation, but we achieved so much under her. For example, the best match in female competitive sports history, between myself and Cailin. Brody Sparks completed her Specialists Championship reign beneath Cleopatra, we all thrived with her, mostly thanks to my beautiful conditions that I instilled into each and every woman, but I shall give her most of the credit. As a matter of fact, the only person who didn't thrive under her was you. As your best friend became the inaugural Women's World Champion, a woman very much like you holding the Specialists, you couldn't help but feel envy, feel spite. I'll allow you to say that she ran it into the ground, but the drill continues to turn with you in charge. Shall we run over all the, air quotations used here, accomplishments we have achieved as a gender beneath you? We lost one of the greatest females this promotion has ever seen on your first day on the job, you did nothing to prevent her going to Voltage. What else, oh, your best friend? She was fired. Our Empress Of Elite? You could not protect her, and I don't need to say what happened to Brody whilst you were her general manager, the best thing to happen to a female whilst you've been in charge of Empire, happened at the latest Showdown event. You say that you made it to new highs without me, and offer absolutely no proof of this. There's that repetition of featherweight words. The women that have been here for a long period of time give themselves far too much credit, it's always the same retaliation. Oh, Sheridan, you might have inaugurated Empire, had the best match within your first four months on the brand, and elevated all around you, but I was here first! It means fucking nothing, my revolution would have taken place regardless of if you were born or not, it would be the same promotion, different names. You did not establish a path for me simply by breathing, I am quite certain this company would have a female division if your birth did not take place. Stop placing so much important on how long you have been here, it shows nothing but your age, and, like practically everything that has come out of your mouth, will mean nothing once we meet within the squared circle. It's essentially you turning up to work, me establishing the construct, and then you taking credit because you arrived five minutes earlier. You're definitely the one on the group project who contributes nothing but still has her name placed upon it. You did not create anything, you cannot justify my lifestyle because you beat up a few people three years ago, the truth is since my arrival you've done nothing of worth, nothing of validation, it is why you moan on and on about you, Cameron and the Heart Break Gal, because we both know what you achieved in the past, will have no impact on the modern day, but you continue to rant on about it, drilling this idea that it is worth mentioning. As I have stated before, since I have arrived at Elite Answers Wrestling, you've achieved nothing but a suspicious Specialists Championship reign, and managed to jump from a tiring dick to a squeaky clean one. I think you're just envious because I capitalised on your lack of success, I achieved in eight months what you, and the names you associate with success ever so much, could not achieve for our gender. I established Empire, I won the first and only Vixens Cup, I retired a championship with derogatory implications, and if not for me, you would still be living in the dark ages of wrestling. I don't believe you're entirely focused on yourself, I am just not sure why you shot the bullet that almost took me down. I respect that you acknowledged your lack of ability in the ring, and shuffled it behind worse management skills and a match against a woman who has been wanting to die for literal years and has won at one event in the last twenty. You should appreciate me, truthfully, because I shall be burning this revolution, my revolution to the ground, something you, and Aria, and Cloud, and whatever name you wish to use as a replacement, twisted and manipulated, stole from me and executed. You wish to thrive in a world I created, and not speak of my name, I ask you to witness as I dismantle and flatten all my hard work, through nothing but anarchy and vengeance, as temperatures rise, flames grow lighter and more ferocious. As I kill the lifestyle I once craved, embrace the conditions I once hated. As she grows inside me, the Last Vixen, she thirsts for blood and retribution, for the satisfaction we have held from her for so long. You wish to bring Empire to new heights, and yet tried to eliminate the one thing holding it up, eradicating the protective beam my superiority held over this brand, and unleashing utter hell into my system, generating a firestorm inside of my carcass. I am going to slit your throat and dance in your blood, as the canvas runs red, as the cameras turn away, I shall kick and stomp at your head until the juices of your brain seep against your broken cranium. It's ironic how your attempt on my life shall be the motion that ends yours. I implore that you continue to live within the black and white of the history books, within the once upon a time, the accolades that you attained years ago. Fail to acknowledge the immediate. You are utter cancer, Tarah Nova, a poison that has ran against my skin, inflicted irritation on my wounds, and brought me within an inch of my life. The saying goes that revenge is sweet, yet as vengeance coruscates against my mind, as antipathy and malice runs through every kick, punch, stomp and elbow, her aspirations shall never be suppressed. You are the woman who decapitated my conditions, now watch as your world falls beneath the Last Vixen's destruction. ''
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 4th 2017, 3:24 pm by Megan Raine

You know, I actually couldn’t believe what had happened with Sydney St. Clair and I this past week on Empire. We actually found ourselves working together. We came into that battle royal and wreaked havoc over everybody; even before the match had even begun. Flannery McCoy wants to go around pretending that this was her plan all along. She wants to go around and say that everything she attempted to do had led up to this one moment. I can smell the bullshit from a kilometre away. Flannery is one of the nice girls, so that means she is somebody who has always been second best in everything she’s done. And for that very reason, that is why she must lie. Her efforts for weeks to get Sydney St. Clair and I to work together failed because she wanted the two of us to be friends and tag team partners. I bet she wanted to throw us into the tag team division or something. She wanted us to get along and wanted us to be close, but if she had a single friend in her life she would know that forcing two people that despise each other to work side by side just does not work in the real world. But, she eventually smartened up after all this time she spent torturing us, and now we’ve got something that we BOTH want, and that is a shot at the EAW Specialists Championship. Sydney St. Clair and I took matters into our own hands last week in that battle royal, because we were sick of being treated like absolute garbage. Well, I mean, I was at least. Sydney St. Clair is an actual piece of walking trash, but that’s besides the point right now. Being handcuffed to her for weeks was against company policy. I felt violated, mistreated, and worst of all, abused. It’s basic common knowledge that girls from the West Midlands carry around diseases and shit. I more than likely picked up what Sydney St. Clair was carrying while being forced against my will to be handcuffed to her. Truthfully, we were treated like children. It was like when siblings had fights at a younger age and parents would force each other to hug one another in the corner of the room for five minutes or something like that.

But you know, like I said previously, I am ready to give my absolute best once again this week at Bloodletter. What I just described were my true feelings about this whole situation I had with Sydney St. Clair, and what did it make me sound like? It made me sound exactly what Flannery and Tarah were treating me like - a child. My feelings should be understandable to every single person who saw how I was treated, because if they were in that position for the amount of time I was, they’d want out too. I am better than that, and the only way I can prove it is to do something about it. And I will. Bloodletter will be my chance and my opportunity to do something about it, and defeating Sydney St. Clair and becoming the next number one contender to the EAW Specialists Championship is the perfect chance. Sydney St. Clair has beaten me once before, but I have pinned her once before as well. Not only that, every time we’ve gotten into a little scuffle, I was the one that always gave her more of a beating than she could ever give me. And you know what that’s called? It’s called showcasing. I showcased my abilities to her and proved to the world that if we ever had another match, I’d be the one getting the victory because I’ve managed to find a higher ground over her. Sydney St. Clair talks about how she’s this super talented individual; a graduate of Madam Vega’s Wrestling School For Girls and is a fierce, acrobatic and strong woman. She’s been here for a couple of months now, and what has she shown? She’s shown fuck all. She’s had the matches, but hasn’t been able to showcase anything even remotely related to how she describes herself. Even in her debut when she teamed with me, there was nothing impressive about you, Sydney. Honestly, the way I see it, the only reason why you are here is because you’re close friends with Tarah Nova. She trained you, right? And she was the General Manager at the time of your signing. It’s honestly the only reason you’ve got a contract here in Elite Answers Wrestling. But you know what, she is no longer the General Manager. So now you’ve got your back against the way my sweet little crumpet and you have absolutely nobody to help you out of your predicament. You are now vulnerable, and you’ve got no friends to come in and give you a helping hand. You really now know how it feels. It really, truly is Sydney St. Clair vs. The World right now, and now with that being the case, at Bloodletter I am going to absolutely tear you apart and expose you to the world that you are nothing more than a stepping stone towards my road to glory. I described you as that months ago, and the feeling remains the same.

So bring your best at Bloodletter Ms. St. Clair, because now that I’ve shown just how weak you truly are, beating you at Bloodletter will be an easy task. Because even on your best day, you cannot defeat me on my worst.

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

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Post on December 4th 2017, 9:36 am by Mallory Wilde
Blood Letter Promo 2: Husk

The camera opens on Mallory walking through an all but abandoned mall.  A handful of stores still scatter an otherwise desolate landscape made up of kiosks selling 'gold' chains, pretzels, and acne medication.  Even in passing the food court, all she sees within are a few independently owned eateries and a boarded up Sbarrro Pizza.  She stops in front of a directory and scans the glowing map with her finger, before tracking it back to the number key below.

'You say a lot of interesting things Chelsea.  You say I don't know you.  You say I'm an underdog.  You say my father's some sort of man whore who has bastards all over Canada.  The funny thing about all of your claims is that they're wrong.  Underdogs don't win their second match in under a minute, and my pop, as rock n' roll as he could be, never strayed from my ma despite her interest in strange cults surrounding anime.  You say I don't know you, and it seems like you're the one who doesn't know me."

Mallory skips her way toward the escalators, enjoying her desolate retail dystopia as she hops on the moving stairwell and heads to the second story.

"I can tell you about me though if you'd like, but part of me feels like you aren't that interested in me.  So,let's talk about you.  As I said, you claim I don't know you, that I underestimate you, that I'm overlooking you.  None of that's true.  What's true is that I've known you all of my little punk rock life. I see your face in every billboard selling Converse for fifty bucks.  You're the window dressing of every "Urban Outfitters", the mannequin in every storefront window selling Skull Candy headphones for eighty smackers Canadian.  You're the 'artist' who buys walls to graffiti without consequence.  You're the crying teenage girl with a Monroe stud in her upper lip in every mugshot who got picked up for scoring wine coolers.  But it's OK right? Daddy will get you out of this.  I've just been seeing you for so long that I see through you now.  You're the karaoke TV show finalist sporting a leather jacket with frill singing Ozzy like he sounds like Christina Agulara.  You're all pitch and no tune.  All noise and no soul.  I called you a sellout and you happily agreed, but somehow you think that there's more to you than you than you've let on. There isn't. You have no integrity. You've earned nothing without taking the easy way,and you have less of an identity than a smart phone covered in a skull covered phone skin. You call me naive? I say I know everything about you that there is to know. You say I don't know you?  I say there's nothing to know."

Mal hops off of the escalator and skanks her way toward a nearby Hot Topic.  She goes inside,still beebopping to the music in her head as she peruses the store's pop culture wares.  She spots some EAW t-shirts and pantomimes sticking her fingers down her throat and gagging. She quickly puts them under some Triforce shirts and pulls up her hoodie to disclose her identity.  She grabs a black and bejeweled t-shirt off of the wall, then a tube of black lipstick, a flannel skirt, and some two-toned black and white socks that look like something from a Tim Burton film.  She slings them over her shoulder and heads for a nearby dressing room. She comes out dressed similar to Chelsea Crowe.

Mallory Wilde:This is all you are.  You're a husk of a different species than you.  You're like some morbid pantomime clown of something that has standards, like a jester wearing the skinned face of a fallen foe in the dark ages.  This black lipstick is like your integrity,it all wipes off if you apply enough pressure.

Edgelord Cashier: You buyin' that stuff sweetie?

Mallory Wilde: Ugh,no.Yuck-o-rama! Get the hoser lederhosen offa me!

Edgelord Cashier: The store has a policy that if you try it on, you buy it.

Mallory Wilde:  *sigh*  Fine. I'm going to go peel off this crap. Do you guys carry paper bags?

Edgelord Cashier: Yeah. Why?

Mallory Wilde:Oh...no reason.

The camera cuts to the future where a brown  Hot Topic bag burns in the empty food court with a sad looking wilted sock poking out of the top of the bag.  Cut to black.
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Post on December 3rd 2017, 9:40 pm by Tarah Nova

You're Going Down---BloodLetter
Promo Number Two

“It's been a long time coming and the table's turned around 'cause one of us is going; One of us is going down. I'm not running, It's a little different now 'cause one of us is going; one of us is going down. Define your meaning of fun; to me it's when we're getting it done. I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop so get ready for another one. Let's take a trip down memory lane. The words circling in my brain. You can treat this like another all the same but don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain”

user posted image

Of course this is how it is, Sher. Of course you blame me for all your downfalls that has ever graced you in EAW. I'm not going to say that I'm shocked though because let's be real, you're not the first person that blames me for their problems and you certain you will not be the last...but curiosity does take a hold of me because I truly don't remember doing anything to you other than telling you what you needed to hear. Other than that I did nothing that you had listed. Like how did I take everything from you or extradited you away from the wrestling business? I simply do not understand how you can blame me for everything that you have done to yourself. I'm going to be very honest with you Sheridan, and it's something that everyone in this whole company believes, and it's the fact that you were given The Vixens Championship way too early and you got cocky due to that. Like I said last time, you let the thought of holding the gold seep into your brain which made you think you were untouchable but you aren't. You made yourself into the monster that everyone treats you as and that is surely not my doing. I mean what pleasure will I get ruining your career? I may be an sarcastic asshole and a piece of shit sometimes but I would never go that far but of course, you're going to let yourself actually believe your own words and try to preach to everyone that I am the villain in the story that we are telling while you are the knight in shining armor; ready to save this division from me. It makes me wonder why you and so many before you always pointing fingers at me for their problems. Like is that some new rule here to “blame your problems on Tarah Nova; she's the source of it all”. AND before you pop up and say that I’m turning this all around for myself, No, I'm not saying that I'm the actual victim in the situation because I would never stoop as low as to call myself that like you would. Sheridan, to tell you the truth if I did the things that you say I did to you and that every rumor originally came from me then I would’ve bow and took claim for everything that I did but I didn't anything...But of course don't listen to me because I'm just some Street rat from Michigan who has seen women like you come and go for Four years now. There's no difference between any of you in my eyes anymore. You're all of the same person and I am truly unfazed by it. So I believe it's time for you to learn that you need to blame yourself and not everyone around you. You need to pick your ass up off the floor and look yourself in the mirror and say “I'm a victim of myself and not victim of Tarah Nova” because honey, you would know if you were victim of me. See I am an open book filled with comebacks and insults for days. I'm someone standing out in the open, not afraid to hide who I am like you claim me to be as. You think I'm fooling the world and you will be the one that unmasks me in front of them all to show them that I’m truly a horrible person unearth all this Leadership Style hold close but the truth is, that isn’t going to happen. Sher, I have been the way the world sees me now for a very long time. I have been  an outspoken blunt force of nature since day one. I'm not saying that I don't have an ego because frankly everyone does. Everyone has an ego but not as big as yours because you don't see me walking around like I'm the “Queen of the world”. I'm not making myself look like I am better than everyone because that's not my style. I'm not this Mastermind hellbent on ruining Empire like you marked me as. If you don't remember, I took off Seven months of MY own career, A career that I have worked on for fuckin’ years, to help Empire become better than it was before. I put my life on hold for Empire because it needed someone like me in control since Cleo was running it into the ground. Yeah, it hasn't been sunshine and rainbows since I stepped into the role as GM but I still stand by my statement that we indeed have become stronger without you in our ranks. We have made it to new highs without you helping us. You didn't build a damn thing. You aren't the Architect of Empire and you certainly aren't the one that started it all. That was me, HBG and Cam. We are the true three started it all. And Yeah, I do indeed see myself on their level, Sher. I do put myself next to them because I believe without one us, none of this would be possible for any of you, truly. But Of course, you don’t see it that way, right? You believe that no matter the the name that I say, it's you that did more than they did for Empire. God, You are so hellbend on making yourself the number one person on Empire, that you are blinded by the fact that if me, HBG and Cam didn’t arrive here; this place wouldn't be here today. We over all the years of being here, started the grounds for Empire but no, you don’t see that. You only BELIEVE that you did more. That you created this haven that we all wrestle in..*Tarah chuckles, shaking her head* No. Again it was us but then they left the Division the first time around; Cam, HBG. They left and I took over everything. I continued the building towards the dream that we call Empire today. I weeded out the bad, I double checked everything and I did it all myself for a while. Yes, I was looked at like a bad guy for all the shit that I have done over the years but I did it all for this place unlike you. I put EVERYTHING on the line for The Division. I am the true Creator of what you see in front of you today. I have done so much for this place and I didn't do it just for someone like you come along and mess it up again because that's what it feels like you're trying to do, Sher. You’re trying to turn all these people on me and try to make me seem like I did everything not for Empire, but for myself. Again I’m nothing like you, remember that. I’m not throwing myself into the limelight. I’m not showing up here with fake tears rolling down my face in order for people to feel bad for me because of all the shit that has happened. Those are things I would never do because why would I need to? I am on Cloud 9 with what I have done for EAW, Empire and everyone around me and nothing you say will ever fuckin’ change that. BUT knowing you, you're gonna continue this rampage of telling the world that I’m shit and that I’m the reason behind A, B and C because that is what you do so well. I mean do what you must. Continue to perch these words to my Freaks and try to show them the “light” but at the end of the day, I’m still going to be standing taller than ever, and you won’t be able to change that.

Yeah, after everything that has happened here, the good, bad and ugly; I am happy to say that I’m still here and I know that puts your stomach in knots, right? You are sickened by the fact that after all the shit that you have seen happen to me last year and things that I have done over the years;  I’m still accepted by EAW as a whole. Though there you are, almost doing the same things as I but you were placed on the blacklist by them. And yet in some fucked up way, you believe I am jealous of you. Now please, tell me how am I jealous of the likes of you?  See you need to get it through your thick head that I, Tarah Jay Nova, will never be jealous of someone like you, Sher. It's quite funny to me that you even said that, really. I mean every single person I have stepped into the ring with has one time or again said that I was jealous of them but I’m not. I have never been Jealous of a girl in EAW nor will I ever be. You see, Jealous bitches get nothing in this business but their hearts broken and careers ruined and as you can see, that is not the case for me. Sher, you know of my achievements within the walls of EAW. You have seen what I can do first hand and yet...I’m Jealous? Once again, you are completely full of yourself, Sher. You try to make it seem that I am some struggling talent that is seeking to be like everyone else but no. Like I said to you more times than I can count, that will never be me but I’m not going to stand here and reword things that already have been covered just to get MORE say between us. Unlike you and you're magical way of making yourself sound smarter than your opponent, I rather like my actions speak for me.

So in the end of all of this, BloodLetter will indeed be a bloodbath for us, sure, but it will not be me moaning of the mat in pain. It will be you. You spoke a lot about me falling into the same darkness that you once did. You said I will not rest till I meet the same fate as you. Now after hearing all of that, I must say you truly don’t know me as well as you think you do, Sher. You weren’t here when I was forced to train under the Devil Himself. I was basically in the shadows for the first six months of my career. While the others were filled with bright colours, I was the one who kicked down the door; showing everyone the darkness within. So do not come at me with the talk of the darkness that you pushed yourself into when my career was basically born in it. I have been through hell and back again-- and probably went there a few more times after the fact. So really you can’t fuckin’ scare me with these false threats, Sher. The shit that you have promised to do to me multiple times is nothing than empty lies compared to what I have been through already over the years here. I mean I have ripped skin and muscles, shattered bones and have had a few bad concussions along the way.  I have done everything from spending 30 minutes in the first ever Blackout Match and beaten down the full Vixens Division in one night to having my throat slit Chelsea Grin style and going through a three stages of Hell match. And win or lose; I am back ready for more EVERY TIME. Yeah, I am indeed a ghost. I am the Living Ghost Story of Empire. I am the one that shook a whole Division to it core once upon a time and you? You did nothing but kick around a few nameless pieces of shit all in the name of yourself than you turn around and you say I shouldn’t be here? That I shouldn't be wrestling? Well in my eyes, you don’t DESERVE to be here.You are the one that doesn’t deserve half the shit that you have been handed since coming here. You speak of how you want to end me...no, that won’t be happening, Sher. In fact, you will be the one on the ground, limbs twisted, body contorted in inhumanly ways. It will not be I, no because I’m going to be the one that will cause this pain to you. See, I am done with this “blame game” that you tempted to begin with me. I am done with the lies that you trying to throw around Empire about me. I am not at fault for the shit that has happened to you and come BloodLetter you are going to finally fuckin’ realise that it was you that did this to yourself, Sher. It was you ALL along.



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event: empire: bloodletter | 12/9/2017
promo number: 1
participants: chelsea crowe versus consuela rose ava versus april song versus mallory wilde
word count: 2,960 words

scene one:
december 1, 2017 // televised

Darkness. The sound of 'Born to Die' by Sidewalks and Skeletons is muffled, and in the background we hear murmurings and movement, but see nothing. That is until Chelsea Crowe walks through the black curtain, smirk on her face as she finds standing before her an EAW backstage camera crew.

CHELSEA CROWE: “And just like that, a deserving contender steps into the Specialists title scene. People are rejoicing in the streets knowing they won't have to sit through some bland match involving a germophobe, some bitch getting her hundredth shot at this belt, and some newcomer who doesn't even deserve to be in this match. I'm going to save this title from the utter monotony it's had to endure for the past few months. Because this whole title scene has been crying out for a change, and I'm going to be the new blood that gets pumped into it. I'm not the change Empire wants, but I am what it needs. And whether these three girls in this match, and all the others on this roster like it or not, I'm going to be the new face of this show.

Good luck, girls.

With that, Chelsea walks off-screen, and the EAW.com video fades to black.

scene two:
december 2, 2017 // televised

When it rains, it pours, and it is doing just that this night. Thankfully, Chelsea has protection in the form of the overhang looming over the building she is stood outside of. The smoke from her cigarette pours out into the rain, as the neon light beside her reading 'BAR' drenches one half of her in a bold red. She takes a slow drag, sighs, and then looks to the camera, smiling.

CHELSEA CROWE: “What did I say? I said I deserved to be in this match more than any of those other nine girls, and I proved it. People can say what they want about how I won the battle royal, but I still won. And that's all that matters. It's happened constantly ever since I got here: people underestimate me, they fall into my trap, and then I steal the win. I don't know why people are still surprised. But I'll take it. Because that, along with my skill, is what's gotten me to this title match. And it'll be what helps me win.

When I look at this competition – “competition” – I see a lot of disappointment. Trust me, I already know what people are thinking: “how can you of all people say that? You're not a champion, you haven't even been here as long as some of these girls”. I get it. But it's the truth. Looking at these three, I see a disappointing champion who's barely left her mark, I see a former champion who'll never find herself anywhere as good as she did on the end of that title win, and I see a little girl who has no reason to be here yet. But before you all jump in trying to say I have no reason for saying any of that, let me elaborate.

A brief pause.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Let's start with the esteemed champion, Consuela. A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet – and Consuela by any other name would still be known as a failure. When people talk about Consuela Rose Ava, they bring up her connection to her far-more successful sister, but what they don't often bring up is Consuela as an individual. She suffers from the sins of her sister, when really, she should be suffering because of her own sins.

Because oh, are there a lot of them. First of all, we have to mention her first miserable title reign, which is only outdone in its terribleness by Haruna's. And then you want to sit there and call other people jobbers and undeserving? Hun, what about you? You can point at your current reign, which I'll admit, is much better than your first, but we can't forget that you dropped the ball. You can try your best, but you will never be able to wipe that stain from your record. “Oh, but if I have a really good reign this time--” no. You could hold that title for three years straight, but there would still be an asterisk next to your name saying “holder of one of the worst reigns in EAW”. And that, Consuela, is some dirt you'll never be able to sweep away.

Why am I bringing that up? Because it shows that you can make mistakes. No matter how much order you try to maintain, how much spring cleaning you do, there'll always be a weakness ready to be taken advantage of. In a way, it's kind of convenient that you have your cleaning crew with you now – now that real competition for that belt has turned up. Now that people have realised that through the cloud of Febreze, you're a vulnerable woman. I'll get back to that in a minute though, because I want to highlight something about you.

It's sort of cute you have this ambition of making the Specialists Championship mean just as much as the Women's World title. But you see, you have a curse: that belt will never be seen that way for as long as it's on your shoulder. Your disappointing first reign and your constant battles against April have put that title in a bit of a lull. To be quite honest, people are bored. Now, that's not entirely your fault. I doubt you want to fight April twenty-four-seven. However, you are responsible for not elevating that title. You're responsible for acting like a joke, with your maid shtick, and you're responsible for looking up to people you think are above you when you should be focussing on making yourself look better. Instead of bringing value to that belt and not losing it in what I bet you thought was a fluke, you've been running around getting vomited on and worrying about germs rather than opponents.

You don't want to get dirty, you don't like to get grit under your fingernails. But me? I'll do whatever it takes to succeed. I've done a lot in the past, I've played different roles, I've shown I can and will do what I need to in order to survive. But you, Consuela, have your little cleaning crew – the perfect representation of how you don't want to drag yourself through the mud, even if it means winning. But don't take that as me underselling you, because obviously, you're a champion for a reason. Well, two actually: you've got a lot of fight, and no one's been able to see through you yet. They haven't been able to see that insecure girl from Spain who can feel her own strength slipping out of her grasp. You're becoming complacent, and I bet you hate it, but you just can't help it. It's like you said, you're already at your destination as the Specialists Champion, but that almost sounds defeatist – as if you know your time is running out, and you're just savouring it now. I bet that first failed reign lit a fire under your arse, but fires don't burn forever. So get your dustpan and brush ready, because you'll have to sweep up the ashes of your own reign when Bloodletter is over.

Chelsea takes another drag of her cigarette before continuing.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I feel like I went on a bit there. Thankfully, I don't have much to say to this next girl. April Song, the “Killer Bee” – what was the last thing you killed? Except for your career, that is. All I've seen from you lately are losses, and wins that are nothing to write home about. What happened, April? What happened to that military-hardened combat specialist? When did the decorated vet become the pathetic deserter? Because that's what's happened – you've deserted any drive you used to have. Maybe it's all those constant failed attempts to recapture this belt that have done that. Let's be real here, it doesn't matter how much fight you have, constantly failing to get back to your former glory would definitely leave you a bit defeated.

But what I want to know is this: how many chances is April going to get? Does she have something in her contract that states every time she fucks up, she gets another chance? It's like she's playing on easy mode, where it doesn't matter if she fails because she can just pick back up where she left off and get another go. And maybe she thinks this is going to be it, but we just have to look at all the other times she's failed to see that it's just going to happen again. Look at all the times she's fallen short at becoming champion, and look at how miserable her reign was when she got it – this isn't a champion. This is a placeholder. That's right, April: you're not a champion. No gold around your waist, no champ's bonus, no place on EAW posters is going to make you worthy of that name. Because you're one of the reasons the Specialists title is in dire straits.

God, April, people actually believed in you at one point! They thought you were a force to be reckoned with, with your background and your skills. Now look at you. You couldn't even beat the Hills Have Eyes inbreed reject in this match with us, so how the hell do you think you're going to stand a chance? You couldn't beat Consuela one-on-one just a couple weeks ago, you couldn't beat her in a triple threat for the belt, and now you're not going to beat her in this fatal four-way. Because I am. You're not up to par any more – people didn't even think you were when you were champion. You were seen as a fluke. Now it just feels like you've been trying to prove them wrong, but in the process, you've lost sight of what used to make you a success. Well, I hope for your sake you find what made you a threat before, because this is your last chance at this belt. Because when I win, I'm going to make sure no deserter comes anywhere near my title.

Rolling her neck, Chelsea laughs, her eyes finding the camera with a sharp glare.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Then we have someone who had a lot to say about me. Little Mal. I didn't even need to say anything and I already have her losing her cool, throwing a tantrum, and exposing her own insecurities. Aw, I'm sorry, Mal. I'm so upset you feel that way. I thought we were going to go out for coffee later, I was going to get a pumpkin spice latte and you could get...whatever it is you could afford. Such a shame. But thank you, because you showed everyone exactly why I win. And this time, I didn't even need to point out your flaws to make you expose yourself. I could practically take your video and put it in mine, because you've summed up why you won't beat me. “You don't deserve my effort, my sweat, or even the energy that my eyes expel to give you so much as a passing glance” – thanks for admitting you can't be bothered to fight me, hun. That worked for all the others who said that, all those far more accomplished women that I've taken on.

I'm glad you don't respect me, because there's no love lost here either. You think I'm just some corporate shill, and you're right. Congratulations, you listened to me and know that I'm only here for the money, for the most part. I don't see how that's a weakness though, because at least I have something to fight for. You on the other hand are more all-over-the-place than your dad's illegitimate kids probably are.

Though, I'm more offended that you think I'm your reflection. Which is funny, because I've never been secretive about the fact that this is all a mask. It's bait, it's what the weak-minded opponents cling onto and try to attack me for. And I find it so funny that you've found similarities between yourself and a mask that's fake and shallow. That's the issue with you, Mal – you don't know me well enough to make a judgement. You're so affected by me that you can't even see my strengths, you just see weaknesses that I've easily made up for in the past. You've criticised me for being a “poser”, as if that'll keep me up at night, crying into my hundred dollar bills. I relish in the fact that you're so offended over what I present to you, because it's told me that you're easy to get under the skin of. I just had to wear the right mask, and you came out with your gun drawn, firing off rounds. But you missed the mark.

Though since you want to come out here and make all these assumptions about me, let me break you down as well. You're the generic underdog who appeals to all the little girls with how quirky you are, but underneath it, everyone can see how shallow you actually are. All these cute little remarks, all these jokes, it's just a front because you know how outperformed you are in this match. You hate the fact that I'm not the kind of opponent that'll leave a mark, not because I'm not worthy, but because you hate that I don't need to do that to win. You hate the idea that I'm so good I don't need to put in all that gruelling work. It pisses you off, doesn't it? Too bad. Whilst you're having a tantrum and doing the equivalent of what all the other “I'm so quirky and original” kids do on their shitty little blogs, I'm succeeding by doing what I do best – playing the game. I've only just spoken, and yet I've already played you like a violin. Because look at you, Mal: you've been manipulated. You've fallen into a blind rage over a front, you've taken personal offence to someone you don't even know, and you've fallen into this trap of underestimating me.

Like I pointed out earlier, you've said you don't think I deserve your effort. You might as well throw in the towel now. If I've proven anything over the past few months I've been here, it's that you need to be on top of your game against me. You can't afford to turn your back, focus on someone else, or think you can get away with less than one-hundred percent against me. Look at all the others I've beaten because they either underestimated me or dropped the ball. I've said it before, I don't need to be the pinnacle of physical strength to win, and I've proven that. To you, I might be someone not worth your time. I might be someone you hate, someone who isn't worth even the scuff marks I'll leave on your boots. But all that says to me is that you're blinded by your emotions, and you are nowhere near thinking straight. Which means a loss for you, hun.

I think it's funny you want to dislike Consuela for her “naivety” when you're just the same. You're some white trash kid who's come out to the big industry, thinking it'll all be positivity and happiness, and you think you can say whatever shit you want. I get you probably weren't raised well, but when you decide to talk about someone like you spoke about me, you'll eventually get your arse handed back to you. This isn't your little friend group where you can make snide comments about the school bully and not get ambushed after class. This is going to be like what your high school life probably was like, with you getting cornered in the girl's bathroom at break and dragged across the floor by your raggedy, emo kid hair. Because like you said, you don't even know me and you hate me – which is a huge mistake. You can't be bothered to know what I can do, you don't know how much you've screwed yourself by jumping in and attacking me like this. You shouldn't have opened your mouth, because everything you've said has told me how utterly unprepared you are for Bloodletter. For me.

If I was what you thought I was – this fragile, worthless little bitch – I wouldn't be in this match. Unlike you, I have reason to be here. I didn't just beat down someone who never put up a fight to begin with, and then won over someone whose heyday is over. I've beaten girls who are tougher than your thick skull, I've put down women with more of a gameplan than you, and I've proven to everyone why you should never come at me like you did. Call me a basic bitch, call me a poser, call me a sell-out – I'm still more ready for this match than you'll ever be. And I'll take great pleasure in being champion, and standing over you. Mal, come back when you have something more to say than just “I hate her, and I don't even know her”. Because jealousy isn't a good look. Nor is blind hatred.

Finishing off her cigarette, Chelsea tosses the butt to the ground, a smirk playing on her lips.

CHELSEA CROWE: “This is a game of give and take, and you girls are going to give me all you've got, and I'll take that title. Because I wasn't just born to play the game. I was born to win.

Chelsea walks off-screen, entering the bar, as the camera fades to black.
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Bloodletter Promo #1


(The camera opens to Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda sitting in a chair in the dark after hours, in the middle of her War Room Dojo establishment. She’s holding a glass of whiskey bourbon in one hand. Several figures emerge from the shadows behind her - Carlos Rosso, Mao Ichimichi, and the Wild Boys. They walk to her side, awaiting a response. Without looking, Cloud nods. Carlos puts down a bottle of whiskey beside her, and he leads the others off camera to the exit of the dojo.)

To say my emotions are complex right now would be an understatement. On the one hand, you have a warrior who is getting what she wants and is primed to take it all. On the other lies a woman who’s seeing her whole world change before her very eyes. I had a different mindset a year ago, one that I could easily understand - I was scorned and wanted everyone to feel my pain. I blamed everyone from Tarah to the EAW Board of Directors. I indirectly hurt the people that I love, blinded by vengeance. All my life I was told I was special, and from the moment I walked into EAW, I discovered women who were more special than me. To be honest, I didn’t know what made me special until recently. I always thought it had to do with any innate gifts I may possess - and maybe to a point it does. But, in my battles leading up to Bloodletter, I discovered something: I’m just as relentless as you are. I’d like to think I was always competitive, but this is another kind of hunger. This hunger has ignited something in me I thought died when I was pinned that fateful night in China. I gambled everything to win back Lauryn, and it blew up in my face. Here I thought to fight for something more would guarantee me victory, but alas I was wrong. I’m not a hero Aria, and quite frankly, neither are you. But yet, we are perceived as such; Sometimes we’re called royalty, and in some rare cases, gods. The reality is we’re competitors who go out there every night all to show the world what we’re made of. In a way, it’s selfish - but the kind of selfishness that feeds energy to everyone around us. It’s quite infectious when you think about it. But alas, whenever I did things for me, I always won. The Specialist Championship? It didn’t matter that my girlfriend at the time was the champion, I was going to take what I felt was mine! The title shot at Malicious Intentions? I knew precisely how to wedge my way in there by interrupting that match between you and Cailin. Honestly, I always hated the idea that somehow you two were better than me. It drove me crazy whenever the top 5 of Empire was brought up, and I was never even mentioned in the conversation! Those names...where are they now? Either gone or drowning in the midcard. Me? I’m the woman who is about to take that title off your shoulders. To get here, I had to break my ex, banish The German, get my face caved in, and make my newest rival tap to do so. You’re right sweets - there was nobody worthy left for you to fight. But you know what? Fuck you, Aria. Fuck you for backing me into a corner. 

(Cloud takes a sip of whiskey)

That night on Empire I was ready to show my support for you! I was about to KNEEL before you and swear my fucking allegiance! I wanted to be your partner, to fight by your side, and go after the Specialist Championship! We were going to rule Empire TOGETHER as one! All in her name! You know whom I’m talking about too! You want to know the last conversation she and I had? She said I was her greatest opponent and she wanted nothing more than to fight you. Despite setting me on fire and hell-bent on breaking you, Megan respected us. She loved me as a sister and appreciated your drive. Monica would tell me that she would sit there staring at her TV or laptop and evaluate her matches, wondering if it was on par with yours. She wanted to surpass you, and if you ask me, you were going to lose the belt at Road to Redemption. I mean what you did was terrific, but you barely survived that match, sweets. At first, I thought your actions in the weeks preceding the event was because you thought you were invincible. But, as time went on it came to me: you feel guilty. Not because you think you have something to do with her death, but you feel like you have to go harder than ever before to put on the best possible show you can night after night. It’s like as if the fate of Empire rests on your shoulders! Once again, fuck you Aria. Fuck. You.

(Cloud takes a sip of whiskey)

Tranquilo, Steph, tranquilo.

(Breaths deeply)

You’re not the only one going out there, busting their ass day in and out. Week after week, night after night. It’s almost like you have a death wish. Your fifty percent is higher than my hundred percent? That’s crazy talk ‘Ria, and you know it. But I’m no fool. I know what all of this is about: cementing your legacy. Why couldn’t you be more honest with me? If you just walked right up to my face and told me how it was, then I wouldn’t be so upset. “Hey Cloud, I want to prove myself.” Why hide the challenge like it's a gift? You think I needed a goddamn handout from you!? Give me a break! Just like you earned your place in professional wrestling, so have I. I train just as hard as you and fight just as fiercely! I get underestimated just like you, sweets. Remember how everyone used to doubt us back on the indies? We never ceased to amaze them when we came out on top. That’s what we do ‘Ria - we overcome odds. But no: who will overcome these odds? It’s you vs. me, two women who know each other like an open book. Who’s at a disadvantage? Predictions say somehow you walk out with the title. One guy even said “I can’t see Aria losing the title this soon” as if this is some kayfabe bullshit. Fuck that guy, and fuck you for buying into your hype. Listen, I know I’m in for the fight of my life. But you ever thought about why they never put me against you for that strap? Hell, rumor has it one of the former road agents in the back said and I quote “she was never meant to get this far” after I defeated Cailin in the Empress of Elite tournament. No wonder I had the hardest bracket. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone were hoping Sheridan or Cailin would eliminate me. There you were though, supporting me all the way. You practically jumped on top of me after I made Cailin pass out. I wanted to show you the same support you’ve shown me, but you took that away from me.

(takes a sip)

Fuck you, Aria.


Tranquilo, tranquilo, yeah whatever.
You’re probably wondering when I’m going to get to the part where I question your accolades and I unveil my plan about how I’m going to defeat you once and for all like a dime store villain in a Dudley Do-Right cartoon. I’ll twirl my metaphorical mustache in a moment sweets, let me continue expressing myself. I don’t care about any EAW 24/7 specials or in-depth interviews. I needed you to hear what I have to say; I don’t even need your validation, just your ears. In this business, we have a goal that we set our minds to, and somehow we come out on the other side successful...most of the time. That’s why you’re the best in the world, Aria Jaxon. Your only goal is to go out there every night and win. Such a simple formula, but yet everyone makes it out to be more complicated than it is. They say you’re the golden girl and that the company kisses your ass. Hell, even I made some off-hand criticisms about how you obtained your victories. I was such a bitter bitch back then - hmm, maybe I still am. I want to rule over Empire like you, Cailin, Cam, and whoever else made a claim. But, I want to do it my way. Screw the celebrity that goes with being the champ. I want to access more significant resources. As leaders of women’s wrestling, there’s so much we can do sweets. If there’s any criticism I have of you Aria is that your vision is too narrow. You have all this talent and charisma, but yet only use a fraction of it. That’s what supporting you was about - to let the world see what I see. This wasn’t about hiding in your shadow, and if you even dare use that as an excuse on me, it tells me where your head's at and you might as well kiss that title goodbye. The majority of those who went against me would spew the same bull over and over regarding my past is if they all knew. When I got into the ring with them, that mindset reflected their fighting style. I could read them all ‘Ria. Yes, they were all a tough challenge, but it was me who failed me when I did lose. I’m the one who pleaded with the ref to not throw out the match I had with Marx. I let my history with Alexis blind me when I stepped toe to toe with her - twice. Haruna would pull my strings like a damn puppet master back in season nine. All I wanted was to be great ‘Ria. That’s all I still want. I don’t care about putting down others - in fact, I always hope those I beat will come back with a vengeance. I’m just the day Chelsea Crowe, and I step into the ring again. 

(Takes a sip)

I don’t need to be the best in the world.  I’d like to be - one day - but all I need is one victory. I’ve won and lost my fair share of matches in EAW. I fought kings, queens, goats, rebels, and other weird shit. I traveled all over the world, and the arenas that chant my name were the same ones who booed me a year ago. I’ve seen it all, sweets. But yet, I know there’s still more out there. Being the Women’s World Champion is uncharted territory for me. It’s an unexplored cavern whose tunnels twist and turn into different directions. I could end up anywhere based on the choices that I make, the paths I choose. I didn’t want the privilege of being champ yet. I tried to humble myself and learn why I wanted the belt, why I was even here in the first place. Now, I’m backed into a corner defending my pride. That’s what it’s about for me, sweets. No matter what decision I made, I did what I could to keep my dignity as a fighter! From Sky Princess to Sword, to War Queen I never backed down from a challenge! Until my best friend - concussion and all - named me the number one contender for her title. A year ago I would be drooling at this. Now, I’m just shaking my head looking at the match card. Do you even know what I’m capable of, ‘Ria? We fought each other before in tag matches here and there. We both fell off a ladder while holding on a briefcase for dear life. But, have you ever been in a situation where YOU was my only complete FOCUS? No, you haven’t and let me tell you it’s something you can’t prepare for. I’m a savage in the ring just like you are on the mic. I tear down grown men twice my size. I stomp out the face of blonde bombshells under their blood seeps on the canvas. Why? Because I’m a fighter and I’m good at what I do. I exploit weaknesses and use it against them. I lead opponents into a false sense of security. I study everyone I’m booked against. That’s why I believe the words are coming out my mouth whenever I say “I can beat Aria Jaxon.” I know what makes you dangerous, what helps you kick out of finishers when it is all said and done. I know why your drive exceeds thought.

(Takes a sip)

You are the Queen of Clutch, Aria. Just when it’s said and done, you find a way to get back into the game. You risk life and limb just to show the enemy that they can’t keep you down. The difference with me sweets is I want you to do that. I want you to kick out of all my signatures and finishers. I want you to burn the candle at both ends and tap into that legendary clutch meter of yours. I’m going to keep beating you and pinning you, and beating you, and pinning you until there’s no more clutch left to be had. The ‘Spark’ that once defined Aria Jaxon 2k17 will be snuffed out. I‘m not delusional, sweets - I know your fire will light again, but by then I’ve already set about what I intend to do. On any given night you can win back what was lost - I believe in you that much. If I walk out of Portland the Women’s World Champion, there’s no doubt in my mind you could beat me for that belt further down the road. But, I don’t care about down the road. I’m concerned with the now. Three seconds sweets, that’s all I need to become the best in the world. Wrestling is a sports competition, not some gladiatorial bloodbath. Chairman Adams made it possible that we can rely on our hands rather than a steel chair -  most of the time. Anyone can swing a bat, but not everyone can do a proper German suplex, or escape an armbar. It takes skill, months of training, and years of application to do what we do, sweets. We are the elite answer of wrestling. When people ask about the greatest women wrestlers in the world today, there’s a chance one of our names will come up. It wasn’t like that for me a year ago, but alas, here I am. 

(takes a sip)

Throughout the years I’ve called you many things good and bad. I told you to fuck off several times in this promo. We’re likely going to destroy each other in that ring, but yet I still love you. You’re still family to me, and the day after Bloodletter I would always take a bullet for you. Hell, if a gunman shot at us in the middle of the match I would be more than happy to take a bullet for you! But, that love is not enough to save you from my wrath, sweets. That’s what this moment of vulnerability is for - to get everything off my chest before I step into that ring. There won’t be an ounce of love in my heart on December 9, 2017, sweets. I’m going to beat you, choke you, and ravage your body before the 19,000-plus fans of the Moda Center. All in the name of competition, in the name of women’s wrestling, Megan’s home away from home. Speaking of which - Monica doesn’t want this. She hates that we’re going to be throwing hands. But it is what it is, right? Nature of the beast and all that jazz? So Mon is back in Seattle, staying in her sister’s old apartment (sighs). This gym here is closed until after Bloodletter is over. Classes are suspended for a week, so I can focus solely on winning this match. I’m telling you these things because I need you to know and understand that there will be no mercy to be had. I love you Aria, but at this rate, your delusions about going full throttle are going to be the death of you. I may have to kick your ass now to extend your longevity in the business. 

(Cloud stands up, leaving the bottle of bourbon and chair where it’s at. She downs the rest of her drink and puts it on top of a nearby table as she shews on the ice in her mouth.)

I’ll see you tomorrow eh? Same Cloudy time, same Cloudy channel. Stay woke.

(Cloud walks up to the camera and shuts it off)
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Post on December 3rd 2017, 1:07 pm by 『zakkii』

The scene opens with one long tunnel as we see one hooded figure is walking on the long road. That person is reaching her pocket and pick up her phone to call somebody.

Assistant: Aah, Haruna... where have you been? You have a lot of schedule in these upcoming weeks. Christmas is coming and you have to prepare all of those photoshoots--

Haruna Sakazaki: --cancel it all! Cancel all this month's plan!

Assistant: Eeh? You serious?!

Haruna Sakazaki: Do I sound like I am joking? Listen, if you want to work with me, just do what I say! I don't care if I have to get fined for the consequences. Just write them cheques, I don't care how much, just give them!

Assistant: F-fine then... If you say so. But at least can you please tell me why?

Haruna Sakazaki: I need something to be cleansed. I am going to.... murder somebody! Don't worry, I will come back and open for bookings by the start of new year. I'm sorry to bother you!

Haruna closes the phone call and puts the phone back in her pocket as she keeps walking down the long tunnel.

Now, is everyone understand why I say American wrestling is nothing but a big joke? Do you get why I am not putting my priority in this place anymore and shift all my attention to modeling instead? This is why! Because everyone in this place tries to be funny, while this thing... the one that we, Eastern people thinks of it as a sacred sport tainted by all the stupid bullshit they are trying to do. And you really think this is normal? You think this is funny, huh? I should've fought with the supposed rising stars of this match, proving myself that I am still having what it takes to fight against new leaves and overcome it all! Now I have to fight all these two clowns who think everything they are doing is funny and entertaining? I don't deserve this... I don't deserve to be put in a toilet break match! Where is all the competition, the hard work that I put in every single week to be the best in this business? No, I refuse to call this one as another failure of me! I am not failed in this match! I was doing so good until this stupid little bitch screwed everything! I can prove it that I am not a failure and I am going to prove everyone that I am not. I am going to pay what that bitch has done to me and that will be a heavy consequence that you are on my way!

Everything is fiction...
it's all made up.
It's just a childish innocence.

Yes, I was just calling Savannah, your little bubbly candy piece of shit a call like that. She deserves it... She is the biggest bitch that I've ever met in my entire life! I never find someone as disgusting as her and this match... I only dedicate this match only to make her injured permanently. I don't care about winning or losing anymore! I am going to make her suffer. I want to make her feel everything that I get ever since she got here. And even though she is unable to come to this match because she's too drunk to compete, I am going to hunt her and abandon the match to finish her right where her body lays down! I don't care about this match anyway. This match is already a toilet break of this show and I am not signing to agree with this match for this. Screw my FPV streak! As long as I make Savannah suffer, as long as I break every single bone attached on her body, as long as I drain her blood out of her veins, that will mean 20 FPV wins for me! Her suffering, her dead body will pay every defeat that I get all the way in my three-year career in this place.  

I'll pass on being normal, I am fine with being myself
Even if I'll be excluded, I am still living the way I want to
I'm not a chameleon, I won't change my color to match everyone!

Don't worry, Savannah! I don't want your place that you stole from me. I don't want to be a Face of Empire that everyone loves anymore. I've been decided to do this my own! Thank you for stealing my spotlight. Thank you for giving me this vision... I am fine on my place right now and in this match, I think I am going to show you that I enjoy being here. I am going to enjoy the sound of your sweet scream every single time I broke a joint of your bone. I will cherish the sound of your blood spraying all over the place. I will be the one who put all this comedy act in a horrible, horrible conclusion. You shouldn't even try to test me. You shouldn't even try to declare a war on me in the first place. This thing you call "war" is going to be your final resting place. I am going to end you! Like.... literally end you! I really mean it. Do I sound like I am joking? You are supposed to be the joke anyway, not me!

What does it take to be normal?
I think I am fine, I am the way I do and want.
It's everyone who is strange, not me!

Haruna finally reaches the end of the tunnel, which is a dead end and only one tree is standing in her way. Haruna just smirks as that is the thing she was looking for. She takes out her hands that she hides in her pocket the entire time and it's already covered with leather gloves. Haruna begins her fighting stance and starts punching that tree.

Haruna Sakazaki: OOOOORRRRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

As for you, Revy..... Don't. And I really mean DON'T you ever try to stop me, getting in my way to do this to Savannah. I only plan on murdering one person. Don't make me think of planning one more murder!

She keeps punching that huge tree nonstop until we see the punching mark starts to appear there. She keeps landing a barrage of punch until not even her leather gloves can hide the blood dripping out of her hands. The scene starts to fade away, but Haruna doesn't stop...

I am fine with being like this...
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Post on December 3rd 2017, 9:07 am by Mallory Wilde
Empire Blood Letter Promo 1

The camera opens on the sunny interior of a nearly abandoned Greyhound bus.  As it pans past each white light filled window going down the aisles, it passes one empty row after another before stopping on one particular empty seat that has a pair of combat boot soles on either side of it's headrest.  The camera quickly makes it's way to the seat behind it to find Mallory Wilde laying flush on her back with her neck at an odd reclining angle against the back of the seat.  She seems to be asleep with her head phones blasting music so loud that the camera can almost audibly make out the lyrics.  Seemingly sensing the camera in her rested repose, Mallory rolls her eyes in the back of her sockets, then rolls them around to the camera with the rest of her head.  She gives the camera man an annoyed glance before rolling over into an even odder sleeping position on her side.

Camera Man: Uh...Mallory?

Mallory's entire body rises in a sigh as she pulls her hoodie over her headphones and lets out a tired whine.

Mallory: Whaaaat?

Camera Man: We'd like to ask about your match coming up at "Blood Letter" for the Specialist Championship.

Mallory: (Halfway through a yawn) Can't it wait? I'm sleeping off a party headache.

Mallory turns her body to face the camera, putting on a half playful expression as she peers out from under her hood and waves her arm in the air as if to cast a spell.

Mallory: The Pabst is strong with this one.  

Camera Man: Yeah but-

Mallory: This is not the punk you're looking for.

Camera Man: C'mon Mal

Mallory: This is not the punk you're looking for (psst.  Say it.  Say it back to me.)

Camera Man: (sigh) This is not the punk I'm looking for. 

Mallory: You can go about your business.

Camera Man: I can go about my business.

Mallory: You will come back once my hangover wears off.

Camera Man: Fair.

Mallory: No! You gotta say it back!

Camera Man: Fine, fine.  *sigh* I will come back later once your hangover wears off.

Mallory: Very good.

Mallory mutters before rolling onto her stomach, making her already insanely flexible position in her seat all the more hard to believe someone could find comfort in it.

Camera Man: Jesus, are you part cat?


Mallory shoots a finger up in the air dramatically before letting it flop to her side like a cartoon flower wilting.  The camera cuts to black momentarily, and springs back to life just outside of the bus just as Mallory exits with her backpack.

Camera Man: Is now a good time.

Mallory locks eyes with the camera.  She wipes her hair to one side of her face, revealing an accommodating smile as she lets her backpack fall off of her shoulder and to her side.

Mallory: Sure.  You wanna talk about my friggin' fourth match in the company? You wanna harp on how good I am to capture a Specialist Championship shot in nary a month? OK, I'm down for that.  I've always been one for positive reinforcement. What do I think my chances are? Perfect.  What do I think my reign as Specialist Champion will be like? Freakin' sweet is what.  Outside of the unintentionally kinky first match with the handcuffs, so far my ring work's been for squares, eh? I'm mostly good at kickin' jaws and jumpin' offa tall shit.  Lemme do dat! Lemme fly like a Jim Lahey shit hawk.  I'm up for it, my body's is ready, and I'm always good for somethin' tuh air guitar while power slidin'.  The Specialist Championship would serve me well as a faux Fender Stratocaster as I glide under wicked lariat and kick attempts.

Camera Man: Speaking of which, you did just that this week to help capture your victory against April Song who just so happens to be in this match with you along with two other women.

Mallory: Boy you're a real bad first date, eh? You schmooze me up, ya make me feel like the only girl in the world, you even play alarm clock for me so that I don't miss my stop, but then you start talkin' about exes? Poor taste kid.  May as well ask to go dutch on the bill.  But since you already put me in a good mood, I'll go 'head and tell ya about April.  April's tough.  April's damn tough.  She's the toughest Empire's thrown at me so far.  She put me in the magenta hand print club mere minutes into our match.  Nobody's honored me with such a revered induction yet.  S'good tuh see her take that Killer Toe-Fu on the chin and come back for more.  I'm not the kinda gal to get in a brawl with someone and thinks just because I came out on top once that they're not capable of layin' me on my ass.  As far as I'm concerned she's my biggest threat in this match, even more so now that I've beaten her.  She seems like the kinda broad to hold a grudge and want to get her half of the receipt paid in full.  I look forward to meeting her on the battlefield again but I tell ya, while it might look tickled pink at the moment, my chest plate isn't as enthusiastic as I am about it.  I asked for a good fight or assistance in fallin' on my own sword, and she gave me the fight of my short career and still peppered in a few knife edges for good measure.  I still don't give a hoot about American armed forces, or any oligarchy that rules in violence for that matter, but what the hell, eh?

Mallory throws two fingers up to her half shaved forehead and gives as sincere of a salute as a girl like Mallory can manage.

Camera Man: As for the rest?

Mallory: Ummm, who else? Consuela Rosa Ava piques my interest a bit.  She's got this whole Willy Loman vibe about her that I dig.  The lady wants to capture the American dream.  She still believes it's possible, that it's worth fighting for despite the current political climate.  Part of me respects that aboot her, and another part of me reviles her doe-eyed naivety.  There's also a bigger part of me who doesn't trust someone whose viewed as an underdog, especially if she's someone with the hefty dreams of a Consuela Rosa Ava. Underdog just means you're a part of the fight is all.  Alls it means is that you've maintained your integrity to a point that the odds are against you.  Underdog's another word for someone who hasn't sold out their temerity just to get a leg up on the competition.  Consuela strikes me as a thick rubber hockey puck that wants to disguise itself as a tough cookie.  The trouble for her is that I ain't bitin'.  I see the danger behind your soulful eyes.  You thrive on showing people that they've sold you short, but I'm here to tell you that I'm bringin' a wholesale ass whoopin' your way.  As far as I'm concerned you're the second most dangerous competitor in this match for me and I don't say that lightly.

Mallory lets out a pained grunt as she bends down and picks up her backpack and begins to slide it back on her shoulders.  She's stopped dead in her tracks as the camera man clears his throat.  Sensing his intention, Mallory shakes her head in defeated disgust before letting her backpack straps drop to her side like a hockey player throwing off the gloves before a fight.  Without looking up into the camera, Mallory visibly bites her bottom lip and shakes her head in knowing agitation.

Mallory: ...and then there's the real reason you came and woke me from my blackout this morning, isn't there?

Camera Man: Care to broach comment on it?

Mallory: You mean the 'Black Heart' Chelsea Crowe? The rent-a-punk whose here to capitalize off of an underground image without wearing the battle scars of a run down dance hall? The girl whose here to fill her coffers for retirement by being that one poser on every college campus who sports the "Crimson Skull" t-shirt because it looks cool, but doesn't even know who the fuck Glenn Danzig is? You want to talk about the walking, talking,  epitome of someone wearing the band's t-shirt at the concert?...OK.  OK we can do that.  We'll talk about "Black Heart".  We'll talk about the studio band version of Mallory Wilde.  How fitting that we're in a Portland, right? I mean, I know it's not Maine, but geez c'mon!  I knew the day would come when they'd throw me in the ring with my reflection.  I mean that too.  Chelsea Crowe is my reflection.  She looks like me, she talks like me, and she even puts her eyeliner on the same way that I do, but that's where the comparisons stop.  That's where you realize that a two dimensional refraction of light all dolled up to look like you is nothing more than that.  Now don't get me wrong, I hate the scene kids who like throwing out the term 'poseur' every chance they get to curb stomp someone's low S.O. in the dirt, but you're a self-admitted shill Chelsea.  You're the Creed to my Pearl Jam, which is low because Pearl Jam is the Pearl Jam to my Nirvana, and Nirvana's the Nirvana to my Pixies.  You're a copy of a copy of a copy, the profit of multiple sellouts.   That's how unoriginal and soulless your pop culture genealogy is to me.  I can't wait to tear that Bratz Doll head off of your body and continue fighting a match against two women who actually deserve my respect.  You're not even worth the leather on the toe of my Birkenstock's, not that I think you could even leave a scar on those.  That's my biggest problem with your type to be honest: I know I'm not walking away from an encounter with you with any souvenirs worth showing off.  There will be no stories of the time Chelsea Crowe lacerated my forehead and left a hefty cut that makes my face look angry all the time.  No drunk re-telling's of how I can't grow hair on a certain part of my head because the "Black Heart" yanked it out by the root.  You're a tourist, and the saddest part about it is that you know it and don't even care that everyone knows.  You're just another basic bitch lookin' to score with a rock star in hopes of suing for paternity down the line.  I hate what you are. I hate what you stand for, which is nothin' by the way. I hate that you get to even try to lay hands on me.  You don't deserve my effort, my sweat, or even the energy that my eyes expel to give you so much as a passing glance.  Enjoy your five minutes, pumpkin spice.  It's the longest you'll ever spend in so much as the glow of the Specialist Championship if I have anything to say aboot it."

Camera Man: Um...wow.

Mallory Wilde: That's what'cha wanted, right? Ya wanted me to dox someone that's already dox'd herself.  What'd you expect, eh? Did'ja expect me to hand over my kutte with all my band patches on it n' say 'hey, we're like sisters'.  No.  I haven't even met 'er and I hate 'er.  Ya got what ya came for,now put an' egg in your shoe and scramble.  I got a plane to catch.

As Mallory begins to exit camera left, the camera man jumps in front of her desperately.  She rolls her eyes once more and looks at her watch.

Camera Man: Uhm...any closing words?

Mallory lunges toward the camera playfully, and then sticks out her tongue and winks defiantly.

Mallory: "Black Heart", "Black Heart", "Black Heart".  Sorry.  Made a bet I'd fill a quota on this promo for how many times I'd piss 'er off.  Now beat it Jimmy Olsen before I decide to give you two for flinching.

Wilde nudges past the camera man, nearly knocking him down in the process.  As he regains his bearing, the camera fades to black.
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Post on December 3rd 2017, 5:44 am by Megan Raine


How many of them do we see in our lifetime? To some, it’s countless. To others, it’s the number as the amount of fingers they have. Opportunities come and go with every individual on every aspect of the spectrum. But it’s what we do and what we make of these opportunities when we are faced with them. Some people fail every single time and give up on everything altogether. Others constantly fail but seize it with one singular moment that changes their lives forever. Others win every opportunity that is thrown their way and becomes the greatest person they possibly can be because of it. But, what am I? What am I on this scale? Professional wrestling is still all so new to me but with every chance I’ve gotten to climb this dangerous ladder on Empire I’ve tried to use every advantage I could to reach a certain point. With every step, there was a story. With every rung, there was a mistake. With every stride, there was an experience. I’ve been chewed up and spit more times than I can remember and I have been in the professional wrestling industry no longer than a year. This business is not the faint of heart, but the ones who are strong-willed and ready to change physically and mentally at a moment’s notice. Nobody ever made it in this business by hanging onto the coattails of somebody who was far more superior than them. Nobody ever made it in this business by giving 95%. It’s all about what you put in that allows you to get something out of it.

So I look, and I listen, and I take in every single piece of advice that I’m never given, but words that I overhear in locker rooms, on buses and flights, sitting in guerilla or walking down to the ring. I can keep to myself mostly, but I am never afraid to tell somebody what I think of them. Unfortunately for the most part, it’s been my biggest strength and because of that, it became my biggest flaw too. This is something I learned the hard way. It was a selfish bitch like Madison Kaline to help me get a clearer picture about this business as a whole, and it helped me evolve into a stronger, more elite woman; one that I never would have ever thought I could be. For every time she poked fun of me about Keelan Cetinich, for every scratch, claw and bruise she ever gave me, it just turned into pure, unadulterated strength for me. The life I’ve had at such a young age is a rarity for most, so people that sit there and hate me for trying to make a success out of myself don’t see the bigger picture. They just see a supermodel/actress/singer trying to break into an industry that was never made for them.

But I have proved them wrong.

If I hadn’t, why else would I still be here today? I am still a big part of the Empire brand, and it isn’t because of the lack of talent the show has right now. Empire has lost some talented women, but it certainly is not the reason I’m still featured every single week. It’s clear Tarah Nova, despite her mindless decisions, sees something in me. She’s a dense, thick little bitch and a ditzy one at that, but she can recognize talent when she sees it. She is a Hall of Famer here after all. But she is not the task at hand this week, and nor should she be. Flannery McCoy might crack a smile at this, but I am ready to give my absolute best once again at Bloodletter. As much as I absolutely despise the idea of ever facing Sydney St. Clair again, it’s an opportunity to not only rid of her for good, but to gain a huge opportunity for myself to become the EAW Specialists Champion. All of these weeks of being handcuffed to this ginger-haired rat might have actually turned out to be a good thing in the end. It might not be what Flannery or Tarah were hoping for, and it baffles me how she thought the two of us could ever be friends for so god damned long, but the bigger picture here is that championship gold. If I wasn’t amping myself up in preparation to win that championship, then what kind of woman would I be? That is not what I stand for. I don’t give up just because I am thrown into something I hate. I couldn’t begin to even tell you how many commercials I have done that I absolutely despised being a part of. Being handcuffed to Sydney St. Clair was hell, and I’d be lying if I told you all that I hadn’t thought about leaving EAW again, but if I did that, then you all would fucking win. And with that single, solitary thought, it dawned upon me that… I just cannot let you all win again. I refuse. I came back to Empire to prove you all wrong and if I quit now, all of this would have been for nothing. So, yes, being handcuffed to a walking disease was not what I wanted at all and I know for a fact it was not what Sydney wanted either, but here I am being the bigger woman and coming out of my shell once more to say that if something like that is going to assist me into winning some championship gold, then bring it on. I personally am tired of giving a fuck about people who aren’t giving a fuck. Who are they? They’re nobody. Who am I? I am a fucking goddess. I am The Storm, and it’s time to bring the natural disaster back into the picture.

Bloodletter isn’t ready.

Empire isn’t ready.

Sydney St. Clair certainly isn’t ready.

And for all the shit that has been given to me since I first stepped foot through the doors here on Empire, it’s time to give it all back because there is nobody out there who is ready to face this newly motivated Megan Raine. Nobody sees that this is my time, and that’s okay. That gives me more to prove to all these oblivious cunts in the end. If you can’t see the name Megan Raine on the nameplate of the EAW Specialists Championship, then allow me to make you see it. It’s time to stop sitting around and sulking about bullshit. Life is fucking bullshit. I’m ready to fix it, and grab it by the balls and squeeze them until they yell the four words that everybody should be dreading to hear...

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

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Post on December 2nd 2017, 11:58 pm by Cody Marshall
div align="center">

When our beautiful daughter June was born, my wife and I considered naming her Cameron...

Ha! No we didn't! That'd be a terrible idea.

Cameron's a fucking dude's name. It's like your parents knew what a dyke you'd end up becoming. I mean, when you're dating a man as thin and feminine as Jamie O'Hara, who uses more hair product than you and is probably buttfucking dudes on the down low, you may as well be fucking gay. How fucking ironic that you got a dude's name and he's got a fucking woman's name. You're both around the same height and weight too. A match made in hell. Y'all are probably fucking with the lights off every night, you imagining Jamie's a woman and him imagining you're a man. It ain't a stretch because you two are the same fucking size, and that size is fucking anorexic.

Don't get your panties in a twist, Cam. That little introduction right there is what we call comedy. It makes people do fun things like laugh, smile, and drink fine American Bud Light -- had to throw in a little product placement there. Things that people don't do when they see Cameron Ella Ava. When you talk, people change the channel 'cause you're so goddamn boring and take yourself so fucking seriously when you're really just a steaming pile of hot shit who slept her way to the... middle? And the dudes who don't change the channel are rubbing one out to your silicone tits, sweetheart. Yeah, we all know you got a boob job. That's why you've got a pair of double D's and the other twin has little A cups. Cam, your only fans are lonely, horny dudes living in their mom's basement. I'm fine with that. I don't go for that demographic. That's your thing. My fans are people who like to live, laugh, and love, who live life to the fullest and take risks and go places and experience new things and do awesome shit because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, as my good friend Drake taught me. To paraphrase Drake once again, I don't wrestle or make movies for dudes who get no pussy.

What's really funny is that you really think you'll be able to walk out of this match on your own two feet, much less land a shot, much less win. Now that's fucking rich. I am literally more than twice your size. I'm about to go all Chris Brown on your ass. Wrestling you is no more of a challenge than play-wrestling my sons. You are a child to me... actually you're pretty old, what are you, 35? That biological clock's ticking! We all know Jamie's never gonna put a ring on it.

This is the first time in a long time you're gonna touch a real man. Get ready for the ride of your life. Bring a change of panties. Try not to pass out from the masculine A-List aura that Cody Marshall exudes. I know it's hard. Harder than Kevin Spacey on the playground at an all boys' school. Too soon? Who gives a fuck. You know what can't come soon enough? King Cody Marshall. I am going to win this King of Elite Tournament, and I'm gonna do it BIGLY. Because when you're a star, you can accomplish anything you want. I'm about to grab EAW by the pussy. Large and in charge, I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man, I am this brand. I AM VOLTAGE. Without Cody, Voltage is still the C-Show. But now, Voltage is where the A-List is. And it ain't because of you, Cameron Ella Ava, or your charisma vacuum of a boyfriend, Jamie O'Hara. It's all me, baby.

Tomorrow will be a nice publicity stunt. Biggest, baddest motherfucker on Voltage beats up a woman. I'm sure it'll get plenty of news coverage. TMZ's gonna be ringside, I bet. Make no mistake, this is the only reason why this match is happening. This is just a way to drum up publicity for my new movie, which I will reveal a sneak preview of to the world tomorrow night on Voltage! I'm looking forward to facing real competition in this tournament. Guys like... oh wait, there is no real competition on Voltage. This is the Cody show, I'm the star and the rest of y'all are just supporting characters, day players, and background performers. Cameron, Jamie, Keelan, Lars, Amadeus, MONGOOSE, try as you may and try as you might, none of you are the star I am, and y'all never will be. I'm finally getting my time in the spotlight and hell nah I ain't gonna pass this chance up. Today marks the beginning of my ascension, a day that will be remembered FOREVER... AND EEEEEVVVVVER!

Your King has arrived. Kneel down and kiss the ring, motherfuckers.
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Post on December 2nd 2017, 11:38 pm by Rex32
The writing on the wall reads all the same.

One moment, one chance to seize the crown.

But that's something you could not possibly fathom, I’m sure.

A year ago, Jack, you were on your way, you and David, to securing your names into the illustrious history books of this place when this tournament was going on, as I continued to do battle to add more value to my name. I mentioned the last time how most of my career, I've been willing to roll the dice and leave most of it to chance to gain more and more over time, the risks that come with trying to inch ever closer to achieving my end game, they’ve never proven to be fatal. Another reason you don't like me is because of how I am able to get ahead even as unoriginal and transparent as I happen to be. I'm not looking at it as life or death just to be on anyone's radar, but that's about to change whether anyone chooses to accept it or not. I want that validation that would come once I shut everyone's mouth again, that nobody would be able to deconstruct or wave off as if it were not relevant, because it would be. Winning the right to represent the brand has meaning, it's something that allows me to go to war on it's behalf and put all the others on notice just as was the case a season ago when this brand remained the most dominant, the only difference this season being the face that will represent it, represent that symbol of excellence...dominance. I should be, despite what you and many others may believe, because how can new Superstars become born, how can world class talent get the proper notoriety without getting the necessary recognition in the first place? Your names, they matter little when it comes to what you've already done, it's what you do now that matters. You can bring up the past once again, which is tiresome and dull to listen as you keep reiterating and harping on old material, relying on that and calling it the meat, and of course you would, but it has made you too predictable, as I alluded to the last time. But I get it. If you say nothing at all, that will show you never really gave a shit in the first place. I realize that I’ve changed the complexion of how you saw this all playing out, and I know that's just eating away at you, making you want to shut me up once and for all. However, that's something we both happen to do real well that’s come from all our experiences within this place, but time says I've been at it longer and have had a decent amount of success at doing so to quiet you for good first, dictating the way the events will play out this weekend. Despite your greatest arguments that you stand by to this day about my so-called pressure, I'm feeling ready to quiet that chatter as well. So your latest swan song that you've signed, sealed, and delivered this week? It's nothing to write home about, really, but apparently from a Hopi reservation it is, to light a Christmas tree no less. You also apparently didn't listen well enough to a single word of either of my two released videos this week or else I would've found in the least bit the proper retorts to anything I said that would’ve told me so. You did happen to use the word trivialize just as I did previous, so that does tell me that you did indeed have a listen and processed that into your thoughts, only to turn around and refer back to shit I said two weeks ago as you have this whole week. Here’s what I’m going to do, Jack, I’m going to give you something more to take in and digest since I’ve got a little bit of time left to, probably didn’t realize that Kingsroad was pushed back a day did you? Regardless whether you did or you didn’t isn’t that important. What is important, what’s actually worth talking about is winning. That’s the main point of emphasis here, or why the hell else are we even here? One of us anyways. I want to win. I see myself winning, as I always do. I look at Theron and Ares, and I see where I will beat them when I get the opportunity, and I will after I clean up the mess you’ve made through your pure and utter ignorance, trying to write off everything with nothing but slander just to fit some narrative that you believe makes the name Jack Ripley stand tall above all. I trivialized a couple of weeks ago, which showed my ignorance. It showed that I wasn’t aware of what you were capable of producing, but as you so clearly had stated back then, it was your many experiences performing in the tag scene against steeper competition that paved the way for your victory a couple of weeks back. I won’t deny that for a second, and here’s a news flash for you that you might not believe coming from my mouth, Jack. You could be better than me, you really could be beyond what you’ve accomplished, but why should that stop me from believing in what I bring to the table is indisputably better? What we prove in the ring week in and week out tells us a lot, but if you go into a match believing no matter what you’ll bring to the table is not better than the next guy no matter what they’ve done, how accomplished they are, then how the hell do you hope or expect to succeed in the first place? If I listened to what every tom dick or Harry like yourself had to say about what I am or what I’m not, and I actually took it to heart, do really believe I would have the mental fortitude to keep going after everything I could see being mine, taking away opportunity after opportunity from others through said passion, hunger for winning, belief, attitude, knowledge and so forth without believing that I would??? Look, I get what you are trying to accomplish here, what your whole motivation was this week, and even though it was too predictable to not prematurely predict to begin with. I see what you’re whole intent was for this week, and I guess I can’t blame you and where your heart was set. It’s admirable as I’ve said, that persistent attitude of yours to keep going after everything you can while it’s there all for the taking.

But here’s where I rip your fucking heart out and crush every bit of hope you thought you had of beating me. 

Everything you’ve said this week? All a big waste of time. You make this real easy for me, like adding zero plus zero, because after coming in here on the high horse that you did feeling as great as you have in the last couple of months of experiencing nothing but success in that ring, you’ve slowly, with every word you’ve spoken, begun to shrink down to the big zero that you ended with this week. You receive an “F” for “FLUNKED”, as in you have “FAILED” in your efforts to terrorize and become the nightmare I shall never forget by making me seem less than adequate. I want you to imagine yourself in a crowd, like at a Nine Inch Nailz concert where you dress up all fancy in tattered clothing that exposes your cleavage, or hell maybe you’re buck ass naked, but regardless the point is imagine someone like me coming out on the stage, an opening act that couldn’t possibly look the part much less play the part of a legend in the making, except this opening act despite being negatively received, or worse no reaction at all just doesn’t come to an end, it instead continues going on and on seemingly to spite everyone, and they let him know it too. It should be someone else on that stage in the spotlight, and it might’ve been had they played their cards right. The extent of it becomes more clear the more he jobs out up on that stage all alone, but he refuses to let it faze him because he came there to perform just like all the other acts that will come out after him, and perform he will and he won’t stop until he turns everyone of those hecklers jeering his every note into believers of what he brings to the table. They don’t necessarily have this obligation to necessarily cheer loud and become boisterous or openly accept him with open arms, but they come to respect him for putting up with the inaudible shit they said as well as the shit they literally threw at him, and that’s when you know you are getting somewhere. See Jack, you’re just one of them in the crowd, just as you admitted, but I’m on that stage Jack, I’m on the high end, not you. You're looking up at me. The spotlight is on me because I’ve worked for it, for two years I’ve worked for it, and I’ll be damned if someone with a competency level of zero, who has no concept of what it really means to grow and evolve because he’s been taking the scenic route to the top through most of his time here, come in and steal that spotlight away from me. I distinctly remember going over in-depth at length about trying to foolishly derail someone as ambitious as I am in spite of the legacy I’ve been building since the first time I stepped between those ropes. Doing so only digs your grave deeper and deeper my friend, which has been proven time after time after time with each name that has fallen at my feet over these last couple of years no matter how big or small. You’re ignorance becomes as plain as day when you can’t even correctly put into proper context the things have or haven’t accomplished this season and the others previous, just the bare basics such as my title wins and length, my defeats; the names that eclipsed me at one time or another, trivializing it all, questioning the significance, adding in your two cents which simply makes me chuckle a bit because someone somewhere along the way must have wrongly assumed just as you have that I actually value your opinions. Here’s a tip too, Ripley, when you throw out names, at least make sure that you have a good understanding of what “Any Given Sunday” actually means first before ever bringing someone else’s name into the argument you are trying to sell. One of you or David happened to mention that recently, and you know what? It stuck with me, because it had occurred to me that that in fact is a true statement to make. There’s so much preparation involved for each match, concepts, Strategy, things that should be factored in along with unknown outside factors that can potentially change the whole dynamic of any matchup no matter who it is, and this week I will prove that to you in the ring because I want that validation and whether you like it or not, you’re going to play your part as one with the crowd.

While I go on to give the performance of my career, changing your whole perspective of me in the process.

I wouldn’t have to speak at length at all, Jack, to you or anyone if you all didn’t act like a bandwagon of ignorant bitches just chiming in one after the other to be part of the crowd! You tell me your topics are new, well then “old” must be the new “new” because rephrased, refurbished or not, the fact that you even admit to being apart of the crowd shows how hypocritical YOU are! Even if the topics coming out of your mouth had actually been new, they’re not news to my ears. It’s like a fucking plague, but you know why it will never rattle me ever? You wanna know why I will keep getting more opportunities to take what I can see rightfully being mine after I put every name in this tournament down in finally taking that crown? It’s because I can. It’s because you allow it, you make it so. You’re right in a way, I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be groomed to be a world champion in this company. Someone like me that lacks in so many areas with a ton to work on shouldn’t succeed as I have, but all I see is what I want and how I can take it away and ruin someone else’s dream that lead them to believe it was their time just like I’m going to do this week with yours. Fun fact though, one Everyone has been dying to know. My nickname, I refer to it as I do because I’m better at this more than anyone under the sun is willing to give me credit for. I study this place up and down all around all the time, something I spoke about briefly last week. I’m like a fly on the wall, Jack. I can be so annoying, or in your verbiage “boring”, when you have to deal with me face to face, but when that’s not the case I’m studying you all more often than not, and over time, Jack, I’ve been able to hone this skill to the point that I don’t need to think too hard about the process anymore, it’s now second nature. I am a master at capitalizing on your mistakes in the ring, on the mic, and just for shits and giggles – well maybe not, I don’t even bring you up much going forward at all just like don’t bring up the many names that I’ve put down before you, because honestly I don’t live in or dwell on the past both in victory or defeat. I don’t need to justify my status, my hype, or drop names to validate my position, because the position I stand in should tell you that I’ve gotten here through breaking through previous glass ceilings before this, and not because I've been ruining my legacy. The mistakes that you have made this week are more telling to me than two weeks ago. They tell me that indeed your victory a couple of weeks ago, while no doubt was earned, was due in part because of the fact that I had badly underestimated you more so than you underestimated me. Last week turned out differently, did it not? This week will be different from our previous encounter, because you haven’t changed your tune. You’re still singing all the same material because you don’t know what else to say, and soon you will be left with nothing to say after Kingsroad. So your ignorance notwithstanding, you have been in need of a little education lesson of your own in humility from the moment you and I last met in that ring to first moment you opened your mouth about me a week later and then now, and I’m ironically just the one who can give it to you. Here’s another news flash, I’m not NEO groomed like James Ranger and Lance Hart. I’m the real fucking deal, someone who had to build his own name through going it the hard way, not by taking shortcuts. Oh, don't get me wrong. I’ve been in a stable before, had a mentor, things that provided me with a platform and helped me along at one point or another, but it was still me that had to go out there put in the work just so I could have this spotlight. As far as I’m concerned it’s staying on me for the duration of this fucking tournament until I walk away with that crown, and there’s nobody that’s going to stop me.

Certainly not a misinformed ignorant blowhard that’s going to be eating the Rex Effect like yourself. 

When I get opportunities, Jack, I don’t shit them away over petty reasons as you’re prone to doing until it suits your interests. You’ve had this whole black and white view of things as it concerns how things have played out in this tournament, because they happened to put a wedge in your plans. You’re focusing all of your attention on revenge, and for what, because I was able to strategically outsmart the Best Tag Team in the world? A lesson you should really learn when it comes to something like that, is to do something in retaliation that’s going to surprise me, not something I was expecting you to do, that I was prepared for. See, don’t ask me how but somehow through all that risk taking and gambling you and David are known for, I just had this feeling that something like Kingsroad being pushed back a day would just completely fly over your head, but not mine. It’s like I told you, a fly on the wall sees and hears everything practically, extra heightened senses you could say. So when you posted your little video last night in the timely fashion that you did, I knew you must’ve been completely aloof, but enough of that, because ultimately for me it’s not about revenge, but winning. I look to win at all costs, and this has proven to piss more than a few people off so I understand why that might cause people like you to hold quite the disdain for somebody like me. So who’s really got into who's head here exactly? I did what I did to succeed, to advance in this tournament to get closer to the ultimate goal, you didn’t have that in mind and that’s why you won’t be going anywhere in this tournament after this week. The only things I keep trying to drill into that thick skull of yours is that your ignorance is driving you, your motive for revenge is weak, and it’s made you far too predicable not to be prepared for. I’ve read you like a book this week. I knew what you were going to do and say before you did, that's how transparent you have become. I brought that up, I also spoke about how ruthless you have to be, the killer instinct you must possess at this level to succeed and go higher, the every man for himself concept that’s lost on absolutely nobody who knows how to play this game. I’ve not talked at any real length about you or your accomplishments this tine, because you’ve validated yourself to me and the world already. I mentioned the last time how you have garnered that certain attention that comes from such, and how expectations may have been raised because of it. I can see where you believe that I placed respect on all that you have accomplished, and believed that I took it all away later, but here’s a question for you? Do you really believe that those Unified Tag Team Championships hold more worth than the King Of Elite crown that when it’s obtained can be used later for the opportunity to compete for a World Title, that universally through almost all circles is considered to be the most prestigious of all titles in this business? See, Jack, that’s not just some wide consensus opinion, it happens to be a fact. Winning, and standing at the top at the apex is synonymous with holding a world title. You can play down the significance of who I am, what I’ve done, but that’s not a formula that’s proved to be as successful against me as you may think. You bounce names off the wall to point out my defeats, but believe me, Ripley, what those defeats did was opened the door to new opportunities, a fact that has been proven once again with this tournament. You can question at your own leisure, my status, but that’s not the answer if you were hoping to find victory this week, it will instead serve as a catalyst that leads to your undoing. It’s just like the saying goes, you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink. Ripley you still have a lot growing up to do in this business just as I do. You’ve taken this place by storm in the tag team scene, becoming a record holding tag team in less than a year. It’s quite impressive. However, this tournament was something that has been calling me for a while now, and coming up short in the Chamber, I knew it was time to look ahead, and I have. It’s unfortunate that you have been asking me to focus on the “now” but you couldn’t quite do it yourself this week, instead you disregarded most everything that I’ve done and made it seem like none of it’s noteworthy because you ignorantly believe you know what a real success looks like. When this week is over, once I’ve ran circles around you, and move on to the semifinals where I have the chance to advance to King of Elite to represent this brand, it’s you that goes on to become another footnote on my path to the top. You become the answer to a Rex McAllister trivia question. Which wrestler was able to successfully defeat both members of the High Rollerz in back to back weeks? Last week was a given for you, Ripley. This week was the real test. The final exam that followed the midterm, and this was your shot to show that really wanted what was ahead, but you didn’t do that. You didn’t prepare better, you simply skimmed over old material and that made you look lazy, lackluster, with no real credible argument against me that I hadn’t heard before. This week just like the last was about making a statement, that could only be made by winning. This tournament is my chance to redeem myself from two other failed attempts to stand at the top, and this chapter, it ends as it's meant to. At your expense.

See you soon.
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Post on December 2nd 2017, 10:18 pm by Sheri-dun
Bloodletter 02

'' How discouraging it is that you fail to appreciate the impact you have had upon me. Considering all the things you have mentioned, the constant switches of brand, the failures, the losses, you don't mention or credit yourself as being the sole individual responsible for breaking my mentality, and unlocking the emotions that have been suppressed within me for ever so long. If you're under the influence that my only ambition was to bring you out of a position of authority, then I find it disheartening to deliver this news to you, this is just the beginning. I am a woman who engineers futures, who contemplates certain ideas and places the foundations for them, before pushing them into action. Every sentence I state has meaning behind it, all actions I take have a purpose. Don't misinterpret me, I am very much pleased that you no longer cast a shadow over this brand. The words stalled, unexciting and tedious spring to mind when considering this brand, be it through progress or on an overall basis, underneath your reign of authority. Yet, this is not simply a grievance match for me, we shall not wrestle and make up within the week, I sincerely want to break your neck. As I mentioned earlier, it's really disappointing you cannot acknowledge what you have done to me, you executed my morality, extradited me away from the wrestling business, took what I held close to me, the one thing I had compassion for, and suffocated it. I cannot even socialise with another without being criticised, without people presenting these fallacious rumours about me, rumours which originated from your lips. You have committed an act in which you have failed to justify, it is unforgivable, as evidenced in my return I am not a woman who will slither to a seated position and stay quiet as you continue to abuse your position. You attempted to suppress me into irrelevancy, tried to remove me from this promotion and you failed, I'm not sure if it's ignorance, or if you're genuinely blinded by your own disgusting actions, but I really cannot believe that you, up to the most recent episode of Empire, were in a position of power. It startles me, it's audacious, stunning, nothing but failure and darkness has surrounded this brand since your arrival into the general manager role. I am blunt and honest, whilst you are the absolute opposite. What differentiates you and I is I own up to my personality traits, whilst you masquerade behind fallacious roles, when the truth is you're narcissistic, two-faced and disingenuous. Somehow, despite the fact that I have returned and have been cleared of the things you somehow deemed offensive and inexcusable enough to supplant me for, people still portray me as the villain, they illustrate me as the darkness, you are the victim in this situation, in this narrative through the perspective of the public eye. It is infuriating, and yet, I self assurance that sooner rather than later the light will shine through the noticeable cracks of your character, and people will see the truth once I have exposed you. I am not going to stand for it, you're intelligent enough to conspire against me, so I am certain you would contemplate the repercussions of your actions if I were to somehow outfox and manoeuvre past your attempts to remove me, or perhaps you are far too conceited and confident in yourself, that, especially considering who you are close friends with upon the board of directors, you were seriously under the influence that as soon as I was gone, you would never hear my name again. It astounds me that you have openly attempted to massacre my name, you've spread rumours about me, lied to people about me whilst looking them dead in the eye, and yet, you're still here. This is not just another match to me, I have been here for almost two years so I have demonstrated how I operate within plenty of matches, and allow me to tell you this, nobody shall be prepared for what I deliver within the squared circle against you. This is the primary time, the first within my life, that I shall be driven by vengeance, not placed upon a mechanic wavelength. I shall be determined, lusting for vengeance, playing with my emotions, you held my head underwater and considered me dead, and the fact is, if I did not have fight within me, people would think of you a hero, a champion, the woman who executed the most despised woman in the world, nobody would offer a thought to my feelings. My breath was a candle within the dark, and somehow, I fought from the dark blanket you enclosed around my vision, igniting myself to illuminate the way. You drained me of any enthusiasm I had of making this world a better place, as long as breath finds your lungs I shall not cease in bringing conflagration to the foundations of this promotion. It is amusing to me that you profess every action has a price, but fail to acknowledge you started this, you fired the first shot. They say you do not hear the shot that takes you down, and yet, I still stand. Wounded, bleeding, incinerated, but I stand. Retribution hurts, I would imagine, and no satisfaction shall find my form until you have felt every emotion, every sting, every shot that has rippled and exploded against my carcass. You call yourself a side effect, whilst I am situated at the heart of every problem, every beginning. You operate through irritants whilst I acknowledge the problem directly, as you strategise your plan I attack without thought, and I am successful. You are not my worst nightmare, I have felt your sting and I survived, you left me cold, irrelevant, you pressed your hands against my throat, and squeezed until no blood ran through me. Believe me when I state this for you, I have felt everything you have had to offer. There is no greater pain than having what you love ripped from you. You cast a web and inflicted irreversible damage to me as a person, and my name as a legacy. It goes far further than just being the final Vixens Champion, I suspected considering you're the weight that broke me you would fully appreciate and encourage the changes that have found me. Think of it like this, examine yourself in my position. You have spent months working without rest, sweat presses against your skin like a suit, the blood within your veins runs rampant. You have demonstrated athletic superiority, a bright future, for an entire gender. You have evolved and engineered a path to guaranteed greatness, something that will finally elevate you and those around you to new heights, a place that has never been graced before. It's a lifestyle, a beautiful lifestyle you have personified and demonstrated, validated through athletic superiority and prowess that is unrivalled. You have been nothing but nice to those around you, appreciative of their work, nothing but constant praise. You spend an entire year showing the world, all who are willing to acknowledge you, how brilliant it is, how it shall change the landscape of this business, and it does. It elevates women to a new platform, a world for exploration and improvement. You are the champion of this revolution, the woman who ignited it, the first spark, and the woman who delivered and rationalised all that she spoke, placing sentences into actions and actions into results. You are rewarded with a kick to the face, a knee to the nose. You are remunerated with being fired, expelled, repatriated. Those who you elevated turn on you, with a scowl expressed upon their faces, they beat you into submission, overthrow you, slaughter everything you have produced for them, and have the nerve to claim they are the true revolutionists, that they are the queen, or the spark, or, and this is my favourite, the killer of the old division. It is so much more than holding a championship, it is delivering greatness and then being incapable of enhancing that greatness to perfection. I showed nothing but compassion, and somehow I have been illustrated as the villain, the outlaw, the personification of malevolence. My removal from this company was met with delight and celebration, when the world should have been revolting and disgusted. You claim that I considered myself better than Empire, because I had a match with Ares Vendetta, or because I was one of the better wrestlers. You portray it as, after losing to Cailin, I felt superior to this brand, as if I had accomplished everything I had wished of my lifestyle, and wanted nothing more than to leave, than to wrestle elsewhere. This is not the truth. Three Hall Of Famers united with the pure intentions of taking me out, they even managed to turn Cailin to make a fourth. It was a four on one situation, and yet, when I looked around, there was no women to fight with me. No Aria Jaxon to have my back, no Stephanie Matsuda to throw a fist against Kendra Shamez' nose. She, along with Cameron and the Heart Break Gal, aligned with one another, as they wished for my revolution to stop, but it was too late, despite all odds I pushed through, and achieved my ambitions, I transpired and materialised a perfect world for all, and, in spite of this, all watched as I was beaten, as I was removed, as I was told that if I were to remain on Empire, I would die. I didn't have a choice, those in power told me that, they made it very clear to me. I am a woman who acknowledges when she has a choice and when she doesn't. When you attempted to overthrow me, I knew I was capable of outsmarting you, it was not the same situation for me at that time. Don't use the same sentences as everybody else does, it's quite frustrating that you all stick to this narrative of me being arrogant, of me not wishing to stay upon Empire. Quite recently we have seen where believing the majority and automatically assuming things ends up, and yet you continue to acknowledge things as instant truth without knowing the situation, It's almost unfortunate that I find these words drawing from my lips, but I am disappointed. ''

'' On the same hand, how laughable you attempt to illustrate Empire as having grown in my time of removal. I happily acknowledge that this year has not been the best for me, after having being outcast from Empire, a brand which I, and I alone, inaugurated might I add, I was shuffled onto Voltage, and despite being undefeated during my time there, I found myself upon Dynasty. I'll admit, things did not go well for me, I found myself in a constant losing streak, and I personally let down the superior lifestyle, it is not a case of women being weaker than men, neither is it a case of situation, it was down to me, I did not carry myself with the right attitude and, this might shock you all, I acknowledge that I was wrong to do so. It was my fault that I failed on Dynasty, that I failed to elevate myself to a new height, and truthfully, it was not much of a learning experience for me, it didn't humble or inspire me, it was just dreadful. But to act as if Empire thrived without my presence, well that is quite the fabrication. Out of the three Women's Champions this brand has maintained, only one remains with us. Cailin was fired and Cameron is, surprisingly, failing to make an impact on Voltage. Their reigns weren't exactly electric and speaking of reigns, you all had to suffer through Brody's Specialists Championship reign. Yes, she is no longer with us, but I'm not going to blow up and present it as something indescribable and spectacular, it was horrid and undeserved. I'm under the influence she retained it what, three times in the space of six months? I would not exactly relate these women with the word thriving. You cannot consider Empire as a place of excellence without me. There's a reason I have been the main event for most of the shows since my return, nobody even cares about the championship matches occurring at Bloodletter, they're all solely invested in me dominating, conquering and painting the arena red with your insides. I'm not delusional when I state this, but I am a victim. I am a victim of backstage politics, again I stress this, I do not understand how you've been allowed to orchestrate this attempted execution of my career, and have lived to, for now, tell the tale. You should not be here, you should be incapable of delivering decisions regarding Empire, or to even open your mouth and emit sentences with such fallacious information. I am a victim of Tarah Nova, and her megalomaniacal behaviour, her thirst for abusing power and her lust for retaining a superiority complex. I am truly under the influence that there is nothing that makes you happier than putting other people down, than dis-encouraging the people around you, and submitting yourself on a summit, above them, above all. I cannot wait to retaliate, to have the opportunity, to explore my emotions and attempt to extinguish this constant, excruciating burning within me. I cared so much for Empire, elevating female wrestling to new heights, and you punished my compassion. I will not stop annihilating and breaking those who defied my superior lifestyle, until their skin flashes blue, and blood seeps from their wrists. I will massacre your soul without mercy, until you feel the downfall and the darkness that I did. This unparalleled, severe bruising resonates throughout my system, my thirst for vengeance coruscates. You are the reason the ice has distinguished, the mechanics are broken, the sole thing that stopped me from hurting myself and the world around me, it is gone because of you. I now embrace it, the conditions I once frustrated against, as I remain scorched and incinerated, this wasteland around me shall feel my wrath, my vindictive streak. You state that Empire does not need me, the masses disagree. The wording of your speech amuses me, I agree that you'll be capable of surviving, and yet that is where my eyes roll and my lips pout once more. It truly shows your level of ambition, if you were to resume power once more, that is. You're nothing more than a xenophobic, you've proved that point with your treatment of Haruna, you're tyrannical and vindictive in your own right, but this intensity that burns against my organs, you shall be incapable of matching it. I shall not cease until you are incapable of standing, until every inch of your body is twisted, manipulated, tortured. I am the sole reason Empire exists, I am the revolutionist, the anarchist, the woman who fights without fear for what she believes in. Don't act as if you're the causation for Empire, or that Aria is, you can list as many names as you wish but nobody worked as hard as I did during my first tenure with this promotion. Continue to explore the history books, comparing yourself with the likes of Cameron Ella Ava and the Heart Break Gal, but you are not fooling anybody, what I created within ten months, alone, the three of you could not accomplish together during eight years. You might have inaugurated women's wrestling here, but I am the woman who made it matter. I do not believe in coincidence, and it is not down to destiny and fortune that Empire was established when I was at the peak of the mountain. I also find it amusing that, since my arrival here, you've done next to nothing, it is all well and good claiming you've accomplished things how many years ago, and yet when you mention credible names such as Aria, Stephanie, Cailin, none of those existed when you were the main attraction for female wrestlers. Your cute little nickname, it is archaic, outdated, it holds no meaning to me. The truth is that from the day I illustrated my signature to compete underneath the banner of this promotion, things began to chance, motions were swayed, foundations were dismantled and deconstructed, you cannot sit there, with a stupid smile pressing your lips, and state that Empire was established because you retired an irrelevant name four years ago. It is not going to sit with me, I acknowledge and appreciate that you have had moments in where you've reigned supreme, and it certainly is impressive that you're still around, just acknowledge who is making you relevant for the first time in two years also. The key point you have made, is that all you have achieved, happened when I was not here, that speaks volumes to me, it tells me of your jealously, how envious you must be of me, that I have achieved so much within my time here, whilst you've been forced to watch my superiority, these feelings building up inside of you. You failed to evolve with the likes of Aria and myself, and when I delivered the final blow to the Vixens eminence, you were a ghost. Now, I revive the division that I independently decimated. Bringing the downfall of my own superiority, and all those who leech upon it with their fallacious claims to my beautiful world. I shall eviscerate a firestorm, and thrive within the smoke as others fail to breathe, you claim to be a woman of your word, and yet when you shouted with such confidence that my assassination was a success, I returned within the space of two months. I am known as the woman of instinct, somebody who is validated and proved correct time after time. I state things that all fail to see, I am called delusional, and when they transpire people act shocked. Tarah, I will establish a division you cannot rule, or kill. I shall elevate those around me to the point you are left in irrelevancy. As I bring utter hell to the things you cherish, and leave them in a state of constant, permanent incineration, as tears well within your eyes, remember this, you fired the first shot, you fuelled this vengeance that dances within my skin vehemently. I am the Last Vixen, a distinction you cannot touch, an eminence that cannot be rivalled. You delivered the shot that left me alight, how it shall be my pleasure to administer the shot that kills. ''
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 2nd 2017, 9:53 pm by Amadeus
"Shifting the dream
Nothing could bring me further from my old friend time
Shifting the dream
Charging the scene
I know where I marked the signs
Suffer the dreams of a world gone mad
I like it like that and I know it

I know it well, ugly and sweet

I temper madness with an even extreme"

Open in a gymnasium ring, where Amadeus sits cross-legged in the center.  He wears baggy shorts, sneakers, and a tank top, all in white.  His skin glows with a sheen of sweat, and his breathing is heavy, just coming down from a workout.  He takes a sip from a water bottle and pours some over his head, his breathing returning to normal.

I feel like we've both misstepped this week in our war of words.  We have both wasted way too many words speaking about revenge on Kenny Drake and Carlos Rosso, when, in fact, they have nothing to do with what will go down this week.  Nothing.  You seem bent on perceiving me to be letting them slide.  I see you as being overly focused on something that is irrelevant for this week.  We have each stated this ad naseum and it wearies me to think of it.  Yet, if we've spent so much time talking about it, I may as well make one last stab at getting you to see what I'm trying to tell you.  Futile?  Probably, but here we go.  If I'm going to enact revenge on Kenny Drake, do you think that I'm going to spell out the hows and whens in a forum where he can hear me?  Kenny Drake will get what is coming to him, and it will be by my hand, but I will not announce it loudly for the world long beforehand so that he can come up with a proper response to thwart my intentions.  Just like Carlos Rosso tipped his hand that he had an ace in the hole the entire time leading up to Shock Value, but didn't reveal it until the right moment to leverage his advantage.  You might not like that metaphor, but you have to appreciate the simple yet effective strategy.  Humbling Kenny Drake is one of two things I want most, but it is not something that I'm interested in discussing with you.

Amadeus sighs and stands up, walking over to the ropes.  With a standing leap, he perches on the top rope, balancing with ease.  He turns to look back down at the camera in the center of the ring, bouncing slightly on the ropes.

Balance is a key concept of mine.  I've often swung to extremes during my time in EAW.  When I first came to EAW, I was jittery and eager, innocent.  I honestly had no idea what I was doing.  I was pushed by my friend into a wrestling style that I had no idea how to execute properly.  I had the quickness, but I could barely climb the ropes without passing out from crippling vertigo.  When I resurfaced as ONI, I completely ignored my agility and focused on building my strength.  I packed a lot of muscle onto my frame, and had to work hard to keep it on.  My family is predisposed to being thin and wiry.  I leaned hard on that strength, to the exclusion of any of my other traits.  But as my grandfather pointed out, I was ignoring how my body wanted to be.  And while I was healthy, there was no doubt that it would take a toll on my body sooner or later.  He turned the key within me that unlocked the true potential of my family's agility and reflexes.  I have since been refining my approach, finding the balance that my body needs to work at its maximum potential.  I think that I've found it, that Golden Mean of my physical form.  But as much as physical balance is important, it is the emotional and mental balance that I truly seek.  I've strayed so far into the light that I've been blinded by my own naivete.  I've plunged so far into the darkness that I've missed out on some of the true joys of the world.  Now I sit in an area of grey.  Maybe I don't have outbursts of hysterical emotion like Moongoose McQueen, but while his strength might lay in his wild emotions, mine lies in calm balance, ready to act upon a moment's notice, but to not mindlessly react.  I will strike with purpose as I ride the chaotic winds of battle.  I'm glad that you feel strong, that you are hungry for a fight, because I'm itching for a good fight.  I remember at the beginning of this week, I was worried for you.  I was worried that you would be crushed by your defeat.  While I disagree with the edge that you've acquired, I am glad that your thirst for battle has not been slaked.  I've been needling you purposely, getting you to turn your angry gaze to me.  I know I'm not the enemy that you want to have in your crosshairs, but I feel that I've drawn your ire.  In the beginning, you almost seemed willing to let me have the match.  I could not have that.  If I get far in this tournament, it will not be because those victories have been handed to me.  I will have earned them because I fought hard, tooth and nail, against a foe that wanted victory just as much as I did, for whatever his motivations be.  Victory against a weak foe is bitter, weak tea.  Victory hard won is sweetness to savor.

During his last few sentences, Amadeus had been walking towards one of the corner posts.  Now he hops the gap onto the adjacent set of ropes and walks to the middle of the rope before drawing one leg up to balance on one foot on the top rope.

It didn't escape my attention that you had offered me a hand of ... well, maybe not friendship, but mutual purpose.  I replied with insult and scorn, but that was more me recoiling to your similar demeanor of Eclipse.  It's obvious that this wasn't done as an attempt to throw me off of my game, unsteady me by invoking the trappings of my former friend.  You really have no idea how Eclipse operated and when you say that you are scarier, that you are more of a monster than Eclipse, you say that not knowing the true measure of the man.  Meaningless bluster.  But don't think that I wasn't tempted to take you up on your offer.  If I were still in the frame of the mind from before Shock Value, I would have likely taken you up on your offer.  To have a partner to share the pain with, to fight beside, share in victory and loss with ... that's all I wanted for a time.  I don't believe myself to be a mindless follower, and I know I'm not a leader, but I'm a man who is most comfortable part of something greater.  You are right, at least about my tendency to have other people around me.  It's not because I'm drawn to their visions, or that they have a grander plan than my own, but because I needed to have the reassurance that I wasn't alone.  The bitter truth was that I put my faith in unworthy people most of the time, and I was left alone anyways.  My greatest fear.  That is why I was so broken and depressed.  But I have recognized that flaw of mine, and I am resolved to stand on my own, despite how much harder that makes the road ahead of me, especially since my enemies will likely be numerous.  That is what the King of Elite is to me: a declaration of my resolve to stand alone.  That is why I rejected your offer, why I resisted the temptation to form a partnership with you.  I respect your strength and passion, and I know that under most circumstances, you would be a staunch ally.  But this is something that I must do alone.  My quest for King of Elite, my vengeance against Kenny Drake, my redemption ... this is all on a road that I must walk alone.  I know not where it leads, only that it is winding and perilous.  But I will not shrink away.  I will move forward, step by painful step.

By this time, Amadeus has started walking the rope again, and has made it to the next corner post.  He hops the gap again, and carefully bends over to transfer his weight to his hands, using his legs to balance himself on the top rope, before shifting his weight into the ring to smoothly land on his feet.

I also am wary of your new demeanor.  You seem more likely to lash out at those close to you now, if they stray from the arbitrary moral path that you've laid out as how you perceive that we all should act.  Conform or pay the price.  I once had a vision for Voltage too.  I once wanted to bring them all under my heel, united under a banner of violence with the weak weeded out and thrown on the fire.  So that's why when I look at your vision of the world, I laugh and shake my head.  Your vision will meet the same fate as mine: another failure.  Not because you lack the strength or the belief in your vision.  No, it will fail because the people that make up Voltage -and all of EAW- will always be a wild and chaotic conglomeration of disparate peoples that no creed, no matter how strictly enforced, will ever unite them together for longer than a single breath.  There is no conformity here, and there never will be.  That's a good thing.  A diverse range of people makes things more interesting.  But the downside is that means there will always be Carloses and Kenny Drakes.  That doesn't mean that they should be ignored.  But to think that you can prevent people like them from coming into this world is both laughable and pitiable at once.

Amadeus approaches the fourth side of the ring and again springs easily to the top rope,  balancing up there with his back to the camera, hands in his pockets, occasionally looking over his shoulder at the camera.

Call me passive.  Call me lazy.  Call me whatever names make you feel better about yourself and your choices.  You know that I'm neither of those things.  I know who I am.  I know I'm not the one that you want to be named King of Elite.  I can't think of anyone who thinks that I will go far in this tournament.  I'd say that Keelan Cetinich or Cameron Ella Ava would be the favorites to represent Voltage.  Even were I to somehow win Voltage's spot at King of Elite while dealing with however Kenny Drake decides to interfere, I would then have to face the representatives of Dynasty and Showdown, which could be such legends as Ares Vendetta or Jacob Senn, or upstarts like Rex McAlister or Pizza Boy, or darkhorses like Theron Nikolas or Tomi Venus.  No, you would have to be crazy to look at the field and think, 'Yeah, Amadeus will definitely win it all.'  You're not alone in saying that you will never kneel to me.  'King Amadeus' sounds pretty silly, although I'd venture that 'King McQueen' sounds silly.  Like I said, no one expects me to win this tournament.  But why should that stop me?  Why should I care what you and everyone else think?  I started this week lying on bedrock, with it cracked all around me from the force of my fall.  I've already stood up from the rubble this week, fixed my eyes on a couple of goals, and that's victory enough.  Why not go for more?  Why not give it my all?  Why not fight and claw and see how much I can climb from the lowly position that I've started from?  If I'm selfish for not listening to doubters and naysayers whispering how I should be feeling and how I should be acting, then I am proudly a selfish man!  Because I am my own man, especially now, and I will conduct myself as I see fit.  I will not follow the path that you think I should be walking.  I will blaze my own trail, perilous though it may be.  I will fall again, that is certain.  I will stumble.  But I will leave my doubts behind.  I will leave my toxic emotions behind.  I will leave behind the rotten skin that I've worn for so long that has corrupted my thoughts and soul, shedding that sad and twisted form like a snake sheds its skin.  Sunday night, I dream a new dream, born from the shards of the old.

With a graceful leap, Amadeus flips from the top rope over the camera until he lands on one knee, face close to the camera.  His eyes sparkle with life and energy, a slight smile on his lips.

You're stuck in your own mind, Moongoose, trapped and torment.  I will leave you where you stand, and forge ahead.


"Lift me, lift me,
I attain my dream
I lost myself, I lost the
Heartache calling me
I lost myself in sorrow
I lost myself in pain
I lost myself in gravity,
Memory, leave, leave, leave"

REM - "Leave"
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 2nd 2017, 8:21 pm by Tarah Nova

Ghost Town---BloodLetter
Promo Number One

“I'll cut out the broken hearts down Union Avenue. Let the streets run red with my revenge. You can't fake apologies for everything you do. You can't repay the price that's on your head; the price that's on your head. When the sky comes down over this ghost town you'll be first against the wall. With our guns held high in the dead of night you'll be first against the wall. Come on, test me; you'll be first to take the fall. When the sky comes down over this ghost town; you'll be first, first against the wall”

user posted image

Ah yes. Congratulations, Sheridan. You got what you wanted. You got me out of the GM office of Empire and back to the wrestling squaredcircle. I bet you feel really high about yourself right now, huh? Like all you have to do is beat me and everything that you have ever wanted would come true. Yeah, you need to understand one thing and that's...everything you do has a price. Everything you want to happen has a side effect connected to it and I'm that side effect. You know as well as rest of Empire knows that I'm no walk in the park when it comes to wrestling and when you hit the right nerves, I'm nothing but your worse Nightmare...and you did just that, Sher. For weeks, you sat there; ignoring your opponent's and you spoke all this rubbish about me. Yes, I called it rubbish and I will also call it flat out fuckin’ bullshit too. Like you mean to tell me that you are this Great and Powerful woman wrestler that basically carrying everyone last year? That the only reason why you call yourself that Last Vixen is because you were the last woman to hold that championship? Sheridan, I'm going to be bluntly honest with you; this whole “Last Vixen” Crusade that you are on is a complete waste of everyone's time because let's face it, you are not the Last Vixen in EAW. If anything I  would be the Last Vixen in this whole predicament between us. I mean yes, you were the last Vixens Champion but there’s a difference between being the Last Champion and being the last Vixen in the division. Now..before I continue, I know what you're going to say. You're going to throw that all back in my face and say how you are the Last Vixen and that you did carry the division last year because I dropped the ball after I lost my Specialist Championship to Kendra Shamez and how I was SO heartbroken over everything that happened--bluh bluh bluh. Trust me, Sher, I heard this all before a few weeks back from you but again, it's laughable bullshit. See the huge difference between what happened to me and when I dropped the ball and what happened to you is the fact that I stayed on Empire. I didn’t cry about what happened, pack up my bag and headed somewhere else to start a new. No, I got my ass up off the ground, wipes my tights off and I continue to wrestle on my brand regardless of how many times I got my ass handed to me. Yeah, we ALL know last year wasn't a good year for me and I will always be the first to admit that. I mean damn, I lost my Championship. I lost a lot of Matches, a few friends too. I found myself in the ER so many times; I basically was on first name basic with half the staff in there.  Hell, I even broke up with a so called Gawd all because I let his whiny niece get in my head but I never, AND I MEAN NEVER, once tucked my tail between my legs and went home. So now with that on the table Sher, tell me: After you lost the Vixens Championship and it was retired for good; where did you go? I mean we all know you didn't stand with our division. You didn't stick around to watch Empire become this amazing, wonderful show that women like Cloudy, Aria, the late great Brody Sparks and so many others built outta their blood, sweat and tears. No, you didn’t stay to see that happen; so what did you do, Sheridan? I’ll tell you what you did: You picked up your ball and you ran away. You said goodbye to Empire and you hop the fence to Showdown but let's face it, Showdown didn't want you; so you jumped over to Voltage but again, they didn’t want you either! So where did you go after that-- Oh yeah! You went to Dynasty afterwards just to get your ass handed to you by someone as low as Jacob Fuckin’ Moore. Yeah, for six months, the “great” Sheridan Müller was thrown around and manhandled on the other brands just because after you're ONE title reign, which didn’t last very long, you thought you were better than the rest of Empire. God, You held your head so high up and looked down at us like we weren't good enough to be in your presence. It was a sickening sight to see someone people have hope in fall so fuckin’ low like you did after getting a taste of the gold. Anyway Sher, once again, tell me what happened after Dynasty? ACTUALLY! Tell the world where you came crawling back to because no other brand wanted to deal with you and your ego? You guessed it: Empire. Yes, with no where else to go, you  basically were forced to come back to Empire and not even a few weeks later, you were fired. Wow, now I must karma is such a bitch, isn't she? Sher, do you know how many people were happy when you were fired? Do you know how many happy cries of joy I heard backstage? The whole damn roster was happy you were gone. Even the Hairstylists and Makeup artists were singing about how you were gone to the “Ding dong the Witch is Dead” theme from The Wizard of Oz. Empire was free from you for a while till you sucked the right board member to get your job back. So then sadly, you came back to Empire with this grin on your face, saying it's not your fault for all the things that you have done. Of course not...you are all but a Victim in this story. Yes, how could someone as amazing and as great as YOU do anything wron--- Please. Spare me that “I’m a Victim” bullshit, I rather choke than hear that lie once more. To be perfectly far, you did this all to yourself, Sher. YOU left us the first time around. YOU let your ego fill your mind and you got blinded by the gold. You became this thorn in Empire’s side and when YOU were put into check by Cailin, Aria and or Cloudy, You turned around and ran. You hid in the shadows because someone out played you. Beat you at your own game. You lost and now you turn it into the “I'm the Victim” game. Pathetic

Ya know, If you weren't a cunt and such an egotistical narcissistic brat then maybe the whole division would have held their arms out to welcome you back instead of turning their backs on you like you did on us. But you don’t care about that, do you? No, you only care about being the best but honey, you're a LONG ways away from that.

But god, do you know what kills me more than the “I’m the Victim” game you try to play? It's the fact that you ACTUALLY believe that Empire needs someone like you here in order to survive. Well NEWSFLASH, we don’t. We survive for months without you storming these halls with you're German bullshit and most recently the “Last Vixen” thing. To be completely honest, I believe it's the other way around, Sher. It's not “Empire needs Sheridan Müller”. Its actually, “Sheridan Müller need Empire”. You would be NOWHERE without this brand. Without this Brand, you would be jobless; probably begging at the door steps of the Kenny Drake, Starr Stan and Brian Daniels for work to only get the door slammed in your face over and over and over again. Empire has came so far without you that it's truly a slap to the faces of all the Women that made this place home that you honestly believe we need you. You are nothing but old news, Sher. You are a person stuck in this Delusional world where it's all about Sheridan and how she made Empire when the truth is all you are is a tiny footnote in the Empire book that women like myself, HBG and Cam wrote. You see we started it all. We marked up the land that this Empire was made on but you? You truly aren’t shit to us. Like I said earlier, you might have been the Last Vixens Champion but other than that, nope. Nothing and that's how it will stay; no matter how much you scream that you were the ending of the Vixens or did something good for Empire.

Though, once again you stand there, trying to take others achievements when you did nothing but one thing. Now you claim that YOU are the true Killer of the Vixens Division. That you did all the killing while others sat there in awe. Wrong. No. Don’t even try me with this shit, Sher. Let me make this ONE thing perfectly fuckin’ clean for you. I am and forever will be The Vixen Killer. You try you call yourself that all because you are stuck on this Last Vixen thing when all you did was have the last Vixens match in the history of EAW---which you lost. Now me? I have basically took out over Eighteen Vixens over the years of standing in the company. I did it, not you. Hell, you weren't even in this company when that was happening but no, Of course you still believe that you killed the Division. That you were the one that made everything around us possibly. YOU are the strong pillar that holds Empire up! No, No No. You aren’t. Since the very beginning, day in and day out, I made this Division what it is today. I took my time, I weeded out so many Vixens to make this place amazing so when we were ready to take the leap to a new home, we wouldn’t crumble in the long run. Sher, you did nothing but have a match. You were one of two, that's it. And once again, you lost. This Division is everything to me, despite all the death I brought it and I will not let someone like you come in time in time again, claiming that you were the one that made this possible. So come BloodLetter, I’m going to give you the Rude Awakening that you so rightfully deserve and then after that? After that, I’m going to personally throw you out the door once and for all. Soon Empire will be locked forever away from you. I'm a woman of my word, Sher...



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Post on December 2nd 2017, 8:14 pm by Keelan
Congratulations, Ironico!

You are the WBAA Boozerweight Drinking Champion of the world. How does it feel to have something you will never attain in your wrestling career? How does it feel to know that no matter how hard you try you’re failures in the ring reconcile with the failure you are as a human being? I’m sure the excessive alcohol problems you have is linked remotely to a troubling past, and growing up where you grew up I’d be fucking surprised if you didn’t get belted by a step-dad who does nothing but deal drugs and beat your mum. Oh, but I digress, my friend. Each pint you scull back down that throat of yours and into your liver of absolute steel must have a story attached to each one; stories that create an illusion of yourself to help better mask the fact that you are really just a sore loser when it all comes down it. At the end of the day, are you really happy with who you are? Are you absolutely, positively confident that somebody like you is able to advance in this tournament over somebody like me; a man who’s had his eyes on the prize since the moment he stepped foot into this place? Whereas all you’ve done is hang onto the coattails of a man twice as talented as you are and carried your ass to the Grand Prix Finals and then lost to two women, as well as have a couple of questionable and seriously unlucky moments in battle royals and Grand Rampage matches. The only thing that you’ve done right in your short, short professional wrestling career is host the best damned talk show EAW has ever had. But take that with a grain of salt, because The El Ironishow might be the ONLY fucking talk show EAW has ever had. I hate to get personal with you, Ironico, I really, truly do. But this opportunity… this opportunity is bigger than the two of us. And you’re out here competing in drinking contests while I’m in the gym everyday working my ass off to get better; to become a more elite version of myself to represent this brand for King of Elite. It took me until now to realize just how embarrassed I am to be a part of this god damned show. I love Voltage, but as I look up and down this roster one more time, I see that it’s become a complete abomination. Is Kenny Drake to blame for this? Perhaps. Ever since his takeover as General Manager, we’ve lost two main event talents in Aren Mstislav and TLA, and the upstarts that were brought up for NEO are absolute embarrassments. We have a bootleg Joker, a bootleg Deadpool, and a man that showed up for three matches then decided to bail when he figured out that this is the big leagues, and wrestlers like him are just not cut out for this place. So I just absolutely cannot sit back here and let somebody like you, Ironico, advance in this tournament over me. I just can’t do that. I refuse to let any atrocity on this show go to the King of Elite Finals over me. I wish I could sit here and wish you luck and say how much you mean to me, because you are a good friend… but holy hell, if I did that in a time like this I might as well have just handed you the victory right then and there.

You’re out here saying that the only reason you’re here and the only reason you’re competing for King of Elite is because you love it? Isn’t that why we’re all here, Ironico? Isn’t that the exact reason every single wrestler - whether they are an amateur, a professional, or a retired veteran - wanted to do this? What a cliche reasoning as to why you’re in this tournament. How do you expect to advance in this tournament without the help of Finnegan Wakefield by your side? Did you get all the way to the Grand Prix Finals because you love this business as well? Don’t give me that. Don’t even try and give me that. Don’t come out here and even give these fine people that watch EAW that, because they deserve to know the truth. I mean what a poor excuse for wanting to get an accolade or two under your belt that is. I learned the hard way in this business that it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to want something more than anyone to the point where you’d be willing to do absolutely anything for it. Loving this business and this sport is one thing, but how are you going to use that as a tool for a victory over me? Are you willing to dig down as deep as I am willing to dig to pull out all the fucking stops in this match? This is just round one, and there is plenty more to go. It only gets harder after the first bite and there’s nothing enticing about any tournament until you reach the absolute end with a win and when you win, it’s the sweetest most delicious taste you’ll ever have. You love the fight? Well then bring me the fucking fight, cunt. Bring me everything you’ve got. Throw it all at me god damn it, I am absolutely BEGGING you to. I need a reason other than not letting any of these mother fuckers on Voltage get past me in this tournament to keep my confidence up. I need a reason to teach you the biggest lesson of your life. So, please, for the love of mercy, do whatever you can to muster up as much as you can. Just know that it still will not be enough.

You made a good point, Ironico. I was one of the first to put my faith in you. You weren’t dead weight at all and the reason I chose you to be on my team was because I knew that you were talented enough to help in that war at Territorial Invasion. And, low and behold, you proved it. All four of us did. I was able to prove the world wrong when I chose you as my fourth man. But this isn’t about your skills and talents in the ring. I know you’re good. I know you’ve gotten better and better and better since Territorial Invasion, but what, you don’t think I haven’t? Have you seen how far I’ve been able to go since that match? Shit, have you seen how far you’ve been able to go since that match? I’m aware of how good you are and perhaps I am more aware than most people even still, but again it’s not about your talents, it’s about how you represent yourself. I’m not going to sit here and flame you about who you are, because believe it or not, I like who you are. But I just can’t let somebody like you represent this god damned show at King of Elite. This… this is my mission. This is my main objective in this tournament. I’m going to go through everybody because nobody deserves this opportunity more than me at this point and I can tell you that right now. Does that make me cocky, conceited even? Probably. It probably makes me a total cunt too. But, it’s for the best in the end. And you sit there and you tell me that I can’t hold it together anymore because I lost to Lars Grier? You, and others, might see these failed opportunities as shameful, but I see it as a redemption story. I see it as a way to get better and better each and every god damned time I enter that fucking ring and put on the absolute best performance I can. It’s interesting how you can’t see it… the fact that with every new opportunity that stands before me I get closer and closer each and every single time. Time… time. Patience. Having the will and the mindset to keep a levelled head instead of derailing down the tracks is a key to success. People always flame me for being here damn near 18 months with no championships to show for my skills, but they all know how good I am. Rome wasn't built in a single day. Jamie O’Hara’s Hall of Fame career didn’t begin until around this time. But people still talk, and murmur, like they know what’s what. People don’t understand, Ironico, that with each failure I have, it helps me get stronger. I’ve said it before that I will happily fail 100 times if it means that the 101st time I finally win the big one. That’s just… who I am. That’s just where my head's at. Your poor attempt to get in my head failed, but perhaps it’s your Electric Cocktail that’s talking though. I’m glad you’re not making excuses for your losses against Finnegan Wakefield, Di Consentes and Harvey Yorke, and I hope you’re not accusing me of making excuses for me falling short against Jamie O’Hara and Lars Grier. There is always more to what meets the eye, and simpletons just don’t understand that there’s always a bigger picture. You’re talking about how I’m not as confident as I pretend to be, but do you realize that you and I are in similar shoes? Only one of us is going to advance in this tournament, and the other is going to fall short once again. The only difference is that the man with the experience will topple the man with the drinking problem.

For you may be the fucking bollocks...

...but I am the fucking killer, and your bus trip starts and stops this Sunday.

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Post on December 2nd 2017, 5:52 pm by The Consigliere
The words have been uttered far more times than anyone can count -- the Heart Break Gal is a victim of her own selfish desires, a slave to her own materialistic gain, and a lover of nothing and no one else but her ambitions. She is willing to do anything to get even a sweet taste of gold, betray comrades, trade her integrity and diminish this so-called "loyalty" that everyone values in just a fucking heartbeat. Can you really blame her though? The future holds wide possibilities and she decides not to miss her piece. I refuse to sit back and follow the norm, I refuse to be part of the same sad process where those who yearn for opportunities have to start from scratch especially after I have already established the fight that only puts me one step closer to true redemption. I refuse to spiral down the drain, for I know goddesses do not hide in murmurs, they scream their hearts out so the entire universe can hear their cry of war. And to all these downright pathetic audience that dare believe this is the end of the line for me -- I find a fucking way. I found a way to quaify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber. I found a way to trample over bodies in the Grand Prix. I found a way to outlast my opponents in a World Championship match despite a grave battle of physical strength and wits prior to that match. And with the opportunity granted to me because of my endurance, I will find a way to finish what I started. I don't care if im cold. I don't care if I'm stuck in a confusing maze for the time being, I only care about following my instincts that would lead me only to the finish line with the crowd celebrating my name as I carry the gold I've eyed on for the past year. In a world of thieves, criminals and self-righteous halfwits, I stand there and ensure that they know they're dealing with the real devil in the Heart Break Gal. 

It's typical that Ryan Marx has officially forced himself into not acknolwedging anything close to reality, for he has already isolated himself in a bubble disguised as an armor, and he tries to convince the outsiders that he is everything better than an Average Joe that they've always believed he is. I wish for once you can see the fact that literally no one's face glows in inspiration of that sad monkey dance you call a talent. I wish for once you can choose to listen and read between the lines, so you can finally realize that not a single soul finds you impressive in your worthless existence. Everyone sees your intentions, they know that you're just a tiny soul whose dwindling that somehow found the right path to a World Title match, but upon seeing what you will have to go through to get your piece of victory, it is no question that they have already stopped believing, and your destiny of sniffing around for leftovers and scraps will be the only thing that gives meaning to your one-hit-wonder career. It's impossible to find flaws in my words unless you're a defensive person who couldn't accept things the way they are, but I don't blame you. When faced with the Heart Break Gal and she spews more truth than you ever know yourself, it can take you aback wondering if it's the right decision to be messing with her. But instead of throwing facts back to her face, you take the road that everyone else takes -- you point fingers, make accusations without looking in the mirror and seeing that these are same accusations that the man you are looking at is highly guilty of. I have said it before, and so long as you keep on doing the same thing, I am not afraid of saying it again. For most, the sorrow of a loss can be blinding, but right now I see things even clearer than before, and the same idea applies when I realize I have to take extreme measures, for the path to survival is not enough compared to the path to becoming a conqueror. And as a conqueror, I don't have to explain anything to a commoner like you. I don't have to waste breath convincing you of what I am capable of, but instead I exercise that power when I put my strength to the test, and everyone has seen that my talent did the work for me. I am a star performer who will never settle for anything less than she deserves, which is why I didn't have to push myself out of being cooped up in Empire, it is Showdown that offered its accomodations for they believe that my dreams of becoming World Champion can be fulfilled if I push myself enough and endure a couple of scratches on my neck... All I needed was the opportunity. Everyone has witnessed my fight. Everyone has seen what I can do. But it's the jealousy of the John Does, the Rex McAllisters, and the Devan Dubians... those who are not capable of living up to the same set of standards, they keep on pulling me down to the bottom of the ocean. They are so threatened by the fact that an outsider is in their turf gunning for Championships they will never be able to take on their best day that they had to pull harder so I have the most difficult fucking time, but despite it all, I am still here choosing not to wander off the road. If that's not enough to tell you exactly why I don't have to start at the back of the line, then I don't know what else to tell you but to wait and see. 

Why can't you just admit the fact that while you so claim that I am losing in the war of words, that you never had a fight to begin with? Never did I mention my Hall of Fame status. Never did I mention any past accomplishments. YOU are the one who kept pushing that I am a legend who lives in her glory days, while I only tell the tale of my undying greatness throughout the years with emphasis on the success I've garnered today and it seems like for you that fact alone is enough to dig up any success I've had before anyone knew your name. I never have used those things as major points for your inevitable defeat, but of course your brain would steer you to that direction while the whole time you call me delusional. How ironic. You played and won a few games, you haven't gotten to the final boss and already you think you're good enough to mess with the game master. And all this is doing is further prove my point of your worthlessness. You put words in my mouth so that you have any reason to defend yourself successfully, because if you are forced to respond to my flawless points alone, you will find yourself in an even worse position than a headless chicken. There will no no space for you to move and you will drop dead where you stand ready to give up the match. To you, this isn't even a discussion. It's a "No, you!" game where you just take anything I say and throw them back at me without any real defense, and for that I am tired of listening to your senseless babbling. The message I will send at Kingsroad will be far more resounding, even louder than the cries of your pain when I kill off any future chances you get as I make an embarrassing example of you and anything you stand for. 

Through the years, I have evolved into a greater weapon for destruction. I have been in more than one matches on a single FPV night, even outside of Road to Redemption. I have main evented grand events and participated in hellish structures that have made me what I am today. I can't say that I've always taken a serious approach, but if you get beaten down and crushed more times than you can count, if the people who you relied on start to play with your emotions as they shatter the glass to everything that you stand for, until you have nothing left to give, until you can't take no more... you tend to take it as a lesson learned and fight again another day with a stronger armor. At this point nothing can kill me. Nothing can wound me. Nothing surprises me. So if you think that you are in anyway shaking me with your empty threats and further dissection, Ryan Marx, and I still stand here with a blank stare at my face, it just means you're not doing a very good job. I don't know who you are, and I don't intend to know who you are. The same way you couldn't care less about my past that you brought up to begin with, I have no business in yours. I, along with the rest of the world, will have the entire duration of our match to know you, and boy, the story it will tell when you prove me right and you're forced to live the rest of your life wondering what could have been if you tried harder... not like it would be of any help. 

Now Tiberius plays, and he once again misses. Oh, TJ, no matter what whirlwind of emotions that overcame me when I had to face Y2Impact, you still believe that I thought of myself as an emotionless ice queen. I am short tempered, and very unreasonable at times, I make rash decisions, and you don't even recall that you're the one who pointed at me for being in love in the past. But of course, where my tendencies are concerned, I never really cared about your judgements of who I am as a person for it's what makes the Heart Break Gal who she is. So many things have happened in the year and a half that we have been apart, Tiberius, leading a pack of wolves in Hexa-gun and winning the Vixens Championship doesn't do much for me anymore. That friend of yours who used to play pokemon all day didn't even get Ultra Sun or Moon this year! That friend of yours that was completely content with Hexa-gun beating up the Iconomy, or the Anti-gun, or the fucking Voltage puppets, has bigger priorities that brought back her old self. I am sorry that I am no longer that emotionless husk that you expected me to be, I am sorry that I am not a monotonous sack of shit like Ryan Marx, and that I'm overflowing with the passion to achieve greater things now more than ever! My heart beats rapidly at the idea of fighting you again at Kingsroad, I just can't help it. My shoulders feel relaxed and tensed at the same time from the idea that once again I am fighting in the ring with everything I have. Call me a masochist, you can say I am hopeless, but so long as you have that belt, I will keep fighting you until I take what's yours. It doesn't matter if you pussied out and got yourself disqualified to avoid such embarrassment of getting defeated, it doesn't matter it you got lucky in your first defense against me, and it certainly doesn't fucking matter if you pushed me off towards my death... From the depths of hell that I came from in that terrible fall, despite the world thinking it's the last of me, despite you praying that I've drawn my last breath and I would never attempt again, I come back from the grave with a smile on my face to say it's not over yet! The start of the show only happens after Kingsroad once I leave you powdered and crushed into a fraction of what you are this very moment, and I walk away as the NEW EAW Champion... and I'll never look back.
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Post on December 2nd 2017, 4:53 pm by Sheri-dun
Bloodletter 01

'' I am stunned by my own silence, my indecisiveness on where to begin. On what page shall I choose to unfold this historical event, disentangle this heroic narration and deliver it to all those eager to listen. Truthfully, I am unsure of many things, but a certainty within this parable is that your hatred for me transpired long before you elucidated your signature across the contract which approved of my firing from Elite Answers Wrestling, my reprisal away from the one thing, the sole thing, I held dear to my heart. Perhaps it started when I illustrated my own stamp of approval, the day that I signed with this promotion, and ignited a revolution that somehow, you believe you fabricated. The moment I touched base within the wrestling industry I began my assent to the summit. As you kicked and cut people from the summit, prohibiting anyone who wished to scale above your level, demoralising all within the process, I somehow managed to slither to the peak without you even noticing, encouraging and empowering others as I went. I claimed victory of the inaugural Vixens Cup, vanquishing fifteen other females whilst demonstrating athletic excellence, whilst you fell in the first round to Madison Kaline. The unfortunate truth is, since my arrival, you've accomplished nothing noteworthy, I'll acknowledge you're a former Specialists Champion, but I wouldn't know who you gained that achievement from without scrolling through the black and white pages, and I'm not the only person who would struggle to account for this. You formed a stable with two women who were above your level, you tried to drag them from their heights in an attempt to make yourself relevant once more, and shattered the already delicate relationship you had with our division at the culmination of your success. Yet, I still do not believe you loathed me at this specific point, perhaps you rolled your eyes at the mention of a name which held more weight and influence than yours, and maybe the power of jealously irritated and scratched at your thoughts. The specific point where this dislike manifested into hatred, is when your former best friend and myself discontinued the Vixens division. Terminating my revolution into an achievement, vanquishing the name I am now the final holder of. It's amusing to me, that you consider yourself the vixens killer, that is the cute catchphrase people associate with your name, correct? And yet, the moment in which the division did indeed die, you were accomplishing what, exactly? You hold this belief that you individually slaughtering your competitors at an event three years is the true ignition of the revolution, yet from my perspective, it is nothing more than just the word I mentioned, a slaughtering. I hold enough intelligence and compassion to acknowledge that nobody can achieve a revolution through themselves alone. You can only racially abuse and then kick around Haruna Sakazaki so many times, before people begin to question if your accolades are even genuine. One you step from this fantasist dreamworld and explore actuality, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that your greatest acquirement, this belief you establish, profess and assert throughout the weeks, was actually attained by me. I am the woman who clutched the syringe betwixt her fingers, stabbed at the throat of the vixens eminence, and injected it with the lethal dose, the final dose, which made it irrelevant, and rendered it as history. I am the true vixens killer, a woman who has retired names, exposed others, and has returned from the unthinkable unscathed. Whilst you were crying over the fact you could no longer employ your megalomaniac personality through your boyfriend, I was validating a revolution which I had ignited, had engineered the foundations for, and had squirted the cream upon the summit of the mountain. I'll happily admit to you, I am not the inaugural Women's World Champion, I perhaps am not always successful or victorious, and I am definitely not perfection, but I am not a liar. I am blunt and honest, and although my personality might make me illustriously disliked, I shall never betray the key ingredients that make me myself. I am Sheridan, Elsa, Müller. Widely despised and universally loathed, and all will admit I am also one of the best. I achieved in ten months what others could not in eight years, within that ring a minuscule minority can match my athleticism, my prowess, my technical superiority, I am the woman who revolutionised her gender from being thrown from show to show, to having their own brand, a constant place to perform. You attempted to eradicate me, as I am the holder or something you hold ever so close to yourself. I am the woman who truly killed the Vixens division, and whilst you endeavoured to pressurise and bulldoze me into irrelevancy, you only awoke the survivalist instincts from within me, and dissipated the one thing that would have constrained me from annihilating you. Not only did I survive your infamous mentality of abusing power, and orchestrating politics, but I beat you, on the day that you and I meet across from one another within a wrestling ring, the primary of my repatriate will have reached one hundred days. It might not sound like a enduring time, but it's essentially a sixth of my career with this promotion, one hundred days of irrelevancy, within the dark, having been conspired against, lied about, underappreciated and left to die. You manipulated each and every individual under contract with this company, to approve of my firing, I was alone, cold, irrelevant, and if I did not hold such confidence within myself to retaliate, I would be dead. I vanquished all roadblocks and barriers within my way, eradicated those who told me where to go, within those one hundred days the longest reigning Specialists Champion died. The inaugural Women's Champion was fired, our Empress Of Elite suffered a career-threatening injury. To be veracious, since the moment you've had the audacity to knight yourself as the leader of this brand, the productivity and professionalism upon it has immensely deteriorated. You're nothing more than a narcissistic, egotistical, conceited bitch, masquerading as a figure of authority and importance. Without my influence, Empire has fallen from the height of the hierarchy, to the base, and all eyes look to me to salvage it. At Bloodletter I shall validate the irreconcilable. I shall instigate incineration, and watch with delight as everything you hold dear to you agitates into conflagration, embracing a passion, and burning to a smoulder. You're the cause of my beautiful lifestyle falling to execution. The woman at the zenith of my extradition. Failing to embrace purity shall only lead to corruption, as I massacre all possessions close to you, drawing their blood and lapping at their memories, I hope you'll hold it dear to you that it is deserved. Vengeance, retribution, absolute retaliation for striving for my suppression. Your temporary, exasperating reign as the chief of this brand will fall to an end, to eradication. As you fall to irrelevancy, into the firestorm which I had to endure and embrace, the last image that shall illustrate within your mind before it touches into black shall be me, with my foot upon your throat, my arms held within the air, and validation once again gracefully finding my eminence. ''
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Post on December 2nd 2017, 10:43 am by Bhris Elite
This is the second time in a row where I face Jamie O’Hara and I have some wack ass cool down opponent right after. First time I fought him the next week I went against Shaker Jones, I fight Jamie again then the next week after I’m fighting Shaker Jones retarded cousin. I mean come on Kenny I guess I respect you are trying to give me an easy victory but can I get more of a challenge? Nathan Fiora out of all the people on this roster, the former commentator aka one of my number one fans. The man who almost got ended by Terry Chambers? I’m expected to take him seriously? I don’t give a damn what the hell he and Kevin Devastation are going thru a matter of fact I’d like to get something off my chest concerning these two. I understand you guys like to recreate classics and that’s exactly what that whole thing with me and Ryan Adams was. A classic however I didn’t think we’d recreate it so quick and we don’t even have Chris Elite 2.0 or Ryan Adams 2.0 it’s the 4.0 versions of us.  It’s not even the Walmart brand Chris Elite and Ryan Adams it’s the 99 cent store in Brooklyn brand of Chris Elite and Ryan Adams. No one wants to see this happen especially in a House of Horrors match what is a house of horrors match in the first place? It sounds like Dark Emperor and Eclipse are hiding underneath the ring. I mean Jesus Christ just because of this alone Voltage is going back to its boring form of last year if it wasn’t for me there would be no watching this. At least the old man I was beating up on actually has talent left and can fight back. Kevin Devastation on the other hand was in pain riding his shitty ass motorcycle. I know you guys seen the look on his face, that arthritis must hurt like a son of a bitch B. That is beside the point though Nathan the point is you don’t deserve to be in this ring with me and if you actually think you can beat me we need to give you a drug test immediately. You couldn’t beat me if I let you, you couldn’t beat me if I was blind folded with both arms tied behind my back and if the laces of my boots were tied together.

I’m actually surprised you had nothing to say so far this week, you have so much to work with. Here I’ll give you some stuff just to make this interesting you may want to write this down. “7 or 8 years of accomplishing nothing”, “You and Big Mike are gay lovers I would have let him fall” Hmm what else can you throw in there… Oh I got one “That Gawd contract is the only accomplishment you’ll ever have”. The list of things you can say about me goes on and on Nathan. What’s wrong Dark Emperor got your tongue or something? Or did you wake up and you wanted to say something but before you can, you looked in the mirror and said “Holy shit I’m still Nathan Fiora” Man imagine waking up to that, having a good dream, dreaming about you actually being entertaining and worth something in this company then you wake up and reality just smacks the shit out of you. You realized there isn’t much you can say to me even though all the material is right there in front of you because you are still Nathan Fiora and unless that somehow changes the only thing you can do is remain silent. You realize I am the closest you’ll get to fight a world champion and that’s sad because I don’t even have a world championship… Yet regardless though a future champion is the closest you’ll get to fight the champion in present time. I am the biggest match you have and will have in the next 3 years. You also realized Terry Chambers is the reason you were behind the commentary table with Nick “Please notice me Maria” Angel. So again there really isn’t much you can say to me that is going to affect or bother me. Well I got to go with Big Mike to his classes where if he is ever held from a ledge again he can survive the fall since you never know what can happen in an EAW match.
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Post on December 2nd 2017, 3:06 am by Stark
A fall from grace is always a spectacular thing to see. Hell, half the reason TMZ exists today is because guys like me just can’t seem to hold onto a good thing. You work so hard, put every ounce of effort in you towards a goal and then you get there and… it’s underwhelming. I don’t know if that’s the right word to use, but it’s close enough to describe the way I felt becoming the National Elite Champion. Maybe I was just lightning in a bottle, great in the moment but never meant to last. That’s how the story always goes. I’m not even going to try to label a reason, but trust me, I’ve heard it all, from the drugs to the parties to every other distraction, and before I knew it, after Pain for Pride I found myself on some street corner smoking a blunt more often than I did training in a ring, then Territorial Invasion came around and I lost my title to fucking POP. Damn. Excuses won’t help me with anything, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I just wasn’t competing at the level that I was at before Pain for Pride. My win against Rex McAllister was definitely the peak of my career that I just can’t seem to get back to.

Disappointment is a term I hear often used to describe me. I went from having an arena of nearly eighty-thousand on their feet going wild for me beating their hometown hero Rex McAllister to what, letting POP take my title from me in the matter of seconds? What really destroyed me after that loss wasn’t any sort of sadness or disappointment, it was the fact that I felt nothing. I lost the one title I spent almost three years trying to chase while my personal demons were trying to drag me down to hell. I decimated an entire division on Showdown to get to Rex McAllister and afterwards I felt even more confused in the ring than I did during my debut. I hear it from the guys that trained me to the guys that got me in the door to EAW, from my peers in the back to all of the fans around the world - Stark is a disappointment. You know how when you’re a kid and your parents wouldn’t waste a second to start beating your ass when you did some dumb shit, but that physical pain didn’t mean nearly as much as when they were truly and genuinely disappointed in you for doing something really bad? That’s how it feels.

After an acid trip or two, you start feeling more connected to like other people and the planet and shit, so when I let one person down, I’m basically letting everyone down, not even accounting for how much I let myself down. But every time life has you down in the dumps, there’s only two courses of action you can take. You can choose to sit in the filthy byproduct of your own poor choices, or you can grab at every other bag of trash to pull yourself out. I won’t lie, I’ve chosen to just wallow in my own bullshit for months at a time, but eventually enough is enough and it’s time to get out and face the world. With a tab in my left hand and a joint in my right, it’s easier to face reality, so when people want to call me out for my life choices, I just choose to ignore it; and if people like POP don’t wanna show me respect because of the misjudged decisions I’ve made in the past, the only option I got is to prove him wrong.

I know you like spouting the fact that you’re some sort of gift of God sent down to Earth to liberate humanity with your amazing National Elite Championship reign but come back down for a second and remember the circumstances of your win. My mind and soul were on another planet while you were kicking the shell of my body around the ring like the ruthless bastard you are, and you took my title which hey - I’ll be the first to admit you deserve it more than I do for the way my performance dropped after Pain for Pride, but let’s stop acting like you’re the best National Elite Champion ever. Rex McAllister and Nico Borg were both champions this year so uh, you got big shoes to fill Poppy. You wanna act like you own the big leagues but the fact of the matter is I picked up a win at PFP this year and you weren’t even around. You lucked out that I was the NEC when you competed for it and not literally anybody else who would’ve shut your mouth and put you in your place. I hope you’ve had a nice three months with that title POP because this bullshit facade you’ve called a title reign is coming to a swift end at Kingsroad - and you better repent to God because if he didn’t hate you he wouldn’t have put me in this title match to humble you for the sin of thinking you’re actually a good champion.

Mark Wahlberg, I’m glad to see you aren’t as down on yourself as you were when we faced off at Dia Del Diablo. You were more depressing to talk to than 19 year old me. I’m sure a good knee or two to your head must’ve knocked some things back into place for you because look at you now! A little confidence - and a starring role in Daddy’s Home 1 AND 2 - go a long way, don’t they? Oh yeah thanks for reminding me that I’m getting kicked off of Showdown if I don’t win. Guess I have to win so I don’t go to Voltage. That’s a lot of pressure. Yeah Nobi, sorry about sneak attacking you I guess, but I had to make somewhat of a statement to show I wanted a National Elite Championship match because POP isn’t relevant enough for me to attack from behind and get like a hashtag trending or whatever it takes to get a title match these days. I’ll be honest, I might even be worse coming off of my hiatus. You flatter me every time we speak Mark, for you to call me a legend in the making and pinning me to beat Tiberius… I almost feel like I have an obligation to live up to your expectations. You are more determined than I am Nobi, but don’t let raw drive lead you blind - make sure you have a clear head in that ring on Saturday - I know I sure won’t.

Can I guarantee a win? Hell fucking no. Can I say I have a plan? Nope. But I’m going to go in there at Kingsroad and shoot with the Hail Mary - and sometimes a little bit of luck is all it takes to beat a fake king and the guy that probably deserves the title more than I do.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 2nd 2017, 1:44 am by Moongoose McQueen
Mercy would not even begin to be what I call your ramblings. Not even “focus” is appropriate more than simply turning the other cheek in hopes that that natural forces of balances will just work itself up. While I’m sure the next time you face Carlos, you’d rip him a new one, I can already tell you right here there wouldn’t be a next time you face Carlos when I’m done with him and Mao.
I’m happy that you are at peace with yourself. Hell, in some way, I’m at peace with myself, simply because it has come to a point where I know how damn good I am. There is no doubt in my abilities or my strength. But being at peace doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight nor the right to do as you please over what you feel strongly about. Perhaps you are right, I am like Eclipse. Because I care about family, I care about others. And when it came to my family, I will become the monster I need to be to protect them. While I do not use them to fight my battles like him, nor do I use intimidation nor pray on those that have suffered and offer salvation. Instead, I fight for all, and it really infuriates me that at this point, it’s almost as if I have to be angry for you.
Your so called “peace” is selfish. You only care for yourself and that is why you refuse to leave the darkness. You enjoy the isolation and the peace, and you’re welling to lay there and wait in the darkness rather than do something about it when you’ve clearly been wronged. You call this peace? I call it ignorance. You focus on the King of Elite because it benefits you, but I have bigger fish to fry and do what no king would do for EAW. It was never in my will to be king. It was never in my way to lead by decrees but by example. And no offense, Amadeus, you are a horrible example of a man. You know what you will never truly be king? Because you aim too low. You aim for the small stuff such as this “inner peace” and I’ve achieved that state long ago by merely accepting who I am and doing whatever I want despite what the norm may say. I’m confident, strong, successful in my own right, and have everything I’ve ever wanted, and now, I can afford the small and petty stuff. Atleast that’s how it would look to you.
You see, King of Elite. Everyone here will see it as a big deal. But for me, it’s just another way to get a world title shot, and there are hundreds of way to get that. Sure, you can have the exclusive right of having you name as a King of Elite, but you’ll join the likes of the previous winners and the future winners to come, and then, how would you stand out there? I take pride in what I do and how I do it. I take pride in the fact that I aim for a peace that can’t truly be achieved, no matter how many pieces of scum like Mao, Carlos, and Kenny Drakes there are. Already, you’ve given up knowing that it’s a never lasting war knowing if it’s not them, someone worse will take their place. And I understand this. At this point, it’s just personal for you to go after Kenny, yet it completely baffles me that you wouldn’t want revenge on Mao and Carlos. But perhaps it’s because it wasn’t your face getting pummeled by electricity, but we won’t go there.
Instead, I’m going to focus on the bigger issue here that you are no different from everyone else. The Interwire Championship is precious to you? How about simply being a champion and knowing you lost it to a man that had to sneak his way in to take it from you. Sure, pretend that it means nothing to you because you didn’t “truly lose your title,” but with that logic, your future has been changed. Your future could had seen you faced another man worthy of your challenge. But you let another man play a role in your faith, and all you have to say is “I don’t want to get fired” or “I deserved it for attacking him to begin with.” Sounds like you’ve given up, but then you have to add “but I’ll get him back later.” But once again, you rather let someone else decide that for you because I’m going to tell you here and now, you ain’t going to get a chance of getting to him again. When I’m done with him, whether he is still in EAW or not, he won’t be the same man you want to get your hands on. The things I’ll do to them, they won’t be the same ever again. I’ll soften them up, and you won’t be satisfied, and don’t say I didn’t even offer you a chance. We could had compromised. You could had Kenny and I’d get Carlos and Mao, but here you are telling me to forget about those two and wait on Kenny for this tournament? Really? So what? They can decided the outcome of that too? So they can screw either one of us in favor of Jon? Harvey? Keelan? I’ll admire your tenacity in seeing that you can persevere in these trials that Drake lays in front of you, but you shouldn’t be jumping through these hoops to begin with. And with that, I don’t trust you, Amadeus. I don’t trust you to take advantage of my rage. I don’t trust you to go all the way. I don’t trust you to put an end to anything now or in the future.
You call it patience? I call it pure laziness. Change is needed and you’re just going to sit there and wait for it. Perhaps attack when they least expect it, but why would I let them continue living thinking they can get away with what they did like it’s the right thing to do? Don’t defend their actions, Amadeus. Don’t give them credit for doing things the way they did. I don’t like being used, and neither should you. Unlike Eclipse, I’m not going to coddle my family. I’m not going to fight in their battles or get them the help they need. Rather I’m there to make sure they simply have an even ground to stand on in their fights. I believe in fairness. I believe you should had been bested in competition and not in trickery and deceit. Carlos only should had won on his own skills and merit. He calls himself a champion, and that alone disgusts me. You might had let it happen, but I won’t bear that same burden as you. I will not be a part of the reason Carlos is a champion, or atleast, I’ll be the one to prove he was never truly one to begin with. This isn’t going to be me correcting my wrong. It’s going to be me correcting your wrong. If you won’t do something about it, then I will. Go ahead and fight your battles. I’ll fight the battles no one else will.
Call it a waste a time, but there is a reason people like you fall for people like Eclipse and myself. Our vision is grander, our dreams beyond what you can imagine, our passion, untouchable. Say what you want about that man, at one point, you respected him. You admired him. You actually once believed he was a worthy champion too. And you know? That’s fine. The key difference is, I don’t need to be the center of everything. I don’t need to be the face of this paradise that I perceive. I’m realistic about it all. I know all about the men, women, and monsters that exists. I know deep down, I can be a monster too, along with each and every individual in that locker room. And I know full well of the temptations that lead men like Carlos astray and have to make deals to win a title. This is not just simply revenge, thought it’s icing on the cake. This is a message to EAW. Fight your own damn battles or don’t fight them at all. The King of Elite is nothing while corruption like this can exist. If I give my all for a King of Elite tournament, I rather know that the only thing stopping me is between me and my opponent and not some outside force that doesn’t like me. And if so, I wouldn’t be afraid to fight power abuse when I see it. Fire me. I know people will stand up for me. I know people will fight for me, and all I can do in return is fight for them. Your pain doesn’t make you better than anyone one. It makes you human like the rest of us. Don’t talk like you’re better than me because you won’t let your emotions get the best of you. I understand not crying over spilt milk or losing you title to someone that beat you fair and square. I didn’t shed a damn tear when Finnegan beat me for the New Breed Title. But this, this is justified. This is a good reason to release the beast.
At this point, Amadeus, while I don’t really care about the King of Elite, I’ve really turned a 180 about you deserving to be in it to begin with. At this point, I want to beat you simply to just knock you out of it, just to anger you and piss you off. But even then, I know you won’t do a damn thing about it. You’ll take your loss and move on. That’s what you do. I wouldn’t worry about you coming after me. I suppose you will spin this as a positive for you that you aren’t petty. Admirable, I suppose if you are like a mush that can’t be built up or broken down, but mush is still mush. But not ever King material. Sure, spin that too and say a King knows how to pick his battles, but a king blind to the suffering of his people is no king of mine. I didn’t bow to King Tiberius, and I sure as hell won’t kneel in respect to King Amadeus should it come to that.
I don’t need to be king. I don’t even need to be the hero. I just need to be Moongoose McQueen, and not you or anyone will ever take that away from me. Fight for you title. Fight for your opportunity. I’ll fight for it when it actually means something, but that doesn’t mean I’ll roll over and let you beat me easily. It doesn’t mean I’ll let anyone beat me in the tournament without a good fight. Hell, I wouldn’t mind winning just to lure that bastard Kenny Drake out and see if he has something against it. The sad truth is, I already know it was all to set you up to fail. What happened at Shock Value was just there to take you out and put the title on Carlos? It wasn’t even about me, but I was used to play patsy and take the fall, and that is the worse thing that could had happened to anyone in that scenario. Kenny Drake might apologize, try to smooth talk it over, but it won’t change the fact that it happened to you, and it could had happened to anyone else. Well, guess what? I won’t be the patsy. I won’t be the victim no more. If it costs me a world title shot or my job, so be it. I’ll still have my dignity, and what is a king or a champion without his dignity? Where is your dignity, Amadeus? Is your dignity at peace with itself too that anyone could take advantage of it? Well guess what? You’ll have one more year to find your dignity and compete with it in the King of Elite tournament the year after this one. But who knows. You might not even be here for the next one. You might just disappear, but lucky for you, I’ll be the one knock those monkeys off your back. And as I’ve said before. I’ll be the next King of Elite. Why? Because I need a reason to get Kenny Drakes’ attention. I need a reason to get the attention of every person in charge. You’re right, going for Kenny alone isn’t enough. I’ll come for them all. I’ll be the King they don’t want and rule how I want to rule. I know the King of Elite offers no real power, only idiots follows the man wearing a crown, but it’s good enough to teach everyone a valuable lesson.

You don’t put Moongoose McQueen in a corner. There is absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do to punish those that deserve it. Winning King of Elite, it’s not for me. It’s for them to suffer because they have to acknowledge me. And everybody will remember my name. Moongoose McQueen, King of Elite. Don’t like it? Do me a favor, don’t be like Amadeus and wait it out, do something about it. You might just regret it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 2nd 2017, 1:41 am by J-Dynasty 2?
You speak of many names Ryan Marx, and though I’m sure you find pleasure in the fall of emperors of long past and groups that once waged war in glory in EAW only to eventually find obscurity, even you must admit you know their name. Even a cautionary tale gives tribute, as they say one only truly dies when they’re forgotten, and someone’s whose story is told more than a thousand years later must have at least done something remarkable.

But why do you mull over such details? Could this be related to your bastardization of a move I perfected in the Game Clincher, but you call the Ivory Tower?  Are you the type of person who finds some sort of symbolism in putting people on your shoulders high like they’re in that tower, and then dropping them down like it is reality coming in? I would not be surprised, that sounds like you.

Like I said, I’m the only one who has any balance with self awareness and delusion in this match.

The Heart Break Gal cloaks herself in delusion to keep on going, when deep down she is all too aware of how weak, frail, and humiliated at every turn she is.

You Ryan think yourself grounded, but speak of your grand ideals, your ownership of the “future”, and act as if you’re above delusion in a way that presents itself as if you are oblivious to your own hypocrisy, as if you are unaware of being on top of your own Ivory Tower. I wonder, between us with the same move, who is that’ll be found seated on the other’s shoulders, and then be brought crashing into the mat?

Regardless of these cherry picked examples you’ve taken to feed your apparent fascination with striking down others from on up high to “enlighten” the world, no person has ever gone anywhere by being satisfied and accepting of just being another regular person. You ask me to bring up examples of how delusion has ever helped anyone? How is that even something one can ask in earnest? For all the royals in history who have said their blood is blessed by Gods. To man making gods in the first place. To the fact that societies have always had people who compare themselves to beasts and mythical creatures. Even the nation’s people, of all nations, the populace is always made to in delusion believe that their state powers are ethical and heroes so they can empower their nation to go out in the world to massacre, enslave, and steal for resources, so the nation can be successful. Delusion is sprinkled all over the place, now, in history, and even in the future you wish to carve. An example? The plain stupidity of such a question reverberates, you call me delusional, yet I have what it is that you yourself want in my World Championship. Why ask such a question when the very existence of the man who stands before you under your own logic already gives you the answer? Forget history, the globe, and the way society functions, I alone would satisfy the detailed example you ask for.

It's like you’re a less evolved version of me with how undeveloped your thinking is as of now, we already know you can’t pull off an electric chair driver as well as I can, it is very obvious you’re just a petty cult leader while I am a full-blown KING, but the way you’re talking makes me think that substance you like to spit out on your opponents must have somehow blinded yourself instead. No where near as well executed as my Dragon Mist. What you need to realize is that all my actions are multi faceted Ryan, I rarely do anything for one simple reason, I flick my wrists and you can bet ten tricks and traps have been thrown in that one motion. Sure, I come out here partly to play mind games with my opponents, but I also do it for the money, to entertain myself & the audience, and to see how it is my adversaries will react, so I can come to a greater understanding of them like a thief scoping out the place for his next heist. You seem to be under the impression that I hold some sort of sentimental stake in how you answer back to me, but the only stake I have is a metal one I’m always figuring out the best way to drive through anyone’s heart.

Speaking of hearts, I must ask when was it that you fully went through the conversion of being a heart breaker, to being the one with the heart, HBG? Such naivety spewed out from the former ice queen, you are wallowing in your “heartaches” and making them your drive, I can’t help but think the ghost of my former friend is laughing and rolling her eyes beside me right now, as you would of done if you were here with me listening to what you say now. I try not to hold it against you HBG, I like to think that you’re just ill. Like this is the moment of weakness before one’s death, like those on death row or terminally ill who all of a sudden find compassion after a life of crime or all of a sudden start preaching bible verses when they know damn well they never believed a word. HBG says NEVER GIVE UP! Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me you’re going to decimate me with the spirit of Christmas this month, that the Heart Break Gal is going to bring a present to all the little kids in EAW and make sure they get to sleep tight in their beds knowing you’ve overcome it all over the big bad guys who have looked down on you for so long! Your passion, YOUR PASSION, HBG? You know damn well passion isn’t what wins you a war, not when you’re outGUNNED. Naked, you don’t even have any armour, what is it exactly that you expect to prove in this suicidal path you’ve been on?

Your suffering just escalates.

The first time we met, I hesitated, I tried to convince and warn you of where this would lead, due to my mercy you escaped with a victory in a non-title match.

The second meeting, I beat you down like a dog and retained my championship without a second thought.

The third time, I sent you flying and left you found motionless like you weren’t even a fellow living thing to me, you could not move a finger and they carried what looked to be your corpse out of Road to Redemption.

Drop the bullshit. You have to ask yourself, are you really ready for this to be taken to the next level?
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on December 1st 2017, 11:59 pm by Jack Ripley
{There is a huge crowd at the RAD Betting agency. Everyone is bundled up in ugly Christmas sweaters, drinking egg nog, and just having a good time. It's the annual first of the month Christmas party that The High Rollerz just started this year. It's in the middle of the party, and they're about to get to the main course of the night. The lighting of the Christmas tree, to signify the beginning of the Christmas season. It's a holiday extravaganza that you surely don't want to miss.}

Everyone thank you for coming to the High Rollerz first annual lighting of the Christmas tree. We got a good one this year! Straight from the long lost Tribe of the Appalachian mountain, The High Rollerz Christmas tree. Thank you to everyone that has joined us.. Except you interviewer, seeing as though we didn't invite you.

Interviewer: Wouldn't have missed it for the world jack!

{He raises his glass of egg nog to Jack}

Yeah, keep free loading you fat chicken McNugget, it's what you're best at. I don't even know how you got in here, we have full security going.

Interviewer: I'm head of security so..

Jack: No one put you in that position, you just appointed yourself. You're a very pushy person, and you should feel bad about it. Honestly you're ruining everyones Christmas spirit here, we're al here to just light the tree, and you're shitting on our holiday. How you ask? By being here, by being you. Your mere presence is just a kick to the ballsack of life. Stop being the Grinch of my life, and start being bearable, because right now, i'd like nothing more than someone to just grab that egg nog glass out of your had, smash it to a million pieces, take the shards of glass and tape there fists with it, and just punch the shit out of your face. Then, seeing that you made a mess with that spilled egg nog on my floor, I would want to open your mouth and just make you lick all the glass infested egg nog off the floor. How does that sound? HUH?! 

Interviewer: I'm just glad to be a part of things.

Jack: Of course.. Why wouldn't you be. I'm going to light this tree, and everyone is going to say ooh, and ahh, EVERYONE GOT THAT?! This is what's happening or else! God Interviewer you've ruined my mood, why do you do this to me? 

Interviewer: I'll try to get better, sorry about it.

Jack: If you were really sorry, you wouldn't be here.

Interviewer: No, I'm moral support for you. I like being that rock for you.

Jack: I WIL-

{Jacks wife rushes in to calm down her husband}

Wife: Jack babe, relax, don't let that worm ruin your night.

Jack: You're right babe, but look at him..

{Camera changes to the Interviewer who is picking his ear, and smelling his finger}

Jack: Who does that?!

Wife: I don't know, someone like Rex McAllister? HAHAH! 

Jack: HAHAHA! So true.. Speaking of which, excuse me babe.

Rex, this is.. Exactly what I was talking about. This is the reason why you can't take that next step. You have this innate ability to live in the future, you overlook what is happening, and you lose sight of what it is you need to keep sight of. You're overlooking me. You go on this tangent about Theron, and Ares, covering all the bases on what might happen, going as far as to say WHEN you face off with Ares. You say that you're not taking me for granted anymore after I beat you, but your actions say otherwise. That's the crazy thing about it though, I've already beaten you, I've already shown that I could be better than you. You'll never believe it as a possibility no matter what I do, but the truth remains the same. I understand that the winner of our match will go onto face one of the two in the finals, but you're counting your eggs before they hatch. So this is exactly why I don't think you're World Title ready, you aren't able to live in the moment. What I mean by that is, you look past opponents that you deem unworthy of your time, and when that happens you get lazy. When you get lazy you make mistakes. When you make mistakes, I capitalize on them, and I win the match. That's exactly what happened with your New Breed Championship run, that's what happened with your National Elite title run, and that's what will happen if you even get the chance to ever hold the World Heavyweight Championship. But you won't even get the chance to fail if I have anything to say about it. Jack Ripley the underdog in this tournament, plans on shocking the world. Jack Ripley, one of two people that have held the most titles this year in EAW, is going to go on and face off for yet another. Can you guess the other? None other than David Davidson. You combine all the days that we've accumulated with these titles you can match it against Jamie O'Hara's World Title run, and we might be right there with him. We might even be past him by this point. But this historic run goes right over your head, my win over you, goes right over your head. Everything goes right over your head, and it's embarrassing. Keep overlooking the guy that has your number, that will go great for me. You're going up against a world famous gambler Rex, someone that has no problem going for broke. 

What do you have after this Rex? Where do you go after you lose yet again? You won't find another title match fall into your lap. This is kind of your last option for a while. You can't rest on your laurels for that much longer, your past accomplishments will lose the luster that they might somewhat have. That's another thing that pisses me off about you Rex. Honestly you think that you can keep failing, and failing, but still think you earn these chances at a title, when you've shown that you can't get it done. When was the last time you've actually done anything worth note, without the help of someone else? You NEEDED outside interference to beat David, you'll NEED interference to beat me, because I can tell you I won't be beat easily. You think EAW management will keep this view of you forever based on a few matches that you competed in 3-6  months ago? No, that well will dry up, and you'll have to start actually proving your worth again. I think you knew that, that's why you had to double down on the same topic two days in a row without a reply from me. You're nervous, you're nervous that you haven't been doing enough to actually get the better of me, and based on talent? You can't hold a candle to me. Talent wise I don't know how many people you do hold a candle to, but luck? Well, you seem to have a lot of that. Maybe a guardian angel of some type looking over you to make sure you don't keep embarrassing yourself more than you already have. But you're going up against the king of luck, old gambling man Jack. It'll be your luck versus my luck. Your talent versus mine, and yeah, that won't end up going well for you. Let me give you a lesson on how you should present yourself Rex, here's some advice. You can't continuously bash someone for something, and then change your mind at the snap of a finger, and yet contradict everything you say in the next few lines, and still be credible. You can't talk up this big game, and fail constantly, and continue looking credible. You're up there with some of the least credible opponents who just keep grasping onto that limelight, and is getting to the point that no one understands why you still there. Your losing your credibility every day that you compete up here, you're kicking your coverage, going places no one thought they'd see you, and you're showing exactly why they never saw you there. You can't handle it. 

You're like that loser kid that wanted to be popular so bad, so he'd hang around the cool kids, and no one understood why. Actually you're much like the interviewer in that aspect. Both just so undesirable, that no one would actually invite you anywhere, you just have to squeak your way into every human contact that you possibly can. No one would talk to people like you, no one acknowledged them unless it was to be the butt of a joke. To people like you, any type of acknowledgement was a good thing. Any recognition was them getting closer to the goal of actually being friends. Like Interviewer said before he just likes to be a part of things. That's why you normally like to talk a lot, because it's the only form of human contact you get. But when the other person actually starts talking better than you, you shut up, and wait til the final minute. By the way here's a taste of your own medicine, not so fun to get words spoke at you in the final minute huh? But back on topic. The cool kids that you follow around, they aren't your friends, they don't want you around.  The main event that you try to follow around, and try so desperately to join, they just don't want you. Just because you overheard someone talking about a party, doesn't mean you're invited to it. So Rex, as the popular kid at the table, I'm officially kicking you out of the cool kids table. 

I don't need you to try and give me a lesson on what to do to become a successful wrestler Rex, I've been doing this at a very high level my entire career. It might be a shorter career than yours, seeing as though I am just leaving my rookie year, but in that rookie year I've acquired more titles than you did, in 2! Maybe if it was someone that has actually accomplished something in this company worth a damn, then yeah i'd take the advice, but you? Rex, I'm already on a whole level above you. I proved it when I beat you and I've proved it every time that we've talked, you're a joke. Honest to god I don't know what the buzz around you is, you're nothing special. Spitting out the same exact hypocritical fake shit that you've been doing since day one. But I'm the one that's repetitive? Not true, sure I may make an off hand comment that is similar to other words that I've said, but it's never the same main point. You drone on and on about how I'm just a tag team wrestler, and how it means nothing. Then I beat you, and you try to change your tune, but.. Not really. You're the same douchebag with the same old topics. You want to go back to acting like I'm just a tag team wrestler? That worked out well for you didn't it? You sounded like a fucking idiot, and you still do. You and that dumbass bowl cut you got going on need to learn a thing or two. Such as, I'm every bit as good as I say I am. I proved exactly who I am, and what I can do when I went up against you last time, and I beat you. I've beaten Hall of Famers, I've beaten ex World Champions, but  only now that I've been recognized by the likes of you in the way that I should. So my past matches against reputable opponents didn't give you any sort of clue of how good I can be? Pathetic, you're a dumbass. You act like you were this big milestone win when in reality you were just a walk in the park. You act like you're the biggest star on the roster when you're barely even making the main event scene, and really not doing that much of importance. I mean look at Ryan Marx, he's past you by by a long shot, and he has been here half the time you have. And honestly, though you won't agree with this statement, so have I. I've passed you by Rex, and you'll refuse to see it, until I'm holding the World Heavyweight Championship on the behalf of the High Rollerz. Such is the life of the tag team division. No one takes us seriously because of the whole team thing, but now? I feel like I've shed a whole brand new light on what it is the High Rollerz are able to accomplish. All you really had to do was look back at who it is we've beaten to see that, yeah, we're pretty damn good. 

You really are the biggest bitch I've ever met in my life Rex. You seriously talked twice in a span of two days, before I had the chance to respond? You do one of two things, talk at the very last second so no one can respond to the bullshit you spew, or you talk too much and show how little you actually have to say. You're so pathetic, who does that? I listen back to what you said, and I don't even know why you decided to talk so much to begin with. You literally just said the same exact shit that you said the day before. What made you this way Rex? What made you this piece of shit that no one should ever like? Because now I'm thinking that it was way before you had any success in EAW. You go from not talking until the last 30 minutes so there's no way anyone can retort what you say, to talking way Too much. To the point where you just bullinger the point down, and everyone tunes you out. I mean Rex I get it, you don't think I should downplay what you've done, and in all honesty I don't even have to. You did it yourself when you weren't even able to defend the title once. The past is a good litness test for the future, and your future isn't looking so bright. You want to talk about how I'm downplaying your title reigns? Let's talk about how you're downplaying this match. You spent have the first time talking, talking about two other guys that really have nothing to do with this match. I understand we face one of them in the next round, bout your counting your eggs before they hatch. None of them are talking to you, why are you talking to them, when you're already facing a guy that you've never beaten before in your life. So as much as you think that I'm just a tag team guy, or im just so repetitive, you should remember the fact that I beat you. Not only that but you're just a hypocrite. Want to talk about repetitiveness? My entire last speech had to do with other things, take your pick. We don't have to talk about the offhanded comments I made, we can talk about the meat of it. But nope, you decided you want to repeat yourself because Rex McAllister is untouchable. Rex I can't even listen to you talk anymore, you're boring to be honest. 

But you're right I do have something to prove in this match, and I do have motivation. I have more motivation coming into this match than even you. Isn't that crazy? The guy that actually won the last match they were in, is the more motivated one. So where does that leave you? How are you going to beat a guy that knows all your tricks? A guy that has beaten you before. A guy that wants to get a win for his best friend? Those are all the recipes for a Rex McAllister loss if you ask me. Then you go onto repeat yourself some more and talk about how I'm comfortable with my position in EAW. Ok? You want me to repeat myself again from 2 weeks ago? Yeah, my dream was to be tag team champions for a year, and I enjoy doing that. People say if it's not broken don't fix it, if you're having fun why stop? So yeah, why stop? It's not like we don't have anything to prove. We want to be known as that legendary tag team that everyone aspires to be, that tag team that there can't be a debate about. I mean you spent the entirety of our week against each other bitching and moaning about how i called us legendary. Simple words that got in your head and ultimately cost you the match. Which kind of proved my point, I'm very good at crawling under people's skin, and winning the match before it even begins. You're simple minded, you're so easy to rattle, and I don't even have to say much. But Rex, if wanting to ascend to become the most reputable tag team isn't a good enough answer for you then there's more to come don't worry. Because to be the best tag team we need all the success, and though we don't plan on breaking up, we do want all the success we can get. Hence the whole I want to be Co-World Champion... I mean have forgotten about this conversation already? You told me that it's not even possible, and I proved you wrong... much like I've proved you wrong about everything.

I mean you're the biggest hypocrite I've ever met. You are the one 2 weeks ago that trivialized everything that David and I have done in the tag team division. Saying that we beat up on a weak division. Even though we beat Ares, a guy that's in this tournament. Lannister, Brian Daniels, Robbie V was incapacitated by our hands. Now when I say your title reigns lacked any substance, I actually have merit behind it, you don't. But I won't harp on about it, I'm not going to have one giant speech about this one topic like you. I'm going to move on. We've seen what you can do against Ryan Marx when you were champion, you lost. Same thing will happen if he becomes a champion. You stand no chance against him. We've seen what happens when you face Tiberius for the title, you lose... over and over again. No ones wants to watch that again. I don't know if you've ever faced off against HBG before, but I'm sure you'd lose against her too. No one wants to see you get yet another title opportunity, it's not fair honestly. So to save this company from the boring inevitably of you losing yet another title opportunity, I'm going to beat you... again. Common theme huh? You losing. Time and time again you prove that you're not as good as you think you are. Now you're going to call me a broken record but really am I? I'm bringing up new losses that you suffered each day, and I haven't even scratched the surface. I come up with new topics, that's not the issue here. You know what the more I talk about it, the more I realize that you aren't ready, and how little you deserve this. I'm gonna beat you for retribution for what you view as a win on David Davidson! He beat your ass the entire match, had you down for the count, until someone had to save your ass. Is that the champion you'd be? Just this pathetic excuse for someone that can't do it on his own? News flash, you're not going to have some masked assailant to help you out each and every single week. At some point you're going to have to do it on your own. I'm going to keep my eyes on a swivel this week, because I'm sure that same person is going to try to insert themselves into this. David Davidson will watch my back, and help me out in that aspect. Hopefully there won't be another... 

Oh and Rex master is the absolute worst nickname I've ever heard in my life, coming from the Rip Daddy Jack Ripley. 


{Jack lights the tree, and everyone ooh's and ahh's like the good pions that they are. Jack is content with life. Just then a slight snow started to fall. How? They're inside you say? Well I guess you can just chalk it up, to a Christmas miracle. camera fades to black}
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Post on December 1st 2017, 11:51 pm by Amadeus
Don't mistake my focus for mercy.

I have no desire to hunt down Carlos Rosso and Mao Ichimichi.  A waste of time and energy.  The Interwire title was precious to me, is still precious to me.  But I do not wish to dwell on that pain as I've dwelt on the greater losses that I've suffered in recent times.  I wish to prove that I can move forward and not let this loss be the one that makes me spiral down into oblivion.  I know I can defeat Carlos Rosso.  He leveraged the situation at Shock Value correctly to take my title, so I grant him a modicum of credit for his willingness to make a deal with the devil for a title.  But make no mistake, if I find myself across the ring from Carlos again, whether the title is on the line or not, I will prove without a shadow of a doubt that he only took that title from me because of the shortcuts that he took.  I will prove that I am the superior wrestler, that his veteran experience and cunning are no match for my youth and speed.  And maybe if I fail here in the King of Elite tournament, I may press the issue a little bit.  But I don't hold Carlos Rosso nearly as much of a grudge as you do.  When I look at Carlos Rosso, my eyes may roll and my head may shake.  But he doesn't get my heart beating.  He doesn't get my blood boiling.  Because I don't fear Carlos Rosso.  Carlos Rosso is smaller than the prize that I have in mind.  Two prizes, in fact.  First, the King of Elite.  To lose the Interwire title, but go far in King of Elite, to possibly win it ... that's a fair trade.  To even be participating in this tournament is a jolt of excitement that is hard to contain.  And I look at the field and I feel like I can go far, claim the honor of representing Voltage.  I look forward to proving that I can still defeat Harvey Yorke, El Ironico, Cody Marshall, or Cameron Ella Ava again.  I want to cast Jon McAdams back down again after the beating that he gave me when I was still injured from Road to Redemption.  I want to get another crack at Keelan Cetinich.  Carlos Rosso is not who I want to fight right now.  The thought bores me with the potential that lays in front of me right now.  The second prize that eclipses Carlos Rosso and the Interwire title: Kenny Drake.  The mastermind of this humiliation that I've had to endure, one that you've also been caught in.  You target indiscriminately, blaming by proximity.  You could even blame me for your own woes.  If I hadn't attacked Kenny Drake, he wouldn't have loaded the deck against me in the High Voltage match, and you would have had a fair crack against me and not have had to deal with getting punched out by Carlos' electric fist.  Are you going to swear vengeance against me?  Threaten to hack off my limbs and drink my blood?  I choose to rest my focus, my vengeance on one man: Kenny Drake.  You make a point about saying that if I take out Kenny Drake, then someone else will replace him.  To which I respond: that's fine by me.  I don't have a problem with the general manager's position per se.  I think an authority figure meddling in the affairs of the Elitists is mildly annoying, but at the end of the day, I'm not so much of an anarchist that I can't see the value in having someone setting up the matches.  No, my problem is with Kenny Drake, with the direction that he's taken Voltage in, and with the way that he's singled me out beyond what I've done to him.  I said a few unkind things about him, hit him once, and he's torn apart my family, rubbed salt in the wound, screwed me out of my championship, and all the while sat back with a smug grin on his face.  I will get my revenge on him.  I will send him to his knees, begging for my mercy, and he shall have none.

It's not karma that I preach, it's patience.

To attack him now, beat him senseless, why yes, that would be quite engaging and relieve a lot of stress.  It would feel good.  But then, Kenny would heal up, fire me, and be back to his old tricks in no time, as if nothing had ever happened.  No, that course of action, while satisfying in the present, would leave me empty in the future.  No, as the old saying goes, 'Living well is the best revenge.'  I am resolved to flourish in the King of Elite tournament, despite any shenanigans he might pull.  I will spite him by defeating you and moving up the ranks further and further.  Pushing past my limits til the sun burns my wings.  It doesn't matter what obstacles he puts in my way or the fight that my opponents put up.  I will persevere.  And it will rankle him for me not to be in pain.  And soon, I will get my opportunity for revenge.  This is not me rolling over.  This is not me giving up.  This is me with a higher purpose in mind.  Just because I am not frothing at the mouth, shouting at the top of my lungs, and swinging swords around does not mean that I don’t feel burn of loss.  But I am stronger than that pain.  I don’t need to go into histronics.  It’s not your place to tell me how I should act upon my feelings.  I’m done with others telling me how I should act.  I am my own man, and believe it or not, I do have a plan, I do have a goal in mind, and I will not be this placid for long.  There will be a time to spur him on to get what I want.  But, much as I would rather it be otherwise, that time is not now.  Much as I want to scream and shout at him, batter him and tear his joints, I will be patient.  I am in control of my emotion.  I am strong.  But be assured, I am not waiting for karma; I'm waiting for my moment.

My moment with Kenny shall come.  I will make sure of it.  But it is my moment with you that is at the forefront of my focus right now.

So this monster of justice is the real you?  All the joking and passion about electrifying the fans was nothing but a ruse because you haven't taken your opponents seriously?  Is that right?  And now you're taking things seriously.  You're showing your true face.  Now will be different.

Only, it won't be.

Because you're still lying.  Lying to yourself.  You cry out that you're not like Eclipse, that you're better than Eclipse, that you're more of a monster than Eclipse ... which prove that you really are like Eclipse.  Even the language you use ... "This is the moment, where those non-believers will see that monsters truly do exist ..."  I could hear Eclipse's voice in my head saying the exact same thing.  You think that you can use whatever methods you deem necessary because your goals are pure, but what you don't realize is that your means can corrupt your ends.  What you do, how you do it, will leave it's blood fingerprints on your legacy.  It's obvious that you really have no idea what kind of a person that Eclipse was.  A coward that hit behind his legions?  Eclipse fought his biggest battles by himself.  That I will always give to him.  No, Eclipse was a coward for lying to himself about the family he was creating.  Just as you are a coward for lying to yourself about the legacy that you are creating.  

But go on with your thirst for vengeance against Carlos Rosso.  I never meant to try to dissuade you from that, I merely pointed out that you're losing control of yourself.  Honestly, I want you to take down Carlos.  Humble him, take his belt, avenge yourself.  I'm not trying to change you, calm you, or humble you.  I'm merely telling you to look at yourself.  I honestly wasn't expecting anything of it.  Several people tried to tell me to snap out of my own emotional issues, and it was an effort in futility.  I didn't listen to them, just as you aren't listening to me.  But I understand what compelled them to open their mouths for my sake.  So I call them like I see them.  And I know pain far, far worse than you do.  I know what it can do to your pride, your hopes, your dreams.  And I know that you can turn away from that path to ruin.  But I know that I can't make you do it.  You have to want to do it yourself.  And you obviously don't want to do that.  You want to wallow in your pain and humiliation, let it simmer and roil within you.  It builds on your anger and frustration, a pressure that builds up inside of you until you can only relieve it with blood.  I know it well.  And while I make the point to tell you of your peril, there’s a piece of me that hopes that you don’t step away from the abyss before you.  Because I know that you will be a terrifying opponent for a time because of it.  While you still have all that hatred and rage and the adrenaline rush is still fresh in your body, the clarity of pain that it brings, you will be just as I was, just as Eclipse was for a time: an implacable, insurmountable foe.  And I relish that challenge.  A truly great foe has always brought out the best in me.  In time, it will burn you out, wear you down, but now, when all that emotion is fresh, you will truly be at your most dangerous.

There’s just a slight problem for you.

I have found my balance.  I have found my peace.  It’s tenuous, it’s fragile, but I feel peace with myself, for the first time in a long while.  Losing everything, hitting rock bottom, it’s allowed me to truly be able to see what is important in life, what is important in me.  I’m no longer burdened by what I’ve lost, though I will carry the scars forever.  I’m no longer dogged by the shadows around me, though I’m familiar with their chilling grasp.  I have learned great lessons from my time in the Sanatorium, about how to fight, how to be cunning, how to win.  But I can take those lessons and apply them to my future, without the spectre of Eclipse hanging over me.  A fool?  Maybe.  Maybe I am rekindling the idealism that I used to feel back when I first came here.  But I’d rather be a fool that reaches for his dreams than a smart man with no dreams to reach for.  I willingly walk into the lion’s den.  I head into the King of Elite tournament intent on winning, even though I know that no one wants to see me crowned king, and there are those here outside of my opponents who will take actions to prevent me from winning this tournament.  And yet I continue to walk forward.  No, not just walk.  Run.  Fly.  I eagerly await the challenge.  What else should I do?  Run?  Hide?  Give up ambition?  Hardly.  Moongoose, you seem to already be convinced that you have no chance of winning this tournament.  You seem to think that I have no chance of winning either.  It may be that I will fail, that I will be knocked out.  But I will not live my life in a world where I do not take the chance, seize the moment, and fight with my all to reach for my dreams.  Not again.  I did that at Road to Redemption, and it showed.  I will not allow myself to put on such a humiliating display again.  I will fight with everything that I have, everything that I am, and even if I am defeated, I will not be broken again.

You will find that Amadeus at peace, Amadeus in balance, is the most implacable foe that you can imagine.  You can yell, you can rage, you can bring all that emotion into the ring and I will styme you, I will take you apart, and I will strike where you are weak.  It doesn’t matter which bird you are, whether you are a demon or a knight, monster or joker … I am the Dreamer, the harmonic flow of chaos that will wash over you and leave you senseless at my feet.  You think that I am voiceless?  I don’t just speak; I sing upon multiple levels in every sphere.  My voice is all around you.  Listen to the wind, it carries my message.  Listen to the birds, they call my name.  Listen to the sun, it exhales my breath.

I respect your rage, Moongoose.  I respect your sense of morality, twisted though it may be.  I respect your strength and power within the ring.  You are a man who would be a worthy champion.

But after Sunday, you will respect my resolve and determination.  When you see it in my eyes.  When you hear it from my shouts.  When you feel it from my fists.  When my hand is raised in victory, and the dream becomes just a little bit brigher
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