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 EAW Promoz!

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Consuela Rose Ava

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 11:49 pm by Amadeus (Online)
"Is he the only one that visits them?"

"Other than the cops?  Yeah.  Doesn't speak to them.  Just sits and stares."

"Creepy.  I hear the big guy is some kind of cult leader."

"I thought he was a professional wrestler or something?"

"I dunno.  Maybe he's both.  I hear he killed some people."

"I thought wrestling was fake."

"Seriously?  Those injuries aren't fake.  Who knows when those two will wake up?"

"That guy that comes in and visits them looks pretty beaten up."

"Yeah.  If he's not careful, he'll be occupying the room next his friends."

We move past the nurse's station and the two aides gossiping to two darkened rooms with a bored police officer sitting on a chair between the two doorways, playing on his phone.  On the bed in each of the rooms is an unresponsive figure swathed in shadow, one hulking and large, the other smaller and thin.  Each has an arm cuffed to the railing of their bed.  The camera moves into the larger man's room and we see another figure sitting on a chair in the corner, Amadeus.  His head is bandaged heavily, his eyes faraway and glazed.  He leans forward, resting his chin on his fists.

"Words ..."

"Words have failed me recently.  I have tried to move past this, to take this as another obstacle on the road, something to be overcome ... but it just seems that those words are but wind now, and not even strong enough to stir a breeze.  I remember the hands that touched my shoulder when life was dark and the voices that said, 'Follow us down a darker path and discover yourself.'  Now those hands are limp, those voices are silent.  I remember the hand that touched my shoulder as i worked myself back into shape, honing my edge, and the voice that said, 'We are brothers, you and I, and we will take what should be ours together.'  His bones are broken, his voice lost, his place gone.  I remember the hand that touched my shoulder as I grasped for new heights, and her voice said, 'Brother, this is only the beginning for you; I look forward to seeing you soar higher.'  Now, that spark has been taken far from me, and I hear her voice no more.  I remember the hand that touched my shoulder when it was time to affect change on a broken system, and the voice that said, 'Brother, I will stand by your side and together we shall triumph.'  My side is empty now and triumph seems so far away.  Eclipse Diemos, Alexis Diemos, Maero, Brody Sparks, Solomon Caine.  Some fell victim to their own hubris.  Some fell victim to circumstances.  Some were taken away by the cruelty of life.  And some just walked away.  For the first time in ages, I am truly alone."

A long sigh followed by a longer silence.

"I had sought a better brand.  I sought to cement myself as a rising star, make good on the confidence that I felt.  But it just all seems so silly now.  Like waking from a dream ... all the logic that seemed to make sense while you're asleep ... cracks and breaks as soon as daylight hits it. What do I care about small and petty men like Kenny Drake?  Where is the meaning in battle anymore?  I felt it within my family, but now ... that family is gone.  And not scattered across the different brands, where we could each take root, grow, and bear our own twisted fruit.  No, we're gone.  Almost erased from existence.  Banished from the company.  Left of their own accord.  Or ... passed on."

Amadeus bites his lip.

"I lived with these people, fought with them, bled with them, laughed and cried.  Maybe some of them were monsters, maybe I didn't always agree with them, but as a family you're supposed to stick together.  A family is supposed to band together ... right?  So why am I the only one left?  Where do I have to go now?"

"It's funny.  It's funny that the only other person that's left from Nightmare is the one that I'm facing Sunday, Jon McAdams.  Yes, you were a part of Nightmare, and you have stated that you share ideals and purposes with us.  But you were never really family, were you?  I believe that we've fought against each other more often than we've fought beside each other, haven't we?  No, this wasn't a family that you wanted to join.  You wanted power.  You wanted leverage.  You wanted knowledge.  You wanted to see the secret of the strength that lay within the Sanatorium.  Well, now the door's thrown open wide and that secret is laid out bare ... naught but sawdust and sealing wax.  I have no doubt that you're quite disappointed.  You must be thinking, 'What a fruitless business venture.'  Meanwhile, I sit here, my heart torn from my chest, the most important thing to me has been lost.  The matches mean nothing.  The title means nothing.  That which mattered most to me was the family.  And now ... now the family is nothing.  I don't ... I don't care that I'm facing you again.  I once spoke of you as someone who could help me elevate my craft.  But now, there's nothing left to elevate.  I don't care about that anymore.  You're not my brother.  You're not my rival.  You're nothing more to me other than a conduit to vent this anger and sadness that dwells within me.  Someone to hurt like I hurt right now."

Amadeus slowly gets up and takes a few steps towards the hulking form on the bed.

"Did you see this is your grand plan, Eclipse?  Did you honestly think that your transgressions would never catch up to you?  It's your fault that this family has fallen to pieces.  It was you that built your house on the shifting sands.  It was you that caused us to fall.  I'm not guiltless in this.  I did not care to notice that you were steering us into the oncoming storm.  Now, your house is left to rubble, your name is in disgrace, and I am left alone, abandoned and orphaned once again.  I've come here, day after day, trying to find the words that I needed to say to you.  But day after day, the words won't come.  The anger fades quickly, and all that's left is the numbing nothingness of apathy.  The cold chill of oblivion.  I don't know where I go from here.  I don't care.  All I know is that 'here' is a place that I need to get away from. So ..."

"Farewell, Eclipse.  See you in hell."

"Farewell, Solomon.  I hope you find your path."

Farewell, Brody.  You were better than we deserved."

Amadeus turns and begins to walk out the door.  He stops and puts his hand on the door frame, seemingly about to turn around for one last look at his former mentor.  But instead, he keeps looking forward and walks away from that room for good.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 11:38 pm by Sydney St. Clair
Chapter 6: Count me out

"Dream Chaser" Sydney St. Clair

Click to view analytics:

"The day I put my signature on the dotted line, I was told that I have a bright future ahead of me as long as I persevere through the toughest of times and rival the toughest of challenges. Tarah Nova herself told me from the very beginning that she would not hold my hand when it comes to fighting on Empire, she wouldn’t hand me anything that I haven’t earned and she has promised me that knowing I wouldn’t have it any other way. She told me once I have found my place in the Empire, I would run roughshod through it if I kept honing my craft and learning from my defeats, my challenges and my rivals. And to stand across the ring from you, April, is a testament in its own right to how dedicated I am to my growth. I could be opening the shows, fighting the newest talents to also sign up for the proving grounds of Empire, but instead, I am fighting for a shot at a title that has made the legacy of many of the greats on Empire; yourself included. And I know it is going to be a challenge, I would be foolish to think otherwise. I am well aware I am raising my fists against an opponent from a higher weight class than me, someone who can probably even best me on their worst day. But I have to believe that on my best day I can still defeat someone of your calibre. I am not here to participate, I am here to take over one step at a time. What drives me is standing across the ring from opponents like yourself, to see where I measure up, where I can improve and how much stronger I will have to become to get there. I don’t have the arrogance to call myself a champion, or an empress, heck I won’t even dare call myself one of the best on Empire. I will earn the right to call myself any of those things once I have accomplished all the things that I need to do in order to do such. And it won’t be easy, and this match symbolises that greatly. Having to be chain-linked to someone who has been a consistent thorn in my side is one challenge stand alone, but having to try and fend you off and even defeat you is another challenge entirely. You were built for this line of work, you were disciplined and trained to exchange punches with the best of them and that is credit I can never take away from you. I, on the other hand, have been told I would accomplish nothing. I would never become a professional wrestler, I’d never become someone of importance. Well, so far I can say I am doing pretty darn good for myself. I had to scratch and claw to be here but I am standing in an EAW ring fighting some of the best female wrestlers on the planet and I don’t intend to stop there. I intend to be someone to invest in, to become one of the very best on Empire no matter how long that will take.

I respect you April. I respect you as a competitor. But to me, you’re merely a hurdle that I must jump over to keep running through the course of EAW until the next hurdle comes along. That is not to discredit you as an opponent, as you’re a tall hurdle I have to leap over, but I am confident that I can despite the dead weight that I must carry in the form of Megan Raine. So if you take any words of mine into consideration, let them be these words -- don’t count me out because of the gap in experience. Do not proclaim me defeated before the bell even rings. I have the world to prove and proving myself to the likes of you is going to be the driving force that helps me become the future of this brand because that is what drives me most. It is Sydney versus the World and I am not backing down to anyone, not Megan Raine, not April Song, not Chelsea Crowe or Revy, not even Ms Aria Jaxon herself. I came here with one simple goal; prove to the world that Sydney St. Clair can make it. And I won’t stop until I have reached that goal. If you are to beat me this week, April, it won’t be a fight you will win with ease. I will be giving you everything I got, even if I am weighed down by the weight of a blonde bimbo narcissist. I will be throwing everything I have at you and I won’t go down until I am laying across your unconscious body and have my hand raised after it is all said and done. That is my promise to you; you will have to give me everything you’ve got to keep me down!

As far as Megan Raine goes, her expecting me to remain quiet must disappoint her. Because you’ve been brushing me off since the very beginning, you’re also one of the people I want to prove wrong also. I have made the mistake of calling you an ally in the past, I made the mistake of thinking you could be gracious in defeat before, and both times you have hurt me both emotionally and physically. I have beaten you once, but that only redeemed one failure on my part. This week I will redeem myself again by making sure the contendership to the Specialists Championship doesn’t fall into your hands. Because for me, even if I can’t walk away with the Specialists Championship opportunity myself, at least redemption will be at arm's reach the entire time. I am more than confident that I can give April a run for her money, even if I have to drag your unconscious self around as I do so. This match isn’t just to accomplish a future goal, it is also to rectify a past mistake. If you have nothing to say about me, that is perfectly fine. If you don’t find me as a threat to you this match, that is also perfectly fine. But just know if I am not walking out with the contendership to my name, I will be doing all in my power to make sure it won’t be in your name either."

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 11:08 pm by Ryan Marx

Showdown Promo 1 – The Pillar Remains

“The Final Sacrifice has been made.”

Those words echoed, not just around Ryan's head, but off of each locker in the barren room. He looked to Soledad as she stood by him, her gaze focussed down at him as he sank into his seat. The only thing between them was the sweat upon the Zeitgeist's skin, and the Openweight Championship, which was clasped between Ryan's fingers – both brandishing dried blood. Not his own, though.


They both looked down at the belt, the 'prize' that neither of them had trusted. That both of them wanted to get rid of in order to move on.

“The curse won't be with you for much longer.”

A low, deep hum of acknowledgement escaped Ryan, and following that was a moment of quiet. Then he spoke once more. “Soon, I will ascend.”

“Or you'll descend.” It was almost reactionary, the way Soledad said it. As if she hadn't meant it. Though it didn't earn much of anything from the Zeitgeist. Except another, much more tense moment of silence, of suffocating quiet. Then, she added, “I don't want that, Ryan.”

“Enough.” He stood, eyes going to his wife. She looked back into them, and saw within them a layer of darkness. “Now is not the time to be speaking about such things. There is still much to be done – things to be taken care of. Let me focus.”

A pause. Eye contact broke as Soledad looked down. “Fine.”

She expected him to walk away, to create distance. Yet, she could still feel Ryan's eyes on her. And then she felt a hand upon her shoulder, accompanied by warm breath against the side of her face.

“Do not worry. I will not fall, and I shall never fail like I once did. Not again.”

We cut to black, and then fade into a new scene. Ryan towers over a small TV, the both of them being the only two things in the dimly-lit room. On the screen, his match with Prince of Phenomenal plays, muted. No, it isn't this week's match – this TV can't see into the future. It is their past match, the one the Prince so desperately wishes to ignore. Ryan's gaze goes from the screen to the camera, and he begins to speak.

Here I find myself, on a path to a grand prize that solidifies the influence of anyone that holds it. I defeated all three sacrifices, I have endured the curse of the Openweight title thus far as I jumped over the obstacles it had set before me, and soon I will reach the position of power I deserve. I have come out of these trials a stronger man, a more resolute force to be reckoned with. And now, before I fight for my rightful recognition, I must fight those who attempt to halt my progress.

One of those people is Prince of Phenomenal, a man I have beaten before. Though, according to him, we've never met before. I am not surprised he wishes to forget our first encounter, considering he suffered a crushing defeat in what was supposed to be his match. He is a man who presented barely-there arguments when he tried to make his big comeback against me, and a man who soon disappeared after I had defeated him. But of course, he came back in time to steal the National Elite Championship, during the time when I was occupied with other issues. Unfortunately for him, he is in my sights yet again, and I do not plan on allowing him the revenge he will most likely want – when he comes to terms with the loss I dealt him months prior. He has spoken in the past about how he wishes to make every doubter a believer, but he will never make a believer out of me. And when Showdown is over, there will be many believers that he will have to reconvert.

Ryan lets out a laugh, one that reverberates around the room.

How hilarious that you mention memory loss, when you yourself have completely forgotten our previous match. But I shall remind you when you step into the ring with me and realise I am not a joke as you have just said. I remember back during our first encounter, when you dismissed me so effortlessly. You attempted to use your status as a veteran to argue that I meant nothing. You truly believed that I would lie down and let you return to widespread fanfare. That failed. You were wrong in so many ways, and your naivety to my actual skill left you with a loss in your return match. Considering your status as National Elite Champion, I expect some shift has happened since then, but I am not going to entirely expect it. Hopefully, you've learned from that loss, and you will try to adapt to give me a real fight, because you certainly have a lot to make up for from our previous match.

But enough of the past, let us look to the present. Let us look to ourselves now, and marvel at the evidence that suggests no matter how much time passes, I shall overcome you once again. Though we will not have to look too far. Just at Road to Redemption 11, I knocked out a competitor who had more fight than you did when we last fought. I knocked her out cold. I have retired CM Banks, a man who surpasses you in terms of career achievements. And I am now in the spot you wish to be in once more: a prime contender for the EAW World Championship. As the unable fall, the fresh faces take their place, and that is what has happened here. You were unable to claim that title, and now it is my turn. This week on Showdown, I shall show you why I am in this position, and why you couldn't make good of it when you were here.

You believe me to be nothing special? Then what does that make you? Going by your logic, you lost to a joke, meaning you must be lesser than me. You are not a prince, you are barely even a jester – because a jester is supposed to be entertaining. You are just irritating. Am I not cut out for this? My opportunity at the EAW World Championship says otherwise. My championship reign speaks for itself. My strength and my absolute destruction of opponents with far more challenging arguments and stronger wills proves you wrong.

Slamming a fist down on the TV, Ryan watches as the screen glitches for a moment before returning to normal. Back to the Ryan Marx of the past beating the Prince of Phenomenal of old.

This week, when I saw you were my opponent, I struggled for what to say – not because you leave me speechless, but because you have not changed since our last encounter. You are still dismissing me because of your Hall of Fame status, only this time it has far more serious repercussions. For I have defeated you before, and no matter how much you wish to deny it or ignore our match, it happened. It is in the history books, for all to marvel and grimace at. Ryan Marx defeated Prince of Phenomenal. Let that sink in before you call me a “joke”, before you say that I am “not cut out for this”, and before you make the bold assumption that this will be a walk in the park. It wasn't easy for you last time, so what makes you think it will be now? Especially with even more ignorance than you displayed in our last battle.

I hope you try again...or perhaps it is best not to. You've made a complete fool out of yourself, and if I were you, I wouldn't speak again. Hopefully, you have developed in terms of your in-ring ability, otherwise this will be a definite repeat of our last match. So do better, because you may be treating this as an exhibition match, but I do not intend on letting you walk out of that ring this Saturday – at least not on your own.

As the TV screen displays the finish to Ryan and the Prince's last encounter, with Ryan pinning him, the scene fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 10:37 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Ahren can be seen wearing a birthday party hat in a pitch black room, the only light resonates off of a cake with one candle in it, Ahren has a stern look on his face. A single tear runs down his cheek as he looks up at the camera)

Wow Sesnei Pizza, I can't believe this. I CAN NOT! BE LEAF THIS! I didn't expect you of all people, to be so cold. Cold pizza? Normally I like it, but not at the moment, not when it's you. I tell you it's my birthday, and you just let that little nugget of news go unnoticed. No mention of it, not a happy birthday, no present... no pizza. I'm in shock, I'm shook right now to be honest, shook to the core. I thought someone like you would understand the significance of an Ahren Fournier birthday. This cake? I bought it myself... WITH MY OWN MONEY! Where were you when I needed a cake with a stripper in it? HUH?! Those aren't cheap ya know. You make the big bucks, you can afford it ya jerk. But no, you let my day of birth, the day I busted out of my moms vag and said here I am world! All nude and stuff, with my big ol baby dick flopping around... Go unnoticed. I thought you were the sensei, I thought we were going to help each other! But how can I trust a sensei that doesn't even acknowledge the greatest day of the year. I bet you said happy birthday to Lannister, I bet you said happy birthday to Jack Ripley, i bet you said happy birthday to Sam Bradford, and I bet you said Happy Birthday to Jeremy Kerely... the wide receiver for the New York jets... but Ahren?  Naw why would you do that? I only complimented everything you did, was super nice to you; was as trill as can be. It comes with the territory of being the trill fairy of course how could I not. But I'll forgive you, I'll let it pass, I know you've been going through a lot of shit in your own head, so I'll let it go for now. I'll give you another chance, something we all deserve. So I'll wait here, for those words.

(The doorbell rings. Ahren begrudgingly gets up to answer the door. He flings it open, when he sees a group of people outside.)

Group: SURPRISE!!! 


(Ahren punches the first person he sees)

Group: Happy birthday....

Ahren: Aww guys! I was so startled 

(Punched guy gets up holding his eye)

Punched guy: I deserved it... anyways happy birthday!

(One by one everyone files into the mansion, including Flannery, jennipurr, Esteban, bob barker, and the nameless chicken. And whole bunch of other people.. and of course a giant cake. They flip the lights on, and the music starts bumping)

Ahren: Aw Pizza Boy you do care! I know you set this up, I forgive you... A STRIPPER CAKE!

(A stripper jumps out of the cake, and starts dancing around)

Ahren: That was awful swell of you Pizza Boy, I can only assume this is your doing. But be that as it may, I still want to get some facts straight, and get a better understanding of your thought process. 

Now Pizza Boy, you have all these conspiracy theories of how the man is trying to hold you down? They don't let you compete in anything other than Hardcore matches? It's the companies fault that Nico cashed in on you? You don't have a leg to stand on in that aspect. At least you've been given the opportunities to succeed here, you've actually been given the opportunities to get achieve your dream. If they didn't want you to succeed you wouldn't have even won it in the first place. You sound kind of like a spoiled little brat. Everyone has these types of matches, I have had them constantly while in EAW. And even with that you succeeded with them, so why are you complaining? If they didn't want you to be the champion, then why put you in a world title match to begin with? At least when I say that the company is holding me down I have some worth to what I say. I've never even gotten the chance to have a world title match, in a multi man match or whatever. I don't care what you say, this is a huge chance for me. Whether I'm looking at the card "upside down" or not, you're a former 2 time world champion, former National Elite Champion and I'm not taking it for granted like you. You were champion just last week, and a win like that on my resume actually does propel me to another level. I want this win very bad, I want to prove that I deserve to be on that main stage. I don't get many chances like this, so even as little as an opportunity as it is, I'm going to go at it with guns  blazing. Even if you are my Sensei, even if I do respect you, even if you are really depressed. Now I don't want to push you over the edge with your depression, you may need this win more than me in some peoples opinion, but not me. I think I need it more. I always think of things this way of course, that's why more often than not, I do really well in matches. With that mindset I believe that gives me an upper hand on life. The secret to success is positivity. If you think it, you can achieve it. And if life doesn't give you the chance to succeed, break the wall down and create your opportunities. They can only hold you down for so long, they have to see it your way eventually if you keep doing what you say you're going to do.

Now I kept calling you sensei because I believed you could teach me a thing or two. You could be my teacher on a few aspects on life, I could pick your brain on how to get better on a few things. I know I don't know everything, I could use help from a guy that's been there, so that I could get to that next level. But it's not contradictory for me to also be your sensei on a few things. By teaching me gives you the confidence that you lack. Just me being around you, exuding my confidence can give you what you're missing. I could teach you to believe in yourself the way that I believe in you, and it makes sense when you think of it. We could be each others sensei.. Think of it this way, a fish will fail the climb the tree test, but if he was taught by a monkey how to do it, and was given the proper tools to Do it, then he could succeed. Hypothetically of course, he still doesn't have the ability to breath out of water. Then in turn that fish could teach the monkey how to swim, because that's what he is an expert in, overall making them better at different aspects in life. You get that? Basically you can be like my teacher in one subject, and I can be yours in another! It's not contradictory just a different perspective on how to get better. Ever hear the student becomes the teacher? Although it kind of means a different thing than the way I mean it, it still rings true.

I know you're not mad Pizza Boy, and that's the problem. You should be mad, you should be roaring to get even on the screw job, but you're not. You should feel that competitive fire inside just itching to get back in there and reclaim what you should never have lost. I understand that you're upset over the fact that this keeps happening to you, and I'm not saying that you should feel content that you were champion, and a champion for a good chunk of time. But you should try to see things from the positive side of things, because this depression that you've got going on it doesn't help you, it doesn't help anyone around you. What good has sadness ever gotten anyone? You're better than this, you have the will to succeed. After all this time of being looked at as someone that will never be able to make it in this business, you're ready to roll over and die? You're giving up after achieving more than you've ever been ever even been able to think feasible. But honestly, if this isn't what you want to do anymore, if you're not living the dream and not giving it your all, I don't even think you should show up. There's a million other guys and girls out there that would die for the spot that you're in right now. There's a million other people out there that would be happy with what they've done. I get not being content with what you've done, because striving for more is always a great goal to keep you sharp, and motivated. Unfortunately that's not what's happening, and I'm afraid that I might hurt you out there. Not because I want to, not because I have to, just because lethargic wrestling is dangerous. So, wish me a happy birthday, give me some pizza, and let's just try to have fun out there. After all this, even if you don't show up and be THAT Pizza Boy, I'm sure I can learn a thing or two from you. I can learn the exact thing that I shouldn't be. See you out there. NOW WHO HAS A CANDLE FOR ME TO BLOW OUT?!!

(The crowd erupts, and dozens of girls run up to him, giving him a candle to blow out. Camera fades to black)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 10:35 pm by Consuela Rose Ava

When did Azumi Goto turn into Donald Trump?

“But, Cameron did this.”

Azumi, you are just like every Donald Trump supporter who tends to point out the flaws of other people to get the heat off them.

“There are people in this very company who have a god complex, those who try to end careers, attempt murder and attempt to kill this company!”--Azumi Goto, 2017

Who has ever accomplished at trying to end someone’s career? Who has attempted murder? Who wanted to kill EAW? Once again, Azumi Goto is brought up total bullshit without having any facts backing her up. I don’t understand how any of the things you mention JUSTIFY using someone’s death to get under someone’s skin? You're saying that it’s alright to use Brody Sparks’ name in vain because everyone else has done something bad? Honestly, you could have fucked off with the Brody comment. You could have shut your mouth, but the fact that you didn’t just say how much of a shitty person you are in general. When Extreme Enigma passed away, there not one single person who used his name in vain. Why? Anyone who had the balls to talk down on Extreme Enigma would get fired in a heartbeat. I mean, it’s common curiosity not to talk badly of the dead. That is something you lack along with talent. Something that you lack along with the ability to cut a decent promo with facts and evidence. If you had to use someone’s death as a tactic, then you’re a shitty person. I mean, there are so many ways to get under the skin of people that don’t require you talking about someone who recently passed away. Instead of upsetting Aria and making her lose hope, it pissed her off. It pushed her to pin you in the middle of that ring.

“Your very twin has a Goddess Complex and  AND yet I’m called out for using tactics in a match of all things?!”--Azumi Goto, 2017

What does Cameron have to do with anything? Yes, Cameron is a bitch. She does manage to get under people’s skin, but even she is smart enough to know that certain things should never be said. You don’t see Cameron using someone’s passing to help get under the skin of people. Nah, she can get under your skin with just saying your name. What tactics did The OGs use on their opponents? Besides the number’s advantage, there is nothing you have in that argument, Azumi. It’s not like they went around the locker room bullying the other women. Nah, The OGs took their place on the top of Empire, and it was survival for them to remain on top. That’s all The OGs ever was. The exaggeration of the “tactics” Cameron did is beyond ridiculous because they were not as controversial as the one you used against Aria Jaxon during your match.

“Let’s talk about you for a second, someone who finished her first reign by losing in first defense.”--Azumi Goto, 2017

Do you want to know who also lost in their first title defense? Aria Jaxon, Stephanie Matsuda, and yet, they could still kick your ass in less than ten seconds. When I stated that I would get the Specialists Championship back, I meant it. Look at my shoulder now; it seems like I kept my word unlike you. I mean, should we talk about you losing your first championship match against Aria Jaxon? Should we talk about you being responsible for having Haruna being slaughtered by the High Rollerz for the Unified Tag Team Championships? Should we talk about how you once again lose to Aria at Road to Redemption? And you want to shit on me for losing on her first title defense? That’s kinda pathetic to be quite honest.

“If you’re so much better than me, why aren’t you challenging Aria Jaxon for the Women’s Title? Oh right because you’re doing your little tribute of a title reign. It’s slowly going to make the specialist title even more IRRELEVANT. Continue to pay tribute to Empire’s past, because just won’t make a dent in the wrestling machine that is Azumi Goto.”--Azumi Goto, 2017

Ladies and Gentleman, Azumi Goto, is now the Lucas Johnson of Empire! Give her a round of applause. You just buried the Specialists Championship, a championship you couldn’t even win if you ever got the opportunity to chase after it. Just like your two pathetic attempts at trying to dethrone Aria. Just like Lucas, it might be time for you to step off your high horse and go back down where you belong. Not in the Specialists Championship picture, Nah. You can’t even hold a candle to me in the ring. How about you go back and try to face talent within your level. I’m talking about Yasmin Hyland, Scarlet and Daisy Thrash. The idea that you think that you can in ANY title picture on Empire is quite laughable, and you better stop it before you break someone’s ribs. 

“How many weapon shots do you think I took at Road To Redemption?”--Azumi Goto, 2017

Wow, Azumi! You are such an inspiration! You took weapon shots at Road to Redemption! You suffered the consequences of what the Extreme Elimination Chamber is all about! That’s not anything that ANY other brand has done. Oh no! No one took the most ass beatings at Road to Redemption other than Azumi!

(“Gaston” song tone)

No one went through a fierce battle like Azumi! No one gets her ass beat like Azumi! No one loses more than Azumi! No one is as annoying as Azumi! No is as shit as Azumi!

Yes, I can sing too. Not well, but I think you get the idea. Quick reminder, don’t bring up my sister to try to prove a point. You’ll always end up looking like a dumbass. Oh, wait, too late.
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I appreciate motivation. In all shapes and forms. Positive, negative, respectful, disrespectful. Between cheer coaches, jujitsu instructors, and my parents I’ve heard every sort of motivational ploy and tactic known to mankind. I don’t lack for it, and I can grasp at straws if need be to find it. This week, fortunately enough, I don’t have that concern. Even though I was able to save a little face and defeat Madison in an important match for me, the personal disgrace of being left off the Road to Redemption card is a bitter pill to swallow. After competing at huge events such as the Empire Super shows, Pain for Pride 10 and Territorial Invasion it was an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

Sidney, I appreciate the fact that you understand where Empire is right now and that we need people to step up and fight to reach the level that Empire has always had the potential to be at. We have lost so much, but it’s my view that we have gained so much. With your arrival, the arrivals of others like Revy, Daisy Thrash and several others as well as the much-anticipated return of Sheridan Mueller I believe it’s safe to say that Empire will be just fine. We definitely all must step up and prove our worth now, including myself.

You were right to mention all the great Specialists Champions before me, including the current holder of that Championship who I long to face again. As of this moment, only three of the former Specialists Champions are still actively competing in the ring. Cloud Matsuda has proven her worth well beyond the scope of Empire and will almost certainly move on to World Championship contention. Haruna Sakazaki seems a bit lost, trying to find her way again…not much different than the position I felt myself in once I failed to win the Empire Cup earlier this year. But of all of them, I am the one with the opportunity to reclaim the title that was birthed and made great on their efforts and the efforts of Tarah Nova and so many others.

I am part of that legacy too, and my presence will certainly be a test to find out if you and your…. I guess partner isn’t the right word, but…. handcuffed opponent, Megan, who I will address shortly…are ready for the rigors of challenging Consuela for that title.

I’m not angry that you feel that you could be ready to take a position by force. In fact, I’m amused by it. Not because I look down on you in any way, but because I came into the wrestling world with the same mentality, the same belief, and the same fighting spirit. Even though our life experiences and ages are drastically different, you remind me very much of myself in that regard. I welcome the fact that you are willing to take what you want by force. I am absolutely delighted that you want to prove your worth against me and want me to put my words and belief to the test in the ring! Believe me though, it’s a test I plan on passing. While you are apart of Empire’s future, I plan on being the Iron Fist that rules it. While you are a capable wrestler, I believe that my submission style is essentially unrivaled.

 There are many people who have called themselves Champion and Empress who have felt my power, and with all due respect you will be no different. You may be one of the most stalwart and resolved fighters I’ve ever come across, but unfortunately for you the gap in skill will be far too significant. I have the sneaking suspicion that if you keep progressing that this may be the one of the few times I can beat you without really, truly having to go all out. I hope that you can prove me wrong, if only to demonstrate to the entire world that regardless of what anyone brings to me from the most elite of champions to the greenest of greenhorns that I will never be fazed…and I will not be stopped.

I respect that you have the courage and willpower to stand across from me, but in the end, you will fall as so many others before you have fallen, regardless of how well you and Megan can coexist.
You see, Sidney brings out the best motivation in me. She appeals to my thirst for competition, my duty to making Empire a better place, a place that can honor the past and advance into the future. She reminds me of all the traits, as few of them as they are, that I like about myself.

My OTHER opponent…. she appeals to much darker motivations. Megan, I’m absolutely pleased that your mouth is working. It will be quite a wonderful sensation to close it with my fucking fist. Normally I would let such generic and poorly thought out racially insensitive remarks slide, but in your case, I think there may need to be a little extra spice to my moves. I don’t know exactly how long you’ve been in EAW, but I can assure you that my time in the Air Force, about six years’ worth, was longer. And I’m not even throwing in the time I spent at the Academy or preparatory school before this. I have lived my entire life, although respectful of my mixed Canadian and Korean ancestry, as an AMERICAN and have served my country without ever having to use a nuclear bomb. There is just something so ignorant about you saying that it just shakes me to my very core.

I have had the pleasure and displeasure of facing some of the most respected and feared women in EAW and have not been left worse for wear. I have fought for the Specialists Championship on several occasions now and have been proud to hold it. It’s disappointing that I was not given an opportunity to fight with more defenses of my championship in the reign I had, but decisions were made beyond my control. That said, I think it’s amusing for you to try to both discount the fact that I have earned a Championship here, something that you have so far failed to do, yet openly appeal to your chain gang buddy for this match to take me out.

I want to face Aria Jaxon for the same reason I always have: She is one of the few people on this roster, or on any roster in EAW, that I see as being beyond me in terms of wrestling ability. She is the gold standard and flag bearer of Empire and any opportunity to find where I stand against her or a handful of others that I genuinely respect. Iron sharpens Iron. I want to be at my absolute best to remind her…and Consuela…that their time in the spotlight, at the top of the mountain, can come to an end at any time. But if you must know, the main reason I want to face her is respect. Sure, a championship would be nice to add to the mantle, but my fists communicate with people and express myself far better than my words can and a message I have for both is of respect and gratitude for making me realize how far I still must climb.

What happens if I lose? Well, to put on that hypothetical hat for a second, I can safely say that the same thing that happens every time I’ve lost will happen again: I will redouble my efforts to make it to the summit. I will study more, train more, give more. That’s the way that it’s always been. Losses, while painful, are ways for you to grow.

Aria Jaxon
Consuela Rose Ava
Alexis Diemos
Cailin Dillon
Stephanie Matsuda
Amelie Larrieux
Madison Kaline……
Brody Sparks……
Rebecca Lee McQueen
Cameron Ella Ava

Each one of them, friendly or not, straightforward or treacherous, good or bad, have all managed to beat me. I carry motivation into every fight, inspiration for every contest from them. THEY are the ones who elevated my fighting style in such a fashion that I have been inches away from lifting the Empire Cup and managed to hold the Specialist Championship aloft again. THEIR STRENGTH RESIDES IN ME. THEIR FIGHTING SPIRIT SENT A SURGE OF ENERGY THROUGH MY VERY SOUL.

Some of them, for one reason or another, I will never have an opportunity to face again. They are like phantoms, haunting me in my training sessions, spurring me to lift myself even higher. The others are still here, but their presence motivates me in a similar fashion. No matter how many times I have won, I always remember the losses. I always have taken the time to learn from them, even as I allow them to tear my psyche apart.
All those women, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, no matter how I felt about them personally, there was one thing that I could count on: they had a soul. They had heart. I don’t see or feel any heart when I deal with you, Megan. All I see and feel any time I’m around you is a conceited woman who lacks the chest to lead Empire. Someone like you has no place in Empire and if I have an opportunity to pull something a little harder, twist a limb a little tighter to make sure you make good use of company vacation time, I will do so.

And you call beating the reigning Empress of Elite by submission rock bottom? Maybe you are truly as stupid as you appear. Losing is not rock bottom by any means. Rock bottom is drinking yourself to sleep because PTSD keeps you awake at night. Rock bottom is watching both of your parents on their deathbeds dying and only being able to watch as they slip from this world into another one. Rock bottom is taking jobs hoping you literally die in the field because you feel like there is no need for your existence. Rock bottom is being a shut-in with no friends because the things you’ve seen in war leave you with little taste of human company. Losses and wins are not rock bottom, Megan. There is so much more to life than victory and defeat. EAW has taught me that…and maybe you will learn that one day. It seems to me that Sidney has already learned, but you look like a stubborn one so I’m not very sure.

I’m not going to be in a teaching, nurturing mood tomorrow though. I’m going to be in the mood to run through you and Sidney on my way to another meeting with the only person who I can really call my rival in EAW: Consuela Rose Ava. Seeing as we will be in the home arena of the Georgia Bulldogs, I think it would be quite apropos to inform both you and Sidney that THIS BITCH still has plenty of bite left in her teeth.

That is all.
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event: thursday night empire | 11/9/2017 edition
promo number: 3
participants: chelsea crowe versus aria jaxon
word count: 4,027 words

scene one:
november 8, 2017 // televised

Daylight has the amazing quality of exposing every part of a person, every breach in the surface. Though Chelsea Crowe was a woman who preferred the dark – and the secrets it took away and gave to her – she wasn't afraid of the light. Especially not when it illuminated the city below her as if it were her own, acting as a focussed spotlight on the world she was ready to take. She looked down from her hotel balcony, watching the morning light reflect off of the Stegemen Coliseum – the location of her battle this week. Turning slightly to look at the camera, Chelsea begins to speak.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Beautiful introduction, Aria. Through all that poignant language and history, I almost forgot that you'd inevitably bring it all back to you. Though it amuses me that you believe you don't fit the bill of those toppled monuments. Obviously, you're not comparable to the Confederate evil you described, but those additional comments you made... “shoving it in people's faces who truly runs the show”, “reminding people where they stand”. Sounds a lot like what you're attempting to do to me this week. Wow, Aria, if you're not careful, you'll turn into the villain of this story.

A smirk forms.

CHELSEA CROWE: “There's something I don't understand: why you're acting as if I said you should've never been where you are now. I've praised your ability, and I've said that you are where you are for a reason. There's so many people who've put your position down to backstage politics, but I haven't once done that. You're talented, I'll gladly admit it. But it's gotten to your head. So much so that any attempt to knock you down a peg or two is seen as a personal attack on your ability, your worth, and every achievement you've held. You want to call me “pressed”? If anyone's 'pressed', it's you, hun. I've been calm this whole time, because I'm not the one becoming desperate. I'm not the one fighting against truths she can't come back against. And I'm not the one bragging about myself and then saying my opponent is the one calling me arrogant. Oh, it's not my opinion that you're a “self-important bitch”. It's what you've been telling everyone. All your claims to being untouchable, all the times you've acted so above everyone else. “I'm humble, I'm not egotistical,” you cry as you then proceed to say you'll be on top for a long time coming, and try to undermine any attempt to show your glaring weaknesses. Because they exist, Aria, whether you like it or not.

And I know you won't like thinking about this, but you were once in a similar position to me. You used to be someone with nothing to your name. Yet, you didn't need any credentials to defeat the Vixens Champion in your second EAW match, like I said before. So your point about me not having any legs to stand on against you? Redundant. And if you argue otherwise, then I guess your win all those years ago was just a fluke, right? Because everyone knows that being a newcomer means you have little to no ability to beat a champion. God, how could I be so stupid?

Chelsea laughs for a moment, that smirk remaining on her face.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I'm sorry, I forgot that in a wrestling match, the possibility of having a bottle broken over your head doesn't mean anything. I forgot that me having a strong debut means little here. It completely escaped my mind that my in-ring awareness and my ability to make use of any tactic – clean or dirty – would mean shit in a wrestling competition. What do you think we're doing on Thursday, Aria? Having a debate? We're fighting. And if you think that your undefeated streak is going to be safe from any and every tactic that I can pull out from my sleeve, you're wrong. Nothing is guaranteed, hun, no matter how much you believe it. Anyone else – anyone smart – would look at the ways I've taken advantage of my opponents and would consider that a threat. They would analyse all three matches I've had here and take notes. They wouldn't dismiss me because of the 'calibre' of my opponents, they wouldn't say I have nothing to stand on. But I guess you just don't care, do you? You're so blinded by your own delusion that you think every opponent is the same – if they're not a champion, they don't have a chance. Too bad I'll be the exception to that.

A smart wrestler would look at my three matches, realise they don't have a lot to scout me for, and would be paying attention. They wouldn't dismiss me off the bat, they wouldn't hype themselves up. They'd be focussed. They'd look at every single second of footage of me and try to work out my weakness. Instead, you've played into my game. You've shown me just how easy it is to get under your skin and to make you crumble. You've shown off your delusion, your ego, and your complete lack of awareness. You deal with all comers? Then how come you won't even entertain me? How come you won't listen to what I say, how come you won't even realise the kind of challenge I can present? It doesn't matter that I “almost” beat your friend – it matters that I stood toe-to-toe with her and showed my level of ability. But you only see excuses. “You didn't beat her!”. So? I didn't lose to her either, and I certainly didn't let her have much of an advantage in that match. Maybe that's how you deal with fear – you just block it out with excuses to make yourself feel better. God knows you're an expert at doing that.

And another thing you just love doing is assuming things. What makes you think I want to wipe the floor with you? Me trying to take you down doesn't automatically mean I want to destroy you. I can bring you down a notch with a simple rake to the eyes and a roll-up whilst you struggle. I could throw you out of the ring and keep you out there long enough for a ten. I could do all manner of things to beat you that don't involve wiping the canvas with you in a gruesome battle. See, you're going into this expecting me to go along with your plan. In reality, I couldn't care less about what you want to do. I'm here to play by my rules, and they've always been to take the greatest opportunity that comes my way. Your clean record could come to an end this Thursday with a chair shot behind the ref's back and a pinfall. Because I'm not here to make some grand statement by out-wrestling you – not that I couldn't do that, but it's not necessary. I'm here to out-smart you. And it's clearly achievable, considering how much you've been scrambling this week.

You also assumed I'm the same as pretty much everyone else. I'm just the same packaging as all the others, with a different name and stamp. That's all you're going to say to undermine me? If anything, that statement undermines you. It undermines every shallow attempt you've made at taking me seriously. It shows exactly where your head is going into this match: you think you've already won because I'm just another woman. I'm no one special, I'm just the same as everyone else. No. You don't get to assume that I'm the same as everyone else when you admit you've never fully experienced what I can do in the next sentence. And just when I thought you were finally going to admit to a weakness, you decide to pull that shit!

Chelsea throws her arms up in the air with faux-disgust, grinning from ear to ear before proceeding.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Do you know why I can look at you with such detail and slowly pull you apart? It's because you're easier to read than an open book. Every single thing you've said this week has betrayed the façade you're trying to put out there. Because you can act confident going into this, but going by how you've acted, you're either scared or you're unprepared. You're the one out here bragging about your wins, denying and ignoring your blatant weaknesses, and making excuses for every claim to dominance I've made.

You can stand there and say that you're just confident, but there's a difference between confidence and delusion. Confidence is looking at a situation, realising and accepting that there's potential to come out on the losing side, and still believing in yourself and your ability. Delusion is looking at it, ignoring almost every single thing that could go wrong, and pretending as if you're untouchable.

Delusion is also hearing things people never said. I didn't say that your lack of struggle meant you couldn't be in the top spot – I just said it meant you can't act as if you're humble. I never said you should feel guilty about a lack of struggle, I explicitly told you you should stop acting as if you have a sense of humility when you've felt nothing except gold in your hands. But please, continue to spin the story in your own way. It's what you do best. Just don't expect no one to point out the plot holes. For example, you're acting as if I used other people's opinions of me to imply I'm going to win. That wasn't the point. The point was that whilst you think I'm just another newcomer, there's people with awareness who see me for what I am – a threat. It's kind of sad that you as the Women's World Champion can't see me as an actual competitor, yet the people around you can. As the top of the division, you should be looking out for the next challenger to your throne and taking them seriously. Instead, you're acting complacent. Then you come at me, questioning my ability to adapt.

Am I really not adapting? I'll admit, I do think that you could fall to me “cutting corners”, but I'm not relying on it one-hundred percent. Besides, you haven't given me any reason to believe you won't fall victim to me cutting corners. You've just stumbled through arguments as to why you're better, and exposed yourself even more. If you'd listened to me, you'd see that I know you're talented. I've praised you for your in-ring ability, I know about your varied style and skill set, and I've pointed out instances of weakness. I'm more knowledgeable about your ability than you'd like to think. Now, what have you done to show you're adapting to me? I'm still waiting to see.

But what amuses me so much is that you assume I haven't shifted into another gear. How do you know this isn't my top gear? Hell, how do you know I haven't been in top gear since I came here? You don't. Because you have very little to go off of. And please tell me how you know with certainty that you'll do better than me. All I've heard from you is “I'll do better”, “I'm a champion and I'm undefeated this season”, “you're doing nothing others haven't done”. Where's this 'adaptation', Aria? If you really were adapting, you wouldn't brand me the same as everyone else. You wouldn't rely on your past to push you through. Who knows, maybe you'll surprise me by showing you can actually adapt. Maybe I'll surprise everyone. But I know for certain that I'll surprise you – because I'm going to prove to you that I'm not like the people you've painted with the same brush as you're trying to use on me.

Oh, but you're going to make me famous, right? You're not the first person that's told me that during my career. “I'll make you famous...if you sleep with me, come with me to this place, give me your pay cheque, and become my right hand whilst using your own to jack me off daily”. I got sick of hearing it, which is why I did all of this on my own. I moved to the other side of the world on my own, I left my own impression on the EAW talent coaches, and I've found myself in this match against you because of what I've done so far. And you? You won't make me famous. I won't let you. Even if I beat you, I won't let you be my only claim to fame. You'll just be a few additional numbers on my pay cheque – and that's the only honour you'll get. You won't even be considered a trophy, because I'll be too busy dealing with all the people making me the centre of attention to even put you on my mantelpiece. You know, you saying you'll make me famous almost sounded like an admission of defeat. Like you know the only consolation you'll get from this week is me using you as leverage against other people. But don't worry, I won't muddy your name like that once Thursday is over – I'll let you do it yourself with all the excuses you're bound to come up with to explain a loss at the hands of “just another newcomer”.

I made reference to you acting like a goddess once, so I don't know how that constitutes as it constantly coming up – “but go off, I guess”. Though through that thinly-veiled attempt at deflecting your ego, you mentioned that you do have vulnerabilities. I mean, you didn't actually admit to what they are or how you'll overcome them, but well done! I'm so proud of you. Forget the undefeated streak, let's have a party to celebrate you realising you're not all unbreakable steel. You'd do so much better if you actually recognised your weaknesses instead of ignoring them for the most part, but congrats anyway! Oh, but...wait a minute. You just did that thing again of distracting people from your weak points and dragging it back to me. “Your super-inflated ego must be at damn near capacity if you think I’d have to be immortal to get past you”, you say.

Chelsea sighs.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Of course you'd turn this back onto me. Of course you acting immortal is a bad reflection on me and not you, the person who – despite having an undefeated streak this season – has fallen before and has been outsmarted this season away from matches. Azumi and Haruna beating you down, for example. Granted, you got revenge, but they still found a moment of weakness to exploit. Which just goes to show that you aren't immortal. See, I may have an ego, but it's not the way you've painted it. I don't think I'm untouchable. I mean, I had a tooth knocked out of me by Kimi Hendrix of all people, so if I went into this thinking you'd have to be untouchable to beat me, I'd be...well, I'd be you. Truth is, I don't see myself as untouchable, I don't need to make up the excuse that you'd need to be immortal to beat me. But you're going to need to rely on that. Because so far, all you've done is state how you're the constant, you'll never fall to someone like me, and you're guaranteed a victory. So what happens if you do lose? What's the excuse? You can say that if I lose, I'm losing to damaged goods, but if you lose, then you've lost to someone you dismissed as having no leg to stand on. God, I can't wait to see you try and shift the blame onto someone else.

Because that's what you do best. You shift the blame and attention onto other people. “You said that you want to win, so why am I bad for saying that?”. Not what I said. I don't want you feeling bad for saying you'll win, because that's the name of the game. But I want you to concede to the fact that you're not unbeatable in this match. So far, you've pulled out half-arsed attempts at seeming human, and then you've thrown them away by continuing to act like I'm nowhere near capable of putting you away, like you're the one who can take any hit and remain standing. And you can't. I don't want you to apologise for saying you're planning on winning, but when our match is over, I want you to get on your knees, I want you to look me in the eyes, and I want you to apologise for ever dismissing me. See, I don't need to sift through my rolodex – you're pulling out things for me to exploit on your own. Always the generous queen.

Then you do it again as a way to pass off your loss at Road to Redemption 10. “Everyone else was underestimating people and going in with accolades, I'm not the only one!”. But you are the one who lost to the most underestimated person in that chamber match when it came down to one or the other. You came so close to another title around your waist, only to lose it because of your own ego getting in the way. I know what Brody was like, I don't need you to tell me. I knew the moment I met her, before she was even in EAW, that she was strong enough to become a star. She even promised that when she made it, she'd take time out of her schedule to introduce me to the US wrestling scene. What I also knew about her was that she was smart. She never threw anyone under the bus, not even when she came up against the likes of you and everyone else in that chamber match, because like me, she knew she couldn't afford to do that in such a competitive environment. But you didn't know that, not when you faced her. It took you making the mistake of underestimating her to realise that. Now, a year later, you're doing the same to me.

You're saying it's not my time, you're even straight up refusing to acknowledge me as someone who could beat you on the basis that I've done little compared to you. Guess what? I don't need validation like you do when you constantly brag about your victories and titles, expecting people to give a damn. I don't want you to hype me up, because you don't need to. My skills do that for me. My ability to make you backtrack, to make you change up your approach to this match, has done that for me. You “don’t have any reason to treat me any differently than anyone else”? Yes you do. And the reason is because of everything you've done yourself.

You've hyped yourself up, you've basically called me nothing. “Just another day at the office”. It should be easy for you then, shouldn't it? If only I wasn't planning on lying down for you. You're right, I do want all those things you listed: I want the money, I want the notoriety, I want to see myself as the face of this brand so that I can ride it all the way to the end of my career. And with such high ambitions comes a high drive. The fact that you want to mock me for throwing my all into this match begs the question: “are you not throwing everything into this match?”. Because in that case, give me the win right now. We don't even need to wait until Thursday. The worst mistake you could make against me, someone who sees you as the biggest money-making opportunity so far in her career, is not put everything into this fight. Is to write me off as just another opponent with nothing different, nothing notable to watch out for. I hope you throw everything into this match, because I don't want to hear the bitching of “I didn't even give Chelsea my all” when you lose. If you want to act untouchable, you better give me everything, because I'm coming at you with a queen-slaying strategy. After all, you pride yourself on being a queen, right?

So Aria, are you throwing your all into this match?

A brief pause, a glance out towards the arena she is due to do battle in, and then Chelsea continues.

CHELSEA CROWE: “You're going to wish you rewrote your playbook. Trust me when I say I've peeked at it, I've pointed out your insecurities, and I'm ready to tear you down page by page. I think the very admission that you aren't rewriting your playbook shows you aren't going to adapt to me. But that would sound like me making sense, wouldn't it? And we've already heard your vague promise to adapt, so I must be wrong.

Just know this, Aria: I don't need to put you aside permanently. I just need to take you down long enough to take your throne and show you that you aren't irreplaceable. You can still stick around, be the jester in my court, and perform for me when I'm in the mood to see one of the best on this show do whatever song and dance she wants. See, even though I'm confident I could beat you, I'll still admit you're talented. I can do that because I'm not so insecure that I see praising anyone else as admitting weakness. I'm also not hanging my hat on someone else's success, like you said when I mentioned Road to Redemption, I'm just pointing out where you were wrong. Because you can act as if the chamber has never claimed you, you can pretend that you've never underestimated people, and you can retcon history as much as you want. But history doesn't lie, and it speaks a whole lot of truth about you. Do you think I mentioned that you've lost before as a way to compare you to me? I'm not stupid. You've been in EAW for years, you're bound to lose at some point. No, I brought it up because you love to act as if no one has ever gotten your number. I may not have yours for certain, but I'm figuring it out. And at Empire, I'll have it ingrained in my memory for the rest of my career.

I'll never take you down? That's a bit of a grand statement. Almost sounds like delusion. I know I have the talent, the intelligence, and the strength to take you out, or at the very least push you to a point of despair. That's what it's more about to me this week: not necessarily beating you by out-wrestling you, but showing everyone that despite your position on top of this brand, you aren't impossible to beat. Your power and your position aren't solidified like you believe them to be. I don't want to break you. I just want to show everyone that you've got a few cracks. Cracks that you continue to try and cover up.

Try as you might, ignoring those cracks doesn't make them go away. It only makes them deeper, and for those of us who are observant – people like me – we see it all happening. Your words might be etched in stone on bricks, but walls can be taken down. When that wall is scarred, and it starts to crumble, it only takes removing one brick for it all to start collapsing. And what do those words etched on those bricks mean then? Nothing. So you can carve your law onto every wall of your castle, but when I come around, just know that I'll be leaving a breach in your kingdom. When those walls fall, it'll be just like this week: you'll be buried under the weight of your own words.

Chelsea turns back to look over the balcony, the camera following her gaze. It focusses on the Stegeman Coliseum, as we fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 7:00 pm by Sydney St. Clair
Chapter 5: Progress

"Dream Chaser" Sydney St. Clair

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"In the short amount of time that I have been here on the brand of Empire, the foundation has changed drastically. Many of the staple names that have carried the brands to new height have in one way or another left us. Some of them have been by choice. Others in shame of wronging their fellow elitists. And another taken from us too soon in a tragic event that has shaken up the company as a whole. But we must fight on. We must fight on as the future of the women's wrestling world to not waste what they have started and make Empire a standout brand amongst the rest! And for women like me -- the young lionesses who want to make a name for themselves to one day become one of the brand staples, now more so than ever it is time for us to step up and prove our worth. It’s time for us to prove to not only ourselves, but to the world that despite the setbacks we have been met with we’re going to march on and make the progress we have to and be the change we want to see. And for myself, this week is the time to become that change. The Specialists Championship was held by many of the staple names that have left us, including our late Brody Sparks. It has been a championship that has proven the growth of the women of Empire as most of them have gone on to become some of the best wrestlers the company has ever seen. And despite what many have said about me since Tarah Nova introduced me to the Elite Answers Wrestling world, I don’t want anything handed to me, I want to earn every victory and every opportunity that presents itself to me and this week I have to do that with possibly one of the biggest handicaps any wrestler on the brand has had to have. Megan Raine has been bound to me my whole career thus far, haven’t been able to have a single match without her participation since I first stepped into the door. And now, not only is she figuratively handcuffed to me, this week I have to win a Triple Threat match with her literally chained to my wrist. I am not sure what kind of social experiment this is supposed to be, nor do I know why the person who came up with this idea decided it was a fitting punishment for Megan and myself, but if nothing else this will test me. Even if I have to carry Megan around like dead weight, I will do everything in my power to crawl on and do my very best to earn that Specialist Championship match. I have had trouble finding myself, finding what can separate me from your run of the mill new girl on the block, and a victory despite the situation may be exactly what I need to find who exactly Sydney St. Clair is.

What can I say about Megan that I haven’t said already? From the very moment I was introduced to this company, Megan was the woman that was lined up in front of me and presented to me as someone who could help me grow as a competitor. If only I knew how true that statement would be at that time. Although not in the way that was intended. Someone who I thought was meant to be an allie turned out to be a backstabber and manipulator that cared about nothing else but raising her own profile by hook or by crook. She helped me grow as a competitor by showing me the true nature of the beast, that it’s a dog eat dog world and that only those who are strong of will can survive. The past month and few weeks passed have been a test of my will as every corner I turn all I can see is Megan Raine. In the opposing corner, lurking on the outside, getting twelve or so people to apply her make up and fit her attires, wrapping herself around the arm of our chairman, the list goes on. And the only thing I can hear when I am trying to find my inner piece is her motor mouth running, bragging and hyping herself up to no limit. So having her tied to my side is going to be a nightmare come true to say the very least. Despite all of that, I have to make the best of a bad situation and realise if Megan and I even stand a chance of winning this match, we have to coexist long enough to eliminate the third party before we can settle our personal score. As much as I hate to say it, we’ll have to work together if either of us want to become the number one contender for the Specialists Championship. And we’ve proven in past that when we coexist we can get the job done. Hostility will just have to wait until the handcuffs are off, then we can go back to tearing each other to pieces.

We can’t forget about the third party that brings the biggest threat to the equation; April Song. It’s safe to say when it comes to a situation like this one, April holds all the tools she needs to win this match, and the handicap of her opposition all but solidifies an easy night for her. She’s a tough, strong and determined woman and is toeing the line between the Specialists Championship and being the next top contender to Aria Jaxon. But if she honestly thinks she’s the only women willing to push themselves past expectations, she is sorely mistaken. Because as concerned as she is about the future flag bearers of Empire, standing in front of her this week is someone who is willing to take the flag by force and raise it at the very top. Now, that might be easy to say as someone who has had only a handful of matches since joining, but for it to be true it has to be tested and if April thinks she’s the one to carry the future of the brand on her shoulders, she needs to test that theory herself against the very future she hopes to carry. It all comes down to take and give, and I don’t plan on giving an inch when it comes to becoming a champion. I might be young, green and rough around the edges, but when it comes to pure heart and will-power I am second to none. Yourself included. If it means I have to coexist with a woman who goes out of her way to make my living hell, then so be it. There isn’t an odd that can deter me from being the next rising star of Empire like the Specialists Champions who have come before me, and that includes yourself."
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 5:57 pm by Megan Raine

So, here we are.

After weeks of unnecessary bullshit and situations where I have just had my time wasted, Sydney St. Clair and I are finally in this Triple Threat match. Well, one of them. I think we’re in two? Or just one? I have no idea. The fact of the matter is, the two of us are going to be handcuffed to one another in this Triple Threat match. How, I ask you, is one of us supposed to pick up a victory to earn a contendership to the Specialists Title if the two of us are going to struggle to move around the ring on Empire? I bet April Song is laughing at all this right now, and I bet Sydney St. Clair is just as confused as I am. How is a situation like this supposed to help us both out? I am not looking to make amends and form a cringeworthy friendship with her because Sydney St. Clair is quite honestly beneath me. And I know after my attack, she’s not going to be too fond of me either.

But maybe me and her can agree on one thing right now and it’s that a championship is on the horizon and we can see it within our sights. However, a dog-eating, nuke-dropping, little Korean bitch is standing in our way and I think the two of us will want to take her out first before focusing on one another. Sydney, I don’t want to be friends with you, like, ever. I don’t really want to associate with you anymore and it’s exhausting that the two of us are in the same matches every god damned week. But I want to offer something to you right now from woman to slag. We should focus entirely on taking April Song out. I think I can speak for not only you but for everybody that NOBODY wants to see her as the Specialists Champion again. I mean, what good did she bring to that belt apart from eventually losing it BACK to Consuela? And she can come out and complain about all of what I’m saying right now, and state the fact that I’ve been here for about as long as her service in the Air Force, but how is someone as athletically gifted such as myself going to break down barriers if someone like HER continues to grasp at loose straws just to keep her shitty career alive? She wasn’t in that Women’s Elimination Chamber for a reason, and yet she has her focus on wanting to face Aria Jaxon one day down the line. Why? So she can job out to her in about five minutes? April, how’s my talented mouth doin’ though?

Ah yes, perhaps I do bite off a little more than I can chew, and these supposed sexual allegations about me are once again rumours just to stir the pot and try to get me to quit this place again, but April I think you should take a look at me now and know that I’m not the same woman I was when I first stepped foot through those doors. The time off I took was time off I needed to take in order to get better. I mean, look at where I’ve found myself in just a few short weeks since returning? I got a chance to become the number one contender to the Specialist Title! And you all should already know I’m going to take this chance with both hands and pull it until I make it mine. April, what’s going to happen to you when you lose this match? I think we’re having some deja vu here because I know I have asked this question before. You’re at rock bottom already so the only way you can go is up from here, but with every loss you receive from hereon in, how’s that going to affect your reputation? How’s that going to affect your mindset? How’s that going to affect your career? This match is a statement for me too, but the biggest difference between you and me is that if I lose this match, I can bounce back from this. You, however, will not. Your struggle will continue and it will only get tougher and tougher. Every single woman in the locker room can reach the top if they push hard enough that’s just common knowledge. How does that make you stand out from the rest of us? Simple answer is, it doesn’t. And it won’t. You’ve made a promise to yourself and to everyone else that you will work as hard as anybody else this season? How many women have said that already? April, I hope you know that when you fail everybody and let them all down with your broken promise, I will be standing on top with the Specialist Title held high over my head looking down on you with a smirk. You may pick up this banner of yours and try your best to carry Empire on your shoulders but what you fail to realize is that you’re just a background character on a much larger painting. What happens when I burn that banner of yours? So many questions I have that I really don’t need answers to, because I already know what’s going to happen once you fail… and it will the one of the funniest things I will have witnessed all year.

Sydney, don’t open your mouth. Do us all a favour and stay quiet, my little crumpet.

The storm is coming…

The storm is coming…

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 5:50 pm by Azumi Goto
Empire #1

So after all the talk about me being the one to win the Women's Title, I lost. I've never made excuses about my losses, so yeah I couldn't win and beat Aria Jaxon. But here I stand, still the one who is willing to hunt for one more shot. I'm going to still push forward and fight on. That is how one becomes The Ace of Empire. I'm going to push on endlessly till you see the Women's Title around ME. Right now I stand as an Unbreakable fighter who will face whichever person will be a roadblock for me till I dethrone the Women’s Champion.

I did what I did to get into Aria’s head? So what? There are people in this very company who have a god complex, those who try to end careers, attempt murder and attempt to kill this company! AND somehow because I used someone who passed away as a tactics, I’m called out as a villian! Your very twin has a Goddess Complex and  AND yet I’m called out for using a tactics in a match of all things?! Let’s remember the tactics that people have shown on Empire, we at one point had THREE stables running around like packs which had YOUR sister in one of them. We’ve had people fight against authority figures, the future of a child be put on the line AND many other things but yet you call me out. It’s amazing how you talk about people who are relevant and irrelevant. Let’s talk about you for a second, someone who finished her first reign by losing in first defense.

Now I wonder is that inaccurate? Or maybe that you couldn’t win back your title in your contracted rematch clause? Is that inaccurate? Let me tell you something that is accurate, let me tell about how I did something that you couldn’t do. Compete for titles that have actual relevance. Let’s talk about that for a second, why is that you someone that people to have all the talent that is needed to be a successful in wrestling not competing for her brand’s World title… Oh right, you’re still stuck holding up a title that lost it’s value in Season 10. It lost this idea that it was the Workhorse belt for the women of EAW.

If you’re so much better than me, why aren’t you challenging Aria Jaxon for the Women’s Title? Oh right because you’re doing your little tribute of a title reign. It’s slowly going to make the specialist title even more IRRELEVANT. Continue to pay tribute to Empire’s past, because just won’t make a dent in the wrestling machine that is Azumi Goto.

If you want to make the case that I’m worth the time then why don’t you go complain to your GM about releasing or trading me, I mean Tarah tends to listen to her top draws. Well excluding this top draw right in front of you. See while go on and talk about the idea that I don’t deserve my shots or whatever comes in your mind but I’m still standing, I’m still the best in my mind and that’s what matter. A person who calls herself a maid will never create any bit of self-doubt in my mind that I have earned my recognition on Empire.

Question for you, Consuela. How many weapon shots do you think I took at Road To Redemption? A lot to be honest with you but here I still stand! Consuela, here’s something you need to know. I’ve never in my entire life, back away from facing any single person because I know that in the bottom of my heart, I can beat anyone that stands up and says I’m not good enough. I will continue to fight, not because I’m paid and it’s the life that I chose for myself but because I need to fight and beat any person who thinks i’m not good enough or that I haven’t earned my spot on this roster. That the I spent scratching and clawing wasn’t enough. For someone who just got past their rookie year a couple of months ago, that’s a bold fucking statement to say that I don’t deserve my spot! To be honest, I was expecting something like that considering you’re like your twin when it comes trash talking.

“Numbers game, numbers games they yell out, that’s what cost her chance at winning the title.”

Assen Na Yo, People!

That’s all I’ve heard since Road To Redemption, that’s all the excuses you hear from people about why Savannah Sunshine lost inside the chamber. Somehow you all forget that in matches like this, alliances for brief periods of time are going to happen in a match where you throw multiple people together. Aria had her little team up with Savannah that completely flopped because they just weren’t good enough when it came to standing in the ring against a collective unit.

Switching people that you can call your best friend isn’t going to help. I honest to god mean but having someone that egotistical as your partner really doesn’t help you, Vannah. First Golden Girl who told you that all of this is for Brody but it really was for her own selfish desire of keeping the women’s title. I mean she’s a bad role model, way too overhyped when it comes in the ring when she can’t beat me by using her own moveset and I’m apparently in Consuela’s eyes, some sort of “below-average” wrestler. So why is it so hard for Aria to put down and kill me… OH WAIT BECAUSE I’M UNBREAKABLE!! Nobody on Empire is stopped right from achieving what is my greatest goal.

Just remember this, as long as you side with Aria Jaxon. You will be an obstacle that I have to beat. You stand in my way of moving up to get one more 1v1 match against Aria, and unfortunately I have to beat you again. It’s sucks because if you weren’t so close to Aria, I might have considered you someone worth caring about but all you are right now is Aria’s sidekick and someone I need to beat.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 2:47 pm by PrinceofPhenomenal
As the world saw at Road to Redemption, I was unable to leave with the EAW Championship. Thoughts were running through my mind during that match as I tried to capture the biggest prize in this business. Five other men in that match thought they were hungrier than me. They also may have thought they were better than the crowned Prince that stands before you here today. Move after move, I thought that I was just seconds away from victory. Each and every move my opponents tried to pull off against me, I did my best to make sure that I took my game to the next level. It's what you have to do in order to be crowned as a world champion in a company like EAW. It's cliche to say that this is a dog eat dog world, but sometimes cliche works. Ever since I walked into this company, I knew that I would have a hundred guys trying to take the spot that I rightfully deserve. It was fine though...for a little while I guess. Time after time I had to sit back and watch other extremist get opportunities that we all knew they didn't deserve. Meanwhile, guys like me were busting their ass in an attempt to make a name for themselves. Sooner or later I decided that enough was enough. No more mister nice guy. No more waiting for things to come to you. Grow some balls and go and get what you want. 

The main reason I'm talking about this right now is because I'm doing my best to light a fire up under me. It's time for me to take my game to another level since my return. I can no longer sit back and be complacent with my current position here in EAW. I must go forward and take the necessary steps in order to getting back closer to being an world champion. I've found myself doing a lot of thinking lately, when I should have been acting. Actions are what make and break you in a profession like this. No one is going to feel sorry for me when I get knocked on my ass and I don't want them to. We've seen plenty of people come into this company for a brief periods of time, only to be never heard from again. I don't plan on being like that. I know what a casual fan would say, ''You're a Hall of Famer and former world champion, how could anyone forget you?''. History can be tricky at times. I have to make sure that while I'm here everyone in that locker room knows what I ring to this company. It seems that a lot of people are suffering from short and long term memory lost. It's my job to knock some sense into all of those who may have lost faith. This week on Showdown, I have the pleasure of facing another champion. Honestly, this is exactly what I need right now. I need someone who is at the top of their game to step into the ring with me.

My opponent is someone who I haven't had the misfortune of facing yet. Ryan Marx. Ryan, if I'm being completely honest here, I know nothing about you. In fact, I feel that it should be your job to introduce yourself to me. As far as I am concerned, I'm treating this match as an exhibition. With all due respect to you and your craft, I don't see anything special in your or your championship reign. Not that I am expecting you to walk down to the ring and lay down or something it's just that I think that you are a joke. One of the main reasons I came back to EAW some time ago was to remind people that the Prince of Phenomenal is someone who you can't replace. No matter how many men or women who walk through that door, there will only be one Prince. And you Ryan, are far from royalty. You are more or less like a peasant who needs to be put into his place. Before you get started with your repetitive propaganda, I should let you know that I am not in a good mood. Meaning, by the time that bell is hit and you're standing across from me, there is no telling what state of mind I may be in. How many times should a person fail before they give up? Do you believe in giving up Ryan? What keeps you going? These are questions that you need to answer, because by the time I'm finished with you, you'll be looking for a new day job. You just aren't cut out for this. Certain guys (like me) are build to have long-lasting impact careers in this business. I am the guy. You aren't.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 2:36 pm by Aria Jaxon

Maybe you’ve taken a little bit of inspiration from things that have happened outside of EAW. I can’t help but compare the promises of this little proposed crusade of yours to current events. These last couple months, all over this country, monuments of America’s ugly past have been toppled. Those gross Confederate statues, erected post-Reconstruction and all the way through the Jim Crow years, never had anything to do with history or pride. They had everything to do with reminding disenfranchised people where they stood, shoving it in their faces who TRULY ran the show. I’m sure there were some who argued, “Well, if they were so wrong, the powers that be would have them taken down, right?” It wasn’t until recently that things began to change, when people raised their voices and took matters into their own hands to get rid of the statues completely. It’s living proof that just because something is in place, doesn’t mean it belongs there. Just because it’s part of the status quo, doesn’t make it right. Just because those at the highest levels of government seemed to not have a problem with it, didn’t take away from what the statues truly stood for. And really, you look at me in exactly the same light. If monuments to fuckface traitor Confederate generals can stand for well over a century and not be taken down until recently, what’s stopping you from usurping me when I’ve only been around for a couple of years? It’s gotta be cake in comparison, right?

Monuments created in the images of evil are always destined to fall. Good thing I don’t fit the bill.

I’m bound to crumble, in your eyes, because like the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, I never should’ve stood tall in the first place. I stand on a poisoned foundation. My likeness was immortalized for all the wrong reasons, the end result of the wishes of a brainwashed populace and my own sickening greed. And just like the protesters and fed-up activists who took sledgehammers into their own hands and decided to stand on the right side of history, you’re here to right a wrong. And unlike a lot of people I face, you’re not hyping yourself up because you’re convinced you’re a “better” or nicer person than I am. You 100% own up to You're convinced I’ve played dirty at every turn, accusing me of stepping on the backs of others to have gotten to this level. Sorry, but you’ve clearly got me confused with people who turn on their partners and cheat and all that shit. You’re an expert on my past, right? So read up on me some more and tell me where these nefarious means came in, because at this point, it’s just your opinion that I’m a self-important bitch who’s setting herself up and totally deserves to be humbled by the new girl. To you, you’re the change that’s due. Two seconds in the cut and already you’re tired of the fact that I run the show, when really you should be hunkering down and preparing to deal with that fact for a long time. You hate that I’m a constant, but given the fact that you’ve been pretty upfront about wanting to be top bitch one day, I like to think your pressed ass would feel some kinda way about anybody standing in this spot. So long as it isn’t you, that’s a problem. And don’t get me wrong, every second that I wasn’t champion I wanted to be one, but I had two legs to stand on when I was telling the champion at any given time that I was coming for what was around their waist. Your current claims to fame are wins over other girls in the newer crop and ALMOST beating my friend. That’s all. There are no transferable credits. If you don’t want me talking about all my accomplishments, then try not to act like breaking a bottle over somebody else’s head spells my doom. “I’ve got two wins and a no contest to my name! Look at what I’ve done to my opponents!” I haven’t lost a match since May and I’m undefeated in season eleven, but go off, I guess. And I sure as hell didn’t get to this position that you envy so much because I’ve been ducking opponents or going to extreme lengths to show my opponents the door. I just win. I take every blow on the chin. I deal with all comers accordingly -- even if it means taking out three of them back-to-back-to-back in the most evil structure that EAW has to offer. But you, you’re better than them all, right? You know shit that they don’t? You’ve got my kryptonite? You stand out because you’re not afraid of me? For one thing, just about the only person I can think of off the top of my head who hasn’t flat-out said they’d wipe the mat with my face recently was Savannah, so you’re far from the first person to stand nose-to-nose with me and ask me to bring my best. All of the others have been just as determined to put me on my ass and make an example outta me, just like you. What you’re selling me, I’ve heard it from so many others. I’ve already been told over and over again that I’m cocky, that my days up here at the top are numbered, that they’re gonna play the fuck outta me and I’ll fall into their hands, all of it. Changing the name on the packaging and putting your stamp on it does nothing for me. You’re right about one thing, though. I haven’t faced a brand new opponent in quite a while. The women I’ve been tangling with these last number of months, I’ve faced them plenty of times, but the prospect of facing somebody I can’t really read up on doesn’t put me off completely. I wouldn’t have the right to call myself the champion if I couldn’t adapt. Just because we don’t have any history doesn’t mean that you worry me. There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there? Chelsea Crowe’s first loss overlapping with her first ill-fated meeting with Aria Jaxon seems to fit to a T.

I almost forgot about the whole thing where I’m not fit to stand in this spot because I haven’t struggled, if you’re allowed to tell the story. I get it, my rise to superstardom is less tragedy-ridden than most, but that’s nothing for me to feel guilty about. Believe me, if I sat back feeling sorry for myself pondering how many other women could potentially deserve to have the career I’ve had, every single opponent I faced -- including you -- would be pointing it out as a glaring weakness. There’d be a shit ton of you picking up the ball I’d dropped and running with it. I understand how some FPV losses and being betrayed by friends could seem pretty minuscule in the bigger picture, so you’re here to liven things up for me, aren’t you? Sprinkling a little bit of misery over what you think is a charmed life? I guess I’m long overdue for a good old-fashioned loss, and Chelsea Crowe says she’s gonna be the one standing on the right side of it. And the writing’s on the wall because you’ve been mentioned by other women, so OF COURSE that translates into making the most of all of their expectations. As if that means shit here. You’re sitting here taking pride in being a topic of conversation as if that actually means anything. If Savannah wanted to name-drop you, that was her business. If you’ve amounted to more than a blip on Consuela’s radar and you got her clutching her belt a bit tighter, that’s for her to deal with. You’re not dealing with any of them. You’ve run into somebody with an iron sense of self who doesn’t care about how many locker room convos you and your antics have been at the center of. Reviews from other people don’t win matches. That’s why I say you’re not as ready for this challenge as you think you are. You’re not tryna adapt and shift into a different gear to face the Women’s World Champion. You’d rather assume that I’ll be someone you can cut corners with and goad, like the other women you’ve faced. I don’t think you won’t put up a fight against me. I just know that I can do better. Since you love attention so much, it’ll probably make you happy to know you’ll have your lion’s share come Empire. It just won’t be the kind you wanted. People will say you tried. They’ll remember everything you said about taking my spot, only to come up empty-handed. You wanna be famous? I’ll make you famous. You’ll have a new claim to fame. And it won’t be the fault of a “goddess”, either. You’re not the first person to call me that, and it’s kinda weird that it keeps popping up. I’m still human, with flaws and vulnerabilities -- and that’s more than enough to beat you. Your super-inflated ego must be at damn near capacity of you think I’d have to be immortal to get past you. I don’t need to be a ten-foot tall titan to put you away. You think the Chamber weakened me so much that I won’t be able to keep up with you. You think I’ve retreated into some shell because I feel too safe in the spot I’m in. I’ll humor you, though. If I’m really damaged goods, then that’s what you’re about to lose to. God doesn't need to save The Queen. No deity needs to hold my hand. I can take care of you all on my own.

Standing across the ring from someone, particularly in a big match scenario, means that you got a choice to make. It’s the prospect of your own stock rising vs. theirs. You have to put a stop to whatever they got going on if you wanna set yourself up for future success. The sane ones always choose themselves. I know you have. I’ve always chosen myself, and there’s never been anything wrong with that. I’ve never told people anything but the truth in regards to that. My intention is always to win, and for that, I’m not apologizing for that. You’re not gonna make me feel bad for telling every single opponent that I deal with that I fully intend to put them away en route to whatever the fuck prize my eye happens to be on at that moment. That’s how all of this works. We’re all SUPPOSED to tell each other that we’re gonna win any given match, otherwise, why are we here? You already said flat out that you’re not backing down or accepting anything less than a win, so why would you in all of your infinite wisdom expect me to concede to anything less? Sift through the rolodex, baby girl. Every single time, I tell my adversary that I’m playing to win. And so do you. So does anyone else who believes in themselves. The thing about that is that you still run the risk of being wrong, if you don’t play your cards right. The rarely-addressed downside of so often being on EAW’s biggest stages is that the only thing that’s a bigger deal than winning on a big show is losing under that same banner. And it stings. I’d know. But more often than not, I put my money where my mouth is. When it turns out that I’ve been wrong, I dust myself off and redeem myself the next time around. I’m not standing here with a perfect record or a gleaming track record, but I’m running this brand regardless. I’m stronger than anything that’s ever tried to bring me down. No setback I’ve faced has ever been enough to push me aside permanently, but you believe you’re up to the task. Nobody has that power, least of all you. And you can pout and say that’s me underestimating you again, but it’s got less to do with you and more to do with what I know about my own fortitude. People don’t break me, Chelsea. They don’t make me question what I know about myself. You’re talking to somebody far too self-assured for all that bullshit. In regards to Brody, she was walking into a Chamber full of tournament winners and former champions, and she was no doubt the odd kid out. And just like right now, every woman in that match was saying that she was gonna win and wouldn’t hesitate to crush the hopes of the other women under her boot without hesitation. She was just the one who was right in the end. I gambled and I lost, but the way you’re hanging your hat on her success, you’d think you were the one who beat me. You won’t know what that feels like. The all-too-cliche thing about mistakes is that you learn never to make the same one twice. I redeemed myself in this year’s Chamber, and now on the heels of it, I’m facing somebody who seems to think they have my number. You’re nothing like her. She loved what she did. She was passionate about all of this. She poured every single bit of her being into this job, because chasing this dream was how we first crossed paths in the first place. You don’t have that same fire under your ass or the same desire tinging your words. I’m not selling you short, Chelsea. You seem to have confused me not hyping you up for not giving you your due. I just don’t have any reason to treat you any differently than anyone else. I guess the idea of me “making a mistake” and writing you off has you up in arms because of all the stock you’ve put into this match. You said it yourself, your best case scenario is to use a win over me to start setting yourself up for the future. You want the recognition, the sky-high merchandise sales, all of it. You want your face plastered on the marquee and people wearing your shirts. You want the boost to your profile that would come with putting away one of the best wrestlers currently breathing. Underneath the too cool to care demeanor is a woman who’s throwing as much of her apathetic being as she can into this match, while still maintaining that I’m the one with everything to lose. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be a bad fucking luck if the standard-bearer of this show lost a match to somebody who made her debut by blindsiding somebody, but then isn’t it great for me that I’m not about to lose? You can try to play up the gravity of this all you want, you can spew doom and gloom about how this is the greatest challenge a Chamber-damaged version of myself could possibly face. You can mark this down as the date on your calendar when you shoot into a different stratosphere, but you know what Thursday is for me? It’s just another day at the office. That’s it. That’s all you are. An opponent. For you, I’m a trophy. For me, you’re just somebody else to beat. The fact that I refuse to accept anything else doesn’t make me egotistical or fake, but you’re welcome to call it whatever you want. I sure as fuck won’t be rewriting my playbook just because you tell me that I should be scared. You’re not feeling any fear and neither am I. It just turns out I’ll be the one who was right to have been fully confident in herself. With any luck, this will be your Road to Redemption 10 -- a reminder to never again come for me unless you’re sent for. A souvenir of the time that you realized that you were never gonna prove me wrong.

The one standing on my doorstep thinks she’s the one with all the answers, the challenge she thinks I haven’t had in quite a long time. Your promises of a win are rooted almost entirely in the belief that not taking you seriously will prove to be my Achilles heel. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but saying that I know I can take down the latest woman to storm the castle walls won’t be one. You seem to think you’ve got it within you to knock me down in one fell swoop, but I’m all too ready to show you that you never had this thing gauged properly. You stated the obvious when you said I could bleed and register pain. I never forgot that to begin with, but believe me, last weekend would’ve reminded me if I had. Roll the dice and give whatever your version of your all is to wanting me to fall. Then, hang onto whatever consolation prizes you can scrounge up afterward. You’re not cutting my legs out from underneath me, but I look forward to watching you try. You’re taking a magic eraser to the writing on the wall, only to realize that my victory is etched in stone on the brick underneath. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 1:58 pm by Revy
Dirty Diana

Bully? That’s a nice way to put it. Sure. “I’m the Bully?” When so far, in each and every fight I’ve been in, I haven’t done anything far to heinous and in terms of “singling” anyone out, nah, I shit on everyone that crosses my path, from the weak and the strong. I’m not really a bully. I’m just an asshole, and yes, there is a difference, because a bully has an agenda, whether to feel better about themselves and to put down others. An asshole, aka, myself, acts the way I do because there is lack on inhabitation that prevents me for conforming to the proper social norm of making friends and working together. I don’t care for the whole friendship is power talk. I don’t care for unity or the need to prove one’s self in the face of your colleagues and peers to even begin to notice me. All I care is about me and only me, and I’m sure that despite being an asshole, no one is fragile enough to get butthurt over mere words and opinions.
“Sorry, but not sorry” if you are so easily offended by the near notion of being a “nobody” but the truth hurts, doesn’t it? I mean, I remember when I was in your position. I was a nobody too, and I accepted it. I thrived in that notion because it kept me under the radar. This was a great trait to have when you were a sniper for the last decade of your life time, and what can I say, I do my best work in the shadows. Being a nobody isn’t a problem, but a nobody trying to be somebody and never living up to that expectation, why even waste that effort if you don’t have the steel nerve and the emotional stability to maintain your composure. You don’t see me going into the Elimination Chamber match worrying that there were essentially 2 team of women and just me and my little surprise. Laugh and smirk all you want, but you can’t take away that moment from me when I went ahead and did something that only a nobody would do. And now, all of a sudden, a nobody is causing a ruckus and making some noise, and people don’t have much of a choice to acknowledge it, and it really must bother you for someone that isn’t trying so hard to be getting this much attention, now does it?
Isn’t that the point I’ve been trying to make here? That no matter how much you girls try so hard, saying something stupid and simply taking the controversial route of the argument will get you to where you need to go. And all this talk about honor, proving once self, and being the best… blah blah blah. Boring! It’s cliché at this point, and here I am just doing my thing and the people know what they want to see. I mean, you all keep treating this like a sport, but in reality, its just entertainment, and what can I say, I can see the bigger picture. I can see pass the athletics and the pretty faces, and tell you right here and now you might be someone as a wrestler, but as an piece of entertainment, you are a nobody.

You are about as intimidating as a butterfly and you sting like a bee. Sure, a bee sting may hurt, but nothing a cold one can’t fix. I’ll stand by the fact that you are a nobody if you want to insist I’m a bully. Because as far as I’m concerned, Yasmin, you bring nothing to the table or of value, and I’m sure you think you have something special going for you. It won’t change the fact that you are going to be outshined by the kung-fu twins. It won’t change the fact that you will be out shined by the Asian terminator or the Asian queen. God there are so many Asians here. Someone should do something about that. It won’t change the fact that you are the hottest lesbian couple in Empire at the moment. Thrash and Scarlet, or St. Clair and Raine? You take your pick. And it won’t change the fact that you aren’t the dangerous deranged lunatic that I am. You’re boring. You bore me. If I could take a piss break while wrestling with you, I would. But whatever. It pays the same, and a girls gotta drink. See you Thursday, Yasmin. Maybe I’ll turn you inside out and we’ll try to figure out what you are really made of, but in terms of first impressions. I’m not impressed. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 11:26 am by 坂崎ハルナ
Dear diary.....

These recent weeks, I've been fighting in a hellacious battle. A fight that I feel it's too overwhelming for me. No, I am not talking about the recent Elimination Chamber match. I can walk in and face that match with no problem at all. That match is not the overwhelming battle I've been in. It's me battling against.... myself. I really have no idea what should I do next. I even battling against my motivation to fight. Is it worth it anymore? After all of this, I feel like I've been pushed myself too much but here I am.... I am not sure if I am too stubborn or something and decided to keep going even though nobody here cares about me anymore. I keep battling myself whether if I continue here or just gone. Even if I'm gone, nobody will ever miss me anyway.... I have family, I have friends cheering my name far away here and I abandon them only to choose to keep myself fighting here. I fought with my pride, as well as fighting without it and still people look at me the same anyway. I am actually tired of this. My hardwork, my loyalty, everything means nothing right now. Even now, I am here fighting without carrying any fighting spirit that I keep showing to everyone out there. I don't have a reason to fight. I am desperate....



I am tired of losing. I never win anything while I am here. I am treated like a joke here. I am so upset, so angry. Day in and day out I come to the training ground earlier than the others and go home late than them and it's all mean nothing to them. Diary, you are the one who feel my rage in me where I never show it to everyone, even Azumi. Yes, I am really upset to myself. Not because I am not trying enough to be the best. I do EVERYTHING to go there.... I am upset because every single effort that I'm done never get appreciated but I am just too stubborn to keep trying even though I know the result will be no different. Why.... why can't I just stop and be happy with something else? I want to stop but my body won't let me to. Everyone there is waiting for me to come back home. But I don't want to go home only bringing a disappointment to everybody. There must be a way to show them what I can do.... There must be a way, right? Right, Diary?!

Alright then, let's give this another shot. I give myself in and try to think rationally when I do this. You know what people say that just do whatever you like and don't care about everything around. Well, let's try that way. And all of this is not for gold, glory or some bullshit like that, I just do this for myself. For my own excitement and for my own confidence too. I promise someday Azumi and I will face each other and have a very great match together but maybe not right now. I don't have a motivation to fight and maybe we can find that thing together just for now. This might be the best thing I have to do right now.

Who should we fight for this week? Yeah, Savannah again.... Someone who is declaring a war against me.... or Azumi.... whatever. If there is someone who has to declare a war, that shouldn't be you. What is your benefit from this stupid "war"? What are the things you are fighting for? None. Even if you win against me, what do you get? Absolutely nothing! The one who should declare a war against you is supposed to be me. Why? Because you took everything.... EVERYTHING from me. You took my spot to be the face of Empire, you took all the attention and trust of all the crowd, you took my place in their hearts from me then you declare a war on me. What else do you want to take it from me if you win this so-called war? I have nothing left, not even a will to fight anymore. If there's anything you want to take from me, just take it! Now, I supposed to declare whatever war with you, but I'm not going to do that. This match is only for myself. You enjoy your place now, Savannah? You enjoy yourself being in a comfortable candyland where everyone in awe when they look at? You keep asking me to fight you. I will break your candy land, just like you break me! And when this is over, the candy land that you build will burn together with me, the one who supposed to be on your place right now!

And the other one is Consuela..... It's been a while since the last time I faced her and to be honest, there's a lot of difference between her then and now. She won a lot of matches. She scored a victory in Pain for Pride, the biggest event in this place and now, she is the reigning and defending Specialist Champion.... she is a two-time Specialist Champion, an honor that I really aim for so long but it seems really hard for me to get. She got every good things while we walk on separate ways as I am here still struggling, slowly developing my own desperation and anger on the way to my own road. She's no different like me. Just like she told me that I am a talented competitor, same thing can go from my mouth when I talk about her. Who's better between us? I can't answer. I feel like it's safe for me to say that I am on the same class with Consuela. What makes us different? We're not walking in the same road. I don't know, maybe luck who puts Consuela as she is right now but I don't believe it. And now we meet again and all must be thinking that Consuela can easily beat me because she already have everything while I am here still a loser. I am.... YES, I am a loser! I can't overcome this situation but if you were in the same position like me, getting loss after loss after loss and can't seem to find a way to get a victory, can you overcome it and somehow miraculously turning everything around without getting mad and frustrated? No, that question is too complex.... Will you even still be here anyway? That's why, Consuela.... I need this victory. I don't need a title opportunity by the end of this match after I defeat you. One single win will be an important thing for me personally. And I give you a warning just because you are a nice girl. I don't care how the match will end. Even I have to make my hands dirty, as long as it's a simple win, I will do that anyway. I am desperated to get a win and I will do ANYTHING to get out of this desperation. I want to fight just like a Haruna you used to know but not for now. I REALLY want to win.... I already warn you, don't complain anymore about your future defeat. I have to do this, Consuela.... Maybe someday, we can meet again and make a great match when everything is back to be alright in here. But for now, I'm sorry....

From the deepest side of my heart....

Haruna Sakazaki
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 7:25 am by ThePizzaBoy
Dynasty Promo 2

The camera opens on the iconic bow tie and the cracked sunglasses of the former Pizza Boy sitting on a hotel night stand underneath a lamp's dim light. On the bed beside the night stand sits Pizza Boy, still naked, sitting cross legged and staring at the two relics of his past in doe eyed confusion and wonder.

"I didn't bury these.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's absentmindedness, or maybe it's a deep seeded urge not to let go of the past, but I didn't bury them.  People look at them and they see my face, framed by a pretty little bow and a pair of faux-Oakley sunglasses.  To some, that's all they see.  To most, these are the things that define me as the Pizza Boy.  

  I suppose I owe you an apology Ahren.  You seem like a decent enough guy.  You claim to have exorcised your demons.  You came out of a championship run feeling accomplished, and you just want a chance to fight the world famous Pizza Boy and not some former shell of him.  The problem is that you don't seem to understand that we're coming from the same place.  I want competition, and I'm proud of what I've done with the Answers World Champion. By no means do I view myself as a failure or a nobody, but at the same time I can't look at my actions in that Extreme Elimination Chamber and think that I've somehow changed into what I've always professed to be.  I wanted so much to be a sporting champion, but I never got that opportunity.  It was all Red Wallz and Chamber matches.  I trained for so long to be more than that, but it's what EAW wants me to be apparently.  They have no faith in me unless I can fling myself off of something, or bash my head into the side of an infrastructure.  I have to be the stark raving mad lunatic with the pizza cutter in order to be a threat.  I can't just have Eclipse Diemos in a straight up match, and I can't lose the title any other way but violently.  I'm on my thirteenth concussion, Ahren.  Thirteen concussions.  Do you know what that can do to a man's mental health? much less his sense of self? At the least it's going to make him question the world around him, how it sees him, and ask what he's done wrong to deserve this.

   I'm not mad, Ahren.  I'm not depressed, agitated, or even sad. I'm lost.  Everything I love has turned to ash, and the only remaining remnant of who I am, that Answers World Championship, was taken away from me when I had nothing left to call myself but 'champ.'  This isn't an ego stroke, this isn't some ennui over some hunk of tin, this is a man staring into the face of the universe and asking 'who am I?' and 'why me?' and 'where do I go from here?'."

Pizza Boy solemnly, and somewhat cautiously, reaches out and opens the night stand drawer, revealing the Bible within.

"Like I said Ahren; I owe you an apology.  I'm sorry that you're not facing the Pizza Boy.  I'm sorry that I don't know what it would even mean to be the Pizza Boy anymore.  It doesn't mean my spark for competition is dead, or that I'm not going to give you a true fight, but you're not getting the man who turned away the best that Dynasty had to offer.  You're facing a work in progress that's under new management.  The problem is that we've lost the blue prints and have no idea whose guiding this project anymore.  That doesn't mean I'm cheating the people out of a good match though, it just means it wont be the same."

PB extends his other hand out and carefully pushes the tie and shades into the drawer, shuts it, and turns off the lamp.  He sits silently in the darkness for a moment, before his voice cracks and his unblinking eyes narrow.

"I look at you and I see a naive child whose as lost in the woods as I am.  You just don't know it yet.  What are you Ahren? I'm not asking who, I'm asking what?  You feel like a specter of the past that's having fun pretending to be something that it's not.  You're like a hollowed out mask of my youthful flesh set to an affixed smile that mocks the true nature of joy or happiness.  Your eyes are dead and vacant, and your actions are just as empty and artificial as the rest of you.  You're a lie, just a giant illusion set up by a boy that's as unsure of himself as I am.  Maybe that's a symptom of being young, but I'm growing to resent it the more I look at it.  You tell me to go find myself and then ask me to be something I'm not anymore.  You tell me you take this seriously and then you make dick and fart jokes.  You call me sensei and then you wag your thick tongue to give me advice on how I should live my life.  You're a walking contradiction whose actions don't line up with it's words, and the most disgusting thing about you is that I see you and I see myself with more youth, potential, and motivation.  I see a lie that isn't a lie, an identity that isn't a ruse even if it's a smoke screen.  You're just another kid playing adult, but you're bad at it...maybe worse at it than I am.

   Like every young man of every generation you and I are led into battle by the promise of glory and riches.  We're taught salute as our brand of human being raises a flag at half mast.  We're taught to smile at the prospect of dying for our country.  We fight the battles of old men who've grown wise enough to throw a fresh body on the battlefield.  And for what? The color red? A color that might not mean anything to us in two month's time?  We're dumb, snot nosed, sticky fingered children who brag about scars like they're not a notch carved into us to tally another year taken off of our lives.  I'm tired Ahren.  I'm tired of being a mascot for false hope. I'm tired of being a blood curdling battle cry.  I'm tired of being the american dream, tired of being an innocuous pair of sunglasses and a bow tie that somehow equates to blue collar rebellion and pizza.  I'd like to be a human now instead of a folk hero later.  Let me be what I was before some carny yanked me off the streets and shoved me in a leotard and pushed me into the squared circle.  Let me be a refugee, some lost soul on the streets with no home, no name, and no identity outside of the uniform he wears to work every single day."

Pizza Boy turns the lamp light back on.  He then hoists his suitcase up on the bed and unzips it, revealing a pair of black trunks and black boots within.  He stares at them with a dull sense of dread that could almost past for a relaxed expression of comfort and tranquility.

"Let me do what I do best.  Let me start from the bottom and work my way back up..."

PB sighs, pulls the suitcase next to him on the bed, and then pulls the covers over him.  He settles in for a moment, and then begins to reach for the lamp once more.  He stops himself and then stares knowingly at the camera.

"...and we ARE at the bottom.  You're just looking at the card upside down."

The light clicks off once more, as does the camera
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on November 8th 2017, 1:04 am by Cameron Ella Ava

I knew this day would come.

Much like my match with Jamie, this match hits at home with me. The difference being that I’ve never had an issue with him. I’ve never hated him. In fact, I respect him. I respected his values. He became not only a friend to me, but he was more like a mentor or father figure to me. Even when my own wasn’t in my life. He was there when I needed someone to talk to. He was also here when I needed someone to be real with me 100%. This is exactly what Moongoose did. He was real with me. He spoke his mind and there is no doubt in my mind that I respect his opinions. I respect that he has a voice and he is not allowed to lash out to the heavens to make a point. When people look at me and him, there are people who would be like “why is she friends with that goof?”, but what people fail to understand that this friendship began outside of EAW. This friendship evolved inside EAW. Moongoose and I go back to the independent wrestling circuit. We look connection for about five, six years and it wasn’t until he signed here where we began to talk again. For the most part, I was mostly friends with his brother, Shimmer..and Moongoose was part of the deal, but the three of us became something special. We became a dynamic that could never be broken. We became a family. There is no way I want to lose any family members. There is no doubt that we will say things that will manage to get into each other’s skin, but I don’t see our friendship being ruined because of this. Even if it did, I’d get custody of Shimmer for all the days that end in day (just saying). If Jamie and I could amend everything we put each other through for the World Championship, there is no doubt Moongoose and I will be alright. That’s how much I believe in our friendship.

If Moongoose really knew me, he would know that I don’t want to be treated like a gentleman when we’re facing one another. I want to be treated like any other opponent. I don’t want you to hold the ropes for me. I don’t want you guiding me to the ring. I don’t want you checking on me when it seems like you punched me in the face to hard. I want you to try to hurt me. I want you to try to teach me a lesson inside that ring. What could that lesson be? Perhaps, you could teach me to mind my own business? I mean, you, just like every other member of the EAW Universe think I am the sole reason why TLA did not win the World Heavyweight Championship at Ground Zero. You are just looking for anyone to blame, but TLA himself. To be quite honest, Jamie didn’t need my help to retain his title. He could have finished that joke off with one Kingslayer and went off his merry way to the back. You are someone who is not familiar with being placed in an authority setting. You have never had a moment where the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship was not in the palm of your hands. I didn’t want to show any bias. I didn’t want to show favoritism to Jamie because of where we stood in our relationship. I did not want to show favoritism for TLA because I was angry about Territorial Invasion. You see, TLA brought the loss to himself. It was his fault that he didn’t win the title at Ground Zero. Perhaps, if he didn’t jab me about not getting the job done at Territorial Invasion, it could have been a different story. I expected more of you. I expected you to see things from my perspective, but you’re thinking just like the ordinary EAW fan. I mean, they all wanted to see TLA  finally capture the big one at Road to Redemption, but he can’t even manage to make it to the final two. I mean, if TLA the champion walking into the match, he would have lost the title within a snap of his fingers.

If all of this was really karma, then let me face my due. In my heart, I did what I believed to be right. If there has to be anyone in this world that is going to knock sense back into me, then let it be my family. You see Moongoose, I don’t think you will knock any sense to me at all. I’m quite stubborn. It is going to be difficult to try to get me down for the three count. If you are familiar with me, you should know that I am probably one of the more difficult opponents you have faced in your EAW career so far. I’m just like a Methuselah, Drake Jaeger, Jacob Senn or Jamie O’Hara. You’re not going to get a Amy-Jayne in the ring. You’re going to get a Hall of Fame who is hot off of winning the Grand Prix and adding another accomplishment on her resume. I am wrapping up probably one of my best years in my seven year tenure in EAW. I’ve done everything from winning tournaments to breaking hearts to facing family. I’ve held titles. I’ve been in history making matches. I’ve helped change the course in Women’s Wrestling. People look at me and wonder what I’m going to do next? Well, becoming one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions seems very tempting. What’s next for you, Moongoose? The moment I saw Finnegan Wakefield pull the title down, I worried for you. I didn’t picture you as someone who planned their next steps in advance. I mean, with that match against Jon McAdams ending in a draw, what is next for you? What does this opportunity hold for you? What’s in the cards for Moongoose McQueen? Perhaps, you won’t answer that. I’ll be like everyone else and figure it out on Voltage and I’m fine with that. My question will be what happens if this fails? Where does that leave you? There is no way I want a repeat of your run on Dynasty to take place on Voltage. You were one of the most underutilized talents on Dynasty. I feel like Voltage is the perfect platform for you to shine on. You did that as New Breed Champion. I believe you can shine as Interwire or World Heavyweight Champion. But, you are so keen on earning your rewards and I fully respect that.

I’ve always been this way, Moongoose. Shimmer accepted that. He knows how much of a bitch I can be. He knows how much of a dog eat dog world EAW is. It’s all about survival and I’m only surviving. I’m not surprised that you think of that about me. It’s about fucking time someone told me what I’ve been needing to here. Will it change how I approach this? Probably not. I’m always going to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Outside of EAW, it’s an entirely different story. I mean, there is no doubt that I respect you and cherish you more than anyone in this company. Just like you, I am great friends with very few people because I know how this business likes to fuck over friendships. I don’t want this friendship to be fucked over just because there are some ideals and values we may not agree on. When it comes to our missions to save children, we can agree on the most random shit, but when it comes to how I’ve been approaching things. I don’t think this place has made me ugly. I am quite hurt that you would compare me to REVY out of all people! I am Consuela compared to Revy! I would never end up like her! I can’t believe you actually said that! Other than that, I can’t believe that you think I treat Jamie so poorly.  I treat him like a king outside EAW. I treat him the way he should be treated. I’m always backstage after his matches. I give him a water bottle and a towel to wipe his sweat. At home, we’ll sit down and have a pizza and couple beers. We’ll go on a dinner date once a week because that’s what I like and he’ll dress up for that one day of the week for a few hours because that makes me happy. Whenever we’re in Australia, we’ll go to a few Rugby games and I’ll be the one trying to calm him down when his team is complete shit. We’ll have some beer and a couple of burning snags (YES, I CAN CALL THEM THAT). I’ll hug him when he’s completely down. Out of all the bantering and ballbusting, is a woman who truly loves her man and vice versa. Plus, it’s above average.

When I’m on top of the company, I am never alone because I have everything that I could ever have with me. I’m nothing without my family and that is a part of me that I will never leave behind. I also need to keep up a serious mindset if it means that you’re just another opponent for me. You’re an opponent I truly respect, but you are indeed an opponent. I’m not holding back in this match. I know exactly what I need to do to win. I just hope that it will be no hard feelings from your part. I would hate for you to leave my life like many others have done before you. I like that you’re compelled to win this match. To you, this goes beyond winning a match. If you win this match, there is a chance that you might humble me. Can you humble me? That’s the question everyone's asking. How do you humble a Goddess like myself? How do you humble a woman who is regularly worshipped and respected on a daily basis? It seems like I will figure that out soon...or not. Perhaps, it will be you that finally gains the sense of you can’t humble a Goddess.
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Post on November 7th 2017, 11:08 pm by Consuela Rose Ava

These past few weeks, I have been itching to get back to wrestling. As I watched the Womens World Championship get defended in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, I wanted to get inside the chamber and fight alongside two significant competitors in Aria Jaxon and my partner on Empire this week, Savannah Sunshine. The match was such an emotional rollercoaster for me. From the tributes to Savannah Sunshine and Aria Jaxon fighting alongside each other. Both women determined to eliminate the Asian mafia one by one. It was such an exciting thing to witness from backstage. With Road to Redemption out of the way, we approach the next Empire Supershow, Bloodletter. What can we expect from the match? Well, I hope to defend the Specialists Championship that I have promised and vowed to fight for with all of my heart. My opponent or opponents will be determined by the handicap match with April Song facing off against Syndey St. Clair and Megan Raine. What the women in the match should know is that I’ll be keeping an eye on them very carefully. I’m aware of April hitting rock bottom when she lost to me. I’m aware of the tension between Megan and Syndey. When it matters, they should not focus on their issues. They should focus on the gold around my shoulder because there’s no way I am planning to drop this anytime soon. The Maiden as champion is going to be something that is television worthy because you won’t want to miss what I do next. This week Savannah and I are taking on probably the most irrelevant couple on EAW in Azumi Goto and Haruna Sakazaki. Wait, I got to give them props. At least, they managed to get on the Road to Redemption match card. I mean, all I was doing was stuffing my face with hot dogs and lemonade with my Brody Sparks t-shirt. There is no doubt that I wanted to be part of the action, but it looks like I got my wish this week.

How dare you, Azumi? How dare you use someone’s death as a way to get under Aria Jaxon’s skin? I know for a fact that she is a strong woman who doesn’t need me to speak for her, but I’ve always had an issue with you, and this just gives me more of a problem with you. Honestly, I hope that people have harassed you on social media. I hope that the multiple death threats you’ve had on your accounts have made you realize that you’re not just a shitty person, but you’re shit in general. I hope that you thank the heavens every day that you only made Aria angry. If you made me mad, then it seems like you’ll be joining the rest of the Asian clan in the room of irrelevancy. Hell, you’ll end up like Brody, but you won’t go where she went.. Nah, there’s a special place you’ll be going. But, that’s another story for another time. In your response, you’ll boast about being in the final two with Aria, but being number two when the rest of the competition (not counting Savannah) was shit? I mean, ANYONE other than the women participating in the match would have been good competition against Aria. If the sixth participant in the match were still with us, it would have been an entirely different story. You probably won’t have lasted all the way to the end. You probably would be the first eliminated in the match- like you were supposed to be in the very early on. There is nothing proud about being least garbage out of the garbage competition in the match. Savannah fell victim to the number’s game, but it’s an even Plainfield on Empire. Savannah should not be ashamed that she fell victim to the garbage scenario. She indeed has the heart to get better, and she’ll get better results next time. I cannot wait for you to boast about being the best, Azumi! I cannot wait for you to call yourself the “Ace of Empire” even though you’re nothing, but an ass. You’re not what Empire is all about. You’re not even close to being a decent representation of this brand. There’s a reason why you haven’t been champion yet. It's not because you're trying to wait for the perfect opportunity.   There is no one being “favored” or “protected” backstage. It’s always been the same reason. It’s been the same reason since you joined EAW to your first title shot to now, you’re just not good enough to hang with us. The only reason why you got to be part of the match was that they settled with having great competition. They knew the competition on the Empire roster has been running low, so they just pulled your name out of a drawing and settled with you. Kind of like what Haruna did. Ooooh, burn. Go ahead, Azumi state your case. Keep saying the same garbage and inaccurate shit you’ve been saying since day one, but it will be even more evident that I manage to get inside your skin. I make your blood boil, and now, I’m going to prove once again that you have nothing to me.

Haruna Sakazaki, it’s been awhile since we crossed paths, but I’m not entirely happy we are meeting in this case. Once again, Road to Redemption did not play in your favor. I had hope. I had the glimmer of hope that you would somewhat pull an upset. Out a billion tragic losses, there is that one glorious victory that can come out of it. I supposed you haven’t reached to your billionth loss to experience that one win. To me, it seems like you’re looking for the one thing to get your Empire experience back on track. Like every year, 2017 has not been kind to you.  Loss after loss, I mean that’s the story of your career, and it’s...depressing. I do feel like you can become something on Empire. With the huge competition gone, this could be the first opportunity you have been waiting for years to come. You finally have the chance to place yourself in the championship picture. Even as we approach 2018, this could be your lucky year. There is no one stopping you from getting to any championship your heart desires. It does not matter if that’s the Womens Championship held by Aria Jaxon or the Specialists Championship owned by myself, but we’re always open to having new competition step down to the plate and place their challenge. I don’t understand why you’re so hesitant to make your move. Are you afraid of what Azumi will think of you? Are you afraid of going after a title that she is going after? You two may have been safe from facing each other at Road to Redemption, but I do believe there will come the point in this Empire run where you will fight each other. It could be for a championship, and that is a moment in which the EAW Universe cannot wait. For me, I cannot wait to watch two dumb Asians slaughter each other in the ring. Not because they make a mess, but because I’m not going to be the woman that cleans that ugly filth from the ring. I’ve been anticipating the day where I would get my hands on two of the worst human beings to exist on the Empire brand for a while now. Personally, I think the two of you annoy me. Azumi annoys me more. I like to think of you as the better of the two, but that’s not saying much. I’ve been quite bothered by the way you and your wife have walked around like you own the damn place. I hate how you concluded that you two think that you rule Empire. There is a strength in numbers. That was a massive concern at Road to Redemption when it came to Savannah Sunshine, but that will not be a problem the moment I step into the ring. I know a thing or two about the numbers game, but I also do a job about fighting by myself and getting what I want. That is something you haven’t learned during your past few years into your EAW career. Might be well learned now than never.

You and Azumi and Savannah and I have no advantages or disadvantages when it comes to this match. There is no numbers game in this match. But, hey, if there ever comes a moment where you even think about taking one of us out of the equation, we’ll have no problem with turning you women into sushi rolls. I look forward to siding with the Queen of Candyland. May her bring all the sugary sweets she can into this matchup. May her bring the Slurpees and fun into this match. I mean, what’s more fun than delivering karma to two of the most prominent bitches out of the entire Division?
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Post on November 7th 2017, 8:48 pm by Ryan Savage
I've sat around and I've pondered to myself on when I should decide to step back inside a Dynasty Wrestling ring. November 10th, 2017 will mark my reemergence into the consciousness of mankind where I have started a journey back from obscurity and oblivion. When I decided to take my ball and go home for a while I was told by many people that in order to get back to where I belong I need to find that fire that was burning inside of me that brought me to the dance, when I signed my life to this company. It took me a while when I spent time with my family and not even thought about the other wrestlers on this brand but thought about when I'll make my next move and how I will regain the fire and dominance that I once had. It didn't hit me until I was in my room closed off from the world fading into the black night and in that moment it came to me. The memories, the trials and the tribulations from the highs and the lows of my life came at me all at once and it sparked an urge within me that I couldn't ignore. It was that same lust and excitement that I had when I enter each and every arena across the world eager for battle and destruction and that's where my senses where heighten and my performance inside the ring was at its peak. For the longest time that I could remember within the past three or four years, I have let the pressure of being a top guy in this business or becoming world champion and things like revenge cloud me and got into the way of what I truly enjoy in life and that's competition. I enjoy the adrenaline coursing through my veins knowing that the man or woman across from can potentially take my life and end my career at a moment's notice. That was something that I looked forward every time I lace up my boots and with that in mind that success and the championship followed suit that came with my obsession with conflict. I've been asked to find that Ryan Savage from long ago that has been lying dormant inside of me and become the savage beast that I was meant to be. In reality, I wasn't meant to be a good friend, a brother, a father figure or any of that. Sure those things are important but the one thing I forgot about myself is that I'm not an average human being. My primal instincts tell me that everything I see, I must conquer and destroy and be the only man on top of the food chain. Everything else that goes on in my life means absolutely nothing and the only thing that matters is dominance while I'll pile bodies upon bodies while no one can deny me of my spot on the top of the Dynasty food chain and my campaign will start when I take down the man named Aka Manah.
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Post on November 7th 2017, 8:08 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Ahren can be seen in a tree petting a chicken.)

I found a chicken, I wanted him, so now I have him. I don't have a name for him yet, so get on twitter to help me out. Jennipurr isn't a fan, but you know, she wasn't a fan of Esteban or Bob Barker before, and now they're best friends so. She doesn't like change. So gimme your suggestions, #NameDaChicken. Anyways, I might eat him, I don't know yet. Protein man, ya heard? Yeah you heard, because you're not deaf. Neither am I, so I heard what Pizza Boy said. Flawless segue, I'm the best at those, you'll learn that. What do you think Chicken? How do you feel about Pizza Boy?

Chicken: Bawk

Ahren: Oh cool, you're a fan of his buffalo chicken pizza?

Chicken: Cluck

Ahren: Oh you're a cannibal that's not good Chicken.

(Flannery and Jennipurr climb up the tree, Jennipurr looks none too pleased)

Flannery: Ahren

Ahren: Flannery

Flannery: Jennipurr and I had a talk, and we don't like the chicken. You have too many animals, you can't spread the love.

Ahren: Can too

Flannery: Nuh uh

Ahren: Uh huh

Flannery: Doubt it

Ahren: Don't

Flannery: Oh ok I won't.

Ahren: OK cool, good talk. Speaking of talking, I'm talking to a camera at the moment.

Flannery: Oh, didn't notice that.

Ahren: Yeah you're pretty bad at observing things.

Flannery: I'm gonna go.

Ahren: I feel like this back and forth was pointless.

Flannery: Yeah well..

(Flannery leaves, Jennipurr stays. She's just staring at the chicken licking her cat lips. Not in the way she licks her cat lips when cat dick is present, no. She's hungry for cock, but not that kind.. The chicken kind fam.)

Ahren: Jennipurr leave my cock alone. Yeah I'm really immature, and called my chicken a cock to make a joke about my penis. Isn't that funny Pizza Boy? No? Ok cool.   You know it's funny, as much as everyone may think, I'm not mad. I'm not bitter. I'm actually at peace with what happened. No one screwed me, I just came up short. It's not like I got my ass kicked, it wasn't a one sided Affair, it was a back and forth match that just so happened went Darkanes way. A tip of the cap to you sir, and I hope you continue to do that title justice, because that's what it deserves. Pizza Boy, you're one of the people that thought I'd be mad, but no. Quite frankly I'm happy, because I proved that I was the only one that could've made that match what it was. That title is my baby, I brought it back from the ashes until I lost it, and it returned to the Bowles of obscurity. I said going into that match that my one goal was to help that title, to make it mean something, show that it's worth a fight. After the match we had id like to think I succeeded. So much so I was given the ex answers world champion in the main event of dynasty this week. It's unfortunate that you're acting this way Pizza, what's happening to dynasty's hero? One loss and you're casting yourself off as a nobody? That's sad. I get it, you keep getting screwed out of things that you deserve, and you deserve that title. I'll even admit that you've been fucked over in this company more than even me. Cash in after cash on you after a match, how is that fair? It's not man, and I get it. People don't just accidentally fall into holding the Answers World Championship, you earn it. But Nico didn't get that message, he's cashed in on you twice after the fact. I don't want the former Pizza Boy, I want the current Pizza Boy, because you still are that pizza boy. You're still that guy, you've just had a string of bad luck. I want to help you get out of this funk, because I don't want a win over you with a "but". I've never been one to take the easy way out, I always want the best of someone. That's why when I go for a title I go into a gauntlet match with glass and weapons and I come out on top. I want that competition, I crave it. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I lose, but at least I let it all out on the line. You can pick yourself up Pizza Boy, realize you're the same person that just made a mistake. Or you can keep this pity parade going, and slip into obscurity. I know I can't help you pizza boy, career wise. I mean what have I done? What could I teach you? But you lack confidence and that's something I have a lot of, but I'm not so stubborn to think that there isn't room to grow. You had HBB to teach you the ropes, to lead you to the way of success, I've never had that I did it myself. But now I'm thinking that maybe I should seek that guidance. Maybe your new purpose could be to guide me like HBB did for you, wouldn't that be splendid. You want to be my mentor? Come on Sensei! I've never seen seen some one with so little, accomplish so much, it's quite remarkable. You'd think that you'd be the one to be cheating to get all these victories, but no, you're the one that keeps getting the shaft. I need some of what you got, some of that HBB knowledge. We could just be two sexy beasts helping each other out on the way to stardom. I mean you're a pizza boy! Formally I guess. But what are pizza boys but a porno persona, extra sausage right? We just might need each other pizza boy. You need a confidence boost, I need direction, sounds like a match made in heaven. 

You know Sensei this might actually be a great time to reveal your true self. Since you're on this path of enlightenment or whatever it is this depressing state is, you can finally reveal who you really are. Let's be honest your whole persona has been surrounded by the fact that you are the pizza boy. You delivered. Ok but who are you? The artist formally known as pizza boy doesn't really work for me. Who is the pizza boy, what is your name? How did you get to where you are now? Why do you hate your true identity so much? What happened? Ahren Fournier is here for you Pizza, the Trill Fairy is here to help guide you to the light. I know what you're capable of and this isn't the end. You know it's not the end as you stated but I want to help you get to the normalized Pizza, New and improved... Chicago style, deep dish. Strip it down to build it up again, let's do this. 

I took a loss at Road To Redemption, it was a great match. I can take solace in the fact that the Hardcore title is in good hands now. The Hardcore Title was never my end goal, I always wanted to be here, in the main event against a main event talent. Don't get me wrong I love the Hardcore Title, and I always will. It's like my ex girlfriend... The first one. You know the one that you tried everything with, your first. You'll always have that special place in your heart for her, even though you know you were never meant to be. A little piece of you will always love that special person, and the Hardcore Title is that special title for me. But that doesn't mean I want to go back to it; for now at least. I want to move onto bigger and better things, I want the chances to move onto bigger and better things. That's all I've ever wanted really, chances, chances to prove myself. That's the way I viewed that Hardcore title bout, and I think it went well. Never have I been the main event of Dynasty, one week later here we are. I'm going to grab this chance by the throat and throttle it. And on the way to this success maybe I can help a soul that's lost his way. Tomorrow is my birthday Sensei Pizza Boy, which should make tomorrow a national holiday. I view this match as a birthday present, so I thank the person that made this possible. I expect a freshly made pizza cake for me in the ring. I know you haven't made any pizza in a while but I think it'll be therapeutic for you. Also I deserve it. I'll see ya pizza, this is gonna be fun for both of us. I hope I'm not wrong about you Sensei, if you don't teach me at least one thing in our match, I won't ever look at you the same way ever again, and you'll never be called my sensei ever again. Also I'll probably cry, and I'm a sexy crier, so watch out for that. 

(Jennipurr makes her move for the chicken, she wants that thing in her mouth right here, and right now. But Ahren stiff arms her, and does a Heissman spin out of the tree, landing perfectly. Everyone gives him a 10 except the German judge, because he's a dick. Ahren didn't even know that he was being judged on things at the moment, but when you're the sexual stallion, and this is your movie, that kind of thing happens.)

Ahren: Hey why do you people keep rating me in every day life! I'm not an animal!

Judge: We don't judge animals so what you said doesn't make sense.

(Ahren walks up to the judge, and picks up his number cards, and rips them up.)

Ahren: Now what fam, now what.

(Judge whips out another set of cards.)

Judge: I'm always prepared bitch, I'm going to judge you til you die, and then I'll judge your death. 

Ahren: I will end your life first fam.

Judge: I'll judge the way you kill me, and then my ghost will judge you.

Ahren: Who are you Aaron Judge

(Ahren turns to the camera because he's pleased with his pun)

Judge: No, I'm not.

(He said this quite seriously, did he understand it was just a joke? Probably not, he's like a wet blanket, no fun)

Ahren: Ok well I'm going to take my chicken and get out of here. Probably eat a Buffalo Chicken PIzza

Judge: But he's a chicken, what is he a cannibal?

Ahren: I know right? THIS CHICKEN DOESN'T GIVE ANY FUCKS! Anyways bye.

Judge: Alright I'll be there to judge your shower later.

Ahren: Ok bye.

(Ahren walks away, taking a few steps to the right.. Because it's the right way to go, Ha another pun. Jennipurr as a last ditch effort jumps out of the tree trying to get the chicken, but to no avail, she misses. Ahren and the chicken go and enjoy pizza. Camera fades to black)
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Post on November 7th 2017, 3:21 pm by Chelsea Crowe


event: thursday night empire | 11/9/2017 edition
promo number: 2
participants: chelsea crowe versus aria jaxon
word count: 2,917 words

scene one:
november 7, 2017 // televised

An explosion of life and colour erupts as the scene opens to the riotous sound of the Sex Pistols' 'God Save the Queen' – on the nose, but it'll do. The underground bar, filled with bright-haired punks and covered in decades-old memorabilia, holds one dark spot. Chelsea Crowe stands out in the sea of bold colours with her own dark look, and even the light above her doesn't seem to provide an alternative to the shadows. She looks bored, noticeably so, and as she leaves her table and brushes off the hand that reaches for her – one that belongs to the stranger buying her drinks and providing dull conversation – the bar patrons seem to part so she can make her way through. Chelsea finds the entrance, and the camera finds her as she steps outside. A few smokers are scared away with a mean look before Chelsea looks to the lens, the song's muffled outro of “no future for you” just about discernible in the background.

Chelsea lets out a sigh, takes a moment to clear her head, and then smiles ever-so-subtly.

CHELSEA CROWE: “You know, Aria's right when she says she's a constant. Because she constantly does the same thing. Ah, the Aria Jaxon Special: opening up every single long-winded speech by talking about yourself at length. Never seen that before. Yawn. It almost makes me wonder if she just follows the same method for everything she says: open with an unhealthy dose of bragging, try to argue and in the process contradict herself, dismiss opponents and make assumptions about them, and then sign off with another misplaced sense of self-assurance. Then she rinses off her hands after fingering herself to the sound of her own voice, and repeats. Seriously, you could look back at almost everything Aria has said and see this same or very similar structure. Honestly Aria, it's great that you're so varied in the ring, otherwise everyone would have predicted you by now.

But let's talk about this belief of being a “constant”, of being the guaranteed winner. “I am the constant”? Sounds like complacency to me. And complacency kills.

See, that's all I can really get from you, Aria. Complacency. “They all fall the same”? Really? You've never even fought me, and you're already complacent in your victory. I bet if I said that, you'd call me a naïve little idiot, so what makes you different? “B-B-But my title! Don't you see my win-loss record!”. Sorry hun, but no one's untouchable, not even long-reigning champions. And you can stand there and say you've already won, but until your hand is raised, you're as much of a loser as you'd like to think I am. But I guess you're just a victim in all this. Poor Aria Jaxon, a victim of circumstance. Not even the Queen is safe from peril. You've never been challenged enough recently to feel anything but complacent, so you've reverted into this weakened, self-satisfied person who is so sure of herself – when she really shouldn't be. I mean, we can even see it in how you talk and address opponents, like I just pointed out. Because why change, right? It's not like you're fighting someone you really can't understand, someone you've never even faced before.

And it's so funny, because you want to act as if I'm at the disadvantage here. You mentioned the hours of tapes I could watch of you, the people I could ask about you, and you've already experienced how much I can deconstruct you in terms of what I know about you. And what did you do in response? Attempted to psychoanalyse me, and proved me right. But we'll get to those things in a bit, because the real issue here is the fact that you've misunderstood me, and you've forgotten that you're human. How hilarious – in the process of trying to seem human, you've forgotten that you have the biggest human weakness of them all staring you in the face. The possibility of making a mistake. Anyone's feet can be planted on the floor, but one punch can knock them off their feet and onto their arse. So don't make an arse of yourself, Aria. Because you've dodged strikes for so long you're bound to get tired at some point. You'll slip up, because contrary to popular belief, you aren't little miss perfect. You're not even 'little miss almost-perfect'. You're little miss 'on-the-edge-of-losing-it-all'.

The bar door opens and music pours out briefly as Chelsea takes a brief pause before continuing.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Let's look at how much you've misunderstood me. I'm the kind of person who goes for the money. That's very true, I'm glad you at least know that about me. Though I don't know why you'd roll your eyes at that when you're standing there with several brand deals, TV show appearances, and sponsorships. I forgot that only wrestling because you're passionate about the sport and the fans translates into diving for every money-grabbing opportunity possible. And then you say that my ambition is “misplaced”? I know you know this because you brag about it at every possible moment, but you're at the top of this division. You're the biggest pay cheque to come my way. So either you forgot what you said about me being in it for purely the money, or you're just not realising why I'm so ready to knock you down from your place. I came here to get myself a nice retirement fund, and you, Pay Cheque, are going to be hit with a force hard enough to send you off your feet and onto your head.

Best of all is how you want to insult my intelligence. Hun, there's nothing 'supposed' about my intelligence. You've proven that by falling exactly into the place I expected you to be. I said it before: when someone points out a weakness, you spew out this backwards logic in an attempt to protect yourself. Though all it does is make you look desperate. Let's not forget I even criticised you for bragging non-stop about how much you've done. And what have you done here? Bragged, contradicted yourself, and looked utterly desperate. You're grasping at straws in an attempt to undermine me. I know you want to think you've ruined my argument and credibility, but all you've really done is proven me right.

A disappointed sigh.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I never said you weren't a world-class athlete. Your athleticism and skill were actually some of the only things I praised you for. God, if you wanted something to disprove, I gave you a whole bunch of negatives you could've taken a stab at. Or did you realise there was no point because I was telling the truth? But you're right, I did have the luxury of sitting backstage, and I plan on taking full advantage of that break against you this week. I'm ready and raring to go, and you'll be lucky if you're one-hundred percent after that chamber match. And you're somewhat right: “heavy lifting” isn't always for me. I'm an opportunistic woman. A smart woman. And if I see a weakness to exploit, I will gladly tear it apart. I'm sure you'll be able to realise that when I'm done speaking.

Please explain how I'm “not equipped” to beat you. You tried to prey on my intelligence and I've proven you wrong here. My matches will prove you wrong too, if you look back at how I've played my opponents like a violin. You can cry about all your title reigns, but as I've already explained, you're not untouchable. Maybe if you'd never lost up to this point, that claim would mean something, but you're not immune to defeat. Newcomers have beaten champions before: just look at how you defeated the then-Vixens Champion in your second EAW match. So go into great, proven detail about how I'm not equipped to beat you, please.

I mean, you could argue I don't know what I'm up against. To which I reply: you're wrong. Oh, I know I have a lot to prove here. I don't need you to point out the obvious. Do you think I'd say half the shit I said if I wasn't confident I could outdo you? I'm not your average bitch, Aria. I'm not going to crumble at the first bit of abuse your throw my way. You ask what I've done, and I'll tell you: I had the balls to stand in front of you and call you out like no other debuting little starlet would. Hell, I had the balls to do something some women who've been here for longer than me haven't done. I've stood up to you, I haven't fallen before the “constant” Queen.

But really, am I the one with the most to prove and lose here? Do I really have a long way to fall, Aria? Here I stand before you, a woman who has been given this brand and this whole company on a silver platter. The current Women's World Champion, the winner of the first ever Empress of Elite tournament, the only woman to ever win the Young Lions Cup, the face that people see on every piece of EAW advertising, and the one that everyone measures themselves against. I'd be lying if I said I didn't compare myself to you, but it's not because I admire you, and it's not because of your passion. I compare my marketability to yours. I see every single piece of merch you're on, every single PR appearance you make, and I've decided that I will surpass what you have done. If that means I need to become a multi-time champion, then so be it. I will. A belt to you might mean the world, but to me, it's just a strap that allows me to beat more money out of EAW.

So Aria, am I really the one with far to fall? I have nothing compared to you: no legacy to defend, no titles on the line, no potential for loss. If you beat me, I'll join a long line of people who have lost to you and still rebounded. And if I beat you, then you can take the lead of the pity party to rival my celebrations. If I win, everything you stand for will be for nothing. I'll prove to you that in this day and age, passion has made everyone bankrupt, and we need real moneymakers. They need people who see this as a business, people who treat every opponent and match clinically – people like me. Because whilst you work for the fans, I work for myself. My industry.

Chelsea smirks.

CHELSEA CROWE: “I see you do have your head up your arse. Because you see, after I debuted, people were talking about me. I wasn't just “some newcomer”, I was a threat. The Specialists Champion was watching me, other newcomers had my name on their lips. Even your sycophantic psycho fan Savannah couldn't stop herself from mentioning me. So maybe I do only have Kimi Hendrix's number, but that's not to say no one else is protecting theirs from me. And you? You're trying the hardest to hide yours. It all comes back to that desperation. Like, why would you bring up other people when this match is between you and me? Why would I point out the wrongdoings of your adversaries? I'm not fighting Stephanie Matsuda, I'm not taking on Cameron Ella Ava. I'm fighting you. I couldn't give a damn what any of them did to you, because what difference do their actions from years ago make in this match? Common sense, please – I know you're capable of it. But no, I see what you tried to do there. You did that desperation thing. “Oh no, she's pointing out my flaws – better distract her by mentioning other people”. Nice try, hun, but I don't entertain bullshit.

Why am I so obsessed with the idea that your humility is a ruse? Because it is. Humility comes from a fall, a struggle, and you've had nothing like that. Not yet, anyway. I mean, how can you say you have humility when you just bragged about being a guaranteed winner a couple minutes before? Doesn't add up, does it? Not that you'll see that, because everything you say is the law, right? You can't be contradictory, you can't be arrogant. You're a humble Queen. You're the paragon of humility. And I'm the villain, as always.

Well, I love that role. Speaking of roles though, how hysterical of you to tell me not to settle into my role when you're the one with an addiction to complacency. You've stuck with everything I imagined you would: the constant unnecessary bragging, the backwards logic, the attempts at humility. It's just as I said and proved against Kimi Hendrix: a leopard never changes its spots. Poor girl tried to come at me with this new, upgraded version of herself and she still lost. No matter how many changes you go through, a person's nature will always remain the same. And it's just in your nature to be complacent and to underestimate people, Aria. It makes you feel better about yourself. Imagine that: being the Women's World Champion and still needing to underestimate others in order to feel good. It's almost pathetic. Oh wait, no, it is pathetic. I might be arrogant, selfish, and overall just a bitch in most people's eyes, but at least I don't dismiss anyone. I know that I can never afford to do that, because I have at least half a brain.

A pause. Then, an unhindered, sinister laugh escapes Chelsea as a smoking bar-goer looks on.

CHELSEA CROWE: “Sorry, I just can't believe that you think you've never cut people down. You want to ask me when you've ever held someone's head underwater? Please, you're not that obvious. No, I'll give you this: you're smart in how you drag other people down. I mean, I already said how you try to 'support' others and then cut it away as soon as they come for your neck. In reality, you're not the hand holding someone's head underwater – you're the poisonous gas that they can't see slowly suffocating them. Because you're very subtle, Aria. You spew all this BS about how you winning is guaranteed, you tell people you respect them and then take it away, you underestimate people. That's what you do. But you're right, I am an expert on your history, because I remember one time when that didn't work. Road to Redemption 10.

The times you've failed are the times you've underestimated people. Much like Road to Redemption 10, when you lost to the late, iconic Brody Sparks because you told her it wasn't her time. You undersold her, and you didn't see the threat she presented to you. You were so sure you were going to win that Specialists Championship. And you lost. So I can see why you're so quick to say you don't hold people down to advance up the ladder, because there's at least one instance of it blowing up in your face more than Aren does. And if you continue to treat me like some lost little girl who doesn't know what she's up against, then prepare for that to happen again.

You should be scared. And I'm not saying that to make you terrified of me. You've already shown you couldn't care less about taking me seriously as a competitor, or at least not one that could actually dethrone you. But people who come up against me with no fear in them tend to come up short. Kimi didn't want to be scared and she took a bottle to the face and two punts to the head. Sydney wasn't scared and she took a loss too. Stephanie Matsuda showed no fear, and she came this close to suffering from a loss to a debuting newcomer before her arse got saved. So please, Aria, for your sake: show a bit of concern. Don't go into this being a bold-faced idiot. After all you've done to sabotage yourself, the least you can do is show some kind of worry when confronting me.

As Chelsea takes a deep breath, it's clear that she's winding down. Settling for a conclusion. And though she could go on and on, she's ready to finish for now.

CHELSEA CROWE: ““Every win is another brick in the castle wall,” you said. Well, I'm the brick that's going to cause your empire to fall. Because you won't be able to stop me from shaking your foundations. You see, Aria, you can believe that you bleed royal blue blood, but it doesn't take away from that fact that you can still bleed. You can be taken down, you can be predicted, and you can fall. You will fall. After all, you just fell into my trap of doing exactly as I knew you would – as I said you would. So you're definitely prone to making mistakes. You talk about visions of grandeur, but you better check yourself into a hospital, because you've been having hallucinations of invincibility for a long time now. When Empire is over, the monarchy is going to be in chaos.

God save the Queen.

Chelsea leaves the camera with a smirk as she heads back inside the bar, her silhouette overpowering the music and bright life inside. The door closes behind her and we fade to black.
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Post on November 7th 2017, 1:03 pm by FEARDIAMOND. (Online)
I could tell you people what you already know, that I'm going to kick Jaywalker's ass, but that just isn't good enough, see this is MY fault. I should of known throwing you off the stage wouldn't be enough to keep you down, so it's clear what I have to do, I'm not only going to kick your ass. I'm going to end your fucking career. So I could yell, I could beg and I could scream and I could do all this shit and Brian Daniels isn't going to give me what I want, no matter how many times I've been screwed in this fucking company, the higher-ups won't do shit for me that's why I never go to them. You've tried to keep Showdown peaceful, you've tried to promote this show on earning opportunities, well Jaywalker has earned his end. The innocent people of Showdown who have nothing to do with this have earned their end, I'm no longer going to stop chaos from running it's ugly head. I am chaos, I am pain and I just need to ask, how many innocent people are going to have to get hurt? How much blood am I going to have to spill until I get Jaywalker's ass where I want him? No strings attached, no Triumvirate, this world isn't big enough for the two of us, one of us has to go and Jaywalker has done nothing but take up space. I always knew you lost your balls a long time ago, but still you never learn. Nobody learns, I  am indestructible, you hunted and you sure as hell couldn't kill BECAUSE I AM STILL STANDING HERE! I AM STILL HERE, I AM GOING TO WALK DOWN TO THE RING ON SHOWDOWN AND I AM GOING TO KICK SOMEONE'S ASS! You've become this soft EAW and you are from the EAW where it was cutthroat, you had to have your head on swivel, and the old Jaywalker would of left me for dead, but no. If you aren't going to put me down for good then damn it I'm going to do it to you, I'm going to end your fucking career, I'm going to focus all my energy on making your squeal, making you scream blood. We both know how this story is going to end, your an obsolete man hanging onto past glory, and you use your past glory to get by day by day, you aren't slick, you are a con artist, you are so quick to say you are my mentor but you left and who had to pick up the slack? Diamond fucking Cage, on his own, I never needed you, I never needed your endorsement, if anything I've achieved everything in this company in spite of you, I was going to be the EAW World Champion for the second time IN SPITE OF YOU! And that just pisses you off right? It burns a hole in the deepest pit of your fucking stomach because you know deep down you don't own me, you are a man who cares about currency right? The dollar is what makes you happy? Well your name value didn't buy shit for me, you sicken me, you disgust me, you are a man with no shred of dignity and you are a coward. 

But I find myself with this malice, I have this hate in my heart, I have this thirst for vengeance that now has me possessed, I am a man possessed and now every man I'm put in the ring against I don't see anything or anyone but you Jaywalker. I won't be able to sleep at night and Showdown will be hell on fucking earth if I don't get what I want, people are going to get hurt, innocent women are going to feel the wrath of Diamond Cage, backstage personnel, referees, hell even Brian Daniels will get hurt, I'll take this entire brand and shove it up his ass. I've played ball long enough, I've kept my composure for a long time and I'm sick and tired of doing things other people's way, you try to promote a brand where the inmates don't run the asylum? Well I run this fucking asylum, you won't control this inmate, and you won't stop me from leaving a pile of blood, bones and utter fucking chaos in my wake until I get Jaywalker's head on a stick! It's obvious, I'm banged up, I'm fucked up, I'm hurting, hell I'm probably predicted to take my yearly fucking sabbatical now right? Well fuck you people, fuck EAW, fuck Showdown and fuck Brian Daniels, doubt me? Fuck you too. Maybe I'm acting irrational? Maybe I'm just a bitter guy because I didn't get what I want and instead probably got what I deserved, but you know what I don't care, I don't care about anything anymore except putting pain and suffering on those who put pain and suffering on me. I live for vengeance, I live for brutality, I live for letting my rage fly and whoever gets the brunt of it well it's their fault. A violent bloodthirsty hurricane by the name of Diamond Cage is about to blow the doors off everything and take many innocents lives on the road to my ultimate goal and that is to have Jaywalker's life in the palm of my hands and do whatever the fuck I see fit to do with it. God have mercy on Lance Hart, and his buddy James Ranger, because it's obvious this brand wants you to make your name off a wounded Diamond Cage but I'm sorry to tell you that this company is doing you no favors. You are the lambs being led to slaughter, you are going to step inside the ring with the most unrelenting, destructive, chaotic man ever to walk into this company. Life makes no exceptions and even though you did nothing wrong, your wrong by default, everyone in this company is the fucking enemy and that is why everyone here will be left laying in a pile of rubble, I'll bring this entire fucking company down to size and back to reality. I'm still breathing, I'm still here, I won't leave,  and the only way you'll take THIS, MY LIFE, MY CAREER AWAY FROM ME, IS IF YOU TAKE IT FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!
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Post on November 7th 2017, 12:01 pm by Hurricane Hawk

A road to redemption is what it was and as things start to settle, we see that I step across the field lost, but not fully because I know exactly in my mind what I have to do to stay on the top of the food chain. These past few weeks have been hectic of course, with almost losing my opportunity to even be in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, to showing Scott Diamond that I still have what it takes to grind for what I want. A lot of people are thinking "Hurricane Hawk lost at Road to Redemption, ahh, he's going to just leave and give up." Well everyone, that's where you stand wrong and that's where I stand to fight for my right to build my legacy once again and show everyone just how much I want to hold that EAW Answers World Championship and SHOW that I am a legend in this business. This new path, it has been hard, I can't lie. With some of the newest and some of the greatest, I've fought and with wins it feels amazing. With losses, people do not realize that you have to learn from your own mistakes to get better, but I do. I'm not that guy anymore to just leave for a hiatus. I'm that guy that watches the match over and over again to see the mistakes I've made again to make SURE that I do not do it again. I'm that guy to GO BACK out there and show everyone just exactly what I want to be and what I want to do. 

But everyone's asking:

Hurricane Hawk, what's next?

The wolf that cries under the full moon, just to take the bullet silver to the heart. Brayden Wolfe is the next guy that steps up to the plate to take the pitch to try and go for the home run, just to strike out. You started your set at NEO and I guess they have seen your little success enough to bring you up here to Dynasty, but listen to me when I say this: this isn't just the big league.. this is the ELITE league. I'm not any NEO elitist, but I'm an elitist that has been here for a long time. Long enough to run a few times and gain a bit of success every single time. I could leave this business right now and come back again and be ACCEPTED as not only an elitist but a Hall of Famer. Brayden, you might think that you're a wolf.. One of the 'big dogs," but if you really think of it, a dog is always on the leash just like you. I've seen your success, and I'll give you a little clap, but what have you done to truly impress me? Nothing. You had a big opportunity to show everybody that you were the future of this business when you stepped into that ring with Finnegan Wakefield for that EAW New Breed Championship and you stepped out without that title. Now, don't get me wrong, I've had many opportunities where I've failed as well, but I made sure that I got another opportunity to show that I was MADE for it. Wolfe I was made for this business when I first stepped into the ring just a few weeks with a championship around my shoulder. Sure, this business is filled with elitists now, but that does not mean you lose your rank to grab another opportunity to get what you think you deserve. You do NOT give that up Brayden. You have to SHOW that you're different from these elitists. You show that you are BETTER than them and that is actually what I'm going to do to you. You'll step into that ring and you'll try to show that the rookie can beat the veteran, but in my mind I know that I'll just be one step ahead of you. I still have a lot to prove, and I am not going to fall short to you just to be questioned. You want to beat me Wolfe? Here's how you do it:

You can't.

I am NOT going to let this happen again because I've stepped into this ring these past few weeks and some of these matches have been difficult to take because I felt as though I could've been in that ring and grabbed the chances to build more to my legacy, but I fall short again and again and I'm DONE with it. No one said this would be easy, but Brayden, you've seen what I did to Eclipse, and if that is what I need to do to you just to gain that success then so be it. Where were you at Road to Redemption 11 Brayden? Where was your opportunity to step into that Extreme Elimination Chamber match? Actually, where were you at a match at all? You could NOT even prove yourself to this business because just like me you, fall short. You get so close and you scratch and claw and pull on the string, but it's yanked away from you. Now the difference between me and you is that when I pull on that string, it pushes me closer in my motivation to EDGE anything out of my way to make sure that the string is still in my vision and I can GAIN it fully in my hands. That EAW Answers World Championship was in my vision and I may not have gained it to be mine at Road to Redemption 11, but I know that it's in my vision and I know that I can GET it. I may have lost my first opportunity for that spot to be mine when I fought Jacob Senn, but I got that second chance and I made SURE that I got it. Brayden Wolfe, I am still on my path of redemption and it starts with you, because I am no longer a joke. I'm no longer one of these memes where you see nothing and you ask "Where's Hawk?" I'm A THREAT. Everyone is starting to see this new piece of me and they know that it is real. They have seen me at House of Glass just like you did and that was the first time we ever stepped in the ring with each other, but this time, you do not have anyone else to pin or make tap out, but me, and that is not happening. If you want to do that Wolfe, you're going to have to kill me because this is my time to shine. To me, this is a new run, and as much as everyone wants to see me fail, they'll just eat my dust. Howl.. make your cry to the people that want to support you, but nothing in that range is going to help you from me. You can go into my past, and you can see the things that I have failed, but nothing will matter because I'm still here. I'm still putting in work to show that I MEAN something to this business. Brayden, what do you really mean to EAW? You get a little buzz from NEO and you come to Dynasty and you think that you're at the top level? Ha.. please. You're like a piece of gum on the ground being stepped on a shoe, being saw and then thrown off back on the ground. I am going to develop and evolve more and more even when I get to the spot that I want to be, while you are going to struggle to even find a chance in this business. We're two different elitist in two different positions, and after Dynasty, all of these people are going to realize that..

I am the boy that killed Wolfe.
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Post on November 7th 2017, 8:51 am by Nobi (Online)
I never expect to meet you anytime soon, Theron Nikolas.

But here we are, we are going to fight againts each others this week in that square ring where one of us will be walking out of the building as a winner while the other walking out as the loser. You’re not a joke, Theron. You’re a fast learner, you’re one of the fastest rising stars in this company, and you’re definitely going to win The EAW World Championship sooner or later. I don’t have a problem with that actually. I can accept you as a leader for this company. You’re a true fighter and that’s something I can’t overlook. You can beat me to gain another momentum in order to challenge Tiberius once again. You’re very capable to do that. I’m just a nobody comparing myself to you. I might be not worthy of your time.

Can’t you see? Your fast success should be loud and clear enough that you were totally born for this sport. Your blood, vains, and DNA are all about wrestling. Your hands are for punching somebody’s face. Your legs are for kicking someone’s ass. Your teeth are for bitting somebody’s nose. Everything you do, you always do it the best. You might be failed to beat Tiberius at Road To Redemption but you don’t need to feel bad or frustate. Dissapointment and failures are part of wrestling, I’m sure you already know that. You’re still young, there’s so much you can do in futures to be an International Success story because you’re simply one of the best that has ever stepped into this business.  I know you didn’t beat Tiberius to win The EAW World Championship and I know how much you want to beat him, but at least now you know what you should do when you meet him again. I’m sure you can beat him sooner or later. We’re just talking about World Title picture here. If your main priority was National Elite Championship some months ago, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be the current NE Champion now. If you want to shift your focus on NE Championship now, you can definitely beat POP for that title. All I’m saying is that you’re definitely a future for this company, I believe in you.

Now let’s talk about me. I debuted earlier than you and what have I done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m still not capable to win the NE Championship, let alone EAW World Championship. I’m just simply a punching bag and a target practice to almost everybody. No, I’m not asking for your sympathy. If you want to laugh at me and insult me, then just do it Theron, because you have a right to say anything you want. I know, I already said it to you that dissapoinment and failures are part of this sport, but I can’t help but to think how could I always dissapointed people and that really piss me off. Some people want to see me success, all the fans always cheer me no matter what, but I always fail them everytime I have a chance to be a success. It’s been so long already, I always wonder why I keep repeating a same mistake. I could have, should have, and would have win a championship by now but for some reason, I haven’t accomplished anything in my hands yet. In other words, I’m still not capable to win a championship. Everytime I had that chance, I just blew it off.

But you know what? Complaining isn’t a best solution. I have to do something about it. I should beat you despite I’m a nobody comparing myself to you. I know how tough you are and I know how much you want to regain your momentum, but I have to win for my own sake too. Fortunately, I have a good momentum now, arguably the biggest one I have in my entire career and I’m not going to throw it away, not anymore. As a matter of fact, it could be considered my biggest win if I beat you this week. I know how hungry you are Theron, but I don’t want to waste this big opportunity. I’m going to make a big wave in this company, starting from you.

Your rapid success is actually one of my inspirations too, to be honest. You never back down from anything and that’s something I admire from you. You decided to be a lone wolf because you already know how big potential you have inside yourself. The Theron Nikolas story is a great book to read and I’m looking forward to see another inspiration in a new chapter of your book. I hope I can make a good impression to you myself and I hope I can push you into the limit. And of course, last but not least, I hope I can beat you 1-2-3 right in the middle of the ring. Good luck, may the best man win. I’ll see you soon.
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Post on November 7th 2017, 6:50 am by Ryan Wilson (Online)
The Ryan Wilson Show!
Week One - Episode One! 

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to this Promo!
Welcome... To The Ryan Wilson Show!

It's hard to believe it's going to be three months on November 9th since I first stepped foot in an EAW ring. Already three months, 90 days, since the Canadian Studmuffin brought his special blend of crazy for the EAW but mainly myself to enjoy! And what a ride it's been so far! From impactful beginning against the Motor City Mafia where we, Azrael and I, wrecked the opposition so hard they did not not show up ever since. To fighting against the eventual Tag Team Grand Prix winners. To facing Brayden Wolfe, to retiring Hank Harris and to finish by going into a fantastic feud against undoubtedly the best the NEO Brand had to offer and I'm NOT talking about you Malcolm! (Bitch please...) Really I believe I could not have asked for a better first quarter of year so far! 

My hard work paid off, my constant display of athleticism not to mention my skill on the mind both in solo matches and in tag team competition with my brother in crazy (Brother in arms... Get it?) Azrael has allowed me (And him) to get noticed by Upper Management who saw it fit to end our time on the Developmental Brand and push up into the Big League in one of the three main shows! NEO was my home for the first three months, and I am proud to say I have worked alongside (more like against) Alex Reynolds into making it soar into greatness! Azrael has his part into this as well this is why he is now also a member of the Sunday show! 

Him, myself and Reynolds we pushed the limits of the NEO brand, we got people to sit their butts in the seats like never before and the attention of the EAW Universe and the Elitists inevitably had to be on us and the brand. And now, Azrael and I are on Voltage baby! And I plan to have a whole lot of fun while beating a whole lot of ass! 

I know I'm going to have a kick out of being on this brand because on it's roster is some of the best talent in the federation's history! Poeple like TLA, Mister Dedede, B-hris Elite, Mongoose McQueen and our very first opponents since we got called up to the Sunday show, part which holds a title I want in Finnigan Wakefield and Ironie. That's right I said it in french, sue me I'm French Canadian!

Now, in all seriousness, the guys on the other side of the ring are no push overs. Together they made it to the Finals of the Grand Prix only to come up short while facing two ladies obviously more superior than them. And now they are stuck facing us. Finn, I won't hide it: Nothing would please me more than to take the New Breed Championship away from your grasp and take the title home to Montreal. Getting your title is a goal of mine for a while now. I've watched you compete since I signed here, I saw how you work from when you were on the NEO brand. I know what you can do, and you're as tough as they come so if I ever have a chance to be the number one contender for the strap I know for SURE I'm going to get a massive kick out of facing you. Until then? I'll get a kick out of facing you in tag team action with your buddy the Ironic Luchador! 

I have to give some credit to the guy and give him some respect considering what I am about and what I was doing prior to my wrestling career. During my cosplay years I often domed a mask as a tribute to the Lucha style of wrestling. That respect carried over when I was noticed by a local legend and I started my career back in 2015. I just love wearing masks, they make me feel empowered. Not because I have no or very little self esteem or because I am shy to show my charming mug or whatever bullcrap reason. Ya'll know how I look like  under the mask if you took a peek at my Brody tribute promo. Man I still can't believe she's gone...

But in all seriousness, a word of warning to Finn and Irony: 
What I brought to the table during my feud against Alex Reynolds is what you can expect coming from me and Azrael once we lock horns on the 12th. We're going in to win, sure we will probably try a few dirty tricks and try to get you two off your game but that's part of the process that is a wrestling match. 
Azrou and I, we're not going into our first match to be second fiddle to already established players on the Brand, oh no no. We're here to make a statement! 

Azrael and Ryan Wilson are here and we're going all in! 
You two Brit boys better be ready to get your very first dose of Canadian beating! 

It's going to be fun for us, can't say it will be the same for you two.

This concludes the very first episode of The Ryan Wilson Show! 
And that as they say ... Just HAPPENED! 

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I am the constant.

In an Empire landscape recently rocked by gut-wrenching loss, disgraceful departures, and eyebrow-raising developments, the promise of an Aria Jaxon victory and another day that will pass with me as the standard bearer and Women’s World Champion is effectively the sole thing that can be planned for. In an unforgiving steel citadel designed to break bones and wills alike, the one thing that was guaranteed was me retaining my championship. Everything else was perhaps left to chance. The order upon which participants entered, the fucking flash bangs, those were the things left up in the air. Me winning, however, was not. Every win is another brick in the castle wall. Every promise kept and point proven is another drop added to the moat. And yet, you speak about tearing me down as if it’s so easy. As if a million before you haven’t held themselves in equally high regard and promised the exact same shit that you’re promising to do now. It’s a shame, really. As much as you pride yourself on being different and perhaps attacking this shit from a different angle, the end you meet in this match will be a typical one. The reason you bite the big one won’t be anything revolutionary, either. You’re walking into this with your chest puffed out talking as if I’m a temporary hood ornament and you’ve got the permanent solution for pushing me aside completely. The ambition on your behalf is cute, but it’s completely misplaced. My feet are planted. You’re still tryna punch your way up, but I’m already solidified, and you don’t have what it takes to move me. The idea that you’re one of these “I’m only in it for the money and notoriety” types does make me roll my eyes, but at least I’ve heard it before. Those are the things you need to hang onto. That’s what makes your black heart beat. After you take this L, you very well still could obtain both of those. But the idea of using me as a springboard on your way up? Nah. At that point, you’re just wishing for things that won’t happen. I don’t have “Chelsea’s ticket to the big time” stamped on my forehead. I’m not someone you can make an example out of, all for the sake of gaining some clout. I’m not another fellow relative debutante that you can take out in a street fight in order to look a bit more credible. I’m unlike anyone you’ve stood across the ring with thus far. I’ll show you why you’re treating me the way that you are. I’ll remind you why there’s that glint in your eye ahead of this match...and I’ll watch your black lipsticked lips fall into a frown as you realize this isn’t your star-making turn and that this was never a prize to be won. I won’t buckle, I won’t break, I won’t concede. I’m a landmark that you can’t uproot, no matter how hard you try.

The illusion of my defeat becomes more tangible in your head if you’re able to put asterisks beside my name and my accomplishments. If you assure yourself that I’m not actually who I say I am, or that I haven’t reached these heights through the means that I say I have, well...everything seems so much more artificial, doesn’t it? My demise seems so much closer to you, right? Oh, you ran down a whole laundry list of reasons why I’m not a world-class athlete but instead a sheltered prima donna hiding under a porcelain veneer that you’re all too ready to crack. Point out the supposed vulnerabilities and present yourself as a fierce predator ready to take down her Chamber-softened prey, I get it. My body’s probably littered with imaginary and not-so-imaginary bullseyes after what I’ve just been through. You had the luxury of sitting your ass backstage and being 100% out of the conversation while I was spending another night proving that I’m just as good as I’ve always said that I was. You’d think that a girl like you, who proclaims that she’s so smart and so determined to climb the ladder would’ve set herself up to be in that match right along with me. What, you’re not attracted to the idea of a golden opportunity? No wait, I got it, you’re not attracted to the idea of “heavy lifting”. You’re cerebral. You like to have as much of your bidding done for you as possible, and while that might have worked for you in past matches where you were all but wiping the mat with poor Kimi’s face, but I wouldn’t have gotten to this point if I hadn’t already dealt with people like you. For all of your talk about knowing exactly what this match will entail, now that I think about it, I’m starting to wonder if you really mean it. You’re about to copy and paste you’re whole “picking my spots” approach against a woman that you’re not equipped to beat. It’s true, I don’t know you, but you don’t know me, either. Granted, you’ve got hours of tape you can study, and that probably makes you feel like you’ve got the leg-up here, but no YouTube video you can queue up and no secondhand account you can listen to will truly do me justice. Can’t wait until you spin that into something that details how supposedly egotistical I am, though. Why are you so obsessed with the idea that my humility is some ruse? I get it, you like to tout that you couldn’t have gotten here without doing things your way, but let’s compare your current standing -- the end result of all your ruthlessness and devil-may-care bullshit -- and compare it to mine. Where have you REALLY gotten? What have you REALLY done? And don’t give me that “B-b-but I just got here, it’s not a fair comparison!” If you’re gonna sit here and say that your first few months will ultimately eclipse mine, you better be able to handle the cold truth that you’re the one with everything to prove. Yeah, I’m playing hurt, but all you’ve got to stand on is that you’ve got Kimi Hendrix’s number. Bless her heart, that’s not exactly something you can stat pad with. You think about how willing you are to cut other people down and your tiny brain can’t even fathom the idea that I never needed to do that to get to where I am. You name-dropped Formation and The Sirens, so since you’re such an expert on my history, when and where exactly did I start holding other people’s heads underwater to advance up the ladder? I’ve never stooped to that level. So many have wanted so badly for me to compromise who I was and to stoop down to gutter levels so that they could say, “See? I KNEW you were no good!” Don’t confuse my justified self-assurance with your over-inflated ego. I say that I’m the best because I have a track record to prove it, not because I’ve strung together a few wins and decided to pat myself on the back. You should stop being so preoccupied with my supposed arrogance, because that alone won’t be what hands you this L. That’ll be left up to the woman that you’re so determined to tear down. The intangibles won’t be what trip you up. My hands will be what dish out your defeat.

You’re far from the first to appraise the glossy exterior and accuse me of being all flash and minimal substance. I guess if you’re closed-minded, it’s easy to scoff at the reality shows, billboards, and endorsements before declaring that there’s no way I could possibly be much more than a pampered cog in the bigger EAW machine. A handpicked pampered princess who was herded like a sheep into the fast lane right from the very beginning. It makes it so much easier for you to sit back with crossed arms and pretend you have any idea what I deserve and what I don’t. Imagine where I’d be if I waited for people’s seals of approvals? I might be some doom and gloom rookie with a chip on her shoulder and some insatiable need to break down everybody around me. I fight because I love what I do, and along the way, I’ve grown addicted to the feeling of having tangible proof of my dominance slung over my shoulder. That’s it. Having everything else taken away from me wouldn’t be the jarring experience you’d like to believe that it is. I don’t need the fanfare or the glittery trappings. They’ve just been souvenirs I’ve picked up along the way, ones that I haven’t minded hanging onto. But make no mistake, the things you’re tryna shame me for aren’t what get me up in the morning. If I needed all of the extras, if I relied so heavily on the consolation prizes, I’d fit the bill of being the scared, desperate woman you think I am. That mistake is only second to thinking for even a second that you’re somehow the woman that could stir up those feelings within me. I don’t zero in on others and resign myself to breaking them for the hell of it. I kicked in the doors of this company with the intention of rising to the top. No tinge of maliciousness ever accented my actions. All I’ve tried to do was win, and you won’t catch me apologizing for doing that. And the stables, those were my contemporaries, not my backup dancers. The alliances were born of my belief at any given time that I was better off walking shoulder-to-shoulder with my friends. Turns out I was wrong a couple of times over, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. All of that said, I haven’t been out here winning the Tag Team Titles or spending the entirety of my career in someone else’s shadow. When it’s come down to it, everything that’s truly counted, I’ve made it happen by my damn self. Two title wins? That was all me. Empress of Elite? All by myself. The Young Lions Cup? No help necessary. Woman of the Year? Take a wild guess. But you can keep leaning on the notion that I need other people -- and worse yet, that I’d sell any of them out if need be. Funnier still, it’s hilarious that you can criminalize my drive and never once stop to point out all the actual wrongs done by all my adversaries. Back when we weren’t getting along, Stephanie crashed a title match between Cailin and I because she couldn’t get into the title picture any other way. Cameron’s whole vendetta against me stemmed from the fact that she didn’t like the fact that I dared to step out of my lane, and that was almost two fucking years ago. Cailin couldn’t stomach the fact that she’d lost to me more than once and flat-out admitted that her mission toward the end of her tenure was to make me suffer, rather than having a championship to call her own. Those are just the ones that stand out. That’s what I’ve always been up against, and the prospect has never scared me. I’ve never backed down, and I’ve never had to resort to dishonest means to overcome any of them, either. Telling yourself that I’m sitting upon a shaky throne doomed to collapse any moment is what motivates you this week. You’re seeing visions of grandeur and ready to take my place, and I’m hitting the Heisman and keeping you at arm’s length. It’s true that no monarch reigns forever, but I’m not the type of royal that’s content with hanging back and letting little drones do all the dirty work that entails keeping the regent in power. I’ve never had any problem jumping down in the trenches and pushing back the opposition in the most hands-on way possible. I won’t be on the side of some forced abdication, and worse for you, you wouldn’t be the one who did it, anyway. You’ve convinced yourself that you’ve got what it takes, but I’m not Marie Antoinette walking to the guillotine, Anastasia Romanov walking to the basement, or Princess Ka’iulani falling on her deathbed. I’ll weather whatever storms continue to come my way, and I’ll always emerge victorious with my championship in hand on the other side. I won’t be shoved off this throne by force, but I do know that one day I’ll be passing the torch to a capable successor. That day isn’t here yet. When it comes, you’re more than welcome to throw your name in the hat and separate yourself from the pack, but until then? Don’t be so quick to settle into the role of gleeful executioner. You’re not the exception. You’re a statistic, just another win to my name.

The Chamber, for all of the dread that it might induce and all the careers it might have shortened, can still be broken down at the end of the day, as you’ve not-so-creatively illustrated. One night a year, it comes out, and after that, it’s taken down and shoved back into the shadows. That’s what fascinates you, the idea that something so powerful can still prove to be torn down. But that’s a structure. An unforgiving steel structure, but a structure nonetheless. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t react. It doesn’t object to being broken down. And so the analogy doesn’t work as well as you think. If you want your fill of watching monuments fall, then I hope you’re watching the Chamber’s deconstruction on a loop, because that’s as close as you’re getting right now. The thing you’re heralding as a metaphor for what’s bound to happen to me? I survived it. I walked into it with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked out still possessing the most coveted prize in all of women’s wrestling. Take a couple power tools to a Chamber, and it’s reduced to a pile of metal before you know it. What tools are you bringing to the table, Chelsea, thinking you’re equipped for this job? Your snarkiness? Your supposed intelligence? Your desire to crush me and make an example out of me? None of it is anything I haven’t seen before. I don’t have any reason to be scared and you’re trying in vain to convince me otherwise. You’re also entirely too worried about people who don’t have shit to do with this match. You want them to stop caring about me. You want them to stand up and take notice of you. You want them to lift you up and proclaim that you’re ready to take my place, but believe me, I’m the only one you need to be worried about. I am the single greatest challenge you’ve faced so far. I’m the one you need to contend with, and none of the things you believe make you special will carry you to victory over me. With all the momentum you think you have, you’re probably under the impression that you could break through just about anything...except for this glass ceiling. Continue to have all the faith in the world in yourself. You’ll need it to wrap yourself up in when you’re proven wrong on all levels.

The devil I know or the upstart that I don’t, it makes no difference. They all fall just the same. 

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