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 What was your first character that your start when you enter the world of e-fed for the first time.

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The Trickster Azrael


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PostSubject: What was your first character that your start when you enter the world of e-fed for the first time.   August 7th 2017, 2:33 pm

Just to like the title said what was your first character when you start enterring the world of e-fed.

As for me, i have actually two:

Methodcobra who was at first a french Canadian version of the American Bad ass the Undertaker but he was my mains for so long so i developed him a lot as a Vampire hunter once cause they were a lot of vampire character in my e-fed but ended up developing as a mercenary with the raven pic base. ( he's now a retired Hall of famer in my french e-fed)

Almarik: He was first named Shadow but i used to change his name a lot. Like MC. he was also base on the Undertaker but in his Ministry era. I try to avoid being a Undertaker 2.0 so i used various inspiration of video games vilains such as Kefka,Dracula from Castlevania and M Bison to make Almarik. (he's now in the closet of my imagination cause the dark gimmick is so overused in my opinion) Azrael is actually taking his place as the mains vilains i want to built.
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Ryan Wilson


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PostSubject: Re: What was your first character that your start when you enter the world of e-fed for the first time.   August 7th 2017, 6:46 pm

Back in 1999 I was a BIG Stone Cold Steve Austin fan. 
There is a school of thought in wrestling that claims that the gimmick you are at your best with always has a piece of you in it. And it was the case with Prime. See, Primeau is my family name for real and my nickname as you guessed it is also Prime. Going back to my character the idea was to imagine myself as how I'd be if I was a professional wrestler and I added a coating of Austin 3:16 with it. 

At first he was a good old ass kicker but with time his gimmick changed, Prime became rich making a fortune into the communication business and ended up owning his own online network where he helps airing indy wrestling shows. He also has investments in several sports venue including the Montreal Canadiens and the Williams Formula One team. 

So from a slack jawed ass kicker he turned into a media mogul. 
Kind of reminds me of JBL come to think of it. But JBL sucks, Prime could buy him hihi.

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PostSubject: Re: What was your first character that your start when you enter the world of e-fed for the first time.   August 8th 2017, 7:16 pm

I had a few.  3 names stick out besides actual wrestler leagues where I initially played Jeff Jarrett, The Outsiders, Goldust, Ric Flair, Christian, Alex Shelley, Christopher Daniels and Abyss, some at the same time.  I think at one point I was half the fed's roster.

The three names that pop out to me as far as CAW go were Sam Hain (a precursor to the Candle Jack character that remained my namesake well into Yahoo Answers.  Sam was a former cult member running from his past and living on the run as a homeless man.  I used lucha libre star Halloween and Raven as picbases and swiped the name from Halloween 2), Hexxx (The first character sheet I ever filled out, but never RP'd under due to cold feet.  He was your standard issue Papa Shango knockoff, but I used Cuda from Battle Dome for the picbase) and Stu Pendous (Stu was a bimbo main eventer with the look, the skill, and the woman [manager Sue Perb], but he was dumb as bricks and only got anywhere because of his manager Ric Majors, whom was heavily inspired by Joey Styles in picbase and character.  Stu's picbases were Mike O'Hearn of Battle Dome and American Gladiators reboot fame, and I think I used Sid Vicious once).  Stu was probably my first character bogged down with side characters, including Yorba the Mountie (an out of control dumb Canadian stereotype who wielded a hockey stick made of bacon and came out to Rush, pic based by The Mountie of course) the ever-frustrated and aforementioned Ric Majors, cowardly heel cop Johnny Law whom was based heavily off of Don Knotts with a topical David Arquette from Ready To Rumble picbase, and Stu's blonde bombshell soulmate who was as dumb as him, Sue Perb whose picbase went from being one of the Dahm triplets to Torrie Wilson in later feds.  I think I've used every single one of those NPC's as characters in other feds except for Sue, whom would have just been a gender swap version of Stu anyway.
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What was your first character that your start when you enter the world of e-fed for the first time.

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