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 Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote

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Should I link them here?
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PostSubject: Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote   July 30th 2017, 7:22 pm

Hey guys, so I've noticed guys from time to time posting stories outside of wrestling that they wrote. I'm wondering if anybody might be interested in checking out some of my work.  A lot of these are are incomplete at the moment but if there was interest I might finish them up. 

Here's a quick synopsis of each

Who You Gonna Call? Teen Titans!:  a titans/Ghosbusters crossover that finds the boys in grey running shop out of the Giant T.  The teams work together to find out what caused an infestation of ghost to run amok in Junp City, but Egon's distrust of Raven causes friction.  Can these squads work together without this bac firing bigger than a total protonic reversal?

Titans Terminated: another Titans crossover set during the episode "Things Change", in this one Skynet in a desperate attempt to change the future sends back its T-950 prototype. Equipped with a NuralNet 2.0 prossessor, and designed to terminate with superheroes, it sets its sights on a list of super heros including a powerless Terra.  Things seem hopeless, but she is aided by longtime friend Beasboy, and the T-800 sent back by the resistance. the fate of human kind lies in this action packed story.

Not Yet Expendable: in 1987, Barney Ross is sent in to rescue the President's daughter. Together with his best friend, his biggest rival, and a cast of other bad asses for hirer, They'll have to fight thru a drug lord's army one bulett at a time.

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PostSubject: Re: Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote   July 30th 2017, 7:25 pm

Yes of course, I love fan-fictions so much, lol.

EDIT: I'm looking forward to read The Expendables story the most personally. I like Jason Staham and Sylvester Stallone the best as they are on my top 10 fav actors, lol.

Thanks to Ryan Marx for the signature.
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PostSubject: Re: Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote   July 30th 2017, 8:33 pm

Go for it dawg I don't see how it would be any different than Crash or Tarah or Dub/Brian's stories they be layin down on the site

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PostSubject: Re: Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote   

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Poll: Should I link some fan fiction I wrote

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