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 Anime Battling: My Hero Academia, Episode One: "Bitter Beginnings"

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PostSubject: Anime Battling: My Hero Academia, Episode One: "Bitter Beginnings"   July 15th 2017, 12:03 pm


Thirty years have passed since Izuku Midoriya attended U.A. High. Several of his fellow classmates have become heroes, died, or have vanished from the face of the Earth altogether. Midoriya knows that his time is limited and he’s obligated to pass down the “One For All” power, but he seemingly hasn’t found the right successor yet.

Midoriya ended up marrying and having a son with Ochaco Uraraka named Toshinori Midoriya after his all-time late favorite hero, All Might. However, his son has learned about how powerful the “One For All” power really is. He envies the inevitable future successor to the power, since he doesn’t fully understand why he’s unable to inherit it himself, and add onto his already existing quirk. This story takes place with all the future students of U.A. High and their stories that’s waiting to unfold.

How much has the world and it’s  heroes changed since Deku inherited the “One For All” power? Why is he keen on not passing on the power to his son? And who will eventually end up inheriting the extremely mighty power?

The trial to become the greatest hero by many unique yet amazing super heroes starts here..

Opening Scene:

(Flashback of Izuki Midoriya near Shizuoka Prefecture)

“You can be a hero” yells All Might after telling Izuku Midoriya that “It was only you, timid and quirkless who acted. You spurred me to action!!” Then came the proposal that would change the life of Midoriya forever.

The proposal was for Midoriya to inherit All Mights power called the “One For All”. Born without a quirk, Midoriya lived every single day of his life in pity and anguish. But to be offered an opportunity by his number one hero All Might and furthermore be called a hero by him was beyond anything he could have ever dreamed of. And so his answer was simple, “Yes… I accept.”

After all, he had no reason to refuse the proposal. Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku would go on to attend U.A. high and create unbreakable bonds, fight the most vicious of villains and ultimately end up being dubbed as the ‘Greatest Hero.’


First Scene:

It is now officially three months before Deku’s son, Toshinori Midoriya is ready to go to U.A. high - the school that is known for usually producing the greatest of heroes.

The Midoriya family is eating breakfast in their gorgeous yet simple home plastered with pictures of “All Might” everywhere. Ochacho Uraraka, now standing more stout than ever before is making dinner when Toshinori Midoriya comes running down the stairs straight to Deku at the dinner table.

“But Dad, I don’t see why you can’t just hand over the power to me”, yells Toshinori in a furious tone. Deku had told his son about his given power but for some reason had refused to give up the power to his own son. Deku stares up, sights and then proceeds to tell Toshinori, “You are a top student in your own right with immeasurable strength power. I assure you that you can become as strong if not stronger just on your own.”

A report of a common robbery can be heard in the background as Toshinori picks up his acceptance letter from U.A. high and runs off to his own room before his old man Deku can muster another word. Deku cannot understand why his dad refuses to help him become stronger even though he has the capability to do so.

However, he was not going to let that stop him. He wanders about what kind of people he is going to come across at U.A. high and how he will eventually trample them all to become the Greatest Hero of them all as he stands up and points at the sky..

“What are you doing, sweetie” jaws Uraraka in a very gentle manner. A slightly blushing Toshinori responds with “No-nothing at all..” Uraraka knew Toshinori better than anyone else and comforts her son with stories of the past attesting to the wisdom of the Deku.

As Uraraka goes in for the hug, Toshinori pulls away refusing to be comforted. He had so much on his mind by this point and wanted to just get away from all of it so he just ran out of the house without a second notice whilst his worried mom looked on. There was so much awaiting Toshinori Midoriya out there in the world.


Second Scene:

“I can’t wait, I can’t wait anymore.. It has to be here!!” yells Edwin Cooper as he runs to the mailbox in front of his house. He opens up his mailbox and finds a letter from U.A. inside notifying him that he has been accepted into the only school that he applied to.

“It’s my time to be an actual hero now..” mutters Cooper with a slight grin walking with the letter in his hand before finding a trio of bullies picking on an underclassman from his former middle school at a local park. He decides to ignore them at first until the underclassman starts yelling out for them. Instantly, Cooper runs at an electric speed and vanishes into thin air absorbing all light from the park making it extremely dark.

A thud of noises are heard before the lights come back on showing that all three bullies have been knocked on their arse with the underclassman just looking on. “What just happened.. Did you do this?” says the underclassman in a sobbing voice as Cooper walks off without another word.

Feeling indebted to Cooper, the underclassman runs after him to thank him seeing the U.A. high acceptance letter in his hand. Cooper continues to ignore him until he gets irked to the point where he just blurts out in a tired voice, “I only helped because I can’t stand someone be a loser like that. Especially not a hero.”

The amount of light Cooper can actually absorb is limited to a certain point before it starts affecting him physically, the only way to extend the reach of his powers is to train endlessly.

“But, not everyone is as easily gifted as you from birth” moans the underclassman in a slightly apprehensive tone.

Cooper looks at the underclassman and then looks up before turning and responding, “You simple fool, it is not your quirk that defines you.. It is ultimately how much work you put into yourself that exemplifies who you are. Only you control your destiny, anything else is just nonsense. Now leave me alone, I have much more important matters to attend to.”

Not feeling as incompetent as before, the underclassman decides to make a vow to a fleeing Cooper that he will become stronger, enter U.A. high and challenge him to a fight to thank him for what happened on this day.

Cooper actually had no other important matters to attend to, he was just tired of facing the underclassman - the truth was that his impractical attitude made him kind of a loner in the community. That did not deter him though, he could care less for what others thought of him. He made a promise after his mom died that he would never let anyone suffer like that ever again.

“I will be the Shining Knight that saves everyone” whispers Cooper to himself as he nonchalantly walks back into his house and knocks out on the couch.


Third Scene:

Feeling dejected from his conversation with Deku earlier, Toshinori decided to take a walk in the night through the streets of Mustafu. Still bewildered by the fact that his own dad will not help him enhance his quirk, he starts feeling sorry for himself.

Before long, he comes across a television shop with breaking Mustafu News that suddenly breaks him out of his sulking. The main headline reads “Deku Dealing With A Robbery.. Will He Be Able To Save Us Again?!”

“There he goes again huh, stealing all of the spotlight” mutters Toshinori to himself continuing to watch the news on the big screen. The camera pans to the outside of the bank where dozens of police officers and their outlets are camped. The notorious villain ‘Merica Man starts making demand that either the police let him go or he is going start blowing up the hostages he has held up in the bank one by one.

‘Merica Man was a known villain by this point in Mustafu as he continuously attempted to compensate for his pitiful childhood by instilling pain on the Japanese people. His power was the ability of atomic bombing where he had the capability of creating any kinds of explosions, even to an extent where he could level a whole city.

“You Japanese deserve this! Just like you deserved to get bombed by the greatest country in the world to have ever existed, THE UNITED STATES OF ‘MERICA! Hiroshima.. Nagasaki.. And now all you scum weaboos will face the agony of my explosions! Hahaha…” screams ‘Merica Man in a menacing voice before a thud is heard in the front door.

“DETROIT SMASH!!!” yells Deku as he pummels ‘Merica Man into the next room. This had become almost routine for Deku by this point, putting away ‘Merica Man into jail but this time, he had went a bit too far with his punch putting the villain in a very frightful situation.

The police can be seen securing all the hostages, ‘Merica Man being placed into handcuffs and into the ambulance before Deku walks out of the bank and all the reporters surround the hero.

“You saved us again! But did you go a bit too far in dealing with ‘Merica Man this time around?” says one of the reporters.

“I’d love to say that I can save everyone every single time there is a situation without hurting anyone but these things tend to happen.. If you hesitate for even a second, you are that much closer to losing someone dear to you. I know that better than anyone.” responds Deku before fleeing the scene into the sky.

Toshinori glues himself to the screen trying to figure out what his dad means and wonders if he will get the same kind of praise his dad Deku, All Might and other heroes receive. “Gah, sometimes my dad can be so cool!” whispers Toshinori to himself. “But also dense! Why can’t he just give me One For All, I already know all about-

And before Toshinori can finish his thought, he is interrupted by someone yelling from a nearby alleyway.


Fourth Scene:

The report of Deku’s heroics quickly spreads throughout the whole country. There is instant praise from fellow heroes alike quirkless humans and nowhere more than the most famous arcade game stadium in the city of Mustafu - “The Dangerous Game”.

The arcade is a popular local hub for young students with quirks to hang out and play video games on the outset. However on the side but not so secret, the arcade has competitive bouts for people with quirks to test their strength in actual fights amongst one another in an arena. The rules are simple, the bouts are always a one versus one and the only way a person can be defeated is if they are knocked out, submit to defeat or are pushed outside the circle of the ring. Anything else goes in this fatal contest hence earning its arcade the name, The Dangerous Game.

There is no definitive rule against either ‘heroes’ or ‘villains’ participating so all kinds of creature gather at the hub. However, Minoru Yoshimura otherwise known as The Bite Sized Hero has made himself a normal in the fatal contest in the past few months. And more sparked than usual in learning about Deku’s heroics earlier in the day, he is itching for a fight.

“Come on, come on! Someone has to be up to challenge me today! I know one of you wants to fight me and take me down. Come on, it will be so much fun if you try!” persists Yoshimura but no one budges.

“No one wants to face you anymore Yoshimura, you have defeated almost everyone else here. It is pointless so just let us have our fun” chimes in a random face from the crowd.

“That isn’t true, I promise I won’t go as hard-

And before Yoshimura can finish his thought, his voice is drowned by a challenger.

“I will accept the fight on one condition, you shut your mouth for the rest of the night” protests the challenger.

“I think you will find that is a bit hard for me to do” responds Yoshimura with a bit more serious yet sly tone.

And so the challenge is accepted. The crowd gathers around the arena secretly all placing their bets on Yoshimura. The rules are set out by the referee and the match officially begins.

Yoshimura starts off with his casual leveled scream to howl off his opponents. But his opponent quickly dodges and finds himself right behind Yoshimura leveling him to the floor.
“What the hell was that? What kind of quirk is that?” whines Yoshimura right away.

The opponent just grins and refuses to answer. “Well if you won’t indulge me then I’ll make sure to end this quickly!” yells Yoshimura as he sounds different vibrations off in four different directions to graze his opponent. His opponent is to able to judge all four correctly and defend them all.

“That’s impossible! There is no way you could have calculated all of those attacks to administer your defense so perfectly.. What is this?” groans an annoyed Yoshimura on one knee.

The opponent finally chooses to indulge himself and responds, “Well it’s only fair I suppose that I let you know since I know so much about you, not that it will make any difference in the final result. My name is Takagi Yoshida and I am the third point of view. I am able to see from someone else’s point of view for a total of seven seconds as long as they are in sight.”

“And as long as I have someone else’s point of view, I will always be the victor” claims Yoshida as he runs towards Yoshimura with a clenched right fist. Yoshimura uses his sound waves to make a quick jump and get away at the last second.

“Running away huh? I thought you were the Sound Bite Hero that could defeat everyone!” says a smirking Yoshida as he repeats the same attack but Yoshimura sends off a sound wave leading Yoshida to block his backside believing that he will be attacked there through his third point of view of someone from the crowd.

Much to his surprise, Yoshimura is actually above him. “And I thought I talked too much..” claims  Yoshimura as he makes use of his dashing sound waves to knock Yoshida out of the ring for good.

“AND THE WINNER IS THE SOUND BITE HERO!” claims the referee as he wraps it up.

“But how did he do it?” asks a random novice in the crowd.

“Child’s play, of course. He just projected a voice that wasn’t there to mislead not only Yoshida but the whole crowd negating the very effectuality of Yoshida’s quirk - he mimicked his voice” responds a boy not all too physically different from Yoshimura except being significantly taller with a chilling tone before walking away.

Yoshimura celebrates his victory with his friends for a little bit before leaving to heal the injuries that he got in the contest. Walking to the bus, he ends up bumping into a stranger.

“Hey watch where you are going, short shrimp” responds the stranger.

“DON’T CALL ME A SHORT SHRIMP!” yells Yoshimura. The kid who was usually tame in most situations just simply could not stand being called short by anyone else.

“Oh it’s you, the shrimp who just won the match in there” counters the stranger ignoring Yoshimura’s demand just a second before.

“WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU NOT TO CALL ME? And what, you saw me in there? How do you think I did” replies a calmer and excited Yoshimura.

“It was an impressive victory.. But you have a long way to go before you can even think of calling yourself a hero and saving anyone else - I’ll make sure of that” answers the stranger.

“What does that even mean? Who are you??” replies Yoshimura as he gets ready to fight.

“Oh no, this fight is not meant for today. You have to become much stronger.. My name is Hiroshi Akira otherwise better known as Saint Chill and I am the person who is going to make your life a chilling hell in the future” retorts Akira before running away on his ice glades.

And before Yoshimura could react, his injuries caught up to him and reminded him of his weak state. One thing was for sure now, a rivalry between the sound and the chill had just begun.


Fifth Scene:

Upon hearing wailing screams coming from a nearby alley, Toshinori’s heroic senses come alive as he suddenly blazes over to the scene without a second care of anything else. He suddenly gets a flashback of his mom Uraraka reminding him to never run into dangerous situations without backup but realizes it is too late for that anyway and runs head on to the scene.

He finds a large brawn looking man holding a boy who looks very similar to Toshinori in stature hostage. “Give me all your money now, will ya? Can’t go around looting banks anymore because that annoying do gooder Deku comes and ruins everything. I gotta resort to looting little boys now. And just my luck, seems to me ya don’t even got a quirk.. Not like it’d do ya any good anyways!” says the man in a mocking tone.

The boy immediately turns the table and starts fighting back ultimately landing a good right hook and finding a pathway to run away from the man. But the man retorts with a knife and slices the boy on his shoulder dropping him in pain.

Meanwhile, Toshinori is seeing his life in front of him now. Every sense of fear he has ever felt comes rushing to him making him realize just how little he is when it really matters. He ponders how his Dad suffers through this rush of fear and agony everyday. His body is not willing to take a single step even though he wants to save the boy.

But as soon as the man gets too close to the boy with the knife, Toshinori comes running in and jumps in leading the man to retreat to his former position.

“Oh great, another kid. My lucky day, maybe I’ll take your money too. Look kid, don’t try to be a hero.. It attains you nothing but pain in this unjust world” claims the man.

Toshinori ignores the man and prepares a battle stance, taking every basic thing his dad Deku has taught him over the years and puts it into fruition. Realizing that he is not just messing with any kind of normal kid, he pulls out the gun in his pocket..

“So you think you’re a hero then? Then try to prove to me your worth…” laughs the man as he aims the gun not at Toshinori but the helpless boy from before.

At a loss of words and action by this point, Toshinori can only wonder what he can do next.


Sixth Scene:

Here lies Guardian - The Shield Hero. Dedicated to his heroic duty till the last day.

That was what the grave read till “The Fallen Hero” Fudo Saiko decided to betray his heroic duty and join the other side. Now days, the grave is usually defaced with the words ‘TRAITOR FAMILY’ written over it.

Suijin Saiko or better known as Suijin Nagata however makes weekly trips to clean off the grave in respect to his late father, one of the two men he ever looked up into his life. The other was his older brother who has now gone rogue and lost his family all their credibility but he has not yet given up on him. Little did he know that a simple weekly trip to the graveyard would turn into a family reunion - of sorts.

Suijin sneaks away from his new crowd and books it on his bike to the convenience store and buys the same cleaning stuff as he always does, without a single word. And then heads right to the graveyard before sunset when almost everyone has left. He slowly makes his way to his father’s grave.

“So they did it again, huh” whispers Suijin to himself. “My father was a hero for this country for so many years and this is how they treat his legacy.. And I’m supposed to be dense one” continuing whispering to himself.

A hint of a wind passes through, “That’s because you are and always have been dense, my little brother” responds Fudo who is suddenly towering Suijin to his right. “Look at you now, you’re cleaning the grave of a deadman who no one could give less of a shit about now” continues Fudo in a mocking tone.

“Brother.. Brother, what are you doing here? I thought you disappeared after your betrayal.. You ruined our family and didn’t even feel the slightest sorry for it. Our mom grieved for so long.. But I know it’s not your fault. I know someone else is behind this and you’re being forced to this, big brother! Just leave it to me, I’ll save you big brother!” sulks Suijin in front of Fudo.

“So naive. Your ignorance shows in every step you decide to take. You still can’t understand, you will never understand! I was bred to the best, I merely toyed with you as a kid. I was the most talented by far and had the perfect formula to succeed. But after Guardian died, I lost all sense of hype. The idea of a ‘hero’ became laughable and trivial to me, a glorified individual who does something more for the praise of it than real conviction! My eyes opened and I entered the fray of light to find acceptance among a group that does not try to change the harsh realities of life but instead decide to endure and live in them. I am not being coerced and more importantly, I don’t regret a single thing” confesses Fudo to Suijin in a contentious manner.

“I refuse to believe that. If all of that were true, then why would you be here at our dad’s grave just like me?” questions Suijin.

“Exactly because I knew you would be here and I have a proposal for you. Join me and let me show you what it means to fight with REAL conviction.” discloses Fudo.

“I will never join you, Big Brother. But if you have no intention of coming back on your own this time, then I will force you by any means..” threatens Suijin pulling the sword as his eyes start gaining a hint of blue. He strikes directly at Fudo but misses badly, ultimately landing himself on the floor.

“Don’t you remember that it was me who you used to look up to? And whilst your little theatrics have certainly improved since we last met, I have become even stronger. You are a few millenium light years too weak to challenge me at this point. I will be taking my leave and I can promise we will be meeting again. Dense brother, choose your sides wisely in the few upcoming months” reckons Fudo before he makes his leave.

An emotionally and mentally wounded Suijin picks himself up from the floor, and starts cleaning his dad’s grave like any other day - left to pondering about the choice that his brother had given him.

Seventh Scene:

DELAWARE SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ever so brawn man goes flying like an ant after Deku makes his illustrious entrance to save his son Toshinori and the other mysterious boy. He had always remembered to check all the alleyways before anywhere else. Toshinori eyes blink for a second and then come out of a shock from the grisly experience that he just went through.

Suddenly, he returns to his normal self. “Dad, I could have easily handled that by himself! I didn’t need any help from you” retorts Toshinori.

“I’m sure you could have, Toshinori. But I was worried about you ever since our conversation earlier and your mom told me that you ran out so I have been looking all over the city just for you..” responds Deku.

“I saw you on the news earlier dad, it sure seemed like you cared a lot about me. And what was all that bullshit about not being able to save everyone earlier? You are supposed to be the greatest hero of this era, just like All Might was! Villains are meant to be put away for good” criticizes Toshinori after looking up at his dad and slightly walking away from the scene.

“I can’t make false promises anymore.. I can’t just risk anyone else, you have to understand Toshinori” says Deku trying to stop Toshinori from walking away.

“That’s not it, dad. You don’t believe in me and that’s why you don’t want to let me inherit the One For All.” roars Toshinori before running away from the scene.

Deku wants to follow him and console him but hears a whisper of cry in the background. The mysterious boy from earlier has had his head down this whole time and started to bawl from the traumatizing experience. Deku walks over to him and tells him to put his head up as the mysterious boy realizes that he is talking to the greatest hero of the modern era, Deku!

“Bu- But, you’re Deku! When did you get here, how? Is this even real??” contends the hyper mysterious boy aftering seeing Deku.

“It’s me alright and I want you to know that you put a great fight. And what’s your name, young man? You need any medical attention?” questions Deku of the mysterious boy.

“My-my name is Isas and I think I’ll be fine. I still can’t believe you are here” answers Isas wiping away his tears.

And thus would begin the story of the young man Isas and all his potential.

Eighth Scene:


“How is that even possible? I’ve only even started torturing you! You’re a crazy weak one, aren’t you? Just sit quietly and let me have my fun with you!!” manically laughs a black crow in the platform of a hellacious world.

“Where have I been brought to, IS THIS HELL? God forgive me for all my sins, I’ll do anything, take me back!” pleads the lost hero.

“HELL? HELL, YOU SAY? Don’t be so dramatic, my lost hero, this place is far more unpleasant and gruesome than hell. This makes Hell look like a paradise, after all, you are in JIGOKU!” continues laughing a black crow without any given texture.

The hero that had fallen to the lunatic Kakashi was transported to the hellacious created world of the villain for him to torture. Kakashi has the ability of psionic mastery where he can gracefully control psychic energy and furthermore create texture out of thin air - akin much to the presence of the black crow and this world itself.

“It’s so unfair though, I only get to play with you a total amount of ten to fifteen minutes before I have to throw you away and find a new toy to play with, hahaha” solicits Kakashi as he transforms back to his ‘human’ like form - if it can even be called that.

Kakashi starts throwing energy blasts one by one, each missing by an inch next to where the lost hero is tied up.

“Wouldn’t it just be easier.. To just kill me at this point.. Instead of dragging my pitiful life out this far? Prays the lost hero as he is constantly losing consciousness.

“You think I do this just so I can kill a “few” people?!? If that was my motive, I could as easily create a mass genocide - larger than any nuclear reaction to take a load of this world’s population but my intentions aren’t so simple!... I want to analyze the peculiar human trait that drives them to extremely obsessive levels of ‘heroism’.. Nothing less and definitely not anything more honorable than that, I promise!” says Kakashi as he spots a slight smile whilst rubbing the top of his scalp.

And before the lost hero can respond again, he permanently falls unconscious from all the trauma he faced at the hands of Kakashi.

“AMUSING! AMUSING! AMUSING! So weak.. Another one down for the count. Maybe this world just isn’t advanced enough yet to hold on with my kind, oh well.” mutters a curious Kakashi to himself.

Kakashi reconstructs himself to the ‘real’ world again with the dead body of the ‘lost hero’ and buries him in a grave titled ‘the lost hero’ next to another few hundred graves all also titled with the same line. Kakashi starts intensively bleeding from his mouth..

“I overdid it again, didn’t I.. Jigoku is my baby, it gives me too much pleasure” whispers Kakashi to himself as he wipes the blood off his face with his tongue.

The news report of Deku’s heroics earlier are still buzzing on the TV when Kakashi turns his eye. “Maybe it’s finally time.. For the Worst Nightmare to introduce himself to this world, starting by taking down their savior… hahaha that will do!” laughs Kakashi as he continues to lick off all the blood on his face.




The aftermath of Deku heroics is always the same - the delusive promises of the villains as they get handcuffed, the reporters asking the same questions and then assure the people of their security. Even if it is the most tedious part of the job, Deku always does it because he sees it as his duty as a hero.

However this time around, he was left unfounded in the aftermath of the scene as he caught up with the young boy, Isas from earlier to join him for a walk surprising him as this was already their second meeting of the day.

Noticing the sense of disappointment in Isas eyes, Deku assures him that Isas did everything he could do and nothing wrong to fight off the villain from earlier. He’s no different from everyone else trying to make a difference in this vast world.

“You see, but I’m not like everyone else. Whereas they can redeem themselves with whatever quirks they have been blessed with, I can’t even do that.. I can’t even defend myself! I wanted to be a hero and protect everyone from all evil but I just can’t” blurts Isas as Deku looks on in an almost nostalgic manner.

Isas continues, “My parents, all my siblings from my brother to two sisters have had gotten quirks but I… I got nothing. I can’t even do something as simple as take down a simple villain, much less think about saving this world.”
And instantly, Deku saw himself within Isas from when he encountered All Might in a similar situation and thus advices Isas to “stick with his dream and never, ever give up.”

“I feel like it’s all a waste too, every single thing I do. I even got into the prominent U.A. high because my parents kept telling me how cool of a school it was  just by excelling academically but just because I have nothing to show physically, I’ll probably be more of a hindrance to them than anything else” implores Isas with a broken mindset.

Deku ends up walking Isas home but before Isas can depart, Deku stops him and congratulates him for making it into U.A. high to prove everyone else wrong - even if a little.

“I’m going to help you achieve your dream, Isas” yells Deku with a wide smile on his face.

“That’s impossible, there’s just no way” criticizes Isas unsure of what Deku has on his mind.

Deku invites Isas to the beach he once trained and offers him in a one in a life-time opportunity promising him, that “You too can be a hero!”

End Chapter 1


This was started recently and I used Chapter 1 not only to flesh all the characters but also the creativity of my writing. There is a main story following (Toshinori/Isas/Deku) and then there are the other major characters that have their own stories. Eventually, all of them will collide together at U.A. high school which will be coming up in future chapters.

Usually, there is too much development of a few characters and others are forgotten about in stories like these so I decided to give everyone a different and interesting story to work with since you put work into your characters too. The ones I have already introduced (mostly Freshmen and few villains), I hope you enjoy it and feel free to add anything. Those that will be introduced soon (Professors, seniors and other villains), please feel free to give me advice on how to work with your character.

Brian is coming up with the main story as it goes and I am writing everything else but both of us are working together in hope that you all enjoy it.  We have some great ideas planned up already. Thank you, Chapter 2 should be soon!

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Anime Battling: My Hero Academia, Episode One: "Bitter Beginnings"

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