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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Drastik
[Drastik appears one final time, sitting in the same completely blackened room with only his body illuminated. He smirks and tilts his head, waving at the camera.]
Congratulations, Tiberius. Sandbagging won’t save you. But it does confirm that you have become the very thing that you’ve hated all this time. You're resorting to the same tactics that irked you all those months ago at King of Elite. I remember how bitter you sounded when you let me get into your head all those months ago. I remember how much more fight you showed. How things have changed. You've lost that boyish charm. You've lost that fire that made you something so impressive. You've lost everything that made you even remotely deserving of anything at all. And yet you still find yourself standing here in front of me, either showing half-assed effort or revealing that you're really not as talented as all these people believed you are, thinking you still you deserve this moment. It's adorable. I want you to hold onto this moment—grip the edges of your crown and cherish this—because these are the last moments of glory you’ll feel before you add to the glass shattered all over the floor you spoke of earlier this week. You have no idea just how broken I felt after that night. But you'll get a taste of it. You'll get to realize what it feels like to feel that you deserve something only to have it ripped away from you, to have your moment torn out of your grasp. Your suffering brings me joy. This isn’t about the championship anymore.
This is about revenge.
[The screen cuts off again. For the final time, solid, white text flashes across the screen.]
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Ryan Savage
From Nothing...

The time to fight draws near and I have been here silent, patiently waiting until it's time for me to fight for my future within this company. But as I walked through the streets of Rutherford, New Jersey, I couldn't help but feel short of breath and be eaten alive by anxiety. The memories of my past have been haunting by each passing day that I could hardly sleep at night and remain focus during my training camps to prepare myself for the big day. I've had moments where I've been questioning myself wondering if I can keep up with everyone or better yet how long I'm able to swim in this vast ocean known as EAW as it is now in this current era. I can't help but think of all the opportunities I had to excel and have a legendary career, if I weren't such a screw up I could have been World Champion by now, I could have had multiple championships reigns, memorable moments that will last a lifetime and I could've also been entering into the Hall Of Fame and be caught up with the guys that I've entered into this company with but alas I'm nowhere near their level. As of right now, I'm just trying to grasp what bit of straws that I have left and doing what I can to survive to see another day. When I was walking the streets of this city, I came across a fan that recognized me and what he has said has placed a sense of doubt within me. He reminded of the times I have failed, he reminded me how much a lot of fans around the world have looked up to me and thought I was a bad ass at some point. He proceeded to tell me what the internet wrestling community thought of me and it didn't come by no surprise that they thought I was just a waste of human life.  They took a pretty huge dig into me saying that the spot I have could've been for someone else who actually cared about the business instead of coming back for a one-off deal just for the paycheck to help my drug habits. I wonder sometimes if this is actually worth it dealing with the ridicule from the fans and the constant stress that being in this company gives you. You can say that I'm mentally weak that I can't handle it which is fine because I can admit to my flaws and that I lack in confidence. After all, I'm nothing but a nostalgic act for most people and they've already written me off as an easy elimination. But when I soak all of that in and think about the constant mocking that I have received since I announced my return to the company and being a participant in this match I couldn't help but think about the worse that could happen to me. It forces me to look into my past and remember what rock bottom felt like. I can tell you that it doesn't feel good because it felt like a part of my soul if not all of me entirely has died inside of me and I'm looking at this with no hope that I'm in the confines of my own mind being filled with constant doubt. I've realized that I was a nobody, a good for nothing that has no hope of being that man that I always wanted to be when I was younger. I was weak, being consumed by the pressure of this business and the people who have been hoping and praying for my downfall which ultimately came to pass. I succumbed to the pressure and thoughts of people who have constantly told me that I wasn't shit and never going to be shit in this world and it all build up over time and I eventually broke down and I ended up fading away into obscurity. Hearing what that guy had to say reminded me all of the feelings I had and why I ended up going away for a while and when I walked away from him I couldn't help watch other locals conversing among themselves. I couldn't help but get lost in a conversation nearby listening to a group of people praising their friend for overcoming addiction and also mentioned how much has changed in a year ever since he has gotten the help he needed. While I was listening he told his friends that it wasn't a hard road overcoming what he has gone through and he explained it like it was going to hell and back and now that he has beaten addiction and gotten his life together, he feels he has been granted another chance at life. Listening to that moved me to tears and when I walked away and went back to the hotel that I was staying at I couldn't help but think about what the guy has said to his friend. It literally brought tears to my eyes and for a while, I looked into the mirror and started crying my eyes out. It's pitiful knowing that a bad ass of a guy like me has the time to sit and cry while others are training their asses off to make moments out of Pain For Pride. But those tears that I shed, were signals of me breaking through a barrier that has kept me from fully committing to my resolve as an EAW Talent. If I didn't have to face what I did and being exposed to the public, I wouldn't have this sense of reassurance in my soul. I've overcame so much in my life that I found my way back to the stage known as Pain For Pride. The major thing that has brought me down into rubble was the simple fact that I've let people get into my head and destroy my self esteem. This may not be a long winded speech that most people in this match has given but this is a message that's short, sweet and to the point. My name is Ryan Savage and I stand before you right now that I will start my path to greatness. If I don't win this match then that's fine because this doesn't spell the end for me if I'm not successful. If the fans don't believe in me or if my peers don't believe in me or even if they paint me as this massive failure that will never get back what he has lost, then that's fine with me. The only thing that matters is that I believe in myself, I have the resolve to see my path to redemption through and I know in my soul that the name Ryan Savage WILL be on the poster boards for pay-per-views, I will be in anticipated matches that people are dying to see and one day I will become a champion! I will no longer let the words of my enemies or social media as a whole dictate my entire career. Pain For Pride will be the beginning of my journey, I will start my road to greatness here and whether I win the contract or not, this will be the first step on my journey back to the top!

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Amani

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:56 pm by J-Dynasty 2?
You’ve got a real good twist on events and words Drastik, I’m almost excited to see what you’ll come up with when it comes to why you lost after Pain for Pride, but I know that fragile mind of yours will go absolutely mad and override any little spin you’d come up with on normal circumstance. But you aren’t looking at some average kid at the front of the class kissing up to teacher and keeping his nose in the books trying to make something of his average brain, you’re looking at the star student sick of the kid at the back of the class spitting spit wads and somehow getting credit for it. I’m talking valedictorian somehow meant to let it slide that the school has let its resident dumb as bricks jock onto the honour role because he can throw a football and smile, not better than everyone else, but good enough to trick the coaches and staff he is. We can go around a thousand circles Drastik, but we can never get over the comment you first made, you don’t pull in the big bucks, you’re the champion where the people decide not to watch Voltage every week.

Man I don’t even think I saw you at the hall of fame while I was messing with people, you really aren’t anything to the community, but you still carry this persona of being a center piece figure, and that’s what I’m coming to demolish on my way towards the world championship, and deep down I know you’re afraid of that Drastik. You don’t want people to see you for who you really are, an outcast in a world of your betters that you only stand out in because you planted seeds before the wave of talents came in that would have had you tugging at curtains! You’re older, more established, but I’ve always envisioned you as a scared little boy who needed his mother to wrap a white towel over his head as he cries in her arms, scared and harmed by the talents he sees more him. You use to be considered a true scare to all the new talents, some might have called you the rookie killer, but the truth of the matter was that you were scared of the upcoming talents. You don’t even have to be a male to challenge Drastik’s insecurities at the top. These tricks won’t last forever Drastik, and I’d say the expiry date on your claim to fame has been past date for a very long time, it’s time someone puts an end to you stinking up the place.

Everyone has been saying it’s my time, and they’re right, anyone can jot out the stars and make out the constellations when the black skies are clear, without pollution and clouded vision. You think that has made me entitled? No. It’s made me confident, and knowledgeable in what I’ve had coming and I’m not going to settle for second place anymore. I’ve played my part, I set up the rings and stage to cut my teeth in the world, I did the grunt work in Hexa-gun, I gave up my damn Grand Rampage spot for Jaywalker a few years ago to get at Senn! I don’t need to hear about entitlement from someone swamped in privilege, you’ll never know what it took to get myself here and earn the name Tiberius IV, the greatest Tiberius in the long line of emperors. You’ll never know, what motivated this punk into a king and placed him inline to join a long line of champions, to the greatest champion of all. You may not understand me, but you’d best recognize where I’m coming from and what I’m about to do you. Drastik, expect me.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:56 pm by Rex32
Pain For Pride Promo # 3
"Nothing To Lose"

I think it's great, you know. This season has really come to be something special. You know something else, it's kind of like Senn said, believe it or not. That first year, you remember it alot, and I'm sure years from now when I'm able to look back and reflect, I'll remember these first couple of seasons I've spent on the most competitive brand in all of Elite Answers Wrestling. I'll remember the humble beginnings, where I like just about anyone, I was getting my feet wet, constantly learning who I truly was, what I was capable of to the near misses like Cash In the Vault last season. This season in particular, I still had ton of growing to do to get to this point, still do if you want honesty. Getting knocked down, only to pop back up like it was nothing, that has been something I've been able to pride myself on more than any victory, because trust me there were some defeats that were hard to digest at times. Territorial Invasion, where I just missed winning this title the first time around. Road To Redemption against Marx. I remember being able to reflect on that experience, and ultimately using it as the biggest springboard of my career to date, because if it were not for that defeat, I really don't know if I would have learned as much had I actually walked away a winner that night. Coming into this reign as National Elite Champion, I've been constantly bombarded by opponents lack of knowledge of what drives me, what keeps me going and getting stronger with each experience. Truthfully, it's as simple as simple can be? I love a challenge. I love the spirit of competition, and only professional wrestling can get me like that. The ignorance my opponents show toward me? I use it as motivation, and I love shoving it all back in their faces. Ignorance seems to fuel me, it makes me that much more willing to go out there and downright embarrass whoever it is that chooses to show it, and this week, how fortunate for me. More ignorance at my doorstep.

You're all over the place

...as usual.

Stark, after sifting through most of the drivel and excessive rambling that your last video comprised of, I came to one undeniable conclusion my man. The only arguments you truly have against me are not really arguments at all, just outlandish claims and subjective opinions based off of pure ignorance. It's great to see that you finally at least tried to come up with tangible ones, even if they are really not, and plus your claims can easily be debunked and rendered invalidated. Can destiny, and the many questions about it be loaded leaving a lot to be desired because of it's vagueness? Absolutely. Nearly everyone wants to believe in the concept. All it takes though are people like you, ones that live in misery constantly struggling to keep the dark out with temporary interventions like LSD. It's people like you that wholeheartedly believe you've been condemned to misery, with no real morals, no purpose, and almost see no point to life, that dismiss it altogether, and that's fucking pathetic! I guess apparently you love it so much, living that philosophy out in the day-to-day trenches hopelessly without fully realizing that it's not really helping you, but hurting you no matter how much LSD put into your system. Just like the last time, Stark, you've allowed your pride to slowly take shape this week. It's very clear to me now, that you just don't like when people give it to you straight, do you? You've never been underestimated this week, and if anything, Stark, it seems I've given you far too much credit for believing you had changed much from the last time, but it's quite clear that you haven't. I never underestimated you last time when you were an emotional mess when you thought I had, and you've convinced yourself that to be the case this time, and it's solely based on the your fragile state of mind that's filled with nothing but lingering thoughts of failure inside. Well, you will find out differently in that ring come Sunday, Stark. I didn't get this far because I underestimate people, trust me. I got this far doing "more" with "less" believe it or not, never letting anyone, myself included, tell me that I was not good enough. I've never told you that you weren't good enough to be here facing me, I've only stated how I didn't believe that you had put out enough effort to be. You will rightfully have your chance to prove me wrong on that at Pain For Pride, but it doesn't mean I ever thought you weren't worthy. I'm insecure? Stark, I have no problem excepting praise when it's warranted my friend, in fact I already reciprocated in that respect when I first spoke toward you this week, but low and behold all you focus on are things you don't like hearing. Then what do you do? You get defensive, even as you've already admitted your downtrodden career has never really measured up to even your own expectations. If I'm insecure, then you must be the advocate for it, because I've never seen someone as insecure as you in this business that has so much experience. Also if I resented you, Stark, what do I resent you for? For being able to climb this high without having to work for it as hard as I did? Stark, you're seriously clutching at straws with that shit! I'm happy my career has gone the way it has, as I have no waste in breath anytime I speak in saying so, Stark, because without all these experiences man, I wouldn't be able to stand here in this position right now. I wouldn't be able to even have a marquee spot on this Pain For Pride card. On Sunday, Stark, your so called Redemption is going to be halted, your momentum will be stopped just like the momentum of both Lars Grier, and Darkane before you. Their momentum was stopped, and from there they went on a downward spiral after challenging for this, the National Elite championship. They failed, because fate had other ideas for them, and it won't be any different for you this Sunday.

You have very little going for you as it is, and yet you go back to what seems to come naturally to you, and that's exalting yourself, prideful about this fabricated Redemption of yours. There is probably not a lot of people that have been following your career enough, Stark, to even understand what you are redeeming yourself from. The adversity you've faced outside the ring was all brought on by you, Stark. You've lost people important in your life, but you ultimately made the decisions you did. You lost faith, when it was faith that was supposed to save you from all the upheaval and dark times you went through. You just haven't ever been able to put it all together to really know what it is to succeed. That's why you are in the position you are in now, where very few follow you, and many doubt you. You come at me the first time with this false aura of yourself, trying to make it seem as though you were just on a whole different level than everyone else before you even had a legitimate claim to anything. This time you come at me with more of the same, admitting that you haven't paid your dues here in this, the biggest most notable company there is the sport of professional wrestling, and believe that you belong in this spot I occupy. You've deluded your own mind into believing that you, a broken man, whose emotions run amok are rightfully in a position, ready to move up higher, yet you believe you don't have to work as hard as others, simply believing that you are one of the best, and yet downplay what I've done and how hard it was to get here. That's just more ignorance. You can downplay what "REAL" hard work is? But in your backwards way of thinking you indirectly assume that just anyone can get to where we're at right now, and obviously that's just not the case, and you know it. Very few that worked hard enough to get here continue to work that much harder not only to stay here, but move up here. The irony in that is you've proven to be one of the ones that don't. You're one of the ones, Stark, iI was speaking of in my initial video about starting shit, and not finishing. If you ever want a legacy here, Stark, then you had better learn to finish what you start, and you think the National Elite Championship at Pain For Pride is a destination? Winning one match...one big match in your career doesn't establish a legacy, Stark. A legacy is built over time, and through consistently proving yourself the bigger each match happens to be. I'm still building a legacy here myself, but I'm going to keep at it, Stark. When next season rolls around, with or without this title in tow, I will continue to establish my legacy, and prove why the name Rex McAllister will always be a name to be reckoned with regardless of who is opposing him time and again, that part will never change.

As the week has wore on, Stark, it's been more contradictions, one after the other. This latest video from you shows just how much one can contradict themselves the longer they speak. You make no big thing out of what it is to truly work hard, anyone can work hard, right? Then you acknowledge my hard work later, and recognize that it has only got me where I am today, where many, yourself included, are giving chase just below me. Like I've said, you are simply all over the place, Stark, except at this point you have dwarfed yourself so much to the point that all I have to do is move on after this, taking another step in the direction on that path that my destiny has created for me, but before that, I have to take this step. I'll walk into Metlife, in front of legions of fans of my work, and do what I do best? Perform, Stark. I'll go out there, and I'll perform. I'll give everything I have with every fiber of my being, and I'll leave nothing on the table. When there is nothing left to give, I'll still find a way to outlast you, because well, I've only been doing so since my career started, which is pretty much when yours faded. You haven't found that balance, you have yet to rid yourself of the demons completely. Your emotions were all over the place this time, Stark. You may not be the kingslayer that wields his sword before me, your worse. Instead this week you've continuously shot yourself in the foot with your constant claims, and subjective opinions, never finding much of an argument to you can rightfully validate against me. You constantly changed the narrative to try and gain the upperhand this week. This isn't a redemption for you, or vindication, because that is only something that can happen in finally fulfilling your destiny, something I believe in, but you don't. You're not ready to fulfill your abilities at this time, and at Pain For Pride you will fall, and it's going to hurt, but if you stick around after this, pick yourself back up and are able to reflect on this experience you are about to partake in, I think in the end you will end up looking at it in a positive light, having learned something else that you can take with you going forward. Believe in that. 

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:53 pm by Lethal Consequences
"Lethal Consequences, if this match doesn't do a damn lick of good for the person who wins it, than why are you even bothering to show up?"

Because they put me in this match. Trust me, wrestler I already forgot the name of because I copied and pasted this quote, if it was up to me you'd never say my name ever. But although I advertise myself as an all-powerful being that controls the fate of every person in EAW, suprisingly, I AM NOT! My goodness, I know. I don't pull that move, y'all, and by now I think I've said that well enough.

Also a pay day. The money is okay. I bet I'm being payed more than you.

And I came back. In my head it was a lot cooler. I expected to have some cool opponent in front of me, or at least one instead of 75. I wanted a cool return to showcase a veteran at Pain For Pride. I'm not saying that this isn't a cool comeback, or this isn't what I expected, or that this is a waste of my talent and that I'm completely deflated that my Pain For Pride 10 match is in a 24/7 Battle Royal... but I'm saying exactly all of that. But like I said, life is a game of cards, not dice. The dice were rolled shitty for me, but these cards in my hand are malleable. And I'm going to continue to keep bending these rules until I can come off as content. 

And it's also one thing I've never done before. The bright side, lookatit! I don't lie to you all unless I am lying to you on purpose, and during this match buildup I don't believe have, and I'm not lying when I say I would like to win this. But I never get my hopes up for anything. There's no being let down that way. Even when I've been in this shit for 9 years I never expect anything.

This is the point in the promo, where if you were good, would call me out for that line because in every other promo I said I get anything when I want. Contradiction is life; show me where the fault lies and I'll jump on it. 

That's if you were good. 

We're close to it. The BIG DAY! MY huge day! Sike. Got 'em. But I am somewhat excited. I would be more excited if the shit I had envisioned when I approached brass months ago was coming to fruition. Maybe I'll run up on some other match? Make it fun for myself? Probably not. Like I said, I'm not in control of much besides the guise I fool you all with every time I open my mouth. Master of deceit and of deeze skeeze. I want it to pass. I want it to be over. I want Midsummer Massacre back. I can't wait until I never speak to any of you again. I can't wait until I actually have stake in what I'm doing, and not giving my best effort on what is a futile attempt. I can't wait until whoever wins wins and gets out of my sight. 

I can't wait until Pain For Pride 11. 

I'm salty at 10. 

What else is new? EAW. EAW. EAW....

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:51 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Pain for Pride X Promo #4
“Stay Woke”

(While the Hall of Fame ceremony is going on, Cloud chose to spend some time in the currently empty MetLife Stadium. She’s seen walking with a cup of coffee as she walks towards the ring)

C9 Productions presents

Cloud: Pain for Pride. The place where dreams are either made or go to die.

In association with the EAW Network and SNK

(Cloud climbs into the ring, and stares at the empty seats with a look of longing on her face.)
Cloud: While everyone else is celebrating the legacy of established stars, I’m plotting my course to immortality. What stands in my way are former allies, some newbies, and a women whose earned my ire.

24/7: Pain for Pride X

Cloud: This woman wears the mask of the nonchalant, but I see her for who she is.

Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda

Cloud: This woman thinks she knows me, my struggles, and what makes me who I am.

Episode 4

Cloud: There’s only one woman in this match who knows me better than myself.

Stay Woke

Cloud: It’s a woman who I spilled blood with. A woman who took everything from me after I left it all in the ring. Once again I have to face her, but no longer on her terms. Here I am going through a period of deja vu. The match is the same, but what’s different are my emotions. My heart is no longer clouded - no pun - by misguided rage. My wrath is zero focused on a She assumes I’m woman who insinuates that I am sleeping around, therefore cheating on the girl I love. She believes that I’m attempting to construct some race war, when in fact all I did was call her out on her bullshit. She even admits it herself. She was looking for a payday, nothing more, nothing less.
(sips her coffee and puts it down)
You know how much that pisses me off April Song!? The rest of us in that locker room sacrifice day in and day motherfucking out to aspire to be something more than we were the day before! We sacrifice blood, sweat, tears! We sacrifice time with our family, relationships, and everything else under the sun to answer one simple stupid fucking question: Am I good enough? It may be a question foolish to most, but real athletes, real warriors, understand! This is why you irritate me to no end! There you are on your high horse, insulting the likes of Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto who fought long and hard to get to where they are! That’s why I keep messing with you! I know that YOU know that you don’t belong here sweets. And this is coming from someone who’ve always felt left out in that locker room! I love Aria to death, but I know our friendship will never be the same. I know because of my actions nobody will trust me the same again on either side of my life, but IF there’s anything I know is that I don’t want to be anywhere else!
(Cloud picks up the coffee and takes another sip)
You keep playing yourself by being something you're not. Who knows, maybe there’s a part of you that wants to be apart of this world. But, I guarantee you that your half-ass won’t get you close to that title shot! You don’t stand a chance against Aria, Cam, or Cailin. They are the finest of our division, and you’re just a new baby, fresh to the game. But yet you keep running your mouth while acting passive aggressive ala Haruna in 2016. Been there, done that sweets. I already had that feud. And from the looks of things (sips) I won that dispute. But one thing I can say about her is that she knows who exactly she is at all times. Everyone here does- everyone but you. You have to understand April Song that these words that I speak mean everything to me. You had to hear this to me- I SACRIFICED TIME SPENT WITH MY LADY JUST TO TELL YOU THESE THINGS YOU HARD HEADED PIECE OF- OoOoO!
(breaths heavily)
I’m sorry, but accusing me of cheating was the last straw. Something I thought I lost has come back to me. I’m not going to let someone like you ruin it. You might be tough April Song, but you’re not strong. Not the way Maddie is. Not the way Alexis is. Not the way I am. Honestly, I can only foresee one of us three being the last standing- but you best know that it will be me. Anyways, I don’t want to spend too much time on your sorry ass, but I’m wise to your bullshit April Song. You’re right- I don’t like you. I don’t hate you, but I don’t like you. Perhaps, I never will.
(Cloud sighs)
Tomorrow I’m going to redeem myself. I’m getting that number one contendership and prove that I am that damn good. The time of my Ascension draws near. 
(Cloud turns to the camera slightly. Only her left eye can be seen while her blue-streaked hair covers the right eye. There’s a coldness in her stare, similar to the look she had at Terminus.)
You’re the first sacrifice April Song. Stay woke.

(Cloud continues drinking her coffee as the camera pulls back, showing the dark and empty Metlife Stadium.)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:42 pm by Drastik
[The scene opens up in a dark room with light coming from a television placed on top of a box. Drastik is seated, slouched back in a chair as he rewinds and fast-forwards through tape of old Tiberius Jones matches and promo packages. He tilts his head and listens to some of the early words that Tiberius Jones had for some of his past opponents. He makes a face and pauses the recording, catching an image of Tiberius with a big, cheesy smile toward the camera. Drastik begins speaking.]
Throughout the week, the theme that’s stuck around no matter what I’ve had to say to you, Tiberius has been change. I spent so much of my life thinking that some things would never change—that people are bound to their qualities whether good or bad, that they remain who they were from the days as children. But, in truth, it’s a coping mechanism. People don’t like change. It’s why they hang onto guys who were around a decade ago despite their failures way back when. It’s why some people refuse to leave their jobs despite how they’ve lost the fire burning inside of them when they were just starting out. Feelings change. Opinions change. People change. No matter how much we deny it, change is happening right in front of us. Ten years ago, when I was preparing for my first Pain for Pride, I didn’t have anything to lose and I knew it. Sure, the match meant the world to me because competition pumped through my veins more than anything else, but if I lost that match, there would always be another day, there would always be another chance. Both Captain Charisma and I went on to have storied careers, but that didn’t matter to me back then. I won’t deny that I may have felt some level of naiveté back then, but now I’m different because time changes people, Tiberius. Experiences change people. I know that you or anyone else can tell that the Rated R Shaman of Sexy who debuted years and years ago is completely different than the EAW Champion that is heading into the main event of Pain for Pride in a matter of days. But I’m not here to talk about how I’ve changed, because we know how already. But you, Tiberius, your change is so much subtler because you haven’t been here for the past decade under a microscope, having people write about you or debate aspects of your character or rank you over and over again. In the short time you’ve been here, though, you’ve change so much. Look at this boy on the screen. Look at that smile. You may try to tell me that that’s the same person that I’m facing this Sunday, but I already told you countless times that I’ve taken the opportunity to study you this time around. I’m not going to make the same mistake that I did months ago at King of Elite and take you lightly. It might seem like I’ve just paused this bit of your video package to paint you as some goofball in an out of context setting, but it goes deeper than the smile. In fact, I’m not trying to paint you as some sort of jester that was more interested in the goofs and the gaffs than any sort of success. It’s quite the opposite, actually. This, Tiberius, was you before success.
This was your hunger.
There’s a sixth sense that the experienced pick up on that allows them to see the people who want it more. Talent can be noticed by any analyst or novice or couch general manager, but heart is something that you can only be able to tell from the experience of facing hundreds or thousands of people over and over again. Maybe you were written off at this point and told that your ceiling was only so high, but Tiberius, I can guarantee you that I know by looking at you hear, by listening to what you’re saying, that you had that heart. When your skills caught up to your heart, you were able to defy the odds and become something at all. You were no longer some kid that was in over his head. You had your name etched in history. You were able to call yourself King of Elite when only a handful of people in this company’s history have been able to do that. Even I can’t say I was that. That hunger led you to the kind of destiny that you’ve pumped yourself up on your entire life—I can even hear about them here in these packages. I looked at one of your first, months and months and months ago when you compared your opponents to comic book heroes and villains. How innocent. Now I’m not one to care for comics or anything, but I know of them well enough to wonder why you don’t hold yourself to this same standard—how you can blame guys like Cyclone and Heart Break Boy and Brian Daniels of being reinvention of comic book characters when you, yourself, are just that. You’re the boy who was neglected and cast aside. You’re the one that had to fight every single day to stay afloat. You’re the one that has let that chip on your shoulder grow in size more and more until you’ve become lopsided—you’ve become completely jaded. You have become sick and tired of what you once had to do and now you want to pretend to be one of the elite—one of the super heroes or villains, whichever doesn’t matter to you. For once, you want to have hype around you and be able to live up to it instead of have your wheels spin for months without any ground gained. You know how these comic book stories end up, Tiberius—I’m sure you remember. The hero who loses sight of who he was falters at the feet of his greatest challenge.
Sunday will be your greatest challenge. It’s not going to be your greatest challenge because I am the EAW World Champion. It’s not going to be your greatest challenge because I have been doing this for the last decade of my life. It’s not going to be your greatest challenge because I have succeeded in every single capacity there is to measure. It’s going to be your greatest challenge because you have awoken a beast inside of me that has stayed dormant my entire life. This change inside of me, Tiberius, is your greatest challenge. And this change won’t let history repeat itself. The king shall fall, just as all things do to change.
[The screen quickly cuts off. Solid, white text flashes on the screen before the package concludes.]
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Not my best work. Had to rush this to make the deadline. My second attempt writing this after my browswe crashed.

Opposition: Chris Elite, Moongoose McQueen & Lucas Johnson (champion)
Venue: East Rutherford, New Jersey - Show: Pain for Pride X
JUNE 23RD, 2017. EAST RUTHORFORD, NEW JERSEY: I-Zod Center plays host to the annual Pain for Pride Axxcess, the mass of wrestling fantics filling up the venue getting to interact with their favorite EAW elitists, buy merchandise and meet up with their fellow fans of professional wrestling. Smiling faces left and write, people of all ages getting to meet their heros, taking pictures and having autographs. Before the Hall of Fame ceremony, EAW allowed a young female blogger by the name of Nancy Caldwell, winning a interviewer in the making contest held by EAW, to do a live press confrence and Q&A at the event. Every seat in the confrence room was seated by happy fans as they got to ask some questions to some of their favortie and some of their not-so-favorite wrestlers of the EAW Locker Room. Roughly half-way through the schedualed session, we cut into the scene with the crowd in ovation over the last appearing elitist as he/she took their leave. Nancy would pick up her mic as she is seated on the assigned couch used for the session, not to make the whole event feel corperal, she herself wearing very casual clothing for such an occasion.

"Our next guest today is a participant in the returning Ultimate X match for the New Breed Championship. From Bury St. Edmond, England, please help me welcome the Wrestling Artist. Finnegan Wakefield!"

The attendance comes alive as the opening chords of "Morning Glory" by Oasis play through the PA system, some of them sing along with the first verse as Finnegan steps on stage, wearing a plum coloured dress shirt, black trousers and a matching black suit vest. He smiles as the attendance is a mixture of singing and applause as he gives them a bow and a wave. He approaches the couch where he offers his interviewer for the evening a handshake before the two of them sit down, Finnegan being given a mic by a stage hand. Finnegan caught up with the excitement can't help himself but try and get a little bit of a cheap pop.

"Hello, PFP Axxcess!"

The crowd give him a loud cheer in response as Morning Glory fades out.

"Before we get into the Q&A portion we'll be giving a quick interview with Finnegan Wakefield. First of all, Hello Finnegan."


"How are you?"

"Um, delightful. Yeah."

"Thank you for taking the time out to join me."

"Thank you for having me."

"So, you're only 21 years young and you've been wrestling since you were only 20, you've made a pretty big splash so quickly in your young career signing with EAW. What was it initially that drew you into the ring?"

"I don't think there was ever an exact point in time where I decided to become a pro-wrestler. My earliest memories are of wrestling in one way or another. I remember sitting with my dad as he watched his old World of Sport wrestling tapes, seeing guys like Johnny Kidd, Johnny Saint, Les Kellett, Steve Grey, Billy Robinson, Big Daddy, etcetera and I remember thinking it looked like this most fun thing on earth at the time. My elder brother Maxwell and my elder sister Fay were also fans of wrestling and went into training at the ages of 16 and 15 respectively. I was only 10 when they began training so my sister and I would play wrestle when she'd get some time away from training, teaching me as much as she could teach me at her pace. I think she was the main reason I decided that I had to pursue it as a profession than just a hobby. She began wrestling for all these big women's promotions around the world and winning titles in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. I guess you could say she was my idol. So after I finished high school I started my training with no distractions to follow in her footsteps. My brother was also a great wrestler but wasn't very fond of me for wanting to be a pro-wrestler. He kind of started seeing me as a rival when I began training and played little to no part of my career. He is very shut in with his trainer and his training school but primarily stays in the United Kingdom to wrestle. Safe to say he doesn't approve of how I represent the British wrestling scene and style on a global scale. "

"The british style of wrestling is very much based on the concept of catch wrestling which is a hybrid grappling style made famous by many wrestlers such as Billy Robinson, George Hackenschmidt, Karl Gotch and Ed "The Strangler" Lewis. With that style being senonymous with the British wrestling scene, would you describe your style as Catch Wrestling? "

"Someone has been doing a lot of homework. Um, yeah I guess you could say my style is primarily catch wrestling. The schools I went to mostly trained in that style. I was trained under "Dynamite" Danny Newton who was a practitioner of the style under Billy Robinson and Gotch. A bunch of the other trainees and I became friends, started trading links to youtube videos of some of the style so we could study it, but as much as I liked the style, I always felt it may be missing something to make it look so much better for an audience. That's also when I discovered the Japanese style of pro-wrestling, Strong Style, and how hard they'd hit each other with kicks, chops and the occasional punches and I thought to myself that was the element I was missing was a striking game. I always enjoy studying different styles, moves and holds so I just so happened to have been training in Judo since I was 13 since the local wrestling school only took people on after they came of age so Judo became kind of my temporary wrestling training of sorts and started kickboxing when I turned 20 so I am still not the greatest in that. Plus its kind of hard to juggle Pro-Wrestling as a job and Kickboxing as a practice."

"So you came into EAW young from another country with little to no actual in ring experience outside of your training. What made you come to EAW instead of style in the United Kingdom?"
"After I finished my training at the Fierce Lions Gym I kind of wanted to adventure a little because as the wrestling nerd I am at heart I heard about the Japanese method of sending their trainees to foreign countries to mold their style and I naturally thought that was the coolest idea in the world. Took a lot of asking but I convinced my trainers to see if they could organise a place to kind of house me for about a year or so, and they had a contact with EAW who said they could contract me for a year with them so I took it. Naturally, I was nervous to leave my country and my family but I made some good friends here from the start, coincidently a descendant of George Hackenschmidt and his fiancee, who were still kind of young in EAW but were happy to show me around and help me learn all I needed to know. Became great friends with them, trained and travelled with them and then became an on-screen team with them as The Knights of the Dawning. Now, he takes the Knight thing a little too seriously under a different name after finding a newfound love in European history of religious knights, while I kind of branched out on my own. People saw him and I more as a child and his babysitter than a team so that stigma kind of convinced me it was the right path to take. Still friends with him of course, and made some new friends in Aria Jaxon, Tarah Nova, Keelan Cetinich, among others who have been the loveliest chaps and ladies I've ever come to know. Now I love EAW a little too much to go back so, I asked to extend my contract another year so expect me to stick around for a long time to come."

The crowd went into a small applause while stage hands entered the crowd carrying microphones.

"We'll now be going into our Questions and Answers portion of the interview.
Our stagehands will be walking around with microphones so if you have a question, shoot your hand in the air if you have a question and if our stage hand comes to you, you can ask our guest a question. We only have time for 5 questions so make sure they're good questions!"

Hands shot into the air as many members of the crowd had questions to answer. A muscular man in a tank top, seemingly in his 30's or 40's was the first to answer a question.

"Howdy, Finn. I am a trainer at a powerlifting gym in Michigan and as someone who knows very little about the conditioning it takes to be a pro-wrestler, my question is what conditioning are you taking to get better in wrestling?"

"Uhhh, well I am probably not the best person to ask since I am built like a wet noodle. At the moment though I am trying to gain a few pounds to kind of not look like the company flailing tube man, try and convert it into muscle but my metabolism makes it pretty hard to gain weight and that's why the process is so long. Think I've gained like 5 pounds since I've come here because of that plus how much time I spend at the gym. So, most of my focus is now in cardio because until there's an off period where I could take time out of the gym so I can put on a few pounds and work more on weight training. My current build helps my evasiveness and technique but gaining some weight and muscle could make my moves a little more impactful. Thank you for your question."

The next person to answer was another middle-aged man, this one a little more tatted up and scrawny than the last one.

"Finn, your theme music is one of my favorites in EAW at the moment."

"Morning Glory or Cry Thunder? Production makes that mistake sometimes."

The crowd has a little bit of a laugh.

"Morning Glory. My question is, what music do you currently listen to and if you had to change your theme song to something other than Morning Glory what would it be?"

"That's a tough one since Morning Glory is my favourite song of all time.
I mean I probably would change my theme song to "Giants Among Common Men" by Jamies Elsewhere since I am also pretty big on them and it's the only real song that catches some energetic kind of vibe I like to come out to. Other bands, I listen to are Arctic Monkeys, Deftones, Europe, Four Year Strong, Emarosa, Hands like Houses, Jamies Elsewhere, stuff like that. My taste in music is all over the place but mostly in the rock genre. I'll probably next change themes though kind of married to Morning Glory until the company says I cant use it for legal reasons."

"Thank you."

The microphone is then drafted over to the left side of the room. A somewhat husky teenage boy with a finge cut is the next to ask a question.

"First of all, I hope you win tomorrow."

"Thank you, i'll do my best."

"My question is, with your opponents recent comments on the EAW Network, do you feel you've become the public enemy of the three of them?"

"I mean it's kind of hard not to be. I feel I may have crushed McQueens spirit a little so he might be a little desperate to win the belt. Elite is saying the usual things he has been saying about me all month so I don't think his attitude has changed at all, think he's primarily focused on the championship, which is admirable. Johnson is a very one sentence and done kind of guy so if you can extract him singling me out of the other two guys then maybe? But I think he's not very worried about singling anyone out in particular. All and all, I don't think they're making me public enemy but I think they might get that thought once or twice during Ultimate X."

The mic is then handed to a small kid, the kid looks a little nervous now that he has the microphone.

"ummm.....good luck becoming...becoming New Breed Champion..."

The crowd awe at the child's shyness.

"Thank you champ. Got a question?"

"ummm.....who's butt are you going to kick harder?"

Everyone in attendance laughs at the child's question, finding it both adorable and funny. Finnegan himself smiles trying not to laugh.

"Hahaha, uh, I think I'd like to kick Lucas Johnson's butt the most. He is the champion much to the chagrin of everyone else and I think the best way to prove I can beat the champ is by doing exactly that -- beating the champ. He said I'd poop my pants the second I got into the ring with him, which is the total opposite. He should be pooping his pant's once I get in the ring with him. He has lost to two of the three of us if I remember correctly, so he should be pooping his pants knowing it will happen again in tomorrow night. Thanks for the question champ!"

"We have time for one more question, so please make it count!"

The microphone is now passed to a lady in the front row, roughly the same age a Finnegan as she stands up to ask her question.

"Finnegan, with how you have taken your recent losses, what is your backup plan if you don't become EAW New Breed Champion? What would be next for Finnegan Wakefield?"

"Huh. Never really think about stuff like that. Seems a bit harsh to think of what would happen should the worse happen. My only plan was to enter Pride for Pain 10 and work my ass off. If I grabbed the title and pulled it down, all the better. If not, then I dunno. For me, this is the biggest opportunity I have to show the world how good of a wrestler I can be, get them to invest in me and get inspired that some scrawny British kid can become champion, why can they not achieve their dreams too? I know, it makes me sound a bit soft, but that's how I genuinely feel about this kind of thing. What happens next depends on how the fans think I did, to be honest. My end goal is to become champion, show me someone who doesn't have that goal, but I want to go about it the right way and defend it like a fighting champion. If I can't do that and the fans don't think I am ready, it's back to square one and work my way back up again. "

"That's all the time we have for today, Finnegan will be signing autographs at his booth if anybody would like one. Thank you for your time, Finn."

"Thank you, Nancy and thank you New Jersey, you've been a wonderful audience."

Finnegan would stand up and take a bow as he is clapped and cheered by the crowd before exiting the stage, all the while waving to the crowd and shaking hands with the people as he walks down the isle to the main exit and out into the sea of EAW wrestling fans.

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I'm the best ever. I'm the most brutal and vicious, and most ruthless champion there's ever been. There's no one can stop me. Ares is a conqueror? No, I'm Alexander, he's no Alexander. I'm the best ever. There's never been anybody as ruthless. I'm Sonny Liston, I'm Jack Dempsey. There's no one like me. I'm from their cloth. There's no one that can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat Robbie's children. Praise be to Allah!
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“I am the queen, yes, I am a boss. I’m in command, I take no days off. Who? Who is gonna come against me? Don’t do it to yourself -- esto no es para ti. Ask who? Anything worth it ain’t free. To be a boss, it’s a cost, and I paid that fee.”

They say the sense of urgency that settles into the pit of your stomach this close to Pain for Pride never goes away. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time out there or your fifth. The only way the thought of performing on a stage that big with stakes that high won’t make your pulse quicken is if you don’t have one. So here I am. Standing on the threshold of my second outing at the Show of Shows, my first two seasons in EAW capped off with championship matches at the biggest spectacle of the year. People might ask me now, where’s the nervousness? Where are the steel butterflies? Are you breathing into a paper bag at the idea of what this weekend holds? To answer all of those -- it doesn’t exist, they ain’t here, and no. Something about the word “nervous” just comes with all these added connotations of apprehensiveness or doubt in yourself, and both of those are foreign concepts to me. Am I crazy to not feel gun shy at all, given who I’m competing against and what’s on the line? Maybe, but I asked for this. I wouldn’t still be here chasing down this championship if I didn’t want this. If I wasn’t determined to be a champion, then getting so close to winning the Specialists Chamber and not winning would have me dejected. My title shot at King of Elite ending in a no contest would’ve thrown me for a loop. Having to “earn” my way back into a title picture that I was never really ejected from would make me question everything. Coming up short at Fighting Spirit: London would have me going back to the drawing board. If the last sixth months have painted any picture, it’s been a clear portrait of a woman who won’t quit, one who KNOWS where she belongs and won’t rest until that goal is reached. I’m championship material. Having a belt slung over my shoulder and being recognized as one of the best is just a fit for me. And, as Cailin has bitterly pointed out more than once, I’ll always be recognized as one of the best this company has to offer, regardless of whether I can call myself a champion or not at any given moment. What she can’t dispute is how fucking good it feels to be able to back up your currency with gold. I know I’m good. I’ve got an On Demand feature on the EAW Network full of moments I can look back on that will prove that. But the feeling of having something tangible, something you can reach out and touch that says, “I’m the shit” is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s a high worth chasing, one that I’ve been in search of for nearly a year now. Both Cameron and Cailin can back me up on this, no matter how badly they wanna rip my head off this week; once you win a title for the first time, everything changes. You realize it feels better than you ever dreamed it would. You want that high forever. And then, when you lose a title for the first time, it hits you harder than you could’ve imagined. You sit there thinking you’d never fight harder than you did to win that first taste of championship glory, but nah. You only get hungrier from there on out. I used to tell myself that there’d never be a time in my career where I was more focused or more determined than when I was chasing down that first Vixens Championship win. It’s true, I was a goddamn force of nature once I latched onto that dream of winning that belt. But losing it put everything in perspective. If I was a force of nature this time last year, then I’m an extinction-level event now. I’m something cataclysmic, laying waste to whatever hopes and dreams my opponents think they have built up going into this week. I’m not accepting anything less than victory. Not walking out of MetLife Stadium without the Women’s Championship hasn’t even crossed my mind. When I say things like that, there’s no way I can be nervous. There’s no way I can be feeling anything but self-assurance right now, because again, I asked for this. My refusal to be turned back by anyone or anything is what put me here. So I can’t let up now. I’m facing world class opposition. This match is being touted as a potential show-stealer. All eyes will be on us. When the heat gets turned up, my will to be a champion once more will push me forward. I’ll be able to withstand whatever Cailin and Cameron throw at me. They’re great. They’ll go down as two of the best to ever do it -- but they’ll also be reminded that they’re not too great to meet defeat at my hands. Everything’s a nail to a hammer. I long since resigned myself to the idea that I’d be bulldozing over whoever was in my way if it meant seizing the Women’s Championship once and for all. For Cailin, becoming a two-time champion will have to be put on the backburner. Where Cameron is concerned, she’ll have to come to terms with eating her words yet again. It wouldn’t have mattered who else found themselves in the fray; the next Women’s Champion going forward was already decided from the moment I got into this match. Consequently, y’alls respective disappointments were already written on the wall from the very beginning. All because I asked for this.

Wait. Pause. Cue the record scratch sound effect. Who EXACTLY did you cape for, Cameron? Who the fuck did you save? Because it wasn’t me. And I’ll just take a stab in the dark and try to speak for Cailin just this once, because I’m sure she’ll say that you didn’t save her either. Nothing you’ve done since returning to this division roughly two years ago has constituted anything heroic. You didn’t even come back because you wanted to. You came back, because after you went into the crucible with your ex-tag team partner and your old boyfriend, you came back out without the Hall of Fame Championship. Even now, you’re trying to disguise sitting on your ass week after week by saying that you’re not in action because you don’t think anyone on Empire is good enough to compete with you. I’m sorry, but aren’t you the WOMEN’S Champion? Champion of the women, right? Of Empire? Okay, good, now that we’ve got that sorted, why exactly would you think you wouldn’t have to go out there week after week and put your money where your mouth is? Cleopatra might’ve pacified your spoiled ass for all this time, but I don’t give a fuck. You think you’re above all of this, but I’ve got no qualms about yanking you back down by your ratty ass extensions and reminding you of exactly what it’s like to lose to a product of the division you think so lowly of. While you’re at it, stop acting like this was some goodwill mission you embarked on because your heart was in the right place. Stop with the toothy grins and the smug proclamations of fake selflessness, because this division isn’t full of charity cases. No one here was standing around waiting for you to play Captain Save A Ho. You felt like coming back was a downgrade -- until you looked around and realized that this division was nothing like the one you’d left behind. Then your tune changed a bit. All of the sudden, it wasn’t “I’m above this!” No, after that, we had to listen to you rattle on and on about how you made all of this possible. I’m well-aware of the mold that you left behind when you ventured off to what you thought were greater pastures. But I shattered that mold. I decided early on that I wasn’t content with just living up to the expectations you felt you left behind. I can do better. I will, when it’s all said and done. But in the meantime, you have what I want. To be clear, I’m aware that any sane person with a guaranteed title shot is gonna cash in whenever it suits them, regardless of the kind of champion or the kind of opposition they’ll face as a result. I know why you did what you did, Cameron. You were sitting on a golden opportunity, so you’d have been insane not to put it to good use. It was all about instant gratification. You wanted to be the Women’s Champion, Cailin got caught slipping, you wanted to save face after I damn near broke your neck in front of a packed Camp Nou...the stars just seemed to align for you. In that moment, you got what you wanted, and you probably got the added bonus of taking the belt from Cailin. The honeymoon was over pretty quickly, though, and you’ve spent every day since that night backpedaling. Me thinking you have zero chance of winning is pretty much exclusive to this match, and that’s only because I’m winning. I gotta make that clear. I’ve never once said you can’t hold your own, but complacency kills -- and so do I. You don’t seem to be completely grasping what’s about to happen to you or who exactly the fuck you’re facing. You act like you’re throwing me a bone by saying you know that I’ll show heart or that you don’t think I’m trash, but those aren’t the words of a woman who’s accepted the gravity of this situation. You can handle your business in the ring, Cameron. You’re walking into Pain for Pride with all these plans of furthering your legacy, but all of that is gonna to crumble under the heel of my boot. I’ll see to it, one way or another. All of these weeks you’ve been sitting on the shelf are gonna come back to bite you in the ass when you gotta tangle with a woman whose every spare thought has gone to snatching the championship you’ve got around your waist. Your Hall of Fame ring and your long list of accomplishments can’t and won’t save you here. But keep hiding behind them, if you want. Keep using all of that as the floatation device keeping you above the waves. If I have to yank you down beneath the undertow and drown you to see to it that this match goes the way I want, then that’s fine with me. Your championship reign is about to meet its end in that sea your boyfriend is always talking about.

Thank you for stating the obvious. Are you slow? Of course I was upset when I lost the Vixens Championship to HBG. I was crushed. I was already thinking of ways to get it back, none of which actually came to fruition. Just because I decided to take the high road and not be a bitch after the match doesn’t mean that loss didn’t hit me hard. Leaning on what she was able to do isn’t gonna help you. I think Cailin touched on this, but you probably felt like that wasn’t just a win for her or a loss for me. It was representative of the days of old overcoming the new. And that was good enough for you, even if you couldn’t actually share in her jubilation. All you knew was one of those pesky newcomers that kept stealing your spotlight had been defeated, and for you, that took precedent. Well, a year later, I’ve circled back around, proving that while I can lose, I’m impossible to get rid of permanently. What you like to forget is that before HBG beat me, I had already beaten her twice, and the last defeat was in that now iconic Triple Threat main event. When that happened, weren’t you tapping out on the undercard? My memory is kinda hazy. In any case, it was never easy for her. When did I ever say she wasn’t in my league? I literally never said that. Despite how little she thought of me, she was always in for the fight of her life, so this “taking candy from a baby” bullshit is probably the dumbest thing you’ve said so far. She didn’t have it easy, and neither will you. If you think I haven’t learned from my mistakes on this grand stage, then you’re a damn fool. You were wrong. You’ve got every reason to be nervous. Luckily for you, you’ll at least get one thing that you want. You’ll get to be a part of history. We all will. The three of us are competing in the most important women’s match that’s gone down since EAW opened its doors. You at least have the distinction of playing a role and having come into this match as the defending champion. But that’s it. The good news for you ends there. History is written by winners, and I intend for that to be me. You’re so busy talking yourself up that you don’t even realize I’ve already long since begun edging you off of that pedestal that you love so much. By the time this match is over, I’ll have shoved you off and turned that pedestal into dust. My throne will rest where that pedestal once sat.

Expectations have very little to do with reality, Cailin. The two actually aligning with each other usually either depends on luck or initiative, depending on the person. I know it gives you a little bit of a superiority complex to stand here and say that you can’t wait to win this match despite the fact that some people consider me the favorite. Guess what? Some people also think Cameron will retain. Others are putting their money on you. You can’t wait to stick it to the first two segments of the EAW fandom, though, since they’re “wrong” and putting money on you is the “right” thing to do. For someone who’s such a lone wolf and talks so much about doing things for herself, you sure do put a whole lot of stock in what other people say and think. I’m well aware of what the odds and the dirt sheets are saying about how this match might go. I just don’t care. If I hear that people expect me to win, that’s lovely, but I’m not counting on it to actually mean shit on the end. If someone’s banking on me coming up short, it’s no skin off my back. Dare I say, when Cameron says she’s in this for no one but her star player, I believe her. Chalk it up to her being so self-centered that I can’t possibly doubt her when she says she’s doing something for no one but herself. Every step of the way, she’s conducted herself selfishly. Hell, she didn’t mince words when she said she’d beat her own sister’s ass as Terminus if it meant walking away with a win. You walk the walk, Cailin. You’ve made a career out of superkicking your way to what you want. You walk around with your head held high, with all the confidence of a woman who’s recognized as one of the best wrestlers in the world. But sometimes, situations like this set in. I don’t recall hearing all of this talk about what “the people” want when you were getting ready to beat Alexis. This train of thought for you is pretty much dependent on whether or not you’re facing me. Over the last number of months, every time we’ve faced each other, you’ve wasted no time in stating the obvious. I get it, I’m beloved. People like me, a lot. When my music hits, entire stadiums jump to their feet. The higher ups, they like me, too. My face is plastered on billboards and any piece of merchandise you can think of. You just can’t admit to the fact that all of those things have been souvenirs rather than my primary objective. I conduct myself the way I do because this is what I’ve chosen to do. I’m not saying you gotta go back to being “nice” Cailin again. I really don’t care. I’m not saying you have to have any regrets, because I know you don’t. If not playing nice is where you feel most comfortable, then so be it. Nobody can argue with the results that have come since your well-timed little personality change at Shock Value. I’ve admitted over and over again that I know that predictions and betting odds don’t matter. So what if the whole world wants me to win? Does any of that actually factor into a goddamn thing if I don’t actually go out there and do it? You admitted yourself that we’ve handled the words of people who doubt us in slightly different ways, Cailin. If you wanted to let people’s words seep in because that was the boost you needed to morph into this “destroyer”, then that’s on you. If you decided to take to heart the words of people whose sole goal is to talk shit and tear you down, then I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not you. I don’t let other people’s words and actions dictate what I think or how I feel. At the end of the day, the only person whose opinion on me matters is yours truly. For all of the battles I’ve been through, all of the opposition turned I’ve turned back, and all the times I’ve lost, I’m not jaded or bitter. I’ve had to learn. I’ve had to harden myself a bit. I’d definitely say I’ve gotten wiser along the way. I won’t apologize for the outlook I have. I don’t care if you think I’m foolishly optimistic. I’m doing what works for me. As of late, it just seems like the only way you can max out that confidence meter of yours is by patting yourself on the back for not being the beloved fan favorite anymore. Regardless of whether or not you say different, a lot of this has to do with other people, for you. If you were to win, this journey wouldn’t be complete for you without a little bit of spite, would it? The cherry on top of the sundae is rubbing it in the faces of me, Cameron, and every person who dared to say that Cailin Dillon couldn’t come through in the clutch. For all your talk of me supposedly being set up for some potential storybook ending, you sure seem to be chasing your version of an idealized conclusion to all of this. You wouldn’t just be content with winning. I would. You need to see the way my brow furrows when I’m frustrated. You need to see the faces of my family and fans in the audience fall when they worry about what my next move in the ring will be. That’s what you need to push you forward -- the thought of me failing. What, is your own desire to win, that fire you keep talking about, not enough for you anymore? Now you gotta put stock in making me unhappy? Shit, you’re about to come up empty-handed on two fronts, then. Not only am I gonna be absolutely fucking ecstatic when this shit is over, I’ll be the Women’s Champion, too. Seems like you’re fucked all the way around. I’d hardly call myself a destroyer. I don’t think I’m all that scary. But I can do damage and wreak havoc just the same. I can still flip that switch and fuck shit up when I have no other choice. Your expectations won’t mean shit when this is all over. The reality I bring about will make sure of that.

We’re in uncharted territory. Of all the monumental moments that have played out since our figurative revolution began about two years ago, this is the biggest. I would say it’d be cool just to say I was here, if I was fine with the idea of accepting anything less than absolute victory. In addition to retaining the championship, Cameron needs to leave Pain for Pride knowing that she’s stomped out the biggest thorn in her side since Cleopatra, or she won’t know peace. In addition to righting what she sees as a wrong, Cailin needs to simultaneously spit on the new guard, the old guard, and everyone who she thinks personally offended her by daring to doubt her. I’m just here to win. I know everything that’s gone into getting to this point for me. Deep down, I know I’m here to get that Pain for Pride moment that everyone says your EAW tenure isn’t complete without. I’m here to redeem myself from last year. I’m here to finish what I started all the way back in December. But when that bell rings, I can promise I won’t be thinking about any of that. The way this adorable, inspiring story might look on paper won’t weigh on me at all. Fuck the aesthetic, the storytelling, and everything else wrapped up with it. My eyes are on that title. My heart is set on winning. And my cute ass is gonna be sitting comfortably on that throne when the stadium lights are turned off and the world is left in awe of the show they’ve just seen. The enduring image of this history-making clash will be me raising the Women’s Championship high over my head. How’s that for a photo finish? 

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Boy, do I love John Deere. And pickup trucks. And the good ol' savior Jesus Christ! Maybe I got Cody's attention once again. He really got offended when I called him a redneck but like he said himself, he is. So what was the big deal? You admit you're a bigoted idiot, that's fine. That little match at Reckless Wiring was nothing to me and I did land some shots, thank you very much. Sure all that alcohol is getting to your head. That was a fluke win for whoever the hell won it. I don't even remember it was such an irrelevant match. But that was before my little leave of absence, I had stuff going on more important than that. But that's not what we should be focused on. You've made quite the gimmick out of being the typical hick and seeing nothing wrong with America in 2017. The common white republican. Fools. I don't do politics but I know it's all bullshit and that racism is still alive and well. Why don't you be woke like me, eh? Anyway, I don't need this match like you do, Marshall. I have plenty of time and KNOW I will be receiving plenty of opportunities you can only dream of. Didn't Lucas Johnson beat you? Pitiful, bro. Come on over to Dynasty and I'll show you the real Jacob Moore and that I don't need God to do ANYTHING I want to do. Your whole life is based on some shit in a book you fucking cuck. God isn't real. It's 2017 who even still believes that? Think for yourself. You know, I'm a devout member of the Church of Satan. But do we worship the devil? No. There's misconceptions that punks like you believe because a book told you to. Pussies. We think for ourselves and believe in ourselves. We don't need any god from any religion to tell us how to live our lives. And, the Satanic Rules of the Earth make one hundred times more sense compared to the shit Ten Commandments which is outdated among many other mistakes. I've been in churches, my ass went to catholic school but it's brainwashing. Just like you've brainwashed yourself and all five of your fans into believing you're basically the second coming of Jesus and wrestling's Donald Trump. Cheap. We'll see if the BURNIN' 'MERICAN PRIDE INSIDE YOU is enough to eliminate thirty other guys tomorrow night. Fuck your church, fuck your God, he's not gonna save your ass. Religion is for motherfuckers who can't own up to their mistakes so they say some bullshit like "it's what God wanted". God wanted you to get drunk and beat your wife? God wanted Jeffrey Dahmer to kill and eat people? God wanted war and poverty? God wanted you to come here, open your mouth, speak my name and make yourself look like even more of an uneducated idiot? INCREDIBLE. See you tomorrow, preacher man. Oh, and I'd be glad to move out of this current hell hole and go back to the Netherlands, that place was awesome. You gonna help me pack, buy my plane tickets, and buy my new home? Fuckin' dickhead.
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The Extreme Enigma Fatal Fourway Elimination Match @ Pain For Pride, Promo #7

Saturday, 5:21 A.M., East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

( The scene opens outside of MetLife Stadium.  It's here at the delivery entrance as the morning sun just starts to rise, that we find a lone figure kneeling down before the stadium. The camera comes closer to the individual, as it does a message written on the ground in front of him is revealed.  ‘On this day, sacrifice for honor, death for glory, Pain For Pride.’ Its dark, wet text reads.  The man raises up from the ground.  His face is instantly recognizable. His sinister features, his bloodshot eyes.  This is the one whose very name sends shivers down a man spine. This is the being known as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: “And here we are now. After so long spent waiting. After an eternity of planing, after searching forever!!!  We finally open the door. We finally start to see all we have planted, bare fruit. 

How we cannot contain our anticipation for what shall soon be ours.  How we long to hold the golden key within are hands.  How fate has brought us to this moment, How this world shall soon bend and bow by our will alone. How the vile filth that have infected and corrupted this world shall all fall to their knees and beg us for clemency for their deeds.  How they shall plead innocence, and make offers for a chance of redemption. How we shall glad to deny them any such mercy. 

We shall delight in their demise. We shall rejoice at their screams. You heathen masses must bare the weight of your deeds, and now is the beginning of your end. 

Our flesh has served us well thus far. It laid awake in the dark days, unable to so much as breath, heard our voice and heeded our calling. It cast of the chains that wicked had bound it to. It received the gift that we have given it.  It held on to all we had revealed to it. It desired to see this day.  It long to see life, For when it knew agony, it knew it more than any in this world. Our servant has done well by us. And now with one test, one sacrifice, one day, we shall reward it by becoming one with it. By being made whole, the pain it has know shall be soothed, The agony it lives in shall subside, the misery it has festered and rotted from shall be replaced with peace upon our heart. This is the day we have long awaited. This is is the day our pain turns to Pride, and your glories are sacrificed for our honor. 

Behold our time is now. Beware for your fates have all been sealed. The time of destiny is at hand, the time to lay our hands upon the golden key, to bring about the calling down the fire, to set along the path to immortality, to plant the seeds for the glorious reign, has come. 

Yes it has Target Smiles. You speak of us not telling you of your defeat. We have told you already of how when we snatch you up you shall be crushed by our bare hands. We shall do the same to you as we have countless others. We shall strike you with every ounce of our might. We shall stomp and claw at you till your flesh has been rended and your blood is poured out upon our altar. Do you wish for us to explain further?  Is there even enough comprehension in your mind to even understand this much?  Rest assured Target Smiles, that by night’s end you will fall to your knees and beg for us to finish you. Oh yes, for all the despair you have suffered, and all that you have been mocked for, it shall seem as the happiest memories of your childhood, when compared to what we shall do onto you. What we shall do, shall leave a greater mark on you than anything you have encountered in your life. The affliction of your mind, soul, and body that we shall present to you on this night, it shall haunt you, and taunt you for all the rest of your days. With every day you rise it shall be there at your side. With every step you walk, it shall walk alongside you. You shall see it in your face when you look upon yourself in the mirror, and you shall see it every night in your darkest nightmares!  You shall know Pain as our flesh has known it. You shall spend days unable to find the strength within yourself to left up your head, and you shall spend those night cursing fate that it had brought you before us.  

When we are finished with you, no amount of smiling faces shall console you. Not a kind word, nor a roaring applause could ever give you even a moment’s refuge from the grief you shall bare. Nothing shall ever ease the sorrow that you are coming to Collect tonight. For we have said that this is no mere golden trinket to us.  We have told you all that this is the key we have sought for so long. And none of you heathens, NONE!  Shall lay claim to it. 

For this is a battle Smiles, in mere hours we shall wage a war.  And to the victor, the future shall be his reward. To be who has conquered the other three and left them slain, he shall be granted a great power. You deny that we know you Target Smiles, but even the most unfamiliar of strangers could see that such an honor is undeserved by a pathetic wretch as you. What glory would you deserve?  What good would it do this world if you were to hold it in your hands.  

Tonight Smiles, you see the foolishness of your ways, before you are sacrificed. Your eyes shall be opened to witness the horrors you have brought upon yourself. Take in these last few moments, eat all that you wish. Drink all that shall make you merry. Do as you please till the chosen hour has arrived.  Smiles, while you can. 

Tarah Nova. How you basked in the accolades and adulation.  How you Beamed with joy. How that time for you has come to an end, and never more shall a smile crawl upon your face.  Yes Tarah. Your days of joy, your nights of happiness,  your time of being anything more than a waking corpse has come to its end. Tell us Tarah, how shall you feel when you are as we were. A shell of flesh, empty, broken. What shall you do, for even if you were to rule over the lands of empire, you shall spend every day awaiting the fire to turn it into nothing more than ashes in the wind. What power shall you claim then?  Whom shall you lead?  What privileges and honor shall be upon. Your name when everything in this world lays crumbled beneath your feet. The lip service that all have paid you, the praise that came from the mouths of wretches, listen carefully as they become cries of mourning, and weeping for one so young. Hear the terror in the voices of those who desperately chant your name to revive you. Hear their sobbing when all their attempts fail. Your path ends here Tarah Nova, your achievements, your prizes, your great feats, all of them shall be sacrificed along with your body, and with them we shall build a foundation to bring about our glorious reign. 

Go on and cry out to your poets for strength. Ask to be blessed by your fallen idol. Awaken the monster that fought, and battled, and ended the lives of many whom stood against it. Watch as moment by moment, all of it is rendered meaningless against us. Witness what true might is Tarah. Behold all that we do, and whom we do it upon. Summon up all the will, and courage within you to stand before us and look into our eyes before we cast down a final blow. Stand tall, and as straight as your legs can keep you Tarah, before we strike you down with the End Of Ages. Prepare yourself Tarah. Prepare for all that shall happen tonight, and forevermore. Take one last look at all that surrounds you. Enjoy the company that you keep. Bid farewell to everything and everyone whom you hold dear to you.  Fill yourself with these thing before we meet for our destined clash. For nothing can save you from our clutches, no one can protect you from our hand.  Neither man nor beast can stop us from laying down a great wrath upon your head. You cannot flee from it, nor could you ever hope to hide. This is where fate has brought you to, delivered into our hands, to do with whatever we would please.  Do not try to deny your destiny, for doing so shall only bring about an even greater curse upon your head. And you are one whom cannot bare anymore to fall upon you.  Farewell Tarah Nova, let none make the same mistake you have made, and may none more have to share in its penalty. 

Oh Ryan Marx. How is it that you do not ever seem to listen.? How many times can we tell you of the empty pursuits that the masses chase after, never realizing that they are all empty and hallow?  How else can we tell you of how the heathens have fooled the world into chasing those ridiculous dreams?  When we told you that man had become soft, and lost his way, when we spoke of how he no longer only keeps those who are fit to survive, and cast his charity upon the weak, and how it brought him to his own doom, how could our words not be deciphered by you. Do you not claim to possess a keen intellect?  Is not yours, a mind that has gathered up a great following? The meaning of all we say, How does it elude you?  

We tell you it is because you yourself are amongst the blind. You yourself are controlEd and manipulated by your ego the same way that the filth whom walk this earth are. You speak of yourself being of greater enlightenment that any other. But that look deep within yourself, you'll see that you are just as we said. Can there be any other explanation for how you have denied us?  You do so for if we speak truth, than we are of greater power than you. And all you have devoted yourself to, shall burn away in the flood of fire. You deny us Ryan, for the sake of your pettiness. You, who has gathered up this great following of disciples, whom bow down and worship all that you speak, and hold sacred all of the text you have written.   You believe yourself a deity. A god amongst men. Gods do not die as you shall tonight. We shall see to it that all that you have built your church upon, shall lay cracked and fractured upon the altar. We shall see all whom had followed you and your teachings, slowly open their eyes when you are crushed under our feet, when your high pillars serve you no good, when your ideology has been rendered void before the masses, we shall set free those whom you held captive with your evil tongue. 

You still deny us Ryan?  You still claim that the breaking of your body shall mean nothing?  How foolish. You listen to sheep who only regurgitate all you have told them of yourself. You fill yourself with waste water of those who have become inebriated by your words. You walk around in circles with the logic you speak about your destruction.  You do this for it is pleasing to the ear, and fills your heart with a false sense of security. 

Question us further if you wish, we had already bore ourselves to you. Our truth is offered up freely. 

Know this now, we are coming for you Ryan Marx, we are bringing death. Death of the body, death of the mind, death of the myth. 

We are not deceived by your words, we are not infected by them. So should all whom wonder this world be consumed by the great fire, than so be it. For to allow the stain you have left upon any to remain, that would bring about an even worst fate that all we spoken of. Not even the grave would be worse than to allow one shred of that which makes heathens of the masses to remain. We shall see to it that everything you have brought ruin to this world with, be decimated here tonight. 

Again we must tell you of the Sanitorium. Again you refuse to learn even the simplest truths. We have carved out a path, one that each victory and plan brought about, was another step towards our ultimate goal. You, and the others, only perceived us as a servant. Does it not register within your head that with each one Eclipse Diemos struck down, that we were using him to clear our path?  Is not the enemy of my enemies my friend?  Eclipse Diemos and the others within the great beast, they serve a purpose, our purpose. Wether they realize it or not.  You speak negatively of the results of all we had planned, you say they are here tonight.  But look further. How is it that Y2Impact battles HeartBreak Gal, with the conquered being banished? And Zack Crash, how he has lost all the influence he had once held so smugly. HDRO, thought he had true power, and wielded it as he saw fit. Now Eclipse Diemos is coming to bring forth his end. Would he have. Been able to do so while he held that gold he possessed?  Would not Tiberius be challenging him instead of Drastik?  We allowed one wretch to hold Diemos’ gold, while we show the eyes of the world the power that each piece of the beast we have risen up has.  We desired for the masses to view HDRO’s downfall, we desired that Maero and ONI prove their strength by battling against many. We desired the golden key that lays before us, and where it shall lead us to. Behold the lay of the land before us, and see that it is all that all we have willed it to be. 

Have you not any answers now?  Do you still somehow ponder all we have spoken?  We speak plainly about the fire that shall fall and flood this world. We speak plainly of how it shall spread thru every street, every great tower, and even the deepest darkest hole. We speak plainly of how it shall simply eat you alive. Have told you of what shall happen. When the flames come upon you, do not say we did not offer warning. 

For as we have told you before, you do not change, than neither could your fate. We try to reason with you. You simply do not listen. You hear, but not listen. We tell you the answer, but you refuse it. Is not one and one, two?  Could any power in the world not make it so?  What we say is a truth older than the universe Ryan. It has been ordained before the dawn of time.  We do not see you as a lunatic,  but yours are the actions of one. 

It saddens us that you still chose to live ignorant. You chose the same path that Men like Mike Showman, and his ally McAdams, Ahren Fournier, and oh so many others have. They doubted our power, and when we gave them but a taste of it, the laid crushed before our feet.  When you join them in the agony that befalls this world. When you scream and plead as they shall, think back to this moment and remember that your actions now, are what chained you to those terrible fate. 

You claim you are the future. Such arrogance. If the future is unforeseeable as you and other so called men of intellect claim it to be, than how could you, a mere man be able to see beyond the realm of this very day. How could you call yourself the future when the masses of this world pledge their souls to every guru and rabbi whom they pass. They devote themselves to one idol, and another the very next minute. If these wretches are how you are to be made the future, than you have built a house on top of quicksand.  Even now, With every second that passes, another false prophet comes before them, and they listen whole heartedly. They turn you, or me, to another who catches their ear. They care not for the truth, only a truth that conforms to all they believe. A great multitude will desert you when we crush your body. They shall lose faith in their chosen idol, when we stand over you as your conquer. 

We shall tear down your hubris Ryan. We shall shatter your mind, we shall scatter your disciples to the wind as hey search for a new idol to bow down before. We shall see the text you have written, torn to shreds, and your high pillars as broken stones at our feet. Your ultimate and total end is at hand Ryan, It's claws inescapable. We have only but hours before it grabs hold of you and the legacy you had strived so hard to build. 

We truly wish you would have listened. We wish you could have not brought this upon yourself. Now the only thing you May do, is present yourself upon our altar. 

These are our words.  All we have spoken, it shall be so.”

(Caine walks out of the shot. The camera holds on the message in the ground before cutting out.)

The End Is Here. 
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A week ago I may have been right. I may have been right about the fire that once burned in the core of Cody Marshall - but, I’m not now. A spark has been created and with it came the fire that once drove you forward; the power of an opportunity is something that’s absolutely amazing. You find reason to continue the moment something is tangled right in front of you; you may know in the pit of your stomach that you’re never going to grasp it, but it gives you enough hope to drag yourself out of bed and put everything you can into it. I’ve never understood why. I can’t understand why people need to be motivated in this mind of manner. They’ll forced themselves through the foul taste of failure constantly and never do anything about it - and the moment that there is something to gain, they’re a new person. You could put it down to greed; I mean, it’s definitely something that forces most towards that cliff leading into pit of mediocrity in its purest form, But there has to be more to it. Their failure should drive themselves forward. Their need to be more than they are should be what drives them forward. I could be so content with the things that I’ve done throughout the last four months, but I’m not. I have a greater resume and any other person standing in my position, and no, that isn’t adding the Hall of Famers or former World Champions into the bunch. I wanted more. I didn’t have to wait until an opportunity was offered before I did so. You’re fired up now, Cody, but I have no doubts that it has a timer that comes with it. It’s more like a hourglass, and all of the sand has almost reached the bottom. Pain for Pride isn’t going to change that. You’re going to burst through that curtain at Pain for Pride, but that’s where it ends. You’ll fail again. You’ll slump your shoulders and hang your head down low in shame. The whisper that your voice becomes turns to silence, until there’s nothing left of the man that once wanted to make Showdown great again. Pain for Pride is a place where dreams come true; where legends are created. But, in so many cases, not just yours Cody; Pain for Pride will go down as the place where the broken pieces of your career shatters to complete nothingness.

Time ticking away and Pain for Pride is approaching quickly. Have no fear; this is the last time that I will speak before the event. I’m tired; tired of speaking, but I’m content. I’ve almost got everything that I wanted to say off my chest. I have a million things running through my mind; I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t have those butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. The spirit of competition; the spirit of Pain for Pride is beginning to pump through my veins. I expected this to be a pushover. I expected this to be a guarantee, and I still may be right. But, I hope that it’s not. I want a challenge. I want my first real challenge in this company. I am confident. I have every single right to be. Jon McAdams, I gave you an ounce of respect - but, you’ve proven that even that was far too much. Darkane; we’ve gone through the same constant story so many time that I’ve honestly just become bored. I scared Scott Diamond into silence. Sheridan Muller hasn’t spoken since I compared German Efficiency with the failure that Germany has faced in the past - proving it to be the farce that it really is. I’ve turned this throwaway battle royal into a spectacle. Just from the power of my voice. Line up, boys and girls for making your time at Pain for Pride so much more than it should be. Take pride in the fact that you’re another piece of the puzzle of the rise of Theron Nikolas! The time has finally come! The time where I take everything that I have deserved for months. Nobody will take this away from me. I’ll look down at every name; the disappointment covering their face and I’ll know that I earned every single piece of it. This is the lowest that you will ever see Theron Nikolas at Pain for Pride. I’m shooting for the stars. I’m becoming everything that I’m already on my way to be.
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Pain for Pride X Promo 5 – Testimonials: IX

A black and white titlecard that reads 'TESTIMONIAL: ALL I' appears on screen. The scene fades in from black, though not much is revealed to us. We see a dark room, and through the shadows we can vaguely make out figures sitting down, seated in chairs that are scattered around. A light comes on, illuminating one of the figures. We see Evan sitting down, facing the camera, a smile on his face.

The day of reckoning is fast approaching for The Zeitgeist, for us all. Though we do not fear. The union between us and The Zeitgeist has only strengthened him in this time of chaos, and as we sit in the aftermath of the gathering from yesterday, we are assured that he will prevail. Many doubt us, they wish to put us into early graves. But they do not realise that we are fuelled by death. He is fuelled by death. Attempting to kill us will only make us stronger – that we promise you. The Zeitgeist is the definition. The end.

Another light comes up, revealing Conor seated further back in the room. Though his voice rings out just as loud as Evan's. The calm of the previous follower is gone as Conor brings forth a frenzy of speech.

Solomon speaks of the End of Ages? This is the End of Ages! The Zeitgeist is the beginning and 'end' of this era, the endless era that will forever be under his control. The only end that can be promised from Solomon is his destruction at the hands of the Zeitgeist. That and the end of his false prophecies which serve as a mockery to the message the Zeitgeist spreads. He does not say it, but you have angered the Zeitgeist, and you shall suffer for that. Your promises of damnation will be the pins that he gouges your eyes out with, and your deceptive words will be the hooks from which he hangs you from. You make idle threats, but he does not – he speaks the truth. And at Pain for Pride, you shall suffer a metaphorical death, one that rips through you with the strength of your lies. The Zeitgeist knows suffering, and he knows how to make others suffer. He shall force that upon you this weekend – he will hang you from the grandest gallows in the world.

A third light breaks through the dark, and we see Soledad, Ryan's white suit jacket over her shoulders once again.

I bear witness to the strength of Him, and so I don't need to see what His opponents plan for Him this weekend. It is already known that He will succeed – He has promised us this. Through the hardships He has faced, through the pain He has endured, we know He will succeed. It isn't destiny that decides the winner here, it is work. It is the fight that He has survived that will make Him the winner. We understand Him – I understand Him. And I know that He has worked for far too long to let someone else steal His crowning moment. Others have given their warnings ahead of Pain for Pride, and so we are here to give you the Zeitgeist's warning: you cannot ignore Him. You cannot defeat Him, not truly. He will rise just as quickly as He falls, and if He should fall this weekend, He will rise again with the force of an eternity of darkness. You all wish to make the Zeitgeist crumble, but He will never stay down forever. He has come too far to do that.

A final fourth light opens up, and as it does, the other three die down. Underneath the light sits Ryan Marx, his gaze fixed on the camera.

Pain for Pride approaches swiftly, and still I have much to say. I believe myself to be at maximum strength – I know I can do this. My confidence has never faltered, and now will not be the exception to that fact. As the pressure builds, I see cracks forming in my opponents, and now I shall shed light upon them for what will likely be the final time before this weekend.

Solomon Caine, as you sit there and burn photographs, I have considered your words. I have listened once again to your prophecies. And I am still content with the knowledge that it is all drivel. Most of what you speak of can be argued against relatively easily. For example: you ask what will happen to my philosophy if you were to destroy all my followers. Well, I have my ideologies written down, for a start. In addition to that, I shall remind you that my ideas live on not just in my closest followers, but in the minds of everyone who has ever heard me speak. I carry with me so much power that any who witnesses my form, that hears the words I utter, will become infected with my ideologies. They burrow into people's minds and rest there, waiting to be awakened. So, Solomon, you will have to destroy more than just me and my followers. You will need to end this world and yourself, for even you will be tainted by my philosophy. It will scratch around inside your brain, until you cannot take any more of the torment. Then you will beg for mercy, but I shall not give it to you. For we all need to suffer before we can become enlightened. Luckily for you, I will be here this weekend to bestow upon you agony that has been cultivated over years of my own life.

You wish to smash my skull open? Do so, I invite you to. For once you do, all of my beliefs will spill out into this world, raw and invasive. Then there will be no stopping me and the Five Pillars. Did you not listen when I said death would be welcoming, as through death I can become truly eternal? This speak of destroying me that you love to exaggerate will do nothing but advance my grip over this world, as in death I shall become a martyr, and as a martyr I will rule this world. If you kill me at Pain for Pride, then you will be unleashing upon this world something greater than damnation – you will be ushering in the era of New Age Enlightenment. So try to destroy me, for the pain only makes me stronger. And if you can actually end my existence, then you will have made me the most powerful man in this world.

Then you speak of the Sanatorium, and again, I am not convinced of your power within this group. If you state that you can bring ungodly suffering upon people and send them into oblivion, why are all those you mentioned appearing at Pain for Pride? It does not send a good precedence, no matter how much damage you claim to have done to them. You defeated Zack Crash, you dethroned Y2Impact, you plan on aiding Eclipse in destroying HRDO – but I asked for example of true destruction as you promised, not a list of flesh wounds you have inflicted upon others. Even then, some of these examples you mention are not your individual doing. You did not win gold, Eclipse did. You will not be facing HRDO, Eclipse will. You may have had some kind of role to play, but at the end of the day, you are not the one who can take credit for these attacks on others. You do not lead the Sanatorium, yet you are dependent on it. And even then, even when you describe all you have done for them, it still does not tell me that you are capable of mass destruction as you state you will be. None of those you listed currently reside in oblivion, and so I still have no reason to believe you will inflict such a punishment upon me come Pain for Pride.

You ask what good should come of me repeating questions? Answers, hopefully. Though considering you are still sticking to your nondescript responses, I suppose I will never get the truth I seek from you. How unsurprising. See, if you had been successful in showing me examples of the kind of destruction you can do unto me, or if you had actually fully explained how and why you will bring about this 'End of Ages', then I wouldn't need to ask questions. But if I do not ask, I will not get to the bottom of these conundrums. However, I think I have reached a conclusion myself: you don't have answers, because you are not telling the truth. Me, I could explain the entire history of my philosophy if you so asked, because it is the truth. But you cannot properly explain to me the details of the destruction you aim to bring to this world this weekend, and thus it tells me you are not prepared.

The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, which is what you have been doing by expecting me to change my perspective as you continue to repeat your rhetoric concerning this 'End of Ages', 'damnation' and 'cleansing fire'. I still do not fear you, even though you continue to repeat your vague messages, so surely you must be mad. See, when I question you, I am not insane, for you do give me a different result – you give me more material to fire back with. I am breaking you down, I am exposing those cracks in your composure as you start to realise “oh no, someone is questioning that which so many others simply went along with”. See, I am not content with just listening: I want you to tell me why I should listen. And though I hate to sound like Target, you aren't giving me a reason to take you seriously, Solomon. Or at least, you're not giving me a reason to take your threats seriously. If all you can do is call me mad, then you are just like all the others who have reduced me to a lunatic. And every single one of them has been proven wrong. For I am no lunatic, I am a very complex individual, one who goes against the grain of this company and society, and for every person who has underestimated me, I have shown them why I am considered a top prospect. All those who have claimed they can destroy me have fallen before me and the Five Pillars.

Ryan laughs for a brief moment, shaking his head.

Come to my senses? I don't need to do that, for I am already at the height of my senses. It is you who needs to gain some kind of awareness and realise that you are not being clear with your words. See, there are so many questions to ask: will you be destroyed by this 'End of Ages', how many people will it claim, where are the signs of its existence, why are you the one who speaks of it, and why does no one else seem to be echoing your thoughts? You have exposed your thinking to such a degree that you may as well donate your brain to science, for I do not think we could dissect it any more right now. I doubt your power, and with good reason. Whenever someone speaks of the end of the world, it is often within reason to doubt them, for I am yet to see someone correctly predict the End of Ages. Whilst my power comes from places of reason and fact – my philosophy that drives me to success, my abilities in proving people wrong, my intelligence – your 'power' comes from wild claims concerning eternal damnation. And let me say, you have not done an excellent job at providing solid evidence for these imminent cleansing fires.

And then, finally, we come back to this belief that you can shatter my mind. I have been broken before – it was a long time ago, and it was a sole incident. In that moment, I descended deeper into the dark depths than I ever have before. Yet I rose up, stronger than ever. I felt physical pain during that time, I felt fatigue beyond description and a constant ache within my bones. But do you know what did not break? My mind, Solomon. The one time I was broken, my mind remained intact, and so if you believe you can break it, you will have to be more powerful than the greatest pain in this world. I know suffering, for it has informed every single belief I hold, and it is what has given me my power and desire for influence. I have felt my body break a thousand times, but I have always been strong in my mind. No one can get inside my head, no one can destroy my sanity. That I can promise you. It doesn't matter if you are a master of mind games, or if you have the ability to see inside my head, you will never shatter my mind. And why? Because my mind is a maze, it is a house of mirrors shrouded in darkness. You will be lost to the shadows, Solomon, that I can assure you. Step foot inside my mind, and you will be engulfed by the dark before you can even begin to chip away at my brain. Even I fear what lies inside my skull – so you will have no chance of surviving the horrors within if you dare venture there. None of your cleansing flames can provide light, none of your prophecies or destinies can resign it to death. My mind is its own beast, one you cannot even begin to understand or slay.

History is written by the victors, but it is always buried by the future. Solomon, I am the future, and no matter what you carve into the walls of history, it shall all fade away and turn into mere dust that trails behind me and my new era. I am not discarding your warnings, I am merely questioning them. And in the aftermath of my questioning, I see that your warnings are no match for my own. They quake in the shadow of my future success.

Ryan takes a few slow breaths before he proceeds, his gaze unwavering as he stares at the camera before him.

I could talk about Tarah Nova, but she has yet to respond and I have nothing more to say to her. I have given her my arguments, and I am resolute enough in their strength that I know they shall hold up. She can be read like a book going into Pain for Pride: it is present in the way she boasts about her accomplishments, in how she wears her emotions and inspirations for this match on her sleeve, and how she continues to take on more and more pressure as the event draws nearer. Though she has a storied history, and though she is the most experienced EAW wrestler in this match, she can fall just as any other can. There is only room for one leader in this match, and it shall be me: the leader of the future, not the leader of the past.

Another pause, and just before the silence can become comfortable, Ryan lets out a low, dark laugh. His head drops for a moment, before he looks back up to the camera, a sinister smirk adorning his face.

Target, Target, Target. I have said so much about you, and though you try to deflect it, I can see right through it all. I see how you scurry around like a wounded animal, searching for cover as I tear away the foundations of your lies. But no matter where you go, no matter what tree you find cover under, I will uproot them all to find you and expose your true nature to this world.

For someone who criticised me for speaking about things which were apparently 'irrelevant', you seem to have generated the habit of doing the same. You say you have won championships and ended careers, but I do not see evidence of that here in EAW. And that's what matters in the context of this match. Unless I see actual evidence, I am not going to take you at your word, especially when what you are speaking of is irrelevant to EAW and its setting. Perhaps you do have a lot of experience elsewhere – we all have our beginnings, after all – but you have only fought me once, and that was not on a stage as grand as Pain for Pride. You have not won a title here in EAW, but I have. And that is what is relevant: it shows that I have survived the climate of this company, it shows I can thrive in it. And it proves that I can and will win a title again. The EAW Openweight Championship, to be exact. You want to talk about winning titles elsewhere, having experience in other places – irrelevant. I have won a championship here, I have more experience in this company than you do, and that means that in this unique setting that is EAW and Pain for Pride, I have the advantage. I will not buckle under the pressure of an EAW championship match, and I will bring the same intensity I brought when I won the New Breed Championship.

But then, you state that winning championships, ending careers, and putting people through pain is not worth it. You say that someone who does that is only doomed to fail. Well, it's fortunate then that I am not here just to do that. If you had listened to me and my philosophy that you deemed irrelevant, you would know that my end goal has never been to claim the most championships, or end the most careers, or even just to put people through pain. No, my end goal, my long term success, is to transform this world. It is to take my rightful place as the leader of the new era, and to accumulate so much influence that I become the equivalent of – no, greater than – a god. And you can say that that is delusional, that I am resigning myself to failure with such high hopes, but I see it as ambition. I am the most ambitious of us all, and I also have the strength to carry out my ambitions. You say there is a fall ahead – not with my strength. See, I have fallen before, but I rose up every time. Just as I did after losing to Lannister: I fell into the darkness, only to rise up a better man. Falling does not scare me, for I know that I will only rise once again. Nothing can keep me down – not your dismissal of my beliefs, not your manipulative words, not even your undying will can stop me from getting up and continuing with my path to greatness.

You call me barbaric? No, it is more than that. It is intelligence with which I strike my opponents down. It is why my loss to you seems so difficult to deal with, as you found an advantage. But as I said previously, those opportunities will not be open to you come this weekend, for I have analysed myself and can close down any holes you find in my arsenal. If I was truly barbaric, I would have little awareness. See, I am smart enough to adapt. I listened to what you said about being an expert in finding opportunities, and I realised that in order to gain an edge over you, I need to close off my visible flaws. And in addition to that, I strike with precision. I do not merely say “I will hurt you”, I present alternate ways to pain: sacrifice, the breaking of boundaries, the accuracy of a predator. I am not an oaf who strikes blindly, I am a snake that preys on you before giving you mercy with my fangs. There is method to my attack, and if you believe I merely want to hurt you, then you have learned nothing from what I have said. Or perhaps you have, considering how you wish to dismiss me as I present arguments that you cannot fight.

Ryan grins.

Ah, yes: you've run out of ways to twist my words, so you resort to “it doesn't matter what you have to say”. Considering time is still ticking until we reach Pain for Pride, it does matter, and I'm not going to allow you to use what could be your final gasp to try and drag me through the mud once more. You didn't challenge me, Target, you lied. You took what I said and painted it in completely the wrong way, before plastering your interpretation over the walls of EAW. Then, when I had the intelligence to tear down your mockery, you grew defensive. “I challenged you,” you say. “It says more about you than it does me that you reacted in such a way”. There was no challenge – it was just a man who believed he could get away with what he wanted wandering into unmarked territory. And when the shadows crept out to claim him, he grew panicked and retreated. You lied, you were called out, and then you scurried back whilst trying to cover for yourself. Well, it hasn't worked, and now not only will the EAW Universe see you as a fluke winner against me when I turn the tide against you, but they will see you for the liar you are.

A laugh, and then he continues.

I've been backed into a corner? Is that why I was able to poke holes in every argument you presented, why I shut down your attempt to force words into my mouth? If anyone has been backed into a corner, it is you, for you are the one who is resorting to “I've had enough of listening to you”. You don't want to hear me because you would have nothing to say back, and you know that anything you do say can be dismantled by me. Yes, I am the one who has nowhere to go, despite the fact that I continue to question your logic and bring up valid weaknesses against you. Target, you have tried and failed to point out insecurities in my words, and every time you have, I have defended myself and turned the attack back on you. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same as I, for all you can say back is “you haven't presented any capability of defeating me”, “you keep rambling”, and my favourite of them all “you talk about irrelevant things”.

Nothing I say is irrelevant – it is just beyond you, because you don't understand me. You failed to look beyond your black and white view of this world and your opponents, and that means you have missed everything about me as I sit in the grey. If I wanted to ramble about unrelated topics, I would be hosting lectures, but instead I am here talking about everything that drives me in that ring. My philosophy guides me more than any fanbase, more than any legend, and more than any prophecy. It has given me the strength to grab success, and it still stands, even in the face of your questioning. That is why I am the stronger competitor between us, for with every question and complaint you have thrown at me, I have not crumbled – just as I will not crumble in the face of adversity at Pain for Pride.

If you believe you have overwhelmed me, then you must have ignored all the counterarguments I have thrown your way, and all the valid responses I gave to every attempt at dragging me down you made. You are the one who has been overwhelmed, and it shall be no different this weekend. Oh, I know how to win – I know how to win championships in this company as well, unlike you. I know how to avoid crumbling when the pressure reaches maximum levels, I know how to not let myself be blinded by the conditions that rest upon a match. I have been a champion here, and I will become one once again, because I know what I must do to reach that height. I shall not be overwhelmed, I shall not be taken advantage of as you did at Showdown.

Target, there are many things that show your delusion, but you stating that I haven't given you “any legitimate reason for why you should believe I can beat you” is one of the biggest. I have already pointed out that your belief that you can withstand any amount of pain and sacrifice is ridiculous, considering there are only so many sacrifices you can make before there is no more of you around to compete. I have noted that your ignorance to my beliefs – one of the core strengths that drive my in-ring performance – means you cannot understand me, and are thus unprepared to face my true power. I have even stated that I have adapted to the point where one of you self-confessed areas of expertise, 'finding opportunities and advantages', will not work a second time around as I have developed myself to hide these flaws. Yet you choose to ignore all of these arguments, and that will be on you when I show you how far ignorance allows you to fall.

But one of the biggest things that displays your delusional state is the fact that you still think this match is just a competition. You believe we are merely competing, and that may be the case for my opponents, but not for me. For me, this is every man for himself, this is a war. There will be no handshakes, no good-natured competition. This match may as well be a street fight, because I will not stop at any cost until I am the victor. They say power can send people mad, and you may consider me that, but I think of myself as determined. I am determined to capture the win here, to take that Openweight Championship, and to rule over EAW once more with the sword of influence and the shield of power. You may be the best 'competitor', but you are not against a competitor in me. You will be fighting a warlord, a man who has no limits – either for himself or his opponents. If I were treating this as a mere competition as we did on Showdown, then maybe you would be a decided winner. But this is a fight for glory, and it is one I do not plan on losing – especially not when I plan to throw everything I have into it.

You speak of my image, you call it an illusion. But Target, once this weekend is over, you will see that it is not fake. I do not need to build up an image when I am already the real thing, and soon I shall ascend to the top of this world. It all starts at Pain for Pride, with the Openweight Championship in my grasp.

This has been my final address to you all, and I hope it serves as an adequate warning. Your ignorance will be rewarded with agony, your dismissals will be rewarded with oblivion. And me – I shall be rewarded with gold.

The light shining on Ryan goes out. Cut to black.
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