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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 10:55 pm by Lucas Johnson
Showdown Promo #1 - A New Beginning 

Video is shown from moments after the New Breed Championship match at the EAW Draft show as Lucas Johnson is walking through the locker room furious after failing to capture the championship....


You see Lucas spot Moongoose McQueen talking to one of the backstage workers at the end of a hallway as he runs over to him and grabs him by the neck and slams him into the wall and begins to punch him multiple times...


???: Stop, Mister Johnson! Please I am not Moongoose! 

As multiple backstage workers encourage Lucas to stop beating up the janitor that works at Madison Square Garden. Lucas questions the workers saying its a janitor? Lucas see's Moongoose McQueen right in-front of him. Lucas rubs his eyes and shakes his head to wake up a bit more as he finally realizes that it is a janitor in uniform and begins to look around with a shocked look on his face..

Backstage Worker: Mister Johnson, you are in shock still after that match. Please calm down! 

Damien Murrow arrives to the scene as he confronts Lucas Johnson and backs him up against the wall....

Murrow: Lucas, PLEASE CALM DOWN!



The video ends as Damien Murrow walks off with Lucas Johnson as we see the medical team arriving on the scene to check on the janitor working on Madison Square Garden....

An emotional freight train....a caged animal....a ticking time bomb. A few words to describe how I have been feeling the past few days. A hundred and six days. A hundred and six days I ruled the New Breed Division with an iron fist and I thought I was going to break Jamie O'Hara's record of seven months. I thought I was going to be the thirty-eighth and final New Breed Champion in the history books but Ultimate X. The Ultimate X match was a life altering event for everyone in that match including myself. That diving moon-salt off the Ultimate X structure.....I replay that moment over and over again. What if I didn't do that? What if I had the energy to F-5 everyone in the ring and grab that title. But all I could do now is think about revenge. Ever since the official hit the three count, I just want more of Moongoose. I need and will beat Moongoose McQueen sooner or later. It's been a wild week to say the least. Saturday Night I flew straight home to Atlanta and cleared my head for the past few days but it only got worse. After a day or two just lounging at the house I decided to go to the grocery store and grab a few things so I can bring pre made meals for traveling because I don't want to end up like the fat people all across america. Anyway I go to my local grocery store and everywhere I go....he haunts me! MOONGOOSE HAS HAUNTED ME SINCE PAIN FOR PRIDE! I BEAT UP AN OLD MAN THINKING IT WAS MOONGOOSE! I JUST CAN'T STOP, I NEARLY GOT ARRESTED AND HAD TO PAY A BIG FINE THIS PAST WEEK! But my new journey begins this Saturday on Showdown...

This Saturday night on Showdown I mark a new journey, a new brand and a new opportunity against one of the greats here named Heart Break Gal. The one thing I respect about Break Gal is that she is one of the boys, she is able to take the tough challenges against us and not cry her way to Empire. But that is the only thing I respect about Heart Break Gal. Everything else about Heart Break Gal makes me gag. Just looking at her makes me want to throw up in-front of her. Her accomplishments, everything she stands for, her past and her future just makes me want to kill myself. She thinks she is so good because everything in her career here has been awesome, everything has been handed to her on a silver platter but that comes to an end this Saturday. Do you know what it's like to get bullied through your child hood? Do you know what it's like having horrible grand parents? Getting abused when they drank? That one fourth of July weekend when I was back on Long Island the fireworks were being set off in the air and wanted to just stay outside and take it in. But then I was dragged by my hand inside and was beat....HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED THAT? WELL YOU WILL THIS SATURDAY HEART BREAK GAL! I AM GOING TO FINISH THE JOB Y2IMPACT COULDN'T GET DONE AT PAIN FOR PRIDE X. MY FIST IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE THE NEW SHOWDOWN FIST WHEN I BASH YOUR HEAD IN UNTIL I SEE A BUCKET OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR, NO ONE IS STOPPING THE WRESTLING MACHINE. WHATEVER IS HAPPENING TO ME WITH MOONGOOSE HAUNTING ME WILL STOP THIS SATURDAY WHEN I DESTROY THE LEGEND OF HEART BREAK GAL!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 10:48 pm by showster26
Showdown Promo #2

@PicPerfectMichaels has posted a status update:

“Well followers here I sit, just about ready to kick back and enjoy an amazing Independence Day that I have planned. A day where we celebrate our freedom from England, much like I am celebrating my freedom from Dynasty. Tomorrow people all across the nation will be sipping beers and eating BBQ, but for each and every one of my friends, followers, and subscribers across all of social media, they know that the real fireworks will happen this Saturday night, when in my Showdown debut, I blow the roof off the Dream Style Arena when I step out on the stage. The building will be packed to the rafters with my fans cheering and chanting my name, and when I have my hand raised after that final bell has rung, it'll be the most retweeted moment of the week. It'll be bigger than #Covfefe!  And with this win, We can officially kick off the Mark Michaels Era of Showdown. 

Now sure there are some haters out there who are trying to bring me down by talking a bunch of bullshit about how I've been thrown to the sharks, and I'm on the brand where I have to compete with the some of the best talents in EAW today just for a spot on the roster. Well to them I say, I more than welcome the challenge of hanging with guys like Lannister, and Tiberius Jo… the fourth. I do so because that first word in EAW is Elite. You have to be the best of the best, the top of the top just to be here, and I guarantee that come hell or high water, Each and everyone of these Michaels envy suffering sons of bitchs are going to recognize me as the absolute best that this company has ever seen. No one before me could ever compare to me, and no one ever will. This Saturday night marks the beginning of Showdown being an absolutely PERFECT show.

Now despite my best intentions to make every Saturday night, must see. There are still a few jackasses who aren't getting with the program here. One of them just happens to be some dumb fuck whose been hitting the coke, molly, acid, and hypno told wayyyyyy too hard. That moron in a cowboy hat Ross Vegas… I mean Johnny Nova.  But now that I think of it, Johnny does seem like a cheep, poorly made imitation, or a ‘knock off’ if you will. He loud, and gaudy, and to the untrained eye, can pass as a quality product for about 30 seconds. But when you take a good look at how he preforms, and you put him to the test, you see him fall apart at the seams faster than fucking hiccup. 

I think that getting his ass handed to him week after week has finally gotten to ol’ Johnny. I mean I can barely make out half the shit this guy is taking, and whatever I can make out of that cockamamie voice he's putting on, it makes guys in the looney bin think what the fuck is wrong with that guy. Too sweet to be sour, how bout head too far up his ass with all the gimmicks. I mean the tacky 80s sunglasses, and I've already mentioned the stupid looking hat. It's like you're so desperate for someone, anyone, to notice you, that you're just throwing all the crap in your grandmother’s closet up against the wall and seeing what sticks. 

You wanna talk about Saturn and Venus?  Well call me an Astronaut, because this Saturday night my boot is gonna be planted square up Uranus!  

Johnny, do yourself a favor and see a shrink. Maybe they can find something to help with this case of ADHA you've suddenly developed, and you can go from being this loud mouth jackass in bright colored tights who makes all these wild claims and spits random words out as fast as he can. To right back to being loud mouth jackass in dark colored tights who knew his fucking place on the food chain.  This Saturday night I'm gonna knock some sense back into your head, and after I plant your skull into the canvas maybe you'll start thinking clearly enough to never speak another ill word of your Social Media Champion. 

And POP, why so quiet?  Don't tell me your just gonna show up to get pinned and paid. (Well tbh you always were because there's not a snowflake’s chance in hell of you beating me.) if all you're coming down to Albuquerque to do is lay down on your back, and pass the torch the new leader of the showdown locker room, than by all mean do so. You'll be saving yourself the ass kicking that so many others in your position have gotten. I can't tell you how many of these ‘All Time Greats’ show up for two weeks, get their asses beat, and remembered why they called it a career in the first place. But you simply having the class and dignity to spare what little respect and nostalgia your career has left, well it takes a wise man to do so. 

But in case you start getting that funny itch, and try to screw around with me on Showdown, know that I will not hesitate to end you. In one single moment, I'll ship you back to early retirement. You test me in that ring, and you're gonna fail, because hall of famer or not, there's not a man, woman, or child, who is better than Perfect!  

 Come at me bro, I've taken the best shots from everyone from Tig Kelly, to Mister DeDeDe, to Zack Crash, and many more. And while most men wouldn't have the balls to keep coming back from the wars I've wrestled, the demolition derbies I've seen in a ring, I'm still right here. I'm still battling thru the best this company can offer me, I'm still just a Screen Cracker away from Championship gold. And I am not about to be shoved to the bottom of the barrel because some quitter saw his gig as a massage therapist who gives free happy endings wasn't paying his mortgage. No, I am about to add another name to the resume, another win over a man who couldn't see the future standing right in front of him. 

It's my time now in EAW. It's my season, year, millennium, it's my goddamn forever!  I am taking this brand by the goddamn throat, and it doesn't matter who likes it or not.  because I am the unquestioned, biggest thing to ever grace not just this brand, not just This company, but the entire sport of professional wrestling!  I have more likes on one of my Facebook post, than EAW has subscribers to the goddamn network!  I'm the brightest burning star, I'm Twitter Trendsetter, I'm instagram icon, I'm the fucking #Hero and each and every one in the back better start wising up!  

I am hands down, the single greatest professional athlete to ever step between the ropes. And from the second that bell sounds, both Johnny Nova, and Prince Of Phenomenal, are going to be  torched in that goddamn ring. So both of you had better start getting to Picturing THAT! 

And Kaise, try not to screw up my debut, my followers hate it when Some jackass cost me a match. 

#EAW #Showdown #Saturday

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 10:04 pm by Amy-Jayne
Drive and determination | Empire #1

"Dreams really do come true, well at least they do for me anyway. You see before I got my big break I was just a simple country girl from Louisiana, I had little money I had to fight scratch and claw my way to each and every goal I've ever had in my life. You know what that gave me drive and determination. It's that same drive and determination that lead me and set me on course to furfilling my dream, that dream being to be a professional wrestler. A dream that became a reality for me last year when this wonderful company called Elite Answers Wrestling put out an ad on television. The ad detailed out the companies need for fresh new girls for their women's division. I obviously jumped at the chance and here I am today apart of the very company I saw the ad for, it hasn't been easy believe me, again it however all relates to what I said before It's my drive and determination that has got me this far in a rather short space of time. I looked into this ad but never did I ever think that the company would ever actually hire me. If by chance it wouldn't of been from an in-ring standpoint that's for sure. Because going for the ads try out I realized that I was the only girl their that had zero wrestling skill or knowledge I was a total rookie, up against girls who had five plus years under their belt and knew what they was doing. Did I let that scare me no because it was just like everything else in my life I knew I had to scratch and claw my way to getting noticed and that's exactly what I did. I made the right impression and I got hired and was sent off for my training. Then came the scary part my first ever match for the company. I'll be the first to admit when the company came up to me and said I would be having my first match on the next show. I was absolutely terrified by the thought, bearing in mind I'd only been training for a few months and only had basic moves down. But I let that fear leave my body as I realized that my dream would come true. I mean I got my ass kicked and taken to school and back again, but you know what it was a learning curve for me. It all again lead me back to drive and determination the key make up of my life drive and determination means to me that I put my blood, sweat and the occasional tear into everything I do. It's like the saying you can't make lemonade without lemons. To me drive and determination is what made me who I am, it shaped me into the person I am in the ring as well as outside of the ring in my personal life. My first stab at wrestling was fun but I quickly found that I still was the rookie, the girl that many of the fans called sloppy in the ring but had it down to a tee on the microphone.

When you read comments like that especially when you're a newbie can be hard to stomach and for most it would force them to give up while they still had some dignity. For me however it made me want to change the opinion the fans had of me that's why after a few matches I did make the scary but brave decision to ask for my release from this very company and it was granted. I knew then that no matter what I had to go away, train and make myself the best wrestler I possibly could.  So that's exactly what I did and now almost eight months on and I gave Elite Answers Wrestling this very company a call and they welcomed me back with open arms. From day one this company has had faith in me and for that i'll always be thankful. Most companies would give up on a rookie but not this one, they allowed me to grow, perfect and make myself better, not only as a wrestler but as a women. Now the pressure is on me to deliver and prove that going away has worked. It's exactly what i'm going to do on July seventh in Portland, Oregon, when I put a beating on the one they call April Song. Or better yet the killer bee. I mean if she really was the killer bee as she says then surely she'd be the champ no? April can call herself the killer bee heck even the queen bee if she really wanted too. The fact of the matter is she hasn't got the accomplishments to back up such a title for herself, I mean sure she has her accomplishments, runner-up in this years empire cup bravo April does she want a pat on the back....I didn't think so because if she really was all that special and quote for quote killer bee like, well she would've won the damn thing but obviously she is  just second best to whoever did win. Now now...Don't get all uptight because i'm not mocking her second place is good, do I think I could of beaten her in the empire cup. At the time probably not. Might I add she made it to the semi final of the Specialist title tournament, again April fell just short of beinh a true killer bee. Again at the time I probably would've got my ass kicked, but that was then and this is now. Now I am back and better than ever and come July seventh April, well she's going to be stung right in her rear by me, the 'it' girl. Did I just steal her catchphrase or her signature punch line, if I did quite frankly I don't care because this 'it' girl will starve the 'killer bee' of the pollen she needs to survive come July seventh. April best bring her A game because I am going to be bringing mine.

I can imagine the look on her face when she saw that she was going to be having a match against me, I can picture it as clear as day. Little miss killer bee April probably looked at the card and now she's got her over confident big girl pants on. Wanna know why she's thinking like that...Well she probably thinks that this is an easy win for her. That's her first mistake right there, if there is one thing I've learned not just in wrestling but also in life Its to never underestimate anyone, well right now that's exactly what April is doing. She is underestimating me and what I can do inside the ring, sure my past my paint that easy victory outcome, but that's exactly what it is the past. This, well this is now the present day and come July seventh if April still has the easy victory mind set, well then she's setting herself up for failure. I may not have any accomplishments yet to my name, in this business however accomplishments quite often or not have no real meaning. April probably sits and brags about hers like she is some sort of queen bee. The fact of the matter is she has nothing to brag about and even if she did, well she should spend less time bragging about her 'so called' accomplishments and spend more time focusing on the task at hand and that's trying to find a way to beat me, sadly for April that just isn't going to happen because she may like to think she's already won but i'm going to burst her bubble, pop that inflated oversized ego but most of all i'm going to be the one that sting her like a bee, not the other way around. You see It's a new era and it's out with old and in with the new and let's face it April is 'old' news now I mean does anyone really care about her or what she does in this company because I sure as hell don't, she could be the crazy lady in catering for all I care. Crazy lady in catering or not I know what April is capable of in the ring, i'm done my homework, done my studying and come July seventh I will brinh the fight right to her am I know being over confident...No because you see I am not underestimating her I know this is going to be a test but not underestimating her means I have the advantage, especially when she is likely to be underestimating me.

So come July seventh not only is it a new era, a new season and a new time for people to shine, but it is the time for me the 'it' girl Amy-Jayne to shine. I am going to make Empire my domain, my place to shine. Go ahead make fun go pee yourself with laughter. Because at the end of it all you're all going to look like fools when I sit atop my throne a rule this division, because that is what this new era is all about, the 'it' girls rise to power, my rise to greatness and not a single thing you April or anyone else can do about it because this era is my era, my season, the best season ever. The season and era of the 'it' girl is upon and the era start on July seventh in Portland, Oregon when I snatch the sting from the queen bee and begin my rise to the top. Because I am Amy-Jayne the 'it' girl and I am at my best and i'm here to STAY!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 7:38 pm by Scott Oasis
Pain For Pride has come and gone and season eleven has now officially arrived.

This has always been an exciting time in EAW for people. It’s a brand new season, there’s a brand new environment for every brand due to the rosters - the landscape of the place has changed drastically! It’s a fresh start for everybody, a chance to reinvent yourself. That’s not me though. Nothing is changing. I’m still on Friday Night Dynasty and I’m still heading into this week with the same attitude I had before. I think staying on what has pretty much become my home brand was almost like fate. It’s a sign that I am not done yet, that I to keep doing what I am doing here. My goals are exactly what they were before: reclaim the top spot on Dynasty and do so no matter the cost. I want to be the man that I was back at Season Nine. I want to be feared, I want to be respected, I want to be a WORLD CHAMPION again! It feels good being able to say that, when I hear those words come out of my mouth I believe it, but it bothers me so much knowing that when I make those claims there are still some idiots out there doubting me…. Brushing me off and thinking that I fell off because of last season. Now don’t get me wrong. Season 10 had a lot of good moments for me and a lot of big victories, but at the same time there was something very much missing from that whole run. It was the first season since I’ve been to EAW where I went without any kind of title. Accolades; the one thing that people track, the only real thing people pay attention to when they look at a person in the history books -- that was something absent in my career for an entire year. That’s a whole year where others were ahead of me, a huge point where I was looked at as doing nothing in this industry. Though I started off the season by beating people like the Mr. DEDEDE’s and Jacob Senn’s of the world none of what I was doing got to be noticed because I had nothing tangible for these fickle fans and stats guys to pay attention to. I missed a big opportunity to redeem myself from Pain For Pride 9. Part of that has to do with a lack of focus and a lack of discipline. I admit that at the start of 2017 I did not remain consistent in my ways. I did the same thing that I fault many legends for doing toward the later part of their careers. I got lazy. I wasn’t training like I was or taking matches as seriously. I lost my chance at the World Championship back at Road to Redemption and headed into the new year frustrated and ready to give up. After going full speed ahead and pushing myself upon losing the World Heavyweight title, I eventually hit a wall as one would expect and instead of trying to break through it I just stood there and allowed that to be the end of the road for me. I understand that the path of getting back to the top of the mountain isn’t an easy one. I know it’s hard having had to climb up it before.  For a brief moment though, I had forgotten that feeling of climbing. I forgot about the struggle and the trial and error you have to learn from.

I’ve become so accustomed to winning that for a time, I could not process anything else. That is still a trait present with me to this day. I don’t take failures lightly. I never have. When I am defeated, It’s hard to let go of at times. That distaste for failure, the effect it has on me, at times it makes me a great competitor but other times it can lead to my downfall. When I came out the loser in my feud with DEDEDE and missed my shot at the World title I didn’t try to shake off my failures like I did Lucian Black, instead I allowed them to fester and snowball into even more losses. It got to the point that I had to walk away and clear my head. I have come to the realization now that I was acting foolish and am most definitely kicking myself for it all but that can not make up for it. I killed my momentum there. I recognize that I am my own worst enemy. At the end of the day, Mr. DEDEDE didn’t beat me down, losing to Mark Michaels didn’t break me in my slump, and neither Target or Nico Borg stopped me from Pain For Pride glory when I came back; none of them had anything to do with why I didn’t get that big redeeming moment in season ten. I was the person who held me back from true success in season ten. Here I am in the prime of my career yet I spent precious months wasting away, twiddling my thumbs in the back and simply collecting a check instead of growing. That was the problem and it wasn’t something I woke up to until it was too late to really make a difference. I was extremely close to getting back to where I was until I lost it all in the second half. That type of inconsistency though is no more. It’s back to business. Back to being the guy who delivers results week after week and hustles to be the top guy. Like I’ve said, the man in the mirror, Scott Oasis is the only person now who can ever pose a threat to me and after some time to refocus even that one threat has been neutralized. Nobody else can stop me now. As a matter of fact if you look at my comeback after Grand Rampage nobody has able to really beat me straight up. One on one when I am one hundred percent and at my best, there is nobody who can hold a candle to me without some sort of shenanigans involved. Care to debate me on that claim and I will be more than able to respond to your denial, not with words but with actions. Actions in that ring. Beating men down, breaking them, getting decisive victories over even the most dominant of Elitists. Heh, the type of actions you will see live on Friday Night actually. Yeah….that’s a perfect time to see what I mean. I have just the right opponent to show off my abilities, a legend in fact.

Lethal Consequences. Answers World Champion. EAW Champion. Hardcore Champion. UNDISPUTED Hardcore Champion title holder at that. An EAW Hall of Famer. Let me tell you all about this man for a bit as I certainly have a lot to say even if the same can’t be said for him in regards to me. Lethal Consequences has the type of resume where he could have ended his career years ago and would be just fine. He has nothing else to prove, he can live comfortably just off those few amazing accolades. People dream of doing what he has done, they would kill to have his career! There’s really no reason for him to be back honestly. Shit, when I saw his name announced on the list of latest signings about a month back I was wondering why he even showed up. I couldn’t see what he was getting out of a return to EAW, other than perhaps a way to satisfy his desire to compete? I settled on that answer initially as I could relate. As an athlete you always want to be out there in that ring. Maybe he wanted to see if he could still go? I admired it, I respected him for it even. But then I actually saw his attitude and the way he carried himself for matches and all of that goodwill was immediately undone. The way Lethal Consequences acts has me in a spot where I am not sure whether to laugh at his ridiculousness or be sick to my stomach as a wrestler. Lethal Consequences treats this business like a joke. I hear him talk about this company and the matches he’s in and he has never once taken them seriously. This “too cool for school”, “billy badass”-esque persona he puts on for the audience to sell himself is some of the most obnoxious stuff I have seen from a returnee in quite some time. He’s self absorbed to the point that the brand that is LC and everything surrounding it comes first and the actual wrestling he does comes second. It’s as if he expects to get by off being Lethal Consequences, the big legend and that alone makes him above almost any possible opponent.

This comeback is an ego trip for him, he’s simply back to have a good time and show off, expecting everything to be handed to him as a reward for acting like a clown and talking trash without backing it up. He believes himself to be the greatest around and one of Dynasty’s top picks all because he can lay claim to never having lost one on one so far. Well anyone can knock off some tomato cans or be in the right place at the right time for some screwy finishes but it takes a real competitor to beat some legit talent in convincing fashion, something you can’t say you have done in many years. I’m sure you got plenty of blind fans from the past willing to rally behind you, buying into your brand and drinking the kool-aid with glee but most people in the back can see you for who you really are. A fool with unwarranted arrogance. You have the nerve to pretty much ignore me and say “Fuck Scott Oasis”? Who are you to be slighting me? You have absolutely no room to underestimate people. You, a person who bombed as EAW Champion and had to have his belt given to a much more deserving wrestler like Starr Stan, who vanished off the face of the earth and then flopped in pretty much every appearance had since his last good tenure, in what, 2009? History has shown that you can’t hack it against anyone actually worth their salt these days. I’m not some rookie or another big mouthed scrub you can get one over on, I’ve been the same places you’ve been, done the same things you’ve done and excelled at them in a far greater way than you can ever imagine. People have viewed me as the future of this company, a wrestling beast, people look at you and notice a nostalgia act they can geek over for a week or two. They may think you’re better than you really are for a bit but that soon will fade once you actually hit a wall in your run. A wall where, unlike me, once you hit it you will pack up and turn away from instead of ever going back to it. I want you to face the facts LC. The likelihood of your little unpinned streak making it past this week is slim to none. I honestly wouldn’t even take too much pride in me beating you handedly if it wasn’t for the fact you’re still looked at as a big deal off of the strength of your resume. Beating someone with your accomplishments would be nice to have as a start to season 11. When detractors hear the name Scott Oasis uttered in conversations and care to throw shade my way, they can look to this week and see me take a multi-time world champion legend who has yet to lose and make him look like child’s play. Watch this Friday as one of their idols from childhood is made to hurt, made to bleed, made to face the reality that he is up against someone far superior at my hands. I am going to make him and EVERYONE ELSE accept that I am the who is heading to the top and that people like him and those who cast stones upon me are only meant to sit in their chairs, keep their eyes on their TV sets and watch me do it.

This is no longer Season 11 of EAW, this is the very beginning of a new show; MY SHOW. This next year of Dynasty is going to be the genesis of Scott Oasis, the year where I not just thrive in this company but take it over and never let go. You may laugh now but trust me, you won’t be once I get the ball rolling this week. It’s time to make big moves again. It’s time to see Scott Oasis at his peak. That’s going to be a scary sight.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 7:20 pm by showster26
Voltage Promo #2

Monday, 2:07 A.M., Seattle, Washington

(The scene opens on a mostly clear sky where The moon hangs high as a backdrop of the city. The camera pulls back, further and further its goes.  Till the city is barely visible across the farend of Lake Washington. It's here in the darkness we find a lone figure standing still by the shore in the darkness. The man’s face ,though mostly masked by the darkness, is still unmistakable. The sinister snarl, the bloodshot eyes that glare thru the pitch black that surrounds him, this is the being known to the world as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: “Though this flesh failed us on the day of Pain For Pride, an even greater awaits us.  This time we shall see our destiny thru to the end. This time we shall not give in. This time we shall possess the prize in exchange for all of our pain and strife.  All that this flesh has suffered. All of its wounds, all of its ailments, shall soon be soothed, and our servant shall be rewarded well for all he has done in our name. 

 We shall lay our hands upon the gold of a god. To claim it, is to claim power. Those who seek to steal it away for the sake of their own Pride and vanity, must be met with a  swift and terrible fate. For they know not what lies beneath the trinket that they all clamor over. They see not past the realm of the flesh, and think not past the end of their own nose.  Many seek this glory, many seek this honor. But all who do have brought a curse upon their own head without even realizing it. For there is none beside us whom are worthy of possessing this glory. None whom we shall allow to steal away what is rightfully ours. 

For we shall not let any other possess what fate has placed before us!  We shall not give reason for the  egos of heathens to be satisfied!  We shall bring a plague greater than has ever been seen by the eyes of men, Down upon the heads of every soul who would try and stand against us!  We are bringing a storm of horrors to any who would dare to attempt to impede us along the path set long ago.  A fate worse than the grave awaits all who try to steal our Interwire Championship. 

Wether it be one as our brother Amadeus, or one as vile as Jon McAdams. 

Every word, every syllable, his folly made evident.  Evermore the same, evermore condemned. Jon McAdams, have you learned nothing?  Have you filled your mind to its brim with your delusions of righteousness?  What gives you such a claim as being sovereign in all you pursue?  What idol has proclaimed you as having any power over all you see?  You certainly have not rule, nor Authority, nor control over us.  You have not even power over yourself at the hour when we shall stand face to face, and wave yet another battle. Can you defeat us?  Could you muster up a greater strength than you have ever possessed?  Could you ever defeat fate itself? 

We tell you know that as surely as you breath at this moment, you cannot. You cannot over come us, for as much as you may run away, we shall find you.  and when we do, we shall delight in crushing you under our feet as an insect. You are but fly compared to us. A nuisance that only annoys until it is swatted and discarded. For all your talk of speed,  what good would it do you when we have torn your legs from your body?!  What good shall all your talents bring you when we have crippled your body, and shattered your mind?!  

How we cannot wait for that moment when we hear your cries of lamentation, how we shall savor it sweetly like the music to our ears.  When you see all you had planed laid in ruins before your very eyes. All you had achieved, all you had garnered.  Everything you have labored and toiled for, rendered void and meaningless before you. How we shall stab at the heart of your crusade, till it beats no more.  How we shall strip away every boast you have ever laid claim to. How we shall stalk and terrorize you till you finally meet your ultimate fate at the End Of Ages!  

You challenge us to run towards our destiny.  The words of one who has no foresight. For our path is not not a sprint, made easy. the path that is set before us is one that is long and arduous. It leads us to the highest mountains, and thru the deepest valleys. Our path is one that shall prepare our flesh, to give it the strength it needs to see past the day of the fire.  You disregard all of your shortcomings, we have accepted ours. We deny any flaw within yourself, we seek to correct them. Our journey is one that shall make this flesh we inhabit now, one that shall serve our needs and purpose for all eternity. Run while you can Jon McAdams, for we shall find you, and we shall unleash upon you unspeakable horrors that shall haunt you for the rest of your wicked days. 

Come forth and test us Jon McAdams. Test us as you have before, for while you speak of your alliance with that wretch Mike Showman, he is nowhere to be found. There shall be no one to offer aid to you as we tear the flesh from your body. There shall be no allies to rescue you as there was with Eclipse Diemos, and Drastik. There is no enemy of ours who would seek to bring about our downfall as there was when you stole that which Maero took from you. There is only your flesh against ours. You stand alone against us, as we stand alone against you. 

We do not doubt ourself. We are made whole, piece by piece. With every sacrifice upon the Altar, with every drop of blood that pours out from our chosen victims, with every battle won, and eye that victory gains us. We are made whole. And with yours Jon McAdams, we shall be one step closer. With your bones turned to the smallest bits, with your will bent and your spirit broken, we shall be that much more prepared to take our gold. 

You cannot stop us, just as you never could. We shall not be your victim, you shall not triumph over us, WE SHALL NOT BURN!!!

The chosen hour soon approaches. History repeats itself. We shall once again stand over your unconscious body, and prepare ourself to bring the same fate to the next whom we should encounter. 

Heed these words well. For by week’s end they shall be so.”

(Caine turns around and begins to walk towards the woodland area near the lake. The camera tries to follow him, but soon he is lost in the darkness.)

The End. 
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 6:27 pm by Ahren Fournier
(We open the scene to Ahren sitting in his fuzzy pink chair, in a room with pink painted walls. He has a calm look on his face, and then... A smirk makes his way to his mouth, before he addresses the camera.)

Welcome everyone to my own private dressing room that Dynasty has been so courteous to reward me. As you can see I've done some decorating myself.. I find that the pink walls give it that extra oomf, you know? White walls are bland and boring... Much like Scooter Diamond. As a matter of fact if I did keep the walls white, it would be just asking from him to come and attack me. It was the perfect color for him to camouflage into, then strike when I least expected it. I vom in my mouth a little bit at the very thought of having to fight you Scoot, why? Because your complexion is something out of a horror movie. You look like corpse. You look like something that would shoot out of a ball sack.. Yes... Sperm. You sicken me, get a tan you freak. Anyways, I call this place, my locker room, the Pink Hotel... You can imagine as to why. So whenever someone asks to join me in my locker-room for an after match celebration, do not ask me, can we go back to your locker room. No... Ask me, can you take me to that one special place that fills my heart up with joy like nothing else can. Bring me to.. Ahren's Pink Hotel. And you have to say it exactly like that or.. No entry. Sorry! Anyways, Scott said words, terribly, and I feel like I'm obligated to respond to them.

Well Scoot that was a waste of my time. You went on and on about things that you could say... But won't. So basically what happened was you just kept talking and talking without saying a damn thing. Like it even matters what the last pick of the draft even has to say, clearly no one has the confidence in you that you do, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and try to decipher what you said.. Or I guess didn't say. All the things you could say, but not really? Really just sounded like you droned on and on to fill time, without saying anything. What a huge waste of time huh? And you think you're actually good at this talking thing? You might want to re think your career path like I'm sure you've done a thousand times by now. That is what all your breaks are for right? Asking yourself why you still do this? But hey seeing that you talked about someone who "definitely isn't me" then I guess I have no response for anything you said. SIKE! Clearly what you said was about me, I've deciphered your little code. You think I'm just trying to be Drastik eh? Well, I'm not, Ahren Fournier is nothing but original recipe. But think of it this way. We take on the mannerisms of our friends, and people we hang out with, does that mean I'm trying to be like them? No, it's just the people we hang out with and it's second nature to have take on traits or quirks that you're friends with. That's what inside jokes are about, that's what memories are made of. Hell that's what makes a friendship so strong, similar personalities or traits to your friends, that's why you're friends. It's science. Is it so crazy that two people can just be similar people without trying to copy each other? I've been the same person since I busted out of the womb, I've never tried to be something that I'm not. But that's what drew me to Drastik, how similar we kind of are. To be honest though, I think I'm a little crazier, and get a lot more poon than he does though. But to say that I'm just trying to be a new Drastik well no. I've always just been myself, I just say what comes to my head naturally, I don't think. I'm just Ahren Fournier  being Ahren Fournier. But seriously Scoot how dumb can you be? Yeah, I dominated Voltage without a second thought. Aren Mstislav , beat him. Nas, beat him. Solomon Caine, beat him. Jon McAdams, beat him. Maero, beat him. The list goes on and on, but yes I'm fully aware that they aren't the top of the crop when it comes to talent, and I have said that. So coming into Dynasty with all these new faces, and elitists who could be considered top tier I should be excited, shouldn't I? I should want to go up against the best of the best, and I should think that I will dominate because that's what winners do. They never second guess themselves, they never think oh I can't beat him he's too good. They go in there, and they take care of business. You win some, you lose some, but I win a lot of them. Maybe I should tune down the cockiness, but I feel like if you don't believe in yourself, why would anyone else. I mean I look around, I know I'm the sexiest, I know I'm the most athletic, I've definitely got the most poppin pecs, why wouldn't I believe in my talents? No one in EAW has been able to prove me otherwise. But since you like to beat around the bush and not directly say anything to me, maybe I'll do that too. You see generic wrestler number 300,000,000 has said nothing of importance, nothing new, and thinks he's on my level. I could've said anything and he would've had the same response, and actually it feels as though he didn't really listen to anything I had to say. He didn't respond to me, he just said words to hear himself speak. Generic wrestler 300,000,000 would like to tell you that he is the best in the world, and that I don't compare in the slightest, but his reasoning's are weak, and over done. The only reason that I can't take Dynasty by storm is because I haven't faced the level of talent that it possess yet? Well that's just it, I haven't faced this level of competition yet so how would you know I can't deal with it? The people that I did go against I beat quite handedly. And if you actually look at the roster? a lot of it is filled with Voltage guys. The draft took like half our roster, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

But let's look at your career Scooter, you said it yourself, you used to run this place, and now you're Mr. Irrelevant. You used to be Answers World Champion, and now you're going up against "Drastik number 2". You used to actually be thought of someone that actually had talent, and now you're just a bitter older gentleman trying to cast stones at a guy that had some success. Are you happy with where you are now? You used to be thought of as someone special, but now? Maybe they've lost faith in you with how many times you've left. 24/7 Battle Royal, last pick of the draft, not a main eventer. While me? I was the fourth pick... Top 5 baybay! Still I think I could've done better, because people I beat were drafted ahead of me, which is fine. that's how you get the chip on your shoulder, and the attitude of I'll show you. And I will, I'll show them all. I should've been pick number 1. I know Scott, you're probably laughing at that sentiment, but hey you don't have a soul so what do you know. You have this arrogance about you, a school yard bully mentality where if someone thinks highly of themselves you have to try and knock them down a few pegs. It could be little penis syndrome where you have to prove your worth to everyone because you're embarrassed about whats dangling between your legs, I don't know. But what I do know it's pathetic. We get it your career isn't what it used to be and you're trying to hang onto any glimmer of spotlight that you once had. I'm not the guy that you want to you want to take lightly, the Voltage legend himself Ahren Fournier is going to make an example out of you. You can say that anything you want really, it just makes you seem feeble minded and weak, because who are you to judge anything that I do when you can't even win a battle royal full of nobodies, and old men? You're jealous, you see me rising through the ranks, and you wish that you were in my spot. The guy that has been called the next great face of EAW Ahren Fournier, you wish that was you. I don't blame you for trying to downplay everything I've done, it's fine really, because I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize how wrong you are about me. Then you can go back to saying well back in your day, and all that shit the old bitter men say. I know Voltage doesn't have the best group of talent and I've said that, I want to face the best of the best, and if you think that your words hurt me, or scared me then you've got another thing coming. You see Scoot, I'm going to have to wait another week for that, because you don't fit the bill. You're not the best of the best and you never have been, you're just another guy that's a stepping stone for my immediate rise as I become the face of not only Dynasty, but EAW.

You see Scoot, this passive aggressive bitchiness is kind of pathetic. You're acting like a little bitch, a tiny girl in pig tails bitch. You not talking about me by name, when clearly what you're saying is about me, is juvenile. Why not be a man and say it to me man to man? I thought I was done fighting against the women's division? I mean I don't have to take this from a guy that was taken in the draft 15 slots below me. Clearly management thinks a lot higher of me than you. Clearly management thinks a lot less than you than you do. And clearly you're not the best judge of talent, seeing that you did run this place... right into the ground. Everyone knows Ahren is the goat, but you refuse to accept that. You're pessimistic views on my career, only mirrored by the optimistic views on yourself are embarrassing. The people in charge can see the cold hard facts staring them in the face. You're not what you once were. You're no DeDeDe, you're no Robbie v, and hey since you brought him up, you're no Drastik. All these guys have been here for a long time and have had storied careers. Careers I would like to mirror in some aspect. They're old as Fuck but within this year they've still been champions. While you, you're struggling to get into pain for pride with anything meaningful. You look at what I've done and you scoff at it. Why? Is it because of your own inadequacies? You see that I'm doing big things and you're just so jealous that I just might pass you by that you try to tell everyone that what I've done to this point doesn't matter? The thing is I haven't had many opportunities, but the ones I have had I've capitalized on. I'm not Keelan who's had 3 title opportunities, and CITV match and came up with nothing. I get my chance, I'll come up big because that's what I do. I deserve everything that I get because I work for it, and I never quit. Do I have some quirks? I don't know, I like to bring happiness to people that deserve it because of the good deeds they do. Being the trill fairy it's kind of my job. And I know how it feels to not be rewarded for the things the good things one does. You're nothing special Scoot, you haven't said anything new, and you're wrong about me. To downplay everything I've done and not think of me as a threat well that's a mistake. Don't get me wrong I know where you're coming from, and maybe if I was in your position I would think the same things about me that you do. But then again I don't think I would be as dumb as yourself. It's one of the first rules of wrestling, don't underestimate your opponent, because that's when you fuck up. But that's where we find ourselves, you not believing the Fournier hype because I act somewhat like my good friend. Because friends never act like each other, they don't pick up traits from each other, makes sense. Especially when that friend is someone you've looked up to for a while. I don't know you just come across like a dumbass to me. You'll pay for the mentality that you have, you're making rookie mistakes against a rookie. Your star isn't fading, it's already gone. Don't worry though, my star is rising every day, it burns brighter and brighter every day. So much so that maybe if you're lucky, I might be able to lend you some of my spotlight for a second. But after all that's probably why this match was made. To see if I can hang with a former world champion, to see if I have what it takes to take the ball and run with it. Or it's to see if you still have it, because clearly at this point you haven't shown that you do. What better way to really get a good look than to go against the brightest young star that dynasty, or EAW for that matter, has. And as for the whole me looking like a younger version of Drastik.. well duh, we use the same anti aging cream, where do you think I got it from fool? 

I will not let people's perception of me dictate my perception of myself, because I know what I have inside, I know who I am, and what I'm capable of. If I listened to what other people thought about me, regardless good or bad, I'd never grow as a person. I know I'm the best of the best, and I will prove that, starting with you Scoot. 

(Ahren rubs his fuzzy pink chair, and the camera fades to black.)

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Season 11 Dynasty vol. 3

[Target Smiles is at a pay phone on the streets of Greensboro]

Hello? Ring ring? Mr. Dedede, are you aware that one of your employees is giving children cigarettes? I don’t think that’s allowed. Is that allowed? In fact I’m almost positive that what he is doing is illegal. Especially since he’s doing it at a school. Although his exposition was saying that the only children at the school during the Summer are the ghosts of the children, so he’s giving ghost kids cigarettes telling them they’re magical sticks of dreams and wonder! He’s giving dead kids cigarettes! And even if that’s not illegal it’s definitely a poor decision because from what I understand cigarettes are much too expensive to be handing out to dead kids. Unless they actually are magic sticks and he’s bringing the children back to life with them? But then the dead children will have to come back and face mortality with pain of being alive after seeing everything within the underworld. I think that’s how it works at least, but I’m not a doctor. I don’t know, what do you think Mr. Dedede? Hello?

[Target turns his head to the digital screen on the payphone above the coin slot which reads “insufficient funds” and Target realizes he never put any quarters in the machine.]

You know, the stupidest thing about this is I could have just used my cellphone.

At any rate though, Darkane I’m finding that you are a very strange man and I don’t exactly understand what you’re saying sometimes. Like you called me a “Social Justice Warrior” which is not my nickname. My nickname is “The Wandering Warrior.” But “Social Justice Warrior” kinda makes sense as I am a warrior who believes in justice for the social world so yeah, I guess I am a “Social Justice Warrior.” I’ll bring all the justice to all the socializing people in the world. But that’s not the topic of discussion at the moment. What we’re talking about is how I’m going to beat you on Friday.

You asked why I wear my mask, well I’ll tell you why I wear my mask… Ah shit, what was the reason again? I feel like it was important. Oh fuck, did I just swear?! This is supposed to be a Christian promo! Fuck! Oh shit! Goddammit! Uh, uh mask! Why I wear my mask. I think it has to do with uh… not being vain enough to have my face on posters? Yeah… yeah! Because it’s not about me, it’s about the fans, the fans who I win for! I win for my fans! The Smiling Faces! The Smiling Faces that edgey-Mc-edgerson says he’s going to corrupt by giving them cigarettes and telling them school ain’t cool, and they’re going to get tattoos! I hate tattoos! Wait… don’t I have tattoos? Huh… that’s kinda… kinda not the best thing to describe as a nightmare for me. Like, I’ve been around the world. Like that’s my thing. That’s why I’m “The Wandering Warrior.” I’ve wandered in many places. I’ve seen some shit man, you ain’t gonna introduce me to nothing new my dude. You think I’ve never seen an alcoholic who likes to fight? There’s lots of those man. I could probably walk around the corner here and find several. And I’ll fight all of them! I don’t care! I’m the star of Dynasty, no bum with a broken beer bottle is gonna scare me!

Hey! This is my gutter!”

Oh no! A bum with a broken beer bottle!

[Target Smiles scales the pay phone booth and perches himself on top of it as a homeless man swings a broken beer bottle and bangs on the side of the booth. Target Smiles looks down at the man and points from the top of the booth.]

You win this round Darkane! But on Dynasty, I will be the victor!

“I ain’t got no love for this city!”

[The homeless man slowly fades down onto the ground and falls asleep.]

Outlasted another competitor... success! Target Smiles wins again!
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 3:50 pm by Tasha McFadden
Moda Center in Portland, Oregon
Target: Ryan Lecavalier
1300 hours July 1, 2017

I sit on this stool, in this bar, attired in my steel silver aviator glasses, and a shot of whiskey residing in my right hand, and I sit disappointed. I sit with a glum expression wavering upon my cheekbones, due to Ryan Lecavalier's silence. She has failed to grace us with her presence, failed to give her thoughts on my debut, hell, even if she wished to talk all about herself, as apparently she is quite narcissistic, it would be better than this silence which dims the lights and halts the mood. Considering this is my debut match, considering you have far much more experience than I in the wrestling ring, I was expecting assumed triumph from you Ryan, expecting how you would pry your lips apart to boast in utter delight at how you would be able to walk all over me, walk across my body, dominate me within the ring, keep me grounded and attain victory over the aerial angel of Elite Answers Wrestling. Yet here we are, three days since our match has been scheduled, and you remain in this state of slumber. You know, once I was able to drag my mind from within the clouds, and ground my expectations of this industry, I was somewhat worried, I assumed perhaps you thought you superior on such a magnitude, that I didn't deserve to hear your words. But then I contemplated upon it, I crossed one leg over the other, put down my can of Irn Bru, and my thought process took flight. See here's what I think Ryan, I think you're simply demotivated. You speak about how you have wrestled across the globe, travelled from the United Kingdom, to Japan, to America, to Canada. How you've visited all these countries, trained in the finest dojos available to our species, and maybe when it comes down to it, you feel entitled to championship matches instantly, you expect to be treated as a threat, as a huge signing, instantaneously putting the women of this industry on notice. Your expectations were to be fighting the Cailin's, and the Aria's of this division, the upper echelons of Empire, not to be stuck with a rookie, a grounded, inexperienced individual such as Tasha McFadden. What does it matter if Ryan Lecavalier turns her back on the wrestling business at this point. She's won championships in every continent, excluding Antarctica for obvious reasons, and her family legacy has been attained perhaps, if she were to walk out of the door at this very instant, she could retire with wealth, with attitude, with her head held high. It doesn't matter if you're a champion sitting on a golden throne, or a winless coward shivering on the floor, every night you go home to a luxury apartment, situate yourself in a warm bath, and enjoy wealth, fortune, and hell, you certainly wouldn't be drinking this cheap whiskey which finds my lips at this instant. Admit it Ryan, you initially had delight in your voice when speaking of Elite Answers Wrestling, you couldn't wait to hop onto the wagon, steady your designer high heels, and mix it up with the best in America. You pushed aside whoever you faced the week before Pain For Pride, unfortunately my clouded memory prevents me from remembering their name, and you stormed into the event with momentum. Then you met Azumi, then you met Haruna, then you met Sheridan Müller. You exited the ring without a mention, without a flutter, falling flat on your backside and at that moment, your family name, your accomplishments, they meant very little. They had no value in our world, in this promotion, and it was back to square one, back to that sickening depression which floats within the air. So you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and reattached those wings that would lead you to super stardom within this promotion right? You breezed past Tasha McFadden, found yourself within Women's World Championship contention, and endured a long, successful reign on the summit of Empire's division, right? Wrong. You pondered if it was all really worth it, returning to America in an attempt to further your legacy, add power and provenance to the Lecavalier family name. Perhaps your legacy has already been cemented, maybe being in this company is a waste of time. That is why within three days you have not spoken a word. Your opponent doesn't matter, the situation surrounding you does. You drifted from dominance to thin air within a week, precipitating over the actuality of your worth here. History only remembers victors, and if you're not up for a fight I would not bother attending this Thursday night. I am a sympathetic woman, I have been through the worst mental trauma on this planet, I have had my relationship, my dreams and my ambitions shattered before my very eyes, manipulated and played with, as if my everything meant nothing to those I held closest to me. This is my debut, my refresh, and I will not be held down, grounded by a woman who has her eyes on retirement, her optics focused on hanging up her wrestling boots and pursuing dreams elsewhere. The keys are in the ignition, and the wind of change will only motivate me further to achieve the illustrious, achieve my new found dream of being the greatest high flier Elite Answers Wrestling has ever laid eyes upon. Whilst I take my new wings for a test fly, measure them in the altitude of Thursday Night Empire, your expression is puzzled, your wings are shattered, and your mind is not focused in the slightest. The Angel of Death has her sights set, and with every sentence that emits from my mouth, I only grow more confident in defeating you, and beginning my journey within this company on a positive.
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 3:40 pm by Amani
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. 
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. 
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? 
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" 

You don't want to mince your words yet you continue to repeat yourself and complain about what this world has given you. If anything, you love to waste your words. 

I did not come here to please or entertain, Samurai. But you being the ignorant, disrespectful American you are, of course, thinks everything has to have that purpose otherwise it is seen as boring. And what a weak shot to come after my appearance of all things! It is apparent you have nothing more worthwhile to say and are just pulling childish insults from your behind. 

Unlike you, I do not seek nor do I even want the approval of these small-minded people we call "fans". So no, I haven't thought about becoming an afterthought to these people. Because I don't care about them. I don't need them to get where I want to be. 

You seem to be the one wanting their attention so badly. Exaggerating your depression and suicidal ideation for hidden pity and as an intimidation factor. But I won't be shaken and fooled like others. Contrary to your belief and lack of minimal research, this is not my first time in a ring. I am no rookie. I have wrestled around the world. I have trained hard to get here and I believe that is why I was offered a contract in the first place. You, however, cannot hide your previous shortcomings. You cannot place them on someone else or say you aren't the same man, because you are. As much as you don't want that to be true. 

You are no main event caliber wrestler, and you aren't even close to that level. Otherwise, your first match back wouldn't have been against me, a supposed "rookie". Do not fool yourself. The top stars do not tuck their tales between their legs and run away when things get hard like you did. You should be relegated to non-televised, independent house shows with that attitude, not on a show like Dynasty and not on a grand stage such as this. As much as you try to further yourself from past faults, you will have to face your future ones. Your first being this forthcoming Friday night. I will not be your first victim, an example. Instead, you will be mine. 
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The camera cuts to The Poon Palace which is still cleaning up from Pain for Pride X. Cleaning has gone especially slowly since Consuela hasn’t shown up despite numerous attempts to contact her. The strippers have been trying to clean up but their efforts have only led to more glitter and panties thrown all over the building.
TLA: They tryna tell yo boi to stay in he lane. But yo boi ain’t gonna. Imma rebel like that. Un rebelde sin causa. I ain’t playin’ by Monroe’s rules no more. Now I be all up in that Voltage shit doin’ shit differently than I’ve ever done shit before. But still haters gonna hater and players gonna play. So you best believe imma be takin’ out haters and playin’ that game that I always be playin’. That shit that only The Baddest Hombre on the Planet can do. Oh you thought I was mad? You thought I was salty? You thought that my blood bled red and so I ain’t gonna be mellow with the yellow? Nah holmes, I’m all adaptable and shit. I lose them big ass matches, then I be coming out to the ring dancing and smiling like it ain’t no thang. The people think it ain’t realistic. Like I be posin’. They say yo TLA you just lost a World Title Match or you just lost a Cash in the Vault Match or a King of Elite match or a Bitch of the Week Match or whatever other match I’ve lost. They say with all that losing you been doing. You should get pissed off. You should come out to the ring and bitch and whine and lose that control. Go fucking loco hombre and fuck some shit up.
What they don’t recognize is that I already do that shit 24/7.
TLA: Ain’t no vato more loco than TLA. I been in this game a long ass time. I done did some shit and I done seen some thangs. But I ain’t never gave up the fight, I ain’t never lept out the struggle. Even on Voltage the struggle lives on. Fightin’ for them opportunities. Different damn brand, same damn opponents. Same damn fight and same damn goals. I been that loyalest motherfucker on Dynasty. Leadin’ that Team Dynasty and winning us that freedom back in 2015. Captain TLA like the truest revolutionary that Dynasty ever did see. But I been on Showdown before. Then on back to Dynasty reppin’ hard. Winning championships. Main eventing supershows. Goin’ to the limit in Grand Rampages. I been doin’ it all. Whippin’ the asses of them Hall of Famers. But there still more to do. There always more to do. Bigger championships. Bigger names. Bigger matches.
Always some unfinished business when you walk these streets.
TLA: So right off the bat up in here on Voltage, they throwing me some long looooong ass unfinished business. Some business so fucking old that yo boi nearly forgot. I be steppin’ up in that ring against Aren Mstislav. That Russian ass motherfucker still roamin’ ‘round EAW and shit. Ain’t gone home yet to show no luv to big papi Putin. Respect tho he puttin’ in that work. He been a Voltage homeboi for a long ass time so he gonna give me the tour of these new streets. Imma foreign man in a foreign land. Comin’ in all entitled and shit to take over. Ego runnin’ wild I expect to dominate the fuck outta errybody in my path until I be gettin’ back in that ring with Jamie O’Hara for the World Heavyweight Championship. But until that day come, TLA vs. Aren Mstislav be a suitable ass lucha for this luchador to lucha with. Aren Mstislav was EAW Champion like a year ago, and while that is completely irrelevant to today’s fans who have completely forgotten his title reign, it is actually very important to remember to recognize his rep. Cuz every fucking time I’ve been in the ring with Aren in the past, I got my ass handed to me.
But that was two years ago and it is even more irrelevant now than Aren’s title reign.
TLA: So while all y’all now thinkin’ that imma get my culo handed back to me yet again, you best think again. Cuz I got to clean this shit up faster than Consuela would clean this mess up at the Poon Palace. I’m real glad that Cameron Ella Ava is apparently going to be watching our match closely, because maybe she will be able to contact her sister to come and get some work done around here. Shit is looking more run-down than a poor ass Russian village in Siberia after Putin’s boys roll through. You see Aren I don’t give no fucks about how much you have accomplished or how many times you have beaten me in the past. Cuz y’all are gonna see just how much shit has changed since our classic beef back in 2015. Them old school fans who can remember that far back will know that we put some old school classics that the New Breed wrestlers of today now look at to study and learn from. Cuz we laid that groundwork for these motherfuckers now they best show some respeck to the OGs.
We gonna give them another classic and teach them some new shit.
TLA: But enough of all that living in the past shit. Let’s talk about all the good shit we been doing recently. Let’s see back on Dynasty before Pain for Pride I took down Target Smiles. That rising star who been makin’ them waves. But at Pain for Pride itself, yo boi came up short. Cash in the Vault yo we stole that show, I came close as fuck only to get knocked the fuck down at the last minute by Nico Borg. Shit is what it is. He timed he opportunity right, and he took that W and handed out them Ls to everyone else in that match. That was that night tho. That was a Ladder Match. If Nico Borg ever cross mah path again and he wanna throw down one on one in that ring against La Pantera Sexual then it’s gonna be a whole different story. We gonn’ find out who the better man be then for real. He all the way over on Dynasty tho. He in a whole different lane and if he smart he will stay in it. Over here on Voltage, we got Aren Mstislav and the shit he been doing recently. On that Voltage before Pain for Pride he got his ass whipped by Ahren Fournier. Another up and coming vato who be makin’ them waves even longer than Target Smiles been. Then at Pain for Pride X, Aren continued that streak gettin’ fucked up by Nasir Moore. Gettin’ he ass whipped hard as fuck by his best friend. Shit’s gotta sting hard but they had a classic ass match. Shakin’ them hands outta respect. Then they bitches come out to the ring practically throwin’ they sweet asses down on they knees lookin’ to suck they men off. A true classic Pain for Pride moment right there.
Aren Mstislav hittin’ that Kaiser’s Crown on all our feels right there.
TLA: But for all of the feels, and all of the bad bitches, Aren ain’t in much different shape than yo boi. We both put on show stealin’ performances but when it comes down to them results that really matter we ain’t got the job done. We capped off our Season 10 performances with a big L and we both in real need of a comeback. Shit’s only right that the new Voltage General Manager put this match in the main event. Cuz this match real important to decide just which one of us real capable main event talents is gonna bounce back from this string of badness we been all ‘bout lately. I ain’t lookin’ to get another L dawg, and I’m sure that Aren ain’t lookin’ for one neither. But when shit comes down to what’s real, one of us gotta take it. We gonna go all out, and it ain’t even personal just the shit we gotta do when we all ‘bout the wrestling game. Throwin’ down. Tired of cruisin’ in the lane of them losses.
Time for TLA to switch out he lane.

TLA takes a sip of drank as the Poon Palace strippers continue to struggle to clean up the building. However, TLA realizes it is a futile task for them and orders them back up on they poles. The Poon Palace don’t need to be clean. The Poon Palace needs to be real dirty like errybody like it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 2:08 pm by Theodore Hilfiger
Dynasty Promo – 2

Your shocking generalisation of wealthy people is embarrassing, Khamsin. I’ll give you a little bit of information, not all rich people are the same. We don’t all partake in exactly the same activities, we don’t all share the same values, we are not all the same. I’ll let you know this now, I was not sheltered as a child. I know that there are pathetic, disgusting cretins like yourself roaming the streets. I don’t want to go near you because I know that I am above you. That is not because I am scared of people lower in the social chain that I am, it’s because I don’t want to associate myself with people like you. You do not deserve to share the same ring as I do, you are not high enough up in the social chain to go near me. I don’t appreciate you lying about meeting my father. You haven’t met my father. You never have and you never ever will. What did you expect to achieve by lying about that? Did you think that I’d suddenly respect you because you met my father? Did you not think that I would call you out on your bullshit? Did you think I would just brush over slander like that? Never ever again associate my legendary father with you. You were either stupid and were tricked into believing that the man you met was my father or you are simply lying. Either wouldn’t surprise me. You really couldn’t be any further from the truth when you speak about my choice to wrestle. I didn’t stumble across wrestling and make it my hobby. Wrestling is my true passion. Ever since I was a child, I have idolized the elitists of old and the larger than large superstars that wrestling provided us with. I have always dreamt of being a professional wrestler. My father wanted to bring me into the family business. He recognised my brains and my mind for business and attempted to bring me to take Tommy Hilfiger to new heights. As you can tell by me being here now, I turned him down. I am the only person that has ever rejected a job offer from Tommy Hilfiger. I could have lived a life of luxury. I could have taken a cushy office job and lived my life in harmony. That isn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to pursue my passion for professional wrestling and entertain millions. That is why you couldn’t be further from the true. You really think that I am not a professional wrestler? Just wait and see what I do to you in that ring. I have the exact je ne sais quoi needed for this industry. I am a distinctive wrestler, nobody can deny that. When people look at Theodore Hilfiger, they see a professional wrestler. Just take a look at my build, take a look at my body, I am born to be a wrestler.

I find it laughable and quite ironic that you act like I haven’t done anything with my name. Do you know that, Khamsin? Do you know what I have achieved outside of the wrestling industry? Do you know what I’ve accomplished within the fashion industry? Of course you don’t. I might have rejected a job with my father but I have certainly paid my dues in his expert industry. You obviously don’t know what I achieved in my life but you attempt to slander me without any knowledge. Don’t you think that’s a bit stupid, Khamsin? You quite evidently haven’t done your research into my life. I wish I could do some research into your life and career. I’ve searched all over looking for information about Khamsin. Why is it that I can’t find a single bit of info? Is it because you’re completely irrelevant? Nobody knows your name. There’s absolutely nobody within the EAW Universe that knows who you are. Nobody in that locker room knows you either. I really feel for you. I honestly feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine living a life of such irrelevance. Your life and career has such a little significance. This might be the wrestling industry but there is a certain level of entertainment factor involved. No matter how good of a wrestler you are, if you cannot entertain the fans then you will go nowhere in this business. That’s your problem, Khamsin. You’re ridiculously boring. You drain every one of their energy when you speak. There is no chance that you will be able to get anybody off their seat There’s not a single person that gets hyped when they hear your music. Does that hurt you to hear that? Does it frustrate you that I am dropping real truth bombs on you? Nobody cares if you don’t have respect for your competitors on Dynasty. There’s absolutely nobody that has respect for you. That will mostly be because nobody knows who you are. Do you really envision that elitists like Pizza Boy and Zack Crash will ever know who you are? I really can’t imagine a world in which your existence will matter to them. I really couldn’t contain my laughter when you stated that your arrival in EAW will go down as the focal point of the history in this company. Do you honestly believe that? Do you honestly think that you will go on to achieve anything in this company? I can’t quite work out if you’re hiding behind a faux confidence or you’re just completely deluded. Either way, it doesn’t spell out success for you. I am going to take massive pleasure in defeating you on Dynasty.
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 1:52 pm by Darkane
Dynasty II

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

A voice chills the air from the vicinity of a school playground where during the summer only the ghosts of the children remain, still playing in the sandbox, arching high in the air on the swingset, spinning around and around endlessly on the tire swing. Gone for the summer except for Darkane, who sat on one of the swings, kicking his legs up in the air which were covered in scratches, half torn band-aids and other unidentifiable growths that would turn even the bravest man away.

"And people say I've lost my mind, through all of the drugs I've pounded into me and the numerous cans of beer that I crushed against the sole of my boot. They say I can't formulate a single thought, yet here I am. Jokes on you isn't it? Target, are you some kind of social justice warrior? You don't like my ways of life?"

Darkane pulls out a cigarette and blatantly lights it with a match, waving it away and tossing it into the playground sand. Darkane sucks in a toxic puff and blows out a cloud of smoke with the side of his lips.

"I wish I cared Target, I really do."

Darkane stops his feet in the sand.

"But I don't and I never will. I don't change for anybody, that's something that you should know because the people on Showdown tried so hard, so fucking hard to rid me of my ways and they failed. You're doing the exact same thing. At this point, I've become used to it, but with a little glimmer of hope I was dreaming of going to a new brand without somebody scrutinizing me for my ways of life, but low and behold, Target Smiles strides in on his sumptuous white horse. You want me to think of the kids? I hate kids. The best thing about kids is making them and luckily enough I don't have any children, at least not to my knowledge, but who knows how many hookers I've spent a frenetic night or two with down in the red light district. Anoth--"

"Hey mister.. you're not allowed to smoke here." A young girl around the age of six with strawberry blonde hair and a face full of freckles boldly approached Darkane with inquisitive blue eyes.

Darkane arched his eyebrow.

"This is different though, these are called enchanted sticks, I bought them from a magic store. If you smoke these then all your dreams will come true!" Darkane said in a light, mocking tone that the girl seemed to buy.

"..Really? Oh my gosh!!" The girl clapped her hands joyfully and jumped up and down.

"Really. Here, take one and don't tell anybody because if you do, the magic will not come true and here, take these matches too. Do you know how to light a match?" Darkane asked and handed the young girl a cigarette and a book of matches.

"Um, I think I saw my dad light one once." The girl replied with a bewildered look on her face.

"PERFECT!" Darkane exclaimed and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Thanks so much!" She skipped off, cigarette in hand, humming a playful tune.

"By the way Target, have I mentioned that I love kids?" Darkane smirks.

"I'm not going to feel any remorse for being who I am. Just like you won't feel any remorse for wearing a mask to hide your insecurities. I always found the reasoning as to why masked wrestlers where that shield over their face quite interesting. Every reason is different. For some, they wear one for the pride of their country for others, they wear one to hide a visible wound. I want to see your eyes Target. I want to see the trepidation within them. There's no shame in fighting without a mask. I do. I let people see my grotesque mug plastered on their TV screens and I could careless as to whether it inconveniences them or not. What is your reason Target? Do you not want me to see the mortification spread across your face after this loathsome man, this anti-role model has his way with you? Do you not want your treasured fans like that little girl with the freckles to see your shame as you walk back up the ramp completely subdued? Whatever the reason is, I hope you can put any differences you have aside and defend your island like a noble man should, but who am I kidding? You're just a walking letdown."

Darkane pauses, watching a car go by and a pair of squirrels chase each other up a tree.

"You said you're a star on Dynasty yet you've done absolutely nothing when it comes to winning any titles. I haven't won any titles either but I never claimed to be the star of Showdown. When you make a claim like that you need to back it up with the best of your abilities. How can I ignore your losses? They're detriments to that claim that you're the star or the main attraction of Dynasty.  You make it seem like you're this grizzly veteran who has been here for years and yet I've been in this company longer than you have. You make it seem that I'm trying to tear down this kingdom that you've spent years of your time building, yet all you've built is a meager sand castle that I will crush beneath my boots and kick your toy sand pail away into the yawning ocean.  You remind me of a child, with your flamboyant attire and you're excessive nonstop energy. You're a child that needs to be put in his place and told what's right from wrong because right now, in my eyes, what you are doing is all wrong. It's all so terribly wrong. It makes me want to vomit and I've already done that enough this week. So what I'm going to do is teach you a lesson in violence, I'm going to expand you beyond the horizons your mask protects you from and I'm going to drag you out into the nasty cold world that we all know and hate. I'm going to show you want nightmares are made up and what life is like when all the little girls, the little Target Smiles fans start to cheer for Darkane, when they start to rebel against their parents, when they start to give their teacher the bird, when they dye their hair black and get multiple tattoos in risque places, when they pierce every body part known to humankind. It is hell on earth. It is the land of the abhorrent. It is the island that I will call home; Darkane Island."

"And it's an island that you will just have to get used to or you'll be walking the plank."

Fade to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 12:50 pm by Irónico
Voltage Lucha: Uno

What is up, Youns? Donny Soldado is here in the building with a grande announcimente. A historico announcimente. This one is a first in more ways than one because a) El Irónico is babbling on to you for the first time, numero uno,  in his capacity as a member of VOLTAGE LUCHA! That is correctomundo. A new chapter has begun. A new taco is waiting to be filled. We are cracking open cold ones with new Laditos because the EAW draft has thoroughly stirred the pot and sent us off to parts unknown. But this conversation is also a first because...well...it may be the first time since I came to EAW that I have ever had something sober to get off my chest. I tells ya, all this commotion  has me strangely nostalgic. It takes me right back to when Irónico was just a wee chico. Hopping from sofa to hostel to temporary council accommodation and back to la sofa again. For sure, I’ve walked a winding cunt of a road to get here, and I want to thank all of you kind bastards who made it so bloody memorable. I want to thank the barmy twats that gave me a chance thinking it would be a good idea to stick a Dynasty contract in front of a man with a patchy employment history and an obvious case of alcoholism. I want to give my sincere thanks to all those good Dynasty laditos who have been behind me the whole way. We drank to celebrate. We drank to drown our sorrows. But either way the sesh was cracking and nae good hombre can ask for more than that.
Except...I  really am looking for more than that now.
Listen, I mean it. I am going to hold myself back here because I could so easily look at how far I’ve come and settle. Maybe once, but not today chicos. It is a new season. A new brand. And a new El Irónico. I can nae afford to stop moving forward. I can nae afford to keep on being the victim. I can nae afford to keep treading water with my EAW career. So I’m stepping right up to the fucking plate. Gird your loins, senoritas, because this season I am working off this beer belly and hitting the gym just as hard as we like to hit the bar. Anyone who has ever seen me on one my famous multiple day benders will know that this ought to be quite a frightening sight for any poor bastard who has to stand with me in the ring. They just don’t know it yet. I’ll keep wading through all these bastard’s shit for a while, I’m sure. But everyone is in for a surprise. Any cunt who thinks that I am a free W is about to learn that W stands for “Wise Up” because they just don’t know what a scallie like me is capable of.
Chris Elite, here is your first lesson in Donny Grit.
Question 1. Do you know what I find irónico? I’ll answer. That you really thought anyone would just hand you off a championship when all you seem to do is hand off your own championship opportunities to better men. Sure you picked up a short New Breed title reign last season, which is admittedly more than I can say. But hey, I held Lucas Johnson down just nigh before he won his, so that is close enough, right? Either way, you took your sweet fucking time making a name for yourself. Nigh a decade and you still have charity cases like me willing to write you off. But there ain’t nothing irónico about that. You deserve all the shit you get, Ladito. You are taking us all lightly but you ain’t nothing like a sure thing. I’ve had shits scarier than you. And smarter. As for your boyfriend. Well, I still can nae get it round my head why that Big Mike is  taken to be such a Big Deal. Even though however big he may be, he is still too much a pouf to step out as his own man in any official capacity. Chris Elite, you can nae fool me, nae matter how drunk I am. Understand, Sunshine? Your boyfriend has synthol in all the wrong places and I reckon that even my boy Paddy could have him. Let alone me. See I don’t need to hide behind some hoss to have the confidence to step out into that ring. A pint or three of dutch courage is all I ever need. But for you and Big Mike. I’ll make an exception. I’ll cut out the pre-drinks and the pre-pre-drinks because I want to stay sharp for this one. When this is all over, I fully intend to be celebrating as hard as fucking ever with the Chicos at the open bar. And it won’t end there either. It’ll be just like my Donny Rovers great Johnstone’s Paint Trophy run of 2007. I am stepping up. I am not looking just to participate. I am looking for the gold.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 11:10 am by Cailin Dillon
Empire #1
“Why are you doing this!? Why me!?”
“Let me go! Please!”
“I understand…”
Pain for Pride is over. The blur it was in my mind is in the past. I can’t even place what happened. The video I’ve seen, I don’t even know the woman who they say is me. As far as I’m concerned, everything that happened at that pitiful event is dead and gone. As I hear, Aria Jaxon now calls herself the Women’s Champion. How glorious she must feel to stand under that bright spot light once again. For now it is much brighter than it has been in some time. The pain she dealt with for so long, a 12-month journey of what she wanted must alluding her at every juncture. Now her journey changes. She carries that treasure she wanted so badly and me? I’m going to be there at every turn in the road. Every fork where she has to make a decision. I will destroy her spirit over time and I will return that title to it’s rightful place. Just because Aria Jaxon can pin Empire’s newest castoff doesn’t make her the best of all time…
Maybe Pain for Pride was a bump in the road. I’m not really sure what happened there. They won’t tell me. They… they keep things from me. I don’t know what’s happening. I passed out in New Jersey and I woke up somewhere else. It’s just so…
My own journey brings me to this Center of Moda in Portland. They say I am to fight this person named Revy. So be it. I will destroy you Revy I don’t know and have hardly even heard of. I’ve faced people like you before. Everything you say and do… you seem to think it rolls off of your tongue like poison. But your words are hardly toxic. Mine will prove to be lethal. You don’t even realize it yet. As your eyes and ears accept this message the venom is filling your veins. By the time you are to face me in the ring you will be all but paralyzed. Absolutely falling apart. It won’t take much more for a viper to put you to rest at that point. You’ll be all but gone already…
Listen Revy, this is just bad luck on your part. Coming off of Pain for Pride I just feel this real need to enact a bit of personal revenge on anything they put in front of me. I wanted to win back my title so badly. But when Aria pinned Cameron to become champion, I didn’t even have a chance to stop it. That’s the problem with triple threats sometimes. But it’s also something I will never allow to happen again. Aria got lucky the way I see it. She sees this as her destiny but in reality it’s just a stop gap until I beat her ass back to the ground and show her who the real top wrestler is in this division. She thinks she’s walked down this tested path and proven herself to be the best? She has another thing coming. I can see it now, big tough and gruff Aria walking into Empire this week with her chin and title held high as she proclaims her grapple hold on this division and this show. And I can see a very short time down the road when that very same Aria walks to the ring with slumped shoulders and her nose pointed to the ground as she tries to make excuses for why she once again failed as the people’s chosen champion. The popular vote doesn’t matter to me. I’m not here to be the favorite. I’m here to be the best! She can say whatever…
Revy your time is running out. Only days from now you will submit yourself to the worst beating you’ve ever felt in your entire career. But know that when you lie in the middle of the ring in a puddle of your own failures that this all happened for a purpose. It’s bigger than you and me and all of Empire combined. And it’s much too difficult for your small, pathetic mind to register and understand. But eventually you will see it, dumbfounded of course in its brilliance, and you will have the a-ha moment of a lifetime. A real epiphany will fall over you and you will be drawn to this amazing light like a moth to a flame, or a junebug to a bug zapper. It’s really not your fault that you must fight in this match. These are the cards that you were dealt. This is the hand of fate reaching down and grabbing you by the shoulders and slowly sliding you into oblivion. Because that’s what this is, it’s a purgatory that you can’t possibly escape until I decide you’re ready to. And that time is only when the darkness creeps in and there’s nothing left for you to see. Nothing left for you to hold on. Just nothing…
Season 10 is the past now and this is Season 11. I’m determined to get this one off on the right foot, just like I did a year ago when Stephanie Matsuda tried to take my right foot out from under me. Then she was introduced to my equally lethal left foot. This is just a temporary setback for me. I’m stepping back for a moment and I’m going to re-evaluate everything in front of me and then I’m going to come right back with a vengeance that none of you are ready for. I’m going to beat down every door or barrier they place in front of me, shatter another glass ceiling and prove they still have just begun to see what Cailin Dillon is truly capable of. All these people that can’t stop sucking on Aria’s toes and kissing her nearly perfect feet are going to be rolling over at wailing at their own incontinence when they realize they’ve been siding with the wrong woman the entire time. Maybe she has the glitz and the glamour and the pink, bimbo hair, but she has nothing else on me. I don’t want their love. I don’t care for their fake affection. But they will respect me and they will fear what would happen to them if I decided to leave Empire for just one week and step foot in any one of their inferior shows. When I’m done with Aria and her reign is over, her loud and proud voice will be reduced to a dull roar. And I will once again…
I told Aria Jaxon that I would bring her destruction and it will still happen. And everyone in this path will feel it as well. Revy will be just the first to feel the wrath I have decided to bring upon this division. And once I begin, nothing will ever be the same again. The dreams of so many will become nothing but nightmares. The hopes of girls who imagine gold is in their future will be resigned to nothing more than wishes that will never come true. What they want, I need. Their goals are my realities. There’s simply nothing they can do to stop me. Try as they might, this great poisonous wrath will wash over the division and leave only victims in its path. Their resistance won’t be able to slow it down…
I can’t say I really know much about Revy, but I can say that when we get in the ring together on Thursday I will bring her pain like she hasn’t felt before. I have a mission on my mind for the future, but to reach that I intend to beat down everything that stands in my way. And that includes Revy. Get ready Revy…

The end is coming.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on July 3rd 2017, 10:15 am by Macho Man Johnny Nova
(Johnny Nova is shown standing in his new ring attire, dawning his signature cowboy hat and sunglasses)

EAW Universe, the Era of madness is upon you.  I’m, the tower of power, too sweet to be sour. I’m funky like a money. Sky’s the limit and space is the place. Ohhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! I am the best there is past, present and future!!! This Saturday night, Live from The DreamStyle Arena in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  Yeahhhhh. I step in the ring and team with a man of legend…yeah. A hall of famer that all of these fans, and all the wrestlers in the back know and respect….yeah. But it isn’t about this man, oh no. It isn’t about the Prince of Phenomenal. It’s about the era of madness. A New beginning for the Macho Man Johnny Nova… yeah. Something for these EAW fans to finally sink their teeth into. A breath of fresh air…yeah… The man the whole world, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus…. Or anywhere else has been waiting for.  

POP, don’t be concerned with whether or not I got your back this week, the fans needn’t worry about me leaving you high and dry… yeah. I am a man of integrity who respects everything you have done for this business and this Saturday night we will have our hands raised in victory…yeah. We will walk out of the match the victors, and the world will bask in the glory that is the Macho Man Johnny Nova and the Prince of Phenomenal…yeah If we wanted to, together these twin towers could take down any team in the EAW.... Ohhhhh yeah.  I’m talking about all the way to the top yeah. I’m justifiably in a position that I would rather not be in, I am not a huge fan of tag matches…yeah. But the Macho Madness and the Prince of Phenominal have to play the cards we have been dealt… yeah. And the deck has clearly been stacked against Mark Michaels and Kaise yeah.

You see Kaise it is almost like we have been joined at the hip at this point….yeah. He is like a bad case of the shits that just wont go away. A sad mutt that keeps nipping at the heels of the Macho Madness, yeah.  I haven’t forgotten about you stealing a victory from me on Dynasty…yeah. I haven’t forgotten about you using the ropes to your advantage to try to embarrass the Macho Man Johnny Nova, yeah. In fact it’s been like a cancer slowly gnawing  away at my insides, yeah. The Macho Man doesn’t take kindly to cheats, to liars or thieves. These fans deserve so much better than what you intend on providing them, yeah.  But Justice…… JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED, YEAH!!! Heads will roll, and the Macho Man Johnny Nova will have his hands raised in victory, yeah. You see the slate has been wiped clean, yeah. Now that we have moved to Showdown we are both at 0-0, yeah and this time I promise I won’t let the fans be cheated by the likes of a little PUNK like you, yeah.

As for the “Self-proclaimed Social Media Champion” with your twitter and your facebook. Your myspace and your live journal, Your Instagram and Your Friendster yeah. None of that is going to help you when you step against the team people are calling Phenomenal Madness, yeah.  We are going to beat you and Kaise pillar to post, bell to bell, and leave you laying in the center of that squared circle looking up at the bright lights wondering if the good lord himself has come to take your soul back to the heavens, yeah.  But you see I feel for you, I really do… yeah. Because you have to team with an absolute snake in the grass who is ready to strike at any moment, yeah. You can’t trust Kaise, no one can trust Kaise. I mean for Christ sakes the man used to be a lawyer, yeah AND NO ONE CAN TRUST A LAWYER, YEAH!!! But even if for some reason  he doesn’t stab you in the back like the absolute yellow bellied coward he truly is, yeah. You two still couldn’t lace the boots of the team made of Phenominal Madness, Yeah!!!!

EAW Universe, the era of madness is upon you.

The time to raise up and take a stand and cheer for the Macho Man Johnny Nova is upon you.

The future of this business is upon you, yeah.

And this Saturday marks the debut of the MACHO MAN JOHNNY NOVA!!!!!


(Johnny Nova takes off his sunglasses and winks and smiles as the camera fades)

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Post on July 3rd 2017, 9:29 am by Zaibatsu
Empire #1
“New Beginning in Portland”

I never bothered to imagine what the final phase of my career would look like. I went through the past thirty years of my life focused one thing: taking Joshi poorest to the next level. I recall being a young girl, my eyes glued to the television screen, watching Jaguar Yubari hitting another deadly Shuttle Loop Buster for the win. There was something majestic about seeing female warriors in the ring, in all their glory. Joshi puroresu began in the late 60s, a time of great change in the world. Many of us, especially women, was tired of subscribing to societal tropes. Taking inspiration from the Civil Rights movement, women of Japan blazed their trail in the world of wrestling.
You are a child of the Joshi boom in the 90s, Sakazaki-chan. Yes, you did venture out to the west early in your career, but to the girls, at JET you was one of them. There was a time where you were the most popular female wrestler in the East, but as time passed, so has the hearts of your supporters. There some in our homeland who stand by you. But, with the imports EAW has received the past couple of years, you have some competition in the hearts of Joshi fans. One thing I respect about you is how you don’t let that take up real estate in your mind. Unfortunately, though, I see no plans in losing on my debut. Defeating you won't be easy; Stephanie herself has told me you are a force of nature when your heart is in it. You stood tall in the 24/7 battle royal, fighting side by side with your wife/my pupil, Azumi-san. There was that historic night where you defeated Matsuda-san and The Heart Break Gal on the same night. There’s potential to be something more than you already are Sakazaki-chan. The only thing left is to expose your flaws; You are brave and bold but lack the wisdom to see your weaknesses. It’s my purpose in this match to open your eyes and make you see what I see - a girl who leaves herself too open when she strikes and relies on her guts more than her skill. You’re a smart fighter Sakazaki-chan, but you let your emotions cloud your judgment. You used to defeat the women who run this division with ease; what happened my dear?
Portland will not only be a new beginning for Empire, but for you as well. As for me, it signals the first step to my eventual retirement. All I can do is make sure I leave a lasting impact. My dear Azumi loves you so much; she wants the best for you, and it’s my sworn duty to ensure that our meeting won’t be in vain. I hear that you’re associating yourself with Platinum these days. Great brand for promoting yourself, but it’s at JET where young Japanese women are trained to fight. I find it interesting that you’re not a joshi...but you use moves like one. (sighs) Well, Thursday will be the day I will give you your first lesson on how to fight like a Joshi. This match won’t be some catch as catch can dear - you will see why they call me the Goddess of Puroresu. I can only hope you take this match seriously. If not, then maybe this world is not for you. 
(Manami pauses for a moment)
I look at the world these days with a different set of eyes. The competition was always fierce, but there’s something else. This younger generation embodies the burning desire of rebellion; to distinguish themselves from the giants of yesteryear. My generation was just eager to unlock the mysteries of pro wrestling. Nowadays, everyone seems to know everything about everyone (shrugs). Some secrets still exist, though there’s only one that still intrigues me: the secret of the ring. There’s something about being in the center of that squared circle amongst a roaring crowd that can put you in the zone. Not every wrestler can obtain perfect awareness, but to those that do can perform supernatural feats of athleticism. You’re not there yet “sweets” - as Cloud would say. But you could be. I can teach you, but I would have to beat you.
But that’s bound to happen anyway, so whatever eh?
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 4:45 am by Jon McAdams

The camera opens up on two black polished shoes with the end of a cane between them. There is a chair settling in the background behind them with a black wall enveloping everything else. As the camera climbs upwards towards the legs attached to the shoes, Jon McAdams is found sitting in the seat with a bright white light on his head. His face is hardly visible beyond the silhouette of a grin on his face. An image of Nasir Moore appears behind him on a large screen with the number one attached to it. The image vanishes and Yoshikage Eto appears with the number two, followed by Carson Ramsay, JD Damon, Vincent von Doom, Keelan Cetinich, Jakob DeLion, and each time the number climbs until it stops on Eclipse Diemos. As his face fades out the number nine appears behind him and Solomon Caine’s face appears before it.
“So much doom and gloom, friend,” McAdams lifts his head into the light as his pale skin and features disappear into it. “You trouble yourself far too much, Danny boy. Your worries of the future, of your fleshly desires, of your uncertain times and all that. You should look towards what is certain, and strive for what you believe to be great. Run as fast as you can towards the path you carve out and seek glory and greatness for the very thing you believe. You waste so much life moving slowly towards a perfection that you can never reach nor will you ever see because you are focused on the wrong future. You have not accepted a Sovereign future. This is not mindless rhetoric or a man in denial”

McAdams waves his hands behind him at the screen.
“This is not simply mindless plugging and plodding, worthless words with no truth behind them. I am not here wasting my time speaking nonsense for my own sake. I stand here as a man whose plan is still unfolding before everyone’s eyes. Each step just as important, each mistep a new direction but all with the same ultimate goal. This is not bravado, or overconfidence. The Sovereign Crusade is as real as you or me. I made a point to make this brand great, to flesh out my grand design and see the greater good come from the central mind of Jon McAdams. Every face on this list, every person you saw up here was another name, claimed by Sovereign. Since I began my crusade I have remained undefeated in singles matches and that includes your former patriarch Eclipse Deimos. I beat that man while he held the most glorious prize in our business, the EAW championship. The very best that the Sanitorium had to offer fell at my feet as well as seven other men. Every other match I had was unimportant, unnecessary, or a possible shortcut in the plan but never something that needed to happen.”
“Caine, it is no accident that you are facing me first in this contest. You fought me when I first got here. Directionless and uncertain I once was an abrasive and foolish man who was unable to see the great purpose in my life and I was defeated by you because of it. But in the same breath, as a man who was unfocused and uncertain, and ill-prepared, on the night you were unable to capture the Hardcore title, I did. Even when I was at my lowest, I did what you could not, and here I am riding high, and moving into a tournament to capture a title fit for Sovereign. These are not silly triumphs, they are not small victories, they are building blocks to a greater future. I am the necessary evil here and you an an unnecessary one. We will collide here, but this time you don’t face the man you once knew. That was just The Survivor. I do far more than that. They call me Sovereign now, because I am exactly that. Sovereign. Everything you see, everything you do, everything you are, it is seen, it is known, it is done through me. No amount of replacement GM’s, no amount of fear, or flexing of power has been able to keep down what I am doing here and the Sovereign crusade is going to tear right through you as you become a number. You become number nine. Everyone wonders who of these eight men has an honest chance at winning the Interwire title. I’ve already proven that I can be hardcore, and while I lost to your brother Maero long ago, he is no longer with you, and I am no longer that man. This title was made for me and I intend to take this crusade and drive it like a dagger into the heart of this division and rise to the top with it around my waist. And this is not silly boasting or overconfidence. This isn’t unrealistic or fantasy dreaming. When you look at the landscape, and the people here, who among us, cannot be stopped one on one. Who among the eight of us has already defeated eight men all by himself?
I am not here playing some silly game, or burning things down, or hiding in mountains from you Caine. You’re a big monster but with all that strength, you could not overcome Target Smiles, some kid from a lesser brand. You could not overcome Tiberius. You could not capture the Hardcore title, and you could not secure any of the things that you claimed would be yours but you stand here with the excuse that your flesh got in the way. The flesh made a mistake. Well, I must say, your flesh has a very poor track record and this time when you get in the ring with me, with all your power, and strength, and the claim that a god stands behind you, you will find that all of this is nothing before Sovereign and when we step in the ring, you’re going to find that I am just too fast, I am just too smart, but more importantly, every inch of that ring already belongs to me, and that Interwire title, while it may not have my name on it, the Grand Design demands that it be held in the hands of the one who empowers it. You will come in with your brutish strength and throw yourself at me like an infuriated tiger but you will find yourself tangled in your own doubt and inadequacies. Your edge is lost in your failures and your future is in doubt without your family to back you up. One thing has always been certain. Sovereign is never alone, not truly, and what will you do when the PwC bares its teeth at you? Will you blame your flesh again when your gods fail to deliver on their promise?”

McAdams stands and as Solomon Caine’s face fades to white leaving only Mcadams silhouette. “You will be number nine in this crusade and this time I lay you down like a brick in the foundations of a future worth following, and place ontop of you number ten and number eleven and on that final stone I will hold in my hand the Interwire championship and the rise of Voltage can begin.”
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 1:48 am by Lethal Consequences
That's fucking right. I, Lethal Consequences, am the only man in EAW to finish a tenure on a brand UNDEFEATED. If there's one person who could do it, it'd be me, and it is me. Lethal Consequences. Master of Voltage. 

Once you've been there an done that on the yellow brand like I did, just decimating any competition that was thrown at me and EVERY competition that was thrown at me, you gotta step up your game somewhere else. Share the undefeated love. I know. I was a beloved staple of Voltage. I built that brand from the ground up, and I will surely be missed on the good 'ol piss brand as I liked to call it. I had to finish on a high note, and I certainly did. I will forever be known as the man who conquered Voltage. Conquered it shall stay. 

Dynasty. Everybody's second favorite brand. That's about to be catapulted to everybody's FIRST favorite brand once I grab the reigns of this old menstruation colored bastard. It's where all the juiciness went down in my career. Everybody's favorite moments like Ronn being fucked on by Masterson. And of course who can forget, Ronn, being left to be fucked on by Masterson by myself. Darling memories. Everybody's top 2, for sure. 

We got all the HOT EXTREMISTS on Dynasty now, cause I brought em with me. That's fucking RIGHT! DRASTIK AND SCOTT DIAMOND! I can't believe that Dynasty struck gold with what were Voltage's BIG THREE. It's unprecedented really. And all they got in return was a flabby old DDD to rape the midcard like he rapes other things. 

Little boys. 

Yeah that's right. Shots taken. Fuck with me, DDD. I know my DYNASTY SQUAD will back me up. We roll DEEP on Dynasty. We're a family! We don't let anyone get taken advantage of. We're a brand for the brand. We got each other's backs, fronts, sides and underneath. Because this is DYNASTY! There's no ranks! There's no better than you's! It's only US! No bad blood. No ill-will. No NOTHING. We're all in this together. And once we know that we are, we're ALL stars! When we see that we're all in this together, it'll show, hand in hand, we'll make our dreams come true. As a unified brand! No one man left behind!

Except Scott Oasis. Fuck that boy. 

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Post on July 3rd 2017, 1:33 am by The Mexican Samurai
Dynasty 2

The Phoenix rises from the ashes as I grab the filthy fowl by the neck and proceed to smash it’s gizzards underneath the leather of my sole. This isn’t a comeback, this is not a clamor towards my announcement that “The Mexican Samurai is back!”, because I never left. I’ve been hiding in the dregs of Elite Answers Wrestling just begging that someone would listen to my one simple wish, and when I look into the abyss in order to see the reflection of the man that is going to end it… it’s not Kasahara.

I don’t like to mince words so I’ll make sure to cut straight to the chase. Kasahara is not talented enough to kill me, and as I close my eyes in frustration, I have to cope with the fact that I’ll have to obliviate him when he steps into the ring this Friday night. I was hoping for so much more, but looking at Kasahara is like looking at a blank canvas without having a paintbrush in hand. The fact that you don’t like to talk much is not because of this stoic, macabre demeanor. No, it’s mostly because you’ve already tapped the reservoir of personality and the well has run dry; which makes me question who exactly screens these new rookies that come into Dynasty? Did the interviewer have a note to find the most insipid and vanilla wrestler to use as a training dummy in the Elite Answers Wrestling performance center? It’s as if I set my create-a-wrestler to default because I was too lazy to look for interesting ring gear and a moveset that wasn’t “Generic Clothesline #5”. There is nothing new or exciting when it comes to people like you, it just becomes “the same old shit” as the audience likes to chant out, and who is a better judge of that kind of character than me. I’m okay with that though, I’m perfectly fine with the monotony of once again coming back and realizing that everyone in the arena is rolling their eyes at my mere presence.

Are you prepared for that same kind of treatment?

I don’t think you’ve come to terms with the fact that you could very well wash out after your first match, becoming nothing more than an afterthought in the eyes of the congregation of the Elite. You better be ready to put on a hell of a show because this crowd will turn their back on you the exact second that you give them any less than one hundred percent. With this judgement of character comes the doubt and suspicion. Deep down inside, you want to make the biggest impact that you possibly can just like every other wide-eyed, fresh meat that makes their way into the middle of the ring for the first time. You can pretend that you don’t seek validation by sitting and glaring but the moment we lock horns, you’ll be anticipating me falling apart at your feet.The negativity will spill out that you want to project to the masses as they realize that what little words came out of your mouth...was the truth.

Tsk...tsk...There goes that childish imagination of Kasahara, and once again, it pales in comparison to the vivid reality that surrounds me. I’m completely fucked as a human being, because the piercing gaze of all the unbelievers will settle down upon me this upcoming Friday but I don’t care. This spectrum of bludgeoning will only be suitable for my taste as I come up with innovative ways to feed on your blood. This dick measuring contest of mental health will soon fade and we’ll truly see who can impose their will towards one another, just don’t be surprised when you realize that I never lost my way. I’m now the main eventer that I was striving to become during my entire tenure in Elite Answers Wrestling, but who knew that it would finally come when it was too little, too late? I’m no longer preaching as a Millennial Messiah; I’m nothing more than a sacrifice of depression and misery.

Are you prepared to die? ....Because I am.
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 1:19 am by Lars Grier

There are moments in time where I simply stop where I am, and take a look at myself. I view my hands, my face in the mirror, and then….I blank out. I transport myself from the material reality of today to this temporal existence, in which I ask perplexing questions: “Why do I exist? Why am I given free will, a life, and a mind? Am I real? Is there some form of a higher being or power that works in the shadows, dictating my every action, my everyday life?” It is in these moments where I am stuck, metaphorically, in a world where time does not exist to control us, and these questions swirl around me like raucous and rabid bees; fluttering like the annoying pests they are. But the real question still remains, that always stands in front of me, begging for me to ask it…..What is our purpose in life? What is it that we must do in order to thrive? For many of us, we all have a goal in our mind; something to keep us going. And along that road we travel, there lies multiple, albeit smaller goals that pop-up now and then. We all attempt to complete these goals, even if our abilities hinder us from doing so. And as of my recent track - it appears to me that my purpose, my destiny is to lose. Fail. Tumble and roll down from the mountain I once stood upon, for even when I used all of my strength, my drive, my determination….it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to succeed at Pain for Pride to win one of the most valuable prizes in the history of this company.

Pain for…..nothing.

That is my story. That is the story of Lars Grier from the day the day he stepped into EAW to present day, because the poor bastard doesn’t have enough strength to even win a fucking match when it falls down on top of him. That’s the purpose; the destiny of Lars Grier, as it appears so.

What’s yours, Keelan?

What is your purpose in life? Or maybe that is too big of a question for you to handle, so here are simpler terms: What’s your goal? Is it to become the best? Is it to be a champion, and hold gold until the day you die? Or maybe it’s just the simple goal of wanting to learn more, to become better? Whatever that goal may be, it does not matter. I asked those questions because I wanted to juggle your brain before the true evisceration begins, Keelan. For whatever your main goal is, or your side goals are….one can easily say, that there was one thing that wasn’t your goal: Helping Madison Kaline. Tell me Keelan - why are you so angered about it? What caused you to be so spiteful and vile  towards my actions? If you truly and honestly cared about your harlot then you would have done something about it, would you have not? Why didn't you come to help Madison when she was struck down by a Ravenbeak, when she was at her most damaged? Because really - I do not see why you slander me with such ferocity, claiming I am a guilty man who requires punishment, when the only man guilty here is you for being so incompetent to assist the love of your life. And as a matter of fact, isn't this the exact same route you took at Pain for Pride? Taking such small and insignificant words or actions that sprouted a fire within you, which caused you to blow up the entire ordeal for no clear reason other than to simply do it as you felt like it. This rage...it is consuming you. This rage that started simply because I served justice to your harlot, and you are letting it tell of what to do. You must ask yourself Keelan - are you doing this for yourself, or for Madison? Why are you even mad? You said it yourself, that she isn’t even harmed at all by my Ravenbeak, so why are you still….filled with so much vengeance?
You see? This…..this is why I don’t make friends, or create relationships with another, because I know down the line in my work, they will be hurt and disappointed. They will be broken, and eventually my relationship with them will shatter, leaving only myself. It is why I have no accomplices, for I do not wish for them to feel the pain that I feel when I take a fall. You never even should have brought Madison to your match in the first place, if you truly cared for her. If you cared for her, you’d never even give her the CHANCE to walk out with you. However….idiots do live in this world after all. They roam aimlessly, struggling to grasp the very fabric of knowledge and common sense, and when their own stupidity falls back against them, they blame everybody else but themselves. That is the way of idiots like you; idiots who ring their friends and companions just so that they can be hurt by their own failures. That was Pain for Pride for you, wasn’t it? The weight of the burden falling down hard on you as you struggled to regain composure, releasing that you disappointed not only yourself but the other around you, who supported and cheered for you your entire career.

At least at Pain for Pride….I only had myself disappointed, Keelan.

I think now I realise what your purpose is, Keelan Cetinich. What your destiny is, and how you are supposed to live your life: in disappointment. Yes, disappointment not just for you, but for the people around you; Madison, your fans, anyone who counts on you are always left with nothing more than the shallow hole of….nothingness. You disappointed the when you faced Ahren Fournier for his championship. You disappointed then at Pain for Pride when you failed to capture the Cash in the Vault, even with the assistance of your delusional harlot. And you will fail them and fall down once more at the Voltage debut…..

Of the motherfucking RAVEN.

We’re both hungry for something, Keelan.
It’s just a matter of who wants it more.

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Post on July 3rd 2017, 12:59 am by Rex32
Another new beginning.

More chapters still unwritten.

I've been waiting patiently for it all to unfold as it's meant to. The things that have been unfolding around me over the last several months, have done so with a profound purpose, one that is seemingly been defining as well as revealing me to myself all the time. All the experiences, all the steps taken, and the ones I've still yet to take even. Every step is just that in this thousand mile long expedition just to reach the peaks and valleys that each new experience brings forth. I've never taken them for granted, or gotten complacent about them; I've stayed away from the status quo, and am ready to make an indelible impact. The season promises to be another exhilarating roller coaster ride for this elitist. I'm back on the brand where I've created everything you see before you right now, everything that makes me proud to even call myself an Elitist. There's no shortage of confidence in the face of the challengers that will undoubtedly make an attempt to thwart my forward progress here in Elite Answers Wrestling. Had these been nothing other than boastful claims from the very moment I first uttered that last sentence, I don't believe I would've had much of a chance at any of the experiences I’ve had the privilege of fighting through. They aren't boastful claims though, what they happened to be, what they are? They are the unwritten truths constantly being monopolized with every moment I'm blessed with the opportunity to step in between those ropes. The journey itself has laid a path for me to humbly take, and I proceed with trust that it's the one laying out the very opportunities that will be the catalyst for the foundation that I am continuously building all the time, and there is nobody in this federation that's a threat to that...nobody. See, I come into this new season, I have a great understanding of how much more I've still got to prove to myself as well as the others, my opponent this week being no exception to that fact. The past has never been, nor will it be a prerequisite to what is to come this week to start the new season on Showdown, not the same as being exposed to the different experiences that proved only to be a precursor for why I can ably stand here at this present moment primed and ready to accept any and all obstacles thrown at me. Someone like Devan Dubian, a man who wrestled along side two men instrumental for the very platform each and every last one of the elitists that have a job in this company, myself included, have the privilege to perform on each week. He sees the big picture. He knows that his passion for this business can never be compromised or corrupted, even by the most savage of scourges this company has to offer. That's why it's easy to respect someone like Devan. He'll always be someone that can be depended upon to go into any true battle willing and fight with both honor and valor for a prideful cause to validate as much. Given the events that have transpired in past encounters where outside distractions played a part in the outcomes, I'm definitely looking for a bit more decisiveness this time around.

Most of what we do in the ring, not so much out of it, our every move is seemingly under this permanent spotlight locked, Devan, constantly leaving us exposed drawing our share of cynics, and detractors. Our philosophies typically broken down, looking for all the faults we can find to gain some mental advantage in the war of words. However, I get it in your case, I do. Being cynical toward my philosophy, as you have in the past, I understand that you weren't necessarily trying to be negative, or bitter even. You did mistake my heart and my passion a bit for what it was worth by referring to it as pure naivete based on my lack of experience here. I couldn't blame you though, Devan, you've been through countless amounts of wars in that ring against various types of characters with all sorts of diversity in regards to approach, and attitudes. Even today, whatever your opinion is, whether you remain steadfast in what you believe about my approach, my philosophy, I will keep it all in mind, because I'm not so ignorant to believe everything I'm doing now, couldn't be leading to some detour that is the perfect learning curb that will show me bigger and better things later on, but hey that's what I love about the journey? The countless possibilities, and Devan, before you choose the way of your retort after listening to this, just remember I'm not one to wait around, something you perceived to be the case about me in the past that proved to be imprecise. I've proven pretty much at every turn last season that when opportunities presented themselves, I was more often than not up for the task. This week on Showdown, it won't be much different, except this time I'm not playing the overly eager card, nor am I playing the self-professed blue chipper with every word that leaves my mouth. No, instead? Instead what I'm doing this time is being that caffeine in your early morning coffee that gives you your wake up call before you even leave out of your locker room to that ring Saturday night. You weren't the first to pass your cynicism back then, and you haven't been the last, but yet here I stand. Main point to gather from all that I just mentioned is that you shouldn't judge a book based on it's cover. For months my approach, my drive to strive for nothing less than 200% effort has continued to stand up against new blood as well likewise against some of the most revered characters in this company, yourself included. At the end of the day, Devan, I have faith in many things, but mostly in myself, that it'll work out in my favor in the end, so take solace in the fact that I will again give you the benefit of the doubt just like I've done previous with others as well as yourself, but not because I've suddenly become so presumptuous to believe that you couldn't upend me within the blink of the eye, afraid not. But because I know what this experience and many others that are still to come are leading me toward, and you'll figure it out one way or another after this battle.

The circumstances we are confronted with, Devan, ultimately influence our actions and reactions in different situations in many ways. So choose your arguments wisely this time around, but realize and respect that I have my own approach, my own philosophy, one that has propelled me to the heights I've reached now. Now, that's not to say that I don't realize that there are so many more rungs to climb on that metaphorical ladder that leads to further success, because I realize that there is. Like I said at the top, there are still more chapters in my career that remain unwritten, and as the author of this story I will ensure that each one is built up through every bit of ups, downs, treacherous terrains, experiences that will be worth while to be exposed to in the end. This weekend though my next chapter begins, and this one, Devan, will have an ending that will be just as satisfying as any defeat that you've ever had to learn from in your entire career. Believe in that.
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Post on July 3rd 2017, 12:48 am by Tomi Venus

Dynasty Season 11 vol. 2

[Target Smiles is in a wrestling ring running and hitting the ropes going back and forth with loud steps across the canvas. He grabs onto the ropes and stops his momentum.]
Darkane… where should I begin? You’re coming to Dynasty saying that it’s yours for the taking. But here’s the thing, I’ve been representing this brand for months now. Like I said, I was reserved for the draft. Showdown and Voltage didn’t even have an opportunity to place a bid on my name because Dynasty wasn’t willing to part ways with me. Now Darkane, you have potential… I’ve heard your name around the locker room and people were definitely behind you winning that 24/7 Battle Royal. But here’s the thing, you aren’t ready to be a star. It’s clear in the way you carry yourself. You aren’t like me. Everyone loves me. Hey you! You love Target Smiles don’t you?!
Custodian: “Who?”

See what I mean. I’m a star here on Dynasty. I’m not worried about making an impact where I’m at, because I make an impact every time I show my face… or my mask I should say. I technically never show my face because of that whole situation. But I’m not concerned about making an “impact” or proving I’m “not a rookie” I just wanna be the best. I wanna win! Win everything! Openweight Championship: win it! Answer’s World Championship: win it! KOE: win it! Women’s World Championship, I don’t discriminate: win it! All I do is win, that’s all I gotta do. And come Friday, I just gotta do that again. I’ve done it before, just do it again. Just train some more and eat some more and sleep some more and train some more and boom boom, I win. But you say that it’s not that simple don’t you Darkane. You wanna talk about how it’s in the moment or whatever like I’ve never wrestled on a show before. Like I ain’t been winning here on Dynasty since day one. Ignore those three losses on my record though, that’s not important. What’s important is all those wins. Yeah! There’s like 8 of them. I’m pretty great huh. And I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs because I care about the children, and I don’t appreciate your druggy metaphors you’re using. It’s inappropriate. Think about the kids. Now lil jimmy is going to be doing crack because Darkane said he’s gonna put out his cigarette on Dynasty. Good job Darkane! Now a little boy has to find a way to deal with his crack addiction. That scenario is unlikely but so was me losing at Pain For Pride, yet it happened.

I don’t know what to expect anymore, so instead of expecting things I just expect the unexpected. *flinches* Sorry, Canada might have been about to nuke us. Why Canada? Because we’d never expect it. Just like so many people never expected to lose to Target Smiles. No they said he was too straight-laced, he would never be able to compete with the hard hitting styles of all these big beefy bois in the back. But competing is what I do best and I out competed all of them! They tried to beat me senseless but instead I beat all of them. Except for at Pain For Pride, and also TLA, and that one guy who disappeared and looks a lot like that one new guy for some reason. It’s honestly kinda creeping me out. But you know what, if that dude crosses me I’ll beat him just like I’m gonna beat you! Are you tryna cross me Darkane?! You better hope you’re not! I’m Target Smiles! I’m the best! Nobody can beat me! Nobody!

[Target Smiles drops down to the mat and starts furiously doing push ups]
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Post on July 2nd 2017, 9:06 pm by Abelard Becker

The scene fades in to show Scott Diamond sitting in a wicker chair looking out through the large screen to see the foggy Portland morning. Once again he dons a plain and ordinary sweater vest and corduroy slacks so it appears him dropping the flashy streetwear might be a permanent thing. Two luggage bags rest at his side, implying that he might be on his way to rejoining civilization again. 


A long deep breath follows, a gentle smile forms across the face as if reminiscing about something.

Dynasty's always been kind to me. It's where I became Answers World Champion, it's the brand that I decided to settle on when I was the literal head of this company, it's the only place that has yet to be marred by this current low chapter of my career. When I heard my name called, and I'm going to pretend that it didn't hurt that I shared the title of Mr. Irrelevant, instead of elation and joy... I felt a great knot in the pit of my stomach. Dynasty is sacred to me, it's my holy land... it is where I should thrive, not be reborn to learn how to walk again. Because this is what this is, no? It's a reset. Sebastian Monroe drafted me last because if I'm going to adapt to this new EAW, I need to essentially start from square one. 

Square one.

Ahren Fournier. 

I know enough about you to have an opinion. I'm just wondering if I should publicize that opinion. 

Scott stands up and looks off into the distance, he strokes his chin a few times. A few fox sparrows fly by overhead and settle on a small tree near the end of the property.

I'm still new to this whole respect thing. I guess as a former Hardcore Champion, I should have some for you, even if it's only a modicum... but it's hard. My instinct tells me that I should berate you, consider you a peon... at least when compared to a talent like me, but that would ruin this whole new exercise now wouldn't it?

I could cast away my pride and tell a bunch of wives tales about how great I think you are and how I'm oh so looking forward to Friday.

I could take the advice of my mother and every grade school teacher I've ever had, swallow my tongue and not say anything at all... but if I do that, we both know what's going to happen, don't we?

If only there was a middle somewhere in-between these two extremes. A gray line where I don't necessarily have to respect Ahren Fournier, yet still talk about him in a way that doesn't completely assassinate his character. And I'm sure that line exists, I'm sure there's a way but as previously stated... I'm still learning.


Wait... bah gawd I think I have something.

What if I were to give you an alias? No... not just an alias, what if I imagined you as someone completely different than Ahren Fournier? Someone with the same goals, ideas and morals, somewhat in your likeness but DEFINITELY NOT you. This way, your good name is saved and I'm free to talk about this person however I may please without feeling any guilt or hesitation.


We'll call him...  Drastik 2.

Things aren't going so well for Drastik 2. He's just removed from losing his... Extreme Championship at... Pride For Pain to... Cody Smash. He seems to have gone a little crazy, getting some cosmetic work done to look like the original Drastik, or... at least a younger version of him. But maybe that's an assumption I shouldn't be making because despite all of that, he seems to still have his head screwed on straight and by straight I mean, the way it was before... Pride For Pain. His delusions of grandeur are just as clear and bright as they've ever been. He marches around, proudly shouting to the world, letting everyone know that he's the best, even though no one believes him. You almost have to feel bad for the guy, I don't think many people like him. I KNOW he doesn't have many friends, really only just one but even then it's hard to tell if it's a legitimate friendship or if Drastik 2 is only being used to satisfy the person's personal gain. Either way, Drastik 2 doesn't seem to mind. He continues to go on as if the sky around him isn't falling, he lies through his teeth proclaiming that everything's fine when things so clearly aren't. He's excited for this new start, ever so ready to get back into the swing of things... but how ignorant to forget that this isn't his old brand. He points out the flaws in his old brand, the weak roster, the fact that it had maybe one person on the entire roster who could match with my level of success. A feeble mid-card that he was able to run through with ease. But things are different now. He now finds himself on a new brand, a much stronger brand with new competitors, a main event scene that is stacked, a mid-card scene that is anything but frail. Things aren't going to be so easy this time around, Drastik 2 won't be able to waltz right in and take over. He's just one hungry shark in a sea full of them, all vying for the same spot that he wants. He seems so certain that it belongs to him, but what if it doesn't? 

Scott opens up the screen door and steps out onto his front porch. He glances over his right shoulder at his car, takes out his keys from his left pocket and hits the button to unlock. He opens up his trunk and begins throwing his luggage in but stops and glances into the camera one final time.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to need more proof than just self-righteous words and a mid-card championship reign in a weak mid-card on a weak brand.

That Drastik 2, oh what a fool.
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Post on July 2nd 2017, 7:06 pm by Stark
These past two weeks have been pretty damn surreal. To go from the man who nobody ever thought would make to becoming THE man is quite a jarring change. Walking out in arena and getting near unanimous crowd support against a Hall of Famer like Zack Crash still blows my mind. Yeah I took that loss but it doesn’t bother me honestly, with all of the post-Pain for Pride celebrations I really wasn’t walking into that match with much of a clear head. Honestly I’m pretty sure I was tripping balls from residual substances in my body at Pain for Pride itself. I can hardly tell the difference anymore. I am still in utter shock and awe that I am champion. I kind of forget about it sometimes, but then I remember I’m the goddamn National Elite Champion and my mind gets blown just as hard as it did when I put Rex McAllister on the mat for three at Pain for Pride. I have been nothing short of a shooting star since my return. Fuck every doubter and hater who pegged this run as just another quick endeavor I’d fail before taking my ball and going home again. Fuck everybody who thought my New Breed Championship was a fluke and the highest peak I’d ever achieve in this company. There’s nothing I love more than proving people wrong. That might be immature, it might be an extension of my everlasting disregard for authority that I’ve had since I was a child, but I LIVE to see the look on people’s faces when I prove them wrong. It’s been that way since I was a teenager who fucking hated everything except for professional wrestling. I had so much passion for this industry that I decided the only way to live my life would be in between these four corners in the squared circle. Everybody who told me I was just an idiot dreaming too big for my own good was shut up the day I made by debut inside a ring. Everybody who thought then that I would never amount to anything as a wrestler was shut up the day I got signed to EAW. Everybody who thought that I wouldn’t last two weeks in the EAW was shut up when I stormed through the entire New Breed division and captured the New Breed Championship just three months after debuting, pinning Jamie O’Hara to do so. Everybody who thought I would never get past that point or be able to compete with a competitor like Rex McAllister… Well I painted that shit black too didn’t I? And even now, questions are being asked and doubt is already being casted - Can Stark compete with Tiberius Jones? I can’t guarantee a victory but I will say with certainty that the answer to that question is yes, I will give the King of Elite a run for his money, and like I always do every time I get in the ring, I’ll leave a lasting impression on everyone. I had this conversation with Rex McAllister backstage after our match at Pain for Pride X, because all bad blood aside, we have a ton of mutual respect for each other. He put WORK into making the National Elite Championship the must-see championship on Showdown, fuck, probably even across all three brands. Because while men like Lannister and hell, even you TJ, treated the World Championships with disrespect as if they were nothing more than props for your stage of egotistical bullshit agendas, Rex McAllister was establishing his brand week in and week out as THE FUTURE of this company. He took that National Elite Championship and put it on an entirely new level, which is saying a lot considering the storied history and legendary men who’ve held that title in the past - yourself included. What Rex McAllister didn’t know after beating Nico Borg for the NEC at Reasonable Doubt was that just a month later, the perfect challenger would return to this company with one thing on his mind. People didn’t believe me when I said that right now I’m the best I’ve ever been, and that isn’t just conjecture, that’s shit I PROVED every week. By the time I got to Pain for Pride X, I had no doubt in my mind that I WOULD beat Rex and that’s exactly what I did. Now the mantle of the future lies in my hands in the form of this National Elite Championship that I couldn’t be an ounce prouder to hold. While Lannister spat on the integrity of the AWC for the eight months he held that title, Rex McAllister brought this championship up to equal footing, and I intend to carry that reputation. I’m not walking into the main event of Showdown holding your championship’s little brother. You better acknowledge that we stand on equal footing, and while you were off to conquer Voltage, I made Showdown my bitch. You’re walking back into MY home, where I reign SUPREME

You’re the World Champion by name but you better prove that shit to mean something because the way I see it, acid-vision and all, I am THE GUY on this show. This stacked post-draft roster is probably the strongest that’s ever existed in this company’s history and with so much A-tier talent on this show, my National Elite Championship is definitely going to be a target. I’ve stepped up in this industry and the fact that I’m main-eventing the first Showdown of the season against a guy like you says a lot. I’m ready to face the best - fuck it, best isn’t even a relatively apt term to describe the sheer epic legends who I’ve now joined up in the stratosphere as the National Elite Champion. This is about supremacy. This is the telling, defining match for Showdown. I’m defending the integrity of my championship while you’re fighting to establish the value of yours. Like I said, I’m going into Showdown with all intention of establishing myself as the man to beat, and if you trip up once I’m knocking your head off your fucking shoulders with my knee, same way I put Rex down at Pain for Pride. Showdown is where the deed to the kingdom will be penned with one of our names.
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Post on July 2nd 2017, 6:53 pm by Ahren Fournier
(A pink stretch limo drives up to the scene, and stops conveniently right in front of the camera. And Ahren Fournier jumps out the back with a smile on his face. He's actually wearing a jacket this time looking quite dapper... But now shirt.. Never a shirt)

So PFP is over, the draft is over, and you know what? I'm feeling pretty good. Sure I lost my title to Zack Crash, but you have to understand that that guy is a main event talent. Former world champion, hall of famer, ruined EAW when he ran it, he's done some pretty big things. And let's be honest, I wasn't really feeling the fact that it was on the pre show, that took all the motivation from me. Sure I should want to show people wrong but the thing Is I was the only one that ever made that title relevant. For 3 months I did things with that title that no one ever dreamed of.. Unprotected things. But now I'm on Dynasty, I got off that shit brand known as Voltage, the red headed step child brand, and I'm off on a new adventure here in EAW. Away from all the freaks of the Sanatorium, away from that freak Zack Crash, away from that ginger freak Nas, and on the brand with one of my favorite titles the Interwire Championship. Ahhh, you know what they say? You bleed Dynasty, and you piss Voltage.. and I don't know what you do with Showdown.. Cry? Sweat? Something blue I don't know.

(A voice off camera starts talking)

???: You know everything you said was wrong right?

(Flannery comes from the shadows)

Ahren: God damn It Flannery why are you here? You're a Voltage reporter, go away.

Flannery: No I'm following you forever wherever you go. Sure I'm still a Voltage reporter, but I'll still be following you around.

Ahren: Stalking, this is stalking and you're freaking me out... Anyway what did you mean by everything I said I was wrong.

Flannery: Well, Maero was drafted to Dynasty..

Ahren: Ugh.. Ok well one Sanatorium is fine, I can deal  with one freak.

Flannery: And Eclipse..

Ahren: Sigh... Well I can handle the Sanatorium I've always done fine against them.. At least I don't have to deal with Zack Crash

Flannery: Yeah no, he's here too...

Ahren: Stop...

Flannery: And DDD was drafted to Voltage... And relinquished his title... So they're having a tournament to decide the new champion..

Ahren: So new brand... SAME SHIT. I thought the whole point of this was for change? Nothing has changed? Fantastic..

Flannery: Well.. Drastik is here... You didn't watch the draft?

Ahren: No.. I have a life, I can't just stand around and watch an entire show. I got a text that said you're going to Dynasty and I pre came a little, and went on with my life.

Flannery: Well, that's what's happening, glad I could be of some service...

Ahren: It's fine.. It's fine, I have some unfinished business with Zack, so that works out perfectly. I'm not going to say that he got lucky because like I said he is a hall of famer, and World Champion. What I will say is that I'll be better prepared for it. Zack should know better than anyone that anyone can win on any given night.

Not going to lie, it feels weird being on Dynasty, after being on Voltage for a year. Voltage is all I've known. Dynasty its... it's a new place, new ish.. people, new chances. It feels like my first day of school again and I have to get acclimated to the process of how things get run around here. It feels like we're on a TV show, and this TV show has had its plots and its own things going on, when they decide to switch up the cast members. It's like when Eric Foreman left That 70's show to go to Africa, and they replaced him with that terrible long haired fuck that no one liked randy. They already had a storied history and they just added a new main character. Or in a way when aunt Vivian from fresh prince of Bel air just turned into a new human being... that's kind of what it feels like. People already have there problems and what not here already, now a whole mess of other characters are joining the fray and we're creating new stories, that's weird right? Example, I look at the card and it says " Jacob Senn vents his frustration towards the events that occurred at Pain for Pride X". I don't know what that's all about, I wasn't here. Does any of that even matter anymore I ask you? Half the roster is gone and has been replaced. The new cast members are here trying to make an impact, and I'm one of them. I've wanted off of Voltage since I signed that damn contract so, yeah, 

But like I said I'm feeling good about Dynasty, I'm excited about coming to Dynasty because let's face it, Voltage is a sinking ship. No offense but I left that place at the right time, that roster is complete garbage. Sure I would've been the world champion in no time, but it's fine, I'd rather face real completion here on dynasty and actually earn my world title. The possibilities are endless, I'm out of the endless loop that is Voltage. No more meaningless matches that get me nowhere. I'm up against Scott diamond this week, a guy that is a hall of famer, ex world champion, main evented pain for pride... how many opponents like that have I faced on Voltage, uh one? Let's face it I carried Voltage on my back for a year. I became the greatest Hardcore champion to ever hold that title since its resurgence, and now the person holding it was the first pick of the draft... you're welcome zack. You see the fact of the matter is, I was undefeated on FPV's for the entire year up until PFP, where I was put on the Pre show.. yeah that's what happens on Voltage, you get the pre show. I did so much for that title and that's the thanks I get. So excuse me if I was less than motivated to keep going. I have been fed up with Voltage for months, and it's vindicating to finally leave that shit show. I may not have been picked first, but dynasty is going to find out real quick that I am the future of this brand. 

Flannery: I mean the picks were at random so...

Ahren: That doesn't matter Flannery? Shut up! Then I will show fate or chance or luck that they were wrong not to have my ball picked first god damn it. I have beaten them all anyways Flannery, legit everyone, that brand as done. Now I'm dynasty I can face who I've wanted to face all along, the owner of the poon place TLA hahaha, for the deed for the palace hahahahaha!

Flannery: Can't do that either.. he's on Voltage 

Ahren: FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK... whatever. See they don't want none, I think they scared of me... but yeah. I could get my title back from Zack crash, seeing that I did drag that thing out of the muck to make it what it is today. And I do have a rematch clause... I would think? Maybe? OR!! I can move up in the world and go for that illustrious world championship that I deserve oh so much. I'm just excited about it Flannery, the chains are off.. well the voltage chains, not the fun ones I like the fun chains.
Flannery: What are you talking about?

Ahren: Sex... 

Flannery: Oh

Ahren: Yeah.. was kind of obvious.. but anyways. Scott diamond, you're the first person on dynasty to face off against The chip on shoulder Ahren Fournier, you should be excited and terrified at the same time. Why?! Because pure and simple I'm goat. I've got one do those nervous boners flowing man. Ever get those? Probs the worst of the boners to get. It's like the nerves get you excited, so the blood just rushes down and it makes for awkwardness. I put it right up there with puberty boners. Especially when you're in school, and the teachers like come up and do this math equation on the board. And you're like naw I'm good. And she's like bitch you better do this shit or I'll fuck you up.

Flannery: What school did you go to geez

Ahren: None of your concern Flannery. The point I'm trying to make is that I'm excited for this match with Scott diamond, and I can't wait to show the world what Ahren Fournier can really do when he has good management. Oh another awkward boner is when you pop one of those Viagra pills for fun and you're about to go to town on yourself and your grandma comes over and wants a hug and you just poke her in the face with your dick because she's in a wheelchair and shit.

Flannery: What..

Ahren: Look I get you don't understand what I'm talking about because you have a vag ok? You just have to worry about the explosive geyser spraying people in the face when you're excited.

Flannery: Ok relax...

Ahren: Seriously why did you follow me.

Flannery: You're hot

Ahren: Oh sexist 

Flannery: Wait...

(Flannery starts squinting her eyes and slowly getting closer to the face of Ahren)

Flannery: You look...... a lot sexier... wtf

Ahren: Ugh don't speak in acronyms please. But yeah.. You seriously just noticed how different I look now? Get your eye sight checked please, you need glasses. Anyway yeah started using this new cream.. works wonders. Just rub it all over my body every crevice, and boom. Look at my pecs, they're amazing. I didn't think I could get any hotter, but boom.

Flannery: I need to... take a shower... brb

Ahren: Oh.. weird.. I just said to not use acronyms but here you are still using them..

(Flannery runs away) 

Ahren: Now as for Scott diamond, you're one of those people that I hate most to be honest . You're one of those guys that leave, win stuff, lose, leave, come back, get handed more stuff, leave again. And just wash rinse and repeat that cycle. While people like me are here, and stay here, and continuously get looked over. Here I was the greatest Hardcore champion of all time, on the pre show. After all this Time showing everyone just how good I am, how good that title could be, and I get bumped to the pre show. While your terrible little battle royal that bored that crowd out of there mind was on the main show, ruining all momentum. I know this wasn't your fault, he'll you didn't even expect nor did you win. So to place the blame on you would be utterly ridiculous. But be that as it may you were in that match; handed that opportunity of course, didn't win any qualifying Matches to enter that I know of. But at the point of your career that you're at, I'm guessing you don't have to. Management already knows what they're dealing with, and if you're worthy of it, and you are. But the words you spoke going into the match were far from inspirational. I get it it was a big match with far too many people. But I don't know, it didn't even sound like you were going to make an effort. Don't get me wrong battle royals are the worst, but it just seemed like you've lost your competitive edge. Going into a match with me, fully motivated to woop dat mayonnaise ass, while you're just listing lazily through life won't end up well for you. You could get hurt to be honest, I'm just saying be careful. I'm just looking to make a good first impression, because most the time those fill in's never work out in TV shows. Fortunately for the Dynasty brand, Ahren Fournier is the best thing since sliced bread, and that happened a long time ago. Here's how it'll go down Mr. Diamond... I will win this match, and impress everyone I need to. I will then be given the chance to get a World Title match because I'm the best in the company and I deserve it. Then I will evoke my rematch clause against Zack Crash for the Hardcore Title. DOUBLE CHAMPION BOOM! How glorious would that be? To best honest they should do something cool like have a tournament to determine who should challenge for that Pizza title. Good way to see who you have on your brand, and see who deserves what. But I'm not the GM, I'm just a GOAT.

(Ahren whips out some sunglasses from his jacket pocket, puts them on all cool like. Gives a little flip of his hair, and walks off screen. Camera fades to black.)
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