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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2017, 4:14 pm by ThePizzaBoy (Online)
Draft Promo 3: Out of Gas

The camera opens on PB sitting on the sidewalk inside of a bus stop shelter with his legs kicked out in front of him and his head propped against the bench he should probably be sitting on.  He pulls his knees up, as if readying to stand as he sees an automobile round a corner, but settles when it's just a van.  PB watches it go by and catches sight of the camera while doing so.  He cuts his eyes away awkwardly before pulling himself up on the bench.  He grabs something off of the bench and slides it onto his lap.  Light hits it as it moves from the wood to his legs, making it sparkle the purest shine of golden yellow.  He stares down at the Answers World Championship for a moment resting across his legs, and then stares off across the street.

"It's a strange thing for me to be in the catbird seat.  It's strange that I'm the one on top, the one leaving the arena with this title.  I know you think there's something to it that makes it less of an anomaly, but there really isn't.  I put in a good night's work for those people paying to see a Pain For Pride main event and went home with the just rewards at the end of the night.  It doesn't happen that way often, Jamie.  You were one of the first to teach me that.  Wins don't come easy.  This sport, this industry isn't an easy thing to master.  I'm far from being able to retire and open up some dojo.  I'm not there as a wrestler.  Sure, there are intangibles, but intangibles don't often make world champions.  Again, I know this because you taught me this."

PB hikes the belt onto his shoulder and lets out a sympathetic sigh.

"I feel bad for you Jamie.  I feel bad that you did all of the work and got nothing but flak for it.  I'm sympathetic to the fact that you never truly became the man to those fans that you and EAW wanted you to be.  You deserve it.  You have the look, the in-ring acumen, and the attitude of a man who doesn't know when to quit.  These are all things I don't have.  I can't talk up a fight or put up a fake front about my chances in battle.  I can't jabber jaw with high performing athletes and come off as a legitimate threat, and it's because I look like this and I really don't carry myself with any ego.  Maybe it is the bitterness that carries me through.  Maybe it is the key asset in my arsenal.  I don't just carry my own revile and hatred for how some treat EAW like their personal playground, I shoulder the crowd's resentment.  They've all seen people take shortcuts to get ahead.  They've all worked hard only to see the boss's kid get the spot they were promised.  They've also seen the guy who makes work the only thing in their life and gets ahead while they're at home with their families on the weekends trying to put some extra years on the mortal coil's barometer with some r n' r.  That's you though, Jamie.  You're the try hard.  You're the guy who doesn't talk smack, you simply state facts and follow through in the delivery.  Maybe that's why everyone's turned on you.  You're not a brown noser, you don't suck up to anybody including the fans.  You're the pique echelon of what a wrestler should be, what an Elitist should be, and people see that and they understand that a guy like you doesn't have anybody waiting at home to see him at the door.  They understand that the only top priority appointments you keep are for bookings and the gym. You're too perfect.  You're everything they want in a champion.  The problem with that is no one sees themselves in you.  Everyone wants to be as cut, as self-sufficient, and as emotionally independent as Jamie O'Hara, but they realize in doing so they have to let go of a piece of their humanity, and that creates this uncanny valley where no one knows how to relate to the athlete.  You see it all the time in Olympians and all-stars in other sports.  There's nothing in you that they can relate to because your world is a different planet to them."

PB winces as the belt's glow hits his cheek and burns his eyes.

"The sad thing is that I'm going to be like you someday.  Someday this title will be all that's left.  Someday people will cry in the streets when I retain.  Someday they'll scream for my blood at the hands of a guy like Ares or Lannister, just as they scream for yours now.  I fear that.  I fear losing whatever free flowing style I have that keeps me afloat.  I fear becoming textbook and limited in my capabilities.  I fear learning so much and homogenizing my style to perfection and learning that I missed one particular way out of a submission, or learn my method's flawed when it comes to how much punishment I can take one day.  We all paint ourselves into that corner eventually, Jamie.  We all learn all that we'll ever learn and die by a new, stainless, and untarnished sword that wasn't there when we were young enough and well enough to reach for it.  I've been near that mindset before, Jamie.  During my first National title run I thought I was destined and doomed to be abandoned by that crowd at the first sign of true success and I convinced myself that I wasn't worthy or ready.  I was though.  I was so ready for that title.  That title's gold gave me the fever for more.  I took out three men to get it back, and then I took out twenty-nine to get this beauty as well.  I thought I'd become a nobody.  I thought being champion meant having to become everything I hated because there was no other option, no way of evolving as a competitor.  I was wrong, but only partially wrong.  That desperation drove me, that bitterness that you lust for, but it'll only carry me so far.  The cheers of the fans will only last for so long.  Inevitably I become the guy that no one could beat that no one wants to root for, or I'm outed as the fool who kept losing the gold before he even buttoned up the strap.  Either way time makes us villains, Jamie.  Either we sacrifice the fanfare and cave to our darkest desires to hold these titles like Jonesy, or we keep going, succeeding, and coming out on top until they're sick of it."

PB smirks a tired smirk and lets his head fall forward until his chin's resting on his chest.  He cuts is eyes up knowingly at the camera and addresses his statement directly into the lens.

"You say you want what I have and fear what I am?  I'd say you're already plenty bitter old friend, and justifiably so.  Me on the other hand, in all due respects, I'm afraid of becoming like you.  I'm afraid of losing everything that got me here.  I'm afraid of not caring when I do.  I'm afraid of reaching my peak before I even make it into my late twenties.  I'm afraid of losing sight of what really matters.  You scare me Jamie.  You scare me because I know there's a way to defeat you.  I know there's a threshold to what you can take, but I don't know if I have the skill or power in me to push you to it.  You fear me because I've beaten men you fell to.  I fear you because you see through it all and know exactly why they fell.  To you I'm not the underdog.  To you I'm on an equal playing field as you.  The problem with that thought is that it's simply not true.  The problem for me is that I'm reaching double digits in the concussions and I don't know if I can take another running knee to the head.  The sick thing about it is that I know that I have to find out.  I must know deep down in my heart if I can take the In Excelsis and get up.  I gotta know so that they know.  The fans.  The fans have to know that Pizza Boy's going to be alright.  Pizza Boy's going to shrug it off and show he's the better man, but it's not that simple. It never has been.  I feel pain.  The Pizza Boy can shrug it off but Andrew has to live with it long after he hangs up his boots and bow tie.  Hell, I envy you Jamie.  Always have.  You think you'll be forgotten but you wont.  You think you'll be eternally resented, but you wont.  I'll be forgotten.  I'll be the freak who got too big for the side show, and when I fall there will be a million keyboard warriors and wrestling historians there to shit on my reign.  The sick sad truth is that I wont retire from this.  I'll do the thing that so many men like yourself hope to do and die in that ring, because whatever damage that there is to be done to my body has already been done.  The rest is garnish at this point.  What's another concussion? What's another bruised retina?  What's another neck injury between friends if it means these fans will love me, right?"

PB snickers under his breath and rolls his eyes.

"But I'll do it.  That will be me.  To the end. To my dying breath, and just because you proceed with caution, just because you don't want to leave yourself out on the line every single time you defend that belt doesn't make you a lesser man.  It makes you a smarter man and a smarter champion whose capable of more than whatever godforsaken thing I put myself through just to get by.  You wish you had bitter? You wish you had what I have? Well I'm bitter and it's because I'll never have what you have.  That doesn't mean I can't take something away from you though, and just because I'm bitter doesn't mean that I don't think the world of you.  It's not your fault that I'm a glorified fry cook with a chip on his bony shoulder, but something's at stake in this match that means far more to me or the fans than a physique or precision.  I have the chance to walk out of the Draft with the knowledge that I'm the sole World Champion of EAW, and that any other competitor with a belt and a similar claim is nothing more than a pretender.  That might not be true, and I certainly believe that every dog has his night as much as the next guy, but to those fans that you and Jonesy neglect to listen to, to those fans who are going to send me to an early grave because of my sick fetish to impress them, to them this match means proving whose the best of'em all.  If I have to live with the lie of being considered the best, then that'll be OK with me and I'm sure you feel the same way Jamie.  That should be enough bitterness to tide even you over."

PB winks and hops to his feet as a bus pulls to the curb and the camera fades to black.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2017, 12:39 pm by Jamie O'Hara
It’s always hard to knock the fighters of this world.

It comes naturally to some; yet any resolve to do so tends to escape to the pit of my stomach.

I envy them, truly. Rising to the pinnacle against all odds, the flow of celebratory congratulations and similar affairs; it’s quite a rush. I’ve always considered the journey more important to than the destination; to recently fight for eighteen months to obtain this gold around my waist, to fight from a nobody to become the EAW Champion in sixteen. I enjoyed the rungs of the ladder I climbed to reach the apex far more than the moment itself. Perhaps there lies that disatisfaction I mentioned; no more rungs to climb, no more people to better...just people down below clawing at my ankles to pull me down from here. The journey...the stories involved that fill the space from month to month define who we are and the perception that exists. And you heard their roar, PB. You heard them scream for you to pull yourself back to your feet every time you got knocked down. That cash in, your bitter feud with Tiberius Jones, all of that made your story something people invested in so dearly...and they almost filled that stadium with tears as a man threatened to take it all away. Each and every chapter, every footnote left since your first day here till Pain For Pride as painful as it may have been made the moment you had your hand raised with the Answers World Championship so much better. Because as we feed on the exhilarating drug of being applauded for our efforts, craving the spotlight and the attention, the crowd feed upon people like you; those who struggle time and time again but refuse to allow their dire situations get the better of them. It’s a support that’s near unwavering and I find myself with a sense of jealousy; I can’t deny the criticism that people dropped any care for my own success and immediately looked towards the next person to take the title away from me. They saw me succeed before. To some, I had my taste of the main event, the pinnacle and that I should have been satisfied with what I got; any...emotion was spent the first time I took grasp of a world title. For a while there was an underlying sense that I belonged in the same bracket as many to hold such a title...but merely for charity; never truly fit to reign, never meant to dominate. I resented that sensation. It drove much of the desire to once again stand here as champion whether or not those concerns were legitimate or not. Our stories truly aren’t too different; our journeys to this night similar in many ways. Robbed we were of glory; denied by others. Tooth and nail we fought to get back to the top and refused to allow anyone to deny us any longer. But in the end it’s you who is perceived as the great underdog, the fighter with immeasurable heart and the champion who this crowd crawls on their hands and knees to applaud. If only to feel that rush again. Ah, sweet bitterness how I’ve missed you.

I came to terms with the perception of who I was as champion when Burning Desire rolled around and It felt I had become an afterthought. Weak, dated, ready to be replaced after merely a month. So I feasted upon their perception, I became more focused on leaving people disappointed; the challengers they wish to see victors, they will all fall. One way or another, relentlessly, methodically or simply out of pity...kindness, the constant list of people “deserving” to challenge me, defeat me and sit on my throne will become one many should wish to not join. Imagine that, a world where it’s more sought after to settle for something less out of fear? No, it can never be truly accomplished. You don’t stand as my challenger, PB, but you stand as a man these people want to see victorious over me. Put it to the people in a poll, it’s a landslide victory; the underdog, it’s who people want to see taste success time and time again. The man they see as still “lowly” in comparison; that’s always going to be how they see you. Never my equal, never equal to many. A scrappy underdog who fights with all the heart that he can muster! Whether you believe you are not not, that’s still how they view you. You fed the idea, the belief for years, way back when we first met and the best you could do was throw a couple of punches and toss your body to the will of physics. I despised that about you; I won’t lie. Despised this idea of someone stumbling their way up the same rungs I did and simply laughing it off as some sort of odd occurrence of luck and fortune. See the unfortunate reality about burying feelings is that they don’t quite stay buried; they’re always going to rear their ugly head when the time is right...or wrong against our will or not. You won the Grand Rampage, you defeated someone I simply have never been able to do and you became the Answers World Champion; you’re not that underdog anymore, you’re not that fool I thought you were all that time. I want to stand in that ring and before the bell rings shake your hand, congratulate you in person, say “may the best man win” and be content with whatever the result is. But I can’t. Because of them, because of everyone who cheered you on and still perceive you to be the great underdog of this business. And when I land on whatever shore I’m washed upon this coming night, I’m going to be seen as a lesser champion. I hate that idea, but it’s reality. You’re never going to shake it no matter how much you legitimatise your place as champion.

And because of that, I fear you. That is all that I fear.

To compound it, a man who defeated Lannister; how can I compete with that?

You showed more heart in that match than I did in the four times I stood across from that man. My debut...the EAW Championship at Road to Redemption….a chance for the King of Elite crown in 2015…my EAW Championship at King of Elite 2016. I failed. I had to walk to the back in each of those matches empty handed. Championships, possibility to call myself a king, all taken from me because of the man that you refused to die to. What can I do that he didn’t? What do I have that he didn’t? How do I break you when he couldn’t? And if you bring that same desire you showed to defeat him to the draft, what chance do I stand? I don’t truly fear often, PB. The “tough cunt” attitude tends to be near impossible to turn off. But for you I do. This match means plenty to me; what I fought for the first time we met still rings true today, I’m fighting for that pinnacle spot. I’m going to war and leaving nothing left behind on the battlefield to ensure that I find myself in the circle of the truly elite. Winning a match like this isn’t optional, it isn’t something I can sit back and wave away because the reality is I may never get a second chance at it. I’m not one and never will be one to waste the opportunities he has. But I fear it all coming undone because of you, not Jones. The man wouldn’t be king nor champion if it wasn’t for Xavier Williams. But you fought to the death time and time again to get here. And I can’t even say I did a fraction of that. Because if I did? I would be calling myself a king right now; still the King of Bullets. Am I that standard bearer? No, not in my mind at least and you giving me praise for it isn’t going to convince me. It’s much like what I told Tiberius, any man who hails themselves as the standard bearer is no true standard bearer at all so I will never stand here and call myself as such. But I don’t even feel it. I don’t feel it at all. Being the standard bearer means everyone looks to you as the very best...but can you even say, without the respect between us, that people do? You might but does the rest of the world? You’re at your best, I have no doubt one seemingly insignificant slip up can leave me lying on the canvas with my shoulders pinned. But I look at you and I realise what’s missing; that heart, that fire, that drive to succeed. It’s not exclusive, I’ve shown it once...twice perhaps. Come the draft, everything changes. Everything starts anew and I feel, despite what some might say, that I’ve been lackadaisical as of late as champion. No more. No more sitting back; I want to be the unrivaled best in this business today. I want to be the unconquerable. I want to be the standard bearer that people are forever chasing to meet; I want to spit in the faces of every man who has held such a position and tell them that their time has come and gone. It’s not optional, defeat. And I will not shy from necessary means to obtain victory. I fear what you will absolutely bring but that fear isn’t going to be a curse but rather a blessing. Because it’s when I fear that I actually succeed. When my ego remains in check and I believe that there is a further rung to climb, that’s when I’m at my best.

To many, you’re still that underdog.

But to me you’ve set the bar. You’re one more rung added to the proverbial ladder. You’re the apex, you’re the pinnacle.

Fear the man that’s going to do everything and anything to claim it; whether it’s reality or just a figment of his imagination.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 29th 2017, 12:35 am by Moongoose McQueen
Allow me to introduce you all to the masterpiece of the century. Hi, I’m Moongoose McQueen, your new EAW New Breed Champion. I gotta say, I did say that winning this belt does not add much career. I did say that I didn’t need to win this title to someday get to the level of the legends and hall of famers of EAW. And I continue to stand by those words. I did not need this title….. but It sure feels good to have a little gold around my waist again. What can I say? It’s been 2 years since I last held a title because I had grown beyond the need for a title. It was meaningless and beneath what I was truly trying to accomplish. But winning this title has reminded me of a special feeling. It’s the greatest feeling of all time. No, it’s not a sense of accomplishment or winning. It’s not the pleasure of knowing that I make this title look SO….DAMN…. GOOD. I mean look at me. *catcall whistle*  It’s not even the joy of being acknowledged by my peers. No, this emotion that is putting this smile, this huge ass grin on my face, shockingly doesn’t really have anything to do with me. It has so much more to do with the sad and pathetic look on the faces of my opponents and the despair of every single new comer in EAW. Finnegan Wakefield is now drinking to forget his loss. Chris Elite is probably struggling to explain his loss, and Lucas Johnson, oh, boy, he seems to be the one affected by it the most.
I know what you are thinking. Moongoose, that sounds awfully cynical of you, what happened to that good guy that is trying to redeem himself, to be a better person, and really contribute as a whole. And well, people assume that means I’ll be holding their hands and being nice, but in truth, all I really am promising is being fair. To not quickly judge another person simply by how they look and behave. I’ve learned to not underestimate anyone, and this is where becoming the New Breed Champion will serve it’s true purpose in bringing to light just how just and righteous Moongoose McQueen truly is. I once fought for the cheap thrills and pop and reaction. Just about anything that made me feel powerful as if a single word from my mouth can cause a change reaction. But great news, with the new season of EAW about to begin, that has not changed. In fact, just when you think you have seen just about everything Moongoose McQueen has to offer, he’s gonna up the ante again and put you all on the edge of your seats.
Now don’t fighting for the best seat in the house. There is enough of the New Breed champion to go around, because I can assure you all, Moongoose McQueen is going to be so loud, the whole world is going to hear it, and he’s going to hit so hard, you all are going to feel it. Prepare to laugh with me, cry with me, get pissed off with me, because I’m going to put each and every single one of you for the ride of your life, and you best hang on, or you’re going to miss it. Because the best of Moongoose McQueen is still to come, and you will all soon witness what makes me so damn good turned up to 11. That’s right, ladies and gentleman, THERE’S MORE! Because the past 8 months or so I’ve been here, has only been a test run. A real chance for me to see how EAW really is, and an opportunity to reconfigure my one true goal of becoming the face of EAW. What can you expect out of Moongoose McQueen version 2.0? Well, here is the patch notes. New moves, a new boost in confidence, a better knowledge of my enemies, this shiny new belt. And what hasn’t changed? Well, that’s the best part, because I’m still that loud mouth, talented, ever so controversial, delightful, charming, charismatic, arrogant, hair-flipping handsome son of a bitch that people can’t help but despise and follow. That rights, I can feel all the hate people send towards me, yet I see those eyes can’t turn away, and you better bet your ass that the next season of EAW is going to a lot more Moongoose McQueen, not more because you wanted it, but because you all need it. So keep hating, keep watching, keep begging for me to go away, but I’m here to stay, baby.
And all because of people like Lucas Johnson, whose absolute hate in me carrying “his title” continues to be the fuel that lights my fire. I don’t care how bad he is taking his loss. You should be honored to lose your title to someone that great as Moongoose McQueen. You will play a part in the one true beginning in the legacy of Moongoose McQueen, but here you are, rolling around in your own filth, crying and bitching like anyone is really listening. Like, bruh, you lost to me on like 4 occasions, man. How many more times do I need to keep kicking you in the head for you to just admit that I am better than you, and you can actually walk away and be dignified and just say, “not now, but someday, I’m going to beat you.” No matter how ridiculous that premise may be. Sure, I lost to Drake Jaeger and DEDEDE for the title, but did you see me having dependency issues over a title? You act like that title was the one thing to make it seem you were not a joke, but trust me, you could win the Super Mega Ultra Universal World Championship and that wouldn’t change how people see you. See, I’m not delusional to the point that winning this New Breed title has changed anyone’s opinion of me. They still think of the same ole, same ole, Moongoose McQueen, and that’s exactly how I want it, and if you look at yourself and see just how much you hate yourself right now, then maybe you need to change that, and no damn title is going to change that. And you want to know something Lucas? I’m going to beat you again at the Draft Show. And chances are, this won’t be the last time we fight again. But each time I beat you, it’s not going to be because I can, because believe me, I know I can. Been there, done that. But because I need to. Because you are exactly what is wrong with EAW right now, who thinks that a title win defines who they are, and you have grown too needy of it like some drug addict. But look at you. You’re out of shape, you’re angry all the time, and you constantly lie to yourself, and ain’t no title going to ever fix your real problems. Because as impressive as your reign was, you beat those people because your opponents were selfish and only thought of themselves. I’m going to beat you again, because I have to, for your sake, and EAW’s. Because this title, it doesn’t mean jack shit anymore than just a mere ego boost for a rookie. But I’m going to change all that and use it as a tool and platform to raise the god damn standard for you and everyone else. And honestly, that is really the only joy that I get out of holding this title, is just knowing the future generation of EAW will have to play and abide by my rules if they have any damn hope of winning this belt. And Lucas Johnson, you are a god damn fool, because despite the number of times I’ve beaten you in the ring, and you even to have the privilege of being on the same team as I, you haven’t learned a damn thing to adapt, and here you are, again, running before learning to walk again, and getting hit, smacked right in the face with reality. The reality being that you can use the same damn trick over and over, it’s not going to help. You are the living definition of obsession of doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results, but you ain’t going to get that. I’m going to beat you again, because you think “oh, he has a belt now, so he must be more arrogant than ever and will let his guard down.” Big mistake. Because what this title only means is putting a target on my back, and that has made me more aware and on guard as ever. To say you are the reason I am the New Breed Champion? What are you? An idiot? Yes, yes you are, because you chose the wrong guy to target. You went after Finnegan Wakefield instead, and that was where you went wrong in not acknowledging just how damn good I am. But look at that, you can’t admit how wrong you are again, and you gotta flip it and take credit for everything. Well, fine. Go ahead and do that. Because by that logic, you helping me “win the new breed title” is the same reason you are fucking miserable now, and your misery is my gain. Where you suffer, I become stronger, and it will start when I kick your sorry ass up and down and all over that ring at the EAW draft and send a message to everyone that I mean business. Go ahead, take credit for what I’m going to do, a lot of people have in the past, but people know that truth. People know who is really responsible. People know his name and that is Moongoose McQueen.

Bigger, Badder, and Better than ever.  Lucas Johnson, prepare to be made an example of for what is to come. Make way for the new breed. And to all my loyal fans and believers, never look back, because from this point on, Moongoose McQueen only moves forward. Try to keep up.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 28th 2017, 11:06 pm by Theron Nikolas
We're all bad people, Nico; the only difference between all of us is the side of the battlefield. Do our intentions really matter? We stand in a business where the goal is the main and torture the person unfortunate enough to stand in our way. There's really no moral high ground that comes with any of it; we can twist and turn the story that we want to be told - but, in the end, it doesn't change the fact that we're all just really, really bad people. So, is it really so wrong to look to sap everything you can out of it for the benefits that come with it? Of course it isn't, but there's always going to be one person that sits on their high horse trying to explain what's right and wrong. But, and I'm positive you've already figured this one out - those words just fall straight onto deaf ears. I can't tell you how to live your life - I can only offer you my advice, it's depends whether you're willing to take it. I can't buy into it all - EAW is sick and Nico Borg is the man to lead it to salvation, but why focus on a small minority? EAW may be the powerhouse of this industry, but it's still nothing more than a blip on a radar. If you were so focused on helping, you'd set your sights on something much greater. It's easy to sit there and talk about the things that you're going to do when you're sitting at home with your feet kicked up on your coffee table - while over half the world live in poverty. That's over three billion people, Nico. You're not here to help this company; you're here for yourself. You here to grasp onto as much as you can, while hiding behind a story which in some way or form makes you different from everyone else. If you cared about it all, you would be looking at such a larger spectrum, rather than a business that offers as many benefits that this one does. But, I can't blame you for it. It always comes down to greed. It always comes down to looking after yourself. We as the human race are the most selfish on the entire planet. We look out for ourselves and ourselves only. I'm not afraid to admit it. I'll accept it while you try to spin your own story.

But, that's what makes you great, right Nico?

You criticised the things that Lannister did. He kept his title, and in return he lost his dignity. At Pain for Pride the tides turned. He fell while you managed to stand tall - but, I don't believe that accounts for your failure. People never remember who things transpire, just the fact that he forced you to fall at his feet. I get it; nobody enjoys accepting their shortcomings, and they try their hardest prove their worth. He lost the world resting in the palm of his hands and while you grasped onto the perfect chance to claim it as your own. That briefcase is valuable. It's more valuable than most things in this business - a guaranteed World Championship. There was a time where I could have believed it. History has proven its worth - but, I would rather not believe I guarantees, Nico. Eddie Mack did. Jamie O’Hara did. What happened to the two of them? One never recovered and one barely did. It's only a matter of days, right? It’s only a matter of time before Nico Borg stands in front of the world with one of those three World Championships in his grasp. What if it doesn't happen? You're placing all of your eggs into the one basket and you're hoping that you're given the perfect hand. People think that you've done all of the hard work, and yet the part that matters the most has still yet to come. Your career may be resting on this, Nico. You make one wrong move and everything that you've manage to create gets engulfed in flames until it has all crumbled to absolute rubble. I'm sure you don't feel the pressure. I'm sure that you allow every single piece of it roll back off of your shoulders. The light shalt not allow you to fail! I hope that the beliefs that push you forward give you the strength I've been led to believe you hold. I hope that you're every piece as good as everyone that preaches your name believes you are. If you're not, Nico, I do know something that is certain. When the draft comes and the two of us find ourselves standing toe to toe - I'll know wholeheartedly that I will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Let's pray that I'm wrong and we give those people the fight they're just dying to see.

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Draft 2

Nico Borġ: Silence your tongue, Theron, before it should speak further witness against you. From the very start, I had a good eye to see through your wicked intentions. However carefully your sly jabs were couched amidst the aggrandizing of the “real challenge” that I represent, I can see clearly enough when my integrity is being called into question. I am well versed in responding to such affronts. And if there is any sin above all others that can be counted against me it is that my patience to suffer such foolishness is wearing dangerously thin. All that said, I must  truly blessed indeed, for on this occasion I have not had to suffer long at all to see you lay bare the true rancid contents of your heart.

Chorus: It was only a matter of time. There exists no shadowy places where a secret may evade the light of the Lord forever.

Nico Borġ: I know what I am talking about. But you Theron, have neglected to do your homework. There are a lot of people in this business having chunks taken out of themselves for a lot of dubious reasons. You could question the reasoning of any of the 33 ill-fated ‘competitors’ who once again went home disappointed because they were not up to the level and I guarantee that most would hesitate just to be able to cobble together some crude, unsatisfactory answer. They don’t even know for themselves. They are either guys like Scott Diamond who have been in this game too long to really know any alternative, pining and weeping for halcyon days as they strive as desperate as they are in vain to keep younger more vigorous talents from taking their place. That or they are men who are simply in too deep above their heads. They have gone through too much heartbreak to get this far,  but rather than accepting their limitation, cutting their losses and finding a calling that really fulfils them, they seem to have got it into their heads that 2 months with a midcard strap is all that it is going to take to validate everything.

Chorus: Conceits as pitiful as they are odious. But have been fair warned, for sense dictates a deal with the devil is never fair and always foolish.

Nico Borġ: But I am not one of those men. I am not so vain nor so ignorant. Quite frankly, I find it fairly absurd that my reasons for being here should come to be called into question. To be clear, I am neither surprised nor affronted because having to repeat myself has become a rather mundane and daily occurrence  since I have stepped into an EAW ring. I have tried to be very clear and upfront about my reasons for being here since the very start. Since day one, brother. Has someone not been listening? No matter. My mission statement slides quite happily into this conversation and I shall happily reprise it once more. EAW is sick. The whole world is. And what the issue really all boils itself down to is indeed that one great motivator that you speak of. Greed. Other sins as well, of course, but most akin to this one in some way. The men of this world are so given to temptation. So quick to trade the vast eternal treasure laid out for them for but imutable and impermanent carnal seductions. As one of but scanty few righteous men, I stand to hold these daemons to account, to shatter the false idols than men have raised above their souls, to show the world that there is a better way.

Chorus: Praise be! A noble goal if ever there was.

Nico Borġ: I can hear you yawning already. Mama didn’t raise no fool.  But before you drift peacefully off to sleep, do take a moment to appreciate the irony of your own position. We all love to mock and scorn men like Scott Diamond, and his namesake Scott Oasis, for never knowing when to call it quits, for so desperately digging their fingers into the cracks of their ruined pasts. But this is just the kind of animal that greed makes a man in time. The daemons of men offer much to seduce us, but theirs is fool’s gold. They take their piece back in the end. Those fires always fade with time. Give in to temptation and watch yourself become just like that poor, wretched Scott Diamond that you took such great pleasure in deriding and watching struggle against the dying of the light. It truly beguiles me, you know that Theron? I still struggle to understand why men come here to EAW with stars in their eyes just to put their bodies on the line. To bleed whole pints of blood. To cut years off their lives just for something that lasts, at very best, only as those wasting lives themselves. Now I have never been one to excel at mathematics, so forgive me if I am making a fool of myself, but that sounds an awful lot like a false economy to me. That sounds like a raw deal. But i suppose that is just what greed does. It blinds you. It skews your judgement to ignore long-term consequences for meagre short-term gains. Our little lives are as shadow already, they pass so transiently, so quickly. So we should just cut down what we have further, just for a time in the limelight that will surely pass even more swiftly? I know I have only just said this, but the wisdom bears repeating...I am not willing to just settle for that. No. I am far more ambitious than any man who is motivated by ephemeral vanities and greed alone. If I am going to bleed myself dry and spill my guts over that canvas then it will only be for something that shall last forever. Have you come to understand the fool’s errand that you have set yourself now? Buoyed by greed, Lannister allowed the malingering hands of the harlot Vendetta to taint our contest. In doing so, he sacrificed something far more valuable than even the title itself. He sacrificed his dignity. He sacrificed the means to say that his title reign even meant anything anymore. Even in victory, where it counts his head was still hung beneath mine. And what great treasure did he earn from this sacrifice? A few more short months to cling to to a hollow band of gold and leather. O fortuna! How the wheel of fate turns round. Such a short time has passed but look at just how the tides have turned. I have the Cash In The Vault briefcase. I am poised and dead certain to claim that world title that has eluded me. And I still have those treasured virtues of the soul that no man may ever take from me.. Yet Lannister...Lannister has nothing to hold to his name but the shame.

Chorus: Be wise and take this parable to heart, child. History has given you fair warning. Only the mad or desperately foolish fails to heed it.

Nico Borġ: So bring your daemons, Theron. Bring me all hell and I will show you how feeble the vanities of this world are. You are fair warned, that there is no sharpness like the sword of justice, and there is no wrath like righteous indignation. No amount of greed will see you through the end of days. But rejoice, the Sun also rises. There is a light to lead the way. A light that never goes out.

Chorus: Ave Invictus.

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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EAW Draft Promo 2: Dr. Borg's Vault of Horrors

The camera opens inside Bo and Tye's Pizzeria where the titular couple stare at the front door of the restaurant with a grim anticipation in their expressions.  PB walks out from the kitchen to catch his employers gawking at the door.  Visibly bewildered by this phenomena, he makes his way to the door.  Before he can reach his hand out to the push bar he hears a collective gasp behind him.  He turns to see Bo and Tye huddled together, still rubbernecking over the counter in morbid fascination.  PB cautiously pops his head out the door, looks left, looks right, and then pops back into the store lobby looking more bewildered than ever.

PB: The hell's wrong with you two?

The couple jump at the sudden utterance of words.  Tye clasps his chest and storms off to the back after regaining his composure.  Bo wipes his receding hairline with a napkin and approaches PB.

Bo: We're kind of...I don't know...concerned?

PB: It's barely eleven, I doubt we'll get any customers for another ten minutes or so.

Bo: No no, it's not that.  It's just that...well, there are loons after you...again.

PB: What on earth are you talking about?

Bo: That Nico guy? Doesn't he have a briefcase that-

PB: Listen, don't worry about that.  He wont come here to do that.  He'll wait 'til after a match or something.  He always attacks when I'm at my wits end.

Bo: IIIII've seen you at the end of a shift, kid.  You're not exactly the most stable.

PB grabs Bo by the shoulders and looks him in the eye.

PB: He's not coming here.  Don't worry about it.

Bo lets out a heartening sigh and turns to head to the back, convinced of his employee's argument.  As soon as his back's turned, PB darts to the window and peers through the blinds, cutting his eyes from left to right. He catches the camera staring at him and freezes in his tracks, letting the blinds clink back together.

"I hadn't thought of that, you know? And isn't there another 24/7 contract floating around out there too? Yipes.  I guess these are the trials and tribulation of a true World Champion.  Jonesy's seemed to let his guard down.  All the king's horses and all the king's men have been relieved of duty.  I'll give Jonesy credit, I figured he'd up the security after winning actual gold instead of that silly burger king crown.  He seems to think I've discredited him in some way.  I've made it very clear that in a sick sort of way I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him.  Call it spite, call it overcoming the BS, or simply call it succeeding where other's failed.  That's what it really all boils down to.  He couldn't beat Me, Ares, or Lannister so he went elsewhere.  It's classic small fish in the big ocean finding a small pond to dominate and play top dog.  I wont deny the history or worth of each championship, but I've done my fair share of critiquing the champions holding the gold in the past.  You are no champion Tiberius Jones.  The fact that you hold the EAW Championship, our oldest gold in the company, makes me sick.  However, it's telling that it's the only championship under scrutiny without the word 'World' in the title.  Sometimes the old guard step down, and if Voltage isn't a step down then I don't know what is.  Isn't that where you exiled yourself after I ran you out of Showdown?  It's sad we have to meet up like this again for the both of us, because I pride myself as being a sportsman but not when it comes to you.  When it comes to you nothing's off limits.  I go as far as desecrating one of the few things I hold near and dear to me in order to make you feel pain.  Pizza cutters shouldn't be used on flesh.  They're for pizzas.  Pizzas made by hard working men who have to get up every morning, sterilize their work space and implements, and make an honest living.  You don't deserve the pizza cutter, but you also don't deserve the honesty of a hard day's work because everyone knows you've never known one.  I'm almost convinced you were more sanctimonious before the crown and belt, and yet you truly have nothing but rubble and cinder to show for your hard work.  You are a king of lies and a champion of nothing.  No belt or scepter will ever change who you are, and now self respecting title would ever crown you as champion of the world.  You stand for nothing, you champion no one, and all you know is shortcuts.  That's all that title truly proves."

PB turns to walk toward a booth.  He stops and double takes over his shoulder as a customer walks through the door.  He plays it off with a polite wave over the shoulder before humbly setting in to a corner booth.  He lets the red run from his face and lets a nervous smile turn steady as he eyes the confused restaurant patron as if he thought he had a briefcase for a moment.

"I'm trying to pull out of that nosedive of anger though.  I have a lot to be happy about these days.  And yeah, Jamie, I celebrate like a lightweight and that's because when it comes to booze it's probably best if I just stuck with pizza.  I got winded in ten minutes from four Bud Lights.  Lame.  It's partially because I haven't had a reason to celebrate in a long time.  Even when I did I always second guessed myself and almost willed my downfall into existence.  In truth, Nico never should have gotten the drop on me the first time when he and Vendetta nearly ended my career over the National Championship, but I think part of me truly believed that I deserved to be taken out of commission.  I never saw myself as a champion.  I was disgusted with myself for so many reasons.  Between Drake and Jones driving me to do unspeakable things to save friend's lives, to them taking out HBB and nearly throwing Tony Rolland into live traffic, and the locker room's collective raised eyebrows whenever I got a spot on the card when others didn't, I really didn't have much self-worth.  That's all changed though.  I'm the Answers World Champion, a two time one at that.  If it weren't for Tyler Parker confirming everything I believed about his supposed friendly demeanor, I might still just be a single time Answers World Champion.  I wasn't ready though.  My head wasn't in the game, my game wasn't up to snuff, and my heart simply wasn't in it.  At least when you and I first ran into one another I had a streak that gave me a little self-esteem, no matter how ridiculous it was in it's fledgling matches.  I had promise, I had potential, and I had the world as my oyster.  We both did.  It's funny how we run across one another right when it's starting to feel that way again.  Maybe you'll ground me in this match, keep me from going banana pants crazy on Jonesy.  Maybe my need to prove to you that I am the world champion of world champions will give me some sort of determination and a boost to the integrity.  I sure hope so.  I've come a long way from taking chunks out of Judas's head or throwing Mexican Samurai down a flight of stairs.  I thought this belt would feed that deprecation again, but it hasn't.  For once I came up without being the one clawing and scraping all the way to the top.  For once I was an odds on favorite to close out the year as champion.  I'm not the sickly underdog anymore.  I know how to wrestle pretty well, and I know when not to take those unnecessary risks.  I have a lot of people to thank for this newfound focus and self-respect, but when the dust settles on draft night I think you'll be at the top of the list.  I plan on beating you Jamie.  You and you alone.  There's no pride or revelry in beating Jonesy anymore.  I do that all the time and it never feels good when I do.  It's like kicking an old toothless dog that keeps trying to bite you and pisses itself when you barely tap it with the toe of your shoe.  You're the standard bearer though.  I wish I could call your pomp and bravado nothing more than lip service but I know better than that.  I guess you could say that beating you quite literally means the world to me.  If I can do that I can go into draft season knowing no matter where I land that I'm the champion of all of EAW.  If I can't...well, I'm losing to Jamie O'freakin' Hara and there's no shame in that either.  I've been pegged as second place to you on multiple occasions.  I'm always the bridesmaid, but I'd like to prove that just this once, at this point in my career, in this era of my life, that I can pin you flat to the mat because right now I'm at my best.  And I know this all comes across as white meat and kind of gushy, but it's true.  Maybe you shouldn't take it at face value.  This isn't admiration.  This is me calling you out specifically when there's a third man in the ring that's known for his chicanery.  Now that's something to fear Jamie."

The entryway bell rings as the door swings open again.  PB shoots bolt upright in his seat and shoots daggers toward the door.  Tye walks in with little Angelhair done up in pigtails and asleep nestled in his arms.  PB hangs his head and swallows hard.

"That's something to fear indeed..."

The camera begins to fade to black as PB hops out of the booth and approaches Tye and Angelhair.  He gently takes the baby from the owner's arms and holds her close to his chest

"Awe 'ou gonna cash in on me? Oh no you aren't.  Oh no 'ou awen't!"
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Sanatorium vs High Rollers

The scene opens in a crowded airport terminal.  Keiji Baiyushi slowly limps through the airport, dressed in a well fitting dark suit, a small satchel at his side.  He comes to a gate where the screen shows that its destination is Tokyo, Japan.  He leans on his cane as middle-aged Japanese gentleman walks up to him.  The man bows respectfully and flashes a badge at Keiji.

Man: "Baiyushi-sama.  Lieutenant Akio Sanada.  I'm here to see you home, safely and into the right hands."

Keiji nods.

Akio: "I trust that there will be no need for handcuffs.  I would like to maintain your dignity.  I was a big fan of yours for a long time."

Keiji: "Yes, yes.  No more running.  It's been too long."

Akio: “I have to say, it's quite a disappointment to meet you under these circumstances. I remember when I took my son to see you at the Tokyo Dome fifteen years ago. Many said that you were over the hill and had nothing left to give, but in the end, you delivered the best match of the night. To think that we were cheering a murderer ...”

Keiji: “I am facing justice because it is what I need to move on. But I will not listen to any high and misguided words about law and justice from one who had nothing to do with the situation.”

Voice: “What about me?”

From behind Keiji comes a familiar voice. The camera moves slightly to take in ONI, dressed in his usual white suit, but sporting dark hair, shaved on the sides and longer on top, as opposed to the feathered bleached look he had been sporting before. Akio looks over ONI and becomes more guarded and wary, as if in the presence of a predator.

Akio: “And you are?”

Keiji: “He is my grandson.”

ONI steps forward, a meat-eating grin on his face and bows slightly to Akio.

ONI: “Amadeus Baiyushi. A pleasure, Mister …?”

He steps forward extending his hand for a handshake, but the officer steps back warily.

Akio: “Lieutenant Sanada. And that's far enough … sir ...”

Keiji: “Amadeus … why have you come here?”

ONI grins at the officer again.

ONI: “I wish to have a few words with my grandfather before he exits my life forever. Surely you can give us a few moments of privacy?”

Akio looks hesitant.

Keiji: “Please, Sanada-sama. Just a few steps back. In our line of work, we come to expect a certain amount of transparency for our actions ...” He glances at the camera watching them right now. “... but a few feet of privacy would be appreciated.”

The officer looks leery but nods at Keiji and steps a few feet back. Keiji turns to look his grandson over.

Keiji: “Amadeus, you look … different ...”

ONI feigns fixing his hair.

ONI: “You mean the dye? Well, I got tired of bleaching and this was close enough to my original hair color, so ...”

Keiji: “Not that. You look more confident. Self-assured. I think that's the first time I've heard you refer to yourself by your real name in public in quite some time.”

ONI: “Well, let's face it. It was a childish thing to hide from a name. I've come to think that it rather suits me. After all, with the artistry that I can perform in the ring, why should I not use the name of one of the greatest artists of the past century?”

Keiji: “But you have not just come here to tell me of your new found perspective ...”

Another grin from ONI.

ONI: “Well, partly, yes. I've come to thank you. Without you coming here, without your training … without your epiphanies, I might still be in the same place that I was a month ago. But now … now I see things much clearer. I see my place much better in the world. And I know now how to get where I want to go. So, Grandfather, I wanted to thank you before you leave. If you had not come back, I would still be lost. But you've granted me so much in coming here. I am truly grateful for you.”

Keiji: “That … that warms my heart, Amadeus. I had been afraid that I had completely ruined our relationship, and that you would always think ill of me after my confession.”

ONI bursts out laughing, drawing the attention of everyone nearby.

ONI: “Oh, I'm sorry … did you think that I was saying that I forgave you? How silly of me. No, you are still the man that murdered my father. For all that I care, you can rot in prison for the rest of your days. I will not shed a tear for the man that took my father from me. Just know that every day, I will be thinking of you, wondering about your health and whether you have succumbed to old age and died. And on the day that you do finally shuffle off this mortal coil, know that I will have a grin on my face. Dying alone is no less than you deserve.”

Keiji takes a step back, stricken by the words that his grandson says to him, though ONI's voice never varies from a cool, collected voice as casual as one talking about the weather.

ONI: “But I am able to separate the man that killed my father from the man that seeks contrition for his sins. While I will never forgive the former, I can have sympathy for the latter. And I can express my gratitude for the latter man's gestures.”

ONI puts his hand on his grandfather's shoulder, beaming a grin that is faintly sad.

ONI: “So good-bye, Grandfather. I will mourn the man that I thought that you were.”

Swiftly, ONI turns on his heel and walks away. Keiji looks to want to say something more, but holds his tongue. Akio comes up next to him, shaking his head.

Akio: “Your grandson seems a bit off. I feel sorry for him.”

A grunting, grating laughter from Keiji.

Keiji: “Oh, I don't know, Lieutenant … I think that he's the perfect heir for the Baiyushi line. Save your pity for the men that face him in the ring.”

It's time …

All beginnings come from an ending. All endings beget new beginnings. The perpetual circle of being. As one season of EAW comes to a close, another one begins. I've finally given closure to that pain, that nagging weakness, that I've held within. I feel freer now. I feel more confident in myself, in my ability. I have a new understanding of what I am, where I came from. Everything before this point was prelude. A collection of events that have been shaping me as a stonemason works a slab of unhewn rock into a beautiful marble statue. Now, the real work begins. Now, I ascend. Don't get me wrong though. There will be trials and tribulations. The path will become winding and obscured. There will be pain, loss, doubt. But I will triumph. I will persevere.

My first act in this new beginning is to see to the end of the past one. I put this moniker, ONI, to rest. It served me well, as a dressing to the wound that was my name. But that weakness has healed. I now understand where I came from and it no longer causes the doubt and confusion that it did before. I am Amadeus Baiyushi. No slings or mockery can shake my confidence or my pride in that fact. And I have no doubt that there will be some. After all, a name is an obvious choice to try to wound someone with words. A name is a symbol of our identity. To attack it is to take a swing at how we see ourselves. Those that fold under such an attack show a chink in the armor, a doubt in their own sense of self. Rest assured, that is a weakness I do not suffer from. Not anymore.

It's as if I'm anew in the world. All sensation is fresh, all nerves are alive. It's as though I'm getting a chance to have another first impression. I shall not waste this opportunity. My brother and I are pitted against the current tag team champions, the High Rollerz, on the eve of the coming storm that will completely reshape the face of EAW. For all we know, this may be the last time that Maero and I are on the same brand. That is why we will make the most of our limited time together and prove why the Sanatorium should be feared. The High Rollerz, Jack Ripley and David Davidson, are worthy adversaries. There is no denying that. While Maero and I left Pain for Pride with little to show for our troubles other than bruises and the bitterness of coming up short, the High Rollerz tasted victory on the grandest stage of them all. They defeated Nobi -an underrated talent if there ever was one- and retired Lioncross. A truly spectacular battle. But I wonder if they might be basking in their glory a little too much. There is a hangover that comes from such a victory, even if they did not physically celebrate to excess. After all, after defending the titles at Pain For Pride, what more do you have to prove? Longevity? It's hard to sustain such exuberance over a long stretch of time. It's tiring. But Maero and I have a vested interest in regaining the momentum that we lost at Pain For Pride. And that starts by putting down the reigning tag team champions.

To be sure, The High Rollerz are an impressive tandem. Nobi and Lioncross are both talented warriors and could work together well enough. They were allies. But they lacked the bond that Jack Ripley and David Davidson share. The two of them truly work well together to ensure their mutual rise atop the division. They operate on the same wavelength, complimenting and bolstering each other. While in a one-on-one match, Nobi or Lioncross might be more than a match for either Davidson or Ripley, they simply cannot compete with the High Rollerz' synergy in the ring. Truly, I am impressed with the High Rollerz. It was not so long ago that they were mired in the bottom of the rankings. They were adrift and unfocused. When they left, I thought that they were just another sacrifice offered to the gods of EAW, absorbed into the growing graveyard of almost-were and never-was. Then they returned with renewed vigor. They claimed the titles from Matt Miles and Matt Ryder, went to war with legends in Robbie V and Brian Daniels, and cemented themselves as the apex of tag team wrestling.

But they have not faced off with the Sanatorium. For whatever reason, my brethren have been overlooked. We will correct this mistake. While our match at the draft show will not be for the tag titles, a win will cement our stake in the division. I'm actually happy that we weren't just given an automatic title shot. To pry the titles the champions so soon after their successful defense would have been a fun shock to their systems. But by defeating them in a non-title defense first, we will plant the seeds of doubt within them. Put that little worm of fear into their ear that their place atop the division is not as secure as it seems. While they've defeated legends, warriors, and contenders, they will know now that there are monsters in the dark where they never looked before. We lurk in the shadows of their minds, in the dark corners of doubt. In their shining moment of triumph, we were watching, waiting for the opportunity. In the hourglass of their reign, they will note that the grains of sand are draining at a perilous rate. Their time is coming to an end.

The High Rollerz will be a challenge, a delicious treat of worthy adversaries. But part of what draws me to anticipate this match is the chance to fight shoulder to shoulder with my brother, Maero. I've mentioned on occasion that he has truly come into his own recently, a far cry from who he once was. At the draft show, I will show him that I have also grown. But though we've both changed and evolved, in many ways in different directions, we have the bond of family between us. You and I were Eclipse's first disciples. We were the first to join he and Alexis as the foundation of the Sanatorium. The others that have come since then are our brothers and sisters as well. But you and I are the eldest brothers and in that we share a special bond. I hope that this will not be the only opportunity that we have to fight together. After the storm of the draft, it is my hope that we remain together in the aftermath, to visit fear and pain upon those that look at us as freaks and pretenders. The future is unknown, so we will make the most of the present that is given to us. Together we shall visit a nightmare upon our foes.

It shall be glorious.

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The gold we hold. Historic in all respect; every scratch, every mark holds a story worth telling. Pride and glory flows through us all holding them in the palm of our hand and yet we still find ourselves reaching for all straws, any straws, to use. Not even the reality of the EAW Championship being placed on the shelf for two years can deter Jones from using it as an example to prove his superiority over The Pizza Boy and I. But Jones, if we must, this gold I hold has the greater consistency of the three championships. This, first won by your J-Dynasty leader, a man I have tremendous amounts of respect for, to say it’s less than the title that “started it all” would be incredibly insulting to him, no? Perhaps my mind is running a little too loose and like you I’m trying to create meaning out of something meaningless. In the end, you and I stand as world champions. One a result of valiance and pride, the other through good fucking fortune and so little else. You were there on your knees, your head hung, life barely present. Defeat loomed and you couldn’t fight it. Defeat crept up and all you were able to do was allow it to consume you. Don’t think for a second that I consider you a legitimate king of any sorts, Jones. Consider it sour grapes, you took that crown off the work of another man; call yourself a king because someone took that right away from me. While I certainly lump much of the blame for that fall on my own shoulders by thinking I was playing a game of chess with another man perfectly, it changes nothing that you were mere seconds...inches away from being bound to another fate, another path and perhaps, it’s Xavier Williams you should appreciate for granting you the success you have obtained. Perhaps that’s where the decision to chase a...weaker champion in Drastik became clear. It’s for these reasons I won’t grant you the luxury of being heralded as Tiberius IV; not from my lips. Again I could drop down to the lowly lows of trying to encourage you to bite, call you Jones repeatedly, time and time again...but such insults don’t bury under the thick armour of the king, right? Being called Jones shouldn’t spark some...emotional response to correct me. All you will make are grand threats of a third and final strike; a terrifying action that should leave me cowering in the shadow of the king of Elite! Cast down that third strike, I beg to see the wrath of a false king. A whimper and not a bang is what I anticipate; it wasn’t complete supremacy shown in January, it wasn’t domination, merely a pretender stands before me calling himself something he has such little right to do so. A pretender that will stand so arrogantly believing that the crown he holds was never a question of doubt.

How fitting it is to pull a quote from that king, Tiberius; any man who needs to say “I am the king!” is no true king. Similarly, you stomp your feet trying to feed the world a constant reminder of the revolting reality that you’re the King of Elite. You shout it every time you open your mouth; why? The more you do so, the more tiresome it becomes. Eventually nobody sees you as a king, rather a jester sitting upon the throne. Doubt me? Do so at your own peril; I’ll enjoy watching the castle of “Tiberius IV” crumble stone by fickle stone from afar; soon the crown will become a meaningless prop and later your EAW Championship will fall into the hands of a man likely less deserving of it. Meanwhile I will show you and the rest of this world the might, the glory of a true king by holding onto this World Heavyweight Championship until days end. Your pride, your immaculate pride will corrupt and turn to envy for what I have achieved. You will look back and see you only ever sat upon a throne of false truths and realities; the true king reigned elsewhere after slaying you before “your kingdom”. Whether I’m picking up the scraps or I systematically and methodically pick the two of you apart, what will be revealed in the glory of victory and what will be sung far more than the “Champion of Champions” is the reality that Tiberius Jones held a crown that belonged to another man. Slowly this world isn’t going to call you “IV”. Each and every passing week they will see you less of a king and more of a charade; how truly threatening will those strikes be? Proclaim “I am the king!” again and again Tiberius! Scream it to the world and for a moment think that they listened to anything you said now, then and forever because nobody is going to listen to a king that can’t inspire. That’s what you wanted to be, right? When you took that crown you wanted to become sovereign king who would lead by example and uses his newfound power to shape the world, to better the world; something you deemed Drastik and myself incapable of doing. Tiberius IV! I could speak of the obvious failure, what I’ve already mentioned at Reasonable Doubt but why tread such water? Some leadership you showed; it took less than a month for your words to become void of any substance. You were right, quite moronic to believe you would fall for such tricks but I must say, I can’t avoid it...it’s too fitting for this match, this moment. How could you allow The Pizza Boy, the man you think so lowly of to strip you of what you fought to obtain?

Again and again, scream it until your voice runs hoarse - “I am the king!” - and remind people that you are the EAW Champion, Tiberius! But as your voice dies, so does any sense of leadership. Little by little, you will become Jones once more and any presence of a “king” will fade; eventually becoming an irrelevant footnote. You can cling to it, but when the bell rings for a second time, this time it won’t be you standing tall. This time there isn’t contention, there isn’t doubt, there isn’t anything to deny me the victory I should have had six months ago. And your fairytale of ever being something more than a commoner, a king to rule over this land slowly, week by week, month by month, turns to a nightmare until it dies a painful, painful death. I would love to be the man that strips you of your pride, of everything once and for all but I will settle in watching your “kingdom” burn to the ground.
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Post on June 27th 2017, 9:30 pm by Theron Nikolas
You've taken some of my words the wrong way, Nico - I don't blame you, so many others have done the exact same as you've done in the past. My words of settling weren't guided towards you, I simply asked for the direction that you're going to take when given the chance to decide. I said it last night; we're both standing at a crossroad with the option to decide the route we're going to take. One leads to success, while the other leads to the failure that has caused the failure of so many men that has come before us. My words of settlement were guided towards those who have become content with less than they could achieve. But, if that has managed to stick out at the front, perhaps there some underlying issues that the rest of us have had the chance to see; I would rather not take blind shots in the dark with the chance to miss, so I won't take the opportunity. But, don't fret - it's certainly not something that's going to leave my mind any time soon. Pain for Pride may have done but delay the inevitable, but god knows that there may not become another opportunity for Nico Borg as perfect as the one that scurried away with that Answers World Championship. If Pizza Boy was willing to place himself through everything that you couldn't at the hand of Lannister - what are you going to have to do when your time to cash that briefcase comes? You allowed a man who was standing on his last legs take you down. You allowed a beaten and battered man rip away that hope of becoming the Answers World Champion away, even if it were for a mere instance. A man of pure strength without weakness wouldn't allow that to happen, would they? I understand that you're too noble to acknowledge your flaws, but it proves that you're working with a system that's eventually going to prove to hold less worth than one may be lead to believe. I can't blame you for it; everyone does it - everyone wants to do all of the talking, but not listen at all. Does that make you a bad person, Nico? Of course it does - but, in all, we’re all bad people. We're all people who work in a business where I job is to inflict as much pain as we possibly can until the point that our opponent can no longer find a reason to continue. The difference between the two of us is that I'm not afraid to shy away from my flaws and errors, Nico. Without them, I never would have been able to force myself into the position that I'm in now.

It all comes down to a sin that we're taught to fear: greed.

It's the reason that we do the things that we do, Nico. We make the moves we believe give us the greatest advantage towards the things that we wanted. I chose to throw out the combination thirty three men and women over the top rope to obtain this contract, while you decided that your best option was to go to war against men fighting for the chance to grasp onto that briefcase grasped firmly in your hands. Now we both stand in the same position with the chance to take the things we want; that greed that were taught to fear has brought to the dance. We're told to try and overcome our Demons, Nico! We're told to follow the shining light of our Angels, because they're the ones that are always looking to guide us into salvation - but, are our Demons such a bad thing? In reality, they're the one thing that never truly turn their back on you; you don't need to live your life within the confines of rules of some higher power. They accept you for your true nature, rather than trying to mold you into an image that you're really not deep down. It was the sin of greed that drove you forward at Pain for Pride because there wasn't a chance in the slightest that you were going to allow anyone take the things that you wanted. It was greed that drove the Pizza Boy through absolutely everything that Lannister could throw at him; forcing him to fight through the seemingly impossible to recapture that almost unreachable dream. It's greed that helps me place one foot in front of the other, because I refuse to allow anyone else in my position to take a further step than I do. You went through a war at Pain of Pride. I've said it before and I will continue to say it; you're the man standing in front of a mountain that may be a little too steep for you to climb, Nico. There is no greater force that is going to change that. Faith is not going to help you. I can't remember the day the last time someone in my position beat someone in yours at the draft, but when our match comes to a close, Nico - nobody is going to forget that I did what no one else was able to.

Mr. 24/7 stands over Mr. Cash in the Vault. My Demons triumph over your faith.

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Post on June 27th 2017, 8:33 pm by Tiberius IV
All things happen in due time. Ah, The King’s Guard shall disband, they gave their king protection on his way to the World Championship in a world of lower characters trying to cheat the king, and he gave them a launching pad to success and notoriety when they needed the spotlight put on them. Now, it is over.

All things happen in due time. The Pizza Boy and Jamie O’Hara were allowed to come out here and slur their words, spread misconception, and each claim themselves the true World Champion, like crude animals. And now, I come out here as the face of maturity and royal composure, ah-ta-ta, and bring properness to the dirty affair. The truth is, despite their roaring claims, we’re all World Champions.

Ah yes, this is a battle of three World Champions. But like competing resumes, when all qualifications are met for the job, the extras are looked at to pick out the best of the qualified.

We are all World Champions, but I am Champion AND King.

Furthermore, I am the king with the championship that is the most prolific in the company! Even within the J-Dynasty, this is a villainous truth not popularly said, but it is fact that the EAW Championship is the World Championship that began it all!

Because of this, I carry authority in this match. That is why they focus on me, like each other barely even exists. That is why they both exude insecurities, they scream “THE ONE AND ONLY WORLD CHAMPION.” and “I'M THE CHAMP”, because if it was to be acknowledged that there are three World Champions, it would logically follow that the king stands above man, and the original World Championship stands above its children.

Pizza Boy, don’t even start with me. We all know that at every EAW draft they have the champions face off against one another. You aren’t upset about your stupid contract, you aren’t bothered by the fact we have to meet again. In fact, you won that world championship just to pester me! All of a sudden you aren’t some screw-up and are capable of besting Lannister, and doing the smart thing when Nico comes around to cash in on you? You’ve never had the mind to escape from such scenarios. What was different this time compared to the other times people have cashed in their shots on you? The only difference was the opportunity to get into the ring with the other new world champion that you saw crowned before you! So you mustered up all of the little ability that you have just to reach me, because you’re obsessed with me! You didn’t have to stalk me at the Grand Rampage, but you did. You didn’t have to spend all those days on Showdown pestering me, but you did. Let’s not forget Pizza Boy, I’m the one who left Showdown of my own accord just to be rid of you, not the other way around. But this time you’ve gone to the well once too many, you’ve tried to feed on the Tiberius stardom for too long and the supernova is about to blow up on your face! See some people don’t know when to stop when they’re ahead. I use to be just like you, Drake and I use to bully you and retired your tag team partner(by the way I noticed you lost another, loser), but it was never enough for us, and truth be told we paid for continuing to poke at you, but this time around the shoe is on the other foot when you aren’t satisfied with your petty revenge. I grow tired of your silly attempts of belittlement, these people you list as my betters that I was a ladder for you to reach, none of them left Pain for Pride World Champion like myself, they are nothing compared to me.  Take a look around, nothing much has changed between us. You were the slow kid behind who had to follow in my foot steps as National Elite Champion, and after your bungled first World Title reign you had to win it a second time to have a second chance while I began my reign before your true one. And come the draft, I’ll show you why you’re always staring my back.  

As for you O’Hara, I’m surprised. Did you really think this little stunt of, hey you two tear each other apart while I pick up the pieces, thing would work on me? You must have thought I bumped my head since the last time we met and all of sudden I’m some moron, but unlike your bald scalp my fro would protect me from any sort of brain injury that you are hoping for. You can’t do me like that, I’m not Pizza Boy. I’ve got more important things to do at the draft than play children games with Pizza Boy, I’m here to express my supremacy, and you ought be more careful than you are. I warned you O’Hara, I warned you and Drastik! I told you not to draw out my ire on the path to King of Elite, I told you I could come to any brand and snatch the World Title. Fortunately for you, Drastik was far more foolish, and thus the sword of Damocles fell on his head. But that doesn’t mean you get to run around now being all smug now. Fool! Like another king once said, everyone is mine to torment! Put some respect on my name, it’s one thing for that idiot Pizza Boy to refer to me by my man name, but it is entire different situation for you to join in thinking I’ll let it slide that you don’t remember the name is Tiberius IV! Trying to manipulate me, calling me by the wrong name, that’s two strikes O’Hara, and the umpire of this empire of mine is known to make some questionable calls, any little misstep you make just might have me decree strike three, and the third is always the Strike of Midnight!

But midnight isn’t here yet. Enjoy your Cinderella story boys, we’ve all got something to celebrate. Hara picture yourself with long locks as you tell the girls the story of how you retained your championship, Pizza Boy go back to whatever shithole you come from and tell them the country bumpkin became someone on one fortunate night as if that means any of you aren’t garbage from who knows where, but remember to keep your eye on the clock. For in due time, midnight strikes and the fairy tale delusions disappear and only one of us remains what we’ve showcased all day and night, and we all know that person is me.
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Post on June 27th 2017, 3:55 pm by Nico Borġ (Online)
Draft 1

Nico Borġ: Promises. Promises should mean something. Promises should be valuable and yet, promises are so often made so cheaply. When a good man makes a good promise, so often very few shalt believe him until he has made good on said promise. Yet, who can be blamed for such lack of faith? Many a promise was made in the days leading up to Pain For Pride. Most came from the idle tongues of those false prophets who knew they could not keep to their word. Some others were less authoritative prophecies than they were prayers. Cries of frail hope from places both uncertain and insecure. But some still, a minority of promises, were vindicated. I was neither popularly wanted nor expected to be the man who would walk out of Pain For Pride as Mr. Cash In The Vault. Yet the promises that I made with the Lord as my witness were vindicated. As sure as the Sun rises each day, I rose to the top of that ladder. I unfastened that briefcase. And I at once took my rightful place in the heavens. All of those favoured icons, those false idols whom the damned congregation would exalt before me and my most holy crusade...They were left broken beneath me, weeping and gnashing their teeth, just as had been promised.

Chorus: Such is the fate that awaits all the unfaithful in the end. Righteous hearts burn with empyrean fire, and the rest are left sitting sorrowfully among the ashes.

Nico Borġ: Of course, I was not the only one to promise much and and deliver in full. There were others who rose to the occasion. Who stepped up to the plate and walked back with exactly what they had hungered for. Be it the coarse proudness of bragging rights, the glamour of a championship title, or as I and one other man have earned - a contract that promises to ascend one’s career ever upwards to the next level. Claims were made and enacted. Now, with the draft show quickly approaching, I have been afforded little time to rest and enjoy the fruits of my labour.The powers that be are eager to further showcase those sparkling luminaries whom, having shone brightly on the grand stage of Pain For Pride, now find themselves being called upon to lead EAW towards a bright future. Congratulations are in order. Theron, you have achieved what very few can hope nor dreams in such a short space of time. For that, respect is given where respect is due. You outlasted 33 others to ultimately claim your prize. That is more than a Grand Rampage worth of pretenders. But you and I both know that ‘pretenders’ is all that any of them actually were. Pain For Pride X featured the most obscenely bloated and farcical 24/7 contract battle royal in memory. The greater part of your opponents were merely happy to be there. They were simply tossed in as a way of getting them on the card, of just keeping everyone happy by making sure they all felt that they had a chance to participate, and by allowing everyone to walk away with a PPV bonus pay packet. At best, the numbers added to the spectacle of it all. But there were only really very few, if any, genuine challenges to your might.You spent the whole long week letting them know just that very fact. From past their peak veterans looking back upon their glory days with rose-tinted spectacles, to those who were simply treading water out of their depth. You levied upon them their iniquities with an inspired vitriol. The truth you spake was not received kindly by them all. But you were vindicated. In the end, they were nothing compared to you.

Chorus: And they are less than nothing to us.

Nico Borġ: While you were tipping tomato cans outside of the ring to claim your prize, I stood atop that ladder looking down at the crumpled bodies of supposed World Champions in waiting. That one should rise were the others could not even muster the strength to stand should be all the vindication that I need. Yet, still you clutch in the night for any reason to doubt my light. May I knock down your most obvious strawman? You have mistaken the trials and tribulations of faith for comfort and contentment. So I have settled? For what meagre lot do you suppose this? The only man who has settled is you, Theron. You have settled for that low hanging fruit that has touched the filth of so many mouths before yours. Many men have mocked at my faith only to fall by the wayside as I march ever onwards on the path of conquest. You see my moral compass now, as always, is a strength. It leads me to greater things. It blesses me with the strength to endure, to maintain my place when I get there. That I have the dignity to not lower myself to the petty vanity that afflicts the profligates is not settling but indeed the highest form of ambition. No, Theron. To repeat, I have not settled. I have not buried my talents in the earth but have continued striving to reap from them five, ten, one hundred fold. You need not look further back than Pain For Pride itself. Five talented men stood before me claiming to be the future of this company. Yet, as you know, the future now belongs to me. Reach for the stars, some say, but I am the star. I am that heavenly body that you will always see shining above. You shall reach...though you shall never touch me.

Chorus: How foolish is the man who calls weakness where there is only strength. He would race to the bottom and claim to have just climbed a mountain. He even invokes the Pizza Boy’s cowardly escape against you. But while one may run, Theron will have himself nowhere to hide.

Nico Borġ: I suppose that is only to be expected. When faced with a true conqueror who threatens to be as dominant as I have been of late, then the threatened have few options but to count against him every small semblance of a setback all the more vociferously. Still, such shallow games are but vanity. They are meaningless in the end. Now, I am not too proud to acknowledge my most human faults. I admit it. I took the Pizza Boy lightly. It is true. I did not think for a moment that he had anything left in him. And beyond that, I was too trusting that he would not lower himself to underhanded assault. For these faults, I have felt the consequences fall upon my head. But really Theron, what does the scant weight of these sins amount to? A World Champion running with his tail tucked between his legs for fear of me. My hand still clasped firmly around the key to the Kingdom. If that is the most vulnerable image of myself that you can conjure to mind, then it would appear that someone is finally beginning to get the message. I put the fear of God in the Pizza Boy. I put in him that very same fear that afflicted my rivals in the Cash In The Vault ladder match. Their feeble hands shaking and fumbling with destiny. While I claimed what is mine, calm and serene in belief, in knowing. You may have marked the genesis of your EAW career with a run of much good fortune, Theron. But as you say, the most difficult thing in all of this is maintaining one's success. In that regard, well I may have some more of the Good News to share with you. Purple patches are all well and good, but I am the anointed porphyrogene. I was born for this. By his grace I was meant to be here and to raise his name in victory.  And so, at the draft show, I will show you what you have been patiently awaiting these past months. I will show you that I am every bit of a challenge that you wish me to be and more. I will maintain my path of conquest.

Chorus: Ave Invictus.

Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.

Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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Post on June 27th 2017, 9:28 am by Lucas Johnson
EAW Draft Promo #1 - The Rematch

Where do I even start?? What a roller coaster of a week, started off with the pre-show and then being moved to the prime time of Pain for Pride on Day Two. Bodies were hurt, careers were defined and Ultimate X may have took a few years off of my career. There is no way I will be even close to a hundred percent by this Saturday and the same goes for McQueen and the two other guys that were in Ultimate X, Elite and Wakefield. The Moonsault off of the Ultimate X structure, taking multiple Box Office Smashes and the rest of the match will never be the same for the four of us. Moongoose McQueen was the lucky man that night in-front of a sold out crowd at Metlife Stadium and won the New Breed Championship after my long a hundred and six day reign. I am actually real proud of Moongoose, he went from defeating Jacob Senn back at Burning Desire and becoming number one contender for the Interwire Championship but coming up short and now he had his Pain for Pride moment on the biggest stage in our sport and proving everyone wrong. As for me I must say this is the biggest loss I have ever suffered in my career. You people thought I was pissed off after being disrespected when I first arrived on Dynasty last year? You are sadly mistaken, I am a revengeful caged animal that will doing everything in my power the once again the most prestigious title in our business today and that is the EAW New Breed Championship. Ever since Sunday night in East Rutherford I went back to my hotel room. Took a nice shower, got a big dinner and had a lot of alcohol that night and when I layed down in bed that night I just couldn't go to bed. I was tossing and turning the whole night thinking where I went wrong. I didn't even make a wrong turn at Pain for Pride. I haven't slept one second since Sunday night because after nearly nine months in the making and losing the title on our biggest show which is our Super Bowl. That next morning I threw up everywhere in my hotel room because I was just pissed off with myself that I didn't have my baby next to me. All those fans inside Metlife Stadium were cheering for Moongoose because he finally overcame the odds and ended the unbeatable title reign but all those idiots including Moongoose himself need to realize that he didn't win the title on his own. I WAS THE REASON MOONGOOSE WAS CHAMPION! REMEMBER A FEW WEEKS AGO WHEN YOU WERE GOING TO FACE WAKEFIELD IN A NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH?! I ATTACKED WAKEFIELD THAT NIGHT BECAUSE I WANTED TO TAKE HIM OUT BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO BE IN A NEW BREED CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, HE IS NOT ON MY LEVEL! I DIDN'T ATTACK YOU BECAUSE YOU HAD BIGGER FISH TO FRY BUT THAT IDIOT MONROE ADDED YOU TO THE MATCH SO THE ONLY REASON YOU WERE IN THE ULTIMATE X MATCH WAS BECAUSE OF ME. Admit it Moongoose, all that moment was on Sunday was winning the lottery. You were the right guy, in the right place, at the right time. You may have won the battle Moongoose but you are not winning the war. I want to respect you McQueen after what happened at Pain for Pride but not even being involved in the decision just pisses me off so much and I just can't even look at you. Just hearing your name all over the news channels in New York City makes me run to the bathroom before I vomit everywhere. All this is lightning in a bottle and once that bottle gets released it's gone with the wind my friend. Every week I am just pissed off that people don't know what it was like to be in my shoes when I was little child on the playground back in middle school or being on Summer vacation at my grand parents house in Long Island but while some of the anger will come from that. Most of this anger will come from my painful Pain for Pride week. Pun intended. Want to become famous all over the news again McQueen? Well here's not only a prediction.....but a SPOILER! Lucas Johnson will embarrass Moongoose McQueen so bad over Madison Square Garden that I WILL END HIS CAREER BY SNAPPING EVERY SINGLE BONE IN HALF AND MAKING HIM BLEED TO DEATH! 

As for the EAW Draft, it could be a new beginning for me. Last year's draft was like a kick to gut after all my friends that I came up to the main roster with from developmental were all drafted back to Voltage and was the lone survivor over on Dynasty. I could care less about those punks that don't care about me anymore, people like Carson Ramsey. JD Damon. Even Pizzaboy. Just to name a few. The real friend that came thru to me while I was on Dynasty is now one of my best friends which is Scott Oasis. That man gave the tools to become the man I am today, he was the man that guided to me to forget about the fans and only focus on yourself. He taught me to focus on wrestling, getting the ladies, making money and winning championships in the process. I heard the Board of Directors are hiring a new Voltage General Manager? Out of all brands to hire a new general manager you decide to pick a new one for Voltage? What about that idiot Monroe? No one likes him! He was the idiot that gave me on of the biggest contracts in company history, and now that money is transferring over to whatever brand I land on. No matter which brand I land on the goal will be not only to win back my championship on Saturday but win the World Heavyweight Championship. The prestige of the New Breed Championship maybe on the same level as the World Heavyweight Championship but that's my goal for Season 11 is to win it and rub it in everyone's face. Back to Moongoose, you are going to have a short reign my friend because you are going to fall to The Wrestling Machine. All my hard work of a hundred and six days was whipped away when you grabbed that title at Pain for Pride. The New Breed Division needed me to uplift this division and no longer make it a joke and I did just that. I won't let some freak from Japan ruin my legacy as champion. I guarantee you, I will send you to the hospital at the end of Saturday night in the worlds most famous arena....

Try me Moongoose......I will make you famous!
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Post on June 27th 2017, 8:42 am by Theron Nikolas
I see it. I see it everyday. I see people talking to themselves; standing in front of that mirror telling themselves about the things that they want to become. They try their hardest to convince those around them of the light they dream of being seen in - when in all, they’re just trying to convince themselves. They’re trying to convince themselves that it’s what they deserve. They deserve the success that they dream about holding. They deserve to stand at the top of an industry that I’ve idolized from the time that were just a young child, to now. But, the saddest part about every piece of it - is the fact that so many people struggle grasp onto that rung hanging just above their head. I haven’t let go of this contract since I’ve won it. My dreams sit in the palm of my hands. I have a million things running through my head, but I hold only so few answers. I’ve walked through the valley of the helpless, and now that I have the chance to breathe clean air - you immediately understand that those struggles were the easiest part of this business. I’ve heard the warning in the past, but I never believed it. A man once said that when it comes to this business - the hardest part is being able to constantly maintain that position at the top. It’s what makes the names that the rest of the world sees so high, so great. They manage to constantly remain where so many others have fallen from. There has been one thing that I have constantly done from the moment that I took my first steps through the doors of this company. I’ve never hid behind false morals; I’ve never once tried to be anything more or less than who I really am. From the fur coat; from the glasses that I wear on my face - to the freaking umbrella. Every single thing that you see standing in front of you is Theron Nikolas in its purest form. While people try their hardest to play the part of who they want to be - I put myself in the position where I’m vulnerable and can’t hide from their criticism. From people like you. People who are sheep. People who settle for less than their dream and their desires; who will live their lives the way that they’re told to. They will settle for a wife and children that will always end up completely despising them. That’s where all of my success has stemmed from. It’s because of walking at my own pace. It’s because of taking the steps that I want to take, rather than taking the steps other wanted me to take. I had so many people telling me that I settled for less than I could have at Pain for Pride. I should have been competing for championships with the roll that I was on, not placing myself in something meant for nothing than those this company do not consider being worthy enough to be spotlighted. Where are all of those people now? Licking their wounds; being forced to watch as the person that had all their priorities; all of those pieces of that puzzle places in the right position, walked away with the one thing that they wanted.

So, what about you, Nico?

What are your dreams and aspirations? That Cash in the Vault briefcase in more than most occasions guarantees a World Championship in your future, but there has to be more to the things that you want to become. The two of us stand in the exact same position; whether people really want to admit it or not. We stand at a crossroad with the decision in which road we want to take. Do we want to grasp onto the things that we want, or do we allow every single piece of it slip between our fingers? People think that we’re two men that have it easy, Nico! People think that all of the hard work is behind us. We’re finally standing in the spotlight. The world finally has their eyes set on us, Nico, and the next move that either of us two are going to make. I said it already; I have a million things running through my head and I have so few answers - so, what about you? Pain for Pride was your perfect opportunity. The chance to cash in that briefcase may not be as grand as the one you allowed to slip between your fingers by allowing The Pizza Boy skip away with that Answers World Championship. It may have been nothing more than delaying the inevitable - but, if you fail, that memory will always bounce around in the back of your head. The idea of everything that could have been. I look at this week and even with the things that you’ve managed to prove in the past - I’m the one sitting in the box seat. I wrestled the perfect match against thirty three men at Pain for Pride, while you were forced to go to war against those fighting for that briefcase. You can’t hide the fact that you’re still going to be hurting. The adrenaline while walking down the ramp to the dismay of those celebrating Pizza Boy’s victory must have felt like euphoria at this point, right? Nonetheless, I’ll take pride in what I’ll accomplish at the draft. A new season, but my story doesn’t change. A new name stands in my way, and a new name is going to fall. Rise and repeat; no matter the brand I end up. I guess that’s the one true benefit of having what we do at our disposal. No matter how far we begin to fall, we always have the one piece that can shoot us into superstardom.
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Developmental Landmark

[Michael Belfort is standing in front of a Dynasty interview back drop]

Hello EAW universe, my name is Michael Belfort and this is a Pain For Pride aftermath interview. Please welcome my guest: Target Smiles.

[Target Smiles walks into frame with a demeanor that communicates disappointment.]

Target Smiles, you went out and you showed your resilience and talent in a match with three of EAW's best. You made it to the final two and you had nothing to be ashamed of but what people want to know is what is the plan moving forward?

Nothing to be ashamed of? Michael I don't know what you were watching but what I remember is Ryan Marx pinning me one, two, three! Ryan Marx, a man I know that I can beat because I've done it before. I don't care if he claims to have improved, I know I should have gone out there and beaten him and I should be the one with the Openweight Championship around my waist right now. Dynasty should be the brand with the Openweight Championship but it's not and that's because I couldn't get the job done!

Hey, at least you made it to the final two meaning that Dynasty is first in line to challenge for the Openweight Championship. You did great.

Yeah, and who do you think they're about to choose to challenge Ryan Marx? Target Smiles? This isn't the DNC Mike, they aren't going to put their faith in someone who already lost. Would I beat Ryan Marx if I had another opportunity? Yes! Should they trust me to do that? No! I failed. I lost the trust of the higher ups here on Dynasty and I shouldn't be getting another opportunity after I failed to do what I do best at Pain For Pride, the most important show of the year, I failed to win. If I want another shot at any championship I need to earn it. Not long ago Target Smiles had only been beaten in EAW once. Now, I've been beaten three times. This is unacceptable. Dynasty doesn't deserve this, the Smiling Faces don't deserve this, and if this is how I'm going to perform then I don't deserve any of this! But this isn't going to be the new normal. No Michael, you want to know what my plan is for moving forward? It's to win. It's to do what Target Smiles does best and that's be the finest competitor EAW has to offer and nobody is going to stop me. It doesn't matter if it's TLA, it doesn't matter if it's Ryan Marx, Jamie O'Hara, Darth Lannister or whoever makes their way to Dynasty after this week. People like to call Showdown the A show and Dynasty the B show in EAW. Well Target Smiles is immune to the draft and the A show can not be a show that Target Smiles isn't on. I will carry Dynasty on my back if I have to! I'm going to prove in Season 11 that I am the best competitor EAW has to offer and I won't need a steel chair or thumbtacks or any of those cheap tactics to do it. I won't need to tear down my opponents like my Pain For Pride opponents tried to do. I am simply going to rise to the top of the mountain surpassing everyone who stands in my way. So I am happy to welcome any newcomers to this brand with a loss at my hands because nobody will stand in the way of my mission.

That was an awfully passionate speech but I have to ask you, this was your first Pain For Pride and you were in a pretty notable match, how do you feel about that?

Target: *Target's face stays locked in Michael's direction for a pause* ...No comment

[Target Smiles walks off the set leaving Michael Belfort standing alone.]

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There….there are many, MANY things  to be said about the past two nights. You can say that it was the “show of shows”, or one of the greatest experiences of your life. You could say it was the crown jewel of FPVs, the time in which Pizza Boy finally got his moment, or even the time in which nearly everyone had their moment. Theron Nikolas earned his 24/7 contract. My King, Tiberius earned his World Championship. Even Zack Crash, five hundred  years past his prime earned a Hardcore Championship. All these things can be said about Pain for Pride.

And yet one thing you can’t say: Lars Grier succeeded.

You can’t say Lars Grier broke through the glass ceiling. You can’t say Lars Grier finally worked hard enough to earn something that had weight to it, that isn’t a false idol or a minuscule accolade. You can’t say Lars Grier can finally be treated with some form of dignity or respect in his name. You can’t say it, because it didn't happen. No - but instead, all you can say is that Lars Grier failed. Lars Grier squandered yet again on another opportunity, staring at him right in the face, because his incompetence and laziness is all that he had to offer. Yet again, Lars worked so hard, but it was all in vain for something completely and utterly fruitless. But I…..I digress. I digress. Congratulations to Nico for winning and grabbing the Cash in the Vault briefcase. Congratu-fucking-lations for outsmarting us all like the snivelling little vermin you are. Spectacular job on obtaining it, it’s just quite a shame that you has to humiliate yourself before the weekend even ended, being the fool that you are. Let us all pray to God that you won’t be humiliated yet again just as Lioncross did when another man took his most precious prize away from his grasp, although I would much rather prefer that to happen. I would gladly watch and see you fall from grace, as your precious little Invictus concept falls to pieces. I would gladly watch as you burn and rot in the hell we all know you deserve to stay in.

What am I even speaking out right now? No….I must suppress…..my emotions….I cannot let them cloud…..my path...

NO! FUCK! Damnit. Fucking damnit.

I can’t. I simply just can’t. I could not hinder or suppress my emotions of rage and hatred. I’m stuck in a swirling storm, you see? A swirling and vicious storm filled with feelings of sorrow, rage, hatred, and disappointment. Emotions that would make a man truly broken, to the point in which he cannot repair. So many feelings, emotions - and yet none that are joyous. No emotions that are filled with happiness, satisfaction or gratification. Just a cold, black, storm of nothing more than diabolical and disparaging feelings that could tear a man apart. But honestly - do any of you know what really is disheartening? What eats away at your soul, piece by piece? It’s the fact that despite everything that you have endured, everything you have suffered, you cannot seem to grasp firmly onto what you seek. It’s when you’ve worked and adapted so hard throughout your life to every situation, every environment and obstacle you encounter, however in the end it leads nothing more than grains of sand, dusting away from your palm. No gold. No prizes to be rewarded. Nothing more than an empty hand filled with dirt from the ground you are kneeling on. Just…..nothing. That’s what I have: Nothing tangible or relevant enough to elevate me into something better than before. Just a passing of “Good job out there,” every time I come back through those forsaken curtains. The Raven taught me to not let matches affect me emotionally, but now I just cannot seem to follow the very same concept. I may have given the best performance of my life at Pain for Pride, but in today’s times? That just doesn’t flatter or surprise people anymore. No - it’s all about the results now. Not the process in which you went through to try and achieve your goal, but the results of your match-up against an adversary. That is what earns you the look of respect from the eyes of sheep: results. 

Alright then. You want results?

I’ll give you it.

I’ll give you wins. Victories. Accolades and achievements left and right. I’ll give it all, but not for you, but instead for my own personal gain. I started the Raven as an embodiment of evolution, to be the avatar in which I inhabit in order to become successful. It’s all about evolution and adaptation, isn’t it? Then allow me to evolve, into something more desperate….more hungry for the gold that it seeks…..more DANGEROUS. That is what the Raven does, and I will be ashamed if by now it doesn’t work. You are all too impatient, wanting immediate success from a young upstart, when in reality you are unable to see the long road that lies ahead for me. This isn’t about the King’s Guard, or Tiberius. As a matter of fact, I do not care less about the fact that I am being relieved of my duties as a Knight, for I see what the King’s Guard was: A launching pad. I would like to thank King Tiberius for keeping up on his promise; that he would make me reach stardom. Thank you for providing me with the pad I needed to transcend this swirling storm of failure that surrounds me. No, this isn’t about any of that….this is about me, and my redemption of finally being successful in this company. And so here I am, donning this face paint, to signify the point in which the Raven truly took flight, and was finally unleashed. A marking point, if you will, to show to the sheep and obstructors of the world that I am desperate, and I am dangerous. I wear it, not as a mask to hide my true self, but as a reminder to MY goal in this company to become even bigger than what I could ever comprehend. I seek retribution and redemption, and I will be damned if I cannot obtain it. I will find it, and I will hold it firmly in my hand, and I will not stop until I am able to finally say it: 

“I am a champion.”

You made me the way I am today, opposers. You made me the desperate and hungry Raven I am today, so you only have yourself to blame if I come back to bite at you.

I am Lars Grier. I am the motherfucking Raven.


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Post on June 26th 2017, 9:29 am by Jamie O'Hara
The final notes written within such a long winded chapter. Near two years, a story comes to its end. Victorious I stood, with all that I cared about in this world present between those three simple ropes, so little could rival it. I waited for that moment, those precious seconds...for months, hell for years even. My woman, my gold, my defeated foe - unforgettable beyond any true measure of words. But we fought, you and I, Xavier. You fought to the death, you refused to quit. I take immense pride in what brought me to the dance...and you continued to fight in the face of defeat. Stubborn, defiant, I expected nothing less. But the chapter is done, it’s all done; we go our separate ways whether or not we’re forced to share the same locker room. For two years you’ve been there; a partner, a foe on the opposite side. And you do so defeated. You do so being incapable of defeating me. Salt the wounds, the last time it's needed; walk away reminded of your place. A marquee match was no greater way to put it all to rest. Such focus, such prestige on a night of history; I didn’t look to waste it. I couldn’t. I don’t rest on the hope or the belief that in twelve months time I’ll be walking into the draft show off the back of another marquee match; I believe it however. A bold, bold step towards securing that legacy I seek.

But I remain unfulfilled. As if it wasn’t enough.

Perhaps it’s a feeling that will never fade. The constant lust to improve, for greater, grander victories is something that will wither, only grow stronger with each passing victory, every milestone obtained. And living with that feeling of never feeling good enough, never feeling content with what I’ve achieved is something I will come to control, something I will feed in some other manner of worth and significance. I want the eyes on the world on me, constantly, forever but it’s a dream that rests on the precipice of complete collapse. A dream often chased, by near every man to hold this belt or any alike across any land this business stretches over. Perhaps Xavier was right...maybe someday I will wake to realise the man I wanted to be was always a figment of my imagination, never something that comes to fruition and something that dies in the ashes of my desired legacy; nothing more and nothing less. I put myself through this battle constantly; maybe it’s doubt, maybe it’s nerves and the fear that this good thing ends in the blink of an eye, before I realise it's even ending. A new chapter begins on this forthcoming night. Unshackled from Xavier Williams and the memory of The Mighty Don’t Kneel. The decisions I’ve made...what still cuts my gut to pieces each time I’m reminded. I lost myself for months, driven for what Pain For Pride came to be...and now it’s gone. It’s the past. Do I walk these halls free of the last nine months? No. With time the wounds heal and this world continues to spin regardless if I sit and sulk over the person I became over and over again; yet a day will come when this all becomes ancient history, not worth being concerned about. A new chapter opens up new challengers; as the dust settles on the new season, the opportunity for people to make a name for themselves and establish their place in their new homes for possibly the next year is ripe. I ponder the places I could land, if I move at all. Those who come and those who go, the landscape shifts and there will no doubt be a shortage of challengers. This world becomes more and more competitive with each passing season; bordering on three years I wonder if the man I was two years ago could have walked from the Cash In The Vault ladder match this year. The standard rises repeatedly, to become the bar that one must meet forces you to be ahead of the curve, to be cutting edge. So consumed by hate, by desire to put the battle with Xavier Williams to rest, perhaps now I can focus on becoming that bar; unchallenged, unconquerable. The true pinnacle, the select few; a class so prestigious. I crave it, I hunger for it each day I realise

Before me will stand two new champions. Two men who reached the terminus of their journeys to glory. The exhilarating feeling of standing tall - at the pinnacle of it all, on the grandest stage, champions of the world - it flows through your veins and like a drug you feed off it until it runs dry. Days, weeks, months; it’s impossible tell when such a well will run dry. The underdog will bring the fight to every match, tooth and nail and nothing less to prove his place in the world; or treasure each moment he has as champion fearing it could be his last. The almighty King of Elite, successful in his attempt to become a champion. No thought but that of being the absolute best passes through mind; desperation seeps when it becomes a possibility arises that it’s perhaps not reality. The clash of champions provides bragging rights and on the night of the draft, it’s not brand superiority at stake; rather our own pride on the line. Victor walks with the title of the Champion of Champions; the one unconquerable, the one that stands above the others. This is no different to Pain For Pride, like any and all title defenses that come my way.

I’m proud, truly. I remember vividly the man that took me to my limits on Voltage for a spot in the Cash In The Vault match; I didn’t expect a fighter, I expected a pushover like so many did and even still do today. But you fought. You fought and refused to die. Like a fly that won’t fuck off in the summer, you just wouldn’t lay down. And in that ladder match you were no different; a constant threat to my hopes, my aspirations. Yet since we’ve been on opposite sides of the lines that divide this company - trust me when I say that for the last two years I’ve been one of your greatest supporters. The first man to see you for who you were, truly the first the consider you worth a damn, saw beyond a mere delivery boy and the first to see EAW’s greatest underdog in his true light. It was touching, damn near inspirational to watch the underdog, the bloke that was never expected to succeed, the one constantly mocked succeed. And to do it over a man that I simply have been incapable of defeating, only adds to the pride I have in you. No doubt the respect between us remains, so difficult to say a bad word about you bar the fact you’re drinking Bud rather than something strong and manly like a Victoria Bitter but I digress. Ultimately, this comes down to what we strive to achieve and you nailed it, I was expected to reach this point. I was expected to reign as champion, was expected to compete in such matches and somewhere along the way that idea ran to my head; filled it with such delusions of grandeur. I crave these matches, the victories and the bragging rights regardless of the arrogance it spawns. Because it's how you succeed. It’s how you become the elite of the fucking elite in this company. I don’t question your heart; it will bring you the brink of victory but it’s my skill, my class, my finesse, the very reasons I passed you, Tiberius and so many others to the top. I want this victory, I want those rights, I want everything that comes with it and boy, PB, I will go to any length to secure it; to prove my place as the most dominant champion in this company and make it clear to anyone who wishes to try and dethrone me that they simply aren’t fit to stand in my presence.

I’ve moved on from who I became, who I had to become to capture the World Heavyweight Championship but that lack of remorse, that stink of desperation isn’t something I’m afraid of. I consider you the greater threat, the man who can stand between victory and defeat. Heart...your god damn fucking heart is immeasurable and I hate that. Let's see if you can replicate the heroics of Pain For Pride.

But I realise this week I’m merely a distraction. I act under no illusion that this match is more about Tiberius Jones and The Pizza Boy once again meeting in the ring. A much belated congratulations for walking out of King of Elite with the crown in your hands, Tiberius. To entertain the thought of another result had that night gone differently would be insulting your spot as champion; it’s lowly and I need not to do so. Still we find ourselves without an answer to the same question you asked those months ago; a question of who the better man is. You pondered the possible respective trajectories we could have been on had a single battle royal gone any differently; I wonder if again that question holds a place at this table, in this moment? Regardless we stand here as champions, deservingly so. But your bitter battle this week isn’t with me, it’s with Pizza Boy. It’s with the man that you’ve tried to take down time and time again; whether that’s by yourself or with Jaeger, like Xavier and myself the two of you are tied to one another, a constant battle that never ends and rears it’s ugly head time to time with such drastic results. The difference between either of you standing tall as the Answers World Champion, the battle waged at Reasonable Doubt, wouldn’t either of you detest the other walking away as the Champion of Champions? I can’t image the King of Elite giving a lowly peasant like a washed up delivery boy having an inch of bragging rights. I mean, listen to the man, hailing you his stepping stone towards bigger and greater things! The KING of all people, called a stone in the water? Can you even beat him, Tiberius? Nearly crushed his throat and caved his skull in with that chair in February...still couldn’t win, could you? I could go back to making this about you and I never settling the question of being able to get a clear answer of who is the better man but it’s far, far more intriguing to poke at this idea that you are undoubtedly inferior to….a goddamn delivery boy.

Fight your war. Beat one another to a pulp; I will lose no sleep over picking up the scraps and walking away victorious. I surpassed you both to this point, as champion, ahead of you both and it wasn’t through good fortune, being in the right place at the right time. I rose and I fell...but I climbed once again and I proved by capturing the World Heavyweight Championship that the first sixteen months of my career wasn’t a fluke; that capturing the EAW Championship wasn’t pure luck. Fight and be swept up, laid defeated or fight and still find yourself being knee’d in the face repeatedly; victory will be obtained, victory will not be lost on me.


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Draft Show Promo 1: Nobody's A Somebody

The camera opens in the back training area backstage at Pain for Pride.  A very battered, bruised, and yet still grinning from ear to ear with blue lips Pizza Boy sits trembling in an ice bath with the Answer's World Championship slung over his shoulder.

"Tonight was a special night for me.  I became a two time world champion.  Can you imagine? Me? Two time champion? Granted, my last reign wasn't as sanctimonious...or even lengthy as this one."

PB gives a bitter smirk and picks up his phone from beside the tub.  He holds it up, revealing the clock.

"See? It's been ten minutes.  That's nine minutes longer than my last reign.  I'm on a roll!"

Pizza Boy claps and flexes enthusiastically as he lets himself cackle a grim laugh before letting his eyes wander to the gold on his shoulder.

"Nico's taught me twice now that I can't rest on my laurels as champion.  It took me summoning the spirit and drive of all of my fallen brethren to pull out a fair victory over Lannister.  Everyone that's taught, influenced, and put their mark on me came through my vessel in that match and pushed me to a 'w'.  That's not something that's going to happen every single night.  I wont be the avenging angel of men who were unfairly dealt the short end of the stick every single night, but when I defend this title you better be damn sure I'll feel their presence with me in my heart and mind.  That's put me at a disadvantage going into this match considering it isn't for gold, just pride and bragging rights.  I go up against two men who've defined me just as much as HBB, Lioncross, or Daniels.  These men have pushed me to my limit and forced me to expand my horizons as a competitor and tested my mettle as a moral human being.  There was a time that I'd pull out all stops to beat a man with Jamie O'Hara and still fail to capture a true win."

PB reaches into the ice stoically and pulls out a beer.  He pops the top and sips from the can greedily.

"You and I were equals back then Jamie.  My heart matched your acumen and skill, our tenacity was on equal footing.  We were two guys who everyone said would shape the future of EAW, but what they really meant was that one of us had to fall in order for the other to thrive.  I'm sure the smart money was on you.  I was meant to be the gatekeeper to the next level, the sentry guard meant to be the last obstacle in the way of a prodigal son's arrival.  It didn't quite turn out that way did it? We came out even on our encounters.  We even began to respect one another.  Somehow this plucky mascot was able to warm up the jaded heart of EAW's biggest tough as nails try hard.  That didn't mean we ever went easy on one another.  Quite the contrary, with respect came more tenacity.  We knew what the other was capable of and knew what it took to put each other down, and we tried to every chance we got.  Only one of us could live, Romulus and Remus, Cain and Abel, the runt and the pick of the litter.  And yet, here we are, both of us marked for all eternity, and neither of us starved to save the other.  What happens when Cain finds out that Abel lived? What happens when Romulus figures out that Remus clung on for survival?  We find out in the Garden, and I couldn't be happier to continue what I think of as a sibling rivalry of sorts."

PB takes another swig, lets out a belch, and tosses the beer can over his shoulder.  It clacks upon landing, hitting a pile of already discarded and empty beer cans on the ground below.  PB's wavering and glazed over expression slowly turns, almost as if in fear of nausea from too much movement and belches toward the camera.

"Or I don't know, maybe I've celebrated too much tonight? I tend to get sentimental when I drink.  However, there isn't enough bubbling crude in the world to make me anything more than a belligerent drunk at the mention of the name Tiberius Jones.  Maybe it's my Bud talkin', but I was preeetty sure that I won a match that got you out of my life for good.  I dunno, maybe I read the contract wrong.  Either way, I'll have no problem or shame in putting you down again oh King of Lies.  Now I wont downplay your role in my success either Jonesy.  If it weren't for you I wouldn't know what to do when a guy like Nico Borg came a'knockin' for a second go 'round.  I'm sure you're prepared to call me a hypocrite for how I laid out Borg, just like that sonovabitch commentator with the French name, but I know to do that now and it's all because of you."

PB begins to stand up naked in the bath.  The camera quickly shifts it's angle as the bumbling and grumbling service delivery boy turned champion wobbles to his feet and begins to sing his own rendition of Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You'.

"Because of you
I never stray too far from a pizza cutter
Because of you
I learned to check the blindside so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me who has a briefcase!
Because of yooo-eeew!
I'm not afraid."

PB points into the camera with a wiggling accusatory finger as he clutches his chest in preparation for the high note.

"Because of....A'YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! hak! ahem! ugh."

PB visibly wretches as acid reflux threatens to bring some of his celebratory liquid dinner back up.  He steadies himself back into the bath and stares deadpan into the camera.

"You're the reason I'm here, Jonesy! You were my stepping stone, my gatekeeper, my personal demon that led me to face even bigger demons, like Judas, and Ares, and Lannister.  You made me ready for wolves in sheep's clothing like Tyler Parker, you made me anxious for a guy like Nico Borg to cash in on me just one more time and steal my gold for a third.  You were the standard bearer in debauchery, self-denial, and unnecessary force.  You showed me every cheap shot, low trick, and coward's path to the top, and because of that I've avoided cheap, low, cowardly men like yourself!  This title? This title on my shoulder? It's there because you made me ready for every snake in the grass, and now I get to square off with the king snake of'em all, how fittingly? In the Garden! Damn I get biblical on the sauce!  I want you to stare at it though.  I know you have your own crown and scepter, your own gold to show for your work, but I really want you to zero in on that Answer's World Champion when the ref hands it off to ringside.  It'll be the closest you'll ever get to it ever again, and the reason for that is, once again, drum roll please......dudududududududududu YOU! So thanks.  Thanks for all of the BS you put me through.  Thanks for showing me that I can sink to the bottom of the barrel on occasions when I have to meet those scraping the bottom on their way up.  If it weren't for that moment when I flung you from a ladder, I wouldn't know I could be capable of beaning Nico in the skull with a championship.  Know what? Better yet, I'll show you how thankful I am.  I'll bring out every counter for every dirty, rotten, filthy, disgusting trick you've ever pulled on me.  I'll show you my mindset after you tried to make me your court jester.  I'll show you what that does to a man who really isn't all that much there anymore after multiple concussions.  You get to see the final product.  You get to be one of the first to face "Pizza Boy: Championship Edition" when it's finally in full swing and not being pearl harbored by a pack of pretenders. I can't wait to show you the view from the top once again Tiberius.  I can't wait to give you that peak, just before tossing you back down that ladder of success one last time!"

PB reaches for a towel off of he wall and rises once again.  He latches the towel around his waist using the title belt to hold it up as he shambles out of the tub of ice.  Hobbling across the locker room, PB makes it to the far end with his back to the camera.  Without warning, he yanks the title from around his waist and lets the towel fall and bare his better side to the camera as he hoist the belt high above his head with both hands.


PB suddenly keels over and ralphs full hose pressure onto the floor at his feet.  At seemingly his simultaneous highest and lowest point, he clasps the cold metal face of the belt to his throbbing forehead and ambles toward the shower buck ass naked and covered in puke up to his shins.

"damn...shoulda put some pizza under that..."

The camera, and presumably our champion, fades to black.

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Post on June 26th 2017, 5:36 am by Theron Nikolas
I told you so.

Was there anything else that I was really going to say? For a week I was forced to go back and forth with people that were so confident in their attempts to grasp onto the last opportunities that may save their careers. I had to listen to why they were the person that deserved that contract. I had to listen profess that Theron Nikolas was in over his head and that they were going to be the person that would pull that rug out from under my feet. I warned them. I preached for them not to buy into their own hype; I said that I understood their need to try and get others to take them with an ounce of seriousness, but not to buy into it themselves. Every single one of them failed. Thirty three of them were forced to bear that burden on their shoulders as the person everybody already knew was going to succeed held that contract high. I hold no sympathy for the foolish. I hold no sympathy for those who choose to wear those rose tinted glasses where everything is running along fine and dandy; creating a place where there’s no need to worry. They will never take them off. It’s not because they don’t want; truthfully - they’re dying to do so. They stand in front of a door that has been opened wide, but they’re scared of what waits on the other side. I said that failure creates progress; it creates a reason to move forward, but so many are scared of taking that first step. I’m not going to lie and stay that I’ve managed to place all of these pieces to this puzzle together. I haven’t. I sit here with this contract resting in my hand and I don’t know the next move that I’m going to make. I thought I knew what I wanted, but you begin to understand the moment you grasp onto this company - anything is possible. The opportunity comes - I could shoot straight to the top of this business as its crown jewel. But, don’t worry, I’m not going to get ahead myself. I would be a fool to reveal my intentions for this contract. It’s the element of surprise which makes this contract so grand, right? Isn’t that what makes these things so valuable, Nico? I’m not surprised; they have the tendency to do these kind of things. World Champions face World Champions; lesser champions face lesser champions, and the holders of the Cash in the Vault briefcase and the 24/7 contract are generally forced to stand toe to toe.

I’m not going to lie; I was rooting for you. I’m not talking about that ladder match itself, but rather the moments after that grueling Answers World Championship contest. The Pizza Boy was placed through pure hell at the hands of Lannister, and in one swift move - you tried to swoop in and steal the glory. It was great; the biggest stage in the history of this entire business - and a villain ran down that ramp with the intentions of striking down the wounded hero. But, the villains never seemed to have the last laugh, do they? The end of their road has the tendency to end in misery and heartbreak. I would go as far as to say that it’s how the night of Nico Borg ended; it was far from it, but that shot to the head from the man’s newly won World Championship had the sting. Being forced to watch as the greatest opportunity to cash in that very briefcase was backing up the ramp while you were trying your best to recover. In an instant - I’ve gone from facing bottom feeders to those that are meant to carry this company into the future. Hall of Famers have stood in my way and I’ve forced them to fall at my feet. I’ve walked into the worlds of men that are meant to cut me down piece by piece and came out the other side as that world’s ruler. You’re a different story, Nico. This match at the draft is going to be considered a spectacle; place two names that have boatloads of momentum behind them and watch as they managed to create fireworks. I don’t plan on allowing the things that I’ve managed to build for myself long before Pain for Pride had arrived to begin to crumble. I’ve done all of the heavy lifting and I don’t particularly know if I would be able to bear the weight that would come with slipping after it all. You’ve gone through tournaments that were meant to consist with Showdown’s best and went onto giving a man that was seemingly unstoppable one hell of a war. You walked into a match at Pain for Pride where nobody really expected you to succeed, and left everyone speechless.

It would be a shame if you were forced to carry the things that would rather not.

This is what I’ve been asking for; real competition. The chance to prove that I’m a man that’s going to stand at the top of both this company and business as a whole, whether anyone really likes it or not. I’m a man that some would say has been forced to pay his dues. I may have had to withstand thirty three other names that wanted to exact same thing that I did. but I’ve never really been forced to live a hard day in this company. Anyone can take that however they want. I ask you for one thing, Nico. Give me something that no one else has managed to do. For four months I’ve been forced to constantly listen to the same story while the face continues to change. It has become far too mind numbing to go through it all again, and I’m positive that it’s something that you’re more than capable of achieving. I didn’t believe I would say it, but I’m glad that I haven’t been given the chance to rest and recover. I’m glad that I’m being forced to compete after quite possibly the longest week of my career. I’m not going to call you another feather in my cap like all the names I’ve already gone through, Nico. You’re a proving ground, and one that I need to conquer. I don’t remember the last time that the person in my position managed to conquer the name in yours, but I’ve never been one to allow statistics get the better of me. I would rather be the one that stood strong, rather than fall. It may not be the opportunity that slipped by at Pain for Pride that you have to think about, but rather the man that stands in your way and what would come after if he managed to knock you down. It may be absolutely nothing, but it’s certainly something to think about.
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Post on June 24th 2017, 12:08 am by Aren Mstislav
Nah Fuck this bitch, he wanna go we can go rn. IDGAF
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Post on June 24th 2017, 12:06 am by Nasir Moore
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Post on June 24th 2017, 12:00 am by Stark
Bheech: Just do it.

Stark: I don’t know man. My match is tomorrow, and being back in the city isn’t giving me good vibes.

Bheech: It’s Brooklyn dude. This isn’t the city.

Stark: The fuck else is it then? I don’t even know Brooklyn or anything. How am I supposed to be off it here if I can’t even get around?

Bhong: Call an Uber bro.

Bheech: You don’t call Uber dipshit, you buy it with your phone.

Bhong: Man you don’t buy no fucking Uber!

Stark: I should have just gone to the Hall of Fame ceremony…

Bheech: Well you’re not there are you? Cuz you’re not a Hall of Famer yet. You wanna be a Hall of Famer? You stick these tabs in your goddamn mouth, you stick that shit under your tongue, you hold that shit in for twenty minutes, you swallow that shit, you lose your fucking mind, and then tomorrow or the day after or whatever, you go win that National Elite Championship so you can stop being a whiny mopey bitch all the time who can’t stop fucking whining about never winning “the one thing” you want more than anything - SO JUST FUCKING DO IT!

Stark: Chill the hell out. Let’s go somewhere better yeah -


(Bheech tries to grab Stark from behind, but Stark easily flips him over with a hip toss. Bhong runs at Stark but Stark kicks him away.)

Stark: Okay guys Jesus hecking Christ. No matter how many times I do this shit, the anxiety never goes away… Fuck it dudes. I’m going in.

(Stark places the tabs of LSD in his mouth.)

Stark: Mhm, the savory taste of chemicals and paper.

Bheech: Fuck yeah dude, let’s do this. What do you wanna do first?

Stark: Well I was hoping to get some strategizing and working out in while this shit kicks in, I’m hoping to get an hour or two in of some solid planning before… Wow man. I never noticed that many stars in the city before…

Bheech: I’M HoPiNG tO gEt An HOuR Or TwO iN OF sOMe SOLid planNiNg!

Stark: Hold up, hold up. Shut up. I’m trying to focus… Man… How many micrograms was this shit?

Bhong: I don’t know… 200ug per tab, and you just took four.


Bhong: Relax bro chill, chill. Here hombre, hit this.

Stark: You know for the first time in my entire life… I might just have to turn down weed. But not really. Gimme some ganja.

Bheech: Yeah man, take a nice few hits… How’s that feel?

Stark: Better for sure… I can feel the anxiety going away… But for real guys. I’m not here to party. That’s all for Monday. I wanna have a good time with y’all before Pain for Pride, before I gotta get my ass to the cesspool that is New Jersey, but I also gotta focus on Rex… Rex… What was his last name again? Really though, what is exactly the concept of a last name? Why are we born, predisposed with this name that we have no choice to keep. Why do we have to keep the names of our fathers, even if they are vile shits of people - which mine was, that’s for fucking sure. And first names too, like, just give us a number until we’re old enough and then we should be able to name ourselves --

Bhong: Uh… You wanna talk about Rex McAllister?

Stark: Who? OH! Yeah. Yeah. Man he’s a tough motherfucker. I respect the hell outta that dude. He’s made that title some next level shit but in the end that’s just all the more pressure on me to one, win the title at the biggest show in wrestling history, and two… three, four --


Stark: Fuck. Yeah. Two was… Two… TWO! TWO, I’VE GOT TO WIN THAT SHIT AND BECOME A BETTER CHAMPION THAN REX EVER WAS!!! Real shit, real shit. Real shit, I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I can’t let that title slip away from me again. That title is all I have left, all I have left to fight for, all I ever dream about, all I ever want to hold, just once, just once if I could hold that title maybe everything will be alright again…

Bhong: You have what it takes, you know that right?

Stark: I don’t know. Well not for sure, because there is no such thing as certain objectivity in this reality. But I can say from the bottom of my heart, that this is the best I’ve EVER been. There hasn’t been another point my entire career - in my entire life - where I’ve felt more ready for something. I’ve never wanted anything more than this and I never will. That being said, do I have what it takes? You tell me.

Bheech: Uhm… I can’t really tell you --

Stark: Well then I’ll tell me. I’m ready, and that’s all that matters. If me being at peak readiness is enough to beat Rex, then sure, I have what it takes; and if it isn’t… I’ve got a lot to work on, don’t I?

Bhong: I’m seeing this new Rex promo here… He’s calling you out for being contradictory and shitting on your life in general - he’s even talking shit about acid --

Stark: Look. Rex has every right to say whatever he wants. He's the champion, and I'm not. I'm really losing my fucking mind here. I'm going to walk into Pain for Pride, more ready than ever, and that's ALL he needs to understand. Now come on idiots, let's go trip some balls.
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Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:59 pm by Kaise Boetius
24/7 Battle Royal Promo
Promo #9:

[The following scene takes place in a dimly lit room, where Kaise Boetius is shown crossing his
knees while sitting on the floor.]

Kaise: It's almost time.

[He glances over at the old-fashioned clock that is hanged above his head, as it is almost a few minutes before the strike of midnight--officially commencing the day of the annual Pain For Pride X. He continues to gaze upon the clock for several more seconds, blinking his eyes slowly, before looking down onto the floor.]

Kaise: -laughter-

[He looks over at the only surviving pictures of his wife, Elizabeth, and his daughter, Ashley. The picture includes the three of them smiling together as they were all having lunch somewhere in the picture. He gives a rare smile, almost succumbing to tears. He immediately places his hand slowly upon the pictures, and gazes at the single candle that is lit in front of him.

Kaise: I am going to win... for you two, or else... there won't be any else.

[Feed abruptly cuts.]

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Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Drastik
[Drastik appears one final time, sitting in the same completely blackened room with only his body illuminated. He smirks and tilts his head, waving at the camera.]
Congratulations, Tiberius. Sandbagging won’t save you. But it does confirm that you have become the very thing that you’ve hated all this time. You're resorting to the same tactics that irked you all those months ago at King of Elite. I remember how bitter you sounded when you let me get into your head all those months ago. I remember how much more fight you showed. How things have changed. You've lost that boyish charm. You've lost that fire that made you something so impressive. You've lost everything that made you even remotely deserving of anything at all. And yet you still find yourself standing here in front of me, either showing half-assed effort or revealing that you're really not as talented as all these people believed you are, thinking you still you deserve this moment. It's adorable. I want you to hold onto this moment—grip the edges of your crown and cherish this—because these are the last moments of glory you’ll feel before you add to the glass shattered all over the floor you spoke of earlier this week. You have no idea just how broken I felt after that night. But you'll get a taste of it. You'll get to realize what it feels like to feel that you deserve something only to have it ripped away from you, to have your moment torn out of your grasp. Your suffering brings me joy. This isn’t about the championship anymore.
This is about revenge.
[The screen cuts off again. For the final time, solid, white text flashes across the screen.]
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Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Ryan Savage
From Nothing...

The time to fight draws near and I have been here silent, patiently waiting until it's time for me to fight for my future within this company. But as I walked through the streets of Rutherford, New Jersey, I couldn't help but feel short of breath and be eaten alive by anxiety. The memories of my past have been haunting by each passing day that I could hardly sleep at night and remain focus during my training camps to prepare myself for the big day. I've had moments where I've been questioning myself wondering if I can keep up with everyone or better yet how long I'm able to swim in this vast ocean known as EAW as it is now in this current era. I can't help but think of all the opportunities I had to excel and have a legendary career, if I weren't such a screw up I could have been World Champion by now, I could have had multiple championships reigns, memorable moments that will last a lifetime and I could've also been entering into the Hall Of Fame and be caught up with the guys that I've entered into this company with but alas I'm nowhere near their level. As of right now, I'm just trying to grasp what bit of straws that I have left and doing what I can to survive to see another day. When I was walking the streets of this city, I came across a fan that recognized me and what he has said has placed a sense of doubt within me. He reminded of the times I have failed, he reminded me how much a lot of fans around the world have looked up to me and thought I was a bad ass at some point. He proceeded to tell me what the internet wrestling community thought of me and it didn't come by no surprise that they thought I was just a waste of human life.  They took a pretty huge dig into me saying that the spot I have could've been for someone else who actually cared about the business instead of coming back for a one-off deal just for the paycheck to help my drug habits. I wonder sometimes if this is actually worth it dealing with the ridicule from the fans and the constant stress that being in this company gives you. You can say that I'm mentally weak that I can't handle it which is fine because I can admit to my flaws and that I lack in confidence. After all, I'm nothing but a nostalgic act for most people and they've already written me off as an easy elimination. But when I soak all of that in and think about the constant mocking that I have received since I announced my return to the company and being a participant in this match I couldn't help but think about the worse that could happen to me. It forces me to look into my past and remember what rock bottom felt like. I can tell you that it doesn't feel good because it felt like a part of my soul if not all of me entirely has died inside of me and I'm looking at this with no hope that I'm in the confines of my own mind being filled with constant doubt. I've realized that I was a nobody, a good for nothing that has no hope of being that man that I always wanted to be when I was younger. I was weak, being consumed by the pressure of this business and the people who have been hoping and praying for my downfall which ultimately came to pass. I succumbed to the pressure and thoughts of people who have constantly told me that I wasn't shit and never going to be shit in this world and it all build up over time and I eventually broke down and I ended up fading away into obscurity. Hearing what that guy had to say reminded me all of the feelings I had and why I ended up going away for a while and when I walked away from him I couldn't help watch other locals conversing among themselves. I couldn't help but get lost in a conversation nearby listening to a group of people praising their friend for overcoming addiction and also mentioned how much has changed in a year ever since he has gotten the help he needed. While I was listening he told his friends that it wasn't a hard road overcoming what he has gone through and he explained it like it was going to hell and back and now that he has beaten addiction and gotten his life together, he feels he has been granted another chance at life. Listening to that moved me to tears and when I walked away and went back to the hotel that I was staying at I couldn't help but think about what the guy has said to his friend. It literally brought tears to my eyes and for a while, I looked into the mirror and started crying my eyes out. It's pitiful knowing that a bad ass of a guy like me has the time to sit and cry while others are training their asses off to make moments out of Pain For Pride. But those tears that I shed, were signals of me breaking through a barrier that has kept me from fully committing to my resolve as an EAW Talent. If I didn't have to face what I did and being exposed to the public, I wouldn't have this sense of reassurance in my soul. I've overcame so much in my life that I found my way back to the stage known as Pain For Pride. The major thing that has brought me down into rubble was the simple fact that I've let people get into my head and destroy my self esteem. This may not be a long winded speech that most people in this match has given but this is a message that's short, sweet and to the point. My name is Ryan Savage and I stand before you right now that I will start my path to greatness. If I don't win this match then that's fine because this doesn't spell the end for me if I'm not successful. If the fans don't believe in me or if my peers don't believe in me or even if they paint me as this massive failure that will never get back what he has lost, then that's fine with me. The only thing that matters is that I believe in myself, I have the resolve to see my path to redemption through and I know in my soul that the name Ryan Savage WILL be on the poster boards for pay-per-views, I will be in anticipated matches that people are dying to see and one day I will become a champion! I will no longer let the words of my enemies or social media as a whole dictate my entire career. Pain For Pride will be the beginning of my journey, I will start my road to greatness here and whether I win the contract or not, this will be the first step on my journey back to the top!

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Post on June 23rd 2017, 11:58 pm by Astraea Jordan (Online)


EAW Promoz!

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