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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2017, 2:33 am by Rex32
You still want to wrap yourself in fantasy land.

It’s so cute, and you play the part so well.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Pardon the intrude, Heart Break Gal. You get yourself so worked up. The need to drive your point home. You’re a Goddess. A future Tag Team Champion. A future World champion. An EAW World Conqueror…if we’re to take you at your word of course. But how much worth can be put behind such words that are trickled with nothing but half truths? Continuously you will repeat proudly how determined you are, how unstoppable you are, and that you will inevitably Conquer again, but honestly between the two of us, who has the most lose? You still speak just as repetitively as I do, if not more, about what your desires are. You still scream emphatically from the top of your lungs that you are the “true conqueror” of these lands, and yet deep down you should know by now that hardly means much to someone like who very well knows that isn’t the truth at all, for if it was, then by that realm of thought process the conqueror has been conquered already by this elitist. The “true conqueror” has had all her armor stripped away time and again by this elitist, because you have allowed it. On three different occasions previous we’ve both held our cards out on the table, pushed each other to our very limits in that ring, and every time in the end this elitist has shown that he holds the better hand. I know that’s hard for you to accept, but the truth hardly ever feels good when brought out and put properly into the light. I’ve moved forward, I’m moving forward. It must be hard for you to tell clearly from that high ass throne you sit upon, and yet it’s that very same tunnel vision along with all of your ignorance and baseless statements that can otherwise be cited as nothing more than complete drivel from the drivel queen once again. Your opportunities are dwindling, Heart Break Gal, as if you couldn’t see that yet. You’ve earned one more shot, even if it is to walk a away devastated and disappointed once again. That’s been the theme this season more so than any of recent memory for you. Winning reverses your bad form, sure, but how much stock can you put in getting so close only to be so far, and using it as a constructive argument trying to deconstruct mine? I don’t believe I need to go into how much sense that doesn’t seem to make given where you currently stand now when faced against this elitist compared to the beginning of the season when we started with clean slates. You ask about the future, and yet you understand fully that I’m currently in midst of qualifying for the same Extreme Elimination Chamber match that you earned your way into. The future is taking shape with every new day of each week that goes by. It seems like just yesterday I was walking on to this brand for the very first time only dreaming of being in the same ring with certified Hall of Famers, and how ironic that just happens to be given that it all happened because every step of the way each and every for that was placed in front of me underestimated what it was that I brought to the table, and just like them you’ve come to meet the same fate as each and every one of them. You claimed you learn from your mistakes, but each time you’ve had a chance to put me away you keep making the same mistake you’re making this week from the very moment that you opened that little yap of yours and spewed out nothing of substance toward me that I barely take into consideration. You disappoint me, Heart Break Gal. Even as I know you have nothing to prove to me? What you need to prove is that all of that lack of substance is good enough to see you and your more objective and sensible partner through to the next round, because once again it looks to me like You’re playing to lose. You’re no Goddess, neither one of you. The only thing you are on the same page about is that you are make believe Goddesses, and that you will take what’s there that you wholeheartedly believe is yours for the taking. The reason someone like me keeps getting the better of you, is because I can easily see through the little fabricated world of absolute dominance you live in and crush it, turn it inside out, and repossess it to expose the real reality that lies before me. What lies before me now, as I’ve mentioned before, is a grown woman too insecure to except that she just like anyone in the world is as flawed as she is talented just the same, who has an ego the size of the world that more often than not let’s her guard down and allows someone like me to pull that red carpet out from under her. This coming Showdown, it’s going be like de ja vu all over again, when your folly once again becomes my fortune.

The results will remain unchanged.

You’re making it all possible with every word you speak.

If you really believed you were secure with yourself, everything you’ve been able to accomplish, then certainly you wouldn’t be here, Cameron. Can’t you see how just saying that one line “I am quite secure with myself” really kind of contradicts everything you’ve already said about taking something you believe is already yours? That one line belies all of your actions and words. I’m not going to stand up with an open mic like this is some talk show about adolescent young adults who don’t know what they want out of life, because quite clearly you do. You entered the Grand Prix with your partner to accomplish something more. You placed your body on the line against a world class Champion at Territorial Invasion for crying out loud. If you were secure with yourself, and who you are you would not be here feeling like you have something to prove to world, because in your mind you should believe you have already done it all, but deep down you don’t so you won’t stop. You have had quite a year haven’t you? Ruling over Empire as the World Champion. Winning Empress of Elite, always putting the most dominant women of that brand in there places before you moved on to Voltage. Me and Chris Elite, the goal we share is to bring that near unlikely dream to a close this week. I already told you both last time, I told the world that I had an ulterior motive for being here. I don’t want the gold so much as I do want to bring every last team down to keep them from realizing just another cheap accolade to add to the endless list of accomplishments that they’ve managed to compile. It’s starts with you two self-delusional individuals. I’ve said it once. I’ve said it twice, and I’ll say it again, because it still rings true. You’re both one in the same, and soon you’ll find out why that is hardly ever a good thing. You’re not Goddess’s, and even as you say that you and Heart Break Gal are walking side by side as Diana and Minerva, I’m pretty certain that both of those characters you are trying hopelessly in earnest to reprise adopted roles as, you both aren’t on even on the same page let alone showing yourselves to be successful analyzers of the things that myself and Chris have been saying to you this week, and unless some form of karma came at this moment and time to make you realize that everything you are working toward is right in front of you, but is still so very far away to be already crowning yourselves the winners of this tournament and tag team champions, then you both will remain blinded by your own arrogance.. That’s all just illusion that you are enslaving yourselves to, placing all this unnecessary pressure to come through, and most of the time when you do that you go home unfulfilled anyways left to pick yourselves back up walk to the back licking your physical wounds and emotional ones once again. Like I said, it becomes an endless cycle. 

It just becomes another one of your biggest regrets.

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2017, 1:35 am by Bhris Elite
Hi HBG, I was wondering when you’d speak up how’s the kids? How’s life? Okay now that I got that out of the way, HBG am I truly the dumbass still or did you take that title from me? Please let me know when I ever in my life once claimed Iconomy was the best group in EAW, I don’t even think I claimed that when I was part of the group. You and Cam, have you guys been hearing yourself speak as of late? Just making things up as you go along, speaking straight of your ass. Making all these things up like I worshipped JJ Silva or I was all on Eclipse Diemos and I’m not into red heads much. Now I’m following Rex McAllister it’s funny how whenever I’m part of a team I always got to be the lack dog of some sort. That I’m somehow “Feeding” off of them however if I called you Cam’s lackey or called Cam your lackey I’d be the idiot, I’d be the one who makes stuff up as I along. However you guys are praised for spewing such bullshit, “Oh my God HBG just roasted Chris Elite”. Come on man let’s cut it out I am no one’s lack dog I didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head and force them to team with me. I mean Jesus if that was the case then what else did I have to do for him to let the team be named the Elite Tandem? I mean like Cam said I already put a gun to his head for him to team with me what worse could of I have possibly done to force him to let the team be called Elite Tandem. Just shut the fuck up already Jesus Christ. You think you are on top of this made up mountain just you and Cameron the OG’s, the Goddesses when you are nowhere near the top both of you riding high horses for no apparent reason. You thinking you are high and mighty for defeating two NEO noobs as Cameron called them and winning a match over a bullshit roll up. “Look at me I’m Heart Break Gal and  I just won two matches, I hope that makes everyone forget what happened 2 weeks prior to this and a month prior to this”. Well guess what we haven’t. If I couldn’t recover from my losses I would be sitting down somewhere right now begging for change. Let’s ignore that though, let’s ignore the fact that despite every loss and every failure I keep getting back on my feet and trying again. I keep aiming for success, success that I will at any cost. Of course though when it comes to me I hear things about how I should just retire and give it up and a bunch of other nonsense. However when HBG gets knocked on her ass and gets right back up for more she’s a hero, an inspiration. I’m starting to notice a lot of double standards the more I point things out. No one else is going to notice it though they’ll continue to ignore them and continue to throw those jabs at me.
 Did you and Cam take each other’s notes on accident? I could have sworn I just heard Cameron say this same exact thing last night. No I’m not part of the New Breed division anymore however if it’s needs to be saved then I’ll do so again that’s what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been saving. I saved the New Breed division, I’m saving Voltage currently. Remember just not too long ago matter of fact season 10 to be exact. Voltage was being called trash it was a horrible show now look at it. It’s the only show worth watching and investing your time into. I saved that brand, not your partner, not her life partner. I, Chris Elite and I’m going to save this tag division too right along with Rex.  “Insignificant” look at you nothing you are saying is the truth it’s the furthest thing from it. Did you hear what Ryan Adams said? I’m the one bringing in the big bucks, I’m the one who brings in the ratings also if I was so “Insignificant” then you wouldn’t have wasted about 10 minutes of your life speaking on my name. You did though if I was irrelevant, if I was insignificant then you would have ignored everything I said about you and kept it pushing. Not the case though, instead you spoke on my name you responded to everything I said you because I’m not insignificant, I’m not irrelevant. To you I am everything you are looking for in a man I’m ambitious, I’m entertaining, I’m handsome and I’m one heck of elitist, a lot better than your average elitist a lot better than whoever you think is the best elitist. You are the one who is insecure and after Showdown I’ll give you more reasons to be insecure when you lose to this insignificant, this irrelevant, this man who has failed at everything he’s done his whole career. What happens when you lose to me? A fluke? I got lucky? Save the bullshit for someone who cares when I beat you thing we should hear come out of your mouth is you putting some respect on my name. We probably we won’t hear that though you’ll be bitter and probably even blame Cameron for the loss.

Speaking of Cameron it’s nice to hear from you again sweetheart. Hey look another Aria Jaxon joke I thought her beating you what three times it is? Well regardless I thought that would end that obsession you have with her, now you’re just trying to make me seem like I’m obsessed. Shame, a damn shame I tell you. Also I’ve only called started calling Empire Dykepire at Territorial Invasion, I really wish you and HBG would stop putting words in my mouth and making stuff up. Also you aren’t on that brand anymore so what the problem why are you so offended? Don’t ask such dumb questions Cam you know why I’m the main attraction I mean you did pretty much answer the question yourself or at least what you think is the answer. People can’t wait until I’m on Television because I’m saying stuff that should have been said a while ago. I’m doing what they wish their favorite Elitist or Vixen had the balls to do or say. Also I wouldn’t have been on the unemployment much longer. I got calls from Brian, I got calls from whoever runs Dynasty nowadays I was just waiting. I knew Ryan Adams pride was too much for him to leave me fired he knew he had to retaliate somehow and he plans on doing so at Road to Redemption. Nice try though that whole “Would you like fries like that” made me giggle a bit.  Not saying much though because everything you’ve been saying that you think is so great and hilarious I’ve been giggling about Rex has too. This whole thing is just hilarious from the failure jokes, to the jokes about me following Rex around for success all of it is just so stupid it’s funny. Kind of like the Scary Movies series. Yes Cam you do shock people you shocked the world at Territorial Invasion when people THOUGHT you had the match won about 5 times. You continue to shock the world with almost moments while Rex and I do what everyone expects out of us and that’s actually getting something done. Jesus Cam how many times are you going to brag about the match with you and Jamie? You didn’t fucking win shut up already yes the match was damn near 5 stars, yes you gave him the fight of your life and I’m sorry if I’m starting to begin like a broken record it’s just that you keep forcing me to do so. Cam you didn’t win the match I don’t care about how great it was I don’t care how many times you were close to winning because you didn’t actually win. Go ahead bring up how I couldn’t have that same type of match with Jamie and you’re probably correct. Want to know what I will do to Jamie? Beat him and not the same way you’re used to beating him. I mean me actually having my hand raised and being announced as the new champion. That is for later though the time will come but for now I am focused on winning this Grand Prix and I’m focused on getting my hands on Ryan Adams and doing what I said I was going to do. We know you two are nothing to play around with we established that already but neither are the two of us something to play around with. Ask Rex what I bribed him since you are so worried about it and he’ll tell you I had to give him nothing we both reached out to one another. Two established Elitist now joining forces to take over the tag division and the world. Nothing less and nothing more obviously you are going to keep ignoring that because it’s the funny thing to do and it’s the cool thing to do. Can’t wait to see how hilarious it is when you are just laid out right next to HBG while the hands of Chris Elite and Rex McAllister are being raised standing right above two self-proclaimed Goddesses.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 8th 2017, 1:26 am by showster26
Voltage Promo #4

Friday, 1:21 A.M., Des Moines, Iowa. 

(The scene opens on a clear night’s sky. The moon hangs high in the sky casting its light down on the eerily still waters of the Blue Heron Lake. The camera pans down to find a peculiar sight, as the larger stones that sat by the shore have been arranged to spell out a message which reads ‘those with two faces live half lives, chained together by a fate worst than death, so shall it be till the End Of Ages.’

The camera pulls back, as it does it slowly brings into frame a lone individual, kneeling before the stone message. The howling of the wind begins to grow louder as the man stands himself upright and turns toward the camera. His wicked, and evil filled eyes pierce thru the darkness. Unmistakably this is the being known as Solomon Caine.)

Caine:  “Madison, again your mouth offers nothing but double talk. Again you offer up not a cry of might, nor a plea of mercy, but only the same failing logic and utter blindness to your own flaws. For with one breath you both curse the  Sanatorium for not giving you aid when you had faltered time and again. You offer up distain and blasphemy for all the times you yourself failed and none were there to soften the blow, and in the same sentence you speak of how you have never failed. How you never have been laid low nor conquered by any other on Empire. You say how you left the Sanatorium because you were held back one moment, and the next you speak of how you left for the good of the group because you were a weak link!  Which is it Madison? Which excuse for your betrayal shall come from your rotten tongue next?  You and your beloved spread lies when you speak of us speaking contradictions, we say you are but a hypocrite who is so enamored with her lies, she has wholly and totally accepted them as proven facts. Madison, we are so very disappointed in you, for the way your mind has been twisted, for the way you've allowed yourself to become now better than that wretch Cetinich in such a short amount of time, we almost feel sorry for what we must do, the way an owner feels sorry when he must put down a rabid dog. 

Yes we shall put you down Madison, and you know that we shall. That is why you feel the need to resort to labeling us jealous of Keelan Cetinich, why you speak of our genitalia, and why you cannot offer up a single word in your own defense of every horrible thing that shall befall you by our hand.  What we do is not because we envy Keelan Cetinich, what is there for us to be envious of him?  He has not any gold that keeps the eyes of he masses upon him. He has not power or authority over any other besides you. And should you believe yourself the reason of this envy, how gravely mistaken you are. For what would we desire from a harlot such as yourself?! What role would you play in the glorious reign rising up upon this earth, when all you are good for is lying on your back, and spreading your legs for every rotten wretch that should pass by?!  Yes Madison, what good are you to anyone?  For at the slightest shift of the breeze, you look to find another whom you may leach off of.  You are a virus Madison, you only move from host to host, and eat them alive from the inside before moving on to do the same to the next. And as a final insult, you speak of your love and respect for those who gave you shelter, for those who made you as their own family, AND THEN YOU SPIT ON THEM BY ALIGNING WITH WRETCHES WHO WOULD SEE ALL THAT THEY HAVE MADE UNDONE!!!  Your mouth forever condemns you, And with every syllable that escapes it only further proves how you will say anything to gain favor with those whom you desire at the moment. You have no real conviction to any cause, any reason, nor any other in this entire earth!  So again, we do not envy Keelan Cetinich, for he knows not that the one he holds on to dearly, his most prized possession in all the world, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing anxiously awaiting the moment went she may feast upon his flesh and blood. 

For this reason Madison, this is the reason why we must break you. At week’s end when you are placed before us on our altar, we must tear away the flesh from your body, we must crush every bone within you, we must strike you with all our might that your blood run should like a river, because although Keelan Cetinich is wholeheartedly devoted to you, and will do all he can to keep you safe and guarded, he does not know you for what you truly are, a poisonous snake in the grass.

We must do this, for your evil is so foul, and so devious, that the very though of it sickens our flesh in the pit of its stomach. It disgusts us to think that you should go about doing what you have done to each and every member of the great beast call Sanatorium, doing what you are doing to Keelan Cetinich, doing what you have to every man ad woman who has ever shown you pity, and let the world think that there is not a consequence for doing so. We cannot allow that Madison. We cannot allow you to simply leach off the masses till the day of the great fire.  No, we shall see to it that you suffer greatly for your horrid and shameful actions. We shall see to it that you learn what lies in wait for you and all the other parasites that walk upon this earth. You shall fall, and the eyes of the world shall bare witness to you being another who has been crushed by the never ending Nightmare. 

And when you, and Keelan Cetinich, when you are both laid low, and trampled under our feet, the world shall Cower as they begin to realize that no matter the bond between any in the Grand Prix, they are no match for the great beast named Sanatorium, and of that great beast, there is no stronger arm than that of the Nightmare. Yes, the world will witness this monster rise up, they shall see it tear thru any who would be placed before it, they will understand the might that we posses when we demonstrate it upon all who would stand in our way!  Each and every pair to be sacrificed, they shall be a testament to strength. With every battle won, it shall serve as further evidence that none can escape nor overcome all we planned for them. And when we capture the glorious gold, it shall stand as undisputed proof that there is no greater force than that of the Nightmare. 

Come forward Madison, come forward Keelan. You both are to play a role, an important one, in what is to come. Our triumph over you shall be another brick in the foundation of our legend. You tears, and your blood, shall be what our future Conquests are built upon. You shall be remembered well for the slaughter that shall make out of you. Never shall the scars fade from neither your bodies nor you minds. Till the day our glorious reign has wiped away you and the rest of the heathen scum from this world, you shall never be free of the mercilessness that shall befall you at week’s end. This is our promise to you, a parting gift to our former sister, one she shall never forget. 

Take heed of the words we speak. Though you would mock them, and discard them as fools discarding gold, their truth cannot be forever denied. Learn well from them, for your own benefit. Learn well, that you might prepare yourself for a lifetime’s worth of agony and suffering. Prepare yourselves, for in such little time all that we speak shall come to pass, and you shall be forever afflicted by it.  Listen well to these words, for sooner than you realize, they shall be made so.”

(With that Caine walks away and out of the frame. The camera closes back in on the stone message, and holds on it for a long moment before fading out to black.)

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 11:50 pm by Tomi Venus
BEATing Target Smiles (vol. 4)

But what makes this time so special? What makes this time different? You wanna bring up track records but I have been beating legends in the six months I’ve been on Dynasty while you have failed so many times when attempting to come back to the ring and make a statement after a leave of absence. So this time you’re trying? But at the end of your statement you claimed not to lie. Yet word around the locker room has been that every time you try to make your return you come out and say how things will be different and how you’re here to show the world that Hurricane Hawk’s legacy isn’t dead yet, and every time you fail to accomplish your goals. Sounds to me as though making statements like that with no intention of putting effort into following through, or what some might call “trying,” would be nothing more than a bold faced lie. You asked Starr Stan for this opportunity at House of Glass to earn a shot at the Hardcore Championship and Starr Stan knows how times have changed since his days of being on top. Starr Stan has watched men like Nasir Moore, Darkane and myself leave our hearts and souls out in front of the world to prove to them what we can do. While our former General Manager may have happily rewarded entitled veterans for their past accomplishments but instead Starr Stan gave you me. If you beat me this week you get absolutely nothing, but when I beat you it’s going to make you realize how much this company has advanced in your absence. The fact is, I’m the guy to beat for someone in your position. While you’ve been kicking back enjoying the good life, this masked rookie has been in the trenches busting his ass to earn a name for himself. I’ve been doing it for the pleasure of these Smiling Faces for so long but it’s about time they had a champion. I’ve kept them waiting for too long for a self proclaimed Show Slayer to stand in my way, especially when Hurricanes are as unpopular as they are right now.

It’s funny. You tell me how everything you do is done in the ring but all you’ve done is talk. You have been running your mouth from the moment this match was announced. I would gladly keep my mouth shut and say everything I need to say in the ring on Friday, but you have been the one who’s quick to open their mouth. Going on and on with the same old statements.

“I’m Hurricane Hawk, I’m a legend. Target Smiles stands no chance against me. I’ve done so much in EAW and I’m here to do more. Target Smiles I’m going to BEAT YOU, and you know it’s true because I put emphasis on BEAT YOU. I’m not going to stop saying how much better I am than you and how little of a chance you have at beating me so maybe..

People will believe me.

Hurricane Hawk, I am not here to argue my case for why I’m going to beat you because I have been here showing everyone how good I am. Maybe I’m not the greatest to ever grace this company with my talents, but I am definitely good enough to beat you. You may have trouble believing that but trust me when I say you won’t very soon. I know that sometimes the truth is hard to take, but you’ll be walking away with it regardless.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 11:50 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

Grasping through straws? Yawn.

The only thing I’m grasping was your attention and that is exactly what I got. I not only got your attention, but I got Chris Elite’s attention. I find it quite amusing to be honest. The moment I recieved your attention, Chris Elite follows your lead, barking at me like he wasn’t a midget once upon a time. When looking at Elite Tandem, I am not looking at two leaders who can eventually call themselves World Champions in the future. No, I only look at one leader and that happens to be you, Rex. Unlike Elite Tandem, Di Consentes is a team of leaders. No one is following the other’s lead. No one is following from behind. Nope. The Heart Break Gal and walk side by side as we approach this match on Showdown. We stand next to each other as we go through the mightiest of battles. We are not afraid to bleed. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We are not afraid to do the unthinkable if it secures us the victory. Di Consentes knows how to stand united on the forefront as a team. Di Consentes knows how to stand individually if there ever came a moment. Individually, we have spent years making men and women shake through their boots. Now, we make the entire company shake to its core. Sure, you say that you aren’t intimidated. You’ve defeated The Heart Break Gal before. What makes me any different? As the two women competing outside of the Empire brand, we have to stick with each other. We are two women with a common goal. We want to be Tag Champions. We want to be World Champions. Just like you have stated, Rex. I want the world in the palm of my hand. You make a compelling argument. Jamie O’Hara’s World Championship reign is in the palm of my hands. With great power comes great responsibility. One wrong move and that could all disappear. However, I’m not planning to be biased. I am not planning to let my emotions make my decisions. If you want to look at me as this corrupt woman with something underneath her sleeve, then you are sadly wrong. I’m not looking for some sort of way to redeem myself. I’m not looking for some way to amend all my wrongs. I am not haunted by my World Championship Match. The Grand Prix is my opportunity to make history. The Grand Prix is my opportunity to make history alongside The Heart Break Gal. To say that I don’t want to win is an understatement. I want to win. Nothing would make me happier than to become the first females to not only win the Grand Prix, but hold the Unified Tag Team Championships. It’s been an amazing year for Cameron Ella Ava. Sure, I could go on about everything I accomplished this year, but then, you’d start running your mouth about me needing these accomplishments as a false sense of security. I don’t need a false sense of security. I am quite secure with myself. I know where I belong in EAW. I know where I belong in Di Consentes. There is no reason for me to be insecure with myself. Rex, you can paint this picture of me being an insecure woman. You can paint this picture of me needing accomplishments as a way to make myself feel better. When you get me in the ring, that is where I am most secure. That is where I am most comfortable of being. What HBG and I did to Azrael and Ryan Wilson will be nothing to what we will do to Elite Tandem. You may like to call me about HBG “not pulling her weight”, but don’t you have an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match to qualify for? Or have you begun to realize that you made a giant mistake with John Doe? With dealing with this match, I’m not underestimating you or Chris Elite one bit. The fact that you think that I am planning to let my guard down and let the two of you get the victory is laughable. Rex, you have proven over the past year that you are someone I cannot underestimate. You are someone who has proven to be a legit threat on Showdown. You are someone who is on a rise to be EAW Champion. Why bother being part of this tournament? You could ask me the same question, but you already got my reason. I love making history. HBG has been to the finals once and she would love to win with the right partner. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s not my partner who you should be worried about. It should be yours. I hope that he doesn’t take you down to his level when competing in this match. I mean, there was a reason why HBG called him Iconomy filth in the past.

Did you make me upset? Nope.

My previous response to you was something that needed to be said a long time ago. If I had the opportunity to face you in a match, that would be exactly what I would say to you. Do I regret it? No. I  don’t regret anything I say to my opponents. If it would have been the other way around and you talked about Jamie, I wouldn’t have been angry. At least, we’re dating unlike you and Aria. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of a shitty comparison to make. It’s also a contradiction in your part when you stated that you never made childish or petty jokes before. Excuse me? You spent the last couple months making jokes ranging from calling Empire Dykepire to becoming the Denzel Crocker of Voltage. If we’re talking about who is more childish between you and I, it would be you. Perhaps, you use your shitty sense of humor as a cushion for your pathetic EAW career.  It’s laughable that you call yourself a main attraction. What have you done to make yourself a main attraction? Before you even decides to call Mr. DEDEDE out, no one could give a flying fuck about you. People look forward to your segments as a way to laugh at your misfortunes. In those people’s eyes, you were never supposed to become one of the main reasons to watch Voltage on a Sunday night. Nah, no one expected you to have a new growth of popularity. No one expected for your revenue to explode. If it wasn’t for Mr. DEDEDE, you would still be fired. You’d probably be found in the unemployment line where your next lines would be “will you like fries with that?” You’re not hero in this match. You’re not the hero of Voltage. You think that you and Rex can find yourselves in the second round of the Grand Prix and try to end the greatness in Di Consentes? You think that you can do what you claimed what you have done for the New Breed Division and revive it? You honestly think that you saved any Division? Nah, you were busy doing nothing in the New Breed Division. The only thing you have on that was a sense of loyalty. You were never a top player in the Division. You were something that gravitated people’s attentions. Nah, they would have rather watched someone cooler hold the New Breed Championship, but you still claimed that you save the the Division from dying right? I’m not underestimating your capabilities in the match. You could surprise me if you wanted too. I tend to surprise everyone each time I step foot in the ring. There was people who thought Jamie was going to obliterate me at Territorial Invasion. Instead, I took all the criticism and doubts and was able to create an almost five star match. I mean, at Road to Redemption, you could surprise the world and pull out a fantastic match with Mr. DEDEDE. You could totally shine. You could totally be on your way to hold the Interwire Championship! I’m not counting you out. However, do you realize who you’re stepping into the ring with? The Heart Break Gal and Cameron Ella Ava are nothing to take lightly.  Di Consentes is not only planning to conquer the Tag Team Division, but everything around it. We’ve seen you and Rex around it. You even got a free pass to the second round without even doing shit in the first. That is the biggest mistake anyone could have made in this tournament. Honestly, we should have been automatically sent to the finals. That’s how above the competition we are in. Hey, we’re fine with earning our spot too. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for a long time now. Elite Tandem is never meant to be anything special. It’s never meant to be anything to taken seriously. I wonder why Rex even agreed to team with you in the first place. He is in a different level than you. He’s more likely to win a World Championship in EAW. I like to say that he was bribed because who’d want to team with you? Who’d want to spent this entire team listening to you? Yikes. Hopefully, you have plan b when this all fails. Perhaps, you can blame Ryan Adams for this fault too. It seems like you never want to take any responsibilities for yourself anymore.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 11:45 pm by The Consigliere
I am filled with envy. I want what I don't have. I seek to take away what another has, and keep it for myself. Do you know who else shares the same characteristic? 

Every fucking person in existence. 

People choose to take the burden and the pressure of reaching greater heights they believe they need to accomplish in a short span of time, and in the end, they fall as fast all the same. Thank you for making every obvious observation that you can think of, Rex McAllister, I didn't know a pathetic halfwit like you would actually be capable of telling such elaborate tales, you never fail to impress me each day. "Why is the sky blue" We ask Rex. "Why, because blue is the sky's color!" he answers. I don't know whether to applaud or bash my fist to the concrete wall. It feels like every day I'm forced to face you is a form of punishment not because I meet you in the ring, but because I have to deal with your monotonous babbling that you spit my way. I know it's tough to be stupid, and I know that you want to present yourself as an insightful being whose philosophical level is beyond our reach, but when you try so hard that you begin to jumble up words that even you couldn't make sense of, then maybe it's time to stop thinking about what others would say and start admitting what you are as you appear to the world -- a fucking moron. Everything you say is filled with holes and contradictions, not to mention a big slimy wad of hypocrisy. Then again, only the feeble-minded would listen to their own kind, and with that, I know to not put any value to your claims. Just like the laughable idea that you're the future of this company -- it really puts things into perspective. No wonder you haven't done anything of worth in the present, you're too focused on the future! And tell me, when will this future come, Rex McAllister? When will the chapter of your book finally progress? When all the legends have decided they're no longer interested in the game and the new breeds are left to pick up the scraps? That's exactly the rookie mentality that prevents you from moving forward. You are completely satisfied besting me or Devan in matches that has no impact whatsoever in our future, but is only a means to play right into John Doe's hands. And when it's a contendership match to a World Championship, you fucking squander that opportunity and you're back to square one with no gold to show off. You can blame John Doe, you can blame me, and you can even blame Devan, but in the end you were the one taking steps and it was your job to ensure that any gold you run towards will be yours to keep, but you didn't do enough because you didn't want it enough. If you continue running around in circles, can you tell me when you actually intend on being at the top of the brand? Or is that something we all have to hear about in years to come? Let me give you a little trivia about your partner over there, he has bragged about becoming the future of this company for many many years. He was around when I won my second Vixens Championship, he was around when I won my first Unified Tag Team Championship, and he is still around now that I'm battling through EAW Championship... so many years of fighting demons and beasts of this company, and he still isn't worth jack shit. You giving him merits is more than enough proof that your judgment cannot be trusted, and you're just blindly wielding a sword not knowing if the one that you defend is even worth the effort you intend to put. Cameron and I know each other's worth. Have stood at the opposite sides of the ring ripping each other's throats, breaking each other's bones and nearly killing each other for gold we both want so badly, and the same way we have stood beside each other as comrades who are willing to exhaust our strengths just to ensure that we are not defeated as a unit. We were not just random partners who have been paired up by the management because we were pissed at the other team, but will never hum the same tune, just as I was with Devan. Cameron and I have a rich history, we specifically chose each other, and we both are proud to say we have conquered, and will continue to conquer for years to come. We are future World Champions of our respective brands, and no matter what defeat we suffered at least we are proud to say that we have danced with World Champions in the ring and main evented big events a handful of times. And after everything we have gone through, do you honestly think that facing piles of garbages like you and Chris Elite would make us feel threatened at any way? Indeed nothing has changed with my approach, I am still ego-centric, I am still a determined individual, I am still a greedy person who will always desire what she is told she can't have, and while that is seen as a weakness by every fickle minded self-righteous buffoon like you, I see it as a strength for it allows me to yearn for more each time I don't get what I want. You are in no position to tell me that becoming Champion is something I am not meant to be, because no matter what happens, I am the one who stands above... I don't care what you think I deserve. I don't care what you feel is rightfully yours. My only concern is myself -- my goals with Di Consentes, my goals as The Heart Break Gal. Do you honestly think I'd go through much effort to manipulate what people think about me? Let them say I am envious and lustful and greedy, surely they'd be right about it... but they're small opinions from fools who will never matter in this world, I could barely hear their murmurs. I know what I am, Rex. And it's only a matter of time until the dust settles at the battlefield after the final war, and I emerge as Champion. And then the world will know the extent of my capabilities, and that I really am what I present myself as -- a goddess. 

Chris Elite. 

It's been a while. 

And you're still the same dumbass that I remember.

Ah, it's been two years since the last time we faced each other indeed. Hexa-gun was taking over EAW, and you think The Iconomy is the best group in the world because it was the only club in school that actually wanted you in it! You worshipped JJ Silva, don't you remember? You were all over Eclipse Diemos, do you recall? You sniffed Cailin Dillon's ass, have you forgotten? And it's not even a surprise that you'd choose to follow Rex McAllister like a dog since he is comparable to what your overlords were, years ago! I suppose not facing the tougher guns have made you believe that you're actually special and a person that should be watched out for, but all I see is a scared little tryhard, hoping to run as fast as he can but is still falling behind! Why are you even wasting time on this Tournament, Chris Elite? Why are you still trying your best to aim for gold when we both know that your name is bound for failure no matter what you do? The only thing that you can do now is hope and pray that my wittle feelings would get hurt just because you claim that I am vanishing away, without even taking into consideration that not even a week ago, I defeated Lannister to be the first entrant at the Extreme Elimination Chamber! And while I am on my way to reach gold and make my presence known as a contender for the EAW Championship... did you ever make the effort to do the same in the years that we've not communicated? I highly doubt it. Didn't I tell you before? The opportunities for me are simply limitless because of who I am. My name is not close to fading away until I decide it's over. And I understand that you sleep better thinking that I would succumb to defeat, but the fire in my heart burns brighter than ever and I am ready for any match that would come my way. Unlike you, I can easily recover from a suffered loss and defeat. Unlike you, I learn, and I learn quickly from the mistakes and the missteps that I have made in the past. And unlike you, I don't make promises that I can't keep. If you really are a man of your word, you would have defeated me and Y2Impact in the Glass Gauntlet match like you fucking promised. The Iconomy would have saved EAW from Hexa-gun instead of humiliating themselves on a weekly basis because they couldn't get their act straight. You would be fighting for your second Tag Team Championships by now! And that alone shows that you are incapable of working as a team on top of appearing as an incompetent piece of shit as an individual performer. How do you even expect to win this tournament? Are you still even part of the new breed? It seems like from being a rookie to being a tenured wrestler in this company, you have accomplished nothing noteworthy in between those times... and I'm supposed to be the one pushed to irrelevancy? HAH, don't even make me laugh. You are not a bully, Chris Elite. You're too insignificant to even waste a single second thinking about. To me, you are nothing but an insecure little toad who looks forward to breaking the curse and becoming the prince someday, only to realize that he was never cursed to begin with... that's just how he's always been. 

After one opponent suffers defeat, another one will come along. Those who dare face us are subject to rightful judgment by the goddesses. You will regret the day that you spoke ill of us. You will rue the moment you strike us. For Di Consentes are not only conquerors, not only rulers, but goddesses who will win their battles and ensure punishment to those who oppose. 

The Goddess of the Hunt. Diana. Cameron Ella Ava.

The Goddess of War. Minerva. The Heart Break Gal.
Best if you think twice before sharing the ring with us. With our strength and power, your defeat is truly inevitable. And we will not stop until gold rests around our waists. Do not come to us asking for mercy when the time comes, just know you have been warned. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 11:07 pm by Ahren Fournier
(Ahren can be seen in what appears to be a jungle of some kind... Or his backyard.. Can't really tell)

Look at me surviving the elements right now, I'm so badass being outside and shit. Is anyone as hardcore as me? Naw. So hey I'm Ahren, and I'm angry. Last week I was nothing but optimism, sure I was fucked over in the biggest match of my career but I thought I could trust the guy who I saved. Nope. What happened on Dynasty? Was there any mention of the screw job of Fournier? There was not as a matter of fact. I love being screwed as much as the next guy but when the screwing starts to be inserted into my asshole! Well that's not very fun for me. I was fucked, no lube, and had no mention of it on Dynasty. Sure we had a preview of Eclipse Diemos, and Nas getting yet ANOTHER EAW title shot, because they haven't had enough. How many are they going to be given? Well in Nas case, I guess until he actually wins one, so hopefully he beats Pizza Boy so we don't have to suffer through the age of overexposing Nas. Pure and simple he's not very good, I've wrestled him, I've beat him, he's overrated. But hey let's keep giving him title shot after title shot. I mean what was even the point of me being in the 5 v 5 match? I stood on the apron to look pretty, and then came in the ring to get fucked. Yay! I was legit just there to be sexy eye candy. Quite frankly I've had enough, I thought coming to Dynasty would give me a new chapter in my life, a chapter full of fun new experiences and opportunities but nope.  I come here and it's literally been the same old shit.. If not worse. Let me just say this, so I get screwed, get no mention of it on Dynasty.. Fine, I get a match with Darkane, a guy that is so far up his own ass he's eating breakfast twice.. Was that clever? I don't know, I say clever things from time to time. Anyways, he's an overrated, overhyped piece of shit just like Nas.. What happens? I beat him, 1 2 3 just like that. How do I get rewarded? By being put up against Braydon Wolfe... 

Well excuse me for not being enthusiastic about going up against a guy I've literally never heard of in my entire life. Apparently Braydon... Which is one of the lamest names in english.. Was on NEO.. Making... Waves? Does anyone know who this is? But he's here now, and I have the misfortune of wasting my time with him. Here's the kicker though, his debut match.. He's up against a top tier guy like Ahren Fournier and he makes no mention of Dynasty.. Not once. Why is this? Well he's still stuck in the minor leagues, that's all he's talked about this week. How pathetic, am I right ladies? He's too busy talking shit to a guy that thinks he's a comic book superhero. This isn't play time anymore Braydon, you're not going up against some no name low level talent that will disappear in a month. You're going up against a proven hot commodity. I am the greatest Hardcore Champion of all time, I revived that title off of life support and now hall of famers want it around there waists. That's not good enough though apparently.. Being the Fourth overall pick isn't good enough apparently. Being the most attractive single handedly dominated sexual stallion in all of the universe isn't good enough apparently. Much like Scott Diamond, much like Nico Borg, and much like Darkane, everyone is stuck in the past. But not far enough into the past, only my first week of Dynasty, and my fourth week? Of Dynasty. I've lost two matches so far here, and that's all everyone fixates on, and though I get it, that's not the whole story. Fact of the matter is if you look at my entire body of work in 2017, I've only lost 2 matches straight up and those matches were on Dynasty. Was it getting acclimated to a new show? Was it because they got lucky? Was it because Ahren doesn't have it anymore? I don't know, make your own thoughts and present it in front of the class if you feel so inclined. All I know is I'm not going to harp on about the negatives. I know what I'm capable of, and I know I haven't had much of a fair shake around here. And I know I'm supposed to be talking about some dude named Braydon right now, but he honestly doesn't even matter. He really doesn't, I get it, Ahren is the measuring stick of EAW, and you have to put him in the ring against the rookies just to see if they have it. Breaking news, no.. None of them ever do. I retired KEVIN ANGEL REMEMBER?! Of course you don't, because I erased his entire identity out of the realm. That's what I do, I take these no name rookies and I make them completely.. Well for lack of a better word, obsolete. So yeah, I'm frustrated. Ahren Fournier is a workhorse for EAW, for Dynasty, and these past few weeks on Dynasty have been an absolute slap in the face. The truth is staring everyone right in the face, everyone can see who has the look, who has the entertaining factor, who has the in ring prowess, the smarts.. The entire package, and that is me. AND YOU'RE GOING TO HERE ME ROOOOAAARRR OH OH OH OH...

(Ahren turns to a mirror that was conveniently on a tree next to him, and punches it, shattering it into a million pieces.)

Did that hurt you may be wondering to yourself... No, I don't feel pain.. Except for the pain that's inside my body. What is pain anyways? 

(Ahren picks up a shard of glass and starts rubbing it on his cheek)

I'm so hardcore, look at this hardcore lifestyle I live. I'm going to cuddle with this shard of glass, does that intimidate you? I COULD ROLL OVER AT ANY TIME AND HAVE IT SLIDE INTO ME. Don't get too excited, it won't slide into any sexual areas, maybe a major artery though. Would that make you happy? No, no it wouldn't. I can hear all the women of the world crying as we speak, saying no papi don't do it. But that's just how I roll ladies, ok? I live life on the edge, I love the danger. I might as well sleep on a bed of glass. People though I should've been scared of Darkane, the future Hardcore Champion.. Yeah, right.. I made him my bitch. Who's the greatest Hardcore Champion of all time? Me. Who's never done shit in this company? Darkane. Quite frankly before Territorial Invasion, I didn't even know Darkane existed. Do I watch Showdown? No.. But you'd think I'd hear something about him, anything. I mean I've heard the High Rollerz are pretty GOAT, but Darkane? Not so much. And then when I beat him, so it's cool. Anyways Braydon what I'm trying to say is, I've been disrespected here in EAW, I'm pretty pissed off, and i"m going to straight up murk you fam. Like straight up put you 6 feet down. But yeah seriously who are you? Why are you asian but have a not so asian last name? Clearly you made your name up and I don't believe that EAW is the place for liars. So now I must really teach you a lesson, a lesson in being truthful to yourself. Oh I watched NEO, you beat Ryan Wilson.. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO IMPRESS ME? I'm not so easily impressed. Should I just hand you a condom right now? Do you think you've earned a visit from the Trill Fairy? No, that's not good enough. I will bombard you with my dirty socks, because that's what you deserve. Don't worry my dirty socks are cleaner than your dirtiest socks because I'm GOAT and that's what happens when you're GOAT. They smell of the sweetest honey dew.. Jealous? Good. How did this happen you ask? I had to travel all the way to Siberia, travel up the coldest mountains, fight Siberian tigers, and bears... To find the artifact in the caves. It is made by the oldest of indigenous people in the area. You see Ahren Fournier is one of many talents, as you all know. I am also now an archeologist, and I'm reaping the benefits. Obviously I knew how to speak their language because I'm a perfect specimen. I ate the native food, danced the native dance, and at the end I was a regular Siberian native.. Anyways, yeah Braydon you ain't shit, you in the big leagues now fam bruh cuh. You focused on the minor leagues because you're in the semi finals or something? Poor move. What is the prize of winning the EVO Series? Shouldn't it be getting called up to the main roster? Guess not because you're here.. Which makes it weird that you're still on NEO. I don't get it... Anyways you ignored me all week, and I ignored you all week.. Because you're below me and I really don't even care. I'm.. I'm sorry Braydon... I know this is your big debut.. Not that it seems like you care, you haven't even mentioned it all week. But again I'm sorry, because I'm ending your career as soon as it starts. SAD! Now I'm going to go inside before I die from living out here in the elements because the world is a scary place. Sure I survived Siberia, and there will be much more travel in the future of Fournier. But for now, I must rest my wary bones.. What was the point of me being outside? Maybe it was to show how trill and hardcore I am.. Being outside for a promo is pretty tough stuff. Maybe it was because I couldn't think of any other setting this time around.. But I'm going to go with option number one.. Bye.

(Ahren jumps into the bushes because it was the quickest way to get off camera.. Scene fades to black)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 11:07 pm by Black Mamba
Showdown Arrival
1 - Boss
v. Prince of Phenomenal (Non-Title)


(A replay of Showdown begins to play; the madness in the National Elite Champion’s eyes is alive and well as General Manager Brian Daniels informs him of some “good” news)


(Words are merely echoed once more as the replay is pause, a lone finger being pressed on a screen, as the camera zooms out to James Ranger, in ring attire, swipes left to restart the segment being aired for those who missed the show live. He smirks as the clip replays the complaining of POP. He stops it once more, chuckling as he resets it once more.)

Pierre: Nonetheless, a big contest set for next week! James Ranger will make his Showdown debut against the National Elite Champion himself, Prince of Phenomenal! And not only that, but he’s officially in the Elimination Chamber FOR the National Elite Championship!

(He lets the clip finish, as the EAW logo appears on the smartphone’s screen. He smiles a bit as he pockets it. )

This is some crisis for you. 
Having to have your little party taken away and your day completely ruined because you have to demonstrate you are what you claim to be. For what was accomplished at Territorial Invasion this year is worth anything, it’s that you are no role model of mine. I cannot say without question that you are the future. I am sure you will preach the value of you holding the National Elite Championship, how it must be considered that I am the new guy on the block. 
How worthless I must be to you, second Showdown returning and you’re in a non-title match against me. Who am I would matter if I had crossed paths with you before, but I feel like I would not be satisfied with crossing your path no more than a skunk took your place. There is something truly wonderful for this moment to come THIS early. I am sure you will blame the General Manager for this folly much like the other champions so far that reign on this show. I will accept it as your nature; your actions will reflect it more in the ring.

(James stops to listen for the conclusion of a match, only hearing the sounds of fans cheering instead.)

This could be an excellent moment in the books. The self-proclaimed “Past, Present, and Future”, the Prince of Phenomenal”, our esteemed and majestic EAW National Elite Champion, looking to set the bar before the Elimination Chamber, by making an example of the new guy on the block. A proud moment it would be for those slated to chase after you in the coming weeks. What would you aspire to show me your highness? Your realm is….rather small for a prince. Freshly crowned after taking the strap from Stark and what was your idea of a celebration…girls from the local strip clubs? A man of your wealth could have anything you wanted, but you chose the local strip club. 
(James rubs his forehead, sighing loudly before taking a few steps down the hallway.)

Oh dear, what a cruel way for me to start, having to smell the taint of strippers on your flesh as I seek to make you taste something you shouldn’t catch. I have to be reasonable in this first bout. Draining as it might be, I have to accept that you are a man of great in ring ability, though the words that come out of your mouth would make a pimp on the corner straighten up bit a more.  Regrettable, which I have to accept that you’re in ring ability to topple the former champion, was something worth studying. Five whole fucking seconds’ worth, I suppose I should watch the previous tapes of you in action, but I know that there’s plenty of time to watch them, but I suppose I should take interest in your panic. I hope that was just some charade, just some elaborate phase of you being a punk on live television. 

Being a man experienced in Elimination Chamber matches, I would honestly be delighted at my new boss’s words. To prove my worth, to shine above the others, to reflect and pass down wisdom that others would only dream of knowing; but am I wrong to assume you are just a paper champion in passing, merely holding the title until the big match? I mean I am not the only one gunning for your belt. Not all of them have been revealed or shown their faces.  It would only be natural to assume that you are being paranoid, and yet you are a prince…that can do phenomenal things. Don’t disappoint your highness; your audience is already in your throne room, admiring how ill-suited the throne looks for you.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 9:29 pm by Rex32
Phases and patterns.

Our very lives exist around them.

In our patternless lives we're expected create our very own patterns, and we do it in phases. In fact the most common pattern of all that mankind creates are circles. The circular patterns we make in everything basic that we do are the things we do on a repetitive basis. We wake up, we eat, we plan our day out, we set goals, we set our daily planner in motion, we accomplish things, and finally we sleep, dreaming away with inner most desires and experiences still to look forward to. Every phase of our lives breeds new experiences that add to our evolution as wrestlers, each new day of each month of each passing year these circular patterns comprise of our plans, our actions, and lastly our completions of our greatest aspirations, fulfilling our desires to the fullest. Some patterns can be integrally tangible to ensure we go on continuing to prosper in the one life that we are granted with. But we must be very aware of certain other patterns that may or may not be detriments to impede our progress. Perhaps I'm particularly serious because I'm not unaware of the potential absurdity of what I'm doing. There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware to have any chance of becoming anything in a company like this. 

The line must be drawn somewhere.

The next phase comes, and new patterns are formed.

More experiences to gain from.

So let's talk about manipulation for a few moments. An act of making a given target think they have some sort of control in anything and everything they do, leading to something much better than what it is that they already had based on the choices they ultimately made. It's an interesting action. Not exactly coercion, not precisely persuasion, and not entirely similar to deception. It's a widespread phenomenon that occurs in all walks of life. From politics to art, education, literature to the already aforementioned basic patterns. Everywhere. Lies disguised as truths that can move anybody that's easily swayed by those whose very simplest function is to spin the wheels of manipulation they try to impose on others. It's those who spin those very wheels that believe they are able to control anything from the way you think, what you do and say, and seemingly go out of their way to keep you thinking...constantly thinking, staying cautious. I'd be lying to myself in saying that I wasn't just a little bit curious about it all, things that were done to get to this point. Things that have been said just to try and shift some balance of power in my favor, but gaining power is not my focus, making change is. I said it before, and their were no misconceptions about it either. You see, while this elitist will push forward in helping to shape the future of this company, a strenuous alternative compared to that of which John Doe likely has to offer, but undoubtedly an experience that helps this elitist push forward through the turbulent ride that's ahead of him. See, turning down an offer isn't the hard part, I can do that without giving it very much thought because up until recently it was this elitist that had been forging ahead paving his own path, laying waste to any and all obstacles placed in his path and using them all as stepping Stones along the way. The hard part is staying on course. The path to the EAW Championship can't be realized if I just suddenly stray off the path that I'm on. Curiosity can only tempt me so much, but it won't make me betray the very principles that have been at the forefront all the time, the same principles that has led me this far in my career. Up to this point, John Doe, you have been an aid in my continuous inevitable rise to reach the top of this company, but make no mistake about it, I look at you no differently than any other before you. From the mystery of your very existence on these terrains, to your interest in what mine and anyone else's offers, you have tried to become a third conscience in my head over these last several weeks. Your end game is important, no doubt about it, and this coming Showdown this elitist walks toward more of the unknown curiously... curious to find out what your ultimate motive is, because chaos, entertainment, calamity? Those are just not a good enough explanations for me. The investment you believe you have, it's that very same one that's going to eventually move on to bigger and better things as we move into the future. The same investment that will easily forget about this short temporary alliance, because that's ultimately how it goes more often than not, and I would be lying if I said that wasn't going to be the case here. I am an investment, and invested, but it's in myself. The future is taking shape regardless of what happens this week or going forward. I've said it to Devan Dubian. I've said it to Heart Break Gal. I've said it to the world. The only way this chapter of my evolution can be prevented is if you kill the author, the owner, and writer of this story, and unfortunately for you John Doe, you just aren't the one capable of changing a thing. 

You're just another piece on the chessboard.

This is a reality that you can't change.

You have no control over my fate.

This season for me has been all about doing anything and everything possible to rise up into the upper echelons of this company, and even with quite a ways to go to reach my end game, none of it ever had anything to do with lusting after gold, because as one of the future pillars of this company it's practically my birth right, something that's simply meant to be anyways. You can say you had a hand in my past two big victories. However, I was already destined to be where I am regardless, and where I will eventually be in the future. So while you walk in the dark unknown, coming and going as you please like a free spirit believing that that all of my momentum coincidentally dies away by your hands at the snap of your fingers, it's the new patterns that will be created that keeps the wheels in motion for this elitist as they always have. What you need to realize is that everything since Dia Del Diablo was simply a phase, one that has now become outdated. New experiences that lended an assist to my continued rise in this company. You've simply played your part in speeding up the process, nothing more nothing less. It's meant everything to me and nothing to me at the same time, it was just business for me. In a cutthroat world full of cutthroats it's time to cut ties, and move on. I accept the good with the bad, the bad with the ugly, people should come to realize that about me. You're the unknown, but the unknown is something I've willingly embraced before, and have once more the moment I first laid my anger-filled, opportunistic eyes on you after both Devan Dubian and Heart Break Gal cost me my moment, the chance to stand at the top. Your presumptuous nature has you in a state of convenience at the moment, and perhaps I'm not enough to change that at this time, but it's not what I need to change when it comes to you. The present that leads toward the inevitable future that is taking shape is my only focus, and now you are tasked with trying to take it all away from me just as the rest of them were. This chapter of the story has a different ending to it, a twist! One filled with chaos and entertainment. This is an experience I'm yearning for.

In the end we both get what we want out of this.

You'll continue to make your patterns.

And I'll continue to make mine.
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Voltage Promo #3

"When it's time for you to venture out, don't let fear have you looking back at what you're leaving behind."

- Anonymous Author

Everyday since I left The Sanatorium, I have been getting many questions, from fans, from dirt sheets trying to get an inside scoop, but the biggest question I have received is why oh why would I leave such a place that brought me such happiness and support.  A place that brought me comfort and love, a place that would have my back, always and forever. Why would I leave a group of people who I considered my brothers and sisters who share the same qualities of life. People who like me were shunned by society, people who like me was never apart of the popular cliques but always an outcast. My Sanatorium family will always have a special place in my heart but in life sometimes it is time to move on, I found true love, a soul mate that very few people can find in life. But I was lucky enough to meet Keelan Cetinich and I have been the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.  He made me realize the bigger picture in life, I made the decision to not be associated in The Sanatorium not just for me, but I left because it was the right thing for the family itself. They might not understand it but it was indeed the right thing to do. My brothers and sisters like Solomon Caine may say I failed the family which I will say does sting a bit, but that's okay. Families say things at the heat of the moment. I clearly did not fail my family, I achieved greatness in The Sanatorium, brought them to knew heights especially in the woman's division. Where we were the focal point of many episodes of Empire, with me as the leader of the Coven. I did not fail the family not by a long shot, but that is the thing. That mentality and negativity is just what I am talking about, that is a major reason why I had to venture out. It never matter what I had to say right? No because everybody had their own opinions and as time went on my opinion just didn't matter anymore. Call me selfish call me what you want at the end of the day I am looking out for myself. Just like everyone else in The Sanatorium we all might be brothers and sisters and share one house and share all these similarities with one another, but at the end of the day you are all looking out for yourselves, you are all looking for whats best not for The Sanatorium but what is best for you as individuals. I can see right through people, and people will do just about anything to achieve greatness at all costs. Jon McAdams didn't join The Sanatorium with the reasoning that I had absolutely not.  He didn't join because he had absolutely nothing, I had literally nothing, nobody to cry a shoulder on. I was exiled by society because I didn't fit their mold of what a quote normal human being is. Jon McAdams is in The Sanatorium for one reason and one reason only and that is to soak success out of Eclipse, and I love Eclipse I really do, but he is so blinded by his own success that he doesn't see when people are worthless to his  fellowship, people who bring no face value to his empire that built up with his own two hands. You are all users you don't appreciate the things that were paved for you. You people want to know why I left and there you have it, because really The Sanatorium was nice for a while, but I really only need Keelan Cetinich in my life for now on.

Jon McAdams, I swear to god you are lucky as fuck that I am still not in The Sanatorium because I would make your life a living and breathing hellhole. You wouldn't be treating me with such disrespect if I was still there, I would spit in your mouth and you would smile and me and say thank you. You are a pussy whipped bitch Jon, you think you are all bad and tough because you have that support system behind you that I have had for damn near two years. I know how it is, you feel like you are on top of the world, you feel like you can say anything because there is someone who has your back at all angels. Let me just tell you one thing you aren't shit, Solomon Caine isn't anything but a bad evil priest stereotype. All of your talk is just that talk. Neither of you indicate me especially not someone who looks like you Jon, I probably weigh more than you and in fact have bigger muscles than you. Probably a bigger set a balls than you as well, you are not an imposing figure not even just a little bit. The most scary thing about you is your mustache.  Now I can just see it a mile away you are the type of guy who has gotten rejected so many times in life by woman, by your own family, by everyone that now you have this inferiority complex where now you think you are this big bag wolf. So you joined up with The Sanatorium because you had no where else to go, you have nothing in your pathetic little life that you can even write home to your mommy about. You joined The Sanatorium not only to soak up Eclipse's success but you joined because you are lonely and that you have nothing, because you are nothing but a cowardly little man hiding behind his giant ego that is made up of lies and slander. You are nothing more than a little weasel looking for cheese in the basement of a rundown house and as far as Solomon Caine is concerned he is nothing more than a person trying way to hard to be evil and sadistic. You come off corny as hell, and people don't find you tough. You want to talk about the true love that is Keelan and I, you want to mock and talk shit about it, only because you are jealous of it. You will never in a million years of walking this earth ever find true love because you are weird and a low life. No person on this planet would ever fall for you, no person would ever fuck you because of how obnoxious our personality is. I mean nobody talks the way you do, I could just imagine you having sex with a woman saying the following. "Art thou I am Solomon Caine, we shall ingange in this round of coitus, right now at this very moment of time, I shall stick-ith my minuscule of a male genitalia into thou vaginal hole." (Madison laughs) I mean the girl would get up and walk away, but anyway I am sorry that was very unprofessional of me, regardless I digress, you both are obviously jealous of Keelan, you look at him and you just ooze jealousy and hate. Not only because he is with the most hottest most talented woman on the EAW roster today, but that he actually found his soul mate, you are also jealous that he is the most up and coming wrestler on this roster, it eats you both alive nothing he has already accomplished more than you two combined, oh and don't worry Jon I know you beat him a few months ago, I know that will be your stupid comeback, because that is everyone's comeback around here, you would say that because you are a stupid idiot one match doesn't prove a god damn thing. It is a persons character that truely defines them as a man, and as a professional wrestler, and Keelan carries himself like a champion he comes to work every day ready to work his ass off, and that is more than I can say for the two of you barbarian baboons. You just expect everything to just be handed to them on a silver platter. I truly hope you guys are ready for a fight on Voltage because you wanted one, and ask and you shall receive you will be given the biggest fight of your EAW careers.
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Can’t be Erased

Eclipse traced his eyes up the rusted metal that sat looming just over his head. The charred corpse of a powerful machine that could move mountains with only a slight amount of human control. Gone to the elements. Reduced to nothing more than a worthless pile of scrap, not fit to be used for anything. Here it sat, dead to the rest of the world, remaining as a monument to the ability of mankind to fabricate incredible things...but eventually, like all things of human construction, they became nothing more than dust to the wind. Scrap that would be left lying, until the elements eventually took them for good. Till then...they were useless. Still, Eclipse marveled at them. They were akin to beautiful works of art. Pieces of the past that could never be fully destroyed. Only changed around and refitted, to suit the needs of others...if not that, they would be left behind. There was something serene about items like this. About how human nature can range from ingenious to worthless within a matter of seconds. Eclipse laughed to himself as he ran his fingers slowly against the metal of the machine, careful not to cut his fingers on the protruding pieces as his eyes turned towards a scrap of paper that he held in his hand. A scrap that had rather beautiful, if not aggressive, handwriting upon it. His eyes scanned over it, picking out only a few pieces of the letter, but grabbing the gist of it all the same. At the end of the scrawling was a simple message. “Whatever you do, don’t break him.’

“You have angels looking out for you...Idol of Passion, Nasir Moore. Angels that you can’t even comprehend when it comes down to me being honest with you. Because if it wasn’t for these angels that have requested for me to leave you alive and well...if it wasn’t for them wanting to make sure that you survived your third encounter with me...I would string you up by your fucking arteries and watch you bleed to death in the middle of the ring. But, I can agree to what this specific angel asks of me. I can agree to it, if only because, I want to see you walk out of that ring on Dynasty. I want to see you limp to the back, and have to prepare for what is to come. For what hell is going to await you when House of Glass rolls around. Because I feel that our time was squandered when it came to what could have been on Voltage. When I held the gold, there was truly only one person that I would willingly give that gold up to. That I would willingly put the gold on the line against. You. My ever living, breathing, and constantly surviving polar opposite. You are...without a shred of doubt...one of the most irritating and nauseating beings that I know of. Because you represent to me everything that is wrong with this world. Perseverance in the light, as it beats you down over and over and over again. This optimistic attitude about the world, when the world has shown people like you and I nothing back but misery and pain. You had to watch your best friend...your best friend, a man you called brother, have his career ended in the ring. And you could do nothing about it. You had to watch from the back and...I wonder how it made you feel? How you felt when tears stung your eyes as you realized that your last ever glimpse of this man in the ring, wasn’t a triumphant swan song of a victory...but a stinging defeat. A crushing loss. Yet, you still believe in the ideals of the light, and reject the shadows?

Why do you reject what made Aren strong? Why do you reject what makes those like Ryan Marx, and Nobi, and Impact, and Lannister, and Vendetta, and me, strong?! You throw it aside as if it is a product of evil, but if you could only see, if you turned it to my eyes, you could see what good it truly does. You’re an intelligent man, Nasir. I know you can see it. What the dark has done for people like me. And you continue to reject it, over and over again, because you’d rather win on your own terms and your own ideals. So, every time that we face off, what I do to you, begins to become a little bit more out of control. Just that much more...painful. Just that much more...brutal. Nasir, you saw the aftermath of what happened to your girlfriend. I did that, to get back at you, but I swore that I wouldn’t go that far again. Not to you. For reasons of my own. But that won’t stop me from doing anything in the ring for me to impart my lesson on you, Prince of Passion. I want to see you suffer in the ring, just enough that you understand where you are in this world. This isn’t Voltage. You aren’t the shining star in the darkest night, able to outshine everyone else on the roster while those that walk in the shadows go about their lives, heedless of what you can accomplish. This isn’t Voltage anymore. This isn’t your playground to dominate, as the number one popular kid on the school campus, this isn’t your world Nasir. This is mine. This is my world. So, when I say to you that I take a lot of pleasure in this, you know it’s true. I’m many things, Nasir. I’m a monster. A killer. A sinner. A father. A brother. A demon. And a nightmare. But among those things, I’m not a liar. I’ve never lied to you. I’ve never held anything back from you. So, when I say that I will leave you lying in the ring...but not broken, you know I’m telling the truth. I don’t want you left to the dust and the debris on Dynasty. Not there. I want you to suffer and I want it to be on a bigger, and grander stage. I think House of Glass is perfect for the two of us...don’t throw stones and all that ideological bull. That’s where I want to see you broken down, Prince of Passion. I want to see you writhe on shattered glass and shattered dreams. I will held the gold over my head and stand atop the foundation of success that I’ve created with the bodies of false idols, just like you. And when the dust settles fully on our feud...and you lie there on the ground bleeding profusely. You’ll see what I mean.”
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A few short months ago, at the aftermath of Pain for Pride, I was left shook to the core. I didn’t know how to respond to losing the opportunity of the Cash in the Vault, I didn’t know how I could possibly recover. During the Draft Week, I was left pondering my career, and whether or not it was in jeopardy of becoming the failure that so many others claimed it was going to be. I thought - I thought the Raven was going to fix everything. I thought that this dormant, vicious animal that was hidden inside me was going to mend my doubts, my worries, and that at the end I would be left holding something of worth. A trophy, a briefcase, a championship; anything that could make my name worth the paper I signed on to even step a foot into this fucking company. For the first time in my life, I was left star-struck, wondering how I could ever repair myself after such a disappointing performance. While I still may be in Tiberius’ good graces, I can’t hide the fact that he essentially abandoned me. He threw me out, believing that I wasn’t strong, that I wasn’t good enough for his King’s Guard. That’s the state I was left in after looking up, seeing Nico Borg raise that briefcase high in the air, completely relishing every second of it, while I was left to come home, once more empty-handed. My initial reaction pure rage and hatred, not just for the winners but for myself. How? How, after everything that I achieved as the Raven? How, after reinventing myself and being knighted into a formidable group? “The Raven was supposed to fix me,” was the first thought that raced into my mind. The aftermath was where I took the time to recollect my thoughts, my composure, and attempt to find a way to get back on the road to glory. And so, I came to a realization: The Raven wasn’t going to fix all my problems with a snap of its fingers. It wasn’t going to be some deus ex machina that would help re-write my career and turn me into a glorious hero. I had to do something. I had to push myself to the absolute breaking point, so that I didn’t come out of this venture a walking pile of shit. I had to push, so that I wouldn’t become like my father, or any of my other shitty relatives who never did anything meaningful in their lives. Do you see this face paint? This amalgam of white, red, and purple, colors that seem to have no correlation with one another, and I have single-handedly made it represent The Raven. The Embodiment of Evolution, the Pinnacle of Human Achievement, the shovel that dug me out of what I saw as a never-ending rabbit hole; one of failure, loss, hatred, and regret. In the short week of the EAW Draft, I managed to gather every single piece that was missing, every part of the puzzle that was my future, and I managed to produce a plan to pull my head out of the sand, and back into viewing the light at the end of the tunnel. The face paint I wear...it isn’t just something I fancy which I masquerade in, or something that I perceived as “cool” and worthy of making money off of. It has meaning. It isn’t just an elaborate design that you can put on Lars Grier t-shirts and sell to the mass media. It is something that actually holds some form of merit behind it, as it was designed by me to be a reminder. To be a reminder of  July 2017, when I first decided to sport it; to be a reminder of when The Raven turned further into the dark side. To be a reminder of when Lars Grier decided to stop weeping and moaning about being a failure, and instead try to get shit done. To be a reminder….of when the Raven was unleashed. It’s why I spend hours on end, perfecting every miniscule detail in this splash of white, red, and purple. It’s why I even bother to come out, despite all the crazy shit that’s happening in the world, because it motivates me. It reminds me of who I am, what I am destined to be, and the glory that I will achieve. People who claim that The Raven is just a nickname are - simply put - fucking idiotic. They know nothing of the mechanisms and the strategies that I employ whenever I go out there and do my job, because they’ve simply never even encountered the thought of having to adapt. The Raven is real; there is no debate about that. Don’t believe me? Just take a quick glimpse of when I ended the Manifestation of Destruction phase, and began anew with the first advance in Evolution. My win and loss record has turned in my favor, and opportunities have been popping up sporadically. Slowly but surely, I am making my way back to the peak of that mountain. I know that. Maybe I’ll be knocked down and sent backwards, but that’s the point: Evolution is all about setbacks and failure, and finding ways to refurbish yourself and come back stronger than you were before. Tried and true; that’s what evolution is. That’s what The Raven is.

And I’ll be damned if you, Amadeus, even think of trying to stop me.

I can’t allow it to stop, not now. Not after the months of hard work in the gym, in the ring and outside of it, working so fucking hard to get back to the place I was at Pain for Pride. My rise is one that has been overdue since the very first day I stepped into this company, claiming to the masses that I would destroy them all. My slow, but eventual climb to the top of that mountain has been one that cannot be ignored, not after everything that I’ve achieved. King of Elite, the New Breed Championship? That taught me the first values of failure. Back then, I was a retarded, brolic gorilla with a lump of dog shit for a brain, that simply tried to brush off my loss against Marx as nothing more than a minor setback that I could easily jump back from. Gold Mine was when I started to get the full package of failure, tasting every bit of it. Then came Grand Rampage, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That was the event that broke me down, shattered the dilapidated husk of Destruction, shedding it and becoming something better. Something bigger, something that not only had the experience of failure, but incorporated it into its system and mechanisms, using it as a driving force to become better. That is the Raven, and it is the truth that has brought me before you today, Amadeus. Do you think...that even for a SECOND, that I will let you trample me, run me down, and brush me off like you did so many before you? Do you think that I will let you destroy everything I’ve built, everything that I’ve worked up to with the help of your Sanatorium fuckbuddies? If you think it that way - you’re just delusional. But maybe...maybe I’m belittling you, Amadeus. Maybe I’m underestimating you as a force of destruction, as truly a threat to my well-being and my career. I know people who have done that; I’ve seen it with my very eyes. Everyone in that InterWire tournament thought you as silly and hilarious, seeing you change your name and persona for a third time. But those bellows of laughter sooned turned to ones of shock and disappointment, seeing you meet in the finals against Harvey Yorke and becoming the eventual winner of the entire event. It was such a celebration, was it not? You, finally having paid your dues, snatching that title that was hanging from the ceiling, much to the chagrin of the crowd watching, and of course - The Sanatorium stepping out to congratulate you. For such a dark and brooding individual, you were quite joyful that day, weren’t you? Happiness and the knowledge of finally being able to attain something of worth in this company overtook you, and you and your members in the Sanatorium celebrated with whatever creepy motherfucking rituals you acolytes do. I’m aware that people like you find joy in some of the downright sickening, and strangest things, but I’m not surprised. This world is cruel and terrifying, and we’re all just cogs in a massive machine, driving the wheels of humanity forward, and the Sanatorium? It’s the outlier.  I’m desperate and hungry to get every single opportunity I am owed, yet at the same time I must be careful around hounds like you. Hounds who scour this company, looking for weak prey to pounce and feast upon - that’s the Sanatorium, isn’t it? Preaching your ways of destruction and violence like a sermon in a church. I don’t underestimate you, Amadeus. You’re the InterWire Champion, a man who has faced some of the greatest in this industry and managed to stand over them, the victor. Cameron Ella Ava, Drastik, even my former King, Tiberius IV. You’re wrong if you think I see you as anything less, Amadeus.

What I hope for is that you don’t underestimate ME.

Trust me - you’re in for a bumpy and jagged ride if you even THINK for a second that I’m just some rat, going up against a cold and calculating individual like you. As a matter of speaking, the underestimation of your competition and the over-inflation of your ego is what causes the downfall of  so many tyrannical bastards, who sit on their ivory towers, watching us vermin scrummaging for food and the chance to survive. Carlos Rosso thought I was garbage, the worst of the worst who couldn't even shine his boots. Funny how he was the one who ended up tasting my boot. So many others before you, Amadeus, thought I was some foolish animal, running around and telling the world that I was hot shit. So many have them have come - and so many of them have fallen. That’s the way the world works, and how it will continue to function until, by some stretch of imagination, you manage to stop me. That somehow, you manage to find a way to hinder the rampaging, raging, and smouldering fire within me that licks in the inner echelons within me; pushing me to become better and stronger, to take down people like you. That’s the whole idea, Amadeus - The Raven comes charging towards his goal. The roadblocks he encounters on the way to that peak will either be nuisances or setbacks. Blockages that will send him back, no question, but in the end...when all's said and done, The Raven will evolve and transform into a barrage that can break those barriers that hold it back. Break its arm? The Raven will come back, trained harder than ever and ready to use that once broken arm and turn it into a fucking battering ram. Break its leg? Once again, it will come back and run faster than the speed of light, using that once fragmented limb to kick you in the gut like a fucking mule. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S HOW THE RAVEN WORKS, THAT’S WHY IT EXISTS, AND THAT’S WHY IT WILL BE THE CATALYST TO YOUR DOWNFALL, AMADEUS….I know how I see you as, Dreamer.. You’re the test. You’re the exam that is given to me after all the trials and tribulations in the beginning, to see if I’m worthy of being at the top and finally breaking that glass ceiling that has eluded me for so long. You’re what management will use as an expendable; gauging my abilities and whether or not I can keep up with people like you. But, I’ll let you in on the truth I already know: I can keep up with you. Not only can I keep up with you, but I can lap past you, and fly up towards the sky, hungry to reach my goal of at least….one, fucking championship. I know that The Nightmare lurks in the shadows, watching your every move during our eventual confrontation, and knowing the vermin that they are, they’ll most likely show up to try and stop me from blasting you into pieces. Jon McAdams, Solomon Caine, or even fucking Apocalypse - it won’t matter. They won’t matter in the end, when the truth finally settles after the dust fades, and all you see is a pissed-off, desperate and hungry Raven, looking for the quickest way to the peak of the mountain in EAW. The truth that will ring for generations, the truth that will stand strong and proud as soon as I take the time to rip you apart. The truth….

That you can’t fucking stop me.

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Voltage Promo #3 

Thursday, 2:02 A.M., Council Bluffs, Iowa. 

(The Scene opens on the interior of the O Face bar. Few besides the bartender inhabit the this sorry spot of a watering hole, and the few who do seem to have drank themselves unconscious just to ignore the hell hole they're visiting for the cheep (albeit watered down) Liquor. The bartender makes his way to the corner of the bar, his face baring both his disgust for his patrons, as well as his contempt for his employer on his face as he tugs on the sleeve of one of his customers.)

Bartender:  “Last call was five minutes ago and you didn't order, time for you to hit the road pal.”

???:  “Look upon the pools of human misery that leek all around you. See how they turn to their choice addiction to forget their care, cast off their sorrows, and desperately seek to fool themselves into believing themselves to have greater standing in this world. How they imbibe, that they may fool themselves into believing that they are kings, when all they are, are but worker ants toiling away till their last breath.”

( The bartender looks at the individual in confusion of his words.  A brief moment passes before he speaks up again.)

Bartender: Look buddy, I don't give a fuck about ants or any of that bullshit your spouting, so do us both a favor and take off okay?”

(The man remains silent and still.)

Bartender: “Come on buddy before there's a problem.”

(The bartender grabs the man by the arm, in a flash the man responds by reaching out, grabbing the bartender by the head, and smashing his face down hard across the bar sending a squirt of blood flying into the frame for a brief second!   The man up and proceeds to land a flurry of stomps to the whimpering bartender as he lays in a fetal position on the floor.)


Bartender (sobbing): “who the fuck is Keelan?! Please stop, I'm not him! Just leave me alon…”

(One final stomp to the bartender’s head makes him fall unconscious. The man inhales deeply as clinches at the hair on his head. Slowly he turns towards the camera, his eyes a window to into wicked mind, his sinister grin a ford ringer of his evil intentions, this is the being known as Solomon Caine.)

Caine: “When will you ever see the truth Keelan Cetinich?  When shall you remove the cover from your eyes, from your comprehension?  How many times must we beat the same lesson into you before you awaken out of your stupor?!  Could such a feat ever be accomplished by you?  How we so doubt this. How it seems that with every passing day you fall deeper and deeper into this pit of self deception. This endless, dark hole where you cannot tell left from right, nor head from tail. Further and further you fall away from what is true, with every word of how your past does not at this very moment define you. Which every breath of how you have miraculously changed and become a greater version of yourself. With every denial of how we, this flesh that serves us, and our newest brother Jon McAdams, have conquered you time and again.  Every time you thrill yourself with the fact that you have the faintest final tap in last nail the coffin than we fashioned, filled, and buried wolvesden in.  Or when you take pride in the fact that you won a battle against our brother Apocalypse, even though eyes of the world witnessed you lose that war.  Your hubris is present in your selective memory, and Every word that escapes your lips serves only to demonstrate how you cannot see as far as the end of your nose. Every syllable a testament to how fundamentally flawed your comprehension is.  It is truly a shame that Madison is so wholly devoted to you, for any would have been better had she bowed before any other than yourself. Instead you filled her mind with the same poisons that blinded you. The same fallacies that have made you deaf. This same self delusion that keeps you from see your own faults which are ever present, and plain for the eyes of the masses to see.   This is why you stumble every time you are inches from glory. This is why you meander in the muck.  This is why you shall never beat us, and forever be our victim. 

Yes, for all your talk about how we of the great beast named Sanatorium have accomplished nothing, we have always been able to cut you down whenever you would try to stand against us. Even in the victory you claim over this flesh, the one where you were aided by Marco Fedor, that win was handed to you out pity by the referee. It was given to you, to put an end to the destruction that we heaped upon you. It was done that you might live to fight another day. So tell us Keelan Cetinich, what would you do this tike to prevent us from unleashing another dose of our wrath upon you?  What feeble defense could you offer up?  And more so what good would it be to you?  For we have demonstrated that in but a heartbeat that we could unleash the End Of Ages upon you, that we can leave you as weak and helpless as a child.  And we shall smile ear to ear after having done so. We shall rejoice as we once again make you an object of pity, again shall we have utterly destroyed you by the might of our bare hands. 

When we have finished with you at weak’s end, You shall begin to understand why Madison failed our family.  For you see we have told this to your beloved, and we shall tell this to you now. the beast they call Sanatorium, it serves not to aid you by lifting you from the dirt, and placing you upon a pedestal. No, it serves to free the beast inside you that you may pick yourself up, and crush all whom stand before you. It serves as the key to uncaging the feral and rabid animal that you heathen try to deny. We do not make the masses less mediocre. This Sanatorium takes the exceptional few, and brings out what is within them to achieve glory.  It's in this way that Jon McAdams has already surpassed all that Madison has, and all that you ever shall.  For he has reached down inside and gutted himself of what made him weak. He has cured himself of the plague that still infects you and Madison.  

You speak of a all you accomplished when you set out with a common goal, our brethern of the Nightmare, we have only one goal, the same one that we carried with us when we battled against Crash and his army. The same as when we fought back with our bare hands outnumbered against HDRO’s security, whom we sent fleeing in every direction.  Our goal is to lay waste to all that stand before us!  To crush pathetic wretches such as two of you!  To bring about a new definition of suffering and misery to all this world, and the filth that Infests it!  We are here to wake the masses of their blissful slumber, and make them watch as the world around them crumbles to dust. The monster known as Nightmare, it stands united together with the great beast. Our goal is one that is greater than your empty mind could ever understand. Our mission is one that together we shall see thru to its fruition.  The great and small, the mighty and the weak, all shall tremble at the very mention of this never ending Nightmare. For they all shall witness you and Madison, beaming with pride and confidence one moment, and screaming in terror and agony the next. These vermin, who are swayed by the gentlest of breezes, the shall cheer you on in one moment, and weep bitterly for both of you in the next.  You shall be made an example of, you Keelan, and so shall your beloved Madison. 

If you cared for her as you claim you do, you would surrender yourself to us now Keelan, sacrifice yourself to us that we might be lenient and grant clemency towards our former sister. Come forth Keelan, prove how devoted you are to her. Madison, pay close attention, for when he offers himself in exchange for you, you witness how terrible a thing love truly is. Hahahaha. 


HOW MUCH BLASPHEMY CAN ONE MOUTH UTTER?! You do speak so much Keelan, and say so little.  For all your endless and incessant ramblings, you provided not one valid reason you would fare any better than you have any other time you have encountered McAdams or Ourself. You fail to learn from your own goddamn history, should you be surprised when you are doomed to repeat it?  Should you be surprised that your fate would not be changed, that you would continue down this path that leads to a woeful and miserable end for you?  When you repeat the same mistakes you have made in the past, When you continually turn a blind eye to every misstep you take, and every misdeed you commit, why then should the result be made any different?  What should keep us from again crushing you under our feet?  Contemplate this Keelan, and know that the answer is that it never shall. 

Keep fighting Keelan, come forth with all the might you can muster. Strike us with every blow you possess.  Put on a display of all your skills and talents. In the end you shall be left battered and broken. All your strength cannot over power us. All your speed cannot evade us. And all your resolve will mean nothing when you unconscious, as this wretch at my feet does,  upon our altar. Fight Keelan, fight with every ounce of energy your body has. Let the world see how little you can wound us. Let the eyes of your people, bare witness as every strike, and technique you offer up, does nothing to impede our progress towards the EAW Tag Team Championship. And let Madison watch as baptize your in your own blood. Let her cry bitter tears as she gazes upon the broken shell of a man we shall make you before her very eyes.   

The two of you are bound by fate. That fate is one you shall curse. That fate is the one you shall look back to when you lay in bed, beaten so badly you shall never again find the strength to rise up from it.  Every day you two shall gaze upon each other, and bitterly look on in disgust at you see the same utter regret they have for ever laying with you, as you have for them. You shall be chained to each other not by a common love for each other, no.  You shall simply have no one else to turn to after all that you shall suffer on Voltage.  

The two of you would be wise to take heed of all that we speak. Open your understanding, and receive the truth, however uncomfortable and terrifying it may be. Open your eyes and gaze in wide wonder all the works that this nightmare shall reek in the time to come. Kneel before it and accept the fate that you shall be slaughtered that others might survive. That you shall be broken, that the world may yet be made whole. Know that every drop of blood that you spill, shall be like a stream that waters a new and better world that shall come sooner than you realize. 

Yes, take heed. For all that we have For told, it shall be made so.”

(Caine picks up his coat from the stool besides where he was previously sitting before waking out of the door.)

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 1:56 am by Bhris Elite
You seem a bit upset Cam so many harsh jabs at my career and what not I guess what I said got under that soft skin of yours Cam. About how many nerves did I strike? Why did we have to lower ourselves to such petty jokes about how I’ll never get Aria, did I bring up Jamie? No I left your man out of the conversation the jokes I have for the two of you are endless but I kept them away and on hold. I thought you were supposed to be the mature one in the match but yet here you are with childish insults. Then that insults that weren’t childish were ones I’ve already heard before nothing new that really does get me a bit salty. Just stuff I’ve heard time and time again. If I thought anyone would have something new for me to hear and not the same old bullshit I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you. Not the case though instead I am surprised that what you had to say isn’t exactly what I was looking forward too. Instead you just sound upset, asking me a bunch of questions, just by the tone of your voice I can hear how triggered you really are about the words that came out of my mouth. Where was I when guys who “Passed” me I was stuck in a shit stable where I was damn near forced to be in just because they needed some type of budget to come into that group. They needed a main attraction and that’s exactly what I was for them. Yeah I couldn’t win it all but of course I can’t not all by myself not even superstars like LeBron can do that I did all the work leading up to the championship matches. The tournament matches you’d think someone would match what I was going and all the hard work I was putting in but of course it couldn’t be that way. Then the same thing goes for the New Breed division I was meant to save it, it was literally dying at the palm of our hands, if it would have stayed on JJ Silva any longer we would of have to re-brand the championship again, hell possibly even bring back the Alternative X.  However the hero aka me came down swooped to the ring and saved the day and the division. Then I dropped into to none other than my partner this week. You’d probably think there’d be some type of unfinished business here but there isn’t. We are grown men we put our differences to the side to win this tag team tournament. Because like the hero I am I heard the tag team division needed a little bit of saving and here we are. Rex McAllister and Chris Elite bringing life back to the division. Forcing the likes of two legends to form up and try to defeat us. Will the two Goddesses accomplish their set mission though?

I mean if almost counted for something in this match then yeah they’d win, they’d win 10 times before we actually do win.  Have all the near falls you want to make you sleep better at night. Tell the world you gave us the fight for our lives to bad no one is going to give a fuck when you have absolutely nothing to show for it but a couple of bumps and bruises. I never said anything sexist Cam, you are more talented than a lot of Elitist I know like Lucas Johnson, Solomon Caine, Mark Michaels, and Cody Marshall and so on and so forth. I never said that match you had with Jamie wasn’t incredible but I’m not crazing over that because yeah you had a great match but that’s the literally you can only brag about and that’s not a good look. See I’m not looking to have a great match with the two of you sure it’s going to be fun and everything but I am aiming for a victory real bragging rights. Anyone could have a 5 star match if they have at least 1 great competitor in the ring you put me in a handicap match against Jon McAdams and Solomon Caine I can make it a match of the year contender or if you want me to put the print of my boot on both their jaws and finish the match within 5 minutes then I can do that too. Regardless I am winning the match and not almost winning the match. I’m giving them to the fight of their lives and I’m giving them loss right along with it.  I’d defeat Harvey Yorke if given the chance to do so again with a blindfold. I also haven’t fought any championships yet I don’t know if anyone has fought an actual championship this year. I have faced a couple of champions though. Probably even beat them. Cameron you sound so naive. The two goddess will fail to conquer the land of the tag team division while this Elite Tandem who you think will fail. Will actually accomplish the mission you two thought you’d accomplish. We have nothing on you right now but after Showdown we’ll have a W over you. Don’t worry I’ll even back you up when you brag about almost having us beat. It’s the least I can do after snatching those dream plans of yours right from underneath.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 1:32 am by DampshawIII
Outside EAW headquarters, the camera crew is filming some exterior and establishing shots. They begin to pack up when Reginald Dampshaw III's limo screeches to a halt in front of them. The door flies open and Reginald stares at the crew.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Get in.

The crew gets in slowly and worriedly. 

Reginald Dampshaw III: Driver, take us to the cemetery.

The crew look at each other scared and confused. Reginald notices this and laughs.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Don't worry, fellows. I don't wish to put you there. You'll understand in due time. Plus, I don't believe in burying people. I believe in cremation.

The car makes it to the cemetery and Reginald and crew walk out. The crew stands with their camera and gear and wonder what's going on.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Well? Why are you standing looking like imbeciles for? Set up your equipment and let's get on with it.

Cameraman 1: Uh, Reginald-

Reginald Dampshaw III: Master Reginald.

Cameraman 1: Right...Master Reginald. If you wanted some sort of cemetery like ambience, we could have just used our sound stage and added some effects in post.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Do I look like a man who wants to waste time on a sound stage? I brought you here, I'll pay you a little extra on the side for your services.

Cameraman 2: Sure! Whatever you say, Reggie!

Reginald shoots the 2nd cameraman a furious glance.

Cameraman 2: Oh shit right. Master Reginald.

The crew sets up their equipment and they yell action. Reginald slowly walks around a tombstone. 

Reginald Dampshaw III: You all might be wondering what I'm doing in this dank, disturbing place. This place of death. But first, allow me to re-introduce myself, since I will be soon making my debut on Friday Night Dynasty. My name is Reginald Dampshaw III, The Duke of Gold and Your Future New Breed Champion. And let us discuss that name for a second. Dynasty. I can think of no better show to be on with a name like that, for I am establishing my own dynasty, The Dampshaw Dynasty. I should have never been subjected to wasting my time on NEO when I was brought here. I proved that on NEO. I have finally been given the chance, regardless of how ridiculously late, to prove my superiority. Now, I am not too fond of the fact that I will be making my main roster in a city like Omaha, Nebraska. I mean, what do they even have there? A large zoo. That's basically it. But, alas, I shan't allow that to ruin the fact that more people will be graced with the presence of me.

Reginald begins walking again, looking around at the different graves.

Reginald Dampshaw III: I was told who my first opponent on Dynasty will be, and that is a man named Aka Manah. Now, Aka Manah I've ever defeated. He was just another casualty on my way to the finals of the EVO Series. I made no comments on him or my match because, frankly, he or that match wasn't worth my time, but this is a little more special. I do question EAW officials for putting Mr. Manah in the ring with me again. It is very short-sighted of them, very short-sighted indeed. I apologize beforehand for the things I'm going to do to Mr. Manah because this is my first real time in the spotlight here in EAW and I am in no way going to allow my opponent to have any time to mount some form of offence on me. I will not be upstaged Friday night.

Reginald stops at a large grave and sits down on the ground in front, but not before taking off of his suit coat and draping it over the grave.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Mr. Manah. I've been told you consider yourself an occultist. A man with a heart as black as night, offering your soul to the darkest reaches. I would be scared, but all I've been doing is being made to fight crazy people. Circus freaks, a voodoo practitioner and now...a Satanist. I've already made it clear that black magic does indeed frighten me, but...Aka Manah, you don't frighten me. For one, as I've said, I've beaten you once before and, you just seem like one of those American prats you think it's "cool" to worship the Devil and wear pentagrams. I can see you right now, with your little occult friends sitting in a circle right where I'm sitting, burning black candles and saying seances in a language you don't even understand. It's a joke. It's a gimmick. It's pathetic and it's laughable and that's why I don't fear you.

Reginald stands up, brushing off the dirt from his pants. He picks up his suit jacket and throws it over his shoulder. 

Reginald Dampshaw III: I believe that you believe in the Devil and that he guides you through your life and that he controls your fate, but I think he's a joke. A fable created by fools. There's only God I believe in, and that's me and I am very, very real. So when you're praying to your little horned goat and pretending to speak in tongues, I pray at the Church of Dampshaw and I think, when I'm done with you for a 2nd time, you'll pray there too for your body and soul back. But until then...

Reginald motions to wrap it up and he and the crew get back into the limo before driving off.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 7th 2017, 12:09 am by Rex32
Holding the world in the palm of your hands.

Do you even know what that's like anymore.

It's ever so obvious that you don't.

Considering that you both are very much one in the same, it's not a surprise that you share such a common bond. As you both languish and lament over what could've been. Your so called fail safe approaches continuously snuffed out and overcome by those that you will never conquer just to fulfill your life long dream of reaching the pinnacle of EAW championship lore. Where do you go from here? I would take it that making your beau sweat bullets, imagine that too, while his challenger has to be weary, wondering hopelessly whether he's dealing with one of you or both. Now, perhaps you may or may not see that as holding the world of Voltage in the palm of your hands, but I digress, because the question is, what is there after that? I mean, no doubt about it, Road To Redemption shall provide some sort of opportunity for you to redeem yourself, right? You speak from afar about the decision I've made to earn my way toward the things I desire most instead of taking that well-beaten path. The road less traveled brings me further than most, because more so than many before me that tried, I know how to play the game. It's really as simple as that, Cameron. There's no two ways around it. There has never been a single obstacle in this place from day one that I didn't believe I couldn't conquer. There has never been something that seemed too insurmountable or impossible to accomplish in this business period. In fact, for as long I can remember, I've firmly believed that we as human beings in general are only truly limited by what we allow ourselves to be limited by, and that's our very own minds. As you can see, Cameron, that's just not the case me. I still hold all the winning cards from the deck, because the future continues to take shape and it happens to revolve around guys like myself and Chris Elite, and it doesn't even matter whether you were speaking from an objective point of view, which quite pleasantly you have, or spitting out complete drivel like your partner has a terrible tendency of doing when being backed into a proverbial corner because here's the kicker and the spoiler for you and the Heart Break Gal. We're all masters of our own reality. We don't play the odds, because they don't exist in our realms. No such chastisement, exile, doubt, fear, or ANY mental disenchantment that is capable of preventing our forward progress in this tournament, in this company. Especially when coming from self-deluded individuals like you.

Though seeing is believing I suppose. 

Reflecting on the past achievements, Cameron, all that does is give you a false sense of security. It undoubtedly gives you this feeling of superiority in these parts, but as I've so often said recently. The past influences everything, but it hardly dictates anything. I want you to let that sink in for a moment. I tell you that, because once again, I'm a master of my reality just as you both are. Now, I won't speak for my partner this week just as you hopelessly will just in case she can't find the proper motivation to pull her own weight this week for your side. You see, Chris Elite is a grown ass man, he can speak for himself just the same as anyone else, and I don't expect anything less of the man. You're so full of assumptions, and I suppose it is quite tempting to always believe that your words are the hammer that treats everything as if it were the final nail that you had to place us in our coffins to put us down, and all because you're both Goddesses, right? You never think about how hallow, misleading, and lacking in merit all your useless slander-filled statements really are. You know, part of the reason why this Elite Tandem is able to step up to the so-called big names of this industry and make an impact, is because in all actuality we have more to prove, but if I'm being honest here, there is a certain bit of deception involved in it all. All it really takes is a moment of overestimating yourselves all the while underestimating your adversaries even as they look at you like that big bullzeye ready to knock your damn heads off just like this tandem proved that we could at Territorial Invasion. All it takes is one single moment of letting your guard down for everything that you believed you controlled within the palm of your hands to suddenly come crashing down on top of you, and then suddenly watching as all of that which you thought you controlled become the very makings of your real biggest regret in the end. Just ask Devan Dubian and the Heart Break Gal, they'll tell you. John Doe, like myself, wanted change. We made that happen. It didn't matter how we did it, because in the end we achieved what we set out to do. That's over now. It's on to the next chapter after this week, and that's all that's important from where I stand. You don't have to like it, you just have to accept it.

You don't have control over our fate.

All you know is that you are taking it all.

And yet, in a nutshell that's all you really said.

I can appreciate all the trouble you went through to make a case for yourselves, but unfortunately you are grasping for straws here, Cameron. I do look forward to facing you in that ring, giving you an opportunity to make up for the moment you never got the last time around with this elitist. If there is one thing you should know by now, Cameron, it's that this elitist craves this challenge just as much as any other. Why? It's very simple, Cameron. The future is taking shape, and you play an integral roll in making that happen just as your partner did previous and will once more. We both have cravings it seems. You crave the spotlight, the bright shining allure of more championships and accolades, while I crave to turn all those aspirations into your real biggest regrets once you fail, because it's us Cameron that crave to be the ones to pull you down...downward into the dark unknown - to you. 

To bring you down into that familiar pit of misery once again.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 6th 2017, 11:53 pm by Hurricane Hawk


I've been on a simple mission. I've come back to the EAW business to take of the things that I felt as though were needed and now I'm looking to grab something that's above me, that EAW Hardcore Championship. Of course, I do have small things in front of me like Target Smiles that wants to mess with me and truly thinks that he has a chance, but soon enough he'll step into that ring with me on Dynasty and see that he will never beat me and he will never get a chance at that EAW Hardcore Championship. I don't act like I'm a god nor a prophet. I hold myself HIGH because my standards are at the highest level. I learned that from some of the greats because why would I try to hold myself low Target? I'm not you. I'm not going to stoop down to your level just to make you think that I'm just someone you're going to take out. I don't care if I'm facing you in 2017.. 2018.. or in the future.. I'm going to BEAT YOU. Do you truly think that I'm not the Hurricane Hawk from 2010? I'm the same man that I was before and I always will be. I came to this business ready to step into battle.. Ready to become one of the best in this business and I did just that. I stepped back into this business and I see the evolution of things and then I realized that there was evolution in me. Sure, I've returned many times and I haven't gotten things done, but this isn't that Target.. This is me actually TRYING.. this is me actually ready to step into that ring because I know this is not the end of this war this is just a battle. The end of this war is at House of Glass when I'm going to battle a bunch of competitors in that Glass Gauntlet match for an opportunity at that EAW Hardcore Championship. I'm READY. Friday, you're going to see that I'm not some washed up hasbeen like Lethal Consequences that you can just break apart.. I treat myself as a legend because I AM a legend Target. Everything that I've done, I've did it in the ring. I stepped in the ring and earned it. I know you want an opportunity at something to make a name for yourself but this just will not be it. I'm not going to fall to you. You think that I'm just in this silly dream world where I think I'm the best, but I KNOW I'm the best and I KNOW I can prove it. 

Smiling faces will not be in sight at Dynasty and they sure will not be at House of Glass. I want you to take in that I'm going to do everything in my power to beat you. I went out there and asked StarrStan for this opportunity to GET IT. Target.. I'm better than you and it's not just my accomplishments proving that. I've been outside of these rings and outside of EAW and there's people like you who think that I cannot do this anymore. You think that you're just going to go to Dynasty and embarrass me in front of everyone. You think that you're going to "bring me to reality," when in reality, we're already here buddy. Open your eyes.. because in this little world of Smiling faces that you're in, I'm going to bring you back down to reality and show you what it's really like to have REAL competition. Dynasty is in just two days, and I'm going to stay focused. Not only am I going to beat you Target.. but I'm going to show everyone around that I'm a force to be reckoned with. Dynasty is where you're going to fall and House of Glass is where you're going to BREAK. Target Smiles.. I'm the one that's going to take the opportunity and SHOW that I can actually beat someone when it matters. I'm going to step into that ring with Scott Diamond or Darkane and I'm going to take that EAW Hardcore Championship and show everyone that I STILL HAVE IT IN ME.. I'm an EAW Hall of Famer for a reason, and I'm going to show you why they inducted me when we step in that ring on Dynasty. You want that 2010 Hurricane Hawk? You got him. Just don't regret it when you've brought it out of me and realize that you just stopped your own chances of even GETTING CLOSE to being a contender of the EAW Hardcore Championship. It's my time to shine. As long as I've been in this business I'm STILL the future. And I'm going to back every word that I have said..

Because I'm not a liar like you. 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 6th 2017, 11:03 pm by Tomi Venus
Expired Memberships (Dynasty vol. 3)

Hurricane Hawk acts as a prophet, a god, and an undisputed legend. Hurricane Hawk talks like he’s the greatest thing EAW has ever seen. So naturally, I am more than happy to beat him. I have no doubt in my mind that Hurricane Hawk has no doubts in his mind when he gases himself up like this. Why should he? He’s the Show Slayer. He’s a two time World Heavyweight Champion. He’s a Hall of Famer. He won this. He won that. What has Target Smiles ever done? Why should Target Smiles even bother making the journey to Omaha Nebraska to meet Hurricane Hawk in a contest to prove who the better man is? Because that’s what he wants me to do. I’m no stranger to this position. For too long there has been a misconception about how one succeeds in the squared circle. Men like Hurricane Hawk and many others believe that the way to victory is to plow through anyone who stands in their way, to concern themselves with everyone else completely ignoring themselves. Hurricane Hawk is convinced that I won’t stand a chance against him because he hasn’t looked in the mirror to realize how much trouble he’s really in. Myself on the other hand, I don’t promise to tear my opponents down nor do I focus on such a thing. My motivation and my goal is to elevate myself. I improve, I learn from my shortcomings and I overcome whatever stands in my way. Right now, what stands in my way is an arrogant veteran who hasn’t been relevant since EAW was Extreme.

It’s clear in his words that Hurricane Hawk doesn’t know who he’s up against. Who am I to a man who returns to his old stomping grounds expecting to have the world bend a knee to his highness. In the eyes of Hurricane Hawk, Target Smiles is nothing but a rookie who’s too cocky to bend, so he wants to break me to mend his bruised ego. Hurricane Hawk is in his own dream world where he is the greatest and he treats all of his ignorant perceptions as reality. He replays the glory days over in his head, he visualizes grabbing Cash in the Vault and cashing it in to become champ. He recounts accomplishments from years ago. Hawk you are facing Target Smiles in 2017, not 2010. This is Elite Answers Wrestling now and if you want the respect of me or anyone in the back who has been here in recent history to create the competitive environment we have here today, you’re going to have to earn that all over again and if your past returns are anything to go off of you’re soon to fall behind. You are expected fade away into obscurity once again and if in order to elevate myself to the next level in my career I have to be the one to do it then so be it.

You think the Smiling Faces and myself are going to be frowning by the end of our match? This is just more evidence of how delusional you are. While you sit there on your self constructed pedestal plotting how you will attempt to crush your opponents, me and the Smiling Faces are growing stronger every week. Whether I win or whether I lose, they stand by me and we move forward together. No matter how devastating of a failure I might face, no matter how bruised or battered I may be, I will stand back up and I will come back faster, stronger, and better than ever before and the army of Smiling Faces only grows. Hurricane Hawk, we will meet on Dynasty and we will meet at House of Glass, and no matter what happens there will not be a frown to be found on the face of the one and only Target Smiles.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 6th 2017, 10:31 pm by Irónico


It has been something of a barmy week. I had the real Finney Wake reporting to me that Starkane would be our opponents in the second round of the Tag Team Grand Pricks before I actually had a clue that we gave KAIJU a spanking in the first round. Not gonny lie, chicos. I didnae even know what fucking day it was. I thought he was clairvoyant for a minute. Like did he just sneak a crystal ball out of his cunt? So yeah, I tooks some reminding but the important thing to take away from this is that our little trip to Showdown was obviously a night to remember. So much so that I celebrated by hitting the sesh so hard that I forgot it. Well that right there is the hallmark of a good time and I trust that we can keep the good times rolling as the matches come in thick and fast like the big boy in my Y-fronts. I gots to split the taco with my amigo TLA on Voltage this week. Right around the corner there’s that final grudge match against the great Deborah Marshall and her hijo at Ground Zero. But before we get thinking about any of that shit, We Are the Bollocks are prepping for a wee homecoming. That is right, Laditos. For one night only, DYNASTY IS THE BOLLOCKS!!! Monroe may have traded us away, but the recent change in management means that we are free come round and visit those loyal Dynasty fans who got behind us individually in days gone by. I have been waiting for this, so bless up Starrstan, you glorious bastard. You chose the right Grand Pricks match to host.

So why don’t we get down to it? First come first served as any good pint puller will tell yous and the first scallie to open his mouth is Darkane. I wish he’d have kept his pie-muncher zipped to be honest because I do nae like the tone of this chavo’s attitude. Like neither of us have even said a word to this cabrón and he is already calling us names. Testicles? Well fuck you, Darkane, your nan’s a goth and at least we have something between our legs, aight? You can try to pour cold water on all of our fun, but the fact of the matter is that We Are The Bollocks are just too mucho caliente right now. Maybe you would be too if you stopped being such an edgelord, had an IRN-Brew and lightened the fuck up every once in awhile. But no. You couldnae possibly do that. You are just too busy acting like it’s still 1993. Like worn-out flannel isn’t just for old folks and your idea of a perfect date is taking her out to the cemetery to share a bottle of white lightning cider and a packet of fags. Well here is the thing. We’ve all grown up past that. While you is still giddy about getting to second base, the rest of us have snuck her a cheeky thumb in the bum and moved on. See you are meant to mellow as you grow up. The hormones die down. The acne clears. And with it the rest of us have moved on from the angsty preteen Call Of Duty rage, finally realising that it’s possible to do a job AND enjoy yourself at the same time. Fancy that.

And we certainly do do a job. While you was busy getting yourself eliminated despite being 3 on 1, and your chico Stark was putting on the most pathetic title defence since...well...I’ll leave an archaeologist to complete that sentence. While all of that shit was happening, We Are The Bollocks were living up to our name by being one half of the winning team in Voltage’s Ironman match. We followed up that heady night with chaser of proving that we belong in contention for the Grand Pricks by handily knocking off a current champion  and his chosen compadré in KAIJU. Meanwhile, Darkane, you were picking up another L and Stark was too humiliated to even show his face on Showdown. We was holding down the fort for him. And do you know what I find most irónico? I find it MUCHO irónico that We Are The Bollocks are meant to be the comedy team, but Starkane are the ones who have looked like jokes the past couple of weeks. Now I don’t mean to underplay things. You are a dangerous ladito and Stark can be quite the terrier when he gets his head in the game. But come on. Any way you want to cut that cake, we are having this conversation right now because We Are The Bollocks cut the mustard, and you guys...yous got a bye. Gloss over it if you like. You can sugarcoat it but that is still the fucking shit that we are smelling. No number of irrelevant twaddle is going to change that. You beat Target Smiles? Give yourself a pat on the back. Just answer me something. Why do people seem to think that beating one man behind a máscara means you’ve got an edge on all of us? Jesus H. Christ, Darkane, we ain’t all fucking twins you numpty. We don’t all come from the same school in Tijuana-Doncaster. Even if that were the case, I dropped out at 13 so I barely even know this Target hombre. But if that piss poor attempt is what counts as logic in your mind, fine. I’ve lamped more than a few unwashed winos after last calls in my time, so clearly you are going to be no different.

As for Stark...maybe you should stay in hiding. You’ve heard of Manny Pacquiao being called the Mexicutioner on account of the number of esés he knocked the block off to be the champion that he was. Well We Are The Bollocks are about to go down as a couple o Asiannihilators. It was Mongoose and Nobi whose kung fu wasn’t enough last week. And this friday, you are next on the list as we head towards Tag Team glory and titles of our own. Now I know you’ll be bringing your best with that famous Japanese Strong Style, but I’ve felt that shit before and honestly it ain’t all it is cracked up to be. The bucky has just as strong a kick as any puro ponce that I’ve ever rucked with, and I’ve been downing a bottle of that sauce each eve as a nightcap since I was like 9. Wait...is that a bad metaphor? Fuck it! If there was any confusion apologies. But just to be crystal fucking clear, you won’t be putting us to sleep, and you can bet your mother’s life that come the end of the night We Are the Bollocks will be downing Starkane. Bottom’s up, Laditos.

Because We Don’t Just Talk Bollocks...

We ARE The Bollocks!!!
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Rise from my blood and bathe in my essence? Absorb my soul? 

How dumb do you sound? 

Alexis, I know you like to live in fantasy land and pretend you're Norman Bates or be on some Exorcist type shit like you just showed there..tell me about all these old stories and legends but..let's be realistic for once, honey. If wins and championships don't mean anything to you, you don't need this. You don't even need to be here. You don't need to beat me at all. So is there even a point of you being here? Oh wait, I hear your response already. "I love to make people suffer!", right? I'm pretty sure that's the Sanatorium's whole deal. But your reasoning goes even deeper it seems. Childhood bullying, it seems. How unfortunate. I've also been a victim of bullying, Alexis, believe it or not. But I'm not letting that define me. I'm not taking out that pent up anger on anyone. As soon as I graduated high school, I never had to see those people again and got over it. But you of course had to exaggerate, as usual, and now you let that hate drive you. I'd usually say "you do you", but that drive hasn't done anything for you so why keep thinking about it? I'm sure after I beat you in this match you're gonna hold a grudge for ten years, but that's fine. What great moments and highlights do you have? I'd like a list because if they weren't title wins or victories, they mean nothing here. It's like I said last week, "almost" isn't good enough. Neither is just being there. You have to stand out and you do, but not in the best way if we're being honest with ourselves. You know, I've often wondered why you haven't yet accomplished anything of significance, Alexis. And it made me a little sad, because you do work hard. To put on this whole fake freak show that is, so you should at least get some credit. But unfortunately for you, at this time you're gonna stick to being Eclipse's wife and living in the shadow of your Sanatorium sisters.

I get it, though. People don't like you because you're different. I also thought that in my 8th grade scene phase. I get that all these emotions you never let out will probably play a factor when we meet but it could go two ways. It can be in your favor or mine. If a mere few words from me was enough to get you on another rant about your past and that child's artwork on your face, I'd have said even more. This most likely means the odds are in my favor. I'm usually about justice, Alexis, but you are a whole other case. I've never encountered another gal quite like you, I'll admit that. You're unique from everyone else on the roster but your wild appearance won't win you matches, titles, or Empress of Elite. This is a crown meant for a queen. One that loves everything she does, considers the people that pay money to see her every week, and one that will treat everyone as equal as possible no matter the circumstances. There is no room for a Queen of Nightmares here. You aren't below me, Alexis, but you won't be on the same level for long. I am looking to do nothing but improve and go up from here. I've had quite the great start here in EAW and am getting better and fiercer every day. Even on my birthday yesterday, I was in the gym, preparing for this match. And working off that cake I ate but that's not the point. I am no slacker and I have my own skill set. And you're right, I do want to start my own legacy. I need to. But I can't do that without major accomplishments, as evidenced by you. This is where my road really starts. Being the third ever Empress of Elite will etch my name in history not even a month in. You want to stop it but you won't be able to. I guarantee that. I will not fall like Joan of Arc. She was, in hindsight, pretending to be something she was not and while she did do much for us women, it cost her everything. But me? I am leading the next upcoming generation and I am doing it as myself. Why look up to someone who isn't truthful? You can't. 

We can recount hundreds of stories about heroes and villains, both in real life and fiction. In fiction, yes, some evil did override the good but in real life, they've eventually fallen. Ghandi once said, "When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always." Always, Alexis. You can spit venom at me and contort your body and let your tongue hang out of your mouth or whatever the hell else you do for scare tactics but you won't be breaking me. I've endured a lifetime of nightmares, now its time for dreams to come true and I will show every little girl that they can't stay bitter like you. It's not a good look. They will watch me tomorrow night and learn that bettering yourself is the best way at getting back at those who've done you wrong. The only thing I'll be fighting is the urge to drop you on your neck and end your suffering as an act of mercy, not my fate. I guess I'm just too nice. But my fate is winning this tournament and becoming the new Empress of Elite and I will embrace it with open arms not closed fists. Sorry 'bout it. 
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It’s sooooo unfair.

How can EAW put Di Consentes against two NEO noobs? What’s fair with that? It’s not like Azrael and Ryan Wilson had a fighting chance. It’s not like those two were going to survive going against Lannister and Ares Vendetta for the Unified Tag Team Championships. To everyone saying that the match on Dynasty was “unfair” or “unjust”,  go take a long walk off a short pier. Nothing in life is fair. Nothing in life is unjust. You can sit back and complain about the unjust in the Grand Prix or you can stand up to the challenge and rise above it. Last week on Dynasty, The Heart Break Gal and I proved that we have not missed a beat since our OG Vixen days. We have proven that we are in the right path again to make history again. HBG will be making history more than once at Road to Redemption. Not only will she be part of the first female team to win the Grand Prix, but she will be the first woman to take part in the EAW Championship Championship Elimination Chamber Match and then win the EAW Championship. By the looks of things, Road to Redemption will be Di Consentes’ night and I am more than fine about that. As we began the Grand Prix journey on the Dynasty brand, we make way to Showdown, the brand of the lovely Heart Break Gal. It’s been more than a year since I stepped foot on the Showdown brand. The last time I was on Showdown, I reigned as Interwire Champion. I defeated men like Jacob Steele and Brayden Cruise. One of my biggest regrets when exiting out of Showdown was not facing one man in particular. 

I’m looking at you, Rex McAllister. As your name comes out of my lips, I am reminded of your evolution in EAW- from a man who no one even cared about to a former New Breed Champion, National Elite Champion and now, he finds himself trying to become Tag Team Champion. Wow, you found yourself a partner...in Chris Elite? Did Big Mike hold a gun on the side of your head? Were you forced into this partnership? I mean, who would be stupid enough to team with a man who finds himself in hot water with authority figures? I mean, if someone as bit shit insane as Kenny Drake hates him, what makes you think that Brian Daniels wants to deal with him? I mean, I could talk shit about Chris Elite to you, but I’d rather do that to his face. I am more intrigued of your transformation this past year. When I say intrigued, more like I expected better from you. I mean, it took you how long to find yourself in the main event scene? I admire the effort to climb up the ranks. I admire seeing you go from New Breed Champion to National Elite Champion to possibly EAW Championship. It’s much more refreshing than seeing some rookie waltz right inside these doors and going after the World Championship--I’m looking at you, Theron. The most difficult part you had with being part of the main event scene was maintaining your spot there. It was not until you faced Tiberius IV for EAW Championship that you soon begin to realize how cut throat the EAW Championship scene was. It wasn’t until you had your ass beat by Ares Vendetta and Lannister where you begin to realize you wanted no part of The Triumvirate. But, thank goodness! You had your good buddy John Doe there to help you! I mean, John Doe! What a man! He helped you by defeating HBG and Devan Dubian at Territorial Invasion. This man was willing to help you become EAW Champion! This man was going to help you get the world in the palm of your hands...and you denied it. Are you a fucking idiot? Do you not realized the enemy you just made? You’ve made an enemy against a man who could burn you to a crisp if you’re not careful. To be quite honest, I’d pay to see someone crumble. This time, it won’t be due to the pressure of facing a Hall of Fame like myself. You’ve defeated The Heart Break Gal in the past. You’re the man responsible for pinning her in front of her hometown. You also played part in making sure that she and Devan Dubian did not win at Territorial Invasion. I wouldn’t blame her if she had a chip on her shoulder when it came to you. I don’t think that she has forgotten about what you’ve done to her. If I knew her any better, she’d like to get that one victory over you. I know she has it in her. If there ever comes a moment where she tags me into the match and I face you, I’d be more than happy to face you. I will be more than happy to play my part of making sure that Elite Tandem is nothing more than a one time thing. I hope that you can play your part and balance between your two matches this week. On one hand, you got the Grand Prix to worry about. On the other hand, you got the Qualifiers for the EAW Championship Elimination Chamber. When it comes to you, it will go down to which you want more. I hope that you’re able to prioritize and choose wisely. Which one would you prefer to have more? Which one is going to benefit you in the long run? What’s to say that you cannot have both? Well, Rex, you’re not Di Consentes. You can’t have them both. If you don’t see that now, you will on Showdown.

Now, I move on to the man who will never get Aria Jaxon, Chris Elite. Where do I even start with you? Your whole Voltage run has been nothing, but a fucking joke. Everything that has occurred on Voltage has been your fault. You losing in the tournament to crown the Interwire Championship was your fault. You getting suspended was your fault. Even the one week where you spent on the unemployment line was your fault. In response, you will point this back to Ryan Adams. You will claim that he happens to be the villain of this story! You will claim that he wants no part of you! You will claim that you will defeat him at Road to Redemption! You will be the man who will takedown the establishment! Chris Elite is the voice of the people! I mean, your T-shirt sales are at an all time high and everyone is wearing them everywhere. Each week, you have more and more people rallying behind you! They want to see you succeed, Chris! They want to see you get what you rightfully deserve! You are a man who has constantly worked his ass off for six or seven years to get the recognition that he deserves. He was never the board of directors pick to be a champion. He was never handpick to carry the company as a World Champion! Nah, Chris Elite was tossed aside for the newer shiny dolls. You had to watch for years to have men show up to EAW and take your spot. Rex McAllister, Nico Borg--you let all these men walk in and become better than you can hope to be. Where was Chris Elite when all of this was happening? Struggling to make it past the New Breed Title scene. You were a hopeless cause before you joined the Iconomy. Even while in the Iconomy, you became more than nothing. People didn’t even remember you were in the stable to begin with. Minus JJ, you had to stay and watch your former stablemates become more successful than you. You watched as Cailin Dillon broke out and became a Specialists Champion. You watched as Eclipse Diemos became one of the most feared men in the Dynasty locker room. Even JJ was more successful than you! As the man with the most experience, this should have been your opportunity to breakout. Instead, it took you more than a year to get your first championship since leaving that joke of a stable. Now, this is the same man who thinks that he can beat Mr. DEDEDE? Nah, just like at Road to Redemption, you’re going to lose to Di Consentes. Then, you’re going to lose to Mr. DEDEDE. Who knows what happens to you after that, Chris? Does the shine disappear? What happens once the rivalry with DDD ends? You find yourself floating from the New Breed Championship scene to the Interwire Championship scene. You find yourself getting victories here and there, but they will mean nothing, if you’re not given the proper recognition. Calling out DDD has helped people give a crap about you. I must say that you have done well with that. Just that. This match is not going to end up well with you. At least, it will give you good material to blame Mr. DEDEDE for! It’s morons like you who make everything a battle. Champion vs. Challenger; Rookie vs. Legend; Men vs. Women; Menist vs. Feminist. Here we have Chris Elite trying to stir the pot. You trying to divide the locker room. “You can’t sit here because that’s where the men sit.” “You can go after this championship! Men fight for that!” At Territorial Invasion, I gave Jamie O’Hara the fight of his entire life. I fought for a World Championship in 2017. What World Championship have you fought? You couldn’t even defeat Harvey Yorke on your best day. What makes you think that you deserve any title match? Just because you’ve been here a long time? Save the Lucian Black logic for someone that gives a crap. Elite Tandem has nothing on Di Consentes. This isn’t a feminist movement. I could careless what the women on Empire think. The Heart Break Gal and I are doing this for ourselves. What happens to you or Rex in the aftermath is none of our concerns.
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A monitor, attached to a remote controlled crane, drops slowly from the ceiling of the tattered wooden room. As it drops the light illuminates sections in front of it, it passes over a man who is chained to the wall as he droops towards the floor. His face is covered by a bag but he is wearing the gear of Mike Showman. It continues to pass farther down the tall space before arriving in front of the camera. McAdams picture appears inside the monitor with an innocent smile placed upon it.

“Oh, Miss Kaline, I assure you it was never my intention to intimidate you with ‘giant’ words. I sincerely apologize if you feel smaller because of my vocabulary, I’m afraid I can’t help it, I am a man of great education and intelligence, and I’d rather not bring myself down to your level simply to communicate to you. I feel you may find yourself insulted to find what I might sound like if I attempted to be like you.” McAdams snickers as the picture changes to a shot of Jon laughing before going back to the simple smile.

“Let’s avoid having a conversation based solely on brilliance, I find that people of your stature have a hard time keeping up in that regard. When you say, ‘Do I have to explain everything to you?’ what are you referring too? As I recall, you hadn’t explained anything until this very moment. It’s quite troubling that you seem to recall things that haven’t happened yet. Perhaps this is what your love does to you. It blinds you to the weakness that blares so wildly before us like fire. It’s a funny thing when people fall in love. They miss out on the little flaws, the red flags, they cover up the mistakes and nuances that would point to things being incompatible. It can sometimes lasts a few months, like your relationship with Keelan will undoubtedly do. But sometimes, how did you put it? ‘It’s damn near two years” for a family to realize a mistake was made by giving someone like you a chance to be brought into the fold. Honeymoon periods are interesting that way. Tell me, how does one join a family and break ties so quickly? Is that what you mean when you say you bring love definition? You’ll ride it out when things are good but when things don’t seem to be going your way you’ll just walk away? Is that your love? A family love? Why is love such a fickle thing to you?

Don’t pretend you understand why Solomon and I are teaming up. We didn’t just hop on this tag team grand prix after drawing straws. Solomon and I have a long history together, we understand each other. We’ve hated each other, and therein focused on each other’s flaws, picked each other apart, battled and defeated each other, we know our strengths, and our weaknesses and how to both exploit and cover them. Your love blinds you to Keelan’s weakness and he to yours, your love makes you fools, while ours has grown from pain and struggle into family. You could not understand the iron that has been forged between us, but mostly because as you continue to speak of your time with the Sanatorium I see more and more that you may never have had the same bond with anyone of your family here.

I will say, I do find one thing interestingly in common between you and Keelan. That temper. That wild temper that drops your IQ and makes you such delicious targets. That temper that gets the best of you when paired with an ego that has grown so much larger than you can handle. Not to mention you’re double booked this week. That’s unfortunate for you, considering at this stage in your career it’s becoming more difficult for you to compete weekly, let alone against so many opponents in multiple matches. Even if I was as you say, nothing, I think fatigue will be getting the better of you.

Miss Kaline, I think you’re making a grave mistake not caring about who I am. An unfortunate one that so many before you have made. Greater names than you have said similar things only to find themselves on the wrong end of a pin. At one point, I would have attempted to treat Vixen Madison Kaline, leader of The Coven, with a great deal of respect, but that time has long passed. Your time on top and your best years are far behind you. So much so that you’ve chosen to use a poor misguided Keelan Cetinich as your vehicle to the top, only you’ve hitched your ride to the wrong horse. Instead of a young stallion with years still attached to him, you’ve attached yourself to a broken down veteran whose first run in this industry left him broken, battered, beaten and left out to dry. The same man who came back here to show the world he can do this and reaching for success only to find the one thing that could plateau him harder than retirement. A snake who tells him all the things he wants to hear while sucking the life out of him. So here we have it. Two veterans, one whose best days are far behind her, and one who will never see his best days. What a dangerous pair. Don’t get me wrong, I do not take you lightly Madison, I wouldn’t do that, I am not the kind of individual who slacks during combat, even against mediocre opponents. This won’t be a walk in the park. No, no, no, little Miss Kaline. We will run through you after meticulously breaking you down. You don’t have to respect me, that’s fine, please ‘shut me down faster than I can blink’,” A photo of McAdams making quotations while rolling his eyes appears on the screen before returning to his blank smile. “I’ll do my best to keep my eyes open so you have time make your threat valid. But I assure you, my eyes will have dried out long before you are capable of stopping me, little girl. Though maybe instead of wasting your time trying to put me in my place, you can actually act like the veteran that you are and choose your words more carefully and stop letting dog shit dribble out of your mouth in my direction and pretending it’s money. I suggest you pick up the pace and find your balance or you’ll be like every other has been veteran who tried to step on me only to discover I am not the child beneath them but the Elitist rising above them, because even if you’re tenured here, and you have accomplishments beyond anything I could attain at this level, right now, verbally at least, I have heard nothing of note. Just the tired ramblings of an entitled washed up succubus, on her last leg in this business. Trying desperately to lecture young talent that she can no longer keep up with. So Little Miss Kaline, this time, calm yourself, shake off all that bitterness and rot that has clogged up your brain since you abandoned your family, and dear big sister, have a drink… better yet, raise your glass to Nightmare…

As for you Keelan ‘The Killer’ Ciittlenitch… well…” The sound of McAdams laughter bursts forth from the busted speakers echoing throughout the building. “I was very patient waiting this long, I normally don’t do it, but I thought since we have some history and are both Voltage loyalists that I might give you the chance to really give me a good talking too. You are the killer, right? So you should have by all means verbally murdered me but I find it to be so very overwhelming. Are you really going to go about this targeting how I defeated you? Maybe if I had beaten you once via roll up you might have ground to stand on but twice? Really? You think that’s a coincidence? I remember specifically telling you that I would be defeating you in simple fashion, and I made a point to highlight it to display just how easy it is to defeat you. I take into consideration any victory I have, especially against supposed veterans like yourself who pride yourselves on the knowledge that you have been in this business for so long. It must be equally embarrassing for a rookie in his first year like myself to have beaten you by roll up twice within my debut year, as well as so many others. McRollup? Better than loser. And tell me, do you discredit how Pizza Boy has captured titles or retained his own?  A cheap clean victory? Come on.

This is what you’re going to bring? You’re going to split hairs over how I’ve defeated you? I mean I could have cheated to win, I could have planned some devious way to defeat you through nefarious means that would see me still have my hands raised and you still left humiliated in the center of the ring in front of your home crowd because you weren’t smart enough to keep up, or clever enough to counter it. Either way you miss the point, a victory is a victory. For instance, if Solomon and I roll you up for the victory this sunday, the fact of the matter is, we still move on in this tournament and you would have still lost to me a third time. You can go on feeling justified that you didn’t lose to a ‘finishing maneuver’ but you are still out on your ass and I am still moving on. Just the same if we were to bend the rules to defeat you, and we just might, we’d still have our hands raised and you’d still have to make that walk of shame. Maybe it’s your odd mentality on how someone ought to succeed here that makes you such a weak competitor. I know that if I went into the collective EAW locker room and asked for a show of hands for those of you who have defeated Keelan, not only would people who have actually beaten you raise their hands but people who haven’t beaten you will raise their hands because they would just assume you’ve lost to them at some point in your career.

And to answer your question, if I won the next twenty matches undefeated via roll up. Well, they’d probably say I’m a wrestling artist, not to mention tag champion whose likely held the belt for nearly a year. So I would be elated and also glad that I don’t live by this twisted perception of what a victory needs to be, as I sink farther and farther down the card because I can’t even win one important match… not even by a roll up, just like you, Keelan Cestivich.

And if you think that you’re going to beat us just because you’ve lost twice and it couldn’t possibly happen a third time then I’m going to show you just how statistically probable that actually is. When one force comes against another force that is weaker, the weaker force always loses. That’s simple physics. As far as the names I’ve defeated? I want you to know I beat the bigger names by delivering heavy moves, or being a clever man, or by roll up but it’s not always the same way, I just know what works on you. And what I mean by that is, anything works on you and truthfully, I am about the wins, and I’ll get them any way I can. As far as chasing the EAW Championship, you have no idea what the Grand Designs purpose was or the Sovereign Crusade. You think I was chasing that belt. I am ready if the challenge presents itself but it is not my nearest goal, nor was it my goal at the time. Keelan, your days are numbered well enough that I imagine the only thing you can focus on is hopefully winning a world title before you go. I have time and plenty of it. Which is something you should consider. You’ve been here longer than me, you’re a veteran of this industry but I am still within my first year yet I have already achieved far more than you ever have. I am in no rush to the top, I am pacing myself exactly how I wish. But what would I know compared to the veteran who loses to roll ups all the time? I’m just Jon McRollup,” McAdams snickers through the speakers. “I actually like that, I think I’ll added to my wiki moves list. The McRollUp… I don’t need to discuss Madison any further with you, you’ve already exposed her enough as it is though I find it interesting that you feel the need to bring so many of my other brothers into it. You think they punished me after what happend at the openweight title match? No my friend, they brought me the one loose end I had yet to tie up and they set me free. Free from the burdens of PwC, they gave me the blood of Mike Showman. What blood did I shed? What pain did I feel? What punishment was given to me? I was given a new life and you don’t know how to pay attention. Maero, upon his return, will be refreshed and ready beyond anything you can comprehend and he will continue to shoot upward into the main event while you continue to linger in the undercard. I know who I work with, I know my family very well, I spent many months fighting them, studying them, learning from them, even defeating them and that includes Eclipse, the man you say could wrestle circles around me, yet I defeated him. Though I know what you’d say, oh it was a roll up, but it was a win, and one you could never pull off. Amadeus and I respect each other in a way you couldn’t possibly understand, because we have fought and it was a beautiful struggle, not a one sided squash. You need to do your research because right now, you’re really missing the mark.

Wait, wait wait wait…. You’re going to bring in the Wolvesden? My friend, you mean the group you supposedly dismantled? The one with Kenny Drake, right? I think you retired him, right? That’s why he’s literally the GM of our brand,” McAdams cackles through the speakers. “Oh and JD Damon? I beat him, Jakob DeLion, I didn’t just beat him, I destroyed him. I mean, what? Marco Fedor? Yeah, they were really something that group. So superior to the Sanatorium what with their multiple titles between them and all that, oh wait, you must have them confused with another group that was actually successful. Did you really think bringing your victory over that glorified pack of rats was supposed to impress or intimidate us? I am utterly confused by the purpose they serve in this. Maybe because it’s the only thing you have to your name but I assure you that the group you supposedly tore asunder did not leave, they simply came back in another form. Damon still competes and is still just as close to Drake as ever, and now Drake? He’s in the most powerful position he could ever be in. But yeah, you sure did a number on them.

No I am afraid they don’t compare to the Sanatorium, and if we’re still comparing accomplishments my single victories over each of those men stands head and shoulders above anything you could have dealt to the wolvesden.

All that aside, I am not sure what your game is here. You’re grasping for the air as the noose tightens around your neck and you’re screaming for help but I’m afraid the only person who can help you is clinging to your legs to keep her from falling into the abyss. Ultimately your love will end you, and she won’t mind as long as she has a body to hang on. Anything to keep her from becoming irrelevant again, and returning to that dark place of weakness that almost ended her life. What’s sad is by the end of this run with you, she may wish she had. You say we’re a daydream, but I know you, Keelan, I know you shake with rage as you hear my words, I know your emotions are out of control every time I speak because in the end, even though you should be ahead of me, even though you should be able to defeat me, and you should have accomplished more than me you still find yourself here. Right here, where you are, with nothing but ‘love’. But I suppose that’s the compromise made my lesser men, to subjugate themselves to a relationship and say this is good enough. That’s what you will always be, Keelan, just… good enough. Boy, that’s depressing… but hey, you too can have a drink! Let us raise a glass to Keelan Cesseldick! The man who settled because it was all he could get!

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Post on September 6th 2017, 6:11 pm by CM Bank$
"But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him" - Corithians 8:6

Choosing to embrace your flaws in order to learn and adapt from them is indeed a winning game plan, especially when you acknowledge the fact that if you were not a person who acknowledged such shortcomings then that would make you delusional. Yet here you are stepping to the face of a man who's plateau you have yet to reach off the basis of your own delusion, it's kind of contradictory don't you think? Give yourself a little bit more credit though Ryan, belittling my status in the present day company at the expense of degrading yourself isn't the best way to go about things. If you are the future of that business that you very so claim to be, the man who will be remembered as the spirit of a whole generation.. why would I not fight you? I'm not sure if you were paying attention or not but I kind of did the "facing Hall of Famers and headliners" thing at Pain for Pride when I stood toe to toe against Ares Vendetta, Jaywalker, and Diamond Cage and might I add, walked out victorious. But I didn't stay around after Pain for Pride to face the likes of the same men who I faced years before during my first run, I came back for men like you. Men who in a few years are projected to stand where the likes of Devan Dubian and Diamond Cage stand today. My current endeavors are not a downgrade, I was not bound to this position by a higher up, I have not been slept on and considered "less than" anyone on this roster, you can't say the same for yourself though. You don't think I could insert myself into the world title picture at my leisure? You are sadly mistaken, but you'll learn soon enough that this is beyond any false sense of positioning on the totem pole for myself, but rather an initiation, a moment of truth, a judgement day.. for yourself. Speaking of judgement day, your assessment on Jesus, yeah we all know the story and we all know that you aren't him nor do you represent anything similar. While Jesus was initially considered a false prophet, the truth eventually came to light and prevailed, but you? Well the only truth as far as you're concerned is that you are a fraud. You don't spread any word in hopes of people bettering themselves and their lives for them to live on in eternal prosperity even in the afterlife, you spread nonsense in hopes that they become believers of your abilities that you don't even truly believe in for the betterment of your career and to stroke your ego. You don't come from a place of genuineness in your ideals or your hopes to spread your beliefs, you're in it for the personal gain of Ryan Marx and Ryan Marx only.

You're right though, you aren't fighting the Banks of old and that isn't good for you. You aren't facing a man who is bound to any executive position, you aren't facing a man who in the back of his mind has any doubts or worries about ruining a legacy that had yet been cemented. You are facing a man who has nothing to lose, a man who can do what he wants and face no repercussions, a man who has just as much experience as anyone else in this company with half the mileage, a man who is rejuvenated in every sense of the word. You are indeed an ambitious man, clearly delusional but what ambitious person wasn't delusional? You have to aim high to get to where you want to be right? The problem with that is when you think you as a single entity can one day become bigger than EAW itself. Sure EAW can be a platform for you to spread your word and expand your following, EAW can even be used as a stepping stone to reach bigger and greater heights as not a wrestler, but a person. Where you fail is when you think that your shtick is going to bring you to that status. Picking fights you cannot win certainly doesn't help your case, because it just becomes a situation where you get stopped in your tracks before you even have the luxury of getting there. You could always quit while you're ahead, but people like you are stubborn and have to get burned by the fire before realizing that they shouldn't play with flames. That pain will certainly enlighten you. But lets say for arguments sake, you achieved everything you said you would here, you won every title and you converted everybody into your loyal believers, what is your endgame? To be remembered as a deity who's gospel everyone sings? Big aspirations indeed, and knocking me off just might put you in that stratosphere, but it's just not going to happen. Theres a striking difference between my bragging and yours. Mine comes from a place of experience with claims that I can back up, yours come from a place of hope that you wish to someday be able to look back on and say you were right. I don't just throw claims at the wall and hope they stick, everything I brag about myself is well documented. It's not a lack of humility on my part, it's simply facts.

It seems as if my claims of carrying EAW for years bothers you, and I'm glad it does. The reason I brought that up was because you did what I knew you would, and that is claim what other men before you have claimed. The whole predictable shtick of "EAW passed you up", or the good ol' "EAW doesn't need you anymore" that people like you and others who EAW never needed at any point like to tell me. That is when I remind you and the like of the cold hard fact of why exactly that is the case, it's as simple as that, yes my current presence in EAW would have no bearing on whether the federation lived or died in 2017, but I worked as hard as I did for it to get to that point. Another reason I bring that up is because of your claims to one day surpass me, considering that I am the one true Zeitgeist that you claim to be and you want to one day be where I stand.. I'm doing nothing but telling you exactly what it took for me to be able to achieve the status that I have. It was more than going around disregarding the foundation laid before me and making delusional claims of being the future, it was putting my head down and simply working. As much as it shakes you to your core to hear me talk about what I did in the past, you'll hear about it as long as you make those repetitive claims which cause you to be reminded. I don't need you to sing my praises or stroke my ego and I don't need to do it for myself to make myself feel better. I simply need you to understand what you are up against and know that you aren't in for a fight against a broken legend who's a shell of his former self, but a seasoned veteran who's in the best shape of his life. 

You live by the motto "pain for the body, pleasure for the mind" and those are great words to live by. It's almost like what doesn't kill you makes you stronger in a sense, because through every defeat, hardship and loss you still gain the knowledge and enlightenment to grow as a person. The experiences we go through good or bad are what make us who we are as people, they mold us into whatever we may end up becoming. So as a person who has been "enlightened" by all of the pain he has faced in his personal life and most recently in his career, why haven't you enlightened yourself to stay in your lane? One would assume that the pain inflicted by other men of a higher stature than yourself would have given you the enlightenment to not only watch who you pick your battles with, but to not pick battles with men on higher levels than you at all. But maybe you simply don't see me as a man on as high of a level as I am perceived to be on, maybe I'm just an old washed up legend trying to hang on to old glory simply because I lost to Nas, despite my two prior wins in this comeback. Maybe your enlightenment is blinding you from reality and causing you to look at me as nothing more than a hasbeen, but what your enlightenment should be doing is making sure you don't underestimate any opponent, especially one who's presence in this industry you one day want to replace. Maybe it isn't your enlightenment causing this at all, maybe you are simply too stubborn to truly let yourself be enlightened, other wise you would have never interrupted me on Showdown and you would never be in this predicament. And alas, you are not taking responsibility for your failures, a true Zeitgeist and man of enlightenment would be able to take the experience gained from that pain and those battle scars and use it as the fuel to the fire, make some adjustments and come back to fight even harder and most importantly, smarter. That's what Nasir did after I defeated him at Dia Del Diablo, he didn't do what you did and place the blame on everybody but himself for losses against other people, he didn't blame the higher ups for not believing in him and his confidence wasn't so fragile as to where he believed he was a pawn because he couldn't get the job done. In one breath you walk around like this place's future revolves around you and in the next breath you admit that you aren't good enough. Maybe you'll say "well in order to push further and reach greater heights I need to acknowledge past failures and let the pain mold me into a stronger entity", and thats great but then you'll just lose to me and your confidence will once again be shattered and you'll find yourself having doubts once again. You are a fragile man who wears his heart on his sleeve and his insecurities on his torso for the world to see.

I didn't comeback hanging onto past glory, I came back to write a new chapter for myself in this era. This was inspired by common misconception created by men such as yourself who think that men who became legends in an older era such as the one I came up in couldn't be able to hang with the new generation. So I made it my mission to not only prove that to be a false assumption, but I also wanted to see what the hype was about around a lot of these men who are being heralded as the best. I fought Nasir, I defeated him and then I lost to him in two great matches, all in all I ended up learning more about him and this new generation than I ever thought I could imagine wanting to know. Now he is one win away from becoming a world champ in this company, I have no shame in that loss like you think I should. Theres men who come out from an older era and think things will be the same from back then and think everything will just be handed to them, but thats not me. I knew of the adjustments I would have to make going against men from this era and I knew that I should not go into any matches thinking its already in the bag based off of my status. Nothing is promised and everything is earned, that is also a reason why I didn't return and demand title shots two months in. But you'll never understand that line of thinking because you'll never be able to reach the point where your worth isn't determined by how much championships you hold. You could very well defeat your last opponent for this Openweight belt and then go onto win a world championship, but what will that have proven? Will you feel complacent or will that motivate you to reach even greater heights by becoming a successful world champion? Winning the world championship is only half the battle, if that. Your legacy becomes more memorable with each title defense and you begin to place yourself among legendary status, and then in the end it still won't be enough to ever surpass or replace what I have done in this federation. Let that sink in. So continue to run your mouth to no end like only you know how to do, tell me about how my time has passed me up, about how you are not facing the old Banks but rather a washed up regulated to facing nobodies such as yourself Banks, tell me about how you are the Zeitgeist who the world will one day remember and worship for things far beyond EAW, and I'll be right back to give you a dose of reality.
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Post on September 6th 2017, 5:58 pm by Darkane
Dynasty/Grand Prix I

I never thought I'd be willfully tagging with anyone, let alone a tree-hugging, bong ripping, flower pedal decaled eighteen window Volkswagen bus driving former foe in Stark, but we both have a mutual interest at hand and we're both looking at the bigger picture and that's a shot at the tag team titles. I've never worked well with others and I was hesitant to form a brief alliance with Stark, if you told me four months ago when Stark and I were beating each others brains out that we would deliberately team up in the Grand Prix tournament, I would have called you completely and utterly insane and that's saying something coming from me, but shit, if it's an opportunity to wrap gold around my waist, I'm not going to let that go by the wayside, I can't, it's too good of an opportunity, the last tag match I was in yielded mixed results, I was happy with my performance, I pinned a champion and I got eliminated by a future one and then of course said champion, Scott Diamond had to indirectly interfere with my match last week because he's severely butthurt from Territorial Invasion, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. With that in mind I still don't trust Stark, he's a weaselly and stingy fuck, I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls a fast one over me, but at the very least in the worst case scenario I'm getting tag team experience and that counts for something I guess and I cannot deny his talent, even though he dropped the ball at Territorial Invasion, he's beaten me a few times, but that's neither here or there, what Stark knows how to do is fight and I've learned that personally. Unfortunately for the team we're paired up against, I cannot say the same.

We're going up against a pair of testicles.

You heard it right. We Are The Bollocks, a fitting name for two individuals that don't seem to hold this Grand Prix tournament with an ounce of seriousness, you have Finnegan Wakefield who constantly toes the line between NEO and Voltage unable to solidify himself on either brand and then you have El Irónico who is apparently of British-Mexican descent, a rambunctious spark plug who is a heritage-confused dunderfuck who stumbled on ancestry.com and found out he had Mexican relatives stringing back to 1789 so now he feels it's his duty to puff his chest out and try to represent both countries proudly. Whatever the case may be, they're in the wrong place at the wrong time, because no matter what mask you wear it doesn't hide the fact that while you think you're the bollocks, you're actually a Lance Armstrong; one testicle short of the full package, you're not what you think you are and while you may have defeated Mongoose McQueen and Nobi last week, which I will give you full credit for, you haven't laced up your boots and stepped toe to toe in a tag team environment with the kind of prowess that Stark who is a former National Elite Champion and I possess. This is a curtain call for the both of you, it's time to put up or shut up, it's time to put your anatomical nonsense on the back burner and fight like your lives depend on it, that's what Stark and I will do, however, if your in-ring ability matches your namesake then you will get massacred beyond recognition and we will move on in the tournament and rightfully so, this tournament holds no place for half-assed attempts at comedy using deviant vernacular, but if you decide to take this tournament seriously, you can still hold your heads up high after you are pounded into dust unmercifully, knowing that at the end of the day, you tried. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation for the both of you. 

I'd expect comedic shenanigans from El Irónico, but not you Finnegan. I always felt like you were a step above that kind of nonsense, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I mentioned before that you see-sawed back and forth between NEO and Voltage on a weekly basis, but why? Why aren't you a Voltage mainstay? You're surely talented enough, but I'll have you know that the last part time NEO competitor I faced was Masaru Kasahara and after I left him for dead, he bolted from the company with his tail between his legs, now I would imagine that you're a man with more integrity than that, you've suffered defeat before, you know what it's like, so do I and it sucks, it's a bitter pill to swallow, yet here you are relegating yourself to compete with wrestlers on NEO that you have no business with. You should be on the Voltage roster permanently, but you're not and to me, that tells me you're inconsistent, sometimes you show up on Voltage and impress the masses but at the same time, you end up sinking back down into NEO prison where you rattle your tin can against the bars of the cell. This upcoming match isn't on NEO, it isn't on Voltage, you're in enemy territory on Dynasty, you're stepping foot in my domain, even Stark is treading lightly because I have the home field advantage, I just wonder Finnegan as to whether you can finally put the pieces together in your career and make something for yourself or will you falter and end up destined for mediocrity, if I have anything to do with it, I'll make damn sure it's the latter. This is an opportunity to take home gold at the end of the day, I do not take that for granted, Stark doesn't take that for granted and neither should you or your partner El Irónico, opportunities to strap gold around your waist are few and far between so you better make sure you take advantage of it.

And the last time I faced off against a masked competitor El Irónico, I beat him not once but twice in that ring, he went by the name of Target Smiles and if you're anything like Target Smiles, whose world I've defecated on ever since I stepped foot on Dynasty then you're in for a rude awakening and I'm in for a cake walk. I understand it's more tradition based for you since you're a luchador and they're notorious for masks, but be that as it may, I've had great success against masked men, whether it was through warding off masked robbers and thugs in the filthy alleys of New Orleans, or stomping a hole through the heart of Target Smiles, it doesn't matter, I came out on top. You could prove to be totally different and I hope you are, I hope Stark and I get a worthy challenge come Dynasty. I must say though, the only thing that I think is worthy of mentioning about you is your drinking ability, I can fondly relate, my liver is bound to turn to shit if it hasn't already, but at least we know how to throw them down, but despite the levels of liquid courage that you can muster up, I'm afraid it will not suffice, you and Finnegan will have to drink yourself dead to blur the lines between pain and reality; the physical and mental misery that you will have endured post Dynasty and the reality that you're out of the tournament and on to a bar stool asking the tender for another one and another one until he says "look pal I think you've had enough" and you'll reply "I'll tell you when I've had enough!" which will result in you and Finnegan getting hurled out onto the lonely streets of Omaha, Nebraska and left to rot in a heap of dejection. That is the reality that you two could soon face, it's the reality that you know is very possible and it will hopefully force you to bring your absolute best to avoid meeting that reality head on. Stark and I, however, have different plans, we're not going to settle for a measly early round exit, no, that's not us, we're too talented for that, we both have the confidence within ourselves that we can thwart all obstacles en route to the tag team titles, but we know that we're not going to put the cart before the horse and overlook you two, no matter how phony that you both appear to be.

Buckle up.
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Post on September 6th 2017, 4:06 pm by AlexisDiemos
Alexis mumbled to herself as she draped her body against the chair behind her, her eyes staring listlessly up at the sky. Her body was bedecked in only her war paint, which covered every inch of her, her clothes strewn about against the floor of her home. Discarded. Cast off as if they were burning her skin. Her listless gaze circled around the room before it found itself focused straight ahead, as her grin shifted. Her mouth was already painted into a smile, so her own real teeth showing through the highly detailed teeth left a strange impression as her tongue ran across her teeth. Her eyes glimmered with malicious intent as she gazed straight ahead before letting out a soft sigh and leaning against the chair.

“Do you know what happens to precious little heroes like you, Astraea? What happens to those that try to fight back against the tides of fate and of their own fears? I’m sure that you do. Who did you use to read about as a little kid, Astraea? Did you ever read the story of Joan of Arc? Probably looked up to her a lot as a little kid. The fighting woman who saved her country despite her fears. Her ability to thrive in the world dominated by men. Fighting against the strongest army with her own loyal soldiers. An army that fought against the domination of the British Army, and went down in history as one of the greatest rebellions and wars in history. A storied woman to look up to...but many forget something else about this...hero. This woman who fought against the idea of fear and of justice. You see, Joan of Arc lost the war against the British. And for her crimes of heresy and of cross dressing...she was put to death by burning. She was burned alive for her crimes. And that’s what happens to heroes who attempt to fight their fate. Heroes don’t last very long in this world my sweet little girl. The heroes that do last long, only last because they embrace the shadows that lie just underneath the surface. The warpaint that bubbles out from their flesh...that’s what makes heroes last in this world. Imagine...imagine of Joan had embraced every bit of darkness in her body. Every shred of human decency torn away in a flurry of steel and flesh, and as blood painted the fields red...imagine what the world would be like? But no. She chose to embrace her own brand of reality. Her own special sign of goodness and decency...and it cost her. It cost her dearly. She died burning alive, in the most painful kind of death. So, when you embrace your heroes, you have to remember that the ones that live...are the ones that are just like me.

You talk about how my ‘children’ are all more successful than me, but you have to remember...I don’t put success as titles or victories. I’ve had my own share of highlights and great moments, and this is my chance to have one that is just as good as all of theirs. My beautiful sisters who have fought for their entire lives, and here they stand as a beautiful reminder to the rest of the world. That their way...their fortunes, and their power...this is what it all comes down to. That in the end, I have to achieve their success as well, so as to not let them down. I’m fighting for more than just my own pride, Astraea. I’m fighting for those girls that have had to watch as everyone else who had the look, or had that...special something got to move up in the world while girls like me had to sit back and play second fiddle to them. I’m not going to be a hero to them, to die in a fire just for my name to be memorialized. I am an urban legend made flesh, Astraea. A thousand times more than smoke and mirrors. I’m nightmare made flesh. This warpaint that covers me is an extension of that nightmare...it is my will personified. My darkness and my hatred made manifest. When I unleash it all upon you, Astraea, I want you to understand that this is what you brought out of me. This terrifying war paint that I exhibit during this tournament...this is every bit of my hatred and anger pushed out from the years of having to bury it down. And I know that I’m going to face harder and harder opponents as the time progresses. I’m very much aware of that fact...but that won’t stop me. You won’t stop me. No one can. The crown that is within my reach...I’m going to grab it and pull it back into the shadows with me. So the fact that you want to sit here and try to stop me...that you want to tarnish everything I’ve built to start your own legacy...I can’t allow that sweetie.”

Her body leaned forward once again, tipping the chair over as she rolled onto the floor, laying there lifelessly. Her hands reached up, her arms cracking a few times as she rose up like a spider, crawling forwards towards the camera as her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

“Regardless of what you think of me Astraea, when it comes down to what I can do in the ring, there isn’t a question of my skill. I’m able to fight just as good as anyone else...and you are going to learn your place beneath me, darling. You are going to fall by my hands...and when you do...I shall rise from your blood, bathed in your essence...absorbing your soul inside of me. I’m going to become a veritable god of this world...the strongest of urban legends that will devour all around me. Astraea. You’ve made a mistake. You survived long enough to find yourself here.”
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EAW Promoz!

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