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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2017, 2:00 pm by DampshawIII
Soft, regal harpsichord music plays as we are taken to Reginald Dampshaw III's mansion in Isle of Wight. Reginald is seen standing in front of a many beautiful paintings. We walks slowly over the large, framed photos of immaculately dressed men. Reginald looks at the pictures and smiles before turning around to the camera.

Reginald Dampshaw III: "Dampshaw". What emotion do you feel when you heard that word? Pride? Jealousy? Fear? All would be appropriate, for no one family has been more influential in shaping her Queen's England than the Dampshaws. Before I talk about my immediate family, one must need to look even farther back, long before my time to my ancestors. We've all been told around the fireplace about the first Dampshaws being not only members of royalty, but also the soldiers and warriors fighting on the front lines as far back as the Middle Ages.

Reginald begins walking and stops at a long, silver sword. He picks it up and treads his finger lightly over the blade.

Reginald Dampshaw III: This was the sword of long gone but not forgotten Dampshaw who fought during the English Civil War and was one of the survivors during the battle, helping usher in the English Commonwealth. Sir Olivier Cromwell said himself that he was one hell of a soldier.

Reginald walks over to one particular picture. The picture is a black and white photo of a large man with a walrus moustache and monocle with his hand resting in his coat. The camera pans to the label on the picture.

William Archibald Dampshaw (1868-1921)

Reginald Dampshaw III:
 William Archibald Dampshaw was my great-grandfather. Born in 1868 in Henley-on Thames, William built Dampshaw Estate here in Isle of Wight....not with his bare hands, mind you, no, he hired a man named Samuel Merriweather, a lowly carpenter from Ipswich to build it by himself. It took Merriweather 5 years to do it, mostly because he was worthless and could not do his job any better. That man, of course, is the father of my butler, Crichton. Wasn't your father a complete waste, Crichton?

Crichton Merriweather: Yes, sir....

Reginald Dampshaw III: Now settled in Dampshaw Estate, William created the Dampshaw Jewellery, Co., which continues to provide high quality jewellery to the highest of the high in the English elite. Why, even the Queen mother herself has gone to one of the many stores. She expected to just be handed a necklace and some rings, but we made her buy them, because no one gets anything from a Dampshaw for free.

Reginald continues on to his throne. He sits down peruses a gold plate on a desk with some of the Dampshaw Jewllery Co.'s stock. He looks quite impressed with a particular watch and puts it on his wrist.

Reginald Dampshaw III: Yes, William Archibald Dampshaw truly created the Dampshaw legacy, but unfortunately, he did not live to see it continue to this day, dying peacefully in his room, which is now enshrined here, in 1921. I obviously never got to meet the man, but his vision, his ruthlessness and his terrible treatment of a member of the Merriweather family I personally consider personal inspirations. You could say I aspire to continue his...Dynasty. But that is all for this week. Come back next Friday for Part II of The History of The Dampshaws. Until then....Good day.

The soft harpsichord music comes back as Crichton leads the camera out of the room and the large, beautiful oak doors swing shut.


Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2017, 12:56 pm by Hurricane Hawk

Dark sky.

The time was right. My mind was right. Everything felt amazing.. from the vibe of the crowd to the vibe inside me telling me to end it and get the right thing that I needed, which was that win to prove to everyone that I can stay here and I can do this. Dynasty was a helluva night and I felt as though it was the time, but it just did not come right. And I have all of the respect for Target Smiles for taking the victory. I know I've made my mistakes but when House of Glass comes by, I'm not making that same mistake again. House of Glass is where I take my glory and I take my chance to get exactly what I need: an opportunity. This upcoming Friday I take another competitor that has been here for a while who looks to crush and destroy. Scott Oasis, this is going to be the opportunity that I'm going to pounce on. You see I have rage within me after falling on Dynasty. This was supposed to be my chance but when I step into that ring with you on Friday, that will be my upbringing. I am not getting back into that ring just to see my downfall. I know exactly what I want and what I deserve. Scott Oasis if you think that this is something that you are just going to run through.. you thought wrong. You see I have this chip on my shoulder.. I have everything on my mind. House of Glass with this first opportunity being a chance to get at the EAW Hardcore Championship, these critics who think I cannot stay and that I'm just going to leave when everything falls down. But as much as it was me.. that is not me anymore. I'm not going to say that I evolved.. but I brought myself up to higher standards and I brought myself to a new level. Scott Oasis, my idea of stepping in that ring with you is not just to show off for the fans that support me heavily, but to beat you and show elitist like you that I've come back for the long run. I have never stepped in the ring with you but I know one thing.. you like to hold yourself up. You like to see like this intimidating beast that rips apart anything he sees. Well Scott.. you've just met your match. You see these other people that have stepped in the ring with you, they might have given you a fight.. but I'm going to slay the beast inside of you. I have the sword to take you down: the fire inside of me. I do not regret anything that I did on Dynasty but this show Scott.. I am NOT AND WILL NOT FALL. Oasis I want you to take your chance to see now, that I'm more than just a Hall of Famer.. I'm more than just a former champion. Hell.. I'm more than just an elitist! I'm a star. 

This dark sky shows me in the middle of the light.. just like the spotlight shines on me. It's going to be elitist like you that are going to be jealous when I take the opportunities away from you and take them to the top. Critics are going to keep talking.. and elitist like you are going to keep trying to test me. Dynasty is my proving ground now, and every single match that I perform is just each step to getting me closer and closer to where I want to be. The top looks so far from down here but as I climb.. and I take my grip to each piece of rock.. things will fall off just like you. Scott Oasis you stepped into that match on Territorial Invasion and you could have had the opportunity to be up there with the EAW Answers Champion, but you just could not do it. In my eyes.. I'm a fight champion regardless if I'm holding a title or not. I know that I can step in that ring and do what I do best and EVEN BETTER.. than any of you who want to step in the ring with me. Scot Oasis, I just cannot wait to show you how much that I've changed. I'm not just some piece of meat that they're throwing at the lion... You want to be the fire-breathing dragon.. be my guest.. but every dragon has their slayer. I'm ready for action. I'm ready to step onto those grounds and show you that I'm going to step above you on these stairs that lead me to the top of the mountain. I know you are going to want to hold me down.. but Goliath.. meet your David. Those dark clouds might be above my head, but I'm going to clear that away and finish exactly what I started. Oasis, I hope that you have everything that you got, but I'm just going to be a few steps ahead of you. I am the slayer.. and on Dynasty, those people in the crowd will be calling me the slayer of Oasis. This is more than just some small beast mode.. this is my BURNING FLAMES.. rushing me and pushing me on.. motivating me because I KNOW I'm not finished. I KNOW that I have more to do and once I see myself above all at the top.. I WILL NOT FALL. Whether I have to push you off of this mountain and leave you to trip and fall on your own.. I am not going to let you get ahead of me. Scott Oasis, you might not think of this match as anything.. but I see this as my chance.. and in those dark skies.. stars die.. but I'll be the one to stay for the longest. Sacrifices were made to get back here and I will not let that fall to be nothing. I'm hungry.. and just like a Hawk.. I'm going to lurk.. swoop..

And take my victim like I take my opportunities.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2017, 11:16 am by Jamie O'Hara
And so here...we...are.

The make or break of TLA and the world is sitting on the very edge of the seat with bated breath; their expectations, their hopes seemingly within view. This ocean of support that arose so long ago, never wavering...only growing. The people have got you this far and it’s as far as the people can take you. If people had power, control of this world we would have been dead long ago. Your average person isn’t rational in their thoughts; their responses are far more emotional, spurred by even the most meager of reasons. I sometimes despise what people think, what they say, how they act. But there’s a reason our governments are run by a select few people. There’s a reason multinational corporations - ones that hold our society together - are run by a board of members rather than every person who has a claim to being a stakeholder. Your average person gets their say once in a blue moon and from there it lies in the powers that be to do as they wish with thoughts, the opinions of the people. Human emotion is a cancer more than it is some blessing; that facet of “being alive” by feeling something, it blinds us more than it assists. They cheer for you. They’ve done it for so long that I’m starting to wonder if it was ever a figment of my imagination that they once sung in unity in dismay for you. They’ve willed you on to every milestone step you’ve taken to reach this match. Willed you on in King of Elite, willed you on in the Grand Rampage, willed you on against me, at Pain For Pride, start of this season, Territorial Invasion and every week until this night; they have not wavered in their support. But until now, their thoughts and their support have been nothing more than a survey; they wish to see their hero, their old fashion toiler succeed against the big...bad...champion. You’ve disappointed them so many times, TLA, I wonder when the camel’s back breaks? Lets not beat around the bush in some attempt to maintain a level of respect - any respect you hold for me will certainly die before I’m finished - you’ve fought tirelessly but have lost. Failure is an awful stain, isn’t it? A terrible burden to carry knowing you’ve thus far pissed away countless opportunities to succeed in this business; in nine months I must say, few get the chances you’ve had. Perhaps I was right two weeks ago, you are more akin to Lucian Black than someone like myself but I digress, comparisons aren’t truly needed here but it doesn’t hurt to wonder. The cracking of the spine that holds you up in this position is inevitable and soon enough the crowd’s support is going to dwindle. I mean, that’s always going to happen and I’ll entertain that thought soon enough. Failure after failure, soon enough they’ll turn to another hero. Grier perhaps? Elite? Cetinich has made a grand name for himself.

Make yourself the World Heavyweight Champion.

Your be broken and never dream of becoming it again.

Not all who stand in your shoes become World Champion. Not all who have the love of the crowd manage to succeed. Happily ever afters are reserved for those born to succeed, not those who trip and stumble their way to the top. The real cunts of this business who reach for the jugular each time and leave no regard for their opponent in their wake are the ones who get such an ending. Look at every great to ever hold a world championship; they didn’t do anything less but drive the most harshest of truths into the skulls of their opponents. Tell me I’m wrong though. And every man who fought on grounds of respect became nothing more than a one hit wonder and for every single one of them, there’s two, three, four, five more blokes who could never overcome facing their harsh realities to thrive. Again, tell me I’m wrong. Can you face...and accept what holds you back? Or do you have some endless list of excuses to justify your flaws and everything that has caused you to find no glory, no satisfaction in the past nine months? No, see that itself is where your biggest fault is. You expected to be the World Heavyweight Champion by now, didn’t you? You expected to defeat Jacob Senn instead of me. You expected to headline the historic Pain For Pride X instead of me, didn’t you? You expected to be named the number one contender instead of Cameron Ella Ava, didn’t you? Perhaps the Interwire Championship was handed to you with ease but this? The World Heavyweight Championship has had its fair share of champions who were handed the reigns with no resistance but I don’t intend, nor have I ever intended, to be a champion who will simply willingly lay down just so you can have your day as champion. This is earned. This is fought for until your dying breath. You sacrifice everything you have, everything you are to simply stand here as the champion. Your fault is that you don’t want to work. You don’t want to fight for it. You see a mountain in front of you and your response is “nah fuck that”. You wanted to be the World Heavyweight Champion by now, by September and you’re still the lowly contender you were in May; truth is you haven’t done a fucking thing to improve your standing as contender. Your greatest, most meaningful victories are against fellow sub-par contenders and each time you open your mouth you make yourself a laughable excuse of a contender; that certainly hasn’t changed in the nine months. Nine months ago I actually gave you an ounce of credit, the benefit of the doubt that no, between the absolute shit that falls from your mouth that there was something worthwhile. Nah...nah see I’ve fallen into that crowd that discredits you, that thinks nothing of you and if there’s anything I’ve taken away from our matches or watching your’s is that those people were absolutely justified in their belief. What happens when you can’t beat me on Sunday? Where do you go? ANOTHER FAILURE in your books and once again you fell to me...convincingly. Will yourself on, tell yourself that you’re not going to stop gunning for me but each time you do that you’re simply covering up the same flaw that’s going to destroy each and every chance you get against me, that’s going to suck your career down the drain before ever reaching whatever fucking delusional potential people think you have.

You’re a fragile man who believes too much into the hype surrounding him.

A man with a dream. One almighty dream.

But it’s me who stands in the way of ever accomplishing that dream. It’s me who will deny you the chance to ensure your years of struggle meant something. Perhaps a day will come, where the planets align, that someone like you can call themselves a World Champion. But that day is not today. That day isn’t in your immediate future. You’re a man with a thirst undeniable to reach the pinnacle of this business and I foresee nothing more than TLA stepping before me as challenger time and time again, trying desperately to knock me from the throne and take it for himself. You will ignore your flaws and “courageously” battle on, David versus fucking Goliath is the narrative you and whatever supporters still blindly hang around will build your next effort on. But I am just a cut too high above for you to reach; I excell in just too many areas of that ring - my ring - for you to keep up. January’s King of Elite, Burning Desire, more than enough to prove my point. And you can keep trying to find a lesson to learn in each loss, you can hit the weights a little more often, push yourself a little harder to get better but you’re only doing that with the meager assumption that I’m resting on my laurels and I’m just going to sit, soaking myself in my ego and success. I will always be better than the last time. I will always be at least one step of pace ahead no matter how much you believe you can keep up - nobody on this roster can hold a candle to me for a reason, nobody can keep up and nobody can match me inside my ring. You can feast on what people say, you can take their support, their inspiring words but if 2017 is anything to go by, what they offer means nothing. How deep has their support reached already? What has manifested in your mind, do you believe that this is your time? What makes Ground Zero any different to every other chance you’ve had this year? Nothing fills me with optimism for you, nothing fills me with doubt that you are something more than just cannon fodder. And what lies ahead for me? Those names I mentioned earlier...would be valiant in their efforts but it’s not a matter of discussion as to who would emerge victorious. My sweet Cameron fell at Territorial Invasion, Mstislav is gone. Nobody would stand to oppose me; an endless reign, breaking records, setting new ones near impossible to challenge. Of course, to repeat, you and others would fill yourselves with optimism in the hope that the next time around would be any different. But the conclusion would be the same; inevitable from the moment they cemented their chance. We all have dreams, we all chase them but not all get the satisfaction of having them become a reality; it’s a monumental task to which only some are fit enough to obtain. I fought, I lost and I learned what it took to succeed, to make my dreams become a reality.

What you’re going to learn is what separates me from you, myself from every other soul on this roster. When others develop their substantiated claims, they’re held up by nothing more than mere hot air; of ego, of arrogance, of delusion. Yet EVERYTHING I say from my greatness down to your insignificance carries more substance. And that’s not due to place or time, that’s not some “right” you get as champion. No, it’s because unlike you, unlike everyone else I’ve proved my skill, proved my greatness inside that right and you’re all just left clutching at any and every straw you can muster just to avoid accepting that truth. You don’t have an ounce dirt on me, not a single sledge worthy of being proud of. Burning Desire, six weeks ago, all you could do is rattle off on pointless shit and I’m more than happy to sit here and again hear that shit again, but neither of those times - and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you won’t do that this week - did you admit that I’m successful. I’m here as the champion for a reason. Sledge how I walk, how I talk, how I present myself, how far up my own arse I am, how serious I am, how uptight I am...but I want to hear it spill from your lips, I want to hear the cracking of your precious, fragile ego...for all that I am...I am successful. I’m walking in as champion and even I consider the danger of this match, but rest assured I’m going to scratch, claw and fight until I leave every bead of sweat, every bitter tear, every drop of blood that I have to retain the World Heavyweight Champion. My reign doesn’t end here, it doesn’t end against someone who is more of a stain on this business than the pride and joy. No leader, no king. You’re a lowly, insignificant gnat that somehow crawled his way up to the gates of heaven but I will take immense pleasure in flicking you back down, crashing on the windscreen of reality. You’re a bloke with jokes that appeal to the lowest common denominator so maybe I shouldn’t be so confused by the mass of support for you. A mindlessness, no talent, non-excitant personality passing himself off as a professional wrestler; a cringeworthy trainwreck each time he opens his mouth or steps into that ring. I am going to stick the six shooter against your skull and fire a bullet of true belief into that skull; you’re not going to have any sense of optimism, you’re not going to walk away from that ring with your head held high with some moral victory. No, this is where TLA is broken, physically and mentally. I am going to send you to a place where you’re forced to look in the mirror and recognise every fatal flaw that exists and if I was a betting man I wouldn’t dare put a single cent on you making it out alive. You make me ill. The support you have makes me ill.

The day that TLA succeeds in EAW, it won’t be because he was in the absolute best. It won’t be because he earned it nor deserved it. It won’t be long overdue, it won’t be perfect timing. The day you succeed is when we need another charity case to milk, to make everyone feel good.

Today is not that day.

That day isn’t going to be at my expense.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 12th 2017, 2:29 am by Azumi Goto
Promo #1
The reaction to EAW’s collective fan base when I cashed in was a pretty hilarious from fat freaks that don’t know what the stress of being a wrestler really is or how hard one must work to even get a bit of respect from the peers around him or her. The world of pro-wrestling isn’t meant for idiots who don’t see what it truly means to struggle, take 5 steps back for one big step. I saw an opening and I made my move and yeah I did cash in out of frustration of my elimination but in my mind, I saw the idea of being the challenger for Aria’s title as a shot at finally claiming my one big shot that’s needed at getting what has eluded for far too long. A championship to claim as my own, I’m walking into with one in a million chances to win at Manifest Destiny and I know that but it doesn’t mean that I’m instantly losing when I step into the ring against Aria Jaxon.
Think about the uproar I will cause in EAW if I beat Aria Jaxon will be the greatest I will ever see; just the thought of seeing me even in the ring in a 1v1 match against Aria will have those hypocrites booing me for what I believe in and at the end, I just won’t care about them anymore, there’s no point in living off the opinions of others and I have proven that.
I have proven that I have all the right in the world to call myself The Ace, I’m stood against EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE and I haven’t backed down from people who tell me that I don’t deserve this spot. Hell, I’ve gone head on, probably falling more times than I can count but I’m still willing to get back up and end continue pushing on as a true ace would.
See this is Azumi Goto, in a nutshell, people regardless of how you all will look down at me, I will rise above everything and prove to the world here that right in front of them is THE BEST WRESTLER.ON THIS BRAND! Some would say that I’m taking the biggest gamble in my life to directly challenge Aria for the title, people will say that this gamble will result in my one and only shot then so be it! It’s a risk I’m willing to take for my legacy.
This will be something that you won’t understand, Vexx you haven’t had to wait as long as I’ve had to claim this shot. I’m not letting someone act as a roadblock towards Aria Jaxon and MY Women’s Championship Shot at Manifest Destiny! Psychotic or not, whatever the hell you may think you are, I have no time for games with you. The dark backstory or whatever it may be will stop in any shape or form as it’s not worth the time discussing it.
You can try every single tactic but in the end, there will nothing in my path as I head towards the biggest match and biggest obstacle in my way.

I’m on my road to surpassing the gods and right now, a generic psycho can’t touch me!

(OOC: Sorry to the writers as I haven't gotten time with the stress around me to write a proper promo)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 11th 2017, 2:57 pm by вrσdч spαrks .


"The irony of you bringing up the Empress Of Elite tournament, the disrespect of you complaining about your poor heart shattering is revolting. How dare you. How dare you actually think that you have a right to complain about not advancing when you were fortunate enough to even be in this tournament? You did something I never got to do. Last year I sat at home, granted it was my choice. However, I looked forward to coming back and taking the title of Empress Of Elite for 2017. I still stand by that judgment, but this year? That chance was filched from me. It was ripped away from me by you, yet here you are turning this into a weeping story because yet again the infamous Consuela Rose Ava could not finish a job. How can those words actually escape from between your lips? I had to sit home and think about the fact that ungrateful and undeserving women like Sheridan Muller and Amy Jayne were able to compete but not me. Why? Because of you. You want to turn a moment where you were given another opportunity into some melodrama. I am not a catch Consuela. I am reality. It never ceases to amaze me how you can sit here and cast judgment on me, yet you continue to spit on the face of this division. “Hi I’m Consuela, I won the Specialist Title, I lost it because I honestly didn’t care for my title reign like I should, so I lost it. Let me cry about it.” “Hi I’m Consuela, I was able to compete in the 2017 Empress Of Elite, but let me cry about it.” “Hi I’m Consuela, I was given another opportunity for the Specialist Title again, let me cry about it because I’m very good that!” You notice that pattern? It’s astonishing how life works in sequences and patterns. It doesn’t surprise me that you’re already crying over the fact that you have to face me yet again because that’s what you do. You get handed opportunity after opportunity and when you fail, you complain. Different days, same old Consuela. I see where you’re going, but let me stop you dead in those tracks. This really isn’t about a title for me. It’s an idea that people seem to think the only thing to motivate someone like myself is a belt. Yes, my love, my title reign was remarkable, and I would jump at the chance to continue it, but this match means much more to me than just a title. Whether you were champion or not, I was coming after you. We aren't all as shallow as you darling. You took away my transcendent achievement, you took away an opportunity for me to gain another. Maybe everything is about titles for an Ava, but for me, this business is about leaving a mark. A fingerprint. A legacy, being a predominant woman in a male dominated world. I’ve said it a long time ago, I don’t let gold define who I am, I define the gold. I am much more than just a former champion and it seems like people have forgotten that. Before the title reign, I was still a force to be reckoned with. I was still a formidable woman, that title solidified everything I had been telling everyone since the very day I signed my contract. People have forgotten about the women who would go any length to remain on top, title or not. A woman who cares not what people think about her. Who doesn’t follow the morals and guidelines the average person may follow. I make my own path and I stand by my word. People have forgotten that I have always been a heretic. That has always been me, so learn and understand that this title may cause for more motivation, but the hatred and pain you cost me must be paid for in one way or another. Nope. No. I won’t give you that self-fulfillment. I already told you, you beat me. I accepted that. I never argued it or made an excuse for it. Don’t put those words in my mouth to bend it to your own advantage. The better woman won that night. But that was just one night. I let that title go in a moment of weakness, but trust me I have grown far more strength since then than to let that happen again. You’re right, you did lose your title two weeks later to her. The fact that she was looked down upon doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that you disappointed me. All this talk about beating me, all this talk about solidifying yourself by ending the title reign that people never thought would be ended, you ate your words, you are your vomit. You broke my eye getting that title and then lost it two weeks later. Just like that. I don’t know what’s more offensive, the fact that you disappointed me or the fact that you were irresponsible with my baby. I swear you Ava’s just love the generic high school mentality. Bullies? Trying to be her friend? You think you’re that high and powerful that when you extend your hand in friendship people should just endure? Accept it? This isn’t mean girls and you’re no queen bee. Because you wanted to play nice, should April have kissed your ass and not be proud of what she has done? When you’re proud of beating me, you don’t consider that an ego, but when someone else boasts of beating you, suddenly it's a problem? You don’t know my love, I couldn’t say that because you did defeat me. Who’s to say if it wouldn’t have been her Consuela? You swear you have me all figured out, just love the idea of portraying this image of me. You got me there. It took determination. Discipline, and grief. You may not have taken pride in the fact that you cost me physical pain, but the physical pain was something I healed from, and something anyone could easily heal from. It’s the mental pain that you caused that drove me. You cost me a lot Consuela, and I will not stop until I take every desire you have away from you. When I look at our last two encounters, I see two things. One, a woman simply getting the best of me. Two, a woman who benefitted off of the work others put in. At Territorial Invasion, you weren't the only woman who faced against me. You weren't the only one to receive and give damage from and to me. I wouldn't count that as a victory over a simple elimination. This is different, this week will be our second true fight. One on One, no tagging in and no tagging out. I wouldn't be proud about eliminating someone who already took a beating. You don't see me boasting about pinning the Specialist Champion. By your logic, it seems like I'm the only one between the two of us able to actually pin her. That's ok love, I sure do enjoy a challenge."

"You just love putting words into my mouth, don't you? I'm guessing that's you're only real defense here. Trying to claim you know what I'm going to say. The difference between us is, I don't put words in your mouth, I'd rather shove my fist down your throat. You might get your moment darling, but it won't be from me. I told you, I am going to cost you everything. I am going to take everything you ever wanted away from you. You took away my title, good old karma took care of that. You took my time away from the ring, you took the chance for me to participate in Empress Of Elite from me. I simply want to make you suffer. By any means and at any cost. I feel numb. I feel my eyes heavy with anguish and suffering. My lips stuck together like glue with a blank expression resting on my face. All I could think about is the pain, hurting you. Hearing you scream again when I lock in my Illumination. Your face when the tears start to run down your face when you realize everything you fucking hoped for is taken away from you just like that. I want to be the thorn in your side. I want to be your own personal depression. When things in your life seem to be going your way when your happiness just seems too good to be true and then just like that. You're covered, you're consumed by a blanket of emotions. Anger, sadness, everything negative all wrapped into one thing, clouding and hovering over you with every step you take. I want you to wake up and not even want to get out of your bed. I  want to be the dark figure hovering over you, levitating over you while you're in a sleep paralysis. That is what I want. I want to be your shadow, leaving you with no sun. Be careful what you wish for Consuela. When I do defeat you, what will you say then? Will your fighting spirit still stand as strong as it is right now? You already ate your words once when you let April Song defeat you. You wouldn't want that again, would you? I have seen everything since I was gone. I have seen the new faces that have walked in, and old faces coming back only to leave yet again. I have seen people grow stronger, and I have seen people grow weaker. You haven't changed at all darling. I'd imagine you would love to say that you have, but when I look at you I still see the same, boring, uninteresting, mockery of our division that is Conseula Rose Ava, the lesser Ava. A woman who is literally only here because her sister let her walk in. A woman who is still here because her sister went on to do bigger and better things. That's all I see when I look at you. Yet again, like I said, same old Consuela. Using the old pitting you against your stablemates gig. When are you ever going to learn that the bond shared between Alexis and I can never be broken? I do not care about Cailin. I don't wish to be her or to fill her void. I will create my own standard by own wish and desire. Rest assure Alexis will win Empress Of Elite. You should know by now that doubting The Coven is a grave mistake. You should know by now that counting us out will come back to bite you in the ass. Just when you think the balance of our power has shifted, it all comes back to us. We do things on our terms love, don't you worry that pretty little face about us. I find it amusing that you're so worried about my plans. Trust me, love, be it me, or Alexis, or anyone else on Empire, Aria Jaxon won't be champion forever. Like I said, titles do not make you Conseula. Maybe because you believe that, but the women of The Coven, we don't believe that. Are we going to pretend that Empire hasn't fallen since I've been gone? Sheridan Muller comes back only to go. Cailin Dillon literally was broken and we will never see her again. So love, please tell me how much stronger Empire has gotten without me. Maybe you enjoy your delusions, but I live in reality. Oh please, Consuela. There is only one Brody Sparks and without it, Empire took a big hit, and it seemed to have been cursed. The thing about Destiny is that there are many paths to it. Many roads and I control my destiny. Never count me out, darling. A month ago no one would have thought I would even be here, let alone in the title picture."
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Empire Promo #1

"It's better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"

- Herman Melville

What you saw on Empire last week was me demolishing that nitwit Azumi Goto, the funny part of it all was I said exactly what was going to happen. I told Azumi all of last week that I was going to end her chances of winning the Empress of Elite tournament. I told Azumi that fun time was over for her, and how just because she was riding high with her big with over Heidi that it didn't mean a god damn thing and how anyone can brag about a win over Heidi is pretty sad to be quite honest. I also told Azumi that I would kick the living crap out of her and knock her head off her shoulders. Azumi proved to be no threat to the Mistress of Death. So while another one bites the dust and other competitor stands in my way of reaching the final round of the Empress of Elite tournament for a third straight year. This week in the semi finals I will be facing none other than Savannah Sunshine! (Madison does a sarcastic cheering noise, she then pauses and rolls her eyes) They say mockery is the best form of flattery but I don't take it that way, because all I see when I look at Savannah Sunshine is a cheap, watered down version of Maddie. Oh yes you all remember Maddie right? The sweet innocent little girl who first walked into EAW with nothing but hugs and smiles. The same little girl who wasn't taken seriously and was pushed around by everyone. The same little girl who took the big bad Lethal to her very limit. The same sweet innocent little girl who blew up at Pain for Pride by knocking beating the holy hell out of Tarah Nova and stealing the show, stealing all headlines. Yep that was me, but the thing of it all was that was actually me, it wasn't a cheap knock off. That was my actual personality unlike Savannah here, I can see through your bullshit a mile away it doesn't fool me. You saw all my success and you wanted to emulated it by having the same dopey personality that I had. The fans loved me and you think by copying me they will have that same affection for you, and sure yeah they will cheer you because they feel sorry for you, but at the end of the day there is only one Madison Kaline, there is only one Mistress of Death. Let me just tell you a little about myself Savannah and how I came to be the person that stands before you here today. I started out just like you as you are well aware considering you want to be me, I wanted to be everyone's friend, I wanted hugs I wanted all that, you want to know why I wanted that, it was because I was a loser growing up, I had no friends no family I was all alone, I wanted so hard to be friends with everybody. But after getting looks like I was crazy right in front of my face and after getting pushed around and used by just about everyone in this company, everybody used me because they knew I wouldn't say no, everybody pushed me around because they knew I wouldn't stick up for myself. The fans, they didn't take me serious, all they saw was that dopey Maddie who was going to make a fool out of herself once again. So one day I just snapped, I knew if I was ever going to get treated with respect, I had to make a change, I grew tiresome of everyone, I hated the world around me, because everyone just sucks and at Pain for Pride in 2015 I did the unthinkable, and I attacked Tarah Nova. Not just attacking Tarah beating the living shit out of her. I earned the respect of everyone that night.

Soon after that I won the Vixens Championship, I joined The Sanatorium and the rest is history. I have achieved greatness and I have marked myself as one of the greatest woman to ever step foot in this ring. You see Savannah since I have joined EAW I has been the one constant in the woman's division. Through all the name changes the division has had, through all the woman who have come and gone the one thing that has always stayed the same has been me. Like me or hate me, you have to respect my longevity in this company. You have to respect the things that I have done the things that I have achieved and the names that I have beaten, you have to respect the road that I have paved for the people like you. I have worked too damn hard and for too damn long for someone like you to just shit all over my legacy like the way you are doing right now. I know Savannah I know you are just trying to make a name for yourself, I get that and I know how talented you are I am not blinded by that. I am not like Azumi where I can't admit when someone actually has talent, you have something to offer to this company I know you do. But that doesn't change the fact that this week on Empire I am going to defeat you because you see Savannah there has been two editions of the Empress of Elite tournament and both years I lost in the finals, not this year, this year it is all mine. I have been so close to being the Empress of Elite that I could taste it, and I so desperately want this. You don't realize what losing back to back years in the finals does to a person. It makes them lose their god damn mind, it makes you rethink a lot of things. I have gone back and thought of things that I could have done differently in those matches, but you know all of that is pointless because nothing will change the fact that I came runner up twice, there is no going back now. The only thing I can do is learn from those matches, take in the experience that I have gained through going through those two losses which could end up being a blessing in disguise because this year I am going all the way, and I really don't care who I have to go through in order to win it and I will be damn especially if I lose to someone like you, some cheap Madison Kaline wannabe . I am going to do to you what I did to Azumi last week, I am going to simply embarrass you inside that ring. I am going to make you suffer and cry and no I will not hug you after the match is over, but I will laugh at your pain and suffering, and after I defeat you I really don't care who I have to face in the finals, weather that ends up being Stephanie Matsuda or Alexis Diemos it doesn't matter to me, because my destiny is to win this tournament, I will accept nothing less than being crowned Empress of Elite. Are you ready Savannah? Are you ready for the biggest match of your career against one of the greatest woman on this roster today? Are you feeling nervous and scared? You should be you should be pissing your pants right about now because this is the biggest moment of you career up to date. Will you seize the moment or will you just let it pass you by. I know that I am ready for this, this isn't my first big match and it certainly will not be my last. I will see you on Empire Savannah!
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When Empress of Elite finally came, I saw this as my opportunity to get back in the Specialists Championship picture. I thought by winning the tournament this would be the perfect way to propel me back to the Specialists Championship. I was able to advance to the first round. All I needed to do with advanced to the second round. In my heart, I thought I was going to win the tournament. I thought this was the only way to do things. In the second round, I gave Savannah Sunshine everything that I had. Sadly, it was not enough to advance me to the semifinals. My heart was shattered. I wasn't angry. I did not have hatred running through my veins. I was devastated. My dreams of becoming Empress was just a dream. My dreams of becoming a two-time Specialists Champion was no longer in my distance. It was no longer in my grasp. It was only a vision. Then, an angel in dark clothing came to me. She danced like a devil, but her voice sounded like an angel. She told me that she still believed in me. She believed to me when I didn't believe in myself. She will still impressed. She had not turned her back on me. Instead, she came out to reward me. “Why would she still reward me?” I asked myself. In my mind, I was a loser. I was not worthy of this opportunity. There had to be a catch. Then, she came out.

Brody Sparks. 

Who would have ever thought that I'd see you so soon? Your return at Territorial Invasion caught me off guard; however, I knew the day would come where we would hear “Am I A Psycho?” playing throughout the arena. There would come a day where you would come to the ring, look me dead in the eye and ask me for a rematch. This seemed to be the perfect plan for you, but then you realized.

I was no longer the Specialists Championship.

Go ahead, Brody. Say that you were right. Say that me beating you at Pain for Pride was just a “lucky shot”. It was just a once in a lifetime thing. Go ahead and bring up the fact that I lost the Specialists Championship two weeks later to April Song, a woman who had been looked down in our Division since she came to EAW. I’ve heard it ever since I lost the title. I tried to be nice to the poor girl, but her ego became bigger. The victim had become the bully herself and I have tried my hardest not to be her victim. If it were you in my shoes, you wouldn’t have lost the title at all. That is exactly what you’d say to me. You would have defeated April effortlessly and dusted your feet on her like a doormat. Your title reign would have become longer than 190 days. I was the woman that turned your entire world upside down with one knee to your eye. An injury which should have kept you on the shelf for five to six months; however, you made it back in half the time. That takes a ton of of determination. That shows that you wanted to get in the ring against me while I have been waiting for the day you returned. With your one eye, you kept playing visions of you getting your revenge on me. You wanted to hurt me the same way I hurt you. Hurting you was never in the cards with me. I’m never the one who takes pride in hurting anyone. A way that you can cause me pain would be for you to walk into Manifest Destiny and face April Song for the Specialists Championship. Not only being known as the longest Specialists Champion in EAW History. You can be known as the first two-time Specialists Champion. With Empress of Elite no longer in my fingertips, being a two-time Specialists Champion is my primary goal. In order to get that goal, I have to defeat you for the third time. As I look at our two previous encounters, I should look at this third match with ease. I shouldn’t be concerned about you being able to defeat me. As I have reflected on our two last counters, the stronger you have gotten. You said so yourself, you were a broken toy at Pain for Pride. Now that you have returned, you’re all fixed and shiny. You are prepared to cause a world of pain. You are ready to defeat me. I expect that you’ve gotten smarter. I suspect that you watching my failures has made you more motivated to give me that final push down the hill. Even when you were injured, I knew for a fact that I was not free from you. Once I a made an enemy of you, it would be difficult to get out of your crosshairs. Once you make an enemy with Brody Sparks, you make an enemy for life. Women are vile human beings. We know how to hold grudges for a long freaking time. As you want to think that I have been living these past three months in fear of your return, I just moved on with my life. I moved on with my issues with April. I knew that you’d return one day. The question was when you’d return. Would you return today, tomorrow, next day, next month or next year? When would the manipulative and vindictive Brody Sparks make her ground return to Empire? There was no knowing with you. You had an unpredictable aura with you. But, hey; I like surprises.  I hope that you do to because you, just like April, will regret ever calling me a one trick pony. While you were gone, I have learned quite a few tricks that I am dying to share with you in the ring. It will be strange to you how much I completely transformed over the course of three months. You can say that me losing the title has made me learned some things about myself. One of those being that all things come full circle.

And here we are, Brody.

We’re back where we started. On Empire. You telling me that I will not get my moment. You telling me that it’s so ridiculous to hope I will get my happy ending. The story of a Maid finally becoming a Champion; the concept of a happy ending that seems so good to be true. That it’s all in my head. That it’s impossible to let it happen. The impossible has happened once. It happened at Pain for Pride. The moment where I tapped you out to the Ava Lock. In my eye, that was such a magical moment. That was a moment that brought tears of joy into my eyes. It was such a great feeling. Instead of tears of sadness, I was happy. I was on cloud nine. It didn’t matter that I lost the title two weeks later. The fact was that the impossible did happen. It was possible to dethrone you and end your 190 day reign. The scenario going to Manifest Destiny is different. Instead of you being the unstoppable force everyone is looking to knock down, you are in the backseat looking for a way take the wheel once again. You are in the same spot as me. This is your first time in the title chase. I wouldn’t count Road to Redemption X since no one expected you to walk out with the title. You were never in the title picture until you won the title. I never used dethroning you as a clutch. I never used it as a way to make me relevant. I’m not April Song. I don’t use someone’s victory as a way to make other’s fear me because they got nothing else going for them. I used my victory over you as a sign to keep pushing forward. I used my victory over you as hope. As much as you want to take that glimmer of hope away from me, it’s not going to happen. It does not matter how badly beaten I am by the hands of you or anyone else, I get back the fuck up and beat you twice as harder. I mean, don’t flatter yourself, Brody. You’re my biggest rival, but biggest threat? Well, how about you try to defeat me and we’ll talk. Don’t get me wrong--the Womens Division has been in need of your spark. It has been a need of you. When you look at the competition in the Empire scene, you might be able to fill the spot that Cailin Dillon was not able to fulfill. What if you run into the same problem Cailin did? What if you run into the same problem you claim I have? What if you’re not able to fulfill the needs of The Sanatorium. Of Alexis Diemos. I mean, you’re the last member of Alexis’ fantasy to get all the power onto your ladies’ side. If she doesn’t win Empress of Elite and you fail to capture the Specialists Championship, what is the other option? Going after Aria Jaxon? Sadly, you’ll be faced with the same result. Things have changed over the past three months, Brody. Empire has moved forward without you. Empire has become a stronger force without you and you’re just doing your best to catch up. Hurry up, Brody! We’re leaving without you! Admit that I can’t finish the job? Sweetheart, my job is not done. I still have unfinished business with you. This is your third shot at defeating me. You could say that third time’s the charm and all the cliches in the world, but you’ll be met with the same losing result. Consuela Rose Ava vs. Brody Sparks has been a rivalry which has brought attention to the Specialists Championship picture. Sadly, you won’t be in the picture any longer. Hopefully, you’ve thought of a plan b for Manifest Destiny because I’m certain the Specialists Championship Match will not involve Brody Sparks. 

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*A short video shows up on social media.*

Lyuncrust (wearing a Nebraska Cornhuskers basketball jersey, running through the Pinnacle Bank Arena concourse with a hot dog in each hand): NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF! NO BEEF!

*The camera pans on Lioncross.*

Lioncross: Don't worry. He hasn't switched to turkey dogs.
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Post on September 10th 2017, 3:09 pm by вrσdч spαrks .


"Here I am. Back into the midst of it all. Thrown into the eye of this hurricane that we call a division. But you know me already. I am always ready. More than that, I am all about leaving you speechless. Leaving you appalled, but fascinated. Astounded, yet still desiring more. I am all about leaving a cloud of energy. A mark. A presence everywhere I go. I brought a reign of pestilence over this division for a very long time. I was and still am an unavoidable plague that preoccupies this entire division. You cannot elude me. Just when you think you have me down and out, gone without a trace, I come right back. I’m that fly on the wall, always buzzing around waiting for the right time and the right moment, just before you see me springing into your face making you wish you never even existed. It's my specialty. A gift that was bestowed upon me. I mean Consuela, you know all about this right? I mean, Territorial Invasion was the definition of that. Imagine your astonishment when little old Brody, the woman that made your dirty little panties flood when you thought eliminated her, came back. All healed. A broken little toy upgraded and perfected. Imagine your surprise when you thought you were freed from me, only to find out the shackles I put around your ankles were never broken. Thinking I was a problem you got rid of. How proud you were boasting about being the one to end my title reign. Being the women to finally stop Brody Sparks. Bravo, Consuela. It was your crowning moment right? It's kind of flattering how you really thought that a moment that slipped between my fingers suddenly made you better than me. That you became some overnight celebrity. That it suddenly made you the creme del a creme of our division. You put me out. Yes, I will give you the glory for doing that. Everyone bow down to Consuela! But before you get your rocks off in throwing that in my face, know that I have accepted that. It happened. I was defeated.  You one-upped me, but that doesn't change the fact that I will always be the superior woman between us. You proved that for me. Darling, what did you think I was doing while I was away? I was watching. I watched as you built your own ego and your castle brick by brick only to see you let someone invade it. I laughed as it descended right down. It must have hurt, but not only did you make yourself look ignorant, you made me look bad. A domino effect. You think the fact that you beating me gave me the motivation to come back all on its own? Oh no, babe, it wasn't just that. You took my baby away from me only to fail and lose it to April fucking Song. I expected failure from you. I knew you were nothing but a one-trick pony. I knew you couldn't carry that title with the prestige and the perfect amount of pestilence that I did. After all, there's only one Spark in this division. A spark you thought you put out. You proved my point when you let that snake leave with my title. You proved how unworthy you were of getting it, and somehow, in a moment of weakness, I let you defeat me. Do you know how much punishment I gave myself for that? For heaven's sake,  I let you, you of all people transcend me. It's a mistake I will never let happen again. Brody versus Consuela. One on one. Part two. I hope you're ready."

" You could almost call it Poetic Justice. There would be nothing more satisfying to me than to take your hope away. There would be nothing in the world that could erase the smile on my face seeing the order and balance restored. To see your face as the woman you thought you put down came back to take her title back. To prevent it from falling into your careless hands. I want to crush your spirit. I want to leave a stain on your heart that not even you could clean. That feeling in your heart, it makes your stomach flutter. It brings a smile to your face, just like the one you had when Tarah told you about this wonderful opportunity you would get. Finally, you would get your hands back on April and get the title you think you deserve. Someone lied to you when they told you it was ok to hope for things. It's a complete waste, my love. I mean you were so sure that you were ready to reign as a champion. You were so sure that you would make my championship reign fade into obscurity. You were on top of the world, and while you made sure to take my most prized possession away, you lost focus, love. You thought the stubbornest task in the journey was over. You were in over your own head. I mean you got me, babe, we can toast to that, but even after that I still lingered on in your life. While I may not have been there with you physically, I sure as hell followed you around mentally. A little stamp of paranoia courtesy of me. I can just imagine how you must have felt. "Is she coming now?" "When is she coming?" The hairs on the back of your neck stood at attention just waiting for me, and just when you thought it was safe. It wasn't. The paranoia and your ego combined cost you the belt we're still fighting for to this day. Admit it, you figured with me out of the way, no one would have touched you. The biggest threat to you was gone, so you had nothing to worry about. You thought because you defeated me, you could defeat anyone.  You would look at them as a challenge but deep down you just felt you would be superior and you would carry on that Ava name on Empire. You clung to the fact that you ended my title reign and used it as a crutch, as an excuse as to why you would hold it and keep for as long if not longer than I had. My influence leaving a big hole in your heart to where you couldn't even see the hidden threat to you, on the rise. It's hard a lesson to learn and I still don't think you've learned it. You only took me out because of my eye injury, well the bitch is back and she’s got her one good eye, and the one you failed to blind, focussed on you. Oh, what to do with you, Consuela. The woman who is held to such a high standard. A woman who is supposedly destined to continue the Ava legacy on Empire. However, babe, I don’t see that. What I see is a woman who failed to carry a title, let alone a legacy. Let alone create her own. I see a woman who can’t even get the job done. A woman who does things half-assed. You took me out but you failed to get the job done properly, and now I’m back and to make this poetic justice even sweeter, I’m taking your spot away from you. You made the mistake of chopping the lizard's leg off. Darling, it grows one right back. You made a big big mistake thinking you actually sent me packing. You made a  big mistake thinking that I was finished. The spark will never die babe. I will never go away. I will forever haunt you and this division. You couldn’t permanently put out and you only temporarily held my title. Own up to the fact that you can’t finish the job. In a twisted way, I could almost thank you for being so careless. Sometimes when you’re down and out, you have to search deep within. You have to find the spark, the motivation that was there, to begin with. To give you the strength. I never lost that, it only grew. In my moments of weakness, I discovered strength I never thought I had. I thank you for that gift, but what is a gift to me will be nothing more than a curse for you."
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Wherever there are wonderbreads en masse, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a Taco Bell open at three in the morning with no vehicles in the drive-through, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a dorito that has fallen on the floor for three seconds or less, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a pedophile prowling through the streets to prey on innocents, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a vixen empowerment meeting to confer amongst each other on women’s issues, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a basket of salt hankering to be dropped on an open wound, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a toilet seat that hasn’t yet been put up, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a gum-flapping neophyte in need of a hard humbling, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a child getting bent over the knee for discipline, I’ll be there. Wherever there are patrons of an oriental restaurant torn between orange chicken and garlic chicken, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s momentum behind a Lucian Black triumph in a forty-man Grand Rampage match, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a congregation of deodorant-averse societal miscreants jumping through hoops to stain my reputation, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a room in stunned silence after a heart-wrenching Russell Wilson interception, I’ll be there. 

Wherever you need a protector, I’ll be there.
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1 - Boss
Tropical Donations

James: My respect is something that isn’t to the highest bidder, much less who is covering the tab at the pub. Your actions will not receive my respect, until you shown the proper chivalry that is needed. You are no knight of the round, but a scoundrel looking up at a picture reflecting your past. Fade back into obscurity Shackleford. You are no threat.

(James pauses for effect, before stepping a camera zooms out, taking note of another individual camera. He sighs as he catches a bottle of water from off-camera, mouthing thanks as he pops the collar to his business shirt.)

James: When will they just back off? I need a moment to figure out when “HE” will return my response. NEO is not until next week and i got a man, holding a strap, that is absent.

(James scowls as he takes note of the television. The rather quick affair of Stark versus the Price of Phenomenal for the EAW National Elite Championship, the match itself soured any expectations in his mind as he continue to listen to the commentary and the way the wrestlers acted. His scowl only got worse at the screen lingering on the new champion.)

James: Any word from our sponsors regarding Hurricane Harvey? 

(He said this in the direction of a phone, set to speaker. A bit of static emanated from it, but a female voice returned an answer.)

Female Voice: Mister Ranger, you wanted to make a donation from the Foundation of 3.5 million, splitted and spread out to local charities. Receipts will take seven business days but you will receive them promptly for tax review.

James: I am sure the matter can be resolved a respectable pace. I am not looking for immediate paperwork to be done, i am looking for immediate relief to be provided. Make it happen so that those in need can be given the support that is properly needed.

(James picks up the receiver, before placing it back in place. Sighing again, he slumps into his chair as he reaches for the remote. Taking aim, he pushes the power button at a small tv in his room.)

Weatherman: going for partly cloudy sunny skies with a high of seventy seven here in Lincoln, Nebraska. As we hope to keep you updated with the weather, we turn over to Amy on the latest on Hurricane Irma.

Amy: Thanks Gary, Hurricane Irma is looking to hit Florida in a few hours under the Classification of Class Four. People have been given instructions to evacuate their homes by Governor Rick Sco--

(James turns off the television, mumbles quietly as he straightens up in his chair, taking in the moment. Showdown’s newest signee. First to be announced to be a part of the Elimination Chamber for the National Elite Championship. First match on card is against the National Elite Champion himself. Many firsts would be made.)
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There are rules to this game.

If you are an artist though, you can break them.

I find them tolerable, but I am not confined to them. You see, even though most will look at my putting the upper echelon levels of talent on notice from the start of the season up until now as a misrepresentation of what I cherish at heart and believe, I don't find it to be very feasible for any elitist on this brand to try and use chaos, entertainment, and manipulation as a means to exploit others strengths, weaknesses, and overall morality. It's easy to be the marionette that uses all the strings to create the chaos from scratch without having a real hand in it. The real discoveries come from chaos, from going to a place like the Hollywood bright lights to the darkest emptiest cave. Through it all, we are continuously creating patterns. Patterns on top of patterns, patterns affecting other patterns. Patterns hidden by patterns. Patterns within patters.

If you keep watching closely, you'll see that's history just repeating itself.

Chaos is simply patterns unknown, yet to be recognized. John Doe's patterns come in random as patterns many can't decipher; chalked up as nonsense. That's why there is no free will. That's why there are no variables involved meant to be understood. To John Doe, chaos is a beautiful wonder of life in a cruel and random world filled with undisciplined individuals that lack clarity that is creating the chaos and frustration, and that's where John Doe's patterns started interfering with mine. I can freely admit that his aiding in alternating the results from Dia Del Diablo, from a perceptive point of view perhaps changed the course of history, but it certainly didn't alter the future, but that's not a narrative that grabs peoples interests. That's not what generates all the hype just to meet everyones expectations. Well tomorrow on Showdown, just like in the weeks that lead up to this point, I'm not doing this to meet others expectations, it's about shaping the future. Tomorrow the answers will become clear. 

The future depends upon it.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on September 9th 2017, 11:58 pm by AlexisDiemos
I’m sorry little man, but...who gave you permission to speak out of turn, you little rodent. As I recall...you were one of the few failures of our family...in fact, if I remember correctly...you are the only failure. Also, weren’t you french? Or are you still French? Has that sort of...sailed away? Look in the end I don’t actually care, Anthony. I don’t even care about you in this match. You and my husband can fight each other until he rips your throat out and devours it for all I care, the person I want to focus on is my sister. My beautiful sister...one that abandoned me as well. They all do that at some point you know? First...first it was you. You left us before anyone else, convinced that you were correct. You abandoned me and jumped for someone else who would hold your bags. You left me. And you didn’t even think about how I would feel when you did, Stephanie. But...but we solved all that. All of that is in the past. Drifting away, away, away. Scattered softly in the breeze, and floating away in the distance, gone...gone...gone. Watch as it just...floats on by, heh heh. But then. But then. It got worse. Oh...so much worse. See, twin sister Madison then decides to fall in love. She falls in love and oh we are so happy for her. The mark is happy for her too, we were so pleased, but...she...left us as well. She left us all alone, not even bothering to ask us what we thought. Oh, our dear sister didn’t care for us like we cared for her. We were holding her back, our sweet sister. She just wanted love and we couldn’t give her the love that she truly needed. So, she left us alone. And we wept. We wept for so long. For so long, but we also knew...that we couldn’t stop her. So we fought. And we fought. And I want to fight. Because the fighting brings us closer, Stephanie. The fighting reminds us that we are a family, the two of us. The fighting makes us one in the end. And we love it so. We love it oh so much. The mark is pleased when we fight! It wants us to spill blood. IT won’t stop until our family is connected to us together. That’s what the warpaint is...Stephanie. The warpaint is the connection between all of us. All of us. You and me and this whole wide universe. The ink of blood. This mask of torture and pain that I wore...this mask that is...plastered to my face. It’s one that I wear to remind me of who my family is. But I thought the pain was long since passed. But then...but then...my newest sister...the sister I trusted so much. From the beginning. She turned on me. And we wept tonight, my big sister. We wept for so long. For we thought...we thought we found someone that we could trust with all of our heart. All of our soul and all of our rage, poured out into such a beautiful song that it could be heard from space itself, and it was then...it was then that I realized something. I realized that if I were to find a true sister. A true, beautiful sister that I could trust...I would have to find someone who had been born in the shadow just as I was. Someone who was...so like me that they didn’t have to be changed. Someone who needed a little push in the direction of darkness.

That person is coming soon, Stephanie. But till then, I must appease the weeping that the mark is giving me. I need more blood. I need more pain to be rendered onto my flesh and bones. I need to be stripped of all my weakness and laid naked before you as I am. Not as the Urban Legend that I have become, but as the sister that fought at your side and against you. That is what I must be. So, with as heavy my heart is for this tag match...I must fight like I have never fought before sister. I must fight because that is all that I can do anymore. I have no family beside me that can fight with me. I have only the sister that never left. I have only Brody at my side to comfort me. I have my brothers and husband beside me as well. But the mark will continue to weep until I find the sister to repair the hole that my heart has left against me. This tag team match will not repair that hole, Stephanie. But it will create a small patch for it. And I will cease to weep for as hard as I have. I will finally walk into the beauty of the moonlight, and my wounds and sins shall be cleansed and healed...if only for one night. On Voltage, Stephanie...we meet once more. And I hope that you hurt me...because I want to hurt as much on the outside...as I hurt on the inside.
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Post on September 9th 2017, 11:56 pm by Carlos Rosso
Carlos Rosso vs Moongoose McQueen

Young Lion vs The Strongest Lion

I have been asked about my actions over the last few days and weeks. I have been mostly quiet for a reason. The man with the Strongest Arm in EAW was fractions of a second from seizing an opportunity that was handed to Lars Grier on a silver platter. Some of you may second guess my decision to do what I did at Territorial Invasion, but it happened. Yes, I went into business for myself. Are any of you surprised by this? Is Moongoose, who seems to be in the business of being shocked and hurt and frustrated that I would clock him in the face, really that surprised? You shouldn’t be. In fact, I think a little bit of you in hindsight is disappointed you didn’t seize on the opportunity for yourself. Let’s face it, neither of us is going to be as soft hearted as Keelan Cetinich or his other people. Neither of us was going to be as absolutely fucking useless as Apocalypse and Cody Marshall were. But, such as it was, my gamble didn’t pay off. It was a business decision with calculated risks and it backfired. That certainly doesn’t change the fact that I would do it all over again.

As for the leader of that team of losers who only became winners because of an unfortunate sequence of events at the end, Keelan, surely you know that this is not over between us, correct? I don’t care what you have planned for yourself and your beautiful girlfriend in the near future, but I have plans for both of you in my immediate future. The first thing, of course, is to invite beautiful Maddie dear to ringside to give her a preview of some of the horrible, horrible things that are going to happen to you in the very near future, things that will be by my design. I’m already making preparations for it and once that doop that is running Voltage gets wind of my idea, he may find it too interesting to pass up. I’ve heard some of the things that Keelan and his little band of pussies have been saying since their “Victory”. Know something: points don’t matter to me. You winning some multi-man match doesn’t make you better than me. Your team didn’t humiliate mine, my teammates and I lost our grip on the match. It fell into your lap. But, Madison, I hope that you can enjoy my work in this match as much as I have watched you struggle to carry Keelan’s pointless (and soon to be ended) career. Please, sit down, grab a cold beverage and enjoy the greatest exhibition of wrestling in the history of the world. I promise, your jaw and eye will be safe.

Now that that is out of the way, I need to turn my attention back to the New Breed Champion. My, haven’t you gotten a little big for your britches, boy. You go from kissing my ass and praising my leadership skills to talking about how much of a shitty person I am. For the most part...well, you’re justified. I’m not going to lie to you and say I wouldn’t be mad after someone tagged me in the face with a sucker punch, but the difference between you and I is that you’re taking it personally. Just like this match, you’re taking it far too personally. I don’t have any beef with you, honestly. Sure, our tag team venture didn’t work out, but there could be a lot worse have happened to you. I wasn’t thinking about “I’ve got this!” when I knocked your ass out. I was just trying to take advantage of the same opportunity I’m sure you would have if you were smart enough and fast enough to take advantage of it.

Yes, I know that listening to Cody Marshall talk was a pain in the ass. Yes I know Apocalypse wasn’t exactly the best teammate in the world. I had to put up with that same stuff. And believe me, if it had come down to either of them and me getting this opportunity that Lars got, I would have popped them in the face too. I’m not a victim. The last time I was a victim was when I was blatantly held back on Dynasty before making my way to Showdown. I don’t think there is a vast conspiracy against me nor am I going to blame you for me going into business for myself. What? You were expecting me to whine and cry about losing? I don’t do that shit. And….”People hate you because you associated yourself with me for a brief moment?” Uh, no. People don’t hate you because you are an associate of mine, people hated you because you’re an annoying little shit with an obsession with pickles and Cameron Ella Ava.

But, I don’t hate you.

You may be shocked to know this, but I’m used to people hating me. Even further still, I’ve grown quite accustomed to people threatening to end my career. When you make the moves that I make, when you go after the toughest competition and seek out the strongest wrestlers in the world for a challenge, that kinda shit happens. I mean, it also happens because I’m the best looking motherfucker with the highest quality black book index of female companions in the history of EAW, but that’s another story. Nothing that you say or threaten isn’t anything that I’ve been promised before, so please, wake me up when you come back with new, interesting material because these ears have heard everything from Dark Demon to Eclipse Diemos threatening me with some sort of grevious bodily harm. Hell, Aren Mstislav came the closest anyone ever will to ending my career and you don’t hold a candle to him.

And let's go by these attributes you came up with…...you’re bigger than me? First of all, my dude you only outweigh me by 10 pounds, maybe 15 at the most. I’ve spent pretty much my entire career fighting dudes a lot bigger, stronger and scarier. Second of all, I’m biggest where it counts the most….

I have a massive…...thick…...potent……..enormous…..

Brain. And I have a big dick too, but that’s another issue for another time.

You are not a better fighter. Look, you’re a great new breed champion and all but really, do you honestly think that you are on my level? Sure, I haven’t had a great win-loss record since I came back to voltage, but do you really think you beating up Finn the British Twig 200 times is supposed to impress me? Or you threatening to knee me in the face is going to intimidate me? Guess what, if by the grace of God, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Buddha, and whatever the motherfucking Scientologists worship you manage to hit me in the face with a knee, I can assure you I have a three step plan in place:
Step One: I’m going to check my nose for blood. If any happens to trickle out from your weak ass knee, I’ll wipe it off.

Step Two: I’m going to look you in the eyes and smile.

Step Three: I am going to proceed to beat you within an inch of your goddamn life and rip the knee that you hit me with to shreds.

You can throw knees? Good. I’ll throw elbows, knees, headbutts, and whatever else I feel like to make an example of you. And, just like a lot of these young bucks around here, you’re starting to severely overestimate your worth. The people “Need you”? Of course they need you, if they want a comedy skit. If they want someone to be a target of Cody Marshall’s MAGA-centric jokes. They need you if they want incomprehensible gibberish rattled off on the mic post match. They need you if they want a placeholder as New Breed Champion. I have come into this week honestly with nothing but noble intentions. While not apologizing for what I did to you, I’ve owned up to it like a real man and told you the truth. But instead of accepting what happened at TI for what it was, you’re going into this nonsense about how I “betrayed you”.


You have been just begging for a beating and this week, you are going to get it. I will put on a wrestling exhibition that will put me in title contention. No, not for your belt. I don’t want it. I want a belt that is worthy of my magnificence holding it. I want the Interwire and World Heavyweight and Openweight titles. I want to put the sort of spotlight on myself that the world deserves to see on me. I want to prove to you, Keelan, and the rest of the locker room that my tires have plenty of tread on them.

What are you going to think of yourself if you can’t get this done, huh? Are you going to sit back and make excuses? Are you going to go to your friend Nobo or Bobobo or whatever the fuck his name is to learn some more tricks? Honestly, the only trick you learned from him was to become a tiny speck on my radar. You, personally, don’t mean shit to me as an opponent accept a paycheck and a victory.

And you...a better talker?


No. Just no. Speaking nonsense and coming up with ridiculous skits doesn’t make you a great talker. That shit may work on NEO with dumbed down fans, but for the bright lights of Voltage, Showdown and Dynasty? Nah. People deserve better than that shit, my dude. And I’m the one to give it to them. You give them an eyesore, a reason to change a channel, a reason not to spend their hardearned money from Burger King on EAW tickets. That’s what your mouth gives people.

I think it’s time that the kid gloves finally come off and the world sees me of the wrestling technician that I truly am. I have been maybe a little too playful, a little too ego driven. Maybe I just need to get back to the basics, get back to what made me famous in the first place. Power, strong as a lion. Speed, just like a tiger. The ferocity of a bear. The merciless nature of a shark smelling blood. These are the attributes that once made me a double champion and took me to within half a second of being Champion of this world, a moment in time you will never sniff in your lifetime, Moongoose.

I let you speak, I let you talk your shit and honestly I am disappointed. You have said nothing ,done nothing, and promised nothing that anyone else before you hasn’t already. And you’re not the one to give what these haters want to see. In fact, I’m going to even do one of my new rivals, Finnegan Wakefield, or whoever is wrestling you for the New Breed title. I’m going to make sure that you are nice and softened up for them, like a tenderized piece of overrated, overpriced meat in a grocery store, ripe for slaughter. You are going to know exactly what a thorough, decisive and painful defeat looks like before you stare at the reality of losing your title.

Don’t worry though, Keelan and many others on the Voltage roster and beyond will know the same feeling that you will soon enough. Your talking may be up to par, you may be bigger, and you may be eager to prove something to me and to the world, but in the end none of it will be enough. I will expose you for the harmless, weak, paper tiger of a champion that you are in front of a capacity crowd, giving people a blueprint to beat your ass for years to come. If I’m not special or strong, you certainly are not.

Just a few more hours, kid. I know, i know, you’ve had bigger matches, but you’ve never had a more dangerous match than the hell that awaits you. I’m going to do to you what is expected of me. We’re going to have a fine match that puts EAW on notice of our skill. But at the same time, you are the one who is going to eventually be left in the ring beaten. You will realize that I am the most complete wrestler in the world. And, as the guard of the New Breed...your time may be soon…..

But my time is now.

Carlos Rosso, ICH-I-BAN.
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Post on September 9th 2017, 11:55 pm by Cody Marshall
That time of month again, Jamie?

I guess your parents knew something we didn't when they gave you a goddamn female's name.

Just look at this abomination, ladies and gentlemen! This short, skinny, limp-dicked, thesaurus using motherfucker just PMS'ed all over our screens! Could be a side effect of that Propecia stuff he jumped on. I don't fucking know.

Jamie Grow’Hair’a. I don't know why you're bitching like my teenage daughter. What I do know is that you're making the biggest fucking mistake of your lifetime. You come out sayin' shit like... what was that line again? "This will be over before a bead of sweat drops from my head"? Give me a fucking break, you big ol’ drama queen. Pull your head out of your ass! Lord knows that’s not the only thing that Jamie O’Hara gets in his ass. Time to man up and face the music, NERD. You need to wake up tomorrow knowing that you're headed for trouble. You will shed buckets full of blood, sweat, and especially tears once I get my hands on you! I ain’t fucking around right now.

All your grandstanding and hot-dogging's gonna look pretty damn stupid when you're carted out on a stretcher tomorrow night.

Your fucking superiority complex is gonna vanish quicker than Hillary Clinton’s emails!

Too soon? I don’t give a fuck. You want to listen to someone politically correct, go visit Tumblr. Go to your fucking YouTube, the internets, the DVDs, whatever you kids are using these days. But this right here? This is the real shit. Cody Marshall speaks nothing but the truth. Me? I’m a throwback to the days when men were men in America. Before all these limp-wristed hipsters started struttin’ around the streets wearing women’s jeans and ‘man purses’. I’m a no-nonsense guy, I get in that ring and I just kick ass the ol’ fashioned way. I don’t do flippy shit, that shit’s for vanilla midgets and Mexican imports who can’t bench 225 one time. I educate the EAW roster in the way of the hoss. I put on a clinic every time, ladies and gentlemen! Call me Dr. Marshall! There ain’t no faking here, I am the biggest, baddest legit tough guy on Voltage.

See, Jamie, You and I both know this. So why all this huff-huffing and chest-puffing? I think I know why. See, it all goes back to your childhood. You’ve been a loser since birth. Don’t worry: it’s no secret. It’s plain to see to anyone with a pair of working eyes.

You’re a small guy. You probably got picked last in gym class. You got beat up on the playground in grade school. Your fucking Napoleon complex is the reason behind all the tough-guy bullshit you’re trying to push on the EAW Universe. You really think in your broken heart of hearts that if you win one more match, one more title, headline one more show… that you’ll finally be able to look your ugly ass in the mirror with a little bit of self-pride.

It kills you inside that you're a tiny little manlet, smaller than half the fans in the audience. It kills you inside that like you got shoved into lockers by guys like me in high school. It kills you inside that you'll never be able to satisfy a woman the way I can because you just can't measure up size-wise. You can huff and puff and try to take this All-American hoss down, but it won’t make you a man. After you put up a little fight, after I let you get a little offense in ‘cause I feel fucking sorry for you, once I kick your ass and leave you lying on the mat, screaming and crying like a woman giving birth, front teeth in your intestines and balls up in there with ‘em… when you go back to your hotel room, you won’t be any different.

So yes, you are wasting your time. You’re wasting your time getting in the ring with me for two reasons. One, you have absolutely no chance of winning. And two, on the off chance you do get a good shot or two in, it still won’t change the fact that you’re a pathetic half-man. I said this to Ryan Marx and I’ll say it to you: you sound like a pretentious little bitch who read Fight Club and thinks he’s some fucking philosopher now. I got news: you ain’t special. By all measures, I am the bigger man. I understand how terrible you must feel: your girl damn near beat you for that World Heavyweight Championship, then she left your bitch ass. You’re short. Your head is smaller than my biceps. Smaller than my hand! I can squash you like a bug, any time, any place. Such a shame for you that it has to be so soon. Tomorrow on Sunday Night Voltage, you meet the man who’s finally gonna take your title away, Jamie. Brace yourself. Put on your big boy pants. Put on some fucking adult diapers, ‘cause you may just wet yourself when I come down the ramp! Six feet eight inches, three hundred motherfucking pounds of All-American strength. You ain’t got shit on this, Jamie. You’re the World “Heavyweight” Champion, and I use the word “Heavyweight” lightly, but who have you beaten? A one-hundred fifty pound midget they call The Pizza Boy, and a woman. Hardly top-notch competition.

Oh, did that trigger you again, you special, special snowflake?

Maybe I’m supposed to respect you because you have that championship. Well, listen here, Napoleon. I don’t. You have that championship because you’ve never faced any real threats. I look forward to proving that to you tomorrow night. Oh, maybe I’m supposed to respect you because you’re a “veteran”. Quite frankly I don’t give a fuck. I’m a real veteran. As in, I served this motherfucking country in uniform! I’m the only true hero, the only true tough guy on Voltage, all of y’all are just pretenders and posers. I don’t care, I really don’t give two flying fucks who I piss off. Because they’re all beneath me. Literally. Aren’t you like 5 foot 5, Jamie? Better invest in some lifts, dude. You’ve been playing softball with the little boys since you got to Voltage, but tomorrow night, you’re about to step in the ring with a big, bad man. Hope you’re ready, drama queen. Hope you’re ready for the worst beating of your life. Hope you’re ready for me to do it again in the near future, this time for that title belt! Jamie, I’m coming for you, bitch!

Who we have on this brand in this title picture is nothing short of an atrocity! Voltage is supposed to be home to the World “Heavyweight” Championship, but all I see is a bunch of vanilla midgets fighting over what’s supposed to be the biggest and best prize on this show. This has to stop! Is this affirmative action for manlets or something? Guys like me shouldn’t be punished for being bigger and stronger than the competition! I’m looking forward to my journey to Make Voltage Great Again by stopping all this flippy-shit dead in its tracks. And it starts with you, Jamie Grow’Hair’a.

Tomorrow night on Voltage, ratings go up, and Jamie Grow’Hair’a goes down. RATINGS UP, JAMIE DOWN! RATINGS UP, JAMIE DOWN!

Make Voltage Great Again! Thank you and God bless America!
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Post on September 9th 2017, 11:44 pm by Stephanie Matsuda
Voltage Promo #1

“Breaking the Cycle”

(The camera opens to backstage at the Charles Koch Arena on Empire. EAW Interviewer Stan Lawson walks up to Stephanie Matsuda who is celebrating her victory over Cailin Dillon with Mao Ichimichi, Anthony Leonhart, and Aria Jaxon.)

Stan: Stephanie Matsuda if I can have a moment of your time, please-

Stephanie: Yeah Stan?

Stan: You just came off with arguably the biggest win of your career by defeating former Women’s and Specialist Champion Cailin Dillon! This match happened just one week after beating the matriarch of German Efficiency. 

Anthony: Not only did she beat her, but she BROKE her!

Mao: When Blasian Efficiency graced itself upon Tornado Alley, Wichita witnessed a sacred moment in Elite Answers Wrestling history: the rebirth of the War Goddess! 

Stan: How are you feeling right now Matsuda?

Stephanie: (grins) I’m feeling great Stan. I’m beat the hell up, but I’m on cloud nine!

Aria: No pun.

Stan: Well you’re advancing to the finals, but Sunday night you’re facing off against a couple you have a long history with, the same duo defeated you and Azumi Goto in the first round of last year’s Grand Prix: Alexis and Eclipse Diemos. Not to mention, Alexis is your opponent in the EOE semi-finals.

Stephanie: (half-smile) Time is a flat circle, isn’t it Stan? A year ago I was lost, under the thumb of the Diemos clan. A year later, I snapped their secret weapon like a  FREAKING TWIG in the middle of that very ring! (points) Down that hall Stan! Down that ramp, that redheaded rag doll is being carried by EMS! I overheard their conversation - there’s no way in HELL that two-faced hussie is EVER coming back! Welcome to Cloud Country Stan! Sheridan and Cailin didn’t have their passports, so their asses got DEPORTED! I was just looking at my phone laughing at all the sorry ass fanboys who doubted me! “Oh Cloudy’s inconsistent, she doesn’t have what it takes!” Huh? What was that!? I couldn’t hear what you said under the sound of YOUR SHATTERED DREAMS! 

(Stephanie snatches the mic from Stan Lawson and turns to the camera)

Stephanie: It’s time we end this charade Eclipse Diemos. I won’t lie - you and Alexis taught me the true meaning of savagery. You trained me to be unstoppable, to never question my motives! THIS Blasian bitch you see right here? The one who assassinated your sister’s career five minutes ago!? YOU made this Eclipse! YOU MADE THIS MONSTER THAT YOU SEE BEFORE YOU! And despite feasting on two of the most dangerous women in wrestling, I STILL HUNGER. (licks lips) It looks like you and wifey are next on my list. I won’t be hunting alone though; Anthony Leonhart will be running alongside me, going in for the kill! No hard feelings, but a part of me is going to enjoy breaking Alexis skin with these fangs! (shows teeth) This act is not cockiness - this is me embarrassing what I am! I am Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda, the War Queen of Empire, the Blasian Sensation of EAW! 

(Cloud moves closer to the camera)

Stephanie: I am the innovator of Blasian efficiency! The Dream Killer of Tornado Alley! I dine on legacies, swallow them whole, and they become MINE! I’m at my most dangerous! Why all of the sudden Cloud Matsuda is the must-see athlete on Empire, you ask? Because I stopped giving a f*bleep*k. Throw your accolades at my face. Try to get in my head. (shrugs) I made my choices, paid the price, and now I’m on the road to redemption. I saw and did it all. There’s nothing that anybody on this roster can do to me that wasn't already done. I just ended the career of a woman I once shared a bed with. I broke a promise that I would protect my little sister (sighs). There’s nothing Joseph and his black bride can take away from me. Because what exists in my heart, the driving force of the Autumn of Cloud can’t be taken away! You can’t put a price on life experience! What I do in that ring can’t be duplicated by NOBODY! What I share with the audience is an organic experience. As Cloud Country temporarily travels from Thursday to Sunday, we’re picking up true believers along the way! 

(Stephanie puts out her hand and makes a cupping gesture)

Stephanie: What I hold in my hands is the will of the EAW Universe. It’s an unseen force, once tapped into gives its user LIMITLESS ENERGY! This energy is my life source. This power is what keeps me going, the secret driving force behind the Cloud Country movement! I have to keep on fighting! I can’t go back to the days where the world doubted me as Haruna made me fall on my face week in and week out. It was only mere moments ago that I hugged a woman who was once a sworn enemy. Tonight Tarah Nova and I buried our turbulent past and are headed towards a bright future for the Empire brand. I want to be her champion and help her realize her vision. But first - (taps Aria) I may have to get through this one.

Aria: You know I’m ready for anything Cloud!

Stephanie: I know, sweets. Two people can have a friendly competition over the fate of an entire sub-industry. When I become Empress, that will be the very case for Aria and myself. I’m not shy to say I’m just several steps from realizing my goal. But yet, there’s another path that exists for me. The road to tag team glory with my dear brother in arms, Anthony Leonhart. We are the Roaring Lion and the War Queen. We are clients of the Ichimichi Zaibatsu. We are The Art of Fighting.

(EAW personality Monica Vaughan walks up to Cloud)

Monica: Stephanie. I-

(To everyone’s shock Cloud starts making out with Monica! She pulls away and looks back at the camera.)

Stephanie: Time is a flat circle. My first gf in EAW was a beautiful latina by the name of Ariana. She walked out of my life, and I ended up with Cailin Dillon, the very woman who nearly destroyed my heart. So I ruined her career AND took her woman. Elisa didn’t take kindly to the heart to heart Cai, and I had. Monica here understood and took my side. She believes I can make Empire a better place and represent the brand alongside my two best friends Aria Jaxon and Tarah Nova: EAW’s Formation of Sirens. Here I am just like in season 1 - my girls…

(Stephanie kisses Monica again) 

Stephanie: And MY girl, a beautiful Latina. Time is a flat circle ya’ll, stay woke. Eclipse and Alexis? It’s time we break this vicious cycle once and for all.

(Cloud takes Monica’s hand and walks away with Anthony, Mao, and Aria in tow.)
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A Dark Crusade

“The second time that the two of us have faced off. And ironically enough, it’s due to a tag team tournament, which makes it all the more funny, doesn’t it? Only this time...this time you’ve been given the chance to have a bit of a retribution, Stephanie Matsuda. A retribution that you so deserve. A retribution that you’ve longed for against the likes of us. And instead of having hatred against us, hatred that you believe you so deserved...and perhaps in the eyes of the world, you did deserve, now you fight for respect. You fight for the respect that you’ve felt you lost since your time in the shadows. You’ve fought your way back and now you carry a sword made of stygian metal and yet...the blade itself seems forged from the fires of heaven. You’ve been molded from my sword of vengeance and anger. In the end, Stephanie Matsuda, I succeeded, didn’t I? I laid the steel that you’ve used to forge your blade. I made you the War Queen, well...not necessarily. In essence, Stephanie, I unleashed the War Queen inside of you. Revealed it to the world. A scared bug that was crawling about in the darkness, was given the chance to take flight back into the light. Where truly...you did belong. And that hurts me to say it, Cloud, it truly does. Because you know my perception of the light. You know that when I view the light...I view it as a painful and searing thing. Something that burns at the flesh, and sears to the bone. Something that is undeserving of being a part of my very being. But you are a person who deserves that light, Matsuda. You’ve fought for both sides of the equation. I can understand what kind of being you are. What kind of power you have inside of you. Probably more than anyone else could possibly conceive of, in EAW. But...and by and large Matsuda, you need to remember this. No matter how much you took from the shadows. No matter how much that you learned from my darkness...you are never going to be a match against one that has been molded by it for millenia. Not someone of my bloodline. Because you left the shadows. I’ve never stepped out of them.

And that’s where the difference comes in between your team, against my team. You left the darkness...both of you. One of you left for their own personal reasoning. Falling back onto nationality over pride. Anthony, I don’t think you quite understand the magnitude of what you are saying, but...are you implying that I’m weak? Are you implying that I was never the patriarch of our group, and that without the family, I’m nothing. Let me remind you of something, you were a parasite on our family. You leeched off of our success, and gained sustenance, but when you fell off, you starved. You couldn’t handle life outside of the shadow. You didn’t even adopt the darkness, you just made a little facsimile piece of it your own, slapped a stupid little french label on it, and then left when you thought you were ready to fly. I felt no shame or dishonor when you crashed against the cliff sides, because I knew that you couldn’t handle all of it. For every great beast in the ocean, a remora will stick to its belly. Feeding off the scraps of the beasts success. You talk of my title loss, but tell me Anthony, do you realize what the fact that I won a belt means? I want this to come to your head and stay there. I won, as my first title, a World Championship. I am competing, for my second title, for a World Championship. You? You are scraping at the bottom of every refuse bin in any brand you go to, because in the end, you are nothing more than a scavenging sewer rat, starved for any bit of attention that the dogs leave behind for you. You scratch and claw your way to light, but it’s not going to fall to you. Nothing will. Not until you realize the truth. That you are weak, Anthony. You are a parody of aggression and shadow. A parody of power and pain. You are a facsimile creation of insanity, strung along by your own ideals and sense of pride over being ‘chosen’ by Stephanie Matsuda, when in actuality if she had a real choice in any matter she could have taken anyone else with any semblance of talent, but her sense of pity and justice had her choose you. You are a meal for me and my wife, Anthony. Nothing more. A scrap of meat that will die to give us strength for an upcoming war, and in the end, you know that. And I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that you know that...or the fact that you will continue to deny it?

You know nothing of Stephanie and what she went through in my family. To consider yourselves ‘outcasts of the outcasts’ is absurd. Stephanie chose her path due to differences, true, but she still held respect for us. We simply differed in idealogy. You? You weren’t a success despite our help. So you lashed out. Went away to Japan to train, and came back, and still didn’t find your bit of success. If Manami Sensei couldn’t impart to you a single shred of knowledge to make you a decent threat, do you really think that you could stand up to someone like me? Someone like Alexis? Despite Cloud standing beside you, you are a mere worm to us. So no, I don’t feel a shred of respect for you. A bit of decency towards you? And I’m certain that when I lay you out and pin you to the mat for the three count, you will once again understand why I am the Patriarch of my family. Disrespectful trespassers on my hunting ground don’t get mercy. They get the fangs.

Stephanie, understand that none of this is personal between us. Between you and Alexis...maybe. But between us, our differences were settled. We are to battle like warriors. Like the beasts that we are. I want you to slice me open, my blade of honor. For my body won’t fall to your steel so easily. I won’t be cut down by you, no matter how hard you try War Queen. And when the dust settles, and the ring is coated in the blood of my former siblings...I will leave the rest of this tournament in ruin. Because that is the honor I can give for you. Anymore than that? I can give you your life, and I can give you your dignity. There is nothing that remains for me to impart to you. In the end, you shall be dust and be swept away upon the wind to be silenced and spread throughout the world. I am made of stuff of stars, and soon...EAW will be blanketed by my own twisted light. And once again. A Diemos shall wear gold.”
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Voltage Promo

Yes I did it!!!!! I finally won a match.

Shaker smiles

I won and it feels so good as I haven't won in a long time.  But that was then this is now.  On Voltage live from Des Moines, Iowa, I face a man I have never faced before J.D. Damon, the former EAW Pure Champion.  A title I myself would like to win one day.  Now it seems to me that we are in the same boat.  We lose, and get handed loss after loss after loss.  Well there is one thing different, I have a win, I have momentum, I have that bit of confidence back in myself that I have lost.  I begin my road to the top and it is a long ladder to climb, Woogieman was the first in the many rungs I have to climb, and Damon, You're next.

You are the assistant to the general manager, good for you bravo!!!

Shaker claps mockingly.

You have someone to hide behind, if things don't go your way you have something to fall back on.  Not all of us are that lucky Damon.  Some of us work our asses of day in and day out to be the best we can possibly be.  Your credentials speak for themselves.  But come Voltage, I am plain and simple gonna kick your ass.  The momentum I have, that train, ain't stopping anytime soon.  Can you hear it?

Shaker cups his ear

Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga  SHAKER!

Shaker pulls his first down twice to mimic the horn of a train.

The coal is loaded, the steam is starting to rise.  The winning train has pulled out of the station, as it makes it's next stop.  You Damon!  This train is going to pass you buy and take you down.  When we step in that ring my streak will continue and your's will be stuck on the tracks.
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Voltage Promo #6

Sunday 7:45 P.M., Des Moines, Iowa.  

(The scene backstage at the Wells Fargo arena. It's here at the midway point of the long hallway that leads from the locker room to the main stage, that we find the Arena’s custodian sweeping up the floor.  A withered man in his mid 50’s, he works diligently, or as diligently as his body will allow.   As he sweeps the last bit of trash, he gazes up. On the wall is a thick, running stain, a dark shade of crimson contrasting against the white painted bricks that reads ‘Two shall fall, deep down into the darkest depths from which there is no return. Bound by fate, to a noose they have tied for each other.’

The custodian stands awestruck for a moment. Trying to figure out the meaning of the message. Slowly he approaches the stain, a cloth pulled from his pocket in his hand.)

Custodian: “What the hell?”

(Suddenly something grabs the custodian by the back of his neck, and he is driven head first into the wall.  The custodian collapses to the ground, unconscious he lays as his attacker stands over him. The camera pans upwards as the attacker stands silent.  He turns to face the camera, his face a thin vail for the countless sinister, and evil plans that lay in his mind. This is the being known as Solomon Caine.)

Caine:  “Here we stand at the chosen hour, what must be done, ever so clear. Those whom have become worthy of  even greater of scorn and  ridicule than we have spoken, delivered right into the palm of our of our hand.  Soon we shall silence their double talk.  Soon we shall make them gaze upon all of their flaws that have turned a blind eye to for years. Soon their tombstones shall be as pillars that our truth shall stand upon. Their demise another stone beneath the feat of the Nightmare.  

Yes Madison, you shall be turned into nothing more than a hill of us to place our flag atop. You Madison shall be one whom we conquer simply because it is the gateway to spreading our influence across all the nations. Across every brand of EAW. 

And yet even as what we are doing is simply the bring forward our message to the masses who know not of our words, nor our deeds, there is still another matter between us. One that has become more and more personal with every passing day.  One that has grown from a small cut, to a gaping wound that cannot be stitched together. Our issue with you may have been born of you deserting the ones whom you dedicated yourself to. But it has grown into what it has become because of the rotten words that seep out from your wretched tongue.  We should give no mind to one as yourself who does not have enough conviction nor integrity to uphold all she speaks. But all of your double talk, all of your half truths and whole lies, they are an abomination. And what's more they spill from you without even a moment’s pause.  Do you deny that with your words speak pleasantries and odes of respect and gratitude to the ones who took you in and gave you meaning.  The ones who welcomed you and did all they could to teach you to stand on your own strength, despite you never wanting more than to leach off of theirs.  The one who till you found another with whom you could bleed dry, they had tried time and again to make you your own woman who depends not on a savior. The ones who tried to make you the purest gold by passing you thru fire.   And will you deny that when you knew you could no longer suckle upon their bosom, you would go on align yourself with their enemies?!  It is obvious from your actions that your words are meaningless and within them lies no value. When every action you commit is in contrast to all that you say, when you are proven to be a lying wretch every single time you attempt to undermine all that those you called ‘loved ones’, than why should we not reach into your mouth and tear your rancid tongue out of your mouth?!  Why should we not silence your forever lying mouth?! Truly Madison, it would have been better had you been born a mute, for at least then you wouldn't have heaped nearly as much woe and damnation upon your own head.  

Much has been made of you having two minds. How we so wish the one that would address us now, was not thus pathetic wretch who without ever realizing it, blindly follows an empty headed fool. How we wish the spark of promise we, along with our brethren, saw within you would come alive again and burn away this dim, dullard, heathen that you have made yourself Into. How we wish to see the beast within you be revived so that it would slay this detestable weakling you have become.  How we would have hopped for you to learn the lesson that this brotherhood had tried to teach you, how we wish to see you cast off your dependency on Keelan, or any other for that matter. But as much as we would wish that, you remain this leach, this parasite that travels from one host to the next, and in its wake leaves those whom it stole strength and life from, ill.  As much as we should desire to see the poet who spoke with words that drew from her own strength, we are instead met by the lost little girl who takes inspiration from paper muses whose words all ring hollow and empty of any substance. Cling to your false idols Madison, in but moments you shall see how not one of their words will grant you strength, nor endurance, nor speed, nor even a moment's grace from our hand when we reach out and inflict every manner of terror upon you.  

Step forward, and learn that while you grew soft and complacent, while you let others labor and  you stole the benefits, ourself and our brethren grew stronger. While you may leach off the victories of Aria Jaxion, and Keelan Cetinich, we our going forth and conquering all that stands in our path. Yes from the day we last encountered your beloved Keelan Citinich, we have torn down every heathen who has been placed along our path. We have torn down Chris Elite, we have laid low Anthony Leonhart, and we have certainly conquered Keelan himself.  

Oh yes Keelan, though you always turn a blind eye to it, it is an inescapable fact. You have never truly conquered our flesh, same as you have never bested Jon McAdams. And that you never shall is truth we shall shove your face in till you learn. Till you fall upon your knees and admit your own weakness to yourself and to the masses, never shall you rise above this endless monotony.  Never shall you find the treasures and glories you seek, while you remain this vain, ignorant, and pathetic wretch.  Go on and mock us all you like. You only dig a deep pit of mockery for yourself. For with every petty and impotent insult you hurl, only comes back upon you as mud on your face when we stand over you in victory.  Yes Keelan, you take every possible action to ensure that you remain forever the Epitome of failure, always but inches away from all that you desire, always witnessing it slip right thru your fingers. This is the fate you are bound to, this is the destiny that shall manifest all the days of your cursed life, till the End Of Ages!  Already you must certainly sense this, you are certainly not so blind and incompetent that you could not have an inkling of this fact.  So here and now we say onto you to receive all we foretell. Let this truth rest within you, and may its fruition be witnessed by all the world. Let them witness your whole and total failures and think back to this very day. You have been warned. 

Keelan, Madison, enjoy these few moments you have together. Savor them. Hold on to them while you may. For sooner than you realize, all that we speak shall be made so.”

(Caine steps out of the frame. The camera holds on the message on the wall for a long moment before fading out.)

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Fear’s funny.

It really is, to be honest with you. In this new and what many perceive to be an exciting age for all, there are so little concepts that remain the same. Technological advancements, idiotic buffoons ruling the world’s greatest nations, and so many thought-provoking and rule-breaking ideas and actions posed on by innovators. Almost nothing is able to remain the same for a long time in this fast-changing world of ours. There’s only so little that have not only stood the test of time; the most important and fundamental being human emotion. Happiness, sorrow, excitement - no matter who you are or where you come from, these things are universal between all species. If you’re a living organism with a face, then you most likely use that face to express those emotions. There are countless aspects in the emotional spectrum, but never had there been one as polarising and as intriguing as fear. Fear; the natural feeling of being afraid, being filled with trepidation and anxiety over what is to come for you. It’s natural, nothing to be ashamed of, and yet we mock those who have fear. It’s so natural, and so integrated into our culture that there are entire industries built upon the notion of being afraid, of having fear in your mind. Scary movies, pranks, whatever the hell corporate shells can use to add a couple more zeros onto their name. Scientists and intellectuals even came up with such fancy Latin terms for specific fears, like “arachnophobia,” or “carcerophobia,” which is just evidence that shows us how tightly compacted we are with our emotional spectrum. It is also so easy and simple to incite fear within another of my kin. Take in for example: Yellowstone National Park. A recreational location where families can have somuch fun in the sun, exploring tourists attractions like good-old, jolly human beings. That sounds exciting, does it not? Having fun does sound quite the merry experience, but here’s how simple I can wash all that emotion away….underneath the park, underneath the pretty exterior and family-friendly bullshit is a lurking monster, just waiting to burst. A supervolcano. A supervolcano, that when it erupts, will kill millions of people just with the initial eruption, and millions more when the sulphuric acid it spouts out from all the black ash envelops the atmosphere, suffocating us. It could happen today, tomorrow, a week from now, or in two centuries; either way? It’s inevitable. Now that - that’s scary. That fills you with dread and worriedness over the supervolcano, because I mixed two sentiments that most likely spell disaster for humanity: “millions dead,” and “any moment.” That’s some scary shit right there, no doubt about that. Hell - even I’m scared of it, despite scientist’s attempts to calm us down. While it is unlikely, knowing that the human race will end up becoming extinct is just….scary. You see? That’s how easy it is to make you fearful of something, to make you want to run for the hills and hide under the mountains in your best attempt to feel safe. It’s why I find the science of fear such an interesting one, how interconnected and interlaced it is within us and our culture. As a matter of fact, that’s the world we live in nowadays. A culture of fear, of war, of violence, of terrorism. So many horrible vices in this world, it’s essentially become the norm by this point. I was born into this culture. I didn’t want to, but I did. Living in this type of environment has given me a perspective on the whole idea of fear, really. A reason as to why it exists, why it affects us. It affects us...because it concerns over our future and us, personally. Our personal future is important to us. It’s what we want to do when we grow up, and how you’re going to live your life. Everything we do is for our future; when we train for an upcoming fight or an event. When we plan our dates for specific and important events, it’s for the sake of our future and how we live our lives. And when something threatens that, it essentially threatens your life and the security of it. That’s why we’re always afraid of something on the horizon, that is to come, because we know that once we go through with it we will be left changed. When people say someone is “afraid of the past’, it’s because they’re afraid of having what happened to them in the past coming to bite them in the ass in the future. Future, people. That’s what fear attacks, that’s why we feel afraid. We fear death, the end, anything that could spell disaster for us, because that’s human nature. Maybe that’s why Sanatorium has been so successful, because they walk around, threatening the safety of everyone in this fucking company, pointing spears at their necks. They run around, destroying and sending these “false idols” and beloved heroes tumbling to the depths below, because that’s the power they have. They threaten the safety of everyone, and the future.

And yet, I still question them.

I still question and wonder about their motives, because if you think about it….it’s honestly fucking stupid, the plan of the Nightmare, Amadeus. You’re right - I said that the motive for the Nightmare is fucking stupid. Just take a look at it - you want to bring a new brand of destruction, a new brand of violence and fear to Voltage. I know what you’re trying to do, and trust me...it isn’t going to work out for you. Not by a long shot. You think that by destroying this brand, crumbling it to dust and sending everyone here back to a shithole where we can feel safe from your reign of terror is going to make it better? Do you really believe in that? Do you honestly believe within your heart that this plan of yours is going to “fix” Voltage and change it to become better? Simple answer: it isn’t. My apologies if I’m being blunt and I hurt your tipid feelings, but it’s the undeniable truth that you refuse to believe in, because I know what you see. I know what you see, Amadeus; you see a world on fire. You see a world in flames, ones that are licking it with every waking moment and slowly burning it up, turning it to ash. The violence and horror in this world is slowly killing it, and eventually, once the dust settles, there will be nothingness. That’s what you see, isn’t it? I know it’s so easy to have a pessimistic view of the world nowadays, but I’m telling you….this violence? It isn’t going to do SHIT. You’re under the assumption that the Voltage brand is some sort of living creature, that it breathes and walks around just like the rest of us human beings. You think it has a mind of its own that it can use, and that you believe by cutting its limbs off, it will learn to grow wings. How….foolish. EAW is a business, Amadeus. It’s a corporate, with upper management and Mr. DEDEDE running around, making sure that the schedules for all the shows and the bills are paid for everyone who spends time out of their day to put work into this. It isn’t going to magically and fantastically change to suit your wants, and you aren’t it’s fucking crucible; you’re its end. So few businesses that started a long time before actually end up changing and evolving to the times, so how do you expect EAW to do the same? To be quite frank with you, Amadeus, the simplicity of this dilemma you hold can be solved with my simple sentiment: If you burn and destroy EVERYTHING you see….what is left to collect? What scraps, but ash? What can you possibly recover if crazy arsonists and psychopaths were sent to destroy this company? That’s correct - nothing. Nothing can be found, nothing can be salvaged, therefore nothing can evolve to become better. A simple logic that the Nightmare seems to lack, because the only thing that you can see in their eyes is a burning, raging fire. You aren’t shaping Voltage by doing what you’re doing  - you’re picking out the strongest in the pack and killing them off, one by one. Eventually leaving only us to pick up the scraps left behind, while you reign over all as Kings of the New World. We’ve all seen it before, throughout history, and as the saying goes: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” That is what will happen to the Sanatorium in the end, Amadeus. In the end, the Sanatorium isn’t going to live on forever as you proclaim, and you aren’t divine beings who rule over us….you’re just human. With feelings. With pain. With FEAR. I proved that when I faced Apocalypse, making him bleed, and exposing to the world that while he is something that you should be afraid of, he isn’t a monstrous devil, and neither are you. But maybe….maybe I took it too far last time we spoke. Unfortunately for me, maybe I did underestimate you by just the tiniest of portions, and that falls completely on me. I shouldn’t have, and yet I did. I suppose the egos in all of us can’t be helped, even me. Even me, who despises egotistical bastards with a passion, shine ignorance and arrogance a tad bit much sometimes. So much so that I might sound like - God-forbid - Carlos Rosso or Moongoose McQueen. Fucking repulsive, is what that is. I know what I am, and it’s not being an arrogant fuck. It’s not being some type of god, or a divine being. I know what I am, and what I am...is a catalyst. A catalyst that faces against the tyranny of the Sanatorium, sending them reeling back, and showing them how wrong they are about this company, showing them that they? They don’t care about the future, or anybody else but themselves. They are so naive and foolish that they believe that by destroying and tearing everything down, Voltage can somehow rise back up from the dead and miraculously transform into the vision that they see it as.


A pathetic worldview created by foolish and false crowns.

At least I’ll be content with being the beginning of the end, for the Nightmare. For the Coven. For the Sanatorium, or whatever sub-factions they have within them. For their dreams. All of those will end eventually, and I’ll be known as the one who started it all. That’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? To be recognised as someone who exposed frauds for who they really are. The Sanatorium...they aren’t devils among men. They aren’t wolves within flocks of sheep, or divine beings who rule over all with a fiery fist of doom and destruction. They’re simply….human. Humans with fears that can be exploited, and humans with feelings of pain and suffering. I will be fighting for my future, Amadeus. I will be fighting for my eventual success, for my eventual rise of glory. I will fight it all on Voltage. Maybe I’ll feel pain. Maybe I’ll scream, or be desperate and cheat to win. Maybe you’ll even hurt me so much as to scar me. Scars can’t be removed, Amadeus….but YOU can. You can, because humans are such frail things that only exist on this earth for a miniscule time compared to everything else. You scar me, it won’t do anything but remind me that I have to work my fucking ass off to get the top of this business. I don’t underestimate you, you don’t underestimate me, but you overestimate yourself. That combination of two deadly and potent poisons is why you will be under my heel, or rather; my talons. The talons of the Raven. The talons of evolution, the talons of natural selection, which will sense your fear and trepidation, your slowly weakening state, and eventually leave you as nothing more than a hollow corpse. It will sense that in due time, everything burns. Everything dies and fades away - it’s just that the Sanatorium will die earlier than me. 

But for now, as we wait, you can continue on with your usual routine, Amadeus. What you always do. Dream of grandeur, of what you believe will come for you and Nightmare. Do it for as long as you want.

I’ll be the one to wake you up from it.
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Let's play

McAdams stands with his back to the camera staring into the TV. The light illuminates his silhouette.

“Well, It’s at minimum, not you crying for respect, but when I said try something different, I didn’t mean ignore it all together. That was another mistake, little miss Kaline. The fact that you’ve chosen to completely ignore everything I’ve said and everything I’ve promised means one thing. You don’t have an answer. It means that everything you’ve said prior to this has been cheap and unnecessary. The very fact that you’ve decided not to respond to us, and not to take the fight back to us but instead retreat to this very weak and pitiful description of why things are somehow better now only says that you know you don’t have what it takes and you’ve lost that mental edge. That is unfortunate. I don’t push and push and push simply to condescend and demean. I had high hopes that I could spark something in you. Despite my stats in Nightmare, I do love Voltage with all my heart, I do hope to see it’s competitors in all forms succeed where they are. I spoke how I spoke because I meant it, because I know it’s the truth and the truth is always the most punishing weapon, but also because I had high hopes it would draw something really great out of you and Keelan, but each time I am met with more and more disappointment. You didn’t rise to the occasion, you weren’t able to topple me verbally, and what’s worse is, instead of at least plateauing, you’ve receded and fell farther than I could have possibly imagined. It’s no wonder the two of you haven’t been able to do anything of note. This is what I am met with. Dead silence or mindless and meaningless words. Were you hoping that when you spoke here it could be the last statements made, that maybe that would count for something tomorrow. I’ll do my best to work with what has been put in front of me but this garbage is worse than not saying anything at all. I am glad you’ve managed to calm yourself but even in your calmness the rage seeps out in petty statements that make no sense.

No ambition? We entered into the tag team Grand Prix tournament, we’ve been preparing for so- Ugh, how very boring. You just don’t pay attention. Why do I need to re-iterate it? You have frozen up, you’ve got no response. You’re on the stage but we got you so frightened you don’t even want to address what we’ve said. If you are this afraid, if you are this incapable of engaging us here, when we aren’t even in the same room as you, when you have time to properly formulate a response and retort, if you can’t even handle this, what in God’s name are you going to do when we are standing right in front of you. You have no idea how the Sanatorium runs anymore, let alone how Nightmare does business. You’re argument that Sanatorium is just a place where people wallow in self pity falls flat when standing before you is a troop of ambitious individuals who have come together to bring this brand to it’s knees.

We’ve all lost focus? What an odd statement to make. I haven’t lost focus. I think both Solomon and I have been very good about keeping our eyes on the purpose of all this. Everything I have said, everything I do, serves its purpose and my goal, ultimately, is to win this match. You try to belittle this part of our little pre-match ritual where we exchange barbs and words, not because you don’t see the point of it or pretend like it doesn’t matter in our match, but because we have ruined you and dragged your name through the dirt and left you with nothing while we drive off in everything you owned. Both you and Keelan have been left out to dry. You've gotten nothing left,, and you’re on empty. I assure you there is nothing meaningless that ever escapes my lips. But I will say you are right about one thing. Probably the only thing you’ve been right about all week. There is now nothing left to discuss, and it is time to see what meets us in the ring. But if it is any reflection of what has happened this week, it will be a futile and sad exercise indeed.

I am quite eager to show you exactly what I am capable of, little miss Kaline, since Keelan already knows he can’t beat me, maybe, just maybe, you’ll provide that extra spark that might make this a decent enough challenge… that is of course, if it wasn’t for my friend Solomon Caine. A relentless unstoppable monster whose power is paralleled only by Apocalypse himself. With my cunning, my planning, my brilliance, tact, and technical skill, followed by his immense power and durability, we  will collectively crush you two just like we’ve dominated you this week. Don’t worry, I won’t let my guard down, that’s why we’re going to eat you alive. We are going to compete with you on the same level we’d compete with the champions and we shall see if your claim to being the best duo in EAW can actually hold a candle, or if the fatigue from having another match this week, and the verbal whooping we’ve given both of you, and all that unclear thinking from being incapable of beating me, both verbally and in the ring gets the better of both of you.” McAdams turns around grinning into the camera. “SO! LET’S SHARPEN OUR TEETH! AND PREPARE FOR BLOOD TO BE SHED! LET’S PLAY! THE TIME IS NOW! RAISE YOUR GLASS!!!

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You can barely comprehend the world you now live in.

You fight to survive in it just like anybody else.

You tell the world when you fall that it will be different next time.

They don’t want to see anything less, and yet they expect so much more.

You are right, Heart Break Gal. The very make up of both of our individual existence’s aren’t the same. Our beliefs, our ideals, our opinions, our principles, our views, all the tangibles, the intangibles, everything that’s been derived through every experience we’ve been through that’s responsible for why we stand in the positions we do today, are the very reasons why we will never see eye to eye. The Elite Tandem came into this tournament completely unheralded, sure, and in many regards that should dictate the results this week if we lived up to that consensus opinion. You will constantly piggyback off of things that you have already done and assume that is supposed to ensure your entry right past this just as ambitious, determined team, and that the fighting spirit we possess is simply rendered useless just because you and Cameron Ella Ava say so. Hahaha! Do you really understand how delusional and ignorant you sound, Heart Break Gal? The reason you keep stumbling and will continue to long after this tandem lays waste to you both, is because you come from a time and a generation that created results based from that of which your own imagination could come up with to make yourselves feel on top of a world you fabricated to make the weak feeble souls you came upon feel so little and insignificant whether it was through the false advertisement of your self promotion, or the incapable lot you were faced with that were no more equipped to knock you off your throne even once much less say or do anything noteworthy to change your process of thought and your approach. In your warped reality, everyone is below you and insignificant peasants, that is something that nobody can change not even me. The thing that might surprise you, but might not, is that I’ve never even tried to, because I don’t need to just to defeat you. I use every bit of what you will believe, what you will take to your dying grave, as being your very strengths and use them against you every time we are ever booked against each other and I’ll expose every last one of them as weaknesses to aid me to victory Everytime! Your tactics don’t work against me…us! When I’ve said you are the “old” or stuck in the past? It’s as true as the sky is blue. You allow your overinflated ego to command you in everything you do, and like the obedient little slave that you are, you will willingly sacrifice yourself to it, and more often than not the generation of today, especially those who came in and have made a resounding impact not only on their brands, but in this company. They are able to see through it, home in and prey heavily upon such a weakness, rendering anything YOU do or say insignificant, because more often than not they know who they are, what purpose they serve to their brand, this company, and most importantly why they inevitably will succeed again and again. Every generation wants to be the last. Every generation hates the next crop that comes in, and later starts ascending higher through pure tenacity and hard work put in, a generation that succeeds at a much higher rate that they can't understand or wrap their little hands around. They resent the said next crop of talent on the rise because deep down they hate to give up those reins to the said next crop. To find that everything they learned and were taught become obsolete; yesterdays trend, retro. It's a truth that's much harder to accept than the bitter taste that comes from the failed results that decide their fate. 

You'll never accept the real truth.

After all, it's what keeps you coming back time and again.

But they still expect more...something that you will never be able to give them in these times.

If anyone should be speaking on the subject of hypocrisy, it's certainly not you, Heart Break Gal. You've managed to put together a nice little Hall of Fame career based on a credo "by any means necessary". I can easily see that in a begrudging kind of way you actually admire how intelligently resourceful this elitist is and can be, even if you can't bring yourself to fully admit it to yourself. However, contrary to what you believe, you aren't the one controlling my fate, Heart Break Gal. You're not fighting to stop me from realizing the heights of my greatest aspirations, because the as the future for this elitist continuously comes to fruition, it's this elitist that more and more pushes you and your ever dwindling chances of achieving more accolades to your name before you hang up your boots further away until they become too far out of reach. I don't need luck, miracles, or divine intervention to defeat you again, Heart Break Gal. That? That is something that I've already proven before when you and Devan Dubian were beaten! Defeated you were before Territorial Invasion came around, before Dia Del Diablo came around, before there was E-VER any association with John Doe! Victories over you two egocentrically, self-deluded, envious individuals that made the number one contender's match a triple threat going into Dia Del Diablo! At Dia Del Diablo, it was you that, Heart Break Gal, that took your eyes off of the prize! At Territorial Invasion, it was you that allowed YOUR partner to bite the bullet you weren't willing to take! Your tunnel vision is absolutely astonishing and astounding just the same. You clutch at the smallest of straws, trying to erase your mistakes that you continue to make just to save face when you don't succeed. You point the finger at everyone else but yourself, and this coming Showdown not a single solitary thing is going to change because you refuse to change. Besides, in the end when the Elite Tandem has put you down and moved on to bigger and better competition in this tournament, it will be you, Heart Break Gal, that will shrug your loss off, because deep down you know just like I do and Chris Elite does that competing in this tournament is not your end game. It's not what you have sleepless nights thinking about. I believe we can both agree upon that. We of the Elite Tandem have lost plenty, and will lose plenty more in our careers, but it won't be this week. Every experience we've been through has brought us here. Every experience has shown us how to evade failure by any means necessary just to find success. Every experience gives us the right to stand up straight, allowing us to stand here this week as one with a common goal of wrecking your little Union and taking away yet another opportunity to etch your names in the EAW Championship history. As much as I enjoyed taking your mind off the task at hand, and forcing all of your focus on to John Doe and myself, it's yet another humiliating result that I look to force you to live with you more insufferable little soul. You are not underestimated, but you're not on a high enough pedestal that I can't bring you to your knees again either. Everything that you have said this week is mere pish posh that has no place in a high stakes match such as this. You will fight passionately as you always have and always will. Your drive, determination, and motivation there once again.

Meeting everyone's expectations, but certainly not exceeding them.

Some things you just can't change.

At least you will still have one more chance.

Perhaps you are also correct, Cameron, in assuming that I couldn't take down two powerful Goddesses, two Hall of Famers with endless amounts of ways of decimating me in that ring...but perhaps your not. Perhaps I should look past all that confidence and bravado and see another very driven and determined individual, who stands up tall puffing her chest out, insisting that she will not let her guard down against this elitist. Of course, I have heard all of this before going into the number one contenders match before Dia Del Diablo, and yet it did not make a difference because fate had other ideas for my opposition, and my forward progress continued and future as well continued to take shape. Believe it or not, Cameron, I respect men like CM Banks, Mr. DEDEDE, Jamie O'Hara, Lannister, and he'll even guys like Tiberius and Ares Vendetta from a philosophical point of view. With standout legends like them, who set the bar so high you could be shot up into the air and out of cannon so high and you still wouldn't reach their level. Men of their unparalleled heights and standards shouldn't ever be reached, not ever. I would expect to learn a thing or two from them. Anyone who can truly defend their position, and their status and can teach you things about yourself without seeming so desperate to attain a victory. Oh, no. No, continue with the part where you believe you are an unstoppable Goddess against a tandem that has nothing on you. Or was it the other part? You know? The one that seems more realistic, the part where you state that you won't underestimate us? You already have, the both of you. You build your walls so high, but not high enough. For if that was the case then this Elite Tandem would not be able to tear them down with ease, and destroy another one of your dreams that was far and away and too unlikely to make a lick of a difference in the long run Grand scheme of things anyways. We don't move forward with each new experience by allowing ourselves to be burdened by all of your baseless drivel. Your confident, and like I already acknowledged at the start of the week, it's good. Being ambitious isn't a bad thing, but being greedy is, and there in lies our very purpose. I know you revel in this challenge of trying to make history, and it should be a hell of a ride, were it to continue.

But it won't.

It was just last year, during this very tournament that a just as determined Imperium Tag Team; who was in that? Oh. Oh, that's right. The very same driven, determined, and motivated Heart Break Gal along with her partner, a former two time World Champion, and Hall of Famer in his own right in Darth Lannister. That was supposed to be the team to beat, and that unit failed against a one that was believed to be far more inferior by comparison. It's a shame really, for the both of you. A shame because history, it tends to repeat itself at any given moment regardless of the gap in between the current from the last. Chris Elite and myself, we're out to prove to world not only this week, but in the weeks to follow long after we've brought you make believe Goddesses back down from under the clouds to be put in your rightful places, that we are just as good as a well oiled unit as we have proven to be individually. To master the art of overcoming falling down is in learning how to pick yourself back up, something we've unquestionably shown we can do just as much as you, and that's something you can learn, something you can take away from this failed effort. This whole week both of you have been trying to prove your superiority, trying to make yourself out to be high and mighty. Pride before the fall ladies, and it's going to be one hell of a hard fall to have to pick yourselves up from, but don't you worry, don't you fret, because you are still meeting everyone's expectations. After this humiliating setback another opportunity likely awaits you.

But you'll still dwell bitterly once again of what should have been.

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Post on September 9th 2017, 8:30 pm by Finnegan Wakefield
Chapter 62: The Most Bitter of Men

"The Wrestling Artist" Finnegan Wakefield
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"The events of last week have been a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. To be specific, the result of my Hardcore match against Interwire Champion, Amadeus. I have no excuse as to why I lost, simply put Amadeus was the better man that night and was absolutely in his environment with the stipulation that allowed him to do whatever his sick and twisted mind could think of. To rub salt in the wounds, he defeated me by submission when he wrapped barbed wire around his forearm and applied that Excrucian II. It was creative and effective for him, it was a pain unbearable, and it got the job done. A submission specialist losing by submission is a little bit of a confidence killer in all honesty, last week was the first time I have lost by submission in my career and I was a little ashamed to have been forced to surrender. In saying that though, I am by no means disappointed in my performance. For a match type I had very little to no experience in, I think I did pretty damn well. If nothing else, last week was a learning experience to the stipulations I will have to get use to as Elite Answers Wrestling has had a prestigious history of barbaric and violent stipulations. That defeat has given me an idea on how I will have to condition myself for the deathmatch stipulations in the future. The Interwire Championship itself is a prize I one day too want to obtain, and although my sights are currently on the New Breed Championship, especially with a rematch with Moongoose McQueen on the horizon, I plan on keeping a door open should the opportunity come about where I can obtain it aswell. To keep that door open though, I have to both face and defeat the people pursuing it. And dare I say that my opponent this week is the front runner when it comes to contenders.

Harvey Yorke is a fellow Englishmen, one hell of a wrestler and one I have been looking forward to grappling with the likes of him. I was actually pulling for him to defeat Amadeus during the tournament for the then vacant championship, although it was also because he was the de facto lesser of two evils. He has earned a reputation for being one of the toughest English wrestlers in the world with how prideful he is, how sadistic he is and how much of a pain threshold he posses. He’s fueled by anger from his disturbed past. I, during a brief stint of my career, was blinded by constant frustrations, failures, and needed to find a moral compass to help me get my life back on track so I can perform at my best in this ring. Ever since, I have tasted defeats, but I have improved, held my own against some of the best, if not besting them myself. What you need, Harvey, is a moral compass of your own. Because as talented as you are, you’ll only get so far fueled by anger alone. What I suggest to you, Harvey, is to allow me to play the part of your moral compass. Because from my perspective, you’re another frowning face in an angry crowd, another hooded figure in a group of the grim and brooding. Instead of trying to take opportunities away from others as you have threatened to do in the past, echo your performance in the tournament by earning said opportunities yourself. You’re only squandering your own potential by seeing opponents as ants instead of men, or the benefits to others as hindrances to you. I don’t underestimate your abilities, but your disposition could use some work. You can hit hard and can take a beating, but so can I. This week on Voltage, it’ll be a give and take battle, but I assure you as skilled as you are, I have tricks up my own sleeves that can humble even the most bitter of men."
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Post on September 9th 2017, 7:23 pm by Cage.
I could sit here and tell you what I'm going to do tomorrow but I'd just be wasting my time and yours. I don't know what I'm going to do, I'll do the first thing that comes to my mind, but everything Ares spits out of his mouth has some truth to it. Every day getting out of bed has been added to the list of challenges that I have to encounter, my bones hurt, my flesh feels like it's been through the grinder and I couldn't feel more alive. I couldn't feel more happy in my life, because it's just like how it use to be. I only have myself to blame for the punishment my body has went through but I assure you that I don't want any pity, I don't want a vacation. I simply just ask the triumvirate, hell I ask the entire EAW locker room. Is that all you guys got? Is that all you can do to get rid of little ole Diamond Cage? Ares Vendetta speaks fables, he's a storyteller who stretches everything into how he sees it in his eyes. A liar, a scumbag and my personal favorite, simply a dick who can't get over the fact that Diamond Cage who is a ‘mongrel’ left him to dry. I just want to know why are you the way you are? Why are you so damaged that your only satisfaction in life is to hurt people who simply know this world better than you? Examples like Brian Daniels, Dubian, even your own father to name a few. I guess what they say about children are true and you can't stop and tell these kids anything. They have to figure it out on their own and you walk with your Triumvirate brothers hand in hand and side by side, and you see this as your world and we're just living in it. I don't see it that way, I see it as a band of cowards, men who would eat their own family members if it meant they could have a meal that night if they were starving to death. I walk a path that most men deem “not the best and smartest path to choose” yet I can say I've done things my way, I'll die my way, and I don't want to die by the hand of the Triumvirate, I'd rather die by my own hand. 

One day Ares, everything is going to die, not just our vessels but even kingdoms.

I see the Triumvirate as a corrupt authority, a band of men who see no wrong in their doings and pick and choose when they want to fight. One day that kingdom has to die, someone with balls, a very outspoken personality and a rebellious soul is going to step up and finally say enough is enough. I am that man, trust me ladies and gentleman put your faith in Diamond Cage and I will rid you the foul sight and smell of these pieces or trash. On Showdown I'm going to beat the hell out of Ares Vendetta, that's a given. But my crusade is not to just kick their asses, it's either I kill them or they kill me. This is survival of the sickest and I am the sickest, demented and most dangerous entente their is when it comes to pursuing what the fuck I want and it's not only the EAW Championship, it's not only revenge. It's execution, I am going to end a man's career, through hell or high water I am entering the Extreme Elimination Chamber and nobody is going to stop me. Not this spoiled brat, not the Triumvirate, Theron or anybody. Because in this chest game it's my move and I got them all in my sights, just waiting to fire and when I fire my shot I won't miss, this bullet is going to break flesh, bones, tear tendon and hell Ares, you just might die on this hill like your father was afraid to. Do me a favor and show up, show up with your own coffin, your own tombstone and I'll do the rest, I'll finally do this company a service and I'll exterminate the roaches that hide in the walls of this company. Show up Ares, because if you do you're leaving in a coffin, this is your destiny. You can't run from it, you can't let the Triumvirate save you, you're trapped in a fight with a man who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm the monster,  Ares, I'm the voice, the little voice in your head that tries to tell you to tread lightly. 

Sadly enough it's too late to start over like your dad.
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Post on September 9th 2017, 4:33 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

“There was people who thought Jamie was going to obliterate me at Territorial Invasion. Instead, I took all the criticism and doubts and was able to create an almost five star match.”--Cameron Ella Ava

Tell me, Chris. Where was I bragging about Territorial Invasion? Where was I bragging about my match? The only person bringing up about my match is you. You even said so yourself--you thought it was a good match. If I was bragging, I would have been clutching on the match until my last breath. I would be saying monologues about how I was this fantastic competitor and I not only made history for me, but for women in general. Nah, that’s not what I did at all. Instead, it’s you out of all people that has been talking about this match. You’ve been talking about how the World Championship Match was great for “feminists” everywhere. That it brought a new wave of hope to the Womens Division. For someone who is claiming that I’m bragging, you are bringing up the match more than I am. I’m focused on making Di Consentes the first female tag team to win the Grand Prix. I am focused on making history. That is what I have said over and over for the past week. Still, that somehow gets ignored as you paint the picture of me having this giant ego. You make me out to be someone who loves to talk about herself, but you cannot be anymore wrong. 

“Yes Cam you do shock people you shocked the world at Territorial Invasion when people THOUGHT you had the match won about 5 times. You continue to shock the world with almost moments while Rex and I do what everyone expects out of us and that’s actually getting something done. Jesus Cam how many times are you going to brag about the match with you and Jamie? You didn’t fucking win shut up already yes the match was damn near 5 stars, yes you gave him the fight of your life and I’m sorry if I’m starting to begin like a broken record it’s just that you keep forcing me to do so. Cam you didn’t win the match I don’t care about how great it was I don’t care how many times you were close to winning because you didn’t actually win. Go ahead bring up how I couldn’t have that same type of match with Jamie and you’re probably correct. Want to know what I will do to Jamie? Beat him and not the same way you’re used to beating him…”--Chris Elite

Wow! What a fucking mouthful, Chris. The more that I begin to pick apart what you have said, the more I began to think the match got under your skin. I mean, it’s so fucking easy to get under your skin. I mean, HBG acknowledged you once and she made it so effortlessly to get under your skin. I can tell that you’re sweating right now. You began to falsely accuse people of random things. Just like you falsely accused me of bragging about my match. Just like you accuse the Heart Break Gal of being my lackey. I mean, you are just desperate to get under our skin. You are a little boy who thinks that he can box with two Goddesses. You’re just a new breed who thinks that he can face a legend like Mr. DEDEDE and win. You have some strange ambitions, Chris. I admire your determination to win. I admire the fact that you ignore the whole who laughs as you appear on their television sets every Sunday night. You can turn that around to fit your agenda. You can paint yourself to be the one EVERYONE likes seeing on Voltage. You can’t paint yourself to be the man that will be in the long list of names that lost to Mr. DEDEDE. Xavier Williams tried. Ryan Savage tried. It’s not simple to get a victory over The Gawd. As your Road to Redemption match gets closer and closer, I recommend that you get all the advice in the world you can. If you plan to march into your match think that you have the match in the bag, then you’ve already lost the match. You cannot walk into the match the way you are. Just like you cannot walk into the match on Showdown they way you are. You and Rex McAllister are a unit. You are Elite Tandem. You two are facing the competition to defeat tomorrow night.

“If it would have been the other way around and you talked about Jamie, I wouldn’t have been angry. At least, we’re dating unlike you and Aria. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of a shitty comparison to make.”--Cameron Ella Ava

Where did you get the impression that this was a joke? It was a fact. It was a shitty comparison and you have to admit it. Instead of actually thinking about my statement, you make a jab about me. I’ve defeated Aria Jaxon twice in the past -- Vixens Cup 2016 and Empire Episode: #1. Aria is not as immortal as you give her the impression to be. It’s not like she is going to give a damn and look at your videos. It’s not like praising her to the heavens and back is going to get her in your bed--you see, that was a joke. Perhaps, HBG was right. You are a dumbass. We have a dumbass running the country. We cannot let a dumbass win the Grand Prix as well. The Grand Prix needs Di Consentes to put the Tag Team Division back on track. We are the true saviors of this Division. Small-minded Chris Elite may not want to admit that, but it’s true. By tomorrow night, Elite Tandem will be nothing. They will be forgotten, but Chris knows the feeling of being forgotten. He also knows the feeling of having a partner above his level of skills. How does it feel, Chris? How does it feel knowing that Rex is so much better than you in every single way? How does it feel knowing that the moment the two of you lose to HBG and I, Rex will move on to his aspirations to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber? At least, you have your match with Mr. DEDEDE to look forward too. It will be the last time you find yourself in the spotlight. It will be the last time Chris finds himself in a noteworthy match at one of the big four FPVs. As for Showdown, you should be quite use to having your team get their ass beat by GOATS. Perhaps, you can cry on Rex’s shoulder and make all the memories of Di Consentes kicking your ass disappear. 

Secure? Nah, I think confident is the word I meant, Rex. As it such a crime to believe that the Prix is Di Consentes’ for the taking? Am I a horrible person to believe that we are above all the lower classed competition? I’m confident about myself. I am confident in my position in the company. However, I am always looking for ways to push the envelope. I want to add more accomplishments to my name. I mean, that’s the goal of almost EVERY Hall of Famer in EAW. If you have a problem with that, then you can have a great conversation with Mr. DEDEDE or CM Banks and tell them that you have an issue with us legends taking all the titles, glory and camera time for ourselves. I can believe that they will put you in your place. Instead of going to them, you think approaching the Heart Break Gal and us is so much easier? You think that we’re going to be easier to stop dead in our tracks? How adorable. It’s quite laughable that there are people who think that we won’t make it to the finals. Rex McAllister wants to do the Grand Prix a favor and eliminate the bigger threats in the match! He wants to get rid of the most established people on the roster! HOW DARE CAMERON AND HBG TRY TO ADD ANOTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT TO THEIR LONG LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS? HOW DARE DI CONSENTES BE SO SELFISH! HOW DARE THEY TAKE THIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS FROM NICE SEVEN YEAR ROOKIES LIKE CHRIS ELITE?! Dang, Rex! We are just self-delusional individuals. We are driven by money, gold and titles. Making history is in our blood. Is that what everyone thinks of us? Is that what everyone thinks what we think like? We are just the ugliest of the ugly. I mean, HBG and I should put our heads down in shame. We need to go back to our expensive ass houses and think about what horrible individuals we are. Perhaps, we can do that while we have our shiny ass Grand Prix trophy staring right back us. The moment we get a nice reflection on the grins on our faces, we are able to say “fuck you” to anyone who thought that they can take us down. You can’t take us down, Rex. No one is going to take down two very powerful Goddesses. It will be nice of you to try with all of your might, but you will sadly fail. You won’t crash and burn like Azrael and Ryan Adams did, but you will fail in your own way. The only pain to make the feeling of failure disappear will be probably becoming EAW Champion, but even your chances of attaining that accolade in 2017 seem like zero to none. It’s going to be amazing to watch you get destroyed by three different people on tomorrow night. Feeling failure once stings a bit, but twice in the same night? That ought to be discouraging for someone. A nice person like me wouldn’t think about doing that to you. Oh yeah, I’m not a nice person. Not that you didn’t get the impression in the first place. You don’t need to worry--we are taking this match very seriously. We are passionate about winning the Prix and becoming Tag Team Champions. We plan to slaughter any competition that stands in front of us. That means Elite Tandem. Honestly, such a shame that we both can’t advance. It would have been so much nicer to have stole your moment to become Grand Prix winners.But, hey! That’s how the tournament goes. It’s such a shame...for you two.
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