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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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EAW Promoz! :: Comments

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 5:14 pm by Darkane
Pain for Pride XII

Damn Johnny, you came with your guns loaded this time didn't you? I'll even admit that you've impressed me a little bit, not a lot, but a little despite your blatantly quasi-gang banger bravado that you can't help but puff your chest out with. I like your proposition. You want a fight? Sure, you got it. I have no problem stepping toe to toe with you, when the time is right of course. You're right though, Theron is probably laughing in the shadows, watching us two butt heads back and forth waiting for us to cancel each other out, however I could give a fuck less as to what he thinks, we all have our plans for this match and we all are going to try like hell to go through with them but most likely they'll blow up in our faces like a Samsung Note 7. You shouldn't be stooping to the level of skid Mark Michaels either by comparing me to worn out stereotypes that have no vigor in them. Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, the list goes on of who I've been compared to this past week, but I'll have you know that I'm a different animal than those other two. I'm Darkane. I have my own name, I have my own prerogative, I have my own goals and my own aspirations. I have two feet that know how to kick in abdomens and I have two fists that know how to crush skulls with and if that's what I have to do to shut you up once and for all then I'll gladly warm to the task. If by miracle, we and by we, I mean you do survive as one of the last two souls in this match along with yours truly. If your family is in the crowd cheering their little Nova on. Whether it is your mother, Whitney Nitro who is hopping up and down, winding her purse around and around wildly like a female softball pitcher, screaming her lungs out or whether it is your father, Thaddeus Nitro who has a colossal under bite and is chattering away on pistachios, which is just code for his excitement. Whether it is your sister Jasmine Nitro who STILL after all these years has a jumbo sized rubber piss sheet at age seventeen, is wet under her seat, whoever your fucking family is made of, all of their hearts will sink to their feet and they will come to a startled halt when they see your ass fly over the top rope and when they see that ghastly, reprehensible looking man celebrate in victory. Survive? Johnny, I've been doing that my whole life and I don't plan to stop now. I've been in prison too and like Morgan Freeman once said it's no fairy tale world. I've walked the streets of New Orleans for more than half of my life, I've been homeless, I've been beaten, I've beaten people up, but the fact remains that I, after all of these years have survived the obstacles that life has tried to thwart me with. You're just another obstacle, albeit a much less credible one, that I will have to barge through like the doors of an old western tavern. Johnny, we can go back and forth until Pain for Pride, but I feel it would be beating a dead horse after it has already been cut up into meat cubes by a lonely disgruntled butcher. But if you want to keep jawing, we'll keep jawing because I've got all the time in the world to chew you up and spit you right back the fuck out.

A pile of trash is right Haruna. That's what I see when you flex your muscles. That's what I see with your quirky gesticulations. Except, now that I think about it. A pile of trash is one level to high for you hunny. You're not just delicate physically, but you are mentally, you're not all there and granted neither am I, but I have enough marbles up in this here skull that haven't rolled away. But you, you're too nice, you're too sweet, you're too gentle. Sure, you can probably compete with the women on empire but here, here in this den of wolves as you called it, you will be a victim to a pack like mentality of not just I but everybody else that sees you, a quivering, weak, succulent, piece of ass that I like to call: fresh meat. I'm licking my chops at the thought and the aroma of Haruna steak. The smell is wrapping around my nose and kissing my nostrils because I know you're going to be a mess once you step through those ropes. So my advice? Ball up your fists and all of your confidence that you can muster up, so the blows might not come as fast and as furious, but once your fear leaks out, it's all over Haruna. You asked if my attacks can hit your petite body, Haruna? Let me put it this way, I could fart in your direction and it would blow you over the top rope and into the back, let alone using my fists to pound you into dust. I have no problem doing either considering I always have a warm up meal before I go out and fight. So I am liable to drop a few crop dusters during extreme exertion. If we were to fight, I would let you have one free shot and one free shot only, because I'm such a nice guy, but remember, you'd have to really wind up and pop one hard into my jaw, so I can laugh right in your face, backhand your gaping maw and send you over the top rope and down to the floor with all of your cherubic dreams, with the seraphic halo above your head that I ripped off, with your wings that failed to fly you this time and with everything that you stand for.

All of those wonderful things that you had will simply turn to shit.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 4:39 pm by 『zakkii』
June 23rd, 2017
Haruna Sakazaki SHOWROOM livestream

Haruna Sakazaki: Look at these guns.... scared yet? Hahaha.... oh, Hey, back again with some daily Pain for Pride livestream. So yeah, those guys are still getting it throughout the week in order to win this match, giving their talk and comment about this match as well as their competitors as well. This will be chaos, and this won't end very well. See, Mr. Darkane.... I do realize that this match filled with the greatest chosen Elitist and I feel like The Virgin in The Robber's Nest. I might not be having a big bounty on my head since maybe literally all of you strong men can easily lift my tiny body out of the ring like a pile of trash. That might be the reason why you all seem to ignore me because I'm just an easy target for you. But well, one thing that you might not know, Mr. Darkane.... Unlike any other Empire representatives, I am not getting thrown in this match just to be a filler for this battle royal. I asked for it. I asked to get inside a den packed with a bunch of hungry wolves and that is not because I have a death wish, good sir. Because I believe I can conquer the competition inside this match. I know you might be asking that "How could this petite adorkable lady seems so brave to jump in this match?". Well, you don't know who I am yet, mister! This is how I prove to you that I am not going to stay here and do nothing while those other women are doing their job to get their Pain for Pride. It's kind of an unorthodox method to get that moment since you know, those women in this match are basically "the rest of Empire women who is not relevant" but for me, that's not the way I look at this match, I am going to be in this battle royal to prove that this woman they get ignored by the division can hang out with big, scary, menacing and intimidating elitist just like you. Well, don't worry, Mr. Darkane. I faced some scary, blood hungry opponent like you. I also fought some men before so I know how your gameplan will be. Well, don't even think I come to this battle royal without any preparation, Mr. Darkane.... I have something I'm going to use against you. Well, you might be looking at me and my small body is not qualified enough but one thing you didn't know that I actually make a good use of it. I use this petite body to my full advantage against bigger opponents like you. You might wonder how much you give me misery and pain to keep me stay down, or how many punches you will lay on me to make me regret doing this, that's not the real question..... can your attacks actually hit this petite body? THAT's the real question. Don't ever think I am not ready for this match, You'll see it why soon enough.

Haruna Sakazaki: And, aah.... that word again, Mr. Nikolas. It seems that "Haruna" and "Complaining" is such an inseparable pair of words no matter how hard I tried to not complaining anymore. You know, you are not actually talking to someone who was a big name before then have my fall from that position. You are here talking about someone who keeps working hard to get a better way but keeps being underestimated and overlooked all for the rest of your career. I wonder if you are in my position, how much you are "complaining" about that. But it's okay, I don't want you to feel what I feel right now. Well, I don't know which part is complaining but right now, I'm going to change these dark times to a better way by keep training, doing my best to prepare my every single match and always be ready to face the future, but still, I keep hearing about this "Complaining" bullshit like this. Hey, I only recall how the rest of Empire girls being incompetent and can only wait for a miracle with no effort at all. But I am not talking bullshit, that's the real fact of what actually happened in this battle royal. Show me the part where I am actually complaining! I kind of smell some double standard here to be honest. But heh, I actually don't want to talk about that. I just want to talk and show everyone and especially people like you that no matter how Empire treated me and how much all of you don't care about my existence, I will do something for Empire with all the best I can so this brand will never get underestimated anymore. While those "talented" women only care about themselves, I do care about this place and I will fight wherever I go while carrying the pride of this brand. I don't care about my past and all, I'm not even talking about the series of losses I get before I reach this point. I just want to move forward and make a path for my brighter future not only for me but for the pride of Empire as well using these small hands by myself. Won't people appreciate my effort? I don't care, I already get used to it anyway. And now, you think you are helping me? By what, Mr. Nikolas? By bringing my humiliating defeat two years ago and hoping that I will complain more about that match? That's not even helping, good sir! You want to help me, Mr. Nikolas? Then try to prove your worthwhile backing up all you said to me and prove that I am "Talentless" in front of you. If I am that talentless, you might be easy to throw me out of the ring under 30 seconds, right? Come on, that should be easy to throw this little lady. A lot of people keep saying that, but did they actually do what they say? Nobody does! So shut your mouth and fight me, that will be very helpful, good sir!

Haruna Sakazaki: Oh, anyway.... about this Mr. Virtual Warrior or whatever he called himself there. Well, I've met people like you before. A LOT of them, thinking that I am not going to do well in my every match and keep mocking my English language. But where are they now? GONE! Vanished from this place because it's too harsh for them to stay in the competition while I am still standing here. So yeah, keep on mocking my English because that is the only thing you can mock me while you know it deep in your heart that I am way better than you. Eeh, I don't mind you keep talking about that anyway, it's not important, just like you in this match.

Haruna Sakazaki: So yeah, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy this live stream. I might be doing this once more or maybe two so make sure to follow my broadcasting schedule. Until then, see you later!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 4:36 pm by Macho Man Johnny Nova
You have sat quietly, looking at us like peasants from a far. With the judging and shifty eyes of a king, pleading with us to do something original. Something worthwhile of your attention. Something tangible for you to grasp onto. A man, a legend, we all understand why you feel the way you do. No one in this match has come close to your accomplishments that are inked in the record book next to your name that I dare not speak, yet here we stand together in a match that at the end of the day is specifically designed to weed out the weak and weary. A match that by its very design was developed to give the next possible big thing in the EAW a chance, a shot at glory. You look down on us with disgust from your throne thinking of the glory days of old and how this match will never compare to the battles you waged in your past. Biding your time, in an attempt to allow us all to embarrass ourselves. I see this for what it is, I understand how the world works. But you know what they say about legends, the greater they sound the more that must have been left out of the story. It’s disappointing not to see a bit of fire in your eyes. Not to see the same grit you have brought to the table so many times before. I am not going to say that you are past your prime, or even claim that you are washed up because deep down inside everyone in this match knows that, that isn’t true. I feel like a kid who just found out Santa Claus isn’t real, wrapped up and grief, sadness and most of all disappointment. It is fine for you to ignore us, the peasants. It isn’t like I haven’t seen this all before. So, sit on your throne, feel free to dismiss us, dismiss this match, dismiss the EAW Universe as a whole. You are only doing a disservice to your own legacy, as we work towards building ours. Brick by brick.


“History has its truth, and so has legend. Legendary truth is of another nature than historical truth. Legendary truth is invention whose result is reality. Furthermore, history and legend have the same goal; to depict eternal man beneath momentary man.”


I could come out here and take the same approach as everyone else. Throw hate filled speeches your way but you would just shrug it off. Not allow me to pour gasoline on the flickering flame that still burns inside of your cruel heart. I could take the approach I have taken with others and call you every name I could think of under the sun but would it matter? Would it make you care? This match may not mean anything to you but for someone like me, someone down here in the real world with the rest of the “Slapnuts” it means a whole hell of a lot to us. It means a whole lot to the fans. Maybe I can’t speak for everyone, hell maybe I am wrong but either way it definitely means something to me. Being a part of Pain for Pride in general means something to me and knowing that at the end of the day if I can survive the shit storm that rages once that bell rings and become the 24/7 contract holder…. Well that means something to me.

I’m putting the dramatics on the shelf.

No Thug.

No Human Highlight Reel.

Just the man you see standing before you.

The man better known as Johnny Nova.


This will probably fall on deaf ears. A legend, a hall of famer, and a disappointment to someone who once looked up to you.  I wish for your very best, but I wait not on baited breath that knowing that we probably wont even come close to seeing that in this match. I am going to give it my all, leave every ounce of my being in the center of that ring. I am going to do what I have been trying to do this entire time. Survive…..

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 4:24 pm by Brian Daniels

You left me with only one pathway to take. You set me along a never ending road, while you rotted away. Your corpse slowly decaying as you watched the world burn right in front of you. But I'm the faker? I'm the one who put his raw emotions into this industry. You're the only fraudulent fool that I see around here. You took a nobody, assisted him becoming a somebody, but in the end it was for your own personal gain. I've acknowledge that you're beyond saving. I don't contain anything within me to change your retrospect of this world. I can't do anything, but let these events run their course. I have to let everything occur, otherwise nothing will be settled in the end. I'm not going to linger around and attempt to sway your bold opinions, Robbie. I can't and I won't. I can't seem to get through to you. It's like you had a greater impact on my career, but at the same time you never existed. You came to this world out of greed and will leave it the same way you entered, despicable. I genuinely had thought that I could put my faith in you. I thought that I could count on you as one of the few people that I trusted. I can't even celebrate your name, because there's nothing there to praise. I used to praise you, I used to look up to you, but I'm slowly realizing that bringing you back was one of my greatest mistakes yet. You've done it, Robbie, you've convinced me that you were just a waste of time. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to personally put you back where you came from. I need to do this, for myself, and for your future. I think a few more years sat comatose will do you good.


You know what disheartens me? You're not the Robbie V I knew, I should have never expected that. I can see where the vicious nature of your son came from. I can now look at him, then look back at you, and see a spitting image. I never thought I would ever have to make that comparison in all of my career. I know your bones have grown brittle, your body exhausts quicker than usual, so you can't be equally as malicious. But you make up for that difference by using that malevolence mind of yours. It's like a sponge, everything you bared witness to in your time of unconsciousness it soaked in.  You opened yourself up to a whole new world and it pierced your every thought with poisonous venom. It was like the viper's fangs sinking deep within your mind and yet you've fully decided that you were to pierce my mental barrier with the same venom. You're experimenting with an identical mindset of Ares Vendetta. Do you see how well that worked on him? He enraged a dragon by poking and prodding him. Ares Vendetta had thought that once he brutally beaten me to a pulp, that I wouldn't come back a more dangerous man. I've sidelined by monsters, but they don't realize that a monster returns with vengeance. Do you want to open up that possibility? Do you want me to go into this match with the mindset to kill? I never wanted to have to stoop there, but if I must, I must. I solely sacrificed my career to prove my supremacy over you, but it's becoming much different now. I've willingly thrown everything away, because I personally know that there's nothing else that can satisfy me, and you're making this much more satisfying.


 I don't lie to myself. I don't live this apparent life of hypocrisy that you believe I do. But you? You're a whole different tale to tell. You've survived this entire time by lies. You've lied to me, you've lied to the people that surround you, and most importantly, to yourself. You disgust me. You really disgust me. I thought that I'd provide you with an opportunity to cleanse your soul. If you had anymore of an opportunity to repent, now is the time. But you won't. You enjoy manipulating this cruel world to your own advantage. You've done so much wrong, but is it sad that I can still see the good in you? It's fading away, but it's still there. There's a light shining deep within, but it's almost becoming impossible to reach. I don't even know if there's anything I can do to reach that light. Isn't it ironic? How everything is coming full circle, Robbie. It started with you extending your hand to me, but now I'm extending mine out to you. I still want to save you, but you don't want to be saved. You want to go back to that black abyss. You enjoy not having the light shed upon you. And you know what I've gathered from all of this? You'd much rather be forgotten, because you don't want everyone remembering all the evil you've done. You can deny it. You can claim that no matter what anybody else thinks, they don't matter. But you care still, Robbie. You have proven that. You didn't want me to waste my career on the likes of you and that's where this hateful attitude is originating from. You don't consider yourself worth those stakes, because in your mind, you're worthless.

"I'm not a faker..."

That's why you've gone to these great lengths to warp my reality. You've done your absolute best to convince me of my inferiority to you. I don't need you to tell me otherwise. I lived in the world where I didn't matter without you. I don't need you to tell me the same thing I've heard for my entire tenure here. I'm going to do what I've always done, Robbie, I'm going to prove you and everyone else wrong. I'm going to show while I needed you to get a quick start. I didn't need you to achieve everything else. You always haunted me, but I accepted that. That pushed me to become a better wrestler. It disciplined and punished me when I strayed away from my own path. I don't want this victory, but instead I need it to prove that everything I did wasn't for nothing. I need it to show the world that while even in the end, I'm still one of the greatest alive. It will not be a futile attempt, Robbie, it will be successful. I know that I will succeed where you say I won't. And if I do lose? I will stand up in that ring, look you in the eyes, extend my hand to you, and admit that I always wrong. I will admit that you are better than me. If I can't defeat you, then I never deserved this career in the first place. I didn't deserve all the accolades that I accumulated. It will prove that everything that you've said is true. I can't do that, Robbie, I can't lose to you after eight years. I will conquer this nightmare of defeat. I will rise in victory, no matter what the costs. I will go beyond great lengths to grasp it, and there's no greater length you can go to prevent that.

"I'm Brian Daniels."
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 4:04 pm by showster26
The 24/7 Battle Royal @ Pain For Pride, #6

(The scene opens inside the Roof Nightclub in New York. Between the posh atmosphere, and the over priced drinks, it's easy to see that this particular club caters exclusively to affluent. It's here that we find EAW’s Social Media Champion, “Picture Perfect” Mark Michaels, seated comfortably at the bar, and dressed impeccably in his black virgin Italian wool suite by Hugo Boss, his as he sips his Tom Collins as the camera takes place beside him.  A sigh escapes Michaels’ lips as he swallows down a gulp of his cocktail. A Brief moment later, Michaels sets down his his glass and turns to the camera.)

Michaels: “You know, there's nothing like a well made cocktail after having put a few of these big headed bitches on blast. And after having thoroughly done so today, as well as putting in a hell of a set at the gym, I can take a moment to relax and soak in that Pain For Pride is just about flirty eight hours away. Fourth eight hours till that bell rings and I become the new Mister 24/7. Forty eight hours till I shove the selfies of me holding that contract, right In face of all my haters. Forty eight hours before I stand vindicated and validated as the single greatest professional athlete to ever lace a pair of boots. 

It's been a long time coming to me, all I need to do is wait out those forty eight little hours, and that contract will be as good as mine. 

Now sure, the dumbshit dickheads who are stepping across from me at Pain For Pride are gonna give a bunch of bullshit excuses as to why that's not gonna happen. But the fact of the matter is that there isn't a goddamn thing they could do to stop me.  See when I set my mind to it, you better believe that one way or another, sooner or later, I get exactly what I want. 

Oh it's true Johnny Nova. Judging from that little rant you went on, I think safe to say you're starting to crack under the pressure. Oh yeah, don't feel bad. It tends to happen to a lot of guys like you.  You come in to the company, get thrown to the wolves, and then poof, your gone, never to be seen again.  Now I'm sure you convinced yourself that your this big, had, og mother fucker, who is gonna run roughshod over everybody in the ring. But anyone with half a brain can see that your nothing more than a scared little boy who got tossed into a den filled with hungry lions.  Enjoy your Pain For Pride kid, sign a few autographs, take a few pictures, get wasted at the after party. But don't think for a even a second that you are gonna fare any better than the rest of the deadweight that I'm gonna toss over the top rope. And get any idea you have about winning the whole damn thing, out of your your head right now.  Because when  that bell rings,  it's gonna be all Mark Michaels, from start to finish. 

And Jon McAdams. Seems you can't go a moment without dropping my name. Now my career is far from bullshit. Not to say it hasn't had its share of pain In the ass moments. But on the whole, the future is just as bright as it has always been. And what's better is knowing that I didn't need to pay off some jackass to do my dirty work, so that I could get my first and only title reign on the C plus brand of EAW.  When I win this 24/7 battle royal, and the championship match to follow, there won't be any bullshit to excuses. There won't be some henchman, or an alternative lifestyle partner in my corner, like there was with you.  When my hand is raised it won't be because of the shenanigans or bullshit, like every single one of your victories came about from.  No, When I hold Championship gold around my waist, it will be because I am simply the greatest professional athlete in EAW today. Get ready Johnny, because  all your talk about a sovereign crusade, and a grand design, is about to come to a screeching halt at Pain For Pride. You might be a survivor, but you sure as hell aren't better than perfect. And when I kick both you, and Mike Showman’s, no class having asses all over MetLife Stadium, we’ll see that glass ceiling shatter like your teeth after I hit you with a Screen Cracker. 

Darkane, shut up. Just shut the fuck up. Because there isn't a thing worth a damn that comes out of it anyways.  You don’t respect me, that's fine because I couldn't give two shits what you think. When we step into the ring, it won't be a tweet that sends you right over the top, nope it'll be this size twelve boot kicking you square in the ass!  You want to throw down Darkane, go right on ahead, I'll be only too happy to plant your fucking skull into the canvas. And before you know it, you'll go from staring up at the lights in a daze, to gazing at me in the center of the ring with my hand raised in picture perfect clarity. 

Poor, naïve  , little Haruna. As hard as it was to listen to That broken English of yours, I could just manage to hear something along the lines of you still thinking you have a shot of winning this Battle Royal. Let's see if I can make this simple enough for you to understand stand. You. No. Chance. In. Hell. Win. 

You get what I'm saying sweetheart?  You understand that you are about to step into the ring with the absolute best to ever step into the ring. And right now he's desperate for a win.  I want that contract more than you can realize Haruna. I would hate having to hurt a little thing like yourself, but I'll get over it.  You best just Eliminate yourself, and Azumi while your at it, because I'm coming thru like a fucking hurricane. And you don't want to be caught in my path. 

Teddy Hilfiger, you're still here?  I figured you would have smartened up and called for your chauffeur to get you as far away from here as humanly possible. I guess you're dumber than you look. Oh well, I guess I just have to kick your overprivileged ass up and down the Meadowlands.  Tell me something Teddy, what makes you anymore qualified to win than Johnny Nova, Kaise Boetius, or any of the other newbies in this match?  If the only thing you can come up with is ‘the people daddy pays to kiss my ass told me I'm good.’, than pal you are in for either a really long night, or a really short one. Because you're not out there in a soaring match. There's no kid gloves, or head gear to protect you from getting kicked upside the head. You are a guy who's had everything you've ever gotten handed to you. And you are about to step into the ring with thirty three guys who have had to work themselves to the bones to get here. So what makes you think that they won't each be looking to take out a piece of your rich ass as they ship you back home to papa in a body cast? Teddy, you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, because this is the biggest show of the year, and there is way too much on the line for anybody to take it easy on your silver spoon licking ass!  Teddy of all the guys in this match, you're the one who belongs here the least. Why don't you come back when everything you own, and every dollar to your name, and every bit of fame comes from your own hard work. And not your father’s. 

Oh and what do we have here?  It seems that Irish thorn in my side finally decided to show his ugly fucking face.  You know Tig, as long as I've been here in EAW, you've been the biggest pain in the ass I've ever had to deal with. From my debut match where JJ Silva ran out like a little bitch. To just a few weeks on Dynasty when you cheated me out of a win. It seems like every where I go, every time I turn around, there's Tig Kelly again.  And like always, someway, somehow, you manage to fool the management round here, there you're the better of the two of us.  That's why when I heard the rumors floating around that you were entering this 24/7 Battle Royal, I jumped at the chance to enter it as well. Because  not only do I need that 24/7 contract, I need to beat you. I need to prove to the world exactly what both of already know. That Mark Michaels is, was, and always will be, better than Tig Kelly. 

I need to prove this Tig. I need it worst than a five dollar hooker needs another bottle of Guinness to be able to touch you. I need this because for too long I've been passed over and pushed aside for your Leprechaun ass. You talk about fighting and clawing your way up the undercard, mother fucker your ass has been privileged since Before House Of Glass 2015!  Monroe and his yes men have been bending over backwards to kiss your ass for the longest time. This weekend, I am putting an end to all of that. This is my time. This is my match. You are going to get my absolute best and this time there won't be a question that Between us, in the best.

At Pain For Pride you all are going to get torched in the ring, by the hottest thing to ever hit EAW. Each and every one of you are in for an A-List ass kicking from bell to bell!   I am going to unload two long, excruciating years worth of frustration on each and every one of your asses!  When I'm standing tall in the middle of the ring, I will shatter every doubt, every preconceived notion about Mark Michaels that this company has about me.  I am coming to break thru in the biggest way possible, and with one match, one win, I will etch my name into the EAW history books!  Pain For Pride is where the best of the best become immortals. And there is. It a man alive better than Mark Michaels. 

You all are about to see the absolute best of the  Twitter Trendsetter, the instagram icon, the hashtag hero. The finest from the man whose skills are unparalleled by any other in the entire industry. You are all getting to see first hand what has earned me an army of followers, you are all gonna get to see the single greatest professional wrestler alive today!  And one by one you are all gonna bow down before the undisputed Social Media Champion, and the new mister 24/7. You are all gonna be bested by “Picture Perfect” Mark Michaels. And like it or not all of you are gonna Picture THAT at Pain For Pride!”

(Michaels raised his glass in a mock toast before taking another sip.)

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 3:48 pm by Cameron Ella Ava

Despite being a two-time Vixens Champion, I never considered myself great. As I looked at my fellow Class of 2012, I saw all their accomplishments and contributions. I saw them as former champions, Tournament Winners or a Cash in the Vault winner. I saw what they had to do to get themselves in the Hall of Fame. I saw the blood, sweat and tears they had to go through. They all went into the Hall of Fame at the rightest times. Then, you have me. A former two-time Vixens Champion. Sure, to other women that would have been good enough for them. Getting into the Hall of Fame is something to be honored. Looking back at your Hall of Fame ring on your finger is a symbol of all the trials and contributions that one went through. Still, with my early Hall of Fame induction, I still wanted more. I wasn’t settled with my accomplishments. As I saw Cleopatra dominating the male scene, I knew that I wanted a piece of that. I wanted to feel like I deserved my place in the Hall of Fame. I wanted to feel content about setting a bar that other women would dream of reaching. I wanted to be the Greatest Womens Wrestler of All Time. I wanted to be better than Sabina, Jenny, Kendra or HBG. I wanted to surpass my idols; the ones who I had posters of. The ones that I would mock in the mirror. I didn’t want to be just like them though. I wanted to get better than them. I didn’t want to reach the bar set by these former champions. I wanted to raise my own bar for you women today. Therefore, I call myself the best. Therefore, I consider myself better than you and Cailin. I prided myself as someone who didn’t settle to retire after two Vixens Championship reigns. In my heart, I wanted more gold. I wanted to taste the success that most Elitists would die to get a sample of. Admit it, Aria. You look at me and you hope to at least get an ounce of the success that I could gain. Back then, the Womens Division had so much to offer. In 2017, it’s fantastic that we have a Womens World Championship and Specialists Championship. By the end of the weekend, The Avas would have held EVERY Womens gold that EAW has to offer. That’s an achievement by itself. We could live in a perfect world where The Avas rule Empire. I don’t need to prove that I can compete in a championship caliber, Aria. I compete in a championship caliber every time I step foot into the ring. I compete in a championship caliber in any Division I step foot on. I have competed in a championship caliber ever since I graced the wrestling world. Maybe, it’s you or Cailin that needs to prove to the world that you actually belong in the Womens Division. Maybe, it’s your or Cailin who are insecure by all the comments of you two not being deserving your championship reigns. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m booked for a match. It doesn’t fucking matter if you don’t think that I can compete with the best women on Empire, I am your Womens World Champion. This is a symbol of my excellence. This is a symbol of how much better I am than you. Sure, you can bring up how I got this title on my shoulder. You can be like Cailin and think that I took a coward’s way out, but if you want to know how an Empire Cup works, you might as well ask Cailin because I am fucking done explaining the rules for something that you will never understand. I’m the champion! I am the face of Empire and there’s no a damn thing that you’re going to do about it. I don’t need to throw a bitch fit. I’m not a fucking two-year-old. I don’t need to beg for any attention because I GET attention no matter what. I walk into a room and you cannot help look at me. You cannot deny that I am greatness in a female body. Of course, you’re going to be like other women and try to tear me down. Of course, you’re going to say that I do not belong in this match. I’ve already proven that I belong in EAW a long ass time ago. I have been able to keep up with the new times. You and Cailin just do not want to accept that and I feel bad about that because you two are going to be in for a rude awakening. It’s not me who needs to panic that her title reign is going to be ending. I don’t know how many times I need to tell the two of you women that MY TITLE REIGN IS NOT GOING TO END. Do you need it on writing? Do I need to give you a text message? How about e-mail? You can keep saying that my title reign is going to end, but you’re going to be in for a shock once I leave MetLife Stadium STILL Womens Champion. Your billionth title shot is going to result in another failure. You should consider what’s going to be next for you? Maybe, you’ll go after Consuela with the Specialists Championship. Maybe, you’ll go back to Voltage and keep getting your ass beat more than Sheridan Muller does on Dynasty. There’s are only suggestions, Aria. I’m just helping you try to move forward with your life. I’m trying to look out for you because if I were you, I wouldn’t show my face on Empire again. I bet Stephanie Matsuda, Tarah Nova and Savannah Sunshine would carry your position on the Empire brand quite well. I’m sorry that it had to come to this, Aria. Well, not really. I tried to warn you a year ago. I tried to warn you a couple months ago. If you do not want to listen to me then, it’s your grave. Now, you get to lie on it.

Wow, Cailin! This is such an inspiring story from you. Despite all the shit I told you about never attaining greatness, you sure proved me wrong! You sure proved to be a piece of work! You sure proved your worth when it comes to this match! You won the Specialists Championship in two weeks from Haruna Sakazaki! You defeated Madison Kaline to become Empress of Elite! You dethroned an egotistical champion in Sheridan Muller and became Womens World Champion! I mean, you did all these things and we’re supposed to believe that’s why you’re in this match? Despite the rematch clause, do you think in your heart that you truly belong in this match? You truly think for a second that you might dethrone me and gain your championship back? To be honest, I’ve seen the bets being placed for this match. Apparently, people are looking at you as some sort of underdog. There is no one in this world that thinks that you’re going to leave Pain for Pride as Womens Champion. There is no one who believes in you. I don’t think that you should be concerned too much about it. I mean, being an underdog has its days. There have been moments where being an underdog has benefitted them greatly. It’s nothing bad at all. As I look at the betting, I do agree with them. I agree that you could be the underdog in the match.  You aren’t the favorite. Some people are expecting for me to retain. Most are expecting or Aria to do the unthinkable. Impossible things have happened at Pain for Pride. I am not going to deny that at all. Sure, you could say that betting means nothing. It’s just other people’s opinions! They do not determine the result of the match! Same with the dirt sheets; they think they know everything before it happens. People like to think that this is all predetermined and rigged, but nah, it’s fucking real. Anything can happen. What a Pain for Pride shocker would it be for Cailin Dillon to recapture the title? It would be as shocking as Scott Diamond closing EAW when he won at Pain for Pride. As a champion, you need to be smart. You need to be ready for ANYTHING an opponent throws at you. It doesn’t matter if you fought a harsh match against Alexis Diemos. It doesn’t fucking matter if The Coven beat you up after the match! Hell, even The Pizza Boy had more fight within him than you. It’s kind of pathetic that a woman who called herself a fighting champion at one point was so easy to shut up. I thought you prided yourself of that, Cailin! I thought you would never back down from a challenge. I lowkey hoped that you would have kicked out before the three count. There was a part of me that wanted to see you fight back. I wanted to see the heart in Cailin Dillon that made the EAW Universe fall in love with her. I was disappointed in you. I was disappointed that you didn’t fight hard enough! “But, I fought in a match before-hand! The Coven attacked me after!” You’ll say that since it seems to be the only argument you have, but I have my argument of I can do whatever I want with the Empire Cup. I hope one day that you’ll finally except the way you lost your title. Do you possibly think by regaining the Womens Championship that the events in the past won’t matter to you? I mean, with Season 11 donning close to us, I like to look at this like a clean slate for everyone. Even for you, Cailin! The past will be in the past. Despite your losing efforts at trying to dethrone me, I hope that you’re able to walk into Season 11 of Empire not looking back at the fall out of Season 10. I want you to set your focus on trying to be the best version of you possible. Who knows? Maybe, you can face another Ava in Consuela for her Specialists Championship! I get the feeling that you’ll like her a tad better than me. I just say a tad because you should know how the AVA Family operates. Not the ELLA Ava, but Ava Family and now they operate. It’s just two days now, Cailin. We have a Hall of Fame Ceremony to attend and then, the moment comes where I will defend my Womens Champion in a Match of the Year Worthy performance. When I grab by Womens Match of the Year Award in behalf of us, it will be a constant reminder of me proving the world wrong and being the best on Empire. Call me plastic. Call me a bitch. Call me anything your heart desires, but after Pain for Pride, you’ll still call me Womens Champion!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 3:34 pm by Lethal Consequences
Me again. How we all doing?

Are we still fighting the good fight? I hope you all are. I'm still not going to address any of you. Say my name, maybe then I'll hit up the scribe; we all know I'm only in this for the ego stroke, am I right?

No, I kid. I porobably won't. 

So. What's new? You all still going back and forth individually? 30 odd individuals going back and forth. THAT'S a real war right there! I'm sure every one of you giving it your all will see a reciprocation of your efforts! You know, the gleam in my eye dims every time I hear one of you talking. The cigarette gets lower and lower each time I hear the tone in the voice of another one of you jamokes that are in this Battle Royal speak up. It makes me more and more numb inside. I wish it didn't. I wish it gave me fuel to refute every line that is said. About anyone! I wish I was naive enough to want to talk the ear off of anyone who showed their face, whether they obtained my interest or not. 

I don't. I'm an honest man. I'm no Abe, eh? Elbow nudge, elbow nudge. 

One of these 30 slapnuts will take home a contract, and that's going to be great. Gonna be amazing. Dope match! Great promoing! Everyone really fought their hardest! You're all pulling the strings of what's meant to happen. Bear in mind, these strings are being pulled to maximum efficiency, and depending on who you're talking to that is all it's really supposed to do. Showcase new talent. There's new people. They need to shine. Should we invest time in them and see if they have any interesting stories to tell and motives to follow? Nah...

Let's just put them all in one match. See who talks the loudest.

The strings are not being held by myself, folks, and I'm not attached to the other side of the twine. Haven't been once in my career. Well, once in my career I did hold the string, but I'll let WWEFan stay in the shadows on the table where he belongs. He'll come back and put those glasses on eventually. You're all doing your little best. And you're doing it well. I'd like to say I'm doing a decent job, too. But hey, I like to stroke myself from time to time, who doesn't.  

Honestly I can't wait for Pain For Pride to come sooner. The result of the match? That can't come any faster than it's already dragging on. The pessimist I am, I don't think the odds are ever in my favor, and the line sure got a lot steeper the moment brass sneezed me into this lineup. I'm a poor little story. Just over-the-hill Lethal Consequences over here. 

For a man that is supposed to be washed up and dried on shore, I sure see a lot of you motherfuckers sprinkling my name in your own PFP battles. Keep the subconscious yearning for a solid match with LC inside, not outside. 

There's not even Midsummer Massacre anymore. THAT'S what I'll fucking talk about that will give me fire, jesus fuck. You all don't even realize the type of fuel that that would give me, man. Put me in a match with the brass that took that FPV away and I'll blaze a storm on broadband, man, jeez. I want this little purgatory for me to be over. This is no better than being booked week to week on my show WHERE I AM REINING AND UNDEFEATED, Voltage, with no outlook in sight. I'm still over here wandering like I'm being punished by a white figurehead in the sky and I'm looking for water in the form of a meaningful plot in the desert of EAW. Wrestle for the plot. 

I'm just going to keep on rambling. 

Pain For Pride, Pain For Pride, opponent is of a lower class than me, what they said I not how I see it and this is why, I am obviously more distinguished and different than everyone else and I'll show you why, I'm on a roll and no one else, me me me, you you you, together we can make the overlords pick their winner they had in mind months ago, but show what we are worth to them so that after we lose the match we have a direction in character and enjoy our stories. 

I'm Lethal Consequences and I've already lost the fortitude to keep up with this game. Throw some cards on the table. 

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 3:10 pm by Khamsin

-Khamsin is leaning back on a steel chair backstage, pondering and in deep thought, as Flannery McCoy, walks upto him to ask him about his thoughts on upcoming Pain for Pride.-

Flannery: Khamsin, how do you feel that your first match in EAW is going to be at Pain for Pride? Tell us what is going through your mind!

Khamsin: Hmph! How I feel? Oh that is awfully concerning of you Flannery. So concerning that I am wondering why I am being approached so late. Was my opinion not of urgency? What makes YOU come to me now?

Flannery: Uh, um, we had a busy schedule as you know, so many competitors, and Pain for Pride is just days away, you should know even we at backstage are tired after a long day…

Khamsin: SILENCE! Lets just get to business because quite frankly, I hate wasting time, anyone else’s or mine. So….you wanted to know how I feel about debuting at Pain for Pride? Well firstly, anyone would be dumb to discount the fact that a debut on a grand stage as Pain for Pride’s is…well…isn’t the best thing that can happen to someone to step into EAW. I walked into the company almost a month back, but it seems fate would not allow me to compete against anyone but the very best. And believe me when I say that that battle royal will be a showcase of the very best this place has to offer. And as far as the reward in the end, lets just say I can as good as taste it.

Flannery: 33 others stand in your way of claiming the 24/7 contract, that’s a lot of wrestlers that you’re going up against, even you must agree. What are the odds th..

Khamsin: Never tell me the odds! 33 others stand in my way? Fine, so be it, 33 to take down. You think I don’t know the fact that 33 competitors will be hard? Do you think I’m a fool! But only a fool would worry about the chances. You see, I do not take chances, I just do it. I am confident like that. These people lack something very important. They lack the element of surprise. They never saw me wrestle, they don’t know how or in what manner I will make my presence known in the match. I am the one element of the grand scheme of things they can’t wrap their heads around. These 33 wrestlers will just stroke their own egos, failing to see that the “new” guy is very capable of participating in their little tango, and who knows, maybe….just maybe, the new guy is gonna take that 24/7 contract out of 33 other’s desperate hands.

Flannery: But even then, what is your game plan?

Khamsin: My game plan? Say, Flannery, did someone set you up for this? Who paid ya?

Flannery: Its just a question we are interested in Khamsin, the EAW fans would love to know, a guy who never stepped in the ring and talks big…..should probably have a plan…right?

-Khamsin stares into Flannery in a mixture of disbelief, anger and pity-

Khamsin: Heh. I see. You know, doubt is very contagious disease. Once one person has it, it just spreads and keeps spreading like wildfire. Maybe you or someone else in the back doubts me, and hell, who am I to say you shouldn’t, you’re right Flannery, and telling people that they’re right is something I don’t do often, so consider yourself lucky. But as a man who values tactics over brute strength, not that brute strength isn’t something I prefer….I feel that telling everyone about my “game plan” is just letting everyone see the cards I hold in my hand. I mean, there are so many ways to approach this isn’t it? I beat 33 others one at a time, I team up and use the numbers to my advantage to take down the primary threats, or hell, maybe everyone there will be dumb enough to completely ignore me and just eliminate themselves, leaving me standing the victor. Fact is I can approach this in any damn way I please. I truly am the wildcard of the Battle Royal.

Flannery: Thank you, well that is all we had to….

-Khamsin takes the mic off Flannery’s hands and looks straight at the camera-

Khamsin: You know, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not going in this to be just another spoke in the wheel or just another slice of a pie. This isn’t some chance or luck based match is it? Oh no, I’m being pitted against the best of the best, the whole damn spectrum EAW has to offer. And I’m walking in that not to represent no brand, but for myself. I will walk in there, go through any and all put in my way and take what is truly mine. I said it my first night in EAW, and as much as it pains me to repeat it, I will because I feel that my voice hasn’t been taken to heed yet. I don’t care who you are, where you are and how safe you feel you are, if you’re between me and my goal, I WILL put you down! So yeah, I await the chance, the opportunity and the pleasure to meet my adversaries at Pain for Pride and oh what a sweet day it will be, to see the destruction, carnage as EAW and the rest of the world sees that I….

AM the last man standing!

-Fade to black with a promo of Pain for Pride- 
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 2:39 pm by Judas Lemuel
We can never change what happened in our past.

We choose how to let our past affect our future.

We know. The world knows. They don't need a constant reminder of Cage's failures. But picking fun at a man's mute aspect is childish, he obviously won't respond so you keep poking the bear with the stick because you think this is a game. Dubian, you have no room to talk, you've failed before, hell you were suppose to be the foundation Banks left, they wanted you to be the face of this company, one of the greats and it took you years later to do it but you did it, all that matters is timing and I guess the timing was right for you. The difference between you and Cage is people believed you had it, Cage wasn't believed to have anything, and you come at Cage for failing? You are a hypocrite, Cage isn't quiet because he is ashamed of his failures. If anything Cage has embraced that he has failed and has used it as fuel to intensify an already raging inferno that burns deep inside of him, constantly being reminded of his failures is not your job. Your job is to compete and render Cage more failure, and you can't do it with your skill level so you insist to do it with your words, spoiler alert; Cage does not care about your words, In fact I don't think hes listened to a word anyone has had to say, he's kept to himself only with Pain for Pride on his mind and a historic weekend that is sure to be something he'll never forget and something Dubian you won't forget either. Now I could brag about Cage pinning you but the victory is tainted, but it gives you an excuse because you actually believe you would of beaten Cage had Ares not get involved, Who am I to say it wouldn't have happened? We both cannot tell the future but I digress on the subject of your match with Cage and I say only thing between you and Cage is space and opportunity come Pain for Pride for you to showcase that it was indeed a fluke victory. You intend to prove in this match that Cage doesn't have what it takes to survive here anymore, what does it take to survive in EAW? Bravado? Talking a big game? Because if that's the case then your right Cage doesn't have what it takes to survive in EAW because he checks his ego at the door, and he doesn't need to talk tough on the microphone because he knows when he steps in the ring he's an artist, he paints a picture and expresses himself in the ring. 

Dubian, your team has waved the white flag as soon as Cage joined the fray, look at what has happened Dubian, you are going to be executed on the grand stage, Mike Rush is gone fishing, taken out. Banks is a damaged man who uses his words to hide what we all know and that is he is no match for Cage in a fight, and you. You are the reason this war started, everyone sees this as the bidding of Jaywalker but Cage is on a mission, win the world title no matter which title it is, and your friend got involved prompting Cage to not only want to make him suffer on Dynasty which he did despite the claims that he's injured, when you sign up for a fight you give the impression that your ready to go and that is what HBB did and Cage took him and showed he is an obsolete broken boy.  This talk of inflicting pain is nothing to fear, Cage inflicts pain and as much as he inflicts pain on other men he looks forward to someone enforcing their own brand of pain upon him as well, he's still the same Diamond Cage deep down inside, he loves and gets a sick thrill out of you guys trying to take him out. Cage has become the focus of this match, have you noticed that? If it isn't you Dubian, it's Banks, coming for Cage and his relationship with Jaywalker, or his career failures because that's all anyone can really say about Cage. But it's the same regurgitated shit, but I will say the Cage not having what it takes to survive here is an interesting concept, because I remember a time where you didn't have what it took to survive in EAW so much that you had to reinvent yourself so many times, Cage has reinvented himself and has already ended careers Dubian. Cage doesn't want to be special, Cage doesn't want to hurt you but he has to hurt you because you spoke disrespect on his name, you are disrespecting a man who would of shredded mercy on you but now what is he suppose to do, let you continue to speak your propaganda to the world? I'm sorry Dubian but don't expect Cage to show sympathy over you when he drops you on your head. It is ego that resulted in HBB's unfortunate accident, it is ego that is the reason CM Banks walks around here thinking that at Pain for Pride he is going to walk out of this war unscathed, he might not even walk at all. It is your ego that is the reason why you are no longer a holder of a championship, you were humbled by Ares and Jaywalker and just like a spoiled brat you threw a tantrum and got the rest of your friends to help you fight the adults of this situation. Your word means nothing when grown folks are involved Dubian, Cage doesn't want your sympathy because you and Cage are like, both men, both have bones and both can bleed and both breathe this air in this world so why should Cage need your sympathy? Are you a god? Cage doesn't believe in gods but is something thrown around in this company so much, god is an illusion used for people who need hope, Cage has lived in his own personal hell and yet his personal hell has made him something greater than even I thought he would be, my friend he has become the last real shooter in the world of professional wrestling. What does that mean, Dubian you shoot to say you did it, to brag about it, nobody really shoots to kill anymore and that is what Cage does, the bullets is your mouth, shooting shit that doesn't really strike Cage, but Cage as silent as he is, biding his time waiting for the day the music dies, so he can finally shoot his fatal bullet into your heart. That is the difference between your team and Cage, no towel is being thrown, not white flag is being waved. And Cage isn't trying to be in the good graces of his mentor, Cage has nothing to prove at Pain for Pride but only to show that he is the most dangerous man walking this company, he is the omen of things to come, and he does what he wants when he wants to do it and no man, not even me despite your claims is going to tell Cage what to do and how to think. He's an unpredictable man, but one thing that is for certain is penance will be paid at Pain for Pride and it will be paid on the bodies of CM Banks and Dubian, and if HBB shows up we'll be the hammer to nail home that final nail in his coffin and this time we'll burn it so he doesn't rise again. Prepare to be terminated by the omen of things to come, I send my regards but Cage surely doesn't.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 2:08 pm by Lucas Johnson
Promo #5 - The Press Conference
Location: New York Marriott Marquis 

We see a beautiful view of Times Square on a amazing summer day with the rooftop full of media personnel and a table with a glass of water as Lucas Johnson arrives and media outlets begin to take pictures as he steps up to the table in a suit with the New Breed Championship on his shoulder and placing the championship belt on the tale and sits down in his seat as he grabs a microphone.

Before we start I would like to say a few words. If any of you are expecting me to go on full rage mode like I promised earlier today you are going to be sadly disappointed I just couldn't hold the rage in any longer, I just laid it out all on the table before I got here and now I can answer your stupid questions for the biggest show in our company - Pain for Pride X on the other side of the river in East Rutherford, New Jersey. All I hope is that you guys are more respectful then the Japanese media compared to Reckless Wiring week in Tokyo.


Lucas has a confused look on his face as he hears the mysterious voice from the back of the crowd as you see the crowd of media personnel turn around to see a Japanese corespondent rush to the stage with a microphone with a camera guy...

Japanese Media: MISTER JOHNSON! I am sorry about Reckless Wiring, I out of line and shouldn't have disrespected you. 

"ANOTHER DAMN ASIAN!" Lucas screams in frustration as he gets up from the table and goes up to the reporter and camera man and throw them to the side and have them crashing onto a nearby couch as Lucas goes back to the table and sits down.

Time for some real questions people, it's my time to shine Friday night and I will retain MY New Breed Championship. NEXT!

New York Times Reporter: Good afternoon Mister Johnson, lately you have been claiming that you are the main event talent yet you are on the pre-show can you touch on why you are disgusted with this?

Disgusted? DISGUSTED? IT MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! IF YOU BEEN BUSTING YOUR ASS FOR THE PAST A HUNDRED AND FIVE DAYS AND YET THEY JUST PUSH YOU TO THE SIDE LIKE YOUR A PIECE OF TRASH!?! Of course it makes me sick to my stomach, this entire company can't get over the old toys around here like DEDEDE, Brian Daniels, and even Robbie V. The Final Encounter between Robbie and Daniels being made the main event makes me sick to my stomach, this company should be focused on the future! I AM THE FUTURE OF THIS COMPANY, I AM GOING TO BE THE LAST EVER NEW BREED CHAMPION! ALL THREE CHUMPS ARE IN-DENIAL, THEY REALLY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO BEAT ME? NO WAY! If I am not the main event, Pizzaboy should at least get it because he damn deserves it after winning Grand Rampage.

New Jersey Reporter: Wakefield and Moongoose has scored both singles victories over you in the past, are you scared one of them may do it again on Friday?

Scared? Have you been listening to me this whole week? Wakefield had a fluke victory back in April, and he's not even a hundred percent after I snapped his arm in half. No way he's making it inside Ultimate X a hundred percent and I will make sure I will send him packing to the injured list. Moongoose, I could care less about. Last episode of Dynasty I didn't even try. The quicker I got out of that arena the more I an rest for Ultimate X. Ultimate X I can fall down and break some bones, yes it's possibly dangerous then Hell in a Cell Chris Elite. Let me know when I land an F-5 and break your neck and come back to me. Let me know if that hurts real quick....

Newsday: Season 11 is coming up, are you worried for the draft?

I could care less about the draft because no matter where I end up, I am going to have the biggest contract in history. I am focused on retaining my championship at Pain for Pride.

New York Post: Have you seen Finnagean's kick starter project?

Yes I have it's a little joke, his little fans want to make a name out him and it will soon be crushed. I am here to do one thing people is hurt people and crush there dreams. This Friday night at Pain for Pride these three newbies will learn what it's like to step into my shoes. They will learn what I suffered as a little child and that was a goal I set since Scott Oasis took me under his wing. That goal will never change after the draft, after Pain for Pride 12. This goal will never change get it through your heads. There fifteen minutes of fame will come to an end, I will walk out of Pain for Pride X as NEW BREED CHAMPION! DAY ONE HUNDRED AND SIX IS UPON US!
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 1:48 pm by Empress Madison
Pain for Pride Promo #4

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?


In a distance, I hear the chatter of young girls.  The worst kind of chatter you can possibly hear, because it is just nonsense that will put you to sleep, but luckily is the kind of chatter that I tune out. You see as Stephanie and April go back and forth at each other like high school girls, I have the ability to tune them out because well I am focused on the task at hand, I didn't listen to a single word that Stephanie, April or even Revy had to say for that matter, because it is just words and coming from their mouths, those words have absolutely no meaning. Who are they? They are nothing, they are talent less hacks where if you combine all their accomplishments and accolades into one, I still have still have more. I don't need to stoop to their level, in fact I am not here to even disgust them. I am here to tell everybody a little story, and I will tie it in with Pain for Pride, and I will just show you have big this match means to me. Let me take you back to October of 2014, I was first signed with EAW. What a moment my dream of wrestling for EAW was finally coming true!  I debuted with two other Vixens, Desiree Drake and Laura Amber Williams, now those two were pegged right off the bat as the future of this division, they both had the look, the talent, the independent wrestling fan following they had it all, and then there I was, where I was pegged as eh maybe she will be good comedic relief, maybe she will get a few laughs out of the crowd and nothing more and yeah I had a goofy personality and I was a little naive, but really to be disrespected like that before even making one appearance on EAW TV? How dare they right? But never fear I didn't let that get me down, and I know I have told this story before, but a month later, both of those girls were gone, poof right off EAW TV, and you are probably asking yourself but why? You thought they had all the tools to be major stars here. (Madison smirks)  Sure they were attractive and sure they had talent, but the one thing they were missing was right here (Madison points to her heart). They didn't have any heart for professional wrestling, they didn't think they needed to work hard because of how lucrative their contracts were, little did they know they didn't honor their contracts by not working hard or showing up, and then there was little old Maddie chugging along, getting FPV matches for the Vixens Championship on a monthly basis, the same girl who was deemed an okay wrestler who will get a few laughs out of the crowd with her comedy "character" even though that was my real personality, but everyone expected me to just fizzle out within a year of being here.  But anyway I didn't and here I was as one of the top Vixens in the company, making this company a shit ton of money, I was selling merchandise like it was nobodies business, but did I get credit for it? Was I talked about as much as Tarah Nova or Aria Jaxon? (Madison shakes her head) Nope, and yeah I have a chip on my shoulder and I do hold grudges because it has felt like anything I have ever done in this company just hasn't been good enough, so I snapped at Pain for Pride 8 and I beat the holy hell out of Tarah Nova, and finally people saw me, finally I got the attention of the crowd.  At Pain for Pride 8, I shocked the world.

You would think after that I would finally get shown some respect from my peers, but no.  Yeah I won the Vixens Championship a few months later, but still nothing. I was called a transitional champion and it was nothing special, yeah that's right I remember everything you people have ever said about me, but that's okay everybody has a right to their opinion even if it is dead wrong. I lost the title a few months later, and I have never gotten back to it since. I have been thrown obstacle after obstacle, and jumped every hurdle, only time I have taken off was for a few mental brakes, but do you blame me? I have had to work twice as hard as everyone in the Woman's Division, and I am given little to no credit for what I have done, for revolutionizing woman's wrestling into what is has become today. So you are probably wondering what exactly is my point, well I will tell you, my point is, Pain for Pride X, is the biggest match of my career, bigger than any other match in the sense that it is my whole career in EAW wrapped into one moment, one match, possibly one more opportunity to seize the moment and make it my very own. For far too long now, I have had to take a back seat to the likes of Cailin Dillon and Aria Jaxon, while I sit in the back, in the locker room twiddling my thumbs and acting like everything is okay, and that everything will get better. But I was wrong, everything was not okay, and everything will most certainly not be getting better, that was until I met the love of my life Keelan Cetinich, he helped me see the light, he helped motivate me and ever since then I have had a fire in my eyes that just cannot be taken out. Poor Megan Raine thought she could conquer me, and in essence she had every right to hate me and to try and take me out, I mean I did steal her man after all, i would be pretty pissed too, but the thing about Megan Raine is her arms are just too short to box with the mistress of death. I ended her pathetic relationship and her pathetic little career and nobody even gave a shit about her, she will spend the rest of her life in West Hollywood selling crack to make a living. But anyway I digress the point is, I am more than ready for Pain for Pride, I am ready to show the world that The Mistress of Death is more than just a nickname, I am ready to show everybody who the real main event is around here. But most importantly I am ready to get my career back on the train tracks, and i'm going full speed ahead looking to run everyone over. You think you have seen the best of Madison Kaline? You better stay tuned because you haven't seen anything yet.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 12:13 pm by Bhris Elite
That’s what you guys are doing ever since this match was announced I’ve heard the same thing over and over again for damn near a month now. Finnegan won’t stop bringing up the fact I made that comment about our match being 7-8 minutes or whatever the hell I said. Now that he proved me wrong he defiantly won’t stop bringing it up. We get it Finnegan you defeated me now I’m not going to have an excuse or say something stupid like Lucas did but Jesus Christ we get it you defeated me if I wasn’t as good as I say I am then why would you continue to bring it up? It’s because I am as good as I say I am and you know it and that’s why this win you have over me will be held over my head, you know what won’t be held over my held though? You with the New Breed Championship at Pain for Pride, not that you care though this win you have over me means more to you then the championship. Losing at Pain for Pride won’t hurt you because as long as you have a win over me that’s all that matters, that’s flattering to be honest but it’s sad that after defeating God Given Greatness on Dynasty you can’t go ahead and get a win over him and two other men this weekend.  This “Momentum Boost” is just building up to a loss, you are probably on the highest horse right now after defeating me, you feel like you can’t be and won’t be stopped.  Then BAM! Reality strikes and I’m the one on top with the New Breed Championship then no matter how much you continue to bring it up and hang it over my head suddenly that win you have over me means nothing. When the New Chris Elite made his debut he debuted for a reason, now I know guys like Nico Borg have brought me up this week and said I couldn’t evolve but that’s what I’ve been doing. Evolving, I went from someone like you Finnegan the type to wait in line, the type to wait his turn. Then I began to take, you heard what Lucas said. I took this #1 contender ship and I’m going to take this championship while you continue to wait in line and wait your turn. I am going to continue to take. I’m going to continue to upset guys like you Finnegan. So no I’m not obsessed with you when I asked you to join me, I was actually trying to look out for someone else other than myself and Big Mike for once.  I’m going to continue to be cocky and you can try to downplay that all you want with the one victory you have over me like I said though it’s not going to mean anything and it barley does now it’s just a momentum boost a boost that will be drained as soon as I’m the one getting myself to the middle of that structure.

Lucas please explain what the hell I have to be jealous of? Other than that championship and to be perfectly honest I’m not even jealous over that I’m upset that you have it in the first place. You don’t deserve to be champion and now because of you being one we have to hear day in and day out how you are the best champion in EAW and the best athlete knowing DAMN well you are lying through your teeth. Then you claim that we are jealous when that too is the furthest thing from the truth. Then you put yourself over you came out and said Ultimate X is the most dangerous match in wrestling when we have matches like Hell in A Cell, CITV, EEC and a god damn Glass Wallz match. You just keep adding onto the list of “Dumb things Lucas Johnson said during Pain for Pride Week”.  Like the fact you are going to “Dominate” the match and how you are going to Big Mike and me to sleep. None of what you said is going to happen this week will happen. You are going to prove each and of us right for mocking you this weekend and prove that we had every right to doubt you like we’ve been doing.  I don’t care how angry you get fuck you’re shitty child hood nobody cares about and fuck you’re grandparents who didn’t worry about you. None of those made up stories matter, I don’t care if you come back and tell me that all the sudden both your parents were shot in an alley in front of you and that’s how you became Lucas Johnson. It’s not going to matter to me because those who bullied you in high school, those crappy grandparents and your dead mom and dad or whatever situation you bring up with your parents. Regardless of the situation, regardless of the story you made up Lucas they are going to laugh at you again when you fail at the biggest event in sports entertainment and sports period. Lucas Johnson always was and always will be a failure. I hope you enjoyed life not being a champion because it’s going to be a long one after Pain for Pride. By the way Moongoose I see you bud, we didn’t forget you. We know you are just recording parts and parts to a video waiting to post it. Just trying to find outlandish things to say about how much I suck and all this other bs. Just proving how obsessed you really are and that those fears I mentioned are real. Now excuse me I have a press conference I have to get too.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:37 am by Macho Man Johnny Nova
Are you kidding me, a gun to your head? If that was the case, the mother fucker could have saved the entire EAW a lot of grief by dropping you right then and there. You act like you roamed the streets, embraced them when we both know you were at home listening to Dashboard Confessional and crying about your high school crush banging your best friend you fucking momma’s boy, Eddie Vedder looking wannabe.  I see straight through your façade. I see through the band shirts that wreak of piss and your shit stained jorts. And what I see is a man child who is too fucking dumb to realize that the grunge era died with Kurt Cobain. If you think for a second that I am a wanksta or a wanna be rapper then you higher than them bitches from Wyoming St. in downtown Detroit. Meanwhile my history is littered all over the internet, you see felonies are on public record in case you forgot. I’ve been to the pen in case you’ve forgot. So, take me at my word when I tell you I have no problem turning that ring into a scene out of a Serbian Film. Me and you have taken this thing past this match, beyond the point of looking back and I hope we end up on the same brand after Pain for Pride so we can do the damn dance one on one. We both know that this isn’t a mono a mono situation. The rest of this roster is hoping we tear each other limb for limb so they can eliminate us both easily, Theron is begging for us to take each other out. But I’m going save you for last fam. I hope you can survive that long, I hope it comes down to you and I where we can settle this shit once and for all and you can meet the demon you unleashed up close and personal. Your thoughts on where I come from, who I am, and what I have done have played on repeat this entire time. I get it, the EAW Universe gets it, the fucking janitors at Metlife get it. You don’t like me and I damn sure don’t like you. We can spit at each and throw shade until the cows come fucking home but at the end of the day when that bell rings none of this shit is going to matter. I know that, and you know that.  If we make it to the end of this thing, and that is probably a huge if as many people as we have both pissed off this week then I promise I will give you the absolute fight of your life. The kind of fight you have been craving since you showed up in EAW as the man who basically feeds on pain and punishment. All gimmicks aside, all bullshit aside I promise if we both survive until the end of this match the world will be treated to not what is left of a wrestling match, but a straight up knock down drag out fight between two men who absolutely hate each other. So, I’m going to set this shit aside for now, and focus on surviving. And yes, I realize you are going to come out and say some shit like I will probably be eliminated in 10 seconds, or you are going to dump me over the ropes first thing but we are both too smart for that. We both know that isn’t going to happen. So, focus on surviving, let’s make it to the last 10, the last 5, and then the last 2 and I will give you the ass kicking you so desperately desire. Survive.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:36 am by Cailin Dillon
Pain for Pride #6
Your fire has always burned so brightly, Aria. It’s always been so fiery that people haven’t had a choice but to get behind you. That’s probably why even when they want to hate me so damn much, it’s hard not to get behind me at least a little when I’m on a roll. See, I think people just want to hate me right now because I have been that barrier between you and being the champion. It started at Empress of Elite where I think people were so anxious to see you repeat and make amends for the way it all turned out that first time around. But it didn’t happen. Flash forward a few months later and I’m sitting with the brand new Women’s Championship on my shoulder and watching you fight Sheridan Müller to decide the next contender. I never wanted anything else than what I go, a match with you. That’s always been the competition since Day 1. We were just two bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, sassy bitches looking to walk in here and turn this place on its head from the start. In a way we did. And in a way, we were also turned on our own heads and slapped around a little bit. But every moment we were supposed to fold up our tent, pack our belongings and head back home… something else happened instead. We bucked the system. When the legends felt us creeping in, they always upped the ante. We never belonged here and we were never good. You took it and ran with it and became this world beater. For me, that stuff seeped into my head just enough to develop that chip you like to bring up so much. Every moment since the beginning has been something to learn from. You win, you learn. You lose, you learn even more. You lose big time, you get your ass back up and head to the gym and start training again. We have DNA unlike everyone else here. I was never content to just wait. When someone tells me to wait my turn, I cut that line by fighting my way higher. The line can wait in their spots happily. I’m going to pass them like they’re standing still. That’s never been popular with all of those girls, but if they wanted it as much as I do they’d put in just as much work to make sure they get this same chance. I was never born to be here. I was never born to be a champion. I was told a long time ago that I might never be good enough to make it as a professional wrestler. I’m still told these things today. And every single person who tells me that somehow tries to continue to say it even after I kick their worthless asses all over the mat. But I can’t hold you accountable for any of that, because all you ever do is insist that I belong here and that I’m capable of anything.
With the exception of very few, I’m not sure I can think of a person that holds me in a higher regard than you, Aria. But that’s because you know what happens when we get in the ring together. No matter whether we’ve been friends or enemies or whatever, there’s always been a certain level of magic that occurs. Cameron’s going to read that and burst into laughter. Then she’s going to walk out of New Jersey on Monday still in awe at the match she just took part in. That’s just what we do. For my side of this, I think it’s because of the determination I have to be better than you. Because of what we’ve done together and separately, we’re always going to be thrown into a small window together and compared and contrasted and pulled around until someone’s argument can come to the conclusion of which one of us is truly the best. And even that decision might spurn yet another debate that almost devolves into a fistfight. What will separate us in the end are just a few moments along the way. This is probably one of those moments. I just really think this moment is going my way because you’re catching me at the worst of times. The feeling I have going into this match, the pace of my heartbeat, it’s exactly what I felt when I destroyed Haruna to take the Specialist’s title. It’s what reverberated within me when I beat Eris and HBG. It’s what I felt when I beat Cam before Empress of Elite, the win that gave me the momentum I need to keep on down the road and win the whole damn thing. And it’s what I felt when I flipped out of Sheridan’s signature move and took her down to the mat to become the first Women’s Champion. My hearts been beating wildly for awhile now, waiting for another chance to get in the ring. And Cleopatra played games, keeping me out of the ring as much as possible as she tried to mess with my head. All she did is enrage the beast within me to focus even more energy on this moment. Was I supposed to be here? I honestly don’t know. But I also don’t care to dwell on the past and how this decision was or wasn’t made. I want to be here more than Aria can imagine, even when she’s preaching just how much she wants to be in this match. And my hunger to walk into Pain for Pride and unleash absolute fury on both Cam and Aria is insatiable to the point I would be worried if I were either of them. They should worry what I’m capable of doing to them. They should be worried what I’m willing to do to myself to make sure I’m the one who wins this match. They should be worried about letting their guard down for even a second. The aggression that they’ll see in this match has no compare. What I do will be legendary.

Aria looks at that title and she wants to do all the things I’ve done and more. She wants to hold that title close and defend it like I did. She wants to relax backstage and sleep in as she keeps it in her possession like Cameron has. This is just a different time in this company to call yourself a Vixen. Women who came before us and couldn’t make it to this point, they just never understood how to survive. The fact that all three of us are here not only makes us survivors of this revolution, it means we’re at the tip top of a food chain that everyone wants to be near the top of. You go from woman to woman and you hear them talking about climbing mountains and hills and ladders and you realize that there isn’t a woman in this division right not that doesn’t realistically dream of being in the same spot that we are. They will never stop coming and not a single one of us can ever take a moment off or they will do to so many what Aria and I have already done to the voices from the past. You can go down the list and you’ll find them, and you can even see some from the past still holding on and trying to find that new thing to grab on to that will pull them from the ground back into prominence. Of course every one of us sees ourselves strutting out of New Jersey as the Women’s Champion, but only one of will actually be able to do it. I’ve listened to Aria do her same thing all week, tiptoeing around our bad history and putting it all out there that she thinks this match will come down to me and her in the end. I can’t help but agree, but only because I’ve been in the ring with both my opponents before. I do believe Cameron is capable of anything, but I just can’t deny what I’ve seen this week. Cameron wants this, but maybe not as much as Aria. And surely not as much as me. No one will leave this match in any less of a position than they are right now. No one will be looked at as bad if they don’t win. But one of us will be looked at as a champion and a winner at the biggest Pain for Pride to date. We all have dreams, and only one of those will be realized. We all have wants and needs, and only one of us will leave truly happy. Aria wants me to believe this match belongs to her. For me to accept that belief is to accept the truth that she deserves anything over me. I don’t believe in Aria as my champion, because that’s accepting defeat. I will never accept a defeat. None of her dreams or beliefs can stop me from doing what I set out to do in this match. Not a thing she says or does will stop me from walking down that ramp at Pain for Pride, bucking the trend of tacking a backseat to the fan favorite and walking out of there with the Women’s Champion. Someone out there probably says Aria deserves that. We deserve another first-time champion and it would be really awesome and grand to see her as the next Women’s champ. Well fuck that person. Cailin Dillon is here to be a two-time Women’s Champion. And there’s not a thing you can do to stop me.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 10:30 am by Darkane
Pain for Pride XI

Oh for fuck sake McAdams, like you, like many others in this god forsaken match, trying to get through to you is like shoveling shit against the tide. It feels like it's not even worth it and it isn't, maybe one last kick at the can will do it but I doubt it. So let me slow it down for you in a way that you can comprehend this: A-l-l o-f y-o-u-r p-a-s-t a-c-c-o-m-p-l-i-s-h-m-e-n-t-s a-r-e-n-'-t w-o-r-t-h s-h-i-t i-n t-h-i-s t-y-p-e o-f m-a-t-c-h. Get it? It has nothing to do with credibility, we all have some sort of credibility and certain skills in this match and we're all trying to figure out how to use the best of them to our abilities. Do you honestly think that just because somebody won a title in EAW B.C means that they're going to win this match? Take a look at this match and take a look at everything that has the potential to play a crucial factor. It's so different from any other title match whether it'd be recently or back in years past. This match is far to random, far to unpredictable, far to chaotic for anybody to walk in with a straight face including myself. Have I said I will obliterate the competition, yes, I'm bound to, this match is perfect for me because of the endurance and durability that I have. I will do everything in my power to survive this debacle, but I realize that in order to do that, I have to be methodical in my approach, I have to eliminate the weak links first, I need find out who the elite are in this match, not just the ones who are preconceived favorites, but the ones who will surprise everybody, including myself. I need to use other superstars or as I called them "piranhas", the ones who are naturally aggressive to sick out the big dogs in this match and tear them down to a gushy stump. I don't care what you've done Jon, I don't care where you see me as, I don't care that you've been here longer than me, this isn't a competition on who has been through what the longest. So you can throw it all over the top rope, including yourself. I don't think anybody would shed a tear in your absence. I know I won't.

Yup Johnny, it looks like you finally went off the deep end. What are you trying to pull here? Are you trying to play the role of an overlooked rapper who has got mad skill and can throw down hard beats and rhymes? Let me tell you something: Music is like candy Johnny, you just throw away the wrappers and that's exactly what I'm going to do with you at Pain for Pride when I heave your wack ass over the top rope that of course is once you come busting on in with your boombox plastered to your ear, your tire chains around your neck, your golden teeth spitting verses. All I can do is laugh at this point. I've awakened a thug? Do you know, when living on the streets of New Orleans growing up how many thugs I've had to deal with and easily dispose of? Do you know what it is like to have a gun to your head and all you can do is laugh in their faces and vomit booze on their Adidas shoes? Get the fuck out of here Johnny, I've beaten and clobbered hood rats that are twice the thug you'll ever be. You can't bring that shit into wrestling and expect to go very far, well, actually, maybe far down the unemployment line. So whether you're Johnny Nova, a thug, a rapper, a wanksta, a demon, a corn-rowed turd that has tumbled into the wrong block, it doesn't matter. I'll turn you inside out and reveal to all of the world what you really are and that is filler. Because I know you love that word oh so much. I know you pulled this whole stint to be taken more seriously. I absolutely know it, but the thing is, it backfired and it made everybody take you less seriously than they ever have before which I thought was a complete fucking long shot, but low and behold Johnny. You're full of surprises.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 10:20 am by Mr. DEDEDE
Amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen anyone contradict themselves more than you just did. You call me a disappointment, yet in the same breath list off my credentials and my accolades which would grant anybody else in the history of the world the status of a God. You called Methuselah a facade just a few days ago, yet you now credit Methuselah to all of my success. You still haven't answered my question, you completely ignored it, probably because it's not in the Jacob Senn canon to have to admit to being a contradictory prick - but I'll rephrase the question and give you another chance to prove you have a shred of dignity. Again, if The Gawd is such a disappointment, if I'm doing such a disservice to this company, why the FUCK WOULD YOU INSIST THAT I BE THE ONE TO INDUCT YOU INTO THE HALL OF FAME? By your logic, everything bad you've ever said about me should be applied to your own self. Because honestly, Senn, I agree with you on some level. You and I have faced the same kind of scrutiny for the same reason - the exact same reason: being successful. That's what caught the both of us such scrutiny in our day. That's what's labeled us with stupid monikers like "LOLDDDWINS" and "Super Senn" in some condescending dipshit little ways at marginalizing our success because the little trolls who spout that shit would rather see jobbers who they've followed from nothing-companies who did 18 flips in midair in a fucking outhouse on some lowly produced internet streamed wrestling federation win the World Title in EAW, and they can't stomach the fact that somebody like myself can be so dominant for so long. The cesspool of this society, the gunk beneath society's nutsack, the vocal minority of LOSERS in their mother's basement cause the same fuss any time anyone successful continues to be successful - regardless of the sport. That's because these LOSERS want their underdog stories every year, they want The Pizza Boy's and rookie Cyclone's of the world winning the Grand Rampage every goddamn year, because they're supposedly "in touch" with the fan base - but once you win a world title in this fucking place suddenly it's on to the next guy. Look at the Diamond Cage's and Lucian Black's of the world, the fanfare they got after winning the World Title isn't nearly the same level of fanfare as before. Internet boards, social media and fan pages full of bitching fans crying about how EAW doesn't give certain people a chance and now guys like Mr. DEDEDE and Jacob Senn are always taking up the spotlight. Mr. DEDEDE ALLLLWAYS has to be in the main event! Why? Oh why? Why can't Lucian Black get that rub? And then he becomes an absolute failure of a World Champion and suddenly Jacob Senn is the bad guy for putting Dynasty out of it's misery by having to live under a colossal failure of a World Champion like his predecessor. 

See even I will give you credit when it's due, but now every ounce of credit I can give you goes right out the window. Because when you spew bullshit, Jacob, about how if I defeat you at Pain for Pride it somehow means EAW isn't ready to move on to future generations, as if the company is fixing these fights in my favors, that's when you start to completely lose me. That's when you become EXACTLY what you despise. You become the Super Senna/LOLDDDWins crowd, and I genuinely hate people like you. I despise people like you with every fiber of my being, because you know goddamn well what you're doing is wrong in every way imaginable but when things aren't convenient for Jacob Senn you'd revert to the same ass backwards logic of those who've criticized you your entire career. I genuinely fucking would love to see you hypocrites rounded up someday and have done to you what they did in Auschwitz, because people like you ruin the world. Hypocrites like you make this world a terrible place to live in in all honesty, and I don't give a fuck what level of respect you have for me or don't have for me, I don't give a fuck if that's 50% of EAW's fanbase, hypocrites like you don't deserve shit but death, die.

You disingenuous piece of shit; NOT "IF" - BUT WHEN I defeat you at Pain for Pride, it's not because the company doesn't trust the future generations. It's because I'm the better man, and it's because YOU FAILED the future generations. Not EAW, not me, but you. You had the nerve to exalt yourself on their behalf as the representative of the future and now you're going to carry that weight into Pain for Pride by attempting to take the world from me. If you can't carry that kind of weight on your shoulders, then it means you had no chance at taking my spot to begin with. I bear the weight of the world on my back, and a spineless prick like you would be crushed under it's immense mass. You could never have what I have because you could never handle it, and I have no incentive of handing it to anybody in the first place. It seems to me like you would prefer it if I handed you the win on Saturday, as if I'm obligated to contribute to the future out of the good nature of my heart. I suppose in your world people like me should be dancing for your respect! But please remember Senn that I don't give a fuck about the future, do you understand me? The only future I care about are the future championships I will win, the future accolades I'll earn, the future opponents I'll defeat, and the future of my two children. I don't owe you motherfuckers air to fill your lungs with; you owe me by proxy for being allowed to be here and make the type of money you make thanks to me. That goes for any other legend you have a problem with. I'm not here to cape for CM Banks, if you're so obsessed with him why didn't you challenge him at Pain for Pride or force him to induct you into the Hall of Fame? After all, you seem to have about as little respect for him as you do for me, but you sure can't keep his name out of your dickeating mouth huh? I will say on his behalf that, regardless of how wrong your opinion of him is, it's also not relevant. Nothing you say makes a dent on his legacy, and nothing that you can possibly do at Pain for Pride will put even a scratch on mine. You can continue to talk about how I kiss his ass even though you have 0 evidence to bounce off that, I'm just going to chalk that up as another retcon in Jacob Senn's fantasy fable, because it sure as shit isn't remotely tied to the truth. But more and more I become convinced that you're as envious and insecure as they come. You've done your best to target Hall of Famers and use them as platforms to propel your own agenda, and to a degree it's worked. I can't argue with results. Unfortunately you're not facing part timer Jaywalker, or over-the-hill Lethal Consequences, or your cute little life long rival Zack Crash. You're in the deep water now. You're in the trenches now. The Mariana trench, how's that for some deep water? If you drown against me you may never be found again, and I won't hesitate to hold you underwater.

You said this was your life, so I want you to experience dying. I had a little bit of respect for your passion for this business only because I could relate to it, however I can't say it means anything to me anymore. It's just another plot device, just a character archetype for you, none of it's genuine. If you really gave a fuck about this business like claimed you do, where were you back in 2013 when Scott Diamond had this place under siege and I had to go around begging people to stand up and fight with me to defend this place? You were too busy up Zack Crash's ass minding another mans business because God forbid anyone goes off-script from your "storied" career in the fabled Book of Senn. Don't sit there and try to bullshit me into believing you somehow care more about EAW, when it's obvious if this company died tomorrow you would be in the 2nd biggest place right now saying how much you love that place and how much you "leader" you'd be. Back in 2014 when the entire Board of Directors turned against me and half the company turned against me as Chairman while Zack Crash had everyone played like a fiddle, where was the virtuous Jacob Senn to come save us all? Oh of course! He was too busy barely being an EAW Champion. You are the biggest purveyor of bullshit that I've met in quite some time. You're incredibly gifted in the ring, but you're weak mentally. Mental toughness means just as much, if not more, than physical strength and speed, and you're poorly endowed when it comes to mental strength. You are living on a prayer, Senn. You're relying on a hail mary, because that's the best chance you've got of defeating me. Everything about you is contrived, your career has been nothing more than the story you tell yourself - in your eyes. It's all manufactured, scripted; your story that you bellow on about until you're blue in the face is just a warped take on reality, re-written and revised to your liking. Your whole book is a folktale, you are The Folklore Conqueror. Your entire legacy is an embellishment. I don't regret the way I've treated you over the last several months, because you deserved every bit of it. I knew who you are, I've watched you your whole career, you could never pull a fast one on me as if I'd forget the kind of scum I'm dealing with.

Ultimately, the pressure's all on you because like you said, I'm just an aging shell who deteriorates with time! I've won Elitist of the Year in two different decades, and not even a year ago I came home with my seventh Match of the Year award as well as held my 6th World Championship, but according to the fork tongued Folklore Spewer apparently time is not on my side, and I'm just resting on my laurels and letting nostalgia help me coast by. The world knows you're full of shit. I can almost guarantee betting odds have me as the favorite, which is funny because they always do. Betting against me is the stupidest thing you can do, but you've got no other choice I suppose. You're going to have to charge head first, because that's the only chance you've got. You had better grab that brass ring off it's rung the moment you're within arms reach of it. If you have half a chance you'd better grab it, because words won't even begin to describe the impact of the fall when I bring you down to earth. And I will do everything in my power to bring you crash landing down to earth.

Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:56 am by TLA
The camera cuts to the back office of the Poon Palace where Steroid Dawg is shown sleeping soundly on TLA’s lap. TLA strokes her along her back gently. His stroke game is strong as fuck.
TLA: I can see dem clouds on the horizon. They rollin’ in. They ‘bout to consume all who stand in they way. In just a couple days we all gonna be standing in the middle of that storm. We storm chasing right now, and ain’t nothin’ gonna stop us from catching it. Just like ain’t nothing gonna stop my opponents for Pain for Pride X from catching these fists. Standin’ tall and livin’ strong it’s yo dawg TLA comin’ at all y’all from the Poon Palace. We been gettin’ some high class names up in here. Only the best for them celebrities, but we ain’t discriminate. You want some, come get some. We always gonna provide. The Poon Palace takin’ New Jersey over by storm, and shit ain’t never gonna be the same again. Cuz this TLA, I got many posers but no duplicates. Ain’t nobody else can be La Pantera Sexual. Ain’t nobody else can be Steroid Dawg neither no matter how big Lars Grier and Scott Oasis them triflin’ ass vatos ain’t gonna catch the big dawg.

If you try then you gettin’ these fangs.
TLA: The Dynasty Franchise up in here and I be proud to see all these Dynasty homies showin’ what they do. For the last year I have gone all out and done everything I can to make Dynasty the show that we all know it can be. I been goin’ hard, haulin’ ass like I do and Pain for Pride X ain’t gonna be no different. Errybody in my way gettin’ dropped with the Miami quickness just like that. Cuz I got them mad skillz, got that speed, got that strength, and I be out thinkin’ y’all on every turn. Some of y’all ain’t think that I got the intelligence to pull this off, but imma prove you wrong. I got them street smarts, I ain’t need no fancy ass degree to score this W. This a fight and ain’t nobody more educated in that that yo boi. If I had a degree it would read that I be specializing in fuckin’ y’all up. I fuck y’all up but it ain’t outta hate it outta love. Cuz if you wanna be number one you want to really be number one. You wanna be that number one who ain’t just say I stoles that shit. You wanna be that number who says he earned that shit.
At Pain for Pride X we gonna make the whole world recognize.
TLA: That Franchise rollin’ through with that TLArmy takin’ shit over. I do my shit conquistador style takin’ this shit over. How far am I gonna get before all y’all stop me? We gonna find out. I’m poppin’ molly and poppin’ haters. Jackin’ all that you hold dear and puttin’ it up as mah trophies in that Poon Palace. Ain’t got no shame about it. Cuz I’m alpha like that I be causin’ a shitstorm. Y’all gettin’ caught up in the middle. Lettin’ that wave come rollin’ down onto y’all sweepin’ you up into the sea. Jamie O’Hara be proud. We be wildin’ tho. Cuz we gonna fight underwater if we gotta. Dem gods be proud. Cuz we all ‘bout that sacrifice. We under them lights, they burnin’ bright. We gladiators and them gods be thirstin’ for blood. So we gotta give ‘em a war. We goin’ to war and there will be blood, and there will be pain.
The Hottest Show Out comin’ real quick. Can’t even wait no more gotta get me some.
TLA: Big league. Big time. Big dawgs. Big papi. Imma be ridin’ that storm ridin’ that shit to the top blastin’ on haters. Havin’ a giggle at all the pain y’all takin’. Ride it on up that ladder. Comin’ at y’all with that electricity that these people be generating all week. Beastin’ stronger and feastin’ longer than every before. Y’all heard it all before, but you gonna see just how much we change the game in that ring. Words be words. Actions be actions. Not much shit left to say. TLA’s name be fallin’ off the lips of errybody up in this match. Cuz we been running our mouths so much all week we gettin’ sick and tired of it. We all want some of that action, we want it now. The fuck can’t Pain for Pride X be today? But nah they makin’ us wait. They say the wait is the hardest part, but this wait just gonna make us savor the fuck outta that action. Y’all can stop us for now… but this weekend…
Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop us ever again.
TLA: As for my opponents they gettin’ put on watch. Keelan Cetinich better believe I ain’t just tryin’ to be no self-proclaimed sexy Latino stud. I am a self-proclaimed sexy Latino stud. Just ask yo girl. She gonn’ tell you why she be switchin’ on Dynasty everytime yo boi come on that screen! Maero callin’ yo boi an idiot. He ain’t backin’ that shit up tho. Nah he ain’t exposed shit. I got them brains up in my head. Passin’ all these tests. Got that intelligence and that instinct, no matter what Lars Grier be sayin’. Maero sayin’ I be gettin’ handed all this shit, nah dawg I worked my ass off for everything I got. I qualified for this shit just like you, I earned everything I got. Fuck saying you suck tho. I ain’t gonna tolerate none of that low self-esteem shit up in my ring. This Pain for Pride X, y’all better show some fucking pride or else.
I will use pain to beat some into you holmes.
TLA: As far as Lars Grier he can fuck off with he shit sayin’ I ain’t got no survival instinct. He don’t know me. Just like the homies callin’ me an idiota he ain’t got shit to back it up. He throwin’ out insults emptier than this glass after I done drank all the drank outta it. Bitches best refill that real quick. Sayin’ I ain’t got no drive, I ain’t got no survival instinct. Homie all I been doin’ is drivin’ and survivin’. I been drivin’ these lowriders ‘round the world and I been survivin’ since day one. Y’all say I ain’t got what it takes to survive cuz I came up a lil short against Jamie O’Hara. I’d like to see you try ese. Once you go toe to toe with Jamie O’Hara and come out on top, then you can say shit to me. Only after, not before. Same with the Grand Rampage. Y’all sayin’ I ain’t got what it takes to survive cuz I got tossed out on my ass by The Pizza Boy. All that means to me is that on that night, Pizza Boy proved he got what it takes to survive more than yo boi did. If he wanna run he mouth then he got some cred there. As for you, if I got no survival instinct cuz The Pizza Boy tossed me on out then what does that say about you?
Cuz The Pizza Boy tossed yo ass out of that ring long before he got to me.
TLA: If I ain’t no animal then why do the feds keep treatin’ me like one tho? I ain’t never gonna understand that shit. But survival is one thing that I do understand. Cuz despite all that loss, despite people sayin’ that I had my shot and should move aside, I still be here. I still be standing. I still be goin’ strong. I still be surviving. Y’all think that I won’t do everything that it takes to score a victory. You gonna be in for a surprise. We all want to win. We all want to be number one. We will all do what it takes. Whatever it takes. Despite the respect shown. The respect we all hold for each other, that all goin’ out the window in a couple days. We gonna take cheap shots. We gonna spit on each other. We gonna slap each other. We gonna kick each other in the cojones. It ain’t gonna be pretty. It ain’t gonna be respectful. It’s gonna be all about survival in a storm that ain’t want us to survive.
It’s gonna be all about that W.

Steroid Dawg yawns opening her massive jaws showing off them sharp teeth. TLA keeps up with his stroke game rubbing Steroid Dawg hard behind her ears as she leans into it gettin’ some of that good shit.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:19 am by Devan Dubian
The reign of the land will belong to those who truly deserve it.

And it did not have to be this way but once you started the battle, I decided it was time to end the war in a magisterial fashion.

When you last long enough in this company, you come to realize that the impossible is the norm. When they say you are not exceptional enough to stand out and do anything alarm in this company, you jump over a few ladders and prove them wrong. When they resort to pretext and try to justify it with the fact that you are not cut out for the big time, you keep on winning championships and prove them wrong. And when you return in a dominating trend taking out every probable contender in the way, they maintain bullshit like you will never headline Pain for Pride and win a World Championship so you go out there and knock off the arses of two of your closest mates winning your first ever World Champion in the process. And you do not stop there, you go on to headline the next Pain for Pride too being the first ever elitist to do that and then win the Hall of Fame championship not once but twice a few months later. Through all that, you arrive at the fact that some people are just set on seeing you go down because any other result would be an admittance of a miscalculation and ultimately a hit to their pride. These are the same people who are also set on this fabricated dogma of the glory of 'originals' that they tend to oversight the fact that among the few stories of success, there were also some very pitiful cases of non-performers that would be humbled beyond their greatest extent in today's world. They like to rewrite history to glorify the few at the extent of many because anything otherwise would be impairing the idea that there was always the greats pitted against each other with constant match of the years. Being present in this company for almost seven years now, I could also easily admit myself to all this fabricated dogma of the 'glory' days but the matter of fact is, they were not. There were just more bashful loudmouths back in the day stringent on their fixated goals but other than that, they were not all so different from today's coup of performers. Let us get back to the reality of today. 

All these ideas are present in the lot of few in this company but one man above all others who hold these ideas dear to them is Jaywalker: a man with a cane who persists himself with the highest of orders. And why should he not? He is on top of the food chain with his own dynasty to boot. The only thing is that even with all that power and nobility, the only person that really cares for all those intangibles is him and only himself. Before I came along, it was a noted fact that Jaywalker was a deity among man in the riches of this world and he would use them to all his benefit of glorifying his name. And once that privilege become negated, he started to rely more on the idea of 'old is gold' to construct his legacy in more ways than one. It must be noted that behind every remarkable story, there is a contingency in the timeline somewhere making it happen. I can admit that my amazing run a few years back to the world championship at Pain for Pride was a benefaction of the fact some competitors fell out of the race. But for you Jaywalker, this luck thing has not been something that has just happened once but multiple times in your career. Your stats sheet looks so impressive but if you take the value of constructing your own legacy out of it, then you fall flat multiples times over compared to some of the legends in this company. And then when it came to facing me in a match, you ironically resorted to generic bullshit to call me out for being a generic pick of the lottery. It is because you have wanted me at the bottom of the shovel my whole career and seeing me so far above drove you mad, a labeled under-card holding the very championship that you introduced into this company! And so you went and burned it live. What amuses me is the fact that you thought it would trigger me somehow and catch me off-guard when all it has done is provoke a stronger incentive to pair up with some of the strongest to have ever step afoot in this company and put you in a cage of irrelevancy ever. A permanent exit would be too sweet a victory for you, a higher degree of burn would be imposing a situation in where you are recognized for any of your efforts in this company. And day by day, that imminent moment comes closer for you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it now.

Furthermore, it is curious that we have been odds for almost two years now without a resolution, Ares Vendetta. This deep animosity that burns between us seems to run off the basis of nothing but hatred of each other and the amusing thing is that I am completely fine with that. It puts me at peace to see you down battered for good and if this weekend provides me another opportunity to do that to you then I would love nothing more. If it was down time you needed after the big year you had then you could have certainly went after any other victim in this company but you decided to buckle on the few lot who will not only give you more than you can handle but at the same time, also prove how much opportunity played a part in your victory in the headliner at Pain for Pride last year. All those mammoth qualities you pride yourself on will have no effect on the eyes of experience that have seen and competed with everything to ever step in this company. The thing about being fresh blood is that after a while, there is not much you can introduce to your arsenal that already is not common knowledge to an experienced opponent. You have caught me off guard far too often due to the circumstances placed around us but there is not a looming gold championship around either of our shoulders this around, you and your partner made sure of that. And so I have no higher entity to worry about this time, the only thing on my mind is how far I can bend and twist it to make sure you feel the excruciating pain of every mischievous thing you have pulled over the past few years. I have no residing sympathy whatsoever for you at this point but try to remember that you wrote your own fate the day you decided to come after me, luscious retribution comes within its own time. And as for you Cage, if I have not already given you enough to mark your absence from the match this weekend then I figure you are dead set on going through with this in your mind. And that is the funny thing with your mind, it likes to play all kinds of games with you. It leads you to believe that distorted loyalty will create some kind of closer ties to your mentor even though you are so clearly walking into an ambush. For all I care, you could degrade yourself to your own grave but similar to Ares, I do not tend to feel sympathetic for those who are not deserving to it. Shitty things have happened to you in your life and you endured through them all to get to where you are today, only if you realized how conventional that was among the elitist in today's world because you are not special at all. And if you think that participating in this match is going to help you out whatsoever then you are dead wrong. It is only going to create the opposite effect and put the final nail on your career once and for all. Perhaps there is a reason after all for you to be participating in this match Cage, it can be your final proof that you just do not have what it takes to survive here anymore. When it all crumbles down for the triple lot of you, I will laugh knowing that this could have been all avoided if it weren't your pretentious egos. It is truly amusing to the end. 

But here we are at the end of war with you holding the white flags and us enjoying the all the galore and joys of winning the war. We have come so far just for this, we have no other option but to score now.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:12 am by Stark
There are really only two ways you can consider the nature of the universe, of our existence, and of reality in general. One - and I don’t agree with this one but it’s still important to consider - is that we are the products of intelligent design. Our creation is facilitated and directed through the by an incomprehensible power from an entity too advanced for our minds to comprehend. But what fun is that? The way I like to see things is that we’re just here as the bullshit result of entropy. That in an infinite universe, we are a molecularly miniscule fraction of all that exists. We are not the primary reason for this universe’s existence, in fact, we’re just an irrelevant by-product of it. It’s easy, in our chimpanzee brains that really haven’t evolved much further than the basic needs of selfish survival and greed, to think that we have any sort of pre-destined direction in life. It’s scary to accept that there’s no guiding hand, no higher power looking after us; our prayers and screams for hope and release fly up into the sky falling on ears that don’t exist; so really Rex, having any notion of belief in destiny is just an indicator of the futile desire for divine intervention in our lives. Why should I have worked my ass off, fighting on past the lowest, darkest points in my life to get back to the EAW and make it to Pain for fucking Pride TEN, competing for the National Elite Championship, if it was merely my destiny to do so? Why didn’t I just sit and wait around for that strap to fall in my lap? I understand that this isn’t exactly what you meant by destiny, but you can’t selectively choose the meaning of your words - and what I’m interpreting from you is that you’re reaching out at this concept of destiny and predispositions to justify taking leaps of faith into the dark unknown, with some absurd belief that you’ll fall into the hands that wrote your destiny and be carried back to the path you were meant to be on. I don’t believe in any of that shit.

I’ll tell you exactly how we see it Rex, because if know that what my own eyes see and my own mind believes aren’t enough to define my reality, then nothing is. The way I see it Rex, this ultimately worthless and meaningless existence is ALL we have. Through all of the misery, through all of the sadness, through all of the darkness and melancholy, we still live, reluctantly, woefully, but we live. Every day we write our own story, seeking the redemption that will validate and give us a better high than any drug on this planet can… the feeling of vindication. Every ounce of bad just builds up, rolling like Whitney’s Miltank into an avalanche that can only break apart into the storm of happiness and relief. We go through the bad to appreciate the good; and I have learned that all the darkness in my life was merely a precursor for the light, and no day will shine brighter than on Pain for Pride, when I finally step into the ring and compete for my most coveted prize, the difference is that this time, I’m more ready than I ever was, and EVERYBODY knows it. You want to know if I’m going to take a leap of faith? I didn’t need to Rex. I know exactly where I’m headed, and the road there was so familiar I could have done it with my eyes fucking closed. I don’t enjoy being arrogant but this is a point you need to understand. How long has Chris Elite been in this company? Lars Grier? Ryan Marx? Darkane? These are all men who were climbing up the ranks on Showdown, all men who could have faced you at Pain for Pride. Then I came back. I came back and the first thing I got was doubt, resentment even, for having the audacity to rear my head here again after leaving two years in a row. That doubt quickly turned to interest after our first encounter actually, and since then it was all uphill. I did initially struggle and had the occasional hiccup, but after some crucial wins over Darkane and Chris Elite, the next thing I knew, I was number one contender.

There’s a reason I’m facing you at Pain for Pride and not anybody else, Rex, and when you acknowledge that as fact, when you realize that this title difference will be the most unique encounter you’ll ever have in your career, when you RECOGNIZE me for what I can do in the ring and not who I am outside of it, then you’ll shed your veneer of condescending superiority. If you think I’m not different than every other man who stepped up to you with their swords held high screaming that they are the Kingslayer, the destroyer of empires, then you need to do some thinking and come to realize who exactly I am. You wanna know what it is Rex? You want to know what makes this such a crucial, career-defining match for both of us? We’re facing each other Rex. Despite all of the clashes in beliefs and differences in ideas, we’re not that much different. What differentiates your background from mine? What makes what you did in over the course of a year, with the only thing in your life dragging you down being your own insecurity, more impressive or valid than what took me years to get to despite facing some of the deadliest demons of my own mind? YOU don’t know what adversary is, Rex. You don’t know what it means like to fight through and lift yourself up despite the heaviest anchor of your mental turmoil weighing you down day in and day out! You don’t know what it’s like to see your own blood turn to dust in front of your eyes, and still try to get your ass out here week after week. You want adversary Rex? You want to experience just a FRACTION of what I went through? You want to feel the same loss? The same hopelessness? The same depravity? I’ll give you ALL of that and then some too when you step into that ring with me and finally learn that for you, I am nobody to talk down to, nobody to disrespect, because whether or not you want to admit it, Rex, at the end of the day; we stand head-to-head looking into each other’s eyes as EQUALS.

You seem to have some major misconceptions about me, and despite our array of similarities, I can see why you’d aim for my faults, when the biggest thing you want to deny is that we are more alike than you’d like. Face it Rex. We’re both the sympathetic underdog success story, we’re both the guys who were predicted to fail, predicted to peak at the first title we won. We believe in integrity, in honor, and in earning your keep. I don’t take handouts, neither do you. If you didn’t truly earn something, there’s no accomplishment in it, and that’s the feeling men like us chase, Rex. The materialistic pleasures of merely the crisp black leather and translucent gold aren’t enough to satisfy our soul. It isn’t just about winning the championships, it’s about HOW we win them; it is the journey that makes us feel human, the destination merely validates the fruits of the journey. Your misconstruing of my praises for you have no ulterior motive to them. It isn’t me trying to lower your guard or gain a psychological advantage over you, it isn’t me satisfying formalities, nor is it me looking up to you from my cardboard box kicked away on the side of the street. What’s the matter, Rex? Too insecure to take genuine admiration? Too dumb to understand that the challenger, more than anything, respects the championship, and to a lesser extent through association, the challenger? Really Rex, all it is, is this; you are THE most ideal champion I could beat for that championship, and if you aren’t every bit the man that I can see you to be, then you wouldn’t be champion in the first place. I don’t want to keep repeating myself, but you’ve MADE that championship. You made that title go from being the step before the standard bar, to being the standard itself. That is my payoff Rex. Not just being champion, but being THE champion. Winning the belt is just the first the step in establishing myself as that kind of next level talent, but it's the biggest and most important step for me to take right now, and what better time could there be than Pain for Pride. You've earned your spot at the top Rex, you've laid your claim on your name being in the conversation for the greatest rising stars in history, but I'll warn you; don't get complacent in your throne at the top, because while you are at your peak, all you need is just a tip in your chair that just goes a little bit too far, and the only the thing that can happen next is you tumbling down the mountain you built yourself, while a new king usurps your crown.

You can talk as much as you want about how you’re a real fighter who will go through anything, putting your cliched blood, sweat, and tears in a dignified spot as if that’s supposed to mean anything. That’s nothing to be proud of Rex. I’m pretty sure that’s the wrestling equivalent of being a “nice guy”, because when you have nothing to build your identity and sense of self around, you fall back on the expected bare minimum. Wow, you’ve worked hard to get here?! What a special fucking case Rex - EVERYONE has worked their ass off to get here. EVERYONE faced upward resistance the whole time. EVERYONE has shed blood, sweat, and tears to reach EAW. You’re not the only one, so why bring it up? You want more universal constants among wrestlers? We, uh, oh yeah! We all breathe fucking air too! We all eat food! Is that really all you have to offer me Rex? You’re a hard worker? An unrelentless fighter? Dedicated, unwavering, and focused? Those are ALL words I’ve heard over and over again about myself too Rex, which really does only serve to prove my point that we’re very, very similar. The universe knows Rex McAllister to be the hardworking fighter because that’s ALL you are Rex, nothing more. You’re VERY good at what you do, hell I wouldn’t even be ashamed to admit that you are in fact the better man after Pain for Pride if you walk out with that title… but this is ELITE Answers Wrestling right? Everyone here competes at that top level Rex. Everybody here is a world-class talent, everybody here has gone through hell and back to be here; why do you think wrestling has such a high turnover rate? How many of these new guys here last longer than a week? Everybody who’s here, everybody who’s stuck it out for nearly a decade - myself included - know the grind like the back of our hands. What you’ve built your identity around in the EAW, Rex, I’ve been doing for a fucking DECADE. TEN years I’ve spent in this industry Rex, and I’ve see a thousand men who come out here just like you do and tout themselves as the “hardest worker out there”, but look past that and there’s nothing of substance, is there?

But I’m not here to break down who you are. Clearly, it’s working for you, and you’re a phenomenal wrestler nonetheless, but getting hit in the face with “I work so hard! You don’t know what it’s like to work as hard as me!” for the hundredth time in my career, by the man who’s supposed to be the standard bearer for me to test my own merit on at the biggest fucking show in wrestling history is a little confusing. And Rex, if you really want to downplay what I’ve accomplished here in EAW, let me just say this; I haven’t even been here for a collective year yet. So technically speaking, if I win the National Elite Championship at Pain for Pride, I WILL have gotten to the level you’re at now faster than you even did. Now what does that say hmm? I faced worse adversary outside of the ring than you have in it, yet I’ve come back from that TWICE, to the National Elite Championship both times. It’s easier to just look at me in a vacuum and deem me a failure, has-been, dead-on-arrival type of guy, but look at the big picture Rex, and you’ll see that your conceptions about me are incorrect. I did have a rough couple of months. 2016 is a year I’d very much like to forget, but at the same time, it took that failure to make realize what I had to do to get back to this point. And even for the people who still doubt me, who still view me as nothing more than a shooting star that went too fast for his own good and crashed in burn in spectacular fashion… Pain for Pride X is where I get the chance shut all those doubters up for good.

I’m not looking for a mere ‘payoff’, Rex. This is about so much more than just proving myself as a worthy wrestler. This is about establishing my legacy, this is about making sure that the name STARK is one to remember. This is about vindicating my soul - this goes so much deeper for me than you’ll ever understand. This is about my value as a person, this is about validating that what I’ve just spent an entire DECADE of my life doing was worth it, despite all of the downfalls I’ve encountered. Pain for Pride X isn’t just another checkpoint on my journey Rex, it’s the DESTINATION. It’s the end of a decade long journey as merely a wrestler, and the first step in getting to that next level. I’m not looking for any advantages heading into Pain for Pride, Rex. I don’t want a hollow or tainted victory. I don’t want you at anything other than your best, because if I can’t beat that, then I don’t deserve to be champion. It’s easy to see in a vacuum that I’ve not really progressed much since our first encounter; but you only see me for what, 20 minutes a night? Sometimes even less? There’s still another 23 and a half hours in the day Rex, and when you add that up to the months that I’ve been back now, there’s a lot of me you’re missing out on… So keep your assumptions to yourself. It’s easy to trivialize me down to just a sympathetic case for the fans to rally behind, a lost and broken man who just barely made it back against all odds and blah, blah, blah. That only serves to help you avoid the truth about what I really am Rex. I’m not some scrappy underdog anymore - I am the fucking number one contender, and I think you need to realize what that means. I’m not like the men who were handed title shots against you like Lars or Darkane. I’ve EARNED this title shot and I’ve EARNED my spot at Pain for Pride X. I fought and put everybody down, and at risk of sounding vain, it was easy. But I know that facing you at PFPX will be anything but easy, yet you give off the vibe that you’re underestimating me, which you can go ahead and do for all I fucking care, because if you think you’ve seen anywhere near my best yet, you’re in for the biggest fucking surprise of your life at Pain for Pride.

Yeah, I sure am gonna drop some nice crisp acid this week buddy but that’s for me to worry about, not you. I don’t know if I RIGHTFULLY deserve to starve or not but that’s a point I’ll entertain. I can see why you resent me Rex. There you were last year, the young chipper hitting too hard above his own weight, struggling to survive in this cruel world of wrestling, before finally coming into your own and evolving into the man you are today. You put in more than a year's worth of brutal effort and finally achieve the NEC, and as soon as you get it, guess who decides to come back to town again. I’m sure after you beat me on my second week back, you were sure that you wouldn’t have to deal with me for a long, long time, but… Here I am. You’re right. Let’s lose all the pretenses. It isn’t really about how either of us got here anymore. It’s about the fact that we ARE here. It’s funny that you’re already condemning me for not proving myself. Have I had the chance to? I’ve already made the most of every opportunity I’ve been given, I’ve made the most out of every match I’m booked in, and I’ve established my name as one to respect; and whether you like it or not you can’t deny that I’ve built up quite the reputation as a solid worker in the company. Yeah, maybe I’m a little loopy, I say a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense but if you had the creativity to put the pieces together you’ll see there is some beauty and coherence behind the madness. I don’t believe in purpose the way you do. Motivation is self-defined and is also victim to extraneous circumstance. The National Elite Championship is all I see, and my main purpose is yet to be defined, because the purpose for THIS journey is about to be realized at Pain for Pride. It’s funny that you bring up the concept of destiny again to predicate that I’m not the one destined to halt your momentum in your tracks… I don’t believe in destiny Rex. And I sure as fuck don’t believe that YOU are the one man that’s too good for me to defeat. I’m coming in with just as much momentum as you are Rex, and the way I see it, this match is gonna get called straight down the middle, and the winner will be the man who capitalizes on a mere sliver of a chance to take the win, the title, validate their work, and establish their legacy.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 7:19 am by J-Dynasty 2?
I recognize you as a god huh? I guess that wouldn’t be too off base, for what is a god other than a being that gains authority and respect from the weak minded without any evidence and acts to merit such a position? I do not see Zeus, but I should be under the impression he can launch and grab lightning at will. I know of a certain god who leaves behind scriptures to be read through his disciples, yet said words are so varied multiple warring religions can fight centuries between each other, and apparently god’s word is so weightless that these religions can be reformed at any moment man decides god’s teachings are too troublesome, and religions that do not reform are considered barbaric as if that would not mean god itself must be something of dark ilk if his ways have reformation. Much in the same light, Drastik I have yet to witness what qualities you hold that makes you a worthy champion, the ways you simultaneously claim how you’ve changed for the better while holding your history in absolute sanctity amuse me. If you’re as good as you say, why do you sulk around half the time? Why are you always so desperate to reclaim your image in this company failure after failure of living up to the hype? Only someone heralded like a God could exist with such cons: Contraband and contradiction, a championship where it does not belong and a holier than thou depressed degenerate. These people do not want to apply critical thought to your championship reign, they wish to defy their king, I say let their folly play out. Let them hit their knees in prayer, let them replace amen with sail, I will teach them what occurs when they count on a god.

You do not get away with taking your opponents lightly, lest we forget Oni pinned you and your embarrassments are legion, rather it’s more like you pay for your misdeeds, and then everyone acts surprised like they don’t know what to expect the next time you come running around for another chance. And you’re not that much of a drawing superpower all wish to see and find interesting, you yourself said nobody watches Voltage, and yet you have been the premier player for all these months. Tell me, aside from this rivalry between you and I, when was the last time you were involved in a feud that moved the people or something anyone would remember? Perhaps a Robbie V or Captain Charisma were your last true enemies within this company? Fossil tale of legends that existed long before most of us got to EAW, so much so I have my doubts such things even existed, but am fully prepared to mock that it’s been so long. I walk across the hall, and then there’s ten thousand people who have been focused on me to the point that it can be argued for feuds of the year and people who chase me down for months. You may have a great ability of manipulating your way to the top and have the skill to pull something off in a one off match for gold, but you never do anything memorable or get yourself in any type of feud, match, champion, of the year, or in even any serious consideration for them. Face it Drastik, the only time anyone cared about you in the last six years was the moment I pinned your ass at King of Elite, and they only care about you now because I decided to come all the way to the struggling Voltage brand(your words) and elevated it to be the face on one of the two Pain for Pride posters, don’t think for one second that’d occur if not for me!

You couldn’t be anymore wrong about my focus, right now I’m not playing any games or falling back to any old habits like when I’m fucking around. There are no girls. There are no songs. There’s only the mission, and that mission will be completed once I become world champion by any means required to do so at Pain for Pride. Drastik, I don’t think your mistakes were made on the King of Elite week, I think they were made on every other day of your life, and at KOE you happened to get beat by a better man. See Drastik, you’ve never understood real desire and the seeking of what is yours. Not truly. There’s a world of difference between a man who is out to complete his life’s diligently made work and some kid who tries to ace the exam after slacking off the entire semester, you and I have always been two completely different animals. And come Pain for Pride, you’ll see just how dangerous that completing beast can be.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 5:09 am by Keelan
I am just going to cut right to the chase here.
We’ve reached the point of this week where we’re all beginning to die down a little bit. The verbal war has been hard-fought by all of us, and individually we’ve all taken, and given, some pretty tough punches. We’ve all chew each other out, and we’re all exhausted from this experience. Each of us know the risks of Cash in the Vault, do we not? I mean, we all know what we signed up for right? In the end will any of these words mean anything to any of you when this weekend is all said and done? Probably not. The losers may wallow in their sorrows for a bit, while the winner will be moving onto bigger and better things. It still baffles me to have heard what Maero said the other day; that his sole focus is to try and rip all of us apart rather than having the chance to change his career. He’s putting winning this entire match on the back-burner for his own personal and psychotic motives. He’s stopped giving a shit about it altogether, just so he can tell all of his opponents that he plans on cutting us all up into flesh. Great. But even with this said, he is still an obstacle in my way. Scott Oasis, despite him being quiet most of this week, is still an obstacle. A BIG obstacle, actually. Lars, despite his thick head and the fact that he just cannot keep his story straight, is still an obstacle. You’ve been caught Lars, there’s no point trying to keep denying it. TLA despite his mind being mostly on being a self-proclaimed sexy, latino stud, Nico despite his mind being mostly focused on telling all of us that he’s a religious man. He’s almost as bad as vegans, honestly. But regardless, they’re all roadblocks on my path towards what I am craving for. But here’s the thing about hindrances for Keelan Cetinich. I don’t try to go around them, I don’t try to go under them or over them, I don’t freeze in my tracks and back away. No, I go straight through them to get to whatever lies within my wildest dreams! My goals, my aspirations! If I want to be Mr. CITV, it has to be my number one priority to defeat four of the hungriest young up-and-comers in EAW, and one EAW Legend and soon-to-be Hall of Famer. If I want to reach the potential that everyone knows I have within me that I just haven’t gotten to yet, then I must win this match! If I want to become known with proof that I can be a top guy for the greatest wrestling promotion in the whole world, then I must win this match! My career has been long, and it has been storied and perhaps even inspiring, but it’s not over. Not yet. Not by a long shot. I said at the beginning of this week that I have reached the peak of my career, and this is where I begin to transform into something very fearful for all of my competitors. Scott Oasis mentioned that back when him and myself were wrestling in the underground back in the indie days that I would run through my opponents like they were nothing, and if I had kept at it then I would have been a top main eventer known worldwide, winning championships everywhere. This is the kind of potential I’m talking about now, and I’ve only just realised it recently. All of this is beginning to link up, because my peak IS to be just that! That top guy, that main eventer that everybody will fear. The one wrestler that will have his opponents shaking in their boots, nervous to face me. They’ll try to study me but I will be way too unpredictable for their personal strategies. I hate to say that my career is coming full circle but, … my career is coming full circle!
I know exactly what I am capable of achieving. I know exactly the level of potential I need to reach. I just need to hit that ring this weekend and prove it to everybody. I’m already a star, but I’m just not quite shining bright enough for the world to see me yet. That briefcase is going to be the stepping stone towards my undeniable future here in EAW. I can see it within my sights, and it looks oh so beautiful. Lars and Maero they can call me idiotic or call me an asshole all they want, but even they cannot deny my capabilities. But maybe I am an asshole. Hell maybe I even am an idiot as well. I just try to be real with everybody and I’m sorry if that comes off to you in a different manner but frankly I just do not care how my opponents feel about me, and them saying how they feel isn’t getting to me. I’m not 12. And yeah sure, my rookie year here in EAW has had a lot of ups and downs, but it’s ridiculous that my opposition has only focused on the downs. The pros I’ve had have been far more impressive than the cons that I’ve faced. I retired the leader of the most fearful stable in EAW history in Kenny Drake, I have a pretty impressive win/loss record, in just six short weeks since my debut I became the number one contender to the Hardcore Championship, showing the entire world that this guy - a man who spent four years in retirement - can still come back to the sport and put on impressive matches and achieve even more impressive results. And no I didn’t win the Hardcore Title nor did I win the EAW Title, but things take time. I haven’t even reached a full year in this company yet, and look at where I’m at. All of you continue to discuss me because deep down you all know. You ALL know. Facts are facts, you can’t try to turn them into obscurities. That’s what one would do when they know they have nothing better to say. I mean I challenge you all once again to bring me your best shot. Go ahead and attempt to tell everybody something they don’t know about me. We’re still two days from Pain For Pride X, so do your best, but it’ll just make all of you look rather desperate.
This is self-confidence, because I believe in myself. I love myself. I love my job, I love that I can go to the ring each and every single night and give it my all to amazing fans from across the world. No other lifestyle is like this, and I wouldn’t want to have my life any other way right now. I am very blessed that I am even here today. Here in this position, in this company, in this match … hell, even on this earth. This is why I have an entire fanbase behind me every time I step out from behind that curtain on Voltage every Sunday night, and at house shows every week. People love me because they can relate to me. I want to make these fans believe in themselves just as much as I believe in myself, and for that reason is why they cheer for me when my music hits. It’s why the chant my name throughout commercial breaks, or even during other matches. This is a melodrama, and this is why people tune in. People love turning on the television and seeing characters grow, struggle and succeed. I’ve had fans that have watched me grow as a wrestler, struggle as a human … but now it’s time for them to see me succeed as both. In two days, my time will come. I believe it in my heart. If this is the last time you all hear from me, then I will see you this weekend. To my opponents, bring everything you have, because it’s time to steal the show.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 4:43 am by Aria Jaxon

Aww, c’mon. Don’t get soft on me now, Cameron.

You know what’s hilarious about so much of what you said? You’re the one who usually talks about how she’s in a league all of her own, the one who’s constantly looking for reasons why she’s separate from the competition. You insist that you’re on a different level than Cailin and I, which isn’t true in the slightest. You seem to be confusing having a fuller trophy case with being inherently better. For two women who haven’t quite crept on two years in our main roster tenures, she and I have managed to do quite a lot in this window of time we’ve been given. We’ve seized opportunities in a way that I don’t think any women before us have -- even you. I mean, think about it. You were a two-time Vixens Champion, right? That title was the sole accomplishment afforded exclusively to women in this company until 2015. During your previous tenure in the division, pretty much any woman that managed to get a hold of that title was all you needed to do to be considered "great", at least by the standards of that time. If being a two-time Vixens Champion back in the day was enough to warrant you feeling like the division wouldn’t be shit without you, then the accolades Cailin and I have to our name would mean we’re on track to have careers just as eventful or more eventful than yours, right? Especially given that we’ve got more titles to be contested and the level of competition is leagues above where it used to be. You know that. Don’t lie to me and tell me it hasn’t taken more out of you to survive on Empire in 2017 than it did for you to run shoulder-to-shoulder with your old running buddies in an underpopulated division five years ago. I don’t think you’d ever cop to that. The reason the likes of you and Cleo were coasting to year-long title reigns is that the competition was slim, and you’re using that to turn your nose up at the women of the present-day? I don’t think you’d ever concede to this idea that Cameron Ella Ava’s superiority over all of us is just that -- an idea. It’s like you expect to be worshiped just for sticking around. You act like it’s a badge of honor to be the last woman standing from a previous generation when all of your contemporaries fell off or jumped ship. The spotlight not being on you isn’t really something you cope with very well, I’ve noticed. You CRAVE being mentioned in a completely different breath than any other woman on Empire, for better or for worse. And now, you’re throwing an epic fucking hissy fit because you’re -- get this! -- being looked at as something of an outsider or independent entity in this match. I’d say I was surprised, but given how your petty ass mean girl drivel never makes sense, this is just par for the course. This is the exact shit I’ve come to expect from you. You’re being placed in a box, yes, but not for the reasons you expected. Probably not for the reasons you’d prefer, either. You’re not being mentioned in passing in these discussions between Cailin and I out of jealousy or fear or whatever bullshit reasons you’ve concocted in your head. This might come as a surprise to you, but we’re not pulling shit outta thin air. Like I told you the last time I spoke, your Women’s Championship reign hasn’t been one characterized by dominance or displays of power. You haven’t been going out to that ring week after week and showing that you’ve re-upped your game to a championship caliber. If anything, you’d think getting your tenure as champion started off by picking your spot rather than winning a legitimate hard-fought match would make you feel like there was more pressure on you to show out as champion, but nah. You’re either competing in throwaway matches, losing matches, or sitting at home in LA filming vignettes and not competing at all.

That’s why Cailin and I say it’ll largely be up to us who wins this match.

She said herself that she doesn’t think you’re untalented or anything, and neither do I. It’s got nothing to do with thinking you’re just flat-out terrible. With us, there’s no complacency. All this shit you say you possess -- the experience, the will to win, all of that -- it’s easy to fall out of practice with that. Really, none of that means anything if you can’t mold it and adapt to the situation. Whatever confidence you felt facing La Diva won’t help you here. That desire we talk about? The fire under our asses? That hunger twisting in the pit of our stomachs? There’s no way you could possibly feel that right now, not with how complacent you’ve been. I get you saying that you’re not nervous going into Pain for Pride; that’s a cocktail of experience and ill-advised numbness talking. You’ve SEEN how badly Cailin and I want the Women’s Championship. You’ve witnessed firsthand the fact that we’re not afraid to get in your face and debunk every hollow ass claim of superiority that falls from your collagen-injected lips. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how many times Cailin and I knock you flat on your ass or how many times we’ve proven you wrong. You’re so immersed in your own delusions that you’re ignoring all the signs that your title reign is dangerously close to ending. Nobody’s telling you to leave or fall by the wayside. I’m just saying you can’t keep copying and pasting the same shtick and the same way of viewing your opponents week after week and thinking it’ll never catch up with you. Well, it HAS caught up with you more than once, and lately, when that does happen, it’s got something to do with me. Funny how that works, isn’t it? This blow I deal to you when I walk out of MetLife Stadium holding the Women’s Championship won’t even be the dose of reality that shakes you awake and shows you that I’m every bit as good as I’ve always said that I was. I’m not here to change your mind. I’m just here to win, and you’re a fool if you think for a second that I can’t manage that.

Calling yourself a trendsetter sort of loses a little bit of its weight in this scenario when you neglect to mention that trends change often. You helped to lay a foundation, there’s no doubt about that. But if women like me were content with your vision of what this division was supposed to be, that title hanging on your shoulder wouldn’t even exist. If were just mindlessly followed the “trend” that you’re so proud of originating, things would be much different now. You wouldn’t be basking in the glow of a women’s division that’s ascended to heights no one ever dreamed possible. Maybe you wouldn’t have come back to the division at all. Like it or not, the baton has been passed to the likes of me -- and I’ve sprinted further ahead than you ever would’ve guessed that I could. I’m sure you cleared a lane for someone, Cameron, but not me. You never could’ve paved the way for someone like me because you never anticipated that someone like me would ever show up. You can’t plan for what you were dumb enough not to anticipate in the first place -- and that’s why you’d kill to have never had me in the title picture in the first place. Don’t give me that “one less woman to worry about” shit as the reason why you were hoping to walk away victorious at Grand Rampage. I’m not just a woman to worry about, I’m THE woman to worry about. You’ll be reacquainted with that reality soon. Trends circle in and out of style, Cameron. Unlike your tired ideas, I’m not a fad. I’m not doomed to fade anytime soon. And I’ll burn brighter than ever when the Women’s Championship is around my waist.

You’re right, Cailin. You can pinpoint any time in the last two years, chart my course from then to now, and it wouldn’t matter. I’d have to admit that I felt like I had changed immensely from then to now. I like to think that it’s been for the better. And to think, Cameron’s called me evil for it. She thinks I’ve turned to the dark side because I’m not cowering in the face of her bullshit. You know as well as I do that I’d have been eaten alive if I was still the same wide-eyed, altruistic girl I was when I first showed up on the scene. That was somebody who’d been doing this since she was sixteen and didn’t really know much about the world outside of a twenty-by-twenty square. I came in here wanting to take over the world with a little bit of sass and a bunch of big dreams. Needless to say, it wasn’t a perfect formula for success, and I’ve had to learn that the hard way. I’ve been hardened as time went on. When it comes to a lot of that, you can relate, even if I don’t think you were cursed with the same blind optimism or bounciness that I was. It’s weird. Years from now, when we’ve hung up our boots and called it a career, people will naturally think the high points made us what they were. They’ll say that the victories and the moments in the sun were what molded us more than anything else. But given what we’ve had to contend with, we’ll know better. Most of what we know about ourselves comes from how deep we’ve had to dig to bounce back from losses or how hard we’ve had to fight when things got hard. That girl two years ago hadn't gone through any of what I can look back on now. Nights like Pain for Pride Nine weren’t memories yet. But I NEEDED shit like that, as insane as it sounds. I don’t think that girl would’ve been able to contend with both you and Cameron this weekend. She wouldn’t even begin to comprehend how much it would take out of her just to stand in the ring with both of you, let alone the hell she’d have to go through to win. A lot has changed in the last couple of years, but the changes never really stop, do they? Even if you only wanna look back at King of Elite and recount all of the events, it’s dawned on me that I’d have to change. I know you’re not the same as you were in January, either. That can’t all be chalked up to the simple and very obvious difference of you not being champion anymore. Cailin Dillon evolves in between every outing. From one match to the next, things are tweaked ever so slightly, but the same is true of me. Nevermind Cameron, feeling like I can one-up you in particular isn’t as simple as being able to beat you now just because I’ve beaten you before. This match is a whole different situation than anything you and I have ever contended with before now. And I know you’ll conduct yourself accordingly. So, given that I know this, given that I KNOW that I’m facing you at your absolute toughest, how could you think there’s a chance in hell that I would coast? I’m not in the business of writing my opponents off and setting myself up to get my ass beat because of it. That’s Cameron’s scene. I keep changing. I keep getting better. I keep letting the gravity of this whole situation weigh heavy on me. I have complete faith in those changes. That’s how I know I’ll always be able to contend with you, Cailin, and this time will be no different. All of these outside factors that you keep talking about aren’t gonna help me. Believe me, I’m not leaning heavily on any of them. People see me as the hero in this match? Not at all surprising, but okay. You’re not hesitating to crush my dreams under the sole of your boot to win back the title you originated? I hear you loud and clear. A match like this every time Pain for Pride rolls around is basically a guarantee for me because this is “my spot”? Fantastic. If I try and get by on any of those things alone, you know what happens? You beat me. Believe me, I’m not coasting. You’re right, the past alone doesn’t dictate the outcome of this match. If that was the case, we’d all have a 33.3% chance of winning, and this shit would be a toss-up. I’m not really comfortable with those odds. That’s why I have to take the outcome of this match into my hands, with little regard for who’s beaten who in the past. Ms. Fan Favorite sees all of this shit crystal clear, and that’s the reason she can see her future as Women’s Champion coming into focus.

They say you want what you don’t have. When I look at the Women’s Championship, Cailin, I see the chance to do things you and Cameron have already done. Before the Hall of Fame title was burned into a pile of ashes, Cameron had long since cemented herself as the first two-time champion, a record that Devan couldn’t tie until virtually the end. She’d already gotten the seven-month Vixens title reign. You became the defining Specialists Champion. You became the inaugural, and as of now, longest-reigning, Women’s Champion. Me? Proud as I am to have been Vixens Champion, I feel the way that you felt when you lost the Women’s Championship; I felt like there was more that I was supposed to do. I wasn’t anywhere close to ready to part with it. Everything else can fall by the wayside for a second. If I could single out all of the missteps in my career, that’s the one I wish I could go back and change the most. Nevermind the failed Hardcore Championship bid or the Tag Team Grand Prix Finals. The things I do in this division will always be what’s most important to me. I can’t go back in time and change anything that’s happened. I can’t fix last Pain for Pride, and I definitely can’t go back and find a way to keep Cloud or The OGs from running down any aisles. The fact that I tried to take the Women’s Championship from you doesn’t mean I didn’t know what it meant to you. Knowing what it meant to you then and knowing what it means to you now means that I also know exactly how much it would hurt you not to win here. It wouldn’t be so bad that you couldn’t pick yourself up though, ‘cause hey, there’s never a time when Cailin Dillon stays down for the count. But I’d be an idiot not to finish what I started months ago with this title. I got another chance, one that never felt completely guaranteed no matter how much you’ll say otherwise. I know how much pride you took in being Women’s Champion, and how you had all these hopes of doing all these incredible things as champion. I have no doubt that there will be a point in the future when all of that will come to pass. But right now? There’s nobody I’d rather see with the Women’s Championship than me. I could be selfish or sane for that, depending on who you ask. I want all of these setbacks to mean something. It’d be a pretty shitty feeling to have had to deal with all of this and then fumble my chance to make it all worth it at the one-yard line. With you as champion, yeah, I’d know the title was in good hands. I’d know it was around the waist of somebody who’d defend it like their left depended on it. Again, I’d know how happy it’d make you to be champion in the first place...but that wouldn’t do shit for me. That wouldn’t dull the sting of me coming up short again. It wouldn’t do anything to stem the frustration I’d feel knowing the inevitable had been pushed back again. We’re still standing at this intersection where your idea of how this match will end and mine are meeting. Between the two, you don’t have to guess which one is my priority. Yeah, you’re right, I’m driving this point home. I don’t expect you to just accept it. You don’t have to. I don’t expect you to. But that doesn’t change anything that I’m about to do. The story of Cailin Dillon is one that highlights your ability to pull opportunities out of thin air. More often than not, you take what you want, but you won’t take this from me. This match belongs to me. After the hell that we all put each other through, after the fanfare subsides, and after the final bell sounds, I’ll have the Women’s Championship in my grasp. 
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PFP Promo 4: Fire
“Here we go again.” Maero’s voice is heard as he walks toward a large dilapidated house. “Another yelling match. Who can make their point the loudest? Who can scream until the other is forced to listen.” He knocks on the broken door. “We just keep saying the same things.” A man in a black tank top and backward cap answers the door. “So, let’s say something new.” Maero puts one of his hands over the man’s mouth and guts him with the other one. He muffles the sounds of the man falling. “Trust me, I’ve got some shit to say.” Maero draws his guns and walks into the house. As he passes through the doorway the scene jumps to Oz sitting at a table in the woods with shuffling playing cards.
“You didn’t really think I’d miss fire, did you?” Oz stretches and chuckles. “It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken.” He yawns. “Sounds like Tin Man’s got his hands full, five men at once in the biggest show of the year, yeesh. That’s enough to make anyone anxious. I mean, he’s fighting a porn star, some dude giving him career advice, the most religious man to ever walk the earth, one of the strongest men in EAW, and an idiot. Sounds hectic, so, let’s get down to business.” Oz tosses his deck onto the table and kicks his feet up.
“Let’s just get Lars out of the way. First off, you said the Raven was perfect last time you spoke, then claimed to never have said anything of the sort. Do you listen when you speak? When the words come out of your mouth do they skip your brain and your ears? You keep saying Tin Man has no idea what he’s talking about, but you keep calling him Victor. See, it’s forgivable to call him Victor Maero, I get that. But Victor is so out of left field. Speaking of the weird stuff you say, you’re upgraded. I think we all see what you mean. You lost your fruit snacks one time and now you have a deep brooding past. Do you know who else has had a dark past? Everyone in EAW. Besides, your upgrade didn’t do a great job if you don’t know what freaking name to use when talking about Tin Man. Look around Lars, you’re out skilled and outmatched. The good news is, you’ll finally have something of interest in your dark past.” Oz stands up and grabs his deck of cards. He flips it over and spreads it on the table. He picks out the red joker, a skull with a red snake winding its way through the eyes, and holds it up. “Now, don’t talk to me or my son ever again. There,” Oz says shuffling the Joker back into the deck.
“We can talk about fun stuff now.” Oz rubs his hands together. “Keelan Cetinich.”
The words are mouthed by Oz but Maero’s voice comes out. Static shifts the scene back to Maero in the dilapidated house, this time he’s in the living room. Blood stains the walls and floor, Maero’s gun is a few bullets lighter and his scalpel a few shades redder. He lowers his weapon, following the example of the limp body in front of him and turns to the room were grunts and muffled screams are coming from. “You’re right, it is time for something new. Let’s move on from me breaking your bones, hmm?” Maero attempts to pull the door open to no avail. He rolls his eyes and kicks the door in. Muffled screams fill the room as splinters hit the wall. Three girls are huddled together in a corner of the room, tied up and gagged. Maero slowly walks toward them.
“I haven’t been listening. I haven’t wanted to listen. I’ve been giving in to the EAW way, put your fingers in your ears and sing “la, la, la.” I’ve ignored so much and just cherry-picked what I wanted to hear. So let’s talk about your main points. You had me beat during our match to get into this match. You daaaaaaaamn right. You beat my ass pretty well, but I did hold my own if you remember. In fact, I stopped you getting in the ring by grabbing your leg. That’s all it took to stop you. Clearly, we were both pretty knackered. Let’s go to the next one, I’m a bit scared. Okay, cool, you listened to that part.  And of course, I’m scared of this match. Six men surrounded by nothing but the means inflict maximum damage to each other, sure I’m fucking scared. See, fear is an emotion, a raw, powerful emotion. But we can’t have courage if we aren’t scared first. This fear isn’t something that’s going to fester and destroy me. On the contrary, that kind of raw emotion is what drives me. This fear won’t break me, in fact, in the words of the great visionary Ronald McDonald, I’m lovin’ it. They don’t sponsor me, I just wish they would. Fun fact, if you say the full “I am loving it” it’s an anagram of ailing vomit. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba, ailing vomit. I think that’s a way better catchphrase, to be honest.” Maero stops talking to think for a moment before remembering the three girls in front of him. “Oh, right. Sorry.” He pulls their gags down.
“I have so many questions.” One of the girls says, her makeup dripping down her face. “But thank you.” Maero cuts their bindings a map before sitting down on the bed and looking at his blood stained scalpel.
“Anyway, Keelan. I admitted I don’t think I’m going to get the CITV, that’s really neat. Tell you what, I’ve stopped giving a shit. I plan to cut some people up and give it my all, but if I don’t get it then fuck it. I’m going to go primal, I’m going to bite, leap, and stab. I’d love to end up on top of a ladder, I’d love to take the Cash in the Vault, but my first priority is busting you open. I like to savor the moments where I enjoy myself the most. Leaping off of ladders on downed opponents, slicing into five other men’s flesh? Sounds like my kind of night. I’m mad about some shit, so I’m excited to be able to get all of that out of my body. What better way to do that than a huge ladder match in the biggest show in the entirety of EAW? For clarity's sake, I will talk about what’s bugging me, but I have to get some other stuff out of the way first.” Maero stands up and grabs the sheet off the bed. He drags it with him as he walks into the main room. He takes a deep breath walks over to what used to be a beige reclining chair, but now has a red stain running all the way down it. He removes its original occupant and takes a seat.
“You’re an asshole, Keelan. Just like everyone else. But that’s all you have to be in EAW. You’re rewarded for screaming the loudest, for never maturing enough to actually listen and think about your response. The first words to come out of your mouth will win you a belt. You don’t need a brain to be a fan favorite here. You can just spew nonsense, but if you scream it loud enough and drown out your opponent everyone loves it. You’re perfect for that, Keelan. You just drown everyone out. They say healthy body, healthy mind, but while your body is made of steel your mind is made of glass. See through, predictable, but when it does make noise it ruins your fucking day.” Maero sinks further into his chair. “Dude, I think I might keep this chair. It’s really comfy. Some bleach should get this out.” He runs his hand down the blood stain. “Or I’ll see how many goats I can find. It’ll look fine. Anyway,” Maero turns and leans back into the chair.
“Let’s move on to… Nico Borg. Speaking of, I said I won the Twenty Four Seven Scramble. That’s complete bs, I won the Top Prospect battle royal. I got sent through two ladders during the Twenty Four Seven, so my memories a little hazy. Funny, me, a top prospect. Anyway, Nico.” Maero sits forward and claps once. When he does a flash of light moves the scene back to Oz who’s slowly pacing around his table.
“Gosh dang, my dude. You really like Jesus. Are you subscribed to Chick Tract? Ooooooohhhh, the dangers of role-playing. Truly, Dungeons and Dragons is a gateway to Hell. Twenty sided dice? That’s exactly how many phalanges the Devil has! And also how many nipples Hitler had if you multiplied them by ten. Unless your God is more of the Norse type where they just go to war all the time. I don’t exactly know what you’re worshiping, but I hope you’re not eating its flesh every Sunday. Remember that time your God turned a woman into a pillar of sand because she had the audacity to look back at the city where her children were burning to death? What righteousness! You really do serve a benevolent God. Sorry, we’ve moved on from that one, haven’t we? How about this: What makes you think you deserve God's love? Why would any of us deserve it? If God is real then we need to find ourselves before he can guide us. If you claim enlightenment then help those in need. If you claim to be a conduit of God then help save others. If you claim to draw power from God or to do God’s work, then show the world love. I might not know your God, but I know humans don’t deserve a God, loving or otherwise, until we can love each other. You won’t find answers in God until you’ve found who you are. In conclusion, SCIENCE!” Oz pulls a lighter from his pocket and flicks it on. He looks at it for a moment, entranced by its movement.
“You know, some would say fire’s alive. It breathes, it eats, and it moves to consume more. By definition it’d be alive, right? Well, it doesn’t have cells or a nervous system. You know what does? Jellyfish, but they don’t really think. They just move around and annoy things by stinging them. Would you say they’re alive? Because they’re just there, existing. You know what else does that? TLA. What a segue! Since we’re talking about TLA,” Oz tosses his lighter onto the table. The fire quickly spreads to cover the entire table. The fire rises slowly.
“Blaze it.” Maero watches his own lighter’s fire flicker in the night air. He stops the flow of gas and watches it fizzle out. He takes a deep, sullen breath and turns back to the broken house.“I actually have nothing against TLA, he’s just one of the people standing in my way at the moment. But there’s some other stuff I’d like to talk about. If there’s one thing EAW loves its an idiot with a big mouth. As long as your basic and strong, nothing else seems to matter. These people are given everything on a silver platter behind a single challenge and they speak of being discriminated against. I’ve trekked through metaphorical dungeons filled with poison, rats, and hate just to be fucking noticed. What did that get me? A shitty title reign. I’ve been thrown into matches with champions just because they like to see me squirm. All of that and I still suck, I’m still the faceless, nameless warrior thrown into this match as a placeholder. No more. I won’t be suffocated by doubt any longer. I won’t let the world squeeze who I am out and leave me as a generic husk of who I am. I won’t turn into the generic asshole that EAW seems to so love, I’ll remain Maero no matter what. I’ll charge forward into this match afraid but undaunted. If I lose I lose with honor, I lose knowing I didn’t compromise who I am and I didn’t give up. If I die, if I feel that icy grip once again, I’ll use my last breath, my last shred of strength, to smile. Because I’ll know I never backed down. Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but my point stands. I’ll be a freak till the end. But no matter what happens...” Maero tosses his lighter into the building and watches the flames begin the climb into the night. “The cockroaches will feast.” Maero chuckles as he begins to walk into the night. The smell of cooking flesh and burning wood fills the night air. Everything fades to black.

“Shit, I left my chair in there.”
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 2:21 am by April Song
Pain for Pride #3
Survival of the Fittest
New York, New York
Waldorf Astoria Hotel
(April Song’s preparation for Pain for Pride had been going smoothly enough that the professional had decided to lay down for a mid-day nap inside the comfortable and luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel. The hotel room had been paid for by her still to be named benefactor, a welcome measure to The Professional seeing as she didn’t have to pay any extra money. As she appears to be lost in blissful sleep, her body starts to twist and shift on the bed as she relives some of her most vivid military memories.)
(Air Force Survival Training. Date unknown. Location unknown. Sometime after dawn.)
Being a cadet sucked ass. It really did. One of the worst parts of it was survival training if I’m being honest, at least for me. For someone used to being pampered a little bit, it was a jarring experience, even after the first year or so of training at the Academy. ESET, they called it. Expeditionary, Survival, and Evasion training. One of the many rigorous exercises was spending 48 hours in the woods attempting to evade capture by some of the older cadets who were acting as an enemy force. No food. No water. Just a knife, a map, a compass and some information that the cadets would “torture” you for if caught. Having not slept in a day and being totally fucking exhausted just trying to keep from being caught by my annoying, higher-ranking cadet brethren was taking its toll. I could start a small fire and eat an unappetizing breakfast of berries and earthworms, but that was about the extent of what I could do. I had a few miles to go yet to get to my “base” and pass the exam that way, but I knew that with the movement and chatter getting closer, I probably wouldn’t make it. Before I could think of any other options, they arrived. The smoke gave away my position rather clearly, but I didn’t care. I was ready to leave that hellhole of a forest, take a hot bath and pack my bags to go home. The first few guys who tried to take me I could deal with easily enough. We could defend ourselves in hand to hand combat, but never with intent to injure…for obvious reasons. It was a training exercise after all. I was tired, especially after fending off a few bigger, stronger guys. The last guy caught me from behind and body slammed me on the grass right onto my ribcage. Fucking OUCH. Suddenly it was like one of those police officer dashcam videos or something you see on cops, a herd of them scrambling over me, putting my hands behind my back, yelling at me to not resist, all that bullshit.

So, I was captured. I probably won’t get high marks on that part of the exam I guess, fuck it. I’m blindfolded and carried to what I could only assume was some makeshift interrogation room. I was really struggling to stay awake at this point but I knew that there was another chance to pass. I did okay enough on the Expeditionary but flat out failed the evasion aspects. If I could survive and maybe even “escape”, then I would be made.


Great. Some dumbfuck wanted to sound like Mary Poppins while I had a throbbing headache. Well, I had been instructed to be polite to those who captured me and cooperate without giving away too much vital information.


“So…. I was wondering what information you could give me about movements of your team and all.”

“I was wondering when I could take a bath and get something to eat…and if you could kiss my ass.”

Big mistake. As far as I know, the regulations said that if during an interrogation simulation the interrogator chooses to use open palm strikes to non-vital areas, it’s perfectly fine. I got clocked nastily upside the head for my smart mouth.

“Let’s try this again….”

“I am Cadet April Jay Song, ID Number….453….”

Another slap. What the hell for?! I was being nice this time. Mary Poppins was a little too gung-ho for my taste, but she didn’t question me anymore. I had the blindfold finally taken off, Thank God, and could eventually find a way out of that stupid maze during another simulation where they were doing a base raid. It was sloppy, but I got a barely passing grade for my performance. The instructors were pleased enough with my performance in terms of not giving up information and my hand to hand skills were praised highly…. but I was told that my survival skills in the wilderness had to improve. I had to learn to adapt more to my surroundings. Forests, mountains, swamps, cities, villages…they’re all vastly different places but one thing is for certain, weak people don’t tend to survive in any of them long…especially during war.

I went into the exercises perfectly calm and overly confident and was exposed. But I learned from my mistakes. As I got further along in the academy, I took a very impassioned approach to survival training, so much so that I almost wound up teaching various things at the academy before being called upon to be a pilot and part-time combat instructor. A mentor once called me one of the most pig-headed morons he had ever come across…but double tough when I had to be. I don’t really consider myself tough at all though…just adaptable. I do what I must do to survive. It’s a little weird but thinking about that journey from half-witted cadet who nearly failed to a combat veteran is something that can prepare me for something that’s relatively trivial in terms of pro wrestling but that’s where I am. Improvise, adapt, overcome.
(After April awakens from her nap, the rounds start to pick up. Media outlets are all swarming the NYC and East Rutherford areas and EAW personalities are in high demand. While feeling more of an urge to train and mentally prepare for her match, April allows herself a moment to take part in some of the hype and revelry. One of the media engagements she’s keeping is in a small sports-themed pub in the heart of New York City, filled to capacity with wrestling fans in the city to attend Pain for Pride or other related events in the area.)
Big Bully’s Pub and Grill
Wave: Welcome to the Pro Wrestling Podcast of the Intelligent fan, the Wave Peltzer Show. I’m the host, Wave Peltzer and today we have a special guest joining us live in Big Bully’s Pub and Grill, one of the best establishments to grab a pint on God’s Green Earth, April Song from Elite Answers Wrestling. She’s here for Pain for Pride 10 where she will be competing as part of the Divide and Conquer match. We’ll get to that a little later but April, thank you for joining us.

April: It’s a pleasure to be here, Wave. I prefer settings like this for interviews honestly. Drink is a crutch and I do like more high energy places.

(The crowd cheers a bit before settling down, save a few random shouts from fans.)

Wave: How do you feel about your first major FPV event. We know that you were a part of that Empire Special Malicious Intentions and came so dangerously close to winning the Empire Cup, but this, all due respect, is a colossal step up. You go from a filled arena to a filled stadium with the eyes of the entire world on you. Do you feel any added pressure to perform?

April: Not really. I get that this is a big occasion and the biggest in EAW. The 10th Anniversary of the greatest event in pro wrestling. However, I can’t let the atmosphere and the hype and all the nonsense around consume me. I’ve gotten as far as I have in life by stepping up and being prepared and not letting the surroundings dictate how I behave. I must approach this match in front of 80000 or however many people are there this weekend the same way I would a match in front of 5000 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Wave: It seems like you’ve been floating around on the card with Empire since the Empire Cup. You’ve got a solid win-loss record and a spectacular success rate when you apply submissions, is there anything special about what you do to compete and prepare? Have you changed anything since arriving?

April: Well, I did have to change my approach slightly. I’m not used to all pro wrestling’s silly rules and moves and traditions yet. I’m still learning. Before I started touring with EAW I was hardly trained in the sport, you know? I think I’m doing well, but I’ll do even better as time progresses. The situation with having to worry about when and where I fight, I can only control what I control, doing my best to beat competition in the ring.

Wave: The prize to the winner of your match is an opportunity to face the EAW Women’s World Champion in the future. Considering that you are still a newcomer in comparison to the likes of Aria Jaxon, Cailin Dillon, Tarah Nova, Alexis Deimos and the like, do you feel like this would be too much too soon? Also, do you have a preference of who you would like to face from the Triple Threat scheduled?

April: This is a unique opportunity that I have and if I’m ready for it, I’m ready for it. If I go through all the opposition and teammates that I have, I think I’ll have earned my way. People know that I can wrestle and can wrestle well, but I don’t think that a lot of people think I’m an elite talent yet. This is my opportunity to prove to the wrestling world and to the girls that I can go with anyone in EAW. Winning this match will put your name on the map, to use a cliché. I don’t know about a preference…. I think Cailin and I would be a good match because it would be technically sound, Aria Jaxon has a lot of heart, a lot of desire so that would be a great story to tell in the ring. I think though that I would prefer the Champion.

Wave: Cameron?

April: Yes. She had some not nice things to say about me recently, calling me Jobber Song and irrelevant and all that other crap. Before I got booked she was even mocking me for not being on the Pain for Pride card but that’s all well and good. I just want to have the opportunity to shut her mouth. I wish the other two girls well and have all the respect for them in the world, but I would really like a crack at Cameron Ella Ava.

Wave: An interesting note here from your partner, Alexis…. oh, before I continue, I do think we should mention to those who don’t know how Divide and Conquer works, it’s like Territorial Invasion rules, elimination tag, five a side going until one side is eliminated. Then, in the second phase it’s everyone for themselves until there is one sole survivor. Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts on some of the comments from the Sanatorium members: Alexis said that you are not dedicated to the team and there is “no room on her team for renegades”. Madison, a woman you have had some strong words for in the past, said that you are there to make her “look good” and are a carbon copy of Erica Ford.

(April looks puzzled for a moment, some of the audience members giggling at her perplexed expression.)

April: How am I a renegade? I mean, I can understand if I said some things that weren’t nice about her family or that I was going to try to beat them all. Maybe Alexis is hard of hearing but I did say I was willing to work with her and her band of nutjobs until Cloud Matsuda and her team are finished off. I just asked them not to screw around with me until that’s done. Yeah, I saw some of those comments. I find it kinda weird that she would talk about skill. Until she got a bunch of backup and a tit job I don’t think anyone in EAW knew who the hell she was, you know? I earned my way into this match by being the most skilled submission expert in EAW and one of the most prolific in history. Pretty much all my wins in the last couple of months have been by tap out. That is going to continue whether she likes it or not. And, if you’ve read one Madison poem or listened to her talk once. “I’m so great…. blah blah blah…. Erica Ford clone….aye aye aye aye.” Look, Erica and I are friends. She’s been a good help to me since I came to EAW but I’m no clone. I’m not kicky, flippy, smiley and all that. It’s not my style.

Wave: How do you feel about Mei Hatsukyo. Now here is a woman that you recently wrestled and you’re on opposite sides again, this time in a massive tag team match with World Championship implication.

(April’s face noticeably frowns in disgust at the mention of Mei’s name. The interviewer laughs a bit.)

Wave: Did I strike a nerve?

April: Well, Mei’s a decent enough wrestler. She’s got a tricky style that I had to spend a lot of time preparing for but some of what she says is frankly infuriating. I get that she’s happy to be back and doesn’t consider herself on par with some of the top people yet. The thing is though…. this is the wrong time to be like “Eh, maybe I’ll give it a go, you never know what may happen….” We have some serious business in front of us, yeah? It’s nothing personal by any means but, you know, get a little bit more serious about it. You have an opportunity to seize destiny and you just….do that? I mean, I don’t like Madison very much, I think she’s not as good as she says she is. If she was as dominant and fearful as she thinks she is, she would still be champion, like her mate Brody Sparks is Specialists Champion. To use an old Southern expression I heard once, she’s a ragweed who thinks she is a flower. But at least she is ready to compete. She has that swagger, that confidence and a lot of ability to back a great deal of what she says up.

Wave: What about Revy. I’ve noticed the two of you have had some interesting interactions online….

(April makes the crowd laugh by letting out an exasperated grunt and reaching for a nearby unopened beer, twisting the top off and having a drink.)

Wave: (Laughing) That bad, huh?

April: My God. I am trying my best not to get fired up here, but I don’t understand for the life of me why someone would trust Cloud Matsuda. I gave her video evidence of that woman being as treacherous as can be and she sort of plays it off as a joke. And then, she claims that while she will do everything in her power to take me out that she is pretty sure that she would not stand a chance of willing the match or the subsequent championship opportunity. It’s weird…. almost like I’m looking at a mirror image, you know? She’s obviously not stupid, but I think that either A) she’s mental, which seems to be the going rate for this fucking match now, or B) she’s severely underestimating herself. Maybe she’s just trying to throw me and all the other competitors off talking about how she may not be able to do this and do that but is willing to try to fight us. I mean, if that’s the hill she wants to die on, fuck it. I could think of a few people much worthier of such a dedicated sacrifice than Matsuda or any of the other girls on her team, but meh. That’s on her.

Wave: Taking a break from your match for a second, I wanted to look at the match card at a whole as it relates to female competitors. This is an unprecedented year for the Women in EAW, it must be said. The Divide and Conquer match is solely contested by Women this year, the Extreme Enigma Elimination Match, the memorial match, has an Empire representative in the legend Tarah Nova. The 24/7 battle royal has tons of women in it, including Sheridan Muller, a former World Champion in her own right. You have two championship matches of a high profile. Tarah has another match, I forgot, against Cleopatra for control of Empire. There’s even a “Loser Leaves EAW” match involving Heart Break Gal. How does it feel seeing all of that, coming here in the winter and seeing how many opportunities are there for women like you to take advantage of?

April: It’s a bit strange. I wasn’t here before so I don’t really know anything other than what we have now. I do try to learn the history of things and seeing that people like Sheridan, Cameron, Madison, Tarah and Aria Jaxon had a tremendous impact that every woman who competes here, myself included, must give them credit for. Heart Break Gal as well should be on that list. It’s truly incredible what they have been able to accomplish in such a short time. I don’t want to just piggyback over that success though. I want to add onto it. I want to build upon what they have done and expand it even further. I want to hold the National Elite Championship someday. I want to Enter the Grand Rampage and the Empire Cup in the same year. I want to help make Empress of Elite such a success that the men emulate it to try to keep up with us. It does give you a strange feeling of pride, being a part of something like that. You don’t want to let people down by not giving your best effort.
Wave: So, you are willing to cross over and compete against men?

April: Of course. I will gladly do that down the road, but for now, my focus is on winning the Divide and Conquer and hopefully getting a crack at Cameron Ella Ava. While I wouldn’t shed any tears if Aria or Cailin won, that’s the person I would want most.

Wave: Oh, do you prefer who wins the match for control of Empire?

April: Not really. Cleopatra hasn’t been unfair to me and I don’t particularly know Tarah that well. I don’t know of any reason to support one over the other.

Wave: There is one person that we forgot to talk about for this interview…. Stephanie “Cloud” Matsuda.
(The crowd mostly cheers at the mention of her name but there are a few fans who have had a beer or two too many booing.)

April: Ugh….

Wave: You know that there are a lot of people who want to hear what you have to say about the “War Queen” ….

April: I don’t know. I don’t want to be “offensive” people are a little too soft nowadays. If you insist though, I will.

Wave: I’m glad you agree! Look we must take a quick break for commercials, but we will be back with more after this….

(To Be continued)
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 1:27 am by Ahren Fournier
(Camera comes into Ahren Fournier wearing his full Trill Fairy attire and his Hardcore Championship. Flannery is with him. Lets go and see just what they're up to.)

Flannery: Ahren... What is this? What are we doing?

Ahren: Well Flannery seeing that it's Pain For Pride I am in a good mood. I have decided to give the good people of New Jersey a reward. So I am taking to the streets and handing out special treats to the people.

Flannery: Great...

Ahren: Frolic with me Flannery...

Flannery: What?

Ahren: FROLIC!!

(Ahren starts frolicking down the street, and flannery does an awkward jog run after him. Ahren has a bag containing condoms and adult candy from the sex shop he frequently visits.)


(He throws a condom in the face of some woman passing by)

Woman: Ah what the hell just happened?? OW THAT HURT!


(He keeps frolicking.. Flannery is having trouble keeping up.)


Flannery: I'm out of shape

(Ahren sees a group of girls drinking coffee. He jumps on the table and starts dancing, making it rain condoms. They love it.)


Other girl: Uh.. We already do? When was the last time any of us wore a condom.

(Ahren is alarmed by this. He sits down at the other seat that isn't occupied.)

Ahren: Excuse me what did I just hear?

Other girl: What? We don't use condoms, it's not as good with them on.

Ahren: But what about Syphilis? Genital Warts? AIDS? ... I mean Flannery show them your vag.

(Flannery catches up.)

Flannery out of breath: *breath breath* What?

Ahren: Nevermind I have pics on my phone... Look at this girls.

(Ahren shows Flannery's vag to them)

Ahren: Do you really want to be looking like that?

Girls: EWWWWWW your vag is groooooossssss

Flannery: *breath breath* what?

Ahren: Yes it is, now take the condoms, use them. You don't want to be another Flannery.


Ahren: Hey.. That's Trill Fairy to you.. Flannery.. LETS FROLICK!

(Ahren Frolics off.)

Flannery: God damn it... Stop making me do things.

Girl: Ew, get away from us gross Syphilis vag. 

Flannery: What?

(Flannery frolics off. Meanwhile Ahren is just going Trill Fairy crazy, he's throwing condoms to and fro not missing a soul. Until he sees a little girl with her mom he stops, and gets down on one knee)

Ahren: Hello little girl. Tis I the Trill Fairy.

Little girl: Oh What?! You really exist?! I thought my parents were just lying

Mom: HAHA nope! We weren't lying!

Ahren: It's ok, it's important to forgive and forget any time mothers and fathers give you a hard time. They have difficult things going on in their lives too. Remember that.

Little girl: I will Mr. Trill Fairy!

Ahren: I got something for you.

(Ahren reaches into his sack and whips out a giant penis lollipop that he got from the sex shop. He was thinking about the kids, and knew he needed to get them something, and what do kids love more than anything? Candy!)

Little Girl: Aw thanks Trill Fairy you're the best!

Ahren: Just doing my job. And mom? How you doing? *wink*

(The mom smiles and gives a little wave back at him. Then she and her daughter walk away and Flannery catches up.)

Flannery: I'm going to vomit.

Ahren: Gross.. Anyways, I think I've done a good job today. I think it's time I talk to Zack.

Flannery: By all means. Don't mind me I'll just be dying on the sidewalk.

Ahren: Ew, lift a weight or something.

(Flannery lays on the sidewalk in some gum, she doesn't care, she's dying.)

Oh.. So you're just going to do that then... Uh great. Hey thanks for the walk down memory lane Zack.. SIKE NO THANKS! I'm sure you're very stunned, and very sad right now that I siked you out so bad. But listen Zack, everything in the past shall stay in the past. I mean that was your former vessel wasn't it? And what has this vessel done? I don't know. You see, this vessel is the only one that I've been running with my entire life, and it's been going pretty well. I'm defending my title at the very first PFP that I'm competing at, can you say that you did that? No sir, no you can't. My career is already starting off at a much faster rate of success than yours did. You see Zack the problem with you is that you have no concept or reality. You think these voices or deities are real when they're not. And you have this view of your talent level that just isn't real. You hype yourself up into this idea that you're one of the best. But when I hear about people talking about elitists that are the best, your name never comes up. And that's the reality of who you are, someone that was ok, but never great, who stuck around long enough to watch the real talent leave. And when they left the roster became thin, and seeing you showed loyalty and adequateness they rewarded you. I mean you said it yourself you won your world title because of CITV, after someone else beat up the champion. You didn't even do it yourself! But you're proud of that. I wouldn't be, like I said that's a stat that's falsely bragged about. But I will admit to one thing, I was wrong on which pain for pride I was talking about. It was pain for pride 5 you're right. But the point I was making rings true still. That pain for pride was headlined by rookies that didn't stick around. Sorry I got the 4 wrong when I meant 5, they had like 5 throwback pain for prides articles thrown up at once and I mixed those two up, we all good now? What I meant still rings true. You have been nothing but a backup plan for your whole life.

No no no zack, you got it all wrong. I'm not the one that thinks poorly of this title, I didn't mean I think that it's a lesser title, I was simply using your own actions and words against you. Oh how easy it is to forget the past huh? You and Carson Ramsay had a little thing going on where both of you believed so bad that you deserved a world title match. So you two did battle, and I believe you came out on top? Maybe?  You were the one that was disappointed that you didn't get a shot at the world title. You said, that you were wrong on the title that the deities wanted you to claim. Right? So my question is if you coveted this title so much, if the Hardcore title is #Life, then why would you assume that the voices in your head were talking about the world title when they said you were bound for hold? If this title means so much to you then why oh why did you not automatically assume that the Hardcore title is what you were bound to have? If you wanted this Hardcore title so bad why did it take you until Wednesday to say anything? You see how many people have been talking? But I didn't hear anything from you. No no, You chased for the world title didn't you? And when you didn't get it, you came to me right? No number one contenders match, you just decided to attack me, and take my title. No you're not bound to have this Hardcore championship, maybe they were talking of the tag team titles, or the woman's championship, I think that would be more suitable for you. Of course I think my title is the most premier, I've shown nothing but that in the past. Through all the hellacious matches I've put my body through, of course I think it's worth it. You forget how worthless people thought this title was. And I'm not talking about when it first was a thing, I'm talking about the reincarnation of the title. You know back in August when Nathan Fiora won it. People couldn't care less; winning this title was like the kiss of death. Fiora, not in the company anymore. Jon McAdams, lost in the shuffle. Maero, put in the hospital. The only one with a damn comes from the same cloth as me and that's Drastik. So you see.. no, I don't view this title as any lesser, but through your actions it would appear that you do. You made it seem like your backup plan, and that's why I don't feel satisfied putting this title up against you at pain for pride, but it is what it is. I am the guy that has made this title relevant, and coveted. Combine all the reigns days of all the guys before me and you will see that I've just about had more days holding this title than all of them combined. I have beat more challengers than any of them combined, and I will be glad to put your name on that list. You've been to the top of the mountain Zack, you've done it, and now you find yourself in maybe uncharted territory? You're up against a guy that younger, hungrier, and ready to leap frog you with a win. That doesn't bode well for you. I mean how will people view this? A hall of famer beats a rookie, on paper that's not a big deal right? That's supposed to happen; you're supposed to put me in my place. But on paper the rookie beating a hall of famer that puts me in a league of my own, the world will be my oyster. You become lesser than what you have ever become, and this title gains even more prestige. I mean honestly if you care so much about this title, wouldn't you lose? I think that helps more do more to he brand than you winning. But Zack please for my sake don't take a dive. I want people to see how much of a shell of a man you've become. You thought this new persona would give you everything you wanted, but it hasn't, it's been a giant disappointment hasn't it? Where do you go after you lose to me? What happens to dear old Zack crash. You already lost your mind, and the match, and any chance of gaining any gold.. so what can you do exactly?

Look Zack, all the hardcore things that you've done? I've done it too, so you can't really come into this saying that you have an advantage. I'm hot, I'm at the top of my game, you can't beat me ok? Now as for Nero Maxwell, I don't know who that is, but if I had to venture a guess I would guess it was just some little child. A child that wouldn't know much about anything. Possibly your son, I don't know, I'm just guessing. I really don't know the story of Zack Crash and how you became such a freak. Because I watched back those old PFP and you weren't like this. All this is just an act, it's just a way to try and get into my head, which I get, I too have done my fair share of.. Well what people would deem as weird.. Things too. So there's really nothing you can do to make me fall back, or contemplate just what I'm getting myself into because I already know, and I'm ok with it. I don't think you understand how cowardly you come off, you attacked me from behind, and took my title. Took it to your little shack of props and put it into a shrine. None of this is coming off as hardcore to me, but apparently this is your lifestyle no? You'd know what hardcore is more than me right? Have you been Hardcore Champion before Zack? Serious question  because I have no idea. If the answer is no how can you even begin to challenge me and say that you're more hardcore? Sure you've had some hardcore moments, but me? I live and breath hardcore. I am the Hardcore title. It's not just something I do as a day time job I live my life through this title. Do you not remember the song that I sang? AHEM, well you're not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore! But the legend.. OF the rent.. WAS WAY HARDCOREEEE YAAAA! Ok the last part really doesn't apply, but the first part definitely does. You're not hardcore unless you live in a manner that matches, and I do. I live in the sex dungeon day in day out trying to get my body right for matches like this. It is matches like this that has made me a hardcore icon. People are already saying that I am the greatest Hardcore Champion of all time, and I do agree with them very much. So when you say that I don't deserve this title, and how I have done a bad job with it just because I said  you were lowering your standards, well that's wrong. I don't think you're lowering your standards, but through your own actions, I believe you did. I take on all challengers though because I am a fighting champion, and I will fight you Zack. And I will beat you, and remain, the greatest Hardcore Champion that has ever existed. The End.

Ahren: Ok Flannery I'm done...

Flannery: 5 more minutes

Ahren: Stop... We're going Syphilis vag.

Flannery: Meh..

Ahren: Fine be that way.

(Ahren picks her up and flings her over his shoulder, and frolics away.. Camera fades to black.)
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EAW Promoz!

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