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 EAW Promoz!

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PostEAW Promoz!

Here you can write promos about shows, Elitist, Vixens, matches, debuts, or just do some character development. Please do not spam, or put pointless things that aren't promos and DO NOT CHALLENGE ANYONE and remember, THIS IS ALL FAKE AND STORYLINE so please do not take anything serious. Thank you.
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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 6:40 am by Jacob Senn
Have I stoked the flames of passion inside of God?
Has the spirit of Mr. DEDEDE finally awoken inside of the broken husk that has been marching around preaching about how his celestial might will gain him another night of dominance at Pain for Pride X? Has the truth finally been revealed unto the world and the man that hides behind the fictitious facades manufactured to protect his ego released from his imprisonment? The word that you have spoken here recently have shown that side of you that needed to be shown, the one that makes you a threat in this match, and a man that I don’t take lightly. Correction, I wouldn’t have taken lightly if the timing of this arrival had come on an earlier date. For this revival of a man of passion that has been awakened through the constant prodding that I have delivered through my words spoken from my mouth, it would have been an intimidating moment for any other person around here. Shaking in their boots, stricken with trepidation about their next movement against you, afraid of the wrath that you displayed in front of the world to where it might have cost them the entire war, but not me. As I’ve danced with the devil himself and wrestled with God to force him to descend from his throne of immortality to stare into the eyes of man, it has made me force you to recognize me as a threat. Behind the sanctimonious words and critical reactions to what I’ve had to say, there’s nothing more than a man struck with his own personal fear and trepidation. The dread that has been instilled upon you about what awaits you at Pain for Pride X, the doubt that it could be possible that it won’t be the night of celebration that you’ve been hoping for, all thoughts that have playing through your mind like a scratched record spinning around on the turntable. Spinning right round, round, round, round until you’ve become maddened and paranoid of the deep-seated messages that have been delivered to you. Has it hit you yet? Has the paranoia struck inside of that impervious psyche of yours? The look in your eyes when you delivered that last message to the fans echoed that the madness has a vice on your mind to where you’ve made these critical reactions, all to the point of hypocrisy of your own statements being revealed into the light, while attempting to cast accusation and slander to mine under the same charge. For the crime of hypocrisy is what you find me guilty of, but tonight I show evidence that all of these messages have driven you to the point of insanity to create these illusions in your mind, they prove to be creations of a mad god in similar fashion to the myth that you’ve founded yourself upon. What shall begin this psychiatric examination into the mind of a false god, hmm? What verse of your sermon shall I begin to rip to shreds in front of your eyes to shatter the mirage that has made you out to be the ignorant victim that you are? For this is the problem with your tale, Mr. DEDEDE, and something that makes this one of the most difficult character analysis projects that I have undertaken. At the heart of all of your creations, the core to each delusion that strikes you to be the mad god that you’ve become through incendiary comments that I have made towards your character and the characters of your generation, lies in it a grain of truth. A dose of honesty to make your tales believable enough to trick the average listener of your narrative into wholeheartedly having faith into what you’re attempting to sell them. The story of a man that has become disingenuous, a man that has become a hypocrite through his own words to back himself into a corner he can’t escape from, and a man that has transformed into the disease that you’ve become. As much as you would love to have this be the reality to where you can feel relieved about yourself and what you’ve done in your life and career here in EAW, the doctor is here to return you from the abysmal delusions through a prescription he likes to call blunt honesty.
In the first verse spoken in your Sermon on the Mount, you told the world about my first sin cast upon me by God himself: hypocrisy. Spoken from the lips as if he had descended from the heavens with a shining halo on his head and glorious ivory wings on his back, he told the world that I had written my own canonical story in the universe of EAW to prevent me from answering the question presented to me by his word. Along with that, he brought forth mention of the constant scrutiny that I’ve been placed under in my career similar to the one that he suffered through his time as the World Heavyweight Champion in the position that I’ve been station in, stating that my criticism of his was in the same vein as those that had scrutinized me. I’VE JOINED THE FANS THAT HAVE TOLD ME THAT I WAS A MAN THAT MANUFACTURED HIS OWN LEGACY, THOSE WHO CALL ME SUPER SENN, BECAUSE I DIDN’T AGREE WITH THE LAW OF MR. DEDEDE! My apologies to whatever words that I’ve said unto you to cater to the madness you’ve been afflicted of, but let me inject you with the first dose of the cure, shall I? To believe that I didn’t answer your question because of ignorance to stand inside of my own world instead of listening to what has been said unto me by a man I used to respect, I find it disappointing that you would find yourself in the same audience as those you find me in. For that argument right there, it is the same one used by those who would type of the message boards “LOLDDDWINS”, because you’ve displayed the inability to be able to lift the next generation onto a platform where they can be the legends of this business that you need. You’re right in that they would rather have had Zack Crash, Diamond Cage, Lucian Black, men that were embraced by the people because they were the underdogs of the business that they wanted to see succeed due to failures from their own accord. These failures were made on their own and ones that WE avoided throughout our career to make something out of ourselves, but that’s why they hate us. They despise what we’ve become because you’re correct, they’re losers that remain in their mother’s basement, jerking off to hentai porn with their Dorito-crusted fingertips and hands afflicted with carpal tunnel. While they were typing their lives away in furious anger towards what we’ve done, we were here to give the time unto this business to be the best and I credited you for what you did during your generation, a reason for why you became the great legend that you were famed to be. However in the recent years, you don’t embody that vision that you once instilled into the people that stand in this roster. You don’t instill the same drive and passion you once did and it took someone like me bringing that to your attention, driving the message home of people with your stature coasting on their nostalgic name to get what they desired in this company, and that’s why I continue to bring that message to you. However, this has led you to instantly either ignore or draw a blank on the reason to why I wanted you to induct me into the Hall of Fame. You didn’t listen to the answer, recognized it in your words and still didn’t even allow it sink into your mind, but I’ll allow you to have a second moment to hear me out. I wanted you to induct me because of the our paths in EAW were akin to one another, met with the same struggles and backgrounds, only to succeed and thrive in the end. It wasn’t about the magnanimous name that you created for yourself, the Hall of Fame resume that you were able to be awarded with, but it was about the experience that we shared. Do you understand now or is the skull of yours vacant to the point my words enter one ear only to exit out the other? However, you denied that option for yourself and if you would have walked down the ramp the following week and accepted the proposition, then I would have been happy to return that obligation to you. You didn’t want that because what mattered the most to you wasn’t the ability of the induction, but the pride that you had to where you didn’t feel I was worthy enough to accept it. I DID respect you, I DID find admiration into what you did for this company, but the realization sunk in when you acted upon cowardice when I presented you with an Hall of Fame induction offer. Frightened that this man might be the one to succeed you, afraid that if you didn’t strike him down to show him his place among God that he would leave you as a faint memory in the audience’s perception, and DEDEDE will not be allowed to be forgotten. You’ve won Match of the Year because of the audience has fallen for your myths, been Elitist of the Year for two different decades because your nostalgia placated to the fans to where they worshipped you and paid tribute for you to be that, but holding your sixth world championship? I can respect that you went through an Elimination Chamber Match to become that, but it showed that you coasted and lucked out to have that title when a more exuberant champion arose in Ares Vendetta to take that championship from you a few months later to lead to the longest reign in that title’s history. Just like he was able to humiliate you and leave you without a prize because you felt he didn’t deserve to be on your level, I will do the same and exceed you in the process.
Leading me into the second chapter into The Book of The Gawd, it’s the appraisal that you’ve made towards my talent and value into EAW, which is beyond ridiculous at this point considering the people that you do find to be worth your respect and admiration. Why should you, right? My EAW Championship reign was a disappointment, I’ve never been one to stand in the headline match of Pain for Pride compared to your numerous headline matches, and I’ve not been able to carry the numerous amounts of world championships that have been attached to your name. How can Mr. DEDEDE be able to see me in the same light as men like Jaywalker, CM Banks, Y2Impact, Xavier Williams, when I’ve not even reached the same stage as him in my career? How can I place the weight of the world on my shoulders when I’ve not been able to compare my careers to men of such merit and value in your eyes, Mr. DEDEDE? SURELY THE WORLD WOULD CRUSH ME LIKE A BUG AND I WOULD BE ERASED FROM THE EXISTENCE OF THIS PLACE, RIGHT? I WOULD RUIN THE WORLD BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRITICAL SIN THAT I’VE BEEN PLAGUED WITH, SO HOW COULD I BE ON THE SAME PLATFORM AS THESE MEN? I would find that to be a correct assessment that I’m not on their level because as cliché as it sounds… I’VE SURPASSED THE LEVEL THAT THEY’RE ON! You can place ANY of those men that I’ve mentioned and stack them up against me and I will leave them in the same broken and defeated state that I intend to leave you in at Pain for Pride! Jaywalker? Been there and done that at Pain for Pride! Y2Impact? He’s been obsessed with the moments that I defeated him because he couldn’t fathom the thought of it the same way that you can’t. Xavier Williams? He couldn’t take the World Heavyweight Championship away from me when he had the greatest chance to do so! Finally to your protégé, CM Banks? As I told you before, he couldn’t handle this generation and has only arrived to cash in on his nostalgic name. If he wanted to fight a real talent and elitist here, he could easily have a match with me, but he’s too busy playing in a six-man tag to be able to do that. All of you can pretend that your great legacies are impeccable, but they stand tarnished and don’t need much pressure to reveal that to be the truth. To think that I couldn’t handle what comes with defeating you at Pain for Pride X, proving that I’m the one that should be revered and honored for the effort that I’ve put into this place, it’s short-sighted and ignorant of yourself as you can’t escape your own universe created by your personas to see someone that could. However, that’s the character archetype that you’ve resorted to assigning yourself. The grizzled veteran that won’t allow the torch to be passed down to the next generation, stubborn to the tides of change as they wash in, oblivious to the world fighting against you to have the evolution occur without your consent. The grain of truth that you buried into this delusion was that you’re right to say that you’re not those men, you’re a new beast that I have to fight, and it won’t be a walk in the park to be able to accomplish. It will be an enduring and harrowing task for me to be able to succeed in, but a challenge that I’ve place upon myself to complete, for the desire to reap the reward of victory in this match has been too tantalizing for me to leave behind. The night that we meet in the middle of the ring will show that your analysis of my talent and value, it was a invalid estimation on your part, costing you another tally mark to your amassed victories on this stage and a victim to your divine existence. The same talent that kept me away from the wars for the banner of the company while I dealt with the matters of respect and gold to bring me to this point.
The third and final stone cast upon me from the proud lion of this plain was the lack of representation in others times where EAW was in dire straits. He wonders where I was when he was searching for talent to assist him in his war against Scott Diamond to retain his power position in the company when death was knocking at its door. Why don’t you ask Tyler Parker, Diamond Cage, Killswitch or Kawajai why I didn’t make the cut for the great Team DEDEDE that sought to avenge EAW against a ruthless faction in The Iron Fist that came to conquer it? For those were the men that you chose to stand behind in your quest to retain power over this company, not me. You didn’t want someone like me on your team because like you said before, I don’t reach the level that those men were to you. I wasn’t in their league and when you came to them to where they accepted, why did you need someone like me to stand in that team for you? A person like me wasn’t even on your radar at the time to even attempt to put on your team, so instead, I chose to fight in something that would assist my career to grow instead of sitting on my hands and knees in prayer for God to make me one of his crusaders! How did that whole Chairman position turn out for you? You lost it to Scott Diamond, “erased him from history” with your big tag team match, forming up with The House of Renegade to screw those that did help you, and eventually leaving it to where you had a vote of no confidence from the board of directors about your ability to be chairman as EAW World Heavyweight Champion because of it! However, where was I during all of this commotion? On Voltage, resurrecting the EAW Championship from the grave that had been placed there by Kawajai and being the “Champion of Federations”, but why would they listen to me? After all, you’re a god, DEDEDE! You should have the power to be able to cancel any “no vote of confidence” and tell them to screw themselves since your omnipotent powers would give you that ability! A small and disappointing world champion in Jacob Senn wouldn’t be enough to sway the opinions of the board of directors, so why should I have bothered with someone that didn’t see me as valuable enough to be on the same level as him? Those two scenarios where I could have assisted you in manners that concerned you and EAW as a whole, you had the power to make it where I could have been of service, but I didn’t climb high enough on the totem pole to merit a glance from you! THOSE RESULTS ARE NO FAULT OF MINE, BUT ENTIRELY UPON YOUR SHOULDERS! THIS ISN’T A STORYLINE THAT HAS BEEN MANUFACTURED FROM AN OFFICE NERD TO BE ABLE TO GET SOME RATINGS, BUT THIS IS THE BLUNT AND HONEST TRUTH! If you’d shed the grizzled veteran character from your sheet and been able to take on of the next generation to be of service to you, it might have had my name attached to it, but you didn’t want me near you because you didn’t see me as that. What you saw me is what you continue to see me as: an impudent rookie without the talent to be able to succeed, just like the detractors that live with their parents have scrutinized me, and living in a sea of contradiction. Who’s the hypocrite now, DEDEDE?
Has the light finally been shown to you? Have you realized the deluded mind that you bring into Pain for Pride X? This is why what stands before you is a man that hasn’t been struck with the fear of God. You’ve had riches shower upon you because of this persona, everything given to you freely once the world took in your messages like they do The Bible, and left you like the hoarding dragon waiting to be slain by a knight to take his kingdom! For even though I don’t respect you, I don’t even like you, I want EVERYTHING that you have! I want your gilded God contract to where you can do and be wherever you want, whenever you want, because you simply want to. I want the aura that you possess as God that instills fear and intimidation at your behest to other men that comes with the throne of immortality. I want the respect and admiration of all the audience that you have whenever your name is heard or when your music hits on the titantron. Most importantly and the one thing that will make this war with you worth it, I want to have the distinction of humiliating you in the ring and lying you on the canvas to be known as the man that ended the reign of Mr. DEDEDE upon EAW! Everything else is secondary to that because with that, there’s no doubt that I’m the face of EAW that I deserve to be. I’m beyond prepared to take myself into the deep, dark, and violent place to be able to crucify God on the sacred and hallowed ground of Pain for Pride that has been touched by his fabricated divinity. Nothing on this planet will keep me from walking out of Pain for Pride X with my hand held high and with a new championship to hold on my shoulder, but even richer, you lying on the canvas defeated and left dumbfounded by the result that came. For it doesn’t matter what the myths have been told about you, the physicality that you possess, the toughness that you display, the athleticism you can showcase, the mindset that you’ll carry into it, the ruthlessness that you’ll have, or how merciless that you will be inside of the ring because when you’re placed in front of me on the biggest event to ever occur in EAW’s history, I will alleviate all doubts and concerns about my talents to bring this company into the next decade in a new era! This will be the scenario that you’re presented with and to be honest, it doesn’t bode well for Mr. “Holier-Than-Thou” DEDEDE! What I’m going to do is have him on his hands and knees like he wants every single person involved in this company to be for him, groveling as he attempts to get back to his feet while I watch in revelry at his fight to his feet, only to sprint my way towards him to force my foot behind his head into the canvas! Do you know what happens next, DEDEDE? Your vision goes from seeing the canvas where you attempt to stand from into nothing but darkness. The vast empty silence that comes from the unconscious state that I will leave you in and when you awaken, you will want to believe it to be a nightmare.
However, this will be no nightmare, as I will have taken your throne of immortality as my own and doused the flames of passion that I stoked inside of you. For all of the praise that God has, he’s nothing more than the fantasies of a man paranoid of his own death.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 5:45 am by Devan Dubian
The value of words holds exceptional weight in today's society. The same people who would be characterized irrational against the norm in the past are the same people who thrive in today's society for the same exact reason. The rationale behind that is obvious, the public is tired of supporting the norm without anything consequential results. This company is no different, so many different elitists have taken behind the same rationale to elevate their careers in more ways than one. Thus, I find it amusing that in a time driven by useless jargon, your mate there has decided to go mute, Judas. A mute who evidently does not care about anything yet provisionally has his feelings hurt when someone calls him out for being a mute. Everyone tries to impress someone to garner that approval and in his case, it pertains abiding any libel thrown at him to make himself seem more badarse when he comes out on top. If you endorse yourself as a lost cause then there is not much others others can do to put you down. The only difference is that it has been unproven amateurs leading the charge in the past against him and this time, he is facing off perhaps against one of the most competent and seasoned formed triads in this company's history. Whereas bush league tactics would be enough to faze his opponents in the past, they are mere cinch in front of elitists who have defined the very fortitude of this company. If he thinks the competition that drove his deterioration was in any way challenging then I can assure you that Jaywalker has been an unsteady mentor in notifying him of the anguish that awaits him within the weekend. The constant counsel I offered to you over the past few months to expel himself this match was not for my amusement purposes, it was a serious proclamation that he is not ready for what awaits him this far into this purgatory. I have followed a map to get this far in my career. Unlike your mate Cage over there, I accepted my own misdeeds as a trial of greater powers. There was only so much more I can do and when I was not able to produce, I reformed myself to a greater and finer taste. He likes to relive his past failures and use them as a fuel to drive his current career as if that is going to do him any good as opposed to letting it go for the greater good. There is no point in moving forward if he is also taking three steps back every time along the way. Whereas I was able to let my past remiss for all its missteps and find new light in constantly producing, he is still stuck in the past trying to hunt down old opposite numbers as if that pertains any relevance in today's version of the company. And the longer he decide to stay there, the more certain I am of our victory this weekend - for there is only so much your brain can handle before it eventually gives up for good.

The key to surviving and sustaining yourself in this company is just to prioritize yourself to what matters. You see, I am still part of a very minimal select group who believe that the only results that matter are the ones acquired inside the boxed ring. That does not mean I go mute and let things persist as they are, I create hedges in dimensions by covertly talking myself into situations and make sure that my opponents know who the superior competitor is by the end of the bout. You can plug yourself to the top all you wants but I can guarantee you that your fall will be long if you are not able to come up with an exceptional performance at the end of it. So for all those promises and assurances that I have handed out, I have backed myself in the ring in multiple situations. This is not something that I was exposed to my in initial years and something Cage still has not picked up on where he still lets outside influence have too much of an impact in his career instead of relying on his own skill in the ring. And even now, he is still letting predetermination regulate his whole mindset walking into this match. If it is not about avenging himself for something that occurred light years ago then it is about his enigmatic pathway to the world championship that has never come. How many more first steps is he going to take to the world championship before he decides that it just was not meant to be? And just by claiming that match is surrounded by the idea of him does not make it inherently true. The only reason we have decided to fixate on him in this match is because despite the heavy claims of being humbled by Jaywalker and Ares Vendetta, it would seem there is not a mutual interest in engaging in this match. If I am lead to believe the headlines, then I was humbled by those two vile creatures and then dealt with the papers of war. And yet ever since this war has construed, all I have seen is us come out with the upper-hand. This publicity even in all its misery is good for Cage though I reckon for I do not even know what he was up to before this bout picked him up from grace and presented him this glorious puff. And that is what all of this really boils down to Cage when we get to it, a desire to be accepted by his mentor whilst reintroducing himself to the world regardless of the situation he is in. Come with all you can because we do not desire any sympathy, all we need is a sluggish spot to put you away for good. None of your folk tales have any more merit now. 

We cannot be acquired but we can guarantee a magisterial performance this upcoming weekend.
It will become clear to everyone who stands the best among the highest of Hall of Famers..
after I set aflame an riveting performance across the board at the biggest stage of them all.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 4:56 am by La Diva
[Camera Shows where La Diva is in the hall starring at La Chair while Max A Million stops her]

Max A Million: Excuse me La Diva but may I get a few moments of your time before your match this Saturday on Eaw Network.

La Diva: of course you can Max why not.

Max A Million: We glad that you have made your return to come back to be apart of the twenty four/seven contract battle royal this Saturday on Pain for Pride ten FPV on Eaw network when you will compete in with Dynasty and Showdown in Empire at Pain for Pride on Eaw any suggestions La Diva.

La Diva: the reason that I returned back to Eaw is to be in my first ever thirty-eight battle royal match this week on Pain for Pride and when I do win that battle royal eliminations then maybe I'll get an Opportunity for whoever walks out of Pain for Pride ten as Eaw Women's World Champion this Saturday on PFP on Eaw Live.

Max A Million: La Diva can you even defeat all thirty eight men and woman in your battle royal this Saturday.

La Diva: I don't know Max. but when I do win my thirty eight man battle royal at Pain for Pride then you'll be looking at your next Eaw Women's World Champion on Empire before the Eaw Draft right after our match together this week on Pain for Pride on Eaw Network.

La Diva: Cause they need to feel La Chair.

(La Diva leaves when Max A Million continues talking)

Max A Million: there you have it folks cause in less then one week La Diva will compete in her first ever thirty eight battle royal that will featuring Showdown and Dynasty and Empire when she wins that thirty eight battle royal at Pain for Pride on Eaw.

Max A Million: and we hope that La Diva can beat all her Opponents this week on Pain for Pride when she defeats everyone in that battle royal match at Pain for Pride and the next Eaw Women's World Champion at Empire Terminus FPV on Eaw network.

{Camera Scene fades when La Diva heads towards the back before her match even begins this Saturday}
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 4:26 am by Jon McAdams

The Camera fades in to Jon McAdams and Flannery McCoy sitting on red plush chairs with a table in between them. McAdams is wearing is black suit with the dark grey button up and black tie, sipping a scotch on the rocks in one hand and looking very relaxed.
We are live here with Jon McAdams,” Flannery says matter of factly. “Former Hardcore Champion, currently on an eight win undefeated streak in singles competition heading into the battle royal for the 24/7 contract. How are you doing this evening, Jon?”
Splendid, just splendid,” McAdams grins before taking another sip. “A far busier week putting all the proper pieces into place, and meeting with officials, owners, Elitists, and removing some people that I feel don’t belong.”
What do you mean by removing people?
Individuals that are part of the EAW staff who in one way or another failed the purposes of the Grand Design. Staff members who allow certain situations to get out of hand, or forget to give me valuable information… they tend to end up leaving the company you see. Voltage has no time for people that don’t want to do their absolute best to ensure this place becomes the greatest brand in EAW.
And you believe you have Voltage’s best interests at heart? What is the end goal for your Grand Design?”
The end goal is simple enough. To see the third brand become the first brand. To remind everyone that this show is the greatest and deserves to be because I made it so. I stand for the greater good, and though I may have done many necessary evils, in the end it will all pay off once my vision is reached.
But what does that look like?”
I’d rather not get into the specifics, there’s far too much at stake and I'd rather the world get a nice surprise.”
Ah, I see. Well, as we mentioned earlier, you're on quite a run, having an 8 match singles win streak, but I gotta ask about your loss to the Nas and Mistlav Connection at Fighting Spirit. Such a big match loss right before pain for pride can be a little rattling I imagine, how did this effect you?”
It was just a tag match. It was an unfortunate outcome but I've suffered loss before and each time from that loss I've come out in strength. Lance Hart occasionally grows balls and tries to hinder what I'm doing here but my resolve only became stronger. The Sovereign Crusade would have happened with or without this match, and I'm surprised so few people brought it up in an attempt to attack me. I find it interesting that you would bring it up and forget that not only have Showman and I beaten Nas and Mistlav as a tag team but also in singles matches. But I suppose one win means something to them.
Speaking of Showman, he's been quiet all week, has he been doing ok? how do you feel you'll fare against a fellow member of your PWC?”
He’s… dealing with some things, but in the best way possible. I'd say that he has my back and he knows what to do. He’s no man to be underestimated and he’s far more dangerous than he’s ever been. I fear for any man who would try to take advantage of me while I’m not looking while Showman is around. Their won’t be PwC pitted against PwC, this is the Sovereign Crusade. We are united.
Who do you find to be the greatest threats in this match? Least threatening?
There are a slew of individuals in this match who on their own are most certainly dangerous but from what I can see, so many of them have given into this strange idea that this match will not be fruitful to them. It’s disheartening to see so many of the roster unable to put forth the effort because they are overwhelmed by the numbers so I’ll only speak of those who I’ve trying to make some noise though much of it is just that. Noise. You have guys like Johnny Nova who have just went off the deep end, and seemingly can’t handle the pressure of this match. He seems lost and inconsistent; unable to decide where he stands. He’s just making noise. His chances of staying in the match longer than the first volley of people flying over the ropes is slim but…,” McAdams puckers his lips and begins to speak in a baby voice. “He’s a scary oh! Yes he is! Ooh yes he is!
McAdams laughs. “No but seriously, I should thank him and Darkane for giving me a lot of entertainment this week. They are trying so hard for something so futile. I’m afraid I just can’t see it, and its become quite comical. Darkane is under this impression that accomplishments and credibility don’t matter and I grow tired of hearing him drone on and on while saying the same basic generic ‘I’m a mean wrestler’ spiel you hear from every new guy who ends up being utilized for the only thing they are good for. Enhancement talent. But just for the sake of argument, Darkane is saying that if we brought some random overweight guy from the crowd into that ring with no experience, no clue what he’s doing, his chances of winning are just as good as a world champions because accomplishments and credibility don’t matter.” McAdams nods his head with exasperated eyes. “Yeah, I’ve grown tired of this. It’s not fun. These two have managed to fill EAW television with so much dribble that people are starting to tune out. They stand no chance, even under the weight of those who are less inclined to push themselves and for once I find myself even agreeing with Michaels, I wish they’d just shut their confused mouths.”
You have big lumbering morons like Cody Marshall entering this little war of words quite late, taking shots at my gorgeous physique. He can try his best to threaten me and believe that his size is the difference maker but when push comes to shove, that fat lazy underwhelming giant baby won’t be able to hold on to me and will likely get himself eliminated fighting the ropes. I’d be a fool to rule out hall of famers like Prince of Phenomenal, and Lethal Consequences, POP’s run since his return has been less than stellar, and I am not so certain he still has the IT factor he once had, and as for Lethal Consequences, he’s coming in with three straight victories, this is a man who understand what momentum can do for you going into a match like this, yet in terms of pure momentum, I am coming off of eight straight singles victories. Haruna is sweet, but naive and she may have some tricks up her sleeve and what she says could be some kind of act but I don’t think so. She may be slippery but no one can escape my grasp once I get hold of them. Scott Diamond is going into this already mentally defeated and with no confidence, so really what it comes down too is three individuals. There are three individuals in this match who, if I wasn’t in this match would have a chance. Sheridan Muller, Mark Michaels, and Theron Nikolas. Sheridan Muller is a powerhouse, the peak of german efficiency as she puts it, but she has had the worst year of her career, and while she can say whatever she wants, part of me believes that she’s lost that edge she once had, but also more importantly, she is an agent of the wrong kind of change. She is someone that I cannot let win, and I cannot let get to the top. She wants to eradicate everything that is great and worthy and glorious in this sport but thankfully she’s been spiraling out and if she comes toe to toe with me, german efficiency will not serve her a victory.
As for Mark Michaels, he made some strange comments last time he addressed me. That I can’t go a moment without mentioning him, are we not addressing each other?” McAdams looks confused. Flannery shrugs with her hands up. “Such nonsense almost makes me not want to put a guy like him in the forefront of my attention, but here he is. I get it, he needs to discredit me so he can look better but as we’ve already went over, there is just no comparison. I held gold and I defended gold, he hasn’t. The difference here is desperation. Mark Michaels is dangerous because he needs this win, he can’t allow himself to be just another person in this match, he’s failed far too often already and another massive failure following his several unsuccessful battles may break him. So he will talk big, and I will admit a desperate man is dangerous but I’ve always believed a desperate man to also be stupid, and if he’s stupid enough to think he’s going from zero to hero, that he’s going to step into this match and take out the most dangerous target, the PWC, then his stupidity is beyond comprehension. He wants to threaten me with the screen cracker? That’s cute. I’m not breaking phones. I’m breaking skulls and if I deliver the Head Trauma, he’ll be lucky to walk out of that arena and not be dragged out on a stretcher.

But the one I’ve had my eyes on since this started is the man who stated he would be in this first. Theron Nikolas. Everyone has been talking about him since this all started. He seems to be the only one who can understand that a victory is a victory regardless of how you keep it. Though He should be reminded that my second go against Drastik did not have those stipulations yet still saw me pinning him for the three count. All that being said, if you’ll excuse me for a second, Ms. McCoy,” McAdams turns to the camera.
Theron, you were the first man to enter into the battle royal. They announced me last, as to say, save the best for last. I look around at these buffoons all pretending they have a chance, some foolishly believing that their is something here for them to gain but none of them are able to withstand the storm, none of them are able to hold back the Sovereign Crusade, and all of them are just words and bodies flapping in the wind. I see your work, I see what you’re doing, I see you. Now I know you cannot beat me, I have done far too much to secure that victory, but I do know that you will be the only one I am proud of triumphing over in this match. I look forward to winning that contract, I look forward to colliding with you in this match, and I look forward to the dust settling and Sovereign standing tall. Don’t worry about perception or expectation, the whole world is talking about something they don’t understand but I sense you have some idea of what is to come and the stakes that are in place. No games. No Jokes. An understanding of the truth, the world is at our feet, and all of these people beneath us, I’m going to show you why I am Sovereign and make you apart of my Grand Design.


As for the rest of you, you are not on my level, you can’t handle the level I’m playing at, the battle going on in the background, the stakes, the power, and moves that I am making in the background. You can’t fill these shoes and none of you are ready to be champions. None of you can stand against the tide that is coming, so when the royal starts, and any of you come face to face with me and you look into my eyes and see the conviction, and when you find yourself out of the ring and on the floor, don’t feel bad, you know this was the only possible outcome. So Sharpen your teeth, lads, The Crusade is almost upon us. Sovereign has arrived at the Metlife Stadium and has planted his flag and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Post on June 23rd 2017, 3:41 am by Bhris Elite
Chris Elite and Big Mike are shown standing in the busy streets of Time Square a bunch of people are surrounding them however everything is barricaded so they are safe and they have security guards*
Chris Elite: Before we start this I and Big Mike created a funny video we’d all like you to watch on the building behind us it’s called Big Mike The Therapist with Lucas Johnson)
*The video begins Big Mike is shown sitting on a chair in a nice office and across from him is Lucas Johnson (Chris Elite in a fat suit) *
Big Mike: Hello Lucas, I heard you were recommended here by some of your close family and friends because they said you need help.
Big Mike: First of all sir why are you yelling I was just telling you what I heard and wait what…? You were bullied yet you were an NCAA champion so either those bullies were very brave for bullying you or you’re lying.
Big Mike: Why are you still screaming B? God damn, now your parents weren’t part of your childhood? How did you eat? Because by the looks of it you ate a lot.  I honestly think they recommended you the wrong type of therapist I’m here to talk about real life problems not stuff you just made up.
Big Mike: Okay I’m glad you are starting to open up more is there anything else you’d like to admit?
Lucas Johnson: Yes, I know I’m not all that good and I know the New Breed Championship continues to rot the longer I hold onto and that’s why we need someone like Chris Elite to save the day.  The title means nothing when I have it and if you listen to Chris Elite I’m sure he’ll have a great explanation for why THAT IS EXACTLY! Now if you’d excuse me I have to go make up more stories about my childhood so I GET SOME TYPE OF SYPMATHY.  When I lose at PAIN FOR PRIDE!
Big Mike: Well B, I’ll let you back to it.
(Camera fades back to Chris Elite and Big Mike)
Chris Elite: Man, we can be actors. We are so multi-talented it’s crazy anyway though back on topic… I don’t even think you guys rinse anymore just recycle and repeat. Nervous about exactly Moongoose? I have nothing to be nervous about, absolutely nothing no matter what you make up as you go along. No matter how much I “Suck” the only thing I’m even slightly nervous about is the fact I might have to pay some hospital bills. Other than that I’m not scared nor nervous. I have no butterflies in my stomach because this isn’t my first match at Pain for Pride. You 3 are the nervous ones, with the butterflies just flying all around your stomachs just hoping you perform how you said you would all week. Making sure you do bring everything you got, making sure you do give the EAW Universe a match they remember. See those thoughts don’t run through my mind Chris Elite gives these people something to remember I’m not worried about that is you guys who are worrying. You can tell how nervous each and every one of you are with the way you speak sometimes and the things you say. You say whatever sounds good then when you go back to watch exactly what you said. Automatic face palm like when Finnegan goes back to what he said and realizes how many times he repeated himself about beating me and how me wanting to help him out is me being obsessed. Or you Moongoose when you go back and realize I really don’t have anything to nervous about or you Lucas Johnson when you go back and listen to anything you’ve said this past week.

Chris Elite: Speaking of which I have to explain why the New Breed Championship is rotting every day you hold onto it Finnegan proves it for me. When a win over me wins more than a win over the current champion.  When a win over me gives you more bragging rights over defeating you.  Because that’s not an accomplishment it’s more of an as you should type of thing.  Here I’ll give an example, “Jets just beat the Browns” as they should. “Warriors just defeated the Clippers” as they should “Finnegan Wakefield defeated Lucas Johnson”… As he should, defeating you is no surprise it’s something that should be done because if it isn’t that’s when we should be shocked and that’s when you should question your career.  When I had this championship I was facing talents like Ryan Marx and Rex even former champions like Ryan Savage before the 3 of us you were defending against C grade talent who I’d beat in a one on three handicap match for my championship. I don’t give a damn about you and you’re full on rage mode because it’s going to lead up to nothing but a loss. All these threats you are making will lead you to nothing but failure. Also you know what’s going to happen when you F-5 me off the Ultimate X structure? You’re going to wake up and you are going to face reality and that reality is that Lucas Johnson means nothing to this company and he is the exact opposite of the best champion. He’s the worst champion EAW has ever had. Doesn’t matter what title it is you are the worst Lucas and not all the false stories you continue to make can help us think otherwise.  By the way Moongoose there isn’t enough of you to be better than Chris Elite and there isn’t enough of you to grab that championship before Chris Elite.
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Post on June 23rd 2017, 3:16 am by Theron Nikolas
There was once a time where you would have been looked upon as a threat, but you've been plagued by constant stumbles until you've become surrounded by nothing more than complete and pure mediocrity. It's not hard to understand who I'm talking about, and I'm more than glad that you've managed to sneak out of the shadows and raise your voice, Cody - even if it’s the same nonsensical dribble that it usually is. I guess we all need something to say when we think that we had to speak. Cody Marshall; the man that defies the odds - there was a time there I could have believed it. You hit Showdown by storm, didn’t you? Impressive was an understatement; you ran someone who never really should have been in this company back out the doors. You stood in front of a man that the rest of the world seen as this unconquerable force that wouldn’t lose the New Breed Championship until he was ready to relinquish it - and you found a way. You were blazing your own path, and at one point, it seemed like you road led wherever you wanted it to go. Then it was all gone. Everything you had began to build for yourself had crumbled to rubble crushed beneath our boots. The New Breed Championship you held proudly was ripped from you hands by a man that no one really takes seriously. But, you still had miles to fall. The damage your career suffered never had to be permanent, Cody. The remnants of what could have once been great could have been rebuilt, but you never managed to get back up. You’re fighting. You’re always going to fight - but, the fire that once burned in the pit of your American soul is gone. There’s no flicker. There’s no spark; all that’s left is a man whose voice has diminished from a scream to a whisper. The sad part, Cody - you’re nowhere near the end of that fall. You wander through the abysmal unknown, looking for an exit. You preach, but no one listens. You profess, but it only bounces off the walls with nobody there to hear its pleas. Like so many others in this match; just like Haruna. Just like Sheridan Muller. Just like Scott Diamond; this is your one opportunity to pull yourself out of that hole that you’ve managed to dig yourself into. You one last opportunity to prove that the name Cody Marshall still has the potential to be great. In your case - it’s all down to chance. You may grasp onto the thread hanging right in front of you - but, there’s no guarantee that it still doesn’t break.

It must be awful to be forced to look back to a time where people once took you with an ounce of credibility, Tig. You’re right; there was a time where you were placed in spectacles with the chance to truly make a name for yourself. You beat a disappointing champion for his very championship. You walked into an Elimination Chamber and eliminated to man that had constant chances to shine in the biggest company in the world, but just simply wasn’t good enough to do so. You grab onto anything that you can when you don’t have a whole lot to grab onto. While you were trying to become a star; I was getting my feet wet in this business. While you were a champion; I was helping set up the ring I would compete in, in front of a hundred people if we were lucky. I’ve come this far - what happened to you, Tig? I’ve taken millions of step forward, while you’ve done nothing but take them backwards. You talk about everything that you take so much pride in; bring up the fact that Reasonable Doubt, a former Hall of Fame Champion brought you out during his entrance. Talk about how he spoke about how big a star you were going to become. Take a look around, Tig and see where you stand now. You stand on the same ground as those you once looked down at. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES! Take those rose tinted glasses off and see things for what they truly are. Take a look at everything you lost. Take a look at everything you’re trying to regain. I am the favourite because I am a man that has done EVERYTHING that he has said he was going to. I’ve beaten every single fucking name this company has placed in my way. I’ve beaten Hall of Famers. I’ve embarrassed people that were touted to be the future of this company. I look at you and I don’t fear what you could do to me. I don’t fear that Mafia Kick. I couldn’t care less about a Mafia Kick Nation.You are nothing; nothing more than a man that squandered the world sitting in the palm of his hand and will never get it back. Pain for Pride isn’t going to be the time where people who have pissed everything away grasp onto the chance to take it all back. It’s the time where Theron Nikolas kicks down the doors and takes exactly what I should have had months ago.

Every single little fucking piece that I am owed.
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Post on June 23rd 2017, 2:47 am by Lars Grier

It’s a known fact that ravens have been around on this earth for a very long time. So much so that they have been integrated into countless stories, legends, and myths, laced within religions, kingdoms, countries. Greeks, Romans. Christianity, Vikings, Celtics. All have been laced with stories of the raven in some shape or form over the history of humanity. These tell the stories of how the earth came to be, of how ravens got their black feathers, and yet do you see what the common thread between all these stories are?  These ravens, despite such a storied history, are truly left to fit only one role: under the shadow of another higher being. Whether they be messengers, receivers, steeds, or even slaves of their own home; ravens are often never depicted as a higher being of power, or something larger their master. As if to make things worse? Ravens are almost always thought to be embodiments of evil; thieves, liars, ghosts from the past, scavengers. Never anything more than an evil being. A trickster. A slave. Never anything more than their master. However…..there still remained a select few stories which did not depict ravens as evil creatures who lie and steal their way, under the heel of their master, but instead where not only are they a central focus, but the ravens themselves are the ones who actually manage to create the world as we know it today. The grass, the water, the sky; all were created by the hand of raven. Indeed, it is a pleasant surprise, but it is not what ravens are usually thought of in the public eye. No - instead what still remains fresh in their mind is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, and the atmosphere of death. They never even attempt to extend their knowledge beyond that of an average human, never pushing themselves to move past the stereotypes put out by the world. And so….in many ways, Nico was right. Maybe I am caged. Maybe I am a slave under Tiberius, and I come to him under his whim. Maybe I am nothing more than a right-hand man, always under the shadow of my King. After all, stories are almost always based on reality, are they not?


But…...if even for only one night. Even if only for a small sliver of time...I will step out of the shadow. I will break the chain that possibly holds me. I will not be the raven from stories of lies, deception, and death, but instead, I’ll be the Raven from the stories of creation. The central focus, the spotlight on me, even if it were only for a few moments. The moments in which I hold the briefcase in my hands, up high above. Despite Keelan’s medium levels of idiocy and ignorance, he is right. This is indeed the time in which we all die down. This is where our engines start to dry up, and when we run out of things to name and say to our adversaries. Where things grow to a crawl; the last stretch until Pain for Pride. The last stretch until the two nights when hell will freeze over, where battles will be finished; where trains that have been building speed ever since the start of their station, they finally collide in a blazing glory of war and hell. However, it will also be the place where moments are made, stars are born, legends are finally given their swan song, and I…no, WE; the King’s Guard, will reign over all. And as much as I hate to admit it…..I cannot  downgrade or underestimate each of my opponents on this historic night. They are my adversaries for a reason, for they have managed to qualify into this match because they expressed determination and drive. Keelan and Maero may be idiots. TLA might be broken. Oasis might be ignorant. Nico might be a fool pursuing an unachievable goal, but what they all have in common is that they are obstacles on the way to success. They all have drive and determination unlike any other, which is what put them into this match. We will all be brewing a powerful and ravaging storm, that will engulf all of us within it. We will all be put through hell, a devastating storm that will possibly destroy us all. Only when it ends, when the dust finally settles, will we finally see who reigns supreme. 

And that?

That will be ME.

The King’s Guard will reign, and obstacles will not stop ANY of us.

You may believe in yourself. You might have fans that believe in you, who want you to be the best and win. But love, compassion, and belief will get you nowhere, unless you truly wish to go to nowhere, lost in the sea of depravity and forgettable stories. Once again….The King’s Guard will reign supreme. Theron will hold the 24/7 briefcase. King Tiberius will have the EAW Championship. And I will hold the Cash in the Vault Briefcase, high above my head, standing above the obstacles that I have went through.

I am the messenger, after all.

This is the message.

Pain for Pride - The Raven transcends the shadow. The King’s Guard lives to be the greatest.

Hail to the motherfucking King.
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The Extreme Enigma Fatal Fourway Elimination Match @ Pain For Pride, Promo #6

Thursday, 1:09 A.M.,  Newark, New Jersey. 

(The scene opens inside the hotel room of Solomon Caine. The camera sweeps over the room, slowly  bringing into frame a waste basket in which various pieces of paper and small pieces of broken furniture peek out the opening. On the basket is a text made from a dark stain which reads ‘within lays the future within lays the past. All rendered void’. 

The camera continues to pan up slowly to reveal a man who is on mistakable to any who seen him. He is the being known as Solomon Caine. He stands over the basket with several items in his hands. Photographs of his opponents at the upcoming pain for pride event. 

Caine: “And now here, with so little precious time before the chosen hour. With only a handful of moments before the Great War is waged. Here We stand before the world. We stand before those whom belittle and mock us. We stand before the ones who cling with all desperation, to the same frailties, and defects that have brought them to their ultimate demise. We once more plead with them to open their eyes, for their own sake. We implore them to accept all that fate has in store for them. 

We say this, for our flesh both praises the sacrifice to come, and loathes it that it must take ones so young. We rejoice at all that shall be done to bring about all we have foretold, and we mourn for those who could have served a greater purpose, but instead threw away all the potential they had shown by becoming slaves to the demons that poisoned each of their minds. 

Is that why in the eternities we searched, only one was willing to listen?  Only one was able to free himself from the shackles his mind were held prisoner with. Only one cast off his vanity, his ineptitude, his infirmary. He casted these off in our name. He did so that he may become our messenger, and now we have bestowed the honor of becoming our flesh upon him.  Now salvation is his. Now he is ours. 

And thru him the wretches of this earth shall meet their deserved ending. They shall know horrors that not even we speak of.  You shall reap all that you have sown, you shall swallow all of the bitter drink that you have made for yourselves. You heathen masses are an infection, and we are bringing about the cure. 

Tarah, Smiles, Marx, Oh how sad is it that each of you brought a miserable fate upon yourselves. Our flesh mourns as it once did for allies. It weeps for all of you once could have shared in a better life. All of you would have rule over this world, once our glorious reign had taken hold. We could have molded you from roughened clay, to become kings and queens. Now we must lay your bodies low. We must break you in every fathomable way. We must rend your flesh. We must break your spirit, we must shatter your minds, and we must tear out your goddamn hearts!  You pay a far greater price than blood at week’s end. The world to come  shall not remember you. No tear shall fall, nor any monument to your honor.  “

(Caine holds up he first Picture, an image of Target Smiles that he holds firmly in between the tip of his thumb and the fleshy part at the base of his index finger.)

Caine: “Target Smiles, you claim to have overcome your own personal demon of arrogance. Yet you see no arrogance in all that you speak. That is the problem.  Like the rest of the masses, you have become blinded to your own faults, to your own iniquities.  You know you are imperfect, but you know not why.  

We asked what made anything you spoke credible, and here now you still have not answered. You still evade confronting the truth we speak.   You speak of your charity, you speak of your frugality. We care little about how you use money. For silver and gold are not the greed we refer to. We spoke of how you were greedy for your rotten desires. We spoke of how you are greedy for glory that belongs not to you. We spoke of your greed for the souls and minds of men. 

And now You have found a gathering of filth with whom all you do astounds, and amazes. Whom bask in every word you speak, and showed you with adulation. Could those who carry you upon their shoulders lift you up from the grave? Could any praise for you shield you from everything we are about to do onto you?  No, it could not.

There is not a man or beast that walks that can prevent what lies ahead for you.  You think you've fallen to the lowest valley, smiles you haven't left level ground. You have not seen dark times nor their consequences. You know not a pain that leaves you confined to an existence watching the world live blissfully ignorant. Unaware of how short their time is. 

You have never see the aftermath of tragedy as we have. You have not felt the heat creeping up your body, you have never witnessed those who stood by your side spend their final moments in agony. You have never have never had to bare that loss, as you yourself were preserved. 

Do not speak to me of dark times Target Smiles. Our flesh bore witness to them, and we shutter at the thought of seeing them again.

 We shall not allow this. We shall see this world born anew. We shall make it perfect, we shall make it as it was before the heathens twisted, and corrupted it, AND TOOK THE LIVES OF MY BROTHERS!!!!”

(Caine stares intensely at nothing. He inhales deeply, his body tension loosens up.)

Caine:  “We know you Target Smiles. We know you well. We have looked deep into your mind, and even deeper into your soul. We know your worth, and you are not worthy of possessing the golden key to the fire. 

Target Smiles, there is much you shroud of yourself. You cover your face, but there is no masking your words, or thoughts, or actions. There is no hiding away all that you do, and there shall be no covering to hide you from being sacrificed and making us whole.  The world shall see you exposed for all that you are, and all that controls you, when you are laid down upon the altar at Pain For Pride. 

(Caine let's the photo fall. It lands in the basket.  He takes out the next photo, that of Tarah Nova, and cradles it in the palm of his hand.)

Caine: “Tarah. Oh poor Tarah. It amuses us how you try to put on this show for those you claim to lead. It makes us erupt with the grandest of laughter when you almost deceive yourself, and nearly convince yourself that what you speak is truth. You speak of the false idols you stood side by side with, but you were never their equal. You were merely their conquest that they would boast of to the world. You were merely a pawn to draw the ire and envy of men about those so called kings. 

And yet there was so much more that laid beneath the surface. If only you would have let it run free, it might have led you to rule over a paradise. Instead you suppressed it for the sake of the unwashed masses and their praise. You sacrificed eternity, for a moment that shall soon be forgotten. Do not deny it Tarah. The filth that live in this world pay lip service praise to few, that they might turn around and see them brought to rack and ruin in their prime. Those who bow before your feet now Tarah, they shall wait for you turn your back to them, and plunge a dagger into you. That is the nature of these vile and envious creatures.

You are young, and in such a short time you have done mighty things. But you are influenced by those who would have you dragged down to the darkest depths that they would take your place.  You are their leader, but even now as we speak they conspire against you. What should coke about if you acquire the ultimate In Victory, and take both the key and the Throne?  How long till they bring about a plot against you? How long till you are made as Julius Cesar?  

How long shall you worship the fallen?  How long shall you cling to them? You know not what hardship it is to live for the dead. We do. Our flesh does. Long ago we felt as you did. We were shown the error of this way. We must let what is gone, be gone. That is what we must do with you Tarah. We wish it weren't so, but your pride, your addiction to the adulation of the masses, it has stolen you away past the point of no return.  Though it stings us, we must leave you to the fate you have carved out for yourself. We must leave you to burn amongst the heathens. 

Awaken child, while you still have the chance.  put aside your ego, and awaken the beast that dwells inside you. Already we see it stirring, do not muzzle it, nor let it lay dormant. Awaken!!!  For we shall hold nothing back when we strike you. We shall leave no piece of you battered and broken!  We shall let flow from you a river of blood the same as we would a man. We shall show no mercy.  We shall not  be lenient with you.  We shall not remember the sixteen you slaughtered for us, nor shall we allow you to take the key of fire. 

 cast off that which cripples you, bring forth that which earned fear to your name, and  meet the End Of Ages with dignity.”

(Caine takes a long look at the photo before allowing it to slide out of his hand and tip into the waste basket.  He hold up the next photo. A rare snapshot Of Ryan Marx.)

Caine: “Ryan Marx. Do you truly believe they are your life in the realm of eternity?  When all of them are made made nothing but dust blown about by the gentlest breeze how will they preach all that your mind had pondered?  Or all that your body had preformed. When they all lay before you of victims of all that we have brought about, who will tell the world of you?  You speak of how your legacy shall live on after death, how the body means nothing to you. Ryan Marx if you do not understand than when the world witnesses the end your flesh, they shall turn away from all you have spoken. All the deceptions you have passed off as the truths of the universe, the lies that you called the meaning of life.  When we smash your skull between our hands. When you scream for mercy till we tear your tongue out of your mouth. The world will see where the path of these words and thoughts lead, and turn from you, to us. 

You once again speak of the Sanitorium. What else could you have to ponder of them?  You see the body of Zack Crash here and now. But was it not just before he crossed our path that he was held as a man of power?  Did he not bend the will of men to his own before we sacrificed him on the day of Shock Value?  Behold him now. All but powerless. Made ridicule of. And far and away from harming all the great beast has planed. You speak Of Y2IMPACT seeking to inflict his wrath upon HeartBreak Gal. Strange how he ended up far away from the Sanitorium. How he bickers with the one whom he so cherished. I You speak of Eclipse Diemos no longer possessing the golden glory. How it now sits in the hands of Drastik, whom we promised to hunt down till what he holds was ours. We long ago foretold of this and now we are but a stone's throw from seeing its fruition. Have  you never pondered how he in such a short time he went from one who hid himself away from the world, to becoming its champion?  It is all as ourself has designed. The key leads to the golden glory, Is that not why you seek the it?  That you might posses your own?  How little you heathens see both in foresight and hindsight. How you do not hear when we had told you that all we have done with the Sanitorium, was but a means to an end. And now that we have told you of what lays on the path behind us, allow us to foretell the path ahead. With our victory at Pain For Pride we shall possess the key that shall lead us to the eyes of the world. With it we shall take that golden glory from whom ever holds it, and with it the eyes of the masses shall weep. for at that moment they shall see that all we spoke is true. They shall weep for they will witness our rise. They shall witness their downfall. Wether it be Tiberius, or Drastik, or any other. We shall soon be coming to do onto them as we shall soon do onto you. 

And of Eclipse Diemos. We ask you to ponder What shall come about when HDRO meets his end. 

We do not loath your questions Ryan Marx. We merely ask what good should come from repeating them to no end.  Is not such the definition of insanity?  Does not expecting a different answer when nothing has changed, is that not lunacy?  We say to you listen. Hear us. We wish for you to truly understand, for our words are not for our own good. They are for yours. We have spoken this time and again. And as often as we have said it, you turn a deafen ear to it. We wish for you to understand, for somewhere in our flesh lies a needle of remorse that one such as yourself should meet the fate you are headed towards. How it wishes you would come to your senses and save the ones who follow you. How it yearns to see you take place in the glorious reign, and spread its truth to be nations. How our flesh feels remorse at what must be done onto you. For though a great man is ended, and great multitude may survive the great fire in his place. Though his words shall lie dead, his example of what becomes of those who stand against the fire, shall linger on. Though he placed his hopes in five high towers that became his prison, with their destruction, many were set free. 

You doubt our power. Many have. We shall be most glad to demonstrate it at Pain For Pride. We shall rejoice as our strength brings you to your knees. We shall laugh heartily as we see fear shatter your gifted mind. We shall show you with action how pointless all you say and think of us truly is. We shall look into your eyes and see what is behind them coming to the realization of what we are. And With your sacrifice upon the altar, we shall become what we must to bring about all that we have foretold. 

Can you comprehend all this Ryan?  Does the meaning of all I say penetrate thru the thick wall of ignorance?  And if you could not understand all that we spoke of, the corruption of the earth, the cleansing that is coming, and the glorious reign rising up in its place than what good should it do to repeat it all?  You would cling to your high pillars with all your might, but what shall come about when they crumble and fall down upon your head?  What shall come about when the foundation of all you believe erodes beneath your feet?!  When all that you have built your church upon, lays shattered, what shall become of Ryan Marx. 

Ryan Marx we promise you not just utter destruction your small comprehension of pain. We promise you not just the end of your flesh. But  We promise to burry all that you wish to spread, your words, your text, your follower, your pillars, into the the grave along with you. We promise to make you see before we bring about your end. How in your last moments you will understand how great the folly of all that you pursued, all you cherish, all you have dedicated your life towards, was all in vain. And we promise you Ryan, that you shall curse the day you discovered all these things. 
You shall hate what the hands of Destiny have brought you to. You shall curse yourself that you could not escape all that it had stored up for you. You shall weep bitterly for you shall know our words are the truths that cannot be shaken. Our foretellings shackles that cannot be broken or picked. You shall rue the day you discarded our warnings, and paid no heed to the wisdom within them. 

You spoke of your hardships, how thru the years they made you who you are now. You are welcome. 

Step forth that we might bring about the End you desire. The End you so rightfully deserve. Bring your beloved that she might witness with her own eyes all that we have spoken of coming to pass. Learn a lesson that every mind must face. History is written by the victorious. History is written by us.”

(Caine crumples up the photo and tosses it into the basket. He hold up one last picture. One of himself. Though the face is younger, it most certainly must be him.)

Caine: “And here is our flesh laid to rest. And with it, all the weakness it bares. All of the infirmaries it holds. The weakness named mercy. All of it, dead and buried, never to rise again. Forever shall it remain dead, and forever shall our glorious reign rule over this world. When the flood of fire sweeps over it, we shall rejoice. When the masses within it parish in the worst imaginable fate. When the empires and armies of this world are crushed under our feet. 

There shall be no mourning, or weeping. There shall be no memorial in their honor. There shall be no regret at having brought forth their End.”

(Caine let's his picture fall into the waste bucket before pulling out a zippo lighter.)

Caine: “Thru fire, we shall all be cleansed.”

(Caine tosses the lighter into the bucket, immediately the contents inside catch, and soon are but crackling cinders.)

Caine: “Heed our words, for all that we are saying, it shall be so.” 

The End is near
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Post on June 23rd 2017, 2:19 am by April Song
Pain for Pride #5
Above the Clouds

(Inside the pub, April’s interview continues after a brief break for commercials and other announcements. Dressed in her usual all-black attire, she fumbles around with some dog tags hanging on her neck while nursing a beer.)

Wave: Are those yours or someone else’s?

April: Hmm?

Wave: The dog tags.

April: Well, some of them are mine. The others are from a couple of friends who didn’t get as lucky as I did, you know?

(While April’s expression doesn’t give away that anything is off kilter, Wave nods his head in understanding, deciding that the subject is best left alone. After a staffer informs Wave that they will be back on the air shortly, he puts his headset back on, prompting April to do so as well.)

Wave: And we’re back, ladies and gentlemen. April Song has been kind enough to join us for another show segment as we are here live in Big Bully’s Pub and Grill in New York City. Let’s pick up where we left off, April and talk about Stephanie Matsuda. I think it’s obvious that the two of you aren’t friends, but this is starting to seem more and more personal as time goes by. We have some sound we’d like to play that a friend of ours from TMZ made available….

(The listeners and viewers of the show can hear the audio of Stephanie’s comments while seeing April’s reaction, who seems rather nonchalant about it, taking another swig of the beer, she had recently opened.)

Wave: Do you have a response to any of that?

April: Well, the first thing that I must say is that as far as aligning myself with the Coven goes, it’s not like I have any choice in the matter. I don’t know if Alexis and Cloudy picked the teams or if some idiot in an office drew them up, but what it is what it is. I don’t really have much of a say on the matter so I just must deal with what I’m given. Do I WANT to team up with them? No. But the only way I can have a shot at the women’s World Championship is to beat Stephanie’s team than try to find a way to survive the Coven and Savannah Sunshine, depending on who makes it through.

Wave: She had some pretty strong words for you also, calling you a “Disgrace to America”-

(April raises a hand to curtly cut off Wave before glaring daggers at him.)

April: I don’t need a whore to assess how I served my country. I know what it’s like to return home with honors from combat and leave people behind. I have done things that most people can’t and a lot more wouldn’t to serve the United States. I made countless sacrifices just so people like her can have the opportunity to run their mouths and get paid as well as they do. My service record and integrity as a soldier is above reproach by someone like her, period.

Wave: Do you think she has a valid point about your willingness to team with the Coven? They are not the most trustworthy group of individuals.

April: I’m aware, but that’s a risk that must be taken. We all sink together or we all sail together. It’s that simple. What happens after Cloud’s team is gone is what happens, and I’ll deal with those consequences.

Wave: You seem to be a little more upset with some of Stephanie’s comments than anything else we’ve talked about so far.

April: She can’t be stupid. She talks about, I think Air Force people doing nothing but sitting on their asses? We are the ones with the mobility to help other armed forces, both our sister branches of the US Military but our allies all over the world. We have the speed to deter and deliver devastating strikes. We are the ones that they call in to do the serious air fighting. We may be the “last in” according to military historian Stephanie Matsuda, but we are the smartest, most versatile and we damn sure strike the hardest.

Wave: There were some other comments made about you, ruthless ones. She alleges that you don’t really have a clue of why you’re in EAW. What ARE you in EAW for?

(April fidgets a bit in her seat, still nursing the beer as those watching the show at the pub are quiet. Taking a little while to think about it she finally speaks.)

April: When I came here, I didn’t want to be a wrestler. To EAW, I mean. I was just looking for a payday. It was just like any mission as a mercenary: do the task assigned, get paid, go home. I never had a real intention of making this a full-time gig. My job was to prove somebody’s point and then disappear. Then I started experiencing losses. I started to learn more and more about wrestling and my opponents. I learned all the silly little rules of the locker room and how to deal with fans. Honestly, it’s a little hard…I don’t make friends easily and I really feel awkward in a lot of social settings. Wrestling takes away a lot of that anxiety for me, gives me something to do. I don’t like Stephanie, but I’m not going to go around calling her a hoe, a fake ass Chun-Li, and try to make fun of her.

Wave: You have said some negative things about her….

April: When did I lie? Or embellish? Or even insult? I just said what anyone else would say if they have seen what I have seen. She accuses me of slut-shaming…. bitch, when? I simply said you slept around a lot, you know? This isn’t something where I’m judging. We all have our crutches in life. Some people like narcotics, some people like food, some people like Stephanie like sex…I obviously like drink. So…. I don’t see what her problem is with me bringing that up.

Wave: What do you think the problem is with you two? You have similar wrestling styles, similar backgrounds…I would think that you have a mutual respect.

April: I really don’t get that either. Again, I think it’s just ignorance on her part and me being a bit of a sarcastic asshole sometimes. Oh, by the way, my dad was from Seoul, thank you very much. I was born in the United States. It’s always funny to hear jokes like that from people of JAPANESE descent because for some reason they have always looked down on Koreans, calling us “dog people” and the like. Believe me, I’m not surprised at all by your ignorance considering the genetic makeup you possess and the idiocy that you have displayed on a near-weekly basis ever since I had the displeasure of meeting you. I do think it’s funny that my limited submission ability, as she put it, defeated the person who is going to challenge for the Specialists Championship in a couple of days and is somehow incapable of beating her. I record submission wins at a faster and more frequent rate than anyone in EAW today and probably EAW history. I was one of the best Jujitsu-ka in the entire Rocky Mountain region of the United States before I fucking turned twenty. I know more about inflicting pain and suffering using holds than Matsuda knows about wrestling and sexual intercourse combined. I have tried my best to keep my cool when it comes to her, but she does nothing but stand around and scream insults, like a little girl. Even from the moment we met in the ring and she beat me, she has regressed. I have done nothing but improve and progress while she has descended into drunken debauchery and stupidity. While I can relate to drunken debauchery, I refuse to ever relate to stupidity. She mentioned that people lose titles every day…. people win them back every day too. If she was as great as she says she is, what is holding her back from being one of the best in this division?

Wave: It seems like we’ve kinda stopped talking about the Divide and Conquer match in general and focused in only a few people…

April: Because, to put it bluntly, there are only 4 people in this match that I have any concern about facing or teaming with. Madison and Alexis for obvious reasons. They are talented, they are dangerous, and if they team up against me there is an extremely small chance that I would survive if it came to that. Revy because of her military experience and her intelligence. And Stephanie. Not because I consider her dangerous, I just know that she has a bit of unpredictability, instability that is going to change the course of this match either for the better or for worse. She chided me for insulting my teammates, but I do so honestly, openly and without attacking them with a steel chair from behind without provocation.  I will meet my enemy face to face, head on. I don’t plot and squabble and flatter and deceive. I don’t need to fight her on the street, in a cage or anywhere else but the wrestling ring. She can have her fun in the club and take off whatever she wants to take off and shout at everyone. I’m not doing that. It’s not who I am. I’ll do all the talking that I need to do when I put her to sleep.

Wave: Now…. it’s time to take it to the fans. I have a few questions from them lined up and ready to go, are you ready?

April: Let’s do it.

Wave: Here’s the first one…. (grins as he looks down at the card and then back up at April.) Phil in Tennessee asks, “Are you single?"

April: Well I’m not married, not seeing anyone. Yes…but honestly, I have no interest.

Wave: Alicia in Tampa asks: “Who do you think will win the Specialists Championship match?”

April: My brain is saying Brody Sparks, but my gut tells me that Consuela will find a way to pull through. She’s very tough, maybe one of the toughest I’ve been in a ring or on the jujitsu mat with. I think she’ll find a way and leave the new champion.

Wave: Mel, an Air Force guy staying on the US base in Okinawa asks “How do you rate your chances of winning the Divide and Conquer match? Do you think you’re prepared for a World title opportunity?”

April: Less than five percent. Seeing as there are ten people involved in the match, that would make ten percent seem like the right number obviously, but depending on how the match progresses, I may have to face all the Coven or at least two of them. I think my chances drastically go up if I face Savannah after Cloud’s team is defeated, but I’ll see. As for the world title match, it’s like I said before, if I earn it, I’m ready. If I don’t, I’m not. (shrugs) Also, it’s great to hear from an Airman. Thank you for your service, man, and come home safe.

Wave: We have time for three more? Oh, two more, okay…. Malik in Cincinnati asks “Will we ever see you in gear other than your all black?

April: This may surprise people, but I do have something in the works for Pain for Pride that is not all-black. I can’t give away what it is, but I do have something planned.

Wave: Last one. Bill in Phoenix wants to know who your boss is that has been referenced to several times before but not recently.

April: I can’t divulge that information because I don’t know it. All I know is that it’s someone who wants me to succeed and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Wave: April, you’ve been a very open, honest guest and we appreciate having you on. Best of luck at Pain for Pride and congratulations on making it as far as you have in professional wrestling.

April: Thank you for having me on, wasn’t expecting anything like this this week but here we are.

(The crowd cheers as the two of them shake hands, the show coming to an end.) 

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Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 12:52 am by Moongoose McQueen
I’m done. Yeah. Over the last few days, I really don’t had much to say about my opponents for Pain For Pride that I haven’t already said. I’m not convinced by anything my opponent has said, and they will not be convinced by me either. At this point, words are utterly useless and now, our actions and character will speak for itself. While I could eloquently talk about how Chris Elite should be nervous, because deep down, I know he is terrified of change and knows exactly what I am capable of. After all, I am both controversial and versatile enough to be considered a true threat to his overall cause, and he knows it from past experience, and for that reason alone, Chris Elite has every reason to act the way he is. Once again, I can go on a long rant about all that that ultimately ends with me calling Chris Elite a total wussy whom has never been able to stand on his own two feet, and with that, I would had ended it all with a coy statement that I look forward to seeing Big Mike there. Same would go for Lucas Johnson, whom no matter what he says, the recent events of me being him at every turn will always make me the favorite against him. And Finnegan? Well, I’ll say for once, he has made great point. Perhaps it is true that I don’t show my good side enough, though he should understand by now that I play the role that I feel is necessary at the time. After all, the constant slandering of my name by your little documentary team only makes you look better and play the victim card. You see, good or bad, I play a role, and that’s better than being a nobody, such as yourself. But with that said, I’m kind of just done with the New Breed Championship match as a whole.  I’ll win, end of story. It’s too boring and anti-climactic for my taste, so let’s talk about the bigger picture and why Moongoose McQueen winning is what is best for EAW.

Moongoose McQueen is not a one brand man. He has never been, and he never will, as in the past, I have never settle for less than being that whole damn face of the company as a whole. But you see, it’s been hard when this season has been a constant push to give veterans’ closure, which is truly the only excuse that I can see as to why the match that I, Lucas, Chris, and Finnegan are in  are placed on the pre-show. Because Pain for Pride X is the anniversary show. And that really annoys me and I just absolutely hate that for a company where favoritism runs amuck because the new guy is working harder now more than ever, but pushed to the curb to let some guy that hasn’t been relevant in years get back their 15 mins of glory. And like, I’m here busting my ass, taking on every challenge along the way, only to be pushed aside each time for what they think is “more important.” So with that, I can see how this company truly feels about me. I’m not important, despite the fact that I have done everything in my power to promote their shows and my match. But they treat me more like an errand boy than a star, and continue to put me in a situation where they will use me once, and then put me to the side until convenience comes up that they need  a top contender or challenger to step up again, before putting him on the bench again.

While I can tell that is more or less what happened with the New Breed title match, where I was simply placed here as a means to get me off the trail of going after the EAW Interwire Championship, you can say that it worked, because as of the moment, I’m not interested in the title, but more of the status that man has achieved. And with the New Breed Championship, as small and shallow that title really is, as to label me of all people a “new breed” is an insult to everything I have done, it has opened new doors and opportunities for me to truly look into expanding the Moongoose McQueen brand and name.
After all, winning a title that lets me take on all challengers from the other brands is exactly what I need to further spread my influence in EAW.  No more will I let this company make a fool out of me. No more will I be oppressed and chained to become a one man brand. My goal is still unchanged. I am very still after only one thing and one thing only. I want everything that man, DEDEDE has, and I will do absolutely everything it takes to do just that, even as a means to become public enemy number one. These guys that I will face, they think too little, and are beneath me, but don’t be surprised that by Pain for Pride XI, Moongoose McQueen will be in the proper position to steal the whole damn show while they fight or the same damn title with the new faces. Let those veterans keep Pain for Pride X. Let them celebrate their 10th anniversary. Because after that and the EAW draft, nothing will ever…… EVER be the same again. There will be no feeling of nostalgia, no more will Moongoose McQueen be pushed aside for establish history or the big agenda to simply promote matches that are “year in the making.” I’m going to main event next year. Mark my words. EVERYBODY will know my name, and it begins here, when I reach for that belt and pull it straight down and become the new standard of what every single damn talent in EAW needs to be.  I’m going to be so damn good, every New Breed champion before and after me will leave you all disappointed, and you can bet the same damn thing for every title that will come my way. Ladies and Gentleman, prepare for disappointment, because Moongoose McQueen is going to give so much, no other man will ever be enough to satisfy your thirst ever again. I can hear it now. “He was a good champ, but he certainly was no McQueen.” Sorry guys, while I’m sure all three of you have a great shot at winning this title in the future, you’re going to have to bear the responsibility of trying to do everything that I’ve done with that belt, and first it will be the new breed, then the interwire champions, then the national elite, tag teams, all the world titles, hell, if EAW gets with the times, the women’s title too. But nah, Moongoose McQueen is too damn special. He’s too damn unique. He cares too damn much that his passion and charisma is unmatched. Moongoose McQueen is too damn much, but you know what that just means? It just means there is enough of Moongoose McQueen to go around on every damn show, and with the New Breed title around my waist, you aren’t going to have a choice but to take it all in.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 23rd 2017, 12:18 am by Aria Jaxon

You know why I hold you in a high regard, Cailin? Because I’m sane. It’s really that simple.

Think about it like this -- before I popped up on Cameron’s radar, she’d never once weighed in on how good she thought I was or wasn’t. I beat her once after she talked up a big game, and ever since then, I’m just a terrible wrestler who keeps catching one lucky break after another. Or, think about how quickly The OGs flip-flopped on the subject of your ability. You had to listen to them all too confidently spew the same bullshit they’d been happy to throw at me and any other woman who wasn’t part of The Plastics. Once you linked up with them, they were real fucking quick to sing your praises. They were willing to stick out their necks to keep your title reign intact. They were acting as your personal hypewomen every chance they got. Even Cameron. But oh, as soon as she got that belt, she did an about-face. You’re right to say it’s likely that y’all were never friends, but for that period of time where you seemed to have somewhat similar interests, you definitely weren’t full-fledged enemies either. With Cameron and anybody who’s that self-centered, their perception of how good someone is depends entirely on how likely that person is to go along with what they say. That’s why I said we’re not here to change her mind, because nothing is gonna shut her mouth. I like to think I’m pretty good about separating how I feel about someone as a person from how I see them as a wrestler. It’s the reason I wanna break Cameron’s jaw after listening to her inflate her own ego for the millionth time, but also simultaneously not have any trouble admitting that I think she’s good at what she does. The fact that I think you’re great has never had anything to do with us being friends. I thought you were great before I ever really got a chance to know you, and that’s because I can be honest about these things. All of our history, both the good and the bad shit that you say I’m skating around, have led us here, but none of it has anything to do with how I view Cailin Dillon the wrestler. I tend not to let the two overlap. As it turns out, the people I’m known for having the prettiest matches or most scintillating rivalries with tended to be the people I wasn’t fucking with on a personal level at the time -- Cameron, HBG, Eris, Sheridan, Madison, and yes, you and Stephanie, too. To have ever written any of you off as not being serious opponents just because I might not have fucked with you on any given day is never a luxury I’ve been able to afford. I only had two matches on the main roster before I got thrown into the first go-’round of Empress of Elite. Things haven’t slowed down since. I haven’t lifted my foot off the gas pedal. For all intents and purposes, swimming in this shark tank of a division is all I know. I’ve never known anything but cut-throat competition. The same can be said for you. Maybe it was too optimistic of me to think there’d never be any static between you and I. For all of their hugging and kissing, even the members of The OGs were bitter enemies long before they ever decided to go into business together. The truth is that we’ve always been too much alike for our own good. We’re just able to manage that better at some points than others. Whatever you felt within you that made you zap Sheridan or make friends with The OGs evidently either isn’t there or has gone dormant. Five months ago, everything you said and did to me had malice behind it. It wasn’t just about making a statement or retaining a title with you. You seemed pretty determined to stick it to me in the process. So no, I haven’t forgotten. But, you said yourself that you feel like you’ve paid for your sins. Oddly enough, that payment manifested physically in Cameron, who had been watching your back not that long before. In any case, though, you already got your comeuppance. And you’ve long since refocused, ready to get back the title that you weren’t ready to lose. Like you said, though; no matter how long the title reign, a champion isn’t ever really “prepared” to not be champion anymore. I like to think I’d have been champion by that point anyway if not for, ya know, outside forces. The same way you can’t dwell on the maybes and could bes of your situation, I can’t either. If I sit here and ponder what I could’ve done differently, if I’d have looked over my shoulder or smoothed things over with Stephanie or whatever, it’ll drive me insane. So I won’t. I have to care more about this match than any of the others. And believe me, I do. I feel like I’ve made that pretty clear over the past number of days. This focus, this ferocity, this drive that I’m feeling...it’s always there, but it’s just on some next-level shit now. I’m staring down that championship with a laser-focus that would scare me if I were anyone else. I don’t have any other choice but to conduct myself this way.

All the while, I’m taking you seriously, for a couple of different reasons. For one, you don’t deserve any less than to be held in a pretty high esteem for how good you are, what you’ve managed to do, and what you’ll continue to do. It doesn’t matter what we’ve been through. The least I could do is tell the truth in regard to you and your abilities. The second reason is that I’m not looking to give you any openings. I see it all the time with these other wrestlers who are sure of themselves to a fault. There’s nothing wrong with confidence, but how many times have we seen people who walk into a match with blinders on and unintentionally give their opponent a leg-up? We’re already evenly matched enough that I can’t avoid coming into this with any less than 20/20 vision. You’re wrong about the idea that you think I’m anticipating you’ll just accept all of what I’m saying. I never thought that. If anyone in the world is gonna concede to defeat, it’s not gonna be Cailin Dillon. Just the same, as much as I understand why you wanna win, I have to shut it all down. And I’m doing it for me. Nevermind what people think I deserve. I’m taking what I feel is due to me. You don’t have to accept this, Cailin. Not now, anyway. You’ll fight tooth and nail to the very end to try and make everything that you’ve said come true. It only takes three seconds to turn all of that on its head. After that, it won’t matter what you will or won’t accept.

This is seriously the worst attempt at a sob story that I’ve ever heard. I thought you were outta your mind enough not too long ago when you said you were on some twisted mission to showcase yourself as the hero in all of this, but you followed up on it. Now, to piggyback on that you’re supposed to be inspirational because you “wanted more” despite going into the Hall of Fame fairly early? That’s a dumbass fucking bid for sympathy. Like I said, the bar was lower back when you got inducted. The Vixens Championship was the sole prize contested for by the women. Hold it once, you were already considered hot shit. Hold it twice, well, that was probably already considered more than enough for an induction. Nobody is patting you on the head for not calling it quits earlier or not being content with how things had played out for you leading up to 2012. Poor Cameron didn’t feel like she deserved it. She felt so small standing in the shadows of the other people inducted in her class. She wanted to outdo those women who had come before her.

No one gives a fuck.

That same insecurity you felt surrounding what you felt was an undeserved Hall of Fame ring still rears its head to this day; it just takes on different forms. Now it’s at the point where, no matter how much you puff out your silicone-enhanced chest and shout to kingdom come about how great you are, you’re STILL so unsure about your place here that you resolve to get rid of people rather than just beating them. That’s a recurring thing with Cailin and I, right? That once you’re done with us, we either wouldn’t be on Empire or we’d be out of EAW completely? I know that Empire gets more and more crowded every day. The bottom rungs of the ladder are crowded with women resolving to do whatever it takes to ascend to where they think they should be. I don’t worry about them. I welcome competition, if legitimate competition is what they turn out to be. My self-assuredness is no fucking illusion. When I stand here and say I can go toe-to-toe with the best this brand has to offer and beat them, I believe 100% in what I’m saying. I don’t need anyone among the top tier of Empire gone in order to rise to the top. I can put my nose to the grindstone and push through no matter how high the level of competition is. A real champion would embrace challenges instead of dodging them and then sitting back and grinning as if they’ve actually done shit. I mean damn, if you were gonna catch Cailin slipping, the LEAST you could’ve done is go on to have a more eventful reign than her. It’s true, in the grand scheme of things, you don’t HAVE to meet whatever standard Cailin and I are setting for what we think the Women’s Champion should be, but it should still be a high priority of yours to make that title the best it can be. That’s the challenge presented to every new titleholder, to one-up the person that came before them. As much as it annoyed me that Cailin was doing some of the shit she was doing, at least she was defending the belt -- and against legitimate competition, at that. You say it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re competing from one week to the next, and evidently, it does. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the tag team match at Terminus your first taste of actual credible opposition since becoming the champion? And there wasn’t any belt on the line in that situation. It was just a cute little powder keg thrown together by Cleopatra. I don’t think we need to recount how that went for you. You get the idea. You don’t get to largely turn that coveted championship into a paperweight and then parade around here as if you’ve had a reign worth envying. Me wanting so badly to take that championship off your hands has nothing to do with jealousy. It’s because I know I can do better. And I will. Those insecurities plaguing your mind? You’ve been right to feel them all along. You’ve been right to want me gone and to know deep down that I’ve got what it takes to take you down a peg whenever I damn well please. Your fall is coming, Cameron. And when you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and survey your surroundings in the aftermath, you’ll have just enough time to see me walking away with the Women’s Championship.

“I wanted to raise the bar for all of you women today. Therefore, I consider myself the best.”

Can someone find me the goddamn correlation between the two? Because I’m looking. I’m straining over here and I can’t find shit. You WANTED to raise the bar. It doesn’t automatically mean you did. So many of the strides that you made for women in this company didn’t even take place within this division. I’ll give you props for being the one to break the glass ceiling and be the one who ensured that it’d be considered fairly normal for the women here to compete with the men, and even take their titles. But back on your home turf, it’s not quite the same story. Back over here, your resume is -- dare I say it -- more normal. Honestly, if what people translated into results and bragging rights, someone like Lucas Johnson would be a five-time World Heavyweight Champion right now. It doesn’t matter what you wanted, Cameron. I’m sure you wanted a division like this for you and all your decrepit ass retired friends to lord over, but wanting better for yourselves wasn’t enough, was it? No, when it came down to delivering results, that was a job left up those of us who came along later. As it stands right now, you’re keeping pace. Though if not for the Empire Cup, you’d be giving chase instead of keeping your head on a swivel. The clock is ticking down and it really hasn’t dawned on you just how badly I want this. Oh, you’re doing a good job of staving off defeat right now. But what happens when I break out into a dead sprint, ready to chase you down and take what’s hanging on your shoulder? You think just keeping pace will be enough then? Because you seem to take a whole lot of pride in just “keeping up”. The one thing you were right about is the fact that I always think about what’s next. I’m already imagining what it’ll be like to walk into the Draft Show with the Women’s Championship. That’s what’s next. You’re over here talking about digging my grave, but you’re not woman enough to pick up that shovel. You don’t have it in you to shove me down into that six-foot hole. You’ve never cracked that code, Cameron. You’ve yet to solve that question of “What will keep Aria Jaxon down for good?” And you never will. The only thing destined to be dealt a death blow is your ego, Regina.

Here lies Cameron Ella Ava’s Women’s Championship reign. Good riddance. 
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:52 pm by Amani

(Jacob is shown in some discreet, random location in New Jersey. He's dressed in casual shit with a Yankees practice jersey. 80's new wave music is coming from his phone. Set the mood, yo.)

Okay I'm just here so you motherfuckers didn't forget about me. AndbecauseahigherupsaidIneedtotalkaboutthisshitagain. I guess SOME of you don't have anything better to do than just run your mouth, like oh I don't know, physically prepare for Pain for Pride? Specifically Theron and Darkane have been having a BALL talking shit all week. But that's the difference between me and most of the competitors in this match. I don't need to talk, I don't even want to talk. Wonder why I do dumb shit in front of this camera? Because I can. I'm not putting up some persona, trying to be tough. These motherfuckers are out here talking for an hour. Who watches or listens to that shit? NOT I, GOOD SIR. Which is why I don't know if any of these dimwits have said my name nor do I care. They don't know me. I don't even know most of them because they're irrelevant. Let's look at the list, shall we? Haruna: Bitch, who? Will she even understand anything I'm saying here? Tig Kelly: I've choked him out in that ring. Why would this be any different? Anthony Leonhart: really a joke. I'd like to face him one on one just to bring his ego down a bit. Mark Michaels: The definition of twitter fingers. Sheridan, hahaha. I just beat her last week! El Ironico: Another fool I've beaten a while back and if I'm not mistaken, more than once. I don't remember. Like I said, irrelevant. What's the point? Jon McAdams: A cuck for sure. ONI: Isn't he called the demon or some shit? And in the Sanatorium? Is he even still around? Haven't seen him or heard from him. Marco: A lad I have no quarrel with. In fact, I respect him and his determination to take over Voltage. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm more of a threat in this than he is. Is Carson Ramsay even alive? Who knows? Who cares? Not I. Cody Marshall: A for sure typical racist, homophobic, christian redneck. Reminds me of the Chicago suburbs. Boy, I'll throw you over the top rope then lit your fuckin' church on fire. BET. Lethal Consequences: Probably the only one who shares my same mentality about this circus. He gets it. He's a legend in EAW. To be honest, he shouldn't be degraded like this and thrown in this shit show. I'd be pressed if I were him. Johnny Nova: don't know him but he's a black man in America so more power to you, sir. Scott Diamond: he recently made a return. Good for him, I guess? Harvey Yorke: a wannabe badass from my city of Chicago. 'Cause we need more "hardcore" guys, right? Psh. What side did you grow up on, Mr. "Ultra Violent"? You use cheap ass, weak ass brass knuckles as your weapon of choice. And yeah I've been hit with them and used them on others. They aren't really shit compared to all the other options. Just a bitch move. Don't even breathe in the same air as me, pussy. Meet me in the South Side and we'll see about all that. Prince of Phenomenal: Another legend making a return so we've never met but he doesn't seem like he's one of legend caliber. I know EAW was just handing out Hall of Fame spots in the early days so I'll let it slide. Azumi: Isn't she a lesbian? And together with Haruna? I don't know. But it seems like all she wants to do is make friends and have fun just like her buddy which is gonna be a wake up call for her at Pain for Pride. She's not in there with another woman, she's in there with more men than she's ever had between her legs. She's useless in this and REALLY doesn't stand a chance. Tom-I mean Theodore Hilfiger: This motherfucker better have some free clothes for me with that name. Let's make a deal, huh? For every guy I eliminate, I get a free polo. Sound good? Great. Hook me up. Khasmin: I originally read this as Kashmir and thought we had a Led Zeppelin fan in the house. But that's not it. Irrelevant. Kaise uh..I can't pronounce his last name but that just means he's a waste of my breath. But long story short he's been through some shit and lost his family because he wanted to be a sissy. What kind of man, are ya? *Shakes his head* I'm gonna light your dreams of winning this battle royal on fire just like that fire lit up your house, pussy boi. Shaker Jones: make me a milkshake you nerd. Irrelevant. Ryan Savage: unless this guy can roast me into oblivion, he needs to drop the last name. Sir Killian CHAMPAGNE????? No, that's not right. My bad. Charlamagne. Like the host on The Breakfast Club? Charlamagne tha GAWD? Incredible. Another long ass pointless name that screams "WASTE YOUR TIME ON ME". Chris Bradshaw: irrelevant, never even heard the name. Ryan Lecavalier: another woman. It's amazing how much EAW management hates women right now, I'll tell ya. This isn't equal opportunity hahaha. Arete Silverlance: Who? Saiko: Who? LA DIVA IS IN THIS MATCH? BAH GAWD KANG. But a black woman in America. Props to you. Kimi Hendrix: ripping off Jimi Hendrix since whenever the fuck she started wrestling. Megan Raine: a fine lady but it's gonna hurt my heart and dick to punch her in the face. Sorry, boo. And Mike Showman: the epitome of big mouth. And back to Theron and Darkane. The guys with the least amount of social life of all of us. Seriously, do you have NOTHING else to do? Wild, man. I've tried to cycle through all of these fools' promos on this match but that would take days, honestly. It's all the same thing. We all want to win and get that shot but I don't think all of us realize only one out of what, thirty four of us, is gonna be *sings* VICTORRRIOUSSSS! And claiming you won before the damn event starts doesn't mean you're a winner. I'm not gonna say I can easily dispose of this many dumb sons of bitches but I'm gonna sure as hell try. If all this talking ain't enough for the big man in charge, I don't know what to do. I feel like I've run a mile. Jesus. How do you guys do this all the time? Straight up exhausting. Like I've said before and what I say every week, my actions like to take place of my words. Because you can talk shit all week like these dudes then get your ass kicked, so *shrugs shoulders*. 

(He walks out of frame and the scene fades to black.)
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:48 pm by Lioncross
*Welcome to an unofficial episode of The Lyun's Prey, Episode 4.5, where Lyuncrust goes around America's great restaurants hospitals and eats their food. And a lot of it. The following occurred a couple of weeks ago after the High Rollerz beat the living crap out of him.*

Lyuncrust: This is the life... *contented sigh*

*A nurse administers a vanilla ice cream shake through Lyuncrust's feeding tube. She follows with hot chocolate to keep things temperate.*

Lioncross: ...wait, a milkshake? What kind of hospital is this?

Lyuncrust: An AMAZING one. You should see the pills! M&Ms, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers...

Lioncross: And let me guess, Skittles?

Lyuncrust: Those are the suppositories.

Lioncross: ...........................

Nurse: Don't worry, the doctor didn't order those.

Lyuncrust: Ooh, my IV meds!

*The nurse infuses a bag of chocolate sauce into Lyuncrust's arm IV. Lyuncrust lets out another relaxed sigh as Lioncross looks on in stunned disbelief. His wife's a nurse who gives real meds, by the way.*

Lioncross: Look, man, I just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry Nobi and I weren't around to defend you. I guess those guys got to you while we were goofing off in the ring, doing Stuffed Crust stuff.

Lyuncrust: Nah, it's on me. I wandered away from the group to look for sugar.

Lioncross: They had donuts backstage or something?

Lyuncrust: Nah, I wanted to find a bag of sugar and drink it.

Lioncross: *ignoring Lyuncrust's stupidity* Look, we may have our match at Pain For Pride, but I don't know. If we don't have you around, it'll be kind of rough. I'll be the first to admit, you're the glue that holds Stuffed Crust together. You were the one who offered Pizza Boy a pizza to start off the new year. You recruited Nobi even though you still can't say his name correctly. And yet, you not being around kinda makes Stuffed Crust about me. And honestly... look, I announced that I'd retire at Pain For Pride because I know I've got nothing left. I haven't had a whole lot this entire year. I'm starting to wonder if I should've retired after losing the Cash In The Vault to Lannister.

Lyuncrust: I was actually afraid you were going to.

Lioncross: Huh?

Lyuncrust: Not gonna lie, I wanted to drag you along so I could make 2017 the year of Lyuncrust. Eating sprees! Ketchup squirting! Speaking of which, it sucks that I can't go to Pittsburgh when Showdown heads there - I wanted to tour the Heinz Factory so bad. Anyway, I knew you needed support, so I wanted to get Pizza Boy with us. And he was with us... but then he got involved with Jaywalker. And the title.

Lioncross: He's doing what he should be doing, and he's getting what he deserves.

Lyuncrust: Yeah, so I guess that's a win for Stuffed Crust.

Lioncross: Whatever wins we've gotten, I haven't been responsible for many. As much as I want to become a tag team champion, it's hard to beat time. I did for a while, and honestly, I'm happy I did, but I'm done. I'm finished.

Lyuncrust: But you'll do anything you can to make this Nobi's breakout party, right? Even if he's gotta drop the titles when you retire, you can help him get his name in EAW history forever. That's gotta motivate you, right?

Food Service: *knocks on door* All right, normally I'd verify you, but there's no way this order is for anyone except you. Three chicken finger plates, a cheeseburger with fries, a cheeseburger with onion rings, a cheeseburger with extra cheese and onions with fries, five ham sandwiches with roast beef, a hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes, four hot dogs, ten bags of baked chips, four chicken enchiladas, four beef enchiladas, seven fruit cups, two bowls of Froot Loops, oatmeal, and 23 brownies. And here are your dips: eight BBQ cups, eight ranch cups, three bottles of ketchup, three bottles of mustard, and one packet of mayonnaise.

Lyuncrust: Beautiful.

Food Service: See you in a couple of hours!

Lioncross: THAT's your dinner?!?!?

Lyuncrust: Not all of it. Check this out...

Pizza Delivery Guy: I honestly didn't know we delivered to hospital patients...

Lyuncrust: Boom. Timed the orders perfectly. One 16 inch pizza. Pizza is sacred; I can't do hospital pizza. Have a slice! I'll start with the sandwiches.

Lioncross: Uhh... thanks. Nobi's a good guy, but I mean, he's not what I need to get that extra energy out of me.

Lyuncrust: Fenf avenff meef.

Lioncross: Can you say that again when you don't have an entire sandwich stuffed in your mouth?

Lyuncrust: Then avenge me.

Lioncross: *smirks* All right. Look, man, you've been a great friend ever since we were in the little feds. But the revenge factor doesn't really work on me unless it's family.

Lyuncrust: Right. I figured you'd say that. I guess now's as good a time as any to tell you that I proposed to Lauren a few days ago.

*Lioncross's jaw drops.*


*Stunned, Lioncross can't close his mouth. Lyuncrust puts a Froot Loop in his mouth and it drops to the floor.*

Lyuncrust: Whaff a wastff.
Re: EAW Promoz!
Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:40 pm by Drastik
[The scene opens up to an empty classroom, desks cleared and stacked on top of each other as the summer has just begun and there isn’t a single child anywhere near the campus. Sitting at the edge of the teacher’s desk placed at the front of the room is Drastik, legs dangling off as his hoodie hangs over his eyes. Beads of sweat drip down his neck as he grips the edge of the table and looks down at the desk in the very front. The camera holds its placement as a side-view coming from the door. Drastik licks his lips and takes a deep breath, leaning forward before beginning to speak in a low voice.]
For someone who seems so unsure of any god’s presence, your logic sure seems to depend on it. I mean, after all, you’re coming to me feeling like you have some sort of edge over me because you work when people’s heads are turned—as if some magical being can see you even when you’re not actively being watched, keeping track of all the minutes and hours and days you log working on your craft. You seem to think that you’re better than me because I take breaks, because I’m the type of guy who will readily admit that there are bigger moments and matches and opponents—not every single week is met with the same intensity. You, Tiberius, are the type of guy who depends on being recognized now for all the adversity you’ve had to go through because you’ve felt slighted one too many times. But you’re not the young up-and-comer with the chip on your shoulder that works in silence and demands respect through your actions. No, you’re becoming entitled. You’ve bought into what the people are saying about you deserving this because of how long you’ve wanted this. I’m not going to say that you’re wrong when you say that you’re the kid sitting in the front of the class who isn’t necessarily gifted but raises his hand and answers questions and takes notes and studies really hard the whole school year in order to keep up. And I’m not going to deny that I’m the kid who waits to be called on when no one else in the class can seem to figure things out. I’m the one who can risk not doing homework assignments. I’m the one who can skip out on studying. I’m the one that can waltz into that final test and still pass with flying colors. That’s who I am and that’s always how I have been. And I can see why that would make you upset, because I’ve had to deal with people like you who have worked so hard for so long and still don’t match my mark. The problem is, that you already did. You and I met before and you were the better man. Your hard work paid off and my lax nature proved to be my major downfall. But things change, don’t you remember?
Things always change.
In truth, the match that we had at King of Elite wasn’t some sort of final test; it was a tryout. It was to see exactly where we were at that point—to decide which one of us would be granted with the title of “next up”, something that you’ve failed to be given for months and months of your career. You stuck to your normal plan of working hard, of continuing to study every single move and tactic you could, training until your heart pounded through your chest, drenched yourself in sweat to push yourself when everyone told you to slow down. You outworked me, sure, but on that night so many months ago, you beat me as well. And what that did, Tiberius, was flip the script on us. Because for the first time in your life, you were acknowledged for being something that you were still trying to become. People have been talking about you since the night you were crowned saying that you were destined to become that next world champion no matter where you decided to set your heart. They’ve been saying it all this time and you’ve bought into it more and more. You’re finally being recognized and assured that you’re more than a hard worker—you’re destined. But on my end, for the very first time in my life, I felt embarrassed by what happened that night. I felt slighted in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. For several weeks, maybe even months, I questioned my own abilities, wondering if I’ve been delusional all this time and that my delusion has kept me from becoming what you’re becoming. But that’s not how it really is, Tiberius. The truth here is that I am as destined as I have always said I am. And the truth is that there will always be guys who have worked their entire lives to achieve, only to fail in the end to people like me who worked half as hard but were ten times as talented. That little chip on my shoulder was all I needed to put me over the hump, and, conversely, that little glimmer of hope in your heart that people believe in you is what will be your downfall.
You may not see it because you’re not completely over the edge. You haven’t taken my seat in the class and pulled out all sorts of distractions to keep you from getting the work done in front of you—that’s not what I’m saying. But the student that was once diligently taking note of everything the teacher says has decided that some things said aren’t so important. The teacher’s pet has begun daydreaming about how proud everyone will be of him when the end comes and he has one of the top marks in the class. The boy who got the one good grade is positive he can do it again when the stage is that much bigger, that much brighter, with that much more on the line. And all the while, Tiberius, the student in the very back of the class may still wait to be called on, but he’s making sure to take notes so that he is never shown up again.
[Drastik rocks himself off the edge of the desk, still hanging his head. He pushes past the cameraman and walks down the hallway until he disappears around a corner. The screen cuts to black. Solid, white text flashes across the screen before the package ultimately concludes.]
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 11:37 pm by April Song
Pain for Pride #4
A Message to Madison
In my relatively short time in Elite Answers Wresting, I have learned quite a bit about people here and about how they tend to misconstrue and misunderstand the most basic of things. Cody Marshall misunderstands being a patriot doesn’t have to constitute being a bigot and a bully. People like Alexis Deimos and Cloud Matsuda don’t seem to understand that my willingness to share my personal feelings on an issue doesn’t take away from my ability or willingness to do my job. Haruna misunderstands what it is to have talent altogether. But I think that one person’s stubborn insistence on adhering to fallacy rivals even Stephanie Matsuda’s delusions of grandeur.
Madison Kaline is a phenomenal wrestler. There is no doubt about that. She is strong, she has the boyfriend that most girls swoon over. Her merchandise sales and celebrity certainly dwarf my own. She was forgotten about. Cast aside as an afterthought as those around her were pegged to be the stars while she struggled trying to be true to herself. And then, after finally snapping, she began this glorious and horrifying transformation: A clumsy but loveable ugly duckling transforming into a dangerous, vicious black swan. Her rampage took her to the finals of one Empress of Elite tournament and the Semifinal of another if the research that I obtained is correct, and she indeed has been the Women’s World Champion, formerly the Vixens Championship. All in all, it’s a remarkable story. It’s one that could inspire individuals to reach for the stars and embrace life with a by any means necessary mentality.

Except it’s a lie.

Wait, how could things that have happened been a lie? I’m sure more than one of you has asked that as you sit doing whatever it is that you are doing. I’ll explain. The Madison Kaline that you know, the one that you love or hate or fear…is a lie. A mythological creature brought into this world by her own ego. The thing is, there is no doubt in my mind that she ALWAYS had the level of violence and brutality that she has displayed inside of her. She was playing you all for fools, talking like a socially awkward preteen even though she was an adult. The colorful clothing, the hugging, the cute entrance music, it was all a cover. She didn’t want to embrace what she really was, and for good reason because it’s a disgusting degenerate, for whatever reason. Maybe she was afraid to let you all see the real Madison. Maybe she thought there would be more money in the squeaky-clean image and goofy character. I don’t know and I don’t care. I just know that people don’t suddenly “snap” and reveal their “true” selves. People are who they are by the choices they make and the lives they lead. While circumstances can steer someone to certain outcomes, at the end of the day it’s the individual responsibility of all of us to get where we want to go…and our own personal failure when we do not. Madison, you blame the world around you for your failures and shortcomings. You are hungry for the affection and adoration of others, yet you have no respect for anyone but yourself. You’ve even berated and taunted your own so-called sisters to build yourself up. Is there any line you won’t cross, any person you will not hurt to glorify yourself? You are also seeming to think that your accomplishments and your brutality are entitled to fear from others. Yes, you masquerade it as a craving for respect, but from watching you and going against you is that you are intent on only having people fear you. I don’t fear you. I respect who you are and where you have been as a champion and as someone who has worked every hard to get to where you have gotten. I respect that you have the self-belief, as toxic as it is, that you will stop at absolutely nothing to be the greatest female wrestler walking the planet. I respect everything that you have accomplished. But…. I don’t care.

We are teammates at Pain for Pride for the sole purpose of eradicating Matsuda’s shitpile of a team. Then, if everything permits, we’ll have a chance to settle our issue face to face. I will meet you with respect and acute awareness of what you can do, but I will not fear you. I will NEVER fear you. No matter how much you play yourself up as a mistress of death, no matter who you beat up or what careers you end, I’ve already seen the worst that this planet must offer traveling the globe as a soldier and a mercenary and I hardly find you scary. I think you’re tough and I’m glad to start this match that we’re on the same side, but I will never, ever think of you as nothing more than a difficult chore. Pain for Pride is a big deal to you? This is the biggest match of your career? Cute. I don’t care. I wrestle the same no matter the venue, the opponent or the style they bring to the fight. I am The Professional, a person that will be unfazed and unbowed by the bright lights and loud music and massive crowd. I go into this match knowing that it’s not the end of my career if I’m beaten, but I have the opportunity to do something even more special should I emerge victorious. You and Matsuda and all the rest see this as some sort of desperation grab, the last gasp. I see it as a match that has a favorable stipulation if I win. I know the golden carrot that awaits if I survive the demented rabbits fighting with me over it, but I block that from my mind as much as I can when I prepare. The only way to victory is a strong body, a fierce spirit and a focused mind. I will keep my focus.

My arms may not be long enough to box with the Mistress of Death, but not even you can do much damage if you’re too busy passing out in a choke hold. We are teammates but we are not friends. We, as I’m sure you would agree, will NEVER be friends. Not because of our obvious differences in methods, but your attitude is not someone I will associate with on a long-term basis. I put all of this aside though so that Cloud Matsuda and her Merry Women are annihilated. Then, and only then, will we have our moment to have it out. When I’m done, you’ll be sitting in the backseat of the championship scene again as I drive the bus out of New Jersey as the new top ranked challenger to the EAW Women’s World Champion. 
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 10:49 pm by Nobi
Pain For Pride III

Your words makes no sense either, Jack Ripley.

And I do think my words hurt you, David Davidson. At least our actions did.

I’ll go with Ripley first. You claim you both have cool heads yet you want to kick me right in the face so bad? Doesn’t make a sense to me. You’re blood is boiling inside, you know it Ripley. No matter how much you claim how “cool” you are, you can’t hide your true feeling. You don’t have a poker face. You even already claimed you hate us because all we do is eat and annoy you. Is that your way of saying “yes” that Stuffed Crust did hurt your feeling? I suppose so. You also claim you are the best tag-team in the world today yet the reason why you “accepted” our challenge is because you know it will be an “easy win” for you both? Aren’t the champions supposed to face off againts the odds in order to prove you are the best of the bests? Why bother to accept our challenges if you knew this will be an “easy win” for you? Why bother to accept our challenges if you think we don’t deserve this, especially in our biggest PPV? Well you’re about to eat your own words anyway. Please tell me, how could you handle a Tables, Ladder, and Chair match if you can’t even handle a mustard? Like I said, just be careful what you wish for, you know this match is going to be a tough match for you and David.

I know you have “but the management made the decision for us” theory, but you know very well that Damien Murrow hates Stuffed Crust just like you do. Maybe he’s confident enough that you two can ride us to the sunset just like what you two wish for, but please you’re not the first persons to say that to us. Lioncross is indeed going to leave, but I doubt you both can retire us. Davidson even claimed he won’t be surpised if he sees Lioncross shows up next year. If we had one dollar for every single person who wants to retire us, we’ll be rich and we’ll own this company. Is that good enough for you Mr. Ripley?

Now David, do you remember when was the last time you raise your voice in such an anger tone? I don’t think you do, because just like Ripley, you can’t keep your head calm because you know everything I’ve said is a truth. You want me to answer why we saved Brian Daniels? It’s because you both were beating him up unfairly. I get it, Robbie V should be the one who saved Brian Daniels instead in the first place, but instead of doing nothing just like you said, we all decided to save Brian Daniels. What has Brian Daniels done to us? He saved The Pizza Boy from Drake and Jones a year prior to your beatdown. I know Brian Daniels has done nothing to me, Lioncross, and Lyuncrust personally, but he did save The Pizza Boy. Yes, you can say The Pizza Boy told us to save Brian Daniels, but how could you reject that order? You and Ripley know that I’m a man with a code of honor, it’s natural for me to save Brian Daniels which you apparently took an offended.

Now tell me, why did you and Ripley attack Brian Daniels? Is it because you want an extra paycheck from Damien Murrow? Ripley called me a little bitch, but ironically, you and Ripley are similar to me and Lioncross in a way. This rivalry started because we decided to take orders from others. The difference between you two and us though is we confront people face to face. We didn’t attack you from behind. We got in your faces. You had no choose but to battle us in an official match.

You mentioned something interesting though, David. The reason why you kept “running away” from us is because you’re all about bussiness and the bigger picture. Are you trying to say that Stuffed Crust is your ideal opponents for Pain For Pride? Thank you for that. Now I get it why you decided to mock and insult Lioncross’ retirement plan. It’s because you think it’s good for you both to gain an attention from the audiences. You and Ripley claimed you have a problem with Lioncross retiring at PFP, but in reality, all you want is just an attention. You probably were afraid that The High Rollerz, the Tag Team Champions weren’t going to be included in Pain For Pride card, so you decided to mock and insult Lioncross just AFTER he announced his retirement plan at Pain For Pride. It’s a smart move, indeed David. It’s a fact that all Lioncross has ever done in EAW is just winning the CITV briefcase. As for me? You already mentioned countless times that I have done nothing so far and I’m fully aware of that. But from a bussiness standpoint? You can’t deny the fact that we are both draws. Everywhere we go, we always sell tickets. Doesn’t matter if we win or lose, people always want to see us and cheering us every week. So yes, I agree, you and Ripley are very smart. Congratulations. It’s a rare case that the contenders are the better money maker than the champions anyway.

I mentioned I’m fully aware that I have done nothing so far in this company, both of you have question me, what have I done to get this match? I have proved that I’m a diffcult opponent for you two. You didn’t pin me cleanly in your return match. You didn’t even pin me when you retain your championship. You did pin Lioncross after one of you attacking him with a belt from behind. As repetitive as it is, it’s just a fact. A fact that you can’t stand because you both are ignorant individuals. I did pin you two with a roll-up, and yes it’s unfortunate, I can’t say I’m better than you both as a single competitor and as an unit. But neither can you. I’m man enough to admit that I should have beat you both with a finisher of mine rather than a roll-up, but since you’re both so proud of the way you beating us, it makes you really ignorant and selfish. You are delusionals to think you’re better than us. You’re really setting a bad examples of champions. It doesn’t matter anymore though, we are about to beat you into a bloody-pub.

It’s unfortunate to say this, but the Tag Team division is really a lacking competition right now. I get it you’re both are so proud of being The Tag Team Champions right now, and I can’t blame you for taking an advantages of it, it’s a smart move in a way. But tell me, how could you say you care about the Tag Divison when you have done nothing to the division? Did you try to recruit other wrestlers to join the Tag Division? No. Did you bring any prestige to The Tag Team Championship? No, at least not in your second reign. You did beat Matt and Squared cleanly to become the Tag Team Champion and I was proud of you two. But do you honestly believe you really give a damn to this division when you won your titles back in a handicap match? I don’t think so. But what disgust me is the fact that you’re proud of beating Brian Daniels all alone and attacked him afterwards. So much of champions.

You both like a TLC match? Well good, we have thrown you into tables, don’t you remember that? David claimed you have demonstrated how much you love chairs in your match againts RoViper, did you win that match? Nope. I know I haven’t showed what I’m capable off with a ladder, but Lioncross already did. I hope you’re not lying because if you do, we’ll be able to get what we want and that is making Lioncross retire as one half of The Tag Team Championship. I’ll see you around, you deadbeat pricks.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 10:25 pm by Guest
Mockingbird would tease them and sing these words unkind.
When first you lose your soul, be prepared to lose your mind
A warning, I bid you take from me,
You’ll profit not from vanity.
Try you will. Try you might. That shall not suffice.
So one shall pay what one doth owe. You must pay the price.
Nico Borġ: It is often said that money is the root of all evil. Just as often, it is spoken that money makes the world go round. There is no contradiction here. No need to split hairlines between light and dark here for there is truth in both, and the truth binds them together. Knowing the evils of our temptations, but so readily allowing ourselves to be seduced anyway. It is an old story, one that has repeated itself a thousand by a thousand times. The malignant, demiurgic influence of precious idols graven of our own hands. Without tongues and yet they whisper to the darkest parts of ourselves. Without breath nor life and yet men would supplicate their own lives for it. It infects everything. Men recite back what the daemons they have raised have told them. Half Truths. Lies. Any means to motivate their brother to sing in the same discordant choir.
Chorus: What shameless and wicked tongues do murmur all around us.
Nico Borġ: But every wicked cult and false idol with have its altars and have its churches. We need not look further than what is immediately before us. The ring, an altar for the sacrifice of human blood. The baying masses, a congregation of the damned. Pain For Pride, a temple with evil in it’s own name. How we all flock to its branches. The scavengers, and the necrophages, and the birds of prey alike. How we drink from it’s streams. The Apple of Eden clings fast into the throat to choke us. Yet, there also stands salvation. Evil is all around us, ingrained in the ropes and the canvas, the bricks and the mortar. A wicked machine born of one purpose. But there is hope to break the circle. This machinery can be turned on its head. That is why I am here. To shatter the altar. To topple the pillars. To put every last thing back into it’s rightful place. To commend the meek to the righteous path, and to deliver unto the sinners what penances they have rightfully earned. I raise in the centre the name of Christ to silence the voice of avarice.
Chorus: The light of the world rises over the Mount. The sinner is carried on his sword deep into the valley of Gehenna. Unbaptised. Uncircumcised. Unforgiven.
Nico Borġ: This should be no surprise to any with ears to hear or eyes to see. For it has been my stated mission since the very beginning. Yes Maero, I have spoken a lot about our Lord and Saviour. Consistently so for such an extended period of time. Do you know what that says about me? I am sure you have a most venomous answer well prepared, but beyond that polemic let me shine a little light on that for you. It means I am committed. Unbridled. I have fought all this time against the grain  with no man by my side. I am the only true alternative to any champion EAW has ever had. You take great pride in playing a part in the Sanatorium affecting great change in EAW. But the form of this change escapes me. Omerta and Wolvesden have gone to sleep in their graves before you. But how has Sanatorium avoided repeating their sins? Yours are those same sins as those of your predecessors. Same meat, different gravy. Your scalpel has cut out carcinomas just to embed another, more bloated tumour. The surgeon then has failed in his weakness or lack of diligence in restoring balance to the humours. But when the true healer lays down his hands upon the the Cash In The Vault Briefcase then every evil that plagues this federation will have good reason to fear. Whether it be Lannister or the Pizza Boy, both of whom i have unfinished business with. Or perhaps Jamie O’Hara so that I may illustrate to TLA that this man may stand a challenge to the wanton and lacking in faith. Of course, I would be just as pleased to watch Eclipse fall from the heady heights that he has found himself at. Just as I will see you tumble for your over ambitious reaching on that ladder. This where you warn me that i have said something imprudent. In your own way you might be tempted to add that provocations are not suffered kindly, that trespassers will be shot. That there must be hell to pay. And I quite agree.
Chorus: As it is written, “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. Let each man count himself as blessed who has already paid the wages of his sins and been impoverished by the recompense of his iniquities. For he has been bought with a price. Charon has profited his obol, and will guide the son o’er Hell to the Father above.
Nico Borġ: There is hell to pay. There can be no justice nor end to the corruption that afflicts the earth lest those who bare the plague should renounce it for love of the name of Jesus Christ, or else come prepared to what vengeance they have tempted with their own bloodied hands. So there is the choice, brother. As you please. What even human hands alone will to do can often be done. But do not deceive yourself. God will not be mocked. He too will not be provoked. Whatever a man sows into the earth, that in kind shall he also reap. A just law and one with remarkable symmetry, don’t you think? Fairness means that the blade cuts both ways. You threaten with the utmost of violence. You have brought scorn on the name of everything that I believe. And so the full weight of ruin comes back to you. Again do not be deceived. I fear no man and no evil, but what i do fear is that with your temperament, your persistence to keep clawing even when you cannot walk...I fear that when things are all said and done, The Sanatorium will be finding themselves having lost a scalpel.
Chorus: A shame, they may need it.
Nico Borġ: I shall save them my pity. There are of course others who would need it far more urgently at this time. Men like Lars Grier who walk so unprepared into the lion’s den that the inner struggle to cope with the anxiety and fear practically perspires directly onto the skin.
Chorus: “That is REALLY insulting.”
Nico Borġ: It is a crying shame that ‘the literal embodiment of evolution’ could not evolve himself a pair of testicles. It seems some thing really do only exist by ‘intelligent design’ - that is, another quality that Lars has proven to not be blessed with. I have said it before by he seems not to have heard or would else rather forget. A new sobriquet. Or a nickname, in the language of the layman, does not make Lars a substantially different competitor from the one who was floundering but a few months ago. If Lars has gained anything of note in this short time, it is something at last to fight for. But what an uninspiring cause that is. Court Eunuch to a craven so-called King who has gathered a motley crew of vagabonds for no purpose but to avoid fighting his own battles. But that was a choice, right? The Raven hopped happily onto the perch erected for him, no chains or whips involved. I would not dare doubt as much. Tiberius has talent for sure, but not nearly enough force of will to keep that many in order against their will. But more fool the Raven. The Raven chose to sell his soul. To eat from the hand. He chose to rely on the weak assurances of an unscrupulous man,or indeed group, more interested in their own personal gain. More fool the Raven. When I tear away your pinions and cast you down from the tower, will Tiberius care for his wounded bird. Alas poor Raven, you have been left to the dogs. A wandering guttersnipe without a prayer. Left alone to prove his value to his King or otherwise swiftly dispose of himself. No wonder your nerves should fray at the slightest affront. The Raven fears retribution. He was born into a our midst, the self styled Manifestation of Destruction, with no desire but to commit evil for evil’s sake. And he paid the price. Not in full but in little disappointments. Holding him down. Preventing him from thriving and spreading his cancer. When he realised that he was far too abject to defy this fate alone, he laid his prayers upon a false altar.

Chorus: Now all too late he realises that sword of judgement looming over him. He shudders in anticipation. He whines and he moans. But pity not, his blood shall be upon his own head.
Nico Borġ: Then Keelan Cetinich. The Killer. The Hannibal Lector of Hardcore. A man whose sobriquets actually do represent a vicious reputation, carefully fostered over the years rather than merely conjured by a desperate man;’s flight of fancy. Oh how you were a terror in your time. And that was just backstage! Fist fights and other violent altercations were as hobbies to keep the man entertained during long periods on the road. When you were actually let off your leash in the ring. He took great pleasure not just in putting on a show, not just in showing himself as a talented performer but in the sheer spectacle of the atrocities he committed.  He took pleasure in toying with his prey. He took pleasure in making them suffer excruciatingly with whatever he could get his hands on. True to name, the Hannibal Lector of Hardcore was one of the most bloodthirsty psychopaths that you could ever have the displeasure of meeting. It is almost a blessing that he had a semi-controlled outlet to indulge in his wicked desires. All the while hoping that his animalistic brutality right here at Pain For Pride with chance just like this.Yet this is a far cry from the giddy and pandering fan favourite we see today. The false modesty. Putting himself out to help prospects like he did for the ungrateful Marco. The playing the victim over me getting my qualifier immediately upon my return. The gall and fragility of it all. I proved myself worthy of this opportunity by winning my qualifier. He has been keen to say a lot but he cannot say that. And relatedly, the other thing you shall not hear him say is that the truth is The Killer no longer has it in him. I am not talking about talent per se. I am not even questioning his physical fitness as a relative veteran. But something is up. The Hannibal Lector of Hardcore no longer seems to have the same appetite for destruction. The Killer has lost his killer instinct. If I were wrong he surely would not have been denied a clear victory by a man who no longer had the strength to walk. If anyone wants my humble opinion after listening to this man talk over the past week, I would say that Keelan Cetinich is a man with a lot weighing on his conscience. He has done horrible things. Terrible things. And they continue to haunt him. He came back with intentions to do something positive. To be a role model. Mentor a youngster or two, make sure he turns out better than old Killer Cetinich. He thought that if he could just apply himself to something people would see as good, then he could push those sins of the past deep back into the dark. I am afraid to say that this isn’t the way the world works, Keelan. Putting on a mask doesn’t make you the hero any more than wearing a cap does. I can see through you, and you best believe that so can the Lord. Sooner or later your sins were always going to catch up with you. And now for the first time you face a man who can see it done.
Chorus: Few sins outrun the hands of time. For what, if anything, could be faster than time itself?
Nico Borġ: And of course TLA. In many ways perhaps the worst offender in a particularly reviled group of gentiles. His debauched exploits are well known. Pornography. That degenerate brothel he runs. All manner of other licentious activities which constantly get him mired into trouble with his employers and the law alike. He likes to think that that his constant confrontations with the police mean that he’s “an animal”. Something wild and vicious that no one can control. Least of all any of us competing against him at Pain or Pride. But here is the thing. TLA is too timid to put it this way, but anyone with eyes to see can tell that TLA is not even in control of himself. His whole damnable career can best be described as TLA repeatedly going off the rails and sabotaging his own chances.That is exactly why he has always looked far more likely to be fired again and have no wrestling career at all, than ever be seen climbing the ladder and eventually making himself a World Champion. However much talent has. And regardless of how often he seems to scrape by and survive to compete at a respectable level. It doesn’t mean all that much to me. What reason have I to believe that the story will fix itself this time around, or any time soon? TLA is still wracked by the daemons of his past and addictions. Drug abuse. Lasciviousness. Lustful and idolatrous pursuits which rot his body, soul and mind alike. We are led to believe that it is all fun and games, that he just knows how to enjoy himself. But any psychiatrist will tell you that they are cries for help. TLA needs a doctor...or a priest. He simply does not need the pressure of being a World Champion. Until he renounces his sinful and profligate lifestyle, the only place he is going is back off the rails.
Chorus: To cut him down quickly would surely be a mercy at this point. Do unto him what must be done. Kill his ambitions with kindness.
Nico Borġ: So I shall. The Lord will see the world set to rights. They have scorned the lord and his blessings. They worship false idols in themselves, in other mere men of flesh, even in breathless silver and gold. But in time they shall suffer the wages of their penance and be made white. They will praise his name in the heavens.
Chorus: Ave Invictus.
Nico Borġ: Unvanquished. Unconquered.
Chorus: En Nico, Níka.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:58 pm by Tig Kelly
The tears are filling up their glasses....

No expressions.....No expressions....

Ahh yes, kiss my ass indeed! And so they should Mark. You've seen first hand so many times that they should be kissing my ass and you should be too because ever since that debut where JJ Silva bailed I've been making you fucking famous. Everything you've done so far is because you got to showcase with me under the limelight instead of floundering with no eyes on you. You had the absolute privilege of my spotlight since day one in here and you have the audacity to try and steal it all from me at Pain for Pride...That my friend will be your downfall. You're right, you need this win so fucking bad that its going to ruin your life. You're now trying to bite the hand that has fed you fame since the get go and I'm going to fucking drive this hand through the back of your skull and humble you like the low card scrap you are. People like to mention how much I've squandered in my time being here but my God Mark you are a shining example of that! You've had talked about moments in tag matches, you've had title matches with me, number one contender matches.....with me! You see what I'm getting back to here Mark. Every single time you have a big opening to take your spot at the top and break into the main event, I am right there to put my foot in the way and send you tripping back down to where you belong. This definitely won't be any different Mark, so get ready to hope on twitter and hashtag #PrayForMichaels when Monroe and company are trying to find a reason to keep you here after this.

Now....Kaise, Cody, Haruna, Darkane, we haven't had much if ANY run ins or contact since I've been in this company so allow me to make this a catch all if you will. I don't think any of you will be in this match long enough for us to interact, but if you do pull out a miracle and you get the honor of taking a live seminar while I kick your ass I just want to lay down a little history for you guys. If you haven't ready I am a former CHAMPION. I have kicked down more top tier talent than you guys have even shook hands with in the back. Hell, most of you have probably only heard the name Carlos Rosso and never got the chance to scrap with him...and I'm the one who put his body through hell in the Chamber and made that old man walk from this career! Don't let these other guys who have danced with me fool you, there's a lot of talk about me under delivering when I come through town but I can assure you that isn't ever the case. I show up and I show out every single time from the end of that entrance riff to the beginning of it when they hit my music and raise my hand. I'm coming out here to run the table and go for the one prize that means the most and will get me paid like I should be. This 24/7 contract is for big time players only, that's why they put me in it. Unfortunately the match dictates that multiple people also have to be present, so they had to jam you scrubs in here too. But we'll make it quick for you don't worry. Mark Michaels got a couple of good looks after being kicked in the mouth by me, maybe I'll be able to help your career too!!

Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow....

No tomorrow, no tomorrow.......

And that brings me to someone I haven't met before, but someone that intrigues me. You seem to have done some reading Theron, a smart man indeed. Those brains seemed to have paid off so far as you've been the talk of the show over there on SD running through the ranks and proving what you've got. Now the funny thing is, from your research you've seemed to pull this impression that I'm some has been that never grabbed what was mine. Now I don't know if you mean when I was in MMA winning belts, or when I was here winning gold.....but that small cross section of a couple months seems to be etched in your mind. So lets go back to over a year ago when I won gold and was going into a SECOND championship match with some all time greats as a champion. 

Tig Kelly, coming hot off of a KNOCKOUT victory for the National Elite Championship is announced to be in the Elimination Chamber match for a World Title. Gold already on his shoulder with everyone's eyes on him. That same timeline, a fresh Theron Nikolas.....probably still somewhere in Edmonton Canada. Might have wrestled for like 100 people that weekend, then had to work the rest of the weekdays at Tim Hortons to pay for new knee pads because you wanted to be in EAW at some point so you had to look good for all the GIFs that will be posted of the next event you're trying to get on.

We get to the night of the Elimination Chamber, my music hits and the crowd goes fucking wild. I march to the ring with the belt on my shoulder and I get ready to fucking tear it up. I took out some of the stiffest competition, put Carlos Rosso out of fucking commission with the meanest double foot stomp you've ever seen in your life, and came within minutes of taking home one of the biggest prizes in this company. That same night....you probably finished tearing down the ring to pay your dues, clicked up with a couple buddies who you worked the opening match with that night and headed over to one of your houses to drink and....well probably watch me do those exact things!!!! Now, I'm not saying you're not talented Theron because if I'm being very honest you're the one person I have my eye on this entire time. I hope it comes down to just me and you in that ring so I can finally go toe to toe with you and we can put on a spectacle. But all of that reading and all of that raw talent will only mean so much when you're standing across from someone who has dealt with the physically imposing Scott Oasis. The Mastermind Zack Crash. The Living Legend and GAWD Methuselah. No talent in the world can prepare you for someone who has had to adapt in the ring to those talents. Theron get ready to be in over your head at PFP my friend because you've been thrown around as the favorite a lot lately, but the betting odds have been on me since you were just a fan boy!

Went to school and I was very nervous....

No one knew me, no one knew me.....
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:42 pm by Darkane
Pain for Pride XIII

Mark Michaels telling me to shut the fuck up? Oh the irony in that is so glaringly obvious. Nah, I think I'll opt out of that option, I'm going to keep talking and you're going to keep replying because you can't help it. Anybody who says anything about Mark Michaels, he's on them like a hair on a biscuit. If you can't take the heat Mark, then please do a me a huge favor and get the fuck out of the kitchen. What's the matter Mark? Is Darkane getting under your skin? Do you feel me slither in your bloodstream? I think you do and that's why you're so defensive. You said you don't care what I think yet you keep spewing out my name over and over again. So let me get this straight: Mark Michaels is going to plant my skull into the canvas and while I'm a daze, while I recover from getting my skull smashed, your hand will be raised in victory? Tell me this: How can your hand be raised in victory if I'm still in the fucking ring? Isn't the point of the battle royal to throw your opponent over the top rope and on to the floor? I think you need to re-read the rule book. Because you can kick my skull in all you want, I'll get back up while you're admiring yourself in your mini hand-mirror and then proceed to whip you over the top rope. I'll watch you cry for a few moments and then start looking in the mirror again because you can't help but being completely obsessed with yourself. It's who you are, it's what detracts you from being considered a worthy adversary and it always will plague throughout your pathetic career. But hey, as long as you're sitting there, looking pretty for your Twitter and Instagram followers, that's all that matters right? You live by your looks and you also die by them. You're a sad state of affairs. Everything you are, everything that you think you are is looked at the same by everybody in the match: a complete fucking joke.

Hey Kaise you shouldn't point any fingers at people if yours is the dirtiest of them all. You condemn people for acting like they reek of superiority yet you're the nastiest most rancid aroma of that same odor, this side of Mark Michaels. You talk such a big fucking game it's ridiculous. I mean who are you? A forest wandering tree-hugging pacifist? Oh wait that lost its luster as flavor of the month once your wife and daughter kicked the bucket. That's rough man, I've lost people too, but I guess it is your fault after all that your wife and daughter are dead, maybe they're better off pushing up daises than being a wife and a daughter, Ashley, I believe her name is right? To a man who thought he was too good for anybody, even his wife and daughter who now resemble the children of The Burned Man, up in flames and fucking toasted nice and hot. What a sorrowful life you live. I know you're angry that they're gone, but they'll be with you in spirit right? However I don't think they will be slinging people over the top rope for you. That's your job and I don't believe you can do it. I believe your heart is too heavy for this, you won't be able to handle a loss, so the EMTs will be on call and they'll be there for you, just like the firefighters were for.. oh wait. Stop acting like you've won the damn thing when you have such a tragic burden weighing down hard on your shoulders. I can't imagine the grief you have encountered and my black heart really goes out to you in your time of, lets call it solitude. It really does, but you need to get off of your high horse and realize that this match is more than just you, at least think of your wife and daughter too dude. Hahaha!

Then we have the big Tex himself, Cody Marshall, who finally decided to rear his lasso around and turn his horse towards this match. Where the hell have you been? Why were you left off of Showdown? Your guess is as good as mine, I was just curious because you seem to be a pretty impressive challenge, being a former New Breed Champion and all, even if your reign didn't last that long, you're still quite a figure at six foot eight and maybe a hair over three hundred pounds. Are you one of those pieces of trailer park trash with a don't tread on me sticker on the back of your ford pickup? You know it's coming back to me now, maybe the reason you were left off of Showdown is because you're a six foot eight fluke. Maybe Damien Murrow realized you were damaged goods and left you to sit on your tobacco stained recliner with springs popping out of each arm back in the heart of Texas. You've seen better days Cody. You're going to be the biggest target in this match and while you may crush those akin to the size of Haruna, Johnny Nova, or others, it doesn't mean you can squash the rest of the pit bulls in this match, especially if we all gang up on you. As they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall and when you land on your ass on the outside, you'll land with the sound of thunder.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 9:33 pm by Mstislav
Times are tough it seems. The once composed now are starting to show cracks. Cracks that have been filled time and time again, but the formula is now starting to wear. However when you do the same thing, it’s bound to build a natural deterrent against it.

(The scene opens up to Saint Petersburg. A storm has hit and the day is gloomy. Lighting lightens the sky, and gives the city a slick and shiny look about. Aren walks through the streets. His jacket has taken the blows of the rain drops coming down. It starts to torrent, as people take cover under awnings or run to their buildings in search of a shelter. Aren however walks into a nearby bar. The inhabitants had left early one because they knew a storm was coming and wanted to get home instead of spending the rest of their day trapped by the rain. Aren takes his seat and orders a bourbon.)

It is when those that embrace their cracks do they find out that they too can be strong. Because no one is perfect, no one is free of flaws, it is how a person takes it, rebuilds, and remolds their lives that make or break their success. And until they find out what it takes, then they’ll keep crumbling and putting themselves back together again. Using the same tired formula, and the same tired routine. And alas people don’t know this for reasons yet unknown. Maybe it’s cause we as humans like to be flawed, and that it’s really just stupid to do in the end. Or maybe it’s cause the people who see themselves as flawed see it as useless to change anything. Either way it’s funny to watch them try and be different, try and be something they are not. And that something usually leads to their downfall.

(The bartender gives Aren his bourbon and Aren takes it to a booth. The TV is on and it goes to commercial. It airs another Pain for Pride vignette, not enough of those these days. Aren smirks watching all the different commercials pop up. TJ vs RRS, Senn vs DEDEDE, Brian vs Robbie V. All the marquee matches, all the people who the company put forth faith in, because they know they could do something. Memories flood of Pain for Pride 9. There you could not only see a bunch of new faces, but a face newer than most, Aren Mstislav. This Man headlined Day 1 of Pain for Pride, he not only made it for his generation of wrestlers but he made it by ending the careers of those that dared got in his way. And that’s what this story is about. The path that Aren took, the one that got him what he deserved.)

It’s funny Nas, you saying you’ve never been viewed as my equal, because it’s true. You’ve never have, and I don’t blame people for wanting to put people in that view. Because it’s commonplace for when a team happens, for when a stable grows, for when an alliance ends people end up judging the others based on who has shown out more, or who they thought would. But really in that regard you also have to know that I wasn’t viewed as your equal before either. In fact let’s be honest, people knew you back then. They knew The Nas, they knew his story, they knew his drive, they knew that whether or not he stuck on the path he choose was up to him. However they didn’t know me. They never knew me. When people saw me with you, yes they saw a little bit of something, but was that something they thought I was able to capitalize on? No, it wasn’t. In fact it was far from it. They tried to make you the hero, you the one deserving of praise, you the Man, Myth, and Legend. Because they did that, because they saw you over me, it lit something in me. It wasn’t a hate for you, or a fire of wanting to be better, no it was a fire to get myself somewhere. Like you Nas, like the thing that’s happening to you right now, you have fire going on. It just took you three years for it to light and make your intentions known, it was always there, you just now let it loose. Which is funny because last time I came out here I always thought you had it loose, and that you just keep dumbing it down with every single iteration you went through. However now I know that’s not the case, now I know that there is something up with you.

It makes me feel bad “Brother” to finally realize that not only do you envy my success, that not only do you wish you could’ve lived up to others expectations, but you also want to be better than me. Not even be me, because you can NEVER be me. But better, you want to be better than Aren Mstislav in every god damn way, even if it destroy every ounce of morals you had once had for yourself, you want to be better. And you damn well might. I always take in that possibility that you might beat me, and that you might catapult yourself to higher means. And you know what I also believe that I might win too, because who doesn’t. Either way I win, you lose, or you win and I lose, it doesn’t matter in the end. Because guess what, if you win, I am still the winner. Because you can do all of these things where you beat me, where you become better than me but it will still mean that you lose in the end. I know you want me to get to the point so here it is. If you do beat me, and if you do progress far beyond me, I win because you still let the fucking past dictate you. You see while you want to be better than me in every regard, you will never better than me in the regard that I don’t sit around and mope and let everyone compare me to someone else. No I go out there and show them why I am my own god damn person. You’ve tried and tried again, but you’ve always been focused on trying not to be me by being better than me. And in that little time you did you’ve let others get inside your head, tell you that you are a shadow of your former self and you don’t deserve to be in the limelight. You never really moved on and the fact you think you did makes me laugh.

You say I push people out, you say I do it and you are god damn right I do. I push people out because sooner or later they’re going to want to look at me and compare me. I don’t want to be compared, I don’t want to be told “Oh you remind me of so-and-so.” Because I know when I do, I’ll start doubting, and working and getting nowhere, because I didn’t get this fucking far just to be told I am like someone else. I pride myself on being Me and only me, being someone that everyone wishes they could imitate. While you Nas, by trying your god damn best, you’ve tried and tried again to show that you aren’t me. And in doing so you keep showing that you are me. A lesser me in the end. And I laugh and I laugh every fucking time. Because you talk about fighting your demons but I am your demon. I am the one on your back that you keep trying to shaking off, but you can’t because in the end, no matter what you do I win. You know this and you keep trying to fight it, but my grip has gotten stronger and stronger on you. You know it and I know it, and you struggle and I keep laughing and laughing. Nassy, Nassy, this is the end of the road for you. I win in the end, I always win. I am your Eobard Thawne to your Barry Allen, I am your Joker to your Batman, I am the one that will always persist even though you think you’ve won. And Trust me I’ll keep letting you think that until I beat the ever living shit out of you and take away your hope. Pain for Pride is an apt name for this because your pride will be paid with pain. 
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 8:36 pm by Theron Nikolas
Don't act like your attitude to justified, Haruna. Don't sit there and try to give reason to those former complaints. I have been in your position, which I've clearly fucking stated throughout the week. I was in your position to get into this company, but rather than becoming a slave to my own woes; I evaluated my situations, discovered the problems and fixed every one of them. The only thing that you've managed to prove is that the scars that once cut you so fucking deep are still so fucking fresh. I brought up that Pain for Pride heartbreak once. One fucking time and you speak like it's the only thing I've spoken about. I’ve tried, Haruna. I've tried so fucking hard to help you see everything you need to, in a situation where I can lose absolutely fucking everything I've managed to build throughout the last four months. But, that was my mistake; you can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink. I'm sure your proud. I’m sure that you stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you're walking in the right direction; that the same broken pieces that have taken you absolutely fucking nowhere in this business will finally prove to hold some use. You will build yourself up; convince yourself that this contract is going to be the thing that brings you closer than you ever have to the overwhelming goal that constantly bounces around in your mind. You convince yourself that you hold some form of worth to not only this company, but this business as a whole. I've constantly been forced to listen to complete bullshit that has constantly spewed from everyone's mouth throughout this week. In four months I have done more than some of these names have done in years. I'll place my bet that you’ll last longer than thirty seconds, Haruna, because chances are I won't have had my hands on you yet. But, there will come a time where there will be no one left in my way, and that will be the moment where you understand that I was always right. You are nothing. You have always been nothing, and you will always be nothing. Now, go off and tell the four people outside of the company that tunes into your shitty stream everything that I said, it's about time they had some form of entertainment value.

But, don't believe I've forgotten about you, Jon McAdams. I'm not going to lie, I haven't listened to a word that you've said, but that certainly doesn't mean that you haven't been kept in the back of my mind with the rest of the names that I haven't had the chance to speak to. You've managed to create quite the little resume for yourself, haven't you? Drastik walks into Pain for Pride as the EAW Champion, and yet if I'm not mistaken, your first real form of success came against him. I understand that it came from a shitty stipulation where a blind monkey could have capitalised, but hey, that's certainly no reason not to hold your head up high. It didn't last for long and your fifteen minutes of fame were over before they had begun, which seems to be a real constant with the majority of the names in this battle royal - but, if this business has taught me anything it's that you take what you can get. It might not have been much, but it's something, right? Since then, you've tried your hardest alongside Mike Showman to take a real step forward; rather than wallowing in your own self pity, you began to strive for more. Just for that I can hold you in a higher regard than ninety percent of these people. You know what you want. You have some form of an idea in what you need to do to achieve it. Those failed ventures against Nasir Moore and Aren Mstislav were nothing more than lessons that you needed to learn. The two of us have the world sitting at our feet; I couldn't care less about People With Class, but I'm willing to acknowledge that there is something there not worth overlooking. I'm not admitting that you have a chance to win, because in reality you don't. But, I look forward to the challenge, Jon. I just hope that I'm forced to eat my words and you fail to reach my expectations. Don't worry though; I still haven't set them too high. Nobody has been able to reach the expectations I've held previously and it would be unfair to expect you to be any different.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 8:35 pm by Cody Marshall
“Redneck Ralph”? Seriously, Mark Michaels?
That’s the best you got, you fresh and fruity flaming son of a bitch? You think you’re the shit, doing comedy, spitting these lame one-liners that nobody but you laughs at? You wanna trash the country that gave you the freedom to be in this business? Listen, you son of a bitch. If you don’t like it in America, go move to Mexico! Move to China! But don’t you dare attack me, or the rest of the American people who come watch our shows and pay our salaries! You wanna call me stupid, just because I talk with a Texas accent and I say “y’all” instead of “you guys”, you wanna call me stupid because I don’t dress like a metrosexual hipster and tote around a Starbucks mug everywhere I go? I’m proud to be from the south and I’m damn proud to be American, and where I’m from, men act like men. Where I’m from, prancing around taking selfies like Mark Michaels would get you beat the fuck up. If Michaels went to the same high school I did, he woulda been shoved inside his locker every single day! Man up, put down the phone, and hit the gym cause you’re looking like a string bean these days… ok, maybe I’m being a bit too hard on you, Mark. I’ll admit, you do flippy shit with the best of them. You can chain together more holds than I can even name. You even have more hair than me, though that’s not hard to achieve.
That may be enough for you to win most of your matches, but not this time. 
My entire future is riding on this match. My family’s livelihood depends on me winning that 24/7 contract and the fat paycheck that comes with it. For a whole month I was kept off of Showdown. A whole month with no pay! And then once Damien Murrow summoned up the testicular fortitude to put the Face of America back on -- maybe he saw his sinking ratings and realized he needed the last American hero to save his ass -- he sticks me in the opening match and pays me an insulting sum of money. But after Pain for Pride, this motherfucker ain’t gonna have no choice but to give me a raise, when I win that 24/7 contract and cash in on one of his prized champions. This is do or die, dammit! I can’t come home to my kids and tell them “hey, daddy can’t pay the mortgage, we’re gonna have to live on the streets”. Ain’t happening. This is the moment of truth. And Mark Michaels ain’t the guy I’m worried about. Mark, I beat the shit outta you once -- remember Reckless Wiring? -- and I’m sure as hell gonna do it again at Pain for Pride in the 24/7 Battle Royal! Take a selfie in the air when I toss your ass out, will ya?
Who else we got? Johnny fucking Nova? Are you fucking kidding me? You call yourself a “thug”, an “OG”, you truly believe you’re some kind of a badass. But when you get in the ring with Cody Marshall, that tough guy facade is gonna go from 100 to 0 real quick. Believe that, kid. You talk like a “gangsta”, but when push comes to shove, you’re a punk. I don’t care how many gangster rap songs you listen to, or the fact that you smoke weed and pack a gun: I see the bitch in you. I see a scared kid frontin like some king of the streets to gain the fear and respect of his peers. It’s high school shit, which seems to be a common theme among these morons.
From guys taking selfies for Instagram all day to wannabe gangsters, it seems my opponents in this match never left high school. We get it, you were a loser in your teens and you had to pay to get some on prom night. No need to act like an overcompensating Peter Pan now. Grow up, grow a pair, and get over it. Go watch American Pie or something.
Speaking of people who never grew… the short guy: Jon McAdams of PwC. PwC? Price Waterhouse? You guys a bunch of accountants or something? Be useful and do my fucking taxes! … Oh, it means People with Class? Sorry, not sorry. You had me fooled, Jon. You look more like an accountant than a pro wrestler with your sad, sickly, pale figure. Hell, the guy who does my taxes has about 30 pounds of muscle on you. What are you, 150 pounds soaking wet at the towering height of five foot five? You can’t hang with the big boys! Though that shouldn’t be a problem for you. With that pedo stache it looks like you prefer rolling with the little boys anyway. Whoops, can’t make those jokes anymore. Special snowflakes like Jon McAdams might get offended! Then again, if I were McAdams I’d be offended every time I looked in the mirror.
But enough about these ham and eggers, these losers, these people who couldn’t pick up a win if it were on the floor in front of them. No matter what I say or don’t say about them, they won’t win this match. 
Who does everyone expect to win?
Theron Nikolas. The unbeatable man. Everyone in your path has fallen ever since you got to EAW. Everyone is expecting you to win the 24/7 Battle Royal and become the Answers World Champion. Just like everyone expected Ryan Marx to send me packing back to Austin, Texas. And we all know how that one ended. Thing is, emo boy, I’ve made a career out of defying the odds. I never give up, and that is why I am great! I am ready and willing to get into that ring and take the beating of a lifetime to win that 24/7 contract. I don’t care how hard you can hit me, Theron. 
Life ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can GET HIT, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! 
I don’t care what you throw at me. Pull out all the tricks in your book, pull em out just like your father should’ve! It ain’t gonna be enough to keep this red-blooded American down! You’re gonna go back to your hotel room after this match, take off your fucking dumbass costume, and go back to being whoever the hell you are out there. Me? The Cody Marshall you see on TV is just me turned up to 11. Everything I say and do represents who I am and what I believe in. That’s why I called out Damien Murrow, that’s why I went after Ryan Marx and kicked his ass! And that is why I will beat you within an inch of your life at Pain for Pride, and that goes for all of y’all in this match! You’re all on Cody’s list, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it! 
That’s a wrap. Thank you and God bless America.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 8:29 pm by VENTURA!
24/7 Battle Royal
Promo #7:

This Elite Answers Wrestling roof is certainly not my son...
but I will definitely raise it.

I decided to take it upon myself to catch a little break from the pestering children that are in the Battle Royal, just so that I can stand from afar and just watch you all rattle and rattle until the noise rang up and down on my poor, innocent ears. I insisted on telling myself that maybe, just maybe, I should observe and take note of when someone in this entire match has something reasonable to say, to bring forth a strong rebuttal to defend themselves. The waiting period ended up taking seconds, minutes, and hours of my life. Now I am just bored of you all.

The rebel-conscious minds that you all are carrying is nothing but a sad attempt to raise your low statures. You see, you all speak with such style, with arrogant confidence, it is almost as if you reek of superiority. However, when I look over at the tapes of all of you performers in the ring, it rather screams inferiority. You see, words will always be rendered to be utterly useless if they are not defended by action. I have already promised to myself that I will make sure that I am the rightful victor for the Battle Royal, and as for what happens after, you all will have to sit down and see. My ego may be of massive heights, but my belief is nothing that I have ever lacked in my life. During my pacifism days, I thought fighting would never do any justice in the world, so I sought out to peace. The idea of peace, the idea of withholding all the violence, all the nonsensical bullshit that people throw at each other on a constant basis, would eventually fade away. Evidently, nothing has changed. I was always taken advantage off, I was pushed aside whilst others galloped to take the lead towards their aspirations. I had to stand at the corner and wonder what it was actually going to took for happiness to shower upon my skin. Instead, it had to involve taking the lives of my wife and daughter in order to tell me that you have to resort to fighting, to brutality, in order to ensure that at the end of the day, you contain the insignia of dominance and aggression so that no one will ever dare spite you in any way, shape, or form. That is what you call being confident, and that is bold determination.

I had my doubts about entering this company since the moment I walked in to put the ink on paper. I thought that this would be extremely more difficult than what I had originally imagined this to be, However, after taking my time to bask in the ambiance on the ring on my debut, after looking up and down at this so-called "wrestler" in Johnny Nova, I immediately saw the spark flash before my eyes, that bright and vivid epiphany that guided me to manhandle and get rid of Nova for good. It is clear that Nova is not winning this Royal, because with what I have heard from him, after listening to his defense of why he is "ten times better than me", he is much better of being a hype-man for someone instead of being here in this company. Just like you too, Theron. As of late, you have been relentless when it's time for you to talk. As soon as someone says something about you, you immediately stop all tasks that you are doing to attend to that person, saying the same thing over and over again. The only reason why you do what you do is because you expect Pain For Pride to be the ultimate reward that you have been seeking, just because you beat weaklings week in and week out. You are about to square up to a type of person that I don't think you, or anyone else in this match, has come into contact with: a man. This man in Kaise Boetius, is rightfully, proudly, and confidently, winning the Battle Royal match and embarrass you all completely. To reiterate how embarrassing this is for you all..

It would be my second-ever match in this damn company,
whilst you all have to wait for months in order to get into this position. As I've said before, the future is clearly being lit and illuminated until the eternal flare that has been sparked by me. Prepare to eventually receive your defeats.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 7:49 pm by Theron Nikolas
Big words from such a small man, Johnny. I haven't said your name once, but I've been watching. Before we get into the swing of things, my friends, I'm going to need you to watch that sand out of your vagina and get your feelings in check. We don't want you making promises that your mouth certainly isn't going to cash. You've spoken a lot, but all of it has been nothing more than dribbled nonsense. The best part being is that you're probably looking into the mirror telling yourself that you're doing well - when in reality you're really not. From what I've managed to pick up from that last little tirade is that you're the kind of lad that laughs at own nonsensical jokes, even though nobody else does. A man that had his feelings hurt because he's trying so hard to prove that he's actually someone with an ounce of worth, and absolutely nobody is taking him seriously. You're building yourself up for one hell of a fall, Johnny. You've bought into your own hype and wholeheartedly believe that you have a legitimate chance to walk out of Pain for Pride with that prestigious contract in both hands - when you're standing in front of a mountain that you can't possibly climb. You're a dog stuck at the back of its cage, and some are even willing to say that’s the moment that it's at its most dangerous - it's just a shame I'm just going to put you down like most mutts are. You see, I'm sick of playing these stupid little games; I'm tired of running in the same constant circles with the same four or five people. So when you reply to this, which you're eventually going to do; shoot me something different than the same bullshit spewed by something different. I'll take a page out of Scott Diamond’s playbook and ask you to hit me with something that’s really going to get under my skin. Thirty three names and they all spew the same constant story in the end. All professing that why we shouldn't take them lightly and why they're the man or woman that are going to pull that rug from under my feet and make sure that I'm finally forced to suffer the first real fall of my career. Surprise me, Johnny - you won't, nobody ever does. I look forward to what you have to say.

I was hoping for more, Tig. For a man that once held the entire world in the palm of his hand, it thinks it's safe to say that one of the mighty has truly fallen quite the distance. From competing for the opportunity to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at this very show itself - to being simply another name it a battle royal considered as nothing more than a throw away. I'm not surprised. I've never been able to see any of the hype in what you were. You call yourself The Ender - and yet, all I see it a one hit wonder that failed to keep up appearances. People thought you were a legitimate chance to take this contract home; people thought this was your opportunity to climb back up to totem pole that is Elite Answers Wrestling, and back into the position you once stood. But, they were only dreaming. Those days passed you by before they were even given the opportunity to begin - because you were nothing more than Jacob Senn and Lucian Black’s playtoy that they threw away the moment they no longer had any benefit to their career. The Ender was ended. You see, you stood there and said that you're taking the contract home because your are the personification of 24/7! Mr. 24/7 Tig Kelly, ladies and gentlemen. Laughable; I prefer to call you Mr. 4/365 - simply because you only seem to show up four times a year. I'm sure there's a mafia kick coming my way; I'm sure that you're going to put every ounce of your being behind it, but I'll simply brush it off. I'll laugh, just like Xavier Williams did. Just like Scott Oasis did. Just like every single person in the Cash in the Vault did last year. You're nothing, Tig; you have always been absolutely nothing. I take no pride out of being another man that cuts your legs out from under you, because quite simply, you simply being here at all is far too much of a generous invitation for someone who has become a disgrace. A former National Elite Champion - broken down to the scrub that we see today. Do yourself a favour and just don't turn up, Tig. I'm promise you that you're not going to be missed.
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Post on June 22nd 2017, 7:46 pm by Ryan Marx

Pain for Pride X Promo 4 – The Wedding

The scene fades in as we hear the sounds of nature: birds, a light breeze, and the kind of quiet that only a bright summer's day can provide. However, there is something else accompanying it. The scene reveals a 'wedding' – rows of seats have been set out before an altar, all of them seating followers of the Five Pillars. At the altar stands Evan, reading from a worn journal that can be recognised as Ryan Marx's own. And in front of him stands Ryan himself, accompanied by Soledad – him in white, she in black. He squints in the sun, though he remains unwavering as Evan speaks of various concepts: connection, strength, the eternal.

Evan's speech ends and Ryan turns towards his followers, who all watch with unrivalled fascination. He takes a deep breath, wipes the sheen of sweat from his forehead, and then speaks.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose this week to hold this gathering. With Pain for Pride approaching, I already have so much to consider. This is arguably the greatest moment in my career thus far, and to increase my workload by preparing for this big day seemed unnecessarily high-pressure for some. Though I do it for a good reason. All of you, my followers, are one with me. You give me some strength by following the laws I state, by listening to me, and by becoming vessels of my philosophy. You are the keys to my eternal life, and you provide me with the support I need to continue. Thus, I decided that ahead of the biggest match in my career, I needed to strengthen my bond with you all. I needed to enter into an unbreakable union with all of you, and though none of you stood before me stand in the place of Soledad, she is your proxy. She represents the bond I now have with you all, and she will give to me the additional strength needed from all of you within this movement.

The opposition wish to ridicule us. They try to call us a cult, they brand you all brainwashed. But we know the truth. We are the future, and together, we will lead this world into the paradise it has the potential to be. And the path to this rebirth of the world into what we know it must be begins this weekend. I deserve this chance to be at Pain for Pride, and I shall not allow the recognition that was stolen from me all these years to be taken yet again. With all of you by my side, I know I can succeed. Remain resolute in your beliefs, in my philosophy, for it shall guide us to salvation.

Ryan turns his attention to Soledad.

This union between us shall mark the beginning of a true connection between myself and all those who follow me. You serve as the representative for them, and unto me you shall provide their power. Their belief. There is trust between us, and as shown previously, I have chosen you for your loyalty. You are unafraid of challenging our enemies – those who are wrong, those who misunderstand us. And now, you shall stand beside me as I prove that they are misguided, and show them my own power. Now, mark me.

Soledad nods and takes her finger, one that has been coated in what appears to be black paint, pressing it against the left side of Ryan's suit jacket. She draws the symbol of the Five Pillars upon the fabric, as Ryan smiles.

Now, followers, you are all a part of me, just as I have been a part of you. And now you shall be my sworn army as we charge ahead to Pain for Pride. Success awaits. Glory awaits. We shall not let them dismiss us any more. We are the new era they speak of – and we will not be ignored.

The followers begin to applaud, rising from their seats in celebration. Ryan takes a hold of Soledad's hand, and the two share a smile. He leans down to her ear, speaking words only she can hear.

Are you prepared?

Of course.

Ryan goes to stand up straight again, but Soledad grabs him by the jacket – a gesture that, whilst not being overtly obvious, keeps him in place.

Are you going to succeed?

Ryan smirks.

Of course.

As the followers continue to applaud and Ryan stands to watch them, the scene fades to black. We then fade into a new scene, this time finding ourselves within the church. The seats have been moved inside, accompanied with tables that the followers sit around. Ryan sits at a table at the front of the room, looking over his followers, with Soledad beside him. He still wears his jacket, the Five Pillars symbol proudly on display, as he stares down the camera.

The wedding is over, and now comes the time to address my opponents once more. All three have spoken, which I am glad to see, as I will now have more broken arguments to stand upon as I climb to victory this weekend.

To begin with, Solomon continues to speak in purple prose and make vague remarks, and then complains that we are not intelligent enough to understand him. He calls us ignorant, yet he is the one who seems to lack basic awareness. If people do not understand what you are saying, then try explaining it properly, or stop speaking. Though I cannot expect my opponents to be quiet, especially when they seem so fixated on getting the last word. Solomon is no exception to this, as he drones on and on about damnation, the End of Ages, and death. Even I am tired of it, and people would liken us in terms of content and perspective.

Solomon wishes to tear me limb from limb, yet he doesn't seem to understand that doing so would be meaningless. If he were to destroy my physical body, I would still remain superior in legacy and mind. In death, I shall remain eternal. And honestly, even if you were intent on destroying every part of me, I still wouldn't be afraid. There isn't much to be scared of, after all. When you get past the yelling of fire, death, and the end, you realise that you aren't all that intimidating. Especially when put into perspective with the Sanatorium. Yes, you do the bidding of them, you helped Eclipse win gold and destroyed Zack Crash – even though he still competes, so I suppose you didn't do a spectacular job of bringing his 'end', did you? And last time I checked, Eclipse was no longer the champion, and was in fact facing a man who had retired from in-ring competition. Truly, I am terrified of you and all your scheming that has had relatively minimal impact. See, if you had actually sent people into oblivion, I would take your claims more seriously, but since I am yet to see any solid evidence that you are capable of ending me, I will remain sceptical. And that's all I need to do to have power over you.

You hate questions, don't you Solomon? You dislike the fact that I doubt you, that I raise questions concerning who you are and what you plan on doing. It's why you appear so offended that I wouldn't take you at your word like every other sheep you have crossed paths with. But you see, I question you because I know that you are more talk than action. I have encountered people like you: people who aim to intimidate others with lies, people who once they have belief put into them become stronger. People believe you are dangerous and a harbinger of destruction, but I don't. And thus, you lose power over me. My flesh will not make you whole – in fact, I think it's laughable that you even admit to not being whole, as that is a gaping weakness – because my skin is toxic. It carries with it poison that will infect you with the shadows that dwell within me, and you cannot even begin to process these wraiths. I ask questions and I doubt you because I know that you are not on my level of darkness. You may be a dangerous man in the ring, but as we speak now, you are not comparable to the suffering I tell others of.

And I believe you know this. You know that I am not intimidated, and that I cannot have fear struck into me as you so wish. I can see it in the way you keep telling me you have explained everything, yet you refuse to repeat it for me – almost as if you have no conviction in your so-called 'truth'. See, people call me repetitive when I continue to speak of the Five Pillars, but I do so because I believe in them. They guide me, and they are the truth. But you, Solomon, you crumble at the first bit of questioning. So how can you handle me in the ring? How can you stand against someone whose whole plan is to apply pressure until their opponent snaps?

I do believe you to be a deceiver, but that does not necessarily mean you are aware of the lies you spew. You could just be deluded – in fact, I think you are. You are so convinced of this 'End of Ages' that you cannot hear yourself speak, and you do not realise how crazed you sound. How can anyone take you seriously and believe you are telling the truth? But it's not your words or your tone that reflect this – it is the fact that despite having spoken of these end times for so long, they are still yet to happen. You speak of bodies of those you have destroyed before, but where are they? Where are those who also believe the end is coming? Where are those you have converted? If your words truly held merit, there would be many who believe. Instead, you are stood on your own, convinced by your own delusional ramblings of an end that has yet to present itself. Then you ask what good it would do to lie, and the answer is quite simple: power. It would give you power over the weak masses. You know, for a man who claims to be so omniscient, I would expect you to know that. Unfortunately, you will not have power over me, for I do not believe your false prophecies.

Ryan laughs for a moment, shaking his head.

You gifted me my darkness? No, no, that is all lies. Do not flatter yourself, for you were not instrumental in what I have become. My darkness comes from years of cultivation, years of suffering. I created my own darkness, and you do not have control over it. I worked far too long to have these shadows under my control, and I shall not allow someone like you to steal this power away from me – especially not at Pain for Pride. This weekend, I will show you that you have no power over me, my shadows, or anyone else in my vicinity. You speak of lies, and I am not convinced. Solomon, you want to say you are eternal, you want to claim you have lived before the creation of man? Then where is the proof, beyond your own ramblings? I can prove that I have suffered for my power: it is in the annals of my history, in the work I never received credit for, in the scars that cover my heart. The agony I have endured is very real, and it makes my power and darkness even more tangible. More so than your attempts at intimidation and control through unclear threats of fate and prophecy. My body may fail at Pain for Pride, but my mind will continue to question you. It will doubt you until you realise there is nothing you can do to control me, nothing in your arsenal to break me to the point of your self-assured victory. I have endured pains beyond any meagre descriptions of damnation you can give, and if that doesn't tell you that I am not afraid, then I do not know what will. I don't fear you – therefore, you have no power over me.

He takes a pause as Soledad leans in to address the camera.

Solomon, you keep speaking as if destroying us would grant you an escape from His power, but you need to listen to Him. Destruction is what He wants. In death, He will be reborn as an unstoppable, inhuman force. A god. All this talk of making Him suffer, of trying to elicit screams of mercy, are redundant. His words will never be rendered void, because they will live on: through me, through His followers, through the words He has written. And through the legacy He will leave. Death is His end goal, and if you believe He or I, or any of His followers, fear you because you threaten to inflict suffering upon us, you need to realise that suffering is the key to our salvation. We want to suffer, so we can rise up as He did and become better versions of ourselves. And at Pain for Pride, He will demonstrate how superior He is due to His years of torment.

Ryan continues.

Indeed. I am glad that suffering is all but assured, as through pain I become stronger. Do you not realise that, Solomon? By promising to put me through pain, you are granting me victory, as it is through agony that I have become the great man I am today. I do not abide by destiny or fate as you do – I am independent of them. To follow destiny is to resign yourself to an end you cannot control, and only the weak do that. I do what I want, and what I want to do is conquer this world by gaining influence. And I shall do just that this weekend, when I take the glory for myself and do away with you and your idle threats. The Five Pillars shall not fall, for they are strong through the combined belief of my own and my followers. Even in death, they will remain, resolute in the face of opposition such as your own. That is why I take my power from them, because they are strong and unwavering, just as I am. I am the Five Pillars – unbreakable, omnipotent, and high above all else.

Solomon, I do not want your tears. I want your blood, and at Pain for Pride, I shall take it. I shall drink it down and then spit it out to prove just how little you affect me. How little you contribute to my image and power. I suppose all this talk of the End of Ages is somewhat true – at least, in your case, for it will be your end we see this weekend.

A pause, a sigh, and then Ryan continues.

Next is Tarah, who has appeared once again after a small absence. I do not blame her for leaving for a day or so, as sometimes it is best to consider your arguments carefully before speaking. However, I cannot be certain she has done that, judging by what she has said. Tarah, you speak of your accomplishments, of the past, but I have always preferred to look ahead to the future. As a leader, you are supposed to look forward instead of back, so you can create a path for those who follow you. And considering you think of yourself as a leader, I thought you would know that. But instead, you keep bringing up the past: you destroyed the women's division at Pain for Pride 8, you've busted bones, you broke someone's nose in your first match. But times change. Though you are set to enter the Hall of Fame, you shouldn't rely on your past. After all, people develop over time, for the better and for the worse.

However, you do speak of fighting with the spirit of Extreme Enigma, never giving up, and trying as hard as you can to face up to myself and the others. It is admirable, and I have no doubt that you will do just that. Unfortunately, you don't know what you are up against. You wish to spit in my face to show courage? I think you'd be showing stupidity more than bravery, for I do not tolerate that disrespect. I have a habit of breaking people down, both mentally and physically, and so you will need to try very hard to make sure I do not get into your head. I have beaten intelligent people, I have broken physically strong people, and I have no qualms about fighting veterans such as yourself. In fact, I would argue that fighting veterans is a bit easier. Or at least, it's more predictable. You talk about your past, you highlight all you have done, and though you think that may be intimidating to me, all I see it as is you giving away information on how to fight you. I can look at all you have done and identify weaknesses. You've cracked your skull, broken bones? Well then, I know what to target. I said it before that your history in the ring and at Pain for Pride gives me so much more to analyse, so much more to learn about and adapt to.

So if you believe that boasting of your previous successes and history as a leader worries me, then you are mistaken. In fact, I think it is you who should be concerned. With all this talk of fighting in Extreme Enigma's spirit, I can't help but feel you are putting more and more unnecessary pressure on yourself. Of course, it is something to admire in the eyes of the EAW Universe, but to take responsibility for representing Extreme Enigma, Empire, and also yourself in this match must apply more weight to your already heavy shoulders. Whilst I am fighting only for myself and my selfish desires, you are putting everyone's expectations upon yourself. And admit it or not, but that must make you feel pressured. So then, at the end of the day, I must tell you that there is only so much someone can take. It doesn't matter if you are a Hall of Famer or an iron-willed megastar, the burden you carry will break you at some point. And I predict that shall happen at Pain for Pride.

Ryan takes a moment to breathe as he surveys the followers that sit and talk before him. They sit unaware of his speech, though he looks back to the camera to proceed.

Finally, we have the man I proved wrong: Target Smiles. Though he won't admit that he was wrong, he won't admit to his manipulative ways. No matter – he has been exposed to the world, and the EAW Universe will see for themselves that you are a liar. Though, just a minor detail: I didn't call you manipulative because you challenged me, I called you that because you lied. You twisted my words to such an extent that I had to go back and show you what I said, and you still won't admit you were wrong. Oh well, some people are just beyond saving. I think it says a lot about me that I stand up for the truth, whilst you continue to twist and twist at an angle that is all false. But oh, that's not your narrative, is it? I'm the liar, I'm the man who's so deluded that he cannot see the truth. Ha! Pathetic.

Though, instead of dwelling on that, let me tell you about a realisation I had as I contemplated Target's words. What he doesn't seem to understand is that he is in a wrestling match, where usually hurting someone until they can no longer take any more damage is the way to win. There are other means of victory, of course – you could outsmart someone, you could cheat, you could find other ways – but the general gist of a wrestling match is that you beat your opponents down until you can pin or submit them. Perhaps that's why you prefer to be called a 'competitor' rather than a 'wrestler', because you know you cannot out-wrestle people with mindsets such as mine, Tarah, and Solomon's. You got a win over me by finding an advantage, but you don't seem to realise that opportunities, once taken, rarely appear more than once. This is not a chess game where you can compete, this is not a race where the fastest person wins and then we all shake hands at the end like good sports. This is a wrestling match, and like it or not, they involve being beaten down until you either give in or power through. Though for you, I am in this match, and thus, it will be much more difficult to power through the pain I can inflict – both mentally and physically.

And allow me to clear this whole 'personality' issue up. When I questioned your personality, I was not referencing sports teams or the like, I meant your actual person. Your traits. For you see, a person's traits reflect in how they act in the ring, which is why I asked if you had any other personality beyond being a masked competitor. Say if you were condescending as I asked, that could play into your style. I myself am very vicious, for I am a man of strong convictions and beliefs. See, wrestling is more than just being competitive. What you consider 'irrelevant' can actually mean a lot. It can be an advantage, a disadvantage, or just something interesting of note.

My philosophy is irrelevant to our match? Then you clearly haven't been listening. My philosophy is what drives me, it's what motivates me in every match. When I step into that ring this weekend, my philosophy follows with me, and it guides me in every move I make. I am a determined man because of it, I am a success because of it. And if you wish to dismiss the strength my beliefs give me just because you don't care, then you are digging your own grave. Maybe it would do you some good to explore my ideology so that you could understand the perspective from which I view matches, and the ideas behind every tactic I have in the ring. See, I am not like Solomon – I don't just blather on about my beliefs to make me sound interesting or to add more confusing elements to my words. I speak of my philosophy because it is the force behind every performance I put on in the ring. But you wouldn't know that, would you? You just paint me with the same brush you use to paint Solomon and his vague ideologies, without even realising what I've said. You lack awareness, and for that, you will pay once you realise my beliefs are not irrelevant to the ring.

The Five Pillars are what have made me the competitor I am today. “Pain for pleasure, blood for gold” – it is the very definition of sacrifice for success, and if you still think my beliefs don't hold relevance in an in-ring setting, you are deluded. I will put my body through limitless suffering to become a victor, much like you claim you will do, Target. Though we are not the same, for I know that I can withstand boundless pain, but you are still yet to experience the fullest extent of what I have experienced. You would not give up your body for success like I would, because if you did then you would no longer be able to compete as you love to do. But me, I will give up every physical remnant I have in this world just so my legacy can be known forever. I can and will go further than you, Target, which is clear by the fact that you don't understand how far I will go. You call my philosophy pointless in the context of this match, and by doing so you have doomed yourself to never knowing me. And if you don't know your opponents, how can you ever truly beat them? Especially now when I have adapted to you and your tactics. In our last encounter, I smelled blood in the water, and though you took an opportunity before I could make the kill, that loss gifted me further knowledge of you. It taught me how to cut you down.

See, you may think I am just assuming I can find your limits based on false facts I have pulled out of thin air, but I am basing it on what I have already done. I have pushed veterans to their limits, I have pinned Hall of Famers, I have put people who have years of experience over you in positions of pure pain. If anyone in this match can find your limits and break them, it is me. And as for this complaint that I do not think of you as capable enough to find a way to win, I am not saying that. I have recognised that you can find advantages, but I am telling you now that I have also figured out my flaws. When you beat me, I realised the opportunities I had given away, and now I will shut them down. I know you've been considered the underdog, the one everyone underestimates before you prove them wrong by finding a weakness and exploiting it. You also stated that your expertise is finding advantages and using them to win. But that will not happen again. I won't allow you to take advantage of a fatal flaw of mine a second time, because I am more intelligent than that. You keep taking matters back to Showdown, but this weekend we will not be at Showdown. We will be on the greatest stage in EAW history, a place where I will not allow someone to make a fool out of me by finding some cheap advantage to claim a victory.

But, considering you want to keep going back to Showdown, let us go back for a brief moment to Showdown last week, when it was not you, Solomon, or Tarah who picked up victory for our team – but me. Me, the man you think you are better than, picked up the victory in that match, and I did so to make a statement. Your competitive nature may give you the edge in a one-on-one match, but this week it will be four of us in that ring from the start. And by the time it gets down to two people – if it should be you and I – the goal of this match will be secured. For it is not about competition. This Extreme Enigma match is about survival, and I am the survivor who has endured years of suffering, only to come out stronger than ever. If it does come down to you and I in the final two, I will not allow the match setting to switch to that of a competitive nature, for I know you can gain an advantage there. It will remain a matter of survival, for I will preside over that setting and will not allow the gears to change. Only those who are in-tune with the darkness can survive, and as the ruler of the shadows, the man who gains most power in the dark, it shall be me and my survivalism that trumps you and your competitive nature.

See, you can emphasise your pedigree as a competitor, but as I said, this match isn't a competition. It is as much a competition as gladiatorial pit fights were in bygone eras. Back then, you could have been a great fighter, but they still knew that any fight could be their last, because when you are thrown into a situation where survival is key, competing loses its value. Only those who were brave enough to put their lives on the line had the true edge, only those who would sacrifice a limb for a victory would win. And I am one of those brave few. If I have to give up every single part of me in order to succeed at Pain for Pride, I will. You can claim you will, but you haven't experienced what I can put you through – not yet anyway. Showdown was only a taste, and you gained a quick escape. You believe we are not considering you legitimate? Perhaps that's because you are making promises about outdoing us when you don't even know the full extent of what we can unleash.

To be honest, I know you can be a threat. I just don't think with the way you are acting that you are demonstrating that. Target, you are making bold claims to be able to withstand whatever we throw at you, despite this only being your second encounter with me and your first Pain for Pride match. It is understandable to not take a man who makes huge promises and claims seriously. You need to come back down to earth and realise that even though you call upon the power of your Smiling Faces, and claim to have the ability to fight on through the most intense of physical and mental pain, there will always be people who know better than that, because they know that everything can change. People like me, who recognise there can be huge differences, and they adapt to them. That is the truth: not exaggeration on how much pain you can take, not dependence on your fans. The truth is that you must adapt, and it appears you are remaining very stubborn, Target.

The same goes for the rest of my opponents. All of you are stubborn: stubborn in your vague beliefs, stubborn in your undying will, stubborn in your deluded self-belief. But the truth will shine through it all, and the truth is that I will be prepared for whatever you throw at me. I am ready for your promises of destruction, Solomon. I am ready for whatever old trick you pull, Tarah. And I am prepared to shut down any advantage or opportunity you try to take, Target. Pain for Pride will not break me with its pressure, and nor will any of you. For I enter into this weekend with the strength of truth behind me. I enter this match determined to never let influence slip between my fingers. This match for me is a chance of a lifetime, and it is the moment I have waited for. The chance to take one step closer to the top. The moment when I can grab the chisel and move closer to etching my name in the stone of eternity.

Ryan leans back in his seat, grinning, as the camera pans across his followers. Cut to black.
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